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The First Day of the Great
Walking Match.
professor Judd atarted at 9b. 46ro. o5s. A. M.,
yesterday. on his great trial of speed and endur
ance. 'I lie morning was not at all comfortable, lor
tbe air was cold and ctiillj, and la the bleak and
detolate Kink everything looked cheerless and de
serted. It was proposed to start at nine o'clock
A. M., sharp, but the Professor was hardly ready,
as he did not sleop at the Kink the night previous.
Shortly alter nine o'clock on Sanday even
ing the Professor went to bed, and alter a good
Bight's rest, rose at hall-past seven o'clock
yesterday morning. After a breakfast, com
prising tea, toast and mutton chops, which he
ate at home, h? came up to the Rink in a carriage
and commenced preparations for the great walk.
?ome time was occupied in getting nu things into
order, and In the meantime a number of amateur
pedestrians, members ol the New York Athletio
Club and other atbletic associations, came lu and
congregated round the judges' stand. The Rink
was thoroughly oleared of all the curiosities of the
Our and a track, forty-two inches in width, laid In
dut and topped with sawdust, was laid at the
loot of tbe girders, making a lap of seven
to the mile. The Kink wss still in the
gala attire tbs* It donned in honor
of the American Institute Pair, and flags and
bunting of every description waved over the pe
destrian's track. The jndges and members of the
press were comfortably located under a couple of
tbe girders that had been closed in lor their ac
When the Professor made his appearance on the
track he was dressed in a white linen shirt, black
knee-breeches, black silk cap, laced boota and
black gaiters. A nlack neckkerchief was tied
loosely round bis neck and he carried a slight
hazel switch m Ins right hand.
ON Tax Tuaxr.
Be received the word at Oh. 48m. 05?., and started
with a free and easy gait that averaged about
13m. 20a. to the mile or lm. 60s. to the lap. There
waa not a large number ol spectators present at
tbe start, aa merely those specially interested in
tbe walk bad stopped on their way to business In
order to Bee him start. When once he was fairly
going the scene was monotonous enough, as ho
kept moving along at a very even gait, but with a
steady, confident air thai lookeu business all
over. His action was slum, moving his arms with
an easy swing and graunating tbe motion ol his
body in accordance witn tne swing ol his union.
Messrs. Staflord anu Meeker were in the Judge's
stand reoreseutuig the Athletic Club, at tbe time
of the start.
The Proiessor walked bis first lap in lm. 47a.,
and repeated in lm. 43s.. and dually made hisilrst
mile in 12m. 2os. The Kink was rather cold and
?DcvmiortaDie, but beiore long steam was made,
stoves were lit, and things presented a pleasaster
aspect. There was a decided regularity in Judd's
gait during the lir-t lew miles, keeping along at
about a twelve-minute gait, and he succeeded in
?taking the first hve mites in exactly lh. oom. 03s.
It was ratner uninteresting to the pedestrian
walking during the morning, as, excepting a lew
members ol the Athletic Club and aome personal
friends, there were not many present to enliven
kim on bis arduous task. Occasionally, ater
walking several laps, lie would turn
and go over the ground on the reverse
order oi things, he walked bis second Ave miles
In in. im. o;?., his third In lb. xm. 3is., making ttie
fifteen miles in 3h. 2m. 49s. Toward noon a lew
spectators came gradually dropping iu, and atter
seeing tne Professor walk a rmie or two toey
would move on down town to carry the news or
tbe progress of events. At the conclusion of his
which be accomplished in 4h. ojiu. 25s., tbe Proles
aor walked to his room and alter a lew minutes'
rest sat down to his dinner, lie looked in good
spirits and said he felt as lively as a cricket. Hla
dinner was simple tn the extreme, consisting oi a
mutton cbop, a little broiled chicken, some boiled
sago, tea and bread.
Alter a comiot table rest of 48m. 3M. Mr. Judd
came out ou the track again and started on bis
alteruoon'a work. Things began to look more
lively when tbe oan<i arrived and played some
spirited airs, tne walker stepped out aa ir liu
boed with lrean life. He kept up nis old gait as
lie made his next hve miles, in lh. 2m. 24s., and
tben repeated lh. 3m. 25s., making his thirty
miles in 6h. 57m. 60s., which includes a stoppage
lor dinner of 4*m. 36s.
Aa the afternoon passed away tbe Rink began to
fill up, as every car brought up some visitors who
were anxious to see how tbe plucky pedestrian
was petting along, juda nlmseu was in the best
ol spirits, singing as he weut along and spur ing
with some of tbe amateurs that gave bim a spin
lor a couple of laps. He kept steadily on his walk
all tne aiternoon, bat toward evening he Degan
to grow a Utile impatient lor his supper.
At Ob. 53m. 10s. be retued to tils room and sat
down to supper, having concluded ills lortieth
mile. He had walked tweuty miies since dinner
in 4b. 15m. 4s., being 12m. 21s. slower than he
walked during tbe morning. He took his time at
aopper, which consisted ol some raw meat chop
ped fine, with a couple of sou boiled eggs broken
ever it; a mutton chop and some tea and toast.
Every time be halted for meals he was rnbbed
down, but bis condition was so fine tiut be per
spired very little.
Alter supper he started off in good spirits, and
wben Cilmore's band returned and lavored him
with some quicksteps, walked two or three laps
at a lively gait. He made his next ten miles In
2S. 9m. 45s., which incmded two stoppages oi some
tbree or lour minutes. The first stoppage was to
chauge bis shoes, as be landed some rmall atones
had got in tbe ones he was walking in. He was
not walking >:uue as last at ten P.M., but still
sept up a gait that was good enongb to win. Tbe
evening session waa quite lively, as a large num.
berx>f ladies were present, and evinced the liveli
est interest in the pedestrian. The lollowtng is
tbs tune per mile aa walked during tbs day;?
Time. Time. :
Wilts. m. s. Maes. m. a.
1 12 20 28 12 26
2 12 23 27 12 60
3 12 01 28 12 36
4 11 41 23 12 40
ft 11 3ii 30 12 66
? 12 09 31 13 00
J 12 U8 3- 13 10
t 12 01 33 13 00
? 12 28 34 12 65
19 12 25 35 13 30
U 12 10 .? 12 66 1
1 2 12 08 37 12 50
1 3 12 39 38 12 45
14 12 23 39 12 45
n 12 27 40 12 45
1 6 12 30 41 13 05
1 7 12 II 42 H <10
1 8 12 07 43 11 60
1 9 11 54 44 12 00
2 0 11 64 4o 12 20
2 1 .. 13 33 46 12 50
32 12 11 47 12 30
2 3 18 15 48 12 60
2 4 12 10 4U 13 10
12 15 60 13 55
He coraracncii walking at yh. JCm. 5s., ami con
elBd'O ins it:ticth mile at 10ti. hld. 36s.. making
12b. 17m. ^5h. flnce he commence'l. but at
lh. 49ro. 218. was tuven to rest lie walked the flltv
?kites id lull. 28m. 4r. He concluded hia sixtieth
jalie shortly alter twelve R M., and then retired
u rest, he will resume walking at .oar A. hi.
Peter B. Andcrinn.
Mr. Peter B. Anderson, a prominent citizen or
Brooklyn, died at bis residence in that city on
Sunday, at toe age of sixty-nine years. The de
ceased wan formerly in Che stone business at the
corner of Pacific and Columbia streets. He retired
if Gin bu*'.ne>? some years J nee. He was foreman
of old volunteer Washington Kngiae Company No.
1 for many years, and Chief Kngineer of the Brook
lyn fire Department Irotn February, 1M9, to Feb
ruary, i?63. He was active and prominent In or
ganizing the Fireman's Trust Insurance Com
pany, and was a director in that institution irom
llarcii, 1849, to his death. He was also a director
la tbe Old uominlon Hu-amshlp Company, of New
York. Me leaves a wiie and a sun and daughter.
He was In ail respects an estimable and public
spirited citizen. The inneral services of the de
ceased win take place on Wednesday afternoon,
?t ms late residence, No. 119 Biliut Place.
Tike fUrr. Joseph Kimball, D. D.
The Rev. Joseph Kimball, D. D., pastor of the
Reformed church in Joraien.an street, Brooklyn,
died at Jfewbnrg, In this state, on Sunday, of bratn
disease. Dr. Kimball was attacked by tbe disease
from tbe effects of which he died while preaching
in bis poiplt last May, and he was completely in
capacitated for pastoral labor trom that time until
his death. He was fifty-four years old and was in
the ministry for thirty years being among the most
prominent clergymen of bis denomination, jae
Auuerai will take place on Thursday.
Itedwsa Wright.
Mr. Stedman Wright, a well-known citizen of
l,ong Island, died on Sunday last, at his residence
In New Otrecbt, In tbe seventieth year of his age.
Jtr. Wright was a r-tp of mucb more than ordinary
ab Tltv snrt a clMren universally respected. Tn
tji<- <ia\ w of ttio lite Judge Rockwell, he was a
metu *r or the Court o' oyer uud Terminer and
Sessions by wrtueo his office aa a Justice ol tho
leace. wn re be was much e-tecmed. Ue leaven
surviving a widow and severu children.
