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What "Classic Amherst 011
the Hills" Is Doing-.
All About tii* rrew ami l!ir Characteristics
of Its individual .'ricrnbm.
A toil ERST, Juue B, IS.A. t
in bnlte or difficulties 'hat at first seemed in
?urmoaotable -classic Amtoerai on taebUla" will
senJ a University crew lo^ara'oga and endeavor
to wreat thu crown or Victory i.um tier powerful
adversaries, lue obstacles t.iat confronted ih-i
leading boating spirits oi tne college were lack of
uuds, apathy oi tue senior clusa and tne latent
opposition oi tne faculty to tills cnaraeter of
itnietic exercise. Happily tne s.nows or wur
rreenbacks?were proviucd early la tue
aimer term. and the navy, witttout
loss or t.me, found substltutea lor tne
iwo Seniors upon whom tney pinned their faith,
ant who at last were unwilling to go through
Ue ordeal oi p/eparailou and tne chances oi de
teat. Tnen their practice Hours in the gymnasium
and on tue water were so arranged that recita
tions were not interfered with, and the crew of
>75 was stt! cessioily launctied into exisieuce.
Organizing a crew, however, is but tue luiant 3
step toward results so far us tnia college is con
ce ned. To do much boatug you must have
water, and any. considerable amount of this
necessity lies four mi.es away irom tne
I niversuy build lous, which distance the
plucsy Amnerat oarsmea inns'; cover before tuy
:an take their daily pull, it is easy ,-uoush lor
Harvard, with its Charles River only three-eighta
ar a mile away, or Vale or Wesley an. with t.ieir
practice streams but ten or ufteen minutes dis
tant, to get tne tune necessary to put a crew mto
shape and lorrn, yet w.ien taere are tnreo hours
consumed in travel to and lro everr aiternoou ,
the merest tyro in boating must see mat Amherst
is working under a load almost destructive to any
eharacter of success.
it is well i hat the village of Amherst has the
" mpport of us colleges, and it may be that the
alter are fortunate in bein^ located just where they
ue. or oue 'hing tne outsioe world may be c?r
min, its citizens give nut little encouragement to
the ooatuig element among tueoa, lot getting vuat
II is Just this and noihiug else that is souuiiiar year
alter year bigger Fresumun classes to Amherst.
The village is essentially New En;Uaud, with some
wealtn but a great deal more brains. Situated in
one of the loveliest little villages in the taat it
aompriaes the greatest possible variety or scenery,
and her cuarmtug drives are worth seeking,
inen, too, sue has numoers of elegant
churches, several preparatory school of
high merit, anil settled among them many
old battle-worn sctoiars, wno have retreated nere
to be away irom the oustling crowd, wishing to
lie under the shadow oi renowned Amnerst.
Diners have come up from tae cities and founded
homes oX elegant designs and lmpojin* sue,
with oroad acres under culture aoout taem,
which to a strarger have the effect or making
him believe ne la in the land of plenty. Studious
and portly old gentlemen can be run against any
boar in the day on the broad streets, tne one
boasting of oig ban* accounts, and tne other o g
Beads Witn plenty in them, wulcti, all la all, give
tae place a so ia appearance.
In the centre oi the village, on a high hill, stands
Amnerst College. About tt are the waviest of
grasa, the tallest and breezieat of trees, and away
around tae cheeriest ol Ileitis and tdeb.ighi
est of mountain aides. Tie beauty and loveliness
Df the apot have a sudden ano entrancing charm.
Cpon the east Lincoln. Hjgela and Aquilo. and
apou the north Pleasant, Tauraa, Mettaw*mpe
and Sugar Loar Mountains lift their smiling
peaks with charming, picturesque appear.nce.
Bejond, to the norineaat, are the Hoosac ?ud
tae fcr off Green Mountains of Vermont,
and again the aolyoge range Hit their
peaks to the everlasting sties, which even
la these early mornlnira and nighta are of a paie
sapphire bine. But abont it ail la spread the ua.
delating valley, thietiy interspersed with lorest.
cleared land and meadow, and from the tower of
the cnapel the tnnvmg villages of Hadiey, North
ampton. Basiharapton, Whateiy and Sunderland
are visible, and U la qu ue easy to note from this
sum urn tne Connecticut Kiver, which aome
aliahtiy deranged individual describes as being at
tms i ol'.t "tae beantliui serp*nuae wat" '* ,
taut noble stream." All tbrougn the spring n.s
ireac i?rou* stream, lor it has houesUy earned the
spoliation, was very rougu, and not uutli two
?teas ago could tne "gritty" Dating lads louncn
;aetr shell < n its turbulent boaoan. Tais naming
mia is ice s?m<! mat carried the Lmversity <.rew
si is:2 to viciury a-o opened wine tne eye* of live
ataer couo?aa to tae tactual old "'"J*
MiiU oarsme., ol abliliv to n.e iront *veu an sne
un urn out the noil renowaed oi d-vines.
An ota tooscco barn la tue.r owatnouse. 1 we or
ihree \ears ano a i>eavt iail ut auow suiasaed in
;ue roo" ana tmes ol '.be.r new hoaae, auo wnen
lue .unn- rams descended the flood came and
:arn? i the diorut cown the ci.nnecti.
?at to tue sea or som-wnere else, and
nuee then wua no musej to spare lur
b?st?ng. ..i? crews save been cemi.e.leo to take
??not iuck.'' Down on tne little iivuiet lo. Juet at
ue loot oi tne *i..ags. a utile stream made oy tne
Mcawater oi tue ^ludan., tno>
an-g.er quarters or ciass b?ats. oa. it Is
mn>.n Use rowing In a washoasia, the stream be
ina uext to nem ng.
II. UNO TB? MKX. ^ ,
la leoking ar und ttue three who could be
add*d to tae tsmes oi Green, Uoodaow and Johu*
ivon. Bib cri of tee Si>riogu? d "u t'resnman
trew. wit., some decree of certaintr tnat fh# "par
ole and wni;?-" wjuid nave anoiner chaace ?
winn.. tt, it was aaticuit tv< oecnie upon tnem.
rni> trfNimlnary step waa a vital oae. XT*
ita.wari i^l.ows among tae MeaiOis, pu nag as
race .ant ;ar, wowion't row i?r la . It? reasons;
?at lucxUy tae f e.hrnaa ciass introduced ae
-evian ? ojateiiai, aad, *itu ?DotUer oi ttie ??
i.ae? or, we it ieuiein >sred. taere isn't a muio?
aor a aophomore in toe crew?toe composition
wit oe'er.uineo ut-'B. Cap.am ureea, aii a'0"**
tfeoasat ue an a , onerftti .oi ot m-n. and thuugh
roe v. taem never b* oi e asd putien an 0?r aor
wew r.o? to sit in a ..o*t *a# ?i?e ae c?ue-ted
tDuse ca?iiMe of oemg mouiaes lam iisee. at
ire.ea Wuik ne is bow esrus.tiy stti lag. asaiatea I
gt t.m?s y Fr-a* U> ?coVui?, oi tnia year's giauo*
in-* c.a?a
ortnyo !*ro cosramo*. 1
WorgtafiB the gioiaasinui, wnieii nul ling, by
the w?y, is a ecemt to tne cotiege, tx-c ime a re*
ww oo'f. Tsk tne etew eid dsvelop tae r
?i?vBid?rs and a?uis warn tt.eyceuidnt re', over
tu toe r.ver. and tae wgr* is w* coaiiuaud *i' a
ao sostemt >1 oi zeal or d^eue to shira.
Tnej asvs .ived at ir.e "trsln?og tsn.e
tor sem# -eeka and their liBurf
r-tfi f w of ? e corou on n??e crjaisc.er,
what aa ordiaary haru working maa wouid eat,
tae> do. exceotiag, o: c?or?a, all tuga.toaesi
nijtl ift#<l ?flllli StllQlillalltii.
otter w par a?' U oi In ??d*raie nasalities, .uui
thi s is oe* tnrowa ?ver Hieir sn iu*ier*. " * k ijg
o? >?re treahiasi and riDixi (. wnn ??> saea ex*
L^xie" m-J ?'?! i ?Minna, aa-e t/e-n avuurtoDfiii
u i m-usi I di> i>Oi, ue.i v- t:i?re la a u\jti i ug
u a new pic paring of *r.e ataai n?ai ??; next
biouta. F,v-?.l i..< - ? aB"'! are t noi-.aea red tit,?r?
of ti- "Oil and m<?names, aad. taeie<ore,
as *o toa*>iae i?a*?'Ui f l"'l, an>i n*ver s no on t ?>' ir
emilvy ?y too a Doses aad eie?ip*u<>ns o i. j lue,
:an ?tsBu i g<?m 'i^al I renguii.g wnsfitit uiwiw
u. i>icK.i?sai* lot aanwseatec. ?? i n *t*r oae
if ibpia iu^ as i,riaht e?t? su*i roua ? . eoeesa s-i
tase ? raUga a? tn?v did jree'efoay - e ma,i
ana crac? ol i. r oar< wia be SometMOf worth
?eoing and hearing.
o t rug ;f;.
