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He Escapes from Valencia Under
Cover of Darkness.
Mr. Frederick A, Dockray, whose case was iho cause
Of Minister Cashing's demand upon the Spanish government
for tho former Gentleman's release and the
observance of tlio treaty of 1"U5, arrived in this city
yesterday on the Adriatic from Liverpool, having
escaped from Spain. It will be remembered that Mr.
Dockray was condemned to death a year and a half ago
in jCuba for communicating with the insurgents. Tho
court martial was held in l'uerto l'rincipe, and its
decision, through the intervention of Socrctary Fish,
was changed to sentence lor lito in chains
in the Spanish galleys in Africa. Mr. Dock ray was,
under this sentcuce, taken on the Spauish moil steamship
Antonio Lopez to Sanuwder, Spain, a small port
in the Bay of Biscay. By the way, it might be well to
note hero that Mr. Dockray, in order that he might
Jive, paid I'd'dO passage money. Tills was done
on tho suggestion of Captain General
Concha that If Mr. Dockray would do so
he would he transferred more as u passenger than as a
prisoner. On arriving at Snntnnder Mr. Dockray romumod
a month in the military prison in that place,
and subsequently, on request of the American Minister,
was sent to Madrid instead of to a .Spanish prison ut
Alcala, which Mr. Cashing found was not equal to an
* ordinary dog kennel. Wh"n Mr. Dockray reached
Madrid the following order was issued:?
Ctvu, GovitioiMKvr or Provisos op Madrid, )
Oppick op Skckktakv. J
The alcalde of the prison will reservo ono of the preferred
quarters lor Mr. Dockray, taking c.iro that lie
has all consideration compatible with his character as
prisoner and that opportunity snail bo aiforded him of
receiving properly visits from the American Embassy
and ins IrirndH.
By order ol the Governor. MANUEL LLAMA.
Supplementary to this came the lr< edorn of the city
to Mr. Dockr y on the guarantee of Minister Cusbing.
On those terms Mr. Dockray remained in Madrid for a
month, during which time Mr. (.'ashing obtained a reversion
ci the -entcnce 1:1 ti shape of an order which
sent tlie inn-., tier to the M ..vi.- tcry of St. Augustine,
ill Valencia, where ho was incarcerated for ten months.
During tins period tho American legation was cunstauily
pressing tho demand ol onr government
for Ims at luto rdeaso on tho ground
of tho violation ?l tho treaty of 17n5 in his
trial and condamnaUon. Hero tiis treat incut depended
olely on his pecuniary resources, official holug
ineflcctual. At times ho suilcred almost starvation,
and again he lived like a prince. All this misery was
terminated In t September by Minister Cushing obtaining
an orler Irom the Spanish government releasing
Mr. lhirkray on parole, the terms heing that tho
paroled shouid reimrt frequently to the local olHcial.
riis limits were the.town ol Valencia. Under those
conditions Mr. Dockray remained in Valencia two
months?that is, until the 1st of December.
During tho oxcltemeut which succeeded the presen- |
tatlon of Mr. Cushtng's famous ''Memoranda" and the
expectation in Spain of difficulties with the I nlted
States, Mr. Dockray felt that his position even as a
paroled prisoner was insecure, inasmuch as an outbreak
of war .would have put him beyond the
pule of tho American Legation's good offices.
Ho bo thought gravely over tho matter and
, came to tho conclusion that he had better
surrender his "constructive" parole. He had never
been required actually to pass his word of honor that
lie would not escape, but ho regarded the plodgc
entered by the Amuncun Embassy as equally binding
on him. " As an example ot this, tho sloop-ol war
Alaska came into tho port of Valencia in October and
Mr. Dockray was a coustaut visitor on board of her.
Had he desired to escape, he could have easily then, as
the was ubout leaving for the coast ot France and all
her officers were naturally sympathizers with him.
ifiD inn., anuouuLc* ni?? ? . ?. .u.uj
years a promm#ot and wealth* citizen of that place,
dud to dny at the age of eighty two. lie wns the
father of Frederick K. t'hurch, the artist.
Samuel Oru rson, a well known Oaancial and statistical
writer, died last Saturdry at his residence. So. 10
Clark street, Brooklyn, at the advanced age of teventyf:i
year*. For thirty years Mr. tinerson was connected
with llio proas ol' Una city aa reporter, editor
Mid proprietor. The dcaie ! was a native of Ixindno,
Fi.p.ncfi, and *m w.d- ly known as a man of much
literary ability and culture.
A fcpcc al meeting of the Tammany Society was held
la-1 night at the Wigwam, Fourteenth street, with Joel
J. M?>| hciiH in the chwr. Tlx meeting wit* of a puroljr
routine nature. Among thdao elocted were ex-Governor
Kngitub, of Connecticut; Mr dMndeford, of J.ouiaviile;
Mr. Nrweoir.b. of Kentucky; Mr. M V?n Burer, J.
bi?ir, Jr., H U Thompson, Colon I W R.
>.i M a ? >"
jus urst siep ivniuu jrueuuuj was lu.s, vuc luuuiriug
Valencia, Nov. 15, IS75.
Sir?By reason of circurasium cs over which 1 have
no control, and in regard to which I have delayed acting
until I ieel I cannot honorably longer postpone action,
I now surrender the parole of huuor under which
1 was released September 22, and hold niytolf subject
to the further disposition of tho Spanish government
Kespeetfully yours, K. A. DOCKRAY.
To lion. C Ccsnixo, American Minister.
In reply to this communication the American Consul
at Valencia, Mr. Furrington, r ccived n telegram from
the American I>"gntiou notifying hint that tlio Spanish
government had been informed of this surrender, and
that it had forwarded an ordor remanding Mr.
Dockray to St Augustine Monastery, (.in receipt of
this information, through tho Cousul, Mr. Dockray
deemed himself completely absolved from
any responsibility growing out of tbe parole,
but, to satisfy himseli thoroughly, visited tho local
tlovernor and inquired If any order of that character
hud been received, and, upon being informed in tho
negative, decided to effect his escape at the first opportunity.
To carry out this purpose Mi. Dockray left
Valencia at daylight the next day, disguised as a
peasant, and for three days was secreted on board the
American brig 1. .Staples, lying in tho roods.
Meantime the alarm had gone abroad ashore and Mr.
Dockray bad to endure something even worse than
his incarceration m the monastery. On the second
<lay a French steamer bound for Marseilles was about
leaving, and Mr. Dockray, feeling that, In view of tho
rigid search that was being made lor him, he might Bo
discovered, determined, if possible, to get on board of
her. To do this he induced tbe hands on board tho
brig to lower his boat, and in ibe darkness attempted
to board ber. He was unsuccessful. The Captain and
family of tho brig deeply sympathized with tho
refugee and offered to do all they could lor him.
His chances looked very black alter this, but he got on
hoard of an English steamer bound fur Gibraltar, and
on her succeeded in reaching a little port in Spain, Ufly
miles southward, railed Dcnia. While there the English
captain grew alarmed and Mr. Dockray went
ashore, where he remained for six or eight
hours. His chances looked black Indcod; hut,
luckily for him, ho met tho captain of a
fclocea?one of tho fruit or smuggling craft that are
to be fonnd all over tbe waters ol tbe Mediterranean.
This man agreed, for a skinful! of wine and provisions,
to see him through, not because he was an Amrricau,
hut because he had known a uionk named Don Mariano,
au old friend of tbe skipper, tried during the troubles
in Spam of years gone by.
Mr. Dockray took post age with tho Captain of tbe
felucca, agreeing to all the terms and having purchased
a passport from an Italian for fZ This was a
peculiar document, which set forth that its holder was
an Individual fifty-seven years old and a native of
tieiioa. But it answered its purpose and was never
called in <piesllou. The greatest trouble that tho
the coast ol Africa, whither the craft was bound. A
storm arose ami the light battened boat was wet (Tom
atom to stern by the waves into which she dived, when
tier canvas had to be taken in. The utmost consternation
ynvo led among the crew and Mr. Dockray lelt
that he had only fled from one danger to dare
timber. Ti.e course was toward Morocco, and after a
dangerous voyage Tangier* was reached, ana Mr.
PocklMy once morn gladly stepped upon terra fir ma
even in a land where there was scarcely a soul who
could by any possibility appreciate his situation. Tlio
weather having boon so had, as before described, the
Captain of the felucca did not dare to attempt the pas age
inTus? the strait toward Gibraltar.
In a day or two it was effected, and then, being on
English territory, Mr. Dockray was secure. The
Spaniards had iio further hold upon him. He had
cs' apod from the grip of those who would have been
oi ly ?o glad to have garrotted htm, according to the
original sentence, or sent hitn to the galleys, which,
By the way, were nearer to him at Tangier* thau at
any time curing his incarceration.
Mr. Dockray went to Londou on the steamer Europa,
and he has tiled a claim against the Spanish government
lor $100,000 for lalse imprisonment.
DR. ft. T. SMITH*
Dr. N. T. Smith, lormerly of Holmes county, Mississippi,
died on the loth Inst, at the residence of his
friend, J. J. Mott, In Bridgeport, Conn. Dr. ftutlb was
? native ofBrnith Town, Long Island. lie studied with
Dm. Valentine Mott and francos, ol this city, and subsequently
moved to Mississippi, where he lived twenty
live year a The war caused hit financial rum. in
consequence ol which he lound it necessary to return
to the North at the close ot the struggle. At the tune
ol his death the Doctor was sixty-nine years of age.
A telegram from San Francisco, dated the 14th Inst,
reports that Dr. Thomas M. Logan, Secretary of the
ifoard of Health, died last evening at Sacramento,
jo8F.ru CHURCH.
A telegraphic despatch from Hartford. Conn., of the
Washingtoh, Feb. 14. 1876.
