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BIS. BOB, 041. 1406, 253, 475. Part 2?Hold by Judge
Dal). ?Case oa.
Court of Common Pleas?Equity Term?Held by
Judge Robuison.?Nos. 121, 134.
Marine Court?1Trial Term?Part 1-IIeld by
Judge Curtis.? No*. 0315, 514)0, OtiSI, 8681X, 6790,
5937, 004 >. 0049, 6o50, tiO50H, 00 iUJi, 0053, 8054, 002K.
Part 2?Held by Judge Allier. ?Nos. 0203, 6ss:i, 5737,
6909, U02S. 0037, i 004. 6040, 0041, C012, 6043, 6044, 6045,
6046, 0047. Part 3?Held by Judge Tracy.?No*. 0077,
6987, 007 i.
Alrany, Juno 8,1871.
Ttao following is the Court or Appeals calendar lor
JuuOW:?Nos. 230, 38 >i, 107, 304, 35>i, 312, 314, 315.
Couimnncrmvnt Exercises Yesterday.
What a difference there ts, Indeed, ho lar an out- j
"ward appearance goes, between the Commencement
of a woiuan'a college and that Important event In
an Institution devoted to the training of men! of
course outside appearances arc eminently deceitful,
and our young men or young women graduates are
?tmplr human beings, full of hope uud aspira
tion, just starting lu an untried lire-path!
but they are human beings with a difference. The
young meu are more sombre, lu their hideous dress
coats, their regulation neckties and their Com'
xnencetuent day demeanor, than they ever were
liefore, or probably ever will be again. Youraverage
young man doesn't like to be caught and coutlueil
on a plat'.orm. Ho Knows too well that ho is neither [
protty nor graceful, lie has no
"with which to humbug critics and reporters. He !
can't wear clouds or tlimy gauze anil look like an
angel Just down front heaven on Home temporary
errand of goodness to mortals. Ho can't do his t
liead up bcwitcinngly with curls and braids and j
flowers: in short, lie is awkward In the extreme. J
Hut It must lie conceded tliut no has the advautagc ;
01 the th'-musliucd iainc-s wiiuu he gen into active 1
llle. I
As to young ladles on graduating day. they are
like-we;l. like anything pretty a ad sweet. They ,
know very well tlnit white organdy is oncoming. '
uud that every reverend g micnmu on ttin nlationu
and every man In the audience looks uud listens 111
a state 01
Ho for the hour they liavo things all
their own way, ami play at wisuom In [
a dainty maimer, suggest,vr of literary kittens |
Commencement day at Rutgers Female College j
yesterday was like most days ot the kind. The ex- j
ercises were held lu the Fourth Presbyterian chnrt li,
on Jhii tv-fourth street, and consisted of music, '
essays, singing. Ac.
The specimen work that the young ladies pre
sented to the nubile was fairly executed uud grace- >
fully of.ered; but tnerc was
and earnest, nothing characteristic of tUc age of :
ferment m which we live.
Among the more noticeable essays were "The |
Mission of Destructive forces," by Mary A.ue I
ltrowu; "Is there any Standard of Taste f" "by Fan- !
rue A. Thorns, and "True Ureatnos-," by Augusta
The Baccalaureate degree was conferred upon the j
following graduates: -
Kate Astcu, Augusta Trices, Mary Alice Brown,
flattie Kirk Ilryan, Frances Anna Cowles, Mary i
Evangeline Holden, Alice i . U. McF,nitre, Lucie Mo- >
Malum, Florence Eliza Hoot, Faunlo A. Thorns.
I'lie honorary degree ol Mistress of Arts was con- '
foi led upon Mrs. Mixer, of the cuss of '44. and Allss !
Henrietta Church, ol the class of '05. The degree of I
Doctor of Philosophy was conieirrd upon Miss Bulk
ley, principal of Irvington Ip-uiute, lrvington, N. Y.
Among tne friends of tno college in attendance
were Mr. II. M. Pierce, President; Dr. Conant, of
Brooklyn: Professor Frauds I'phani, Dr. Doremus, i
Kra uus c. Benedict, Kegeut or the New York hi ate j
Vmversity, Key. Dr. Thomson and ltev. Dr. hirer- !
Tno semi-annual examination ot the students of
the college of New fork will tommeuco to-day. I
Thut u will have good results no one who is ac- ?
qualntcd with the course of study pursued and the !
thoroughness of the instruction can doubt. Possi- i
bly the coui so of study and the thoroughness of lu- ;
struction would have Utile effect upon these results i
were no ability and diligence shown by the students; (
but some tunc ago President Webb determined that '
ability and diligence should be the price of attend
ance at tiiecoUcge, and fortnwith expelled all drones
uud "lunkheads." 'ihus It was made sure that the
results or examinations subsequent to that time
would cau-ic ihe college i<? assume sucU u place
among educational Institutions as it bad never be
fore occupied.
As evidence of the diligence required from each
student it may bo stated that beiure he can advance
in grade It is necessary that ue siiull not be rated as
deficient in any two studies?that la, he must have
received not less than one half the maximum of
marks allowed for perfection m each study. Further
than that, It is required irom c-acn student who is
not advanced by reason of deficiency, beiore he wilt
be allowed to recommence tne studies or his grade,
that he snail have shown ability to master them,
and not have received seventy-five dements during
the term.
To-dav the Seniors will be examined in civil and
military engineering by Proiossor Co rap ton; tbe
Juniors in pnysicH and Inorganic chemistry by Pro
fessor Doremus; the Sophomores ingcalculus und j
practical ethics by Professors Docliarty and Hunts, f
man; the Freshmen la American literature and
natural htsiory by Professors barton and Draper,
Tutors Usher ana hutuet, and the Introductory
Class in French and Latgj by Prolossors Koeiuer and
Herbermau, Tutors Fabrigou, 1'isdall, Itoberts and
Reports of Committees? Krsolutloue? Finan
cial Mtotemenr.
The Commissioners of Emigration met yesterday
afternoon at Casile Garden.
The recommendation from the Ward's Island com
mittee that a hospital be prepared for children ana
patients suffering from uou-contagious diseases
was adopted.
No action was taken relative to a recommendation
from the W ard's island committee to purchase pic
tures lor the hospital wards on the island.
The Finance Committee reported having audited
bills since last meeting of the Board amounting to
An additional clerk was appointed for the For
warding iiureau.
The following resolution was adopted:?
RrsoWea, Thai there be arblcd to the present standing
commute.-* two committee*, to be entitled Committee on
Salaries and Oflic * and Committee on lltpairn and Supplies,
each to consist of nee metnoer*. with the President of tbo
The Committee on Supplies is to consist of Com
missioners Barr, Frcar, iiustcd, Scltaack and Wil
'1 ho Committee on Salartc'3 is to consist of Com
missioners t-rear, W aback. Bell llart and Lynch.
The number ol emigrants arrived from Juno l to
June 8 was il,u43; total number arrived irom Janu
ary to June, lSil, 77,1'Jl; total number irom January
to June, 1870, I'W.tlRS.
The following was the financial statement:? Bal
ance lit bank Januaiy 1, $1,302: aggregate receipts
to may -'5, ytg*?H,iHJ7; received ainea to June 8ior com
mutation ol passengers. Si!7.7.'-7; disbursements as
per previous account to May 25. $234,751; current
expemc.t to date, $2."i,3u2; cash on hand, $37,803.
Win. Murphy, a man sixty-four rears of age. who
had been in poor health for fifteen years past, died in
Bcllevue Hospital on Wednesday uight, as was sup
posed, from tho effects of a stun wound. Murphy ,
who was very luilnn ami uuabic to labor, was
,ga;heriug wood in Robinson street on the evening
u. the z-ith ult., and coming in colli <lou with a small
hoy received a slight out In the leltsldc. Mr. Mur
pny proceeded to his home, on the top floor ol the
tenement house 4G Centre street, and complained to
his (laugh ter Kate, at tho same time
?bowing her the wound, which ap
peared to bo slight and Old not bleed.
Kate placed a sticking plaster over the cut, and as
her lather had a seveio cough and reit bad generally
?he procured permission and soni linn to the hospi
tal. Tho surgeon in attendant u thought luui Miner
ing more from pulmonary disease than any other
trouble, and so informed his who and daughters.
