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Liquor, Tobacco and Cigar Business
of New York.
The Nevf Law in Operation To-Morrr^
and the Effect Thereof.
Lager Beer Interest in th^.'United
Gas and Insurance Tm Repealed?Presrat
and Prospective Infernal Revenue la
Rev York?Stamp., Imnosts Almost
Entirely Annulled?Consolidation
and Reduction of District*
Congress at ttsl?Bt session passed an act,'(June 6,
WW),ttut did a?way with a number of Internal revenue
taxes. It relieves. t*?e people to Home extent
or Several very Irritating and otte^ua burdens
wMch the financial condition of tn% country In no
wise required to b^contiuued. Tfea tax ou Incomes
expired Oy limitation with tha assessment on Incomes
for tbe calendar year 1871. The new tarlfl
?n tobacco, wtrtcli reduced the tax on chewing
from thirty-two cents to twenty cents per pound
and raised it on smoking from sixteen cento to
twenty cents,, went Into operation on the 1st ol
July last. repeal of the tax on gas took effect
August 1, and on the same day the tax on spirits
was rednced to seventy cents per gallon. On and
after tho J"t of October (to-morrow) the only government
stamps necessary to be used will be for
tobacco, fermented liqnors, proprietary medicines,
' watches and for checks. In fact, internal revenue
business will be hereafter strictly confined to collecting
licenses and taxes and selling stamps for
the manufacture and sale of tobacco, liquors, and
mpOKts on banks and bankers. There are considrable
amounts yet to be paid on incomes and
on Kgacles and successions under the wills of persona
who died subsequent to October, 1870. The
collectors do not supply proprietary medicine and
match stamps. These are obtained dlrcctly from
the government in large amounts, and the pur
chasers are allowed a discount of ten per cent.
The business of the department has been greatly
reduced, and there is a corresponding diminution
in receipts. A reporter of the Hkkald visited a
4rw days since the officers of the five Internal
Revenue districts into which this city is divided,
with the view of obtaining information as to the
working of the new law. The impression seemed
to be that several of the districts would be dis
continued anil tlie entire number consolidated Into
two before the end of 1872. It appears that tlicre
Is not one distillery In operation and hau not been
Tor over a year. The reason or this la tliat Western
manufacturers can obtain grain at mucli lower
rates than it can be liad In New York. There are,
tiowever, several distilleries In good condition that
could be put in operation in a brief time. The following
is the information our reporter was enabled
to obtain :?
This district comprises the First, Second and
Fourth warfl? of the city. The principal revenue
is derived from the banking interest. The manufacture
of leaf tobacco is carried on to a large extent,
and wholesale liquor dealers and rectifiers
are quite numerous, tfie total amount collected
for the fiscal year ending July 1, 1872, was
$8,336,000. The amount collectable on articles
i under the saving clauses of the act of June 6, 1872,
before referred to, is about $1,260,000. The revenue
' for the current year will be large, because of taxes
to be paid accrued prior to the passage of the law
mentioned, but subsequently it will fall consider1
ably below the average receipts. There are large
i quantities of tobacco manufactured In other districts,
stored in the First and Second wards, lor
which the tax is only collected when the commodity
Is placed In the market for sale. The crowded
condition of the district precludes the establishfaent
of distilleries within it. There are, however,
wq large breweries in operation. During the year
1871 there were 40.000,000 cigars manufactured, and
the present monthly produce is about three and a
half millions. The following are further statistics:-Hanks
of deposit, 37; savings banks, 3; trust
companies, 6; rectifiers, ui; leaf tobacco dealers,
J4fl; tobacco maufacturers, 11: cigar manufacturers,
102) wholesale liquor dealers, 207; retail
iiquor dealers, 776. The number off augers Is 8, and
the average number of gallons gauged mouthly In
the district is 397,000. The Collector Is M. H. Blake;
Assessor, .Spencer Kirby. The quantity or spirits
gauged during the past year was 37,iKto,6tio gallons.
This district is bounded by Liberty street on the
outh, North River on the west, Twentv-sixth
treet on the north, and Mroadway ou the east.
Heneral Max Weber Is Assessor and M. H. Trc adwell
Collector. The amouut of business transacted
in the territory described is most extensive, and
embraces largely the branches subject to internal
revenue tax. The amount collected during the last
fiscal year was $2,900,50H, but there will l>e a considerable
falling oft during the ensuing twelve
months. There are some necessary arrears for
taxes on incomes and on successions and legacies,
which are daily coming in, but in other respects
the imposts are promptly paid. This district takes
the lead in the number of retail liquor stores, there
being no less than 2,4i?2 within its boundaries.
? IMN are 31 banks of deposit and 1U of
navingu. The breweries muster 11, tuid produce
36,000 barrels monthly. There arc
I U67 cigar manufacturers, who turn out
R,ooo,ooo monthly, and last vear 6,000,000 pounds of
tobacco were manufactured in the district. There
are 07 wholesale liquor dealers and Mo rectifiers.
The average amount of liaptor gauged monthly 1*
?2<',000 gallons, the number of gaugers employed
iicing 7.
Tiunn j'istkict.
The Seventh, Tenth, Eleventh, Thirteenth. Fourteenth
and Seventeenth ward* constitute the
ThirO district. IJke the two preceding, there are
no distilleries in it. However, the tohacco InU*rcet
flourishes, and In this respect It is the largest
In the c!tv. As the tax on tlu^ fragrant weed has
lieen made almost uniform there will not Ite much
decrease in the revenue collected on the east Hide,
Sot the business Is Increasing every month. There
were 120,000,000 cigars manufactured in the district
tat year, jieldlnjr to the Koveriruient on this
article aloue #wio,ooo revenue, and new
establishments are constantly opening. The
[ tax 011 cigars Is $5 per 1,000 without regard
I to quality. The present number of manufacturers,
all employing more or less hands, is "no. The dealers
in l*af tobacco exceed r>o, and there are 4 manufactories
of the commodity, oueof which Is conducted
on a most extensive scale. The following
Uows the statistics 01 the other branches of busiiiL'sa
oubjcct to Internal revenue laws:?Hanks of
deposit, it; savings banks, s; brewers, 27; rectllleiB,
20; wholesale liquor dealers, 48; retail liquor
dealers, 1,462. The liquor trade, or, at least, that
part coming under the nctice of the one I'nlted
Mates ganger, Is comparatively small, being only
blxiut 40,000 gallons monthly. The amount of tax
collected during the fiscal year was $2,108,724. It
Is estimated that there will be a falling oir of less
}han $400,000 for 1872-73, which Is considerably beow
that In other districts. This Is accounted for
l>y the Increasing volume of totiaeco and cigar manufacture,
which the Qcrman residents on the east
Side adapt themselves to with facility and success,
'he Collector is John Millar#; Assessor, M. Frltdnam.
rtr.itrn dihthict.
The Rlghteenfh, Twentieth and Twenty-first
wflrds, thftt form this district, are. in a great measure,
Inhabited by citizen* wn^ trjMitact nuViftewfr
down town and t?V their families. ior tliis r'0A3GIl
the chief source of revenue came from income and
fas, too as tlitj law Imposing tax on (he former,
.which has always been an obnoxious oiie. lias ex.
i>lred by limitation ami that on pa* Is no longer eni
forced, the Importance of the district must diminish.
The amount collected for the last fiscal year
was (2,14(yJ3o. To give some idea of the large
annus paid ior Income it mav be stated that iu Julv,
1*71, there was received *002,V24, and during the
last four months there w as paid to the Collector
as follows:?Mar, 1872, $15?,no8; June,
I (.06.24#; July, (26,'i,<if>3, and last month,
August, 1112,127. These amounts were mainly
in iiiiuMutloD of Income tax. There
ts considerable yet due from citizens who have delayed,
from one cause or Another, to settle with the
ITvornment, but the indebtedness la every clay
growing smaller. There was paid, a few days since,
a us on a legacy of |700,000, which fell to two sons,
and tills did not include the real estate that they
also in he i It from their lather. There will be, perliaps,
a greater falling oiT In receipts in this district
(luring the current y< ar than any olher in the cltv.
The Collector Is Colonel Chan. K. foster: Assessor,
A. Ford. It appears by the books of the office that
there are 7 tanks of deposit, 5 savings banks,
jr breweries, 12 rectifiers, 16 wholesale lhinor
Dealers, 1,061 retail liquor dealers. H* cigar manufacturers
and 1 dealer In leaf tobacco. The one
gunner in the district gauges at un average 3c,ooo
fittiioiiH of liquor monthly. There are ubout one
luiUion cigars produced monthly.
Thla |* tl.e great beer district. It Ineiudes all
that part of Uie cltv lying north <f Fortieth street
and runs from the N'oith to the Kast Klvcr. It olio
Iiji ludc* Ward's, ilUckwell's and Itanda'rs Islands.
The statistics or the manufacture of fermented
liquor in New York possess Interest, and us
tl ere is produced in the Ninth difttrlet a greater
iiuanuij ol Hit mi tick tn?u iu aui oljitr m lUc VuikU
eeptton of two) in the district* ^ } [\1P- _
not exceeded In extent by ro? Yh' -?
