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!Qtfn?stin? Folittca7 Nfws firm Peru
and Bolivia.
Ruilwuy Enterprises in Uie T?Vo
4 Trnpi'Dt in fti* |>IUir?l Tn*|t?t-the Knot
( ?i. , hr "lli-vkrn l kl?re" Heap pram?
PruirrM nl ?u? IVrnvlnn luterorenulc (tail.
Lima, July 14, 1871.
The life, oftx iallj speaking, of high iU?tUtarlen lu
"*>-. " t? tinf iv:I limit: n Kiilcc nf that inli>r?^t onil
oveu excitement, ho common in other more favored
Buttons. Here, witniti the pant fortnight, the palace,
?s tin- government hi>u-o is still called in accordance
with tke old colonial faslilou, has fceeu the
ceue or such dismay, uproar, confusion aud ?ub-*j
equenl peace ana tranquillity, a- would not de- j
wean the residence of M. Thiers dunng his struggle
*itn tbe utn able disciples ol Hie Commune. On the j
oveuing before the departure of the last steamer for !
l'auama we were startled by the rumor of tbe ;
resignation ol the President, a rumor which, gaining i
ground every moment, was traced to a reliable
ource anil proved correct lor a time, until at one |
o'clock In the morning the pleasing news was made j
Jtnown that peace again was supreme In Warsaw, j
Mild that his Excellency haJ withdrawn a resolution
calculated to sadly fllsarranse the happy prospects
of this now nourishing republic.
The facts of the cose are slnnular, and are well
worth me tbionlcllng. borne tune since 1'resldcnl
liaJtj, irritated beyond measure at a very violent
document, abounding in criminal accusations
n^aiust Ills government, and published in the public
press, ordered the imprisonment of Its adventurous
auilior. For several loug, dreary weeks this
literary iudividu.il inhabited a cell m tho cavalry
oarracKs of San Francisco, clothed in the garl) usually
worn by ClnWUans, but with the less customary
4irn-itni iila nf lm mlrnflV: iinil After u ftniM
tbe court.a took tiie mutter In baud, and the A.ssoc!ille
Justico.iol tlie Superior Court deciareu ineir conviction
that the libeller bad commuted no offence
rtiiy or the punishment; that tbe government
bad acted hastily in thus Inflicting indignity upon
bun. and ordered bis liberation lorthwlth. Tbat
tbi* resolution of (lie tribunal was In a manner
based on justice la neid by tlie most eminent lawfers
in Peru, disallowing to tbe Executive tbe
exclusive administration of Justice; but tbe
president, lar more accustomed to his sword
And works on army taction tban to tbe pen
ud the abstruse commentaries of Coke and
Liuieton, determined that his view or the matter
boold be made known. Summontugr with all speed
to ills prmeuoe one of the sentencing Justices,
Colonel bait a Indignantly demanded why one
branch ol tno administration should thus openly
?nd uuuecessarliy protcct, a person w l^o jUaq deliSe;
rsieli accused the Executive or peculation and ijejpotisia,
aqdiug, it la said( boinx: very uncompiiment
*ry remarks upon the patriotism aud the wisdom'of I
the Cojrt concerned. Hut the Justice happened not i
oniy 19 be a gravo counsellor or the la'.r, but also a
man alter me Present's own spirit?brave, nwn
laid linpiiuoflb?and 111 eojn&nj Wjtds inlormcd
the Chief Magistrate that to Congress ^0119 Kiro j
tbe superior tribunals responsible for their acts, I
j|ud t1, JL?SlILuafloa? o7tl?
President, to (uho Justice) Vould demand personal !
satisfaction forjtls worda iw booh up cytonoi uaua |
tiad concluded tiie perloJ ot his high oniciai
tiutieB. The President, enraged iiad1 outraged, {
Jii tie imagiued, retorted thai that oppor. |
tunny should not long be delayed, and actually !
wiuun ten hours ot the occurrence the Uccree wua 1
signed calling the Vice President to the chair, and j
alleging as a cause for resignation tue extrom.- Ill- I
health of the President. lias an instance ever beca
kuowu i-eioie of tne Chief Magistrate of a republic
re^n.ng his otiice 111 or.ier to liiiiu a oiiel? riuckjr I
a-> was tue a tion uie counsellors of i;olanol Baita I
Biiiv at on o ihe dangers to be leaved from such a I
proceeding, to leave tue Pres! leucy in lite fi.iu'is of 1
an inexperienced man, at the ver.. time wlien t!io j
Country was passing through the excitement aud
penis oi an electoral campaign, woul i indeed have
been o, euiug ihe door io all imaginable eviis. Protest
ufter proteai, supplication alter sup,.licaiion, I
we e luitiie io the 1'iesulent, but all 11 vain, uutii
bj some h.i] pv thought the Minister of War orouxht
u new personage on the sieiie i.i the torm o> tue
aged inuincr oi o'olouei Malta, 'tins veneruoie ladv, I
i,o>.<ts u of ureal imniitid aud siring intellect, I
fcr.)ii?ht the-e lu coujauctl n with tier maternal ;
ftuthorit) to i> %ir tipoii tue question, lbe decree
* as destroyed, ?od i uecotuoat postponed tin fuituer i
tut Io. anger of the iresldcnt, allayed temporarily
lu tmo i a.tlculai iuaiance, awaited only some j
other oppurtuni'y lo rise to the suriaoe. jliat oppor- j
jlun.tv waanoilouganwakingitsaypearanco. ftte i
readem oi i.ic iUiUt.O uav atrcajy ueeu informed
that I'erii h is recently been it '.uo.oi <rah tue prtjv !
" u>.c of the xrai i upa't uip.oui.itic lunciiou.try who
lias vis te t ih. se regions in the person oi jaouaenor
Aciiiiutenl, the Atehbishjp ot I\nex. Tuts rev*
ten.i geitiemau, ot conie>sedly great ability aud
aiobt . iiiiuug inauners, was made, noivru cozens,
the reci|<?eut oi an extraordinary ovation on his
arrival in i.i.na, and tue reception accorded to hi.a
l>> ihe Kovcinaieiit was of that character only emptied
towards p.eulp>ieutiarles and diplomatic
awi'uisof me highest rauK. It appears, however,
tb.ki Mousvaor > en .uW'iii l.swnat is tecnulcauy
cai.ed a delegate, a species of hybrid oetweeu a m.njatei
resident aud the more humble chargi
d'a..aires. bMN li -nature! people unuertooii to
cavil mI the error winch, thev a*s;>rted, liad been
CvminiUea by the goveiuiiioui la tue ceieinouial
ot-sei ved. a id this reacnitig the ears oi the
Pieauicut ne bcized upon me occasiou as a aood one
to vcai li.s Fiuiiibering wrath. Cadtng nls Ministers
logcihi'r lie rcinoaehcd iheiu with huving allowed
hi ii to fall into this iuvoluntary fault, auu. proceed- I
tug iroui one tepie to another, made it to hot ior tue
CkUiuable geulieuieu who held portfolio* under tmn
ib.t they concluded a more modesi sphere of action
Hfrouid i>e more consonant to tueir taste*. Hence,
" * ? ? l?(a raittnai V.ut itiafl varith
IMMIIIf UpOIl lilt!) II-5UI1 c, mr vau.uvn, ......
flic execution oi th?; Sccietaites of War and
Fiuuuc*. wiio happily na<l weatnerea tho ecofiu.
Auotner BeilOUs conflict apjioaicu Inevitable. At
the ii^proacii oi uio ele^tlous it eeemcd dinlcult to
8lii*m new political advisers ior/,o snort a period of
ine. 'i lie bull was a^ain taken b) me horns; the
indefatigable brother o( tne President, the j-etyetary
for War, conferred with hi* retiring cul.eagues, wnn
Cite President, with everybody, and dually, alter
much smoke. the matter Wd.? at ranged.
i Tills is tbeslorv of our excliMueut?pleasant au<l
fcinumug, i-lucri the curian Jalis u^ou u MthUled
tuditoiy and contented ponoimors, that t ie coumry
i prospering, and, luore tauii a.l, tiiattU gjod Old
cry oi nobody hurl" ip Ob tt^ uv^ieiin.
Til* COOLIfc qt/tyfttON,
filways of the biahetf lnorot hiil importance to
he iv-idenls of 1'eru, inej'ts also wlih attentive obeeivatiun
lioni abroad. Tli'j action ol I'ujland and
the cuued ?tii>e4 in silguuti/.iug tuis watilc a* unworthy
ol civilization. >m<t prouuiutitf vessels carfy
tna the flag* of those natioiis iroui eagntfuig in it.
Checked ;lio business ;or a time; Out stucc some of
Wiet'ential American republics, together with Peru,
Ieut tiwfir countenance to the tru le It has greatly
noreatioo, en per la ly with regard t j tills country".
