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i *
r opposition, aad the composition was unanimously ac'"Apted.
L. Decker & Co.,' billiard tabla manufacturers. at Mo.
150 Centre street, have ottered to compromise with
their creditors at twenty-five per cent, aud a majority
Of them are willing to accept the terms.
A meetiDf of the creditors of Charle? ?t Nichols, Jr.,
and Thomas 0. Nichols, importers, No. 90 Chambers
street. ?u held before Register Allen at No. 1W
Broadway. No opposition was uiado to their discbarge
I In bankruptcy.
IB AW coin.
The Stock Market Strong?Bulls Hopeful and
Bears Depressed.
GOLD 113 A 113 7-8.
lt.i.nir Pill Trrorrnlar?Fnrpicn Etchantre
Lower?Government Bonds Inactive?Investment
Securities in Less Demand.
Win Strkkt, 1
TrK8D*v, Jau. 11?0 P. M. |
There could be no doubt of the tone of too market today.
It was upward aud onward, and operators
seemed to be sure they wore right, from the manner
in which they went ahead. Like the fellow
in the fable who, each time he was thrown to
earth, gained new strength, the market exhibited
fresh vigor at every rebuff. Nor was thore
any artificial aid afforded to assist the rise. Shares
advanced moro from au innato confidence In
future higher prices than from any assistance
rrotn purchases on short accounts. lu fact, the
"grizzlies" of the stock market who have for so long
a time threatened with tooth and claw seemed to have
been butcbored (or bears1 meat and hung up in the
public shambles. Tbere was a confidence in a better
state of things which has been wanting in stock ctrclcs
for months past. Like the youngster when first entrusted
with a night key, and when It la "honor bright"
that he must not abuse its privilege, the Stock Exchange
was allowed to take care of itself. It may be
cynical, but tt Is at the same time prudent, to hope
that the key bole may not have disappeared when the >
time comes for stocks to turn and seek a resting place.
Lake Shore, although tno favorite at long odds, was
not backed with all the money. Northwest common
1 and St. Paul common and preferred?all promising fillies?lookod
fit to run lor a mac's lifu and showed tn
excellent form during the entire day. It Is the first
time In a long time that Lake Shore has not engrossed
tho entire stockjobbing interest; but to-day tbe shares
above cited claimed a (air division of attention and activity.
There was no walk over as usual lor the favorite;
and, although a winner In amount of transactions,
Lake Sbore was closely pressed by the competitors
we have named.
As usual, Union Pacific was under its old torpidity,
some 1,000 shares only changing hands at price3 from
71X to 71X and back to Til. This great railroad security,
which pays 8 per cent dividends per annum, is
quoted at T1 cents on the dollar and is estimated by
money lenders as only dear at bulf tbe money, lies unaccountably
dull and dormant, and can only be roused
iuto life by the magic touch of the great inauager aud
There was quite a drive at the Hannibal and St.
Joseph stocks at the opening, based upon some newspaper
report that a receiver had bceu applied (or, and
a considerable fall ensued. A rally, however, brought
It -0 nearly the original figures, when brokers found,
hk tbe coon hunter's dog, that they bad been barking
the one tbey had been so assiduously bearing.
There was no notable fluctuation in I'aciflc Mall,
Western L'nion or other of the fancies, and they may
be dismissed with the remark that great steadiness and
moderate transactions were the history for the day.
Money ruled close, and at one time was In demand at
7 per cent cum, but at the close hud fallen off to 4 per
cent currency. There is some little curiosity manifested
as to the cause or this unexpected tightnoss, now
that bank statements show an evident reflux of currency
and institutions of all sorts are (layiug out locked
up dlvldeods to stockholders.
iggrcgated only 124,000 shares, which, among active
stocks, were distributed us lolluws:?
New York Central and Hudson 176
Krt# 4,100
Laka Shore 51,200
Cleveland and Pittsburg 110
Northwestern 0,600
Northwestern preferred 1,100
Kock Island 2,215 I
Pacific Mall 16,000 j
St. Paul 9,250 ;
St. Paal preterrecL 6,700 I
'ihloa. 1,350 j
, Western L'nion 9,400 I
TV.K.ati A1U1 I
L'nlon Pacific 1.400
Michigan Central 1,400
Hannibal and St. Joseph 5,*00
ilaumbal ami SI. Joseph prelerred 1,040
The following table shows the opening, highest and
'?w^?< prices of the day:? .
Opening. IIighr.it. Lowest.
*. Central and Hudson. 107 107 107
i :? 133% 133% 133%
. 10 10% 15%
63*4 63 %
3 3% 3
. _ ru 39% "K CDS;
li> . ra. ii preferred... 67 68 56'4
4 ; J 106 % 106% 106 ^
*"ii. - 0 90', 90*4 90
no .wild St. Paul... .36% 37% 36!%
ZC SI Paul prat. 60% 70% 00%
encc ^sslssippl 17 % 17% 17%
Fjo "^Central. 103% 103% 103
ZC dauna it West.. 118% 118% 113%
1 V .. , ,.dc 71% 73% 71%
. 0. and 1. C 3% 3?, 3,%
i* jtern Union 75% 75% 75%
A "antic and Pacific Teieg. 18% 18% 18,%
l aclflc Mail 37 % 87% 87%
Panama 138 138 138
The following are the changes sluce yesterday at the
Advanck.?Michigan Central, %: Lake Shore, %;
Northwest, \ ; do. preferred, %; Ohio and Mississippi,
%; Pacltlc Mail, %, St Paul, 1, do. prelerred. %; Wabash
% ; Union Pacific, 1 - 3.05 District of Columbia,
>, : Erie, in London, %..
Dacuss ? Helaware, Lackawanna and Western. %;
Erie, %, Hannibal and St. Joseph. 1%; do. preferred,
1%; Rock Island, %; New Jersey Central, 1; gold, %.
Statiohar*.? Allautic and Pacific Telegraph, Central
1 Hudsou, Harlem, Panama, Quicksilver, and Wesl1
ct-osi.vo raicss?3 r. a.
'"Jfie Ball.. 37% 37% Mil* Mt P pf. 70% a 7n%
-Veil La Tel a 75% C, C. C A 1 CU% a 01 %
. tl A PacTel 1*% a 10% C.CA1C... . :.% , 4
Oun kiMltei 17% ? 13 Del. LA W. ...118 a 118%
' mcksiWei pi. 74 a 74% brie 1- \ a 10
Land AM 9 a 10 llan A Si Jo . 30% a 30%
n ii Wat Power 12 a 13% Man A MiJopf 27-, a 2s
.. lanii Rx tir.'V a 103 Lake Shore .. 04 a 04%
American Kx 67% a 58% Mabt eutral 58% a 58%
t 8 tlx til a 61,% N 1 A Harlem. 133 a 134
WelUrareoLs ' 'J a K2% K V C A U K l'?% a 107
CM A Aliou ...I'D a 101 N J Ceu 103 a l< 3%
< If .1 Tilli . 90 a kii'l ?Mo AM Us... 17*4 a Is
? toe A 5 W 40% a 4<'% Pausnja .. 178 a 133
1 tin. A 5 W pi ..7% a 57% lnlAVtab. 3% a 8%
i hi: A It I li?% a lm?,% Missouri Paa.. 11% a 11%
Mil A tit Paul. 57% a 37%
The rates for money on call to-day at the Stock (Exchange
ruled Mump at 7 per cent, gold, until after ball"agt' 'clock,
when, the demand being nearly snp*
* jh ofier id down to 5 per cent. Sterling ex?
weaklknd lower at 4.94 and 4.89 for long
. 'abort hills, respectively. Tnc large shipments
?f Cotton tiuin the Southern port* sccouDt for
(tee supply of sterling upon the market, and at the
ie time lur the currency drain from this city.
oold opened at 113, advanced to 113%, fell off to 112%
and closed at 112,%. The rates paid tor carrying wero
I *%, 9, 0 7. iud finally 4 per cent.
oi-xitATtoMs or rue 001.0 xcsa.'vub iu*x.
( old balances $1,454,969
Currency balances 1,623,934
broas clearances 30,941,000
ci.Kaai.No noose statkmkrt.
Currency exchanges $81,542,377
Curreocy balances 3.453.191
Cold exchangee 4,454,723
bold balances 1,143,110
The attractions of the Centennial year 10 arithmetical
vicn are not altocelher uii?fiu-inr. ni..nm ?r can non
tola ?u stepped r?r lha Kut at Man Francisco to day.
7 .... WOKrt *x roars.
Tbe aijioru of prod art froiu this port for the work
end n? to dav ?"? fta.l8tf.two. acaiusi ft4.ttM.410 for
the corresponding week of 1875, Mid $4,505,705 in i
1874. The toul exports of produce since January 1,
thla year, were $'.>,181,724, against $8,473,555 for the '
corresponding jieriod in 1875, and $9,414,300 in 18*4.
Government bonds closed quiet and a fraction lower,
at the'following quotations:?United States currency
sixes, 1221* a 123; do. do., 1881, registered, 119\ a
120; do. do., do., coupon, 120*4 a 121; do., livetwenties,
1864, registered, called bonds, 114; do. do.,
do., coupon, do., 114; do. do., 1865, registered, 115;
do. do., do., coupon, lias* a 116*,; do. do., 1665, registered,
new, 117*$ a 117,>*; Jo. do. da da, coupon,
117a 117)*; do. do., 1867, registered, 119S ?
do. do.,do., coupon.-119I, alio**; do. do., 1858, registered,
119*, a 120; do. do., do., coupon, 1201* a 121;
do., ten forties, registered, 117*4 a 11"**; do.,
coupon, 118** a 118**; do., fives, 1881, registered, 116 *4
a lio,1* ; do da, coupon, 116** a 116\.
The London advices report the rate of discount in the
open market lor three months' bills at 4 a 41* per cent,
and the rate tor money at the Slock Exchange on
government securities at percent. The Bank of
England gained ?7,000 bullion on balance to day. Consols
and United Stales bonds are quiet and about steady.
The following are late London figures:?Consols declined
'* for money, and are now 93 9 16, do. for account,
steady at 19 13-16. Rentes, m Paris, 66t 90c. Exchange*
on London, 25f. 18 *.,c The failure is announced
to-day ot Messrs Charles Boundy & Co.,
metal merchants, Birmingham. The liabilities are
?167,000 sterling.
Tbe receipts from internal revenue to-day wero
$181,162 45; and from customs, $ '41,.>.21 75.
The Assistaut Treasurer paid out to day $230,000
gold on account ot interest, aud $67,000 iu redemption
of 5-20 bonds.