The number of barrels of * i-^turru^A.,? f?Sm
those establishments, If p>^Md 8ir ^
reach from New by side, wouia
claimed that *' St- LouIh, and it Is
?a?T v "1 "? Q.'iailty is, fcot excelled genetab**
L. oriwerlea in ather States. Lager
>1 u* ,^U?. mhIiIV. n I writ It ntUr
p. ?W*TllilUg ivpvij llfVCiagC TTHU VK?"^?
VMonaUtlca tesldefl the Teutonic, and during the
Ipost seapon the consumption In thh? city ban been
enormous. From the ist of January last to the 1st
Of September Inst J'lght mouths?there have been
manufactured 49tKJ5 barrels (31 gallons each) ol'
fermented liquor in the district, or 15,333,686 gallons.
The tax Is li per barrel. The number or
packages, elttn>r full or etnptv, In the breweries, Is
67,238, of wbloh 14,835 are hogsheads and 14.U44 barrels
jused fbr ale and porter), and 3,847 half barrels,
20,700 quarter, 4.022 sixths and 80 eighths. The
latter four classes are used for lagrrbeer. It Is
estimated that tfee manufacture of fermented
liquors In the Xnilh district wHl Increase 25 per
cent during the current year. The total receipts
were $1,361,H13, and the estimated decrease, it Is
expected, will not tie more during the next twelve
luonttai than 4200,000.
Weiss beer is not taxable under the Internal
Revenue taw. It hus been held to be void or intoxcating
qualities, not haviug more than two and a
lialf per-ccnt of spirits or alcohol. It 4s generally
brewed In small quantities by persons of limited
means, wnd, as there is no special tax 011 manufacturers
of less Mian M>0 barrels of fermented liquors,
the persons engaged In preparing anu selling welss
beev escape all lmponi. The manufacturers are
scattered all over the city, and there arc several In
the Ninth district. The cigar manufacturers number
431, and dispose of their handiwork at the rate
of 1,000.000 monthly. There are 3 banks of deposit
and 6 for savings. There arc only 6 rectifiers, while
the wholesale liquor dealers count 12 and the retail
vendor* 2,111. About 36,000 gallons -of spirits are
guaged monthly, the labor being performed by one
officer. The Collector is Andreas Wlllman; Assessor,
Colonel A. T. Ketch urn.
From the preceding It will be observed that the
total amount received for internal revenue tax in
the Ave districts of this city during tho fiscal year
ending July 1. 1872, was $11,836,476. The estimated
, sum that will be collected during the twelve
months closing June 80, 1873, Is $0,000,000. The reduction
is caused by the abolition of various taxes
at the last session of Congress, as mentioned before.
There are in the city 02 banks of deposit and 40 for
savings; 370 wholesale liquor und 7,882 retail
liquor dealers or keepers or saloons, sample rooms,
ornr?rlB? nnil all nt.lmr i)ln.ri>H xvliern Honors are
sold In quantities less than Ave gallons. The number
of cigars manulactured monthly is over eighteen
milium*, ami the number of manufacture 1,738,
who employ a numerous body of workmen to assist
(hem In the business, and there are over ten million
pounds of tobacco manufactured annually. The
quantity ot liquor guaged tiv government
officers Is 72,200 gallons monthly. The rectifiers
number '259. There are 82 breweries
Jn the city that produce over loo.ooo
barrels of fermented liquor every month. The
, Mntli district takes In this important commercial
Interest to a greater extent than any other. It is
1 stated that the capital invested in the manufacture
i of fermented liquors in the United States approximates
to the total amount of the national debt,
and that in a lew years it will even exceed that
grand figure. I'erhaps, alter all, if Americans,
Kngllshmen, Scandinavians and irishmen took to
drinking lager instead of whiskey, they would be
less belligerent, more happy and. instead of brawls
and crimes, there would be a lighter criminal calendar.
It is not to be supposed that the government
fails to exercise a rigorous and luqulsltlve
control over too operations of breweries, so as to
prevent a gallon of lager brewed to get Into market
without paying the $1 tax for each barrel of
thirty-one gallons. The system Is perfect, and woe
betide the German brewer who allows lager to
1 leave his establishment under the present system
without paying the Impost.
The Coming Trotting Meeting?The Ilorsos Entered,
with Their Records and Pedigrees.
On Tuesday next, October!, the Fall Meeting of
the Fleetwood Association will commence. The
entries are numerous and comprise the best trotting
stock in the country. Seventeen thousand
two hundred and fifty dollars, Is the total amount
to be given in purses. The track 1h in splendid condition,
the President and Superintendent of the Association
having spent a great deal of labor and
pains to put it in order. Everything has been done
to Insure the comfort of the public by the efficient
Superintendent, Mr. William 11. Van Cott.. The
police arrangements will be under the supervision
of Captain Wilson, and It only needs good weather
to make the meeting exceed all others in brilliancy
and i-clat. Below will be found a list of the contestants
entered for the various purses:?
No. 2?Purse of $i,ooo, for horses that huvc never
beaten 2:60, for which the following horses are entered
Alden Goldsmith's bay gelding Glostero Is a dark
bay, 16\ hands high, by Volunteer, dam by Stockbridge
chief. He has a record of 2:28>i.
A. Patterson's sorrel mare Alice lirown. Alice
Brown is a very promising green mure, with a
strain of Messenger blood, andls also in 2:88 purse,
j Thomas R. Broadway's bay mare Starlight Nell is
j a green mare.
i W. McMahon's black gelding, Billy Davis, trotted
one heat, at Prospect Park Grounds, In which he
i was distanced.
Tnlivi Mnrvkhv'a ffrftv ffAlillnff Virtnr la a nrn<>n
J. H. Phillips' bay mare Fannie Osborn has
trotted several times ami is a good one. She Is by
W. II. Borst's bay mare Blossom Is a very promising
mare. She trotted twice last week in Philadelphia.
Henry Casey's l>lack mare Lady Byron, by Lame
Bogus, dam by Royal George, is a very promising
, mare. hands high, of good style and action.
Mr. Wellington's brown gelding Wellington is a
, green horse.
! Wm. E. Weeks' bay mare Susie Clay, by Billy
| Denton out of Clay mare, Is a very line mare, ami
trots well. She appeared at Prospect Park at the
j last meeting there.
I No. 2.?Purse of $2,aoo, for horses ihat have never
beaten 2:26; for which the follow lug horses are
| John I.ovctt's bay mare Gazelle. Gazelle is a
I beauty of a bay mare, and this Is her first season ou i
the turf. She is 15", hands high, by Rysdyk's llana'
bletonian, dam Hnttie Woods, by Harry Clay, out
| of the thoroughbred mare Terror. She has a record
j of 2:22, and is the property of Joseph Marker,
j Daniel Mace's gray gelding Cray Eddy, the property
of Messrs. Dooley and Leary, has a record of
j 2:27 at Prospect Park. He was sired by a soil of
I Geo. M. Patenen called the Blue Colt.
( D. Pilfer'* gray gelding Lottery. Lottery i* 16Jf
hands high, by Rysdyk's Hambletonian, and 1st lie
j property of Mr. Haniuel Truesdell. This horse has
! a record of 2:27, but has trotted no races this year
1 owiug to being "off."
Mr. II. Van Cott'g bay mare Tennessee. Tennessee
is a thoroughbred mare, 15bands high. She
I has a mile record of 2:27 and a two mile record of 5
! minutes.
I P. Manee's bay mare Mary A. Whitney is a full
sister to W. H. Allen, and has a record of i :32 at
Mystic track, Boston.
Thomas 8. Carpenter's bay tuare Lydia Thompson,
| by George M. f'atcheo, Is considered a flne mare.
W. II. Jarols' white gelding Crown Prince is li
hands high, sired by Bush Messenger. He has a
i record of 2:25>4. made at Prospect Park.
No. a.?Purse of $1,600, for horses that have
never beaten 2:^4, for which the following horses
are entered.
B. Mace's roan gelding Walter. Has a record of
J. H. Phillips' grar gelding Jack Draper, an old
stager, that is troublesome 111 all races.
William E. Week"' black geldiug Eight Bells: has
a record of 2:36, and Is the property of Captain
I Van Sice. I
James McKfc'8 bay mare voting morn, said to be
by "Hambletonlau. Has a record of 8:3ft. she Is also
i entered In 2:81 purse.
Henry Newland's brown stallion Win. Turnbull,
by Commodore Vanderbllt, Is a aj?leu'iiU stallion,
and will be found bard to beat.
I M. Carrol!'* brown stallion Jubilee Lambert, by
Daniel Lambert. "JTI I ,'jVJ '
? .*?t 4??1'jHffC JQ.Joo, for horses that have 'never '
i Vi'St'.'n 2' "> for which tue following horses are euttretlT?
Lovett's brown gelding Voting Rrnno Is 1ft
hand*, by llysdyk's Hnnibletoiuna, lull brother
to Bruno and llrunelto, and tins a record of 2 :30)a.
He is a stout and lasting trotter.
Daniel Jenkins' gray stallion Joe Rrown. This
horse was bred in Vermont, sired by liigot's Hattier,
dam by the Hairis horse. Harris horse by
Illation's Hambletonian. Joe Hrown Is owned at
Olen Vails, N. V. lie Is a splendid trotter, l&V
hands high, and has won almost all ho races. He '
has a record of 2made at Prospect Park, lie 19
also entered in 2:31 purse.
