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Vtreet These gathering! ere eo crowded tbet overflow
meetings are held id the lecture end Sunder school
rooms of the cnurchis. Much lnteteat is msniiested In
theae meeting!, a! is evident by the number who Uke
jiarl la them.
Jbe Stork Mnrket Attire and Higher?A Fresh
Heal in Western Serurities.
Jloney on Call Loans 7, 5 and 4 Per Cent?Foreign
Exchange Firm?Government Bonds
Strong?Investment Securities
in flood Request.
Wall Stikt, I
Friday, Jan. 28?0 P. M. j
Old fashioned medical practitioners, when they were
hot certain what ailed their patients, made up a bolua
In which a variety of drugs were combined, with the
hope that if the chief hygienic culprit could not be exbelled
there might he some other lurking thief of
It malady which one specific Ingredient would
capture. It they could not cure a fever they could cure
(its, and to demonstrate their ability our medicine men
?f the old Bchool/flrst produced paroxysms which tbey
could manage, and then pitched into the fever, which
they could not. Tbey had this assurance, however
that, whether the result was to be kill or cure, tbey hat!
gl least gained a reputation (or skill at tho outset of tbo
Stock jobbing physicians have been exhibiting their
bake Shore pill to the public for many weeks past, until
tho patient, blind to its merits, in familiar parlance no
longer sees it. ,Ii has been sugar coated and even
(ikied, but outsiders are getting tircu of the
Rostrum which, in view of their bank accounts,
is as llkoly to prove a drastto aperient as
?. healthy stimulant, and accordingly will have
tone of it lli-.neo Lake Shore remains a
drug upon their hands from which the market has gone
way. Still our venders of the I-ike Shore specific
faave no Inclination to rctiro from practice, empiric
though it be, and lor tho day or two past, 1 ko the doctors
we have referred to above, have been mixing their
medicament with' "'sweet marjory" and other toothsome
herbs to make the dose less nauseous.
The common aud preferred slocks of Northwestern
and St. Paul, Ohio and Mississippi, with a little Rock
Island, to maka the "mixtnre thick and slab," are the
components of this new modicine which the suffering
public is invited to take as a cure-all for their malady
of impecun osity.
Like all other quacks, these professional stockjobbing
Pulcamarras. bv an assiduous thumping at the big
iuurvi yesieruay:?
Advanc*.,?Central and Hudson, %; Michigan Central.
la; Ohio and Mississippi Hi Pacific Mail 1; Rock
Island, %j St. Paul, H; Wabash, *; Union Pacific, >4:
Western I'uion, , New Jersey Central, H; Hannibal
and Si. Joseph preferred, HUacLisa?Delaware,
Lackawanna and Western, H*
Erie Hi ha*? Shore, Hi Northwest, Hi prslorrod,
Hi Eric, in London, *.
Statiorasy.?Atlantic and Pacific Telegraph, Hannibal
and St. Joseph. Harlem, Panama, Quicksilver, 31
Paul preferred, A 06 Iiutrlot of Columbia bonds and
After lending up to 7 per cent, money on call waa
rreely supplied at 4 and 6 per cunt On government
10llatural.s the rato was about 3 per cunt Foreign exchange
was quiet and steady, with prime asking rates,
I86a4.89>,, and aelllng rates 4.86* 83* snd AMH ?
L89; rotebmarks, 96* a96Hi cables, 97 a 97H; prime
Taria, V13S a 6.11*.
tim gold mark it.
Gold opened and closed at 113, with sales in the interim
at 113*. The rates paid lor carrying wore 4, 3,
IH, 6 rifatt 4* pcf cunt
operations or tbi gold xxchanoi bask.
Sold balances $1,043,386
Eur^oncy balances 1,313,739
kross clearances 21,000,000
** clkakiku dot'Sa btatkmk5t.
Currency eicbanaus $57,113,773
Currency balances 8,310,990
Hold ettchaugea 4,741,991
1iold 657,079
tub UaiTKO stats.* tllsasust.
The Assistant Treasurer paid out to day $27,000 gold
n account of Intercut and $186,000 in redemption or
Ive-twenty bonds. Advices from Washington report
revenue receipts to day, $400,000; customs receipts
$200,000; bank notes received, $800,OOOi The fol.
owing are Treasury balances at the close of business
to dayCurrency, $8,760,000; coin, $72,000,000; less
torn certiiicaics, $34,750,000. %
thi roasiox mark*?.
The Ix>nuon advices report consols X per eent lower,
snd l otted States bonds Oryt. Erie declined to 18?tf
or common and SI a 32 lor the preferred. The rate of
liscoent in I hempen market for tliree months' bills la
l,H -Si. which u H a H per cent below the Bank of
[agland rate, Which Is 4 iter cant. Money at the Stock
txrnrnngvj w?"iea ml J per Milt 00 government
rcurttle* To day Is eltlmg day at the Stock ?xibaage.
The following are late prices:?Console,
noney, M a I**; do., account, M<<; IMi bonds,
|M, 10?r<; 1MT bonda, lOOtf a 100*; ten forty
^oadt 107? alOTK; new Area, 106 \ a 106*; Erie,
drum und chanting praises In lavor ol their wares, or,
In other words, in the distribution of a few points hero
and whispered advice there, have enticed the trading
market Into interesting themselves in their enterprise.
By this moans a good, strong market has been made
for the Westorn stocks particularly, and the entire list
has felt the beneficent effect.
Although, us a whole, the share list may be quoted as
exceedingly firm throughout the day, yet at the eud
prices showed a disposition to yield under a deslro to
' alize, sellers being many and buyers low. Ohios finished
as first favorite In point of advance and sticking
to prime figures at the end, but almost all the other
actives closed at or beiow opening prices.
A rather vnguo report that tho Supreme Court derision
in the Granger casos was to be unfavorable to tho
railroads may have had some effect upon the Western
stocks, but the real cause is more likely to be found in
the fact that the market, unlike a salad in a French
restaurant, is none the better for boinc fatigued.
Aggregated 214,700 shares, which were distributed
among the active stocks as follows.?Now York Central
and liudson. 1,917; Erie, 11,800; Lake Shoro, 20,300;
Cleveland and Pittsburg, 285; Northwestorn, 22,000;
to. preferred, 7,200; Rock Island; 11,375; Pacific Hail
14,260; St. Paul, 15,000, do. preferred, B.750; Ohios,
10,600; Western Union, 22,436; Wabash, 2,300; Union
Pacific, 2,0o0; C , C. and 1. C., 8,500; Missouri Pacific,
2,500; Michigan Central, 2,650.
Che following table show* the opening, highest and
lowest prices of the day:?
Oprnina. Highest. Lowest.
>iew York Central Ill* 112 111*
partem 135* 136* 136*
trie 17* 17* 16*
LakeShoro 67 * 67 * 67*
Wabash 6* 6* 6*
Forth western 42* 4:t 42*
Forthwostoru preferred... 63* 64* 62*
Kock Island 108* 109* 108*
Pittsburg 93 * 93 * 93*
Mil. and St Paul 41* 42* 41*
IdlL and St. Paul preferred 76* 77 76*
Ohio and Mississippi 22 * 23 * 22*
Few Jersey Central 107 * 107* 107*
Pel, Lack! and Western.. 118* 118* 118*
I'nion Facilic 70* 71* 70*
C., C. and 1. C 5* 6* 6*
Western Union 77* 77* 77*
Atlantic and Pacllic Tel... 20 * 20 * 20*
I'ici&c Mail 38 39 * 38
Panama 133 133 133
cnosisu pricks?3 P. M.
Pacific Mail.. 36* a 39* MllAStFpf . 76 a 76*
Wast fa Tel... 17* a 77* C, C.L'4 1 7 ? 67*
AtlAPeclei. 2ii* h 2o* C. C a 1 C 5* s .*
*uiokiilver. .. 17* ? 19 l>el, L a W. ...119* a 116*
Caickailver pf. 23* a 26 Krie 10* a lb't.
Mar L A M 9* a 0 IIan A St Jo . 21* a 22*
Mar LA II pf. 0 a 9*' Man A stjopf 32* a 33
AdamsKx 104* a 106 Lake aiiurc.... 07 a 07*
American Ex.. 60 a .'.9* MlchOen 01* a 01*
L *Kx 61* a 02 K 1 A liar 136* a 136*
We Ua-Far John t-j* a KS* N Y C A 11 It 111* a 112
Chic A Alton . 1U5 a 100 A J Ceo It>7 a 107*
C le? A PltU. . 93* e Kl* Ohio A M!e?.... 23* a 23*
Chi A N W ., 4.* a 42', Panama 133 a 136
Chi A N W of . 02* s 66 7el a Wab . .. B a 6*
CblAKI. . .KB* a K 8* I'nion Pa.:. ... 70 a 70*
Mil A M P. ... 41* I 41* MUnnuri Pac . 13* a 13*
fbe following were the closing prices, compared with
I5V; Erie preferred, SIX * ?2. Rentes are we*^ *
6d? 66c,; exchange on London 2&f. 13c
ooexaKMKNT Boaoa.
Peculiar i a ureal la connectei with this depar tment'y
of Investments. While cable despatches Indicate sales
lor export In Europe of some of the classes thai are 1
most in demand on Ibis side, a ready market is found
area before ibeir arrival, and our largest Insurance
companies and banking instltitions are among the
buyers. Chief among the favcrites are the coupon :
bonds oflsM, ot 1867, and the ntw fives of 188L We i
are Informed that the supply fiom the other side Is ^
weakening as the result of the strour Durcbasiar 1'
power that bu been elicited here, and that loroign J
investors are appreciating llw fact that when ^
America thua leads in confidence tbey can 4
well afford to hold for higher figures The j
following are closing quotation*:?United States cur- 4
rency sixes, 124# a 125; da da, 1881. registered, 121# i
a 121#; da do., do., coupon, 121# a 122#; do. fire- 2
twenties, 1804, registered, called, 114#; do. da, do., j
coupon, da, 114#; da da, 1805, registered, 118 a ?
118#; do. da, do., coupon, 118 a 118,"a; do. da, 3
do., new, registered, 119# a 119#; do. do., da, }
coupon, 119# a 119#; da do., 1867, registered, 122 a 4
122#; do. da, do., coupon, 122 a 122#; do. do., 1868, t
registered, 122# a 123#; do. do., do., coupon, 122#
a 123#; do. ten-forties, registered, 119# a 119#; da
da, coupon, 119# a 120#; da fires, 1881, registered,
116# a 117#; da do., do., coupon, 118# a 118#.
In State bonds, New York registered bounty loan 4
sold at 104# a 104, and District of Columbia &66's at
69# u 69#. The rest of the market was neglected.
These sold as follow*:? American Exchange, 414#'; 2
Merchants', 118#; Continental, 79; Central National, &
100; North America, 100. a
Investment securities are firm. Keck Island rose *
from 10S# a lit New Jersey Central sold at 107 s
106#, New York Central at 111#, Illinois Central at
90, Fort Wayno at 101#, Morris and Essex at 102#,
Cleveland and Pittsburg, 93# a 93#; Chicago and Alton, 1
104, and Adams Express, 104#'.
