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Another Impeachment of Comptrol
ler Andrew H, Green.
Report of Commissi oneri of ieeonoti on the
Management of tbe Park Department.
Over $100,000 Alleged To Be
Drawn Illegally by Mr. Green.
Business of the Board?Republican Mem
bers Still in Contempt
A regular meeting of the Board or Aldermen
was held yesterday afternoon. Twelve demo
cratic members were present. All the republicans
were absent, as these sentlemcn still stana in
coutcmpi and cannot participate in the proceed
ings of the Hoard nntll relieved irom the unpleas
ant position in which they placed themselves at
the last meeting;.
Alderman Blessing introdnced resolutions call
ing upon the Corporation Counsel to enlorce the
License laws relative to street railroad cars. It
appears that some time since a commuulcatlon
was addressed to the May?r upon this matter by
the Board. A response wss transmitted to trie
effect that some $760,000 was now due from differ
ent railroad companies under ordinances govern
ing tms subject. These resolutions were sub
mlttetl to the Committee on Law. They ore
lengthy, and contain allusions to the lifbor ques
tion, mismanagement of city departments, em
ployment of country politicians in public offices,
and other matters entirely foreign to railroad car
The committer to whom was referred the con
sideration or the Harlem flat nuisances reported
In favor of compelling the use of wnolesome earth
alone in pioaecuting this wortc. The committee's
report will be round lu another column.
Alderman Seery recently introduced a resolu
tion calling npon Comptroller Green to expiatn
wtiy he did not Day the laborers employed on the
Mornlnuside drive. Some $35,000 are now due
those men. The Comptroller sint in a communi
cation to the Board, stating that they had been
employed by the Commissioner or Public Works
without authority. lie (Mr. Ureen) had no.power
nnder the law to pay tnem their wages.
General Fltz John Porter transmitted a com
munication asking for an ordinance o( the Com
mon Council directing triplicate voncbersfor all
expenditures to be made, two 10 be sent to the
Comptroller to be receipted when paid, hs to re
tain one lor flle In bis department and to return
the other to the Department of Public Works.
Another flaut has developed ltseir on these points
between Comptroller Green and General Porter as
to the necessity lor sucn triplicate voucners.
The following report was cent 111 from tn? com
missioners of Accounts in relation to Comptroller
Green and Ids connection with the Park Depart
Orricx or the Cohmissioxfrs or Accounts, >
No. 31 Chambers ,-trki.t. Nkw Yoke,.tune 10. 1875 )
fo this Ho.nokam.k the Board or Aj.iik.kmkx: ?
UixiLmr.t ? We herewith transmit a report mad* by
Commissioner Howe (to whom the matter wan referred).
In compliance with a resoiuti in pa?-ed by your houora
Me body on May -U 1875. Bespectluilv,
JOHN J. Wi'.mi KaV, ( Commissioners
JOH.V WHKELKK, ) ot Accounts.
Orncs or the Commissioners or Accocsts, i
No. 3JChamd*us Street, Nit* York, June 9, 1875. j
To t*k Commissioners or accounts:?
OsirrUMKK? 1 Lie Board of Aldermen, by a unanimous
rote, adopted the following resolution on Xav JO, 1875:?
"Lesnivcd, That Mu Honor the Mayor tie ami hu Is
hereby requ' nte i to Instruct tbe t'ommlvsioiicrs ot Ac
counts to report to this Beard a statement in detail of
the several amounts ot moneys puiu respectively lo tha
several < ominls'ioners oi the ( entral Park. or ot the
Department ot l'uti ic t'aras and the landscape archi
tect, or lor t ieir h*netlt, or a* salary, or as expense*
incurred or allowed, or for any purpose. from thr date
ot tbe organisation of tbe department up to and includ
ing December 31, 1874. with references to Hie laws or to
(tie resolutions of ttie Hoard authorizing or claimed to
authorize IM same."
as reijuire l by tun resolution, and acting pursuant to
Ihe authority comerred upon me by the charier ot tne
city. I bate mace the investigation directed, at.d report
the' result thereof aslollow*:?
fift? I he statute, chapter 771, ot the LaWs ot 1857. en
titled "Au act lor the regulation and government ot tbe
Central Park in the city of .New York," pa-eed April 11,
1*57. provided that the Commissioners ol tne Centr.il
Park should ooii-?st of a Hoard ol Management of eleven
persons, three of whom should dbnatitlllc a i|tioram tor
the transaction of business. Section 3 ot Uii* statute I
aimed ihe nr.?t Hoard or Commissioner*.
Another statute, chapter 349. "I the laxws of 18.59. de
clares that the Hoard ot Commissioners ol the Park
should eonslsi ot not less tnan seven or more than eleten
persons, and that the oftlce ot mf commissioner who
should not attend the meetings ol the Hoard tor three
sucres-l-e months, alter l>eing duly notified ol said meet
ing.. without reasonsaatlstaciorr to salil Hoard, or with
out leave ot absence Irom said Hoard, might by said
hoard be declared vacant,
A change 111 the Par* management was effected bv
this charter ot the city passed nprll 5, 187u. By this
sisiutc a Department?! Parks was created as partot the
governmental auencv ol the city,and tu this department
Were translerred the control and inanug'ineac of ail
rub tic psrx* and piscli ol the city. The nead ol the
?ep irtinent ot lyirm consisted ol a Hoard ol five mem
bers. appointed by the Mayor.
I he statute, chap'er .Us'. Laws of 1*74, reduced the !
numt? r ot the Commissioner* of the Parks lo four.
i lie following table shows the daie ol the appointment
pi each of ibis Commissioners ol Pars a. the name ?i each
I oininissintier, tne date each resigned or wa, removed,
snd the period during which each served :?
ftSHy I AVlm<. I ?*"? ?>
df>p /Oi'iseal. f
April 17. "5<" tames fc. Cooler...,
April 17.'57
April 17. '57
April 17. '57
April 17,'57
April 17. "5;
April 17.' .7
April 17, '57
Anrit 17, '57
April 17, '571
Reslgied Jan 5, I4!K
rtesUned Oct. 21, l.s'A
Hcs.gne t A pul il. lv>9
Resigned April 5, ismj.
Resigned Keo. 3. iSbJ.
Del'd vc't Feb. 3, I-to.
I Legislate.I out of of
> fire by charter
l paoted April A, I"70.
jDct'd vc't Feb. 3. I 12.
... ... Hlaicniord .. i / Legislated out ot ot
llenry U. Siebbins. | , lice by charter
Hoses II (irlnnetl.. ) passed ? priAf.. i870.
Peter H. f.waenev, ,| Iteslgiie l Mov.^i, Is7l.
, enry lllltou Resigned >ov. ?X 1.871.
I 1 office declared va
Tnomas C. Fields. rant bv M ivof
1 \ Havemeyer
KoOert J. I'lilon
.Junes llogg
h.irles W7 Rluott.
Jnun A. C. dray....
\\m. K. etroiiR
.Cli.is II. hassell...
|J. F. Huttcrworth..
Waldo lliitebiugs..
?,Thos 1 . Fielos
April 17. * '7i Andrew 11. Ureen..
March iS.'.'vs August Belmont.
April 3>, '??"* ' " '
Mav 15, '59
April i. 'rtO
April 13, '7c
April 13, '7I1
April 14.'70
April 10. '70
Mav 24.'70
Nov. a. '71
Kov. 2J, '71
May ?. '72
Oct 23, '7i<
Dec. 3, '72
Jan. 13. 71
May a. 73
Andrew B. Green
Robert J. Dillon....
Henry <1. stebbitn.
Fred. B. Church...
ir, iti-^amuei nan.. ...ovrtiifApi n *? '
1, '741 fhotnai K M.>warl ITerin e?pi'd May I, '7
2. '7.'>| William It. .Manln.. |3nd in office.
1. i /os. J. it'Uonohue . iistill In office.
1 la-gislatr.1 out nf of- f
, tlce by charter of
IJ 18/3.
Died cee. 3, 1872
designed May M, 1872.
i Legislated out 01 of- !
, flee -by charter ol
) 1p7.1
He signed Oct 23, IS71
still in office.
1 Legislated oat of of- '
J lice bv charter of
1 1873.
'"eaianed Jnne I. 1874.
Kl-sign^d Jan. 2, 1875. i
stilt in offie*
ertu expi'd May l. '74.
- ? *T&, 1
| Pred. L. Otmslesd .
I Henry U. Mehbins.
It. M. Blatchford..
Salem H. Wales....
... alem 11. Wales....
May Tl. '7j| Philip Blssmger....
June 12, 7.1ji>avldit.WiiiiauiMiii
June IP, '7l|Samuel H
?tune 1
Jan. 2
in anil by the statute, chapter 771 of the Laws
ol 1867, whu h created the tir?t Board of Commiaatoners
of the I'enirai Par*, it Is specially enacted that the Com
missioners "shall receive no compensation lor their ser
vices; each commissioner shall, nevertheless. !>e en
titled to he reimbursed the amount of his t?'. aortal ex
penses In viaitiug aad superintending tlie Park not ex
ceeding the sum ot $.?st per annum."
On Ma* in, IN.>s. Andrew II ureen wnselected Presl
lent anil treasurer, and continued to hold these offices
an til Mav 9.18W . ^ .
