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"Prudentius" on the Ameri
can Cardinalate.
Th.e Bible and th? Resur
rection of Man.
The Spiritualists will bold a conference In Har
vard Rooms ibis morning and evening, and In Ga ?
latin Hall, Brooklyn, this evonlng. 0. B. Lynn will
address unoiher spiritualist branch on "The Lib
eral Pulpit."
In Allen etree t Presbyterian cbnrch this morning
and evening the Kcv. George D. Phelps win min
ister as nsual.
The Rev. William P. Abbott will preach in St.
Luke's Methodist Episcopal church at the usual
hours this morning and evening.
Mr. E. V. Wilson lectures for the Progressive
Spiritualists this morning and evening.
!n AH Saints' Protosiant Episcopal church the
Hev. W. p, ounnell, rector, preacnes morning and
Professor Forey, of Chicago, and Rev. W. W.
Hammond will occupy the pulpit of the Bercan
B*i>tlsi. church this morning and evening.
Toe Rev. E. C. .sweetser will preach tnls morn
In*and the llev. j[. H. Nyc, of Brooklyn, this even
ing in me Bieeckur streot linivernallat ciiurch.
A series of llfo iesson* will be begun this eveulng
In Bee l; in an Mill Methodist Episcopal church by
Rev. W. u. Thomas. Subject, "The Hurried I,ife."
Dr. Deems will preacU this morning In the
Church of the Sir.iugcrs, aud Dr. Sanine, of the
Reformed Episcopal cnurcli, this eveuiug, at the
nsual hour*.
In the Church of Our Saviour the Rev. J. M.
Pullman will preach tins mornlmr and evening.
The Church of the Dliclples of Christ will be
minlsie.ed to -Ills morning an?, eveulng by Rev.
D. H. Van Uuskirtc.
Kev. w. li. Pendleton will preach, as usual, In
the Fifty-third street Uiptist church to day.
Dr. Fulton, of Hanson place Baptist church,
Brooklyn, has set himself to consider this morn
lag "The Churcn of the Pope?Tne Source of It;
The Certainty of Its Dooiu;" and tills evening
"Th# Peril of Evil Doiuu.''
Praacnlng in the Ladies'Heme Mission chapel,
Five Points, tills morning and evening by Rev. C.
B. Brown, Superintendent.
Rev. Oscar Hugo will preach in St. John's
Methodist Episcopal church this evening, on "The
Public Schools," and Rev. J. M. Kinj preaches
ifeis morning.
"The Revival In Ireland, under the labors or
Messrs. Moody and Sanfcey," will be described by
Professor Macloskie, or Princeton College, who
has had knowledge of that whereor he will speak
Hits evening in Association Hall.
Rev. J. B. Merwin will preach in Forsyth street
Matoodist Episcopal church this morning and
"The Precious Blood or Christ" and "Naaman
the Leper" wnl be dlscnssed to-day In Seven
teenth street Methodist Episcopal church by Rev.
I. H. LI* tit bourne.
Kev. 8. M. Hamilton, pastor of tho Scotch Pres.
hyterian church, wi,l preaca there this morning
sad afternoon.
Rev. C. E. Harris will preach In Allen street
Methodist Episcopal church at the usual Lours this
?orniug and evening.
Dr. Jonu Hall will preach In the Squth Reformed
?bureb this evening, and Dr. Rogers, the pastor,
In the morning.
Rev. Jonn Johns will preach In the Free Taber
Baoie MeihoUlst Episcopal church this morning
?Bd evening at the usual hours.
In the Union Kelormed church, Sixth avenue,
the Rev. W. B. Merrtit will minister this morning
and evening.
Dr. Morgan will olUclate id the services in St.
Thoaas' Protestant Episcopal church this morn
tag and afternoon.
la Twenty-fourth street Methodist Episcopal
?burch me Rev. Thomas Lodse will preach this
laorBiog, and in the evening a sund>y school
meeting will be atdresaed by Kev. Stephen Mer
riit and Mr. K. C. North.
"The Great Revival In the Church of England"
?Ul be portrayed this evening by Rev. J. W. Bun
feaui m the i hurch of the H >lv Trinity.
The Rev. J. R. Hawthorne will consider what
la aeant by "Forsaking ail lor cnrlst" and "Rit
Bailsm." at the ujual hours to-day lu the Taber
?acie Rapt tt cnurch.
Kev. William Lloyd preaches this morning and
?veolag lo H asuington square Methodist Episco
pal church.
Kev. W. T. Egbert preaches in toe Waiawrtgbt
M' moriai Protestant Episcopal ohurcn this morn
lagand eveoing at th* usual hours.
Rev. Dr. o?g<>o<! will preach this evening la St.
Peter's Protestant Episcopal cburca on "Music
?ad Christianity."
Tne Rev. jo?ei>h F. Jowltt, lata of St. Thomaa'
ohurcn, in ihl* citjr, will preach to-day aod du
ring this nionin in SC. John's Protestant Epis
oopal church, Cluton. h I.
Divino service wi;i be coadnoted in the Eagllsh
language to-oay, by Father BJerrlng, la the Rue
?lan Greek chapel.
"ihe Advent at Peaiel" is the topic chosen for
consideration by Rev. D. M. McCarTrey tnis even
ing, in the Church of the Mediator.
?'fit* True w or* and Greatn'aa of Man" mil be
?oiuidered this morning to tne Church of the
Measiab, and "Tne Night of Ufa" this evening, by
Bcv. W. R. Alger.
Rev. O. C. ilffsny will preaoh this morntng and
Afternoon in tne Churca of the Atoacmeat.
"Ihe Gain of Loss'' and "Balaam's Prayer" win
occupy tne Kev. William Lloyd's attention this
Morning and evening iu Wa?hingtoo square Meth
odist Episcopal church.
The Kev. Dr. Ewer coatinoes his discourses this
?veiling on "rhe Worship of the caurch" la St.
Ignatius' Protestant Episcopal church.
In toe First Kelormed Ept?copal church th* Rev.
W. T. saiune will preach thia moraiug and Dr.
De*ms this evening.
"Tne Political Peatoieaof the English Keiorma
Uon" will be described this eveniaa In Christ
eharch tiy Rev. Dr. lhompaon.
The Hev. George U. llepworth win offer some
"Suggestions Abont th* Atonement" tins mora
log. In the Church or the D scipies. Ills theme
this evening will be, "I Would Believe, but can
la the Anthon Memorial Protestant Episcopal
church, the Kev. K Hcber Newton win ccotinuo
his course of sermons on tne "i on.lict Between
Religion and Selene*,'* taking up - science and the
Bible" tills morning.
The Hev. Dr. Howiand will offlclate this m >rniog
anu aiternonn In tneChnrch oi tne Heavenly Kest.
Dr. Armltago will preacii this morning aud
evening at tuc usual hours lu ihe Fiftu aveuue
Beptlst caurch.
Rev. E. H. Krans preaches this evening m st.
Ann's Protestant Eniscupal cnurch. liters are
three oiber services beside.
To thk Editor ok rur: Ukrald:?
Your 1-sue of April 2S Should possess in tbe eyes
of Amcrica n citizen* a turr.incauce iar beyond
that whicti n?fuch? h to a glowing, eloquent aud
oxnaiisilve description of a novel ecclesiastical
ceremony, tnonnit never so itaponiag. A marvel
lous pen-picture It surely Is of au event markiug a
new era in the ecclesiastical history of this conn
try and of the i ntlie Continent.
What did Cathoilci see In thH ceremony t
Simply that a single century of liberty ha* solle
vetopcJ the lloman Catholic body in tlil^ country
that tbelr bishops am given seats m tne lapal
tea ale, in the highest administrative council of
tbat iHurc:i whlc.i has witnessed the birtn and
groftib oi evury Uvii coustitu lou iu cuiiRicauom.
H the highest office la tfee TTatt?<l Stat,mis ac
cessible to the man of lowliest birth, provided he be
a native of tills Republic, even 10 the child born
to-day of the emigrants arrived among us but yes
terday, go, notthur more nor less, Is the lo.'tleu
eminence in the Catholic Cltu ch, even the Chair
of Peter, made accessible to every Catholic priest,
be he boru as lowly as Hndebrandt or Slxius V.
