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V \ C il T I N 0
The Prcspsota ci' ths Coming
Yachting Season.
\ ice Commodore Gamer's
New Yacht.
Tie Tacbt Clubs and the Regattas und
Hatches to (ome.
T '? yichMM 01 istl will probablt not
?i?iMMlMk l?*ure to.- l?t of June, although
? Sajj^er ol th* crack wtit irobuu:y t.o
afloat t ?osp o w.ek-t before. Tin pant few
Itii' ??*>!m haa given decideJ indlcationa of
a< i? eaching i weather. to* yacnt owncra
ta?e Baaienei to take adv.tntag<; of tlio cliangt?
IK < e;?meare overhauling their )ucht?. The
*e ??ua will t>e iinu^uuIlT active, aa, al
m ?tk tut ? are comparatively i?*w new yacnt* 1
M ta ? M? k*. mere has iM>*n a change of eoianio
I m ib tu? tare* leading yacit cluba oi theae
water*, and th?a tomato* wf s<-w bk> 0 in t:ie men
M tke Be mi Vol peoi>aoif ereat* quite a spirited !
i?<i b tkere I* totu i? a .i>?o of a viait Irorn the
feu*nan caller Ik?b*. but it t? entirety a uiatier or
maK>r a* Mr. ?ou< nier. tae owner of tbe yacht,
at* aeat ko nutift ittoa to tB? Sew Vork Yacht
i iat? of aa? #aca tBtaa ion. Tha appearance of
aa Kbit ta ia.ter in t?ee? water* w?.uul Save the
??act oi makiflg > liv sr tiBia for our crack itoopa.
asd ta? stranger w<>uid d ubile** bo kc* |
mhi BM4at*4 wan a rac? by the Viaion. A4Mle or
irae;*. If Mr. Kouchicr propose* to aali for
ta? ye<e:.'? tup it will B- a matter of cou-ider
ki'ia d?acu--i?n a* to h?w tbe race wilt be nailed,
bB', IB aU | r?i aMlity he will kaie to aaii airuliiat
ik* teat asd wiu ike cap .a to* aame w.?y a< it j
aa- wuB By the America, there will be a uuuioer
II private a?*t he? ikta ?eawa, aad alao several i
Sariaikua race*. TBa lauer regatta* aro beootn
lag very pupu ar. and w?r* flr?t introduced bv the
araaaaftaka tacat ntb, ?f oyater Bay. L L it u
a*>i< *?:o u taat aa it*? rapt wt;i b* aia<le ttua *ea- 1
kb to ?ai*b4 wa? a tBe auowe e?erct*e? aa l?r
s?.t aa l onluad. ??*cu b arrangement would !?*
u*ar -iy indorse-! By th? Eaatern yacstemea. .ml
tBe Sew Tar k fleet woant recetvs a Beartjr wsl
Baa a proaoect ?( a very tdUiaat eetaoa thl< year,
tfeat I* ta aay If all tkv propoted regatta* nod
?atcSe* are tailed TBe uflScert of t?ie club are
thasged thla year, aa at a recent election
the following ticket waa e.ected r?Com
?adure, O. u iing*iand: Vice Comm.4ore.
W. A. earner: Hear Commodore. SkB
?U> n Kane; 'ireaaure*. Bliepkerd iUmuit;
iecretkry. Cbar.e- A. Mintoa; Maaaurer, A. Cirey
linttb, and H?et surge <o. L. Da f. Woodruff.
f%* Regatta t'oiBtaitta* are Meaara. w, Kre'^a.
T. P. Tktt and B K. C-ok. Tke elab haa tacreaaed
iBrgeiv ib membar?bip aa at a recent meeting
?**< lity menit>crt were admitted. TBa attrac.
ttca rkat ha* proetfl tueli aaagaet M the sew cibd
tionae bow la ecurae at ?re. tioa aff atap<*toa,
States laiaad. For tke paat lour ar flee yaaia the
?iun ha* bad ao tammer roaae, aad conacgueti Uy
many or tbe member* wtie j# ??U the cut amply
ior the beaefl:a aecrniBtf during the racatiag
laaaon. hare feit a litfla disappointed, aa aaieva
they were intimate witk ya^kt ten ra and went
an an o< caaiotai cruia* the only favora tkev re
ceive J were tb?;r ticaeu 'ar the elab boat in ta*
annual regattaa. At t>te annual maetiag Viea
CosiRiudure Oaraer propoaed to ba.tO and fara ah
a ciah hon*? aa<i leaaa it to ta* c ab at a Bomtaal
raau such a genet-one offer waa. ar c <aree. too
advaatageoaa to u* r*faa*?. aa J tae work a? tha
?lab bona* is aoar progreaaiag.
rai cLra aorai
vlU Be eltskted oa tBe Sate, ta the cemir >efth*
beat anchorage oa the atatea Uiacd afeore. It I*
being bsut on a pU* fooadaUoa. and wui a* eoe
nected with the B'apletoa dock by a pier ana
bridge aboat 42i feet loag. Tha bridge cos sect*
the pier with the soaae. asd haa been eoaatructed
to aa to allow boat* to pv'.i aU r and the haaae A
itairwar asd landing arage wtu ue placed oa tae
?aatcra aide of tae, pier fcr IB* ronreaieace of
yacht boat*. The koaae iiaeif wi %t?e two atori*a
high, with a flat top. that ta ta be revered by a
gome-ehaped root open at the atffee. bar huag with
(Sec' coioreC awam? The top at the hoaae ar li
M saed aa a veraadA where. ?haded from the aas.
:he gaeata can etjoy tBe coal breeae sad ts mag
alflcent proepect, atretehiagoat ta ?aadv Hook oa
ihe tontheaat and Sew Tork cite <>a the aurth
Nat. TSe roef wui be lighted at aight by a large
amp, placed st the top of the dome vjkb aid
aigo aerve aa a aight aigaa' to yaehta hoiri*
ward bound. The *lrat floor of tae aaa
loaae will be divided bp lato a receptiua
room, kitcaes. ate wars'* pantry, wis* eivaet sad
tenet room, and on the eeeoad floor there will a*
two large >UBiBg rootaa and tv? toi at ruoaa. oae
lor lid,?-a and oae fir gentlemen. I here wi.1 be a
large veranda oa eaca floor rat ios Loag Island.
Tae club boaae wui oe < mpi?t*d aad :araisaed
about toe inn of Juas. sua wui probably Be ior>
?ally inaugurated oa the day of ths saattai re
?t tu* Sit Ton Yicttt r.uit win b* nii?4 < a
iunreda>. in* irtu of Job*, over iM regular
?oarae and under tbe ireclon of III Clafc Re
tail* Committee. It will, m umi, trsng nt tn*
largest Met of * bo ner? ttiat can b* to .n ttii at
an; regatta gl*en ia America:, water*, an b.?
?aaaoa tbe preaene of Vie* toaaaMore Garner's
?aw acGougar w,a ieo<l additional eicitaaieat t*
tae avaot. The new aspirant tor aqaattc a jim :*
will probably ba m*: by the Columbia. M vleietne
fiUa. ?'jti Palmer, ii?*o,ute ??&?:.? <m Tareuil*.
Alarm. Idler. Ma.ic, Comet SI?ta r. ! ataer we.|
lluea acbo .nera so tbat ber tail .a one not eas
ily aecompliabel. Tu? sloop contest* tat* sea* a
will rast maiBly *ean the Vi., a, tue Ad<Hs,
and prosably Mr. Hur*ca taw aloop. Tn* urge e
oaa been sold oat of the clab a gattlemaa whe
grogsbly will only use aer :er cr.ietAg purp .e?.
. Tier* will probably be a*ver*l r.tcea tot tua
this jraar m Tbere are two *?r ibree in he haads of
tbe cm.. Tbe ? ba ??ti ge cup Wbu by tbe MasK a
har race with me Catcet aat m a- a bag t? n re?
taraad to the '?lab snd wilt proosb y ?* ssiied f r
during the crmac. Tbe Brcnt**'i iUef Cl?a .tag*
Jap that waa won twica or tae Ram 'tar be* itig
IB* Made.elnc ?a eacB occasion Bas a so b*e? r< -
luru?d to the ci?b an I wiU proMMf a s <u*d I r
again during the b-tier part o' the swaao* T s
Jape May Challenge i up won ,y tne l:net>*r.Tt ?
will protean: y aot o? aatied for thta ?*?? a. as t e
iachantreas ts In F.agllsB water* and will pr? ? * y
-amain thera ibroogawat tha a*a?>>. Mr. >*t
u< ?eot a <r,ui tannics hob to *b. e tin IT* B(
tb*m a n.ooo cup wnieii i?'.o u- aoiM* i*r < *
Ui* Ca ?: Mar course :n oco'Wr l*TC It ta open t*
?cnooi.er* ofcverBc B*aur*d tana. T e Mi ,
n all probaolllty. i>? a u miB*i or taaf es a* t e
* Ice Coir.aortore glvra oat t' a: tae a earn u-io *
ia an, nioi. ri-ini yacuuman Bat wants t*fri?*
iim a rae* can be ac> /inmodoied. ra? ?.ew ?c i
a ..irea i v matched t .r a $ ,uo* "? p again*' . s
M. o- vine, tla* tare to b? "ai'eu ?<esr tie ?
Soura* lb uctob- r Tbe rida Wn? 1 s* ,s-t
come n? Witii ? rita .en^e to - ?>? Ma l" aia o ?s?.
