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beeci n:rrs sin.
Public Opinion as to His
Innocence or Guilt.
A Card from John Jones Price
Proving His Character.
The lull in tbe groat scandal trial In Brooklyn,
lave opportunity yesteMuy for any quantity of
ipeculation as to what tbe result would be in the
?nd. The Plymouth church party expressed their
?omp ete coniidence tbat the verdict of the
'twelve gjod men and true" would be In favor of
:be defendant. The irlends of Tiltou, and thoy are
tally augmenting in numbers, were, on the con
trary, equally confident that their side or tne
question would be sustained. Amuux tne more
enlijrureued uud unprejudiced portion of tbe c m
nnuity, however, who espouse neither side, tbe
moject was uiacussed on a broader basis.
which waadlscoveieduud published in the Herald
of Mond.iy, has been everywhere talked over, and
while there were many who piofessed at first to
treat the matter as a mere sensation, yet tbe bet
ter clans and more thinking portion or the com
munity have, lu view 01 mbsequent events, come
to tne conclusion tbat tms evidence will be mi
nuted by Judge N'eilson. U was aigued that
n view ol the fact that the men wh< > - state
ments were published have sine* made affl lavits
sorroboratiug the lacts therein contained, tbat the
MaintltT's counsel wuuid have to take notice or
the matter, and that the defendant's Inends can
not aOord to object to it.
That there is an attempt beinz made to either
ire c I'rice, one ol the new witnesses, to leavo
the city or else to linpugu bis cred
ibility is beyond a doubt, as will be
seen Irotn his letter which Is published herewith.
Ue has, in addition, during the past two or three
flays oiteu asserted that he has been approached
by iurne or the friends of the l.eeclier aide, but has
studiously avoided them. Ue meets the state
ments made against him on all occasions by refer
ring to the ilrnia wltn wnoui he has been employed
during the past ten years tor bis character.
Tne card from Mr. Evans, 01 the Frauklin House,
ipeaEs for Itself aud entirely does awjy with the
erroneous Impression thai may have been tempo
rarily created by the recent reference to some
man named J. J. i'rlce in a morning journal.
llr. Edmund R. Hamilton, a paperhauger and
decorator, living at No, 837 Dean street, Brook
lyn, stated yesterday 10 a Heuai.d reporter that
lor the past lour or live years ne bad known Mr.
losepb Loader, the man referred to in the Herald
If Monday last woo saw certain transactions
>ccurring between Bev. Henry Ward Beecber and
ttrs. m on. This acquaintance bad been both
luring tbe time he was looblug arcund previous
to his starting in business for hlmaeir and since
tbe time he oas kept a store.
"About three years or three and a hair years
ig'j Mr. Loader told u e." said Mr. Haaiiitou,
"inat nc was aware 01 certain tacts wb>cu, u di
vulged, would put Mr. Beectier in a didereut ligiit
!>eiore tbe pumic. At this time be did not tell mo
What ne knew or any o< tne particular*. Alter
the case came up l i the Court i asked him why,
if he had auy particulars wnich bore upon the
rase, did be not c me forward and volunteer
to state what he knew. Then 1 a.-ked
him what be knew auous it. He tb<iD told
me what be knew, the circumstances were
the same that nave already beeu made public lu
tn - columns or the Hsrald. I men told him ir i
w?e in nis p:ao? 1 would go rorward uny way, and
that the counsel for dr. liiton ou?nt to be in
rormed. He uraed iw not to apeaa 01 it, and ad
vauced as a reason that be was afraid it wou.d
hurt his i>u?iness. at ne had a great many cus
tom rs among Mr. Beecner's f;ieuds. uu Satur
day last Mr. LtM cr ea.ied on u.e ia4 tTtnl me u 1
Uau ever comiuanicated to any one ?uat he had
toid me, lor ne said a Herald reporter had oeeu
to see mm and that ne touud a ? anew a great
nan? of tne lactt, and taai ue (L.jauer) bad neeu
^mpeiieu. at last, iu order to prevent misapprc
lens.on, to ten the tree story, as was published
In Monday's Heuald, and mat he could not un
derstand how these tact-> had leaked out. *'roia
wiiat Loader pre. lousiy tolu me compare i with tne
atateu.ent ne naa now made I am confident that
he has told tne truth. In ail his tranascuons with
me and wit:i other* tsat 1 know ne nas acted
who perfect aon-stu and integrity, and that is til*
tMtracter generally.
AS Amux. TO justice A.SD FA-IB PLAT.
To the Editok of rat: Uerald:?
TM rr.ftar^'.i t*e lota last. pab.laiied to artlcie
beaded ??Veracity of Jo&u J. i'nce?Repaindon
of an a.leged wttneu of improper conduct oq Mr.
Ueecber's part?Fats* ?uumcau declared to
Bav been maue oj mm." . aid article purported
to bave beta founded on an interview wit#
1 bonus J. Evans, 01 the Franklin lloftn', p.rook
lyn 1 nave d??u Mr. Evan ^ua lie staler uat I
Waa QUI u.? man rejerred to b. hi;u. an i naa
given me a caru to -ti;>t eiieif, wnicu 1 mclo-e.
iii. Evans o.u.u ciu no ieas in^u thia, a* 1 never
had anj sucH couvtraauoa wua aim an repre
sent! ?J.
Tiif statement in the Hkralb o.' Monday last
?eacrlnitg tint I ua<l eeen between nr. Beeemr
id a Mr a. Tiltun was true, ami I have made
iflldavlt to ;nit effe t. fu.iy u lers .? una the
toasc'iuewe* ui a >si*e <>a a. I ..iiou. i not bare
tow r. v .ten tae lac a Wit i.u tuy kno?-.eoge bad
tot Mr. Loader jiven litem au >- au i.... I . a re?
? itertr e iinui.p, wiibo it m. know.edge. |
itu a poor man trying to wale au non^ .i\iu?r.
in : iinut want to oe subjfcieu to uie pt r?ecu
tion i at'." !?? a pursued l??arda otter witn>
tutnwcaae. Hut when ralimi upon to verily the
ita?*wiH laaoe uy Mr. Loader 1 ibougnt k was
"Ignt that I *>tuul<! do ? >. and I ii ive to.u
;tit* trutb. aa ??? < la mt judge. I am perfectly
billinir oMi.ijeut t te truth ol my utatcment to
eg*. ;n , iii v and my 'barac er to judicial in
resttgauon. I appeal t > mat <pint Ol jU*iio? an :
air play l*iu a lei ? ? v. r* < Iti/.en aa/mst run
lemn..!ion wit tout a be t, <ng. alwio lgn it mar i.e
pronounce i by t!ie srea power Iiymootu
shuroa 1 witi ?ii<ip,y a?in tna- tatties ron tbe
otber side bave be n a ;er me. and were I ti.e
to n tney re, recent me to or i have no uotib I
tub J bave Dean will pa.a. and should now be iue ,
recipient or ibfir p auoita. ji .i> i. PRICE.
LBO^ILTX, June 18, l^Tv.
MA. L ? A S .i LARD.
Job* J. Prici.?
Dkar sir?i regret the lomsttce done yon in
tie article in tlie Tribun* o, the IQth intt. Upon
?eeing you I And tual 1 fta eatirmy aiiiaweo in
tae ma . I wii.mgiy incite tbe correction and au
?orry tliat I Qave >een tbe in^an* U UoiaK you ?o
freat an irua?ti, e. Toara tnuy, *
Brook; y , JU3 18. Mi. THUMAS 1. EVANS.
Patrick Kenn dy. of No. +42 ?a son atreet, la?t
Birbt found tae r>o<Jy of J<>bn nherwood in tr.e
Nor a River, near tlie loot of Perry atreet. Tbe
ci' tainc of tbe deceaioid, who was a boy. ?ai
found near 'he f'..,t of tbe above atreet en tbe
tvening o: the 17tii w .ere it i? !?upp' ?<? I na worit
nio tue river to atbo. iue toroaar ? h noit
led to bold an inqneat.
