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A Grand Historical Representation
at Richmond.
* i
Krilliant Display of Centennial Costumes by
Lineal Desreudants.
Ricumomd, Vk, Vebt 22, 1878.
The birthday of George Washington was never celebrated
with more eclat and enthusiastic display than 11
ha* been in the capital of his native State on this anniversary,
occurring in the Centennial year of American
The lineal descendants of the forefathers of
Firgtuia and the historical representation of
those who did so much to achievo the
liberty of our country are to night assembled in tho
Richmond Theatre in a presentation of a Vice Royal
Court hall at Williamsburg, o( tho time of Lord
Botetourt, one of the Colonial Governors of Virginia.
The Inhabitants of Richmond and. Indeed, of the wholo
State are interested and enthusiastic lu this grand
pageant, and the theatre doors ore thronged
with crowds seeking admission as early as
seven o'clock. The house was crammed Iroiu
pit to dome with the most brilliant assemblage ever
teeu in the building. Lespitu the inherent democratic
. spirit of the Virginians, there was a palpable inclination
on their part to boast that prido of heraldry not
exactly In keeping with the ideas of this
Centennial period. In the courtly colonial throng
was discovered many a . youthlul "blood"
and fair dame attired in tho costume of
over a century ago, who would willingly wear now the
itle ot "My lady," "My lord," "His grace," or "His
hiehriosa " The tineiiimr scene was brilliant and re.
splendent. Ttio theatre was never sc magnificently
decorated. The throne occupied by Lord Botetourt
wits draped strictly after the style of the colonial
period, and on all sides were suspended wreaths
and festoons, the flags of Great Britain and
Ireland. There was the Cross of 81. George,
the Union Jack, the lion and the unicorn, the
Thistle, the Shamrock and the ltose; while prommently
visible also was the flag of our own country. It
Is impossible to describe or even mention tho hislori
:al relics that wore displayed to-night, and they of
themselves furnish a sad uud serious source of regret
that Virginia's Legislature refused to appropriate a
paltry sutn toward the exhibition of her own resources
and historical reminiscences at the Nation's Centennial
Among the historical relics 1 would especially mention
A cup borne by Mrs. General Barry Beth. This cup
was carried by the mace bearers at the opening of the
Bouse of Burgesses, at Williamsburg, by all the
colonial Governors alter the reign of Charles tho Socond,
by whom the cup was presented to the colony
?f Virginia. It is a massive concern of solid silver
handsomely engraved, and liberally plated with gold.
It bears the coat of arms of old Knglsnd and tho old.
Virginia Colonial Coat of Arms. " Virtual el Lahore
florrnt Ces publicof. " To this Is ndded the coat of arms
which Charles II. gave to the State when he presented
this cup with the motto " ?n Vat Virginia gtiartam.1'
Truly snch a valuable relic as tbis should he preserved
for the Centennial. There were innumerable other
relics ef a century ago which it would be impossible to
describe fully.
Mr. Page McCnrty appeared as a courtier of the
period of Queen Anne, and wore a large pure diamond
brooch and imitation diuniond shoe buckles, which
ere bronchi over bv bis ancestor. Lord Clan Cartv.
who was Speaker ol the Williamsburg House of Bur(esses
for several tertus.
A grand pagvaut of the old colonial times was represented
on the stage of the theatre before the bill commenced
illustrative of the reception ol' Lord Botetourt
as Governor ol the Colony.
Mrs. General Beth, the principal of the lady managers,
to wh' ni great credit is duo tor the admirable
management of the hall, appeared as Lady Cary in a
dress l'-'u years old. which was imported to' this country
lor a christening. It was of crimson brocade,
figured with bright flowers over a white satin pettcoat.
Her husband. General Harry lleth, represented hit
Bicester, Colonel Hetb. a distinguished Kugllsb officer
tud an aid to General Washington. He curried In his
pocket letters of regard and confidence from General
Washington (original), and on his watcn chain wore a
leal which the General wore and afterward presented to
Colonel Heth. General lleth,s uniform was copied
from n portrait ol his ancestor.
Lord Botetourt was represented by Colonel 1L B.
Berkley, a lineal descendant.
Geo%e Washington lias soil, of Hanover, a lineal defendant
of the General on both sides, appeared as
' Colonel" George Washington, and wore a sword bell
which formerly belonged to the Father of his Country.
Lady Fairfax was represented by a lady who had in
tcr pocket a love letter Irom General Washington,
rhom she refused to tnarry because lier father said
hat "Colonel Washington did not rido In his own
loach." The dress worn was over 100 years old.
Lady Spollswood and Mir Alexander Mpoltswood were
represented by -lineal descendants residents of this
tity. They wore dresses brought over by .tho first
lluguenot settlers from France.
Mrs. Washington represented Mrs. Colonel George
Washington, her ancestress, and wuru a dress the
txact copy of one worn by her. It consisted of a blue
rclvet dress, with a court tralu over a white satin petitoab
Miss Rebecca Brumell, Thomas Jefferson's Inamorata,
was represented by a young descendant, who wore the
weddiug dress of Mrs. Chief Justice Marshall.
Colonel G. W. Iiusactt, who represented "Colonel"
George Washington, has In his possession George
Washington's family table and other family relics.
The tollowing lineal descendants represented distinguished
Mi?s l.loyd as Mrs. Thomas Lee of Stratford.
Miss Brooke as Mrs. Robert Carter Nicholas, all In
tolonial costumes.
Mias-Kinmu Cbamberlayne at Mrs. Nellie Conway
Madn-on, the mother of I'rcstdent Madison, and the
(real great-great-auul of her representative on this
Mr*. Rnndolph?Harksilale as IJ??ly Peyton.
Mrs. 1) re wry as Mrs. Colonel By rd, of Westover.
Miss Doulhat a* Lady Dooch, uilired In original costume.
Miss Sallle Aylott as her grandmother, the daughter
of Patrick Henry.
Mrs. Dr. C. 11. Smith as Mrs. Campbell, a colonial
belle, who was kept a prisoner hy the Indians lur
four year*.
Robert Taylor, as bU great grandfather, Patrick
James Mason Jamleson, of Halllmore, as his great
ancle, George Mason, of iho Revolution.
Philip Korborno Nicholas, of Doners, N. V., as Botarter
Kibelbert Fairfax as Lord Falrfhx, of Qreeuway, his
gresl greut-uncle.
Kndcrs Robinson as his great great-grandfatber,
Speaker ol the House of llurgesscs st the time of Lord
Bollelonol's administration.
Captain ttamuel Maccutbin appeared in the rftbar
nniqu* costume of Chief of the Creek nation (Indian),
which It was thought was somewhat ante colonial
Where everything was so faultless and resplendant It
1* impossible to single out any special costumes,
but 1 will attempt to give some tduu of
what was worn on this lamous Centennial
* accaslou. Among the gentlemen, 1 would mention the
costume of Mr. H. It. lterkley, who assumed the character
of l.ord Botistourt, the Colonial Governor or Virginia
He wore a suit of blue, embroidered, and
trimmed with scarlet and silver.
Mr. K. Taylor appeared as Patrick Honry, the orator
f the Revolution, in a dress of dark green, which attracted
great attention.
Mr. K. D. Price was attired In a handsome octum#
of blue, of the time of Geo rue 111. Mr. L T. Moore
wore a lavender-colored suit, trunuied with cherry,
which was very handsome, and as he assumed the
character ol Charles II. was greatly observed and admired.
Mr J. B. Bland graced the floor in a gold embroidered,
wine-colored suit, which was very rich aud
Mr. Anderson woro a wine-colored Colonial suit of lbs
period ol tfuceu Anne.
Mr. M. Page had on a dress of blun satin of the style
ol George ill.
Mr. John Booker,though an elderly gentleman, looked
quite youthful In a handsome suit of the period of
George III.
Mr I. M. Banister wore a beautiful dress of black velvet
and gold of the period ol 1740.
Mr. U. T. Wickbam.a son of Goneral W. T. Wlckham,
looked exactly the cavalier of the lime of George 111.
In a handsome wine colored rourt tall.
C. R Men nun wore the Colonial court dress of Ueorge
Mr. T. N. I'nge creatod a sensation in a blue embroidered
dreaa, which wan said to bare been made for
the occasion of a court retoptlon during the reign of
ber present Majesty, yuren Victoria.
