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The PcBitions of the Contend
ing Forces Outsido Paris.
Marshal; MacMahon's Plan for Break
ing Into Paris.
Drcfadfbl Snffering of Women,
and CIiiNlrpa.
(mnnmnm m the bight of smUql
Ihe t reaty t>f Pa is Discussed* in the
British Parliament f
Tin si cam ships City of Washington, Cny tain Jones,
mud the Java, Captain Marty n, srrivod at this port
jo* eniay, wiih lour ilaj a later mail & l vices from
11 we may cmlit the Levant 7 it nee, t there la a talk
?f a Conference beinij held at Const* tr tinople, nt ihe
instance of Uie Porte, to take into -co aslderatlou the
slate of affair? la Bonm&ma.
The fiiris correspondent of ttte London Times
?ars upwards of eighty priests are shut up in the
prison of the conciergerie. All tbe members of the
?omniunrtj of Christian Uroittars under thirty years
01 age are <o be locorporaoeO -?n the marching bat
talions of the Natioaai Guard.
The maritime arsenal at Kiel Is to be considerably
enlarged, af:?r the model*>f that of La Speszta, the
Italian Minister having provided the Prussian gov
ernment wuh drawiugvof the latter.
The Lou 3 on Globe says:? It Is rumored that the
government will propose, -us their remedy lor Rib
boniam, th.it in erases ?T otlences committed by mem
bers of tho lUWtou Society the prisoners shall be
tried uy-tiree Jedges, without a jury.
Tkc tono of the Italian press is very hostile against
ihe Kngltth Ucpuiaticn who presented the address
ol the English Roman Catholics to the Tope. It has
given rix> to an angry discussion ut a meeting of
Ministers, who have resolved, however, nut to take
diploiuii' ic notice of this matter.
A fi*:t to (lie ? iloinbrowiikPs Ilcnd
4uarn rn- Shot ?>:id ! hell? viorinlne a Bar*
rlritlv til N> uilfc ""Ti-r Pwiiion of the Con*
icniiiiiii Force#? Horrible ^uUoriiian of \Vc?
mimi unri Children? The Closed Churrhes?
The I u habitant* Flying U'Otn I'urln? Tlio
Aarriraiui in the Capital.
PARIS, April 19, 1871.
llwka stroll through Neuilly to-day. Stroll may
not l>e quite the word: aud it you mcun by that
walking leisurely through the streets with your
bands in your pocket aud a cigar in your mouth sur
veying leisurely, with a cool aud discriminating eye,
tbc various objects or luterest which may sur.
round you, it certainly does not quite express
the idea. On t!'e contrary, It was a very hur
tled fcert or promenade; lull of sudden starts
and quick halts; of dodging around corners,
rushUig manly across open streets and
gliding stealthily along stone walls; of peering
around houses and throwing onesell flat in the
dpst or the unul, as the case might be, which can
?narcely be considered as lorming a natural part of
anVordtaary quiet stroll, lioiug
I w fnt, In company ot an oUcer of Dombrowslu'B
??fln \ up the Boulevard Blnot to the Boulevard
Joke nuann, where lor the moment were the head
fluai ?. era ol the commune l:i Nenllly. As Boon as
weca tit into the Boulevard Inkermann
.and we k look to the wall until we got to Na. 15,
where, to a large yard, is a house with the red
oross ti. over it. Ilero were two or three
wounded -*>ne of wnom had received a ball, jos*.
canning a v Acs'1 wound, where he ails down. lie
evidently i toueldered it a bad joke, aud passed the
time waiti VJ to be taken to Paris in alternately
curving the JTutslans of Versailles and laughing at
kto own I'liiic *?lott- situation.
HIE KA1N of snor.
Several solo Person duty were lying about, some
?sleep, some cooking their soup. Bullets
were falling ?arotf.ud or striking the walls
with a ligh', vqulex thud. Some of them
jwoduced a sliittit,* crashiDg sound, and the
?ohliers said they w ere', explosive bullets. By observ
ing. closely, however VI \made out that this sound
was caused by the b.tilie :s striding the thm boards
?fou* houses orglanc/ng against the tiles of a roof.
We rssaed through tiling-"* raeu anil several others,
And ui last arrived by u.*n, v sinuous turnings
flier were just moving 4 ot.'t. An obus had fallen
into the Itenerant bedehai no ii- the night before, and
ee vera I riore that had iH.'iei" in the neighborhood
proved conclusively that tli e t knew almost to
a certainly where they wtr ?? ^*1?' were therefore
changing '.heir quarters to u j> owition, if not less ex
posed, at least for the preset l^ss known. \\ e did
not stay here long.
the fuiitt was ? ** "1? C|N _
with great bitterness two s rtets inrther to the
tri'M and surging backwards < ?*B|) forwards land
jui; h: at any moment envelop u ?- rattle or the
cbABsepot3 sod the crusa o; tht % ^Jfajiieuse weie
almt st lnccfcsant, and we learned fihattre barricade
In '.be Hue Bergiiise had bet a ami vooned in a panic
by its datcadcrs, owing to the diSi tuition- taken 'oo
t by Colonel Unhurt to secure 'a Q caso of need
\ w retreat, j-ouif ofJho soldiers wi W overheard tho
j wflei relative to retiring in cctta i t contingent lei
ti?ok It lor granted tnat they v *hre to do so
ui ton the spot and did so prcclpitab V- '"he. . tol
lo ?ed, ana the troops ot Versailles, observing this
no veanent, opened u well dliectea C. *\UPJJJL ''f1.11'
aim ? advancing, got possession of ti h. barricade,
whit ^ wauanned vnth lour cannons.
Dom tvowski alterwarda ordered the I at tica ie to
be st on' ????', which Kit^ d(.tie. But It w. *
toe untc. vilie, and ihe> asain retire I, c wryingon
one nun . leaving Hm: other three, which
?nonient . ue in po-.nesaio.i ol neither party.
g'JLLMI S I M Ll> TI) HE ? I.Yli<U ^
?bout in nUaost every direction, and wi t wcro
otiif ed to htovf about m Hie liiDtt cautious i winner
in order t? ?> a void th -m. Stopping a iiiome. vt in ft
doorwa* th.%' had hecu reached by a shell In wider
to avoid the rdutact or an unu. ual u'lmtjer of tliose
little in esse i ^rs UwMvere jiurrymg by, 1 he w a
sound as of . uibnuig apparet '.ty beacath ine, a ^
made bold to i viter, a tiling nor I. aid to do, altlu v^o
the door was supposed to be sha? and fastened. >
itxiiu on the gt ''and flicjr whs In .the greatest dis>
der, and the fur.lllttro, nnii li cvlrtei'tiy belonged to a
family m Uuiiiiiit* circutiisfaactes, wa ' lu "?1' wHles v
eoaiusion. Bits .'if ciai' and mortar
over the floor, and one corner of r. house was
*luio.;t knocked oi\j. Finding my way ?o ' -he ceUtr
j Bccred down. an?i there I saw a worn "
pacify two crying cmtldren, anl cryiag h " ,
San they. The bheli lu question had Ci ' *
**a in the dar before, and tney had not le ft 1?
l?f lor a moment since, having pat ^
night in It. and were still alraid to *? ?'?t
to get anrthlng to eat or to seek u n
lum elsewhere. I consoled tiieni with the asst 'rf"^
that pliells were like iigktnlng? that they never.
xwlce in tho same nlacft, and that they were, tL trf
lore, perfectly sale. It was ratner cold cornt ,ri
liowever; the more so as It was not by any met.
?afe to go out on the street, and they would t. e
ubiised to stay within doom for the present at lea-t,
or run the risk of being overt uk> n by u bullet in
?*se tuy went out io ptocore anything to eat, even
irtliev had money to got anything with, which
?uxuied nore than docbtml. Her lius'.and, she
Mni was i way lu the south of trance, ai work, but
?l* had not heard from him for weeks.
When row fc Ink that lucre are hundreds in the
villuk1 s ot Scvllir, Ootnbevole nud Asnl^ies In just
the slnu* stluat)vii, you nifty ^iV.L.nnVu oou
ywimTT wpirth tMM fratricidal wsr is entailing upon
Mie l,7habl vllhtge' \vheie it is raying.
diluting uo to' ruol of a house
vara Bluot we wert' /unU led to niakc
the Uring Ue j c ..-Ittc.c* of the cou^ndiug forces.
From \u.Cru-n lo Asi.l^. cs extends f cJrc'^'' 1 rt^*5
following marly tl;u course of the HelUC _aud
Mot iar d 1st u i:t irom *'? This rhige iS
iiKd the whole dist.ui .V ,!ic Versailles troops,
Ikeir left wini/ ri?;ii:u upon \Hlen*-n, tinir
centre <<n tne taserr.e <<i .Nrai\/> n large an I strong
Luihiu.g ovi riv<iktiiji the whole "alley, find the rltflit
upon tiiC oliAtcau oi m on. n?Ai* Asm r s, forming
thuia|( -.tl n w|i..;h the I'.m i.iufe Will U.kI It im
Bofsitiie tt; lake, eytn wiiu iik1 help Oi auubouts,
witch ftombrowalri Mfi be awaiting ka order to
make a regular attack.
what i O rmtv mban f
It ia difficult to tmdvrstand wfcj tiiey wto* *>
Neuilly at all. UoaV VaWrien can shell them out
Just as often may do take it, wd one can scarcely
ace tl?e advantage of conqueriu* position* tnat are
untenable it might be asked with e?iu*J,JP(J?U,rlfiJ
v hat particular object there can be m ahelMng tne
Arc *5 Trlomphe. the Chamtw Blyrtea and
lrg^iuartersv We raust look only to French logic
a?ti FreuoT. ideas for the answer to such questions.
6 The old barricades on Place Vendftme are removed
and new ones placed there, ho that It has become a
iierieot fortress. All nationalists w ho reside at Paris
have Cone as they did during the siege? placed their
national colors out. Several ot the finest churches
are closed, and the prieste who are not in prison
have led the city. On the Kue St. HonorC the church
st Rocli Is hermetically sealed, and some mechanUi
gamm wrote on the door, "Closed on account or
poor trade." On rome other churches similar ones
-were placed, as, "No fee lor redemption, therefore
the church is ciesed."
and Its demolition are subjects or discussion by the
Commune and the entire population. The first idea
was to demolish it; the second to mate medals of it
and give them to the widows and orphans of those
wno fell aeCBBdlag the Commune. The entire press
were opposed to this. They said, remove the statue
of Napoleon L that la on It and let the column stand.
