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*>afl* appearance o* mills. tit i ens as norma.
Another full house greeiod Mlie. Titreus at the Acad my
of Music last night. on the occasion of her last appearance
as Norma during her present engagement
She both sung and acted with all the strength and
pint displayed by her upon her first appearance, and
In the scene with Pollio and Adalgisa, where Nonas
denounces the perfidy and baseness of her fitlge lover,
she almost eclipsed her previous efforts. We doubt if
?- ' ? ? >,? narl than in
blio oyer suimou ^fiaior iu ?-*a~ *
her acting ?jl this scene last night, and her singing ot j
the "O 1 PI Qual Sei Tu Vittima" was a ringing response
to the applause which greeted her consummate
art and exquisite a'ctlug. Apart truin this grand outhurst
and frotu the episodes like it which
have already been noticed at length in j
the 11 khali), the performance exhibited all the
faults inseparable from one part opera. As beloro, the
other rulrj lack Interpretation; but an improvement
may be anticipated in the works which are to be produced
next week?"1-ucre/ia Borgia" ou Monday evening
and "II Trovatore" on Wednesday. Signor
Hripnoll is announced to assume the role of Gennnro
In the former?a part which, In itself, would occasion
much lively exi?ctatlon. As his reappearance, alter an
absence of three years, is mado in conjunction Willi the
first appearance ol Mile. Titiens in the country as "Lui
vrexia," even greater interest is felt in the event.
Signor Brignoli makes his first uppcurwtico tins season
with Mile. Titiens on Monday in "Luerezia Borgia."
Mile. Anna Rosetti, the German prima donna,
achieved a marked success at the last concert at Stein,
way Hall In an aria from "Robert le Piablo. "
Thomas promises the Phlladolphlana the "Ninth
Symphony" during the spring. So the Centennial City
"will be especially lavored, even before its Exposition is
A cable despatch, dated the 27th inst., contradicts
the recent report that Anton Itubiustein is blind. Tho
celebrated pianist is not only not blind, but he is in excellent
. Carl Borgmann will be the leader or tne orcnestra ai
the Stadt Theatre on Monday on occasion of tho per
fortnanco of "Faust." MI-? Clara Perl will support
Mile. Pappenhelm in tho leading r6le.
Miss Minnie Palmer apjHsared at McVicker's, Chicago,
on Monday last In a play called "Laughing Eye*,"
which appears to bo Ball'e's "BohemianGirl, "or something
very like It, in dramatic form.
Mr. Montague will appear on Monday evening at the
Brooklyn Theatre as Lord Chilton, in Marshall's play,
"False Shamo." The play was originally written lor
Mr. Montague and hud a long run under his management
at the London Globe.
One would bo lnclinod to overlook half the vagaries
of the fickle deity who ruleB the world of fashion for
the one noble work effected by her each year. At her
summons the fair worshippers repair to her Terpsiehoreau
shrino in Irving place and gladden the hearts
of the children or charity by their timely contribution
a The Charity Ball Is the synonym of la mode and
benevolence, and in the glitter of jewels and the
sheen of toilels hope and substantial comfort aro
brought to tnany a suffering one in the great citv.
It is emphatically the representative ball of
the season, tor elegance, refinement and fashion
nnd the admirable management under which it is conducted
renders it more and more attractive each year.
The bustie of preparation is now going on in the brown
none man-ion on the avenue; in the marble palace on
Broadway, where ordors are heme filled: in the dingy
attic of tho seamstress, where the last stitches are
given to the wondrous fabric of silk and laro, and in
the council chamber of the cuUinier, where some unapproachable
nu-nu is being devised. And all for sweet
Charity's sake. Tho ball wih take place at the Academy
of Music on Tuesday next, February 1, under the same
management us that of former years.
To rns F.iutor or tuk 1Ikk.u.d:?
In your very amusing editorial, "Aut Caesar, aut
Tooker, nut Nullus," 1 notice you entertain the supposition
that the recent visit of a number of Yale students
to "Julius Caesar" was under tho conduct of tho
' Professors ol Ancient History." This notion was
started, I think, in a dreary and would-be witty editorial
in tbo World, which oi late seen s to take great
pains to misrepresent everything connected with Yale.
Bo tar is it from being true that the party who accepted
the courtosy of the uiauagcrs?about half the
Senior class?were in much fear of a summary veto on
the whole aflair from the faculty. This is a matter of
no great importance; but Yale graduates do not like
to see their respected laculty represented as an advertising
appendage to Messrs. Jarrott A Palmer. When
they are guilty ol such bad taste we may expect to see
Talmage tread the boaids with his manly form clad in
the guise of a Reman legionary. YALE.
Henry H. Starkweather, of Norwich, the representative
of the Third Congressional district of Conaectt....
A ...1 r.r nn.nn,A>l. ill,..lit uti.hl >1 Vlrielr
yesterday morning, in Washington. He had been ill
for the last three or four days, but not until Thursday
evening did tho deceased show any alarming symptom*.
Luring the night he gradually commenced to
Ink, but possessed his consciousness to tho last. Mrs.
Starkweather was at his bedside two hours before hi*
death, having travelled alt night to reach her dying
husband's side. Mr. Starkweather was born in Preston,
Conn., April 29,' 1826, and received a common
school education. Leaving school he studied law, was
admitted to the bar, and succeeded in a little while in
obtaining a good practice and honorable reputation.
With a desire of still further advancing bimsell he became
interested iu politics, and iu 1860 was elocted to
the Legislature of bis native Stale. This was the commencement
of tho fcoiuical career which death has
Just cut short. His ready tact and <joick discernment
ol character brought him rapidly mto notice, and he
shortly rose to such prominence that he became manager
of the republican party in Connecticut and
was appointed dclegato to the iiepuldiean National Convention
that nominated Abraham Lincoln in 1800. in
I Mil he 'was appointed by I'rcetdont Lincoln Postmaster
at Norwich, a position which ho held until
1806, when bo sent in his resignation to President
Johnson, not being willing to espouse the cause of Mr.
Lincoln's successor with that degree of warmth which
characterised his support of "Old Abe." Ho was
elected to the Fortieth, Korty-flrst, Forty-second,
Forty-third and Forty fourth Congress, but by decrcastng
majorities, his district last (all giving him a ma
l.KOO In In* Aral election in 1967. In the proscnt
Congress he mm appointed by Speaker Kerr upon the
Judiciary Committee and the'Committee on Expenditure*
in the Department ol Justice. Mr. Starkweaibur
h.t- always been regarded as one of the extreme wing
r his party. He whs uncompromising and partisan,
and In tho advocacy of measures which more
thoughtta) republicans discountenanced or "fought shy"
or lie was a warm supporter. Atone time he gained
an undesirable notoriety irom his alleged co-operation
with the District of Columbia King, and public snsplcion
was partly justified by a published leuer which
he wrote to ex-Governor Shepherd soliciting funds to
aid in his own rc-elccllon to Congress.
Jottrru mobi.iu.
On the 23d Inst. Captain Joseph Morrill, a well known
merchant and retired shipmaster, died at bis residence
In this city, at tho age or sixty-eeven years He was
born in Saco, Me., and early in lile became a sailor.
He adranced rapidly In his calling and beeame a shipmaster.
For years bo commanded at different parlous
Ships belonging to the house of llarbeck A Co., of
which firm be subsequently b?aae principal and confidential
manager. Ho was the pioneer of the trade
between this port and Co.dad Bolivar, Venezuela, with
which place he continued In business relations almost
up to the Urns of bla death. Captain Morrill bore the
reputation of being a sterling, honest and honorable
man, and a true mond to those who were honored
with hie friendship.
Kxra H. Baker, a prominent business man snd director
of the Union Pacific Railroad, died at his residence
in Boston yesterday,
George Wilson, si one time a prominent merchant ol
Cincinnati, died suddenly on the night of the 27th
Inst, of congestion of the brain, at his residence in
that City.
Elisabeth L Porter, daughter ef the late General P
B. Porter and only sister ol the late Peter A. Porter,
died at her residence at Niagara Falls, N. Y., ytiurdajr
afternoon, aged hlty-ihrse years.
iohn c. casssow.
John C. Crosson, a prominent and Influential citlien
of Philadelphia, died on the evening or the 27th mat,
In that city, at the age of seventy years
A shooting affray, which came near being a tragedy,
occurred at eleven o'clock last nirht at the saloon ol
Philip Duffy, N?x 6J7 Fulton etreet, Brooklyn Early
In the evening a tnsn named Bob B^rry and a eonv
f*Dlcn?both of whom are known to the police as bad
characters?had a quarrel with Duffy in the ?alo<n
ai?<u4 Ola at fur aonao dr.uk* hftrv bsuuiia
very violent. ao<1 the matter was decidod by the eject;
mei.t ot Berry and hi* couipauion from the place,
lieterniined oil being revenged. Berry went to Ills boarding
bouse, which is In the neighborhood, and got a
revolver. Ho then returned to the saloon and itred
two shots at Dully, both of which missed htm. Berry g)|
then ran away, and at midnight bad not been arrested. gl
' 4
, Bosroit, Mass., J?ii..