The erewcariiea ibeir saeil oat <>f 'heoldto
bacc i bun >?? eru *? aftern jO'i Betweea lour
sao five o'i soca. ..nd ia ?.omn.enda .ie i.m- w re
ready to uk" tnei seats and the asa.ti pra t?ce
puii. ihe><n t-c icut here Is ?i.m. lentiir ? ue lor
sucu work, and tee roarsc ?"Xieuos rom uaifleld
ferry to .-outu l>eao. uti* am a lau in..e- ap
Hiram to a point m*i??l oy Bed it?r wnl- ?i
these Amber* m u are - r ?,na maniuiiy o ia.1
iogstB?-r ?n i oeiome a? on oar. as tae> pa.led
away irout tne baus tae men sat t* tae she** as
rag caosgM ttx.
M" iKL ?? Wnfjhtt ?
At*. /M Mmy IV. Jv**k
Saw sad Csptam-f rsnit t.
?srseo. '76. Alfred v??n-?
trs >, V ? ... 23 l.tJ 111 led
*0. ?->nma*i k Jolin-v?.n.
Tfa tfaliaioatsio . < 'ni-';. M s.flhli IIS '1
Ko. i?i.srrr u. hees -n.
weirill, lu.i to ? 1? 1S3
Mo. l-(<eorss II. Kead 7<. ,
Menan centre, >? *...^ ? ,--*H W
*o. ??M?dl?i a. MaU. 1%.
Onswoi.i. i ?s....?,? m a ifj -w
?wa-tr"'411'*A t>"0"*oW- 4 a ?) is*
a3SSb^3?S^t JT
Chr.t Bi"P?. FoivAivu
B'.w-Orcen :?4 ii"a 11'4
St>. 2?Join;: tun ;>?> l-.'a li
N 3?lit cli !WU 13
I? ;vj, ?:?J I-'
No '??Hull. Si??4 H IS
Smote?liouduow ;.U lJ*4 12
Ti e?e i easu'cmao ts are correct In every os
tail, navm .'been nude in the g.wnnus.uin bv KU
t* iiF'I Hitchcock. A. M., Al. I)., Pi oleasor of 11' trit-ne
uqu Physical Liueitiou. itio enest development
tn:tr*M 'lie average oeiween repos? ?no expin
a.ou, and ihe ine.uuremeuis were takeu in tie over
a loj-tuiif Ut since.
(iieou makvs a good bow oar and a reliable cap
tain. ill* wiiicr. aetn-unor ai:d determined w?y
of Uoiu^ tuiUiis inspire* eonildenro ,.:uong III- fel
low*. Uh piiifd .uw in ti.e Kres'iman race i.t
^prlogiieiu, l aud, though beatlnir the Har
vard crew, wan be.tieti ov Vaie. Ureeu ue>er
le:i >*> ttadiy over a little rnuttur us that. ao.i, lithe
truth were kuonru, na? always been itoniag to ut-r
another cra-k .it tne same m^u. He'll
li ive a puitui cbauce id tue race to
come, ait Keliogtr and Browned. oi nie Yale
six tn 'nut Fre.-iiiiBHU contest. will be in
tin- Yale University crew on i.ake Saratoga. ??it'.-*
a coance to square accounts, Cuptal.i." I'd* oar
is the lights ill the boat uti l t ie shortest lu
stature. Yesterday ne "tipped Uie beam''at 140
p tunas, ainl in bin mocking u-et la but fi leet 7
incDe-i. si mebod.i In Saratoga, wnen be was
tUfro in March last airaugiug matters for tne
arrival of tne crew. toll tutu lie was "pretty -t 11
lor a boat puder." out uint man never saw the
captain la "auureis uauorni" or lie would
nave chapped ins opinion. . Always word
ing upon a larm or iu a snop buloro
ci-uitni?ucicc' college life, tl* muscles are as u,:ru
us a st 'Ue, and. wl ii no pulloacks. tie will stay as
long in the skirmish from Hnake llill to iUmsdlli's
us any other oarsman. Captnlu Ureen takes great
deluht la ills botanical studies, and nlslleli ex
cursion* lor specimen* otten re-uit lu mating his
room la So ii ui College '-DioomihK as a lose," as
was tae case wneu i visited h:m to-day.
s. It. Johnston, irom "U-n.-no." is xuotiier corn
and wheal man. liven no-.* tie looks much tne I
laruier, and has that ??taklug" appearance wmen
men oi worth always carry aboot them, lie is
the second lighter nian in the rinat. anu the p itri
aren ?i tneiu ail, haviuK scored tweuty-aix yeum.
ills heiant is -/ooa and his staying qnaiiies
or tin? Hisc order. Mr. Johustoa pulled suote in
ttie j7j KreMhiaan ruc? at Spuuiraeld, aud at that
titue weighed US pounds.
L. <i. neuK sits at, starboard waist and is a J
jreoutne Western specimen, ills boating career
Is Nuuiii:ed up lu a iety words. Ii.ivint: eiuazed In
lust tail's '76 lawiriicea only. Mxieetin deluht aud
wuh yie.it LLUsruiar devt-iopxneut, this oar^niaU
is veU iBongiit OI Mid promises ureativ. Ulsllf*
was spent ni the country beior?* r?acaini{ AuiUeist. i
but it was oaver of ucn a rutftfeu character as
t;iat of some ol nis lellows in tne boat: yet there
is the tousrhness aud tue endurance oi men of his
kind about tiiiu. whicn has been demonstrated on
inure tuan one occasion.
lueporr wais- our will be handled br Cieorga
Henrv Keed, oi Mort.ih Center, >. V.f a Freshman. .
Be ore being called upon to [in*pdre lor tne tasH ]
now beiort* mm, ilr. Keed uever sat iu a shell, an I
,lils knowledge at rowing was just as limited us
some oi the iclinoio/icai collection u, ti.e Appie- j
tou cabinet of the college would be to
a New York newsboy. Yet this excellent
B.Tmtiast I'.as xhown much promise and is am
bit 10us ami determined. rie looks poweriui
er.oujQ to poll a whole uo<t alone, aud no douot
will oo ms uty on tne eventful day. lie is j leer.
inches lu height, weighed 1*0 pound-i ou the
lo-.n ol May las-, out up to yesterday and reduced
tli.t avoiraapois by " pounds, where he will
prooablv peimanently halt.
Hadlal Austin iltiil, irom Gnswold, Conn., also
a Frrsnman will pull staiboard stroke; lie is the
heaviest slid tallest of the six, also the youu;c*t.
A due athlete, aud accustomed to work, he wiii do
his duty without tliuchinx wnen ciJed upon.
Beside oelnx a tltier ot tha soil a dl passed
much of bis time before entering college in
a sawmill, which has given nun a strong
back, and arms hard as a biacttsmita's.
Wien the weighis of the crew wer^ Dr>t taken, as
&?ove noted, this student marked 170 pounds,
and of ail his tracing an i pulling since tnat
period he has been t-nabled to work otT out one
pound, as yesterday lie touched tne 16j notch. 1
thiun Mr. Uuil will prove the rltfht sort of a lel
lew woricei' with MUton Augustus Goodnow,
who pulls stroke lu the ooat. lhis iteutle
man sat starboard waist in the Freshman
crew at Sprincfleld. and was the bow oar In
the '76 class crew last lalL lie is a feet high, of ;
lone reach and weurned .\esterdajr 154 pounds,
a reduction or e pounds since in active train
ing. Bowing has oeen oi much service to Uood
now, as entering college He looked decidedly
leebis, and ma long, lank figure and
pale face caused his c.assmates to give
him the rather unpleasant nickname or
"Heath." That's all cuanged, aud nu snn
bar.it lace and cordeo arms .<nd general pays quo
w uid now make ant Lie insurance agent smile at ,
tae c&aoce oi sinking mm fur a large uoUcy. Be*
sides, uoodnow takes kin Uj to the amusement of
boa'.ihg. and being <>r great euergr will not relax
his exertions untu the race has betn pulled and
tne winners known.
