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The Color Line War Inaugurated
by Senator Bruce.
Views of Pinchback and Others,
on the Situation.
Washington, Feb. 11, 1876.
The fellovring Tailor and wore exact details of the
great Senatorial explosion havo transpired?The disaffection
of Seaelor Bruce, which resulted in tho tl&reup
at the executive session of tho Sonatc last evening,
is not a matter of sudden emotion. Brace has been on
the ragged edgo for several months, and this recent
outburst, Which is causing much excitement and
anxiety in administration circles, Is ouly the outcome
ol a determination to mako a square
issue or the color line. Tho conservative
feeling which has characterised the Senate concerning
the Plnchbock case has culnu nalod in Bruce taking a
hold and aggressive stand in regard to tho rights of
the colored people ol the South. Senator Bruce bns
always been considered as an Indolent rather than
an active representative of his constituents, and, at
times, has seemed to be a mere s[>ectntorof the political
upheavals In the South Tho honor and dignity of
4 his ofllco appeared to have more attractions (or him
than the glory which he might achieve by making any
real efforts in behalf of his race.
About the beginning of the holidays James Bill, the
colored Secretary of State of Mississippi, came to Washington
to enter complaint against tho Ames admiuis
tration. Hill was formerly a mechanic In the machino
shops of the New Orleans, St Louis and Chicago Hailroad.
at Holly Springs, Miss., and be has reached a po
sition from which he controls the entire colored vote o'
that State. It was through his influence that Bruce
gained bis seat In the Senate of the United States, and
Bill, being tho smarter of the two, Bruce's actions
have been and are entirely governed
hy him. Hill's namo was crowded on the
republican ticket for Representative to Congress
against the wishes of the nominating
Convention of the Jackson district. Uis opponent on
the same ticket. M. C. Shaughuessy, Internal Revenue
Collector, is a white man, and was really mtlch more
popular. He controlled the Irish vote and was a resident
of the district. Hill was a resident of Wells district,
and was not entitled to represent tho district he
did Hill's defeat and the deep aversion which was
manifested toward him by the Amos party soured him,
and he started for Washington, vowing vengeance on
the whole Ames clique. He stopped at Fred Douglass'
residence here, on Capitol Hill, and lor throe days he
never left tho Housa Douglass was so sure
that be would be elected that he had fitted up a suit
ol rooms adjoining Bruce's for him and ho was his
warmest friend. Hill is the real cause of the recent
and startling manifesto by Bruce In the Sonata.
Not less than filteen of Ames' strongest and most
partisan retainers have been here a month mollifving
Rrnce and trying to divert him from making any ex.
bibitlou of temper that would bring disrepute on the
carpet bag government in the South. But as Bruce bad
paid more than one-half of the campaign expenses
necessary to the success of the Ames dynasty, and as
he had been in a measure betrayed by them, be paid
little attention to^the .promises which tbey bad made.
He was possessed of a fortune amounting to some |
$200,000 which had been acquired while Sheriff and Tax
Collector of Bolivar county. These flrcqucnl importunities
bad exhausted the Senator's patience.
A person who professes to know the rootivos of
Bruce's conduct throughout this time says that Bruce
now believes what he stated in the Senate?viz., that
(irant was playing two parts, one to the whites who cared
nothing for the negroes, and another to tho
negroes themselves, whom he professed to admire
and respect. The same informant proceeded in fur.
tlirr explanation. Brace, he said, had been given to
understand by the President that the latter was a candidate
lor the thtrd term, and that he expectod to roceive
the entire support of the colored people In tho
South. Previous to this they hud given him to understand
that no other candidate should have their
votes. John B. Raymond, who also wanted tho
Vicksburg Post Office, is Ames' fugleman, lie camo
on here to fight Pease and get tho office. It is said
that Bruco told the President that ho (Oram)
eared more for his own interests than
he did for the colored people, and that
tho President listened quietly and finally said
that he should pursue his own course and be dictated
to by no one; whereupon the hot African blood rushed
into the colored Senator's face and he said to the President,
with deepest passion
'Very well; you do as you please and 1 will do as I
please," and then he hastily withdrew.
During tho debate on Billings' confirmation Bruco
I will fight this thing to the bitter end, and I want
it clearly determined whether the cotored voters of the
South, of which, 1 believe, I am the highest represent
alivt in Congress, have any rights under the constitution.
1 intend to have this thing definitely
settled I am not through. I shall make a speech and
appeal to the people if Grant Is to rule my constituents
as he pleases, without regard to the rights which are
supposed to be guaranteed to all citisens of the t'niiod
Referring to the Pinchback case he said that the
Benale had been too long inactive in molting up their
minds as to whether Pinchback was to have the scat
which belonged to him and for which Ills people cast
their votes. He defined the inaction of The Senate as
characteristic of all their dealings toward the colored
l.e t the consequences be what (hcv may the exciting
scene La the Senate executive session yesterday hue I
been tb* topic of general conversation this afternoon J
and evening, and the attitude of the colored Senator, ;
Bruce, toward the administration, and even the republican
party, in, in some quarters, thought very serioua.
Mr Bruce does not confine himself to denunciations of
the President. It is said that in the course of his
speech yesterday he turned on Senator Morton, who
was listening intently, and, pointing his finger at him,
said, "Shake not your bloody shirt at me."
Seaator Spencer, of Alabama, came to Bruce to day
to mollify him, and told him that he must not let Senator
Alcorn persuade him, who was a mischief maker
and disorgamser and was Intriguing to carry Bruce
away from bis trot friends
"Stay by us; we aro yonr true friends,'' urged
Bruce, who listened.in some excitement, replied:?
"Governor Alcorn tsit gentleman, air. I know him.
Be la a gentleman. As for you, Senator Spencer, you |
are a carpewbagger sad a boot-llcker for Grant. Go )
and lick your master's hoots, bufcdoa I call on me to
do Ik"
The conversation abruptly ended at'*thi? point.
The Centennial Appropriates bill passed the Senate
to-day aa it came trom the House by a vote ol 41 yeas
to 11 nays.
The closing debate was marked by a handsome effort
on the part of Senator Ransom, of Mortb Carolina, late
?f the Confederate army, breathing n strong spirit of
devotion to the whole country. At tin close Senator
Conkliag walked over 10 Senator Ranaom'i deak and I
warmly congratulated blm.
WaannoToa, Feh. 11, 1876.
plmacs of tbs constlab and diplomatic
bill?PBOTinosa fob the const la tm.
Tha Consular and Diplomatic bill passed tha Donro
to-day by a rota of 181 yeaa to t nay* IL? following
provisions are made for conanlataa ?
Coaawl Oaaaral at Cairo, |S,000; at Lcmdon, Tarla, 1
gayaaa and fkto Jabaixo. A&.uou me*. at la.ftotu and 4
nw tore i
Shanghai, |<,500 each; at Molbonrne, $4,000; at Kana
jrawu, $3,000; at Bar Lin, $3,000; at Montreal, $4,000: at
Vienna, Frankfort, Homo, Constantinople, St. Petersburg
and Mexico, $2,000 each; Consul at Liverpool,
Honolulu, the only consulate In class two (salary
$3,500), was removed from that class to class Ove (salary
The consulates in class three (salary $3,000) are Hong
Kong, Fowchow, Hankow, Canton, Awoy, Tte? TstU
and Callaa
The consulates In class four '(salary $C,-M0), are
Manchester, Glasgow, Bradford, Hctnerara, Birmingham,
Sheffield, Kingston (Jamaica), Havre, Lyons,
AtbODB. MntAtitr\n Trivial! Tuni* Tanniors. Nagasaki. I
Osaka ao<l Hioga, VoraCroz, Bunkok, Panama, Colon,
Aspinwall, Buenos Ay res and Valparaiso.
Tbo consulates la class live (salary $2,000), are Rtbga.
pore, Tuoatall, Leeds, Dundee, Leltb, Toronto, Hamilton,
Halifax, St. Johns (N. B.), Belfast, Marseilles, Bordeaux.
Prague, Trinidad de Cubs, Santiago dc Cuba,
Antwerp, Brussels, Zurich, Basle, SL Thomas, Hamburg,
Bremen, Dresden, Chemnitz, Lclpatc, Matamoras,
Port-au Prince, Montevideo and Honolulu.
The consulates in class six (salary $1,600), are Cork
Dublin, Prescut, Port Larnio, Windsor (Canvia West)'
Si Johns (Canada Bast), Barbados, Beirut, Port Krie, ]
Coatlcook, Nassau (N. P.), Cardiff, Port I.onts (Mauritius)
Bermuda, Quebec, Godorick, Nico, Martinique, Ban
Juan, Porto Ilico, Cadiz, Malaga, Lisbon, UotlerJain,
Amsterdam, Sonnuberg, Nuremberg, Barmen Aix la
Chapclle, Mannheim, Trieste, Leghorn, Florence,
Palermo, Messina, l'ornambaca and Lnguayra.