The leading persons criminated in the Chicago and
Milwuukeo Whiskey rings and iho politicians, some of
them men of influence and pronnnenco, who are concerned
in hushing up these discoveries of fraud, have
long been anxious to put a stop to a trial or in somo
way to cripple tho government prosecutors. They now |
flatter themselves that their deliverance is uear and
that either Secretary Bristow will, out of weariness of
the intrigues against his efforts, voluntarily retire trom
tbc Cabinet ad soon as the Babcock trial closes, or, 11 \
ho will not, tbat tho President can be persuaded to dc- j
mand his resignation. Reports aro privately clrcu- j
latcd to-day, purporting to come from authentic ;
sources, to the effect that tlie Secretary intends to re- ;
! sign us soon as the verdict in the Babcock trial is given. ,
It is doubtful, however, whether Mr. Bristow
| has vet made up his mind to this and there is no '
! doubt that his best friends adviso hint not to !
1 abandon bis post. If ho does not go out j
i willingly there is no doubt that a strong pressuro w ill
| be brought upon the President to induce him to de- j
mand his resignation. It is hoped that in this way tho |
more important criminals in Chicago and Milwaukee '
can bo saved; that the searching exposures can bo i
avoided and th# trials stopped where they now aro. I
Whether the President, Irritated as he doubtless is by |
tbo prosecution of General Babcock, will resist the influences
which seek to control him, remains to be seen.
I lie is believed to be anxious about the elicet of all tho
exposures upon "tbc party;" and on this point ho will,
probably, he strongly beset. Tho men who seek to influence
him, of course, care nothing for him. Their
object is to save themselves uud their intimate friends,
and to do this they are ready to sacriticc the President j
and the party, too.
Tho interpretation so generally put upon the letter
of Attorney General l'iorrepont to the Western district
attorneys in regard to the punishment ol informers in
the whiskey coses has annoyed Mr. Pierrepont very
much, especially as he ba3 been questioned about It by
some ol his legal friends, who have not hesitated to
express their astonishmont to him at tbc positions
taken in the letter. His explanation to them is that j
ho did not in fact originate the lcttor, but that it j
was written by special direction of tho President, who j
sent lor nim for that purpose. Mr. Pierrepont is re- j
ported to have added that he softened the terms of tho >
hitter as much as possible, and to such a degree that j
when the President saw it ho expressed himself as dls- 1
satisfied that it was not stronger. Those with whom
he has talked say that Mr. Pierrepont appears to think
tbat ho did u public servico in so managing as to provent
a more decided letter from going to the district
Washington, Feb. 14, 1876.
Mr. Kellcy this morning injured the House to
appoint a session for Saturday, for debato only, and
he means to tako that occasion to reply to Mr. Blaine's
speech on the currency, and state the case, as ho j
says, of those republicans who do not believe in contraction.
According to the programme agreed upon
for the debato Mr. Chittenden, a hard money man, is
to speak first; Mr. Kellcy, soft money, next. Professor
Seelyo, hard money, next, and Mr. Willis alter. It will
be an important debato.
The resumption resolutions presented this morning
by Mr. Halo, in the House, were intended to catch the
votes of the hard money democrats and widen the differences
between the hard and soft money democrats,
which begun to be somewhat conspicuous in caucus
Tito democratic members of the Senate held a caucus
in the chamber this evening, nud appointed the follow- j
ing named Senators members ot the Democratic Congressional
Committee:?Buyard, of Delawaro; Thur- !
man, of Ohio; Merrimon, of North Carolina, and |
McDonald, of Indiana. These claim to be hard money
men, except Merrimon. Ho is for a paper currency.
Washington, Feb. 14, 1876. ' j
In tbc House, Mr. Baker, of Indiana, introduced a bilj |
to make banking free and to repeal the Resumption (
act. Mr. Harrison, of Illinois, also introduced a bill :
providing for the repeal of parts of tho Resumption
act, and for the purpose of preparing a way for tho !
resumption of specie payment,and for the resumption j
of specie pay meut._ It directs the Secretary of the !
Treasury whenever National Hank notes are withdrawn j
from circulation to issuo in their stead an equal
amount of legal tender United States notes; but he is
not to issue them except when the aggregate amount
of unredeemed legal tender notes and of tia
tional bank notes In circulation Is less than
the aggregate amount of both classus or notes that were j
in circulation on the 14th of January, 1*75. It also ro- j
quires national banks to retain as part of their reserves 1
all the gold received by them as Interest on their bonds
i held by the United States as security for their circulation
until the amount of gold so retained shall
! equal one-third of their circulation, which
' gold so retained shall bo security for their i
I circulation and deposits. It also requires tho
! Secretary to retain from tho gold received for cus- !
i tows duties $16,000,000 annually until the amount so '
j retained shall be equal to one-third of the amount of
legal tender notes at such tlmo unredeemed, which gold ,
f? retained shall be taken from the sinking fund whenever
the amount of gold retained in tho Treasury shall
1 be equal to one-third of tho amount of uuredoemcd !
legal tenders. Then the Secretary ol tho Treasury is to j
redeem legal tenders to the amount of $12,000,000 annually,
ustng for that purposo the gold received for ;
customs duties, which gold is to ho taken from the
amount ordered to be set apart for a sinking fund.
The bill was referred to the Committee on Banking and
Mr. Hale, of Maine, also moved to suspend the rules
and adopt the following resolution:?
Whereas tho currency now in use among the people
' of tho United .States consists of the national bank notes
and the greenback, the latter being the debt or the
government, widely distributed among the people, and
tho former being redeemable In the greennack and ;
subject to like ductuations with it; and whereas the
United States Treasury has thus far failed to meat Its
obligations and to redeem its notes, thereby depreciating
the value of the people's money and Keeping at a
1 large discount, which depreciation varies from day to
day, causing risk and uncertainty In business affairs, to
the great prejudice of all legitimate Industry and enterprise;
and whereas Congross, by its enactments,
and both political parties, by resolutions adopted in
their several national conventions, stand committed
to the early resumption of specie payment; therctore,
Resolved, Tbsl prompt measures should be taken by
such legislation as is needed to render eflrctivc tho
i policy ol the resumption of specie payment, by placing
iu tho hands of the Secretary of the Treasury all neoes
: sary powers to carry out raid object, to the end that
a sound and stable currency may be provided for tho
Mr. Morrison, of Illinois, suggested that the roeolu.
tion should be referred to the Committee on Banking
and Currency.
Mr. Hale?1 think it bettor to have an expression of
the opinion ol the House now. I want to sec whether
caucusing baa done our friends on the other side of (he
llon.se any good.
The motion to suspend the rules and adept the resolution
was lost?yeas 88, nays 137. The vote was pretty
nearly a party one, although there wore eome devia- i
lions trom wiai ruie. Among ur ucmocrsts voting yea
were Mr. Turbo*, of Massachusetts, and Mr. Willis, of
New York. Among tbe republicans voting nay were
j Mr. Baker, of Indiana, and Mr. Fort, of Illinois.
pmchback's mux a.
The Senate, on motion of Mr. Morton, to day considered
the resolution that F. H. S. Fmchback be ad;
milled sea Senator from tho State of Louisiana, the
| la nding question being on the amendment of Mr. Ed- i
munda to insert tho word "not" before the word "admitted."
Mr. Morton, ot Indiana, said if no other Senator de'
sired to speak bo would replr to tbe argument made
i last week against the admission of Mr. Fmchback by i
f the Senator from Ohio (Mr. Thurman). No one taking
the floor. Mr. Morton proceeded to answer the speech
of Senator Thurman. Alter a short debate the Senate
went into executive session and ac^ourced at half past i
I 'our oVJprk It ML
Ml ?t - ?
Miss Adelaide Philllpps commenced a abort season of
Italian opera lost night at the Academy of Music, and,
notwithstanding the fact that tho weather wan eery
unfavorable for any species of amusement, the house
was pretty well filled. The opera was Rossini's chejdr<evvrt
in opera comlque writing, "II Barbiero df
Beviglia." Miss Philllpps appeared'aa Roslna, a rOle
In which sho lias gained abundant laurels in days
gono by. Sixty years have elapsed sine Rossini first
presented this admirablo work in Rome, with Uarcia,
Zumbonl and Botticelli In the principal role*. Since
that time the opera has held Its own with every magical
public, the greatest operatic artists that overlived
seeking fresh laurels in Its enticing music. But
singers of Rossini's music havo latterly became rari
/?? - nnr* W.r/tl nttri XfAUPrhhDr ILTwI lfLtfP WaiTTlCr.
spoiled all (with very few exceptions) singers from a
true appreciation of the ablest of Italian composers of
tho present century, for Rossini must always bo so
knowledged as tho best representative of tbo Italian
school since tho days of Pulestrlua. The "BarMere"
is one ot his happiest conceptions.
There is no attempt at dramatic effect in its
instrumentation, but voices and orchestra never alTond
the car. In those days when Hans Sachs, in "Die
Melsters&nger," sings to an uncusy, ever shifting ?ccoinpanimeut
by tho orchestra, in which one can
scarcely tell whether tho honest NQrnbcrger is in Joke
or earnest, the fresh music of tho "Burblerc" is a positive
relief. Yet it is the most difficult opera to entrust
to a company ot tho present day. The performance
last evening was a proof of this. Miss 1'hiliipps,
although showing abundant evidence of art and esperieuce,
gavo an equal amount of testimony as to a certain
degree of decadence of her voice. From the "L:na voce
poco fa" to the final 'number, her voice was not particularly
satisfactory. At times it fell noarly a
half note beneath the pitch of tho orchestra.