To catholics there is no other signiacance in the
ceremony of last Tuesday. That man wtio stood
so meekly on the altar steps of Si. Patrick's
Cathedral and seemed to bow nis bead to receive
the highest honor of the Roman purple as if he
were about to bo crowned with thorns, Is In very
deed tne son of emigrant parents, born In lowly
condition and risen step by step to his present
eminence through the sheer Impelling force of his
native goodness, winning love and a good name
irom all within tils communion and without.
it lias ever been the boast of American citizens
that the social equality guaranteed by our tederal
constitution makes every, native-born freeman
clieible even to the Chief Magistracy of the Repub
lic: it can, since last Tuesday.be the boast of
every American C.itholie?why should I not say of
every American oitlzen ??that the first dignity in
the Christian Church, a place among the long line
of Sovereign Pontiffs stretching 1800 years buck to
St. Peter, is no* accessible to every boy born on
American soil.
Among the boya wha ministered on Tuesday
I morning in the sanctnary of St. Patrick's, or the
: throngs of their fellows who eagorly watched out
side lor one glimpse of the Cardinal's robes or a
I parsing smile irom hlsiatherly countenance, there
whs not one, peroiiance, who did not feel, as lie
looked upon tne pale teatures and shrinking form
ol the Prince of tne Church, th u he might himself
i be one day exalted to thai same proud statiou by
learning, labor and spotless purity of life.
Any one who ?ives other significance than this
to the elevation of our Archbishop to the Cardl
naline misunderstands the policy of Pius IX. and
: the purposes of tlie Catholic Church, and mistakes
the prejudices of ins creed or education lor the
, doctrines and ulnis or his Roman Catholic fellow I
j citizens.
We may well rejoice, then, that the same equal
] Itv which throws open to true merit in every walk
Of society the hf/hest honors and trusts 01 tne
State now breaks down the barriers which have
; stood between American Catholics and the subilm- :
est office 01 the Papacy.
but there are pregnant lesaons to be learned
irom this event which marks the first centenary
of religious liberty noneatl the protection of our
Republic. It was the successor ot John Carroll ,
and Leonard Neaie in the see or Baltimore whose '
I hand plac -d the burretta on the brow of tne flrst I
I American Cardinal
I In the beginning or 1775 John Carroll, alter the
i suppression, by Clement XIV., of the religious so
ciety to which lie Had vowel Ills Hie and given its
j best years, hastened buck Irom Europe to aid witn
? nis lauillv lu tne couiiQg sr.ruirgle ior lndepend
I ence. We rind his brother. Jharies Carroll, of
I t.arrolitou, prominent lu that same year as a mem
i oer of the first "committee of observation." es
! tiblished at Annapolis;"and In I77<ia sp?uial reso
lution oi Congress oesires Charles Carroll "to
prevail upon Mr. John Carroll to accompany the
j committee to Canada lo ushisi tne in in such uiat
! ters as tliey shall think useful." This committee
compused Charles Carr.di himself. Benjamin
I rrankliu and Judge Samuel Cltass. Tlio z-al of
! the Carrolla and ol thu entire bo ly of Maryland
i Cutuolics for the cause of inucpendetice, aud
j the precious services rendered bv them, were
well known to Washington ami to Congress. Tne
| innueu 'o winch the amende.) constitution oi Mary
laud (the work of Daniel CarroJij hud lu the
I training of ths federal constitution is too neil
i known to need snoclal mention here; but It will
luterest tne reader to be told, In tins year of grace,
i 1875, wuen goinetnwg like a cry of alaiui is raised
: at this pliuniom ol a Papal aggression, that it was
! the instructions of Washington that Benjamin
r'rmiklin. in 1780, while ambassador at Paris, oo
< taiued from Rome the appoiutment of John Car- I
r"*l jy Vicar General ol to* American Cnurch in
the United states, and later as first Bisriop of
1 Baltimore. Thus we may reokou among the
fouuaera of the Roman Catholic hierarchy iu this
Republic the very founder* of that Republic itself
' just a* certainly us we must acknowledge among
I tne fathers oi American independence not oniy
Charles Carroll, ol Carroilton, out tne Jesuits
Jonu Carroll and Leonard Nealc. Nor did Wash'
ingtoii and Franklin, when Independence bad
I been wou, tuink that the Romau Catholic faith
should die out wiui their mends the Carroiis.
I liiey, too. aided, by eveiy means ihey could em- 1
ploy, tlie establishment of the flr?tCatholic college
in tne very heart and csntre or tie I'm n?at
| Georgetown. Over tue prog ess of that buiidiug
?> ashiugtou watcaed witu as inech care almost
as Joan Carroil lumseif. And toe visitor is still
i spown tne tree In the college courtyard to whlcu
i the -Father ot his Country" tteo his horse when
he duly rode out to visit bis iriend and walk
, rouna with him to mspect tne progress of tue
j new edifice.
i hat the love of the Carroila for the Union which
they contributed to fouud nad not died out after
) the lapse of a century one lact chosen among
many may i idicate here. A descendant of Charles
Carroll, tlghtiug for ine Union during the late
j war, was stricken down by a mortal wouud on
the battle field, itiere was no priest nlgn to hear
the tfylng man's confession ana give him the ao
aoluiiou he craved. But, calling his most trusted
j officer fa Protestant) lie forced nlm to receive nis
lini couie^dluu, ho unci Dim t?y soiumn prom
i?e to repeat It lu Ins name to a catholic priest
at tn? nr?t opportunity, and expired happy at
liiiviDff fulfilled iluty to hi* country ami nis
Oed. When, later, his Protestant iricmt, with
i streaming ey ?, besought tho flrnt priest lis met
to hear this conlession, do you, reader, marvel
that the miuistei of Goa was as Incr. dulous at
first as he was alterward moved by the recital of
an act of pictt only parcelled by that of Bayard,
k ehrraiter *u us iwur ?< so nt rtprochti t
Han Washington and Prankdu lived to behold
wnat New Yor* witnessed last luesday, think vou
thev would have felt alarmed at th? progress
iu this land of tne Camoiie Church or at
tue exaltation of an American Bishop to the rauk
ol cardinal i They would have rejoiced rattier, nor
would Benjamin Franklin's spirit rest till he had
ootaiued tor toe see ot Baltimore and the wortliv
successor of John Carroll the honor that has
come unsolicited and unexpected to tne successor
of John Ungues.
But since mis last treat name has come under
I my (itUj let me add, that had Providence spared
to the Lulon tney had saved Abraham Ltucolu and
William H. Howard, they would h?ve been botn
proud and happy to be central figures in last
luesday's celebration among tne dlunltailes
who witnessed the luauguratlon of the first Amcr
t lean CaMinal.
When trance, at the beginning of our calami
tons civil war, threatened to uphold the southern
Conlederacr it was on tne gieat Archmshopof
New \ ork tnat their choice fell to proceed to En
rope to ask the mediation of rne Holy Sec witn
the ?'reach Kmperor, In order to prevent h'2
giving effective aid or countenance to the Con
It !* not unknown th^t again and again they
solicited lor .vrenbishon Hugnes the honors of the
Cardiualate. assuredly they would not have seen
in the elevation ol hlu successor a design aiming
at the subversion of free Institutions or demo
cratic equality.
There was one venerable man present at the
In augural ton ceremonies whose birtn Is almost co
eval witn that of the federal constitution?Tntir
low Weed. Ihe writer oi these lines had not
looked upon his facc since the memorable dav our
forces marched from Washington to the disastrous
Oslo of liiili Kun till ne met him at the sacristy
door ol i*t. Patrick's Cathedral.
|)ld that man. whose green old age Is one of the
few llukti thai unite our dogeuerate preseut with
the great-soulel neneratiou oi Washington and
his peers- did he behold in the impressive cere
mooies oi investiture anything ominous oi danger
to civil or religious liberty lie rather exulted
iftat religious freedom in our land had at leurth
borne the irolt oi tnis greai honor, lor wnicn ne
loo. nad been praying. He had wished lor ?t In
lavor el the great Archbishop whose ashes re
P sei in the dark vaults beneath, and ho rejoiced
that it nad laden on one witn who** many virtue*
a o>ng Ine had made him thoroughly acquaint- d.
Tnere 18 ,n tr>e elevation or John
McCloskey no menace to liberty or to equality
?e wieh no other to convince tbercol William Cul
leo Bryant than ine voice ana pen oi 'Inuriow
Weed' PRUHK.N Ill's.
Tu TnK l.niros or thi IUkaliis?
