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Stocks Unsettled - Prices Irregular,
Though a Trifle Firmer,
Money Freely Supplied at 2 a 3 Per Cent?Government
Bonds Active and Higher.
Wall Sthkkt, 1
Tiiuksuat, March 2?0 K M. J
. Old aalls, shifting their quid, will toll you thai a gala
of wind Is likely to blow itself out wilhiu three days,
u tuosl cases they ere right. A stock broker will tell
you that an excited market, be it upward or downward,
will culminate in three days. In most cases he is right.
We have had stormy w eather within the walls of the
Stock Exchange lor the above period, and to day au
equilibrium bus been established in financial disturbance
and cautlouary signals have been hauled down.
Lludley Murray would have put the Idea in grammatical
form, treating the market as positively
firm, comparatively dull and superlatively un- i
profitable. The lurther cutting dowu of rates
should bare forced Western I'nion to lower
figures, looking at the mutter from a bear standpoint,
but the contrary turned out to be the cuse, since
the stock, after tailing oil a trifle, advanced to 70,1$, or
one per cent above last night's closing prices, but subsequently
weakening to "0, at which most of the day's
transactions were made and at which they eventually
There was no evidouco on the part of either Gould or
Twenty-third street ol a desire to force the fighting,
and, apart from a certain amouut of "fibbing," no
particular scicnco was exhibited by either bull or bear.
Almost the same report may be uiadu of Pacific Mail,
which, beyond allowing "first blood" for the shorts,
when tho stock got a knockdown of one per cent In the
opening hour, remained steady lor tho rest of the
cession. It was like the fabled hero of classic times,
who, when he got a "floorer" and nine to earth, as
quickly "came to time" again reiuvigoraled by the
mere contact.
.So Pacific Hail put In nearly as good an appearance at
tho end of the market as It had shown at the com- j
meucement, a truth which, unfortunately, can scarcely
be expressed by its ships, as respects the beginning
and ending of their voyages.
Concerning Lake Shore it may be simply remarked
that tho steadiness which has characterized it for the
lost two days was its salient lcature this morning.
The show was apparently wanting In popular attraction,
though Mr. Morryman dul at one time exhibit a
Tew of his old fashioned flip flaps, but thero is no novelty
about them any longer, and the former "pregnant
hinges" of his knees seem to have grown barren of
further attraction.
There was little to notice In other stocks than those
wo have alluded to, except that Erie was spasmodlcully
active under sotno pressure to sell and that the
Urauger stocks might as well have shipped themselves
oil West, bag and baggage, for all the interest they excited
by remaining in the market.
To sum up, the sbaro list was like a vessel caught in
the "horse latitudes," where baltliug winds and slow
progress are the day's jottings in the log book. What was
gained on one tack was nearly lost on another, and the
day's run toward higher prices, though showing somewhat
ol a gain, was marked by insigniilcant progress.
aggregated 160,000 shares, which were distributed
among active stocks as follows:?-Mew York Central
and Huason, 600; Erie, 10,760; Lake Shore, 31,600;
(forthwestern, 3,300; do. preferred, 1,150; Rock Island,
600; 1'acltlc Mall, 34,500; St. Paul, 1,100; do. preferred,
1,300; Ohlos, 2,700: Western Union, 63,700; Wabash,
1,200; Union Tacific, 085; C., C. and I. C., 100;
Panama, 200; Michigan Central, 1,300.
The following tablo shows the opening, highest and
lowest prices ol the day:?
( Pne n i nit. //i nh**t 1 i/t#?
v New York Central 11S>4 115>? 115!^
liarlew 140 140 140
Eric 18',' 18 U' 17>,'
l.ake Shore 60 ', 61'. 60',
Wabash 3',' SS4' 3 > ?
Northwestern 42', 42 >4 42',
Northwestern prelerred... 63', 63?4 63'4
Rock Island 110'j 110s, 110?,'
Plttsburg 93 s, 03 V 03^
Milwaukee and St. Paul... 42 42', 42
Milwuukce it St. l'uul pref. 70 70', 78,74
Ohio and Mississippi 2074 21'4 20s4
New Jersey Central 10774 107'4 107','
Delaware,Lack. Ac Western 117'4 1177, 117%
Union Pucillc 66'4 67 66
C., C. and I. C 4tf 4S4 4s,'
Western Union HO 70', 6S'4
Atlantic aud 1'aclllc Tel... 20 20 20
Pacific Mail 20^' 2074 2574
Pacific Mall ... 207, a 26'4 C, C. C 4 I.... 49 a 63
West In Tel. . tW'<. a 7" C'.OilC 474 a 4,?
All * Pac Tel.. 1UJ, a 2"', l'el, L Jt W ..11774 a !! ?
Uuickailver l"7u a 18,', r.rle 17?4 a 177m
Quicksilver pf. 2374 a 2.1 linn* St Jo . 18s, a 187,
Mar l.and A M 7 a 7 ', 11 mi A St Jo pf 28 a 20
AdmusKx ..,107 * l"*}, l.akr Shore. . 61s, a 61
American Ex. <2 a 63 Mich Central.. IIO', a 60',
t S El 73s, a 74 N Y A llaricm.14" a 141',
Wei la tarsoEx 87 a *8 S V C 4 11 K.llIJa' a 113U
Chic* Alt 1"1 a 10174 NJt'en 107 a 107',
Clee k Pitta... H-l'i a 04', Ohio A MUa . 20?{ a 21
t'liic * X W... 42?, a 42s, Panama 123s, a 12.112
Cl.lc A S W pf. 6.i'4 ,1 6', TolAWab 3V. a 2s,
Chic* K I....110', u 111", Union I'ucific.. let;; a 67
Mil* St P . 4.',, a Missouri P-.j . 12 a 1"*J
kill * St P pf.". 79', a <W ,
The changes in closing prices, compared with those
of yesterday, are as lollows:?
Dkcuxk.? Atlantic and Pacific Telegraph, 74; C., C.
and I. C., ; Delaware and Lackawanna, , Erie, 74;
Muickkllver, 74 ; consols in London, >4.
Advance.?Illinois Ceutral. ; Lake Shore, 1;
Michigan Central, ; Northwesiern common, >4; do.
prelcrred, ', ; New Jersey Central, >,; Ohio aud Mis- I
sissippl, >,; Pauains, I'.,; Rock Island, ; St. Paul, j
>,; do. preferred, 74; Wabash, \; Union Pacific, >4; |
Western Union, X ; gold, *4.
Statioxart.? Atlantic and Pacific preferred, C., C.,
C. andl., Missouri Pacific. Pacific Mail. Harlem and !
New York Central.
Gold opened at 114',, and udvanoed to 114*,, at which
tl closed. The rates paid for carrying were 3',, 3, 2, 4
and 4>, per cent. The cauae of the strength and ac- ,
Uvity in thia department ia aacrioed to the advance in
foreign exchange, tho complication in Treasury state- j
menta concerning the amount of coin on hand, the
possibility that silver will soon he Issued an a substitute
for iractional currency, the Investigations now
being made in Washington by various committees?
Chief among which are those of the Committee on Kxpenditure?and
the increased shipments of gold.
Cold balances *1,104.867
Currency oaiancos 1.426,802
Cross clearances 33,044,000 j
Currency exchanges *86.232,617
Currency balances . 0,8*2.664
Cold exchanges 7,052.021 j
Cold balances 1,133,086
The following are the actual specie shipments per
steamers sailing hence to-day:?
Ml earner If or via, gold-coin .... .$40u,*bu
bleaiuer fcervia, sliver bars 100,000
Steamer Vera Crux, lor Havana, Auiericun
gold coin 27(1,000
Total *"0,000 :
Honey waa ireely ollercd at 3 per cant, aDd toward
(he close waa supplied at 2 per cent. Governments
continue to be ibo lavorite collateral. In the discount
market iliu number of bent names 11 Hunted, and
pnm? paper passes ai 4?, ai|d 0 per cent. Domestic j
exchange on New York to-day w a* lollows.savannah,
'4 premium; Charleston, utichuugcd, none offering;
New usleaus couiiuarcial, pur; brink, ; Clucin
nan, steady, pur; Si. Louis, 70c. discount; Chicago, 70c.
Foreign exchange is very firm, owing to ibe small
amount of bills olTering, and these, bcti.g chiefly on cob- ,
ton account, are closely scanned in view of the coudi- {
tion ol the Liverpool market. We quale:?Prltno ask- j
Ing rales, 4.SO', a 4.00 c,; selling rales, 4.86\ a 4.80
and 4.00; reirhuiarks, 06', a 00-, and 0Ca0OJ4; Cablet,
001, a V6?, ; prime Puris, 6.ia& and 6.11)?.
These have been active and higher ahd closed firm ;
at the quotation-1 which lollow. Notwithstanding
the discussiou of the issue of a four or lour and a half
per cent bond ibe Investors of the country have llieir
attention still attracted b.v the superiority or.the exist- j
ing Issues over other investments, and much of the
idle capital now In the bands of capitalists and institu- j
tlons ta finding Its way into ibis held:?United States
currency sixes, 1*7 a 127;,; do. do., 1U1, registered, j
12S a 123*f; do. do., do., coupon, 123?j a Ul\; <10
five iwcDuen, 18U5, rcginlored, US a 118'.; du do.,
da, coupon, 1X8 a 118do. da, da, new, regialere.l,
Htt>i a 110^4; da do., da, da, coupon, 119'. a 119',;
do. do., 1807, reentered, 121*, a 121V do. da, da,
coupon, 121 a 121V do. do., 18A8, registered, 122*, J
a 1*24; do. do., da, coupon, 123*; a 124; do. teu for- I
tics, registered, 118*. a 118J?; da do., coupon, 119 a
119*,; da fives, 1881, registered, 118*; a 118',; do, do
da, coupon, 119 a 119
Washington advices rejwrt receipts from internal
revenue to-day, $160,482 84; from customs. $702,282 84;
bank notes received, $600,000. Tbe Assistant Treasurer
paid out to-day $531,000 gold on account of interest
and $243,000 tu redemption ol five-twenty bunds.
Railroad bonds were in fair request Obio and Mississippi
consols at 98*; a 98?, a 98?,, Rock Island, 109*4
a 109*; ; Colon i'aciQe firsts, 106*;; da sinking ft 1.1,
91 a 91S; Southern Pacific of Missouri, 70'? a 70V,
Central Pacific firsts, California aud Oregou Lrancb,
94% a 96; Wabash Orals, 06; C., C., C. and L Orals, ,
110 V 1b the afternoon L'uion Pacific aiuking fund* 1
sold dowu to 90, but at the close reacted to 91. The j
following were the closing quotations lor Pacific Kail
road bonds:?Colon I'ucltic brats, 106', to 106*?; do. I
land grains, 103 to 103', ; do. sinking funds, VI to M'(; '
Central PuciUcs, lus\ to 100.
In Stuto bonds Missouri lung sixes wore 103'?al03
and Tennessee* weak. Old declined to 44 '* nnd new
series to 41. South Carolina, new, nun fundable, told
at 4J4'. District ol Columbia 1C6 bonds at 73 a 72 V
Georgia sevens, gold, at 106';.
