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Utt evening a concert *u given at 4bla hall for the
Wheflt of lb* Oarman Ladjes' Society for Widows and
Orphans. The attendance was eo/targe that a considerable
mm m art have been netted for this very deserving
charitable organization wh^eb bar cOected so much
.nn'i ?mM?p hnliilfiai tin?? w ho have been do
prived of their husband* %nd fathers. The musical
.attractions, aside from the claims of charity, wtre callulated
lo draw all those-desirous of listening to * w<-'"
selected programme Interpreted by eminent artists.
The concert openea with Mozart's string quartet in P
?uO?r (the one dedicated to the King of 1'russia in
JlWii, the executants being Mlies. Clara end
Marie Lobeck, Messrs. R Rraudt and U Werner.
The young ladies are pupils of Mr.
Krandt, and acquitted Iheiusehes remarkably
well. Mr Kred sterns, the deservedly popular
baritone of the Liederxranz Sanely. then sang, "Das
Hen am Kbein,1' by Bill, and "Jen Latte eihst ein
schoenes Vaterland," by la'svn, with inimitable expression
and effect. Mr feldward Molienhauer played
not ot his own violin works in a manner that made it
one of the most ueligblfal features of the concert. Mr.
William then;way apologized for the absence, through
Indisposition, of Miss lirasdil in a neat speech, and introduced
as a substitute Miss Henne. This lady saug
tlounod's "Ave Maria" (Meditation sur uu prelude du
Mai li), With a piano accompaniment, alone, instead of
the original version for voice, piano, violin and organ.
Mr Mills played three oi Chopin's lesser work?an
itwtt, wait* and tarantella?with that exquisite finish,
poetic feeling and artistic intelligence that characterizes
his interpretation of the tone Idyls of the most < harm
jccl for which it was given and of the artiste who participated
in jt.
bad weather does not seem to affect tbc patrons
of ibis establishment, as the full bouses nightly
prove. Tbc bill this week Is a strong one, the programme
including the regular company performances,
the Bcrger family's pnrlor concert of bells, brass and
string instruments, and Sol Smith Kussell, whose char-,
acter impersonations are acknowledged to he most extraordinary
in their delineation ami arti?lic excellence.
Mr. Kussefi last night gave a number of his selections,
each of which caused the heartiest laughter all over the
bouse In the sketch of "Tweedletuui Twitters'' Mr
John Hart has a funny part, and he makes the most of
iL The pantomime of ''Nimble Nip," reconstructed,
concludes u performance each night, which lor m.rth,
variety and excellence could cot be surpassed.
Mr llenry Carter gave uu organ recital jesterday afternoon
at Trimly church with the following progran,
me:?f'assacaglla, Bach; Alicante from Symphony
In K flat, Mozart; Overture, ' Elijah,''Mendelssohn;
Allegretto, opus 22, (Jade; Fifth Sonata, Mendelssohn,
aud Hallelujah, Beethoven.
Mile. Titicne appears for the last tune to night at tho
Academy of Music in her grand impersonation of
The Thilharmonic Society have a public rehearsal at
the Academy of Music this afternoon.
Mile. Eugenic 1'appenheim, the distinguished German
prin.a donna, will appear at the Sladl Theatre, on
Monday evening, as Maruuerilo, in "Faust.'' She will
give three performances there next week, lor the
meritorious object of assisting the shipwrecked (Uuunciallyl
members of the late Wachtel troupe.
Miss Keliogg's next season of English opera in New
York will oe productive of novelties.
Hans Van Bulow is exercising a marked influence
among the Western cities, to Judge from the decidedly
original style ol their remarks on his playing. He has
treated a corner in musical dictionaries.
roiNTs to slosson's 482.
Ever since the tournament of November last the respective
friends of George b'losson and William Sexton
have been discussing the question ol the relative
merits of the two young and brilliant players, and the '
natural upshot of sucb a discussion was the gamo
?? 21 n* 4 iw>
ffl. 1 165 0 1V0
il 3 lfl* 21 ail
?3 n i:? 4 Ji5
43 * 184 ir 332
M 4 18* 10 343
5 193 0 342
K ?1 354 63 MA
*7 * 5 tW 0 '*>5
Lx 1 260 1 W*
? 8 3?? 21 .w
K) 3 ?M m :aa
II 6 n o :?Ki
ML '.... 0 371 It S?
u"" 13 2X4 141 4l?t
II"" 110 384 -:? 4l?6
|| ]9 413 23 1.19
Z 0 413 7 t-?
|f 33 444r 24 M#
y, , . 0 444 1 3 Mil
i ia?i nigni. i nc matca was matte ior ji.ow. eon i
points, throe-ball carrom, to be governed by the rules !
of tie three ball championship. Quite a large audience
fathered to witness the game, and an unusually large :
number of ladies responded to the general invitation
atended to them. Both players are young men?the
youngest in (act among the contestants in the late
The game did not begin till half past eight, when
Cvriile Dion was chosen umpire for Slosson and Dudley
Kavanaph for Sexton. Charles E flier, of Albany,
was chosen referee. Some time was lost in measuring
and marking the corners of the table so us to
gtiard against any alter dispute on the question of
""crotch i tig."
oi'kniso thk hall.
Slosson led oB and failed to score, Sexton following
with 1 and a missi Slosson made 5 and retired. Sexton
then put in 11, including a good masse and a long
druw with a bridge, un the fourth inning Sloason
made 16 and Sexton 13. leqg-tng the game'J? to 26.
tbx sirrn inning
commenced the sport in earnest, when Slosson rolled
up a run ol (IT in good style. He played with lorceand
Seemed indiflercni to nursing. Sexton came forward
In the eighth inning with lirt. missing on an unfortunate
kiss, leaving the game at the end ol the first string ,
100 to 62 m Sloaeon's favor
The game progressed quietly to
thk twklsth inning,
when Sexton settled down to work and by nice play
put together Mi. leaving the score 13b to 110 In hit fa- ,
vur He tried hard to bring the balls into i
shape for nursing, but was compelled to !
drive thein every few sinus Sloes on put J
in .6 on the thirteenth inning, making the
panic nearly even. Sextos took the load agaia with ,
a run of 27 in the eixteeutb. and in the eighteenth 1
brought down the house with tin acute angle draw shot
along the aide cushion, drivtug the Qrst object ball
around and meeting the second in the corner. He lost
them alter scoring 7. Slosson added 21 to his count in
the nineteenth and Sexton (allowed suit in the twenty- |
lirst, the score standing?
SKXTOV 211, siosson 1<M.
Thev seemed afraid of each other, and played with :
more caution and less of the dash than both of thern ;
usually show, and their friends began to doubt it they I
would'n.ake anything like such a showing as they I
looked for.
brought with it a run of 61 for Slosson, wbleh he gained J
l?r very pretty playing, alternately drawing and driving
the ball* against bard luck in his etforts to bring them j
together Sexton finished the mningwllh a run of 63,
taking the load again with a score of 306 to 264
kin the twentv ninth Sexton made a foul, after malt
iiif 21 and retired 84 ahead. tie followed un> with ,
V* giving hits a lead of 97. Slosson appeared out of j
gear and id a poor way to recover the ground he had
lost He ?u>rte<i the thirty third inning with 13, bin
Hex ion finished it with AS. 60 or which he made inside of 1
the leading string The score *?, nw -Siimiin 284, to
Sexton's 433, sou looked very diehoarteoing; but hia \
friends were not disappointed in him, for at this crllt- !
ral moment be ac-orcd up a run of 110 ny eotne of the j
liaeai pi?y of the evening. Commencing in the corner, j
he carried the object halls across the end cushion, ami, turning
ibem nicely to the rude, carried them nearly to j
tie end la-fore losing them. This brought him within 29
pn nts of Sexton. He did not slay there long, however, i
lor Sexton piled up 73 on his next inning, still holding :
the lead by 102. the score standing?Sexton, 498; '
Moeeon., :!<??. Slossom came iorward pluekiiv on the
thlrtv trih inning, scoring 19, but missed a masse ;
and gave the balls again to Sexton, who managed to ;
work ill out of them. Sh-esoai tollowed him wuh 32.
but Sexton immediately added 24 to his count, making
tlie game?sexton, Afto; siotsoin. 44.V Notwithstanding
the approaching end ot the game and his lost ground,
hloasoa made 37 on the thirty ninth inuiug. losing the '
bail* by an easy miss Sexton closed the thirty-ninth
Binng with .? . winning the game by Us points.
The winner's average was 15 1& 30.
The largest runs wereSexton, 73. 58, (13 52. 27
5*, S'losson 110, til. 87. 25, 32. 37.
In what few pools were aold the betting w?* nearly
even SkuwK at times a favorite.
The fo,lowing is the score.?
S!o*ton Stxton.
Mwtif Jt'iH. Total. Jinn. Total.
. 1 o O 1 1 I
a A A It 12
3 8 11 0 12 I
4 18 27 13 25
ft..., 87 94 0 26 i
4 V8 10 3ft
7 2 1(4) I 38 '
ft. 0 1J0 28 82
fl 2 1"2 22 84 I
l?.. 1 1U3 3 *7
lj 2 105 O 87
12 5 110 52 139
1.3 24 13A ?? 139
14 0 1.1A 7 148
? 3 13ft 6 151
18 1 17V 27 178
U 4 143 I 179
I* ? 143 7 188
? ^
tkedii.k* lsmait&k, thi actor.
> ruble telegram from Pane, dated rente rday, an
[ noancos the death, at tne advanced age of ssTenty-sereu
yours, of Frederick Lemailre, the anginal of that manysided
character, Robert Macaire, and perhaps one of the
most popular as he was one of the greatest actors of
the present century. Frederick Lemaitre was liorn at
lluvr* in 1 nlu 1 TOt Ui. ..u huln.
themselves renowned comedians, he was destined to
follow the same family pro fen si on. After having thoroughly
studied classical literature he learned declamation
at the Conservatoire of Parte, where the celebrated
Lnfoy, discovering in young Lemaltre the stufl for s
great artist, devoted to htui particular attention. Be
inade hie first appearance at the Ode on ; but, ia spite
of Talma's warm sympathies, he wus refused a place
among the stall of this theatre, and was forced to play
at othar theatres till 1826, when be was engaged for
the Odeon, and played in "Narclsse and Thtraon ne."
