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Maurice Dora ................. 150,000
Michael Hce.se 100,000
N. Luning 100,000
J. C. Morrill & Co 100,000
Kewhall, Mayno, Requa. Hill, Mayblum It
Howurd 180,000
Kidd, McDonald, Sunderland, Fry, Styles,
Schmieden k Co. 215,000
John W. Shaw Livingston Wadsworth, Al
w Ijfei'd, Karl & Boll 230,000
Carpera* or. Friable, Schutze, Kittle Ik Co 85,000
William 8?i*r?n (United .States Senator) 1,000,000
K. J. Baldwin, 1,000,000
San Francisco Stock Exchange...,., w 250,000
John P. Jones (United (stales Senator 200,000
P. Donahue 150,000
K. F. Morrow 160,000
H. M. yerinjjton 100,000
1>. L. Bliss 100,000
It. H. Lloyd 100,000
Sherwood", Tallant, Tuhbs, Morris, Fay, How
ard and Oliver. 255,000
Harmon, Dodge, Ashburncr, Uean, O'Neill
and Hooker 180,000
Lent, Cahill, Merrill, Z. He i'ierce, Rodiugton
aua Parrott 305,000
El.lridge, Swift, Sknc. Sliawan, Barker,
Huoyngo and Snotwell 106,000
Total mnount snbacribed $7,925,000
At the branches ol i tie hank at Virginia City and
Gold Hill, Nevada, the doors were reopened simul
taneously with those of the main institution, and a
large business was transacted on that day, in which the
deposits also largely ox led tho payments.
A quartz voln, bear il and sliver, has been dis
covered within tweui I s of San Francisco. The
outcroppings are mucii e,r than those of the Com
stock lode and appear qi. valuable. Tho vein Is ovor
fifty feotwido, and it is < i.idcred very extraordinary
that this apparently ri< li do should have remaiued so
long undiscovered.
At the annual me t iu of tho stockholders of the
American District Telegraph Company to day a board
of directors was olecte lor the ensuing year as fol
lows, 42,088 shares huvn been voted on:?E. W. An
drews, A. B. Cornell, lownsend Cox, John N. Gam
merell, A. W. Greonlcaf, H. L. Hotchkisa, Henry T.
Jenkins, Charles Lanison and A. U. l.allin.
Tuesday, Oct 12, 187&
liKOM CAIJ/?10 A. M.
530flo Un Pttcxlnk f.... 89 :?*> alia 0 A N W KR... 3.W
5000 C A NW roch., * % WW do 35*?
EOOahaWeatUn Tel.. 7.' . WW do 85%
:?w do 7.v-, ww do ?... :w
EUW do 75% 100 do b3 3B %
J 200 do 75 % 2i W do 30%
2<W 7'.%' 30 i Mil A St P KB 32%
too do 75% 800 do 32
17 NYC A II ERR.... 1 2% KXlMASFnf 02
6(K) Erio BR. ?3 17
400 17
300 do. b3 17 100 do 40%
400 Pac Mall83 3t % 100 do
5'*J Obi A N"W p? 40%
100 do 49%
1I4W do 30, 200 do 50%
ntui .iv? ?i ?t.L' onri /i? .a
500 do s3 St % 200 do s3 50%
5000 do St., .00 do 50%
14'W do n3 30% KW do 5<)%
UIK> do b3 31 w II A St Ji. 1H
KX) N J Ccn UK 104% -tat I'ol A Wab KK..53 0
100 do o 101', 100 l'ac BR or Mo 10
10 WL SAM 8 It K .. 200 do 18%
100 do C 58% 11*) do 18%
13(W do 5:.'.. 2'W do 18%
100 do aS 53% 2(W do 18%
UW do too do 18%
200 od a3 5 lot) do 18
1200 do lot) jo 17%
5UU do 83 5 % 118) do 17%
200 Mich Ccn RR 55;, loo do 17
KWCAK1KK 108 KW do 17%
65) Un Tac lilt ih WW do 17%
100 do 7% 400 do 17
101) do 1.3 t7% UW do 17%
11W do 18 350 do 17%
WW do (>?% 200 do 17%
1(W do s3 (18% lot) (i,, 17%
1(W do (18 IIWO A M RR a) 10
100 do (18% WW do 10%
900 ' 08'.. WW do S3 lil
KWAtlAI'acpf 5% 2(? do a3 15%
K W do 5% It W do 15%
IllW CAN VV lilt 30 100 StL.K C A N pf.... 25
10:15 AND 11:30 A. M.
KWIOOOU SO'a, r,'81... 121 $15000 U S5-20, c, 'B7. 110%
10000 U 8 5-20, r,'05.. lit! KXWO U 8 5-20, r, (J7... 110%
5000 U 83-20.c,*65,. . 110% lOOtW U 8 5'a, r, '81.... 117
5000 US 5-2U, r,'65.n . 118% tKMW do be 110%
KXXWU S 5-20, c,'67... 12U 100< W U S 5%, '81, C.... 117
10000 do 110% 21 WW do 116%
Flli.il IJOAKD?10:30 A. M.
$1000 Mo 6's, '7(1 101% 100 alia Un l'ac..b c.b3 69
20CW 8 0 6'a, n, A A O 29 2IW do 69
11000 8 0 6'a.ncw, n r.. 5% GOO do 68%
20000 Dia Col3-6o'a.be 60% 1(W do 6*
3000 Tenu 6'a, old 50% 300 do 08%
4000 B.CK A M lat... 40 11X) do a3 68
5000 C A O lat, con.. 29 500 d? 08%
1OO00 fc\ R 1 A 1' 7'a... 109 200 do 68%
0OOU N J Ccn lat, con 100% lO) N J Cuu KR. .b c.c 104%
G000C A N W c e g b. '5', 10 do opg ll>4,%
4(XX3 do K.% lOOChl.vNW be 36%
J1000 do be K>% 6O0 do 36%
1000 Mor A Exa 2d.... 108 300 do * 86%
SfXJOC Flat. C AUbr 91% WX) do 36%
1000 Leh A W B con.. 90 16 H) do 36%
4'?w Long Dock b lot 300 do 36%
3000 H A 8l Jo S's, c. 76% 4<J do 37
6<AX) L 8 1st, con. r... 99% 2ix> do 36%
d'X w 0 F ? Asli, new. 101 7'X) do 30;',
?*YW Ohio A M 2d '.??% 18.0 do 30%
KXX) U Fac KR lat.... 1< 3% H"0 do a l 36%
St AW Un Pac a f. 8' WW do s3 36%
2000 Tol A Wab lat... 82 100 do c 36%
2tXA)T A W lat. StLd 58 3'w uo ?3 36%
5CAW Alb A 8umi lat.. 111% ??) do a3 36%
1000 MASK lat.LaC.. 95 2(A) do 36%
22 ahaCen Nut Bank. 99% WW do 30%
10 Del A U Can. ..be 119% HWCANWHRpf.be 5u%
lot) Quick Min be 16% 1 " do a3 50%
100 do 16% l<w do 50%
100MLAMpf.apd.be 11 2'*) do. ?:V.. . 50%
2700 Weal Lu lal. .bo 75% 100 Cbl A (11 RR. b c 10?;2
73% 2tw So S3 103%
J (00
Mail 88
75% M/J do a3 103'!
4 iW do.
75% 200 do.
75 % lUOStL.lf CAN pf.. .b c 25'
751, 250 M A 3P KR... be 32%
73% too do 32%
75% 1000 do 32%
75% fW do 33
75% 100 do 32%
. 0% 4IX) do 32%
36% 800 do 32%
36% 6iX) do 32%
36% 2(X) do 32%
37 UW do s3 32%
36% lot) M A Si I* RRpf.be 62%
36% 100 do 62% ?
36% 400 ilo 62%
36% .(X) do 62%
36% KWTolAWttbKlt.be 5%
15 Adams Ea 99 - 800 do 6
200 U 8 E* be 44% 100 D, L A \V RR 118%'
10 Atl A Puo pC....bc 6% KW do 118%
1100 do 5% 2" W do bo 118%
200 NYC A UK. .be.03 103 400 Fac RR of Mo bo 17%
150 do Ki2% 21X) do 18%
KW do s30 10.% KW do 0 18
700 Eric UK be 17% 5<W do 18
100 do ?3 17 KW do 17%
4<W do 17 (XW do 17,
2(X) Harlem pf bo 11% I'M do 17%
200 Mieli Con RR 55% 700 do 17
200 do 55% KW do c 17%
250 do be 56 KW do 17%
1110L8AMSKU.be 53% 500 do 17
500 do >3 54 300 do b3 16%
1000 do 64% (A*) do 16%
500 do e 54% Wxt H A St J., RR.... . 18
1000 do . .53 54% 100 do be 11%
1400 do 54% KW do 1"%
70O do s.3 54% KW II A 81 J pi..b c.bS 22
1800 do 54 2 M obio A MKit...ec 16%
24>0 do s3 53% 200 do e 16%
3200 do s3 53% UW do o 16%
300 do 5..% 2(W do 16%
ltxjO do s3 53% 209 do 16,
8(W do 53% 4tX) do 10%
40 Clev A F KR gt.... W),% 700 do 10
10 Chi, B A Q UK.be 112
IL.i'OUt (HI.l.?12:30 P. >1.
$5000 U 8 5-20, e,'65,n 118% 20t shs Mil A St P....0 32%
2-XWO U8 5-20.C, 67.b3 119,% 2tA) Uo 82,
50UU0U 8 lo-4o, r IK. 3(Ai Mil A St F pf ... t.2
1UU00 Tenu 6'a, old I) 100
1000 Mo 6'a, I b....... 101% 20 N Y, N II A H KR..
6000 Ohio A M 2d 64% 21*' Uolo A M RR 16
3(XW Weal l'ttc bonda 06% ltX) do 16%
200sba West U 'lai.... 7>% UW do 16
ltx) do S3 75% KM do 15%
100 do s6 75% 100 Han A St Jo pf.b3 22
8' M Fac >1 nil S3 36% 2t W All A Pac n? 5%
COO do 30 , 100 Uo 5%
4 >')Erie RR 17 IO?Pae RRof Mo 17'
500 L8 A M s UK...S3 63% 100 u0 17%
5O0 do 53% 200 do 17
300 do S3 53% 21W Uu Kt%
300 do 53% 100 do 10%
(KX) do ?3 53% 4(W do 16%
1200 do 63% OtX) do 16%
100 do *5 53% KW do 18%
IX*) do s3 33% 21.x) Uo Ki%
100 Union Fnc RR..... (18% 7tA> Uo ju.
tOO Uo 68% -RW Uo J,.
