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Mra. Zelda SegnJn had a benefit at the Academy of
loatc last night, which was thinly attainted. The opera
lelected for the occaston was Balfe'a -Bohemian Girl,"
lecognlied now as the most popular opera ever
written for the English stage. The cast was
as follows:?Arlme, Mrs. Jennie Van /audi;
Queen of the Gypsies, Mrs. Zelda Seguin; Thaddeus.
Mr. Castle; Count. Mr. Hamilton; Devllshoof,
Mr. Seguln; Florentine, Mr. Morgan. I tic ladies were |
admirable in their respective ruiet and were greeted j
with hearty applause, encores and floral tributes. Mrs.
. Seguin made a decided hit by her singing of the air ,
"Bliss lorever past," trom the composer's "Puritan's f
Daughter," which was introduced iu the second act.
The male representatives were anything but satisfactory
in their role* "Lucia" will be presented to-night
With Miss Kellogg in the title role.
The California Minstrels have given great pleasure te '
the public by their capital and amusing performances j
at this coscy theatre. The company is large, including
inch well known Etnloplan comedians as Howard, |
Moran, Gray. Crosher, llrockway, and sueh versatile j
actors us Goodwin, Mir a l.illie Raymond and Miss Ella
McAvoy. The bill this week Is new. and the entertain- !
mcut was heartily applauded laat night. There will be
a matinde to-morrow.
At Hill's Varieties Theatre to-morrow altcrnoon an
Athletic entertainment is announced to take place, i
There will be a wrestling match in the Devonshire
Kyle for $500, between Albert Kills, late of London,
and Harry Howard, of Long Island, which is expected
to be stubbornly contested, and the leading boxers of
the city will don the nnttens and do what they can to
amuse the spectators.
I'HILAUKU'HIA, Fob. 20, 1870. |
In the United States District Court to-day the trial of j
- Mr. Newcomer, a clerk of the Bingham House, charged
v with violating the Civil Rights bill, was commenced.
The prosecutor is ihe^tev. Mr. Cook (colored), a Baptist
minister, 01 Alexandria, >a., wuu wicjuj iu?> uu was
reluscil accommodation at the above named hotel some
time a.'O, being told that there was tio room vacant.
Several white jieoplc, however, were given rooms immediately
alter his application had heeu refused.
Judge Cadwalladcr, iu charging the jury, said:?I am
of the opinion that if this defendant, burnt; charge of
the business of receiving travellers in this inn, and of
providing necessary and proper accommodations for
them in it, rofused such accommodation* to the com- j
plalnaut by reason of bis color, the dotendant is guilty |
as lie stands indicted.
The Jury agreed upon and sealed thoir verdict, which
will be received in court to-morrow. This being tlio j
first case tried in this citato under the Civil Kigbts bill, j
excites much iutorost in tbia city.
lUi nnoND, Ya., Feb. 29, 1S7C.
The Senate Committee on Elections to-day reported
In the contested cose or J. 1). Brady vs. J. 11. Uuylc in
the Eleventh (1'orismoutli) Senatorial district, favoring
the unseating of Clayle, the sitting member, and the
eating of Bradv, the contestant. Toe committee stood
a IS* U.,,1 > imlnid II. .. r. .i .A.I .1,,, lull** Ii*In* In k*-*
f * new election. Dissenting views will bo submitted !
by the minority. The committee also hold that lirndy, j
who Is the clerk of the Corporation Court or l'oiUs- j
louth, could accept the Senators hip, thereby vacating j
the otlice of clerk, the constitution disabling him Iroin i
holding both positions at once, liut not from being
lected to tba Senate w hilo occupying the olllcc ol clerk.
Bellows Fa.ixs, Feb. 29, 187C.
?. R. Osgood & Co., of Saxtou'a Kiver, carriage
manufacturers, havo prepared a petition in bankruptcy, j
their liabilities arc $20,000, and assets $12,000.
rhitrlm Tnurtio tho hnlnl nrnnriotnr Klinvta nkiptK
imouuting to $110,000, with only $40,000 liabilities, I
Arrangements are being made by the assignees wliero- j
by the liabilities will bo assumed by the Hollows Kails i
Bnvtogs Institution, involving no loss on Hie creditors. ! ,
The property will bo hedd in trust by the assignees.
Wasiuxutox. Fob. 29, 1876. i
In the Court of Commissioners of Alabama Claims to- I
day the following judgments wero uuuouuued by the j
Cose No. 1.352, Emanuel dc llamas. $233 80; case
No. 1,363, J K Sylvia, $280; case No. 1,304, Jemima j
W Peck, $220; case No. 420, Benjamin F. lllair, I
$466 60; case No. Ooti, Ellen C. Brown. administratrix,
$1,497 60; case No. 764, J. IV. .tunable, $1,626 81;
case No. 985, John U. linker, $2,508 63; case No. 646,
John Wutkltm, $704 25; case No. 36'.', 11. L. Ogden,
$1,036 30; case No. 1.372, John \ ora. $320
lion. John A. J. Creswcll, counsel, presented the
letter o( resignation of Frank \V. Huckott as assistant
counsel for the government, and in his remarks pawl
a high tribute to Mr. llackett's integrity and ability.
Judge Haynor, in bcbnlf ot the Court, expressed bis
deep regard tor Mr llacketl as one ol the government
counsel, and prolTercd the wishes of the Court for his
future welfare,
l'he Court then adjourned until to-morrow,
Port Townskno, X. Y., Feb. 29, 1876. i
The Convention to elect delegates to the National
Republican Convention, held Its tossion yesterday.
Ron. O Jacobs and Dr. T. F. Minor were cluiseu dele. ]
gates, and Colo ho I George and Kdward Kvaus, alternotes.
The sentiment ul the members oi the Conven- i
lion sweuied to be strongly In lavor or James G. Uluuio !
(or President, though no instructions wero given.
CtoccRsTRU, Mass., Feb. 29, 187(1
The George's fleet have commenced to arrive. Forty- |
Sight vessels arrived last night, and will average
tu.ouo pounds of codtish and 1,500 pounds of halibut
St. Lous, Fob. 29, 1876.
'ke wholesale tea nouse of 11. & J. Menowu, at No.
HI I.........I lhru>.,l..l/,.t llii. n?.m.
ing. Nearly the entire stock, valued at $55,000, waa
destroyed. The concern was insured In the farmers
ana Drovers' or Louisville, for $5,000; the I'niou, of
Pittsburg; the Umpire, of Chicago; the German, of
Freepori, 111., and the Aurora, ol Cincinnati, fur $2,500
each, aud for $10,000 iu SI. Louis companies. The
building was owned by Mary A. Finney and was |
badly damaged. Tho insurance on the building is unknown.
Sacrawkmto, Feb. 39, 187(1.
The lower house of the California Legislature this '
stlernoon, by an overwhelming vote, passed Judge :
Areher's bill regulating fares and freights on railroads ]
In this State. The bill will without doubt pass tho
Thcro is great eseltement nmong the Central PaciDc ;
people in consequence of this unexpected action. They I
Bade an eucrgetic and unreiuiltlng wariare against tho I ,
bill, and have boon thus lar deleuted.
lHoviDKves, Feb. 39, 1874
The Republican State Convention lor the nomination
If candidates lor the State othces and the election of !
lelegateslto tho National Cuuvention, is called tor
March XI
Bostojc, Feb. 29, 1874
The fsmsls suffrage question was discussed until ad. j
Jourament in tbe Senate tbia afternoon, but the vol*
?u not taken on it.
Dktbojt, Mtch., Feb 29, 197(L
The inrplui in the Micbig.ui SUto treasury amount*
,o 11,171,320 33.
Kbiih-ki-oxt, Conn., Feb. 29, 1978.
In. John llulaban, syeJ forty yearn, was killed
tile below Derby, by the XatiKaluck train to-nigbt.
She had fill.'u oii the truck iu a tit and was seen by the
engineer, but too late to atop the train.
Moktbiml, Xeb. 29, 187#.
The Red path Sugar Refinery Company bare discharged
all their bands, having been forced to tuapcad
hnnincaa. The refinery employed 300 bands,
The propeller Basbroock. ot the Newburg line, rr.
easily caught in the ice up the Hudson, managed to
Sght her way through the ice. and arrived at her
wharf of Harrison sir wet, in this city, yesterday alter. I
Th? Tcaerahla Dr. William Waahingloa Colfax, who
Jietl at fompton, N. J., on Sunday, 27th 111st., w?? ibo
llth child ol Geueral William Colfax, Captain of Waah
ington's Life Guard, and was born at Pompton, April I
2d, 1797. When quite a iad ho went to New York city j
to study medicine, aud waa graduated at the University 1
of New York School of Medicine Xebruary 27, 1817, ,
before he was twenty years of age. He began to prac- !
tise at English Neighborhood (Xairvlew), Bergen
county, N. J., where he remained for a year and a hall.
He then removed to Acquuckanunk (now Passaic),
and spent live years in that neighborhood, his
circuit extending. for iniles around and oven into j
l'ateraou, whore Dr. William Ellison was the prlnct- j
pai, and part of the lime the only, pb> sicioti. Dr.
Collar removed, about lH2i, to his old home at Pomp- ;
ton, and May 27, 182(1, married Heater Muudeville.
He soon gained an extensive practice through the upper
parts of Pns>ata uod Bergen counties, und over a large
section of Morris county, and he seemed to greatly enjoy
the rough Ine of a country doctor, whilo ne always
returned something of that peculiar maimer winch in j
ascribed to "gentlemen of tho old school." lio made :
a specially ol the treatment of cancers, and patients
afflicted with that dreadful disease Journeyed hundreds
of mile* from all parts ol America to enjoy the licne- j
ht ol' the extraordinary ability of this modest country ;
uoctor ul Pomptou.