At the end of one year he appeared at the l'orte Saint
Martin, where he at once achieved a prominent reputation
with "I rente Ads, ou la Vie d'un Joueur." Not
willing to bind himself for a lung period to anv particular
theatre, ho wandered from place to place during his
whole artistic lite. "Les Couiddlens" and "Pebio," at
| tne Amliigu, and "La MarOcnale d'Ancre" and "Lo
Koine," at the Oddon, filled the years 1830 and 1831.
! In 1832 he created hie immortal character of Kohert
! Mucaire, in the play of that name, and of which he was
, the author, associated with Aulter and Su Amaud. In
j 1834 Alexandre Dumas and Victor Hugo added to his
i already immense celebrity with "Klchard d'Arlingien"
| and "Lucruala Borgia"
In 1836 Frederick Inmaitrc made a tour in England
where he obtained quite a triumph. Be then returned
to Parle and created Kean, in the drama of that uait.o
by Alexandre Dumas. When the success of that plav
was exhausted he opened the new theatre of La
Renaissance, of which he made the lortune by his
grand ini(iersoniflcntion of Victor Hugo's "Buy Bias."
Alter a few reappearances at the Ainbigu and forte
8aint Martin he made bis dtbut, In 1842, at Ibo Comedlo
i'rancwise, in "Othello," as well as in "Brunehaut et
Fredegonde." a classical tragedy. Be met a complete
failure, the peculiarly warm and accidsntod nature of
i bis talent being quite until for the severe and rather
I cold lines o( the ancient repertory. Be created "lam
! Cesar de Ba/ari, ' and at the Porte Saint Martin received
a triumphal ovation, which soon threatened to degenerate
into an tmeuU agaiust the police. Troops and
1 reinforcements of strgtnU devilU were summoned, the
| audience was dispersed, und it was three days after
when the product ion ol "Don dear" took place, lu
1Mb be returned to Loudon, where his Robert Mucaire
made hint almost as popular among the cockneys as
he already wus with the badauds. On his re|
turn to Parts he created one of his best rOlu in
'Ia Dame de at. Tropes." Afterward Baizac,
having adapted for the stage, expressly for him,
i his "Derntere Incarnation de Vautrain," Lcmaitre api
poared in the character of Vautrain hi the Porte Saint
| Martin, but the malicious artist, in close concert with
' Balzac, had so admirably "made up his lace" that when
, ho first appeared there was hut one exclamation from
tlie pit to the upper galleries, among the 3,1)00 persons
preseui, "Lowis fhUippt I Cut la poirt d J\H !"
This was an unparalleled triumph in the art of grimace;
but although a protector ot art the citizen king did not
like tt and the play was suppressed on the very next
i day.
On the 23d of February, 1848. Lemaltre was playing
at the same theatre "The Chilfonnier de Paris," a
drain* or lining socialist tendencies anil written by
Felix Pyat, when tbe news reached Uie side scene of
the unexpected slaughter that was going on between
the troops and the tuob oil the boulevards. The
crowded audience, confident of the harmonious settlemvutof
the reform inovvuicnt which had culminated
by the retreat of tiuizol, ware ftir from suspecting anything
of the kind, when, lietween the second and thu d
acta the curtain rose ami Leinaitre, half dresaed, pale
with emotion, holding a gun in his hand, rushed on tlio
front of the stage and in a slrikingatUludccxclaimud:?
"Citizens, what are you doing here? l>on'l you know
that your brothers are shedding their blood for the
sake of public liberties? Why, you stupid people,
do you remain here to look at my feces
and listen to my nonsenses? Come on with me,
come at ouoe outside and let us play a cilizenliko part
in tbo great drama, the epilogue of which must be the
apotheosis of the people!" And the great actor, In his
costume of ragpicker, ran to the barricades, behind
which he stood with the populace till "Vnutrain the
Ktrst" fled from the Tuilones. Many pieces were sub
soquenlly produced by the indefatigable artist, wno
impressed upon each o"l the plays the seal of bis powerfni
originality. After several years of absolute retirement
lrom the stage consequent upon the tragic death
of his only son, Charles I.cm nitre, who, while delirious
with fever, threw himself out of the window of his
apartment, Lemaitre reapjaared on the theatre of his
greatest triumph-. I.a Porte Saint Martin, in 18<kS, at the
age of seventy years. He exhumed several of his
popular plays, nnd, although his voice was so weakened
tli&l he could hardly be heard from the orchestra,
yet tne magnificent expression of his mobile phvtttoguomy
and tho commanding authority of bis gestures
were such as to render his acting more attractive than
, that of any other artist. The Km per or Napoleon 111.
had conferred upon htm the decoration of Uts Legion
1 of Honor, besides an annual pension out of tho public
treasury. This proved to be the only resource of the
"popular Talma'1 in the decline of bis life, for, like his
Illustrious predecessor, Kean (one of his best characters),
Frederick Lemaitre combined to an equal degree
the leatures of modern Hohemiamsm.
A cable telegram from London, under date of 27th |
( iU9\., ic^vitr uir IA,V?ihuic >M lur UVMU UI LTUIVU- J
ant General Henry William Stistcd, C. B. He waa the [
, first Lieutenant Governor of Ontario under the Cana;
dian I>ominioa government. General Stisted was a
very distinguished officer. His military career was '
principally in India, where he served with such distinction
as to earn the honor of being made a Com|
pan ion of the Both. He entered the arm v as cornet,
m the cavalry, on the 4th of December 1336. ati
tatned a lieutenant colonelcy in April, 1360, and a
1 major generalship on the 10th August, 1304. Ho served
with the Queen's Hoy wis. under Lord Keane, and loolc
part in the campaign in Afghanistan aud Beloochietan
and the Shasnee. He was wounded in the action at Shuanee,
and obtained a medal. He afterward serveil with
theBeveiity-eightb Highlanders in the Persian war, and
in 1S57 rorumanded a brigade tn the night attack and
battle of Kooshun, for which he received the distinction
C. B. He was also with the same regiment at the ,
bombardment of Mohundrah, and served with Havelock's
column iu 1367, being present in the action with
the insurgents at Bilhoor. He commanded a regiment
in the several actions ending in the relief of
Lucknow. He aiterward succeeded to the command of
the tlrst brigade on the death of General Neil, and held
it during the whole of the operations toward the defence
of the Residency. He was for two mouths with
Dulrain's lorce at Alumhagh. and participated in several
atta> ks, ending in the linal capture ot Lucknow.
Again he participated in the Rohilcand campaign in
April, 1666. and commanded trie eecond brigade at the
capture or Bevretlly, for which he received a medal
with two clasps aud a year's service.
The death of Mra Koxanna Drew, in the seventy- |
seventh year of her age. is announced. Mrs. Drew
had been ailing lor a long tune previous to her demise. !
Between seven and eight o'clock last evening William
Thompson, a seaman on board the steamship Den- 1
mark, lying at pier 47 North River, accidentally fell
overboard. After great difficulty he was rescued by
the surgeon of the steamer, Dr. William H. Byrne J
Just as the Doctor had succeeded in getting Thompson '
out he missed his tooting, and fell overboard himself. 1
officers Hays and Sharpe, ot the Ninth Precinct, being I
close at lianu at the time, they managed to get
the Doctor out. At tbe time great excitement
prevailed. Among those who rushed to Ibe rescue (
.>f the Doctor was a Custom House officer, named t
Thomas K. Bharpe. who resides in Bast New York. In
his efforts to cross the barge Ki^ho, which was lying
alongside the steamer, he toil down the hatchway and
injured himself so severely thai he was conveyed home j
in a carriage. Hardly had Mr Sharpe been removed '
from the vessel when three seamen belonging to the |
Denmark got into sn altercation on the deck, i .
They were Cnarlet West, aged eighteen years; W. H.
White, aged thirty years, and Philip Keating, aged \ thirtv-cight
years. Blows were freely exchanged, ]
when, finally, Keating seized a broken iron chainhook
and beat White and West over the head, Indict- j
ing several dangerous wounds. Officer Sharpe, of the J
Ninth preciuci, came to their rear no and, having
arrested Keating, conveyed him to the station house 1
where he was locked up. White's Injuries were 1
thought to be fatal; he was conveyed to Bellevue
Hospital. West was attended by Dr. Byrne, surgeon '
of the vessel, and not being seriously injured he was
kept on board the ship.
. ]
I n)i? l.<gan, aycd twenty-three Tour*, residence un- j
known, attempted suicide last night in a cell in the '
tighth precipe1 station h?us*. where she had been In- i
car Cera ted tur disorderly conduct, by taking a com- ) i
I una of laudanum. tl r recovery was speedily '
eflecieiL ? 1
1 ajt Monday Adolph !<aacSe, a Newark jeweller, was ?
kilted on the Pennsylvania Kaiiroad near that city. , 1
At the request of hit wile an inquest it now being held ]
to ascertain how the acrdent occurred, she having as- [ {
terted ber lielief thai h? hail been pot off the tra n bo- 1 *
twecn Newark and F.I ami eth and thrown before a train t
coming In an opposite direction. It hat been aecer- [ 1
talned by the testimony of the engineers of both trains
that the man was walking on the ground between the !
two tracks, they hav ng seen him there after the loco i
motives had |>assed him It it believed that the ner- , ]
rous excitement at his nerileua position rcodsred him i
ditty and that be fell and was struct by the tteps ur < '
uader gearing of the car*.
found drown kd. i
At otfccer of the F.lgnth Brooklyn Precinct yesterday 1
afternoon found the body ofn middle aged man Boating
in (In wan us Canal. From papers found In the porkefh *
?f the eoat worn by the deceased. II appears that his
tame s William Muldoon. The body was taken to the 1
Morgue |
Jftrrroo of the hocibtt to seccm cooperation
and aid fob tdk ensuing
year?a startling exhibit.
