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!?T8 flSLD OF OUffUlli*?LA FT IMAM 8 WOII?
At Trinity chapel last evenlag ^ preached
In advocacy of the New York Protestant Episcopal City
Mission Society. Before the sermon Kev Mr. Wood
ward, Superintendent of the Mission, read an extract
from the forthcoming report reviewing the labor* of
the society for the pant year. In deacnblng the held of
iu usefulness be laid that It goes among the pooreat
and moat ignorant; It visits the aick in BeUevue,
Charity. Roosevelt, the Woman's and Ward's Island
hospitals; It goes to the Tombs, the County Jail,
tne Essex, Yorkvllie and Hart em prisons; to the
Colored Home and the House of Detention,
to the Penitentiary and Workhouse, and
speaka in ail of repentance aud hope;
it seeks to improve the condition of the inmates of the
Almshouse, the Lunatic, Orphan and Infant Asylums;
it teaches the children in the Leake h Watts Orphan
House; at Bethlehem chapel it relieves the destitute
and instructs the Germans; at St. Barnabas' House it
shelters homeless women and children, and is contin
ually laboring to lift un the fallen.
To accomplish this work it needs $30,000 yearly. The
receipts trom ail sources?collections in churches, col
lections by the financial agent and voluntary contribu
tions?received lor all purposes outside of St. Barnabas'
Bouse, were $12,172 70, and for St. Barnabas' House,
$5,828 60; total, $18,001 39. To sustain seven mis
sionaries; to keep open ?L Barnabas' chapel for regu
lar Sunday and daily services and its Sunday school of
$00 children , to provide regular Sunday services at
Betnlebem cbapei Tor the German population west of
Central Park and lor its Sunday and day schools; to
Cy the expenses of ths Day Nursery in No. 308 Mul
rry street, required $18,161 81; to meet the wanis of
BL Barnabas House required $8,067 40; to pay inter
ret on bonds. $1,610; to pay the incidental expenses of
repairs, insurance printing, burials, ha, $1,667 32,
malting a total of $2U,38* 53, and loaviug a deficiency
of $11,385 14
To meet the deficiency tbey were obliged to draw
upon the building fund reserved for No. aud Mulberry
street. In consequence of previous deficiencies, they
have been obliged to mortgage a portion oi the society'*
real estate, now valuod at $62,000. The foliowiug is a
summary of the results of
for the yearThere were 1 408 public and private servi
ces, with an aggregate attendance of 106,071 persons ;holy
communion administered to 868 distinct individuals 341
baptisms, 66 persons confirmed. 207 bodies received
Christian burial, an average attendance of 146 in the
{Sunday school in SL Barnabas' chapel, and of 04 in
Bethlehem chapel, an average ol 87 present in the day
school of Bethlehem chapel, aud of 28 In 8t.
Barnabas Bouse aud the Day Nursery; sn
average of 112 girls present In tb* Industrial
held in St. Barnabas' chapel, and of 60 in Bethlehem
chupel. an average of 41 women supplied with sew
ing weekly by the St Barnabas' Industrial Associa
tion ; 2,2i*i iamilics visited; 19,505 individuals vulted
and relieved, if destitute, in tenement houses and in
stitutions; an average of 305 books drawn weekly trom
the libraries on Black well's Island, end an aggregate of
16,436 papers distributed there; an average of 60
books weekly drawn from the Gilbert Library in the
Tombs, and papers and magazines without count scat
tered weekly in ail the institutions of the city.
The number of women and children received into SL
Barnabas House was 1,663, and the number of children
into the Day Nursery 102, making the whole number
1,703. 106,866 meals and 20.548 lodgings were fur
nished , being an increase over last year oi 12,507 meals
And 1,327 lodgings.
After the reading of the report the Rov. Dr. Diz
commenced bis
The occasion on which they were gathered, he said,
was one of no little interest?the first Sunday of Ad
vent, the New Year's Day of the Church. At such a
time were presented to them the chums and needs of
this missionary society. It was a society combating
the vice and ungodliness of a great city. Ou great
cities the events uf nations turn; they are the symbols
of power and the expression of misery. The extreme
conditions of Hie are seen in them. The splendor of
the rich, the squalor of the poor. Crime reaches its
extremes in great cities. There are found men most
Advanced in letters as well as those who cannot read
or write one word. To the city come the conquerors,
tbe reformers; there religion' is first planted, and
there, too, are found the restless spirits that would
This mission work is not a ministration to the soul
alone. Like tbe Church, it seeks to save body and soul
alike. It has not been forgotten that in the last day
Christ will reward not alone those who save the soul,
but those as well who saw Him in every poor creature
needing bodily comfort The work oi the Mission So
ciety was one of the hardest works to which man can lay t
his hands, and also one of the most inviting of works.
Mew York is one of the great Cities of Jhe world. The I
best and the worst of everything is here. It is the
pride of its citizens, and it is also their disgrace. But,
in reality, the good and evil are mingled together?the
good being very good, and the evil very evil Here are
streets lull of beautiful bnlldiogs, but to reach them
one must pass through approaches where dwell togother
the vilest of the earth?man and beast Hare the pub
lic records show sppaJltng pictures of crime, blood,
shed and vice side by side with monu
ments of noble charity. This city cannot
be called an American city. It is the third
German eity in the world. The native born citizens
are unceremoniously poshed out of the way. The pub
tie offices are filled with foreign born officials. On tbe
public works are found laboring men with a foreign ac
asnd the most powerful religion here has a foreign
Tbe city presented, too. a great field, a grand
opportnnity to improve and Christianize thousands ot
its inhabitants.
In concluding the preacher warmly recommended to
the charitable the claims and needs of tbe Mission So
ciety and reviewed its labors as already referred to In
the report read.
Pthladkutiia, Nov. 28, 1875.
For the first time the revival services at this even
ing's meeting were addrus.sed directly to tbe uncon
verted. Mr. Moody had earnestly expressed the hope
that church members would not come, hut would attend
their own places of worship where the usual evening
meetings were held. He was so emphatic In urging
this that the other evening he announced that If they
persisted In coming he would adjourn the services. As
far aa could be Judged from tbe ten thousand faces that
were upturned to tbe preacher when he stepped upon
the platform this evening this request was heeded to a
c rtain extent, though not quite so generally, perhaps,
a>- Mr. Moody wished. But in
tub u it sat ?ri.TiTros
that completely filled the building there were certainly
thousands who did not profess CbrJi.antty. For the
first lime the great revivalists found tnc-mselves con
fronted by the men whom their ministrations are in
tended to save, and for the hrst time the character of
the services were adapted to this purpose.
Jesus, lover of my soul,
was the first hymn sung, and Mr. Moody read from the
third chapter of John, in whicb Christ tells Nicodenms
that be mast lie born again. This was followed by Mr.
Bunkey's expretilvc singing of the eighth hymn,
Janus of Nuareth passeIh by.
All of which were appropriate preludes to
MR Moony's SKKMOK,
which was from the text, "Excepts man be born again
he cannot see the kingdom of God." His discourse
was directed to showing the necessity for regeneration
and the saving power of Christ. The child must he
born before it can talk and walk, and so we must begin j
the spiritual life. He thanked God that Christ said
the words he had chosen for hiR test to Nico- i
demua, the godly man, and not to the sin
ful woman at the well. They were addressed
io all, and not to those we call sinluL
Every man must be born again. He could not
reason with his hearers, nor perhaps prove to
them, logically, the necessity for this regeneration,
but lis would appeal to them in the name of ail that
they held dear and sacred. Mr Moody's sermon was
far more effective than any he baa yet preached here,
it Wag
earsbst asn rMrAHHTOVKD,
and at times reached a simple, earnest eloquence that f
has not been before manifest In him. It was replete !
with pathetic instances of the wondrous power ol cm
version, that plainly softened many in the multitude.
< n? little st< ry of the conversion of a man through the i
death of a beloved child was told In a manner to bring '
tears to the eyes of many a rough looking fellow in tho
audience. Many rose to request prayers lor themselves
and at least two hundred went into tbe inquiry room
at the cloae.
The meeting to night was Intended exclusively for
men. and there were very f? w ladles prosent. This
aiternoon's services were for women and the services,
?< rinon and all, were of the same character.
Yesterday afternoon, in Hoboken, the Rev. Dr.
f'arkcr, better known as the "Blind Treacher," dts
roarscd to a large number of people in tbe paaacngera'
waiting room of tbe Delaware. lAckawanna and West
ern Railroad, adjoining the Hoboken fi rry, a large
Bumber of the listeners were employes or the railroad
and of tbe ferry company, notably engineers and deck
hand*. Captain Chase, tbe superintendent or the
I<Try, was present; also, a large number of the con
fregation of the Dutch Reformed church of which Dr.
irker in pastor. During tbe course of the proceedings
an individual from New York, who was believed to he a
relations fanatic, addressed the meeting in an em
I i. ,1.1c strain, dwelling on m.in's degradation when a
timer, and on how he himself had sinned. After the
"Blind' Treacher" had listened to him with Interest he
friitde a direct appeal to the professing sinner to repent.
V lule using energetic language the "iinner" Rlepped
up to him. and, putting hie hand on the preacher's
shoulder, said ? "Doctor, I'm not so hard a rase, I
think, as you want to make me out My wife and chll
di'-n are Christiana, and I am going to do better lor the
future " Dr Parker said he willingly believed him,
end after the singing of one of Seukey's hymns lbs
?iteiiug adiouiBed
Messrs. Diuron k Co., Boston and Maw Tork, publish
the folio wi eg?