Nathaniel Baylea.
Nathaniel Baylea, one of the oldest residents of
W estchester county, died at hia residence in
Tarrytown on Sunday, after a brief Illness.
Alt. ough in dla eighty-third year deceased was
noted lor ltu robust constitution. and on Tnes'iay
of last week accompanied the Board of Couuty
Supervisors on the annual visit of the members
to the county poornouae. Deceased was well
known throughout his native county of West
chester, lie having been elected County
Clerk in 1828, an office whicii he died
until ls.14. At toat time the office of county
cierk was located at Bedlord, and it was
during the incumiieocr of Mr. Baylea that It waa
transferred to White Plains. Deceased waa one of
the incorporator* 01 the oideat Are insurance
comply in tne county named, and was a man
who possessed considerable wealtn and Influence,
'ihe n*tn.iijni> win be interred in the tamiiy burial
ground, at New Roctielle, on Thursday.
A Merry Gathering at Delmonleo't?
Sprrcli by Mayor Vance an* Fo?u by
Ex-Mayor Hal,
About 2to member* 01 the St. Nicholas Society
celeorated their annual lestival laat evening at
Delmonico's, Filth avenue and Fourteenth street.
A business meeting was held previous to the din
ner, at which tne following were elected officers
ol tne society:?Mr. A. H. Macdcnough, President; i
William M. Vsrmllyea, Charles R. Surid, Carlisle ;
Norwood and Georjte W. McLean, Vice Presidents,
and John C. Mills, secretary. The dinner, which !
was served in excellent style, was en- i
livened by the usual Dutch peculiarities,
by the burgomaster-appearance of the
President, the oraage neckties of many
of the guests, and the almost universal smoking '
of tobacco tn long clay pipes, 'i he toast of the '
evening, "St. Nicholas," was eloquently proposed j
by the President, and responded to in a masterly i
manner by Mr. Bogari. Alter the toasts ol "The J
President of the United states" and -The Gover
nor of the State of New York," "The City of New I
York" was proposed, and responded to by Mayor
Vance, who, on Using, was received with cheer- j
lng, all the company standing to give him a very
hearty and demonstrative receptiou.
Mayor Vance said:?
If I had considered, Mr. President, that my '
promise to make some response to this sentiment ;
had bound me to do justice to the subject?1<( I had
even supposed that your mvitutiou was i rompted
by any expectation that 1 should speak in ade- :
qua to terms of the vast and varied activity, of
the growing wealth and power, of the i
expanding influence and the measureless respen- 1
siomty for good aud for evil of this great ci-y I '
should certainlv have declined tne houor tendered
me. But 1 could not lorget that, however acci
dentally and lor however brief a period I may fill
the offlce of Chief Magistrate of the city oj New
Vork, I am bound to the besr of my ability?as J
am resolved?to discharge ah its duties, whether
oi speech or action. And when 1 con-ider how
naturally and justly you might have called upon
ihe iViayor elect to discharge the dutv assigned
me 1 trust 1 appreciate mat delicacy and liber
ality of seutlaient which your lnviiation illus
trates. A custom almost as invariable in observ- :
ance as It is attractive in results has appropriated
tn^se occa.-ious lor the language oi lestivity 1
humor and patriotic congratulation. 1 would not !
willingly ut'et one discordant note. But I cannot '
lorget?it seeini to me it would not become us to
appear unminriiul, even at this lestive board?tnat
a worthy representative of that great race winch
llrst reared a Christian home on tnis island* that '
a venerable man, loug held in esteem m this
society; tuat a Mayor of New York, greatly hou- i
ored by Ins iellow citizens, wi.o labored untu the
flual moment at his place oi offic ial duty, rests in
a grave so iresh tnat the flowers which aiTectiou
has laid upou it are yet unladed and tne iouutaius ;
of domestic grief are yet opeu aud flowing Let '
us, then, reinemocr and repeat, in honor and I
In praise, & iHct oi justice to the rload uud of sood
Inspiration to the living, as a golden line across
the many darn pages ol our municipal records
that not even the most uniriendly critic of tne
late Maror llavemeyer has once suggested that a
single omcial act oi his was dictated by any re
*aT(J ?r "ope of gain, at the public excense, or
that he ever consciously disregarded tne uenerai
,Loud aPl<la<?e-> it. officially, i turn
lrom the past to the future, au almost equally !
solemn mood comes over me. It Is, you kiow 1
easy enough lor most men to thing tnat they are
tne most disinterested oi mortaLs, the most com- !
pcteut ol officers. How, then, wuen i am only a
few oays to be Mayor,' when my principles are
overthrown and mv party is ae.eaied, can 1 be
expected to be Joyiul or to speak nopeiuiiy of New
1 ork f Was it, Mr. President, a part of the enter- i
tainment oi tins occasion to see what sort of a re- I
spouse a republican Mayor could make lor the I
city, when standing on thenairow space between !
the grave oi Mr. Havemeyer aud tne inauguration 1
or Mr. Wick ham, in mil view oi democrat.-) ccmintr I
roi.lcEing into power and oi reuuoiicans laliinS
back wailing to private nie r Did you reahv
rneau, sir, to have that grim sport at mf expense ?
Tne position is certainly etnoarrassing, as well as
narrow, and it is apparrntly very gioomy; but it is :
not without some wuoiesome suggestions aud con
solations, The lessous taught hi the few past
years?more emphatically ibau ever befoie in our
history, which the party surrendering power and !
the party coming to power have alike need to
ponder-which apply equally to cities, to states 1
and to the nation, I t.lnk, are these: That what- i
ever party expects long to control our public
aflairs must be guided by an honest and sagacious
regard for the general welfare; must be *il,,nir
and aoie to put worthy men into office and keen
them in, and to put uniaitmui men out of offlce
and to keep them out, aud must stand by its prin
ciples ana must not use power lor personal or nar
tisan aggrandisement. Just to tne extent that
sucn convictions shall continue to gain
strength among the people will it tend
to become indifferent which party shall
be In power in this city, (cheers i I, bv i
no means, regard that political millennium !
as at naud, but i ao believe thai no party will lonir '
remain in power in this city. State, or nation i
wiiica snail habitually disregard inese teachings'
Aside, thereto, e, irom my official relations to the
first of January next, loo not by any means re- '
gard the approach oi that period with dismay It 1
is cause io,- congratulation that our Mayor elect is
a man oi unstaiued reputation, and tuat tne Gov
ernor's chair is to be filled by one who was ener- i
getic against corrupt men, and who may be ex- 1
peered to ireau that high path oi duty jrom which
Governor Dix has never departed. (Applause i
But 1 may perhaps be expected to say something :
more directly about the City of New York. Gover- I
nor Hoffman, when ca.led upon as Recorder in I
1865 to respond to a to?#t to this city, declared that
"no man had capacity enough to answer
lor so muc i vice and so much vir
.!.ue, can be ' '"and within its
limits." He said It wus a city -more fuii oi meau
utss and more lull ol virtue tnnn any other place
oi its size on the lace oi God's earth," and also
that "it, uad spent more money aud given more
witnout cuniplaiut than anv city on tne lace oi tifo
earth." And declaring?I think 1 might -?.ay boast
ing? that it had oeeu a long time "iiuuer the con
trol oi a p&rry winch was opposed to that con
trolling the nation," ho Said it had a debt of
$41,<wo,<hhj. less $?,<j00,uj0 in the sinkiug innd. I
have no time to Inquire whether the vice and the
virtue and the meanness nave all increased in the
same leariul ratio as the deot?which he certainly
dm not exaggerate?or whether the Recorder was
correct as to the party whicn Is most responsible
lor tneiu: and 1 luny agree with htm that pronaolv
no one man is able to answer adequately ior either of
tue-e elements of our muuicipal condition. I shall
not make the attempt. The dent is almost as inde
huabld and cnangeanle as tne mouths ol the Missis
sit pi aud as haul to leduce. as li.commen-urabie.
and as progressive as the coral reel of Florida, and
wneilier we are to be wrecked upon It depetidu
: mucu upon the navigation oi tho*e coming into
! power; and it wni not be amiss for us, passengers
to watch tne new officers of the snip very care
luilT. How can I speak adequately of the virtues
thei cnarities, the religious spirit, of seii-sacriflce
ai d devotion widen the daily iiie of this city pre
sents? Not oni;> line churches aiong our streets
and avenues, not only the largest and best en
dowed institutions upon our island and arounu
our b irders, out buildings, large and small, de
voted to teaching, to shelter, to general benev-.
oience?in the humble ana gloomy quarters oi the
i city?'.??ntriuute to that vast mass of evidence
which may well convince the impartial foreigner,
tu?it in do age and untier no Jorm of goverDment
i tnat aens* of duty wnich man owe* to hia
leilows blossomed and ripened into larger or
better iruit. And not far lrom rbese, everywhere
i stand our public school buildings?those sublime
evidences of ths sense which tnis generatron has
of its duty to care lor the Intelligence and virtue
of the next; aud I wtsn especially to congratulate
this society upon the fact that New York has
reached the con?lction-at the beginning of next
' month to be ior the first time expressed in official
I action?that it Is the duty of the state to require
and enforce the elementary education ol all its
children. Nor is this all. In om recent history of
which a New Yorker may well be prous, and
upon woicn a society, wnich peculiarly stands
for its first settlers, its veneraole tradi
tions, its local history and spirit, may
well be congratulated, oar higher judiciary
has been raised from shame to honor
?ud confidence; our lower Judiciary has been
pitted upon a basis of just independence and in
creased efficiency; our Bar has united Its conserv
atfye forces and has spoken and acted with
cour.tge lor justice. Noble men and women are
organizing and economizing our charities, and tne
people. t?y one great act of sel'-preservatJon, In a
spirit lar .?i?ove party, have Jnst arrested most of
those tempting opportunities ol partisan and mer
cenary cormytions lrom which this city has
suffered so ruweh. If we turn to more matsnal
thing*, it is not easy to do justice to the vast
commerce, wealth ,snd Industry of this city, ilere
two-uurus of our .(jusioms duties are collected.
