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The Wild Animals Broken Loose
from Central Park.
A Shocking Sabbath Carnival
of Death.
Awful Combats Between the Beasts
and the Citizens*
General Duryee's Magnificent
Poliee Tactics.
How the Catastrophe Was Brought
About ? Affrighting Incidents.
Governor Dix Shoots the Bengal
Tiger in the Street.
Another Sunday of horror has bean added to i
those already memorable in onr city annals. The (
Bad and appalling catastrophe of yesterday la a j
further lllostratlon of the unforeseen perils to
which large communities are exposed. Writing
?yen at a late nour, ?without full details of the
terrors of the evening and night, and with a
necessarily Incomplete list of the killed and
mutilated, we may pause for a moment in
the widespread Borrow of the hour to cast j
a hasty glanoe over what will be felt as
a great calamity for many years. Few of
the millions who have visited Central Park,
and who, pasalnsr in through the entrance at East
Sixty-fourth street, have stopped to examine the
oollectlon of birds and animals grouped around j
the old Arsenal building, could by any possibility
have foreseen the source of such terrible danger
bo a whole city in the caged beasts around htm, as
(he trivial lucldent of yesterday afteruoon devel
oped. The unfortunate man to whose fatal im
prudence all accounts attribute the outbreak ef j
the wild animals oi the menagerie has answered |
With hil life for his temerity, but we have a
Hat of calamities traceable from Ms act
Which one lue seems inadequate , to ex
plate. We have a list of lorty-nlne killed,
of which only twenty-seven bodies have
been identified, and it is much to be feared that
tnls large total of fatalities win be much increased
with the return of daylight. The uat of mutilated,
trampled and injured in various ways must reach
nearly 200 persons of all aires, of which, so far as
fcpown, abont sixty are very serious, and of these
totter three can hardly outlast the night. Many
of the slightly Injured were taken to their homes,
?o that lor at least another day the full
attest of the calamity cannot be meas
ured. we have only to hope that
bo lurther latalitles will occnr. Twelve
of the wild, carnivorous beasts are still at large,
their lurking places not being known for a cer
tainty, but the citizens may rest assured that If
Uiey will only exercise ordinary prudenceaud
leave the taek of hunting down the anlmais to the
authorities, who have, somewhat tardily, taken
the matter in hand, there will b^no further casu- ,
aittes to register as the outcome of the unfortu
nate act ot a reckless keeper in central Park. It ,
was an apparently small cause for a huge and hor- ,
rible result, but the overturning of a kerosene lamp i
In a dingy cowshed In Chicago laid tue Queen city
or the West in aaliea. ana tue spar* flrom a hod car- i
rier's pipe was parent to the flames that destroyed l
In a night the great granite buildings of Boston |
If the solid atones were lueu It la not long since a
herd of Texan cattle throw New York's million o
human beings into consternation, defied the police ,
foroe and injured so many. It was at
ultt to ne hoped that the somewhat,
similar, although more learful calamity of ;
the breaking loose of the wild beasts at |
Central Par* would have found superintendent i
Walling with some plan to meet the emergency. |
In all such cases promptitude is invaluable, and j
although General Duryee deserves credit for his
plan, lormed. we are assured, on the instant, and
carried out so tar with efTect, we must regret that
he was not earner informed of thu terrible event,
a telegram irom police headquarters to the Cen
tral's residence did not reech him, and thus a vul
aable hour was lost, aa he was first informed of
the catastrophe by seeing the mutilated
body of the unfortunate aewlng girl, An- i
nie Thomas, oorne on an improvised
stretcher to the Thirty- llrst precinct station
bouso near West Blghtv-slxth street. Ho was
visiting at the house or a friend, and the
erowd with the mournful burden ou the shoulders
?r the police, attracted the attention 01 a young
oaushter of nta friends. Her scrcuma brought
entire party to the windows, In an instant the Gen
?ral was In tne street, learning irom a hundred
tongues the horrible truth In the few words the
wild animals at tne Park have broken looae, he
ran like a deer to the station house, and seating
himself by the telegraph instrument directed irom
that point the operatlona which orst resulted in
?taying the panic. Had he lost the tune which
It would have taken to reach Police Headquarters,
It la impossible to say where the panic and
affright and their consequent fatalities woui
nave ended. Commissioners Maisell and Dia
Uecker were heard trom at various points through
out the eveniug. but their efforts were not of a
nature to produce any good result. Orders and ?
counter orders were issued by them In confusing
?accession. Happdy the steps taken by General
Duryee made them practically aubordlnatca and
diminished their Inefficiency? to give their stam
peded seal no harsner torm. Commissioner Voor
bia could not be lound during the entire evening.
To General Snaler, also, the thanks of tho com
munity are due. His promptitude in call
ing out the Seventh, Eighth, Ninth and
Kixtr-ninth regiments, a call manfully responded
to and piaclUK tuem at tue service of General
Duryee deserve* unqoeliued praiae. It is to be
tLOMd too. that tne proclamation issued by Mayor
ffllff.. UM IWMIW ??* ????J
I Siialtr anil Commissioner Duryeo, will meet with I
I the obedience which Its gravity merits. Disci
pline is the only means or meeting; and conquer
ing such an untoward chain of circumstance*, and
we here point out that the obedience which Is
given by the mtlltla to General 8na!er, by the po
lice to General Duryee, the hero or the hour,
sbonld be cheerfully rendered by the citizens at
large to the proclamation o: his Honor the Mayor.
Tne deaths ana mutilations are already too
numerous to risk their increase, and the authori
ties will only serve the common cause by en
forcing the law against those whose curiosity
leads them to 4eijr the mandates of the civil
The following la rhe Major's proclamation:?
? Proclamation.
Ha yob's Office, Sunday Night, |
Nov. 1, 1874. f
All citizens, except members of the National
Guard, are enjoined to keep within their
houses or residences until the wild animals
now at large are captured or hilled. Notice of
the release from this order will be spread by
the firing of cunnon in Oity Hall Park, Tomp
kins sqoure, Madison square, The llouud and
at Macomb's Dam Bridge. Obedience to this
order will secure a speedy end to the state of
siege occasioned by the calamity of this even
An aooount will be opened at the City Hall
of the city of New York for contributions to
the sufferers.
The location or the zoological collection In the
Park is well known to most New Yoikers; but It
appears that changes ware made recently In tbe
dlapoaiuou or the various animals, and to realize
the exact nature or the oataatropho It becomes
necessary to indicate where the varloua animals
were situated yesterday when the irlgbtfnl event
occurred that spread puch terror throughout the
city, if you enter the menagerie lrom fittn ave
nue you will And on either hand, running parallel
to tne street, the houses where tne herbivorous
beasts were domiciled. In tormer times several
bears lrom the northern regions occupied the
right hand corner, where a lew beautiful zebras
lately gladdened the eye. To the extreme leu were
the cages of the aeveral foreliru birds formerly de
voted to a large collection of monkeys. To tbe ex
treme right were the vultures and eagles, and the
visitor, by making a short circuit or tbe large
building, known lu times gone by as tbe Arsenal,
found himself in front of a handsome wooden
structure, one story high, where tne principal
wild animals resided. Of course the residence or
the sea Uon was known to everybody. On tbe in
side or the garden the stately giraffe occupied a
somewhat large enclosure, and adjacent were a
number of pelicans, intermingled with several
spocimens of the ostrich tribe. The bears were in
isolated cages on the green swart), near tbe com
mon pedestrian route from tne Fifth avenue en
In tbe quadrangle neareBt to Fifth avenne were
the bison, tbe nylgbuu, the zebu, tbe sacred bull,
cow and call, tbe zebras, tbe young elephant, tbe
capybara, the guanaco, tbe fat tailed Syrian var,
tae aoudad and the tallow deer. In tbe valuable :
monkey collection was the sooty mangabey, the
oonnet macaque, tbe Toque monkey, the pigtaiied '
monkey, tbe Arabian baboon, tbe black handed
spider monkey, tne brown capuchin, the Teetee
and the black eared marmoset, such was the
scene berore *
of yesterday? tne burstiug lorth of the most
lerocious of tbe beasts wnhin the meuagerie of
the Park, tne awlul slaughter tnai ensued, the ex
citing conilicis between tne Infuriated animals, >
the irisrntiul deaths that lollowed, tbe destruction
ol property and tbe fearlul and general excite- 1
meut. makiog an era in the History or New York !
