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Autoine Martfiu Shoots His Suspected Injiirfr
and Then hills Himsrlf.
Another of those terrible domestic tragedios so frequent
of late id tli.s city occurred last uigbt in the
Twenty nrst ward. A husband, maddened hy
jealousy, shot hi* wife'* visitor and then
ended his own life by a bullet in the '
brain, The name of the murderer and suicide was Au- i
tome Martens, and that of Lis victim I hunt as Rodgers.
The scene of the tragedy wag iu (rout ol the residence
' of the former, at No 313 Last Twenty-eighth street.
At the above number Martens, whose trade wag that
of a cigar maker, kept a small cigar store on the first
floor, the rear of which is partitioned otf as a sleeping
room and kitchen. 1'uring the daytime he worked at
lug trade In a neighboring cigar factory, leaving
his wife to attend the store. Last night,
shortly bef re ume o'clock, Martens was sitting in the
store. Ins wile being behind the counter, when the door
(i|iened and the young man Rodger* entered. Martin
had for some tiuie past looked upon Rodgers
with a jealous eye, believing him to
tic on terms of criminal intimacy with bis
wife; and only a few days ago he threatened to shoot
him if he again visited her. The appearance of Rodgers
caused Martens to start from his chair, pale with
rage. "Leave my house,'' he shouted, as he drew from j
his pocket a revolver.
Rodgers, seeing the pistol, ran toward the door, but
not before a bullet bad been discharged at him In his
haste to escape he stumbled at the threshold and Martens
was soon at bis side. Mrs. Martens tiud by this
time come from behind the counter. She quickly
jumped between
nrk nrshaxn axd his victim
and before Marteus could again tire :-lie had his hauils
tightly clutched in her own. This momentary
obstacle to the design of the infuriated
man was taken advantage of by Rodgers, who
started to run. In a moment Martens had freed
himself from bis wife and with raised weapon was in
pursuit of the fleeing man. He tired four shots In j
quick succession and Rodgers dropped in the street,
blly feel from the store. Martens, seeing his
victim fall, placed the pistol to his own I
head and tired The bullet entered his braiu |
through the right temple and in an instant he was |
dead. So quickly was the deed committed that the i
two mm my a. most side oy siue?one aeau auu tue ;
oilier dying?before .my other person was on the spot, j
In a few niitiutes, however, the street was crowded ,
with people.
Among the first to arrive were Captain Murphy and
Sergeant Turk, of the Twenty-first preciuct. They
lound Martens dead, but Kodgers still alive. Leaving
the dead tuun they quickly carried Kodgers to the drug
store at the corner of Twenty seventh street and
Third avenue, and at once despatched messengers for
surgical aid. Ambulance Surgeon Almy, of Bollevuo
Hospital, promptly answered the summons and conveyed
the dying man to the hospital. The body of
Martens was now removed to his lute residence to await
the action ot the Coroner.
Investigation inio the history ot Martens' family
revealed a slate of matrimonial infelicity. from the
date of his marriage five years ago, a leeling of dis
trust and jealousy ot his wile affected Martens.
The slightest attention received by In* wife ;
Iroin other men was mOictcm to make him very angry.
The result was one prolonged quarrel between the pair,
as Mrs Martens, rcgurdlcHsol her husband's unlorlunate
disposition, made no endeavor to comply with his
wishes About a year ago Martens opened the store
No. 'J13 Kast Twitity-eighth street and laid in a large
ni? k oi cigars, giviug his wife charge of the business
w hile he continued at Ins trade outside.
Kodgers was a fireman attached to Hook and Ladder
Company No. 7, the location of which is a lew doors
south of Martens' store. He frequently purchased
cigars of Mrs. Martens. He also became acquainted with
her husband A few days before Ntnv Year's Iiay Martens
came home unexpectedly and lound Kodgers
talking to Ins wile in the kitchen at the rear ol the
store His jealousy became aroused and words ensued,
during which he ordered Kodgers from the house, ou ]
last Sunday Kodgers paid another visit to the store 1
ninl Martens threatened to shoot him it he ever caiuc
in again. The visit last night was the only one paid
since that tunc.
After tue quarrel on Sunday Mortens purchased tho
pistol w ith which he committed the latal deed.
A Hkrai.o reporter called at the residence of Mrs.
Martens last night shortly after the tragedy. On tho
floor was stretched at lull length the suicide, w ith a
ghastiy hole in his temple. H s wile, who is about
thirty years old. stood over hiui, looking as
cool and unconcerneti as if nothing unusual
had hap|eued. She betrayed, when questioned, not
the slightest symptom ol grief. Hud t iid the story of
her husband's jealousy with apparent indifference.
Martens was by Lurid a Uelgiun, and about thirty-one
years ol age.
tiik WOCNMtn man at thk liOSFlTAU
An ambulance had been summoned at the moment of
the tragedy, and the body ol the wounded man was j
speedily conveyed to Bellevue Hospital. There a little
investigation discovered hi* injuries to consist ol a j
wound iti fbe hac> or the neck, another in the left
side and a third tu tlie right arm. A bullet had also
passed through the chin, sinking the breast but not
entering it. Ur. .Smith, with his assistants, probed the
wounds and endeavored to locale the course of the balls.
Considerable difficulty was experienced, however, from
the different directions tney had been fired from, and
not a little irom the patient himself, who had evidently
l>ecn undcflhe influence ot liquor at the time ol the
shooting, led who had not been entirely sobered even
by the awlul sense ol bis condition.
a i'aim'i l sck.vk.
The scene in (lie ward wucre the body of the
wounded in ,n was stretched was exceedingly paiulul. j
In a rambling, incoherent way, the uuhappy man
talked hopelessly ol his situation, and at times spoko
ot the gray haired mother whose care lie had known 1
o long and whose nncuNb he uow deplored, while outside
ttie screen which hid from view the inovemeuts of
tlie surgeons, an aged woman was weeping for the son
wiio, pernups, iihu in many limns uoeu unworthy oi
her parental fondness.
Tint not srrri. isstits.
Until near tntdtngliMhe phy stctan stood at tbc bedride
plying the probe, and when lie ceased he hail extracted
ihe hall ironi the back of tho neck aud
had partially followed the course of tbo
other bullets. He was then unable to say
anything with any decree of certainty about
the chances ot Rogers' recovery, but he thought that
an examination to-day would be apt to show what
hopes might be entertained.
Coroner Croker visited the suicide's house and th'-n !
proceeded to the hospital to take tne wounded man's
The fourth annual meeting of the National Rifle As- |
soc.ktion was held last evening. Major Central Shalcr
occupied the cliair and Colonel Henry A. Gtldersleevo
acted as secretary. The reports showed tbc number of
lite members to he 202, of which number forty bad entered
during the past year and sixteen of the forty had
won life member prizes at the range since their
election. The treasurer's re[?rt showed the balance
on hand January 1. l>7ft. to have been (1,13d tlO. receipts
during the year. (2.1,411 61; payments,
(20.213 4 , baiaure. (t.l'.lt 06. At an election lor 1
directors the follow.tig uamed life members wire
elected for the term of five years:?Colocel George W,
Wlngatc, Captain William C. Casey, George S. richer- |
mi rborn, Mu.ior I> D Wylie and c olonel Ir.i L Hcebe.
To fill i acancies, Colonel John Ward aud Hon. N. 1'. I
(?n motion of Colonel Church the Board of Directors
were requested te inquire if the system of signalling :
used in the United btales Army could be used advun
tageously on the range at Crcedmoor. At a meeting of
the new Board of Directors General Alexander Shaier
was elected president. General John B. Woodward, vice I
president- George S. Sehermerhorn, secretary, and
General M T McMahoa, treasurer.
Yesterday afternoon a report was actively circulated
.hrougboul the city that a Joint stock jewelry bouse oh
Broadway, above fourteenth street, had tailed, with
uearly $7,000,000 worth of diamonds in stock, beside
ether ealtial'le goods. Almost instantly tho name of
ll< sera Tiffany .V Co. was connected with at A Hkrai d
r?|>orter culled <-n Mr. Charles I- Tiffany, who
said, "There Is no trouble In our house.
I beard the rumor before I left llie office.
but paid no .utentiou to it We do not claim
.hat we have (7.0WJ.U00 worth of diamonds; but
we do clatm that ottr stock of diamonds is
siort than sufficient to pay all our indebtedness. BeiMlts,
we hsve not given a note tor years. If juu
ton any one who has any ol our paper wants and It illstounied
at one bur cent per annum ?? would he v'.ad to
|Cl It.''
"Your company is a Joint Mock company, ta it not*'*
"Yea. air; but thia entire report *? u.<iu"irieu*ly circulated
is, I aseure you, utterly grotwdle-s."