' and from the wharves on oar borders? had and
? disgraceiul a* tliejr are?u ore than two- hi its of
our exuorts atart lor a foreign uiurxer. Here,
' too. laud uiure than three-quartet a 01 00' etni
I grants. New York is tie centre oi our linun
cial arsteiu, and her market prices bear away
over 40,000,000 oi people, Herd.ily journals nave
a circulation and an influence which ihosa ot uo
otntr American city approach, and her litsliloas
and tier social customs carry almost tlie uutaouty
oianimrerul edict, liut let na not lorget that
our responsibility la proportioned to our wealth
and our mriuence. Kvery v.le tbin? and dw'ionest
act which New Vork, as u city, tolerates?all low
morality iu our journal* and obscenity in our
theatres? tne v.ce that flaunt* and allures?cou
, tamiuate the purity thai comes here, and fly on
tne Willis of ihe morning to poison aud conupt
the pure homes m the villages and In the country.
It is not our central Park adornments, our excel
lent sanitary administration, our police uniforms
and discipline, anu our reforms in dispensing char
ity, wnicn, alone, are imitated over the vast spaces
oi the nation?but our grogshop dissipation, our
allowance ot vagrancy a a illiteracy, our gambling
molality, our "Black Croo*'' indecency and our
toieiated cucroactiments upon the pioprieues of
the tasbbath. are ut least as quickly aud as exten
sively imitated. Tins is. Indeed, Mr. President, no
occasion lor a homily upon moral or even munici
pal du les; but we are, as a people, so uiuch g.ven
to boasting <u meie space, numbers, wealth and
splendor, tnat 4t seemed proper, if It be not a
poK.uve relief, even to throw in some sooorlng re
flections. Everywhere the city population is in
creasing faster than the rural population, and 1 be
lieve that municipal power and influence are
advancing in a sua greater ratio and in the largest
ratio in the largest cities, it is nlain, then, that the
real test of our cai aclty to reach anu maintain
a high civilization as a nation?that is, to secure
purity iu private Me aud honesty In nubiic lite
must anally turn upon onr ability to secure those
blessings In the great city. If this be su. tne
question of securing good government and good
morals iu the city of New \ ork maybe the test
question oi the perpetuity of free institutions on
this continent. (Loud applause.)
The remaining toasts were:?-'The Army and
Savy," "Holland and oar sister societies."
After the above regular toasts were disposed of
ex-llayor Ilall was called upon (or a speech. Ia
lieu or a speech he read a poem, which, after a
few introductory stanzas, concluded as follows:?
Deep into the hallway peering, routing from my lager
(Incident to a defence ot unlicensed wine offence).
Sought 1 tor the pristine cause?when there came a snd
den pau-e,
Yet I anew Hint somewhere Jaws miut be nlgb me
whence that roar
Came so jolly through the door?roar to Jolly, ne'er be
Had mortal heard such mirthful roar.
Open then I flung the panels, looked Intently (like in
Den. those wicked Medea in flannels?shirts perhaps, or
maybe drawer*?
Peered to see the lions eat him, Hong with an Afrie roar)
Dli I teel the tiienee keenly like to tliein 1 No, quite
When a -uudeu from the Jaws came that roar devoid of
And a joiy voice exclaim ed, in accent* with High Dutch
"Don't you know old Santa Ciaus ?"
No more marvelling: I hailed him: went at once and
lully bailed him,
Next with oysters I regaled him?oysters from the Blue
Point shore:
Opened .schnapps that quickly erlped him, and, like the
police, 1 pined htm,
Ashe .-oared once more so Jolly, "Have we never met
before f"
Quoth 1 (stunned like) "Ne'er before I"
All at once the air seemed brighter, all at once my heart !
best lighter, ,
Light as trcaas on theatre floor the kingly ghost of Elsi- -
nore 1
"Saint." 1 cried, whatever sent thee thus materialized
anent me,
**Giad am 1?as nears, once more, evening, when liba
tium pour.
To thy memory?that thy filntship seeks my door."
Quoth &u iwcbolas, "shut the door."
"I've a message." said his Salntship, grasping me with
not. a mint trip, ,
As he rose u,*on the floor, pointing me to shnt the ooor;
"Message not lor chimney hearth-atone; rather more lor |
?w.desi mirth lone I
Gotham message I lor, mine's the right hence evermore. I
in Decern iter to remember all the Knickerbocker lore." .
"Yes." 1 added "evermore."
"let! my children wheu a tonie, seek iliey in the balls
With an appetite that's chronic, I'll be with them ever- j
Tell tliem, on my Christmas honor, I believe that Gus I
Like tiie worthies gone before?predecessors I ariore?
With his compeers just selected, are with my own soul I
This 1 say but nothing more."
1 hen w hile whispering "hunky-dory," in a radiance of {
Like Apocalyptic story, fast did space his shade con
Then though came aRaln the gloom, settling down i
throughout mv room.
Yet there lingered a per iniic that 1 ne'er inhaled before;
As 1 le.t at once no table was lite poem from Christmas i
Of the Iturd for Joying children, our immortal Clement
The remainder of the evening was spent in the
characteri-tic manner of the sons ol St. Nicholas.
Sails. I DWiuatwn.
fcHate iti Indiana..
P Calati'*
City 01 Brooklyn.
Vine ue farts....
City o l Sew Vor*.
W vomms
(,iiv of Vendor,..,
I Dec.
l)cc V
Dec. Jn
Dec. lu
Dec. 1.'
Dec. 12.
Dec. 12,
Dec. 12
D.c. 1*
Dec. 12
Dec. IS
ore. 16
Dec. 17
Dec. 19
Dec. IS.
Dec. 19
Dec. 19
t'eo 22
Dea 25
I Dec. 24
Dec. 26
Dec. M
Dec. 2ti,
Dec. SO
Dec. SI
8. Hamburg. 1113 Broad way.
? Hamburg..
89 Broadway.
4 Bowling Green
72 Broadway,
til Broadway.
5C Broadwav.
15 Broadway
lit Broadway.
56 Broadway.
r,v broad war.
?' Bowiins Green
' Bowling Oreen
US Broadway.
4 Bowiing Green
61 Broadway.
15Broad way.
19 Broad way.
?9 Broadway.
Bowling Oreen
iLiverpool. j?> Broadway.
L veroooi..
Glasgow. .
4 Bowling Oreen
4i) Broadway
19 Broadway.
15 Broadway,
i Howling Oreen
55 Broadway
4 Bowling Ore an
61 Broadway.
Almanac for Sew York?ThU Day.
ptk and moon.
Sun rises ?? 1 12
Sun seta < 33
Moon rises..morn 0 69
Gov. Island....eve
handy Hook....eve
Hell Gate eve
8 00
7 15
9 46
POET or HEW YORK, DEC. 7, 1874.
Pteamsbln Franennla. Brass Portland?J v Aran.
Bark Harry ilu.-cliiuan (Br, Cougdon, Liverpool?J F
Whitney k Co. _ . _ _M
Balk Condor (Swe), Epge, London?Funch, Edye k
Hark Republik (Oer). Fortman, Bremen?H Unkart k
Bark Mary Pratt, Sarin, Dunkirk (Prance)?Brett.
Son A Co.
Barn Aberdeen. Salvage, Bari?Fahbrl k rhauncev.
Hark Luigia (Itall, Koasauo. Malta via Gibraltar?
Punch. Ldve k Co.
ham li H Varrington, Parker. Pernambaco and Ba
hia?K i* Borland.