Railroad bonds wore Arm with the exception of Hannibal
and St. Joseph convertible, which declined to
80, against 82'i at the close yesterday. The prices later
recovered about 1 per cent. Chicago and Northwestern
consolidated gold coupon bonds were active, and sold
at 86.4 under a brisk demand Milwaukee and St. 1'aal,
lot Crosse division, rose to ?74. Union Pacific Sinking
Funds advanced from 94,4 to 96; do. firsts sold down to
103, Central Pacilica to 1044, and do., San Joaquin
Branch, to 91,4. Harlem coupon Qrsts brought 115?*,
Morris aud Essex firsts lid, and Michigan Central 8's
113.4. Sales of Toledo and Wabash convertible were
made at 33 to 34; Missouri Pacific seconds at 68.
District of Columbia 3.66 bonds wero firm at 68
Tennessee new sixes were sold at 42??, Missouri sixes of
1877 at 9i?4- The rest of the market was w ithout feature,
quotations being on the basis last described.
bark sharks.
Bank shares sold at 93 for Fourth National and 80 for
German American.
The folowing arc the closing quotations in Ban Francisco:?
Gould Si Curry 22 Advanced 1
Bavago 22 Declined 1
Chotlar-Potosl 106 Advanced 5
Ophir 59 Advauced 1
Halo k Norcross 66 Advanced 1
Crown Point 26 Declined 3
Yellow Jacket 107 Advauced 4
Belcher 36 ?
Imperial 9 ?
Virginia consolidated 450 Advanced 15
Calitornia 82 Advanced 2
Overman 77 Advanced 2
Ruymond A Ely 20 ?
Eureka G. V 3 ?
Best A Belcher 66 ?
Kentuck 14 ? I
Union consolidated 10 ? j
Alpha 26 Advanced 2 i
Meadow \ alley ;s ?
Sierra Nbvada 25 Advanced 2
Mexican 21 Advanced 1
Caledonia 41 Advanced 1
Silver Hill 8 ?
Eureka consolidated Id ?
Justice 3d Declined 1
Julia 17 ?
The Hkraud this morniug purposely omitted commenting
on the despatch from St. Josoph stating that
"steps were being taken to apply for the appointineut
of a receiver for the Haunibal aud St. Joseph Railroad,"
Ac., because upon an examination of the wording of |
the despatch and of the alleged reasons for tho "steps" ;
It seemed to plainly bear the marks of fraud. We .
now have tho authority of President Neilson lor
slating that the company has received no intimation of j
any such "steps" from any of its agents; that there Is
no possible cxi8t\?>g cuuse upon winch such an application
could bo maintained if made; that the company |
has promptly paid all its interest and only recently
compromised und paid $.'9,000 for taxes for which its j
attorneys advised it was not liable, that the company 1
has little or no floating debt and has a large amount of |
floating assets. The President gave it as his opinion ;
that tho Hannibal and St. Joseph Railroad "at present '
was in a less embarrassed condition than any other I
railroad in tho country." If it were possible that tho |
alleged reasous for an application for a receiver could
have been maintained against the recently retired j
management they certainly could not be main- j
taioed against that which has been Just installed
and which already has instituted several Important reforms.
In the oplulon of the management the despatch
In question is only the sequel of certain blackmailing
efforts that have recently been made by persons
whom it was necessary some time ago to discharge
from the company's service while carrying out
a programrao ol economy.
have issued the following statement:?During the
month ot December 1,394.93 acres of land were sold for
$10,450 32. The cash collected on land contracts was
$28,375 14. The traffic on the main 1id? In Illinois was
$519,526 44 against $626,937 92 in December, 1874.
The traffic on tho Iowa lines (leased at 35 per cant of
gross receipts) was $162,571 25, against $151,697 35 in
i jrecomuer, ioii.
I Gross traffic lei) months, January 1 to October
31, 1875 (actual) $6,422,949 ;
| Gross traffic two months, November anil De|
cember (estimated) 1,469,951
Total $7,892,901
Gross traffic in 1874 $7,947,856 i
; Gross traffic in 1873 8,334,593 |
Decrease In 1875 from 1874, $54,946; from 1873, j
st racl.
The Chicago, Milwaukoe and St. Paul Railroad roports
Its earnings for the Oral week in January as follows ? i
1875 1878
Gross earnings, first week. January .$199,000 $116,000
Increase In 1876, $6,000
cbntral pacific.
The following oro the officially reported earnings of
the Central Pacific Railroad Company;?
For the month of December, 1875 $1,279,8)00
I For the month of December, 1H74 1,370,334
Fer the month of Decemi>er, 1873 1,116,366
Kurnings, twelve months, 1875. 16,970,018
Earnings, twelve months, 1874 14.322,814 l
, Earnings, twelve months, 1873 13,919,374
The Inland Insnrance and Deposit Company of Lan- j
easier n reported to have closed Its doors this morning.
i The directors made an assignment to 8. H Reynolds, a
prominent lawyer of that city. It is supposed the
asaeta will pay the general depositors. There Is very
! little known as to the real condition ol the affairs of J
the company.
The Supreme Court of Massachusetts has rendered s
decision dismissing the petition of the minority of the I
. stockholders ot the Franklin Telegraph Company for i
! the dissolution of the company, holding that no rea'
so Sable cause exists for granting it
new york stock exchange sales ,
Ttksdat, Jan. 11. 187&,
before caj.l?10 a. m.
fUDOOU A8J08'?,V. HI 5<>)ihi b.-* Mb KR.53 63
2'A? du HitW :H?| do ?:i ,
? ??> do so 3' MO do ?.1 ?ILI
do rtt)X 2id do. ?10 ??S
5'JM> do 81 8 HJ do 03-?
2?i?iOAN Wc,h 8?IS flUO do ?3 8??
2U' ?h? T A W RK rJ 3 lHiin do 63'4
? d0;;--i- " 2 "' Mil A 8t P RR. .
IlKVi Wont tn r?l. b3 7r,u IUO do H?k
I'M' do 75X 3,XJ M A 8 P RR pf . .. l?"4
I"" do 7f,?j i.Vmj j-.rie UK 10
3<M) do 75* .H*? do i4u
I !< > do >3 75* 7UU do 10
I do 75k 501 do c 16
i ??> do 75^ 30 Hm A St Jo pi... 27k
r.'UO do 75 k 3im> do 27
??? do 73? j' 2ou do 26
KD St L.KC A N RR.. d"., loo do 2?tk
200 I'm Moil S3 .'I7H 3d ll?ii a Si Jo RR. , 20-,
200 do 0 37)* 2UU w do 2ok
I'M) do b.? 37* I'D do 2l it
.*? do i3 37w I < HJ do 2D
6iM> do .... 37* I' ? do ItIV
2<DMIeb C*n RR .... M? 3"D do 53 20
iim? du 57\ 2'D do lid;
10(1 do 37?, I'M) do li.Jk
IUO Ohio A Mi*. KK . I ?H I'M) do ink
400 L 8 A M 8 UK .... 0'* *"> do 1u
I.I'D du .... . 83 k 100 du |MV
2100 du , ?3 H31* ? >) d? 111.
l'XJO do - *3U ??l o- ... l?t2 |
*? do 63% 10'Chi A N W KR.... 38%
2?<?l do ?C UK) do 80%
lauo do ?3% |i? do s?%
)?| do. ?3 63% UK) do e SDH
12'K> do eU 63', W*) do :? >,
fit do 6', lid) Chi A H W pf. w
KMX) do ?3 63% 100 do 50%
ioO do e 63%
10:15 AND 11:30 A. M.
>2500 I T S 6%, r. *8!.. 120 $10000 C B 5'e, c.'81... 117
2U>l rh5-a0.r.'?5n be 117% 26" ??> IS lo 40.r be fl7%
1(1. O05-2O. r,'07. ,bc.?3 110% WOO do 117%
2.VJO do Ill)', 2">0 I IT r.'81 ... ll?%
5O0US 5.2n,c,'07.?m 118% 1000 I' 8 0?. cur 132%
500 do 113%
$15000 Dl? Col 3.05'*.. I'M/ r On .hi Uarlem KH.b tf 133%
1000 Mo 6 ?, 77 be U0% 400 Erie KR be 1?
luuu Uur.C K 1 M lti 4o'. lui do e 15%
1U00N J t on COUT . 107% loom Ceil K? bo 8!'%
HKlOMAKf lil.LdCd 07% 5o do 80%
5000 do 87% 1SO0L8 h M 8 be 00%
W.O) Mil A 81 8 c ? f.. 81 2000 do 63%
270001: A S W c en b. Hl% 100 do \ ...?3 153%
2O00C P lst.C 4 Obr 81V 300 do O 03%
3000 >1 or A Eel 1st... Ill) ?oO do ?3 63%
lOOO MAE7%. '71 . 108 4'?) 00 C 63',
2'IUOMorA H'let, con 100% I00O do . 63%
1O00 Erie 3d ra 88 lloo do 63',
15<K?j II ? S J B'?, con. 811% 800 do 63%
HX? Dub A 3 C 1st . 105% 6O0 do 03%
10IJ0 Micb Ceo 8%.... 113% IOOO do ?3 63%
10000 NYC 6 ?,'83.bc.c 102 l'?) do c 03%
6OO0 Her Int. 7'*, c... 115% 10 do b3 63%
3000 North Mo lKt 86 WOO do ?3 63%
111 X HI (I h Vlid.8 I MA r% r A K \A .wl k . rt .'U I
BOOO Ohio A M con.. . 94 200 do c 57 14
1000 i *n I'M i old u.. I04s> !00 Mich I'eu 58
1000 Mich Sou IM 1<1I- 100 do be 58
l'"0 l'u Pec BBlat KM loo do c 57J?
50U0 do b3 103 loo do 58
*"?? > Cn Pec mnki... fd'i aoOUPecBK be 7'*i
7000 do 94,', 100 do >3 71M
1OOO0 d > be 95 41*1 do 7)'4
5000 PM of Mo Int.. 8813 100 do 71',
514to do 88', lOCle* A Pitt, pt ... 9 '?