The New York Society for the Suppression of Vice
held a public meeting last evening in Association Hall,
Twenty third street and Fourth avenue, William K
Podge presiding.
Previous to the public meeting a business meeting
was held, when the following named officers were
elected for the ensuing year:?President, Samuel Colgate;
Vice Presidents, A. S. Barnes. ?. M. Kingsliy,
S. B. Puryus; Secretary, A. Comstock; Treasurer,
John I'atton: Executive Committee, J. M. Stevenson,
J. F. Wyckoff, J, M. Cornel), H. K. Simmons, H. H.
Jones, C. A. Penny and C. B. Knerdis.
At the public meeting Mr. Comstock read the annual
report, from which It appeared that a large amount of
work had been done with but little belp during the
year. Tbe report gave the number of arresta made for
INig, which were forty-seven, and of these twentyeight
of the accused were convicted. It also enumerated
the number of obacene publications seued, the
number of implements, pbotogrupb? and obscene material
ol oil Hurls winch had fallen Into the hands of the
society, giving also the statistics ol the various articles
The record showed by the very names of
the articles seized the value of the work accomplished.
After the reading ol the report the Chairman introduced
the Kuv. Br. Tucker, who spoke of the invaluable
services rendered by Mr. Comstock by his efforts to
suppress vice, and than went on to declare that the
wretches who traded in the obscenities complained of
did not depend upon tbe brothels or grogshops for Lhe
spread of their horrid traffic, but upon colleges, seminaries,
ladies' schools and the public schools It was
here that they labored to corrupt boys and girls and to
instil the poison into young hearts.
liovernor Woodruff was the next speaker. Ho said
that we ought to bear in mind that no governmental
agency could accomplish the work proposed to be done
bv this society. This work could not be done by tbe
police or tbe local magistracy of any of our large ciliea,
lor this evil is moat developed where neither the one
nor the other could reach. If the audience only knew
the evil that might even at the present hour exist
under their owu roofs they would be shocked. In
more than one Sunday school even had it been
discovered that the poison of obscene publications had
entered. It was painfully true that in the nature of
every one of us was the possibility of evil. The poor
fallen woman In the streets was onso just as pure and
good as our own lady friends now are. This work
affected the children of all of them, and he trusted that
tiiey would take it home to themselves. He would
ra'her see his boy stricken by the "slung
shot''* of an assasslu than to see him
stricken by the poison of obscenity. Ho would
rather see bis daughter brought home to him a corpse
than that her purity should be tainted. It were better
to kill the bxly than the soul. The speaker paid u high
compliment to Mr. Comstock for his uxertious in this
cause, and to tbe late Judge Woodruff and Judge Benedict
tor their sound and (earless decisions, promising
that no criminal detected in sowing the seeds of moral
ruin to our yonth should he allowed to go
unpunished. He then reierrcd to tho
practical object of tho meeting, which was to afford material
assistance to tho carrying on of the work. They
should remember that this work was not for tho benefit
of somebody else's child, but for the beneiit of one's
After some remark* from Mr. Colgate Mr. Comstock
was naked to explain how it was thai these "poisoners"
carried on their frigbttui traffic. Mr. Comstock
slated that it was done to an extent by advertising
lu weekly papers and in periodicals which
were read by the young. These advertisements were
sometimes glaringly explanatory of the object they
had in view, while tor tho most part they were inserted
under some specious guise, such as new games, Sic.,
and when these were sent for pamphlets or catalogues
containing the obscene wares were sent in return. In
this way orders for more were secured. And, again,
these infamous traders were rich enough to pay agents
for tbe dissemination of their publications and other
Rev. Or. Tyng, Jr., having by this time arrived in
the hall, he was promptly invited to address the meeting.
lie did so id a most spirited and earnest address,
which was well received. He startled has hearers by
telling thein thut lie himself knew of two houses in
this city which wore not classed as ordinary brothels
but the purpose of which was as wlckod, to which
youths nnder seventeen years ot age wore entrapped
or enticed, and in which their very moral and
physical life was ruined. With God's help, il it
cost him even his roputatlon and all that he
was worth in this world, he woold break
up one of these houses. He had at that very moment
tinder his care some youths who were nearly lost, but
whom he was trying to save, as well for the sako of the
boys' souls as to protect their parents from the blush
of shame. In concluding a very elo<(?eni address. Dr.
Tyng reminded the audience that as they were to make
war on these obscene wretches who were trudtng upon
innocence and virtue by guises attractive and appealing
to the passions of human nature, the "sinews ot war"
were necessary, and he therefore urged a liberal response
to the appeal for funds to carry on next year's
work. He then, standing on the platform, called ont 1
the names of the contributors ot $100 each and of
a few of $50. Among the $100 subscribers
was His Honor Mayor Wirkham, whose name was received
with applause. The Chairman pleasantly Invited
Mayor Wx-Jcbam to a soat on the platform, and
when His Honor, amid the plaudits of the assemblage,
appeared iu front of the desk, he expressed
the gratification It atlorded tim to be
present. He had, he said, come to the mooting
to be a silent spectator, and was not prepared to make
any extended remarks. Hut he had had official information
as to the value of the services and ot the
earnest labor of Mr. Cuius lock, the secretary. He
wished God speed to the labors of the society.
The Chairman aunouuend that the total amount subscribed
during the evening was $2,XU, and Mr. W. B.
Miller volunteered to raise ut the Cotton Exchange today
$600 mere. The total sum needed for the ensuing
year is $*.000. A number of gentlemen when the meeting
was over handed in their names tor admission as
members of the society. It is intended to secure the
moral support as well as the financial assistance of all
well meaning citizens to farther the objects of the
society. It was slated last evening that, owing even
to the limited exertions of the society so tar. It is now
found to be a very difficult thing to obtain for money
an obsci ne book or article In this city. The scope of
the society includes every city In the Union.
The annual Commencement exercises of the Eclectic
Medical College of the city ot New Verk were held last
tvenlng at the new Masonic Temple, corner of Twentythird
street aud .Sixth avonuo. Among those seated on
the platform were Kobert 9. Newton, M. D.; Joseph R,
Buchanan M. D. : John Davis. M. D. Jamxa M
Cumins, M. D. ; Alexander Wilder, M D. ; William u.
Wraber, Ph. 1)., M. 0., and other member* of the faculty
of the college, and the Rev. J. 3. Willis and the
Iter. A. B. Carter, D. D.
The programme opened with an overture from j
"I.ohengrtu," after which the Kev. J. 3. Willis, who
presided, invokod a prayer, and Robert 8. Newton,
M. D.. the President of the college, read tho report of
ibe faculty. Degrees wero conferred upon the follow.
i ng graduates by Alexander Walker, M D., President
of the Board of TrusteesGerard M. Beatty. of Summit,
N. J.; C. S. Beck, of Middleville, N Y.; 0. W.
Hossomttz and R. K. Cahsar, of Brooklyn; S. J.
Bremer, B. Hawker, 0. F. Marker, T. B. Ncwry and R.
S. Newton, Jr., of Sew York city; John E. Burrie, of
Sreenpoint; U. Dart, of JcfTerson, N. Y. ; C. A. Downing,
of Harlem; K. V. Pllkina, of Albany, N. Y. ; R.
Harris, of Perth Amboy, K. J., and H. P. Hubbcll, ot
leffereon, N. Y. The valedictory was delivered by
Robert S. Newton, Jr., after which the benediction
was pronounced by Rev. J. S. Willis The programme
was interspersed with selections (Tom operatic music
iy Lander's orchestra.
Mnmrr. j Sufi*, j fljMm
Kmnblte. (Jan. 2B. Liverpool.- 87Broadway
iltrot Antwerp. Jan. 2b. Liverpool.. IftHroedwer
D nmars J?n 29. London ... SB Broadway
Spain Jan. 2b. Liverpool.. PPBroaaway
bullvia Jan. 20. Oloagow.. 7 Bowling tireon
America Jan. 29. Bremea. 2 Bowline O-ooa
A iecon il n. FeA 1. Liverpool.. 29 Broad wax
thin a r eh. 2. Liverpool. 4 Bo wluig tlreen
Holland |KeA 8. London .. OP Broad wav
Maoa Frb. 8 IKotterdam ]6t>Broadway
t -1,1 a. Fch. 3. Horn burs, Si Broadway
Pereire re A 6. Havre ftft Broadway
City of Brooklvn.. i>b. ft. Liverpool.. l.' Bmaoway
Lenaente FeA ft. Liverpool.. 37 Broadway
Urna Feb 6. OlMpiv... "Hoalisg(IreM
Pder F#a ft. Bremen.... 2B?vti??Orwea
Fgypi I Feb. ft.; Liverpool . rSBRrendwav
Montana. FeA B. Liverpool.. 21'Broadway
rarthia ren. s?. Liverpool.. BowilnwGroan
it inland ieb. 10. Hamburg.. SI Broadway
Mate of Flrrinla.. Feb. 1<>. tilaogow... 72Broodwav
City of Menueoi. .. Feb. 12. Liverpool 13 Broadway
I elite. FeA 12. Liverpool.. 37 BroeawaF
L'aliioinia FeA 12. tuengvw ... 7 Bowling ilceex
Honaa. i eb. 12 Krernea.. 2 Howling Oree a
a a r a Feb. 10, Liverpool. 4 Bow'inw Oraan
I nemrraDit Frit 17. Hamburg.. 61 Broadway
* t'alanil Feb. 1". Rotten!am fi'Broadwsy
idriatie. FeA 1?. Liverpool . 87Broadway
,'itjr ot New York FrA lb. Liverbooi. 13Hreodwav
-alter Feb. IB. Bremen .. JBewllngOreen
iltitaoia Feb. lb. Gleedow... 7BowlingHrooti
tmeriqae Feb. IB. Havre. . ft& Broadway
Keltic Feb. Liverpool.. 37oeoeawev
trvada FeA 22. Liverpool.. 21 BroedwOF
-teteof Indian*. FeA ?4. Uieagow... ttMroedway
?-ain* ... Feb. 24 Hamhnrg. SI Bro.dway.
