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Correspondence Between the
Mayor Elect and the Comptrol
ler on the City's Finances.
A Spirit of Economy To Be Introduced Into
Ail tiie Departments.
The following estimate of the municipal expend^
tore of the city made by Comptroller Green will be
read with interest. On the 18th of No\ember .
navemeyer, Mayor elect, addressed a note to the
Comptroller asking that such a statement should
be furnished him, and the reply and estimate of
the Comptroller are given below. It will be seen
that In mauy of the departments tho estimates are
lower and that a general spirit of economy Is to be
introduced. Nitw yoRK Nov 18i 1872.
n?.B c.? t ahould like to have such information
IV1of l**u?*Tm lor new works ol In.provement and
?oilier purposes will answer my obtoct u^vKMK?Ea
To Oon. A. D. Grekn, Comptroller.
Citt or Nkw York, Dkpahtmkht or Financ*. j
CoMrTBOLLKB's Orric*, Dec. 5, 1872. I
lion Vfu. F. IIavukvbk, Mayor elect
;>urpo?e? as fixed lor that yej*r.|,AX
For portion of Btate tax*o*be paid by New York county
as follows :? $1,301,587
For schools, Vi mills. j soi,fwT7
?or general imrpo*es. l?% mills 2',0K2,5U7
For bounty' debt I ?'"' mo,?26
.For now Capitol, K.a'Jii'mni 117 HI
For ranal floating debt, 9-HO mill
?For new work on canals and extra repairs, 7-10 ^28.877
academies and Uniou iihoo'ls,' Vie mill...'. ^78
?In addition to the" Vorigoing la the portion, ot
tk \ State tax to be i?aid by tills county tor
canal and sicneral turn! deficiencies required
to be raised this year. the Stale Comptroller
holding ?i<< law providing for its being funded ^
to bo unconstitutional ? '
Total tax for Stnto pun>oscs to bo paid by the
.itv und rountv ot New York ? ???
For interest on the city and county debt lor tho g 4ftf ^
For'redemption of the 'cHy and" county" Uobi ' ^
tailing duo in ' '
MBTHK' sorport or tiu: city and county governments.
Th^ exncnsca ol the various departments ure taken
from thePr estimates for 1873. The ? indicates that the
?mm,tit is caUed tor by requisitions of tho department
Iii other ca^-s the item as a whole or a part is taken tjoin
the amount allowed lor 1872. The amount; allowed lj>
u? officers authorized to tlx the appropriations tor 18/3
\ti stated in a separate column
Amount Amount
Called Ftr. Allowed.
legislative Department ?2'$*>0 *"s7,axl
Departuicutoi Finance... ?&fiuo 1 ?1'm
?Department of Public Works 1,862,500 1,651,5
Law Department............ ? ? ? ? ? ? ? 11U-IXW '?'?uw
?Department ol Public Charities
and Correction 1.5W-K"
?ilealth Department i,jo
Removing night soil, offal, Ac ?41<? W.U?
??Department ot Public Parks 4#>. WO ao'ouo
^Department of Buildings. .. 12^,000 W.ooo
^,n?dtli0P*rtUlent.T8.O".0,.an 3,209,638 S,14?,8U0
folice station houses-Rents of. .. 10,500 Ij.&OO
?Police station houses?Repairs
and completion ot 60,000 6fi-000
-Department oi Public Instruc- ^
1? 1$$>
<SSntacstreets 1,16.1.049 965, U9
Judgmc nu,,li^'mpro.vumcut:: : '? '? '? l,*W W
?Salaries Board oi' Assessors nar'!hK)
Salaries, Judiciary und others.... 578,6J0
Miscellaneous purposes ZD '-iluu
Total amount, city $17,392,722 $15,870,249
Amount Amount
Called Fur. Allowed.
Advertising $SW33S l1^
ArmoriCi aiiffdrtll rodlns * 350,000 SOU,000
<s^mSSf *nd.8ui'.P!0.*^.0U .y n.iwi ?\coo
Contingencies (a'i purposes) 21,00) ls.000
?Coroners' lees 73,IMJ /u,uw
Disbursement* and lees?County Wini
othccr* and wltuca.es aS'SK
Election expenses S
ii uarv??eo?u."ty. ?.cc^:::::::::::: M M
J'rinting (ali purposes). W.IM0 2O.IW0
Repairs to couuty buildings. *U,'?0 10,000
Kents 10,'Kju livJuu
stationery, law and liiank books- 20,000 30,000
Support ot prisoners m County ^ ^
Salaries?Eaecutlve:!'. M9.?W ?W.<M0
Salaries?legislative So,000 -8,000
Aay lums, reformatories and charl
table institutions 700,COO 700,000
Total amount, county $2,74^,638 $2,501,000
Total estimate, city ?'7.392,723 $15,876,249
Total estimate, county 2,7i9,638 2,5)1,OI O
Total $20,142,360 $18,377,219
From which deduct the revmuus
of Uie general fuud, estimated at 2,150,000 2,250,000
ToUl $17,892,360 $16,127,249
Total estimated ainouut 37,324,841
Total amount to be raised by taxa
tlun In 1873, as allowed 35,559,730
The amount estimated and called for Is rqtnu to a frac
tion more than 3.38 per cent on the valuation of 1872
<$1,104,1174,537), or $5,:88,551 33 more than the tax of 1872
The amount is equal to 3.22 per cent on the valuations
aforesaid, or $3,523,439 73 more than the tax of 1872, which
li I cm tbau the excess oi State tax of 1873 over that ui"
The following table shows which of the foregoing
amounts are llxed by law irom w.ilch no material reduc
tion caft bo made by the city and couuty authorities
State ta* $9,781,752
Instalments of city and county debt l,lH5,f20
Interest on city aud county debt 8,485,307
Fourth avenue Improvement 1,.'>!?,000
Police Department, lor salaries 2,'J6;,800
Fire Department, lor salaries of flremcn 673,400
Atriums, reformatories aud churitaLlo lnsti
tutinnfl * TOO, UUO
JTees of Coroners and jurors
Election expenses 2UU.JJJI
Judicial salaries 400,000
Rents ol citv and county otllees aud of
armories aud drlilruoms, ilxel by leases 387,000
Total .$26,462,681
Estimated requirements or mosieys to be raised
by the issue ol bouds for acquii nig tiie titles to
the Riverside Tark, If con firmed by the Courts. 6,171,120
For the Broadway wideulng, it It be confirmed.. 1,369,305
The assessments in these matters, amounting to
$A,669,381, are applicable to the redemption ot
bonds which may be issued to provide the
means for above payment*.
.Assessment bonds z,00U,0w
To provide means for the purposes of paying lor
paving, regulating, Ac., of streets, construc
tion's of sewers, Ac., an I are redeemable irom
collections ol assessments?Bonds and stocks
tor Department of Public Works Including
Crotou water purposes 2,000,000
noxDS i.m stocks.
Bonds and stocks tor the purposes of the De
partment ot I'ublic Parks $1,500,(100
Dock bonds 3,000,000
. Stock to be issued to provide for assessments va
cated by thn Supreme Court 1,000,000
'For miscellaneous purposes, including arrear
agesol 1871, Klre Telegraph. Sew Court House,
Brooklyn brldgo and public school building, _
bouds aud stocks 3,500,000
"Total probable requirement of amount to be
raised In 1*73 by Issue ol bonds .$23,543,436
Total amount to be raised by taxation III 1873,
as allowed 35,559,730
Total estimated amount to be raised by taxa
tion and bonds lor the year 1873 $59,103,158
it will be seen Irom the above tables that the r<tute
taxes, the interest on the city an I county debt, the amount
? ot the Htati, city and county debt to be paid in 1*73 and
? other Items, amounting together to $26.462,6"! 2l, are so
flxod that it Is only from the remaining estimate.! re
quirements ol $10,<fti2,hi0 <;o, that reduction In expenses
can, a* the law now stands, be. made.
