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The Massachusetts Orator Counsels
Sambo on the Campaign.
Perfect Vivisection of the First, Dcf r.pitntion
ef the Second, Torture to th^ rfbird. /
Our Demosthenes Shamefully
Tke Woodchopper /a Willing TooV of
Conspirators/aad Yillaigs. /
?y v. f
i ? i
OompaatfRjns/of the Past and Presi
ent of. the Presidential
' Candidates.
Boston, August 10,1973.
the'representative colored people of Boston
'addressed a letter to Wendell Phillip* the other Jay
tnvltncg him to address the citizens of the "Hub"
mi Mie pending political lssnes of the times. The
distinguished philosopher and orator hesitated
and finally declined the invitation; but in his letter
he took occasion to present his views In a most
earnest and unmistakable manner. Becognlzing
among the signers of the letter many who bad
labored with him tar years In the anti-slavery cause,
he argues the pending political questions with
them as follows
Of conrse the first thought that occurs to jou
and me Just now is that one of your
best, ablest and most. watchful friendsSenator
Sumner?advises you to vote Ibr
Horace Greeley and believes that your
rights will be sare only In his keeping.
I touch with reverend hand everything
from Mr. Summer. I can never forget his measuretew
services to the anti-slavery cause and to your
raoe. Whenever I read his words I read them
overshadowed by the memory of his early and
entire consecration to the service of impartial
liberty; of that seal which has never flagged; that
watehfblness which has seldom been deceived; of
that devotion which has so rarely shrunk from any
eecrtOee, which no opposition could tire and no
mtr tnn*l Vrnm anrh m. mnnwIIAr I VAtitairA tn
1 -rr? '? - *
?lt0Br with great reluctance and only after mature
deliberation. I should hesitate to publish my dlswit
if I were not sore tbat 1 was right and that be
vii wrong; tbat tbe occasion was very Important
and his mistake one whicb leads to fatal results.
my juixixxirr is the exact opposite
of Mr. Sumner's. I think every loyal man, and
capecl&lly every colored man, should vote for Genf
1 ?ral Grant, and that the nation and your race are
only in the hands of the old regular republican
party. Some may ask how I come to think thus
when 1 was one of tbe few loyal men who protested
in 1808 against Grant's nomination, and seeing that
1 have so oiten affirmed tbat tbe republican party
had outlived Its usefulness. Gentlemen, the reasons
which lead me to my present opinion, In spite
?f my former views, ought to give my Judgment
ore weight with you. I am forced by late
developments to my present position. Ton reumber
that in 18881 emphatically denied General
Grant's fitness for the Presidency. Derided by
the republican press 1 went from city to city protesting
against his election. In private with Mr.
Bonner and others I argued long and earnestly
gainst tbe risk of putting such a man into such an
oOce. At that time they saw only his great merits
aad supported him heartily.
are no surprise to me. I may say without boasting
that I prophesied those defects. I do not wish to
hide them to-day. I entirely agree with Mr. Sumner
as to the grave fault and Intolerable insolence
tf the administration in tbe St. Domingo matter.
I thins tbe frequent putting of relatives into offlcc
highly objectionable, and the sad career of Webster |
Is warning enough against any man in publlo lite
venturing to acocpt gifts from living men. These
and other defects are no surprise to me.
The eminent merits of Gcnoral Grant's administration
are, 1 confess, a surprise to me. Ills truly
original, statesmanlike and Christian policy toward
tbe Indians is admirable, and, standing alone, is
enough to mark him a statesman. Qls patience
mid Innumerable difficulties in our foreign rela- ,
Hons Is wonderful In one bred a soldier. Tbo aid !
the administration baa given to the Industrial and
financial prosperity of the conntry la a great merit. |
General Grant's prompt interference for justice to j
lrorklngmcn, In defiance of those about htm,
relative to the execution of the Eight-hour
lav, 1 shall always remember. Tbe cruno of
tbe republican party In tolerating tbe Ku Klux
la flagrant, but the President and his Immediate
Mends deserve our gratitude for their effort* and
access In that matter. Ills services to tbe fifteenth
amendment 1 shall never forget. When
one even of tbe foremost abolitionists doubted ,
and were lukewarm, I wrote to Senator Wilson '
king Mm to urge Genera! Grant to put ttoree lines ;
In his first message commending that measure to
OongrcM and tbe country. The answer came back :?
/Yon arc too late. General Grant's ncssagc was
finished before your note arrived, and the recommendation
you wish is in II."
It atlll remains lamentably true that tho colored
man has no full recognition at the North, aud no
adequate protection In tbe Sooth?shame to the adanlnistratlon
and the republican party? bnt their ,
Mends may fairly claim that during the last j
three years the negro has steadily gained In
the safe exercise and quiet eujoyment of Ills
right* I know the defects of General Grunt's udnUnlstratiou
as well as any man. 1 think, distrustful
as I was of him. I am abler to see the goor! ser- j
vtee be has unexpectedly rendered the nation.
Bnt ao matter for those defects. At tbe most tliey
are net fatal, and events have lirted President
flraat into being to-day tbe symbol and rcpre
aaatativeof loyalty.
iT?e conspiracy between Southern secessionist
and Northern copperheads, of which very naturally
Mr. Oroeley is the tool and, unfortunately. Mr. sumMr
If the endorser, and, 1 tiilnk. the dupe, leaves
(room but for two parties? those wit# are for tbe
nation and those who are again-1 it.
1 bate do Jot of my brotherly retrar.l and sincere
Mteem for Mr. Humner tn thus holding him decatved.
The entire faith 1 have in his uonestv of
purpose obliges roe to think him dup.-d. The ouly
vipder 1m bow tlile Is possible, when the South is
aotrMlentand shameloss In proclalmtug tier la
Matlou. The boutb hat long seen her mistake,
?pd?Aen eoufened it. Tbe Triirunt Itself iuaK.es
tfci* atatemenf as late as Jnne, isoi. That mistake
WMte contend for bar Ideas with muskets aod outbid*
tto Onion, leaving ns the government aud
taktagifeerself tfce part of a rebel. She has often
nnirnf""A the last Instance by the Hps of Jefttmm
that the cause wac not lost, and mim
4?c von by getting possession of tbe government
jmd leading a" la tbe opposition.
< uvea in mx .pr?hkkt ri-or.
Tfcat Mr. Greelev sees It would nerer prevent his
MUag It; that Mr. Huuner does not see it. Is to me
a Mfetter of profound astonishment. At such a
mouent the regular rcpuNlcan party becomes
iota thr (wv pW and only instrument of resists
lit*, and Grant represent* loyalty as Lincoln did
lr IMl. I do not care for hu defects, were they ten
jllnres greater. Chatfeuu and Junius rightfully forgot
|tee infamy of WUIlp.s when he stood the repre cnUNlvc
and symbol of the rights of a British sob- |
wt. B?en if I accepted Mr. Sumnor's portrait of
Fi*?ldei?t Grant, whleh is In some senses true, but |
, In so ae/we the whole truth, I should still vote for j
kin agaiOFt a reliellion at the ballot Itox to which '
?lleioy?irv f*yes all the strength and childish credu- |
lily alt 1M maracter. To stoji now for criticism of :
aiich nutts a* those ot General Grant Is like Naming ,
a roan's awkwardness when he Is defend.ng you ,
against an a?s,wln. I
noV?ri>ucT in rnr. nomi.
' ! proof that vlie conspiracy I charge is real, I
and no Octlon. I nt^d not cite JelTerson Davlr late
eiieech or the cw^'on of Mr. Greeley's ad
lierenu. Every lmpa.rlla' "IR" w,1? cob'e* to us
from the south bear# wltnew that the mass of
fioutUgfn ftbMf are wkVi*' JU) vjtUuup*
? ' *
ino W another revolt whenever the way i
tpeni. The widespread organisation of the K.6
Uux Known tbe name thing. That organization
sxlated op ,y because public opioloo tliere cheered
t on, anr, in BUpDretiHiQg It our government had i
Ittle h'jip from the lormer rebels. All this was tO
* erpected. It would be contrary to hi&tnrv and
'^P^rience were it otherwise. To put ttiu slightest
f th In protestations or copperheads and seces^onists,
made only to get office, Is building on a
uuicksand. With the exception of Mr. txtmner uo
reading liberal republican does really pot any faflh
in these protestations. Theirs is not a?ase of delusion.
they know well the plot and Tor the ,-ak?: or ofllce
they are willing te help it aud rlHk thevonne luwaoes.
They kuow that Mr. cteeley's election
uy.'iiny the ncjrro serrendered to the pale of the
Southern States, with no interference from the nation
in his behalf; that It moans the constitutional
amendments neutralized by a coppcrhcad Congress,
<mi debt tampered Willi and our bonds (ailing
twenty per cent In every market. Tlie democratic
millionnalre who 1s willing to riBk this has
alroady "hedged;" he holds millions of Confederate
bonds and is plotting to make on them more
than enough to pav four times over all he loses on
the national securities, and then safely laugh at ;
the small bondholders he has duped. j
Observe that 1 count as Mr. Oreeley's allies oniy
the copperheads of the democratic party. It is loose
talk to say be has joined the democrats. Such a
statement is an insult to the demooracv. The exact
trnth la, he has Joined the copperhead ring of the
democracy?Its worst element. They arc his reli
nnce. I know some honest war democrats wIhh to
rhange their bane and accept heartily tho result 01
the war. Honor to them; but their place is not
with Greeley. but wttb Grant. They fought at his
side, there they should stand to-day. I know It Is
hard to confess mistakes, but I practise what 1
preach. If General Grant 1b set aside who is ottered
to us is his place ?
horace gbkkley.
