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From All Parts of the
Old World.
The Famous Forger Legally Prepared
for His Return to America.
The Leeds Theatre Burned?A
Steamer Destroyed by Jb'ire.
Ihe Sultan ii Sore Straits? Insurrection at
Home and Insolvency in London.
Latest from Germany, Central Asia, Africa
and Other Quarters.
[From the Evening Telegram of Yesterday.]
London, March 2, x87?.
The Harriet F. Hnsscy, which arrived at Falmouth
this morning, reports that on the 16th of February
was passed In latitude 39 deg. 50 min. north, and
longitude deg. west, the steamer Bothnia, Captain
Scarlett, from New Orleans February 2 for Liverpool,
on Are and utterly abandoned.
It Is supposed that the crew had been taken off
a few hours previously by a passing steamer, wlileh
Was sighted by the Hussey in the distance.
The Bothnia was freighted with cotton aud an
assorted cargo.
Southampton, March 2, 1870.
The crew of the steamer Bothnia tvero saved and
bave arrived at this port
don carlos at boulogne on his wat .to
[special despatch to the herald bt cable. ]
Paris, March 2, 1870.
Don Carlos arrived at Boulogne this evening. He
will sail for Folkestone, and thence on his journey to
London to-morrotv morning.
the don did not enter paris.
London, March 2, 1870.
Don Carlos avoided entering Paris, by using the circular
railway skirting tho city.
Ho will arrive here to-morrow.
4 8pecial conference with the king?
boyalirt spoils from the cablists.
Madrid, March 2, 1870.
Sefior Canoraa del Castillo has gono to Pampeluna to
Conler with the King on questions raised by the overthrow
of tho Carllsts.
Debate on the address in reply to tho Koyal speech
Will begin in the Cortes on Monday.
The Alfonsist8 have taken thirty-three piccea of
Artillery and many thousands of rilies abandoned by
the Carlista.
ns STILL uru
The report that Carasa, the Carllst chieftain, has j
been assassinated is not trnc. Ho and other leaders |
bave entered France.
General Quosada has ordered that all persons belonging
to lawless bands bo shot when captured.
London, March 2, 1H76.
Winslow, tho Boston forger, wis bronchi up at Bow
Street to-day and remanded till noon to-morrow.
The American legation mado an application to tho
Foreign Office yesterday, but there has been a slight
delay, and Sir Thomas Henry, tho Chief Magistrate at I
the Bow Street Police Court, has not yet received the j
notice required, under the Extradition act, of this for- |
Dial application. The delay Is easily explained by the 1
necessity the Foreign Uflieo is under of examining tho j
evidence submitted by the American Legation.
Rather more people were present in Court this morn- j
tng than on the previous occasion of Winalow's examination.
The commencement of tbo proceedings wero
delayed twenty minutes by a report that Mr. Wontner, i
of No. 3 Cloak lauo. Queen street, would appear as
Winslow's solicitor.
Sir Thomas Henry asked the prisoner if he had a '
Winsiow said he did not desire a solicitor. Ho did
not wish to contest the case at alL Ho would bo glad
to waive everything, and would be only too happy to j
go home to-morrow.
Kir Thomaa Henry raid ?I understood Mr. Wontner
would appear for the defcuco at tbo request ol the
prisoner's friends.
Detuetive Greenham. of the Metropolitan Police, j
Scotland Yard, explained that the priioner'a friends at |
Boston had telegraphed for Mr. Wornner to appear in j
behalf of the prisoner, but the Utter did not wish to I
havo a solicitor.
Wtnalow said it was not the wish either of his family
or of himself. He said he was III, and asked perm is- !
tion to be seated. '
Kir Thomas Henry- Certatoly.
Tltl TrsTI*"ST.
Albion I*. Dearborn, o' Boston, was sworn. He pro- f
duced papers, consisting of an indictment found by the :
Grand Jury of Suffolk county, Massachusetts, containing !
fourteen counts?seven lor forging and altering, and j
seven lor uttering to the amount of f40.000?A benen
warrant Issued by the Massncltosetts anthortties for the
arrest of Winslow and the depositions of various persons ,
of Boston whose names bad been forged. He nl?o pro- i
duced a warrant a gtied hy Presideut Grant and countersigned
bv Hamilton Ki?h, the Secretary of Stale, i
authorising bim (Dearborn) to convey the prison' r to \
America If ho was committed.
Mr. Dearborn, roplyin^ ?o Colonel Cherscbrougb, the
aerretary of the American Legation in l.ondon. said he
knew the prisoner by right. He alao knew the rarlout
peraona algnlny the affidavit.
j. do' nmeuu were then tnnetiH ?i, tTinetow who
gieliftrd to a?i any is of li<>*rborii ?.
Mir I nwwtaa asikfcry arken .1 <<*# do in eotk bore the
eat ?(the S. ra.vy of '"fate,
t-w'oiot -br A rep'.ed that they did.
it sa>:kj' ?> wowraur
e found by the t.rand Jury 3l Suffolk ,
county. Massachusetts, wu then read by the Clerk of
the Court, detailing the various forgeries of promissory
notes and Indorsements. The bench warrant found by
the Massachusetts Court was also read.
t>in sot liks it.
During the reading Wlnslow sat looking downward,
end seemed very much depressed, but otherwise he
Ha lAAms In haVA aiiffArril milrh
from confinement Re 1* very sallow ami gaunt. He
la unshaven and wears a worn looking bine frock coat.
On the occasion when ho baa been obliged to spoas his
nice was husky and his touo lower than when he addressed
the Court lust Wednesday week.
After the documents had been road Sir Thomas
Henry explained their purport to Winslow and asked
him if he understood them.
Winslow replied that he did.
Sir Thomas Henry then said that the indictment
found by the Grand Jury of Suffolk county and the
bench warrant had been read. He explained to
Winslow that this was amply sufficient ground
for committing him for trial If a Grand Jury
In London bad found a similar Indictment
against the prisoner charged here he should commit
him immediately, but in an extradition case it was
necessary to have evidence that tho government re
quiring extradition had made a formal application to
the English government.
"Though I understand," Sir Thomas continued,
"that the American Legation sent the documents to the
Foreign OflBcc yesterday, I have not received any Intimation
Irom either the Foreign or the Home Office;
thereforo, 1 think it best to remand you until to-morrow."
The prisoner asked to be allowed to see his family,
wbo were in a private room of the court, as they were
last Weduesday week.