Not even the interpolated Spanish air or Scottish
song in the music lesson, cleverly sung though they
were, could compensate fur the inadequate rendering of
Rossini's music. Mr. Tom Karl was anything but a
satisfactory Almavivn. With the recollection of the
Prince of Almavivas, Signor Mario, before us, we caut.ot
point to a single scene In which Mr. Karl proved
himself worthy of such a role and of such music.
Messrs. Bacelli and Colcttt appeared as Bartolo and
Basilto and butchered both roles In the most uncompromising
manner. The principal feature In the
imrformnnce was the exceedingly lively, artistic and
clever impersonation of Figaro liy Signor Ferrantt. It
was the best sfcen on the boards ol the Academy since
the days of Ronconi. "II Trovaloro" will be given on
The performances at the Olympic were entirely
changed last evening, as a large number of new artists
made their appearance. With the usual variety acts,
tliero was sumo excellent dancing, a good deal of One
vocallsm and tho wonderful pony circus. Tho entire
programme concludes with a new puntotnimo entitled,
The Fire Sprite," in which Kobcrt Fraser appears
a.s clown. The piece is like those the old Ravel tronpo
used to delight the town with, nnd It is well done. The
most wonderlul thing about the Olympic is tho extraordinary
diversity and cleverness of the periorinanccs.
So it is no wonder that large audiences are at- j
tractcd thereby.
Miss Antonla Henne, Miss Kokohl, Messrs. Frltsch,
Llebliug, Brandt, Gogh, Hoch and two church choirs
appeared last night at Stetnway Hall for the benefit
ot the Gorman Emigrant House. The programmo consisted
of selections from the works of Weber, Haydn,
Donizetti, Hubenstein, Rhode, Mozart, Beethoven,
Matutsclieck, l?e Beriot, Humbert, Chopin. Schubert
Hid Krcutzcr. It was a very attractive concert.
The patrons of tbo Brooklyn Theatre must feel that
it least intelligent effort is being made by the managenent
of that house to furnish them with an
ittracllve stylo of entertainment. Last evening
in entirely now play, adapted from M.
fictor Hugo's "Mario Tudor." nnd entitled
'Queen and Woman," was performed for tho flrst
itno. Tho play is in four acts, and treats of a romantic
pisodo in tho reign of Qjiecn Mary, mostly fabricated
lythe dramatist. Mary's favorito, Fabiaui Fabiano,
Mr. Edward Arnott) infatuates Jauo, tho ward of au I
trmorcr named Gilbert (Mr. Frod Robinson), and, ;
jnder a false name, he endeavors to effect her ruin '
with protostations of truo love. Gilbert is himself in s
lovo with Jane, hut knows no more than she does that
she is the daughter of Lord Talbot, who was beheaded ,
in Henry Ylll.'s time, and whoso estates are scques- I
torod. Wbtlo pursuing his adventure Fabian! encounters
a mysterious Jew, whose life Gilbert his
saved from tho mob, and In gratitude for which
be would save .lane. Tho Ji w tells the favorito
that bo haR proois of Jane's birth, and before
the encounter ends tho Jew is stabbed,
but Mots dying contrives to put tho proofs
in his possession into tho hands of Gilbert. The latter
is led lo suppose that Fabium's advances had progrossed
further than was in reality the case, and ho |
determines on revenge. Sir Simon Rcnur.t, Mr. J.
Steele Mackaye, steps In to aid lnm. The subsequent
development?ot the plot hinges upon the love of Queen
Mary, Miss Ida Vernon, for the polished and attractive
villain Fabiani, and the lovo of tho lady Jane Talbot,
Miss Kate Claxlon, for Gilbert, and the efforts of each
to save both from tho headsman, to whose H-nder caro
they aro commuted through the Qucco'tj Jealousy.
In consequence of the lateness of the hour at which
the play cuded a more detailed sketch of tho plot cannot
now be presented. There arc many strong dramatio
situations and sorno Incidents so romantic, when attributed
to personages of the tmportanco here depicted,
that they may be said to hover on tho border or the
improbable. To keep them from dropping quite Into
that region requires in some of the moro important
?arts the skill of the practised and masterly artist,
hero have been engaged lor this purpose some well
known performers ot acknowledged ability, whose
cirorts were well appreciated last evening.
The play was splendidly set and the dresses were
Tich and appropriate.
StrtiTJirr. Aaile. j 1 tettHiitflun. Offi re.
Calabria. Fnh. 10. (Liverpool 4 Bowling Green
Canada Feb. 17.'London... WW Broadway
1'omtnoranta Fen. 17 Hamburg. 01 Broadway
The Queen Feb. 19. Liverpool. OP Broadway
Adrl.itic Feb, IP. Liverpool.. H7 Broadway
City of t'aria Fch. IP. Liverpool.. 15 Broadway
Ancboria Feb. IP. Glaagow.. 7 Bowling Green
Ainerlque Feb. lit. Havre .55 Rroadwav
Neckar |Feb. 19. |Bremen... jli Bowling Green
Wyoming Feb. Liverpool.. 29 Broadway
.lava Feb. 23. Liverpool. I Bowling Green
State of Indiana... Feb. '24 fllaagow .. 72 Broudwny
Lessing fob. 24. Hamburg ill Broadway
England Feb. 211. Liverpool.. 119 Brondwav
r a land I Feb. 29.1 Kottcrdnm. 160 Broadway
City ol Kicbmond. Feb. 29. Liverpool 15 Rroadway
Baltic Feb. 29. Liverpool.. 37 Broadway
Ethiopia Feb. 20. Glasgow.. 7 Bowling Green
Salier Feb. 20 Bremen 2 Bowling llreen
Id#ho Feb. 29 Liverpool. 29 Broadway
Rn??ia M'ch 1. Liverpool., i Howling llreen
ilellert Me'h 2. Hamburg 01 Broadway
City of Antwerp.. Vc'h 4. Liverpool.. 15 Broadway
Kepublic M'ch 4. Liverpool.. 37 Broadway
Victoria M'ch 4. Glasgow.. 7 Bowling Green
Lafayette M'ch 4. Havre 55 Broadway
Hermann M'ch 4. Bremen.... 2 Bowling lireen
Nevada Mc'h 7. Liverpool 29 Broadway
Stale of I'ennnyla. M'ch 9. Glaagnw.... 72 Broadway
Snevla Mc'h 9. Hamburg. 91 Broadway
Bottordam Me'h t? Rotterdam. 50 Broadway
Germanic. M'ch 11. Liverpool..' 37 Broadway
City ot Brooklyn. M'ch 11. Liverpool. 15 Broadway
Dakota M'ch 14. Liverpool.. 29 Broadway
W A Scbolten.... Mc'h If. Rotterdam. 50 Broadway
Fimbria M'ch 19. hambnrg.. 91 Broadway
City of Montreal . Mc'h IS. Liverpool.. 15 Broadway
llKRAt.n htia adopted a distinguishing flovton night algnal for
tiae on hoard the Hkralp aleam yacht, allowing while horning
the colon red, green, red. changing from one to the other
in succession, and can be aecn several miles distant. Captains
of vessels, upon seeing this signal, will oblige us by
preparing any merine news they may hare for the Ship
News Department of the Hkrai.d.
Persons desirous of communicating with vessels arriving
at New York can do so by addressing to tnch vessel*,
care of Hvralp news yacht, pier No 1 East River. New York.
Letters Atelvtd from ail parts of the world and promptly de .
livrred. Duplicates aro repaired.
nr* AND IIOOX I HIGH water.
Fun rises 6 m | Got. Island....morn 12 30
Sun sets 6 54 I Sandy Hook...morn 11 45
Moon rises morn I HeliUate ..evo 2 16
PORT OF a\EW YORK, FEB. 14, 1876.
Steamrr Croft (Br), llod^aon. MilUJun 8, Catania 15th,
MOftaiti:* J7th. Palermo 1 tfi, Malaga ?t>th and (llbraltar
27th. with fruit, Ac, t > John S Tucker Jk t o. Hinee leaving
Gibraltar had sorer*! heavy jfalcs? with hi^h, mnfoJHMi eea,
canting ' e*? ? to labor hard and whip a great deal of water,
at one tfma washing away ventilator house* lYom the
hate be*; o>< other damage w a* ?u<tained.
Hteamrr Columbia (Br), Montgomery, Bnrdeau* Jan 14
via Halifax Feb 10, with mdea and paa^eDfers to Henderson
llroa Had heavy westerly tale* and high seas; Jan 28 had
a hurricane from jfW; Ft6 3. lat 45 fon 48 10. paeetd an
Iceberg and a Quantity of drift lea: 13th, 8^ miles east nf
KIrt I?l?nd, pMMid Ktoto of Tlrfi(1> (Frj. honeo
for (ll?tr<iw ; nnr day. *0 n?ilo? ra?t of Kh* I?l*nd,?t??mor
Citjr rit Moniroil (Br), btoco for LivrrptraT ?> ? tato Wafifa*
far rux blj of aoai.
5KUAKY 15, 1876.-W1TH
Steamer <Nty of Mexico, B! erwr.nd, New Orlearii Jan 23,
Tampico 2' th, Tsxp.in 27th, Vera Crna Fob L, I'ainie n,I
Sri. Progreno 4tli nod Havana tith, With nidau on?l (MU?
irert to P Alexandre A Bono.
Steamer Cortes, Freeman, New Orlnani Feb 6 and SouthWent
Fui 7th. with miiko aud piuweufcvn to Clack A Me
into. *
Steamer City of-Austin, Stevens. FftrnwinMna Feb 10,
Brunswick. Us, I1th aud Fort Koyul 12tt?. wttn mrise ? i
pamtuiKew to 0 H Mallory A Co. Itth. HO mile* N ui Hatteraa,
paused steamer Hudson, hence for New Orleana
Steamer J-utu Uihaun, Tull, (ieorgetuwn, IK', with rods*
to J C Kenyun.