In the summer of 1872 I>r. Colfax was prostrated ,
with brain lever, lie rallied, but was only n wreck of
his lormer stalwart self, and ever since has been
steadily wasting away. He bas been dying for mouths j
}>usl. and his relatives have been repeatedly called up !
to attend him in spasius. each of which they thought j
would be his last. At length, after nearly Ihree-scoro i
years of prsctice and almost half a century spentabout ,
Ins own homo, tho physician, unable to heal Himself j
I rum the miili.de of old arm ileiiarUvt ill is llle.
Itu leaven several children, iuo.si.uf ihem with numer- :
oua families.
Dr. Colhtx was all his ltfu a democrat ot the most un- j
compromising sort. His republican relative* anil :
neighbors watched him with curiosity to see what ha I
would do when his nephew, Schuyler Colfax, was j .
nominated lor Vico I'riemeul on the ticket with
General (Irani In 18CS. The old Doctor |
proudly declared that he should like to
vote for Schuyler, hut did not sco how ho
could roconctle his conscience to voting for (Irunt, and
he would have to vote lor both or neillior. Determined
not In lose hi.s democratic caste, ho kept it strictly to
himself how he did tiunlly vote. His relatives bellevo |
that he voted lor hts kinsman, republican and associate
ol (.runt though lie was.
ltuugh, blunt uml bearty; old-fashioned In his practieo,
Out with a skill that amounted u'mosl to intuition ! '
and a tenderness of hourt that none doubted, Dr. Coltax
will he sadly uttsscd in the county whore his wus '
once so familiar a form, and his memory will linger
Ions and pleasantly in tho rcmembrauco of tho thou- 1
sands who have known htm in llfo and pruliiod by hts 1
A cable telegram from tho Hague, under date of the
iSHh of February, reports:?Advices have been received
hero announcing the death by cholera, ut
Achcun, of General I'd, commander of the Dutch
forces. General 1'el wus a very brave and distinguished '
nftlpitp nf tho iiPinv nf iho Kin? nf UtillatJiL lie was
entrusted with the chief command of the Dutch forces 1
operating against the Acnouncso, and wits severely
wounded some months since in ono of the engagements
when leading on aslorining party.
This gentleman, who died in Valley Falls on Saturday
last, was born In Salisbury, Mass., July 28, 1S3L
During the war he hold Qio position of Quartermaster
of the Twelfth Ithodc Island regiment, lie was a member
of the Rhode Island Legislature from Valley Falls
in 1858, ls.'.y, lst>2, 1872, 1J>73 und 1874. Last year h? ,
was also elected, but resigned before taking his seat on
account of being appointed United Slates Pension 1
Agent lor Rhode island, a position which he held up j
to the tune of his death. ]
A telegram from Boston, Mass., of the 29th of Fcb? (
ruary, reports that Horatio Harris, an old and well |
known merchant of lioston, and ono of the trustees t
of tho Scars estate, died yesterday.
Sir Hugh Allen, of Montreal, has been elected a di- j j
rector of tho Richelieu and Ontario Navigation Com- j t
pany. I !
Tho Bishop of Quebec and tho Archbishop have had ^
a warm correspondence relative to an attack upon the ^
l'rutcslAul tailh by Rev. Mr. O'Connor, of Quebec. |
Premier McKcnzic has a bill before tho Dominion i
Parliament to creato a separate territory of all that ;
porliou ol the Nortliwost Territory east of Lakes Manlloba
and Wtrinepogosls. i 1
'1'iirnnLo uuikum uru ciillinir loudly UDon the author!- I
lies to relievo them ol vaprsnis end gambling houses. !
Sir A. T. Gait has surprised the people of the Do- |
minion with a long letter, iu which he asserts that "a
deep laid plan oxisis" on the part.of the Catholic j ;
clergy of QuuInt "for the complete subjugation of ,
I.owor Canada to ecclesiastical ruin, with (he view of ,
extending the same banelul lullucnco hereafter to ;
the whole Dominion."
Oil the 2tKn Manager Ilickson, of the Grand Trunk [ ,
Railroad, exhibited ut Ottawa u palace car valued at ;
$1(1,000. It is of black walnut, upholstered with green ( <
morocco leather. There are two bedrooms and a par- ' 1
lor and a smoking room in 11.
Theodore Tilion. a lecturer that, if we mistake not, | ]
has been heard of Iu this city, loctured on "l'be l'rob- | j
lem of Lilc" ut Hamilton, Ontario. on the 20th. 1
The Canadian l'ress Association will visit the Ccnten- j
nlul between June 10 aud 25, chaperoned by Hon. D. '
MeDougall, the Canadian Comtnlssloucr to the Ccn- J
tonnliil. who was ono of the original fouuders ol the *
association. C
Manitoba now has a Game act.
Winnipeg market Is well supplied with moose meat, I
rabbits, ducks, partridges, wintellsh and such iooth- j J
some dainties, aud koepers of boarding houses can pro- i x
vide toinptiug repasts it they choose. j f
Groat complaints arc being made of the delays to New ; i
liruuswick and Nova Scotia ships loading guano at the ' >
Chilian Islands. >
Speaker Auglln, of the Dominion l'arliameut. who Is '
debarred by law Irom^nakuig a contract with tho gov- ^
ermuent, rocelvcd the past your almost $8,000 lor post y
tics pruning. \
The Dominion government has expended $13,066,500 j 1
the past eight months and collected $12,820,786?a de- j *
llcleucy ot $1,145,724. J
Our Canadian friends think thut the state of the Do- ' j
million ts less dangerous than it was under the tuliu- ] g
eucu of inflation. Tho estimated expenditures for llie
current year arc $22,250,000 or about $500,000 less
than the previous year. <j
(From the Boston Traveller.]
The bark Robert Kelly, Captain Kingman, sailed ,
from Yokohama (Japan), In compauy with a British r
steamer, bound for San Francisco, and beat lior tweu- J
ty-tour hours. The bark uiado the passage in twenty- i
lour days; the steamer was twenty-live days. The { n
Robert Kelly was built and Is owuod by Daniel D. | r
Kelly, ot Kast Boston, and Is about 800 tons rarpeuter's ; j
measurement. The Stonewall Jackson and William H. j .
ThorndiKe, also built and partly owned by Mr. Kelly, i
hate nearly the same lines as the Robert Kelly, I
;? , s
fFroin the ltoalon Herald ] I ?
lu the family lot on tlie Itlce farm at Kiltorv, whither i '
tbo remains of tlie late Alcundar ltico wero coDVoycil, I
Wodnesday, now lie seven generations. Noar by the ' 1
lot Is growing ;t roro bu.sh kuown to b? over'.'00 years i
nlii. This estate was once ow noil by Mir Fernando ,
lio'ges, and deeded by him to the Withers family, mid
tu llKW It was given as a marriage dowry bv Thomas I
Withers to Ins daughter Mary Withers on her nuptials ! *
with Tbouw Hice.
War Dki'artmxnt, j ] t
Ovpick of Tiia Chuck Skwii. Ofpicxr, j \ t
Wasiiimitor, March 1?1 A. M. ) > '
For Wednesday In the Month Atlantic States, rising, ! "
followed by stationary barometer, cool northerly winds ?
and clear weather.
For the Gulf States, Tennessee and the Ohio Valley,
falliu; barometer, warmer aoutheasl winds, increasing i ?
cloudiness and possibly light rains. P
For tb# loirer Missouri Valley, falling barometer, p
easterly winds, cloud and snow or rain at lending a j ,
winds un.l rising barometer.
Kor the Upper Mississippi and upper lake region, sta
lloiiary or rising, lollowed by fall.ug barometer, uorlli- 1 1
east winds, colder, cloudy weather. | '
Kor the lower lakes, rising barometer, north and d
west winda, cloudy weather and stationary temper- ,
alure, ' i J
For the Middle and Eastern States, rising or station- 1
ary barometer and temperature, light wiuda ihtfUr.g 1
to easterly, partly cloudy or clear weather.
The Upper Mississippi and Ohio rirera will rise J
lightly. I ?
Til* WBATnKB yksteudat. ,
The following record will show the changes In the
temperstnre lor the past twenty-four hours, in com i '
parison with the corresponding date of last year, as in- '
UH?U1'<I VJ ?"* *uri uivuNtvi mm auuuut J'UWaUCJ, I '
No. 218 UroKlw iy:?
1STX 1871 1871 1871 .
8 A. II 16 27 3:30 P. M IV 88
C A. M 14 i? If* 17 83
?A. M 1? 37 V P. M. 18 * 2V
13 M 17 31 12 R M V US
Average temperature yet.Urdu)' 2v>? j
Average temperature lor corresponding dale last
18 I
Tfcera germs to b< i growinf Fo.ot.mont la
favor oI the formation ui a new ceanttr
oat of parts of Suffolk sod Queen*. 8'nee
Mr. Cock Introduced a bill hi the Assembly for the
purpose of roaktnr the nroi*)ged u?w county, the
Iowdn of Huntington and Babylon have both declared
in favor of the project. In Suffolk county there aerma
to be much leeltng against the secession of Huntington
and Babylon, and the other towus of the rotioty .
propose to scud a delegation to Albany
to work against the bill when It goes to J
the committee. In Queens the opposition has
assumed organisation, and on Saturday last the Town i
Boards of Newtown and Jamaica hold meetings and j
passed resolutions denouncing the proposed division. j
While New town and Jamaica are pronounced In their
opposition, flushing and iamg Island City regard the
whole uflalr with Indifference. lu the case of the for.
incr towns, Jamaica more particularly, the opposition
Is grounded on the loes which must ensue In the event
of a change. The formation of the new county meaus
the completion ot the new court house ut l-ong lclaud
City, and tho removal of the County Clerk's and Surrogate's
offices lrotu Jamaica to that point
Very early Senator Prince took occasion to Inform
the people that he would stand entirely neutral as
betwecu the two psrtles, and therefor Is being harsh ly
criticised by tbe auti-divisioulsis, while Iho divistonisls
look at it Biieutly aiul evidently with satisfaction. The
ground Is taken, that as u majority of the people of
Suffolk und Queens are opposed to the movement, he
should oppose It, on the prluoiple ol the greatest good
to the greatest number. Assemblyman Cock Is an
avowed friend of division, while Assemblyman Payne
is yot to bo heard from.