5tx) do 68 100 do IHU
1(W do 6i% 21*) do
100 N J Cuu RR lOtjJ 200 <b> !;,?
20 . 6hi A a Kit 6% 3tW do 1.%%
2IW do 36% KW do IftTJ
3tA) do 3t.% .'W do H%
6 0 do 36 KX) do 15%
KwChlAN \\ RKpr.aS 50% WW do 15%
1)*) do .'*>% 0(*) Uo 15
1(X) do 50 100 do 16%
Km Mil A 8t F RR.... 3.% 500 do 13
6iW do 32%
$20000 c S O's.r, '81.. 121 $20000 U 8 5's, r, '81.'. 116%
IXXXI C8 3-2" I.e.'?2,c It 118% 5IXXA) U85's.lO-40 r.b C 115%
vWOO 5-2U, o, 65, u 118,%
BO AIM)?1 P. M.
81000Ceu l'ac g b 110% 260sha Un Fae RB.... 67%
2IXW Uli l'ac KR lat IIU!, 900C A N W KR....be 36
51 XW do be 103% KW do $3 35%
KXW Uu Fac * fund... 88% kmo do 35%
ltxw Mien Cen 7'?.... H3,, 3tW do 35%
,'AXW do 103% 3.M do 1.1 35%
3000St L,J A C 1st.. 1(X) 300 tit
llXX) S J Cen Ist.c.b ? 106 % 10O d.
38 ahs Fourth N Uk bo 9 % WW do 3..%
HW MarLAAl, as pd b c 9', 2tW do bJ 35%
100 W Un tel... bc.bJ 7..% 3.W do 36%
4<X) do... 75% ItWCANWpf be 49%
3O0 do 75% llW do 50
KX) Uo S3 75 , 21*) do s3 49%
200 do 75% 1000 Mil A SF KH.be 32.%
ftt*) do 1)3 75% 84 *) do 32%
<W0 Pac Mall 88....b? 30% 2(W do 32
JK(X) do 36% KX) Mil A 8 F pf..b .c 61%
181 Amer 1.x 5 7 25(1 Del, DA W bo 118%
1<X) Con Conl 4..% KW (Jltio A M ItK bc.s3 loi,
2i*l hrle KR be I. 200 do 15%
300 Micb Ceil Kit...be !H% KW do 15%
K*) do 56 KWUanA8tJKlt.be 17%
lot) do 55% 200 do 17%
K) N .1 Can UK beK'f, KX) (Mil A Alt UK 96
lOOChi A K 1 Kit ..be 103% WX) Fae RR of Mo. ..be 14%
5(W do 103 3(W lo 14%
7(W L 8 A M .8 Kll.b c.c 53% (XX) do 15
2100 do 53% 300 Uo e 15
24tW do 63% 2(A) tlo 14%
1(W tlo e 63% 20I do 14%
KW do a3 63% 10 do 14%
KW Un Pae KR be 67% *
400 do B7
I op do 67% 700 do :... 15'
2U0 do 67% 2(W do 14%
300 do 67% 100 do..^?.aa 16
?'W da 67 it
2:30 TO S P. M.
$50T?IT 8 ?'?, c *81.... t2SS? 2<*)?h?IIn PaeRR... 67%
4<K)0 M A 8t PI con 8 f 76 500 do ... 67
5000 Ui P Kit lit 108 aoON J Ceu KH..,?HO 103
200 shs K L 1 M, u pd 11 100 do ?00 1o2??
100 All A Poc Tel 17% 200 do l')4
75'7 50 104%
_ _ 75% 100 do 103lZ
ido do b3 75)2 100 do *60 101%
1500 do *3 75 I5 0CHUNW UK..
200 Watt UnTol 75% 50 do 104
800 do,73 1000 do i;; k;.^
1400 do 74% 800 do *3 85%
?i?r* ?l?? uM 747- * *
600 do ?3 74% 200 do 85).
H O NT C A UK RR.bS 102V 200 do 36)
100 do 83 102?i 500 do ?3 35*,
1UV uu. ., . no ""-ft
200 Pac Mail 88. :.... M". 20IK) do 85%
lygo do sev looC * nw rk pf . .. 4!j>.
?J67lcl >!<> M(U? Km An Ic-lf
UU Ml-. IV m V ? ?" ?? I".... lij,'.
2800 do 30)2 1(K) do 4b2
400 do 30 100 Mil A 8t P KK ... 82)!
X) Erie KK 17 50 do 83<?
? do 17V U*> do 32
400 do 17 10 ) Mil A St P Kit uf? 81.
5(8) Clil A K I It It 103 100 do 01*!
2( 0 L 8 A M 8 KK .83 3% 200 do ' 618
""" 58)2 loo ? ""
300 do 53)2 1O0 do 830 61%
V*) do 83 53), 1(8) do Oil,
eoo do M.S K8JTo1AWmI.ru..
2(8) do 53%
500 do 53*2 1(8) II A St JoRR 17%
7O0 do 55)2
do 53% 100 Tol A Wall RR 0
do 53', 200 l'el.L A W Kit.... 118%
do 84 53% 800 Ohio A .VI i.R 15)1.
do ..83 53*4' 2(8) do 1>3 15*2
do 53*2 1(8) 11 A 8t JoRR 17)2
200 Pac KK of Mo 15
400 Union P?c KK 67 200 0, 0 A 1 C KK.... 3%
Tomdat, Oct. 12?6 P. M.
The trado movement continued l'airly actiyn to day,
and in some departments a good business was done at
improved figures. On 'Change flour was quiet but
steady. Wheat was dull aud lower for all kinds, the
market closing heavy. Corn was Irregular; opened
higher, but closed easier, will) the advance mostly lost.
Oata active and decidedly higher. Whiskey dull and
lower. Pork and lard were firmer, especially October.
Coastwise freights and oliarters were easier. Cotton on
the spot was firm; futures were weak. Petroleum
was quiet and easier. Naval Arcs were firmer. Oils
were quiet and strong. Hidoir wero firm. Hemp and
jute quiet and steady. Gunnies were firm. Grocories
quiet and steady.
A ansa.?The market was quiet and without essen
tial change. We quote:?Pots, 6c. a 5%a; pearls, 8c.
Antimony was quiet and firm at 13%a a 14a for
regulurs and 13%c? for Nevada.
Hkxswax was dull. We quote (?Western, 32c. a 32%c.;
Southern, 33c. a 33%c.
Broom Corn.?The receipts of the new crop were very
light, and the general tone ol the market was unchanged,
with business confined to moderute lota. We quote :?Brush,
short green, choice, 10c. a 12c.; hurl, green, 10c. a 11c.;
green medium. 9c. a 10c.: red and red tlppod. 7c. a 8c.
CaNDLKS.?The Jobbing demand was fair, and the markot
was firm at full prices. We quote Sperm. 2Wc.; sperm,
patent, Macy's, 38c.: stearic. K. Mitchell A Co.'s (10 os.),
27c. a 28c.; adamantine (12, 14, 10 os.i, 12%c. a 17c.; porai
fine, 4's . 6's and 12's. 20c. a 21c.
CorrsK.?The market for Uriisils was quiet and steady.
The sales wero 4,503 hags Rio ex-KJukue at Hampton Roads
(for New York account) on private terms, and a resale ut
Now Orleans of 5,(8)0 bags do., ex-FIdcs, at 20%c. for strictly
fair. Mild codecs were steady. We quote;?Ordinary
cargoes, 10c. a 19%c.; fair do., 20%c. a 20%c.; good
do., 20%c. a 21c.; prime do., 21%c. a 21%c.; extreme
range for lots. 10c. a 22%c.; Santos, fair to good, 20c. a
21c., gold, ninety days; Java, government hags,26c. a 27c.;
do., gruss ututs, 27c. a 2i)c.; Singapore, do., 22c. a 24c.;
Ceylon, 21c. u 22c.; Murucalbo. 20%c. a 23c.; Laguayra,
2()%c. a 21%c.; Jamaica, 18%c. a 20c.; St. Domingo,
18c. a I8%c.; Porto Rico. 18%c. a 21c.; Costa Rica. 10c. a
22c.; Mexican. 20%o. a 21%c.; Manila, 21c. a 22c. ; Angos
tura, 19c. a 21%c.; Savamlla, 20c. u 22c.; Curacoa, 19c. a
Copper.?'The market for Aniertran ingot was (inn.
with sales of 200,188) lbs. lake at 2.1 V- a 23),c., cash. We
quote:?New sheathing (over 12 os.), 30c.; bolts, 31c.;
broilers' (over 16 os.), 31c.; nails. 38c. a 39c.; old sheath
1 leg. Ac., mixed lots, 19c. a 21c.; American ingot, lake,
23'0c. per lb. Yo low metal?New sheathing and bronze,
22c. : holts. 28c.: nails, sheathing. 22c. tier lb.
Coopkuauk Stock.?The demand was moderate
about former prices. We quote Molasses shocks. 32-inch,
with heads, #2 10 a #2 25; sugar shooks, with heads,38-Inch,
#2 00 it t>2 05; do., do., 36-inch, 4(1 UOa $2 25; box shooks,
75c. a 80c.; rum do., $4 25; pipo do., $0 50 a $7; empty
hogsheads. $2 SO; hoops. 14 feet, ordinary to primo, 4Gc. a
45c.; hootw, 12 feot. do.. 35c. a 40c.
Coiidaok.?The market was firm, with a moderated Inquiry
from manufacturers at previous prices. W'c quote Manila
(largo aud small size), per lb., II %e. a 15%c.; do. cordage,
boll rope yarns, 16c. a 17c.; tarred Manila, 14c.; Sisal rope,
11 %'o. a I2%c. ; New Zealand, 11 %c. a 121 ,o. ? Russia hemp.
ardjost the improvement: again advancing, however,
_b(ir!lj to weather reports Indicating probabilities of a
frost! ou toe string-til of which prices advanced 8-10c. a %c.,
with the feeling very bullish until near thp close, when tho
market again showed All easier feeling. Telegrams from
Liverpool are conflicting, varhqi-lv reporting the market as
from quiet to strong, with oiij despatch reporting that
there had been no substantial response by Man
chester to the recent advance, but that an
early Improvement in that direction .was expected.
As compared with the final prices ol yesterd.T, the market
at the close shows an advance of 3-l(ic. a 7-32c. ."H October;
3-16o. a 7 32c. on November; 3-16c. on December; "J6?. en
January; 3-l6c. on February; 3-ltic. a 7-32c. on jircch;
3-32o. a %c. on April1% 1412c. on May; on the (gQJ
months, no advance. Aftor 'Change the sales were
bales, including 161 bales for shipping, 1(8) do. for exports
and 17 do. lor speculation; October, 13%c. a 1319-32c.;
November, 13 9-lCc. a 13 !9-32c.: December, 13 17-32c
January, 13 19-32o. a 13%c.: February, 13 25-32c.
13 13-lOc.; March, 13 31-32c. u l4c.; April. 14%c. a 14 316c.;
May, 14 9-32c. a 14 5-lHc.; June 14 7 10c. a 14%c.; July,
14%c. a 14 21 32c.; August, 14%c. a 14 25 32c. Quotations
ue baaed on American standard of classification, und on
cotton ill store running in quality not more than hall a grade
above or below the tfrude quoted :?
- ? Upland*. Alabama. N. Orleans. Tar a*.