Sir Thomas Henry?Certainly.
Mrs. Winslow seems less depressed than on Wednesday.
She will, probnbly, go home in the same vessel
with her husband. It seems that the authorities of
Boston left the question of tho time and manner ot the
family's return entirely to Mr. Bearborn's discretion,
they paying all tho expenses.
The proceedings then terminated.
orrtCIAf. OOI RTK8T.
Sir Thomas' manner to Winslow was as If explaining
eome ordinary business transaction.
The delay at the opening of the eonrt was at the
wish of the American Legation, so that there might be
no Impression that tne prisoner was unfairly treated or
taken at a disadvantage in the absence of a solicitor
who was supposed to have been retained.
The formalities requiring a day's remand aro as follows:?Tho
American Legation request the Foreign
Office for extradition. The Foreign Office examine tho
papers and forward them to the Home Office. Tho latter
notifies the magistrate, enabling him to grant tho
The case seemed to excite but little interest among
the spectators in tho court who were not directly concerned
with it.
Par if, March 2, 1*78.
The report of the death of M. Blanqui, the aoctaliat,
is again contradicted.
A letter written on behalf of the Compte de Cham- !
bord is published. It denies that the Prince ever .
authorized bis adherents to vote for Bonapartiat can- 1
The Monitcur, alluding to tho proposition that the 1
Ministers who remain in tho Cabinet should tub- j
scribe to M. Dufaure's programme, gays:?"The con- j
acrvatives would net wrongly if they should oppose the
formation of a homogeneous Cabinet, which, while
responding to the legitimate aspirations of the republicans,
would restrain the wild, Impatient pretensions of
the Utopists, their rear gunrd. It is better that such
demands as universal amnesty, separation of Church
and Slate, should be oyposod on behalf of tho government
by M, Perter or M Simon, than by the Due de
Broglie or the Vlcompte de Mean*."
The Journal de? IMbalt, controverting portions ot M
Cambctia's speech on the elections, ileclares the result
Is not an snti clerical, hut a liberal and constitutional ,
triumph over monarchical reaction.
M. Lemoinne was received yesterday aa member of j
the French Academy.
n.oons tx thk strzkts or ram*.
Tho Selno ii still rising, and it la expected that It will ,
continue to rii>? nntil Saturday.
Some streets of Pant are already flooded.
prussian news CONt'ernino TIIK bt. outhard
railway btotic.
ncm.ijr, Marrb 2, 1878.
Th? statement published a <l?y or two ago to the '
effort that Hie St. Lotbard Railway Company were rounlred
to petition Kn ft land and Relcom lor subsidies
waa premature. A merlins of the diroctora to ex- '
amine the manager'* report and consider the meant of i
meet in- the dcflclt only la to be held to-morrow.
dnrartrrs of tiis empress for England.
Visxxa, Mnrch 2. 1876.
The Empress of Austria left this etty to night lor
1 aw imporrtirr mission from tww hott* >
MEN! --? ** Of r.y M) RtUfS A UIKITTKI !
ft ltaw'b JfNANClAL pkstr*.
Tt*<?t Sa, Marrb 2. 1878
1 Baron de Rodtcb. the Oorrrnor of DaltiMua. irrtred J
i here yesterday*and proceeded to Cattara. it it under- .
i atood that ha u charged with a dr toie mission?to tor
London, March 2, 1S76.
Walter Cosser k Co., timber and mahogany merchants,
In Belvidcre Rono, London, have failed.
The liabilities are estimated at $500,000.
tasrnox, March 2, 1878.
A lettor from M. do Lcsscps appears In the Timet today,
In which he says:?"The Sues Canal Company
simply revoked Sir Daniel tange's functions as Its
agent in London. Sir Daniel Lange had no part whatever
In the deliberations of the Council of Directors,
and did not represent English interests. The perusal
of Sir Daniel tango's letters, written in 1871, would
sufficiently explain to any honest man that the revocation
of his agency was Inevitable."
Leeds, March 2, 1876.
Tho Amphithoatro in this place was burnod last
night The loss is about $150,000. Since the burning
of the Royal Theatre in 1875 Iho Amphitheatre was the
only theatre in Leeds.
London, March 2, 1876.
Some days ago It was pointed out in those despatches
that scandals in connection with the Liverpool cotton
trade would shortly he made public; that there had
been failures by which questionable transactions had I
been brought td light. These statements are confirmed
to-day by the following despatch from Liverpool:?
In the Police Court to-day Robert Mann the younger
and William Hurst, composing the firm of William
Peers & Son, cotton brokers, were summoned to
answer tho charge preferred by Messrs. Leech, Harrison
& Foxwood of having unlawfully conspired to
acquire fifty bales of cotton, the property of the latter ,
firm. 1 he dolcndants are also charged with stealing the .
cotton and with obtaining it by talse pretences.
Neither ot the defendants appeared at court, al- j
though tho service of the summonses was proved and
neither has been seen since Tuesuay last.
The magistrate grantod warrants for their apprehen- j
nr the EERfTTOXH?rrnzrx nnx
Herzegnrinan refugees and to the Montenegrin government.
Losnos, March 2, H76.
The Timet, in He financial article to day, sari the
rurKisti government wanted Messrs. Dent, 1 aimer ft
Co., tbo agents ol the Turkish loan of 1858 (who yrster.
day reported that there was a deficiency of $371.Aft5 in
the amount reqoirod to pay the interest and drawn
bonds on that loau) to make up the sum from the '
Egyptian tribute in the Bank of England.
The bank, however, would not consent to part with 1
Iho money held by It on account of other spcctOed '
Ragcsa, March 2, l?7ft t
A sanguinary battle was fought yesterday near
I'apra, in which 800 Turks were killed. '
The placards posted in Ragusa promulgating the t
Turkish reforms have been pasted ovor with figures of j
death's heads. c
The Insurgents have issued a manifesto scooting all >
propositions of peaco.
BRLiiRAKK, March 2, 187ft.
It la anticipated that a Ministerial order will toon he
Issued annulling the order ol tho Minister of War calling
oat the tnihtla reserves.
s casus nipiamact.
The Russian diplomatic agent in Montenegro has
been Instructed to oppose the efforts of the war party
and to support the Prince in resisting them. He notified
the Prince that Russia will w ithdraw her protection
If an attitude of provocation is assumed, whereupon
tho Prince gave pacific assurances.