"Rondo in G," opaa #1, No. S, Beethoven. Hana
Von Billow'a footnotes and remark* are an interesting
feature of thts edition. It ia encouraging to hnd that
tbo presence af such a distinguished artist is already
exercising a beneficial Influence in the music publish
ing lina. We hope that other grant works will be pub
lished In the same manner, with explanatory notes by
eminent virtuosi.
"Marche FunAbre d'une Marionette." Gounod. This
charmtug little work, a sort of burlesque on funeral
marches generally, was introduced to tne New York
public by Mr. Max Maretsek daring the Tiliens con
certs. It it no less attractive as a piano arrangement.
"Evening at Sea," song, W. L. Blumcnscheim. Ex
pressive and descriptive, with a very interesting ac
"Aubade," serenade, P. H. Cowen. An exquisite
little gem which Mr. Sims Reeves has added to his
"?Raiurn," ballad, Howard Glover. A very pretty
melody, wadded to beautiiul words by one who occu
pied a high position among English musicians.
"To Horse," cavalry song, Louis C. Elson. The
music is euurely in accord with the martial spirit of
the subject
"Love Laid his Sleepless Hoad," song, Arthur
Sullivan. In simple Utile songs like this one the poeti
cal spirit of the eminent composer is revealed.
"Morgenlied," vocal quartet, Louis C, Elson.
Written in an agreeable, simple manner, the parts be
ing well arranged and the theme of tbo popular kind.
"En Route," march, Sydney Smith. Rather com
monplace, yet po.-aessmg one or two graceful passages,
especially a sort of choral, which Is artistically written.
"Breaming Flowera," Tousthck, Gusteve Langs. A
pleasant lone poem, somewhat ol the Brindley Richards
"Salve Regina," soprano or tenor solo, V. Clrtllo. A
highly effect i v? illustration in music of one of the most
poetical hymns in the church.
"He Roamed in the Forest," song, Arthur 0'I,eary.
The eloquent versos of Ujhrnsen are uttingly framed in
efloctive musical measures.
??The Forest Witch," song, Rubinstein. Tne subject
is similar to tbe "Ell King," and is treated In the
most dramatic manner; it is a fit companion piece to
Schubert's well known work.
"Maildlterl," Gustavo Lange. A clear and easy trans
cription of a very popular Herman volkslied.
"I Saw Thee, U Fair One," romance, L. Hackee
ndllner. A very ambitious composition, entirely too
much so for the attainments ot the writer. The
accompaniment is very elaborate, too muck so for the
WlUiam A. Fond & Co., Mew York, publish the fol
"White Rose Waltz," Julius Bernstein A bright,
sparkling reminiscence of tbe ballroom, with telling
themes and effective treatment. It was a great lavorite
at Saratoga during the summer.
"I'hoir and Hearthstone," a collection of hymns and
anthems, by S. B. Whiteley. The first three of the se
ries are simple and adapted for small choirs. Tbe com
poser should be more carefhi about the words, so as to
have the musical accent* correspond with the accented
"Yerlogenheit," song, Abt A gem fhim a popular
song writer.
"i'aradise no Joy can Give," romance, Campana. Tbe
melody is of the imlenuio order and very charming.
"Arise, Sweetheart," serenade, K. P. Tosu M'ot
particularly attractive.
"La Capriciosa," song, Luigi Hi cel. A dull, aimless
"Of the Girls I am so Shy." One of Le Grand's char
acter songs, and a clever one at that.
The same house publishes some of the shorter works
played by Von Bfilow.
G. Scbirmer, New York, publishes a very singular
work by H. N. Bartlelt, called "Adieu," ruelodie ca
pneo. It Is very uneven, several diverse styles being
introduced. Rome of tbephraasa, however, are beauti
"Loch Ness," song, Francis Korbay. In the accom
paniment the composer endeavors, unsuccessfully,
however, fto depict the storm on the loch, a la ll?Dry
Russell. In the vocal part It would be very difficult to
ascertain what the composer meant
This house publishes all the orchestral works played
by Thomas' orchestra and the piano works presented
by Von Billow '
Of Will Carleton's "Farm Ballads" over 60,000 copies
have boon sold. Harper & Brothers have a volume of
his "Farm Legends" in press, nearly ready.
James R. Osgood A Co. are about to publish a new
art quarterly called the Fac-Similut. Each number
will contain from twelve to sixteen heliotype reproduc
tions of rare engravings, with twenty pages of letter
press. It will be edited by 5^r. Justin Wlnsor.
"The Notebook of the Bertram Family" Is the new
Btory by Mrs. Charles that Dodd ft Mead are about to
Tea thousand of Rev. E. P. Roe's "From Jest to
Earnest" have been sold-aiready.
Mrs. Arthur Arnold Is the translator of Castelar's
"Life of Byron," which the Harpers will publish. Victor
Hugo, Alexander Dumas, Emtle Girardln, Daniel Man in
and Adolphe Thiers are included in this volume.
Miss Putnam has made a capital translation from the
French of a prettily illustrated child's book called tbo
"History of My Friends. " It is published by G. P. Put
nam's Sons This Arm, by the way, has the principal
American agency for the London Academy, which will
now be sold in this country for 12 cents instead of 24
cents a number.
J. W. Bouton Is about to Issue a One work on "Monu
mental Christianity," by the Rev. J. P. Lundy. It is
illustrated by two hundred cuts.
Admirers of the great Italian poet will be pleased to
hear that Roberta Brothers have secured the plates of
Rossettl's "Dante and His Circle," which tbey will
soon publish.
F. B. Patterson will get out a holiday edition of Mr.
Baker's very pretty volume of society poems, entitled
"Point Lace and Diamonds."
Kates A Laurlat will tssne by subscription three new
serial publications?"The Picturesque World; or, Scenes
in Many Lands;" an edition ot Knight's "Popular
Shakespeare," profusely illustrated by John Gilbert,
and a reissue of Owen Jones' "Grammar of Orna
The lovers of the sensational will find pleasure In
a new volume by M;i-s Eliza A. Dupuy, entitled "A New
Way to Win a Fortune," which T. B. Peterson A
Brothers will publish.
Joaquin Miller's novel. "The One Fair Woman," will
be published serially in the Galaxy simultaneously with
its English publication.
Miss Annie T. How.:l?, a sister to W. D. Ho wells, is
gaining a pleasant reputation as a story writer.
The last Academy contains a lengthy review of Long
fellow's recent volume, In which it says of tbo "Masque
of Pandora:"?"The air of the poem has nothing
cl assical, and nothing of the mystery, the music and the
passion of Shell*?. Tbo story is not told effectively; it is
not even told in accordance with the most generally
r> risived form of the myth." Of the sonnets In the
book the reviewer saya "thuy affect one with the charm
of Keati."
A unique volume in the shape of a Japanese romance
entitled 'Cbinshingura; or the Loyal League," is soon
to be issued from the pross of G. P. Putnam's Sola
The translation is made by Mr. Frederick V. Dickens,
w.th notes and appendix, containing a metrical version
of the "Ballad of Jakaaago," and spoclmens of the
original text In Jnpancse character. The book is Illus
trated by a large number of full page pictures from
original and bMMtifit plates. Everybody is interested
in Japanese art just now; it is the rage, so this romance
will appear Just at the right time. This Qrra announce
that they will publish In connection with Meiers. Rei
maald A Co., of Paris, "The Library of Contemporary
Science" simultaueously w.th its European public*,
Bayard Taylor will contribute a story, entitled "Jon
of Iceland," to tho new volume of St. NicAoUu. This
popular child's magazine is now published in England
by Warne A Co.
J. W. Bouton has bought from the publishers the sole
right in America to L'Art, a French journal of the
highest artistic merit. It is published weekly, but will
be sold here In throe volumes a year. This beautiful
journal contains reproductions of the most famous pic
tures or tba Pans aaion.
Mr. Bouton has imported a lew copies of a French
translation of Poe's "Raven," with illustrations In
charcoal by Manet, which ore as wild and weird aa the
poem itself.
A new weekly review has Just appeared in France,
edited by M. Albert Colliquon. It is entitled La Vie
Sir Richard Hanson, Chief Justice of South Australia,
the author of "The Je?us of History," published anony.
rnously in lHdb, bas a new work in the press, entitled |
"The Apostle Paul aud the Preaching of Christianity, to
the Fall of Jerusalem."
M. Alfred Dido ta about to undertake, with the co
operation of the first architects of Pans, a great illus
trated publ .ition, winch will be an important work for
students and archaeologists, to bs entitled "Pari* d
Travftrt let Atj't."
Mr. fteorge Grove, the editor of MacmUUmi Mag.
arms, will shortly, it is -aid. have ready tor the press a
work entfued "Palestine, Ancient and Modern."
The aext book in the Leisure Hour senea will bs
"Pwtty KIM Bellew," a lively Englls! ?ovel, by ???
dore Gift.
Mr. Edwin Arnold hu long boon known Vo be en
gaged >n the rendering of the bountiful Sanscrit pan
toral of the "Lores of Govlnda and Sadba" Into Eng
lish Terse. The work Is ready, and trill appear under
the title of "The Indian Song of Stags," from the
The fourth volume of Max MQllerk "Chips from a
German Workshop" will be reprinted by Scribner,
Armstrong A Co., completing this serifs of essays
"Methodism and Its Methods" Is tn intelligent ac
count of that prosperoua religious orgmlzation, by Rev.
J. T. Crane, which the Methodist Book Concern will
soon Issue.
Mr. Bonamy Price has written a short pamphlet on
Oxford University reform, proposing that all the teach
ing should be taken out of the hands of the college*
The London AtAen/mm has a depreciatory article on
Mr. Longfellow's ruceat poetry. It says that the "New
England Tragedy" and the "Divine Tragedy" were un
doubted failures. The "Hanging o( the Crane" It
thinks leebio, and the poet's latest volume full of
The second and concluding volume of Dr. Alexander
Schmttt's Shakespeare Lexicon Is just published. The
English language is indebted to the learning of an
Industrious and indefatigable German for this diction"
ary of tbe vocabulary of its greatest writer.