The column was not erected simply to commemorate
Hie successes of Napoleon L, but ihe success of the
Freuoii soldiers, ana the bronze bas-reileis thereon
wore cast out of 1,200 pieces of Russian and Aus
trian cannon captured by the French, and now
adorn tho column to represent their victories. The
statue remove, but let this glorious monument, that
was purchased at a cost ol a million and a half of
francs and a priceless lot ot human Wood- let it
wand. The latest news concerning it Is it will be de
cided when the Commune is victorious.
The exodus (vom Paris coutlnues on a very large
scale Nome of the journals last week estimated
the number of emigrants during several days at the
rate ol fifty thousand per dlcm. 1 do not consider
that figure at all exaggerated, though, of course,
the exodus \fas only so extensive on days when,
from some cause or other, the panto was at its
height. Nor do tne fugitives beloug to one par
ticular class; that is to say. they are not confined to
what Is termed theuppc* ten; on the contrary, tne
bourgeosle, as well as the poorer people, arc alike
eager on effecting an exiu Many ox the latter have
friends in the Immediate neighborhood ol tlio me
tropolis, and they see no reason lor remaining in
Paris, it 19 impossible lor them to earn a living; in
fact, they are worse otf than during the siege ot the
Prussians. Provisions are getting scarce, and con
sequently obtainable only at extravagant rales.
The country people refuse to come to market, ana
the few entering Paris are unwilling to accord
credit to dealers and grocers. The latter, iu their
turn, demand cash lrom customers.
Below 1 send you a list (nearly complete) of those
Americans who will remain during the second
siege. They are buying provisions and will stay
here and guurd their business interests and pro
perty. Some members of the Legation will attend
to their protection, and General Cluserct has assured
our Minister that no American cituen shall suffer
from anv phase of the civil war which may occur:?
Mrs. E. Hester, New-Orleans; C. 11. Carter, New
York; J. 11. Planner, North Carolina; C. J. Rilllet
and B. McPariand. New York; J. M. Durand and
family, Chicago; J. M. Abrams, New Orleans; Dr.
Alien, Philadelphia; G. 11. Boylan, Cincinnati;
Major llltciicocn, Vermont; Mrs. Durand and Miss
Julia Durand, New Orleans; Miss Kate Cameron,
Chicago; Miss Marion Nash, Boston; S. F. Lalorge
and a. G. Ward, New York; 11. C. White, Ilaitlord;
Henry llarlsse, New York; C. A. Norcom, Califor
nia; Miss Helen McGrieg, Portland; Glload Plot,
Bridgeport; O. L. Wlilttaker, New Orleans; Ed.
A.crane, F. L. DeForreai, and General J.Mere
dith Read and family, United status Consul, New
York; W. it. Paine, United states; Mrs. J. o. Ilodge
and family, Mrs. F. 11. Ilamllton, Airs. E. w.
Fax ton, James A. Bam and Charles Gunther, New
York; Mrs. Meslier, Alabama; Dr. Good, l/ntted
States; J. M. Sinltu, Detroit; W. H. Huntington,
United States; Parker Deacon, Bosion; Mrs. J. Lati
mer Tompkins mid Miss c. Tompkins, Baltimore;
Mrs. J. H. Denning aud family, New York; tolas E.
J. Gardner, Bosion; Mrs. Morrill, United States;
Howard HelmlcK, Philadelphia; 11. C. Stetsoh, New
York; Mrs. Hchlicker and family, Haiti more; W. p.
Fetridge and ramliy, Boston; J. P. Beck, San Francis
co; o. T. Glenn, New York; 11. Kccnc, Springfield,
Mass.; W. Rentimger, New York; C. T. Richards
and family, United States; F. B. lllgg;. New York;
W. B. Bowies and family, New York; Colonel Mc
Kcan, United States; W. C. Dreycr. Baltimore; Alex
ander Chalmers, New York; Dr. Johnson and family,
Untied States: Eugene Winthrop, New York; C. F.
Moult on, New York; Sutherland Leeds, New Orleans:
F. Worden, New York; F. May, New York; J. Kar
rlck ltiggs, New York; J. Nelson Low. New York;
S. Eugler, United States: Dr. Burridgc, Mr.
Schneider, Gratiot Wushtmrne, J. McKee, William
Scott. Mr. Brown, Mr. Cutting.
The lnvestmcBt of Paris? Harsiiai Mac
Mahon'i Plnn.
Marshal Mac Ma lion, like General 'Aochu, has "a
plan." The difference between the schemes of the
two commanders is that Tvochu's was a plan for
breaking out ol Paris, while MacMahon's is one for
breaking into the city. Letters from Versailles are
full ol me cx-tinpertal Marshal's plan, und this is
what the Times' correspondent says about it:?
I bebeve In a vigorous tilow, and I am assured, In fact,
thst ihs Is the determination at which the politic1 um anil
generals ol Versailles bave arrived. In order to make tue
eifort more rapid, lens bloody, and, as M. Tb'ers said,
"irreslstioie," an attack would be made simultaneouslv on
several sides ut once. The force of tbe Commune,
a rea'iy worn out and discouraged, would be forcc J to
weAen themselves still more by scattering, and
tin re would be a certain chance of entering i'arlg quickly
at three points out of four. Two o? the points
chosen would be the gale of St. Ouen to the west and the
gate of t harenton to tbe east. These two points being
oppiw te the ru>nt bank of the Seine, still occupied by the
Germans, aim the tmrrinle of that s!4e not being re-armcd, It
woo il suflxe to destroy the drawbridges, to force the
nates by means ol encnoti, In order to seize upon the two
gre it arteries at the two extremities of the city ; If accessary,
u hr acli might be- m ide In tbe ba?tlon from the top of the
glacis, without tbe besiexed being able to reply. The Ger
man government wou.d put no obstacle In tbe war of tbis
two-fold enterprise, and would wiilingiy allow the army nf
tbe legal uoverntr.ent of France to pass beyond the limit
of the neutral i" ne. It will be un Irrstood why it would be
useiul to throw two bridges over the Peine? oi\p at Asnleres,
tbe otber In the neighbor hood of St. Ottun. On the Clmrenton
Side the entrance would be still eusler, and on both sides it
would hare the advantage of placing two bodies of troon In
the \ ery centre ol the Insurrection. Vinci nues, which Is un
armed, is power. ess to prevent the French army from pass
ing, and II would be ouligcd besides to remain silent in trout
of tbe fori Of t'liyenton, where the Germans have
reinforced their garrison, ns well aa in the other torts
011 tue left bank. It is, no doubt, with a view to this
double attack that a considerable body of French troops
have been ma'sad on the peninsula of tfennevl'iiers
on on e side, in Cholsy-le-Rol and the environs on
the other. A tlrrd attack would be made In iront at the
Ma' Hot gate. It Is, therefore. Important lor the jroops of
the AsBtinoly to hold the bridge of Neullly. No doubt a
bridge of boats will be thrown alio to Ihe Inland of I,a
(iranne J4ti'., In order that a coiituiii may em r at the same
time by tbe Avenue di s I ernes, or at any rate make a breach
In the liasi'on el, at the Bineau pate, as I already hinted in a
preceding letter. This attack on t'ic Mailiot gate, being
more ill licnlt than the oth< r two, won d be made lirst,
and Ibe e.-em/e of the plan wou:d only be put In
execution wh-n this attack in Iront was su.licientiv
advanced t. > mat.e success no longer doubtful. But tliere is
a loitrth i-oini ol attack more unexpected than tnr preced'ng
ones, and whtcb, in all likelihood, would be tbe most rapidly
effectsd. The government of Versailles h.is sent a certain
number of gun'^OMs and floating batteries up the Seine.
'J heir miss. on probably is to ascend the nrer by the I'oint uu
Jour hi lar as the Hotel de Viile, sweeping away
the f?dera:s as they advance. Arrived nt their nes
tinatloa they w uld rnrl'y silence the balterles
which surround the Palace of tbe Commune, hi
they couid reuch tb^m w tb their l.re wlibout being
touched, tlicmse.ves; then, landing aom? coroianles, (be
! p:t.sce would soon be taken, while the three great attack
[ Ing columns, converging towards the same point, would
I place ih<- Insurgents betwei-n two fires, and drive them bnck
befoie the m. It will be understood that In order to execute
I In all its detaus so extended and so complex a plan leng by
I l reparations would I e necessary. The Uotilin hail to b? sent
I for nrnl to pa?n over the dam at S'trtsnes; Asnleres had to
be talen, conslileruble forces luid to b? :iucuinulated on the
peninsula of <ienn?riliiers, and within re ich of Cliarenton.
All tills seems to he accomplished now, and It is uoss.ble the
Commune has uiny a lew days longer bi live.
Privrttee rin? and tbe Klitbt of hcsrrli nt Sea?
'Iliu Diicusslsu oo ibe (Subject in tbe Cnnlieb
House ol Commotio? TUe 't rent J' of Paria
Worthies*? !>i?rn?-ll in favor of Abronaiiiiff
tbe lleelar??t!ort of Puis,
In the Ilou?c of Commons of the British Parlia
ment on Uic 21st ult. the subject of prlvoteering au<l
the right ot winch at sea was taken up and tils
cuiMieil ai some length. The following is a risumi
of the debate as It occurred:?
I Oa the order lor going into Committee or Supply
! Mr. C. Bcutinc* called attention to the Declaration
j of Paris ( - 0), and moved "tha' the maintenance of
Bfliwb m ii itine rlcfeu bung ewea tim to inc power,
'.prosperity and independence of i lie empire, this
lilonse i.J oj opinion that Her Majesty's govern in?? tit
KUould ? o 1 1 1 1 tv ! 1 1 1 withdraw from (lie articles of the
DpcisraUon of Paris, 185<I, which arc numbered re
Hpusct'vclr i an1 2, uud wUkh are expressed in tuo
ton?i i following:? -J. Privateering Is and remains
aboti^fced* Too neutral flag covers enemy's
goods, with the exertion of contraband
of wir/ The honorable gentleman objected
to the Declaration on iho gro-ind " tout
H was in reality no tccfttj ut all, un<i
Jitvl been Illegal from the first. Jl It were contended
iliac it had bac.jme binding by lapse of time and
that its adaption had nude It legal, his answer was
that If was entered into for the advantage or fhe
niarlilm.' Powers; that tUc United States had con
stantly refused to be bound S>jr its provisions; that
tussla nau etiown her disregard or treaty stlpula
,1 <ns in a recent remarkable lustaace, and Hidt
j.',*, nee ?a? id sucli a altuaUon as to tflord us an
ciiK 'ttuolty 'o withdraw fmtu Hie Declaration sofar
as hIi> ' wa concerned, wiuie we ha<l no guarantee
that w !,en l'f)e recovered liqr position tunong the
grtat P*. ,wcr8 9,lt: would oe bound by the Declara
'"in'secot. ,),DK ,,1C >esf?lu:ion, Mr. Serjeant Simon
condemned the licdaratlou of Paris us a ^reWous
national blui. (|er> tlie commission of which wan re
ceived with a v"41'"1 ?r amazement from one end of
the country V the other. It was, he thought,
inucn to be ?eph.,r*1 ? statesman ho endneut |
n? l ord ciarendov' should have put his hand to
such n document. .F,? proiested against abdicating
ih.s clement of our Rational strength, and he helJl
that It was the boundt." <'"ry of ?b? government, ir
possible, to repudiate Ik principle. In Ins opinion
II we continued to adhere .to the declaration our su
preiiiacT "was as good as go.ie
All liot'KKR looked ni.ort the declaration as
nudiiy iutci ded for the nrotc?sH>? of neutrals, uud
did not wee with Mr. Benllnt* Id bis deaira to re
store the right or privateering. Moreover, lie did
not think it desirable to close by a one-sl<Vod act aU
our relations wild foreign Powers. A c ourse such
aa tliat would t>e to tnutate the bad example of Rus
sia with regaru to the neutralization of the Black
boa, though he admitted that the subject was worthy
of tue consideration or the government, (or under
some clrcuruatanoeu the declaration might be ad
vantageous to this country, wbl'.c in others it might
be disadvantageous. Be tugrested, therefore, that
the government should appeaVto the other Powers
who were parties to the arr angement, with the ob
ject of reviewing and modifying it.