The adjourned meeting of the Condon Release Commitlee
was held last evening at O'llonovan Rossa's
Hotel The attendance was very large, over thirty delegates
being present, among them botng O'Donovun
Rosso, Thomas F. Bourke, General Miller, Augustine
E. Costello, U. 3. Mnlloda and Messrs. Loughran and
Walsh, of Philadelphia. Tbe late actiou In the British
Parliament in relation to Captain Condon's case, as reported
in yesterday morning's cable news, and iho ap
parent indifference of the governmental Washington
to the matter, were discussed at some
length. Arrangements were made with n view
to obtaining tbe support of a majority In Congress for
a motion about to bo introduced In Captaiu Condon's
favor, alter which the mee Ing went into the buslucss
of making preparations for the projected moss meeting
in the Cooper Institute ou March IT. Sub committees
were named to carry out the details, and
arrangements made to secure tbe services of competent
speakers for the occasion, alter which tbe meeting
adjourned to Sunday, Otb inst., at three o'clock P. M.
The yacht Lilly, Captain Charles A. Jones, loaded
with damn, Trout ltockaway Bar, bound Tor Fulton Market,
when about half-way between Bay Kidgn and Bed
llcfok, at cii;bto'clock last ovcning, uudrr full sail, with
a strong breeze, struck a Hold of ieo without notice, j
This at oneo crushed through tho yacht's starboard bow.
causing bcr to Mink wtthiu live minutes. Kortunatoly I
for Captain Jones and the one man with him another j
small boat was close In their wake. To her thcv called
for assistance, and she catno alongside Just In time to
take them off', they saving nothing but tho clothes in
which they stood.
The schooner Vesta, N.Y.Y.C., Mr. a M. Mills,
which sailed trom New London on tho lAlh ulk, arrived
at Qucenstown yesterday.
Mr. S. Carpenter, General Eastern Passenger Agent
>f tho Pennsylvania P.ailrond, announces,tho following
'educed rates of passenger fare will go into efloct on
tnd alter March 1:?
New York to West Philadelphia and Market Street 1
(Vharf. S'J 70: New York to Germantown Junction.
f'J Of?; Now York to Kensington, $2 50. Excursion
Ickcts good to return on the day succeeding that o!
ssue will bo Fold at tlio rats ot $5 to West Philadelphia
ttid Market Street Wharf, $4 bo to Gerinanlowu Junc ion
and $4 50 to Kensington,
.sfruoipf, | Auto. U[K>t.
Kustda I M'ch 1. | Li vet-pool.. |4 Bowling (oven
L upland M'ch 2. Liverpool.. GH Broadway
Kuevitt. Mc'ta 2. Hamburg.. Hi Broadway
City of New York.. Mc'h 4. Liverpool.. I.> Broadway
Republic M'ch 4. Liverpool . 37 Uroitdw ay
Victoria M'ch 4. (1Imkuwh.. 7 iiowliug Green
Lata)cite M'ch 4. Havre...... 56 BruMlviy
Hermann M'ch 4. Bremen.... 2 Bowling Green
t recce M'ch 4. London.... A) Broadway. 1
Nevada Mc'h 7. Liverpool. '."J Broadway
China.... M'ch H. Liverpool.. < Howling Green I
date of l'eunayla. M'ch 9. Glasgow.... 72 Broadway
iellert Mc'h 9. |Hamburg.. tf I Broadway |
term aide M'ch 11. Liverpool.. 57 Broadway ! ,
'iiv of Hiooklyu.. M'ch 11. Liverpool.. 15 Broadway \
L Bella M'ch 11. Uverpool.. 09 Broadway
iollvia M'ch 11 Glasgow... 7 Bowling Green t
America M'ch 11 Bremen.... 2 Bowln^ Green i
'nubia M'ch 15. Liverpool.. 4 Bowling Green ;
% A Scholten Mc'h 10. llotierdum. 50 Broadway ,
Clopftiock M'ch 10. Hamburg.. 91 Broadway
Jlty of Montreal.. Mc'h 19. Liverpool.. 15 Broadway
sdlic M'ch 18. Liverpool.. 37 Broadway
lady.... M'cli IS. Liverpool.. till Hroadwav
Vreire M'ch 1"< lltvro 55 Broadway '
?iyvla M'ch 18. GlaMgow... 7 Howling Green
Voter .VTch 18 Bremen.... 2 Howling Groeo 1
V iNcousiu M'ch 21. Liverpool.. J'J liro.cJwny
kb\h?iiiia M 'ch 22 Liverpool.. 4 Bowling Green 1
..cssing M'ch 23. Hamburg.. 81 Broadway
?taw? of Virginia. * M'ch 23. Glasgow... 72 It road way
Adriatic M'ch 25. Liverpool.. 37 Broadway
Jily of Paris M'ch 25. Liverpool. 15 liroadwav
IumI M'ch 35. Bremen 2 Howliug Green
'aliioriita M'ch 25. Glasgow... 7 Bowlm* Green <
Imiltiii* Mcli 28 Liverpool 2? llmadway 1
Violent! M eh 3u Mitinl?tiri.r I >1 Rtoadwny '
laltlc April 1. Liverpool.. 37 Broadway
*l!> of Chester.... April 1 Liverpool 15 Broadway
Labrador Auril 1 Havre ?.*? Broadway I
Wyoming April 4 Liverpool. 2H Broadway
I eider April ft. Iltmtmrg.. ol Broadway
date of Indiana... April ft. (IIukow ... 72 Broadway
mtnotick to captains op vessels knterino
Ikiiai.d hat adopted a distinguishing Cotton night signal for
ise on board the Hiiralo steam yacht, fdmwtng while b a rung
the colon red, green, red. changing from one to the oilier
n succession, and can be teen toverol milet distant. Cepaln?
of Tetsela, upon seeing thin signal, will oblige nt by
reparlng any marine newt they may have lor the Ship
iewe Department of the IIkrald.
Hjr Person t detiront of communicating with Tcaaelt arrie j
njt at New York can do *o by addrftftsing to su?u wiwii,
are of Herald nows yarlit, pier No 1 Ea?t Hirer, New York,
vctters received from all parts of the world and promptly doivered.
Duplicates arc required.
ilmanac fob new york?this day.
>un risca 6 S4 | Gov. Island....morn 12 00
tin seta 6 !>- I Sandy Hook eve 11 15
loon acta morn | HcliUato,.....morn 1 45
?0RT OF NEW YORK, FEB. 29,1876.
Steamer Republic (Uri, I'orter, Liverpool Feb 17 and i
luceualowii 18th, wltli indio and paeaenttcra to It J Corlta.
eh _'4, let 42 US, lull .'XI 2d, paeaed all Allan lino steamer,
bmiI eee>i ITlh,III Rillee ea.t or Hiaity 4look, .team.r
'oluuibla (Br), hence Tor (ilatijuw; aaine day, 17b miloi
a.t ol do. steamer Baltic (Br), lieuce for Liverpool; .anis
ay, 414 ea.t of do, uMamer C'ty of Richmond (Br), hence
j r do.
Meainer C ? Bunch (llelg), Knudeen, Antwerp Feb It, with
id., and passenger. to FmocIi, Bdye .( Co. Ila<l continued
mterljr gale. and heavy head Ma alnio.t the eulire pas.?e:
lal 44 SO, Ion 4M, pa.Md through about two mild of
eld Ice and .aw an Iraberir; 24lh in.(, experienced a .now
term, which laded SO hour..
steamer Hermann (tier), Helrlimann, Bremen Feb 1*1
nd Southampton 14th, with mdte and lbo passengers to
lelricli. A i'o II ad ?ery .evere we.lerly irale. mo.t of the
a-sage . Feb lit. I at 43. Ion 4b, paaaed a large iceberg.
Steamer Columhoa Heed. Havana Feb 24, with md.a and
lassengers to Wm I* dlyil# 1 ('o.
steamer lieo W Rider, Heed, New Orleana Feb 23, with '
nd.e and puonrrn to (' A Whitney A Oe.
Steamer San Salvador. Nfekerson. Savannah Feb 2b, with
?ti*e and passengers to Wm Rtiarrldon.
Steamer t'bamplon. lodteoed. Charleaton Feb 2b. with :
Dd?e and passenger, to J a* W (lainlard A Go. j
Steamer Isaac Itell, Walker, Klehmonu, City Folnt and
iorfolk, witli mdse and paaarngrr. to tlia Old Dominion '
iteam.liiD Co. ]
Hara Ceteertl Dubrovackl (Aus), Carminan, Newcastle 4tf
lava, with anlw io Hloeurich A Go.
iiata Star Omen n?l balcoiuue), Skelton. Fatraa Dee IK,
rltI) fruit to order; vesacl to (i F Hullcv. I'aaseed Gibraltar 1
an lb, nu date. 1*1 H7 ;*>, Ion 73, shipped it heavy aoa mid j
airied away everything movable from tlio dorks.
BrigJas f.ondela (of llalilo.x, N8i. McKiiinon.Cardenai I
1 <lar?, will) sugar to Gerard'A Brewer. Wa* 4 days uorth i
f tlaiteras wtlli H and NK wind*.
Sehr Aunt# L Palmer (of Hull), Ma), Lawia, An* ('uvea 15
lay s. with logwood to Knnhardl A Co; vessel to Isaac II ,
iiapiea Was H day* north of llaticrai with strung N'li
Steamer City of Fltrhburg. Springer, New Bad Turd fo# New
McauerGalatea. Waldrn Pinvldeo.-r [or V#w York.