Mr. J. B. Andrews has printed at Nice a
grammar of the dlaleet of Mentone, once in Italy,
now la the South of franco. Mr. Andrews is an Amer
ican, and his books are printed in tho French lan
The Catholic World for Docemher has an elaborate
article of twenty pages on "Mr. Gladstone and Mary
land Toleration."
The London 1'ubluhert' Circular complains that the
title of Browning's new poem, "Tho Inn Album," re
calls by far too vividly Longfellow's "Tales of a Way
sido Inn."
Longman A Co. announco the publication of a book
entitled "Through Bosnia and Herxcgqvlna on Foot
During the Insurrection," by A. J. Evans.
We are to have a Persian-English and English
Persian Dictionary by Professor E. U. Palmer. The
subscription is not likely to be large.
Sail*. | DtM tnaridn
Liverpool.. 29 Broadway
Liverpool.. 4 Bowling UreSR
Glasgow... 72 Broadway
Hamburg 81 Broadway
Liverpool.. lSBroeaway
Liverpool.. lUBroauway
Liverpool.. 69 Broadway
Glasgow... 7Bowling Ureen
Bremen... 2 Bowling Green
Liverpool.. 29 Broadway
Liverpool.. 4Bowling Green
London .. 89 Broadway
11 amborg.. 61 Broadwar
Li veruool.. 69 Broad w av
Liverpool.. 19 Broadway
Liverpool., lb Broadwar
Havre 65 Broauwav
? ?latgow... 7 Bowling Green
Bremen 2 Fowling Green
Liverpool.. 29 Broadwav
Liverpool.. 4 Bowling t.reen
Hamburg.. 61 Broadway
Glasgow 72 Broadwar
Liverpool.. lOBroaoway
Liverpool.. lOBroauwav
Liverpool.. 69Broaaway
Bremen.... 2 Bowunv Ureon
Liverpool.. 29 Broadwar
Hamburg. 61 Broadway
Havre. 55Broadway
Liverpool.. loBroadwa,
Liverpool.- 19Broadway
Liverpool.. 29Broadway
Hamburg.. 61 Broadway
Glasgow... 72Broadway
Liverpool.. j 15Broadway
H k?ali> has adopted adUtlnguiahingCoaton night signal for
nee on board the Hkrald ateam yacht, showing while burp
ing the colors red, green, red, changing from one to the other
in coereesion, and can be eeen aeveral milea distant Cap
tains of vessels, noon seeing thli signal, will oblige na by pre
paring any marine news they may have for the Bhip News
Department of the Herald.
JKg-l'ertoiia desirous of communicating with veesela arriv
ing at New York can do so by addressing to such Teasels, care
of Herald news yacht, pier No 1 East River, New York.
Letters received from all parts of the world and promptly de
livered. Duplicates are required.
State ol Indiana.
City oi Montreal...
K lopstock
City of Berlin
1 Ire.
State of Penn.vl'a.
City ol Brooklyn..
A in triune
Cltr of Richmond.
State of Virginia..
City of Chester.... | Jan.
Sun rises 7 03 | Gov. Island eve 0 23
Sun sets 4 35 I Sandy Hook evo 8 43
Moon sets. eve 6 30 Hell Gate eve 11 08
PORT OF NEW YORK. NOV. 28, 1875.
Steamer Celtic (Br). Jennings, Liverpool Not 18 and
Queen,town HRh, with mdM and VU passengers to R J
Steamer Hermann (Oeri, Retehmann, Bremen Not 13 and
Houlhampton 10th, with indue and 336 passengers to Ocl
richs A Co Had heavy westerly winds the entire passage ;
Not J4 and 25 had a heavy NW Rale ; 2tHh. lat 60 11, ion 3d
60. npoke hark Bratil (Br), from Dunkirk Tor Cape Breton.
Hteamer Acadia (Bri, Oral);. Patrae Oct IB. Messina J I *t,
Palermo 28th and (Gibraltar Nor 3, with mdae and passen
ger* to Henderson Bros. Had a continuation of heavy SW
gales the entire passage; Nov 26, 250 milea oast of Sandy
Ilook. passed steamer Cellert iGer), hence for Hamburg.
steamer Canlma (Br) Vvhitter Bermuda Nov 26, with
mdeeand passenger* to B A Outerbridge.
Steamer 1-eo. Daniels. Savannah Nov 34, with mdeeand
paaeenirere to Murray. Ferris A Co.
Steamer south Carolina, Nickeraon, Charleston Nov 24,
with uidae and passengers to J W Quintard A Co
Steamer Wyanokr, Conch, Richmond, City Point and Nor
folk, with mate and passengers to Old Dominion Steamship
steamer John Cibeon, Winter*, Georgetown, DC, with
m'tse and passenger* to J C Kenyon.
Ship Hcctauooga (Br), Johnson, Liverpool Oct 27, in bal
last to order. Is anchored in Gravessnd Bay fur orders.
Ship Chas Luling (Geri, Wicke. Bremen 44 day*, in bal
last toChaa Luling k Co. Is anchored at Sandy Hook for
Bark Leif Ertksen (Nor), Methleaen, London 35 day*, in
ballast to order. Is anchored at sandy Hook for orders.
Bark Andreae (Rusi, K i--.un, Helfaet 60 day*, in ballast to
Punch. Kdye k Co. Nov 17, let 44) 50, ion 62 14, had a heavy
gale from SW, veering to NW and letting 24 hours.
Bark Marco Polo (Hal), Garignln, Iotnerlck 41 dav*. in
hailaet to Slocovich k Co. Nov 7, lat 41 48, ion 44. had a
heavy NW gale, lasting B hours; lost and split taile and stove
Bark Viego (Am). Qladulich, Londonderry 66 day*, In
ballast to J C S'-ager
Bark Aetrea dear), Lindemann. Rln Janeiro 57 daye, with
coffee to Meyer Bros: vessel to 0 Tobias k Co. Crossed the
Equator Oct 14. in ion UB. ?
Brig Mattie B Russell (of Portland), York. Havana 13
days, with sugar to order; veseel to Marcus Hunter k Co.
,-clir J B Ridgewey. Townsend. Para 20 days, with rubber
and nuta to Burdett A Pond; veaeel to B J Wenberg.
Rteamer Tillie. Bailey. New London for New Tork.
Hehrltlia Providence for New York.
Schr Van Buren, Parker, Providence for New York.
Sn.r K II Odlorno. Wilie r. Providenoe for New York,
hebr B F Hrainard. Bn. 11. Portland for New York.
Schr Potter A Hooper, Bradbury, Providence for New
er'ir D B Pitta, Walker Brookhaven for New York.
Schr II P Kly, Siok>-s, Norwich lor New York.
Schr Carrie w Clark, Bastport for New York.
Schr .1 W Woodruff. Woodruff, Boston for New York.
Schr Samuel G Crockford, Traacher, Taunton for New
sriir Sam Weller. Brockway, Portland for New York.
Sclir JoMor.ii Hall, Smitii, Portland, Ct, for New York.
Schr D C roster, .lone,, Providence for New York
Schr Adam Bowlby, B??tty, Ellsworth for New York,
schr Wui Thompson, Paine. Harwich lor Virginia.
Schr Urnana, Allen. Providence lor New York
Schr Chief, Smith, Norwich for New York.
Schr Reading RR No 41, Oandy, Hartford for New York,
schr Judge IViiny, Rich, Providence lor New York.
Schr Henry Adeiiicrt. Kenny. Gardiner for New York.
Schr Samuel Wood, llulse. Brookhaven for New York.
Schr Adei Felicia, Robin,. Norwich for New York.
Schr Edward Wotton, Young. Bast Hsldam for New York.
Sclir Sylveeter Hale, Coleman, Tanntnn for New York.
Schr Anna Kdith, Hall, New llnven for New York.
Hrhr H Black man, Arnold, Providence for New York
Kchr Peacedale Young, Caswell, Narragansett Pier for
New York
riehr IISCollins. Heany, Portland for New York.
Schr flnocess, Piersun. Providence for New York.
Scnr Globe. Herrirk Boitnn for New York.
Hcbr Restless, Hurnham, Providence for New York.
Schr Belle R Hull. Brush. Providence for New York.
Sriir Belle Crowell, GafTney. Boston lor New York.
Schr .lame* M llayies. Arnold, Providence for New York.
,-chr 8 E Nash, Nash. Westerly for New York.
Sclir f R Carriagton, Parker, Boston f)<r New York,
Scfir M To>ld"'Norwood, Oaftlt lor NJV York.
Bchr Ida Palmer, Htamfnrd lor New York.
Se!,r,J F ('handler (Br). Pettis New York foe St John, NB.
Schr Martha A (Br), New York for St John. NB.
Wiudat midnight, RSW.
Barometer at sunset, 30.2#.
Neweoav. RI, Not ?. 1875.
British brig Anna, Fielding, maetrr. from Ht Domingo City
for Boston, with a cargo of logwood and sugar, arrived here
today In distress, hating experienced heavy weather;
sprung mainmast, loot Jlbboom, both Jibs, royal mast and
svllt sails genarally; aieo lost deckioad ami is leaking badly;
baa bad 38 days' passage.
T. rpedo boat Intrepid arrived here from New York to-day
for supplies and supply of torpedoes.
Wrecking echr Young America arrived to-day. with main
mast, missenmaat and everythinc that could be saved from
schr Mary Mellale, ashore on Qnonocontaug beach. The
hull ts to be sold st suction.