not soon to be forgotten. How singular that
Sunday, or all days m tne week, should make 1
tbe occasion or such great panics as mark tue
record 01 tbe past lour years. It was a Sabbath i
morning that witnessed tbe destruction of Chicago
and Boston, and a tiaobatn afternoon beiiel'i tne
streets of New York given up to the fury of a drove i
of Texau cattle. It was on a sabbath that the
Westileld exploded her boiler. Hut yesterday
capped the climax or unthougnt possibilities, and I
it was the saboatn, too, tbat deepened the sl^nl- ,
llcance of tbe great disaster.
As everybouv kuows, tbe Central Park on Sun- I
day is the popular report of all classes. The rich
aud lasuiunuole in their carriages and the poor
and numble on foot, alike aally lortu to enjoy i
Its beauties. Ik is ?aic to aaw mat at least
?JO, 000 people filled tbe various walks, 1
anves and avenues yesterday. To nlne-tentns
or tne pedestriau visitors tbe Menagerie ,
is a chief source ol attraction. Tout it contained
the elements of sanguinary disaster to a multi- |
tude or human beluga hardly entered into the !
philosophy ol anybody, it would be vain or the
writer to presume ulmself capaoieoi picturing tbe
barrowiug sceues oi wliicu be was a distressed
and involuntary spectator. To give, tor instan ce, j
an adequate conception or the frigutiul incident
waerc Lincoln, the Nunudian lion, urged to inde
scribable tury by tne bullets tbat pierced his
flanks and shoulders jumped into a landuulet oc
cupied by a nursemaid aud her lour young
charges, mangling tne delicate little things paat
all sign ol recognition, would be a difficult last,
but let me endeavor to describe the reariul scenes
with some attempt at order. Mvhead Is so con
tused and my nerves so uustrung with the leariui
scenes through wnlch I have passed tbat I conless
I am baraly equal to picturing tbem.
The writer stood witnin a hundred yards or tbe
menagerie when the first ominous symptoms of
tbe approaching catastrophe were heard. Tbe
doors oi the ma n structure, wherein tbe prlnci*
pal wild animals were confined, were closed at '
five o'ciock. hundred* of people, men, women i
and children, were still lingering in the vicinity.
Five or six of tne Park police were stationed in
the neighborhood. Due stood at tbe entrance on
Filth aveiiue and Mxty-ionrth street, making a
record oi tbe number of visitors passing in.
Another was stationed lor a similar purpose on
the roadway approaching from the southeastern
entrance, at tue corner ol Fifty-ninth street.
Within tue arsenal there appears to nave been a
Dumber of the Park police. 1 he Captain was off
duty aud did not appear until late at night. Mr.
Conkiin. the director oi the menagerie, waa at bis
post, like a good soldier. It was
a calm, peaceful and pleasing scene
lu tbe early hours of tne aiieruoon. Children ran
about lrom cage to cage in the periect fulness or
delight. A stream of people released irom tne
cares and labors of the week wandered tbrouuh
the grounds, pausing here to admire the beautiiui
zebras ana stopping mere to laugh over tbe
amusing amies oi tne monkeys. The idea oi dan
ger could only be suggested to create laughter and
derision. Cert iinlv nobody seriously contemplated
the possibility oi peril where seemingly massive
cages restrained tbe wild aud savage instincts or
the various beasts of prey. The rninoceroa ap
peared the
the Numldiau Uon wore a look ol the grossest indo
lence, tbe licngai tiger seemed as harmless as a
prostrate forest tree, the bear* invited a caressing
acquaintance, the boa constrictor mignt have been
petted witn the hand, the elephant eatlug olscuita
iroui the lingers of a little caild sug^esieu an ex
treme condition of tauiene.ss and uocility. In all
tbe rest, saving the restless and savage-eyed
hyena, the spirit oi tue day aupeared to dwell.
In a very lew uiomeuta the whole aspect was
destined to be cbauned. It is novr well authenti
cated thut Chris. Anderson the keeper, oue of
wnose charges was Pete, the rhinoceros, in walk
ing arouud alter tne puolic was excluded, stopped
In irout oi i ne deu oi tne huge animal above men
tioned. He was seen to poke bis caue through
tbe bars at the great beast, aud was warned by
Keeper Miller to desist. The latter was leaving
the building at tbe moment lie remonstrated wita
Anderson, and to this circumstance, douotless,
owes bis lile. He suys that Keeper llylaud also
called out to Anderson. The latter had a fashlou.
It appears, of teaslug the animals, aith?>u:;h
ue was olicn known to eject persons
lrom the building lor similar practices. Anderson
paid uo attention to the warutuga of bis fellow
keepers, and, it is thought, a heedless thrust must
nave entered me eye oi the rhinoceros. A num
ber ol noys who wero neeriug lu tnrougu the win
dows on the north smu oi tae building attracted
the attention ol the writer by tneir cries,
There was a crashing heard within and the boys
were seeu lo Uee precipitately, l rushed to me
window, drawn by a cuilostty waicn was irre
sistible. My example was soon lollowed by
otuers, mauy woincu atruggllug lor a place, it
was some momeuts beiore 1 could make out what
was transpiring within. A keeper was standing
in tne middle of the open space apparently spell
bound. Another wasstaudlng lurther down, grasp
ing a crowbar, his gaze directed toward the pen of
the rhinoceros. The short, angry, squeaking cry oi
tne rhinoceros, like sudden blasts on a tisnhorn,
were beard a in id the sound ol snapping bars aud
crashing planks. It atouce struck me that the huge
animal was breaking down the walls of his peu lu
tbe endeavor doubtless to reacn his tormentor.
Not aware of any cause lor tins sudden exhibition
oi rage, none ol the lascinated crowd at the win
dow measured tbe danger ol tneir position or the
objict ol the inlurlated beast. The keeper
(alter ward lound to be Anderson) now
rusncd lorward and struck at tbe animal.
We could not see whether ins blows reached tho
rhinoceros or not, but their effect was soou told.
A crash which shook the buiioiug lollowed aud tbe
iront oi the i en ietl outward and the horrid, mis
shapen mass ol Pete, tne rhinoceros, rushed out,
bis ouble-horoed head clost to the ground.