Brig Charlotte, Whlttemore, Santander?Miller k
Briif M A Berry, Berry, I'ernambuco?MlUer k hough
Brig Nellie Hustcd, Brewiter, Matanzas?Brett, Son k
Brlir Wm Dot.son (Br), Bnck, stJohn. NB?IJeney A
Pai ki-r.
scbr E ? Drummond. Higgins, t;adiz? Uatton, Watson i
k co
ncur Wm Starrett (Br), Dexter. Oporto?D R Do Wolf
k Co.
hc.hr I oule P Smith, Brown, Falmouth, .la?A H Solo
mon k (Jo.
;-ctir Charles P Beyer, Poland, Barbados?H Trow
bridge's .sons.
Hi hr S 1* Mall, Turner. Havana?R P Buck * Co.
hchr Mary K Long, Low, -a annsh?Hi* Buck k Co.
. ehr Charles Woolsey, Luis, Baltimore?nlaglit k
senr Charie? E Sears, Turner, Bo?ton?Jed Prye k Co.
Schr 8 L ihompson, Hall, Providence? H W Jackson
k Son.
steamer I*ckawanna, Garrison. Key West?Coast
Wrecking Co.
steamer Philadelphia, Dans, Philadelphia?James
Steamer Mavoower, Fnlta, Philadelphia?James Hand.
Steamship Oceanic (Bri, Jennings, Liverpool Nor 26,
and yucenstown 27th, with mlse an I paasengers to R J
Cortls. Dec 3, lat 45 44. Ion 49 -'2, pawn] h Bremen steam
hhip. bound til 5tb, lat 4.: 2d, Ion 62. a Dominion steam
ship, bound E; 6th. lat 40 8, Ion GH 41, Menmsbtp CelUO
(Br., hence tor Liverpool; same dav, la.40 iD, ion WOK,
steamship Bolivia (Br , hence (or Glasgow.
steamship City ot Brooklyn (Br), Murrav, Liverpool
Nov M and Queenstown 27th. with mdse and passengers
toJo'in O Dale. Dec 3, lat 46, Ion 44 51. p used a German
bark steering east, showing signuls (^? M . ?th. lat. till.
Ion 67, exchanged nUhtslgnal? wi b an Anchor line
steamship bound east; 7th. lat 41, Ion lis ill,'showed uignt
alfiiabi to a steamship hound ea?i, but received no reply.
.-teamship Henry Chatincey. isaflii.un Aspinwall Nor
29. with indue and passenger* to the PaClflu Mall Steam
ship Co.
steamship Herman Llvin-<ton, Matiory, sarannab
Dee :t, with mdse and Dasaen^ers to W i: Oarrison.
Steamship Charleston, Her v. < tin'-le-'on Deo *, With
mdse and passenger? i" .1 \v (juinuiid i Co.
MMHHfetf Oeorre W Elder, Lawrence, Norfolk, wlt'i
mdae and passengers to the Old Dominion .Mtainship
ship Brothers Apap (of V .ita>, Karrugia, Bmyrna 91
day?, witti mane Uj order; v -sei to master. Passed Gib
raltar Oct it).
Hark Melbonrne (of Yarmouth, NS), Scott, Dartmouth
56 days. In tiatlaa', to 1 ,/d k llincken. Is anchors) in
Oravesend Bay tur orders Had tienvy southerly and
westerly gales di rnu uintot ihepnasage; w,is 25 days
from Ion liO W; t>uv 2S. Iat4l 5u, ton til zo. supplie'' with
proviaiotis bark Adam Von Kois, of Koaiock, >?? lays
from Oiouceau r for New Yor*
Mark Adolph Snnler mew, 700 tons), Strout, Millbrldge,
In bailast. to mi sier
Brig rorrSi / >?e (of Bermuda), Cooper, Ut Marc 17
days. With IOSi.oihJ to B Murray, Jf,
I Rrhr Rlng'earter (ofKalcombe), Canham, Oephalcnla
Sept t\ via i>..i u Oct & with currjnt* to order; ve?*el
lull K Bui ey. ftiMI Gibraltar Oct 11.
,-cbr Jonu M Colbv. Wilcoi. ludiaiiola I) dtya, with
' cotton 4o. to or i?r- ve ml to Av.tns Ball k Co.
Schr Julin ?l Wright, Sooil, Jac't?onvi!le 5 days. with
lumber to Slaght A Petty; ve*>el to Overton * Haw
kl",*hr Tom Williams. Edwards, Brunswick. Ga, 9 days,
Willi lumber tn order; vessel lo Van Hrtiutik Hro.
Schr Win I) Marvel. O'Kerle, Charleston 7 days, with
cotton to order; ve<sel lo Win i> Mnrvcl.
Schr Hurenc* St Clair, Gill, Virgiula.
Schr Moderator, Kulon, Virginia, with wood to H P
Pined Through Hell Oat*.
Schr Jacob J Hou*man, New London for New York,
bchr sjruii Buckley, Hucklev tail port for New Vork.
schr Oliver Scofteld, Dissosway, New Uavcn tor Alex
tchr (lem. Smith, '?'tonybrook fbr Brooklyn.
hk-hr f. H Hall, Powell. Boston for Philadelphia.
schr Marr ti Hoxiv. Iievcraux, Nautucaet lor New
York, wiili Hsh to Uogers k hilwards.
Scbr Jaiues Phelps, Coggswell, New Haren (or Vir
Schr Harriet Lewis, Searles, Somerset for New York.
Schr George K Browu Ueuney, Fall Hirer for New
j-chr Twilight Pobinson, New Haven for Haltimore.
schr Charles Haw Icy, Uorion. UarLford tor New
.-chr Haiti* Perry, Chaac, New Bedford lor Philadel
Schr 8 Apnlegnte, Allen. New London for New fork,
bchr ? arau L Merritt, Cold Spring lor New Vork.
Schr Isaac Merritt Andrews Boston tor New York.
Schr Wui Young. Sumner, Port Jefferson for New
Sen'James B Baylea, Nickerson, Port Jefferson for
New York.
schr Mary Richardson, Stephens, New Iiaren lor New
Schr Mall, Mead, Greenwich for New York, with stone
to order.
schr Klchard Morrelt, Sydney, Oreenwtcli for New
York, with stone to order.
Schr Haze. McNamee, Greenwich tor ??? Yorx, with
?tone to order.
Brig Arabella (Br). Bradv. New York lor Halifax, N&
schr A f Baliue, Alien, Georgetown, Do, tor Boston.
Schr A M lee, Tayt r, Philadelphia for Providence.
Schr Signal, Slattery, New York for New Haven.
Schr Bruzos, Stokes, >ew York lor New London.
Schr J II Chaffee, hue.I. New York lor Providence.
Schr Betsev k Ellas, Locke, New York for New Haven,
sclir f. A Ha\ s, smith, Port Johnson lor Portland.
Schr Highland. Lyueh. Albany for lioalyn.
Steamer t.lecya. loung, New Yorx tor iro vide ace.
Slup Aila (Br), for Liverpool; barks Jedaneste Dubro
varki iAum, Cork ; Meteor 'Norn St Johns, ftPj .luven.it
(Ger), (juoeusiown or Falmouth ; brig Sportsman, Para.
Maritime MliceUany.
8TBAiisinr AsaoTsroan (Br), from Autwerp for New
York, which out back to London Nov2i> alter being in
co lision lu the English Channel with British steal:.ship
Indus, had bow stove in and lost cutwater.
Hikk Lxiox (Br), from Cow Bay lor New York, put
Into lialitax Dec li leaky, and will probably have to dla
tharge lor repairs.
Baku Faside (Br), which grounded on the Horse Shoe
and nlltd with water while being towed out of MIrit
inicni harbor on ttie iJd ult, is being stripped and dia
charged, preparatory to an attempt to float her.
Bark Catalfa, Irom Surinam for Boston, at Vineyard
Baveu. had heavy weather and stove bulwarks.
Brio Eliza Stevkxb. at Vineyard Haven from Turks
Island (or Boston, had heavy weather and lout and split
Brig Hbiik O Pmwwrr 'of Portland), Boy<1, 84 days
from Cadiz bound to Gloucester. Mass, with Hall, out Into
Bermuda Nov 29, having lost rudder, sails, and hull leak
ing. She report* having hail heavy westerly gales the
entire passage. Nov l^eucountered a cyclone, and while
lyina to was boarded by t?o seas, which stove in bul
warks, broke otr three stanchions ana started others
atid split coveting board, started cnain plates and bolts,
siove in lorward house doors, filling ihe house with
water, tearing down bulkheads, stove small boat and
washed overboard chief officer an.1 one man; the mate
was save 1, but the man was lost; stove in booby hatch
and cabin windows lorward, filled the hull' deck and
cabin with water, destroying nearly all the provisions
aiid small stores. Nov 29 buried one o( th? crew. Will
repair with ail despatch.
Bric Varmt* H Hill, of and for Bo?ton from Surinam,
at Vineyard Haven, encountered Nov 3>' a gale from the
east, veering to north, during whlob the lost her deck
load ot niolasse.*, carried away lore ringing, split sail*
and sprung a leak, aiterward broke main boom.