Judge K. C. Minor, wbo loat an arm In Ibe laat war,
wore lb. Colonial unitorm of a colonel, and looked
.very inch the gallant and brave soldier that be was
and la
Mr K. B. Washington was conspicuous la the red
inform ot a British utUcer.
Mr. Neilly'e costume ola Colonial browa court dress,
trimmed with gold, was very handsome.
* lir. Boss wan the picture ol dignity la a black valval
rourt mill ol 1T4U
Mr. Bird Warwick had on aa oiquistto green
niln court dross, embroidered with gold, ot the pened
ol lieorge 111.
Mr. J. N. banQister appeared la a blank velvet court
talk embroidered with gurfk
At hall* pa*t nine o'clock yesterday morning too
Advisory Council mot again at 1'lymooth church,
with Nelson Dlngley, Jr., cs-Uovcmor of Maine, ]
in tho chair. Tho regular order ol proceedings was
resumed, and the discussion of tho committee's report
on question No. 'J, as published In yesterday's
Bkralo, was continued. The question was I
read by Dr. Dean, and tho speeches were
rather u display of friendly difference* of opinion on unimportant
details than expressions of positive dissent {
from the position taken by the committee, and, in con- j
elusion, the report whs adopted unanimously, though <
there was, alter a .seeming pleasant agreement had been .
reached, a somewhat livated talk in relation to the posi- j
tlon taken by the committee in favor of the substitution
ol tbo "withdrawal of watch, care and fellowship" lor i
"dropping." In the later discussion the Dev. 11. M
Storm, President Porter, Dr. Dean. Dr. liacon. I'rosi'
dent Sturtovant and Dr. Parker particljutted, hut the
! tirst conclusion was adhered to
Tho Moderator thou aunounced that a committee of
nine members of tho Council hud been ap|Kilnted to
j liarmuiiue the reports ?t tho several committee*. and
' make a final rejiorl of the results of the Council's de
liberations, and tlio names were acceptable to the
Counoil. Among litem ure those of President i'orter, i
Kx-Uoveruor IMugley, ProlcHsor Palrcbild, Doctor Da- .
con nud l'roslilcnt Sturtevant.
Question No. It, us reported on bv the committee and ;
printed in the liutaLO, was then tukou up and the re
port considered. Then came a consideration of the
i other cases named in the other couuts In the ques- j
| lion, such as those who absented themselves like Til- (
ton, Mrs. MouHoti, Mrs. ltrudsbuw, Mr. Duncan, Mr. j
Dell, and others; what the proper course toward them j 1
should be? t I I
On this proposition there was considerable discus- I ,
siou, which was participated in hv Messrs. Sturtevant 1
llaion, Dean, Slorrs, Darker, Dorter, Abbott and
others. At length, however, a vote was reached, and j <
there were oulv eleven votes cast against the rule as- I ,
sumed and practiced thus (ar by Dlytnouth church, i
There was then read u communication Irotn Dlytnouth ! '
church, requesting that thero be given to Mr. Moulton i
an opportunity to present any new testimony he may j
Inive, whether verbal or docunfbtitary, anything which I
has not yet been made public; und the communication '
whs referred to the Business Committee. The Couuctl j i
then took a recess until two 1*. M. I
A ktkr.noon skhsiox.
Rev. Dr. Spauliltng on the report on the fourth j 1
question declared bitnsell strongly in lavor of Ply- <
mouth church's action, sud that, under the circum- ' ,
stances, no mutual council should lie called.
The communication of Mr. West vyas also considered ! '
and ruled out of order as not properly before the Coun- i
ctl for Its serious consideration. i .
Dr. Wolcott made a report in relation to question No. ,
5. censuring Mr. Van Colt. Tbc report on question I
No. 6 was then taken up. The committee hjv i
that Plymouth church has done all that was '
required, but seeing that tlio public and some j
oftbe churches seem to be not satisfied, the Coun- I
ctl should present twenty names und have a committee
ol three selected to urge upon Plymouth church to i
select live persons who shall try the case again.
President sturtevant said ihat he toil that Ply- I
mouth bad alreudy doue all that could be asked, and
i yol tbcre was no doubt that there was a widespread I
Iceltng that something had been left undone which j
; should buve been done. It wns twit that the committee I
should have examined Mr. Iiowcn and other witnesses I
who Iisd not been called, and also that lurtber otlorl j
should be made to set the question among those ol the :
j pust.
General Brinkcrhoff was opposed to any lurther in- j
vcHligaliou. Ue did not believe that any good could ,
j come of it A decision m lavor of Mr. Beccher j
i would, to be sure, be unsatisfactory to some, no odds
how thorough the investigation might bo.
Without coining to any definite conclusion, theCoun;
cil adjourned until half-past nine A. M. to day.
it is believed that the Council will not reach the end
I ol its work boforo Thursday night. .
[From tho Boston Journal, Feb. 21.]
As an impression exists In certain quarters that the i
action of tho churcn In Audover Seminary, embodied : ,
' iu the letter inviting Plymouth church to unite in <
j calling a council of investigation was hastily taken and
I not fairly representative ol the sentiments of tho (
i church, your readers will he interested in tho follow. '
log exact statement of the facts in the case:?
The church comprises twenty-eight resident male
members, woven of whom are professors in the seminary,
and also by vote acting pastors of tbe church.
Although the possibility of tbe action taken had been |
before the mind of some of tbese acting pastors for !
many days or even weeks before It was finally rc- |
solved upon, the first meotiug called expressly for con- j
sulfation on the subject was held ou Monday, the 7th I !
Inst., aud was attended by all tbe acting pastors ex- j
copi one. Five hours' discussion resulted iu the conviction?strong
on the part of live out of the six pres- j I
eat, the sixth hesitating?that it was their duty to | '
i bring the matter before the church. Accordingly the .
; next evening eight leading male meuibvrs of the ; '
! church wcro invited to meet the janitor* for prclimiu- | i
' nry conference on the subject. Ouly six of the pastors j
wore present; but the seventh sent a nolo expressing \ ,
himsell as so fur acquiescent as to refrain from opposi- j ,
been proseut at the preceding conference, road to the
meeting an elaborate argument against the measure
contemplated. Again lour hours aud a half were spent
I in discussing the subject, some of the lay members
opposing, some advocating, some hesitating. The
next day such theological students as are members of
the church had the mutter broached to them by three
ol the professional ucting pastors In a colloquial interview
occupying three hours. Alter the regular
I weekly church prayer meeting in the evening the sub1
Ject was formally brought before the church, every
rvsidout member having received previous notice that
It would lie introduced. After lurtber discussion, extending
through more than three hours, the question
whether the church would at onco proceed to invite
1'lyuiouth church to unite in convening the proposed
council wus put, nnd passed by a vole ot eighteen in
the affirmative to ouu in the negative Three members
present were undecided, cUietlv on account of doubt
rcspecuug the expediency of immediate actum. (If
, ttiu six absent male resident members, one?viz., ttie
protesting professional pastor above mentioned?was
heard from again In another extended written protest,
one (also ?n acting puslor) was non committal, ouu
was confined to his bed by Hovcru illness, u lourtb,
known to be In favor, was called out of town, and the
remaining two were understood to be opposed.
At an adjourned meeting 'held tlio next evening the
drall of u letter prepared by a duly appointed commitmillcc
was submitted, and. after discussion, adopted.
| At the opening of Ibis meeting oue ol the three members
who at the preceding meeting had been uude,
cided. requested that his voto might be recorded In Ibe l
alhrmalive, thus raiting the majority to nineteen j
' against one; wlnle ono ol the six residents absent from ,
; that meeltug, and reckoned above as opposed to the
measure, voted in favor of the letter.
I At n subsequent meeting certain alterations In the
letter wcro approved of aud a vote waa passed respect- j
! fng the mode in which ft should be signed and trans
Al each of these successive liu-ctlnys held after the j
I vote to lake acliou had been passed, recousideraliou
! would hare been lit order had any member loll disposed i
| lo uiove ik Mo lar from there being any sigu of such a I ,
disposition, one of the three at lint undecided cast his I
| vote tu favor of the movement, as has been said, while | 1
I another of the three accented au appointment upon the i
committee chosen lo prepare tho letter.