I need not tell you, my friends, what Ilorace
Greeley Is. We abolitionists knew liun only too
well. In the weary years or onr struggle he had
enough of clear moral vision to see the just ice of
our cause, but he never bad courage enough to
confess his faith. If events bad ever given film the
courage be never wonld have bud principle enough
to risk anything for an idea A trimmer by nature
and purpose, be has abusod even an American
politician's privilege of trading principles for success.
Cut (or lack of ability he would Have been the
oblef time-server of his age. I never knew till now
any ol his eulogists so heedless and lndlscrimlnating
as ever to claim that be was a slncerc man. As for
his honesty, for twenty years it has been a byword
with us that it would be safe to leave your open
pnrsc in the same room with blm, but as for any
other honesty no one was ever witless enough to
connect the idea with his name. Mr. Bumncr
trusts him as
a "lifistiiib aboutioni3t."
Tlda is certainly news to you and me; yon and 1
know well when abolitionist was a term of rcproaob
how timidly he held up his skirts about him,
careful to put a wide distance between himself and
us. iou will nna rcw worxing anonuouisis, who
stood in tbe trenches from 1840 to lnno, willing to
trust the negro race to Horace Greeley. I cau remember
the day when he and hlM fellow republicans
quoted our criticisms upon them as certificates
that they were no abolitionists. We can give him
Just such a certificate now with a clear conscience.
Judged by the files of the Tribune Itself, there never
was an hoar when Horace Greeley could have
been trusted with the care of the black man's
rights. No man has known bettor than be how
to manufacture political and pecuniary success
out of the convictions of other men. For himself
he never had a co?viction. Men contrast his
former praise of General Grant with his faultfinding
now; neither his praise uor his blame Is of
any account: neither comes from tbe heart; both
are measured and weighed out with shrewd calculation
for effect. Examine the files of the Tribune.
You will sec that whenever men's convictions on
any subject got a keen edge Mr. Greeley was always
ready to blunt them with a compromise.
He Is only acting now tbe part he has always
played. Men laugh when some stirring and loyal
sentence is Quoted from the Tribune of
1862 or 1RM, and Horace Greeley immediately
proves that he did not write It, out you aud 1
always knew that three-quarters of the loyalty of
the Tribune was smuggled Into it in his absence or
In spite of him. If hi* letters and communications
to Lincoln during the dark years of 1802 and JL863
are ever published the worm will see what you and
I have always known, that he could hardly have
aided the confederacy more unless he had enlisted
In its ranks or takei a seat In its Cabinet.
If, as Mr. Sumner says, Mr. Greeley la a "lifetime
abolitionist," how oomes tt that till within threo
years Mr. Sumner hardly ever got a kind word and
never had any hearty support from the Tribune ?
How often nave Mr. Sumner's friends heard
him expatiate at length on this point i
On the floor of Congress he has stood
for many a year the incarnation of the anti-slavery
movement. But he has again and again complained
that instead of giving him any support the Tribune
has constantly belittled his eflorts aud put obstacles
in his way, cheering his opponents and
carping at his measnres, or at best damning them
with faint praise. My recollection of these wellgrounded
complaints Is so fresh that I look at Mr.
Sumner's picture of Mr. Greeley with unfeigned
astonishment. Eveh the supposed conversion of
the Southern rebels is not so wonderful as that of
the Tribune into a supporter of Charles Sumner.
Doubtless we could find a man who would, even if
elected by rebels, still use them for his own purposes,
and it Is possible, in rare moments of exceptional
courage or virtue, Mr. Greeley may dream
VI UUiUM o? f rut' 4U WWI uuu o?uv iu\'uivutn uv
known he la their tool, and la contented to be so. <
Every man of common tense sees that, of course,
if copperheads apd secessionists
they will claim, and It la now understood that they 1
shall have, their foil share of shaping the policy 1
and Ailing the offices of the administration. They
are no bunglers, but Bhrewd at a bargain and sure
to get good security for a promise. The comer
Btone or their policy 6 to repudiate our debt or assume
their own. we shall surely hear that advocated.
We shall probably
and certainly have his agents in the Cabinet.
No doubt he will be consulted in the construction '
of the Cabinet. This la to put in peril all ,
the war has gained. I am not ready for such au
experiment. Jin old friend now residing in Georgia,
who stood rlUe In hand in Kansas all through that i
light, told me Just after the Cincinnati Conven- ,
tlon:?"Sir, before Grant arrested those twenty Ku
Klux In North Carolina I never slept without
a loaded musket at my bed-head and never
ventured Into the village unless fullv armed, since
that stern lutcrference in North Carolina I, even
afar off in Georgia, sleep and walk about as sare,
careless and free as yon do here." "If Greeley is
elected I suppose," said I, "you will
"Never. 1 kuow Southern boast aud what that
election means. 1 will never risk living in Georgia
under Greeley. I will sell out and come North."
Much la the testimony of a loyal man In the South. I
That is how it looks In Georgia. Gentlemen, I have 1
anethcr interest in Grant s election. The autl- ,
slavery cause was only a portion of the great struggle
between capital aud laltor. Capital undertook
to own the laborer. We have broken that up.
If Grant is elected that dispute and all questions
connected with it sink out of sight. All the Issues
or the war are put beyond debate, and a clear field '
Is left for the discussion of the lahoi movement. I
do not count much on the recognition of that move- i
rnent by the Republics! Convention, tiiough 1
gratefully appreciate it. Hut I see in the bare sue- '
cess of General Grant the retiring of old issues aud
the securing of a place for new ones.
It (Jreeley 1* elected we shall spend the next four '
years In fighting over the war quarrels, constitutional
amendments, negroes' rights, .state rights, J
repudiation and Southern debts, ami we stiall nave
besides a contemptuous ignoring of the labor question.
Its Wends were at Cincinnati. 'I lie Convention
scorned tholr appeals, and Mr. Schurz himself ;
afllrmed that labor was not a live issue. I'realticut ,
Grant means peace, and opportunity to agitate '
the great industrial question* of ihe day. President
(ireeley means the scandal and wrangle of I
Andy Johnson's years over again, with secession (
encamped In Washington. Toe saddest line to mc
of Mr. Sumner's letter was where l>o warns you 1
colored men not to band together In a hostile camp
aud keep alive the separation of races.
The negro, robbed, tortured, murdered, trodden
under Toot, defenceless in unresisting submission,
who has the tioart to charge him with an tola of the 1
guilt of keening alive the separation of races ? I
hurely this lamb has never shown an?- hate or any
undue prejudice against the wolf. I he Senator
used to think all the fault was on the i
other side. We put aside with the scorn
It deserves the insult implied In preaching
to oe iorgiveriete and conciliation. Andersonville
aud m>by prisons are still living horrors. Beside
the thouiaud* who were starved iberr hundreds
stlli drag out wear* lives in our streets, poisoned i
ail through bv that dread cruelty. The Braves of
seven .wtule native t^orgtau loyal men, |
ruthteM.T shot down in the Btieets. are |
hardly yet covered: the tirst-born of a hundred I
tboufcuts Uuutieliolcle are still freshly mourned.
Until wltUlii u J"?r throuj-hout half the South the I
m-iltv wa? roblmfl tortured uud tuurdertio with Im
punlty. tb? houtUeru preu ttlotytng In the atroclfit
n. M< at. whlie mao*e t? tne unparalleled mercy, f
the unutterable generosity of the nation, ninety- |
nine out of **<r/Cufldred <Jon federate soidierc enJoy
to-day aL lite right* tue.v had before the war.
JBPPSKso* juvif AM> mi rr.usovr AJihAaeins,
the real jailer* o: Andei sonv ilie and Ltbby-nshame 1
od tUone crueJ eyes that bore to louk on tort jre and ;
dared not look on war:-?til! live unharmed. In ;
peaceful possesxlen of every rlRht tlie law can
give, except that of ilftlntr their hands against the !
government which has spared I dare not
affix tlie epithet I think fitting to that mood
of mind wltfch deems it neeessarv and incoming
to preacb 10 such a community the duty of forgiveness.
Wed? not forgive. Wc have forgiven, but
duty to the dead and to the negro tortuds uk to
trust power to any hands without undoubted. Indubitable
c?ruinty that such hands are trustworthy.
if we lull in tWa caution wc shall only
and left 1dm doubly defenceless. I wish my voice
could be heard by evrry colored man down to the
(Juir, not becansc they peed my advice: uo, they
understand and Bee the dinger. But 1 should like
to rally them to help us, a sofoml time, to save the
nation. I should suy to them vote, every one of
you, for Grant, as you value jKoperty, life, wife or
.cWifc II weckj i? cicctea**in^ foufcttttto. con.
oeal your property, but organise for defence. You
will need It aooi^And sadly.
to aave your great question from being crowded
ont and postponed another four years, Soldiers, ?t
the roll-full In November let no loyal man ffeH to
answer his name. We decorate oar loyal graves
With worse Uiuu empty ceremonies If over them
we clasp hands with still revengeful enemies.
