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The New York herald. [volume] (New York [N.Y.]) 1840-1920, March 15, 1876, Image 9

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X; do. preferred. K; Harlem, K; Illlnoli Central, V; J
Michigan Central, Mi M.ssouri 1'aclOc, Mi Nortbweat
commou, 1; do. prelerred, 1, New Jersey Central. Mi
Ohio and Mttalaaippl, IS i Panama. 4s i Rock Itland, ,
S ; St. Paul, da prelorred, 2; Wabaata, Si Union
Pacific, 2; gold, %.
A leading eptown back called In Iti loan* In Wall
tree! aa a consequence of the failure alluded to. and
bla reaulted In a temporary stringency in money.
ICall loana advanced to 1.16 per diem, but closed at 7 1 i
per cent. Tbe following are Iba rales of exchange on
New York at tbe undermentioned cities to-day:?
Savannah, ft-18 premium; Charleston, unchanged; Cln- !
clnnati, par to 60c. premium; New Orleans commercial,
1-16 discount to par; do. bank, K premium; St.
l<ouis, 26c. discount to par. Sterling exchange was <
rcry firm, no bills offering. Prime asking rates, 4.86>i
a 4.00; selling rales, 4.86a 4.88 and 4.80* a 4.80
Reicbmarks, 96', a 0ftt4 and 98 a 96?4. Cables, 98X.
Prime Paris, ft. 13 X and ft. 111*.
Gold advanced from 114X to 115 and afterward declined
to 114)s, closing at tbe lowest point of the day.
(Tne rates paid for carrying were 8, 3>i, 4 and 4 per
CoW balances $1,088,100
Currency balance* 1,248,133
Groat clearance* 26,700,100 I
Currency exchanges $70,659,096
Currency balances 3,504,020
Bold exchanges 4,250,889
Bold balance* 800.224
GOV*SUM*JIT uoxna.
Gorornment bonds were lower at the cloie In tympatby
with gold. The following are the latest quotations:?United
States curreucy sixes, 128\ a 12T; 1
da do., 1881, registered, 122*4 a 122)5; do. do., da,
coupon, 123 a 123)5; da flve-twentics. 1865, regis- i
tered, 118)5 a 118)4; da do., da, coupon, 118)5 a
118,V; do. da, do., new, registered, 119)* a 119)4;
da, da, do., coupon, 119)5 a 119,S; da do., '
1867, registered, 121)4 s 122; do. do., do., coupon, j
121S a 12175; do. do., 1868, registered, 123 a j
123>5; da do., da, coupon, 123 a 123)4; do. tenfortiea,
registered, 118 a 118)4; de. do., coupon, i
118)4 a 119)4 ; do. Ave*, 1881, registered, 118)5 a 118)* ;
da da, do., coupon, 118)5 ? 118)5.
ruonccic Kxronra.
xne exports 01 prouuce irotn tins port lor me wees
ending to-day wore $3,835,594, against $5,127,000 for
the corresponding week in 1875 and $4,751,438 In 1874 j
The total exports of produce from the port alnce
January 1, this year, were $51,152,653, against
$40,730,342 for the corresponding period In 1876 and
$57,501,Ml In 1874.
Treasury balances at the close or business to-dar
were as follows:?Currency, $5,760,000; coin,
$71,600,000; loss coin certificates, $35,500,000.
National bank notes received lor redemption to-day,
$150,000. Customs receipts to-day, $550,000. Revenue
receipts to-day, $270,000.
The Assistant Treasurer paid out to-day $53,000 gold
on account of interest and $57,000 in redemption of
five-twenty bonds.
usual. Central Pacific, San Joaquin Branch, fell off
to 97X. Union Pacific firsts to 105, Unking fund# to
01, and Missouri Pacific firsts to 77. Mtllwaukeo and
St. Paul, La Crosso division, sold at 102% a 103, do-t
1. and M. division, at 05, and do. consolidated sinking
fuud at 80% a 80%. Chicago and Northwestern consolidated
coupons brought 05, and do. plain 104. Harlem
firsts sold at 12L Erie fourth sold at 104, and Chicago,
Burlington and Quiucy consolidated sevens at 110.
State bonds wero dull and steady. District of Columbia
3-05's sold at 75 a 73%, against 72% at the close
yostcrday; this on account of the favorable action of
the House yesterday.
too Ltonuoa eu vices report consols steady lor money,
and 74 per cent lower lor the account. United States
bonds were 74 a >4 higher lor 18?7's, and correspondingly
lower for 10-40's. Erie declined to 1774 a 18 Tor
the common. To-day Is ticket day and to-morrow lortnightly
tattling day at the London Stock Kscbunge.
J, A. HoOmau suspended; liabilities ?70,000, assets
favorable. Tba following are tbo lire P. M. quotations:?Consols
for money, 04!-,' a 94 do. tor acsount,
94\ a 94 >4; 1866 bonds, old, 106 >4 a 105*4; 1807
bonds, 108 >4 a 108 >4 ; 10-40 bouds, 10574 a 10674; new
b's, 10674 a 100; Erie, 18* ; do. prererrcd, 3L ?73,000
bullion went Into the Bank of England on balanco
The following are tbe closing official prices ef California
mining stocks to-day
Consolidated Virginia 425 Yellow Jacket 118
Culilornta 89)4 Empire. 8
Segregated Belcher... 96 Alpha. 43 1
Opbir 6574 Belcher 3474
Chollar ...131 Cuutldenco.......... 37 *?
Savage 1874 Sierra Nevada 2474
Imperial 14 Exchequer 18 74
Mexican 3614 Overman 89<4
Gould & Curry 21 >4 Justice 2774
Beat A Bolclior 6914 Caledonia 60
Bale a. isorcroos o? succor......... IX
Crow a Pol At 26 X
Tbo following ore the oar mugs of the Michigan Ceo.