A', about half (??! ! ii'. o'clock ,a?t r.ia.it an an
Imwd mull. x?ei about twentj eig.il
? ??ariag .t dark suit oi ciotMnti and a uisc* ??u
bat, wane attempting to boar I tbe Uanetn ??at
tiyivan uien, at n <? ioot of ItleveaiM sir-<'t. Ka?t
Ktver. leh overtioard and win urow.ied. I he body
bus n ?i yet l-en r'.covered.
ou ibursiav Bigut Mr. ^amn. i Li. -baw, of N...
161 run v IIreet, ac< umpanied M>s. H< atman, ot
jakiaed - reet anu .Mmai areottO, fion-, ?it<.r a
rit.t to tn? family. He left -ier realoence at eleven
P. M that nignt, and w is not beard of agjun until
mi* morn.on. wtter. ie was found drowned in rue
ireenpoint f< rry slip. Kroro tbe met mat there
a a bao cut on liu orebead, It la supposed tbat
le j .mped after ti.e m. it. and, mlsatug It, iiracit
bia bead, aud lank to rue no uiore.
Sbnrtly before aeven o ciock last nlgbt a fire
broke oat on tbe top n .or of the five story brick
bniidiBti Hoa. lis, ii: and u* Hoatb atreet, occo
Hed by Htepben II. Haaaiora, cigar manufactarer.
Damages to st >ck t3oo. The flrs;. floor waa occu
pied oy Lanrence Eanu na a clo hlng store.
Damages by water |aoo. The bunding, which is
owned by wia aw uuderdonk waa damaged to
tbe extent of $1,000.
During tlie progress of the fire Tbtod- re H.
Irooat, a fireman a . a:b'id to Hoos an i Ladm-r
Company N<>. l, fall from tbe tro. a wh le aaaiat
Jig In itmovlng one of tbe .ad lets, 'e.eivmg a
rar ute of tbe rigbt leg. lie waa tabeu to tbe
Pars Hwaoiink
The Husted llaptd iratislt bill, passed at t&e
close of tbe ieglslat.ve session, having become a
law yesterday by receivia? t lie sisiuature o; Uov
era >r ?Uden. the Iriecds of rapi I transit in Una
city nave already taken measures to procure tho
appointment of commissioners under iL Tbe lol
towitig application has received the signatures of
a number oi promlueut citizens, and will be pre
sented to Mayor Wick bain to-day
To the Hon. William 11. \\ ickuam, Mayor of tbe City o'
?Sew VoiU.;?
Your lit umuers, resident*. householders ami taxpay
er* ut in.- city, couuty aim state at Sew VurK, beg leave
to brink- to your .i tentton the .'uttowlna lavta:?
Fir*? lliat at the recent sessioU i the Legislature an
act was ba**"d cuiilisd "An act turti.tr to provide tur
tin* construction anu operation oi a steam rati way or
railway ? hi the counties of lils strtte."
6>ro/?l?That the drst section ot the said act reads as
"-ti'TiuM 1? Whenever it shall appear by tli? suplica
tlou y! tlity reputable house In.Mar.- uliil taxpayers ut
imy coutuv lutiu- Mate, verlileil upon oath before a
Justice oi' the .supreme Court, mat there is until in
such Couuty ol u steam railway or railways lor the
transportation of passe user*. mails or irelsht,
tin- Heard ot .-uinrvisors of said county
way, within thirty days alter i reseutatinu to
tneta ol such application. duly verticil as uioresaid,
api oint tlvo Commissioners w ho shall be residents
ot the -ai i i ouuty. ami wno shall have lull Dower and
autli .ritv to do and provide all tliat tbey are herein
alter directed to do and provide, una a certiticate of
wli .v apu 'iiitmeut. sigueil by the chairman -and clera
ot eaeli Board. sliali be tiled in tbe office ot the aecrc
tat v oi Sta e. an i a duplicate dktreof in the office ot the
t ier? "i such coUntv: ' ui win-never auv such proposed
railway sii ill no whollv within ih limits ol any eity iu
tiie Suite, ttii'ii such application ?ti 'il Oe made only to
Ui" Mayor of >ui i eity, anil ?ueh Mayor shall appoint
such i ? uimisaioiirrs a- atoresai i
third? i .at vour petitioners are each of them house- i
holder* n.i i taxpayers ot the city of New York. and, as i
such, do Miverallv depose and say "ttiat tneie i? lined I
in the city and county ot New torlcot a steam railway >
or railways tor the transportation ot passengers, mails
or treixht."
Wherefore vour petitioners respectfully apply to you
lor tb appoiiitment oi live Commissioner* tor tlio pur
poses and witti tin power, authority uu I subject to tne
uu tes that ir provi led iu sud t>y i lie said act.
All of which u respectfully submitted.
i e law requires that the signers to tbls appll
cation snail verify their statemouts by affidavit
bed re a jaiige oi the >ut rume Court. Mr. lloose
volt baa there.ore made arrangements with Judge i
Donohue t'i sit at bis Chambers, lu the New Court
Hou*o, to day, from nine to eleven .v. M., to take
these affidavits. Alt taxpayers ami householders
are e.mipetunt to jotu lu this application The
members of the lUpid Transit As? iciatlon and all
others interested are requested to join iu said ap
pltcatiou aud attend be:ore Judge Do no hue.
The inquest ou the body of Mary Fallon was
commenced at Brady's Morgue, Jersey City, last
evening, before Coroner Wbclan. Tbe prisoner,
John iloran, wus present, attended by bia counsel,
Mr. W. D. Daly. Moran Is a stout. hardy specimen
ot tbe laboring class, about twenty-six years old
and quite robust lor Ills years. Ue was veiy
thoughtful and serious while listening to the
ovideuce, and though be looked nervously at bis
counsel lie did not speak.
Sergeant Archibald McKaig testified tbat be ar
rested Moran at bis boardlug bouso on Steuben
street; Officer Kelly, who was with witness, told
Moran to gel up, as be was In bed; the latter
asked the reason, and tbe sergeant charged him
witb tbe poisoning of Mrs. Fallon; te said be was
in bea at ten o'clock, and bo appealed to the
landlady. Mrs. Murphy, saying, "Was I here?" she
atisw led, ' Don't you icuowyou was here ?" The
bottle and glasses lound la the room where Mrs.
Fall'.m lived worn Identified; the glasses contained
a depot s of Paris green.
OUuer Kipp itstitled tnat he was tbe first officer
to enter Mrs. l .iiloa's room; be found her very
sirk ; lie a*Ke<i her wh it was tbe matter, and sue
charged Mwrau with poisoning her.
officer Finiay testified Anout half-past twelve
1 wa> going down bussex street, irom ureeuo, to
ward rtudson. when office kipp told me there was
a case <>i po.sotiinjf on my post; I went into tne
hon e No. id miss x street and lound Mary Fallon
sick iii . vomitiui; she stated tnat Jobu Moran
had come there with turn bottles ot ale und asked
Her to drtn?.: aner puurlug tne ai j into tne glass
tie turned down the lignt: she asked him why ue
did that und be said he did not want tbe oeople to
see tneui; alter she urank sue was taken with
vomiting; 1 to .k the basin an J held it to
her in ti e b*d; when the vomitlug ceased
1 emptied tbe contents oi tbe busiu
into a gutss; 1 asked her about Moran ]
and she toid me whete be I ved; she saiC be iook
her away iro. i her'am.ly an i w?ute i ner to live |
with nun; * utu sue roiused he threatened to get
e^iuare aith mr; i sent For a pbysictau aua re
m iine i with iter till 1 leu her in toe bo-pitai;
Officer Rif>p and I examined tsos<j glasses (classea
1 oluted out) ; tuere was moisture iu the glasses,
aud we emptied tno contents oi tbe bottles, one
Into ea ti iiiasa; wbtiedolug this Aim. Fallon caned
lor the b.isin; sou pmged >eatlOlly1 and said. "I'm
a*iumed:" I answered, "Vou need uot be;" she
u eu re. eated the story of Moran giving li?r one
dunk. t?k.ug trie other himseii and turn.Qg down
the lignt; fhe related thu .story several times:
She couip.allied of bem? coi l auu asked me to
cover her u^: wheu Dr. Peine came lie adrlsed
ui to iove iter lukewarm watar to help ber to
Tumu: be presented oiuer m?dicme und then
leit; waeo lir. I'etrle was again sent lor he did
not come, out sent a permit for tbe admission of
tbe woman to tbe hospital. .]