When parties and politicians betray us do you
as you dlil before and under the same great captain
to saw tlic State. If Grant la defeated I am
not sure we shall see traitors m the Capitol parting
the nation's raiment and canting lots for its (lair,
but wc are sure to see Congress lull of traitors and
In the White llouse their tool. Let every man who
would avert that danger vote for Grant.
A r,anl frnm 1ST. IT. Mil *trtIh#> flnlorfil
Greeley Champion.
To tub Editor of the Hbrald
Sir?In common justice to the respectable colored
citizens of Una city, I feel constrained to
boliclt space in your journal in the hope that l may
to a certain extent set them right before the American
people, and cast the responsibility of the disgraceful
scenes enacted laat evening In the Cooper
Institute where it rightfully belongs. It Is unnecessary
for me to state the facts which were the
means of bringing this dUcussion about, as they
have been published In detail in the several newspapers.
My only object is to deny the assertions
made by Mr. Garnet to his audience that the postponement
of the time fixed for our meeting was at
my request. The discussion was agreed to by Mr.
Garnet for Friday, August 7. On my arrival 1b
tlie city he positively refused to accept this evening,
and used every subterfuge and prevarication
In order to gatu time until the 12th or 14th
instant. At the tune he refused to meet me I
hail grave suspicions in my mind that he was not
sure of the justice of his cause, and required time
to muster sutneient Graotltefl to stifle freedom of
speech. That he is solHy aud entirely responsible
for the rlotons demonstration at our meeting I
have substantial proof, and if other evidence is
wanting hlB appeals to the passions of his hearers
and bis prolific use of billingsgate will supply the
ills speech has gone forth and Is now a part of
the political history of this momentous canvass.
So far as mine was permitted to be made I aiu content,
and only regret that 1 was not allowed to express
my gratitude aud devotion to those two
heroes, patriots and statesmen, Horace Greeley
and Charles Sumner. That H. II. Garnet, an educated
and experienced man, should consort with
the meanest rulllans to compromise his
Ulelona ftiends bv executing the orders of
Custom House officials almost surpasses belief.
The evidence Is before us, and with great regret
we witness this untimely end of what ought to
have been a long career of usefulness. Ms appeal
to the lower passions of his friends, his efforts to
widen the breach between the races clearly term
toward the destruction and extinction of our
If he covets this questionable position I am satisfied
he will have vory few contestants. It Is a great
responsibility to assume, and the future will
demonstrate that this crime, like all others, has
its eventuul reward. I regret exceedingly that
Garnet has made htmself so vulnerable to the
censure of all honest men; but he must remember
that he is responsible and must receive the reward
due to those efforts which have led many to suspect
his fidelity to his race. I care nothing Tor individual
honors, but 1 do care for the future of my
race, and, animated by this feeling, I waru the respectable
colored citizens of our country against a
repetition or those outrages Inaugurated by this
man (iarnet, and which he desigus shall be attributed
to them. Respectfully yours.
A N*w York Boiler Blalter Swallows Polson
and Jumps CMT a Ferryboat Into
the Bay?A Sad Case?Who Is He I
As the steamer Mlddletown, of tbe Staten Island
ferry line, readied her pier at the Quarantine landing,
about live o'clock yesterday afternoon, a man
ubont thirty years of age, light built, jumped over,
board from her deck into the bay. One of the passengers
on the steamer, Mr. John Snyder, with commendable
presence of mind and courage, at onee
leaped Into the water to rescue him, and succeeded
In holding him on the surface until the tug Starbuck,
which was lying near, took blm on board.
The man was evidently much exhausted, and as he
lay on the deck of the tugboat a small package fell
from his pockets. Upon examination it was fouud
to contain a quantity of Paris green. The man was
carried ashore and placed on a settee in
the Quarantine boatmen's room, and Drs.
Vanderpoel and Moshcr, Health Officer and
Deputy Health Officer of the port, at once took
professional charge of the case. The condition of
the man's pulse, combined with tho finding of the
Paris green, led tbe physicians to believe that be
had swallowed some of the poison, and a dose of
hydrated peroxide of iron, the antidote of Paris
green, was administered. In a short time the man
vomited copiously, probably the result of swallowing
salt water. Ab soon as he was
able to speak ho complained of great pain
In his stomach, doubtless the result of the corrosive
action of the arsenlous uoison he had taken. When
the antidote was being administered he struggled
vigorously to avoid taking it, hut his mouth was
forced open and his nostrils closed, and so he was
compelled to submit.
Wlieu asked by Dr. Vauderpoel why he had attempted
suicide, lie said "It was plain enough." The
doctor then asked him ir he was married, If he had
had trouble with his wife or if he had lost his money
or propertv. He replied that he was married, that
he had "had a good deal of trouble one way or
another" and that he had not lost any property or
money. When asked for his name and residence
he was very obstinate and refused to give them.
It was flnaliy eked out of htm at intervals that Ills
name was John Mellssy or Lacy, it was dlitlcult to
tell which, and that ho was a boiler maker and resided
In Fortieth street, New York.
Dr. Vunderpoel sent notification to the Htaten
Island Infirmary to send down a stretcher and remove
the man, but the messenger returned with
the information that the people at the lnflrinarv
would not take the dying man In unloss a certificate
ov permit were given by one of
their physlctans. A policemau flnaliy appeared
on the scene, and l)r. Vanderpoel sent him to
notliy the police surgeon and to call aid;
but at eight o clock last night the man was lying
on the floor or the boathouse suffering Intense Interns
1 pain. Severul of the hands employed on the
ferryboat Middletown saw him swallowing something
and vomiting while on the boat, but did not
really suspect his object until he jumped overboard.
It is very doubtful whether he can live, as
the poison has, doubtless, caused corrosion of the
membrane ol the stomach, and it is probable that
acute gastritis will supervene and terminate his
career, as he no doubt desires It should do.
Almanac for New York?This Day.
ni n n.?i' nwni iiiun n Ainn.
Run rfscs 5 12 Qot. Island., .moru 7 03
Sun gcta 6 05 Sandy Hook..morn 6 18
Mojn Beta morn 3 16 Hell Gate moru 8 48
month ok irorw.
Stfimerf. Sail'. | DuthuiHen. j Ofira.
City of Brooklyn. Aur. 17.. (Liverpool 16 Broadway.
Atlantic Aug. 17.. |Liverpool.. 1# Broadway.
Rheiu Aup. 17. i Bremen . 2 Bowling Oreen
Cuiifortili. Ai:it 17.. Qlaapow.... ? Howling (jreen
Hawta iAua* 20. iHronien 2 HowlinuOreen
Wtuconrtn Auji. 21.. [Liverpool. . |2P Broadway.
lew* I Aug. 21.. lOlaagow 17 BowIIqk Green
Ctt* of London...JAiir. 23..iLiverpool.. 16 Broadwav.
Bultk IA in;. 24.. I Liverpool.. 18 Broadway.
City of Montreal Ana. 24. . Liverpool.. 16 Broadway.
fimu auu. ti . nri-nietj i nowung i.reen
franco Aug 24 Havre if Broadway.
Australia Aim. 24.. Glasgow. 7 Bowling Orean
ManlinttA'.i A urf 2f.. Liverpool.. 2$t Broadway.
Oceanic Aug. 31.1 Liverpool.. 119 Broadway.
Stetmship Vlcksbnrg, Morrell, Tnrka Island*, Ac?F W
steamship Regulator, Freeman, Wilmington, NO? Lortllanl
attain,?hli> Co.
Ship John Milton iBr), Richards, I<ondon?C J Le
Hark Bravo (Nor). ciiriitonheracn, yueeustown or Falmouth
lor orders?(-until. Kdye A Oo.
Bark Keputn'k (KG), Kor'ui;inn, Bremen?W E L'nkart
A Co
Bark Duppel (NU), iloltz, Klsinore for orders?C Tobias
A t'o.
Bark Reindeer, Wellington, Barbados?H Trowbridge's
Bark James Welsh (Bt), Hammond, Barbados?II Trowbridge*
Hark WU.tam tBr), Harding, Halifax, Nrt? Punch, Edyo
A Co.
Bark Cnsco. Penny, Rlr.nmond, Va?Van Brunt A Bro.
Brig Clara A Arw? (Hr). Oauion, Cork or talmouUi for
order*?nation, Watson A To.
Hrii? Lu Cayenne iBri, Doherty, Pernambuco? Morrison
A Bartow
Brig Oifroor Meredith, A vres, Fernandlna?8 0 Loud A
Hcbr L'7rle Ives, Haxton, Ht Oroi* via Norfolk?Ives,
Bee her A Oo.
H<lir Rosalie (Br), Clare. Harbor Island?>Jo? Eneas.
P.'hr Ada (Br>, Rclyrii. St John. NB-jileney * Parki?r.
HoMr T C lioUlen, VerrllJ. Wiltnliffuin, NC?Ber.tley,
Miller A Co.
Xclir Auua Lewi*. Dayton, Washington, DO?Van Brunt
A Bro.
