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the chaiuiem u v\k tulv oot to btep
down anl) out bi .okk election day
thtre wm but little i1im-uk?i.>u among the politician*
yomorduy of ihc charges pn lerrod by Mi Towt.se'Ml
igutuft 1'ollro C'ommisniobera Mulaell, Dinbeckor aud
Voorlua. Tho general opinion Homed to !? tli.it the
lawyer hir t nut made tho In1.-1 tin.* po-aible of the mate
riul bo had mi hand, unit that, although it la morally
curtain that tho labor* ot the Logl?lalive Coiiiiiiiitco on
CTiiue, Judging l>om tlie ugly luete of the utlsauutagoiMom
ul 'Ito jxilioo force uud the corruption that it boa
engendered among
VrrlCKItli AM) KHN A I.IK K.
which they have already unearthed. will l>c cr\slallized
In a very damaging ro|Mirt against the Police Board.
Mr. To?inu-nd has done much to weaken the euee
gamut tliem in udvuuno by tho trivlalito* that ho lias
uri geu iihu ii. .-uiii?. ... un'; fenevc. : u. ii.it in.
icliou will be condemned by tin* committee. iua-nueh
u, being their counsel, hu should Ituvs waited until
they had tinished their work bei'oro acting
a< lie has. However, Mr. Townsetnl's friend*
claim that ho preferred the charges as tea individual
aud not as the counsel of the coiniii tier, and >o cannot
be bald accountable for anything he has done in the
aiatter by the committee. Still, though the politic..uis
elti to regret that the charges hud not been held
back until all that even the general public are already
bcttuaintcd wiib that Is terribly damaging against
of the throe Commissioners in i|uestion could have been
made a part of them, lliuy consider that they will serve
the purpose of keeping the attention of the public dted
tpou the investigations of the committee during the
coming month, luul that they will act as a good entering
wedge for mure damaging charges thai will follow Ilia
adjournment of the Legislative Committee. Ill the
uptnlou of the democrats Mr. Townseiid's charges
are i|Uilo sufficient to shotv that the three
men are totally unlit fur olflre, and that the very tact
thai the more scrums charges, strip|>ed ol the trivialities
complained of. what are embodied in Mr. Townseud's
arraigntiictil are l atent to everybody who has kept the
rau of the legislative investigation, and that theyalely
disproof is enough in condemn the accused in the eyes
?of tbe public. They i--< rl lli.it the l'ollcu Board lius
Willi tbe patrolmen, uml iliut u majority or tin* captains
tad sergeants have the heartiest contempt lor its annulled
knowledge <>l the police business. It is IxsuUsd
of this, they any, that demoralization now runs riot in
tbo force, ami thai lite subordinates I > I. m u
measure that they eau ilo pretty lniteli as
they phase ill shirking duty uiid are jusihlud in
making hav while the mm shines in ever) iciieeiva
bio vdluiiou* method. M ~t of the |>tuilis have,
they declare, been led to believe that they are so many
little tinny* in their precinct. >o that when they gel uti
ur<ler to shut up a yum hi nr. hotiso or a disorderly
bouoe they shut it up one night only to let everything
go on in lull blast the next. ''The nlea,' said a demo
viatic Alderman yesterday . "el a Police Board trymgTu
reform the force by iran.-1 mug a captain l'roin one precinct
to another! They liml that in- lias been \iululiug
the rules of tbe Bourd; that be lias been
In some precinct ami carrying thing- with such a high
hand that Ins victims begin to make an outcry, wad
then tliev struigbtvv iv outer him 111 eoiumatid of anBtlier
part of the ejtv in-lead of putting litm on trial
slid dismissing hint at once
One ol the strong -t point*, the d< mocrats think,
wliic'h the charges luase .igaiust the three Commissioners,
uud which they believe the Mayor c.iuuot easily
overlook. Is the fuel that alter tliey. as they -ay lliey
did. hiel ordered all panel houses to b-- shut tip ami their
? proprietors arrested, these nuisance* Were run in
many of the pre incts tor weeks at a time, and yet tho
Captains were not ail d louceoiinl for their dlsule dielico.
Besides, thejr a-.-, rt that one of the strougist evideiieus
Ol the inclBcieuey "l the Board is that they did not uu arlh
the wioligdoiuys ol the police, which the Legislative
Committee on Crime has already done with not
ouc-tehtli the mean- or opportunity at its command to
get at the bottom ol the villauies liiut the l'ulice Board
The republicans still persist, as they did when they
lirsl heard what tiie charges Were that tliev are all out
up tor efl'cct and with a view, il possible, ol getting rid
of the three Commlsslonc-i - bclore election day, so that ,
the democrat* call obtain absolute
and idl the machinery oi the |xiln c on elect ion day. The
strangest thing about the view taken of the charge* by
the republican politician;', .-to lor ;ls could be ;urortaiiieil
yesterday. is that they behevu that.* even
without any additional charge* la-lug made
against the accused, they will be removed,
and they go, honiu of them, ?o far a* to -ay
that the charge* were preletred with the understanding
beforehand that they would Ih> declui-d a* all siilllcieut
Tor the removal ol the Couimi; -innei . and that Cov rDor
1'ildeii is as anxiius to get rut of them us any oilier
democrat: tluit the charge - might po-sibly be *0011 sup
plemeuted by other and strong' r accusations based
Upon the revelation.- made at the trial- ol Captains Hill
dee Williams and MeCulloch; but that their removal
was a certainty 111 a month or two, anyhow
It may be stated just here thai since the charges were
made an error has crept Into the minds ol many otherwise
well informed people that it the Mayor considers
the charges serious enough to justify their
JustUiSsai he can remote them at once. 1 ho dilllculty
that en-ued U-iween linn and the Uovernor
as to the removal of Corporation Coum-el
?tiiilh ought to be suthneut to remind every one lliul
the charter doe- not allow the Mayor to remove a
lubordtuate otllcial except on the approval ol the Cov- 1
srnor. Again, it wan rumored ,vesica day that the Mayor ]
Sad at once, on receiving the charges, transmitted them
to the (iovernor. This could not he. lor the charter ex- '
arossly provide* that while the Mayor may remove lor 1
tausc any head ol department or 1 irilnis.-iouer lie run
tut do so until the otticuil lias had all opportunity to
W heard, and the Mayor, besides, is obliged, when lie
loes remove any Commissioner, to -eud hu reason* lor 1
the removal to the Governor 111 writing. So it will be ,
teen that the story that the Mayor had sent the charges
At the Uoveruo^ is all absurdity on its faro. Wnul
tction the Mayor will take in relation to -them tinio 1
tione cull tell. ! have not lead them yot." said he ,
yesterday; "but 1 will lead them careluliy* when 1 du."
Tlie Police Commissioners had Captain \Villume before
tlicin a*a;n yesterday, ami this tunc, it is believed,
concluded the awe, so lac as the examination of witnesses
is concerneiI.
s-oinc biiii do/on policemen wore called to testify, and
all of them set ore they had never heard of a panel house
In the Kightli precinct
At the conclu .ou of the examination too dcfoilant
took the stand and testilied as follows:?I was transfern
d to the Kia'htli precinct on the 11th of Julv. lsTd.
tud wa* UratMlorred Irooi the Eighth ?>n November lit.
1874; when 1 went there I Ion ml eighty throe houses of
prostitution. twenty-lour policy shops and nine (ambling
houses in the preciiict. and was visited by a committee
from the Eighth and Fifteenth Ward Property Holders'
Association, w ho complained of hon es lu Greene arid
Wooster streets; closed all but the lioiuto of Mrs.
Meyers, at the turner of Wooster uud Blectker i
blroeU; 1 closed torty nine bouses, containing i
IMS girls; closed all pulley and gambling
' houses, and sent the pr--p rty raptured to the 1
Property Clerk; the unjy complaint* against
panel house-1 were at N-. gX'_. and No. to Wooster
street; had doubt- about the former, No. 'dv,, Wooster
street, Olticcr Terwillip r retried that a man bad
been robbed at N>, "JS Wo.- -lor tract; urrt - led tbe j
|:rt in Cartnine street, and -ni>?<|u ally arreted ilie
girl's lover end lottnd sotne of the money on hiui;
L'a; lam Williams went on to ..ay that Sergeant tiroo, by
liln own admission and from contradiction by tbe blot j
ter. neglected hip duty dtrrtug tbe whole i ,ue he was in 1
the Eighth precinct. Cuplain Willi in- then went on 1
ruNiuiing up Ins own case, and staled that the only
witnesses to testily uyaimrt htm were Sergeant tiroo arid
Mrs. Hrowu, while in opposition to the-e were several
respectable witnustios lor the defence, all of whour
would have known had there icen any panel house in
the prociuct ami who hud no interest to testify in bin
""he Board reserved iis decision in the case.
noiiSLF. McniaER rx the futh avenue
Two porters, named rcpeetively John Thompson and
Michael Allen, employed at the Kiflh Avenue Hotel, beCame
engaged last night in un altcreatlon in the aervauta'
dining rooui. Allen b<'cmuo enraged at some remarks
made to him by Thompson and. in a moment of fronay.
lumped across u table at Thompson, holding u
large knife tn his baud. Thompson, on seeing this,
' picked up a leng carving kuife. with which to defend
himself. and, u Ailuu made a thrust at liiiii. Tlaunpson
* plunged the smug kudu into the right side ?t Allen,
> >., - V..UKVIVU-. II UU| IttlUI, ai.linn, lIll-ll'U.IM
great excitement In tin; room uui?bg the
oluer employe* of tlic hotel, who were ?.t
upper ut the tliue. The story of the slabbing
alt.ay having tieen oommnti lotted all over tin- I so
Ofilcers Week* ami Ma'Cauley, ot th Twenty ninth
pretiii'-T, were railed In. ui ruled Thompson and
" took In in to the '1'hlrtlrtn ttirool atution lioiixe. An
umhulaiirr was then telegrutilicd lor. and the injured
man watt taken to Uellovue llospilul, where lie now Ilea
In a very critical condition. His recovery seems almost
At five o'clock yesterday afternoon an unknown hoy,
*1 pircntly about eight years of nge, fell o(T the top of a
fre ght rar that at- running ihiough Hudson street and
Wax instantly killed hy Ueiug crushed hencuth the
THE Ft Hit E.