Mill ton p?rnii ui? tu write a few lines in
an*wer to a let: r wbicb appeared in jour j.eper
of Miaday. tb? Win tiit., signed "J. K. affirm
iut mii the lliftla (meaning, I soppoaei, the Old
Testament, declare* mat "man ta mortalthat,
like the i*?*t, he I* of ta? earth earthy: that -all
a to on<< place," and that 'the dead know not
? n tain?r*?
Ui me inquire whether tbe Jewish people, for
whn?e wa# tlir book w?* originally written, drew
thi* belief from it. I uppo*e "J. v. O."' will allow
tnat tbe Mcriba* akd 1'harisees who were ap.
painted ?>? Jet ovalt Itltnaelf to write, read and
i xanune the aacred record*, are reliable inter
pi rter* of tliem, but theywere.no far from draw
ing "J. tf. G.'e" conclnslona that they understood
them a* affirming tne resurrection of man, both
of the ju*tand the unm>t. I'aal appealed publicly
in the Jewish t ouucil i*tot? the inch prl?>t*t at
Jerusalem to tin* national belief, a* no Had ocen
bioiiirin ui> a PMnw ami of course Knew tiielr
tenets, HP.I tlicy i Hi mediately aiknowledge.! rhem
and *u.limited hmi againut the Hjdoucees, who
were iiiiO'ii'ver" in ihlt orthodox faith, tne
Pnartsre* declaring, We tlnd no evil in tnla man.
t?ui it nit .ingf or a Mp i it u 11u spoken to him let
n* not fight again-1 Ooa."
je*u? o! Na/.are h, who "1, K. (J." believe* will
eveutually reign gorioualy over the.lews in Jeru
aafm, comrtended the i imrtaea*' Interpretation
ot the HiWitW ?M riptarea a* tu ? true one. and
condemned ?n? twoenei of the .naildnccc*, giving
a* a ]<r>>oi 01 inan'a resurrection JenoTaii's deciar
111ion to Moae* at tbe nurniojl ouai, tint H>- wan
the Ood of Abraham. Isaac and Jacob, irislRS
ti a ai '*;?J Wua no; tuo u id 01 tu* dr ?,, out tic
Got of in* living. Abraham, Isaac ??? J""*1
be Kill alive. It is true that some 0> the preachers
of tne nineteenth century have brought re
proach uu their sacred office, but truth
i? truth *>v whomsoever spoken. Balaam ?J*?P?
cy Of the luture glory of Israel wai\,5?L.rite
true thouah proooun';e?i t>v tht lips ol a hyiocrit.
?n" deceiver, aori Jehovah has now. as well aa in
tne time oi F.lliah, ih? prophet, many pur? and
hoiv iiiini-ter*. who nave uevor bowed tne knee to
the imaue or Baal. I trust that -J. V. G.." who, I
doubt not, w a sinceie inquirer L'5.!
the noble Hermans (commanded Apostle
puiih will ioarc.i tho scripturcs flWly }
U?c^e thinjf are 80? *lje a,lli ?cw
do not contradict each orner, lor our bleaMd
saviour came, as He ilimaeif rttclared, pot to d<
Htroy ttio law or the prophecies, out to tnem
all. K h'
The session of the Broadway Tabernacle has ex
amlned forty-seven candliiatea for admission at
the next communion in that church on profession
of lalth. , .
Rev. Franklin Noble was installed pastor or the
llempatead (Long Island) church last Thursday. ,
Sormou by nr. Duryea. |
Mr. Walter 8. Pcteraon was examined and 11- j
censed to preach the Gospel at the April meeting
of tho Presbytery of Geneva, at Trumansburg. I
Tne pastoral relation of Rev. Ezra I). Shaw with
the Church of Victory, New York, haa been dis
solved. . . . .
At the last communion season held in the second ;
Preabyterlan church, Richmond, Va. (Dr. Hone's), j
twenty-one persons were received, eleven of
whom were on proiossion of laitn.
BAPTIST. . . , !
the Rev. Mr. Patterson, the evatiffellst. has . 'tst ,
closed a series ol reviva' meatmw ?n the Tatie.
nacle liaplist church, Scttih Brooklyn. A iarj,e j
number of uersons were converted. j
Alter much permit tsiou and solicitation tnei Rev. .
Dr. Thoinaa D. Anderson has withdrawn |ll? " |
nation ol the pastorate of the I'list Baptist
church oi tnis city, and will cootlnuo lor tho ,
iircsent to milliliter tuoreio.
The Kaliwav (N.J.) Uapt 1st church have received
a letter troin the Rev. William R >Illnson, ^???j, (*.
mir their call as pastor. 1 tils will be the third
term ol service of .Mr. Rolliusou in this important .
" xne Rev. (J. P. llendrlckson writes to the Itap
mt Werklu that the grave of tne Rev. ^penter li.
Cone D !>.. lor many yoars pastor of the Hrst.
Baptist church of this ct'.y, at Senooley ? Moun
tain. N. J.,1-1 suffering greatly from neglect, and
e\iiresses the nope taut mo irieQds of tin* auiuted
mail mn at oace aee that hla tomb be not Buf
fered to become a heap of rulita. hi.
The lie v. Thomas DavU has entered upon hts
labors ha puator of toe Bautiat church at lorni
RThe M\.N. Palmer Is invited to serve as stated
supply O' the Plymouth Ban us t church, New York.
The Rev. T. A. T. Hanua, of Brooklyn, B. D.. i
alter spstidmg several months in Europe. lia< ir
turned with recuperated energies and re-euters
0The* Hood 'woT^m the Noble street Butts t
church. Brooklyn, 1* progressing w"h ?r?*'fv "g
results, on Sunday evemns the pastor, Rev. l)r.
Miller, baptized nine persons, making eighteen
'In the second Baptist Ml aion or tnls city there
in a very hopeful statu of thinns. Meetings ure
being held cverv evei^ng. On Wednesday even
ing. after a poweriul sermon by Rev. Oeorge II.
HcDWorth. nineteen imibc lor pr^v^f^
i ne Kev Dr. Kauibaat oapuzed nine eon?erta
lant Mimlay u> tne Tabernacle church, Brooklyn.
The revival spirit is deepening ami the Sunday
school -nares largely In tne olefin*. Almoat
every scholar has asked lor prayer and a large
number Have piofes<ed a ho;>e in Christ, ine
House was crowded ia-*t Sunday evening and at a
late noai- a baud of young men were being prayed j
'?Tne Harvard street Baptist church.
tendered their house oi worsnip to the Prestiy
terisns for a year, aud tr.e tittle handful that now
is left will be pretty well wasted bv that time, For
Harvard street the glory is departed. They have
uut to move or (lie.
A gracious revival of religion nas been proirresi
Inrf in the Fir*t cnurch. Na^nvtlle, for somo *e?slts.
llcv Dr. Jones has been assisted b? Rev. A. D.
pnilllps. Over nny converts have been baptized.
Tuere Is an intimation that Rev. Dr. hddy, of
Boston, will accept ttie pastorate ol the Forty- ,
second street Uaptti: church of this city. He is
to preach here duriug the month of May.
Tne work oa the new ??.. Patrick's church, wash
iuaton, U. C., is attracina atteutiou. and great
progress wnl be made during the year. Enough
of the central portal Is elected to snow tiiat the
front is to be ofgreat architectural oeuuty. l ather
Walter airea<1f nan moiioy euou^t* to flniafi t'l?
nortala aua run up tue walls to t wenty leet, and
L iue work progtesses according as mere ta
money to pay. a great deal will have been accom
plished by next winter. j
It is not detinitely settled when the Bishops of
Portland aud Haritord will be consecrated.
Allouse-d to-Oood StiLpherd is to oe estab
lUhed in Wasnington and application has oeen
made for an act o( incorporation.
Tne Rev. Fatner V'ogl expects to hate the new
Church of Ht. Augustine, Newark, dedicated on
Trinity Sunday.
Rev. J. H. Mac. Ki Itey, of Philadelphia, bM ac
cented ? call to the timrch of Redemption (He
lurmed Episcopal), in the city of Pittsburg, Pa.
The Rev. P. 1>. Thompson, rector oi Christ
cnurch, Keut Island. Md., notifies tue church to oe
a*aieof a chap who nails irom that place and
caU mmseii?H'-v. J. A. I homp.on, and U out on a
begging oxpedliion, ostensibly for feenle cuurches,
but realtv lor ma own use. Pass h tn >'on8; . .