St PrTtcasHCKO, March 2, 1878.
The announcement which woa recently made of the
incorporation o( Khokand with Russia was premature.
Londox. March 2. 187ft.
Advices from the Gold Coast report thst s flro occurred
at Utile Popo, February 1, which destroyed
half the town.
In nearly all the houses gunpowder was stored, and
as the flames spread explosion followed explosion
Two thousand kegs, stored in one building, exploded,
causing a shock like nn earthquake.
About fifty natives were blown to pieces while attempting
to plunder the burning and abandoned houses. '
Ixwnoiv, March 2, 1878. i
The reports of the meeting of the shareholders of tho J
Direct Cable Company, under tho auspices of I.earoyd
& Co.. held at the Cannon Slroet Hotel yesterday, as
published in tho newspapers this morning, say that the
meeting was adjourned lor a week, and not sine die.
NO BEPORT FROM thz committee cxtil general
man's connection with the mine.
Washington, March 2, 1878.
The Coramtttoe on Foreign Affairs examine! two
witnessos to-day, but passed a resolution unanimously
that they would make no report on General Schenek's
connection with the Emma Mine scheme until be bas
had full opportunity to bo heard upon the subject in
The following correspondence has passed between
Abrnm S. Hewitt, chairman of the Sub-Committee on
Foreign Affairs, or the House of Representatives, and
Professor Silliman:?
Washington, Feb. 28, 1878.
Mr Dkar Phofkhsok?F.x-Govcrnor Lyon, the
former owner ot the Emma Mine, testifies under oath
to-day that Senator Stewart told bira in London that
you were to receive for your report either ?9,M)0 or
?10,000 sterling in tho event of the sale of tbo
mine. Do you desiro me to make any contradiction
ol this statement of Stewart's? If so pieaae reply by
return mail, and oblige, sincerely yours,
To Professor R Sillihan. ABKAM & HEWITT.
The reply to this is follows:?
Niw Havkn, Feb. 29, 1878. ,
Mr Deah Mr. Hkwitt:? i
Yours of 28th is this moment at hand, and read with <
surprise at the mendacity of the statement you quoto 1
from tho testimony of Lyon, respecting the sum I was 1
to roceivc for my report on tho Emma Mine. It is not |
true that 1 was to receive, or did recelvo, any sum i
whatever contingent on the sale of the mine, nor do I I
behove that Senator Stewart made any such statement
as that quoted; nor was I paid any such magnificent
turn as has been named. This matter hnn now gone so
far that it must go to the extent of a thorough and
exhaustive examination. When the proper time comes
I hopo to be permitted to state my sbaro in the transaction,
which I never yet have had a proper occasion
to do. and in the right place, though I have sought It
Very sincerely yours, B. 811.1,1 M AN.
To Hon. Anitax S. Hewitt, Washington, D. U
Sax Kkakcisco, March 2, 187#.
Ex-Senator Stewart expects to loare next Tuesday ]
for Washington to testify before the Houm Committee :
on Foreign Kelatlons in the F.mma Mine investigation. j
In an Interview this morning be foreshadowed the general
tenor of bia evidence to the effect that In the first
meeting with Lyon at Washilifflon In the earljr part of
1871 he was favorably Impressed with tho menu of j
Lyon's claim to an Interest in the Emma Mine, and
went to Salt I^ike to push his case as legal adviser. He
thought at the time that Judge McKcan was 1
prejudiced against Lyon, and endeavored to |
procure hts removal, but afterward became ;
convinced that McK<-an acted fairly and impartially.
He found, on examination, that Lyon's claim was not
as good as it first appeared, and advised a compromise
with tho Kmma Company. In this connection h?
wrote a letter t? Lyon, in which the expression oc- |
enrred, "Belter have a compromise than a worked out
mine," meaning that to !
r.xrones tros's claim
would require a litigation ol years, and In the meantime
the mine might l>c worked out. He then
goes on to s.tyI went to England as agent j
lor Lyon, with Park as agent lor the com (
pany. Wo wore at once besieged by parties wish- j
tug to purchase. I received s proposition from Coaies '
and Uankry to buy a half interest (or ga,003,000, they
to put the slock on the market. They also selected
Proiessor Sllllniao to report on the mine. Albert (
Grant then put in an appearance, and at his suggestion j
I got .Schclick to come iu hi a director, believing at
the time that the mine was valuable property. When
STORM was raised
about Schenrk's being a director he resigned, but held
on to hi* stock, still believing It to be valuable, and ,
subsequently lo-ton It. Neither Sehenrk nor myself re .
reived any stock as a gilt. My own was received for
services lo Lyon in a proles-lonal capacity. Mr.
Jtrhrnrk bought his and raised tho money to'pay for I
them. I.yon then wanteii to ri aliza 011 hie'interc.t ?nd
gave me a bill of sale, aud I gave a note for $140,000 to j
Park, who advanced the amount to Lyon. Lyon then
began to sell abort, and
In deprecmtlon of the mine. The stockholders rant a
committee to examine the mine, wha reported it all
right. mock Kept up nn<i i.yon cont<l no* cover nla
wnorta. He then threatened lo commence a suit to
recover an ad<l>tion.il amount {or hia interest, which
vm compromised hy I'ark |.tr.n( him f.'ih.ono more,
which he aim Inel telling short. In the mitntner of
1ST- I went lo Salt Ijtke in the Interest of the Kin ma
Company, the mine harm* boonjnmj>ed by the Illinois
tunnel. The mine waa then looking well, htit shortly
alter a fault occurred in the lead. The company ran
ahobt sixty feet into the hanging wall and slopped, instead
of going down on the lead. I believe the mine
ant.L vrrt TitrtsiJ
If properly worked. Since operations were stopped
the Hay City Tunnel Company has run under the old
Emma workings, and Is in rich ore on Emma grounds. 1
I.tod has tieon making a living lor years by litigation.
Hl? evidence before the House committee la a tissue of
Mr Siewart did not attempt to explain the manner ,
In which Mr tebeaek raised the money to buy his
stock, not bemz lamihar with details, but presumed be |
got s oor'ion of it from Park.
Poronxxsrstz, March 2. 1176.
T K ei beer brewery of Dorarh k Herteffich, at
Piermoni. Kockltnd county, was destroyed by fire
an' a the early part of the evening, the origin of I
tho art in uukaotrn. j
Xkw Oiii.kasa, March 2, 1878.