TJie consulates in class seven (salary $1,000), nro
Bristol, Newcastle, Auckland, Gibraltar, Capo Town, St.
Helena, Charlottetown (P. K. L), Port Stanley, Clifton,
Windsor (N. a.), Kayal (Azores), Funchal, Verviers and
Liege. Munich, Stuttgart, OeDova, Genoa, Naples,
Jerusalem, Smyrna, Bahia, Para, St. Doiuingo and
Kingston (Canada).
The consulates In schedule C (compensation fees),
are Sabanilla, Guayaquil, Bat a via, Guymas, Zanzibar,
Santiago (Cape Verde Islands), Tahiti, Apia (Friendly
Islands), Ovolau (Fiji Islands).
For allowance of clerk hire at consulates?Not ex
cecding $3,000 at Havana and Liverpool; $2,000 at
London, l'aris and Shanghai, and $1,200 at Herlin,
Vienna, Frankfort, Montreal, Hamburg, Bremen. Leipsic,
Lyons, Manchester, Belfast, Birmingham, Bradford,
Chutrinitz, Sheffield, Sonnebcrg, Dresden, Havre,
Marseilles, Fayal, Nuremberg, Leith, Naples, Stuttgart,
Mannheim and Tucstall.
For salaries of Interpreters to the consulates at
Shanghai, $2,000; Tien-tsin and Koo Chow, $1,000
each; Kanagawa, $1,500; Hankow, Amoy, Canton and
Hong Kong, $750 each; and other consulates in China,
Japan aud Siam, $500 each; and for salaries of marshals
in Consular Courts in Japan aud China, Siam and
Turkey, $7,700.
The remaining items in tho bill were for various
contingent expenses. That for loss by exchange on
consular service was reduced from $15,000 to $10,004
The bill appropriates about $914 000, being a reduction
of about $470,000 from tho bill of last year.
Thirty-two years have passed away since the celebrated
Bergamese composer, Gnetano Donizetti, who
shares with Mercadanle the honor of being tho last of
the Itahan draroatiuo-mustcal writers of nn honored
school, rudely broken Into by tho Iconoclastic Verdi,
introduced at the Grand Opera, l'aris, his opera, "La
Fnvorlta." Coming before tho public in the samo year
with "La Figlia del Reggimento" and "I Martlrl," it
was some time before it received the share of popular
favor to which its enticing melodies and dramatic effects
'n music entitled it to among the sixty odd operas
of this prolific composer. In 1649 Muretzck
introduced it to tho Now York public with the
following cast:?Leonora, Mme. Trufll; "Fernando,
Signor Bcnedetti; Alfonso, Signor Beneventano;
Baldassare, . Signer Novclli. In 1651 the grandest
representation of this opera that has ever been given in
this country introduced Steffanone, Salvi, Badtali 2nd
Marlni, an immortal quartet In the recollection
of those who beard them. Six years later Gazzamga,
Brignoli and Atnodlo appeared in the opera, and there
was since that time uo notablo performance of the
work until l'nulino Lucca essayed the title rtfle, assisted
by V izz.itii and Jamet. Mile. Titieus Is the latest representative
of tho King's favorite, the three other leading
rfdrs Last night being distributed as follows:?
Fernando, Signor Brignoli; Alfonso, Signor Tagliapeitra;
Baldussurc, Signer Remit. The libretto
and its subject can hardly be considered us worthy of
tho great dramatic abilities of Mile. Titieus. duly at
tho close of the third net and in tho fourth act had she
opportunities aflorded her to display thoso grand his
trlonlc qualities which distinguish her from the singers
of later schools aud more recent styles of ivric turner
donation. The brilliant bouse tbal graced the Academy
last evening wailed Impatiently for the first appearance
of the prima donna, and the tenor and the basso received
little lavor in the first act. When Mile. Titters,
after the polka like chorus of Indies that introduces
the second act, made her appearance she was greeted
by an outburst of applause. She began with her impassioned
address to Fernando, "Ah! mio bene." In
which, despite the commonplaoc orchestration, which,
to those imbued with the progressive Ideas of operatic
instrumentation of the tircsent day, sounded as if the
muss of instruments was intended to ho used as a huge
guitar, the magnificent voice thrilled every ear. The
succeeding duet with the tenor in unison might as well
have been a solo, for the prima donna's voice completely
absorbed that of Brignult. In the next
act Taghapietra won a decided popular triumph
by his singing of the ana, "Vicn
Leonora,'' which was encored. The following
duot between him and Mile. Tittens, "In qnesto
suol," was given with wonderful effect.
The reudermg of the aria, "Ah I mio Fernando," by
Mile Tltirus was something to l>e re in cm be ri d, even by
those who heard Lucca a tew seasons past in the same
number. The fine.drainatic ensemble thnt follows the
defianee of the King by Feruando on discovering that
he had been decoyed into marriage with tho Infamous
"bella del Re" showed that an unwonted degree of caro
had been bestowed upon the chorus and orchestra by
Mr. Mitrolzek. Bngnoli In the last act sang tbo rotnuuxa,
"Splrto gontil," with his old-lime sweotnesa
of voice and expression, and gained a
well deserved encore. The y<ir?iraf? of tho violins in
a part of the accompaniment, although marked pianitsnmi.
was given In the loudest possihlo manner. Tho
I vo-ccs of the monks (nr.Ua china) sounded more like
i those of a roysterlng party than of a religious choir.
The concluding scene, In which Leonora meets her
| lover for tho last time, was a great triumph for M!le.
' Titicns. The prayer. "Pietoso al par del Nume," was
I delivered with heartfelt expression, and the exultant,
"E fin vcr, lo m'sbbandono," where Leonora
! is forgiven by the husband wno had discarded
her on the day of her bridal, was sunjr with that
! Intensity of pass ion and breadth of vocal power that 1
; seemed lo carry the entire house Into the realms of
I frantic enthusiasm. Apart from the music of this
opera, which is probably the best ever written by tbo
composer, the stupidity of the libretto is calculated to
make any one adhere* to the theory of Wagner in his
plan of a model music-drama. The drama of "Narcisse."
with the notorious Pompadour, would luroisb a subject
somewhat similar to that of "La Favortta1' to
the operatic composer, far more effective than that on
which Donizetti wasted so much good music. Brignoli
last evening, apart trom his single success in
" Splrto gentil," was nnythlng but a favorable representative
of the gallant Fernando. Reins was simply
unbearably and the minor parts were very inefficiently
filled. A u.atiutfo of " il Truvaiore " will be given today.
The rhllbarmonlc Society gave a maunCe concert at
the Academy of Mualc yesterday, which was poorly
attended. The following programme was presented:?
fipmnKnne A Is. Ik o.ionr OeKsimantl 1 i
allegro; 2. Roma.ize; 3. Scherzo; 4. Allegro, con
Spirito. Boio?i'lato, "IthapsoUlo Hongroise," NoJ
12, Liszt?Miss ottllle I. Klauczek. Tart
2. Overture?"Kaoieka." first time, Cherubim. ,
Piano solo, a "Rondo" Kb. op. lfi. Chopin b, "Le
Hal," Rubinstein. Mm Ottllle I. hlaucrok 1'oemo
sympbontqe, "On the Mountain," Liszt; 1'occo Allegro,
Mnmiiovn assal, Andante Kcllgioeo. Owing to
the ililies* of Mr. Carl Hcrgmaun the conductor's
baton ?aa taken by Mr. George Matxka, one
of the tnoet accomplished musicians of
the society. He filled tho position creditably,
and won applause by the admirable manner
In which he brought the orchestra through the very
trying work of Liszt. The pianist marie an utter/Luce
and sbowedofcat he did not possess a single quality as
tnrtwoso requisite to play in a philharmonic concert.
The Cherubim overture Is the least interesting of the
great master's sorts. The Schumann symphony was
very fairly given. Lisrt's symphonic poem should be
expunged from the rejwfrnr*. An orchestra trotu a
muuoa autanU might possibly do something with it
To-night ViH Lucille Vestern will appear at the
Grand Opera House for the first time In seven years.
She will play Nancy Sykea, supported by Mr. J. B.
fc tinl ley.
Assistant Foreman John H. Busch, of Engine No. 30,
who was one of the men hurled In the ruins of the wall
of No. 444 Broadway, on the night of the large flret
died at Rellevue Hospital last night. He had been delirious
through the day, excepting for few memento
Asavibuo to his uasih
AnotKeb glove fight.
oNzil'b Tr.raD annual txstimonxaii made
Tammany, Hall was crowded to ita utmost capacity
laeLDlfhl the occasion being the third annual testiino
Dial benefit of Professor James O'Neil, of Wood's Uyit
na<, utu. The popularity of the ltn>'Jiciu?rt drew together.
in some measure the vast asaemblage, but a?
stronger attruction existed in the shape of the announced
presenco of certain well-known professional
boxers. These were Professor William
Clark, Professor William Miller, 8tewo Taylor, George
Kooke, of Newark, N. J , and Johnny Dwyer, of Brooklyn.
