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WestrOBT, Feb, 15, 1874
The Revolutionary assocyttions attaching to this
towu (which once was a part of historical Norwaiki,
impelled tho ladies here to manifest, In a
building, engine and valuable machinery
de8tkoted IN rBOVIDENCB?narrow B3care
Of other establishments.
Providexci, K. L, Feb. 25, 1878.
The main building of tbo Forking Horse Nail Company,
in this city, was entirely destroyed by fire this
morning. Both ends of the building wero on fire at
once. The alarm was instantly given and the fire department
was promptly on hand, bnt the building being
of wood, and the fiamcs having made such progress, it
was impossible to extinguish them. A two story brick
office, immediately adjoining, owned by A. & W.
Bprague, caught fire on the roof, but It was extinguished,
although some damnge was done, both by fire and
water. The building of the Perkins Nail Company was
of onestory. but thirty feet In height, and consisted of
two parts, one 120 by 40 feet and tho other 40 by 40
feet. It was used for tho manufacture of horse nails
and contained
a large KrXBBR of xach1xks,
an engine and a boiler. Us production was a ton of
nails per day. How the firo orlginatod Is not known.
The watchman In making his rounds had visited the
place uan >u uuur uuiurv mm saw uu signs 01 ure.
The firemen had a very difficult task, owing to tbo
extreme coldness of the weather, and their exertions
In saving the large iron works building across the street
are worthy of praise. In the mill, besides the patented ;
machinery, which cost some $60,000, there were forty
ton* ot finished nails and all oi the patterns of the
machines, together with a quantity of other goods. .
The machinery, and in fact everything in the mill, is a
total losa The only things iell standing were tho
chimney in the boiler room and the lar.o furnarea
Burned'timbers, pulleys, nia h.nes, Ac., lie plied in
one large heap, while around the devastated spot the
Streets are covered with ice.
rna loss.
Tho loss on the mill is estimated at $50,000.
It is insured for $2s,260. mo followstjneen
Insurance Company, London. $7,500; People's, Memphis.
tl.TSo; Franklin, Philadelphia, $2,500: Orient,
Hartford. $700; Uarilord. of Harttord, $7o0; Merchants'
Newark. $700; Roeer Williams. Providence,
.$700; Manhattan New York, $700; Equitable, Nasti tllo,
Tenn , $2,5ot>; Firemen's Fund, San Francisco,
$1,750, Lorilmrd, New Y<rk. $2,500, Williamsburg
City, llrooklyn, $2,500; Fairfield, South Norwalk,
$1,750; American Central, St. Ixiuis, $2.0r?0 The
building ol the Sprague Machine Company is damaged
to the exteni of about $*.w0. It Is insured for $5,1*10,
as follows ?Home Insurance Company. $.'l Odd, and
Trankllu Insurance Company, $2,000, both of Philadelphia
A large number ot workmen are thrown out of
employment in consequenco of the fire.
Unci, FeK 35,1S74
At halt past six o'clock this evening the Saxony
Knitting Mill, at Little Falls, operated by A. A C King,
took fire accidentally from a piece of cotton being Ignited
bj a gas jet. The night was very cold and high
winds prevailed. The third and fourth stories and the
rool' wore destroyed. The loss is about $25,000 and Is
fully covered by insurance. The building ?m o*b?1
by nt'atskill tlrni. A largo number of baud* will be
thrown out of employment,
At halfpasl one yesterday afternoon a Cro broke out
In the gob cellar of No. las Chamber* street, a three
story brick building, occupied by 8. G. Brown, dealer
In lamps; damage to stock, flO; to building, $60;
cause, defective flue. Kelly insured.
At two o'clock a Are occurred 1a tbe carpenter sbcp
of William Mclotyre, No. 1.10 Went tixtieib street;
, 4?m*ge 0100. ( auto unknown.
public demoastratlen, their patriotic views. n?ii
22 wti selected, and National Hall, at the Tillage I
centre, the place; but circumstauces over which they
had no control made a postponement to last evening.
At the same time they celebrated the anniversary
ot the "Father of his Country" they wished
to recall to thc.r visitors the occasion, one
hundred years ago, when the Hrltsh forces
landed at Cedar Point on their way to bum and
Back the towns of Paubury and Ridgcfictd. The tea
party they gavo last night, therefore, had special signiticancr.
The hall was so draped with flngB and otherwise
decorated as to cvry the mind hack to the period
which, 144 years ago, gavo to the world a Washington.
Fancy white Centennial caps, worn by those officiating
at the tables, served to transform very good looking
young ladies into elegant, matronly old ladies; very old I
music was sung by a choir clad in iho costume of "yo !
olden time." Among the ladles who wore noticeably
rich unccstral costumes were Miss Abbey Cleveland,
Mrs. A. W. ilurlbutt and Mrs. Charles H. Taylor.
The following relics were on exhibition during tho
A copy of the Now York Morning Prttt. 1783.
Pewter milk pan, made in England and brought to
this country in 1760.
Brass milk pan made In Englaud more than ono hundred
years ago.
Sword used by Rev. John Cleveland, chaplain of a
Massachusetts regiment under General Abercrumbie,
1758; at Ijcwisburg, 1760; again at Cambridge, 1776,
under General Washington.
Invitation to dine, in Washington's handwriting, as
"General Washington's compliments to the Rev. Mr.
Cleveland, requests the favor of his company at dinner
to-day, two o'clock.
"Friday morning. Sep. 22, 1776."
Old books as follows:?"Idylls of Theocritus,"
printed at Venice in 164d, seventy-seven years before
the lauding oi the Pilgrims.
"Devotional Work," by Thomas k Kcmpis, 321 years
"Itnpan on Gardens," 204 years old.
Gold mourning ring, date 1733, once belonged to
Mary Choate, an ancestor of Kulus Choate, and great,
great, great grandmother of Prolessor Cleveland.
By Rev. A. N. Lewis?"Testament ami Psalms,"
printed in Holland 1018.
Copy of "Virgil." owned by Phinoas Fisko, a tutor I
In Yale College in 1702, under President Pierson. Said
to bo the work from which the first Virgil recitation in
that collego was made.
Writ iskucd by the Connecticut General Assembly In
1775, citing Rov. John K. Marshall, of Woodbury,
Conn., to answer charges of being a Loyalist,
Marriage license, Issued In New York city in 1776.
By F. H. Nash?Ancient pitch pipe, made in England
before the Revolution and used in Connecticut
Episcopal choirs eighty years ago.
Stone china pitcher, 150 years old.
The occasion was the llrst since the opon'.ng of the
Centennial year on which an entertainment so pleasing |
could ho ottered, and it was participated in by many
from New York aud elsewhere.
Mr. Beth Grcon has received the following communication:?
CA"4xnA!orA, Fob. 19, 1*78.
Burn Grekx, Esa., Superiulendont of New York State
Dkar Sir?Three or four years ago Canandaigua
Lake, llko many others in fhis State, seemed to be
nearly depopulated of Ush, ^especially salmon trout. |
The very tree use of seines, gill nets and all other appliances
for catching lish seemed to have nearly ex- '
liausted the supply. Trout wore so scarce that the most
experienced Ushermen frequently laborod a whole day
faithfully with hook and lino without catching inoro
than ono or two Ush, and sometimes not any. In 1873 |
a few of those taking an interest in such matters
look upon themselves the task of restocking ;
our lake by transporting the young fish lrotu
the State hatching house/ at Caledonia. After raising 1
by subscription funds sufficient to dclrny expenses of
transportation, wo procured and placed in our lake
about 100,000 salmon trout fry. Again in 1874 we do- j
posited in our lake 150,000 trout and 20,uou wlntcll-h. |
In 1875 wo secured about 70.000 trout, making a total
ot 320,000 yonng salmon trout an i 20,000 whiiolish in
three years. Now for the results. In the spring and |
summer ot 1875 the fishing In Cnnandaigua Lake was
such as had never boon known bctore. It was not re- :
tnarkable to make a catch of eight to twelve trout In a
few hours, end some were fortunate enough to take ,
even more. Tho largest catch of any one person in a
tingle day was twenty-one tine salmon trout taken with
book and line by trolling. This very decided increase, \
taken In connection with the fact that very
many of the fish were uniform in sire,
makes us earnostly believe that they were
of those pluced in the lake in 1872-73 (there were about
80,000 trout put In in 1872 by other parties), and that a
greater portion of the tish we have put In are yet to
como on as sizable fish for catching. Consequently .
we expect the number of trout eaught this coming seaton
will exceed the number taken last season, i
Wo design patting in another lot of the young fish this '
winter, as the results are so very saltsfactorr us to convince
the most sceptical, aud all those who Lave fished !
in Canandaigus L ike for the past few years were last
season thoroughly convinced of the efficiency and prao- i
Ucabllity of the artificial propagation of fish, and that
our barren waters may bo restocked to any extent by
this process.
We give you these results to let yon know that tho j
efforts of tno Fish Commissioners and Superintendent
ot the State Of New York are appreciated in this locality.
Very respectfully yours, G. A. KIN LEY,
To Taa Kpitoe of thb Uikalu:?
1 will ho seventy years old if I live to see September
next 1 am no politician) but a cultivator of lbs soil.