Hlr K. Pai.mkk did not 'Junk we ought to secede
from the declaration unless with the consent of the
whole of the parties to 1 4; and, as to the review of
its provisions BUKsreBtci by the last speaker, he held
that nothing would be less becoming the position or
tbe dignity of Englur.d man to make a complaint to
other nations, and * ay that we who had bound our
selves uow lepente <Tof its that it might possibly do
us harm, ana tha'j we should be obliged to them If
they would release up lrom it. He hoped, therefore,
that no such pol'/sv would ever be entertained by
this country. Tie had never relt any alarm at the
declaration, for in the event of a maritime war our
merchant voxels would no doubt arm uad protect
Mr. 8. Cave admitted that If the protection of
neutrals were secured by tbe declaration it would
be an important consideration in ltu favor, but he
denied that this was so, Inasmuch as contraband of
war was excepted from its provisions, and whether
a cargo was contraband or not could not be aacer%
turned without exercising the right of search. The
fact was that wc had got into a Dad position through
the Foreign Enlistment Act, that our position had not
been improved by the Amendmeut Act of lost ses
sion, and that by the Declaration of Paris we were
committed to something wbtcb was likely to prove
most disastrous to the country.
The Attohnky olnekal pronounced the declara
tion a fulr conccsslon to the public opinion of Eu
rope, aud held that, having entered into ltf we could
not repudiate it without the sanction ui the other
Powers, this, he fancied, there was little proba
bility of obtaining.
Mr. Disraeli pointed out that the sitting of the
late conference in London presented a golden op
portunity for considering tbe propriety of modifying
or even abrogating the declaration. In his opinion
It was a most Impolitic step, because it tended
to cripple the power or the country, aud
because its evil effects, though at present Incalcula
ble, might hereafter be or a deplorable nature. He
had never treated the declaration as an Idle docu
ment, bccauso lie regarded It as having the moral
effect ot a troaty from the responsibility of which we
could not divest ourselves unless in a formal and
satisfactory manner to ourselves and to all con
cerned. It was impossible thtt the declaration could
be upheld, and, sooner or later, we would have to
release oursolves lrom its fatal trammels lu a regu
lar manner, and in a manner that would be ap
proved of by the public law and sentiment of
Mr. Gladstone defended the declaration as Justi
fied by the fact that, until It was agreod to between
the Powers, Engiaud had been completely isolated
from the rest of the civilized world. The late Con
ference had met upon the neutralization of the Black
Sea, and It would not have been a wise policy of her
Majesty's government to have enlarged the issue
then raised. It was never intended that the whole
ol the Treaty of 1856 should be thrown open for dis
cussion; and he argued that it would have been
most unwise to force Europe to do so and begin de
novo the construction of a system of international
obligations m ihe East.
The motion was eventually withdrawn.
Destruction of a Stone Factory at Bridge
port, Conn.
bbidoiport, Mar *, IR'1.
A large (tone factory tear the raservoir, about two miles
north of this city, was destroyed by Ore last evening. It waa
owned and occupied by Mes*rs. Dean A Lamonte (formerly
o( Nortn Adams, Mas*.), well known as exteniive manufac
turers of oassimerea and woollen goods. The building was
entirely destroyed, only portions of the walls being loft
standing. Ihe loss on building, stock aud machinery will
be h< uvv, and is only ptirtlally covered by insurance. This
amouuts to $55,000, ami ia distributed among tbe following
companies Albany Ully, *5,000; Columbia, Sfi, 000; Frank
lin, *6,00,1; Laconia, *o,0ii0; Manhattan, $5,000: National,
$5,000 ; Pul nam, $5,000 ; Queen's (Knglish), 45,000: 'trad ca
meo 'a, $2,500; Union, 9110,1100; Wyoming, *2,500.
The origin of the fire Is not vet fully ascertained, but it Is
supposed to have commenced in the ''carding room" of the
establishment through friction caused by the machinery. A
new steam cngin", constructed by the Faciflc Iron Works of
this city at a cost of ft10,iiyj, had been recently placed in tbe
factor)-, and was niucb damaged.
By direction of tbe President Lieutenant Colonel
George Crook Is assigned to duty according to his
commission as brevet major genera), and will pro
ceed to the headquarters of the Department of Ari
zona and relieve Colonel George Stoneman, Twenty
first infantry, In command of the department, who
will report for duty, without delay, to his proper
Almanac lor New York? This Da T,
Sunrises 4 55 | Moon rises. ...eve
Sun sets G 59 j High water. morn 7 4G
Sail* I Orrti nation
City of Aoiwrrr
City of \V uh't'n
City of Brook'n.
St. Laurent
May 4.... | Liverpool.
M?S I Liverpool.
Ma y ?>.... iGlaagow...
May In.... | Liverpool.
May 13.... Liverpool.
Vav 13 'Glasgow.
Hay SO.
May Hi....
May 27
Juiie 3....
June 3
15 Broa I way.
15 Broadway.
7 Rowling Green
29 Broadway.
15 Broadway.
, 7 Bowling Green
Havre |58 Broadway.
Glasgow [J Bowling Green
Glasgow 7 Howling Green
Liverpool 119 Broadway.
Havre 158 Broadway.
Steamship Scotia ;Br), Lott, Liverpool via Queenstown- C
O Krancklyn.
Sleamsbip City of Dublin ( Br), Allen, Liverpool via Halifax
? John <? Dale.
Steamship Idaho (Br), Price, Liverpool? William* A
Steamship England (Br), Thompson, Liverpool? Rational
6teamsh1p Co.
Steamship South Carolina, Beckett, Charleston? U R Mor
gan A Co.
Ship Rhine, Jordan, London- Grlnnell, Mlnturn A Co.
Ship Jacob A Slam'.er, Hamsun, Amsterdam? Boyd A
Ship Good Hope, Ingersoll. San Franciico? George D
Bark Gen Birch (Nor), Amuudsen, Antwerp? Funcb, EJve
A < 0.
ksrk Linda, Smltli, Cienfuogos? Jai W Klwcll A Co.
liark L'nton, I'alne, Havana? J B Phillip* A Son.
Kris Lone Star (Br), Kenneala, Bcyrout? Boyd A Hlnck
Brig Orlnna, Doane, St Domingo via Wilmington, NC-Ba
ker t Davton.
Hr1<* Go* Wagner, Erlcksen, St Martin*? H A Vatable A
Brig Oliver Cut!*, Nelson, Port au Platte? Robert Murray,
Brig Mercedes, Hill. Clentuegos? Fowler A lova.
Br.c Ella, Martin, St Johns and Harbor Grace. NF? P I
Kevins A Son.
Sclir Koswed, Copp, Seville? John Boynton's Son A Co.
Schr Wm J Holmes, Ward, St Thomas and a market -B J
Schr Eveline, Tierce, Barbados? I) Trowbridge A Co.
Schr A F Ain?s, A corn. Sngua- II P Brown A Co.
Scbr Tbo* J Fra/ler, Madge, Iiaracua? Youugs, Smith A
Schr Freedom, Stephen*, Windsor, NS? Crandall, Beitaiu
A Co.
schr Day Star iBr), Davison, Hall's Harbor, N3?D R De
WoK A Co. ,
Schr Statesman, Miller, Rhulee, N8~Jed Frye A Co,
Srhr Fly. lieatli. New Orleans? N H Brlgham.
Srhr Eureka, Wallace, Jacksonvli'e W Ray A Co.
Schr Robert J Mercer, 'fribble, Wilmington, Del? W Chal
Scbr Rldgewjod, Derrlckson, Georgetown. DO-E D Hurl
but A co.
ge.hr Horace L, Frames, Bridgeport -M firings A Co,
Barce Margaret McDougal. James, Philadelphia.
Steamer Sarah. Jones, Philadelphia.
Steamer Beverly, Pierce, Philadelphia.
Steamer V. c BMdie, McCue, I'liHnd dpbla.
Steamer S K Phelps, Brown, Phllade/poia.
Steamship .lava (Br), Martvn. Liverpool April 22 and
Queenstown 23d, with mdn.' mid 4M i assenXers, to CG
!? lanoklyn. Arrd 27, lat 48 4 'J, Ion 32 43, saw steamship Par
thin, benct lor Liverpool.
Steamship Cly of Washington (Or), Jones, Liverpool
April yi and yue-nstown -lit. with rrdse and jastengers, lo
John ti Dale. April 2ft, lat 4* 81, Ion 112 04, passed a Cunard
brig rljcd steamer bound li; iiilh, lat 4(5 40, Ion R? 16, bark
Asprey ? iir ), bound W ; Kill, lut 45 10, Ion 4'J oO, ship Swarth
nun c, bound W; May 1, l.il 40 4.', lou ?J, ship Carolu* Mag
nus. from Mobile for Liverpool; imp time, a German
stcami-r bound E; sa.ne dav a l>rl| r gged steamer bound El
2d, lat 40 4i>, Ion 67 30, sMp Great \\ eslero. from Liverpool
for New Y' rk; all well.
Steamship \ olunteer, Ilowe, Philadelphia, wMD md*e, lo
the Lorlltard Steamshln Co
Ship Sir Robert I'eei, Lurra'iee, London Feb 11 nnd Islrt of
Wight I8ib, with inds<! and 81 passengers, to Gnnnell, Min
tiirn A Co. April 2*. Daniel Ilarney, seaman, of Ireland,
died of consumption.