Coroner?Aud hu did not come himself? A. He
did unt; wueu 1 told ner Moran * a- arrested she
said, "Wast goon is it? uc uas killed me:" sno
remarked t< me. "lie l;ad it uxed ben,re he
came; ' l)r. Petrie expres-ed no opmioti oti the
ca-i* when tie came; wiicii I a.sked uer what rea
at<n Moii.n ouid have Uad In dolua this she said,
"A'eii, tie boarued with me ou trie Flank road; he
warned ir ? to go a Way ir m my fainny: he ?aid
inuse th.ugs (tiieauiuir t:er pro, ertv) looked very
mcr, and ae w Bin Ilk ? to nave them ; her apart
ments looted like '.lie uwtne ol a sober woman;
everything was very neaL
Tbe inques. was then adjourned.
To-day It la announced that tlie great public will
Have leave to be carried by ateimer to Staten
la and free or cost. The opposition ferry, uoaer
the management of Commodore Garner, are llgbt
in* tne ol 1 terry line to the bitter end, and have
arra:.k'?-?i to rnu the i nomas Coliyer to fltapleion,
cOBMneoc.ng iroai to-day. For lata oay aa fare
mil lie rnarged.
ii.e ioi. 'Wiug < hanje of time uoe* into i-iToct on
the oj.ptiKiuon Ua*t saure Kerry liue ou Monday,
June 21, ll7>:?Leave Sapleton. ti:05, " :#), ?:*>,
W:.-0 and 11 A. M.: \2.ja, 3:25. 4:26, 5:2b and 0:25 P.
VI 1^54 ve New York. ?J:45. 7:50, 8:60 and U A. M.:
li 1 :45, 3, 4, 5, 6 and 7:10 P. M.
Toe following atandtng commltteea have been
appointed oy toe managers of ine New York Cot
ton Exchange:
F.i* ihrr -J. F. Wcnraan. R, Tannahlll, W. P. Camp
bell, K M Bruof ami V. *al?h. Jr.
wK. :,?? ,iu?n, T. Kactun, A. B. Graves and W.
J. Miliar.
>??. rr.mjrj?Thomas Scott, J. H. Hollta and George
H ?r?W. Woodward. Jr.; T. A. Patterson W. T. King.
P. Koiidlii-iui anJ J. \?><imsn
H a a ' A/'j '?'??William Blrnll, M Lthmao, Dwlrni
?turn-. vV'ililjln Piirics, D. M. Ujl'iwin, Lu lua Hopklnl
and L W?tu*r
i. Wat:* W. Wooiward, Jr.; J. A. Bcall,
tl. ilcnu na l K. l-ev.-ru h.
A-ty. > u'"?<i ?J. T iimii'iiiann. X. B. Fifllinr.il H
Win. U w mm aa<i . U Harrison.
<hfifunti'tn? I imma* renn?r. L. K. < hubrouati.
r;?<>rc? W ?????.<? w Frederick son. James W. Moses, A.
Ail< n. Jr. an I P i.inisri.
* , *.^-i lu'ip ii?nrv. Jr.. J B. Froellgb, F C.
Z?rc.-a. I. l.atrirup an l M. 1. Maine
/m/ormition tin I Mulvfir* I.. A Kasion, B. B. French,
G#or/i- M. H. trnoW, A. H. aainkcr, W. f. Camp
bell and Jam?? Brett
fi-f U-t, i-orife i pelard, B, J. Marshy, T.J. ftdaoKh
ttr.J. I. Macsulay, Robert Moure, C. nyllasted aim T.
T. Mryce.
Q>. infifin?R. Tarnahlll, Otorro Hlad'ii. P. Fschlrl,
w r Miller. L Waiter. A. ilka, Jr., and Ueorge
M ore
Arhitr*i;*n?William Wtiitiook. Rol>?rt Murdoch, S.
Oruner, H M. i-e Count and J. K. Dayton.
About aiz o'clock last evening a man named
Hurst Korn, a German, recently reaidlng In Bon
falo, waa prohab.y lata.iy injure! by a train In
"tbe cut," at Marion ttauon, near Bergen MIL
Hla injarien are In trio bead and lower limbs. He
waa carried to at. Micasel's Hospital, in Setvaric,
where ue lie' in '?ucli a oonaiuon tost hit recovery
la considered bopelesa. lis is unabls to frlvs any
account oi bimseif.
Wasninoros, D. C.. Jane 18, 1875.
The annaal examination of cadet midablpmen
and cadet eDglns?ra at the Naval Academy at An
napods will terminate to-morrow, and the llnai
exerciaea will take place on Moudsy next, when
tbe diplomas will be distributed to tne gradaating
midahipnicn, thirty-two in number, una tne
graduation engineer*, atxteen in iiuiuln-r, Tne
g.auuate* win be allowe.i to gu to tuelr homea to
await oroera, and tae other oasaea win lii.medi
htelf nail To tlieir annual practice cruise on me
Atlantic coaat, toe caoet midatiumien on tne oon
sted itlo . and tns cadet cngineera on the new
aioop Aiert.
The candidates for admiasion to the Academy
a* mid?bipmen. aoout 100, ns?e oeeu ordereu to
rep rt on Monuay, and tn?lr examination wui be
co i.in' ocsd hu Tuesday next.
ine examination of app icants for admlaaion to
1 tbe Lagiuasr corpa w^i taas place in September.
Cm hi BerUu...
W A M'liolteil....
Cltv at Rlcluiiand
ft hem
Muii* oi a
City ot Iiru-.sei(i..
? nlcr
W itronsin.
Cttv nf t nester...
'I III* t^Ufl-II
V ilte ue carls....
fciate ot Indiana.
K lanxtork
flialu 1
City ot ParU. .1
DtMiualimii. I
Ill Broadway
*M Broad way.
U Broad wiiv.
7 Bowiinir (?reen
I Uowluu Greea
US' HroU'twaV
4Bowunir Ureou
!*> Broadway
til Urii.idwav.
nil i roadway
i Howituf tlreen
til Broadway
I'J 111 oho way.
l"i Broadway.
7 Bowiiiitr Ureun
H Broad wa y
iHowlltiP Greeu
7- llroiulwav
1 Vowltnp lireca
i Imimr.
l'J Brouaway.
ift Hroadwajr.
iil) BroadwaV
7 Bowling Green
2 HiiwIiiic Green
tt I .roail way.
til Hroauway
AO B rcadwar
ifi Broadway.
titi Broadway.
19 Hroauway.
&t> Broad war
1 Bnwhtiu wreen
7 HowimuGreen
7' Hroad war.
HI Broadway.
X Howunis Green
19 Broad wav.
69 Broaowa7.
1 JBroailway.
York Ubrild has adopted a distinguishing Coston night
signal lor use on board the Hkrald steam yacht ahow
lug while burning the colors red. green, red. changing
iroin one to the other tu succession, and can be icon ?ev.
? ral nnleu distant. Captains ot vessels upon seeing thU
signal will oblige us by preparing any marine news
tlu-y may haro tor tbe bblp Newa Department ot the
?V 1'er.sons desirous of communicating with vessels
arriving at New York can do ao by addreaaing to such
resscla, care ot IIkiulu news yacht, pier No 1 East
Elver, New York. Letters recti ved fram all parta of tbe
world and promptly delivered. Duplicates are re
QUire J.
Sun rises 4 28 | Gov. Island., morn 8 31
Sun seta 7 33 sandy HooE.morn 7 46
Uoou rises eve 8 43 i Hell Gate....morn 10 16
ForvviM.!' A oVarlbel lB^~*i"i?s, Kingston. Ac-Pim.
Ktearner Beveriv Pierce. Phliadeinhia-Jamei nani
Wr??Bl !|eca*m y <BrJl ThomM> Liverpool I>
MorgaiiCarn*rT?n ?"U* (Br)* Kobin,on. Londuc?IV D
t*lii"k?ie>-ar">0U* Kennoy- Aui?r 'or order*? Beuner A
ord er??J*C'"ea?e r*' 8U"?"1 Cork 01 ?mnuth for
Boy*?n. Kon<t Uic" lN*or>< Rott??- Newry-Benliam A
tfark .Jen%y (Ger). Grote. Bremen?Kred Scbwoon.