I.o.m; Bkasch, August SI, lx;5.
A publicity extending throughout the length and
breadth of the country has boon given to the rcuiurkablo
ttceues enacted here ou Monday lust in the Police Justice*
Couil, following a raid made on certain alleged
house* of ill repute alios? attempted "nest hiding" in
the uiArc suburban precincts of the town had not, it
seem*, been wholly uuccesslul. When Mr. Green, the
Chief of Police, delicti tho Court, pronounced the pro
ceediugs u fraud ami refusis! to lock up tin* proprietor
of one of the reputed deua of iiitamv it was lelt lliul
justice li id been outraged, and when the crowd of
roughs In utlenduncu juered und hooted nod threatened
It wos fell that this sort of thing had gone fur ,
enough. The report was that the Commissioners at their .
itfoetitix to day would promptly investigate the matter.
Accordingly at llie meeting this lltorii 11 ^ there was a
large attendance. The piano of meeting of the Commissioners
1* iu rattier u diminutive room on the lust
ItiHir ol a diminutive building. Ail the Commissioners
were present?Messrs. Joseph H. Cooper (chairman). \V.
M (iullty, t'hurles t'humberluin. Cornelius Vandeveer,
K. It. slioriiiau and K. !?. tireen, together with llie '
Secretary, Mr. William J. Herbert, ami their counsel,
Mr. fjeorgc Brantiuar. A graver ail of solemuity could
not have characterized the famous Council of Ten in the {
ancient days of the Venetian doge*. Mr. (irecu. how
ever, did not appear, and the proceedings, tnuch to the ,
d; .:ii.-l of the eroud. were of the most abbreviated character
the play of "Hamlet,'' minus the ghost. First iu
order was read I'olice Justice J.ane's statement
to the Commissioners. Alter detailing the manner of
the dc-r<nl on the disorderly houses he came to the trial
of thu oflcudiug parties, in regard to which he said:?
Mali) Wilms r- were sworn, and during the trial uiueh
ocmluslon prevailed, though the ollicors were frequently
called u|hui to preserve order, which IItey disregarded.
The crowd were called to order many times during the
day, and with much difficulty we continued the proeeediu
s until thu evidence was all taken, when. In
summing up,
A Distill Ai'UFl'L SCKXX
occurred. The Court was threatened, and many disgraeelnl
remarks were made. When at last sufficient
order um restored sentence was pronounced upon Mr.
Townlev, as follows:?A line of $50 was Imposed upon
him, and in default of payment Imprisonment fur
twenty days Whereupon TowUIcy refused to pay the
line, when 1 told hiin lie should he locked up. iill!e.er
tireen. who was standing be-ide the prisoner, called i ut
that Town ley should not lie locked up, when the crowd
and all the prisoners applauded. Mr. UrceU -said to tile
< ourt alid prosecuting attorney tliul it Was wrong, and
that this was
ALL A DAM.NKil FltAl'll,
and so was the Court, and that lie could go Townley's
ball. When told bail would not be taken hesnid. pulling
out his poeketbisik. that lie could give a thousand
dollar-, uml then used many disgraceful epithets toward
the Court und the prosecuting attorney . I then ordered
Hit11lei SIim'uiii to lake the prisoner and lock lilm up,
and Slis'tihi positively refused. when tireen .-aid to
Slocum, "No. don't you do it." I saw that Officer tireen j
was intoxicated and many of the croud, friends of
Towuley. Finally I called u|mhi Douglas Slocum to secure
the prtsuner and put him in the cell; he ulso
refused, say ing officer iireeii ordered him not to do it.
when the disorder continued ; und. us I was about calling
upon the citizens for protection and the enforcement of
the law. Officer tireen said that he could take charge of
J own lev, uud. Icariug lioubir nclwcuii the parlies mat
would lend to n>ukc matters uoise, uud perhaps '
kxd in a kkkk vkiiit,
thereby caiisltiir much danger and disgrace, did not (.all
upon tiio citizens, und U recti went down with Towuley
and told him to go home, und ho d< parted amid the
cheers of the mob of rough*?friend* ol said Towuley?
und the < our: wan thereby net at deliuuce. The lore- ,
going statement is laid before your honorable body lor
Volt to luko such action thereon as uiay be light and 1
proper in the premised.
a aacmkr skssio.v.
Subsequent to the reading ol the above document tlio
Commissioners Went into secret session. Alter about .
an hour the doors were again opened, hut on being in- i
terrogated there ccmed to be a relueianeo to go nit 1 '
details as to I tie action of the t'ouiiiii-sioiiers. Kin ally j
It was acknowledged tliut a letter ol resignation hud
been received Irotu Mr. lireeu and his resignation ui ^
iopted, and, further, that the lour pidieeiueu, John H.
Vandyke. William ?J. Vandyke, lliuiiel Slocum und 1
llougius Sluruin. who refused to ols-y the order of Jus- ]
lice Lane, had been peremptorily dismissed
Tlie annual Convention of the Keniun Brotherhood,
w hich, in cording to custom, was to take place In this
city during the present week, has been post|ioucd to the
month of January next. The American organization
though not very active ut present, yet retains some ol
it* original vitality, and the exertions of the otllcer* in
. .. . .... . .(? ..r (I... iso to estnliiuih n.-ve elr. los
anil increase the membership of old olios arc repre- j
son toil to be quite encouraging, from the Western ;
States uinl Now Knglund very satisfactory reports have i
tieon received by Colonel John OMahony, the Ileud <
L'entro in the I'nilod Slates, and from Ireland intelligence '
lias lately coins to hand, it is said, to the effect that at | '
no time for several years pu>l bus the party u' i
separatists been in better or more hopelui spirits.
The recent demonstration at the O'Connell Centeuniuj
u Dublin is viewed by New York Irish nationalists as ;
on'- of those manifestations ugulnat foreign rule in their ;
country that must prove Invaluable^ Willing and unx- 1
urns to do honor to the memory of the grcut Liberator, 1
there were tens of thousands who lunl little In common .
with the so-ruilcd ultramoutanes and those loyal to tb > I
Liritn.li government. I'uder the watchword of "Antn
sty'" they took occasion to manifest their honest convictions
and souse of duty to Fatherland When it is remembered,
as a leading member of the Fenian Council
remarked yesterday, tliat over MJO,090 people witnessed
the pageant and bO.UOu were in the procession, so slight
a disturbance as incurred was hardly worth considering.
However, it the men who do not 'dear to speak of
'tis i ouid not appear a- Feniaus they did .is prolestants
against the continued incarceration of tie- Irish poMtieal
prisoners, uiid the vast numbers or tli" former, not to
spi iik ot the multitudes iu other organ I nations who
sympathi/ed heartily with tbeni, must prove a slgnitlcaiit
|| .-.-un to the liritish govi-ruiucut.
i ii>' i-i.inn hi tin-tnoinernoon ior nxu.uuu ptaceu in i
th<' hand- of the agent* oi the Rothschild* in tin* nity,
some years .since, tor trail*mission to Ireland, lias not
jot bet-it adjlisted. It w ill be recollected lliul drulls lor
tins sum were seize I on their arrival by Kugii h agents,
and payment in tins manner pre vented. .Mr. August t
Ki'lniont hits endeavored to discharge his obligation* in
the mutter w ith a due regard to the Interests of ali par- | 1
ties concerned, hut the complications oceasioind by ihu .
rcii iver (Hurr) have up to the present time effectually
Interposed ill the way of a settlement.
The rontniH'oiincll ol the Kenlau Brotherhood, v.ho t
rontinue in dlttce until January next, arcThomas
lark I.uby, John I.j - ight. William Mackey Lonmssey, '
John Harry, John O'Mahony, John Murphy, T. I*. .
Uorkc, Jereuiiuh O'Donovan Itossa and John Drmcull.
Betw.-eu four and live o'clock yesterday morning one
tif the keepers of Central I'ark foitud the body of u man <
lying on a bench in ono ol the alleyways. Near the dead ,
man was a revolver, one chamber of which had la-en
doc barged. The corpse was removed to the Arsenal,
and there it was discovered that a bullet had entered
near tbo lell nipple and penetrated the heart. From
papers ducoverod in the pockets it was ascertained that
th?' dead man s name was Andreas Kucha, a shoemaker,
ot No. !tlH Second street The following letter, loumi
on his person. explains itself- ?