I am greatly dissatisfied with the political condition
of the country and see no prospects of improvement.
My grandfather, as a whig, boro well bis part of the
perils and toils of 1778. Tho party known as whig
carried him and his compeers safely through the war.
The toils, perils and hardships of tho last fourteen
years havo been even greater than those of 1778. Those
of 1778 wore attributed to King George, and ho was required
to "unload." Tho two factions known as Iho
democratic and republican, one or both, havo pro
duced all tho Buffering of the last fourteen years. Mow
one or both of thorn should bo "unloaded." Tho republicans
wish to unload the democrats and the democrats
to unload tho republicaua I wish to suggest !
that tho Hkrald, the Tribune and othbr great and
leading papers which think tnoro of country
than party, take tho matter in hand this great centennial
year and reorganize the old whig party, or ouo
by some other name. As long as tho peoplo light
under the banners of republicanism and democracy
the issue will be "secession and the war." Tho Northern
democrats did their bcBt to whip the Southern
democrats in the late war. and there is but little reason
lor Southern people to tuiuk bettor of them than of
republicans. I take it Ihut tho great body of the peoplo
North would gladly vote against the third term and all
the corruption attending President Grant's administration,
but they have to mako an nlliance with democracy,
and this they will not do. If I commanded a great
newspaper, as you do, or if I could bo heard as one of
the great men of the nation. 1 feel that this great centennial
year something could be done for the political
regeneration of tho people and the country. 1'ut this
out as a feeler to tho old whigs and patriots of both
parties who love country better than party, and obltgo
nil old whig who has felt and stilfered from the blunders
of both parties now seeking tho ascendancy.
Yours, S. MEAfMiWS.
MuuxtTirza, Person county, N. C., Feb. 10, 1870.
The following letter, dated Upper Shire, Octobor 24,
1876, from Mr. E. I>. Young, tbo leader of the mission
to Lake Nyassa, has been rccoived by Captain J. C.
Wilson, Royal Navy, and was published in Loudon on
tlio ilth of February;?
We launched the steamer successfully on tho Cth,
Bailed on tho 8th aud arrived on Lake Nvossa on tho
l'Jth Inst. Wo employed HOO earners to convoy our
goods and ship across the cataracts, and nothing was
lost or injured. I have tried the steamer in a slilf
brooze on tho lake. She is a good sea boat and will
team seven knots with tho one boiler. I have lclt tho
greater part of the party to build bouses near Capo
M'clear, while I havo come down to take up the remainder
of our luggage. Thus far I thiuk the wbolo
itilair a groat success. It is true I have worn down
a great deal, but have some mettle left in me
veu I start for Nyassa again to-morrow. On
Nyassa I came up with one of the slave dhows, but she
hud no slaves on board, being bound fur a cargo, lieforo-we
got near her they lowered their sail aud tho
master, coming from Zanzibar, at once sold in broken
Knglish, "Mo got no slaves in." Wo aro a wonder and '
astonishment to all Arabs and natives. The former
shake their heads, no doubt thinking that their game is
up. There are live dhows on the lake. Beloro entering
Nyassa I called on the powerful chief M'punda,
through whose dominions all the slaves lor the coust
pass. He was very civil and made us presents, and
gavo us permission to Rottle on any part ol his laud.
He owus the whole of the Capo M'cloar peninsula,
and for a low pieces of calico, I have reason
to bolieve, would stop slaves passing through
his dominions. if you can ao anything to
bring it about it would prove a great blessing to i
thousands of poor creatures. Please write me and
give me your advice. Dr. Stewart has not arrived yo?,
and if ho docs not soon 1 intend going round the lake.
Tho whole of tho party aro very well Indeed, and liavo
been so; in fact, wo have had no sickness, and the climate
of Nyassa is delightful. Wo sloop with two
blankets ovor us, and during the day wo have a beautiful
brcezo ofT the luko. There is not a singlo native wo
have mot with but is rejoiced to sou us.
There has not been, as far us 1 am aware, tho least
hitch with any of the party, and they are nil becoming
daily moro used to their work, especially Dr. Laws and
the carpenter, who are particularly well suited to this
kind ol llfo, and have most ubly assisted me.
Some particulars of Lieutenant Cameron's expedition j
appear in the Geographical Magazine (Loudon) l'ur '
"Cameron's extraordinary merit," says tho writer, ;
"rests mainly on tho number and valuo of his scientitlc ' '
observations. Tho total distance over which he has ,
marched from Zanzibar to Bcngucla is 2,053 miles, j '
Along this routo he has fixed 85 positions and taken 1 1
706 observations, consisting of 137 for latitude by stars '
north ana Bouib of the zeuith, 106 for time, 308 lunar !
observations, ouo for the sun's eclipse of April 6, 1875, | 1
and four amplitudes for compass variation. His
method of observing lunars for longitudo Is of iho first
order?namely, by stars east and west of the moon's
enlightened limb?and by computing his observations
h bus not only laid down his route accurately, but has 1
also projected a remarkablo section of the i
country over which ho travelled, from the
Indian Ocean to the Atlantic; Tho heights
of places above the sea aro determined
by four Casclla's aneroids, including 3,713 obscrva- !
t'.ons, and by seventy observations of five boiling point
tli'Tiiioincters. The Itinerary gives the approximate
latitude and longilude of all the places visited and their !
distances troui each other, aud by this itinerary, with the '
observations lor height, iho section sheets have been ,
{irojecled. Cameron also collected a vocabulary of the .
atiguago ot interior Africa, comprising 1,400 I
words As a brave and resolute traveller the young
lieutenant takes his place in the first rank of African
explorers. As a scientific observer he stands alone, 1
Jii -Ue jTinccpi But not the least satisfactory leaturo '
*in his great achievement is thu absence of that trucu- '
lent blood shedding and slaughter of which wo havo
lately heard so much. No bitter leelmg will be left on
the track of the gallant sailor who has crossed tropical
Alrica and has come among people who never before set
eyes upon n white man, us a geuial friend, not as a destroyer.
He has proved himself to bo a worthy representative
of bis country, aud the reputation of the noble
urulession to wlucb he belongs bits been s:tfo in bis
hands. Tho vast importance ol Cameron's discoveries,
which establish on a firm basis the geography of
south tropical Africa, cannot t>e fully appreciated and
understood without a carefully prepared map accompanied
by a critical commentary, w inch will be pubI
lished in our number tor March. Meanwhile we may
look for the return to this country of the great traveller
himself, where he will receive a hearty aud cordial welcome.
"There Is but ono sail thought to cast a shadow over
Dis success. In one of his letters Iroin Luauda he
1 touchingly alludes to the untimely death ol his poor j
friend Dillon, and says that his pleasure would be com- I
' plete if his old messmate could also have been writing '
home at his side. Dillon nobly tell Cameron has '
been spared to achieve a great success, for which bo has
earned the admiration of his countrymen, and by
which he has added anothor name to tho long aud glorious
roll ot English discoverers. Hut Caiueron hiui,
self has abstained from laying any claim to theoretical
or hypothetical discoveries, and lias nieroly
stated luctg that havo come under his observation
and the reports he has collected frolfc Arabs i
an.', natives. Ho nover claimed tbe discovery of tho
outlet to Lake Tanganyika. He has simply described
a stream called the Lukuga, which he found to bo flowing
out of the lake, and the course of which he followed
tor four miles. He leaves deductions to geographers
at home, while be lurntshes them with accurato
data tor forming their conclusions. It is Burton who
has generously culled his young successor 'tho second |
discoverer of Tanganyika.' Cameron's observations \
are mora complete than those of any previous traveller, !
but bo speak* with characteristic modesty ot bis dis- 1
cowries. 'As for geographical work,' ho says, 'I have j
cleared up a lot of mistiness, If not posttlvo darkness;
but tbe work Is immense and ought to be taken in hand
thoroughly, and not by desultory expeditions which |
make their way to one point and then havo to come
away with their work uuQnlsheiL fresh inen should
take up the work ol their predecessors, instead of, as I
at present, every man having to hunt lor his own
,,, I. a own hur,.lla i\f to>v > If all trnvnllor* !
worked and observed as Cameron lias done thero would
bo little ioit to dosiro, "
Ms.I advices from Cape Haytien, received in this city
yesterdsy, dated February 2, say:?
1'restdeat Dorainguo Is expected here on a visit. He
lett fort au Prince accompanied by an army.
tnot am is tub north.
It ts rtimored that the Ilaytian exiles living In
Jamaica bad bought a steamer and were going to Invade
the north of the Republic, beaded by the latnous General
ito'rond Canal This news had excited the anxiety
ol tbo whole population, as it 1* suppoei : that if the Invasion
does occur President Dominguo will not he able
to resist it, as be has madu bis authority very unpopular.
vtxaxck asp taxatiox.
The finances of tbo country are tearfully managed.
The money disappears and nobody knows where it
goes The duties ou all produce have been raised. Tbo
foreign merchants and (ore.gn clsrks have been taxe.l
The latter are to pny |.l<w a year. The old law has
been put ic force which probibite any foreigner from
eelling at retail No (oreigner la allowed to sell an
invoice of less than (MM. All these measures have
created much discontent, and add to this the fall of
coffee In Kurope, together with the fears of Invasion,
the deprresion ol all business will be easily understood.