From tl?e oQieial da'a >i>ur oorruapondent has oeea
iible to sr .ure fr jm tne custom house autuoiltie-" of
Cullao U uopears that during the vear 1*7.) 7,560
?oo.iet> arrived at that port iroui China. Hut the
impetus ^ive i to connner tal and agricultural iu?
t> rest*! iu l ent oy the prosuu'lon oi so many publie
wotks, destined to ba of immense advautage to
the country, caused merchants to leu.l more attention
to the truffle, and Iroui the compicncement
oi the pieseut year the movement
eas boon greater than ever btfore noted. This is
proven by the fact that from the 1st of January to
flie ihuu ot .Mine, l?71, twenty vessels ariived' at
V'ailao. landing ^,lti emigrants? l.ooo more than
during 'he twe.ve months preceding. These vessels,
to'iwever, have not, at a jicnerul thin?, male what
are caiieu fortunate vova^' s, the loss of coolies
iurintf Hie transit irom siCKuess, muiluj aud ccl>
fliu utii:H)oiizi^ to over six per ecui on tue number
embarked la tuc Chinese pons. klercUanta usually
?ouutupon a loss of tlirea per ccut. une of tbeao
-ve?Ml*. ifcr ClOtiMe, was particularly unluck'T. UftVIijh
Men umta out ot lie I' cour^ into (he noil hern
?< ??, ?ud .osing irom ilie e fleets ol hie extreme eold
mor* ttjuii leu per cent 01 lier passengers. ihe
tra le, howev?r, is 011 tnc increase still, and tlie
)?enivikii Mn.istcr in l'aris lia- oeen lu.-frtirted 10
piorHWJ to Lt?ti in hi order 10 inane some arrauifitm
n.eni wllli hie I'oi?ujfui ifoverutneut towarus
vlK'rlng iinuiantee* lor^ur k 1 r><l treatment 01 coolies
|jrr? and thus removing tue ltin^'UncuTM winch
r*o?-n 1/ have oecu placet in the ??;.j <>r the trailc
l?i tii? <>?<vernur <>1 Mucao. It i* to t>e ieaic.1,
neTerUieie**. thai "u< h promlMxi although made in
f;.iod laiib. ni^.r prove i? i..? jji'.Jsory. heaiute a : ol
he eitorts of i'ie aninonne.H he:e we r.-oene emigrant
at> ounta ol extreme ciueltj oa Hi?- p^a o: in-;
?>l,?ater* toward* the CUioe^e. it, mueeu, ?<>eiuii to
l>e itni'0?*in!e to extend th? pinter of the povern?""ni
to the remote -?. tu ns of tr.e uuntry and to
prevent the "norm lues that art' of iial.j occurrence.
V ucnerer Miuii Cli;ne?e. i:ioie .'01 >uu?te tiuji his
t* i'W*. arrives at the t;me fxed for theer.piratun i f
Ji - wiiii.net and llnd* himself at liberty, at.- nrst Men*
we directed towards Lima. where. uiue case* t ut uf
Uu, ho tIuom<< flicmcif up<n the chanty ol rue pUb.
he. 'j or reasou o; this l? Mitip;> a.J incaracUir lur
srirlt, a imh* irtim brt-'iai Ueatujent or irom a nat.
ma. oi-nic Inat.ori to leiiew mo tonneitsoi four
jtara. iiuOimes ate naturally a uiost inUuvtnou*
acre?' J*1e
K ESSiVSS?""' '? ASSS52i"5SSS:
KatSS .felted. - * ?? ?Kpre-?cd tow detertfiu
ViiU secure 40 tnorooftoly re orui the *y??.?t
"ore uuK. ** rl??118 o1 ln? ?*?* ou ?
Th?> works *
??.,?? .v? ,-n ,tK' line of railway known a? the
vi ii he <*n?iiu? troui Callau to near tlic ivru:
' ^waters of the Amazon, are belug pn-hed
wltu nineti uiore rapidity thau Is jrentraliy
imhI. On ibe first of the present month Mr.
uuiihowiikl. the chief engineer. auU Mr. Henry M.
Keiili, the Intel! gent and active superintendent of
the iniid, organized a must deilguum excursion for
their menus, panning over the wiiole extension of
the line lo a polut ilmiaut Ufty iiilics from C'ullao.
At ilu* place, called locacuacra, tiie real difficulties
of the rsdlway conitnence, lying. as n does, at tno
very loot of tlio Cordillera, uuu iuarkluu th<? Initial
point of the struggle of art to surmount the obstacles
luterpitHed by nature. At an elevation of 0.800
feet an immense mouutalu of granite has lo be
crossed by the rails, and t? tfaiu this height me most
ingenious and skilful engineering how been called
Into requisition.
Tlie Political lloilxou BriMktenlnv?Thr rrr-.icVotiul
Canieni?iilMrnuHirni of ih?- NavyRail
way Prugrra*.
Lima, July 22, 1871.
It must l?e pleaslnsr lor those foreign capitalists,
both lu the United States aud In Europe, who are so
largely interested lu Peruvian securities, to know
that tins country is adding a pasre to lier history
tnat will go far toward balancing the loug account
of bloodshed aud unarchy recorded against her.
The struggle lor the presidency and Ylco Presidency
oi tho repuolic In being catrled on In a manner
thai reflects honor on the country, presenting an aspect
wholly different irotn those or former contests of
the same character. In the place of musicets, gunpowder
and lntlinldatlou, we have the positive
orders Issued t>y tho government to the chiefs of
tho departments, stnotly prohibiting anv interference
whatsoever In the elections, and directing:
that every citizen shall liavo the most perfect liberty
In the exercise of his right of suffrage.
The order given by this government to disarm and
place out of commission the national vessels-of-war I
stationed In Callao, which was cursorily alluded to
la my lust despatch, has given rise to much unfavorable
comment, in the first place the object lor such
a step appears to be wholly undefined, It being supposed
when the order was made public that souio
design upon the stability of the government was to
tie thwarted by the measure; but since that time it
lias been clearly proven that no such danger exists,
and that, straugc enough for Peru, no conspiracy of
a formidable character Is now being periected in
the country. Hence It is difficult to tathoin the motives
tnat Induced the publication of ihe decreo in
question. It is, indeed, urged by the friends of the
administration that the President was influenced
by a desire to reduco the expenses or the nation,
and had determined thus to negln a systematical
diminution of expenditure. Rut It would seem
that, instead of proving advantageous to the interests
of the Treasury, this decree will considerably
augment, lu th? end, the disDiirsements consequent
upon u war e-iutiiisiiiuuiH. iuu uhuiuku num-iou
bv the tine kuus of me iron-clad ana wooden frigates
in the transportation to Rhore, the Inadequate
provision made for storage and the neglect certain
to eusue to the ships themselves, from tin ridiculously
small number of men left on boaid, will all
lorru a large item on the wrong side or the account.
Bnt the two most serious phases of the question are
Mint, by dwbauding ihe crews of the vessels, the
government loses the services or n large body of
trained pallors almost Impossible to replace, and
piany officers, unabie to subsist on their hair pay,
Wili jln<l Jheiflselves obliged to seek other occupation.
Moriyer. the administration do?*s away with
^f'lat wis MtWm^rad the chief bulwark of the country
from forei&ti aggression, rendering useless the
finest fleet 111 the Pacino, and, lu case 01 war, woukj
flod it difficult to restore it iC ft war footing without
many mouths of preparation. ?
On tb-i 20d of this month the important railway
connecting the town of lea With the port of I'lsco
will bo soKihuH opened by the ^inl0tec?t Public
Works. Colonel saata Maria. Tne ctiy of lea, 'aoofit
forty mites froui the sea, Is the centre of an extensive
wine producing district, iroiu wheuce nearly
all the Ka':iQc coa&t 13 supplied fcltli mat most
hocessary artlclo of consumption, aguardiente.
1%??n ll??a ? * hoa Unn Kliilt Kir nricalA nr\ rnr.
prise Hie guve UJieoToai/ guaranteeing to the
EtuiUh shareholders seven per cenj annually on 1
tlie ca, Ital invested, and as tlie tvaiilc on the road
-will certainly prove <jojji;l<]eiitiile It is piore man
probable time the national exchequer will not t>e a
lo3? r l?y the engagement. Crossing a saudy aud
level desert no Unttcuii tea of consideration have
neen ntet with, and tno whole Itne, with iMiuiptnent,
ha.-, cost but a million and a iialf of dollars. Tno
elleot upon agriculture and industry tu that scctiou
is already apparent, aud laigo capitals are being
Invested In the vicinity.
Tlu fame or Mr. Melgga ha* evidently taken root
In Co.-ta Rica. A lew days slnie Mr. Alvarado, one
of the Minister? of that republic, airived here with
a proposition to Mr. Meiers froai the government
or his ewuH) for tno construction 01 Uw interoceanic
railway j rojecWd i>y Com Kica. It is
understood tUat Mr. Meiegs has received tlie pro|N>Ml
favorably, and that tlto wywllllow have
nearly armed at a conclusion, in case the matter
is arranged Mr. Kuth, it inmi superintend inf
the woikson tlie Uioya line, will be sent to costa
Jtica to build tno new road. Two years will be required
lor its construction.