Kcur Dart, Williams, Stamford?m*mford Mannfaetor
Ing Co.
fie.hr Evelyn. Burger, Stamford?flt.\fliford Manufa*tur
ing Co.
steamer Bristol. Wallace. Philadelphia.
s^aijjvr ? C ajdUJu, ^IcCue, l'U^iaUeiphuu '
UGUlSr 17, 1872.?WITH St
^itbanicr Monitor. Jones. Philadelphia.
mtoer Black Diamond. Meredith. Philadelphia.
hteamshlp Algeria (Br). Le Metisurier, Liverpool Aog 6
and Qtieeastowu 7tli, with rndsfc and passengers, to U O
Htiaiimhlp Helvetia (Br), London July 27, via Havre flit,
with indue and pasHcngen, to F W J Hurst. Auk H, kit
47 M, l?>n 39 47, paswd a WTilte Star line tteanisliliT bound
ORHt, I.Hth, lat 42 10, Inn 81. an Anchor line steamship. do;
16th, 120 miles cast of tiaady Hook, steamship The Queen,
hence lor London.
Steainxhlp Main (NO), Von Oterendoni, Bremen Auk 8
and Southampton 0th, with miw and 787 fastiunpers, to
Oelrlchs A Co 14th inst, lat 44 60, Ion ftS 31, passed bark
"Lawcrison," of Kt John, for New York; 16fh, lat 40 80,
Ion rtfi 46, ship Princess Louise (Ur), irom Liverpool for
New York.
Steamship France (Fr), Duurc, Hi est Aug B, with mdte
and passengers to Geo Mackenzie Bad heavy westerly
winds during the early part of the passage.
steamship Nada (Br), lleppel, Bordeaux 22 days, with
mdse and 7 passengers, to S L Merchant k Co. Had constant
westerly winds and head sea: on the Banks dense
fogs, the temperature of the water /ailing very low, indicating
Ice close by. Aug 12, lat 42 30, Ion W 97, (poke bark
Clara Wallace, from London for New York.
Steamship George W Clyde, Colo, Galveston Ang 6
and Key West lOtn, with mdse and passengers, to C H
Mallory k Co. Aug 18, Alwecow NW 6 wiles, pnssrirt
steamship Wilmington.
Whip Lancaster, Bartlett, Liverpool Joly 8, with radse
to B I) * .1 M Bn.okman. Made the northern taiawo add
had variable winds to the Banks: from thence. 20 days,
with SW winds and fogs; July 2A, on the Banks, n>o\e
flxhlug sr.hr Charlie, with 1,100 quintals of ilsh.
Barlt Minerva (Nor), Horensen, Newcastle 41 days, with
md*e to H A K W Meyer. Took the northern passage, and
liail variable weather; was 23 days west of the Banks.
Bark Chill (Br), Byrne. Dunkirk <8 days, with old Iron
to order i vessel to Boyd k liincken. Had moderate weather
; was 19 days west oI the Banks. Aug 11, SO mites SW
of Georges Shoals, spoke scUrs Btta Sylvester and Nelly
Burns, of Provinoeiown, with 100 bbls sp oil eaen.
Mark Helen Patterson (Br), Britton, Havre 48 days, with
mdse to master. Had strong westerly winds to the
Banks: from thence 18 days, with light winds and fog;
Aug 1, lat 44 30, ion 62, spoke fishing schooner Manchester
(of Plymouth).
Bark Maria Christina (Ital), Jaecarlno, Leghorn fiO
days, with marble, Ac, to Alpheus Hardy k Co. Passed
Gibraltar July 2; made a southern passage, and had light
winds und calms; was 11 dttys north of Bermuda.
Hark Hubert (Br), Lawery, Palermo 68 days, with *nlphur
und rags to Osborn k Co; vessel to Boyd and
liincken. Passed Gibraltar June 26 and took the middle
pas-age anil had moderate weather.
Bark Ar'etta, Mathews, I'cnsocola 19 days, with lumber
to master.
Brig Ludno Lamanlco (ltal), Jaocarlno, Naples 75 days,
with fruit to order. Passed Gibraltar June 96; took tbe
southern passage and had light winds and calms.
Brig August (Sp), Hott. Havana 10 days, In ballast, to E
Pulg ? Co. Had variable weather.
Brig Tereslna (Span), Marlstana, Cardenas 17 days, in
bullast, to IS Pulg. Ilail light winds and calms.
?, )., T.UrK* Un.hl.ll PhI, T.lanX
PR, 12 (lays, with molasses to Hicks, Kabing A Co; vessel
to Simpson A Clapp. Had very squally weather, with
much rain , been 4 (lays north or Hattcraa.
Schr F O Davis, Doauc, llaracoa 11 days, with fruit to
J A T I'carsall; vessel to B J Wenbcrg. Had light wind*
und calius.
Schr Orar, nammond, Caledonia, CB, with coal to Geo
H Brewer.
Schr Altavela, Joy, Jacksonville, 10 days, with yellow
iiiue to Also|i A Clark: vessel to master. Had floe weather;
been 8 days north of Hattcrax.
Schr Grace B West. Wood, Brnnswjck, Ga, 7 days, with
lumber to Eppingcr A Russell; vessel to Mow A Ward.
Schr L Warren, Rotierts, Georgetown, 8C, IS days, with
naval storus, to 0 Mills; vessel to master.
Schr L Sturtovant, Cruse, Washington, NC, 4 days, with
shingles to L M Blakcly.
Schr Joseph Cuke, Smith, Georgetown, DC, for New
Schr Wake, Gnndy. Virginia.
Schr Alaska, Htroul, Portland 6 days, with lumber to
llumllu A Co. ve.st,el to Simpson A Clapp.
Schr Lizzie Florence, Lkppencott, Portland 7 days, with
lniuber to master.
Paued Through Hell Gate*
Steamship Neptune, Baker, Boston for New York, with
with mdse and Dassengers. to II F Dlmock.
Schr Koret, Munson, Uichinond, Me, for New York,
with lumber to John Bo.vnton's Son A Co.
Schr Sarah .Lawrence, Averill, Brantford for New
Schr Julia A Tate, Tate, Bridgeport for Plermont, with
pig iron to order.
Schr I. D Jerrard, Davis, New Haven for New Brunswick.
Schr Mary Hamilton, Brown, New Haven for Jersey
Schr Mountain Laurel, Gray, Norwich for New York.
Schr Mary A Lovell. warren, Norwich for New York.
Schr Gleuwood, Dickinson, Morton's Point lor Philadelphia,
with stone to Warren Burke A Co.
Schr Para, Brown. Machias for New York, with lumber
to Chase, Talbot A Co.
Schr T Bodine, Bunco,. Providence for New York.
Schr Lizzie, Taylor, New Haven for New York.
Schr E C Hatch, Hartford for New York.
Bohr Wm Farreu, Lindsay, Providence for New York.
Schr Mary Atwood, Wood. Providence for New York.
Schr Oeorgc A Edgar, Smith, Stamford lor New York.
Steamer Electra. Mott, Providence for New York, with
mflse and passenger*
Steamer Doris, Young, Providence for New York, with
mdse and passengers.
Schr Jennie, Mott, New York for Yinalhaven.
Schr E lloxle, Fenchell. New York lor Noank.
Bohr Mary It Cuft'ee, Gormaley, New York for Smltbtown.
Schr Stephen S Lee, Springer, Hoboken for Somerset.
Schr Native, Pitch, College Point for Greenwich.
Sbhr J C Muldcn, Latham, New York for Noank.
Schr n M Merriman, Talbot, Hoboken for Providence.
Schr Ohas C Warren, Smith, New York for Gloucester.
Schr J W Roberts, Thompson, New York for Salem.
Schr Laura, Wells, Hudson for Wan-ham.
Schr Wm Penn, Clark, New York for Bt George.
Sc.hr Wm Burden, Larse, Hoboken for Providence.
Schr Helen, Babcock, New York for Salem.
Schr Oscar F Hawlev, Baylos, Hoboken for Providence.
Schr liattle A Butler, Strickland. New York for Fall
Bchr Orlando Smith, Bears*, Hokoken lor Portcheater.
Kclir D M Frcncb. child*, New York for Boston.
Bchr Goddess, Koily, Rondout tor Salem.
Schr H Blackman, Arnold, Rondout for Provldetico.
Bchr Joseph K Pott#, Port Johnson lor IlartforrtSclir
John A Prank, Hansen, New Vurk for Montank
Sehr Anthony Miller, lfewlot. Croton tor Providence.
Selir Julln A Wlllutts, Bailey. Hoboken for Puwtucket.
Pclir Effort, Rich, Hoboken for Portchester.
Scbr Wm Donnelly, Davis, New York for Noank.
Shin Princess Louise (Br), Alexander, from Liverpool
June 9.
Bark Victoria (Br), from Iqulque (by pilot boat F Perkins,
No 13).
Burks AngUft, for Konlgsberg; Larkspur, Cork or Palmcutli;
('uiiaila, Stettin; Frllhlof, (Jueenstown or Falmouth
; Punluub, London; Fannie, .Morgan Pill, K; brigs
Five Brothers, Nantes; Louisa, Barcelona; DTrowbridge,
Marine Disasters.
Hmr FLrrcnKBO (Br), Waller, at Fan Francisco 8th lnst
from Liverpool, after leaving the channel had RW winds
ami moderate until March 29; theu had bard gale from
SW to NW, doing damage to ship and boats.