PnuWio and Ciiii.iimsn?I see that T cnunut do other
(bun put an end to my life, t..r I do lu.t believe than- i? one i
ill the whole city of .Sew York win. wanders about tin- *t I
a* poor as myself. Therefore lie contented un l resign mar
selvc. I have no rest by day or l.y night?not that poverty i
compels me to this, only the restlessness ofnay own heart, i
Wherever I walk, wlicrcter I If- m\ I., rt uele tlier. line
be voiiteiited and ri _'ii yoiiTselre- 'the suit, re,a of lay
heart Is too great It heat" not lite thai o! amah who has
worked with Ids hands for twr nt> live years in America, and
earned his bread by hard work, but it bents Ilk.- tbnt of it
iriNO tt'lm imii lunik r??bx and plunder*. I cwiirMit wrlit* you
in any better way ?*!* >ui the chump of my ??#lcwl<?, but that I
linvo n<? work and ?J ?i?of know what to do. My mind i* not
entrrprirfinir. and tliul drive* rue to dewpulr. f m write no
m??r v lor my heart I* too lull. Whuii-ver lotion to me 1
h*fftteitth to my poor wife. I have u boy a ho I only u f,.w
year- oltl, arid require* cmtalderuble cart* until he can *up
loirt hliiMcif; atol my wITe ha* heen ?li?k thin year unci 11
J i r% I f I ciiti do not hi nc further. Farewell. dear wife and
children ; forever farewell, lYiend* and (Mquain lancet. l).;?r
wile and children, I admonish you onre raoro to he contented
and to lot my bouea re* I. for they require re?t. Farewell. 1
live at No. 218 Second -treet. New York.
Klmabeth Hoguii. a .vonng girl who lived alth her
parents at Xo. *0 Monroe street, committed suielde yesicrUny
by taking Paris green. She took the poison at
live o'clock Friday evening ami died at five yesterday
morning Her sullcriiigs aro described hy the unending
pliy-ii Ian* na being of the ioo?t terriblu lie I lire, the
pahei t frothing ill the month mid contorting her body
into almost every conceivable shape, while the convulsions
under Which -be laU.rod were continuous from
the lime she took the fatal potion until deutb relieved
her Youthful indiscretion waa the cause of her taking
the potion
At l*iJr past twelve y> ttlerday u man mimed Joseph
ljiugari-wai* found dead, having been allot through the
heart, in a Ittmlwr yard, at the oorner uf fifteenth street
and Ninth avenue. Tim man who firod tho shot la us
yet umduilltied, unit the causes which led to the ussaull
are also unknown.
The mother of the young tuuu states that her soil has j
been oat of employment lor a lout; time; that he did
not come home until two o'clock yesterday morning,
and that us soon as he came lu lie called lor ale, of '
which he drank a full goblet before retiring. She j
slates dial he left home uuile early yesterday nioru
Ing, and that, until he was killed, she had not ueeu him.
Ji -i |Si Mooney stalisl to the sergeant as follows:?I :
work in the lumtH-r yard where this yuung mnn was
shot; 1 hove known the party by sight for a little while; |
i was tower imlabile with Into in my lite; to-day, while
1 was totaling my horse, the man now lying dead down !
stairs rushed by inu to the lilinher yard,
furiously pursued by another man, very
neatly and tidily dressed; pretty soon
I lieivd a pistol shot, and. sealing a
fenee twauity leet iiiglt. the man whom 1 saw enter tile
yard. eoDiilig m ar the plaee to whleli 1 had run. 1 said,
"What Imve you been doing V He replied, "I have
either ktiled, wounded ur frightened a man. 1 don't
know or care whieh."
Tills is-ihe only story save one from which the (Kiliee
can worn i;;p uii'c asi'. .luuu i <iiiiici> <uys uiai yi sii'r
"lay, wink? Ik* wuh standing on tin- corner of u street
near the lumber yard, a well dressed young man
luupcd from a hor.se ear, cuuglit hlui by
the collar and pulled liIlit 011 board the car. Upon look
lug 111 los luce the stranger released lulu, and, .springing
ii'oii 1 1 lie plalloriu, he begun u lurious chase alter the
nmu wIknii lie subsequently murdered. The witness
says 11.' is unaware of the motive which moved the
stranger to force loin on the car and immediately re ,
lca-e him, or what was the cause that led liini to rush
after tne man now dead.
<i#thedcad mau's body was found a OorniuQ silver
chain. 'Mils chain, the mother states, was not in her j
eon's possession the night beloro the murder. A merchant,
wlm appeared last night belorc the sergeant of
the Sixteenth precinct, states that Laugaii cuine to hint
111 order 10 inquire whether u watch and chain which ho
had in Ins possession were really (k'rmuu silver.
f rom the statements of the mother. lather {
anil all the witnesses. Joseph Lntigun was |
u wild, dissolute eharaeter, a pickpocket j
undntlner. No doubt the man who shot him was the {
very party who was robbed of the Ocrtiuili stiver watell
chain, which his mother says was never his, but which 1
at the tllinrof his death was found upon his body.
Coroner <'rokcr visltod the Sixteenth precinct station I
house last evening at seven o'clock and empanelled a
jury, who. alter viewing the body of the murdered man. j
were disrnfc-sed until next Friday, when the inquest will
he held.
Strui/irr. j Nil7*. j JJt*( inatifth | OjRrt.
Wyoming; .. I Aug. - J LHerpool .12;' Broadway
Algeria Aug:. 26 Liverpool.. I Bowling Green
State of Inuiciiu .. | Aug 25 | Glasgow... 72 Hroudwuj
Henmark ... ?.... lug. 2l?. London.... 'IB Hroiidw .y
fimbria. I lug 2<> Hamburg HI Broadway
Pity ol Berlin . ... Alii;. 2-s Liverpool . 15 Broudway
Baltic Aug:. 2S Liverpool.. IB Broadway
Ilflvetiu.... ? Vug,. 2S Liverpool Broudway
Klysitt Vug. 2*' ilusigow.. 7 Howling Grecu
Mo*el ? Vug. 2s lireitieii . . 2 Howling Green
Idaho ....... Vug. Ill Liverpool.. 2B liroudwuy
Scyiliiu - Sept. 1 Liverpool. 4 Bowline Green
Stute of Vit;iulu Sept. 1 Glasgow 72 Broadway
Rotterdam. _. . >epl. 2 Rotterdam .5?> Broadway
Klopstock Sept. 2 Hamburg ?"?1 Broadway
Republic. ....... Sept. -1 Liverpool IB Broadw iv
L'iit ol Kichn?>nd Sept. 4 Liverpool 15 H road way
England ..... Sept. 4 LiverpOid <'H Xroudwtiv
I'antbrnin.. Sept. 4 Glasgow... 7 Howling <5reen
Ville de Paris- Sept. 4 Havre <5 Broadway
Donau. .......... Sept. 4 Pre men . 2 Bowling Green
Montana. . ...... Sept. 7 Liverpool 2B Broadway
KuhHa Sept. H Liverpool i Bowling Green
Bate orGeorgia. . Sept. * Glasgow... 72 Broadway
KiNiu _ .. >?-pt Hamburg.. til Broadway
'ity ol Pbeatitr.... Sept. 11 Liverpool 1.5 Broadway
Kgypt.. Sept. II Liverpool .B Hroadw.i.v
i*lty of Brookijyu . M*pt. 11 Liverpool 15 Broadway
firitftnnic.... - Sent 11 Liverpool. IB Broadway
Victoria... ? .... Sept 11 Gltmgow... 7 Bowling Green ,
Main Sept. 11 Bremen.... 2 Bowling Green I
\>vadu ?... Sept. II Liverpool.. 2B Broadway
liotlinia. Sept. 1-5 Liverpool.. I B??w ling Green
Hate of Penaltyl u Sept 15 Glasgow ... 72 Broadw ay
V\ ielaml ....... Sept. !?' Hamburg. <?1 Hroudwny
P Culutid.......... Sept. l?i Rotterdam .5u Broadway
liermariic .. Sept. is Liverpool. IB Broadway
Anieriqae.. Sept. is Havre ..5 Broadwuy
Ibikota . s<?pt. 21. Liverpool.. 24) Broadway
Aby* -inlji Sept. 22 Li verpool.. I Bowling Green
l'ofnmeruula - .Sept. 2.'l Hamburg.. HI Broadway
Algeria....... Sept. 2H t Liverpool. 4 Bowling Green
Mau* JSeul. Ho | Rotterdam. |>50 Broadway
Suevia jSept. '1" | iiamourg. 161 Broadway
Hkrald has adopted n dUtinmiWhing ronton flight niemal fur
u??# on bonrdnhe Hkiuld steam yacht, showing while burnint.'
the colors red, green, red. changing from one to the other '
in successiou. und can be seen several miles distant. Cap" '
tains of vessel*, upon seeing this signal, will oblige us by preparing
any marine news they may have lor the Ship News
Department -ol the herald.
Xr^*Pe rsomi desirous ot cotninuuicuting with vessels arriving
at New York can do so by addressing to such vessels, care
)t IIkiuld news yacht, pier No 1 Eatt ttiver. New York.
Letters received from all parts of the wurld and promptly delivered.
Duplicates are required.
almanac for new york?this day.
Jnn rises 6 IT | Gov I "laud eve 12 06
Sua sets... fl 4S | Handy Hook...morn 11 20
Moon rise*. wo 0 40 | Hell Gate wo 1 60
PORT OF .YEW YORK.JUG. 21, 1875.
Steamer'Somerset (Br), Western, Bristol, K?W D Morgan.
Steamer Neckar Ger), Meyer, Bremen via Southampton?
Delrl.lis A <V
-G.ianierS'ity of Austin, Stciens, Key West and Galveston
-C 11 MalV.ry A t'o.