J. I'awhng's bay gelding Oeorge Is a verv handI
some Morse, not unlike ceorge I'aliner, and has a
great turn or speed. He has a record of 2:2???, but j
seetus to be very unreliable.
Kels?y's bay gelding s*. X. Switz has a record
of 2:2f, made at Sprlnglleld.
i A. E. IMpklns" bay ireidlng Comet, bv Hambletonian,
has a rerord or 2:30. and Is In Mr. Cieorge
N. Ferguson's stable.
J. W. lirlggs' bay mare Lad.v Koss, by a lilac k
Hawk, out of .Star mare, ami has a record or 8:89. '
M. ltoden's bay getdiug Castle Hoy. This horse I
Is a beauty, coming six \ears olJ, bv Champion,
dam a May Day mare. He has a record or 2:30
over Fleetwood Park, a second heat.
Daniel Pfller's chestnut mare Grace nertram, by
New Jersey, dam Pttse.v Anthony, lias a record of
I 8:20, tilth heat, at Sprlnglleld. She Is owned by
Mr. Crow.
\V. 11. Horst's t>ny gelding Kd. Foster Is little
known, having trotted only oiico In tl.ls neighbor- ,
| hood, without success.
J. J. Howen's gray gelding Hen Flagler has a rei
cord of 2:8M, dead heat, with Gazelle, at Pi oxpetl I
Park Fair Grounds.
Peter Manee'a gray gelding Ht. Klino, w? 11 known
as a very tast horse.
?. ii. Jmvw' if ray gelding DvuUIpL Ti^t hor>c |
* 7 ..,01 6viY or a tfioronghbfed mare, and has %
??c4ru of 2:29^, made at Sprlugneld tlus year.
Lon Morris' bay mare Nettle Morris 1? ft Very
handsome creature, and Is a nlce-gaited trotter. No.
Pur&e of $1,260 for horses that h&ve
never beaten 2:88, lot which the lollowing horses
are entered.
Alden Goldsmith's bay gelding Oloster, whqAa also
eatered In the '2:60 purse. ,
John Lovett's bay mare Gazelle, who ? also entered
In the 2:2? and 2:31 purses.
P. Hadden'a bay mare Lady Anne.
A. Patterson's sorrel mare Alice Brown, who Is
also entered In the 2:60 purse.
W. McMahon's black gelding Bill* Daws, who Is
also entered In the 2 :?o purse.
J. H. Phillips' bay mare Fannie Osbom, who Is
also entered In the 3:50purse.
Ik Daniels' brown gelding Brown Prince.
W. Wellington's browjj gelding Wellington, who
is aiso eniereu in me '^;ou muu z;oi pumcn.
William K. weeka* bay mare Susie Clay, who is
also entered in the Z:flo purse.
James Dongrey, Ji's, bay gelding Joker, by
No. a?Purse of $4.noo. for horses that have never
beaten 2:23, for which the following horses are
John Lovett's bay mare Lulu. This beautiful
mare is by Norman, dam by Imported Hoot on, and
is very handsome and promising. She has a record
of arilv, made at Utica this season.
Daniel Mace's chestnut gelding Judge Pullerton
is a magnificent gelding, tiy Mr. Hobert Manner's
Edward Everett, and is the property of Mr. Wm.
Humphreys. He has won all his races but one
this season. Fullerton resembles the King, Dexter,
very much, and has a record of 2:23 J*.
H. Daniel's chestnut gelding W. U. Whlteman is
by Ethan Allen, and has a record of2:23K.
W. B. Hmlth's black stallion Thomas Jefferson is
by Toronto Chief, dam G.vpsy Queen, and has a
record of 2:23 kf.
M. Koden's chestnut gelding Trlnmph is a well
bred horse and lias a tremendous turn of speed,
lie has a record of 2:2SHJ.
J. Boweu's black gelding Camors Is a very fast
horse, by Uenernl Knox, an?T has a record of 2:21&,
made at Prospect Park a short time since.
Peter Manee's bay stallion W. H. Allen Is a neat
going horse, by Volunteer, and has a record of
2:23)* made at Uoston.
No. 7?Purse of $2,000, is for horses that have
never beaten 2:31, for which tho following horses
arn nntpt'pd
Edwin Thorn's bay marc Enigma.
Jolin I.ovett'8 bay mare Gazelle, who is entered
in the 2:'M and 2 ::i8 purneH.
Daniel Jenklim' gray stallion Joe Brown, who 1b
also entered in the 2:2? purse.
J. H. Phillips' sorrel maro Fannie Pern Is an old
stager, and Is well known all over the country.
J. O. Walton's bay gelding Kansas Chiei has a
record of 2:32 at Buffalo.
M. Koden's gray mare Heather Bloom is a beautiful
mare by Duke ot Wellington, the property of
Mr. Thomas P. Wallace. She has a record of 2:32V
W. Wellington's brown gelding Wellington, who
is also entered in 2:&0 and 2:8s purses.
James McKee's bay mare Young Thorn, who is
also entered in 2:34 purse.
J. J. Bowen's bay golding comee, a magnificent
horse and one of great speed.
J. N. Woodward s bay marc Belle Brandon, formerly
Helle of Attleboro. '
P. Manee's bay mare Mary A. Whitney, who is also
entered In 2:20 purse.
M. W. Alcott's black gelding Contrabnnd.
Henry Newland's brown stallion William Turnbull,
who Is also entered In 2:34 nurse.
M. Carroll's brown stulliou Jubilee Lambert, who
is also entered in 2:34 purse.
No. 8.?Pnrse $8,000,free lor all; $2,500additional
for any horse beating 2:17, for which the following
horses arc entered:?
Daniel Mace's brown gelding George Palmer, by
Lame llogus, with record of 2:19<i.
B. Mace's bay mare American Girl, with record of
2:17 made at ISutrulo in August last.
W. H. Dobie's bay mare Rusallnd, with reoord of
2:21%, made at Philadelphia, September 27.
Mr. Thomas P. Wallace's splendid gelding Henry,
by Magna Charta, he by Morgan Eagle, Is at
Fleetwood, but will not trot in the Iroe for all purse
al this meeting. Henry trotted a third heat at
Moston, June 23,1871. in 2:20^, and was timed this
veur at Prnsnect. Pfirfe nrivftt.olv In 2:18. He can
trot uh fast as any of the flyers ami is considered
the handsomest horse on the turf.
Mr. Wm. II. Van Cott has a pair of spotted horses
at Fleetwood, known as the " lioston Spots."
They are very closely matched, sired by General
K?ox, and can beat 2:4? to the pole; also a pray
horse bv General Knox, 16), bands high, that is
very fast and promising.
Mr. Wm. Van Ness has, at Fleetwood, in his
stables, his splendid stallion Compeer, by Hambletonian,
dam by Long Island black Hawk; Bismarck,
by llambletonian, dam Lady Montague, and
a bay mare by Hambietonian, very fast and promising.
The veteran trainer, John Rogers, has a number'
of very promising horses In training, and they are
improving in speed very fast. Among them is a
sorrel horse own6d by Mr. Coe, and a sorrel colt by
*Edward Kverctt, out of a Star mare.
Avenue St. Nicholas, from its commencement at
the Park to Its conjunction with Kighth avenue,
will be flnlabed and in order for driving by the 1st
of October?so says Mr. Edward Moore, the Roadmaster?and
this avenue will form another smooth
drive for the citizens of New York to exercise their
fancy stock upon. The number and beauty of
equipages that New York tnrns out of a pleasant
afternoon is something wonderful even to an old
roadlte, and every addition to our driving roads is
a welcome boon.
Many who have an interest in the purity of the
trotting turf and object to any fraud being perpetrated
would greatly approve ot an addition to the
trotting rules, making it obligatory upon the Judges
to time every horse contending for a race which
gets any portion of the money, thus giving a record
which should stand as a hnr against entering the
same as If the horse won a heat. This would break
up tne practice of "pulling" to save a record and
prevent them from winning sccond, third or fourth
money as often as they do now.
Kan Mace drove on Sunday last, the fastest team
that has been seen on the road for many a day?
the black geldings Darkness and Plimpton. They
are well matched and can beat 2:30 to the pole,
making a terrific team. As they rushed past the
Club House they attracted a great deal of attention,
and all thought they had never seen more speed
shown to the pole on road or track.
Maior Parker, of Thirty-ninth street nnd Proadwav,
has one of the finest teams oi grays in New
York; thev are 16(; hands, are well matched, very
stylish, with long tails, and can step well.
Mr. John 1). Lewie owns a young sister to the
trotting niare Nonesuch, which, when developed,
promises to be very speedy. She is fine looking,
ami a credit to her owner.
I)r. liraley, formerly Chief Veterinary Surgeon
United .States Army, Intends to open his Museum
of Equine Anatomy, during this winter, at Thirtyseventh
street and liroadway. It will be free to
the public, and well worth a visit from all horsemen.