*rj<? about tbe i^t i oi 51 .if. 'WtBt* ml e- ?
e.nawaid .ina raiurn, s'artlBg <ram -a . j ll?o .
f tbe Madv ataa a<c.;p ? ta# iua*. b <? ,1 pf .'e
'ett tB'.eteetmi: i<> yjcBraaien. *? t ere n.?< s*
?..v* kcb ,i ae?ite to s*e tt.e*e t* baa ? rest ? * i.
Mil up -o tbii ?.e?? u they w r? own** by utot ?
?rs. a coaaacuon to at oro??<3 a ib^eetioa tue.r
tub *xkuai. cn ui
a vt.e tutted Oi n.ucu ilucttMloa t:..? ssmo as it
a tepor e i tha. t utnaiodore (?. L. k ng* ai<l
Sgcse.i up by \ice Contuiudore <?sr..vr. j. ?e a, to
sisaa ? rea-oui ?x?i -iou? iw carry tn? Ue " ?< -t t
cape c?u :n order to pa. tne >*? .-an ett o r <r'
laB't * vi?!t. Til S visit RBI bee :ak< io ft) *?%?
?rai y*ars and there ts Bg ?t*?Bi tr. a - u a r.?*t -c
ngbi or ea yacbt* ?:<-a . u* induced io n as* 1
inp (Bay ?otti?i oe aca;>.y repayeu lor tagtr tr? r,
is tBe KABtcrn jaebtaSM a e snx?u ' ?n a:
.aia taem. Tnete cortaiu < slion'u o? no ?iiilleutty
M inducing a U**-t cum '.?eu o toe A arm. \ic?
0">! niO'lore (iarnet'4 u?? yacnt. ifB Wave,
.omuibia. Kamoier, Ma<J- eiae. Me*ti*ta. co i-t,
w.loasa lUlsr, with me Via.on and a .is to re
pr?s*tii tne ?iO?p*.
i u c ?Bob a ltv tsc bt Ctrl
aav? also Bt iue a cna.ige in tneir officers aa C
?w4ore jgsob v morula o*? osen - - ..ge i to r*a . g
aia wOiou, .Ataugg lU>A*Aitft, *iigi BgetM ?lb*
mor? ro e-tribl!eh th? sncces* of the club man '
tou.d hate Iji eu uuiit'iputoii. No uiufu popular
otl.-er ever served, a* n? wa4 alw-iys the geuer
ous. noapitahie to ever* member ot tbe eliin
tliui ever put a loot on hi* (leek. I'lie following I*
a ,!-l or the new otllcei-oi rhe club:?Commodore,
Johu m. Dicker*on: Vice (,'utuuiouor**, I iuiik II.
Mott; Itaar rommodore. .u. i Davidson; Presi
dent. I. W. o.i rander; J-ecrefartr, V\ illniin 1'. Let;
ireHMirer. < fiutmeev M. Kelt; A~~i*taat Hecretao.
??'orge <;. iuiuniiiK; Measurer, John M. sawver;
fleet surgeou, f-Htnuel Hall, M. I).; Judge Advo
< ite. Mr. .Ion n Ob Key. Tin Trustee.* are ex
< oininoitorc Jacob Voorhls, ox-Keur Commixture
hi.iM-rt Union, i nomas K. A*ten, H. s. Wood. I're<
lueiit p, t\. Oat rantier, .?"??cretar.v Vi. T. I.ce and
iieas'irev Clia twice* M. Fell. I'lie Com nil nee on
M<'inberahip diaries I.. Franklin, .lime-. I,. B.
Millard and S.tivo-ter i? lllood. The Hegatt*
f?,V?l"!'*'*'?*!? '?'"i'luaii. Henry Ilent/. and H.
I'.. Ma lory, The rinb Was never tn a inure proa*
["?roils conflllloll, a- a nntnlier of new niero
tiers have been elected ami about hall a
dostcn n \v Moll tit li.it r joined Itie fleet
milking in tin aggregate :ih..ut *i*iy-flve -nil. The
?M "IiM' in. w ill 111| i,e l in > ihtgship ol Hi# Hub. as
?Jill' W:i. pureha-ed early this (.pring l.y Commodore
?""i" s- Hii kersi.n. The animal regutia of the dub
wi . l? -tailed on >iituiiluy, June m, and win urob
a >ly bring out >i?rae eight >.r ten schooners uinl
about flirty or flitr sloops. The Urookirn regatta
isth" great day of the -eason for sloop- as thev
are generally divided up luto threo or roar iliwie*
i lie annual cruise will take place ab. ut the latter
pari oi Julr, and most of the time will be pa-scd on
the Sound. probably breaking i:t? it Newport or !
M.irlliu s vineyanl. There are rumors of neveral
matches, bat none have a* yet been put in
black and white.
'ike its larger brethren, lias iklvnnced in proportion
wince iast season, and, besides addi.itr six or neven
yachts t0 jfs iieet, h:,s enroll d some twenty or
thirty new member*. Financially the club is very
prosperous, km I hey have at last ifot flee of debt, i
I lie oitlcers of the club are:?Co nmodoro. (Jeorge
A. I'liayer; Vice Commodore, \V. L. Fish; Hear
ijimmodokW. t'ooper: Treasurer, S. W.
Knowles; Corresponding Secretary, H. H. (logins,
and Recording .Secretary, J. it. Mirwan.
Their annual regatta will be sailed on
Tu -.lav. June -."J. and will br'ng out a
handsome fleet, comprising some six or seven
sch oners a.i * fliteeu or twenty sloops. Tnoy
win nail over their usual course, start.ng .'rota oif
Hat ilidee. 'I tie members will hold their annual
< ee.?rati. 11 on May 30, on which ocasion all the
y n iiis will make a pleasant cruise, carrying as
iu.iuy members on board as their capacity will
i n?. rue annual cruise will take place during
the fli.-t iwo weeks in August, during which time
the (leer will probably visit oyster Hay, New
Mat en. Ure nporr. stomngtou and Newport.
is the rising youug < ittt> in these waters, aa during
the | asf t * (i or t.' ree year* they have tinletlv gatli.
ere.i strength, and no.r hare a fleet oi thirti or
fit yacut*. including some oi tne handaomeat
? oners anoat. The ofllcers areCommodore, 1
w iiham L. Swan: Vice Commodore, James vv. Keek
tnim Jr.; lie ir Ci rnmodore, Samuel J. Colgate;
> cretary rr dTlct de Fevs'.er Fosier; Treaa. i
ur,r, Bnard F. Foulke: Measurer, William FoaUe
Jr : i 'iapl.iiq, liev. William Irnn, I). 1>., and Surl !
?e .?<, j line* R. Woo I, M. 1). The great sueepm of
tne tluii. which has its headquarter* at Oyster
Hay I ug Island, is mainly aitrinutable to the
c nutDiau races which they ihangumted about two
> e i r-. ago. i hesr rnci'S have become very popular,
a* t'tcii pr.n ipal rule read*:?"Tne yachts must he
ai ??! and. as tar as p .s*inie, steered by their
owners am maitnei exclusively by amateurs." '
ri?e intro in tiou ot u race in w hich amateur *aiiora J
a. tie are use i could not tad oecoming popular
?s e*t es artordina recreation to tne memoera 1
not owning yjeiita, tt t* a ?o tne means of train
ing a number o'amateur seamen that lor nluck
an ! nerve aticoi be t.eat. Tne seawanhaka 1
CluOopcn the season witn a
for sloops tbat i- to be sailed over the New York
Vact t ( mo course, < o Tue*dav. June 16. The
<? u ?i rei a pr ice cuuststim: or a tssocup. which
tn?*y Mppiaaunt ti? a small anver tankard lor
??am o the wiunina crew, ine race wiu i,e
sai.ed atnrtur according to the ^cawanhaka (lub
rtue- rii ! tt of tn?- uaie.es and occupation^ or
t ieh <*r?w will navr to oe sep: to the Regatta
< i.mtttee n nr t?e:ore the litft or June. The al- I
lowniic* of riui ? will be calculated on the basis
<?f mean ienk'tb and greatest ureadtn. Inecom
j?"ing ?acuta will protwblr r? the Vision. Adaie
Ciati e Alert. I ndint. Wavward, coming and
fi ral oner*. A stHinn"'. earrriug trie Rcrattu
?. otnoiitU'e and aaemiwrs M the press, win aocom>
pan* tn- t*cf,., r, u?a the course, lhe Regutta
< ?i.nni.rtee ar? F. <? Foster. J. H. Klltott W
Kreib, M. Hooaeve.t hujl^r uaJ L. 1). F. Wood
rat small cli bs.