Ship Washington, Chase, CnrdilT March 20, with railway
Iron to uider? venel to Wm B Trnsk. Camo the northern
passage ani bad violrnt gales I rom N W to SW, with a heavy
Ktilp Jove.n Thoma* (Port) Henrlcksen, Lisbon, 43 day*,
vrRb indse, to llagmeyer A Brnnn. Took tho southern pss
*,?ge. atul had line wsather; April 2?, lat 83 20, Ion 71-20,
r>:*std the wreck of a vessel of abuut 8jo tons waterogg?d,
d.A3i?*t"d and abandoned.
Uark AlelDuurne illr), Longhurst, Ardrovan 70 a*ys, with
jig Irort lo order? vtswl to Boyd A Hinekon. Came the
suotJiern psrthfe ; ?xperlenc"(l h?avv gales the entire pas
sage up to Tnur* ley, ^he 16th of April ; first part [of that day
eoBflienceil iv.th (Irljrv'lnff r*ln ; nt 3 PM was struck by a
heavy ?<i i?P. ship at the time u.ider lower fore and main
t 'psalis, fee; e J foresail and iiutlu&il, succeeded in getilnc
l?. a ond ma.Liiad hauicd up,' wind increase I to a
pcrtect bui'rlcan* from the i.orihar, ft. which blew fore
nnd ma'ntop?a;:? from the yar :*; and most of the
p* nr attached, uito fore??il and mars""', lopgallantsad*
and other small sails that were furle,| we.'e blown out ot the
gisketf. and tota.ly destroylna nil but the, foresail, the sea at
the t ree making a c,t*r bretcli over the .'bill, rendering it
Impossible lo ^ei aloEV He decks : in this si, 'latlon tbe ship
lay for *ix hours, laboring heavily. iic.we?i.' deck cargo
*V- fling from side to side, tendering the conditio, 1 of lb* ship
Almost hopeless; at 7 PM s*t storm trysail, whle^ * *<? b'? w
t<1 pieces; succeeded tn setting storm spanker; It), PM, wind
begAii moderating, but still continued heavy ail I. est day.
Passed a large ipiaulity ol broken spars, with i Igal. 'K
sails altvcbtJ, In lat WW, I in ftl fiH.
B.irk Co,:iuest (of Boston), Small, Antwerp. 40 day*, w lh
mt.se to Furcb, Edye A Co vc*j>-l to masliv. Took ih*.'
Northern pssfciee and had strong easterly winds from Ion 4d
to 7l). ilieure llg.il winds and calms; April 20, hit 4H 3U Ion lid,
*aw Iwv ewall irfleui ; baa l?tn3< Uavs west ut lb* Bank*.
Bark flemne (of Baltimore), Oliver, Bimbo* Ayreg March
IT, with wool, hldK*, hair and 10 paaaeager*. U? Dowlev. Cor
ner* k Co. Crfrned the Equator April ll. to Ion 3$; had
light wind* apo calm* latter part of pasaage ; April 11, lat
#14 8, km Wit wTapoke bark Edward Albro, from Mosto
video for Sf. Thoma*.
Bark Apielope, Davis. 8 Crolt II days, with sugar, Ac, to
Roche &' oi k ColTev. Been 5 days N of Hatteras, with light
wlnda rod calmi , had a pilot on board three day* ; latt bark
Prtndr.e*** Alexandra, for Mew York in 2 day*; brig Glpaey,
for "to, do.
Bits Mentor (Nor), Bamoelacn, Havana, II day*, with
nar, to Walsh, Field A War. Had One weather,
ark ConttanUa (Nor), Knudaan, Havana. 14 day*, with
sugar, to Kranke A PUher? ve*ael to French, Edge 1 Co.
Ha* been 8 days north of llatteraa, with light wind* and
calms. _
Brig Amelia <ltal). Polllo, Naples 88 day*, with fruit, to Ba
ring Bros. Fa?*e d Gibraltar March It; had *trong W and
N W gale*, with high aeaa, mou ot the paaaafe.
8cnr Qersh Hanker, Pwinnerton, Para, S) day*, with rob
ber, nut*, Ac, to Krancl* Mo ran. Ha* been 6 day* north of
Hattera*, with light wind* and calm*.
Schr Haul* E Dodge (of Providence), Freeman, 8t Pierre,
Mart, 18 day*, with lugar, fo H Trowbridge*'fion*? ve**el to
H W Loud A Co. Had moderate weather. April 24, lat 27 29,
Ion 71, exchanged longitude* with ihlp Lincoln, from Callap
for Hampton Koada, with Jury mitzenmaat. May 2, lat 87 40,
ion 72, (poke brig Rio Grande, from Philadelphia for Ponce,
PR. Ha* been 6 day* north of Hattera*.
Bohr Arctic (Br), Harrington, Caibarlen 14 day* via Dela
ware Breakwater <1 day s,.jvith meiado to D Knowlton A Co?
vessel to maater.
8chr L'aura A Webb (of Deer Isle), Webb, Baracoa, 0 day!,
with fruit, to J. A T. Pearsalt, veiael to B J Wenberg. Had
moderate weather. Left In port *cbr Hannah Coomer, for
New York. _ *
Schr Laura A Dodd (of Gloucester), Malado, Harbor
Iitand 7 day*, with pineapples, to Jo* Enea*? vessel to B J
Wenberg. Had One weather. .
Scbr llyue, Glover, Penaacola 80 days, with lumber to W A
Para? veuel to U B Brown.
8chr W B Mann, Rogers, Richmond.
BchrNapclon, Rulon, Vlralula.
Schr J J Morrill. Curd*. Virginia.
Bohr Lauretta, Curtis, Virginia.
Bchr Eva Holme*, Van Houghton, Virginia.
Schr Excel, Ludiam, Virginia,
Srlir Kboda Holmes, Rrags, Georgetown, DC.
Schr Walter Palmer, Call, Georgetown), DO.
Bclir J M Richards, Irving, Georgetown, UO.
Bchr Harriet Thomas, Vancleaf, Georgetown, DC.
Bchr A M Aldrldge, Fisher, Georgetown, DC, for New Ho
Sclir Minnie Rlnne, Parsons, Baltimore for New Haved*
Bchr M E (Jildersleeve, Rollins, Delaware.
Bchr A Tirrell, Atwooa, Philadelphia for Boiton.
The bark CV Minoti, from Cardenas, which andvert 2d
ln*i. Is consigned to P v King A Oo ; vessel to J W Elwoll A
Co. Reports was 6 day* north of Hatteras with light wind*
and calm*.
Paswd Throngb Hell Gate.
Brig Union Star, Mertam, Windaor, N3, for New York,
with plaster to Weatherlleld A Co.*
Schr U V Crandall (Rr), Petti*, Windaor, NR, 8 day*, for
New Yoric, with plaster to Crandall, Bertaux A Co.
Schr Eliza B Beard, Price, Pictou, MS, for New York, with
lumber to John ltoynton's Son k Co.
Bchr Ocean Belle, Branscomb, fit John, NB, for New York,
Bchr Percy, Hogan, Calais for New York, with lumber to
Bchr E Flower, Dickinson, Portland for New York. ?
Bchr Martha, Smith, Bangor for New York, with lumber to
Pettis A Co.
Schr J 0 Nash, Crowley, Addlaon for New York, with tim
ber to Crawlla G Co.
Schr Pacific, Ginn, Rockland for New York, with lime to
Bchr M B Shields, Walte, Franklin for New York, with tim
ber to Austin A Co.
Schr Raven's Wing, York. Cape Ann for New York, with
stone to Cadet A Co.
Schr Alamo, Sanford, Macbias for New York, with lumber
to Sullivan A Co.
Schr Barab, Cobb. Cape Ann for New Vork.
Schr Warren lilake, Mcservey, Vineyard Haven for New
Schr Splendid, I'hinney, Sandwich for New York, with
wood to mauler.
Scbr M 3 Mead, Roger*, Taunton for New York.
Scbr Hunter, Crano, Taunton for Bay River, NC.
Scbr Onrust, Borner, Providence for New Vork.
Schr Susan E Nash, Edgar, Westerly for New York.
Bchr Gen Grant, Frame, New London for New York.
Bchr Laura 8 Hatch, Hill, Hartford for New York.
Schr Pell S C Vought, Hallock, Hartford for New York.
Scbr Emma k Ellen, Norton, New Haven for New York,
Scbr Cabinet, Lynch, New Haven for New Yoric.
Selir Yankee Boy, C'haaon, New Haven for Elizabetbport.
Schr Hannah F Brown. gackett, Sionybrook for New York,
with stone to Hick* A Fuller.
Scbr E F Mead, Adtone, Oreenport for New York.
Bchr Highland, Lynch, Roslyn for Albany.
Schr Jesse B Btuiib, Williams, New London for George
town, DO.
Schr T Kennedy. Ford, Milford for New York.
Schr James Buchanau, Kelly, New Haven for Jersey City.
Schr J R Mitchell, Moirell, New Haven for New York.
Schr C C Sadlier, Waruer, Ciintou fur New York.
Schr W M Braiuard, Brook*, Connecticut River for New
Bchr W H Mifflin, Briggs, New Bedford for New York.
Bchr Richmond, Gu, till, Rockland for New York.
Schr A G Lawson, Slattery, Fall Kiver for New York.
Bclir I'rbanna, Allen, Bridgeport lor Spuyten Uuyvll.
Schr J S Seymour. Norton, Port Jefferson for Troy.
Scbr fieneca, Davis, New Haven for Hoboken.
Bchr J B Bieeckcr, York, Stonington for New York.
Bolir M E Taber, Aldridge, Bridgeport for Georgetown, DO.
Bchr Bologne, Hill, New Haven for Port Johnson.
Bchr F Mavo, Hall, Thomaston for New Yorx.
Schr Tillle," Smith, Dlghton for Jersey City.
Bohr D T Willcts. Chescbro, Stonlnnton for New York.
Bchr Mariner, Shereln, Greenwich for Flushing.
Schr A 11 Learning, Brewer, Btonlngton for Philadelphia.
Scbr Fakir, Hunt, Stoalngton for New York.
Bchr Ada 8 Allen, Owen, Portland for -New York, with
lumber to Howard k Co.
Schr Sarah Emma, Nichols. Northport for Albany.
Bchr J CrocUford, Hatch, Northport for New York.
Schr B Franklin, Wasson, Northport for Ellzabethport.
Bchr II J Rcudtler, Gearln, Northport for New York.
Bchr Pacific, Was 3, Addlaon for New York, with lumber to
Simpson A Ciapp.