The authorities navo taken a new fltop/VoAtweure E.
D. Winslow, and the result will pruly.bl^/be known
within a few bourn. On definitely * ascertaining that
the iugttive waa <n runts lor It jlteTJati* and could not
be taken from the steamer,' on/win. h he is a
passenger it was decided to mike a special
! requestor thvgoverntncni ol Holland tor tho surrender
of Mr. Wtir low on hta arrival in that country. Ac'
cordingly Governor lticc, Attorney General Train and
I Mayor Oilib telegraphed to Representatives Harris and
Fierce at Washington asking them to use their inlluenco
with the Minister lrom Holland to induce his
government, under tl?e circumstances, to deliver to
i our government tho body of Mr. Winslow. Such a
< request ib in the power of any government to 1
| grant, between whom and the United Slates no extrai
ult ion treaty exists, and it is said that there are prece{
den is for such a course. The steamer Rotterdam is due
at Rotterdam on Wednesday next, and if, in the mean- 1
lime, the authorities ol Holland should consent to sur- '
render Mr. Winslow he will at ouce be returned to J
j Boston to answer for his crimes.
run boston post company.
The President of tho Boston I'oit Company authorises I
I tho stalomout that at a meeting of stockholders held
\ to-day it was unanimously resolved that the publtcuj
tiou of the paper and the other business of the comi
puny should be maintained without any interruption.
| a large proportion ol tho slock is In lire hands of strong
| parties wlio will not suffer the valuable franchise of the
I paper or other interests of the property to bo jeopardized
in the least.
An informal meeting of Winslow'a creditors will be i
held at the Daily Mews office on Monday next It Is
now stated that his skilful lorgcrlus Indicate that he I
bud a confederate, as he was not an expert penman. I
WAsiiiNuTON, Jan. 28, 1876.
The Women's Convention was addressed this morning
by a number of tho prominent members upon sub- <
jocis germane to the great object of the gathering.
A protest to the political sovereigns of the United *
States, to be read at noon on July 4, 1X76, In Independence
Hall, was presented and adopted.
The general resolutions of the Convention were discussed
and ndopied. They recite the necessity ol sulfrage
tojwoincn in order to their protection; to their
! right lo be tried by a Jury or meir |>eer8, auu tuo oiuer
| demands usually made on such occasions.
San Francisco,?Jan. 28, 1876.
The gale which prevailed Sunday last is represented
I by sealaring men to have been the tnost severe fell on
the coast for many years.
Fears aro entertained for the safety ot the British '
, ship ITinco Umbertto, which loft this port for Portland 1
; on i ho 10th ult. She took a pilot on board off Colum- j ]
bia Kiver liur on tho 13th lust., but has nut been seen i
or heard of since.
OxAdA, Jan. 28, 1876. (
A most terrific wind from the northwest has pro:
vailed throughout this section of country all day. The
i weather is very cold and the air full of trosl and ice.
St. Paul, Minn., Jan. 28, 1876.
A heavy snow storm set in here this afternoon, which
still continues, witu considerable wind. Tho snow will 1
be bcnotlrlal to the lumbermen in the woods, who thus j
tar have been able to haul but few lugs to the streams t
i tor wuut ot practicable roads. | j
War Dkpartmknt, 1 i
OrnoB or tub Cuikk Sioxal OrworR. \ 1
Wahumoton, Jan. 29?1 a. M. )
J^rvbabilitvM. |
For New England anil the Middle States, continued
warm, cloudy weather, with areas ot rain, southeast to
southwest winds and fulling barometer, followed by
i colder weather during the night.
For the South Atlantic Stales, increasing cloudiness
and local rains, with southerly to westerly winds, and <
Blight changes in temperature and barometer during '
the day.
For the Gull States, local rains, followed by partly !
cloudy weather, winds shifting to northerly and in- {
crcasmg in force and rising barometer.
For Tennessee and the Ohio Valley light rain, followed
by clearing, decidedly colder weather, northwest
to southwest winds and rising barometer.
For the lago region areas of rnin and snow, followed j
by decidedly lower temperature, winds shifting to j
southwest and northwest and rising barometer during |
the night.
For the I'pper Mississippi and Lower Missouri valleys, |
I clear or fair and decidedly colder weather, with north- 1
! erly to westerly winds and rising barometer.
The Ohio is above the "danger line," at Cincinnati, (
Louisville and Evansvillo, and will continuo to risa I
The Mississippi will reach the "danger line" at Cairo
, during Saturday, and will continue to rise at Memphis.
Cautionary signals continue at Grand Haven and Mil- 1
wanker and at stations on the Atlantic roast from Gape '
j May to tsamly Hook. .
The following record will show the changes In the j
tcm|icrature for the past twenty-four hours, m com- j
puri-on with the convsjionding date of last year, as in- 1 !
dies toil by the thermometer at Hodnul's pharmacy, !
I liM.ai.t) building:? J
1875, 1878, 1875. 1S78
SA.M 26 41 3:80 P. M 34 43
i 6 A. M 26 42 6 P. M 37 40
! ? A. M 28 42 DP. M 36 88
: 12 M 30 43 12 P. M 86 80
Average temperature yesterday 41 >4
Average temperature lor corresponding dato last
year 81 >4
Last evening Meyer Op(>cnbeim, of No. D44 Tlurd ;
avenue, a celebrated confidence man, hung himself in !
his cell In the Hohoksn Police station after being recog- '
ni/ed by a number of bts victims. The following accoudi
of the atlair was given to a HsaaLn reporter by j
Chief Itonovan, of the lioboken police:?This afternoon >
; OCIcer Rahtgen arrested Oppenheim. who was acting
j in a suspicious manner, with two other men. 1 asked :
the officer If one of the men had black whiskers and !
| black mustache and ihe other ' a dyed mus- 1
turbo and dyod hair, and be said "Yes" j
He then returned, by my orders, and arrested
the other men. I telegraphed over to (taper- |
inwudeut Walling to solid over a detective to Identify
the man and he sent Detective Van Genchsen, ,
ia Ks^noht ntiir a Vavr Yorker from
Houston street, who had been swindled by
Oppcnhetm. who recognised him. After be had
liw ii identified jy some Lloboken parties whom be bad
swindled, he commuted suicide with a strap. .When
It was discovered that he Lad hung himself be was
dead. The following are some of his swindles:?
Charles Lens, May &. No. 112 King street. of $210l
K hchacdler, ociokr 23, No. 1(4 West Houston
street, f?MX
Mr Merry, December 14, No. 118 West Thirtieth
street, $92.
Joseph Soheub, January 4, 118lh street, between
Fifth and Sixth avenues, $260.
Among Oppenhsim's papers was found one showing
that he belonged to the French Hebrew Henevoicnt
Association, and paid dues u> the same, a bill, made
I ??? hy James P. Karroll, of No 64 Walter street, for a
1 j ailk faced lace shawl, also papers appertaining to New
York Lodge, A. J. 0. K 8. B., No. 67j
also a license from the Mayor of Newark,'
N. J., dated 1st November, 1874. Cards of aevrral t
business people were found in nia poasrssion, tncludI
lug one from Kocbler of No. 1.27& Third avenue. 1
The body was taken to the Hoboken morgue, (ippen. i
betm has also swindled Mrs W Woerth. a baker's
wits, In the sale of a shawl, and Mrs. 8tntih, of Adams '
street, both of Hoboken.
The two companions of the dead man gave their names
as Justin Ah reus, aged fifty, a native of Htrasbnrg. Germany,
of 369 Kaat Sixty second street This prisoner
said that Oppenbetm was also s native or fttraaburg.
The second surviving prisoner gave his neme as Ueotave
Bernstein, ol No. 46 Fulton street, which is bnhesed
to o s false address The general mode of swindling !
sdopied by this gang la aa followsA and N would go
as purchasers Into a Store and C (<>ppcnbeim 'lbs
crier") would coine and tell some piteous yarn about
I his wife and children being in Castle Harden and having
no money to get them away, and also talk about
Uls rteh relatives and finally ho would aay he
had saved two gold watches which his ntitle had bad
mads or the beat gold, which he must sell at a aacrt- ;
fire. H.a accomplice womd oiler to bay them, bill
managed to make the keeper of the store the purchaser
of on* or both. A very profitable class of t<u*tn
'H WM :?.m rio^hy these wortbte- with bogus troche
aU?u wi.ic.h U. and la uraoriuil wooisn.
thfy city in a fog.