In investment securities the sharpest advance was
made in Panama, which rose front 132', to 136. New
York Central sold at 116,'; a llo'4 a 116,';; New Jersey
Central, 107 V a 107 '4; Kock Island, llo a 110', a 110.', ;
Albany una Susquehanna, 103; New Jersey Ceutral,
142),"; Illinois Ceutral, 101^ a 102>;; Morris aud Kssex,
106; Deluware aud Lackawanna, 117' ?; Chicago,
Burlington and Quincy, 119 ';. express stocks were
steady. Wells-Cargo ut 87\, Culled Stales at 73',.
A niArif.fiII ut 11-> 1 a ? } V
The sales of bunk shares were 9 Fourth at 88 ';, '23
Merchants' at 119, 10 Ninth at HO, and 10 Republic at SO.
The following are the Philadelphia stock quotations
ul three o'clock this day:?
Mul. A iked j
City sixes, old l"d\ lud7, |
City sixes, uew luS', 10e'4 |
I'aited Companies o( New Jersey... 142'* 14J?, j
Pennsylvania Railroad 67 67
Philadelphia und Reading Railroad.. 60', 60', j
Lehigh Vulley ltuilrouiL b'21, 024,
Philadelphia aud Frio Railroad..... '21*21', \
Northern Central Railroad 40'., 40', |
Lehigh Navigation 60', 60', i
Lehigh Nuvigaliou, gold loan lot-, 100', j
The following were the opening quotations lor mining
stocks at Sun Francisco to-day:?
Gould Si Curry 21 KurckaO. V 8 I
Savage 10 Best & Belcher 6'2 i
Chollar-Polosi 90 Ken tuck 10 !
Ophir titi Union consolidated.... 13
Hule & Norcross 45 Alpha 37
Crown Point 25 Meadow Valley 3
Yellow Jacket .'.100 Sierra Nevada 20
Belcher 38 Mexican 30
Imperial 12 Caledonia 55
Virginia consolidated. . 447 Silver Hill 11
California IK) Eureka consolidated... Id
Overman 73 Justice 20
Kayinond & Ely 20 Julia consolidated 10
The I.undou advices report no change in the Bank of
England rate of discount, which Is still 4 per cent. The
bank gained ?210,000 sterling during the week and
?48,000 to-day. The pro|>oriion of reserve to liabilities
is now 41*^ per cent, against 43}? per cent last
week. Consols are lower (or money and lirm for tne
account. United states bonds are steady, with the
exception ot 1867's, which declined at the close to
107?,' a 107??. Erie fell oft to Id a 16',' for the common
and to 31 a 31>, lor the preferred. The increase
of specie in the Bank of France for the week was
*20,269,OOOf. In Frankfort new lives are 102',. I
In Fans rentes are Odf. 02 v,c. Exchange on London,
short sight, 25f. 18c. Tho following are the 5 P. M. '
quotations:?Consols for money, 94 a 94^ ; do. for
accoupt, ,94>, a 94i,; 1805. old bouds, 105; 1807 bonds,
107J* a 107Ji; tcit-lorty bonds, 100; new lives, 100'i a
100S,; Erie, Ida 10?,'; Erie prelerred, 31 a31>?. New
York Central, 104.
A Washington despatch to-day says:?Mr. Hatch, of
the bant Inn firm of KIskA Hatch, appeared today before
the Committee of Ways and Means and gave his
views on the subject of the 4>; per cent lunding bill oi
the Senate. He took the postilou?and fortified it by
a reference to the present quotation of government
bonds?that the government credit now Is on a firm
basis of 4 per cent, and It would be Impolitic and un- !
businesslike for tlie government to undersell its own
credit by ottering bonds at 4>% per rent. He showed
that durability was one of the essential elements In
funding government securities, and that, therefore, a
fifty-year 4 per cent bond would soli as well in the marketas
a thirty-year 4fi per cent bond. In response
to questions by Mr. Kelley, of Pennsylvania, as to the
policy of issuing Interconvertible 3.06 bonds, Mr.
Hutch disapproved of that scheme as one tbat might
expose the government to ruin and to consequent insolvency.
Another meeting of the representatives of the dlf- !
leiuut nuoa liuiriwui Utiu 10 uajr hi ui'?r luo rewrt
Cf a cuuiiiilttoo appointed yesterday tu device a '
plan for liie equalization of tbe rules of freight and the
settlement of tbo existing differences between tbo |
roads. The meeting was u private one, and tbo nature
ot tbo deliberations is not yet known.
The Rock l?la..' earnings, unofficially reported for \
February, show an Increase of ubobt $36,000, J"d those !
of the Northwest $176,000 ' ,\
The earnings of tbe St. Louis, Iron Mountain and 1
Southern Railway Company lor tbo third week of
February wore:?
1875. 1876.
Passengers $17,744 $22,700
Mcrcbuudia til,'nil 63.800
Iron und ore. 1,321 4,600 i
Sundries 2.687 3,6oo i
Totals $82,864 $94,500 ,
Increase, $11,636.
A Washington despatch says:?Mr. Randall, frotn
tbo Appropriation Committee, has reported a bill appropriating
$160,000 for the detlcloncy In the Bureau
of Kngravmg and Priutlng, and authorising the Sec- ;
retary of the Treasury to commence lbs redemption
of Iractional currency in silver. He gave notice that
he would call tbo bill up for action at tbe Ural opportunity.
Tut RSbAT, March 2, 1876, 1 I
BKiORK CALL?10 A. M. I j
$0000 T.p A Wist,ED H7 4 Mj ah* Cbl * * W KB 42 V
1UOU Ubiu A M con... MH* loo do b3 42', | t
IMXAl do ,.?3 lis , lOJ do 030 42', i I
luOUO Loug Inland Int. 102 lOJ Chi A X W ltlt pi .
:t?i tht AtlA P lfl..?:? it) 3 O do ?.i 6.1',
lout II Pas UK. 60* ll*? do 03',
I5UU Wen Ln Tel I V 1WJ Cbl * It 1 Hit llu', 1
21*1 do HH"* 10 ilo llO'Z j Kmi
tip 40081 L.KCANUK p? :.1>"
??l do 60* 800 L. s A M S Hit .... HO'. <
2200 do t?0 4m do C IIP,
2'?l do c Oil', 1000 do 0o<! ! I
WO do 61P, TOO do ?3 ?0?,
43U) do Ob', 1200 do ,3 to* I
1000 do OH", 20 do HO'. I
loo do 63 lilL 10 do oti'T i 1
Ull Pee Mall 88 20), 00O do ,3 00', 1
70O do 2H?, 27'SI do one* I 1
llXJ do.. loo do ij 6o>. ' i
700 do 20*, lotrj Erie UK IK'I
lu do bio 27', KJU do 18* 1
iw ?? ?*w r. -'? wuiu ? .niwt...... 2"'. i
atm <iu a?-s 2uo do (j a?i?* ;
;<?J do -A!.', 2U? do 2U?!
i<*) do, .0 20 >, it?j do ?3 gov
50 do 27 4*ii d? . ..,3 'jo1.
5**J do 20?, UU) X T C 1 U K RR.
800 do SH?, IU> do 115';
3**' do 20.1, 3*.0 Mil k Si V KK ... 42
30 do.... 2C, 200 do >3 42
30U do 20', 5t* Mi) A St Put 79
4*11 do 211-4 . 0 lol X W ?o UK ... 4
500 do 20', 100 do UM
M*l do 2B 30 ' Mich C*n KK .*3 00
liii do 25J| 20U do 0O'?
I NX) do 25:,
10:15 AND 11:30 A. M.
f&uTTO I' Sfl'i, t, 'HI.. 1231, 9MMJ0 I' 0 ?'i, f, 'Ml||||
llXOuo 5-2U.r, 05,n.bc 119*4 I Ah
Ull <1 5-20.C, '35, lib c 111'}, I50HI do 123V
35U) do uc 11!". bUOOC H5'?, lu-40.r.. ll??,
ijldl' jj JU.c.'ti.. 121*, 750 do bc.C llK*,
yillST 1.UAMI?10:30 A. M.
Mo ?'? '.on* bdi. H>3'? IKiibiWfill'Til.bJ 7l'l? I
2U*> Ituuti'i, old.be 44 . 30l'nuRin?KH..,,bo 13*.', I
. OH" do 44', I"0 I'd#? ail"OK... .be 25', I
OMIl Telill O'l, li 42(I'M do 25!,
|2l**! do .. 41', 12"0 do 25*,
l.'iiul 8 C ?'?, ii. ttoa-f. 4'? 1U1 do a 23*,
|i mi i: a O 1*1, e on. 3> ', 9"| do 254,
luui I'.H 4 <d cou 7'i. )"? U*> do c 25;, |
inn Cut, llitl' 7 . lOM'i 12UI do 25ii
IIIRJO do 1'HM, : 23 I do 20
4<*l> M 4 9t I*. 1 \ M M4?, 1 * ?> do ,31 2" |
15*111 do 95 3?0 d 2H," I
40ooM*dr, I t* I'M , wo do 20', :
3UU0illcil bou if..., IMH 1300 do MM 20 j
inun Mlri, s??:M !? n?. 4a aH? H'l
MMi * \ -WT It*. mat 4a **'?
!' ?'* V ( a* 1*1. ? IS>, IKU 4a
! ?> Ohio 4 til. raa tat. |i*> S * t 4 II K ?* a t ?.' ,
S*M I 4.. ... fee J I) 4a I?>'?
II* n Wax ( <- >4. .I'll |i* Krf MK hc.hl "?
IT.aai I a Kar UK U Itt.W Mil 4a .*? I-',
ami u I'm itaM ;?! ? ?? ?' ?
MM 4?.. im, 4a .... >l ??a
liaai Ha fa? KKuf Ma 7"', lolafacUR h? <?',
I * 4.. *>?; :tr. *- * ?'?
MlllTM.i nil. a*', |<*I 4a 47
Mill 4a Ml 44 Itilllut ? kr |1 *?
aii>iT?l4 kkab lat . Ml ?u 4a ..
liaait 4 * la*. Ml. 4 * 4a . ,, ?l
Ilk* T W ?a? *?W. 47 ? ?' 4a . a ? !
ikaki T T 4 W aaa b i 4? ? *? 4a *i '*
Jiiai k.rlr Ia4 . I<4*', T*< > 4a ?l 'a
! l*> Tul.l'a **40 IN 4>V * a* .. 4ll?
Mur.i'.riiia. !! ? 4a ?i'?
<?< lit A ? W r..? I **3 " l.'H 4b k3 Bf,
M ?l>. Kvartk >?l?k Ihli *? .. ... 41?,
33 X.nl.??U ilk ... II- m.i 4m ?3 Bf,
W .. mi ... ... ,
I" M k mt Mt^Wu . Ml Ik?l 4b a ?l\
HH'ikI'mI.. ... .. k.1', *? b? 41*%
4" mm .. .. M.I kk ? l
MMilliiliuW U?, IvIKn k?l l>,
3**i Uuuk Mia .bk Ik. kuCU lit bk k* *J .