The Htate tax imposed on the city Is Incrcaied for 1873
over 1872 by $4,016,703 4S; of this $:1,644,:m7 72 Is towards
.supplying a deflcloney of $6,i00,00? in tho trust funds ol
the 8tate, which amount It is understood h:i* been used
by the State authorities prior to 1872 in violation of the
provisions or the conatltuiiou of the 8UU: relative to cer
<tain trust funds.
It is as evident to me now as It has been for the past
jrear that the expenses ol the oily ami county governnit nl
ought to be diminished, and that they can lie lessened
without Impairing the eftlcluncy ol the government If the
various departments co-operate to this end. Salaries
ahould be reduced, supernumeraries removed and sup
jilies for the citv purchased with greater economy.
It will be further seen from the Ugures given above,
?Clearly enough, I think, to arrest general attention, that
the time has come to pay lor the wastefulness and ex
travagance that nave run riot In this elty tor flvo years.
TUo oppruaaivo taxation caused largely
snnst be met, hard as It is upon thousands ol the most in
dustrious, moral and generous of our population.
No financial mystification will am us. It Is n plain
?lory: the expenses of the city arc too large tor its In
come, and retrenchment must be ellected.
The practice of borrowing to meet the annual expenses
Of the government, which has been so largely resorted to
for the nasi few years, cannot be justified. Kach yeur
should hear its own burdens. No farther Indebtedness
should be created except lor great aud unusual em< r
(reticles, the expense of whleh should ho tairly Sliread
over a series ol years, and an annual sinking fund pro
vided to meet the principal of such indebtedness.
It Is to he hoped that our Senator* and menu ers of As
sembly will b? vigilant to secure legislation, not In the
interest of any political parfv, hut such as will ensure
rellet to those who bear the bind, ns ol Ihe city. To de
crease taxation ovcry reasonsbl<> means should be taken
to increaso tiie income ot property owned by the city.
Public offices should be concenti a'ed in the public build
ings, and the exorbitant rt-nts which have been saddled
upon the city by loug leases should ceasn as rapidly as
ths learnt t'l'T* When Uio city is bvund lor runt ol
ofllcettne city officials who occupy thein Bliould be re
moved to the public bulidings aud the pi cmwus be let to
the highest bidder.
and the great disproportion in valuation between prop
erty in tiii'* city and county and the property in other
couutiea of the State that tends ao much to enhauca the
burdens of the city, should no longer be allowed to exist
It will now, I think, be generally telt that lioneatefforts
to reduce the expanses of we city government should be
When sucn an effort was made a few months since a
clamor was raised against the economizing process. The
proposition to reduce the estimates of upwards of three
millions tor the police by a hundred thousaud dollars was
made a cause of alarm by statements that rapine and
robbery would follow all over the city. A proposed re
duction in the price of gas brought threats of darkness
throughout the city. Reductions suggested In the
amount apportioned lor several of the departmenta, and
in the coal ot laying Croton water mains and wooden
pavements gave rise to measures to baffle and prevent
such reduction, to cause needless alarm and to misrepre
sent the intentions of tboae who wcra determined {hat
reductions should be made.
Notwithstanding all thia, something In the way of
reduction has been accomplished in 1871 More remains
to be done in 1873. The increase in the taxation of 1873
over 1872 is caused by the necessity ol raiaiug moneys to
meet a misappropriation of Statu funds.
It is quite the fashion to say that the people of the city
of New York
and that they do not grudge public expenditures. This
is true, if money is reasonably well applied; but this
liberal view of things is too often perverted to cover ex
tra vagauce and waste 1 illness. Every dollar spent should
show Its result.
I trust the Legislature will afford the city authorities
the opportunity to revise early In tlio coming year any
estimates that may be made for 1873. as I believe that
with proper legislation they may be still further rcduccd,
and Ihope to be able on the coining in of the new admin
istration next January to mako some suggestions look
ing to this end.
The dny of order and economy and honest administra
tion is da wnlug.
I await witulmpatlenoe the day when your great ex
perience. your determined will aud your honored name
shall be officially enlisted in the cause of relieving the
burdens of the poople of the city, and in bringing to jus
tice the doers of tlio gigantic wrongs thut have so greatly
humiliated" aud oppressed them. Yours, respectfully,
ANDREW II. GUHKN, Comptroller.
Hcsolutions as to the Reception of Mr.
The weekly meeting of the above Board was held
yesterday, President C oclirane in the chair.
The committee appointed to consider the roes*
sage o( the Mayor as to welcoming Heury M. Stan
ley to the city reported as follows:?
Whereas the people of the city of Now York feel a Just
prido in lieariug wtiling testimony to the merits ot any
of their fellow citizcns who by the display of unusual
ability, the exercise of more than ordinary courage aud
darlug, or who*e achievements in every honorable walk
of lite have been ot such a character as to rellect credit
or renown upon our city; and whereas the success of the
expedition which was originated and sustaluod bv James
Uirlou Ueunntt, Es<|., and conducted by Mr. Henry M.
Stauley in search of the lost Atrican explorer. Dr. David
Livingstone, lias been applauded by the people and gov
ernments of foreign nations, has ollclled prulse from tlio
moot prominent scientific and other societies lu both hem
ispheres, has been thothome of admiration with the most
learned men and erudite scientists of the age, and was of
such a distinguished character as to morlt from this Com
mon Council some marked expression of the appreciation
of the People and government of the city of the value of
the acute*ement; bo it therefore
Resolved, That the Common Council, the represent
atives ot the people of this city and actiug In their bohalf,
hereby extends to Mr. Henry M. Stanley a cordial wel
come homo and present their congratulations to him on
the triumphant success of his tearch lor Dr. David
Livingstone. The generous liberality of Mr. Bennett,
with the energy and perseverance of Mr. Stanley, were
mora'ly ccr.ain to Injure success where success was possi
ble. I'ne conduct ol both reflects great credit upon our
people, as W clearly tvpcfles their chief characteristics?
selt-reliauce. independence aud Irecdoni of thought aud
action; und be it further
Resolved, That the Board of Assistant Aldermen Is
hereby requested to appoiut a special committee of three
to act'jointly with vour committee to confer with Mr,
Stanley to the end that arrangements for a public recep
tion may be made; that the Governor's Room, in the City
Uall, be ussiancd (or that purposo, and that the said joint
committee have power to make such other and further
arrangements as to tliem may appear best calculated to
give the people of this city an opportunity ot manifesting
their appreciation ot the services he has reuderod in the
interests of science and humanity.
The report wits adopted.
The remainder ol the business was of a formal
This Board held Its weekly meeting yesterday,
Assistant Alderman Galvin In the chair. Tlio fol
lowing business was transacted:?
Assistant Alderman Stacom moved :?
That the Comptroller bo and he U hereby requested
to report to this board the amount of money disbursed
by him, together with the amount that is owed by the
city at the present time or claimed to be owed to con
tractors or others during the tlmo he linn Ween In office;
also the amount paid out during the same period ol time
by his predecessor and tlio amount saved to the city, il
The resolution was carried.
Assistant Alderman Connor moved
That the Counsel' to the Cor|>oratk>i> DC aud ho U
hereby requested to examine and ascertain li there be
unv recent decision made by the 'Court ot Appeals in re
lation to the Tax Levy bill, and report to this hoard U be
tlnds such decision affects the legality ot paying salaries
to the members ot the Common Council lor the year 1S72,
or It there bo any oilier lc^ul objection to the payment ol
said sulurics.
The resolution was adopted.
Assistant, Alderman lima moved:?