Tlio imports of dry goods at tho port of New York lor e
the week ending to-day wrrv $1,802,737, and the amount 1
marketed $1,983,185. The total imports of dry goods "
at this port since Jauuary 1 were $7,818,099,.and tho ''
total amount marketed (7,860,103. >
This market was especially firm and business well distributed.
The changes were In some case suggestive i 1
and important. Chicago and Northwest consolidated I ;
coupqn gold Donda led in point of activity and advanced
to 91, with a subsequent reaction to 90 1-3 and a re- ;
covery to 90# ; do. registered rose to 90, and consoli- i J
dated plain to 102#. Milwaukee and St. Paul was j '
its onH snlrf a? QQL a OOl' t,ir T.? HpnuBA J
1 division, 90J, u 91 for I. and M. division and 84 for
consolidated sinking fund. Hannibal and St. Joseph eon- ;
vertlble advanced to 86)4. There was a brisk demand
for the Paciflc issues, which sold at 102)4 a 102?4 for ^
Union firsts, 10074 for land grants, 105^ for Centrals '
and 931 j for San Joaquin branch. Harlem coupon 1 ,
firsts advanced to 11714; C., C. and I. C firsts rose from ;
55 to 67; Canada Southern firsts advanced to 70)4 and ' j
Chesapeake and Ohio firsts to 31, both coupon on.
The following are the latest items from San Fran- . :
Cisco about mining and treasure muveiuonta:?
The exports of treasuro from San Francisco last j
week to China amounted to $147,045, and to New York
$414,347. Chollar l'otosi Mining Company levied an
assessment of $5 per share, delinquent February 23. >
At annual meeting of California mining company i
511,375 shares were voted. The directors for the ; '
coming year are:?Hon. 8. Heydcnfelt, J. C. Flood, W. !
J. O'Brien, R. H. Fallls and H. Williams. Total receptt
from ore raised, $458,061. The company contributed
$218,092 towards sinking the joint C. and C.
shaft last year. In Mariposa Tunnel the gold vein has
increased in width, and carries double the former :
amount of gold. The diamond drills bave penetrated
the north end of an ore chimney. W. S. O'Brien bos
been elected director of Sierra Nevada Mining Company.
The Consolidated Virginia bullion shipments
i amount to nearly $100,000 per day.
VIStXG stocks. 1
The following quotations arc furnished by Kiernan*3Financial
Gould k Curry 22 Eureka G. V 3 I I
Savage 22 Best 4s Belcher 61 '
Chollar-Potosi 95 Kentuck 13 '
Oplur 00 Union consolidated... 10 : I
Hale k Norcrodl 57 Alphu 21 | ;
Crown Point 23 Meadow Valley 3
Yellow Jacket 99 Sierra Nevada 22 j
Belcher 31 Mexican 20
Imperial. 8 Caledonia. 82 j
Virginia consolidated. 430 Silver Hill 11
California 85 Eureka consolidated.. 16
Overman 67 Jusllco 28
Raymond k lily 20 Julia consolidated.... 16
Shipments East to-day:?bullion, $154,300.; coin,
raiLADKLPnu stocks.
The following are the Philadelphia stock quotations '
| at three o'clock this day:?
Bid. A iked. !
I City sixes, old lO.'i103\ '
I City sixos, new 106\ 107
| Camden and Amboy Railroad. 137), 137)4
Pennsylvania Railroad. 56 66W 1
' Philadelphia and Reading Railroad... 63W 63*4 ; '
Lehigh Valley Railroad 63\ 6374 1
Calawissa Railroad, preferred 46 46)2 I
: Philadelphia and Erie Railroad 22)4 22)4 ;
Northern Central Railroad 38 38)4 i
Lehigh Navigation 61)4 61)4 '
Lehigh Navigation gold loan 103 jg 10474 j
, f
Fin oar, Jan. 28, 187& 1
$30000 N Y 8 b 1, r 104%" lOOsbsC t\'W RR pf. 63'(
7'?iO 11 A fit J K'n.eon 85'J Hi jo da. 6SW
fk?JO do 65', 2<iO do 63*.
18000 do 80)4 30u do 631.
15oO>C 4 NWtc(b. 91 loo do ?::<>!
110OO do 9074 4<X> do ?3V
20(Xl0 do 90'. 200 do t
7000 do 90)4 100 do 64W
4UOO N J beu Ut, con. Itib^ loo do b3 64 ,
4(X*lC.C k 1 C 1st... 55 10J do 64
5IAX) Leh k W B con.. 97 100 do c 6874
400 sb* All A i'ac Tel. 2n)4 3U0 do ?b8 64
200 .Mlcli C KH 613? 800 do 63^
loo Weit un tww do 63%
600 do 77.', I0U L'nPhc RR 70%
luO do blO 77 s 100 do ? 70%
800 do 77% IO1T0IA Hub KK . 6%
100 do c 77% 100 do *3 OS
400 do 77% 400 do 6%
600 do 77% lOOCblAKIKR 108%
100 do 77% 100 do e 108%
HUO do ?3 77% 100 do m 108% .
400 Pac Mull S3 28 2000 do..... 108% a
100 do 88% 212 do lOHV I)
100 do b3 3X1, 1/0 Kuih I'ac KU... Id
6O0 do 0*% 100 N J South KK 2 1
700 do 88% 500M11A84F RK_... 41V ]?
800 do e 88% 1100 do 41% .
IVJO 'do ??% KJO do 41V 11
12UO do. 38% 1000 do 41 % _
17oO do 88% 700 do 41% 1 8
1200 do ?1 3*% SOU Mil 4 81 P pi 76? I tl
10ON Y C A U R BK.. 111% 400 do 7?% .
70 do 111? 300 do 76k c
1 MO Erio BR.. 17,% 200 do 7u% e
4"1T do 17% 20") do 77 .
1000 L 8 4 M 8 KK.... 67% 1<W do ? 76% ti
600 do 67% 100 do 76k ?
SOU do 4 67% 1U0 ao 76 V '
000 do 67 k 200 do 76% C
lluO do ..43 67k 4UOlIulfllloRH... 22 ,,
800 do "7% 200 Uu 4 lit Jo ft.... 83% 11
2500 do 67k 100 do 83 ?i
1(W do b? 67k 1(W do bd How
000 Chi A N W KK. .. 42% 100 do 38 *
000 do 42k HJUO Ohio A M Kit ... 23k *
6'JO do 000 do b.7 22k ti
1000 do 42k 1<?? do e 22%
600 do 42% 1000 do 22%
1000 do *3 42% 20 Alt 4 T H RR ,.. 6% f,
100 C, C 4 1 C KK .. 3,% no N V.N II 4 11 KK.. 130 ,
10:15 AND 11:30 A. M. ?
050000 C8 5-20,e,'65,11 110% 01000 U 8 3'?, e.'Sl.... 118% , n
1200U U 85-2U,c>7 be 1-2', 50)21 UNb'4,r,'31.be.c 116% .
35" JO do 122% i:?ono do _.?3 117 ?
KJOOU 8.va0,c,'d8.. 1.3 2000CBd'i, cur .bo 124% d
28UU0 0 8 5'o.e, 41._ 118% 1400 do e 134% ,
HRSf BOA BD?10:30 A. IL b
93000 K T 8 bI. r 1(J4 100 sh? l'n Poe RR.... 71%
:>"60 Dill C?IR?3't.. 00% too 4o 71
90000 do b3 C><% 60OL8A M 8 R.t. be 67%
2O0O L A W H eon . 87 0o>" do *3 67% b
5"tt> do ...... be 87 )'?? do. 67% d
30"W Am Ok A Imp 7', 102 4 0 do l3 67k o
2UU) MASP lil.LaCd 00% 2U0 do *3 07% tl
?"W0 "lo 00% 2") do 07k n
1&W0 do ,.b3 00% ?w do 67% p
2000 do 00% 8ft 111 Con RR... opf 08 b
7"?j"> M A 8t P, I 4 M 01 ;8?J Clo* 4 Pitt, *t.... 93% o
2000 do ... 00% 12 do.. .bo 03% tl
UXJOM 4 o P, C 4 M. l"4 2f?J do 83% tl
3600") M A Hi P con, f 84 8""0Chi A N W KR.b0 42% d
5000 C. HI A PTi.oH 100% 300 do 42% o
2000 C 4 N W c r s b. kJ WW do 42% b
10i""C4NWic|b. 0"),% 2U0 do 42%
11000 do 0O% WW do I>3 43 n
0000 do ?U% 4"W do ,...?S 42% tl
8U0O Chi 4 N W eon.. 102% 1HU0 do 42% t<
1WW II A H J 6't. con 85% loo Chi 4 X W pf. b 4 63%
luOO Lake Shor* dir. 1<?"? 1W? do 63% R
pillMk'h Ctnlll.. .. 108 3iO do 63% r
1WW NYC 0'?, '87.. 103% loO do M #j% h
3<?W Mar let. V'?, c. . 117% 100 do .... 63% p
201W do 117% WW do ? 63 k b
1Ww Ohio A M con . . 08 1"W do 6:;k li
VXJOO A M eon if.... W% 300 do i3 63% t
140fll) Con I'M f b.... 1<?S, 600 do 6.1k M
16000 C P lii. ? J h. . K3S aooch * kl UR.bo.b3 1?)?% II
?i?0 LB I'M RRlft.. 10^% !*? do *3 108)2 ?
am*) A 102% looo do b3 io8% *
MJOO do be 1U2\ HOO do 108% d
15000 t'n Pk7'i. Ig.. l'?)% 1"00 do 108% tl
5000 North Mo lit .. IW% 1500 do 108% h
1000 1'KK or Mo lit. 00% JOlTIWRK .beb.*) 6% a
6000 do 01 M? do I>3 6% 4
5000 do 01% *10 do ?% b
2000 C.C AlClct.... 100C. C. C Al_.ku.rf 57 ?
SUOU do 57 10P,rtW*C?..b? 101% I
MM) do 53% 4i*tJIUJ8?l*UK.bc 41% I
5000 do 56 1100 do 41%
5000 do 66% 100 do 41??
1000 do 57 1000 do 41) I
lUUOdlL A IMt let.. 100 200 do 42%
1000 do 400 do. b3 42% ,
iUUOTol A Web li?.. 80 100 do 43% |
L ?00T A Wlet.UtLd. 61% lOl do b3 43%
* ') do 63 800 do 43?,
Ht, LA Noon,'66... 88% 30U uo 42%
uJJT, ' A O let, cou . 31 4UO do 42%
''.J?*., Sol.t.coii 70% ?M) do >3 42
WmiUI.'NH. 85% 10 do 41%
rnl Net Hk 100 luO do 42
7 r.V.T.lie inlUk 7? 100 do 42%
J ??uk 118% 400 Mil J tit P pf. be 76%
"J* ?
OUCeotonCo.V^ ? *?
?{ ? ? .. 44% 300 do 70%
8 100 do 70%
SsViic! bt 153 8OU0 do 77
!u"iu^;:b:\lg? ? z*?
