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The County ?Tutlicictry
' Convention.
The People's Voice Dis
J(?hn Kelly's Reasons for Not Having
Him as "My Candidate."
The Tammany Hall Judiciary Convention met yester
day afternoon at the Wigwam, on fourteenth street,
for the purpose of nominating candidates for the va
cancies about to occur In the Superior Court, Court of
Common l'leas, for Recorder, City Judge, Surrogate
and two judges of the Marine Court.
The Convention was called to order shortly after
three o'clock by Mr. John Kelly, who named Mr.
Augustus Schell as temporary chairman anil Thomas
C. Campbell and G. W. Morton as temporary secre
taries. This motion was adopted and the officers
named assumed their seats.
Mr. Schell was afterward chosen permanent Presi
dent of the Convention. In his speech ho referred to
the of ligations imposed upon every member of the
Convention, and said that in no way could tbey better
carry out such obligations than by putting in nomina
tion men ot integrity and uprightness and character.
Mr. Magnus Gross then offered the following resolu
tions, which .were adopted
Resolved. That the delegates from each Assembly district
and froiu the Twenty-third and Twenty-fourth ?anl>, re
spectively, select two of their number to constitute a com
mittee to which shall he referred the names ol all persons
who may be nominated for any office in this Convetiou by
any member thereof.
Kesolved, Tliut such committee retire, and after careful
consideration report to this Convention for its action such
recommendations iss to thorn rnsv nam proper in relation to
the several candidates, together with the names of all the
candidates considered by or referred to them.
Kesolved, That the report of such committee shall not he
considered dual, but that it shall he the right of each mem
ber of this Convention to exercise his own judgment in
an ting lor the nominaliou of candidates.
Nominations were then made by each Assembly
district delegation as their names were called:?
for Superior Court, Judge F reedman was unanimously
For Judge ot the Court of Common Please, Judge
Ja>cw was the choice of twenty out oi the twenty-four
The Recorder, Frederick Smythe, was the selection of
all but the Nineteenth Assembly district, which,
'through ex-Mayor Tiemauu, nominated Recorder
for City Judge. J. C. Spencer received support from
nine delegations, A. S. Sullivan from six, and F. A.
J-'tniknecht from one, while several other delegations
declined to nominate at ail.
for Surrogate, if. C. Calvin was the choice of twenty
two of the delegations, and F. F. Mar fury of two.
For the Marine Court there we/Qput on nomination
Messrs. Stolknecht, W. J. Kane, Smiiott, J. P. O'Neill,
Ackert, W. A. Boyd. Diipigtiae. J. P. Sullivan, J. 11.
Harm-It and J. A. Bell. Messrs. Boyd, Duptgnnc and
Mel! withdrew their names, the former stating that he
Lad just been appointed to the office of Corporation At
torney and he intended to carry out the duty imposed
on him and which he had undertaken to perform.
>\>r District Attorney the Convention appeared to be
unanimous for Peter B. Olney.
At this stage of the proceedings Mr. Kelly rose and
Before the committee appointed to ronfer upon tho
nominations that should be recommended to Ibe Con
vention retire, 1 think it due to the Convention?it is
due to myself and it is due to the people ol the city of
New York?thai 1 should make some answer to the pub
lic press as to w hy Recorder Hackett should not txi
?gain nominated by a democratic convention in Tam
many Rail. 1 find an impression going abroad that he
?liouid be renominated because he lias proved himself
to he an efficient, honorable and just Judge. I am
sure neither he nor bis friends will think it contuma
cious ol me if I sbow he is not the just Judge the news
papers say be is. Recorder Haeketl was nominated by
Governor Hoffman nine years ago. His nomination
was continued by the Board ol Supervisors at that
time. Recorder Hackett at the time of his appoint
ment was Assistant Corporation Counsel and received a
lair remuneration for the duties he was called upon to
perform. Look at the records, which will
show that he claimed to receive salary lor
services never rendered. After fifteen months
Lad elapsed, during which time he was
dcupving the position of Recorder, he sent in a claim
for $21. TOO for salary for services reudered aa an
attendant in the office of the Corporation Attorney. Ho
might perhaps have claimed this sum under the law,
but there is a moral law that every right and Just man
is called upon to observe, and I iedve it to the members
?l the Convention to judge whether be observed that
moral law. .''ball I say he was under the
Influence of the "Ring ' which at that timo
governed the city? Will any gentleman say
he did not vote lor every measure in that Board of
Supervisors in 1870 and 1871, whereby millions of tho
people's money was paid out in what ha* since proved a
fraudulent manner ? I do not mean to make an assault
against Recorder Hackett.
Lut when the press has come out, as it has done, and
is continually pointing out the necessity of
inaugurating reform in our political govern
ment, they uliould show both sides of the 1
question. 1 should tire the Convention were 1 to
attempt to read the documents I have, which >
set forth a multiplicity of acta against the ]
Recorder. He quashed the indictments against
two of the Ring robbers. It will tie said it was
done legally; but 1 can safely say that if an appeal is
taken to the best authorities and to the minority of tbe
meiuliers of the legal profession in the city to-day his
ails will be declared to have been entirely
illegal. There was, it will 1>e remembered, j
an organization called the Citizens' Association,
composed ot the moil respectable members of the com
munity, who gave their time gratuitously to the reform
of the abuses that exisli-d at tnat time. Well, Re
corder Hackett made a charge to the Grand Jury to
Indict the officials connected with that association
because tbey were engaged In bringing to justice the
men who had brought shame on the city. Did
the Grand Jury indict them? No. They knew
there was no reason to do so. They 'said in
their presentment that he was doing something that
some day he would regret The day, I think, ha* come.
The presentment I refer to wss stippres - d by the Dis
trict Attorney at time, Mr A. Oakcy HalL Then, too,
J may say that 18 out of 20 of bis decisioiM were set
aside by tho Court of Appeals. It may t* said I am not
justified in bringing tic-Ms facts before the Con
vention, but I think 1 am right to mention
them under existing conditions, and, if you, as
reasonable men, make u mistake now, the
onus falls upon yourteiv -. The Judiciary should be
just as pure as the driven snow. VY> have heard It said
that the people are uoi comp Tent tochoo- - tin ,r Judi
ciary, and that a more select Judiciary ? ould lie oh
tamed if It was Dominated by an cxeout.ve officer of
the government, who would be i<ett< r abb- to make a
good selection than we can. It now depsnds on this
Convention to say whether it will make such
nominations that no one can possibly point
s linger at or raise a word of question
as to the integrity aud fitness of tho nominees.
Ja-t us show that we are Worthy to make our own
choice, arid for our own honor and the good of the
people only nominate for the Judiciary as lor every
other public office only such men who are well known
among their fellows for their probity and capabilities to
till the position tbey may be elected to. The
judges should be men above all others w ho are en
tilled to the confidence of tlio people, loc where abuses
?re brought before tbetn their duty is to investigate
these evils without question as to any Influence or
friendly relations that can ! ? brought to bear on them.
At this point Mr J. A. Beall read the fo.lowing cor
respondence which had passed between himself and
Mr. Wheeler H. Peckham
New York, Oct. Id, HIT.
Dear 9ik?I have been selected a delegate to the 'l am
many HsJl Judiciary Convention, which meets on the
llth'inst. The name of Recorder John K. Hackett is
Iwing pressed by his friends for rrnomination for the
office of Recorder. There have been criticisms In cer
ium quarters as to Recorder Hackett'* action w.ih
reference to the first trial of Mayor Hall and in
regard to the Indictments against Peter B Sweeny and
Hugh Smith. Knowing your prominent connection a*
counsel in all the legal proceedings againi-t the mem
bers of the Isle nag I beg to ask whether the action of
Recorder Hackett in the matters above referred to or
in any proceedings against the ring, as it bus come to
vour knowledge, affords just ground for criticism.
An early answer will grfiatly oblige yours v?ry re
Spectfully, A- .
To Wm'sklsr H. Feck ha*, Ksq.
mr. eat k ram a rktlv.
Mr. Peckham returned tbe follow?ng reply:?
No. 2V W ALL .Street, New York, Oct 11, 1875.
Da A R Sir?1 have your letter Of Ibis dale asking in
formal :on as to the action of Recorder Hackcti on ihe
?SOaawu of the Drat trial ol Mayor Hail and in r. hp. t?
l<> the indictment of Peter B. Sweeny, Hugh Smith and
others. 1 Ibiak that as a delegate to a nominating con
vention you are entitled to know the facts.
The first trial of Mayor Hail was in the Court of Ses
sions. Judge Dale. < hi'-f Justice of the Common Pleas,
presiding. Mayor Hull had previously p?bDcly slated
fl at owmg to li s personal irieudly relations with H
?? rder Hm-kelt it I not he advisable for that mavis |
Gait tw yrt ui a; h.s /Hail si u*1 The Mtkto.
defended by nnmeroo* end eery able counsel,
whom rnav be mentioned Mr. Stoughton, Mr. Bucrtll, Mr.