In i 4 Try.? C. .bk 34> '->*> 4k .
Vl Ami ks ?J . IN 4m ? -.
13 4k bk 43*, ?*i 4> , *- .
tO ?k I**l 4m k> |
V 4 lis ... ...Ik 73-, Mi 4b 4. ,
134kU. I'trgu k. hk * '. 4m - *,
3 *??? kkti k Iki... kk im ? I I * < k kJ kk .
3MAI 4k U Ik**, *11 4b k?\
43 ? ?, lilimll 4k HAS
-* ?J 4? . MS HI 4k l*|*S
Ml ?B .... I?s 4NIHI4IU 4k If**,
vju 4# Bk-. I <1 ks
4..J 4b 14*-, Ml ?4? M f II 4k
Mil 4b Bk- . l-ki 4k k ?
17- k* 4- H I-444. Mr pi b# MC
4k *?'. 4M 4b
M.I ? Hi .*> fk I *m ks bk ?*?
I* si 4b W, ib. ?b S
3.40 4b 7w t-TbJHii 143*,
M.J 4? 7-", *<i Ibii.IH bk I ?
1-41 3.. T , J. N k > 4 r I. ' 4b
... . >?, !* 4B J'?
*.* 4b M l**>4l U Mi-4 ' .
7 41 7 k AM 4 BVB, St.* I
|>?| 4- .. .. 44 His 11-uu.llKk b? ?
T?k. 4b fc 31,
mm ? mm>4 mm m- m
Tim 4m Vu#
bkmuh rm mm r. v.
fMK" Tail* l. ? . 41', K'lwll ??',
|IM'True' a. aa 414"' a* *4 IT ,
Ja?ai L 4 X ?fb. ** . la.' .! 4>- . M ia>
I>||>. >'*c Ml. m. Wk'a * ?' 4> I7*a I
J>"> I ii l'x >mh l <?i |7*ei e.. i;-,
2*a>aha Mi. b I'aia bl 4 a.1 s
I'aai i. H 4 M 4 KM eS < , Haai ah, 17a, ,
a**' 4m ||'4 ?? 4m IJs
lU) u. a I i I , ia> ru.. . i.H t a
3"i Wail U III I . , I' <i i k i .. i.
I'" 4" * ' ? 4a.
I ? 4m > '. IUH'hil l? U ai ?
2au ?lv aJ > -. 4m 4 %
aaai liu . .. Ti"a MM4 -4 ! n? aJ 4. ,
1..25 4.> >V |a<> 4. ?.<,
laaai 4" Mb', liaHtUtMl-al W, ,
|ia*i 4m H'S ! Taal 4 aa a* 14
2KM alw baa-, ? ua ?
. tai I'ac Mail 148 . .a.', hxulKk ? "%!
Wil 4m .. MS l'"aat*m 4 Mlea MM -
w?l d.i ?a?i .1.
i;aa a 4u aaai llaa | aa Jafl V?
lam d<> c a?'J u?a 4a I. I Ha k * kk 4a
luu do bJ
t r m
l'4Ul' Hda. f. 41 . 123 a, fXOajvl'e, 47 l.l\
SUOUl' 4 2 20, c, aa . I lb-,
SUK.NI> BOitft-4 r. M.
itbxii Tenu al'a.o aerlee 41 *a. ,k, IVib M *4 Ja-t,
2'Aio 'laiiu o'a, uea? 4J : 4- .
5' I*1 Laia I'ol J.iv>'? 7J Ita > Krir KM kl 17,
J<a*ai do be 7 a I in d. a I >
.'naa.i.a 7'?. liold b laaM, ?M 4. IT',
H?JUI M A 4 I' i-ou a f. ?", 4lii d I .?,
liaaai do .. bl Na%>. I tan 4? I7*J
lajaail'lii A N W lal.. Iai4 :nai d I ,
Ha a 11 a1 A .a W i* c ar b. "21, |aa> L M A M 4 UM . b? ' I
'jaiAl Mieli South a f latii;, in > do a.l i l
am? .a' V Conal'a, 'b? lul ? ? do a.r,
41410 Alt A I' II 2d ||C HJ II ai oo .. i.l ,
4O0O.\JC let, cou . 112 I ail do r !,
flUOn i l. f e. gold b.. H?', Wai do ... aJ bl,
1000 H?r lal, v.. be II"1, |i?i I u fmc KK t? ?7
2I?I alia ('on Coil...be 44', l"0 do i- ,
llil M 1. A.M. * >? lid.be 7 |a I 4 . a, ,
1U0M LAMpr.ee p4.be 7', liaa do tan,
5 Amur K? be 112*, |i?J 111 Cen Kb be I' I ,
8 do 82a, Itaj do llll',
1SIXJ Weat I'n Tel...be ain', IiMCMa Ml be bl a.",
llil do e am?4 jaai do .4 42'.
700 do lOOCM A KWpf br a . ,
H?l do 70 dailMIIAMI* bt at 4. ,
I in i do 7i", H mi Cht, It ? aJ be lib',
55O0 do 711 .400 Obi. AX ItH be -
2?oo do . ?? '. in u', a: A I e kk be 4 ,
8iai fee Mail SS lie 2io, 2a?j Hi 1.. I >11 4 H be '2m
700 do aU 2all, 4ai i Mo, h A Te*. be 12',
200 do ,3 20', lOJ do 12',
J:30 To i f. M.
fSbOOOi: S 5-20. c.'aa 118', lUialia Krle Klt bU 17 ,
buon I" S o'a, r. '81... lib faio do |7',
2000 MoO'a, I bda ... IIM 2??l Mleli l ea Ult all',
20OUO I>iat I ol 3.0'i'a.. 72?2 lOO do ai' , ,
Mia a .. _l.. W f \?| 1 i I I I I aa I I > VI It 11 Il7f2
10000 do 1*1 JOI L S 1 M ? UK v.1 Ml .
MXM T A W 1st. St L. ?WJ4' do <1
100 shs Con Coal 44', I3t?? do lil'j
im I'n ioi tw,C low do i i',
6U) do IIU', 11**1 do uji,
4iHiO do 7" H?) do I.i ill',
7('1, -7. n do ?:i ?l ;
(MM I do ?:l 7(1 l.i*> do (Ill,
IMMil do 7U l<*i Lu Pae lilt I
JIM 10 do Hif, lull do (Ml1 p
AOuPac Matl K0 2(111*1 Clil A S W. bl 4J>,
1(10 do 'JO', lOU N J ('(Ii Kit .li.l I07',
lli*> do i?'4 1U) Mil A Hi P KK.. 4J'?
|.0 do .(!', 2'0 oil a St I'll'. bl 7I",
??i do 2(1', SOU Ohio 1 U 1(11 b l 21
SO do 211'4 1011 N J South KK .. I',
1UO III Ceu KK........ 1"2', 100 do 1',
lUOtrloKH 17?; 30O do 1
Tui'RSDay, March 2?0 P. M.
The merchandise markets were generally quiet, but
without important change, though there wqre Home few
exceptions to the general rule. On 'Change, flour was
quiet but (toady, there being no disposition to force
sales. Wheat was dull and a Shade easier with Iree
sellors. Corn was quiet, but without essential change,
while oats were quiet but steady. Pork and lard, as
Indeed ah othor kinds of "provisions," wero Armor, 1
though not especially active. Whiskey *4 qtileC
Cotton on the spot was dull Futures were Arm. Freights '
were dull. Coffee was steady. Naval stores?Spiritsturpentine
was higher; rutin was steady. Oils were tllll
quiet. Petroleum was about steady. Sugar was alt > steady.
Co erne.?The market for Hratils was still dull, but quite
stead). At New Orleans a sale was nisde yesterday of 3,(*J0
bags, ex Shawiuut, at 17?4c. for fully fair. Mild coffee a as
quiet. Messrs. Wait, I'relgblon A Morrison report stork of
mild coffee In first hands as follows;?Java, grass instf,
120,013; Singapore, do.,2.4HH, Ceylou, M.043 bags ; Mars
caibo, 11I.U6I do.; Laguayra, lfiO do,; Jamaica, HSU do ;
Porto Kicu. 1,(122 do. ; Costa Hies. (122 do. ; Macassar, 7.01(1
do. , Mexican. t.llHdo; Havauilla, 2.27(0 do. Total stock,
3S.861 bags, 12U,|(|2 mats Jass and 2.4HH do. singuporr.
bate Messrs. Wright A Co.'s telegram, dated Klo. Martll
1. IS7. advising;?Hales sloes 23d ull . 4M,(*X11 agt; shipnieuts.
ao.CS"' do.; loading. 42.UII do.; stock si data,
DI.IUJ do.; avs.'ge daily receipts, .'(.HHJ do; pri.'e,
?i?UU K vcbauge, ."'lid. Ws uuute Ordinary tar
goes, 15?.,e. a 10c. ; fair dc . 1~S|C. a 17),c.; good do., 17>4c.
a 10c.; prime do , lS'.c. a 1; SaStox, fair to good. 17'4e.
a ire., gold, ninety days; Java. goverunH'st ' 2 it a
24c ; do., grass msis. 22c. a 25c. : Singapore,Mo., Itic. a
Ceylon, Itftge. a lM.t,c.; Maraeaibo, l(l.t,c. a Ikd.c.: I.ago j
avra, I7',c a IH'.c , Jamaica, 10',jC a I He.; Ht. Domingo, I
lac. a love. Porto itlro. I7e. a IHc. ; Costa Kiea. 17c. a [
IH.tje.; Macassar, IHSo. a lk?),c.: Mexican 17c. n Inc.; '
Manila. 17c. a I He.; Angostura, 17c. a IH),c. S Havauilla,
IPC a inc.; vuiucon. iic .1 lie.
t'orro*.?The market fur cotton ?n Hi* ?pot wa* dull, hut \
without quotable cIi .uk*. Suture* were tlriu *1 the clot*. ;
The doling price* to-day compare with Wednesday'* clo?ing
price* a* follow* ?
HViiNt?ii<r. VunVj 1, Thurnlay, March 2.
Murch... 12 7 10* ? March... 12 17.12
April ... 12', a ? April.... 12 25 32 a 12 13 1U !
Mar 13 1-32 a ? May 13 3-32
June.... 13 SHI a 13 II .12 J line.... If, a 13 13 32
Jul* 13 P* 1(1 a 13 13-32 July 13-,
August 13 23-32 a 131* Augu*t . 13 13-lfl
- (Juutetloiia baaail mi American elaudard of claailflcatlon !
anil on cottou in ator* runuinK In quality not more thau
half a grade above or below til* grade quoted :?
fyliiMii. A'ttl-awl'i .Vee (irfioiu, Trjntt.