A not in r railway has been decreed hy Oils government
to connect the city or Piura wiib the port of
raj ta, and ai-o .'or tho construction of a cotnnio.il<
tis wimif at tne latter place. From the contiguity
or the northern guano is ands to I'ayta this undertaking
is most important, and Piaur, one of tac
lartroft cities iu tlie iiortli, will derive great benelit
./lcui 'lie enterprise.
Political Auairit?Tbe New Ministry -l?eplo?
ruble I-'iir.iti -la! Condition of tbe Country.
Lima, Peru, July 14, 1471.
The nevra we receive lroui noltvia by this opportunity
In of more than ordinary Importance. The
Ions lookcJ-lor National Assembly, convoked by
Colonel Morales alter tbe defeat of Melgarejo, as*
sembled on tbe 18;ti ultimo at the city of Sucre.
After the regular installation bad been effected a
most unexpected message was received from Morales,
announcing his Intention to immediately reeljtu
tbe power coufldod to blm, and delegating it
to tho President, of thu Convention. This would
have proaucod me most lamentable effects, since j
tbe President of tbe legislative body was absolutely
destitute ol influence w>tli tbe military, and witnout
such tnflueuce anan by was more tuan certain.
A Heated debate. lasting two days, took place ou
1 tbe subject, wlieu Morales, persuaded of tbo liuoolttlcOOOMqaMM
of his resolution, withdrew hisroslgnatiou,
and tlie laboia ol the Convention wero
peacefully proceeded wltb. It was immediately
proclaimed ibat Morales was Provisional
President of the republic, according to
the coustuiiuon of 1861, until tbe Assemoiy should
have ugrced upmi another Constitution. Wlien Uils
iinponant matter is disposed of tbe people will
! proceed to the election of a President in due form.
I Jlii! new MlnHti * is composed of Frias. HNMOMit
I la l'apia, Cordova, Catnpero and Corrall, as Ministers
of Finance, Justice, Pubilo Works, War and
I For* Urn Affairs respectively.
Although peace prevails throughout the length
i and ureadth ol Bolivia and Uie luture appears to be
i promising, still the llnanciai conUlnon ol the couii;
try Is most deplorable. The foreign debt amounts
to tour millions of haM dollars, the home deot to
two jfj.l/ious; twe putfUfi fQ^eiitje has b^en expended
I oti creuit for one yeai ip tt'tVBUce, Su .i heavy controrU
entered into by the former adtpijusratiou
adj to the great difficulties of the Treasury. Nevertheless
Colonel M iraies In his message to Con?re^s
a-,-ures the nailon that wiih a low years of economy
and tranquillity a rnngr favorable state oi'attairs will
be arrived at. a? immediate attention Is to be paid
to the m?'ans of opening the wonderlnl uatural
riches of Uoiivla to commerce, there is no reason, If
peace cont.nue-s why this promise should no:
niBj NMMl
1 nil'* a' the Nnrrn(,?n??!tt? !f?r Vo> uw Iroiit
Mtw York i* Valpnrulso.
VAi.rAHAHO, June so, 1871.
lli?) rutted Srates Bteamer Narragansett, Commander
Meade, seven gang, I5i wen, sat'.ea from
bandy Hook March 21, 1871, at uoon. April in,
crossed the Hue in longitude 28 .to west, twenty,
four and a Lai.' day# from the hoot, under
canvas alone. April 30, eight A. M., anchored la
UarlKir of Uto Janeiro, thirty-nine and a half da.vt
| mm New York, under imil; good weather all tiie
i way. May ?. left Klo Janeiro in company with Her
Hnti<un c MHjca'y'i corvette Scout, aevcnteeu gurus,
400 horse p>.wer; Reparated next day in a gale. The
Narragauaett ud aootftweit gaies Hud light, adverse
wlnu.i ail inc way lo :he parallel of the River
I.a rial,a. "u the iotti of Ma*, oil cape Corncnte*:
; from thence Hunt, fair winds M l smooth **a; loriv
I miles off coa>t oi Patagonia, w,m ^ood weather ail
j the way to tvrniu of Magellan; anchored In Straits,
i oir Dungenest bpit, at tea p. M., June 3; anohoreM
I :n Gregory Hay Juu" 4, two P. M; handy Point, June
6; Fortcscue Hay, June 7; uorja Bay, June #; Port
; Cherruoa, Juae v. Punsed cape filial ot two P. M.,
j Jurie lo. aud same evtaing encountered a very h?-n vy
1 westerly gale, with thick wearier and driving
| squalls of suow, kail and alcet. Tuis lasted eignt
j days and dro\e iho blip down to latitude 5*
south, lungitud #o ve?i, nearly on parallel of
tap'- Horn; Mie ?hip unler cancan and i>ehaflng
wi ii throughout. < !> the lath Of J.ine a gale arose,
and g >i southwest, soutu, noutnea?t aau east. At
haif-pa-s? ten V. M. of June js un lured tu Hay of
Valparaiso nicer* and crew al, well.
v,n tue ii ol Juu<j wie Seoul an bora 1 In Valparaiso,
haviug pus*e I t.'irou^ t i.Ue ,Kniytli Chuui^J.
under stcaoi :rum .str.>ita of Mugeliau, and emerged
Ht tue uulf ot i'ena?.
The Nirtuiianaett only e'eatued in the Straits.
Tne Narragaiiselt, after '.aklug m provisions tbrea?n
aud sonr- .uei, cgin direct ror fan Krancisco. Wdi
DiiW?ahlY lie tfier# i, forty days.
Interview with the Mississippi
Non-Disapproval of the N<*iV
Condition of Aflhirs in Mluiasippl?Political
Projpjcts- No Such Organization as the Ku
Klux Klan -Course of the Southern Democracy
in the Next Presidential
Eleotion?They Will Stand Aloof
from tie Hanagsucnt
Wnm SciiPars Si'ittNiis, 1
Ukekkrrikr. W. va., August n, J871. (
Anions tho recent distinguished arrivals here Is
Mr. Jacob Thompson, of Mississippi, a representative
Southern politician, who, It will be remembered,
tilled the position of Secretary of the Interior during
the administration of President Buchanan, from
which he withdrew upon tho secession of his State.
S on after the organization or mo Confe lorate gov* i
eminent at Kicbtnoud Mr. Thompson wa? selected
as Us financial agent In Europe, wnither he was
sent to negotinle the cotton bonds, with what success
Is already known to the readers of the IIer\i.d.
Upon the clow of hostilities (after the amnesty proclamation)
Mr. Thompson, like most of the
Southern representatives In Europe, returned
to his home, renounced public lire and settled
down to the qu'etude and retirement of a planter,
wtilcn ho has steadily pursued to tho present.
In appearance he la not strikingly Impressive, but
In conversation there is an earnestness about him
that carries force and conviction with what he says.
He Is about sixty years of age. above the medium
stature, portly in balUI, and has a Jovial and pleasInn
presence. Coming, as he does, fresh from the
cotton States, I called upon Mr. Thompson a few
days since and found lum at his cottage on Virginia
row, wnere he was amusing himself in a quiet game
of cards with his wile and danghier, while The cnildren
of the latter were playfully gambolling on the ,
porch, making a very hapny domestic scene. Upon
explaining to nlm the uature of my visit Mr. Thompson
seemed disposed to suspend lus amusement and
politely requested mo to be seatod; bat tlUs 1 declined
and made an appointment with him
an hour later, at whicn tiuie I found him at leisure.
After some preliminary chat the subject of my visit
was again broached, upon which he smlicd and expressed
a willingness to give all the information I
required as to the couditlon, feeling and political
sentiment of the Southern people; but, he added,
"1 have a strong aversion to being mentioned in the
public prints, and I never wish lo be mixed up with
public affairs again."
"What is the present polities' condition of affairs
in Mississippi ?" I asked.
"Well, it is just as favorable as could be expected
under the circumstances. There is very little, or I
should say no political excitement there at present.
Every thing worKa quietly and peaceably, and I
think that In a very short time good feeling and
harmony will triumph over the animosity created
between the races by adventurers and scoundrels
from the North."
"la your judgment is tucrc any sucn organization i
in Mississippi lis the Ku Klux Kiau f" >
"So, mr " laughing, "there La not. Jnst after (ho
war, as Is well known, and an, In fact, after every
similar revolution, our country was swarmed wltli
horse thieves, vngulonds and robbers of every description.