"Have j oo beard of any tlrm in Hie Jewelry hurlncs
dial baa laded lo day or la reported lo lie in difTl
Jtj ? '
>io, nr; 1 harenoL"
Since (be declaion of Chancellor Run* on in the Hope
veil Railroad druggie the war has teen transferred
rum the opposing forct* of railroad employes to the
wurts, and tbe Pennsylvania Railroad Company has
nnounted. through Its legal agents, its intention to
airry the case to iho Court of A| peals. The pr<--ent
;*ee is precisely analogous lo the esse of the Peon
lylvania Railroad Company against the l.ong Hratn h
Hajlroad Cotnpanr, when an attempt was made to prerent
the latter company trom bridging the Karitan at 1
Perth Arohoy. Tbe < ase war carried tnio the courts,
the Pennsylvania Railroad Company w.s di-feaird at
rvery slepj and the Long Dr.-tnrL Railroad was carried
to completive
This gallant soldier and much esteemed gentleman
died en Monday evening, al Santa Ke, New Mexico. A
short time since be was prostrated by a stroke or paralysis,
from which he was alowly recovering, until Monda)
afternoon, when be was stricken by apoplexy, and :
without regaining consciousness expired in about three
hours. General Granger was a native of this State, and
was born in New York in 1W5, so that at the time of
his death he was little over tittv years of age. He was
appointed a cadet to the Military Academy at West
Point in 1841, and graduated on the SOth of June, 1845,
in the same elites with Generals William K. Smith, Fits
John I'orter, T. G. Pitcher aud other officers in the
Union army, and Barnard E. Doe, Edmund K. Smith '
and other officers on the Southern side. On the 1st
of July, 1845, he was brevelied second lieutenant ;
of tho Second United States regular infantry,, but
was transferred to the Mounted ltlflcs on the
17th of June, 184tl He received his full
commission of second lieutenant an the 29th of May,
1847, and was sent to Mexico. He was brevetted first i
lieutenant from August 20, 1847, for gallant and mcri- |
torious conduct in the battles of Contreras and Cheru
busco. He was turtber brevetted captain from Septem- I
ber 13, 1847. lor gallant and meritorious conduct in the 1
battle of Cbepultcpec, Mexico. He was promoted to a
full first lieutenancy on tbe 24tb of May, 1852. He became
further distinguished in bis pursuit and attack of
the Indians on the Xeuccs ltiver of Texas on tho 13th
of April, 185(1 tin the ftlh of May, 1561, be was pro- j
moted to a lull captaiucy ol his regiment. He served ,
in Missouri, and during the early stages of the rebellion
occupied the position of captain and assistant adjutant
general at the post of St. Louis, In November, 1861, .
lie was appointed coionol ol the Second Michigan '
cavalry, lie served in Missouri in this capacity, j
and gained such credit as to be awarded a brevet of major
in the regular cavalry, to dato from April 7, 1862, | I
lor meritorious services m that Stale, lie was next
created a brigadier general of volunteers, with rank
and commission dating from March 26, 1862. He served
in Kentucky, and, on the attempted invasion of Bragg
into thai Slate in September, 1802, he was appointed to
the command of tbe po l at Newport and Covington
where, on the 1st of October, ho proclaimed martial
luw. He next inarched into Eastern or Ceutral Kenlucky
and located hn headquarters at Lexington whilo
General Huell pursued llragg out of the Staio. On the
30th of October, 1862, ho was appointed chief com- I
uiandtr of the Army of Kentucky, which artny, '
being subdivided into three districts on tho 19lh of w
November, IS02, he also personally directed the a
movement of the troops In the Central district 11
in the 23d of December, 1862, be was nominated by tho o
President as a major general, with commission and t
rank dating from September 17, 1862. After wintering n
in Kentucky during 1862 tbe commund ol General | o
Granger In February, 1863, was translerred to the o
Army of the Cumberland, and assigned by General i<
Kusccrans to act as a column of reserve during the o
operations through Tennessee. Ho wus in command
of the reserve corps which arrived in time on the T
bloody Held ol Chieksmauga to participate in the closing i<
operations of that terrible fight. His assistance to Gen I'
oral Thomas in saving the Army of the Cumberland ! I
from annihilation has more than once been acknowl- ! 1'
edged and applauded. After the Chickamuuga campaign u
all that remained of the Twentieth and Twenty-first t T
corps were Incorporated into ono command, under the v
title of the Fourth Army Corps?the old Fourth having U
been discontinued?and ou the 28th of September, 1863, B
General Granger was assigned to its command. This L
corps he commanded at the memorable battle of Chattanooga,
and during the whole ot the subsequent ,
campaign his gallantry and lighting qualities
were conspicuous During the summer of i
1564 he hud command of the land lores engaged in cooperation
with Fnrragut in the occupation ol Mobile |a
Harbor. Shortly after the surrender ol Mobile in April,
1865, he was sent to Texas, where be remained until reaseigned
by the War Department. The war over, be j oi
was mustered out ol tho volunteer service January 15,
1806, and in July of trie same year was assigned lo tho
colonelcy of tbe Twenty-fifth infantry. When the Tl
Fifteenth and Thirty-tilth infantry regiments
wore consolidated as the Fifteenth regiment of ' j]
iniantry he was appointed to the command, |
which post he held at tbe time of his death. > 8'
In appearance General Granger was of commanding
stature; in manners he was easy and natural, aud was *'
agreeable In conversation. He was a strict disciplina- ^
ruin, but was in no respect tyrannical. Obedience bo
entorcea. nou lie was loveu uy ins cumuiaiiu a.- ?un ns r-spectod
by those whom the fortunes of war made his 1
enemies. i
Commodore Stephen Decatur, of the United States <j
Navy, (lied last Sunday at Boston, trom heart disease, R
aped sixty-one. Commodore Decatur was descended ^
frotn & family distinguished for naval services. Ills !
grandfather, Commodore Stephen Decatur, served in S
the navy during the Revolutionary War, and his uncle ||
wis distinguished for his services in conncc- : o
tion with the destruction of the Philadcl- <
phia at Tripoli In 1S04. He also served in the ?
war of 1812, and the family still preserves the trophies n
presented to the second Commodore. These were a
* 1;
sword for the destruction of tbo l'htladelphia and a n
medal for the captuic of the British frigate Macedonia! 8
together with several lesser testimonials, private and d
public, for his brave conduct. J c'
The lale Commodore was horn in New Jersey and his j Cl
mother was a Now York Knickerbocker. He was ap- ; ''
pointed a midshipman from New Hampshire in 1829. f
His tlrat service was in the Constellation ; afterward he a
was attached to the Mediterranean squadron. He was I ^
transferred to the Ytucenncs, of the Pacific squadron, in ! 11
18:12. He entered the Naval School in New York iu j sl
18115, and alter remaining there for three months was i
promoted to bo a passed midshipman and ordered to d
the receiving ship Columbus, then at Boston 11
He remained at the Charlestown Navy Yard . w
from March, 1836, until March, 1838, when he
was ordered to the tribute Levant, and later to
the Constellation, both ol which were in the West
India squadron. He was acting master of the Con- j
stellation Irom May until September, 1838, and from
that time until December of the same year "
he served as acting lieutenant on . the Van- cl
dalia, when he was transferred to the P
Natchez, and was master and acting lieutenant on that c<
vessel lor a year. On the 25th of February, 183(1, he in
became lieutenant and served on the Levant and on the Ci
Warren, in the West India squadron, Irom that time pi
until September, 184". Services and exposure then uj
brought on a brain fever which left him totally blind, j
He was relieved in 1857. and received his commission
as commander on the 25th of July, 1881; was promoted
to the rank of captain in 1867, and to that of commo- j
dore on the 'Juth of December, 1869. He leaves a 1
widow, one daughter and one son. The daughter is ti
Mrs. Wyndham K. Mayo, of Norfolk, Va., and the lson,
Stephen Decatur, has been graduated from the
Naval Academy, and has been in active service two El
years and a half. Commodore Decatur's luncrul ser- b;
vices will be held in the Church ol the Messiah, in Bos- cj
ton. to-day, and the remains will be brought on here to
be deposited in the family vault at Greenwood. Com 1'
niouore iH'caiur uiarruui au?r uca?n?ms uiiucl
Hod. John Wilson, who formerly hold the position of K
Commissioner ot the General Land Olllce, and alter- "
ward was the Third Auditor of the Treasury Departmont.
died at his residence in Washington yesterday. ?
Mr. Wilson was in the sixty fifth year ol his age. * , ,
Hon. William Butler, formerly prominently con- "
nccted with the history and politics ot the State of l
Illinois, died yesterday, at his residence at SprlngQeld,
in that State, at toe age ol seventy nine years. f'
Judge Beaudry, a distinguished Jurist and well-known E
judicial olDccr of the Dominion of Canada, died at his ?
residence In Montreal yesterday, to the great regret ol ?
a wide circle of friends. p
; ?
The body of Edward Eddy, the well known actor, j
arrived In this city yesterday on board the Henry n
Chauncey from Kingston, Jamaica, in charge of his h
wife, and will be brought ashore today. Mr. A. W.
Gregory, late of Mcach's Theatre, Buffalo. who bad been c
playing in Jamaica and who arrived in the aamc vessel, '
made the following statement to a HvRst.n reporter:? !
"Mr. Eddy arrived in Jamaica on the 9th of December i
and opened in 'Macbeth,' and on the Mth was taken
very ill with fever, but recovered in a couple of days.
On the morning of the Idth he awoke his wife In bed by
exclaim ug, 'My God! what It the matter with met'
ami In a moment was a corpse. He had a Masonic '
luneral on the 17ib He wae a prominent Mason and had ot
taken his thirty third degree. Our troupe was the M
Holland Dramatic Troupe, and roraprtnod Mr. Holland, tn
Mr. Thomas Conner. Mr. J. P. Kilburne, Mrs. Holland, lb
Mrs. Marsh, M'8* Sarah Alexander, Miss Marsh?all of lit
whom are now utterly without funds at Kingston. T
Miss Henrietta Irvin >Mrs. Kddvjatso played in the th
troupe. Had poor Eddy lived we were to have saiied It
on the a#th tor 5M. Kilts, and dtien have visited, ;n co
Deceinlxr, Barbados, St. Thomas and other places. n,
I do not snow to what lodges ol Masons Eddy belonged on
in this my. He was a member also of the Elks, and "I
was greatIr lieloved by all who knew him Re w?a In
boat tifty three years old. and a native of Troy. N. Y. ' K.