Schr i-'dward Bubsett (of Ncwburvport), Capt Joseph
J Taylor, has been totally lost, snpiiosed near Tara. A
poruou ol ber cargo would bt saved. The K B sailed
from New York lor Para, and put into Bermuda Sept 11
lu distress. She was repaired and proceeded on her I
vovage aoont tne innjle of October she was built In I
Newburyport lu 1868 bv fcben Manson. was 191 tons bur- |
then and one of the fastest vessels allost She was ral- |
lued at $18 OOi. a suiall part only being insured. The
cargo wus valued at and wa* insured.
Sens William, from Elizabeth City for Wilmlnffton,
he. run upon a stake in Core .-'ound last Wednesday,
an i sunk in about 25 minutes, and at last account* was
3 u# t under water, in midcnaniieL
Schr Faskir Hark went aahore on Ogden Point at
th>' entrance to Victoria Harbor. BC, recently, but wa*
gotten off without damage.
Schr Isaac Uoobwin, of Yarmouth, NS, which strand
ed near the entrance of Plctou harbor, has been boated
off. l he cur.'o Is beini disposed ol at auction, and th* {
loss on both vessel and cargo Is less than anticipated. |
Scrr Flirt, of Prince Edward Island, was wrecked at !
Cape George previous to 1st Inst
Schr D T Patchi*. ol Castlne, which arrived at that
port 1st in*!, was in contact with an unknown schoouer I
tne previous uignt, near Herring Gut, striking ber on
her quarter, carrying away her uiainboom. tearing ;
maini>ail and doing other damage. The OTP lost flying ;
)ib and iibboom, carrie 1 away nead and head sails and
started cutwater. The vessel showed no 1 ghta.
Shipbuilding? At Mitlbridgc. Me. Mr hzekiel Dyer has
on the stocks In his shipvard a fine vessel of about 550
tons, to be rigged as a bark. Her dimensions will be 1.3
It length ot keel, 111 ft lower bold and i it between decks.
She is to be built ot the best Eastern hardwood, haciue
tac and .Southern pine, irora a superior model, and Is
Intended for the genera! irelgntinz business- She will
be named the G Keusens, and will be commanded by
uapt Jauies A Leiuhton. formerly of the bark Atlantic,
and Is owned by John Zittlosen. of New York. Mr Dyer
intends to have her off early in the spring.
Lac.xchkd?At Harborville, NS, Nov 25, from the yard
of J E Burgess, barkentine Sabra, 531 tons. She is
owned by Messrs Parker, Burgess k Co, Boston, and
will be commanded by Capt Uoltmau.
Nottc* to Mariners.
A beacon has been erected on the highest part of Locos
Island, i'lchidanoui Bay.
ihe beacon Is a mast 58 feet high, surmounted by an
Iron cr'.?sspieee, with a barrel at each end and a vane
between them.
The must, vane and barrels are painted white, and
are visible tor tor e miles, making a good mark for the
port of Pichidanqui, hitherto so difficult to recognise.
Bark Bealah (Br). Ingranam, from Portland, 0, for
Europe. Nov 17. lat 24 54 N, Son 1? ?0 W.
Bark Cl*ra E McOilvery. Walnut, from Newport for
Buenos Avres, Oct 22, lat 11, Ion 27 w.
Merchants, shipping agents and shin captains *ra in
lormed that by telegraphing to the Hjerald London
Bureau, No 46 Fleet street. ths arrivals at anl depirt
urca iron) European porta, and other porta abroad, of
American and all foreign vessels trading with the
United States, the same wlU bscaala) to Uu< oountr/
dree of charge and pnblishe L
Aim?, Dec 0?Arrived, steamship Swltxerland
(Belg) Von der Heyden, New York.
Amstxrdax, Dec 6? Arrived, bark Maria Rote (Oer),
Schultz, Philadelphia.
Bristol, Dec 7?Arrived, steamship Arragon (Br), Sy
mons, New York.
BRxxERnATU, Dec ??Arrived, bark Mercnr (Nor),
Frevold, New York; schr C M Newlns, Ruland, Mobile,
Sailed 2d, steamship Leipzig (Oer), Hoffman, Balti
more via Southampton; ith. bark Athena (tier), lieil
mer, Baltimore.
Bordkaux, Dec t?Sailed, bark Pegaso (Fr), for New
Calcutta, Dec 5?Sailed, ship Tanconver (Br), Scott,
U la scow, Dec 7?Arrived, snip Connty of Argyle (Br).
Miller, fc'ew York.
Hong Knwo, Dec 6? Arrived, steamship Colorado,
Morse, Pan Francisco via Yokohama.
Litrrpool, Dec 7?Arrived, barks II L Routh, Martin,
Bavannah, Albina. Daggett, do.
Arrived 5th, hark Brazos, Fuller, Oalvcston; 6th. ships
Prussia, Rich, New Orleans; Pride of Canada (Br), Ly
sll. New York; 7th, Uarlbaldl (Nor), Hoyer. Charleston
Put back 7th, ship Oolden Rule, Hall, for New Orieaffi.
London. Dec 6?Arrived, barks Min (Br), Peters, New
York: Ferraro II (Ital), Rnsso, Philadelphia.
LoitDONnznRT, Dec 7?Arrived, steamship Caspian
(Br, Trocks, Portland (and proceeded for Liverpool).
Lisbon?Arrived, bark Maddalina iltali, Paturzo, New
Marsrit.lm. Dec 7?Exiled, stonmship Assyria (Br).
Orelg. New York.
<}urrnstown, Dec 7?Arrived, bark Rattaglla (Ital),
Boecatagllata, Baltimore.
Rottriuiah. Dec 6?Arrived, bark Luctor st Emergo
(Dut/'lr. Ilaasnoot, New Yore.
Sailed 4th, bark Preclosa (Nori. Jacobsen, United
Trirst*?Arrived, brig Shasta, Brown Richmond, Va,
after neing ashore.
Arrived at a port In the Dnlted Kingdom Dec 7, Cy
elone. from United States. [Ship Cyclone, Marshall, ar
rived at St Oeorge, NB, Oet 17, from Boston, and Is pos
sibly the vessel meant.]
London, Dec 7?A telegram from St Thomas ays the
"Marana" has put In there leaky.
foreign Porta.
At.hoa Bat, COH, Oct 21?In port hark Lvttleton (Br),
Hosmer, dmt; set. r Jeanne d'Arc (Fr, three- mas tea),
Kerns, tor Boston, dlsg.
Aspinwall. Nov 26? Arrived, schrs "ophla Hanson, Ad
ams San Bias land sailed 27th to return); 2Sth, /rank
Treat, Downing, Port I.lmon, to sail next day for the
w-st coast; Julia A Decker. Cooper (or Freeman), New
York via Hau Andreas (and sailed same day f?r Boca del
''sal'led Nov 24, schrs A D Rcull, Frambes. Oalveston;
Mil), < has I'latt, Cobb, Penaacola, /7th, bark Ptskataqua
I (Mr), hcott, Mobile.
in port Nov 2H. harks Hlomldon (Br), Card to sail In 4
dars; Kllxa White, Wotton. disg: brig Kodlak, Peters,
wtg for berth ; schrs Abbutt Devorenx, Rich, and Albert
Smith. Leavitt. to sail lor iftSdavs; A M Chad wick,
Atkins, and siehhen Harding, Harding, wtg lor berth.
Hokuraux. Nov M? Sailed, steamship state of Mlnn*>
sota (Br). Hamlin, New Orleans direct.
Hrrmuda. Nov 29?Arrived, brig Helen O Phtnney,
Boyd, Cadiz<pr Gloucester, Mass itee Miscellany).
Catania, Nov 13?1 n port harx Nineveh, VVyman, for
| Hmp.nn til fUliAi' I* a far liniMuu
finrrvicM, Dec J-Arrlwd, brig* Ella S Butler flrl,
Halifax; Forest Prince (Fri, Kingston, Ja; 3d. Hattie.
C'ates. Maeblas via st Thomas.
sailed.3d, bark Tere?A iBri, Kane, Pagua.
I Cahdssai. Dec 4? Arrive!, brie IWttle E Wheeler.
Mouutlord, rortlaud; AUi, ->ckr Rachel A tlersey, bt John,
"Sailed 5tn, ichr Arlanna, Pensaeola. ^ ^ ,
K> ukaninr Island, Aug l??Sailed, barks Chalmette,
Want. Iaverpooi; Sept?, Eureka. chapel, Savanuah.
hui H Alteon, "l'l, Nov 20? In port, brig liattie Eaton
(Br>, Cook, lor New Vora, Ida. _
Glasgow, oec J? Arrived, steamship Corinthian (Br),
Scott Quebec; i-bip Abeona (Br), Cuminlnga. do.
Havana. Deo 5?Arrive I, brig Msrla Wheeler, Grover,
Bangor: schr Annie Murchie, Gibbs. dardenas: 8th,
steamships Columbus, KeedJNew York; Margaret, Blake
"'Italle^MhV'tVamahlp Cltv of New York. ^aken New
York ; bark Unanluia iBr). Savannah ; brigs Hope (0*r.i
Doboy. Oa ; Martha B Sicksrson (Hri, Pensaeola, 00
Van /lorn (Br), Hooker, savannah; schr Shiioh. Hub.