Mr. Kenyon, of Forty-seventh street, has a chestnut
mare by Hambietonian, and a five-year old filly
by Bellfounder, which can trot fast together, and
go the length of tho road. They are fine lookers
and good drivers, making a team any gentleman
might be proud of.
Mr. Oalway'a new purchase, the bay horse Rntledge,
Is a nice stepper and pleasant driver, pulling
Captain Wilson, who has great Judgment In selecting
a horae, has recently purchased a Hne animal
t?y Hatnblctonlan, which Is a beamy, Hue
gnited and vcrv promising.
Colonel Dickey, of California, has heen driving
some flue horses lately on the road, among them
the bay gelding Shot and liay horse Unknown. The
gallant Colonel does not like to lake anybody's dnst.
The old veteran (Seorge Kaphael Is again on the
road, and Is driving the sortel mare loung Litchfield.
Her dam was the old mare Lady Litchfield,
tt'vli known to turfmen. Young Litchfield is fast.
Goldamlth HUtdt I'Ufy and Occident on
the Track at Sacramento?Exhibition*
of Speed.
San Franci.sco, Sept. 28, 1872.
The State Fair at Sacrouiento closed with a race
between (Jold?mitU Maid and Lucy, mile heats, best
Jhree in dv<*, for fio.ooo. The uttendance on the
irack was ?rrail?r Umnjvas expected. T'10 J"'1|JC8
stated thj^t the tttftres were not In (rood condfti'orf,
Vut would give an exhibition 0/ what they could
io. The orimnal Intention was to have the race
about the middle of October, and it was believed
that by thai fl!ue they cvuld make as jrood or better
time than ovfct' Worf. Goldsmith Maw Won tne race
In three straight lieafs. Time, 2:20?4:1" 2:83.4.
Governor Stanford's Occident speeded between
the heats. Time. 2:'J1V 'lb<* third heat,
to wagon, was made in 2:234, which was announced
from the atand at the fastest time ever
mti'ie to wagon. (.mid smith Maid and Lucy will
trot cn the Alameda track, Octobcr 7, for a purse
or j7,f.uo. _ _
Pall Meeting of th? Naalivllle Blood
Home Association.
Nahhvm.i.r, Sept. 20,1S72.
The Fall meeting of the Nashville lllood Horse
A^ioclatioii commence* hero to-morrow with three
races. There are eighty-five horses now on the
The Traynor branch of the St. Patrick's Mutual
Alliance Association were on Thnrsdry refused permission
to parade yesterday, on the occasion of the
cornerstone laying of St. Michael's church, Jersey
city, and made arangemi-nts to meet at the ferry
and form on the Jersey side. The police authorities,
who either doubted the intentions of the Alliance
or were misinformed in regard to them, ordered
the reserve on duty at ten o'clock yesterday morning,
in view or repressing any deinonstratlon, but
the precaution proved unwarranted aud ik? leBcrw#
were disunited at live o'clock.
PTEMJ5KK 2',). 1872.--TR1PL
HhootloK at a Dos ?nd Killing m Mm.
on Tlinrsday^last Officer O'Keefe, of the Twentyeighth
precinct, was called to No. 53& Broome street
to shoot a dog supposed to be rabid, belonging to
Frank EbeL Anton Henkel, a German lad,
eighteen years of age, living In the samo
house, was requested by the officer to
tie the dog up so that ne conld be killed,
aud white Anton was holding the brute by a rop?
the policeman fired one shot which took effect, and
the dog pulled away. Being retaken by Anton,
O'Keefe discharged another shot, but without hitting
the dog. The bullet took effect in Anton's
right side, pawning inward and downward, Inflicting
a mortal wound. Still another shot was discharged
at the dog before he was killed. The wounded youth
was removed to Bellevue Hospital, where he died
on Saturday evening. The friends of deceased
Heem to think great blame attaches to Officer
O'Keefe, for the reckless manner in which he used
his pistol, but that will be determined by an investigation
to be made before Coroner llerrman.
Dr. Joseph Cushman will make a post-mortem examination
on the body.
The New York Hfkai d has constructed a telegraph line
Irora New York city to Whlteatonfc LI, and the camu in
iiow open for the transaction of biisincKs.
Thin line will be found of great service to those having
bunlness with vctwolx pawing to and Irora the Sound, and
every facility will be given to merchant!* aud other* to
communicate promptly.
As there in no other telegraphic communication with
"Whitustoue, the Herald Line will be open for all business
and private messages, an<l the suuie attended to with all
pofsHtle despatch.
All messages muiit be prepaid.
The following rate* have been established
Private messages, twenty-flve cents for ten word* or
less, two ecnts for every additional word.
Business messages? Kor a message of twenty words or
legs, to be delivered on board vessels off Whltcstoue, one
dollar; five cents tor every additional word.
Advertisements for Nkw York Hkhai.u free.
Herald Office, corner Broadway nnd Ann street,
Herald Hhlp News Office, pier No 1 Bant River.
Herald Branch Office, No 1266 Broadway.
Whitestone Hock, Whitestone, LI.
Almanac Tor New York?Thli Da jr.
Sun rises 6 6ft | Gov. Island eve 7 0?
Sun eets 6 46 j Sandy Hook....eve ? 22
Moon risen...uiorn a 20 | Hell Unite eve b 62
Steamers. Sail*, j Destination. | Office.
Wisconsin Oct. 2.. I Liverpool.. 129 Broadway.
City of Antwerp. . |Oct 9 .1 Liverpool.. 116 Broadway.
Tliurlngiu Oct. 8..IHamburg.. 161 Broadway.
City of Brussels... Oct. 6.. I Liver pool.. 116 Broadway.
Main Oct 6..|Brcmen 12 BowlingUreen
Australia Oct 6.. [Glasgow ... 17 Bowling Green
St Laurent Oct 6. . Havre 168 Broadway.
Cityot l'aris Oct 7..ILiverpool..|15Broadway.
Manhattan |Oct 0.. ILiveroool.. 129 Broadway.
City of Limerick. jOct 10..!Liverpool.. 116 Broadway.
Hammonia Oct. 10..Inamburg.. 61 Broadway.
Oceanic I Oct. \2.. | Liverpool.. I 19 Broadway.
Citnliria lOct. 17.. I Hamburg.. Irtl Broadway.
France lOct 19.. Inavre |66 Broadway.
Steamship City of Mexico, Sherwood, Vera Cril* flept
18, Progrcso 20th, and Havana 24th, with indse and passengers
to K Alexandre A Sons. No date, lat 81 21, Ion 78
O'.i, paused brig P M Tinker, from dibara for New York;
no date, lat 38 23, Ion 74 W>, brig Manlius, from Havana for
Steamship Western Metropolis, Quick, New Orleans
fieiit 22, with tiulh? and pitssengers to F Baker.
Steamship Gen Barnes, Mallory. Savannah Sept 2fi,
with indue and passengers, to W R Garrison.
Steamship Charleston, Berry, Charleston 88 hoars, with
md.se and passengers, to 11 K Morgan A Co.
steamship Wyanoke, Bourne. Richmond, City Point and
Norfolk, with mdsc and passengers to the Old Dominion
Steamship Co.
Steamship John Olbson, Winters. Georgetown, DC, with
mdse and passengers, toO B Mernek.
Ship Ophelia (of Liverpool), Towill, Calcutta and Sand
Head June 14, with mdsc to Vernon II Brown A Co; vessel
to Bowrlng A Archibald. Passed Cape of Oood Hope
Aug 4, St Helena 16th, and crossed the Eouator 24th, in
Ion 24. Sept 13 to lfith had a cyclone, during whlcn stove
poop and bulwarks; been 14 days N of Bermuda, with
light NW winds. July 2, iat 2 N, Ion 93 E spoke ship Lady
Clarendon (Br),from Calcutta for London; same time,
sliin Oa(iges, from Calcutta for New York; Aug 1(\ lat 2fl
44 s. Ion (134 K, spoke ship Oberon (Br), from Calcutta for
New York.
Bark Neverslnk (of Newcastle, Me), Weeks, Liverpool
f>0 days, with mdsc to Flinch, Edye A Co. Had strong W
winds; was 20 days W of the Banks.
Bark Stella (Ital), Olivarl, Liverpool 67 days, with salt
to Saml Thompson's Nephew A Co; vessel to A P Agresta.
Bark llolmestrand (Nor), KJan, Barrow 42 dors, with
railway Iron t4 Clias Congreve A Son ; vessel to Ti.'ens A
Hockmann. Had strong W winds to the Banks; thence 19
days, with variable winds. Sept 5, lat 40 B0, ion 40, spoke
ship Calliope (Nor), trom Barrow tor Quebec.
Bark Dainnar (Nor). Pedersen, Borrow M days, with
railway Iron to order; vessel to Punch, Edye A Co. Came
the mltldlc passage and had good weather; was 14 days W
of the Banks.
Bark Nebo (Nor), Horn, Cardiff 66 days, with railway
iron to order; vessel to Tetens A BooVmann. Made a
northern passage and had variable weather; Sept 20, ex
perlenced a violent gale from WNW, lasting 24 hours, In
which shifted cargo, broke rudder key and roused vessel
to leak; wan 18 days W of the Hunk*.