In a word, lltcu, the action of tho church wriva taken I
; at a meetiuj attended by more than Ihreo-lourtha of i
ail tho resident male member*, al tho close of diecua- i
| atous, occupying, In ail, more vliati lilleen hours?diacua
tions in which the uttnoat liberty of dissent was in- i
1 vited and eiercised, and by a vole which, in Its final
form, stood nineteen tn the affirmative, oue iu the ncg1
alive, two undecided Uf the uineleeu voting afllrma- I
lively all oicepl one aro graduates ol co|luge?, uud that
oue waa lor years a deacon in a neighboring church.
Kroin this detailed Inatory of the proceedings your i
readers can judge how little ground thcru ia lor critl|
clung the action as busty, irregular or uulairly representing
the optutou of the church.
On Monday noxt there will he an argument In the i i
1 Supreme Court, Kings county, before Judge Uykeman,
on the demurror entered in Hie suit brought by Francis
L?. Moullon against Key. Henry Ward Uaerher. The ;
plaiultU will be represented by tieucrnla Uutler and ' ,
l'ryor and cg-Juugo Morris. For Mr. ileecher, Messrs. '
; MM, Tracy and Shearman will argue toe case. | '
| IfeiSk the demurrer be overruled the case rati tic tried ; |
I Iu April, unless the defendant'* counsel should appeal '
j In the latter event the trial will be procraatiuated ull '
lalL '
: Yesterday the law Committee of the Kings County
I Board of Supervisors met at the llrooklyn Court House
I to consider the justice of the claim of the members of
the Tilton-Beccher Jury for extra compensation beyond
j the 92 per day ordinarily paid to Jurymen. They
1 served on that historic case for nearly six months, at
real loss to tnoir business liom unavoidable liccleet
tlirrrol, by reaeon of their dally attendance iu the'l'ily j
Court, atiu tboy claim thai an allowance <>i j., per u.ty
would not oTer-competieete tbem or over-tax ihe Klnga
county public. Their ooauael, Uvnrrtl II. ?' Tracy, J
reed to the committee mu opmtou written by Hon. Will- j
lam M. Kvarta, to which mat diailUKuieh'eti btrriklcr
l bold* that the act grautioit extra compenviilioa to
jurora ia valid under the conciliation, and the TiltouHrocher
Jurora have a right to demand rompenaniion
' which the act provide* tlenoral Trary iniwereil a
aeriaa of question* on the auojert put to bint by tbo
Law Coinmilter, and advocated that herea/ler detinue !
provision ougDl IO l>r naiir l?r an joroni won ?rr av*
ininvti t.ryoB'l thirty days. Tlis comniiitss will, it is
bslisved. rtvouitusud Uis payment wi lbs uira ?ou
The Congressional Pacific Mail scandal, which at one 1
lime caused no little uneasiness in lh? halls of national 1
legislation in Washington, and which at the game time 1
was the origin of Hill King's uncontrollable desire to 1
lind a $10,000 bill in Canada, is again before the public,
invested with now lite und energy, and bidding lair
in the language of tho stage to have a long run. The
prime mover in the revivification ot this remarkable
case Is Mr. Kufus Hutch, who seeks this tune not Con
grvssiouai com mi lives Out a court or law wucrem to
develop the scleuco of tbo loldiy as alleged to Lave
boon practised ill Washington lu behalf of the Pacific
Mail subsidy. The Immediate object of Mr. Hatch's
wrath is the former i-nn PrauciBco agent ol the company,
Uichard U. Irwin, who wua arrested yesterday
U|K>n a warrant issued by Justice llixby, based upon an
allidavit by Mr. Hatch, charging him with the ernbez- i
clement of large sums of uiouuy. i
The readers of the Hkbxld will remember that Irwin
was summoned before a Congressional committee of
investigation during tho month of December, 1874, '
when ho testified to having received from tho President
of the 1'aciflc Mail Conipunv tho aggregate
sum of $750,000, which was to be expended
In procuring tho renewal of the gov- 1
eminent subsidy to the line. In the course of '
that investigation the names of certain members of 1
Congress, lobbyists and others were mentioned, and 1
they were believed to have received money to influence *
, - nool in Iho r.llnrl In urn tl.n anl.niHv Tl.n
money was drawn by Irwin lu checks, deposited in
various banks and subsequently paid out as occasion 1
,-ullcd for it. Thero were six checks drawn, ono for 1
;ho suu of $000,(XX), the other flvo being for $20,000 e
snch. At first they were made payable to A. B. Stockwell,
who was then President of the company, and doirered
to Vico President Bellows, who took them to
ilio 1 resident's room. In a lew mlnntes he returned
tud Informed tho Secretary, Mr. Johnson, C
lhat they wero to bo drawn to the f
arder of Irwin. This was accordingly done and the
original checks destroyed. Tho new check* were sub- "
sequontly paid to Irwin on his indorsement. Mr. 1
Johnson tcstitied that ho bad no knowledge of the 1
transactions Involving these amounts, and lhat there 1
were no outries in the hooks that any part of the x
$750,000 was returned. On tho 21st of February, 1872,
the Board of Directors ratified the resolution Issued at 1
n previous meeting, authorizing the President, in his I '
discretion, "to employ counsel and incur such other ' S
expenses as may ho necessary in connection with 1
measures for an uddllional subsidy now ponding before t
Congress." After this the money passed into Irwin's
bauds. 1
Tho recent examination of W. S. King, who was c
Postmaster of Congress ut tne time tho monev was
paid out or used by Jrwlu, gave additional llgbl on tbe f
mystery attending tbe disposition of the "Subsidy
Fuud," and it is believed that tbe arrest of Irwin oil J
Kulus Hatch's complaiut grew out of lliese develop- x
inoiiis. 1 fiis latest phase of the case will undoubtedly
lead to important results, ua It will give L
opportunity lor the Introduction of considerable I
new evidence, as it is a criminal prosecution. Whether c
tho revelations will eilect men hitherto unsuspected,
or whether the "subsidy money" will be
traced through the hands it passed can only lie dc- *
termined by the examination which begins on Thurs- )
day. At all events tho arrest or Irwiu culls new attention
to the old Pacific Mail scandal and will render It ''
Hie absorbing topic in Wall streol during the uoxt lew *
days. j
tltls warrant
was Issued on Monday afternoon and plneed In tho *
hands of Iielectivo Kldcr of the Central Office. Alter
some little diibcully tho detective succeeded in 4
learning tbe stopping place of Mr. Irwin, who only recently
returned from Europe. It was In an uptown n
r iftli avenue mansion. Yesterday tho officer, armed v
with the warrant, proceeded to the place. c
As he neared the house be saw the obiect
of his search coming down the stairs, accompanied V
liy an elderly gentleman. Approaching Mr. Irwin tho V
detective called him aside and exhibited his warrant
iif wldch tiio lollowiug Is a copy:
State u/ .Viw lorA, City and Otmtt of Kit York, ^
In any constable or policeman nt the city of New York
Peeling.?Whsrea* complaiut ou oath lias been made before
tlie undersigned, oueoftbe police Justices for preserving
the peace in the said city, by ltnfus Hatch, of .No \
!, 1 "k, avenue, tbat. on or ebont the 1st day of i,
Y*T' W7-. at the city of New York, iu tho county oi New 11
lurk, Kk hard H. Irwin, b? bdinir t clvrk atrout or sorvHnt
ol the Pacific Mail Steamship Company, did feloniously cm
betels and couvt-u to hie own ue?, good and lawlnl I
money the property of said company, to the 1
amount ol $7.ej,i*?> and other large rum. ..id
Irwin at the time he received said money '
being a clerk, agent, or servant of aald company and which
lie received by virtue of Ida employment at auch agent
clerk or servant. * j
U berelore the taid complainant has praved that the laid
deleiidaut may be apprehended and bound to answer the I
laid complaint. [ .
These are, therefore, in the name of the people of the ' !
state of .New York to command you, the aaid constable or I 1
l-olleeiuuii and every of you. to apprehend the body of the I,
laid defendant and forthwith bring Idm before me at the '
hirst District Police Court, in said city, to auawer the said I a
;hnrgc and to be dealt with an the law directs
Given under my hand and seal this -.'let dav of Fcbruarv d
a the year of our Lord IHTtS. B. H. 1I1XUY, Police Justice.
;ook his arrest lu the coolest manner possible, merely !