IJJu JJ" * hv SON J CeaUR~.be 107
? h; US 10 do 106%
? ? 2 rn2 25 Chi A Alt RR...be 104
ft T' ~ J}> ? '5 Mor A KmIIK be 102%
7^0 2" ? 77ij n Ken... PeoKK.bc 15%
/"?? 5 "''L'l"'o ZZ> .A, V -i.IUuATeK.be 8
}*> do bJ 3?'? V t J RK h M
W do c 3SV 100 U..K,* " J Kw l>* fw
l*> do UK*, 100 4? b3 2-H
00 do b3 3t"i 2O0 d ? ?
00 do o 3S^ 300 do . ? *J
*? do 3 S), aoo n A St Jo Kr be 2*..
* do *?* UM do *>
800 do 2HW 300 do % 33.,
lo Adaiua Ex 104W 100 do v
00 do be 104*, 100 d? b?? * {'
30 do ?3 104t, 300 Ohio A Mist.... .b e
23WelU-FitrgoEx.bc 84 700 do ^?? *
DO do bl 64 3100 do 22^?
DO L' S Kxpres*....bc OOk 700 do ,3 32',
SO do *>?, 300 do bl 2t\ J
7o SY O A UK KK.be lilU 5U0 do bOO 23 '
00 Erie KK. be 17V 800 do . . . 22?4 1
oo do ... 17t, 1O0 Ohio A M KKpf.be 48>, '
DO do 17 10OC, C A 1 C.. be e 5',
uo do s3 loji OOO do bJ 0;, 1
UO do 1?J? 6O0 do &),
o do c io;, lboo d.> i?3 6'* '
'J) do 17 4* 0 do b3 5;, '
UO do c !' % 2300 do 8 (
ooMlcb leu. .bc.U3 til 4 400 do Ok' '
00 do h3 61 \ 2 ") do bd 6',
UO Urn Pee KK be 71 700 do 6',
00 dv 71X 700 do 0 '
8000 C,C A IC let... 56 400 ?h? Mil A 8i F. ...c 42t, ,
2000 do 57 400 do 42', '
1000 do 56fc 3JU do 422 1
1000 do 50?b tloo do 421,
? OO (it IV e.tcra 2d . 5? 4)*) do ,3 42 V
10 |U? Bk ol N Aiucr. 1< 0 20U do 42 ', "
00 .M 1> A -M, ?, pd.... 84? 200 do 42 J
2 <0 vtreei I u let 77t? 100 do 41% !
00 do ?.b3 77;, 500 do U3 42 J
00 do b3 77V 200 M A St P liE pi... 7UV 1
25 do 771, 20O do 76', .
00 77S 2O0 do 76^
UO Pec Mttll SS... 3S;?, 201 do 76),
.00 do ,3 38-, 1650CA R1RR....M !?.#
KM do 3S)j 2t?J do 106)2 1
WO do 36', 3t.O 00 b3 109 ?
100 do 3*0, SO do 100
IONTCAUKSE. Ill30O Pu KK or Mo ,.?3 12*2
too i.rle KK 16)4 6jo do 03 13
U? do 10 , 2210 Ohio A 51U? KB.. 23
IUJLS1 M S Kit. .. >3 67,120O do 231,8O0
do .... ,3 67', 17o0 do .....b3 23*,
100 C A N W UK 42 J J 13. O do 232,
loo do b3 42)4 5oo do t>3 23',
>00 do 42-, U >0 do ,3 23),
I0(XI do 4-? 600 do 23",
lOOChi A 2S W pi. b3 6A, 1SO0 do 23',
100 do 6 tj I O'.O do ,3 23 ,
Hi) do 63 100 St L.I.MtAS KK ... ItH.
lo) uo us d.\ luo Ohio A JdiM pr. . 46V
800 do b3 62 iV 100 do 60
HO do 63 " 100 do 50*
HO do 6b* 2O0 Hun * St Jo KK . 21*
too Co P*c KK 83 71 100 Han 4 St Jo pi. . 33
23 N J Ceil UU 107* HO do 33u
SO . Alt. A ?l f tCll.... 42'* 100 Alt A T 11 pf 24
KJO do 42* 100 C, C 1 1 C UK. *3 5\
SliOONl) BOAllD?1 P. J|.
53IXO M 4 StP lst.LuC 09* 50Oshs LSk MS RR.s3 67*
HOO M ASP lsl.llitO 84 500 do s3 67v!
50JO M4M* 7 3-lo.cou 101 500 do c 67*
17U00 C ji N Wcon.... 1U3 l?nO do a3 97*
3UKIN.I Ceocout... 108* 2UO ue c (,7*?
2u00 Krle 1st los UM? do 67*
10*A*) jfc.rle 3d m 101* 400 Cn Hue UK. ,bt.b3 71
2000 Lous Dock bds.. 104 100 1U Can UK be 07*
louo 11 A 8 J e's, cou. 8..* 20 Clev 41' KKgt.be 93V,
20O.? eu Mac old o.. 1U54* 400 Chi A N W?. be 424,
56>M*> Mich ('en 7'*.... 103* 3'W do 42*
3000 do. 103* 300 do bS 42*
3000 do 103* 300 C1XW pf.bc.b3 63*
11.00 l"n l ac Kit let. 103 4;4l 00 63*
5000 P KKol Mo 1 Kt.. 91* 20 N J Ceu KR....bc 107
1000 C, 0 4 1 C let. 564* 300CU1 4 KI RU. .be 109W
1000 C, C 4 I V 2d... 10 25 do 109
3000 T A W let, StL d 02 100 do lo9W
1000 Ut W?t 1st, '88. 85* 4(A) do b3 109K
5000 (It Wen 2(R be 59, 10OMU4StP be 42
300 ?bh All 4 P TeLbc 20* 100 do e 42*
100 Mail UuTel.bc.b3 77* 300 do 42*
100 do a2 77* 200 do 43',
WO do 774* 200 do.., b't 42*
700 do b3 77* 100 Mil 4 St Ppf.be.e 76*
3000 do 77* 200 do 76*
lo.Pac.MSS bc.c 38* 40O Tol 4 Wab RR b e 6*
400 do 38* llA) do b3 6*
100 do 38* 3O0 Alt 4 1 II pf 23*
l(*A) do 38'* 130J o * M UK.bc.b3 23*
3800 do _. 38* 30 do 2JV,
7U00 do ...b3 39 500 do .*3 234*
OUAmrrKi 59* 7(J0 do 23*
5Wells-Fargotx.bc 86* 3hX) do.... 23*
lOo brie KK bc.b3 16.', Son do 23*
SOOO do 16* 10 Ohio 4 M 1UI pf b 0 50
100 NYC 4 U K...bc 111* 4<W do 51
12 do Ill* 100U4StJoRR.be 21*
50 do Ill* 100 do 22*
100 do 11 1*m22i>C , C 4 1 C KiC.b c 5*
tUU do c 1114*^9 h> do 6*
SOU do Ill* 100 do 5*
I (Ml do b3 112 600 N.T Sou RR.. be 2
KJ0 Mich Uen HR .be 61* IOO St L, I Ml A S be 19*
50 do 61* 200 Par of Mo ..bc.bHO 181*
20LS4M8 be 67 * 20 Mor 4 Ess KH..be 1U2*
100 do c 67*
2:30 TO 3 P. M.
F10000 5-20, r, '67 122 (KM) slit L S 4 M S. e3 67*
1KAAX) U 8 6's, c.'81... 122* 1200 do s3 674,
louoDiat (el 3.65's... 09.1* 2100 do 67*
10000 Uu Pec a fund. .95 IOO C Pac KR 7oV
5000 do 94* 100 do 7(j*
SOOO do 05 5rN) Chi 4 K 1 RR 109
1000 Par of Mo 2d.... 71 100 do 108*
1000 Tol 4 Wab i?t . 86 200 C hi 4 S W UK pf.' 61V
6000 M.4 8 P con a f. 84* 1. 0 do 63
9000 do 65 2i W do 62*
MM 1 do 84* 55 O Phi .* .V W kl.' u
1U00 C, C A I C lit. 1700 do 4J*
lUO?h? b A H Can.... 120 7(m do s3 42%
100 Ail A Pnc Tel 20V 1100 do 42-,
100 do 20% 400 do 42%
ICO lT S M* progs 01)4 300 do 42S
SOON YCAH BRR. 112 700 do 421,
luO Wait Ub 7>l....b5 76 500 Ohio A MIm RH. 23%
1900 do 7,T{ 100 do b3 23%
IKO do 77jJ ?J0 do 211);
JKT do ?3 77% 100 do *3 23%
100 do b3 77% 2900 do 23%
7,10 do ?J 77% 100 Mil A tit r Kit 421,
1000 do 77? 200 do 42 k,
jOOMlchCen KK....b3 61V 5 J0 do 42
."00 do 61% 100 do 42%
JOO do 62 100 do A2
100 do 61% 4<*> do 41%
IQO do 61 v 500 (W .7777. ...?9 41%
100 do 61% 2011 Mil A SI P KR p?T 76%
?/OPac Mall S3 58?; 3m do 7o,i;
100 do 130 39 600 Tol A Wab RR b3 6%
IfeD do 39 200 Ool, LAW RR. llhjJ
JOO do 39% 100 Han A 8?J? pt.b3 33
IO0 do 30 10O Pk RK of Mo ... 13%
M) do 38% 200 do irt?