Bark Atri.ktk (from Ardrossan). at Philadelphia 15th,
reports lulv 28, on the banks of Newfoundland, saw a
water-logged brig with her foremast gone.
Brio Amasia?Key West, Fla, Aug 16?The Prussian brig
Amttsia, loaded with mahagany, was wrecked on a reef
near this point. Her cargo is being saved by wreckers.
HonnHAUwoifY (Br), has been totally wrecked at Scatterie.
Crew caved. hbe had a cargo of fish for parties in
Dbai., Aug .1?The ship David Brown, Niebol, from
Cftllao, got in collision with a HPftulsh schooner dnrlng
the night, causing her slight dainave; the former proceeded
tor Amsterdam, the latter Ibr Ramsgate to repair.
Qukbko, Aug IS?Ship Lake Superior, from Liverpool
for Montreal, with a general cargo, is ashore on tioose
Island. A steamer has gone to her assistance.
Manilla, June 18?The Derby, American ship, Spragne,
from Han Francisco, grounded in entering the bay June
12, but was got ofl on the 14th, nnd tonsil up to the an
rhnriurc she hns heen surveyed and found to have kiu.
tallied III) dHUHIBC.
Suanuhik, June 18?The Tting Ring (American s), on
leaving her moorings at the whurt ran Into the Leueadla
(trim sliii)), making n hole through one piste and cracking
We are Indebted to the pursar oi the steamship Algeria,
from Liverpool, for courtesies.
We arc indebted to Captain Cole, of the steamship Geo
W Ciydo, (rora Galveston via Key West, for courtesies.
Hark Cki.ia (Br), sailed from UulllAi Ana 14 for Stettin,
with part of the curgo of Norwegian brig John (derelict),
(Tom Philadelphia.
Brio John (Nor). from PhtladelrMa fbr Stettin, which
was towed Inio Halifax derelict, was sold by auction at
the latter port on the 18th mat for $29U9; purchased by De
Wolf A Co.
Brio FuwTWtito, from Boston for New Orleans, which
put into Bermuda leaky, repaired and sailed for destination
Aug 9.
Notice to Mariner*.
The Cornfield Point Llg htshtp is undergoing repairs at
the Custom House wharf.
New Loudon, Aug 14.
UT See port arrivals.
spoken-July 27, lat 37 02 N, Ion 88 W, bark Atlantic,
Brown, of aud from New BcJlord, 32 days out, clean.
Ship Importer (Br), Anderson, from Boston for Saguenay,
Aug Iz, off Claude Klver.
ship Woo?ung (Br), Boumer, from Liverpool for San
Francisco, Aug ft, lat3x 19 N, Ion 135 20 W.
Btilp Klver Krishna (Br), from Newport, E, for Ban
Francisco, June fl, lat 17 S, Ion 33 W.
Ship Tennyson, uruves, from Boston for Madras, July 9,
lat 31 N, Ion W w.
Bark Marco Polo (NO), from Bremen for New York,
July 31, lat M 40, Ion A
Bark Archer, Hatch, from Portland for Montevideo,
June 24. no Int. Ac.
Bark Caernarvon Castle (Br), from Liverpool for San
Francisco. May Si, lat 27 fl. Ion 34 W.
Bark Esther, from Hamburg for New Haven, Aug 14,
lat?, ion 72 12 (by pilot boat Ezra Nye, No 2).
Bark flabra Moses ?Br>, iiotn Ardrossan for Philadelphia,
Ang 14, lat ?, Ion 72 12.
Bark Jasper, ironi Savannah for Porto Rico, A eg U, lat
33 AO, Ion 74 80.
Bark North Wind (Br), from Alexandria for New York, i
July 20, lat .'(0. loll 4 56?all well.
Bark Maria Knowlton, from Kennebec River for '
Georgetown, DC, Aug 18, 2U miles east ot the Capes of Virginia.
Bark I'ulon (Br), Morse, from Bonaire for Boston 10 days i
out, Aug 4, lat 25, Ion 6i) 17.
Brig M Mr wart. .McDonald, trem Ptcton for Bolton, Ang j
?, 35 miles SW of Ham tiro.
Hehr Sliiloh, from Baltimore for Matanzas, Aug 10, be
low ropiar iiianu.
Hchr (Morse WiiiliinKton, Ooin New Vork for Onto*. Ana
13, Ul 36 M, tun 74 10.
Foreign Port*.
AwrwKwr, An# 9?failed, Hansen, Perrigaard, New
Aul'intr, July 90?Hnlled, Jons Lnrion, Rorenten, New
ALr.*ANi?Rn, E, July 21?Arrived, Awn, Andcraot), New
A hot, Jone 14?Arrived, Rolling Wave, Tlnll, Hon*
Annum*, May !#1?Sailed, Tnverarr, Hntton. Mauritian.
Ania'ino, PK, Aiitf .H?In pi.rt l>rlK ' lanet (Br), Young,
from Philadelphia, (lifts.
Haiirow, ! :, Auk 10? Arrived, uhlp St Lout* (Br), Pearce,
B*iptol, Aug S?Arrived, O W Hunter. Haundem, New
Vork; 4tli, Dover, Htllphen, do; Mil, Paragon <?), Western,
In port 4th. Idg, To*a?. Mornt*rn, for Ualveiton; Pel*hm
n?nw 4A*
4BLn?r, Aug s?Arrived, Wm Clowe#, Tfcttoek, 81
n, KB.
brmbbiuv**, July 81?Arrived, Bremen, llellrnere.
New York; Memeais ft), Vqd Knitter, and Louie, Becker,
do; Berlio (a), Undutach, Baltimore: Auk J, Bremen (?),
Ladewiga, New fork; Bverbard Deiluit, Herboth do.
Bii.bo*. July Si?Arrived, Claribell. Yag. New York.
Bona.**, July 8?Sailed, ManaparvU, Purdy, Narakal.
Barbados, Aug 9? Arrived, bark Jao L Prndergast (Br).
Batet, Maranbam?to proceed to Turka Ialaod, to load
tall for New York.
Bbhmoda, Aug ft?Bailed, Nark Flee twine, Davis (from
Boaton, having repaired). New Orleana; 6tn, brig Torrid
Zone (Br), George, Boston; acbr C k 0 Brooks, HmlL'i,
Newport, HI. m
.SAiD\r9' AuJt 8?Hailed, Minis GO. Wartln, New York:
2r' ?n'tpa, Whltcbotwe. Savannah; Neto. Ham, and
Maury, CUrlatenjen, New York.
Aug 2?Arrived, Argo, Westburg, New York.
CADit, July 31?Sailed, Oranua, Oiurgola, New York.
York "*1?Arrlved. Vandalia (a), Vranzen, New
n*i?j?!xi0' Jn1S *~^8*y?d, Concord, Park, and Dexteroxt,
Boblnson. New York.
^arj previous, brig Ra
vMj- vuuij, vuiwjr, oviiairr. 10 ioau lor ninnor.
HhtUdeY' hiU? Merldi*n> l*n?, from Bremen lor
Dnuwi, July 18 (back date)?In port >chr B J Palmer,
Stevens, for New York, Ids.
Y *rArrlevd,flood Intent, Porbee, New
"biit, Aug S?Arrived, Robena, Daggett, Bull River for
London; Albion, Simon*, Portland fordo; liodolfc l>anovaro,
Podesta, London lor New York (and all proceeded).
Oothsnbcmo, July 23?Cleared, bark Nereui (Dutch),
Van Broeder, Boston.
valmopth, Aim 3?Hailed, Atalanta, Bicker, CItM.
Pawed the Lhcard ith, Pleiades, Ballard, Irom Hamburg
for Cardiff.
Off Start M, ship Unicorn, Horn, from Middlesboroogb
for Oalvestoo.
OLOcciuTBf, Aug 5?Arrived Gustavo, Trapant, and
Margherlta 6, Scarpotl, New York.
Glasgow, Aug 8?Arrived, Britannia, New York.
OaacNoca, Aug 3?Arrived, Oneida, Mitchell, Montreal ;
Oeo Kingman, Alcken. Matanzass Mb, Chan T Forbes,
Herrett do ; Bradllan, l'earson, do.
Oisrjlltau, July 30?In port brig Lavinla (Br), Lockart,
from Tarragona for New York, arrived 80th,
Towed out 29th, Dark Prancea B Pay, Durham, from
Leghorn for Boston.
Hull, A tig 8?Arrived, Barbara, Becg, Baltimore.
Hblvobt, Aug 8?Sailed, Bwantewlt, Bradherlng, New
Augl?8alled, Prim Albert, Uoepner, New
^ Havawa, Aug 14?Arrived, bark W E Anderson, Brandt,
Uautai. NR. Aug 14?Sailed, bark Cella (Br), Turner,
SUtUn (with part or cargo of brig John, from Phllade%
Also sailed 10th, steamship Tamtsl (Pr). for Havre.
Islb or Wiosr?Off Bhankim Aug 8, ship Two Brothers,
Olbbs, from Shields for Bau Francisco.
Ipswicb, Aug S? Arrived, Riisoer. PedersoB, Baltimore.
Liverpool, auk 4?Arrived, Martha, Lewis, St John, NB.
Also arrived lfllh, steamships Russia, Oook, New York i
Corinthian, Scott, Quebec.
Sailed M, Reunion, Curtis, New Orleans; Universe,
Jones, Savannah.