The premutation of the report of the Commute? of
ntpeurbnicot In tho House to-day settles for the time
tolng tho 1-ouisiana Imbroglio. Kxcopt among a few,
he peaceable conclusion of the question glvca great relef
and satisfaction.
The rommittee, after relating the events of last Mor.lav
In the .Senate, including the refusal to furnish the
louse Committee with the rules of order and to give
bem reasonable delay, otferod the following:?
Whereas on Monday, the 2Htli day of February, 1H7B,
ho House of Represent alive* assembled at teu o'clock A.
it . and immediately after the Journal had been read
ook Into consideration the question ol impeachment
if William 1'. Kellogg, acting t(overtor of the Slate of
Aiuistana; whereas a full discussion was allowed on the said
location, a discussion in which republican and democratic
nenihrrs participated, and which consumed the whole day
intil after four o'clock I'. M , when a vote was taken, reultlng
in the adoption of the report recommending
lis said imprarhiiient hy a vote of d! yeas to 46 nays;
vhereat a committee appointed to iro to the bar ol the
senate and there, in the usinte of the people
>f tlie State, impeach William Pitt Kellogg, acting
overnor, as aforesaid, of high crimes and misdemeanors
eholly committed by him since the Wheeler compromise, and
nfnrm the Senate tlutt the House would in due time
arefors pecifir charges and make coed tlie same by proof;
eliereas the said communication and notice was at once
onveted to the Senate, after which lite House, having b?en
it continuous sosstou for nearly nine hours, adjourned after
ti* o'clock P. M. until Wednesday, the 1st of March,
st ten o'clock A M. Tuesday the Intervening
lay,beluga legal holiday; whereas the Senate, alter the
House hail adjourned, without notice to this body, without
toy specific charges or articles of Impcurltmem hnvlng been
Hod, proceeded .it once t<> <ri:ainr.r * Court of Impench
went, and without the preseucc of the manager* to proseMite
in betnUf ot tlie Stale, and without pr?of
>r evidence of ati/ Rind, did immediately,
it seven o'clock 1*. M . take up the ran*,
ind by a rote of j.*? yoaa to 9 nays,
llsmis* the Impeachment giving to' the order In the prern
ses the mniA force and effect as a judgment of acquittal,
leclarlng that the acta of the xaid William I*. Kellogg, as
overnor t?f the State of I/oniaiana, are fnlly known to each
tnd every member of thin Senate, and known to us not to he 1
rirnin i| . r SBUvffel j is4 **W# believe the raid William IV ,
Koilogg, Coventor of the State of Louisiana, to be innocent
?f any criminal act or of any high crime or
tiariemeanor." Whereat the Ifouao. on Wednesday, tlio
I at of .March, IftTM. adopted articles of impeachment coiiainiag
distinct and upe?4*c charges and are now ready to ]
nake the same good hv proof ?ufheiefit to roDYiico any fair (
>r impartial tribunal of the gu It ofthe uc us d a id whereas
he majority of the Senate, without hearing the charge* and i
vithout proof, has declared their belief nnd opinion that the
laid William K allot r, act lot Clove rnor, i* entirely Innocent*
Resolved by the House of Representatives, That the Sen*
tte by its nartlsan and arldtrnry conduct has deprived the
>oople ot trie State of an opportunity of bringing to trial the
'htef .Magistrate of the State, charged with high crimes and
misdemeanors and with criminal neglect and violation of his
jftirial duty.
Kei?n|ved. That the members of ihe Senate, having formed
ind expreesed their opinion that the said accused is entirely
innocent, are disqualified from now sitting In Judgment on
the trial of the Impeachment, end that this Home can pro
reed no further in the premises, nnd are powerless to resent
khis flagrant outrage upon right, justice and decency, and
ran only refer the matter to the peoole ofthe State for their
Tho report was adopted by a Tote of 54 yeas lo 37
A card appeared in tho morning papers signed by
twenty-one republican Senators intending to extenuate
their position, and charging the conservatives of tho
House with dereliction at duty by fritting their time
awav on partisau questions, and cxtolliug the Senate
for passing certajn reform bills rcjectod by the House.
Ono of the most important of these bills, reported to
emanate from the Property Holders' Union, Is declared
spurious by that body, at least, as adopted by the
Two or tbreo important House bills, however, passed
the Sennto to day under pressure of the situation,
among them the'bill abolishing the extraordinarily
arbitrary Superior District Court, tfet It is safe to sny
that Kellogg will not sign the hilt I am Informed,
however, that within forty-eight hours the notorious
Hawkins, Judge of the Court, will make room for another
The following messago was transmitted to the Senate
Statk or Louisiana, Executive Department, )
New Orleans, March 2. l?7ii i
To tiie IIONORARI.k t1ie 1'rkaident and MkHEERN of the
In accordance with a provision of the constitution which
requires me to glre the (leneral AsaciuIiIt Information from
lime to time rcsprctins the situation of the State. I deem It
ni7 duty to lay before the Senate certain facts which
have a direct hearing upon questiona of grave
political importance recently acted upon liy the
Senate. I liare seen In the public prints that
in the lower House of the (Scncrnl Assembly, during the
session of March I. a series of charges were adopted purporting
to lie articles of impeachment against William P.
Kellogg, acting (tovernor of the State of Louisiana, drawn
up bv a committee appointed to prepare specific articles of
impeachment against William P. Kellogg, liovcrnor of the
State of Ijoulsiana. From reports published in the public
press T gather that the proceedings were characterised liy
grave parliamentary Irregularities, aside from the lad that
the impeachment find already been passed upon by the
Senate sitting as a Court of Impeachment, anil had been
finally disposed of and jndgment of acquittal entered.
Hut as the official Journal of tho House will probably
disclose the adoption ny that body of a series of fourteen
charges against the Executive of the State. It seems to me
proper, notwithstanding the gross Irregularities of form
which have characterised the Introduction and adoption of
II Uia Senate had nut acquitted me nf high rrlmea
tid ml<4nn??iinn th* arewaa'tlon* p***ed at thla late hour
r.-nM horn formed In themafleee a complete aeoerlton nf
If official re. i-tq-ln. tddrd to lhl?. 1 refer t<> 1he n.rtnrl.
ttaly ami often repeated nropneltlon* made by democratic '
armbera nf ihc (.eglalaiiire. and r.thert anlhnrfand tn .peak 1
nr them. that If I would secure the noaaage hy the Senate nf
hn II ntiae hlert Ion bill, and rerlaln othnr lawa tn lurther
Im partiaan end* of my eccueer*, no effort would be made to
mpnarh nin. 1
I aiihmit Ihat tliean fart* nf themeeiyet fully )n?tlfy me In
aerttng that my aernaer* did not and dn no* hellnre me tn
a<e omn guilty nf high rrlrnea and mladetneaaor* against
ha Stale
Helleelng that H I*due to the donate and mynetf that thla
aplanatlou alionld be made, I herewith transmit thla net
age and re<|UC*t that it hn entered niton your Journal.