-cmarkiog that he hoped it was not too lato in tho day '
o be taken to court, so that be might give hail, j *
rwiu's companion, who proved to be his v
uther-in-luw, wua then acquainted with tho '
utle cpleodo. Alter consultation Irwin suggestod ! ''
hat they adjourn to tho Kiftn Avenue r
Hotel, whence they could telegraph dowutown to ascer- ' t
aln 'f the court was still lu session. This programme
wus carried out, but the answer came hack that tho c
.ourt had adjourned. Tho party then took a carriage d
md drove to tho residence of Police Justice llixby r
i ho Judge was found at homo, aud In auswer
o Mr. Irwin's interrogatory as to what ; 0
jail was required, said that bonds to t
:he umount ol $00,000 were necessary. Tho prisoner I t
hereupon sent word of his nrresl to'his friends nod
within a short time several urrived. Mr. Hubert (J. s
Hun, ol the firm of Dun, Harlow Ac Co., wus accepted '
es his bondsman to the amount ol $50,000, the Justice i j,
setting down the cxamiuaiiou for Thursday alternoon
next at four o'clock. The necessary pu|>ers having 11
been duly signed, tho prisoner was released iroiu ! d
sustody. He subsequently retained ox-Judgo Fullerton
u his couuscl.
Mrs. Henrietta Wilson, wife of Mr. W. G. Wilaon, of i *
S'o. 28 Kast Forty-eighth street. New York, died sud- I 1
letdy yesterday at the residence of Mr. John Boylan, I c
in High street, Newark. Sho was a sister in-law of I J
Judge Henry A. Uildersleeve, and went to Newark with | a
lilin to listen to his lecture at Association Hall the pre- J
nous evening. During Monday evening she was seized J
with a congestive chill und partially recovered, but I
hud a relapse during the night and died at hail-past s
oven o'clock in the morning. I
honor a hi.e herbert sell.
A despatch from Halifax, Dominion of Canada, under j
date of 22d lust., rejiorts the occurrence ol the death of 1 <j
the Honorable Hcrocrt Hell, President of the Princo I t
Edward's Island Legislative Council : >
? I
m. A. r. biroT, french pl'uluner. *
X cable telegram from Paris under date of 22d Inst,
report* the death of Ambroise Firtniu Dldol, the well
known pullisher. He belonged to tbe fa
mous family or French printers, which came !
rrom Ambroise I ran con DidoL who uied *
the 10th o. July, ISOt.Ambroisc and his son and other t
member* ol the family, including the goutleinan now ,
deceased, have done tho most eminent services in tho | '
way o! Improving priming aud the arts connected 1
Willi 11,
To the Editor or tus Herald:?
In last Sunday's issue of your luminous paper I no- I
Ucod an article headed "The Heroic Clergyman," ' 1
whose aims appears as the Dev. Thomas N, Adams, of ,
St. Vincent de Paul's church, Brooklyn, K. D. From I
what is related of hlni I should fully coucur in saying '
lhat he well deserves the title heroic to be attached to i
tits name. To save tho life of a fellow being Irotn tbe '
pitiless waves, and that, too, at the serious hazard of ,
losing his own, deserves no small amount of praise. '
He did it, it is true, as an act of love, but not that love ] '
winch is begotten ol earth, but that love which Is inllilled
in the hearts of the pure as the dew ol heuveu, '
oMU aclion p??t? only iiiio j
I rue record I* kepi of every noble action, such only, I
nra sure, wnx the motive of the good priest tu anatch- :
iiij Irooi tbe awful deep, anil a uoye awful future, I ho
poor lady who sought to put a hand In her own ?le.
atructlou by jumping into the hast Hiver oil one of tht
terry boats on the 11th inal.
Hut a generoua public, which ii never, aa a rule, onmindiul
wl llioae who have deserved well ot their follow
men, will not, I am aurc, allow tha present occasion to
pass by without substantiating by acta, moro eloquent
Ihun words, it* appreciation ol tint brava and ucver-to- i
Pbo-lo^otten clergyman, who did not conaidcr lur a
mutuant bia station too exalted to imperil Ins Ilia la
save a laltow creature. Although a perfect stranger tl 1
the partlca I look upou tho act as oua ao deserving of
the public at large, that 1 enclose to you, Mr. Kditor, ,
the small sum ol fg ..0 to go toward raising a lund to
be presented lo the rovers no clergyman aa a token of
th? high appreciation which 1, aa one of tbe public,
have of lux noble action. Hoping that tbia small
tribute of mine will be followed by numeroua other*.
1 remain, Mr. Editor, your* rctpectfolly,
Itt North Ninth atreet, WiUiamaburg. J
Paxama, Feb. 12, 1871
Local polities are as yet without any dislurbtug features.
a new loax max.
Colonel G. 11. Totton is now en route to Bogota to
perfect the loan ot $3,000,000, which the Panama Railroad
Company is willing to raise in England lor tbo
Colombian government on the security of the $230,000
aunual subsidy, payable by the company U> the government.
Tho threatened war, which would havo embroiled at
least four of the Central American Stales, has been
averted. On the 23d ot January a mutual disarmament
was agreed on botween Guatemala una Salvador,
which, If faithfully fulfilled, will be a great relief financially,
agriculturally and humanely to ull these States.
The proceedings of tbo Diet ol Confederation are not
yet mode public.
The coffee crop of Guatemala promises to bo largo; '
that of Costa Rica will probably be under the usual
The attempted revolution in I'uno waj radically extinguished.
Perola has not yet put In an appearance from Chill.
Tho flnancial situation has not improved. Don Joed
le la ltlva Aguera passed through this isthmus on the
ith inst. to replace Dr. Peuro Galvex, the Plenlpolen- j
,iary of Peace to Englaud and France, who has been ]
-equcstoa to resign, llr. Aguero's mission is chiefly to I
enow and complete negotiations (or the Peruvian loan. j
The transfer ot the nitrate establishments from private
bands to the government is being oiTeclod, and it
s hoped that this measuro will help the revenue of the
The Carson City (Nevada) Appeal does not see why ^
lonkliug would not be a good Presidential candidate?
or the republican party.
Congressman llicster Clymer, of Pennsylvania, in a 1
peecti at Reading, on the 112th, expressed the opinion '
hat before the expiration of ten days tho democratic
numbers of Congress will come to u substantial agree- i
nenl on the flnancial question. This will be a good
ray of celebrating Washington's Uirthday.
Tho Horrisburg Patriot (dcrn.) states that "the repub I
leans of Montgomery county have lired tho lirst gun
or President by instructing thoir delegates to the
itato Convention to support Governor Uartranfl as
'ennsylvanla'g choice for that high ofllco. As Mont- i
;omery county is the home of His Excellonoy it will
tot do to treat this aciion as a mere empty compliment
in the part of his neighbors."
The Indianapolis Sua (greenback dem.) says that
Sovcrnor Hendricks is straining every nerve to securo
udge Downey tbe democratic nomination for Goverlor
and that tho Judge is a bard money man. Why 1
lot ? asks the Evunsville Journal (rep.) he had Mc- i
lonald elected to the United Slates Senate, and where
ouid a harder money man be found? 1
Colouol A. J. Kellar, of Memphis, described as a J
rido awako newspaper man, has Just returned from
t'ashingien, and is of opinion that Washburne, tho ,
ircsent Minister to Eruuoe, is tho coming man lor
'resident on the republican ticket The Kvausvilie i
Iinu, I tl.lnlri: Ih.r. will I... ? nnnit U'r.ri. I
uesses than Colonel Kcllar's.
Tbo Evansville (lnd.) Journal (rep.) avers that
'Washburne has not bocn identified with any of the
uistakes ot Grant's administration, or or the party
rith which he has always bocn identified, and this will j
ount strong in a close canvass. In taking a prophetic
lew of tho political situation it will not do to Jeavo
Vasbhurne out."
It Is staled that Boss Shepherd, of Washington, puts
inkling, Blaine and Morton forward as tho Prcsldenlal
candidates who have the best chauce.
The Congressional contest in the Third district, West
'lrginia, between Messrs. Hereford, Walker and Kenna
I opon'ng lively.
It is remarked as somewhat singular that not a relubllcan
paper has thus far nominated Brislow lor the
'residency. The Worcester Spy is at least one excepton.