"Itvof Ricmnoad. Feb. 20. Liverpool.. i&Broodway
(lake Fab. tP. Liverpool 2f broaoway
rlKSAin hee adopted e dielingwlthing Coaton night eignal far
iw oil board the lluiu) tuaia verht. showing while Am*
If tbr colon rod, frooo. rod. etiaeginf from ooe to tbo othor
? "oocorifoo. ood cob bo oooa oooorml miloi dirt out. fop*1M
of tooooIo, upon roolng lhl> oignal. will okllfO ?? by
rtporlag ear marine ooo* they may bo to for (Bo Ship
tool Department of tbo BlUts.
mf Poreooo dooirooo ad romtnnttttfnc with nmli arrlrBg
ot Wow Tort can do oe b* addroooftir to ooob too roll,
art el Vniui oeoe yarhd plar No 1 Root Hirer. Nov York,
- ettrro rorrlrod fro* all porta of tbo world ood promptly do
nrod. Dnplicateo ore nuwtro4
TOARY 28, 1876-WlTn St
Pnn rittes 7 13 | Ooy. Island F?e 10 OS
| H?u 6 13 | Sanity Hook *? 6 18
Moon set* eve 7 33 | He 11 date sv? 11 48
steamer Crescent City, Cnrtia, Havana Jan 22. witn ,
nnbm and caaecugrra to Wm P Clyde A Co. No date, cfl
Body laland. naaaed a white acliootier yacht, hound H.
Steamer Old Dominion, Walker, Richmond. City Point and
Norfolk, with uoUe ana panaengert to the Old Dominica
SteamabipCa. \
Steamer Vindicator, Doane, Philadelphia, with mdae to
Jainee Hand
Steamer Leopard, Albertaon, Philadelphia, with coal to
| matter
Barti "Probe lltal), Demartino, NewcartU SO day*, with
; mdae to II A F W Meyer
Hark Proaperino I'aUiro iltal), Drago, Tralee 47 daya In
I haliaat, to t> Unkart A Co,
Hark Paikcn |NotL Chr1Vten*en, BotlertVltu jjj daya, with
mdae to Bockmahn. Oberlin Jt CSfir ? ' - - :
Hark tliovaumpa tltali. tiargulla, Leghorn 50 daya with
mdae to order. Paaaod t lib rait at Dec IS
Bark PlIUppo (Ital), Diiielre. Seal a Noea 64 daya, with
licorice to order.
Hark Mary Uideont (of 8t Andrewn, NB), Oilmen, Montevideo
Nov 16, with hide* to Brett. Son k la Croaaed the
Equator Dec 26 in Ion 27. Waa22dayr north of Bermuda
I wltb heavy N and NW galea
Bark Virginia (of Newport, E), Pogaley, Rio Janeiro 46
daya, with t offee to B O Arnold fronacd the Bi|ualor Dec
22. Ion 35 SO; Jan ft, I at 24. Ion 64 04, John .lolinaon, teaman,
18 year* ot ago, and a native of Plymouth, fall from
the upper mainwiprailyard. and war drowned.
Bark Evening star (Br). Chirk. Ouantanatno 15daya. with
anger to Bruoka k Co: veaael to Waydell k Co. Jan 29, lat
35 .'10, Ion 74, taw brig Medora. bound north.
Brig Daylight (of Now Haven). Mark*. Demerara IS daya.
with augar to L W A P Armntrong. Jan 9, lat 36 40, fan
73 40, apoke bark St Lawrence, from Demerara for Baltimore;
10th, lat 90 10, lou 71 40, echr Geo W May, Iron. Philadelphia
tor Matantan.
Brig Wiley Smith (of Pngwaah, NS). Hewitt. 8t Thorn M
15 daya, in ballael to M B Ctiaack Jan 25. off Cape May
lightship, epoke brig Walter, from ft Marc for Boaten.
Brig Altaveia (ol Heanport), Prsethy, Auk Cuyea 30
daya. with logwood to Walah A Field.
Sehr Pannie A Bailey |of Portlandl. Tlntchlnn, Sagna 10
daya, wiUi sugar and 3 paaaengera to Uriunell, Mintnin A
Schr Helen M Condon. McCarty, Brunawick, Oa, 12 daya,
witk lumber Lomaater.
Schr Virginia, Dryden. Virginia.
Schr Knuna While, tlillelt. Virginia
Schr John K Klrkman, Richardson. Virginia.
Schr Morning Star, Higgina, Virginia for Palrhaven.
Schr J Y Lnngrell. Ftoronce. Virginia for Kairhtivem
Schr M J Curreu, McMillon, Battiuiore for New Uann.
AQpBrtg Mary B Thay r, which arrived 26th, reports
paa.ed Gibraltar Dec 12; had heavy W and NW galea in
the Strait*; wae 4 day* north of Hattera*, with light winda
and caiuia.
Steamer Eleanora. Jobnaon. Portland fbr New York.
Steamer Gen Wkttnev. Hailett. Boston for New York.
Steamer Wamautta. Rector, New Bedford for New York.
Schr Charlie Cobb. Kennedy, KockJand for New York.
Scbr A W Ellis, Fergnaon, Pall River for New York.
Syhr Anaon Stimpaon. Sloe urn. Hookport lor New York.
Sehr S J Dolan, spear*. New Haven for New York,
Schr .Mary Farron, Foaa. Portlamt for New York.
Schr J K Bodwell, Wallace, Kockiand for New York.
Schr Convoy, French, Rockland for New York.
Schr Bonny Boat, Kelly, Parker'a Head for New York,
Sehr Hariy k Ned, Chambers Fall River for New York.
Schr Ida tfeila Torre, Chans, Boaten for Sew YorkSchr
Ella F Little, Crawford, New Bedford for Philadelphia.
Schr B K Wooiiey. Ttrrell, Providence for New York.
Schr L A Datieuuower, Grace, Boalon for New York.
Bark Plftih Light (Br), Morton. N?w York for Havre.
Brig Helen A Liolujet, ElOridge, New York for Smyrna
via lioaton.
Schr rtpartel. Oaborn, Port Johnnon for Salem.
Schr (>am*o (Br), Honiara. New York for St Jolili, NB.
Schr Olio. Coilcott, iiobokeu for Benton.
Schr Forent City, Allen, New York for Portsmouth.
Schr Dart. Williams, New York for Stamford
Schr tannic Warner, Dickinson. New York for Portland,
Steamer Klopetock (fler), Wiusen, Hamburg via Plymouth
? Kunbardl A Co.
Steamer City of New York, Timmerman, Havana? F Alexandre
A Sons.
Steamer Canltna (Br), Liddlcoat. Iiamllton vBrrmuda)?
A K (iuterb ridge.
Steamer City of Dallas, Illnea, Pcrnandlna via Port Royal,
?('?C H Mallory A Co.
Steamer Herman Livingston, Mailory, Savannah?W R
Steamer Isaac Bell. Lawrence, Norfolk, City Point and
Richmond?Old Dominion Steamship Co.
Steamer Fanlta, Uowc. Philadelphia?Jaa Hard.
Steamer F.leanorw. Johnsop. Po-tland?J 'Amtt
Steamer Nereus. Berrv. Button?H F liirnock.
Ship Plymouth Rock, IJrtUiu, Loudon?lirinnell, Mintnrn
A Co
Bark Tereaa Picasso (Ital), Picaaao. Bristol, E?Slocorlcb
A Co.
Bark Oyda (Nor), Erik sen. Stettin?Fnneh, Edye A Co.
Bark Klaeh Light (Br), Card, Havre?C W Bertaux
Bark Kaialls. Brown, Lisbon? F Talbot A Co.
Bark Franeeaco Cilente (Ital). Caliero, Lisbon?Lanro,
Storey A Bcarpsti.
Bark T K Weldon, Colson, Cardenas?J K Ward A Co.
Bark Canada (Br), Wood. Matansae?Jaa Henry.
Bark THania (Br), French. St Johua, NF?Bowring A Archibald.
Hrir Katie (Dan), Robinaon, Babia via Richmond?Ablel
Schr Hattia E King, Crowley, Mayaguea, PR?Miller A
Schr Ella M Storer, Wade, Havana?Parvenu A Load.
Schr Wm Buck, Miller, JscksotivUle?Warren Ray.
Schr Yreka, Moore, Wilmington, KC?Marcus Hunter A
Steamers Klopetock (Oer), for Hamburg: City ot New
York, Havana: Cauima i Bri. Bermuda, City of Dallas,
Feniandlna and Port Royal, Herman Livingston. Savannah;
Isaac Bell, Riohmond, Ac; Albemarle Lewea, Del: Fanlta,
Philadelphia; barka Adolpb Knpler. Naples; Victor, Qlouceater;
Mora (Bri, Liverpool; brig Morning Light. Demerara;
aehre M A Willey, Port Spain; De Mcry Cray, Wil;
luiugton, NC.
Wind at midnight, W.
| Barometer at auuaet, 29.HB.
Schr J M Moaai.n, Eldrldgr, from Miragoane for Boston,
nut Into Province town Jan ~S with lota of tuahitopmaat,
jibboom and rigging.
Schr Frid Du.vatR. from Portland for Ruatan, before reported
wrecked, waa owned by WetUerbae A Co, of Canine.
Veasel and cargo both Insured.
Schr WOB Mowrt, Raton, from Raatport for Matanras,
went aabore on Campobellu Jan 24, but got off with alight
damage and proceeded).
Scnu Hattir M Rkkp. of Qloncester. carried away her
main in ant and head of foremast in a severe squall 19tb In-t
She arrived at Olouceater same afternoon. No other damage.
while going U sea J an 28 ran ashore on .Sound Point, Broad
Round ; was hauled off 27 th without damage and anchored
In President Roads.
A Boiookis of abont 70 tons, hailing from Liverpool, KB.
laden with fish and Intuber, drifted ashore at a place called
the "Grainga," on the north side of St Domingo, about
Jan 1.