10OOC, C A I C l?t .. 45 1< ON J Ceu KB ...be U?)S
4U00 T A W con cvbl.. 33 10.1 Mil ? hi P Uli.be
1000 do 31W lot J do >3 30-,
OtNJO do 34 100 do 9t\
5 nh> Pourtb Net 8k. 93 800 do 36;,
lo Uer-Am Hank 80 100 do bi 30',
800Quick Min be 17>? 100 do 30',
100 A *P Tel. bc.b3 18', 1300 do 37
100 Weil Cn Tel.bc.nB 751i 3.*) do c 37
300 do 75', 300 do b3 8.^
300 do c 7543 10O Mil A St P pf.b c.c 09-,
40> do 75i2 100 do 891,
301 >0 do 75', 310 do 70
40O do b3 75s, 100 do eOO 70
1100 do 75.^ looTol A Web. b c.e3 3
mx) do ... 37'J 30 do be 102',
Xim> do c 37s, 40 N Y, N II A II BR. 150',
IIKX) do 3"l? 10 >1" .... be 15o*a
IOO do 3VJ, 100 Pac KB of Mo be llJ,
loo do 37)$ lOP.FtWACgt. be ?st
boo do ...s3 37 s, 100 H A St J Rll.. .b o l'?*.
SAdam.Kx be 103 500 do }.,
7 do .. ..Il l lo3 SOU do
70 MY U A UK RK.bc il)B*$ 4O0 do ........... >" 4
g do 107 '4 lOOllASJopt be 27
iU'.Kuilr. I.'.\LL?ia*..10 P. M$.Min0Ark7'a,PBAN0i?
11 15 ib?C A N W RR pf. .17
3001) Ark 7'd.MALR 1* 11 5 N J Cen RR 104
1000 PltU 4tb iu. 101 100 do .. 10JI,
IOOO . u fee la; I'M 100 Ohio A Mia KK... i7*.
3000 do 103J< MOO Mil A St Paul RR.. S7>,
8000 I'd Pac a luutl. . 94', 2"0 do. b30 37',
3 f> aU* West 1 Ti lei c 75k, 30" do b3 37 4
IOO do .3 75), 335 do 37
500 do b3 75), 700 do o7 ,
100N Y C A II K RR.. lo7 300 do 37V
300 C1KI RR 10(51$ luO Mil A .it f kK pf.. 7oW
3UOLSAM S RR .bM .01. 100 do 7 V
UK) do 63*$ 100 do 7J|1?
1700 do lid'.. 100 do 0 70
.'>00 do .3 U3t$ 201) Mor A E?? RR 102
too do U3 ?M'C lOOliAn A .3 J RK. kM 10'$
15O0 do '3'a 100 do MO
UuO do 63*, 25 do 20 4
2uO C * N W KR pf. 37)$ 100 l'lic RR of Mo 11
5! P. M.
12000 CS5 ?,c,'81.... 117?$
$1500 Die Col3.65'?... C8V nxish* N J Cen RR... 103
luaiTenn o'a, n a 42)$ 50 do .bo 103)$
l.TOOOMott'A f, '94.... 103), 10O do 103
luOOUeu Pacg bda lo-l luoChiA.NW be 3U\
11000 Un f?c KR lit. loM 300 do 3D ,
1000 Un fxc 7'a, 1 ? 10)5$ 5(X) do b3 do
2O00 L'u Pac a f.... 0 c 84 W 1400 do 40
1000 M ASP lit.Lai d 87>4 1100 do 4(>*$
20U) MA8P7 3-10,cun 08 &"<) do b3 4o 4
MOOO N JO con* 107 5O0 do 40'e
2000 K.WA O 1st. con 89 50 do 89X
40U0P.K W A Chi lat 114X 130 do b3 4u 4
5O00 11 A S J 8's, c.bc 81 14 0 do 40 1
louo M A K,const bo 104 700 do 404
100abs Erio RR 157i lOOOhlASWpf. ...b? 5<)4
200 do t c.bJ 15', 1300 Chi A It I KB. bo lc6)a
300 do 15jJ 400 Mil A St P lilt..be 37 V,
BOO WMt I n Tal.bc.s3 75)$ 400 do b3 37),
200 do 75), I'D d? 37*.
luo do c 7.?J? 3ix) do b.l 8^ %
lit a I do 75*4 lis) do M7l4
41?) do b3 75)fc WO do 3. ,
0 0 P?c Mall SS. bi.e 37.', 100 M A St P pf.bb.b00 7oj,
200 do 37J, 50LI do 71),
3.10 do ,3 M7>4 100 do 703,
12IKI do 374, 200 do 7' (4
75 U S Express 61 50O do 70',
1U0 Mich Cen i.K. be 57!$ Bik) do 7('tt
2<K) Uuiou Pacltlt..be 72 15 P, Ft W A C gtd . l?'',
lUtioL.-i A M .-..be aJ b '$ lOJ Utl H)....b c.h3 171i
2tiO do ,3 03;, 1O0 do b3 17?4
IOO do 6"la 8o" do IO4
101) do. c 03), 150 dt) 17*?
tin) dt 03*, 200 II A St Jo.. bc.a3 20
100 do ait 63)$ KJO do 20',
LIM) do 03 ', 2O0 TI A St Jo pf...be 27*
1 luo do 03.U 60 Mor a Km RR..... 102V$
7oo do .u r.c I3!| lu lieuo It K, 2d, pf.be 103/,
5t)() do . ?3 03 , 100 All A Pac pf.... b c
200 111 Cen RR be (9).
2:30 TO 3 P. M.
$9000 II A St J 8'o.coo 81 lUOVia Un PatRlt.... 72
7o ") L n I'm ami I... l)4l$ l'?) do 72l$
tkJOO Pne of Mo 2d.... os 200 do b3 72),
300) M A St P 7 310 98 2l?) Chi A N W KK .. 4',
2 .tMar A Ciu lat 10)0$ Mi) do b3 4oJ,
I'D aba R t'at 0 Tot 7o4, 60C A M W KR pt.... 5?
j.?i do b3 731, lia) do U3 58
lUtlO do Tb,1, 2<KJ0 ilo 57'$
20 Wella-ParcoKx. . 81', 100 Pittaburit RR 80
2,4j do 82 80 5 J Cen RR 103
bUOVllch t eu KK 58t$ .70 do ll)3($
im) do 58), 50O Cbl A K 1 KK 100)4
U*i Pae Mall SS.. nr.e 37), 15 do 10BJ,
HU do ur 37)$ 350 Dal, L A W KK. 118?
2uO do ur 37', 7 Kl Mil A St P KH..b3 37>$
IPX) do b3.ur 37^4 8" a) do 97),
It i) do ,.?3 37*4 100 do 371$
10O0 do bM 37 t, 1:k)0 do 03 37)j
IOO do ur 37', 200 X11 A St P pf 7",
a.<) do 37', IKK) do 70tf
2 ) Erie KK ! ? 4 40" do b.l 70),
1400 C s A M S RR. .13 63)$ 80 Warren RK 102
r,0 do 631, 2UUU A MUa IlK ...b3 I7\
20) do ur BO', 200 do bM 17',
j:>) do 63*, I'D Ilan A SI Jo KK.a3 20',
100 do 0 03)$ 200 do 20,
3'KI do a 63?$ 300 do 2"',
3 I) do ?3 *K \ 1 O ao b3 20 ,
1000 do ,3 63;, l'K) Atl A Pae pf.... 4?$
100 61 100 do 4),
2500 do 64
Tcksdat, Jan. 11?6 P. M.
There wis rather more tone to the markets in somo
quarters, but, aa a general rule, business was small and
tho markets quiet. The improvement manifest, however,
was in sundry commodities which had long been
dull On 'Change flour was steady, with a moderate
demand. Wheal waa in moderate demand, but decidedly
flrmer for all kinds, some of the hotter grades
being withdrawn. Corn was easier, but closed with an
improved demand at rather better prloea Oats were
quiet. Whisksy was also quiet. Pork was unchanged.
Lard was heavy. Freights were dull and heavy. Cotton
on the apot wan dnll. Futures were firm. Coffee we* ancbenged.
Oile wrie firm. Ronn *?i nominal. Rplrite
turpentine were quiet. Petroleum was needy. Sugar was
Ashes were In ateedy. fair demand at 5)$a. a 5)$c. for pota,
and pearlt nominally 7c.
ANTiHOHV.wa* ateedy at 14c. a 14)$e for Regnlua
Baaswil wee ateedy and unchanged. Sales were 2,000
lbs. Southern at 33c.; quoted at 31c. a 33c. for Western end
Broom Conn wm in eteady, fair demand el unchanged
prices. We quoteBruah. abort green, choice. 8c. a
10c.; hurl, gieeu. 7c. e tic.; green, medium. 7c. e 9c.; red
and red tipped. 5c. a Ue.
caxdlb* were In fair demand at full prices Wa quote ?
Sperm, 2?c.; iperm, patent, Maey'e, 38c. j etearte, R.
Mitchell A Co.'I (16 ex.), 27c. a 28c.; adamantine (12.
14. 16 oa.), 12),c. e 17c.: paraffin#. 4'e. 6 e and 12'e, 20a.
a 21c.
Corra*.?The msrkel for Rio wee unchanged. We note
ale of 2,000 bags, ax New Light at Baltimore, at !9c., gold,
reported about prima, and lata last evening ft.OUU bags, ax
Axel, taken ont of stock. Messrs. William rtoott A Bona report
atock aa foliow?:? At lielveetno, 8,000 bags; at New
Orleans, 18.904 do.. at Mobile, 9,700 do.; at Savannah, 3,000
do.; at Charleston, 3.000 do.; at Hampton Roads. ?!4,00ft
do ; at Baltimore. 6ft,715 do.; at New York. 192,998 do.
Total. 323.820 bags. Afloat and loading for United Stataa to
November 29, 121.940 bags. I'urcba-eJ tor Culled States to
8tli Inst., 8?,t><j bags. Vt a quote Otdlnarj oargoea, til4c.
a AV- i ,air do., I7j^e. a 18c.; good do . IHl4c. a 18t,c.;
prime no., 18>4c. a 19c ; Santos, fair to good, I7>*c. a l8|ac.,
gold nlnat) days. Java, government bags, 24. a 26c.. no.,
grass inatt, 24c a 27c.; Singapore, do , 2<>e. a 21c., Ceylon,
19c. a 2t?c. , Maracaibo, 18c. a .'t?o.. Lagnayrg, 18c a 19c.;
Jnmdlcn, 18c. a 19c., St. Domingo. ; I'orto Rico,
18c. a l'.'^gC. ; Cosia Rica. 18c. a I9.'?c.. Macassar, 2<>e. a
21c.; Mexiusn, 18c. a 19c. ; Manila. 18c. a 19c.; Angostura.
I He. a 19>bc., Savautlla, 17>?c. a 20c.; Curacoa,
17c a 19c.