In many insures tlie ro >oerlcs and outrages
were flagrant, and the disorganized condition
01 our civil sj stein win so incomplete us to tender it
utmost linpossiole to doiect them. Again, at one
time, under a resolution of Countess. we were entirely
witiiout civil oilteials. In mis state oi utfairs
tho citizens, having no protection for either lt(o or
property, organized inc nselvosinio quasi vlgilauce
committees, and in nuineroaa instances summarily
puui.slied no orious oifenders. Tnen wiiou we did
get civil oilli crs they wero audi a graceless set
that Instead of mending matters they tint nu de ihem
worse, i'ne worst characters were allowed (?) go
un whipped of justice; tIiiovcj* under Indictment were
turned scot free and criminals who wore eouvutal
In the courts wore pardoned out by the wholesale,
until the good ciil/cns were at the mercy of rovlmr
despera loes. It was nucessary under these ciroumftauces
t j adopt some means or protection, and in
uo instance was puulstimeat administered win.se It
was not derived. Tills gave rise to the cry, 'Ku
Klaz,' bat la my experience i have never Known '
oi inv tieisous who were molested on .iccount, of
their political opinions. Indeed, I will say tnat during
ilie period when the Mate was without any
ofiicia's at all there was less cnnic and leas punishment
ilian ut any oilier time oluce tno close of tjo
war until verv recently."
"Were these puni-limiata inflicted bj men
masked f"
No. The.v wore often openly done in the broad
daviitiht. but more often in the uignt, for tlie reason
that the capture ol tue oifcndi rs could t>c more
easily citecied at that time. I have yet to hear or
any military, or oven semi-military, organization iu
my State suc.i as the Ku Klux Kiau is auid to be."
"Do yon approve of the new democratic departure,
and do you think that Soutueruers generally
win acquiesce In It>"
"I do not disapprove of If, becaaae the leading
features of the new departure have become settled
!a< U, and It l.s useless u> bans ?n l(J 'be dead issues
on which we were defeated last time. The Sou!lie. u
people will and do now acquiesce in this new departure;
but they will tie averse to taking auy prominent
part lu either the forniaiion 01 a plattoim or
the nomination of a candidate. They have learned
by sad experience that they committed a
serioui! bluuuur iu the last Presidential
campaign by the active part they took in It.
Tnis time ihey will not trammel their Northern
friends, but will rattier follow exactly in the course
laid down t>y tlie Northern democracy, f even
doubt the policy of Bending delegate* from the
Houtli to attcud the National Democratic Convention,
as tnolr presence might In sonio way embarrass
tlio Northern wiug of the party. Ilut we are
resolved In all thing.* to be gul lei entirely i?y whatever
is determined upon i>r the Northern democracy,
keeping entirely aloof from the management
or direction of the canvass, or the construction
of tnc platform, or nomination ot the candidate.
Ho far as tlie amendments are concerncd
they wtti'c put in tlio cou-tttutlou by fraud and by
force, nut tfiey arc there, in form an 1
It wonld be foolish, injudicious and impolitic to stir
up agitation over tlie-o amendment*: aud wo do
not choose to get rid of the 11 by revolution. There- j
fore, Wlille we of the Routh do no* disapprove of the (
newdeparturo.lt Is limply on the ground Unit wi
canuot muke issue on tlie constitution."
ACCKrr TiJK flliCATlON. j
"You think, however, tha; t.he iuam ottlitf 6outh- j
ern people do accept (lie situation r"
"That term 'accept the puliation' is perhapi lo*s
understood than any other hackneyed political
phrase of Hie day. It implies hostility to tlie government,
wiib h does not exist. The constitution
and the la#s we aro all. as good cilfzejis, bound to
obey until ilio one Is al&ehdod 61 the othotsj repealed.
WiulC #< propose positively <o accept all
that has been done, theoretically we are opposed to |
' thcB? infringements apou our rights."
"Who 'lo yon ilium ?i mose now namou wouiu de
1 the choice of Hie Southorn people as ft candidate
! for the Prciiijeney >"
"That J aui nnable to hav; nor am I Mifflclcnily
informed as to tlio names put forward. There are a
number of promluent gentlemen in mo democratic
party anv or whom would tnako a good President.
What we want is a President wiio will cnforce the
; constitution and laws without usurpiug them?
a man who will lalttirmly discharge the
hlfli tn^t rwawil III him. mid not u?k
I that higher power t&an the oonsittntion authorizes
I he conierreJ upon htm; who will lie a check upon the ,
, ex> eases i>f the ItftilMlvi branch of the govern*
I ment; who will endeavor to Icm<>h the presem op,
prcsiivo Taxation and almlnstci the government generally
for I lie weliare o: the people. Mr. Hendricks,
| Senator lliurman or Governor lloiTinan, eiiner or
j tliem would make a good President, and would,
from tiictr ku >wu pui noM-ra aud st ?ie?uiausulp,
unite tac party and draw out its full vote.1'
' What will lie the eiieci ot Uto Ku K.lnx lew in
the i est pi esi lential election t"
"\y hue I do not believe that therft will be any
canse on the part of tne democratic party to require
Its enforcement, still I am satisfied that u pretext
will evi-rjrwhere be made to uie it. Without that
Infamous law tiie radicals may possibly lose the election;
with It (Jiant cannot tie dclcaied. It places
t:ic control of lus own election In Ills o vn hand * and
virtually makes htn. Dictator, wtuch he win be, in
eflect, II elected with tiie aid of or undei that law. '
Ii.en you anticipate intimidation at the poll*/"
Yes; cer.alnly m tt.e .Southern States and perhaps
; in ihe Nortnern hiatus. Every aruflco known to
; political Mi< kery will be resorted to by the radicals
wl'.u a view to employ Ion e and ujc federal bayonets
la ilio elections. ' slioUul not be surprised if
riots wore gotten up In au ti.o principal cities of
the south wiitj mo dciuoir.ua are in the majority.
Lulled states .foops would ihen be called inio action,
bloodshed wi.l e.ih-.e, and on Hit sft grounds the
radican iu congress will throw out ttie vote of such
Htat' S in the Klo ;orai College. Tills ku KIijx Ikw,
I which goc? entirely beyond the constitution, am*
UDAY, AUGUST 14. 1871.,
tnn Present the most arbitrary power*, and. Judging
from lila pant course, he will not tie slow to use
tt.em for hu> owu aggrandizement and peiputuut.ou
lu power.-'
"Are the people of llie Houtti opposed lo llig emigration
ol Northerners among them
".no. On the contrary, they are everywhere delighted
to see genuine Northe.n seiners coming
ainom: them, and to aueb people ?hoc.omo honest./
disposed to engage in the pursuiM ol industry a
cord'al and hearty welcome will always he extended,
regardless of their political proclivities.
? .Uiu,,;, U|. l.i*au. I
uuc supi ubcj mai uw ** ?? ?* ?*?
lev's tiiieviu carpet-baggers' are held at the South
is any Indication or me sentiment or feeilug of tho
people here towards the people ol the Sortu. 1 am
sati.?UP<i uo one duos except for it purpose ol a
political natute. The cormorants and adventurers
who leu the North lor the intlulie good of thai sec- :
tlou, and cauie Mouth in hordes alter the
war, not only engaged iu everv species or
pluuder. liut tiiay al->o stirred uiiemuity and had
leeling between iho races, which even now .s the
oniy disturbing element among us. l or these we
)iavo uo Hort ol friendly feeling. v\ewish to ha\o
no more of ilieiu among us, and we would joyfully
part with every oue of loom nero now."
How are the negroes now disposed towards the
whites r"
"Thev are disposed to cultivate the kinaeHt reelings
i?t wards their former musters, and have more
confidence iu them now that they have iu many of .
their oh li people. If H were not ror the carpei-uaggers
there never would have been any feeling betweeu
me races other than Irieudly. No honest
negro fears the mythical Ku Klux. That organ l.'.a- ,
tion, ir It t an l>e callol one, was started in >re
by ihu intolerance of the uesrroes than anything
else. Negroes have come to mo and said, 'I
dare not voto tne conservative ticket.' In
nmuj instances where they attempted to exercise
their political opiiiious independently they
were mobbed and olieu driven trout their homes
oy nearroeM, who are driven to this cour.se by
the carpet-bagger*. This state of ailairs Is however,
fast wearing away, and tue negroes are rapidly
beginning to Hud out their best friends. It is coming
about slowly, but surely, and in n lew years the
negroes ot the boutli will be as inuca divided iu
politics us tne white population of any of the
Northern States now is.''
Tills ended my conversation with Mr. Thompson,
who again remarked that he had been Interviewed
under protest, and said he. "1 have been so long on
Hie politiosl grniirou that 1 do hate any thing like
publicity in connection with politics." I thanked
him for his kindness and bade hi a a very good
hut for what put pore is not developed; but wiseacres
say there is "something in tin* wind. " Governor
Walker arilved last night, Governor Randolph
is still here?perhaps ihe two handsomest
Executives in the country?J udire Wood
ward, of Pennsylvania is here; s>o Is Mr.