Steamer Wui U llevves. (Juick, Ilraslienr, La?Charles A j
. Miner Knickerbocker, Kerablo, New Orleans?Clark A
Steamer Gen Barnes, Chceseman, Savannuh?W K Garri- I
on. _ _
Slenmcr<'hampiou. Loekwuod, Charleston?J W Quintaid
t Co.
Steamer EC Knight, Chichester, Georgetown, DC?J C
Steamer Benefactor, Jones, Wilmington, Del?Wui I*
"lyric A Co.
Stenmer FT C Riddle. Pierce, Philadelphia?Jai Hand.
>tenmer >inyn.?wer. ijqvmm.ii. rmiuueipma?%ius xinna.
Su mner (ten Whitney. Hullcti. Ronton?II K HI mock.
It.irk Juno <Ger>. Limit. Ltitidon?0 Tnbiae A Co.
Iturk Lid*tjulf (Nor), Gund?r?on, Cork? Fundi, Edye A
Hark Aeolu* (Gen, Herding, Cork for orders?Dill x Had- '
Hark Hern*o Bebrent (Her), Dillwiltf, Lubeek?Tot run,
i5<m kmsun x < 'o.
Hark Sventteld (Nor). Just, Stettin?Benham A Boye?eu.
Hurk Adolph iCer>; lleinrickeen, Rio Janeiro?T Norton A 1
Hark Kveni&g Star (Br)? Chick, St Jago do Cuba?'Weydell ,
I Co
Brig Clara .'ft (ioodrich, Look, Morgau and Broad Till, E? (
filler A lioui ht'iii.
Brig llinrieb <Jer>. Erane, Genoa?C Tobias X Co.
Brig < nrolim* Eddy. Dodge, Genoa?James Henry.
Sclir ihinm.h MeLooii, Ke#n?\ Hull. K?H i* Brown A Co. |
Srlir Anita, Lecraw. Ciudud. Bolivar?J Morrill.
SclirJ rrunmn, GI bins, Indianola? Topper A Beuttle.
Srhr Lottie, Speed, Key West uud i4u?cugoula? Houner A
Scbr Loui* V Cbaples, Cbuples, Jacksonville?Warren :
Srhr Vlrglnl* Kuloti, Kulon, Brunswick, Ga?Warren Kay.
Schr Kldgewmod, Johnson, Georgetown, SO?E u Hurl but
k Co.
Scbr John L. Hcscbuin, Woodland, Baltimore?Win Chaiflier*.
Sehr Margaret Plater, Hli/.zurd, Wilmington, Del?P l
Schr \ iitorta. Hate well. Ilurtford?Kackett A Bro.
Sloop DeWttt, Collins, South Am boy?Mutt A Gumble.
tirmriD by the herai.d htka* yacut* and ddiiald
Steamer ty ! Berlin (Br i, Kennedy, Liverpool Aug 12,
via Quccii*t<owu HJth, with iiuIm- and 1*! pa eugers, to John
II Dale l ?th, lat "aj (jS, Ion 22 J*I. paired a Cunaru steamer,
bound Last.
Steamer Bitltle'Bn, Hewitt, Liverpool Aug 112 via Queenstown
Idth. with mdse and pa*m*ii; ?>r* to K .1 t'oitls.
Steamer 1'oIoiuImi. Hull Aug 4 \ia Southampton (3th, ..with
noise and |>i*men|ren? to C L Wright A Co.
Steamer t' I*' lunch <ij Kuudeeii, Antwerp, Ang 5,
with mrtw and f? patient > Punch. Kdye A Co. Aug 19, |
hit 41 km 4*? 4<> *i?w a ?< .m?1 on lire, hore down to her and !
ietit up Hifveral rocket*, and at 10 I4 M came up to her and '
steamed around her, hut could n<?t we any boat or hear of i
any IhhIv wear her She appeared to be a lull rigged "hip and I
petroleum loaded, ami w a* burnt to the water'* edge.
Steamer Moael H?er<, Neynaber, Bremen Aug 7 ami South- i
atiipton HBh, with md.%? and MJ5 paN*t?ugor? to (K-1 rich* A
Hleaiurr (lulf Stream. Trlbon, Charleston Auk 16, with
uul-e nvid pa??wnirers to la? W t^ulutard a i ??.
Ship Orecnock iBr , Walker, HoihIih) Mny 13, with loilif
to master. Crossed the equator, Indian Ocean, M uy 29. iu Ion
79 K : rs.unded the Cape 23d June ; |-uis<-d st Helena July 10:
cruaaod the equator, in tlie Atl.iutic, 22d July in iou 29 W ; hud
ninny iwluiNAiid finally weather from Bombay to the equator;
strung HK trade* in the Indian Ocean. flue weather off the
( 'ape, light SR and NE trades In the Atlantic ; Auk 1h. lat 34
N, lou i.j IV, had a violent hurrican- fr.mi SSK to SSW. l?t?t
lug l<i hours, causing the vessel to strain very much: lost a
number of huIU, shifted cargo und received considerable other
Hhrp Agonor (of Boston), (louId. Calcutta. May 4 and Sum!
Head 7th. with indue to Vernon II Brown A <V Crossed the
Equator in Indian Ocean May }* in Ion 91 515; pasted
the Cape of Hood Hope July f?, criancd the
Equator In Atlantic Ocean July HO, in 9 n 35 85;
Aiik 17, no lat, Ac, during u heavy H gale
lost fore and rnnlii lower topsails; June 2f>, lat 27 17, Ion
44 21, spoke ship White Star (Hri, from Calcutta for Dundee
56 thiyo out; 27tll, lat I V?, lonir 30 35. uii Italian hark bound
south lhowiiiq signal letters ItKHL; iHtli, lat 3 37, Ion
32 25, whin All bar. from Itatavia for Boston.
Bark h K Spring <ot Portland). Norton, Ruenot Ayrof, 50
da vs. witn hides, to lirett. Hon A C-o.
Bark Handy Hook. Burton, Last Cayuot Island 10 dnya,
WltB sail to J Borland. j
Urn k Z it I in >? i Br), R?t?r?on, Cardenas ?ijht d*yi, with
u-ur to D? Castro .V Dottier ; reuel to Swtu X Hon*.
Hark Tero?a (Hi). Kohl, Clciift jpm l<Jdu)?, with ad|f*r to
J \ i? Fowler.
H?rk KHtu HurnH cBr), Vrirjr, Bermuda, 4 duyj\ In bullaut
to A K Tuc ker.
Hitrk R.miu* Barker (of Yarmouth, NH). Kelly, B. diifjr, C
H. I* da w, in i>allust. to .1 II Winchester X Co.
Hrlif Dla (AuhI), Saldino. iVrtinnthuco "<?> day*, 1 o hallftut
to Hlocovich X Co. <'routed the equator July 24, in Ion .'W.
Hritr Cliau A Hoard u?f Yarmouth, NH'. Mcwngar, V rod bo, i
1'K, Am? in, witli uigar to J V Onutivi* X i'o; ve#*fl to I
Sitntu?Mn A Shaw.
Hrlfr Annie Gardner, Havener, Turku Inland 11 day*, with !
alt to Miller X Houghton.
Sclir X Hand, Doharty, Rura'JOdavi>, with rubber, Ac, to
R N Hand.
Sehr Nellie F Sawyer, Catchall, St Martiuu 10 duy?, with
Milt to Simpson, t'lunp X Co.
Sclir J K Uwrrnt'c, Hen rick. St Domini?" 13 day*, w ith .
m.? ur und logwood to A Nones X Co, veuuel to Warren Kay I
X < o.
Sehr M L Man train, Zelulf, Cape II*)ti eljfht days, with
lopu.od to U Murray, Jr; vessel to ?/ It Stun le Vutf 10,
lat .'Ml 4<> Ion 73 4S, spoke whaling sehr M K rtiuiinom-, of
Rrovincetown, hound home.
Sehr Win II Joiim, Line, Ferimndina 0 day#, with naval
tore* to Dollm-r X Rotter; vesoel to A Abbot
Sehr Yraie, Price, Georgetown, SC. 4 davu, with navul
tore*, to Dolluer, Rotter A Co. vckm-I to L D iiurlbut X Co. j
Sehr Sarah X Lucy, linker. Virginia.
Seh | Ida H <oh?on, True v. Virginia.
Sehr M K Ciirtlu. Craft, Virginia.
Sehr Marietta. Steelinan. Virginia.
Sehr A X 1. lieu tun, ILidd, Virginia.
SI tp A Gibbon, Skelly, Virginia.
Se hr llenr\ Finch, Honnell, Ah*\?*iolrra.
Sehr A M Allen, t'oiiklln, Baltimore.
Bark Kdimmd Hahrielle (Fd, Leehaux, which orrlved I
*AHh, from Itic* Janeiro, is consigned to Kdmoud L'ukurt.
Steamer ritjr of New Bedford, Fiuh, New Bedford for New
York, with mure und passengers.
Steamer City of Fitchburg, Hprliigar, New Bedford for New
York, with noise and pasuunguru. Wa* in tow of City of Now
Bedford cuce Mixcelluuyi.
Steamer Gulutca, \\ uldren, I'rovidouce for New York, w ith
indue and tnuuengeru.
Sclir Juuie* HIiuu, Hatch, Bun&or for New York, with lumber
to Stone X Co.
Sehr 1) L Sturtfcn, I'hlllipfl, Full Hirer for New York.
Sehr Junua Barker, Sr, Barker, New Bedford for New 1
Sehr J uliu Tate, Tate. Bridgeport for New York.