That the Comptroller be anil he n hereby directed to
report to this Hoard at its next slated meeting the
amount now due th>* city for rent of land, wharves, piers,
slips and 'erry tranchiscs, and tlic names ot parties or
persons in arrears, as also the amount due from persons
who have tailed to pay tne Interest on their bonds, and
the names of persons so in arrears; also, by what author
ity the New \ork and Krle Hallway has been allowed to
hold possession ol the block of ground bounded by Du
ane, Washington, Keade and Woit streets without paying
rent for the same since ISM.
This was made a special order for the next met
Intr, on Thursday, to which day the Hoard ad
A meeting of the Hoard of Supervisors was held
immediately after the adjournment of the Hoard of
Aldermen. The following business was trans
Supervisor Conovkr moved
That the Committee on County Offices lie and they are
hereby authorised to employ some suitable person to
remove and store away tor further use the awnings now
upon the windows ot the various courts auJ county
The resolution was adopted.
The following persons were ordered to be paid
by the Comptroller the sum of J100 each lor ser
vices rendered by the Hoard of Canvassers:?James
J.Martin, Assistant Clerk; J. William McGowan,
Assistant. Clerk; James McOowan, Sergeant-ut
Arms; Kdward Madden, Assistant Sergennt-at
Arms; (icorge Klelnners, Assistant Serjeant-at
Arms; Timothy U. Sullivan, Assistant Sergeanf
at-Arms; James c. King, Assistant Sergeant-at
Arms; Henry A. Giunbleton. Assistant Secretary;
Edmund M. I'lum, Thornts F. Gllroy, Henry liberie,
D. L. Holmes, Clerks: JohnN. Out water. Account
furniture in tiie supreme court.
Supervisor Conovkr moved
That the Committee on County Officers be and they
hereby are authorized to take charm' of the desks and
chairs now in thu chamber formerly occupied by this
Hoard, und store ti:e same in a suitable place until such
time as they may bo needed, and supply in their Head
tables und chairs more suitable lor Couri room purposes.
The resolution was carried.
Supervisor Van sciiaick moved
That the portiat of William M. Tweed, now In the Su
pervisors' room, lie removed by the janitor, and that It lie
dispo e 1 ot us liits party to whom li belongs may direct.
The resolution wos carried unanimously, with
the exceptiou of the vote of Supervisor Coman.
The following newspapers were ordered to be
paid lor advertising the election districts, names
of inspectors. .Ire., the under-mentioned sums:?
New York Herald $7,014
Htaats-Zeituiig 3,034
The Sen y,iM2
Pally News 9,334
The World n . 4.3S3
It was also ordered that the following be paid
for advertising election notices:?
New York Herald $1,016
The World 1,143 |
New York Tribune. |,M)J ,
star Publishing Company 1,3V>
Union Publishing Company i
Daily Register ??? 1
<Kstflche Post 1,0M
New York Dispatch 8 8
Metropolitan Record 093 |
Irish American i,ss2
Supervisor Conovkr moved that the following
bills be paid :?
James Scott A Co., for carpets for Marine Court?
Parts I and 2 $1,237
James Scott A Co.. for carpets lor Murine Court
Part .1 714
The resolution was adopted.
The Committee on Armories and Drill Rooms
recommended the appropriation ot $.v>oo to the
above association. The resolution was adopted.
The following salaries due to the former em
ployes of the u?'W court House wete recommended
t<> be paid by the committee appointed to examine
tourt House claims:?
Jsmes A. McCarter, cleaner $0Hi
George Mason, cleaner 582
Bernard Mackiy, eleancr fjn
Francis H. shatcr, day watchman 375
Andrew Hnllv, inspector 1,;,53
V. iliiam Hayes, a-iistaut tireman I I 1,5
I'll 1 rick Martin, assistant Janitor 240
The Hoard ui'.jourued to Monday next at twelve
The City Chamberlain issues tho following report
for this week:?Balance In the treasury on Novem
ber ao, |'J,3i)5,4i7 44; receipts, $5,040,020 13; pay
ments, $2,(4-20,si?7 11: the uuiouni on baud Decem
ber J, $11,514,400 40.
Trial of Dr. Lucius B. Irish for
the Alleged Murder of Ed
ward O. Anderson.
The Jury Empanelled Yesterday?Description
of the Prisouer?Scenea in
the Court Room.
Dr. Lucius D. Irish, tho well-known physician
and druggist of Brooklyn, was placed on trial in
the Klug's county Court of Oyer and Terminer
yesterday morning on the charge of having
poisoned to doath Assessor Kdward O. Anderson,
who died on tho oth of April last. Dr. Irish was
jointly indicted with Mrs. Surah Anderson, the
wife of the deceased, hut asked for a soparate
trial, and, alter numerous postponements, the
case finally camo on yesterday. The circum
stances have herctotoro been published In tho
IIbkai.d, but, in addition to tho testimony elicited
before the Coroner at the time of the Inquest, it is
said that there Is evidence lorthcomlng of a start
ling nature, compared with which thai already re
ported Is weak.
Dr. Irish was brought Into Court by Deput?
Sheriff Milcy, of the District Attorney's ottlce, at
five minutes to tea o'clock yesterday morniug, at
which time the room was densely crowded by peo
ple of aU classes. The doctor Is a line-looking
man, apparently about lorty years of age, of stout
build and medium height, lie is partially bald, but
the sides and back of his well-shaped head aro
adorned by a thick growth of curly black hair, lie
wears a mustache and Dundreary whiskers, which
he stroked complacently yesterday while talk
lng to throng or friends
who greeted him during the interval previous to
the opening or the proceedings. He was ueatly
attired In a dark suit of clothes, and a huge emer
ald sparkled In his faultless shirt front. His de
meanor was that of a gentleman, perfectly
cool and apparently Indifferent to all trans
piring about him. He bore unflinchingly the
gaze of the entire court room, and, when joined by
his wife and sistor-lu-iaw, conversed very freely
with them. Mrs. Irish is a pleasaut-looking lady,
nearly the doctor's own age. She was fashionably
attired and displayed considerable Jewelry Dr.
Terry Irish, the prisoners brcther, was also m
atShortiy?after ten o'clock Judge Pratt took his
scat on the bench, and Associate Justices \001
liecs and Johnson followed. Considerable time was
consumed "n hearing the excuses or urors su,.,
nioned. At ten minutes to eleven o clock District
Attorney Britton moved Tor trial. hx-Judge
Morris responded that he was
He is assisted in tho defence by ?'n|ted ' 1 "*
tnet Attorney Tracy, Assistant CnUod Status l>is
trict Attorney C'atlin and I homas h. Pcarsall.
At eleven o'clock Mr. (Icrard M. Stevens com
menced calling the names ori?rors 'i'VaSw
i?r iiavintr a iurv empanelled. The first naint
called was Bryant Drew, and immediately two
yotiug gentlemen stepped briskly up to the jury
box. This little ctrcumstance
for the time, but one oi the gentlemen stated that
Ills name was Frank, auil uot Bryant Drew, and
retired in confusion amid the laughter of
tutors Ur Irish, seated beside ins counsel, viewed
the proceedings w itli interest. The crowd In he
court room had Increased until there was not the
remotest standing room. Kven f'Jfp'P^'riork
the bench was invaded, Irom which Count} citiK.
llennan and others took in the whole scene.
At seven minutes past eleven o clock the first
iuror Mr. Alvln VV. Bell, ol Fulton avenue and
Cumberland street, was secured and sworn In.