Ordinary 0 110 ? 110 0 11(1 9 110
Strict ordinary 0 1.1 10 0 13 10 0 IMM 9 1510
Ufod otdiuary 10 0 10 10 0 10 10 11 10 111 11-10
Strict K?od ordinary.. 11 5-10 II 5 It) li 7-10 11 7-10
l.uW middling II 13 10 11 15 10 12 1 10 12 1 10
Strict low middling. . 12 3-10 12 7-10 12 9 IP 12 0 10
Middling 12*4 12? 12 13 10 12 13 10
Hood lulddllUK 13', 13', IS', 13',
Strict good middling . 13', 13;, 13', 13',
Middling lair 13', 14 14', 14',
fair M'* 14;,' 1;> 15
-Stained?tiuod ordiuary. 9 3 10c.; alrlct good ordinary,
10 5 10c ; low middling, 10 1310c., uiiddliny.il 11-16c.
?The aalea were at follow*
T<<itay. LaM t'.renimj.
'oniumption 304 00 393
-Included iu the above are l.OUU bale* dellvertd on courect
K.ir future delivery the aalca were a* follow*:?
kcstciday alter two I*. M.?April, 4,l<*ibalea at I2'4c.; M..r,
law* at I3e , 2taJ at 13 l I tie., l.3UOai IU l 32c.; June. DUO at
13 5- IGc. ; 500 at 13 11 32c.; J uly, IWJ at 13 9-itlc., dan* at
12 9 32c Total, 7,(100 bale*. To-day. up to two Y. M ?
it arch. 2U0 bale* at 12 15-32c.. 1UU at 12 V., I On at
12 13-32c., IU I Ithnrt notice) at 12 I.V32C . 40.1 at 12 15 J2c. ;
tprll, 3mat 12 25 32c . :*?) at 12(,c.. l.HOiat 122332c.,
a*) at 11 10c., 2110 at 12 23 32c , Htm at 12 ll-IOa.. ItJtJ at
12*20 ; May, 4W *1 13 116c., 100 at 13 132c , H00 at
13 IK*.. 20J at 13 3-32c.. lOU at 13 I Ittr , 300 at 13 1 32c.,
I OUO at 13c., 100 at 13 I 3Uc.; I mi*. 2dO at 13 11 32c.. 1,100
tt 13 5 10c., 7U0 at 13 0 32c , 2<?i at 13 5 10c ; July. It*' at
13 19 32c. UOO at 13*,c.; SOU at iJ 17 32e.,
Il*lal9l"c. Total, 13,lit) hale* (Jraml total, 2 If*' bale*.
I he receipt* at the port* were as lollow*;?(lalveiton, 020
kale*; Naur Orlcau*, 0.OI0; Mobil*, *<0O; Savannah, <1 0;
harleatua, 419; Wilmington. 144 ; .Norfolk. 2.13s ; New Vork,
1,471; Morton, 115. I'lilladclpbla, 124. Total. 12,413 bale*.
Tin* day l**t week, 10.564 bale* Thi* day la?l year l",70l
sale* Total alnre Septcwbei 1,| 3,475 2"el bale*
Olloo freight* I l iked a* follow*To llavre, by
iteam. J*e.. compr*??ed. Hamburg, by steam, 'jc. comjreoecb
To Bremen, by ileaui. 4*0., cutnpreued To Livers>u
1, by (team. Iqd.: hv tail lad.
r LOl'R AND tiUAI.*. ? Mecelpll?Hour, 10,532 l.hls,; wilt at,
12,h<o hiiahela; corn meal. 2lHbbl*. and 1,277 *acki; uata
p.,432 bualiel*: corn, 51,960 da ; rye, 5,600 do. ; barley. MU
to ; barley tualt, 2.274 do. Tb* Uour market remained quiet,
mt price* were unchanged. Tb* *al**, Includiug State,
Lt?....... end vi. ilili.rn atn ahint 12 till l.hls > < l.u
mi.kxoil pncaa:?Kye flour ?old to the eiltni of 4f*l
it $4 HU a 46 Un fur bur to aupurflue. Corn mr*1 wa> quiet,
Iia* aalea beimc only Wi bt?> mid )iU iack< at $ i 40 a !
U .VJ lor Brandy?ill#. rd 75 a fl Jft fur Wpelern and 75
I ?:l 15 fur f?un>lvaiila and Jorney yellow per bbl. \\ ?
No State ?d_Vie?4'0
iuprrflne Slate 4 'JA a 4 Wl
h.xtraMale 4 W a 6 'JS
'holer Klatr 5 "J.'t a U IU
?u|irrflua Wextern 4 .5 a 4 If1
l.itn Weetarn.. ./ 4 mi a 5'J5
Minnesota . ft 441 a ' ' *)
found hoop <lhl<i. alilpplliij branda 4 Ilia 5 jfi
found Hood Ohio, trad* braudt 5 mi a ? 'ai
' amily 7 <>> a ? UU
it. lamia, low extra A uu a V JA ]
MAltai 3, 1870.?TRIPLE
M L. im, itr>l|ki (lira 6 25 a A SI
*i Luuia. rbaaaca ?..*bla una 7 iJU a A <?l
M lacata, abulia family H UU it ? faU
Kjta It.xar baa tea an pa c li aa 4 5 35
baatbara, %m 2 9 till 4 2.'?
m<ulliara aiaparftnt* 4 :* a 4 SI
x.alhara, a > ir* .'a 2.> ? W SI
" uibara kail) U 75 t lim
I'tl* nral. *e.i.ru (04 I#
i ..c* atral. Jcchi 2 75 ? 3 I"'
' "tia meal Hianiitwittr :i4?ln '<
an aa>al a?r4?<a> ,)U Qn120 5u
-- ?? ?? daft. a ad nominally Inarat Knr atraik'bl No. 2
a a i . 4' il la doit *a> laid, but tabc ipan I Hat uvea
iin ?ara ab..ui ii.iaiikaalwla, at #1 4k No. 9 Xllwaaiaa
4* -loan and 4l I I a (I 14 lor rbnlrn d<?. alatl. a?4|l 35
ar 4a I aa<l 11 m k.r akiir. #1 47 for tain-) amber Pennaylnaaaia
an. ai *1 'XI f..r a<> grade rail aimer, #1 35 a 11 47
4"i aaiar a Mr. . and 41 all.* ablla Mulligan. Corn a*a
a?'?t. b?a atibwat drt-tdnd clianaa Old In mixed aai
a -an aal at 7c a * la atara and all iat. The aalea eiubaaaad
aba.nl Ii . mai l.u.t.el. al (Mr lor old H'aetoru
a*aai la atara, a tllc. I"t Itrlaaara yellnw
mm pier *W? t tut ungraded Wttlrtii luiicd;
an.I ?... a Wt'4i fur Bear W'raterti mixed Kje
mm ^?l?l mmi Boaalaal, h.hm bualala auld
l.r expert al " * and '? > luat.ela Stale irtck >1 sue.
Into a*. aired) altb aalra 2t?.tl?> buahela at 7 c lur
l?m?ll Halt afloat and la MN, and t'enada ?u pilvate
terma Haelej malt aai iiuial at It .? fur two rowed
a?lll all lb lur leur reared Mat*. Oata ware i|Ulet.
* auta rate. ?f about .aj uat buattala at lie. a 42c. lur
tabftal <aatara taiaad. MV fur Nu :t W.ateru mixed,
dan a ab. lur Mat* abitd. an track, 47>ue. a 47'.c. fur Statu
at. tad aa track, aiad 47',c. a 47',? lur Nu. 2 Naur York lit
N. ar asp it as ? We Bute aalea of H'dl balm Hub Manila
at T V t-id. Midair Wu uuoiu -American dreaaed. fclllii
b kit' br destle tduu a 4 U? fur aitialc auil ILb a 4IJ0
aiimiaai bar uadtaaii < Malalia baat|>. 7c. a 74ic , ijultl. tbu
lattti l a lar Kwn i iltaa I lUatlli, gold . Italian. *2 41
a Hat |al| jalr. 4'(C a "x irll |utr bulla. :iJ,c
rutua t apt | <|? lounii, . fuht. accordlUK to
bra aitua . btaal kra| 4^1, raid; Ia4*v, 4a a airut.
? . a > a aa at* a>i. -alra ul .New Or Iran a ware H?l
bbu at bria> B.ll.tu ibr ratine The atuck la 3,:ttai blida,
t uba a a alula fun. K-eu, 1M>I Id.da fcugllalt lalauda and
>ew tirleaba 14 a <|iiule -t'nba. laUlMvil
ami aai tad 22r a ? <4u.. aiaved, 2t4r a tide. , tin . MMM
144a Pawamg. ?a a H.V . ila gr?.c*r> ' *b a 4tb-. . I'ortu
h t?, a an , | airltah I.land. JtM. a 341s. i New tlrluaua.
?Ur B ? ?.
tare. -I I|.| Tbr maikel r spirit, turpentine waa
b. ?. fa rat . art* 23 nbla at'tic . ml M klila. an duck
at tna war p<.. It..,lu waa at.-ed) aritla aalra ut &'tl
< a r' rt al 41 H. *i i|inMt' 'plrlta turpentine,
a. iamaaa.>u le gtaed atralbrd, 41 Ut a 41 41; tar,
kldiarlaa, N 121, da , 14 llanbgt. u. 4U 12', a 42 2">
tf. In. ?*> from W iIm.>ti|ii. a acre aa fnllowa: ?
atb at? a*l 4 i ll k 41 34 a 41 42',. Tar atrad. :
W ItB m ya? la. 41 lutprBt.ua <|uteb; Hard, 41 2. >cl
baa <4 4 4 I t tftriti a. ? -a a' Sla
baa Ila aartii iaaa aal laa ti.r aa.l wit).out aorctal
at -?a lu , .i? ruil?,
? ?WW tallaa. W n?n i yttlum Mil arklia
? M?i *? itur llntai 4 . ?-k, anJ bo|?.. UK. larJ.
? >14 IttaBllttaa *?!? : I- i I'm . ?> >!. f I
i >laaika4 aim. t II IL In, natural Jo.. VI
>? ark I, kwilian 7>a j" . k'Ulbirt. ' or . . Irar'liaJ
BUiAaa, Tm T"' ? ,.? raakt V' 1714 a (I ?1*,. Jo.,
iw> #4 *6 a #4 >. aiutar ulaarSaJ tali. Mr, ; rruJa tttb,
44, a #*a
flikotl -TW aaftri aaa Jail, but rl<w<l about >ltal)
M Ma lnk<>W||KiMi < i*h. in talk.-',, a ni , , J? , la
Ma II,' 'I-"J. <a U< I4'a?.. 4" >M>, lib,' lor
I.b. ai I k< ta4 r. ar4 at I'luia tl|kla It ami at HalVimo'a
l?r, A n -a, lama tha 1 raaa warv a< loll.at ?
Ma.iiJa jail aaj uaiat. #4 IT', Oil I'll) J.ill au I aaak,
ti a #4 '? , aakaj Baot an thiputrni, 4<!l7t,MJ.