At little r ^er<juak lui evening the A. ih seemed
steam a ^ jj |t was m a cyclopcar. Twrliah bath, and
'S1'1 r jXst rose, which gradually asaumed the con
of a thick and yrt'ow log. At eight o'clock
0. the fog bud n pasty appearance and tbe
-ermouicler wu at 38 degrees. Down among tbo
kicks where tbe shipping Is thickly wedged
i shroud quite -opaque hung over tbe spars and
iggiug and made tbe canvas look even more dirty
mder the yellowish, pinkish and muddy Armament.
There was considerable trouble at tbe different ferries,
ind tbe blowing of the whistles on the boats was as
onlinual and as long aa the conversation of a female
icoldl There was, however, but very little delay in the
rips ol the boats, witn the exception of the
ioosevell strcot (line, which, on accoupt of Its
eagth of route, compelled the pilots to feel
ihoir way very cautiously. In tbe cabins there were a
.lumber of ladies who seemed timid and did not think
hemselves sale until they had stepped on terra fir ma.
At the Jersey City and Hoboken terries there was not
any great interruption to truffle, and at the Atlantic,
South, Fulton and Uraud street ferries tho delay which
resulted only served to mane merriment for those who
waited for the bouts to till their trips.
Tho committee appointed by the Queens County
Board of Supervisors to investigate tbe alleged abuses
on Uarnum Island held its third moctlng at Hempstead,
L h, yesterday.
John Fulcber. who had been employod as baker on
the islam! for lifteen mouths, tostiiied that he had seen
liberies McKay, a pauper, enter tho room of Mary 1'inkbum
by tbe window during tbe night for a period of
live weeks; witness' wife complained ol it to Mr.
Wright; knew of a good deal of bod clothing to have
been destroyed; tho paupers made clothes lrom tho
blankets and sheets; Mr. Wright said they could do so,
as they had no shirts.
Mr. John Anderson, one of tho county superintendents
<>f the poor, swore bo had never heard complaints
from the keeper about tbe inmates misbehaving themselves,
but had heard reporta outside; never heard any
complaints about the supplies furnished to tho hospital;
knew little of the inside management of the hospital,
board the reports in relation to Mary Pinkbam,
and spoke to Mr. Wright about it, but did not bring the
mutter belore tho Board.
Francis Fillet, a carpenter employed on the island,
LCKllUt'd that McKay bad told him that he had illicit
ntercourse with Mary l'inkham ; told Mr. Wright of It;
some of the paupers were good singers and dancers,
and told witness tnat rig tit mid nrougnt mem asnoro
to sing lu the hotel; went ashore with Wright once
when he had n jumper with him; the pauper was
treated, and "iclt jirelty good."
The girl l'inkham was expected to testily, bnt did not
tjipear. McKay, who was in custody, made his escape
on Monday lost, and has not siuco been found.
A meeting of the Eighth Assembly District German
Association was held last evening at No. 77 Essex
street, to discuss the question of retaining the Gorman
language in the public schoola The meeting was addressed
by Hugo Uorsch and John E. UoekeL, who were
in lavor ot the public Bcbools, but wanted the j>eopl?
in the district in which they lived thoroughly instructed
in the German language. A series of resolutions
concerning the Ucrmau instruction in the public
schools was tillered by Coroner Morns Elliogor and
John Sherlock, residing in Kivington street, was
last evening anil convoyed to tlic Chambers Street llocl>ital
In an insensible condition. His recovery wan considered
doubtful at a late hour last night.
Mary Leuz, residing at trie corner of Slsth avenue
ind Seventeenth street,was also taken to Iho Chainbera
street Hospital, having been found sick upon the street,
Stntvirr. J findis. j Jtr.-tL.fUirin OjfFsr.
Republic Jan. 29. Liverpool.. 1>7 ltroadwny
City 01 Antwerp.. Jan. 20. Liverpool.. K Mroadwav
D -untune Jan 29. [London tittBroadway
*t>ain...... Jaiw 29. Liverpool.. OfiBrosOwny
Bolivia Jan. 20. Glasgow... 7Bowuuc ilreen
America Jan. 2b. Bremen. 2 Bowiii.tr i t-eeu
iV isconsiu felt 1. Liverpool.. 29 Broadway
Jhina reh. 2. Liverpool. 4 BowlingGreen
Holland if eh. 3. London .. ,t.k'Broadwav
slaaa K'-b. It IRotterdam 60 Broadway
Kruia.. Keb. 3. Hamburg. 61 Broadway
l'ereire Keb. ! . Havre. 56 Broadway
City ol Brooklyn., Keb. ft. Liverpool.. IMtroaoway
Germanic Keh. f>. Liverpoot.. 117 Broadway
Klysia Keb. 6. Glasgow... 7Bowlinirtireen
Oder Fob. f>. Bremen.... 2 Bowxnw Ureea i
Lgypt I Feb. 5. j Liverpool.. f69 Hroadwav
Montana. Kefs 6. Liverpool.. 21'Broadway |
Bartbia ret, t?. Liverpool.. 41bowitnrilreen t
Wielanil Keb. 10. Hamburg.. 01 Broadway
Ktstcnl 1'lrglnla.. Keb. 1". Glasgow... 72Broadway
City of Montreal... Keb. 12. Liverpool lftBrnadway ;
Celtic. Bet. 12. Liverpool., 117 Broauwav
California. Feb. 12.1Glasgow... 7 Bowline tireen
Donan f ob. 12 IBremen.. 2 Bowling (iroon
t e a r.a. Keb. 16. jf.lven.ool. 4 Itow'tng Green
1'oivmerania Keh. 17. Hamburir.. 61 Broadway
I* Caland Keb. 17. Rotterdam OBroadway *
Adriatic- Kelt 10. Liverpool.. H7Broadway
City ol New Vork l eb. 10. Liverpool. i.'Broadwav
Sulier Keb. 10. Bremen. .. 2'BowlingGreen
Ktliiopia K< b. 10. tilaatrow... 7 Bowling Green
Amerique. Keb. 10 Havre . V> Broadway
Baltic ............. Keh. 2'i, Liverpool.. 37nroaawav
Nevada Keh. 22. Liverpool.. 21'Broadway
Ktete ol Indiana... Kelt 24. Glasgow... 72 Broadway
l/fOtay.. Keb. 24 H an mire. 61 "ro d?sy.
C1t?of Ricnmond. Keh. 2?. Liverpool.. if>Rroaawa>
Idaho Keb. 20. Liverpool. 2!iBro?awur
?*-ngtice to captains op vessels entering
Herald baa adopted a distinguishing Coston night signal for
aae on board the llKitaLD tram yacht, showing while barn*
ing the color* red, green. red. changing from one to the otbor
In aucceeaion, and can be teen several miles distant. Captain*
of vessels, upon seeing this signal, will oblige ns by
t>reparing any marine news tbey may have fer the Ship \
News Department of the llKKALn.
^ Persons desirous of oommunlestlng with vessels arrlw.
ng st New York esn do so bv sddressing to such vessels,
rare of Herald news yacht, pier No 1 East River, New York.
Letters received from all parts of the world and promptly delivered.
Duplicates are required.
Pun n.??B 7 12 | Gov. Island eve 10 179 1
Pun seta S 16 Sandy Hook eve 9 64
Moon sets........eve 6 36 | Hell Gale morn 12 24
port of new york. jan. 28.1s7c. !
Cornwall (Br), Stamper, Bristol Jan 12, with
rnd?e ami uaioenger* to W D Morgan 27th. 210 mile* ea?t
ol Sandy llook, paa&ed *teuu?r Knrnia (Br), houca for
Ll t*r)" '<'1
Steamer Friaia (Oer), Meyer, Hambnrg Jan 12 ria Havre
Jan lii. with mdee and 99 pnesenxer* to Kuahardt A Co.
Aut hored insid" Katidy Hook at a I'M
Steamer Canadian (Br). Miller, Almeria Pec A, Genoa
14th, Leghorn 16th, Trieste 26th, Mswtnt .Kith, Palermo
Jun 7 ami Gibraltar 12th. with (Volt to Heiidoraon Bros
Had line weather to lat 41 lis lou 4W .'>4, from thence W and
KW galea; Jan 21, lat 41 On. Ion 4054, taw a .Norwegian
bark rteering east, (bowing airnala J Kll A.
Steamer Atlaa (Br), Ie>w, Port an Prince Jan A, Santa
Martha luth. Aavanilla 13th, Aeplnwall lSth and Navaeea
22d. with milM and paevengen to Pint, Norwood k Co. Jan
1. lat 29 IS Ion 74 06, on the outward pa???ge. paaaed *chr
Oceaa Unpen, of Greonport. abandon<rd (belore reported).
Bark Nereo O (Ana), Sucieh, Borueaux 40 day*, with indao
to order.
Brig Bedowa. Wallace, Altata, rta Pernamboeo 18 darn,
with dyewood. ke. to K Probat. Paeeed Cape Horn Oct 31,
and crowed the Kqtutor Dec 21. Ion 33; wa* 6 daya north
of Hattera*. with ait-onc Nh and NW wind*.