'"llALirlx.'lSeo'j? Returned, brigs Jane E Hala (Br), for
Porto K:co; Prlscllla May (Br), tor Bolton, on account
i ?fAhrr*rad ?th. bark Union (Br) Cow Bay for New York
(see Miscellany); achra Souvenir (Br). New York: Kyad
ney iBr), McKeen, St Johna, nF. lor Boaton?put In lor a
harbor. 7th, steamer Al'iambra. Daane, B<*ton.
Sailed 4th, brigs Acadia (Br), Boaton; Kingston (Br),
".ivaaronL, Nov IS?Arrived, steamship China (Br),
Boston ; ship King Cenric (Br;, Bella, St John, NB.
M.tTANZAa, Dec. ft?Sailed, bark Edward Albro tBr),
Stamp. Fernandmat brig Wanderer (br).Tvbee.
I'oht Hasti-ios, .Nov 28?Passed, brig* Primrose (Br),
from Prince Edward Island for Olmo?;8lli, Nancy
(Br). McDonald, from Plctou for Barbadoar Dec 1, schr
At wood, from Prince Edward lalaud lor nwanaea.
Pictoo. N8, Nov 24?Cleared, bark Annie McNalrn
(Bri.Young, Rlcbibucto; 27Ui. brig Rhone (Br). Roberta.
B'ne'ared^)eo 7, bark Alexander Keith (Br). Matanzas.
(Thia la probably the last clearance this season).
Rio Jakbibo, Dec 2?Arrived previous, brig Alice,
* sa" t'AB^De?^Arrlved, brlf Alice Tarlton, Tucker,
Boaton via Cardenas (not In port Nov tS, as
sailed ?Ui. brig Laura B tBD, Savannah; achr Nellie
fl,s">KBr^ci Nov 50? Arrived, bark Helen Marion (Br),
CClearcd ZMtArlg Beaver Bri.Belonirer.Demerara.
St .Iohw, KB, i ec 4?Cleared, achr Olive Crosby,
Hutchluaon. Havana. vo _ .
Arrived 5th, bark Silas Curtis (Br), Maltland. NS, 7th,
echr Village Belle (Br , Boston.
Hailed 6th. bng O P Sherwood (Bjfc Cardenas.
Tpskkt. N3, Deo T?Sailed, ahip Saunders iBr), for 8a
^Varmootb, NH, Mov 17?Cleared, brig Jessie Jones (Br),
lor st Kitta.
\merlean Porta.
ALEXANDRIA, Deo J?Sailed, achra WC Bayne, Wa*h.
ingtou; Marv A Harmon. Georgetown, DC.
Passed down?schrs Klien Tooin, aixl H W Hooner.
B' isi ON, Dec 5?Aarlved, aclita Florence V Turner,
Walker, and Cornelia, .fellison, Rondout.
>alled?Steamers Alhaiuora. Seminole, Flag, ana
Glaucus; end Irom the rouds. brig Nebo.
7th ?Arrived, steameis Roman, ( r iwell, Philadelphia;
Gen Whitney. Halhitt. New York; brig Valencia,
Richardson. 1'rovldence : schrs Mary B Dyer, Rand, vir
giula; Wm Thompsou, Hind, do; ?111 id ft A Higginit
j ' Also iiriived, iteannblp* Dominion (Br), Roberta, LI v.
1 arpool; Hecla (Br', McKay, do; achra Veneua. New
1 York; N B Harris. Virginia.
I Cleared?Steamer Neptune. Berry, New\ork; barke
| Annie Lewis mew). Mon.e. lalcanuano and Valparaiso:
Jennie Cushinan, Suialley, cape Verde ; Ihoa A God
durd (new , Smith, New York; bark A J Ross, Lothrop,
St Pierre, Martinlnue.
1 Balled?Briffs Norman and A J Ross.
BALTIMORE. Dec 6-Arrlved. steamship Brann
achweig (Ger), Dnduuch. Bremen via Southampton;
' bark ^w1lt8ure'Br). Apnledore. Rio Janeiro i brtg Lo
phema (Br), Mallslrom. Lfverpool; schr Bill Stowe, Man
*?B('lo*w?Bark New Light, Chapman, Irora Rio Janeiro.
Sailed?Brig Ocata. . . .
71 ti?Arrived, steamship Jas A Geary, Kewberni bark
Wave King (Br). Cqroett, Londonderry; schr Rath Dar
hug. Wilmington, NO.
Also arrived, Btcainert Wm Crtne, Howes, Boston;
Wm Kennedy. Foster. Providence; Commerce. Walker,
North Carolina; schr Jane FTmson. Vincent, New York.
Below?Harks Elverton. Clarke, from Klo Janeiro;
Mitrv, Jones, from Montevideo; Imperador. Soiners,
jYom Pernambuco; bng John swan, RnnibaU, trom Liv
e'(',le<ared?Steamship Wilmington, Holme*, Havana. 4c;
ahip Sirlus iGerl Moller. Bremen - barks lona (Br). Horn,
Liverpool; Ansio (Rua>. Schroeder. Traloei Aquidneck,
Ruffle. Hlo Janeiro ; lugolt (Nor), Knudaen, Rotiemam ;
schr John tlu-nian, Adams. Jacksonville; steamer
Blackstone. Halletu Providence. ? .
Also cleared-Steam r Fanny. Cadwallnder. Foster,
New York: schrs A C Lyons, Jeffries, doi forest oak.
Parker. New Haven; Joan Proctor, Doane, Chelaea,
Sailed?Bark Annidneck. . t
BRUNSWICK. Ga. Dcc 4?Arrived, schr Gold Stream
(Br). Cann. Havana.
7th?Cleared, schr Vrale, Price. New Vork.
BATH, Deo 1?Sailed, achr J D llotunsoo (new), Glover,
MSth?Sailed, schr Mima A Reed, Rtrout, Fernanrtina.
BRISTOL PKBBY, Dec 4?Suiled. schr Pianet. llauder
son New York
BRl TOi,. Deo 4?Sailed, schr J B Van Duaen. Corson,
PCHAR?KSTON, Dec 4?Cleared, schr A P Nowell, Lank,
Fernandlna. _ . ? ?
7ih- Arrived, bsrks Bontraa (Nor). Gloucester. E; Pro
teu*, McCaulder. Savannah.
Alsoarnvel. burita Everhard Delins (Oer). umboth,
Bremen; Saffra Moses (Br). Oouly. Gloucester. E;
Kings County ( 'r). McClelland. Bremen.
>ailed?sieamshlT) South Carolina, New York; schrs E
A Scribner, Philadelphia; LM Collins, do; F W John
ston. Baltimore; A K Hen tie v, Jacksonville ; Helen. New
V<0 asTINE, Deo 4?Arrived, achr Laura Jones, Cousins,
New York. . _ , _
DAM'F.R*, Dee 4?Arrived, schrs Wyoming, Foss;
Km ma Wlnsor. At wood, and Adriana, Wolston, Phlladel
P'tDGARTOWK, Dec 4?Arrived, schrs Lacy Baker. A.1
leu. New York for Beilaat; Harriet Fuller. McDougal. do
'?FORTRESS MONROE, Dec 7?Passed oat. barks North
wo?i Bri. for San Andreas; Adelaide, tor Rio Jaueiro
(both ttom Baltimore). _
Also paj?ed oat, barks Kawe (Rus\ for Cork; Inea
(Geri, tor Bremen ;?chr Mairgie. tor St John, NH.
| Sailed?Ship Oan (Br). LlverpooL ,
I Pasoed In for Balfinjore?Barks Preolosa (Oer), Yalk,
from Bremen: New Llirht Chapman. Jo.
FALL RIVER. Dec ??Arrived, schr Theodora Dean.
Batibitu Georgetown. DC.
Sailed-Steamer Berks. Worth. Phlladelnhla. ? ,
7ih?Arrived, acl?r Adeline Klwood, Hawkins, Oalves
^GEOROETOWX. BO, Dec J?Cleared, hrlg Cha? Wesley,
Harding, ieartport. Me; schrs B 1 Hazard, Rowland,
and Ktdtewood. Johnson, New York.
GI.OUCE-iTKR, Dec 5-Arrlved. schr laota, Roberu.
Buck/iport lor New York.
JACKSONVILLE, Kov M?Arrived, echr Kate 8 Cook,
Hatg, Savannah (and clearea Dec 3 for St Aucnstlne);
*ith: Anna B Hyer, Bctta, New York; Dec 2, Virginia
Rulon. Bulon, do.-.' _ , , _ ^ .
Cleared Nov 28. whrs Ken'u<1tea|, Wyatt New York;
30th. Izetta, Izetta. Smith, do; Dec t, Jennie B Simmons.