There are forty-seven lodges of tho "A. O. D. W." In
own. What's its other name?
A correspondent of the Lewisburg (Pa.) Chronicle
rep.) romurks that "Pennsylvania's own James G
llaine can bo forgiven for moving eastward to satisfy
its wifo's longing for her native home, and would make |
good Vico President, with a ch&nce for President in j
ue time."
As a matter of contrasts, the following, from the ,
igdensburg Journal (rep.), is rather suggestive:?
Brislow iias no difficulty whatever, aided by republi- <
an officials, in punishing the members of the gigantic
t'litskcy King. Barlow and Phelps had no ditllculty in 1 !
flushing the members of the Tammany King. A
rpublicun Legislature had no difficulty in iin|>euch!ng
he old Tammany judges; but when tho great dcnioratic
reformer, Governor Tilden, takes the field to
estroy the canal thieves no ono gets hurt. No wealthy
ascal is deprived of his liberty and no one loses his
stato. As a reformer Tilden is likely to be a greater
error to tho taxpayers, who must pay bis expenses,
ban to the cnnal thieves, who ore left in uuict bos
cesion of iheir plunder." j 1
The Cincinnati Commercial (lnd.) says that "Blaine ;
as knocked down tho democratic cob house, but has
iot creeled a republican temple." But how about the ! j
cuiocrallc White House?
At the annual meeting of the Delaware, Lackawanna ! i
nd Western Kailroad Company held in this city to-day j !
he following ufllccrs were unanimously clocted for tho I
usuiug year:?President, bainuel Sloan; Secretary, j
ludrew J. Odcll; Treasurer, Kred 11. Gibbons; Man- I j
igers, William K. Dodge, Moses Taylor, Goorge Buckly, | 1
ohu 1. Ulair, ltulus 11. Graves, Siiuon R Chittenden, I
ohu Bnsbio, George Bliss, Percy R l'yue, William
Valter l'helus. James Blair, Wilson G. Hunt, M. Mosey
and A. L Dennis.
1 i
On Monday evening tho I'aterson (X. J.) Board of AlIcrnien
presented charges against Tax Commissioner 1
'houiss Bromley for iiialfcusauce In otlico. The cuso ,
nil be tried by the Aldermen on tho 3d of March,
iroiuloy's alleged oileuces aro similar to those lor ,
shich Commissioner Uaud was convictod.
The Lalance & Grogjcau Manufacturing Company are
ilready making preparations tor rebuilding thoir inanifactory
at Woodhaven, a force or men having been.
>ul to work to clear uway the ruins of the burned build- I
Mrs. Thomas Vassa, of Jamaica, was engagod in wash- i
ng on Monday, and her little boy, about two years old,
?as playing uboul the kitchen, bhe lifted a boiler of
icalding water Irom the stove, turned it iuto a tub I
Handing upon the floor, and wliilo she was pulling the '
joiler away the boy leil into the tub bead tirst. Ho
aas so badly scalded that he can hardly recover.
There is a movement in Huntington to have the oysler
grounds in (he bay mnpped out and leased to par- <
lies willing to pay a fair leniaL it is understood that
the planters themselves desire this.
Justice Benjamin Dorcnius on Monday night rescued
[rum au unknown nuyi, about two iniic* from t'uterson,
S. J., a little boy nine ycara old, who was being loreltily
carried oil iu a wagon against his will. Thj kidnapper
camped The liltlo boy, whose name wua Johnny
Hudson, son ol William I'. Hudson, of Mill itreet,
I'atcrsou, said the man told lilm he wanted bun logo !
to work on a farm. Wlion the lad rcluaed and tried 10
p'toulol the wagon I he man only droro the tnaier.
Hie hoy was enticed into the wagou by being asked if
lie did not wuut a rule. Itut lor hia crying ao hard aa
to attract Mr. Dorcnuia' attention the buy would no
loubt have been carried olf.
Alter numerous unsuccessful attempts for release on
writ* ol halmas corpus and by similar legal delays, ex
rax Commissioner James Hand, of I'storson, N. J., who
was arrested a wsek ago in Richmond, Vs., was yestorlay
morning salely lodged in tbo l'aterson Jail. Hand,
it will be remembered, ran away to eeado seotence ou
t conviction for malfeasance In office. There was great
ticllement upon his arrlTal, and hundreds of the I est
citizens in the place called to see hiui. few men have
been more popular la fatsreon, and be is generally ;
looked npeu aa a sosrsenst tor store Oncrwat eriaumtis [
No on* would Ilk* to see him tent to th* But* Prison,
ami yet It 1* believed Judge Dixon will 10 sentence him
next Saturday. A great effort will be made to havo his
sentence mitigated.
Strnmarr. j Sail*. | Ofitem.
oava I Feb. 22. I Liverpool.. 14 Bowline <J recti
Slate of Indiana... | Feb. 24. iciiuRow ... I72 Kroadway
Ilorder Feb. 24.1 Hamburg.. |t?l Broadway
Kn eland Feb. 20. Liverpool.. 01' Hroadwav
Finland Feb. 20. Rotterdam. SO Broadway
City ol Klclintuod Feb. 20. Ltvrrpool .. IS Broadway
Baltic Feb. 20. Liverpool.. 27 Broadway
Kthiopia Fob. 20. (jlaapyw... 7 Bowling t.reea
Sailer Feb. 20. Bremen ... 2 Bowling lircen
Idaho Feb. 20. Liverpool . 20 Broadway
ltueaia M elt 1. Liverpool . 4 Oowliu2 lireeu
Mtrvia Mc'li 2. Hamburg.. 01 Broadway
City of New York.. Mc'U 4. Liverpool.. IS Broadway
Republic M'cii 4. IJvrrpooi . 27 Broadway
Victoria M'eh 4. tilaaRow... 7 Bowllpg (jreea
I.al'ayvtte. M'ch 4. Havre...... 55 Broadway
Hermann M'ch 4. Bremen ... 2 Bowline lireen
Hreoco M'ch 4 Broadway.
Spain M'ch 4. Liverpool.. CO Broadway
Nevada ... Mc'h 7. Liverpool . 20 Broadway
Cliiuu M'ch B. Liverpool.. 4 Bowline t.reen
State nl I'eutieyia. M'ch 0. (ilavgow.... 72 Hroedwey
Ucllert Mc'h 0. Hamburg.. 01 Broadway
Cerioaiiic M'ch 11. Liverpool.. 27 Broadway
t'itvot Brooklyn.. M'ch 11. Liverpool. 15 Broadway
l'-KJ'Pt M'ch 11. Liverpool. riM Broadway
Bolivia M'ch 11 tilaxgow... 7 Bowling Ureen
vr..l, II Mru.i.n > Howlli... tlrean
Dakota M'ch 14. |Liverpool.. 39 Broadway
i'artbla M'ch 15 i.ivarpoul. 4 UuwIIdk llrMi
W a Scbolteu Mc'h 1(1 floiturduni V> Kruudwiy
Klopatock M'ch Hi Hamburg.. til Broadway
City of Montreal . Mc'h 1H Liverpool., lb Broadway
Celtic M'ch 18 Liverpool.. 37 Broadway
Pereire .M'ch ifi iHavre >5 Broadway
Klyvia M'ch 18 Glasgow... 7 Bowling Green
America M'ch 18 Bremen.... 2 Bowling Ureas
Wisconsin M'cli 31 Liverpool.. 39 Broadway
Stale of.Virginia.. M'ch 23 Glasgow. . 73 Broadway
Adriatic m'ch 35. Liverpool.. 37 Broadway
City of Paris m'ch 36. Liverpool.. 15 Broadway
*?-notice to captains or vessels entering
111K PORT or NEW YOKE at NKSI1T.?'The Niv Yom
IIkkai.d baa adopted a distinguishing Coston night signal for
lire on board the IIirald atoum yacht, showing while burning
the colon red, green, red. changing from one to the other
in luccciaion, and can be aeen several miles distant. Captains
of vessels, upon seeing this signal, will oblige ns by
preparing any marina news they may hare Cor the Ship
News Department of tha Ukbald.
Arf-Persons desirous of communieatlnc with vessels arriving
at New York can do so bv addrossing to sueb vessels,
rare of hkrald news yacht, pier No 1 East River, New Yerk.
Letters received from all parts of Uta world aud promptly delivered.