Brig Robert M ewe (of New Haven), Dearborn. St Pierre,
Mart, 14 day*, with ingar to It Trowbridge1* Son*
Brig Gtrn (ol New Haven), Pierce. Barbado* 14 day*,
with engar. Ac, to D Trowbridge A Co. Wa* 3 day* north
of Hattera*, with "trong NE and NW gale*.
Nehr B J Wlllard (of Portland), Woodbnry, Matanta* 9
day*, with molaaae* to Baatian k Co; vauei to J U Winchester
k Co.
Scbr J D William*. Pearre. Baltimore.
Steamer City of New Bedford. Kiwi, New Bedford fof
New York.
steamer A that roe*. Parte. Fall River for New York.
Scbr Katie J Hoyt, lloaoey, Provident-* for New York.
Rchr Silrer Spray. Chatfield. Thorn avion for New York..
Scbr George H Mill*, Keuniatoa, Marbiehead for New
Sehr S A Falconer, Wilnon, Northport for New York.
Sehr Prank Atkins. Atkln*. Providence for Philadelphia
Sehr Emily, Morrell, Stamlord ler New York.
Pchr Morning Star. lHggimi. Virginia for F?lrharen.
Scbr J F Latigrell. Klorence. Virginia for KairhavaO.
Steamer Republic iBr), Perry, Liverpool via Qoeenalown?K
J Cortia ... . . . ,
steamer Humboldt (Br), Mitchell. Liverpool?Boak k JoPOIli
steamer Spam (Br). Oraea, Llvorpool via Quoenrtoww?r
Steamer Denmark (Br), William*. I-ondon?P W J H?r*'
Steamor Navarino (Br), Bogor*. Bull, B?CbaaL W right k
Steamer Bolivia (Br). Small. Glwgow?Ilenderaon Broa
Steamer Klieabeth, Clark. Baltiuiorv via booth Am boy ana
Camden?W Iiaiaai). , _
ship Ciampa Emilia (Ttal), Jacearino, IJabon?A I
Bar* Kate Caenla (Br), l^ilnon, London?Peabody. WUlla
A o.
Hark Minerva. Themaa. Cork for order*?C W Bertann.
Bark Iirnnnlng Sophia (Nor). Petterien, Antwerp?Bookmann.
Gerlein k Co.
Bark Jupiter (Ger), Strieker. Bremen?Then Roger.
(.Bark Radolph (Gen, Parke, IIaiuborg?Fuuch. Edyo k
Bark Vlttoria M <ltal), De Martlnn, LUboa?Laaro, Storey
k Searpati.
Park Reindeer, Decker, Georgetown, I>em?H Trowbridge'*
itr?* r> m litest* (Br^. flnnter. IUtw?C w Bfftimx.
flchr Yrllow Em*. *>e rich, tilbraiiar *i?ti Jotou ?ltt- 1
k?*n A i:?.
Schr C?rr1l E Woodhar;, Woodbtiry, B%rbidoi?H Trow- i
bHdjre'f Son*.
s< Ur Hubert Bjrron, Dod?)4<obv i3ar*co*?Jb? E Ward A j
t* I
- , *fir '
NtiART 29, 1876?WITH 5
Schr Emms Crosby, Crosby, 81 John, KB?John Buy nine's J
Bohr R A Konjtb, Babble, Stamforo?Stamfoed Manwfactnring
Schr Stmt Burton, Burtej, Stamford?Stamload
turing Co.
Steamer State of Pennsylvania (Br), fur OlasWiw; bark
Ea?i Lomond (Br), London; brig Alice, BalUingre,
Wind at midnight. KNK, light, with dense {TjC.
Barometer at motet, 80.02.
The parser of Uie eteamer Atlae, from Aspinwall, Ac, ltae
oar thanks for favors.
Bakb Uasklls. at Ban Prarciaco Jan SO from Central
America, sprang aleak off the e<iaat of California, and at one
time It waa decided to make for San Diego, ae the had three
feet of water in her bold. The leak waa discovered under
tire mtixen channel* and ?eaa stopped, and the couluiued on
for San Vrancisco, wbeoe the arrived wub the beet part of
her tails gone.
HcngMAur l.urju Jof Westport), WeVaoe, while going
into PurUand bacbor during the snow storm Tuesday night,
went aabore on flreen laland reels, but waa subsequently
hauled off with iuea ef part of (eel and rudder and leaky,
and arrived at Portland 28th.
Sens Siajtkii Deter, of Norwich, now at New London, wae
aotd at aaetlon 27th for A92o ami mortgage on her of H'ti
Win il Tit' in pate ad, of New Loudon, wae toe purchaser.
Scbb R B Tati.ob, Gardner, trora Corpus Chrleti for
, put Into pensacola J an 24, leaky.
Scnn JoBlf D Wiixiau, before reported In eotlidrm Jen
21. K) milea SE of Chlnooteague. with achr Maria A Kliaabeth,
waa from Baltimore lor Now York, With coal.
SellB Atrrwb L, Irom Boaton for Barbadoa, before . reKrted
as having lieen ashore on Knnnd Point and got oH
m reloaded deekload, and ia anchored below Boaton. waiting
a chance to proceed.
A Hbatt Cargo?The steamship Greecent City, Captain
Curtis, of Clyde's Havana line, which arrived at this port
Thuraday last from Havana, had on fralght the largest cargo
ever shipped from that port, consisting of 731 bids, 1,878
boxes, 1.81st bags sugar. 104 tierces bower, 1.023 bales tobacco.
190 caaea cigars and a large quantity of fruit.
Jauksobvillb, Jan 35?The hatches of the ?hr Florida
(O far subdued that the Work of discharging Ui? cargo in
commenced. and ail tho bay, amounting to U) bales, wn
taken out; 1000 barrels of lima, about two-thirds of which
la slsckod, atill reiuatn to be taken out. Tbe fire. which stUl
smoulders, will he smothered with sand aa the wore of
breakingout the cargo proceed*. Tbe owners now entertain
strong hopes of saving the vessel.
WiLMmoTOX, NO. Jan 28?Bark Victor CNorl, Jaeobswn,
from Wilmington, NC. for liotterdarn, tonebnd In tbe channel,
lightened and proceeded to sea without damage.
SmrnciLPiNO?The Portland (lotnpany have contracted to
build three porgj steamers for parties in Boothbny?one of
about 85 tous, the other two of 115 tons each. The hnlla
will be built in the yard of Merrill Brua. hast Leering.
Work has already been commenced.
bat or rrkDV?hbw brcrswick?bracks fiabrob?bstabLISUBKHT
or a LIU11T OR DBRW's fOI.XT.
Information has been received that a lighthouse has been
erected on the western side ot lteaver Harbor, and the light
will be exhibited therefrom on J an 15, 1876.
The tower if square, wood, painted white, with keeper's
dwelling attached, and is 38 feet from base to vane.
The light is fixed white, elevated <45 feet above high water
mark, and visible 10 miles bolween tbe bearings NB Jg N
and through an arc of 70 ileg.
Tbe illuminating apparatus is catoptrlo *
It is intended as a harbor light.
Position?Lat 45 3 45 N, Ion 66 44 W.
There is a good anchorage between the light and tho
bouy, E by N from ft
Bearings magnetic. Variation, 17 40 westerly in 1870.
By order of the Bureau of Navigation.
R H WYMAN. Commodore. U8N. Hydrographer.
(' 8 11 vpKoog.truic Omen, Washington. DC. Jan 14,
8nlp Western Shore, McAllep, from Portland, 0, for
Queeustown, Jr.u 13, off Mendocino.
Bark Pacific (Nor;, (rum Bremen for New York, Jan 18,
lat 28, Ion 60.
Bark Harrison, from San Kranclaco for Burrard Inlet, Jan
18, 1U0 miles SW of Ban Krenctsco.
Merchants, shipping agents and shipmasters are Informed
that by telegruphiug to the 11 ail Aim London Bureau, addressing
"Bennett, No 46 Pieet stroet, London," or to the
Paris oflico. addressing "Bennett, 61 Avonne ds 1 'Opera,
Paris," the arrivals at and departures from European and
SanurA, J an 5ft? Arrived pre vtonaly. bark Virginia L Stafford
(Br), Gurry, New York.
ftaAjKiiiAi, to Jan 27?Ballad, ihlp Mikado (Br). II bury,
Kaw York.
Tabu Bat?Arrived, bark Nonpareil, Plina, Boston.
Dcamt, Jan 28?Hie British brig Laura. Capt May, from
Ball River. SC. which raceotly went ashore near bars, baa
been floated, and I* now in thta harbor.
Artiwwall. Jan tft?In port, aehr* Jonathan May. Neal,
for Trinidad do Cuba, ready; Providence, bice, for I'enaaoola.