On January It, l*?, a memorial 10 th" legislature,
prepared by Mr. ureen, was ?nl?initted to Ihe UviiinitS
?loners ut a meeting ot ihe Hoard held Mat day, winch
wa- a*< pteu and directed to be printed am lranstiutte<i
lo the Legislature. 1 his memorial contained tho follow
tng clause :?",V>a? oi the I ommissioiiers now receive
anv compensation, if. is clearly apparent Irom tbe ex
p< rlencc oith - past two years that your meinorln lists
ahould have i.ower to prTivide a reasonable compensa
tion lor its President and lrensnr< r somewhat corre
sponding with the labor performed in these unices."
1 he records ot the commission show iii.it there went
to Aibanv at the expense ol the commission to obtain
legislative authority, giving to the commission tha
power desited in the memorial, the following Commis
sioners:?John A. C. urn >. William K stroll*, Charles
W. Klllntt, .1 F. P.iitreruorth and ,.ndrew 1,. liiecn,
?ss'sled liv Uenrge M. \ ?n .Von, Hie clerk of the com
mission. and .tames H. Nicholson.
? lie mission ot these Oomm.ssioners and assistants tn
Albany was sneecsstnl. for a law was passed April 15,
la&?, ta-ing clis pter :M.i, l,a\vs 01 8 .!?, bv wincli it w as en
acted, amending the laiv oi ls ,7, t'latti" member of the
Board ol Commissioners oi the Pars " shall receive any
compensation tor Ins services except the President or
Treasurer; hut each Cominlsaioncr shall. ne>crtlieiess.
he entitled to recejre mr ins persona 1 e \pcnses In i i-it
Ing ?nd siiperi 11 tending Hie Park a sum not excee ilug
per annum
Tf Is statute eonialns ttie only prorisinn a* to the pa v
ment Ihe Commissioners of the Park ? ere entitled t'o
receive until the passage ol Ihe lax l*vv act 01 187?,
betng chapter ;vs301 the :.awaol that year, which en u ts
(secilon 15i">o uiemner of the Hoard ot tli ? Hcp irt
Victii 01 Public Paras shall receive an? salary or oilier
tuDipensailoii tor his services In anv capacity conniv ied
wii.b said department."
A further chniiuo tn the law on this subject was ef.
ftrted by chapter 29o of tbe Laws ol 1871, which en
acted, sectloa 12?">o member of the Board of Com
mlsalnner* of the Department of Public Parks shall be
entited to receive anv compensation tor bis services,
except thut tli? IVeasurcr ot ?ai I Hoard shall. troni the
date or Ins appointment us sutii. be entitled to receive
fuc!? compensation a> said i.oartt snail desigu ce and
.ili'iw. not i x.cfniiig .he uinouiit pat by urn Itii?? t.nsrd
ot Com in ls? liner* oi the Central Park to uie Treasurer
thereof." ...
Mill another change In the law was enacted by the
charter ot l"73, section 110 ot which provides as u sal
ary?'To the Pre-ideut of the Department of Parka
"To the Commissioners ot Parks, other than the Presi
dent, nothing."
The e evcral statutory provision* divide Into Ave dis
tinct period* the rate* or allowance* which could be
luwiu iv paid to the Commissioner*.
tl.i htotn April 30. 1857, to April IS. I8"ft
? uring this period no Commissioner w?i entitled to
any compensation tor lua serviui a: only, each Commis
sioner win entitled 10 be tolwoursed the amount ot hit
personal expenses In visiting ad superintending the
parka not exceeding $3'J0 tier annum.
il.i Front April IS IMS, to Aprn ;6, 1370.
During tliia period the President and Treasurer were
en itled to be paid tor their services. .Souther Com in I s
itOMf mueubtfed 10 a saiarv, but erich i ommiSSionar
wa s en tit eil to rccelvo lor Inn personal services in visit
ing and superintending the parka a mm not exceeding
$. ti) per unil?? in.
til From April 26. IBru, to April 5, IS71.
During this period no inetiioer ol tile Board waa en
titled to receive any salary or other compensation lor
hi? services m any capacity connected with raid depart
(4.i From April 5, IB71. to April 3D, 1*73.
During this perlo I the Treasurer, who was required
to bo ? member ot the Hoard ot Cotnmis.sloners, *?s tho
only Commissioner cnt.tled to receive compensation.
unit he was to b? paid tor his services, I'rom the date of
til.-* appointment as treasurer, Mich sum Board
should designate, not exceeding the umoiint paid during
the pern (1 second above siitclned to the ireasuror
ol the then commission.
(S.i i*roin April 30.1873.
Since i his dan- the President of the Board Is alone en
titled to bu paid for his services as Commissioner 9'>.5ti0
per iinuuin. No other Cuiiiiiiu.-toner was entitled to be
tiaid anv compensation whatever.
Third? During the period llrstaoove specified?namely.
from April jo, 1*57, to April i5, If.YJ?no sums were draw n
bv ?.r paid to any of the Commissioners of the Parks.
ihis Is peculiar.
i he law of I8'>7 expressly provided that each Commis
sioner was dinned to no compensation, but only to lie
reimbursed the amount of his personal oxpemes in vism
lng and superintendina the I'ark, not exceeding the sum
ol SStn per in. num. There Is m the record* ot then#
partiuent no voucher or document showing the amount
of the personal expenses incurred bv any ot the t oinmis
slonersIn visiting or superlutendlm* the Park, and lor
which tliev were entitled to be reimbursed.
According to the l.iw in lorce during these two (2)
yearb. be:ore a commissioner was entitled to demand or
receive one cent ol tile i'ark lunds in tho name of per
sonal expenses he was bound to show what these ex
penses were and when tliev were incurred; and it Is only
the amount thus shown ihe Commissioner, according to
the law. that was entitled to be reimbursed, lie was
not entitled to tile full *:U)0 per annum without reference
to the fact whether he liud personally superintended the
the I'ark and incurred expense in ?o doing. It was only
bis expenses which he did incur in actual visitation
that he was cniitled to receive, within tue limit ot $M)
per annum It no expenses wre incurred there w as no
claim to reimbursement, and no Commissioner was en
titled to demand w hat he had not previously incurred.
As explain* ii, the Commissioners oLtuunil an amend
ment ot the law .is to compensation. I lus amen nneiit,
while allowing a salary lo be pai tto tho t're-iueut or
Treasurer, altered ill ? law as to the &'i)o allowance lor
visitations bv strikinc out the words in the Ijiw ot 1847
u.- to i eimbur.MiiK the Commissioners the expenses
which tliev Incurred. and declaring, in lieu ol this pro
viso, that each Commissioner was "entitled to receive
for his personal expens s in visiting and superintending
the Pur* a sum not exceeding 9A.U per annum."
Ibis enactment was paused April IS, 1859. II had no
retroactive effect, but the Commissioners proceeded to
net upon it as ii this had been tho law from 1857. and,
without any reference to the lact whether tlie.v nad In
curred any personal expenses or not in visiting and super
intending the works, each Coiiunlssioiier commenced to
draw at the rate ot S'li u us from the date ot tho original
enactment ol 1*57, an I these payments were continued
down to ttie close ot the period second above specified
(April 26. 1870). and Included payments lor the period
first above speciiled. commencing April 17. IS-'?.
these payment*. ol $10 annually to each Commis
sioner. were the only sums paid toauyot them, except
such of the Commissioner* as Held office as President or
Treasurer, and for pavinents made lor absence irotn llie
eitv, tor visiting Albany, and. in one instance, to Mr.
Commissioner tireen in visiting uropo.
fourth?\\nen the law authorizing tho pavinentofa
salary to the President or Treasurer of the Commission
w as pasted (April 11, 18 'J , Mr. Andrew II. Green helu
the office ot President, and also the office ot treasurer.
ou Mar ll, M>9, Mr. Green resigned the office ol treas
urer. when Commissioner Charles W. i-.lllott was
elected; and Mr. Mllott continued to net as Trensurer
troin that date until October o. 18 U. On this latter date
(Uctober ti, I8M) Mr Andrew II. Greeti was again elected
treasurer, and on October 8, 1*5). lie resigned his posi
tion as President ot the Commission.
Mr tireen continued to hoUi the office of Treasurer
from the date ot his last election until tne Commission
was superseded by the charter of i^U.
The Board, on October #, Kv.i. re?olred that the lnte
Treasurer, Mr. i.lliott, be paid tor the period ot his ser
vices aa such at the rate ol $.t.00J per annum.
Mr. hlhott received, on November 2L lflaH the sum of
91,'m hcirn: the full amount allowed lo him by said
resolution. . _ . ....
At the same meeting ot the Board (October C. 18S9) Mr.
Commissioner Uiutchiord moved that the salary of tho
Treasurer elect. Mr. ureen. should te llxcd at $ ..Ct>) per
annum. 'Hit* resolution Mr. Mlulchford subsequently
withdrew, and at that meeting no action was taken llx
inu the saiarv ot Mr Green as Treasurer.
on November 17, 1S5U. Mr. Commissioner Stebbins sub
mitted to the Hoard a resolution, as follows:?
"Itesolved, 'limt tne Treasurer be puid a salary of
$5,ooo irom the i.ate of his last election."
This resolution was adopted.
on April 1*. IH10. Mr. Green drew $-500 dollars, being
his saiarv as "treasurer Irom October ft, 18j|i, the date of
liis last election, to April ft. if*'.