Sbtp Couatantlae, Creersv, Loadon, and lata efWigM
Jan 5, with mdse to tiriunell, Mm) urn A Co. Cauie the
outhero passage, and bad Una weather.
Ship E w Stetaon, Moore, London Jan 5, with mdse to
Grlnnell, Minturu A Co. Came tbu southern passage, and
bad ttno weather.
Bark Uraf Moltka (Cor), Ohlf, Stettin 74 days, with empty
barrels to order.
Bri* Elizabeth (Fr\ Rennnf, Rio Janeiro 56 days, with
en flee to E UiJtart A Co. Crueecd the Kuoaiur Dec 13 in
Ion 42 30.
Brig Aimie (of Maittand, NS1, Smith, Havana 11 days,
with sugar to Mosea Taylor; vessel to O R lie Wolf A Co.
Brig Mary E Leighton. Leighton. Sagua 12 days, with
sugar to Chaa Luliug A Co; vessel to J O Ward A Co.
.-*chr Marcla Reynolds, Wcsterdyko, Lagnavra, rla Ports
Cabella Jau 20, with coffsii, Ac, to Dalleet, Blink A Co.
Schr G B MrKarland (of Thoinaeton)., McParland. Bareolaris
18 days, with cocoannta, fustic, Ac, to Parsons A Loud.
Schr Mi tt Bedell, Ssrinliurn, Miragoaue 13 days, with logwood
to Miller A Houghton.
Schr PriscilJa Scrrbiier lof Milford. Del), Dairy. Mstansae
18 days, with sugar to A Dayton A Co.
Schr ticorge Walker (ot Machias), Cola, Matansas 10
days, with sugar to Miller A lloaghluu.
Schr Hannah Mo Loon (of Rockland), Koane, Salt Cay 10
days, with salt to H P Brown.
Schr Marcus Edwards, Church, Jacksonville 8 days, with
lumber to Drew A Buekie; vessel to Slagbl A Petty,
Schr Annie E Ketcbaiu, Kctrham, Savannah 14 days,
with cotton, Ac. to order; vessel to Evans, Ball A Co.
Schr Lillie Falkenburg, Falkenburg. Richmond.
Srhr F I.tJodfrev. Whraton. Kar.neboc 3 day v. with Ico for
Stateu Inland.
'SteamerOalatea. Wulden. Providence for New York.
Schr Speedwell.Kpuuldiug. Rockland for Richmond, Ya.
Schr h V Turner, Walker, Rockland for New York.
Schr J R Mitchell. Morrell. Slumlord for New Yurk.
Steamer City of Fitchburg, Springer, New York for New
Bedford. m
Schr Marcin S Lewis. Iaiwls, Galvesti n for Salem.
Schr Edwin, Francis, Hoboken for New Loudon.
Steamer Andes (Br), Miller, Port an Prince, kc-Flm,
Forwood ,t Co.
Sfamer Frnnconia. Bragg, Portland?J P Ames.
Bark Armoula lltal), Caliero, Valencia?Jas Henry.
Bark Jessy iBr). Sy III oris. Kio Janeiro?Tbos Norton A Co.
Bark Eliia Bams (Br), Vcsey, Hamilton (Bermuda)? li S
Brig Ennls.'Pyer, Oporto?Swan A Snn.
Brig I llowland, Lakuman, Cardenas?Miller A Uonghton.
ehr Susan Stetson, Lewis. Brunswick, Ga?Warren Rey.
Schr John Mosaer, Rhodes, Norfolk?Isaac R Staples.
Schr Treasure, Henderson. Boston?Clias Twiug.
Steamer Albemarle, for Lewes, Del; barks Peppino MIg.
nano (Hal), Cork. Plymouth or Falmouth; Piiiken (Nor),
Viaiina; Lnigi Ruggiero (Itnl), Trieste; Kraljevlca (Aus),
Baltimore; trig Marietta (1 (Aus), Smyrna. {
Yessols anchored at the Southwest Spit, outward hound ?
Steamer Albemarle, for Lewes, Dol; ship Lothalr iBr), lor
London; burk Marie (Ger), for Bremen.
Wind at midnight, E by N, with fog.
Barometer at sunsat, 129.8.Y
The purser of the steamer City of Mexico, from Vera Crua
Ac, has onr thanks for favors.
Steasikr Parana iBr). at Boston from Liverpool, reports
Imd a rough passage, westerly gales; saw some field ice and
ran 100 miles southerly to clear ft; while among the ice hud
propeller damaged; also had boats damaged and ventilators
carried awav. Tho vessel was completely covered with ice
I for several days.
Snip Kkc.knt, from Manila for New York was reshlpplng
cargo ai el neienu jsh i.\ unu woiuu prouuuiy rail iu a wees
from the afore (late. A quantity of sugar ill broken packages
was to be sold in accordance with the recommendation
of the survoyers. The Begent had been fouled Dec 2D by
ship Sumatra, from Calcutta, while the latter was anchoring
at St Helena, damaging bulwark*, chain plates, Ac.
Ship Progress, before reported abandoned, was valued nt
$15.1*10, and wan insured lor $30,OJO, exclusive of $110,000
on freight.
Bark An.Airno (Bus), for London.in attempting to get
nnder way at Bull River. SCvon the 10th inst, for the purposo
of going to sea. collided with the British bark Anuie
Putnam, carrying away her lorctopgallnutmast headstays
and doing other damage. The mainmast of the Atlantic
was sprung, and alter clearing themselvea she drifted off
into the marsh, from which position she was relieved by tho
steau.tug Ivannoo.
Baku Ceylon?The following cargo of bark Ceylon (Bri,
from Cnha lor Now York, wag soljl at Port Elisabeth Dec 21,
vis 100 packets sugar at 10s 0(1, 200 do do at Da, 2130 do do
at 7s tid, and 80 bales hemp at 60s each.
Bark Iripk (Ital), from Philadelphia for Quoenstown,
which put back to the Delaware Breakwater leaky, remained
14th repairing bow.
Hark Mart Ass (Br), tram Newquay for Duboy, put Into
Queenstown Feb 2 leaky.
Bark Norsk Veritas 'Norl, Tsaneksen, from London for
Pcnsucola. put back to Gravesend Keb 1 with bouts damaged
by cotlison.
Brio Emma Tj Shasv iBr), from Hartlepool lor New York,
collided off Dover Keb 2 with the Light of the Age. of Shorcliatu,
the latter losing topgallantma.-ts and springing a leak.
Brio Thetis (Br), from St Johns. NK, which was left by
her crew at anchor, near Phnscolyu Tower, Jan 30. was
taken in tow by the tug Constitution on the 31st, and was
off Liverpool, B, Keb I.
I Schr Jambs Wall, from Jacksonville for New TIaven, bo,
' fore reported spoken Keb 4 oil' Cape Llatteras with loss oI'oremast,
was falleu In with, abandoned, Keb 0. In lat 37 301
! Ion 70, by sohr Silver Spray, of Hoston, 14th, Her foreman
I head ana mainmast were gone and sbo was about two-third*
full of water, bat little of her deck load of bard piue was
gone. She had a three reef foresail set and was running
along slowly ; everything ol value was stripped off except
her anchors and chains. The J NY was 138 tons register,
built at Waldoboro, .Mo, in 1871, and hailed from St George,
1 Srnn Freedom (of Windsor), Devter, from' New "1 ork for
Halifax, with general cargo ibefore reported), was off Torbay
in the ice from Jan 24 to Feb 4: succeeded in getting
into Ch arlow's Govts on the 4th, and is now frozen in a sale
place. Had heavy weather, decks swept and (leckload lost;
lost Jib; two men injured.
Sonn Florence Marv, flrcene. from Boston Jan 20 for
8t Johns, NK, Is ashore at TfeMMMMjr. NF. and will probably
prove a total loss. The cargo is partially Insured in Boston.
[The K M was built nt Passboro, NS, in 1874, and was 80
tons. She was owned in Boston.]
Schr Rout Woodhupv, from New York for Baftcoa. pnt
into Charleston Keb 14, with loss of foremast, jibboom,
i sails and other damage, sustained during a severe gale.
Semi Silver Sprat, of Addison, from St Michaels, at
Boston, reports, Jan 21. William Andrews (colored) was
missing, lie is supposed to have fallen or Jumped overboard.
Spur Anma Lyons, at Portland, which was ashore a'
Phippsburg, Knocked off forefoot and started a bad leak.
Schr Cttfip (Lib), at Boston from Gonaives, reports
Fen 2, lat 34, Ion 73 48, In a gale trom Hn, bad rail stovo on
starboard side; also lost jibboom and main topmast.
8thr Harrt L Wuitton, Rich, from Mobile for Barcelona,
pnt into Norfolk, Ya, 14th Inst, leaking.
Galveston, Fob 10?The schr Texas, which stuck on the
Kuoll while entering the harbor a few davs ago. and was
sunk in shoal water neai Kubn's whart alter throwing ovei
most of her cargo consisting of lnmber and shingles, was
raised to-day aud will be repaired in a short time.
Harwich, Jan 31?The diver reports the wreck of the
ileamer Duntschland settled favorably for recovering cargo.
N?Rroi.it, Feb 13?On hauling the hrig P M Tinker upon
the ways at Graves' shipyard yesterday a portion of the
sword of a swordflsh was found imbedded in the hull forward
of the luff of the bow and below the copner on the starboard
sids. An examination showed that it had pierced through
the ropper ami heavy planking, and that it was the cause ol
. h.. U.k
A rrWrri at Fernandina Feb 8. rchr Chas Thompson, Leach,
from a cruise.