CtK-vrraooe, Jan 32?Sailed, aehr Nellie Shaw, Catee,
New York; 2.1th. bark R W Griffiths (Br), Urunmond. do;
bri(t Halifax (Br), Rower*. Halifax; achra Martha. Newman,
New Orleans; 3bah, Thos Sinnickson, lheksraon. Philadelphia;
llorlenain. Larrabre. Huaton.
CABhiutAS, Jail 26?Arrived, achra Rate Oaxffcon, Grant,
Portland; Wm Marshall, Cain, Philadelphia; 27th, bark
Clara K MeOtlvery. W alnnt, Pensarola.
Arrived JiAb. sr.hr V R Raird, May hew, Havana.
Nailed -1 Ah. brig* H S Biahop. Biahop. north of Hatteraa;
1 llowland, Lakeman, do; erhra R 11 11 em man, Herrimea,
New York; Thoa R Pillabory, I'iieher, do.
llavaiiA. Jan 28?called, bark Arettaaa (Bp), Caaao, New
Orleana; brig Thoa Albert (Br), S to art, north of Haltaras;
26th. atnamer iiuaaie. Stowe, Indiaooia; 37th, bark Klvtra
(Sp). Short, St Mary a tie.
Sailed 21 el. bark II D Stover. Pierce. Matanaaa
llaLirax, Jan 27?Sailed, brig Wratwood tBrl, Porto
Sailed 28th, steamer George Cromwell, Baron, New York.
M ittMM, Jen 37?Arrived, eclir W R Houston, Gardner,
Baltimore _ ,
S u'ed J.lh, bark O IV> Zaldo, Miner, r?w rora; nnp
Ktho) Holl.n Br), Bailey, north of HMtwu; Mary C Mariner.
TUromh. do, achra K T Hart, Hart, do; Alloa ? (Br),
Banndera, Charlooton,
Sailed >1.1, achra Fred Walton. Rich. Havana; 30th,
Frlarllla Acribnor, Dalaey. north of Uatterna.
Naraana, Jan 2*A? In port, brirs Rvmaooa, Craig, and Wn>
Robcrtaon, Peak, lor Baltimore, Mg.
PiaaoiM. Doc It?sailed, bark Norway, Matthewa,
Punta Aurns, Jan .V-Arrived, brig Sal re (Br), Johnaton.
Now York.
Hava*illa, Jan IS?Ballad, rchr Witch Uaaai, ftpringar,
Rio llat.hr.
Kastcrn port* of American and all foreign vessel* trading
vitli tbe United State*, tbe *auia will be cabled to this
country froe of charge.
Captains arriving at and falling from French and Mediterranean
port* will find the Pari* office trie more economical
and expeditions for telegraphing news.
Antwerp, Jan 27?Sailed, ship Annie Bingay (Br), We*toci.
Sailed 20th, barks Theodore (Nor), Nielsen, United State*;
Talisman (Nor), Dahler, do.
Bristol, Jan 27?Arilred, bark Alvlngton (Br), Adams,
New York. 0
Barrow, Jan 28?Arrived, hark Do Salaberry (Br), Levitt,
Brums*, Jan 27?Arrived, bark Freltiandel (Ger), Wachter,
Sailed 27th, ships John O Baker, Pennie, Philadelphia;
Britannia (Nor), Grevold, North America; bark* Marls
Kick rue r* (Ger), for New York; liellos (Ger), Zeismer, and
Ada (Br), Crosby, North America; schr Annie Burr, Simpson,
Bormacx, Jan 26?Arrived, bark Grace (Br), Wade, New
Barcelona, Jan 22?Arrired, brig Adoiph Michel* (Ger),
Niemann, New York.
Arrived to Jan 28, barks Gatceran (Sp), Maristmy, fievannah;
Valparaiso (Sp), Rose*, do; brig* Ana (Sp), Carroll,
Charleston; Acanla (Spi, Millet, do; Soils (Sp), Garriga,
do; Caragnena (Sp), Duran, Mobile.
Baiiia, Jno MB?bailed, bark EMnore, Scott, New York.
Castkli.akabk, to Jan 28? Arrived, brig Fidelia, Ncal,
Bnugor, Me.
Dcbun, Jan 27?Arrived, sehr AUtana Rokes, Rhodes,
New York.
Arrived 28th, brig Laura (Br), May, Bull River, 8C (tee
Dunkirk, Jan 27?Sailed, bark Persevcrante (It?D, foe
New York; actr Ooorge Thatcher, Crowell, Baltimore (not
Fausoctii, Jan 28?Arrived, bark Commerce, Elliot, Rata
Arrived In the English Channel 28th, bark Chin Yang
(Br), Bobbins, Philadelphia for London.
Klkktwoou, Jan 27?Arrived, bark Richard Peartc (Br)
Bartaby. New York.
GEKOA,Jan2S?Arrived, harks Francisco Glutei go (ItaO'
Lanro, New York; Riconascinte (Ital), De .Simons, do (before
reported without date).
Havrb, Jan 27?Sailed, bark AUee Roy (BV), MeEensIa,
Charleston; brig Mary Fink. Dyer. Sagna la Grande.
Cleared26th. bark Sirrah (Nor), Halvorsen. United Slates,
Ltvanroou Jan 27?Arrived, ahip City of York (Brt,
Auld. Portland, O; brigs Daphne, Copelaad, New York;
Charlotte (Dutch), Kulper. Charleston; 28th, ship Carrie
Reed, Crowell, San Fspucisco; bark Jardine Brothers (Br),
Nielsen, Charleston.
Also arrived 28th, steamer Lake Noptgon (Br), Scott,
Cleared 27th, bark R A Allen, Farr, United States ; sclir
John C Sweeney, Somen, do.
Lonpoa, Jan 28?Arrived, bark Moaart (Oer), Julicher,
New York.
Lkitil, Jan 28?Arrived, bark Alfred (Oer), Schroednr,
MARvKiLUtN, J an 27?Arrived, bark Mary CIIate iliggina.
New York.
Orosro, to Jan 28?Arrived, bark Hancock, King, New
Pitsotth, Jan 27?Sailed, bark Leif Eriksen (Nor), Mathieaen.
Key West.
QtiKKKSTOWK. Jan 27?Arrived, bark learns (Br), Cochrane.
New York for Liverpool?put In through stress of
weather; 28th. steamer City at Montreal (Bet, Mirebooen.
Liverpool (and proceeded for New York).
Sailed 28th. 10 AM, steamer Celtic (Br), Tbompeon (from ,
Liverpool), New York.
RomnnAK. Jan 20?Cleared, ship Tleleae (Ger), Hash a"
gen. United States.
Rio Jansiro, Jan 26?Sailed, steamer Others (Br), Vearitl.
New York via Rabin, Pernnmboeo, Ae.
Santanpku?Sailed, brig Mary B Rowland, Lawton, New
?7 j -*
i liiJouoi OcirauA DmJ-Ii port bets J I Ford,
St Jioo, Jan IB?Ballad. bark Cbaa V Ward, Gay. On antv
St Johti, NF, Jan 4? Arrired, achra 8 H 8WM. Dnnn,
Now Yark fan<l cleared Uth for 9t Tliomaa) ; 0U>. Arabell,
L??)a!a?MeKa 1^U^obM'UMedina, Mow York;
^a?ra# 17lk, edir Praik Clarke, Morton, Mow York.
Tuhmud. Jan XI?Antral, achr Tboaaa Clyde, Klafaar,
Boat oil
Vicwoaia, VI, Jan 18-8 all rd, erhr Favorite (Br). Honotola.
D*o 4?Aw-tred. barks Vlrtor, Prmd. KumU)
Sicilian. Snow, da (and both eailed Doe 12 for Now York).
ASTORIA. 0. Jan 28?Arrived. ahip Yalparaiao (Br),
Mills, Liverpool via Victoria.
ALEXANDRIA. Jau 27-Atrfvod, whet Carrie llolmoa.
Washington; Belle Uatliday, for Oeorgutuvn.
BOSTON. Jan 28-Arrtrfd steamers Meroua. Berry, New
York; AUentowu, TatAa. Philadelphia; Aries, WbeWoni d<x
brig Grace Latlirop. Atwood Hi Marc .achr Scpouet, wuey.
Virginia. . .
Below?Brig Sophia Cook (Br), Cook, from London via St
Thomas. s
Cleared?Btoamert Siberia (Bi), Harrtmniv Liverp?x>l;
Johns Hopkins, Hallstt, Baltimore^ ship Bonnie Tucker
(new). Roberta, Bombay.
BALTIMORE. Jan j7-Cleared, aehrs A C Lyon, JeflHoe,
New York; Ilenry A 1'aall. Strange, Provide sea.
28th ? Arrived, steamers Geo Appoki, Level sad. Boston;
McClelland, March. Provtdeneo; Josephine Thompson.
Moore, New York; ship Mariboroogh (Br). Monroe. London;
barks Nnovo Dovero (Itai), Cosnpodonieo. Oenoa; Paramount.