Srhr fcilectric Plash. McDonald, Fortune Bay, SF, *'a
lloiieesler lor New York,
ju'hr Opera iHri. Fowler, 8t John. NB. for Now York,
srhr Mary Theall (Br). Theall, .Si John, NU, far Now
Sehr Ganges, Klmcr. Newport for New fork.
tkhr WHO Pigeon, Kndirotl, fauntou for .N#w York.
Sehr Geo Glllam, Bai on. New llaren tor New York.
K-I.r Molt llarao, Coiilue, Calais for New York.
Selir H T Crocker. Handy. Providence for Naw York. 1
Hahr Wm N Gaauiar. Kg nor I. Providence far New York.
Bchr lllleer Ames. LI.iLu.in, Boat on (or Naw York.
Scar samuai p Uo4wui. \V iiuacne. ataraiord lor Now York. J I
Y, MARCH I. 1876.1-TRIPI
Steamer Riuala (Br), Cook, Laverpool Tie Qoeenitowa? 0
O t'raacklvn.
Stoataor (Jamon Cattle (Br), Joaea, Ijundoa?Honderaon
*t? tuner t* Cat and (Dutch), Drddei. Rotterdam?Bunch,
Edye A Co.
Steamer Alpa (Br), William*. Savanilla, Be? Pirn. Porvoo>i
A Co
Steamer Cltjr of Mexico, Sherwood. Havana. Propre?o,
Campocbe. Ao? K Alexandre A Sun*
Sji>tm?r CI?j,i,.ih Hn Ik low <tav*ii*ah?Hurray. KtrHl i
Co." ' "
ritp?m?r Win P Clyde. Ingram, Philndelpbla?J?? Hund.
steamer Glnueus. Benr??. Button?H P Dliuoek
Ship Kdith \t arren tBr), Clark. Urrrpaut ? Warren A Co.
Hhip Cunttftiitine, Creovey. London?Uriunell. Miuiuru A
Mark Homeward Bound, Merryman, Botlordam?Carver
A Harue*.
Brig Olaf Kyrre (Nor), Anderaen, Antwerp?C Toblaa k
Brig llalear, Babr. Montego Bar. Ja?U WcMela.
Brig Alpbonae (Br), Tbonuou, Clontuegoa?Jot a, Terry k
Krhr Ann K Carll, Tyler, Georgetown, Nlo?Jonaa Smith
k On,
Schr Rebecca Sbepberd, Kobinaou, Trinidad?Jaa W Elwell
A Co.
Bohr Maggie Mulvey. Andoraon, Havana? Leaycraft k
Schr Brandt R Baird, Maybew, Cardenaa?Evan*. Ball k
Scbr I'rlaeJUa Scribner, Freeman, Matannu?A Dayton k
Scbr George X. Treadwell. Taylor. Baracua?B J Wenberg.
Sour Victor PuJg. 1'iukbain. Baracoa?B Pulg.
Scbr 8 II Hawea, Port, City Point and Richmond Van
Bruut A Bro
Schr Starlight, Reed. Norfolk?11 W loud k Co.
Scbr Mary Nowell, Xowell, Philadelphia?Simpeon. Clapp
A Co.
Sclir 8 J Lindaay. Dean, Boston?Clias Twin*.
Scbr It A For.yth, llobeie, Stamloru?Stamford Manufacturing
Stoamera Idaho (Br), for Liverpool; City of Mexico. Havan
a ; Cleopatra. Savannah ; Win P Clyde, Philadelphia;
abipa ltobeua. Croustadt; bark Valkyrlou (Nor). Cork or
Falmouth: Solaria (Brl. Port do dalle (Ceylon) : achrs Santa
Roaa, Kiugaton, Ja; Jennto K Willey, CUarloatou.
Wina at midnight. N.VW
Barometer at aunaet. 30.24.
Stfamkk Poxck (flp). Portuando. from Philadelphia for
Liverpool, which went to sea tiijrht of Feb 27. returned to
the Delaware breakwater A N 2l?th, baring been damaged
amidships bv collision with a scbr. She had a laryre patch of
canvas on the port side and was laying*over to starboard,
and apparently not as deep as when sho went out.
Ktkamkb 1 *iii an a, from Liverpool, grounded in the mud
at liiiikhead Shoals (Delaware?) I'M Feb 2b. but flrot off and
pasted up at high water.
Ship Tiitatiila iBr), from Hong Kong. dragged her
anchors yesterday from Beilloe's Island to Bobbin's Beef. A
steamer went to uer and towed her u|i.
Ship F.hiua Augusta (Port), 'mm Pensacola fur Liverpool,
which nut into St Michaels December 30 in distress
and moored at tho entrance of the breakwater, bad part
ol stern and stanchions carried away by the the chain moorin
It during a gale, and had to be taken inside the breakwater,
as she was in danger of drlvlug on ihe rocks. A survey was
held ou her January 28. and the cargo was ordered to be discharged.
She was making JO Inches water per hour.
Ship I'-anaiia. from Manila for San Frauctsen. before reported
ashore off St Nicolas Shoal and got off, would repair
at Manila and proceed.
Ship Portia (Br), trom Mobile, at Liverpool Feb 13, experienced
Jim 28. 1st -10 09, Ion 44 23. a hurricane from NW,
luring whieli thlpi>ed a heavy sea and stove in lite boat,
blew away foresail and fore unu initten lower topsails.
Smr Oe'tsjr (Nor), from Pensacola f?r Sharpness, before
reported, was abandoned Jan 27 in 1st 3d N, Ion 49 W,
bang Maria scahhtxb (Br), from Leghorn tor New York,
before reported as having put into tiibrsltar in distress, wss
discharging marble in Kosia Bay Feb 111.
Habk Isi.akii (JUKKft (Br), from St John. NB. at Warrenpoint
Feb 14 for Newry, lost bowsprit, jibhoom, part of
deckload and an anchor, hud long boat damaged and had to
)ettison part of cargo in heavy woather.
Bask Jkxnik Aiinstiin.su. from Philadelphia for Gloucester,
which grounded In leaving (Jucettstown, and was
towed back to port, waa making much water, besides having
rudder damaged.
Hark Hp.luistm (Br), from Charleston, at Liverpool Feb
17. had lower gudgeon carried away and started middle
gudgoou, during u gslo Feb U. She was making a little
water uu arrival.
Bkig Omhjpfl. for the English Channel, which put back to
Batuviu Dec 19 leaky. had discharged part of cargo Jan 15
uud the leak found to he above the aonir. She would he
further lightened, proper!v calked and the height of tho
copper raised two sheets, when she would be again surveyed
and. If approved, reload and proceed.
Hitiu Onalahka. from Leghorn tor Philadelphia, before
reported, repaired at Gibraltar, and sailed lor destination
Feb 1U.
Hkig Titania (Dan), from Philadelphia for Copenhagen,
which drifted ashore near Uoliue*tad. had become a wreck
Feb 8. The greater part of the cargo aud materials wore
landed on tho Swedish coast.
Hkig Alick, Brutruiore, from Motile for Cientuegoa, put
into Havana Feb 27 in distress, of what naturu not stated
Scim Wild Piukox. from Full River for Philadelphia,
which put into Newport Feb 124 with lots of jibboom, repaired
uud proceeded 28th. #
koilk ktahnk (Br), Purdjr, from riontuegos for Boston,
put into Shclboiirue, NS, Fob 29 with Ioks of foresail aud
crew frost bitten.
SeuR Sultana, of Gloucester, from Lahave Bunks. pnt
Into Halifax. Feb 29 in distress. She encountered a heavy
gale oil the Hunks, and her hawser parted, injuring tlirco
men, one having his leg broken.
Senr Lottik. Speed, from Mobile for Bath, with cotton
arrived iu Dutch Island Harbor 29th. badly lcod up aud out
i>l provisions. She had been 30 days out. with very boisterous
weather. One of tho sailors was frostbitten.
Son it E II Dkvmmond. iroui Caibavieu, arrived at Philadelphia
Fob 29, and reports on the 20tli, south of Hatterus
encountered heavy \VN\V gales; shipped u heavy soa aud
broke fore 1mmmi. split foro staysail, lost staysail boom and
started cargo.
Heiik Liz*ik. lost at Yaqulna Hay on the 18th tnst. was
hound down for Sau Francisco. She was iusurod for $50(Xl,
and is a total loss.
ObOUCkNTKR, Muss, Fob 29?Fishing schr Nutbauiol WebIttfr
of this uort uut into liaiUav vestnrdav and
lliitt i>ouuJ* Lyons, * soumau, fell orerboerd und wan
Schr .Mnruthon arrived hero from (Jeorge't Bank and report*
tlie loan overboard of Cap! Waleu.
London, Feb 18-Larure quantities of petrolenin casks,
painted blue, with the letter H marked on them, also pieces
?(' ship bulwarks, painted li?ht green, and cabin doors and
Ixinp* were passed Feb 1 in lut *3 47 X, loner 30 48 W.
A ship on fire, apparently a Urire sailing vessel, and
tearly burned to the water's edge. was seen night of Feb 8,
at 4.vJ0 X. long 50 W. by steamer <klor, from New York, at
Southampton m? the 10th ; no boat* or crew could be discovered.
i Probably ship Progress before reported.)
LaCNOUKD?A schooner was launched at Heudixsen's shipyard,
Humboldt Hay, Cal. ou Mouday, 14th lust. Another
nouM he launched the following week if Uio weather continued
favorable. Both arc for the cuastiuj: trade
At Hath, .Me, Feb 28, b.v Messrs Douuell A Leering, a fine
ichr of 04 tons, nutned Alice .Shells, intended for a fisherman
hi J is owuod by parlies iu Boston and Capt lienry 11 Joyce,
a ho com mauds
Qkokcktow*, HO, Fob 24 Pilot on boat Nul of thl? port
llscnveruil n now bar about 150 yard. In uie south and
real ut the nbl bur. with It lent ol ? ?u i at low lltlo, channel
very narrow, anil curved out a aril about SSK.