Anderson mads a spring sideways to evade
tne monster's onsiaugut and might have sua*
.needed Uk jUlMig M IMN MDftrtvj
safety bv this means bat be was too
close to tho Hiumal, tor the latter,
swiuglng bis unwieldy body toward lutn. knocked
hlui down with a touch ol his shouidur, ana an in*
mam aitcr had trampled him out of recognition.
Backing down from the mangled body wan a
swiitness almost incredible lrom lit* oulk, the
rhinoceros plunged his horrid horn Into the dead
keeper, dasning the last possible spark ol lifet ou
against the walls oi one of the pens, which like,
wise gave way. -A 11 this tragedy transnired In an
instant. Hoi tor stricken, i tried to push uiy way
ironi the window, tout the crowd was now dense
behind me, and I could not stir. 1 cr>ed:?
? l'or God's sake, let some one run to tue police
ataiiou 10. help!"
I struggled to get out, putting my hands against
the window and my leet below it, and pushing
with all my might. An accursed curiosity in the
crowd, who wure oniy vaguely conscious ol what
was transpiring, made mv efforts useless. When
I looked in through the window again the destruc
tion at tho lurthcr end had tncreaseJ, the rhino
ceros breaking open the dens of the animaU on
the left uand side.
whom f bad first seen standing spellbound, was
advancing, pale as marble, and a navy revolver in
bis hand, toward tho enraged rhinoceros. 'Ihe
uniuial saw hini, turned aud made lor him in an
instant. He sprang aside and fired. The ball tut
the rhinoceros ou the leit shoulder, for lie swerved
over lor an instant; but it can scarcely have more
than hurt him a little, as he turned with
a whlir, whltr. whiff snort. his head down
toward the keeper. The latter, with cat-like
agility, retreated toward the lions' and tigers'
cages, evidently making lor the Bpaee between
them; but too late. The horrid bom impaled him
apainst the corner case, killing him instantly,
tearing the cage to pieces and releasing the pan
ther, who lauded in the middle of the open space
with a spring. The cries ol all the animals were
now Joined lu horrid cnorus by the loud and long
sustained roar oi the Hon and lioness, the tigers
and all the wild beasts, that ddubtle->s had tlielr
carnivorous instincts whetted by the smell ol un
man blood aud the souud ana slgnt of the blood/
struggles outside their bars.
I yelled, and the savage chorus within bore out
mv words. At last curiosity seemed to give war.
The crowd fled in all directions, women foiling as
they ran, aud no one staying to help them out of
the way of the coming danger, wnlch wus then
shaping Itseli so swiitiy. 1 ran to the police station
lu tne Arsenal Building. and lound that the ser
ireaut on duty was dozing quietly. 1 shook bim
up, told him in a lew words what was the matter,
aud ran round to the space In iroutof the Arsenal.
Tn ere I found Keeper Miller talking to the police
man, who was |ust coming off duty, lillier laughed
at my story.
"Come around," I said earnestly.
"Too thlu, youug fellow," said the policeman.
"Don't you hear r" I said, as the roaring of the
animals sounded ominously in our ears. The
sergeant now came running out In search of the
??Anderson and Hyland are killed," said he to
Miller. "Why don't yeu stir yourself."
Miller Is a tall, stalwart man of about thirty
three, and it Is but just to say that lrom the mo
ment the sergeant spoke lie sprang Into action.
He rushed Into the keeper's rooiu and grasped a
sixteen shooter ride, which is kept loaded ror
such emergencies, aud ran out through
the central door In the rear ef '.he Arsenal
to the window the crowd had Just deserted. What
he suw evidently appalled hlui, as he let the butt
oi his rltle lull to the ground and continued gazing
lu through the window like one in a dream, trom
his owu lips 1 have learned what be saw. He
Ba"An attentive glance through the window re
vealed the lact that
He had apparently made no more of the massive
barrier that enclosed him tbau of a sheet of paste
board. 1 saw the dead bodies of Hyland and
Anderson, the lormer nearer to me than the other.
The Dautner was crouched over Hyland's body,
kuawing horribly at his head. I recognized
his body br the striped shirt which 1 could just
see hanging tattered lroin the arm. It was grow
ing dark, aud this made everything look twice as
learlul. I saw the rhinoceros pluuge blindly for
ward against the douole tier of cages where the
black and spotted leopards, the striped tivena, the
p'-anle wolf, the puma aud the Jaguar were lying.
Judging from the coudttiou ol the cages the onset
oi the poweriul and Infuriated rblucceros must
havo been tremendous. In some cases the bars
were only bent to an elbow, but, as a rule, they
snapped asuuder like kindling wood beiore the
smashing weight brought against them
mentioned angered still more the Uous and tlgeri
and all the rest within tne building. Tne rhino
ceros in the meantime was busy in the work of
destruction. In a few moments more he bad
broken down the pens of the wild swine, the man
atee. the American tapir, the two-toed sloth and
the pair oi kangaroos. Just then, too, Lincoln,
the Numldian Hon escaped trom his cage,
through some unfortunate oversight com
mitted at teediug times The bolt or his
prison door was insecure, and when the raging
rhlnocer?s butted his head against the bottom it
flew wide open. Hardly had Lincoln the lion
bounded into the centre aisle of the building
when the three cages containing the black and
spotted leopards, the tiger and tlReresses. the
black woli aud the striped and spotted
livenas were sprung open by an overpowering
charge from the now desperate rhinoceros.
The noiBe of this crasn might have been
heard several blocks away. It was followed by a
series of lights between the lloerated bhasts.
Close by a window on the western slt'e ol the
building the black wolf sprung upon the Hanks
of tho Hernial tiger. The lion stood a little dis
tance away pawing the floor, awaiting rather
tliun o tiering an attack. Between tha wolf and
tiger the conflict was brief. The latter, shaking
off the leeble hold of the other, turned quick as
lightning on his hind legs, and tailing, with open,
gleaming Jaws, upon liis less muscular loe, rolled
blm over In the dust. The great light ensued
or poor, brave Hvlaiid. There was evidently a
fight over the body of Anderson; but 1 conid see
nothing more than a mmgllnv, gleaming mass,
whence arose the most awful cries. Nearer to me,
wiiere Hyland lav, tne lioness, the panther, the
puma, and presently i he Bengal tiger, were rolling
over and over, striking at each other with their
ttilgh'y paws. The lioness tore tne skin off the
puma's flank witl one blow. Tne coming of
the tiger was something terrible. I never shall
forget the awiUl, spieudiJ look of him as he landed
wltn a spring lu the thick ol them. I could not
move. It was too awiul for anything. Oddly enough,
while the fight was going on, now one furious
beast tugging and crunching at the arms or legs
oi the corpse, now letting go with his teeth to
plant his paws upon the bleeding remains and
snap witn Ms dripping Jaws at another beast,
writhing and awful as they were, Icou.d not help
looking at Lincoln, the lion, who was standing be
hind them, pawing the ground, roaring and lash
ing his aides with his tall, every muscle in nneaey
tension. All ol a sudden I had a flash.
I said to myself, it seems to tne I felt him looking
at me. 1 saw him crouch. I turned and ran. My
God, I had uo idea there was anybody near me.
Miller had uot been a minute and a hali at the
window when I saw him run towards me, aborn
ing, at the rop ol his lungs.