Fobtrw* Morrob, Jan 27?Schr R R Vaughan. from
Baltimore ooal laden, tor New York, went ashore Ave miles
north of Onarrystone at 3 o'clock Monday morning. Baker's
wrecking steamer has gone to her assistance.
Nnw Lornos. Jan 30?The schr Ooodspeed. al Braraw's
ways, will be laanebed abont Tuesday or Wednesday or next
weak She has been undergoing the overbading operation
for something Ilka two months, and is now in perfect repair.
Saw Knaecisro, Jan 30?Rchr Klvenia, which went ashore
at Casper Creek, got off, was repaired and started down for
this port with a mad of lumber. Yesterday afternoon she
appeared off the Heads with sails and rodder gone and a signal
of distress flying. The tug Nrptnne was detnaichnd to
her assistance, and got her safely Into port, liar rudder
was lost while ashore, and she started down, steering with
the mainbootn.
A thip, supposed Three Brothers. Ccmming, from Ban
Praocisro for Liverpool. Jan 1, Int 10 N, Ion WH W.
Mcbr Newport (Br), from Turks Island for Boston. Jan 18,
let 30, Ion 74.
Merchants, shipping agents and shipmasters are Informed
that by telegraphing to the 11BSALD London Bureau, addressing
"Bennett, No 46 Fleet street, London," or to the
Pnria office, addressing "Bennett, 81 Arenas da 1 "Opera,
Paris," the arrivals at and departures from European and
Eastern ports of Americas and all foreign vessels trading
with tha United States, the same will he cabled to thit
country free of charge.
Captains arriving at and sailing from French and Mediterranean
ports will find the Paris office the mora economical
and expeditious for telegraphing news.
Astwkrr, Jan 26?Sailed, ship Premier (Nor), Brantguard.
New York; hark Teresina (Ital), do.
(tailed 25th, brig Alaska (Br). Tnektr, United States
Bnistatrts, Jan 26?Railed, barka Farwell (Gar), Neumann.
Haw Tort; Dob Jnsto, Bennett, Baltimore.
Csnotrr. Jaa 37?Arrived, bark Marquis of Bute (Br),
Bowden. pensueolu.
CsmgagvoH, Jan 27?Arrived, brig Sir Colin Campbell
(Br), Roger*. Darien?had last portion of deckload.
DrintiRB. Jan 35? Railed, schr Geo E Thatcher, Crowell,
United States.
EotsnsToira. Jan 26?Off. hark Hermiae (Oar), Berlimant.
from New York fbr Newcastle.
Arrived In the Channel 3f>th, ship Chas Lullng (Gar)
Wicke, from Baltimore for Bremen: bark Pyrmont (Gar),
Dicdricksen. from New York for Hamburg.
O loo c sera a. Jan 27?Arrired, bark Alma (Nor), BUetsen,
Glssoow, Jan 27?Arrived, bark Sunbeam (Br), Whitney,
Oalwat, Jan 37?Arrlred. bark Ariadne (Br), Young.
Philadelphia ete (JneenJlown (see below).
(iiiiutiAic J an 37?Mailed, steamers Macedonia (Br),
and frtaaeria (Br), for Urerpool ttrom Bombay) ? part cargnea
far Mew York.
Oawoo?Arrlred, bnrka Praadeeo Ointnlgo dial), Laaro,
Maw York; RtoowaarlnU (Ilol). Da dlmona. do.
Mailed, barks Artaeo dial). Maw Orleans; Loci a (Ilol),
Huron. Jan 25?Mailed, bark Israel (Mwa), Tasoan. Wllottsgloa.
Heron, Jan 35?Cleared, orbs Anna, Hawkins, Colled
Mailed 3Sd. steamer Wieland Klar), lleblch (from Hob
burg), Mew York.
Lirwmtook. Jan Arrived, slsamrr Warrior (Br),
Hnsrhea. Mew Orleans; ship Boaeha?. Work. Cbarleeicn.
(leered 20th, skip Weal em Respire. Oroaler. I'm led
Stales, bark J Breagbloa (Br), tkaaarl, Baa fiascuca
Failed 371k, aeon, steamer Ohio, Morrises, Philadelphia 1
dir?et. ,
Also sailed, steamer Ontario (Br), Bcuehette. Boston.
I.oirr>o?, Jan 37?Arrived, ships Carl (tier), Buckelmaon,
Mew York'. Olive 8 Boutbard, Walker, do; berk Montreal j
(Br), Coalfleet, Philadelphia. ,
Aire arrived 37th, steamer Greece (Br), Thomas. New |
Turk. (
Hailed from Gravesend 27lh, ship Princeton, Bradley, New 1
York. |
Lonpo*i>bbet, Jan 27?Arrived, bark Mlnnehaba (Br), <
.Caaetdy, Baltimore.
Lie eon, Jan 3d?Arrived, schr L.i.'l c Rock, Ilanmiond, 1
New York.
Lbghohb?Arrived, brig Felicia (Ital), Califano, New Tork
via Marseilles. 1
Muslims, J an 26?Arrived, bark Florida (Swe), Amler- ]
si a. Mobile via Falmouth.
M?selira-Bailed, brig Amy A Lane, Costlgan, Phllaael- ,
M tneaiLLK*?Railed, brig Dirlgo, Coffin. New Vork.
Jan 36?Sailed, steamer Croft (Bri, Hodgson,
ewfWkT^'-qP^* (Jobaimrowir,
Jan ?7-Arrived. barks Maggie Uorton 'Br),
rortori. pew xorx; iteno iAus, Vecertna, Baltimore; Ami- j
nea (Qer), Koper, New York fur Hull; Glorgino (Ital), Ber- i '
tolotto. Baltimore.
Alee arrived 27th, 4 AM. steamer The Queen iBr), Bragg. '
New York for Liverpool (anil proceeded),
Kio Janiibo, Jan 25?Arrived, bark Amaeon, Myrick,
Triuvtk?Bailed, eteamer Caledonia (Br), Sider, New
London, Jan 27?Bark Ariadne (Br), Young, from Philadelphia
via Quernetown. whic^ arrived at Galwaj today,
had been (truck by a heavy pea, which Injured the niaeter
and carried away a portion of the bulwarks.
fAnnirv, Jan 23?Arrived, bark Torryburn (Br), Rome,
St John. NB.
CaBDXNas, Jan 24?Arrived, schr Olivia A O'Mullen (Br),
Havana, Jan 25?Arrived, brig Mabel (Br), McLeod, Newport,
Hailed 20th, hark Josle Mildred, Olnn. Matansas; brig
t hai A Sparks, Bradley, do: schr ("has Piatt, Sharp, do;
2lit, bark J H Chadwfck, Mum ford, do; brig Ernestine,
Knight, do: 20th. steamer Margaret, Baker, New Orleans;
bark Antouieta (Spl. Salirhe. Savannah.
Halifax, Jan 26?Arrived, brig Delta (Br), Hopkins.
Sailed 27th. steamer Nova Pcotian (Br), Richardson, Llv- I
erpocl via St John. NB; brig Minute (Br). Barbados.
MAUTiNiyns, Jan 25?Sailed previous, schr Mlnuia C Taylor,
Taylor. Pascagonla
Matauorx. Jan 1<?? la port brig Ambrose Light. Schwartz, 1
from Boston. lust arrived.
Matanxas, Jan 2!)?Sailed, schr* Nerthern Light, Wallace, 1
north of Hattcraa; White Wing. Phelan. do.
St John. NB, Jan 25?Claared. achrs Mary Theal (Br),
Theal. New York: Mabel Lent (Br), Beeber, Havana; Bmairua
iBr), Martin, Matansas.
BOSTON, Jan 27?Arrived. Wm fCrane, Hawes, Baltimore.
bark Scotland, Rogers, Mobile : brig Jeaaia Bbvnaa,
Tucker. Turks Island; schrs Lirsie W Matheson. Mackenzie.
St Marc; Delhi. Emerson. Brnuswiek, (Is: Rddio Plene,
Howes, Virginia; S B Franklin, Racket!, Baltimore; Mary
('lurk, llall. New York; Calista, Walden, do; F A Server,
Corderv. Charleston, SC; Clara E, Simpson, Baltimore;
Nellie Lanipher, Hlggina. Poit Johnson: Star Light, Allen, ;
do; Oltvor Ames. Babbett. do; Lucia B Ives, Ireltu, Elizabet
hport; Kllsa Ann. Mayo. Delaware City.
Cleared?Schr Alfred W Ftsk, Koiley, Uraud Turk.
c..1i.a u . - _ a/ -i /u..
BALTIMORE, Jan 27?ArriviKl. barks Corina. Bonnett, ;
Genoa: Ginseoptno P (ltal), from do; Bosso (ltal),
Srhlatnno, Lynn R; Rarl of Elgin (Br), Smiley, Liverpool, ;
via Tybee; brigs Messenger (Br). Thornton. Mataiuas; ;
Me?iu? (Nor) Tellepsen, Palermo; schrs Edward Johnson, .
Bean, Rio Janeiro: E M Reed, New llaTen; Toreet Oak, do; .
C K Birdaall, New York; Rboda Holmes, do; Sarah Collen, [
do. j
Also arrived, iteemers Saragossa. Hooper, Savannah : Win j
Woodward, Young, New York ; barks Ferraro Ferto (ftal), ;
Cnouio. Uirgenli ; Satama (Ruaa). Flinkeuburg, Hull ; Mar- tba
Edmonds (Br), Rowlaud, Palermo; aobra H Perry, ;
Perry, New York; Uelleo Hasbrouck, Bennett, do: Foreat Oak,
Parker, New Haven: Royal Arch. Megalthin, Boston; -j
John T Manton, Kanaon, do; Bella Hardy, Baker, do; Gov j
J Y Smith. Long, Portland; Henry R Congaou, Millikeu, ,
Providence. j
Cleared?Steamers Wm Kennedy, Foster, Savannah: Win 5
Lawrence, (loaea. Buaton: barks rredaoel (Nor), Norberg, v
Uueenstown; Cfball (ltal). Cattarinieh, do; Alhertlne j
(Vor). Ghjekstad, Marseilles: Nellie T Guest. Messenger, j
Antwerp; Matilda C Smith (Br), Beliast; brig Geogge Lati- a
mrr, Norris. St Johns PR; whrs Addie Jordan, Laaviu, a
Matansaa; W V Green, C'timmings, Sagua.