Police Captain Garland, of tho Seventeenth
precinct, with several officers, was stationed about
the hall as a precaatiooary measure, and It was woll
they were present, as their services were needed.
The exhibition commenced and continued very
pleasantly and creditably until the wind-up between
Kouke and Dwyer, when these men, instead of an exhibition
of science, Indulged is a furious glove fight, and
wore stopped by the officors of the law. Tho excitement
that etinned was not as great as that caused at
the I.yceum Theatre a short timo since when Dwyer
and Taylor came together; but there was enough bad
blood present to have caused trouble bad it not been
nipped In the bud.
Gymnastic teats by tbe members of the Turn Verein
commenced the show, when there was sparriug by
amateurs, followed by a lively set-to between Colonel
Munstery, of New Vork, and Professor McGregor, of
London. Fencers were Introduced, after which Prolessor
O'Neil and Professor Clark came upon the stage.
These boxers pleased tho audience greatly,
tho cleverness of Clark causing repeated cheers.
Club swinging, then a Zouavo drill, when Billy
Madden and W. M. McCiellan stepped before the assemblage.
The Damns of these were sufficient to cause
a pleasant welcome, which they roceivod. The exhibition
was remarkably good, but resulted In favor of
Maddon. The noxt boxors were the old adversaries?
Steve Taylor and Professor Muller. Three light rounds
pleased the gathering and they rotlred amid a storm of
applansc. James Messenger, with the cannon balls,
next cume on, and his strength was deservodly cheered.
Now appeared the stars of thfe evening?Kooke and
Dwyer. Tbey appeared upon tho platform with smiles
upon their faces. Clad in ilunnol tights and light shirts
of tho same material they looked ready for any or all
kiudsof business. Their gloves went soon adjusted,
when they got to work, without loss of time.
Both showed their cleverness in furious hitting, when
they clinched and rattled euch other about the heads
will) a dozen blows, neither getting much the best of
the othor. This exhibition had too much of tho serious
nature about it, and several men rushed In and separated
them. Tho excitement now grew to fever heat, and
when the men came together for the second round there
were signs ol trouble. They sparred for an opening,
and alter two or three light "exchanges Kooke feinted
with his left nnd Dwyer got out of tho way, but as he
was retreating Kooke caught him with his right a halfarm
blow on t ho chin, and Dwyer was lifted from h;s
leel and fell on his back. The knock down was received
with terrible shouts. Captain Garland and his officers
at this time drew nearer tho stage, and as tho men
stood up for the third round two or throo pohcetr.on
ascended it. Kach got a blow in the other's face when ,
they again clinched, imd Dwver was hammering Rooko
very prettily in tho face, when another attempt was
made to separate them. Colonel Monstery
was tho lirst to interfere; somebody
from Brooklyn caught him by the neck and whirled
him back against the wall. Tlio police thonjumpod in,
and. amid an indescribable confusion, the men were
forced lo retire. To make matters worse Stcvo
Taylor here rushed to tho front of the stage
and challenged Dwyor to fight him, whou
Stere was seized by the ''bine coats." The lights were
now put out, but despite this the crowd lingered for a
long whilo, terribly enraged that the fight had been
stopped. As to which is the better man with the
gloves, Rooke or Ilwyer, is yet undecided. They will
meet again; that's certain.
Uist evening a meeting of tho Hoard of Trustoes was
held at the l'rlrailivo Methodist church, in Park avenuo,
near Canton street, Brooklyn, to take action on
the charges preferred against Rev. Fred. Bell Mr.
Bell was not presont. Mrs Morris testified at length
to the Improper proposals made to her by the accused.
The commllteo adopted resolutions displacing Mr.
Bell (torn tho charge of the church, and also deciding
not to notice any reply he may make in the future.
Stcnmcr. tititi*. | VaUiJuUlttn. Cj^lre.
City of Montreal. . Feb, 12. Liverpool.. 15 Broadway
Celtic Feb. 12. Liverpool.. 37 Broadway
California Feb. 12. OUkkuw ... 7 Bowling Green
Donau Feb. 12. Bremen.... 2 Howling Green
Calabria. Feb. 16. Liverpool.. -I Bowling Green
Canada Feb. 17. Londoo ... 69 Broadway
Poiumerania Feb. 17. Hamburg 61 Broadway
The i^uceu Feb. 10. Liverpool.. ?J9 Broadway
Adriatic Feb, 19. Liverpool.. '17 Broadway
City of Paris Feb. 19. Liverpool.. 15 Broad war
Anchoria Fob. 19. Glasgow ... 7 Bowling Green
Aineriquc Fob. 19. Havre...... 55 Broadwav
Neckar Feb. 19. Bremen.... - Bowling Green
Wyoming Feb, 22. Liverpool.. 29Broadway
Java Feb, 23. Liverpool.. 4 Bowling Green
State of Indiana... Feb. 24. Glasgow... 72 Broadway
Leshinp Feb. 24. Hamburg . 61 Broadway
England .... .... Feb. 26. Liverpool . 69 Broad wav
Calami ' Feb. 26.1 Kotterdam. |50 Broadway
City ot Richmond Feb. 26. Liverpool. 15 Broadway
Baltic Feb. 26. Liverpool.. 37 Brondway
Ktliiopia Feb. 26. Glasgow... 7 Bowling (freen
Salter Fob. 26. Bremen.... 2 Bowling Green
Idaho Feb. 29. Liverpool.. 29 Broudway
Russia M'ch 1. Uverptwl.. 4 Howling Green
Aiellert Mc'h 2. Hamburg.. 61 Broadway
City of Antwerp... Mc'h 4. Liverpool.. 15 Broadway
Republic M'ch 4. Liverpool.. 37 Broadway
Victoria M'ch 4. Glasgow.. . 7 Bowling Green
Lafayette M'ch 4 Havre...... 55 Broadway
Hermann M'ch 4. Bremen.... 2 Bowling Green
Ilakotn Mc'h 7. Liverpool.. 29 Broadway
State of Poutisyla. M'ch 9. Glasgow.... 72 Broadway
Kuevia Mc'h 9. Hamburg.. 61 Broadway
Rotterdam Mc'h 9 Rotterdam. ?0 Broadway
Germanic M'ch 11 Liverpool 37 Broadway
City of Brooklyn.. M'ch 11. Liverpool 15 Broadway
Wisconsin |M'ch 14 I Liverpool.. [29 Broadway
W a Scholten |.Mc'h 16.1 Rotterdam 150 Broadway
Cimbria M ch 16. |Hamburg.. |61 Broadway
0^-yotice to Captains op vessels entering
THE PORT OF NEW york AT NIGHT. ?The New York
1! kiial!) hat adopted a distinguishing Cotton night signal for
ufce on board the Herald steam yacht, showing while burning
the colors red, green, red. changing from one to the other
in succession, and can be teen several miles distant. Captains
of vesscla, upon seeing this signal, will oblige ns by
nrenarinir anv marine news tbev may have for the Shin
Mewfc Department of the ITkralp.
Person* desirous of communirattnsr with vtMels nrrlrtng
at New York can do so by addressing to such vessels,
care of liKRAt.n news yacht, pier No 1 East Hirer, New York.
Letters received from all parts of the world and promptly delivered.
Duplicates arc required.
almanac for new york?this day.
Pun rises 0 W | Cov. Island. ...mom 10 C3
Son pots ft 31 I Sandy Hook...mom 9 28
Moon rises cvo 0 01 | Hell Gate eve 12 08
Strainer Calabria (Br). Gain*. Liverpool Jan SO and
Qiieeuslown with mdse and 114 passengers to CO
hteeiner Pommeranla (Oer), Pchwenven, Hamburg. Jan
26 aud H avre 30th, with mdse and 12 > pHssm gers to Kunhardt
A Co. Had heavv weather; lat 44 J5. Ion 49 28,
passed through a field of ten 8 inehra tliiek, extending aa far
a. ronld be seen; Feb 8, no lat, Ae. Tell in * Ith a ahlp on
fire; Hid a boat out to her, but thrv could not tell hei
name, Ac; 10th. lat 40 2S, Ion GO 40, passed ship Liverpool,
hence for London.
Steamer An gift (Br), Murray, Trieste, Ae, with fruit and
passengers to Henderson Bros
Steamer Georgia, Croweti, Charleston Feb 0, with mdse
and passengers to Jaa W yuiniunl A Co.
Ship Peerless, Mitchell, London ami Isle of Wight 32 days,
in ballast to George Leery, Came the southern passage,
and had fine weather; la anchored in Graveseud Hay Tor
Bark Henry Litchfield lof Rockland Spaulding Yokohama
f>c? 3. w!1h tea Ic K W Cor lies; vessel to J S In graham A
Co Passed An)er Nov 14. Cape of Hood Hope Hoc 22. and
crossed the Equator Jan IS, Ion 32. 20; had strong NK winds
to Anjer, and light KK winds after passing tboOCne;
Oct 21. lat 14. 37. b>n II. 02, ot>oke ship Ulee Maiden (Br),
from Manila for New York.