81 Thomas date to February & says:?
Advices from Porto Plata to the 23d utt announce
that the Governor of the town, General Ortea, had
ordered the arrest of Ueneraft-uperon. The latter re- |
lUM-d to surrender and replied bravely, assisted by
sotne or h a friends, to the firing of tbo government
troops who attacked hi* dwelling.
! iHa it* .IslI rtl li e tumuli fthA m*il itcamcr l*ff te\r i
St ruonjat. ]
The sale of the collection of Spanish and American
pictures was concluded last evening at Leavitt'a Now
that tho sale Is over the facts of the case are becoming
known. The pictures by Spanish artists were brought
to New York last May by Raymond Guerrero, who was
director of a life school for art students In Madrid. lie
Imported tbem in a single packing box, without frames,
in portfolioa They were appraised by the
officials at $5 each and tho duty was paid by Mr.
Guerrero. They were then trained by a downtown
house, contracting a debt of over $-',800, and placed in
the hands of Messrs. Learitt for salo at unction. Tho
sale took placo In June, and after the first day's sale
showed that the prices did not cover tho expense o! the
frames the pictures were seized by tho Sheriff In behalf
of the frame maker. The second night's salo was torced
by them, but many of the pictures passed wltboot bids>
so that tho sale was ol no benefit to any one. Mr.
Guerrero applied to the Spanish Consul for aid and was
introduced by him to Mr. Frances Tomes, who paid the
frame maker, commissions to auctioneers, board bills,
&c., and advanced money to enable Mr. Guerrero to return
to Spain, taking as security the pictures. Tho
pictures are mostly tho work of the students
in tho class of Mr. Guerrero, some of whom
huvo during the past year becorno famous, and tho
majority of tho rest aro wretched copies of famous
paintings. The pictures woro again placed in tho hands
ol Messrs. Lcavitt for sale by Mr. Tomes, who receivod
nolico a few days beloro tho sale that tho pictures had
been undervalued and \tfere bold by government for
duties. Tbo pictures wero valued by Mr. Shaus and a
number of other woll known art dealers, who sustained
the original appraisement It is evidently a
case of misunderstanding or maliciousness on tho part
ol tbo iulorincr.
The prices brought lost evening were:?-'-Street
Scene," Gnlofrd, $3; "Tower in Toledo," Gaiofrd,
$11; "Plcuic l'arty," Domingo, $32 &0; "View in
Pienrros," Pradilla, $16; "Italian Peasant," &
Haunllia, $4 &0; "Puth Through the Woods," Avendafto;
"Preparing for the Hath," Pradilla, $11;
"Flowers," Teresa Hogg, $30; "Descent from the
Crnua " '/.iilnnrn ?1 "StriwW In MnrlrOI " C .lnfrrS ?IK
"Landscape in Aragon," l'izarro, $2; "Battery in
Curruna," Pradilla, $6; "Tho Head of a
Cardinal," Agrnssot, $35; "Forest ol Vigo,'"
AvondaAo, $3 60; "The Gullllglitcr," Domingo,
$8; "View near Corona," Pradilla. $37 50; "The
l'agc," P. Francis, $9; "The Nun's Door,"
Gulofrd, $0; "The Mino near Madrid," $7; "The
Flower Girl," I'lasceucia, $15; "Waiting," l'radiila,
$42 50; "Sceno in Tolodo," Perea, $5;
"1'easant of Sarin," Saras, $27 50; "Forest of
Vigo," Pradilla, $9; "Moor at His DevotionB,"
Pradilla, $70; "Porilca In Tolodo," Plzarro, $30;
"landscape in Avila," Gulofro, $5 50; "Twilight in
Madrid," Galofrd, $5 50; "Spanish Farmer,"
Alverola, $16; "At Leisure," Frances, $22; "Carato's
House in Tolodo," Galofrd, $27 60;
"Picadore," $20; "Torero," Mejia, $22 60;
"Barracks in Vigo," Pradilla, $22; "Water
Mills in Toledo," $6 50; "Inn Keeper in Madrid,"
Frances, $44; "Minoro at Best,"
Galofrd, $21; "Street Musicians," Pizarra, $35; "Morning
in the Garden," Porea, $146; "Cavalry Body Guard
of Anadev," Tousquot, $70; "Bcturn Ironi Market."
Galofrd, $65. There was no bid on this at tho saJe lust
Juno. "Washerwomen. Murcia," Alvorola, $10:
"Boman Peasant," Pradilla, $66: "Street in Avila,"
Galofrd, $25; "Taking Comlort," Zuloaga, $28; "in
tho Woods," Mejla, $30; "Water Mills, Toledo," Perea,
$16 50; "infantry" and "Cavalry of Body Guard of
Auadev," Mejla, a pair, each $42 50; "Landscapo in
Galtcia," Avendano. $14; "Biver In Gallcia," Avendaho,
$14; "Italian Musician," Pradilla, $42 60;
"Castle in'Toledo," Galofrd, $15; "Landscapo in
Siodra Avilla," Galofrd, $7; "Interrupted Soronado,"
Pradilla, $27 50; "Spanish- Peasant,"
Frances, $32 50; Clothing Shop," Pradilla,
$45; "The Toilet," Cnmlia, $37 60; "Farmer of Toledo,"
Galofrd, $50; "Uoveno," Garcia, $22 50; "Street
in Toledo," Galotrd. $17; "Spanish Mendicant," Gulolre,
$40; "Hogs at Pasture," Galofrd, $13; "Tho Interview,"
Pradilla, $1T; "Market Sceno in Santiago,"
Pradilla, $175; "The Antiquarian," Garcia Ulspaleto,
$10; "Listening," Mejia, $40; "Landscape," l'izarro,
$21: "Goodby to Care," Garcia, $32 50; "Yard of Hospital
of Catholic Kings." Pradilla, $9; "Vegetable
Stand," Pradilla, $35; "Bandcrilla in tbe Biug," Pradilla,
$22 50; "In tho Boudoir," Pradilla, $37 60, "Preparing
for tbe Ball," Pradilla, $3260; "Landscajie," Galofrd,
$20; "Sentry In Time of Charles V.," Pradilla,
$55; "The Lesson," l'iuscencia, $26; "Landscape in
balicia," Pradilla, $17; "Moorish Sentinel," Pradilla,
|h0; "Castiliau 1'easant," Pranlla. $25; "Spanish Milliner,"
$20; "Landscape in Galicio," Pradilla, $15; i
'Street in Avila," Galofrd, $3: "Tho Cardinal," Fran:es,
$30; "Bock of l'lnorras," Pradilla, $15; "Shipping
Oxen in Vigo," Pradilla, $12; "Carabir," Mejia,
$30; "Beady for tho Promenade," Pelltcicr, $15:
-ueuiuuoD," rruausa, ?ou; "rurmyara in i ttzuoia,"
lalofrd, $15. Tlio paintings floored last evening were
hen put up again?"Flagellation ol Our Saviour," $10;
'Madonna," after Pcrugiua, $1; "Holy Family," aftor
Raphael, $12; "Sacred Family of tbe Little Bird,"
ifter Murtllo, $30; "St. l'aul the Hermit," Cajes,
M; "Christ Bearing tho Cross." after Schiahone, $6;
Mater Dulorrosu," alter Iturillo, $5. The frames In
,heso last were put down abont one-bait
At ten o'clock yoptcrday morning Captain Kennedy
?nd Detective O'Neill, of tho Ninth precinct police, arrested
In Hudson street a man calling his name Harris
Bernstein, twenty-nine years old. who would givo no
residcnco and who Is said to he a brother of Pesach
Ntsau Kubenstcin, the murderer of Sara Alexander, now
under sentence of death in Brooklyn. The prisoner Is
charged by Leopold Miller, No. 2T9 West street, and A. R.
Nugar, No. 21* Klizabelh street, with defrauding them
out of about $1,000 worth of cigars, which were found In
s wagon undercharge of two lads who wcro also taken
Into custody. It is alleged that tbe prisoner has also defrauded
many other cigar dealers. His plan was to buy
and psy for a small bill, aftor which he would order a
large quantity and after obtaining possession of them
would dlssppcur. He had been tracked to a storehouse
In West Kleventh strict, near Hudson, wbore his mo- j
lions were strictly watched for somo time by the |
police. Messrs. Miller and Nugar IdcntlQed the cigars
lound In tbe wagon yesterday as their property, as they
also did two boxes of clothing which were found In tho j
Kleventh street store. All the property was taken to
the police station. Bernstein, or Rubcnstcin, will be
arraigned to-day.
At the requost of Bubcnstein Under SherifTStegmsn
paid him a visit in his cell last Wednesday. Tho prisoner's
object In asking the visit was to request that
"something might be dono to save him from tbe gallows,"
or, at least, to give him an opportunity of
proving his Innocence. The prisoner's condact daring
the interview whs very peculiar. When Colonel Stcgnian
entered tho cell Knbenstotn was lying on tho floor,
but on the former taking a seat on tho bed be sat down
beside him In rather disagreeable proximity, nnd In a
nervous whisper implored hlra to do something for
him. From the elgnitlcant hints he threw ont it la
inferred that ho wanted to convey the Idea that any
favors conferred on htm would be handsomely paid for.