too do 39% 10) do 13 4
100 do 3S% 325 do Ul2
10 Erie KR 16% 400 do 13% ,
LOO do b.'l 16% 800 do 13t,
100 N J Con RR 107% 100C. C A I 0 RK.... 5*?'
100 L 3 A M S RR 67% 200 do 6%
Friday, Jan. 2S?6 P. m. 1
No malarial Improvement In trade baa occnrrod
uring the past week, and, with limited exceptions, the
lerchandlae markets continue to be characterized by
uielude, while the fluctuations in value are becoming
tas violent as wall as less frequent. One ot the best
adlcations la the continued iDdlsposltlon to press
oods upon an onwllbng market, thus Insuring a far
nor nil in marital value, without a compensating in
rested tale. The abuudanco and cboapnea* of raonoy
ablaa owneri to hold their property with corn para
ve Cminent, hence the Indlspoaitlon to
rant farther conooaalona. Meantime the morhanta
every whore are getting themselve* in readineat
} meet the requirement! of the spring trade when it
hall set In, and evidently the' experience* of the pant
re not to be thrown away. Overstocking the markets bat
I ways beta one of the main obstacles to a healthy state of
reda, and this has been and U being care hilly guarded
gainst, ea ti plelnly evidenced in the enrtailment In manaketnrlng,
the felling off In Importations and In various other
ay*. There ba? been some disappointment on the part ot
wit of the more (anguine who anticipated an actlvo move,
lent In trade elrelet Immediately after the holidays; but it
I even yet too early to look for any very active
em and. Kebraary la usually one of the most
nay months In some departments, and noticesly
to In the hardware business, which baa grown
j rapidly within a few yeera; but even In this market,
pert from the receipt of orders and the arrival of some few
oyer* hrom far off towna, there are comparatively few Inicetieiu
of the speody revival uf trade, which la almost
ertalnly near at hand. Owing to the ebnndance of money
lie grain emp has been In great measure withheld from
larket for better priest until, with the large visible sup
lies at home and abroad, and with the continued enfavorale
state ot the markets abroad, It It a question whether tbe
wnart have been wise or unwise In not selling. However
lit may be, the market for breadstuff's baa been la
1st state when the chances for ao advance or a
eel lite are aboat even. In order te sell a few
argoet a materiel concession would have had to
e made, while on the other hand a positive order to bur an
rjnal inwiint would have inenred ?o advance. Meanwhile the
itrkit remained very quiet and steady nearly all through
tie week, but declined eomewhat at the clnee on a pa rem p>ry
order to Mil. The corn movement nee been very modrate
and a good deal of diaeuaaton baa taken place regard
ig the lormfnel charge*. the new grading tyetem, and thedlereinn
of trade to Baltimore and elaewbere through ehoaper
relghta. Ae. The latter which la of paramount fmortance
to the New York march an re, haa hitherto t
eon-and Indeed a till la, regarded with marvollona apparent I
idilfcrenoe. At aU evenu no atepe have been taken to
back the movement and eacure the buaineaa. The Board of i
leaagera of the Produce Ba. hange are taking etepa to faeil- |
ate the "anil" buaineaa. however, and it may be that they |
III eueoeed In "calling" the baalneaa baek from Baltimore I
ad elaewbere when the terminal aipeneee ahall have been
aflnhaly flaad Trade la provtMoaa hae langulahed after i
Ire >aaa old faehlon. a large proportloa of the email aalea,aviag
been made here, deliverable In Chieagn end I
thar Weatern polnta. Thla la eepeclally the caae 1
dth bacon and meete. To-day (Friday) 'Change i
nalaeaa waa light, nearly all the market! being dull. Floor
>ae without daaided ehakco. Wheal waa eataeeeaiv dull
rUARY 29, 1876?WITH ?
and the market waa lower. Corn >M rrty quirt bnt prieee
were without derided change. Date were Brni. Kve wae
nominal. Wblak?r wae <iuiet but Ormer. frorlaluor were
comparatirrlr neglected although eome little buaineea wae
done in moat It inda. rork waa quiet but unchanged. Lard
wae eaater. The freighting uu.l . bartering htwinaaa haa remained
quiet all throngh the week, and ratea at the cloee
were about ae they wore a week ago. Cotton, on the epot.
waa weak and irregular. Future* were quiet Colbe wae
nominally raeier. in., were unrhuugrd I'etroirum waa
barely eteady at the cloee. Naval atorea were qwiel. Sugar
waa qulat.
A a 11M?There wae a nteedy movement at 5)^c. a >}?( for
pot a. Fearla were entirely nominal at 7c.
AimaoiTT waa "till quiet at l-tjqc. a U>?? . gold.
Hetuwax waa Heady We nol i aalea ol l.tSDOiba Southorn
at 33c.; quoted at 33c. for Weelern and 33c. for Southern.
Broom Cons.?Jhe market wae very quiet and prlcea were
entirely nominal. n?nuut? -KM, <>,o n ac.; reil tlppeo
6c. a rtc.; medium green, 7s.c. a 8c.; choice green burl ana
brash. 9c. 10c.
Canulki wore lp steady (leiueod at full prlcee. We
quake :?Rperm. 39c. ; eperm, patent. Mnqy's. 38c. . stearic. It.
Mitchell * Uu.'e (lbo*.) . 37c. e 38c. ; adamanane (13. 14. 16
o?. . 1JS<" e 17c.: oaraibna, 4'e, 6'? aud 13V, - >* a 21c.
Corrnx.?The rnerket quiel eud price* were more or
leu nominal, and tbere were eele* et e slight concession.
We note *ele* of 034 bee* Rio, ex Bleukuneie. on privet*
term*; 1,116 bee* Santos, ex Humboldt, on private
term*, end 1,000 beg* Km, ex *em* ve*?el, on privet*
tertus. We quotaOrdinary rarguet, 10)*c. e
lO^c.; fair do.. 18c e 18We.; good do., 18\e. e
Inc. i prime do., li)\*c e lt?l*c ; Santos, fair to good, 18c e
lbc, gold, ninety days; Java, gov*ruiuent beg*, -4c e 26c. ;
do., graa* mala, 24a e27c ; Singapore,do..30c a21c.; Ceylon,
19c a 2Ua , Mareceibo, 18c a lfWc. . letgueyre, 18c e 19c. .
Jamaica, 17t,c e 19c.: 8t Domingo, 13Va a 16c.; Porto Kieo,
18c a ltltje.; Costs Rice, 18c. a 19',c., Mac am or. 20c. e
21c ; Mexican, 18c e 19c ; Manila, 18c. u 19c.; An go*,
ture, 18c. a 19Wc ; Sevanllle, 17Va a 19,Vc.; .Curacee,
17c. a l?Sc
Coormtaue Btoce wee active. Price* were pnehxnged.
We uuoe*Molasses ibooka. 32-ineh, with hdHtit, $3
* S3 2.1; sugar shook*. witb bend*. 38-inch. $2 60 e *2 63. do..
do., 36 Inch. (1 90 * f2 25; box shook*, 73c e 80c ; rem do.,
pipe do., $6 e $6 30; empty hogshead*.$2 80; hoop*. 14
wA.ordinary to prime, $27 a $40 par M.; hoop*. 12 feet,
lo IS* * Ber M.
Cavr?V ,ujW cf from 200,000 to 300,000 (fan.
ngot et Mb'
CoKP.tr,* f " We quote Mantlrf Oerge end
itnell lime) HV? do- cordage, bull rope ,
rem*, 16c. a l7c? 1 tarred Manila, 14c ; Sisal rope, 11 Vc. a
I2',c; New ZealaiKT J I/tie- a \-tfa i hemp, tarred,
14c.: American dc..t4c ( Russia bolt roue, 17a
CoTTos.? For spot tkitton the market wo* weak, with irregular
prior*. Futnnp* clo*ed steady. The cloning prlcee
lo-day compare with Tl*ir?day's closing prlcee ae follow* t?
Thurxlm/, J*n. 2T JWUop, Jan. 28.
Jan ? 13 W a? Jan 131* a ?
Feb 13 5-32 a ? Feb 13V a 13 5-32
March.... 13 11-32 a 13>; March ... 13 3-l? a 13 11-32
kpriL.... 13 9-16 a 13 10-32 April...- 13 17-32 a 13 9-16
Mav 13 3.W32 a ? May 1.3V a 13 26-32
lune 13 31-32 a 14 June 13 iVl8al3 31d2
Inly 14 V a 14 3-33 July 14 3-32 a 14',
August.. 14 3-10 a 14V August.. 14 7-32 a 14V
- (quotations ate oasru on American standard oi cJarslflratlcn
and on cotton In store running In quality not more than
half a grade above or below the grade uuotod r?
VplamU. Aki -ima. Ntu "rtain*. Tnxa*.
Ordinary 9* f?V lit,
Strict ordinary low KM; low 10>J
Ouod ordinary 11V ll'i H>* 1VV
Strict good ordinary.. 11UTi 12 12
I,ow middling 12V 12 V 12V 12 V
Strict low middling 12?, 13 13V 13',
Middling 13V IbW II! 5-16 1.3 5-16
Good middling 13*j 13V 137, 13V
Strict good middling. 14 14:, 1 !W 14',
Middling lair 14V I4W 14V H',
Pair 16!* 15)J 15)5 1-"'S
?Stained?Good ordinary,, 0??c.; strict good orainary. <
lie.; low middling, 11}, c.; middling, 12',c. Tbe sale*
7V. n.i.e T^imt JLY'n.'n*. TWxW
KxtraHtate 4 HO a ft 25
Choice State 5 aft a 0 00
Hupertlne Western 4 2ft a 4 SO 1
Estru Western.. 4 Hi! a ft 2ft !
Minnesota ft 40 a 0 AO
Bound hoop Ohio, shipping brands 4 Hft a 4 2ft
Round hoop Ohio, trade brands ft SO a 6 50
Kam fly 7 OO a 8 00
St Louis, low antra. ft 00 a 8 2ft
HI Louis, straight extra ? 2ft a 6 50
St Louts, choice double extra 7 00 a Sis)
Hl Louis, choice family H ibi a 8 50
Rye flour, line to superfine 4 00 a ft lift
Southern, Mo. 2 3 110 a 4 25
Southern, soparfine 4 3d a 4 ftO
Southern, extra ft 2ft a 6 00
Southern, family (1 75 a 0 no 1
Corn meal. Western 3 00 a 3 40 i
Corn ineal, Jersey 3 (JO a a3i
Corn meal. Brandy-wine 3 70 a 4 <*J
Corn meal, nuneheons 30 00 a 20 50
?Wheat remained In the same Inactive state and prices of
prime were lower, though still, to a great extent, nominal.
There was almost no demand for export, prices abroad
being still too low toadmll of shipments at a profit. The
sales were about 4ft U) bushels at $1 Oft for Mo. 4 spring:
$1 00 a 0110 for No. 8 Milwaukee ; 01 XI for No. 2 do.. $1 Ufl
a 41 07 (or Mo. 3 Chicago spring afloat; BUc a l?c. for re
)rcled spring. $1 21) a 81 30 foe red winter, oommon to good,
and fl lift ell 4ft for ainbar do Corn waa dull but prices
were without important change Tbe aalee wera about
ftn.i sxiTbushelt at a (13c. for new mixed Jftflc *)6C\o.
for no grade; 02\u. lor new low mixed afloat, and 82e. a tide,
for new Wextern white afloat. Rye was nominal, from Utle.
to lt"<c- for all kinds. Barley waa quiet. About 3.501 bushels
seld at 06c. for six-rowed Htete Cats were quiet but firm
for, ell kinds; about 30,0(10 bushels sold at 4He. a 4he. for
Mo. 2 Chicago and Milwaukee , 43c a 46r lor interior Western.
mixed, and 4tte. a 46)?c lor No. 3 mixed.
KXI'IT.?Foreign dried waa quiet, and prices remained
about the seme as last reported. We quoteNew
leyer raisins, per box, 82 an; belf do , 81 85;
quarter do., Hfte.; new loose mnscstel, 82 35 s 82 80 per
box. according to quality; new aeodleee raisins, 88 50
... rp.il Vsl.nrls malm ICIttrt .11. .... IK ?It...
Iff*, for now; Turkey prunaa. for Rerria anil H .i
aia: new Kranrh do.. 7c. a 14c., according to I1H and
auallty. t'orfanta, T%e. Lot horn eiifoo, 21c. rig*. 11 Hr for
Iruina. ia>?c. tot layer*. Ilalaa. BWr. Braallnata. ?Sc I romantic
dried warn quiet; prleea remained unchaured Weqnole
Appiaa, mate, quartern, 0a. We.; do., ahead. I Do. honth
rn, quartert, 8e. a Ml^e.; d<>.. aliced. lite, a l:te Coachaa.
pealed?Ueorgia. prima. l.V. a Inc.; cholca do. 2ne uopaalad
do , quartern, lOtfc. a 111(1.; haieae, 13e. a llSd.!
plackberrtaa, ll>(c. ; raapberriet, 2?c . ; rhnmn, 2l\c.
a 2Se.: plnma. Ho nth am. Inr a a*.; do. .State. 2le. aVIy
Iroan (kali ?? in fair demand at full prleea. Wa quota .?