This was at the rate ot $\Di0 per annum and in accord
ance with the resolution oi .Mr. Commissioner stelibins.
in addition to this sum, so tar as appears irom the
records ol '.he Commission, without any authority from
the Hoard. Mr. Green paid lo hnnselt i salary ut tin; rale
ol Oil per annum for tne perio I he held ihe office us
I reusurer, irom ttie date of the passage of tile rtatute,
April IS. 185). to May #. W59, when he resigned, us ex
plained, and Mr. l.liiott was appointed Treasurer in hi*
place, while Mr. Klllott, who succeeded him, received
oalv a snlarv from tho Kourd at the ram ol $.i.0UU per an
num frofn Mav f. KW. to October ft l'5iJ.
Mr. Green conilnned to draw his salary a* Treasurer,
at the rate of $5.U)0 per annuip. down to February I.
? SC5 ou t.iis latter dale, at a meeting ol the hoard, Com
missioner Hlatchford oil-red a resolution, which was
adopted, ill tne following terms:?
??Kesolved, I hat the salary ot ihe Treasurer of the
hoard be fixed lor lb* present ut $7,510 per annum, to
daie irotn tho 1st oav of Januar.\. !8o">. and that the con
sideration ofu suitable comp nMttoll tor his past loru and
laitiitni -erricet. and partieulirly during tne period
when no compensation could by law ne afforded, lie rc
terred to a sp-eial eomiulltee ol tire?."
on MaT II, 19tS-V Commissioner Russell, from tne spe.
rta coininiitee spooioied pursuant to the :oregoin< res
olution. reported that the committee unanimously voted
ait approptlatioii ot $2.50. additional salary tor uie past
two vears, tie.inninx with daiiusrv I. ISftt. and ci.diug
with He ember 51. 1814. which report was accepted.
nau-ver pretext may be made as to the rccomendn
tioii in this special report, the simple siirnlfieatii.n and
legal effect i f the uae wss, that llie special commltt c
recommended that the Hoard, unauthorised, arid in the
lace ot th^ plainest law which couM h- enacted?the
statute ot i1u> present to Mr. Green, In anditioii to tee
salary whick he received, pursuant to the authority of
tne statute, a gratuity ol $5,iMl ol the public loud*, and
tills vrir.uitv Mr. Green, nlilinut auv aiithoritv nt Ihe
B .ard other than the sitnele acceptance ot ihe report ot
the commit! -e, paid to hlinseii on May 18, !?.?, out or the :
lunds pelonglmt to the Commission In his hands, or
under Ills control as Treasurer
The Increased salary allowed by Commissioner Blsfch
foru's resolution ot February I. ltt>5, uainelv. $7,5<?i per
aiiuuin. Mr. Green received troni January 1. lSr>5, to
June I, ltds.
on June 19, IWW. on motion of Commissioner Thomas
C. riel ts, the Hoard resolved that the subK-ct of fixing a
suitable compensation to Mr. ureen. as Treasurer ol the
Board, to date irom January 1. I8is (Mr. Green bid I
already been pud his salary as Treasurer to June 1. !-lH,
be referred to the Auditing Committee, with poser.
Immediately upon Ihe adoption ol this resolution. Com- I
miMiouer orinueli reporte i that the Audniug i ominit
tre unanimously voted to sr. Green, as Tre t?urer. a
salary ot #l','?0 per annum. lr..ill January I. Istla. Ac
cordingly. on Ju y 1, lsfls, Mr. Green nam to himself ilia
back pay tuus voted to him. troni lanuary 1. I-<>s. m ad- I
oltiontotha regu.ar salary Paul to blm. as explained,
during the llrst six monilis of that year. Appaientlr not
content with the gratuity ot ?V lM winch lie received In j
1-ftS. and the in< reased pav ot flu (Hi per annum, vrtted to i
him June i?. IsAs, ineliMiiig the haea pav irom Janu
ary I ol that year. Mr. tireen. with ihe further as-ist*nce
of Commissioner Thomas C. Fields, obianied irom the
Auditing Committee of the Boerd a report, on duiv 11.
l-?>8, that lie. Mr. Green, lie paid for the efficient services
rendered by htm as Irensurcrtn assistiaK t|,r Hoard in
carry ing out llie various dunes Imposed upon It |iy va
rious nets of the tagis.ature. between January I, l.iftS,
anu January I, ltftH toiretner with his serines in eoin
piltng a history ot the Park, the sum ot 97.Si.4t In a iditmn
to hi* salary oi tlu.i'Wper annum, allowed June 111, isfts.
No person, so i*r as I have b-en able to ascertain, ever
saw or heard of this historv ol the Park, lor wmch the
Hoard thus resolved so liberally to reward Mr. Green.
The resolution allowing him tins gratuiiy was a4opied
bv the ' hoard July II. I?"S, and two day* afterward,
namely. July I.:, isffl, Mr. Green paid to jiimselt ibis
amount and filed his voucher for ihe same.
t\ lien ii i* recollected that the w ords ol the statute are
an express prohibition aiMinst any Commissioner re
ceiving any saiarv or cornp> n?atloh lor services, except
for acting as President or treasurer, and tor these a reg
ular sal iry w as to he paid, it will be seen how unwar
ranted was the action ot paying a t ommitsiotier tor
writing a history of the Par*, even Ii such service had
been rendered by him.
Mr. Green continued to draw his salary as Treasurer,
at the rate of Slii.txn. until he was removed trout office
l?y ihe chartei of 1870.
/i/t?.-lu audition lo Ins salary as Treasurer paid to
htm as above explained, Mr. ureen. on the day he re
tired iroiu office as i rea>urer ot tne Park Hoar I, paid to
himself the -nm of $2.77i ! >. which ?e claimed as stat
ntor\ all iwance at the rate of ftJUl per anuu.n. for v|s |
ing the Park. I his statutory allow ance was in addition
to a sura ot $1,125. which he paid him-ilf tor a similar
|>iirpo?e on January 17. 1-4.1 I hese two payncnts male
a to,ai ot $3.9H received by Mr Green,
beiuj the full statutory allowance trotn April .7.
IM7, fo April jn. I87'i. t ousiderntg th ? tact ttiat lor eleven
years ol the latter period Mr. Ureen w.n piMd as a
?ialaried officer ol the Commission, It is exceedingly
dfiubttnl Ii. during the period be received a salary, he
was entitle 1 to the statutory allowance of 9**1 per i?n
niini No voucher has tieen filed by Mm s lowing tlib
particulars ot trie expease* which he may have ;>cen
put to in vt*ltlng the I'ark. and v.-hether these outlays
amount to i.m-i per annum during each of tlie thirteen
vi ars lie received Uie statutory allowame I am unable
s*y. fliere are conUfeted with this rnatt-r ol the
statutory allowance iani to Mr. Oreen by Ii iii- ii some
lacts which I have umabied irmn the records oi th de
partinent whleo show tha*. ihose payments, for at le;.st
eighteen inonths ol this period, aniounte.i to an ap
parent Iran l on ihe treasury. lh('s?! ta< ts are asfol
lows:?mi .Sovuinber si. |si8, Mr. t?recn pnrchas d. at
the expense ot tne Commission, a black mare, wsenn
nml harness, at a cost ol I his amount was PS Id
ion oi ihe pniilie luiiits. rrotn the date ol tins purcnas"
un-ll Mr. tJreen >*** legislated out ol the Commission ?
April ^n, l.Hi'0? the horse an I wagon were used
by nim daily: the i omuii-siou bai l lor the keep
ot the horse snd inrnlsUed a driver, who was pai I
$2 per day out ol the public tiiuds lor attending
to Uie horse snd driving Mr. ureen. Thus, Mr. Green,
the treasurer ol the i otnmis<ioti. purchase a horse,
wauou sn l harness, pays for :he -stoe out of Ihe ptudic
lunds. employs a man as driver, to whom ho
pa?s out of th" public funds $2 per dav;
purchases and pays lor the leed out of trie
pubnc innds? rte entire cost lor the horse, wn
go? driver's services, and kecpol horse, lnctu ting uie
shoeing, being $2,087 St); and in the iuli know edi'e .it
these tacts, lie, oa tne day he ratir < lr. m the t:omtnl
slon, without tlie aiithoritv or approval o' a single Com
missioner, pay/hini*elf at the rate of 9td per nnniim,
on the pretext tha. he Had been pal to expense person
allv hi visiting and superintending th? I'ark.
.sixM.?I'pon the day iJnlv II. IsftS) that there was
passe I sue essiully thiougu the Board tne resolution
t'l-fi Mr. Green should lie paid Iv.ftm tor services for
which lie hml already been paid, and for Ihe addit onal
service ol Compiling a history or the Pars which liiv.
torv. so tar ns l can learn, never was compiled). Mr
? ommlssioner Tnomas c Fields suh itltn d a reao.ntlon
to tlib i.oari. whicn w as adopted, us follows :?
? Kesolved, That leave ot an,rn e is hereby granted to
Mr. A. II. Green. I rcasnter ol the Hoard, for tne space
of not eiceedlng ninetv days, lor the purpose of visit
ing l-.urope. H ne sodestrta"
i his resolution is ihe onlv record on the f.les of ihe
Depai tmenl as to Mr. Green's proposeu visit to Europe.
The reao utton does not biat or *ug?eit that the ?ro
| t>o?ed visit was at the desire of tie Commission or for
any purnoM connected with th? Commission. there
was nu direction to Mr. (freed thitliesitouldgotoi.il.
rope, ?ifi<t thi-re are no dunes assigned to him which he
wu? to periur:n il nc <11 ? no. ? u - resolution In a mere
permission'1 hut Mr. tiiei-n ?hi unl litv? it leuve at ah
wni'D, it' he Mm It, lor ninety days, anil that this pe
riod he mult ?pc iM in Kuropeor o.sewhcre Ghat being
a iiu stu n to ti" determined solely b> liitn, and with
I which, Apparently, the Commission hud no concern
I whuiever). it appears that Mr. Green did go to burope,
at least 1 infer ?o Iroin : tie tact:?it.) 1 liat bet ween Au
gust 3 and October 8, ISO. titer' was no meeting of the
i Hoard held. ,'l.) That at u meeting on January 14.1869.