Ooorxxsnx Mtocc waa in fair demand at steady pricea. We
qnole ?Molasses shoots, 32-lneh, with heads, 82 a 82 2ft;
sugar shooka, with heads. 38 inch. 82 IK) a82 Aft: do., do., 90
inch. 81 90 a 82 2ft; box shocks, 7ftc. a HOr. , rum do., 84 . pipe
do . 8*1 a 8*1 ftO; empty hogsheads, 82 ftO; hoops, 14 leet,
ordinary to prima, 837 a $40 oar M ; hoops, 12 feet. do..
833 a $33 per M.
tiorrxn waa qniet at 23>^r. a 293Jc for Ingot. Rales were
l&o.lASJ Iba, ?t 23l4e. a 23*,e.
Ctianaox was unchanged \\ e quote Manila (large end
small slaei per lb.. MNic. ? 18>?c.; do. cordage, boll rope
yerna. l'ic. a 17c. tarred Manila, 14c : Slaal rope, llKc. a
i-I t. Now-Zealar d. 11 l?c. e 121aC. : liussia heme tarred
14?. American do.. i4c . Kn**ia noil rope. 17c.
Cotton on tbu >|iok ** dull end price* were reduced l*'c.
Future* were liriu The cIo?Idk price* to da/ compere with
Manila;'* clixinjj price* a* follow*:?
.Vwi 'op. ./<i?. ill. Twxbtp, Jtkn. 1|.
Jan IS l.tl a II 1-10 Jan 13 I 3 a 13 MO
fell IS 3-1?? a? feb |;| 3-10 a 13 7 33
March ... 13 I '? J2 a ? March ... 13 7-ld a 13 I.V33
April .... 13 1110 a 13 23-32 April 13 IJSJalJlllO
May 137* a 13 20-32 Ma; 137* a 13 20-32
.Ilia* 14 8-32 a I4>% Juua U 3-32 a 14**
Jul; 14 7;i.'ilty Jul; ... I4'? a 14 032
Au?u?t 14 & 10 a 14 11-32 tiiiml 14 Tl .32 a 14 1132
?WUwlUllOU* *T? UMild uU AlU?floM ildn<J*M ai jlftjMMjjc*
L NT ART 12, 1876.-W1TH
tion and on enttnn in (tore running in quality not mora than
halt a grade above or below the grade quoted ?
I / '- luit. Alaf'tma. ,Vei? Urteuiw. Trxa*.
Ordinary Id id Id Id
Strict ordinary ID 1.1 16 10 13 10 10 13-10 13 13-10
Good ordinary 11 7 111 11 7-10 11 0-16 II 0-16
Strict good ordinary .. 12'.' 12SJ I2la 12 Vj
Low middling 12 ?-10 12 11-10 12 13 10 12 13 10
Strict low middling.. 12 15-10 13 1 16 13 3 10 13 3 10
Middling 13 3-10 13 5 10 1.3'f Id'
Good middling 13 II 10 13 13 10 13 15 16 13 15-10
Strict good middling. 14 1-10 14 3-16 14 5 16 14 5 10
Middling lair 14 7-10 14 H 10 14 11 16 14 11 10
Kuir 15 5 10 15 7 10 15 0 10 15 0 10
?Stained?Oood ordinary. lf?3,c ; strict gooa orainary.
H'aO : I"" middliug, ll%c.. middling, 17',0. Tbe ealce
Lout firming. T'ltotl.
O.insnuiption 234 10D 3!>4
Speculation ID ID
lu transit 3>?) ? SuO
Totals 514 ltio 7D4
?Kor luture delivery the sale* were aa follows Ye??erday
after two fi M . January 40d at 13 I 10c.. 4dd at 13 :t-32c:
February. 200 at 13'4c- ; l.HOUul 13 7-32c.,3,600 at 13 3-Ulc. :
March, 3,000 at 13 15-32c.; April, HDD at 13 23 32c.; Mar,
700 at 13 28-32c.; June. 100 at W'.c , 100 at 14 3 32c. Total,
10,100 bales. To-day up to two 1" M. -.?January 200 at 13c.,
100 at 13 1-32C. ; lOU, abort notice, at 12 15-10c : 1,000 at
at 13 5-32c.. March, 1?J0 at 13 7-10c., 1,800 at 13 13 32c.
00 at 13 7 10c.; 100 at 13 13 32c.; 300 at 13 7 16c. ; 800 at
13 13 32c.. 100 at 13 7 16c.. 2,600 at 13 13 32c. ; April, 300
at 13V*. 3m at 13 21-390., 001) at 13*-c., 1,800 at 13 21-32c.,
2.700 at 13V- 200 at 13 2132c.; Mar, 1.300 at 13V.,
700 at 13 27 32c , 900 at 13V.. '**> ?3 27 32c.:
June, 100 at 14 116c., 100 at 14 I 32c.. 400 at 14 1 16c.
Total, 19.700 bales. Oraud total. 30,7(X> bales The receipts
at the ports were as follow*Ualvesiou, 2,741 bales; New
Orleans, 17.713; Mobile, 2.317; Savannah. 2,826: Charleston,
M7; Wilmington, 24t3; Norfolk. 1,002; Baltimore. 188;
New York. 3,243; Boston, 8H2 ;. Philadelphia. 113. Total,
32.290 bale*. This day last week, 25,723 bales This day
last year. 14.752 bales. Total since September 1. 2,572,007
bales. Cotton freights closed as followsTo liavre. by
steam, %c. To Hamburg, by steam, lc., compressed. To
Bremen, br steam, lc., compressed; by sail. 1116c. To
' Liverpool, by steam. 9-3Jd. aS-ltki; by sail. l)-32d. a5-10d.
Market dull.
l>KU<;a. Ai\?Opium was quiet and unchanged; quoted at
$1 25 a $4 37^f gold in bond ojid 00 15 a #6 25 currency for
Job lota Cuttlefish bones ruled quiet at 2?c. a 25c. Balsam
copaiba was quiet at 72V* Saffron?American was quiet;
Spanish was, in some instances, telling below the cost of Importation
; quoted at $8 50 a $6. Cod liver oil was in fair
demand at $1 60 a $1 65 for Newfoundland and $2 a $2 lO
for Norwegian. Oalangal root was In moderate deiuaud at
4t\ a 4V- Rhubarb was quiet at Iroiu 55c. a rl lo. (finger
w*? quiet at 20c. a 21c. for Jamaica bleached. Saffron?
email sales were made at 25c a 30c. Manna was quiet at
52V- f?r mdaII flake. Orris root was steady at 90c. Tonca
beans were unchanged ; quoted it $1 45 a $1 50 tor Angostura.
Althea root was firm at 30c. for white
' and 25c. for fair. Licorice root was quiet at
I 4c., gold, and 8c. a 15c., currency, selected. (turn arable was
I steady at I5c l -r prune Sorts, and He. for sceoud do. Seeds
were generally quiet and unchanged. We quote ?Mustard,
, yellow California, 6^c. a 6\c*; brown do., 6c a G^c;
j brown Trieste. 7c. a 7\4c.; yellow Ktigllsh, 8c. a K^'c. Angus|
tura bark VMUM)lM|M It 50e 8dflt ifias bark was quiet
at 8c. Ergot?Sales to a considerable amount were made at
80c. a 95c. ; now held at $1 a $1 10. (Juicksilver was quoted
at 75c. a 77V., gold. Leaves wore steady at 22c. a 23c. for
belladonua. 22c. a 24c. for henbane and lie. for aconite and
coniuni. Chamomile flowers were quiet at 16c. a 22c. for
Roman. Arsenic was in fhir demand and V* higher for red;
white was unchanged; quoted at 13c. a 13V* ,or red powdered,
and J?Va a 3Jgo., gold, tor white do. Glycerine was
in fair demand and a shado firmer ; quoted at 16c. a 16 V for
American pure. Sweet marjoram was quiet at 22c.
Squills were quoted at 14c. Lavender flowers wore quiet at
6)|0. Valerian root was quoted at 25c. for English and 15c.
lor Vaerniau. Albumen?Blood was quoted at 65c. a 70c. and
egg at $ I a .f 1 15. Kochelle salta were easier; quoted at
29 V. for bids, and 30V* ,or boxes. Quinine was tlrin and
active at $2 '20. Blue vitriol was steady at 8>4c. a H^c.
Morphine was in good demand at steady prices; quoted at
$4 2?. Iodide potash was quiet at $2 40 a $2 45. b. i.
Alum was in fair demand at 2V* a 2V*? liM quantity.
Chlorate potash was fairly active at 22c. a 23c., gold. Tartaric
acid was quiet at 42V., gold, tor crystal, and 49c. a
. fate. fur ixiu, 1 ifltrle aeid w.m it. u-.iod /I...
! in and at 78c. a 80c., gold. Licorice paste
vr a* quiet and unchanged Spanish solid was
quoted at 25c. a 28c.. gold, and Calabria Pignatelli. at 26c.
a 27c.; urn all Gnrxulina, 29c. a HOe.; large do., 38c.; P.
and H.. small, 36k, c.; Corigliano, 30)^c. Ginseng was unchanged
; quoted at $1 15 a $1 25 for Southern, as to quality,
and $1 iXi a $1 11 for Western. Seneca root was steady
at 87c. a 80c. Gentian root was steady at 6?4C. a 7c. Cassia
buds wore quite active at 57>?c. Colombo root was firm at Ik*,
and 14c. for powdered. Gum Gcdda was iu light stock and
hriyly held at 7(4C. a 7,V,c. as to quality. Juniper berries
were tirm at 3\o. for ordinary Italian. Orange peel was unchanged;
quoted at 10^'c. Venice turpentine was quiet at
18c. Castile soap?C? nti, white, was quoted at 16c. a lOS^c.,
and Marseilles, pure mottled, at 10)^c., goiu; stock
< of Marseilles light, Kssential oils wcro in good
i Jobbing demand at lull prices. We quote Oil bergamot,
Sanderson'*. $3 75; oil letnon, Sanderson's, $3 40; llimseu's
finest oil roue, $6 'at; oil anise, $2 62W. all gold; oil caraway,
| * I 40 a $2 50; oil Croton, $2 18; oil citronella, HOc. a $1 On;
oil lavender, 75c. a $2 ; do. do. lAiitchaiu), $10; oil cloves,
$3 30; oii wiutergreen. $3 25; oil sassafras, inclusive, G5c.;
I oil pennyroyal, $2, all currency. English chemicals were
quiet and prices were nominal. Wo note sales of 25 tons
soda usli at 2c., 25 do. sal soda at $1 35, 50 drums caustic
| soda at 4 3- 16c. a V4c.. 50 kegs bicarb soda, 4>4c., all gold,
! and 60 casks bloachmg powder at $1 06, currency.