Hame parties hsve brought In the schr Albert Crandall,
reported aehore near same plane, which after getting off they
purs bate tb
Stramsb Citt or IIavara, which pat lata Tvboe disabled,
will have the crosshsod of bor engine supplied by steamer
City of Naw York, which called hence 27th for Havana, anil
will stop at Tyboe for that purpose.
Ship Cuuort, of Windsor, (Yob Philadelphia. Voand to
Antwerp, which pot into Holl/aa loaky. i* reloadingpart of
her cargo (1790 bble of oil), which was token oat. Iler top
eidaa to the light water line, etauchiooe. botu and waterway*
have been calked, and *bc it not leaking Her pumps,
which were out of order, have been repaired.. IThe C cleared
on Saturday to retinae her voyage.)
Brio Wiiocui (Br), at Philadelphia fr?? JT
port*:?In a heavy NB gale Nov 18, In lat 51 25. 5",*i
W Murray, neHvuau, uative of Si Juhua, NF, fell from alori
ami was drowned.
Brio Cawrorrrt (Br), from Glace Bay for Hellffc*, coRl
laden. w*t wrecked on Widsy nlglit during a *now storm
near Arichat. Ve*?el a total lot*. The crew were suved.
Senk K B hiirro*D?an, ftom Ilokodate, at San Francisco
Nov 20, report* -On August 1 tpolte the tcbr Banner, from
San Francisco, at I turty) Island, with 12 tea otter "*'?>*_ hue
wu bouud up. The Yokohama .learner for '?*
ported teeing on Oct 1 a tmall American tioop. bottom op,
supposed to be the Dolphin, of San Diego. She wat.upooeed
to have left the Itlanri of Clukotnu some time Jn Jane, sad
when lam teen the had 200 fox ond lB tea otter .kins. On
Sept 15, at the Karile I aland*, tpolte the tchr r anny, with
130 skin*.
Scan Manr r***LA!n?, three mart*, of GrwkMport, LI. 398
ton*. fYom Boeton for Philadelphia, inballaat, .truck.on
Cold Spring Bar. ttiree milet from Cape May City, Saturday
evening. She wet audited by L SS No 39, and got off next
morning without any apparent damage.
Vinrtarp Havkh, Nov 20?Scltr Ellen Morrlton, of Ban
gor from Hoboken ft>r 1'nrtsmuuth. coal laden,
turned to day; ?he report* (H run into off *??????lend of
Sqnaih M?*aow Sho*l to day by the *chr B 8 Lee, of PhUn
delnhla, and bed her bowsprit, Jlbboom bowsprit J.?P
las* patent, Ac. broken, the cutwater knocked off, knight
bvaiL started, bow rail broken, bulwark, stove
atilp other damage. Tbe Testel itarteil a leak uf 350 stroke#
""srtr Annle Tibbltt* hat hauled in to the wharf and Is dl?
charging her deck load of lumber.
Hmifbuildiwo?At aSan Franciaco Captain George Bool?, of
the firm of Boole A Webrter, it building a barkTot' tjpia
Harrington of Australia. Her dimension!i are 192 feet length
on deck, 31)4 fret beam snd 16 feet depth of hold. Her
capacity is 1,100 tons, carpenter's tonnage. 8h# wlUJ*
launched witli her rigging complete about the 15th of De
cember. At Meig't Wharf Buchert A "e buildlog
a 100-ton schooner for Captain Walters. Bho DY* feet keel,
2?W feet beam snd 7 feet 4 Inches depth of hold, to be com
pleted by Maroh I. At tbe tsine yard James Lament and
other* are having atchooner built for the upper roant trade,
to be launched early in April. Her dimension, are^-Length
of keel, Sll feet; beam, 25 feet; depth of hold, 6)4 leet, and
130 tons burthen, carpenter's measurement.
Launchkd?At New Haven Nov 25, from Nettieton's ship
yard, the 3-masted schr Kdward M Reed.
At Hobartown Oct 12. bark Matilda Sears, Chlld. of Dart
rnouth. refitting; had taken 60 bbl. ap and 20 do wb oil
since leaving New Bedford. ow
Off Apia Aug 13. bark Mary Pratier. Nye. of NB, with 3)4
ton* sp oil since leaving Hey of Islands.
Sailed Irom Floret Oct 9. bark Kathleen, Howlend, NB.
10Arrived at Kayal Oct 15, bark* Oipray, Crapo, NB, and
landed 300 bblt sp oil, shipped by the A?or. 16th, J P Weet,
Manchester, do and left St Michaels "'i? !)?.? d?f
Phoenix. Ulfford, do. clean ; 17th, barks Pedflc. Borden, do
(line# reported at rit Michaels) ; Sea Fox Hamblen, do 30
sp, shipped by bark Ator; 18th, Spartan, Tripp, do, 30 do,
do do; i'erry, Hassett. Kdgnrtowo, 70 .p, not landed. 20th,
Luncer, Dowden, do, 100 ?p. shipped by bark Ator bh ine.
White, do. 130 do do, do; ship Josephine, Bam ill, do 90 sp
landed to ke shipped by the Ator next trip i
Baker. Thompson, Boston. 130 tp (not landed) , 22d, harkt
Andrew lilckt, Howla.nl, ^ foidLd"tot
150<)*p sll told; Cstolpa, Anthony,NB, 210 sp, landed to be
shipped by bsrk Kate Williams?iiO tp all told; -5th, Janus,
Clifford, do, 375 tp. do; Stafford, King, do, 90 tp tlnce last
6 A letter from Capt Baker, of bark A R Tucker, "fNB re
ports her at St Michaels Oct 28, having taken 125 bblt tp oil
this season which had shipped by hark Katei Williams.
A letter from Capt tlartland. of bark JaneLofNB. reports
her at Kayal Oct 29, bouud to sea that day, with oil as last
"Spoken?Oct 8. 1st 36 10 N, Ion 48 55, bark Ohio 2d,
Smith, NB, with 250 bbls sp oil.
Steamer Belgio (Brt, from San Francisco for Hong Kong,
Nov 17, 1st 38 N, Ion 125 45 W
Ship David Mslcolmson (Br), from Liverpool for New Or
leans. Nov 5, lat 27 38, Ion 19 II."i. __ .. n .
Ship Formosa, Reynold*, trom Boston for Melbourne* Oct
9'rhtpH 8 Thomas, Eastman, from Hull for Coll so, Oct 16,
'"sh p's'smuel Watts, Lemond, from New York for Ssn
Francisco, Oct 13, lat 5 S, Ion 30 W. . .
Bark Eliss S Milligsn (Br). Mitchell, from Hartlepool for
Savannah. Nov 9, 1st 49 30, Ion 20.
Bsrk Horatio (Br), from Quebtc for Barrow, Nov 0, lat 49,
10It*1 Or Ieiwl* M Lamb (Br), from Montreal for Queengtown.
Nov 10, no lat, Ac. _ , _ , .
Bark Harry Bailey (Br), from Loudon for Tybee, Nov 14,
'"The "Tavarata," for New York, Oct 13, lat 5 S, Ion 30 W.
Merchant*, shipping agents and shipmasters are Informed
that by telegraphing to the Hrrald London Bureau, ad
dressing "Bennett, No 46 Fleet street, London," or to the
Paris office, addressing "Bennett, 61 Avenne de l'Opera,
Psria," the arrivals at snd departures from Knropesn and
Eastern ports of American and all foreign vessels trading
with the United States, the same will be cabled to this
country free of charge.
Captains arriving at and sailing from French snd Medi
terranean ports will And the Paris olBoe tbs mors economical
and expeditions for telegraphing news.
Bristol, Nov 27?Arrived, bsrkt Ormns, Shsekford,
Bjorneburg viaElainurs, FloreUs, Craig. Croastodt; Rachel.
Norton, Gefle.
Brxmk.v. Nov 27?Sailed, ship Derby (Oer), Hnnscksn,
CaRDirr, Nov 27-8ailed, ship Annie Fish, Hoffset, Hong
Cagliaei?Arrived, ship Nancy Pendleton, Pendleton,
Glasoow. Nov 27-Arrived. harks Geo W Jones (Br), Por
ter. New York; Jedsnettl Dubrovocki (Ans), Mahovich, do
Okhoa?Arrived, bark Aberdeen, Salvage, Lelth.
Hull, Nov 27?Sailed, bark Wsttsrhorn, Rich, Southwest
Pass (not previously).
Hamburg, Nov 27?Sailed, Marie, for New York.
IUlvort, Nov 27?Arrived, steamer Maas (Dutch), Chev
alier, New York.
Livkrpool. Nov 20?Sailed, ship City of Liverpool (Br),
Whiteford, New Orleans.
Lkghor*-Arrived, bark Lawrence, Howes, Philadelphia;
brig Odorillo, Holland, A neon a, to load for United State*.
Plymouth, Nov 2o-Arrived, brig Lime M Merrill, Minot,
Charleston for London.
Qurkkstowh, Nov 27?Arrived, bark Bcrtolotto Savona
(Ital), Cuneo. New York.
Rio Jam*iro?Arrived, ihip G H Oulten (Br), Alexander,
Cardiff. _______
IUhia, Oct 10?Railed, brig Robt Aederaon (Br), Wnlker,
Falmouth: 21-.1, bark Lalnetar (fori, Hellruan, Pensaeola.
, Kayal. Oct 27 ?Arrived, bark Addison, DIas. Bt Michaels
; for Now Bedford, with oil on freight (it it reported will alio
take some fruit on freight).
Sailed Oct 22, bark Axor, Cobb, New Bedford, with oil on
Gibraltar. Not 7?Arrived, barki Bonndlng Billow,
Teague, Malaga for Boston; Florid M Hnlbert, Dudley, Gir
genti for Prorldenoe, RI.