Duplicates ore required.
rcx Alto moon, | man watbb.
Sun rises 0 43 j Gov. Island eve 7 37
Sun sets 6 45 j Sandy Hook eve 0 52
Moon rises morn 6 Ob | HcllUate eve 9 22
PORT OF NEW YORK, FEB. 22, 1876.
xbpobtxd bt hi* ukrai.d 8tkam yacitts amd hsrald
whitistonk tklkubai'b use.
Steamer Idaho (Br). Guard, Liverpool Peb tf, with mdse
and 41 uassentrers to Williams \ Uuion.
Steamer San Jacinto, liuiurn. Saruunuu Fab 19; with
mdse and passengers to W K Garrison.
Steamer City of Atlanta, Woodliull, Charleaton Feb 20,
with mdse and uwwniten to J W Uuintard A Co. Feb 21,
tf AM. 2.~> utiles StV of Cape Lookout, named ateainer Knickerbocker.
hence for New Orleans; 3 I'M, llatteraa light
bearing W6W, exchanged signal* with steamer Broshour, do
Ibr do.
Brig Lewis Clark (of Bangor), Snfltb, Morant Bay. Ja, 18
days, with pimento to O Bussct; vessel to II W Loud <k Co.
Schr Northern llouie (of Canning. N8). Van Norden. Mararaibo
18 days, with coffee to Schuillinsxy A Co; vessel to
Peniston A Co.
Schr Mary Nowell (of Philadelphia). Davidson. Clenfuegos
Id days, with sugar to Tucker A Lightbotirne.
ScorJ G Drew (of Belfast, Me). Bartlett, Jacksonville 9
dars' with lumber to Drew A Buckie; vessel to master.
Schr Ulrica it Smith, Llbbey, Jacksonville b days, with
Inmner to order.
Schr Jamostown, Dyer, Richmond, Va.
Steamer City of Fitchburg, Springer, New Bedford for New
Steamer Albatross. Davis, Fall River for New York.
Steamer Ualatea. Walueu, Providence lor New York.
Schr Kmtna (Br), Crosby, St Johu, NB, for New York.
Schr Martha Innis, Newcomb, Bath for New York.
Schr Louisa A Johnson, Maiden, Portland, Me, for Near
Schr ('has M Rogers. Mayo, Providence for New York.
Schr Rhode Islnud, Beckett. Sag llarbor lor New York.
Schr J J Llndsley, Rockland lor New York.
Schr G L Dalioll, Suckctt, Nantucket tor New York.
Sclir Ceres. Kelly, Newport lor New York.
Schr J 1. Leach, Leach, New Haven for Georgetown, DC.
Schr Hill Stowe, Man son, Bath for New York.
Sclir A G Paige, llealcy, Bath lor New York.
Sclir Smith O'Brien, Kelly, New Haven fur New York.
Schr Rrasos, Tryon, Somerset lor New York*
Schr C B Jones, Snow, Kocklaud for New York.
Schr Hero, Baker. Salem for New York.
Schr J N Ayres, Provost, Btamford for New York.
Steamer Olaacns. Bearse, New Y'ork for Boston.
Steamer 1'iUie. La Inc. New York fur New London.
Steamer Glanetts, Bearse. Boston?li F Dimoek
Steamers Wyoming (Br), ilor Liverpool; Ashland, Savan.
oah; W I'Clyde. Philadelphia; Wyuuoke, Richmond, Ac;
barks Liuelie (Ger), Hreuieu'. Kveulug Star (Br), Anler;
Ainelie (Fr). Mumeilles; Kcstral (Bri, RloJaneiro; Vetrran,
Genoa; brigs Mary liurtiett, Saaua la Graude; Annie
Vail, Genoa; Kaluna, Mntansas; sclir* Geo Walker, do;
Frank Alwood. Uaracoa; Agnes Barton, Baltimore; John I)
Williams, ??.
Wind at midnight, SSW.
Barometer ut snuset. 30.
Purser llenry Reyes, ol utesmer Alps, from Asplnwali,
will tdeitte accept our thanks for favors.
ouir Atlaxtic (Br), Mellin, from l-obos for Europe, went
sshoru to the southwest of Lotion Islaud on the 17th ult,
sud would piobahly be a total wreck
Bark Colomo, Howes, from Liverpool for San Francisco,
put Into Caltuo Jan 23 In charge of the second mete, and reports
(hut 15 days before arrival the captain suddenly attacked
ilie first mate and fired two shots at him, wounding
liirn twice in the head, lip to that time they had heeu on
most friendly terms, and the occurrence led to a consultation
being held by the serond and third mates and tbe boatswain.
They determined to conHue the captain to bis cabin
and make for Callao. A medical examination beld on the
L-apiaiu has proved that lie le insane. He will accordingly
be ssnl to tbe United States. The first mate ii rapidly recovering
from his wound*.
Bauk Pathos, Nichols, from llnll for Valparaiso, has been
burned at sea; crew saved. The uews was telegraphed to
this city trou Valparaiso; no further particulars. Tlio P was
738 tous register, was built at Bncksport, Me, in U? >9, end
helled from Newburyport.
Buia Ellk.m P Stkwaut, Miller, at Philadelphia 22d from
Sagua, had lower topsail torn to pieces during the 8SW
gale on the 15th inst, while lying at the Breakwater. The
Uiistoin House odiciels seised from tbe brig 218 cigars. 78
papers of cigarettes and 3 bottles of gin. Part of the goods
belonged to Uapt Miller and part to the steward of the vessel.
Brim Anna Lrois.e. from Parker's Head for Philadelphia,
which put into Portland alter being ashore, having finished
renulrs proceeded 22d inst.
.Schr Cavoht. froui Itockport, bound south, pat into Partland
22d leaking, and has gone into drydoek.
&tiik A in* 11 Brown. Bradley, arrived at New Haven
Feb 21 from Bridgeport, with lose of mainmast, mainsail and
sll attached.
Sen it DaNikl Coasrock, furmerly of Now Loudon, was re*
csntly sold at Key West for Sfi'J.tMXX
Sciih OuAkLOTTR, which was cast ashore on the beach
near New Inlet in the early part of thii month, has been
Uonled nud taken to smithville, NC.
Scuu Island Hkllk, which was ashore at Harwich port.
Mass, arrived in tow ut New Bedford 21st,
Sena Horatio Bassos, before reported sa?k off Cape Cod,
Went to pieces 21>t. She wes Insured In Provlucetown.
(Juck I'AfSAUk?Schr Bill Stowe, Mans on. sailed from
Ro.tuii Feb lb, at two I'M. lor Balli, where site loaded 7UU
loin of ice, cud arrived at 'Now York Feb 22, at tour I'M,
making the round trip in 8 days end J hours.
Bai.timokk. Feb 21?Measr* Gayer A Wllkins, agents nf
the ship Haltlmorn, yesterday entered a report ol the collision
between ibis vessel and the steamer Geo Appold at the
Custom House, es'.liuatiug the damage aone to the ship at
ts'i.issi. It w ill take about three weeks to tiuisb repairs A
report was also entered voiieeruing the sinking of the selir
Geo Henri kv the Annold. with damages ulaced at ill issi
The schooner will be raised In a few da>s.
Honolulu, Feb 4?The teenier City of San Francisco,
from >an Francisco, wan aground on e reel off Knndavu Cor
ix hours on her passage down, hut suflorcd 110 damage.
Ship Marianne Xottcbohm, of New York, hen fluished reloading
cargo, and is in the stream waiting for a crew. This
hip'* hills lor repairs and supplies foot up over fl.'i.dlO, hot
lie leave* this port in aa good repair and as staunch and
serviceable a? a new ship.
Siurm-ti niM;?8 II Fcsaonden. of Boston, and other par
ties in 11. \Vareharu aim on the Cape, have contracted with
Hubert ? rosby and others, ??| hast Boston, to build a 3ni?i?tvd
irho >nor ol about TUB tons rapacity, to be corntnitii.led
by 1'aot J K llathaway, of Wareham, receutly of
schr Alice Bell, She is to oe ready lor sea about tho 4th of
J une.
Ucxcukp-AI Newburyport 22d lust, bark Obed Baxter,
WUU tons. Iroui the yard ot Geo h Currier, She will bo towod
to Boston, where alio will be riggvd and kited for sea.