Ordinary 11% 11W 11),, 11*
Ktrlct ordinary 12 12 12', 12'.*
Good ordinary 12% 12% 12*7 12%
btrict good ordinary 12% 12% 13% 13%
lew middling 13 7-16 13 9-10 13 )3-10 13 13-16
Strict low middling. 13% 13% 14 14
Middling 13jJ 13'% 14% 14%
Good middling 14 11% 14'2 14%
Strict good middling 14% IP: 14% 14%
Middling fair 14% 14% 15 15
Fair 15% 15% 16
?stained?Good ordinary. ll%c.: strict good ordinary,
12%c.; low middling, 12 13-lUc.; middling, 13c. '1 he sales
were :?
T't-l>ny. Last Ev'a. Total.
Export 1,101
tarred, 14c.; American do.. 14c.: Russia irolt ropo. 17c.
Cotton.?The market for spot cotton, witnout actual ad
vance, was decidedly (Inner in sympathy with tho continued
Upward movement in future deliveries. Holders generully
demanded an advance of %c. a %c. per lb. over yesterday's
priee?, but no advance was Justified by tho bulk of the busi
ness. The business reported for export was mainly on Con
tinental orders and included a lino of 5(8) hales to arrive,
fully middling, at I4c., and a Hue of 4(8' hales In store, same
quality, at 13%"c. Ill the latter case contracts were given In
exchunge. this transaction was tnadu early In
the day, while tho contrart market was week.
Tho sale at lie was made about two hours later
on a stronger market for future deliveries. Tho purehsso
of round lots desirable for export and spinning is still at
tended with considerable difficulty. The market fur futures I
on tho early sales ^howed an advance ol l-10c. a 3-32c., but
Consumption 03U 570 1,200
Totals 1.731 670 3,301
?Included In the above arc i Ot) bales to arrive. For future
delivery the sates wero as followsYesterday, after two P.
M.?October, 300 bales at 13 31 32c., TOO at 13 15-16a, 300
at 13 2l>-32c., 200 at 13 11-ltks.; November, loo at
13 t? lrto., Ms) at 13 17-33C..6U0 at 13We., 700 at 13 7 10c.;
December, 4<iu at 18Wc.,ai)0 at 13 15 32a, 300 at 137-ltic.;
January, 2IS) at 13 17-32C., 1,700 at 13J>a, 200 at
13 7 10c.; February, 5<*> at 13 23 32c., 200 at 13 Va, 700
at 13 11-10C., 300 at 13^e.; March, 300 at lie., 4O0 at
1.1 13 10c., 400 at 13?4c.; April, 100 at 14 310c., 7(?l at
1 l'?e.. 500 at la 5-32c. Total, 10,000 bales.
Tip day up to two 1'. M.?October, 000 at
13 2732c., 200 at 13 1310c, 1,100 at 13
25-32c., 200 at 13%c., 100 at 13 23 32c., 1,000 at
lake., 300 at 13 13-100,. 200 at 13 27 32c.; Nuvember, 3U)
at id 16-32c., 200 at 13:t|,c., 500 at 13 13-32t\, 34*> at
1.17 10c.. 100 at 13,Sc., 300 at 13 13 ,32c., ?A) at lBWc.,
100 at 13 13-320., 3u) at 111 7-l?c.. 200 at I3>jc., 200 at
13 17 32c.. 1,100 at 13 ?-10e. December, 500 at 13Wc.,
fa*1 at 13 15.32c.. $00 at 13 7-ldc.,300 at 13 13 32c., 1<U0 at
133fa, 800 at 13 5-1 tic., 000 at 13 I 1312c., 44a? at 13 5-10c.,
2**1 at 13 1132c., 1,000 at 13 13 .12c., 2CS) at 13 17 32c.,
0<a> at 13'sc. ; January, 3UU at 13k., 714) at 13 17-32a,
I,000 at KtSe., t**> at 13 7-10c., SUO at 13 13-?2c.. MA) at
133.c? 2<?t at 13 13-32C.. 4410 at 13 710c., 600 at 13 13 t2a,
ItX) at 1?7-I0c., 100 at 13 17-320., 1,21?) at 13 O-IOc. ;
February, 200 at 13 21 32c., 10U at 13 1116c, 2,100 at
13V,,c., is) at 13 1038c.. M4I at 13 0-10c.. 1,400 a,l 13ka.
Mm) at 13 11-lOc., 600 at 13ijc , 511) at 13 23 32c.. 100 at
IHUaA March, 1,2IS) at 13 13 10c.. US) iU 13 23 32c., UA) at
13M0., 214) at 13 13 Hie , 100 at 1327 32c.. 314) at 13,'ic.;
April, 214) at 14c., l(S) at 14 l-32c. ; May, kii at 1 iVfc.; Jtino,
lis) at 14 13 32c , 4ts> ai 1 i',c. , July, 400 at 14)^a. ; Antrum,
4)"bal l l??c ToUl, 30,100Galas, uracil total, 4d,4tsi bales
The receipts at tbe ports wera as followsUnlvestmi
2,681; Nsw Orleans. 11,1)72; Mobile, 2,145; Savannah, 4,271;
Charleston,2 .MS.), Wilin.ngton, 421 . Norfolk, 2.WX); llalti
niure, 122; New York, 502; Boeton, Did. Total, 21.040 bales.
This day last week, 10,WS2 bales. This (Isy last year, 20,500
bales. Total since September 1, 356,363 bales Cotton
freights were as lollowi:?To Havre, by (team, L'c. a 7,c. To
II.un.burK, by steam, '^c., compressed. To Bremen, by
stem, la, compreseetL To Liverpool, 7-10<l. a Jjd., Iiy
iteaiii; by sail, .Vital
Kuthsbi were fairly active and steady. We 'iuote -Prime
new tceese. Hoc af,2e , choice do. do , t>ic. a 01c.; mixed, as
to quality, 30c, a 45c .; Inn feathers, 6a a 8a; turkey
feathers. 5a per lb.
Flan,?t'odtish eu In lair supply. The seles yvore 000
quintals (Juts'1! M fi 70, and I.undo tirantl Dank at $5.
Mackerel was very scarce and in lair demand; sales wi re
800 bbls. shorn at for N.I I s and $16 a $17 tor No. 2's,
and o(S) bhls. small No. I s at $8 Mi. Barrelled herring was
, ; boxed was senne and quiet. We qnote i leorKe's Bank
8???.Jp60a$BiOfand do,#5 Mi; Western. $4 75;ncwlarK#
S's, $8 30; new medium. $H; sealed herring. 35a a 38e.; No.
1 mackerel, 420: new No. 2 do., $16; fat No. 3 do., $I4<
large No. 3 do.. $10: small No. 3 do.. $10
. FkOjg* 4*0 Qnam.?Kocelnte?Flosw. 18.340 bbls.: wheat,
1*2,361) bushels; corn, 52,572 do.; oats, 18,875 do.;
SnSomf*1' barley, I'.i lMi bushels ; barley malt,
3,ISA) do. the Hour market was quiet bat unchanged. The
sulos wore 1.,(4SI bid- llye Was qaft Corn meal was
steady, with salt s of 1,BOO bbls, and HtTihafS at $4 15 a $4 20
for Brandy wine, S>3 50 a $3 73 for Wealern, and $3 a $4 for
Jersey We quote:?
No. Brttato. $4 25 a $6 00
Superfine State 4 y, ,5 ,yj
Kxirast.it# ? -...!.!!!!!!!!!!!! ims 6 25
Choice State .... i." . 6 25 a 6 7.
Huperflne Western Dtsia 5 50
Kxtra Woatern 4 75 a 6 is)
Minnesota 0 25 a 7 M)
Round hoop Ohio, shipping brands 6 75 a 6 MJ
Round hoop Ohio, tratlo brands 6 5') a 7 M>
Family 7 ,si a 8 isi
Ht. Louis, low extra (1 iA> a 7 IS)
8t. Louis, straight extra 7 is) a 7 50
8t- Louis, choice dooble extra 8 (Si a 8 80
Ht. Louis, choice family H 50 n ? 50
Rye (lour, lino to superfine 4 70 a 6 IS)
Houthorn. No. 2 4 M) a 5 m>
Southern, superllne 4 Nil a 5 35
Honthern, extra 4 )*> a 7 is)
Southern, famtlr . f a-., u u)
Com meal, WMtPrn...,, 8 50 a 3 75
Com ?eal. Jersey 8 00 a 4 00
Corn meal. Brandy wine 4 15 a 4 20
Corn meal puncheons *20 IX) a 2() HO
Wheat was dull and nominally lower. The sales were
St??) bushels, at $1 04 a $1 15 for ungraded spring ;
' $1 24for No. 2 Chicago; $1 84 for No. 1 Milwaukee;?1 20
for new red winter: $1 44) a 41 47)* for white. Corn was ir
regular hut firmer, closing unlet with a part of the advance
? lost. The sales wore 130,000 bushels, at 74c. a 75c. for
I mixed, closing at 74c. a 78c ; 73)*c. for white. Oats were
: active and higher. The sales were NO,000 bushels, within
I ?*? rfW of 40c. a 47c. for all kinds, and 50c. for No.
I 2 Chicago on the spot and to arrive. Barley was
firm. The sales were 30.000 bushels at $1 15 a $1 17)*
for Canada in bulk, and in bond $1 10. Barley ma!t
' Was null and unchanged. Kye was nominal,
i Bka.nh and Peas.?The market for mediums was strong,
with a moderate demand at full prices Marrows were in
fair demand and steady. Other descriptions were quiet
and tirrn. We quote Medium, choice, $1 85 a $1 80;
medium, fair to good, $1 70 a $1 HO; marrows, choice, 82 20
a 82 80; marrows, fair to food, $1 90 a $2 00; pea, 8- 00 a,
$2 05; red kidney, prime, 82 00; white kidney, choice, 82 00
a 82 10; white kidney, lair to good, $1 70 a $1 HO; greeu
peas. $1 70 a 81 80; Southern black eye peas, per two bushel
hag. $3 Oa
PituiTii.?Foreign dried?The market for layer ralpins was
steady with a fair dementi and fulljprices. The sales were
| 1,500 hbls. new, in lots, at $2 50 u 82 60; 2,000 boxes loose
muscatels at 83 25 a 83 00. and 800 boxen new Valencia at
11c. a ll}4c. Currants were In good demand and firm.
The sales were 200 bbls. at69*c. a 7c. for old, and 7)*c. for
Treur. Prunes were in good demand and strong. Almonds
were dull and nominally unchanged. Sardines were in
better demand and steady. Nuts were dull and un
changed. Wo quote:?Old layer raisins, 82 15 a $2 30;
new do., *2 Bt>; new loose muscatel do., $8 80.
Currants, SHc. a
strictly prime, 81 65 a 81 90; Wilmington, 82 20 a $2 35,
and strictly fancy up to 82 40 a $2 45; Tennessee,
new. $1 a $1 25 lor unfanned and 81 25 a 81 50 for tanned.