Fkatiikr.m were quiet and steady ; quoted at 58o. a 00c. for
I prime, 62c. a 64c. for choice, and o5c. a 45c. for mixed.
PiIU.?Codfish were quiet. Mackerel wero in light stock
and quiet. Sales were 5tK? bbls., shore, No. 3, at $11. Herring
were quiet and unchanged. We quote George s Hank cod,
$6; Grand Hank do.. $5. Shore inockerol, >o. 1, $26 a $27;
do. large No. 2, $16. B?ix herring. No. 1, 23c. a 20c.;
scaled uo.. 35c.a 90c.
Flour ani> Grain.?Receipts?Flour. 10,360 bbls.; wheat,
28.HUU bushels; corn meal, 8oll bbls. and 265 sacks; corn, 35,888
bushels; OitL 9,92 1 do ; >: , 103 do. ; bar'icy. 8.320 do. ;
barley malt, 8,382 do. The Hour market was steady, under
a tair inquiry. The salos wero about 15,000 bbls., including
State, Western and Southern at the annexed quotations.
Corn ine.il w a- -a . in sales of 7? s) bids, and 2.x > ,-acks,
$3 HO a $ < 90 for Bruudywine, and $3 30 a $3 40 lor Western.
Jersey and Pennsylvania. Wo quote :?
No. 2 Slate $3 25 a $4 00
Superfine State 4 25 a 4 50
, Kxtra State 4 80 a 5 25
' Choice Stale 5 25 a 6 UO
Mipertino Western 4 '25 a 4 .'xl
i Kxtra Western 4 86 a 5 25
! Minnesota 5 40 a 6 SO
i Hound hoop Ohio, shipping brands 4 85 a 4 25
, Kouud hoop Ohio, trade brands 5 50 a 6 50
1 Family .' 7 00 a 8 UO
St Louis. low oxtra 5 00 a 0 25
St. Louis, straight extra 0 25 a 0 50
St. Louis, choice double extra 7 00 a 8 00
St. Louis, choice family 8 00 a 9 50
Kye Hour, tine to superfine 4 (Ml a 5 35
Southern, No. 2 3 80 a 4 25
Southern, supertine 4 3o a 4 50
Southern, extra. 5 25 a 6 .50
Southern, family 0 75 a 0 00
1 Corn meal. Western 3 25 a 3 40
j Corn tueal. Jersey 3 20 a 3 4U
icorn meiu, oraiinywino o no ? a .*?
Corn moal, puncheons 20 00 a 20 50
?-Wheal wan lu moderate demand and about 1c. per bushel
| dearer lor common grades. Straight No. 2wua generally
i withheld and was nominal at about (1 20 a (1 22 for No. 2
1 Chicago and $1 2d a $1 2d for Milwaukee. The sales were
about 122,000 bushels (part laat evening) at One. aOUc. for
rejected spring in store. $1 00 for No. 3 Chicago In (tore,
$1 14 lor ungraded, $ L 45 for choice amber Pennsylvania.
Kye was quiet. The sales were 5.0U0 bushels .stule. to arrive,
at Hoc. Corn was easier but closed steadier, with a
rather belter inquiry. The sales were about 07,(UO bushels
at 71c. a 72c. tor old Western In store and afloat, and OHo. a
67c. for prune new mixed liarley was qnlel, with sales of
about 12,500 bushels st 00c. for two rowed State and $1 15
for Canada. Cats were steady. The tales were 22,000
bushels at 45J^c. tor No. 3 New York inspection and 47c. a
47>aC. for No. 2 Western, New York inspection, l'eas were
Kruit.?The market for foreign dried was quiet, but
prices were generally well sustained. We quote :?New layer
raisins, per box, (2 MO a $2 *55; half do . $i 65; quarter uo.,
(sue. | new loose mnscatel, $2 85 a $2 f>0 per box, according
to quality i new seedless raisins, $0 50 per frail; Valencia
raisins. I>)'4c. a lie. per lb.; sultana do., 15c. for new , Tur1
key prunes, 5>4c. a tic. tor Servia and Bosnia; new Kreucb
do.,7c. a 12c., accurdnig to site and quality. Currants, 7J(c.
Leghorn citron, 22c. 1 igs, 11 l<e. lor drums, 1 V" for layer*,
j flutes, >\c. Brazil nuts, ?>,c. Domestio dried was quiet,
but prices were without uecided change. We quote;?
Apples, State, qnarters, Oc. a OJac.; do., sliced, 10c.;
northern, quarters. He. a 8<^c.; do., sliced. Oc. a
120. Peaches, peeled?Ceorgia. prime. 15c. a lee.; choice
do, 20c.; unpeeled do., quartera, OMjc. a HHc;
halves, 13c. a 13',c.; blackberries, 12c. a I2l,c.; raspberries,
2-k;. a 3oc,; cherries. 2-kjC. a 23c.; plnma, Southern. 18c.
a 20c.; do. Slate, 21c. ?2l>,c. Peanuts?The market was
very tirin at $1 45 a *1 05 tor (iritne and 81 75 for fancy
Virginia. Itornestic green was in latrdemand at about sternly
price*. We quoteApples, selected winter, per bid., $3 a
?.! 25; do., mixed, 82 5u a $2 75; do., comnu n, 82 a (2 5o.
Cranberries?Choice. 82 75 a $3. do., good to prime, 82 50
a 82 75; do., poor. 82 a 82 25; do., haitern faucy, perbhl.,
80 5o a $10; do., good to iirime, pci*bt>l.. $8 50 a $0 25.
! lic.istM wsrs quirt at 13c. lor domestic, Oc. a 9.S?c. for
Calcutta and 134^c. for bags.
Hat akd Straw.?The general market waa quiet, with
light receipt*. Wn quote.? Bale hay, shipping, at 75c. a
HOc.; retail qnalttiea at OUc. a (1 10; clover, 65c. a 75c.
Straw?Long rve, 81 15 a $1 20; oat do..
III Re amo Jim. ? We note sales of 1,000 bales balls for
January shipment on private terms and l,400do. Sisal hemp,
per schooner Cephos Starret, on private terms. We also
uote the arrival of the Prolle with 4,500bales of Manila,
1,000 do. ol which goes East. We quote :?American dressed,
8240 a ?545 for double and 8100 a 82O0 for single, and $135 a
814" tor,undressed ; Manila hemp, 7c. a 7(.,c.. gold, the latter
for linn; Kussia clear. 8220 a #225. gula, Italian, 82<?i a
$275, gold;Jnte, S.Wc. a 5c., gold; Jute butts, 3>^c., curi
rency ; Sisal hemp, 4\c. a 4^gc., gold.
Hi ins.?lbs market was steady tint the demand was
moderate. 1 he salea were 1,000 dry Texas spot, 24 lbs., at
! 22c. ( 1,000 do. Montevideo, to arrive, 21)g lb*.. at 20j,c.,
I gold, lour mouths, and on private ternie 3.21
Mexican, ISO and 600 wet salted Texas. We
quote: ?Bneuos Ayres, 20 to 25 lbs., lOe. a JOtj'e.;
do.. 25 to28 iba., 2 m a 24c.; Montevideo, 30M to22)4 Iba.,
i 2<iwe. a 21c, Corrientes, 21 to 22 its.. isjjc a 1 T?s.c.;
Klo Grande, 20 to22 lbs . Ibj.c. a lac.; Orinoco, 21 to 23 lbs .
' Ittt-c.; California. 22 to 25 Iba.. 20c.; Central American. 16
to 21 Iba..18c.; Matamuros, 22 to 24 lbs., 18c. a lM .
VeraCrua. 18 to lUlbs., 18c. a lbjcc.; Bogota, 18 to 30 Iba .
18c. a 2!'tjC.,all gold, selected; Texas end Southern. 24 to
30 lbs.. 13c. a 14c., eurreney, at they run; city slaughter,
| ox, 60 to 80 Iba, Bjgc.; cow, 45 to tkl Iba, 7Jgc.. cur
[ rency, selected.
I Mora.?nbipmenta for the last few days were quite heavy,
i The market was tirm on choice gooda, ont low and medium
L roles wore in serv moderate demand. Naw York State,
1 c. ale.; Eastern, 10c. a lc.; Wlsconslns, lie a I.e.;
yearlings, 8c. a toe., ulda, all growths, 4c. a 6c.. nominal;
CaUloruia, 17c. a JUC.
1 Ikos ? the deuiaud for American pig was very light, as
many consumers are now idle The sales were only 4<JU tons
No. I at tild. scotch pig wet steady end In light demand.
Scrap won dull and unchanged. Me quote ?American
pig, No. I. *23 a *24; do.. No. 'J, *21 a *22; da. forge, *19
! a ?-<>. Scotch?Coltnese. 852; Uieugaruock. ?il. Kglinton.
til!I Ml a Sis).
Lath ? quiet and unchanged at 90 for domestic.
LatTHRA?The demand wea moderate. Priced were
steady. We quote Hemlock?Light Htieunt Aires. 24< a
25c.. do. California. Si c. a 24c: do. common hide, 23b. ;
| middle Huonoa Ayres, 23>lc. a 27e.; do. California, 2ft* a
2?lc. | do. common hide, 2.W. a 25 V'.; heavy Muenoa Aires,
20* a 117a.; do. California, 2>?>c. a -Idtc., do. common hide,
25c a 2Hc.; good damaged Buenos Ay roe, 23c. a 2H',e.: do.
i California. 21.Sc. a 22c.. da common hide, 21c. a 22c.
HuuitKl-Stw Orlrant * < eleady. sales were 2U? bbta.
I at fa*., a 5H* M e quote Cuba, centrlfngal and nilied. 22c.
a 2Hc.; do., clayed. dUc. a 32c.; muscovado retinitis. IP i.. a
1 Idle.; do..do., grocery, 3,'tc a 3Pc.; Porto Kico, Hoc. a.W- ,
I Kngliah Islands, 3fte. a sua; .New Orlcane. ?id crop, 40u. a
i W. .do., new crop, prime to choice, Vic. a iff.
i Natal. Store*.? Spiritt turpentine wee quiet at 3*e. a
i 3S.V ; .'/ibbla. Southern told ?i3Sc. and 112 bbl*. reported
! aits1;* lor Southern and HSWc. for New York. KiS.n ??t
' n. tauial at *1 IIS tor strained and SI TV a SI 75 for good
' strsined. Tar quiet, ltd) unit. M nihlmrton eold at
\ If j US * *' ' q""tcd at ell 12S 'of tt aahlbtfton aim $2 25
I lor Wilmington. Pitch ruled quiet at $2 10. Adelcet Iroin
Wllinlngtori were a* followsHoiin strong; strained, $1 .*>;
! goal at rained. SI 62S. Tar steady; M'iimiugton. fl ~KJ. Tnrpent
n? steady ; hard, $1 56; yellow dip, $2 M; spirits steady
market remained quiet hat brm on all kinds.