No attention was thereiore paid lo tne boy alleged
to have cut deceased, and lu-t name and wHereabouts
are unknown, t estcrday afternoon detective Fit
mnunce, of tno Sixth precinct, brought Mrs. Mur
phy and two daughters to the City Hall to niako an
?explanation to coroner Hormauo. An inquest win
tie net i lu tuc case to-day. _
Owen Cornell, a young man twenty-one years of
age, who lived in Spring street, near Marlon, died
in Hellevuo Hospital on Wednesday night. Lust
Friday week, In tho evening, deceased was riding
up town In a steam car, and when the tram was
passing through the tunnel neur Seventy-second
M 111 quite a rapid rate. Cornell Jumped iroui
r and struck on his head, thus receiving latal
Coroner Hermann was notified to hold uu
Scarcely a day passes but sumo unfortunate pian
or woman Is arrested In (jucons county occausu
they are Insane. On Wednesday two such persons
were artested in Jamaica, queens county has no
asylum or other public institution except u liltliy
peior house. Lunatics are jiiaoed in the common
jail with the worst ol criminals. KiugH county win
not receive these patients because quouus county
uom nut; ay it* debt*.
Wail strkbt, i
P. M. f
TntJRSDAV, June K?n P.
tin 'Change to-day waeat was higher, hut not so
active. The cotton market was heavy and some
what lower.
The leading hunkers have made a further redac
tion In rates for foreign exchange, the original de
cline produced by the sharp demand for cosh gold
being assisted by the easy money market In Lon
don, the Bank of England showing a farther in
crease of about ?375,000 in bullion. The quotations
for sterling und continental bills are now as
follows:?Sterling, sixty days, commercial, 109V, a
no; good to prime bankers', no a UOtf; short
sight, 110a 110fc; Paris, short sight, 5.10: Ant
werp, 5.20 a 5.15; Switzerland, 5-lC'i a 5.13X; Ham
burg, 35 a38>i; Amsterdam, to^ a 41; Frank
fort, 40?? a 41: Bremen, "3l, a 79';; Prussian
t hitlers. 71 a. 71 if.
Money was perhaps a little more active, and
rather hotter employment was found for it at tlnee
to lour per cent, tue transactions at two per cent
being exceptional. Tne strict quotation of the
market would be three per cent on government col
laterals and three to four per ceut on stocks.
i'rlino commercial paper was in good request,
with little offering.
The bids for the government gold called lor a total
of $ti,623,50i). ana the prices offered ranged from
ltl.18 to 112.29*. The sale was limited to a mil
lion, which amount was awarded at 112.28* a 112.20,
1 he average being as nearly as possblte the market
price at noon.
UOU> FEVERISH?112* A 112*.
The gold market was feverish on a light business.
The "bulls'' did uot seem disposed to press the bor
rowers oi cash gold, and, in the relaxation of rates,
tne market drifted in favor or tue "shorts," but to
no important extent. Alter three o'clock two and
three per cent were paid for the use of
gold to-morrow, which was taken to mean
that the "bulls" will renew the "squeeze" then,
particularly as a week at least must go by before
Mr. Bout well can sell any more gohl-quito a
margin of time within which to develop the "bull"
tactics. Tho market was unsettled bctwecu the
mutts of 112* and 112*, the latter being an official
but disputed quotation, and nominal to the extent
that It was the price of Dot more than a small tot.
The course of the market Is shown In the table:?
10 A. M 112* 2 P. M U2*
A VI 112V 3 P. M 112*
U A. m... .......? 4 p M H2*
I. p *M .112*4 5:30 P. 51....112* a 112*
1M5P.M. H2*
In the gold loan market the rates ranged from 2
percent tor carrying to flat for borrowing. The
operations of the Gold Exchange Bank were as fol
Goll cleared $7S*K!5
bold balances ''r'l'n'.
Currency balances
The llansa, lor Europe, took out only $10,000.
governments steady.
The government list was dull, dealings being In
terrupted by the suspension ot the arternoon calls to
make way lor the workmen engaged upon the
alterations at ihe stock Exchange. The market was
steady throughout the day, and closed with tlie fol
lowing street quoiaTions:-Uulted States currency
sixes, 115* a 1157,; do. do., 1881, registered, 114 a
114*; do. do., coupon. 117* a 117*; do. live-twcn
tles, registered, May aad November, 112 a 112*; do.
do., ldt?2, coupon, do., 112 a 112*; do. do., 1864,
do. do., 112 a 112*; do. do.. 1865, do. do., 112 a
112*; do. <lo., reglstereu, January and July, 110* a
111; do. do., 1865, coupon, do., 114* a 114*; do.
do., 1867, do. do., 114* a 114*; do. do., 186K, do.
do., 114* a 114*; do. ton-forties, registered. 109* a
los*; do. do., coupon, 1C9* a 110.
Tne additional subscriptions to the new loan to
day were $202,000, making the total subscriutious
and conversions to date $60,711,850.
The directors of the Rake Shore and Michigan
Southern Hallway company held a special meeting
tnis afternoon at the office of the Union Trust toni
pauy, to consider the question ot Increasing the
capital stock from its present figure, $35,000,000, to
tne full amount authorized by tho articles or
consolidatiou-viz., $6.\000,000. The proceedings
?were conducted with closed doors, but It
is intimated that a division of opinion existed as to
the percentage or cash to be called up in return for
the award of the additional stock to the present
stockholders. Tho matter was Anally compromised
oy'the unanimous adoption of the following resolu
tions, leaving the stockholders to settle the matter
by their votes:?
Resolved That It be recommended to the stock
holders of tills company to autnorize the issue of
the $i5,ooo,ooo of the capital stock of this company
^Keiffived!11"nm a' meeting of thestockhoblcrs of
this company be called to De Uoldeu at^the city of
Cleveland, onto, on Thursday, the 2<th day of
Juiv next, at eleven o'clock tn the lorenoon, to vote
limiii the auesiion of such fttt ttuthoriztttioQ.
liesotvod, That the secretary do forthwith give
the notice ol such meeting and of the object thereof
1,1?h.? newspapers to bo pub lshed In each of the
c t es ofNewYork, imfflilo, Erie, Cleveland and
Chicago, as required by the third article or the con
solidation agreement oi June 22. I860.
Resolved, That for the purpose of ascertaining
the parties entitled to vote npon the question or
authorizing such issue the stook transfer books be
piftswi on the 2Cth day of June Inst., anil that tho
same remain closed until tue further order of the
board. , ....
Tho directors further voted a semi-annual divi
dend of tour per ceut. free of government tax. pay
able August I, the transfer books closing June 26.
At the semi-annual session of the board of
directors or the Western Union Telegraph Company
a report was submitted by the rrestdont, or whlcn
the following is a synopsis:?
Tho net profits from July 1, 1889, to July 1, 1870,
were $2 227.045. The net protlts for the year ending
inne l 1671 were $2,547,854. For the six months
ending June l, ih71, the net profits were $1,216,459.
The resources ol the treasury have been applied to
til.?Durehaso of the capital stock, which has been
reduced Rom $4l.oou.Oob to '$36,000,000. The
bonded debt is about $4,ooo,ooo. In 1807 the
company had DT.ooo miles of wire: lu 1870.
vlX miles; 111 1867, 3.061 offices; lu 1970. 4,200
offices- in 1867 tne company transmitted 4,000,00J of
messages, inisro, 8,ooc.o00, exclusive of press mes
SSesMne gross receipts In ls67 were $6,643,000; In
l'sTo '$7,321,000; net profits In ls67. $2,477,200; in
Is7<? #2 352.750; consiruction 01 new lines cost 111
1867 *415.000. Ill 1869 $356,000. In 1863 $673,000, IU
is-0 $400 000. The aver age of tolls on messages tn
1807 was $1 64 and the average expense lor each
message $1 03. In IsTO the average of tolls on mes
siges was ?3c. and the averago expense or each
uit*88a^e 64c.
The stock market was weak and underwent two
distinct violent fli,dilutions. In the forenoon heavy
sales were made of ltock Island bj a leading broker,
which carried the price down from 124* to 120*.
Nothing bet ng known of the results of the stock
Holders' aud directors' meetings at Oliicago,
the street was inclined to act on the
liellef that no news was bad news, espe
cially as the unloading of the operator referred
to created a suspicion that the clique had quarrelled
and broken up. The list generally sympathized
with this decline, but. of course, to a mucn less
extent and showed signs of strong recovery until
the do-nothing action of the bake Shore directors
was made public. The disappointed holders of tho
stock began* selling, aud the price of I.ako
rthorc ran down to 118*. carrying with It the
rest of the market, as Hock Island had done in tho
rorcnoon. The public arc. as usual, ?reaily
??mixed" as to the effect which the action of
directors of Imkc Shore will have upon the stock.