Sehr Luiuurtlne, Smith. Bridgeport for New York.
Sehr Rachel Jane Louis, Dutch Island for New York.
Sclir Hester, Davis, Bortcheuter for South Amboy.
Sclir Amelia Mott. Rtiulvn for New Yolk.
Sehr Silvester llale, Coleman, Tamilou for New York.
S*elir Lueian, Bull, Fall River for New York.
Sclir Kli Towouend, Towuuetid, Providence for New York.
Sclir Thomas B Smith, Unu uiun, New Bedford for Now
Schr LouUa Francis, Kelly. New Bedford for Now York.
US tenriHir Gettysburg. from New York for Newport.
Mcuiaer Ainu* 1' barstow, Howard, Now York for Providence.
Steamer United States. Davis, New York for Full River. i
Brig Republic (Bn. Davidson. New York for Exeter. K.
Sclir Portland ?Bn. t'oflill. New York lor Seville Spain.
Sehr Julius Smith, llodgkiio-on, New York for Montevideo.
Sclir Torrupiu, \Vouster, Hobokeu lor Portsmouth.
Schr Fulehoii. Wheeler. New York lor Derby.
Sehr S M Taylor, ilarl llohoken for Provideuco.
Sclir KlUa WilPiuus, Hainblin, Kingston for Providence.
Sclir Win F Burden, Adams Port Johnson for Provhlciice. I
Schr A Ilcut m, Phinney. llohoken for Boston.
Schr Messenger, Keete. llohoken for Tuuntcii.
Schr Yeruiillluu, Davis, llohoken for Bristol.
Schr (' S lla/ard, Bartlctt, New York for Ipswich. j
Schr Hamburg, Weston, Aniboy for Hartford
Schr Roanoke. Simmons, Port Johnson for Taunton.
Sehr Catharine, Bntling, Port Johnson for Lynn.
Sclir Geo B Ferguson, Ferguson, Hondout ior Cambridge
port j
Schr.Tax K Polk, Buckley, Amboy for Wextport.
Sehr II I) Metculf, Mitchell, New York fbr Boston
Sehr W N Gcsancr, Egbert, Port Johnson fur Fall lUvcr. I
Sehr E II Clark, Fonger, New York lor Somerset.
Sehr Kleanor, Puteraon, New York for New London.
Schr E F Meaney, Lewis, A in hoy for Middletown.
Schr J .M Freeman, Kldridjre. New York for Fall River.
Sehr Florence, Sucketl, Crotoii Point for Providence.
Sehr fahiuiroo. Smith, Port Johnson for Saybrook.
Schr D II Ingruhuiii, Ames. Hondout for Boston.
Sehr Free Stone, Beehe, Aniboy lor Middletown.
Schr Northern Light, llurpcr, Weehuwkeu for New Bed- 1
ford. . |
Schr Old Zuek. Beehe, Port Johnson tor New London.
Sehr Mar, Wiekcrswn, Port Johnson t'??r Bo?toti.
Sclir Dwight Duvid?oii, Freeman, Port Johnson for Provi- j
( Schr Mary Isabel. Smith, New York tor Hartford.
Schr t'riisade. Mullen, New York for New Haven.
Sclir Hen Warren, Smith, Now York lor Orient, LI.
Sclir (leo F Brown, Gednev, New York foi Providence.
Sclir Signal, Sluttery. York New for Providence.
Sloop Muiy brush, Kctchuru, South Aiuhoy tor New Haven.
Bark Gauss (Geri, Stecugrule, froiu Bremen July 19. with
nuNe to II Koon x ( o.
Bark Ophir <brj, Murray, from Halifax Aug 10.
Bark Jo-eflna (8we Hcnidstssoti, from Antwerp July 7.
Brig George A John Youidi (Br;, Johnson, from Cork
July ?>
Brig Georgianua, from ?
Steamers Adriatic (Br), for Liverpool; Spain Br) do; City
of Montreal (Br , do; DonatltBr . do; Bolivar (Br), Glasgow:
Sotneiset (Br). Bristol; Neekar (Ger), Bremen; France (Fr).
llavre ; I'ity of Austin, Galveston and Key West ; Knickcr
hocker, New Orleans: W G ltewes, Hrushear City; Gon
Barnes. Suvannab; Champion. Charleston; Benefactor, Wilmington-.
Wyanoke, Richmond, &c. KG Knight, George- 1
town. DG; ships Queen of the Mersey (Br . Liverpool; Saracert
(Br-. London; barks Kuiuonia (Nor., Oiieetistown or Falmouih:
Hariuouie (Nod. do or do; Excelsior. Naples; Iris
(Ger), Bremen; Agnes (Nor), Riga; hrigs Antilles, St Kilts;
Leonard Meyers, Montevideo; schr Potosi, Kingston, Jr..
Wind ut sunset SW, light.
maritime miscellany.
0?-\S?e Port arrivals.
Sti ahkh City of FuriiBi Ri;, Springer, from New York,
while going into her dock at New Bedford, lBtll Inst, broke
lo r crank pin. She discharged her cargo and loaded for Now
York, to which port she was towed by the steamer City of
New Bedford, I'ish, for repairs
Bark Gkvxkal Wouiklky (Br),Copp, from Liverpool for
Ht John. Ml. ha* been w recked on Gull Rock, oil Briar
I?luml, .VS. So date or particulars are known. The G W was .
725 tous register, and was built at Quaco, Nil, in 1x7-4.
Bahk Sahka, Moses, of Yarmouth, XS, from Gloucester. |
Eng. tor Gape Breton, went ashore on the 2(Rh lust, at Half
Moon, Gape Negro, NS, and will be a total wreck. The crew j
wen <nvcd. The S M was 722 tons register, and was built at
St Marys, NS, in 1*07.
Bark Hermann Bkckek (Ger), Daveger, from Jamaica,
which put into Key West Aug 11, with sickness on board, is
bound to Loiidou.
Bark Kio Grande, from Havana for Falmouth, which put
into Halifax Aug IB, with yellow fever on hoard. Is an Itai
iau vessel. The person* sick have nearly recovered.
Bahk E crop a. of Kdgartcwn. before reported ?old to Bos- <
ton parties, brought about $l'J,OX.
Brig Grecian (Br), Leigh, at Quebec Aug 17 from Burin,
NF. report* having run ashore In a dense fog night of 10th.
on Green Island; remained iiard on 24 hours, but got off
afterward, making no water, but with forefoot figured, i
Would go on the gridiron at Quebec fbr examination.
Bohr M It Sheimkd, from Provineetown for Ne w York, hefore
reported capsized off Chatham, belonged to Orleans,
Mass (not New Orleans, as misprinted'.
Sloop Nk incur*, from Rondout, ut Newport, split main- ;
bttiI badly oil Point Judith.
Cupt (Jinn. of Orrlngton. Mo, left Bangor lptli Inst for Key
West, to take command of tchr U F Farnhuiu, from Tampico
lor Now York, which put into that port ou the loth, with lots
of matter.
The *ehr recently completed at the yard of Joseph Oukot Sl
84m, Urea or, measures s*? 7-10 feet; breadth. liUH-10 foot;
depth, 7 J lu feet. Totinngi* under deck, 101.92; Inclosed
apucoa, 24.414; total tonnage. 120 .*<?.
Brct.riAr. Au?c 19?-' :*pt Pearl \V Hairlcy, of *ehr Charley
Buck I, of till- eitv, writes from Port Royal. HC. that he hae
sickness on hoard hli vegsel of the Southern cholera type,
and his seamen are dying. On Aug G James Dillman. a
Pro uiun, died, and ou the next day Johu Kiuthuti, a Swede,
C'HiUHHToar, Au*: IS?Th? British briir Nellie Crosby, reported
put to tea for Bristol. England, proceeded to the bar,
out in eon.sequence of considerable sea returned to the roads.
The Bremen bark Charlotte, for (^uccnttown, Ireland, also
remain* in the harbor.
Ship Pride of the Port, linker, from Boston for San Tranche",
Any; 17, lat tW 15, Ion 4(< ?4
Ship Ajax (Nor), froru Arendal lor New York, Aug 20, off
8hinnic:o< k Light,
Bark C.ocio iliri, from Iquique for New York, Aug 19, off
Mont auk.
Bark Lemuel) (Aus), from Belfuxt for Now York, Aug 19,
oil' Montauk.
Bark Ingot (Nor), from Liverpool for Philadelphia (or Nor- j
folk'. .Vug 17, lat 10 jo, ion 70 10.
liurk C F HI well 'Br , O'Brien, from Antwerp lor Philadelphia.
Aug 1*. 1H miles tooth of Nantucket.
llark Nellie T Guest Jiirj, Messenger from Bremen via
Fvdney, CM, fur Lewes, Del, Aug 18, IS tulles south of Nantucket.
Bark Ilmatar (Rusj, from Leith for Baltimore, Aug 19, lat
40 38, ion G9 JO.
Merchant*, shipping agent* and shipmasters are informed
thut hy telegraphing to the Ukicai.o London Bureau, No 4*1
Meet street, or in me rans oincc, iuio ru-riDc, xne urnvm nv
And dipirtnrrn from Ku rope an an?l Ri?(ern porti of Atnerl- (
ctn and nil foreign vessels trading with the United States,
the sumo will be cabled to tills country free of charge.
Cajituinj arriving ut and sailing from French and Mediterranean
ports will lind the Paris ollico the more economical
and expeditious for telegraphing nowu.