I.ast ?eek ihc Cnurch of the Heavenlv Rest, In
this city, provided for a heavy debt which rested
upon it, and prepared the way lor greater useiul
"Tre pa ratio na are naking lor me erection of a ;
new church tn Aurora, lud. . ...
The Church Journal says the neglect of New
York churcmeu to provide a suitable chapel .or
the sow lamllies in the District ol St. B rnabas j
Mission is a discieult which shoild be wiped out
atl renton, N. J., Is henceforth to be the episcopal
seat of the Bishop of New Jersey.
Tne Rev. John K. Dunn, late rector of Trinity
church. Lawrence, Kan., baa abandoned the min
istry of the church.
The Free Thinkers' Club iiouse, in Boboken, ?.
J has ncec translormed into a Methodist r-pts
copal cbiirc.i. Here lormer.r tne boaat was pub
licly made tnat Curistiauitv would be buried by
the effirts oi the tree tnoiignt ol toe members,
hut now. by the wonderlul dispensations of
Divine Provldcnce, which compels the wrati: or
mau to praise tiod, curist is to be entorotied
lusteao of entombed there. And the event will
take place pubiici* next Sunday.
Drs. curry and Nelaon are auMBt, attending tne
session of tne Troy couiereuce. _ .
Ur. Dasuleil ha* been quite sick for some week*
oast, on his return irom ine New England Con
ference ne took a severe cola, which produced
serious bronchial trouble. .
Rev. Thomas uund is to continue to All the
puipl' at .Mount Vernon Place church, Baltimore. |
until June, wheu he leaves for Kan Francisco.
Rev W. carver pastor of the Fourteenth Ward
Mission halt l.ake Cit*. nas been spending a tew
nays hi this ciu and vicinity. He reports a proa
oerous revival work in Mr Stratum's cnurcn. >alt
Lane City, wan from thirty io forty coaveraiona.
In response to a peutiou of tnlrty-nlne peraons,
a Reformed chnrc i has been organized at the
Hurhiands of Naveslnk. and a uuanimous call has
beeu extended iorhc Rev. A. W. Alien to become
tneir pastor, which has been accepted by olm aua
arrangements ma ie lor his installation pastor.
The Uuuanan Ciiuret of the Messiah, rr.lrty
fourth atreet and Park avenue, have invireo tne
Rev. l>r. Alger, their pastor mr the last six
months, to remain pennanently. 'the society
iiave inaugurated a spirited movement to pay on
their deot of iioi.ooo wit.iin one year.
There are no tcss than four new synagogues lo
cated In Bast Itroadwav and opened witnin as
man* weeks; among the more prominent being
tnat belonging to the Sons of Abraham, at it is
de-U:uaicd. and wnlcn is fitted up in an ex
tremely neat and tastefnl manner, cowpertn
waii'a bunding in Chatham street has two simi
lar places or worsnip on ta? same floor. Botn are
in a flourlsnirig condition, pecuniarily and other
mae. ine'-Minnag" varies in eacn sllghtlv, out
they all adhere to tne orthodox or old scaooi.
The Franciscan mothers are to Brooklyn what
tha Christian Brotnera are to New York. Though
nere only a short time ther bare achieved great
?uccchb, and It Ik pleasing to sea that t!ieir efforts
are being so well apiTcclated by tnose lor whom
they labor. Coming from Ireland at the urgent
request of Bishop l.ongniin som? thirteen or
fourteen rears a*m the; settled in ilaltlc atreet
and opened a soieet academy, which as time
passed on grew Into wnat Is now known as "St.
Francis' college," a seat oi learning whlcn has
earned or itself an honorable name in
the catalogue of Catholic educational insti
tutions. The reverend pastors on opening
their parochial acnools placed the muio depart*
inents under the care oi the Brothers, so tuat
now, with h sinsrle exception, "St. James," tne
Franciscan Hrothera nave charge of the parochial
sehoo s 01 Hrookltn; ft. Paul's, ( ourt street; St.
Peter's, Hicks street; St. Mary's, Court street;
St. John's. rwenty-ilist street; St. Joseph's. Dean
str et; St. Patrick's, Kent avenue;chtriea',
I Sidney place: St. Anu's, (loin street, and Our
l.ady of Merer, Deoevolse place, nuini>erlng over
s.uoo cliildren, are ail lieing taught or these
Brothers. Tlieir s(?ncious college, n >w numbering
over Jtsi students, la itirnianed with all ihe re
i ?juisites necessary lor imparling a sound christian
\ education.
I heir monasterr la situated in Butler street, and
eonneols with me college bundioas. On the see
ond floor oi the college bonding is situated the
community ebapei. Three altars am erected here,
and a smadorTin has been built at the sonihern
| end 01 ' ue cua pel. dunning ?k>ng on ettber side
are srai:? for the use of the community, while
those usea by the superior. Ab*.slant superior
aud An'lplmuarian are placed under the
organ loft. i nu chapel In highly tudulgenced,
The dress of the brothers differ >omewnat from
that 01 Mic Cfirxt|Hu Brothers, intuitu of a scull
c,a|i worn by the Utt-r. h berretta to worn by ihe
former, anil a plain white collar takes the place of
the white rabat worn r>y the Christian Brother*.
Tne white cord and bea t* h.mg bv the -ides 01 the
Franciscan*' rubes, wnilo those of the Christian
Brother* liana: unadorned.
li.c Franciscan Brother* have done a great wont
for the youtn ol Ue diocese, and the Rtgnt Rev.
Bisn?i> Lougliliu and me reverend pastors must
iec> h.glily pleased with the iinglir record w.neti
these Brother* can show ot their past labor* ami
the guarantee 01 their luturo success.
The recent union of the Wesleyan aim New
Connection Methoaists in the Methodist Cnurcli of
Canada bus proved so barmomou* in action and
so hopeful or permanent good as to awaken a more
lively interest in other Methodist branches in the
question of joinlug in the plan of a united Cana
dlun Methodism, Outer the spur of thi* increased
interest an influential convention id' representa
tives, lay and clerical, ol the Primitive Methodist,
Cuurch, was held a lew data ago In Toronto. Aide
papers bearing on the question were presented,
| and careiuily considered uui inir a series of sessions
lasting throuijn two nays, ii nad been pruueutiy
and very wisely arranged in advance that, no vote
should be taken by tne (Jonvoution eitner lor or
against union, but the prevailing sentiment of the
i representative* was strongly iu lavur of a general
Methodist union.
In a quiet way the Water street Mission Is doing
a great work. It has to do with the lowest, the
vilest and most ignoraut of our population. Yet
the temperance reform has been pushed, and
many of the most uardened have been drought to
Christ. Ail the surroundings are evil, wholly evil,
and that continually, overtopping the songs o
praise are Hie oaths ol the blasphemers, separated
on 1 v by a thin partition. Prayers are disturbed by
tne revelry outside. On Wednesday nights nearly
two hundred men ami women, wlioni Ha tail lias
manned and wounded and left lor dead, gattier lor
worship. The life ol' tno Mission is a woman Who
Is herself a intraole ol grace?rescued, reformed
and saved, lier influence over iter rude assembly
is marvolious. How a woman trained as sue was
trained, without education or culture, can speak
as eloquently aud effectively is a wonder. Her
liold on the desperate and hardened people with
whom she iias to do lnuicates tue power ot a liv
ing faith.
The portion of Scripture read in this synagogue
yesterday related to the death of Nadab and Auttui,
the sons of Aaron, who offered strange lire before
the Lord contrary to the law, and lor which they
Were slain. The event is recurdud m Leviticus, X.
The Kev. b. M. Isaacs preached a sermon based on
a phrase In Habakuk's prophecy?"The righteous
uvotli in his laitk"?of which the sudden death of
those umaitblul son* ol Aaion served to illustrate
the point. HabaKUk, he said, prophesied in the
days of Daniel. lie remonstrated with God for
permitting the wicked to flourish, aud. he adds,
"1 will stand upon my watch and flet me tiuon the
tower, aud win watch to see wnat he shall say
unro me, ami what 1 shall answer wuon l am re.
proved," What proflt. the speaker asked, i* there
in the great riches o'f auy man wno knoweth not
nor honoreth God r ihe Lord, said the propuet, is
111 11 ir holy temple ; let all the earth keep silence
oefore hint. And uien, in the oousciou-ness tuat
sorrow is bul lor a snort time, comparatively, the
prophet utters a prayer that is iiardlv equalled in
tue whole Bible. Nadub and Abiou oien belore the
Lord because tluy offered strange nre to Him.