William Orue Weeden, '7fl, Providence, R. L, has
been training as a substitute. Lie is 21 rears ol
ape, 5 i?ut 8>; lncnes in height and wemns uo
pounds. There la no likelihood or nls services
being required.
Tne Amaem lads u*ve lengthened ont their
sir ibis jejf 1b order to fully ut<iiie tae reacu
01 Uuednow. Ail are good woitera in trie uo&t,
tiU' tncy want to ait up ?tr?ngiit?r and fii.sii
eraser, or toeir racing strote will bo
ahorc. There muat be conaiBerabls carelul
OMctnkg of the crew 10 put it in good lorui
before reacni. g Saratoga, and n . douut tur will
t>? done mid trie m*n r port Here well advanced.
Aoout tnirry- wo U theilintt oftae practice t-trolce.
Tito notions mBUlied into these Amaersc lads by
Kills Ward two jours *80, when uroiesidoual
tnunrrs were aiio?ed, have not been forgotten,
aad wui be handed down as aacreu traditiuna.
im: kaciso ship.
John Biekey, or Cambridge, ia engaged In holla
ing tne racing sheii lor ttii- crew. ,twUiu? uf
i-panisa cedar, 5t :eet lunsr, 20.K to 20jf inciiea
wide. u inches bow. S.H incus* amidsnipa auci 5
Inches srern t.n>i witt pro>atdp wei* about 140
pos riu*. ine tatter point Is nut determined upon,
however, bur it will not vary flve pounds eitner
Wiv. i,nf)Un oars, la feet 4 tnooea loog and uf
CA, pounds each, will op used.
The crew W.il be late reacning Saratoga, as he
Junior exatnnationa win preveur the ;..ur mem
bers of that ciasa leaving until the -d oi July.
i,u.ne-? Qi'.ve > een selected at J. Bnmadii,'s
Louse, near tii? 'n.iah" oi the rac?. where if they
eottnl fntcn an? ot the peculiar vim sou swing
wutco tho old Ward Brothers turew into tueir oars
In ;-Ti wul e r.iuluif at tn? sameand which
pulled them ihrough victorious in tnat memorable
cvaie*'. then then Tl.it a:.d their vocation wul
no: have oeen in vain.
Ainu erst Fiesamon will enter no crew this year
at Saratoga.
FttirtwooD Pabe?Trott-iso?Jb*b r.? sweep
?luie* |M0; mite heats, be?t tnreo In live.
riTiftT? ltd
J. Kelly's b. m. Gtaaey to wagon.... 1 13 2 1
M. :>ij-?*? blc. s. Joan t lie, Jr., to
WH?on. 2 3 112
M. Maieaey'a g. m uaUy, in turnee*.. 3 2 2 8 3
F. M. ka.a's it. u. Uan i, ia Barneas. dls.
Quarter. Hair. Mile.
Firet hw *6 l-.C t :C2
p--Ci.O . heat 44 1U6H 3 5.4
Jtird beat ?4 1:20 8:0;#
P'UttUheat ... 46 1:21 8 :?2
fiftli eat 4S l:v? S? j<><
Tr.e trot !or tbS purse announced to come off
t?' or i*/ aftarnuoa waa poakpoaed on acouuot of
i 'Jld lb 11
Tne foUowiug tools wer* eo.4 yesterday at
Joheaon's on Jerome Par2 raMtl
?*vrcHE*Ttit ccp?two a-nh a QCA?rr?t bil*'.
Ba. aiKcci $.ia ioo
Ke.orni 140 no
Ho ari? Bar 4".
OXI KSl) a Li 11. ? MILLS?OK* BVHDMtf> ruVStS.
Kpnng. $m las
M. 0 55 r.o
S.'lJlOCK U'j 14
nr n
Uai * ay
*AnT(.A.Hu eTAir-osi vilb.
o nna li o :oo 2<>o
Fincwork 110 13?
U/.Zie R <M 40 SO
Mat tie A. &j C > : J
hprlnglet jo a iJ
A'ceaeMo.. i
Vina ^r<?tte[ F.eld 36 40 31
Ma:sr* 1120 100
Spe :n:t 5 30
P.l*? 20 15
!U "v Kelt-r |
Bur 11 Or I
Cndrr da*e of the 4-n luat., orders reirelattng
rifle practice this sutamer at < eedmoor have
oeen 1-nied from trie ll?ani]aarters of the Iirat
divi-iou. X.(?
On tne i4rfe, 17th. I3ta, 2let and 24th ini'., two
C"tnicities ;r >in e < :h oi the reHlnifors conpoaing
tue ti iru urigad ? (?xrepttn< tud comDaaies irom
tu# .seventh regimen') are to ; roceefl to crenl
moor r rifle practice, loe CO'itspobding com
pa.Ues of the .seventh reg tnent stand excused
from p' nc'ic on : lie lTih and 18ra Intt.
i e ioird regiment of oarauy will send oat
imee com, on tee lTtn unl 18th lost., aod
tti" r^mali ing c .nipanie* of t.il? corps n? wei, as
tuc * Muraie troup cafairj, tly nnt tro p
tnt on Gra s anu tnose coraf.ao.es oi ts
Bsee .ia raaimcBt ?{ iman r* tn?it -uait not aav?
i-rao -?a before IB- -.to mot., wiuproioea o
Or-e iiMo r on I ant date.
the 4?iea at ww.s tie torece composing tie
Flr?t and .^aeoml brigades stall proceed to rifle
practice will be ?nnou"C9U it) luuire order*.
1 lie corps above desurnaiad for rift* practice j
lire ortiereu t<> make appiiealt?-u to utierai Kil* ;
burn KnoX Chlei ui Ordinance uuJ Ac iu-rou&r*
t?i mutter <. B?nU, M.G.S.M.Y., iur lanspurtation, 1
MitiLCiiFiirioii ?Mil praci ca ie i*'er<, through t.e
res. active wa;>evt?rs o. ritit* pr erica.
On tiio inarcU toUret-diuooi- the iroop* will leave
Hunter's i'oini by rail on the h.ai-pau nit'* ;
o'clock A. M. tram on the days named, ami will
return us mum ax the practice is nuis eil. at an
bom io o?* named 0) their respective command- i
lU-r ntllcC'S.
The pi actlce snail be conducted in conformity
wri ii tiie previsions o' circular m>. i (current
series) fr in the ?>iHo ? or in* inspector Ocueral of
l.nlc I'ra-'tice, aim wilt be umlcr tnc direction* oi'
the divii-l' ii, brigade ana ivj,im.*ntai inspectors oi
rifl< i<ru i ice#
'r:ui liiirk.-uiao'* Dartre mart i. provided lor In
circular No. i (a svnoi - x of whici nas c realty
appeared in the li? :tw.u) by tic odleer- uml mem
bers oi the tiuru imusdc. \ni; nite place on the
IStli and :&t& lost.. at bali-pa??: three o'clock 5*. ?
M., under the direct loan of rlie Brnrade Inspector i
of Kirie Practice. Officer* <>r eulleted men vrno i
prior to the day at the match tn-ir be reported to ?
the Brigade Inspector u. Kltle l'i actlce as compo?
tent, will be allowed to compete for u?e badge,
without prelimiuai v practice.
Colouel Carl Juss.-n. Division In peetor. li.c-.bet n
rostfii to the position o: Acnttf true." oi s.atf
nnnna trie aoaeuc ? oi c'oioriel iieury A. Gililer
sleeve. and Major henry rl. r.?rk*r, .w>ie-ue-iv.mp,
lias iec"ivcd uidersto uei us Diw?iou loapector of
lUfle i ractice lu ilie ubsjneoo. Lieutenant Ooionel
Cornelius b. Mucueil.
Tae Batalllon des Uardj.? Lafayette, a French
rlile organization, ceieorated lia rnir.l anniversary
yesterday by a festival ut ilainiiiou l'ai k, wnicn
a tracted a large number oi visitor.;, caietly
of French birta or descent. i arly In
tne day the bitalliou had n parade,
line beiiiif lonaed at headquarters, Jetwaoa Mar
ket, ami during the aiteriioon on the lesiival
grounds erncayej in rill' inaot.ee, at t.;e ?*lose oi
winch some lortjr vaiuaoie prize* were aim ded
to the successful marksmen, i ho le.stivnies at
the parte ware wound up by a ball.
The ball ot the New York Turn Vereln was filled
last evening by alarge concoursa or viMtora, tbo
occasion beiujc the tw?nly-(litn anniversary of the'
lounuation of tho Sew York Turu \ eretn. The Turn
Ilail was tas.ernlly decorated with fiaan ayd
banners, prominent amjuji wtiictt wero tUe
Stars and Stripes, the <; rxuau colon
and tUe time-honored bannaf of tit# i ui n Vereiu.