During the onipaueliuent of the jury a discussion
arose between the counsel as to the right to ques
tion jurors as to whether they would convict on
circumstantial evidence. Jeremiah llackctt was
you couvict in any case on circumstantial evi
I Mr. Tracy did not like this course, and si id that
! it amounted to no more or less than asking tin,
juror whether
Both direct evidence and circumstantial evidence
1 wei'6 legal, but It was not the duty ol any juror
to judge as to the legality or admissibility of any
evidence. Mr. Tracy thoug'.it that they must litst
leai ii the juror's idea as to what circumstantial
evidence was, . - 'f? ? .
Judge i^rufl (to juror)?Do von entertain now*
any opinion in regard to a capital case that would
prevent you from finding a verdict ol guilty if the
evidence saiislied you that tiie party was guilty?
Juror (looking confused)?1 don't know, exactly.
^That'ltjuror was challenged peremptorily by the
prosecution, and lurtner discussion thereby cut oil.
At one o'clock a recess was taken lor three-quar
ters of an hour. J. N. Nash was secured as tho
fourth juror immediately alter the reassembling ol
the Court. Mr. Tracy objected to the question as to
whether he could tlnd a verdict on circumstantial
evidence, if he believed the evidence warranted It.
James B. Bowland was then called, examined, ac
cepted, and sworn in as the fifth juror.
The entire day was spent in tl;e
of empanelling a jurv. and It was a few minutes
before five o'clock when the last man was secured.
The Jury Is as follows:?Alvln W. Bell, Herman
Vosberg, George Simmons, J. N. Nash, James B.
Bowland, Ward Sweet, Francis W. Halbrook, Ben
jamin C. Howard, Jr., William Buil'erty, Albade
Bromley, Joseph Crocker, Charles F.ugelmun.
Before the Jury separated Judge Pratt said:?
Gentlemen of the jury, I desire now to give you a
caution which vou mint remember, and that Is,
when you separate vou will not discuss this case
with each other or allow it to be discussed in your
presence or allow any person to speak to you In re
lation to it.
District Attorney Britton?As the Court has In
timated the intention of perinlttfug the jury to
separate, I request It be done by consent ol the
counsel, which shall be entered upon the minutes
so as to preserve any legil question that might
arise therefrom. I desire that it be entered upon
the minutes as by consent of the counsel.
Ex-Judge Morris?01 course, we have no objec
U District Attorney Britton?1 want the record to
siiow It, that Is all, ? . . . .
Judge Pratt?Jurors not empanelled In tnls
cause are discharged for the term.
District Attorney Britton?There may be other
business at the close of this trial. They might be
discharged until some subsequent day. I have a
large number of witnesses subpoenaed in this case,
and on that account it may be desirable to try
(Mrs. Andersou) wlieu these witnesses will also be
"judge Pratt?Has the other defendant been ar
raigned ou this Indictment?
District Attorney Britton?No, not on this same
Indictment: but the other indictment Is practicully
the same as this one. , ,
Judge Pratt?Can counsel give any Information
as to how lonir this case will take?
Mr Tracy?If the District Attorney can tell how
loug' he is going to take, then probably we can say
how long the case will last. .
District Attorney Britton?I cannot say. I have
a larite number or witnesses. 1 should think the
case lor the people will take the greater part of tae
Wjudire Pratt discharged for the term the Jurors
not empanelled, saying that a new panel could be
summoned If necessary.
The court then adjourned until this morning, at
ten o'clock.
Llat of Lomn ?nd Inmr?nce?.
The Ore that broke out the night belore last on
the third floor of the live story building occupied
by the Evening Erprrss Is supposed to have caused
a loss of about thirty-five thousand dollars. The
following Is an estimate of the damage done and a
list of the offices In which tho various occupants
or the building were Insured:?J. and K. Brooks,
proprietors of the Er*nin>j Kxprras, loss,
i20 000; insured for $:i3,000?in the Mechan
ics'' lor $2,500, Hoffman lor $2,000, ITeso
ute lor $2,i'>0, Sterling, fl.ooo; Hartford,
#?2,000: Firemen's Fund, $2,.>00; Westchester,
tlooo: Pacific, $3,0e0; Globe, $1,200; Iranklln,
tjLMO; Nassau, ?2,MW: Adriatic, *1,200; Sterllhg,
41 'ijO1 Exchange, $2,500; Manufacturers and Build
ers" $1 500; People's, $1.500; In another company
for 42 500. S. II. Glldet sleeve & Co., printers, who oc
cupied another part oi the building, were damaged
to the extent of $12,000. Insured lor $40,0<>0 in the
lollowlng companies:?The .Ktna ol Hartford {or
#5 000; Mechanics' for $l,nco; New \ork, $1,500,
Importers and Traders', $'2,ooO; Ilesolute, $?6ou;
People's, $2,o00; Lafayette, $l.OO0r; Alps, $A;J??,
Metropolitan, $2,600: Citizens', ?j,doO; Manhattan,
*1 ooo; Montauk, $l,ooo: queen's, $3,000; Home
Columbus, $2,000; In another company for $w,ft00.
The restaurant and billiard room, ou the first floor,
belonging to Painrell A Burt, was damagsd to the
extent ol $l,60o?no lusuraucc. The building was
insured in the Firemen's for $2,500, Bowery, $2,600;
Sterling. $5.000; Hope, $3,000; Citizens. $.},oo0,
in another company for $13,MO. It is feared tho
annual report of the Board of Health lias hecn de
stroyed among the other property iu the arc.
Thfl Attorney General Speak* FIt?
Hoars? Masterly Ul?ec(lvn of tl??
The argument commenced last Friday afternoon
by Attorney Oeueral Gllclulst ou behalf of tho
defendants Id the railroad injunction case now
before the Chancellor's Court at Trenton, wan re
sumed yesterday morning In the presence of a
large influx of lawyers, merchants, farmers and
others, some of whom came irom distant poiuts
of the State to listen to the eloque?t debates and
witty sayings ot the eminent counsel who are
engaged on both sides.
Tho Attorney General confined himself princi
pally to the questions of the exclusive privileges set
up aud claimed by complainants in their bill for in
junction. Tho decision given by chief Justice .
Creen In the Delaware Bay liallroad case aud tho
validity of ihe lease made between the Pennsyl
vania Kallroad Company aud the different united
railroad and canal companies of Mew Jersey formed
strong points In the argument. In relation to
these exclusive privileges, as claimed by the com
plalnauts, he contended that they were all relin
quished eighteen years ago by the Cannlen
and Auiboy Itailroad and Delaware aud Karitau
Caual Companies to the people of the state of New
Jersey; that these companies made a direct com
pionusc iu the year ltsot?; that the companies In
question gave their full consent to an act passed
In 18^4 by the Legislature of the State of New Jer
sey authorizing the relinquishment of those exclu
sive privileges into the hands of the people once
more; that it was passed specially for the benefit
ol the people, and in its provisions commanded
tliem to build and construct railroads throughout
tho state.
He here cited a largo number of statutory author
ities in proof of his allegations, and commented at
length on the mode of legislation which had refer
ence to the question, lie made a powerful appeal
on behalf ol the Intrinsic rights belonging to the
people throughout the State, alter which he re
viewed the decision ot Chief Justice Green In the
Delaware Hay Itailroad case, aud insisted that the
defendants In that case were differently situated
to the defendants iu this, lie urged that there
was no sixth section in any of their charters, as
there Is in tho Stunhope charter, authorizing lliu
transporting of passougers and freight; that there
wns no eighth section, authorizing the merging,
Ac., as is in the stunhope charter; that there was
a vast difference in all the particulars in both cases,
and that the decision ol the Chief Justice was not
at all applicable to the question at is
Hue iu this c.isc. On this subject Mr. Gll
chrlst argued with much fervor, ami '
made a most exhaustive research of tho principal
poiuts in connection with tho present case. The
1 alleged validity of the lease then was taken up by
him, aud stated that In the race 01 the bill for lu
1 Junction the lease iiad 110 existence; that it was
I null and void; that the complainants hud
; no hiug to show that tney had a new lease
1 or title; that the lease in effect was but a
lease of thirty days; that the lease has ex
pired, anil 'they must get a new title.