Jnint'i- M. Smith, Mr. Sbafcr the late Mr. Buckley and
other*. Mr. Tremain, Mr. Clinton and myself appeared
fur the prosecution. The District Attorney, owing to
hi* personal relation* with Mr. Hall, did not appear.
Alter the trial had been pending tome weeks a Jur"r
died. Meantime the succeeding regular term of the
Court ol Session* hud been opened, Hocordor Hackett
presiding. The trial at the time of the Juror's death
hud developed a very serious aajiect for Mr. Hull A
question then arose us to the power of Mr. Justice Daly
to impanel a new jury ami proceed with the trial. This
question was partly argued and an adjournment taken
to a lutiire dav, when it was to be decided, whether
with or without "further discussion I do not uow re
member. Pending that adjournment the point was
made iu tome cuse in Recorder Hackett's branch of the
court that his branch was illegal, owing to the silting
ol Judge Daly's branch. The Recorder not onl>
ruled that bis branch was legal, but, as 1 re'n^nV
her, went further and stated that Judge Daly s
was illegal. On the meeting of Judge Paly ?
brunch on the adjourned day. Judge Daly declined to
consider the question on its merit*, and saw that alter
the decision of Recorder Huckett his only course was
to follow it, and he did so, discharging the jury ana
ending the trial. . ,A ,. ku_.
What Judge Dalv's decision on the merits would have
been I do not know. Whether Recorder Haeketi n
making tl.e decision he did and to the extent be did
was moved by any desire to intiuence the isition or
Judge Duly, I have no information other than that 01
the public. What did influence his action was alt
UTs t<f th?CSweeny indictment the facts are theae:
Sweeuv. Smith. Woodward and Tweed were jointly
indicted lor a conspiracy by the Grand Juiy P?P?
known as the Bedford Grand Jury In the laUof 1! 72
a motion was made by the counsel for tig ?
quash that indictment The motion wss 'ieard .
corder Hackett. It w as tuad* ou the ground that tne
Bedford Grand Jury had no Jurladiiition to tin ^i _,
and also on some other grounds not mate I ?
On the hearing of the motion it was agreed
that only the question of the jurlrd.ct.on o
Jurv should be discussed, and tnat oim r t
Is"- ?r?srjrff^T!!rJK
! !l'" -I, ? the defendant Smith. Ho gave as
1 L J for the first ground the decision or
l!he General Term of the Supreme Court in the Green
thai rase, thut the Novcmbor term, 1H.1, c?f the c ourt
ut General Sessions, was illegally extended into the sub
I se incut months, and that he was bound by that de
cision On the argument of the motion that case had
i been referred to. No opinion had been K'venby he
, Supreme Court, General term, and 1 had ?ti?tdtoU?e
! Recorder tliat it was impossible to argue iasto whali was
decided in a case where no opinion had been ,.V,'
uud I requested the Recorder to consult with tin - u
preme Court JudgeB and ascertain what they had really
*7 have subsequently ascertained that the Green thai
case was decided by consent, us being governed bj the
Burns case, and tnat In neither case had the Supreme
Court decided that the Bedford Grand Jury was illegal.
The same question was subsequently directly raised
before the Oyer and Terminer, Judge Danlehi, I think,
presiding, and decided adversely to the ruling ol the
Recorder. The othor ground upon which the Recorder
based his decision had never been raised by the d<
fendunt's c&uusel and hud never been arg u ed bet ore the
Recorder, and all points except that its to the Grand
Jury being expressly reserved, the Recorder had no ,
right to raise or consider any other point. He did no,
however, and also did it in very offensive terms. j
I His action in that respect was the occasion of a letter
to the New York Kw?V Mr. Henry C. Alenand my
' self I thought at the time thut the Recorder intended
liy using such language to make a covert attack upon
I those actually moving to punieh public crimes, bo lar
as any reference of personal intent to myself was c<>n
n rued the Recorder, m a letter lo me a short time
afterward disavowed it in very courteous and com
plimcntury terms, and I accepted and do accept his
statement." The matter, however, hud tins conse
,,?ecee ? In the letter I published Mr. Allen and my
self insisted that the indictment was not open to
the criticism Recorder Hackctt had seen lit to mako
upon it and avowed our intention to have a record
made up and to take a writ of error. Our letter with
that avowal appeared on the morning of the 21st De
cember. 1872. itic ia-t day of the official term of Mr.
District Attorney Garvin, whom Mr. l'belps was to sue
On tha" 31st December, 1872. Mr. Garvin moved a
nolle prosequi of the whole indictment belore Recorder
llackcti, and it way granted and entered as o! live days
preceding so as to appear to be done prior to the
publication of our letter. This was done without any
notice to or consultation with me, and in face ol the
fact that under the direction of the Attorney General,
1 had there, otore had exclusive charge of all the
so-called ring Indictments, and thut Judge Gar- :
vin had most cheertully given me the con
trol 'of them, and hod himself taken
no charge or them whatever. When thereafter, ou Mr. ,
f'helns accession to office. I was about to take a writ of |
error 1 found that the bill had lieen uol prossed, and us |
to all the defendants, that is, Sweeney. Woodward and
Tweed as well as Smith. Ol course 1 have no personal
knowledge of the antedating, but 1 investigated the
matter very fully aud thoroughly at the lime and have
no doubt of the fact. Whether the foregoing acts af
forded just ground for criticism you and your Conven
tion must decide. Truly ^FLER ? ,.ECKHAM. j
Hon John Kelly, after the conclusion of the reading
of the above, presented Ue voluminous documents
setting forth the votes cast by the present Recorder
while a member of the Board of Supervisors and a list
of his decisions that bail been reversed by the Court oT
Appeals since he had lieen on the bench. Also the ,
pi i-sentmenl made the Grand Jury, which, he claimed,
was suppressed by Mr. A. Oakey Hall at the time ho
was District Attorney.
Recorder Hackctt became a member of the Board of
Supervisors in July. 1870 by virtue ofhm_office of
Recorder His attendance during the years l?il, 18<2,
lh73 and 1874 was very irregular, never appearing ut
the meetings unions something imjiortuni was about to
transpire, it will be seen by the record that
h,- voted for a number of the fraudulent armory
lobs, notably the leas ng of premises at Ninth avenue
and Twentv seventh struc t for twelve years at arent of
$1 200 per ay oar; the premises Nog. lis to 1-H West
Thirty-Htond street lor six years at a rent alleged to be
Ave tiroes what the pr ini?es were really worth. He
also voted lor what was known as the Centro Market
armory job. by which the taxpayers were mulcted
out ot $30,000 or more, Mid which was subsequently
investigated Ity the Board, the bills for repairs alone to
tins armory, and lor which Recorder Hackett voted,
amounting to upward of $28,000 At every meeting
which he attended be voted almost invariably in tho
affirmative lor the payment of every bill brouC?
before tho Board. (Here followed a long list of votes
for the payment or the city moneys.)
Mr Hackett was appointed Recorder March 6, 1806,
there hat ing been n vacancy in the office from January
1 preceding. Although Mr Hackett wag appointed on
March 6 1*66. he claimed and received from the public
treasury over $1,160 tor the period between January 1
and March 6, l-'s, the day or his appointment He
claimed tins from the Comptroller under the pretext
tliat the salary of the Recorder was an annual salary
and that therefore he was entitled to the salary for tho
whole year, even if his appointment had been made on
December 1, 1868. This was simply preposterous. In
the twenty two months succeeding January 1, l*oo. -Mr.
Hackett, in addition to his ealury, Ac., a- Recorder, re
ceived in lees lor assisting Corporation Counsel < iG or
man $21,727 W). (The statement bore contained the
details of the fees mentioned.)
In September and October, 1868, the Citizen"
Association of New York published certain
communications directed lo .Street Commissioner
McLean directing Ins attention to certain Irregu
larities iu his office. Instead of directing the
Grand Jury to investigate these matters the Recorder
maliciously attacked those who were seeking to expose
the frauds. In pursuance of his design to deter cltl
if-DH Irom exposing the misconduct of public ofneera
he charged tho Rrand Jury at the beginning of tne
term, ou October 7, lsf>H, among other tb?iig?, a? lot
Kor some time past, and more especially within the past
f?*w - wci'k' vuriou* charges of non-feasance and nji*feasance
Ht i n.t public officers have been published lu the ?hap# of
letters purporting to have emanated from a bodv styling
itsalf a "Citisens- Association." If the charges adverted to
hail been iiisci-putile of legal proof. then they
should have long sine* been presented lor the
consideration of a police magistrate or of a grand
jury of this cmtwty, hut they appear to have
been made on insufficient or heursny. or partisan of preju
d.i ed testlmonv. sod. therefore, they may poss.lqy become
libelous. One of the officials tlms assailed has boldly charged
over his own signature that there is prm liyully no -ueh liody
as the "Citizens' Association ;" that a tew interested per
sons prepared and fulminated the charges in question on their
Individual responsibility. Thus, on the one hand,
the so called '?Cltiaene' Association" arraigns in
dividual*. and. on the other. one indi
vidual arraign* the en-called association. In
this connection I may b* permitted to add that the ex
istetice of a star chamber, secret in meeting and trresponat
ble iu character, originated the institution of tlie grand
Jury as long since as the reign of l.harles II.. ami it it ho
true as charged by a communication before me, that th?