? ueh a- c? umbu, w unattin New Jeraer. Jersey
tit. ?. am-i'irf. L tig uim f. Union. Favoiiiu 1
ud Oceanic are all l-tiaily cngagea in preparing
f?r the c latng ?? ??ihi. As a number of -mall
vaent* t"e ea ine ?i ??**. and as the oia proposition
of 11 otii e i c uu' u.i-been revived, there is a
rre^f r- of a g"?d time for b* ?and bag ahifters
r I. a w -B'ter ?hai a combined crui.-e of two or
tar e daya haa not teen made lien.re b? these
?.n* i (lob* as a ?al up to Kridgeport or New
NiHMMniiyle effeeted. anT after a clam
a-trie fleet' u j return, in irder t>< make the
trip up inter-s'i..g let tne clotw sub-cribe together
f'H ?i> of three prlxea ft>r the Srst boats at anchor
ia port.
have e laced a decided activity daring the paat
week ait'4 <Ui.? and doan me K*a: and Norm ?
r.v* s there are yacnts on the *rock?. building and
ie#eiri*g. Here are not a v?rv iargi? uamber of
new jaibt' la tbe hacaa ot me ouilder*. out tntre
are a gr?a mam aitvratiwua l eiag made in some
v tae we. 1 known flier*ot past seasons, a good
? sat a ? i't iiii their maaia lenamened. a > aa
M * ao e tj c?rry nore -an. ot lie. s are being
leay tiened I 'ward aad other* aft. All this work
however, todf a ei taa: owners are looking lor
ape?d. an<i aa aa owner that obtains speed ia
? s n* lor aa oppobent fo uaveabrusn
?I B toe eeaaon prouiiae* to he very iiveiy. The
ciiDt>er or me ear prom ses to r>e me aew
act.""Bi r im?? elug rnai.t ot Joe \ an l>eu-en. at
me .u?t at N rt?? Niutn street, Wtiuiniabara lor
vicb cuasoaoMt w. a. gar.cr.
ol the X*e \ art Vacnt osb. lki- yarfii ia being
tMint on a Ho^iet c u*eii rr?#ait..iBa tnat oi the
iv arnica, oue of ta?* latest yacins tnat ever be
H cgen to tae \*w v rk Yscut chib, and also a
er-. i Beai4e.t iRg ir?m the nau<i. or nr. Van
l?euaen. A* \tce i vmiuodore Uarneri. not stint
ing the naval arc hitect ia tbe way ofeg|>ense ne
tew rra ? is b n* bant of the very i?est seasonad
M? #ri|at Buno an bu*. Tr #- floor tlmbera
a" "i waite ?ak. aaJ kiie t.iur*r? in ;ne t n
frame are - f .ocueiabi tackmatark. The atern
auo ?iera frames are oToak. and ta* dark ataacn
loaa are o lorust Tlie piaakabear is of Oeorgia
pii>e ana sa..- of oas. and bottom piaakmg "f
??eorgia pioeauloas ffarboatd*. The ceu re
u ard irwak is bunt ?f mind oek up to tne water
aae. and from hcuei up n tei.ow |Hne. Tne deck
Iraute la uf i.e rgla witn hacama'ack knees
ex ?pt doeu t.-i ,w where iron is used as ? ?ut>l
St.m?.-. Tae inaiae eaiiiag a OI >ei.ow piae ami
all tae sates inaiianga. partners. Ml.#. Ac., are or
in?io>g<n/ l ne uatucaca and breastnooks are
of wbi e >ak. Tne yacht is bunt with a flush de*k
fore and ef\ with tee exeeo oa of a annUi Bock
?it at tae eatraaee ta the cabin.
THfc M 41 " MLUUI
w;l) W 'Ht aquara, with T i**t ataodtof room.
?84 .*? ?j ?t ? 14 !t*t tuoc by ? teet
? ma. IBa wa.>a o: >b.- ?!.<?!] wtu ix iu
t.^'i ?.laiuJi niiid panr.ugf *rert>bt>-. I ue
faraitarr of tft* aa o>a ?ia t?r of tna han .1mom'
4r? n?t.'>a e?aprtibs ? piaao. ?lOeuoord ano ail
fctaaa ol c?*ir?. *um oua.t-?. .'Mr* will
a.?<< l?r a ttrepiac#. Willi a POofcraaa on Mfl ?ldc,
ao rn?|? 1 a* to ?-od?-obi to* tnataau't. Tut Vir?
? oBimvtbr*'* ?' ttcrvMO) mrutrmf It feet br 13
I. at. ?>.. ja vu too ? arooaM alua ol the ceatrc
?aru rua*. Bad KK!I lato * bathroom. On tfea
j .rt ?ii?- ?d a "mf f?? pMH?a?rwaf *a4lnf inna
tfc.' a*,, un lu to* tncooB, ??? '?? tnrer auta
n, ma lor *o-#ta, oa<t? iu?*-irmi * t or * loot,
a .Bn.g * oati aod w trh r??a Fur?ar4 ?? theta
r ?.b-? at* la ?# oot apart < r tao -ai in* ma?icr,
w>* .n i ?ifw?M. "loa kitroru m u loot Mju?ra
mo win in- tito'l ?ltli ail tat bewrtiappiMMkrea ia
to* way of at aad eoocto* iiraidi. ma
r or tbo aid oaftwain adjoia laa
? i? uoti aa-> for b?r fc??ard h do Joracaatto.
vita bcrtaa or twa*va moo. laar# ar* too oio?r
fij'oruvBaa, aaea u rot ir? I loo*, uaaoa ?aea
art- o? to* eoa.poi.ujti way. Taa ?auroou it
rtfi.t ta ???? at?ri?. aao ravaaa irta w* <t*??
?vwa a acutuo. Mar? aiat-rootB *m m> a*op>,*d
oita ??>t atiu r?M taitf aa i ga? lit ?..i *ntr
win eoa* tr**M a aiaai m taa aocoaa. art
tat ftt tnii M tarrtod ta p .rtaM*> r?<?ra. Htr
tt.tr taa?> "??*i a tta<? ', tit tut eaaarur
tor ivm co ?f'* VU> Ba a mod amtiati^. a>ao
w . . atrf i?"? ? ? ? *oo a (i tai ait ??w
to.ag uBmI IB <>?? U'Bdoa. Ma< r?<g t?g win ut
of ?to?t, IM >? i?w t? og b?aao;act?rod it. Ka?
iBB'i. aB4 a?r o. atl ?a rot rr y cm +*c. a* utr
boar<? oi.i ?rot?li a?*?B oaa Mr. y an p*tta?n ?ro
l>ua?t UM>a taaa i ivatof ?o*<a? o? board Bat
aa oo or tat ?voo a mra-..t oi atatim aa..
. O't rai?t'.</r toaitt-aaara. Toa Iaoowta^ art
l??t< *? ?... it 'Ct
h<ia - a -??a .... .. t?* *t
Jii. ?? " wa?*# ?aa Hi m
?*?<t at aaa. .- Urn m
Kr*a lia *' "?? ? ....... I> ut
i>*|ita <4 b*4?... .. ..... i a
Xrn f Of t?a'?t' tout . ? ? I a
i raf ? b ?? * ?o* . .... ...... . ? m
l*..i B ?? ? aafta-, a mm
UHU ?? raa? ?r ??ar* ..,....., M a
b?Mtt> ?< ?MB*?*??. .. .......... M 4
>? a ' ?* ? ? ? .... ....... ? ?
i. i #.i. at ia*?a> afrit... ..... li w
LaajtO af tHM **m ao ....#?>?
>|t at "if ??* ..... .. mm
l??. * ? ; I? " -
UfitvM'Wa. ?#ril .. .......
baoat'te tt tara>oa^ i <m* ..... .....
baa? b ?< aiatoaa W .... ?. ... .
i.o. b ?.? ??? /?? ....
. ?i:|t ? at ?"?? ?".?4 ... If
k?afibof ?r-'?af . Vf
u n*-i. ?? ?????a ??tt >at<t . . .. ... mm
U- ?tb ?f ta w.a<> >art . ?>w
at l?'"?-?m BO? 44 U, ? .??u. ... MM
i ?.? ' ?t 4
III ttlttl.
4*a /?#
? a.ftta .. IM
l>a . ?ta?aa> .......... i-tm
a.?a-?4i .... ,? ...... MM
aai'.-to ?b . * tit
?? ???? - JLfB
1 b.waaai. t Ml
** ? 19
Vai?. i. !.>??? . .... " '
W-.'*...i.ta>44.? ... ... , mj$
fTSSlrr. ... .... ::lfl
&t ?mk.A .
w* ? ? ? ? * s ***?a*a # ? ? *a? ?<?* ?*
f *
"i ot ill' < n tI ? t""t ..... ... ... '
I.fiiL-ih .1 il? on the ?:*?
flout of ;!???>?????*? . ?' ?**
HoM m lit??o|i?il( 'in !h?* Mav ?SS "?
l.i'iiirtti H ? I'm Hf>l .. * *'
l.engtii ui ?|uarr>ati ?m i?t? ?i J
jlnlil ol ?quare?.tjl *1 m
l-enutll o< loKHiifttopMilMi r e luff .... *'
I.) n8 !i "I Ion a irt i?| ? ?i' . ti We !
I.ciieiii of u.tt.M. ii?!.- ?.iii >11 la* tuff * '
J.enatl* ol imiuuarti I-.ur on ih? i t
Thin v" --oi wn n flni?h..i ?n i. r u>t '
e. mreboaiii >acjit Sfoat, und it nuu *?
idea of tier spar * and -1/ ttkenwtfta* ii *
fmui till- top |>: II' ! <* lit* t??: ?? m I ? ?
feet, fr? 11 th ? wa?? r to tne aunt It ? '
and hi r !? tiiftu fruoi the md ? > men. in ?
1 nil of flyilitf JlMtuont TV. f?*r. <?r I* nwi*'
raciuv. i.uil 11 tli- >atpho in I t nil' ? 1
imi k t i tli"-i-?vnt< rm-itlMT will isd 1 <? u..r?
their -i l l. Mh wii: prni.nl>:* Ih t< * ij ' r
spars n? \' wool,. H r tail* are f>< tug mad *
John >1. 5lwy<T.