! Commissioner l honi-i* C Fields submitted a resolution,
wliieti was adopted by the Hoard, a* follows-?
'Ke?olved. I hat the question ol paying the expen?#sof
Mr. Green's visit to hurope bo referred to the. Auditing
i Committee., wltn power."
The Auditing CommUtoe consisted of Fields himself
and Mr. Grinnell, and Mr. Fields troui tnis committee re
ported in April. 1 stiy, In tax or of paying Mr. Greon'sex
' penses t? kurope to the air.oun: of $1.6C0i
ii> On Juue 111. 1869, .Mr. lire en drew u check lor this
amount to Ins onn order, and tried a voucher lor the
amount paid to himtell. lie also drew hit salary at
Treasurer at the rate ol $10,000 per annum during the
1 period of his absence.
Seventh.?Althougn the statutes ol 1857or 1859 prohibited
all compensation under any guise whatever beiug made
f to any l oinmissioner out ol the public funds, except a
salary to tile President or I'rcasurer, and the statutory
allow ance not exceeding S.'HJO per annum to each Com
missioner lor visiting the rark. the board, disregarding
this plain prohibition, at a meeting held February 11,
186J. adopted the following
"Hesoiveo. 'i'nat the house on the Great lllll bo ap
propriated to the use ol the Comptroller of the Central
Pars.. tnd that the riiiii o' ti.SH no and Is hereby appro
priated lor putting the sat l building In order."
1 he Comptroller ol the Central 1'nrK was a name given
in the bylaws to the Treasurer ol the Park, and the
resolution, therefore, rel?rs to Mr. Grotfn, tho I'reasurur,
ex nfflrio i omptroller of tho 1'arK.
lmmoalateiy on the adoption of this resolution Mr.
Green commenced oueratious on the houso on Great
I'nder his direction this house was entirely remodelled,
a new story was added, the roof was reslated, new
range, boiler and waicr pipes were Introduced, a new
, tank was put iu the attic, uu 1 a new piazza was erected
| In nont. ih? house was entlrelv replastered and newi.v
fiapered. black walnut bookcases purchased and placed
n the library, and, in Mr. Green's hands, these various
j operations and purchases exceeded the original appro
: priation to cover the cost by the sum of $ll,2iii 71. I he
i appropriation was $2,500, and the cost paid $1.1.700 73.
r.vihih.?lJuiing the period ot the Commission, trom
185'j'to 1870, iticiusive, Sir. lireeu was represented in Al
baity each year, obtaining legislation Investing lilmsell
and the Commission witli increased powers. Tne Al
banv expenses of Mr. Green an t Ills representatives
during tIlls periol exceeded <10.000, which were paid
out ol tho pui'lle tunds by .Mr. Green.
Mnth.?Alter the passage ol the charter of 1870 Mr.
Henry Hilton was appointed treasurer by the Hoard of
the Department ot Harks, and continuod to act a* such
trom tne date ol his appointment?Juno 7. I87u?to tho
date ol his resirnation?.November 22. 1871. ,*s author
ized liv fcciit.n 12, chapter ?-?'JO. l.aws ol 1871. the liuard
fixed the salary as treasurer of tho Department at
SlU.ilOti per annum, and this sum Mr. Hilton received,
on Mr. Hilton's retirement from the Hoard Mr. Henry
G. siebbins was electa i Treasurer, and .Mr. Mebblns re
ceived ins salary as such at tho rate ot $10 o 0 per milium
tlow.i to June 3d, 1872, when he rcslened. on Mr. tob
luns' resi nation Mr. Frederick Law Olmsted waselected
I re usurer, and a salary was paid to him as sucli at t'ie
ra:e of $10,000 |icr annum trom July 1, 187z. to October
ZJ, 1872, when he resigned as Commissioner.
Although i' is apparent trom section u of chapter 290
ot the Laws ot 1871 that tho treasurer of the Hoard
should bu a member ot the Board of Commissioners, Mr.
Green, who was a member of the Hoard and at the same
time Comptroller of the city, on November 2. 1872, se
cured the election of l'\ VVnittemore, ono ol tne cm
ployes Of the Department ol Finance, to be Treasurrr of
the l'ark lioard, at a salary ot S7.5UO per annum, to dato
Irom octobrr 21, 1872. i his salary Mr. Whiitemore con
tinued to receive until he was legislated oui of oilice by
the charter ot 1873 Pursuant to the an hority ot section
lit;, oi the charter ot 187.1. Henry G. Mebbins was pant a
lui.trv us President ot the Department, from the pa.-sage
ol the churtor to Jttlv 31, 187 > at the rate of $6.5. 0 per
annum Mr. Siehbiua (laving resigned the Presidency,
Mr f>alem It. Wales was elected his successor. Mr.
Wales was paid as President at the rate oi $li 500 Irom
August .11, 1873. to Mays, 1874. wnen lie rejigned and Mr.
stebbins was ro elector., mm has received his salary as
such, at the same rate, from May II. 1874, lo present da'n.
In violation of the provisions in the charter of i>TS\
which declares specially that no Commissioner of the
l'arxs other than the 1'residoHt, was entitled to anv
salary or compensation tor his services, the Hoard
authorize I, suit the Comptroller paid to D. B William
i son a salary as Treasurer, for the months of September,
I cctober, November aud December, 1873, at tlio rate of
$4.iMi per annum.
Tenth.?'l(io landscape arclutccts ot tho Park have
been Mr. F. L. Olmsted and Mr. Calvert Vaux.
Eli tenth.?The slims paid to or lor the benefit of esch
Commissioner, and to each of the said landscape
architects, as salary, or for any other purpose, trom ne
date of tho organization ot tho first commission, April
17 18.'>7. to December 31, 1874, are as follows:?
Salary Irom April 15, 1859, to May l?, 1859, and
from October 6, 1849, to April 20. 1870, includ
ing back pay and extra compensation $84,564 80
Amount claim-d a* statutory allowance trotn
April 17. 18V, to April 20. 1870 3,902 46
Trip to Kurope 1.601 Oil
liorse, wagon, Ac... 2,8 7 UU
House on Great Hilt . 13,761 7 i
Travelling expenses to Albany, 4c 46j aj
'total 31
Statutory allowance palJ 3,9)2 46
Statutory allowance 333 31
Statutory allowance 3,302 46
; Statutory allowance $?nooo
I fca.arv as Treasurer ..1.2.43 U)
1,833 00
; Statutory allowance 8,879 2J
. JOBS A. 0. UKAr.
Statutory allowance 3,902 46
Statutory allowance 3,902 46
vi, 1. srtio.io.
Statutory allowance 1,439 17
11 K.N r. r o. STKBIUN.H.
Sta 1 utory allowance $3,102 43
: ?alarv its neasurer and Commis
siotier 10.914 00
11,216 52
Statutory allowance 3,9-2 46
incasr Hilton.
Salnry 14,610 89
Salary 4,512 94
Salary 133,1 33
Total paid, as per .-chedule:
To F it. olms eil $21.301 92 ?
To Calvert Vaux 47 170 87
To Olmsted * Vaux 42,834 59
To Olmsted, Vaux A Co .v.5 .'4
s.. 124.927 92
Bespectfhlly submitted,
Comtnissloner of Aceonata.
At (he meeting of the uaard of Aldermen yes
terday tho coumittee on lioads, Bridges and Tun
nels, to whom were reierred the annexed pream
ble and re>-oluttous in relation to tne nuisance oc
casioned by tii" Mnperfect Oiling In ot the iiarlem
flats, made ttie lolinwing report:?
Yotir committee have personally vmted the locality
complained "i. a.nl are couvinced. from a v.-ry careful
examination i the marati land, that no permanent or
eitei imi: relict from tho evil. now ariMiic irorn the im
perfect III 11 nic hi oi such uiaraii will e ??r he oh mined m
am other wa\ than !>y completely covering the low
lam] t.. a hciani Miitlclcntto prevent any overflow there
o: i>v thetl.le?*aj trom three to live tret lusher than the
av.ii .ii4f lor residence* or tor btisitic** i>u. po?.'
will require to l c nllc.l no to a nelxn. varvln.; trom five
(.???t. at i hi margin ol the rivet. to twenty teet or more
at or near ihir.i hvenne,over the preaenl icvel, a.the
enure uia."'li i* now that distance below til.- esU?Oii*hetl
\oiir committee arc aware that It Ucbumed that tr.e
pre?eiit taxanle value ol tliene land* will not permit mi
expenditure Kllflli'ient to Mil them to Hie estali.i-.hca
xr<ul* ot ; !!.? nrcrl* mil avenue* that In.erwci tiiem,
nor even 10 .111 v greater height that ai |.re-enl. This!.*
n ven singular position to it**aine. ot . inli. Doe* not
tile ttllinx up ot mi- niirdi enhan >? the value ot the
property r I* not I lie property, in it* present impcrlt ctlv
fllli-I . n 1 it i-hi. norm :.irie.,r tour lime* a* much pi r
ci, v lot ii* li n \4 ni * onainil comiitlon a.. I Inmre anv
flilina wa* 'lone up.mitt Mn?t a*?ure<1ly It i*. an<l the
DMiiwir Who <li c* not xo V.I'II- it. clearly Violate* III*
tlut\ Kvery yard ol earth Ccpotfted in recUilnuntt the
marsh land* enhances the v.i.ne ot the property to an
extent suttlcWnt to pay h'r the ? \po?-e ,.t the \ *i-I ol
nilitlK III |i;i?lted. If |.roo Oi till* a*-erl|oii u i< oltlv
limvuan to .1*- the or tit owner*, even :ti vh w ..| (he
lire it .iepre?ion in real estate value*. the price per lo .
au.l compare it with the pn e or value ot ihe land lie
lore no' tlliu-t an ! tlraininvr were undertaken. Tim
answer, we leel :i*?ureil. will Mitisty every dl*lntere*t .1
pt i-oil that tne uo*ition a* uinr . by your committee la
c i r ct anil .mint he refuted.