With earnings in 1870 which amounted to only nine
per cent upon the present capital the prospect of
an eight per cent dividend upon nearly ono
und a half times tho rrcsent capital
u not a very brilliant one. Doubtless
he capacity, of the road to earn a
larger dividend would bo Insured by additional
facilities m the way of a double track ami more
rolling stock; but such extra equipment would
require a heavy outlay of cash, with which the com
pa >y is almost unprovided. The means could be fur
ashed bv selling tho proposed new stock to tho
stockholders at a per ceutage. Doubtless this per
rentage will be tho question at Issue wncu
Z meeting of tho stockholders takes
piaco. Meanwhile, looking at Ihe stock frona
tho standpoint ot "tho street,"
speculative light, It is hardly probablthat the m
side conuoilffig paiUosslBA iwt Provide tbqM&ves.
with all tne stock they wished against the to them
known Intentions of the directors. It is, therefore,
shrewdly intimated that these parties are no longer
buTers of the stock, hut will be sellers if they And a
market. The future to July 27, or to the
real division of the extra stock, when
ever that may he made. Is, therefore,
likely to witness violent fluctuations, such as accom
panied una followed the famous 80 per cent scrip
dividend on New York Central. The State bonds
were dun and generally steady. The coal stocks
wore active and stroug. The Harlem Railroad Com
| puny have declared a dividend of 4 per cent, payable
I July 1, the books closing June 20.
The following table shows the highest and lowest
1 prices of the principal stocks during the day:?
I Highest. Lowest.
| New York Central consolidated ut ys
l New York Central scrip 93 V
| trie 81 80
Reading 117 U8J*
! take Shore 11J}? 113V
Wahasn 03ui'i
I Pittsburg 12o 119
Northwestern s.,7i sav
I Northwestern preferrod ?? 08
Rock Island 124 V 120V
St. Paul oi a 01 n
St. I'aul proierrod 81 80%
Ohio and Mississippi 47V *'? '*
Union Pacific 82% 31%
Western Union Tolegrapn 89% b><%
Pacific Mail 43 v 48 u
Thursday, Juan S? lOilft A. HI.
SIS?? IS ?'? I8,1' r n< IOO ?>>? Pac M SS Co.b o 43*
&UOOU US 6'?, 81, c 11 J'-,' 100 do 43V
M?0Tenn 6's, now 71* LOO West U Tel bo 58*
6u00Ga.'?, e bdi 04 MuO do 68<-?
6000 N Car ?V old b... 47* 700 do! . .. . . . .. . . . ?*
60UU N Car 6's, n 27 100 Adams Kx Sou
?SJOO do 2b* 100 Am Mer U Kx &?>'
26000 NL 6'*, npl tax 2b* llKJ U S Express Co.... 62*
20000 SC t)'*,n, JanAJ uly 63* tod uo.. ..... Qt
l???" do--;V. K!i'? 100NVC.VH K RK 98*
1(3 0 Missouri's 96* 400 do bo 08lb
6000 do id 300 do 08',
1000 Erie 2d mlg, '70... 95* 90d Erie KB pro! 67
1000Long Dock bda... be* 800 Reading RK be 116*
IIIjIMI liat'latn I sit >v< litll. i.n\ . ? ?> ? .
, ,av, UUI, , A*'A A DUW at#,.,.. 114'S
4000 U Pac KK 1st 92 * 800 do. :.... i:.:. :: 114'?
5000 II Pac 10's, luo... 84* 100 do 114-1
S?ANW 1st m.... 99* 25 Cblo 41 N W.......: in*'
6000 HARt J &'?,c b... 104V 100 do b3 85*4
19000 do 1I/4-, 900 do SO*
1000 Lank Jt Went 1st m 102 100 do 85 ^
lUouo MorAEs2d 98 800 do be 85*
ikJUt, 0I\1? A Misslit... 102 120 C, C,C AInd RK.... 89>
15000 Uol.C 4 I C, lat.... 87* 60 ublc 4 It I RR 13.4
< aba ltk of Commerce 121 1600 do 123*
12 Am Ex Bank 114* 100 do bo 12:'.
10 Continental Bauk... 99 40O do IL.iu
6 Cent Nat Bk 108* 100 Mil 4 St Paul 01 *
15 ? do.... 1.19 100 Mil 4 StPpfd 81
10.; Md Coal Co B8* 115 Pitta, Kt W 4 C gld. 99*
do 88* 200 8t L <t I M RR.. .... ?1
??? do bo 99 200 Morria 4 Ka RR.... 94*
I 300 do 89* 600 Han A St Jo RR.... 95*
[ 8)0 American Coal 60 * 40(1 Han 4 8t Jo RR pf. 98*
600 Cou Coal of Md. .. 63 100 Col, O 4 1C RR... 22*
'i'? do ....be 63* 2tK) Un Pac RR be 81*
10Cum Coal 4 Iron... 41 100 do 32
100 Pac >l SS Co 43*
One o'clock P. 111.
$1500 US6X '81, c 117* $1500 US 5-20, o, '64.... 112
it 15 o>Oloek P. HI.
1C0 aha W'barre Coal Co. 05 500 alia Eile Kit 81
100 U Coal of Md.b c.o3 54 200 Cblo 4 R I RR...b e 121*
1011 Canton Co 83 800 do 191 u
100 Md Coal Co 39* 200 do i. 121',
100 do 89* 200 Cler 4 Pitta 119V
200 L8* M SRK....bc 114* 600 do b o 120
600 do 114* 100 Tot, W 4 W KR.... 62!.
20il N TC 4 H RUK ... 96* 600 Del,Lack 4 W K.al5 108
400 Erie Kit 80* loo do 108
<0? do SOW 7 C, C, C 4 Ind Kit.... 89*
*"0 do be 30* 500 Union Pac RR 32*
200 do 80*
Quarter to Six o'Clork P. M.
Western Union. 54* a 68* Northwesternpf 98* a 9v*
Pacuic Mail.... 4.1 ? a 48* Rock Island.... 121>. a 121 *
N. V. Central... 96* a 98* St. Paul 6(*a 61V
N. V. Cen acrip. 93* a 98* HL Paul pref.... 81 a 81*
Er,e' 31* ? 01* Wabash 62* a 62*
Reading 116* a 116', Ohio 4 Miss.... 47* a 47 .
Lake Shore 113* a 113 * Union I'acme.. SI', a 32
Pittsburg list a 119* Boa, Har 4 l'.rln 2* a 2';
Northwestern .. 85* a 65'. Col, O 4 Iud Cen 22* a 23*
TnnosDAT, June 8?6 P. it.
COKFRR?Rio woa moderately active and steady in value.
We note aaiea of 560 bug* Rio, per steamer Humboldt, at 10c.,
gold, in bond, and 780 bags do., per same vessel, at 10*c.,
cold, in bond; alio in Baltimore 100 bags, per Gray Eagle, on
private terms. Other kinds were quiet but steady. The
stock, comprises 140,604 bags, as follows92,712 bags'Rio, 47
bags Java, 16,380 grass mats do., 7,280 bags Ceylon. 11,660
bags Maracalbo. 10,691 bags Laguayra, 3,137 bags Jamaica,
1,014 bags St. Dumtngo, 6,626 hag* Costa Rica, 22 > hugs Ma
uila, 1,541 hags Mexican, 5,060 bags Malabar i nd 1.(02 bags Sa
vaullla. We quoteKlo, ordinary cargoes, 10c. a 10*c.; fair
do., lu*e. a 11c.; good do., U*c. a ll*c.; prime do., 12 sc. a
12*c.; extreme range for lots, to*c. a 13*c., all gold, per lb.
In bond, thirty to sixty days' credit. Java (government
baga), lSo. a slue.; do. (grass mats', I8*c. a 22c.; Singapore,
17e. a 18c.; Ceylon, 16*c. a 17c.; Maracalbo, 13c. a 17c.;
Cotton was neglected by all classes of buyers. Spinners,
who have been operating freely since the commencement or
the recent upward movement, withdrew irom the market and
pries declined fully *o. per lb. on all grades, the market
closing with more sellers thau buyers, at the reduction. The
subjoined quotations may be considered as entirety nominal.
The sales were as follows :? -
To-day. Lad Errnina. Total.
Consumption 422 497 919
Speculation 8 ? 8
Totals 430 497 ~927
Wc quote:?
_ , Uplands. Alabama. Arte Orle-ms. Texas.