Schr E William*. Corni?h, Rockport for New York.
Schr Ella Jane. Allen, Bridgeport for New Vork.
Bchr John Manuive, Garlic, Bridgeport for New York,
^uhr Caroline Kienzie, Adam*, Bridgeport for Georgetown,
Scbr Dart, William*, Stamford for New York.
ficnr haze, McNamee, Greenwich tor New York.
Schr Antecedent, Pendleton, DtoniugUm for Newark, with
?tone to Thompson A Co.
Scbr Onward, Wheeler. Smltbtown for New York.
fichr Margaretta, Wandoor, Oyster Bay for Hav.>rstraw.
Behr Wm R Knapp. Geoghegan, Cow Ray for New York.
Bchr Oliver Perry, Murphy, Glen Cove for New York.
Sioop New York, l.vons, Portchester for New York.
Sloop E Smith, Phillip*. Stamford lor New York.
Steamer Metis, Davis, Providence lor New York, with mdse
and passenger*, to Isaac Odell.
Steamer Doris, Toon?. Providence for New York, with
mdse and passengers, to Isaac Odell.
Schr R P King, Bllven, Georgetown, DC, for Providence.
Schr J V Wellington, Parker, Georgetown, DC, for New
Schr Charles 11. M oiler, Brown, Philadelphia for New
Schr Wm Thompson, Peterson, New York for New Bed
Srhr Mary Anna, Adams, Philadelphia for Bridgeport.
Schr New Zealand, Cooke, New York for Plymouth.
Schr Mall, Mead, H allett's Point for Greenwich, CL
Fihr Ella, Abbott, New York lor Huntington.
Schr Amoy, Knapp, New York for Nonnk.
Schr Kmnia, l'ltts, New Y< r'< for Noank.
Schr Signal. Slattery, Albany for New llavcn.
Echr A?ha S Parker, Carpenter, New York for Glen Cove,
Schr J Brooks Pom, Jersey City for New Haven.
Schr N H Benedict, Kills, Georgetown for New Haven.
Schr Joseph Hay, Kcebe, Georgetown, DC, for Ware
Schr Fairwlnd, Bowman, New York for New Radford.
Schr Harriet A Sarah, Hull, Amboy for New Bedford.
Schr Jane, Mlsey, Croton for New Haven.
Schr Galota, Cabot, Troy for Wevmontn. '
Sehr.1 Truman, Glbbs, Philadelphia for New Bedford.
Schr C J Krickson, Smith, Philadelphia for Britlol.
Schr W Palmer, Cole, Georgetown lor Providence.
bchrC C Smith, Phillips, Hudson for Taunton.
Sehr E Collier, Slmmlnson, New York for Bridgeport.
Schr Davison, Smith, Washington, DC, for Providence.
Schr 8 C Morton, Morton, New York for Bridgeport.
Schr J E Carnage, Fletcher, Rondout for Boston.
? Schr Minnie Kennev, Corsou, Philadelphia for New Haven.
Schr J M Aldridge, Bishop, Philadelphia for New llu.cu.
Sloop Heni Aiken, Cole, Kingston tor New Haven.
Steamer Metis, Davis, New *ork lor Provioence.
Steamtr Culled states, Davis, New YorX for Kali River.
WllITKbTONF. LI. May 3? 8 PM.
The schr Martha, Smith, from Kangor for New York, with
pickets to Pettis A Co, received telegraphic Instructions at
Whltestone, by oriler of consignees, to deliver cargo to Boe ?
Co, at Hushing, and the vessel is now in the basin at that
port unloading.
11 :25 PM? All the vessels wlilcb remained over night of 2d
Inst proceeded earlv this AM.
A number of sloops and seven or elglit srhoonere for the
eastward Just arrived here, and will probably remain in har
bor over niglU.
| The brig Geo llarr'a, Blanchard, from New York for St
1 John, and a large number of schooners for Southern poils, at
! anchor In Flushing Hay, will likely proceed nl daydtl.t.
I Wind Nil, still breelV, Willi hcuvy rain.
St?amshlrs Scotia, for Liverpool ; Idaho, do; England, do;
South Carolina, Charleston.
The following vessels are anchored at the Southwest Spit,
outward bonnd :- Ship Sclndla, for Liverpool ; harks Kris
tinestad, for Cork; Irene, for do; R W GriH.ihs, for
Matanzas; H E Kingsbury, for do; brigs Balear, lor
St Kilts; Annie Seymour, tor Bermuda; Matilda, for
Odessa; M C Mariner, for Caidonas; Clarabelle, tor t'len
ftiegos ; George Harris, for St Johns, PR; 8 V Nichols,
for Mntanzas.
Wind at aunset is, light.
Marine Dlsa?lei's,
Smr City ot Halifax, from Liverpool, at Half as, NS,
April 29, lost spars and sa'li lu a gale April 1.
Snip Linpoi.m, from Callao, at Fortress Monroe, lost her
mlzrenmart In a ;;;ile on the List nil.
A Stiir and BllO arc ashore on Wimbles Shoals, north of
llatleras; the brig was full of water to her decks. The ship
had listed to the eastward w.th a line from liir mainmast to
the leach.
Bark Ei.I'.a, Avellna (Br), at Boston from Cardiff, ex
peril need heavy weather, and on the 4th ot March ast a
washed overboard John uraham, Ibe mate, and Frederick
Brown, a seaman.
Bark WAvri.FT, from Portland for Cardenas, before re
ported ashore at Orleans, Ca| e Cod, has been got aQoat, and
wlU be towe I to Bolton.
Bark N f w<; act i. tf ? Liverpool, Mar 2? Bark Newcastle
(Br), Wllktns, form Newcastle April H for New Orleans, has
put into Greenoeg leaky.
Bitiri Gtonoia Tor?l>? The Clydevale. Williams, from
Rlrer Plate, st 1,'verpool, rcperls:? April 7. In t o* N, Ion lift
W, passed the wreck of a v,s?e| from ??0 to Still tons burden,
With both musts gone, bulwarks and after bonne washed
awav, painted b!a> l< outside and white Inside, with the hatch
combings, Ac, nnd II e name "Georgia TeJa" os the stern
(before reported ? and also In glided leltersi n her quarter.
She appeal ed to have been thoroughly overhauled, as there
was nothing loose about her.
Si'UH A A Annnitwp.? The following are the particular*
| or the sinking of the A A Andrews, at reported by the U 8
i c rvelto 1 iconderoga at Boston W lille coming around Cape
Cod, at 4 o'clock Monday morning, ? dt nee fog prevailing? at
the lime, eame In collision with a coasting sclir named Ada
A Andrews, (.'ant Andrews, bound Ironi Phllfirtelulila, with a
full cargo ol bituminous cosl and Iron, (or Boston. The
scl r was so seriously Injured thai Hie captain end crew has
tily abandoned her nnd went on board the Tlcoiidemga,
which brought them to this port. The steamer wan blowing
her whistle constantly, and on seeing the Schr
I Immediately rever*' d her engines, au I wag not going
more than 8 knots when alio struck, having
hardly steersKe way. An eitra officer wnx on watcn
forward, but the fog was so thick that be could see but a
l very short distance. 1 be sihooner was one Of a floel of
i about 7S in that vlclnltv. Ilcr side *?< badly eruihed Irt.
I Mot out a boat irom thr tlcondemga, sol watched the wreck
foi an hour. Com Badger was on deck soon ae the colli,
alon occurred, nu.l took every precaution f(ir saving all
hands. There being no wind, the schocner could not gel nut
of the war. The Ada A Andrews wsa owned by Messrs
Stepiao D Andrews, E P Mason, A O Peek. Alfred Plik,
Ariel Sampson, Colen O Baker, and others, or Providence,
and wm uninsured except on individual interests. She wae
worth probably #IS,0(Kl to $20,u0t>.
8< hb K M Hrootm- Steamer Helen Augusta. wltli a schr
In tow, ielt New Bedford 2d InM lor Monnmoy rolnt to asnlst
In celling oA the echr E M Hlgglns, of Province (own, which
went ashore on Mnnomey Point night of April lifl, in con<e
n. w nce of the buoys being reversed aud thick weather. Mie is
full of water but ties eaiy.
.Bcur Lot TfeOury), Ilortoi?, at Vineyard Haven, j
from Boston far Providence, when off HanMtt }jgM
morntag of April SO wm la contact with an unknown brig,
and lort bowsprit, jibboom, cutwater, Ac; damage to the
brig unknown.
Stbambb Hbbculbs, Doughty, belongtngto the Heading
BR Co. fromOeorgetown. DC* May % with OB7 ton; coal for
Philadelphia, grounded on the dock at Water* Wharf,
punched a hole in her bottom and sunk. She has 19 net or
water outside and Ififeet Inside at low water; decks about
halt covered. Efforts were being made 8d Inst to pump her
DtTMOKTtKss, April 10? The bark Atlantic, of Boston, from
Galveston for Boston, arrived off here, reports durlufthe
passage experienced very heavy gales from BE to 8W, In ona
or which lost maiatail, malntopsail and foretopsallyard.
Falmouth, April 20 ? ' The ship Blandfna Dudley, of and
from London for Boston (general cargo), foundered April 8
(before reported) In lat 48 N, Ion 87 88 w. The crew took to
their boats and were picked up same day by the Nova
Bcotlan bark Lltsie Morrow, for Philadelphia, and 11 were
transferred to the Flodden, which veaael arrived here this
Qbrk<<ook, April 18? The Eliza V.verett, which put back
here leak , loth Inst, was yesterday taken into the Albert
Harbor, where she will have her cargo of iron discharged In
order to undergo repairs.
Livkbpool, Mav 8- Bark Onfcel Adcrman (WO, E?o
bricht, from Trieste March 18 for New York, has put Into
Malaga leaking badly, havlpg been In collision.
Seville, April 18? The French brig Ataiala, Oro, arrived
here, has on board the cargo of the rrenob brig Paleitro
Legeante*, from New York,
Waterfobd, April 19? The Royal Arthur, from San Fran
cisco for Liverpool, la ashore at Hook Tower. Crew saved.
Notleo to Marians.
schooner, which has sunk in the Fairway of the Firth of
Forth at St Margaret's Hope. The buoy is moored in about
9 fathomi low water of springtides, distant from the wrcca
about 15 fathomi, which bears N % W lrom the buoy.
The following are. the bearings from the buoy:? Beamer
Rock, BSE; Dove Craig, NW by N ; Rosyth Castle, N % W.
ALEX. CCN1NGUAM. Secretary.