Counsel further quoted numerous authorities,
! alter which he pointed out the various detects on
the face ol the bill mod by complainants and said
! that 11 should be amended Irom beginning to cud;
I that tho spirit in which It was prosecuted should
I be amended, but It now too late. They had
been now before the Court lor two months, and It
[ was time there should be au end to this vexod liti
gation. As to the charge of fraud made by the coun
1 s/i 011 the other side as havlmr been employed in
! getting the bills and enarters of the Stanhope
! Company passed by the Legislature, Mr. (iilchrist,
' lit ft very forcible manner, replied that there was
noioundatlonto support such uncalled-for charges,
and indignantly denied tho existence at the time
I stated of any such frauds, lie said if Iraud had
I been perpetrated it was on the side or complain
: ants, and concluded by appealing to the Vice Chan
! cellor to dismiss this bill lor injunction, and thereby
I grant to the defendants the l ights to which he said
I they lihd a most J us tillable claim.
Five hours were occupied In the delivery of his
argument, and it is the prevailing opiuion that tho
Attorney (leneral made a most effective appeal on
behalf or Ills clients.
Senator Stockton will commence bis argument
to-day, Immediately alter the opening of the court.
Messrs. Cuvier, Cide, Shlpmuu anil I'arlier will fol
1 low, and the whole week will be takeu up by these
I gentlemen.
Anniversary of the Ijaille*' Auxiliary
Noelcty of tl?e New York City Mission
nnd Tract Society.
Yesterday the anuual meeting of tho 1 a lies'
Auxiliary Society of tho City Mission and Tract
Society was held in the Fifth avenue Presbyterian
1 church, corner or Nineteenth street. Mr. A. R.
! Wetmore presided and prayer was offered by Kev.
' Dr. llall. Mr. Lewis E. Jackson, Assistant Super
| intendent of City Missions, read the treasurer'"?
' report, Jioui which it appeared that the ladies had
! contributed ami expended in their work $3,44<JTor
I tie support of fliteen inNsiouary wvmcjL T!"?.V
! had no expense whatever for omce rent or clcrical
services of any kind. Itov. (ieorge J. Mlogins,
Superintendent of Missions, read a detailed report
ot the operations of this society for the year past,
which report is to be printed for gratuitous dls
1 tribiitlon in a levy weeks and is omitted here. Kev.
I l)r. Taylor, or tn i Broadway 'i'abernacle, delivered
1 an address yn the subject of cltv mission work
aiid the relation or women to sucfi work. Rev. O.
1 Last man also made a lew remarks aud Mr. Wet
more closed the exercises with words ol encourage
ment. The receipts and expenditures 01 the ladies'
society ror 1872 are $1,073 ltss than for the preced
ing year. The City Mission and Tract Society it
sell Is now heavily lu debt and is calling loudly lor
pecuniary aid to meet Its liabilities and carry on
' Its work. The annual meeting will be held ou
Wednesday nexr.
The olllcers elected by the female society yester
day are Mrs. (Kev. I)r.) De Witt, First Directress;
Mrs, James Lee, Second Directress; Mrs. John L.
Mason, 01 Brooklyn, Treasurer; Miss F. L. Haker,
Assistant Treasurer, and Mrs. F. A. conkllng,
i Secretary. The managers elected at the sum's
j time are Mrs. William K. Dodge, Mrs. Enoch lltd
1 deu, Miss E. It. Eastman, Mrs. T. C. Dorcmus, Miss
Mary J. Lockwood, Mrs. J. A. Bonnet, Mrs. Z. s.
Ely, Mrs. W. A. llallock, Mrs. Loring Andrews,
Miss Clark, Miss Sophia Kir, Mrs. Horace llolden,
Airs. Henry Camerden and Mrs. W. L. Andrews.
Bell?Hamilton.?At the residence of the
bride's parents, 011 Tuesday evening, December 3,
j by the Kev John L. Peck, .Tajiks D. IIkll, of New
York, to Maiii.ua, second daughter 01 Henry 11am
1 ilton, Esq.. of Brooklyn, K. D.
I Davis?Nhwton.?On Sunday, December 8,
James Thomas Davis, of New York, to Mary
1 LorisA Nhwton, of England, by the Kev. John W.
; Krame.
Hill?Post.?At Commnnipaw, N. J., on Tues
day, December 3, at the residence of the bride, by
Kev. William K. Duryea, Myron L. IIill, Jr., to
Miss Hannah Post, daughter of Captaiu John A.
Post. No cards.
Osmcn?Shields.?On Monday, December 9, 1872,
by the Kev. 1). L. Mnrks, Charles A. Osmtn to
SrsAN K? only daughter of Peter Shields, Esq., all
of this city.
Patterson?Moody.? At Christ church, ilrldge
Eort, on Wednesday, December 4, by the Kev. N.
, Briggs, Silas H. Patterson, Esq., to Miss
CJKiiR'.iK Moody, both ol Bridgeport.
Pu r? Ikvino.?In New York city, on Saturday,
December 7, 1872, by the Kev. W. W. liowdisn, Mr.
Walter Pirr, of New York city, to Miss Mamik
Ikvino, of New York city, formerly of Newburg.
Newburg papers please copy.
Bannermvn.?In Brooklyn, on Monday, December
9, Francis Kannkrman, aged 62 years.
All friends are invited to attend the funeral,
irom his late residence, 14 Atlantic avenue, 011
Wednesday. Decomoer 11, at one o'clock, lor In
terment lu Greenwood.
Boi.okr.?on Saturday, December 7, Ellin, wife
j of Edward liolger, aged 74 years. j
The friends ol the family arc Invited to attend i
the tunoral, from St. Mar .'a church, corner Leon- 1
ard and itcmsen streets, Williamsburg, on Tuesday,
December 10, at eleven o'clock. Her remains will
1 leave her late residence, No. 25.1? Sheriff street,
, New York, at ten o'clock promnt.
Bkosnan.? On Sunday nigot, December 8, Daniel
Brosna.n, aged 3 years and 8 months.
i The funeral will take placo from the residence o< I
I his parents, No. 9 Carroll street, south Brooklyn,
! to-day (Tuesday), at one o'clock P. M.
I Burns.?In Jersey City, on Sunday, Decembers,
> Joh anna, the beloved wne of Thomas Burns, lu the
I Gist year of her age.
The relatives and friend* of the family are respect
fully Invited to altcud tho funeral, from her late
residence, 192 sixth street, this day (Tuesday), at
nine o'clock; thence to St. Mary's church, where a
solemn requiem mass will be offered up lor tho re
pose 01 her soul.
Ili'sciiBH.?on Monday, December 9, IIenky
Wiliielm Bischer, aged42years.
The relatives and friends of the lamliy, also the
members and ex-members of E Troop, Third regi
ment of cavalry, N. G. s. N. Y., and the members ,
01 Herman Lodge, No. 2BS, F. and A., are respect- 1
fully Invited to attend the funeral, on Thursday j
aiternoon, at one o'clock, from the cermau I'res- 1
by terian'church, corner ol Madison aud Mont- ]
gomery streets.
Coleman.?On Sunday, December 8, Edmund .
Coleman, a native or New York, a?ed 28 years, 5
months and four days, at the rcsideuee of his aunt, i
981 Seventh street.
'I he friends ami relatives of tTie family, and also j
the members 01 the Ocntleiucn's Sons and Cheaster
11. South worth Asportations of the Eleventh ward,
are respectfully invited to attend this aiternoon, at
half-past one o'clock, from his late residence.