4 J' aakc I I. aaii.lla .,u.ai lib VJI7', Tijiouia
.atai. ?- *> I'.ik.r. , ?>, 4u.?i ai>J araA at V- " ;
I alaa, *11 V ulO l-.Ja Mttaa. |l Jiallul1, nkipauaai
17', a #3 1?*,
Tmiiio " K??. 11.1. r-?fe. II tbrari anJ Its bklt. ;
la?4 7lTt ' ?, 'J'toatat/iratai cui turatt, .'Al pa k
an '-a. UTMIi oa. ' -" 't.. aaa aaj
I ?' obi, ?.? ! kawa * but, vita |..rk maiati ?a>
au,*rai but bat KfariaUi a. lira TUa <'lu>lii( " rail" artiaa
art a, I.JIaaa I lot V."u-J #44 a,kaJ . tl.nl. ?-M
| 4 #4.111. a 1,1 lai, HI but 4U-I4" aakail. >una.
|-I Jl'blJ VU-I v- -ak. I Jul). #4 1 -> 10 J Vtl-I b a.krJ
ilia talaa atra , a,I oata at 4 44 41 Ibr tlaub an I #4J
laf April ai?" > 'Ma BAiuapro ta4 aiaaa at #.'4 T\ III labia.
1uo.il, a?? at 0j: 111 tat I'll lib la rlaai at til Cat moult
art ataa4) allb aalaa M ' i.uklrj I. <iltari at |i\ ,
i'll'ku airilMMrUlaa, II Ika a?,ratra. at l,t'a? t**'pbkIra
hai.It at l.i v aat VIM )h,ltt t" al I l',r a l >V k?
i?b -Vraahkataa I Ma a i4c ,.u tla.l 4 14*,* a I3?4. ;
ir a. I. baiiiaa Ity a I4 V- h'tkirj u. 11 ',r a I4?- ..but
M'Im. I'J, a l-i'a> Haaon aat tat) >(aial. al 14',r a
IWjr to? alt) ka( ilaai U\> So ik>.rl riaat ant l^',t.
b'l Waataim Kaal aa. at.-a4i a>tb,alat .Hit,Ida rtira
not, aa )in Mr lartaa iBoia 1 * Mar rait, aura ton #14 ill a
V trial a aaata. #1" a VII " )Mtrl. VI a VI"
laiotraJ -4 lijf ataa la.ita am, #.? a Vita prim* tut,a,
Vtll Ha 1 aaatt ? ataa4j at #4 > a #4M lot prima *i>l
ara au.l V4 ' a lit fur 'air Iti yuo4 HT> kbit prima Vralrrt
aalJ at W l.*r.l aat Ik fan i'?ia?4 anJ hnun Tba
Ikaltr "rail iriWri aara a, tall,.at; Marrh. IIS SI bit,
#1 aatr.l . Al -'l. #14 ??' '"J #1.1 7-">. aakvJ; Ma).
SI M ul4. #14 MJ| athaJ, Juna #17 tlA bol,
14 atfcaj; Jail. #14 l'< btj. #14 I# a.kaj 1 l.a
alak aara 11 1 < llaraaa. al #14 lar Maii k
I i t)7', a #14 7.", lor April ami #1 i n7', ha Mat "pot
talaa aara luu tlaraa, ?M) at #! Ml. jLI I larva, Ju. at
#11 M a. about >11 llaraaa VrMart al VIS Ml, aari) koj
3*t ilariat 4a at #14 *. a #14 ?i. latar. HabuaJ aaa
4 o tr J at III tor Maaih Aaiartca. #1 i'?i- i.?
Ilia I uktiuaui ?a4 l?',r a U'a? Mi l uka Mot
Mr -Tba taarkal in #rai to i tka Jan.auJ aa>
fv4 Iv>? ?ll >|<4? * |Mr Mala da.ritt, Ian la
?> ' It a d?v tiutrw la Mo, a* a -i*V J.. I'mtra la
lane). Irttii taut ah a ? . ; c* attaru, hitlwln. #w.
t.Ki . tlu IMl to fai l?r. a ii4r iWw rbarauaa a
fair daiaaad ami liufcttr* tilt Orm ut all Ma* Matt ?
.inula -Malt lariat) Maam In tun t / 11 ,
Out la latter I ',? a 14c illai 4 a Mr . (Ma fanurr.
fair M |owi, <>V l"V 4a . flat apr-d. |m4 la ftarv.
a'.r i i;'V ; rtiiHii anapad, (?4i?lai?> a a ll<a
lla i waa tiruwf, wlik a fair t all Im? tbt juMila* ira.i# ,
I lit ilwi ut Kaiiairaa in Imari an H.'Ui l.ara * ? t|a<>la 1'inllai.
lair In (Claaay. al- ,? I-hii iana. (iii In iihmI,
J'.r. al"4r , Kanguub. lair li> ?n.cl lb ii.y I'aiaa. an.il,
4r a !',< ,if' UI Kaunin'ii. >? iMimi at a rti, pnid
*111.111- Tut intra el lur raa ?.nlluurd .ica.li. with a
ir.ilrrala 4rurtml Tb* aalrt rmbraraal r.?> lib da raairll
utal at "'(? . H | hM> 4? ai - , i mtUOu al i\c
Tlir ilriaaml i.-r rrhnr.l a at Mill n. 4rtlr tiai pi in arra
anadil) Held fba Mora of r?? aar la at loilatrt aa.lt
?..t,a Hw HM.Mii.
Murk taaurrtalntd bf arlaal
cuaai. laclmiiuc arrarula
liun>. Ktbtaarr I. |m7ii la iKW 7.IW. WMft l.&l#
Karaipla aitoa Kcbruar, I. XI MJ U.tM *JMA l.aoT
Tulala 4-.4I" J\ .ut m.iaai B.ita*
Kalra amrt rn.raary I. . M.auai ll.wai u,.:ui I.ma
a tuck tkla ila jr. Marrk 3.
Ir*73 ??.riM3 W.au* W 74T ?,?!
Cuui|iariuir wiilr aluck
Mirni I. 137a 3T.W* 4l.blMI3? &T3 J IKI
Cuuiparing alib aluck
A area .i, 1374 ?i.??l *n*>7 l?7.<4*4 ml
I'utuparlba a llh at. irk
M .rciiM. 107.. ln.KII llr.mr.' U7 .I7 1.14
? \4 ? uault:?f air rrtiiuiif 7',- a 7V , fund rhi , 7?,. a
7\c.. tuba. ar.H tr), lair la tnulra "s a?',r au . raairtf
u*al hbilt tnil Intact. .but tin 1.1. N,r a He . dt. mu
taaa?a. bl.dt and bumtt. H'tt. a TV r nrtu Miru. rati ulna.
cuiuBrun lo priiut. 7c. 7 ?r . dv pm rj, lair in rluurt.
a.' a i",c.. t'.amjirii A, P*,c. . nlf A. W'.r . .rati. d. Ii",i a
lU'tC.; puadrrtd, lu',. . graaulalrd. |n',i- cut lual. I" ,c
a lie
rtTkaMMb ? Kaerpta. V* ratkt Tbt marbtl wat qatal al
14l,c a ll'4r. lur prime lut) 1.1 V l. r ..r.lluti >
TalLoW.?Uretlplt, I) kltua ami --1 libit ft.# marbtl
wat i|ulrt and cat), wltb aaltt uf.ar.iaai ibi al b',i lot
WuiaarT.?Tlic wiarbtl aaa r|ultl, with aalra uf al .ul 173
kbit, at 31 in.
t'aaii.HTi ? The marbrl wat dtll h-r all kiida uf |..unapt,
bolb ua Ihr Larili ami lur tl.trier will, rant umiiaugrd
Ihuupb but lining. aa|>tH tall) fur . battering i..uat|r ii.i
t'lipteriurnlt euibracrd -lu l.liwrpt? I. in alrai... |i 1141
tll.tirll tram, tl 7',d . On Ibt. I t'?a. pa< la.n lit. al
3n?. fur bacuii, 3."> balra dry iinkIi, al - . anil U) ?til. V II al
felAVt* <MI priv ate Irr.u* Tv 'ii, uj 14 I, I l*M?.
flour. a( * *11 To (UuiNurg |Kf Ii'-nui. lia. <l r f
?< *d. At 1mark* . I
Icrtut, qu-ted ?l ftod norm u All) . Ill* ilvrnH urd.
on private lertat. nouiinali) At i 7 . ii.?r??
To Koturdiia, iwr ?t#Atu. )< ? lih.t* I*lt??w. pr?% aIa irru.%,
uuokd ?t i ? * Hreiuen, fc> ??il !" ? w~r? i?4nkw. Mia.
:i.i . I iibili do . 4' *% , i
tki : boiua UrU aiiU bitim' J.'? Tin <*l?AM*r? ?<M?ipriM d %
(itrntu imrk rv.'iu liMlautt in hum r?- \. .!. ? miIi
:i,(??' til.U roltUftl j.rtr I. iu -t - s
liH-rr.l t,ul lit I foi.In mi .1 ihia IVUrM Muiirtf. Ii?r
Hniihuoro lo Bremen or ?nii ;.< ? i.?l? 4? aI
4i. lid ; a Hrtium L?rk. *>? turn, IaiU urn th? IwrU i?* Ui*
II.* II, taking the food* report i d h rntial't ?-.
Austrian l#A>k to Arrive irnui H'-riJeau* li 'io I liii*4rtfrfc a
lu Cfril faf >r4>H, fHfc 1.HUM qAArien yrtli At ? Md iH*
.Surv<?|iM brlf, ruaorvil m < ui u?i UaIhuioi* i?. u.?
VaJiU, with l,i<kbkii roll or. I petroleum ?? fu Armed a
British brig, ~J4 too*. heme *o WArtimuu. with w?w**iaI
cwrgo. At 4* k per bbl . lumbti l-i he i M . And t/Ati with
kugm to A port north of if aIUta* At per hhd
WliaiMVO*. X ?' March 3, IH7U
Spirit* lurprnliiit iMItt' ?i -U. IMi m??oj .1 fl tlr
trained T?iUt?l) Kfi li
Iluuxui, Mar.k 4, l?7i.
CotlOn ..U;'1 middling. IJ'.v . Ion moid. iig IIl, | 4
ordinary, *\v.* Vol ir.rlpt. O.'l balra; U.'T .(
porta?Iii iirtnl " I . >? M* oi'iiirui, ?...
coastwlaa. 10. hal?k, 'di itioi-fc. -*
>?* OutiM. M.rrti it, l?7il
Cotton Arm and In good I ,.
middling, lie.. good oidmary. "'? N?*? H .
bklrt; groat. O.iiltl. IP 1 1,1 nrNH, 4-.',tr44 .
coaalulM, 4,070. Mali., M.4UU hi - 4 ?'
Voaii.r. M <*.?* ""70
Cotton qulfl; middling. I 'it . low middling Ik ? "-d
ordinary, ??,( .Sri IrnlMi. 701 balra gioa* 7i??. *
porta? lo Urrat Britain, J,li7 , coaatrlar. I" nntra. 4 <>'
Mock, 0 1,4411.
Cuankntro*. Karrfc J. t?7??.