Hott. Havana; Jaa keowgy (Br). McDonald. Gloucester,
B. vis Charleston , Bertha (Nor). Hanson, Rio Janeiro;
sehr Florence Dean. Weatgate. Providence.
Below?Steamer Monsvtau (Br), Graham, from Liverpool
via Halifax.
Cleared?Steamer Wra Woodward, Yonng, New ToiktrMp
Wm WDeon, Crocker, Cork; bark Canoesa Madre (Its').
Rooealagitat*. do; Vnawdis (Nor), Lassen. do: Oanning(Br),
kitchener. Rotterdam ; J C WIBiams (Br), Vaughan, Bremen;
Tniako (Oer), Von Tbnlen, do; achr Mary Jura an,
Adams, Manaenilia.
Bailed?Barks Matilda C Smith. Nellie T Cuevt, Clbela.
and Albersine: sehr Addle Jordan.
Went to aea 2ftth, brig Clara J Attains, MtrPadden, far
BULL iUYKR. Jan 35?Arrived, achr Bury (Br). Atlhowe.
HATII, Jan 27?Arrived achr Satilla, Rivera, Barilla
CHARLESTON. Jan 27?Arrived achr Kate D Turner.
Chamberlain, New York.
Hailed?Sara AJMna. Mverpool; brig Adrian (Br), Neva
eastla. E; sohre J W Vaaneraan. Wilmington NC: Paloa.
Shack ford Mats esse; Leonard Danials, Bstoil, Gulf of
28th?Arrived, arbr R K Dresser, Harris. Baraeoa.
Cleared?Bark J W (Br). Curry. 81 Maryn. Oa, to load for
Buenos Ayrea: Putrhet (Hp), Pare*. Barcelona, John Black
Br), Do sue. Havre; Storjuhaan (Nor>, Mertenaen, Rottsrdam.
sailed?Bark Cari Qeorg (Oer). Htoehas, Grimsby.
RDOAJrmWN. Jan 24-Arrived, eelirs Wm Farwell,
Lord New York for Salem; H G Bird Blackington. Rockland
for Norfolk.
2.3th?Arrived, sehr R Arenlariits, Lord New York for Salem.
The n G Bird split Jib and Is hselng It repaired; will sail
mo mine of 28th.
PKKXAJiDlN A. Jan 23?Cleared, bark Skibladner (Nor),
Hansen. Dover,B.
GALVESTON, Jan 27-Arrived, bark Alamo (Oer), Braderhaaeen,
Bremen via Tyboe.
Cleared?Bark RxoelU-nren Bibbers (Swe), Borensea,
OkSrgETOWN. BO. Jam 19?Arrived, sehrs Albert Ma
son. Rose, New Yark.
2:td?Sailed, sdvr Lottie A Annie. MeCready, New York.
MOBILE, Jan 27?Cleared, sciv Harry L \Vhittoa, Rich,
2Hih?Cleared bark Mondegn (Br). Davis. Kingston, Ja.
NEW ORLEANS, Jan 27?Cleared, bark Cbaa-sxe (Br),
Lindgreen, Liverpool; sehr IdaC Bidlard Small, do.
28th?Cleared, barks Lisbon, Dunning, navre; Ephrsim
Williams, Keene, Yarmouth, KB; sehr Etta A Josle, Bunker,
Botrruwiurr Pajw, Jan 27?Arrived barks Yineenso (Ital),
flora Naples; Viator (Nor). Bog. Ipswich, B.
Bailed?Brig Gerhard (Oer), Bremen.
Ship Success, for Havre, and bark Ptmjanb, bonml In, are
aground on the bar.
28th?Arrivad barks Triads (Ant), Tarabochia, Liverpool;
Brage (Nor), Byendfen, New Rosa.
Sailed?Steamer Oberen (Br) ; ship Sabtno.
NORFOLK, Jan 26?Arrived, schrt Samuel Wood Wood;
Thus Van Gilder, Van Gilder, and Mary R Hickman, Robinsun.
New York.
NEW PORT. Jen 20. PM?Arrived, sehr Fashion. Carberry,
Providence for Klisabethport.
Bailcri?Selur Georgo li Mills, Tillotson, Parker's Head for
Statea Island.
2HUi. AM?Arrived, aehr Alfle B Dver, Pawling. Dennisport
for Baltimore; sloop Nellie F Wales, ltoestuer, Providence
for New York.
NEW LONDON. Jan 27?Arrived, echrs John Belch New
port for New York; Nelson Harvey. New Bedford fordo;
Albert Jameson New York for Rockland.
POKT U AM BLR, Jen 18?Arrived. berk Born a Vista,
Lefirren, Honolulu; Victor.Sewyer, Sen Francisco.
Sailed? Berk Ilomvell Spr'agrie, Nardberg, Vellelo.
PORT TOWNSEND, Jen 18?Arrived, ship W ashington
. *iitf PILlXB RI>lb
iboald r>oi ^ ^vTIHAOINO
~Z account3.
Prof WAKE'S ' h
i*. ?77- and m*?y other
*??8 f?' SU?JIT OUTS
avbkaoino sno?L1
In At(lir9l
PRICE. ?? ?
w- r wake * co
PORTLAND, (), J4a *7?Cleared. shtps Bowden (Br),
Edgar. Liverpool; Carlabrooke Castle (Br). Krcebndy,
Halted Kingdom; Dauntless, Chaster, do, bark Abcrcame
(Br). McAntiffa, d?.
i'ENSAOtlLA, Jan 25?Arrived, bark Gen Birch (Nor),
Pedcreen, IAverpool.
Sailed?Ship Westminster (Br), MorHs, Liverpool; bark
Africa (Nor), Mnirbead, London.
PHILADELPHIA, Jan 2S?Arrtved. steamers Saxon,
Snow, Boston; Regulator, Honors, Providence; F&tilta.
Howe. New York; barks Autonietto (Ger), Kineuaw. Bremen;
Snmineren. lVderwti. Gloucester, E; Matbilde, Bordeaux;
Dido (Bus). Bank. Belfast; A sow (Nor), Cckermano, Itotterdam;
schr Preemsn, McKensie, Prorinqptown.
Below?Setir Florence Shay. Van "Heal. from Palermo.
Cleared?Steamer Kenilworth (Br), Prowse. Liverpool;
brig Moaet Day, Cronby, Havana; eehr Geo 11 Bent, Smith,
Sailed?Ship Jacob Y Troop (Br), New York.
Ktsunu, Del. Jan 2R, AM?Passed down yesterday,
bark Samuel Welsh, for Bristol. Bark Be rag (Aus). for Cork
or Palmoirth. and scbr Kate Kotntuell. anchored off here last
night and left this AJd. Pawed down this morning,steamer
Noon?Passed down this AM, bark Meridian, for Bremen.
PM?Paaaed down thia PM, ship Maria Stoneman (Br),
for DuM inPassed
ap?Schr C Ii Baylls.
Law ice, Del. Jan 2rt, I' M?Schr* E D Bndicott, and J B
Sampson went to sea at 2 I'M. A brig, supposed the 8agua,
from Sagua, passed In at noon, and a deep bark at 2 I'M.
Wind soath.
PORTLAND. Jan 26?Arrived, schr Badle WIMcut. Parker,
Boston (ami sailed for Rorkport, to lead for Penoacola).
Sailed?Srhrs Arthur Burton. Mahaska, and J J Moore.
2Rth?Arrived, steamer Caspian (Br), T rock a, Liverpool;
ar.hr David 11 Tolck, Sawyer, da
Cleared?Steamer Bermuda, for Halifax; bark Golden
Sheaf. Thompson, Greenock ; scbr Wm Mason. Wilmington.
PROV.IDKNCK. Jan 27-Arrlved, schrs Clara Kteteher.
Sargent, New Orleans; Wm N Leaner, Egbert, fort JohnSmiled?Srhrs
Gee WWhitford. Bryant. Ponce. PR: Ell
Towusend, Nichols, New York; sloop Fred Brawn, Wilson,
At the head of Long Island Sound 26th, PM. bound east,
brig Helen A Holmes: schrs Rachel Jane, Clara Palmer,
Dart, and SparteL
Bailed from Dutch Island Harbor 26th, schrs Loalsa Birdsail
Barrett, Boston for Baltimore; Bonny Boat, Keller,
Parker's Head, Ms, for Stolen Island.
RICHMOND, Jan 26?Arrived, brig Marianna I (Port),
Des Msrces, New York; schr Lena M Cottinghaui, Outten,
SAN FRANCISCO, Jan 20?Arrived, ship War Hawk,
Doyle, Port Discovery; barks Gaaelle (Col), Wilkins, La
1 IKapAa/I' Nrwili wnsl Vaviiham Port M aitinnn Sninima
Newberry, Departure Buy.
Cleared?Berk Villc da Temple (Kr), Pliesea, Punta Arenac
hrtg Sea Walt, llastorf, Portland.