We are strange crca uies here oelow, growing
old aud careles-i, yet each man says to mmseii,
*'l am pure." We are given over to care; indeed,
we are born to trouble as the sparks lly upward.
Jaco'j songnt to end his da}s iu peace, but Ills
purpose was disturbed by tue tuought that Joseph
was no more, and his grav hairs were going down
to tue grave 111 sorrow. We all are but travellers
and piiurtui* here, whether we rule in carriages
or walK barefoot. Mr. l>aaus here reierrcd to
the boeavenienU of families, the sundering of
uomcstic ties and the great sorrow that usually
results irom such
shi'AHAnoNS ar death.
and then bade his hearer* not think that death
was Hie omy tormeutur. The dissunulauon of
laise irlends and tueir lorsauiug iu tunes of ad
versity and trouble are worse. If in me midst of
our glory we are reminded that we are but
mortals nere, we must not di?tiiiss religion as
if it wa* a lalsshood, We must take a mat view of
our conuitlou in il e. other* Have tukru tue < up as
bitter aa ours and draiu it loirs dregs. In the
de.-ert o. Sinai, before the multitude or Israel, to
uuitie wiiom a pillar of cmud advanced by day aud
a ptbar 01 fire by M?ht, nlmosi belore Aaron had
hnlsued blessing tlieui and they had offered tin ir
sacrifices aud iad shouted and praised the Lord,
ti.ey were ready :,o bow down to rnoltAn calves aud
recognize tt>e dumo idol* as t; e gods wno nad
brought them out of tsvpt. They should huve
been happy to have had such signal marks 01 ui
vme favor, cau we imagine an* one who should
have hatl more Joy in i.ls nreast tnau Aaron to
have Ins sons anointed priests ol the Laird with
him' But see a hat a day brought forth?triev are
both slain in one day. Speaking especially 10 nls
people Mr. lsa??a as.ed theui to recall the day
wneu they were in trouble, when
to them; but wnat were all their losses compared
to Aaron's? He saw bc:ore mm hi* i wo sous,
youug men trained to tin: priestly oitlce, swept
away as 111 a moment. You Know jour duty iu
joy and sotrow, sat i thu preacoer to nts hearers,
and you dou't want to hear about tne old lathers
Von'are. old euongn aud wuc enough, hut you
ilou t live up to what you know. It is. luerefore,
wed to ii" remmdc i of those things thai you do
know. It is wed to retneinoer the days 01 our
fathers. When Josnuruu waxed la. tie Kicked. It
is in thf hour 01 adveisiry that we ding to re
ligion aud bold the prayer bi>"k in our hands. But
how much ootter to get hold o. reiigiou in pros
perit.v than to wait to ue aroused by some tern le
Msnatlon 01 God! What tne strange Are wa*
which tne young men offered it would IM difficult
to *ay. Tne llmie Is slieut aooui It. We
hive strange flre in these days as wei. as iu those,
bat *? are not flirnck deai ior offering it as i ne\
were. With us sometnlm new must ne provided
everyday. In our affliction let us live in our
fait i. Is it that we iequiie not God's love that
we allow tlie poor man to be our sui erior iu re
liaion until our spir.t, 11 red ol its trappings, take*
its :iifht to you neavenf W here Is lust lav..red
locaui) mat is never shroudel by sorrow or
death : The lire of God kindles an nffliruon hs an
Ingredient in our highest joy. In tne crises that
mu t come to every mir or us how s ai> we meet
mem'- Let us ;>e careful not to offer strange hre
unio me Lord and let the righteous live in his
On Friday last, after weeks of earnest and active
search on the part 01 boats ot citizens, the Newton
Sroltn mystery at Boontoo, N. J., was solved by
the finding 01 lir. Hnitn'i body. About a month
ago Mr. Smith, a well-to-do and popular saloon
keeper, started out for a day's ilack shotting on
t?e Passaic Kiver. Tnat day and tne next be
fal>ed to return, and then his frieuds became
anxious and subsequently alarmed. It waa known
that hf ii:n! ? tin" u"Id watch and a considerable
swiii of money witn Mm. Tne only /set <iia
covered (bunt his disappearance was that lie
nad hir.-d a hoar and pushed 01T ou the river. The
river wn? searched 1111 und down and the shore*,
nut no mini of him. altnoufh tne boat he hired
waa iouud capslaed with the dncas in the oo'iom,
wnicn Smith nan purchased irom a hunter before
starting. Divers 01 experience, Willi tneit appa
ratus were engaged Horn New York, but tney
found nothing. At last there was Honed up
by a villager smito's cost. Tne finding ol ttna
without the Imdy. it being a cold day wheu
Mini to stsrted, strengthened the general t?eli*r
tnat lie had been robbed ami murdered. At
on" time as many as two hunured persons
were scart-hiag ,or the body, but ta vain, Pinaiiy
toe search ?,.? given up. as a last hope tne
; friends applied to a clairvoyant In Newark, sno
told them all about Smith- (hat ts. all that lud
been air.eady published about the matter in ib<
newspaners. The irlends returned, made one
more effort,gnd lound tae body m tne river, near
where the coat nad t>ecn found. Smith's property
and rasii were lonad with the body, tm that the
murner theory Is kuocsed in the head. Deceased
evidently fell overboafd ana was drowned.
Cohkk?Livt.?Sunday. Mar 2, Mr. RAVtm Co
lt kn to Miss urastE Lrty, both ol this cliy, No
Armstrong.?At his residence, 341 East Twenty
first street, suddenly, Our Armstrong.
Notice 01 the mneral nereaiter.
Hosfon papers please copy.
Hf.nnk'i 1 ? Maiiiksos.?At Hay Kldire. on Wednes
day, .\i>rli 2X, at. tne residence 01 the bride's sister,
Mri. I'eter "i nv-e. by the Rev. I?. S. Stitphln,
Watson l.. Bejoktt to >ahai! Mathbso*. notn of
Ha? ittdge, N. >.
it ski.1. -Kbhxts.?On Tuesday, April T. iiy the
Rev. 1 nomas H. still, okormk k. iu-ski.i, to Lottir
I,. KnsKT.s, ait of this city. No cards.
t onnki 1- MoOra.*.?tin Tuesday, April '17. at the
residence of mo bride's mother, tiv the Itcv. James
M. Mciieao. Howard J. I'oHRgti. to kmma \i ?
i/Vsta, sister 01 tne oOtolaiing elerjyman and
daughter of r.ne late Hugh McUean, all 01 tms city.
>o cards.
i rasf?sr.AvttH.?(in Wedn-sday morning. Aorll
14. st All sou's'cnurch, Langoam piacs, i.ouuon,
England, by the rector. Rer. Charles 0. William
son. l)r. LprARD Acucsti's Crank, of Paris,
York ? *' Jank ,il<AV Shaver, of New
anrui^ri,t07hllAS"~lr N>w<trK- ?n W?,tne*ilav.
April 28. at the residein c m the htlde's parent*.
j?Ji iC,K tl,'l,'.rv ^Milmver, James f. Kd.,e, oi
Jersey City. to Kmma ? . Doigia-.
i,(r!f'V,KIVil."^jAI ?Oo I riursdav evening.
re'riti "hV Ihi'ifl^ "If res"lo"ct'11?? bride's pa
rents. iiyiiie Ke\. ilouard crosbv, 1). D mii a.v
B. GOODRICH. 01 Cairo, 111., to Ax si Jackson
dauirhtei of johu Jacksou, oi this at*.
oirly?\vai.ton.? On Monday. Arrli 10. bv the
i r'i iV,r; Mule,!1' al J.he bri(,*'? ream uce. Walter
J. 1'iRi.v, M. I)., io Lmily Walton, all of ml* citv.
Ikvink?BUknbtt.?On Wednesday, April jft. at
..He lesidence or the bride's parent*. by ttie Kev.
I. Simmons. w it.liam irvink to axnie H? d a usr li
ter of Alex, Burnett, all of Brooklni. No card"
.Maxs.?"i Jersey City, Apul 21. bv Kev.