Bark Nanny (8we), Jajussen, Mcmel 4fl days, with rags
to Flinch, Edye A Co. Took the northe?n passage; Bent R
had a heavy gale from WNW, lasting 48 hours: 17th, nad
a severe hurricane, beginning nt KBK, veering to ENE;
lost foresail and main topsail vard: since fine weather;
been IS days W of the Banks. Hept an, lat 40, Ion CO, saw a
large quantity of dents, apparently hut a short time in the
water. Sept 25, lat 40 66, Ion f?3 41, spoke bark Alexander
(Swe), hence tor Havre, with loss of port bulwarks.
Bark Iiva (Br), I.itson, Maraeaibo Aug 24, aud the Bar
Sept 6, with coffee. Ac. to Maitlnnd, lhelps A Co. Ilad
light winds and calms the entire passage.
Brig Leopold! (Ital), Liguori, Alicante 80 dar*, with
tmlse to Kunch, Gdye k Co. Passed Gibraltar Aug 9. Had
line weather all the passage.
Brig Hebe (l)an), Hansen, Maraeaibo and the Bar Hept
C, with coffee, Ac, to L E Ainsinck A Co.
Brig (luysborough (Br), Kruger, Maraeaibo and the Bar
8epl 6, with coffee, Ac, to Crandall, Bcrtaux A Co.
liriii Abliy Clifford (ot Stockton), Clifford, tirand Turk,
TI, 13 days, with salt to WoddruflT A Robinson: vessel to
Jas E Ward Jk Co. Had Hue weather to ilatterub, thence
5 days, with blustery weather.
Scnr Julia A Decker, Duntvti, Kuatan 14 days, with fruit
to B J Wenberg.
sclir Albert Treat, Sawyer, Port Henry, Fla,8days,
with lumber to Snow V Richardson.
Schr Harry Doreinus. Torbell, Virginia.
8chr A liver, Jones, Virginia.
The steamship City of Brussels, which arrived 28th, reports
Sept 22, lat 51 04, Ion 26 58, patsed a Cunurd steamship,
bo and K; 20th, lat 44 Z), Ion 55 43, an Anchor line
steamship, bound F.; 27th, lat 42 20, Ion 62 49. steamship
Scotia, hence for Liverpool; same day, lot 41 17, Ion 60 17,
exchanged night signals with an Inmun steamship,
bound E.
Patted Through Hell Gaate.
Steamship Wamsutta, Fish, New Bedford for New York,
With mdse and passengers to Ferguson A Wood.
Steamship Tillie, Bailey, New London for New York,
with mdse and passengers.
Schr Jas Rltter. Brown, Nantucket for New York, with
fish to B F West A Co.
Schr Alinonak, Brown, Nantucket for New York, with
flsh U> B F West A Co.
Schr Annie I-ewls, Northam, Bridgeport for Baltimore.
Schr Jos E Potts, Havls, Newport lor New York.
Schr Oipsy, Johnson, Norwich lor New York.
Schr Jessie E Clark, Clark, Norwich for Baltimore.
frnr i'.vcri{r*cn, Hunce, Providence tor Rondout.
Schr H K Brown, Sackett, Kail Rive.* for New York.
Kchr Jocie Buck, Addison lor New Yurk, with lumber to
Chase, Talbot A Co.
Schr 1> A Beexy, Walton, Provldcncc for Rondout.
Kchr Mary Elizabeth, Kali Hiverlor New York.
Scbr R II Wilson. Perry, Provldcncc for New York.
flchr (J W Cummluua, ifolt, Pr<rvldence lor New York.
Schr Hudson, Hamlin, New LonOv'ii for EllzabethDort.
Kchr 8 A Falconer, Wllklns, Providence for Ruudout.
scfir Hunter, rerun, Dlnhton for New York.
Schr ? N Lovell. Wright, Kail Hlver lof oew York.
8chr 8arah Clark, Oriffln, Norwich tor Phi-,?<n?lj>nljt.
8chr Ranker. Oake*. Portland tor New York. wJtli 'Umber
to John HaikJIn. % v
gclir.l Riivmoftd^Rrown, Providence for Rondout
pclir Me.KjeiiKer, Peau. Taunton for New York. \
8chr Roanoke, Cook, Pawtuckct for New York "v
schr Entire, Klnnear, Providence for New York.
schr L Daniels. Smith, Providence tor Sew York w
8chr .1 A Worthing, Terry, Providence for New York." ?
Schr E J N SeyMoift, Mekcraon, Stonington lor New
Wrk. . T "T* f r??v *?.. . .... . . _ . .
iciir Q M Porter, Allen, Providence for New York.
Scfir Sarah Kljzalttth, Fleming, Newport for New Yprk.
Schr Sallle .M Kvans, Tlee, Provldcnce fur New York.
Schr C C Smith, Smith, Providence for New York.
Sclir Wm O lrWIi. Tlrrell. Providence lor Rondout.
sehr Native. DeHart, Pall River for New York.
Schr Win Donnelly, Lynch, Provldcnce for Hoboken.
Sc|ir Jas Phelps, Rockwell, Pawtuckct for New York,
schr John Warren, McOarr. Norwich for New York,
Schr Albert, Davis. Kali Hlver lor New York.
Schr Kred Tyler, Tlrrell, Fall River icr New York.
Schr.lane, IliaKlns, Newport for New York.
Schr Monitor, < base, Providence lor New York.
Schr I* C Shultls, Younit, Portland for New York, with
atone to order.
Schr Ocn Howard, Johnson, New Haven tor Port John*?Schr
Sallle T Chartrea, Suffolk, Pro>ldence for New
Schr Ueo Ulllnm, Miller, Portland for New York.
Schr Jane Marin, Huahnell, Pelham for New York.
Schr II K Chave, Francis, Portland for Now York, with
(tone to order. _ ? .
Schr Helen Mnr, warn, rrovinenee tor >ew ror*.
Schr Sarah Purvey Miller, Providence for New York.
Sclir Win Hurren, Doyle, Perry, Mo, lor New York, with
latli to Hoynton A Co.
Hi hr Dolphin, Allen, Clinton Point for Now York.
Brlir Kate Lunt, PotW. New Haven lor New York.
Sclir II H Collin*. Trod well, Portland lor Port .fohnnon.
Sciir N Holme*, Nortliain, Provldcnce for New York,
Kolir Louisa Holloway, CummiiiKK. Lynn for New York.
Ki'lir Alliert Jamcnon, Kelly, Kockland lor New York,
with lime to .1 Haviland.
Srhr Phil Sheridan, Murphv, Fall River for Ntw York.
Kolir Ply. Brown. Providence for New York.
Bohr llamtuirK, Smith, Providence for New York.
Schr Willie Perry, Oitden, Mrw York for Cambridge.
Selir Marv l.anudon, Olliliett, Providence fnr New York.
Bulir lU'iuiinn RK, No 39, Alihotl, Norwich lor New York.
Hr hr HeadlnK KH, No 34, Adams Norwich for Elizahethoort.
Hclir Whistler, Oalnor, Norwich fnr New York.
Hchr Pioneer. Crocker, Provldcnce for Philadelphia.
Schr K W Hancock, Ilabcock. Westerly lor New York.
gchr Amelia, Jone?, Hartford for New York.
fii'lir hugle, rliaxe, Pawtucket lor New York.
Bchr PeuntylvftulA, Doner, Norwich lor Philadelphia. ,
flehr Eliza TTamllton. Cole, fall River foftfew York.
Hrhr.l Hurley Craiulall, Pall River for New York.
Bclir Judge Low, Kunyon, Norwich for New Y?r
Hchr K J Tyler, Bwltli, Portland for hew -f ^th
tone to Kelly A Co. -? ror*' w"n
flohr Oliver BcoAcld, Dl*o?way, f e^ttaven ttor Ba\tlBchr
Highlander, fctewari New London for Port JohnROB.
City1" **rgaret Kenn'jdy, Ford, New Haven for Jersey
AnnUwr;Br<*ch. N<>w Haven for New York.
Srhr v i n- f^ flacwell, Kali River for New York,
to Taylor 0,1 Derby for New York, with flsh
toSTavlov '^<i^tnlkPP, Nantucket for New York, with fish :
Burton, Palmer, Stamford for New \ or*.
!?*' "'own. Providence for Bondout.
u ?!r "odadon, Boston for New York.
S?Wmony.fox. Cold Spriug for New York.
MiimesoU.JPhlnney, Norwicn for New York.
rtr Hi J".'' Thrnnher, Taunton for New York.
chr B T Graham, Hum*, Norwich for New York.
lM.,a Darling. Bridgeport for New York,
flchr Pallas, French, Norwich for New York.
?c!lr ~ Woodhull, Paw tucket tor New York.
Schr B P Kins, Bllven, Providence for New York.
flchr Fanny Hazard, Mack, Portland for New York,
with stone to order
Behr Geo H Connor*, Hunt, Hartford for New York,
flchr Eliza Havlland, Kail Bivcr for New York.
flchr Mary Mention, Little, Providence lor IJaverstraw.
Schr Karah, Burton, Northport tor New York.
Rchr Ehscx, Handy. Providence for New York.
flchr E T flinltli, Baker, Newport for New York.