I'iiii.adki.I'Hia, Fob 28?The briny In lha horseshoe baa
yono ailrlft.
Hailed from San Francisco Feb 21, brig Timaudra, Rail
en a, to cruise.
Pteamrr Peruvian (Br), from Portland for Liverpool, Feb
28, 10 AM. 5<i milt's ea.t ul Cape Sable.
oui. i',.1 ir nr.i i?. r,.r.n.. r?a n.
14 64 s. lou :o 4*1.
Slilp Monte Rims, Cuter, from Newport, E, Tor Yokohama,
3 ilav* out, no date, lat 8 K, Ion 36 \V
Ship Sullote (Br), Small, from Antwerp for Caltao. Dee 6,
lat 6 S. Ion 31) W.
Au American ihip bound north, Dec 10. In titllolo Pasa^llark
Formosa (Rr>. O'Nell. from Ardrossan for Tybee or
llainptou Heads, .Ian 30. lat 4B3U. Ion 10 41.
Hark Chrlatel (tier), Hockelman, trom Bremen for Baltimore.
Feb tl, lat 40 43. lou 4 10.
Hark llypatbla (Hrj, Dakin, from Liverpool for Sandy
Hook, Feb 7. lat 61 <w. Ion 13 2*i.
Hark Morro Castle, from Uomr Koug for New York. Jan 1
16 lat 26 8, Ion 6 K. I
Hark Cordelia (Hr). MclVarniid, from Pentacola for l'enartli
Roads, Feb 36, 1 * a> miles N\V of TnrtUKas.
Hark Albion iNor). Guiincrsoti, from Penaacola for Nowrastle.
Feb 36, 101) miles N\V of Tortucas. I
Ilriir Romanee, Craig. from Baltimore lor Navassn, Feb
34, *' P.M. 10 milea S ol Currituck.
Sclir M H Milieu (of Savannali), Young. 33 days 'mill Hueuos
Ayrea tor tlenoa. Fob 7, lat lit 1H, Ion 43. All well. I
An American veuel, altowlnk elir>ai M VHI), bourn! aonth,
Feb 11, lat ID N, Ion 7 W, by the Henri IV ta). at llavra.
Merchanta, ahipplnr amenta and ahtpmaatera are tnlarined
(bat by telegraphing to tlte lianaLO London Bureau, adlreasiuy
"Bennett, No 4*3 Fleet street, London." or to the
I'arta ottii-a. ndd resting "Bennett, 01 Avenue da I 'Opera,
Pari a,*, the arrivaia at ant departurea from Knropean and <
Kaateru porta of American and all lurelgn veasela trading
vitb the tutted Statea, tba aatua wilt be cabled to tbla
mutt try tree of charge.
Captains arriving at and selling trout French and MadU
erranean norta will tiud the Parts office tut mora ocouotnloa!
tud expeditious for telegraphing nowt
ANTtranr, Feb 3S?Arrive-* bark Mary 9 Gibson (Br),
Hoau, Baltimore.
UutiTOL, Feb 39?Arrived, bark St Olaf (Nor), Land, Bal- '
J moro.
HitkMkX, Feb 38?Sailed, ablpa Wm TVoodbnry, Ma lit las. j
miiuniore . ncone, uruninionu, .vew trriraiiH , i>iir<i jarnn
[lauert (Swe), Atberg, Savannah; Onkel (tier), Tutch,
Sew Orleant. #
Sailed :17th. bark Point (Qer), Herding, Mew York,
BAitcictoxA, to Feb HO?Arrive.!, brig Maid of (ilnuwem
(Rr), Davit, Mobile.
Sailed to 2ttth, brig Florence. Uathburn, Key Wett.
Boxrat, Feb 2S?Arrivod, thip Cbaa U Southard, Beattie,
Cadio?Sailed, brig Anno Barker (Br). WoUh. United
Dvxclvlu, Feb 27?Arrived off, bark 8 J Ilogart (Br), :
Reynoldt, from New York for Rotterdam.
Dt'IU*. Feb 29?Arrived, tliip Mario Stoneaion (Br),
BIBnvelt, l'hlladelphlo <?ee below).
( LAtcow. Feb '29?Saiiod, bark R Murray, Jr. Purington,
United States.
UALWAT, Feb 29? Arrived, barkt Carolina Premndo (Autu
IVeetel, Philadelphia; Argut (Br). Scott, New York tboth
U tynoenttowni.
l.ivaarnoL .Feb 29? Arrived, echr Tbomaa P Boll. Ryder,
Qoiveaton via Key Wo>L
Arrived 2Mh, tliip Staoibool (Br), Coon, New Orleona;
barkt J B Newroaib (Br), Newcomb, Savannah, Apollo
[Br). Mllllkea. Wilmington. SC. Uevertham (Br). Doovl,
Darlen; brig Oromocto. Janet. Cbarleaton; 2uth. tteemer
BoMvar (Br). Doharty. HevOrlaaai; barks Lanra R Burnham,
Phillips, Rlogapora. Frvaoo, Leach, San Kraucleco;
liavelock (Br), Petenuo. New \ork.
Claarcd 2Mb. ship* Nopiune, Spencer, Colled State*;
Rhino (Br), hinilh, do; bark Caatua (Br), McCulloch, baa
FrancUce; brl? A*ha (Bur). Hangar, tailed State..
Lohlhjx, Peb (HI?Arrived barki Hildegaard (Hot), Pa
aersen. riiiiadelphia; Ki? Sheldon, Sheldon. ao.
Movill*. Feb 29?arrived, itttnur Scandinavian (Br),
Smith, Portland for Liverpool laud proceeded).
Mkssixa, to Fob 29? Arrived, brie L P Munson. Manson.
Now York for Beyrnut?pat ia throng!) streaa ot weather.
M rLaouunic. Fob *29?Arrived, barks 11 D Brookinan. Tyson.
New Y'ork; Europe, Mayo, do.
Pltmooth. Feb 29?Arrived, steamer Ameriqua (Pr),
Pourols, New York for Havre (and proceeded'.
Arrived iu the Channel 28th, ship Wyio (Br), Brown, New
York for London ; alto the Durham.
pAriLhAC, Feb 29?Sailed, brig Sarah M Lortng, Luring,
New Y'ork. *
VUKXNDTOWit, Feb 29?Arrived, barks Felielna Cbiasso
(Ital), Nicola. Philadelphia; Bertha (Nor), Gaarn, New
York; echr Vesta (yacht), New London.
Arrived 28th, steamer Atlas (Br). Hoaeaaon. Boston for
Liverpool; bark Athlete (Br). Hutchinson, Baltimore ; brig
Marietta (Ital/, Ferrera, do; 29th, bark Ives (Nor), Olsen,
Also arrived 29th, 8 AM, steamer City ol Paris (Br), Kennedy,
New York for Liverpool (and proceeded).
Southsm-rov, Feb 29?Arrived, steamer Seeker (Ger)^
Willigerud, New York for Bremen (and proceeded).
Sailed 29th, AM, steamer Navarino (Br), Uogert (from
Hull), New York.
St Michakls, Feb 19? Arrived, brig Contest (Br), Le
Dalle, Ball Kiver, SC. for Great Brltala (aea below).
Trikstr, Feb 27?Arrived, berk EsteUa, Poole, Baltimore.
Wsst Habtlrtool. Fab 28?Arrived, bark Samaria (Nor),
Bvendeen, Darien.
Amtwert, Feb 25?The Norwegian bark Segatua. Capt
Predriksoa, from this port for Boaton. has been aarerely
damaged by a collision.
Cadix. Feb 21?The surveyors have recommended that tlie
brig S K Kennedy, Capt Peterson, which recently arrivod
here In distress from New YorX, discharge cargo for further
Dublijs, Feb 29?Hie British ship Maria Stoneman. Capt
Blauvclt, from PhlladeJohie Jan JO for this port, arrived
here to day. Site had experienced hoary weather and lust
her misseumast, with all attached.
FLUSuiNti. Fob 28?'Die American bark Addle McAdam'
Curtis, from Antwerp tar a Cuban port, which collideo with
British bark Maggie Chapman, fiom Antwerp for Philadel
floated. Both vessels wore considerably dmuatrpd.
St Michaels (Asores), Keb 19?British brig Contest, Capt
Le Galle, from Bull River, SC. J?? 21. for Great Britain,
arrived here leaky and with bulwarks broken. She will
repair and proceed.
Aarirwaix, Feb 26?Sailed, steamer Atlas (Br), Low.
New York.
Hahia, Jan 13?Arrived, brljr Llcsle U Kimball, Rtorer,
New York; 20th, sciir Joseph Wilde, Raid, do (both before
reported without date).
salle,l USd.hrlg Florence May (Br), Ccltsler, New York.
Calcutta, Jan 21?In port ship Kosolle, IleiLzum, for
New York.
C aiba rien, Feb 27?Arrived, schr Grace Andrews, Andrews.
Cardenas, Keb 26?Arrived, brig Isaac llowland. Lakeman,
New York; schrs Ada K Whitney, Marsters, do;Chas K
Ilevor, Polaud, Gnadaloupe.
Sailed 26th, brigs Addle Hale, flheppard north of TTattorus;
Abblo Klleu, Harding, do; schrs A R Weeks, Parr,
do; Wm Murshnll. Cain. do.
CiRNrtisuos. Feb 26?Arrived, briar Montrose (Br), Slavin,
klontogo Bay, la; schr Klla, Drlscoll. Kingston, Ja
Sailed 24th. brie Alpha (Ur). Rodenplu, Boston; schr
Bpccdawity, Coffin, Now York.