0.BbockniY^Vr^rt"da<1*ri M Puul de LoaaJ?
A Co!* W L Ander,on- Hnnut, Harana?James E Ward
toMri"coLSqUlrM- B,?tcll'0rJ' E1? Janeiro?Thos No;r
Thlo'-o"?* Dcaa <Dutch)' Plumme'. Porto Csballo
Brig Thetis, Spalcktiaven. Curacoa-Dorale A Do
Jjrlg ?orrll Zone, cooper, Jacmcl?It Murray Jr
Hunter A C'a* " ^ Vork> ??a"?namo-.?iarcui
bmje. L*ay *"J (B'J- HeX< 8t John* **-* IS Ontar
BrigErlo, S? ars, Baltlmore-J U Wlnabaater A Co
Leav<*rar'"a Co? flountree' Bell? ?od Truxxilo
Ham?onipn* lBr)' Wh*rton- B?&a;loa?Cartwrigat A
eUDW.r.Anth?ny Kel'r' Oreenwood. Elauthera?Isaac K
?ertau*I r*irl* Blrd (Br)* Capple*' St Jobns. NF?C W
lac'* Lewln,lM <Br>' 'l,,arew,? st Undraws, NB-Blaks
*UCaarthe>r,UPr*tt KlmblU- CWPU CbrliU?Tapper
Rscnr Ware Cr.st Oawley, Brunswick, Qa-Warren
tear C P Bhnlt*. Youngs, Hew Haras-8 a Beraar.
Steamer Ocorve W Eider, Head, Baltimore via Norfolk
shin'Co * Pkswngar* to the uld Dominion itaami'
fbio Glencorse (of Lirorpool). Stevenson &1.1.M.
fie A*' 'nJis to order; veta*! to .iiasf r Passed
the Capcut Coot Hop* <pril 1>. and crossed the J-uul.
tor May 23, in lou SJ w ; June 18, l it sj s, lou 71 W n? i"
?'??a*''"* oiaf ;Kor>. b?qre ior l*?doi. ' ,po,t#
fhip fcuitb <f iannoutb, Nii>, Rogers, Llvernool m
S^U'ndX^orllSrT * Bur?~ 5
w11* ' n iirIfi e* o*' & /lf&V3S1'%BS
W*; !'aJ ntic wi'a'ther?? ^ 5?
b.Tu'.t u ".n'JsJlf" lIUlJ- V,rdlno- BrUtol " dars, tn
rifncn. F"D<,t-Ncwrr 13 ?? ??u?.t u,
darfc I.ovuiucr (of Tbomaaton), Vesper. Jtntirern ti
day- with md?o to miow A Hutve?. June li llt lf 4"
Iom .poke bark W II iZa? for L,,bok. " '
B?r? Hilda (Aork 01?eu. Havre. 5t (lay< witn milu to
Clo-.taa JkCa Had variable weitb-r ' mdaa to
Bark Luulgnano (Itali. bentlneila Carliari iv.h...
wu!, t? Kuncii. t4/e A t o. Pawed Jtbrllu" Jtni
W Jutte U. lit 31 *s, k>n 71 30. sp0?a^ brig kSraton.
btnee ior Havana. * "781006,
?KTWl: ftJV'i
Bark Mayflower (of Saw Haven). Uuiftre Pnrt an.i_
brid"'e * J.,on.(Uy*' WUh "nd ?o H Trow.
wH^JarTwa^d^l Ca'"^ ?U'nUn?^ " **?.
??"'* u KVur*"' kuh1' Crtnfa,??* ?? with sugar
t?"*"or.'W(dttU*^ B?UUm0 Uo,ton 8 da vs. ln^aiui,
^.r'* dUI). Caflero, Cadiz Udavs with
aalt and wluc to Kaneh, hdya * Col wu"
tohVe *' ??av*'' Lot,poU- ' "'""o ? d?rs. with rrutt
Hrtg AMIo 'Br), Ben?oa. Bt Pierre Mart via n?l^
xr-rs-fssi??:- -?f&,
-s?.i'?s?a"i Efwtnrwnitsr ???
Bri? Ma^xie tBr . innea*. \ie<jUpao. PH. ll dVvt with
?R"aV^ MMtu J ?"uvu * ?*= vesMi'to Boyd
jXPtiuM-*'' BrtJ- Bo,to?. *a?r?. 1b baliaM, to
b.'i'-tVt PSm*"-Mm- ?~o*TUn.*
Hehr ? L BurrnMghs. Mnlth, Havra. ?Udava In balia.<
d.s;;:rw.?h '.'nS.
^ with
^c?lr Ooldatream (Hr . Caan, Arroyo, PB It dan with
su.ar to i i s* hltiic v t Co ,,a?7?. with
wr thr "e"'y^'-p^r,'*- " J?hM' PK "^?. with so
Btircl1* U*noken'*"***' 11 ^*T>. with sugar to |
wITh^u"^ Ar".r,?,,i TQrk' '"?<
, ~''l,r '?'v'n" K''!1- A 1.1 rich*; Baraeoa 1J davs with
frui o l ( m ve??el t? v,n Hrnnt Brci T ' ltl>
hi 'kiiii . 1 tin !' Ji Dii 4?on, Keruaadiaa la
with iiavni? ,r< - t.i i: i? Hurlbat nuiaa i? d?y?,
!*!'[ T f'V-?r, M.itHiew?, I'li'tnnond.
f?? ??. Jo(in?m, Virginia.
5' L'r ?f Bayaei. i.amp. Virginlt.
Jrhr Haanan t.hami.l m. Tavlnr, Virginia
He lire ptlerrl.h Arm it rone. Raltl-pore
-:.lh'n\"?rn Vuaea (fl'Mrmaai, l orlls. out <fl h??,.
with 4.0M inao ereL Mth nut it Fire Isl ia.1duH.TIi
heavy ,,,Uall irons H K. , arrled away Uead cf ms.nli^
i*,**"n?riK,rt'lhln(,#l from "avra, whloh arrived
lit i and anrh jrad at nandr Hook for ards
tbeciiy am isth. oraors, cm we ud to
?#-Hark Katie Macdonald (Br), watch arrived ir?h
tee^rrted, e0D",M , 10 * -'"".r ?? M
Steamer I'nite.t rttatt*, uavu. Kati Bivar tor k*w fork.
With tml?e ,m i p#.<84.offers. *?w sore,
? **".chn?CoU*'' H""t0" for S,w Yor?- ln ballaat to
Brig Orioff (Br), Bent,.a. New Haven for Naw York in
balla*t tn Ikinson. Wnteoti 4 Cm *ora, la
-ehr Mag?duoe. t:..k, ht Joba, KB. lor N*w T?k -i.h
taaii er tu II W i^ioJ a ( o. ? ,wr i,,w Jor?' with
hj hr fl > Bridget Harley. St John. !fB, for New York
B days, with Itiaiber to Ja?i frye A ? o.
S(hrlint it ?*, Kinif. t row lev. st John Sh tnr
21' M ?? Ty,h ???nbafto Boardtoan A*Co '
?chr Hannle We?tl<ro<ik l.ittlelohn, Portland for *aw
Torn, with lutniier to t, ? Hatch. ?oa ,or
ehr Alibi# h uakos. Fuller Hockland (m T?>t
witn limr t<> t'andee * Prewv ,w To'^
oC?r ^ * r|K"t. ''rovKteuoe ior N?w Tork.
zp Kffi&rxxii. \\vi\\\v%r*s:w\*2i
with M.^' u' j WWHel\r0rl11' ,i"?n COT* ,0r >,w
SfUl Almon Baeou, Cro*j?, I.yna for New York.
lin,V'toJKVrow?n: !,0oW' ,or *?" *<?". with
lami^r t^J^A c^*y' Porll*a<l ^ Naw Tork. with
V?,rkh.r M A t'r<!jinor?> "barman. Providence for Naw
dolphin P "ll""eklott? *atUi?w?, New Havea tor Phlla
Schr H^?*l!!' J'onnt, Providence for New Tork.
. ii L_ n *'"? wr"r'l. Bf,?i,in ior Naw Tor*.