KH. nrsk'> sUxir.
A v rv handsome Moon ya<li' 1 now <"*
-Mii t i| ?t v:ir jfuiU ol Me??r*. Ml" rt?uu M ?iii
at PhllwelMilk. lor Mr. J. K. liu-K. i>' t ^ w
York Yacht iMuii. She i? lieiuu 111 -d <?
wiia* arti-r tlii'llii' - ol tin* sloop yacht\ n> n 1
(lt -i -ii"in? crait owned by Vice rotni?",i r
iiarn'T, trno iMtiflit litlF from *he 1 :tt. Mr ! iti g
j*'OQ?', :or wtioni 'tie was built. Iltr niifU'Wn
fy In
I.enxth over all ' "
i-?-i?irtii mi *
\\ ifltn ,11 l.i- in..
..I linl.i * "
I..-II 'III ol llllMt J*
Ijpl.Ctl. of top I 14*f -- '
l.ciiif'ii 01 Mown rii outboard *,
Ih'IiuIIi ? -I i?41 ui-onin ? ?' ?'?
l.rivlll of _atl 'J*
l.cii/i:i . 1 lopviH *pru
!.t nirtli .1 '.'P*all dab " '?
This yacht will probably be completed about the
middle 01 .May.
Mr. Leutiox ih ua u.tual at work on a st'-am
yacit for Mr. Jacob Lonllartl, and <>:; 'his partic
iilar ocMslon tip I* dtilcrmined to turn our ?ora>'.
tinnsr very fast. .Mr. i.onliard haa Hunt about
twenty steam racfct" lb bis time,always loukiiic
lor irreftt speed; wrn oaticnue lie wm probably
achieve mat lun?L'l-for result. Tne steairer Ideal,
built :ast h 'csou by \ an l>eusen, nrored a very
decided kui cess, and Mr. Lorillard haa march.-d
Hi.s n?w |,ro|.ciifr a^aiust the Ideal, to nail and ;
Hteani .? race round l.ou? Island 011 the 1st of
July, she will lime a very rowerlul engine for \
her size, it beinp a double compouud, wtifi ;
iu-iii> li cjiiiuiler and l J-lnch stroke. Her propel
ler will be loot in diHmeter and 0 leet pitch.
Her dimensions are as follows:?
n h,. ;
I e.i-itii over all 1 in u<)
Hie^dth "I l)i;am 10 06 .
Orptn 01? hold f> oc
ller aiactilnerr is belnnr made by Ward &
Stanton, of Newbnrf. Her cabin will ne aft
and will be lurt:islieu in different varieties or
hard-rood. Forward will oe tne online room and
Mr. t\ W. Hurst, the manager of the National !
Line ol steamers, is having a centreboard cut- !
ter built by Mr. Force, of ICevpoit, N. J. This I
craft 1< somewhat of a nondesmut, as Mr. Hur-t
siiil regains a lancy lor the Euiriisti cutter, not- ;
withsiandinc bis appreciation of <he benefits of {
a centreboard, and so lie has compromised the
matter by desipning a kind of cross between i
inetwo. Her stem and stern will be of the Knjt- i
Hah cutter order and she will be fitted with a tie p
centreboard. She will nave a comlortabia saloon
wim berth* at the back and a irnod sized state- ;
room, tier dimensions are as lollows.
ft. In. ]
Leneih over all SB 06 ,
l't-nirth on deck 50 no
Bread tli ol beam 16 u?j
I'epth "t hold 8 do i
LeMK.h ot iu?lnmo?t Sfi lie
Lerntth of topmast 84 iO
l.enffth ot bowsprit outboard 22 04
I.rncth of iH^iiilu-om 4S on
l.eiiilli of mainsalf 2d no
Lniifih ol V)ps*il *prlt on thp foot SO nu
Lentrta of topsail sprit on the club 24 0
The above win belong to the New York Yacht
C.ub and will probably be launcncd next week,
ller sails are beiuir made by John M. Sawyer.
Mr. Hugh i.. WMoughby u havAy quite u i;irire
sloop built at the yard of Mr. A. A. Smith, of Isiip,
L.I. Mr. smttu has become quite lanious its a
builder since tne advent of the schooner Comet,
wnicn he built last >ear for Mr. VY. H. Lau^tey.
This new slooo bu quite a likely look, and speed !
II anticipated. *he has also been built with a view
to sea-wortbiness and all her fastening* and iron
work are extra strong. Her dimensions are as
n. r,1. I
I.ennth overall M (*)
l.en ili on ilcck 36 00
Letttf li on ??ter line SI 00
i'i'...i ;.ii ot i>"Jio.. 10 m
Uepih ot holrt f> nS
I.eUk'tli "I ui it- 67 00
! .i'ii jr' '1 ol to|ima?t 2' Of.
l.enviti of 1 .>w-prlt oaibotrd 21 UO
l.i'infii ot malnuaoiu 4* OS
l.ruK h ol maluttaff 26 06
The work ..n the nbore craTt la rather backward,
but tbr builder exp?*. ts to have her completed
about the ttilru week In Mav.
Mr. Kichard Huntley, of the Brooklyn Yacht Cmb,
is having u si od yacht built bv * r. Willi,mi Smith
that will probably a>tonisii a good many ot the fast
on's wh'-n 'hey get her down to proper trim. She
1* rather sharp forward, with a clean rnn art, and
will carry a pretty heavy load of canffas, but nas
been ulven 1 lenty of oeam. so that they win not
have to deaden her with ballast. Her dimensions
are as follows :?
Pi. in.
Length over alt 48 UJ
Leucth on water line 44 01
Breadth of (M ara 16 00
Peptu ot held 4 us
Ijtnfth 01 mast 54 00
i.engtii ot t.'i iuaat II u)
LrnKiti 01 t>o ui 46 1.0
Lcuetn at caff. 2? 1*
the sails lor the aoore yacnt are aUo being
made by Mr. John U. s^wver.
Mr. tY. H. Beebe, of tn- Atlantic Yacrt Clob, Is
havimr? pretty it 1 tie centreboard siooo built by
Mr. Richard Walilng. 'l ias Be?? candidate lor sec
ond class honors Is to be ciirisreued the Daisy,
and sne wia be completed about the middle of
next month. Her dimensions are as loilowa:?
#1 In.
I.en.th on deck 38 o4
Hi. .1.1 hut team 13 04
iK pth uf bold * U4
1* o-'tu of mi?l W ifl
I i Mv'Th of Uipmaal 1> 00
I. mill of a<>wa; rit outboard 14 06
L iHtt oi t.oom SB 110
i-etHrtti ?i gaff H UO
Mr. Room-ma ? haviag quite a uk: ? tittle aloop
yaent built by Mumm. oi aou Ii Hrooklyn. ?r>e
will b- a raoio. centreboard ?loop witti a good
newoi beam. Her annexions arc as loilowa:?
Len/in (>? deck. X leer; breadth of beam, 14 iHt,
asu Uept i of noiti. 4 leet einchaa.
The celebrated Pat McGienns. oi pamrapo,
>' J., tee bander o the lie < and the kauer
Wiineim, naa uot been idie taia *pw?g. Ue naa
aeru a tinali i-ablu (loop to Mr. Mills, oi the Bev
enev Yacht Clno. Boston. H?r ditneoeioa* wre
Length en deck. 37 leet 3 laches and breadth
oi b?a..v U leet. Ue ia at preaent engaged on
.motner cabin i.oop that ue I* building tor come
pariie? on the iake?. Her nini-n*ioa* are:?
t.-n^ta deck. :t? leet} breadth oi beam. U feet
C lucbe*, anti dtixh oi hold. 4 eet a incaea.
lir. Meeker, of the Loug uiana Yacht Club, u
hn,' an open racihir yacnt built liy Harry Sinea
ie* .t the loot oi lourt atreet. Broovhs. Ti<ey
au'icipate great e;>ued noui tier, aad intend giving
Ira Smith ati<l the Brooklyn a turn. Her dltnes
aioei are:?length on dee*. & taet; oread ti of i
oeuiu, 10 leet 6 luetic*, aad depth. 2 leet I mchei.
Mr. Bedell, o Bono u Loug Uiuuo. is building a
ban's ime cabin ?mop yacnt. Her dlmenmona
are:?Length on deck, 4i feat; Width oi beam 14
leet ? laciie*. mi i ue^'u of ho d 4 leet b locbe*.
Harry ,-mediey i? n.uing a ao-foo: race boat for
M 11 >t?kin*. ol Brooklyn.
Mr. J ro ?'tua i. of Commimipaw. Nev Jersey, la
i ail ilag a ji *oi rac? i>oat that will eooti be cow
Mr Join Milium, or south r.roo.lyn. tias Jtiat
completed a ?fiian iloop jacnt thar loose aa n aoe
woumi ?u<>w tome tpr d. Her (lusenaioua are:?