accusation* proceeded Irom a lew men. who, l.y large
salaries and feet paid them, nuik- a business
or originating complaints not disinterestedly origl
1 nated or fulminated, then they are unquestionably
libelous. kThe Grand Jury is a constitutional body. created
' t saeicit* lua* Sheh ftinrtion ? a* the CitUen* A ?oclaiion is
cl.arred to have tmpmetlrally usurped. Be-tdes. we liave in
1 thlseity avlgllntit and irnpartialc. rp.or newspaper reporters
and editors wl o can und do arraign officers with nit llie aid
ol ?n> amateur rep rler and Impromptu editor*.such as It
Is charged edit newspaper, with letters signed by a so
1 called tfilisen* Association f would suggest tliat. in Justice
?,? the latter, you impure II there really be auch an astoelar
tlonatth# present time. Its object .whether accusal on. am
made by the action ?f Its whole body o^by a few of its mem
h^t of wl-otn such body or such committee consist-;
whether the issociation holds meeting*, how mnch ta offi
paid, for what services, by whom paid Do*, it ob
fli? evidence Of the charge* it proposes to
mlbs ?!:"uvh IU officers? ff so. are a-ch
rharge* based upon legal evidence. and whnt
Is the character of such evidence f 'then, If you think the
latter wort by of your attention, and in the furtherance of
the public good, grasp that Jurisdiction over offences which
they have usui|?ed Hut, If you find the n-nidation to ?"*,
comparatively mythical and its agents to lie pecuniarily In
terested in originating or publishing charge- (or which there
is either ho or hearsay evidence, then, in Justice to those
whom It has defiantly arraigned, indict them promptly for
The reply of she Citizen'* Agffocatlon was then read,
and the statement continues M follows:?
The Grand Jury, in t. pi of followtDg the lead of the
Recorder and attarking the Citizens' Association, which
ww doingrtu beat to oppoad official wrong doing, aunt
iulo court < ti c 23d dby of October, 1868, and through
it foreman h. nded to Hi ? ?rder Hio kett the foriowlng
pie.-i nti.H Bl in ri ird pi the nt.Tflev of his c.tiarge;?
The Grand Jitrv of the enmity of New Vorg nrc-enf Tor the
lirfftrnintiuri of tliet ort in ret.-rence to the charge concern
ing t:ii 1 insnit* t relation, that it iatheri;(ht end duty of
every em/en in a free cnontiy to eaerr.-e tl. trictcst sn
wuryjpiutt VVU ,b" KUMwaii pi ,puiiliq uflc-?v? ??a -s.
expenditure of the pnblle money, end to ley be
fore the people, whenever It iney be necessary,
facts effect loir the public Interente; ?l?o, thel in this
cummnnity. where the public money !? to e yrcut extent ex
treverreotly expended, there is e necessity lor en easocietiiln
whose object Is to prevent improper expenditure. The
Orsnd Jury present It es their opinion that the Cltfsens' A?
socistiou of New York lies striven seelously end efficiently
to protect the public interest, and is eutitled to the respect
of the community.
Recorder Hackett handed the presentment, among
other papers, to the clerk ol the Court Mr. Hall was
District Attorney. The presentment wits subsequently
suppressed on the ridiculous pretext that it should have
been signed also by the District Attorney. Mr. Hall
went before the Grand Jury and lectured ihem, stating,
among other things, that they hod all been guilty of
contempt of Court in presenting such a paper to the
Recorder, and Dually induced thetn to recall the
paper. Instead ol" their proceeding to investigate the
matter charged in the document sent by tiio Citizens'
Association, an effort was made bv the District Attorney
and others to indict the officers of the association for un
alleged misdemeanor in having the audacity to address
communications to the Grand Jury colling its attention
to the frauds of certain officials. Of course, this attempt
was a lamentable failure.
When the reading ol thpse documents had been con
cluded Mr. Kelly again rose from his seat and said:?
" These are my reasous w hy I will not cast my vote
for the renominatlon of Recorder Hackett. The
records show tbut through either indifference or negli
gence he was derelict in his duty and never cared to be
present in the Board of Bnpervisors unless some im
portant action was going on, and then w e find his volo
always cast in tuvor of large disbursements of
public money. Then the' record of ? his nets
and decisions in (lie Court ol General Fesstous,
1 think, speaks lor ilself. I boj>? the press will nolo
these state ments, for 1 know the editors want reform
hero, and I think that if we were to renominate Re
corder llackett n fsce ol theso records wo should not
he doing our duty to the public and to our constitu
ents. 1 said 1 had no tnalico against hitn. 1 have
none. He never did me any harm. 1 don't know that
1 ever heard a disrespectful word of mo spoken
by him. I know that the people arc look
ing si tne and my associates, and if wo
do not make good nominations they have
a right to find fault. People may say I have been In
dustrious in looking up these facts, but 1 think 1 huvo
the right to do so. The press bus said ho has been a
good man. W ill it be said oi hun iu the tuture if the
press does Its duty, us it is the intention of the Con
vention to do theirs y I say, II a man is presented for
nomination not meeting with the approval of the Con
vention or any of its members I hope they
will have the manhood to gel up und say so. Some
candidates will he disappointed, hut we have a duty to
perform und cannot afford to take into consideration
personal feelings, l.ast year a man was nominated.
1 believe, out of pure friendship, who, I thought, should
not have been plured on the ticket, and you all Know
how he was defeated. I'nle.-s proper candidates ure
presented now they w ill be defeated again, and they
ought to be."
At this point Mr. D. F. Tiemann, who hud nominated
Recorder Hackett, said he withdrew his nomination.
The Committee of Conference then withdrew, a re
cess being ordered for fifteen minutes, It was, how
ever, over an hour and a quarter before they returned
to the hall, whoit tbey reported in favor of the follow
ing nominations, which were subsequently confirmed
by acclamation:?
Forjudge of the Superior Court?J. J. Friedman.
For Judge of the Court of Common Pleas?F. W.
For Recorder?Frederick Smythe.
For City Judge?J. C. Spencer.
For Surrogate?D. C. Calvin.
For Judges of Marino Court?J. P. Slnnott and F.
For District Attorney?Peter B. Olney.
Henry L. Clinton moved thiu a committee of five bo
appointed to tender the nominations to utie candidates
named and to invite their presence in the hull. Accord
ingly, a committee appointed by the Chuircscortod the
gentlemen mimed to lite plallorm, where they were in
troduced to the Convention by the Chairman, each
as he was presented addressing the assemblage
und thanking the delegates for the honor tendered
hum On motion of General McMuhon, a committee of
one front each Assembly district was appointed to con
fer with the Committee on Organization, with a view to
arranging a moss meeting lor tho endorsement and
ratlin ation of the ticket just nominated..
Mr. Dieffendorf here presented u series of resolutions
laudatory of the intentions and the results achieved by
the Convention.
Mr. Kelly then spoke of the labors being performed
by I he Committee on Crime, and said he had never
known a committee which had acted so disinterestedly
and learlessly in making any investigation. They have
shown no political furor to either side, but have
been actuated by a desire to expose the existing
condition of affairs in this city. That condition
1 think I may say is frightful, especially in the District
Attorney's office, which is a shame and a sin to the
people of the city. Ho concluded by moving u vote
of thunks to the coinmitteo.
A vote of tliaiiKs was afterward passed to Mr. John
Kelly and tho Chairman, and the Convention adjourned.
At a meeting of the Anti-Tammany democrats of the
Twenty-first Assembly district, held at their head
quartern, Free!Mini's Hall, 122d street and Second
avenue, Captain M. II. Underhill presiding, the follow
ing resolutions indorsing Recorder Hackett were
adopted, on motion of Mr. John Hart:?
Where** it U essential to the welfare of the people and
the interests of pood government that only honest and
capable person* shall be elected to office, and whereas we
recognise hi the Hon. John K. llackett, the present
Recorder of this city, an honorable and capable judp-e and a
faithful public servant, in whom the people have implicit
confidence, und who is opposed to one-man rule of Tammany
11 all; therefore be it
Resolved, 1 hat we recommend our delegates to the .Judicial
Convention to vote at a unit for lion. John K. llackett for
To the Editor op the Herald:?
Even to the pationt who inhabits a ward in that very
largo hospital devoted to crippled politicians, there is
accorded liberty to inform bis surgeons about the sur
roundings of bis former fellow patients.
Mr. John Kelly lias seen fit to attack mo in private
and public so much of late in hopes to try and injuro
my friend, Recorder Hackett, by sprinkling him with
my sins, that I am absolved from any personal or pro
fessional obligation I have hitherto had to keep silent
on the subject of the animus which instigates Mr.
John Kelly's sudden attack on tho Recorder, In his
own convention, when, of course, no ono could have
possession of facts wherewith to cross-examine or an
swer. About the year 1862 Mr. Kelly, as Sheriff,
had a claim amounting to about $20,000 against the
county of New York for fees in serving process
in suits brought by tho District Attorney
against liquor dealers. This claim was put for hun in
litigation. Mr. Hackett was then Assistant Corporation
Counsel. The then Comptroller desired the claim con
tested. It was contested. Mr. Hackett made tho
arguments at Special and General Terms for the coun
ty, nod succeeded in each pUre In defeating the claim.