W hat. then, la 'tie rtutv ot the officials nnder whose
jor Miction ;ne determination ot thi* i|ii stion i* placed r
i o ihe mind* ot your committee it i* dear, to can*- tne
land* to he propcrh and thoroughly iiraineil aim Ailed
in -. 1111 and wholesome eart'i. tiff lent lo prevent
any iiiinriou* ctlect* niHiti tne health or annoyance to
the iniia d.?nil? oi the vicinity; an i Irani the enhanced
value i.l t ie Intnl. even nmler the present liw?, whir l
prevent* more tnan one-halt of It* taxable value beimt
a*'< **ci| upon it tor anr iocal impro?'.netif, mor? then
*uffl tent can be eijttitablv realized to pa> Ion Ihe work
ot .|r iinliu .? ml fltiitu. it the a?.'e*.or faith nil I v perforin*
ni* iliitn-4 oi value, the laud at a Jim proportion t.?
nt.li i property.
i lie following resolutions are therefore re*pectfully
ofTercil lor ??Mir ad< ption: -
iie?olveil. t hat the i'miiml*sioner of Public Work*
lv ami he i? Imrehv rc-|iie?,e.i to examine the wori> "I
illlilW the lltirl ;t*t<, periormed uniler tlm antiervi*.
ion a1.11 m control with hi* prcd.-c ?<.< r in oft',e, and
it In In* opinion nliiitl iiial llllinir will rrm'- lr the evm
now cotnnlaitii'il oi. that ae can*# the w()r? to la-com
nieni eil itwtautly an i coirtplelcil in the ino-t expeiH.
tiou* menner an I to a I'-vel a: leant fufflcicnt to pre
vent any overflowing even by the liwhen tiilecand h?i
li further
Kimoiv d. That the at.I ('ommletloner of Public.
WorU* ho anil he i* Imrehv requeated to confer with tho
Bo ii-il ol Health, and tl the |iro;>omti..n meet* the up
proval i t that Bo ,r l then it. u linni. diate ?lep? l>? i iken
lo i ointi 'l tne ow liei < oi propert. who are now or latciv
linvi ? ccn il'llna in tln~ ir. tr-h wiili a*iie? and other
re.iini material lo conform t > the itraite of tllliii? lie
clneil iii.iin i.v the i ommii-iloner ol Public '.v rn.i, aim
to ne;io<lt an am on tit ol cood ami whole* nn ? cnrlii c.ual
to ttiiii ili-ciiiei! to be iicce**ary for all that portion of
ttie i, it. 1.1 it lin li en or is to be filled In I mtract
with the Hepart'ii oil ot Public Work*. ll*o mat he
ntnlcr iiriiiniii>j< ot t!i? entire area Im inspected and, if
ion ii. I Deficient, improve i.
? 11 MAM H. M. <? \P.Til V.
jd:;n it!' li.b\,
I'ommltt 1 On Uo.id?, Itrioite* and Tunnels.
Tlie President put. tne question whether the
floatil woaid agree witli sai i roaoiutmn, anil the
question was decnlcd in tlie ailirniuiive.
The funeral of Mary Fallon, wlo was poisoned,
a* Htieged. bjr Jmm JUoran at Jersey Cltjr, took
place yesterday. Countv I'hyslcinn Mtont made a
post-mortem exatr.lnanon and discovered tho
poison in tne Ktorotfijii. t'aptdin *c!lorney and
Hergennt McKaU in tneir nearoi lor evideuco
have diHCovereo th" tltue ami plnco where Mm an
purcua ed t ne ale. They also ascertained where
tne pans ?r en was pnrchaaed. lae inquest will
taka place thu evening. I
j Splendid Sport and Great
The Favorites Beaten in
Four Events.
Survivor, Madge, Aaron Pennington, Scratch
and Galway the Winners.
The slxtn day's racing at Jerome-Pare of the
spring meeting or tbe American Jockey Cinb was
not very largely attended, but was or more than
ordinary interest, aa the lavorttes were beaten m
! every race save one. There is a peculiarly intense
antagonism between the general public and the
"knowing ones" at Jerome Park and at every
other course. "Straight tips" are given grudg
ingly to the pro/anum vulytis, and results like
those of yesterday are apt to produce a Donny- ?
' brook effect on the average mind. The weather
was entirely propitious, the threatened thunder
* storm toward the close of the races fortunately
passing uway In the welcome guise or a refresh
ing chower that old more to lav the dust than
ever the obdurate l'ark Commissioners will con
sent to effect on the track und road irotn New
York. The sun that blazed in undlmmed power
from a bine sky on Tuesday last was yesterday
obscured by cloudy and the east wind
lannea the laces or the visitors to
i Jerome Pars, via Central Park* with a grate
1 ml and soothing effect. Many aquatic
! representatives were on Harlem Klver, exhibiting
i brawn ana sinew snch as only the exercise or the
i oar can produce; miniature yacnts contended for
i mastery on the vrrlous lakes of the Part;
mounted policemen on the Boulevards enileav
| ored to emulate the performances of ;he crack
i riders of the circus by interviewing the driver of
; a last team slaeways, horse on hind legs; the
, t>luff at Ream's, outside the course, was alive
with people; last trotters resented the interrup
tion or the surlv gatekeeper; unp'easant looking
darkeys screamed out ilielr numbers to the visi
tor and Inquisitive eves peered at every badiro
aud face, as If the visitor were an intruder. The
(iraiu Mann was partially filled, but around the
pool stands was a seething mass of humanity?
eager, anxious and excited, ihere was little of
tnougnt among tnem oi ttie beiuty oi tiie scene?
ia? Park (rained in nature's nrlgntost colors.
Tiiey thonghr, oni* ot the chances of the race,
and the click of tne recorder oi tlie Pans
mutueis was the sweetest music to their ears.
Pencils and programmes were in every hand, and
eager eyes lo iked lor "straight tips," Then the
bell sounded lor the last time, and the monotonous
voice oi tne pool seller c*used. A rush to the
Gruua Stand, a scramble for a good place, a cry
?M lioy're off," a clsud ot dust, a glimmer opsun
stuns on the reeking a'des oi the contettants,
discordant shonts as the result is reachcd and a
ringing shout when the lavorite 1s beaten, then
then; is a deafening patter oi teet aa the eager
lookers on rush to the pools attain from the Grand
Stand. The victory won by Mctiiath's Aaron Pen
nington ia the rac* lor the Wood burn stakes was
hailed with ueilaht by tbe "outsiders,** who.went
I ia aunlnst Keiorm- some said that Heiorm in
New York to long i'go plaved out. They made a
remark about Bullet's deieat to the effeot that he
, had not beeu named at Creedmoor, and about
Shy iocs that he could not get his pound of flesh
tins time, on Saturday this very inrerestlag and
i attractive meeting ot the American Jockey Club
wni be brought to a close.
The track was In very fair condition, although
not fast. Toe weather was most suitable lor
racing, the horses always running best wnen a
bright sun Is shiniug over them. Five races were
run, and they all gave satisfaction to the specta
tors. The time ma<le t>f the horses in the several
raccs was most excellent lor the Jerome l ark
track, which is always slower than any other in
The first race was a free handicap sweepstakes
ot $25 each, if not declared out, with $25 added;
the seetnd horse to receive $123 ont ot the stakes,
the distance one mile and a quarter. There were
eight starters, comprising A. M. Burton's bay
corse Survivor, 5 years old, carrying 114 lbs.; D. J.
Bannatyne's bay horse Audubon, 5 years old. 103
lbs.; Jo Donahue's bay horse Carrlboo, 5 years old,
102 lbs.; John Coffee's brown Ally Nettle Norton, 4
years old, 102 lbs.; J. U. Beresiora's chestnut
horse Free Lance, 5 ycais old, 100 lbs.; L.