Iral Rollroad for tbo tlrat weclc In Marcb:?
UTfl $130,286 63
18T6 - #4,202 82 ;
Incroaao...... $36,082 81
Tcudat, March la, 1870.
15000Dia Coll65<aa3 75 14UO.bsKrl.Uri 2IS
Suo do 75 mm do ais
IOUUO do bJ 74 7'41 do 21),
15UUO Mo.KA Tsf.x e Ii2k 21 rn Mil * M 1' Hit. .3 a.V, ,
IUW M * S P con s f. ??s MX) do 40', 1
louo do ?w>? mm do 40>J
110 I I n l'?c -ink f. . Ml 500 do 4.'>'i
1UMO Ohio * Mil! 2d.. 7# oik I do 46)2
ISshs NVC * II K.... 110 2 II do 40
?00 Wwt Un Tel 07W 1*10 do 4OS
100 do S3 67), I'm do 46*.
km do c 67), km do..... 46S
Km do 6,>; 4irn do 46>,
IS O do 074, 800 Un P.c KH 02'i >
10 ) Midi Ceu KB ..63 w?, luO do 02\
400 do 04S 100 do IttK I
100 do 64', Km do 63
IUUCbi*K!KK 111^ 2i? do 03i
700 do t3 111 100 do 03),
200 Mo, K A Tex I3?, 200 do 63V
101 do 1?X urn do 63 I
100 Toe Mail 88... ... 60S 200 do s 63
100 do 20, do (S2V :
lUO do 20(J 20U do mu?2
1800 do 20* 10.1 do euK.
looo do 20*4 100 do bu? :
1700 do b3 21 ltd <52*.
SO do 20V 200 do (SUV i
1100 do 20/4 2KOLS A M SKIS ... ?5V ]
(00 do ill 111*) do Of. I
>00 do 21V lo do (>3V I
SOOCblA XWKR.... 44/4 aw do .3 0. !
tunhllNW id! |>r.. 0..V AU) do ttov ,
KSOOKrioRK XI Goo do 65V
MJO do 22)4 1700 do (tr.v |
ISUO do 22 S, 2-'OJ do ?3 06
100 do 22)4 IOO ao ?J K4V : :
1700 do 22 4UOO do 65 !
1100 do 21/4 IOO do b4 Of.
KM do e 21.(J 30O do .d 64/4 |
100 do 21 V 20U Ohio A M Kit 21),
mo do ii'i ioo do 2iv i :
??J0 do 211, MlOhio A Miu pf.... 41\ [
kxi do 2I/4 li o Mil ? Si r pi 04s i
(00 do 21)4 loo at 04
looo do 21s 200 do ,3 83V
2000 do 211, 100 83V
l?lo do ... bj 21/4 100 All * l'?c pr. . .*3 4',
700 do 21/1, 2 AIC.C.C k IUR.... 5tt>4
10:15 AND 11:31) A. M.
18000 U 8 0't. r.'81... 122)4 fUOOO L 8 5-20. r,123'4
MOOOU 8 5-20,c,'66. n 11??, lit??C 8 ?'?. r. '81.... 1181,
19UIU 0 8 '>-2U,C. '07.. 122 3000 do ll?)i
100.0 do 122 50oUS..'?, 10-40.?. 110
lUUUU II 8 3-20, r,'(S7... 122 100UUU li 3 5?, c, '81.. 118/4
MUST bUAKD?10:3" A. M.
*3000 Mo O'e.IIASJ.'Hfl im 100?b? roc Moil 88... 20J<
SUM 1>IM Cut U.lkV* . 73', 7.4) do SUV
5000 Bo.. U A ? U(.. 221* 3UO do 2t>V
10000 do be 23 20"111 Con Rh bo 103)j
10000 C A O 1m, e on. 35V 100 jukcb Cou ?tK. ..b e (.4*,
H'bli W U ton 871. 2 w do 84)4
5ouo Mil A S 1'8 , l,t 117 300 do ?4
20UI M A Stl* Itl.LaC 103 IOO do ?3 03/4
4000 do Kr2?4 20o Erio KK .. ,be.s3 21,S
1OAJ0 do be 10. ,vn do 2I'?
4000 M 1 S I' coil f.. MIU KlJ I do 2lfi <
6O.0 Clii A S W cun.. loi U(U do 21)4
5<W0 U 1 S W c c K b. XI 2'J W do 2 .
2)W0llA 8jo8,...b3 80 2HW do 20f?
lUOOHar 1.1.7 ., ?. 121 40 1) do 2l>?i
Similar Iit7 i,r . . 121 liuo do 2<w,
6000 Oliio A Miu 2d.. 7BU frx Oo ?3 20,>,
7WWC V lot, Hi bj. !?7)4 3)<' do 20*
IWJU do ?7;t 300 do 2)',',
12iO.il oi? KlUlt,. U)5 2.W 00 20?Z
19UUJ I'll I KIIUUU. Ml JUJ do... ..... 24".
Aiu Dk * Imp 7'? 106)4 I'.tfJ uo .. 20)4
JiliU.I'llClrt... .'>4 WW do 20,
6000 do 54K WW do 20'I
4WJU Clo A Alt inc.... 107 5w do . 20'.
2000 I'ac ul Wu2il.... 7B IUOO do! 2o
WD do 77* 600 4m......'..'..'.. 20
MM) do i7 4.?7 du jo?4 1
-.UWT A M l?t. StLd 71Ji 1400 uo 194?