A letter from bark Janet, Gartlsnd of NB, report! heron
Cornell Ground about Jan 1, with 83 bbl> sp since last report.
Had taken one large whale, saving 65 bbls, losing the
rest on aeeonnt of the weather, anil hail two whale* on boaril
at the time of the report.
Shin John Patten, frum New Orleans for Havre, Jan 30,
lat 32 56, Ion 5'J 55.
Ship Colorado, Ingrnhnm. from New York for Callao, Jan
17, lat It) *1 N, ton &) 50 W.
An American ship, showing letters LVKR, from Calentti
for New York. 76 days out, Dec 16. lat 31 35 S, Ion 37 4tl E.
Bark Kdward Barrow (of Halifax). l>ec 21), lat 27 .V,
Ion 35 W.
Bark Laura R Burnham, Philllpi, from Singapore for Lly.
erpool, Dec 24. lat 33 3. Ion 3H E.
Bark Lisbon, Dunning, from New Orleans Jan 28 foi
flavre, no date, Ac (by an arrival at Key West).
Brig "Orianna." Doane, from Cienfuegos for Philadelphia
no date. Ar 'by an arrival at Key Weati.
Brig Deborah 8 Soule, Sonle, from St John, NB. for 11a
; vana, Feb 10, in South Channel.
[ flchr Hon en si a, Larrabee, from Clenfnegos for Boston
I Feb 18, off Montank,
Merchants, shipping agents anil shipmasters are Informal
that by telegraphing to the IlaitaLD Loudon Bureau, ad
' dressing "Bennett, No > Fleet street, London," or to th?
1 Parle office. addre*slng*"Bennetl, 01 Avenue de 1'Opera,
Paris," the arrivals at and departures from European sni
Eastern porta of American and all foreign vessels trading
; with the Dnlted States, the same will be cabled to the
I country free of charge.
I Captains arriving at and sailing from French and Medt
terranean ports will find the Paris office the more economic!
| and expeditions for telegraphing news
Rristol, Feb 14?Arrived, ship Caetlne, Avery, Batavl
, ria Falmouth.
1 Aleo arrived 14th, steamer Arragon (Br), Symons, Nci
, York.
BcLratT, Feb 14?Arrived, brig flvra (Nor), Olsen, Baltl
more isee below),
BsncxLOita?Arrived, echr W O Shattuck, Thatcher, Mc
* Cokcttxa?Arrived, brig Wolfvllle (Br), Bartling, Net
CsbOtrrrA, Feb 14?Arrived, bark Poringa, Josselyn, Tata
I eorln.
Osr* Totrtv, COH?Arrived, bark (Iranada, llodgdon
. New York.
Fstwomt, Feb 14?Arrived, bark Enrico Merello (Ital)
Bottano, Philadelphia (see below).
Arrived In the Channel 12th. ships John o' Gaunt (Br)
Lysll, New York for London; Repnbllo (Br), Phillips, 8s
rannah for Havre; Baracen (Br), Knight. New York for Lon
don; barks King* County (Br), McClellan, Baltimore fo
Aetwerp; Prudhoc (Nor), Petersen, New Orleane lor do
J J Whitney (Br), Bplcer, New York for do; Princese LosUi
(Nor), Frtel, Boston for London; Jnlle Ernestine (Fr), Ls
barters. New Orleans fov Rouen; Medelpad (Fwe), Ohlsen
1 New York for linll: brio KB a (Br). Lockbart. Ualvestoo to
nin* . lit*, wtk JUrf. WH??4w, j
for AroeterdwB.
(Jmik hto, Feb I4-Antn< berk K?l? i*t (BadP, ? J
Huarbeld. * * Toll I
MM lrttb. kwk J tat). Fldeid, Palled Staked 1
UUMOV, Pa* Ik?Arrived. tail Artaerwe Br;.
Haw York.
Okrwock. Fak IS?Ballad, kark kaataaa <Brt, VWtaiy, i
Haw York. j
Oui(.?omi. Fak IS?Belied, tail Aitrta (Rtad. Hik. 'k
likkoa-Arrived. tart CP* #we). Ma.'<?rta Haw Ota
Wan*, orfg C C Reblaaud. Ttavervua. Batata
lUvu. nt> l?-4rr.iad, tartliakCrr; .Br), CeetF.
Haw Tori
Lnuuuov. Feb 13?Arrived. dupe B?c**!? <**. *?"??
HewYnrk; laaaa Bead. Cat a? Haw Qrtoata. ('? batata
(Br). Rltrbla, kavaanab , J A Teata?a"d. ft a|i a, Haw
Orleana; Portia (Br), tatana. B;>bUe, ivba a* ?ieawl Bel.
Jrffriee, KawYoit; Haita A?wea Cawake* (Br). tta ? )
Chartaaton; Addle R Sleeper. Iknir. Uwtaawaa; I ? La
uia (Oar). Oarker, Wiiwingtaa, H>A
Cleared 12?k. o!itp A lei a tutor RaniieS, Uerdee- tew ,
Yora; achr W li Keaaey. Pwra, Paiararw.
Lorpqa. Fak 13. * AM?Arrtred, atewwaa ftaarwark (Br . ]
Wllllaiua. Haw Ya'k. ,
Cleared Idlh, beak Boritel) (Aae), TrifawvUfc, I lad
Sailed from Urareaaed I tab. taark Da?o) (Hon. Bekfci,
Hew York. 1
Lkrm. PabJ IS?Salted, kaaka Rmma C Kiawwall (Br).
Webber. Haw York ; Caw Hanttuie ||tan, da.
LlkkOk?Hailed. bark Adawulara iBr , Fedaaeetd.
Mkakuia-Sailed. Mruwr Cal* tanla (Br), Aiitaoa. Haw
York, I
Pltwopth, Fak Is?Arrived brig Btaacfca (Br), < lark.
Boll Blear. ]
gcnararowt. Feb Id-Arrlrwd. bark Tbla Rewdall. Oataata ,
ton; brig Jobaana Margarethe if- -i , IU> uaurt. IMladetjihik
Arrived 13th, barka Lamek (A-"' Cubeallek, Haw York; {
Ye gar (Hori, Janaan. da; Carolina Prratada <Aaa), Wetaet,
barks Arctic (Br), Aeotl, Nn Ym| s-? ??!<>? ; An . ir?
(ltd), Deiuartlno. Balllu.ru, bctg TibI (Ac . Tiww . k,
Kcw York.
ItiO Jixnio, Fob 11?Irrlvua previously, b*rfc Lord ltdtimora
(Br), llnxlord, Kiehsnowd. Vi
SciLl.v, Feb 11?Off, bark Nurth W ind (li), Fiitf M,
flora Pensacola for London ;i(*b?ln?i.
Stuamiabr, Feb id?Arrived, bctk Asphe.tal (til, Stone,
New York (ceo below).
Sarucs dHIloxnb, Feb 12?Sailed, brig Oecoe (Br),
Priest, United State*,
Tynk, Feb 13?Sailed, berk Byron (Nov), Clu itLioa,
United State*.
Bklpast, Feb 14?The Norwegian brt?- Free. f*ap|Otnen,
from Baltimore Jan 13, arrived here t" <1%. lie I heavy
weather and lcat her (tarboard bulwarks. stir. he.ms r. r
topgallant meet and yard end feretop a eel bead, aad bad
port bulwarks etove.
Elsinokd, Feb B?Tlie Danish brig Tltanle, Tap! Barker,
frpra Philadelphia Doc 14 lor CopeBbagWM, 1> lwe ?e|? rted
ashore, has become a wreck. Most of the cargo and i-.eur.nl
were safely landed.
Falmouth, Feb 14?The British bark North ITi'id, Cepi
PoregTino, from Pcnaacola Jan d for London, arm ed "9
Scllly on Friday last. She had experienced a harrlrarie and
lost sails and spars. She had encountered the Italian bark
Enrico Mcrello, Capt Moltaro, from Philadelphia Jaa IS lor
Quecnstown. with her docks swept and Ore feet of water In
her bold. The latter bad also lost bulwarks and whe I, and
the captain, mate and live sours *n had been washed overboard
and drowned. The captain of the North W ind pat
aboard the Enrico Merello the mate, one man and a bout
[The Enrico Mcrillo arrived safely at Falmouth on the lilb
J inst.]
Livkrpool. Fob 14?The chief mate of the Vaoonard. nr.
rlved hero, reports having picked up a mate and three teamen,
tho only survivors of the Freucti bin k-'l.liuc Proeper,"
which capsiaod Jan 29, In lat 39 N, Ion 42 VV.
Qubk.nstowm, Fob 14r-Tbe British bar* Arm*. Capt Scott,
from New York Jan 20. arrived here to-dey. Experienced a
hinricane on tho 27th aud 28th of January, and lost her
sails and part of her bulwark*. Her cargo consisted of
12,100 bushels of wheat, for Cork.
Tho Norwegian ship Ocean, Capt Penlsen, from Pensnrola
Dec 22, for Sharpness, was abandoned ut sea Jan 27, waterlogged,
and with loss of mlisen and main masts. Tli* crew
were rescued, and bnve been landed here.
Stkanbakb, Feb 14?The British bark Asphodel, Capt
Stone, from New Y'ork Jan 14, arrived at tills pert, experienced
a hurricane and lost a seaman overboard. She also i
lost bulwarks and sails, and was obliged to Jettison part of |
licr cargo, which consisted of SOOO bags of bone manure.
Bowbat. Jan 10? In port ships Z Ring (Br\ Moran, for
Hull, ldg; Othello (Br), and Harmonia. Small, for N \v
York, do; Sooloo, Shotswoll, unc; bark NeUlo M Slade, Atwood,
Calcutta, .Jan 17?In port ships Loch Qoil (Br), Macmlckan,
for New Y'ork ldp; City ot'Luckuow (Br), Qneen of
Beauty (Br), and Janot Court (Br), for do do; lloudon (Br),
for San Francisco, do.