Ordinary 15 15* 15* 15*
Good ordinary 17* 17* 17* 17*
Low middling Is* 18* 18* 18*
Middling 19* 19* 19* 19*
Good middling 20 * 29* 20* 20*
?The market for future deliveries was lower and decidedly
leas active. The transactions to-day embraced 9,600 bales, as
fo.lowa:?June, Ilk) at 17*c.; July, l,40o at 18*e., 600 at
18V-, 200 ?t 18*c., 800 at l?*c., l.lbO at 18*o., l.SUoat 18*c.,
200 at 18 7-16c., 200 s.t lSViC.. 100 at 18 7-ltio., 7bll at 18Lr
1.UU0 at 18*c.; August, 800at 18*c., 200at 16*c., loo at 18*c.;
September, 100 at 17*c.; October, 100 at 17*c.; 101 October
and 100 September, at 17*c. together; November,
210 at 17*'c., 100 at I7!*c.; December, 4O0 at 17c.; 100
bales, all September, October and November, seller's option,
at 17*c. Yesterday, after 'Change, 2,! 00 bales were disposed
of us follows: ?June, 100 at 18*c.; July. 1,100 at I8*c.; 1,-00
at 18*c.; 300 July and 200 August at 18*?total since last re
port. 12,400 bales. Tbe average quotations for yesterday's
transactions for future dellverv were as followsJune
16.53c.; July 18.85c.; August 19.21c.; September lH.aSc. The
receipts at the ports were: Galveston, 1,624; New Orleans,
124; Mobile, 271; Savannah, 460: Charleston, 693; Wilming
ton, 50; Norfolk, 72; Baltimore, 100; New York, 462; Boston,
50 -total, 3,680 bales, against 3,316 bales same day last week,
and 2,446 bale* same day last vear. Tbe cloeing rates lor
cotton freight were:?To Liverpool, hy steam, H-16d. a *d.;
by sail, 6-S2d: Havre, by ateam, lc., gold; llambiirg, bv
steam, *d.; Bremen, ly steam, *c., gold, compressed;
Baltic poru, by sail, *c., gold.
Ki.ocr ami grain.?Receipts?Flour, 13.484 bbls.: wheat,
120,253 bushels; corn, 128,232 do. ; corn meal. 4.2<Kllibls. and
330 bags; oalt. 69.857 bushels. The flour market was steady,
but quiet. The sales were about 6,CU0 bbls. Kve Hour was
quiet, but Ann. The sales were small and mostly at (96.
Corn meal continued quiet and without change. Weqooto:?
No.2 State $4 75 a$j 75
Superfine State 6 76 a 6 00
Extra State 6 15 a 6 55
Choice do 6 70 a 7 10
Superfine Western 5 50 a 6 00
i'.ltradu 6 75 a 6 00
Extra Minnesota 6 50 a 7 75
Round hoop Ohio, shipping brands 6 25 a 6 5(1
Round hoop Ohio, trade brands 6 76 a 7 00
Famllv 7 00 a 8 60
St. Louis low extra 6 50 a 6 75
St. Lou s straight extra 6 75 a 7 25
s; Loutsehoice double extra 7 00 a 8 50
At. Louis choice lamilv 8 (10 a 10 60
Rye flour 4 60 a 6 15
Southern No. 2 6 00 a 5 60
Southern superfine 6 60 a 6 10
Southern extra..... 0 40 a 8 26
Southern family ? 8 00 a II 60
Corn meal. Western white 3 26 a 3 60
Com meal, Western yellow n no a 2 90
Corn meal. Jersey R 76 a I M
Corn meal, Ilr.mdywine 4 10 a 4 20
Corn meal, nuueheons 2 ou a
?Wheat was mo ieialelv active and lc. a 2c. better. Tho
sales were about 80.000 bushels, at $1 64 a $1 55 for spring,
411 65 a $1 66 for amber winter and $1 6b lor white. Corn
continued active and lc. a 2c. belter. The sales were 187,OU0
bushels, it' 1,7c. a 7Uc. for warmanil damp mixed, 73c. a 76*e.
for dry mixed. 76*e. a 77c. for yellow. Oats were steady
and active. The sales were about 120,000 bushels, at 65c. a
tide, for Western and 68c. a 70c. for Ohio. Barley continued
dull and noon sal. There was no Inquiry. Bye was dull.
There was a small Inquiry noted and also dales of 11,t>H)
bushels Canada, In boud. on private terms. Canada held at
90c. a 95c., In bond. State and Western were nominal.
Kukiohth were decidedly easier for grain room, both by
steam and sail. There was very Utile ollerlng, however,
and the market was quiet. Rates for other goods were with
out noticeable change. The engagements were: To Liver
pool, by steam, 37,609 bushels corn at 7*d. a 7*d., and. by
sail, 7,500 do. wheal at 7d. To London, by satl, 7,500 bushels
grsl'i at 7i1. and 400 bble. flour at 2s. 3d. To Glasgow, by
steam, lll.OOo bushels peas at 7*d. The chartering business
was endre.y confined to petroleum vessels, although suitable
vessels for grain meet with ready acceptance. The charier*
Include: ? A British brig, 189 tons, hence to London, MOU bbls'
peuoh'uni 6s. 8d.; an Iialinn brig, hence to the Adriatic, 5,21k)
cases p. tro enm at 25c. per case; sn American brig, from
I'hi ndelplna to a port fn the Mediterranean. 3,000 bbls.
crude |>ctrnleum on private terms; a hark (rechartered) Irom
rhfiadelphia to a direct port on tbe Continent, 7,500 bbls. pe
truleoor 3s 9d. Note.?The steamship chartered veatcrnay
by E. E. Morgan A Son to load lor London should bsve read
Brltisc steamer Helvetia Instead of German steamer Hal
Mot. *asv8. The msrket wss quiet but steady, with a small
business In lots to the trade at lull prices. Domestic was In
moderate request. We note sates of 150 bbls., In lo;a, at
from 4?c. afire per gallon. The stock comprises J :tt)9 hhds.
Cutis, 4,146 Idols. I'orto Klco, 1,602 hbtls. Eng.tell Islands and
?,(kO bbls. New Orleans. We quote:
Old Crap. Ifen Crap.
Cuba?Centrifugal and mixed 20c. a2jc. 23c. a 30c.
Clayed 21c. a 28c Stic, a 42c.
Muscovado, rcllnlng ? a 97c. a 44c.
Muscovado, grocery ? a ? 40c. a 4V.
Porto Rico ? a ? 38c a filic.
English Islands 25c. a 35c. 15c. a48c.
New Orleans ? a 40o a 7oc.
Navai. siintra.? Kostn ,was In light demand, prices,
bowevi r. were steady. Wc note sslcs 400 bbls. strained at
$2 fiu, siid (Ma* bbls. No. 2 at 4(2 76. We quote:?Nlralned.
$2 60 a 413 66; No. 2, 42 76 a $3; No. 1, *3 a .>4 . pal*. 44 25
a to 50, and extra do., including window glass, 4)? a $7 Uu.
8 pints tm pciillne was easier. We note sales 280 bbls., chiefly
from wharf, at from 46c. a 4?c., the market closing at 46c.,
slid 100 bbls . sellers' option, Juno delivery, at 44c. Tar was
quiet at $2 70 for Washington and $3 lor Wilmington.
I'lrBot.RUM Tbe market wss quiet but firm. The offer
ings of refined were small, consequently restricting business.
Crude. In bulk, wss held at 15*c. a 16*c. and lo*c. a lOc.,
in bbls., without Important salca. Tbe sales were 2,000 bbls.
refined standard white, last half June, at 26*c., and a re
ported sal* of 3,000 bbls. do., last half August, si 27*c. At
Philadelphia the market was moderately active and firm for
both omde and refined. The transactions, however, were
tuuatijr in rqboMk hutaU 1ijU v( crude (or tUlovUlA loitljtl
19c. a 19*e. The repdfted sues or rcltned were 13.000 bbi*..
as follows :--8,000 blil*. of standard white. In lots of 1.00U,
3,00 I and 3,000, last half June, at 26kjc.; 3,00(1 bills, do., last
halt July, at 26 %c, mi l 3.UUU bbls. no., last half August, at
HRonsioiia.?Receipts? I'ork, <08 hbls.; cut meats, 71
packages, and lard, tied packages. The pork market was
Firm and active. The sales wore about 7,COO bids. mess at
$15 95 a $15 37 for June, r I ."> 3/ a $15 50 for July and August,
closing lirm at the outside prices, iiacon was quiet and un
changed. We he.ird of no sales. Keel'un<l beef hams were
dull and entirely nominal In orice. Cut meats were quiet.
There was considerable inoutry for smoked hams, and * use
were made at 18r. a 18c. Pickled hams were quoted at lie. a
18c., ptckled shoulders at 7c. a be., and smoked shoulders at
9'<c. a 10c. Lard was in fair demand and a trifle ttrmcr.
Tne sales were 1 0011 tierces spot at lOige. a I0',,c.: July held
at lIMfe. City lard was moderately active at 9%c.i sales
875 tierces. Checks was steady and In fair demand at 18c. a
Tityo. lor choice new faotorv. Butter was moderately ac
tive. Western was offered freely at lac. a 17c. tor Ulr and
17c. a 18c. for choice.
Rick.?The market was steady, with a moderate demand.
The sales comprised 350 ha t Rangoon at 7c. a 7 S;c. per lb.;
900 bags I'atua, ehielly at 744c. a 7\e. per lb , and small par
cels Carolina at Or. a loo. per lb.?'.lie outside price an ex
treme for very choice lots.