In my judgment It was u just claim. What I huvo to
sa/does not turn upon the character of the claim, but
motive lor anitnas. The Court of Appeals, by a majority
vole, finally guve Mr. Kelly the fruils of the claim; but
the persistent and zealous action of Mr. Huckctt. who
with the then Comptroller believed in the injustice of
tho claim, aroused Mr. Kelly almost to the verge of
violence whenever lie would converse with me about ibat
persistent and zealous action. In vain I assured him
that I was satisfied the Assistant Corporation Countel
was not personal or vindictive, because he was also in
his action going aga nst me. who was (as Dlclrct At
torney) the nominal plaintiff in Sheriff Kelly's Inter
est. ?'n ono occasion Mr. Kelly, almost purple with
rage, declared in my office that ho would never forget
nor forgive Ass,slant C'or|>oration Counsel Hackett.
The people of New York generally aro not aware of
the natural disposition of Mr. Kelly. It is somewhat
softened by that tact which Intercourse with men has
given him. as well as by the Influences of that Church
which, in the earlier history of tho world, alone could
allay the fury ol barbaric kings?even those among tho
Franco and Germanic tribes who were born with bru
tal instincts. Yet, beneath the mastiff (ace and neck of
Mr. Kelly slumber the pasetons of hatred und revenge,
as effectually vivid to accomplish their promptings us
they were when I was a reporter and he a Fourteenth
wurd lounger on the Marion street corners.
John Kelly is a man who never forgets an Injury.
To accomplish one (I am satisfied from a twenty years'
acqunintunee with his ways, feelings and conversation,
and from the time of the eccentric canvass count which
elected him to Congress over Mike Walsh down to tho
pre--nt time when he has abdicated his Marion street
sceptre as the king of the w-nrkingman to wield a more
imperial one near the aristocratic atmosphere of Mur
ray and Hose hills)?to accomplish an injury, 1 repeat,
he* would sacrifice all great interests, und he would
choose just sucli a lime in doing his injury as would
shut off. If possible, any chance of parrying'It until the
blow had accomplished Its purpose.
It Is possible tbls statement may provoke a discus
sion between Mr Kelly or his friends and others. If it
does I shall take great pleasure in writing more of what
1 hnve learned and know concerning this prince of sham
reformers. At present my only object is to outline the
animus of the one John K. against the other John K.
Maxhattas Ci.cs, Oct. 11, l??7ft.
To the Editor of the Herald:?
Your paper has named inc as a possible candidate for
Surrogate. Allow me the space to say that I am not,
and have not been, since 1866, a candidate for that
office from any political party or befiire any con
vention. GIDEON J. TUCKER.
October 11, 1176.
Notwithstanding the counter attraction of the races
at Jeromo Park, the betting fraternity last evening
found titne to speculate upon the result of the election
for Governor in Ohio to day At Johnson's Hie tu tting
was very lively for a while, the following being an
average of the sales'?
Hayes (Republican) $M 65 100 100
Allen (Democrat) 27 40 06 60
hates with 10)600 MAJORITY.
Malorltv of 10,000 $66 60 60 60
OuOvr 19,000 hi a *7 no
Denmark ........
II ammonia. *???????
W A Scholieu
City of New York.
I franc.
i flute of Georgia...
I Klopstock
j The yucca
I tieruiunio
City ol Chester....
I Abvssinia
i Krlsla
, 1* Calami
I Villi, .in l'aris.
I Celtic
; City of Montreal...
I \ i c tori a
I State of Pennnyl'a.
! City of Berlin
I Citv of Kichmond.
W yoming
State ol Indiana...
Deaffeatfonj OJfUe.
29 Broadway
4 Bowling Green
? 'Ct.
69 Broadway
61 Broadway
50 Broadway
2 Bowling Green
15 Broadway
19 Broadway
69 Broadway
7 Bowling Green
55 Broadway
Glasgow ...
7'J Broadway
4 Bowling Green
4 let.
09 Broadway
61 Broadway
69 Broadway
7 Bowling Green
19 Broadway
15 Kro&away
2 Bowling Groen
4 Bowling Green
< >CL
61 Broadway
50 Broadway
?56 Broadway
< let.
19 Broadway
1 Hit.
15 Broadwav
< >ct
j Bowling(inn
69 Broadwav
7 Howling Green
29 Broadway
4 Bowling Green
72 Broadway
19 Broadway
15 Broadway
7 Bowling Green
69 Broadwav
2 Buwung Green
V ov.
29 Broadway
19 Broadwav
55 Broadway
S ov.
15 Broadway
V ov.
29 Broadway
72 Broadwuy
IIkkulp haa adopted a di.tinguiehing Coaton night signal for
use on hoard the IIkkald steam yacht, showing while burn
ing the colors red, green, red, changing from one to the other
In succession, and can bo seen several miles distant. Cap
tains of vessels, npon seeing this signal, will oblige us by pre
paring any marine news they may have fur the Ship News
Department of the Ukrai.d.
JW Persons desirous of communicating with vessels arriv
ing at New York can do so by addressing to such vessnls, care
ol llkKAl-p news yacht, pier No 1 East River, Now York.
Letter* received froui all parts of the world and promptly de
livered. Duplicates are required.
Br* AND MOON. | Jlion WATKR.
Sun rtaoB 6 OS | Gov. lslund....mom 0 00
Sun seta 5 25 Sandy Hook.. .morn 5 21
Moon sou..... morn 3 17 Hell Gato morn 7 51
PORT OF NEW YORK, OCT. 11, 1875.
Steamer Sam Wellcr (Br), Ranton, London?Tapscott
Bros A Co.
Strainer Ann Elisa. Richards, Philadelphia?Jas Hand.
Steamer Eleanora. Johnson. Portland?J K Ames
Bark Noah tNor), Salvesen, Bremen?Tetena, Bockmann
A Co.
Brig George (Br), Cham pi ill, Arroyo, PB?Bentley, Gilder
sleeve A Co.
Sehr Pride of the East, Lord, Barbados and Demerara?
F W Whitney.
Sehr Olive Crosby, Hutchinson, I'ort Spain (Trinidad) ?
Jones A Lough
Sehr Rookie E Yates, Yates, St Johns, PR?B K Metcalf A
Sehr Louisa Smith, Webber. Jacksonville?Warren Ray.
Sehr James Slator, Hawkins, Savannah?Evans, Bull A
Sehr Wm Farren, Lindsay, Norfolk?Unekett A Bro.
Sehr G C Morris, Edilicott, Washington, DC?Slaght A
Sehr Oakes Ames, Edmunds, Washington, DC?Slaght A
Steamer Eg*ot (Br), Grogari, Liverpool Sept 29 and
Gueetistown doth, with mdie and 23H passengers to F V J
Hurst. Oct 10, lat 4J 5f>, Ion 07 10, passed a brig-rigged
steamer, bound east,
i Steamer Alps (Br). Ferguson, Savanilla Sept 25, Uartha
gena28th, Aspinwall Oct 2 and Nuvassa f>th, with uidse and
passengers to Fira, Forwo ?d A Co.
Steamer Colon, Tanner, Aspinwall Oct 1, with mdse and
i passengers to the Pacific Mail Steamship Co.
i Steamer Gen Barnes, Cliecsmim. Savannah Oct 7, with
mdse and passengers to W It Garrison. Had strong bead
j winds and sea oil" liatteras; 9th inst, passed 3-musted sehr
Florence A Lilian, bound S.
Steamer Georgia. Crowell, Charleston Oct 8, with mdso
to .las W Quintard A Co.
Ship Livingstone (of Yarmouth, NS), Crosby, Liverpool
Sej>t 9, in ballast, to Snow A Burgess.
Bark Urbano (Itab, Olivari, London 60 days, in ballast, to
Sloeovich A Co.
Hark Paolino (Ital), Ferriginl, London 45 days, in ballast
! to order.
Bark Warden Law (of Sunderland), Johnston, London 38
days, in ballast to Boyd A Hincken.
Bark Bessie Parker (of St John, NB), Parker, Gloucester,
i E, 25 days, in ballast to J W Elwell A Co.
Bark Malalcel (Aiih). Biolovauch, Gloucester, E, 28 days,
j in ballast to Hbocovich A Co.
I Bark Echo (Nor). Uuttormsen, Bridgewater 28 days, with
j tiidse to Teton*, Hock matin ?v ( o.
I Bark Ada (of Yarmouth, NS), Crosby, Cardiff 28 days, in
| ballast, to Boyd A Mencken. Is anchored at Sandy Hook for
Bark Onjrlno (Ital), Irola. Glasgow 37 days, in ballast, to
Benham A Bovesc n.
Bark Armenia (Aus), Staugher, Montrose 40 days, in bal
last. to order.
Bark Helireitd (Ger), Herding, Dublin 33 days, in ballast,
to Dill A Radmann.