Steamer Ttietia, (Jale, Providence lor New York, with
mdse and pussengers.
Htcamer Albatross, Davis, Fall River for New York, with
nidne and puxsengeni.
Htcamer Electra, Mott, Providence tor New York, with
indue and paasenger*
Steamship Glanens, Wnldcn, New York for Boston.
Brig Annie Collins (Br), McFarlund, New York for
Wind tor. NS.
Hehr Ella Jane, Allen, New York for Bridgeport.
Bchr G Harris, Hudson. Providence for Now York.
Hchr George W Whlsder, Mines, Providence for Port
Hchr Helen Martin, Briggs, Providence for Port Johnton.
Hcnr Martha A Jane. Mott, Mystic for Newark!
Hchr E B Wheaton, llowe. Hartford for New York.
Hchr Kate Thomas, Arnold, New London for New York.
Hchr Jumes Hoffmann, Shropshire, Port Johnson tor
New Haven.
Hchr Jessie, Edwards, Hoboken for Salem.
Hchr G M Glluiau, Letts, Wushlngton, DC, for Bridgeport
Hchr Red Jacket, Averell, Hoboken for Gloucester.
Hchr Hunan, Hayes, Elizabethport tor Bridgeport.
Hchr Alible Oaks. rillt-bur.v, Rondout for Halein.
Hchr Star Spangled Banner, Phillips, Elizabethport for
Bchr J H Potts, Holt, Hoboken for Somerset
Hchr J Ross, Hunt Hoboken for Somerset.
Hchr Maud Webster, Wentworth, New York for Boston.
Hchr llnttle A Ellen, Ashland, Port Johnson lor Jumcgbury,
Hchr Freedom (Br), Gates, New York (or Windsor.
Hehr More light, Allen, New York for Calais.
Hchr White Fonm, l'lunkitt, Newhurg for Providence.
Helir Billow, Bell, New York for Hartford.
Hchr Hastings, Jones, New York for New Bedford.
Hchr M M Gritting, Hawley, New York for Portchester.
Hehr Walter C Hall, Tnllinan, New York for Gloucester.
Bchr Loon, Sheffield, Elizabeth for Pair Haven.
Hchr Nellie Brown, lliggins. Port Johnson for Boston.
Hchr Emma. White, New York for Taunton.
I Hchr Florence, Wilcox. New York for New Haven.
Hchr Louisa Jane, Howard, Kingston for East Chester.
Hchr J II Youmauit, Smith, Port Johnson for Providence.
Hchr R H Buckingham, Kelsey, Port Johnson for Providence.
Sctir W T Marsh, Smith, Port Johnson for Bridgeport.
Hchr Maggie Cuinmings, Smith, Philadelphia torCohaseett
Hchr E Arcularius, Gregory, Clinton Point for Boston.
Hchr Henry Smith, Ellzalicthiiort for Providence.
Hehr Harvest Corwin, New York tor Gloucester.
Hehr E B Bleaker, Elizabethport for Providence.
Hehr Winner, Nash, New York for Bofton.
Hchr Clurissa Allen, Holden, New York for Stamford.
Marine Disaster*.
Brio Diana (Nor), Jenatlien, which cleared from Wilmington,
NC, 70th inst for Cork, got ashore ou Frying Hull
Shouts. Hhe was subsequently gotten off, and It is presumed
without any damage; but she was brought back
inside the Bur, when Captain Jenathcn returned to Wilmington
to provide for an examination of her bottom as
a necessary precaution before proceeding on her voyage.
Hchr Fair Tradkr, Irom Baltimore, ran aground In the
iiiiiiiiui: iwver auoiu iwo werns hk<> ui mcmuiKl Station,
betw cii Quantlco and Fredericksburg. and was a I a n
doned by her crew of colored men. Since then, unreclaimed,
she has been lying in a position to go tonieces by
the first strong wind, and doubtless the storms ot Wednesdu.v
and Thursday might have wrecked her. It 1m thought
that she wiw stolon, nnd running aground at a railroad
station the thieves were afraid to risk the danger of remuinlug
to get her off.
Schr Alida (of Newport, RT) for New York, went ashore
on the Hog'n Back, Hell Gate, yesterday afternoon, and
UM in a bad position.
Sena Hunter (supposed of Taunton) went ashore on
Blaokwell's Island yesterday atteruoon; would probably
float at high water.
Fcna Julia D (Br), Bergmann, from Maracaibo for New
York, with a cargo of coffee, while coining out over Maracaibo
bar, Aug 23, struck und wua totally wrecked;
cargo lout; crew all saved.
Sciir Milton, Trask. at Bangor from Uingham. report*
that a schr, name unknown, having lead colored l>ends
and black waist, went ashore on Dry Ledses, south west
of White Head, 28th inst, in a thick log. The log whistle
sounded very taint, and had It not been for extra vigilance
on the part of the officers and crew the Milton
would have followed the unknown vessel to destruction.
Ri.sinohk. Sept 14?The Atlas bark (of Aalhorg), from
null for Hernosand, reported this day as abandoned near
Dragoc, had been In collision with the Pauline David (of
Stralsund), Otto, from Philadelphia for DanUlc, and had
about eight feet of water In her hold. The master and
five iiwn got on hoard the latter vessel, and the mate and
four men were picked up by the Rureka (*), Hood, and
landed here. The Pauline David received only slight
Narva, Sept 14?The Christine, empty lighter, intended
to take off part of the cargo (cotton* of the American
ship R Sherman, from New Orleans, lying In these roads,
was driven ashore on the Esthonlan coast In entering
the river, when she tried to come Into harbor; crew
faved. [The cable despatch, published on the 19th Instant,
In which It was made to appear that the R Sherman had
stranded on the coast of Rsthonia was erroneous.)
St TnoMAs, Sent 16?Brig Falcon (Br), Deegan, from Hallux
bound to Ponce. PK, with a cargo of fish, Ac, v/as
wrecked 10th Inst on Anagada Reef. Tne crew have been
brought to St Thomas. Vessel probably a total loss.
Purser LL Young, of the steamship Gen Barnes, from
Savannah, has our thanks for favor*.
Hhkst, Sep 16?The schr Dlligente, Davis, from Italy for
America, put Into the roads this morning with four of the
crew sick. After shipping fresh hands she will proceed
for her destination.
HTUK urn;, oejii ly? me oar* ? lry 01 riammon, ITom
London for Philadelphia, lias arrived here with part of
her crew refractory.
The Kennebec I<anrt and I.umher Company, through
Mr Irn D Hturirl*. have inst given an order to Messrs Goss
A Sawyer, of Hath, for the building oi two three-masted
schooners for the company, to l>e ready for delivery the
13th of April next. They are to be 250 long each, with a
carrying capacity of 260,000, and to be flrtt class in everv
LAPKcnan?At Pembroke. 19th Inst, from the yard of
John McVlcar A To, a schr of Z10 tons measurement,
called the Hertha J Fellows. She la owned by W T Hotiart
A Co and others, of Pembroke, And will be commanded
by Captain William R Smith, of Pembroke. This Is one
ot the finest vessel* ever built in this vicinity.
Captains Samuel and Alfred Watts, of Thomaston,
launched a fine three-masted centreboard schooner,
of 373 tons, from their vard last Wednesday, called the
Hattic Turner, and to be commanded by '"apt Turner.
This i? the tint centreboard achooncr ever built in that
Notice to Mariner*.
Andrews buoy has been moved HE % R eight-tenths
of a cable, and now lies in 32 feet at low water spring
tides, with the following marks nnd compass Ixarings:?
The 8E beacon on I.andguard Point In line with the east
side of Walton Martello tower, NV? W; Ewarton church
touching tlie north side of Harwich old high litrhthouse,
NW % N; Platters buoy E by 8. distant f 010 cables:
Inner Ridge buoy flSW, distant 2 6-10 cables; Beach End
buoy NW, distant 8 3-10 cables.
The South Shelf buoy has been moved 1 Cable to the
eastward and now lies in 16 feet at low water sptlng
tides, with the following marks and compass bearings :?
The first house to the northward of Dovercourt hotel. Its
breadth on the high uart of Beacon Cliff, W ; the center
of Shotley Martello tower. Its breadth on the bow of the
Breakwater ship, NW N; North Cliff Foot buoy SSW.
distant 3), cables; North Shell' buoy N )? E, distant 3 9-10
The North Shelf buoy ha* been moved 1 cable to the se ,
% s, and now lies in 16 feet at low water sprint.' tides,
with the following marks and compass bearing*Harwich
old low lighthouse, twice Its breadth to the left of
the tall chimney, W 8; the west end of a slated barn at
Shotley touching the east side of the Eastern Martello
tower, NW by N; Guard buoy NW % N, distant:IJi cubic*}
South Shelf buoy SJ^W, distant 3 9-10cablea.
The Guard buoy has been moved and now lies In 4
fathoms at low water spring tides, with the following
marks and compass bearings:?Tho Coastguard flagstaff I
in line with the tall chimney, WSW: the south end of tho
garden wall At the Ordnance whurf in line with the south
end of Dovercourt terruce, SW W; North Shell buoy SF.
S, distant 3*4 cables.