SuoAB.?The market for raw was somewhat' firmer, with a
fair demand irom refiners. The sales were 2,000 hhds.,
chiefly ou tho basis of 9)gc. a S?V.<?. for fair to good
retinfng Cuba, hut partly at slightly higher figures;
881 boxes Havana were sold at totfe. Reined sugar closed
steady at 111)20. a ll>?c. for yellow, 1144c. a 11V- for O,
11*.; c. a ll%e. for extra C, lie. for B, 12ljc. for so t white,
and 184<c. for hard. Messrs. O. Amann A Co. report the fol
lowing stocks and comparison i
I Hi, l. Boge. Ituji. il ditto.
8tock (ascertained by actual
count, Including specula
tion), June I, lh71 70,550 79.887 279,315 8.038
Receipts since the 1st of June. Hi,'190 15,968 ? 1,503
Total.. 84,9140 88/.,3 279,515 8,839
Sales since the 1st of Juno .... 11,803 8,."55 ? ?
Stock this day, June 8, 1871... 72,438 85,kin* 319,515 8,339
Comparing with stock -
June P, 1*70 9(1008 101,678 884,687 -
June 10, 1869 104,399 135,969 118,678 1.109
June 11, 1888 59.910 47,111) 26,410 389
We quote:?Cuoa?interior ,o common refining, 8>?o. a
81(6.1 fair to good fair rehmng, 9.(40. a 9?ic.; good to
prime relluing, 9>4c. a 9 ?,c.; fair to good grocery, 9'in.
a inc.: pfirne to choice grocery, lU'Bc. a I05,o.; cen
trifugal, hhds. and boxes, P 40 a l(f.?c-; molasses, nhds.
and boxes, 8c. a 9'nC.; melado, tjye. a T-'jc. Havana ?
Boxea Dutch standard, N01. 7 to 9, 8!?c. a Shjc.: do.,
10 to 12, 9)80. a 10',c.; do., 13 to 15. 1(IJ c a 11 c.;
do., 16 to 18, fl)tfc. al2ko.; do . 19 to 20, llf.e. a 13c.; do.,
white, 121*0. a 134,6, Porto Rico- Kellmng grades, R'Wc. a
94?o.: grocery grudes, 9\c. a 10)jo. Ilrazll?Dutch standard,
Nos. 8 to 12, 8u. a 9s?c. Java Dutch st.indurd, Nos. 10 to
12, 9?*c. a 10c. Manila?Current clayed end superior, 8c.
a 9c. Refined suqar wits lirin, with a lair demand, closing at
124ic. for soft white and 13',o. lor hard.
Ta1.1 ow continued active and lirm. Tho sales were
about 175,000 lbs. at 9'ac. tor prime and 8)40. a 8\c. for lu
feroir grades.
VVinniiKY.?Receipts, 5.1(1 hbls. The market was a shade
firmer. The sales were 200 bbls., in lots, at 93c. a 93130.
Renf quint at lUJtfr. a 12c. Hogs quiol at 4^c. a 5 V- Be
ccipti?v'attlOi 7?J4? live Ui?^s, 3,651).
Np.w Orleans, Julie 8, 1871.
tvtton quiet; middlings, l?>gc.: uei receipts. 12o; gross.
88U; export* to tire.it Britain, 11.157: to Bremen,L..I0, to
Hamburg, 1,318; to Havre, 20y, sales, 1,400; Stock, 7v6i.
Savannah. Jntin 8, 1871.
Cotton dull and nominal; middling*, 18c.: net reonpts, 48":
exports to Ornat Britain, 139; to the Continent, bl#; sales,
It'U, illicit, 11,116. i ?
Wii.mtnoton, 8. C., Junes, 18,1.
Spirits of turpentine steady. at $42. Rosin steady;
$2U5 tor strained, $3 for No. 1, $6 Ml lor extra pale, mo a
76 for pale. Crude turpentine quiet; $J lor yellonr dip
and $4 25 lor virgin. Tar ttrtn at $2 ad.
Chicago, .Tune 8,1871.
Wheat 8rmer; advanced le. a 2c. No. 2 ?fr'"8
weak at $1 28'i. ca*h , afternoon, duil at $1 28V a l?',*3'4*.
*e ler June. Corn opened active and closed quiet; No, J
mixed, ft4Hc.. easii, and sel;tr June; afternoon, stsadvat
54c. a 54 Vc., seller June. Hal* active and advanced j$c. No.
2 firm at 50c. Kvo quiet and steadv; No. 2 at t-2c. Barley dull,
No. 2 spring, li.r>c. Cork linu at $14 H2ji ? $14 75, cash ;
$14 87W. seller July. Cut meats firm; shoulders, 5V-: ?horj
rll) middles. 7Vc. l?ard uuctianued. Live hogs active and
stnadv ? sales at $8 10 a $:i 80. Cattle steady and i.rm; sales
at $ a $6. Receipts?4,000 bbls. flour, 61,Olid bushels wheat,
1 tiS.tKltl bushels corn, 114.1)00 bushels oats, 850 bushels rve,
10 000 hoes. Shipment*?3,000 bbls. Hour, 143,1*10 bushels
wheal, 105,000 bushels corn. 7,000 nushels oaU, 820 bushe's
barley, 8,000 hogs. Freights active; coru to Buffalo, per
"11' ^ Oswego, N.Y., June 8. 1871.
Flour unchanged, with a good demand. Sales 2,000 bbls.
at $7 25 for No. 1 spring, $7 75 for amber winter, $8dor
wnTte wlnt- r. S?7? for double extra. \\heat unchanged,
gties 1.000 buslielH No. 1 Milwaukee club at jfl 4/. <20
buahels do. at 4*. and 11,000 bushel* bj sample on private
terms. Corn tii m. Sales 14,0il0 bushels at 66c. for low mixed,
ami life, for car lots of high mixed. Cats steady. Hams l.J 0
bushels of Western at 62e. Barley, rye and peas quiet. Corn
meal, $1 50 for bolted and $1 40 for unbolted rcr cwt. Mid
feed unchanged ; shorts, $23 a $25 ; shlpstuffs, $SIi a 1(-8,
middlings. $28 a $32 per tuii. as to quality. Htfhwloc? 91c.
Canal fwights?Flour Stic., wheat 7c., cornb.Vc. to New York,
lumber $3 to the Hudson, $3 7o to New York and $6 to 1 lilb
a del oh la. Railroad freights-Flour to Boston, 61c. : to New
York, 40c ; to Albany, 35c. Receipts By lake, 108,000 bushels
wheat, 234,1)00 bushels corn, 2,763.0110 feet lumber. Mijp
ments-Bv canal. 2.5i*) bids, flour, 10,000 bushels corn, l,7b0
bushels oats, 624,000 feet lumber.
meeting of rlie Hoard Ycaferday?The North
River Obstructions lo bo Removed?Deter
mined Action of the Konrd.
A meeting or the Hoard of Dock Commissioners
was held yesterday at their ofllcc. Mr. Commissioner
Agnew presided. There were also present Commis
sioners Hunt, Wood, Henry an? Smith.
The report of the Executive Committee was rend,
which relorred lo a remonstrance that had been ad
dressed to the Board by R. L. Stuart and others
with reference to the many obstructions In the
river between Chambers and King streets.
These obstructions consisted of barges permanently
moored and lumber. The committee recommended
mat those causing these obstructions should be
served with notices to remote them belore the 1st or
August; and, failing in Hint,, that those obstructions
be removed by the Board, at the expense ol the dc
1''m""'commissioner Wood, in moving the adoption
of this report, said that the Executive Committee
had visited the part or the river relerred to and had
personally seen these obstructions. Tlicy had, after
carelut inquiry at one of tlie largest, lumber yanls,
been told that these could he cleared away by the
16th of July, but the committee, desirous of giving
amnio time, had fixed the 1st of August.
The committee had felt that the steps taken as to
the removal should be falthlully and peremptortlv
carried out. ana If the Board adopted the report lie
had no doubt that the obstructions would certainly
be removed. It was necessary that the lumber ami
the barges that now obstructed the business of the
river should be taken away.
The chairman, In putting the voto as to this re
port to the Hoard, said that the Board hail no mis
givings as to their Intention to carry tills report out,
and that It would be well lor tne river obstructions
to lie removed as promptly as possime.
The report was adopted. , ,
The following routine business was also disposed
? The Exccnilve Committee reported adverse to the
petition or John Baxter to have a bulkhead built at
Elghty-sixth street, East river; adverse to the peti
tion or II. W. lienet to have a pier built at the foot
of io2d street. Harlem river; in favor of building a
Dtcr at the foot of Fifty-seventh street, North river. If
the street he extended; in favor or removing tne pier
in nlerNo. 24 East river, belonging to the Hartford
steamship Company, to the Corporation Y ard; <o
allow the New York and Troy Steamboat Com
pany to repair pier No. 44 North river, which
wus destroyed by lire: to permit E. N. Ilerburt
to lav a drain pipe through the bulkhead at
the foot of l.eroy street, North river, on certain con
ditions. The petition of White to have a cov
ered barge lor lUe sale of fruit on the west side of
Fulton ferry was denied. Tno petition of 0. E.