Young, Philadelphia. _
KEY WEST, Dec 7?Arrived, ships Peculator (Br),
Pitman. Liverpool; Cncle Joe, Nichols, Bristol, both for
OIMC)BILR. Dec 8?Arrived, ships Pensacola (Br). Cap
per Liverpool: Geo Hurlbut. Ma?*on. Boston.
Sailed?ohip W A Campbell, Curling. Liverpool.
7th?Arrived, barka llanne Seimer (Nor), Nielaen, Ha
vre; hxlle (Rr>. Pearce, Kev West.
Cleared?shlo Borneo, Shaw. Havre.
XynTIC, Dec 5?A.rtved. <chr Hattie Cofiini Trlbble,
Bllzahethport; sImjp Apollo. Freeman, Weehawken.
N KW ORLEANS, Deo 3?Arrived up, ship Harry Morse,
Wyman, Antwerp. , ,, v ^
5th?Arrived up. steamship state of Alabama (Br),
Flint, Liverpool via Pauillao; iliipsNlle (Br). Newcomb,
Antwerp; Transit, I ercy. Liverpool: barks Cort Adler
(Nor), Hansen. Bri?tol; brightest Star Br), Hutchinson.
Rl o Janeiro; Portuna (Sp), Malaga; sohi- Antolne Pomar,
6th?Arrived up. steamship Arch Druid (Br), Thomp
son Oalveaton; ship Malu (Br), card. Antwerp : barns N
S (Nor), Petterson, Havre; Araneo (So>. Mas. Havana.
South tin Pass. Dec 7-Arnved ship fcurydlce (Br),
Edwards. Bremerhaven. baric* Roving allor, Bryact,
Galveston; Ebenezer (Oer). Hansen Cardiff1.
Balled-Steamships Hannover (Oer), Bremen; Francoll
(Sp), Barcelona. _ _ _ ..
7lli?Arrived, ship Victoria (Br), Warren. Hamburg.
Cleared?Ship Troa (Nor). Brafe. Grimsby.
Sailed? teainshlp Chrviolite (Br), Liverpool: bark
Talmvra <Bp). San Sebastian.
Pass-a-l'Outrk. Dec #?Arrived, brlf Stella, Davis, New
ailed?chlp D W Chapman, Havre; brig Hattie E
Bishop, Matanzas. _
7th?Sailed, hark Frit* (Dutch). Havre.
Sailed?Steamship Westeru Metropolis; ship United
States: barksCavour. and sale* ;
Arrived?Burk Leviathan (Nor), Toncsen, Asplnwall.
NORFOLK, Dec 6?Arrived, sclirs S M Bird, Jklerntt, !
Rockland; Annltf v Cook, Cook. Salem. i
NEWPORT, Dec 4?Arrived, schr Sea Nymph, Kelley,
P6th*?Sailed." echr Ellzabetli, Parker, Stonlngton lor ,
"VoRvffoH, Dec 6?Arrived, schrs Uncas. Alexandria; >
Kit carson. Virirlnt*; Jam -*, Hoboken; Harriet A Sarah,
do; Harriet Ryan, New York
NEW HAVEN, Dec S-Olearcfl, bng 0<?rge. Brown. \
New York : schrs Oliver Schofleld, Disoswgy, Hahttnure; i
Twilight. Robinson, New Vorx: A W Thompson, and A G
Hazard, do. . , ...
PASCAUOULA. Nov 28? Arrived, brig Shannon. Saw
yer Cardenas; s:hr J J Moore. PranKlin, Matanzas.
80th-Arrived, schr L A Hurnham. Gilchrist, Mobile,
cieareu?dchr Walter Denny, Taylor, Key West (and
I'l-NSACOLA, Dec 6?Arrlvod, schr Mattle E Taber,
A In rich. Havana. .... ? ^
PORT ROYAL, SO, Dec 7?Arrived, schrs G W An- ,
drews. Watts, New York; A F Ames, Alchorn, Wood's |
II pfjlLADELPHIA, Dec 7?Arrived, steamihlps Florida, !
Crocker, and C.ailiarlne Wtutirtg. Ilurdlng. Providence; i
Norman, Niclierson, an.I Kattlc-nake, pay, Bo-ton; Cen- |
Streach. and Mary. Oandy, Salem.
Also arrived, steamship Pennsylvania, Harris. Liver
pool and (jueenstown; brigs Alexander Nickels, Peters,
Asplnwall via Serauo Keys; Pride of the Channel (Br),
Martin. Peinnmbuco: schrs W H Whlttaker, Cnrll;
Horace Moodte. Hand, and Francis L Godtrey, Birch,
Boston; KUen Holgate, Ooi ling, Warren,
Cleared?steamor Vulcan. Wilcox, llarttord; bark
Ag siiua (Br). Stephens, Bremen: brig Maagle Vail (Br),
Miller. Baltimore; schrs David Nlchola, Wyman. Port
land: BJ Willurd. Woodbury, do.
Nkwcastlk, Del, Dec 7, AM?Pawd down PM. Satur
day, steamslilps Mary, for Providence; Virginia, for
Charleston: Allentowu, lor Boston; James b Green, for
Richmond Va
Passed np yesterday, schrs Richard Vaux and Western
Star, from Boston; Providence and Ida Bell, from Provi
schr William B Davis, Wilson, from New York, arrived
yesterday, seeking freight Two herm brigs below Fort
Delaware coming up under steam.
PM?Passed up, steamer John W Everman, from Rich
mond, Va ; schrs Clara, from Danverstiorti J G Babeoek,
from Boston.
Passed down?Brig Edith Hall, for Port Spain; achri Ro
slna, lor Fall River; NaiUe Treat, for Boston; Emma W
Fox, for Providence; steamer Pottavllle (new), on trial
schr Julia K Pratt, from Philadelphia, to load grain
for the Kast, arrived this PM.
Lbwes, Dei, Dec 7, AM?Harkentlne Sidwell Jane, from
Pernambuco for ordera, arrived yesterday. Brig A B
Patterson went to sea yester lay. ship Eliza 8 Thayer,
for Noriolk. remains. Schrs Mary Jane Lee, Abel Parker
and aoout 2) other!) are in port. Schr White Swan sailed
ror Boston AM yes erday.
PM ?Brig Clara k Agnes sailed for New York this AM.
Ship Ella s Thayer snd brig Memphis went to sea at
noon. Barkentiue Sidwell Jane unchanged. Moit of
theechrs have left.
PORTLAND, Me. Dec 7?Arrived, ?eamsblp* George
Cromwell. Bacon. New York: Chesapeake. Mangum. duj
brig ueo Burnham. Staples, Matanzas via New Haven.
(ileared-Bark J J Marsh, Mauuaaa; brig A W God
dard. St John. NB.
PORTSMOUTH, Dec 4?Arrived in lower harbor, echr
Lizzie Carr, Steele, Philadelphia lor rortiami.
PROViDKNCB, uec 4?Arrived, schrs Helen A Amee,
Endicott Georgetown, DC; Heien, Perry, Baltimore;
Rebecca H (jueen, Cain, Phlladelnhla; James English,
Barker, and E H Clark, hangar. Elizabeth port; Kan
ftcranton. Palmer, N*wYork*Mira A Pratt, Pratt, do
via Bristol. _ _ ,.,
Sailed?steamships Wm Kennedy, Foster, Baltimore
via Norfolk: f tori da. Crocker, and CatharlneWhltliii*.
Hardin*. PhilaU?U>hla; mtrn calvia P Harrlf, Benton,
Baltimore HP Baker, navle, Philadelphia! Ana # (ftti
nou, Grace. WIliulu^UNi. Del; Gloucester. Hurler, and
Lucy Church, Plercc. New York; Kutire. Kinnesr. do
via Raw port; l una. Walla; Hlasi, Tar.or. ana a 8 Trier,
Matthews, New York: sloop North America. Lyona. do.
?eth-Am vedsto ?. n?iup McC elian. March, Baltimore
nn Norfolk! achra w rtobiinon, Vaoles, PhiladeL
Slila; Fakir, Watson. Port Johnson; George W Glover,
errv. Rondout
hailed?senr Virginia, Bears*. New York.
At the head of Long Ulaud Sound Uh, AM, bonnd east,
schrs Henry A Paul, from Georgetown, DC, lor ?
Maui'et.and f.aule; PM, si-lir Palestine.
kit'llMON u, Deo ft?Arrivad, steamship Richmond.
Read. New York.
Sailed?Sclir Amelia H?>arn, Moore, Philadelphia.
sax Francisco, Nov 29?nailed, (hip Ilermon (Br),
Leirfhton. Cork.
Dec ft?Arrived. shlDs Sumner R Mead, Wood, Balti
more; Jamestown, Call, Rio Janeiro; echr Favorite*
McKay. Honolulu.
7th?Arrived, snip Florida. Curtl*. Fan Francisco.