Dried fruits?The market for new apples was firm, with a
good demand at full, unchanged prices. Old were strong
and ill good demand. Peeled peaches were scarce and hold
ers were very firm in their views, llnpeeled were in mode
rate supply and decidedly higher. Blackberries were held
firmly. Cherries and ulums were active and higher.
Raspberries were dull and entirely nominal. We
quoteState apples, sliced, new, |Oc. a lie.;
do. do., quarters, new, lt)c. a 10)*c.; Southern apples,
quarters, now. 9)*c. a 10c.; do. do., sliced, new, 9c. a
lie.; do. do., do., new, lancy, 12c. a 12>*c.; Western do.,
quarters, now, 9c. a 10c.; peeled peaches, new, Georgia
fancy, 1-c. a 20c.; do. do., fair to good, 13c. a 14c.; unpeeled
do., halves, new, 9c. a 9)*c.; do. do., quarters, new, 8)*c. a
9c.; blackberries, new, 12c.; cherries. State, 24c. a 26c.;
raspberries, uew, 30e.; Dlums, Southern. 16c. a 17c.; do..
Statu, lec. a 19c.
' Gunnies.?The demand was fair and the market was firm,
at lull prices. The sales were 300 roils at I3^c. We
We quoto Common fence and sheath, per keg, lUd. to 6od
$3 15 a $3 25 ; do., Hd. a 9d.,$3 45 a $3 50: do., t'd. aTd.,
83 70 a 83 75; do., 4d. a 6d., 83 95 a 84; 3d. n4d., light,
$4 70 a 81 9f>; 3d., fine, 85 45 a $5 50; 2d., *0 20 u $6 40;
cut spikes, all sizes. 8*5 45 a 83 50.
Naval Stokkjl?The market for spirits turpentine was
firmer, with sales of 166 bbls. spirits turpentine at 40c.
Kohin was fairly active and firm. The sales were 1,300 bbls.
strained, in yard, aw $1 75; 600 do. do. at 81 75; 1,000 do.
do. at$l 70, 500 do. do. at $1 77)^, delivered; 300an. good
struliied at $1 75 ,400 do. No. 1 and pale, 81 IX) a 85; 150
do. low pale at 84 50 and 30 do. extra pale at $5 50. Tar
was in fair jobbing demand at fair prices. The sales were
10 bbls. Washington at $2 37)*. Pitch was dull and nomi
nal. We quote Spirits of turpentine, 40c.; rosin, strained,
$1 70 a 81 75; Wilmington tar, $2 25; Washington tar,
Jurraflt#, 61 (c. a 6)*C.: new do., 7c. Almonds?Tar
ragona, 18WC.: Ivica, 17>aC.; Languedoc. 17?4c. Bar
dines, 11c. a 14>*C., currency, for quarter boxes, and 22)*c.
a 23,.ic. for half boxes. New Valencia raisins, lie.;
Sultana do., 17c.. for new. Figs, Die. a 17c. Dates, 5c a
5>ic. Jordan shelled almonds. 47e. a 60c. Canton ginger, per
case. 88. Princess almonds, 30c. Brasit riots. 6c. Macaroni,
Italian, 14c. Turkey prunes, nominally, 9c. for Baryta. Leg
horn citron. 23c. a 23>ac. Naples walnuts. ll)*e.; Hordeanax
do.. 10c.; Grenoble do.. 11 He. Hicily filberts, 9He. a 10c.;
Nanles do., 8)*c. a9c.; Barcelona do.,7c. a 7He. New French
prunes, 9)*c. a ll)*c. Heedless raisins *4 76 a $4 85.
Peanuts were quiet, and prices were without
further change. _ We quote:?Vlrginia,^ good _ and
quote :?Domestic cloth. 13Hc. a 13V*c.; Borneo and Gouri
.. n i.13J*c.
pore. 14c.: Calcutta, 9)?e.; bags.
11 at and Straw?The market for prime hay was steady,
with a lair shipping demand ut about former prices. Straw
was in fair demand and steady We quote:?
Bale hay, shipping, at 65c. a 7()c.; retail qualitlesat $1 a $1 20
and 75c. a $1 lor new; clover at 50c. a 70c.; salt at 55c. a
60c. Straw is quoted at H5c. a 9l)c. for long rye, 55c. a 65c.
for short do. andooc. a 65c. for oat.
Hkmi* and Jute were quiet uud without lurther change.
Jute butts were in fair demand and steady.
The sales were 250 bales on the spot, 2)ac., cash.
We quoteAmerican, dressed, per ton, $270 a $280
for double, und $235 a 8240 for single; Manila
hemp, 7c. a 7>2c., gold, per lb., the latter for flue; Russia,
clean, .$2 20 a 82 25, gold; Italian, $2 60 a 82 75
gold; Jute, 3)*c. a 5c., gold. Jute butts quoted at 2)*c. a
3c., currency. Sisal hemp. 5c.. gold.
Hides.?The market for fine grades was firm at full
prices, und commou grades were fairly active uud firm. The
sales were 750 city slaughter, 500 dry Texas, 619
wet salted New Orleans kips. 265 wet salted
Honduras, 20O green salted lex us and 3,000 Ori
noco on terms not made public. We quote:?Buenos
Ayres, 25 to 28 lbs., 22)*c. a 24)ac.; do., 26 to 25 lbs., 21c. a
23c.; Montevideo, 26)* to 21)* lbs., 22)ac.; Corrieutes, 21 to
22 lbs., 26)*?* tt 21)ac.; Rio Grande, 20 to22 lbs., 21c.; Ori
noco, 21 to 23 lbs., 2l)*c. a 22c.; California, 22to 25 lbs., 21c.
a 2l)*c.; Central American, 18 to 21 lbs., 20c. ; Matauioros,
22 to 24 lbs.. 19)*c. a 26)ae.; Vera Cruz, 16 to 19 lbs., 17c. a
IS to 20 ~
18c.; Bogota, 18 to 20 lbs., 20c. a 21)ac.; Texas and South
ern, 24 to 30 lbs., 13c. a 15c., gold, selected; city slaughter,
ox, 60 to 80 lbs., 9)ac. a O^c.; do., cow, 45 to 80 lbs., 8c. a
8>ac., currency, selected.
Hors.?The demand was moderate and prices were without
decided change. We quote:?New crop, 1875's, 10c, a
15c.; yearlings, 1874's, 8c. a 12c.; olds, all growths, 4c. a
6c. per lb.
Iron?American pig was prcssod for sale on the needs of
sellers, and the reduced wants of consumers make prices
very irregular. The sale was 500 tons forge on terms not
made public. Scotch was in fair demund, und in tone the
market was steady at lull, unchanged prices. Scrap was
dull, but without further cliauge. Rails were neglected und
nominal at about former prices; manufactured was
steady, with a fair inquiry at full unchanged quotations.
We quote :?No. 1 American, $25 50 a 826 50; No. 2
do.. $23 50 a $24 50: American forge, $20 a 8-3: No.
1 Coltuess, 83d 50; No. 1 Ulengarnock, $32; No. 1 Kglln
ton. 829 56 a $36; Gartsherrle, 833; railroad iron. No. 1
foundry, $26 a $27; iron rails. $51 a $53; steel rails, $73 a
Lkap.?The market for domestic was quiet And steady.
Foreign whs quiet and without material change.
Manufactured was in fair demand and btoac'y. We
quote:?Spanish, ordinary (gold), $7 12)* : English, $7 12)*;
lwreign, refined (gold). $7 12)*; domestic (gold), $5 60 a
$5 6,>; bar (discount 10 per cent), 8^*c.; pipe (do.). 8^0.;
sheet (do.), 9)ac. Tuthaw's iihproved tin-lined lead pipe,
16Hc ' ,
Leather.?The demand for hemlock sole from mannfac
turers was fair, und in tone the market was steady at full quo
Molasses.?The market was steady, but sales were only
mane of small lots. We quote:?Cuba centrifugal
and mixed, 25c. a 30c.; do. clayed, 32c. a 34c.; do. mus
covado, refining, 33c. a 35c.; do. do., grocery, 35c. a 46c.;
Porto Rico, 37c. a 50c.; English islands, 35c. a 66c.; New
Orleans. 60c. a 68c.
Nails.?'Gut were quiet and nominally unchanged.
$2 12% u $j aa; plica, r- iu.
OILS.?Linseed was iu lair Jobbing demand at steady prices.
Lard was in good demand and strong. Olive was in moderate
demand at about Conner prices. Cottonseed was in fuir de
mand and firm. Menhaden was dull and more or less nom
inal. Crude wliale and sperm was in fair demand and Arm.
Wo quote :?Cottonseed crude, 44c. a 46c,; do.. Hummer yel
low, 5*c. a 00c.; do., winter yellow, 68c. a We. ; linseed, casks
and bbls., 58c. a 60c.; lard, present makes, 05c. a $1; do.,
winter, $1 02 a$l UC>; menhaden, Sonnd, 31c. a 33c.; Maine,
83c. a 35c.; sperm, credo, $1 50; do., bleached winter, $1 85;
do., natural do.. $1 Hi; whale, Northern, 68c.; do.-,,Southern,
65c, ; do. bleacned winter, 75c. a 80s.; do., uoiuMbl do., 72c.
a 73c.; olive, casks, $1 15 a $1 18; do., ca?es, H 5 u $4 50.
I'lcrnoLKtrM.?The market was quiet and prices wore a
shade easier. Qrude In bulk was quoted at 6%c. for
prompt ami 6%C. (or month; do., in bbls., at 10%c. lor
prompt end He- l<>r riUmth. Helmed, standard white, 14V4g.
lor pronitd and 14%c. for month; cargo lots, I4%c. Naphtha,
11c. for prompt and month; cases quoted at 17\c. a 1 c.
Philadelphia was quoted aft 13^c. a 18-^c. for prompt and
month; cargo lots, ld%c. a 13%c. Baltimore was quoted
at l3%c. a I3%c. for prompt and month ; cargo loU, l i%c. i
at 13%c. Tlie Creek markets were reported as follows;? ]
Titusville quiet, weak, $1 65 a $1 67%. Oil City quiet,
$1 70. KouHorllle linn, nothing doing; odoring quote, $1 62% ]
a $1 05. Tldioute quiet, but firmly held, $1 <U Parkers !
opens firm and steady; $1 45 bid, $1 46% asked for United. |
Snipments, $1 71%.
PotatoKa.?'The market for common grades was steady 1
with a fair demand at ubout former prices. Sweets were :
dull and plenty. Other descriptions were quiet and without ,
further change. We quote fiarlyrose, bulk. $1 25 n$l 37:
poachblow, bulk, $1 25 a$l 75; peerless, bulk, *1 a $1 25
per bbl.; sweet yellow. $1 DOa S2 25.