VOOTnl A \Voli2d.... B8 2U0 C'irPao Rft .be 82)5 '
)2'4?u .1 >o in. c mi.. 7i 200 do e ?.i 1
MM) Noult A U lit. . f-8 2W) do Daw
20?l.? MiurUi > MB... 8/ 100 X J Con KM ho 107 '
100 Coll Cool d'X '< O LB A MB Kit.be ?t "4?? I
400 do .lid 42 1*W do b) HI
lUUll L A M (jf.K, pd.be 8 17 IC do ,3 84 '4 I
100 M 1. Ml pi, ?? pd. 2K 141W do ?a 84)i
100 do ')? 20, do U5 1
79 do .bd 7,-4 30O do 84K '
41W do ? 1'WO do ,3 04>4 ,
400 Am Dl?l Tol .. .bo 31 lo? do *3 t*4)4
5 W ??itt C u i?l..bc.o ?7k 31 W do 84*i <
100 do ? *7 H 1700 do *3 d?ii ,
S00 da >00 87 8700 do 84V I
IS do 07* 370O da 84>J 1
no 03 ?>7'? 4003 du 114
14 (lo "7 !M?? du .... a ti3'>
2111 do a ?7?,' JUiChl A N \V be.>3 43', |
17110 do U7V 100 do >3 43V I
3100 do 07? I'lmCUi A N W pf .be <3 I
JOO do sou twt* ao "i-%
I7li) do . .3 07 atJOTol A W?b...bc.?3 3V
iUO Onlck M pf.. .b .C 22X IU) Mil A 8l K BB..bc ?>?
lldlJelAH C?n ...be 1100 do 45V
12 Ad*m, !?>>% I*** ,ln ?
124 U 8K* be 74 7>4) do 45
Wo lot >t ail So....00 2|S a-'J o? 44.
MOO do -1!4 200 do 44*%
1000 do 3". *4) do 44?.
IftoO do 21?. do 44
1000 do 31', 800 44 ?
SOU do 31? 100MilAS?l'pr...bc 83',
KM do 31?, 100 do k'4 83.,
1100 do 22 20 do e 83
1300 do 22* 2"0 do 83
1 HO do 22*4 lOJ do 83?%
30U do 22?, 51)0 do 83'%
200 do 23,'% 100 do c 8.4 1
IU) do 22 luo do *3 83', J
400 do 21', 20O do 83
300 do 21?, 100 do .. 82V
>00 do 21', 25 Chi, B A Q KK.bc 118?% j
3(1) do 2lJ, 100 C. 0, 1: A 1 KK.be 57
WJ du 21', 100 Dub A S C K . .b c 76
100 do 214, lOOChl A AHKKpr.be 110>, !
lMU do 21>i 100 All A l'?c pi"., be 4.',
3O0 do 21?i 10'U A 81J0 KK .bo 18>
I0IX) do 211O0 do I"!*
31%) do 21V 30O do 18
2(10 do 21 5u0 Ohio A Jd KK b 0 21>,
400 do 20k 100 do 21'?
100 do 30?% 100 do . 21',
1100 do 20?, IOjC, C A IC...bc.?3 4?4
J5CX' N C J A J. 8J* 1000 the L. S A M 8.... 03?%
5000 11 A C Mo lit.... 80 270J do 01
5000 M A 8 P. I A M.. 95?4 1800 do OJV
10OOO trie -4tli ui 104 1200 do o'V
40 ill, Kourtll XetBk. 80 1 loO do ..*3 13?,
35 do 85 5tW do 03'4
hmWtlll u U1... .I3 87 HI I do ?.3'%
LOO do :??< 800 do *>J
100 do ?w)4 woo do o-'?
loo do 00), aaoo do 11214
ii<oo do oo'J aixi do oo
1700 do UK. 50 PitnuiuH RK 107
800 do 60U CU1 k N W It.... 43 S
1000 do 00', 10) do ?10 4oU |
loo do WWJ, loo do 43',
100 do 07 400 do 4 >,
WJU do... 07', 100 do 43
BOO do 07J, 10) do 42.M
200 do W7)J 100 do 42>,
1.00 do 07 200 do 40-,
BOO do WWJ4 400 do 43
1000 do ttdw 2U) 4* 42',
JUO do ?0 00J4 100 do 42',
100 do ?3 0)1)4 100 do 40',
500 do 00?, 2"0 do., 40',
WWN TV it U B Kit. 113)4 10) do 43', ,
100 do 115 2.Ml do ?3 40',
UOJ Erie Hit lO'i IOO do 40',
1200 do 10', iOOChliXWpl ... 04
JOOO do lO'i 214) do 04',
7uo do IO)j 100.V J Ceii 11K 1O0.1*
I3O0 do 194, 400 Chi 4 K I KK. 110',
1300 do 19>, 100 do 110
1200 do 19 , 100 do 1'974
iKX) do... 19>J HX) do N>V),
1500 do 19 500 do 109),
loo do 19', HOJ do 1"9
801) do 1974 200 do 109)4
100 do 19>4 100 do 110
100 do 19S 990 do llOV
tJOl do 19', 200 do 1 lO)J
200 do 197, IOO do IIO',
800 do 90 2UO do IIO',
1400 do (3 20 200 do IIO),
7U) do 90'4 2000 do H i
1900 do 20'4 OOO do |3 10)74
BOO do 20), 000 do *3 100*4
1200 do 20), 500Mil * lit P RH..... 44
BOO do 20)4 WOO do 40)4
OlO do 20'4 200 do 43>4
3900 do 2i 500 do ... 43
7cO do 1974 100 do 42),
1100 do 19), 100 do 42),
BO) do 19), 30J do 42),
900 do 19*4 100 do 40),
200 Quick Miu of 23 200 do 40',
100 rue MellaS 2o>4 400 do 43*,
10!) do 201, 300 do 43),
2500 do 20 400 do 44
1U) do 2014 10UO do 43J,
109 do 20), 500 do 40>4
inn Hn 2.))? 5cO do 43),
8U0 do i!(>*5 loo do 43,4.