As James Sewell, fifty years of age, was returning
home from bis work last evening ho was attacked, near
tho corner of West Fortieth street and Eighth avenue,
by flvo unknown men and robbed of $17 60, bis week's
wages He also received a severe scalp wound and was
kicked la the stomach and head until ho became insensible.
An olllcor found him In this conditio*! and
had him retnovod to Bollevno Hospital.
rkv. dr. jenndjg9.
A telegram from Toronto, Canada, under date of the
23th insL, reports:?"Rev. Mr. Jennings, D. D., for
thlrty-slx years pastor of the Hay Street Presbyterian
church, this city, died this morning, aged sixty-two
rev. joseph mueller.
A telegram from Baltimore of the 23th Inst, reports
as follows:?"Father Joseph Mueller, of the Rcdomptorlst
community at SL James' church in this city, died
yesterday morning in the sixty-seventh year ol his age.
The burial service will toko place at eight o'clock tomorrow
[From the London Post, Feb. 11.]
Mr. George Darby, the celohrated steeplechase Jockey,
died at his residence at Rugby yesterday through Injuries
received at the Birmingham steeplechases on Turn,
day, where he was thrown when riding Pearl King. He
was highly respected by all who know htm, both on the
turf and In the neighborhood of Rugby.
Albaxt, Feb. 23, 1878.
As tho Court of Appeals takes a recess to-day for
three weeks and District Attorney Phelps Is not ready
to areue the Dolan rase Counsellor Howe, of the nrlson
er'a counsel, h is applied to one of the judges of tho
Court of Appeals for a stay of proceedings, which will
hold tne caao until It can be heard before the Court of
UtrraLo, Feb. 25, 1S7&
Hugh Losllo Courlenay, the tnan who wan arrested
a few days since for falsely representing himself as the
heir presumptive of tho Karl of Devon and incurring a
bill of $325 at the TifTl House, was to-day on an elimination
discharged, his Kngllsh friends compromising
with the complainant. Justice King gave the impostor
twenty four hours within which to leave tho
city or incur rearrest aa s vagran* His photograph
graces lb; jogucs gallery.
BKUARY 26, 1876.-WITH SI
Slnimfr. tiaiU. Jtesttnutiun. I Offiem. to
??? I Be
Encland Feb. 'J*!. Liverpool.. 60 Broadwav wa
Y i nland Feb. 20. Rotterdam. SO Broadway lur
City ot Kicbmood. Feb. 20. Liverpool.. IS Broadway ce|
Baltic.. Feb. 20. Liverpool.. 27 Broadway ,
Ethiopia Feb. 20. (ilaeyow... 7 Bowling tfreea t
Sailer.............. Feb. 20. Bremen.... 2 Bowling Ureen
Idaho Feb. 29. Liverpool.. 29Broadway .
Ku?*ia...... Mtch 1. Liverpool.. 4 Bowling Lreen ..
Suevia Mc'b 2. Ilauiliirr.. 61 broadway
City of New York- Me'h 4. Liverpool.. 15 Broadway F
Republic...... M'ch 4. Liverpool.. 37 Broadway Jin
Victoria M'ch 4. IFIaecow.... 7 Bowling Green liei
Lafayette. ......... M'cb 4. Havre...... 55 Broadway
Hermann... M'ch 4. Bremen.... 2 Bowling Ureen
Greece M'ch 4.1 London... .ICO Broadway.
Spain M'ch 4. Liverpool.. till Broadway
Nov ad:t Mc'h 7. Liverpool.. 29 Broadway poi
China. M'ch H Liverpool. -4 Rowling ureen
State ol Pennsyla. M'ch 9. Ulaagow.... 72 Broadway I
Gellert.... Mc'h 9. Hamburg.. 61 Broadway cot
(iormsulc M'ch 11. Liverpool.. 37 Broadway thi
City ol Brooklyn.. M'ch 11. Ltverpool.. IS Broadway eu
Egypt M'ch 11. Liverpool. 99 Broadway I
Bolivia............ M'ch 11. lilaagow... 7 Bowling Ureen El
Weser............. M'ch 11. Bremen 2 Bowling Oreen bo
Dakota............ M'ch 14. Liverpool.. 29 Broadway )),,
1'urthia M'ch 15. Liverpool. 4 Bowling Ureen p0
W A Scholten Mc'h 16. Rotterdam. 50 Broadway I
Klnpstork M'ch 16. Hamburg.. 61 Broadway crf
City of Montreal.. Mc'h IS. Liverpool.. 15 Broadway wp
Ceiltic. M'ch 16. Liverpool.. 37 Broadway 0f
Pereire M'ch lS.lHavre 55 Broadway Hai
Elysia......! M'ch 18. Ulaagow... 7 Bowling Ureen
America M'ch 18. Bremen.... 2 Bowling Oraen bil
Wiaconnln M'ch 21. Liverpool.. 29 Broadway VH
State ot Virginia.. M'ch 23. Ulasgow... 72 Broadway
Adriatic M'ch 25. Idverpool.. 37 Broadway wu
City of Cheater.... M'ch 25. |i.lverpool.. 1ft Broadway bei
lierdcr............ | Mc'h 23.1 Hamburg.. iOl Broadway j?,
y-NOTicE to captains op vkssbls entering tb
II skald has adopted a distinguishing Cnston night signal fur 1
use on board tbe Ulralp atearn yacht, allowing while barn4ng
the colon red, green, red. changing from one to the other
in succession, and can be seen several miles distant. Captains
of vessels, upon seeing this signal, will oblige as by
preparing any marine^nejrs they may have for the Ship
News Department of the llKRiSi % ~
Persons desirous of communicating with vessels arriy A
Ing at New York can do so bv addressing to such vessels, 2 >
care of Ukrsld news yacht, pier No 1 East River, New York.
Letters received from All parts of the world and promptly de- col
live roil. Duplicates arc required. ^ 1
em ajvd HOOX | nion WATRR.
Fun risog 6 38 | Gov. Island eve 9 33 "
Fun sets 6 49 j Sandy Hook eve 8 48 **>'
Moon seta eve 7 22 | HeiiUale eve 11 13 ore
PORT OF NEW YORK, FEB. 25,1876. J*
? wit
Steamer Russia (Br), Cook. Liverpool Feb 12 via Quern,town
18th, with mdse and 55 passengers to *0 G Francklyn.
Feb 22, lut 42 07, Ion 57 27, passed an anchor lino steamer,
bound east.
Steamer Victoria (Br), Hedderwick, Glasgow Feb 12 and i
Moville 12th, with tudse and 07 passenger* to Henderson j?,
Steamer P Caland (Dntch), Deddea, Rotterdam Jan 22, "
via Plymouth Fob 9. with mdse and 27 passongers to Fanch. Un
Ed.ve A Co. lind strung head winds; Feb 16, lat 47, Ion n
48 80, passed a largo iceberg; lTtti, lat 45 30, Ion 45. to lat
42 SO, lun 52, encountered large fields of ice, and was obliged Fhl
to steer south to avoid them, and was obliged to stop at ?
night. The F C sailed from Plymouth .1 an 24, but put back
on the 30th, having broken her propeller on the '26th. J6*'
Steamer Lafayette (Fr), Hellard, Havre Feb 12 and Ha
Plymouth 13th, wi.u mdse and 143 passengers to Louis do n
Heblan. Had heavy weather the entire passage; 15th, lat
5(1 37, Ion 20 06, passed an English hark rigged steamer (8p
bound east; 22d, lat 41 43, ion 60 34, a bark rigged steamer prii
bound east. '
Steamer Tyrtan <Br). Lawson, Bordeaux Feb 3, with mdse E
and passengers to Henderson Bros. Had strong KW and tes
SW gales the entire passage. ,
Steamer Wm P Clyde, Ingram, Philadelphia, with mdse
to Jna Hand No'
Schr Maggie Todd (of Machtas), Richardson, Mayaguei via la|j
Delaware Breakwater 16 days, with sugar and molasses to ,,
order; vessel to Jed Prye A Co. Boon 8 days north of list- c
tcras. with strong N and NW winds. Fisl
Schr Samuel Wood, Wood, Virginia. n
Schr Sarah A Burr. Arnold, Virginia.
Scor II D Brewster, Gibson, Virginia. Em
Schr Wm n Van Name, Holmes, Virginia. j]
Steamer city of New Bedford. Fisn. New Bedford for I Mit
New York. v .
Steamer Bolivar. Ocor. New London and Norwich for New
Y ork. A
Schr Nellie B Dobbins (of Macblas), Dobbins, St John, NB, mnl
for New York. , '
Schr Amos Edwards, Somera, Portland for Galveston via Ieet
New York. Mit
Schr Sarah Babcock, Kockett. Greenwich for New York. r
Schr G J Vanname. (lardy. New Haven for Virginia.
Sehr Panthea, New Haven for New York. Bor
Schr Sterling, Bail. Bridgeport for New York. L
Schr Madagascar. Providence for New York. ?
Schr Ida Palmer, Palmer. Statnlord tor Saw York. Bro
Steamer Electro. Young. New York for Providence.