The ceit-br.uiou consisted of a-vocal and musical
eutertaluinent, an exhibition oi Turnergymnastics
and tableaux. Trie entertainment opened witn a
gran.: festival chorus, cuppos d cape lall.v :ui rue
occasion, wiuca was chanted by tlie luruerLieder- j
t ilia choral .eieowoas 01 iiia Tura Vet ein
were accompanied by it mil orcnes.ra. A cor tins
tiusiav Ft ey gang, me i'resi ieni o: the l'uru vereiu,
delivered au or.ttion, making a revlu iv oi tue ca
reer aud tus'ur* of tile New York Turn V ore in
during ihe past iweuty-tive yeuis. ihe l'uru Ve
i cm >?as oritfliiuiod principally by tin:
political exile* and iefa;.e?si .f the
revolutionary epri.-ioi: <'f it;*. most of wiioni
were metaoers of too Turner orjranizuions in
Germany, wnicu at mat period were itmoeuiated
with revolution* i.y n'eas nod tonuencies. The
Turn Verem was ilrst ? rgani/.cd at, a hall in Duanc
'street in 1850, with thirty-six of the leading tier
niun politic. 1 exiles us members, inctu.-iutr
Smlsmunu Kaut\aann. wtio wits its first
pivsid.nt. aud who recently ou tue eve oi Us
departure lor Europe was made au honorary
memoer. Tne euteitaimeut las night eudeu wittt
u ball, and tue ceieora iou will be concluded tn;a
eveninir Dy an entertainment of a ditlerent char
acter, the programme or which will include a
joiiiiication, known as a "Commers."
[Washington corrctpondance of the Springfield
Your notice of the sad calamity which places
Mrs. Lincoln in the hospital lor tno insane brings
to m; mind a.me incidents w hich occurred in tue
?iinns oi 1S64 that 1 then vainly desirea to give to
the pub.ic, but which may now without impropri
ety be puoiisned. ' hat they may tend to a kinder
JudEuent of one who haa suffered much from
unaicd criticism Is my fervent hope.
It was in that spring that the effort was made
to serve tha Union cause through the ?'Ladies'
National ovenaur?to purchase no imported
goods for tbrto yoars or for tne war." I: was my
lot to call upju Mrs. Lincoln f..r uer signature to
iho please. Sue laipuistveiv *e.i l mio woaid ulve
ner uan.e most readily to it, out tiiougnt that
Mr. Liueoln's con-ent ougut ;o be obtained
beiore ualnz it, and some uolav was created by
waltim: .or au opponuiiiiy neir from turn. it
was wlule waitiug ior this mat l had au interview
of nearly an hour with JJi*. Liui o n, aud i came
aivai iro.n that interview leeiin . that never nao I
lojud a person more u:iiiketnu newspaper reports
of her mau sue i.eerae i to be. We Uut?il mictiof
too war. utaiatery aud ol tue deatn of children,
as mothers who haa both :os; childim could taiu.
At mat nine Mrs. Lincoin was cuaraed in the
pai ers with sending inioi inatiou to tue eiic . y nj
her tester, wpo nad recently ucuu in Wasninaton.
iu me she aaid that s.ne ha i it.use J to nee tnat
?uter. aituougu reuerais ?i 'ho Lnion ariar h.<d
t.eeu >eut to .-oi!<:;i an interview. n u.d hot
let her cross mi thr.v-iiold nor anyone who was
an enemy of mv country," said sue. <?i alavery,
and .ifr own i-xpeiieii ;e or it whllr ?h- .Ivea in :?
slave Stute, sue nave iae -ou.e very imeresiinx
recitals, and nor expressions,were H'ro,i? eaouah
to satuily any aootitioiiiat. I lemember that ar.e
sao:?"j?r. sumni-r sat a lie ?isDes my husband
us ard^ni an an atioui^t u:i I icu." 1 v^n
tared 10 aiistle to toe tray in * a:th ?..? nau beeu
misieprcseutei t y me p .pe -. and th. t I thought
tiie ttutn ? uwut tub* to.d about ner, particularly
that me cn.ri^es .11 relation 10 iirr rentertug "aid
?ua coralo t" ') tU" en niv uy nei s.sier -isoui I
bu c iitraiicteu. ??(.?h.'' .-.1 d sue. "it is no use to
u.ako any deience; a.! -uc.i enorts would ouiy
041" me a tarset ior n-*w attacks. I do not i><>
oug t'< the t.u *iic; my ciiaiu. ter is whohy Uuii.es
tic, aud iua puoiic n*\o notmng to do with it. i
know it ?e.*in.^ os.u that 1 -iioui 1 U-. msii?ti?>i,
and I u^eii to slu-iJ mauy bitier toars about it;
bu.si..re 1 have known icai sorrow?sluce little
tvuiie died?ail tiicse ?.ia.t aavo no power to
wound me. if 1 could lay iiij livai ou my piilow
at n 4at, aad f?cl mat 1 hud wi,.> on;, inat
i? au 1 have wi?aea >-in.'i his math.'' Ton
wss raid with y tn#? aud an empuasis o s ncerity
tt..i 1 c?>?? i <2.1 uoi mien to with ury ojt*.
ttho ta.tted mucu, as inoctters will tall., of the
ciiiid that oa'I died, <>t me p.; mar n :.irness ana
deamess oi toe ' mother's hoy," M Wniie used to
caii ..im.ei', and I toil her wi n tu ? neirt ruanlox
ov.-r sita fjupathy toward a woniau iuat 1 uad
hituerto asuma ed, to say tne ie?st, not highly.
I went tia,.a o Armors square H"*w'*l (thsn
my uoiae;. au^i wioia mr 1 e lime Hospital
OaMtte, of whits I ua 1 tna Ciiarxe. such au ac
count 01 tue interview a 1 1.. ugnt .uikiit prop
er.? ne gi;en to iae cnuc, with ma ;.urpo>ie of
j.rent-ntiuic a truer picttt'oof Mrs.Lii?0?.a tr.uu
the One popnlari> i.e.a. 1 rtinehiner *.tfiug that
??ir >:r*. Liuuoin wa# t,o: a patrmtio woman, and
ont oi n.'bie sentimsats a ro, tnoa sno na-, to :n,r
isiiii. tno b*ns actre?<i? Ameries." ffoo reading
ay article tu a la<iy firiend, not mute p ejadt.e i
..uiuvirs. Lmco.u than was uteryuoav ei'O,
? .(? o?g/ea m- not t?< put. 1* 1 u. "You will
o..i> e attgneu at K.r your cr-.- utty;m>on? will
belie?o vo ., aiid you w il be UjIiMI . most unwie ?
tbihu to put your seutimeuti lu ptint." '?I?hail
nc uoLug a just mini," i 1 eplied. - .ndif Lu;
cj.n will not o jeel I shall eertnltuy uo it; but 1
i?ei that 1 aavs no runt to p. tat fur private coe
ve.sation w.toou: uer .esve " ? ?n," saui
in jri-- .it, "i?lia wai oe << i> too yl.?o to tiav* auj
tmax s<> c m iiraeut .r> t > njr 111? nned.'
: encios?a mv artlcia to Wis. t.iocoln, asking her
con*<;at to prtnr.snd received h ie.|ue?t rutu I
wonl i co i.e asa.u and :*?-? n?r. u r,c , 1 ^ent s#?
placed tiio artici** in mv itao'tM, * utiked u.e ami
toi t me thai >: e appreciated ino-.iV ; an.i tr.at
1 w :* very kltid : out ?tte st.i I ?it su 0 fhtt I" wa<
b?st f?r ner tnat no .rie'id itltwn defend uer cr
unytamg aoout uer i'. print! *,ie }1*1 A
1 ut'it 10 privacv. aad she could not anew even
hi-r irien.n to Ureas ov*r me rile sle. wita her
biis'.ano's approval, isi'iaio doan ? win n Wit*
u'ter .-notice tu tu? pre't 1 a uer part, of c arse,
1 11 as olrtlit'-d to seep erent alter thia? nii tti.it I
im re^seumv 1 s?lv .r;**u*t that sue uad "ar least
mistaken Mra Lincoln's <?isne.-i In ie?taru > hav
ing t offlBenuatof) articles pu .is ed a.n.ut her ?
on 1 when 1 have n i opportunift smto I rmve
given mv s o*na testinioi r ? a n-t t ie ( opuiar
cu: rent of dieprai't 01 ttiis inaeu sutienn/, uno, as
I bi iieve, ti 'Htiy t^'im t woman, hi t now
toat tue de'Flupii.flit 'I ? ailllil'v i - Hit ? v to
corner a*ia rof <?? msoy ??ff tiio uokind a^psrstona
II om wulcu Mrs. LihCoiii has ed, it -iu- to
me quite riirm that 1 ?nou cl at ..<>? - ve to hi r the
s.?i ii tiibuie 01 Jtiiitif-e tn.ii tea"- mice my hesrt
and judttmeut pi <.iupteii. 1 nere lslutis count iu inr
own i.lnd that Mr-. l.;ucoiu w uid bav-oten de
tanked in oiint ny otueisHh wc.l as mysaii auriotf
tne time tut -Tie n-.m so mtica wntr?n >iiia>t 1ml
lor fietuie o> sueceo that sh; neisett imposed
upon tier iriet.ds. U. t, INtJJSK-rOLL.