Gentlemen's Sons of the Eleventh ward,?Yon
are hereby notified to meet at our club room, 123
Columbia street, on Tuesday, December 10, at
twelve o'c lock shai p, to attend the luueral ol our
late hi other member, Edmund Coloman.
JOHN C. KAl'P, President.
JonN W. II arte, See.
I Cook.?At Washington lleuhu, oa Suaday, De
__ "V -
cember 8, Mxrt R. Oook. duughtc* of the lite
Joseph Cook, of Albany. N. Y.
The funeral services will be held at l?r la^ r'*'*
dence, in 156th street, this iTaesday) mprn.ng, at
half-past eight o'clock. _
Crank.?At Madison, N. J.. #n Saturday. Decem
ber T. Henry Chans, 1). l>. rt., agod 02 years.
Funeral at. his late rcHicleuee, In Madlso*, on
Wednesday, December 11, at ten A. M. Service* by
the Rev. Waylaud lloyt. Train leaves foot of Bar
clay Htreet for Madison 7:15 A. M.. return 11:42 A.
M. Place of interment, Woodlawn cemetery
Train leaves Orand Central depot at 2:30 P. M.
Friends are invited to attend without farther
Danikls.?After a short t>ut painful Illness, Ann,
wife of William Daniels, in the 47th year of her age.
Funeral will take place on Wednesday. Decem
ber 11 at half-past twelve o'clock P. M., from the
Drick Church Mission, Thirty-fifth street, between
Seventh and Eighth avenues. Onicer* and mem
bers of Park Lodge, No. 61#, F. and A. M., and
Court Robin Hood, No. 4,?C3? A. O. 1., are re
speetfully Invited to attend.
Donnelly.?*On Sunday morning, December!,
1872, J auks Donnelly, aged 40 years and A months.
The funeral will tako place from hislate resi
dence, 132 Oarden street, Iloboken, ou lucsday,
Decern Iter lo, at one o'clock P. M.
Moiubers of Hope Lodge, 244, K. and A.:M., also> the
members of Hope Chapter, H. A. M., n
iters of Engine Company No. 1, of Iloboken, ami
tho members ol the department ill geueral, art
speetfully Invited to attend.
Companions?You are hereby summoned to at
tend a special convocation of Hope Chapter, -44, or
R. A. M., to attend the funeral of our late com
panion, James Donnelly, oil Tuesday, December 10.
1872, at twelve o'clock, to participate with Hope
Lodge, at their rooms, corner of Rleecker anu
Morton streets. J08KPH SMYTH, High Priest.
Geokoe 11. Bliss, Secretary.
Douulass.?On Monday, December 9, 1872, Janmt,
wife of Seth C. Douglass.
Relatives and friends are Invited to attend tno
funeral, from her late residence, 7f> Chrystle street,
on Thursday, Docouiber 12,1872, at clovou o clock
DowNiNrt.?On Sunday, December 8, of membrane
croup, Kkank Downing, second son of Rev. Moses
N. and Alice Tinkhum Downing, aged 10years.
Funeral services from First Free Methodist
church, in Thlrty-seveutn street, below Eighth ave
nue, to-day (Tuesday), at cloven o'clock A. M.
Friends cordially Invited.
Drummonp.?On Sunday, December 8, Marharet
Drummonn, aged 73 years and t> months, widow of
Charles Druiumond.
Relatives and friends of the family are respect
fully Invited to attend the luneral, from her late
residence, 88 Eighth avenue, to-day (Tuesday), at
two o'clock P. M. _ _
Duffy.?On Sunday, December 8, Ptuur Duffy,
aged 20 years.
The friends and relatives of the family are re
speetfully invited to attend the funeral, from the
residence of his father, James Dully, 307 Cold
street, Brooklyn, on Tuesday evening, December
lo, at two o'clock. w ,
I Flan ao an.?Ou Sunday, Decembers, James A.
His funeral takes place from his late residence,
corner of I'itt and Orand streets, to-day (Tuesday),
at three o'clock, thence to foot of Clarkson street,
per steamer Ansonla, to be burled In Saugertlea,
Ulster county. Relatives and frieuds are respect
fully invited. ? .
Florkntin.?On Monday morning, December 9,
at one o'clock, BPS Florkntin.
Funeral takes place on Tuesday, December 10, at
one P. M., Irom 128 EldriJge street.
Folwkli..?On Sunday moruing, December 8,
Martha Folwell, in the 72?1 year ofhera?e.
The relatives and lrlends are respectfully invited
to attend the funeral, on Tuesday, December 10,
at two o'clock P. M., from the residence oi her son
in-law, 115 Columbia Heights, Brooklyn.
o\llow vy.?In this city, ou Sunday, Doceiubor 8,
1872, Miss Emma Calloway.
Her friends are Invited to attend her funeral,
from her late residence, H>8 Fast Filty-slxtli street,
on Wednesday, the lltli Instant, at ten o'clock,
A. M.
Gillpn.?At Jacksonville, Fla.. on Monday, De
comber 2, 1872, RoiiKRr Gili.en, counsellor-at-law,
In the 66th year ot his age.
The relatives, lrlends, members or the Historical
Society, New York liar Association and loung
Men's Christian Association of New York, are in
viteu to attend the luneral on Wednesday, lltli in
stant, at eleven o'clock A. M., at the Presbyterian
church, corner ol Nineteenth street und 1-lltli ave
nue, Rev, John Hall, D. D, . ,
Kxcelslor Lodge F. and A.M. are hereby summoned
to attend a special communication at our lodge
rooms, on Wednesday, at. ten o'clock A. M., to pay
the last tribute of respect to our late brother,
Robert Olden. By order of JAMES McCAFKIL, M.
Hainkman.?1On Friday, November 15, 1872, at
Fun dial, Madeira, Benjamin Hainkman, soil of
Slinon llalncman, of tills city, aged 18 years and 7
'"hVni.y.?On Saturday, December 7, Anttiony J,
Hanly, late or New Orleans, aged 24 years.
Funeral will take piaco from the r<yu<.l<?Tice of
John McNlcol, l? East TweUth ?}treot, tuts (Tues
day) morning, at. hall-past ten o'clock. Relatives
and friends are Invited to attend.
Hew Orleans pape-s please copy.
Harriot.?In Jersey city, on Sunday, Dcccrabej
8, (iBOROK IlAHR'OT, agod 07 yi&rfl." ??-aw" ' ?
I Relatives and Mends or the family, his sister, Mrs.
Mclaughlin; Ills sUtur-In-law, Mrs. Harriot, and
tnTulLv; his hrot!ier-ln-law. AlexanderMcConllon*#;
Vnnck Lodge, No. 31, A. F. and A. M.; Enterprine
Chapter, No. 2, R. A. M., and Warrln Council No. 6.
R and s. M., are respectfully Invited to attend tho
funeral, o.i Wednesday, December 11, at half-past
one o'clock, from his late residence, 221 lTovost
street corner of Tenth street. The deceased leaves
u wile and three children to mourn his loss.
I Londonderry (Ireland) papers please copy,
i Harrold.?Suddenly, at Oreenpolnt, on Monday,
December !>, Richard, Jr., only child of Richard and
Annie Harrold, and grandson ol John S. Ailleck,
F.su.. aged 5 months.
! The relatives and friends of the family are rc
i snoctfuliy Invited to attend the luneral, Irom the
i resilience of his grandparents, 84 Meserole avenue,
Oreenpolnt, L. !?, on Tuesday, loth lust., at two
i o'clock. , ? ????>??
i California papers please copy.
IIernanpez.?on Sunday, December 8, on board
the Inited StuCeS 6V.1P I'orlsmoulli, Navy Yard,
l Brooklyn, Eduardo F. IIeuNaSopJ, aired lt? years.