Pkovisions.?Receipts?Pork, 101 > packages; cut meats,
64t do ; lard, 1,040 do. The market was firmer tor aiiuost i
everything coining under this head. Pork was ran up to I
i $23 for spot and October. The sales were 60Obtli. new mess
at $23; 1,456 bbls. do. at $23 a$23 25; 256bbls.,seller(X-to- j
ber, at $22 50; 3,750 bbls. do. do. at $22 65 a $23, and
2,(XX) bbls. buyer October, at $22 65 a $23. Dressed hogs ?
were quoted at 10%c. a 10%c. Beef hums were neglected I
! and nominal at about former prices. Beef was quiot and
! without further change. We quote:?Barreled beef, prime
mess, $8 50 a $6 5U; ?*xtra met*, $11 a $12; packet beef at
$16. Tiereod beef?City extra India mots at $31 a $33:
India mess, $17 a $16; prime mess, $13 a $17.
Bacon was firmer. The sales were 200 boxes city
long clear at 13%c.; 150 boxes do. at 13c.
Lard wa* active and higher, with a "corner" in October,
contracts for later delivery being considerably below Octo
ber prices. The sales were l.OUO tierces Western steam, on
the spot, at 14c. a I4%c.; 250 tierces new M estern, to ar
rive, at 14c.; 75 tierces prime city at 13%c.; 60 tierces do. I
at I3%c.; 500 tierces October at 13 15-ittc.: 1,000 tierces
do. at 14c.; 750 tierces do. at 14 l-16c.; 500 tierces do. at
14J8c,; 5<X) tierces do. at 14%c.; 500 tiercel November at
18%c, ; H*) tierces, seller year, at 12 13-IOc. and 25o tierces
do. do. at 12%e. Butter.?The stock on hand was largo and
the demand was mode re ate and prices were weak and
irregular. We quote-.?State, fair to choice, 27c. a 32c.;
do., common to good, 25c. a 32c.; Western creamery, lair
to choice, 28c. a 35c.; Western tubs, iuir to choice, 25c.
a lUir,; Western Reserve and >'hmgan, fair looboice, 18c.
a 30a Cheese?The market was firm, with a good demand ,
at full prices. Wo quoteState factory, common to '
fancy, 8c. a 13%c.; dairies, fancy, lull cream, 12c. a 13c.; |
do., fair to good, part skim. Be. a lie.; skims, 4c. a 8c.;
Ohio factory, common to fancy. 3c. a 13c.
Riox.?The market for both foreign and domestic was
steady, hut no large sales were made, the transactions be .
ing confined to the usual jobbing trade. The sales were 20 .
casks Carolina at 8c.; 125 bbls. Louisiana at 7%r. a He., and I
1CJU bags Rangoon at 6%c. a 6%C. We auote Carolina, fair j
to prime, 7%c. a 8%c.; ljoiiisiana, 0%c. a 8%c.; fair to prime I
and common qualities down to 5\c.; Rangoon, 6%c. n 1
6%c., currency; Pain a, 7c. a 7%t, currency; Rangoou, in
bond, 2%e. a 2%c. per lb., gold, cash.
8KEDs.?The market for grass was quiet and nominally un
changed. Clover was scarce, and holders were very firm in
tiieir views. Timothy was in fair Jobbing demand, and
steauy. Flax was dull and entirely nominal. Canary w hs
In good demand and firm, liemn was quiet and steady. Rape
was dull, but without decided change. Linseod was dull and
nominally unchanged, v^e quote Clover, Western, 13c. a
13*40. per In.; timothy, $2 60 a $3 per bushel; canary,
Smyrna, $11; do. Sicily, $12; hemp, foreign, $1 80; flax
seed, American, rough, $1 6U u $1 70; linseed, Calcutta,
$1 85, gold, time; Roinbay. $1 86, gold.
Spki.tkil?The market lor domestic was quiet and firm.
Foreign was dull and entirely nominal. We quote Foreign
plates, $7 12% a $7 37%; domestic do., $7 25.
8TKARIMK? Was In fair demand and steady. The sales
were 45 tierces Western at 15%6,; 50 tierces uo. at 15%c.
We quote :?Western, 15%c.; city, 16c.
Spick,?The market was without material change and the
transactions were confined to small lots to Jobbers. Wo
JuotePepper, Sumatra, 15%c.; Singapore, lt>c.; pimento,
3c.; cloves, fiOc.; cassia, 23c.; African ginger, 11c.; Race
do., B%c.; nutmegs, $1 a $1 06 per lb.
Sugar.?The market lor raw grades was steady at former
quotations. We note sale of 100 hhds. Porto Rico at
7%c. a 7%c. Refined was quiet and unchanged. We quote
Fair refining, 7%c.; good do.. He; Cuba, grocery, fair to
choice, 8%c. a 8%c.: do.% centrifugal, hhds. and boxes, Nos.
8 to 13, Sc. a 6c.; uo., molasses, hhds. and boxes, 6%c. a
7%c.; PortO Rico, reflnlng, common to prime, 7}jc. ft S',c.;
d<>., grocery, f?ir to choice. s'4e. a st,c.; standard A, l(i\c
h ; off A, 10J.C. a lOkc.; crushed, llk'c.; powdered,
10?. d ; granulated, I<?^gc. ? IOXe.; yellow, tic. a t'5,c.; extra
C, f 'kc. ft ltic.; cut loftf, 11 }*<?
Tallow.?The market was steady; the salea were 65,000
lbs. ftt lokc. a lOko.
Tin.?The murtct for foreign pig wna quiet nnd wlthont
decided change; domestic was In moderate demand
?t about former prices. Tin plate was dull and unchanged.
We quote ?itftnea. per lb., 21c.; Stralte. do., ItMgc. a
20c.; Kngllsh, U ?nd F-. do., I lit,*!.; do., refined, do..
loCc. a lukc., g?lo. Platea. fair to choice brands? i. C. char
coat, per box, $i 25 a i>7 "ihi I. C. coke, )fti;i7k a $?> 75 ; coke
tcrne, *6 121, a Iffl ;i7X; charcoal terne. *7 a #7 37>e, gold,
Toaacco.?The market lor Kentucky was firm, with titles
of -toO hhda. at 17c. ? l*c. Seed leal w?? fairly active and
firm. The salee were : 300 eases sundries at 7c. a It&c.; 57
do., Conn., crop of 1870, at 8c, a wkc.; 02 do, do. do., 1H72,
at 25o ; 159 do. do. do., 1878, at He. a 45c.; 84 do New Yora,
do., 1873, at 6kc. a Sc.; 27 do. do. do., 1874, at Sc.; 100 do.
Conneetlcnt and Massaehnsotts do. 1H74 on private terms;
|A1 dm Ukto du. dta. 1873. at Ukr. a Ika. sa- t?asae wim
for wrappers; 57 do. do. do. 1874. At . *e\
WlMonsfu. do. 1873 aod 1K74. At Ufa., 7V * ' ?udPrIVAUi
terms; 260 bates lia van a at 88*?. . 11 ** 05.
We quote :?Light end heavy?Common 1
10c.: good lugs. I^e. a lie.; low leaf, lie. 5 * *<?? i
medium leaf 12ke. a 15l?c.: good leaf. Il^e. ?
17)*e.; fine leaf, l?V,c. a 20c;.: select leaf. lH^c. a 25*
Old crop?-Connecticut and Massachusetts, 9c. a 12c. Crop of
2?Connecticut and Massachusetts fillers, 7c. a 8c.; do. do.
seconds, 10c. a 12c.; do. do. wrappers, 15c. a 20c.; ft'euusyl
vanla fillers, 7j^c. a9c.; do. wrappers, 18c. a USe,: do. as
sorted lots, lie. a 20c. Crop 1873?Connecticut and Massa
chusetts fillers, 7c. a 8c. ; do. do. seconds, lOc. a 12c.; Con
necticut wrappers, 20c. a 45c.; do. assorted lots, 15c. a 25c.;
Massachusetts do. do.. 12c. a 15c.; New York assorted lots,
conimou, 8c. a 1 lo.; do. do., good to fine, 12c. a 18c. ; Penn
sylvania assorted lots, 18c. a 25c.; Ohio do., H^?c. a 10c.;
Wisconsin do., 7c. a 10c. Crop of 1874?Connecticut seconds,
fine iots, 18c. a 20c.; do. fillers, do., 8c. a 10c. ; do. second#
and fillers, shipping iota, 7c. a 9c. Havana?Common, Hoc.
85c.; good, 87)&c. a 90c.: fine, 95c. a $1 05. Vara?As
sortedlots. H7)?c. a 92c. nor lb.
WBlSKET.?Receipts. 563 bbls. The market was dull and
lower. The sale* were 300 bbls. at $1 17>?. a $1 18.
Wool.?The market was steady, with a fair business.
The sales were us follows:?30.000 lbs. Ohio fleece at
45c. a 00c.; 28 bags scoured California wool at 55c. ; 23 bags
do. do. at 56 Wc. a 00c.; 10,000 lbs. defective spring clip
uu uu. ?*i a ??*?.; lu.uun iub. unvvHiva spring nip
California at 2344c.; 20,000 lbs. do. do. at 28i-..c.: 5.000 lbs,
burry tall clip do. at 15c.; 41 hags short extra pulled at 28c.
a 35c.; 21 bags do do. at 22)?c.; 25 bags do. do. at 38c. ; 10
bugs lambs1 pulled at 4Uc.; 25 hags No- 1 do. at 24c.;
25 bugs do. do. at 80c.; 5,000 lbs. unwashed Indianna
combing at 44c.; 15,000 lbs. Rastern Texas at 31c.; 31
bugs Mexican at 22c.; and, on private terms, 13,000 lbs.
Cape wool, 3,000 lbs. fine Australian detaiue, 30 bugs short
extra pulled and 12 hags No 1 do.
Zinc was in fair demand And steady at 9c. a 9*?c. for
Freights.?The market for berth freights was quiet, but
rates were steady, in charters grain freights were weak,
while other kinds were steady, but without much activity.
The engagements were as fellows:-To Liverpool, by steam,
- ? ? nieaiu.
18,000 bushels grain (relet) at 9kd. To London, by st
8,000 bushels do. at ekd., and to Bremen, by sail. ?00 cases
tobacco at 22s. 6d.; 1(X) ithds. do. at 4<ta., KM) bbls. syrnp at
35s., 100cedar at 25a. and 25 boxes starch on private terms.
The charters were;?-A Norwegian bark, hence to j
Cork for orders, with 2,000 quarters grain
(one-third shippers' bags), at 6s. Gd.; an Italian bark (a re
churter), hence to Cork for orders, with 4,500 do. do., at 6s.;
a Norwegian bark, hence same voyage, with 3,500do. do., at
6ft. 6d.; an Austrian bark, hence to Pennrth Roads for orders,
with 3,400 do. do., at 5s. 9d.; another, lie nee to Cork for
orders, with 2,700 do. do., at 6s. Gd.; a British bark, from
Philadelphia to Cork for orders, with about 3,500 do. do., at
6?. 0d.; a Herman bark, hence to Havre, with about 800
hhds. Kentucky tobacco, on private terms; a Norwegian
bark of 456 tons' register, hence to Liverpool or the Con
tinent, with cotton, at a lump sum not made public; a Her
man bark, from Washington to the United Kingdom or Con
tinent, with 1.600 bales cotton, at ^d.: another, of 550 tons'
register, with cotton front Norfolk to Liverpool, at 15 32d., or
the Continent at l?d.; a British bark from Philadelphia to
Antwerp or Bremen, with 5,000 bbls. refined petroleum, at
4s. 7>?d.