The red shade of Landgaard light and the beacon? on
the Point have been Altered to correspond with the above
< iinuM ". I
In consequence of the ntlll farther growth northward of I
he Venus Hank Spit navigators are cautioned nil?!n*t
rounding the iplt with the lliihthouse open, as rccoin- I
i)it .n<Ie<) in T 8 HrdrogrAphlc Notice No.14, of IH71.
" IVutll Itirtlier notice the aplt I* to he rounded with the 1
ij.*htfH>ii?e at Cape Moreton open to the northward of the
v, ii, w f>tch Lighthouse a space equal to the whole of
tliedl/u %,*'lce b**w?*n tb?lr height*
>tr <?Sbb& spsjpjsi&i?
Rn v SHWWW JPiJc*' Jlu> second point ot
^thXd^NNW.iiwi,,^. "tend, thence to
'''Navigators are cantl?nod that thV*#? u'junaS'ilemA
of sunken roc in lying off the count, t
and Vulcan Point, and they are Wi^|J,*uaw N01 to
aij>ron< h this parrot the coast within 21 "
By order of the Bureau of Navigation. *
it II WYMAN. Captain ISN, h^^otfraLhcr.
Hydrographic Office, Washington, DC, Sept I j
Whalemen. J
Bark .Tanua, Jenney, ol NB, was at hi An* .11, with 2.V* j
hbls sp oil on hoard; expected to he at Fayal irom the ,
middle to the lam ot October; all well.
One-sixteenth ot hark Java 2d waa sold at auction at
New Bedford, as discharged from her last vovage, to C
Hatch A Son, at the rate of $M0; 1-16 to the hi no. at llii)
rate of $160,1-32 to Anthony I. Sylvia, at the rate ot $192.
Hpoltti. ~
Ship Trlmountaln. ttrouhart, from New York for Cal
lao.July 31, lat fl If, Ion U W. I
ship Prince Oscar (Mr), t>om Calcutta for Snn Franclr 1
C0j.Scpt 18, lat 43 N, Ion 3d W.
nam Ada, irom ?ior now inn, arm nrnerea lofnv.
Annul), fii ptiB.off Fire J?lnud(by pilot lioat E L William*,
No 14).
Foreign Porta.
Amu, Pept 1ft?Arrived, Mlchclc Ualatoa, Bnrone, New
Aktwkbp, Kepi 17?Arrived, William, Ilnrdinff, Now
Anraa, Aug 0?Sailed, Lemuel, Hultman. leeward.
ANjiaa. Auk 7?Panned, Forward llo. llo*iiack. from Manila
for N?'W York ; Nth, France*, KortlinK, PaiisnrovanK
lor Boatcn.
Au.oa Bat, COII, no date?failed. Patriot, Thoma*.
Bout on. .
Hn.rAdT.Hfpt 17?Arrived, Jorgen Lorent*cn, Borensen.
Baltimore. *
Bhistol. Sept ! ?ArrlTeO, Glide, fllll, TfyUdelphla, ,
Sailed loth, Great Western (*), Stamper, New YorM. .
Batavia, Auk 1?Sailed, So-.loo, Hhalwt.ll, fkiurahaya.
Brbrt, Sept 16?Put into the road a, Diligente, Davle^^H
from Italy for America ?ee Mlncel). *
numMi, iv-miiivu previous, at niiuii'Bw"comb,
Balled previous to Sept 18, Tlrrell, Morgan (dcitinaUo^^B
not given).
CAumrr, Sept W?Cleared, Albert Gallatin, Gravd^^B
Sailed 17th, Forest Queen, Cleland, Oalveaton.
Core, Sept 14? Arrived, Armenia, Maggia, New York.
Cadiz, Aept IS?Sailed, D R Stock we II, Uardln|^^H
Caernarvon, Sept 18?Sailed, Arethusa. Lewis. Bostoi^^H
Copknhagkn. Sept IS?Passed, Pauline David, Otto, frol^^H
Philadelphia Tor Dant/.ic; 15th, Max, Oltmuunf, N?i^|
York tor Stockholm.
Constantinople, Sept 9?Arrived, Nor, Jahn, Tuganro^^H
(mid cleared tor New York).
Cronxtadt, Sept IS?Arrived, Frledrlch Scalla, Waacl^^H
< 'alcutta, Sept IS? Arrived previous, Montebello, Kelly^H
Rio Janeiro.
Cardenas, Sept 20?Arrived, schr Fanny, Keating, Apa^H
Caibakikn, Sept 7?Arrived, bark Alexandrina, Buow^^H
Drai., Sept IS?Arrived. Loch Ness, Mclkleiohn, Londot^^H
for New York (and sailed); Rudolph, 1'aske, do for Wil^^l
m ington (and anchored); 19tli, Ain Union, Delano, do fo^^H
New York ; Ironsides, Barry, do for Savannah (and bctl^^l
off, 18th, Albert the Good, Holt, from New York fo^H
DAHnANRLi.ES, Sept 6?Passed, liana Gude, Dne, uroo^^H
Tag nnrng for Norway or New York.
Dknia, Sept tl4?Sailed, J Taylor, Hoepman, Baltlmore^^H
Ditnkihk. Sept 18?Arrived," Augustine Kobbc, Oh*M^|
Klsinore, Sept IS?Arrived, Canada, Holmes, Phll&^M
delphia for Stettin; Southern Belle, Bobbins, do for
nhrsherg: Sunsliine, Richmond, New York for Luheck.
Falhoctii. Sept 18?Sailed, Bombay, Jordan (from Baa^H
seln), Liverpool.
(iOOle, Sept 18? Sailed, Excel. Townalev, Charleston.
Greenock, Sept 17?Arrived, Bablno, Paine, Moulmcin
18th. Iron Age. Cralitree, Cuba. Sailed 18th, Benj Bangs^H
Batchelder, Conmmho; 19th, Iowa (*), (Jr,lK. New York.
Hartlepool (West), Svpt 10?Sailed, Patria, Eckholm^H
Havre, Sept 18?Arrived, SaxonlA (s). Brandt, UaiuH
burg (and cleared for Havana and New Orleans).
Cleared 18th, Amelia, Ross, I'uited States.
Hambcrg, Sept 14?Arrived, Mohawk, Murphr, Newf^H
York; Yandaliu (s), Franzeu, do; 15th, Condor, Brorsen^H
Arrived at Cuxhaven 17th, Silesia (?), Trautmann, Neu^H
York. H
IIelvoet, Sept 15?Cleared, Nereus, Dlrksen, Philndel-^H
pliia. H
Havana. Sept 22?Sailed, bark Sultan (Br), Davis, Nev^H
York; 23d, schr Maggie E Gray, Conkliu. north of ilattoi^H
Liverpool, Sept 17? Arrived, John Ritson, Wvlle, Sar^H
Francisco; Oceanic (s). Thompson, New York; 18th. Citv^H
of Limerick (s), Jamleson, do (and both entered out IPtfi^H
to return); Brilliant Star, Seam, Wilmington; Clara
Agnes. Uanion, New York.
Sailed 17tli, Rcslna, Ferguson, New Haven; Adelaide^?
Baker, Lang. Belize; Kaloo, Hartlett, New Orleans; ,T
Dimmock, Lincoln, Savannah (and put hack 19th, whal^H
for not stated); Home, Yalentine, Philadelphia; 18th
Napoli (s). Edwards, Cardiff, Gibraltar and New York.
Cleared 17th, Norlli Star, Owens, New Orleans; <!eo S'kol^H
field. Sk'illleld, Rio Janeiro and Calcutta; Savannah^H
Weissenhorn. and James Jardino, Roberts, Savannah
18tli. Manhattan (s), Price, and Hannibal, Niemann, New^H
York. H
Entered out 17th, Calabria (s). McMickan; Malvlna.^H
Kluge; Nevada (s), Forsyth ; City ot Paris (s), Leitch, ami^H
Nictaux, Davis, for New York;' 18th, Moravian is), Ura-^H
ham, Baltimore via Halifax; Matura, Townshend, antl^H
Caledonian (s), Patching, New Orleans.
Off the Bailees 18th, Theobald, Adams, from I.lverpoo'^B
for New Orleans.
London, Sept 18?Arrived. Burg Petersen, Pcrmien.^H
Philadelphia ; 19th, <,'iu n ol the North, Ouswell, Boston.
Cleared 17t(i. Satu'n i, l-ofbcrg, New York; 18th, Ro-^H
bena. Dagm-tt. do Washington Booth. McGregor, Ncw-^H
port. Ac; Peter Jelison is), Wulff, New York.
Sailed from (Iriiveoend lHlh. Memnriii Kel rlif. NnvH
Marseilles, Sept 16? Arrived, Redowa, Salter, New
Sailed 14th, Jules Cczard, Crlstln, New Orleans; Triton,
Cassarlnleh, New York.
Malaga, Sept 12?Sailed, Selina Stanford, Pollio, New
Arrived 14th, tirifr Susan Bertren, Davis, Cadiz.
Cleared 14th, steamship Amy (Br), Hardrastle, New
Mabacaibo, Auk 24?In port, brig Virginia, Johnston,
from Martinique, to loud for New York.