Erhr r '*"""<l*noe for New Tort
5l!I S u*l?ney. jtgw Haven for Baltimore
u^lil Taunton for New York.
chr Hrtnriall, Hamilton, Portland ftir Naw York
witn lurr.ber to J?* v.nrray ,w tori,
^chr Ban?ai, Condon, Fai'l Hirer for New York
Ume t. oMor t HocI,1,,b,j ">r ??w York, with
j?chr Kaklr, Htunder*. Proridanoe for New York.
? ?P'?. r*t" }1mw Bedford U>r Naw Yoi *
Tork:^^hoI^mS"^?o"iS^, kijr1""5 K?ak"ni r?r?*w
?. i.T *'*?ar*an, N?w Bedford for New York.
*n!f uL' I 7 *w- ' *w 'Ifdforrt for ^aer York
*a%ntg wartatda, nogaa, ran Mtw (0r Pbila
"ubr ira flii*?, Norton, Bomersat for Nav Ynra.
scbr Albert l'haro. lilm ln.in, Providence for New
?i hr H W i lurk, Clark, Providence fur Crw York.
Si In- a i t'olieu. Brown, Somerset tor Plilla<telptun.
8chr Maris Fleming, William*. >ew London lur Aew
hehr J U Coll.ver, Newell, Providence lor Nov/ York.
M'hr *iint M Jiu-obh. Jones, Providence mr Kondout.
hclir Rbode lilaiid, Wittkun. M?t: Harior lur Uondcmt.
sciir liwltfht limnii? ??>, Freeman. Boaton lor Jtailtaa
Kiv, r.
helir Hi nry lte?i u, Allen. Fail Ulver for New York.
M-hr I'rbanm, Allen. Providence lor New York.
Schr Yirifiui", lU-arw. Hngton l"r >ew Yor*.
?-v.lir Rual, Duniou, U'i'stDurt lor .n?w Xork, witb lum
ber to on lur.
.-riir Win Bruinurd, Keleey, Providence for New York.
H-lir Hunter. Green. .v \v port lor .n.?w York.
? flu Ida I. Howard, Mu#ier, Portland lor New York,
with lumber to J > > reed.
>clir ( liu> I'ouiory. I rue man. Bangor for New York,
with lumber to J s i ree i.
Schr DelpLl. Allen m \v London tor New York.
Fchr Mlnquua. Plump#. Providence lor New York.
hebr Mary it MHIUii.' terrl*. Warren lur Hoboken.
Sepr Win tfenu'iit Harris, Providence lor >ew York.
StUr HatMo 6 Colllna, Mckerton, Hartford fur Now
selir Wm lliomag, Littlejobn, Pawtucket lor New
Schr New ReguluH. baker. Providence tor New York.
Keiir llenrv < lav. Staples, Now Bedlora for New York.
Schr JimiIco, Caswell. Narrairaacutt for new York,
f-ohr Florence, backolt, Provi deuce lor Crotou.
tclirj II Burnett, llurnett. Providence lor New York.
Scbr Fair Wind, Bowman, >ew uaven lor New York.
Schr W S Qcisner. Egbert, hoboken for Providence.
Hour J Clark. Noriliup. Iloboknn lor Providence.
coin Ueceora. Kurriiuton, Weohawken for Boiloo.
Sulir t'li.in 11 Nortliam, Cole, New York lor Pawlucket,
Scbr Adele lullcla. Parker. Newburg tor Norwich.
Kct.r B Li i.aton. Weeli.iwkun lor Boston.
Schr Black Diamond, Smith, Rondout for New Bed
Schr Llllie Wells. Watson, Now York lor Calais.
Scbr Nluntlc. Boebe. New York lor Taunton.
Scbr furprtse, How-man. New York lor Fall River.
Schr Ueorgla, Cook, Hoboken for Boston.
Bark Alblna (ltalj, trom t
Ships Uovdlng (Nor), for Bremen: Storkere (Nor), do;
barka F Hippo iltal), Uibraliur; Uy.la (Nor>, l.ouuon;
JoUn F Rottinan. uenoa brUs liuoy. Port Spain; Ha
ve ii, Matanzus; Tropic Blru, Havuiiu; schr* Flower of
tlie Fal iBr), >ftlomca; W a Far well, auz Cay as; Wa
pelia, bavunnau.
BO- Sec cablc newi , ? . ?
aadltton to damage b,l','"r"//4'tUattowe(t her in was the
braces broX.cn, 4c. pmi.,1b1.
fi.'UH Ibvink, Berry, at Havana June 4 trom Phlladei
pUia. hud heavy weather and loat purtol dcotloa .
SchrJamks a Ktkt.hom, Chase, trotn Gloucester. with
fish, U ashore at Hell Oate.
gotten off and proceeded ou their voyages.
Sas KitAxrisco. Juno 18?Ship Cbumplain, Capt Morrill,
fa 5?1 Vork Kel? 1> lor till* port, struct on North
Varraiana IslAiid-t at 7 o'clock, last evening and sunk.
lrarralone iniano Heada three uuy? in a dense log.
peered would have carried U..^ahZf&Xoft' "."with
nrSlu ??"??
w2, K-wr?r issjnz?* iwstaiK
when tnua
in a lew inonn ntH. . Merrill w? the last mail
man woo crushed betore leaving tno
crlwsaved nothing but a tew article., of
* r > ijiiiiriiv uiter leaving tlto ship tho log rose.
Clothing. Shortly alter a Mcu.loclno and pulled
when tlto crewi al.utoa tucj*^ brought here. Th?
lor her vessel having been built at Boston 111
C wa? nearly, a new ves?i, u??>u? NV.4 lied by W H
w-*\ ?/^rria-tun L^te t'^.ad the Uowing cargo.
consigned to 0?H.? *<rK-VU*Wl
nMehlner.^i eaiMM. roarble^C & bb||. ?,e iroIli
iptaoi. m kegs '? atoiH'ware. 3 pack??e?. M?o*e?. ^o
EKSEBs&sSsF bbss ja*
BJPSSJsffsrw Bfesafa ?
Capt W * Knighton- ______
?*Btt*a?AK*A?-?***C*-?OCtH COA*t-BSIABLUSl?*T Of
a bo ve 'the'Vronod! and in clear weather tg vlalbl. two
Standard .liuate I on thenorth gat.jungle of the port.
L^'.SS .i,?t above {he level of the .ea anS 1?X le't
:l;oVcta?itro" da j^u vUlb,e In oi.ar weather two
"Letring. magnetic. Variation. Uaag O mm wetter
ly in 1M1 _
Araic*?wait ucnT **" ?C?T, AT
AraiCA?* ?t da cab, ooaaa boao.
t>. ioucwim 1taw?aJk *??
tSSl'n'i ?!? <*"
? "S?"D:;v?s ?;s.rva MS
2r'"S??.H 33a. j&s.?sssua
arrival ol the packet. vne *iiij> on the ?team
n?^rlVg"Cl'ov to .h.,w the ponitloii; the lantern is
:U.?fc?r7..r.^ve tlw .Urt.cj^ tJM wat-r (|M)
tour new ''j?rnora,war.1 ol the larte
;? avaw^js-.^ ?a sss aaa
S?,ru?!t ifi.Vtatl?ii) Une in the WMiern part o.tne
r?fi2lrtCilniw Variation, II? weatarly In l?7l
Ship llalcon (Pernvi, l.rom PtW*t Bound for CalUo,
"jswrSt j wwtfr*for wr#,t Ind1"'
9 Vora for Oorptu ChrUU,
g day* ont, Jon# 7, lat SO. lon ?s ^
Merchant*, ihipplnj agenti an! aWpmaftari art In
formed that by telegraphing to tha H*balb Londo
Bureau. >o ? Fleet et-sst. or to tfcj Parll o?ce
Rue scribe the arrtvaU at ani departure! from Kn
ropean and Eastern port, of Amertoan 111 all foreign
^"trading with the United *tat* the same wtu be
cabled to thie country tree of chargj an 1 Pui>'u"1.
Captains amv.nf at and mHIbj Irem Kreoch and
?ediMrranesn port, will flui u. > ?*.rH offl? the m?re
economical aud eapatmoni for teleiraghlBj new*.