100 do 20>, do
1000 do ?3 ilOki a?JO du 43,1,
loo MlchC'on KB 03*. 20 J do 43>4
100 do 03 >4 200 do 43-,
400 do lilifi 2U0 do 43
loo do 03 100 MU * St 1* pi bl2^
100 do 02* 200 do HI
t,00 do 02'? fOO do.., (0
100 do 02 100 do >3 S.Jj
400 do 01J4 '-00 do SI
100 do OlfJ 4U0 uo 8l>4
100 do 02>? 200 do 81*
000 do 03 400 do Hl>,
200 do 03*4 1600 do 81
100 do 03 100 do HI!-,
100 do C 02* 100 do 82* i
auO do 02>J 300 do 81*
100 UnPucKK 02* 100 do 81?,
100 do 02'? 200 do 81'.,
400 do 0214 100 do 81*
I.'jOOL 8 * M 8 UK 03* 200 do. 81
SlXK) do 03* 200 Tol k W?b 1IU 3*
OlO do" 03* 60 Del, Lltf Kit. . 110
000 do 08* liiOOblo X Mix UK. 21
60O do ? ?.'? "w ?? I
500 do -*o do 20', |
5C<0 do 03 60.I do 2(1,<4
1000 do 62}g 400 do ao>4 |
900 do (->2*4 lo 0 do 2o i
500 do 62*a 40 1 do 2"},
500 do 62 >, 200 do 2012
500 do 62 H 10O do 20*,
li OO do 02*4 IOO do 2 >?
500 do M2*Z 4O0 do 20*.
few do fl2jl 3(0 do 0 ill),
8U0 do 62*Z 2WJ do c 2d*.
10J0 do 62>j >'?(*> do 20S?
3. JO do <2-, U1UJ do 20JJ I
1500 do tt-ii 300 do 20', j
100O do U2-, 3(W do 2( (,J, |
5000 do 02\ 200 do 20u i
1500 do 03 02JJ 200 do iO'Z
500 do <3 2UU do lu?J i
500 do 63},' aw do >3 lU'i i
1(00 do 63 (-4 200 do Ill', |
looo do 63 a 200 Han A Hi Jo UK . IK}*
251W do 63 C 2<K) Atl A Pac pt 4>?
1000 do 03J4 100 do 4*
3 P. M.
$10000 US 5-20. c.'65.n 110*4 $30000 U 85-20, e. <67. laifc
30^0 0 6 3-20.C. 65.bc
$15000 Mo 6'l, long bdi 104 200 aba Pao Mall SS... 20},
50J0 B, U A E lai ... 23 IOO do ?J 2(1*,
Iuuj < tn I'm a'uldu.. 3oj Erie KK be HO, !
3Oo0 do 106 60O do 16% I
2000 Un 1'ao 7'a. I g.. 103* !?* uo 2(? j
100 O Chi, 0 A y 7'a 110 20) do 2(1I
10J0C * N >< c c b. 04 4(W do 2o
3CAW L a >' con, '08. . it) 300 Un Pac RK. .br.i3 <3
100 aha Wait U Tel.be )*)V 205L.iA.da bc.iJ 03
llOJ do 66}, DUO do
4dO do 66>i l .i ( 0(( (3 03 >4
100 M L A M pi,aip.be H 12 Clev A Pitta gt.... lio?
100 do ... *>3 1UOC.C, 111 K.... 6H
lUI do b6) ?}, 2IW( 10 .1 K I 1(R bt K?!j
30 Adania Ex be llbj, 120O do.. 1IO
13UO rao i.ail S?. ..be 20V? 20 P, Ft W A C gtd lod'*
100 da -a 20,'a IdClliA All KK..lie 1U.?>,
3:30 l'U a P. M.
$2000TannO'a.nMriaa 4114' 200 aha L S A M S. 03;
2< WO Ota Colo.oo'a,.. 74,'t &"0 do . 05).
5000 do 74>a BOO do 03
2000 Erie 4?h 111 . .. 101 1000 do 62%
1O000 Un Pae KM lit.. 101 1100 do 63},
iuviuraoiutl... 1-0 % 4(C) do a3 63
50 alia 1> A 11 Can.... Ill)1, 30O do 03,
100 Amu Ex 62Ji MAW do 63}. 1
20 Adauia Ex KO'a 3000 do 03!,
Kill 1 (' A 11 K 110.. 115,Sa loo do 63U I
10 1 do 115', 2 W do b3 03*,
100 do 11 >, K W Pittsburg HK DOU
IOO do. 1U'Ul A N W pf. 64
UUO We?t lio Tel OU/, 1W do >3), I
30 i jo (..t? 3uo do.,,, ttj o.i'j t
DO do 0 S If <!' 0.1),
|5l)0 do lvO >1" 04J, i
It*) do ?**? IOo do Of, :
1 M do ?>?? auu C. C, 0 * I UK.... 5(1
3(03 do ?>?>, f**) Mil * fit U KK.... 43>i :
8*) do IW <l?
1UO do *>? 4<w do 43>;
&t0 do ...?3 l>7 % IWJ do 43),
14(A) do *?7 300 do 43},
121 A) OOJi 400 do 43 (j
tttOChi A NtVKK 43 000 do 43)J !