Also eleared, steamer Oetorara, Reynolds. New York; j
eehrs Joseph Baymore, Bardge, Boston; Bill Slows, Manson, ?
do. S
Sailed?Barks Ingulf, Protpero, and Omigowl; brig Geo j
Latimer. a
BULL RIVER. SC. JanBalled, harks Arethn?a (Br), a
Atkinson, United Kingdom; Iloppeu (Rns), Fredrikeon, do; j
Prabody iNor), Nielsen, do; Hermauos (Nor), Jacobsen, do; a
brig Maggie (Br), Davlos, do. 3
24th?Cleared, bark Anna Beats (Br), Pyraan. Cnited a
Kingdom. a
2oth?Sailed, brigs Native Pearl (Br), Williams. United a
Kingdom; Argo (Br), Birmingham, do. 3
BuCKSPORT, Jan 24?Sailed, scbr Chattanooga, Snare, a
South Carolina 3
BATH, Jan 22?Arrived at Parker's Head, to loan iee, a
schrs Sunlight. Melvln. Boston for Baltimore; 23d, J L God- a
frey, Anus Lyons, and J Atkinson. 3
CHARLESTON. Jan 24?Cleared, schrs Sophie, Bunker, a
Baltimore via Brenswick, Ga; Albert Daily, Nasou, New a
London via do. 3
Sailed?Bark James Kenway (Br). McDonald. Baltimore; ;
brig YsahelHta (Bp), Sab ale*. Barcelona: schrs Sno W Town- 4
send, Townseud, Philadelphia; Helen Mar, Duacna. Belli- 4
more. 4
2tttn? Railed, steamer Georgia. Crowell, New York ; harks 4
Autocrat (Br), Uavra; BJorntraa (Nor), do; Bmerald (Nur), 4
Rotterdam. 4
27th?Arrived, steamer Raleigh. Oliver, Baltimore. 4
Sailed?Barks Aker (Nor), London; Gesner (Ger), Liver- 4
pool. 4
FORTRBRS MONROB. Jan 27?Arrived, bark* Edmond 4
Gabriel (Fri, Lech an x. Kio Janeiro; Slavianka B (Auaj.Te- 4
cbioa. do. botli fur orders. | 4
Passed In?Barks Sslome, from Hail for Baltimore ; James , 4
Kenway. from Rotterdam for do. 4
GALVESTON, Jan 26?Sailed, schr Chat A Coulomb, Fen 4
nimore, Boston. 4
26th?Arrived, schr Robt Woodruff, Lewis. WDeaieett. 4
KEY WEST, Jan 26?Arrived, steamer State of Texas, j
Bulger. Galveston for New York (and proceeded). 5
MO RILE, Jan 27?Arrived, steamer Rita Mm, Rieetra, j
Ha-ana. berk Galveston (Ger), Kohnenkamp, Bremen; brig a
Thnr (8we), Fageriand, Rio Janeiro.
Clear**!?Brig Arvld (Dan), Svanen, Rotterdam. 5
NEW ORLRAN8, Jan 83?Arrived, bark Shawmut, Con- 3
nor. Rio Janeiro. 3
28th?Cleared. steamer New Orleans. Dearborn. New fi
York ; schrs Geo S Fogg, for Cedar Keys and Tampa Bav 5
27th?Arrived, steamers Marind (Br), Trottman, Liver- 3
pool; Texas iRti, Laurensen, do via Havana: Tapnahan- 3
nock. Pendleton. Havana; bark Rune berg (Nori, Pusen, 3
London ; schr Charlotte Brown. Sutter, St Pierre. 3
Sailed?Brig Gerhard Erdwin (Ger), Bremen 3
Bark Olet Glei (8we), from Loudon, is ordered to Bslti 5
more. 3
NORFOLK, Jar 25?Arrived, schr* H S James. .Tame-; 3
Ocean Wave, Zelnff, and Lydia H Roper. Cranmer. New 5
York. 5
Cleare<l?Brig Tarife. Brown Liverpool. . 5
26th?Arrived, brig Etta Whilmore, Wright. Rost m. I 5
Cleared?Steamer Imbro (Br), Wright, Liverpool; brig I 3
Magdale (Br), Outhonse, Barbados. | 5
27th?Sailed, steamer Imbro. brigs Tarifa, and Magdaln. p
NEWPORT, Jan 25. PM?Arrived, schr* Ralph Howes, u
Burgess, Belfast for Raltlmore; Geo H Mills, TUIotaou, Par- 6
ker's Head for Staten Island U
NEW LOXDON, Jan 26?Arrived, schrs Warren Gates, ^
New York fbr Groton ; Idaho. Rockland for New York ; Adri- 0
ana. Newport fhr 00. 45
Sailed?Schrs J B Cnnnlngham. for Millstone, to toad for 6
New York; Geo W Raymond, New York ti
NEW HAVEN. Jan 26? Arrived, schr P Sbeltis. Young, o
Hoboken; sloops Unity, Benton, Pavonia; Ann, Deforest, ti
Perth Amhov * g
Also arrived, steamer D Valentine, Foster, Blixabethport; 0
schr A L Lock wood. St John. Bsltimore. t>
Cleare<l? Brig Alice Tarlson, Tucker. Cardenas. j p
PRNSACOLA. Jan 24?Arrived, bark* Tba is (Nor), Wars- ti
land, Htravangvr; Onnl ;Nor), Abrahamnen, Tarragona: j ti
schrs Beta, OuptUI, Falmouth; K B Taylor, Gardner, Corpus 6
Christl. 6
Sailed?Shins Bolide (Sw) Anieril* Ummnol - W*ni*n? ,
Drnnning (Nor), Toblascn, Genoa; bark* Tun. (Nor), j 7
I'moM, Qoeenrtewn. Artemla (Nori. Jobannieen. Sharpne?*. 7
Win Mile* (Br), Batten. Liverpool; Cilv of Ottawa (Br),-| 7
Dnnn. Barrow; aehr* Henry Meant, Smith. Lacuna, May 7
Monroe, nail. Havana ! 7
PHILADELPHIA, Jon 77?Arrived, barkt Carrie Wyrnen, 7
(Jllker, Belfast; T Maria Adelaide (Ital), Macearia. Paler- 7
mo; Rmilto (Ital), Ferro, Genoa; tcbr J M Rfchardi". New , 7
Yark; Geo T MarU, Mario, do; J H Loekwood. llardcxMle. 7
Charleotoa: Florence Nowell, Keunimore. Providence; 1 7
Wild Pigeon, Canary, Sotnertet; A J Peaee, McCarthy, Mew 7
Y ork. 7
Cleared?Steamer W P Clyde. Ingram. New York; ahip 7
Maria dtoneman. Blaarelt, Dublin; berk* Dover, Hand, 7
Bremen: Meridian (Oer), Hobortt. do: Hannah (Mori, 7,
Leltke. 00; Oeotav Met alar (Oer), York, Newcastle. E: For- 7
dinond (Br), l'enwill, Rochester. E; echn H S Mertor, 7
Wine*, Aaptnwall; Hattie Paige, (lodfrey, St J ago; llenry 7
Waddlnpton, Selonet. Matamae; Rate Rommell, do ; 7
MnwcaoTLK, Del, Jan 77, AM?Cleared yeaierday, eehr | 71
Blla Preeeey for an ea*tern port. ' 7
Pooled down yeeterday?hteomert Achillea and Florida, 71
for Providence. . 71
PM?Poeeed up, barka Sowimerln (fori, Pederaen, from ! 71
Glorweater. B; Antoinette 'Swej, from Bremen. I
Arrived?Schra Petrel, and Jetae W Knight, to load grain I h
DnLawann Buaxw*t*&, Jan 77, AM?Schr Litue B kc 0
Nlrbolt, for Port Spain, it here. x
Arrived?Brig Pace sdnafflno (Ital), from Waterford, in s
ballaev w
Bark 8wift*nre (Br), for Liverpool, anchored at Bombay *
Hook loat night. ; &
r?? Bark Aaow left tor Philadelphia at noon. Brig P *
BchlaAna, and tehra Clara and American Ragle ore bete g.
Schr Jamet Bnylta, from New'Tork, left here for Pbiladel- k
phiathltAM. h
PORTLAND, Me. Jan $7?Arrived, tchr* Paracon, from g
Enatport for Richmond. Vt; W K Paige. Mew York. u
Alto arrived, ?ehr Howdoin. Philadelphia. ?
PORTSMOUTH, Jan 3d?Arrived, echr Jenn Weatworth. g
Brown, Turn 1*1 and
PROVIDHNCE, Jan 36?Arrived, tear BenJ T Crocker. y
Hording. Virginia. k>
Below?Schr Clara Fletcher. Sargent, Mew Orleane. u.
Cleared?Schr J Ricardo Jova. I.itile, Philadelphia 9
Balled?Steamer* MoClellan. March, Baltimore la Nor y,
folk; Mdgelator. Regera, Philadelphia: tehra F Alt a< At I 9
klna; J Clark. Morthnp. Jeteie B Allen, Randall; t'eebinu, 9
Carberry; Mantflold. Acbom ; Marr Miller. Dayton, ami T 9
P Abell, Corr, Mow York ; aloop Nellie t Walea, Eoetmon. 9
do. 9;
PAWTCCK>T, Jon 76?Arrived, erhrt John K Ham. 9]
Cook. Port Johnaoa.*
RICHMOND. Jan 35?Arrived, berk Piplto (rteri, G.itjen, ; W
New Yoek, to load for Rio Grande do Sal; brig* Alvin Kc.lv
(Br>, Kelly. Baltimore, to load forBroail; Moltke .Gen,
Schwertlag. Mew York, to load for Bahia. tehra H P Ha
vena, Pearee: Lillle Palkenborg. Polkanherg, and Lucy
Jonee. Morrihew, Mew York. '
Below?Brig Mariana I (Parti Do* Mercee. from Mew
York, to load for Rio Grand) do Bui, tebr John Lenthali. 1 )
Martin, from do.