Nortmbn Lighthouse Office, Ew.nuuuo, April *2,
On and nfter Monday, April 10, a permanent red light will
be exhibited (from sunrise to sunset) at the end of the new
Breakwater, in lieu or the temporary green light shown
during the progress of the work.
The light on the inner pier head will at the same time be
changed to bright seaward, and will show red to <ho west
ward only for tho use of vessels entering tha Inner harbor.
R J BLADE, llartor Master.
*? ?* ' ' n"-"' Whalemen. -
Arrived at New London May 3, bark Roman, Williams,
Desolation Island, with 1700 bid* elephant oil, to Williams,
Haven A Co. Has on freight 160 bbls oil from schr Golden
Sailed from New Bedford 2d Inst, bark A R Tucker, Rlcket
son, Indian Occan.
A letter from Capt Rowland, of bark John Carver, of NB,
reports her at Talcahuano March 7, with 650 bbls sp oil, all
told. Bound to cruise off Massafuero. Reports, last of
January, at Scorro, barks Cornelia, Shivtrlck, N R. 115.1 bbla
oil ; Mary ? Susan, Ilerendeen. do, oil not stated? none of
the fleet there bad taken anything up to that time.
A letter from Capt Jennings, or bark Alfred Glbbs, or NB.
reports her at Talcahuano March 13. with 350 bbla sp and 210
do wh oil, all told.
A letter from Capt Crowell.of bark Arnolda, of NB. r ?
ports her at Talcahuano, March 29, with 1025 bbli sp oil.
Would sail for home In about a week.
A letter from on board bark Rainbow, Gray, of NB, re
ports ber at Ancnd, Chile, March 16, clean, all well. Report*
at do, barks Mar*, Allen, oil not stated; Mary and Susan,
Hcrendcen, do, having taken 2 whs- 160 bbli ; ship Splendid,
Jerueean, Edgartown, t wh? 50 bbls.
A letter from Capt Chase, of bark Platlnl, of Westport, re
ports her at Talcauuano, March 2, with '250 blila sp and'SUO do
wh oil on board. Waa ready to sail for home.
Bhlp Jamc* Foster, Jr, from Liverpool for New York, April
9, lat 50 10, Ion 19 58.
Ship Tewkesbury, from CardiQ' for San Francisco, March 4,
lat 19 S, Ion 8? W.
Bhlp Favorite, Oreenman, from Havre for New York, April
14. lat 49 80, Ion 7 22.
Bhlp Fearless, from Boston for Ban Franci?co, March 9,
lat 0 57 N, Ion 28 22.
Ship Minnehaha, of Oreenock, bound west, April 5, lat 50,
Ion 17.
Bsrk Arequipa, from Liverpool for Mobile, Aprils, lat
45 44. Ion 10 18.
Bark City of Bangor, Menrer from Antwerp for Valpa
raiso, March 17, lat 6 N, Ion 70 i.?) W.
Bark Qulckntcp, Chase, from New York for San Francisco,
March 18, lat J 80 N, Ion 28 orf.
Bark veteran, Cathcart, from New York for Callao. Ac,
March 11, lat 8 30 N, Ion 22 51.
Brig Job i Wo'.cli, Jr, from Cardenas lor Philadelphia, April
37, la".)3 20, Ion 77 10.
Brig Pedro, from New York for Porto Rico, April 25, no
lat, Ac.
Brig Altmaar (BH, Thomas, from Pentacola for Monte
video, April 19, off Cape Florida.
Hie (iasnard ()>), Irom Sao Francisco fcr Liverpool, March
21, tat 15 N, Ion 39.
Foreign Fort*.
Art>robsa.?t, April 16? Sailed, Sabra Mcses, Kilham, Provi
Antwerp, April 17? Arrived, Althea, Harding, Balti
more; 18th, J Kepler, Rabe, New York; Alpha, i'rouse, and
John 'f Manson, Mauson, do; Alexander, Almleldt, do ; J W
Hunt, Hunt, New Orleans; 19th, L O Blgelow, Caun, Phila
delphia; Paollna 8, Mlfka, New York; 21st, Matchless, Caw*,
San Francisco. "
Amsterdam, April IS? Arrived, Richard Pesrce, Rnthbnn.
Galveston; Edith, Randall, Mobile; lfctb, Stormy Petrel, Dike,
Akyab, March 9- Arnved, Berth*. Humphrey, Bombey.
Cleared March 6, Regent, Howes, Falmouth, t .
Bristol (Pill), April 18 -Arrived, Blanch !Iow, Ingersoll,
N?w York; 19th, J H Stetson, Stetson, Mejillones.
Belfast, April 18? Arrived, Lindheim, l'aulsen, Balti
Bailed from the Lough 15th, Stella for Baltimore.
BnonwEBsnAVFN, April 17? Arrived, Frcundschaft,
Bchucbar I, New York.
Hailed lStli, Sarah, Quilllford, Pblla.
Bbkmeriiavrn, April 16-Arrived, Athena, Bellmer, New
York; Johannes, Klockgeter, do; Antoinette, Roseuau, New
Orleans ; 17tb, Martha A M C Niell, Watt*, do ; 18th, Alexan
dra, hrnwn, Rivannah.
Balled 16th, Frankfort (a), Bane, Mew orlean* (and left
Southampton 2uth): 18th, Galveiton, Heliloin. Galveston;
lyth, Auguste, Von Horton, New York ; l'ralne Bird, linker,
United States; Induitrle, Hllkon, and Irl*, Kodeolurg, Balti
more ; Elena, Boblmann, New York.
Bti.tiOA, Apnl 18? Arrived, Firder, Johannesen, New
Barcelona, April W? Arrived, Nueva Casimlsa, Durall,
New Orleans ; lUth. Nueva Bucnaventara, Echevania, do;
Joven Enlques. Faip. do.
Cardiff, April 18? Arrived, Pru**ia, Patten, Liverpool
(and ent out for New Orleans).
Sailed 1Mb, Hare. Even*, New Orleans ; 19th, Lizzie Mo.i?s,
Cox, do ; 18th, Brazos, Fuller, UalvMtoa ; 21st, Venus, Davis,
New York.
Cleared 18th, Helena, New York; Annie Torrev, New Or
leans ; Fillc de 1' Air, tialveston ; lle ren, New Orkan* ; ltfth,
CeOon, New York.
Ent out 17th, Pemvarence, Cook for Wilmington; 19th, J
8 Norwood, Harkne**, New Orlean*.
Cadiz, April 13? Arrived, Meguutlcook, Hemlngwav, New
York;14tb, Ernestine, Knight, do; lialiana, Lauad, Pensa
Copfhiiagp.n, April 14? Arrived, Nicollne, Pvterien, New
York; 18tb, Creole n, Pratt, Charleston; Bethraven, Smlb,
New Orleans.
Calcutta, March? Sailed from Paugor 22d, Thurro,
Patching, New York; 23d, Lucy S Will*, lTltcbard, Boston.
Deal. April 22? Arrived, Constantlue, New York (or Lon
don (a ud proceeded).
D rn lin, A i rll 19? Cleared, Melcor, Bronlund, New York.
DC-S'OENEBS, April 19 -Off, Atlantic, lrom UolT*ston for
Dover, April 19? Off, Golden Rule, Hall, from Nleuwc
Dlep for New Orlean*.
Euinorb, April 14? Arrived. Peaboily, Sundblad, New
Orleans for Reval; 18th, VIdiJaden, Frodeaen, do for Baltic.
Falmouth, April 81--Arrived, uieufrum, Bell, New York.
Off the Lizard 19th, Laura Maria, from Philadelphia for
the Baltic.
Fatal, April 6-Arrlved, Fredonla. Buike, Boiton.
Glasgow, April 19? Sailed, Caledonia (?), A version e, New
Grrfnocb, May 8? Arrived, steamship* Iowa, Arenstone,
and Australia, Heddenrick, New York.
Sailed 17?h, Allcsio, Kempe, Hoslnti.
UOTllKNBtno, Aurll 18 ? arrived, fclmm.i C Litchfield,
Crockett, Antwerp ; Klslnore, Clark, do ; 14tb, Trof ScUwel
gianl, from Charleston.
Giiikai.tah, April ?? Arrived Dimin, Michael*, New Vork
(and cleared lor Naples); 14th, Mary Hideout, Tunltcr, New
Vork; Fanny Kern, Decent, do; Sola, William*, and Stafford,
Curry, do ; Gnllla, Urnf, Philadelphia ; lath, Helena, j'ottcr,
Leghorn <and cleared for New Vork).
Cleared 16ib, Attlila, Barbarovlch, New York.
(ir.NOA, April 17? Arrived, Gul*oppe. Corrao, Philadelphia.
UonKF, April 6? In port bark Warren llallett, Wilson,
from Gambia, arrived Stli ; brig 11 M llesl<-u, Jones, disp.
lloLYUCAH. April 19? Arr.ved, Patrla, bo lerrnan, pensa
cola (and sailed for Barrow),
Havre, March 31? Arrived, Midas, Campbell, New York;
April 15, Admiral de Montaignac, Picaril, Nsw Oilcans; Ititli,
Orion, Smith, New Vork; linh, Martstcne, Dunham, aiul
Conslantia, H> nrlcklen, New Orleans; May 9, schr Kate
Lnr,bain, McNitir, do.
Halted l?ili. Hunter, Yak, Cardiff and United State*; 19ib,
Acadia (?), Tsui ock, New Vork.
Huli,, April 1 ft -Arrived, Stratford, Pensacola ; Glen Albvn,
Hastings, havannsh.
Hei/VOIT, April 17? Arrived, Charing Scberlow, Wiluiiiig
ton : I8'h. Nedct uud, Dlrkkeri, Savmin ib.
Cleared Ifrtb, lllriindo, Chrlstrnsen, New York.
Hamiiuko, April IB? Arrive.!, Silesia (*>, Tr.nitmmi, New
York, 17ih ; Ueorjo Mcolaus, Becktnann, do; Palmenton,
Kolln, Philadelphia.
Sailed ltiiii, John Bertram, Peterson, New York (and Icit
Ctiilisven 18th*.
Arrived at Cuxhaven 16th Goorn Nicolaus, Beckman, New
York ; 17lb, King Bird, Dexter, Philadelphia.
Sullcd from do l!>lb, Helios Kraedt, New York ; Lincoln,
troll, Philadelphia.
Harhob Im-anp, April 2Ti? In port srhrt C C Pettlnsill,
Halo, ILnry Stlckney and Riplev Roche, loading.
Irlk ok Wight, April 18-OlV, I'hiand, from New Or
leans for Bremen ; lftb, Corpelius Oilnnell, from Loudon for
New York.