100 do 4-X If do c <3', j
1500 do 424, 300 do >3 42)*
!AM do 42^ 5UO do 43
2 ?t do 42,V 3U0 do 42\
200 do. ,.bl 43 jU) do. 42},
500 uo .. 43*^ SM) do 42),
100 do b3 4.1', .>00 42},
IUU0 Poo Mail SS . ... 20)5 IOU do b3 42},
130O do ?3 31', 4(10 do 43
|(j0 do 30), 224 do 4 %
100 do 30), 2(A) do 43',
IUO do 21 bOO do 4.),',
7U) do 2l)i 100 b'u !'?? UK 1?3 lit
4CO *do 21-, 1(A) do 04>j'
3(iO do 21}, 100 do 03
,U) do 21 100 Mil 4 31 1'Kit pf.. HI
DUO do 2lX IOU do 81^
lloo do 21}, 3>> do...., 81},
20() do 21}, l'AI do 81',
20O do 21), 2>*? do 81),
200 do b3 21J, 2O0 do 81", I
110 N J Cell Kit 100), 4(A) do 80}, !
ttO till t H 1 KK....C HO Old do 81
300 do K?X 2(A) do bl5 81 i
2 4) do ICO), 100 do SlK
2D0 do 110}, !** > do 81), I
JouKrieUU 3))', 3ia) do 81);
800 do 20 loo do 81 >,
1300 do ID), 300 do 82
1000 do ID', lO08t h, I Mt A 8 RK. 2b
22(A) do ID), 2.1 do 25*4 I
81) do lD;i ftJOTolA Mob KK ... 3',
NOU do 20 iOOOUlo A Mia* KK . 20-2
12(A) do ?3 2()lf 200 do tjJ 20)j I
22.A) do :o ? 103 do. 03 2(>',
UAI MU'b l.ou KK 02,*i 4(A) do 20',
200 do 03 300 do ,3 21)
2o' do Vtt% UA) do..... 20'^
J A) do 02', 2(A) do 20), i
H") do t'2% 100 do 20-,
uu ii?u a j no.... in<."*J
du 0> j I'Ui, Mur 4 y HK 11 1
i>JU du t.3 03'a 100 1"hi 4 All Kit K?j
tOU do S3K 3'?J Mo. k?n 4 f 13 I
kuo do I'AISl L. K C 4 N pf.. 3'iU :
loUO L tt A K a KR . 03', 300 do 30 t
Tubidat. March 14?8 P. U
The unexpected failure of a large city bank to day
iccASioned considerable uueaaineaa in commercial
iirclea, and buaiueaa on 'Change waa eomewhat re- i
itncied by it. The failure waa the one theme or die- i
:usaion everywhere, and In view of the I act that it '
[rew out ol mercantile complications grave apprehennone
were enterta ned leat other failnrea ahould reault
Iron it. The elate of trade la certainly not to euch a j
rendition aa would warrant the complainant contumilatton
el evta one important lailare. Ob 'Chenge burlneti \
eae very moderate. Flour and wheal were eteady, though I
comparatively little waa done in either. Corn wai dull and |
laeier especially? new. Oate were quiet. Whiskey wet
laatec. Perk and lard ware nominally quiet, aad very little I
?il done either at or between the call*. Freight* were i
quiet. Cotton wae tteauy. Coffee wet quiet but tirade.
Hpirite turpentine wai eaeier. Hn?ln wat unchanged. Oila
wero quiet. Fetruleum wat firm. tfugar wae eaeier
in tone.
Aeitai were quiet bnt eteadr at 5\?e. a for pott, and
nominally 7c. for pearla
a.ntiJto.ev wat very tcarre at the moment and decidedly
hiirlier ! now heM ,t I. ini.
?u steady ?t 331,c- a 33),e. for Western and
Humus Ook.v wh? dull. We quote:?Hod. a Sc.; red
tipped. Sc. h tic.; nieUiutii green. 7),e ottc.; choice preen
hurl end brush. lie. it 10c.
CAKDLCa were In lair Jobbing deinitud at unchanged price?
Wequote :?sperm. JOc. . tperoi. patent. Mncy i. 38c. : stearic
K. Mitchell A Co.'a (lti oc-i. 37c. a 38c.; adamantine
(13, 14. lti o?.), 13?ic. a 17c.: naralUne (4'e. b's and l'i'a). 1
31 if a 31c.
Corrxa.?The market for Hraills an quiet but steady. ,
Mild cuffa was alao quiet. We quote Ordinary cargoes, i
15c. a 1SI4C.: lair do.. lb',c. a l(j?ac.; good do.. 17c. |
a 17',c.; prune do., 17),c. a Ir>c.; extreme range for lota.
15c. a 10c.: .Sautoa, iair to good. lti,',c. a It'll'., gold,
tiiucty data; .lava, government bags. 33c. it 34c.; do., j
graaa mats, 33c. a 33c.: Singapore, do , lfttj,c. a 3tlc.;
Ceylon, 17)jc. a l'Jc.; Maracaibo, lbc. a laWc.; l.agnayra,
17V,c. a lMl,r : Jamaica, lt)),c a IHr.: Si Domingo,
15c a 15>-c. ; Port i Rico, 17c. a 18c : Costa Klca, 17c. a
18)4c.; Macassar, 18l,c. a ltitjc ; Mexican, 17c. a 18c. ; Manila,
17c. a Inc.; Angnatiira. 17c. a 18c.; Savauilla, ICe. a
Inc.; Curacoa. lbc. a 17c.
CoorxUAOK stock was dull, but unchanged. We quote :?
Molastes shook*. 33-Inch, with heads, 11 giatJ 35; augar
ahooks, with heads, 38-inch. #3 bu a A3 (15: do., do.. 3U>inch. j
$150 a $3; box ahooka, 75c. a Nile. ; rum do., $4; pipe do.,
$b a S?i o<); empty hogaheada. $3 50; boopa, 14 lect, ordl- .
nary to prima, <37 a 34" nor M. . boupa, 13 leal, do.. $33 a i
$35 per M.