Bark I'aolina 8 (Ans). Tamanovleh, Liverpool 36 dam,
with ?all to order. Came the southern passage, and bad fine
Bark Lnisa (Ital), Colombo, Taganrog Oct 2ft and Gibraltar
Jan 9, with wool to Wood, Pay son A Colgate.
Bark Onrftiini (Swe). I-ar*rn. Kto Janeiro 6flday?.wllh
cofW to order; vessel to Bo< kmann, Oerlcln A Co. l'essod
the Rquator Jan 4. In loo 36.
Bark Cardenas, Weldon, Havana 10 davs, with sugar to
Jaa B Ward A Co Feb ft. lat 32. Ion 76, had a tieary NNW
gale, veering to KNK; loot and spilt saila
Bark James Primrose (of Pletou , Mr lion aid, M ataasae 12
davs. with sugar to Gerhard A Brewer.
Berk il I) Stover. Pierre, Met arises 12 dey*. with rarer to
Canada. Rivera A Co; vessel to Jas K Ward A Co. Was 5
days north of Hatteras, with strong NE and NW win da
Hark Charles P Ward, Gay, Gaantananio 12 daya, with
sugar 10 Brooks A Co, vessel to Miller A Houghton.
Brig Rnftis (Nor). Christiansen, Kin Janeiro 4l? day*, with
eoffSe to G Amtinck A Cos Crossed the Equator Jen 1?, In
loo 37.
Hrlg P II Jennings (of Port!end*, Yonng. Pernamboeo 30
daya with sugar to U H Swilt A Co. Crested the Squalor
Jan 17. Inn 42.
Brt(t Britannia (of Rew Harm! Tlntrhkiaa. Rl Plarre,
Y*ri. Id d?r?, with mix to H Trowbffctate a Horn.
Brig Lucy (of 1* K Mandi, Enng, Hatim 6 day*. ?1tn
otcar to C.hea Lnllng A Co.
Brig Mwyf Mariner (of Portland). Tteomb. Vtlun1 18
tajw. *i?h ai?la?ar< to U Amatnck A Co. Waa & day* north
of Hatteraa. with atrong XK and SW winda.
Brig I. If Merrltt (itf Baoh?i?rll. Hairline*. Mataaaaa 13
data, with (agar to jwmea E Ward A Co. Had h(a?| KB
(iehr Bophla Amelia (Who>. Regal. Rio Janeiro S5 dart,
with roffta to Roland A lla(\?hra*; ?ew*el to fane ft, Rdyt
Alio. Croeaed the Rnnetnr Jvn 14 Ion *1
Bohr Wlrer Htar. Meb..rier. ft re 16 deya, with rnhtrr and
nuta to F Moran. ??wl to Downer, Potter A Co.
Sehr tlattia R Hemneoo <o6 Pofs'leod), Ranker. CnrdrftaA
U Anna, with aaalaaaaa to adwi/aawlia Waaler. Ued
JRUART 12, 187(?.-Wrni
strong 8W and *ITW winds to Halter as, afterward in*
Bcbr Nsltle 8h*w (or Marhlas). Cates, Clrnfaagee Jam 25,
with sugar to Birapson, Clspp * Co. tlsd heavy gales
throughout; fob H, 1st 34, Ion 77, carried sway part of inaia all
and shipped largo quantities of water.
Hcbr Mtnsie O 1-eud (of Baltimore), Holt, Malausa* 13
days, with sagart* Miller A Houghton. Had heavy galas
the entire nans ago.
Scbr Nellie J ulnsmore (of Lubec), Psrker. Mat ansa* 12
days, with molasses to order; vessel to Jed Krye A Co. Had
strong N and NE winds; lost foresail.
Schr Herbert K. Mount, iiraioe 15 days, with hides, Ac, to
Woodhouse A Rudd,
Nrhr Amos Edwards (of Philadelphia). (vomers, Galveston
30 days, via Charleston 13 days, with eottou to muster. Put
Into Charleston for repairs, having hud heavy NW and NE
gale*, blew away sails and carried away loremast head. The
A E is betind to Kail River.
Se.hr Annie P Chase, Poole, Jacksonville 13 dart, with
lumber to (.'has A Paireblld . vessel to H W Load A Co.
8chr Wro FT Van Hranl, Hftuyrhwoot. J nekton ville Bd?yi,
with lumber to Drew A Buckie; vessel to Van Bruut A Bro.
Soli* Lucy Jones, Marlhugh. Richmond.
Schr Rebecca Shepherd, Robinson, Baltimore.
Stesmer city or New Bedford. Fisn. New Bedford for
New York.
Stesmer Electrs. Young. Providence for New York.
Bsrk Vetersa (of Somerset), Gage, Fell River for Now
York. _ _ .
Schr A lids, Knowte*. Port Jefferson for New York.
Kchr Hyoo, Oliver, Providence for New York.
Schr Mary B Smith, Moloney, Providenoe for New York.
Schr Alice A Martin, Martin, Portland for New York.
Schr Dlone. Caswell, Mount Desert for New York.
Schr Bello Brown, Nash, Belfast lor Baltimore
Schr Young Teaser, filocum, New Bedford for Philadelphia
Schr Susanna, Wilson, Rockport tor Richmond.
Schr Francis Hatch. Green. Providence tor New York.
Schr Rhode Island, Sag Harbor for New York.
Schr Nautilus, Peck, Rockland for New York.
Schr Mary R Graham, Davis, Virginia for Pawtocket.
Schr Allen Ureen. Green. Port Johnson for Bostoa.
Schr Brigadier, Martin, Port Johnson for Portland.
Schr Lnclan. Ward. New York lor Providence.
Schr Mudawaska Maid, Tupper, New York for Gloucester,
M ana.
Schr Walter S Therndike, Bushman, Baltimore for DanVersport.
Steamer Celtic (Br), Thompson, Liverpool via Queenetown
?R J Corttt.
Steamer Cltv of Montreal (Br), Mlrohouse, Liverpool via
Queeiistown?John U Dalo.
Steam or California ;Br), Lecraw, Glasgow?Henderson
Steamer George Washington, Whitehead, Halifax, NS?
Clark A Seaman.
Steamer l'antber. Mills, Providence?Wm P Clyde A Co.
Bark Fearless (Br), Whoalon, Quoeustown or Falmouth
for orders?Geo P Buliey.
Bark Carmella (Hal), Vccerlna, Cork or Falmouth for orders?Rlocovlch
ft Co.
Hark B H Yarrlngton. Parker, Barbados and Georgetown,
Dem? Bowrinc ft Archibald.
Bark Colombia, Dlckorson, Barbados?H Trowbridge's
Brig Blankenese (Ger). Spiersen, Oporto?C Tohlas A Co.
Brig Marietta G (Aus), Olorsa, Smyrna?Slocovlch ft I*, i
Brig Favorite, Woodward. Polnt-a-Pitre, Goad?11 Trowbridge's
Schr Orie M Remington, Harding, Georgetown, Dem?
Miller A Houghton.
Schr Annie It Lewis, Lewis. Ponce. PR?R P Buck A Co.
Schr Flora Woodhouse, Woodhouse, Jacksonville?Wurron
Schr Harvest, Corwin, Providence?H W Jackson ft Son.
Schr S P Godwin, Williams, Stamford?Stamford Manufacturing
Bark Idaho for Cienfuogos; schrs E E Rackett, Turks
Island; BJ Willard, Trinidad de Cuba.
Wind at midnight, WNW.
Barometer at sunset, 2M.79.
Ship Pbocrhs (of New Y'orkl, Stephens, from Galveston
for Liverpool, has been abandoned. The billowing despatch
from Halifax, dated 11th Inst, gives the particulars:?The
schr Esauimanx, flom Gloucester, boond for Loutherburg,
arrived here this evening with tho captain (Stephens) and
crew of the ship Progress of New York, who had been taken
off their vessel on the 7th Inst. Capi S reports having
left Galveston for Liverpool, January 0. and
on the 1st Inst, gales commenced and continued to the 6th,
causing the ship to spring a leak, and having from 6 to 10
feet of water in tbo hold, when he determined to make for
the nearest port, but owing to the gales and ould was obliged
to run south until the Bstpiimnux hove in sight and rescued
them In lat IB SO,!Ion 42 40. When abandoned the ship was
unmanageable. Fight of the erow were wnl to tlio hospital
to-night, being badly frostbitten before leaving tho Progress.
The cargo constated of cotton antT heof, *n?l with the vessel
iiu valued at $350,000. The P was 1,610 tons register and
was built at Damarircotta in 1*51.