Ilubner A Co. for a lease for twelve years of the
bulkhead between Twenty-third and Twenty-fourth
streets, Last liver, at a rent or |wo per annum, was
dCThe petition to have the dumping board at pier 41
East river removed was referred to tho Executive
?A pctluon of Mary Ward to bo allowed to erect a
lunch booth opposite bulklieud of Pier No. 3 Nortn
river was denied.
The Board then went into executivo session.
in Justice Snodckcr's court, in Jamaica, L. f.,
yesterday, William Creamer was committed to jail
for embezzlement, swindling and misapproprluton
of goods. On the examination it appeared that in
seven hours he drank live gallons of cider which ho
had been lorbulden to touch.
Ai.sop?Ei mman.?On Wednesday, June 7, at the
Church ol the Holy Communion, by Hie Itcv. F. K.
Lawrence, J>. D.. IIknrv w. alsoc to Elizabeth,
daughter of Charles 11. Elltiniin.
Bkkky?Taylor.?On Wednesday. June 7, at the
residence of the bride's parents, by Rev. E. t.
sweetser. Jon* ft. Bkuiiv to Ai.ick, daughter of
Hugh Taylor, all of this city. No cards.
Darling?Patterson.?on Wednesday, June 7,
at Hie residence of the bride's parents, bv the ltev.
Dr Smith or ftt- I'aui's church, Newark, Mr.
EnMCND a. Haki.ino to Miss s>aua? a. Patterson,
^iVkorman?sckib.?On Tuesday. June 0, at the
residence of I he bride's fai her. Montague place, by
the Rev. Henry J Van Oyke, 1>. I>., assisted by tho
Rev. M. ft- Hut ton, 1). !>., P. Arm'STca He.ieman
of New York, to Lavinia E., daughter of Robert
snclr Esq.. of Brooklyn. ?
' jonrs?BtiRUKss.?on Thursday, June 8, at the
residence of James Booth, Esq., Patorson, N. J.,
uiiclc of Hie bride, by the Hev. W. Horublower,
i) I) . (Jkorof Henry, second sun of George Jones,
of Stoke upon Trent, England, to Ki.i/AUKrit
Wai msi.ky, only daughter of tho late John Burgess,
jr.. of Penkhuil, England. No cards.
Lanostuotii?Harnkh ? On Wednesday, Juno 7,
at the residence of W. V. McKenzto, Esq., Kahway,
oy the Rev. C. R. Barnes, assisted t?v Hie Rev. H.
Vanhorn. Frank Lanostroth, ol Newark, to Lorrm
L. Baiinks, of Kahway.
Moss?Mykrs.?On Wednesday. June 7, by Rev.
ft M Isancs, Mr. Lewis Moss, of Chit ago. to Mahia,
eldest daughter or Myer ft. Myers, of this city
mcCook?I.csK.?On Tnnrsdav, June s "o. '* 1
Hudson street, by the ltev. Richard Parker, Ai.KX
anorr Mccook to Janr Lusk, of Uunoutoy, ire
Belfast papers please ropy.
PETSIIAW?LKWKNT1IA1..?on Tuesday, June e, at.
the Temnle Lmanu-Ki, by the Rev. Dr. Ad ler,
Al'OLl'll M. l'tliUAW, Eat),, to liise Jolii Lkw*n
that,, eldesr daughter of Raphael Lewenthal, Rsq..
of Neir York city.
Hkahls ?Cn'WS.?on Wednesday. June 7, at the
residence of the bride's mother, by the Dev. Charles
P. Deems, D. i>., pastor of the Ohureh of tue Suan
gers, Whittlknky D. Hkaki? to Jnmnik A., daugh
ter or ttie late James Gross, Esq., of New York.
Whkkleu?I'usg.?In Mrooklyn, on Thursday,
June ft, liy tiit> iti v. Honrv Ward Boecher, Mr. W n i.h
L. WlIKKLKK to MtSH Lit.LIB B. PUN K, all Of BrOO.
lj a. Mo cards.
Akbrly.?On Tuesday, June ?. Anna Ophelia,
daughter of Curtis Akerl.y, agod 34 (ears.
'Ilo relatives an I frtetid t ?>r rho family ar^ Invited
to attend the tuueral, ironi her late residence, 77
Division aveune, Brooklyn, E. O., this (Friday) af
ternoon, at two o'clock.
Allen.?At his residence, near Summit. N. J., on
Thursday, June s. Joux li. Ai.i bn, wted 43 years.
The relatives und friends are respectfully Invited
to attend tho funeral, from his late residence, on
Saturday at twelve o'clock. Leave New York at
10:10 A. M., via Morris and Essex Hadroad, to Muat
nut, whero carriages will await them.
Bloxham.?At Hobokon, N. J., on Thursday, Juno
8, Jimin Bloxham. in the .".eth year of his aire.
Relatives and friends are invited to attend the
funeral, front his late residence, 262 Bloomtleld
street, on Saturday morning, at iialf-pnst ten
o'clock. The remains will be taken to St. Mary'a
church, wuere a requiem mass will be offered for
the repooe of his soul, ihcuec to calvary cemetery.
Brown.?In Brooklyn, on Thursday, Juno 8, Sc.-: an
L., wife or Samuel P. Brown, iu trie ,'.r.th year or her
Funeral services will be held at her lato residence,
163 Adelplii street this (Friday) ovemrig, at seven
o'ulock. The remains will bouikeutoMewburg. N. Y.
Detroit (Mich.) and Long Island papers please copy,
Campbell ?In Brooklyn, on Thursday, Juno s,
Jambs Campbell, aged 45 years.
The friends are in.ited to attend the funeral, from
St. Mary's church, Classon avenue, Brooklyn, this
tFrtia.) intern ,on, at two o'clock.
Glasgow papers please copy.
Cash.?On Wednesday, June 7, Elixauktii, wlio
of Nelson cash, apred 34 years and o months.
The relatives an t friends of the family are invited
to attend the funeral, from tho chattel, loo West
Tweuty-ulntn street, this (Friday) morning, at ten
christtb.?On Wednesday. Juno 7, John Calvin
Chkistik, in the 27th year of his age.
kelatlves und friends nro invited to attend the fu
neral, from his lute residence. No. 21 King street,
on Sunday morning, at ten o'clock, to the True j
Reformed Dutch church, corner of Porry and i
Foils tn streets, where services will oe held at haii
nasi ten o'clock. 1
C08ZRN8.?onThursday, Junes, Blanche J. Coz- !
zk.vh, daughter of John U. an.l it. L. Cuzzeus. aired
5 years and 4 months. ' k ?
The relatives and friends of the family are respect
fully invited to attend thefuucrul, from the residence !
of her parents, No. Ms Java street, Grccupolut, 1
Brooklyn, on Saturday ulteruoon, at t wo o'clock.
Davis.?in Brooklyn, N. Y., on Thursday, June i
vei oK^.'iEI i,A0r,s! sou "r E1|iah M. Davis, of
White riains, N. i., in the soth year or his aire.
The relit'ires and mends are invited to attend the
funeral services, at the residence of his brother
Samuel II. Davis, No. 445 Gates avenue, llrookivn.'
this (Friday) aftornoon, at three o'clock, and at the
J'irst Motiiodlst Dpiscopal church, W hite Mains to.
mm row (Saturday) inonmnr, atelovon o'clock.
Tram leaves Twenty-sixth street station at hair
past nine o'el ck in the morning.
Dwiuht.?On Thursday, June 8, after a long and
severe lnneas, Mrs, Mary Loiisa Uwionr, widow
of William D. Dwiglit, M. D., aged 51 years.
Relatives and friends are respectfully invited to
ntieiifl tlie luncral, rroin her late residence, at5 iiav
lnond street, Brooklyn, on Saturday afternoon, at
two o'clock.
Edwards.? On Wednesday evening, June 7, alky*
andeii EDwAlius, Esq., m the 57ih jear ol Ills a e
Funeral services at his late residence, 4110 locks
street, near Degraw street, Sou01 Urookiyn on Sat
urday ofiernoon, at three o'clock. Relatives ami
friends of the lamliy are respectfully invited to
F milky.?On Wednesday, Juno 7, Mrs. Bit ma et
Farley, aged 78 years.