Nilvl *tr.mie/'. ,,K')KliK K kBWIS to Axxahklle
ivj an\ , butU of ttic above city,
! B^ISvrR,rH AT T<,n Thursday, April 29. by the
oi iYr !.k mn'n I*"1*' "? K|MV1:> Mixkr. M. D.,
i v . Vul LVCY Wav, of this city.
the I'hur/lT" .ANif,?Wednesday, April 28, at
: Rirpct prJl 1?I lidaf ol Mero4f- Debevoise
i J by i:eT- ?? Keardon,
' l-'raninf .vJ'.r111; ,,ro""lyn. sou or tlie- iate
? Itind to M.?v v' of Mautua, Rosoommoti, Ire
Kan# Kso 1wXir"Atf 81?, ai,g",or of Lawrencc
(I'unV, '" V,' ",uokl-vtl- No cards.
18*5 iiv Li.?Ki<oKI,I"i7 P Tuesday evening, April
churcu Jrav J ^iii, ' "t. Aim's
fh,"Nciu.(j:ljR1EN 10 MARYJiNy Parjuu,
201'^c,h.,lT^KMAN-rOnThar?rtay eveninir. April
lu-v ill re.Hijlence ot tuo bride s parents, by the I
Rtv. Dr. Arraitage. Oscar w. Pitcher to Hattik
M., daughter of GiUou carman. " attik
I >.hJ!? 1EY~?!1" N 8T ttN- ? V t. the residence of the
: bride s mother, off Wednesday, April 28. ny th<?
Hev. Ur. Maisnali. Mkxhv c. Uiplkv to Ei-reka
I daughter of Thomas.I. Johnston. *'
I San Hnnclsco (Cat.) papers please copy.
Rooers?Pagan.?On Wcdnesoav, April 21, 1876,
at st. Paul's cfturtih, Harlem, M. v., uv the Hev!
nugene McUuire, John P. Rogers, or Peltinm, N v
I,L,K J" dau*l,ter o1" tnc late James p. Fagiiil
havanit and Montreal papers please copy.
Stevens?Woodcock.?on Thursday, April 29. at
the residence ol the bride's parents, by thw Hev.
Charles R. Baker, Axprkw J. stevsxs, of New
?ork, io Km ma V., dauifater of Joiin a. Woodcoi
ol Brooklyn. So cards.
lii'Ckek-Bavliss?On Tuesday. April 27. 1875,
J' 'reajdence oi the bride's parents, oy rue
liev. Kalph Hoyt, of Kort I.ee, N. J.. Dr. F. W
',? \, UIV A- dHMiiter oi John Ha ribs'
fcsq.. all ot this city. No cards.
th?^V?W-0? A 1)111 :JU> K. ULAl'VELT, In
the 4JU year ot his ajr?.
"e'anves and lrionds are respectfully Invited to
uiLCt iir ij^ lute reaiueuce, No. tiS5 Greenwich
street, on.Monday Mav a. at hall-past eigh? o'cTock
i A* Keuiains wili be takeu to >outu cuur**;i
i S? twTlv\aXock.lier? runeral MrviCOW wllll,e helli
onljr Hon or Adelona ami Henry
Hohien, aged i years, 2 months and 20 dtivs
! j?WMr.K ra
street,"af"ou? !oe^? COmer Flflaeutl1
i on Apr" :w' Jkromk
I At le'ild'^ho UMm'!UI',r ar" r08PCCtlUllv invited to
iiueiid the funeral, from the Baptist churcu
Uraov 0|V !'0rn>"i!V' MaV 3' !it iwo "'cluck F. M.
, UKAin.-in isro.ikiyn, on Friday, Auru ;iu niter
a painiui illness, i.ethon, only child of James H
! months. ? S"n Ilrii,Jy' UB#d 0 yu;,rs au,li
! v./ilf t,eitt,Vve? auJ ,rl?n<l8 are respectfully In
t 110 services, at the resi
' n,s. Pu'euta. no (itnibTland utreer
jtiookiyn, on Sunday, Mav 2 at two o'clock i> m"
Interment at Ked niiu. x. Jl on Monda '9
Brown.?On Friday, sikxev C Hmowv onir
$" oq?it*an?" H*dM-n,BU K' Ur0WU' Ufc'etl *
m"M"' 3' "
UiiKNS:~!5A1?A" aKed 23 vcars.
nif.iw? "re respectfully invited to
snn.iu* ii uHeriI' ^haif-pa-it, one P. M., on
2Min<iay, M.i.y fc, from 8t. 4'hrvsohtoni's chmci
C?Bcrropiolifl"U'|tu" f1 rL>e 1 Seventh ayemit). '
hitkroloils?in KrooKiyn, April 3o. Nellie
Burr^'ugtis" off re n touQ^? !?r the lule
mnor1"V Aa?ul",,.irie"'ls *re 'nvlt-d to attend the
Stn J"1!! church, Bed lord avenue,*
Brooklyn, K. D., on Mouoay, Muj 3, at two |
Cann.?Mrs. Mahy E. Caxn, Mav 1, a?ed 58. 4
t.?'11"1"; and friends of the larnilv and dauirhter. 1
Jeunie vi. auurli. are respectfully invited to atteurl
the funeral, at Stanton street Baptist church, on
Monday, .May 3, at naif-past one o'clock P. M. '
'"s country residence, Lenirvicw.
FiushlnR, l. I., April 30, Hnu. Oliver chaklick.
Kelatives and mends are re-peCtiu!Iy invited to
I h .'} funeral services, on Tuesday, 4th msr.,
n"i . ,Ma il"r?ft ^ M. A special train
will leave the Louk Island Railroad depot, Uun
?hi\ ,l"nr- ar o'clock, on the arrival or
whic.i (arriatres will lie iu waitliiK to coin er
friends to ins ut> residence. toiney
w.tLH'i!allA!<^0!<?"u "H-ur.Iuy morn mar. May l.
Saiiah M.,( Hristiaxs?n, wile 01 Cupiaui C H
OAristiansna, in the TStli year of her aire.
Trie funeral will take place ou Tuesday. May 4
at two o c"ock P. M., from 89 First place. Hrooki a
Piiiiade.pnla and Lancaster papers will please
copy ?
I ONW AY.?On Wednesday. April 28, at half-past
six I. M., Sakau ??. Co x,v ay, aged 41 yea is w
months aud 2s days. J1*' "
una fr?en"s ?r the family and the
dramatic profession uro respectfully mwird 10
attend the runeral, ,roin theCnttrchol Our bather
in Clermont, near Ailautic avenue, Brookirn ()u
this day (Sundavj. m naif-past one P. u inter
ment ar (Jr. einv >od. mter
_ CRAWFORD?on Saturday, May l. after a Ion*
*? ..solere Mrs. Jaxe Crawford, a native
jcar?of h'erraue.CUUI1'* U"*n' ,re,un<1' ,D "
The relatives and irlends or the family ars r?.
quested iu attend the funeral, iroiii rue residence
of her husoand, Bernard Crawford. No. 382 1 herry
street, 011 M nuay. Mav 3, at two o'clock P M
1 ?^RAn/.!!n-~?.udi!,ea,T' "" 'i'ttursday, April 2a,
Kuncral servic-s to be held at North Bam 1st
churen corner Christopher and Bedford stre-tV
on Sunday, May 2. at half-past (lv? o'cloclt P. M
Relatives arid irlends are invited to aitend with
out lurtner nonce. Tne remains ?lil ,e t 11^ to
south orange tor interment . n Monday
Sj,nr'l iy morning. May I. at his
of*htsage. A, ('NZO Cl PHNAN' ?he R3d year
Notice of th? funeral hereafter.
ni iiL~I!! lhe ;t0ln uiu- Thomas Daly, native
"ears! C?Untjr G:t"ray' Ireland, aged ?!
1 lie reiatires and friends are respecifullv in
Tlted to attend tne moeral. fTOm hw iate resV
SUtrt'lfSrtFMbL timnus bV'rPen ''"H-ninth and
sixtieth streets, this (Sunday) alter noon, at one
0 C.OCfc.
Dr.i.Moi r.?On Kriday. April ??. after a long ni
nes", John Dki moi it. a native oi Ratnweir,?ountv
Uesttucatii. ireianu. aged >1 yeaisatid 2 months.
The mend* ol the family and those ?-r his
brother* Lawrence and Peter are rei|ii?.*ted to
; attend tne Inner*!, irom Iih late residence, r,24
E*-t rhiriy-st.vm si reet, to-day. a- one o'clock.