! Aurices Irora New lledfurd repo t sales of i'Al libit. cru.is
I sperm, partly inlerior, on private terma. M'e quota:?l ot!
ioii?ced. crude, .'etc. a .Vic.; do. .Soutltern velluw. VHc, a ?*f.;
do., yellow and white winter. tHA;. a llftc ; linaeed, ca?t?,
t.2*; hide., 'Kid.; lard, winter, SI o4; menhaden, Sound,
46e. I sperm, crude, fl tkj, do. hleaehad winter. $1 Ki a
11 H??; do natural do.. II H5. whale, crude Northern, "lie.;
do., Southern, tt'ie ; do., t.leached winter. 7.'* a 7Ac.; olive,
casks. SI 1"S * SI i2,'?; do., cases. S4 1)5 a 84 4L, winter
blesched fish, 5 c ; crude fl>h. 42c. a 4.1c
I'KTRiiLRt wna steady at l.'ITjc a 14c. for refined. Sales
wers "tWbbls. at 14c. lor prompt delivery. Cruilu in bulk
was quoted at 77,c a dc., and in hbls. at I Ic.: .'ami bbls. toi l
SI 7%c. leases were ftrtn at IHc. for ordinary brand* At
Philadelphia the market was Brui at l.tSjc al:i\t., Haitimine
was quoted ai I.it,* Advicei ft-m the Creek were ea
toiioes:?litusville dinar at Bl K"i a kl sik. uu Cits, lis
w?rd tendency ?i $1 W7ld bid end $1 AO aeked; Rnuaevtne,
quiet and Arm. bald #1 821, ; Tidioute. liriu . sales 1.IW) bbla.
at $1 >f7tfc; I' .rkor ,. steadier aud aotiva. upward tendeucy; |
United, <1 68*; Union <1 70 outside llna>, <1 05. Shipmenu,
#1 82 j2 * #t i;i\.
Kuoruioss,?Receipts?Pork, Ikstbbla :lard, 1.929 tlercea (
and Ifll cases, cut meat!. din packages. bacon. 18 tierce*.
21 lihda. and 875 boxes; boat 962 tirrctf and JO.d bbla. Tbn
pork market was quiet, but without decided change. Tne ,
quotations lor future were: $2" I HO fur .1 anuary, A-'1 fur |
February, $21 a $21 IO r?r Marcb, $21 25 for April Kales? |
warn Stat bbla February, at $21. Km immediate delirery the
aalea were about 425 bbla. uninspected mra at $2D 75. |
t'ul ineata were dull and uuchanped. Tbe aalea were d.tklli
lbs pickled bellies, 11 iba average, at lie.. 10 boxes clear
belllea at ll^e. and tlo boxes box bellies mi private teruia.
Tbe quotations were 10*c. a 1 lc. for Ireab belllea ; |i it.r. a
liKc. for pickled do.; 11 \c. a I l*tc. lor treah bntna. and I J'^c.
a 13c. for pickled do. Dressed lings acre easy, at He. a
1 tor Western. Huiokrd ineata were selling in a jobbing way at
H'.,e. a H?4e. for anouldora and 13',c. a Ijr. for ham*. Hacnn
a as quiet; t*J boxes long clear aold at 10?4c.'; tbe quotatlutia
were lie. for Western aud lie. a IIl?c. lor city, lteel w is
quiet; the aalea were 150 bbla. extra mess at Alia did,
quoted at $10a $12 for old to new niain aires, $12 a Aid f?r
old to new extra nie?a and $10 a $17 for packet, Href bams
were quoted at $22 50 a Aid 50 for prime Western and $31 i a
f23 for fair to good. Lard was a shade easier. ihr tales I or |
| Immediate delivery were about 2jO liercea at 12',c. a
1 12 13-lBc. Kor future delivery there was a very light move
luent. the sales being only about His) tierces. February, at
! 13 3-13c, and 230 tierces, April, at 13 7-ltfe. Butter* as in
fair demand. We quote .state dairies, fair to good. 24c a
2ttc. i elioice to faucy. 2hc. a 30c,, W estern creamery ,
fair to within the range of Irtc. a 2Bo. for fair to hue i'heeae
was steady at quotnlions, with a fair inquiry frotu shippers
We quote':?Slain factory, cominou to lane*. 7l,c. a 13'4c-; i
dairies fancy, full cream. ll^gc. a 12 We ; do,, fair to good, I
BKe. a UMqO.; skims, 4c. a 7c. , Ohio factory, fair to good,
5tj,c. a Hi^c., do.. Hat shaped good to fancy, Bhjc. 12c. 1
do . Cheddar shaped, good to fancy. He. a 12c.
Htcu.?I'udor tue influence of advices from tha South of a
strong market our market ruled firm The sales were 73 |
casks Carollua at >ISc a B'.c.. 130 bbi*. Louisiana et 0c a ;
Biqc.. aud 00 bags Ha'.un at 7",c. a 7)qc. We take the following
fi.uu the circular of Messrs. Dsniei Taluiage's .Sons, of
this date "Carolina.?On account of tha dullness incident
to tha holidays and a large accumulation of stock the market
has fallen off tally a quarter on fair aud good grades.
The decllae has tcnilad to stimulate the demand and wo note
that tlie trade ere purchasing liberally, tue geueial opinion
prevailing that prices must speedily react and, as lu former
?eara, steadily advance until thv incoming ol the new crop
n tne fell. Louisiana is withont change The plain stylea
which have superseded the Rangoon kiuds are much better
cleaned than hrretolore aud give very general satisfaction.
1'iu.ua.?Pricea on this kind have advanced an Item, but are
alill under cost of importation fully iqc per Hi .'J We
quote Carolina, fair to choice, Bike. a 7Lac., Louisiana, fair
to good. Bigc a >i\c. , plain, 3lac a Be.; Rangoon, fair to
good, BLc. a tH,c , I'atua, good, 7V4c. 7 V-, Rangoon. Ut
Load. 2\c. a lie. per lb., gold. cash.
Sfkltlk was quiet aud unchanged, quoted at $3 35 a
$3 40 for domestic and $3 13 a (3 20 fox foreign.
Htkauink waa quiet.
Huoaa.?Tlie market for raw was steady. The sales were
82 hhda. me I ado at ti^o., SO boxes clayed at H\c. aud 313
hhda., 032 bags and 1,334 boxes Cuba sugar, various grades,
in lots of 23 hiida., at HJte.; S180 hhda. at 7\c., H3J bugs at
Sfkc. and 1,334 boxes at 7c. a Ho. The market tor ruiiued
was quiet end steady. We quote:?K'air reliniug. Ho.; good
do-.R'ae.: Cuba, grocery, fair to choice, fWo. a h'4c. ; do.,
centrifugal, hhda and boxes, No* H to 13. H)nc. a !<S? .
niolaaaes, hhda. sun boxes, 7c. a 7\e. ; Porto Klco, refining,
common to prime. 7h,c. a Bi^c.; do., grocery, fair to choice,
8*10. a HJqc. ; standard A, 10c. : off A, H*4c. a 9?s<5.; crushed,
l"\c.; powdered, loV,c.; granulated, loa,c., cut loaf. ll>?c.
a lltqc.
Tallow.?The market was qnlet at 9>?c. a 04{e. for prime.
The talcs were 3O,(J0O iba. at the former, and 22,000 lbs. at
the latter price.
Till.?The market was quiet and without linDortnnt
change. Tlw sales ware &<xj boxes cliarcoul tin ?t $7 50.
Vie quota Bauca, lU\c. ; Straits, I0>4a a 10).a ; Kugltsh,
19)?c. a 191?c.; Haaea, all gold. flatus?Charcoal,
$7 SO; ooke, *0 30 a $7 75; terne, $6 12W a $0 37,V
Tobacco.?We not? sales of 200 Irhds. Kentucky on private
terms- The sales of seodloaf comprised 100 casus sundries,
at 7a. a llltja ; 100 ruses Illinois, crop 1074, and 143 cases
Connecticut, crop 1373. on private terms; 80 cases Now
York, crop 1873, at 7c a lH^jc.; 107 cases f auusylvania,
crop 1873 and 1874, on private terms; 131 cases Wisconsin,
crop 1873 and 1874 (wrappers), at 8a a 13a ; 300 cases Connecticut
and Massachusetts, crop 1874. at 7a a 10c ; lot)
cases New York, crop 1874. at 7)Jo. a O&c. a 30a, auil 300
bales Havana at 88c. a $1 15.
Wiiiskur.?The market was quiet; 150 bbla. sold at
Wool.?The general tons of the market was steady, but
the volume oT business transacted was very light end scarcely
worthy ot notice.
Kkkiiiiits.?llerth accommodation was In moderate request
and hat, with the chief business in grain and provisions,
per steam, and oil cake and cotton, by sail. Chartering
tonnage was slow ana generally heavy, though
no special change took place. Petroleum vessels attracted
the principal attention. The engagements comprised
To Liverpool, by sail, 750 bundles snooks at Is. tid.;
41It) tons oil cake, 33s. Od.; 400 bales cottou, "compressed,"
0-33d., and peraleain, 8,000 bush, grain, Od. per (JO lbs.;
100 tons leather, Od*.; 500 boxes bacon, 37s. Od.; 570 packages
provisions, 37s. Od. a 40s. To Londou, per steaiu,
34,007) bushels grain, lO^d., and by sail, 1,000 bbla oil cake,
3s. To lilosgow, per steam, 30.000 huatiols grain (through
Irelght), Hid per 80 lbs.; 83,000 bushels 8n. a Ht4d. lbs
charters embraced A Hriatol bark, from Portland. Me., to
Cork for orders, with 5.JOO quarters grsin at 7s. The vessel
rumored in our la?l hence to a Spanish port was to Coruuua
with 1.300 hbls. and 800 rases retlned petroleum at 5a Od.
and 26)4a, respectively. An American bark, from Philadelphia
to Bristol, with 3,000 bids. do. at 5s.: a British brig
(1.7(10 bbla capacity), hears to Lisbon, with 1,000
bbla do. at 5s, 3d., balance of cargo In rosin and
staves at a proportionate rate; an Italian
blig hence to Palermo with 12,0iXl esses reflned petroleum,
32k,a ; four shins reported from New Orleans to Liverpool
with cotton at 10 33a. a ?ad., the latter rale for consignment;
one from Savannah for same port at 13-S3d ; a Norwegian
bark, hence to Liverpool, with 3,000 bbls. refined petroleum
at 5s.; a German ship, hence to Bremen, with 8,000 bbls.
do., at 4s. 3d. ; a British ship laid on tho bsrtli recently for
Liverpool, taking the oil cake, cotton, Ac., reported above;
two sulns reported with cottou to Havre from New Orleans
at 13-ltic., and from Snvaunab for da %o. ; a ship from New
Orleans to Bremen, with cotton and tobacco, at VI for the
former anil 55a. for the latter; one thence fur tame port with
cotton at l.Va ; ons thence with do., reported to Aulwcrp,
at 13-ltia
Oalvimtom, J an. 11,1871.