Baterou June 17-Salled, bar* Lyn (*or>. Wold. *??
rlB?a?M. Juna l?-9allad, ?hl? Bremerhaven (Oar).
Wfivhaufcn. X#W York.
HoBntArx. June 19-Sallad. itaamar lyrUn (Bri. Lnw
*?? a b r ?lo* a - a rr I vad. aehr Chn. Piatt Bharee. ?rnn^
"o^mrr. Jane 18?ailed, bar* Brothers. Thnrrton. St
T (tlueil 17th, bark Garibaldi (Itab. Q.
Coraxnaonx, -una U-Arrlved. bM" ^??L *
?n, New Yor* lor Ri??; t?dera Jtinda tOan), Berg, Bal
tlmo'e lor Konigsbarg. ,
t ojrsTA*Ti*o?LK-Arrlved,brtg L'Avvanlre aul), ???.
vatbra. New York. _ ....
Dbau jane l8-?atled. schr Jefferson iorden, Patur
ton (from London), Boston. ??.?(?.,i
OLocctstaa, June 17-SalUd. brig Sallna ?tanlord
(1UI). Allegro, America. ui?ht?aa (Br)
OLASCOW. June 17-SalUd. ship La*? Mlebimn (???
Lamont, Montreal.
lifti June 1?-Arrtved. bark Onkel <Oer), from ?
ICo!?iot?*?o, June IS? Arrived, bark Katuamel (Kor),
^^^Arrlved. ship B O M.tc.lf (Nor,
Knudwn, Saw York; bark Wild Hunter. Howatv ?-?nsa
'tailed 18th, ship Frank tf rnayer.
sal.ed 17th. ship Mary* Hlggs, LangJon. >aw or
*'lo*?o.. June 18-Arrived, bark llndlkswald (Swe.
"S St' Moravian ?^h- ^
NArias. Jane 17-aailed. garner oiympia (ttr). Tonnf.
KqU?~wr, Juna U-Arrlved, bark Bapaal. auU
?urtaia. Baltimore.
Sailed 18th. steamer Pity of Brussels (Br) Murray (frOu?
Liverpool). New York.
Shiklds, Juiiu 18? Hailed, ship Ellen Uoodjpeed, Moure
(or Otis), San Kranclsco (not previously).
Sinuai'oke, June 16?Snileu. ship N Boynton, Blan
chard, Boston.
Tkikstk, Juue IS?Arrived, bark Bostna dtalj, Garnbar
dclia, New York.
Wiutkhaykn, Juue IS? Arrived, bark Kgremont (Br),
Keeney, Darlcn.
Bahacoa, June 5?In port. scbrs E A De Hart, DrUcoll.
for Philadelphia uext day; Victor l'ulg. Pinkham, to
load ror da
(ahdkmas. June lb?Sailed, barks Continental, Kills
bory, north of Hattoraa: Ilachel, Norton do; bru five
Brothers, Tburlow. do; schr Charles Morlord, Parsons,
Caiiiauikn, June 11?Arrived, schr Arianna Aubry.
hulled loth, schr* J R I)lvertv, Douglas. Delaware
Breakwater: lltli, Mu.v Mcl-urlund. McKsriand, do: 12th,
brig Huttic, Cates. Mew York ; schrs Carrie M Itichsrd
mu, Kiehardson. do; NMllu bcott. Milan. Delaware
Breakwater; lttli. brig Carrie t, t'iekering, Torry, Now
York; schr Guiding star. Moor". Portland.
Katukk Point, Juue 16. 7.13 PM?i'asstd. steamer Manl
toban .not as misprinted), YYylio. tram Glasgow for Que
Arrived lfth, steamer Prussian (Br). Ritchie, Liver
pool for Montreal.
Hiouo (not Yokohama), May 18?In port bark Mora
(Br), Angel, tor New York. idg.
Havana, June 16?Sailed, steamer Austin, Mor
gan, Hook port. Texas; bark Asia (SP). Guszaja,
Patcauoula; schr Mury Lord, Lord, Brunswick;
17th, steamers Wilmington, lloimes, New Orleans;
Gussle, Simpson, Ituliauola; brigs John Welsh Jr,
Vansclow, New Y'orX; Glpscv Oueun, Morgan, ao;
Kortuna (Br), MoConneli; North of Hutteras.
MHiiUi) IHth, steamer Columbus, Beed, New York.
LocaroBT, N 8, Juuo 17?Arrived, brig Waliou, St Mar
Matanzak, June 16?Sailed, bark Mary Pratt, Savin,
north of Hatterus; brig tubal Cain, Stone, do; schr a a
Larding. Smith, do.
QCKBkC. June 16?Arrived, steamer Texas (Br). Lauren
sen, Liverpool.
Hhanuuai, April 10?Sailed, schr Hamos. Brvant Chee
f?o, Newchwang and swatow; Z7th, ship Titan, Berry,
Ilrflio. to load tor Onannal for orders to London or Liv
,->t Maiicaket's Bay, Juno IS?Sailed, bark Bel 8tewart
(Br), Gilliat. Harrow. E.
st Jauo, June 11?Arrived, brig E A Bich, Paine, Now
Sailed Oth. brig Valencia, Small, New York.
?auua, Juue 5?Arrived, brig Mechanic, Gould, Car
Sailed 10th, hries Castalia, Whitmoie. north of Hat
terus: I7th, Mechanic, Gould, Baltimore; Myronus, 11U
gins. New York.
st Joiin. n 11, June 17?Arrived, schr J M Stovous (Br),
Edgctt, Now York.
Also arrived 17th, hark Kale Agnes (Pr), Havana; 18th,
sclir M L St 1'ierre. l'hiladeipuia viu Portland.
Arrived 16th, schr Prairie Bird (Br), Hjelmstrora, Sa
Cleared 16th. brig Zlngee (Br), Edgett, Moncton, with
inward cartm, from New Yor*.
Cleared 17th, schr Aurora Borsalls (Br), Clark, Now
Also cleared 17th, barks Brother's Pride (Br), Brown
ell. Tralee; Ida (Ur), I.ondon.
sailed 17th. barks Wilhelmina l'ust <Oer), Seyer, Mum
ble'', K; Emma (l<r), LUwell, Penarth Roads; Isle of
Beautv (8r), Grimsby. E.
Victokia, June 10? Arrived, bark Emprast Eugenia
(Br), lrom Talcanuauo.
Srtilod ?Schrs K V\ wod/rov. Bristol* Howard tr(|i(
?""Wra (from GeurJ^Jlwr^'liliWard Wluiara?.
iiOfclo.N, June 17?Arrived. bark Svauen iVupi
Heincrwn.Bmvrni: .elir* N J Ml.lor 1.2?rta M r.
goane; rtttiitu w Kay, Uouifherty, Mata'nze! via m.i.V
more: Jomo W SUW. Tnuk, Alexandra;" M Howli"
BwtitoV KrtFV U Ulckm*n- Su*w' ^LUdelphU; K
Iiihn i W oneo j Koawell, Hurlbut Calbarlen
wYo" WliWeSSSKi "oVa!^rewl"
toifc - ? h"1."1-:10"- -NH Ly,Uu " Uapir, Orimmar, Vor
folk, M K >oni?T9, Carter, Alexandria: a K Am?>*
Achorn, Baltimore; L c Hick man, Sunnier Phfla.<iAi*
Pbia: I laun.ill It Miubert. Cain. <l"; j if liSdaalOr.!.
U10,r,i?0; Oortoa, Godfrey, do: (J u h#??"
ard. Pcnghkeepale; H Y Lowell, Kobbln* We?h^rk2)T"
UoS.l ete"- a*Wyer- ?'S.UWard,"
(Br), from IJunedln, NlVwhr aadau'WiicotL do. Sunll*U*
i M.aHL1.mo,?Bi June >8-Arrtvad. ateamara Oeo 4nnniri
Lot ela nd. Uoaton; fanny Cadwalladar Foster K?w
Vork; brig (leorxiu. Kielda. Ponce, Pit - achr* Q r'LanlT
Lane. Boston; w it Houatou. Gardner Cardena.- Th?;.
.onXwYork'. * B GrlfEn- Carden?*'- * * Slap.