Prkki.AV?Ol) Tnui -day, April 29. MaRuarit
l?ii!.F.L*\. t'te beloved wuc of William Dreeian. a j
qv.ivc of Han.inn. county Cork. Ireland, aged 4.S
rne relative* and friend* of ttie family and
those el her former indium.. Daniel toanoney,
are respectfully Invited u> attend nie funeral,
irmn nor late residence. No. 34!) lad won street,
toil (Suuday) alteriioon. at one o'clock.
KM.torr.?on sraien Man J. April ?!?, Samiel
McKkn/ik Klliott, oi Inverness. ^ I md.
muerai will i>e ir >in nis residence, near Sailor'"
Hnug llariK?r. Ma tea Inland, at two o'clock P. M.,
Monday. May i.
Kssrimikr.?'Jn Thursday morning, April T>. of
pneumonia. I'm mi- Rhsrooir, M. D., in the 40th
year oi hta age.
me mends are respectfully Invited to attend
the mneral, from ih< residence of .lullu- Htiuxl.
Esq., 537 Madison avenue, on Sunday, May 2, at
ten o'clock A. M.
Poster.?<?n Saturday, Mav 1, In this cltf, of |
diphtheria, sam spriou Foster, oniy child of the
late ? olonel Mam A. Pouter, r. rv A., and Laura ft.
j Poster, aged ?> years and 4 days.
st. I,nni! and Washington p ipers please copy.
iRiKDRit'K ?At Klo Janeiro, Brain, captalft !
Ernest PiMEDHICK, of t!ie Amman brig Lincoln
died oi yellow lev -r on March 1#. IH""?. with me
major part oi his crew. Ho leaves numerous
filends and relatives in tne citv oi Brooklyn. N. v..
wno niouru In* io???. During the war he acted a?
prtvate secretary to the late Commotion Bell. As
a aeuioer of Commonwealth Lodge and of tne ti.
A. II., he is deeply regretted.
(iKAHAM.-40n April 20. 1S7S, Thomas oraiiam,
I t lie beloved famcr ol Edward and Oeorge, a native
01 Suncrait, county KiMure, Inland, ageu as
years. 4 month' and : days.
Tae relatives an i friends are respectfully Invited
to attend the mneral, from his late residence. No.
;ion East Fiitt-sixtlt street, this day (Sonday), May
2, at one o'clock P. to.
Ham..?In Pa nrapo, N*. J., on Saturday nmrn
tnir. May i. Mrs. Margaret It. ham., aged ;o
The Mineral services will t.iae place snndav
(to-day), at lour P. M? from the re-idtnce oi hey
son In-law, K. H. Clifford. Pamrapo. rue remains
i o oe taken to Kye. on Monday.
flwki'KiiKR. -<>n Fndat. April .to, atter a severe
sickness of emht days, apki.k, tne beloved child o(
Mgmiind and llosa Hamburger, ajred .1 year*. $
I months aad j da>
Be.athes aninriends, the members of District
; Grand l/odg . No. i, J. o. It. B.: Lebanon Lodtre,
No. <i, j. ii. it. H.; Mount Neo Lodge, No. 2">F. P.
and A. M.: C inste.latlou l<odgt. Nn. in;, K s, ol J.;
Mem.elsonri Benevolent Society ; Kinanntl Ixidge,
,\o. l. T. ?.. and Temple Betn-Ei are invited to ??
, lend tne mneral on Sunday. Mav 2. at hall-past
nine o'eioi'k A. M., from the residence of parents.
S?) Kasi Nineteenth street.
iin.i.MANN on Mni n JO. at Altenknndstadt.
Havana, mip.mk IIi.m.mvsn, m tno??v'd ycai or tier
i aye.
1 Pint irtelphia and r.ncinnatl papers please copy,
i Hanlri -In Brooklyn, Saturday. Mav t. Ei>
#ahd Jamks, only -ou ol Daniel aim' Mary Huniey,
aged J years ana J months.
Kelatives and friends of the familv are i expect
? iBliy to atu uu vuc lunersi, <rcai bis late
' residence. corner Huntington and Smith stretti
on Motidav, May 3, at three o'clock P. M.
HgAKN.-OaSatarilav.Mav l. alter a Ion? and
severe illness. William M. Heakn, in tne 81st
year of fi!- age
Funeral irom his late residence. No. 217 tful
Tweutv-flrst street, litis day (Sunday). at o"?
o'clock P. Ai. iiiternaont at Cypress Hills Ceme
I,am;e.?On Saturday afternoon. Mar 1, Hermai
1>. Lakue. aged ;?> years and s mom Us.
Relatives ancl iriends or tiie family are respect
full* Invited to attend me lancral. irom hi* lat<
resilience, comer Ifn-iiwicit avenue and Jacksoi
street. Brooklyn. K. 1)., on Monday, May3. at tw?
1'. M.
Li'iiLt M.?Suddenly, at Nyon, Kciturliad, Bf.n
jam in Bikdkall Lroi.tM. sou of lare Nicholai
Ludlum, of tills city. ?
Hill.?on April 30, Sdvard HHU a native of
the pariah "f lining. county t'avan, Ireland,
i iiu relatives and trie ode of tiie family, also
those oi liis sons, Lawrence E. and 1 nomas H.;
also his orother l'atiiCK, and also lus sou-in-law,
Henry Reebe. are respectfully invited to attend
tne funeral, from bis late residence, Mo. 8 Colum
bia street, on Monday. 3d iu?t , at naif-past nine
o'clock A. M. His remains will be convcved to tn?
Church of St. Rose of Lima, where a solemn hlgo
uia?s of requiem will be offered for the repose ol
his soul: from tueuce to Calvary Cemetery for iu
Ivans.?On April 29, Jamks m. Ivans, at hli
residence. 15<J avenue c, air<id 4-5 years.
Tne relatives and friends oi the inmlly are re
speciiuilv luvited to aitetid the luucral, on Suu
day. May 2. at one o'clock P. M.
Lyons.?April 29, Jiha A. i.yons, ot consum p
tion, in tne -'1st year of her age, daughter or
Patrick and Klleu Lyons.
Funeral services will take place at the restdenc#
of her parents, 4io East Nineteenth street, on sun
day, May a, at one o'clock P. M. Relatives and
I ir.euiis are respectfully invited to atenu without
lurther notice.
Mahiin.?on Friday, the 30th lust., alter a short,
; and severe illness, KDWARD Maiuin, in the Mtn
i year ol his aae.
, The rotative* and friends of the family, aiso
; those oi tus brother Andrew, h'.s brother-in-law.
i John 11 MariiuhotT, ana his nephews. James and
| Henry Campbell, are respectfully invited to attend
I the funcrat, from his late residonce, 94 Madison
street, on Monday, the3.1 last., at half-past nine
i o'ciock A. M. His remains will ite convexed to St.
Patrick's Cat lie !rtti, where a soleuiu high mass of
' reqweui will i>e one red tor the re nose of tils soai;
r thence to Calvarv Cemetery for interment.
I MaTTIX.?lu Brooklyn, on Tuesday, April 27,
I Eliza, wife oi Elmer Mattix, aged 41 years, i
! months mid 23days.
I The relatives and Iriends of the family are
] respectfully invited to attend the funeral, front
| her late residence, No. 171 High street, Brook
I lyn, ou Sunday, May 2, 1878, at two o'clock P. M.
Milieu -lu Brooklyn, ou Thursday, April J9,
1 after a short llltiess, catiikuink, daughter ol the
lute Nullum Miller, formerly of iladfax, Nova
Scot In.
Relatives and friends of the family are respect
fully Invited to attend the luneral. from ner late
resilience, 42 Ryerson street, on Sunday, May 2, at
two o'clock.
Halifax impels please copy.
Monaiian.?At 250 West Forty-flrst street, on
May I, IIiuimikt Monaiian.
Fi lends are respectiully invited to attend tne
luneral. ou Mouday. at eieveu o'clock A. M.. iroui
Forty-second street chuich, between Eighth aud
I Nintn avenues.
Mooney.?April :io, 187'>, (ieokoe W. Moonkt,
1 sou of Mii'iiuei and Kli/.a MOObev.
Funeral irotn his pareuts' residence, at Yonker*
at two o'clock P. M.. tUis day detunuay), Friend!
! and relative' are invited without lurther notice.
Mokui.son.?on Friday. April ao, Robert Moiuu
I SON, aged 27.