Cleared?Shij>* America (Br). Inillig, I.iverp jol; Brit
ish Peer (Br), Sauvage, do-, bark Prince de Conde ifrj,
Escoliviel, Oueenntown.r
ST AUGuSTINK. Dee 6?Sailed, schrs Frank Walter,
Port Henry. Ga; Hattie Butler, Jacksonville; 1'auuUuu
ter. ilo
8 A VAN* AH, Dec S?Sailed, schr A K Glover. Terryr
New Bedford. *
7th-Arriv-d. bark Cathartna (Oer), London; brig
Laura B (Br), St John, NB.
Cleared?Steuiintiln PotomacJBrt. London, Liverpool.
Also clearo.i. tiara* National Eagle, Sears, Charleston:
Frederlka Wilheliuina Au??, TyJen. Harcelona; brig
Mohawk. Murphv. at Marys; selir Addle Fuller. Hea
dei'-on. Providence.
Sailed?Sclir- W H Mllien. Philadelphia; Mary 8 Brad
shaw, New York ; B F Clark, bound south, put in lor *?
Saiied from Tvbec 7th. steamship Carroll. Boston; ?hlp?
Forest (Br). Liverpool; barks Kataei Pomar iSpi. Barce
lona; M G He?a, Liverpool; brig Franctaco <Sp), Ma
saLBM. Dec 5-Arrived, schrs A M Nichols, Re%l. Ma
chias for New York : J,K Lawrence, Herrick. Ellsworth'
for do: W B D, Pitcher, Tnomaston for do; Lacy Amea-i
Bishop. Rocklan 1 lor do.
6th?Arrived, schr 8 L Burns, Crosby, Calais for New
SOMERSET. Dec 3? Arrived, iehr Wild Pigeon. Cum
mlmrs, Philadelphia.
Sailed?.-chrs Aid, Fisher, Philadelphia; Harriet Lewis,
;<d?Arrived, schr M V Cook, Patkenbnrg, Phlladel*
VINBTARD HAVEN, Dec 6-Arrlved, echrs J Paine
and Jessie W Starr. Philadelphia lor Boston; Active, do
lor Portsmouth; Lucy Went worth, Hoboken for Salem:
Nu I a to, do lor M'pon.et.
6th?Arrived, barn Cutalpa, Hardenbrook, Surinam for.
Bostiin; brlns Kim Stevens. Turks Island for do; V It
Hill, Surinam Tor do (.ill with damage?see Miscellany) t
Max (Ger), Rio Janeiro; sclirs Kmellue (Br), Mlra
Euane for Boston; David Faust, Philadelphia for do;
la A Annie, New York for 1 homastoti; Harbinger k<
Albert Dailev, Port Johnson for tialem; Ancona (Br).
New York lor St John, N H;Ettaibr), East Harbor,
Turks Island lor orders had heavy weather and lost,
lier jib): Videite Gloucester for New York; S H Sweet.
(Br), Windsor, NS, lor Now York; J T Cotter (Br), St
John. N B lor Philadelphia; Joseph Far*ell, Rockland)
for Richmond.
Sailed?Brig Max (tier), and Bllzn Stevens; schrs Ger
tie E Morrow. M 1' (Br), star, Quaddy, Amos Walker,
Frances, Ellen, S A II small. Rival, Edward Barton
(Br), Surah Helena, K Russell, Z A Paine, Carrio Alice,
Bertha J Fellows, Mott Hnven. F A Pike, Newell B Ha
vens, Sophia Go IIrev, Jeddie, Huntress, KO lllBgins, 0
S Young. Anna Fryo, i'lo<-a Kintt. Klwood Dorau, Ken
drlck, >1411, Sandy Point Jesse Williamson, Jr. Lucx
Weotwor h, 8 K Nightingale, J Paine, .)e-<?o W Starr,
Active. Nulato. David Faust. Einellne, Ida A Annie, Jo
seph Far well, Ancona, Albert Dalley, Clara uankln, and'
Carrie W.
Arrived, Dec/?Schr Julia Newell, Shepard, New York
for Rockport. Me.
Returned?Sebrs Kendrlck. Fish, Active, and SAB
WILMINGTON. NC, Dec 7?Arrived, (teamehlp B
Clvde. Baltimore: senr-t "H 3 Unrtin." New York; John,.
Gabriel, do. Palo', .^liaclcford, Navassa.
Sailed?stemn-iiiti Lueille. Baltimore: brigs Atlantio
(Ger), Haloing. Cork; Da Capo (Nor), Andersen, Liver
A r
Will buy a First Mortgage Premium Brad
ot the
purchased on or before Monday,January^
wi3 participate In the
to be held on
JANUARY 4. 1875.
Capital Premium, $100,000,
The proceeds of the Hales oi these Bonda will be wed
for tbe erection of a permanent Exhibition Palace, to b?
erected on the grounds of the Company, altnated on
ninety-eighth to I02d street, i rom Third to Fourth avennea. ?
will make a splendi J Christmas or Mew Tear's present,
as there is no risk oi anv toss.
Every Bond will be redeemed with
Address for Circular*, full information and Bonds.
Financial Agents.
23 PARK ROW. SEW YORK. (P. O. Drawer ?)
This ts to certUv that at the allotment publicly hold
this 7th day of Decern do r, 1374, at Stcinway Hail, in the
city of New York the fallowing bonds drew premiums,,
as specified below: ?
One bond, serie 1.288. No. 97
One bond, serie 1,25!). No. 29
One bond, serie 2.217. No 6U 6,000
One bond, serie 1.28*, No 68 3,000
JVa Prem.
1 7 *6J
1 8 100
:i8 6JO
6.1 6Jt>
84 2J0
*1 luO
97 HX>
6 1 4)
20 20
4 2 100
as au
1) 100
60 60
3 60
5 S?
5', 10JII
77 200
6 M>
21 40
18 6o
2o 6)
?10 5)
69 60
8i 50
26 .... 2J<)
4 3 40
5^ 60
02 6 0
74 10.)
81 5
iH 100
61S9 .
8 89 .
65>3 .
USii .
88 i5 ..
Wo. Prem.
. 6 $100
.26 6U
.. 41 M
.. 77 600.
.. 83 f.0
..28 80
.. 82 10O
.. 6-. .. KM
.81 100
.. 6 1000
..24 100
.. 14 60
.. 84 6)
. 60 600
. 57.
,. 64.
. II.....
. 29
.87 100
. 99 81
.66 ao
.66 200
. 8.1 BOO
. C6 600
. 9 1000
. 66 100
. 41 60
. 94 200
. 29 100
. 87 Su
. 89 llfl
. 64 200 <
All the remaining 3.903 Bonds of the 40 Series drawn
October 6, 1874, viz.-Series 270,1U10, 1190, 11>8, 1782,1998,
2217, 2700, 2734, 2711, 2731, 2<8), 3333. 4172. 4639 , 4664, 4816,
4332, 6047, 6231, 54 M?, 6084,' 6189, 6503, 6590, 8391, 68:8, 6987,.
7047, 7678 , 7701, 7823. 8077~8I73, 8680, 8619, 8865, 8983. 9223,
9989?will receive $21 each.
The bonds will be redeemed according to section thrae
of ttie Conditions oi the i.oau, auj are payable at the
office of the dnaucial afents,
MoKOMTrHAU, bruno * co.,
No. 23 Park row, New York.
F.~A~ ALBEROER. President.
W.M. C. MOORE. Treasurer.
REubun J. TODD, Secretary.
Thereby certify that the above drawing was held In
my presence and eworn to as to the correctness oi the
mine by the above officers ol the Industrial Exhibition
Company. nelore me, (his 7th day of December, 1874?M.
Tub.nsh roRMAN, Notary Public, City and county of New
York. __________________
A of different states; legal everywhere; no publicity j
no tees In advance; advice 'rep^ygi"jj^j>l{ntcr|{?^very
hl*te' Counsellor-at-Law, 17 Broadway.
Absolute jjivorckh obtained kkom difper
ent StatrT lienal evervwnere. Desertion, Ao.,
sufficient cause. No publicity required, No chart*
u-tUdivore..r.?^A?JiceA.r.e.ney ^ Broadw#r
TO THE confectionery TRADE, ?
CITY OR country.
We deem It proper to say through the presa that after
two change* of patterns for our extra fine Cream Bon
bon r, made became crude copies had been Issued in
common goods by some manufacturers (of which nolle*
was given by ooital ear* circular), our third aud latest
ha* been so used at several prominent distributing
markets, to the uamaite of jobber and retailer. Wliila
we can very well underhand the motive and should,
perhaps, accept the compliment paid to our productions*
we are unwilling to have buyers ignorant ol the Irauci
and Imposition Some conspicuous In our lint of busi
ness are also using our trade marks, "Bordeaux
Creams,'' in lUe manner. _ _ .
Each of our extra fine Cream Hon none near* an
Initial Indicating the flavor, an i none are
?tint purchased oi us or supplied by Jobbers Willi wnoB
we have direct correspondence
Manufacturers of rine Chocolates and "*'?
fectloiiery, ,
29 CoriUtidt street,
corner Church. New Tor*.
Manufacturers anii Proprietors af
* , . Cream Tattle Uboaulala

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