Obed Baxter, alter whom she is named, is to oooimuna her.
Arrived at ft Helena Jan 16, bark Gea Soott, Bobbins, of
Nil, with JOB bbls sp.
Arrived at Honolulu Jan JO, bark Rainbow, Logan, of NR.
from u cruise (aud sailed again 2f?th>,
Arrived at Russell .lau 2. ship Calndrnla, Chase. NB, with
t' bbls ?p oil since leaving Kusaell (and sailed 7th to
cruise1 ; 7th ship Niger, llaliett, NB. with tMJ bbls sp oil
sinio May.
i?bii* Coral, Marvin. XB. arrived at Mongantil Jan 3. with
no oil since last report. Spoke the J as Arnold, Wilson, NB,
Dec 24, with notuing since leaving.
Ihe >ig?r spoke the Kadoga, l-ewls. NB, with 40Ubbls?p
oil. Sow I s?ui? U*y apok* at ? * tb? abip *uwn, wuuar.
Mi, with ISO bbU ap iiuo? June.
MarctianU, ablpplnf acanu and ihipmaatari w< tntormsd
tbai by taliKrapbiaf to tbo IImalo London Bvotu, addrottlaf
"Honnou. No Mi Ftoct ureal, Loudou." of to tbo
I'orli 0O00, addrowtac " ounatt, VI Avenue de I'Opera,
Porta," tbo arrival* at and departure* (roia Kurepeau and
lenient porta at lairiui and aU iertt?e veeeau tr adiac
with the Called State*. the um wtU be oebled te Uld
country Art* of charge.
Captains arriving at and ailing Irom French and M*dt?
terranean porta wlU Bad th* Tarlt offlea tat mora tconemleal
and expeditions ft>r talagraphing d?vt
Aamaaaa. r*b 21-AMvtd, bark Julia Fisher (Br),
Barlow, Savannah. . .
Antwbkp, K?b 21?Arrived. brig Abby CUBTord. Chat*.
Ba*not Ay rex.
BmaToi., Feb 21? Arrived, brig Sunny.lde (Br), Llndaay,
New York.
Kt *c*lona, Feb 14?Arrived, brig Segundo Romano (Sp),
Ceraaua. Cliarleaten; achr J Rimooaon, Crawford. Mobile.
Arrived 10th, brig J oven Mario (Spj, l?*ra, Cbarleatou.
Dual, Feb 21?Arrived, bark Mandal (Nor), Erickaeu, Fenaacola
for Bremen.
Kai.uoutu, Fab 22?Arrived, abip Antelope, Chauoy, Ban
CiaitxLTan, Feb 14?Arrived, brig Angel (Br), Plory. Bo?
ton; achr Mlnni* Kapplitr, Sleelman, Fbiladelpbla for Pa>
lermo, Ac.
lltruK. F*b 21?Arrived, bark Flaahllght (Br), Cards
New York.
Liverpool, Feb 22?Returned, tear W 11 Keener, Been,
tor Derotrara (see below).
Cleared Slat, abip Edgar (Br). Brown, United States.
London, Feb 21? Arrived, ship John Starr (Br), Ryfkogtg,
Calcutta; 22d, bark Uarlbaidi (Ital), Vigilant a, Phlledeli
Cleared 22d, bark Lyman ? Caun (Br), Coaman, United
. State*.
J.ivoorxb?Sailed, bark John Gibson (Br). Dodd. Bolton.
Moville, Feb 22?Arrived, etearaor Cireaailaa (Br),
6niltli, Portland Tor Liverpool (and proceeded),
Mksnix a?Arrived. bark (lUfton (Br), Snow. New Tork ell
Lisbon : brig Caaaiopeia (Br), Pettis, Cardiff. ,
Palermo?Sailed, barks Jobn 11 aminett (Ital), Philadek
pbia; Professor Schwelgaard (Nor), Clausen, do.
Qokenstown, Feb 22?Arrived, barka Mania Clchetd
(Ital), Cardlglia, Baltimoro ; Speranaa (Nor), Nielsen, do
Southampton, Feb 22-?Arrived, bark Hawthorn (Br),
Plnton. Fenaacola.
Also arrived 22d, steamer Donan (Ger), Buaalna, New Tork
for Bremen (and proceeded).
Shields, Feb 22?Sailed, bark Byron (Nor), Obristlanso^
Philadelphia (not sailed from the Tyne 13th).
Samtaxder. Feb id?Arrived, bark Panama (Bp), Dontb
nieh. Savannah (before reported without date).
Sailed from , bark Yalkyrla (Br), McQnarrie, United
Statea; Lnclle, dot
Liverpool. Feb 22?The American schr yr H Keeney,
Capt Boers, hence Feb 12 for Deraerara, baa returned to
port to reinforce her crew. A teaman was blown overboard.
The tnato attempted to rescue him, and both were drowned.
A ferryboat to-aay was blown against the Onion steamei
Montana, which was anchored In the Mersey. The ferry
boat was considerably damaged. The Montana was only
slightly Injured.
London,' Feb 22?The Washington, for United States, hag
! pot back to Nantes with damage.
The propellor Willdock, arrived at Havre from OctevlUe,
spoke Feb 15. In lat 47, Ion 21, the dismasted schr Adelia 9
Hills, from Pensacola for Liverpool (before reported). She
hod lost all her boats; was proceeding under Jory masta
Cai.lao, Jan 23-Arrived. bark Colomo, Howee, Liverpool
foi San Francisco (see Miscellany); 25th, ship B P Cheney,
Starkev, Itio Janeiro,
Sailed Jan 22. ships Reciprocity (Br), Jones. Pabellon;
bark Nellie Moody (Be). Care. Lohos.
| Halifax, Feb 22?Sailed, steamer Austrian (Brl, Ritchie,
; Li verpool.
Liverpool, Feb IB?Sailed, steamer Lake Champlaln
I (Brl, Bernsen. Baltimore.
... 1-1 v ..) o?ii..., r>u- ?r n,,?
(from New York), Sun Francisco via funtil Arenas.
Trinidad, Feb 5?In port brig Valencia, Richardson, for
New York 1Mb: scbrs St Croix. Leland, for Philadelphia la
3 or 4 days; John Johnson. Magee. for Boston about 12th;
Thot Clyde, Fisher, for do about lBth.
ALEXANDRIA, Feb 21?Arrived, steamer John Gibson*
New York.
BOSTON, Feb 22?Arrived, steamer Johns Hopkins. Hal.
lett, Baltimore; brig Forest Prince (Br), Carroll, Oien-O
fuegos; scbrs Kmina Green, Tibbetts. Jacksonville; Elisa
Ann, Mavo, Port Johnson.
BALTIMORE, Feb 22?Arrived, steamers Wm Lawrence,
Howes. Boston: Octorara, Reynolds, New York; schr Adrlanna,
Merrill, do.
Cleared?Steamer Wm Woodward, Young, New York; bark
Castelar (Nor), Lucid, Londonderry.
BATH, Feb IB? Arrived, achrs Lemuel Ilall, Tripp, Boston,
to load for New York; Richard Vanx, Boston, to load
for Philadelphia; Mary E Amsden, A J McKitchie, Boston,
und Douglas Haynes, Adams, Bootbbay, to load for New
2i>th?Arrived, sehr Stephen Morgan. Haines, Boston, te
load iee for New York.
Sailed?Scbrs Etta M Barter, Barter, Cardenas; BI8 >
Stowe, Tripp. New York.
BRISTOL. Feb 2CJ?Arrived, scbr Condova, Wilson, Ales
DAKIF.N, Ga, Feb 17?Arrived, brig Najadan (Ger), IIease
n. Santander.
Cleared 1 title, barks Grant (Nor). JiTorl nets, Btrrow: Va
nns (Nor). Hansen, Qnventtown; Nelson (Br), Dixon, Msre
port; 17th, The Qneen (Br), Melvln, Newaaatle; lath,
Achilles (Gen, Kliets. Cardiff
KDGARTOWN. Feb IB?Arrived end sailed, echr Amelia,
Lowe. Baltimore for Boston,
2liih?Arrived, scbr American Chief, Snow, New York for
FORTRESS MONROE. Feb 22?Passed In for Baltimore,
bark Industrie (Ger), llilkeu, Bremon; brig Ferm (An*),
from Pnndalk via Charleston.