I Trie relatives and friends are Invited to attend
tne luueml. at the .Methodist Episcopal ctimcn,
Second avenue aud 119th street, on Sunday, May
2, at a quarter Fast twelve o'clock.
Mot not.?on Saturday, May 1, Clacdk P. Moo
Not, ut ins late residence, corner South Fourth
aud Eighth streets, alter a snort illness, in the
1 Odtn year of Ins age.
The relatives and Iriends are respectfu ly invited
! to attend the luneral. ou Tuesday, May 4. at
! two o'ctoek P. M., irotu nis late residence, corner
> ti.null Fourth and Eignth streets, Williamsburg,
L. I.
Murphy.?At tiie residence of his daughter, Mrs.
| Margaret Pope. No. 3 James 11 p. May 1, Patrice
Mi ni'HY, in tne 70th year oi his aare. a native of
j the parish <n Cleruo (late uf Dripsey Mills), county
I Cork. Ireland.
Hie Iriends of nis son, Maurice Murphy, and
i those oi his u"phew, Daniel Cronin, are respect
1 fully invited to atteud nis luneral, on Monday, 3d
Inst., at two o'clock P. M.. without further notice.
Cork papers please copy.
McDonald.?On Saturday, May 1, at his test
dence. 220 West Thirtieth street, John McDonald,
>j lu the 40t ti year of Ids aire.
r Notice of funeral hereatter.
McLnkny.?On Thursday. April 29. James Mc
Eneny, tne beloved son of Felix aud Catnariae
MuKneuy. a native of county Monaghan, Ireland,
seed 80 years.
The relatives and friends of the lamily are re.
quested to atteud the luneral, from his late resi
dence. otu hii-t l welith street, Sunday, May 2, at
one o'clock.
McKkau.? on Saturday, May 1, Harriet Craw
ford, wue o: William McKeag.
i lie rel nives and friends ot the family are in
vited to attend tne funeral, at her late resident*
No. I3i Wost Fiiteenth street, on Monday, the 3d
lust., at one o'clock P. M.
M< f at r.?on Saturday. May 1. Cecilia, daugh
ter <>r Wuilam and Ellen Mci'aul. aged fi years, 9
months and '.:t days.
The luneral will take place from the residence of
ner parents, No. 25# Henry street, on Sunday,
Aiay 2, at two o'clock P. M.
Nrumens.? suddenly, in Brooklyn, on May 1,
Mrs. anna Aehiiens, ajeri 74 years.
Tne inner :ii will take place on Monday, the 3d
lost., from 319 l.ivinsstou -treet, ut two o'clock P.
M. The relatives ami iriendt are invited toa:ieud.
Peaki.?On May l. Katie Pkaee, daughter of
Joitn L and Dorinda A. I'eake, aged IS years andS
\\ ili ne burled irom the residence of her parents.
Franklin avenue, between lttstn aud 109tb streets,
on sundiy, at ruo p, m.
Hudson (N. Y.) papers please copy.
pKNNgv.?Mifiaemy, on April 3o.fc.MMA MaR3H,
wife ol Marsnai N. Penney, aged 38 yea! '..
Itie Iriends are respectralU invited to attend
ner funeral tins day. at two o'clock P. M.. at ill
Wen : wenty-seventh street, without lurther in
vi tut ion.
Powers.?-On Saturday, May 1, 1875, the beloved
wlie ot Kd?ard Powers, sged 6> years, a native of
Tramore, rounty Watcrlord. Ireland.
The relatives and iriends are invited to attend
the funeral, on Monday. May 3, Irom her resl
dence. uu Wssningion street. New York, at two
o'clock P. M.
siianny.?on Wednesaay, 28tn Inst.. Jaurs
Suanny, In the filst year ot hie age.
Relatives and friends of tne family and tho?e of
his son in la w, Robert B. Walsu, are respecifnilf
luvited to attend the luneral, from nis laio resi
d^nc?, 312 West Mttjr-IrM street, on Sunday, May
?i, ?t one o'clock I'. 3*.
SKfLLv.?Kliza sully, in the 74th year of her
Relatives anil friends are respecffully Invned te
attenu tne funeral, ironi her late residence. Hi
Ea?t Cvrv-altm aireet, Sinidar, at one P. M.
.-<*tTH.?Suddenly, on Tnursiav morning, Henbt
Smith. moI 31 yearn and 27 daya.
The relative* and friend* 01 tne family. al?n the
members ol Pidar Star l/odge, No. ll?, I. O. ol O. P.,
are ies|iecifuily mvited to attend tne funeral, from
Ms lu'e residence, Xo. 112 Tntra street, Hrjdk'yn,
K. U.. title day, at two o'clock I'. M.
PilLAIt STAR LODUK, !*??. 119. 1. O, OF O. F.?
Hrothkiw?You are nereoy requested to meet at
tne Iodic room. No. 744 Broadway, this day, at
bait-past iwcive o'clock P. M.. to attend the fune
ral of our late brother. Henry smith.
Gkohhi Korp, Secretary.
Smith.?In lirocklrn, on Saturday. Mar 1, l?7k
Ja*k o'Hkikn. wile of Wuiiaiu U. smitn, aged it
The funeral will take place from her late resi
dence, 121 Hilton street, on Monday, May 3, at tw#
HTK'H.-On Friday. April 80. IsinoRit. only and
beloved son o: Juiiua M. and Saiah sued, aged 3
years and 1A day*.
rtio relatives and friends of the family era
respectfully invited t? attend the funeral, frot?
the residence ot ni" parents, 229 East Fifty-seventc
street, on Sunday. May 2. at one o'clock P. M.
ft < ki:k.?Suddenly, on Friday. April ao, 1*74, U
the 74tii year oi nl* age. William Timer. fot
many years President of (be Knickerbocker F'ire
Insurance Company, and also trustee of the
Bleeotar Street Savings Hank and ol me Eye and
Ear infirmary in this city.
Funeral services on Monday. May 3, at one
o'clock P. M.. at the rniver-aiist church, corner of
Weeeker and Downing atreeta, whicn tne trie tide
are invited to attend.
Vanpkrvkkr ?At Flattiush, |* 1., on Saturday,
Ma> 1. F.t.tZA Vanhkrvrkr, widow of the late Dr.
Adrian Vandervuer, in the Tfth year of ner age.
Relatives and iriends are Invited to attend the
funera. from her late residence, Vernon avenue,
Flatoush. on I'uesuay, May 4, at two o'clock P. ML
Vkkmii.yka.?At ilarlcin, after a short and
severe illnesa. on Friday. April tt, Isaac Vkrmil
vka. aged 64 years, 1 montu and J 7 daya.
KelaiIves and friends oi the family are Invite*
to attend his Mineral, from liia into residence,
No. I4'? hast limn street, this day (Sunday), at
naif pest one o'clock P. M.
Vinii.\Ri>.?In Brooklyn, suddenly, April 28. at
her parents' rrsidcuii:. 104 Park place. Annn
l.otisa, wife of N. C. Mnhard, of Saratoga Springs,
and daughter oi William h. aiwi Mary n. nines,
aged jo tears and 4 months.
Funeral will take place on Sunday. May 2, at
twoo'i'iuca P. M., irotn st. John's church near
Seventh avenue. Brooklyn, wnere relatives and
It lends are Invited to attend witnout inrtner
Winsiow.?In Biookiyn, on Saturdav, May I,
Sarwi A., beioved wile oi Henry J. Winslow anf
daughter of ^osepn C. and saraii EongUotneii,
aited 29 years.
Relatives and frlenda of the family are Invited M
attend the funeral, at iter l ite residence, ?3 Wo id
Intli street, on Mow nay, 31 Insr., at haif [)a<t tet
o'clock A. M. Interment a; sing sing.
Woon.?On April 3), ih7;>, ^xiki. a. Woon
aged 4H years, r. month* and 7 oa\*.
Funeral irom his iate residence. No. 21 Carmiu
street, on sandnv. May 2, at one p. M,
W itninT.?Thursday, .tprit of diphtheria
Frank Fiiwakii Wrkiht, eldest son of l)r. t'hatie
v\ right, ujed 11 years.
Relatives aud friend* of the family ere lnvite?
to attend tne laneral, from the house oi ih<
pateuta, low Ka-t Twent?-sixth afreet, ttua ie$
; (Sunday), at ball past two 1'. u.

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