His sons, Clinton and Ed ward, have been on the It,
i hnuni-ev this eveulng with relerence to tbv>r father s
luneraL "
Jimes Curren. aged thirty eight year*. of No. .".19 w
A alee turret. fell down a flight of *tair* at bia residence *l
*t <-v< n ng and eipired. It i* supposed thai his death *'
re?ulted from heart dieeaae. C
_ . t r<
Officer Charier M. Elliott, of the Ninth precinct, died ^
lrt peering at hie residence. No. 337 W cat Tenth street, gi
frotn couaumbtloit I a
WlLLlAMa .
The nipt ting of the American Geographical Society .
:icl<i lau night in Cbtckcring Hull win; attended by as .
|> I.- pili OUUJIWIVII. ?u*> ?.? ?! - j
occupied by Kev. ltoswell D. Hitchcock, and upon the i
datform were Kev. Dr. Adams, I'eter Cooper, Frofyssor
["lieodore W. Dwigbt, General George W. Cullum, ;
'olouel Thomas K. Acton and many other well known
The Secretory ol the Society, Mr. Alvan S. Sonthvorth,
having resigned on account of the pressure of
its business, Mr. Francis A. Stout moved a vote of
hanks, which was carried with tho greatest enthu- |
uas in.
The list of officers for the present year, which Is
published below, was unanimously elected, and, after
ioine remarks from the chairman, the lecturer of the :
evening was introduced in the person of Dr. S. Wells .
>V illiiung. Secretary of Legation and Interpre- [
ter of the American Legation In China, !
who has just returned (rout that country I
tiler an absence of forty-two years. During the past j
lew years Dr. Williams has published a Chinese and j
English Dictionary of some 13.000 words or characters,
tnd the well known book called "The Middle Kingdom," ,
which Sir Fredoric Uruco pronounced the very best |
took extunt about China.
The speaker begun by glancing at the climate and
opogrnphy of the Celestial Kingdom and discussing ,
ho influence which they bad exerted upon the national !
harueter. Thence he passed to its religion. The wor- 1
iLnp of ancestors and the peculiar position of tho Em- 1
icror as the Son of Heaven was given an tho reason J
vhy China has never been alllicted with priestcraft as
Ipypt and so many other Eastern nations have. Ho
(escribed tho mode of electing offleiuls id China by
oiiipotltivo examinations. He referred to the spirit
11 progress that has crept into China within tho
nisi quarter of a century so that now, with her
80,000,000 of people, she only wuits lor tho light
f ihc Gospel to place her in the Iront rank of nations,
'he country hud boon thrown open to toreignors, and
he people were anxious to adopt European arts. They
re re, however, more slow to adopt an idea and
'ss inquisitive than their neighbors tiie Japnose.
This peculiarity was shown in the
tct that wiille the latter people bought
leambouts outright, the Chinese merely hired ttem to
r'e whether any money could be inude out of litem,
ii this connection the speaker told a humorous
lory of an ambitious Japanese who undertook
to run u steamboat, hut discovered,
rhen some distance from shore, that
llhnugh he had learned to start an engine he knew
othiug about stopping one, and was, consequently,
bliged to steer his boat round and round |
111 the tires went out. The highly interest- j
itg address was brought to a close with a eulogy i
t Dr. William Martin, the American who has charge
1 the College at Pekin, and who is known, Dr. Willtnis
says, tiy more educated Chinese peoplo than any
ther "outstde barbarian" living.
The lollowlug are the officers and council for 1S7C:?
'resident?Charles 1*. Duly. Vice Presidents?Freder
jk A. Conkhng, Krancts A. Stout, George W. Cullum.
'oreign Corresponding Secretary?E. R. Straznicky.
iomcbtic Corresponding Secretary?Jumes Muhlenberg
lailey. Recording Secretary?Elial F. Hall. Treas,rer?George
Cabot Ward. Council?William Remsen,
heodore W. Dwight, T. Hailey Myers, W. H. H. Moore,
fillintn K. Curtis, Walton W. Evans, Isaac Bernheimer,
I. Manigault Morris, Charles A. Joy, Harlow M. lloyt,
ioswell D. Hitchcock, Samuel I. M. Barlow, lsa,ic 1. !
[ayes, l'aul B. Du Chailiu, Clarence King.
A regular meeting of the Bar Association was held
ist night at No. 7 West Twenty-ninlh street. About
i0 members were present. Mr. William M. Evans :
X'upied the chair.
The report of the Library Committee stated that 0,077 ;
Diumes were now in possession of the association.
The following new members were admitted:?Messrs.
homas Hooker, Henry L. Sprague, Edward R. Derove,
W. Bayard Cutting and Anthony Harvey.
The following officers and committees of the associaon
were elecicd for the ensuing year:?1'resident? i
. M. Evarts. Vice Presidents?Samuel J. Tildcn, Edgar
Van Winkle, Charles W. Sandlord, Stephen P. Nash, !
inies Emott. Corresponding Secretary?William Allen
utler. Recording Secretary?Mason Young. Treas- j
rer?Edward Mitchell. Executive Committee?Aaron
Vanderpoet, Horace M. Buggies, Frederick Smyth, I
verett P. Wheeler, Ira D. Warren. Momber of tho |
xecutive Committee (to Oil a vacancy)?Theron '
eorge Strong. Committee od Admissions?Bernard
oclker, John H. Piatt, John A. Davenport, Thomas '
. North, Grosvenor S. Hubbard, James F. Lowrey, |
'illiam S. Opdyke. |
The report of the Committee on Revision of the
talutes of the State was read. It highly complimented
le work of the commission appointed lor that purose.
It dl*o recommended the adoption of that part
r the report of Mr. Tbroop and associates, now before
ho 1/Ogislaiuie, and suggested the appointment of a
ommitleo ol thirteen to futtherexamine the remaining
airtioti of the laws and make any suggestions doomed
A proposition has been before the association for some
line to suggest the adoption of a constitutional amendtent,
providing lor the consolidation of (he Supreme,
uperior and Common Pleas courts, with equal jurisiction
and uu Increased number of judges. A
omrnlttee was appointed to takp this matter into
nnsideralton, and a report was made recommending
he amendment to the favorable attention of tho
egislatiirc. Last evening the report was called up us
special order, and considerable discussion ensued,
ess re. Tracy, Soulhniayd and Hucll spoke in favor of
le amendment, while it was opposed in a lengthy
.icech by Mr. E. P. Wheeler.
The report was finally ndoptcd nnd the committee
irected to make all necessary arrangements to bring
le mutter to the attention of the Legislature, altar
uiuu bui- mvcviti^ itiijuuiiiru.
The action of the Central Congregational church, ,
rooklyn, l)r. Scudder's, on Monday evening, In dc- 1
Inlng to accept an Invitation to bo represented in the
ly mouth Church Mutual council, ha* delayed the j
jiupleiton of the list of churches to which the letter |
lisnlve shall be sent. Mr. Shearman and Judge Van j
r>tt said yesterday that the list would not be made j
iitilic until some time to-day, even if it could be j
greed upon sooner
A crowded revival meeting was held at I)r. Ornus- I
ill's church, corner of Twenty-ninth street and
illh avenue, last evening. The subjects condered
were:?"What It Is to Come to Christ,"
y Dr. Hall, and "What Is Saving FalthV" dlsassed
by Dr. Taylor. Tho meeting opened by a
rayer by Dr. Armitags. Dr. Hall, in speaking of what
. is to come to Christ, said:?"My judgment is entirely ;
gainst taking any long time to speak upon th>s I
ueslion. 1 do Uot even choose that it shall be called
iscussion. A long discussion would be lisely to *ugest
what is not true, thai coming to Christ is intricate
nd complicated. The error you need to he warned
gainst in coming to Christ is that lauh is a strong, imeluous
feeling; u thing done and done with. You vaunt
say, '1 will go to Christ and be done with Ik' It is
lie coming Into communion w ith the chiet among ten
bousund irom whom you will never part, and when
ou speak to souls do not dwell much on the manner
f coining, but dwell a great deal on 11 im to
rhom we come, and inakc tbem feel that coming to
Ihrisl is a continuous state ot the soul."
Dr Taylor then rose and said, "What is saving
mhf The dullculiy with this question is its aim- :
llcity. When the apostle said, 'Faith is the substance
ope j for, the evidence of things nut seen,' he de- .
cribcd it not so much by what it is as by what it does, j
aith is the acceptance us true, on the testimony of anther,
that winch lies beyond his own experience or
iscovery. Faith, in the Hiblical sense, is a belief of '
rhal the Bible contains Y'ou regard that book as a
tier Irom (>od; you are sat is fled of its genuineness,
t tells you of things past, and you hold tb?m as indu- I
itahlv true. Son c question whether faith is a merely I
ilelleciual act or whether it contains an element of
rusk Whether it does so or not will de|iend ennroly
u toe nature ot the truth believed. When faith is
lcrely a speculative thing you may he sure the thing
elieved In is not the right thing. The true belief is
lie believing ol the truth. Faun makes the soul stay
uiet, and it is not merely the first act of coming to
hrist; It Is the habit ol the Christian's Inc. We are
ever done believing."