Schr Eli as Knnyon, Cambell, Port Johnson for Provi- L
Scbr J W Roberts. Connolly, New York for Boston. Mo.
bear S b ryler, iiari, rurt Joanfton lor rroviaenoe. B
Ship Lcunder (of London). Knight, from Amor Not 5.1,
with trail, Ac, to K l'avonstadt A Co. farted Anter Dee U *
(received a pilot 23d iuet, off Ah tecum, from boat X D liar- Tot
tiauo No 3). 8
Steamer Baltic (Br), Perry, Liverpool via Qaeeuatown? icq
R J Cortla 1 ...
Steamer Canlma (Br), Liddlcoat. Hamilton (Bermuda)?
A B Outerbridge. A
Steamer Wyanoke, Conch, Norfolk, City Point and Rich-' y#,
mood?Old Dominion Steamship Co,
Steamer Elisabeth, Clark, Baltimore via Sooth Am hoy?W '
Daltell. I Oci
Steamer George Washington, Whitehead, Halifax, S3?
Clark A Seaman.
Hark Soieria (Br), Jarvla, Point do Qalle, Ceylon, and a | H
market?Geo f Holler. jjv(
bark Balgay, Lyell, Penarth Roads for ordrfra?Geo, P _
Bulley. "
Bark Valkyrien (Nor), Pederten, Cork or Fahnonth for fur
ordert?Knuch, Kdye A Co. u
Hark Lucia Radmann (Uer), Karg, Stettin?Punch, Edyn
A Oo. -At'
Brig Sophia Amalla 0w), Recnell, Oporto?Punch, Edjre r
; A Co. .
Brig Sophia (Br), Long, Alicante?Boyn A Ilincken. ct,,<
Brig Doe llenuanoe Jlexj, Abererasti, Vera Crut?U < T
! EcbrTerrla A Co. I
ling W U Andrews, Wilton, Port an Prince?R Mnrr .-y, i
Jr. i V
Brig Ernstetn. Knight. M at aniae?Brett, Son tCa to
I Brig Baggie Wood (Br), Wood, St John, NU?P I Nevlot ,
A Son. j,
Schr Hiawatha. Tobln, Rio Grande do 8ul?Ablel Abbott. \
Rcbr Theresa A Keene, Keena, Kingston, J a?li da Cor* | B"
dova. age
Schr White Wing. Phelan, Fernandina?Brett. Son A Co. _?
Schr Lexington. Leigliton, Jackaonviila?Warren K-.v,
Schr J S lieacham. Woodward, Norfolk?Van B unt A A
Bro. Mr
Schr Nellie Chase. Shrppard. Nowark? Matter. Sloop
Dewitt, Collina. South Amboy?Mutt A Uaml le.
' and
fanlm* <Ur), for Benmid*: ahtp* Greftt Admiral,
cmt. kriivifiunr f!nr?irii l.*rk? Kami) o (Aii,\ i'nrk
Onocn, Anjer; Vaclflc (Nor). Rotterdam; Kaleb (Nor;, Htettln;
brig* Mary U Mariner, Miltnui; Ollnda (Fort),
Oporto. j(
Wino at midnight, NNW. Re.
Barometer at sunset, 80.12. 8to
Sretrnt PriorinTAinA, from Philadelphia for Liverpool o?(
grounded in the Bight of Newcastle. Del. FX hob 24, and ; Ko
remained AM 25th. Steamtug North America waa da- i I
patched from Philadelphia to her a<slslanca. [A later eo I Cm
count savs the l^nnsylvanla wa> detained by trout of water i (
near Bnl'l Head Shoals, bat pss-ed down at 11SU6 AM 25th, of
and that she had no aaolatance.]
Heir Stab or rn* Wmrr, fw>m New York for Shanghai, 1
before reported at Klo Janeiro In distress, will undergo re- "hi
pairs at that port and reload for destination. It bas been 8
decided to put the vessel la thorough repair before proceed- nn'
lng. '
Sett* J M Bajsk*. DSherman, broke away front the steam T*^
boat wharf at Carver's lierber, during a rale laet week, and
wa* driven upon the rocks She filled witl water, was badly >,
cbafed, besides carrying away bowsprit at J bead gear, alia de'|
bad on board aboot wjo1 lbs fish, a por on of which were p
lost by floating oat of the hatchway, Mho baa bean raised ter
and tak;n to the wharf tor repairs d
I Bchb Caaaie Viluh (af Thoraastern, lee loaded, left wa
her whart at Belfhet, Me, Monday and at.cmpted to force her 8
I way through the mud. Una worked a short distance from Po
; the wharl, but finally touched upon the point of rocks south of t
of the wharf, where she held fast. At lorn water the waa in \
a hard pnoitlnn. the weight of cargo t raining and hogging fci
her badly. Klfty tons of lee were thrown into the harbor, 1
and she was floated to Lane's wharf ami grounded upon the Me
beach to straighten her. Her cargo Is being discharged Into 1 f
| another vessel, when all out the will ga upon the railway me
for repair*. I
Bciib Fboggircs Mat ft, wrecked at Abaen, was not Insured:
the cargo we* Insured in the North Amerlosn, of ,
Philadelphia Homo of the vessel's rigging. Ac, were taken
off by small boats and landed at (Jroea Turtle Cay. j
Bcttn filLV** Hstna, of Trenton!, Newman, which ha* | l
been missing and tnpposed to be lo t. has bee* heard bom, ] fie
she being at St Qeorges Bay, NP, tropin in; crew and yet- . I
el all right. I tin
Sen* M**r B Rirtvw*, Bracy, 1'arlen via Gloucester for & '
! Calais, pat Into Cranberry Islet Feb 17. and proceeded 13th. J
Had esperlenci d haavy ..-alee, tost Jlh and tustalned other '
light Jamag* on the passage, ?'j
Sou* Dint Cpbkik Barrett, from Rockport for Nawbern, Un
SC. left Newport 224 Inst, bnt n Ma gale same day and pnt (
back to Newport 25th. with oenir* boaiff-fprung. Will die- g,
i charge pert of cargo to repair. (
i schb Wg Prirg. from Sorner?e? for Chesapeake Bay .which col
' dragged asl. re In Newport Rt. nnper harbor Feb 2< waa C
got olf at high water 25th AM. with but slight damage. Bli
Bonn Kanst Kliist, from Cardenas for Hampton Boads. r>f
nut into Chirlfiton F?h 25 wfth KRili unlit. I .
Scim Asrni V Bkrokp dr ig,-ed her anchors at Vineyard l,,
Karen iJftth lint ni l gr >uuded on the Canal Flats, bat *u lor
banled Oil again by the tan Cora I. Staples. . j
Hcum T Sntrn. Mathews, from New York Feb 24 for Vlr- loj
giiiie, with an s?-orteJ cargo, <u rtin into Mir day, off Keg '
Tlarlvor by echr htlward Rich iof Wellfleetj, Cobb, from Vlr- 4
ginle for Frorldence. striking the KTS amidships carrying < '
away both m?m and sink. ng btr Immediately. The crew tin
eared themselves by climbing into the Rich rigging. sar- t
Inert, thing but whet they bed on. On the 25th. HO miles '
t*r>E "f Duly llook. the Kleh was ipoken by steam tog '*'
Heme A Crawford. Smith.who look the crew of the K T t
Smith e? board end brought them to Raw York. The B T Rti
Smith was ;i| tonl (new measursment). ^re year* old, owned Ml
In hrooklyn. and was rained at $V(Ai(>; no Intnrance on '
yeieel or cergo. The Edward Rich bad Jibboom and cntwater Br
tarried away.
fiuyrnoiT VaiK.Tig rgnnihs. of Raw York nnt Into Mew- ST.!
P' rt, HI, Feb 2ft, badly teed up and with sails damaged, I
The menhaden steamers Nellie B Rawson. and Belle A To
I ileitis were sold on Wednesday, Feb 29.1a Ulowcester. by ler
? roiled Slate* Marshal. The WelUe K Kawson raid lor
3UQ. the Belle A Heme fnr$4.00U Jonathan Bourne, Jr.
New Bedford, we* the purrhaaer.
ilrxakdris.Va, Feb 24?A bay eehooner name onkhown,
sported aaoore at Cedar Point and waiting a log to haal
r off.
iaLirax, N8. Feb 2S?The Lunenburg packet Fran* *??
>. from Halifax, ia aaitore 11 mile* from Lnneuburg, and
11 be a total lore. The crew and cargo bare been tared,
loarout, Feb 23?The steamer Mary B Roberts brought
this city yesterday a sailor who belonged to tbe tdir ?
asley, lost off Cape II alter as on Friday last. The vessel
s from tbe Nense River for Charleston, with a cargo of
nber. All of the crew succeeded in gcltiug ashore, exiting
tbe stuward, who was drowned. .
frwrORT, Feb 24?Schr Jesse Williamson. Jr. which went
lore m tbe upper harbor la?i November, with a cargo of
il from Fort Johnson for Fori smooth, and which ha* been
re ever since, will be tsken to Portsmouth the first favore
opportunity for repairs. She belongs at tba latter port,
is* kkaxcisco, Feb 2">?Steamer Kelorama parted her
es and went aehore at San Buenaventura to-day during a
svy wind and eoa. She will prove a total loss.
jirtit B D Hitchcock. USN, Assistant. Coast Survey,
nmaudlng steamer (ledney, reports under date of J go >'
position of thrre wrecks forming obstructions to tba
trance of Pensacula Bay, vis
. The wrook of pilotboat Nettie, Ijrlng X mlJe N by E.
rom the outer bai buoy, In fathoms water, with her
wsprit swash; the flagstaff of rort Pickens, bearing from
i wroca, N N W \ \V, distant. 1V miles, and the tlagsteff of
rt McRne N"W by w, distant 2v? mile-.