Galveston. Oct. 12.1875.
Cotton steady; middling, 13c.; low middling, 12)dc.; good
ordinary, 11.He. Net receipts, 2,681 bales; gross, 2,809.
Exports coastwise, 2,9?o. Sales. 1,816. Stock. 33,139.
t New Orleans. Oct. 12, 1875.
Cotton firm; good demand; middling, 13^c.; low mid
dling, 12^c.; good ordinary, 12c. Net receipts, 6,072 bales,
gross, 7,423. Sales, 3,500. Stock, 55,107.
Mobile. Oct. 12, 1875.
Cotton steady; middling. 13c.; low middling, l-'We. ?
good Ordinary. 12c. Net receipts, 2,145 bales; gross 2,147.
Exports?To Croat Britain, 2,007; coastwise, 905. Sales,
1,200. Stock, 15,134.
Savannah. Oct. 12. 1875,
Cotton firm; middling, la'^c.; low middling, 12%c.; good
ordinary, 12c. Net receipts, 4,271 bales. Exports to France,
3,006. Sales, 3,378. Stock, 46,740.
Wilmington, N. 0., Oct. 12, 1875.
Spirits of turpentine firm at 30c. lioaiu firm at $1 37^?
for strained. 1 ar firm at $1 50.
Oswego, Oct. 12, 1875.
Flour unchanged; sales 1.700 bbls. at $7 2.5 for No. 1
spring; $7 75 for amber winter; $8 for white winter; $8 25
for double extra. Wheat quiet; sales No. 1 Milwaukee club,
at $1 34. Corn quiet ut 72c. a 73c. Barley iti fair de
mand; sales 7,000 bushels choice Canada at $1 24; 4,500
do. No. 1 Canada at $1 21 a $1 22; 20,000 do. No. 2 bay
at $1 16 a $1 17; 10,000 do. do. on private terms. Corn
tnoal?Bolted. $31; unbolted, $30per ton. Millfeed?Shorts,
$20; shinstuffs, $23; middlings $28 per ton. Canal
freights?Wheat, 5*4'c.; corn ana rye, 5>4c.; barley, 4*ac.,
to New York; barley, 4c., to Albany; 8c. to Philadel
phia; lumber, $2 00 a $2 20 to the Hudson. Lake re
ceipts?^Wheat, 13.000 bushels; barley, 22,600 do.; lumber,
I,113,000 feet. Canal shipments?Barley, 19,900 bushels;
lumber, 559,000 foot.
BUFFALO, Oct 12, 1875.
Lako receipts?Flour, 2,400 bbls.; wheat. 129,000 bushels;
corn, 73,OuO do.; outs. 52,600 do. Railroad receipts?Flour,
8,706 bbls.; wheat, 15.606 bushels; corn, 15,560 do.; oats,
47,500 do.; rye, 400do.; barley, 11,006 do. Railroad ship
ments?Flour, 8,766 bbls.; wheat, 15,060 buehols; corn,
64,000 do.; oats, 47,500 do.; rye, 406 do.; barley,
II,660 do. Canal shipments to tide water?Wheat.
68,500 bushels; corn, 83,000 do.; oats, 20,000
do.; to Interior points?Wheat, 33.000 bushels;
corn, 7,700 do. Canal freights?Wheat, 7>?c.; corn,
G%e. a &k; oats, 4&c. Flour quiet and unchanged ; sales of
660 barrels at $6 30 for spring, $6 50 a $7 for baker**, $6 75
a $7 50 for amber. $7 a $7 75 for white, $8 50 a $9 for new
process, $1 88 a $5 for rye, $6 50 a $7 50 for oatmeal. Wheat
dull; sales of small lots of Milwaukee Club at $1 30 n $1 30kL;
No. 2 do. at $1 20. Corn quiet and firm; sales of 10,000bushels
No. 2 mixed Western, at 00c., including about load to arrive,
go held
Hate neglected; No. 2 Chicago held ut ubiut 420. Kye
Inactive anil nominal, Hurley titill and unsettled; salon of
2,500 bushels Canadian at $1 '>8r. $1 12, according to uuul
ity l'ork dull, at $24 60 for ' raw mess. Lard dull, ut
14>3c. a lac. llighwiuos notui n illy $1 17.
? Tolkpo Oct. 12,1875.
Flour Htcady, with a moderate demand. Wheat steady,
with a tn,.,delate demand; No. 2 white Wabash, $1 24),;
No. 1 white Michigan. $1 8: No. 2 do., $1 17; amber Michi
gan, spot and October, 91 24; November, $1 27V; No.
amber Michigan, $1 041.; No. 2 red winter, $1 2o,'<,; old
do., $1 42; No. 3 red, #1 11; rejcctod, 83c. Corn lirmer;
held higher; high mixed, 03e.; October, t>3),c.; Novemhcr,
H2)?c.; low mixed, 63c.; uo grade, 6lkc.; damaged, 51c,
Oats?Demand lair and market firm; No 2, October, 3t?c.;
rejected, 32c. Freights to liulTulo mnro active at 2)ac.; to
Oswego and Kingston. 5c.; to Ogdensburg, 5Jic., ail fnr
wheat. Kecelpts?13,000 bushels wheat, 23,000 do. corn,
18,000 do. oats. Shipments?3,000 bbls. Hour, 22,OOObusbeU
wheat, 18,000 do. coru, 24,000 do. outs.
Caicsco, Oct. 12, 187.1.
Flour Inactive. Wheat active, but lower and unsettled^
No. 1 Chicago spring, $1 12)^ a $1 '3i No. 2 do., #1 lOspot;
$1 uy)t seller October; 61 o7?$ a $1 OD.'V seller November;
closed $1 U7)?, soller November; No. 3 do., 04; ,c. Corn
unsettled ana lower; No. 2 mixed, 58V a 5ti,C,c., spot;
58l4c. bid, seller <Ictober; 54j?c. a SeJuC. seller No
vember; 48,'^e. bid, seller all the year; rojected
67c. a 57\a. Oats easier, but In good demand;
No. 2, 34Vc., spot; 33),o. bid, seller November; 32k,c.
a 32Vc., seller all the year; rejected, 30c. Hurley quiet and
weak at HSC., spot; 961 jC., seller November. Kye?Demand
lair and market firm at 73c., seller October. Pork?Demand
fair and prices have advanced ; soles at $23 o $23 26, spot;
$22 70, seller October; $20 12)? a $20 50, seller November.
Lard?Demand fair and prices have udvancud; sales at $13 35
u $13 40, spot; $12 85 a $12 80, seller November; $12 25,
seller all the year. Hulk meals nominally unchanged.
Whiskey, $1 14. Freights?Com. to Buffalo, 3c.; wheat, 3c.
a3t4c. Receipts?Flour , 12,000 bbls.; wheat. lt>4,ix*i bush
els; corn, 87,000 do.; oats. 56.000 do.; barley. 40,Oik 1 do.;
rye, 4,000 do. Shipments?Hour, 5.OU0 bbls.; wheat, od.UOO
bushels; corn, 72,000 do.; oats, 55,UOOdo.; barley, 12 do.
Protidknok. R. I.. Oct. 12. 1S75.
Panting cloths sternly at 4>ac. for standard and extra
G4.\<J4, with moderate business.
Havana. Oct. 12.1S75.
Spanish gold, 227.'^ a 22R. Kxchauge dull. Sugar dull.
IyOttnoir. Oct. 12?Evening.?Spirits of turpontine, 24s.
3d. pur cat. Llneeeu oil, 24s. a 24s. 3d. Der cwt.
"If there exists an office which more than any other
should be utterly divorced from political considerations it
is that of a clerk or deputy clerk of a criminal court.
Kkcokdbr Hackktt.
August belmont tt en
bankers, Ut and 21 Nassau street,
issue Travellers' Credits, available in all parts of the world,
through the
and their correspondents.
Also Commercial Credits and Telegraphlo Transfers of
Mouey on California and Europe.
Any amount from fi.om to fsotooo to loan on
improved and unimproved Property, this city or Brook
lyu, term of years, without bonus.
WILLIAM E. LKAVITT, 130 Broadway.
fx. life insurance -took can lind a purchaser and bo treated
C< nndentially by addressing N. B., Herald ollice.
At reasonable rates?money on like and
Endowment Insurance Policies, Mortgages and other
securities: insurance nt nil kinds elfected with best com
panies. J. ,T. ItABRlCIl A CO., 117 Broadway.
^ ?PUTS. $100. CALLS.
stock Privileges bought anil sold hy ns on members of the
Stock Exchange; large profits have bean realized lately and
the fall activity lias only just commenced; we give all orders
our personal attention and guarantee satisfaction. Explana
tory pamphlet sent free.
Bankers and Brokers, No. 2 Wall street.
Spreads. $2liO. Straddles.
methods of
Stock Speculation,
mailed free to nnv address by
1- W. HAMILTON A CO., 10 Wall street. New York.
J.V. town and municipal securities for which there is no
regular market, bought and sold.
EDWARD ('. FOX A CO., Stock Broker*. 30 Broad it.
J\ disposed of. This popular annual has a rapidly In. roil
ing circulation throughout the Union, and embraces all the
elements of eminent success as a financial investment; only
$2,300 reqahML Particulars at uflkc, 2G2 Broadway.
J.Y? bought and Mid by the old established
Stock and Bond House of
No. 43 Pine street, New York.
2t. York city Property; also several sums to loan on lie
proved Brooklyn and New Jersey Property. Address or ap
ply to trustee, 3H Nassau street, room 4.
Bank blanks, slips, bills, receipts, note
IL adings and every kind of Printing, suitable for
banks, bankers, brokers and financial companies promptly
LISHMENT, No. 21* Broadway.
personal Estate and sale of public and private Sectirl
ties promptly effected by GEoRGE K. JONES, agent, otlico
of New York Underwriter, lot Broadway, room 6.
Depositors in the freedmavs savings bane
can be aided In obtaining their checks for the first
dividend. SAM. L. HARRIS, tifiS Broadway, cur. Bond si
i Brooklyn Property; principals only; no bonus; also
Leaseholds and Buildings in course of erection.
D UGANDA WETZEL, 92 Broadway, New Tork.
I and upward, on Improved city property. Principals
only address ATTORNEY, box 4,4ll> Post ollice.
Yonkcrs Property; ton per cent tocuvsr: one year.