Decently tho Young Men's Christian Association
nceived the Idea of tendering a reception to the
cdical students of New York, and in response to
her guests assembled at Association Hall last evening,
r. William K. Dodge, Jr., the chairman, welcomed
students not only for the evening, but whenever
oy deslrod. tin behalf ol the students and the Incuts'
nf New York, I'roie-sor Kordv.e Barker, M. I).; I
Halliard Thoniaa, M. P.. and IV It. St. John Kuoea
inked trie Young Men's Christian Associa n
for Its thoughtrul reception and ;
un.-oiled tho stndent* wholesomely. There Wae ;
usic, loo, and song. Mr. Edward (i. Jnrdinc played ]
i the organ "The Thunder Storm," Miss Hcnuger sang [
dreamed 1 dwelt in Marble Halle,'' from "The Bo
inuan (Jlrl," and other selections. Irottfchalk's "Banjo
ataleie'' lor the piano was given by Mr. Sheldon W.
ill, and Mr. Iatnzcr rendered a violin aolo acceptably.
An entertainment of peculiarly interesting character I
aa enjoyed last evening by a goodly company at the (
bildren'a Aid Soclet\?s Italian school, Noa. 15H, 158 ,
ad IttO Leonard atrcet, near Centre. It was called a <
briattnas fc.-t il and consisted mainly in music and '
-citations, and closed by a generous distribution of (
refill girts. There were carota and part song* noely
teruted by the pupils, and an excellent band of Italian ,
lechanira who were educated in the school performed ,
Imirab.y a selection of ehoirc air* A handsome pro- i
'amine printed at the schcolattested the pracl.cajeuu i
illun it sea** to loratak
lMJARY 12, 1876.?WITH !
ocean steamers.
paten of dbfajlttltrs fkom new york fob thf *0!*tws
of january amd kkbkl ahy.
Sieummr. j baiU. X*eafM?o*?on| O/ftre.
Algeria iJau. 12. Liverpool.. |4 Bowling Green
Greece ..... J<?n. 1J London.... 69 Broadway
Mate of Indiana... Jan. 13. Glasgow... 71'brood way
hue via.* ..... Jan. 13. Hamburg., 61 Broadway
Oily of New York Jau. 15. Liverpool.. If Broadwav
Adriatic. Jan. 15. Liverpool.. ft 7 B roan way
'ibevueeu Jan. 15. Livtrpooi,. ll> Broadwav
Kihiopia. i J an. 15, iGlanrow... |7Bowling Green
Anchoria Jan. 15. i Glasgow... 7 BowlingGreen 1
lieruiaui* Jan. 15. Bremen.... 1 BowlingGreen !
Idaho..... Jan. ]H. Liverpool., 29Broauway
Java Jan. IP. Liverpool.. 4 Bowling Green
deliert Jau. 20. Hamburg 61 Broadway
Rotterdam Jan. 2". Rotterdam. 50 Broadway
rrinoe.... Jan. l*r?. Loudon.... |69 Broadway
I itv of Richmond. Jan. 22. Liverpool.. 1'Broadwe>
Baltic Jan. 22. Liverpool.. 37 oroaawav
England ./an. 22 Liverpool.. bbBroadwav
Victoria J an. 22. ulaagow... 7 Howling Green
lioiieiiHiaCen Jan. 22. Bremer.... 2 Howling (irecn
Labrador Jau. 22. havre^.... 55 Hronuwuv
Dakota 'in. 25. Liverpool.- 29 Broadwav
Russia Jan. 2ML Liverpool.. 4Bowline Green
Ftato o! Pennsyl'a. Jan. 27. Glasgow... 72 Broadway
Klopbtock Jan. -27. Hamburg.. t ) Broadwav
Republic Jan. 29. Liverpool.* 27 Broadway
Citvor Brooklyn.. Jan. 29. Liverpool.. L' Broadwav
Bolivia Jan. ^9. Glasgow... TBowiing Green
America Jan. 29. Hreiueu. 2 Bowling U"can
Wiscoiihin Feb. 1. Liverpool.. 29Broadwav
China reb. 2. Liverpool. 4Bowhnjr Green
Mate of Virginia.. Feb. 3. Glasgow... 72Broaaway
Frisia. Feb. 3 | Hamburg. dl Broadway
Pereire Feb. 3.' tlavre ftftBroadway
City of Chester.... Feb. 5. Liverpool.. lftBroaaway
Germanic !>k 5. Liverpool.. 37 Broadwav
LIvNia Feb. ft. Glasgow.. 7 Bowling ureen
Oder Feb. 5. Bremen... 2 Bo won" Omen
TV vomluff Feb. b. | Liverpool. 29 Broad way
l'urthia feb. 9.1 Liverpool.. 4Bowling Green
City of Montreal... l eu. 12 I Liverpool. 15 Broadway
Celtic iFeL. 12. Liverpool.. 37 Broadway
VJ U . _ ? I
use on board the Ukkald steam yacht, allowing while burn- !
iii tr the colore red, green, red, changing from one to the other ,
in succession, and can be seen several mile* distant. Cap- j
tains of vessels, nnon seeing this signal, will oblige us by preparing
any marine news they may have tor the Ship News
Department of the Hkkalp.
9*~ I'ers?n? rieiimnii of communicating with *e?sel? Arrlviuc
at New York cau do toby addre.aing to anuh ven.eU, rare
ol Herald news vacut, pier No t h?.t Oliver, New York.
Letter* received from all parts of the world and promptly delivered.
Duplicates arc reoulred.
srif and moon. I ntr.n water.
Sun rises 1 23 | Got. Island....morn 0 23 j
Sun sets 4 56 I Sandy Hoolc...morn 8 38 j
Moon rises eve 6 45 | Hell Gate morn II 08 j
PORT OF XEW YORK, JAN. 11, 1876. j
Steamer Alps (Br). Williams, Savanilla Dec 25, CarthagenA
27th, Aspinwall Jon I aud Xnvassa 5th. with mdse and
passengers to Pirn, Korwood A Co. .Ian N, lat 20 15, Ion
74 41, came up to and boarded the derelict rchr Ocean
Queen, of Greenport (before reported); found her aha?doued,
but in very good order, having no water in her, but
stripped of sails and material; the mainmast was cut away
about six feet above the deck, and hoops ou the remaining
nsrt ; had two anchors over the boa-, but no cable; in the |
hold there were about 50 bblsof'flour and potatoes.
Steamer Acapulco. Gray. A spin wall .Ian 3. with mdse and
75 passengers to the Pacific .Mail Steamship Co. jul 0, otf
NavaHsa, exchanged signals with bark t'ndannted (Br;;
same day, spoke steamer Colon, hence for Aspinwall.
Steamer Magnolia, Hazard. Savannah Jan 8, with mdse
and passengers to W It Garrison.
Steamer City of Atlanta. Wood hull. Charleston Jan 9,
with mdse and passengers to J W Quintan! A Co. Win K
< umuiincs, sou of ('apt J K Cutnmings. of Boston. Mass,
died on the passage Ian 10, 10:3u AM, of consumption.
Steamer Isaac Bell, Lawrence, Richmond, City Point and
Norfolk, with mdse and puoacngers to the Old Dominioa
Steamship Co.
Steamer Panita, Ilowe, Philadelphia, with mdse to Jas
Sclir Alr.ena (of Harrington), iMuminer, Copenhagen Sept
22, via Nassau, with mdse to Brett, Son A Co. Put into Nassau
Dec 22 with loss of sails and tor a -apply of provisions,
Schr Trott King. Bradford, Aux Caves 20 davs. with logwood
to J Boynton's Sons. Dec 22. lat 20. Ion 74 "JU, hiul a
heavy NH gulo; carried away hend stays, lost and split |
sails, Ac.
Schr A E Babcock. Lee, Kernandina 7 days, with lumber
to John .1 Ross, vessel to Bentlev. Gildersleove .4 (In
Schr Curtis Ackcrly, Norton, Charleston. SC. 4 days, with '
naval stores to Dollner, Potter A Co; yessel to master. Jan
10. during a heavy blow from W.N\V, curried away inaiuaa
Schr Brn. Mnnscll, Charleston 4 days, with naval stores
to Dollnor, Potter A Co; vessel to K S Powell.
Selir Hannah K Sbubcrt, King, Charleston 4 (lays, with
naval store* to master.
Schr F Merwin, Smith, Richmond, Va.
Schr J 1* Cake. Bovey, Virginia.
Schr J T Williams, Newbury. Virginia.
Schr .1 (I Curtis, Curtis, Virginia.
Schr W 11 Rulian. Woolley, Virginia.
Sclir Lena M Cottingham. Jones Virginia.
Schr L P I'haro, Anderson, Virginia.
Schr Mary S Compton, Kaulkuer, Virginia.
Schr Favorite. Boiler, Virginia for New Haven.
Schr E V Lewis, Iliggins. Virginia for New Haven.
Schr B C Perry, Cramner, Georgetown, DC.
Schr Tom Williams. Edwards, Baltimore.
Schr K M Rood, Gilkr, Baltimore for New Raven.