IV* p. kTHLMHM*. itoveruor.
firratra, March 5, 1?7A
The Committee on tho Depreeeton of Trade mot here
o-day. Meear*. Perley end Baldwin wore examined,
he former eatd all that waa wanted to relieee the lumi.t
trade waa the Iree admlaalon of lumber into the '
tniortcan market*. Mr. Baldwin explained that It
on Id go through the Champlain Canal to New York In
>ond, but not II it were intended for exportation. Tho
ttnericeni were willing to allow Canadiane to u*e their
anale oo pay lug the aaiuo rates as they aid tbemIfflTCi.
:.-i \ * -w-aJ
these charges. that the Journal of tjir Senate should column
an autbnsuative exposition of thoir groundlessness and fri
Tolltv. T lake up the accusation* In the order in which they
are Mated ft have paved the House.
Fir./ ?I appointed Keftou a* State Snpenri.or of Keristratiim
of one of tie diatant pariahna. on the rrennimcnilitlon
of the State Senator of that diatriet. It ia utterly Impossible
for the Governor to he personally acquainted with
the exact domicile of every officer he ia called upon to appoint.
I did not know that Melton wu a resident of Tanglriahoa
pariah when I appointed hint Mnperrianr of Waahngtou
pariah, and do not know it now It reqnired hut
ten days lor a cltiaen of the State to acquire a residence lit
a pariah, under the constitution.
.Vorrw/?Taking exception to the phraseology of this
charge I admit the substantial fact stated, that t did remove
one Tax t'ollector and appointed another, and the
courts of this State, from the lowest to the highest, have
re eatedltr deci -ed that the llovernor has a legal right to do
10 without alleglngcanaea.
FAt/d?I did not remove Charles Clinton, Auditor, after
le had been Impeached by the House and indicted by the
liraud Jury. My reason lor not doing so was that
:lic Supreme Court had decided that n constlotionnl
officer cannot be deprived of his office
wept for cause, and in a manner pointed nut
n the constitution nnd the laws passed In conformity to the
onstitutlon. I recite article 7i) of the constitution and the
stale vs. Towiio ("JII I did all I was empowered to du
n the premises. I instructed the law officers of the State to
>rosectlte Mr. Clinton civilly and criminally.
FourlA?I did not appoint espeits every three mnntns
whether there was any necessity to do an or not to examine
mm the nooks of the Auditor and Treasurer. The statutes
lulhurisiug the Coventor to do so eontsln the words, "If, in
its opinion, the public Interests require it." Whenever pubic
interest seemed to require It I have appointed expert!
inder section is!', act mtniber 42, of the laws of 1871.
Ft'/'/A?| do not deny the assertion that 1 did not renew the
tommission of experts, but, as letters of instruction issued
in them, authorised them to examine the hooks of both the
Auditor and Treasurer, tjiere was no necessity for renewal of
It commissiona.
.sir/A?I paid to Mr. Gardner and other experts appointed
fj.isio out of my contingent fund, as required by laar. I did !
sot pay the sum of f I,:*s> to aald experts out of a fond apsrnpriated
Ity law- for another ptirtioee, as the record of the I
tate Auditor's office will show. I transmit a letter of the I
Auditor lully substantiating this statement.
Nereis/A?1 admit tlou in that a revolutionary attempt I
:o subvert the government was designed by members of tbe 1
House of Representative!, acting in collusion with bodies !
wstelds the General Assembly, numbers of policemen have {
seen quietly and unobtrusively stationed hr the pollre authorities
within the past tew days In various parts of tha
state House, not for the pnrpose of fomenting strife, as
bargad, bit to preserve the peace In caoe of necessity;
the action of the police autlioilt.es has mv entire approval.
Fu/A/A?I dl 1 t>erinlt Qeorg" II. Braoghn to remain In
idler as Judge or the Superior Conrt after tbe adjournment i
if ihciMenate. though his appointment bad not been con
Irmea hy them. Article 121 ol the con.tilullon declares
hat all officers shall continue to discharge the duties of
Iheir offices until tlieir successors shall have been inducted
into office.
.Visi/A?I did relieve ene Police Commissioner and an- i '
joint another. Section Il/J.IH of the Revlssd Statutes exjressly
ernp ?wer* the Governor to do ?o.
TVitrt-l did appoint II. It. rtteele Judge of the Superior
'rnninwl Oevft hi pleee of O. II. Hraughn, whoee roinmteilott
bed expired, and had constitutional end local power to
|o so Judge Merle did formerly reside In Tensas perish,
>nt when I Appointed It I in he h.td been 11 ring to New
Jrleans for more than six months.
Kin ntfh?\ did testify before a I/CgletA! ire committee that
[ was not present In the office of Collector Case) on a cer- (
;ain occasion when certain pemnn*. til?H. H. Packard, '
tlfrcJ Shaw, lleury C. Ihbble and others were stated to
lave heen present. My statement wm true. I was not
here, as the gentlemen above will assert. !
fWf'Tle?It T- untrue that I attempted unlawfully to Inter- j
>ro with Jndce Hrnnghn In the exercise of his ofMctel '
Inties. I herewith transmit rnrrespondcnee containing (
ludye Bruuxhn's explicit denial of tbo charge ! |
TMritr?*iJ ?ft Is true, as already stated, that I did appoint
'udge Steele in placa of Judxe Braughn, who was holding
irer until hit Sttccesewr was appointed. J ndge Steele has
lot been railed upon to act In ant matter aflWctlngCharles ]
Clinton. Auditor When I appointed Judxe Hteele he exdicitl)
stated that he wonld not sit o? Clinton's trial.