Cotton quint; ml.Idling. |4o-, inr mid mg. II1,' a
11 g?M>d ordinary, li.r.r S?l r..?lpl. 4IW Mlt-I I .
porta?To Urvat Hriia.n. 4,1 ift. to ill. i?kiia.. i a . ,
coaalwlad, -On. ,'al??. 7< U tktl. <0.474
aitwiMi, Hw.li 4, i?;?i
Cotton quirt; middling, 14. . low undo. . I , . , I
ordinary, u,',c Snt rnnolpt*. **' baia. ' ai-irt l. ?, ??i
Uritam. 4.040; lo I'ta ouatmanl, 1.4UI , . >tM?o. 7*
halei. 75?. 'took, 4W.0IM
OraoM. Van.li J, lata
Hour In modcraia daioand . aalaw I .taar io>l. ai ti i . I i
So 1 luring, #7 lor auiliar alutnr, ?'< Jt lot ab.l* .t.|?|
and 4*7 oU lor doutiln fair a VI Ural dull . .air. I lo i . .
?mi> .'uif ?i n nir? White Mich., an i eia ill .
No. 1 Milwaukee flub al fi 411 I lib wwrl ? .
OMc. Hurley uulet. No 3 k'amuta be at fi > 3
Hay at el tM, and No. I f'auada at $1 17 < Ma a |
lor bolted and $3". lor unbolted. Mlllteed Kb n. #...?! >,
aldpeiiilli, $1X1 a $3U, and middling*. I- 1 a f'-V
Her rem. Marvb J, |?7vi
I'.cceipta?Floar, 7,HO lible ; wl.aal 34 taut booba ? . iw,
44,'aay no . oat.. l.Viaju do . blfto) M,lUI4a . iji Miim
Miipmenla?Flour, U,3irj ubla ; wheal . Jtaa.hw* ill .mo,
401/.0 da. ; oati. lo.UXVdo . barley. I'M"! .h* rye 4o
Flour quiet anil unchanged. Wl.aat dull. Bira . ee.ea . aaj
liu.l.vla No 3 Mllw eukae r lub at a I i"'4m, lereea Nag
club mi private terine. r org uull aeiee "I ii<i t<Miai>
on truck, at .'*?c.; aalee ala? an private uni.i <>ai> .nail
lug only. Itya Inactive Itai.ey Uull . tale* ..I I .in baa. la,
ample rilata at Iktc, Pork hrin, at $33 *> l?r heavy aueea
La>d tlriu, al lU\c. a 14c MIghwiuea aomlaaii| $1 at
Tuueo. March 1, l"7H
Floor ateady, with moderate dm.and Wheat i-*ny
aiiutlrm; .No. I a Idle Micbuteo.fl 37'., euiber M.c ?aa.
pi di'a March. $1 37', April. $1 lh> May . rejected red,
HiUc. Corn dull and a aliadc lower; hlg'l o..?au, Ma ,
March, 4rltgc. ; April, 4Me ; May, < low do.. 4> no
grade. 43c. Oata dull; So 3 and Michigan. tr.X,c I kon
aeed. $n Id. I'reaaed hnp ateady and brut at t" ik Ke
ceipla?IS.'JtW l.ualiela wheal. ,t3 UJ do. rwiu, tf.i'r idu wala.
Mlnpiaeuta?3.UUO bbla. Dour. ...CMi bualiela wheal. KM I U de
Chicago. March J, iw7h I
Flour pulet but unchanged. Wheat tiregnlar. bet n. the
main lower No. 3 Chicago eprtng, tail,e apot. tea?,c.,
April; $1 Ul'(. May: No 3 do., tea- , rejected, "if ,c a
t.'oru ateady and firm; No. 3 mixed, t.",c. bid, tpa-i . 43 ,e
hid, Apnl; 4t?*r. bid. May. tlata - lleuiand lair aad pr.cca
havr advanced. No. 3, 33c . apot; 33'4e.. April. ItNr., May
llarley?I'enund Fair and prlrn have ad. anred. Mtl,e a
Mr ipot. ,'ctc a 54l,c , April, ;?>X,c . May llyrdull and low r
al UOr. a tribe, Ureawd hogt?demand lair aad market
brill at fh 4u i f\) 7.V Pork actiee and higher al $31 7 > a
*31 Wi. ceah.$31 7l?a $31 Mil. March; $33 a ?J3 03',. April
l.arii active arid higher al $1.1 113, apot. #13 33',. April.
Bulk meat? ateady at.d firm ; ahonltieri, mi,. , aht.rt r.b u.hl
lea. 115ac.; thvrt clear middlea. I'.'c ; whi.key. $1 iti He
ceipla?Flour, 7,l?li bbla.; wheat. 33,1)11 buahela. corn.
|(>4,ijt?ldo.. nam, ld,i??> do . barley, 3,'aai do rye. tl.'ati.
Miili.niei.ta ?Hour, atari bb|?. . wheat. ;t*.ira? t,umbel*
mm. 17.IWU do.; o?W, IH.UUj do.; barley, WXi du.,rj?, '
li.lMJ do.
PnoriOKKC*. K. I.. March i. MTM.
Printing elotht dull *td aoarceiy to kiroug. IranaMtlwBi ,
light ?!<?. 4)??. 1<m bail OiiUd*.
* ?
SHEET. ___
KlO JaXKIHO, MirIi 1. 1T8
Yaatrrday bring !ibru?. Tui-aday a at obarrvrd a holiday
un.l ilia market* war. ciotrd Cuff*. to-day it .uiiu.icd,
and price* ar. wry flint at 6.8*1 6.860 rcia iter ten kilo
pr amnio* for uuud lirtla. Kaeliangr on London, 310*v.
rrtgiitr, prr tail, to tliu Knglitli t'Uauu.l, d'Ja. Thr average
daily receipt* of coffee for tho work liar. in-en d.'Kn baga.
Yhu aale* uf the we-k liar. b??u at follow> ; ? For Kurope.
via till! Channel, ID.Ukl bag*; Tor llir I'nltrd State*,
do. j fur Mediterranean uorti, Irt.t > do. The ainpuiriita of
the work h.vr been at follows:? For Kurope, via thr Chan
m*l. iil mm bHlTk: forth* I'iiiipiI Sutav '?7 11?i <4.. mil f.ir
Mediterranean ports, lii.lkJO ilu. The total slock, now In !
port, is Htl,uuu bates.
ftaxTO*. March I, 1870. I
The coffee market Is anliuaiail. and price. are firm at I
5,iillo a a.7~s* rui-per tell kilogrammes for superior. The
average daily receipts tor the week hate been tf.lOU baits. |
The w eek's sales have comprised the tullowiug ? For Kurope. I
Ml.Ik si bays, and for Mediterranean ports. 3U.UJU do. The
total shipments, lor all ports. duriiiK the week have hern
I'O.ISSI bags. The slock on hand Is computed ut 77.000 bags. .
Lonpo.v Pro Diets Mskkict.?Lonuon, March 3? Even- j
lag.?Spirits ol turpoullue. 3-U. Ud. a Us. per cwt.
financial.. ^
A. j. Jt W. SKI.10 MAX k co..
3d 11 road St.. New York.
Issue Letters of Otvdit to Travellers,
payable in any part of Kurope. .Asia. Atriea. Australiu au>l
draw mils of Kxchange and make telegraphic transfers of
money to Kurope and California.
j^^rwi AMI I.NKUICM ATli IN Foil PKIt.SO.N3 UK
slrous of speculating iu stocks; investments of sums from
Slut) upwurd may be safely made aud a large percentage Ue]
rived. Kor lull particulars address Tl'MBKIlhilC k CO.,
lluukvrs and Hrokers, No. 'J Wall si , New York.
j -i\. have lor sale 011 best purtles Stock and (laid Privl 1
Itpes. .Mocks bought on 3 per cent margin. To know bow I
| and ?lieu to operate call or send for 73 page book, with I
1 M all street review and quotations. Address
Hankers aud Brokers, 73 Broadway. N. Y.
j ^ V Mortgage, city or Hronklyi:. lor live years; legal ex!
pauses only, LK.lt ITT k WOLCOTT. 10 Pine si.
s T KI.AMJNAlll.K KATKS. -"".WONKY ON 1,1 Kli AM)
Kiidawmeut Insurance Policies, Mori gages and oilier
Securities; luauraiice of ul! kinds effected with best collipanics.
J. J, iiABKICll k Co., 117 lirnndwny.
i kktt MI.ulksi Ni.1V YOUk klkvatko KaITT
.1 road Stock lor sale. Address U. II.. box 3.WI& New York
I Post office.
iV. WAY ? "i'ltl VI t.htl KS' ON "MKMBKUS OK TIIK
nailed Iree to any address, explaining liuw large profits are
n. ileuu privilege contracts, nuts, culls, spreads or straddles,
lor la, JO or 0 > days, bought at bust tnaiket rates by i
l. Mr. hamilton a co.. 10 waii st. n?? york.
til'ftIXKM noll s wanted -payable mktuo
j) politau. West Side. New York County, Chatham, linnuser
ul,.I iills.tr .'Us* isnil ....11 ulrs* l,,.iil.u I* It I I." It.spikV
i >H fin# at.
t water loan run us.
III tart at. May unit Novum bur.
I'rlucllial (lite May 1, 1UUT>.
Kor ??le t>v
1 Nu. to \\ all at.
|.mu i nvK UKi'Aitimk.nr. treasurer's <?ki n
I t OoLOVBll, > C., l ei'. 13. IH70
Owing to unexpected delay* ill the collection of taxes ttio
! ?) u?eut of luteieat on the Consolidation Bonds and Stock*
...I the Mute 1*1 fouth Carolina will hu postponed until Anril
1 It receipts from taxei shall make it possible au curlier
d?> of ] a) to all I will be fixed.
\H |.?>t due coupons itiid interest orders, and aUi> those 1
in tin n/ duty, 1*70, trom the Consolidation Bonds and '
ht s* are now recfivsbls at pur for Statu taxes.
Ih? coupon* anu Interest orders of July, 1H74, are receiv- i
Al?U hu taxes only.
1 I. CAKDOZO. Trcasurer South Carolina.
t ated on life policies an! iusurancu effected in first
cU?? companies J IS IIODUKS, 4u liroadway, room 45.
1 property, for three years, if I0.0U0, Sf5,(J00 and $U,50.i.
JAIIKH PHICK, Hudson at.
Um'fB HAVE SKVr.RAL AM.11'Ms 'J'o l5ajT~oS
bond and inort/aae on city property, without bonus,
i M A .1 LI N< ti v BOX, I?*? Broadway,' corner of Blue st
UrANTM?-pti?tM, ON PKOl'KRTY IN 145111 d4T.. ON
fli-t montage Address K. A. A'ivLK, I.lilll 3d uv.
I f ?
..my Bonds and other AI Investiuctit Securities our I
| spasAnlty 24 years, pay lag l?? to 12 per c -nt. Interest
piomptiv paid. Kor sal?* below par by
Stock Brokers and Auction*** rs,
No. 4it I'lite *t.. New York.
\ H hefauhed Railroad Bonds bought and sold.
M'MF >.111'i>l iiu'I nihivil ri.iiei-tablllly; $.l,(*?i Kuriiii
i" > ar urity Addrraa KI l(NITl UK. Ileralil I'piuwn
Hrani h uttw.