I. A wreck known as Bpanish wreck, on the middle
lund, at the harbor entrance, lying in fathoms water,
th one timber awash, nearly in the bar range; the HugatatT
Port Pickens bearing NIC XH. distant X mile, end the
gstafl of Port McRae N W by W \ W, distant S mile. The
IT Sosan, of Peosacola, recently struck on this wreck, was
yd aud sunk, and lies Just to the northward, in 10 feet
IL The wreck of the steamer Convoy, lying to the nortlird
of the channel inside the harbor entrance, with the
scon of the bar range open a little to the westward of
naacola lighthouse, distent K railo nearly, and the flag>ff
of Port Plekens, bearing BE by K V t. distant % mile,
e wreck is In 12 feet water, but the steam drum aud consting
rod show above high water, tbe former about 5 feet
d having the appearance of a buoy.
?ieut Hitchcock also reports that the old entrance to the
toon, to the westward of Pensacola. has closed up, and
it anew entrance has formed mile north of Fort Mce.
hip Premier (Nor), from Antwerp for New Orleans, Feb
10 miles SSW of Scllly.
l ship, showing letters JHBP, from New York, Jan 2, lat
; Ion 20 IS W.
chr Edward Rich, of Wellfleet. from Virginia for Provlice,
Feb 25. 30 miles HSis of Sandy Hook, having been in
lislon dee Miscellany).
'he Ontario, of St JoLn, MB, standing east, Feb 0, lat 50
Ion 14 W.
larehanta, shipping agents and shipmasters are Informed
it by telegraphing to the IIrrai.d London Human, adr
siing "Bennett, No 40 Fleet street, London," or to the
rls office, addressing "Bennett, 01 Arenas do 1'Opera,
ria," the arrivals at and departures from European and
stern ports of American and all foreign vessels trading
h the United .States, the fame a ill be cabled to this
intry free of charge.
sp tains arriving et and salting from French and Mediranean
ports will find the Fans office tha mora economical
1 expeditions for telegraphing news.
Ltmnter, Feb 25?Arrived, steamer Nederland (Belg),
nee. Philadelphia.
lanrasr, Feb 24?Sailed, berk Liburna (Nor), Oundcrsen,
tied Statea.
ImrrOL, Feb 25?Sailed, bark Pomona (Gar), Bohm,
iladelphja. '
i rbmex, Feb 24?Arrived, ihlD Bremerhaven (Oer), HoiNov
Fork; barksToiako (Oer), Von Thulen, Baltimore;
ndal (Nor), Brlcksen, Pensacola.
iKCKLONS, Feb IB?Arrived, barks Virgin de los Nlevee
), Alsine, New Orleans: Maria (Sp), J^n, Savannah;
j Juleo (Sp), Bosch, Charleston.
'mug, Feb 24?Sailed, barks Pletro Accame (Ital), Pota.
United States; Devete Dnbrovack 1 (Aui), Kresevich,
Otao Miho (Ans), Zibllich. do; Leila W (Br), McNeil,
v York; Messe 11 (Nor), Aslaksen, do (before reported
led 9d).
ltd*. Peb 25?Sailed, bark Alexander Keith (Br),
ber. New York.
IsnecKO, Feb 19?.fr rived, ship Ida Lily, Blanchard,
ierberry Island via Valparaiso.
[sviut, Feb24?Sailed, ship Beethoven (Br), forTybee;
k Amelia, Burgees, New York.
irearooL, Feb 25?Arrived, steamer Humboldt (Br),
cbell. Now York; ship Camilla, Humphrey, Altsta via
par also. rrlved
24*. steamers Fusi Ytms (Br), Tlaywmrd, Baltlre;
Gnlllermo iSp), EcheverrU, New Orleans; bark Col'
or (Nor), Olsen, Pensacola; 25th, steamer Itburiel (Br),
chell, Galveston.
leered 24th, ship Lissle hoss, Doyle, United States;
nbay. Work, do; British America (Br), Lockbart, do.
n, New York.
allel from Gravesend 26th, bark L K Cann (Br), Osmond*
Aaxn,Feb24?Arrived, steamer State of Virginia (Br),
ody, New York fbr Glasgow (and proceeded),
oiled 20th, steamer State of Pennsylvania (Br), Knight
>tn Glasgow), Now York.
iKaifomw?Sailed, barks Pode e Speransa (Hal). New Or.
os; John Gibson (Br), Dudd, Boston.
album, Feb 19?Arrived, barks Stag (Br), Tyler, New
k; Dne Fratelli (Ital), Messina, do.
ailed abont 19th, bark Robinson Crusoe, Robinson,
ited States.
intnarrows, Feb 26?Arrived, barks Vanadls (Nor), Lar,
Baltimore; DelCno F (Ital), Landini, New York; Fat*
(Nor), Morgensen, do.
lso arrtved 25th, 3 I'M, steamer Calabria (Br), Haines,
w York for Liverpool (and proceeded),
ailed 25th. steamers City of Brooklyn (Br), Leitch, and
manic (Br). Kennedy (from Liverpool), New York (lat*,
at 10 30 AM).
Iottsitoaw, Feb 24?Arrived, bark Germanla (Oer)
sra, Baltimore.
'.to J ax Kino, Feb 22?In port, brig Scnorita, Townsead,
Baltimore, to sail 24th.
roxBT, NSW, about Feb 24?Arrived, sehr RJ Koulton,
ood. New York.
iiixum, Feb 35 Sailed, ship Garnet, Oliver, San Fran*
KikSTk, Feb 31?Arrited, schr U B Fisk, Stndley, Balttre
(not arrived 13th).
'arruroan, Feb 25?Arrived, bark Gneriera (Ital), RusPhiladelphla.
rvsevoOL, Feb 25?Tho American ship W R Grace, Capt
,ck, trom San Francisco, which arrived here a few days
i, has gone ashore at Egremont. She will probably come
iondow, sen *>?Kntp l,? Liomsinne (rn, round, irons ,
w Orleans, which arrived at Havre 3Jth Init, report!
i 21 struck on *b*t was supposed to be a wreck and card
away cutwater and thenceforward made water. On :
i 37, during a heavy gale was thrown on her beam ends |
I cut away fore topsail (? foretopmast).
ll60a Bat, CGH, Jan 13?In port, barks Ceylon (Br)
ynolds, from Cehn for Sew York; Morning Dew (Br),
ckion, disc , brigs Julia K Haskell, Haskell, for Boston;
isie Wymsn. Hopkins, dlsg
liaarraooa, Feb 33?Arrived, tchr Mattie A liand. Hand, !
pin wall.
lailed 33d, brig Mscents fBr*, Lnckhart. New Tork: achrs |
orgie Staples, Malouey, Philadelphia; Wenonab, Baglry,
w Orleans
n port Feb IB, schra Annie Jonea, Jones, and Annie E
nk, Cook, unc.
ItSMRiu, Feb 33?Sailed, brig Wm Dob son, Bnck, north :
Hatters*; tchr O A O'Mullin, Holmes. do.
n port Feb 18. aehr A H Weeks. Parr, for New Tork.
Iataka. Peb 34?Arrived, aehr Martin L Smith, Smith,
ailed 34th, rteamera Oilnmbna, Reed, New York; Ban- 1
rer (tier), llimbeck (from Brerueni, New Orleans.
Iautax, Peb 34?Sailed, aehr Kate McKensie, for Deme a.
J a. Peb 33. PM? Saned. steamer Delta (Br),
wdem (from New York), Atpinwall
i stasias, Peb 33? Arrived, J Hieardo Jove, Little, Philv :
phi a.
>ailed 33d, achrs Little Wilson. Wilson, north of Hat- '
at; Satan P Thurlow, Tabbitt, do; Irvine, Berry, do.
IauOA. Peb 33?Sailed, aehr John Douglas, Parker, Delare
V Johs, NB. Feb 33?Arrived, brig Alio* (Br). Lewis. 1
r-Uand; eeor White Star (Br),. Reynard, Boeton (the crew
ihe latter vessel are frostbitten).
'ictobia, BO, Peb 33?Sailed, barks Longfellow (Brl, ;
irhro, Valparaiso; Lady Lsmpeon (Br), Vanden, London.
"o son s is a, Jan HI?Arrived, barks Ilapsijord (Nor). '
yer. New York (and sailed 33th tor Kobe).
failed Jan 14. bark* Ukraine. Meleber, New York; Parntco
iBr), Kanagava and San Pranctaro
n port Jan 39, ahlp Bona (Br), for Naw York.