Antwerp, Auk ?>?Arrived, tliipe W J Hatfield (Br),
Touker, Philadelphia; Kate Prince, Hamilton, da; liarke
Emma (Br), Card, Now York; luruel (Sivo), Tiuoln, Wilmington,
A??li'iCt>, Aug 20? Arrived, bark Lillian, Rurobatt, Phil
Bristol, Ang 21?Arrived, aliip Ida (Br), Morrla, Quebec.
AUu arrlvod il?t, (learner Cornwall (Erj, Stamper, Row
Hailed 20th, barki Consletlo (Ttal), Condglicre, and Burnbrae
(Br), Murphy, North America.
BoitpKAVS, AOg 19?Arrived, bark Huab, Atklui, Plilludelphla.
('HO.TrraPT, Aug 18?Sailed, aclir Balpii M llayward.
Dunne, New York tor uohouj.
DkaL Aug 20?Arrived, bark Iloppet (Rusi, Larson, America.
Arrived in tlia Channel 20th, ship Terpsichore (Gor), Oelrich*.
New Vork fur Bremen.
I'ower. Aug 20?Arrived, echr dnowdako (lir), Tadd.
Arrived oITthe Lisard 21st, ship Castina, Avory, from Rata
UtnccifTitR. Aug 21? Arrived, bark Bessie Parker (Br),
Parker, Chatham, MB
Wnstxock, Aug 20?Arrived, ship Pocahontas Jlri, Iloag,
llri.t., Aug 21? Sailed, steamer Mavarlno <Itr), PrtnkisS'
New Vork.
hailed 2i>tk, ship St Lawrence (Br), Johnson, North Ainer
luvxarooL. Aug ai--Arrired, ships Harriet MsUliveiy,
Blake, Rangoon via (jueenttoern: John Patten, Wyman,
KUiuore ut'hr Luolu KurcMaia, Jodm, i!alve?tou.
Arrived IMKh, hark* Pr??idenl (Nur), Rude, Quebec; Annie
liurrili iHri, KilUu, Hi Julia, Ml; Lwunu* r*\*aut bi>,
UcMer, Muwjuunli.
Sailed 2<>tb, ahifi Ai^omaiBr), Curry, North America; Record
(Br), DaUell, iiu.
Sailed ISIMt, ?IiIh Rudiuut, Hazard, Calcutta.
Lomdo*, A hit 30?Arrived, barka 1'epplno iltali, Paturao, |
Philadelphia; Anna Delhi* (Nori, Ivoraen, Quebec; 31et,
bill pa Sanapureil(Br), Sawyur. do; Uermanua (Nor), Araldaeu'
Sailed ll'ili, Bteamur Stetumaiin (Belg), Knuiiaeu, New
Mauhi.ii.lk.*, A#a 1'.)?bailed, bark Nuova Kiuiliu Celeatlua
(Itali, Staraee, New York.
Ni.wca?ti.I-, Aug 31?Arrived, ihlp Eunice Nicola* (Br),
Smith, Quebec.
Qc? kvuowa, Aug 21?Sailed, hark Miudet (Nor), Beck,
Arrived 31*1, barka Yatiklall (Br), Wood, Souraoaya via
St Helena, ^vKculaiur (Nori, Ilanuen. New York; Windward ]
uli , lliup'iti , I'ortlaiol, ??; 'filial Wave (Mr), llalcron. Moil- I
trenl; lirad SenJ (Aur), Boulllo,. Philadelphia; brlir* W W ,
Lord (Uri, l.andry, do; lliaeiiio (Itnl), Kreuclaco, Montreal. ,
Horn rum, Au(7 10?Arrived, barks A O Vluge (Nor), '
Hcndrlekaen, St John, \H.
Siiausm *, \ii-r 31?Arrived, bark Lul^i (Ital), Monu
terlo, St John, Nil.
Arrived nt~? A u p 211; Marin, United St ate a.
Sailed from . harka Von dcr lleydt tUeri, Michael!*, I
Uuited States; Frances Boiirneuf i ltri, Weatun, do.
Awrn;uA. Aujr 11?In port, ??clir W liitc star (Br), lleynuld !
from New York, arrived ">th, Ha I'nitoil Stut?K.
IIowi.a.nui Imi.a.i). April 1m?iw port, bark C'ulomu. J
liawfs. for Cork for oiiWm. ready for m?u.
I.iVRKrooi., Autf ?Arrived prevlonely. afeumar Ban Mur- i
cos iltn. Burrows. Hohtoii (to h.aiI Jl?t on liar return).
MikAUo.tNK, Aii? In port, brifcf Torrid ?<>ii* (Br), Cooper, :
for Sew York, I dir.
M<>.\nu u.. Aiu 18?Arrived, steamer Mm.liuttuu (US;, j
UoUirsduti. Boston.
4'loured liuh, si.-umcr Sunn.aum (Bri. Aird. Liverpool. !
I'kiina lint"co, July .'II?'In port, brig Hunter (Br>, Shelley, 1
for New York, remix for wit.
I'xka, A'lt: 5?Sailed prvviouxlv, s?-hr N Hand, Dolivrty, '
Sew York.
In port A in? ">, sidir* Marv K DougliHi, date Slierlock),
for New York, ready f??r sou: Jcm*o Caril, t'ndorlilll.
from do; llarriet Itrewxti'r, Sandlord, from do viu t'carn; NY
It Ki: it'll ton. II a ire m an, from do via Maranliuni.
Santo*. July l/ii?In port, bark Maria (Swe), for New York, !
St Joi?\>, I'll, Aujrr.st U?Sailed, bark O M I lump, IImoo, .
Ilumucoj, to finiNli loading for Baltimore.
In port July ti, Uurkw Klverton, Clark, for Baltimore; Puiu- i
din tArir , Jone*. for do; brltr* Sarah <Voxvell (Br), Foley, for
Nov. York ; Annie 1 in-1 iin Ur. lA.Dwood, for Baltimore; Siivx a
nee, Pouter, for iMillndidphla; -hr* 1'eerie**, l'alteruuii. lor
Hnltimore ; 4lnidintr Star i Hr?, Potter, from Now York, dlseh
(not brljr l?uidlir.r Star, Moore*; Idellit <Hr), Lo Cain, for do. 1
VicroitiA, Autr Hi?Arrived, barks Shooting Star, Auutln, |
San I'VanclHCo; Cnu*titutloti. Bishop, San Pedro.
Winhsok. \S. Kni? IS?Sailed, f?cbr llowuid Mmotnber
(Hot ua before), William*. Baltimore.
Mkyer. ? -On August 1A. Mr.'. F Mkyer, Domiuick
street, a duughtor. Both doing well
Wkixjikiekr?Fedeiilkix.? Miss Fmilik Wkiniikimkr 1
to Mr Nathan Kedkuu:i.\'. but h of this city. No cards.
Kkdkhi.kin?Siciiku?Mine Matilda Kkukklkix to
Mr. Mkykr Sichkl, both of tliiH city. No curds.
CKVAXT-B.tXTA.--On l'Uesd.iV, AugllKt 17, at tho
resilience ol Hie iiride's parents. liv tiie Rev. Garret
Muring. Kiiknkzkr Bryant, of Xetv York, to Axxik,
youngest daughter of U. S. Bantu, Enij., of SchrauJeu
hurg. N. J.
II ask ei. l.?Mitchell.?On Monday. August 10. at
St. Chrvsostoio's chapel, by the Rev. T. It Sill, Alfred
II. Haskki.i, to I*io;111 A. youngest daughter of James
Mitchell, both of this city.
Immi-v ?Hanpi:ui.?On Thursday. August 12, nt tlic
residence of the hride's parents. by the Rev. A. H. M.
Held. Likk Imvkn to Wiliiki.mimk O., daughter of
Christian Hulifeld, Esip No cords
Mll.l.klt?Cost.?Oil August 1! by Rev. A. I,. Palmer, j
Mr. Hkvuy M Mii.i.i n to Mis- Lizzie A. Post, both of
Mariners' Harbor, Staton Island
Oliver--Keswick.? On 'l'hursday, August 10, by the j
Rev. Dr. Mlllett. at the hride's residence, Aiiraium
Ot.lvkk. formerly of Quebec, to Sopuia Jane Keswick,
all of til's city.
Rodney?Conner.?On Monday, August 2. nt Hit.
Patrick'- Cathedral, by Rev. Joint Keati. Jotrx C ltooney
to Elizabeth A. Conner, both of this city.
Benedict.?On Friday evening, Lizzie Forrester
Benedict, only child of Charles A. and rhirah E. Benedict.
The relatives and friends of the family are respectfully
invited to attend the funeral service, at the residence
of her parents. No. CO Barrow street, on Monday
alti.Tiioon. at lour o'clock. The remains will be taken
to l'oughkeepsie, N. Y., for Interment ou Tuesday morulag.
Ukrlyx.?On the 20tli Inst., George B. Bkklyn, Jr., j
aged 2 veafs, 2 months and X da vs.
L'm,I I.. t,.l? .1 t . .. ,.'>,.t,.?l, OO.I U.?t ... 1 hu
Seventh street. *
Boswkll -<mi Wednesday. August IS, 1S75, Irene
I.m.iax. youngest duni'litcr of John II. and Mary K. Boswell,
aged 2 yi'urj. 9 month* ami 1!) days.
Flowers have their tltne to hide
And leaves to s<'atti*r at the north wind's breath;
Hut thou, thou bast all seasons for thine own,
Oh, Heath.