Went to sea from fianmr Jan 3, ships Saftara (Br). Harrison,
New York; 7lh, Lord Canning (Bi). Uosttoy. do.
Colombo. Jan 6?In port bark Klllaruey (Br), Kingston,
for New York.
Cubacoa, Dec 23?Arrived, bark Osago (Br), McDonald,
fit Thomas.
Cap* Uaytibn. Jan 23?Tn port schrs Ohas A Iliggtns, Mcintosh.
and Cathie C Berry, Seuvey, from Boston, to sail
next day for Cuba.
Oabdk.nas, Feb 5?Arrived, brig James I.an.Ids (Br),
Kinnon, St Thomas; schr Sarah Potter, Wall, Havana ; 11th,
harks T K Welden, Colnon, New York via Matunsas; .Mary j
j Stewart (Br), Pcnery, Hartlepool, E; hrigs Melrose, Griggs, J
Boston; AJiee Tarlton, Tucker, New Haven; Premier (Kr),
| Borers, fit John. NK: schrs Elisabeth M Cook, Cook, Phila i
' delpbia; Annie Bliss, Simmons, New York.
| Sailed r>th, schr Eilcn(Br), Hooper, Matunsas.
i Havana, Feb 12?Arrived brig Cascatelle. Devcreux, Liv
I eruool; schr Oraco Webster, Gaies, Portland.
! Sailed 12th, steamer Memphis (Br). Mellon (from Liveri
pool), Now Orleans; brig Nellie Dusted, Brewster, New |
York. j
Sailed fUh, schr Amos Wnlker. Gilchrist. Matansas !
Halifax, Fob 12?Arrived brig Kingston iBn, Bailie, ; u
' Demerara; 13th, hark J W Holmes (Br), Holmes, Cardiff; i
; brig Jane E Hals (Br), Porto Kico. ! d
Sailed Hitli, brie f.ureka (Br), for Jamaica.
Lisbon, ,1 an 22?Sailed, brigs Aabine (Nor), Blix, New '
Turk; Ursula (Its!), Goflio, do.
Locki'okt, N8, Feb 11?Arrived, schr Creolnn (Br), from ]
St Martins. e
MKi.iiotiu.NK. Jan 12?Sailed, bark Mary Aun Dolman |
(Br), Holmau, New York. i J
Nkwcastls, NSW. Dec 21?Sailod. harks Johann Irpens
, (Norl, Mortcnaen. San Francisco;Stormy Petrel Hr'.Kea.l, T
do; 23d, ships River Lune (Br), Williams, do; Jun 5, .lot- A
i Ins, for do; Wave Vneen (Bri, Anderson, Oregon ; bark Gal,
; lforula. Williston, San Pedro. \
! In port Jan 0, the Ackworth, for San Francisco, ldg. ; li
, | PoktoOabkllo. .Ian 2B? In port, brigs Emma Dean (Br),
, Plummcr, for Curacoa. to load for New York ; \ioanoke. Mehl- >
man. for i'liiladclpbia in a lew days: scUrs Magci" M Rivera, t
. ! IUvcrs, from Baltimore. di?g: Sarah B. Upton, l'rom Hi-iins- a
wick, do; Ida Richardson. Bedell, and Beth M Todd, Nor- I
i wood, from New Y'ork. disg, to go to Mvaciiibo to loa>L
i | Kangoos, Dec 3i>?In port ship Columbia, Carter, from j t
' Rio Janeiro, arrived 27th, for Europe,
i Rio Jankiho, Jan 13?Sailed, bark Traveller (Br), l'en- I
i field. Baltimore. I
1 S Arrived Dec 31, schr Lamolue, Leach, Millbridge. Me?39 1
I , days passage.
, | In port Jan 14. barks Oamsliel, Shaw, for Raltlmorc In 2
f , days; Serene, Segcrman, wtg; Wi nitre J ,Br), Dill, do; Mag- I
gie V llmrg, Steed, nnc.
Swgaporr, Dec 2D?In port bark Uera (Ccr), retschke, r
I for New York, ldg.
Svu.net. NSW, Jan 10?In port ship Merchant (Br),
1 (Juhin. for San Kranci-co, llr.
St Helena, Jan 3?Arrived, brig Amanda Br), Part, I
' I Algoa Bay; 9th, shin Mary Pry (Br). Calcutta for Dundee ;
bark Ar.aii i Bri, llill, Amov for New Y ork (and sailed 10th); f
11th, ship Humboldt, Willey, Samaraug lor Qneenatown li
, (and sailod same day; ; ICth, bark Jus McCarthy, Gould,
I Algoa Hay. . I
PfsedJan 2. barks British Constitution 'Rr). Ever?on, ti
Colombo for New York; 10th, Caernarvonshire (Br), frum 1'
Ami'J for New Y'ork. I
In port J an 13, ship Regent, Bray, from Manila for New
, York.
sagca, Feb 0?Arrived, brig Tropic (Br), Baker, St F
, Also arrived Oth, brig Lyilla II Cole, hose. New Y'ork; I J
sehrs Josephine, Ktrkftt; Sarah A Heed, Guptll; Klira A I
' Sawyer, Cook, and Dora M French, French, St Thomas;
| Cathie C Horry, Seavy. Uayti; C A Higgins, Mcintosh, do I
(all not at Havana, as reported by telegraph). 1
' I St Jobn, NB, Feb 14?Arrived, brig Stockton, Allen, Now '
. Haven. ; n
Also arrived 14th. bark (Jueen of Hearts (llr). Brennan, |
. , Liverpool via Bermuda; schrs Osaeo iBri. Ford, and Specu- I
I lator (Br). Mnnson, New Y'ork; Emma Crosby (Br), do.
Arrived 12th, schr Emma J Shanks (Br). Halifax. ' 1
' ! SailcJ 12th, bark Tidal Wave (Br), Halcrow, Liverpool;
. i brig Ella (Br), Como, do.
| Wk.it ("oast or Africa?At Accra Jan 8, barks Greyhound.
Brown, and Sterling. Tnfle, wtg.
' i At Cape Coast Castle Jan 10, bark Bolivia, Stevens, from
Boston. ,
> fPtttt Stkamer AnRtATtfl
Abtwkkp, Jau til ? Sailed, Calliope, Sinclair, Philadol*
Sailed from Flushing Roads 28tb, Annie Bingay, Weston,
> Philadelphia.
M.kxa.M'Ru, E, Jan 23? Sailed, Mercator ( ), Gibbs, Boston.
Belfast, Jsn 29?Sailed, Kong Carl, Knmlsen, New York.
Cardiff. Jan 39?Cleared. Caetinpea. Pettis, Messina.
CaiRRRTAS, Jan 28?Sailed, Louisa A Orr, Orr (fTom Glasgow),
Dovkr, Jau 31? Off, Irolo. Spolander, from Antwerp for
Ball River; >'eb 1, Bengal Gerb.trk', lYom Antwerp for
Dial, Jan 31?l'aesed. flelene. Raechen, from Rotterdam
for New York (and was od Eastbourne 1st . j
Sailed Feb I, Emma L Shaw. Macotnher. New York; 2d,
Ornen, Hangblaud. do; l'awashick. Hicks- Cardiff.
Dobus?Arrived at Kingstown Feb 1, Continental, Clark,
San Francisco.
Gloucester. Jan 31?Sailed, Bartolotto Savona, Cunco,
Philadelphia (not New York).
1 Ulasuow, Jau 31? Sailed, Ulympia ( ), Young, Mediterranean..
gkmia. Jan 29-Claared, Kayner (s), Turplu, Trieste.
Sailed 2Hth, Luda C, Cacacn, Philadelphia.
IIi*i.t.. Feo 1?Sailed. Julie lleyn, Schroeder. Darien.
Hawbi hii, Jan 31?Arrived. Sucvia (f), Fransen, New
j York.
Havre. .Tanhi?Sailed, Eweva, Pbaro. Saganttah.
I.IVARrooL, Jau 3f? Arrived, iteesie li, M< Menus, RanI
goon; Feb 1, Java (s). Martyn. New York; 2.1. City ol New
. York id, I.ochead, do; Hecla (si, Billinge. Boston.
Sailed Jan 31, City of Vienna, Crockett, San Francisco;
i Pronning Louise. Lr.rsen, r-andy Hook; Laurence Brown,
Williams, Southwest Pass; Feb 1, Admiral TegetholT. Rebor,
l San Francisco; Capello (?), Dry don, Philadelphia; Louisa
I Fletcher. Morris, Southwest Pas's, 2d. The Queen (a). Bragg.
, 1 New York; Emerald Isle, Nairn, do; John G Sweeny, hom*
| ers, Cardenas.
Cleared 1st, Hypatla, Dakin, Saody Hook Iwranter,
Vc.per, Hampton Roads; Omoa. McWIIliains, Wilmington,
* ' NC; A McCatlum, Ma?u rs, Key West; Palo Alto, Jenkins;
Navaeota, lloopcr, and Mohawk, Murphy, Havana.
. I Arrived at Hotvhead Jan II, Wra Tapscott. Morgan, LBri
eiyool for New Vork; 0 B Stillman. Hewitt, do lor Rio
j Janeiro; Feb 1, Geo Walker, Patterson, do Rir Bahia.
l.ojrnoR, Feb 2?Cleared. Borneo, Shaw. Sandy Hook. I
r Entered out 1st. Venerunda. Trao .ni. New York.
Nailed trom (irarraentl l?t, Nalt?l??-ti<>n, for llarien.