[Pan Stravbr Brsau.1
nrrwaitv, Peb 9?Sailed, Maggie Chapman, Dernier, Phil Iphia;
Segaiun. Predrichseo, Boston,
lailed from Plnahlng 7?h, Kasurresione, Riann. New York,
ioavofr, K4heLi 10?Sailed. Angioletta Mono, Chics i. .
w York.
iRBnax, Peb 9?Balled, Brannschwlg fs), Cndentaeh, Bal- I
lore (and arrived at Sonihamptnn IHbi; Goethe, Schnt.
New York; Coriolan. von Bremen, Philadelphia.
laBDirv. Feb 11-Sailed, Nora, Nielsen, Pensacola.
'wared (Hh, Torryborn, Rouse, Havana laud aailad from
narth I t
loan. Peb 9?Arrived. Emma, from New York; L A Mares,
Horn, Baltimore.
Iadib, Pob 3?bailed, Alice Tainter, Loaberg, Gionceatar.
lanaaouaa. Jan 37?Sailed. Andkild, Madaen. Pensaa.
agliari, Feb 4?Sailed. Coataata, Armellino, United
luacasas*. Peb 11?Off, Algonquin,Dexter, from Pabellon
lor en, Feb lO? P**s?d, George Henry, Nlcktmn, fbtn
ndou for Vermouth, MS.Carm, Ueymahder, from Mendel
Ibal, Feb 11?Passed. Mary Helen, Trimiek, from London
(zcaoirrn. Feb 9?Felled, SoleHde, Petersen. New York,
Imn.enr, Feb 10?gelled, llhnolta ts). Stevens, New Or>ne
(end peeeed Dorer llthj; 11th, Doris, Lillebeck, Bailors.
Jaiutnoct, Feb 8?Felled, TMenle, MoNeh, 8t Thomas,
kr rived In the t'lyde Kith, Plglt Aucatua, Pimoncello, Philelphia;
Commerce, Elliott, .lev*.
Jknoa, Feb h?Sailed, Anna Oneto, Coete, end Cerplone,
irlese. Philadelphia ; Mertnln, Leure, New York; Merene,
indy, Leghorn.
rlArnr, Feb O?Sailed, Reformer, Brown, Delaware
cak water; Sarah Douglass, Douglass, Gel rest on; Aril*.
Anderson. Metanses. Orion, Banrk, Ml Thomas; l(*th,
lolo, Mitchell, Southwest Pees and wee off Start Point
tb); Halcyon, llardle. Cape Breton.
ii ambit bo, Feb o-Arrived, Gellert fa). Barrnds, New
rk ; Plsketaqua, Scott. Pi sage a, Carl Gerhard, fill- ,
1cbe Wilmington; Kith. Klopetoak (a). Wiaaea. New York. |
mum rrom t uintmmn, a vangueti, nuaw, m.mj awi
9lh, Suevl* (?). Franteu, New York. _ . . _
H axtxxpuol, Feb 11?A/rived, Klectra, BmnUm4?
Hen.. Fib 11?Arrived, Stefanlno, Oesta, Philadelphia.
LivnarooL, Feb ll-Arrtved, Wisooiulm 0). FreemaB,
Wi? Tor*. ? Batted
10th, J P WhwUr. Thompeou, Charleston; Wlestsslppl
( ), Llndall, New Orleans ; Stodent (?), Thosnneoa,
Pernamburo; W K Hwd, Cain, TjrbWt Colorado, Robins,
Delaware (Breakwater (and vac off Bar lightship 11th);
Airred, Dray. Savannah; Inspector, Brsktue. Bombay:*
8 Powell, Williams, Havana (and was off Point Lyna# llth) ;
11th, Lord Clive (t). Crquhart, Philadelphia IsMWUi
San Antonio 'a). Ilea. Calveatim.
Cleared 10th, Importer, Sutherland, Mobile; Valley Pontes
Ames, New York; hutli Palmer, Smith, and Thomas Keillor,
Tin(dey, Tyhee; Uth. Adalia ,'Carlton, Packard, Havana;
J B Woodworth. Fredrikseon. do; Malta. Mann. New Yovk.
Off the Skerries Kth, D 1 Tenney, Iugalla, Iroui Liverpool
for Hampton Roads.
London. Feb 1^? Arrived, Frfuuat, AhUtedt, Wilmington
; Weirril, Foster, do.
Cleared loth, Plosta, Artdrcasen, Wilmington, NC; 12tli, ^
Blomidon. Potter. Philadelphia. V
Sailed from Orsvesend luth, Levant, File, Bermuda (and
passed Deal same day!
maablcu, Feb 11 nailed, Alplna, Rlerk. New York.
Mksmna, Feb 3? Arrived, Euxlue (?), White, Cataula (ami
sailed ?th for New York!.
Nkwcastl*. Fet 11?Cleared, Elisa (of Halifax, N8), QaVNa%l?.
Jan 27?Sailed, Fidelia, Neal, Caetellaiuare (and
arrived at 0 28lh). _
Shibijm. Feb 11?Balled, Mattla. for Boeten.
St Cathxhink"* Point, 1W, Feb 10?Paased, C F Funcb
(s). nnudsen, from Antwerp for New York.
Tbxxl. Feb (*?Sailed, Paul, Klatt, New York; RHeoer,
Olsen, Baltimore. ... , . ....
Tokbat, Feb H?Off, Orion, EUerbosen, from Leith for
n^AixNOA, Feb 1?Arrived^ N W BiethoA^OuX, Lobqa _
n xsTruuT, rcu iv?armeu, buucu^iH) titmitm, M unadelphia.
Cuxhave*. Feb 11?The Peruvian Congress stilp. In entering
port came into collision with the Caroline, Italian bark,
and Roycrof) ship: she former received injury to stern; the
two latter vessels received injury to yards.
Deal, Feb 11?Arrived off, bark Eva H Fisk, Fowler, from
Onlvoston for Rotterdam, and reports having had heavy '(
weather, during which lost and split sails.
Falmouth. Feb 10?Tlia Laura Maria, Schorsby, from Rotterdam
for New York, in ballast, has put in fur more ballast,
and with pomps choked.
Gothenburg, Feb H?The Titanla, Marker, from Philadelphia
for Copenhagen, which drifted ashore derelict, at Tylon,
near llalmstad, hue been condemned. Part of the cargo
of petroleum, which appears to be slightly damaged, haa
been taken to Halmstad and pert to Elsinore.
Lkbvig. Feb 9?Some belei of tobacco have been washed
ashore lately near this pla"e, and are supposed to come from
a vessel lost on the Horn Reefs; the bales are 11 in number,
and ere some of them marked "A," others "Mogana,"
with border, and two of them "F :Kwith flag.
SotrrHAurroT, Feb 11?The Ntvarlnn (g). arrived here
from New York, experienced heavy southwesterly to northwesterly
gales part of the passage, during which two of her
topsails were blown away, and when crossing the Banks ot
Newfoundland she passed through a great quantity of snow.,
the ship being enveloped in snow and ice for four day*.
BOSTON. Feb 2A? Arrived, steamers ArieT Crowell, Phil
adelphia; Wui Crane, Howes, Baltimore; Reruns, B.rry,
New York.
Cleared?Steamers Heoia (Br). Billings, Liverpool; a
Johns Hopkins, Hallett, Baltimore; bark Sarah Uobart,
Piukham, Matantai; schrs Abbott Devereux, Dve, Capo
Coast (Africa) ; John Somes, Mason, Arroyo, Pk; Abbie
Bcersly, Parker, Trinl i id. M
Sailed? Bsrlcs Sarah Hubert, and Alloe.
BALTIMORE. Feb 24?Arrived bark Lois (Br), Raymond,
Bremen via Tyhoe.
Sailed?Bark Zainpa (Nor), Gloucester. E.
2.*>th?Arrived, steamers Hibernian (Hr), Archer, Liver
pool via Halifax; Oeorge Aphohl, Love! end, Boston; harks.
M Smith Petersen (Wort, Eriksen, Savannah; Mathilda
(Sw). Wilmington. N C: Matbilde, (Qr), Kreniien, Liverpool;
brig Ferm (Ana), Dahl, Charleston.
Also arrived, steamers Raleigh, Oliver, Charleston; Octorera,
Reynolds. New York; llenry L Qaw, Plersoa, do;
barks Mio Cugino (It?l), Ollvarl Limerick; Industrie (Uer),
Hilcken, Bremen; scbr Sopliia, Barker, Charleston.
Cleared?Steamers America, Billups, Providence; Octorara,
Reynolds, New York; barks Hans Nielsen llange
(Nor), Pederson, Queenstown; Bsrgllot (Nor), Mosberg, do;
schrs Isaac Obertou, Crockett, Havana; J as 11 Hoyt, Lyon,
New Haven.
Sailed?Ship Gray Eagle: bark Pater (Ans).
BRUNSWICK. Oa, Feb 24? Arrived, schrs Do Moray
Grey, Aldridge, Wilmington, NC; Ernest T Lee, Uldoout,
Cleared?Schr Llr.ste Yonng, Yonng, Philadelphia.
??*?K?PlnornH uolirs Alhflrt DaiUv Mu/in Nnw T.nnrtnn <
B ff Robinson. Waple*. Philadelphia.
Bl'LL RIVER. SC. Keb 24?Arrived, bark Magpie Reynolds
(Br), Kinney, Charleston; Talisman (Br). Baker, Tybee;
brigs Morgan (Br), Thomas, Swansea; Penelope Tutton
(Br). Jones, do; Morna (Br). Qeran. .