Schr John K Shaw. Cox. Baltimore fur New liaven.
Schr Kate A Luells, M unveil, Baltimore for Kail River.
schr Chas E Gibson, Emery. Boston for Baltimore.
?sF"Stcamer Heurv Channcey. from Savanllle. Ac, which !
arrived 10th inst, reportsExperienced very nravy weather
the entire passage; Jan r>, four miles eouth of Castle
Island, exchanged signals with steamer Colon, hence for
Aspinwall; Hth. 1st 31 46, Ion 74 11, ship Cornelius Qrinnell, j
from London lor New York; 9th, lut 3o03, ion 74 14, a Liv- ,
erpool and Weal India steamer, showing signals NySV, ,
hound oast.
Ship Frolic. Bush, which arrived 10 PM. Manila via !
Iiatuvia, is loaded with lu mp and sugar to Kabhri A Chauncey
; vessel to I'ray A Dickens. Reports had very light SK I
trades in the Indian Ocemu and tne South Atlantic; passed
Cape of Good Hope Nov 1H. with light easterly winds;
crossed the Equator Dec IS, in Ion 86 W; had strong NB
trade winds, with continnal heavy rain; Sent l.Johu Seymour,
a native of Philadelphia, died in the hospital at Batavia,
ol cholera; Dec J5, Frank Johnson, second officer, a
native ol Liverpool, died of diarrhira; Jan 31, Win Luring,
a native ol Finland, died of general debility.
Ship Baltic, from L'verpool. which arrived on ihe
lOtli ili't. reports Kruin Nov 37 had strong westerly gales
nnil high sea to Dec 11, lat 4<t 4S, Ion 43 57, when the wind
shifted from 8SK to W ami blew a hurricane, on which lost
upper and lower topsails, staysail and lower malnlopsail
yard, with all the gear and blocks attached; Deo 11, was
obliged to go South to repair damages; vhenco to Doc 39
strong gales; blew away lower fore and main topsails, maintopmast
steysailand split gib and uiiiiemopuiwt staysail;
had afterward moderate weather.
py Brig Oliver Blunc.hard. which arrived 10th from Rio
Janeiro, I*consigned to U K Bulley and reports Crossed
the Equator Dee 1M, in Ion 39 00 W ; had moderate weather.
Steamer Santee, Davis, New Bedford for New York.
Steamer Galatea. Wsloen. Providence for New York.
Schr M W Fisk, Pendleton. Providence for New York,
Schr .loliu W 11*11, Powell, Luoee for New York.
Schr Klita I'haro. Sherman. Providence for New York.
Schr hllsa Ann, Jones, llarerhill for New Yor*
.--chr John Crockfurd. Fitch. North port for Now York.
8trimrr Olrnni, Bearse, Now York for Ronton.
Strainer Albatross. Dasri*. New York for Kail River.
Sclir T T Tanker. Allen, Philadelphia for i'roviitenco.
Sclir K Foster. Hrown. New York for Ronton.
bcbr ti A Hejror, Smith, Port John wo for Pruvidtnce.
Steamer Algeria iRr), McMickan, Liverpool via Qneemtivwu?t'
0 Krancklyn.
Steamer Ulenlyon (Br), Edward* London?Henderson
steamer T.eo, Daniels. Savannah?Mnrray Ferri* A Co.
Steamer Wyanoke, 'oueh, Norfolk, City Point and Kicbmond?(lid
Dominion Steamship Co.
Steamer tilnucus, Bearse. Boston?M F Dlmoek
Ship City of Montreal, Budgets, Liverpool? l'boma* Dunham's
Nepliew A Co.
Hark Enrico Daudolo (Ital), Albert!, London?Slocovich A
Bark Patria (See), Hogstrom, Exetei, E?Punch, Edya A ;
Bark Chaaaeur (Nor), Tonson, Morgan Pill. E?Punch, |
Edjre A Co.
Bark Clara 'Oer), llllmer. Cork for order*?F Sehwonn.
Bark I.iaile Curry (Br), Curry, Havre?C W Ben mix.
Bark C 8 Huahnell, Mayo, Oadii?Flinch. Edye A Co.
Baik Liberia. Richardson, Liberia via Sierra Leone?
Yates A Portertield.
Brig Etna (Bn. McKtuuon. Cork for ordera?Perklna A
Brlir Pearl, Rrightman, Port Spain (Trinidad)?D Trowbridge
A Co.
Brig Adele MrLoon Monroe, Matansas?Parsons A Loud.
Sclir Sarab Eaton, Thompson, Barbados?Jones A Lough. '
Schr Earl 11 Potter, Sheerer, Barbados?Parsons A Loud. i
Sclir Kraucis () Davis, Doane, Porto Cabello?B J Wen- !
Scbr Hattie R Olle*. Brenner, Sabine Pais (Tesaa)?Over- j
ton A Hawkins.
Schr Fauute II Williams, Shearer, Key Weal? Banner A
Srltr Mary I?ooisa flask III, Washington. NO?Zophar Mills. !
Sclir H S M .rlor. Wines, Philadelphia?Van Brunt A Bro '
Schr Geo H Bent, Smith, Philadelptiia? Joseph a Cottrell
A Co.
Schr Annie Tlbhett*, Raton, Rotton?Chas Twing.
Cleared lOlh?Hark. mot schr), Sarah Ellen (Br), Main,
Portland, Me?J P Whitney A Co.
Steamer* lilenlyon (Br), lor OUsjow; Leo. Sarannah;
Wyanoke, Richmond, Ac; ship Klnibiit, San Francisco;
barks Liburnt (Nori, Belfast; Emma (Br), Liverpool; Niord
I Nor I, London ; DA Hrayton, Buenos Ayres; Sarah Ellen
iHr>, Portland. Me; brigs C R Burgess (Br), London;
Koanoke (Hri, Porto Cabrlio, Cliaa A Hoard tllrr, St Johns,
I'll, Sarah E Kennedy, Limerick.
Wind at midnight. W.
Beioineter at sunset, 30 13.
We are Indebted to parsers Henry Reyes, of Meaner Alps,
tad Mr tieery, of (teauier Henry Cbanncey, both from Asyiuwalt,
for favors.
Ktcahk a Ahos C Barstow, from Providence for New York,
nut Into Newport night of luth, owing to heavy weather.
Was to proceed at daylight I'Jth.
Sitir Mrrt.AH, Burr, at Manila Nov Id from Newrasfle,
KsW, experienced light wind* during the passage *s far s*
:m>; iplit lower fore and rniaaen npaalla ml blew lower ,
main sway altogether The ahip war under bare pelea for I
ix hour*. It blowing rery bard, but the eecaped without furIher
Smr Aaaxa .Br), from (ilaegow. at San Franclaen .Ian 3, .
reporta - I> e -' > war boarded by a Iteacy tea, flooding cabin,
dertroy luir hooka, charts, Ac. carrying away rail, btilwarkr,
and splitting entering board on port aide, blew away
mi la. Ac.
HaMM Ba*J Caamxoa fwbalart. bafnra reoorted loat. waa
rained with outfit*, at $40,000, mud there i* ?n Insurance on
her in Now York *ud Butluti offices tu tbe Atiiuuut ox
Bakk Gasbllk (fieri, from Manila. *t Ban Fr?nci*co J*n
!X, reports ?Oct in broke toretoi.gallant yard *nd iplit l?J
I'ec 3. 1st 34 N, Ion ltxn h. in * ? SW gale. spill foresail snd
fnrelopsail, l>?c -N had dour* ul galley, cabin, lorecusl.e
snd rudder bouse smashed in.
Bakk D? Kalk lOer), before reported wrecked on the
English court, was formerly tfce well-known llsvre sud New
York packet ship Duel e>se d'Orlesns, being the production
ol tbot old but now extinct firm, Kmith A Dtroon,
who constructed so tueav excellent reseels si tbeir
yard on the East Kiver. On one of her voyages to New
York she went ashore on Bsruexst or Fire Island with a
rub cargo of French wines, silks, Ac,, which was j
nearly destroyed, sud was then sold to Fiugeruld, |
Booth A Co., of Baltimore, then largely outraged
in the trade with Valparaiso gtud the west coast ,
of South A inorica, nnd made many voyages around Cape
1I-.ru in command of Captain llines. rflie was some years
since sold to Bremen parties, and went under the German
ting, when she was named the Ur Kaik, and changed tu a
Bkig Anna MirrHKt.t?The cargo of logwood of this Teasel,
which went to pieces last month on Cuttybnnk. has been
saved, and the underwriters' agent, Mr Johu Coggeshall,
hns bocu snccesslui m disposing at the same. When the vessel
went ashore it was thought she would be a total loss.
The sugar and fustic were not saved.
St'hh Khkp A Hi.ukk (fisherman), at Edgarlown 8th Inst,
reports:?On 5th Inst Tall in with sunken scliooaer. N by K
15 miles tYom Saukaty Head. In lb fathoms water; both lopmasts
out of water some distance: ibe maintopmaat had a
much woru fly attached; la supposed to be about 2<>0 tons;
took from her an M-inch block, galvanised iron strap, nearly
new, belonging to topsail genr.
Hcur tblrtikapu. with coal for Boothbay. put Into New- :
port, KI, night of Jan 10, with main boom brokeu.