Bark Kate Burrill (of Yarmouth, NS), Robertson, Dublin
29 days, in ballast, to Boyd A Hincken. From hit 49, Ion 46.
to lat 46.30, Ion 48, saw :i large number of icebergs. The K
B is anchored at Sandy Hook for orders.
Bark Pater (Aus), Nicholas, Gal way 33 days. In ballast, to
Funch, Edye A Co, is anchored at Bandy Hook for oiders.
Bark Osauua dial), Gargulo, Watcrford 32 days, in bal
last, to J 0 Seager.
Bark Sirrah (Nor), Ilalvorsen, Antwerp 31 days. In ballast
to C Tobias A Co.
Bark Lallu Kookh (of St John, NB), Dakin, Amsterdam 29
days, in ballast to Boyd A Hincken.
Bark Lotus (Br), Curry, Havre 40 days, in ballast, to or
Bark Reindeer, Decker, Barbados 15 days, with sugar to
H Trowbridge's Sons.
Brig Herman (ol Stockton), Patterson, Bordeaux Sept 10,
with indue to Carver A Barnes.
Brig Fortuna (Port), Mosquito, Oporto 54 days, to Ilnge
xueycr A Brun.
Brig Brothers )of Jersey), Vibert, Rio Janeiro 40 days, with
coffee to G F Ballev.
Brig Martha, Wiley, Wilmington, NC, 7 days, with naval
* stores, to Wood A Worth; vessel to K D Hurlbut A Co.
Sehr F A Schultt (of Liverpool, NS), Schults, Maracaibo
18 rlnys, with coffee to E 1'aveusludt A Co; vessel to L F
Sehr Monsita (Br), I^ent, Barbados 19 days, with molasses
j to Hameras A Cushman.
Sehr.I G Drew, Bartlett, Jacksonville 12 days, with lum
ber to R Fairchilds; vessel to Gilchrist A White,
j Sehr .July Fourth, Wood, Jacksonville 11 days, with lum
| ber to Drew A Buckie ; vessel to Simpson, Clapp A Co.
Sehr A A E Benton, Build, Virginia.
Sehr Harry Doremus. Cornell, Virginia.
Sloop Mary Denton, Robinson, Virginia.
Sehr 8 T Robins, Brown, Virginia.
Pit* Bark George Es.?on (Bn, which arrived 10th Inst from
Havre, is consigned to Gerhard A Brewer.
Fa-Hark Fearnot (Ger), from Liverpool, arrived 10th, is
consigned to Dill A itadmann
Kutcrnkd? Bark Maria (Nor), Saarvag, left New York Oct
1 2 bound to Hllgo, with a cargo of corn. Oct 8, lat 3h 25, Ion
67 35, experienced a heavy gale from SE to SW. with heavy
bead sea, and sprung a leak and, pumps becoming choked,
rendered it necessary to return to port.
' Steamer Gen Grant (US), Fen gar, New London for Now
j York.
Bark Bridgeport, Morgan, Bridgeport for Now York.
I Sehr Edward Burton, Miller, Windsor, NS, lor New York,
j Bchr Elisabeth K, McNIchols, Windsor, NS, for New York.
Sehr Lizzie B MeNieliol, Fanning, Windsor, NS, lor New
I York.
Sehr Acara, Waleott, Musquash, NB, for New York.
Sehr Sea Lark, Pike, Dorchester, NB, lor New York.
Sehr Edwin, Francis, Bridgeport for New York.
Hclir Clara Sawyer, Sawyer. Mount Desert for New York.
Sciir Alnotnak, Flyiin, Rockland tor Sew York.
Sciir Mary A Lovell, Lovell, Middlctown for New York.
Sehr L L Hamlin, Osborn, Boston for New York.
Sehr John Loader. Lincoln, Somerset for New York.
Sehr Edward Everett, Thornton, Rock port for New York.
Sehr Cornelia. Craig. Boston for New York.
Sehr Freddie Eaton, Mutt, Calais for New York.
Sehr K K Gates. Holmes, Calais for New York.
Sehr Eureka. Daws, Machlas for New York.
Sehr Hanry Cole, Cole, Boston for New York.
Sciir Samuel Muldoon, .sackett, Nantucket for New York.
Sciir It L Tay. Brown Boston for New York.
Sehr C W Dexter, Norton, Providence for New York.
Sehr John Stock ha in. Hart, Providence for New York.
Sciir Cohaaset, True worthy. Bock port for New York.
Sehr Samuel Hart, Holbrook. Saybrook for Baltimore.
Sehr J II Young, Barrett, Providence for New York.
Sehr W Freeman, Hawthorn, Thorn aston for New York.
Sciir Pacific. Gin ft Rockland for Melville.
Sehr Isaac H Borden, Baker, Bridgeport for New York.
Sciir Henrietta, Sprague, New Haven for Now York.
Sehr K J Smith, Baldwin. Providenc e for New York.
Sehr Samuel ? Crocker. Thrasher, Taunton for New Y'ork.
Sehr .1 L Daholl, Molt, Nantucket for New York.
Sehr Kate P Lunt. Bowman, Boston for New York.
Sehr Winner, Nash, Boston for New Yore.
Sciir Roanter, Jones, Providence for New York.
Sehr Minqnas, Phillips, Providence for New York.
Sehr W X) Mangum, Chase, Now Bedtord for New Y'ork.
Steamer Eleanora, Johnson, New York for Portland.
Steamer City o! Fitchburg, Springer, New York for New
, Bedford.
Sehr K E Pettlngill, Joy, Hoboken for Boston.
Sehr Daniel Morris, Squires, liobokeu for Hartford.
Sehr Lewis Walsh. Smitn, Port Johnson for Orient.
Sehr Union Mitchell, Hoboken for Portsmouth.
Sehr ("has Dennis. Nixon, Philadelphia fur Fall Rivor,
Sehr Geo S Page, Young, Albany for Green port.
Sehr Cornelias, I'ratt, Newburg for Norwich,
Sehr J M Freeman, Eldridge, New York for Providence.
Sehr Oapltol, Paris, Sanger ties for Bridgeport.
Sehr Eliaa A Rebecca, Rudolph, Port Johnson for Provi
Sehr Dexter Clark. Cnrtls. Ellsabetbport for Salem.
Sehr Jane Maria, Smith, Newburg for Norwich.
Sehr Samuel P Godwin, Williams, New York for Stamford.
Ship T I) .Marshall (of Mliicld*), Hunter, from Newcastle
it J.
rig "I'locratn," from
Hr-jn J,
Ships ConitantllM, for London ; M.trUnn* V (Port), Lie
bon . M I'Grace, Itan Franeteeo; 1'ity of Ito.torf. Norfolk;
j hark A a. i IT f.Nuri, Cork ; hri|( hatousvl Liuil.uy, .Saw Urleaoa;
I whr Frank At wood,
| Wind at Midnight. NNW.
I Karoiontar at . m,ft. JO. IO
North Htpnkt, CB, Oct 11. 1875.
The glass Ml last night, between 10 and 11 o'clock, six
tentbe, and the wind rose to a heavy (tale from eaitward,
causing considerable damage to ?hipping. Among the ves
?eU Injured are the bark Carmella. of 8tJohn, NB; brig
Magdella; echra Wm A Gibson. and Harold, of St John, NB.
Ot he re are aahore (two outaide the harbor), namea un
known. Hie wind hauled to weatward at I'd o'clock, or oyer
elz aall would have gone aahore. The damage done to the
ehlpplng la eatltnatcd at 851* X).
Steamer Cleo Shattuck, about whlrh feara were enter
tained. haa safely arrived. The passengers preaented Capt
Guildford with an appropriate uddre-*.
Late arrival* report large uuautltle* of floating deals off
the coant.
Tbe crew* of ship Mayflower, that foundered at una, and
" P Jornado. wrecked at Buy Islands. and of ship Nuns
pareil, lost at Goose Inland, I'ape ltay, have arrived without
clothes, and in destitute condition. James KaniNay. of Eng
land, waa washed off a raft while landlDg from the Tornado.
Purser Reyes, of the steamer Alps, from Asplnwall, Ac,
will pleaae accept our thank* for fuvdra.
Stka a Kit City or Bkiilin's Tittr? Ma John O Dale, orthe
Ininan line, send* ua the followingThe lumen line ateamer
Ulty of Berlin, from New York Oct 2 at B AM from the Bar,
arrived at Oueenatowti at 5 :10 AM on the 10th inat, the ac
tual time of her voyage being 7 days, 15 hours and 48 min
utes, it being the fastest time ever made lroin port to port.
Kiitr Aurora?Capt Roberta, of whaling achr William A
Groaier. writoa to the agents ut I'rovincetown :?Aug 23, fell
In with dismasted Iron ship Aurora (before reported). In lat
3H 4<>, ion 3tt 25. Hor cargo was wool and graiu. She was
all burned out, except a portion of the cargo in her bottom.
Tlio tire was too hot to save remaining cargo. She wus a
splendid ship, built in 1874 at Greenock; hail no water in
her. 1 think, by appearances, the fire broke out iu her sud
denly, ami that those on board had to leave ill a great hurry,
if they did net perish on the wreck. We found a lady's gold
watch and several pieces of gold and silver.