Departure Bat. Feb 19?Sailed, ship Washington Libby.
iinuv'iu, ohq r r mi Cisco.
Hon<j Koxg. J uu 20? Am red, bark Signal, Whitney,
Newcastle, NSW.
Sailed Jan 18, barks Armenia. Salter, New York; 22d. Cairtrs,
Randall,jla; 2*>th.Mlrall* (Br), Pitt. 8ta Francisco;
Feb 1. Wculthy Pendleton, Blanchard. for Kutaontr.
In port Feb 3, steamer Lotus (Br), lor Han Francisco;
ships 8 O Reed. White, for Portland, O; Lathlev Rich,
Lewis, for San Prancfico; Grjr Fa (Br), for do; hark Crusa,
der. (forhani. for Now York.
Havana, Feb 2.r? (not 26th)? Arrived, steamer King Arthur
(Br), Crowell, New York (aud soiled 28th for Matanaait)
; 26th, brig i>ob'>rmh S Soule, Soule, St John. NB; 27th.
hark Churlotta (Nor), (juudeiseii, Pensacol* for London;
brig Alice. Bouguera, Mobile for Clenfuegofl, In distress;
achr Mabel Lent (Br), Heeler, Nt John. NB.
Sailed 27th. schrs Kllen lli Jott, Armstrong, Charleston;
River Queeu. liibb, Pass Christian.
Halifax, NS, Feb 28?Sailed, brig Jane E Hula (Br),
Porto Rico.
Manila. Jan 21?Sailed, bark V B Fay. Oh rood. Ronton.
Montkvidko. Jan 17?Arrived, bark Bessie 8impsou (Br),
Bradford, iineno* Ay res.
M ataxzas. Feb 26?Arrived, brig li B Cleaves, CuramlngH,
Boston; schrs Anna Bell, Griffin, do; 'Barn Smith, Packard,
Now York; Husivus (Br), Martiu, St John, NB; Alice Burn
bam, Baxtor, da
Nam At no. Feb IS?Sailed, ship Blno Jacket, Perclval,
San Francisco.
mo 'IMINOK. jOil ? -sanen, oni{s ?w>? (Uer), warncke,
Sandy llook; Flora (Oerl, Hansen, New York.
SiNCaroiiK. Jau IS?In port bark llera vGorl, l'otschko,
lor New York.
Kiiakuiiai. .Ian 22?Sailed, ships George Tliempson (Br),
Mill, New Y'ork; Jttti, Mikado (lirl, Illiory, do.
Sbtr*a, Jan 29?Cleared, bark Principi do Napoll (ltal).
Magna, New Y'ork.
Sum lU'a.NK. N 9. Feb 29?Put In, schr Bvadno (Br),
Purdy. OtaufuMroa for Buetou (sou Miscellany).
Yosouaaia, Feb 4? Arrived, ship Uupo, liancock. Now
Sailed Feb 7, bark parmenla iBr), Kanaxawa and San
fPitE Sti.amkb Hkrmank.J
Antwerp, Feb II?Sailed, Marianua VII, Dostantos,
AaeTtnOAM, Feb 11? Arilvod. Ansgar, I'll. Philadelphia.
liuaariuiavkn, Feb 11?Arrived, America (a). Do Liuion,
New York.
Boanaauz, Feb 12?Arrived, Fain a, Utoesen. Philadelphia.
Bombay. Jan 21?Arrived. Simla, Salter, Liverpool; Feb
12. Kuropa (s), McKay, Glasgow and Liverpool.
Calcutta, Jan 1A?Arrived, Nlphon, Day. Akyab; ISth,
Klcano. llrown. Melbourno.
Sailed Jau 17,Susan GiUnore, Carver, Dundee; Falstaff,
for New York.
Dual, Feb 14?Anchored, John Mastonnan, Gibson, Leith
lor Doboy.
OLOUCkSTKB. Feb 14?Sailed. Armenia, Fidete, New York.
Uknoa. Feb 0?Cleared, Kobert Dillon, Biatchford, Leghorn
. Alboeola P. Prescetla, Philadelphia.
iliaiLALTAK Feb 4?Cleared, Onalaaka, Fuller (from Leghoru),
Haksuku, Feb 12? Arrived, Klopatock (a>, Wlnsen, Now
Havre. Feb II?Sailed. Kockllghl, Evans, Cardiff.
Ipswich, Feb 12?Arrived, Ganger Kolf, Larsen, Baltimore.
Liverpool, Feb 12?Arrived. Lalnetar, llolman, Pensaco
la, 19th. Aiiis, liaugvi. Wilmington, NO; City of AntVerp
Iftth, Leonara, Blood. do.
CntuKMTK, Feb U-S?ilt4, Sarah Mandell, Coaaentina,
*l)aioy" (probably linltoy.)
i' i?T?Li.4??Ha. Fab 11 ?Sailed, Francesco. Bavaria,
Caltero. New York.
CAU.i-rTA.daa IS?Sallvd. FaWtaff, (Jrejr, New York; 10th,
Susan Olltnofv, fiaircr, Dundee.
Arrived Kith. Listie H, Munro, Cardiff.
[ Carr*. Feb 6?Mlehele ti. Ferrari, .Vow Orleans.
Ural.. Feb M?Passed. 1. Ion nr. Halettra. (rain Baltimora
lor Leitk; Kama. Iteirna. N't* Yoik for do.
(Ill do 101 b, Staubo, (iundersen, Wilmington for OranIon.
Anchored 15th, Angloletta Borto, Chtesa, Boston. E. lor
New York.
Dusli.n?Arrived at Kingatown Feb 15, Kate Sancton,
Carver. Philadelphia.
Ocxiialx. Pel) 15?Sailed. Kannr P. Landre. Philadelphia.
kxaotiu. Feh 14? Arrived, Koran. Allierttaii. New York.
Fti .BOOTH, Fob Id?Arrivod, (Jarlbaldl. Irom Philadelphia
for Imndon.
Fatal, Jaa 2D? Arrived, Cbaldina, Hpanaglo, Nova Scotia
(and sailed 27th for Ainbrit).
liRiXBT. Feb 15?Sailed, llannah O, Roabrook, St
UiaMow. Feb 12?Arrived, Flirlla Areame, Plnoneelll, '
Philadelphia; Mlh, Panllna. l.invomc. New York.
Ohkbnocii, Feb 14?Arrived. Keystone. Frederick. Havana;
Mlh. p.lvrrhoi. Naif id. Darien. Allen. Westergaard.
Charleston. 17th, Prri Duhrovackl, Peado, New York; |
Cambrian. I.ewl*, do.
Sailed 13th. Australia (at. Mediterranean ; 14th. Sunbeam, i
Whitney, tinned Stales ; 16th. Doris hckhoff. Hons. Havana.
Uaaoa, Feb II?Arrived, Acadian. Terrim, New York.
Clear.'d 12tb. Famish a Prima. Chiossa, New York; Battivtloa
Craviotto, Philadelphia
sailed lltb. Kcbert Uilloa. Hlatchford. Leghorn (and arrived
at L 13th); 12th. Silvia, Ferrari, New Orleans; Al- j
(a). lM\er. sew i <>ri; lion* (a), mil, do.
Sailed 12th. Both Haliuar, Smith, Tyhee; Importer,
Sutherland, Mold..' lend ?*? off Point I.ynaa aame day) ; J
K Woodworth, FreJerlwkaon. Havana; Malta, Mann, New
York; ldlb. rtme Keillor, l.nnjfley, Tyl>ee; Alexander Marahall.
Gardner, Now York.
Cleared IUtIt. W II Keennv, Boer*. Demerara.
off Point Lyna* Kith. J P Wheeler, Thomaon, from Liverpool
for Gnarleatou.
iHT Bardaey Ialand 11th, Alfred, Gray, from Liverpool for
Off South Stack. 11th, Dnleuru, Horn, from Liverpool for
Lordo-v?Sailed from Graveaend Feb 13, Floeta, for Wil- '
raliiglon, NO; 14th. Da|[iiy, tor Peeaecola.
I.kitii. Feb 12?-Sailed. Kuiuia G Bcaounell, Webber,
Sandy Hook, Caaaa Marlitima, Oneto, New York.
Linaaica, Fob 12?Balled. Boa, Tbarmeuaeii, Hampton
Lkohorv, Feb 10?Arrived. Marena, Handy, Genoa.
Maa.-lli*. Fab 11?Arrived, Eva H Flak, Foater, Ualveaton.
M -uaMiiJ.ES, Feb lO?Arrived, Flying Bcaid, Caator, St
'"mapbas. Jan li?Arrived, Mary M Bird. Packard. Ualle.
Nkwcastle, Feb 12?Cleared. Sagadahoc. Power*, Havana;
Byron (Nor) Philadelphia.
Nagasaki. Nov 27?Arrived. W G Patton. Connor. Newehwanic;
Hoc 4, Jas E .Stone, Uallett. Bhanphal
I'alekvo, Feb 5?Arrived, Kuxine la). White, Maaaiua !
(and aalled 7tb for New York).
Bailed fith, Italia (a), CmIt. New York ; 0th, Conoetta,
fiUirlielmlnl. and May McFarlaud, McFarland, do; 8th, Vlneolr.
Keiuerteen. do.
Kottkupail. Feb 11?Cleared. Ellrabeth D. Durante, New
York. _ ? .. ..
SLIOO, feo >3?Arrivca, jeaure cernui, uarciuite. Baltl""sablks
d'Olokn*. fob 10?Sailed. Genoa, Priori, New
Sroxav. NSW. Feb I'd?Sailed, Granada (I), Caverly,
Sau Francleco.
WaTKBPOav. Feb 11?Sailed, Agnellu, Gargullo, Now
York ; Superbo. Toiuicith. do.