Cleared Sd^ Lady Young, Roberts, Baltimore; Uriel, Sfebolds,
New York.
Bntcred out 8d, Samaria (s), Billinge, for Boston ; Java
(k), Martyn, liow York; Alice, Ellis, Philadelphia
(changed tVom New Orleans). ? ?
London, Aug 0?Arrived, Christiana, Mcssell, Bull
Cleared 0tb, New World, Champion, New York.
Entered out 3d, Maria Adelaide, Pactolis, and Mtgway,
Evan*, for Philadelphia.
Arrived at Oravewnd 4th, Osmo, Manilla, and Annio
Ada, Croon, New York.
Londonderry. Aug ft?Arrived in Lough fiwllly, Roska,
Lundeiin, from New York.
LivaarooL, NS, Aug 1?Arrived, brig Naxarcno (Br),
Shaw, New London.
iflKii. Tl.lt> at _ A *(\r~A T. r Uonaan W.t"?" *> ?
Marskillks, Aug 2?Arrived .Busy, Linden, Baltimore;
Alaska, Porter, New York; Jules Cesurd, Crutlti, Philadelphia.
Madras, July 10?Sailed. Gov Langdon, Davit, Calcutta.
Melbourkk, June 8?Hailed, Essex, Merryman, Loudon;
13th, Penang, Patten, Hong Kong.
Madkira. July *2?Arrived, Jehu, Hardy. Boston.
Hailed 23a, K w Oohoon, Fancy, Trinidad.
Montreal, Aug 14?Cleared, bark Rio de la Plata (Br),
MeLeod, Montevideo.
Nbwcastlr, Aug 3?Cleared, SunbeAm, for New Haven.
Nrw Ross, Aug8?Arrived, Amphltrlte, (Iran, and Virgo,
Oladulich, NewVorkT
Plymouth, Aug 2?Off. ship Ocean (Datch), Sml?, from
Rotterdam for New York.
Off Brixham 1st, bark Ellsworth, Woodward, from Hamburg
for Cardiff.
Qorkmstown, Aug 8?Arrived, Nuova Veritas, Bertolotto,
Mew York; Tree! Dubrovachl. Podioh, do; Mary
Russell Mltford, Telfer, New Orleans; Askur, Borehsen, do.
Arrived at do 18th, steamship Olympus (Br), Oil), Boston
for Liverpool.
Bailed Mb, Fejndale, Fraaer, Barrow; Oarrler Dove,
Saunders. Bristol
AIno sailed 10th, steamship Republic, Perry, New York.
Qubbbc, Aug 14?Arrived, Htcainslilp 8t Andrew (Br),
Wylle, Glasgow.
RioJambibo. July M?Arrived previous, bark Campanero
(Br), Walker. Baltlniore.
Bbiblds, Aug 8?Arrived, 8t Lnelo, Scribner, Hamburg.
Sailed 4th, steamship Boadlcea (Br), for New York
Southampton, Aug 8?Sailed, Baltimore (s), Deejten
(from Bremen), Baltimore.
Bwinkmundb, Aug 1?Arrived, Franklin (a), Dreyer, New
Btf.ttim, Aug 1?Arrived, Anna Lassen, Hermandsen,
New York.
SiKUAroRB, June 24?Arrived, Oolden State, Delano,
Rt Johns, PR, July 81?Sailed, brig Century (Br), for
8t J ago, Aug 8?Arrived, brig P X Tinker, Barnard. Boston.
St John, NB, Ang 12?Cleared, brig Mlna (Br), Chalmers,
New York.
Also eleared 19th, schr Fannie R Shaw, Watts, Philadelphia.
Trxbl, Ang 1?Arrived, Industrie, Ililken, Baltimore.
Hailed Sd, Aurora, Crosby, New York via Kn?lund.
Tbibstk, July SI?Arrived, Cecilia, Carras, New York;
Lulgla Rosa, Cnlappe, do.
Vigo, July 24?Arrived, Trinidad. Rago, New Orleans for
VicToau, VI, Ang 7?Arrived, bark Aureola, Ross, Honolulu.
Watbbtobd, Aug 3?Arrived, Virgo, Gladulich, New
Wkstfort, Aug *?In port Ruth, Jensen, from New York,
fltvPnAMKU, June 17?Balled, Dr Pctermanu, Badelinann,
New York.
[Pw Svxamshif Algeria.]
Antwbrp, Ang 8? Sailed, Ferdinand, Haesloop, New
Hailed from Flushing Roads Id, Transit, Perry, Cardiff
(and was off Eastbourne 3d).
Accra. Julv ft?In nort. Lemue. Hnltman-. Dawn.
Gregory, and Aurora, McRrlde, uno.
Bristol, Aug 0?Arrived, Emily Augusta, Walters, New
Barrow, E. AugS?Sailed, Clara, Brooks, Philadelphia;
Dagmar, Pederseo, New York.
Belfast, Auk S?Arrived, Forest Queen, W Calmut,
Baltimore; Polly Karp, Eilcrtsen, New York.
Brkmkrhaver, Aug S?Arrived, Europft, I'ichler, New
York; Johann Ropier, Rahe, Baltimore.
Balled 8d, Republic, Coming, Shields.
81atai*Mirambe%,kwKrk/ Nemeri*' Cro"?- *nd
Cardiff, Aug S?Arrived, Caroline Lamont, Bowker,
New Boss.
Colombo, July 22?In port, Conlscllffe, for PhilndelpbiaPnifPBK,
Aug 6?Balled, Locksley Hall, Richards, San
ji ranclftco,
Dbal, Aug_8?Arrived, David W Nutt, Loekbart, Philadelphia
tor Rotterdam (and sailed).
Railed Sth, Lizzie Raymond, Holdeu (from Hartlepool),
Dublin. Aug 6?Arrived, Raffaele Ligure, from New
York: 6tn, Alsen, from do.
Arrived at Kingston Sth, Francisco Oilento, New York.
Dcndalk, Aug 6?Arrived, Foreningen, Herbert, New
Elsihorr. Aug 2?In the Sound, O F Focklng, Lcvien,
from Soderham for Philadelphia.
Falmouth, Aug5?Arrived, ChasPurvis.Small,Havana;
6th, Clementina, Gamon, New York; Homeward Bound,
Merryman, Sagua.
Glovcrstrr, Aug 4?Arrived, Lucclano Serra, Cacace,
New York; Skiold, Albrethxen, do; 6th, Win Yeo, Howes,
Gkflk, July 22?Arrived. Carolina, SJostroro. New York.
Goturnbvrg. July 29?Arrived, Vesuvius, Curtis, Cronstadt.
Cleared 36th, Jonathan Chase, Cbase, United States.
Glasgow, Aug3? Arrived, Columbia (s), New York; 6th,
Oneida, Mitchell, Montreal.
Gkkknock, Aug 6? Arrived, Missouri, Bulkley, Gardena8;
Wctterhorn, Landerkin, do.
Sailed 2d, Seaflower, 'Jhoinas, New York.
Liverpool. Aug ?Arrived, Dulecp Singh. William*,
New York; Jeyporc. Wilson, do; Sth, City of Brussels (s),
Brooks, do; Sarawak, Richardson, Qucltec; Cltv of Bristol
(*), and Oceanic (s), Thompson, New York; washl gton.
Chase, do; 6th, Daphne. Galveston.
Mailed Mh, Castine. Wilson, Calcutta; Isaac Wobb, Mortimer,
New York; Adorna, tor do.
Cleared, Sth?Uoclielaga, Richardson, Mobile; Onora,
Corsano; Aukathor, Storm, and Agoron, Anderson, New
York ; Lady Heathcote, Loosemore, Valparaiso, Lima and
Sau Kranolsco; Flying Foam, Mounce, New Orleans.
Entered Out. Stb?ReginA, Loudon, and Oronen, Kundsen,
for New York.
Lonikin, Aug 6?Arrived, Annie Ada, Crown, New York.
Arrived at Gravcsend 6, John Middleton, from New York.
Midulksborouoh, Aug 6?Sailed, W J Hatfield, Durkee,
and Bessie Parker, Co*. New York.
Newcastle, Aug S?Cleared, Boadicea, New York; Bt
Lucie, Rcribuer, Ban Franelaco.
Narwa, July 28?Hailed, St Mary, Hallowell, Stockholm.
Oorkkstoww, Aug ft?Arrived, Francesco Aveimo,
New York; Ernestine. Blanc hard, Matanzas; Lady AUce,
Kreftlng, New York: Kulalla, Weslerluud, do.
Hio Jinkiho, to Jnly 17?Arrived previous, Campanero,
Walker, Baltimore.
flyon?t. NSW, May 22?Arrived, Lanereost. Eaton, New
York; 39th, 8t John, Chapman, San Francisco; June?,
Annie Pish, Yatc?, New York.
Sailed May Ift AUce Ball, Guest, Dunedin.
Billoth, Aug i?Arrived, Creole, Coleman, New York.
St Miciiaki.s, July 24?Arrived, Iiortonsc, Reis, Tcrcelra
(and salted 26th for St Mary's).
Sikrha Lkonk. July 1ft?In port Tropic Bird, Jewett,
one: Modena. Cnadbourne, do.
Tkalkk. Aug S?Arrived, valkyrien, Hellberg. New York.