Thi c tsa of OaptainKMtlea, '?r t'io E svecth pre
cinct, was again called np bsiore tne Commis
sioners at me cen rji OflUce yesterday af ert-oon#
M?s<ri. Maxell, Vo .this iind Bturn lie.D,< presont
a 11U Commissioner Ulsuecser -'-r. t.
chiei Clerk iiaWley, tor tho pi osecn'ion, stated
tltat he had uoth ux fttrtner to ?ay. Ko lar 88 'nt
tiraaeciition ws- cOncsiaad, the Ciso stt ftd la
<? *,n:.1, the same coauitioa as at tae last adjourn
Coiene! Fellow-*, for the defence, nrpel the Ci.m
m^siousr, ro nike final action without further
oeiay, and, on tno iou oi Mr. itawliy, 'of cast
wat riiurceu to toe .oa i*o?ru .or u?oi?.ua.
Commissioner Ycorhis Visits
Disbecker's Eldorado.
The Harlem Flats Contracts?A Plot
to Rob the Taxpayers.
TJe question of paying the contractors who are
now fliiias up the Harlem flats with rotten and
pes lferous scaroa,te lust ad of solid earth 01
innocuous ashes- promises to be uu interesting .
question in thu near future. These contractors
have received seventy per cent of their money lor
creatine a nuisance, aud now they seetthe ro
maluiutf thirty per cent. It may bo remembered
taut wnen tue Herald exposures Mia oara tnis
lnnmous Job tae contracts entered Into
l>y Jones and McQnade ' called for two
or three feet of pure earth to be laid
over the aarbaif-, &uJ the inference was that
uuless tots latter requirement was carried out tae
contract was not complete and ought not to be
paid tor. It now appears, however, tnat tue plot
Is to have the contract declared completed
as the flats stand now, and the money called lor
by the contract paid, and men the cost ol tue
filling tn assessed on the pioperty and tne same
eouttrmed by the Board of Revision aud Correc
tion. thusp.acinn the matter beyond question or
appeal. All this betore a pound or pure earth is
placed on the garbage lllilog
is composed o! the Comptroller, the Reorder and
the corporation Counsel ana is covened toy sum
mons irom tae Comptroller, woo really controls
lis action, because ne alona knows wnen to call a
meeting and tor what purpose. The maiority i.ie
not supposed to be laminar with tue manner in
which city contracts are carried out, aud act on
the evidence submitted that all is correct. Ihe
Comptroller, however, wao uudertakts to super
vi<i? and control everything iroiu t! e scruo woman
tiipreior-responsible for their acceptance.
T i s lob of squeezing moie money out of the city
of \ew VorK 10 repair ihe ua.aa.-e done uy mo
fttvoWble ttcaonrol the lioa.d 01 Rjvision anil Cor
r J.? o. ubove i eut Sued. Tue cost 01 all this work
n Mun Uie ciiV at lar^e, beca se no property
owner need I ay a cent on rh'e ground of tnc non
louV tne racts tuat tue Contractors tiavo not ear
ned out [nelr co.,tract or any part or it. and tnat
rnese men nave cummu tea a crime against the
s ^teKinir tae iliuiiest refuse 01 New Voric to ,
mi In sunge.i lands w.tnin tae city limits and
?itrouv aid ino lounoatlon 01 a iuture pestilence?
L , he tto?rJ cf Revision and c rrection is
asUed to consider the question of finally accepting
th.- wori as completed
oif thVjoues and^cQiTalie joV^s(?as?ment? Me did
kVal'aeWre'r9 & S^naXfcS CcS .
"fo lawrequires that all w. r.; coating more than
JlOM Shall oe advertised. Soec.ai c ntracts w?re
oiien made prior to 1&73. He has now a suit in .
ua'iu an*?iu ?roin bucU a cause.
vir son to expressed ni?8?n rcafl.T to do nil
m uu power io aid tee Herald m Its crusade
against the garbage deaiers.
w is nresent ut the last meutin^ of the Board ot |
U viiloii uud boritothiD. He old not Know oi any
wroBOSal o acce.t tue McQuade contract by a con
Srmatlon m ttie asseanneut. homing whs Ooue
aThe meeting but routine busin -?k T.W m-mners
of the Hoard are not made aware, in the notice sent
them, ul tne nature ot the business to be traua
*Ci'iie" Recorder expressed himself as greatly
?ra ffled wltn the ac ion ol tne UaRALD in ex
Dublin* tuo lalaaioua outrage at liari?!n. Ho dul
Jtuin that the earth covering would
r*midT the evil "one, but hopea that it would
abate the uulsauW in some decrees, lie was de
termined to u-c lil official power to protect in
? very uav the interests o ids icliow citizens, and
was always ready to act wluu called on to." tuis
l'"vnwit#standing the secrecy with wiiic.i the
conspirator^ operate, the loregolug ternaries of a
majority ot the Hoard ot Revisiou and Correction
give as?urauC9 mat tne uaruajre dealers will
utterly deieated in their schemes.
To personally ascertain the exact con-ution,
from a sanitary point ol view, of the Uar.cui fiats,
Police Commissioner Voorbis on Sunday aitei
Iioou paid a visit to tnat locality. Ilia experience,
el.cited in au inter?iew by a Ukkalo reporter, as
given below, adds an important chapter to the
Uteratuie ol the pest b<.u? and sets at rest all
doobisasto tne whitewashing character of tuo
Medical committee's report.
?i went to the Oats," said Commissioner Voorhis
"dC' I ous ol ascertaining lor myselt the cond vion
ol ta ngs there, and from the investigation 1 made
1 am satisfied tuat the U?*ai.i>,8 claims as to tao
unueai hiue-s of tue fl.it^ are well founded. I had
previously visited the place, hot tn?*n gave it a
buperilcial examination oniy, aud cousetiueuny
aia not realizo tkte true character of t.ie 'filiinit.'
The einuvuim tnat arose troin tae masa on Sunday
was teslly nubearable."
Ri.iOKTEii?From your obajryotlon. Commis
sioner, what percentage ot garbage would yon
?av, at a lough tsilmate, was contained la th?
* c" missions VOOBBIS-W.il, I wonll not l.k?
to ?av. i ain not au expert iu tnoso matters, and .
thut st least twenty per cent was present was an
voonuis- I aarau mini IU pit
P" ?"
?aisiiiio*.; yS?:"-. ??.u ut iiuio ..r,
for ne reasou that a more tnorougu lnvesugauon
titan taa" watch I gave sliou.o Weeeoeanop.nua
to th.' percentage (?i garuag.'. 1 wu say,, Uo?
ttvet (sin ing), tnat 1 auw gJtbaga
ltEfoiiixtt?uoyoa Oouslier tue msisnai usea
de: riiuentai to the uoaitu ot th# residents oi tue
' comiuis-loner Voorhis?I mu*t say t&at: 1 do. I
ku >w i ?ou!d uot care to live there myself, iae
a mosphcie is exceeuiagiy . Beusivo.
li l- RtKK-Dojouagree wuiituo hsrald, th?n,
that tue nats, or sueti portion or tl>ein as l?ve
Men fi led iu, siiouia oe covered wi li d-rs to vue
lietjtii o, two and a hall or tare* ieett
comiAl noner s'oos.ns? I ttuult tn*1 cj "
ts.nty oe rue i>e-t sumtl n oi the dim ; ?ltj, bat
sun .10 a?are tnat toe Police liepai iment c uia
taki noste s tn tuat dlrect.on All.that at.ica.
li , now is to .il .pt proper meaas ol nareaiter ??
,? n,i nir carbag-- notu the mati-rla suit to cou
WM^s' aMlacn moans were t ,- iay -^ed iu
tHe ui??tiD|t ol the sireet Cst?iniu<i cjUIIJU'
and tue pr-.per orders wil! t?- l>sue? lorUWitn.