/*??It ! true that I hare called the Senate with>nt
convening the House. I claim the constitutional riff hi |
o do ?o. Ths power conferred upon me to concent the
poster, in the opinion of able lecal authorities whom I hare
n??ilted. carries with it the right to r<mvene the lesser I
lare a precedent of the convocation of the Senate alone t
rhen Mr I'lnclihark elected Lieutenant Governor.
In these fourteen frivolens accusations are concentrated
ill ehnrifee of wrongdoing which a majority of the llonse of I
tepresentntlrna, actuated hy the atrongest feelings of partial!
enmity, have been able to concoct against me after
lf>r nine days' s*s?hn. innumerable investixatlons and ths
tmoat scrutiny of tlM rtcsfih sf tbs Htsls, evtn by going
ehind the harrier of the Wheeler adjustment.
i Milv one other accusation has been made axalnst me, <
lameir. that In a time ot revolution, of great public est- 1 (
encr 1 sanctioned a temporary diversion of the State funds, | ,
rhien could not and did not result In the lose of a dollar to
he hi ate. and took this - onr?e solely In the public Interest,
U'.a ItoaiamnM >
Orrtcg or roe ClllBr jjiusal Orricsii, j
WaSHIKOTu*. March 2? 7 30 P. M. )
For Friday, iti tho South Atlantic States, north and
west winds, warmer, partly cloudy weather, and rifting
followed by falling barometer.
For tho Gulf Slates, Tennessee and the Ohio Vatlee,
rising followed by falling barometer, winds scoring to.
easterly, warmer, partly cloudy weather.
For too Cppor Mississippi and Lower Missouri valleys
and the upper lakes, falling barometer, south
and east winds, higher temperature and increasing
For the lower lakes, the Middle and Eastern
Stales, rising possibly followed by falling barometer,
nortbeast to north and west winds, cooler, followed by
warmer, partly cloudy and clear weather.
The rivers will continue slowly falling.
Cautionary signals cootlnus on the Middle Atlantic
coast and aro ordered for tho South Atlantic coast.
The following record will show tho changes In the
temperature for the past twenty four hours, in comparison
with the corresponding date of last year, as indicated
by the thermometer si lludnul's pharmacy,
Hsrai.d Uciliiiso:?
1S75. 1878 1874 1878.
3 A. M -.'8 26 3 SOP M 42 32
6 A. M 25 25 6 P. M 25 32
OA. M 2S 28 0 P. M 20 29
an 3d .>u a r. n .1 a
tverage temperature yesterday -~>\i
ver.ige tomperaturo lor corresponding date laal
year 31
Last nlgbt being considered as an off night or sort Of
supplementary porformanro, tho attendance wns exceedingly
small at the English opera. Verdi's "Ernant,"
now in Its thirty-third year ot popularity, was
tho opera, and the following cast represented Its principal
features;?Elvira, Mrs. Van Zandt; Ernanl, Mr.
Castl^; Charles V., Mr. Carleton; Pake De Silva, Mr.
Conly. Noisy ?s tho opera is, for Verdi soems to
have written it, as Moscheles described it when he
first heard It in lSlft, as a "quadrille and polka opera
for voices, key bugles, trombones and big drums," It
contains many dramatic points of interest, and in the
quintette ot tho first art and the final' of
the third the composer lias lavished some
Of his very best thoughts. They may be compared
with tho Immortal quartet from "Klgnlotto,"
one of the most magnificent specimens ot dramatic
effect in opera. Tho melodies allotted to tho principal
roln arc also very enuring, and mauy of them
liavolongago become fixed favorites in Ibe concert
room. Tho periormanco last evening rested mainly
for success on the shoulders of Mrs. Van Zandt and
Mr. Carleton. the lenor and basso being entirely inadequate
to fill their rdfei. To night Meyerbeer's opera,
"The Star of the North," will ho given for the first
timo in English Id this city, with the following cast:?
Catterina, Miss Clara Louise Kellogg; I'rascovia, hetroihod
to George, Miss Montague; Kkimona (vivandlcr),
Mrs. Seginn; Nalhalio (vivandicr), Miss Montague;
Poter Michaoloff, a carpenter, afterward the
Czar, Mr. Conly; George Skavronskl. a Joiner, Mr.
Morgan; Gritzeno, s Kalmuck, Mr. H. Poakee; Bainoldo,
an Innkeepor, Mr. Marson; Ismailoff, Mr. Allen;
Icherenietoff, Mr. Plume; Yermoloff, Mr. Anneerou;
First Workman, Mr. Holland, and Danilowitz, a pastry
Mr lr..?i,ll II..I
Another entertainment tor the amusement of the
patients of Bellerue Hospital was given last evening
by the North Carolina Minstrels, under the management
of Mr. William I'ryor. Tho programme was faithfully
carried out, and the patients seemed greatly delighted.
One of tho plonoors of Council Bluff's, Iowa, W. W.
Mavnard, died on Saturday lost. After an apprenticeship
at tho printing business Mr. Maynard entered tho
ranks of Journalism and was ^ulto successful. In 18.17
he established Th? Xonpareil at Council Wolf's, at first
as a weekly paper. It lias since become a daily newspaper.
Deceased was a prominent inomber of tho
Masonic fraternity.
About ton o'clock lail night Mrs. Mary Louise Vault,
a widow, who kept a boarding house at No. 313 Schcrmcrhorn
treol, was lakes suddenly sick In Fulton
street and carried into the New York Limp and Oil
Compauy's store, No. 418 Fulton street, whore she
died in a vcry few minutes. The Coroner was notified.
Rodney W. Daniels, Collector of the Port of Buffalo
and Richard Crowley, United States District Attorney
for Northern New York, yesterday arrived at the Fifth
Avenue Hotel. The Marquis de Briges, of France, is
at the Hoffman House. Brevet Major fleneral John M.
Brannan, United States Army, Is at the St. James Ho.
tel. John lot Farge, the artist, Is at the Everett House.
Professor D. Greene, of Troy, Is nmong the late arrivals
at the L'nion Square Hotel. Ex-Governor Cad*
waladerC. TYashburne, of Wisconsin; ex-Congressman
Stephen W. Kellogg, of Connecticut, and Galusha A.
Grow, of Pennsylvania, are at the Fifth Avenue Hotel.
Paymaster Arthur Ilurtls, United States Navy, is registered
at the Hoffman House. Paris Haldetnan and
It.nn Urrnrmn k of Harririliurc aro at the Windsor
the Myitis enneuniptlve to reflect on what might have boon If
1Iai.k'* 1 Ionkt o?? HonriiounD ami Tab had been taken
aarly erinmrh.