Appiaa, aalaetad wlniar. par bfcl., I.) a ?4; do miiad,
I. ?) a fa T5; do., rommon. fl a |l Jo. Cranharrlaa?
I'holeO. $3 & -> a ft; do., good to prime, fl atl Ml; da.,
poof, fa a $3 46: do., Ran tern fancy par trW., f IB So a f 16;
10., goad to prima, par bbl., fK Sfla W 2B
titauiu vara un.hanaad aautad at 13c for domaatlc,
Export 282 '182 WJtj
Consumption 182 20 212
Bpeculutiou 80 ? 00
220 723 1.260
?For fbiure delivery the sale* were us follows ?Vesterdsy
alter two 1'. 11 ? February. 000 bates ut 13 5-3JB.; March.
1,700 at 13J,c-; April. 100 at 13 O-lOc.. lioo at
13 22-22c.; liar. 90U at 13 13-18., 2O0 at 13 25412c.;
June, 1.21X1 at 14c.: July, 100 at 14 7 32c., 100 at 14?icTotal,
5,500 bales. To-day up to 2 F. M ?January. 400 at
12'., 200 at 13 5-32e ; February, 700 at 13V.. >00 at
13 5-32o , 1,000 at 13 3 10c., 100 at 13 5-32c.; March, 100 at
13 5 16c.. 400 at 13 1132c .; 3<iO at 13 5-10c? 1,000
at 13 11 -32c.: 1,000 at 13?C-, 100 at 13 1 l-32c ; April, 40O at
13 17 32c., 2,000 at 13 0-itic., 800 13 ?-32c., 500 at 13 lb 18c.;
Mav, 700 at 13 25 32c.. 100 at 13 18-lHc.. 700 at 13 25412c.,
June, 100 ut 13 1518c.. 2,400 at 13 31412e, 100 ut 14c.;
July, 200 at 14*^0. Total, 15,4(A) bales. Oruml total,
21,^00 bales. The reeelpta at the ports were aaloilows:?
Galveston, 008 bales; New Orleans, 15,481; Mobile,
2,038: Savannah, 2,713; Charleatuu, 1,382; Wilmington,
I'M; Norfolk, 2.3K7: New Tork, 1,044; Boston, 744; Fhilade'tibia,
loo. Total. 27,872 bales. Tills day Inst week,
20.888 balea This day last year, 10,015 bales. Total
since September 1,2,036,243 balea Gotten freight* rioted
as follows:?To Havre by steam, %c.; to iliunbnrg, by
steam, lc., compressed; to Bremen, by steam, lc., compressed;
by sail, ll-16c ; to Liverpool. by steam, lad. a
tl-32d.; 1>T sail. l?d a U 32d. Market dull.
I) Runs, Ac.?The general market was quiet, with scarcely
any change In prices. Opium was quiet ut $4 15 a
St 23, fold. In bond for old nnd new, and job lots quoted at
S"> 00, currency, for old and $t> 10, currency, fur new. Russian
ranthauri warn in large supply and weak at 41 25.
Castor oil was steady at 14c. for cases and 13kc. for bbln.
Shellac was uuiet at 42e a .'ale. for D. C. seconds, and 36c. a
45c. for English. Divl dirl was 'lulot at $50 a $80 per ton.
Cutuh was active at 7)fc., gold, l'rusxlate potash
was qniet st 28c. a 20c. Bichromate potash
was quiet at lSjic. Sal ammoniac wus quoted
at 11c., gold, to arrive. Irish mosa, 1.01) lbs. sold at
84:. Gambler was dull at 5\c , gold, from vessel. Epsom
salts were lu fair demand at $1 85. Sumac was In active
demand at SI 30 a SI 40 per ton as to brand.
Argols were steady ut 28c. a 32\c., gold, according to
quality. Gentian root was scarce, and prices ruled steady
at ?%c- a 7c. Cassia bods were in fair demand at 57>jC,
Colombo root was Oc . and 14c. for powdered. Gum gedda
was Drm at 7Sje. a 7V-. as to quality. Juniper berries were
scarce and Sruily held at 3.V- lor ordinary Italian and 5c. a
5>ic. for new. Orange peel ruled qiilst at lojic. a lie. Vouice
turpentine was quiet at 10c, Castile soap?-Conti white s al
quoted at 10c. a l'l'-4c.. and Marseilles pure mottled at tOtgc.,
gold. Rochillo salts were steady at the lecllne ; quoted at
2U)ae. for bbls. and 30t^c. tar boxes. Quinine was In good
demand at $2 20. Blue vitriol wua steady at Htgc. a 8\e.
Min r.lii 11a >u. lit prttul demand at At . Iodide liotiuh
was quiet iu $2 4u a $3 40, l> i. Alum?Lump ?uin fair
demand at 2Sc- a '-''Vic., according to ijnaatity* sules
HO bbls. at quotation. Chlorate potash was in good demand;
quoted at 22c. a 23c, gold, and Ann. Tartaric
acid saa quiet at 24>tc., gold, for crystal, and 49c.
a OOe. for uowderad. Citric acid was Drui and actire
at 7He. a 80c.. gold; '.>0 casks sold at 79c a 80a
i.iroriee root was quiet, at fonnor prices; quoted at 4a,
gold, and from lie. to 10c currency for selected. Licorice
paste was also quiet, and prices ware without nutloeatile
chance. The quotations were 20c a 28e gold tor Seanish,
and lur Calahrla Pignatelli -ft--, a -7e-; small Uusaltna, 29c
a ."v. , large do.. 3Hc : P. and 8. small. 3tt\c.; Corigiiano.
atij?c. Cuttlefish bonea ruled quiet at 34c. a 30c. Uaisani
enpaiva waa quiet at 72Uc. Saffron?American was held
firmly at 30c a :n>c ; Spaniel was quoted at trom $9 a$13,
and very firm at those prices. Ualanga) root wes In moderate
dumend at 4c a 4ku. Cod liver oil was in
fair demand at $1 50 a $1 60 for Newfoundland and
$3 a $3 10 for Norwegian. Rhubarb was lu mod
crate demand at from 00c to $1 Id (linger wasqnlat at
2i>e. a21e. Tor J am sue a bleached. Ergot we* Ann; held at
$130 a $100. Quicksilver waa quoted pt 74c-a 70c Leasee
were steads, at 32c a 33c. for belladonna, t lc. for cbnfufh
and aconite, 33c a 34c for benbaue and $1 30 for rose.
Areanlc was In fair do man a at 314c a gold, for white
powdered, and 13c a. li>,e for reddo. Seeds were unlet. We
quote Mustard?Yellow Oalifornln 0^a. e f\c ; brown din..
?c a ?>gc.; brown Trieste. 7c a 7>fc.; yellow English, *c
a H*,c Canary?Prime l>titrh wee quoted et $7 70
and Smyrna at $7 35. llemp waa weak at $1 H2\.
hamomile Uowera ruled quiet at lUc a 33c for Roman.
lycerine was in fair demaud at ltlc. a lBV^c. Sweet mar
Jnrsra waa quiet at 33c. Manna was steady at 321{c for small
{lake Oyit root was steady at 12^c. a 30c, ae to quality.
Ton fa beans were pteadr at $1 do a $1 50 for Angostura.
Altha- root waa' nrmly held ai 30c for wtylta cut, and 35c,
for fair da ; 300 lbs salted at 28c. 1 in in arable was quoted
at 10c for prime sorts and lie forseeonddo. Angostura
hark waa source and firmly Held at 00c Sassafras hark
was quiet at He Ginseng was quiet aDd little offering;
quotoa at $1 13 a $1 30, as to quality, for Southern, and
$1 03 a $1 10 for Western. Beneka root was aasier; quoted et
80c. a 87 c Squills were quiet at He Lavender flowers were
qniet at tiftc. Valeriau rout wae quoted at 30c for Kuglish
and 10c for German. Alhumen wfts steady at u5c. a 70c. lor
blood and $1 a $1 13 for eer Essential oils were quiet.
We quoteOil bergaraot, Sanderson's, $3 80; on lemon,
Sanderson's, $3 30; flimsnu's finest oil rose, $t) 0(1; oil emae.
fj 33. all gold: oil caraway,$1 40a$2 00: oUcvoton,$2 IS;
oil citronella 75c. a 93c.: oil lavender, 70e. a $3; do. do.
(Mitchain). $16; ofl cloves, $3 30; oil wlntcrgreun. $3 30;
oil sassafras, inclusive. 00c.; oil pennyroyal, $3 33, all cur- {
reucy. Kng.ish chemicals?The market was very quiet, but
prices were without essential change. We quote Mode ash.
ordinary to good brands. 3c. e 3Lc.; sal soda. 1 Ve.; eaustio {
soda. 41-an. a 4',c. ; bicarbonate soda, 4\r., all gold, bieaehlug
powdar. 3c. a 3V,c.. currsnry; super carbonate aula, John
l/wlght A Go.' (in kegs). 4c. currency.
PksTnstBk were quiet. Hales wero 2,000 lbs. prime at
fitt^c.. and WO lbs. mixed at 30c; quoted et 50c. a 57c for
prime, 5Hc a OOe. for choice and 30c. a 45c. fbr mixed.
Kism.?The market for codfish was quiet and easier In. consequence
of reports of several cargoes on the way from
Gloucester. Some sales were made at quotation. Mack
erel?Some small lots of shore No. 1 wore sold at $37. Halifax
and Prince Kdwerd island were quiet. The cargo of
1,300 bbls new here from Cape Canto will be pot In store.
Box herring were in fair demand at qnotations. No sales of
barrelled were reported. Ood, $0; Grand Hank da. $5.
Shorn Mackerel. No 1, $30 a $37; in. large No. 3, $16 Box
herring. No. 1 30c e 33c. ; scaled do., 20c Barrelled do.,
Portlend, $0; Labrador $0 70. *
Knots tan Octlg.?Receipts?Flour, 12,095 bbls.; wheat,
I5,2t?) bushels; corn meal. 310 bbls and 977 sacks, corn,
0U.91H buslieis; oate. 1U.O04 do.; barley 20,000 da The Roar
market was without decided change. There was a moderate
demand for shipping grades, as also from the local bakers,
and the transactions were only fair; sales of about IH.OOO
bbls.. Including State, Western and Southern, at the annexed
prices. Corn meal waa very quiet, but prices were
nnelianged. We quote
No. 2 State $3 25 a $4 00
Superfine State.. 4 20 e 4 OO
Borneo, 1"2H?.; Calcutta uorulnallv OJgC.. and 13c. a
for bag*. heavy welgbt.
liar aw n ntxaw ? i lim ?ua moderate demand. at abo?l
Meady price*. We quou :-Bal* hay, (hipping. al 7.V a
Sue ; retail qualities el Nic a VI OS; clover, 65c a 7-V
r.**- ' u> a *1 *>; eat do.. Me. '
ll xar axd Jlte.?We not* tale* ..f *?J bale* Manila to
| arrive by lite Charaiton, reported at 7Wc. gold We
I note American diessed Van ? for double. V300 a
JD* tor single and Vl.'i a gl.to nominal lor undr? ?eil.