BELFAST, Feb 17?Arrivod. schrs Joseph Parwcll, Oregv
ory. New York; Petrel. Prye. Wilmington. Dojl 2(Rh, Free
man. McKensia. Newcastle' Del?
BATH, Feb 23?Arrived, sehr Uharlea A J ones, Kent, Boe- '
ton. to load ice for Now York.
Sailed?Schr Skylark, Small, for New York.
In port ready for sea?Schr Lemuel Hall, Tripp, for New
CHARLESTON. Feb 23?Below, barks Belgium (Br), Moiher,
from Liverpool; Anevoca (Br), Mahn, fro?> Havre.
2.">th?Arrived, sehr Fanny Flint, Warren, Cardenaa for
Hampton Roads (see miscellany).
Sailed?Ships Herbert Beach (Br), Liverpool: 11 W Workman
(Br), do; bark Charles (Fr), Havre; schr B N Hawkins,
New York
CRANB ERRY ISLES. Feb 17?Arrived, sehr Mary B
Reevot. Bracy, Darion via Gloucester for Calais (and proceeded
FORTRESS MONROE. Feb 21-Arrived, bark Jedanesti
Duhrnvacki (Aus). Mabovich, Glasgow, seeking.
Tlie reported pnssiug In of bark Edward (Ger), from Br?
men. was an error.
GALVESTON. Feb 24?Arrived, bark Alma (Swe), Bjr
berg, Bremen. v
Cleared?Barks Algeria fBr), Browne 11, Liverpool; ' Freddie,"
do; Odd (Nor). Nelsotn Cork.
MOBILE, Feb 21?Arrive\ schr Lizsle, Davis, Bonacca,
NEW ORLEANS, Feb 23?Arrived, steamer Tappahannock.
Pendleton, Havana.
Arrived 21st. schr John H Krans. Pitcher. Havre. *
NEWBERN, NC, Fob 24?Arrived, steamer Ellen S Terry,
Wallace, New York.
NORFOLK. Feb 23?Cleared, brig M E Pennell, Eaton,
Alexandria 1 a. to load for Cuba.
^NKW BEDFORD, Keb 25?Cleared, schr M H Read, fo*
NEWPORT. Feb 24. AM?Arrived, schr Effort, Pendleton,
Providence for New York.
In port? Schrs Forest Olty, Hodgklns, and flanges, Pomroy,
for New York ; E P Chnrch, Hammond. Fall River for
Philadelphia: Mary W Hopper. Oilman, St George. Me, for a
Fernandina; Samuel Fish. Teel. Rockport. Me, for Norfolk;
Sodonia. Rnwlev, do for do: Nettle, or and from St Andrews
for New York : Wm Penn, Hart, Somerset for Wrye River,
Chesapeake Bay. Md; 8 8 Smith, Snow, Warchom for New
21th? Arrived, pilot boat Francis Parkins, of New York
(see Miscellany); revenue cutter Grant, Pi agar, of do, on a
Put back?Sehr David Carrie. Barrett, from Rockport fbr
Newbem. NC, (see Miscellany).
PdHTI A\n I) Ket. 'S Pis.red shin .Tnhv, Rennla Gtvl
Nicholson, Oneenstown.
PENSACOLA, Peti 21?Cleared, ichr Geo W Tewett, Jewett,
24th?Arrived, ship Ramarang (Br), Davidson, Tendon.
Cleared?Ships Atnenels Br), Jones, Qnrenstown; Knom?r
(Br), Morris. Plymouth. E: harks Adriatic iNon, Blix,
Liverpool; Fremad (Nor). Boll, I hinder.
22d?Arrived, bark T C Berg (Gar), Brnhn. Havana (no*
as telegraphed i. ^
PHILADELPHIA. Feb to?Arrived, steamers Capell*
(Br), Dryden, Liverpool; Saxon. Snow, Boston ; Regulator,
Rogers, Provhlence; Panlta. Howe. New York; ship AuEtste
(Oer). Wlerchs, Bremen; bars Capri (Br), Dinsmore,
Iverpool; tehr Nellie C Paine. Bearse. Bath.
Cleared?Ship Lennle (Br), Weston, Belfast; bark Dexterous
(Br) Parmaner, Bristol. B; schr Sophia Godfrey, Young,
Lewes. Dal, Feb 25?Arrived, steamer Albermarle, from
New York.Ship
Angnsta left this AM for Philadelphia.
Went to tea 24th, ship Naotilos and barks Esau and Nep.
Sailed 25th. bark Irlde. for Qneenstown.
PM?Brig Oar. a let! In tow tor Philadelphia at 3 PM.
Steamer Pennsylvania, for Liverpool, paaaed out at 4 PM. " ,
PORTLAND. Me. Fob 22-Arrived. schrs Sarah W linn* *
(new), McFadden. Harmon's Harbor for New York ; Canary,
Brown. Rock port for do (pnt In leaky, and went into the dry
dock to repair); Opera, Fowler St John. MB. fordo; M ft
Mahoney, Westeott, Belfast fer Baltimore; Skylark, Small,
Kennebec for New York.
Sailed?Brig llaltle E Wheeler; schra Delhi, EG Willard,
Oeoreie D Lond, Viola May, Mott Haven, and others.
23d?Cleared, schr* Irene E Mesaervey, Messervy, Norfolk;
Ellen Morrison, Dodge, and Congress, Willard, Bath,
to load for New York.
Sailed?Brig Anita Owen; schr* Irene E Mcsservev, J W
Hunt. Cougres*. Ellen Morrison (the two latter in Uiw), and
the Hert which pnt in 22d and 23d for a harbor,
24th?Cleared, brig Manaantlla. Wall, New YorV; schra
Henry PrevcoU. Norfolk; J F Carver, Boothbay. to load for
25th?Cleared, aehra Jessie B Allen, Wilmington, Del; J S
Moore, do.
PROVIDENCE, Feb 24-Sailed, achr BenJ T Crocker,
Harding, Virginia.
In Dntch Island Harbor 23d, achr White Swan, Baynes,
Boston for Washington. DC.
Sailed from dr 22<i, achrs George Calhonn (Br), Weloh, 8*
John. NB. for New York ; Msrv Theall. Tlieall, do for Port
Jefferson; Benjamin. Aylwerd, Eastport lor New York; Ana
II Hickman, Shaw, Providence for Philadelphia.
RICHMOND. Feb 23?Sailed, schr J Burlcy, Northrop,
SAN FRANCISCO. Feb 24-Arrlved, steamer China,
Dearborn, Hong Kong and Yokohama; ship Mnrmion <Mr)_
Burgess. Newcastle. NSW. via Valparaiso; bark Robert
Kelly, Kingman, Yokohama.
Cleared?Ship Niagara (Br), Plckard, Port Gamble a?d
Rio Janeiro.
hailed ?Ship Montgomery Caette (Br). Liverpool.
25th? Arrived, ship Winged Hunter, Panno, New York,
Cleared?Ship Samuel Watts. Lermond. Astoria
SAVANNAH, Feb 25?Arrivrd. barks Conte Gita Rsapaop
(Anai, Cosulloh, Texel; brig Nemcsia (hp/. Cruanaa, Cardenas.
QaUad Dela Asmhla (fensn f^eSllenM^ VnrW
VINEYARD U A YEN, Feb 23?Arrived, eehn Parous.
Progrero for Itoeton; Bandoiphon.New York for do; Kafetona
do tor St .lolin ; Tanlmaaer. Coder Kern for Portland.
Jtth?Arrived, ecbr Florence Dean. Nov York for Boston.
Nothing railed.
In port?Schr? Ward J Porfct. J C Roger*. Dlone, Venn*,
Mahaska. Annie V Berber, Twilight, Tanhaurer, SamUV "?
phon. Kejetone. Perepe. and Florence Dean.
WILMINGTON. NO. Feb ??Arrived, echr Saronel P
Brown. Tinker, Cardenas.
Cleared?Set" Abble Pitman, Chaae, Boetnn.
WILMINGTON. Del, Peb 36?Arrived, (teamcr Reading,
Colhnrn. Portland.
. cheap, 3tW South *t., near Gonvernenr *Jip * ,
atilpa, river and Sonnd Steamboat a. Steam Teca, Steam Nh
Yachta, Ac. Apply to FRED. C. SCHMIDT, Mo. I South Wil
Ileal et.
feet In length. A idrerr W. A. CUM MING, Stamford,
For a fall and graphic report of the
and the
Me the
of to-morrow.
u. m. irr?ni m?i?% lur nunivrnna cmwi, viibwi yn"i?
legal everywhere , term* ?*liiifeclnry ; iwlric* I rex. FKEDKkICK
kINU, Lawyer. 6 St. Mark'i place.
j V enl Stale*, for tin Inertia* caaiet. wlthoot pnMtcUy; I*
K*l everywhere; no charge until divorce granted, ???g?e? ?
Free. M. lluLSK, Attorney. lot Hr.adway.
rriioMAs 1[ AIVNKW TU ouat jikw TORB
L Orocer. Tea, Coffee and Flour Dealer. Hi* KorkmiM
everybody tail and net t>areata*. W Vaaay *?.

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