Si*iik Spaktxi. was off Highland Light, Cape Cod forenoon j
of 11th insl with the loss of part of her deckload. a
Schk Emua L Pobtkh remains ashore on Chatham Bar I
and Is full of water. The contractors find that she is too
badly damaged to get off. She will be stripped to-day.
Hrnn S Rain Is a total wreck at Ouandance, on tbe north 1
part of Cape Breton. The crew were saved. No farther |
particulars uave been received.
heuit Liutt B McNichol, from Newburg for Phlladel- I
phla, at 2:30 I'M yesterday grounded on the Southwest Spit,
where the remained about an hour, when she was towed off {
and proceeded without any apparent damage.
Jacksonville. Jan 7?Yesterday morning the hatches of
the schr Florida were removed with the intention of seeing
if it wits possible to unload the remainder of thecargo. As
soon, however, aa air was let in the smothered Hre burst out.
necessitating the immediate closing of the hatches again.
To-night the steamer Sedgwick will throw steam Into the
hold of the schooner, and if this last trial does not prove successful
in subduing the smouldering tlauiea it has bseu decided
to scuttle her during the day.
Siilpnnti.ni.ao?liill A D >miny. at Bay Shore, LI, have
contracted to build a vessel for Conklin Wicks.
Lapnciiep?Hath. Jan lit?Messrs Chapman A Flint
launched lo-day a ship of 1585 tons, named the Santa Clara,
and owned by Chapman A Flint, of New York. Capt Win
Tuney. of Thoinaston. will command her Jewell Bros also
launched a schooner of 70 tuna, named Davy Crockett, and
owned by parties in Gloucester, Mass, wnenee she halls.
Hogan A Thurlow also launched a schooner of 17U tons,
named Sarah W Hunt, owned by Henry K Palmer ami
others of this city, aud Capt Jaines Mcradden, who will
command her.
11th?Ship Reaper, of 1500 tons, was launched to-day.
Office of Ligiithofsk Inspector. Tuian District, i
ToarglNSVlLLE. NY. Jan 11. I87d. <
A firm class nun buoy (red and black borixontal stripes!
has been placed od Luddiugton Rock, entrance to New Haven
Lighthouse Inspector Third district.
The South Sboal lightship patted her moorings on the Nth ;
Inst, and has arrived at Tarpaulin Cove. She will be re- <
turned to her station immediately.
By order ol the Lighthouse Hoard.
Inspector Second Lighthouse district.
Boston. Jan 10, lS7tS.
N'antrrkft, Jan 8?Capt Alexander B Dunham wont ont
in pilot boat No 1 last Thursday, aud removed the buoy
stone on Black Flat, which has beeti a cans* of fear to mariners
coming in and going ont of this port. He will try for
two uiore stones which lie directly in tue steamboat channel.
Capt Morgan of the English bark Professor Ayer. which
arrived at Pisco recently irom Cardiff, reports having discovered
a shallow which is not marked on the map. When
about 180 miles from the coast of Bratll, In 1st IS 8, ion
ltdIH W., with a light breeie and only going about two
knots iiu hour, his vessel struck and became immovable.
Alter an hour's hard work they succeeded In getting her off.
and Capt Morgan then took some soundings. He fouud I7t>
feet of water where he had been aground, and near it he
found :t0 fathoms, whilst on sounding again the line broke, j
He believes the shallow to be a coral reef iu course of for- i
Arrived at New Bedford J uu 11, bark Nils, Spicer, Cumberland
At Teneriffe Dec 9, bark George A Mary, Cannon, NB. St
Bark Wir.pab (Br). Cann, (from London Nov 22. Jan 9, 20 ,
miles SSE of the Highlands, and was ordered to Philadel- I
pliia (by pilot boat Fanny, No 7, of NY),
Schr Emma F Uart, Hurt, from klatanzas for Boston, Jan I
10, off Haruegat, | I
Merchants, shipping agents and shipmasters are Informed
that by telegraphing to the Ubrald Loudon l^reau. addresning
"Beunett, No 40 fleet street, London," or to the
Paris office, addressing "Bennett, 61 Avenue de I'Opera,
rarie," the arrival* at and departure* from European and
Pattern port* of American and all forelzn ve**el* tradinz
with the United State*, the same will be cabled to thit
country free ol charge. ,
Captains arriving at and sailing from French and Mediterranean
port* will Qudthe Pari* office tue mjre economical
and expedition* for telegraphing new*.
ANTWEitr, Jan 9?Sailed, bark Brodrene (Nor). Boe, New
A Lira * re?Arrived, bark Sandy Uook, Barstow, New York :
via Gibraltar.
Bristol, .Ian 11 ?Arrived, brig Morning Star (Br), Borden,
IIkkxkn, Jan 19?Arrived, ?hip Victoria (G?r), Cordee, !
New York; bark Gutenburg (tier], Oerlach, Charleston. j
C*RPirr, Jan 10?Sailed, barks Charlotte A LlttleBeld,
Carver, Kurrachee; T 11 Armstrong, Manran, Cienfoegos.
Cork, to Jan J?Sailed, bark EIntracht (tier), Muuiweek,
Capiz, Dec 91?Arrived, brig Laura Cacace (Ital), Lanro,
New York (belore reported withont date).
Dual, Jan 11?Sailed, brig Kate Up ham (Br), Woodworth
(from London), Boston. 'j
Pcxgrxkss, Jan 9?Off. bark Advocate (Br). Splcer. Irora
Philadelphia for Antwerp.
IH'Xkihr. Jan 9?Sailed, hark* Lilian. Boynvon, New
York; Antonio Casabona (Ital), Philadelphia,
Arrived Mb, brig Elisa (Br), Dart, Baltimore '.before re- j
ported arrived 4th).
Gloucbstkr, Jan lO?Sailed, ship Oscar I (Swe), Pensacola;
bark KongSverre iXor), A*ke, Baltimore.
Great Yarrocth, Jan 19?Sailed, bark Erna (Nor). Eilert- ;
sen. United State*.
Grimsby, Jan 10?Sailed, hark Keppa (Nor), Turgesen,
Wilmington, NC.
Gibraltar, Dec 91?Arrived, bark Llstie. Carney, Savannah;
brig Marie (Nor), Thorsen, Baltimore.
Sailed Jan 5, tteatner Arrag n (Brj, etymons (from Palermo,
Ac), New York.
lliLrorr, Jan 9? Sailed, berk Artstldes (Nor), Wald, SaTannab;
brig Abraham (Dutch), Vlsaer, do.
Hambcrc, Jan 9? Arrived, steamer Nnphar (Br), Wallace,
New Y'ork. | '
LiVRRroot, Jan 10 -Sailed, ship Arlington (Br), Ylckery, 1
Charleston; bark Kleetwing, Smith, New Orleans.
Cleared 10th, ships St Patrick (Br), Sterratt; Thorndean i
(Br). Harvey, and Geo Bell (Br), Rose, United States; barks j 1
Belgian (Br>, Mother, do; Mary G lteed, Geyer, do; Primus
(Nor), Nieison. do.
Lo.npor, Jan 11?Arrived, steamer Egbert (Br), Barwlse, | 1
New York.
Cleared 10th, ship Kllistf (Nori Hansen, United States, ' ,
Railed from Gravesend 11th, ship The Brace (Br), Mc- j
Mnllan, ban Francisco. , t
Lorpo.vprrrt, Jan U?Arrived, bark Harvester (Br), Peterson,
Larne, Jan 8?Railed, steamer State of Pennsylrania ^
Knight (from Glasgow), New York.
LltaON?Arrired, bark Asor, Uavls, New Bedford. I
Movu.lr. Jan 11?Arrived, steamer Scandinavian (Br), |
Smith, Portland (or Liverpool (and proceeded).
Nkwcastlr, Jan B?Sailed, steamer lleimdahl (Swe),
Gadds, Philadelphia.
Naflbs?Sailed, steamer Anglla (Br), Smith, New Tork.
PtrnotrtH, Jan 11?Arrived, steamer Pommerania (Ger),
Rchwensen, New York for Hamburg (and proceeded).
QrgKKSTOWR, Jan 11?Arrived, steamer Marathon (Br), I
Garrett, Boston for Liverpool (and proceeded).
Arrived off Pastnet 11th, steamer Egynt (Br), Grogan, <
New York for Liverpool, I
Rorriapan, Jan 10?Arrived, bark Momento (Nor), An- i
dersen, Philadelphia
Raataspaa, Jan 4?Arrived, bark Romo (Br), McKemie< '
New York. 1
Rikrra LfOvf?Sailed, schr Eva C Yates, Yates, St Tho- 1
mas (not United States). j
Tkxkl, Jan 7?Arrived, Gambay, from Pensacola
LrvRRrooL, Jan 11 ?,.me Urge yards, enppo.ed from ship 1
Harvest Quean, from Ran Francisco -la Queonatown Jan A (
for Liverpool (belora reported), have drifted ashore near
Carnaore Point.
Lonpois, Jan 11 Rhlp Lebn (Br). MrKenrle, which ar- ,
rived Oth at Liverpool Irotn ban Francisco, lust 00 leet of
ber bulwarka
_ 1
Cat-LAO, Oee 1A?Arrived, ships John Harvev, Brown, t.o- J
bos; John Hryee, Morso, do; barks Mnud Scaromel (Br>,
Thompson. Glns^' W; Rappho Hn, lln.-hss, Fuagua; "JUt. (
alltp I ensaccla (Rr), Copper, Liverpool. I
Sailed U>U?, Slips Hagor?town, Csll, Areon; 17th. Hon <
F.nrniue tBri. Di.s, I'm leu States; lbth, Ouaide, Nickels, |
Uinsmnuos. Jan R?Railed, brig Josefn. Ravanneh.