.Address box 479 New York Poet office,
to BOKKUvJ ..|'t wfL? aeSEr'to? l>riat'1'"'U ll*
- II L. GRANT, 145 Broadway.
shinned 4ii i,Id- . ' "'"pany, to put MP work. already i
are ol irreat riMhi".' uV!"1''"'1 1,11 l!" "n"'tiufut: mine*
workedIdlr . I " '"W of ore ready t<> he
E2r ",r u??u?u- aj
money, without bonus, on apnrovSi A? in \?w
\ork, Brooklyn and Westchester county also purchases
Mortgages at lowest ratio. ' ' "w pun-uuei
J J wanted, to meet demands of a well established hoii.*
favorably located and liaviiig u good an.! growing trade An'
ply to OKKlOrt t CABlJfe.NTBH BoX'ay. P'
bought and sold.
Quotations and other information cheerfully riven.
A posing a live financial fraud. Should be studied before
"investing" with quark brokers and bankers. Mailed lrce
for 50 cents. MARTIN A BENNETT, ISO Montague street,
Brooklyn. N. Y.
ff The committee appointed at the general meeting of
the first mortgage serun per cent land grant bntidkoluers,
held at (cannon Street Hotel, London, on the 15th of Sep
tember, give notice that a circular by the committee, explan
atory of the position of the company's affairs and the course
the committee recommend, may be obtained on application
at the offices of Messrs. Navlor, Benson A Co., No. 34 .Old
Broad street, London, K. C., or Messrs. Naylor <fc Co., IH? and
101 John struct New York, or it will be seal by post to such
bondholders as furnish them with their addresses. By order
of the committee. J. F. TAKE.
Offices of Messrs. Naylor, Benson A Co., 34 Old Broad
street. I^ondon, K. C.; Messrs. Naylor A Co., 90 and lOl
John street. New York.
ff Estate within I'd miles of New York; repaid within
two years ; will yield 12 per cent; no brokers. Address A. E.
V., Herald office.
1 ot a capitalist willing to invest fit00,(XXI in a new com
mercial enterprise which will realise at least SfflUO.UUO per
annum uet profit and uo risk, and capable of unlimited ex
tension; will bear thorough Investigation; entire satisfac
tion given, and none but principals who can give a bank
reference corresponded with. Address SIB SlLENTIO,
Herald office.
vOl/V payable semi annually; collateral strictly A No.
I. Address WILSON. Herald office.
dfcorrn (win to loan on real estate in
^4uOl/?ul/U this city, Brooklyn or Westchester
county, for a term of years, without bonus.
JOHN F. CON KEY, nil! Broadway, room 9.
Uul/?UUv York and Brooklyn property, in sums to
suit. E. L. SPENCER, til Pine St.
"The Legislature has wisely placed the selection of
officers for the Court of General Sessions in the exclu
sive direction of the judges of that Court"?Rkcordkr
JY Business; Furnaces, Stoves, Ranges, Ac. ;.st??ck on hand,
about $13,(XX); for sule or exchange for nearby Property.
A. BLOMQVlbT, 150 Nusaau street.
did location, well established, doing an extensive busi
ness; best references given and required; capifu
$2,500. MALONE'S Store Agency, No. 3 ( hambe
id: capifu! required,
rs street.
Jx. lished monopoly; beat reference given and required.
Address or call oil II EN BY A. KICHABD8, 861 Broadw ay.
^.V and well recommended, can have Intercut in establithc
caeh badness; will pay $100 monthly. Call at 110 Nassr
klrout ( nu\m <l\
street (room 0).
Achance-por sewing MACHINE DEALERS
or milliners to hate a Store, iu connection with a
business long established. Inquire at 7'M Third avunue,
between Forty-fifth and Forty-sixth streets.
tiring partner in an old established each business; bear
ing Investigation; $5!>0Cash and strict attention to business
rc(|Uircd. Apply at 40 Broadway, room 44.
tablished in 1857: an Income of ?sUo<> yearly guaran
teed to investor. Apply to my ugent, LLOYD, 20 Broad
purlin un established Lindners (not commercial), it n*i
Loving #1,IXX), cun fiuii u ruro opportunity. Apply lu Real
Estate uBica, 2b West Twenty-uinth street.
Book, stationery and music store, with
circulating Library. In good running order, for aaie at a
sacrifice; lending thoroughfare in large city, within IN min
utes of New York ; satisfactory reasons for .selling. Address
J. B., box 16H Herald ofllue.
" / sale, u first class Family Hotel at Cnpu May, N. J.; ac
cotnodutions for UNO guests. DAVIS A SIMPSON,
711 Walnut street, Philadelphia.
phi a; a raru opportunity for the Centennial to a party
with capital; Stock, Fixtures and Lease; Trluiuiinus. .Milli
nery, Notions and Fancy Goodf Establishment, on Chestnut
street; location not oxcellod for business facilities: an old
established house, the owner wishing to retiru from busi
ness ; will bo not only very profitable during the Centennial,
but also as a permanent location. For particulars address,
for one week, J. K.SJCUT, Philadelphia Branch of Ueraiu
J.1 good penmen wishing to increase their income should
enclose 10c. aud stamp to box b?N Portsmouth, N. II., Post
fiom Paris, tvell known In this city, having a concession
for a first class restaurant on the grounds of the Centennial
Exhibition at Falrmouut Park, Philadelphia, wants a part
ner with $2&,000l A largo shure of profits will he given to a
suitable person. Address P. S., box 142 Herald ofllce.
legitimate, honorable, cash business; mnst be willing
to go to Chicago, and furnish undoubted references as well
as capital. Address II. C. R., Provisions, Herald olBce.
1 cil
j city, having a few spare hours dully, is desirous of em
ploying the same. Address PHYSICIAN, station D.
_ desirous of investing the same and services in some
established business- Address PRACTICAL, llsrald
_L Proprietary Medietas Business will be sold at a bargain
for cash or unencumbered Real Estate if applied for this
morning. Ability and capital will yield a fortune. Call st
44 East Thirteenth -treet. corner of University place.
I No. 21# Broadway, are prepared to do every variety of
Printing, Wood Eugi living and Lithograrhy at very low
Market, No. 1HU Eighth avenue, uear Nineteenth
street, inquire on the premises.
TT factnre a new patent elliptic spring wagon. Can he
seen and full particulars given by calling on patentee. 033
Hudson street. New York. M. CLUCK.
TT of fancy goods: capital required not large; business in
complete working order, with a good trade ; concern entirely
out of debt. Address FACTORY, Herald office.
TT the city; permanent position; liberal salary, and
security to any amount. No. 2 Broadway, room 14, 10 to 2
good capital as required to extend an established
matinfacinriiig business that pays a good profit ; ample secur
U. 11. F., box 11a Herald oflice.
iiy for capital. Address i
J], capital to superintend the manufacture and
sale of a newly patented article: production Indispensable
In every household and in every place of business; applicant
must be capable, intelligent and furnish unexct | tionafdo
reference, as the whole financial portion of the business will
devolve upon him. Cull on or address 8. ROTMCUILD, store
40 Vesev street, box 4,312 Post office.
ipUil'Uv lisfied business, now paying handsomely, and
. __? y, and
an fie largely increased. Particulars at interview, by ad
dressing COVERS, Herald office.
([?in (1(1(1 TO $15,0IK) PARTNER.-MOST IMPORT
taut agencies mat Europe accepted; busi
ness sight years established; new vslushlo article to in
troduce immediately; exhibition prepared for. Address
FREDERICKS, No. 7,^ Cooper Union.
VajvJ?''V/\J lisfied and profitablo business; an Interest
in the profits given for the use of the money; < per cent per
annum guaranteed; the advertisers have f <i.oii in this
business and huts no liabilities. Only Principals address
SECURITY, Herald office.
?[) 4 UiuUU? dry roods Establishment 111 Phlludel( hie,
011 account of the withdrawal of the principal capitalist;
located npon one of the leading retail streets; long estab
lished and dolngn first class trade; requiring a capital or
$75,000; cash if.'s1,1*10, balance on favorahle terms, with
tlie approaching Centl nntal, this ufTers a rare oppoftunity to
secure a first class business lu complete running order. Ad
dress, giving real name, II. A L., Trihuns office, Sixth
street, below Chestnut street, Philadelphia.
BRfNO?roTTlOKA?On Monday, urioner 11. uy mo
Rev. C McCredy, of St. Stephen 's Cailudic church, Mr.
Knwiitn Bruno, from Paris, to Miss Krurcca PornuBR,
daughter ol Alderman M. Pottig' r, of i'ennay 1 vania,
Bruno?roTTidKR.?On Monday, October 11, by Ihn
daughter 1 -
Holt?Marshall?At Baxolwood, tho residence of
Mrs. S. P. Lees, October, 7, by tha Rev. Alfred Ran
dolph, of Baltimore, the Kcv. Cuarlxs J, Holt, to L"sa
Fanxt Marshall.
Hortok?Dam.kt,?On Tuesday, October 12. at tho
Church of tho Holy Communion, by the Rev. F. E.
Lawrence, D. D , Alkxandkr II. Morton, Jr., l>Al*iua
j daughter of Samuel H. Danley. No cards.
HOPTOIS?ChapHa*.?On Tuesday, the 12th Inst, Jacob
Hortoh, of Eat Ftahklll, N. Y., to Minmr J. V. Chap
man, daughter of the late William It. Chapman, at tho
residence of the bride's parents, Mr. and Mra William
J. Valentine, in Fordham, N. Y. No cards.
Oaklrt?WHrreoH.?On Monday, October 11, 1875, nt
tho residence or tho bride's parents, by the liev, U. W.
Conkling. D. D., Mr. Solomon UAxugt. at Brooklyn,
N. T ., to Miss Sarah Y. Wnrfsow, daugbtorof L Young*
Whllaon, Esq., ol Una city.
Olcott?CtAl'f.?At St. James' church, on Tic "lay,
October II by tiio Hov. Phillip* Brook*, EkmKT it
OtbOorr, of New York, ?lid Mary Gardner ("lai'I',
daughter of J. Gardner Clapp. ?t Boa ton Highland*
Spring?Gilston ?Ou Wednesday, titli inst., by the
Rev. K. P Ingersoii, Pkidrrick Spkino, Jr., to Lydia,
daughter of John Gelston, Esq., ail of Brooklyn.
Brown?In Brooklyn, E. !> , on Monday October 11,
Emma I,. Brown. eldest daughter of J. N. lirown.
Relatives and tricuds of tlie family arc respectfully
in\ Itcit t.. attend the fuoeral, at the Ross street Presby
terian church, on 1 hqrsday afternoon, hi two o'clock
( ai.i.khv.?lb Monday, October XI. at her residence.
No. lid', Hcamiuel street, Ann Long, beloved wile ol
John Callcry, aged fix years.
A solemn mar- ol requiem for the repose of her soul
will be celebrated at St Mary's church, corner Grand
ami Kidgo streets, at half past nino A. M on Thursday,
14th ittst., from whence her remains will be conveyed
to Calvary Cemetery for interment. Relatives aud
friends ol the family are requ<-?ted to attend.
Carton?Suddenly, on October 10, at the residence
of her parents, Jo I.oe avenue, Brooklyn, E. 1). Mrs.
Eliza Carton.