? i^?^ie?hier' Commerce. Walter North Cmrr.
li!r.'c.??T-K" iSffl'SS^SS ? iSE.te: ?bri"
?r*&a sxtv?""- "??
? v?t!ss:^?m"u <"??
BANGOR, June M^ClPircfl iohi*i i.hav 1/ p.n 1 __
BAfcfiL^nna'li fftfi* cJK3fcr?n, Hopkiui. New York '
man V?w V .?r uAtriYr?d' aCUr- K|lto Mltettell, KttJit
raan. New York; K L Kennev. roiuian in iMii
ridge. LJetidertoti. Mo?ton, to load for PbliaueJuhia
baued-~8chrt Hie hard W Oenhaa Dtohain \ow
fSfcbJSft?*'do: Ch? TOSSSMy;
ror&b-M^ti^w York. ? W a,3r<le,,? Sm,,h'
dcVpV'ia. *"*'1' *hr Amo' *^coubar?. Backett, Phila
J maRLESTOK, June IS?Cleared barki l
(Nor), KvvDMsn. Brl.tol, if "oubie , w, cI'l',,J<1<1
ui,AvV11i0a,:. Ar^t?ct (Br., Sm.rt,'do "?
kakIE.n, j,a, June II?Cleared. bark Harold H.ir
OUen- C*rJ'ff- "" Ll^ PoVand
KOKIUESS MONROk, Juno W-ArriT#d h.,k n..
liieintlb. kraelt. trom dap* Town, leekins. '
Brl* Icuula (Our), Uul?, irom Kio Janelruf In Hamntn.
(K.'&rffstf&r*"- ?"?ss*. ?? v
XJverpooi."10'*' J?nt 18-Ci"re<1- Ithurl.l (Br,.
Davu'c^"88, Jan# 1<*-Ar fired, ?chr Wm M J one*.
XKW Oltl.h A.N'H, June 4-Arrived Khn J v
cxrh^'.,N'wf?r*: -?>"*" k WbSaTisi? a
Cliared. nu-uiuer fappabannock Kr? *???'
?hlp Northampton, . rask. Havre *
Idin""1 JU" KM Vrod.rlclL J Collin*. IW
>teamer Memphli (BrJ. from UrerDool r.m.;n. ??
SJb?: Birh u"ndBr
NliW BKDKORD, Jane 19? Arrived brl? i ? p?n..n
,0'" Norwlch'' ^'-udT^I;
?.?WWthree'' iSSfi.PhlUde7p.iurr*ISSu"
<lreen. heaco.inrt tor PhllaJi'li.hla; Kloren^c "ack^tt' 1
i'rovuience tor \erulank,<? Point- Krmi Vliii *.Ji .??
K,'}Jt,v" f".l:iN,;w J>? 'and ail Mlleu I7lfi) T?rr?".
D DavMl-.n, rreomat AX do^vK. YB?urV
Hoatun for do, BeMal, Thornton, do tor do; Kavourtie'
Vlih i *?*?. Iff do (and ?l| aailud 17tln. ' !
l#tli ?Arrived. ?cbr 1.man,Cook,Taunton for VuwYnrk
tanJi,r.>-or,|, 1 ; ,l,?,p l?e,r|. CoblaVh. I
tialled?Srhra I'vlpni, Allen, Uoboaen; Menca^cr
hpeliman. launton lor <>w York ?e?wjntfCr.
1 ?^ul^,"ANstTr '',EU- KI- J?n? 15?At Dutch la. :
aDi..u%b<?r'.,chr* ' h" E 'Hkn^B. ^ovldence
fork Ontario. Hurdick, Kal. Hirer tor New
4*tf,hiiLICa' Jnne I7~Arrir?<1' ?chr Robin Hood. Phil*.
Cn?',l"dr*'?r?C^"n1l *?" Jork: Neptune, do;
W'. ^WeMicV da ' do; Corntijt N?wkirk, do;
l/.cnKV?^^i"0# *
Ph'Mdr."/!rk? ,'1owh??*?' ?l?ckrton<?. Honolulu.
r?,? ' iu?e l1~*rrlY,d. bark Maria Hcararaell
i?Tt?=r,ip: XUKi r^utlerKatoi1^11' u
Kmll?!^.w,^,t,alf,a,JM (Bn' ??<??"; -?nr Mary
Know Aiarft^Br: V/r^^'orr^.
d^phla. t uk New Vork: Oeo II fttout? lord do- .Hi?.
i*apnr, SSSUiili *? rf?r*co*: Hcbecca W Uuddeli.
aIm> ernred. bark Perplna (Ttal). I'.titrzo P?i?rm,..
brla >ori{i> (Nor*. <'ohann~?-u. I.lvernool *chr> I orl
NOiara. CKfnriMXiMt I'avia Co iin. Town., nd ?.n?'
cola; Alice Morda. i-lrkee. >ew v "rk- i aah.b^o. i
ftTlow l?r',rM' ;v',ary '"?rennrn, CfcarU.u,^'
t?!~*r?Wr*hVZnAnj un^MlfTSi
cleared?Meamer Kiicrlnent. Pieree \Vw v..?k.
Hath w'KC(*arri'.8?keH """""I,' M,,; A H Wo^ke. farr,'
i?uin. >? r (inrn^>ri, Boweu, Ho A ton ? Cl<*nrarti if 11.,,,?
w'SitVln",!" n'n 1"P"r' " ' "illcr, (^arl, ?0wn;
PawtnenVi- H.?!: i'/TT***1-' '"?Ph f -rter, Burrou<li.,
rawwonet, >????, Hohlnwn. Newport-. Heading Kail*
rojd miM. Adam*. N? W Umdon. "
r.roi'lni.?\*?r.,n.hVk lM,ld ?lul>. Dublin; echre
i w A ' ^?>unr. Knit t umLiriiUe; L X A Bab
cock. Mnlth, nomern-t; Alice Rorda, l>uke? Providence
N*wca.tLr, Del. June m <? M rtrlira Julia A !*.rri?on' 1
irom Ho.ton: John )< Auxin, nnd Wm B lhnma?. ironi
do? piiwc'l up lust tvenini(j b&rk Oounor for Anlor ir.r
^tiraiii^n?|,.h?rtI,M HorJ'"- '"r ?'??I Hirer; Nefile, lor
? k"' '"r <?"; ??oree a Albert, tor
S^firtiL S? L I ! N*yl.or' '"r "??<"?. *nd Carolina, for
HUIrillB, pa. * I down l..t errnmif.
p\t-it.rV/i ^T0.'"I""'"f 8*c"' P*?'*** ''own at II A*,
lin i.riv. m2/i ?? 1 ' .,r Amiciirla iiuli, lor Dub
h?m ,or ''rovldencc. ami iJeo Burn
# o' Malanta (Br), for Ouad^loupe. Katn
? odtlam.1 (wifl>f>rt; ?^llil' Bowcrv for Cardeuaa,
li... J " P*'",eJ down thl. P>i.
t>dln fTnm IJnuo 18-Arrlred, bark Oan
1.n.i'a hT?h- I ?"i: brt'" u y "herwood (Br , from Ma
. Iieeier, trom rardena*, and Coino
laai a*aJ!in?. .,Il"L,: ?r,B AP?"0 ??lied for New York
Q.!ino '?reouian. Dennli aud Northern
a thl. vM: neamer Keuilworth
PVu 7?? 'J00* '??? erenln*.
nnI. * h^rwood h.a f>eon ordered to Phlladol
ri.'tt i , ?v,i ?."" ?"?r ' hanie. here fo-ilay,
(r^ta .t /ob^ RBTlla^Ma'^ brU - Lorlo?
Fre'r. Iloi^n, Me"., da1,Ur<1, W""*C'' |,h"u 1*lphl?
Flj2T&<?i'er??"? '' ''????'? Johnton. New Tork.
J..0,M l7~'*-rrived. *t?ara?r William
Trie? J'.,T V?/.- ',aU1,u2r0 vl? Norfolk: nchra .. M
vi f.li. iiL Uobok?n Ni?!itingah?, Younn do: D W
1UtjfeoU> iol *oraiua foul, New V(?rk.