Uonrad, of Louisiana; Judge ltobert Ould, of
exenange notoriety: Colonel WHlaiu T. Sutherlin,
of Virginia; General v\ istar. of I'ennsylvanta: General
butler and Coionei Soulier, or bouth Carolina;
W. W. Corcoran, of Washington, nud a host of
others, while a tew more distinguished lights are
expected lu the next lew days. General Beauregard
will oe ueie next week.
rns jisntK of an apostle of ?tbe
RKiUTS 01' man."
Mmrp Letin from Madame Henri Dolebclnze.
to the editor of tub ilbluld:?
Bib?It appears that there are two ways of con*
met lug a newspaper. Tho editor of the Herald
may, from various causes, be led Into false and
damaging statements concerning Individuals connected
with matters public, but, as far as I have
observed, lie la always ready to open his columns to
the injured person-or his friends and allow them to
sorrect, li possible, an error, if an editor inadvertently
injures auotner and offers all the reparation
in bis power he is said to possess a trait strongly
;liaracicristic or a gentleman, ir a man thus offends
>ne may goneraTly count on spee ly Justice. But if a
Knave slanders a man or a woman, wilfully or malgnanily,
he is certain not only to roPa-ie all repaatiou
but keenly enjoys the sufferlug which his
nallce Inflicts, and redoubles insult in small, tricky
ivays, satisfied while he things be stings.
The following letter isre>usen puoilcaclon In the
japer where It ought to appear. I appeal, therefore,
o the Herald. ascitis/ tne favor of baimr iier.ulttcd
hrottgh itacolumus to defend mo tjiaudered lady of
vhoiult treats: ?
Ji R-UY firr, A'KUSt 7, 1471.
To roe Kpuor of thk New Vonic Tutbuns:? ;
T'is followum paragraph appeared in tne Tribune
)f *iituritay, August ft. Tlio paper was brought 10
no r?y one ol your own subscribers lu ureal Maligna,iou
a; l' yesierday in truing: ?
The Miter ot Delosclruo, the famous Communist,
bow tit hov sixtj-tmn year, is to oe triad ny a ottui5ll
or war at Versailles on various charges, she is
laid t<? have been a i>?<ro'??*< - and to nave murdered
several of <lie troops or Thiers. According to
some ticcouuis who is a venerate fury."
At v husband helng out of lotvu, iiu l. moreover. 110
reader or ttt? Tnttnnt, I trust that till* miserable
ibt'i on tits sister will never conto 10 his kuowie ige.
Hut, hoivevci may lie, ( laKo it upua my so; l in
11s absence to wrl'e to >oa lu relation to II.
Vou aro constantly crying out against the "lies''
nnd "8lHttdeiV heaped upon the name ol ihceiiuor
>f the 7'iitmnr. Your experieuco has taught you
that 1 olilic.il hato is a ready and most imsuiipuli.tis
uventor. \ou proclaim y?.ur ballot that slanderers
mould be punt?neit, yd you print in your <;owsip''
111 infamous slander uKalust au ttgod lady, hearttroken
by tnc cruelest nlals and Buiieriug under a
veUni ol unutterable w oe.
U uerc <Ud you uneartli tnts delicate bit of "goa;ip"
which brands n woman Willi ihj monstrous
:rune3 of incendiarism au<i murder r l have made
nls morning a carelui seaich turough torotgn KngIsli
and Fiction ill -s, itiroiiuli telegraphic and correspondents'
news, and 1 tliid tlds piece of infamy
lowliere but 111 tlie New York '/r.ouite.
You Jonouuce slanderers wiicu four own name an J
person are con erned, yet you deliberately put in
jtrculatio.i a slander aa unst an a<ed lady euiircly
iiuknown to you, au 1 wno, rroiu iter family position,
la exp ised, as von are well aware, to rancorous
muck from the enemies ot tier tirotuor. The most
sttperflolal examination will reject tuts calumuy
us a palpable laweiiood. Ho>v could an ag.M lady,
"sixty-11 ve years of a^c,'' have wurdorod ' several
of rtiicn' artne.l troops? T.10 cowardly mendacity
or the charge will appear wbeu I state tUat ttus
maligned weinan isa conurmed invalid, has been onn
a long time, so delicate 111 body and irti.il 111 strong: 11
as to have been obliged dating the greater purt
ol the last two years to keen her room. As to 1119
tales ol house burning by the women or the French
capital, that miilignaut taiaetiood has r>een disproved
a*.1 m and attain by eye-Wiiiic.sses or tho painful
struggle in Paris, and denounced by tlieui as a mean
Invention of the Thiers n^sasains, in order to excuse
their horrible butchery ol women and children.
The history of "Delesoluze, the lamous Coinmou1st,"
Is perleo.ly well known lo you. You printed a
sketch or Ills career 1101 long ajro. The charge you
brotuhi against htm was tlut lie was "an uncompromising
enemy of despotism and wroiu-" lou
na\e since poUlllMd dMpMckMNM 10 have been
found ou Dis dead bo l?, bui whose very text proved
them to have t>eon forgeries.
No one know* better than yourself that the Commune
lougnt lor municipal liberty ns a necessary
safeguard to the republic. If it sought to secure
Jubiieo fur the prvtitalrp and a recognition
ot his r<ai weight and woiih in the human
family, these were lo conic as an outgrowth of
the internes and lust legislation guaranieed br
the independence of the tannuiune. 1 ins was, perhaps,
a visionary folly?a dream: but it was a dream
which good wen need not blush to cherlsn. You
have denounced the Commune to your heart's content,
without having a particle of re lab.c evidence
proving It to have commuted crimes. You have
allowed yourself a latitud" of denunciation only
limited when epithet Mas exhausted. You have as
M?|I<><1 I?CltMCIU2f, Ilie i oilliliuiiisi ii-aurr. nua uwi
all tuis euougti to have Kutts.l?d your Ambition a*
"a conservator <il morals t" i'ould you uos nave
withheld llie dastardly an<l Inexcusable slander
printed in Mo Tribune of Haturlay against DelesClUZi
H f ilter, MQ't WlllCll lias no foundation Dill
Win I hatef - 'V* >'
von hare had the wl1 and tuo nieani or giving
this slander a wide publicity. inu have oiiereU it
to otners lor circulation. It remains lo bfl feeed
whether you will Ii.ivh tiK'justice to pnut this letter
wlilcli contains its refutation.
No allusiou l?eeu nia<le to this letter by the
Tnb 'hc. Months of vituperation against His Comnmue
has not satisfied Its greely hate.
In the thick of the light, and while the Commune
was struggdug lor the municipal liberties of which
Purl* had been robbed by Napoleon 111., the editors
of the friitUTU' could not conceal their contempt for
a national guard, composed largely of working
mechanics?mere printers, machinists, masons and
such. These French artisans, among the most skilful
In tlic world, were regarded by the splendid
patricians ol the T^IUum> as "cooks," "waiters,"
porters,' in fact "s^um,'' leJ by "obscure'' Individuals.
It was nothing to tlieni that vmgsr spue
turni-red them falsehood; but, supposing their
charges true that these gtiaids were waiters and
porteis, the poorest tact should have held In ctieck
tiu> suut'i b scorn of these inhuin noblemen whose
own liii'ion*, or grandfather*, lordly
cowi>oya iu New i;utfiaiui or pr.ucel> hoatiera ill
isovr, since the buttle is ended. they ?iku!lc after
the ifmiHitH <ii the bin1 p men who laid down their
liven lot h principle, h'-eklmf to ron tiieni of uhiiio,
churasler and DMrltin ttlfl e;n Ol men, anl umig
then dead !w:>'n hh lup-umcs svheieon to manufacture
libel. Alii n lic? ue the corpses of me coar.
ageoiis rebel* the^c newspaper Thenaroierti
happen to up? t? weeping woman relative tticy plant
then muddy hoot* into her (ace to let l.er feel by a
biow that *'ie has bold and rouratroourf enemlel.
Tons they conduct thenuelve* toward the dead who
can make no nefeuce, and toward any of kin with
tiicm who are followed 17 poiHeeation?pariicnl&rlj
if it ii? a wenian. I bev Know that the; have hei
and her- at a disadvantage. mcr are monarch* ol
all Uiey survey in their coluinue. and the* ta?e good
care that nothing *tiall enter therein to relate tlieli
Hlaudern or expose their baieueea. Then they re
fleet wttn pride mat "no one dare contradict n
utw4?ai>or.'' I'her rail thin "rue power ol tft<
press. ves; n is the power, and the oaief power,
v. P*?*' which the? happen to preside over, but
? .s a power they snare with every cowardly ruftlan
>iio strikes a woman from a point iteiuod which be
belleveu Uimseir saie. It is a power tliev share with
the hiithwavmaa thief who stabs a inan Id the hark,
us-aults the wouian at Ills side, rolm them b >1U and
then boasts of the terror he in-iplres. It Is well for
Journalism that the greater part of the American
press does not covettue character of a slanderous
bullj. Votlrs, respectfully, E. M. U.