Livkiipool, April SO? Arrived, Woodhall, Whittle, S.in
Francisco; 21st, Ida, Rnulston, Savannah; John, Sanderson,
Pcrsncola; Krln .si, Lawson, New York; SlLude, Carney,
San Francisco; 22d, Tecumseh, fparrow, San Francisco.
Also arrived May 2. ships Ale* Marshall, Gardner, New
York; .las Jardlne, Mnthlas. Savnnivib ; Thos Dunham,
McLean, do; larks Niiovo PafTallno (Italj, Deorantc, New
Orleans; Crimea (llr), Glover, Ualrcston ; Blair Athol (Br),
Haines, do; brljr Blmoda (Br), Ooudy, Savannah ; 3d, fhlp
Pharos, Collier. New Orleans.
Sailed 18th, Norwestcr, Small, and Kllen Southard, Harl*,
Philadelphia; Wm Boss. Rosi^ do; Calumet, Chcrver, Bos
ton; Mayflower, Call, New Orleans; IPlli, Iris, Curry (or
Baxter), Ho'ton ; A'tuna, Walfilaer, New York ; North Ame
rican (s), 'frocks, Baltimore; France (si, Thomson, New
York; 2fltli, Colorado (?), Freeman, do; Ontario, |). lsno, do;
Slsl, James Caester, Swain, Baltimore: Tlmonr, Fostey, ?*nt
cutta; Koorld Mooria, Hlldiisth, Philadelphia; Crusader,
Jenkins, New Vork ; Wellington, skallnt', do , Cynosure, Cos
tello, Savnnnnh; Richard McManus, Foster, Klo Janeiro;
22d, Minnie, Stewart, Galveston.
Cleared 20th, Sarah A Staples, Stoal, Philadelphia; 21st,
Nancy Smith, llovd, New Haven; Oyda, Lovold, New Vork.
Lnt out 18th, Abyssinia (s), Ilains, for New York jlPtb
City of Brooklvn (?', Brooks; The Queen (*). Thomas; Hcrca
mer, 1 In II . and Fdw McDowell. Pleice, do; Leonids*, Gates,
Philadelphia; SlberU(s), Harrison, Boston; Unicorn, Horn,
Oalveslon; iOlh, KMo Prince, Hamilton, and Southern
Rights, Wevmoiith, Boston; C II Marshall, Marsholl, New
York; Twilight, Gate*, snd Calahia <*), MeMlckan, do ; 21st,
Caledonia, Carter, New Orleans via Cardiff ; Thatcher Ma
Soun, IVtcrton, and Erin (*). I.awson, New York; Jennie
Rogers, Rogers. Philadelphia.
London, April 18 Arrived, Bernhtrd, Lallng, Rslltmr.ro ;
19lh, Ollnda. Guthrie, do; 10th, Knndivlg, fcvenson, New
York; 81st, the Caliph, Ritson. do.
Cleared lfiih, Premier, Merriwthew, Roston; lflh, Cho
lulu, Cox, San Francisco; 21st, Oienara, Davles, Philndel
Hut out 18th. J W Rarss, Davison, for Providence; lf*\ti,
Frisk, Svendcn. Philadelphia.
Sailed from Gravssend lthb, J W Beard, for Providence
(snd snchored at Deal 20th).
Ltsnon, April 14? Arrived, J H A L C Adams, Adam*, New
Sailed Hlh, Tigre, Xavl?r. New York.
Lomjonucbry, April lii? Sailed, Mlnnebiha, MeOrath,
New York.
Arrived at do 20lb, Rebecca, Olten, B Itimore.
Lkoudkn, April 16? Arrived, La Claucna, Roe*, New
MRBbtNA, April B? Palled, bsrk* Abraham Lincoln (Tlal),
Honfanti, anil Vork; brlts IJvava (I'an , Bacbe, Pblladelpbla;
8th, Laura Gertrude, Pisk, New Vork.
On the const ttb, bark Belvedere, Fllnn, from Messlnn,
loading part of a carco of brimitouc, to return to Messina
and complete londlng for PblladelLhla or New Vork.
Mai.aoa, April 8 -Arrived. Msrla Rose, Beltran, New
Orleans; lltb, Louise, Bulford, New Yotk.
M AUbBll.Li'tt, iJujll 17- Arrived. Aura. Nrtv Yoilt
Rafted 1M? Buonian (I). forHtwYo?*i 17th, VmS,
II tool*, Hew Orleans. .
Eat ool loth, Bowie Parker, Cox, for Hew York ; 17th, Bity
well, Baker, nillaoetphta via Mlddleaton. V
Newport, April IB-Arrive*, Jamss M ulr, Roger*,AJB*
sterdam for New York; Macaulay, Rogers RoUcrd?m fM
Baltimore ; Was. Teo, Howe*, Gloucester for do ; 20th, Em*
press, Puasiey, Savannah. \i,
Balled 20th, Ocean. Jonee, New York. . _ >
sal out 17th, Zlml, Cawley, and Louisa, Glover, for Ntw
York; Thos Ilarward, Strickland, do. . _ /
Put In do Slat, Eurydicf, Louther, from Liverpool for new
Pobt,mqiith, April IS? Balled, Queen of the Age, Clyma,
Cardiff aou New York. ? .
I'oaTMADOc, April 21? Sailed, Magna Chnrta, Hughe*.
^p'ubmBIIi April 15? Arrived, Ankatbor, New Yorkt
17th. Bethia Thayer, Cortuey, Cailao. . ?
Paba. April 14? In port, brig Salinas (Br), Lund, for New
York in a few day* it ?cUra Edward Buruett, Fender, for d?
do; Mary Burileu, Pearl-discharglng.
dnitiiiSTAWi*. April B? Arrived, Hampton Court. Grif
fiths, New Orleans I Ocean Child (Br>, Davie, CardiujorBt
John, NB, with rudderhead gone; tSd, Magnet, Brown. Mo
bile ; May 8, Italy (?), Grogan, New York for Liverpool (and
^Armed'at do April 20, Ida Lilly, Otis. Mobile ; Frank
FlfntVsmaHey, Bailer's Island ; 21st, , Fldeho. Kindt, Mew
New Vork ; Reynard, Abercam, Baker s Island. ,
fe^^A^'n O^uTn^erg, Hollje* BaHf
Wli'eSr Fenang, White, Singapore!
8 BwANB^Ap?u"l8-ir^ved, Maryland, Hansen, Fenaa*
"buium, April 81? Arrived, Hiawatha, Umnesa, New
^BraiU, April 12? Arrived, Horace Beals, BlankeMhlp,
Nfiailedritdth, American Eagle. Baker, New York. ' ?
BtettiSN April IS- Arrived, Najadn, Beeken, New York
18th, Robert Dillon, Blatckfprd. New York. n i
Santa. m>f.h, April 17-Arrlved previous, Ilermina, Un:
bftB "in* r Lion 2,%! urob 29 -In port bark Wavfarer, Rogers,
dlag ; Irrla Beacue, Marshall, for Boston 8 day*.
St PikrhE, Murt, Aj;rii 19? In port, bark. Baracoa, for b?
T StTaoo. "AprtlW-Arrived, bark Alioe Tarlton, Connor1,
^8r?Jonw, NB, Mav 8~Arrlved, ships Alexandria, and
Lampedo, Liverpool; bark Kblana, do -the latter quaran
tined on account ot' smallpox .on board. ^?.i?_.
Tarragona, April M? Arrived, River Queen, Coitam,
N'te xr.u' April 17? Arrived, Abby Thomas, Raymond, NeW
York- !uay Dnndas, Monlton, Baltliuoro; Trafalgar, Hall,
New 5rlean* : lfctu. E II Duval Lnrken, New York : Draup
ner, Ingoldsr n, Charleston ; Edith, Hilton, do :19tn, Kathleen,
Lester, New Orleans: Yarmouth, Raymond, Savannah ; 20th,
Atalanta, Rtcker, Galve*ton. ? _
Sailed 17th, Abby Thomas. Raymoni, NewYoik, Majf
Dun la*, Moulton, Baltimore; Trafalgar. Hall, NewOrieans.
Tbipbtk, April 18? Arrived, Lyman Cann, Baker, No*
York; 17th, Icouia, Dawson, do; Masonic, Morse, New
Orleans. . , _ _
American Porta. ?
ALEXANDRIA, Mav 1? Arrived, brig St Michael, Bet
nier. Liverpool; schrs Saratoga, Providence; 8PM Taakci^.
A8a?lod^8chr Saratoga, Providence. '
BOSTON, May S? Arrived, US corvette Tlconderoaa, Con*
Badger. New York; brig Matilda B (Br), Low
wav, Barbados; schrs Searsvlllet, Chase, Richmond; BO
ThomalrWooster. Alexandria, ^a; Trade Wind, Lloyg,
Georgetown, DC: J B Austin, Davis, Baltimore; E Sinnlck
son. flunnewell, thiladeli.hia; C Carroll. Burnett, Kondout;
UCleare(U-yfiri*W^ J^Ross, Wyinan, Arroyo, PR. Aleo
cleared ship Tennyson, Graves, Llverpoo via St John, NB;
bark Annie Lock wood (Br), Ragua; schrs Helen M Simmons,
Dver Ilavtl ; Golden Eagle, llowes, Philafle.pbla. '
balled-wind NNW to SE, ship iohn Clark; bark Young
^ ^d? Arrived, steamer Leopard, Hughes, Charleston; bark
Trii?a Aveilna i Br), Dowiey. Cardiff ; brigs Llzabol, Talbot,
Oal^rton ; MatUda <Br), Barbado* ; 8 llolbrook (DanC
TnnWer Mavaguez ; Grace Lathrop, Bush, Gonalvcs , M or Ilia,
C?enlue^o?- s hr8 Luc y Holm, Ettrldge. Mlragoane; Annlo
E*Uavana. Below, brig A M B, Bellfontaln, lrorn l'once.
Also arrived 8d. stcamor Oriental, Savannah ; schr* Luc*
Holmes, Mlragoane; Izetia, t'ardenaa. Below, brig A M If,
f*BALTIMORE. Mav 2-Delow. a shin supposed Ferdinand,
from Bremen; bwklUglna, from Liverpool, and an un
*nci?redJ? Brigs Colon J (Br), Tufts, Sidney, CB; Ella*
Pennell, Mitchell, qhnr eston: H Meaus, bUpics, Boston,
?chr Geo N?v?nger, smtih, Full KiTer.
sailed? Barks Lapwing, Skimmer of the Seas ; brig Hondo
Arrived, shflf Arnold Bonlnger, Steenken, Rotterdam t
?pVir Keokuk. GatcB, Arroyo, PH. _ ^
BANGOR May 1 ? Cleared, schrs W?llinffton, BHrberf and
Nellie, Krench. New York; Laura. Roberts, Staten Island
CHARLESTON, April 2J?- 3leare<i. Dark Joven Maria (8p),
Font, Barcelona; brig Eruuninda (Sp), Terrcs, do ; schr K
W Smith, Tookcr, Sautta. '
Mav 3- Arrived, brig Conchita. from Clenfucgos.