Bahk Brothrr's Pridx (Br), from St John, NB, for Liverpool,
before reported as ashore on Pormby Beach, was got
oil J an 27, and docksd at Liverpool, making very little
Hark D II Bills, from Now Orloans, completed repairs at
Key West and proceeded 11th inst fur Havre.
Bark Iridb dial), Magllo, from Philadelphia for Queenstown.
returned to the Leluware Breakwater night of Feb 10
Bark Icarus (Br). Cochran, from New York for Liver
pool, put into Qneenstown Jan 27 through stress of weather
and with port rati carried away.
Baiik Koro Harold (Nor), Rchwinge, from Bremen for
tho United States, bore up from the westward of Tory Island
and pnt into Troon Jan 27 with pump gear out of order and
pearls ot topsails carried away.
Bark Kra-ncjcsoo Oarqcilo (Hal), Lauro, from New York>
noted protest at Genoa J an 25.
Bark Riconoscihtb (Ital), from New York, noted protest
at Genoa J an 25.
Sour Oro K IlATcn. Mnrnhy, from Mobile fer Barcelona,
arrived st Bermuda Feb 7 leaking In upper works and witb
loss of sails.
Bchr Alabama, from New York, at Newbern, NC. Feb A,
experienced very stormy weather off Hutterat, and woe
blown off Hatteras three or four times.
Roiir Mklvix, from Wilmington, NC, for Newborn, NO,
before reported ashore In Cape Lookont Cove, had been gotten
off prior to Feb 8 and taken to Beautort, NC, harbor.
Norfolk. Pob 10?The brig P M Tinker, Capt Barnard, arrived
from Richmond yesterday ami will go on the ways at
Graves' shipyard for repairs. She sprung a leak on her passage
from Kio Janeiro to Richmond.
Nrwvort, Feb lO?The ship's trunk that was towed Info
Warren Is supposed to belong to the sunken schrJohn
Orser, as Capt Water says It was loose when he left the
sehr. and, the wind being favorable, would blow it In toward
Warren. r
Portland, 0, Feb 3?Yesterday morning the steame
OriMamine collided with the British ship City of Isnjore'
which was anchored a few miles below this city, and carried
away her shrouds, stavs and the forward portion of her rigging,
hut fortunately doing but little damage to the hip's
hull. The steamer was uninjured except tliat some timbers
of tho wheelhouse were stove in. The captain of the Tanjore
has filed a bill of damages against the steamship company,
and a Hoard of surveyors lias been appointed to appraits
the damages. The ship was loaded with grain for Queenstown.
ana will proceed on her voyage as soon as the damages
can be repaired. (The T sailed Fob 5.)
SmreDlLDlsn?At Portland Mr. Rufus N Merrill has the
frame up of a sehr at his yard near the Rochester depot It
Is 76 feet in length and 22 leet beam, and Is about 116 tons.
It was originally intended for a hilling sehr, but mar be
fitted np to take a party to the Centennial the coming
season. Mr Joseph H Dyer Is building a yacht at Back Hay.
It is 47 feet In length and 14)? feet beam and Is 6 feet bold.
The model, made by Mr Dyer. Is a vory handsome one. The
yacht will be ahont 24 tons, with e cabin 22 fret In length,
and will be sehr rigged. It is for Portland parties. Mr
Dyer is also making a model for another yacht, which is not
contracted for as yet. It is flue-shaped, and has several features
never belore introduced In a model of the kind.
Work on the new schooner to be built by the Alexandria
(Ya) Marine Railway Company for Captain Strange, of
Taunton. Mass, trill be commenced at once, and It Is expected
will be finished sometime In July next, ftbe will he
three-masted, and have a carrying capacity of HOO tons, and
will hail from Alexandria. ller name has not jot been determined
Mr. George Goitre!!, of Belfast. Is sbaent rutting the frame
for en MX) ton vessel, which he will set up at his yard.
Prcitidkncr, Feb 10? Rlnce the gale of the 2d there has
been Do signal to prevent vessels running into the suuken
sehr John Orser, near Conimicnt Point.
A letter from Capt Ilandy, or hark Mary A Susan, of NR.
reporle her st Talealiuano Dec 27, reedy fur sea, end to sail
that day ; all well.
Rteamer Marathon (Br), from Boston for Liverpool, Feb 0,
8 :15 PM. let 42 20. Ion 64.
Ship Prince Arthur (Brh Menchon, from London lor Algoa
Bey. no date. Kddystone K.NK 16 miles distant.
Ship Lady Pelraerstou (Hrj, Mills, from London for Nets
Orleans Jan 24, off the Start.
Shin sea Wlteh, Drew, from New York for Iqnique, Jan 4,
lat 3 OS N. Ion 28 40 W.
Bark Pnetolaa (Hr), Churchill, from Bordeaux for Halifax,
Jan 5, lat 42 73, Ion 42 15
The "Ontario," of St John. NB, from Cape Town for
Qneenstown, Dec 10, lat 14 50 8, Ion 6 35 W.
Merchants, shipping agents and shipmaster* are tnlormed
that by telegraphing to the Hkrald London Bnreao, addressing
"Bennett, No 46 Fleet street, London." or to tho
Paris office, addressing "Bennett, SI Avenue da I'Opera,
Paris," the arrivals al and departures from Reropean and
Eastern ports of American and all foreign vessels trading
with the United States, the tame will be cabled to this
country free of charge.
Captains arriving at and tailing from French and Mediterranean
porta will And the Paris office ibe more economical
and expeditions for telegraphing newa
AirrwRRr, Feb 11?Arrived, bark Susan M Dndman (Br),
Rose, Philadelphia.
Arrived at Flushing 11th. 5 I'M, steamer Yaderland (Belg),
Handle, from Antwerp for Philadelphia (had been detained
by fog).
Alicawtr, Feb 4?Arrived, bark Speedwell (Br), Tower,
New York (before reported without date).
CaRDirr, Feb 11?Sailed, berk Nora (Nor), Neilsen, Pensaeola.
Calcutta, Feb 10?8alled, chip Republic, Holmes, Boston.
Dunkirk. Feb 11?Arrived, bark Thot Fletcher, Pendleton.
Eikouth. Feb 10?Belled, bark Solaflde (Nor), Pedersen,
Called HtMn,
Oaoucmmc*. P?b 11?Sailed. bark* Cianna (Ital). Oarfrn.
flo, Nov York; Santa Margaret* Ugtrt (Ital), Bcnrenito,
Hill, Fab it?Bailed, hark America (Oar), Roper, New
Uawatlta, Feb &?Sailed, ahip S Vanfhn (Br), Sbaw, Called
Liraaroou Feb 10? Arrlreo. (bipi Jean larelnw, Tantoa,
rharleeton; 11 th, Cleopatra (Am), Calanglch, New York;
(fly of Montreal, Madgett, do; Nile (Br), Naweomb, New
Or lean*.
Hailed 10th, (teamen Quebec (Br), Thaarle, Boetao ; 1 lab, [
Lord Ctira tBri. Unwbarl. PhUadalaMa. |
F Cleared UHB. ahtpe Importer (Brt, Sutherland, United
sum.: Valley Forge, Amu, Now York', bvki Both Palmer
(Br). Smith. United Si.tr. ; The. Kellor (Br), BUhop. do.
Lonpoa. Fab lO-Cleered. brig FioMt (Nor) D?hl, United
Malaga?Sailed, brig Martha J Brady (Br). Brady. New
yiTKBstTow*, Feb 11?Arrived, brig Oatnllle (Br), Craig,
Boenoa Ayrea
Railed 11th, ateamere City of Richmond (Br), Brooka, and
Baltic (Rr), file.Jell (from Liverpool), New York Hatter at
11 'JO AM).
Rottkruab, Feb 11?Arrived, bark Bva H Flak, Fowler,
Ual veatoo.
b"?,m ?? * - t.r_ /a * mi U.^KaieW
iiumwua, row ti .irriYOU, MUip UHCUOI, UIMOI, ubm4u???.
bark Sagadoboc, Power*, Montrose.
SouTUAiirroit, Feb 11?Arrived, steamer Navariuo (Br),
Rogers, New York for Hull.
Bshmcda. Feb 7?Arrived, achr Geo K Hatch. Murphy,
Mobile far Barcelona (see Miscellany).
Cardura*. Feb 9?Balled, brig Charlotte. Whittemore,
north of Hatteraa
Cixurumos, Feb 7?Arrived, achr E M Wright, Freeman,
Kin Katun, J a
Sailed 7th. brig* Uolcouda, Lord, Boaton; Peerlesa (.Br),
McDonald, St John NR.
Cleared 8th. brig John Oivan (Br), Crowell. Boaton.
HavajtA, Feb ,9?Sailed, ateamer (luaate. llowe. Moreen
City; 10th, barks Obdulia (Span), Ferrer. Fernandina: Joaquin
Serra (Span), Iaern, Mobile; ech Nellie Chase, Shoppard,
north oftlatterae.
a Halifax, Feb 11?Arrived, steamer Beta (Br), Shans,
St Thomas.