Tkxki., Aug 4?ArrlTed. Nornnn, Mathlesen, Wilmington.
WATKBfORH, Aug ft? Arrived, Virgo, Glodullch, New
York; Oth, Lada, Medamloh.do.
American Porta.
ALEXANDRIA, Aug lft-Arrived, schrs Robt Bowdal,
Portsmouth. W L Bradley, Boston.
Balled?sonr* Wm Boar?lman, Hartford; G C Morris,
New t.omlon. _
BOSTON, Aug 1ft?Arrived, steamship Olaueus, Walden,
New York; rehrs E H Kurber, Cobb. Baltimore: Rattle
Paige, Ualey, and t B Baird. May hew, Philadelphia; Abide
k Wiltard, Waite, Ellzabethport; Stampede, Crabtree.
Hoboken; G LLovell, Albany. _ .
Sailed?Whip L B Ullchrist; barks Trident, Young Turk,
Alexandria; brlg Athol. _ .
16th? Arrived, US steamers Worcester, from Hampton
Roads; Tallanoosa, trem Washington: steamship McOlelIan,
Howes, Baltimore; ship James A Wright, Morse, Calcutta;
bark Tig re (Br), DeGraole. Glasgow.
Also arrived 16th. steamship Saxon, Crowell, Philadelphia;
brig Kinlly, ttom Manzanllla. _ .
BAUISORR, Aug I ft?Arrived, bark St Lawrence
(Br), Steed, Demarara (reports below brlgUeorae Latimer,
from Ht John, PR); Amazon. Clark. Rio Janeiro;
North wood (Br). Stock, San Bias; brig John Pierce, M array,
Hague la Urande; schrs D F Keellup, Bgbln?oii, Ancaibo,
PR; R E Packard. Ameabury, New York; Oliver
flcofleld, Dlssosway, do; Mary Jane richer. NewMk.NJ ;
W F Ureen, Humphrey, Boston; Ocean Belle, Coffin, Fernandlna.
helow, brig George Latimer, from St Johns,
PR _ ?
Oieared-Steamer* William Lawrencc.
via Norfolk; Maryland, Fisher. New Ortoau vl? Key
ffeit; brig harry Stewart, w?ek?, Pernamliuco for order*:
?<-hr? Bonny Boat, K?Uy, lloalon; (^liarloWeW*!!,
William*,Boston; Julia A Rlch. fhca. f4 ^A"^'* i,
Carson, Providence; Oliver Scofleld, P'*"*wa/<
Torts A L I-ockwood. at John, N?w naven. Emetine
Mo Lain, Crow oil, Bangor.
2i:v? ""Zl
Hhnie, Komlout; k J 7,'lork, Poiwleton, Newart.
nf. f.i^AfiT Aiiir 0? Arrived, fcliri W6?l^y Abbott* Hniith,
Now Vo*k ; Mary, OllehrUt; Uero, Fo? j t>. Kane Blake,
mi (Miiino Hmlth do' rtlAk, Johnion, IlolM'k^n. I'rtffon,
W1lJ,n NrwTrrk ; iwh, Uentlle. KUlrldge. do. lit!., olive
^B'At'BH'^LAVUJlNO, Ang M?ArriTtd. ?chr I>I Fr?nhId,
MjnUh. Mew York.
BRISTOL, Am IS?AntMd, Whr BD?n BailRS, WU?u?. H
'ftaifid^4J<Kr? ^nioVa, Rtcelman. Philadelphia; Nelll#
Brown. ChtMido; Delphi. Allen, KlizubcthporL H
BUC&BPOHT, Me, Aug 10? Arrived, brlit llampd#*,
Biiiltb, Philadelphia; wlir Yankee, Higuina, Port Johnson.
11th?Arrived, Khrs Tabuiiroo, Kent, Bangor (and sailed
12th for New York).
CHARLESTON, Aug lS-Clearod, brig Julia Lingley,
Pratt, fit John, KB.
Bailed?8chr J P Wynian, Wraun, Jacksonville.
1 DAREIN, Qa, Aug 10?Cleared, ?chr Matin- w Kinney,.
Barter, New York.
In port 10th, ship Petersen (Nor), Larao, United Kingi
dom, Idg-, brig Michael A Anna, Stevens, Tor Tblladel1
phla, do; HChr Waldomur, Parker, for Portsmouth do;
: ?clir Carrie Melvln, Andrews, tor Boston, do.
EUZABKTHPUR'f, An J li-Arrlved, aohrs Win U CarKill,
Taylor, and Harriet Lewi*, Hunt, ProvUlencc . BrunllHni!ed?Brig'k^th
j&risko. BoFton: srhrs bunion, Johnson,
do; Mary Jane, Merrill, Oardner; TaMtlu. & Huniiuh, H
l)ili, New Haven; M A Folsona, Rote, Boston, L A Toltea,
-m. - --
rvrp .. w nunnnn rtr'r?v.1, ?n> B#H? mumnh
,. ! "1',,M,W*TV?.<Sftool; Prlnoe Napoleon
atSI). kiim,, Itotu "irBcntii brigs Prestissimo, butler,.
from Rio JV ;lro (?); Alfred, Dennell, from Montevideo;
scnr Mtrj A.in, from N?s?au?all for Baltimore
Passed oot, barks Mapiiic v Hpga from Richmond for
Rio Janeiro; Yankee, tor New York.
FALL RIVER, Aqij 19?Arrived, schr Daniel Brown.. I
Emerson, Georgetown.
Bailed?Gchrsltendoskeag, Mitchell, and Ilarrlet Oardner,
Miller, Few York.
lUh?Arrived, bark Samarang, Bommer, London; ?eiir?
Oliver Ames Phillips, Georgetown; R W Atwood, Jonorv
^ailed^Schra Lootsa A Boardman, Norwood, and V.'in
Ulll, MarphV "New Yora.
GALVESTON, Aug 10?Cleared, schr H H Hunt, Holmes*
GEORGETOWN, 80, Ann 8?Arrived, schr Sophia, RoberjUon,
Portland, Me,
Cleared 12tb, brla Chaa Wenley, GrilHn, Seartport; schr
Sarah L DavEi C.Ttrell, Belfast
GEORGETOWN, DC, Aug 14?Arrived, schr Win Boardman,
BUlard, Dew York.
Cleared?Bobrs Fred Walton, Portland) J B Rirdsull^
GARDINER, Aug 0?Arrived, scbra Grace < 'ushing, But' %
ley, and Oov Cony, Adams, New York : Sunlmnrn, Haitimore
110th, Kat^tltobell, Eastman, and Douglas II ay me,
Nason, New Yon.
Balled 7th, aohrs Abby, Cleaves, Philadelphia: !Hh, B W
Wrfceler, Lewis, dot lith, Canary, Hart, New York jGenr
Howard, Johnson, Richmond; 14th, Light of the Eaxt,.
llarper. New York; Lena Breed, Wheaton, Oeorgetown.
KEY WEBT, Aug 6?Arrived, aohrs Eddie Pierce, llowei,
Norfolk; 7th, Bxpresa (Br), Malotie, Naasau;8th, Bob (Br>?
Bweetlno do.
MOBILE, Aug 13?Arrived, schr Conning Elsie, Scott,
Port Antonio.
NEW ORLEANS, Aug IX?Arrived, steamship Emily B
Sooner, Burdick, New York ; aehr R B Locke, Belirlever,
NBWBufiYPORT, Aug 14?Arrived, schr Ann Elba,
Clark, New York.
In port, ready for Ma, 14th, schr Clarissa Allen, Hodgdon,
for New York.
NEW BEDFORD, Aug 15?Arrived, aehrs E Kidder,
Baker, Baltimore: Johh Mettler, Clements, New York;
Artist, Clements, Pocaanett for New York.
Balled?Schrs Minnesota. Phlnney, Philadelphia: Ano<
DelL for do: Elizabeth B, Hogan, New York; Hannah
WUitts.Plsh, do; Julia, Perry, do.
NEWPORT, Aug 14, TM?Arrived, schrs Sarah Oinrk.
Griffin, Fall River for Philadelphia; Stephen K Lane,
Fuller, Yarmouth for New York ; Emma white, Taunton*
for dot B T Chartro, Trofethan, do for do: Silas Uralnnrd,.
Buell, Tall River for do; hp ray, Martin, Providence tor
Trenton; Nicholas Mehrhof, Melirhor. and Fancy. Bucket^
do for Croton; sloops Carrie Gurney, Cuilck, do lor dot
Clio, Chase, Romeraetfbr New York.
AIjo arrived, schr warren 0 Gates, Smith, Providence
for New York.
Balled?Buhrs Emma M Eox, Case, New Bedford for Philnfl?lnhlA!
ViMartl flunlgtinrv NipkAPAnn tin for Ni>ur
York; Mary Langdon, Dennett, Rockland for do.
16th, AM?The wind bound vchscIs are rnoatly going out
wltn a moderate southerly breeze.
NEW LONDON, Aug I?-Arrived, bark T C Berg (Nf!)r.
Halilruchs, Glasgow.
NEW HAVEN, Aug IS?Arrived, schrs W C At writer,
Parker, Alexandria; J A Buckalew, Bobbin*, New Branswick;
Cornelia, Carroll. Hoboken; White Bock, Hcdding.