The relatives and friends are Invited to attend the
funeral, lrom the residence of her son, Cornelius
Farley, Ka-t Sixty-fourth street, between Third and
Lexington avenues, tills (Krlduvi morning, at ten
o'clock, to the Church of sc. Vincent Ferrer | ex
tuition avenue, corner of Sixty-sixth street, whero a
requiem muss will be said, and irotn thence to
Caivrry Ceiueiery,
Gaitton.?On Wednesday, Juno 7, Jtldn Gaii
TON, or A III rain, France, In the 50th year or his age
The funeral will take place lrom St. Vincent de
Paul's church, Twenty-third street, near sixth ave
nne, 011 Saturday morning, at hall-past ten o'clock
The mends of the family are respectfully invited to
IUdaway.?At Stony Brook, r? j? on Monday
June 6, W'altkr Hadaway, sou 01 Thomas Uada
llAiiT.?On Wednesday, June 7, liKNitr 0. fiAitr
in the 34th year of his age. '
The relatives and friends or the Tamily are respect
fully invited to attend the funeral, lrom hts late rest
deuce, 44 Walls street, this (Friday) ulteriioou. at 011c
o'clock. '
Idaho papers please copy.
llRYiiAN.?on Tuesday evening, .lane o, Ezekiel
IIeyman, in the fllst year of his age.
The funeral will tuke place lrom his late residence
238 West Thirty-third street, this il rluay) morning'
at nine o'clock. The '/.ion Lodge. J. O. B U ? t 'hei sa
01 Brotherly I.ove, Congregation B'nat Je'shurnr.
Henry Clay Lodge, No. 19, I. o. f. 8. or I.-Amity
Lodge, No. 323, F. and A. M.; Isaiah Lodge, No 49
I. o. B. B.; Grand Lodge Free Sons of Israel. as we'll'
as the relatives ami friends of the family are re
spectfully Invited 10 attend the funeral.
congregation B'nai jbshiiru.n.?The members
are respect: ullv invited to attend the funeral of
hzcklel lloyinan, from his late residence No "is
West Thirty-third sL, this (Friday) morning, at nine
o'clock. HENRY DAVISON, President.
Brethren of Isaiah Lodge, No. 49, f. o. B. B? aie re
spcctiully Invite d to attend the Inncral of the father
?01 Brothers George and Solomon Hevinuu, rroiu Ids
late residence, 23s West Thirty-third stroet, this
(Friday) morning, at ntuo o'clock.
LYMAN RIND8K0PP, President.
IloRAN'.?On Wednesday, June 7, Mary Ann
daughter of Thomas and Bridget Ho: an, Mile tree'
Kings county, Ireland.
The relatives and friends of tho family are Invited
to attend the luncral, from St. Vincent's churcn
West Kieventh street, near Seventh avenue this
(Friday) afternoon, at one o'clock.
Kf.i.ly?on Wednesday, June 7, novoRA. wife
of John Kelly, and a native of Kilderry, county
Cork, In the 05lh year of her age.
Relatives and friends are respectfully invited to
attend the tnneral, Irotn her late residence, 330 East
Forty-seventh street, this (Friday; aiteruoon. at one
Law rente.?On Wednesduy, June 7, after a short
Illness, 111: Mt v Lawrence, 111 the 32d tear of his
The Irlends of the family and those of his brother
James are respccifully invited to attend the luueral.
from ids late residence. No. 62B Third avenue, this
1 Friday) afternoon, at two o'clock. The remains will
be taken to Calvary Cemetery lor interment.
Lockr.?On Thursday, June s, Caleb Palmer
Notice of funeral boreafter.
Meter.?Jacob Meyer, lato of New York, in the
59th year ol his age.
Relatives and friends are requested to attend the
funeral, from his late residcneo, No. 37 Commerce
street, Newark, N. J., on .Sunday afternoon, at two
Miner.?At Baysidc, on Wednesday morning
June 7, after a long and painful illness, William
Miner, late Register of the city and county of
New York, aged 4s years.
Tho friends and acquaintances of the family of
his brother-in-law, Isaac Wllklns, ami the members
of the Tammany Society, are respectfully invited to
attend the funeral, from Si. Michael's catholic
ch urn, Flushing. L. I., this (Friday) morning, a>
eleven o'clock, wpen a requiem will be offered tor
the repose of bis soul; thence to calvary Cemetery.
Trains leave Huuter's Point every hour.
Mitciieli?On Tuesday, Juno ?, Chariks
Mitchell, son 01 Thomas and Muty Mitchell, in tho
24fh year or his age.
The friends of tho lamliy are respcrtrutlv Invited
to attend the funeral, from tho residence of his
parents, 333 East Twenty-ninth street, tills (Friday)
aiiernoon, at two o'clock.
Moore?At Fort Washington, on Wednesday
June 7, alter a lingering illness, Blazics Moore, in
the ti7tli year ot his age.
The relatives and mends of tho family are invited
to attend the funeral, lrom the Chun h of the Holy
Trinity, Twenty-first street, near Sixth avenue, this
(Friday) morning, at eleven o'clock,
Mcrray?On mors lay. Juno *, John Stanislaus
only son or Peter and Bridget Murray, aged 4 yours.'
1 moniii ami 2 days.
The Irlends ol the family arc respectfully Invited
to attend the funeral, on Saturday aiteruoon, at naif
past one o'clock, from the residence or his parents
154 \\ est Nineteenth sirect.
McGt'iKE?On Thursday, June s, Margaret
Mi'Gure. natlvuoi county Lowth, parish ot Ardee
Ireland, aged so years. '
Tile relatives and friends are respectfully invited
to intend the lunernl. from tho residence of her sou
111-law, Philip McKntec, No. 557 West Twenty-sixili
street, on Sunday aiteruoon, at two o'clock
ir.sh American please copy.
McHi gii.?In mis city, at No. 2S0 West Eleventh
street, on Thursday, June s, John Mi llion, a native
of Donegal, Ireland.
Tho friends and acquaintances are Invited to at
tend the funeral, on Saturday afternoon, at one
O'ttot RKE.-(in Wednesday, June 7, Patrick
(> Roirke, a native ot 'iuaiu, county Calway Ire
land, nged 7o years.
The friends and acquaintances ore rcspc ;tfullv in
vited to attend the fliueral. from his late residence
Mott Haven, on Boston road, between 14ilth and
147ih streets. North New York, this (Friday) after
noon, at one o'clock.
Ttiniu papers please copy.
Pailping.? Ashy, eld est daughter of the late
John l auldiug, Ksq.
Notice 01 funeral hereafter.
Reaping. Gn Wednesday, June 7, nt his rest,
deuce, 12 .ill street and Filth avenue, Kicuarp A
Blading, In tin* .nth year ot his age
Funeral serv ices win be held at si. James Metho
olst Episcopal church, Hariem, this (Friday) nft. r
*iTlh' tlr .n? l,re1 ?'Cl0Ck- 1leUVO I'Wl Illy
Hixth wtrcci ?u imir.two O'CiOi'K.
S,'iience.--In Lrouki.vn, on Wednesday evening.
L4.yi!!a."" widow of Henry stihenck, ot
Hshkill, N, \ in ner sr.tn year.
I uncial services will be held at (he ro-qdenro of
her son In-law, -io>epli K. Blossom, 29 LeHerts street,
Brooklyn, this (Frlbai) afternoon, at three o'clock.
The remains will oeInterred at Fi.-hkili on MUuiday.
8irgng.?In, Brooklyn, on Wednesday, Juno "7,
Valentine F. Strong, In the octh year of ills age.
Ftieads the uiui'J are tuvitod to aUeud the
funeral. (mm lus iar* r ^liTPnco, UO iweTTth *tr?eV
between Thirl and Fourth avnues. Mouth Brooklyn,
this (Friday) afternoon. at trirco o'c or*.
Tuonan. -In Trenton, .V. J., on Tnursday, Juno
*, A1 iustth II., Hon oi A ugustm ami Catharine A.
Thomas, of tun ctty.
The luneral win take place from hi* late residence,
lu Tr mitou, on Baturday, at tWelve o'clock noon.
Vamdkrpokl,?u mi reHtdi'Doe, Fort Humtl on,
I- I., on WednesdAy, June 7, Abraham B. Vanuko
pokl, iii the h i.i yi ar of his age.
'I I..' fun rul win lato place from his lAte residence,
this i Fridayi afternoon, at three o'clock.
Voir: "u iiiurs'Hi, Jut.e a, Mirwn .Umb,
only daughter of Duckett and Johannah Young,
aifcd Ml yca-a and 7 moattia.
The rolutiv h mill frie . U are invited to attend thu
1 funeral, from IU? r ?? leneo of her parents, No. 43*
Wllloiighny avauuo, ne ,r Not rand avenue, Brook
Ivu. Oil Ma turd y afternoon, a. two o'clock.
iir.-iixE.ss opi <?uti nitu:h.
lin*in?M m an, with ar,? f *?r fc.t.Oiw. A.i Ire** GROCER,
tleral.l o.'tiur.