1*1 kk s 1 ooTHACittt Daora core In one minute.
Ttia PrnM.it** Couun* Sk**k Mkihiai. Anrt.aitR, n hook of
about lui patrca, llluatrmcd with over If V' eugravlnga and
colored plalea, and aold at the exceedingly low price of
?1 .VI, telle yon how lo cure Catarrh, "Liver Complaint."
Uyapepxia or Indiseatlnn; Sick. Htlioua and other IIcadarliea.
Scrofula, Bronelilei, Throat mid Lung Dieeaura; nil
diteaaea peculiar to women, and moat other chronic an well
aa acute dlaorduea. It contalna important Information for
the young and old. mala and female, aingle and married, nowhere
el?e to he fmiDd. Men and women, married and tinpie.
are tempted to aak their family phyairian thonannda of
qneatlnna on delicate Inplea, but are oeterred from dolus ?o
by their modetty. Thia work anawera Jnet auch queallona ao
fullv and plainly aa to leave no one In doubt. It la aold by
acrnta. or aent by mail (poat paldl on receipt of price. Addreaa
the autbor, K V. PIERCE. .M. D., World'a Dlapenaary,
Buffalo. N. V.
Krom the I.afarette Ilailv Conrler.
Dr R. . PIP.KCK. of Buffalo, diatinguiened In enryary
end the general practice in the profeaalon he lionora, haa
made a valuable contribution In the medlrnl literature nf
lh? dav In a romprrlienelva work entitled "Tim Prnrt.r.'a
loneon Hkmi M epical. ADTturtt." While ecienilhc
throughout. It ie ?lnt:iilarly free fmm technical and (tilled
lerrna ll tom? rlclit down to the common ?en?e of everyia?
tile. Dr. P1KKOK li e noMe fperiiui'ti of American
manhn id. lie her (priing from tlin people, end, with many
ivmpathlea In common with ihe ma??e?, hee rough! to ren
d'er lliem e substantial service la title lha great work of lila
Sn, worth ?H. l'? New Chnrrh ?t., up etalra.
adopted.?The Stl.a Khmio Tare*, mpplied hjr ELASTIC
TR08S COMPANY. IV? Broadway. Worn eaajr night and
day. 8oon ritrre nipt nre.
hy the oea of Wirrea'a Bal.eaa or W ild CintniiT. & o.
and 11.
Beet place to liny them,
MILLER k CO.'8. No. 3 Union eqaare.
rbeumallem and neuralgia for mile In *?ore at 21 John at.
soda water apparatus for making am. i
Aerated Beverages. JOHN hi att1ik WS, let av. and JtHh j
It.. New Vork.
Wig and Toupee Maker. 44 f id 12th at.. Boar Broadway.
DIABKTF.S.-AUTV i I ltv.tr HV TW<> PHYMICt ann,
with Dr HEATH'S Spring Water Not another medicine
eould hare rured eearrely one. Prlee redued to 2V a
ration, per barrel. Paniphlete free Only depot, 2H1 Broadfar
187f). tub new york herald almanac1
Now reedy. In addition to Ite nenal eontonte. comprising
In* aloalde tabler and rlallrtbai MUM na finance, with
dally quotation* of gold lor 1*7.\ of government bond*of tno
ear I on* leenee, ratea of eoneola, railroad eharea and Mock,
Amerteadi eeeorltlee on the Icmdon market. Hank of Rng
land rata of dleeonnt. fuvloma retnrna and other "election*
of ape rial Kiwi general Information praaenta. in Ita lataa for
117?, oiber feature* of IMMMl
Ita election relnm* are tha fhlleat, moat perfect, end only
re hal.li data for tha coining Preeidentlal alertlon. Corrected
ernra ol tha 1 tolly mount I niarn uional Kllla Malt li. with
diagram*. AC-. private algnalaof Ilia New York Vaclil Club,
complete ren*u* returna ilataiti of this Siata hr mantlea,
full Mat af Hanatora and Mamhar* of tha Kortr Mnrlh Congreaa,
?t ending and aalact committee* of hoth'hoaaea, with
poai ofRco addroaaaa. Ac. . American Mtmaiera and Cnaaal*
al-toad . foreign legation* in Ilia I'nltad Stat#*; table allowing
Ilia rataa of floatage to loralgu ourietrlea. alao the lima
af clwalng lha malla at Sew York I'oat e#ee. All the apectalIlea
of tne Almanac, M artnera' tiaide Mlaalng Heir*. Ac.,
ar* continued tar the peat year. It*gbremdogfael and oiner
tahlaa, government department*. army and navy reform,
are ofllcially corraetad. lie "Mlaeellaneoua" conlenla la a
moat vain able compendium of Item* af ganaral and apodal
lafortaad^ TBE I|EBA^ALI|A!,AC. '
Prlea. X> canti mailed to all porta of tha United gtatea, n
aanta, cold l*y ail eiaimnara and newtdaalara. Addraaa
M r* f'-Maaai: .New York cllg. ^
gpowTAWEor* cosnirBTioif of bitc*
mixol * coal. oxj4hipboahd.
The large cumber of disasters wtnetrhav# occurred
lately from the spontaneous combustion of bitumtnooi
coals on board of steamships and sailing vessel* bai
been noted and commented upon bjr the few wbo hart
boon familiar with the dangerous qualities of tbess
coals; but the recent destruction of four Boston shlpi
loaded with English coals, viz., the Sierra Nevada,
I'orahontas, Mogul and Centaur? all (mm spontaneoui
combustion, ' ** at length railed public attention to the
mailer. In addition to these vessels the following
British ships have also been on Ure from the same
cause, and all of these more or less damaged or destroyed,
to-wit:?Workington, I.any Heathroto and
Staffordshire. These recent and well attested rosea
havo produced a rather startling effect In commercial
circles, especially among the underwriters who have
had to pay the losses.
In order to show, however, something like the full
extent ot these disasters wo have run over a die of
papers for the past few years, gleaning therefrom th#
following list of losses, all proceeding from tbo aam<
cause, vtr., spontaneous combustion of the bitumlnoui
coals on board, to-wif?
?i r'C'liuM'-i'i = | J
j? s? '? * w 12- * ~ 2 '? * " - ~ s==r' ~ i > * * *
2. f If- ?=2 "? = s-: ?