Bark Oscar II (Nor), tt Point de Chene from Bremen,
reports that when on the east shlwor the Banks was run into
by the brig Roland, of Granville, France, in a fog. Both ves
sels were locked together for an hour and a half, a very
heavy sea running at the time. The Kolaml was dismasted,
waterways cut tliruugh. and was abandoned. The captain
and lit men of the Roland went on board the Oscar. Tho
Roland lost one man by the collision, and the Oscar lost one
man the previous day by falling from the topsail yard into
the sea.
Bitio ISMTX (Brl.from St Lucia for England, which put
into Bermuda leaky, had stopped the leak on the 7th Inst,
ami was to proceed on her voyage in a day or two.
Brig (not sciir) Elizabeth (Br). Kale, from Halifax for
Port an Prince belore reported wrecked on PJillip's Reef,
was a vessel of 141 tons register, hullt at .Mahonc Buy in
lsaiit ami owned in Halifax. She wu.v insured for $8,(?jt> in
Halifax oDices, vlr $4,(??) In tho Ocean, $2.i?a? in tlie Mer
chants' and $2.(Xsi in the Nova Scotia, ilie cargo was also
insured in Hallux
Sen it Ei.i.a E Tanner, of Oloneester, which put Into Port
Hawkeshury, CB. Sept 2H. wltii loss of mainmast and head
gear, had received all the repairs supposed to lie necessary
Oct 2, when it was discovered that her foremast was sprung
at the deck and rotten, so that the vessel would have to he
detained for a new one.
Schr Gkoiiuk Amos, of Portland, Me. was totally
wrecked at Labrador Sept 30. The crew wee saved. The
schooner registered 159 tons burthen, was owned by Thus
11 Chase A Co, II S Jordan A Co, and others of Portland, and
was partially insured.
SniR Liz7.ik I ye*, of New York, before reported abandoned,
was seun off Navassa Sept 14, waterleggod, deck burst up and
nothing but stump ol foremast standing.
Sciir H's Arthur, before reported at Salem after being
ashore, had a cargo of sugar, which lias been discharged, and
tlie schr is now on the railway, renuiring Tliu damage con
sists of Jlbbooiu, forefoot and about 20 feot of shoe lost, and a
small part of keel and two or throe planks slightly dam
Pishing suiir Marietta (of Beverly), Morrissey, went
ashore, no date, on McNutl's Island, Sliclburue, NS, and is a
total loas.
ALKXA.NnRiA.Ya, Oct 8?A gentleman from Philadelphia
was here tills morning imiuiriiig for the achr Northumber
land, reported to have sunk in the Potomac, tt is under
Stood the vessel supposed to bo lost was bound from Ycoinlco
to Philadelphia with a load of railroad ties.
Halikax, NS, Oct 11?The steamer Carroll, due this morn
ing from Boston, had not arrived up to 7 I'M.
Pill la h eli'Hi a, Oct 11?Capt Blaisilell, of the brig Fron
tier, from Barbados, encountered the late hurricane on
Sept 12, 150 miles east of Navaasa, which lasted 24 hours;
reached Navassa on 14th, but could not land.
Quebec, Oct 11?Capt Brown, of the ship Czar, of this
T)ort, reports having spoken the schr N E Symonds. of Bev
erley, Muss, in lat 44 12, Ion 50 10, with 2,200 ouintals of
Arrived at New Bedford Oct 11. bark Alaska. Fisher,
North Pacific Ocean (oil not reported).
Nailed from ilo 11th. bark Lu-titia, Church. Indian Ocean.
Cleared at Boston Oct 11, achr Uarali L Lewis, Cook, At
lantic Ocean.
At Enderlmrv Island March 13, bark Northern Light,
Smith, NB, with 250 bbls sp oil since leaving Snu Francisco.
A cable despatch from Capt Mas, of bark Addison, of Bos
ton. nt St Michaels, Azores, states that bark Sea l ux, of NB,
had shipped 141 bbls ap oil by the Addison.
Ship Orpheus (Ger), Michel, from Newcastle, E. for San
Francisco. Aug 21, lat 11 30 N, Ion 20 W,
Mark Frey (Nor), llalvorsen, trom Fowey (not as mis
printed) for Philadelphia, Sept 21, lat 40 30, Ion 10.
Bark La Plata, Phillip*, from New York for Galway, Oct 3,
lat 41 10. Ion 59 20.
Bark Cliebucto (Br). Lawrence, from New York for Ham
burg, Oct 0, 00 miles south of Block Island.
Merchants, shipping ngents and shipmasters are informed
that by telegraphing to the Uriiald London Bureau, ad
dressing "Bennett. No 40 Fleet street, London," or to the
l'urls office, addressing "Bennett, 01 Avonue de l'Opera,
Paris," the arrivals at and departures from European and
Eastern ports of American and all foreign vessels trading
with the United States, the same will be cabled to this coun
try free of charge.
Captains arriving at and sailing from French and Medi
terranean ports will find the Paris office the more economical
and expeditious for telegraphing news.
Antwerp, Oct 9?Arrived, ship Bremerhaven (Ger), lloljes,
Philadelphia (has been reported arrivod 3d),
Hailed 8th, brig Asia (Nor), Hauger, United States.
Sailed 9th, ship Helvetia (Belg), Nielsen. New York, after
putting back; bark Margaret Evans (Br), Hurley, Philadel
Arkkdkkn, Oct 9? Sailed, bark Sebastopol (Br), Russell,
United States.
Bristol, Oct 10?Arrivod, ship Sparkenhoe (Br), Kelley,
Quebec; barks Diadem (Br), Williams, Bull River, 80;
Brothers' Pride (Br), Brnwnell, St John, NB.
BkLrAST, Oct 10?Sailed, ship A A E Lovitt (Br), Wiley,
North America; bark Enchantress (Br', Boddie, do.
Uiikmkn, Oct 10?Arrived, ship Admiral (Ger). Haesloop,
Hailed 10th, bark Atalanta (Ger), Hagemnn, New York.
Dundalk. Oct 11?Arrived, hark Julia Fisher (Br), Bar
low, Kt John, NB.
Dundkk, Oct 10?Arrived, bark Alex Hall (Br), Irons,
Dunkirk, Oc? 10?Arrived, bark Brazil (Br), Ilibbert,
Falmouth, Oct 10?Arrivod, ship Ivanhoe, Ilcrriman, Lo
bos, leaky.
Gibraltar?Arrived, hark Josephine Martin, Fosgreen^
Girgenti, supposed for United States (see below).
Hartlepool, Oct 9?Sailed, burk Eliza McLaughlin (Br),
Dennis, United States.
Hklvokt, Oet 10?Arrived, brig Bertha (Ger), Saathoff,
Wilmington, NC.
Hailed 10th, bark Ceres (Nor), Boe, and Europa (Nor), Jo
hansen. New York.
Havre, Oct 9?Sailed, ship Jacob A Stamlcr, Samson,
United States; brig A B Strunuck (Br), Munroe, do
Jk.rsky, E, Oct 0?Sailed, bark Einlgkelt (Ger), Kantel,
United States.
Liverpool, Oet 10?Arrived, ship Westfield <Br), Hum
phrey, St John, NB: barks Inga (Nor), Huraldson, Quebec;
D Chupin, Bunker. Bangor, Me; Franc Luiubritli, Gray,
Calais, Me; 11th. Tatay, Pettis, Boston
Also arrived lllh, bark Algeria (Br), Brown. St John, NB.
Hailed 9th a 10th, shin J A Thompson, Thompson, United
States; harks Ht l'atrlek (Br), Hterrltt, North America;
Charlie (Br), Robinson, United States; Maggie Morton (Br),
Horton, do.
Sailed 11th, ship David Mnlcolrason (Br). Morrow, New
Orleans; schr Amos Walker, Dunn, Baltimore (not previ
London, Oet 11?Arrived, ship Plymouth Rock, Griffin,
Now York (not previously); barks Rex (Nor), Olsen. Que
bec; Capella (Nor), Olsen, do.
Limerick, Oct ID?Sailed, bark Ocean Express (Br),
Crowell, North America.
Lkitii, Oct 10?Arrived, ship Algiers (Br), Brlggs, Quebec;
bark Eagle (Br), Otway, do.
LonponpkrRV. Oct 10?Arrived, bark Kong Carl (Nor),
Hansen, New York.
MilkoRd, Oct 10-Sailed, ship Adrian (Br), Lloyd (from
Hamburg, having repaired), Charleston.
Movillr, Oct 11?Arrived, steamer Scandinavian (Br),
Smith, Montreal for Liverpool.
Nkwrv, Oct lO?Arrived, brig Cromarty (Br), Mcintosh,
Naplks, Oct 11?Arrived, bark Excelsior, Eddy, New York.
Qckknutown, Oct l<?? Arrived, barks Osini Duhrnvacki
(Ans), MarlannviJh, Philadelphia; Slelpner (Nor), Ander
sen, Montreal.