Montreal, bent 20?Arrived, steamship Nestorian, Aird,
Newcastle, Sept 17?Cleared. Eidsrold, Knudum, New
York; Kong Sverre, Hansen, do.
Newport, Sent 1%-Clcared, Knudvlg, for Galveston.
17tli. Zarnak. AnlluTm, Cltv I'oiut.
Entered for ldg 10th, Avance, Tortcnscn, for City
Pii.laf, Sept 19?Arrived, Brother's Pride, Galloway,
New York; 14th, Laura, Streokcr, do.
Pout Talbot, Sept 18?Sailed, Enibla, Petlor?en, New
1'AnANO, Julv 16?Sailed, Guiseppe d'Abnndo, Cauiarota.
New York.
Quhenstown?Sailed 17th. J T Smith, Howard (from
New York), Antwerp; 18th, Garnet, Oliver Uroin Rangoon),
Quebec, Sept 27?Arrived, steamship St Andrew. W>Uc,
Glasgow; steamtngJ (5 Witherbce, Leet, New York.
Cleared 27th, steamship Prussian, Dutton, Liverpool.
Rotterdam, Sept 16?Cleared, Siritu, Rentes, New York.
Sunderland, Sept 17?Cleared, Ureka, Withers, New
Southampton, Sept 17?Sailed, Koln (s), Frank*, Bremen.
Stockholm. Sept 5? Sailed, St Mary, Hallowcll, Bostan
(and arrived In Flsinore Sound 15th); Helios, Holm,'
Charleston; Htb, Aladdin, F.vensen, Philadelphia.
Stettin, Sept IS?Arrived, Dagmar, Olsen, New York;
14tli, Little Zittlosen, Dow, do.
St Helena, Aug 16?Arrived, W G Russell, Owen,
St Thomas, Sept 15?Arrived, brig Wm A Roger* (Br),
Jones, Demcrara.
In port lflth, sehr Athlete (Br), Jones, for St Domingo
Cltv to load tor Boston.
Saciia. Kent 13? Kuilnl. hrli/n Samuel T.lndsnv. Bedford.
Baltimore; 20th. Oipsey Queen, Stevens, how York; 21*t,
Delphlne (Br), lloward, do.
St John, NB, Sent 26?Arrived, schr Pampero, Town?
rend, Philadelphia.
Tkn*rifpk, Sept 4? Sailed, Edith Roue, Tobey. Matansa*.
Valencia, Sept 11?Arrived, Miranda (s), Dilly. Marseilles
(and sailed Tor Denia and New York.)
Wjupsor, NH, Sept 9?Cleared, schrs J F Chandler, Pet?
tin. New York; 14th, Newport, Miller, do; 19th, brig AtW
stainer, McNainara, do; schra Caledonia, Layton, do; 24th,
II V Crandall, McBtirme. do; 25th, briga Bumming Bird,
Steven, and Peter Robert*. tlnnter, do.
Yocgiiall, Sept 16?Arrived, Folkvang, Ebkes, New
American Porte.
ALEXANDRIA, Sept 27?Arrived, schr Adeline F.lwood,
Sailed? Steamship John Oibson, New York; schr* J no
Rnmmel. Jr, Savbrook; Sophia Kranz, Boston.
BOSTON, Sept 2fl?Arrived, brig Waltham, Magoune,
Llngan, Cfl: senr Emily A Staples, Now York.
Cleared?Steamship Morcedlta, Marshman, New Orleans;
barks Speedwell, Johnson, Weat Coast of Africa;
Western Sea, Kendrick. Cadiz and a market; schrs M A. '
Drurv (new, of Boston), Baker, New Orleans; Warren <
Sawyer, Crie, Ueorgetowa, DC; Bonny Boat, Kelly, Kennebec
River, to load for Baltimore; II N Squires, Fiab,
Philadelphia. . .
Sailed?Barks Panama, Olenalladale, and Carmel:
brie- A M Putnam, Athol, S C Shaw, Valencia, and a fleet
of schrs.
29th?Arrived, steamship Neptune, New York ; bark Zlngarella,
(loree _ _ , . _
BANtJOR, Sept 27?Arrived, schr A L Cutler, Smith,
Philadelphia. .
CHARLESTON, Sept 21?Cleared, brig Guiding Star,
Free thy, New York via Fcrnandina; achr Qeorgetta Lawrence,
Robinson, Havre. _
2flh?Arrived, steamer Jame* Adger. New Ydfe; bark
Tellalr. Boothbay; schr Traveller, New York.
Sailed?Schr* 'J K Simmons, for Jacksonville; A R
Murchie, for Bucksvllle; E r llommtl, for Wilmington,
FORTRESS MONROE, Sept 29?Passed in. bark Lady
Young (Br), Roberts, from Liverpool for Baltimore. ,
Passed out?Barks Liz/ie Morrow (Br), for Cork; Inca ,
(N O), for Amsterdam; Victor (Rus), for Belfast; brlga
Redwing, for Rio Janeiro; R C Wright, for Barbadoes;
Harry, lor Matanzus; Storm King (Br), for the West
Im'les. __ ,
Also passed in for Baltimore 29th, steamer Cuba, from
Havana: barks E.ssa, from Dublin; Degloria; brig Elodie,
from St Pierre.
Also passed out, brig Georgia, for Barbados.
MOBILE. Sept 24?Arrived, bark Doris Brodersen,
Neilsen, Rio Janeiro. M
Olefin d?Brig Shannon, sawyer, Boston. _ ^ I
NEW ORLEANS, Si pt 25?Arrived, barks II D Prook.
man, Kerry, Now Vbrk: Maravilla (Spun). Domenich,
OlcnfUegos. Bp low. ship Genevieve Strickland, Strlckland,
from New Vork.
Cleared?Steamships Havana, Pennington. Key West;
Agnes, Hawthorn, New York; schr R B Locke,Schrlever,
Kuatnn Inland.
Soittiiwi ?r Pass, Sept 2.1?Arrived, steamship Maryland,
John?>n. Baltimore, \ia Key West
NEW BEDFORD. Sept 2ft?Sailed, schre Georgia St*.
ple?. Richmond; Adele Trndcll, lies*; Swallow, Carter,
itikI John Johnson, Mesjlck. Baltimore; Samuel C Hart,
Kcllv and \i II Head, Benson, Philadelphia; M Vassar,
Jr. Kellv, Alhnnv. T B Smith, Bowman; Helen, Perry;
Para Brown; Palladium, Ryder; Wm H DeWitt, Parker,
and Henry Gibhs, Chafe, New York; Mist, Muncy, Tren'"noRWICH,
sept 29?Arrived, sclir* W W Bralnard,
Hoboken; Chief, do. _
new London, Sept 2S?Arrived, schrs Eva, Alexandria
; Little Maid. Hohoken ; Thomas IIull, do for FrovIdenoe;
Rr.cer, Cold Spring for do. _
Sailed?Sehrs Veto, Baltimore ; C C Sadler, New York)
E Hamilton, do.
PENSACOLA, Sept 25-Arrlved, brig Keystone, Baker,
Sailed?Ship Chance (Br\ Bruce, Sunderland; bark
Charles (Fr>, Lemattre, Bordeaux.
PORTLAND, Sept V?Arrived, brig J Polledo, Dyer,
Pictou, NS; sclia Amelia, Kelly, Newburyport. to load for
New York.
PORTSMOUTH, NH, Pept 2S? Arrived, achr Z Snow,
Rlehard?on, New York.
SAN FRANCISCO, Sept 21?Arrived, ships Valparaiso,
Manson, Hong Kong; Isaac Jean*. Boyling, Seabeck:
bark Domlnga (Col), Sutton. Burrard Inlet
Cleared?slitp Black Hawk, Crowell. New York.
SAVANNAH, Sept 2tf?The Spanish bark Saragowa,
which sailed henee on the 24th Inst for Barcelona, 1*
anchored off the Tyhee with her crew sick.
SALKM. Sept 27?Cleared, schr Cayenne, Kecne, Cay.
WILMINGTON, NO, Sept 28?Arrived, steamship Benefactor,
Jones, Nuw York.
Absoluts divorces legally obtained pro*
different States; legal everywhere; desertion, Ac.,
iitllclent causc; no publicity required; no charge until
divorce granted ; advice free.
XI HOITSE I'Miinullnr ISO Hrniwlnav
IV the court* of different Stale*. No publicity. Advice
tree. Notarv Public and Commissioner for CYery State.
F. 1, KINu. Cot>n<*llor-kt-Law, S63 Rroauwav.
*' * 1
Ixt corner of Fulton avenue and strict,
. Open from 8 A. M. to P. M. s
on Siinduy Irom S to 8 P. * n
v? . ? *
- -.^Drrv OFF TEAS.
SSPif 9i IS R?
to cure wlien all other treatment mils any case of
private disease, syphilis. scrotal*, rheumatism, debility,
*o.; no mercury , circular* tent; office lioura Irora 9 A. Jt
to U P. M.; consultation tree.
Dr. RICHARDS, 2iS Varlck direct, New York.
Fine electro silver plated table warEAt
wholemle prices, at 18 John street, New York.
Miver plrttliiK. .lon.N u. UNKERIIILL, Mauut?cUr?r
(luiiucjriv Jiihu F. Curran A Co,)

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