L'ajfth on d*ck, jn ieet; brfMlb of oeaai, U feel,
ar.'i depMi. i leet ? ischei.
a ; ; ?.?.a r i >HS ASD MtraiBH.
|r >u . vauat Vai. terer, Mr, Slilweii, of
the N"? Tacur cini, n at Air. Frire'ii yard at
dreavpotat. >?? og alto red from * caHtraooari to
ak<e.t>n?t. i *ie chiiige tviiI cue ner coaaider
aaty tuore ? a .u room, an?J, uiauj builere, will
a o Improve tier apeedL
r??* -cin>o:."r 1<1 er Mr. Colgate, of tlie New York
Tatut Ciub. ai? gou? to Mr. steer'* \ar i, at Green
i t.: to pm: n oruer for be neaeoo. hbe ia
aa*<ng new n.a- ? i- <1 turec fee-, longer than
me oi i a a J ia b-.'.g u.t-1 wuii a nuia ?r of
aew eaita.
> ib iiv :ore swan, of the Heawannaka Yacht
c *b, aa Mai the ncboooer Anei o Xortbport to
ue ?ipo lae t*tae ai'er?'ioii? a* weie made in the
iu'?i joa '. to, .-ue wai tie . agtueaed forward
mi* -t ia <?*?' ' u.c f? aad wi?ii ooiiipiatad will
ia a?are aboat T? l??t <vei ai..
11 ? ?moMtr d p??e. Mr. H. T. Llfingston. of
um s?w ink Yacm Ciub. *oa toe at'jeca up toe
aae i? t>eiag .eugtaeoMi rorw^ru und
i ar? .<* u; oa Sae "ill meaaaro 7?
r?# ween compie erf.
i ?? ?< i?aa r H-enee*. 11 <"omnio<iore Roger
Maa 00d. Ol me H.ai.t.c >ac..: ClUb. 1? 1>ibg
i g? atnai'a do k. -?rit u laMna ner maeti
,f g> ?nel inte- eet and ber boots eogibeued
f,u* (<??<:, *.?>,. m tore Korer i* -trideutly prepar
taa tut at* o i aa* igoatat, the rritoQ.
The ? ? aer Settle, b?.oagiag <o the Rev. air.
*no at K>iuea t e A'.ant;': lacbt Club,
w,,i ? ??+ ' e overstated 10: tna aeaaou.
i ecao ?i Corset. Vlr. W. H. Uug.ey, of the
>.w lor* Wchttiub. I a? beeu flt.ed i*itu a new
i ?m .?' i e ? ocaet ? ia eirrr a iug loreaail thia
I e a oof A?i<tie Mr. cot nei.ue Roo*evel', of the
aeiwaattads 1a ;if ' a<. t* at can't yard, nf
5 riap i , uu-iergotag fXtniuive alteration*. MJ
,. *,ug engtm-b i otward ?otiie four leet, and
t ai ai?? *et, rai*?d a??ut tea utcliee.
li.e * o a-r yaeot nau*:iue, Commodjre Jons
k, l?tnt vii e tie Broustva Vucn: c.uo, t* at
\y..(k oa ne iiaoeraomg tifte-'sary re
jMire a. ? ?> . t?iojaa,y be ia ct m ..Uelou ia about
. ? ?e*?a.
xj t'j' .a'e owner of tlie ^aluej, ],a* boniiht a
t?e>, ? em t-ioat (.aoiu ? o?p, lu i.aetera water*.
i - ?ia u ?aeut ttiuiua. Mr. ara?lii*r, oi tut
? rvkya Yacai t-uo w already aa at asd is
T e %J o^cer a aiaata Mr. Muiaa A4tor oi tht
li? Tata Taeut i..a4, uaa |?a? ?a wari.'? fart, ??
<m t* *?4 to ?* overhaul** anil rut in triiu tor
!l. ! i ? ??? 1
i.' -I *nii>rn. Mr. William O?giiod. of
t i s?? l it la hi liut'.(? beiuu ltte>i out at
fc?" m i.ttndi %,
H?? ?<a??o?r ( "iQniiii. Mr. 1 -1<? r Wa'lack. of
IM Wl Yacht t'lah. i? at Sew l.oudoti, un
ovff -tug a overhauling. >he will prot?.
- . II Hi -i ? ? all ? it tie UII. Idle . .f next
Twr Ari"ti. Mr. 0Mafr. nf 'he Atlantic
1 ?<??? t ia?i t. in the bainl* or ti.p builder. >he
h?? iwn fitted vuh a "?? rmillH 114 -tern, giv
ing her a'h m' K??ir .eei mare o-iigtu on deck.
i* rhri-Une i>ai<' Itapnnei u being
ait Kt.irk. *?he i? owned bj Mr.
Ii i' it i.f 11.? >,?* Vrk Yacht riue.
1 ?- i'|i %#i'i war, owoeo t,? ?ir. Alexander
in r ir. 1-' rmc put in Hior iii"! trim. Iti^re
mat a iiiuti ? N*-ii*'*n nude letween me
? ? -la 4111 *ir. ~,raim??* ia?t *loop jacht the
iiiitam fore# Kevport, is building a
?i?am tirnt i?r Mr, J. 1: Kimt. 0: New Jersey.
Mi* Will a ou' It*.: lee I over tit.
*w H-tB* 4Kb BOAT Hol dBM wraiNUIKO DP
A* fttr sn<- eeu* tear loving aa a pastime la In
(rrtdif in fate amoui the younger men of the
city. certain'? no n:i te healthful uS^igr "cable
eterclte ran t>e laduttc I ir?. .or it ailki- strength
eoa the iu.nd aad ?odr, while a' the same nine
and aa a natural cotuequence. it ln*urea and en
lurcea regular habit*. wnicti cannot but luure to
the present and future moral iienrflt of Itn vota
ries Each reason toe roll of menu er? entered ou
the hook* of tlie different ciutu located in the j
neighborhood of New t nrk la greatly augmented,
while the nntuber of boata of every Ulntl, irom the j
fragile auO cranky :ltt)? paper uutrig/er to the j
heavy eight-oared barge, to be seeu on the river*
every afternoon throughout the summer, clearly
denotes the desire that r re van among Loatmg
men to attain proficiency and endurance.
lint a lew year* ago, comparatively, rowing waa
but little Indulged In, and the number of clubs
located in the vicinity of the city could be countad
upou the fingers' end*. The fleet of bout* be.
longing to theae organizations was also very
limited. To-day, l.owever, owing to ?hc Im
petus given to Doatlng, through the ex
ample of the inter-collegiate conte-ts and
from the support and <-ncnu agement that Is
given to it by all the ablest of our public teachers,
as well as from the heads of families and others
having the welfare of the rising generation at
heart, this flset lias attained proportions but little
dreamed of when boating was In Its infancy.
Tnen it was thought a great thing if a club pos
such as a scuiilug boat, a four-oared trig and a
four-oared barge. Now, every man who aspires
to become a sculler is not satlsfled unless he
owns bis own craft, while at the same time each
club of any pretension whatever has in Its
house two or three of each kind of crait neces
sary to Insure a fair amount of practice to lta
The season this year, en account of the extraor
dinary long and rigorous winter, cannot even
yet be said to have fairly opened, but already
here are to be seen oat on the river every line
afternoon a goodly number of men indulging In a
spin Just to rnb off the rust gathered during the
idle months, for the most part, however, these
are the men who are hoping to carry off some or
the honors at the different regattas which will I
take place during the summ r. and who are un
willing to lose the smallest chance of getting Into
the moat periect condition. As the days draw oat
end the sun gains greater power the fleet will,
doubtleas. dally Increase.
From present indications and irons all the Infor
mation tbat can be gathered there is every rea
son to conclude that the summer of 1875 will be a
brilll intone so far as boatiug is concerned. The
various clubs are now putting tneir houses in
order and reflttlag and fixing up their "atilps."
Toe boat builders, too. are as busy as they can be
on orders received lor new craft. Home of the
clubs ure cetttotr tnelr crews together that are to
carry tue club colors at tne regattas to be held on
tne Harlem aud schuyiklll rivers anu at Troy. The
men lorming cr who expect to form one <>i these
crews are already in lair condition, having been
steadily at work in the gymnasiums throughout
the wiuter mouths, thus Keeping down their avor
Mm and brai ing tneir muscles at ?ne and tne
sumo time. Miid these tne only thing require!
is a lime actual b aling prao ice to put on
tue Untitling touches. Toe present season. to?.
will oe to ail tue clubs a most important one in
view of the international contests to take pace
next vear during the Centennial ceieoration at
Philadelphia; for it will be necessary that dur.
ing ttie next few montni. and in fact np to the
cioa.ug time, they should develop ail their
strength in order to determine upon the most
promising material from which io
whom they can send to compete, with a hope of
success, lu some of the contests wim tne ccosen
ere?? iroui the English waters, as well as those
irom otner citiet In the United >ta;e?. The active
members of (he different emus are naturally uux
ous to ba the elect of their brethren, and aireaoy
mere is some discussion to be neard as to the prot>
abilities 01 success in tnis directum. Trie glorious
Tlctoiy 01 the Ward Brotneisat Saratoga iu 1*71,
when they vat.quished the picked toot ot England
as wail ?s the other representative crews wtio
were engaged in the same struirgle, will not be
soon li.rgotien by the lovers ^nd followers of
aquatic sports. If the amateur cluos of America
would aspire to vrusp tne laurels In ine races with
their transatlantic cousins and seek to emulate
the example iriven them oy tne Wards, they have
no ime to l?ae, but snoulu do their u most to ac
quire orodcieucy oy constant work and practice,
so that wnen the time ;or tne final struggle arrives
tr.ev uiay be able to bear tne strain with honor to
tnem?eivea and to tne nation thev represent. It
is certain tnat the crews that England will
send over will be composed of their
very best men. and wnoever exoects to win a
race against toeiu will have to pail every men of
tne distance, lucre can oe no shirking of
work, then, if the goal noald be ?ou: so It is
to te hope i tnat the clnbs hailing irom this Em
pire City and neighboro >od will at once otgin
operations aud settle down to serious and con
tinued practice. That tnere is
among the boating men of America if prop*
erly brought together and rea?onab:y trained
lew can doubt. All that is needed Is that it
should oe knowingly utilized and advantage
taken oi the time hat has to elapse before ttie
sirtiggle romes off, so that, by constant coaching
and practice an even, strong and effective sttOKt
can be a< quired, when It may be noped the Stars
and tutrices win at tne flmsn he earricu to the
feu# ami the wreath oi victory not be allowed to
be transported to otner and alien s tore*.
ni lar as regards who will be the men selected
Ot the different cluos to form the crews m tne
four-oared races thta seas n no uetinite infotnia
tion n a - yet been attainable. 'I he Argouantoa
will no doubt struggle nam to regain their pres
tige aud wilt put a strong 'earn oat. It is thougtit
tbat mi omitn, stepheuson ami Joe Eidred will
still bo kunt >n the ship, with a new man to take
the place of W aiter Mann, who retires.