Relatives and friends, also brethren of Architect
Lodge. No. 519. F. and A. M.. are respectfully invited to
attend the funeral, from the residence of her parents. No.
127 F.ust Kightv third street, on Sunday, August 22. at
one o'clock 1*. M.
Philadelphia papers please copy.
BraxuaX ?Hn Saturday, an (rust 21. John Joskpu
Hit ami a N, the Pel eed sou of Lawrence and Margaret
Bran gun. aped 2 years and 21 days.
Relatives and li lends of the faintly are respectfully invited
to attend the funeral, from the residence of his
parents. 54H West Twenty-ninth street, on Monday, i
August 23. at two I' M.
Rkkwkk.?tin Friday, August 20, at Cornwall, on tlio \
Hudson, Kiutii Snow, second child of llcnry and Isa- ;
belle I.. Brewer.
Funeral on Sunday. 22d lust, at two o'clock, from 301
Sacked street. Brooklyn.
Ukisiiank.?At Irvington, N. J., July 31, at the res!
dence of tier grandmother, Aoki.k Hkisiiank, in the
A5th year of her age, daughter of the late Nina and
WlmrV . Hn bane.
Byhnk*.?on Frlduy. August 20, WttUAM F. Br jinks,
aged 23 years and 2 mouths.
The relatives and friends of the family are respectfully
Invited to attend the funeral, from the residence of
his lather, William Byrnes. Sr., No. 377 Fast Tenth
street, on Sunday, August 22. The remains uill be
taken to St. Bridget's church, corner of avenue II
and Klgbth street, at half pa*t eleven o'clock wnere a
solemn rei|iiiein mass will Is- offered up for the reposo
of ln(i soul: thence to Calvary Cemetery for interment,
at half past one o'clock.
Cu.ux.--At his residence, 22 Brooklyn avenue,
Brooklyn, on Saturday, August 21, Wii.liam Call ax,
aged 54 years.
Relatives and friends, and also the member* of the
New York Typographical Union, No d. are Invited io
aiioim nil1 Mineral, on jkhmiilv. August - >, irom ins late
residence to the Church ol inir latdy of Victory, corner
of Tbroop avenue and MrDotiough .street, hi utiic A. m.;
thence from the elurreli at three R M. to the Cemetery
of the Holy Cross lor interment.
Cosnki.ly.? V solemn rec|tiiem anniversary muss (or
the re|Mi.se of the soul of the late MlCllAKI. CoNNkl.LY
will lie celebrated in the Clttirch of tlie Holy Cl'OUS, ou
Monday, August 2U, at ten o'clock A. M.
Relatives uinl IriotnJa arc respectfully Invited to ho
pre* nt
('kkach.?August 20, 187". JosEru W. CuiiAoir, Jr..
only son of Kti/.a and Joseph Creagh, aged o years, 4
Mentha and I!! days.
Relatives and trieuds of the taliiily urn respectlully
Invlteit to attend the funeral, from the residence of his
parents, a48 West forty tilth street, on Sundw, August
?l *
Dixsow.?After u long and revere illness. C.vrutuixK
Dlxsox, wife of Martin 11. Ihxon. aged 41 years.
IP latives and friend* ol the family will please attend
the funeral, ell Monday, aid ItiM., at hull'past oUC
o'clock 1'. M.. at So. On Culght street.
Diamond.?Ciiaui.ks II. Diamond. aged 47 years.
IIis friends arc invited to attend the funeral, Irom Hit!
Spring street, on Sunday, at two o'clock.
Do.vaiiuk?lot Thursday. August in, CniusToriltta
Donahue, a unlive ol eoiiniy I'urlow (parish ol Clonegal), ,
Ireland, in the tsili year ol Ids age.
Relatives and friends of Ids family are respectfully invited
to atti ud his fum-rui. Irom his late tesiduner. No.
1117 llroa.dwav. corner of Cedar street, on Sunday, 22d
Inst , at two I' M . to proceed to Calvary eeinelerv.
fixcit.?In Weston, Conn , on August 20, 1876, Cottie.
youngest daughter of Cornelius M. and Mary A.
Relatives and friemls of the family are invited to attend
the tuiier.il. ou Monday, August 2d. at three
o'clock P. M. Train from forty-second street at 0:05
I JL M. .
Koiin.?At I.obouun Spring, Augu-t "20, Katuarink
Giuiiiri loan, youngest daughter of Augustus and
Anna II. Kunl.
Funeral ut Mt. Paul's church. corner Clinton and Carroll
streets, Brooklyn, on Sunday, the 22d lust., ut tlvo |
o'clock I'. M.
GattxitR. 'm Friday, the 20th inet., Jamks G. Uakxku,
111 ilic 72d yew ol It in litre,
Funeral Iroiu In.- lute res.denco, No. 172 Wont Twenlytlilrd
street, on Monday, 2fid iu?t., ut eleven o'clock |
A. M.
OLRXSASi.?On Saturday, August 21, 1H75, Matiikw
OlicsvaX, on ut Kdward and Mary Glouuuii, uged 10
mouths and 111 duys.
The friend* ol the; family am invited lo attend the
funeral, Iruin their residuum, V2iuli street (Broadway),
MunhattaiiVille, on Sunday, August 22, at halt pimt one
Joy.?Suddenly, on the lftth mat., in Uoalon, ut the
resident ol his brother, John s. Joy
Kavanauii,?()n Thursday, August 19, 1X75, PatrioR
Kavaxaoii, a e i in years, n native ottlowory, oounty
Wexford, Ireland.
Relative# and friend* ol the family are respeetfully
invited to attend the funeral, rroni his iato realdeiieo,
112 New Church street, on Sunday, August 22, at two
o'clock I*. M.
Kikrmax ? On Friday, August 2fl, 1S7H, Jottx Kikiinan,
Jr.. suit of John and Cathariue Klerntn, tu thelWth
ycui o! his age.
I Relatives and friends of Iho family are respectfully Inj
Vtletl lo attend luo luuural, trout but Iato roetUebcu, i
West Thirty-first street, on Monday, August 23, at one
Krtuwu.?Hoy. aged 18 months, youngest child ol
Peter <1 uml Julia S. Kellogg, oi ltrooklyn, at liiughaiuton,
V Y.. on KrulaV, the 20lh Inst.
liuriul ut Co lust nek's Landing. New York.
Kimisi.tcv.?On iSaiiinluy evening, Auguet 21, at tuo
ri stdonce ol her sou in law, Nicholas Ks|icuscheld, No.
6 Willow street, Brooklyn, Mrs. Maky K,, widow of tlx
late Andrew Kingslcy, ol' Sodus, Wayne county, N. Y.
in the Mill year of her age.
Notioe of funeral hereafter.
I.adk.y.?On Priday aflenioon, after a lingering 111
uess, Maky Ja.sk, daughter of the late Michael l.odcu.
Her relatives and friends, and also those of hei
brother, John lanien, uro respectfully invito 1 to attend
the funeral, from her late resideuee, No. 38 West
Twenty-second street, on Tuesday, 34th Inst , at nine
o'clock A. M.; thence to St. Joseph's church. Sixth
nvelilie ami West Washington place, where the funeral
service w ill lake place at ten o'clock precisely. Interment
ill family vault. Calvary Cemetery.
l.miKii.? iii Kuglund, on the 18tli Inst., Josui'ii Lisiikk.
aged 03.
Alai'iiona.? In llurlem, on Wednesday, August 18,
MatiikwJ. II., youngest son of George and Kate Mac
(loll.i, aged 3 mouths uud tl days.
11 is reiuuiris were interred in Plat bush Cemetery.
Mattiikwh.?Drowned, hi Imiui Island, on Thursday,
John Kowakk Ma itiuws, aged 4M years :uid T months.
The relatives and friends, also the members of George
Washington Lodge, No. 38fi. p. uml A. M., ulso sister
lodges, are invited to attend the fUlierul. this iluv (Sun
tluy), from ills late residence, No. 309 West Pourth
Street, lit two o'clock.
.Mahr.?Oil Priday, July 30, 1876. at his resideuee,
1 11 Kind Fortieth street, alter a short and severe illness.
William H. Mark. aged 37 years.
Mi.max?on Saturday, August 21, at her late real
denie. -jtif Bloom Held street, Hohoken, CathaRIMM
widow of Peter Midi.in.
Notice of luiicrul hereafter.
Mkao.?Iii Harlem, 2oih, eighth month, 1876, Sahai
hi., yoiiugest daughter of tfcorge V. and Mary B. Mead,
aged one yenr. 1 month and 0 days.
Funeral will take place on second day next, at ulevec
A. M., from residence or her parents. No. 43 West 128tfc
street, near Sixth avenue. Friends respectfully invlled.
Mirciir.i.L.?After a severe Ulncs, on Thursday, fht
191 It lust., Jaxkt, wile of George Mitchell, in the 42f
year of tier age.
Friends are re-pert fully Invited to attend the funeral,
from her lulu residence. No. 217 Yarlck street, at out
o'clock P. M., on Sundav. the 22U inst.
Mottn.vx?August 20. 1S76, J. llkxitv Morgan; real
deuce 2vl Spring street.
Services at St. John's chapel, Yarii-k street.
Mi liovNKt.t. ? At Hoboken. on August 20. Marv A.
M<'('ijv\k1.1., only daughter ul John McCouneli and Mary
Kelly, ugnd 1 year, 4 months ami 20duys.
Relative* ami friend!" an' respectfully invited to attend
tlie funeral. from No. 157 Grand street, between
l itlIt and Sixth aveuuea, IJoboken, N. J., this day
(Sunday), 22d inst.. hi three o'clock I*. M.