Cotton dull, borers and sellers apart; middling, 13',c.;
low middling. ll)4a; good-ordinary. 1034c. Net receipts,
3,741 bales. Kxports?To Ureal Brita n, 1,353 ; to the <'ontiucul,
1.U80; coastwise, OoL Sales, 995. Stock, 70,458.
Nxw Orlka.vs. Jan. 11, 187&
Cotton easier, demand fair; middling. 13e.; low middling,
| 11 c4a ; good ordinary. l(>Va Net receipts, 17,715 bales;
; pross, 18,413. Kxports?To Ureal Britain, 3,00(1; to franco,
j 3,030. Sales, 7,500. Slock, 2U8.50U.
Mobilk, Jan. 11, 1876.
Cotton unchanged; middling, 12!qCi a I2)qc., low middling,
11','a bII'jC ; good orilTnary, 10>-4'a Net receipt/,
I 3.31 7 hales. Kxports?To dreal Britain, 4,8871 coastwise,
142. Seles, 1.S0U Slock, 74.510.
8a vax.a a n. Jan. 11, 1871.
Cotton dull; middling. 12\a ; low middling, 12 116c.;
pood ordinary. II 5.16c. Net receipts, 2.820 bales; gross,
2,860. Kxports?To (Jresl Britain. 9,304; to francs, 3,856;
coastwise, 838. Sales, 859. Stock, 93,243.
chari.x9t0x, Jen. 11, 1876.
Cotton steady , middling, 137sa; low middling. l3J,'a;
good ordinary, 11 "qa Net receipts, 957 bales. Kxports to
litest Britain, 2,141. Sales, 1.5UU Block. 70,714.
Burr*no, Jon. 11. 1876.
Receipts?flour, 10,360 bbla; wheat, 28,ooo bushels:
corn, 44,000 do.; oats, 22,000 do.: barley, 4<KI do.; rye, 406
do. Shipments?flour, llMOObhls i wheal, 28,0U0 bushels:
corn, 42,OX) do.; oats, 22.000 do ; barley, 400 do.; rye. 400
| do. flour Ann and unchanged; sales, BOO bbls. Wheat i
dull; sales, 1,900 bushels hard Iluluth, on private terinx
Corn?Old neglected; now sold sparingly, one car at 54c. and
| ene ear ehnieo at 55a. on the track. Date inactive, notni. I
nally unchanged. Kye neglected; 8i?a asked for Mllwauxee. I
' Barley?firmer feeling but light demand; aalos ol noe car
! font rowed Canada on private terma Seeds quiet; 350 bushI
els timothy sold at $2 05 a $2 75. Pom dull, at $20 50 for |
heavy mesa Lard dull, at 13c. llighwinca nominally $1 11.
Toledo. Jan. 11, 187a
flour?Demand lair and market firm. Wheat strong and j
higher; No. 2 white Wabash, $1 36; No. 3 do., $1 24V; i
No. 1 white Michigan, $1 26)4, No. 2 do.. $1 12; extra do.,
1 35W; amber Michigan. $1 24; February, (I 28; March,
SI 28)4: No. 2 amber Michigan, $1 IX.V, No. 2 red winter. |
$1 34 a SI 25)4; rejected, red., 91c. a92)4a Corn dull and j
a shade lower: high mixed, 4714a ; January, 47JKe ; low \
mixed, 47e.; no grade, 44)4c.: damaged, 4Da Oats dull and i
prices a shade lower; No. 2, 35)4c.; January, 86c .Michigan,
35Ue. Clover seed, $7 31). Dressed hogx. $8 25 a <
$8 3<X Reolpta?Wheat, 13,000 bushels; corn, 28,000 do.:
oats, 1,000 do. Shipment*?flour, 300 bbla; wheat, 9,(X)0 i
bushels; curn, 15,000 da ; oats, 7U0 da
Chicago, Jan. II. l?7?.
flour dnlL Wheat active end higher; No. 2 spring, 98 Wa. !
a nriVc.. spot: has sold st 99Wc.. Kebruary ; closed at W)>c.,
Kebruary; 99j4c., March; No. J do., W^c.; rejected. 06Vc a
67t Corn opened higher; closed st the Inside prices; No. 2
mixed. 44H<L *fol; 43c. bid, Kebruary ; rejected, S5)4c a :?la
Oats quiet but firm; Na 2. KOIqC. bid, spot; 3u)4c. a oO^a
i Kebruary, Kye?Demand light, but holders Brui at 6"1,0I
Barley active and higher at 82)^0. a 83c., spot. 79Vc.,
I February. Dressed hogs strong snd higher at $8 0 > a
| $8 3ft. l'ork?Demand good and tending upward at $19 46,
! spot; $19 SO a $19 52)4. February. Lard in f ilr demand and
i higher at 12'.a. spot ;8l2 47)4 a$12.'.0, February; $l2 57Va
| $12 60. March Hulk meats very llrra , holders asking higher
rates; shoulders, 7?,c.; clear rib and clear sides, 10)4r a
l(i*te AlilUfy, |> UT nocnipta?r lour, a.uuir nnia. ; wneai i
&I.OOOH bushels; corn. 77,000 do.; out*. IS.000do.; rv?.
1.(00 do.: barley. 13.C0 do. Shipments?Flour, 0,< 00 hbl*.
wheat, lo.fnei bushel*; com. 1K.0 0 do. | nata, fi.UOO do. j
barley. 8.000 do. At the afternoon call of the Board
Wheat uneettled at We?-. February; OO'a'e., March.
Corn easier at 43Tje., January; HJ'fcc.. February; d-lt^o.
a 4f?\c t Mar Oata dull and unchanged Pork Arm at
$18 45 a Hit . 0, February , 919 77)? a *19 feO. March. Lard i
| unchanged.
Rtn .Tatnno, Jan. 8.?Coffee, .">|9U0 a B[U50 rcl* for good !
f rata. Kacbange on I/Ondon, Mft.
Haeaxa. Jan. II, 1875.
I Spanish gold. 212 a 212Jf Exchange eualer, on the
' Cnited State*, ?K days, currency, H a 7 diacnnnl; abort right,
I f>>,a 5 discount; abort night, gold. 5 a f>H premium ; on
1 London, IB a 16J$ premium; on Pari*, 8 a 3U premium.
Sugar in fair drniaud; No. 12, Dutch standard, !!!>* * Id
i real* per arruba.
Lnyrnx Paonpc* M ?n*irr. ? Loxdok, Jan. 11? Keen,
tng.?Llneeed oil, 94a Jd. per cwt. Spirits ol turpentine,
2d*. Ud. per cwt.
1 color BELMONT A OO.,
>\. Banker*. 19 and 21 V ana an street.
Issue Traeellors' Credits, aeatlabie in all part* of the world,
thiougn the
and their correspondents.
Alao Oonimnrrial Credit* and Telegraphic Transfer* of
I Money on (lalil'oruia and Kumpo.
a,ll descriptions op wrsthrn notes, bonus
and Stoeke bought and told; 10 per cant Invulmiwu ?
tpecialty, correspondence solicited
| MAKER k AL'LL. Not* Brok?rv St LhIA No.
M. J<VhN.H()N k MHO.. IW TThOAOw VyTiI A Vg |
n.uoey to loan on (food and Mortgagee for a Mi ui of
t yeere. j
At reasonable rates.?money on like ano
Endowment Insurance Folldti. Mortgage# and other
recnrillee; insurance of all kind# aflected with be#t enmpea
lea J. J. HABRICH k CO.. 117 Broadway.
on impmeed city Property In mini to null applk-anta.
Apply to HORAl'E It ELY. No XX Plop it.
A ?LaPBLKY k baxlkvT BROKBR*, ?* M0a?
A. WAV.?"PKIVII.KOKa'' 0 ' MKMHKKa or Tllh
! J\L good ttftnding *tid with com* capital. wanted to Join a
! youuu ttrrn poiK^ung Aictlltfll crfdiBUlUtnu now doing on
| active stock which mo *'7 eitcnded. Addroit.
confident tali; i>oi herald ..m?ji.
i DEIFAi i i I> it ULROAD HuMW
Ai bought end aold tf IhO old established
?W? k and nond hoot# ol
* lit. i'lM tly )i??tV#rl. I
-?? *
Brokers, 71 Um Ow o. New Tork,
Buy Hid Sell Stocka on moderate oier .Mii; uucoUat* Privt.
leifol on Slock* and, UoM *t lowaat retee . order* ntecuiod
by mail snil telegraph , TJ page* book and oopy of too W *11
Street Review *b?wiUK how to operate tent Mt.
FjioR sale *> Mi'-vr m><rt<..voi "bonds'
guarantee.) principal .md intemt by iteadiug Railroad
Company. CAl'i. I' TuDD. M Lllwrty it.
T A I.WA V.s tl\V[, MoNKV TO LOAN on )OOD
1 Now V.-rk citv Mortgage* without bo una. Principal*
deairing to BOKKOW OR INVEST, .pplt to
II L OR VST, 14 Broadway
TORN 8 BllTltiK NO . I'INK >l II\s~,if Tr
el fund* to loan on approved Now Yurk. Brooalyn, Jcreep
City and uaar-by real mute.
J V- 01 flew sura, umcwvi tvausi.,
SKW Yokk, J ml. 6, IS7I)
AC a meeting of the Board of Director*, held this day, die
usual semi annual dividend of five percent on the capital
stock of this t-otnpaur w?i declared, payable ou and altar
January 15, |H7tl.