It is here nccessarv to explain Miller's state
ment. "My God? l had no Idea there was any
body near me." Thoso who ran from the window
in the first instance had not run lar before tney
looked back. There was of course no pursuit, and
a great many lingered by, but at a taie
distance. The coming ol the keeper, bow
ever; bis standing listless looking beiore the
window for over a minute, bad had tne
effect of Inspiring a return oi confidence lu the
more curious. ai.a when Anderson, trigbtened by
the eve or the Hon, ran preeinlta ely towavd the
Arsenal there were perhaps a dozen persons near
the window. He had only aped a few paces when,
with a terrific roar ??????
1 saw a young man fall from a blow of the awful
paw, and another crushed to earth beneatn the
least's weight. The crowd fled in all directions,
but the lion did not pursue. Planting his paws
upou one of tne bodies he tilled the air with the
learlul rumble of his roar. I started to run.
but Miller called on me to stop. I turned
and saw iilm kneel down deliberately
and take aim. There was a good chance for a
snot, as the lion stood almost racing him, but with
tne right shoulder more toward htm. I have no
reason to doubt ?H? steadiness or Miller or his
reputation as a shot, but 1 watted with tapent
breath as he took aitn. He hau lilt him. I could
rot s"c where, but the wound was far lrom Jatai.
The bellowtnga were renewed, his mane erect, his
tail switching his sides, while he pawed the earth
and swuug his huge head from side to sloe. Drawn
tiy tho report ol the rifle and tne roaring ?>i the
beasts, crowds of people were entering the en
closure lrom tho Bixty.fourtn street entrance. I
saw that already a number ol Park
and citizens wltn rifles, were on the ground. I
had no weapon and so ran down the incline bv the
iciresnnicnt siand. towaid Fifth avenue; and |
almost on my hects, as it were, came the Numldian
lion, witn a series of bounds. So sudden, fierce 1
aud poweriul was the leap he made into tne
in l< i st oi the storming party that he paralyzed the
coolest calculations aud scattered half a hundred
armed and unarmed meu like chaff before the
wiuo. springing in the sir over the stooped
lorm of Poiicoiuau Murray, who ducked in time to
save himself trom possible death, Lincoln lauded
In a last widening
of fainting women, screaming childrcu and terri
tled men. Lncolu paused lor perhaps a second,
lashing himsoli with his tail and glaring horribly
around him. On tne ground beiore hnn were two
young men, #ho had tripped and islien in the pre
cipitate retreat lrom before tne building. They
were struggling last to rise, and had nearly suc
ceeded, wiieu Lincoln, with another nwflil roar
that echoed over tne Park, pounced upon tlio
nearest, and, with one stroke of Ills lore paw. tore
clothe# and flesh to pieces. A shout of norror
went up lrom the distant wltuessea ol the deed;
but they were given little time to meditate upon It.
1 was just in the angle between the two sviaries,
which coutamod yesterday the doves and tne
eagles respectively, when tho last mentioned deea
ol olood whs enaoted. 1 was aoout to escape by
Titsinng past the home where the wild animals
were cagcd, and bad just reached ihe path near
the sea lion's tank, when what 1 had loarod most
came to pasa. The rhinoceros, in his iniuriatea
career, had at last found the gate and crashed
through it. Had be done ao at drat t bare would
have ueeu Uaa lost Uvea to count. A atoming
pmtt wa Mb bad beta formid 0/ OttMti Ottft* _
lit), of Keepers, citizens ana police , near the
Fifty-ninth stree: entrance, and which wu?
powenuiiy aided by tuc arrival ol a J <181000 from
the Nineteenth precinct, under Cap uiu Gunner
ana Mr. Iluut, ot Nin-u-tiiird stieet, was
within a hundred yams or tne m ilUlnir when
the rhinoceros emerged, giving lus i hurt, vicious
cry. Ilii* appearance was the signa i lor a misdi
rected voller. wnlcti, of course, did 111 -tie or no ex
ecution on nis in;cK, tough hide and double-liora
protected proboscis. It confused b tm uiometita
rilv, however, for lie turned and r< '-entered the
building on u xort oi amrninir tm i, Misled i>y
tills retreat a cheer went u p irom the
firing party, and ttiey rusiied for ward, colonel
Conklin leading to ?ecure the door. Had
tlie great hruie deliberately plane od un ambus
cade It could not have better suiv ,-eeded. When
tlie parcy were within a dozen le at ol the door
the puma sprung through tlie sli uttered porial
Into their midst, overthrowing se< feral, doubtless
Injuring some. Almost on the her tin of the puma
came the black and spotted leoptw rd. lollowed oy
tne jaguar, the Alrlcan lioness and tiger. The
latter came torth with a slow ant 1 stealthy tread. !
Archambeiiu, one of tlie keepers. I tad the temerity
to try and lasso the beast, kuowlti h that there was j
none more dangerous and bioo dtblrsty in the
whole collection.
of the keeper, and without a m< nnent's warning
sprung tlfteeti >eet into the air an ) caught Archum
beau by the right shoulder. The t' no went down to
gether, the tiger on top. Inst rant pieparatlons
were made to save the poor le ? low. waen unior
runateiv tlio rhinoceros came P imbortug at a lialf
trot out ol the entrance and < i rove the rescuing
party irom their purpose. He u Iso drove the tiger
before him, but at the same tune planted one
ol his enorm-'us leet on me ? prostrate Archam
beau and squeezed the brea; ,u Irom his body.
The storming party was ior the moment com
pletely disorganized. Theiinlm sis were running In
various directions, and the a Hacking forces and
the curious spectators were tie elng in every direc
tion, scallii.' rocks, climbing tr ees, fallioir in tneir
flight, and a case is vepo 'ted < n a citizen stabued
at this moment by an Italian over a quarrel as to
wnlch should tlrst ascend a iree. me wounded
; man, Calvin Money, or Fiati* ash, L. I., Is at Belie
vue Hospital, but cannot glv> ? the police anv de
I acriptlon oi
I mention this terrible Inc. id*nt from a host of
others to show how overwii& iming was the iriglit
and how blindtng the stain pede. The lion had
escaped the bullets oi the drli tg purtv In the front
Inciosure, or ratner being maddened to lurtner
desperaclon by them careere A wildly through the
Filth avenue entrance, und s-as followed shortly
alter by the Betgal tiger, am imberol demoralized
Park policemen, who still bat I a sentiment of duty,
pursuing them with tialloes, as if they were sheep,
not aheep devnnrers.
From this point it has be eu lound extremely
ciiltlcutt to gather anything like a coherent or
complete story ol the deprei latlons or the uncaged
beasts. From a number of statements made to
our reporters by eye-witH ssses, many or these
statements abounding in t latent impossibilities,
but all or ttiem given with a n apparent conviction
of truthfulness, the foliowln g continuation of tne
I story is given. The writer of the preceding on
, the pell-mell breaking forth of the animals ran to
the Seventy-iourth street < jutrauce and hurried
down to the Windsor Hi ate I, whence ho tele
graphed to the Herald oil) ce for assistance.
The rhinoceros, after tranr Ming down tho keepor,
Ai'chaiubeau, made direci 4y lor the cage of the
brown bear, which stood on the grass recently.