Manila beuip. t?J.c a < ,c .it Id, tl.e latter IV r ttne: fln-sia
cloan, V-'II) a til', find; Italian, tar*. a ge?ri gold; jute,
?V a Sc.. geld . Jute butU, ?V , currency. to arrive; N.sal
I heuip. 44?c. a ti?c . Kold; Nile, Be. a gold.
Hil.A*.?The market wee steady. but quiet Tlie aale* were
a* follow* 5.<*X> Montevideo. 22lq lb*, average, M 21 Wd.,
gold, four nioiltlu ; I.U1 Ode . 2ti',c a 21c.. gold, four mouths,
mostly at 21c., gold; and on private tenu*. 1,31) dry T*\aa
2,1*?) Ceutral American, 7 X". Mexican, 5)?i grveii
exited hew Orleau*. IS*) New Orlaaua kip*, 4'A)
country klanghter* and 7l*J city du W? quote ?
Hueno* Ajrrea, 20 to 25 lbs., JOV; do., 2.,
to 2u ILa, 20c. a 34c.; Montevideo, 20W to 'hUlM , 21c ;
Corrientea, 21 to 22 lb*.. 181,0. a2?i?.. lilutirande, JO to22
Ilia. IWc ; Orinoco,21 to 23 lb*.. ! Cellloruia. 2S to '25
lba.JUc.; Central Anioricau. Id to 21 Iba.lttc.; Mataiuo
ro?, 22 to 21 lb*., INC.. a lite.: Vera Cru?, IN to 11) lbs.,
l?c. a lb We.; Bogota. 18 to 90 lb*., 18c. a 20>,c.. all gold,
selected. Tela* and Southern. 24 to 30 lb*., 13c. a 14c . 1
currency, a* they run, oily ?laught*r, ox, 60 to Hi) iba,
BWc. , cow. 46 to ?u lb*.. 7Jan. currency, aoleetad.
Iloni.?With a limited (apply of flu* State hops, and i
heavv nsnort* tba nrtea was tuarkail un una rent ami lb*
market ruled vary tfrui at iho advance Fri>nt Mr Kmuiel ,
Wells' weakly Imp circular wa have Hie following receipts and |
export* ? Uecaipu for ibe week, 2,548 bales, total receipts ,
aince September 1, 1875, 53,185; total receipts lor aauir pe !
nod 1c 1874. 37,273: export elaaranooe tor the week, i,355,
i total exports since September 1. 1875 24.494; total exports j
for swjne period In 1874. 13.822. We quote ?New York 1
| stair. 12a a 10a.; Eastern, 10c. a 15a; Wisconsin, 10e. a
. 15a.: yearlings, 8c. a 10c.; olds, oh growths, 4a. a (Ja.:
CoUluriun. 17c. a 20c.
Irok.?ytie market for American pig wat dull, with
scarcely anr demand for censumptlou slid no speculative
, demand. The adlet were 700 tons of the various brands of
j No 1 at $23, 100 tons No. 1 at $24 and 5O0 tons targe on
private terms. Scotch pig was selling in lot,bin.- lots at unchanged
prices. Scrap was dull aud drooplna We quote:?
! American pig, No. 1, $23 a $24; do.. No. 2, $21 a $22; do.,
! forge, $19 a $20. Scotch?Columns. $33 tlleugaruock. $31;
! Kg! in ton $21) 50 a $3U
lasso was quiet and unchanged, at $0 for domestic.
IiEiTtiKK wat quli t and a shade easier. The receipt* for
(Ve week were 66,196 sides and 1,454) bales, and the exports
lor' tA|? same penod were 28,250 dot, of which 24.250 went
to Kndland and 4,010 to the Continent, Wo quote:?Hera
lock?Light Buenos Ayres, 23c. a 24c.; do. California, 23c.,
do. oomniou hide, 22>jc. a 23c : middle lluenos Ayres, 25c. a
28c.; do California, 24,!, c. a 2fV?c.; do. common hide, 24 Vc.
a 25c.; heavy lluenos Ayres, 25c. a 26c.; do. California, Use.
a 2?>c.; do. common hide, 24c a 26c. ; good damaged Buenos
Ayres, 22c. a 28c.; do. California, 2Lr. a 21t?c.; do. c. iu
mou hide. 21& a 21 k?c ; pour damaged cummon hide, Uit.
a 19c. ,
Molaxxxx ? In New Orleans a steady business watTjelng
transacted. Bales, 20O bbis., at 50c. a 38c. Vt c quote J?Cuba,
centrifugal and mixed, 22c a 28c.; do., clayed, 30c. a 32c.,
museovsdo rellnlug, 30c. a 33c. ; do., do., grocery, 33c a 38c ;
Porto Kico. 3.V. a 60c.; English Islands, 35c a 5Uj ; New
. Orleans, fair to fancv, f>Oc. s 82c.
Naval. BriMtka.? The market throughout was quirt Bales
of 30 bbls. spirits turpentine at 37e. We quote Spirits
turpentine, 3t>)dc. bid 37c. asked; rosin, strained, $1 UO a
$1 021, do., good strained, $1 85 a $1 70; tar. Washington.
$2 25; do.. Wilmington, $2 25; pitch, $2. Advices
from Wilmington wore as follows:?Kosln steady; B. <1 0.
$1 55; O., IUK.ll Tar quiet; Wilmington, $1 50.
Turpentine quiet; hard, $1 60, yellow dip, $2 UU Spirits
steady, 34c.
Oust.?The market wax still quiet end prices were un
changed. We quote:?Cottonseed, crudo, 53c. a 55c.;
Southern yellow, 68c. a UOe.; yellow and white
winter, UOc a l?5c.; litisecd, casks. 62c.; bbls., 63c.; lard, win
ter, $101; menliadeu, Sound, 45o ; sperm, cruile, $1 00 a
$1 05; do.,bleached winter, $1 00; tin., nutnral do.. $1 85;
whale, crude Northern, 70c.; do., Southern, 05c.; bleached
winter, 75c. a 7So.; olive, casks, $1 I7V a $. 22V; do cases,
$1 35 u$4 40; winter bleached fish. t>5c.; crude Usii, 42c.
a 43c.
I'tcTitoLKt'H was quiet aud closed barely steady. We note
sales at P,NOO caa -s on privato terms and about 14.500 do.
| receully also uu private terms. The qitutatiuux were a., ful
I lows:?Crude, In bulk, 83,c. ? ; do., iu bbls.. 11'4c. a
11 t,c.; refined, 14e. a 143,0. for cargo lots; cases. lbHc. a
18'jc. for ordinary brands; Philadelphia, I4i?c a 11\;c.;
Baltimore. 14^0- Advices from the Croak wore at follows : ?
Titusville firm, $2 12 V a $2 15. Oil City steady, sales Old
Cuited at wells, $1 OIV; $1 92V asked; strictly fresh. Immediate
shipments. $*2 15; uothiug doing iu options. Bouse
ville firm, $2 05 *$207%. Tldioute very liriu, $2 121, bid.
Parker's United, $1 92V; U'hloo, $1 92V i shipments,
$2 IIVPltuvrsiOKS.?Receipts?Pork.
72 tierces and 1,131 bbls.;
Inrd, l.ttoti tierces, 196 kegs and 337 cases; cut meat . 1,145
packages; bacon, 2 tierces und 1,1407 boxes; beet. H70tierces
aud 593 bbls The pork marker was Inactive and prices
were nearly nominal in the absonce of sales of any magnitude.
Inspected mess was quoted at $21; uninspected do. at
$20 75 a $21: 76 bbls. sold at $20 75 a $21 ; 300 tierce t,
March, sold at $20 95 and 1.000 Heroes. April, at $21.
Bacon was firm but quiet: quoted at 11c. a ll^c. lor city
long clear aud 11c. lor Western. Beef wan steady at #10 t
$12 lor barreled plain mess, $1150 a $12 50 for extra and
$15 50 a $18 tor packet. About 100 bbls extra mess sold at
$12 50. B-ef hams weru firm at $24 a $25 for prime Western;
SO bbls. sold at $24. Hiuoked meats were steady at
13Vc. a 15c. lor hams aud 9'a*. a (or shoulders, hales
of 500 shoulders, 11 lbs. average, at 1 i\c. There
wus rather more luqulry lor picklod meats,
which were firm Iu consequence; shoulders
bringing f\e. a 8%"-.: ,h<) sales were .Vx) fresh bullies at
11c., 600 fresh hums at 12>4c.. and Its I tierces pork hums 011
?rlvate terms. Lurd wax steady, with spot city quoted at
L' V'. arid Wostoru ut 12vc.; sulci wore 50 liomtx.city at
!2Vc . and 250 tierces Western ut 12^0- Pur fnlure delivery
the sules were 2,000 tierces, February, al 12 9-16c. a
12>.o., mostly al 12VC I 251) do , March, at 12V':- and 350
do., April, at 12^0 Butter.?There was a good Inquiry
both for the local and out al town trade, and laucy qualities
were In demand at prices in some cases above the quoted
prices; good grades uro very firm In sympathy with lancy
qualitiea. while poor sorts wsre uncbangi d. We quote :?
Slate dairies, fair to good, 24c. a 20c.; choice to fkney, 23c.
a 32c ; do., choice to fancy, fresh tuba. 321c. a 30c ; Western,
good to choice,, 22c. a 2lic. ; do., fair to good. I6e a 21).
Cheexo was steady with a loir demand from the local and
export trade. We quote Skate factory, common to good,
7 Vc. a 11VC-: "ue to fancy, 12c. a 13)?c.; skims, 4c. a
9c.; Olilo luctory, fair to good. f>Vc a 8We ; do, fiat
shaped, good to fatiey, Siqo. a 12>,c.; do.. Chuddar shaped,
good to lancy, Dc. a 12,V0Kicm
wat qniet. We quoteCarolina, lair to prime.
B'jjc. a6Vc~; lxralsianu, fair to prime, 6Wc. a BV^c . plain.
5'2c. a 3; Rangoon, fair to good, lie. a '> Ve l'stua, g,sid,
7'ijC. a 7,l,c.; Rangoon, in bond, 2VC- a 2Jae- par lb., gold,
SpKLTma remained steady at $7 00, cash, leu ono per
rtTxaitixg was nun ai l ie. a i.i.'^c lor pnjne.
Kdoab was still quiet aud nominal. We quote:?
Fair refiuiug, 77,c. a He.; Rood do., Kl^c. a
8\jc.; Cuba, grocery, fair to choice, oWo. a 8?4c.; do., centrifugal,
h)i<la. and boxes, Not. Hio 13, a '.'S,c.; do., mo
lapses, hhds and boxes. 7c. a 7Vc.; Porto Kleo, refining,
common to prime, 7Wc. a fltgc.: do . grocery, fair to choice, |
8,t>c. a 8\c ; standard A, O'lc- a 10c.: off A. 9Hc. a '.Mae ;
crashed, luTxO.; powdered, l'J?Nc. a 10'?& ; granulated, lu. ,c. I
a lo.Sc. , cut loaf 11 Vc,
TaLi.oa-.-Tpe market was a shade easier, quoted at Ot, for
ordinary and SHjc. a 9S'c. for prime. Kales were 15,0UU lbs, |
choice at fMfe. And 25,<U> lbs prime at 8 S i tie.