HotrrnAMiTox, Oct 11?Arrived steAmer Nerkar (Ger),
Moyera, New York for Bremen.
Shanghai, Oet 11?Arrived previously, ship Taltslng (Br)
Wilson, New York (see below).
St Uklrna?Arrived, ship Regent, Bray, Manila for New
York (see below),
Trapani?Sailed, bark Carrie E Long, Park, Gloucester,
Tkxkl, Oct 9?Sailed, scbr Grace Andrews, Andrews, New
Arrived at Oct II, schr Georgie Shepherd, Rich, Ca
lais, Me, via Penarth.
Lonpon, Oet 11?Ship Ivanhoe, Flerriman, from Lobos,
arrived at Falmouth yesterdav in a leaky condition.
Advices from St Helena, annonuce the arrival there of the
American ship Regent, Capt Bray, from Manila June 5, (or
New York. She had experienced a gale, and had her rudder
damaged. She would partially discharge.
Ship Adrian (Br), Lloyd, from Hamburg fur Charleston,
which put into Milford In distress, has resumed her voyage,
having effected the necessary repairs.
Shanghai, Oct 10?The British ship T ???'?]/, C?pt Wil
son. front New York Mat 20 lor Hhao^hs> a.rived- out
experienced tempestuous weather on the passage and loit 1
or 3 handa overboard.
PABis. Oct H?The bark Joiephlne Martin, Rant Fn?
green, from dlrgentl enpponed for a United State* port, bae
put into dibraltar leaky. The crew refuee to proceed to aea
on account of ber alleged unseaworthiness.
AariNWALL, Oct l?Sailed, brig David Owen, Chadbournt
In port Oct a schr Ann E Valentine, Potter nne
Bakbaikjs, Sept -3?In port, brig E A Barnard (Br),
t llleliy, troin Knltimore, ding.
It sua CPA, Sept 2B? Arrived, brlrt Excelsior (Br). Mayor,
In port Oct 7, brig Iamvr (Br), from St Lncla for England,
to Httil in a few days: ana the above arrivals. ^
Bkah Kivi.u, NH, Oct 8? Hailed, achr Mabel Lent fop Dem.
erara. "
Cakhknas. Oct 0?Sailed, brig Long Reach, Anderson
north of llattcraii. *
C i em f u eg on, Oct 7?Arrived, bark Idaho, Richardson. Bos
Sailed Hth, bark M E Chapman (Br), Eve. New Ynrx.
IJakiunku.kx, 8 'pt ll?Arrived, brig Daisy, McCarthy.
Constantinople (amisailed for Smyrna).
?laVAJTA, Oct U)?Arrived, ,te am era City of Merlda, Rey
nolds New York: Austin, Morgan, Kockport (Texas); lltn,
?chr Mnnantlco, Kandlette, Mobile.
Bailed Bth. eteameri Crescent City, Curtis. New York; 0
w Cord, Colton, New Orleane: brig Thoa Owen, (luptlll,
i 'n v'S' ,1'l>,rk *uriir' <sl"' Ceuto, Savannad; schr
B I) Etidleott, Baxter, New Orleans.
*^,XL'h'1,arrlViol, schr Aiielnide, New Vork.
ailed oth. brig Magenta (Br), Locklinrt, Liverpool.
(bm fc?i?'i P!i ln port whr MHr-V Baker, Thompson,
on "'turn next day.
FeraMdlna* K L "onnvar, Simmons,
1m l.. 1 l'?th. brigs p. H Williams. Coggins, Pasco
NaVaAx o'I'* (rtp)- B'ado, Charleston.
?chr4En!^BH^L'bvrt,^l'r ttub?rl"u"- ,Vak- ld*:
tri'|AAm" *,a~Ar odl ,t0*mer ?<"?<??????. Howe, Cen
Liverpool.'UCl 8~?le,lre'1, "teamer Barmatlan (Br), Alrd,
b,,rk D"r,'Rckho<r' n?n?.
PUT^<'w"n,V?^o^P^.a-8*11#a' bri? 8 (Oer).
Vangh'anev/VorlT.' I4~Arrlved. "clir Roderick Rose (Br).
York' ""*' *NH' "Ct 0-CleRr,*d' ,cl,r Tll? Rtar (Br), for New
Also cleared 9th, hark Walton (Br), Williams Caarnar.
von: selirs M R \V, Philadelphia: Sea Lion, New Vork.
I n v. Kate Agnes (Br), Ferguson, Cork: schr
Rl.ki n I.* ,r. ; ',Ith- "hlp Harriet Mcdllvery,
Blake, l.iveruool; brig Henrietta, do.
,n.''"vV".A."4kHl""v s,0l't^-Arrived, barks Wm Van Name
(Br), Watts, New Vork; .Sew Republic (Br), Adurns, do.
Liverpool1 A <0rc,r<)u,? ?ct ^-Arrived, ship Blanche from
' "il'v ?r Amo?" <H". Lalng, Liverpool.
NSW- ' s'""l Hy of Perth (Br;, Warden, Newcastle,
ra^rrnillM.'* 'U"k"W (Br)' Mulr' Liverpool; Be
Rheho "v' 'J ?Arrived, steamers Tallapoosa (U8),Me
T l'i 'h'nr1 U?" hltney, Hallctt. do; Allentown,
iiLii I, 1 iu: Human. Crowell, do; Johns Hopkins
Jm r,,n^ <Br?- aS
Mdris i l iJ ??n o u' "cllrn ,N s"'no. I'lteher. Alex
Baltimore ' KoI"louti Sl4dl? Willcutt, Barker,
n^'VT.'iT'n**"101, ,Nere'"'- R(>r',y. New York; ship Rey
^w York.b><,VereUX'
Hailed?-Bark Everett, Grey.
A^he'^'nViio' l|Kt iirAt-rlT#d' ,tpeoier Hibernian (Br),
Arclier Li\erpo<il; brig Kuluna Mitchell <uinm ? ..uj
Anna M Dieklneoa, Tooker, New Vork; II Prcscott' Merrl
d,"; M Vaniiaine, Holmes and E Closson, "Dough
erty, do, Mary E Long, Law, Boston: Edwin J Mur
risen, Lavender; Charles K Morrison Smlth^
Helen Maria. Look; U B Fisk Crow ell- I f!
Hickman St ( lair; K R Emerson, Sears'; Ada M Bird Kales
Ani)'.|,lke Jones'I?" l"l ^'' C1-Rrk' ''"'vldencej
A lien Ike, Jone*, do, John K Shaw, Cox, Sew Haven A (J
Lyori. Jeffrey: A 1 Cranmer, Iisard: Rodney Parker, Parker
and Forest Oak, larker, do; Lulu, Snow, Richmond. .Me; ll
A Kominell, Sampson, Salem.
Also arrived, steamer Wm Crane, Huwes, Boston: brig
Lophema (Br), .Mallstriim, St J ago: Aclirs Kate M Hilton,
Adams, Boston; II 11 McCawley, Cherrv, do; Bill Stowe
Warren' do' "lotts, Willetts, Now York; E E Birdsall)
Also arrived, barks Don Jnsto, Bennett, Havre; Usko
(Itus), LundgriHt, Kottcrdnm.
Cleared?Steamer lleorge Appold, Loveland, Boston ; bark
Maggie M (Br' ( halmers, Dublin; Brage ,Nor), Svcnsdcn
i^iioeiifftown or I uliuouth. ?
Also cleared, steamers Calvert, Foley, Charleston; Ellia
bctb, Clark.New tork; brig (Judniti (Sor), Hansen, Ncwry;
selirs I Harris Kirk, ( uvllier, Charleston; Orvctta Hervev
>ow Haven. Jt
Hailed?Bark (iiano, Belfast.
Sailed 9th, brigs Cora (Br), Dundalk; Potomac (Br) Dem
erara (not as before).
CHARLESTON. Oct H?Cleared, bark Hebe (Br), Baron.
Rot terdam ; schr VN F Cushing. Cranmer, Brunswick, CJa.
11 tta?Arrived, steamer Seagull, Child*. Baltimore.
Abo arrived, nchr Klla, Boston.
^ Of! port?Bark Reformer ^Br), from London via Sydney,
Cleiwed-Bark Abranam Young (Br), FarusWorth (from
Bellast, 1), Savannah.
?Bark Hebe iBr). Bacon, Rotterdam.
M Ml '"tLK ANs. Oct 11?fBeared, steamer W S Holt, for
Mobile; srlir .1 (? \N h.pplc, Utilln.
/?\)IJT*?W,5?TtC;cl, 1 l?Arrived, steamera MiBRisHinni
(Br) Liiiall. Liverpool via Havana; *appiUiaiin..c?, 1'endla
ton, Havana. '
rr!rl,lnLA'UKMI UlAI.2Ci lP~'Arrived, Rchr* M F Corson.
Corson, i rovideuce ; I h .Jackson, hrenoh, Boston ; Ge<?rire A
Marts Marts, do; BenJ Uartside, Htauford, do; .Jod Frve
Lanirlev, Wilmington ; Thoa Biunickaon, Hickerson, Boiton;
John hiusinan, Robinson, do.