The ease with which he o* erturned tUe structure
well illustrated the vaBt .muscular power of the
brute. The brown bear escaped with some
bruises. The grizzly bear. , on being knocked out
ot bis house, advanced to give light, but wa9
oowled over on the gras i three times in succes
after killing a little cn lid and mutilating sev
eral women who strove u nun be lore him, made his
way into the lnclosnre co irtalumg the pelicans, the
Dea lowl and ostrich and filled all beiore him. The
terror among the sro rming party lusted loDg
enough to give ample tl me to the escaped animals
to spread havoc all thro ugh the park and city be
had been forgotten at o leal time, and, made des
perate by hunger, ja tiped over the lence sur
rounding tne tail aud gentle giraffes, and
| In less time tban 1 r. takes to teil it had
slaughtered one or the noble but helpless aulmals.
were fired at the rtv moceros in vain. His sides
appeared to be cover :d with slabs of wrought
iron. "Snoot mm in tne ere" was the general
cry. bat no one was lucky enough, as all were
nervous with fright, to strike that particular
organ. A long re aching crowbar, however,
struck htm In a wenslt lve spot under tne Jaw, not
witn the effect of cui icking his headlong career,
but only to drive bim onward to
In the same halt i r at with which he issued from
1 his quarters and 4 '? raying like a ship at sea, he
i struck over to th e cages near Filth avenue,
1 where the herbivo rum animals were stationed.
The havoc made 1 a tnis direction was friirlitiul
, All the cazes tuuibii ?d to pieces, and. to add to the
destruction and coo i usion, the liberated elepliaut
joined forces with the rhluoceros, and the joint
, attack of the weak* r animals, such as the camel,
the zebr&s, the sat red bull, the guauaco and the
! llama was simply Irreslslble. The sacred bull was
i killed lnsurvv. aiv d one of the mild-eyed zebras
| win crhsheiTwitho ur. pity. Tne other escaped into
the Park and ran toward Eightn avenue. He is
reported to have I jadly bitten aud kicked a num
ber oi daring bon i who endeavored to effect his
i capture. He is sc . Jl at large.
The destruction of the bird oages was marked
I by terrific see oumtDg. The eagles fought
gallantly lor th xtlr eyries, but nothing could
withstaud the united charge of tiie ele
phant and rn inoceros. it was late in the
evening iierore ti te organized force of the menag
erie subdued me former of tnese two powerful
! animals, and not berore both had destroyed sev
eral lives and rui ned a vast deal or property. The
I rhinoceros, the y arent oi all the destruction, made
i away tuward th' i Mail when
i by the bind leg, u huge log being tied to the end
I of the stout rop ? with which the leg was lariated
so as to Itnpedo his progress, while other parties
with ropes stmi I any hampered the other legs, un
til they were at lie to throw him on his side and
effectually "hoi jbie" him so that he could uot rise.
They were then about to shoot him at polnt-blsnk
range, when th p strange sigh: was presented of
the elephant's keeper, with streaming eyes and
ouistrected ar ms, planting himself between the
Eolnted and cot eked rifles or the angry crowd, who
ad seen the d< iaths nnd mutilations and the pros
trate beast, wt use trumpetiugs of defiance were
?tin ringing ot . the ear. The keeper wonld not
move, and, wit uh many curses, the great brute's
life was saved.
escaped, as wi ? have said, toward the Mall. Here
lie auacked a , party of young girls, killing the
sewing girl, A luuie Thomas, and irighteuing the
others terrlol ly. One or them, subject to bean
disease, Ellen Sohuoert, lias received such a ner
vous shock th at her death may be looked for at
auy moment. Tlie beast lelt the Park at one of
the upper Els Ihth avenue entrances, aud gored a
horse at Mnt itieth street, overthrowing the heavy
wagon to wh ich he was harnessed, and dislocating
the shoulder of Isaac 1 nrker, milkman, who was
driving. Ii v. this neighborhood lie overthrew
a shanty run the rocks, wulch fell before
bim like a h< j\\se or cards. The wretched inmates
were at sup per, and tne railing planks took Are.
All the lami ly escaped except a child in the cradle,
which was junted to a crisp. Continuing on his
career unti i he reached Eleventh avenue, he was
followed b> ? a cnowd of men und boys, who were
evidently i in a ware of his lerocious nature. He
must, too, have been nearly spent with his terri
ble efforts , but continued on toward the North
River. A fortunate accident put an end to his
career. : ;t was uow very darn, and he was seen
to fall lnt? > a sewer excavation on tlie Boulevard,
fifteen le )t deep. Ht>d It been a week day, and at
an earllei .? hour, be would, no doubt, have ended
ms life lu killing, by tailing on some of the men at
work. A g it was, lie leil ingloriously.
The Pi drk Irom ecd to eud is marked with In
jury, an 1 in its artificial loreats ue wild beasts
lurk, to pounce at any moment on the nnwary
pedesirl an.
made s li ort work of the deer, aod all the blood for
which \ aiey are responsible is not even yet roily
compa ti *1. The subsequent fight between
when thcor met on the open space at Filtv-nlnth
street , oua side tho Park wall, in the presence of a
thuu?> md terrified spectators. wa? the great com
bat oi . the duv. t he lion lore away at one bite
halt the tiger's flanks, while the latter, with
chart' 4'tertstio ferocity, buried his teeth In the
llon'r .neck until the king of beasts howled with
tlie t eeuest anguish. Now It was the lion under
neat a and the tiger on top. The next moment
posn Jons were reversed.
and off in the distance the awestruck spectators
loot :ed on in breathless tear. Finally tne two
Sao guinary brutes rushed >rom eaci other as a
but! .et irom the rifle oi General wtngate, who came
pri mptlv on the ground, whistled between their
ear s. Lester Waliack took aim at the same mo
me nt from behind the unfinished iron building on
tm * east side, and perforated the tiger to some
sli (hi degree. Many other gentlemen came rusn
m ( to the scene in tne mean time, among them
e> -Mavor Hall, Krastus lirooks, oi the Krprntn ;
M Anton Marole and Mr. Hangs, of the R'orfd, who
h id been visiting Uovernor-elect lilden, and were
0 i their wav uptown in a carriage; Judge l)^iy,
J ldge J. K. Urady, General Arthur. Hugh Hastings
a od i'rosper Wttmore. But they were all a tntle
ii ervous from running, and the beasts escaped on
t netr raid down town, where, as everybody knows
1 i y this, they hau a bloody and ieariul carnival.
When the ponderous rhinoceros plunged
through the sea lion's cage the latter was in an
sppaientiy proiouud sleep. Awakened by the
fcurtiiug noise aronnd bim, and xuuck with
terror at the appearance of his visitor,
the poor seal uttered one long, pierc
ing nowl, partly resembling the shriek
ui a locomotive, and the next moment
tumbled into tin tank and disappeared. Tne
rhinoceros, breaking down the wnoie stiuctme,
was soon floundering in tne tank also. Then it
was tne sea Itou, driven to bay, showed ngnt; but
the oontest was as unequal as a icrryoost la con
flict wuii aa troo-ciad man-oi-wsr. For a time th*
seal seemed to ataud a ctianoe lor bn lite. Bolug
nine aud tllpparjr, be easily avoided the unwieldy
katMMU M ad tiitot. iMMd, JM UM twi MM,
| SL"1?1* hut ,or ?"> unfortunate nip made by the I
fell vmh an"0,hlakCo'"IR suddenly over. I
ail wuu all Mia immense weight uu
hi# prontrate foe and kill-Mi him nurin ??