Sailed? Bark Florence Chlpman, for Liverpool.
FERNANDINA. April 88 -Cleared, brig Alfaratn, Wallace,
Matanxas- schrs May O t'ollius, Kdicott, Wilnilni:ton, Del",
UUb' syivan. Clifford, New Vork; 28th, United States, Ben
n<Fu kFke'bS "MONROE, May 3? Arrived, ship Llncoln.Ho
mans Callao fse" Disaster*); brigs Jessv (Br), Piiuambueo
^?ordcrt; Queen ot the Fleet. Baimanp, and Prestissimo,
James, from Rio Janeiro for Baltimore; Samule Muir (Br\
B*'assed* up? Br'ig Zulclka (Br), from Barbados for Baltt?
m2.rr.,L RIVER, May 1? Arrived, brig Carrie bertha (Br),
Roufe. Dobllo, Ireland ; schr Merrill O llart, Hart, Charles
l0"', -Sailed, schrs M M Freeman. Hpwe, Plill.idelphU (at
Ba,tlmore): M E Rockhlll. Rocichlll, Georgetown, DC.
J ACKSoViVILLE, April 28? Cleared^ schr Ella. Montgo
mMOBILB,^ April 28-Cleared, bark Starlight, Seavcy. For*
'*NEW ORLEANS, April 28-Arrlved, ships Lady Blessing
t,,n Adams, and Northampton. McLean, Liverpool; barka
Nt"mano*XJ?n), Borral. Havana; Basquale a Jttllo (Ital)?
''cleared - Steamships fleneral Meade. Sampson, New York;
Tobascn (Mex), Pares, Vera Crux andlobosco; Atlas (Br).
Ro?" Havre; barks It Murray, Jr. Purrlngton, Boston; Co#
cettlna (ltal), Morelto, Malaga and Tarragoua; Paramount,
Nori Is, Boston ; brig Carolina (Spsn), Alsina, Barcelona, ,
Koi rilwVaT Pass, April W-SaUji. steamships Blenv U*
and Cortes; barks J S Winsiow and Aglucoiut; brigs Heleo
M Rowtev. Mary E Rowland. Formica and Hope.
NEW BERN, NC, AprU ?'l Arrived, schr Constitution,
FTnporteMay?ir,k'schT Ann Dole, Bunce, from Jacksonville
for No?v York, abuut repairing. J
NORFOLK, May 1- Arrived, schr Hardacrabble, Falea,
"nkw" BEDFORD, May 2-Salled, ?chr Samuel C Hart,
K Nk'vv Pu KT,1 " May 2, AM? Arrived, schr Nausett, Mayo,
1 Norwich/ Maf l^-Amvea, schrs Success, Richard*, and
? NE^V uT^DON, MVy\Un'vrrtved, *chr Sarah R Thomaa,
ANEW hIvIenI Mav^Vrr.ved, propeller Achillea, lieorgo
"town- schrs Connecticut, De llart; Burdett Hart, Boblus^
Savannah ; T C Lyman, lllll. Ellxabethport.
? C'earcd Schrs Gen Grant, Irrame, New York; T vribellt
Ilpiriiiir do : James Buchanau, do; Bcllona, Ellz.'ibetbporl.
PEN S'aCO LA, A prll 28? Arrived, ehl,. Henry Cook, tfuth
'Iwflclewedl'sSp ^iam Hefty (Nor), Anderson, London;
b Y-MILADEL^HI A. ^May 0- AiTlved, ship* W J Hatfield
(Br! Ellis Liverpool via St Tboma*; Marcla, Greenleaf,
(iiven, Liverpool ; bark Ann Wbeaton (Br), Preddle, Per
nambneo' brig* John Wcish, Jr, Vanselow, Cardenaa;
(L-brs Robett Caldwell, McCormlck, SaKua; Geo RUp!w,
McGrMor, Matamzas. At Chester? Brig Abby C Titcomb,
UCleMed-Bark? Anna (Norw). Nilson, Elslnore for orders;
Xetiia, Reynols, Bremen; Viator iNorw), Omen, Borao; Ca
Filda vI^O), lde, Ti in idad ; brigs Unlo(Kusa)f xabelle-AnW
wero- L ien F Stewart, Ilitinnd, Sa^ua: sclirs Abbot! Derd
Jetii, 'Rich. New orieais ; Jo* ?ph FlA, Turner, Ponee, PR.
a<l- Arrived, br.gs J Frecuian, Baker, and Mlunie Miller,
Anderson, Cardenas; schra Windward, Ellis, do; Berth*
S0LrwKH,r)M^2V A^*P?MeT in yesterday, bark Frank
^PuR rLAN ufMay8" 3 - Arrived, steamship F ranconla,
Brrci. New York; brig Mechanic, Dyer, Phlladelp ila.
1'ftOVlDENCE, May 2- Arrived. *chr* J II tandusen.
Corson. Aloxsn'.ria; Sarau A Bo.ce, \ates, t.o, Richard
Peterson, English, (je ixeMwn ; Watchfu), Heynolds, Nevr
York ; sloop William * Mount, Hawkm*, t ort Johnson.
Railed? kebrs O G Cr.mmcr, Cranuier. Alexandr a ; North
PaciOc, Eaton: liatc Scranlon, Palmer; William II DeWttt,
^*PA\V*rUcKET^May 2? Arrived, *chr Oscar F llawiey,
B l^l'^AMoND.1' May 1? Arrived, steamships Geo B Uptou,
R^.V^KANr?S^rrV?LTr\?Mvel?birk Constitution,
fr'sAV.\ n'In Al'lV May 2- Sailed, steamship Virgo, Bulkier,
"sd-Arri'ved, steanifhlps San Salvador, Nlckerson, and
Montgomery, t ali cloth, New Vork ; ecbr Ilattlc E ttampaon,
^STONfNC/ON, May 2? Arrived, schr Fuiinc, shoflielcf,
NSal>?l? Stbrs J B Bleaoker, York. Philadelphia: A U Lor
Ing, Brown, New York ; D ? ' Wlllc ts, Cheseboro, do ; Sarah
Lavern#, Arnold, Providence lor Washington, NC.
VINEYARD HAVEN, May 1, l M? Arrived, crlt J A G
W rieht i Br'.. Wrlcht, New Yi>rk lor St John, NB; sehrs Ar
nica"; Bn. Pi itchard, Pr ovl lenoe lor 8t John, Nil; Harvest
Oueen ( Br), Ne w York for CornwsllU, N8 ; Britannia (Br.
R ov. do lor Newfoundland , G W Kawley, Rawley. Wllmlnr
ton NC, for Waldoboro ; Maila Roxana, Palmer. Baltimore
for Boston ; AHIb Oak. s, Piiisbnry, and Mary (larK, IUrrlck.
Hon 'out for do; Mary Brewer, Stanley, do for Portsmouth ;0
W Kimball, Jr. Hall. New York for Daiivers ; Storm King,
IJan cs, do for Provlaretown ; L B Sargent, ?ai sent, do for
Uloucester; Senator, Fan', kiln; France* Hatch, Kale*; Se?
Queen, Mo in ami Laconia. Hall, do for Boston; P*11**.
French, do for Rockland ; Sila* Bralnerd, Buell, Portland,
Ct, for Boston; I.odusU a, Means, Port Johnson for do;
Vluksbnrg, lllapins, do for Portland : V Iclory, Moou, do for
Bangw; Mansfield, Acborn, New Yorl fordo ; Santa Marl.
Hardlufc Pawtucket lor do; Lisrle L Mills, Armstrong, Fall
River feir do ; Firing Arr 'W, Curtis, do for Machlaa; Vsu.
Buren, heavey, Providence Tor do; Robert 3 LeonarO. B
Ilalev, Pt Johns, NB, lor New Haveu; Plantar, Hoi ton, Boa
I '?2d ' \M?^ ArrlveJ, bark Scott sh Bride ( Rrl, Geiizlar, Oar
dlfl inr New York ; briR* A M B (hr), Bnlfonl.nne, Ponce,
PR for Boston ; Proteos, Church, Baltimore for do.
Sal'ed? The above an.l all beforo reported except bark
Sco.tlsh Bride, schrs Frank Alwood, Planter.
WARKHAM, April HD- Arrived, sclirs Charles R Jackson,
(Tulien. Baltimore; With, Angler, Bcsse, New York; May L
Lady Antrim. Caner, do.
Plated Ware, China, Gla'a, rooking Utemlls, Reirigerators
ani Ilonacfimitshlng Goods.
Ivory -bandied Sheffield Knives", per dozen f6 60
Plain white Dinner Set* 413 (o S2f>
French Ch'na Dinner Set* to JPSO
De'coruted Dinner Si Is, from tV)
Flint (.1ms Gobleta, i"'rdn7cn K>
Water Cooler*, loo Cream Freezer*, *o.
Ail or tier cooda In proportion.
I'nosi marked In plain flauro*.
EDWARD D. BASBFORP, Cooper Inlllntr.
Absolute divorcer legally obtained in
different Bute*; <lc?ertlnn, Ac., sufficient came; no
publicity: no cb?rcn until d vorco obtained. Advice fret.
M. IIOUHH, Attorney, I8U Hrotdwty.
Absolute divorokb legally obtained from
the Court* <>f dl.li rcnt States. No publicity. A<|vico
tree. Notarv Public uiui Corn-ulasloner for every Statu.
v P. I. KING, Cfiunaellor-at-Law. (Mil Hrn.t Iwaj.
Baroaink in teas, flour, groceries and pko
vlsions.- Dealers kii I families can aave 25 |)er cental
11IOMAS R. AOMIW'Sji'Sfl Greenwich street. New York.
fcOlT A DA V IDHON, ? ?
068 Broadway, near Great Jones street,
offer ?nme cxt nordluary uar,;tlns.
French China Dinner dates, *2 per eaten.
French China Soup Tureen*. $2 each.
French China Dinner 8e:s, very complete, $3J.
Iron Stone China Dinner ficte, very full, ilil).
Plain Goblets, ijl 60 i>er du/.en. ?
Ivory handled Sheffield Dinner Knlve.?, $7 73 per doien.
liandaome Decorated Dinner Hots, $80.
A line nslortnrienl of new too in froun Pana li.os just been
0) eit0'l, aiteli ns ...
Marble. Oilt and Composition Rronr.e Cr k
Mantel Pets, drouu^
I" icure* und Vase*.

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