A. Hitchcock's chestnut coll Century, 4
years old, 97 lbs.; 1). McDanlel's cheat
nut colt Willie Burke, 3 years old, 90 lbs.:
Tho nas Puryear A Co.'s brown colt Leader. 3
years old. 87 lbs. Willi* Burke and survivor
alternated In the pool sales as iavorlte?, bo* the
four last pools sold on ths race Willie Burko had
the call. Carnboj was the third horse in favor
with the speculators. Hisk waasoi.l for the race, bnt
did not start, and the money laid out on him wan
returned to the owners. Survivor w n the race
111 nillant stylo, Winte Burke being second and
Citftiboo third, showing how well tlio* bi tting
puoiic knew ihs capacities of the Oor*es. It was
a capital race and ru i in most excellent time,
survivor surprised t.iose who laid their money
?.;uiu-t linn with bis line racing powers. fie
seems to Improve witn a*e, aim. oeing perfectly
hi.una. in- owner will mn many races with him
during tlie preseBt racing season.
rnr second event was tor a purse of $??, mftrcs
allowed lb-.; one mue and three quarters. :
Tiiere were tniee eutrt-s. c insisting of l.awrenre
A O. Lornlard'a ba.V botse snvlock, <> tear* old,
ii-. is.: A. it. Lewis A co.'s ciMitnut ilily Vinai
grette. 3 years old, 84it>?.; I). U<'Daniel A ro.'s
( .icstnut nuy Mange. 4 years om. 103 lbs. When
the hordes were called up Hhylock did not make
tits appearauce, and the fillies s'uted without
htm. Marina was the favorite at ?'> to 1 over
vinaigrette. The race was tin* poorest a Hair of
the oay, i*s the Vandal flii.v could 1.01 niuke Madge
extend nersfif. Vinaigrette took tne lead and (
galloped H*ay allier be-it rate, but that did not
seem to be more than a good strong gallop mr
M11 lite. Alter ruuuiug behind .1 mile ami a
quart r Madge went li? t.ie front and galloped
notne an e?s_v winner. The long odds proved a
sat ? investment.
Tue third race was tne Woodburn Stake*, for
lour-ycar-olds, <>1 $10o eacn, nail foreit, witn
$1,1x10 added; tne second liorss to receive $.us)
out of ilis stakes; two miles and a hail, mis
mkca closed with lourteeu nominations, lour of
winch came to ibe post. Hese were Ihomas
i'uryi-ar .fc Co's >? ? jr colt Wrinstead an I chestnut
.? >it Kutherfiird, 11. r. McDratn's bai colt Aaron
Pennington aim M. A. Lltleli't urown coif Reform,
'ihe latter wa-.mreat favorite overanv 01 toe
otneis, I'nrjear's entries oeiug the ecoad cnoi>:e,
with Aaron I'euniagtoa selling up wen for tniri
choice, Befonn made tli ? running ffwui the start,
clone:? followed in- UNusicml. who went to mo
iront and torcud tne pace, niter tramnir tnrae
qtiarters ol a mile. Driaatead retained the lead
lorn mile. when icef.irtn took i?. from aim. see
ing iii instead beaten, me jockey on Kuttierturd
11!en trien to go 10 ti.e reseu unstable compas
ton. mit wnen lie moved iu> Pennington followed
in; I 1 us?i d him, ta-vin* third pi ice. As soni ? t wo
miles and a quarter oad been run. and Reform
rnd urinstead were oreur wen exhausted, Aaron
I'eiinington went to tne front and uallope 1 noma
an easy wintHir. to tne great deilgat of ins back
ers and to tn? uMazeinent .01 the supporter* of
Reform and (irinstea* aad ni it", \aron Penning
ton is a magnificent looking coit. wad one of
great substanrs. lie tins rhickeneu wonderfully
amce last vear. and lie -,t 1! 1 be found a lormulatile
ion in all tne cups mat tie is entered in during
tbe summer. lne horse that Dt^ts mm in any of
in**in wid know that he nas neen to the races, i'he
siake anionnted to $l,H0<i.
'i tie lonrtn event, was lor a pnrse of $800, w th
m dd^n allowances; one mlie anil a half. Five
burse* ramo to tne pom. inese were Joe luma
nue's nay colt St ratcn, 4\esrs old, li'sltis.; uaw
reiiii' (?. LorillardV chestnut jicldimi ituiiet, ?
year.""old, 103II,*.: 11. McDaniel ft Co.'* cue^tnut colt
jii Cerits, ?; yeats old. si ll??.; J. A. (jrinsioad'a
stray colt b'Artatrnan. years mi, s; |1h, ; r. Lorii
lard's way colt itixk, a >. ars "Id, 90 lbs. Bullet
wan first tsvorne in the |/ools,Jo t'erns tr.e second
choice ami sera ten t ne third, ths two taree-year
mda sailing up pietty well, lii" raco was finely
cunti ted irom -itart to llai^n. scratcn taking the
; lead alter 1 tinning it quarter 01 a mile, and never
aiterward le inqnistmig it. ,h> 1 ?rns came in
i !>ecniid and D'Ariagnan 'iiifd. The baexeia ot
Scratch won ueavily.
rue fitth rac?? was a Free Handicap Hweep
atakcsol |3A eacn, with $:<>o adued. Hit second
iiuise to receivs ?200outoi rlie stakes: one mlie
and three-quarters. Five horsi s came 10 tne
In,si. Ihcsn were b.i* horse Miylock. dyeaiaold.
us li s.: Joe Donamie'a scratcli, 4 venrs rtd, l1 ?
lbs.; Jonn Oollce'a n< r<' Donnybiook. h
years old, lo."> ins., and I.. A. hitchcock's chestnut
liors? Oaiwuy, ft years old, u?5 lbs. sntlo-k was a
great itvorue over tne rield. selling l:i one p?'H
I lor $'.',100, ualway bringing |A*nv scratch, iilO, |
Donnybrook $3C0. GnlwaT won a capital race,
"aasf?? ?? ?"??
1 tuk FUWT RACK.
|.-nFK HAVDICA1' SWKEPSTAKK3 Of $28 CBCb. If not
declared out. with $500 added: tne second horse
to receive $125 out ot the f>tukes; oae mile an
a M Hurton'i b. h. Survivor, by ViiBdal, dam
bv Lexicon. ? years old. 114 Iba. (Joqdsou) . 1
eh. 1. Willie Burke Djf .ywood,
daui KatmHa. 3 jeara old, 90 IDs. (Uarfc)..... -
J. Donahue'* b. c.1 Hr n(W^ bi*e*( Ev amo' 3
Alice Jones. 6 rears olci. 102 ibn. (Lvansj...... 6
l) j Banoatyae'rt i>. li. Aituubon, oy Auntra*
liauT dam Heiress. 5 veara old, 103 lbs. (Boor- ^
L." A"'liii'-iicockM' CM.' C.' Century, J?y Ceusor, j
dam in tn? ue, 4 years old, 97 lb*. (W.ileniv). 6
Thomas I'urve^r k Co.'m or. c. Leader, by Learn*
inttfon, dam Jessie i>ixon, 3y<?arsol<J, b7 ibs. ^
Jotm Cffnee's i)r. r. Nettie Norton,
ion, dam Loug Niue, 4 yearn old, 102 lbs.
J.( o.H Berosiorii's cn. c. Wee Lance, by Ken.
tucky, (lam Parachute, 5 years old, loo lbs.
I Titfle, 2:13'4.
I Willie Curie $175 250 u00 MO
I Survivor 140 180 350 600
j carrmoo ios 55 l-> ljo
Leader 50 00 luo 1-5
I Auduhon 40 55 <5 l-r>
i Nettie Norton 40 5j 7j
Century 20 00 70
rroe liance 20.???35
| The Paris mutueis paid 116 30.
The horses had a very ttood send-off, Audubon j
leading, Carriooo second. Survivor third, Nettie
Norton fourth, Free Lance flitu, Ce"tury sl*
Leuder seventh, Willie Burke eightn. Woen the ,
horses came up to the Btont\Au^?? "'as. ?.?}"
hi" a neoK. carrmoo second, survivor tuird, j
Leader lourth, Free Lance ill Mi. Century sixth,
Willie BurKe seventh. Nettie Norton elfhin. 00
inir around the upoer turn Audobou snowed the
way? Car",boo sec.mu. Free Lance third. Survivor
liiui th Willie BurKe tilth, Leader sixth, century
?event'h, Nettie Norton eighth. coming around j
t no blutf carriboo showed in iront, AuauDon soc? |
ond, survivor ttilrd. \\ illie Burko lourth, Hie others |
fulling tioeK beaten. When the horses appeared
in Mvnt on the lower turn Carriooo was ieaulu?; a ,
letr'ih, survivor second, Willie Burkt tniri,
Andubon lourth. Hie others practically out ol tne
rae.c. Carriboo was llrst to the three-quarter po.c, 1
but m soon as Survivor aud \\ illie imrKe uoi, into 1
stinisrnt work they cauio away Horn him, and ,
after ii^beautiful struggle oetween theitwo to tue
stand. Survivor won tne race by a length. Wilde
Burke tnrec lengths 111 advance of carriboo,
Auuubou fourth, Century il'th, Leader ?'*_ <
i Kettie Norton seventh. Free I.tiuce eijfhth. lime, 1
I 2-13'!. The purse was wor h $775.
PfRSF. $600; mares allowed o lbs. (Instead of tne
! usual 3 los. for sex.) One unle and a quarter. |
D McDanlel's cn. f. Madue. by Australian, dam I
1 Alabama, 4 y ears old, 103_lbs. (Clark).........
A li Lewis & Co.'s oh. f. Viuaigrette. byAan
<1111, dam Li7.a Uavls, 3 years old, ?5 lbs.
(Houston) ?????"?
lane, 3:10?i.
$750 800 .00 200
Vinaigrette BW j,;o 1:50
i Tae Tans uiutueis pant $? J).
i Shvlock was wlthdiawn, leavluu the race to tne
1 two Allies, Madee and \'iuali<rette. Th^ former
! k th ' lead and went off at a still pace, followed
c oselv by Madge, who lay behind until three
quarters ol a mile was run. 1'lieti Mauge went to
i tue iront and galloped under a pull to the end.
The race was very uninteresting throughout, as
Madze nad no ruuninv to do irom beginning to
end It was simply a strong gallop Jor her. Mie
! was'a lar different looting (lilt from wjiat she was
tne day sue was deieatod by scratch, when ridden
by lleuuessey.