Be' ,rl1 Waut?, i.Marletlon,
Dc*'cdJ7lf>l!,?.?Il? 'i wood, 8t Jonn, Georgetown I
ten. and New Zealand, Greenlaw. Phlla lelphla: J<>h?
Manlove. C'Mhiiiuii; K II WiImiii, i ur^; i incline ?? "ot
ter, Kiuworth: Surah J Uuruey. Ourimy: H A|ipl?"-#i#.
Johnson; K II Dal.y. t'urker? Helen Mar, Ward; Jease ?
A lien. Davis;.) II llunii'it, Itas.-iiiurlen; Kiiwunl \\ otten.
Young, Chancellor, Ferguson: nilas Brainerd, HawrKln ;
Surah li I liunipann. Hull, iiml Lucy Bubcock, Robiu-ou.
New York.
lHth?Arrived, steamer Florida, Crocker, Philadel
phia brig Jiiliu Avilcs, Hanvor.
At tl)H ii< i I of Long I'land Sound, lfitb. AM, tniuud
east, schr* Ssllie Burton, Ella I'M?Scbrs Adrlanna ?i
S Wiley, K H Brazos, Win Parreii, Win C;rnv, surprise,
Mary Louisa, Edward Liudsley, II U Diverty, Win Buck
le if.
PAW rrcKhT, June 17?Arrived, schr Lizzie, Taylor,
Stilled? chrw Bertha. Conover; A C Noyes, Baker, ana
A H Sawyer, Carver, New Y>rk.
KICIlMo.N I), June id?Arrived, selirs II Squire, llaley,
Boston: A linn Collins, Tutbill, New i'ork; to B Franklin,
Moore, do.
sailed?Sehrs Oakes Ames, Edmund, New York; Disk
Williams. Campbell, do.
SAN l-'ltAM'1st,(i, June 10?sailed bark D C Murray,
Fuller. Honolulu; schr Legal Tender, Winding, do.
17th?Arrlveu, ships City of Hankow (Br), Mulr, Syd
ney, l*SW; Cllv ot Voric (Br), Au'd, Liverpool,
cleared?Ship Carrier Dove. Mcrrymau, New York.
lSlli?Arrived. steamer Newborn, from Uulf of Call
SATILLA, June 11?Arrived, ccbrs Conservative. Bet*
non, J?ck*onville; Ahby Wasson, Gray, Churlostoui
Frank W Kmery. I'alker, New York; B Young, 11 a 11, dot
J U Wright, Scull, do.
HOMERSKT, June lS-Arrived, scbr Minnie Kinnta
Parsons, I'hiladelpbla.
Sailed?Schru w f Phelps, Cranmer, Philadelphia
I) W Sanders. Mott, and Naiad Queen, SuiitU, tor Nett
i7tli?Sailed, schr Samuel MeManemy, Walls, for PhiW
VINEYARD HAVEN, June 16?Arrive 1, achrs Ahjut
*ar. Lowe. Viriiiuia tor Bath; L 11 Sargent, Saraent
Philadelphia lor South Newmarket, Nil: Monitor
Chase. Augusta lor New Yorl;; Alleghanla, MadOOCM
and Edward Stanley, Oyer, Rockland tor do; llelea
Robinson, I ath lor do.
Siiiled. sehrs Frolic, Mary T Bryan, Marv Cobb, J
Williamson. Jr. Lvldu B. Marv E Staples. 1- Stundlsh. 0
C Norris H i' May, Charles II MnniOKson, M L Varnov,
11 an ti it- WcstbrooK, Bramliall, William Tbom is, Willuiin
11 Dowitt. Sea Bird. Florence V Turner. Vesta, Eddie r
Treat, Alfred Chase, W 11 Card. Sarah Louise. Light
Boat, Isabella Thompson, Samuel Nash. Tarry Not,
Eastern Belle, William Penn, Maud <k Bessie and Ala
17tli?Arrived, brig Isaac Carver, Bangor lor Philadel
phia; scbrs H Curtis, lloboken for Boston; Maud Wob<
ster, Bangor for New Vork; Zlcavo, Portland lor Now<
ark, NJ. ?
Sailed?Brig Isaac Carder; sehrs Susan Stetsofl. L B
Sargent. Monitor, Alleghanla, Edward Stanley, Helen,
lien Hall, Maud Webster, Ztcavo.
Passed bv?sohr Volant. Bantfor for New York,
ltith?Arrived, sohr Klina M Wright, of Welltleot,
Sugua for Bolton; Ophir, Philadelphia for Roekpor^
Mass; Annie Colter (Br), do for St Job". NB; Laconia,
New York for Rockland; Hope (Br), Walton, NS, tot
sailed?Scbrs Ehna M Wright and Ophlr.
WILMINGTON. lie, Juuo la-Arrived, iclir D J Folay,
Dlnncll, Baltimore.
Cleared?Hark Kmuia Crook (Br), Sully, Cork.
WICKFORD, June 16?sailed, schr Goo S Bepplier.
Blizzard, New Vork.
WF.STKRLV. June 15?Arrived, schr Reading Railroad
No l.S, Tice. Philadelphia (and sailed 17th tor clo).
Sailed?Sehr President, Lester. New York,
lrtih?Arrived, scbr LovelatiJ, Roudout.
WaBBKN, June 17?Arrived, schr Richard Lav, Haw*
kins, Baltimore.
OF JUNE 12. 1871
Prhf.\lfo. Prize.\Nu I'rizr.| So. Prize INo.
. .300
i... 30U
... sou
. ...300
... .3o0
?,W "
... 9U0
6 72.
70 >9.
75 0.
8 (*.
s ftl.
M--4 .
.. .300
I Hii7.
146 12.
:m 2i ms.
....30u :
..51/01 9513.
. Iij-k 16897.
..800 1692*4.
,..3?i Ii929.
,.:v? 16666.
..Ml 1897-4.
. .SOU. I7im3.
... 300:1 II ??
,...500 104 >4.
....8uo IOItf9.
... fru III.YU.,
....?U li .'>25.
.....'.01 i<>.'4t.
..J> 10697.
. ...M1 IU648.
....SOU 10744.
....!*P 16031.
.....1011 10676.
....SUO 11077.
...1.0 11113.
....Jill l|l?.
...35# 11164
... Juo 11264.
....*"1 Il3.'4.
....sou 11 >46.
... J6U 11W
... Sim II Ml.
.. .*?>
....??' 1 .'.IS.
....300 I92&9,
... joolmn.
.. ll??i 19(21.
....:* 0
... ??l
IK 10
....30 13f.IV.
, ...SOni wtw.
191 I
I'.N r,
n 11
199 .1
. -SUUlj
..: oo .
..:w>i .
..*?1 ;
..sou .
,...W '
. ...:wo
7 *
.. .3U0
3 >366.
r.6 ??.
U7 44.
3 797.
?100,000. 1 $30,000. | fi.ooa. 1 ?10.000. 1
A? Prii' No. PrjtfJX''. ?****. '2?- '"SSL
3-901..4801 UM8...W00 18774.?#"aO;/77li...0SOO
No PriM
109.9.. ,M
249 l.;;"80. 3M67.".."?W 137T? ... 00 i7717....300
i 8490%...600 Al 21 Oo
23901,...500 1IW....J2'
rine,,,.jwo umi?bo
? ?i ...jno
Prize? c?ih?d. Iniormttion fornuh?.l. Spanish Bm*
0?vtisattk <f'i kowlL .. . ? . ,
TAYLOR .* no., n?ak?r?.
>?> II Wall ?tre?i, Savr t'ork,
Absolute DivoKom ubiaimbu rR<?* otrtitu.
out ht*tu?; le*!ll
?vorywh#r?; iloacrti:.!), Ao., ?uftl.
clrntctUM ; no paiiilmtv re.|UiroJ; no ciiarje uutil <11
Toro* I* uritntC'l, ndvl .? fr?.j.
M. Uut'.-iic, Attornor, 194 Broadway.
Absolute divorce* obtaiubd from uourti
tllfT?r?tic St?tP< li'iiil overywlicro; do pabllsitfi
?o (??? in Advance , itilrict iron. <.?Bim'?ionar ior artrt
HtHtt. FitaUkltlCH. L HMO. touuiciioral-law, Sfl

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