.be II if lit tne roars of the Ua Uon ' were in- I
csssant aud paimul to hear, it was unlik^auv
o tiler crtr of bird, or beast, or dsn. It waa some- 1
thing srranae and wel d. and Had a naif nuiuan
souud that MtrucK the ear with a singular itupres
water ? *e"' e!,cai'ea Uy h iaiu" under the
In the destruction of the various cages the ana
conda was rouged irona his lorpor. and pivoting
liimseli upon Ills till made a oritur at
the neck Of the tall und beautllui giruile
that occupied the adjacent cage. Only a
few boards separated the two. The long
slender neck 01 r lie giraffe bending over the par
tition proved a tempting mark lor the auacmda. I
The gruceiul neck was quickly bowed 10 the
trround in the oolis of the powerful constrictor.
Ihe piratie made but a feeble struggle nun death
speedily ended Ins sufferings. ihen it was the
awful spectacle was seen of the anaconda seeking
to swallow the body of Ins victim. He had out
commenced this disgusting task when he was
observed by Dr. F. A. Thomas, of Kighty-thlrd
street, who attacked tne reptile, armed with a
sabre, who at one blow severed the great snake's
( body and then retreated in haste.
When the elephant smashed the canes with Ills
I trunk and drove the monkeys into every hole And
corner ths scene of disorder and noise was per
fectly indescribable. The monkeys screamed
and laughed and luugned auu screamed.
I wo preen monkeys perched themselves on the
elephant's back, out for a very short time, over
twenty monkeys escaped irom the house and
made off in various direclons. Two 01 them
climbed into a carriage standing outside the Park
I ou tilth avenue, due was killed by tne laughing
hyena. several were wounded by the black wolves*
but. considering the risks tney ran and the famili
arity they mide with many oi the liberated beasts I
of prey, they escaped very woll.
I T'.,l? NEwrt' OF T"K pkocejcpings
thiH?. ark' antl the terror excited throughout
y, V10 l,ro-l)OCt of having a visit from the I
wild animals at tne domestic fireside, drew an im
^"??Mmh.ror.poriiBg.aeu and Vorkvllie fast
boys and rowdies In ihe direction ofthe menagerie
There was dangerous sport enough for everybody
as lar as hunting down the fugitives went. Thev
penetrated everywhere. The Airlcan lioness
alter saturating herself In th* blood <>r eighteen i
, victims-men women and children-was flnafly
k.llid at Castle Gardeu by a party of emigrants I
hhe lay down under one 01 the great trees In tne
1 ^n, havmK leaPed the rails. Although
n at.a aa'e distance by a large crowd, she
I was allowed to romaiu In this position.
who had nrrived in the Thuringla, ou tnelr way to
' J^braslca' undertook to kill the beast,
although bears were the onlv large animals they
I Pj"actl8ed on- Ten in number, and armed
' ttiev scattered themselves in a semi
circle lu pairs, and advanced, crawling on their
bellies, until within a few paces of the recumbent
lioness, tier head was turned toward Hrosdway
but, suddenly suspecting danger, she arose aud
shook the heart oi the onlookers with her sonnd
'l wa8 at tt,ls moment that
hfow hi Jhr??enV lne ,eader of Ihe hunters,
; blew his shrill whistle, and live rifle balls were
I ^nii fhnV H0^."' th<? 'loness- Sheieli with a
dull thud evidently dead, but the five hunters
8 . e Rtl" c,iar*ed rushed up and
, emptied their pieces into the prostrate carcass.
I J his was the signal lor a deafening cheer. The
ll!?attra were carned round on the sh ulders of
the First warders, and the proprietor of the
: Stevens House au i Nlcnolas Muller ueaded a sub
scriptlon list with $50 each as a testimonial to
these brave children oi the Norseland ior their
maiden service to the great Republic. It is an
nounced that Superintendent, Webster, or Castle
Garden, will receive subscriptions. It is said that
nearly $600 is already d wn on rne llsfs Commit
?toner Lynch has nut his name down for Slu
$60 also* Ke'd 8Ub8c, lbed ??<>. 0. A Dana adds
. . the iirnoal riOER
up a 8core ot Vlct'ms, surrendered
Ills Hie to 'the trusty rifle of our aged Governor
John A. Dix, who shot mm as he rounded Wadi-on
avenue and Ihlrty-iourth street. This was an ex
tremely fortunate occurrence. The Governor a
splendid shot, was In town in the nick of time.
, ? ,act Mr,il 1,6 retne ubered oy tne citizens
oi New l ork, although it Is now t>:o late to marit
that esteem at the ballot box. It may be men.
tloned as u fortunate circumsianco that a minute
| after the death Oi the tiger Archbishop Mccioskev's
carriage drove up. A lrignr or uijurv to the hors?s
; by the lerocious fieast might have ended the career
I Felate- Hearty con era tula Hons were
exchanged bet ween the Governor and Archbishop.
Tne crowded conilition of the Firth avenue side
^ai .8. ?" J'uui,a,r afternoon is well known to all.
and ttte effect u^on tne host oi elegantly dressed
promenaders when the bre.tkln r loose of the
beasts was made known was curious. When the
made their escape from the building mainly
L oarntvo>>-a' a uutnber or excited
people rushed down Fifth avenue, shouting as
meVthIan;aJ,L caU9ed a <????! stampede
oi the fashionables, who ran in various
directions down side streets and into tiia
I w!Vctl. tnus received mil congregations
a V!?o J? hour of BerTI0?- 1'he Hon. lilehard
Scheil, who was standing near the Drick Church
?n hurray Hill, and who at first believed ?hS
bteakinir loose to be a cruel hoax,
?h(nh??iS our reporters that the rapidity with
which the avenue was cleared beggars description
1 The excited, shooting party ?"wipuuii.
! to awxKp run avsnvb
1 them. in ten minutes there was
not a soul visible in either direction
iroin the Park to the Fifth Avenue Hotel.
Pmziing to think where they n.id
gone. Mr. Schei proceeded to state that ho
, ^ed and walked up the avenue, but met
JJJiiS . t,ir*e*(luarters of a mile, lie felt then
ilii convinced it was a hoax. As be neared tue
Far*, however, he heard a number of shots Bred
SfAn.'i1 J""0, became excited, and commenced
running toward tne Arsenal. On hiB way he was
met by a party
that of a yonth, icaruliv disflsrurod about the head
and lace. A terrifying roar was heard behind
them, wnen the partr w the body mil and ran
precipitately. Mr. Scheil ran too.' md Jumped
a?<?P* ,80"ie "irubs off tne main road.
1 TnS ?hi? 'ea<'JnSf 10 the Arsenal is uuflnlsned,
and up this road he saw some animal of the tiger
species come with a light, swift movement fne
b?a8'?w"8 evidently lollowlng the blood trail, m?
up 10 the abandoned corpse, and
alter striking one paw upon the breast and touch
ing it with his head, as lfsmelllng, he gave torth a
aeries oi horrible howls. "I ielt mv blood rnn
JoiJi" (aid Mr. scheil, "but kept perfectly still, lest
the brnte should be attracted to me from
ne was evidently about to commence. I soon heard
a number of shouts and saw a party of citizens and
pouce rnnning toward the aanSaOmi SHcomciom
oi mo iact. itiey were running avur
?*n|r,er 10 thelp rear- ? ahonte* to
n?m* _lhef suddenly halted and looked
back. Two of the party 11 red revolvers at
| mfered'a AnW?,ehf' t0 the,r reUef ai"l mine,
i Si ?,i k anguish and ran, pursned
by men who themselves were runoiog awar
they said). I ran unttl I gained the
I entrance to the Park and made down Fifty-nintn
v?,?h lmal WE8 Pr?ceeding at a limping
i t avenue. I had not proceeded far
when 1 saw a large object careering madly toward
i me* J recognized it as a buffalo ouil. I turned to
i a?5 to^ar'I the Pat k, wnen to my horror I
I observed an auimal ambling toward Fourth avo
nue. I saw it was a brown or biaok bear. I
| rushed up the stoop of one of the bouses and
! J.u?Pfl "i0 hell. I saw as 1 turned that the
buffalo and the bear had met, and that a fight waa
in progress 1 cannot tell wnich got the better.