Cot-pan waa flrm at 33)?c. a 33>aC.. with aalea ol 300,000
lbs at thoae prices.
Cokpauk was quiet. We quote Maulla (large and uiall
rixei, per lb., I4),c. a 15',c, ; do. cordage, bolt rope yarns, I
lbc. a 17c. ; tarred Maulla. 14c.; Sisal rope. 10',c. a like.;
New Zealand, ll)4c. a 13),c.; Ku-aia hemp, tarred, lie.,
American do.. 14c. ; Russia bolt lope. 17c.
CortoN ?The uiaiket tor spot wus quiet but aloady;
futurea closou steady The closing prices to-day compare
with Monday's closing prices as follows :?
Monday. March 13. I'uaiidU, March 11
March.. 13 a 13 1-33 March.. . 13 3-53 a April
13 3 10a? April 13 7-33 13%
May 131510a? May 13 17 33 a ?
June 1333-33 a 1317 June 13 35-33 it ?
July 13 10-10 a ? July 14 a ?
August.. 13 1113 a 13 3 32 August 14 5-32 a 14 316 |
?limitations haled ou American standard u I classification,
and on ccittou in store running iu tonality not luore than hall !
a grade ahova or below the grade- u noted ;?
i jt/iinil. AUUninui. JVYic Orlrdtis. Texan. 1
Ordinary 9 5-16 9 6 Hi 9 5-16 9 5 16
Strict ordiuary 1U 3-16 16 3-16 16 3-16 16 3-16
Uoud ordinary 16 13-16 16 13 16 16 13 16 16 15-16
Strict good ordiuary. 11 6-16 II 6-10 11 11-16 11 11-16
Low middling 13 1-16 12 3-16 12 5-16 12 5-16
Strict low middling- 12 6 16 12 11-16 12 13-16 12 13-16
Middling 12% 13 13 1-16 13 1-16
llood middling 13% 13% 13% 13%
Strict good iniddl'g.. 13% 13% 14 11
Middling lair 14% 14% 14%' 14%'
Fair 15 15% 15% 15%
?Stained.?tlood ordinary, 9 7-ltic ; strict good ordinary,
16 6 16c ; low middling. 11 1-I6c.; uiiddliiig.il 15-16c.
?The sales were as lollows :?
J'o /Aty. La*t EfntnQ. Total.
Export 765 ? 765
Consumption. 266 75 275
Speculation. ? 475 475
lit transit ? 06 56
Totals 965 660 1.565
?Delivered on contract, 360 bales. For luture delivery the
sales were a> lollows:?Yesterday utter two 1'. M. -April,
566 at 13 316c ; May, 400 at 13 716c.. 700 at 13 15 32c.;
June, 206 at 13 23-32c. Total. 1,H00 bales. Today,
up to two 1*. M ?March, 166 at 13%c.:
166 (short notice) at 13 1 lllc.; April, 4.666
at 13 9-32c. ; 600 at 13%'. l.OOO at 13 9 32c.,
1.566 at 1 I%0? 366 at.13 7-32c.. 766 at 13 316c.,"36J at
13 7-32c., 20J at 13 3-16c ; May. 606 at 13 17 32e? 2,300 at
13 916c., 600 at 13 17-32c., 1,600 at 13 9-10c.. 560 at
13 17 32c., 360 at 13 910c., 160 at 13 17-32C., 166 at
13 15.32c., 1.900 at 13 7 16c , 706at 13%c., 200 at 13 15 32c.;
June, OH" at 13 2532c., 1.206 at 13 1316c., 306 at 13 25 32c.,
206 at 13%c., 106 at 13 1116c., 10J ul IS 23 32c., 100 at
13 25-32C-; July, 660 at 14c., 200 at 13 31 32c.;
August, 300 at 14 3-lGc., 300 at 14 7-3JC.
Total, 22,0o0 bales. Crund total, 20,366 bales.
The receipt* at the ports were as followsUalveston. 356
bales; New Orleans, 5,281; Mobile, 736; Savaunuh. 532;
Charleston, 607; Wilmington, 244; Norfolk, 012; New York,
1.664: Huston. 167: Pliiladclnhiii. 56H. Total. 11.261 ha.us
This day last ween, 15.047 bales. This day lust year, 5,774
bales. Total since September I. 3,502,547 bales. Cotton
treights closed a> followsTo Havre, by (tram, J^o. compressed;
to Hamburg, by ttonm, ;%c. compressed; to
Hreiuen, by Itoaui, \c. compressed; to Liverpool, .'4d. by
(team : u.v sail, Ld
DKL'i.s, ac.?Opium was (quiet at $4 1'2\ a $4 25, cold,
lu build, and $0, currency, tur Job lota. Cable advices from
Smyrna report tbe market 145 piuslrea lor iiuulity suitable
lor United states. Oil vitriol was active at SI 75 per cwt. lor
large lots and'2e. uabic. lor small lots. Cauiphor was steady,
at 20c. lor rehned. Cream tartar was Uriti. at 3-4 l4c. a35>tc.
tor Americau and 1'rencU, and 3f>,c. a 3Uc. lor powdered.
Alcoholics?Chloroform and ether were steady at (Ale. tor tlio
lurnier and 53c. a 54c. for the latter, borax was steady at
l'JIic. lor reQncd city, und 12)ac. tor do. California, llaisam
tulu was uomiual at SI 50. burgundy pitcli was Hrm, at so.