/\ $1.0UU, la a safe, new, tidy. Indoor bualtieea; will pay
101) per if nt. mi labor or long Uourn; all oath la advance:
l, h .? unliiult* I; uo oppiiaiii.'ii; euiiitcutly respectable 431
Oreruwlcb ?ir-et.
J\ tali- ? partner In a paving wholeaalr and retail D.a
tlllery. App'y l<> T uAC I- N t.V, Wo. 4 Oily llall place.
tnti..iif .1, legitimate eaati buauiene; no rlak ; null pay
lai .!? inn aie; investigate thoroughly nnd tatlnly yourself.
WARREN, PI Kali Fourth etreei.
/\ ne-m, located on Hruadwav and paving 182', a day clear
of e*pnu?c?, lor aale. Tin* I* lie greatest l.ueuirae op porta
nlty ever offered. One who ran control a few thousand mar
adilreae, npp.imilni: Interview, MONEY, boa UO llerald Up
town Branch oUit-e, IBiunlwav.
, \ veal 97,1100, can jo'ti a r>-sponsible par.y in a legitimate
htwinesa that will n?v tour ttuies Investment yearly. Ad
dress HOPE, llerald office.
write to It. A AHA VS. 11V2 South Fifth avenue, (old No.
lilUi. Business substantial and agreeable. No rlaa.
I and IV ir St re fur aule; woil stocked and doing a large
busmen; lunj. Irate, low rent; great tburoughfaru; capitil
re pured ad.uuli.
MOODY ,t CO., No. 7 Murray alroet, room 29.
wrii paying real hair manufacturing bustuaa, -.viirtii
$1,900. will be ? Id fur $1,till); ha* got a good city ami < oiin
tr> trade ; tauat to told on or before Mo...Icy, mi account of
leaving tor Europe. Add., sa B. it., Herald office, until
will pay handsome y. Address J. C. II., boa 145 llerald
successfully worked hern, wt?hes uri active bUllDMi
man to ml bl* place in vuw York concern, to enable liim to
attend to tin' establishment of branches In other State*;
small capita! only, but referencea required. Address ROY
AI,TV, Herald onlce.
on commission. Agent* wanted.
W. A. FKaZER, (W< Broadway, room SI.
vv to purchase the interest of a retiring partner: busi
ness well established, vrry |, rentable and ntr < tty catii, re
ference required. Address It. II. B., Inn 14l) Herald olllee.
\\ half Interest In nc.tsli grocery and produce store . good
paying trade; object ol partner, to Increase tue business;
j,-7(?0 required. A jjpljr to J. P. Tit AVER A CO., 59 Groat
jonea s..eet, near Bowery*
5)n)UO the use ot same, I will glee ,iu Interest In patent
and good seeurlty to a responsible party; no assents, state
where an Interview can be bad. Address A. IT UKOWfl,
CP 1 ,ot"J in a legitimate hticineve; sales cash ; profits 10*
per ceut; would pay -?> jrer cent In lion of partnership . refe
rences and security ; or would accept an active partner wltti
HL'.jMd. Call at No. tl Dey street, room No. 8.
(???) AA|\ DOWN AND $6.I?M Oi T OP THE PRO
?p?'.l Mill Am will admit a partner (good business man |
none other) in a rash business which ban paid over -f Td.lhiil an
nually the last four year* nu-l lias greatly Increased, ao
that it will pay more than four times that amount with a
good iisstHtanl; a man of large, active brain and good j'ldso
of human nature desired. Apply in the carpenters ihop, 104
West Twenty-tifih street.
?IpO.I M/U. turlng t.uslnrss now In successtul opera
lion. For further particulars upiuire In umbrella store No.
29ii Pearl street, N w York, from If) to 2 o'clock.
Our reudcr* can have THE TELEGRAM, last edition, sent
to thnfr country n sldencee for 50 cents a month.
I lly of four will take good care of a furnished house dur
ing the absence of I he owner nud pay a nominal rent : line*
ceptlouabh; rrlorcucej. Address 0., room 147 Coleman
if spectable neighborhood, below Thirtieth street, by a
slug.e gentleman, terms must bo low. Address JOHN
JUNKe, Jll centre street.
nlshed Room, without board ; will pay .ft# or $4; pre
fer between Bleecker and Twenty-ninth streets and Fourth
and Sixth anemic*. Address, stating particulars, GEORGE
1*. C., box 177 Herald o'hee.
f V for housekeeping ; in central location ; best reference ;
rent not to exceed Address L. E. ULAT/., 73 Nassau St.
vst ? home, without hoard, for two single gent'omen,
on or near Filth avenue, between Eighth and Twenty-third
streets. Address, with terms, DVCkMAN, box 123 Herald
vT furnished House with all modern Improvement*, in a
pleasant location In Elizabeth. A,'dress b. II. R., box 154
11 era. d Uptown Branch ollice, 1,246 Broadway.
Tv partly furnished. In good business locality anil not
above third ttoor. Address IT , box 1 lo Herald otUce.
?V High Court nl Chancery, dated 1st .Mar, IS-iO. made til
a cause wlierclu llenry Wllllarn Smith is piaiiitlil and Mary
Smith deiendant, an adreruseinrnt was inserted In the Lou
don rimes newspapef and In eeitain other newspaper*
whereby all persons cT.lmlng to he entitled, under the truste
ol ? deed of alignment, dated tne tilth day of October, ISItt,
(being a deed of assignment lor the henel.l of the creditors of
James 1) oiled, Joseph 1'oduunter, t.eorge Wyndhsm, Edward
Colon and James Meduiore Brick wood, who carried on
business 'is merchants In Bdllter square, London, under the
linn ol ,lames I'.inlell, Todhunter. Avii Ibarn A Company), to
the trust lunds then In the hands of the plain IT, as the sur
viv ng trustee nf the said deed, were bv tnelr solicitors, on or
before tne luth day ?,i Nov, mber. lsij.J, to come tn an I prove
tlieir eal'Lsat tie chamber* of the Master of the Bolls, in
the Holt y.irl, Chanrerv lane, in tho coitnty of Middle
sex, or in default thereof they would bo peremptorily ex
elud d from the h nettt of the said decree, and to such ad
vertlsement wax appended a list of the persons appearing
trorn the books relating to the said trust to be entitled to tli*>
sums set opposite to their respective names, and certain per
sons did coup- In under the said advertisement wlthtu tin*
time therein specified and have proved their claims as en
titled under th? trusts of the sal t need ot assignment; and
whereas the said list of perm us only Included the names of
creditors who had not tbeu received certain dec,sred divi
dends, being the sums set uoposlte to their respective names
In the said ilit, and not tb* name* of all the creditors *'i >
originally signed the said deed. Now, therefore, in further
pursuance of the said decre-, a.l j ersons claiming to be en
titled under the trus s o: the said deed to tl:e said trust funds,
wroth- r included in the said lie. or not, aie by themselves or
their solicitor* to rums In an I jirore their claim* at th" sai l
chambers of -he Master ol the Rolls, at the place aforesaid,
on or before the 7ili day of February,Is7l or in deft ilt
then-of, they will lie perrinpt'rrt.y excluded from the anettt
of tho aaid decree. A * dncsdav, the ?<t -lay of February,
Kl, at 11 o'clock In the lorcn.ion. at the said chambers, le
the time and place ter hearing and sdju Mealing upon lb*
cia.ms. Dated tills?Id ,lav oi December, 1-70.
I\ . Works. Lit an i Lib Last Eighteenth street, oilers 50J
Marble and Marhleuc 1 Mantels, at, complete; Monuments,
GraveMoiich, Tai-iu Tops, Ac., at imcesthat dely competition
eluding many new designs, at very low prices PEN
KIIYN SLATE COMPANY, 4b West Eighteenth street, be
tween F nth and Sixth avenues.
. street, be'.ween I.loadway au,1 Eighth nvenue. Marble
and Marhlct7Cd Mante s. Monuments, Heads - ties, new,
original designs; largest variety, cheapest in the city.
uUU prices, for the next 3D davs _
T. H STEWART ,t I I).,
64.'& Rlxth avenue, between Tblrty-hfth anu Thirty sixth sts.
soil on the curs. Call at O'KANfa'S, 13U Nassau street.
anil 641 to 70.? Hroadway, New Y-rk. HI NRV HAYS,
proprietor Coats a, arms tound, icputed and engraved;
sketch #?>.
WIN EM, I,|Q( ojj.s,
j Northern ladyofgiyd e.tncittnn ant muatcai mm
Address ULNlyY .iulhUG, UvvrgOtywn, I'. V<

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