I Lovkurove.?On Sunday, December 8, Foloer P.
i I.ovKiiRovit, formerly of Baltimore, Md., in the 68th
i VCill" Of llin
| The luneral services will be held at St. Luke's
' Hospital, this (Tuesday) afternoon, at live o'clock.
1 Lynch,?On Saturday, December 8, RoiiBHT
Lynch, a native of the county Donegal, Ireland, in
1 tno 05th vear of his age.
' Relatives and friends of the deceased arc re
I speetfully Invited to attend the funeral, from his
late resilience, West l-'arins, Westchester county,
this day (Tuesday), at two o'clock P. M.
Mack.?on Sunday, December 8, at hall-past
1 two o'clock P. M., Mrs. Ji'LiA Mack, aged Ro years.
The funeral will take place irom the residence of
her son-in-law, Michael Brien, Hlghbrtdge, on
Wednesday, December 11, at twelve o'clock M.
The relatives and friends of the family are re
ppectfully invited to attend.
Kastern papers please copy.
Maui'in.?On Monday, December o, aftsr a linger
ing illness. Wim.iam Hk.vky, son of the late John
Martin, Jr., aged 31 years.
Relatives and friends of the family are respect
fully Invited to attend the funeral, from his
late residence, 20 Bast Forty-ninth street, on
Thursday aiternoon, at two o'clock.
Mkhrill.?At Norwalk, Conn., on Friday, Decem
ber ?, Stephen Mkiirill, aged 32 years.
Funeral on Tuesday, December lo, at two P. M.,
from his lather's residence, at Norwalk. Carriages
will be in attendance at tho South Norwalk depot
to meet the 11:30 A. M. train from New York.
Friends of the family are Invited to attend.
Morrison.?In this city, on Sunday morning,
December s, Joun C. Morruson, In the 82d year of
his age.
Relatives and friends of the family are Invited to
attend the funeral, from his late residence. 147
F.ast Twenty-seventh street, on Tuesday aiteruoon,
! the 10th insf., at two o'clock.
Moore.?on Saturday, December 7, In this city,
Thomas W. C. Moore, in the 7hth year of his age.
The funeral will take place from Trinity church
on Tuesday, December 10, at two P. S. The irteuds
of the family are invited to attend.
Mulligan.?on Sunday, Decembers, Mrs. Mary
Mi'LI-ioan, a native of the county Sligo, Ireland,
aged HO years and 28 days.
The relatives and lrlends of the family are re
spectfully Invlt'-d to attend the funeral, irom her
late residence. No. 8 Stuyvesant street, on Tuesday
morning, December 10, at ten o'clock; thence to
the Church or the Nativity, Second avenue, Where
a solemn requiem mass will be offered for the re
pose of her soul: thence to St. Peter's Cemetery,
Jorsey City, lor Interment.
McCartv.?On >un lay. December 8, 1872, Thomas
McOarty, aged 23 vears and J mont'is.
The relatives and friends of the tatnlly and mem
bers of Company A. Eighteenth New York Volun
teer cu'valry, are Invited to attend the funeral,
irom his late residence, 37 Ludlow street, on Tues
day. December 10, at one o'clock P. M.
McGinn Ess.?John McGinnkss, of Brooklyn, aged
35 vears.
Ills relatives and friends are Invited to attend his
funeral, from his late residence, 78 Adams street,
Brooklyn, ana from there to Urace church chapel,
at two o'clock prompt.
Newman.?Members of Lebanon Lodge, No. 9,1. O.
B. B., are herewith respectfully Invited to attend
the luneral of the wife of our feilow member, Wolf
Newman, on Tuesday, December 10, at ten o'clock
A. M., from her late residence. 147 Fast Fifty-first
street. By order. S. HAMBURGER, Secretary.
Orpkn.?At Jersey City Heights, on Monday, De
cember o, 1*72, Francea E. E. Orpjw, relict of Ed
ward II. Orpen, M. I)., of Trinity College, Dublin,
Ireland, aged 50 years and 9 months.
The relatives and friends are respectfully Invited
to attend the funeral, on Wednesday, December 11,
at one o'clock P. M., irom St. Paul's Episcopal
church, corner of New York avenue and South
street, Jersoy City Heights.
1'ki'k.?At Haverstraw. on Friday, DecemLcr ft,
Louisa Gordon, wi'e of John Peck.
Funeral services at her late residence, at Haver
straw, on Tuesday, December 10, at one o clock.
Relatives and menus are Invited to attend without
further notice. Trains leavo depot. Forty-second
street, for Cruger's, at nine o'clock A. M. Ferry to
llaverstraw, where conveyances will be In waiting.
Returning leave llaverstraw at 3:16 P. M.
Purines.?u Bremen, on Monday, December 9,
of apoplexy, Hermann Peters, mauagiutf director
of the Norih (iermati Ltoyd.
Pike Suddenly, on Saturday evening. Decem
ber 7, istt, Samuel N. I'ier, ag*)d 50 years.
The iriendg of deceased aro respectfully Invited
to aucud t>ne tunoiai, from liU Utc rtnUcace. OU
Fifth arcnne, on Thursday morning, December 1J,
At (en o'clock.
itAVMONi).?on Saturday, December T, Ann Ear*
uond, aged 84 yearn.
Funeral this (Tuesday) morning, at eleven o'eloclr.
from reNidance of her nephew, William J. IJoyt, 74
Rush street, Brooklyn, E. D.
Siikkmak.?on Monday, December t>, M\fir?Ai.KNA
Siikkmak, beloved wife of Ceorge Sherman, age<l
3<i years, s months arid 14 days.
The relatives and friend* of the family, aUo tho
members of Unity Lodne, No. 28.1, 1. O. O. F., ai 9
invited to attend the foneral, from her late resi
dence, ol Orchard street, to l.utheran Cemetery,
on Wednesday afreruoou, at oue o'clock, without
further notice.
Stkkkt.?A* Connecticut Farina, near Elisabeth,
N. J? on Saturday morning, Decemlier T, Fkmu
kkick Tiiomah, eldeat hou of Kev. Kobcrt aud Ann*
A. Street.
Funeral arrvlcea at the church on Wednesday, at
eleven o'clock A. M.
stump?On Saturday, December 7, Jank, wldosr
of Daniel Stump, aged 74 years.
The relatives and IrtendH of the family and tho*9
of her aona, Ucorge and Daniel, are respectfully
invited to attend the funeral, on Tuesday, iota
Inst.., at half-paat one P. M., from her late rcal
dence, 266 Van Brunt strcef, Urookivn.
Tayi.ok.?On Monday, the IKU mat., Sophia
Siikkmak, wife of Kobcrt I.. Taylor.
The relatives and friemia of the family are In
vited to attind her funeral, from the realdence o4
her soniu-law, Joseph II. Varuutn, 116 East Twen
tieth street, (iranicircy puck, on Thursday morning,
12th lust., at ten o'clock, without further iavlta
Tracus.?On Tuesday, November 26, at Santiago
dc Culm, I.konck A. True as, aged 32 years.
Rio Janeiro and Havre papers please copy,
V41.KNTINK.?At WllllaniHbrldKe, on Sunday, Do
combers, at aeven o'clock i\ M., Hannah Vai-km
tink, widow of Mutthiaa Valentine, iu the 73d year
of Iter age.
The relativca and friends of the family are ro
Bpectfully iuvited to uttend the lunerai, fiom iha
residence of her son-in-law, Peter Brian*, Jr., al
Wllllamsbrldge, on Wednesday altcrnoon, at two
o'clock. Trains leave Uriiod Central depot at oue
o'clock I*. M.
Vandkriioof.?On Sunday, December 8, Eliza
bktu Vandkhikiof, aged 7? years.