Tne Araianta lour Is not yet selected, althongn
It is i* I most certain that Mr. Ounster, late t no
stroke oi Wiiilaiu* i.'ollege. aoti Eustace. or Was
te? an ?oliege. will oe two ot the chosen, aud
probabiv Van Kudy or Hanov si? >.
Tin Urameicy Boat Cutis talk of having a
?ttong crew, lis , until a ittic more practice uae
ncen nad oeciiun t?eay who the tour **-lit be.
Tue Nass u< are mso hopeful of carrying off the
paint in the Harlem uegaita; but It it questiona
ble ahetuer tney hsve surticicnt strength.
Of the other clnbs?the Athletic, Usuntless,
Nautilus, New Vo:g snd Harlem?no'.mn/ can oo
heard ?ufflcittiuy definite to even rtter to.
iney are all, however, hopeful oi making tiieir
mark, whemer it no either in the ?cuiung, pair
oated or lour-oared races.
*i tie double scon race iitrween Dick Balnbridge,
with Ed sm tri as his psrtner. and 1. E. laie*.
with either Courtney, coring or W. B. Curtis as
bis i artner, will take place, it is ttiougnt. about
the firs? w?ek in Juue. Tne tingle scull match be
tween Vates and Halnbridae takes place lour
daya prior to the liaries! regatta.
i ne single ?cnn amateur cuamptonshlp race is
llke.y to oring oat a large number oi consieetaiits,
prominent among who n are Kandail Yates, w. a.
CHrtlf, 0. Eng ehurdt and O'Neill.
ine New York Atnletic <Jiuu and the New York
Hon lug Cran art <o test thei merits in u series of
tmee rices to be rowed in Juu, viz., a single acull,
doubie sculi aud fo.ir-oared race, eacn to oe two
tmies, the club wiuuina two out of tne three races
io be declared the winner oi the prize, a set of
Tne Seawanliakas, oi Oyster Bay, are expecting
to have a strong lour-oared crew to work this
sea- n. uud are taikiiig or challenging the Argo*
nautaa, or Bergeu i'oint.
Tho race wiiictt it was anticipated had been ar
ranged between J. U. sadiet. or England, and
Oe org- brown, of Had ax, seems ukeiy to lail
through. s-ditr appear! to b? unwbliug to sigu
the articles.
John tiigiin is getting together a remarkably
strong crew at Newtowu Creek, with Joan Dtvyer,
Dunn and lorn Kiilott. A race between tuts team
ana the Ward* Is to ;ked iot.
From ad paru ol the country the advices (how
that tl.s sensor, will be a prosperous one. On tt.e
scntnuiii an is now active. .Mam good crews art
to nt setn practising annuls daily. In lect, wrier
tvtr tuere is to he round ivater suitable torowiag
l>atvosei clubs are ?. rimiuj into iXiscsnoe. This
sptiu vtu ?t tftt itiuit or tea nag.
The third competition for places on the American
International rifle team took place at Creodmoor
yesterday. The participant* in tlie content were
at the range* in good time to open fire by eleven
o'clock snarp. The distances shut Irnm, nature of
the ritt-8 and ammunition and a ?o the number of
rounds discharged by each competitor wore the
tame as those used upon former occasions, winch
have been already published. Tne fore part or the
day was more lavorablo to good practioa than
Friday. The light was more subdued und mellow,
but clear and dlstinc'. Tne hlnli nvinjf clouds that
scudded across the heavens, while preventing cr
rors which are liable to arise from '.he refraction
consequent upon a glaring sunshine, llirewsuch
a suodued tone of light over the targets und
ranges as showed these cxaotl* in their natural
position a'id colors. The wlud, too, was more la
vorable to good practice than on Friday. Acsier
dar it blew gently irom the southeast, veeiltig
sometimes a lew points toward the Boutu or ensr,
kud llnally settled down nearly due smth. Alter
two o'clock, when the contestants bad nearly
finished at tne 900 yards lange. it beuau to
rain, and continued we' at Interval* daring the
remainder of Mie competition. This untoward
circumstance spoiled a number of good scoies,
amotitf them being those of General Dakiu und
t'olouel Uoaiiie, these gentlemen very naturally
pre erring not to shoot In the rain, especially
when there wus no great need for their doing so,
a- they staud oh their last year's record.
It ts right to state that some murmurs of dissat
isfaction have been heard ajtalnst the method
adopted wheretiy the gentlemen formiu.T 'lie
American team last year tveio allowed to stand j
upon their four splendid scores made la that sea- j
son s contests, ending with ttio Bennett match.
|i is thought that this (rives fltem a double chance
over other competitors, in tue first place, when ?
the scores upon which these gentlemen now stand
were made, ilie weather was nincli more favorable
man at present, and It was at the cio.se of a wnole
season's practice, of wnien they had the oeueilt.
Theu again. II anv fortunate marksmen should i
heat ttie.r last veai's rccord these gentlemen have !
mill the privilege ?>f cnulleuiiiii[r one or more 01 tlie
lnuriopu.g victors to a new inul ol ?icili, which
would finally determine the contest as octwceri
such parties From the present aspect of tne
contest u is not. likely that any of the old team
will sutler a challenge on account ol their last ?
year's scores being beaten by some outsider, lor
there are hardly any new men worth while coii- ]
sldeiing as possible opponents of the team of 1374.
Vhere is mi doubt but that the urruuaouienr* and
rules lor the contest this year were made with the j
best intentions and with a view to the greatest
noHslole lairm-ss; (till It is right that any cause |
of complaiui, euuer real or mucieu, should have a .