The trunafer hooka will be *lo*ed from tbi> date until tlaw
Kith inat. K. \V AbUUI), Secretary.
IKAVirr i ivou'OTT. no i > bine st. makb 4
J wpecially of loaning cruat fouda on first mortgagee oa
properly in ml* city and vicinity. auy atuouut, without
New York and Hrooklyu Improved Kuai Eat ate;
priucipala only deall with '
_______ No. 43 fine at.. New Y ok.
mail aunta aud on Building* in cnurae of construction.
J K. POWELL. 3?S I'ine aw
IN Honda. ?I'artiew who wdl contract to aall at a low price
address II Ml ltd), hj Broadway.
Coinpany. 17'J Broadway,
Saw Yob*. Jan. 5. I87B
A semi annual dividend ol live per cent on the -apita!
tock was declared tins day, payable on and aftet Monday
next, tlie 11 Hit itntt.
The transfer book* will be rlo?ed from the flth ln?t until
that data. JAME8 A. HILY KY Si ret ary.
privileges ipuls aud calls'. can rnaaiu It by addi eaainw
U. YY RICHLAND, bo* Hi* Herald office
Railroad bonds" wasFed
Coali for all kinds
\V H. WEEKS, 179 Broadway.
Money to b>au on Kirsl and Leaeehold Murium ,;es
E. K. BOWEN A CO., 22 I'ine at.
1 1'ina ?t.. Sew York. January 11, 187').?At the annual
election for directors ol till* bank, held tbi? day, the follow
lug named gentlemen were unanimously elected ,?
Daniel S. Miller. Kufna Story
John C. Work. Krancl* A Calmer,
Thomas P. Mason. Walter K palmar.
Oeorya Ackerman.
At a trahseuurnt meeting of the Board. Mr. Walter B.
Palmer wan uuauimoiulv re-elected President.
t.KoKoK ACKERMAN. ('ashiar.
ip; KKf'Kt VK A I.I, < I.A.SrtKM OP M K KC 11 A N1IISR
M lor a Southern auction house. make liberal caah adraui'W
before snipping
RoSKN'rbko bros A co., T.' Church at
It to] Mortgage. Address M 1) . Herald office
II un host business security. Address WHOLESALE
DRY ? 1 >< > i >S. Iler ?ld "Clce.
j) iiUUU Island improved Property
D R. II1TI111 i'OCK, 5J Broadway, room 14.
m'lll *1 a-'.o).) i'o loan
?Jj?_J?U v/U on lirst mortgage. divided to wit
SllIP.MAN A MKKSKREAU. 52 William at.
sjllllliWI WANTED on FIRST mortgage ON
<Plu,'.'UU Improve'! City Property; also on
second mortgage on good Improved Property iu tlua city
Address C. O., 4<<3 West 4'Jd at.
(isNHWWI and $7 ,i * T) and $5,1 ?jo to loan?on
tpX V. \J \J V" Bond and Mortgage. for three or live yearw
h1nman t son, /5 Pine at.
4?i n r/wi -roB sale. purchase monk*
1 -e .?XU' Second Mortgages; amount. $12.Si*). Ilherul
discount t property worth double the mortgage*; location,
Gland st. CUMMINS, la Centre at.
?oU.UUU on llrst class city Property only, lu sums to
*uil; also estate fund* to any amount.
D. D. O Kit ELL. 201 Broadway.
(x a7\|| to loan on bond and mort$'Jl'U,v'/U
pure at one-half per cent commiaaion (to
principals only i and reasonable charges for exainination of
title John k. conkey, 162 Broadway, room !t.
(1(1(1 II) LOVN ON IL? ill PROPERTY ;
,\J v'U different sums and long time.
PAUL P. TODD, 55 Liberty at.
business heretofore existing under the Una
name and style of Johu Hohuel a Co.. at No. 17 Prom
si.. In the rity of New York. ia this day dissolvud by mutual
consent. All claims due the said Arm are payable t > Joint
H 'liuet, and all claims due by said linn will bo lu|tiidaled by
said John iiohuei. at Noa. ISA and l!J0 Monroe st.. New York.
Nkw Yoita. Jan. 10, 1H7U
The buaineas heretofore carried on hr the firm of.Iohn
P.obuet A Co., at No. 17 Prout ?t.. New York will hereafter
be carried on tiy ALBERT STOLPP.
X firm name of GRFKROY A CO. have this day. Jan
uary 10, 1876, dissolved by mutual consent. Arthur It.
uoiiruy win cunuuue me uutinetn .><> orumnai nv.
X iw?eu }'trii%iaki Jk Gaerr* and PounUki, (iuerra ,t l o.,
have I?ooj. rimmri veri, Mr R. Ouwm reiir tu; therelr"m , the
buniripMi will i?e ?'ontinued by the u orient irn?ri, under the
tjrla ol V. Pohalaki A Co., who will sign tu lium latum
JiJf II, IHTE E. 8C11UB AC If.
st.?Brewery. Pictures am! Machinery will !m sold at e
greet sacrifice . Buildings leased on favorable terms. Apply
un premieea.
N ESTABLISHED PAYING business; sto'i 'It
about $is,i><>0, at cash value, had .it a barg un or ?*
change for good property. A. 11lom VI st. kio N assail ak.
VI ACTIVE riSTT WANTS TO Tnvest IB,000 lit
tome atiipln manufacturing Business elate lull particular*
fo C. M., Herald office.
partner wanted?with iio.uuii to-*. > ?>i.
In an established. safe and profitable grain, feud and
milling business, city. ISAAC A. IIOBl, No "? I?-> >t.
noat Uttie hotel, as office and financial partner.
ISAAC A. BIGGS. No 5 Dry ?t.
*t portunb ro* iioa-xr invention, an ar".
JV tide of loud. Addreae FuKTU.Nb, boa 1J1I Herald
. V mate trarelllng busiuoM. paying fUOO daily. 50 Broad
licet, room 7
A like bi^ in ess-#100 to ii.uju; halk intra.
est in Wcstbro.ik Bon Ton Table Sauce and Mopla
Syrup Kaetory, 54S Hudson st.; yon taae no risk
A son lor telling; iiuall capital, low rent; calculated lor
a young man. Call at ISO Greenwich at.
J V . cliants, iiiannfacturen and otbnre; Ileal Estate ea
changed for Business; Mining Internets, Ac., nagollatedi
persons with capital seeking business advised, without
charge, of approved opportunities. Reference#?li B
I'lafiTn A Co . Dry Goods. 1 PI Church st. Baldwin. Seatoa
A Peterson. Manufacturing Jewelers. No 1 Bon# St.. Ac
GKIGGh A CAKLKToN, Kinaocial and Business Brokers, US
/ with $.1,1 Sin cash capital, to go with another party lo
exhibit au article of mechanical invention, received froin
Europe, of which no duplicate can be hail, and by which a
great deal of money can be made. Address ENGINEER,
Herald office.
ness, established 10 years; long lease and low reut;
owner withdrawing; terms easy; no agents Those meaning
business only address All VKRTldRU, l'ost office. I'ougtskewpaia,
N. Y.
i. averages, (Ml per day; nothing but winos and liquor*
sold; estaidished 15 years. Kor particulars address T.
LONG, Heraid office.
T can make arrangements right in quarry by capital.
ABEL WiilTLOCK. South Wilton, Conn.
X tablisbed Huslnesa, with partner, who has money and
good record; give full address, particulars and reference.
addw snap, Herald nflee.
whoinsele. retail and eommlsaion, silent or active, with
from $'JU,yjO *<> Mb.'Ml cash capital; business well established,
in good loceslon, with large petruuege I mm good paying
customers; party accepting can have the financial management
II to desired Address K W , Herald o;Bre
J Kunnel end Measure combined. ' This ut e gmxl invention
and one that will readily take with the public, it Uaa
not been Introduced thoroughly, plenty ol orders can be
had; will he sold cheap as It cannot be attended to. Address
J W. HUGHES. 51 Liberty St.. New York.
f pi i |lKI.'ii.l>1\ an kn'oAohMIlN f wanted in t
1 eucceesfol store (Brooklyn preferred'. where in three
months by investing about tig .fear an interest may be ootained.
Address pharmacist. iiyeld office.
mo book "aoknts.?a" Man with ~ sukkd iknt
A eepitel would like to make a partnership arrangement
with an experiencod number canvasser, tbe advertiser bnv
ing the offer of the control of three of the most import en t
1 States In the Union for populer, desirable publications II he
can secure the right kind of m?n as partner Sone hut respectable,
competent men need nppiy. Address B. B G.,
I Herald office ^ i
| TY sdrerilser in an established manufacturing endJobbing
I business principals only treated with. Address TKl.'Si'WORTHY,
llereld office. ___
luring business, by nn active party, already in business
In Buffalo. N \ .,bu? which do.-s not occupy half bia
lime. has a good warehouse and small capital if required . a
thorough business man . best ol rnierencea. Ac. Address G.
P., KB West Market et.. Buffalo, N. Y .
U? wages, board and share In business now paying
blAperday; ll.issi feet of glass occupied In growittJcul
(lowers, an apprentice preferred. Address D b. KkDKiv
Ming Ring.
tail fitw"\ wanted?kor ro make perpetual
vlsVsjU muvemeoa Ingulre at 1105 Centre st.. seeons
& \ (ww \ -?'a>'tkd. a skbcial partner, with
V'JiWwI', kt.ov? rn|iiul. wili jflifi Aniploy u> a y tuiip
man aa bookkrapar Aduraaa Ll'dUd. Haraid 'Itlca
kTTwin * i 'N S ui BIiTS3 Tui*
<p?J.UUv? amount and wliiln* to lonn th? aama to Im
pr.ncipal ou *ood aoturlly can a?>? fini claaa ninui.iii
with * fair aniarjr. mint barn vond rrlaranc* and poaann
anno knowladpa ?' buatnaaa Adaraaa t'l.KM A.VfcN C, Har
aid odtca. '
|( njwt to $||),i?||>-|)k mokk CAN UK f.AKU IN
tJ'J.UUU natue and control of inrrttor In lillin,' mbia
lor advtrtiaar for a atapla articlo iliat para JV par tout, Uigta
Ml rafaraooaa. All 'i 11.t aid ..(li.-o
a: jinn r ?, ? wru hi v a cartkkitSTiTi
in a new (W tlaaa manufactnrint bullae*
am mtrod'trad bar* )?t, ra.'arauca re4mra<i O'all ai farlora
ao Waal lota <a t LLLl HaHX.

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