Ihe fig at waa short, and 1 heard that the bear waa
seen to limp away. I got into the house, but waa
almost summarily ejected, although I made au
urgent appeal to be allowed to remain." Tlie
animal first referred to by Mr. Soheli Is, doubtless.
I the one that ^ ?
of which Dr. Morgan is pastor, at the corner ol
West Fifty-third street, causing such a deplorable
j panic, with injuries to many, a party carrying
1 ?Dt u1"8 wounded down Filth avenue to su
I fc? tom JiP.J4?' a* ^fty-'ourth street, was tracked
by him. Just as the bearers neared tne corner a
deep bass growl was heard behind them, aud los
ing their presence or mind, they ran down the
avenue and past the hospital. Descrying the
church a little ahead they hurried toward it and
entered the edifice, with fright on every counte
nance. 1 tie sight ol the wounded man caused the
greatest consternation. Mtirleks were heard on ail
j sides, ine womeu grasped their protectors und tne
{ utmost coufuslou succeeded. The cnurch door
i must have been left open, ior a minute after the
animal (cougar, some say, pan ti er others) came
stealthily, with his head uown to the Wood trail
, and growling gutturaiiy. Ins presence ouce dis
covered, a irighttul scene ensued. Men and wo
men rusned in all directions uway from the beast
who spiang noon the shouluers oi an aged lauv '
and carrying uer to tne ground, in the hnste to
get away over tne seats many Injuries were ana.
rained, Airs. Catherine Ransom, of We?tTorty*
llfih street, breaking her leg by tailing oe
twecu two pews, some one ran to the
, Windsor Qotel for ussigtance, and one
| oi tho guests ran with a loaded rifle
to the church, ihe beast wua in the middle nt*ie
sitting crouched above the lorrn oi his victim
elite red V.ufn.1?^ Wltu a rltlQ ,n l"9 hands!
h .h/i1 fnomsnt's hesitation he
iiiougnt the weapon to nls shoulder aud tired
Tne beast tumbled over and the rifleman ran up
und struck him over the head, driving the hammer
through the brute's skull. When the aged victim was
examined tile was found to be extinct, although
ve?v dS?. W0UDd in ll,e ueck waa ,u 't'elf not ol a
very dangerous nature. (Jp to this hour the re
tUMins have not been identified. An Inquiry at
r'1? hote' as to the name oi the rifleman elicited
tne Bingie word,
In aeveral part* of the city the greatest danger
Ui^ted from peoDle Uring rifles and pistots irom
w'"d?wa. There is no instance reported of unv
ol t he animals having beeu hit, whllo it is believed
many citizens weie struck by the missiles. One
policeman, officer Launigan. of tne seventh pre
ciuct, waa wounded lu the toot near uranu street
during the chase aiter the atriped hyena, vhi^h
** mistaken by the crowu ior a panther This
la Dan Brenan, and he la a native of the Nineteenth
wurU. Counsellor Spelllsaey distinguished himaelt
bv stopping a causeless stampede in the tour
teentu ward.
Perhaps the most deplorable of all the Incidents
or die terrible evening was that wnlcti tooK place
on the ferryboat oi the Twenty-tnird sti eet line.
North Kiver. several of the uuimals made their
way down run avenue. Among then: was one of
larrfe si/.e (almost toe only description uow ob
tainable). it is thought to have been <>ne of tne
tigers, i, m hh paasune along West I'wentt -third
a. eet appear* to nave neen uu noticed in me gen
eral amazement. At unv rate, just am tnegat?
keeper at the i went* -third street ferry whs clos
liii; the gates he saw a tierce animal bound past
hiin aud rush on to the lerryooat. The boat was
well loaded. .Some h >rses attached to light
wairons w. re seen to rear aud show every sign of
t terror, and theu rush lorward
carrytntr tnelr hutnau loads with them. Several
people were mangled b.v the ferocious brate lu a
i verv few minute*. The boat had just begun
I moving as the beast leaped on board. When the
pilot saw tue horses and wayotis going overboard,
lued lately*** U?' (,ulte c'ear 01 tne dock. He lm?
i1.1? Pr"v'tlemial circumstance
must be attribute. I the saving of so many Uvea.
N umbers were seen to piuuve overboard to
esc ape the beast, wnicti at last sprung into ths
water alter a young man. The wonderful escape
of Larry Jerome Is an incident of breathless in
j tercst. Overborne by the crowd, he was forced
into file river, aud altnou^h a heavily built man.
is a splendid swimmer, lie was seized around
| the neck by a desperate man, wuom lie shook off
, wltn the greatest tiiiticuuy. struiug out for
shore. he touched against a lemale who appeared
to have given herself up to deatn. He piloted hc?
to the spiles near the dock, aud both were rescue*
by the fast gathering crowd. The tide was running
swnt ebb, aud it Is feared most of the bodies nave
been curried out to sea. This is one of the cases la
which days must elapse before the lull list or
latalltles is known.
In Bellcvue Hospital many touching sights were
seen. The doctors were kept ou>y dressing the
fearful wounds, and tun cries of the unfortunates
In tne accident ward were most paimul to hear.
It was necessary to perform a number
of amputations insautiy. ono young girl
is said to have died under the knlia.
1-ew of the wouuded were visited oy their fauuliM
last uin nt, but the ministers of the GosDel of all
| denominations took their places by the bedsides
! of toe uniortunates. ihe handsome face of Re*.
George H. Hepw.irth was seen bending ovar a
moauinir street Arab, liiabop Pottor, Rev. Mr.
Morgan Dix, ltev. Mr. Armlta re, of the Fifth ave
nue Baptist church, and Fathers Farreily and Mo
Olynu were seen moving among the sucerers, mill*
late ring to tne souls 01 tiie Huiicring and the dying.
: The roliowing is a partial list of the casualtlM??
i James Hadley. Uyland
j Owen O' He Illy. John Judue.
Peter Ky an. William Meredith,
j Michael Murphy. Jacob Kuhne.
Peter Kerr. Hentamin P. steins*1*
Thomu.-i B. Styles. Tnonias Fagan.
James Hewson. George Cross.
' Ellen Lalor and three John F. Colemai
children. Abel Garrett.
I Stephen Long. p. i>. Comstock.
Mary Brady. Fred. C. Gamble.
: Fred McDonnell. George Uaulay.
; Alex. H. Henderson. Stephen bruce.
; Pedro Velasquez. William Mupes.
Christopher Anderson. Annie Thomas.
| John Morrissey, very John Connors.
I slightly. Mark Haoels#etB.