THE THtltn RACE. ?
The Woodburn stakes, lor lour-year-olds, of
1100 each, hail lorieir, wtta $1,000 added; the sec
ond horse to receive $300 out ol the
Closed with lourteea nominations. Two mnes
1 and a half.
! H. P. McQratn's b. c. Aaron Pennington, by
Tinoerary, dam Lucy Fowler (Swuu) 1
m a. Udell's or. c. Reform, by Leamington,
dunt stoien Kisses (N. lleywooiB.............. 2
1 T Puryear ?t Co.'s 0. c. Gtinstead, oy Gilroy,
"oaai >tstor to Uunc (Barbee).. ............... 3
I T. Puryear A Co.'s cn. c. Uuthenurd, 1 >y Aus
trallau, darn Aerolite (Uononue) 4
Time, 4:3tj'4.
He form $^<J ^ JJJ
rurvear's entries.... 2J5 610 *W 4?
Aarou l'enuiugton... 425 355 ?oo ?.>o
l he Paris mutueis paid $21 50.
Belorm took tne lead, Aaron Pennington sec.
ond. linnstead tuird, Butherfurd fuurth. lho
Horses ran leisurely up tne new qnsrter
nuit 1 rack to the regular course, wnich Keform
entered ttrst by a length. Crinstead second. Bath*
eniirti third. Aaion l ennisgton .ourta, Swim nav
inn orders to make a walt-and-win race 01 r.
W ten tne horses reached tne judges stand Keloroi
! was l;aoiui inree lengtss. Urmstaad second, a
leufftti in irom of Butneriurd; tue utter four
leugtlis in advanre of Penuingion. Uoing around
the uwper turn GnusteaJi moveu up toward its*
fori. and at the quarter pole lie was
within a length of hnu, lluu.eriura third.
Peuuiugton still trailing, (iriusuad pa.se.i
Beio.ui as tney cano oown to tne bluff,
and half a length 111 front as tney
uas-ed around the hill. But tier.urd six lengths be
nln# Ke.oran, but two ieogihs ahead 01 Ponniug
t-iu. When tne noises c.iui.* iu sunt on tne lower
turn Orinstead leil a length and a naif, Beior.u
second eiisiit leugihs ahead of Btuh- tiuru, idc
latter two lengins In aJvanee ol Penniuutou. At
tne inree-quarter pole uriustead led two lengths,
llcforui second, lour lenntlis 111 advance ol Bum t?
I iiird. Pennington still trailing. As tney rass-d
tne ?tan?l au^i entered on their last nule Reform
Hgaiu showed his hean In ir?nt and OriHStead ex
h 1 bred fympioitis of oeleat. lnen Butneriurd
moved up, lollowed by Penuingion, and
as tney came to the quarter pole tney
were two lengtas apart, Reiorra leading.
Urinate ad secon". Batnenurd third, Pennlngtou
lourth. as me horses caiae down to the blad tney
were a lengtn apart, Pennington third. 1 as.uik
oof of siiitit reiiuingtoii made a run. and as tuey
came in view on 1 at lower turn Keform.led1, ue
lentfii til instead second. Pennington mird,
Buf enurd lourth, all clo?e together. Bcform .od
njlt a length into tne lower stretch. l?rni*iea<i
and Penii 1 u/ton close together. Bu?nerfuril a lew
feiig'hs oetiind. Pennington, alter get lug into
straight wort, took the extreme outside of the
t oiiise and galloped home an easy winner t?y six
lengtus? Beiurin second, half ? lengtn ahoad 01
Uriostead, Butheriard lour.n. rime, 4.39>?.
Pt'KsK $800; maidens abowed, H 3yearBOia. 3
lbs. ; it 4 years old, 7 Ins; if 5 years or upward. 12
ins. One mue ami a hall.
jo Donahue's B. h. Scrateu, by KentncKy, dam
Fluke 4 years old, 10S lbs. (EtuiiI) 1
I) MciMtiiel's ch. h. Jo cems. bv Australian,
dam net tie Ward, 3 years 010. 87 lbs. (clark).. 2
J. a! (innsiead's g. c. IVAriagnan by j.i?ut
nlng, dam /.lugara, 3 years old. fc. Iba.
I awrence A Vi. liorinaru'a cii. t. Bullet, by ttui
l*t'n! warn oy Wagner. 6 years old, loa lbs. ^
p.''.on 1Urd'a*ii.'c-" iVtVk.' liy' Vt'evoiver, dam ?y- j
ren .1 years old, no iwu '.McCarthy) ?
Time, 2:42
TIIK BE^rriM..
Rnllet $300 4W 500
jn.vr.Vs ... 325 2S0 ?U
j'? 12
lhe Paris mutueis paid $16 70.
HUk was awat first, acr.itcn second. D'Artagnan
thVr I JoCerns lourt.i, Budet Hi la. A* the horses
ra ni to the th.ee-quaner pole Sera cn was in
Inint Hlsk stf.-onU. ii' triagiisu third. Jocerns
I urtn. Bullet flf'h. When tne horse- reacned the
sund Scratch ted by a nead, lUsk Berono, a nee.K
In ront ot IPArtsgaan, Jo i erna lourva. Bullet
? ra Hcraich showed tne way around tn? upper
turn and at the quarter pote was clear ot me
other" B.sK second, naif a le?gth la front,
oi ii'Arta^nae. Jo terns .our.tt. Bullet
lesten ana filling BadlJ >n tne rear,
loing around tne bluff 1/Ar agnan was aerond,
Jiiier.is tuird, iidllet elose up. Comiag In sight
? ?I. tne lower turn seratcn led one length. 1? Artag
n'lii second. J" ferns tnl.d. Bullet loarui. Bi*k lar
benind. It s?emed a ilouOtiul affair, until the
hor es were well up the horee*tretch. when
hcraicn snowed thai he ha.i a Ittue Wl?, and
w np to Kfan^ oil aknfml?, at d Un<led ft ni
r winner oy two lentma, Jo Cerns second, lour
Tenir ns aheaa ol WAriaguitn. ti-.e latter one
lengta !? advance of kanei, ?U?k twentr lengths
t?e!und. Time, "J: W?.
tub nrrit race.
Free Hanhicap ^wKrrst Aks.s ui |M esefc. if not
declared out. wi b $70.> aoileu; tae second porse
li receive *.'!? out of tue s'aK?s. One mile and
tnree-quarters, . t
-n starters.
. ? Hitchcock's ch. h. liaiwar, t>y Concord,
ii.|, MBttdina, 5 years old. 105 lo?. (Swim).... 1
Lawience A it L??fl I lord's U. n. ??TlocK, b* l,ex
mtton. dam Kditn. ? years old. usib->. il?oua- ^
Jonn Coffee'sg.' li." D 'tinyorook, oy
.lam Jes amtoe Porter, ? years old, 1? loa. ^
Jo' lioniniie's iV. li.Kcr.itca, by Kentucky, dam
Fink !. 5 tears *ld, iM loa. (hvans) 4
Time. 3:17.
titk iifrrrisci.
700 2-100
400 <00 600
MrMoaV.'.... ?? *** 7i,i
Donnvbtook ^
'Icie raris mutueis paid $H ->o.
Donnvbrook wa^ rtr-?t awav, Shviock second.
Scratch tuird, (Jaiway brinmtig up the rear. As
the homes passed around tne btuff Oonnybrook
ini two lengths, Mniock secon.i, ttaiway third,
scratuh fonrtn. Tne horses passed oui oi smnt a
length ..pint. W hen tlier came in -Igllit ou too
lowisr tnrn Ihinnyorooh had ni< head oniy in iront
of UalwaY, WHO was a lenath tn advance ol Sny
lock, tne mtirr a icnith in tront ol scratch. A
brush ur? the iioaiestreich and ualway led at the
judges' staud a length, Uouuj&iuok aecond, a
! de'? ic m to it of i-cra'ct), t"o latter two leng'Jia
ut.o*d 01 UKli'oK. Going around tne upper tura
Scratch tn n!? a dash. t>.is?ei Douiiyt.rook an<i
to>>* .-I'lo- wl'li Galway, and tntjr nail t
n'rujrgic for uiuuterv uown pa*' the biuif
and .:t< und the Hill. W hen tflev cam?
hi siirnt on itie lower turn Scratch waa
whipped cotupletelr and Gaiwuy ? as leading two
lengths. Shy lock aecond. n.ilf a length ahead of
Dounyoroolc, Scratch iouru>. iietttng into the
homestretch the race wan sltnplv 11 mutch t>"
tween .Shyloek and Oalway. At the luring pole
Onlway ied a len*T", but us he passed uncior tna
wn> a winner Shyloclt's Dead was at his nanus.
Uounvbrook was mird, scratch fourth. Time,
3:17. '
And tnis ended the sixth day's racing atJeromt
Park. ,
At a meeting of the Directors o( tne Bnffalt
Park, nela last evening, a re olutlon was passe*
reducing the entrance fee for their great annua
tiottiuu meeitng in August to five per cent.
Pin Lade LP ht a* June IT, 1875.
The aecond and concluding series of races in the
fchuvlkill navy reir.itta wa? pulled to-dav tn pres
ence of thousands of spectators who lined the
banks. Th* weather was delightful, but a hlgn
wind irora tho soutnw est ward ni ide the watei
very rough and tne prospeca for single sculia
very unpleasant. ine umpiru, Mr. Fargnson, de
cided to postpone tho start till Ave o'clock P. M.,
In the hope that the wind would moderate, which
j it old to some siignt extern, veering around so ai
to bring it dead aneaa.