SOO?1, 0. 4#S, *. 4, 4, 4. A *. *? }? *
mm?V H ? 1 4 l\ 8. 3. a. 4, 4, 3, 4, 4, 3. 4(j
li>J >?3, 4,' 4," 4,' 4, 4. 3, 4, 4, 4. 3, 3, 3, 4. 4 65-156
8 0 -4 0, 4. 4, 4. 3, 4. 4, 3, 3, 3, 4, 4, 4. 4 52
yUU-3 3 1 4 3, 4 3, 4, 4, 2, S, 4. 3, 3, 4 GU
lJrI-4'3; 3, 3, 4. 3; 3, 3, 3. 4, 4, 4. 3, 8. & 60-152
SIO-4. 4, 4, S, S, 4. 3, 4, 4, 4, 4, 8, 3, 3. 4 M
yjo- 4 4, 3, 4. 3, 4, U, 4. 3. 4, S, 4, 4, 3, 3. SO
lOSJ-O, 0. 3, 3, 4, 3, 4, 4, 4, 3, 3, 2, 3, 4. 4 44-148
SOU?4. 4. 4, 4. 2, 4. 4. 3. 4. 4, 3, 4, 3, 4. 4 65
tf.13-4, 3. 4. 3, 4. 3, 3, 3, 4, 3. 3, 4. 3. 4. 3 01
lUaU-8, 2. S, 3, 3, 2, 3. 0. 4, 2. 3, 2, 3, 4, 3 40-146
8UO-4. 4, 4. 4, 4, 4, 4. 4, 3, 4. 3, 4. 3. 4, 4 67
y 0-4 4. I, 0, 4. 3, 4. 3. 3, 4, 4. 3, 4. 3, 4 49
1000-2, 4, 3, 4, 3, 3, 4. 3. 2, 4. 0, 0, 3. 2, 0 37?143
300-4. 4. 3. 4. 2. 3. 4. 4, 4. 3, 3, 3. 4, 3, 4 5t
yijO - 4, 3, 3. 4. 4. 3, 3, 3, 3, 3. 3, 0, 4, 3, 3 ... 4b
1100?A, 3, 2, 3, 4, 8, 2. 3, 3, U, 3. 3, 4. 4. 3 43?141
800-3. S, 4. 4, 3, I, 3, 4. 4. 0, 4. 4. 3, 3, 4 48
90J-3. 3, 2, 4, 4, 3, 3, 3, 4, 2, 4, 4, 3. 4, 4 &J
1000?O. 2, 3. 3. 4, 4, 3. 3. 4. 3, 0. 3. 4. 2, 4 41-13#
SJ0-4. 3, 4, 4. 3, 0. 3 4. 4, 3, 3. 0, 4. S, 4 43
?0J?4, 4, 3, 0. 3, 4, 0, ?, 4, 4. 4. 4, 4, 4, 4 4.1
10.10-4 3, 3, 0, i. 4, 8, 4, 3, 0, 3, 2, 3, 4. 3 41-138
fkM-4, 4, 4, 4. 4, 3, 3. 3, 2, 4, U. 4, 4 4, 4 61
1W0-O, 4. U, 3, *, 3, 2. A, A II. 3. 3, A 4, 4 42
luou-o, 3, 3, 3, 3, 4, X 9. 3, 0. 0, 3. 3. S, 4 36-128
J. s. COLIN.
Si41?4, B. 4. 4, 4. 4, S, 4, 3, 4, 4, 3. 0, 2, 4 47
90)?3 2, 3, 3. 4, 3, 3, 0, 4, 3, 3, 4. 3. 3, 4 45
100J?O' 2, 3, 4, 0. 3, S, 3, 3. *, U. 3. 3. a, 4 31-126
811)?3, 3, 4, 4, 4. 4. S. 3, 3, 4, 3, 4. 4. 3. 3 52
DUO?2, 4. 3, 2, 3, 3, 2, 4, 0, 4, 0. 0, 8, 3, 3. So
1UOJ?3, 2, 3, ., 3, 3, 3, 3, 0, 2, s, 4 0, 3. 3 37-126
(00?4, 4, 4. 3, 4, 4, \ 4, 4, 4, 3, 4, 4. 2. 4 55
9U0?4. 0, 3, 0, 3, U 3, ?. 3. 3 3. 2 3, 4, 0 35
1000-0, 0. 2, 3, 2, 4. U. U, 0, O. 4.1. 2. 3, 3 30-116
r. c. sANroBO.
800?6, 3. 3, ?. 0. 6. 4 -, 3. 2. X 3, 4. ?. 3 43
90J?0, 3. u. 3, U, 4, 3, U. 3, 2, 3. 2. 4. 3 33
1UJ0? 1. 4, 0, 4, 4, *, 3, 3, 3, 2. 3, 0, 2, 3, 3 38?114
800?4, I. 3, ?, 3,1, II. ?, 4. 3, 4. 3. 3, 4, 4 44
900?3. Ml 4, 4. 4. 8, 3. 3, O, 2, 4, /, 3 4?
1UJ0-0, 0, 3. 0. *, 3. 0. 3. 8. ?. 4. \ 2, 0. 3 26?113
8110-3, 8. 0. 3, 0, 0, 3, O, 4. 4. 4, 2, 3, 4. 0 38
VOJ-3, 3, 3, A 4, 4, 4, 0, 4. 4. 4. U, 3. 3, 4 4<
11MJ-0 0. 3, S, 0, 3, 3, 0. 4, 3, 0, 3. 0. 2, .1 27-107
80 1?4, 3. 4, 4. 8, 4, A 3, 3. 4, 4. 3, 4, 4, 4 56
900-4, 3. t. 3. 8. 0, 0. J, 8. 4. 3, 2. 3. 2. o 36
10 <0?0. 0, 0. 4, 3, 0, 0. 6 w. 0. 0. 0, 0, O. 0 10?100
800-4, 4, 4, 3, 4, 3, H4.4.3, 4, 3, 3, 4. 2 40
WO-2, 4. 4, 3. 4, 8, O. 3, A 4, 4, 4, 4, 3, 4 i-O- 99
805?4. 8, 4. 6, S. 4, 4, 4, 8. 3, 4, 4, S, 4, 3 S3
9JO-U. 0, 0, II. 0, u. 4. 3. 2. 4. 4. 4. ?, 3. 3 81? 84
Culonel Vsleatine and Oeorg Crouch can hardly
be consn.ered araoni the contestants fur places
on the team; tae lormer out having enterea in
time and tb? latter being ineligible.
Among tne gentlemen present yea?erdar at
Creed moor were General ?h?ier, General Meserole,
Eleventh brigade, Brooklyn; Colonel Uouverneur
.M?rrls, colonel carr, captain Casey, and some
The following letter Has been received from
Major -Leech:?
Di-blis, April 16. 1876
Mr Dear Gehbral Khalbb?it cava inc much i>l?aMir?
tu re-elT? two uays b?u wur letter or the 24Ui ulL up?>o
r tobirct moit iaierv?uax to all illiemen?naniBiy. the
uullurm ?ysitm ut utrfets ana rule* to guveru future
it plrnspi me that tbn Idea come* Irom America.
Without tlila uulf. rimtv 01 praetlep iIip men nOherltu to
the old ?y?i*m aboot at a pmitivn rti-a ivamagc when
they c.noe to aiioot at a round bull'ieye. 6c.; a syatem
which lra<ls wuch caretui praetic? ana eluaer idiuonn?
tor which tlx- aamr iiecmally il??< not r*ut iu practi *
at the square buu'a eyr. Ac., when a centre aUUdninc
the ?nter tine c >on'a a* much a* a centre touching iba
butl'aeye. _ .
Bi-iore brtiiiilne ibr ?ubj?et to the noue* of the public
I will plac* your letter before L->rd WnaruclltTe, waa is
? charoung mail, anu is now I'rcMdeut ol the National
Kitt<- Aiauctaiwu ol Enc.auJ, aud I will augges: W laible
dou a? me place lor toe cou>en?ion of riUemen. au/
g?at?d in your latter, to tneei and talk matieri over.
Heiiave me. my dear Oeuerai. your vary ratthtai ai.J
alncere. ABIHl'K H. LLKOil.
Ubnbral bmalir. PraAiJaul National ittfla AaaoeUtioO,
Kew Vora.
Kotwltbatandtng toe fact uat variable tod in*
clta>enr weather (till prevail* tne ball play ere
have managed, by taking auvaatatre of toe lew
boura of eun-'tiuie between tne yarloaa tleet, enow
aou rain atorm? to play a number or realty excel
lent garnet. Tne aret coutott 01 tbe teaaon was
that between the Boatoa and New Haven uinba on
tue 10! u of April, me result being a victor/ lor tne
Boitonlaoi of * score of 6 to o. 1 wo <lay? later
tue same olnei met again, wheu tbe retail Vat i?
to 3 in tue cbamplont' iavur. Wuile tint game w_<
being p.'ayed at New Havea tbe Philadelphia and
Centennial clabe were b&vl-ig tbelr flret trial of
ttrenctb at ihe patter City. Tne game waa won
by tne raiiadelpma e:a? by a total oi T to t?a re
markably One conteat, couriering (be supposed
dltpariry between t le two ntoea.
on the 2id toe Atuiettea i-layed vaeir ftret game
nun tbe P.4tlaucipbiat. winning by three run . tbe
ecore oein< 6 to a. Apru u i fie Brooalya a Ua i< ?
wen' up to Btrtiord and iaea*ated oa?* wi?o >ne
HditiorU aine. i i e reeait waa * weii-coate teJ
march, toe borne c.uoooiy wtaalug by a tcore ?*?
tt to ft.
1 ne centennial and Ai'ncuc nme< p'.tti<-d on tne
27tn a: Philadelphia, vbeu tne eg coampraa* ce
leifeit tne youis* cinb or the talaM o> 14 tu A,
waking nin? rune? tevea earael by terrHk- oat
tin/?im the eigtitn inait g
ine clotw'Bt ?;<nie piaied that fat wt* that be
tweett the Atlautk' and New Haven Clubt at Sew
Haven "ti tbe "iJiu uit, upo.i whiea ? ?ccasiua
tne uroociva boys gained a haadaom* rlctorv ?>r
(leieatinu their oppoaenta by*, e totait of ? to 2 ia
nine uil inning*. Krom Xe? Haveu tne Atlantic*
suit uat it ta llartiord, wnrre < u u.<- iTtn itiey
sutf-re.i <1 .eat at ttie i.autle oi the loca Citib hy a
?core oi 10 to i. i ne pimaaeipnta abtf t euteuuial
mi t* nao ttieir -econ i ine-ting on tfte .Mh. wbea
the Piuuae ph.ari a/am nefeated tbetr opponent*,
tne *core stauuiux iu to
Sew Yorkers. !??*- favuted than the tnliaUtauta
of itie Quaker Cry. legnnl* weaUier wau dry
ground", were compelled to wait uuti! ittt f rl lay
to Kef a iraiue oerween two pto<e*?i?ii4i mora.
Mott people inonght tlie Mutual *<j .i > nav ? euca
an eity tbiag of it tnut hut taw weie ultra tea
to ii- kruimoa. I'm* wan ver? unior:ua?t.\ aa
tboi* who ieiuuioe.1 u.vav iniaaed teem* a teai y
flnr conteat. A gre t mam oruitaai play* were
made ou i.otri aiuea, and alinougu tne Centennial*
?udereu defeat, tber proved toemtxlTet won y
foe me i for unyclnbin tneareaa. ?l* o. tneir me
l.iu>er* are aiuataurt, or *t .eaa. were at tue
opening oi tbe teuton, it.ev are oat anu ail tnarp,
euecuve Xlet era, art J alter ley :.a?e had aUt;le
more txpnienae and practice aea.utt tbe pro*
ittMvbai tiabt wui oarrf IM ken a; t?l? ??.
Ucc-htH Is pitching with wonderful speed, kid M
see .Vlc<;uilv catch for him U really a Ufa .