MAN FRAMCI8CO. Jan IB-Arrived, thip Eldorado Ha;.- 1 |;
den. Seattle ; bark David Heodley, Kahler Port Gamble. ;
Cleared Bark Ida F Taylor. HI* Cailoo. achra J.weph J(
Wool ley, Brace. Manaanlllo; Lovet Peacock, Weeae. San
Joee do Omateinala.
Sailed? Barka Joe Cheaton. Swanton. Port Oanible: Ella. I
WtlUame. Freeporl, brigGlencoe, Haakeil. Hamlmldt; acur
Maggie Johnston, Hondlett. Tahiti
JMb?Sailed. thin Voyager. Cbaeo. Liverpool.
2fl*k?Arrivrd, (falp Waed ale (Br.. BaJUie. Wewcaelle. !
AIm arrived 38th. thipe Tap Hera (TV). Moatel. Bordeaux-.
Hiadoetan (Br). While. ArdroeeaD
haVANSAH. .Ian J5?Arrived, echr Barrage!. New York J
(not M before). I'
27th?Cleared. bark C P Ivan (Oeri, Poet, Cerleheren ')
Alan cleared, iramrr (?en naraax. Cbrrtrman New York. i
Arrived?Schr? N A Par wall. Wood ? llola; A C Burkle),
Yoneg, Nrw York. ?
Hailed? Steamer Seminole. Bnalna ; harkt Rmtna F Secor I
(Br). Moera (from Antwerp), Baltimore ; Young Kagle iBr>,
J c tumor (from Dublin). Baltimore
SADK*. Jan Jti?Arrived, ?chre 8 L Burnt Crooby. flout b r
A mlioy (anil nailed for Marbleheedv
VINKYAHD UAVKN.Jaa Arrived, achra Oae Younr. '
Baltimore for Boston : Lncy Ann, New York for Portland ,
lara Birnr. Port Johnson for Salem; Mary Kiley, Wry.
nouth for Wood'e llole; J P Itoblneon, and John D Griffin,
llwMMr for New York; Joseph Far-well. and Corvo, Hurt
and fordo; Carrie L Ilia, Doer Iele fordo; Nellie II, Kaetjori
fordo; Chan K Raymond, Boston for Philadelphia. E
Jurtie. Blue Hill foi do.
Bailed?Brigs Jessie Khynm, and Carrie Pnrrington ; eehrt
dsry Hiley, r A. Server, E Stanley, Kate Newman, Sea.
Lion, Wm R Page. S W Perry, Henrietta. Nadak, 6ell,l
Carrie Melvin, Starlight. White Swan. S L Burnt, Mutt
ren. C.ora Kearney, and J X Morales.
IWth?Arrived. brigs .Sparkling Water, New York for Boa
ion; irrace Lathrop, M Mare for do. ituphia Cook, London
ror do; echrs Mary E Amsdet., Baltimore for do, Willte L
swift, Virginia lor Portland; llenrr Cole. Portland for
Providence; Cotnwant?ak, Spruce Head for New York; Bil' w.
Deer lelu for do; I idell. aad Archie, Bath for do ; Willi#
Luce, Camden, Me. for Wilmington, NO; Allie B Dyar
Danvers for Baltimore; II ll Bird, Rockland for Norfolk. "
Sailed?8ehr? Cataivannteak, Allie B Dyer, Joeeph Parl(IL
L llix, ami li Curtis.
WILMINGTON, Jau 2?-Arrived. tchr Kelvin, RoberU,
Kingston, J a.
27th?Sailed, steamer D J Foley, D mnell, Baltimore.
jANClSni, 1S78.
Vo. Priar. l.Vo. Prke.\Sa. PWw i.Vo. Prim.
1 s?si *:**> 1*405 ... WOOiaTaw...
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,S::::::3oo *** gH- ??, ^
M 31X1 9440 ... :??' Ifj"!* 300 ?*>
**> 800 VH&H 9110 IH-'ilH 300127417 800
i5?::::::aoo mht moUww *o
123 31*1 947H JUO 1*>31 ^5! 25,
13M StXi ??> l*W*? 3110
170 3lXi Veil 1 3D' !*?>* 500 2771U .9l<>
2i>4 ,3?Xi HtisU 3D' l-?7?wi ' US
227 300 8074 3Ui 1*715
25* 300 972? 3iX)l l*72fl 3M277BS
3117 Sou 'J757 31X1 1**0* 3W 27P4J ?*>
517 am 9777 . . ?XII1SM2? 300 27*04 90O
545......300 9*113 300 14X43 300 27872 ?jj
549 ano 901* aixi i*#bi soo 27876 300
568.. .. 5<xi 9963 Kxi is807 300 2788CS 800
MS ano 10101 anil i#**5. aco 27946 sus
BIO 300 1015* aoo 1*904 300 '27968 300
B56 800 10103 ....JOO !*9-'<) 300 2*021 SOO
71 0 300 11)33J 300 1*070 500 3*113 300
71 1 300 10351 30" 1*017 300 2*123 WJO
710 300 10388 31*' I92"4 31X1 2*155 30C
723 31X1 10437 3*X i 19209 500 2*1HO 100C
754 31X1 10513 30" l*2it* 300 28196
703 31X1 1?">22 31X1 1*27# 5CXI 2*220 8CO
mi 31X1 10575 31X1 1*2*1 300 2*2*5 94*3
*59 300 1002-1 31X1 1*3145 300 2*207 80O
8*5 34X1 10880 31X1 1*3<J5 3<X3 2*322 3"C
921 300 10O47 3(Xi 1*432 300 2*356 SCO
1001 30" 10725 300 1*4*3 500 2*3*3 3<x)
1040 ,Vx. 1072* 30" 1*5*3 300 2*511 300
I13H SIX) 1073(1 500 l**t*l lOOUiX) 2*520 300
ll.'W 31X1 10/52 30O |*"*4 SOO. 2*532 3C*1
12U) 31X1 10770 .Xxi |*714 500 2*544 500
1207 .Vxi 10/7* :XXi 1*731 3<X) 2#fiOI 3C*J
1315 .KX) 10XX1 50" 1*753 300 2KpM 3K>1430
31X1 10808..., 10000 1*773 31X12X507 500
145* 31X1 10*0" 300 1*794 300 2*579 31X)
|524 300 10 ?5 -Hi 14t?l? ,3d4) .'84 28 34?
1640 X? 14/.I97 :?? 19930 300 28602 X?
ic.->i w? iiixw aoo 10001 3<x> aw7oo xxj
i?*i ?*i lion :??' 2?)03 son 29792 ??
|7o4 300 11061 X? 201-7 300 2874? 34?
1750 300 11052 ?? 2 '108 XX* 38856 WX)
1709 300 llOfrl 54? 211100 300 28885 WO
1027 31X1 11095 :iOO ."2W X? 2-l*>4 3(w)
|883 X? 11117 X? .1/251 500 28071 31*1
|><)8 300 11122 300 20299 300 29057 30f>
1950 WW 11137 300 .0312 300 28062 X*)
>012 300 11296 31X1 20313 1000 29150 50O
{052 500 11332 300 28319 300 29257 XX?
KX>7 500 11362 300 2o327 300 20292 . 3?0
>115 300 11408 300 20342 300 20374) . .. .XO
>181 300 11413 W? 211399 300 29367 3oO
2199 300 11418 5l*t 20522 34? 20417 JO"*)
2270 300 11422 300 20524 500 29449 WO
>339 300 11463 )**> 30023 300 29584 300
>887 300 11404 300 30043 ?*> 29655 X?>
>437 300 11480 W? 20672 300 29088 300
2458 300 11577 3O0 20713 500 29681 300
>495 300 11674 300 20725 300 21X4*..... .500
>500 3O0 11719 500 20770 3<X> 29729 500
>537 34? 11740 3U< 20?49 800 29738 W?
>566 300 11770 300 21)663 300 29613 300
>595 500 11810 ?*> '20011 300 29967 300
;.->86 300 11826 500 20983 300 29990 300
>613 300 11848 31? 20994 300 30027 W?
>697 1000 11979 .....300 21032 300 304160 SCO
>707 SOU 1199) 3(X> 21056 3<X> 30135 WW
>720 300 12U04 304. 21067 3UO 30179 300
>756 300 120i)5 XXI 21115 300 30201 3410
i-*? X? 124444)....5O000;21120 304) 30217 54X5
>870 300 12009 300 21177 300 34)233 600
>904 34JO 12118 300 21261 300 30250 34 X)
4*24 34X) 121.8 300 21263 300 30263 34X)
*67 300 12207 l'X?>(21377 304) 30277 300
)?? 54*) 12310 34)0 21380 500 34>364, XW
li>48. 800 12373 500.21366 300 34)395 300
1097 300 12394 .. ..300 21406 34X) 30454) 300
1160 300 12442 300 21427 300 30500 300
1186 54X) 1240o JOO 21477 304) 34)506 600
[231 34*) 12475 3)X> 210O2 34* 1 3U5t>4 300
1232 300 12492 ... .300 21795 300 34)710 WW
1255 300 125-- 304> 21838 34X> 30727 300
1275 14XX) 126-9 34*) 21863 300 30735 300
1306 304) 12710 34X> 21915....-300 30763 300
1323 304) 12713 34X) 21953 30O 30779 34X>
1326 3)*) 12713 9UU 21984 3041 30810 34X)
1340 300 127.3 5O0 22203 3U) 30811 300
1361 304) 12774 34X) 22215 504X) 30896 500
1384 300 12821 1> XX) 22259 300 30898 300
1432 30>) 12840 300 2229)9 3U) 30935 .34X
459 .304. 12862 300 22353 304) 30P47 304)
;47U 34*) 12914 34X> 22419 34)0 3'>979 300
1553 304) 12926 300 22458 34)0 34)996 84>0
1700 300 12942 34X1 22464 500 31011 34X)
,747 600 12917 34*J 22471 30)1 31045 304)
769 34X> 129 >7 300 22482 1001 > 31034 34W
772 500 134)08 304) 20502 300 31056 3<JC
?*13 34X) 134)48 300 2264*1 54X> 314)92 34X)
814...-.500 13144) 34*) 22604 34*> 31144 500
BU8 34X1 13*>> 300 22741 300 31151 54X)
1915 34)0 133-,:) 54X1 22766 300 3118.) 300
949 300 13307 3)X> 22769 104*) 3124)6 1000
970 300 18324 34)0 22853 500 31241 34X
O72.....10UO 13331 J4X) 22919 3U 31246 **>
335 300 133->3 31X) 22w)W 500 3134/7 300
972 3U0 1 8447 300 22943 504) 31337 3M)
978 301) 1348!) 16)*) 229)44 HXX> 31343 31*
1313......X? 1353" 54? .2956 500 31355 304)
342 30" 13537 31*) ..2904 34X. 31385 XW
1343 34X1 13.' 3!) 304) 22984) 34X> 314)15 304'
1360 54X) 13543 300 2X1)2 34X1 31439 3(X)
1426. 300 13599 34*) 2J4>11 34X) 31523 3UC
144U 300 134V)l 300 23050 304) 31552 34?