Lonos, Jan 7?In port ships Louis Walsh. White, ldg;
Jamestown, Call, do; Eldorado. English. do: P G Blanchard,
Mclntvre, do; J C Robertson. 8eeley. do: Intrepid,
Simmons, do; Ilattie K Tapley, Tapley, ready for sea.
MatarSas, Feb 10?Arrived, bark Lillian. Boynton, Dnnkirk
(another report makes this the Br brig Lillian, Mcminn,
from Havana).
Hailedttth, sehrs A H Welte. Drlsko, north of Hatteraa;
F L Richardson, Hart, do; Emily Curtis. Barbour, do.
St 1'ikkbk. Mart, Jan "Jl?In port brig Britanuia (not
Montana). HotchKlaa. for New York, to sail SOtli.
St Tuomaji, Feb lO? In port bark J S Pontoppidan (Dan),
Petersen, for Baltimore.
Sacoa. Feb 8?Arrived, achr* John Donglas, Parker,
Mayaguea; 9th, Five Sisters. Wallace, Boston.
St Jowl, NB, Feb 10?Cleared, achr Llzxle Dakera, Bermuda.
Tbi*.stp, Jan 23?In port, bark Nnovo Monde (Itul). Savarese.
lor New York. ldg.
Tuinidai), Feb 3? Arrived, achrs Virginia L Tllekmann,
Kenny, Philadelphia; 4tb, Jonathan May, Neal, Aspinwall.
VAl.p.kna, Jan 17?Sailed, bark Frank, Wallace, St
Thomas (before reporto<l sailed 20tb).
rpxr Stkamkr Cai.abria.1
Autwkrp Jan 20?Arrived, brig Brothers, Smith, Wilmington,
Sailed 29th, Tonslna, Lanro, New York : Tlieodor. Nielsen,
St Marys; 28th, Annie Ringay. Weston. Philadelphia.
Sailed flrom Flushing Roads 20th, Wyoming, Baker, New
Rkihtou Jan *7?Arrived, Belle of Dovon, Aclan, New
Hklfast. Jan 27?Put into the Longh. Savanna. O'Nell,
Liverpool for Tybeo.
Hursra, Jan 20?Arrived, Ilannover (a), Ilimbrech, Now
Sailed 26th. Semiramls, Schnlenberg, Baltimore; Abraham
Young, Farnsworth, North America.
Rarcbdoka. Jan 22?Arrived, Galcoran, Maristeny, Ravannah;
Joven Ana, Curill, Charleston; Cumila la da
Tossa, Tnostrts, do; Soda, Osfrlga. and Aeancia, Millet, do;
Caraguena, Kuran. Mobile: Valparaiso, Rose. Savannah.
Cardiff, Jan 28?Balled, A ruin lata, Sandbury, Rio Janeiro.
Cairrrtar, Jan 27?Pat In, Louisa A Orr, Orr, Glasgow
for Matansas.
Conrau'r Quat, Jan 28?Arrived, Morford A Trubee, MoCallum,
Darthoptii. Jan 28?Off, Louisa Bliss, Strong, from Lon
aon tor (una.
Dkal. J an 29?Passed. Orient, Allen, from London for
New York.
Dublin, Jan 27?Arrived, Importer, Sherburne, S?n Francisco.
Dundalk, Jan 29?Arrived, Fannie P. Sandte, Pbiladelpuia.
KiHnauARP. Jan 28?In the roada, Fannie, Carver, Liverpool
for Cardiff
Genoa. Jnu 24?Sailed, Josephine. Oannion, Messina.
Cleared 26th. Lucia C, Cacace, Philadelphia; 215th, Artnto,
Speich, New Orleans.
Gibraltar, Jan 19?Arrived, Eostack, Smith, Messina for
New York.
Hull, Jan 27?Arrived, Amerioa, Koper, New York.
IlAVRit, Jan 26?Sailod. Anna. IFankin.s, St Thomas; Sirrah,
Halvosen. Hampton Roada; 27th, Chistopher Columbus,
Knndsen, North America.
Liverpool. Jan 27.?Arrived, Brothers Pride. Browneil,
St. John, NH; 28th, Tlie (Jueon (a). Braird. New York; Neptune,
Spencer, San Francisco; Geo V Jordan, Duncan,
Buenos Ayres.
Put back 27th, Emma, Cox, for Now York, (and sailed
airain 28th.)
Sailed 27th. Western Empire, Grottier, Southwest Pass
(and was off Bar Lightship same dayi ; 2Pth, Allinnce, Halvorson,
Pliiladeiphia: O B Stillmau, Tibbctts, Uio Janeiro;
Herbert, Smith, Galveston.
Cleared 27th, John C Sweeney, Somers. Cardenas: BA
Allen, Fan. Havana; Anglia, Doronle, do; 28th, Dronning,
Lonise. Sarsin, Sandy Hook; Lawrence, Williams, Southwest
Off Bar Lightship 26th, Oeo Poabody, Clerk, Liverpool
for Galveston.
Off Tusker 27th, Struthearn, Dawson, Liverpool for New
Arrived at Holyhead 27th, Galveston, Sawyer, Liverpool
for Key West; Tlpro. Cavassa. do for Philadelphia.
London, Jan 28?-Arrived. Greece (s), Thomas, New York
(and entered out for New York); 29th, Carl, Bockolmann,
New York.
Cleared 28th, Satisfaction, Gloich, Darien.
Entered out 37th, Cashmere, Norton, Yokohama; Enoch
Train, Duncan, Now York.
Sailed from Gravesend 27th, Canada (s), 8nmner, New
York (and paased Deal 28th); Princeton, Bradley, do;
Rhine, Stetson, do; 28th, Agra. Steen. Pensaeola.
Arrived 29th. L E Cann. Coaman Bull Rivor; Moaart,
Julieher. New York; Olive 8 Southard. Walker, do.
Arrived at do 28th, Amlenta. Megler, San Francisco.
Lonponperrt, Jan 27?Sailed, J W Oliver, Bout, Baltimore.
LKonoRN. Jan 24?Arrived, Felicia, Cailfano, New York
via Marseilles.
Maasluis, Jan 26?Sailed, Israel. Tallin, Wilmington. NC.
MirssiNA. Jan 20?Arrived, Eugenia. Veasle, Salonica.
Sailed 19th. Ida, Larsen, Now York; 21st, Amy A Lane.
Costigan, Philadelphia.
VrcwrASTi.k. Jan 28?Cleared. Hans Georg (Gor), Boston;
Alice Moir (of Shelburne), Uonoa.
I'LTHOUTH. Jan 28?Sailed, Lelf Eriksen, Matbiesen, Key
Palkrmo, Jan 22?Railed. Aberdeen, Salvage, New York ;
24th. Lawrence, Howes, do.
Qukknstown. 28th?Sailed, Maggie norton, Ilorton. Great
Yarmouth ; loams. Cochrane, Liverpool; City of Hankow,
Mulr, Hull; Sarah A Emma. Carter. Liverpool; Bessie !
McManus, do; Lalia W. McNeil. Dnblin; Ganger Rolf, Laisan,
Ipswich: Po. Kchiaiflno. Aberdeen.
Stavanobr, Jan 16?Sailed. Annette. Roth. United States: \
17th, Velocity, Olsen. and Edwin A Llrsle. Thorsen, do.
St Helkna. no data (by trlegrann from Maderia Jan 27)
ArriveduQoeen of the East, Durham. Calcutta for Now York|t
Marv Fry. Pry, do for Dnndee.
Tablb Bat, no date (by teleirranh from Madeira Jan 27)
Arrived. Nonparty). Flinn, Boston.
Troon, Jan 27? Arrived, Kong Harold, Schwingi, Bergen
for United States.
Tnsitsv. Jan 27?OH Northern Queen, Dollar, Antwerp
for Now York.
Sailed 28tb, Ocean Child. Daviea, Darien.
Feb II?Arrived, steamers Ontario (Br),
Bnnchctte. Liverpool; Aries. Wbeldon. Philadelphia; bark
Surprise. Moyt, Messina; brigs Franrltca (Ital), Romano,
Palermo; Llaile I Blgelow, 11 srdenbrook, Cayenne; Thomas
Albert (Br). Stewart, Havana.
Cleared?Steamers Ratavla (Br), Moreland, Liverpool;
Oriental, Hedge, Savannah ; Johns Hopkins, llallett. Baltimore
; sehrs Wm O Lewis, Baxter, Mobile; Mattle Holmes,
Marshall, Machiaa. to load for Cuba,
Sailed?Steamer Oriental.
BaLTIMOKK. Feb II?Arrived, steamer George Appold,
I.oveland, Boston; Lucille, Bennett. Charleston : ship Grey
Ragle. Lucas, Rio Janeiro; barks Kong Sverre iNor), Aske,
Gloucester, K; Olal Glas tSw), Nemst, I-oadou: brig Pace
[ Schlaflino (Itall, Oneto, New Ross;nchr Luln, Snow. Boston.