Sailed 9th. brig Rock (Br), Wright (from Philadelphia),
Tow <! through the Straits 8th, brig Angel (Br), Fiory,
from Malaga for Bnaton.
Honolulu, tin 31 ?Arrived, bark Garibaldi, Noyea, Port
land, O (end nailed Nov 4 for Hong Kong).
In port Nov I'd, ahlpa Bvren, Newell, from Boston, arrived
Oct ill, dlag; Gatherer. Thompson, from Philadelphia, do;
Marianne Nottebohm. Whitney, repg; Kmerald, Balrnson,
wtg; barks Mary H Roberta. Gray, fur San Krancleco; RO
Wylie (Haw) Walters, for Bremen . Mattie Macleay (Haw),
Welder, from and for Portland, O. arrived 7th; Camden,
Robinson, from and for Port Gamble, arrived 7th.
Mklbodkivk, Oct 16?Arrived, barki Btratheden (Br),
Amlarson, Portlaud, O; 19th, bark Free Trade, Marry man,
New Zealand.
In port Get 21, shlpa Otagn, Thorndike, one; Merchant
(Bri, Qumn, do; barks,lobn sheppsrd, Burgees, for Batavia
and United States , MetMk Kent, one; Alden Bess, Noyes,
do; MB Tower, Hallett, for Calcutta and return; and tho
above arrivals
Mtmcat, Oct 1?Palled, barks Oemsbuk. Bunker, New York
direct; 20th, Sicilian Snow. United States.
NawcASTi.K, NSW, Sept 27?Sailed, ship Mutlah (Br),
Burr, Manila.
In port Oct 23, shlpt Plying Kagle, Crnwell, nnc; Dunnot
tar ifaetle (Br). Gary; Weat Riding (Br). Loggett; tlanni
bal (Br), Brown, ana Humboldt (Bri, for Sen Francisco; bark
Crusader, Gorbitm, for Manila.
STAMi.nr, PI, Sept 17?Sailed, ship Vernon (Br), Burn*
(from Liverpool), Ban Franciaeo.
SrnsKT, N8, Got 19?Arrived, bark Conqueror (Br), David
ion. New York
Balled Oct 14, bark nelena. Snow, Hong Kong.
rPnn Steawkp HFRPAirw.l
Bristol. Nov lit?sailed, Sparkenhoe, Kelly, Pensaeola.
Barrow, Nov 13?Arrived, Mentor, Grunsteu, Sboet Har
bor; Mary nogarth, fihleld-. St John. Nil.
Hut-run Frkht Nov 12-Sailed, Julia A Merrit, More
house, Sydnev, < B.
It it apart, Nov 12?Sailed, Marie, Pnrvt, New Orleans.
Buri>aai;I. Nov 12?Arrived in the river. City of New York
(a), Lochead, Liverpool, to load for New York
Balled 13th, Oerda, Olsen. New York; C P I vera, Putt,
Tybee , Adeline C AiUmv, iiollum, Key West.
Caamrr, Nov 13?Cleared, Cyclone. Forties, Havana.
< HoKsTADt, Nov 9?Sailed. .Alice fainter, Lotberg, Revel;
O Rensene, Leighton, New York.
Dual, Nov 18?Arrived, I) A Preaton, Hall, Hull for
Ruenoa Ayres. 15th, J K Uolhrook, Leavitt, Daotaic lor
Pembroke; Rachel, Norton, Baltic for Bristol, B.
Passed lath. Banuuareaii, Hogg. from Hollo tor London.
Donnas. Nor 13?Arrived, Vic.ory. Williamson, Uuaboc.
Orrrrocx, Nov 1.1?Ballad, Lilian, for Halifax.
Hplled from the Clyde 13th, Mount Royal, for Handy Hook.
Pai.SOUTB, Nov 16? Arrived, l.cbo, but, bt John, NB, for
Liverpool (see below).
(Imccmiu, Not 18?Arrived, Mattea, Premuda, New
Sailed 11th, Vanadis, Larsen Baltimore.
(Jhtlk, Nov 1?Sailed, Lgje Houghton, Rote, Bristol, E;
3d, J P Brown, Foster, do.
Uissaltab, Nov 5?Towed thgongh, Baga, Bnendsan. from
Genoa for New Orleans; Lortlay, Martussea, Barcelona
for do.
Hauronr, Nov 13? Arrived, R A Chapman, Rutherford,
Zerlktee , 13th, Herbert C Hall, Davis, Charleston.
Inwicn, Nov 18?Hailed, Frlda, Bvensen, Pensaeola.
Liverpool, Nov 14?Arrived, Henrietta, Blanch ard, Bt
John, NB.
Ballad 1 nth. Algeria, Brownell, Key Wast: Ilsnrletta,
Bvensen. Pensaeola. Ilina, Llndstrom. do, Kata Crosby,
Ilihbert. Tybee . Liverpool, Dullard. Southwest Paas; Mem
phis (s), Mellor, New Orleans; 14th. Bra Crest, Bennett,
Haudy Hook; ThnriiliUI, II syncs, Southwest Paaa.
Cleared lutli, Baltic, Taylor, NewYorX; Inga, Haraldsen,
Lohiioh, Nov 13?Arrived, Atalanta. Olsen, Mlramlchl;
Eenneberg, Kredcrlrkaen, New York ; Sophie, Mailer, (due
bee, 15th, Oxfordshire, Jones, New York.
Clear,Ml lhih, L B Gilchrist, Watts, New Orleans,
Hailed from Or iveaond llth, Heiml, for Darlen
I.situ. Nov 14?Arrived, Ricardo III, Casteilano, Pblladal
P I.'i.sdoudkert, Not 18?Balled, Amal, Lunce, New Or
leans _ _ _ _
Passed out from Inniahewen Haad llth, Ware King, Cor
belt for Haltlmore.
M AitaKii.LKa, Nov 12 Hailed, Rhone, Fleuiy, New Orleans.
Post Manor, Nov 13 Arrived, Nelson, Dixon, <gn .h*e;
lieien Douglas. Kearon. do.
Palbxmo. Hot 8? Arrived, Flors*ce llhay, Tag Clear,
Railed 8lh, (IsmrtD*. Richard*, Haw York.
(Julian stows. Not 14? Arrived, Kr? Lorenio. Brignettt,
New York; Clements. Corning, St John, NB, far Cork , IMh,
Cedrla, Fiaiaysnn, Montreal.
Bailed loth, Caetelti, New York; hlpote, Degregarl, Pljrm
Bwansxa. Not 15?Arrived, L II de Veber. from Mlramlchl.
Ht Ti hwali. Roads, Nov 13?Sailed, Bessie Young. Mogg
(trom (Quebec), Port Madnc.
Trisstm, Not It?Sailed. R M Hasten, Gould, Measlna;
Onelaska, Fuller, Leghorn.
Vnmcn. Not 12?Sailed, Harry Stewart, Atwood, Messina.
^0* 111?Arrived, Egremonl, Kenny, Mira
^^???"no'irr. Not 13?Sailed, Primo, Hughson, New
'5?The Mary Hogarth, Shiali. arriecd here
St John with deala ; hat on hoard pari or the crew of
* erpedon, from Gaepe, waterlogged and abandoned.
fo^iT,0.0? 5W?J8KTh* "hlP "??olTlnc Light, from St John
t7. Which eiruck on Causeway, wua
towed to Liverpool thia morning.
Bouloonk, Not 15?The ahip Aatrlda. 1,000 tnna burden,
which leit London last Wednesday for New Orleaua (In bal
last). was wrecked last night at Andraeaetles. The captain
and ten men were saved; eight men and one woman are
supposed to have perished. The vessel broke up an hour and
a half after stranding.
Bordraux. Not 15?The Atlanta, American bark, from
New Orleaua for Santander (tobacco and aturaa) has put
into the river with loat of saila, maata, leaky.
Dotrr, Nov 15?The hark The Queen, of Newcastle, Melv
ing. from i Iraugeuinuth for Doboy (ballast), waa assisted in
last night by steam lug, with loea of two auchori and chains,
and windlass upset.
llaTitK, Not 13?Bark Investigator, Butman, la reported
from Bordeaux, under dale of 12th Lust, to have grounded at
Talmon, but to have got olf and anchored in Verdun Kuada
RhTeldsrire, when coming to unelior laat night, struck on
bank in this harbor, but got off without assistance.
Kamxgatk, Not 14?The .loaie. Pettlgrew, from Shields for
Trinidad de Cuba, pnt in to day with loss ol one anchor off
the Brake last night, aud slipped thia morning. She Is at
present alongside the Danish vessel Andromeda, Christenien,
from Kyiorn for Rocliefort. in the harbor, aud both vessels
are chafing each other badly on their respective port and
starboard sides.
The William Burroughs, Smith, from Ronlgsberg for Do
boy, US. shjipod^wo anchors and chains off DlUkgene** to
day at 1(?:30 "A. M , and put In here.
Rotterdam, Not 12?In consequence of a N gale at
Nieuwe Diop yesterday, the Belle Morse, American ship,
broke her main and misen masta, and the Kate llarding
waa driven away from her anchor and chain.
RocagroKT, Nov 14?Tlie Lcunie has been towed into this
port. The namea of the officers murdered by the mutineers
are Caplaln Hatfield, Mr. Wortley, the mate, aud Mr.
Donald, the boatswain.
WgxroRT, Not 13?An effort waa made yesterday evening
to tow the brigantine Emily Raymond, uahore on inner
shoals of North Bar, off, but without success. An anchor
waa laid out ahead of her. but the gale this morning drove
her a considerable distance In on the shoals.
15tli?The crew of the Emily Raymond were taken off by
lifeboat yesterday morning, then blowing a gale from NW;
vessel reported making water.
fPteR Stxamkr CgLTtr.l
Antwkrf, Nov 17?Sailed, California, Nelson, Flushing.