Tlieiollowlnjf record will snow the change* la tha
tempeiature for the past twenty-four hours la comparison
vita the corrcsp:?u<lm.? day <>( Ui*. year, as
Indicated oy the thermometer at Hudnut's PUarmacv,
IIhkald Hulldin*, corner of Auu street:?
1870. 1?71. 1S70. 1871.
RAM KI -ro i' in** kq
(I A. M 81 78 6 P. M 84 86
9A. M 83 81 8KM 80 HO
12 M 82 87 12 P. M 77 77
A vera#" temperature vesteruay 81Ji
Average temperature Tor corresponding date
lust) ear 81
Officer Hording, or the Eighteenth precinct, shot a
mod dog in East Twenty liftli aireet yesterday alter*
About Ave o'clock yesterday afternoon an unknown
boy, about twelve years or ago, was drowned
at the foot of West Tentli street, by falling Into the
river wiulo attempting to Jump trorn one oyster
b at to another. The body was recovered and sent
to the Morgue lor tdentulcation.
An OHi er Attacked.
Court street, South Brooklyn, was last evening the
scene of a riot. Ofllcer Dougherty, U appears, ol tno
Butler street station house, attempted to arrest a
drunken brawler, named Michael Casey, when the
friends ol the latter assembled en ma-wand charged
the onicer lor the purpose of snatcntng the prlsouer
Jrom his grasp. The odlcer raised his club and defended
lumscK as best he could until Uoundsman
Martin and three ouer officer* came to his relier.
Tue?e instantly advanced upon tne reoellionH multitude,
and i>y dint of severe clubbing lorced iliein
back and made their wuy to the station house.
A Temperance Lemon,
John non<1, his wile and their little boy, aged Ave
y ears, occupied a cellar located at the union or York
street and Greene lane. Late yesterday evening Odlcer
Conway round the mother in a drunken sleep on
the floor aud tlie nttle innocent liltlc-s In the miserable
bed. lie had been sick for weeks and died
while his drunken mother slept.
Thero appears to bo a great amount of excitement
and a spirit of resistance among the druggists
against the law passed by tne last Legislature regnluting
the sale of drugs, and a determination On the
part of quite a number of them to resist the law, ir
those who are holding meetings and devising plans
to evade the law would take a little time to ascertain
what the law really Is the; would at once see
that the law Is not only a Just one, but one which
should be enforced. The writer, who Is an owner
of a drug store, took the palna to call upon thla
board, or, rather, Its gentlemanly secretary, and
ii'om him ascertained that the law piolnuiis any
person putting up a prcscriitlou or dispensing
poisons without having a certificate Horn the board
ol lixamiueis. barely no dru.gist can deny that
there should be Home regulation in iexard to the
sale ol poisons and the prepanmr of prescriptions.
Tiio statement which has been uiade that no ouo
will ho peijni1 led to ?eli salts or senna, Ac.,
without having passed an examination before tills
board Is not true. T|ie law does not prohibit a
clerk selling the ordinary drugs called for at the
counter o( m drug stoie; out it does prohibit?and
Justly, too?any person selling poisons or putting
up a prescription without having some qualiUtatlon.
Let all physicians wno put up their own prescriptions
be compelled to p iss th* examination,
as well as the druvgists, and let us Pear no more
about opposing the law. it there are any druggists
who urc not competent to pass this cxamiuaiiou
let them employ a clerk order** who have been
examined lor prescription clerks, and let them (lispcn?e
poisons and attend to tho prescriptions,
fin rely, 11 mere Is a man in tho drug business who
is miable to i>uss an examination ii>? ought to t>e
prevented Iroiu dealing out death miscellaneously.
Wiiu.d it not speak much hoder fur tne druggists,
and tend to elevate their prolcsdon, if they would
all combine to enforce the law rather than resist it t
< C. U. 8.
Johu C. Butler, of 301 East Tweuty-fourth street,
was arrniKiiofl before AMorman Cuddy, at Essex
Market J'ollce Court, yesterday morning, charged
with a felonious assault on Hubert Sanders. They
beeaiiR engaged tn a quarrel at 1'irai avenue ami
Twenty tittU atrcel, about two o'clock, and butler
atlacked zanders witli a dim knile, stubbing film
three tunes, twice in the arm and once m the icit
breast, sunders wan taken to Uelievne Hospital,
and liutler was held to await tne result ol his injuries.
At a late hour on Saturday night John Coonoy and
Tairlck McUtnn. voting men whose reputation* no
not stand good with the police, entered the residence
of John Logan, Skiiliuau street, near Union avenue,
W111 lam m burg, and acted In a most outrageous manner.
When Mr. Logan attempted to eject tho fellows
tney assaulted mm lu a roost brutal manner,
one of them clubbing lu in on tue head so savagely
that Ills lite is placed In jeopardy. Coonev and
McGinn were arrested yeuo day by Detective-Short,
and they are locked u,> lu tne Morioll sireet station
h use to await tUe result of Air. Logan'n injuries.
While omcer Thompson, of the Twenty-eighth
precinct, was passing through West Houston street
jesieruiiy UIUTIIWU, VI 1U* ? J'lisuuvt, nuvui uo nan i
conveying to the station house, lie was attacked i>j
h party of the prisoner's friends, ouo of whom,
named Thompson, wreucned his clib from him und
stiuck him on tlie urui witn 1, dislocating his elbow,
I and rescuing the nrisoncr. Alter a severe strunulo
the officer succeeded hi arresting Thompson, bat the
first prisoner escaped.
Madden ?On Saturday, Angnst la, at twenty-flve
minutes past nine r. m.. after a brief lllne.-a, Pathick
Mauuen, late of 1'astor's Opera House, aged
25 years.
The friends of the deemed are respectfully Invited
to attend the funeral; also the friends of Dls
siepiathcr, Henry isherwood: his brothers, Thomas
Mad len and Henry Isherwooa; also lus brothers-inlaw,
Thomas urennau and John Qnlnn. 'J'ne funeral
will take place trom the residence of his mother,
86sThlid avenue, between Fift.v-sccoud and Fiftythird
streets, at one o'ncck 1'. M. ou Tuesday,
August in, 1871.
B. P. O. E.?The membepj or New York Lod e, No.
1, will assemble In their lodge rooms on luesday,
August 15, lti7l, at half-past eleven A. M., for tne
purpose of paying the last tribute of respect to our
deceased bro.uer, l atru k Madden, by order of
THOMAS o. KIUOS, R. U. P., pro tem.
Loiir Frommk, secretary pro tem.
(For 01 her D a hs see Third Page.
UniHitD ' 'or New York ?flu* O.ij'.
Sunrises 5 09 Moon risen.. rooru 8 14
Sua Bets 7 00 High water.. .evo 7 2%
Stramm-. | taU* | Ontirtaliit. | Ofif.
A?nvila. I Aug 16. . I tllaigow 7 Howling (Ireeo
Nevada Au? 1*1..Liverpool 'JR' Hroadwav,
City ot Llmer'k. [ Aug 17... Liverpool lift Broadway.
Hannover (Aug 17... Ilretnen Broad et.
Oceanic Aug 19... | Liverpool |l!' Hroa<lwny.
Cujr of London.. Auu 1? .. Liverpool 15 Broadway.
Auitralla Aug 19... <ilainow 7 Bow.ing lireen
Alexandria...... Aug J'J... UUniiow 7 Howling (Irceu
Cltv of Antwerp. Aug 24... I Liverpool lft Broa iwnj.
Perelre Aug M... Havre M Broadway.
Britannia Au*.H.. |iliaigow 7 ilowllny <lre?u
? ny 111 nruni d nnj si,,. i.i?n
Atlantic jfept Mrnrpool IV Hroadway.
Lalayuite |Sept 9.. i Havre Broadway.
PART OF !\EW YORK, AlCrST 13, 1871.
y- The reported arrival of the atramahlp Oceania, from
Liverpool, In featerday'e Herald, w*? au error ol the Westem
L'iilun Te egraphic Company.
Hteameblp Wyoming (Bri, Whlnerar, Liverpool Aus 8 and
(Jtieeiiatiiwn 3d, with tndsa and paastngers, lo Wll lama t
uuton. Aug to, lat 43 60, Ion f>9 In, pasnai ? I'unard brlgrtgre
I sleame-, bound east; 11th. lat 4180, Ion 63 fi.'i, a bark
ri({?l eieamei of same lino, hound rati. Tbe WyoiAIng nr
fired on nantif Hook at 11:2(1 I'M Saturday, and made th)
usual algal signals, but was ey.Uenliy m.stakcn fur tb'
Oceanic. . . ?