If unyiiiiujj iu i? bt l-aiiied iroin tne stvle ol
play shown by the .Mutual uliie usou the occasion
lit question their nunv irieius and *rt*
uilrors have no occasion to fear '<{'
tuein uunnir the present season. Gerhard!
plays a beauti'ul third tunc gume, stopping
una throwing like on old veteran. Hicks Is rapldlv
pettiujr down to his work, and even now rtuowi
to the bnsos with an um old acu ?domed ?i>eed and
iiccuracy. At seoond ba-c> nelson is astonts iua
? ven himself by lus brilliant performance. while
Joe start iit-ver pliyed 11 rut ba*e better than is
(loiiiy now. nor did he ever but better.
s.iouiii the weather bo favorable a number oi
frames between protessloual nines will be pl-iyed
on th<'I'mou OrounUs this week. thus affording
New Yorkers hu opporruiutv oi jud in* lor t&eui'
selves oi the merits of tne various clubs.
Tlio Atiletlc and Philadelphia c:ubs played at
Philadelphia yesterday, with the following r?
suit: ?
Ctubn. ut, 2,1. SI. ith. Un. Oth. 7Oi. 8th. SKA.
Athletic 0 1 U 0 0 2 0 2 1?1
fliilmleiphia 2 0 o 0 U 0 0 u 0-f
Luip.re?Mr. cJeoigo Hubel.
Tnese clubs played at New llaven yesterday,
makiug the lollowlng score:?
C7i?V. Ut. 2tl. <?/*"?teh. &/)>. Ilk. ith. HA
Ccuiuiiniiil 3 2 2 U 0 t 1 I 2?13
New llaven II 0 0 1 SOU!) (?? ?
I'iniiire?Mr. Dale.
The lollowiui (tames will Us played on tb?
Union Croucds tills week:?
Monday.?'.'oaton vs. Mutual.
Ti'bsday.?Mutual vs. Atlantic.
WkonksdaT.?Atlantic vs. I'luisdelplila.
THURSDAY.?Mutual vs. Pniladeipnia.
Friday.? Atlantic vs. Centennial
The police made 1.537 arrests during the week.
Debtors for Croton water rents have an oppor
tuulty of settling with the department.
There were MO deaths, 401 births, lot marriage*
and ji stillbirths in this city during the week.
The Free Labor Hureau lor Women, situated at
No. ft Clinton place, met its death yesterday.
Cause, lacii of cash.
Tiib spring exodus for Europe has Just began.
Yesterday steamers carried out 879 cabin and 1,1M
ste rage passengers.
Mr. Kiting died suddenly uuder suspicions clr>
cumstances, yesterday. a: No. ai Clinton place.
Coroner Croker was notified to nold an luqaesr.
Fresh shad is below par. Only 75,000 hare beei
sent to the New York market during the last twe
clays, and they averaged at least three ponndl
The Excise board will take under consideration
the advisability of a redaction of the liquor
dealers' license lee at their regular meeting to
A reunion commemorating the fortieth anni
versary or the Principal's connection with School
So. 14, East Tweutr-seventh street, is to take
place in June. The pupils of classes troin li35 to
ibtto inclusive will participate iu the exercises.
The examination of the students of the Colum
bia Law School was continued yesterday at th?
school building in Bond street. The candldatei
lor depress were renuired to undergo a rlald
scrutiny as to their knowledge ol real estate law.
Weston, the pedal urtiat, proposes in his next
feat to foot r>15 miles in six days, 200 miles In twe
days, I'JO mlies inside or twenty-nve hours and 111
nines inside of twenty-lour hours. If Weston
accomplishes the above feats with his feet he will
deserved to be icted.
The seventh anniversary of the pastor of the
Westminster Presby'ertan church, Rev. U. U
Mathews, win take place at the church In Twenty
second street, between Sixru and Seventh av
enues. this evening. Several eminent puipit
orators are announced to speak.
Shortly after lour o'clock yesterdav morning a
Are broke out in the cellar ot the tour story brick
building No. 20 Jay street, occupl d by Martin T.
ltunn as a grocery store and residence. The dam
age to the s ock in the grocery store Is estimated
at about $2.uoo, uui to tne bmlding at $500, ail ot
which is covered by insurance.
The Comptroller has provided for the amount re
quired lor the iutereat payable on the city debt.
The total debt upon wnica the interest has so
crued according to his figures amounts t?
$118,367,-257 24. tne Interest being $2,47-',768 64, ut
whtcn amount tne Commissioners of tne Mincing
f und 1 old $?6.824,oT7 34, and the interest toey will
receive is $871,23o 32.
According to custom the several Police Justice*
changed their places yesterday, and lor Uu next
four months Jus:ices Otterbonrg and Sherwood
will preside at the Tombs Police Courr, Justice*
Smith uud Morgan at tne Essex Market Poiico
court, Justices Wandeli and Bixbyatibe Waso
lngt?n place police Court, Justices Klibreth and
Kasncire at the Yorkviile Court and Justices Mur
ray and F.ammerat the Harlem Courr. Jos lot
Woee.er wui remain at tbe Westenester Court.
Tit* receipt* for taxes during the week amounted
to $166,747 04.
i be chimes of St. Paul's Roman Catholic obnrofe
will be rung to-day for the llrit Una*.
The total number of arreata during the moat*
of Aorii was l.wtf. La*t week th*r* were 4*6
taken tnto custody by toe police.
During the pan month 1.177 licenses war*
granted bv IliiCK Inspector Jones. The revenu*
derived from this source amounted to 13,528 2S.
Tne May term oi tb-j Court of (sessions will open
on Mondar, when the Grand Jury will be empao
nelled. I he ciiminal calendar Is pretty bear/.
The residence of ex-Congressman Tunis 0. Ber
gen, at Bay Hldge, was damaged bj fire to tbo
amount ol $$00on Friday night. The Ore originated
tnrougn the careiessuesa ol *ome tinsmiths wio
were ar worlc la the house. #
, James McCarthy was reman led to Jail by Jos
tlco Detmur. yesterday, on the charge of buying
4,000 pounds of tallow wnich was stolen fromioho
Diamond, of No. ;6 pearl street. New York. Cap
tain pern, of tneTuhd p.ecluct, has reoovered
nearly nail tit* property.
Justice Klely yesterday committed Margaret
Marrand Kebecca Tuckerton to await examina
tion on a charge of stealing a box containing
$1,1-10 worth of jewelry from tne residence ef Mr.
Henry Hodges, their employer, No. 02 Booth
Uxioid street. The roboery was committed on
the #tn of last tronm. but it was not till ye*terdai
tnat the ruirues were arrested ov Captain Crail
Tuey cooie sed their guilt and a large portion oi
the property nas been recovered by in* ponce.
The following inscription, written by the War.
den, hang- outside cell No. 00 in tne Hudaug
County Ponfentury"James Camel, ags A
Wate, ICS ooouds, bus 6 feet 8 inches.''
I he Miendun tragedy is still the subject of
earnest discussion in Jersey City. A post-mortem
examlrta loo was made by County Pbysician Stout
yester tar morning. A piece ol the skull, an iuob
in diameter, had M,;? driven into the brain, and
the inftaramauou which resulted was the oause of
The members of the new Board or Cboaen Free
holders oi iiudsuo coun:y were sworn in ye*ter?
day at Jer?ey City, beiore Judge Knapp. Each
Uii ubor was required 10 furnish b >nas in th* sun
or iioojO. h. K. tan Horn was sworn in as a
me ..r>e irom tne isixm district, ant tne regula ly
e ecteu intuioer, Mr. Wicknani. nas taken ta* caso
to Me supreme Court.
Tu* Rev. uotainl k Kraua. pastor of Mt Br at
lac* lUurr*, Jersey city, left lor kur. p* yesterday
by tne steanjefcin Donau. lie was escorted to to*
waarf in 11 bo?#n by -everal *uo'*r?d members oi
bi*congi?j/.tiiori. A purs.- coutainlog II,(wO was
Sresentod to huu 11" will be aosent nve months,
i* p.ace will oe eupplted t?y one ol th* Capuchiu
Pat.ters i4 .Sew Tork c.ty.
Mia. Sufi Jan* Wilcox, th* religious inaniao,
who created * mouraiui sen* tllun him. Marv'i
c-urch, Hoboken. on I bursoar nlgat, was re
in v*d to the Tt???toil l.i.os'lc Asylnm yesterday.
As ib* mitering ireatoreu ive oirin to a child oaiy
tw?iv? d i|< Miro. am fir nera-igcment is tboutfiii
?o be the re-nii of lever, there is mitga adverse
criticism ou n?r ms??? to a mad hone*.
A oa*>l*irf*d lad, thirteen years of ag*, bole
Ming with ? crutch, commuted a bl?hwav rob
bery at the Hob 'ken terry veaternay morning B?
attacked a uitie b .y wbo was jast e >mlng .roto
New V< r*. saatcned his ailv-r watch ami cnaio
an i tueu threatened him wttii sum i.arr violence
in case be snouM rai?e an alarm. officer tian
rat.an too ne d?uraved crip. le to me static*
bouse, wii#t* it loo* two men to search mm. tM
capttir* resisting e in an ai? migj*. hoj sweartut
teuruiebtiv. 11 kicked aai uit at to* om*?ro,
but was spee-l;iy lodren in a cell. T .* iitti* ei<
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