1'tllTArr',vr,i', ?'??""?? Norman, Nlckerson. Boston;
Catharine \N hiting, Harding, I*rovidence; Beverly Fierce
" p A""le vVeston, Antwerp;
harks Hnflnung ((.er>, Uerlacb, Bordeaux; Mitgglo L
Carvlll (Hri, Bishop, Antwerp; scbrs Veto. Hender
son, New \ ork; h A Heath, Hatch, liang.ir; W O Bart
Bartleit, New York; Nellie Carr, Kronch. do;
David kaust, pnillh, Calais; Helen P, Jones
1 ortland: Kthun Allen, lilnke, do; S S Harding, Smith.
Boston; M 1) Haskell, Saunders; Thomas II Sweeney, Kied
man ; 1 ayior A Ma this, Cheese mail; S S Hudson, I augban
and Martha > Hull. Burgess, from do; Sailio W Kuv
D.nigbty, Providence; E K Oabada, .iwaiu, do; hsteilo liav'
Tracey, Somerset; K U Warner. Dickerson, Connecticut
giver; W K 1 helps, Cranmer, Providence; Kicliard Vaux
Peterson, Boston; Jauies ltlisa. Hutch, llaugor; Euima J
Shanks, Mnnroe, St John, NB; WT P Cox, Thomas, do.
Also arrived, steamer Seminole, Doune. Savannah fi r Bos
ton ; barks Frisk iNor>, Muthe, Havre; Care, (.ay, Lisbon
Agnstina (Br). Stevens, Ivigtut; brigs Eugenia, 'Marcellus'
Bangor; Deltnont hoek, llau-li, do; scbrs Ariuenia, Cole
Providence; t.lara, Norburv, New Bedford; It W lluddoll.'
Deputy, tiloiicesler; II J .tlay liiackmau, Somerset; A F'al
kenberjr Racket! Boston ; \ aslitl. Sharp, Ililles; Bonny
Boat, Kelly; II K Tilton, Birdsull; Sarah 0 Smith llanks
J Rose, Allen; C P Stickuey, Allen, uud II A E Corson'
Corson, troni do.
Cleared?Steamer Mayflower, Davidson, New Vork ? brig
Eva (Br), MeDougall, Barbados; scbrs M A I idsom. Rose"
Boston: h I blnnlckson, l'eiiuiwell, do; H X Miller Steel
man, t harlestown ; Anna Myrlck, Smith, Provlnuetown; Es
tclle Day, Tracey, I'all Kiverg K F' Cahada, Swain, Newport.
Also cleared, steamer l'ottsvlle, Mlnnett, Boston- schrs
Florence No well Keunlmore, Warren ; Wm .Marshall'. Cain
Boston; R W ilmldeii. Deputy, t.loucester, '
Nxwcaarig, Del, Oct 11. AM?Passed dowQ, schrs Sea
Dog, John Diuiglash, Margie, F. T Cottiughum, Anthea Ood
Irey, E sinuioksen, uud 11 11 Miller,
. 1 M?Passed down, steamer PottsWIIe.
Lkwks Del Oct 11, AM?Sallod, ship Joseph Flsb, from
Liverpool furtybee: srhr Monslta, for New York
Arrived?lirig Rotnola (Br), from Tralee for orders.
I'M?Bark Currie VYyinan passed out to-day.
Sailed at 5 I'M? Ship Nonautum and bark Aurora, fa
Coarleston, nod bark Hattfo dandy, for Savannah. r
RICHMOND, Oct 8?Arrived, steamer Isaac Bell Law
rem e New York schr. Edward Stanley, Dyer, Roc'klaud;
Horatio Mehola Dupuy, Albauy.
Sailed?Schr Woodnifl'jSlinnis, Pltaro, New York.
?SAo c 'JANCISCO, Oct 9?Cleared, ship Coudoren (8we),
Mai^lich, Cork. 1
X,i',?'f"rArrtv."|- Remington (Br), Munroe, Newcastle.
JiHw ; Iinporial, Crosby, Baltimore. *
Ut!,.T,!?.a'le,1'.?t"ll""?'lty ol Melbourne (Br), Brown 8vd
ney, NSW, via Honolulu. *
ST AUOL'STINE, Flu, Oct 9?Arrived, schrs E 8 Oildcr
sleeve, Jordan, and Juk W arren, Drisco, New York.
SA \ A.N N All* Oct 11?Cleared, bark Devonshire, Emer
son, Biieuo.- A\ res. '
-Arrived?Barks Llrrle, Carney. Boston; and one from Ma
tauxas, supposed to be the Lewis T Stoker; schrs J d Sto
v?'.Cl?y. Buth; B W Robinson, Harris, l'lilladeiphla; Kutc
L o' ''aV""ai Csthlo C Berry, Sesvey, Charleston. '
Sailed?Bark Alamo (dcr), for Bremen.
PhlladohihU?' U*' ?Ct 1?CloRro<i' ,cbr ""'en Sharp, Sharp,
Jul in I'm ?Ct (V?Arrlved- ,chr M K Rawley, Rawley, Port
loth?Arrived, schrs Nelllo Plarkt Clark, and Sarah Bor
nlce 1 roctor, B.a-ahec, NB for New York: Etta A Stlmpson,
Kobblns. Georgetown, DC, for Portland; Nellie Bell, Hcuiier,
South Amhoy ; F A Vlngee, ) oimg, and W 11 Maillard, Crow
ley. Kllsubetlipnrt; Scud, Hallowell. New York for Pern
broke; .More Light, Allen, and Northern Light, llHrper
Calais Tor New iork; Marlha Weeks, Somes, Steuben tor
Koudout; Susan Stetson, Lewis, durdnier for Now York- Al
bert Jameson, Candage, Rockland lor do; II Curtis. Br'sy
Bocknort, Mass, lor Pliiludelphia.
VINEYARD HAVEN, Oct 0?Arrived, schrs Ralph
Carleum Port Royal, Boston; M W drilling ( romwell ('i
?V1M'IIvilla for do; Florence N Tower, ami It
d W ilden, Iiohoken lor do; Aduir F Bonney, Auiooy fordo
Imogene, Sooth Ambov fur do; LueyAmes, New York fordo'
American Eagle, Fjlisabethport for Salem; Neptune'i llrido'
do for I ortland, llaltio Ross, Pbiladelpliia for do; Avon
lloboken tor Bellaat; II B dlbson, Nautucket for New York*
for d*"*"' ,t"ckl'ort' -Ma"' for d". d W Went worth, Calais
adefihia by_^Schooners Rachael, Sesrnan, Boston for Phil
atof;'iB?"lr ri,f St K}mo (Bl" *cllri 11 B Gibson, Cohasxet,
ftii'l b M Went worth. *
10th?Arrived, sc-brs Timothy F'lcld. South Amboy for
; ?*!lr * / r"'""*r. d"i "1 S Lee, Philadelphia: P
St Clair, Edwards, do, (or Portsmouth; W F) B.irnes, Fillr.a
betbport lor Bangor; Leonora, South Amboy Tor Salem;
Avory, Now, York for ??; Emma St John for New
br?Schrs Albert Treat. Windsor for New York;
Addle d Bryant, Bangor for Baltimore; Laura ,fc Marian,
Bristol, Me, lor New Bedford; Willie Luce for Norfolk.
Sailed?Schrs Judge fenny, Emma, Snowbird.
WILMlNdlON, NC, Oct Id-Arrived, steamer W P Clyde,
Doane, New Vork.
11 tb?Arrived, selirs Daybreak, from Belfast: Mary fl Col
lins, Somer- Pbiladelpliia; Walton, Richmond; \V S Scull,
Barrett, and F'raucis Satterly, Davis, New York.
Cleiireil -Schr Sydney 0 Tyler, New York.
WES I'FiRLY, Oct i^-Sailed, whr Messenger, Spcllman,
New York.
9th?Arrived, schr K W Bahcnck, dardner. Weehawken.
gain, as owner ha* other IiiisIoohs; register 17 tons.
Apply to DKOIIAN A ALLEN, 183 West street.
burden, nearly new, now lying ut the foot of Vesey st.
) position and Wood Filler for yachts, steiimers and ships'
bright wood work to he genuine must haur the name ol
Heely A Stevens. D B.CROCKETT.
The trade supplied only by SEELY A STEVENS, 3lt Bur
ling slip, New V ork.
r capacity 'MM) tons on deck; in good order. Address M.
d , box 174 llerald Uptown Branch olllce.
' to be soon loot ol " ourt street, Brooklyn. Apply to
W. E. UKBINLEAP. 00 Exchange place.
Absolute divorces obtained from differ
ent Slates for numerous causes without publicity; legal
everywhere; term- satisfactory. FREDERICK 1. KINd,
Lawyer, Notary, Private oflleet No. 9 Eighth street, near
Cooper Institute.
Absolute divorces obtained from dif
feri-nl States for nunierons causes: legal every where
no pabliclty required; noehanra until divorce gi inted aj
Too dee. M. llOLSK Attnrnov. 184 BruadwM,

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