Yokohama, about Feb I'd?Arrived, Oceanlo <?), Par veil,
Sau Francleco for Hong Kong.
|Pkb Stkakku Ktrnnuc 1
Antwkrp, Feb Id?Arrived, Susan 11 Hodman, Corning,
Sailed ldlb, Wellington, Card, Philadelphia; 15tb, Sarah
B Canu, Kldrtdjre, do.
Sailed from Flutbiug Uoada, 9th, St Olaf, Uaeeel, America.
Akxtkhdaii, Feb Id?Arrived, llobentollern, Bahrendt,
Auckland, NZ, Nov 23?Sailed, Moneynlck, Steven, Melbourne.
Apklaidb, Dee 13?Arrived, McLeod, Facte, Bastard
Howling, Feb 14? Arrived, Commerce, Elliott, Java.
HtLrnt, Feb 13?Arrived. Knchau'.reit, lioddie, St John,
KB, 14th. Kllia Un'.ton. Black. New York.
BkKNKHuavKN, Feb 13?Arrived, Strattbnrg (a). Barre,
New Orleant.
Uakcklona. Feb 4? Arrived, Angela, rant. New Orleane:
Btb, Frejra. Kotg. Charleston.
sailed ,'>tli?Canada, l.ammert, Darlea; 8th. Adolph
Mlebels. Niemann. New York; Btb, Margaret, Wilaou,
Camoirr. Feb I'J?Cleared. J E llolbrook, Leavilt. Havana;
14th. Kicliard Pe irse. Bariaby, do land tailed saws daj) ;
Uaaoia ? Prcscette. Baltltaem; 13(h, Hornet, Hopbine.
Ht-p f'' l4-Arri*?L Xavaitw d), loftn. Nkt Iwk;
Ljo, Wold. Wllmiu^ion. XC
HAiirutrooL. Feb Id?Arrived. C*ras. Bo*. Baltimore
11Aaarico? Arrived at Cuilisrou, Feb lWh. 1dm Lily,
nlanchurd J.udvrbury IslnaU
llAVmm. r?li IS?la the road*, Aritoaa, Couaut, from N*?r
Orleaa* Tor Room.
, "0*? Feb lb?Arrived, Oceanic (*), Tarwll, Saa
Iwwu'ii T#b IS?Arrived. Norma, Scoplnlch. Baltimore.
r hf u WCA, Jaa IS?la port, Roebuck. Holme*,
from Wiaaebab.
LiTKHrooij, Feb 14?Arrived. Humboldt (?>. Mitchell,
New 1 urk ; Floreac* Treat, Short, Kansoon ; Burnbrae. Mur
pb). Galveston; 15tb. kothiemay. Irish. Norfolk: Bifrost
(?l. Wetterifren. Uottenburr; Marathon (??. Garrett. Hoston:
16th. Ericsson, Rodders. Sau Francisco Cnspiau 1*1.
Trucks. Portland: Mystic Tie. Porrs 17tb.
Egypt (i). Grogan. Sew York.
Sailed 15lli. Siberia (t). Harrison. Boston; 16th. Miuichusetv
(?), Walter*, do; Nevada (?), Jones. New York;
Washington. Chase, do: Tarpelaii. Young, Kicbuiuud, Va.
Left the dork 10cb. China <s), for Saw York; Nora Sc'j"
ti'ii. for Halifax, Ac.
Cleared 14th. Daoon. Inglia, Matanias. 15th, Livonia,
Clow, Halifax; M irgarite, Suppa, Prusaevia
Off It a r Lightship 13th, Alex Marshall, Gardner. Liver,
pool 'or New York.
Off Point Lviiaa 12th. Ruth Palmer. Smith, Liverpool for
Tybee taud arrived at Holyhead 15th).
Arrived at Holyhead 13th. Kuth Palmer, Smith, Livers
pool for Tybee.
London. Feb 17.?Arrived, Svalen, Boe, Baltimore;
Princess Loul?e. Friel. Boatoo.
Cleared I4lh. BoriielJ, Tripcovlch, Philadelphia; 15lh,
Mo/art, Jullcker. sandy Hook;C R Burgess, MrBride,
Windsor. NS; Kendrirk Fisb. Fiah, Cardiff; 16th, Waldimer,
Larson New York : Veneranda, Trapanl. do.
Entered out 14th, Denmark (a), WtUiams, New York;
15th. Calcutta, Laurn. do; lBtfc, Thoa Ilamlin. Webstar,
Montreal; 17th, Carl. Bockeiman, New York; Wexford, Foe
ter, Boston. _ . ,
Sailed trom Gravesend 14th, Jnno. for Darian; 17th,
Bloiuidon. tor Philadelphia.
Lisnotr. Feb 11?Arrived. Dorian fa) Ritchie. Glasgow.
Sailed .5th, Adventure. J antes. Pensacola.
I.Kr.iioK.N Feb 14?CaDdid?r.*o. Lauro. New York.
Vessixa, Feb 7?Satlud, Adda J Bonner, Bonner, Phllm
Madeira, Feb 2?Sailed, Morie Rote, SchulU, New York.
Malaga. Fell 5?Sailed, Carrie Annie. Hodge, Codla.
Mklhiiuuk. Dee 2D?Arrived, Skimmer of the Wevet,
Goock, New York.
Nbwpobz. Feb 14?Arrived, Albert Sehnlta, Latham, bantander.
Newcastle, NSW, Dec 29?Sailed, Jeaatca, Coogdon, Adalalde.
Opoitto. Eeb 4?Sailed, Jaa B Ward, Payne, Cadit; Han
cock. King. St Thoma*.
Portland?Sailed from the Roads 14th. Brunnow, Paget
Philadelphia for Bremen; Maggie Horton, Uorton, No*
Yerk for Great Yarmouth
Pknartii, Feb 15?Sailed, Fauuie, Cardiff, Padang; Almol
Rowell. for Port Natal.
palermo, Feb w?Sailed. Lawrence, Coney, New York.
Pkxaxo, Jan 3?Arrived. Milo. Krocht, Tuticonn.
Gokknstowx. Feb 15?Arrived. Bontto, Murphy, Penrt
Sailed 15th, Star of England, Whiteway, Antwerp; Eldnot
for do.
Nottkrilam, Feb IS?Cleared, Meuioato, Anderson, Pblla
Stsv inukb, Feb 6?Belled, Edwin end Li?ie, Thorsen, Si
Mary's, Ga,
Smyrna, Feb 2?Arrived. Virginia Stafford, Carry, Palermo.
St Vino Ext. CV, Jan 25?Sailed, Bertha. Schnltx, Darien;
2Sth. Der Pommer, Holm, Wilmington.
Thiehtk, Feb lo?Arrived. Prtaco. Calfiero. New York.
Sailed 9th. Kayner (a), Tnrpin, New York.
Trnkkippk, Jan 26?Arrived. Thoa N Stone. Pitcher, St
John. Nit; K M Brooking, Brown, Sevennah tend both Ttf
tuained in port Feb 4).
Sailed 2:~>tli, Almira Coombs. Langthorn, Matanias.
Watxkvoild, Feb 10?Arrived, Seati liubrovacki, Gogge,
New York.
ASTORIA. 0, Feb 25?Arrived, eblp Trojan, WiUiame,
San Frandaco.
ALEXANDRIA, Feb 28?Arrived, steamer E C Knight,
New York.
BOSTON, Feb 29?Arrived, * teamen (Quebec (Br),
Tbearlo. Liverpool; Win Lawrence. Howes, Baltimore;
brigs Wm Mamn, Adams, Oioufueiros; Kremlin Wyuian,
do ; schr* E H Emery, Wick. Philadelphia. Annie V Bergen,
Thompson. Port Johnson ; E il Furber, Atkins. Savana-laMar;
lJattte W Ko|en, Warren, Fortune Bay, NF; Ward J
Parks, Hogart, Port itoysl. 8C; J 0 Rogers, Fletcher, New
Cleared?Steamers City of Santlaco (Br), Dnrkea, Vab
periso: Wm Craue. Taylor, Baltimore; bark Adela (Br),
llale, St Pierre (Martinique).
Sailed?Steamer Nercus.
BALTIMORE, Feb 29? Arrived, steamers Braontchwaig
(Cor'. Undoutsch. Bremen; Johns Hopkins, Hallot. Boston;
Sea Cull. Cbllds, Charleston ; Josephine Thompson, Moore,
New York ; schr West Dennis. Crowell, Boston
Cleared?Steamers Hibernian (Br). Wylle, Liverpool via
Halilax; Oatorora.Reynolds. New York; Blackstnue, n alio
tt, Providence; Louisa, Walker, Eilenton, NO; ship Marlborough
(Brl. Monroe, Antwerp; barks Hyra (Br). Corning,
Daut/.ic; Claudia (Ocrl, Diuse, Sligu; Kintracht I lien,
Musweick, Stettiu; brig Unto (Kusl.Wtkander. Amsterdam;
schr Sophia Hanaou, Williams. Boca del Tora.
BRUNSWICK, Us, Feb 24?Arrived, schr Ceo 11 Bent,
Cleared?Schr John Paige, Ilaley, Philadelphia.
2T>th?Arrived, schr Sanaa Strtsou. Lewis, New Vork.
Bl.'LL RIVER. Feb24?Arrived, barksSuomalaluen (Rus),
Herlln, London; Raven, front .
H ATH, Keh 20? Arrived, schrs Theodore Dean. Evans,
and Sunlight. Ktheridge, Boston, to load lor New York.
28th?Sailed. schr Elisa J Staples. Strout, Eernaudiua
CHARLESTON, Feb 28?cleared, bark Guinevere (Br),
Keilch, llevul.
20th?Arrived, steamer City o( Atlanta, YVoodhull, New
Also arrived, brig Bore (Swe), Tumstromsen, Bordeaux.
DUTCH ISLAND HARBOR, Fob 28-Arrived, schl
Lottie. Speed. Mobile for Rath (tec Miscellany).