Tin was steady with lobbing saias from stnra. We
quoteBanc*, 24c.; btraits, TSWc.; KngtUh, 19We a
ln'.?c.; it.iDcs, 24c., all gold. PIatas?Charcoal, $7 50,
coke. $e 00 a ?7 75: terne. 98 I2W a SB 37W.
Tnnsoco?Ths damand for Kentucky leaf was rather
limited, but prleee were unchanged. Heed leuf was I
alao in moderate demand. The saias of Kentucky leaf were ,
2UJ hhds. on private tortus and 59 hbda. at auetion; of seed |
leaf. 101) UiMCJf supdries sold at 7c. a Tic. ; 11 JO oases hew I
York, crop 1H73. on privata terms; 2or> cases New Knglsud,
crop 1H74. at 8Vc. a 14c. and on private terms; 4tleasss
Sew Tort, croe 1K74, on prlrate terms; 2(A)cases Wisconsin.
crop 1874, on prlrate terms, and 300 bales llsvaua at
HKe a gl. r r' * *
WiiuKkT ? Uecelpu?160 bbls. whiskey, 51 bbls. alcohol
and 250 bbls. hlghwlnc*. The market waa rery quiet hut
firmer ; 100 bbla. told at $1 11.
Wool.?There was a pretty fair demand, and prlcos were
teedily held The salee were 2.UUJ lbs. fine Wisconsin
(lessee, at 4414c.; 1,'a"> lbs. Ohio combings, at tk'lc ; 4,OA)
lb* W iaconsin do., ai Otic.; 5,000 lbs. Wisconsin aidalne ut
5.1e.; 4.0U) lbs do., M blood, at 50c.; l.OUU Iba. unwashed
delaine, at too.; 7,000 lbs spring California, at 24Wc.;
5,0 Hi lbs. spring and tall clip do., at IHe. a J4c.; H,000 lbs.
spring do., at 2t>jC.; 1,800[bs. fall Texas, at 34c ; 4,mollis. !
low do., at 2S\c ; 2,000 lbs. Lonoma wool, at 26c. ; l.-'ao
I lbs. California pulled, at 32 We.; 1,(JU0 ibs scoured, at 59c ; I
l'U'*J Ibe. do., 5?c ; 10,1X0 iW super pulled, at 4<>c ; 10 'XO
lbs Mexican, at 217,e ; 2.<><Ulba tub washed, at 55c. . 1,800 ,
lbs. black unwashed, at 32c.; and on prlrate terms, 20,<M)
lbs. enrobing, 2U.IMJ lbs. Oregon, 1H.UU0 lbs. fall clip Cali- '
fornla, 10,<jix>lbs. spring do., 6.UU0 Ibs. California pulled, 97 I
bags >up?r do., 29 bags extra do.. 19 bags No. 1 do,, 0 hags
shearlings, and lO.UllOlbs. medium fleeces.
Pukioiitil? Kates for grain to Liverpool per steam wore
slightly easier; otherwise there was no special change lor |
berth room, though the tone wee mild lu general aud the >
demand moderate A fair inquiry prevailed for petroleum >
toon age?that is. In comparison to that of late, but rxiss
were barely steady. There was a light demand from i
etlter sources, and rates In all cases were tame,
engagements embraced ?To Liverpool, per steam, H.'ks)
bushels wheat, 7Wd.: 2(1 bhda. tallow, :(Os 8U0 bales
cotton, "compressed," Tgd. Frovisions quoted at 3l>s. a
32* 'la To London, per *team. lb.9 0 bushels grain, bjqd.
per HO Ibx. and by saif, ln.UOU bushels du.,8,Sa A rumor
was current of some grain to Glasgow per steam, but not
confirmed. To Bristol, per steam. 3<X> bbls. Hour, 3*. 4 l^d.;
a small quantity of lard. In rack*, at 4s., qnoted In largo
quantities at ahual 3s. Ud. each, and by sail H,(?X> bushels
train, HL.il,, 00 Ibs. The charters comprised a British bark, ,
eoca lib Java, with 14,'sXJ case* refined p- in leura
at 35c.; a Norwegian bark, hones to |
Havre, with 2,(IJQ bbls. naphtha at 3s.; an A inert- |
ean bark, from Philadelphia to Genoa. 1/rghorn i
or Naples with 2,000 bbls. rvbned petroleum at 4a ud., an
American bng hence to Trieste with 3,400 bbls do at
5*. 6d.: an Amartcan brig. 4u7 tous, hence to Gibraltar with I
Eueral cargo, and from India with salt, at a lump sum . an
neriean schooner, 309 tons, from Mnolle to New York with
cotton at currency ; an Italian brig hence to (jlbrslt sr 1
for orders with 8,800 rasee refined petroleum on private I
terms, a Norwegian bark from Philadelphia to Cork for orders
with 3,500 quarter* grain at 7s. per quarter: a German
bark thence for tame voyage with 2,20l>do. do , same rate;
an Italian bark frota Baltimore to do. with 4.3IXJ do. do.,
Pmptr, Jan. 28, 1876. I
aacxim roa two mn
I'rtl. 'tmi Shf t ami
VanU. flwo Utlt**. >. /(>?>.
Wxll.lhi.twt. 1.046 884 I.7WI Vorty
?ljhih >tract ? ? ?
fortieth el real ? ? ? I'd 2,311
Jertey Oily........ 1.42W ? 3,.41 3,43b
Total* 2.475 224 6,176 ft,74"
Haavxa. ?Trad. alow on moderata arrival*, prima rpnged
from Mr a 12'?c. par lb., weight* .VI* cwt. a t?>4 cwt. . from
5.1 iba. a '<6 iba. haa hacu allowed nat. Tha unaltty of tho
hard* on aale waa from vary poor and rough to good, being in
general rather coarae. At Mlatieth atreat yarda T ,
0. Kaatman nolo for Belt 1UB Illlnola ataara at Hll4e. I
ally per lb.. araighta 7 cwt. a 1\ cwt.; W. Slagal notd
for aetl lift) Illlneia ?tner? at P'.'o. a 11c. per lb., weight* 6 '
cwt, a 71* cwt . (1. Meyer aold for II ldriagatoae lit 1 111 |
not* ateara at lOr. a llr rer lb., weight* 'IS *wl a " cwt ,
U. W. Vali aold for tell 67 Illlnola ataan at 10\e. a lie per i
lb., weight 7S cwt.; 32 Texan ataara at 3Se. par lb groat,
nat weight &S cwt.; for M. Kirehwoa, f! lilt- i
not* ateara at lOlgc. a US'c- per lb., weight* tl'ft
cat a ?S cwt.; I'lery ft Gary aold lor J. r Uuii no 33
Illinola ateara at ll>3?c. per lb., with flOc. off per
bead; weight. 7S ewt. ; bald on tale 82 Illlnola ataera T.
Ulllaa told for J. P. Untune, 65 Illinoi* ataara. at lltt*e per
lb , with SOc. off par bead, waight, 7I4 cwt Bnrchatd ft
Merritt aold for Rankin ft Co., 51 Illlnola ateara. al li'S' I
par lb.; weight, (IS cwt.; for ft. N Monroe, 1M Illlnola j
ataara, at K>Sc. a I2e par lb.; weight*. rwt a 7h rwl.
W. Thomptou aold For f. Ilaaburg, 17 Illlnola ataara, at l<'Se.
r-'j ?u. , wvigut, o owv i. n nffiw mia inr a. jv i"nron, <
7? lllinole at 10a. a l^'4e. p?r lb.; welphU, cwt. | i
Hfwi. mil
A? Jeraey City yard*, Coney k McPhereon cold for l?i?on
* t)e. BB ifltuote ateara at 10c. a II Wc. per lb., walifht d*, I ]
ewt.; for Moonthlne k Co. B'J llllnuU *te?r? at lu)^c * 1
ll\e per lb., weight 7)4 ewt. Martin Foliar k Co mid lor |
J. ilolmae Id lodlaua tteera at lOUo. per lb.. wel?bl 0 rwt ;
Id Indiana oian at dhc. nor lb.. trrtvbte .1)4 awl. a Big cwt.;
for M. Met.'art by 4(1 Trxan leers at (to. par lb.. weight .'>),
cwt. C. Kalm aold for M. Kahn Xi Kantorky atoor. and
oian at 10c. a lie. par lb., weight 7)4 cwt.. for O. Hakor IB
Kentucky ateara at lUe. per lb., weight 8W. ewt.
B. k II. Wealpelroer told for Ffllfer k Co. IB
Mlaaouri ateara at He per lb.. weight B ewt., acant; f.a
Doty k (lalanar, IB Illlnol* rteara at li't4?. par lb , weight
?Scwt.; for M. H Ooty. Si lllinole ataara at lOVo. a 13c.
far lb., weight HV ewt. a H ewt . wrong; for Anil k Co.. Si
own steera at 11 '4o. per lb., weight 7)4 ewt.; Today k Hone
had dna IWe cara of cattle.
nnaap ami I. mat -Trade eery alow, with several carload*
of abeep unaold whoa the aiarktt .'loaad nl noon. Blimp aio.l
nt *\c. n (IWd lo r lb.; laaribt at utpe Jndd k Buckingham
aold 237 Ohio afieep. atkllii I7.HI0 H>a., at 4)401 par lb. : l >
it tale aheap, weight 1.130 iba.. at do. pat lb.. Ka#o
. \
I ?vT.kr K &
peril. . 135 Ohio ?li??p, welchl I *,'3iitl ll.?., '?i ,ji K' tJBr Id i
17.. Ohio ah***, welfcbl 13,510 ll.? at 6>,r p,r it 7^V,.nn
hi Ivmii? IMiiIm. wei^hl 4,71*1 ll.? . at <i\e. per lb Hum!
aim Klliott wild 3H7 Ohio ahecp, weight 34,720 IL? , ai (j; c
M lie n Oow* remain firm, but slow of sale at irut ..4
g75 30p?rh?ad, calve. In luded. an*
Vkai.s akd Camst. ?Stiiooil: onallty veal* not quoted*
prow ralvr- >eld si VI t per head,
lions.?There were no live hogs 00 tale.
Bankers, 10 uml '.'1 Neoin street,
issue Travellers Credits, available lu all part. of the world,
ihrougti the
and their corresponds ut..
Also tumiaerclal Credits and Telegraphic Transfers of
M.>ney ua California and Europe
-ft- 1-1 engraved illustrations, containing valuable information
for stuelc speculators, and how risks may be limited and
Troute increased. Seut tree on application
Bankers and Brokers. No. 2 Wall St., N Y.
"t Insurance Policies, Mortgages and otbet
securities; insurance of all kinds etlocted witn tieet cum pa
J J IIAMBICH A CO., 117 Broadway
bought and tdd br the ol.l established hoove of
Stock Brokers and AucKoueers,
? _ _ Q ... No A3 Pins St., Nesr York1.