Sailed?Bark Ida P Taylor, Din. Callao: ar.hrt Alexina
(Hex), Alaaeoo, La Pea; Lovet Peacock, Weeks, San Joae
de Guatemala.
2Htb?Arrived, ablp Sydney Dacrea (Br). Blake, Liverpool.
8EATTLR, Jan 17?Arrived, bark* Jenny Pitta, Blinn,
Ran Francisco; Montana, Tattle, do; brig Levi Steven*.
Hall, do; IKth. bark Aureola. Catbcart, do,
SAVANNAH, Jan 38?Arrived, ft earner Leo, Danlela,
Nassau, NP; bark Sacnenay (Br). Forbes. Liverpool; actira
Wm R Drary. Hondersoa, New York; Daniel Pieraon, Pierson
do; John N Parker, from Richmond.
Cleared?Barka J B Newcotnb (Br). Neereomb. Liverpool;
Colonist (Br\ Beynnn, Darieu; arlirs J A Brown, for Cardenas;
J W Drtiry, Snow, Brunswick, (la.
Hailed?Steamer Cea Rarnea, Cheese man, New Tork;
aehrs Karl P Mason, Mckerson, Providence; LUa Babcook,
Baboock. Baltimore.
8TOMINUTUX, Jan 27-Arrived, schr Swaan K Naab, Appletnan,
Poit Johnson.
Hailed?Srvhn Cberub, Fletcher (from New Tork), Bangor;
Jennie C Rnaa (from New London*, New York.
WILMINGTON. NC. Jan J7-Cleared, bark Tltanla (Nor),
Hansen. Liverpool; hrlpi Jarlen (Nori. Rominrlhoff. Nassau;
Hoskummaran (Nor*, Wabl, I/onduo, i'ttia (Nor), Tborsea.
A." ?
fir ?~~$UVA? j|
_ ^
rlt'oi vo r.c ks 6btai*kd kro'sr dipferj
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FREDERICK KINO. Luwyrr. No. 0 St. Murk's pinoe.
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JANUARY 21, 1*78.
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227 800 9674 3UO 187lS 300 >7740 ' <?,3
258 a*J 9728 300 1872Q 3Ui jTNa 2 2
397 .300 9757 SOO 18808 aw 278 43 "'*3?T
517 300 9777 JKW 18823 a?i 27861 *?v
545 300 9803 300 18843 WW 27872. ao
649 aw 9919 aw 18861 600 27876.. ""kn?
568.. .. aw 9663 aw 18867 30O 27-.811
565 3(W 10101 300 18895 3CO 27946 30S1
610 aw 10138 300 18904 :?w 27969 ax>
656 300 10163 ....WW 18920 .300 28(21 SOT*
71 0 SOO 10332 3U1 18970 .500 28115 a**
71 1 aw 10351 300 liWIT 300 281.3 ,KO
716 300 10386 300 19204 300 281.55 3(*>
723..?.?*( 1W37 WW 192'W 500 26169 101?
754 30<> 10513 SOU 192<W 300 28196 a?
763 aw 1(622 300 19278 500 26220 SO
802 800 10575 800 19281 300 26285 .WO
859 300 10628 .300 1930S ?< 28297 SOO
895 300 l"6a> 300 19306 300 28322 30O
921 aw 10647 300 19432 SCO "28356 SOO
1001 300 10725 300 19493 500 2K183 SO
1040 aw 10728 aw 19563 300 28511 SU
1138 aw iora? aw 190*1 . looow jxyjo 3<w
1138...?.aw 10752 300 |9<?4 300 38532 3<*J
1200 WW 10770 300 19714 500 28.44 Wtf
1297 50O 10778 300 19731 WW "28561 30f
1315 aw 19606 500 19753 300 28564 ad
1430 300 10866 ...1001W 19773 WW 28.567 504
1459 3WJ 10909 300 19794. 300 28.579 ??
1524 aw 10905 WW 19016 3.W 28.(28 30fl
1649 501' 10997 30O 19939....,.300 286.52 ?<j
1651 300 11030 300 lllMil 3Ul> "28700 301
1696 Jew 11040 aw 20093 aw 28733 Sod
1704. 300 11051 WW 20127 WW 28?ti0 WW
1750 aw 11062 aw 20158 :wu 288.56 JOfl
1799 3U0 11U54 50O-JUI69 500 26885 300
1827 300 11005 aw 2U2I1 500 26964 .ad
18811 300 11117 WW "J0251 500 28971 .30(1
1H08 aw 11123 aw 2U299 300 29057 50fl
1950 300 11137 300 20312 300 "29062 ad
2012 300 11298 30O 20313 1000 29150 50fl
2062 WW 11332 WW "30319 300 29257 a 4
2067 aw 11362 aw 20327 300 29292 WW
2ll5...?..300|ll4(W 300 20342 300 29370 ad
2161 300(11413 aw 20390 3U0 29387 3oq
2199 300] 11418 50\> 20523 300 29417 Il*g
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2387 SOU 11464 30u .-o?4.t SUU 288.% 5og
2437 -300 11481) 3tU J0672 SKXi 29000 ?JU
2458 3UO 11577 *X> 20718 50U 29081
2495 300 19574. 3U> 207-25 3?) 29883 500
250U. 300 11719 500 Ml776 300 29729 50S
2537 30O 11740 300 20849....*.300 29738 504
2508 5400 11770 30O 20803 3"0 -9613 90ti
2585 5W0 llHIO 3UU 21)911 300 29907 5404.
258 6 300 11826 50O 209854 800 29900 .SOU
2613. 500 11848 300 20994 300 .44)027 34.?
2697 1000 11079 30O 21032 300 3OO60 54.*]
2707 300 1199 ) .300 21066 34X' 5XM33 ?.*)
2720. 300 19004 J00 21087 3U0 .10179 ..'*0
2756. 3UO 120O5 50U 21115 300 30201 3UU
2860 5400 1204U....50000 21120 5100 30217 5(*]
2870 300 12099 300 21177 300 30233 54*1
2904 300 12118 300 21261......300 540258 3**1
2924 300 12138 300 21263 300 30963 ?*1
9907 300 12207 1000 21377 30O 4)277 3UU *
3008 500 12310 300 21380 5(JO 54)304 500
3048. 300 12373 .">00 2)386 30O 30395 30U
3097 300 12394 300 21408 300 510450 54001
3100 30U 12442 300 21427 30o 30500 54O0
3186 500 19465 3O0 21477 300 30506 5oU
3931 3UO 12475 300 91608 300 30564 SOU
3239 30O 12492 300 21795 300 30710 3UU
3255 5400 12588 306 21838 3<X' 540727 SOU
3275 ....1000 12689 3U0 2X868 300 510735 300
3308 5304 4 12710 300 21915 300 5407448 300
3323 5400 12713 300 21953 SOU 30779 3001
?328 300 12715 3U> 21984 300 54)810 300
3340 300 12723 500 222U2 300 30811 300
3361 30O 12774 300 22215 50UO 30806 5O0J
384 5400 12824 1000 22259 300 54<J8y8 300
3432 3U0 12840 300 22290 300 30035 3U0
3459 3()U 12862 300 22358 5400 30947 300
3470 SIX) 12914 3Uu 22419 300 39979 3oJ(
3553 3U0 12926 5400 22458 300 540999 304X
3700 300 12942 3UU 22464 500 31011 .54 *X
3747 3UU 12947 310 22471 300 541045 304*
3769 300 12957 300 22482 lOUo 31054 -3001
3772 506 13008 300 22502 30O 31058 3.?
381 3 SOU 13048 300 29600 50u .11099 31**
3814 500 13140 300 29694 301) 31144 500.
3908 300 13265 300 29741 540O 31151 50?
381 5 5400 1512'.9 50O 22.'u6 5400 3118i 540?
31449 300 133<)7 ?*) 92709 lOUu 31208 K*?
3970 300 13324 SOU 22853 5O0 .41241 3U?
4079 xooo 1513544 300 22919 54U- 541248 34?
4235 300 13353 31X) 22930 500 .113o7 3<?'
4279 3UO 13447 30U 22943 500 '41337 30l*
4278 30U 13189 lOUU 22944 1UX) 31343 34?
4313 54JO 13.536 5041 22950 500 541355 3IIO
434 2 W?> ix>37 31?' 22964 30J 31386 ?V
434 3 300 13530 300 22980 300 3143ft 30?
4383 '"OO 13343 300 23002 3(JO 31430 UUOl
4420......3U0 1.^500 300 33011 300 31523 30?
444" 300 13001 SOU 230:41 300 31552 3tO>
4583 3m I 13011 3O0 23120 10U0 31031 3m>
4080 300 13020 300 23178 :!U> 31040 31?