Axgona, Nov 11?Arrived, John 11 Pearson, Smith, Phila
Cleared 11th, Robert Morrison, Frittlnger, Palermo.
Brihtul, Nov 15?Sailed, Carrie Humphrey, Crosier, Ran
goon via Cardiff.
Arrived 17th, Maggie O'Brien, Flynn, St John, NB.
Barrow, Nov 14?Sailed, Mercator, Wiig, New Orleane.
Arrived 16th, Patriot Queen. Harper, (laape; Sarah M
Smith, Sprague, Bt John, NB.
Bxrwigk, Nov 13?Arrivod. Macedonia, Goudy, Quebec.
Hkkmui, Nov 13?Sailed, II W Workman, Mctiray, North
BordhaUX, Nov 13?Hailed from Pauillac, Baron Hart
man, Moller, Pensacela; C K Jayne, Hawkins, Now Or
Barcelona, Nov 8?Arrived, Teresa, Cardona, Savannah;
Rita (a), Rie.stra, Charleston.
Cowks, Nov 15?At the Molherbank, Atlantic, Valenr,
from London for Darion.
Carditf Nov 16? Arrived, Willis, Black, Mlramlchl.
Sailed 16th, Lima, Elbroek, Singapore; Kalervo, Hal
Strom, Philadelphia.
Cleared 15th, Rlisa Stevens. Havana
Coprmuaoxm, Nov 9?Arrived, Oscar II, Michaeison, New
Curjstiahla, Nov 8?Arrived, Sondre Norge, Turaldsen,
Cadiz, Nov 5?Arrived. Stella, Davis, Santander.
Bailed 5th, Etta Whittomore, Wright, Newport. RI.
Caktiiackna, Nov B?Sailed. Magnolia, Warden. Mobile.
CoNSTAHTikoriJC, Nov 4? Sailed, Henry Knight, Ames,
Calcutta, Oct 16?Sailed, Hooghly, Frost, Boston; 22d,
Conqueror, Crocker, New York.
Dual, Nov 16?Arrived, Charlotte. Oundenson, London for
Pensacola (aud proceeded 17th) ; 17th, Liverpool, Lambert,
do for New York (and anchored).
Dover, Nov 15?Pnt in, Norma. Rernecker, from Loudon
for Darien; Usn Gonaalea, Whitney, do for Newport, tor
more ballast.
Dublin, Not 15?Arrived, Esan, Marasai. New York.
Cleared 16th, Mercnrius, Luvigscn. New Orleans.
Diuprit, Nov 16?Hailed. Brage. Christusen. Philadelphia,
Blninorx, Nov 13?Arrived, Emma A Alice, Glbbs. Uefle
for Boston; St Mstthaus, Wiebe, Philadelphia for Kuuigs
Dardanrllks, Nov 1?Arrived, Mariposa, Milton, Constan
tinople for Salonica
Falmouth, Nov 15?Sailed, Sapphire, Berry, Liverpool.
Fleetwood. Nov 15?Arrived, imogene. Bowling, Mira
Gloucester, Nov 16?Sailed, St Patrick, McLean,
Gibraltar, Nov 6?Towed through the Straits, Bessie,
from Malaga for Halifax.
Ulasoow, Nov 13?Sailed, Electa, Crosby, Charleston
(and lift Greenock 16th).
Grrknock, Nov 16?Arrived, Imperie, Morrison, Quebec.
UskWicn, Nov 16?Arrived, Jecob, Cssovich. New York.
Holthkso, Nov 16?Arrived, David U Fleming. Easson,
Liverpool for Calcutta
^Hamruro, Not 14? Sallod, Klopstock (a), Winsen, New
Hatrr, Nov 15?Railed, Balabasar, Nlcolleh, New York.
Liverpool, Not 16?Arrived. Revolving Light, Coonan,
(a), McMickan. New York; 16th,
8t John, NB; Algeria (a).
fcitW S. Miller Quebec ; Lake Nepigon (i). Scott,
wvaiivK, Jargaret T Weir, Mci'hall, Miramichi; Northern
Star, Richibncto; 16th, Home, Trefrey, Quebec; 17th,
Monsoon, do.
Put back 16th, See Crest, Bennett, for Sandy Hook, and ,
the Thorn hill, Haynea, for Southwest Fata, both on account J
of weather.
Sailed 15th, Baltic, Taylor, New York; La Plata,
Mathews, Charleston; 16th, J Blckmore, Rows, WO Africa;
Prussian (a), Ritchie, Portland. Ma.; 17th, Jaa Peake,
Qoben, TVbee.
Cleared 15th, John F. Krans, Howes, Key West; Nelson,
Wall*. Pensacola; Abbie B, Coffin, Sandy Heck; 16th, Aa
drew Johnson, Speed. Mobile; Skldbladner, "
. Hansen, Far
nandina, Live Oak, Oulton, St John. NB.
London, Not 16?Arrived Standaid. (i), Blacklaw, Mon
treal; Banqnerean, Hon, Iloilo; Stratford, Quebec; 17th,
Stella, Bogge, Mlnunichf: Concordia, Christiansen, do.
Cleared 15th, Harald Uaafager, Halveraen, Pensacola;
17th. Italy (s), Thompaon, New York.
Sailed from Uravesend 15th, Frela Randy Hook; Augusta,
do; Print Oscar. Pensacola; Bandvlk, New Orleans.
Lancaster, Not 16?Arrived, John Abbott, Nelson, Que
bec. ?
Limtrrick, Nov 16?Arrived. Eber, Gnnieh, Philadelphia.
Lisbon, Nov 5?Bailed, L F Munson, Munson, New York.
Lacnoiui, Nov 14?Sailed, Cralgon. Davie, Baltimore; Nn
ovo Rattler, La Commare, Palermo and New York.
Madkika, Nov 8?In port. W H Tucker.
Malaoa, Nov 6?Bailed, A J Pettengill, Hall. New York.
Mknsina, Nov 7?Arrived, Belle of the Bay. Williams,
Genoa; 9th. Zuleika. Long. Corfu.
Mars bill as, Nov 13?Sailed, Americas, Baas, Monte
Nkw Ross, Nov 14?Arrived, Brage. Svensen. Baltimore.
Nicwpokt Nov 16?Sailed, Magj^e, Steele. Martinique.
Otaoo. N7, Sept 6?Arrived, Maria Trinidad; Banaden,
Burrerd Inlet.
1'orto Praia, Oct 8?Arrived, Antelope, RinclAlr. Brava
Island; 12th, A J Ross Lothrop, Maio Island.
Pknarth. Nov 15? Sailed, Emma Buckman, Havana;
Cyclone, Forbes, do.
Qubrnstown, Nov 16?Arrived, Chat Murdoch, Campbell,
Newport for Havaua.
Put back 16th, Caateflo, for New York.
Rostock, No* 12?Arri*ad, Success, Hansen, New York.
Rkval, Nov 10?Arrived, rjtrasshnrg (si, Barre, New Or
leans; Alice Tatnter, Losberg, New York.
Rio Graxdk, Oct 10?Sailed, Robert Anderson, Walker,
Bhiklds, Nov 15?Railed, Don Quixote, Munroe, Havana;
G M Cairns, Bell, Pensacola; Clrikken. New York.
Bwansna, Nov 16? Arrived, William Croecup, Mlramlchl.t
Swinkmunuk. Nov 12?Arrived. Maria, Permien, New
York: Drsus Minor, Jorgenaxn. Baltimore.
Southampton, Nov 16?Arrived, Juno, Leghorn, Mont
Bailed 16th?Hannover (s), Himbeck (from New Orleans),
Htittin, Not 12?Arrived, Eos, Dannevig New York.
Bailed I2th, Mary Stewart, 1'enery, Hartlepool; C Colum
but, Doehler, Philadelphia
Trieste. Nov 11?Bailed, Ann Elisabeth, McDevitt, Co tie.
Sailed 12th, Chos Purves, Small. I-eghorn.
Tahlk Bat (by tel from Madeira Nov 15)?Arrtvod, Jas
McCarthy, Uonid, Portland.
Boitloonp., Nov 15?The Astrnla, Macgregor, from London
for Now Orleans, ashore at Andressciles. has become a total
wreck. the master was saved. The bodies of fonr victims of
the wreck, including the steward's wife, a negrest, aged 20,
have been recovered near Androsseflea
Cowmg. Nov 16?The Anna, Norwegian bark, Wahl, from
Baltimore for La Roehelie (petroleum;, has put in here with
damage to rudder, loss of sails and one boat.
Dual, Not 15?The Nautilus, Bnrke, from Antwerp for
Philadelphia, has been supplied with an anchor only.
17lh?The Adrians Willies, from London for New Orleans,
lost anrhor and part chain on Sunday last during the gale,
which has not yet been replaced.
The Enmenides ship, or Liverpool. Beard, from Hull for
Beaufort, has been supplied with an anrhor and 46 fathoms
of chain in lies of others lost on Sunday last during the gale.
Off?The Llna, Harm, from WolgasL
Falmouth, Not 15?SW. dull. Tho Emma. Captain Oox,
from Musquash for Liverpool (deals), has put In with loss or
bowsprit, foremast-htad, foreyard, malntopgallantmasl, and
other damage.
Oirraltar, Nov 15?The brig Charles Dennis, from All
rante lor Havana and the Deodarus, bark, have fouled each
other at Alceciras; slight damage.
Nov I?The American bark Josephine Martin will be sold
at public anctlon.
Holtkeap, Not 16?The ship David 0 Fleming. Enson,
from Liverpool for Caicatte (salI), has pnt la with pump
choked and cargo shifted.