COP \IIT\ Kit Hill Hfi.
\lifp I'O.K MAKill 1 1-7' llll. I'llPAKTNKIt
ik> In rri.'l'irr Ilmliii inijrr tli? Urm imuifol' shinier
A Emery |a (in. day dleaulved by mutual mnirul. All mit- |
iuHiiii areoumta will be Mltloil iiv Jnliu H. I.lurry, wtio
ill an iu liquidation KOBKKT It SHiuhK
Tin bu?ineee of the lnt? Arm of shinier A Emery will be
evntlaua.1 b) toe uuderetrue.l under the Arm name of Hin
era. A v?ra, al ibelr old place of buaineaa, 1U3 i
Duet, e el , Xae York JUIIX II. kMKUV.
Il I. N J A14 I N SKAKS.
J land. I the nana* ol Hrlnrki rtn.lf A <'u. la dlaeolvcd, iu 1
Cnuea uu?nre aaf Ibe death ol O. U. Hrlnckerlioff.
The undvraiyfird will continue the buaineaa nf cracker
Kanefe. i uriu, under I lie Arm name id HrlnckerliolT A Co.. {
al the aanae piaue. No*, ifjlt liraud at and NM and HU Ellau
belli el
i Ne? t ork, March I, |s7u
TIHis S, ul.l.l VK.
I lllKiiliOKt. C Poll I, R.
1 e. I ?riiirr.|ii|. |..r the iiianiifacturr nt Ali-r anil Purlet.
to Ire carried oia aa M hllnt a Brewery Shook A
k.terard p'"tietetoea. at Jtoe at7l. U73 ami ?t7'? tVaehiiijfton
at end a ill i Hlinue Ibe mauulartere uf fine Alee.
March I, INW
.\ haudaare and yobPla* buaineaa . atuck about flb.ikai; !
a. i teee n.urtfa*. a aa pail payment, alckneea rraeoti for
a. Ilina A MI.OMldVIrt, l.'el Naaaaii at.
At iii m . ii 11 k mam i tru Ki.it From Paris" ,
liavlM* i?r?Mn*??| ?) ? (if'ti i tftfi, <a Mfitt ?|?*ci*l |iartnpr. !
i? tkiMt. hfi.h ti l kis^'l !? Addri'M MAIiAl'AlHO,
Mrl*l4 ?**
% I'M r?Kn m row * MivMftk** man wuii
d\ B|MUl is jfirltiff iss Hi# iimitufitlurf mid aal* of a
taluKi Ii ?ar4iris?r AiHrvss II. C . Ilrraltl
\| M> l ? OA WA.XTMI WITH *> ?. I o|{ Till;
ltdu?t surtiiiin aw?l Bllrtt'tltJ Ilivalrtcal scinddun ?v*r ]
|.t oSucrti. ftdtiii vtikU a hwnat- u?r ?utJi ??ri |#m?ttI % r I > l>?
r.. < .ii m kumlfilm w4rl>?4 Cm< UkAY,
tf|<* | 4*l Mill *1
\i i i i.i.i mo run halkhmm
Mid IM* '!! u?l uf inductsuriit* ull. rid.
VH4\ A* IIII $n*u<AS i.KI I Ml itUi<ik*f OPKV
lug In Art \ tkfc tu ISS'HP) fNB|, Tsslfe tftlVAU.
| Cm ? ?! lof )uurwif Kit A N k LIV |\i; 34 a*.
H\ IAUMIm-Ii^ Mill lllk MKbK.HoHi OKT..E
t sri l?4tsi*l ? ?< Oj*ra#r ?MI ?? !* ? Mill |hf vrlam vt
ar> t. in bn| tvuM) it lis* I nitPtl tuin Tlit/ r?t*il
ir?<sl!> ( +U ? > ?4# 4*1 IIhi kit Mttl K?*liU for iU? W?i|- !
?iu Mil i 'ai ??l? A44rr?t i?t.<j U WITML A CO.,
i ??ti? t. N J
J M k* I ?M? IN HI I \ i? I I r a I 1. Ms A III I N\ I I J l?
1 Ik rtARiiM I'MPikt Marti* Ileal I'tAvctor. al
a ? \ ?t INa Ttlttl la A'fT?r?4 al a bur
cMia TU iNrflfiur U ?U?|i, urfsaisiaiital br4 ?ttl?4 14
ttlUyi 444 t4Ms a* wk+f it^islrrs tr? tw4
I > . * A.srM? * Ii 9 To JIII4 AOVkk
ft ti?rr In a l.M .sit ptylug u\n ^ar aaitatn. 47
Ur/ al . N-I >r?i4 4?* r. bti l'piik
tin.44iis h.naT nuViiuyii comriTft t
t !? frwrttl ii hi|M-r?.-ucr4 iii.nr
... . ?' l-??i?"'4 % I.fc X A > I IH nil A l.i.M. 1
j?m Ml'"f
IV niiX. t*AHT?n!b" WIT* KOK MortL
?? ?|4*?.4I4 ?|.|. itnntit In
' n?:r?r... i?. ?.>M' 'ZmJiCkZ*J - l> * * ??*'
li %?? Wfw??* 7 mrntJ* ?
U'A*fkw. a ? *rir?ii*r ~ *ii for*
Ik. t ? ilw.lt *t_I HWO'liW' '?.} '
Ira ll fhll?Ml|ikla. Ml vim Ii llN W4 lll'IMtl
i.rf UI mm r? ?i I*i? ? I iimi r.*Nt?rt II. ||
.. . i .i M... A*. . ? '- * -
TMh *? v* ?I)>u>? k or a ?> 4LTMV
? t? t??l to ao ? ??r> aabla om4
IxfMK* tiWf>a HIUtlKll ItvroM ?Ar*
U- *\r. i. tArvxi ok -.MA . ? m i\r. on RJJTL
la Iff naif aaato mi*| taoaaa.** oa4 tktbii. 4
la ratlaAaib">a ?? bf ||>mi|?u alk k?. wuh aa4
.. Hal !? ..ti?i A*f to.. ,. , raa.|.aa?a, A* HAim took
oo. ti turn rft?. rvtio4.(?<..o p?
A I " " ' ? ?11 b*LAb< k #1 . ,\ -I k U'lM II91
I ?' otU aiaw tfoarfc '? ! a?4 ?m4 <>Akr?. ba
UotfWA ? aa oM boa ?<'..%.!? mm aaa raaloa ???
II Oolt |t -? Hi|k? ra?|oira4 took aaa4 a4
? *? UAL Abb ??iOli k?i 10< MotaM Hbra
Oklr IM Ablat laak ?> ? yr?ur<ibp At tba Elckuf*
i tt Utl?? * I* wM, bp aTAar of tba S*pr% n.a
Uan, IW Mt aacfc taliwi ua ftflb a*aaua, raat
lAa, HI A faat aualb at HMk Hraat; aiao IbTaa lata,
*o> b ibilAu aa lAWtb Miaat. aautb ("to, low taat aaat <ti
k >11 k aaaaaa, b> b b Kaab-p lar |b,W
I.vwrga It AvattABta tba !.<<?aa ai>J tat WtiluuW
* llltk Mrrn, AMtt nb. Ml taat ?aat a< aaaaaa
A, MUtbM Malta, lor lor $im
Mac# bttabttob ?a* r*|la4 ia tba Hf a?i ?> a tba ?aak?
In Jim; iiijr m* *nl>j##t ban ton iM??|ltir
cu???4 by tb* atrUicni ir.uraay a*4 tb* b#HJi>i li?#
'hi#ii NftkkMd Tb? M*#??l Boar# #T lb* ktxflul '
hav# ? cuiuaiuii laik# I* U* four# C-xaanxiu# (
or* on lbe .Ufcjacl, ?*lliM( f#itfc tbal itao pr*?al bus*,
lion I* mu?t n?k'? both h i lb# # >? b*a.lll I
m?l (too warlfnrt in tb# b*#fH>al awie? ami that tb# I
<on4Hioa of lb* batum#* " b?*i?f*?# ' ? *?? ? ij Tb#
vmiduik M i'D ??,i,viun?? ?iiU r*? ?</ << n : <? t,ti mat i
t.i* Imitating* ix ?If ?*<i a ?'? ?u Tb# I
luuafeiiaaivuara, acliub ? 'b* iu|t> m^*, in*# *. vt*4 I
i*?olot1o? iDMriwtioy th? Corporation Co?DMl ID I?1
lli? bgil4iu(i Tk? Iwtiiua t*. viiImmiI iiatrtioa III
nuinv?l ID 111* cur, Wib( I'll Ib? t'DBk of lb* Harris
Cnutl, *ud tlirorily oirr lb* aatlal at iiummiwi ?raerD,
slid 10 do** cout.guuy to ? tare* angar r?fiu?ry.
Kk.\?ktt- Ob February alt by Mr v.
J. T. Mm Hi. 0 1' . II lt?- ri-idcltce ?f Ikf UiM
lather, Samui'lC. Blown in Ha1 ti more, Tic-asa" k??lk;t
lotihKTiit ok w. Bi;"w-n, all t?f Itai'lf* -re
l.iTTi k?Kookhk?In iliiacitjr, ou Wrdu? -day, March
1, by tbc llov Krwlrritl. W. k*y, , n?. .i".?? a. LiriU.
of Katuuiown, N. J-, lo sc?ia C, only daughter of
Captain Williuin 1!. Kufrra
Smith?U imrovu?on F'obruary Id. by the R??. 0
B. Julian, Kiuksk F. SMITH In Annua A youngest
daughter ol' 1 human Ba*slurd, all <?l lb<? > Ay
Tayu>k?I.kvimhl ? i?n Wednesday, February A hy
Kev. Or. Orinlstoo, Cuaklb* J. TavloB tu M Aesiaiea
I.kvison, only daughter ol tb? lata Jubu Lev ?ou ail ul
lint city No card*.
WK8T?Gkkkx.? At St John's cburcb. I oaf Irlaa4
City, on Wedoeftday. March 1, 1 ?7?. by tb- He* Char a
Win. Turner, Euviis U. Wbst and RnrasaC . eihrat
daughter ol the late Hubert Urveu, aliot Loaf Island
A it Ho ik. At Greenwich, Couu , March 1, Maar b,
aged TO years, daughter ul Samuel and I'slbcria* I*.
Armour, deceased.
The luueral will b'j held on F riday, W inaL, at the
house ol bur brother, Jacob 0 I. M , at i u> Cob, at
hull'.{mat ouu I'. M., or ul the t lunch in Greeuw.cb at
two o'clock." Kelaltvus and irieuda ure Invited to at*
Bkkti.mc.? Suddenly, March 1, lsTtl, Wuuai
Hurtim;, aged SI year* and la days.
Kehitivcs atld friends are invited to attend tbe funeral,
Iruni St. Paul'* Episcopal church at KailCheater,
nt two P. M. on Saturday. Cariiuges will bo in wailing
ui Mount Vernon to meet the I'd M. train irotu the
Grulid Central du|iot.
BooKRT.-UuMarchl.Wii.ua, son or Alliert 7.. ami
Kute Bogurt, aged 4 yours and 10 months.