15rs3 300 134> 1 I 304> 2)1126 ....14**' 31631 3CX)
1080 300 13621) 500 2.1178 34A) 31040 WW
I082 800 13717 500 23247 300 3161*1 300
1783 ....300 1372. 300 23268 30" 3174*1 304,
18J3 54X) 137-4 3!J0 23286... ...300 31731) .. .54**)
1877 30O 138 *> 34X4 23208 300 31767 300
900 34X) 13017 360 2)4295 300 31775 300
,090 JOO 13819 34*) 23312. 304) 31797 34")
,115 SOO 13865 34*) 23334 34X) 31607 500
189 3O0 13907 300 23)441 300 31830 34*
,215 3U0 13942 304) 23)444 300 31837 300
,255 500 144)51 JOO 23*10 300 32614) WW
, 264 84*) 144**> 3U4> 23415 300 3L?046 300
,281 300 14066 34*4 23502 300 32056 300
326 34X1 1409" 34*) 21581 500 32101 31*)
332 301) 14163 30" 23594 54)4) 32146 3(X)
,367 300 14252 34*823652 50" 32177 300
375 34X1 14269 300 23758 300 32213 34X)
445 300 1434*1 34X) 23814 300 32374 500
511 34*' 14385 3410 23822 3041 32447 300
518 500 14427 500 23854 54*' 32555 34?
505 30U 144)48 34X> 23661 300 32566 54?
599.... 300 14441 "? 2)48-7 300 32569 31*)
620 XX) 14460 500 2)4079 14XX) 32656 300
o50 300 14528 3XU 23906 34X1 32675 34X)
724 30" 146> J 34*) 23982 300 32683 300
730 54*) 1407* 34*) .1039 54JO 32706 34X1
074 30" 14731 304' 24071 300 32710 XW
0-7 300 1474)3 34X) 24153 34? 32811... ..1CKW
931 34? 147! > 14X*) 24166 300 32866 300
034 31? 1479.4 300 24174 300 82928 304.
039 34? 1481 3 304' 24211 3041 321X 2 300
021 300 148)37 X? 24219 34? 32977 300
101 34*> 14854 300 2*2*1 54X) 33"19 300
149 X? 1*0-6 34? 24200 3041 33028 304'
16 5 34*) 140! 3 34? 24313...:..34? 33 >30 34?
224 34*) 149. 1 34? 243*3 300 331)90 34?
240 34X1 14972 3*X) 24364 34*) 33150 34?
275 34*) 149 5 34*) 24*4)7 300 3327i> 34?
39 9 304) 15023 30" 24435 304) 33288 504)
457 300 15068 304' 24405 34? 33391 34?
X)3 34? 13U)9 304) 2454? 34? 3S469 3.*)
540 30" 15"!*) 34*2 2*53" 304) 33536 34?
bl8 104? 154) 48 31? 2*723 34? 33538 34*)
657 34X1 1514X) 504' 24737 300 33554 54?
6-43 34? 15125 34? 2*793 34? 33574) 394)
74)4. ...2504? 15154) 54? _?0!4 34? 33571 304'
739 X? 15242 54? 2*8)15 300 38597 X?
750 34? 15298 *? 2*-46 34X> 33639 300
792 34X) 154.5 X? )*054 34*4 334144 X?
h34l )XX) 15*02 XX' 24885 34? 33-11 34?
972 34? |5*>10 *.? 2"?48 WW 338.10 31?
>437 X? 156-9 54X125111 300 33963 XX'
16 6 300 137' >7 300 2513" 304) 33944 504)
131 54? 157-2 34? 25164 WW 344**) 34?
1*6 300 158-7 30" 25203 W? 34"19 W?
104) X? 15-.,3 34? 25252 ....14**)
249 X? l.V-M X? 25253 XX) 34"83 W?
294 304) 14XX12 X? 2*24*1. X? 3*4?2 W*>
1)38 304) 14?74) X? 25312 300 3414? W?
344 500 16122 XO 25)164 WX> 34170 XO
44? 804) 16125 X*) 35404 X? 34212 XX)
424 ?? 16155..:...800 25443 54? 34238 W?
*25 304) 10.468 XX) 25573 W? 34)184 30U
40 0 34? 10*J> 34*) 2560" X? 3444)2 X?
>45 304) 1652- W? 25720 300 34444) 300
562 34? 164.45 X? 257)11 X? 3444*' 304' ,
\tUt I'MMI I*-: - "to 9 1 ) .711 'UHi UJLxOl -%?)
rt+5 JUU 107:14 5w 35*02 :AAI 34550 3?>
054 8U> IH74 : 3W) 25827 SOU 340ID 300
705 300 10740 :<0U 2(047 5W' 34034 SOU
*44 301 107.73 300 2.VW 34*1 34030 SOU
*03 300 1?7.** 100" 36010 *?> 34070 800
**0 SOU 10*11 3W J5043 300 34700 ...MOW
DU4 ....300 10*.,2 300 3,7054 3U0 34707 30U I
*13 300 10*u* 30O 30ii31 300 34770 SOU
1115 300 17H00 300 30083 30U 134007. ....SOU
120 .. . 300 17100 JUU -20H2 30U 34050 8UU
135 300 17113 U?A? 20U52 JUU 34003 SOU
3.7 500 17I0? #? 30000 300 340P1 3W)
3*7 3lA? 17177 300130004 SOU 3&OI2 800
431 300 171*1 KMV301O3 1000 834)06 ... 800
,4* 3U0117106 300 30131 300 85088. ....3W)
45*. 3UU 171(0 300 30120 300 85001 800
401 300 17330 3W 30130 3U0 85180 8?)
4,'?t ....IWAI 17231 3W 30142 300 85137 SOU
312 300 17 )02 SO" 2011** 300 35150 SOU
*1.:::..5UU I7.C12 sou 20320 auo asm sot)
,34 50O|17.?7 300)20.100 300 35104 ....SOU
;ii::-::::Soo 17477 20427 SOU s.v?i aw;
7'.i2 300 17.507 3W 30472 300 85308 SW1
1-17 KOO 1701/7 3W. 20550 300 38514 SOU
*75 : .". .3W? 703U 301) 20088 300 38555 SW
*143. . .am 1707U 300 20847 3m 365W1 800
U 300 17723 800180718 8U0 35071 SW)
Hi " .31 A) 17781 3W 20*31 81*) 36000 . . .5?t>
Ai ! 5UK 177*0 800 20*71 800 35723 100U
ri| 30 17853 JOO 20011.* 300 88726 SOU
I'M SOU I787U SW- 3,4*47 800 35*27 .. .SOU '
178 300 1704)' .... JUU 27'>.Ti 8m 36068..... ,3W>
101. 50O 17074 SW 27' >41 300 354*12 .. . .31*)
100 .... 8U0 1*W)4 300 J7'm SIX) 35*70 S14>
2IO* 300 18WA4.,. ..??J 27t!?J 64*) 35?*0 .. SW)
214 3WI 10OK1 ? > 27210 .300 3800) . .KM)
4*7 SOU 10010 3W( 27222 ?*> .1&03D 8W>
2(7 30O 18310 300 I
approximation prizes.
o. Prim , IT* Prim. .T*. Prim.,JT,i Prtm.
flUWOUU. | ItMKO ., 851) Al ??irnii(k) $5,000.
*i(82. ...$300j | Uem. 22214 SHOO
oicj ami BMi.iM). :i47M. enno 1-3210 sou
*WH 500 12U0. ,...:<*) >4707 3Ui 11728 Sou
ISOtl ' 'I 1*1791. t.
M*W SUM I 11 "476 BOO
!M<?7 SOOl ? >.'>1- #10.000. 17478 BOO
. .800 mu. >J0| 108V. ;?Ki|
hBW BOO, ?>|t.ra?7 ;??j|
#>< *! drawing P#bi j?r> j.
For |*rUcolari ndui*?8
MARTINEZ A ro,. Htiktri.
10 Wall it. baaatnant ir but l,88'2 Xew Vort Poll oBcd\BSOLL
ani siimi iur uu uuruiio cauaea, WTihnui pablleitjr;
i^alererrwhera; nj cb< tfauMU <11 Tore* ov aoied; advle?
re*. M rlOCBK. Alior 104 Broadway. .
larenl HIMei. for < u<-r?u? cauiea without publicity 1
oural avi-T) w arr . i.-riii >i leUrtory; advlra ir-*.
FKKIiKRlrK KIM i.awyrr. Na 6 8*. Marti place
irer. Tti, 4 mi Flour Dealer. Hi? Yoikf*
ivtrviwuif ?*?|| aiui , ? tiarratae. JO V?mv

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