Cabpbsas, Jan 8?Argived, bark Andes, Rtaodlsh. Pen?aeola;
brig Susie J Street, IIisrerina. New lork; aclirs Herbsson
Hickman, Robinson, St John, NB;CK Paige. Grace,
Philadelohla; C H Nelly, Gray, do; 10th. Lahatna, Houghton,
ft John. N B. _ _ _
In pert bill, bark Thmarit (Fr), Petltel, for New York, >
Dim*, to Dee 27?Sailed, bark Heimnth (G?r). Kraft,
Fai.antni, .fa. Deo JS?Arrived. ache Hannah Coomar.
King. New Vork.
Havana, J an B?Arrived, bark N ? Haven, I'lrick , Port- I
land: eclire tier. Mivt,l,ard, Kleh, t'ardlfl; I! ? r.?wjrer.
Kelly, Bvnsaoola, hi lei. II Uou. Armatruna, Charleeum ; K '
Asa' bnrr Hiuitb, JballiMuia , Cumberland, W euber, I'urt i
l"nd; A D Scull. Pranihe*. Philadelphia; 1 Ot b. bark K P
larrlman, Whittler, Ht John, SB; brig San Carloe, AtherInn.
Portland. 11th, eteamcr City of New York. Tkuiirmann.
New York.
Hailed 8th. ateamer GnUlermo (Sp), Ei-herarria. Jfew
Orleana; 10th, ?hr 8 A Paine, Browu, Sew Y. rk.
. ?Arrived, brig i'oloma. Havana.
Sailed lOth, echw Ocean Lily, S'ew York; lltb, eleauti
Priiasian (Hrj, Ritchie (front Liverpool), Portland.
.. ,^*c '8-Arrived, achra Venn a. Plonkett_ a
? }* *2*^ 251 b- !?"v" Vn,t' Wlncbenbach, New York . J i
H Lord Thomaa.do; 27th. bark Mary Falconer (Br), Rich- \
anl. St The.tana; 28th. ?rhr* Malvina, from ' arolina; Itttb, *
H E Wlllard. Wtllar.1, Ht Vincent. |
Sailed 23d. hark Talaveda. Carver. Falmouth. E; 29th, \
britf* Edith (Br). Miliar, ( ienfuegua; 30th, Toronto (Brj* %
Carroll, Black Klver and Europe.
Xci at. Dec 24?Sailed, bark Rate*. Peteraon, Kamlbar.
Moattco Bar Ja. Dec 18?Arrived, hr.ca Uwia Clark. 1
Sin I h. S'ew York; EU I urber, Atkina, Norfolk. '
NaraMa. Jan 5?In port, bark Paramount, llolt, from and
for Baltimore, Id-.
PoisT-a-PiTUK. Dec 28?In port, bark Reunion, Emereon,
from Montevideo, dlag: achrt Anuie B Glover, Podger, from
Sew York, arrived 2flth; Hora Woodalde, Knaaell, for do
Jan 3; Carrie M Klchardaon, Kicbardaon, from Philadelphia
for St Kitte. .
Kiu Jahkiro, Dec 3?In port, brig Eunls, Dyer, for New
Y'ork, ready.
Savavn.i.a. Dec 2">?In port, echr Witch H.utel, Springer
Iroin Gardiner. Me. with ice, arrived 18tb, for Waulta River*
to load for New York.
St JaGO (Cuba), Jan 9?Arrived, eteamer Liberty, Bnndborg.
New York. _ , ?
St Jour, NB, Jan II?Arrived, bark Tnlal Wave (Br),
Ilnlcrow, Sunderland.
Cleared 10th, bark A E Botltord (Br). Liverpool.
Victoria, Dec 28? Arrived, bark Sonoma, Newbury, 3aa
Frauctaco. _ _ .,
Returned 2hth. ?liip.Dovenbv (Br). Parker, for Portland.
O, and bark Blance (Br), Bambrough, for Falmouth, on account
ol rough weather.
ALEXANDRIA. Jan 10?Arrived, steamer Jolic GiMon,
from Now York, ?chr Florence Dean, trout - ? for Geurgehj?n.
. _
HUSTON, Jan 11?Cleared, steamer Gen Appold, Loveland,
Baltimore; brig A J Ross, Lathrop, si Pierre (Marl; I
scbr Tnnia. Deoow. New York.
BALTIMORE, Jan 11?Arrived, steamers R"breca Clyde,
Dnnnell. Wilmington. NC; Jamrs A Gary. Ilall, Neerbern,
NC; Hlackstone, Uallett. Providence; Octorurn. Reynolds,
New York . snip Chloe Belg), Roockhesrt. Antwerp, bark
Orfee Spetxia iltal), tguorter, Limerick; ectir Clara ? Simpson.
Tulpey. Boston.
Cleared?Steamers Raleigh, Oliver, for Wilmington;
McClellan. March, for Providence; Josephine Thomson,
Moore. New York; barks Ainuone (Nor'. Chrislen&en,
Lowestoft: Uacelle (Nor). Hrtin, Londonderry , brig J M Lane.
Sbute, Leghorn.
Sailed?Ship David Stewart; harks Paladin. Rvea, R B
Mnlliall, Teresa, Kspellaud; brigs lutegridad, Maria C, and
schr Minnie G Loud.
BRUNSWICK, Jan 4?Arrived, schr Mary E Graham, Davidson,
ftth?Arrived, brig Mary E Pennell, Eaton. Charleston;
schr- A A E Hooper. Ilooper, do, Elwood Koran. Jarvis, do.
Cleared?Schr II M Coudon, McCarthy, New York.
CHARLESTON, Jan 11?Arrived, steaiuei Champion.
Lock wood. New York, ship J as Duncan (Br . I'rinre Edward
Island; bark Herbert C Hall (Br), Davis. Rotterdam.
Cleared?Ship Jean Ingelow, Tanton. Liverpool.
Sailed?Barks Allen (.Nor), for Glasgow . Hio tie la Plata
(Br). Liverpool.
EuUARTOWN. Jan 7?Arrived. CS revenue cutter U S
Grant, Kengar. New York (and sailed Sth to cruise) ; schr J
C Crafts, Oroeley, South Amboy for Boston.
KERN AN I) IN A, Jan 3?Cleared, schr Anna B Babcock,
Lee. New Y'ork.
Nth?Arrived, schrs Carrie L Godfrey, Godfrey, Savannah t
Cliae W Holt, Daley, do.
Cleared?Schrs Emma E Potter (Br), Hughes. St Marys,
Oa; B Y Paruham, Glenn, Jacksonville; Ellen Perkins,
Mitchell, Barbados.
KORTRESS MONROE, Jan 11?Arrived, bark Fredeoe)
(Nor), Norberg, from Newry, I, seeking.
In Hampton Roaas 10th. bark Progress (Nor), Nielsen,
from Wateriord. ordered to Baltimore.
Passed ont?Steamer Hibernian (Br), for Liverpool; ship
Duisbarg (Gen, for Rotterdam; barks J D Peters, for Sac
Francisco; Espeland (Br), and Teresa (1 tall, for Cork; brigi
Maria C lltal), do; Chesapeake (Br), for Demerara; Ah to
(Has), for Waterford; Mary Roe, for Pernamhnco;R (>
Schumacher, for Santos; Romance, tor Nassau ; schl Minnie
G Loud, for Mantunr.as.
Sailed?Bird. Birdstow (Br), Williams (from Europe),
GALVESTON, Jan 6?Arrived, bark Elinor (Nor), Thomson,
St Thomas.
Cleared?Bark Jennie (Br), Qarv, Antwerp.
10th?Arrlveu, steamer City or Houston D'-erinr, New
York; barks Ibis (Nor), H avre; Felicle (Fr .do; f J Southard,
Woodworth, Liverpool via Tybee. '
Cleared?Bark Sunny Region (Br), Kenny, Bremen; tchr
K M Uayward, Doane, Liverpool
Sailed?Steamers City of San Antonio, New York; Nelson
(Br), Liverpool; barks Harriet K Hussey, do; Jennie (Br),
Antwerp; schr Grace Andrews, Andrews. Providence.
JACKSONVILLE, Jan 5?Arrived, schr Ada Amel, Adams,
New York.
Cleared?Scbr Jos Fish. Balano. Martinique.
MOBILE, Dec 11?Arrived, ship Newman Hall (Br), Sla
ver, i<i Turpi??i.
NEW ORLEANS, Jan 10?Arrived steamer Gnillertno
(Sp), Echavarria. Havana; Park* Maypo (Sp). Pont, do;
Animate (Ger). Von llarten, Bremen; sclirs Robert KulT,
Galveston; San .lunn from do.
11th?Arrived, steamer C W Lord, Oolton, Havana: bark
Maggie Miller (Br), Cook, Liverpool.
Cleared?Steamers Mississippi (Br), Llnnll, Liverpool!
Geo W Elder, Koed. New York.
Sailed?Bark Posa y Carmen (Sp), Barcelona.
Soutiiwkkt I'ass, Jan 11?Arrived, ships Thornlilll (Br)
Haves. Liverpool; Adrians (Bri.Gilles, Card iff.