Klisabethpqrti Columbia, Bate*, Kingston; Forest Oak. ^^B
Parker, and Abratn Heaton, Rogers, Baltimore.
Cleared?Bohr I W Hlne, Lane, New York.
PORT MA18ON, > ag 7?Arrived, ship Coqutmbo, Stft*
PORT dLAKELY, Aug 7?Sailed, ship Emma Atvare*
(Chip, Bozzn, Valparaiso.
PuiLADKLPlliA, Aug 14?Arrived, ship Lisbon, Dimning.
Antwerp: barks Athlete (Br), Gouily, Ardroiwan;.
Sarah B 11 ale. White, Sagua; schr Mary Bowman, Fox,
Cleared?Steamship Achillea, Colbura, Providence; sehr*
J as Martin, Baker, Cbarlostown; M a Fomerlck, Daisy,. ^B
Gloucester; W D Marble. O'Keelto, Elghton ; Win Martin. ^B
Ajklns, Provlncetown; Lucy Jones. Smith, Tlyanni*; ^B
llcnry D May, Allyn's I'olnff M n Stoekham. Cor ^B
dery, Salem; J J Little* Bateman, Plymouth; H 9- ^B
Brooks, Lore, Boston. ^B
Lkvu, Del, Aug IB, AM?In the harbor, ship LUbon,. ^b
fTom Bremen; schr Joseph Oakes, from Porto Bi?o, (or ^B
orders. ^B
PM?The bark Ann Eilxabeth, from Philadelphia for
London, went to sea yesterday, and the brig Speed to-day. H
The schr Joseph Oakes Is orderud to New York. In tit*
harbor, brig Jennie Morton, from Philadelphia for Havanaah;
schr Conservative, from and for do, and ship Unit,
fromjTUlaflelphia for Liverpool.
PORTLAND, Aug 14?Arrived, steamship Pranconla. ^B
Bragg, New York. ^B
loth?Arrived, bark Norton Stozer, Sherman. Baltimore;. M
brig Mary, Fanning, Forme.
Cleared?Bark Mary M Bird. Patchen, Bacno* Ayres.
PLYMQCTH, Aug 8?Arrived, schr* Belle, Holme*, Ron
dout: 14th. Ella F Orowell. Howes. Philadelphia.
Sailed 9th, schr Anna B Jacob*. Jones, New York.
PBOvIDENCE. Aug 15?Arrived, brig Abbott Law- H
rence, Swift, Baltimore; sehrs L 8 Levering, Corson,
Alexandria; Bva Belle, Somer*; Transit Racket, ana
LN LoveU, Oage, Philadelphia; Isaac Merritt, Bates; H
John Crookford, Hatch, and John Lancaster, Williams*
Elizabethport; Daniel Webrter, Parker, and Belle Sea
mans, Steelman, Rondout; Ontario. Barber, Hoboken;
. Shamrock, Troy, and Wm Vooriea, Knapp, llavcrstia\?;
Kate Scranton, Palmer. New York; sloop Olive Leaf,
Davis, Baverstraw. B
Balled?Scbrs Launartine, Allen, rQUadcn>nia; Kacnoi
June, Tay'or, New York: Amelia, Terry, ilo; Allda.
Know.es, <lo8p?rt?i, Smith, uo; R H Daley, Part, do;.
Thomas B Smith, Bowman, do; Minerva, HriuliUnan, do;
J J Harris, Nichols, do; Estolie, Fnrnlss, oo; Sarah Purvis.
Lisle. do;M R Avertll, Smith, do.
PAWTUCKET, Aug 16?Arrived, ?chr Wm Voorhles, ,
Knapp, Haverstraw. ... ? , <
RICHMOND, Auf 14?Arrived, schrs Minnie, Erickson,
Hew Yorki J B Johnson, Rosa, Albany; w L Burroughs,
Norton. New York.
Baiiea?9chrs Maggie McDonald. McAllister, Stamford,
Cti Sea Bird, Hoaan. New York via Warwick Rlvurt Baltimore.
Taylor, Old Fort, to load for New York.
ROCkLAlfD, Auk T?Arrived, schrs Oregon, Miller,
New York; 9th, Gentile, fcldrldge, New York; M Brewer,
Saunders, New York; 10th, Olive Avery, Qott, New Yorkt
12th, Slnbad, Perry/N< w York.
Sailed 7th, Khrs Florida, Thompson, New York; Mabel
Uall, Bortlett, do; 8th, Pallas, French, do; Defiance,.
Tborodike, do; 8 McLoon, Spear, do; Wm McLoon. Puncan,
do; Banal, Fly, do; M Langdon, Bennett, do; Billow,
Ames, Norfolk; Lucy Jane, R.'ioades. New York; 10th?.
Corvo, Pickering, do; Uth, Idaho, Jameson, do; O W
G1BASfV^AN^IB^O?Ang 8?Arrived, ships Prtma Donna,.
Lnnt, Newcastle. NSW; John Nicholson (Br). Orierson,
Hong Kong; bark North West, Farnham, Port Madison.
Cleared?Shin Francis Thorpe (Br), Buck, Liverpool;
hark Isaac Rich, Sheldon, Iqufque.
l#th?Arrived, steamship Idaho, Honolulu, Ac; ship
Bnos Soul*, Soule, New York. 1
?i''AV4;''N4tU,._AiV? 1&?<"lenred, sohrs M B Brnraliall 1
Stout, New York: Donua Anna. Whaley. Providence.
16th?Cleared, schr W R Heebe, Johnson, New York. I
Balled?Schrs M B Bramhall, and Donna Anna.
Put Into Tybee 16lb. steamtug Ethel, Taylor, from Phll?>
delphia for Braaos, owing to rough weather?will proceed:
bTONINOTON, Aug 14?Arrived, schr Lucy Ames,
Bishop, Baltimore.
UTgALApY; Aug &?Arrived, bark Onward, Nyberg.
San Francisco.
Sailed 6th, bark Brontos, Nordberg, San Francisco.
VINEYAtlD HAVEN. Au? 15-Arrlved, school ship , '
Mercury, from New York oil cruise; brig Mary O RoseVeit,
Baltimore for ; schrs L Q C Wfibart, Philadelphia
for Boston; Harriet Baker, Baltinipre for Kurkland;
Carl. Belfast (or New York; Daylight, Bath fordo; Sineloc,
Machias for do; E Waterman, Nantucket lor do; Wm
Copes, Portland for do; Alama, Maclilas for do; Honest J
Abe, Bot.'on for do; Fannie Hanmer, Nantucket for Philadelphia;
Emma Greene, Bangor fordo; Empire, do for
Roiidont: Billow, Rockland for Norfolk.
Sailed?Brig Marv C Rosevelt, and all before reported. |
except bark Annie M Gray, schrs Union Flag, Sarah J
Bright, Carrie Walker and the above arrivals.
Arrived lfith, schrs Laura A Burllugame, Hoboken for* '*
Ronton: Susan, rmiafleiphia rar saiem.
^Sailed?All veesels bound East, excepting bark Annie M
WILMINGTON, Aug li?Arrived, steamship Benefactor, V
Jones, New York.
Cleared?Bark Geo S Hunt, Gray, Amsterdam; brig
Frontier, Morgan, Boston.
Arrived at toe qnaruntine station near RinWbvUlt, brig
Joseph Howe (Br), Nelson, from Asptnwall.
courts of different States; level everywhere ; desertion,
Ac.. saSclent cause; no publicity required; so
charge until divorce granted: advice free.
M. HOitfiB, Attorney, 180 Broadway.
. corner of Fulton avenue and Boerum street 1
Open from ft A. M. to 8 P. M.
the oourts of different States. No publicity, Advlear
free. Notanr Public and Commissioner for every Bute.
F. I. KING, Counaellor-at-Law, MB Broadway.
Bargains in teas, coffees, groceries ani>
Provisions; warranted to suit the Dalafes and thepockets
of the million. TUOM as t?. aonew
MO Greenwich street. New York.
J. ?55c??i.lb rvnmW
Ann and 168 William atreet. New York.
t etteb from j. r. decatur, esq.
197 Wath Braarr, N?w Yom, Angnst 7,1972
Thomas Ai.lcock M Co.
For many years I have raftered from lame and we alt
hack, It being so weak I coold not raise a tenpounit >
| weight from the floor. It wu pain in I for me to stand;
fl*e minutes without leaning on something for support,,
and It wu necessary for me to t? vory careful In walking,,
for the lead misstep or Jar earned me Intense pain. Tb?
ALLOOCK POROl'8 PLASTER was often recommended*,
but my prejudice* were so strong that It wan a long timebefore
I oonoluded to try them. At length, suffering somuch,
I wai prevailed upon to five one plaster a trial.
Wonderful to relate, it gave me Immediate relief, amt>
now I have, as It were, a new back; have no dlfHenlty
standing, walking or lifting. I send you thlaevldeacc for
the benefit of my fellow men. I ftal that I would like
every person to know of the value of ALLOOCK'8 POROUS
PLASTERS for weak back*. I have recommended
them to many of my meniH. who ba*? rtnearely thanked
me for the good they have done Uiem.
Vcurs, respectfully,
107 Water street, New Tort.
Principal Agency
Brandrett) B?fn, Raw York, and auk) by all d/nggista

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