The relatives aud irlenda of the family of her
aou-lu-law, William citlsliolm, are Invited to attemt
the funerul, at the Mariners' Methodist Episoopal
church, corner of President and. Van Brunt street*,
Brooklyn, on Tuesday, December 10, at tw?
o'clock P. M.
Albany papers please copy.
Wuirry.?At Staten Island, on Bandar, Deceit*
tier s, Wiitrrv, a native of county Wexiord, Ireland,
aged 42 years.
Funeral on Tuesday, December 10, at two o'clock
P. M.
Wiiith.?At Brooklyn, on Sunday, Dcoember 8,
K.I2, Kuza A., wile of Ucorge White.
The relatives and friends or the family are rea
pcctlully Invited to atteud the funeral from her
late residence, ho tjulucy street, on Wednesday,
the 11th lnat, at two o'clock P. M.
Wili.iamh.?In (ireenpoint, at the residence of
her daughter, Mrs. s. E. Parson, Deborah Wiu
i.i ams, In her 8Hth year.
Funeral to take place at the Noble street Baptist
church, on Tuesday, the loth Inst., at two o'clock
P. M.
Winavs.?On Sunday, December fl, Francis, tho
son of William and Frances Wlnans.
The relatives and friends of the family are In
vited to attend the funeral, at their residence, No.
4 Striker's Cottages, Futy-socond street, between
Tenth and Eleventh averiueB, ou Tuesday, Decem
ber 10, at oue o'clock.
? Santa Clans wishes to see all his friends
free of charge,
Olil and young.
Weak and strong,
at the
Croat House Furnishing Bazaar.
Cooper Institute,
Astor place.
Come one, come all.
It will [iay to nlve us a call.
thlrd street and 62 Bowery, I'AINE'S College-*
Foreigner* taught Hie Atneriean system ot Bookkeeping;
24 Writing Lemons, $2 50. Ladles nualiileJ as Bookkeepers
ami Cu-Jtlers.
opposite Cooper Institute.?Bookkeeping, Writing.
Arithmetic and Languages. Day and evening. Ladles'
department. IteUuction in telegraphy to *1$; taught
practically, with Instruments. Demuud lor operators.
tally competent. |? desirous of giving instruction I?
?icr.ons of neglected education elthor in the English
branches or in German and Fiench. Address W., box 126,
Herald Uptown Hrain-It otHeo.
a gentleman of matured experience, ability anl
practlral attatnuicn'* desires an engagement; reference*
Address PUOFESSoR, 181 Bleecker -ured, New York. _
a first class tamily; speaks French fluently; English,
Drawing, (III Painting. Pastel; relereuces. Address M, P.,
care ol Mr. Christern, 77 University place. v
Iroin 10 to 16 years of aire, who arc to attend school
iuOcrmany, will find a kind reception and carolul at*
tendance til a respectable taiuily residliiK at lioun, on
ltliine. Terms ?80 a year. For particular-address M. B..
W'H, care Messrs. Ilaaisi'iistelo A Vo^lur's Advertising
Agency, Coloaue, on Rhine, (Prussia.)
aud boys.?Dolbear's CommnrOlal College, S75 Broad
way, corner Eighteenth street, is open day and evening
lor' .?pccial lessons In Business writing, Bookkeeping,
Arithmetic, Ac. Private desks must be socurod iu ad
vaucc, as there are now no vacancies. Stillness, cramp
ini,' and trembling removed, and all nervousness cured.
1 LOUIS LANOUEL1.IER, 157 West Thirty-first at.
M family goiim to Cuba, residents there, to tak*
charge ot' and complete the education ol' two young girls,
must be a lady ot years and experience and a good
piMilist; the best of retercncos required. Address, with
particulars, box C!M Post office. New York.
gentleman capable of teaching the classics and
modern language* desired. Address, stating terms and
references, L. T. II., box 2. J92 Post olhce.
si airs, highest cash tulvan os on Dlaniomls, Watcher
Jewelry, i'lanos, Ac., or bought; Pawnbrokers' Tiuketa
ln.?,;b ut 77 Blecckcr street.
Nineteenth and Twentieth streets.?Money loaned
on Watches, Diamonds, Jewelry, Silverware, Silks, par
ticularly Pianos; private parior lor ladies; business
strictly conddential.
street, you can obtain liberal advances on Dia
mond h, Wuiches, Jewelry. 4c., or the highest prices paid
lor them, by A. IIONIOMAN, Broker.
American office?$75,000, established ish
Loans to any amount on Watches, Diamonds, Jewel
ry, valuables, *e., or bought; prices par excellence paid.
J. U. BARKlMJElt, 715 Broadway, opposite A.stor place.
vsnces made on Diamonds and Watches, Silverware,
Ac , or will pay toe highest market price lor tho saine.
. opposite Spring street?Tho most elegant and ex
tensive establishment in the country. Money ioauel on
Diamonds, Watches, Jewelry, Silverware, Silks, Laces,
Shawls and every description of Personal Propurtjr.
Also lor sale a large slock ot Silks, Velvets, Furs, Lace^
Money loaned on diamonds, watches.
Jewelry and Silverware, and the same bought nil
sold. OEOKUE ?'. ALLEN,
841 Broadway, near Fourteenth street;
?)?' Liberal advan made on Diamonds, Watch-**,
Jewelry and all kinds of Merchandise. The s.ime bought
ami Mild. Room 1 HAYMAN LEOPOLD.
and Twcniy-fltth streets.?Lila ral advances mada
on Diamonds, Watches. Jewelry an 1 all kinds of CikmIs.
ft hoc in night at lull value L. BERNARD.
"O'J Money liberally advanced on Diamonds,
Watches, Jewelry, Dry Goods, Ladies' Furs and au
other Personal Property- The same bought and sotd.
m. Rosen be ro.
) Money liberally advanced on Dlamnnds, Watcher
Jewelry, Silks, Dry GimmIh and personal property of every
description, private entrance for ladies J. A. JACKSOS.
oil I Twenty-llrst streets.?tilasral advanceson Dia
monds, Watches, Jewelry, silver. As- ; same bought at ex
traordinary prices. Old estahll-hcd and reliable.
ISAACS, Diamond Broker.
.?*') I room B ?Parlor lor ladies Branch I.T2 Fulton
streot, Brooklyn. Money loaned on IHamnnds, Watches,
Jewelry, Ac. Same bought and sold. LINDO BROS.
All and the Pholan A Coltender Combination I'um
Ions, inaiiuiaetured and tor r,aie only by the inventor au>l
patentee. II. W. coLLENDER, Huccessorto Phelau A Col
lender, ns Broadway, New York.
X reil" anil other new designs; first cla?s 5x10 Tablea
JSoiand upwarda: second hand tables cheap.
KAVAN.\OII .? Dm El.lt, corner I'anal and Centra sta
Special Medal awarded to tli'i
over all others, Including tho several styles of "bovol"
tables and the "wire" and "combination cushlona.
Read tho following extract from the ju Iges' report:?
"The table exhibited by Meisrs. Kavaniglt A Decker, and
Uiuwn as the "Nonpareil," Is a verv elegant upeclineu of
worknianihin. benutn'ui and graceiul in lorm, ot great
ktretigth, and In the composition ot its cu?1iuuh and me
ehanlcal construction ot the framework Is entitled to and
receive' the recommendation it the juencs ss being ? Ulte
rior to all others exhibited, and worthy ol a special
award." A true copy ot the report on tile.
JOHN W. CHAMBERS. s,vretarv _
Carom Tubes, Bulls, Cues. Kacka, Ac., all complete,
%m11 be Hnhi tiim day (Tue?lV. by JOHM8TJ)N A VAJ
1 Atianu^ai U o'uivvk. at U?iU Mlvirvoia. 37 dMtaa^

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