1 General Butler. Jacob Wort.
I Alexander O'Leary. Julia Denlson.
i James liaydon. A.nne I'nshman.
I Michael Uufferty. Sarah White.
George D. Bancroft. ILary Ann Gourh.
isiUk Hammersmith. Pat Byrnes.
Julien D. Brown. George beaver
Amos Hardy.
Of the number actna'lr killed It win be lmnossf
ble to tell for some 01 those wounded no
lull list can bo ascertained, 'i he charge of til#
savage beasts was the most unexampled m tlie
history of cities. They tore through the
leading thoroughlares with all the ireedon
they might hav ) enjoyed in their nativto wiiila
1 rhinoceros. X a mericati tapir.
1 zebra. 1 anaconda.
0 American deer. 1 woodchuck.
?- giraffes. 4 ayrian sheep.
1 American bison. 1 sacred bull.
1 white-haired porcn- 2 American eagVea.
, Pine- 1 two-to^d sloth.
l urairie dog. 1 jrreat kangaroo.
1 sea lion. 1 alligator.
2 leopards. 2 water turkeys.
l grizzly bear. 4 pink-looted geese,
l biown bear. 2 i elicans.
l striped hyena. 1 trumpeter swan,
l ocelot. i clapper rail.
brown Capuchin mon- l red-breasted mergMfc
i Kev a. 3or?
1 bengal tiger. l pied-hii i grebe,
l uiacma baboon. l pine snake.
? u?raf . l Deroinn wailaby.
1 Sainbur deer. 1 Dorcas gazelle.
| 451?a? i.on- 1 nvlghan.
l African lionesa. 1 gnanaco.
?* ii? vl?w\?g eminals are at large in varlofli
?ru extr*rn?iv!.nrral Par,t 11 nd cltT- an?. ofcourse?
extremely dangerous The cheetah, the mana
'c u 'lXJr lJ!?etHln' ,the P?Dther (a most lero.
1 SoiSL? ? 8uPbo?ed to nave killed the two
ffftftfo De*' the Belvidlere tower and eaten
Ramole? th? ske,etons were fonod on the
?h? . po98uni f1101 dangerous), the wild
swine, the phIshdo (a vicious beast, supposed to
w?.8t 8,110 ?r town, in the nelghoorhod o I
Manhattan Market, and credited wl*h killing the
th?nn.i?fl?ii2UU(l .near slr ^""er Seott'a statue),
- ^?v' t,le oum'1 1,00 <a very snvaM
i jnlmal) destroyed most of the deer in the northern
nf H^nJora"13 B 'arfi,e P,eC? 0nt ?f the Shottldef
SLHe.n<l.er?on ,,ie policeman; supposed also to
Jlli n tl,e n nraery girl discovered in the Oar
? snakea escaped and are believed
a^aT ln. the grass and shrubbery near
the cas.no. More than a doien monkeys are War*
iipni.nrti'J S*'1 in? Parlc ,ncl are not "? b*
depended on when they become banjrrj# Thi
.hic ?ieopya'i whoM "tfht In the building with
the Bengal tiger disabled him conalderablv, ta
Bmping about the upper end of the Park.
J ? t .V b?ar that killed the two keepers.
' j A Murphy, is said to have been shot bj Ka
corder Hackett near the upper reservoir. There
!?./^B?1,arpil00 k 0Uit for "ie black wolf. He escaped
Into the city, but looks so much like a Dutchman's
_??? j evade detection until he haa con*
mltted some lamentable tragedy. The ouiann
paradoxure and manv other beasts of prar
a^e .not Immediately available are
acatrered over the Island. Five or six bald-headed
eagles eacaped and manv valuable tropical birda.
The prairie wolf is not to be lound, the aurloate u
also missing and no tidings have been reoelTtd of
the brown coarlmundi. 99
by the excellent disposition he made of the doUm
wtLS hundreds of children tn the vicinity
of Tompkins square from being devoured. Had
the same precautions been taken on the west aid*
or town the American buffalo and the brown bear
havoc Dever accompliaoed so maoh learfal
~ ,sATI,0SiJ' 0UARD PBEOAonoxa.
General Shaler deserves credit also for having
promptly issued to tnrn out the Nations
*' ihe. dan*??" 'rom tne wild and savage
5? SSt* large in all the thoroognfarea
proved too much ftJT the police. Tha
SS!ne? at ta? Flftl> Avenue 6otel whea
t^? Malayan tapir that killed the two
.1?* ln am?ng the mob of gentlemea
^t'MJillng in the portico can never be forgotten.
I e8CaPed wltn a fl.'sh woand. Gen
eral Butler, wno had come on In the morning, was
in conversation wltn ueoerai Giimore. and re
nr u!in* lnihuCU" of the ,0Sf- Major Bandy,
of the Mail, and Mr. stone, of the Journal q3
Oomnwroe, assisted to calm J. Jones, the buttoa
manufacturer, who was thrown mto a paroxysm
by the appeal ance of the animal?. Secretary
Hobeson and Alderman Vance were thrown
violently against a piie of baggage. Leonard
Jerome pursued the animal twu blocks after It
disappeared from the hotel, and made aoma ex*
cellent practice with a revolver bnt flailed to brlna
the brure down. The Buffalo overturned Earl
Koseberry's carriage in front of the Brevoort, and
subsequently ran Into another carriage, containing
Moaea Hanz, oi l-'ortv ilrat street, ?nt without
doing any serious damage.
It would be luipoastbte ut this late hour to d?
scribe me numberless scenes or dismay and dla>
aster. The hospitals are lull or wounded. Thart
are fliteen bodies at the Morgue and several in tM
various precincts. A aeutiment of horror per
vades the community.
It is now time to sav that the police deserve thg
greatest credit lor tucir courage, if not lor tUe auo?
cess in dealing with this unheard of danger.
Every wnero they are at the frout. and among the
aiain and mutilated they count heavily. General
Uuryea's order to clear tno streets waa a maater
stroke of policy. It ifave the rapidly gathered oil
platoons work they could undertake without
further direction, while It gave tne aquads oi
oQIcers he despatched to the angiea of the leadina
thoroughfares a chance to aeal efficiently with tna
animals running a muck and without lurthei
danger to citizen Hie. There waa only a case re
ported of a citizen shot by a police buuet. and. aa
the unfortunate victim had been warned to leave
the streets, the otllcer cinuot blamed.
or course the eutire atory given above Is a oure
fabrication. Not one word of tt la true. Not ?
alngie act or incident described baa taken plaoo.
it is a huge hoax, a wild romance, or wnatevet
other epithet of utter uuvrustworthlness out
readers may chooae to apply to it. It is sios
Plct?r? which crowded upon the mind
thrnluih o?r ? few days ago while ue wss gasing
. the^lron bars oi the cages oi the wild
animals in the menagerie at Central Park. Tel
as each of lis horrid but periectly natural
sequences impressed themsolves upon his mind,
the question presented itself, Uow is New York
prepared to meet such a catastrophe r Uow easily
couw u occur auy day oi the week f How much,
let the citisens ponder, depends upon the Indiscro
tion oi even one of ihe keepers t A little uveo
aight. a trifling imprudence might lead to the
actual happening oi ail, and even worae than naa
been pictured. From causes quits aa inalgmfloaat
the greatest calamities oi history have sprung.
Horror, devastation and widespread slaughter of
, human beings have Ud sotau iUhf MM rinj
Li.tll and

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