Arrivod?Barks Atlas (Nor), setking; Zlo Lorsnso (ItaD,
from Now York, for Norfolk.
FALL RIVER. Feb 21?At anchor In the stream, schr Dl
Franklin, from Naw York for Dighton.
GALVESTON, Feb 21?Arrivod. scbrs Lnota Mnrehlaon,
Jones, New York; Emma L Cottingham, Steclman, Balti*
Cleared?Shin Lancaster, Leland, Liverpool.
JACKSONVILLE. Feb I7?Cleared, achrs Lacy May,
Freeman, Bermuda; llarry C Sbeppard, Sternan, Philadelphia;
Rosa Eppiuger. Bayles, Now York.
NEW ORLEANS, Fob 21?Arrived, brig Nancy (Br), McDonald,
Wilmington, NC.
Below 18m. barks CharWlte (Br), Wheatoa, Galwayf
Margaret (Brl, Barker, Havana, wtg orders.
NEWPORT. Feb 20. PM-Arrtvod schr Fleetwlag, Ken.
nistou, Rockland for New York (alter discharging part ol
Alto arrived, echr Herald of the Morning. McLean, Beaver
Harbor, SB, tor New York (and tailed) ; Maggie Bell, Hall,
Rockland for Richmond, Ya: Josiah Whitrhouae, Fan.um,
l'arkvr'i Head for Stnten Island; Addle Fuller. Henderson. ,
Bath for Wilmington. Del; Eunice Rich. Jenkins. Boston for
Virginia (put in lor modical advice for the mate and sailed
21st:) I C Curtis, Paine, Button Air Virginia (and tailed
21st). o^ ^^ v_w K
I SHIlfU?OUir AUCO owf?ulull, ^ow ??? ?wi *'?w
21st?Sailed (alter returning litth), schr Nowport, Miller,
Proviileuco for Newcastle, Del.
Also sailed, schrs Mary Millar, Dayton, and Mary Samla
Kowo, Providence lor New York: Etta K 8ylTester. Hop.
kins, Virginia lor New Ilnreu; Ceres, Alley, Somerset lol
New York: Sarah J Gurney, Gurney, and Allen Unrney,
Gurney, Providence for do.
NE\V LONDON. Feb -1? Arrived, selirs Bertha. Weehawi
ken; Kit Carson. Virginia; Emma. Portland for New York)
I A O Pease, 1'awlnvket Ibr do; E Shaw, Baltimore for Ab
j lyn's Point.
| NEW HAVEN, Feb 21?Arrived, echrt Signal. Satterly,
and John Brook*, Fox, Pavnnia.
Cleared?8clir A L Leech, Leech. New York.
PORT MADISON. Fro IS?Arrived. barks Northwest,
Faruhaoi. San Francisco; Vidette, Boyd, do.
PORT TOWNSEND, Feb 12?Arrived, ships Eldorado,
Harden, and Freeman Clara. Dwiglit, San Francisco; barks
Caroline Read, Seymour, do; Menshikoff, Smith, do; Camden.
Robinson. Honolulu.
PORT GAMBLE. Feb 13?Arrived, barks James Cheston,
Swanton, and David lloadley, Kohler, San Francisco.
PKNSACOLA. Feb 21?Arrived, bark Gallia (Nort, Haa.
sen. Cardenas; schr Carrie lleyer, Poland, Middletown, Ct,
Cleared?Bark Oscar (Nor), Norberg. NieawsDiep; schi
Martha. Newman, New Orleans.
Arrived llUb. bark Fanua (Nor). Elllngien. Martinique;
schr Marv Ellen, Jackson, Honacca Island i Honduras).
PHILADELPHIA. Feb 22-Arrlved. brig Oriana (Br).
Doano, Black Hirer, Ja; schrs Sillle B^Hateman, Trinidad]
Pint*. Dix. Arccibo. PR; A L Kutlor. Eaton, Matanr.es; I
L Rich artisan, Hart, do; Sarah Wood, Thompson, St Marya,
III; J B Atkinson, Endsor. Parker's Head, Me; Alfred Brabrook.
Jones, Hath; M T Bryoti, Thompson, Providence.
Also arrived, steamers Wyoming, Teal, Savannah; Vita
giuia, Living-ton, Charleston ; brigs Otacillus iBr), Towte,
Clanluegoi P.llen P Stewsri. Miller, Sairtia; echrt Wesley
Abbott, Milliken, Jacksonville; A B Goodman, Bacon, Nen
LkwkS, Del, Feb 22-Salled restcrday, PM. bark Cap*
(Br), Philadelphia. Arrived to-day, steamer Albemarle .1
New York Went to sea, steamer Lancaster.
PORTLAND. Feb IB?Arrived, scbr Nettle (Br), 8t A? k
draws, Nil, for Bovtou (not as before reported).
Abb?Arrived, schr Albert Clarence, Uawee. St George
Creek, Va. . , . , .
22d ?Cleared, steamer Reading. Philadelphia; tchr Pfl
Wlllard. do.
Also cleared, schr Gleaner, Philadelphia. i
Sailed?Schr Anna Lyona (from Parker a Head). Pldladeb
phpBOYIDENt)K. Feb 21?Arrlvea, steamer Catharins
Whiting, Harding, Philadelphia; achra Bep] S Wright, Cob
Una. Virginia; Emigrant. McCloskey. Belleville. NJ ; Han
c'orwiu New York vie Hridireport.
Sailed?Steamer! Berks. Pendleton. Philadelphia; John,
llonkin* llallett (rrom Baltimore via Nurlsilk). Bottaa;
schrs Robert I'eltls. Kohhlns, Virginia; Auu II Hickman,
Miaw, Philadelphia; Light or the East, Harper Orient. El,
to load for Port Hotal. SC or Savannah; Karl P Mason. J
Nlckersou Wrnal's Hole, to loud for Port Roval. f
! pan FRANCISCO, Feb 14?Arrived, ship Commodore, f
i Cat heart. Seattle: barka Alule, Gnslatsln. Departure Bay:
1 Oregon Edwards. Seabeck, 0 L Taylor, Bergman. Port
I Mlakcly; brig Jossphioe, Kuclbaum, Coos Bay.
gist?Arrived, sliip Cormorant (Kr), Colllster, Liverpool.
I Sailed?Ships Gov Morton, How I tod. New York; Trojan,
William-, Astoria and Liverpool.
I SEABECK. Feb ??Arrived, - bark Isaac Jeans, Boylla#
San Francisco.
SAVANNAH, Feb IS-Cleared, schrs Albert Thornag
' Rose, Heaiilort. to load for laltiruore (and sailed); Expreol
I Tllton, Ireland. Baltimore
hOMEILSKT, Feb lit?Arrived, sebr C L Loverlog, Lutbet
' Hoboken.
20th?Arrived, schr Wm N Gessner. Egbert, Hoboken.
Sailed?Schr Wm I'euii, Hart. Virginia.
VINEYAKK HAVEN. Feb 21?Arrived, schrs Venus, Mam
halinnrilte lor Boston ; T T Taster, Philadelphia tor d?|
Anna V Bergen, Port Johnson fur do; Dlone. New York to*
do: Mahaska, anil No Light Port Johnson lor Salem ; Resile
Morris, Samuel Fish, ,tud Sedvaa, llockport, Me, lor New
York: Mary W llupper. Ft i.eorge. Me, lor Fernaodina; L
blandish, Calais lor New York.
WILMINGTON, NC, Feb IB?Cleared, schr Emma O
Babcock, Habco-k, Pbiladelphia.
ship*, river and Sound Steamboats. Steam Toga. Steaic
Yachts Ac. Apply to FRED. C. bCHMIDT, No. I Soeth Wlf
Ham st.
VBsOLLTF. divorces obtained from diffkf
ent Stales, lor u'linen,,iscaa,#-. without publicity; I'
...I ... .1. ? I ?U.,C
Iff*. ' ' M. iiol'hl, Attorney. TtU Hr?iulw.ijr._j
Tl* i. rtnt-h yi(,| kl.tTir 0c>irr. n^* v<-rkir? ?r
everybody call and *. t bargain* W Vfm? *t
? Nf* I .irk. It delivering In aay pan uf tbe city bit
pvri. r i UAL at *. ..id S . .nj. Send v .ud Lul 1 lib at., S-f
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