XIcC'onvili..?Month's mind. At the Church of Out
I.ady of Mercy, Debevoise place, Brooklyn, on ties
Tuesday morning, the 24th inst., at nine o'clock, a sol
cum requiem mass will he offered tor the repose of thi
soul of tlio lulc Jotl.v XIcCo.v vii.l, of 275 Clinton avenue
Brooklyn, Relatives and friends ure respectlully invite)
to at lend.
McKxioiit.?In Brooklyn, on Saturday, August 21
1875. Klizaukth, daughter of William and Eliza Mc
Knight. aged 14 months.
Relatives and friends of the family are invited to at
tend the Itineral, on Sunday (to-day), at two P. XI., fron
the resident o of her parents, No. 109 Sackett street
Post.?On Friday, August 20. Catharine Hays
daughter of Samuel I,, and the late Esther H. Post.
Relatives and friends are Invited to ultendthe funeral,
from iter late residence, No. Old East 125th street, on
Monday, 23d Inst., at three o'clock I'. XI.
lltril Aims.?At Edinburgh, .Scotland, duly 30, In the
03d year of his ttgo, Rev. Jambs Riohakos, B. I)., pastor
ol the Kanawha Presbyterian church, Charleston,
W. Va.
The remains of Dr. Richards will be taken to Auburn.
N. X'., for Interment, where luncrul services will be held
on Tuesday, the 24th, at ten o't lock.
Roiikkts.?(in Friday. August 20, Tiiomas Roberts,
aged 31, ol (llithtokeford, England, after a short Illness.
I'lie relatives and Iriends of the family are respectfully
invited to attend the lutierai, from his late residence.
259 West Twenty uinth street, on Sunday, August 22, at
one o'clock P. XI., sharp.
Rocks.?tin the 20ih lust., John K. Rocks, aged 53
years, u native of Dtingannon. county Tyrone, Ireland.
Relatives and friends ure respectfully invited to attend
tlie funeral, this flay, at one o'clock, from his late rest
donee. No. 787 Tenth avenue.
Seaman.?On Saturday, August 21, Al'Ql'stl'8 G.
man, in the dStli year of his age.
Notice ol funeral hereafter.
Ski.i,a r.?Andrew Skllar, August 20, 1875, aged 22
years and 7 months.
The relatives aud friends are invited to attend the
funeral, from hi- Into residence, 204 avenue A, this day
(Sunday), at half pa?l two o'clock
Skllkik.?At Greenwich. Conn., on Friday, 20tb
inst., Tuadei's Sei.i.kck. in the (iytlt year of hisuge.
ltelutives aRd friends of the family are respectfully
Invited to attend his funeral, from his late residence, al
two o'clock P. xl., or*ut Christ church, ut hall-past twt
o'clock P. XI., on .Monday, 23d inst.
Sheridan.?on Tuesday, 17th, Margaret Ceceuj
Sheridan, daughter of John J. Sheridan and Cutharmi
II. Tracy.
Siikkipax.?Suddenly, at Hurlcm, on Saturday, Au
gust 21. 1875, .May, only daughter of James B. utM
Martini J. Sheridau.
Notice ol funeral hereafter.
Sill.?e. E. Sill.
Funeral on Monday, ut Rochester.
Sneiiecok.?on Saturday, August 21. George Sneos
cor, son of the lute George Sneileeor, lit the 17th yeal
of his age.
Relatives and friends are respectfully invited to attend
the fuueral, on Tuesday, August 24, at two o'clock,
Irom tlie residence ol his grandfather, William Vulleuu,
Sr.. 33S West Twelfth street.
Scry.?Keystone Lodge, No, 235, F. ano A. XL ?
Biietuuen?X'ou ure hereby sitiuinoiied at tlie lodgi
rooms, corner Blei cker street and Bowery, on Sunday,
22d inst., at one o'clock sharp, fur the purpose of ut
tending the lull oral ol our late brother, George W. U
Edgar T. Stewart. Secretary.
Stariiivk.?At Tremout, August 10, George F. Star,
hick, in the 37th year of his age.
The relatives and Irlends of the family are respectfully
invited to attend the lutierai, at the First 1'rcsbyteruiD
church ol Fremont, on Sunday, August 22, at thret
o'et H-k P. XI. l ite remains will lie taken to Chappaqui
on the 23d, by lite s ::;o A. XI. train Iroui New York,
where services will be held heloro interment.
cun.-ianit.vk commankkuy, No. 48, K. T.,l
Harlem, August 20, 1875. )
Sir Kmgiits?Yot tire h n by -ummoned to ossein Ids
nt the Asylum. Third uv 'tiue and 124th street, on Sunday,
the 22d inst.. al one o'clock' P. M., lor the purpose
Of attending t ie funeral iii our late Couipuuion. Sll
Geotge F. sturbttck, at Tremout. Full Uniterm. By or
dcr, A. N. UKBCKWAY, Eminent Commander.
C I'. Pkiki'k. Recorder.
t it ding SrAlt l.odgk, No. 585, F. ano A. XI. ?
Breiiiren?X'oii ure hereby sutuunned to attend an
emergent eomtnuuleation of the lodge, eortier of Xlott
street and Rut road avetiue, Tremout, on Suuday,
Align.-I 22. at tw i o'clock sharp, for the puipo-eof
attending the funeral o: our late Woislupful Brother,
George F. Starbuck I'he Mnsuuio Irutemlty are earnesilv
luMto 1 to attend. Bv order o!
Carry I). Stearns. Secretary.
Tracy.?On Friday, August 20. at her late residency
ol.C.Okri si reel, Jl.lllT. I III* UCIOVOU WHO <11 ueurgi
'l'laty ucd daughter of James Devlin, watchmaker,
Ardee, county l.nutli, Ireland.
Relative- .iiitl tru'iids of the family uro invited to attcml
lliC Itinera), from her late residence, on Monday
moruiug, 23d nist., at nine o'clock, to St. Teresa's
church, where a solemn muss of requiem will be offered
for tin' repose of her soul; thence to Calvary Cemetery.
Tuaisqi'ii.?On Saturday, August ill, Pikkki
Notice ul'funeral in tomorrow's papers.
Ykkslam).?<>ii Saturday, gist iust., Gakklt R. Vrb*>
lami>, III the 5iith year of his uge.
Relatives and friends are respectfully Invited to
attend tin- funeral, on Monday, 23d iust.. at half past
two 1*. M., I'ruin his lute residence, on Bergen Point
plank road. Jersey City (late Greenville).
\Vali..vex.?At I.ake George, Saturday morning, at
two o'clock, ItkSHlK. youngest daughter' of Isaac auc
iiniinuh Wallach, aged 11 years. 5 months and 2 days.
Relatives and friends of the family, also Cougregalioi
Aliavalli<'licsed, Empire City l.odge, P. ainlA. M. ; K:ti|
.Solomon Ciiapter, It. A. M.; Mendelssohn Kenuvolen
Society iiml the Lese-verclu of ihe Nineteenth ward
are respectfully inviied to utleud the funeral, from thi
residence of (he parents, No. I4il Past Sixtieth street
Sunday, August 22, at two o'clock P. M.
U'kkks. -At Oruiige, N. J., on Friday, August 20.
William II., sou ol Willet mid Ann M. Weeks, aged 41
Relatives and friends are invited to attend the funeral
services, at the resldeuce of his pureuts, 14S
Schcriiicrliorii street, Brooklyn, on MoAday, August 23,
at four o'chs k J'. M.
Wiiitk. ? Friday, August 20, William Whitk, In the
4'Jth year of his age.
The friends ol tho family and those of his wife's
family are respectfully invited to attend the luner.il, ou
o.'nt i ... > >.! I... i * .. . t tti-s.lc-Ai n'l'l.u'lf friwn Kia
laic residence, 44u West i'orty-nixth street.
Willis.?on Saturday, August 21, William Willis, Id
tlic "iWili year of Ins age.
ltelatives and friends of the family are Invited to attend
tlie funeral, from his Into residence, Xo. 54 East
forty-ninth street, on 'fuesduy, the 24th Inst., at one
i'. 11.
XllCBliURBOt s.
l\ eat Stales lor numerous causes. Xo publicity. Legal
everywhere, Terms satisfactory. FREDERICK t. KINO,
Lawyer ami .Votary Publle, JkXI Broadway. Residence office
No. H Eighth street.
out States for numerous causes; leirsl everywhere;
no publicity required; no chary# until divorce granted; ad.
vice Ireo. M. liOl'sK, Attorney, 194 Broadway.
Ti cured.?During the next .'todays Dr IIARTLEY, the
einineiit anil distinguished Aarlst of Philadelphia, generously
otters to attend all responsible persons free of charge until a
speedy and pvrlect cure is efl'ccted. Office 27 West Twentysixth
street, near Broadway. Hours 9 to 4 dally
iVl TOBIAS VENETIAN' LINIMENT allays the Irritation
ami leaves no mark; tt also cures Freckles sud Blotches.
Sold hyiull the druggists.
A certain and speedy cure fur NERVOUS DEBILITY.
WEAKNESS, AC,, thoroughly tested for HO years with pnefeet
success. TWO to SIX hoses are generally sufficient le
effect a radical cure For further tuformutlou, Ac., send fat t
U circular; 41 per bok; six boxes #5, by mall, secuia^
scaled, with full directions tor use
Prepared only by WINCHESTER A CO., CUeualMA
Sd John streak New Yukg.

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