N B.-7. 8 and 10 per cent Choice City Bonds and otbar .A I
Investment Securities our specially 24 years, paving 10 to 111
por cent; interest promptly paid; for .ate below par.
road CompEuy, 2t> Exchange place.
S?? Yoitx.Jan. 2U, 187B
The annual meeting of the stockholders ,it this company
to eleel obiter* and manager* for the ensuing >ear will be
btdd at tide ofUce on Tuesday, the 22A da) ut February at
111 o'clock A. M
The poils will ba open from 10 to 11 o'clock A M.
The transfer books will ?w closed on the kd ot February
and opcuod on the 2Jd oT February, proximo
A. J. OnT.Ei., Secretary.
2 Orvtca i>r StaTK Tmxsr nvi! 1
A'lil.taBia, K. C.. Dec. 27, 187b. t
In consequence of the delay In the pa tango of the Tax bill
of the stole of South Carolina, which became a law ru tho
24th lust., the payment of the Interest on the consolidation
bunds and stock of the Statu is postponed from the 1st o!
January to the INtii of February next; on and after which
date up past due coupons and Inlcroat orders on the euu.al
idallon bonds uud stocks of the Suite will he paid at the
office of Messrs. Morton. Bliss A Co.. New York city, and at
tho offloe of tho Treasury, Coluinhia, S. 0.
AH coupons ami interest orders duo and to hoceme due.
Including July I. 1*70, on the consolidation bonds sudstorks
of the State of South Carolina arc Uow receivable at par tor
State tauteA K L. tlAlillbZ't,
Treasurer of State of South Carolina
J IftXJO. upon the Security Savings Bank, No. 5(17 2d uv., at
a dlaccuut of 4i> |>er cut. Address BONANZA, box 117
Herald I'ptowm Brunch office.
1~"n iii axaT'olTh, uluomTnuton and was Fern
and Dsuvllle. I rtiaua, Blootuinglon and Pekln Railroad
Bondholders, main line, who have not received a oopy of
plan of tho reorganisation, can obtain one on application to
either of the uintsr igned. The time for deposit of those
bonds in the Central Trust Company expires February 10.
137H. AUSTIN ruRHfN.ttl llrise.lwny; tl K. TAINtOK.
2M Broad at JOSIAIi B BLOSSOM, 7o Wall at
1 K.Avrrr a wolcott. no. io pink make a
Aj specialty of leaniug Vrust lends on first mortgages an
property lu this city and vicinity, any amount, without
bonus. .
proved Property; no brokers: no bonus, ordinary
charge for examining title and searches. Address LAWYER,
box U7 Herald o&M.
Company, New York, Jan. 21. 1870.
'Pile Trustees in Conformity to the rhurlernf the mtnnftnv.
submit tti* following slaumont oi Its affair* on the .11,1 3
December, 1873;?
Premium* received on marine risks from 1st of
January. 1H73, to 31 at of Docrmber, 1875. ...83,840,021 81
Premiums on policies uol marked off 1st of
January, 1870 2,453,372 83
Total amount of marine premium* $8,280,394 72
N<> policies have been issued upon life risk*,
nor upon lira (Unconnected with marine /
Premiums marked off from 1st of January,
1875, to 31*1 of Decern her, 1875 $0,123,134
Aosse* paid durlug the suuiu
period $2,712,033 03
Return* of premium*
uud expenses. . $1,217 477 26
The company has (lie lollowiug amoat*, ria.
United Htutn* and 8tnte of New York atuea,
city, batik and other a toe It* $10,314,040 00
Loans, socurrd by stocks, and otherwise 2,.VH,2?0 Oil
Real estate and bond* and murtita^u* iitH.OO" 00
Interest and sundry liutea and claim* due
the company, estimated at .454,037 99
Premium note* and bi 11 greceivable 2,078,300 5tl
Cash lu bau't 383,402 40
Total amount of onset# $10,Oil).t>40 02
Rix per cunt interest on the outstanding ocrtilicates ol
pre Uts will be paid to tlie holder* thereof, or tbeir letal
representative#, ou and alter Tuesday, the 1st of February
The outstanding certllicatc* of the Issue of 1872 will ba
rsdsiuiM'il ami rucitt In the holders tluireol or their lecisl
representatives, on and afier Tuesday. Uio 1st of Pebrtiary
next, from which date ail Interest thereon will cease. The
certificates to be produced at the time of payment, and cancelled.
Upon eoriltlcates whleh were Issued tor gold premiums,
the payment of lutereat and redemption will be la
A dividend of forty per rent is declared on the net earned
premiums of Hie company, for the year ending RUt December
1*7;>, for which certificates will be" Issueu ou uud alter
Tuesday, tlie 4ili of April uexl.
Uv order of the Hoard,
J. n CHAPMAN. Secretary.
J D Jones, Itoyal Phelps, Robert L. Stuart,
Churl,'i Dennis, 'I humus P. Youngs, .1 nines U. Du Forest,
W. 11. 11. Moure, C. A. Hand, Alex. V. Blake,
Henry Colt, James Low. ('has l>. Levvrlch,
Lewis Curtis, John I), Hewlett, Adolph Lomoyne,
CbnfTes U. Russell, M m. II. tVobb, Adam T. Racket!,
Lowell Hnlbrnok, (1 W, llitrnhum, Horace dray,
Ilavld Lane, r rcd'k Chauncey, Wlnthrop (i. Ray,
Jamee R'ryeo. Cliaa. V Hurdett, Rdmaud W Cornea,
Daniel 8. Miller, > rands Skiddy, . John Klliott,
(I'm Stiirgis, Kobt. ft. Mtnturn, Saui'l Liutcbtnson.
Jo-dab O. Low, ('has II. Marshall,
M'ui. U. Dodge, (is-orge W. Lane,
J. T JO.VKH, President
CUARLKS DKNNIH, Vice rreaident.
W. H. H. MOORK, Second Vice President.
All klmli wanted for Caen. ' \
WKKKS, I7S Broadway.
d;l 1 WW i -1 WANT A PARTr TO join" MR Willi
VliUUV/, the above amount in a bus!near honorable
pleasant and profitable. Pall earth alar* and satisfaction or)
interview. Address JUSTICE, box 212 Herald office.
y?V>vyi' productive property worth three times the
S{nFnnA -any' okntlknan having tiir
above amount Idle and willing to loan for
re# years, on good Country Bii?lnes? Property (tlal), can
address 0. 8. h'., Herald office. Broker" need not reply.
V'rt-rl/.UvtJ on New York rtiy I'ropert.v In sums to
suit. A. WARNcR I'nA'iT, 1 lft Broadway.
Ci*i niWk hir" i "Av-?>v first quji
?OtUvvliViUW railroad euterprl?e?, for foreign aeOouut:
cost Jiites uoelerred. ,
* " A. WARMER PLATT, I l.r> Broadway.^
unship existing bo two an the undersigned under ttie firm
namenf Benedict A Vote, Is ibis day dissolved by mutual
cement. A A. Benedict will continue ibo business under
hu own name and is authorised (o nettle ilia lUisira of Hie
late Ortn. A A BENEDICT.
Nxw Tork, Jan. 14, IS7?. JAMES A VOSB.
(irocery and 1.1'iuor Store lu Hie beat 1< cstioti down
towu, doing good bit si nest Apply to (iAFFNEY A SMITH,
Auctioneers, 17 Centre at.
an partuet In aale mercantile business, bearing
strictest Invesdgatlon : small capital. Addreaa MERCHANT,
box 8,157 l*o?t office. New York
ueaa town. DO minutes frrftu New York, population
1M,(*>.?; atom established 14 ye*r?; reaaon for telling, other
business to attni.d to; stoek, 84,?aai or ?8,000; would take
half coab. with good soourtly lor l>alance . long leaee and
low rent, and last bualueaa part ot town. Address MERCHANT,
Ilerald office.
fc'.V**' nr more. It wanted to Join me in the purchaeo of
an Iron bloat furnace, in wblcli 1 aui alreiady interested; only
first claaa parties need apply. Addrsas FURNACE, box
4,7011 Near York Poat office
k J to Invest euuallr Willi advertiser in an agreaable buslin<a
that has e>eare I ClOO.i.iA a rear. For particular* Inintra
of Mr MORTON, Weal SJd kt
least, lor a uaruber of yetrs. the alte of tbs lata Kldert
House; third rteambont fandii g. Rockaarar Reach L. I
Apply to or address GARRET KHDERT, at ahcrvo.
r ) U a apeeial partner, with <.V),iju> capital, in a wall aalablished
firm dutn? a Isige btifiocaa. Address or Inquire ot K
'fOwv to the right party Hie control of the city staple
roods, only una c<>m|>etitor; aeinaintanca with the (feed
trade desirable, but not necessary. Apply, personally at
room 4d nweeay's Hotel.
V 1 .vM/XJ. the beat money making exhibition lu Auiar.
AM-.-. I" If. -IttlKli, II raid <dHca.
P-a.vlV/lf eatabltstitd manufacturing dtisinesa prohte
th' mo,"r A3<tr,M MAxtKAc(WW)
ruled tor . ?v> ca?> proflt can be realleed annually.
Address bo* 1.^03 Post office, New-York
?..? -f\| 1 WANTKD ?WI8U TO UO A.N OKTAKK A ,
T'O. )*'"? I'rliifr futlrnt or ertWc), or ?c? tall lay cat
q.nteraln hew York city; here Il.UU' fact of rlaaa. winch
l.i xl ji-? f-S par ilay , a K'"-J *henee for an apprentice
wiih ilia atmri capital, iddian FLAlRIHT, Harala olflaa.
4: "i 1WHI-*7Wll.li 1NVKST IN A HTAPl.ft
< - /' 'U T:.ami " nririifl. I?iri< a* partner, principal*
hi/ replj, (tatiUK (Nail part loal art. Addreae CAt'lTAI.,
Herald Uptown Branch ORlea.
|>|a |UW\ ASH I hTOCK or HKIUllANOlnK
vLt'.'JUl" winth fJfi.lMi, can be exchanged t"r a
[ antatkM In tha heal eeetlon of Toxaa. worth tttr.on
l.HOu acraa. blab at ale of ealtiretion, fully alocka'l and
ii't'ilpped with modem loola and maobiuary ; goad hoaae and
irathaiMloea; plant/ of frail; unit able for cotton, grain or
ratine. On railroad ; owner in faebla uaelth; rndit eloae
Lutlnaaa; haa market for tu?rchainll*o . .
III Oai?araity_?'la<a^ '
C;'Tlf7wwi ? A l'ARTNEit WANTKITIN A *Kl.L
V'JV/.v" 'I/. ettabHidted bndnraa, pa/In* large proBia,
with tiotainal riaka, to take the place of one ratlrln*. A.I
draaa K.. Ixit d.afal I'oat offloe.
dTjTwt IUwT NBT UAll.T?PAKTflliR WaNTEU pivU.UU"
Tu capitaltau I w .uut aa.r that, harlar
dteoorered a meant by which tka above arnoaal ma/ bajtreducad
dell) , and tha drat perton wlia will fnrnlah Mw ;ei?f
alt* capli ai to atart with I will take at nartaor. Addreae
J. W f.. ban lid Herald ottoa.

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