Sailed?Bark Obdutia (Sp), Liverpool.
NEW BEDFORD. Jan U?Arrived, sohrs Titmouse, froir
Virginia: Matthew Vasaar. New York.
NEWPORT, Jau 9?Arrived, scbrs Hannah E Brown,
Saukett, Providence for New York; Mary B Tower, Atwocd,
Boston Tor Potomac River; Eddie Pierce, Uawes, do for Virginia.
10th?Arived, schrs Fred Tyler. Terrell. Amboy: Robert B
Smith Howes, Newcastle. Del, for New Bedford ; Gem, Thomas.
New York for Salem; Harry k Ned. Chambers, Fall
River for New York; Cherub, Fletcher, Providence for do:
Telegraph, Wilson, New York for Boothbay with loss of
Sailed?Schrs Annie Bell, and Robert B Smith.
11th?Arrived, schr Julia A Ward Stephens, Galveston for
Fall River.
NARRAOAN8ETT PIER, Jan 7?Arrived, schr R T1 HuntIcy.
Haves. New York lor Providence (and sailed 8th).
"NORWICH, Jau 10?Arrived, schr Brasos, frout Best
NEW LONDON, Jan 10?Arrived, schrs Emma It Smaller,
McFadden, St Margaret's Bay. NS, for New York; Bracos.
Klliobethport for Norwloh; Sarah Tyler, Providence for
New York.
11 tli, PM? In port, windbound, ship Sacramenlo, Nelson,
from Boston for New York
PORT BLAKELY, Dec 30?Sailed, bare R K Hem, Oove,
Sau Francisco.
PORT TOWNSEN'D. Dec 31-Arrived, bark Enoch Talbot,
Penhallow. Sun Francisco.
Jan 1?Arrived, bark Oakland. Stevena, Ran Francisco,
PORT MADISON, Jan 2?Arrived, bark Northwest,
Farnham, San Francisco.
PENSACULA, Jau 7?Arrived, ship Louise (Nor), Helsom ,
Sth?Arrived,bark Berkley Castle (Br), West, Plymouth,
E ; schr Lassie iieyer, Poland, Havana.
Sailed?Barks Hawthorn (Br). Pinion, Southampton ;Collector
(Nor). Olsen, Liverpool, schr Gertie E Morrow, Header,
New York.
loth?Arrived, ships Transit (Br) Dixon. Bristol; Koo.
mar (Brl, Norris, Plymouth (Eng) ; Prince Alfred (Br), Bacon,
Dartmouth; Harold Haarfnger (Nor), llalvieen, London
; barks Rjukan (Nor), Anderson, do; James Dale (Br).
Cooper, Port Glasgow; Rowena (Br). Watson. Dunkirk.
Cleared?Ships Bean Monde iBr), Hawkins, Greenock;
bark SilNtria (Br), 011ft, Liverpool; schr Krnte (Ger), Uei>
nlng rfrem Tampion), for Hamburg (having repaired).
PHILADELPHIA, Jan 11?Arrived, steamers Virginia,
Livingston, Cnarleston; W.P.Clyde, Ingram, New York)
Perkiomen, Pierce, do ; schr Lorine, Homers, I'ensaoola.
Cleared, steamer Vindicator, Rogers, for New York; barkf
Lohengrin (Ger), Fretwnrst, Liverpool; Busy, Heard.
raltar; schr Win Marshall, Cain, Cardenaa
Also cleared, steamers Pottsville, Winnett, New Orleans)
Hercules, Swasey, New Bedford (and sailed); bark Vests
(Nor), Olsen. Liverpool; brig Bittern (Br), English, Bari
balos; schrs John shay. Tilton, Havana; C W May, Davis,
Matansaa; Maggie Tood, Richardson, Moyaguet; Kit*
Newman, Newman, Newcastle, Del (to load for au easter*
Nkwcastlk. Del, Jan 11, AM?Passed np, steamer Reading
Railroad No lO
Noon?The captain of the tig Levering reports a bark and
schooner at anchor off Brandy wine Light, bonnd up.
PM?Passed down, schr Annie May. Bark Flora, for London.
is above here coming down.
1)in. ? w ? hk Krkakwatvio Jan 11 AM? Arrived last rich!
hark Ferdinand, from St Jago for orders Barks Stefamno,
and Kate Sancton, went to sea resterday noon, bteainei
Albemarle arrived from New York tbin AM.
Noon?Arrived last night, bark Wellarao. from Belfast,
Steamer Wyoming passed in at 11 AM. Revenue cutlei
Hamilton left on a cruise at noon.
I'M?Barks Neptune, and Ban Masuravlch, remain forPhiladelphia.
Schr Wi.d Pigeon went to sea at 1 PM.
Srhrs John U Paige, aud Harry White, pasted oat lait
PORTLAND, Jan 8?Arrired, eehrs Tennessee. Pillsbnry,
llcboken (not at telegraphed) ; David Faust, Smith, Bath,
to ioad for Cuba.
Cleared?Schr Leonessa, Aehorn. Richmond, Va.
11th?Arrived, schrs J F Carver. Port Jolinson: Albert
Clarence, Rappahannock River; Nathan Cleaves, do.
Cleared?Schr Iaiuisa A Johnson. New York
PROVIDENCE. Jan 10?Arrived, steamers Win Kennedy,
Poster, Baltimore via Norfolk: Catharine Whiting, tlanb
ing, and Regulator. Rogers, Philadelphia: trlirt Katie J
lloyt, Heaney. anu Harper, Comer. Port Johnson.
Cleared?Schr Dilsey K Parkhnrst. Hooper. New Orleans,
sailed?Schrs A H Peary, Peary, Highlander, Wood, anJ
Wm H Bowen. Dill. New 1 ork
SAN FRANCISCO. Jan 3?Cleared, ship Cairo (Br), In
rine. Sallna ("mi, ilex. *
11th?Arrived, bark Donne Cast!* (Br). McDiarmid, Lon3
Cleared?Ship R H Pnller, (lllmore. Liverpool.
sKUOMh, Dec ?Arrived, ship Lookout, Wiggln, Sas
SKABECK, Dec 2??Arrived, bark Oen Cobb, Delaney,
San Francisco. _ ?
BEATTLB. Dec 30-Arriwed, bark Harvest Home, Xattikin.
San Francisco. _ _
Jan I?Sailed, bark Marralon. Jordan, San Francisco.
SAVANNAH. Jan II?Arrived, bark Rafael Pomai (Sp>.
'mm Havana; brig Almogabar (Spi. Millett, do.
Cleared ?steamers Uity 01 uwim, miipi, <?? 11, r.*..JI'MV
Hooper. Baltimore; echr Ruth Darling, New
Sailed?Ship Rtrlltn. Liverpool. It-public (Br). flavre.
sailed from Tybee ( mar Seminole, Boston; ships Hurl,
inn, Liverpool; Republic (Bri. Havre; berks Alamo (Oar),
alvceton ; Elieser (Nor). Darlen; Vanaa tNorl. 11 at)tan. do.
In port 10th, barks Mary Hogarth (Br), from Barrow, K,
?<li rail to Ualtimora ; Johana (lion, from (Iraaaoek, do.
STONINUTuN, Jau 9?Arrived, at-hra Catahna. Johnson,
lioothbay for Xaw York; koung Amarica, Noanx for N?w?aV?o
arrived, tag Cora L Staplas, Sew York for Providence,
silh three barges In'tow.
WILMINOTON. NC, Jaa ??Arrived, barka Hop# (Br),
Triese Liverpool; Speed (Nor), Olaen. London. brigs Dia
I'aane' (Oer), Felhhsber. Honflear, Fido (Nor), TLorsrn,
.homester, E; Function (Nor). Voss, Antwerp; sohr Julia
EUtabalh (Br), Ingraliam. Kluthara.
Kith?Arrived, barka Helena (Her), Talek, Bordeaux;
>r1ga Triton (Nor), Jacobean, Loadouderry ; Clara (Oar;,
Dalwlta. Htattle. _
Cleared?Barks Aphrodite (Br), Bass, Porto fUco; Aortitis
Teitge (Oer), flrewn. Hamburg.
I lib?Sailed, steamer Pioneer. Wakely, New York.
WARREN, Jan 9-Arrived, schr 8 Detwiler, Powell, Philxielphte.
For sale or exchanhk-a blohp yacht, 4*
feet long. In complete order; large cabin and stale<>orn
; for sale or exchange for a Steam Yacht, mutt be fast
(lid In good order ; state where ehe can be teen end Ueecriplun
of her. Addreve YACHT, box 149 Herald office.
Babing alouc the .ler'ey coast the must ro t he lets than
Hi feet keel and draw 4 to o leet water. Audrett M A. M
Kix 1,53'J Post office. *
States tor namerout rautes without publicity; lagal
verywhere . no charge until divorce granted Advice tree.
Established Jll year? M. HOUSE. Attorney. IfH Broadway..
j.1 does nut cure rhenmatitm, aire throat, pains la thw
limbs, back end chett quicker than any olher koowa remedyIS
yean established. Sold by the druggists.
rlioM AS_ kT~A(7nE*. THh ORKAV NKW VOH*
(IRVl'M, Tea, Coffee and Flour Dealer. AH Ne^
forksn and everybody rise should call and get bargain*.
l? V May si.

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