Honolulu, Oct 18?The Marlanne.of New York, Whitney,
from Knderbnrv Island for Qtieenstown, which put Inhere
Sept 25 leaky, nas discharged all her cargo. The repairs to
her are being effected at a probable cost of $20,000. Bbe is
expected to get away In seven or tight weeks.
London, Nov 16?The Dorothea, Zessln, from Clenfuegas,
reports having fallen In with the Edward Everett, of .Vow
Bedford, derelict. Oct 24, in Ion 46 W, and having taken
fr'<m her the following articles ?A whale boat, 3 eonR.asses,
a quantity of rigging. 2 copper tanks. 2 staysails, medicine
cheat, 2 copper pumps, Ac.
La RocnKLLR, Nov 13.?The Wawaleneh, of Plcton, NR.
Carmichael. from Loboa for this port (fgiann), moored out
side the doeks in the evening of Nov 10. DJring a gala on
the following night her moorings gave way and she dffove
violently against the swing bridge, which the broke . slie
herself sustained serlons damage to bows, the extent of
which cannot, however, be exactly ascertained till the cargo
Is discharged.
Montevideo Oct 16?A survey has been held on the
Rainuel G Glover. I'arklns, from Baltimore for Valparaiso,
which put is here leaky, Ac., and tho foilowing damage
found : Miesenmast gone below tbecap, mainmast gone below
the top, upper topsailyard broken, aod vessel above water In
every respect In bad condition , a large quantity of the
stanchions broken, Ac; vessel working badly forward,
fastening* loose, and vessel to all appearance badly strained;
the frill amount of damage however, could not he ascer
tained in tier preeenl condition, and it haa been recom
mended that her cargo be discharged and another survey
held ; the master is advertising lot tenders for the convey
ance of the oargo i coals) to its destination.
Nkwpoet, Nov HV?The Ahble N Franklin, American bark.
Gross hence for Ht Thomas (coal), has put back throngh
stress of weather, having while riding at anchor at the Bplt
dragged her anchor and got ashore on the Welsh grounds In
deep water; will have to discharge cargo to find leak.
Qokvnstown. Nov 16?The Charles Murdoch, Campbell,
from Newport (coal) for Havana, has pnt in with lost of sails.
Kottkrdam, Nov 14? The Kate Harding, which drove from
her anelior at Nlenwe Dtep Nov II, foaled the Anna Maria
and earriad away her jtbboom. The former sustained no
Rio JANgim.OtC 26?The condemned vessel Marth# ha*
... for jboGU
?MBMW. r I Oct 2-The ? arson, from Liverpool for Sao
Ftai.eUoo, pat in ham Sept 7, nrtth cheinplatas and Hearing
gear damaged ; repaired aad proceeded on tha 17th.
The Baalah. from Liverpool Ihr Victoria (VI). pot In ham
Sepft * with cargo (railway Iron) shifted. Sha Is partially
dlacherged and la reatowleg.
The Aboyni, from London for Victoria (VI). pn? la hara
Sept .1 with damage to veaeel and cargo. She liae partially
di*cbar*ed. repaired and will shortly proceed. A small
quantity of perishable cargo, much damaged, has been sold
by auction.
Wexford, Not lfl?The Emily Raymond Is nearly drr at
low water; cargo will be rafted as soon as weather permits
ALEXANDRIA. Nor 2H?Sailed, ochm EariPMasnn, Prov
idence ; Tom Williams. Send* Hook; J K Baylts, New 11ft
veu. D M Anthony, and Carrie bell llrom Georgetown),
APPONAUG, Nov 26?Sailed, ochr Alice Borda, Taylor,
BOSTON, Nov 27?Cleared, echr Waet Dennlo, Baltimore,
2Hth?Arrived, eteamert Hatavla (Br), Moulaud, Liver
pool; Hercules. Sw.ftsey, Philadelphia.
BALTIMORE, Nov 27?Arrived, steamer Eureka, Fiiher,
Newborn. NC. _ .. ?
Cleared?Schr Flenrv Wortblnirton, Crowcll, Boaton.
2R-.li?Arrived, steamer John W Oarrctt. He*. New Vork.
I Alao arrived, steamer Cingalese (Br), Gardner, New York;
hark Cuomo 1 (Itiftl), Cuomo, Caatelluuiora.
BANGOR, Nov 25? Arrived, achr Keuduskeag, Wyatt,
New York.
Cleared?Brig Abby Ellen, Buckaport, to load for Barba
2?tb?Cleared achr. Sea Foam, Philbrooka, New York;
Mary Augusta, Holt, Philadelphia
HATH, Nor 24?Sailed, achra Witch Haael. Springer, Ronth
Ainkrica ; Louiae 1) Rathburn, Crowell, Pbipaburg. to hulah
'da* lor Washington ; David Kaust, Smith, Washington.
l?th?Railed, sclira Only Hon, Wakelluld; Magnet, Burrell,
and Mail, Brookings. New York.
P^Bth?Arrived, achr Kato M Hilton, Adams, Georgetown,
BEVERLY, Nov 23?Arrived, achr Oolden Gate, Amel,
New York.
BRISTOL, Nov 96?Arrived, achr James English, Barker,
Hailed?Schr Sarah Bmen, Petty, Philadelphia.
26th?Arrived, schr Charlotte Brown, Sears, Dennis, to
load for W eat Indlea.
CHARLESTON. HC, Nov 28?Arrived, bark Arehltecl
fBr), Williams. Mi..Unique; brigs Cadet. Leighlun, Pert
Spain; Edna (Br), Para; Carlotta. Porto Rleo; Geo K Dale,
Hinlth, Barbados; achrs Bella Kuaaell. Smith, Philadelphia;
E K. Dresser, Harris, Baracoa; W li Knight, Knight Balti
more; Albert Thomas, Rose, do.
Cleared?Bark Pas (Sp), Liuarage, Liverpool: brigs Tum
eraria (Spi, Roses, Barcelona; Diana (Sp), San Juan, do.
Hailed?Bark Savanna (Br), Liverpool.
EAST GRELNWIC1I, Nov 25?Sailed, achrs John Man
love, Cobnrn, New York' 26th, Eli Townsend, Nichols do.
PORTRESS MONROE. Nov 24?Sailed, bark Swallow,
Parrar (from Iquique), Philadelphia.
FALL RIVER, Nov 25?Arrived, achra John E Sanford,
and EUa Mathews, Georgetown, DC; T N Tower
26th?Arrived, achr Stepheu Morgan, Georgetown, DC;
Lizzie F Mills.
GALVRSTON, Nov 22?Arrived, schr Union, Pickett, Apa
27th?Cleared, steamer George W Clyde, Pennington,
New York; schr E S Powell, WiUlania, Liverpool.
Sailed?Steamer Royal Minstrel (Br), Henderson, Liver
OKEENPORT, LI, Nov 25?Arrived, schr Goorge 8 Page,
Young, Albany.
NEW ORLEANS, Nev 27?Cleared, steemers'lTrefalgar
(Br), Meikle, Liverpool; Cortes, Proeman, New York: snip
Scotia. Druinrnond, Bremen; barks Onkel (Ger), Tuscn, do;
I) H Bills, Penny, Havre; schr Grace Webster, Gales, New
2Sth?Arrived at Sonthwest Pass, steamer Tappahannock,
Pendleton, Havana; ships John Bnnyan (Br), Durkee, Yar
mouth, NS; B F Metcalf. Blanchard, Damariscntta; hark
Emily (Ger), Relchnniiin. Rio Janeiro; schr Daisy B Parke
hnrsl, Hooper, Providence.
SooTHwasi Pass, Nov 27?Arrived, ship Sandusky, Low
den, Liverpool ; schr John H Hancock, Ilailett, Boston.
Sailed?Ships Marcia Greeuleaf. and Virginia, for Liver
pool ; Crescent City, for Hayre; bark Leon (Fr), for do.
NORFOLK, Nov 26? Arrived, schrs Harmony Core, East
ern Shore; Mlflnie Sill, Jennings; Mary A Ivins, Bodine:
George D Loud. Williams; Addle Hchlaefer, Deacon, and
Win Magee, Sheridan, New York; yacht Julia, Tudor, Bos
ton for Havana, tin a pleasure trip.
Passed through Albemarle Canal 20th, steamer Little Nell,
Guild, trom New York lor Florida.
NEWBURY PORT. Nov 25?Sailed, achr Carrie Alice,
Reed, Mavaguez. PR.
NEW BEDFORD, Nov 28?Arrived, schr Uattle Perry,
Chase, Philadelphia.
27th?Arrived, steamer City of Fltchburg, Springer, New
Y'ork, ana returns this PM;schr John H Perry, Kolley,
| Philadelphia.
Sailed?Schrs J W Woodruff, Haskell, New York; Mon
mouth. Anderson, do.
NARRAGANSKTT PIER. RI. Nov 26?Arrived, schrs 0
Carroll, Kelley, New York for New Bedford; Webster Bar
nard, Haines. Calais for Philadelphia; RP King, Bllven,
Hoboken for New Bedford; Jamea Parker, Sr. Kelley, New
York for do,
NEW LONDON, Nov 27-Arrived, schrs Dr Franklin,
from Rondout; Beta Peck, do: J P Ames, Philadelphia;
Tempest, Amboy; Union, Hoboken; E A L Marts, Alexan
dria for Norwich; Niantic, Rondoat.
Sailed?Schrs George W Raymond, for New York; Rachel
Jane, do; Fannv Fern. do.
NEW HAVEN, Nov 27?Arrived, brig Florence I Hender
son, Henderson, Turks Islands; sohm Mary Helen, Sanborn,
do; J G Fell, Nickerson, and Henry Clay, Perth Amboy;
Ann Amelia, Jersey City.