?.? 72 rr? ta ?*: ; ? : : ; 3 o
V! eppj*- ! j!L' Nts1; "i a. . ; ; 3; , ?
? 5: S2 7: ti . * jl- : * <
^ 0 2.s * : : 9 9: =r : ; .2 2
f f; n ?;: fh J;;! ;; 11:!: i! i I
| ' * I ] *~ % M * ' mm \ ;i"{ - ' - ' m m
sT ?7^r^or*?<xrr^r.6or-rrV>.*r^rr?r T""
?f ir 3* c-a.* ^*'?iO.'?c.'??.i2'}^ a=-"a2 *
3 ?v;s^'H?i*li|!?Mi 1
: !::?:: rr*i :: :; i :: i i*-?: I :: : '
I I|-?5-s'&Ci3SB: f
? $ - 2 S S Tr?:s: 1: ? f-g I S ? 1 7* ?; 5
2 : 3=s|: : ?2; =;;;: ri&?s H
j :?:;?;!r?lli!!:l?l!jj!!!l ?
r??*= ? & FFj?T>F?? if? F?f "
I llllpl^^li53|gl|liliill K
l? W ^ ^ v * W w O w J | | | |
~~y 33 r *>.??* r / " c > ". r t > > : > / o * <>
pr - - ** r*-^r ft c *.=*?. * 2 * 2 "" * =*~? **
z;i* ? r ? pi? it r rf|?ri f nU- ?
rti I i i lljll: |j l jSLfl l rl pMI i 5
?T?: : : : : .": ?: : : : ' : : ' ' '
'!? 3 , O
< ! Cm' . (B- ; !
i? _ 5 I
r ^ 2 ! a i ft
:;::::: ?: : : : : : : : : : : ?
: 5.; : : : : r: : : : o: : : : : : : : : : : : : a
:?::::: ?: ::: 2: : s.
: ?> : 1: ::::::::::::: : 5
. , . . t
- rJiii?? 5 5;S?i? 0 ?? sir? J22?;
t jhi!.!.iip5?oia"31?S-ai!.?3?.
2 tt^-2 82?? 3 - S S $ 5 j Je"* ; *
i g?: i: ;'?ff ?a:H; ?; ;: ?
: ?r : : i 3g=5: f: 333! 3 53: ! i S
i : 5: I : : if: : .' 5: III: : ?
>*'' ? ^? * * m H12' II' !! 2
: i ::: I :?:::: : 2.11: 1:1::::: ?
5 3 i ? n 5 2 C o : c ? 5 ?5 J.5 3 5 5 j g J ?5
T, IS-^prZ 3 5SSS?"i< lg II-"
? b aa-S 3 ST? 7? ? = o a ? 5 5"?ir5"o s 3" o2 a
j fss'fssj s?r?sl|ji?fnsfj
g ^??*- 03- ?' ?* 3 " 2 " = 2
1 l|??&: s& ii
2 ? - !i;> ?x.? " ? - =
i. li. 1 * ? f * if
? 3 HI I i 2 fi 33
? Mt I ? fi l!
S f S ? H ? ft'
* r r in ?
? J i
n ?
r 1
tttitti titY s?, ?? 2a jfs\ V
5?**??% af "
?5ito_i ??5?5- 2 a5-? = <1 ?? v
Uiv^f =;il ? Ill" s s* ?.* 5
"-= *- * : S . bs_ : ? ' ? o? ? J
-2 r : S: ~ V :8 'S. S * * ' 3= 21
& : S: ?: ?3 ' ? 5 = : 3 ? : ? ? : ^
* r J o 3 |
::;:::? :::: :: r 3: g3 : 2 : : |
....#, # i ft ^ ?
* *" ! ? * j, j r j j fI:
i I I fc4s ! ? S8ms-SSh. ! ?
: : 81: : i : Sis i 5 =SS??=x^ 8: f
: I ! i i i : ? $ j
misr ?:~fi"*as" *r o * ? t oaf -r "
B3c = a.Z; Sje| * X ? ;2 S ?:= ei
. ^. SL? t - rs a p-i & -c r ! sr ^
i -s; f-?rs ?f\f ?1 r?- Jf: :: I
: i : : ! 5 : : i : : : : i ? \ : : :
st>%~/ ~Z<z~> <r. -TVja"T En r.c *
fSSeSf fzH ?? IS.JJ-: t| a? 2
Z??3 ^122 5.: ? ?! ?
s3S?sU 2=.rs 55 tiff : | ? ?
3 . r?J s~: ;= *?J* ; : a ; :
3; 3: ?; i tfi: 81 : : : J : i h
!!;*;: i: : it : : if ?
.?* , I
ft ? .
ft . ? *
....... ... . ? ? ^
02-02C0 ?? * UV I fV tt f
jiaaaaaa ? 5 ^ s ^ ?5 j
X?rSS.S.3 ?=-* * gj* K?55 3S= Sp S.
|||||i.I IP ii p ill 11| || |
xxxro-jz>~ r. r*g~ <>. >. 89-3 r* *
ezsnv 1- ^ a"&p J?
j = i/=.-; g-,21 J: 1 ??: r; p?: a
3 3- 8 : 2^5* : B 2: ' * - : *
i : i ?i f. I n : : c f?:': f: 5
: : i: : ' : : ? : ' *
: : : 8: r; : 5: ? : I ': : i : : ?
i f ii If: I i ? I
: . : : : : : ; a: : r : r: : : : t
h; i I h ! ?! !! i I I i I I i h *
HJl'/H / r V.X -t 025" *< "t HH< ?1 H 1 -H
ffifel'SS Mlf! B lit I I; ill ?
. s i . t; rs . s o ; : . &
:ra.?Ss: fi : :5 : : fi : : ?: ? ^
im'Ils; !!S?:?i!!ffnlii 5
: : 3; ; i; : : : 5 : : a: :
11:1 lri|: :Ill = I! ill 4nSi; J
: : ' ' ' ' ' : fr: : : ; : : f: :
iiijlliaj iHii 1 :j hiifi:
J?r ?? "? ? - ? !
||i I; 5 i 7 i
ill iii H f I I
Ij It ? ff ? I ?
ri it | I | ] I
* r; i f ! i
H ' I 3
' I 2
CoalLaui m TMtk Phi* ?
~ ??; - - ... ^
' . .
^ / " * 1 '* >.

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