[ Also arrived, barks L O Blglow (Brt, Ferris, Belfast; Antoinette
(Oer). Kosenaw, Bremen via 7-ybee; Midlothian
(Nor), Olsen Havre ; Ganger Rolf (Mor?, Panda. St Thomas;
i tchrs Clara K Simpson, Trlpey, Portsmouth, Nil; Charlotte
Jameson. Wood's Ilole.
Cleared?Steamer Meridian, Mareh, Providence; bark
James Ken way. McDonald, Cork or Falmouth, schr Ellsa
| Christie. Itnnuell, 8t Johns. PR.
Also cleared, steamers Louisa. Walker, for Edcnton. NC;
Octorsra, Raynolds, New York; barka Alfred (Nor). Vonderfeih.
Londonderry; Nuovo Dovere (Ital), Campodonleo,
Dublin: Capt Peter Dahl (Nor), Johnson, do; brigs MessenK:r
(Br). Thornton, I'ernambuco; Quango (Rr), Douse,
emerara; schr Tom Williams, Edwards. St Jago.
I Sailed?Steamer Jamaican: brig Qnangan; schr Ellin
i Christie.
BULL RIYBR. SC. Feb 8-Arrived. barks Oscar (Nor),
Johannascn. London; Km press (Uer), V ok low, Bordeani;
brig Oordoc (Br), ??.
10th?Clearod. harks Annie Putnam (Br). Fleming, an*
Diadem (Br). Williams United Kingdom ; brigs Tawe (Nor),
George, and Stranger (Br), Borone, do.
RELFAST, Feb 6?Arrived, schr Carrie Walker, Chadwick.
Btb?Sailed, schr John L Tracy, Menervey, Wilmington,
B17CK8PORT, Feb 8?Arrived, lehr Edward Stanley,
Dver. New York.
BATH, Feb B?Arrived, schr Nellie 0 Paine, Doane, to
load for Philadelphia.
10th? Sailed, ship Palmyra (new. ISfO tons), Freblet,
Baltimore, to load coals for San Francisco.
DAKIKN. Feb 3?Cleared, bark Albion (Norw), Fredericksen.
Gloncester, E; schr Marv Collins. Collins, Philadelphia;
4th. barks Adnina Petronelle (Dntch). Stief, Amsterdam;
Henry Palmer (Br). Jackson, Carnarvon; Farsnnd
(Nor), Johanees, Falmouth, E
Rato Lsuia (Br), from Hnll River, 8 C. for Dnblln. re
mained ashore at Malahide Jan 28. and was being lightened.
The report of her having been rot off and arrlvod at Dnblln
on the above date was ermnnonn.
DIGHTON. Feb 7-Arrtved. whrs Ida della Torre^hase.
New York; C C Smith, Atwood, South Amboy; 8th, 8 8
Smith. Snow, New York.
FORTRESS MONROE. Feb II-Arrived, ship Aldborongh |
(Br), Llveimool, barks Kate Harding. Watson, Amsterdam ;
Margaret S Weir (Br), Mel'harl. Liverpool, and Noah
(Norl, Salvesen. Bremen-all seeking.
Passed in, barks Bargliot (Nor). Hosherg. from Dingle;
Antelope, from . and an Italian bark from Europe.
Passed out. steamer King Arthur (Br), for New York;
barks Prociasa (Oer), for firemen; Romano C (Aus). for
New York; brigs Bernard (Ger). for Lisbon; Chattanooga,
I for Weft Indies?all from Baltimore.
FALL RIVER, Fab lO-Kailed. barge Tulip, Fanret, Port
i Johnson.
QALVBSTON. Feb ID-Arrived, barks Virgo (Not). Mirhelsen.
Liverpool . Frederica Carolina (8we), Lafvingen, do;
Lndwlg. Gronwald. do
KRY WKST, Feb Itt?Arrived, steamers Oeo W Clyde,
Pennington. Galveston for New York (and proceeded) ; City
of Houston, Decrlng, New York for Ualveston (and proceeded).
1 Itn?Arrived, schr D M Anthouv, from Bath. Me.
Sailed?Bark D 11 Bills, Penny ifrom New Orleans),
MOBILE. Feb 11?Arrived, schr Linda. Whlttemore, West
I iD(1l(W.
Cleared? Shin Ironsides. Speddnn. Liverpool: brtps Atlantic
(tleri. Rluhm. Riga: Oueo Blatchford, llavre, schr
Joseph Rudd, Anderson, Sew York.
NEW ORLEANS, Feb 7-Arrlved. bark France ei la
Flata (Frl.Leqneuv, Otnuresler: echra Wm Fisher, Lorinir,
Jamaica; Mary Kvelyns, McLean Antonio, Ja.
Cleared?Scbr Qeorgelta Lawrence, Robinton (not Breww
ter). Havre _
Hth?Arrived, eblpi Edith (Br), Rogers, Antwerp; Mermen,
Mlnot, London; brie Cinque Bore lie vital), Memina,
Palermo; eclir Willie 8 Shepherd, Roevea, Boston
Cleared?Ships Duarobto (Br), llacrla. for Liverpool;
Bonansa (Br), Webster, Cork; bark Rrobta (Nor), Larten,
Havre: sehr Anitln (Hr , Crowell. Faltnonth.
Alan cleared, eehre llaonali Coomer, King, Falmonth, Jas
Charlotte Brown, Sears, Lnrea. J a. _
Soittiiwbst Pass, Feb 7?Arrived, echr Calvin P Harris,
Benton, New York. _ .
Sailed?Ship Pari Boy ton; barks Bsrnndo, and Ylkenr"vEWBERN,
1*C, Feb 8-Arrived, schf Alabama, New
York. ^
NORFOLK. Feb O-Arrtvad. Vrtr T M Tinker, Barnard,
Richmond?to go na the ways fhr repairs.
UiriViXiD r C-t- .v ??AS . . nr_-A
ft f. Vr. L"? ** rm~~mrnwwa, wnr* nnwr-n. i pru.
Rock Unci for New York; Mmt A mij#, Cvil, da ior '!w i*?U i
kokNlMmiMK X
Belled?Bohre Mertenger, BpellBTan. New York for Te?u?
too ; Julia A Tata. Tata, Pmidtoct for New fork.
lOMt? Arrived. tchra Auu Bllaa. from Virginia for Provtdeuce
Samuel L C/oekar. from Taonton for New York.
lo port Schm Forrest City. fludgkins. from Weebawken<
T P Abel. Carr. from Port Johnson; Ball IJowea, Knowiwu,
Brlfaat for Baltimore.
P.*? Hailed, aclir Hall Hrrnt fcr Baltimore. ?
NORWICH, Peb 10?Arrived, echra Bcolia, Virginia: Jordan.
do; Marv Millar. Naw Jersey.
NKW LONDON. Fob 10-Arrived, aloop Fred Brown
Providence for Naw York.
Railed?Sobra Win Mptbewsan, tor Virginia; Lacy D, Bat
NKW HAVEN Feb 10?Arrired, achr Cbaa Ilawley, Lorn
Inland City. N Y. 1
PRNSACOLA Feb 8~Arr1ved. bark Olga (Rot), Matteon.
Hull : brt* Jaa Dale Kills, Uuiuialuupe. achr Vernal, Simp,
ton. Oalveaton.
Sailed-Ships Solo (Rw). Duonberg, Greenock: Lonlaa
(Brl. Bell. I-oadon; O M Carina (Nor). Melanin, Liverpool
PHILADELPHI A, Feb 11?Arrived, steamers Saxon,
Snow, Boalon; Faults. Hoare, New York: liarka Lcoaer?
'Noll. Kteen. Liverpool; FVaieJli Till (Ital), Deandrina,
London; Ferrlar (Nod, Christiansen. Limerick.
Ateo arrived, steamer HybiUa CBr), Thompson, Cardiff:
bark M R Chapmen (Br), five, Clenftiegoa: brig James B
Klrby, Barrett, Palermo; acbra Marv I) Irelaud Fisher, Purl
Spain: Ramon de Alurla MoBrlde, New York; CJ WlllarJ.
Portland : II W MeCalley, Laecbville, NO.
Cleared. Steamer Heading, Colburn, Portland fani)
sailed) tchra C S Baylii, Johnaon, Aapinwall; A P Wowcll,
Lank, Clanfbugoa.
Alto olearrd. barka Carrie Wvtuan, Gllkey. Dublini
Barona Podeala (Ital). Palestra, Cork; aubra Canton, lienlev.
Matansas: Sallie W Kay, Daugbty. Asninwall.