Here.imr nndtr ttns sys.etn certain ?r**
b- ns.-igueu to tue collection oi gjroat* oul'
iu, ; ai i ptooanly bo pamt^d >?iU>n, ?.r in sued
i manner as to uini. g as.t lueni :iro.n tii.
otuer cine. A'l citiZe ? *vi.l oe notilie l
tnti? gti-oigo mixed In w,un wiu
ot. - r materiil will not i.e toui hed. it wiU
carte., avi ay . my when it is ?el;aifaied lrotu
ever.ihit.if *>**? ?' he lne tl,u,T 1 c ;V
inen to te ott to the Bnperiu eu .em ?(
F , : e tne uauset of all pets?as \lo.aiing t,.is
oraer, .md tne same will nn turae^u over
to iae li-ant oi Health for uppropnai-s
It snail a so oe ^ cause lor msmissai lor t..e in
spectorvi say daoipinv grouud *'
uny cji tmea bringlmr to the |JU?^ i'. ''k
aOove dtsisiDaied carts, a if garjafe. ' ,.?
contitiied 'ne Co3im.??iOucr, that this wi,l wb
via'.* ail uitllcdity in tae luttue.
The Committee on ?ti eet > ot the Hoard of aider
men, appointed to investigate thj coodoat-of
Po.lce Coinmusioner Duoecker, mat at tue city
Hall yesterday aitemoon. 'lbs omminei con
sist.i of Aldermen Oanttef, LjfsagiH and Simon
sou. Tbo rosolu ions nnd-r woloa tuese genua
nu n propose to act were passid at a me.-ting ol (
the Hoard some ;ew da>s since, and were puu
liar.ed tn the URastn at the time. Hieyca l ior
inquiry inio Mr. Disoecasr's action as lo li e Uuf
runs nulsan e created la filling In Uarieiu flati,
and also In roiaaon to hie otMcial absence
m Abaoy www loehjln*. as aiieg.d, to
de eat the Common CoehCil Btroet cleaning
l?i.i. lbe proceedings ol iesterd*f dcvel
oped the fact mat tne committee seein
at sea as to tiielr po-?er an l duttei n the prcm- '
lsts. /Merman Quutsr pr> si leu, and the reao- |
lutioia empowering tue coinuiltiee to act were
read Ujr the clerk. Mr. Disbee'-ter was present,
accompanied by his couusel. Mr. II. Bt; ahao. Mr.
Thomas R. Asuew was culled as a witness, and on
beiii* sworn, proceeded to testify that he resided
ut No. at) Ueekmau place, aim was a large prop
erty owner tn llanem. lie swore that t :e smell
irom the lots jusr fl'.le i lu was the most oiTensive |
he had ever experienced. Tne witness consid
ered it very lieiriiuoutai to Uoaiili. and il tue
lota were situated lower down sin the cuv we
would undoubtedly have au dpidemic. From .
Mis outrage Ihh Haiietn prjperty hud
depreciated to ino amount of #230.000. j
Ho i.Vir. Asruew) owned property all ever Harlem.
H" had bultt some twenty-live liUilaiojrd, wnlcli
cost him tome {7.>0.000. Ii ih? Polieo Coitimis- t
aiouern aud Homl 01 HealtU IIM cojntena ic?d
this matter tbey ought ail to ho removed. Oojeo
tiouatile dirt uad oeeti deposited tlieie and some
body was responsible therefor. Mr. Agnew was
very emphatic in ilieae statements.
Mr. stkaii an hero objected 10 the committee's
proceeding auy lurther without tne presence of
counsel of tne rolice Hoard, tie a la 1 coniended
tiiey nad no l'lyht whatever to luvosturate any of
th? departments. *
Alueruau Su andi.k y contradicted Mr. Siratian, !
and uBked the rcutieutau what interest he repie
teniou lie ore the e an mil tee.
Mr. Sibahan replied lie appeared there lor Mr.
Dlsbecker. and did not kri >w wuat ritfht Alderman 1
Snandlev possessed ro as!: s .ca a question.
Alderman ?ua.nijley?1 uid not ass you, sir. 1
Inquired 01 the Cliiiii'inin.
iir.'SviiAUAN?We protest against ihlsontire ex
amination. Mr. Mbsndiey seems to oe uirectlnir
ihe committee, anu tuey are evidently nere actiutf
uniiiT his supervision. I propose to exaimae Mr. 1
Httan-lley beiore tnts thin? is througn.
Aidermau Shandi.kv?All riant, sir; I wnl be on .
hand wneu wanted.
Mr. nTaAiUN then requested the committee to ,
point out the law tinder wtuc.i they proposed to
Mr. Ti omey, Cieric ol the Ujard, read Horn a j
pns^ige lu ino Revised Statutes.
Mr. .siraiian expressed me opitilen that such
la * ui<4iiot auect the ca?e tu umnt at. all.
Mr. insnKCKhiK Here rose uud wanted to know I
the reason ne >*as ori>u:riH beiore t ie Hoard.
Alderman SutoNsoN? fo answer charges.
Mr. Ht.siiKCKi-.it? Wuat charges?
T110 Du.nioes - of tae 0mu1111.ee has become con
slderaoly mixed. M . Strahan asked Mr. Atruew
a tew questions as to I113 actual Knowledge oi Ho- i
nee Commissioner Disbe liter'sconnection wi-h the
charges set lo.tu in the resolutions The wuuc>s j
ex ressed entire i^rnorjiici on tlip.-e points.
ihe turee Aldermen composing the committee
hpio nefi a priv 1 te consultation, alter wtiicn tue
Chslrman announced an adjournment, lu oidet to
inve the I'olice H ara au oppoitunity of ueiujj;
heard by coinsel.
It would oe wise for tlrs committee to urine to
tneir assistance tne services 01 tue Counsel to the
Corporation, l'tie citizens will watch tne investi
gation vloselv. and the Hoard or Aldermen cannot
atJord 10 trifle w 11.11 a sutijoct which involves the i
healtn and uvea 01 citizens.
While your zeal fur the pub.ic health Is com
mendable, allow me to submit that perhaps you
have not been altogether lair to the police sur
geous lu your criticism of tue late report ua that
bow latuoua institution Uuown as the Harlem
flats. The truth Is neltuer you uor the puol c
generally seem to know the bottom lacts. Tne
idea of a medical inspection originated in the
tirain 01 Professor Dlsbecker, as you have well
styled him. lie chose hair u dozen of the most
"reliable" surgeous to make the inspection. Co- j
der the direction of Dr. lienry tber proceeded
to the flats, and in hair an hour pzriormed
the extraordinary feat of thoroughly ex
auilriing the entire area as covored, uncovered
and to be covered. T.iey had microscopes
and telescopes and oo.ognc bottles. They j
saw all the neighbors, talked with all !
t e workmen, ascertained the sanitary condition
ot all the simmles aud piggeries, louttu that
nobody tvas aick, ever had oeeu sljk or ever could
Uj sick; louna the periume as aou.ilit.ui as oerea
m it'or jockey club, saw mat Jones and McQuaae
hid done everyenmg up loveiy, tt.st St. Atnorose
was a martyr so tUe venal press of America and
tna Tom creamei and tne rest 01 them wero not
only entitled to 'heir pay but alr.o to the otaroai
grail ude of tue Amy i lean people.
Uaviuu' > one ail this their brother surgeons, who
It a i not been consulted, were summoned to put
tueir n.itue* to tue verr Icurued ana brilliant re
port. Tne brotner surgeons were aruazed at tne
i>roceedl. gad hesi ated to ouey <tie mandate of
1'rofvssor Garbage Disoecker promulgated through
Dr. tleur.. The latiei dccii.red inat tiieBoaiaof
Coinniias.oners ware in aession ana owaniug tne
report, that no time tvas to bs l.st, in fact
that tnero wj3 the greatest urgency lor *
a unanimous aud immediate report. Most
of the spnreous supposed that the report was to
be maae the basis or uomc new contract or otllcial
action looking to the abatement of the uuis ince,
and, i hough renardtnp ir's 01 the report us puro
MUIIM, itbtCTINd tneir n.tmta without ev<-u
a chance tor dccent deliberation. TUe?e are the
bottom lacta. wuich show how the report was
cooked ud. as to Dr. lienry and . Is sell-appointed
C' mtnuiee. tn -y were not authortaeo by tao lioaru
of surgeons 10 make the inspection. II a a the en
tire C jard bien consaite t a very diflere.it rotn
mntee would have beeu s^erit to tile flats, and a
report wouH nave been made at which rhe publlo
in peneral us well as all sensible physician' would
not now oe sneering. Wnat kind oi doctors or
surgeous mu*t moy be woo lguorantiy or otner
wi5e report gar airu hh siveet Uud nealtny, horri
ble stench as Derninies ?t Arab*, and tnei ccapi
t:ou oi UltD-aumplnas strengthening and bracing?