4082 3UO 13717 500 23247 300 31000 3Ht*
4783 ....30O 13723 300 23288 30W 31*00 3<JO
48.13 500 13784 300 23280 :? 31730 ....6l??>
4877 3UO 13808 300 23288 300 31707 300j
4883. 300 13817 3UU 23285 300 31775 30?
4WO 3UU 13819 30U 23312 300 31797.. ....301*
5116 3UJ 1386ft 3U0 23334 300 31.807 5U(W
5189 300 13907 3U0 23341 300 31830 300*
5215 3UO 13942 3W> 23344 300 31H37 8UO
625S ftOO 14054 300 23410 300 32010 3UQ<
5284 300 14955 300 23415 300 32<?48 3uM
6281 30O 14008 300 23502 300 32056 3"?'
5328 3UO 14090 300 23581 500 32101 31**
5332 300 14183 300 23594 500 32146 ?0
5387 300 14252 3UU 238.52 509 32177 30?
5375 300 14289 300 23758 300 32213 3?)( I V
5445 300 143U0 3U0 23814 300 32374 5UO?
5511 3JO 14385 3141 23822 3UO 32447 3004
5618 ftOO 14427 500 23854 50O 32555 3<OJ
5585 ?0U 14438 300 23881 300 32586 SOQ{
5599.... 300 14441 500 238M7 300 32589 3oOI
5828 3U0 14941 .500 23879.....10<*> 32855 JOOi
5850 300 14628 31*1 23908 300 :12675 3uM
5724 300 14880 300 23932 SUO 32083 3m*
5730 300 14674 300 240.19 500 :12708 HuOt
5874 31.1 14731 3UO 24071 300 32719 3tK>'
5887 3011 HTOo 300 24153 300 32811 1UO.
5931 3ou 1471*5 H**l 24166 30O ;?.N?e 30<X
5939 SOU 148)5 3UO 24211 300 32082 3u#j
t)U21 3(A) 14837 AX) 24210 800 -42877 SuO.
6101 3O0 148A) ?IO 24241 500 38010 3)06140
MX) 148814 300 24200 300 33(128 SUO-i
0185 300 14888 3U0 24313 300,43 .>30 3(A*
6224 30O 14071 30O 24343 3U0 3300.8 3o0
6240 300 14072 3O0 243144 3UO 33110 3UIA
6275 )OU 140.*5 3U> 24407 3(X) 3327.. 30UB
6300 30U 15023 300 24435 300 33288 5(A1?
6457 30U 15463 3UO 2440ft 30U :13381 3U#,
6503 300 15(60 3UO 24-4? 3UU 33450 3.0'
6548 3U0 15*100 300 24530 300 33536 30?
6618 1000 15008 300 24723 ?l> 14.538 3UO=
6657 3UO 151O0 50li 24737 804.' 33554 50#.
6683 3047 15125 300 24703 3UI 33570 3u<H
671)4....250U0 15150 50Oi248l4 SOU 33.571 5-Or
6730 500 15242 504.) 24835 300 33J97 3<0?
0768 300 15208 3UO 24846 300 33630 3CAM
6702 3(A) 15425 301) 24854 31A) 33644 3U0?
6836 300 15482 30O 24885 300 33811 36#
6072 300 15610 30). 25048 34JO 3.48f>6 3d#
7037 300 1568!) 5(X> 35111 3(A) 33863 3UO.
7ti56 300 15707 3(A) 2513 ) 3U0 :4.<:?44 ftoOt
7131 6(A) 15782 3(A) 25164 300 (40IA) 30#
7146 800 15827 300 25208 300 36)18 30#
7144D 3(A) 15K13 3(A) 25252 .luoo 34.>40 30#.
7240 5(A) 158456 3(A) 25253 800 34(16.3 30f?
72144 3(A) 16.A52 3(A) 25266 3(AI 34U92 AAA
7333 30(1 l(j()70 3*A. 25312 8(A)134106 ((#
7344 500 16122 5C0 25164 3(A) 34170 3U# ,
7406 301 1612ft 3(A) 25404 ?X> 54212 5 #
7424 3'AJ 16155 300 2.5443 .'3*. 34238 30#.
7425 300 16353 300 25573 34AJ 34.184 3(0<
74.50 SOU 16426 300 25660 3(A) 34402 30#)
7645 30u 16528 300 25720 3U) 34440 AO
7562 800 16645 SOU 25731 3UO 34446 !HM?
7500 l'JOU 16678 800 25744 3(A) 34431 3(A?
7645 34> * 16734 5<A. 25803 30O .147.56 ?"tt
7654 30() 10743 3UI. 25827 8(?) 14610 3"J?
7705 34A. 16746 *AJ 254447 )AA' .14634 ik4K
7844 ,...30o 16752 3UO 258(A) 3(X> 34636 3u#
7865 .....KA' 16708 llAA) 25018 80U 34678 :*Oi
7886 300 16811 304. 25! H. 4 300 34706.. ..2804.4*
70(14 ....300 144852 300 25064 Sou 84.67 3tO?
71.12 SUO 16H68 SOU 20021 8U> ;14778 3(AA1
6015 3UU 17- 66 80O 26033 3(4. 34867 SOW
8120... . 800 17K)8 300 2004*. .. .300 H0.1l- ;AA0
8135 8(A) 17113 ...-.1000 26U52 3(A) 341*43 3()0'
8307 500 171(18 300 260(48 300 34801 8004
8387 SUO 17177 3(A) 2(4064 .AX) 35012 S00<
8431 3(A) 17181 llAA) 26103 ltAAJ 35<?35 8<0
8448 300 17185 300 26121 3(A) 3XJ38 3U>
8458 300 171KW SOU 26120 #X> 35091 30#
8461 300 17226 A A) 2H130i... ..300 35130 ^40#4
846:1 10#) 17231 3UU 26142 300 35137 3IO!
8633. 300 1X402 3#) 26190 3(A) 35158 A.A?1
8681 500 17522 *A) 26*29 3U0 .35175
8684 5(A) 17:467 3UU 26368 300 35184 AW
K.'l5 300 17477 ....5#W 26427 3#) 47?336 :?X?
8702 8UO 17507 30(> 2(4472 3#' 35383 3U(*
89.47 . 1U4XI 176U7 3UU 2B556 300 85.ll4 7400T
8975 300 17U30 300 20623 SOU 35?55 300*
89?J a*) i787u auo jetHi :*? jfv,9i a.a.
ouoa. 3oi>j 177^3 aooi367ia hou .*>071 ;?oi
?CH4 3UO 17751 300 JUKIl 300 35696 .vo
9052 50u|17786 3UU 26871 3U0 35723 l'?0
94*?l 30 17853 300 20911 300 35735 3?*
9139 300 17H7U **) 20947 300 36937 3uO
9173 300 17?*0 30W 27*C45 ?W :i5o.>3
9191 5UU| 17974 ?*> 27(>41 300 36802 .hop
9190 SJU 19004 ??> 27UM6......3UU 35979 :**"
0210 auul lnuun aoo 27190 .>ou
9214 300 19093 ;?A) 27216 300 .15910... . llJUM
9297 3UU 19106 3UO 27223 3UO ,1.038 3U0K
9337 300j 10319 30O
Jfe Pri*? uVok /*. ion. | Af* Priak
I 6KXX00L 19090... .5500 Al"W??lo 55.000. ^
i 19o83. ...5500 ulrin. 73214 $ i O
! 19093 500 550,000. 34705 $500 .12210 3u3
i 19904.....800 12939 .... 500 44707 500 31729 3001
I 19095 ftOO 12041 50u 11731. ...^OM
, 19696 500 17470 ?<U
( 19687 5U? 5fc.3M Siaooa 17478 .3uft
, 19099 5*M 0703 500i 109.75 .* *)|
19889.....500| O7o5 500| li*>57 3uO|
Nrxl drawing Ppbrtiiry 5.
Prt?i rnahoJ Inl'erinailnn tarnished.
'1 AY Lull A CO.. Ranker*.
No. 11 Wall si root.
I ^?KK. CA.su EL HoKYS NEW ?I?RY~ " ^
*f?. CASUAL noET.
anther uf "A House of Cards." Ac., Ac,, t
jrill rommencod in
9U.m>AI ubiUikiHi.
iThn new production i?f iu (fitted author if a Ktorr la wfc'efc*
the my?teriout and iho real are to artfully blended that thdj
intrreel hei*titeni with each to oce salve chapter, ilrlkinfl
I every note ot hope, despair, happtaeaf and misery that tha)
! human heart vibrates n>.
! To morrow's HL'NDAY MERCURY will alto contain a*
I Iramenee variety of choice original literature.
1 eer. Tee Coffee and flour Dealer. New Vorhart an^
i everybody call and *ei bar Kama 9W Veeey -u
N?w Ton*. Jen JflJiJ
Thlt company hae resumed bnaineea, belli* placed in eoti^
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Tariff reuiaiat the earn a _ _ _,
I Buaruiteadcuk.

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