NirwraatlJi. Del. Fob 11, PM?Steamer Centipede. Miller,
. from Charleaton; ahlp Clara (Nor), Bltxen. from Rotterdam,
and bark Dammar. Danlelton, from Liver],ool, all parted up,
Licwk*. Dol Feb 11 AM?Arrived to-day, steamer Albe<
marie, from New York; skip Angusto (Qer), YVterlcha, from
Sreroeu for ordora: bark Canesta Padre iltal), BchlaJBnm
om Dublin lor orders. Bark Ada P Gould returned thii
morning. _
Arrived last night, bark Alice, Baxeto, from Genoa for
- ordere.
l'??sed out 101 h, ship Joha Gladstone (Br), for Antwerp]
"barks Edward May. for San Francisco: Ada P Gould, fol
Alexandria ,the latter returned AM 11th); brigs Sagna,
Roentgen, Kluahetlt, Etta M Tucker: scbr J Rloardo Jova.
PM?Arrived, bark Francia Uilyard (Br), Abbott, from
Antwerp for orders
Passed ont at 4 PM. steamer Nederland (Belg), for Antwerp,
PORTLAND, Mo, Feb ft?Anived, schrs S C Tryon. Nick
erson Rock port fur Raltlmore; David Currle, Barrell, Bos
ton for Rockp.-irt, to load for Newbern, NC.
CUanAA-li, Tuitinn Wall Ronthbav. to load for Che*
ter. Ct.
10?h?Arrived. schr Olive, Avery, Rockland for New York.
11th?Arrived, steamer Scandinavian (Br). Smith, Liver'
cleared?Barks Blanche Howe. Chase, Liverpool; C CBearso,Cardemn;
H A Odiorne, Richmond, Va.
PROvIDEsOK. Feb 10?Arrived, gehrs Annie Leland,.
Homer. Jacksonville*. Mary Sands, Howe, Wcebuwkeu;
loop North America, Lyons. Perth Amboy.
Below?Schr Aun Klisa, Kelly, Vlrj-inta.
Raited?Sclir* Mary B Smltn, Malouev: Prances Hatch,
Green, and Mary R Rankin. Pnller. New York.
RICHMOND. Feb 8?Arrived, brlgr Katie (Dan), Robinson.
New York : ochre L A Danenhauer, Grace. Boston; Ed'
ward Slade, Roper, and 8 W Bnnnoll, Bunnell. New Yora; E
Vandosen. Oodlroy, Boston.
Sailed?Bri? Neptune's Car (Br), Pike, Rio Grande do
Sul; scur 8 II Hatves. Port, New York.
9th?Arrived, steamer Wyanoke, .Couch, Now Yolk.
Sailed?Schr K Yan Dturn. Oodfrev, Boston.
8AN FRANCISCO, Peb A?Sailed, shins Preeman Clark,
Dwlaht. Nanaiino; Uermanla. Baker, Sebome; War llawk.
Doyle, Port Discovery; barks Sonoma, Newberry. Nanatrao;
MensliikofT. Smith, Port Townsend; Bare It a, Wallace, lluni
boldt; brtfr Koloa, Johnson. San Pedro.
10th?Arrived, steamer Colorado, Connolly, Panama; |hlp
Oar. Rva^tiwr I t!rl PntTAS T.iVerOOol
Cleared?Ship Oriflamme (Br>. tiuglies, Portland, 0, am)
Hailed?Ships Itasca. CoUon, Burrard Inlet and Valparaiso:
Kskriale (Br), Kltnn. Liverpool.
SEATTLE, Feb 3?Sailed, ship Commodore, Gllmore, Sao
8T AUGUSTINE, Fob 10?Arrived, schr Abby Waxson,
Gray, New York.
SAVANNAH. 10th?Cleared, schr J M Fhtnagan, Georgetown,
DC. _
Sailed?Schrs Alice Borda, Dnkea. New York; L 0 Hick man.
Simpler. Philadelphia; M B Feinorlck. do; Farragut,
Hart. Both; James Slater, Hawkins, Santandor.
litis? Cleared, steamer Berlin (Uer). Uelnibrock, Bremen.
Balled?Steamers Seminole, Boston ; America, Baltimore ;
barks Kate (Br), do; Brfmiga (Br), do; Trailk (Nor), dot
brig Jose fa fFpl, Barcelona
SOMERSET, Feb 8?Arrived, actir Brasos, Tryen, Perth
SALEM. Feb 9?Arrived. schrVaahtlROales, Holmes, Port
Johnson; Florence V Turner. Walker; Gem, Thomas, ami
Trade Wind, Gray, Rockland for Now York; 8 L Barns.
Crosby, Portland for Richmond, Va.
Cleared?Schr Nellie C Foster Foster, Cayenne.
Hailed 8th, sclir Hero, Baker New York via Oloncester,
TAl'NTON, Feb 10?Sailed, schr Samuel L Crocker,
Thrasher New York.
VINEYARD HAVEN. Feb lO?Arrlvod. schrs E B Emerson.
Charleston for Weymouth; Cuba (Br), St John viaProvince
town for Matausas; Cxar, Parker's Head for New
Sailed?Schrs H H Flsk. Cora, and Cuba.
WILMINGTON. NO, Feb 9-Arrived, bark Cito (Nor).
Arthlet, Havro (not as telegraphed).
11th?Arrived, bark Brilliant Star (Br), Nichols, Pork
Natal; brie Vulture (Nor), Eilertsen, Bordeaux (and ordered
to Baltimore).
Cleared?Bark Chatham (Nor), Scheverod, Rotterdam.
' Sailed?Steamer Pioneer, Wakely, New YVrk.
Boats for sale.?a number of four oars.
double and single Scull*. nearly new. For further Information
address FALL RIVER BOAT CLUB, box 830
Fall R!ve% (Mass.) Post office.
Forsale?scow.""carrying i&o tons, with or
without stosm crane; Tags. Schooners, Yachts, Ac., ak
low prices; contracts and surveys made.
CLIVKKNRR A ADAMS, 64 Cortlsndt st.
Absolute divorces obtained from differ.
ent States for nnmerouscauses, without publicity; legal
everywhere; no charge until divorce granted : advice free.
M. HuCsB, Attorney, 194- Broadway.
W*3 ? ?
containing the latest Local News, Specials from Albany and
Washington. Cable News from Europe, Illustrated Police
Court .Sketches, and replet^ with Interesting Reading Mac
price two cents.
nivtt'kvth avn.itsr. rtatrmknt
of the
Net assets January 1, 1875 ....$24,735,054 73
Premium* ..^...$7,999,991 39
Iuterest and rents 1,571,894 69
9.571.888 08
$34,308,930 82
Claims by death aud matured
endowments $2,356,211 !)8
Divideuds, surrender values /
*nd annuities '. 2,978,790 69
Dlvideud on capital 7,000 00
State, county and city taxes.... 56,421 95
Commissions 404,372 34
Expeuses 826,483 09
8,620,289 94
Net assets December 31, 1875 $27,677,630 87
Bonds and mortgage* $17,085,951 88
Real estate in New York and
Boston, and purchased under
foreclosure .. 5,030,484 53
United States stocks, and
stocks authorised by the laws
oft be State of New York.... 4.332,442 98
Btate stocks : 31,300 00
Loans secured by United
States mid State and municipal
bonds 54,320 00
Commuted commissions 37,082 18
Cash on baud in banks and
other depositaries on interest.
!7. 868, ?> 51
Balance of agents' accounts... 237,409 79
27,877,630 87
Market value of stocks over
cost value $212,698 12
Interests and rents due and
accrued 2SO.P75 71
Premiums due and in transit.. 165,206 00
Deferred premiums 712,378 00
? 1.381,458 83
Total asscets December 31, 1975 $29,039,089 70
Total liabilities, including reserve for re insurance
of existing policies .$24,523,170 20'
Total surplus to onltcr holders 4,515,91842.
New business in 1875, 6,583
policies, MsnriuK $30,538,017
Ontstanding risk* 178 632 686
From the undivided surplo* of $4,514,619 42 the society
nu declared a reversionary dividend, available on settlement
of nexi annual premium, to participating policies,
proportionate to tlieir contribution to itrrplim.
The caah value of ?nch rerenrton may be used in settlement
of premium If the policy holder w> elect.
The valuation of the policial outstanding has been made
on the American Experience Table, eeeonling to the legal
atandard of the rotate of New York.
J. <k VAN CISE. ! ^Diaries.
We, the undersigned, have oemonallv examined In detail
the assets, accounts aod business of the society, and compared
the result with the foregoing statement, winch we
hereby certify to be correct.
1 Special Commftte of
M. HALSTKD, tors, animinted Oct.
HENRY S. ThRBKLL, 27. 1*75, to examine
PARKER HANDY, the aaeets and arTQOMAS
A. CUMMINS. counts at the close
of ths year.
Kd? wYaHIh"khTB W; p^1
i??. Co(T?e ??.i Flour Dealer. New Yofke*A *4
V/Ml call auJ get UArgMM. W Vee*r u.

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