A FRIEND OF lilt; si UGiiONS.
Rector street la a snort street running irom
llroadwar, past "old Trinity" araverard, to the
North Uiver, and yet, siiort as it is, it Is a street
ol va i t.es. From Broad way to Greenwich street
It is tolerably respectable, but at Greenwich street
It begins to be lined with tenement bouses, and
irom Washington street to the river Dotntng else
can bo seeu.
A herald reporter recently visited Recior
street and vicinity, and ducovqreo several things
oi la'.ereu to ihose wlio can about the sanitary
condition of the cur. Goiug dewn Re tor street
Irom Broadway, neither tue Trinity churchyard,
on the leu nor tae business blocus on tno right
gave forth any especial smell unit! Washington
street was reached, wnen a loul smell was met,
whereupon the reporter
A ninnies' trsz <1 nJ#wn the dale,
A mo i.sut sna3 'J the tainted gale,
and t&ensuugut tor tue sonice of the taint.
Rector street was found very clean as far a* Its
pavements?a succession of wood, block ana
cobole stone, and ail terribly defective, would
aiiow?bat the side streets, and especially Wash
ington street, had been by uo meaos si well c*r? t
for. At the time of the visit of the reporter a
strong br?e>e was blowing from tae rive , and
West street, generally not too savory, was com
paratively lies irom noxious odors, but not all the
winds of heaven ccuid entirely parity Washington
street, and about the corner of that and Keo.or
streets was loand a steucn which w->md co no
discredit to eveu th : Ha. lem Bat-. Ail this por
tion of tne First war l is lintd ?o;efl.- ?tin ttfie
ment nouses, eacii overcrj-.vded with occupants,
some of weom wou.d not be iik.-ly to be
'tiuisie.i under ar Uw p o lloiung ultra cleanli
ness. Iho wr.i.tn i 11 .or* oi' tno outiaing* on ooiB
Hector and >\ aenmgton streets aro cccopie i us
ar'.cery stor-s lager o er saloons and ?iuui u
places lor the suppir at a low rate of tue wauts
o tne poor, white the up,i-;r stones ate inr aoiicd
b? 'hr-? tamilies of isoorers aioug the doeus. sea
faring men aB'l similar UcusetioMs ot the poorer
tin i, ia luo Dtutir i st.niv " '. tne moie wortjioa*
etas.-', in- re-u.t, as mignt oe imagined ti a
ingbtinl < lareau <l >t -v tne nr*' principles of
hvgiece. and, ?o isi a- tue puollc is conoerneu, tae
couioiaation of steadies rci Ti e l iu.
Inqmrir-s itinong me lah.iofiinr.s of the dLstrMI
k.lt'itei toe f..ci Hint at Liatut and moruing-es
pecia ty vrucn no breeze was stirring?t,u .- euc i
waa iiitolci ibie even to tl.ose most. cctn ojied to
li. in a Se rcaf>rtne cause tne repo.- erineia
m in wtio raid tie was ? < ru and imo at ways lived
in iBe ward, who remarked:-?"Ibis region is bid
enough, ou .t !? n k og to r.'iiat t1 ?: -e-1 ton.1,
l'e/ k>?ep Rect'H* street intt. cl-an no* on
account tne Umg Braucti passengeia going ii|i
and-oown It, :>ui you ougn> to luve *e a it last
sv.liter wiu-ti ti.ei wasn't auy boats ru;.inn/. All
tney oo i j\r bougu is to < enu that one -treei t
die., dou'i bother ...ao i about tue side nree a. If
yoi watir to get a a Mod ?tneii co down iieiu
seine nlgnt up ut ? c ven or t w -,ve o'clock.''
tne report.r disavowed an* desire to nu-et
w r? ? smells than ?e nad already found, bur nsked
wuy t .i prevl?e dour sh u,d be ? uositi tor turluer
exp -r-meor.
?1W ny, vaen to ay empty tae eleven o'elo ?
rurti.er inquiry elicited the (act tnat it ia tt.e
C'.t-toin ot the tnuK'j.t.iutsor tue tenement tious.'s
to <-mpty in tue ga.tug* o see tna couient* ot
buckets wiur.1 UrtVu >een used onring tne tiuy ior
tno ltceptton oi exovfa, and >ne stenen arlsiug
irom tnis source may be. peruaps. luiagiDKd, but
?annot oe d.?cribetl. It was statso tiut there
?ie water ci sets n most it uot all iba butldiuus.
?>ut they art not a.wavs nse i nor by un.* : eans
aiwft s kept clean, 'i on k n't," aaio tne frlenaty
cicerone "go anywhere tut waa. y?n "111 Hod
lazy w?noii. and are t * ? one- tbsi tlo .t. all."
i-'iir t.ei inspection s.iwod that ll??r<i fa ia
fr nt oi e. c i tonement an cu ??tuou i garoafo oox,
lu e*c.i luatuiiv O lull t r nearly so, aud uii einlite i .
ani.uO: ou v cooiimribie t > tnat too ? sinei'ou a tout
li ri m. .u lac-t, one oi the soarcas oi tne co.
braied ?'.ilunB'' had evideutlv ht;u'oon;i. lue
cm.t-tits ?I Inesa 00> e* were urneia.iiraBf.es,
taobagsH, potulo.-s uod oib?r kitcoea .? use, the
content? of the "eleven o'clock bucketi" aal
othe.-xiuillar matters. From me bottom of eacl
of these oozed a ioui Uuid wnloh made nolsoim
puddles on tne Hide walk, Tue most ol tnese wer?
In iront or No-i. 98'ttud 102 Wum iinict^u Mtrcet,
tfiouifii others '.Tore ba . euouirn.
"Witen are these boxes empiied ?" queried the
?on, tliev couie around two or three times >
week, but mey never empty tnetn. Tuey tuite out
a lew snoveW full from each box aucl theu move
ou. I tie met is." .saul Ciceioue. "tneso bin
boxes oujrht to ue uiiolisiied. They don't. Have
them up town, aua they ought uot to bavts taeui
be re."
Questioned ah to tne health of the inhabitant!
of the ward the same authority ?aid:?"The chil
dren are better tnau they would be if they were
uot let run Wild us yon sco (the reporter did seel:
but. there are loiu or doctors aroutid u?re and
tiier uli seem to do well.1'
For toe most part tli ? children wero pale and
many ol i.lieui emaciated, especially tne younger
ones. while the oluer could seldom be nulled ro
bust, tnouiiii a lite ol almost savage ireedotu evi
(lently kept thorn lrom same of the worst conse.
quences oi malarial poisoning.
besides tne causes of disease mentioned, 11
was lou ml toat as far up as Washing
ton street, the tide Hows very regular!>
and tue #wewers are dammed up, tlieir cob
tents overflowing tne streets and adding, uudei
tiitf inilttcuce of the hot sun, 10 the uiultitud?
of o ii.rs nnd itasest characterize^ the locality.
Wlieu to atl the tlunis nieutloueu are adde.i the
iiictn that cellars thereabouts are used as dwell*
lugs, and that the are s between tne bulldiugs
and tne sl'Jewalk-t, urUiualiy intended tor coal
cellar-, are habitually usea as cloacw, It call easily
be seen that the Firs." ward needs both m iral and
physical cleansing, anil mat lr a pestilence does
uot arise there it will not be the fault 01 the con
stltuted authorities.