Funeral services will be held at the residence ofhil
parents, Bogota, on Friday, March a, at halt past two
I*. M. Tram will lekve New York at 1- M. via New Jersey
Call.?At Elizabeth, X. J., ou Wednesday, March 1,
in Uio 21st year of hi* age
'l'lio relatives and Irienda are respectfully Invited to
attend the funeral. Irom the residence of Mr. llorsca
li. Shaw, 622 Monroo sc., Elizabeth, S. J., this (Frtday)
morning, at half-past iiino.
Trains leave foot of Liberty si. nt 8:46. Interment
at Sehrualenbnrgh, N. J.
Colic.?On Wednesday morning, March 1, at five
o'clock, Am.mk, the beloved wile id Thomas Cole.
May her soul rest iu peace.
The relatives und triends are invited to attend th?
funeral on Fr day, 3d mst., ut two o'clock P. M., from
her late residence. 173 Greenwich st.
Qucuustowa papers please copy.
1Rn.sk.?On Wednesday, March 1, Maky Dc.sk*,
widow of John Ounce, native of the town of Maryboro,
Queens county, Ireland, aged S2 years.
The triends ol tlie family nro invited to attend tho
luucral, from the rosiduiice ol her daughter, Elua
McEvoy, 326 East 47lh St., ou Friday, March 3, at two
liKiniKS.?On Thursday, March 2, Ansa Marik,
youngest daughter ol Doralhoa A. and the lute August
11. tiehheu. aged 1 year, 4 months and 2 days.
The relatives uud Irletuls of the laiuily are respectfully
invited to attend the luucral, Irom her late residence,
168 Her gen uv., corner ol Union St., Jersey City
Heights, this (Friday) loreuoou, at eleven o'clock,
luieriiieut ut I.utheruu Cemetery.
(ioouKlc'H. ? In AlX-la-Uhitpelle. Prussia, on February
10, Catuari.vr l.iviNiisTON (iooiiuicu eldest daughter
ol William M. Uoodricb, Pougnkeepsie.
tioKP.?At the residenco of S. H. Witherbee, In this
city, on Thursday, March 2, Cboruk W. Uorr, in hit
70it year.
Helatives and friends are invited to attend the funeral
at the 'fin id llelurmed church Hamilton suuare
Jersey Cuy, ou Saturday, the 4lit, ut two o'clock F. M.
Goloky.?tin the :M lust., of malignant scarlet lever,
Cuaklks Francis, youngest son or Charles A. L. and
Augusta Goldcy, aged 1 year, 2 mouths and 10 days.
Ku n era I Iroiu the residence ol' his parents, No. 61
Perry at., this day (Friday), March 3,1878, ut twelve
o'clock. The remains will be tuken to Greenwood lor
Hauiiakty.?Ou Wednesday, the 1st lost., at the
residence of his parents. No. 22 Prince St., Jons P. A_,
eldest sou or John and Kllzubcth Uaggurly, aged 20
years and 8 months.
The relatives hud friends or the family are respectfully
Invited to attend his tuuerul, on Saturday, the
4th Inst., at hall-past tune o'clock A. M., from St.
Patrick's Cathedral, where a solemn high mass ol
rei|oietn will ho offered lor the repose of his soul,
thence to Calvary Cemetery lor interment.
Hii.i.vakd.?In Brooklyn, Thursday, March 2, Mart,
wtie or John Hillvard, aged 31 years.
Funeral Irotn the residence ol her hrothor-ln-lavr,
Tlium.is F. Mason, 347 Grand av., on Saturday after*
noon at two o'clock.
HiRttARl).?At Stamford, Conn., on March 1, 187fl,
Captain Alexander lll'UBAKt), in his 72d year.
Futn rul at I'niviTsalist church, Stamford, on Saturday,
March 4, at eleven o'clock. CarriugeB will be at
the depot ou arrival ol the U:05 X M train from Grand
Central He pot. Friends of tne family are Invited It*
attend without further notice.
Hi'oitks.?Suddenly, on March 1, William H.
Hum eh, ol Matawau, N J., aged 82 years.
Funeral services Trom Presbyterian church, Matawun,
at hall-past one P. M. Friday, March 3. Take 11 A. M.
train I.oug Brunch Railroad, Liberty si.
Hi'ri.rv.?in Brooklyn, Thursday morning. March 2,
Katib, youngest daughter of Penis M. and Catharine
Hurley, aged 3 years and Hi months.
Funetul Irotn her parents' residouoe, 67 WoodhullsL,
at half-past two P. M., Friday, March 3, 1878.
La Faroe ?Suddenly, on Thursday morning, March
2. ol heuiorrhage ol the lungs, Francis V. La Faroe,
In the 28th yea? ol his age.
The lunerul services w ill lie held at the Church ol
St. Francis Xavler, lrttli ft, between ">tii and oth avs. ,
on Saturday morning, at half-past ten o'clock.
l.KDWiTH.? On March 1, at her residence, So. 344
KustlSth at., MiRtiARST 1-kliwiTH, a native of Cuminpollard,
county ol Weslmealh, Ireland, ir the 30th year
of her age.
1'ho relative* and friends of tbo family are respectfully
Invited to attend the funeral, on Kriday, March 3,
at two o'clock.
Iaihu. ? In Urnoklyn, Wednesday morning. March X.
Wii.uam Uatks lx>itt>, only son ol J. I'lerpoutand Mary
Ann Lord, in the 34th year ol his age.
Itclultvos and Irlend* are invited to attend bit
futural, at the reaidcnco of his lather. No. 03 first
piac.hC on Kriday, ltd Inst., ui two o'clock I*. M
Mi Intvks.?tin Wednesday, Murch 1, 1'atkice Mrty*
Tviti., aged tiii ) ears.
The relatives and friends of the faintly and those o|
his sons, Kdward A . William ami John, ami of Ins souV
in law, Ihiiiiol Mill lane, are respectfully invited to attend
the lui.or.il. from hu lain residence, 104 Molt st. Una
(Kriday) morning, at hall past nine o'clock, to Trunin
iigurution church, Moll at., whore a mass will he otli-rod
for the repose of Ills soul; from thence to Catvarw
t cMu-tery. "i
I'oTTtn.?On Thursday, March 2, Mrs. Mima I'ottk^
aged !iV years.
fhe funeral will be held on Saturday, 4th lust , at tb#
rondenco of her brother in-law, ;;8i Jay st., itrooklyn^
at one o'clock I'. M. Koluttves ami frleuds are rvapecU
fully invited to utteud ( -~?iTHskl.l
March 2. 1870, WlLI.li* Pt'KSCLL, aged 6?
years, native of Holy Cross, county Tipperary, Ireland,
Kuncr.tl will lake place (rum his lale residence, 13|
Kraakltu st., Jersey t.'uy Heights, on Sunday, March i.
at one K M. precisely. His remains wiH be interred
In Culvary Cemetery.
Iti ?i>.?tin Thursday, March 2, Mikv WuirMca. wif\ ^
Of William lleeil.
Kuneral services will he ijf'.j at her late resident*
3'rt?4ih a v., on Sali'T.iuv, 4ih mat., at halt-past ou<
H.M ' -Ji
IIimv.; as?Suddenly, in Urooklyn, on Thnraddy,
March 2, Mrs. Amu l.t'i'ii Kiioaosh. widow of
Hon. Klijali Khoades, In the 7utb year of her ago. l
Kelatires und Irieuils aru respectlully Invited to ?t
tend the luueriil. at the residence ol her sou iO-laWA
K. K. Taylor, 13s Item-en St., on Saturday, tho hi |
Intl., at twelve o'clock M. Tho remains will ho taken
In I'ittfiield. Ma-s, lor interment.
Syracuse pn|M-rs phrasn ropy. /
ItoHiuvs ? At tho residence of her son la-lav.'' ??
rtrahsm, mi Wednesday, Murch 1, Mas'i'MsC. ' '
Hivtsh, wife of Van A. Itobblus, ill v#,r 0i
LI T ake. /
Knuerai from tboh'hgfCti of t)l(. Holy Marty ra, 3ft
ft.rsylh st, .Vi^'fonal el, on Kftday, March 8, at
fv*n i t, friends o< the family ami of bor sou,
i?ctand< r. Samuel and Jobu Koblilna. are Invited.
IIowlauu. ? At Wert Karma, Wednesday, 1st Inst.,
Ctrntkivt. M . wl'eof John IT. Rowland, an<l daughter
of tin K and tho late I .avium Austin, aged 37 years
and II months.
I he relatives and friends are Invited to attend tb?
funeral, on Krnl.iy. lid tout., at three o'clock, from bel
late resident *. West Karma
??ltbh ? At Klizabetli, V. J., Kehruary 30, Mrs,
MtHt.aNarrtai.Ttii. widow ol t'unintodure William U.
rtaiter, ol the I mlcd rtiaies Navy.
f uneral at Trinity church, Kilznbeth, on Saturday,
Mart h 4, at one o'clock I'. M.
Mitaet?tin IVednonlay, March 1, Miss Sabab
rtu taru in the Tilth year ot her age.
I uneral on "taturdny at one 1*. M., from the Rose Hill
M' lfeudist K|n?tiij?al church.
Ketiruary 3*, I*?7A, at I.lndeo, M. J., Maat
Nmukv*. waJow of the late Dr. John Simmons, In tfeu
slat year of her aee.
f uneral will take |>laca from St. I.uke't church, Hudaoti
at. , on Friday, March 3. at one o'clock. Kelatlret
and Ineeds ol the family are invited to attend.
it mar At Harerstraw, N. V, March 1, Mrs. Car*.
i eiei Steal, relict of St<J|>bcn rtloal, in the With year
of n*r age
r.v? t ..u? ?!< iHfilvu wailVHUUVriUDCri
l ahMMburg, X. V . en Saturday, at noon.
- lira At Kn g'llald. Conn., on Wcdn<-aday, March
1, Uf BtttMK, relict of tiie late llarvc) Smith, 10 the
v?i h yenr of her >fThe
tumral will be held at her late residence, la
: geOeld oa 1 ridajr, March 3, at one o'clock P. M. The
ir icade and relative* arc in cited to attend.
stiiti-la Philadelphia, on thu 'JVih nit., Jauai
? i i.to*, only n>n ol I'aul A. and Kloanor K. Swart*,
igcl li month*.
Wait. <10 I linrad.iy, the 'Jd ln?l M?k?;*k?:t Wall,
eidvw ol the late John Kiugcruld, aged (Mi yaara, a
native ol Hrun. county Ltuiarick, Ireland.
the luncrai ?ill laae |iUce frotn her late reatdatica,
IT* id av., on Saturday, the 4tb tnak, at half past oua
r. *t
Wituiaa ?on Thuraday, March 2. or typhoid pong
m nta. M tauattar Wu.i.iana, relict of John WillMMh
a the 76th year of her age.
The n lativca and Irienda of the family are Invited M
tttend her luneral, an Sunday, March 4, at two o'clock
Iroia ibc re?tdencc of her con in law, L M. Crow, M?
17 Weal aid it

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