Hteaunhlp Oceania (Fr, Thompson, Liverpool Aii* 3
Quemstown 4lb, with mdse anil passengers, lo .1 II Kparis
1Mb I cat, at 4 ? AM, caated steamship City of Brussels
hence fur Liverpool ;5:h7 AM, a Krencb steamer, bound east
5 67 AM, a North Herman steamer, do; 6 ^0 am, a Nation*
atehmer, dp; 7:liAM, a Noitb German sblp, commercla
' code signals gBPM, bound weal. ,.. .
f Hteamihlp Cortes, W hitman, l*ew Orleans, wllb mdei
I and passenger*. te II H (Vomwell A Co.
. M<*amablp Herman Livingston, Cbeesman, Savannah An
in, with m-iae and paaeengeis, to blTlngalon, Fmk A >. I 111
mat, at 7:?) A M. 94 nulre HW of Frying I an hhoal lightship
* bar* Victoria P?r*?, bound ouib.
i hi^nmibid Imc btll, blu^ADiAo. Jilcumcna, citj roml ftu
Norfolk, with idIn and p*4ftensers, to tbo Old Domtnio#
Sit-amshlD Oo.
Sleauibip John Olbson, Winters, Georgetown, DC, will
m<1se an I uuKDsen, to O H U?rii?K.
hieamsnip Kanlta, Doane, Philadelphia, wttb mdM, to tb?
LdVillartl Ht Diablo Co.
BVp Charter (tab (of Raarsport1, Tuker, Boston 4 daft, ia
ballast, lu Uar*er 4 Harue*.
Bros*' Elo*I">' Brown' "oston 4 days, In ballast, (9 I^t
*f*f1V'lot'.ldVI'-*,,l u,?*''lo<w. Liverpool ft day*
with ooal. to KuncL. K-lve ft c0. tamo the northern pa*
?M?e' h? ' w?fclerl? wlnJa to the Bank.; was 30 daja from
thence to port, with light winds auU dense foes: had a Dllol
on ooard i days. " I
Hnrk Mi gimtlcnnk, Crane, Sydney, OB, 17 days, with cqaj
lo C H Swam A Sun?vet'el to Miller v HjughtoO. tlaallgfy
winila und iblrk lots all the passage.
brig Scotland Br . Wllila. Port au Prince, U (lays, wltb
logwood, to K Murray, Jr Teasel to H K Untralf A Co, IIad
light southerly winds anil calm* the entire passage.
ltrltj Llltle rury (Br), Wyiuan. Areu ho, I'H, 12 Hay*, with
sugar to Burden A Pom?vessel to lleuey A Parker. Had
line weather.
I'riu Adallno Richardson, White, Ad llson, Me, 10 dajrs.
with lumber to Simpson A Clapp. '
Hchr M W Drew, Perry, Jacksonville 7 dayi, wltn lumbar*,
to Drew A Buck.
Hchr Eureka, Moore, Jacksonville 7 day*, wltb lumber, to
Warren Ray k Co.
Hchr J U L*avy, Browrs, leorgetown, D?', for New Bedford.
10th IniL OfT Chlncnlea ;ue, sprung a leak.
Schr Hnnlta, Evans, Virginia.
Schr O Curtis, Curtis, Virginia.
Schr Cnriad 1, Hudson, Virginia.
Rchr Jos Allen. Kelso, V.rHun,
Schr Kalle J llo>t, Aruol.l, u dtimr.re for New Haven.
. Paued T iniu ?h .leil Gate.
EOUXD 8 iur I.
Steamship Acushnet, Hector, New He I ford for New York.
with indue and uaMenjera. to l ervunon A Woo'!.
t'chr Viola, Uall, MachUa for New ioik, with lumber to
Simmon A Claup. _ ...
Schr Nellie Carr, Ensil, Bangor tor Ureenpolnt, with lum
ber lo master. .... ? >
Bchr l'otter A Hooper, Bradbury, New Haven for New
chr C B IlallncK, Frlsbee, Bangor for New York, wltb
lumber to Peter* A Co. , ? ? L
Hehr K b Tyler, Smith, Middletown for New York, wltb
vtoue to matter.
Hchr Empress, Kennedy, Rockland for New York, wltb
lime to J R Brown.
Polir Mary A Robinson. Rockland for N;w York, with lime
to J R Brown.
Bchr Elisabeth, llodgdou, Rockland for New York, Wltb
lime to uia?ter.
Schr Nautilus, Hale, Rockland for New York, with 11m* to
J U, Brown.
Bchr Rulh 8 Hoilgdon, Pendleton, Rockland for New York, i
with lime to J R brown. ?
Bchr Belle BedecK, Knowlton, Rcckport for New Mt,
wltb atone to Bridge Co.
Hchr Reuo, Potter, Bangor for New York, with lumber to
Sloinson A I "lap p.
Hchr Louisa ailson, 11111, Calala for New York, with timber
to Holyoke <t Murray.
Bchr Ida Ella, Smith, Pembroke ior New York, with apart
to Holyoke A Murray.
Hchr Mary Susan, Know, Rocklan I for New York, wlthllm*
to J R Brown.
Rchr Neptune's Bride, Grierson, Calais for New York, wltb
lumber to Blmpeou ,t Clapp.
Rchr A Burton, Poole. Bangor for New York, wltb In tuber
to Montrosu A Co.
Hchr Kan ale Hazard, Clark, Eaat Greenwich lor New
Bchr J 17 Mapes, Roe, Bangor for Flushing, with lumber
to Roe A Co.
Hchr Valid alia, Illll, Ellsworth for New York, wltb lumbar
to Peters A Co.
Rchr A K Woodward, Woodward, Calala for New York,
with lumber to Simpson A Clapp.
Schr Martha Weeks. Ureen. Sullivan for New York, with
lumber to orvler.
Bchr Oamma, Huntley, Campobello for New Y'urk, with
lumber to order.
RcUr Eliza Hamilton, Hamilton, New Bedford for New
bcbr Wm Molioon, Hart, Rockland for new York, with
lime to J B Brown.
Sohr Pallas, French, Rockland for New York, with lime to
Hrlir P A Reading RR No 80, Hick*, Black Rock for Philadelphia.
Hcbr Telegraph, Niokerson, Uardlner for New York, with
lumber to llolyoke A Murray
8chr ?lm ('ity, Kelly, Rockport for New York, with pavlof
stone to master. I
Bchr U L, Loveli, Rockport for New York, with atone te
Johnson A Co.
Bchr Ore^ou, Perry, Rockland tor New York, with lime to
J R Brown.
Bohr Anaconda, Wallace, Mlllbridjjo for New York, with
lumber to Blrnps ;n A Clapp.
Kchr Bauuatuck, Uavla, 1'lcora Bar for New York, with
wood to order.
Hchr A J Lindsav, Crockett, Rockland for New York, wit*
lime to Hamilton A Co. _
Hobr Reading Rati toad No 43, Burton, New Haven for Phi
Hohr W F Burden, Adams. Providence for Rondout
Hcbr A Pharo, Bingham. Provldeuce for Roudnut.
Bchr J R MoKee, Wilson, Norwich for hlizabelbport.
Bchr Chancellor, Curtis, Provldeuce lor New Vork.
Hchr Kranooula. Jams, Now urypon for N.-w York.
Bchr K Lindsay, Hill, New llaven for Rondout.
Bchr Rent, Montgomery. New Haven tor itondouU
Sclir Union, Mames, hrMiep.irt fur New Vork.
Schr Aleianoer, Catbcart, Providence Tor Philadelphia.
pcltr Helen Augusta, Welle, B??ion for Kiliabelhp irt.
Bchr Jacob Lorlllard, lleebe. Bridgeport lor KllnbethpoiV
Bchr Prank Maria, Wood, Bojto i lor hlirabethporU
Bohr Isaac Sherwood. Baker, Pr ivl lance for Uaverctraw.
BchrTeias, Catlin, Hart lord for Newbury.
Bchr K Mtirwlo. Bnwlh, N'w I.ondoo fur Aleiandrla.
Schr Connecticut, I'himiey, Bridgeport for Eliz^betbport.
Hchr Oen Howard, Jobnoon, Providence for New Vork.
Hehr John Brnoks, Pox, New Haven for J. rany City.
Sclir Allen U Brown, Dayton, New ile.lfor i for New York.
Bchr Artist, Parker, Portoh. ster for New York.
S'hrThos Kills, Kelly, Uaiivrrsporl for New Vork.
Hchr Wm Caper, kaker, bo?i..u lor Philadelphia,
Bchr Kva, Sberrnau, Norwich for lloboken.
Schr Oeu Scott, Post, Kali Klver tor New Vork.
Kcbr II A Demlng, Murphy. New Haven lor Philadelphia
Bchr J B SpolTora, Mot Julie, Stony llrook for New Vork.
.Bchr illlson Carman. Cote, Nova Scotia f"r New York.
Bohr II Wellington. Harris, Cromwell for New Vork.