EDGAKTllWN, Feb 25?Arrived, schr* Mary A Susan,
Snow, New York for Portland; Winnie Laurie, Spear, Port
Johnson for Salem.
FORTRESS MONROE. Feb. 20.?Parsed out, barks LG
Hlgelow ; Br), for Bolfaat; Castollar (Nor), Londonderry I
Ferrano Torso (Ital), (Jueeustown; Hans Neilieu (Nor), do)
Aunie A Rich, Cork; brigs Puce SchiaOilnu (Ital), do; Silua
N Martin, Demarara; schr E Johnson. Oporto.
Arrived?Ship Australia (Nor), Liverpool.
Hark .ledauoati Uubrovacki (Aus), from Glasgow, is ordered
to Baltimore.
UALVE.vroN, Feb 24? Cleared, bark Palermo (Br), Mo*
Luughliu, Peusacola.
28th?Arrived, schr Julia A Ward. Stevens, Ronton.
Cleared?Ship Savannah I Gor), Tableman , Cork.
Sailed?Steamer State of Texas, Bulger, New York,
KEY WEST, Feb 28?In port, schr D M Anthony, McLanae
froui KoCkporl. Me.
MOBILE. Feb 20?Arrlvod, ship George llurlbut, Maston,
NEW ORLEANS, Feb 2S?Cleared, brig John M Burnt,
Hunter. Kingston, Ja, via Clentueiroa; schrs Martha, New.
man, Penaavolu; Carrie Jones, Derinolt. Ruatan; George
Scaly. Guw, Galveston.
2!>th? Arrived, steamer Margaret. Baker. Havana.
Also arrived, steamer Lancaster, Mills/Philadelphia.
Cleared?Hark St Genevieve (Fr), Dumouaxrant, Boiv
Soltiiwxst Pass. Feb 28?Bark John Lorway (Br), Lois
way. frohr Liverpool, lias been ordered to Baltimore.
2Uth?Arrived, ship Gettysburg, from Liverpool; achl
Mary Lord, Smith, New Y'ork.
Sailed?Ships Royal Charlie (Br), Liverpool; Trot (Nor),
Bremen; barks Liverpool (Hr), for Llberpool; Malta (Br),
do; Franeosca T (Aus), Havre; Daniel Draper, Genoa; brig
John M Burns; schr Geo Sealy.
N'EYV BEDFORD, Fob 28?Arrived, schr Silver Spray,
Delaware City.
N KWPOR1, Feb 27, PM?Arrived, schra Wm N Gesener,
Egbert, and Johu Cunningham, frusu Somerset for Nest
Yurk (tad boili sailed).
Sailed -Schrs Coupes, Poniroy, fur New York; Wm Ponn,
Hart. from Somerset lor Wrye Kiver, Chusaposku B?v, Mdj
S S Smith, Snow, Warobaui fur New York; Wild Pipeou,
Conary, Full Kiver for Philadelphia; Sarah W Bla>e,
Hriioc*. Dluhtoii tur Newark, NJ ; Buuj Y Crocker, UarviiOK,
Providence lor Vlrnrtula
Aleo, New Yurk pilot boat Prances Perkins No 13, Pbllllpa,
New Yurk ou a cruise.
JSth, S.45 All?Arrived, schr Oliver Amos, Babbitt,
Boston for Philadelphia (and sailed),
NKW HAVEN. F'eb 2S?Arrived, tcbr Florence P Hall,
Keene, Jacksonvllle.
PORT CAMKLE, Pub 20?Hailed, bark James Che J to*
Swan, Oaklaud.
2ls??Arrived. bark Powbattan. Hlacastone, Honolulu.
PORT LUDLOW. Feb 2U?Sailed, bark Purest Ouueo,
Burns. Sau Francisco.
PP.NSAOtlLA, Peb 2f>?Cleared, schra Mary A IJarmuq
Meblinau. Cardenas; Palma, 'I'aylur, New Urleaus.
JOtb?Arrived, barks Kong Oscar (Nur), Abrabamseik
Para; Oeo Peabody dlr), Churchill, Klo Janeiro; Magirie ?
Carrille (Hr>, Pinckuey, Breiaerhaven; schr Harry A F red,
Uardener, Havana
Cleared?Ship# Annie Frost (Br), Welbume, London I
Nora (Nor), Muulin. Liverpool, Berkeley Castle (Br), West,
Bristol; schr Beta, (iuplill, Bridgeport.
PHILADELPHIA, Feb 29?Arrived, steamen Lord CHve
(Br), L'ruuhart and Indiaua, Clark, Liverpool; Vaderiant
(Belt;), Handle, Antwerp; Juniata Catharine, Savannah)
Florida. Crocker, Providence; brlu Prancesca lltali, Cetarq
Clrirentl; schrs Reindeer. Jenkins. Salem; E II Drummon^
Hiyitint. Caibarien (see Miscellany).
Also srrived, steamer Equator. Ilinckley, Charleston;
brit;s Juliet C Clerk, Shaw, Messina; Kurichetta (Italk
Stlcher, Palermo; schr Sarah llrueu. Petty, New York.
Cleared?Steauier Capello (Bri, llryden, Cork for orders!
barks M J K (Br), Hurchell, Loudon; Kui;enlo (Ital), Cas
tellano, Glasgow; schrs W S Scull. Barrett, Cardenas; K 4
Baisley, Tuwuiend. Aspinwall; Alex Harding, McBride
Lifts, Del. Peb 29. A M?Passed out. steamer Heimdatt
(Sw), lor London; harks tlary MrKee, Sain Shsppard ant
Some.ierin ; brig Leonard Meyers, tor New Yon, and all out
ward bound vessels are leaving the harbor; Barks SasselM
and let Oraale remain fur orders.
Returned, steamer Pouee iSp), for Liverpool (see Mlsoet
I any).
4 P M? Steamer Albemarle, Uibbs, from New York, U
coming into tli* harbor. a
PORT LAN D. Me, Feb 26?CMtred, schr Pair Dealer, Lot*
lug. New Y'ork.
j7tli (not2tlth)?Sailed, steamer Peruvian (Br), Watta,
SM?>?Arrived, eehr Brunette, from Keereport for Sew
Cleared ? Schr Helen Mar, New York.
2Mih? Arrived. tleamer Havmatien (Br). AlrtL IJverpool;
ncUrt Sarah C Smith, Bucktmrrl lor Philadelphia ; Congreea,
Hath for New York-, Donirlaa llayuea, Huothbay for do:
Treuton, do lor Chatter, I'a.
Cleared?dclira Marietta Tilton. Norfolk; Harriet Newell,
New York.
PKOVIDKNCB, Feb 2R?Arrived, ateamer Hunter, Sherman
Philadelphia ; brig Rva (Bri, Caddeli, Salt Oay.Tl.
Sailed?Sleamort Wm Lawrence. Huwaa (from Baltimore I,
Rottoa; Orjrtval Wore, Kelly. New York; tcitra Jeuaie U
Ruts. Norton, and Harreat. Corwln. New York.
SAN FRANCISCO. Pel) 21?Arrleed, learner IHty at
Panama. Seahury. Victoria; harkt Kerere, Connor, Departure
Itay; Portland, Gage. Colmnhla Rirer.
UStli?Arrived, aleamer Montana. Senile. Panama.
2Hth?Arrived, tleamar Gaelic |Mrj, Kldley, I lone Kong
and Yokohama.
Sailed ?*liip< Nino's (Br). Ptckard. Port Gamole and
Rio Janeiro; Seiuiuolo, liolmet, yueunetan, Sanii Watt a,
Lermond. Aitorin and Liverpool.
Jtfth?Arrived, bark Johaaa Irgeus (Nor), Mortenaen.
Newi-a-tle. NSW.
Cleared?Hark tjnatre Swura (Fn, Pateeiot, Callao.
SEATTLE, Peb 1U?Sailed, harkt Sainoeet, Martin. Saa
fritielirii, Jltl, Little Williams, Rott, do.
SAVANNAH. Peb Jti?Arrived, bark Mary O Iteed, Gayer,
Alto arrived, tchr Clark F. Rerjen. New York.
t leared?Hark MarU Adelaide (Gen. Baltimore.
Sailed?Sehr N A Parwell, St John, NB.
VINKYARD HAVEN. Peh 2R?Arrived, tteamcrt Allen*
town and Centipede. Philadelphia lor Uoiion , aclirs C J Wil.
lard. Pliildelplua Tor do; l.einiu-1 Hall. Halli for New York.
Sailed, telirt Viola May and Mary K Am?den.
sailed?Steamer llalriyli; harkt Deteti. HubrnvackJ. Yl?
toriii. trouper Kolf, Xroniiulr; blips Typhon, AIIm; aelirf
Artrl. X hlantnn.
WIL.XINUTO*, NO. Peb 2D-Claared. bark Clio (Nor),
Walbuc. Sir At ill: aclir Axilla. River*. Axilla, <ja
WICKPORD, Feb 'J7?Arrived, tchr Post Boy, Fnontain,
New Vi.rk
nil Stale', for unrieroaa censes, without publicity: )
pal everywhere; no cherpe until divorce prantod; advice
free U Mul'SK. Attorney. IW4 Broadway.
/ i avl'oa watkk ?thik new AND wonukrpl'b
* J mineral water, wbiob has been need ailh (?fa siirprteinp
r>->iiIta iu diseaors nt the liter and kidney, drepepsie,
yoiivtlpaliiin. rhenmatiam. ?Uu dieeaart. peneral debility,
Ac . i> "dil at the New York depot. No. l.ltM Hroedway.
At) for a pamphlet. ______
Thomas k. aunkw. the okraT new YurK
tirocer. Tea, Coffee and Floor Dealer New Yorkers and
averrbody call and get bargains. dUV'eaeyet.

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