' j Likari>, Jan 31 Off, Charley Hickman. Tingley, from
* Plymouth, bound weal.
i- Maaslu'S, Jan :il ?Sailed, Harriot Campbell, Taylor, Pel
aware. |
' M ?iieKi li.va, Jan 37?Stalled, Pirlpn, Coffin. New York.
r Wari ea Jan 37?Arrived- Kitlalia. Naai. tiab^ur | <
. . . \ >. '
P*t.MN? Ja?fr?Salte*,f.oSlaol Wor brt r\ for Bo>toi4
tt.fc.f, U fark . -jfettk. (J?rj, Snlth. ia.
?*?A*?>?a. y,t, 1?Ami- t. Ids lair. Ulan- li ?rd, Haraj
Adrak As fo L?n<fcn>; 2d, Boaudiuy Billcad
. df*. mmtam ,<;? * ? H-lf. Unra, Ip-?I. li, LaIIa m
r.Jbii tlbfm 1'rMi, UmuIuO, KieUra, bruuUuiffl
) # j
*?c-i*AAi-r?a. hk Othello U), Brlsicw. No*
'Kv*??ee. Jn JO-CWtrrk, Bdwlo 4 Ltrwy, Thorw^
"A*"* * ?M,W"* Jm Dtpr. Yrolleh, Ned
?*rearea?. r?h l-WM, TJr*a. Ivoaeich. rhiladelphltt
artokld f> F.b*~Aal?.l .Mpe JVnenby (Hrl, Parker,
' * " *' *d?a?, Liverpool, bath A^Uio
d. m . u?am >va
? ? e li~A itHlixr- A'1*a (Br>, Uiilew
l< 1j ?* ?*???. vBr). Uarkr, (Iraec-cki
b-aaa I. rwUdHAht*; <b-a Whitney, Hah
m*. ? ? 1 baft Ar *, Uatla, Kajralj brtd
H- , " Bryan. .fhepia ; arhrk silver
M. tiv'iir, si W-t.ael.; Jf-rsl r I.lRlit,
VI. Hii4k'> Sl?(.l?M? Wvraao, If ayea, i,mrj:rtcn?AJ'
h . m- * '! Balthnorn; C ?(*>?, (-haeej'
. I. ? - N. taun, Part Jukiieun; AileiT
Btrkarena. *??! ? tea.
* - a * ' bile: acbri Fred dray",
r?;. a M * - I- > K Nr-wer, Uraa- rv. KlcbwawE
I. .ll'iirf, Waort. t'biiadalyhia; baaan Marker.
Ta?*l ?*??*??? Berry, New York.
AUlld ! I K Ik irwed. baik* Amelia CHort, AntawMM*.
AWeAr-e -evenMer UttMl, Bl-rterti.It*. Tralee;
a < -v >i ???*, AIW.-adWMMlMl?hr Acaraa, CbaudUr,*
Ida* >m>?i but r?e? i'Iall. Moftrla Pnblln x.
I M l 4 ft i i **,i A(>f? Id. I ??el??d Kuteo: l*"a
Ai a* > a- i- l?< >? I. aaa Kranelaru; I vrki liana Chriaa
..-ia I. J at i Heif?a N ie?? ttao'lla (Hal i, Caaei-"
m *?. < -Ik T a tari. F redeeickaen. Wrtnare; J oh aim
RwMiau.p kmwii aehr Gee J I iaitli. Lung, lie
Aia idaafa I, Weamer'irt-rarA, Reynold*. Nr*r York.
HKl'W.vj. h I.a t #b a?Arrived, aahr A H Ferry, Lock*.
N-aY'fct *
ld?A?A learad. ? ,.r Let.il T Kallery, HlrUt n, RtoJtr
IUTH fab lO-JUilo*. tohr Alfrad Brabruoh, Juaaa, PbU*
:~-adr4 M Fararr'a ll<-?4 ? i rawly fer mi Uth, ickr J B
Uhlanm, Kn.l < >. r i I*UiIb?i.1u4> A _ _ _
I 10 i(H r?r?rr'i Hm4 l-ih. rlin J M F u,i?trUh, A
II Hurlum. *1111 l'r?4>iia L, Fvrtar Wl.Tf.
BKVh.ULT, Fab l?-*ad#<l. arhr N?. iaCfMllf, Koalar,
ClUMUmil, r?b 11?ArrlraJ, Wk Dolta (Nor). Cm*
Ki?ILd- ml'*. K ?tla D r?ru.r. r.mWMr, Darlan. Oa;
R ( h .-ei.M??r. liblej, llnunocA. t.?. J 1* nlurar,
Ut, (loiiru ?wr ?'
l ,0th? J|p?ri>4. bt a<)or4a BhMh. Urkbort Ri?"A
l?th_Arrc >. - . r it. tr n brw Fork far
B?r? 'Mk to ?Ti * *? Vlmlloii.
R \-ro*wItl. Ir?\tVflniru Vnt Fa*o. Hilywi,
V rk
rt.KTUIMUl NOSIUiR. Fob 14 hi?l In Bw lUltWro,
iMj. Holi.in.tr* in r,. lrnao Uiraoaa; bnri.? lt???ll<r, ftoA
Itt? Job* >1 4 t ti it Tj* *. h ?|,.*rr Aa?
. mo !?*an (rom bi.?iw??r; "Fraak." *'B???ar' aud
'. aadatd." bfl# I'.iM .*? , Ibw Naoro*
Par? ma-Bark III n*? tf>< n. hit btig*, Li' .l R (ftoi).
'?i (k,4m,?ii )*. .
i'tlioO r. l MimM'W, Aim. Nalttranro for Mararaad.
PL, t'o to k > mi bikoa tfc 44fL>. ohy a lib ih?
aoward ? in i d 4i? bar
la ItMiM'i R k4? ijN'i ??b*Rb R<>ak (Nor*, falraaaa,
to* Rrrau'O, <*Kto"*? I In Haununra. Batflaa (Mm, It' Ok
I/boWl. . * ?? ? i UaRimora.
uaTti -)'!*, ) * i .arod. bahr VaakturtM. Barry, *
r?a?"?la at.il wihrd tab)
Ma4W4 Bark H* a? B? . *.*> lo.
ta' i .. * ??a*t. Oaar.
i aCKH4?Wi|.l > .t, |i- tm.ni M ra #* BacR,
lilior 'nl ( .. IV??k, ? ? <4
I ImwI -? ' > i ir- * l.uitaa ftavith . a
Rk\ * Ea h4 bark lialoa Aatf*ar. Ua bar,
uNa?,?<a. l?r "rarra
Mil - i n i-4. ta r TtatroK, f?M Bam.
Mum, I ' arrl *<4 xM r roak lam. Malm. maH>
W-al iii aaa?Iwaan a tatrallaa (Bri. Nl'a Unmal
Mill - a 1 b 1 i. ar*
NtU.M:VH*l. ?* ' ?M*afc* ail* Mi.m J b'M?ok
H-'iul Hal I ?4f "<?liM
Nr*f OKI t\N*. Fa* I A'(>? <, ark* B B Li aka,
Ikrlvor. Ikt a.
Cirari- I --m. ar Aa?*la Br*. 1'nriH, Varm aUt. BB |aa4
?m. Rrttf.
Irba-ltark W<a Qata (IfyPlaliMk, VM iiikfaal,
*il'f?4t''K l a '
l.'loarro Mm- t'a?a Uaa Br). Beawo, l/ieraem. karke
4all* 4 int . t*i a^ ?, i .u? la Rt>, - a. 'J !*ai *.
'lb (MM). Aaatar AB?'i (Nor), Aaiorwm. lfao>?|
I.ihai.ua ? uaa \ n J Aama. mo j?ka fmmgbt i . Caal
uu, llouoa
Kn: m?r<r Pia B<*b Ml - knt>*l al?aM ? Namrl
,4*rrjhntI via *M 1od ?a . brly Raaa "l-'taa*. i ariw*
Ballrd?Mrim-r Tail] at.aoi!. ah. filaa Ad ?.Au4roar
aatili Uar.bolki, aoika keMM... aaak. K;i.u Bom,
tail I >1-I*au
srw i.l KV *f. K?h II? Antral! alraiaar EI'mBTarrr.
tall are. S'?V *
Kaile! IOlM. k..i J *' TUB. Jt, Wiu, A?e? ?f
NORFOLK. Fob la- Ai need. V?ift Mint .-a *. i, aatVed.
Pat In, aenr iteor. I. VMM, Ki.k, ft ? Mobil*
dc Hareebwi* lam n&
XI VV ibbiOKlt. Fab ll-knired acb< Is.:? m llnr.ey.
Saw V ork.
AiinrdKh. arhr J Clark, K .rthrwp Nit J? a.
NKWrORi. M lil-Arr. ed. a. I . M .. -* r. ? am*
'hlUdalcfa; Her i> r? Mil - trwil-at in*?U?.
>?*l: Highlander, Vi 4. mot for K w I r
NKW LONlKlN, Fab lJ-r-lad, wbr .a it V???4. far
i nmne
I'oBTI.AXO, O. Fab ll-Arrtred. sl> Man, ..ai i?r>,
Irown, San Fr 11 . <>
i-i'il-Shtpa V.lp.raiao Kr1. Milfa IVwt >tM.
lullur I. Lit - i l a above vtr I. , factami.
Mr la Si,, ;*? ad t, is
rKNfAOOLA. Fab 10 ^ArfltW. abfce Ml Alt urn
lech. Loud iu . Hoi'tenMa |\r" - * : d kt 11nermann
(Mi'. T "rp . V-w ail p (*- ,
loac, ilteenock ; Adiuiral Print A..* nm i .mhi.
Hindoo astira Annie U 'oth, Mayl. *. India..< . .iWali
lart, Pieraon. Pro.idt n,-#.