Ouarana was (lrm at S4. Manna, new crop, was quoted at
45c. tor small. SI 10 lor large and 35c. fur surts. Kutsiau
cautbaridcs were at quiet SI 25 a SI 50. Castor
oil was steady at 111c. for casus and 13c. for bbls.
Shellac was quiet at 45c., gold, for U. C? and 30c., gold,
for bnglisb. Isivi divi was quiet ut $55 a SOO
per ton. Cutch was active at 71,c.. gold. I'rustiato
iiotasli was quiet at 2Sc. a 20c. bichromate potasu was
lu fair demand at 10c. Sal ammoniac was scarce and
steady at 11c., gold. Irish moss was quiet at tl>jc. a 7c. Oainbier
" was quiet at 5?4c., gold. Kpsom salts were
In lair demand at 2c. Sumac was active at SI 30 a Si 40
per tou, according to brand. Argols were steady at 2Hc.
a 32Cc., gold, according to quality, lieutian root was steady
at U)4'e. a 7c. Cassia buds were in lair demand at
57>jc. Colombo root was quoted at Oc. for whole, and
14c. for powdered. Gum gcdila was hrm at
7'4c. n 7>,c., as ' to quaiitr. Juniper berries were
hrmly held at 3tgc. lor ordinry Italian and 5c. a
o>,c. tor new. Orango peel ruieuquiei at lU'ic. a 11c. Venice
turpentine was quiet at 10c. Castile snap? Coiili white was
uuotvd at 10c. a 10'4c., and Marseilles puro uiottied
at lose, and common do. at 8i4c. a Oc., gold;
Hochelle salts were steady at 29'sc. tor bbli. !
aitu 3<?ie. lor Duxea. (julnine ??i 111 good da- I
maud ill lo. lilue vitriol waa ateudy at 8',c. |
M.iriiliino w>i active at (I 10. Iodide potaan waa in lair uemand
and steady at (2 27, bulk, and (2 35 b. 1.,
and $12 35 inclusive. Alum?Lump vra? in fair ile
maud at 2>?c. a '.'tic. Chlorate potash mat in good deluauu;
quoted at 21c. a 21.'3c., golu. and 22c. lor greenback.
Tartaric acid ?u quiet at 42>gC., gold, lor crystal. ami 40c. a
50c. lor uowdered. Citric acid was tirin at 78c. a 7i'c.. gold.
Gtcorice root waa quiet at lormer priced qun'.ea at 4c.
gold, and froin 8c. to 15c. currency lor >0100104. Licorice
paate waa alto quiet, ana pricet wore unchanged;
the quotation) were 25c. a 28c.. guiu. lor Suauiah,
and lor Calabria-l'lgnutolli 2Hc. a 27c.; amall Uuaaiina, 2ac.
a dOc. t large do.. 38c.; f. and 8. amall, Utiiie.: Corigliauo,
36\c. Cuttlehali bonea ruled quiet at 24c. a 25c. '
Mnlsam copaiba waa quoted at tisc. a 7t?e. .cafTron waa
lirm at 2&C. lor American and (!) a (21 lor Span- .
I?h. Galungnl root waa in moderate demaud at I
4c. a 4'-,c. Cod liver oil waa in lair demand ut (I 5(J |
a f 1 60lor Newfoundland uud (2 10 a (2 21) lor Norwegian.
Khuburb waa in moderate demand at piices raugiug Irom
56e. to #1 10. Ginger w ui lirm at 21),c. a 22c., .TO bum. aoid I
at 22c f.rgot waa firm at*2 a?225. Uuickallverwaauuoted
ut 67e. a tlee. Leavoa were ateadv; quoted at 2<)c. lor belladonna,
11c. lor conlum anu acoinle, 2<)c. a 22c. lor lien
bane and (1 2.7 lor rose. Arsenic woe in lair demand
at 3lac. a 3J,c.. cold, tor white powdered, and 13c. a 131,c.
lor rod do. 8eeda wore quiet. W e quote Mustard?Yellow
California, 7 -,c. a re., brown uo., dc. a l>J,c.; brown
Trieste. 7j?c.: yellow hiigliali. ?>?c. Canarv?
l'riiue Dutch waa Quoted at (7 7.7 and Smyrna waa tlrm at
(7 25. Ileuipwas weaa at, (1 82),. Caraway waa Qrm (at
12c. a 12',c. Coriander waa quoted at .7>,c Camomile
tlowera ruled quiet at 18c. a 22c lor Human. Glycerine
waa In fair demand and lirm at 17c. a ISJgc Sweet
marjoram waa quiet at 20c. a 22c. Orris root was
aleady at 12J,c. a 27c., according to quality, lonca ovaua
etendy at (1 50 lor Angostura. Aithoa root waa
nrmly held at 30c. lor wlrlie cut and 25c.
for fair do. Gum urabic waa quoted at 15c.
lor prime aorte and lie. lor tucond do. Angoatura
bark waa scaree and hrmly held at Doc. Saesafrae bark waa
quiet at Sc. Squills were uulet at 14c. Lavender tlowera were
quiet at 8l,c. Valerian rout waa quoted at 25c. lor Kngiiati
and 15c. lor Germau. Albumen waa ateadjr at dec. a 7oc. lor
blood and CI a CI 15 lur egg sarsaparilla waa quiet
but eteaoy at 35c. a J7c. tor Mexican, 34c. a 37c. for common
llonuuraa and 35c. a 37c., gold, for uo. uo. lor export. Jalap
waa uuuted at 12c. a 13c.. gold. Gum dainar waa quiet at 18c.
ulCc. Omuboge *i? quoted at 07c. Aks.uuitida was sieadr i
lit 15c. a 17c. Carbonate ammonia wan quiet at
14)4C.. gold. Laaentiai out were qulol but unchanged. V e
quote ? Oil bergamoi, $3 1-),; oil leinnu, nandersoh'e, $3;
Ihmseu'f finest oil roie. $0 37;,: oil auiie. <3.
all cold: oil caraway, $1 40 a $2 50: oil croton, fJ 18; i
oilcltrouella. 75c. a 85c. : oil lavender, 75c. a (J, do. do.