U..I . K'.. O -If..,, ,IA>. ?,.? v? ir Ir
fiiibr Kinerald De ( astro, P112 Harbor for Sow York.
t-jihr I'avl.l S?* I son, Kerria, Ht.imtord fur N *w York.
fllnop Miiry hllzahi-th, KIwhhI, Sonthmirt (or New York.
Steamer Uni t tea, Nye, 1'rovlJeiioe for New York, with
Didee ait J |>n*ncil?i?ra.
Kr!g Alfaratta, O'Neal N>-w York for ft John, NB.
Hrig II (J Troop, Kerr.s, New . o. k .or Hnntun.
Kclir Kr?edoiu , Ilr), King. Net* York Tor Win l?or, NR
Srlii Welcome llouie (Mr , Hunter, New York for UarbOt
Qrai:e, N K,
Srbr Sallie Burton, Palmer, New York for Slumlord.
Kiiir Julia Ann, \\ ella, i iintoo I'oini for l'rovideuca.
Helir Kvelyn, red'*, New York for lljl ait.
Sehr II K Brown, Hackett, ftew Yor.t tor Norwich.
Hrlir 1-: 117 a Ann, Htunpbriea, New Vorc for Hrlatol.
brlir hlla, Sainioi*. New i ork (or lliiuiluuton.
Srhr Nt'Ui? 1J Benedict, hllia, Georgetown, DC, for New
Sr.lir Hannah F, Brown, Sarkett, New York for Bridgeport.
Nelir Thot \V Thorno, ScrMiun. N?w York for Providence.
Schr John Randolph, Bobbin*, New V ork lor <> tw Bedford
VRIDWONI. IX An: 13 8:45 PM.
Tbe hrlR which towed uu last uljjht atill remain* anchored,
off Klutliiny flat*.
B?rk Tharle* Forbe*, Siv.^et, from Sidney, CB, with ro*,
to in*?rer. (VVai r. oki'n Aua It), lat 40 ad,'Ion C7 (hy pilot
bout David Mltcbelf, Nj#\
W md at auuMt 8, light.
The porter of thp attamaMp Oceania, from Liverpool, Inn
nnr (h?nka tr\r fnvnra *!
W are indebted to punier R O F.van?, of tbe eteannbl J
Wyoming, frum Liverpool, for bis attentions.
We are under obligation* to Purser Waller Pym, of Ibe
(taamtblp 11 Ld?lnt?ion, from Savannah, for lavjr*.
Hnip Astronom (NO), Klopner, from Bremen for Ne*
York, J my Id, I at 4?>8R, Inn Si 14.
8hln 11*1. lie (Nil , ila'ch'u, from Bremen for Baltimore,
lat 40 63, Iub 67 30 (by pilot boat Da>ld Mitcbclli
B.>rk Dover, Htlluhen, from Richmond for Bordeaux, Ao*
C, lat 3 ' hO, ion 72 3(1.
KorH arn Port*.
A1U>RO#bam, July 28-Arrive 1. bark Oeo Peabody (Br\
Hilton, Liverpool to load for New Orl?*n?.
Arkcmo, July 28?lo port biles llenry a Louise, Hand
for New York Idg, to aall Aug 3; Sullivan, IVrry, for Bostun
wtg orders.
Ubihtoi., July 80?Arrived, bark Atlantic, Pennell, LJune.
Calcutta, July 1?In port ships Ueraldlne Paget (Mr1.
Duke, and Janet court 1 Br), Craw lord, forNewTork;
Knlgbt Companion, Lec-iuw; Urals 1 Viceroy iHr). Kuchart;
Erato 1 Br', June*; Krydloo (Bri. It n ><>tt. and Aula (Br),
Weimter, all for N?-w Vork Idg; Cr m*eli, Robinson, for
Burton no; Garden Keaoli. Ullinor-, mm.
Procedin2 down the river l?l. ships John O'Onunt (Br),
Oreiggs; Calcutta ( Hri, Murrlmu, and Petri of India (Br\
Johnion, for New York; llowden (Br), DitcUburn, for Boaton.
Went to aea from Saugor June 28, ship Inflexible, Lyali,
for Boston.
DKAI., Aug 1 ?Arrived, blnUkelt, Kantel, London for New
Bedford (and anchored).
Kai.moutii, Aug 1?Hulled, ship America (llr). BartWU
(from Onaiia,'e , Vlamburt;.
<iHKKN<>i;K, July 81? Sailed, ship Missouri, Bradburn.
New Vurk.
m ataiii k/, Ju t Ru In |>ort brlcs fter>*na P Rmltli. Dodge,
from Bangor, arrived 2?tu, uln^: T Tuwu>'r, Kmc, lor New
Haven Idg; <1 W Cham-, Pidllngill, from (luayanlda, arrived
Si'lb, with part cargo, for New Vu'k: Hurry. Seditley, from
Hrunsw.ck, Oa. arrived 28M; eoUr Wm Wtla-m, Wilson, from
Acuaitllla, in ballast, for Hultlmore Idg.
Bailed Jvtli, brigs Klslng Bun, for New Haven; Da lay (Br),
for New Vurk.
Post ad Pmn< *, July 3rt-In port, steamship Hornet, foi
New Vurk: bark Navigator (Cr), Idg for HavrejbWrt^Vllw
de lllane (Pr). for M Marc to load for Haw; uimr, d?ihbolm,
I'l; for New Yn'k, to mil In 2 days; Marlu*, Keed. do
fordo in $ day*; Hold Kinder, Young. do lor Boston In 8
days; sclir likiio Ollrei, Pennel for Mlragoane, to load I'ot
Niw Vorlc.
Vukuti', Aug 10?Arrlrel, steamship St Patrick, Stephen,
Olnsgjw; ship Carrier Dure, Pub, Si John, MB, for Montreal.
8lllFi.HH, Ann 1?Arrlvel, Grace Sargent. l'ote, Hamburg , .
A A B I.ovllt, (.oii.lr, Breunrhaven.
Sailed lit, Hope, for Mew Vork. '
Amerienn Porta.
BOSTON, Aug IS, AM - Arrive I. hrlgs Antelope, Peterson,
Pttllluinre; Cascatelle, Simmon*, Uoboki-n: schrs Augustine
A Marie t Pri, Yoon, Koeario; It A Mont. Peterson. Aleian
drla: Oneida, Watts; ?brl? Loeser. I>?vis; Win llo?, Tlce;.
Koainer, Koss. and Juliet, Htrout, Philadelphia; Pioneer,
Lotbrop. Hobokeo. _ . _ . ,, , ?
Cleared?Steamships Tarlfa (Br>, Murphr, Liverpool; Wm
Lawrence, Italian, Haltmiore rla Norfolk; ship Kiorence
Nl*bt ni.tile (Mr), Thompson,V.*S.; ,,ch
Baxter, Aleiaodris, Va; Sydney C Tyler. Marre.t, I bllvlelr't3th?Arrived,
b?rk Novamide (Br), Deal. London jbrlgs
(lliieeupina. Palermo; Itobert Dillon. Norkoplng; Helen,
fciirtnam ; S.dlsta, Trapaail l??doij. Port au Plane; Josoph
Clark. Ilohoken; sclir II I" While, 8t Marc.
BRUNSWICK, Ua, Aug #?Halted, bark Polly, Inktter
^Tn'InDINA. Aug J Arrived, *chr Lucy Hammond..
' lioRPOLB. AuI 11?Arrived, eteamshlp Wm Kennedy,
Il?iieu, llootoii; sobr Kgbert THra m, K..?e, New Vork.
t'b'iued Brig M A Diane. Dotan, MaUn/n.
t'ORTLAN (>, Aug 11?Arrived, schrs Warren Sawyer,Colib,
Georgetown, l?0( Maracaybit, lleiiier, New York.
Cleared?schrs h D Uloscn, liurei. New York; Kree Wind,
I Prlsbee, Newark.
SAN VkANCISCO, Aug 5?Sal ed, (hips Theodore Hueos
(Fr>, (Jiilgnou, Burrar I Inlet; Two Brothers, iilolip, Moleu
do, Peru.
12lh?Arrived, ahlp Si John, Liverpool.
! SALP.M, Aug II?Arrive!, strainer Norwich. limes. New
, Tork rla New Bedford: srlirs A HnmiuonJ, Palue, Port
.fohiison; II Curtis, Haskell, Klliabeiliport.
g" 1
J A dlll'erent States, desert on, ,\o., eiitlkieiit cause; ok
1 publicity; no charge until dlroiae obtained ; advli-A Tree.
t M. IIOtlBE, Attorney, I Ml Broadway.
k J?i detention from business, for Kirictiira, Pistula Pllefc
i Diseases of lb" Pelvle Viscera, Diseases and DeloruiUes of
tbo Kye, Nosfl, Pace aad Person.
it IIKM JtY A, DAMtLM, M. Dm 141 bfgiojton iMtfi

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