Cleared?Bark* M. lla i 411 ana > *wa). B ' twetfa,
la: Saerlm-ier ^Sar<. ill u. Barrow Va? * Mr*.
It-Cully, Ixiiidin Auaur (??*,. Andet-.n ? uai ??.
lenricita owe . .-renaaoe, Woal Uaiu.-,-s.1. a .it tuai
'rait. Kuu all. a ill Viat, Si r d.ra, 1 n 'ia?,4a
11th? Arrived, tlilp MrMfatt (bat), Mjalnlb- JmrBRMK
rlu Cdlumhna (Nor), bnndeoe. Be; ? a i ...
lo; Aepidle ar t Pan , a (H' ti. P ?' Anna
Nor), Lateen, liriatnl; Herman town, V> U>li
Sailed?Bnrkt Isabella Irk, Bleak. ttoiMli 4 ta Jatra?
>ale (Mr . to i. Ian d. a. Ji at s , ... in .? . Xraante
: M?Ut>ar ' rU,?r. I, al"W
PilII.A DKi.ril I a , ? ? 11 km??4, Mian r? i,--T?Wa.
iwaaey, Boeloo; Kormso, .' . h.-r?,u d c?i ai ,na Wittmr,
llarilir.it. Prorlds noc; FV.itde, CfatAat. d"
Alao arrird. ateamera M r.a, l ei. la.-n, P *an. llob>
olaa. Swaaey, do. A lit".intra, Tutile, dr,
Cleared. Sarin Rnibaaay iNof, lsreraon. Aw ?l?rdam y
lathilili- iNori. Tar'jornaea, t 'rarta: arttn ..-a r. Kay
mud. Kelly, Quia -)- I'oial: II caetfa, Bra*. t'? ? *wr
Alan rlcai.-il, barka limUaay iXai , Jaaaawa. Anat.rdaat
latbilda (Nor , lorl fornai n. oporto.
LkWKt. Del. F it .|? inwt. ehta Aajwata hirka VMa#
Carrier Dote. France. IMIaard ,?c), and a-tw kltMe ra
laini-d'or ordtrt ll.it Iride ,11a! . it - wi.'t
uher bowi
Mark Boslatta tNori and brl* John WaUb left far Phiiar
eltihia thia aftrrnoon.
Hark Holtlneeu Nor) te ordered ta FbllaArlr l.ia
Schr Urtlr Drwev leli lor S? w Voik ihia A w
Arrived I'M.aehr.l II stteknei feom Cardeiaa
Wont to ae. ? I'M I'ttli. alaatanr City ef I. <?rieb, fot He.
rptNS'3 CROVH. Fa Feb l'i-?alled. arhr J II Mar.nl,
ohnaou. New Tor.,
POKTKAND. lib 14?Arrii ed,'teamer ft ?<lli ..Ibora,
'hlladelphia: l,rl?- i'rotetia, Farr. Savaa, a.hi A* -a. th at!
, tuUnr.
I'MOTTDSXCX, Feb 11-ArrlveA etea rr. Me-tra,
oanjt. New Vol.; t'entlirr, klilta,d< bark Da Plata, FU.l
ipa. New OrittiA
Sailed?ste?mer? Wpi Keirode. Fouler, B.I -a- re ?le
inrfolk: Hoiida, Crocker. Philadelirbta. fat' vine Wbt?
IntC, Harding,d ; ar' ia (iraee andwi Ar w?, Mate*
a?. Newp.'.l Mr' Miller Halltaa. NA. ria Ne.wtdt^Atil
ifliry .^iniTM'n. i? n ij?* >ir?riTu>?, ? v i. ? t% r???,
itranire. Vi?4'> Holt, to load for MaraiiaoL, llul) a 4?ft?
a, 1'rntt. Now York.
13th?Arrived, *< i.ra Light of tba Fart. II ifT .ir, >..?! llio
or. TI: Win Tim Tire; J. hn S Hotelier. f.r d A <1
Vaae, Frernr, rhtlnde'|?ltia lor Pawtm-ket. 1 m>. I..4. Ne)i?id.
Fort John? n.
Sailed?Nchr Writ U B^en. Dill. H?e Y?d,
14th?Arrived. nuraori M.Oe'Un, Mania 1' ' ir.erol
Iiintor, Shetman. Pvu: 'Iplda.
RICHMOND. Feb 13? Arrired. eteomer laaoi F?C. ' ??
ence, Now York
Cleared?Brig K ntle (D?nV Rohlnano, B.IC i
Soiled?S.-hr A II lltir.hut, 'Itilbcr. New I wk
KAN* FRANCISt t>. l ab ft?Arri.ea, Uatk Homo Viet a,
jotturen, Poet > nil. c.
Sailed-Burke N..ttliwe??. Farnhant. and o,i i?. :.Hmm
'on Madison; t nr.dm Hiftd, saytnore, Tort | i> Hoenrthon.
Manaon, A- :< da
lath?Suletl. "hi; -Whtttier, Rwnp. Manila C .ti.ental,
lo tree, end CUy of Phil*lel|>l le. Call. Ltwi l ).??). ?er.
Jr. Howe*. Onvintiwi:; nplot 'O.e )' 11orkea,
' inland, O. end Liverpool; berk bonne fnetle iBr;. Brhnrmid.
d.? and Qneetnto" n.
18th? Arrived. atonmer Mikado (Rrf, Moore MyAiiey, NSW.
SEATTLE. Feb 0-nolled. bri Lert Steer on. Moll. se?
SAVANNAH. Fob 10? Soiled, echr Xir; E Motiiai fSetn
13th?sJtonmer Berlin ?5ee\ Bremen.
14th?Arrired, ?te?mer? Snragoeen. Hooker, F?niiwef? . W '
Ivlinnton, Mnllorr. New York . bntki Lole (Mr', ktfmklf
Iroraen; Aurora iXo. . Koonevie. LmAM.
Cleared?Bark M sunlit Peteieea .Nor), Reete-ip, koh 1
Suited?Bark Talisman (Br). Baker (from Miaiet, Ml e
ST MARTS, fla. Feb 3-Arrtved. bark Kltira F-'o- of
IavHTia . 3d. hritr L'rdn 'Nor . Ulva naUvw ->4. h. et-..^M
clir Leltle Welle, Aaltlord. Fornandina.
Cleared 3d. brig Edith Bn. M aliltnen, M? Jobt , PM M
SALEM. Frh 13?sailed, e.-br? A Uayf.rd ( >u '
'ond'. New York; LT kni*ht ,frv3i Itock- Ir W
nlngtnn, NT; FlorenM V Tnrner. Urm, and T?. M 'M
from Rockland), New York; b L Hurna (f a, I'rrtland .
iichmond, Va.
lillb?Arrired, echr Anton Stlmpvon. SI. man. Port Jeba- V
TARPA1TL1X COVE. Feb H-In port.brn M r.r.jr Re
lonn-'i. Pom New York for Button ; fhre Pa n ?? M
rom Lamport for lUclimonu; J D Baker, l o'b, hiei Monet, m
uikVlnrliiln; E A Frailer, fl 4mm ond. from Chatham Ih|
d.eion ; .1 B Alkinioii, Lndeor, Iron Parker II . r I hi)
VINEYARD HAVEN. Feb 13?Sailed, erhrr At.-*
ion, K C Hiuikin. Mary K Ixine. K C Bmeew K F Hart,
[jtona. su?an 11 rker. Knitna T hdwnrda. Belt i A Aae<
13th? Arrireil. achre Convoy. Amboj foe Ft Uad F W
Mton. Marr E Na?. n. an t 1 aoel L Piece. B . n .? Y)f.
rlnla; J B Allen. Nantnrkrt for New Y'ork A llayti-eM,
ttonod Pond, Me. lor do; Hem. and Floret), e V Turner,
Rockland for do; J nlla Newell. RrK-knort, Mo. fn 4> I T
L" .* . f.e V. dinlo.lo., tff fcl I U ! ?- -
Richmond, V?: Ventii. Vembroke '<* Hxrii \lfrr4
Jrslironk, Georirtown. Me, fbr Philadelphia; 1 plrata, A
I III! A, Ijaneevillr for do. -y-j
I'anartl hy? Sclir Tradewind. from Rnckland *>f New Turk
Sailed?(vehrt Jnli% Newell. Klunxe V Thimi, a. l Cm
IVI LMINOTON, nc, Feb I I - Arrived, ?kr I* I Mr, SaaMf*.
Clears?Bark Wevternorrland >???). Njland. Kalutaaro.
12th?Arrived, berk N I'.Veileea (Nor), h-i.lvi.. #?veafleared?Bark
.Kolna (Xor\ Rr-"irh. Herahnrv: trlei *
(toweri. Slowera, Ureuada. K Van Benuifeea (Oort. ?? >
er. Rotterdam.
14th?Arrived, ateamer D.f Foley, Dianell, Baltimore*
iriK Vara i(or>. Mailer. Umeriek.
L J.. "*
VloiHoir . 01 v; METALLIC L.IFB BOAlS
cheap, uub South at.. Bear ilemwtr lip
nil State*, for numrroua cao>ea. allheal paHallyiiId
ral everywhere; no charita until divorce rrantrd. advtoB
Tee. M. II"1 sK, aiturner, ilea Broadway. _ (
ent State* for hwmerona ranea< wttbont pablie'ty *
trervwliere; icrrai i it i.factorr ; advice free. ,
KKSDfcRlCK I hi Nil. Lawyer. No. 4 si Mark r
Thomas r agnkvt. tiir great nut tqkk on**
car, T>%, Cnffto ind Fk??r N?w Y<irfc#*t
ivtrvbiMlv call hi 1 cal b?rr*int> 3* ? ? * *
. M>': 1 *

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