PHILADELPHIA, Nov 28?Arrived, brig Winogene (Br),
Dix, Ivigtut
Sailed?Steamer Leopard.
PORTLAND, Nov 25?Arrived, brig Belle Prescott.Water
hoote Boston; achr Bush rod W II ill, Uiggiua, Alexandria
(not as telegraphed).
28th?Arrived, schrs Congress. Hamilton, Windsor, N8, for
Philadelphia; Cumberland, Webber, Boston to load for
Cleared 28th (not 28th), schrs Bonny Boat, Kelly, Rich
mond; Geo B Ferguson, Ferguson, Now Yorit.
27th?Arrived, steamers Eleanors, Johnson, Hew York;
Bermuda (Br). Cleaver, Halifax.
PORTSMOUTH, Nov 26?Arrived, achr Mary Ella, Sta
ples, South Amboy.
Hailed 25th. sohr HaHle B. Bate mam, Philadelphia
< PROVIDENCE, Nov 26?Sailed. scHr Florence, Saokett,
Verplank's Point; Time. Mackoy, New York.
PAWTUCKET, Nov 24?Sailed, schr James M Bayles, Ar
scTir Vm P Borden, Adams, Port Johnson.
Sailed?Schrs Harriet S Brooks, Buhler, Philadelphia;
Kate^ Mary, Coggswell, Rondoat; Kate Bcranton, Palmer,
20th?Sailed, schr Ellas Ross, Lewis. Port Johnson.
RICHMOND, Nov 26?Arrived, schrs Segulu, Whitteraor*
New York; Eclipse, Conklln, do.
ROCKLAND. Nov 20?Arrived, schrs Wra Rice, Pressey,
New York for Bangor.
Sailed?Brig Harry Smith, for Liverpool: schrs A F Ames.
Achorn, Richmond, Va; E Arcolarlua, Lord, New York; t
Jamoaon, Jameson, Baltimore.
8KABECK. Nov 12? Arrived, bark John Bunyan (Br),
Graves, Yokohama via Port Townsend.
SAVANNAH. Nov 27?Arrived, schrs Hattle Tnrner, Top
per. Boston ; Almon Bird, brinkwater. Wood's Hole.
Hailed?Steamer Tybee, New York; bark Froen (Nor),
Bessesen. Genoa.
27th?Arrived, steamers Seminole. Matthew*. Boston; Oeir
Barnes, Cheeseman. New York; ships Ardmore (Br), McCon
ncll, Glasgow ; Storm King, Boyd, Bremen (and ordered to
Galveston); Jane Fish, Brown. Liverpool (and ordered to
New Orleans) ; Antarctic (Br), Smith, do; brig Aurora (Br),
Brrmoda; schrs Index, Garrison, Philadelphia; Lee and
Dolly, from -
Sailed?Steamers San Jacinto, Hasard, New York; Wyo
ming, Teal, Philadelphia.
SotiTUVfrF.ST HARBOR, Not 12-Sailed, schr Clara
Sawyer, Branscom. New York.
SALEM, Nov 24?Arrived, schr* IT S Bridge*. Landry. St
John, NH, for New York; Anna Tibbetts, Eaton, Calais for
do; Adam Bowlhy, E1U?, Ellsworth fordo.
Hailed?Schrs Hallie Godfrey, Gates. Philadelphia; and a
( fleet of coasters bound S and E.
28th?Arrived, achrs Mary Lymbnrner, Coomhs, Elizabeth
port; C Matthews, Wentworth. New York for Bangor; Star,
Brav. Portland for New Roobolle, NY.
j HtONINGTON. Nov 28? Arrired. schr* D T Wllletl*. Rta
' plln. Port Johnson for Newport; Samuel Washburn, Hatlia
j way, and C 0 Smith, Snow, New York for Tauntou; Benj
English, Chase, do for Providence; Yonug Amorsca, Wa
ters, from Noyes' Beach, with spara, Ac, from the wrecked
achr Mary E Mellale.
VINEYARD HAVEN, Nov 26?Arrived, schr* Cyrns Hall,
from Philadelphia for ; Abbv L Dow, Telumah. OW
May and Addlo Blalsdell. do for Boston; Olive, South Am
boy for do; Bay State, New Y'ork for do; Jonathan May,
Alexandria for do; Frank Learning, Richmond, Va, for do;
Annie M Allen, Georgetown. DC, fbr do; Nellie,
Port Johnaon for do; Senator Grimes, Weehawken,
for do; O M Porter, Forest City, Geo Kilborn,
and Marian Adelaide, from Klizabethport for Newburyport;
Emily H Nailor. Philadelphia fordo: Marietta Tllton and B
F Lowell, do for Portsmouth; Free Wind, Port JpfTi'rson for
do; Addle Ryer?on, Perth Amboy for do; Fanny Elder.
Philadelphia for Baco; Ella F Crowcll, do for
Provlneetown; Freddie L Porter, do for Portland;
Ulallume (Br), do for St John, Nli: Mary Theall
(Br), New York for do; Mary Riley anil W K
Parkes, Boston for Philadelphia; Elena M Wright, do for
Baltimore or Georgetown, DC: Clarissa Allen, do for Wood
bridge NJ; H K Wlllard, Portland for Guadaloupe: BS
Y'onng, MlUfleal for Virginia; Ella May and Millie F Swift,
l'rovinoetown for do: Carrie W, Eastport for New York.
Ketorned?Schrs 3 E Nightingale, Marion Draper, and
Ellen Morrison (see Miscellany).
Hailed?Hchrs Annie Cotter, Scth W Todd, Josiah White
house, Clarrtssa Allen. Theresa Wolf, Rebecca H Queen,
Ring Dove. Spartel, II .ram Tucker, 8 A Hoffman. EC Gates,
Mary (of Belfast), Wesley Abbott, Thomas lllx, I'm.mas
Watts, Silas MeLoon, Geo R .lone*. Decora, Julia A Martha,
Artosto, Gem, Harriet Newall, Listie Wilson, Dolphin, Jen
nle M Carter, Y'ankee Blade, William Conner*, nnd J A
In port?Bark N M Haven; brig* Wm Robortton, Whlta
ker, Klmlra, and Isaac Carver; schr* F Kelson, Frank, H L
Russell, Annie W Allen, Nollie K, Free Wind. Maria Ade
laide. EUa May, Hi Young, Senator Grimes, 11 K Wlllard,
Mary Theall. Ulallvne.U M Porter, Forest City, Geo Kil
born. Carrie W, Addle Kyerson, Bay State, Olive, Terrapin,
Telumah, C W Mav, Addie Ml n loll, Freddie L Porter, Jona
than May, Fanny Elder. K M Wright, B F Lowell, W P Da
vis, Dresden, F A Pike. II W Godfrey, E 11 Naylor, Marietta
Tllton, Cyrns Hall, Ella F Crowell, Philadelphia, Abby L
Dow, Frank Learning, W F Hnrker, Mary Riley, W F Swift,
H K Woodbury, Paragon, S li Sharp, Trenton, Gov Coney,
Surprise, Marion Draper, 8 K Nightingale, Little K, George
Churchman, Ella Francis, Kmellno McLain, Uncle Tom,
Para, Sedone, Hero, G M Wentworth, Crusoe, Cha* Ilealli,
Delmont, Sandalpluui, Hannibal. Nellie Bell, Orlando, M M
Pole, T P Abell, ,1 B Alien, \\ II Mitchell, Julia, M L Var
ney. Teal EG If win, Ellen Morrison, Huntress, .1 ulla E
liamage, Oregon, F A Heath, Emma Oreen, Mahask*. Ward
J Parks Com Kearney, Abbie I .malls, Exeter, T Benedict,
Grand Island, Comet. Addle Sawyer, Edward l.ameyer,
Alpine, Geo Osborn, llenry Cole, Cuba, Hyena, and Annla
Tibbotta. . ... . ,. ...
WIHOAEHRT. Nov22?Sailed, bark Blerstadt (new). Har
rlson, Galveaton. . _,,, _ ,,
WAREHAM, Nov 23?Arrived, schr Thomas Ellis, Kelly
New York. . _ _ .. ,
26th?Arrived, schr Fair Wind, Bowman, PonphkggptU.
WaRRBN, Nov 20-Arrived, schr Mary H Mifflin, Forrls
Hoboken. , ?
Sailed?Schr Samuel L Crocker, Thrasher. New York.
WESTERLY, Nov 25-Arrived, barge Collux, Devaugh,
A'sai"ed?Schr Connecticut, MrDape, New York.
2dch?Arrived, schr Game Cock, Amboy; sloop John Bev
erlgo, Hotallng, Rondont.
hailed?Hctir lleaolt.c KR No 41, '"ill, Philadelphia
WICKFOKD. Nov 23-Arrivsd, sehr S M Tyler, Hart, Ho
Schr A K Woodward. New York,
. sleet: Spoon Oars; Mrtalio Lifeboats; ell cheap. !10f
and MM South at rest, near Uouvernenr allp.
mast be in food ordar; In exchange for New York or
Brooklyn brick or brown atone bouae. Address H. 8. V. P.,
box 221 Herald oflice.
ent States lor numerous causes without publicity; lege
everywhere. No charge until divorce granted. Advice Tree
Established 20 years M. HOUSE, Attorney, 104 Broadway
? corner Pulton avenue and Boerum street.
Open from S A. M. to!? P. M,
On Sunday from d to 9 P. M.
Absolute divorces obtained prom dipper
?ut states lor numerous causes, without publicity;
legal everywhere; terms satisfactory. FREDERICK I.
KI NO, Lawyer. Notary Public. CommUilonor. No. 0 Kiahtk
street near Coo oar Institute
? 4

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