Relatives and friends are respectfully invited to at
tend the funeral trom the Church of Su. Peter and
Paul, on Wednesday. October 13, at ten o'clock A. M.
Claomn.?-At Herford, Prussia, on Priday, Septem
ber 24, Cakolink, w.duwof tlie late Henry Clausen iu
the U4tli year of her age.
Relatives and friends are respectfully Invited to at
tend tbo inner*!, from m. Peter's church, corner of
Korty-sixth street and Lexington avenue, on Wednes
day afternoon, October 13, ii one o'clock. Her remains
will he taken to Greenwood Cemetery.
Got km as.?On Tuesday, October 19, Mart Coleman,
Wife of David ?olemen, in lier 4Mb year.
Relatives aud friends of her family are respectfully
Invited to attend her funeral, from St.. Lawrence's
church, Eighty fourth street, between Madison and
Fourth avenues, on Thursday, October 14, at ton
o'clock A. M.
Cooi.ky.-?On Monday October 11, at the residence
of her parents, No. s Perry street, Mrs. Cornklia E.
The relatives an I friends are respectfully invited to
attend the funeral, from the Reformed Dutch church,
corner of l.alay ette place and Fourth street, this
(Wednesday) afternoon, at three o'clock.
CoxuROvK.?On Mouiiay (h t 11, alter a short illness.
Patrick Cosgrovk, in the 00th year ol bis age, ol
Ballyroagh, county Fermanagh, parish oi Tempo,
Funeral on Wednesday ai one o'clock. Friends and
acquaintance* are respectfully invited to attend the
funeral from his Into residence, No. 342 East Forty
eignth street.
Crookk.?Suddenly, at his residence in this city, on
Monday, October 11, Charles Crooks, in tho S2d year
or his age.
Notice of funeral hereafter.
Crowlkt.?On Monday. October 11, after a long and
painful illness, Julia A. Crowley
Tho relatives and (fiends ot til ? family are respect
fully invited to attend the funeral, from her late resi
dence, 20U East 119th streot (Harlem), at nine o'clock,
this (Wednesday) morning; thence to tho Church of St.
Vincent Ferrer, .Sixty-sixth stroet and Lexington ave
nue, where a solemn high mas* of requiem will be
offered for the repose of her soul, and thonce to Calvary
Day. ?At West Hoboken. N. J., of heart disease,
Maria Tiikkksa. beloved wife of Benjamin Day.
Tho friends of the family are invited to attend th?
funeral, at the Baptist Church, West Hoboken, at
eleven A. M., Wednesday. October 13.
Donaldson.?on October 10, at Newark. N. J., after
a loug and painful illness, Henry Donaldson, iu tho 71st
year of his age.
The relatives and friends of the family are respect
fully invited to attend his funeral, this day, at thre*
o'c lock, from his lato residence, 4'J Nassau street, New
ark, N. J.
Flanagan.?On Tuesday, Oetoher 19, 1875. Maooi*
R., youngest daughter of John and Margaret Flanagan.
Funoral will take pluce from tho resident* ol her
parents, No. 125 Smith streot, Brooklyn, on Thursday,
tho 14th inst., at two o'clock P. M.
Flyn.y.?Robert A. Vim eiit, Tho members of th*
Young Men's Catholic Association ol St. Patrick's Ca
thedral arc requested to meet at their rooms, 165 Motl
street, on Wednesday morning, October 13, at eleven
o'clock, to attend the funeral.
M. H. WHISTLER. President.
Gallagher.?On Monday, Octobor 11, Carrie Gal
lagher, youngest daughter of John and Futinio Gal
The relatives and friends are respectfully invited to
attend the funeral, from their residence, 146 First ave
nue, Wodpesdny, 13th inst., ot half-past one P. M.
Gkrkev.?On Sunday, October 10, after a lingering
illness, John Gkkkkn, aged 30 years, 10 mouths and 3
Relatives and friends are respectfully Invited to at
tend the t'uueral, from St. John's Lutheran church,
Christopher streot, near Bleeckar, on Wednesday,
October 13, at h ill-past one o'clock.
Uidmnus.?Suddeuly, ou Monday, 11th Inst.. Ham
mond J., Infant son of George H. and Julia M. Glddingat
Relatives and friends aro invited to tho funeral ser
vices, it 307 Filth avenue, this (Wednesday) morning,
at ten o'clock.
Gikucn,?On Monday, October 11, 1875, at Ridgeweod,
N. J., Daniel Gikrkn, aged 43 years, formerly of this
City, and a member of Templar Lodge 203, F. and A. M.
Not id* of the funeral in to morrow's papers.
On.lies.?<>n Sunday, October 10, Aqnks Fergcsox,
wife of William Gillies, aged 31 years.
Tbo relative* aud friends oi tho family are respect
fully Invited to attend her luneral, this (Wednesday) af
ternoon, at one o'clock,-JVom the residence of he?
brother-in-law, No. lfi'j Grand street, Jersey City.
Haviland.?(hi Monday, October 11. Crack'Li vino
stone, only daughter ot Henry ami Phoobo J. Haviland.
aged 2 years ami 7 mouths.
Funeral trom tho residence of her parents, 327 Wert
forty-tilth street, Thursday morning, at ten o'clock.
Hkndrickson.?Suddenly, at his residence, on the
morning of tho 12th inst., M. G. Ckawpord Ukndrick
?on, agca 40 years.
'Ih? relatives and friends of the family are invited to
attend his funeral, at his residence, in Middletown,
K. J., on Thursday, October 14, at one o'clock P. M.
Horto?.?At Wliite Plains, October 12, 1875, Ki.isila
Houton, in the s6th year of his age.
Funeral services at his late residence, on Broadway,
White Plains, Thursday, October 14, at two P. M. Traiua
leave Grand Control depot, at 10:30 and 11:40 A. M.
Jay.?On Monday, October 11, the Rev. I?kter A.
Jay, son ot John C. and Laura Jay, In the 36th year of
h is ago.
Funeral from Christ church, Rye, on Thursday, 14th
lust., at hall-past ton A. M. Carriages will meet the
Dine A. M. train, Netv Haven Railroad, at ltye station.
Johnson.?On Tuosdsy, October 12, at the residence
of her parents, Mart E., eldest daughter of W. A. and
Frances K. Johnson, in the 25th year of her age.
Due notice ol luneral will be given.
Kinosland.?On Sunday, October 10, Jenntb A.
Kinosland, daughter of tlio late David A. Kingslnnd,
aged 26 years and 3 months.
The relatives aud friends of the family are respectfully
invltod to attend the funeral, from the residence ol
her mother, No. 186 Java street. Greenpoint, on Thurs
day, October 14, at two o'clock P. M.
Lindow.? Suddenly, on Monday, tho 11th Inst.,
Sarah, beloved wile of Joseph I.todow.
Relatives and friends are respectfully invited to at
tend tho funeral, this (Wednesilay) morning, at nine
o'clock, from tier late residence, 22-1 East Futy-second
Liltinotch,?At Centre Moriches, L. 1., October 8,
1876, Prtkr Linington, In the 70th year of his age.
Lynch ?After a lingering illness. Hugh Lynch. only
son of Philip Lynch, ol Bailioborough. county Cavun,
Ireland, aged ail years, 2 months aud 12 days.
The Mechanics' Union Association and inends or the
family are invited to attend the funeral, from his lata
residence, No. 381 Kliz iiieth street, this day (Wednes
day), at two o'clock.
HlIU?At Saratoga Springs, on Tuesday, October 12.
1876, Mr. John Mkkks, of Una city, in tho 76th year of
his ago.
No-ice of luneral hereafter.
Parkkr.?on Monday, October 11, Jkannrtt, daugb
ter of William and Jane Parker.
Nearer, my God, to Thee.
Tho relatives and friends are respectfully invited to
attend the funeral, from her late residence. No di d
Greenwich street, this (Wednesday) afternoon, at one
.Swansea (Wales) papers please copy.
?Pattkn.?At 275 Lexington avenue, on Tuesday
morning, at soven o'clock, Isbslla F. Pattkn, aged 31
Notice of hmcral hereafter.
Robinson.?At her residence, Na 859 Sixth avenue,
on Tueeday morning, MAinJAio.r E., the beloved wife of
j Charles W. Robinson, la the 30th year of her age.
The remains will bo taken this (Wednesday) evoning,
I 13th Inst., to Boston for Interment
Root?On .Saturday, October 9, 1875, alter a brief
' illness, at tho re* Idenco of hor son-in-law, Watson J.
Ilildretli, No. 364 Lexington avenue, Mrs. Hanky W.
V Funeral service will be held at ft. Albans' chureh,
at twelve o'clook, noon, to day. Her romains will be
t*k< a to Woodiawn cemetery,
i Rochester (N. Y.) and Philadelphia (Pa.) paper*
1 please Copy.
Savaok. ?Afler a short illness, on Monday, October
11, isia, John Arthur Savagr, aged 37.
i'lie relatives and friends ol the family are rospoet
flilly invited to attend tho funeral, Irotn his late real
denoe, 1,389 Broadway, OB Wednesday, iHo 13th inst.,
at ten o'clock A. M. fhe remains will bo conveyed to
Greenwood Cemetery for interment.
Travis.?mi Monday, October 11, Francira, wife of
Jesse Travis, In tho 63d yoar of her ago.
Funeral will take place this (Wednesday) afternoon,
at half paet two o'clock, from hor lato resldenco, Nov
493M willottghby avmi'ie. The remains will be taken
to katonah, Westchester county, on tho 10:30 A. M.
tram, on Thursday morning.
Vkkmilyk ?At Mount Vernon, on Monday, October
11, Lavinia VKitMiLvr, aged 38 years, only child ol Sarali
A. Verm,lye.
Funeral eervlers at St. Paul's church, F.astchester,
on Thursday, October 11, at half-past one 1'. M. Frieude
are ttivlled to attend. Intorment at Yonkers.
Wauswiirth. ?on Monday evening, Octolier 11, at
his residence, 257 Wi st Twenty Third street, John
Wamworth, of this city.
Relutives and friends are invited to attend the fu
neral, from his house, on Thursday, October 14, at hull
past ten o'clock, A. M. Remains will bo taken to Wash
ington for interment.
Wai.su. ? On October 13, Jamks Walsh, nged 30 year*
Friends are invited to attend tho (uuoral, from hie
Into resideneo, No. 115 Union street, Brooklyn, on
Thursday, Octolier 14, at two P. M.
Williams.?In Rome, Italy, April 3, Rev. Frrdrrick
W. Williams, only sou of tho lato Dr. Merrill W. W il
Relatives and friends of the family nrn Invited to at
tend the luneral, on Wednesday, October 13, at three
o'clock, at the residence of hti brother-in-law, Robert
M. Gallaway, No. 115 East Thirty suttn street.
Wood. ? Ootobcr 9, 1875, Wiluam Skidoy Woob, a M.
Funeral from Roosevelt HouiitaL Wednesday. 13th
inst., at two o'clock P. M.

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