At ten minutes past Ave the contestants for the
| single scull race were s;gnHlied to prepare for a
start, and David Koach, of the Waverlev (N. Y.)
Club, and Frank E. Yato<, oi tne Chicago scullers,
came to the line. A good send.itr w is effected at
Sh.,12tn., with ftoach slightly In the lead; Yates
spurted and gained; both men hogging the west
ern shore to avoid tlte heavy swell. Roacn then
quiokesed his stroke and did his beat, bringing
both boa s abreast. Nearlng the finish Roach
broke slightly, giving lus adversary the lead
bv a leugih, aiul although ne made desperate ei
forts to recover his position Yates crossed the una
in )2m. 2A?s., hall a second in advance of the New
Yorker, amid the ?ll l cheers of tho assemblage.
For the secona race, for palr-oured snells, tha
entries wete:?Nassau. New York?Frank (i.
Brown and John A. Walker; position, west:
color, red. Waveriey, New York?H. M.
Howell and William Williamson; position,
centre ; color, wiute. Argonaut a. Li ? r^tn
Point?William T. Taylor and W. Man :
: position, ea*'.; color, oiue. Tne word "go"
was given at 60. 2m.. tne Nassau taking water
fiist. tne Atgonautaa wero first settling down to
work when a seat was carried away, an unlor
! tunate accident, n lost them the race, l'ass.
i ma Laurel 11111, tho Nassaus were stiU ahead bv a
hail a length, tuvd pressed by the Waverlyes, who
were steadily caluiug. pulling 40 to the minute,
when Williamson unshipped lus ??ai and
car.gnt a crab. Two lengths were lost
beiore they could get rigoted. Near strawberry
mansion ill luck analn oeiell '.hem, and they gave
up tne race and lay to, allowing the Xassaus to
; wane over. The Argonaut* pluckily Kent oo, but
' the Nassaus cam? in in llm. 03*<s. and tae Her
gen Pointers in llm. 45
The final race wai pulled by the four-oared
shells ot the Quaker city, of tJhtianeipnla, and tho
Argonauta. with tne following crews}?
Quaker City?J. I>. McKeath, stroke: Frank
Ileuderson, C. K. Adams and A. stinson; position,
west; color, red. Argonauta?Frederick C. El
dred, stroke; B. Stevenson. J. F. Ward,
and Edward builth; position, we-u ; color
blue. By this time the wind hod fallen
ami tho water was smooth. The Aigonautas got
awav first, truing a quarter of a lengtn lead pass
ing Laurel Hill. The Ariroriautas were puiliug 33
to the minute ana holding tnetr lead wi-u tne
Quaker City, hugging the shore and pulling about
3tf lurther ooru. Toe Philadelphia.* spurted and
nearly closed the sap. aiuld the applause ol then
many backers. Tne Argonauta* tried the same
manoeuvre, however, and pushed tne string the
winner in milowed by the Quaker city id
9:37?$. 'I'li lb ended one oi tne iinest renattas evei
rowed on this eo'irse. lhe cnalleti.reprizes were
awarde i to the winners tnis evening at the Conti
nental ilotcl.
The loliowiag is ? list or the entries lor trie thlrtf
annual regatta of tbe Harlem Regatta Associa
Sivoi.es? For tbe Diamond Soclu.?New York
Athletic Club. w. H. Curtis, P. E. Yates, R. b.
Itaiubridge; New York Kuwin-r Club, Wilbur Bacon,
Francis Ellison, Rudolph W. snack; Nautilus
Ciub. Charles K. Courtney.
I'aibs?Fob thi Ladies' Challenge Piatb.?
.NVw York Aihlstlc Uul>, P. A. Curtis ami W. E.
McCToad.v; Nassau H at Club, F. O. Brown ami
John a. Walker: substitutes, J. B. Roberts and J.
Barton Ro/nolds.
I'm K-s?For thk Grand ciiai.i.ksuk ccr.?New
YorK Athletic Citih, K. W. KltkbOM. bow; S. U,
M r k. 2; It. C. Went. 3; C. E. tone, stroke; woo
.-mires. it. L. Newton *mi c. Barnettc. Daunt
less Ho.it Ileal* P cKwell, bow; thar.es H
Trotter, 2: cuaries E. Knapp, ;i; Coleman ciclaiid
-trok -; sibMitnte, L. Buck, Jr. Harlem Kowirm
Club. tl. M. Knapp, bow; i. u. Keator. 2; A. (>.
Ser.ntmi, c. W. Turner, stroke: suosntute,
Howard Coupling. iffassau Boat Ctno, P. W. lucon,
A. XV. Montgomery. Joan Gunster mid John A.
Walki r: suiMtitutes, deo. s. Floyd Junes, J. B.
Robert, L. Watsoi and J. It. Keyintids.
Ihe regatta will commence about one o'cloot
Saturday. June 26. Eutnes clo>eu.
Yacht Dreadnaught, X. Y.Y.C., Mr. Stockwoil,
from Xorthport, passed Whitestons yesterday, en
ro>i c for Kew York.
Vacm Addle Yoorhl?-?. R.Y.Y.C., ? r. Roosevelt,
ir<>ni New Vork f?r Oyster Hav, ami toe ArteL
HT.Vn Mr. swan, iron Wow York ror oyster Bay,
aiso passed Wbnertone ye?terday.
TBe Ply a ways, of this city, and the Chelsea*? 01
r.rooklm, played their flr?i LMme for the amateur
championship on the capltolioe grounds yester
dav. the Brooklyn cltio winn<njr by the accompa
nying score. The game was leoked upon as ?
tc-t of tne hiil-pi.?ving skill of the two cities, and
tee result deiighttd the fraternity In Brooklyn.
Tbe score was as follows:?
ritri,?ttJ ixtawats
Phryrrt. MB. P. A.M. Ptav*r> HM.P.A.M.
UMt. M t?. 2 2 5 2 t T..t'u'lilln, Sd b. 0 0 I ,. I
< lire, <? 0 ii S 1 S Fallon, p 1 1 it 3 I
t>uv,f, t... 3 t I? 1 M , re. .lb 113ft]
A. West, I I ... t 1 3 U 1 fhindley, c 10 tf I 0 j
Hule. p I (i U 2 0 Uulnu. s. s o i I I 1
llorrtian,S. a. 1 1 2 ? 4 Jr.lv, I f 2 9 6 13
lluclimr*, r. t 1 1 1 0 o ,s.>-i<n. Nth.. I t It tl l
Itrvrr. i| b ..it i? 2 t - Ilnnt, r. r. . I I n n o
Bodirr, 1st b... 0 1 ?< 0 t i.ilnan, c loll *
Totals *S 7 5F is is Totals 1 ?> J7 is 17 *
la 2<t ?lA. ?*. 6'A. 7/A. otk.
? 'hi1!.ens. ii ;i i .t I it H 3 n?C
Kiyaways 0 s o u >? I 0 0 0-1
I n.pire?Mr. Clark, of tbe Atlantic Club.
T mi.' of game?Tw o !?i>tir?
first hav nr arrors? chelseaa # times; Flyawars, I
i.uri* earnfil?C'he!?ess. 0; Flraways. a
Gre?t excitement prevailed in this city yes tar
day with reierenc to the glad tidings Jnat r?.
celved trat Franei?co Vicente Agullera, Preai
deat of the Bcpaktto of Cuba, Itftd aately arrived
lu Cutis. Tho?e who accompanied him on hit
voyage were Colonel .Mirrael l.uls Atnllera a gTan4
nephew <>f to" President; captain Louis Fellp?
?Jiitterre*. iosrt Mannei l.amar. u well known car
?irr ctTlcer, *-hr> was one oi tuo membera of th?
Virgiriins expemtian, ami captain Manuel Morey.
In adduton to the^<* gentlemen tnere wem in.- |,,i
lowing sell known guidesFrancisco Estietian,
Jo??* i>r'alie-?. Melchor (^uesada, I'.traon l.i/.a.
Ai rcdo UUEaae and Enr.que Aval.u I'ne smalt
vess"i waicii landed them in cnua n now tl K?y
\w<t. ? mi the paasage they were l or cod to pur.
Into Newport, K. I., inronah stress oi we.?ther. it
is reported that ere l?tic ^ new Cohan a rent
tie upp.unted in this city in the place of Mr. Miguel
dc Aidama.
inspector Speight yesterday preferred cnarget
of Intoxication and conduct unbecotntnu an .tD ;c?
aganisi ^erKea!lt John It. Buckley, of th? Seven,
teenth prcinct. The specincatloroi set lorth thai
BncKley was in a lager tieer saloon in First streot,
near Becond avenue, from one to four o'clock oa
tin morning <>i tii? r;th mat., drinking in con.,
piny with alem.iio, with whom ne ai? # quarrtilled,
ne.?essitaiiug the calling in ot vim poiicc t?y tat
propriet r oi tn# puoe. it n also -pe llled tnat
upM-r^eant. was tntowe .ted and was N|Ritini(
wi; u a jouasf tn hi, a resident <>.* ?it ? okifti. A ihs
time oi the nccuri'. ncollie r#cor:is oi ttie si t' o
nonso show, according' t.itne inspector, that is i-<
le. was sapjio^o'i to ds on patt'?l duty. . u?s sso
will tie tried belore the conu isMonerson Wt lnr?
daj next.

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