The boarder* at tLie Grand Central Motel have
p?en surprised by a visit of nine ctiieis or tha
Aiiniieconjou and Satis Arc Sioux Indians, who
coma iroui tne Cheyenne Agency, at tii'j Forks ol
tlio Cheyenne lUver and m tlie neighborhood ol
the Brack Hills. The peaceful moiiotouv <>f tne
hotel la pleasantly diveruiflcd by tms band of sav
ages who have been id sea me Great Fattier to
"rmsa a state,'' us one of their friends at tha
hotel cne.'cfaily ooservad la a conversation wuh
A'jeade, reported yesterday.?Toe ne.id cliiaf is
Loue liorn, wiios? latner and graudiatber and
great grandfather was e ica ia Ills turn Hereditary
great chief of the tun tribes of tue Sioux Nation,
woose language '8 th? Dakota. Lone lloru, wuose
name would ."Unices, that he drinks sulus, is a man
ol probably sixty-five years oi aue, about live leet
eigut incne.-i m neigiii, auJ witl ratner a peace
tally disposed looking isca lor Hie head of such a
warlike and bloodthirsty nation. Witu the ex
ception of Lone Horn, all the ot.Vr chiefs are oi
tremendous stature, oi musoaiar build and, wear*
ins magnificently ornamented blankets thrown
over tneir suouiders, the/ make a very plctur?
e.squa series of pictures as they stalk la
pniegmatlc composure through the corri
dors of the hotel. They have been wiaced
in rooms on the eighth floor of the building, and
they take great deiignt lu making Jerry trlpa up
and down the elevator. The Messrs. Powers, pro
prietors of the hotel, and Mr.-Crockett A?ve tneir
hands full in denylug applications o curious
visitors who a;?e desirous of staring at tha sav
u^cs. Lone llorn is said to be a decent km a of a
man, and beiog peacefully disposed he took am
brago at tha btiilcosa dispositions of Had Cloud
aud Spotted Tall, who were "klckiug" verr vigor
ously at Washington, and seat them noma to mo
happy Uuutlug Krounds. Among the chiefs art
spoiled Ei<c, a oig fellow, who baa some Engliaft
mustard plastered over hU light eyaorow, of wnicl
be is so proud that ho is continually
looking at himself m tne glass In Uts room. Ht
also wears as an ornament p:ndant from his
seek a tin horse, cut out of a ptes.t of block tla.
lie needs nothing mora to make him happy, it it
said, but o have a iew empty soda water bottles
on a string aud a state buck w neat cake, witn a holt
botej in it, aud some red tape. Bail liagie. a taiL
stalwart and strapping Indian Ci:l-f, is quite good
looking, out lias a iiaug-dog, sensual lojk. ihU
ioiIow, or rather aevil, is the leader of a party ol
Moux who captured Mrs. Fanny Kelly, now la
\Sasuingtou, and trno waa at tnu time of uer cap
ture Ou. newly married. tier husoand was
brutally murdered by these assassins,
ana Mrs. lioliy, a young and hand*
some woman, oi reUnetl lecliugs, baa to
autimit io a thousmi Indignities during Iter
eigntetn mootna' captivity at tne hauls of
Bull Eagle aud Ills associate devil*. Pro erty of
tne lamiiy to tao amount of SlT.OoO ft as taken
irom tier after ttie murder ot tier nusoand, ana
uer three uioiiins'luiaiit was impaled ou a taut
polo by lluli Eux.c and ins iel.o?a. Airs. Keiiy
was confronted by the scoundrels iu Washington
a few days since, sud Lone Ho.u expressed bis
-oitow a-in mIi line to tue writer lot what nad
I,oca uoue by ms pejpie. It is strut ge, ana yet it
is verr true, nev%i taeiess, tha: tu?ie luuitua wno
i.a i been guilty o. t nl-i m is,, norribio crime wrro
yesterday allowed to lonuie and caress and plajr
who iiiue inuoc-'ut clutureu v .o were orougnt
into tneir rooms uy looash aud uatninking
nurses. Lone U?rn
yesterday for tue oeuefit oi tne H&kald rt
porter, and tne cmeis uil sat ri>uud in a room
and had tue smoxiag calumet passed fr m
mouth to mout.ii. Inter ore tert Wi.iijiu Fielder
and captain .McNauetiton, counseled wim tue
Caeyeuue A^euc.r, were nresen , tue fjt.ner trans
lating ail tuat #? said oy Lun. lloru, tue chle;t
luterjectinir a &ort of nowl every iew minutes?
? Hurt ; llo<?''?to sigany that tuey were aatufled
with their orator's lug talk, ilea Skirt, oae oi tut
ciueit, n id ni ; nose and che.:ka painted all over
with a hideous vernitdon cosnpovtion, and ha
thinks, iu Ins aborutinai coucett, tuat us is D?r
ftctiy btaatilEl. Bat toe e is one a uonr tut
chicisv. no is sometliiu^ of a cnui aian. and tiiHt
Is Katriiog Km, who Is nltrhiy or.iamented and
wno has ? lun j oi dry nu.>,or tuat is pleaddi to
contemplate. He oas some exctliem and ver> dry
Miuaec >ujou jokes, union he emits at stated inter
vals and witn tue most pro ounn gravity, and w..eu
he ut tei s ttieni all the other chieh ^r.a in a goastly
aud hideoua mautier. ihu real orator of ihe party
is Wnite s??u, who ianc.es himself to oe.oug tt a
cebatiBg ?oeicty, tin J is mver nappy un.esa ua
tau be permitted inastic-to tue uacotah lau
gusice. Ltiuj Man Uau is a detent lookic/ old man,
witn gra>ish nair and a peaceful look. He it
*ixiy-uine yea a of age and wears a Kossatu felt
hat over a pair ot dark blue goggits. Another
cuitt, named Charger, must ot a nice man
lor a pleasant evening party, as he naa ft
scalp beit with tares or lour sotrt of
scalpf, aoiao of whtcu bear sriil tht wavy, lotg
Lair or white womou, torn iroiu siirteting and
despairtug teinales lu the agony of death and mu
tilation. Ducu is i.no her nrive wh j has nad hit
exploits unci his "successes'' as tue Franco
WoQli sav. They til eat who their katrei tud
unak large draughts ol les water, strong, not,
black tea wi horn niiik, and eXuioit a toua ?po?
ttte for liuu?4 or bert and law >, tried liver and
immense slices a. wnite bread. Loae H ;rn told to*
HeuAt b reporter in Ois ?'talt'* mat be wanted tut
creat Fattier to pay tnora a fair price for tntir
lands, and then he mightdeduct a certs.n annuity
irom it lor the benefit of poor Mrs. Fasny Ktily,
Ann lie also wantel Hev. Mr. .Nesmia, oi vvasu
luutoa, aud Ker. Mr. Hinman, an Episcopal eiergy
nmn. to be i>n che comm ss ou to ot ap
pointed to adjudicate on taeir claims by Presi
dent Grant, ihe savages would not touch any
g>een peas au i torn it >ea at dioner. mey evi
dently mi-pected tuat the peas were loaded and
might ox lole. Last eveuing. by invitation ol
Mr. John DuiT, ttiey all visited the Olympic Thea
tre, and wero .vastly uniiKcd by me periorm.tnce,
and returned so>*r to the hotel and to ned. They
did not bo ai y wtiere tise during the day. bat will
visit toe meuavcrie and inspect tho beauties o(
< erural Parn to-dar. Among the visitors yes er
d iy were Mr. Alexander Hamilton, at old and
iceole geutieman. aooat elghtv-Bfe y.-ars oi ago.
ana sot* to tuo famous Alexander Hamilton wrtw
waskiUoi in a duel by Aaron ilun-la tne early
p irt oi tue century. .Mr, Kieldtr, tn; interpreter,
states that tnt indlaus may possibly itavt town
in t lew days.
Tht boay of Jcrtmiuh McC >rty, of So. ?S New
Chambers street, wno has bern musing about ttn
davs, was found nt pier 23 l ast rtiver yesteruay.
I noma* Dixon, a seaman on board the steam
ship Italy, fell Irom the mas'bead some days ago
while the snip was lying at pier So. 41 Norm itiver
and received a iractute of tne ssml. II ? was it
moved to Beiievue Hospital, wlieit he died yester
day morning.
F.mst waifraa, a Germau seaman, last Friday
took a cone of Paris Orean with sulclaal intent.
Ho was removed to Iteiievut llospua. ana died
ina body of^ an unknown man was lotind float
Ini lu tha Norm Kiver, near ai.xte?niu street,
yesterday moruiug. Coroner Eickuoff will hold
uu Inquest,
Coroner croker conc'.adi>d the lnt]utst yester
day iu t<e cu-o oi Klcaard iirnivu. who was
drosrutd oST tno Usttar/ ou tne Otn oi May, from
n..vlng Ills boat u' set by tne steamer s?raia-t.
ihe |ury exoaora^ed tha pilot oi taa syracuae
irom all ulauie.
Tno Jtt ? hi tho casts of the cnlld Mary E. Mo
Curtny, a no was run over nyao iror thtaouib
Ferry aud Vasey street nr.e on tltt gd Intu, ren
uered a veroict yes vid iy ol accidental death. It
was ?ho>* n t ni ins <n Iv r diu all ia his po^tr it
stop the car, but ?at unable to do to, Tnt mautti
was haul by coroutv WoUiAto,

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