(Mltchaiu), $1 i 50: oilcloves, $3 35; oil wuilergreeu, $J 30; i
oil eaualras, Inclusive, 55c. , oil pauuyroyal, $*. ail cur- [
rcncy . oil ol bay, $35. Kugiiib cliatuioali ware qulei. Tna
sales wera 35 toui soda a,n at *1 05 a 83; 35 tqna sal aoda at
$1 47,',. ou spot 1 35 loll, caustic ?oda 4MM a 4'4c., all 1
liold; 50 kegs bicarboaata aoda at 4l,a, all sold, and $5
ton, bleaching powder at $1 8o currency. Wa quota .?Soda
aah. ordinal/ to good braiida. 3c. a 3>,c.; aal soda, 1 Jjc.;
caustic soda, 4'jc. a 4>jC.; bicarbonate ,oda. 4',c., all gold; !
bl aculng powder, 2c. a 2>jc., currency; aupar caroouato
ssd-i. Jonu Uwiicht * Co.'a uu kegs). 4o-. currency.
t-katilklik were brut at one. a 03c. lor cUoicc, 58c. a 5l)C.
for urimc und 40e. a 15c. lor mixed.
Kiaii.?Codllsb wera iu lair demand, aalaa wara 1,20 i quintal,
at $5 35 tor Ueorge's and $4 30 n $4 75 lor Urand liana.
Mackerel weic quiet, dealer, buying mly for immediate
wants. The cargo of 13,000 boxes ?oiled ju?t arriveu hero
told mo,tly at 38c. .No. 1 herring ruled dull at 3Ue. 1,000
bhla. 1'orilaud told at $3 to go out ol' toe niar~et. :?'l bbla.
Nova Scnlla gibbed Uerriiig Sold nt $5 75. Shore split were
dull at $5. W e quote :?Ueorge't cod, $5 35 a $?.; Urand
Hank do . $4 5<i a $5; new Ueorce ?, $1 75 a |U. Shore
mackerel. No. l,$2d a $28; do., large No. 2, $10 a $17.
Boa Herring, No. 1, 2<?c. ; scaled do., gee. a 33c. , barrelled
do.. Hortlaud. $4 75 a $5 . Labrador, p i 5u u $5 75.
rioU.. ami Ukai*. ?Keceipis?r lour, 11,13.i bblt.; wbrat,
3t!,tOJ busliele; corn meal, 30 bblt. un I 830 aack,; oate,
3o,U.jO buabela: corn, 38,8.3 do ; rye, 23.5 do.: barley, 3,5oO
Oo ; barley malt. 1U.U53 do. the Hour maraet was qulel, but
without ileclded change. Tlie aalea were about )U,<aiu tibia.,
including Stale. Wcaierii and Southern, ai Ilia annexed
quotation*. Kye Hour told to llio extent of about 3tkj bblt.
ai $4 50 a $5 u < lor Hue to auperllne. Corn meal waa quiet,
witb talei of S5o bbie. at the annexe.1 quotations. We
No. 3 State $3 25 a $4 00 1
Superfine Stale. 4 35 a 4 00 1
Ktlra Mite 5 ou a 5 35 t
Choice State 5 25 a 6 UU 1
Supertlue Weeteru 4 25 a 4 0O
h xtra Weatern 5 00 a 5 25
Minnesota t*i? 0 fto
Kound boop Ohio, (lilpping brauda. 5 00 it .'i 2i
Bound hoop Ohio, trade brands. ft 50 a tl Ml !
Kainliy 7 UU a ? (SJ i
SI. I.ouis. low extra ft Ui a 0 3ft
St. Louis, straight eatra 0 lift a U fto
St. Louis, choice double extra 7 00 a H 00 j
St. 1.I>UI>. choice (aniily 9 UU a 9 OU |
ltje Hour, flue to iuperOnn 4 fto a ft aft
Southern. No. 3 3 25 ? 4 uj
Southern, superfine t jilt 4 fto
Soulharn, extra ft 00 a u fto
southrru, lamdy. 6 75 a UUU
Corn meal, Western 3 Ho a 3 35
l orn tuaal, Jersey 7 till! 3 1ft
Corn niral. Brand/wins 3 4u a 3 fti1
t orn lucel, puueheons 2U 00 a 21) fto ;
?Hlieal was quiet but generally unchanged. The sales ;
(pert lilt evening) were about no.OUU busuels atfl 13 lor
No. 3 Milwaukee, 91 3ft lor No 3 do., in store; SI 30 tor
Minnesota. 91 4< lor a small lot No. I, 91 47 a 91 49 lor
amber I'rnnlyivaiila, f 1 35 a 91 3ft Tor red winter, and
about 91 3ft lor white do. Corn was dull and easier, closing
at 3nc., and tt3c. bid for no grade and mixed. 1 he sales were
iSt.tWU bustirls *1 :>o*?c. a -"vfc. ,or uo grade, for
Western yellow. tH?. lor oouttrern yellow, tlgc. a d-i>,c for
ail mixed and 0l-4t.. edllqc. lor steamer tuned. Rye war
quiet; 5<Xi bushels sold at nor lur Psnnsy Ivania. Her ley was
quiet. Willi ?alt? of 4WJ bushels Mats al 81c. iiarltv mall rii |
quirt at UOc. a (I lor two-rowed State ami 11 a <1 tutor lour- I
rowed do l>ele were bmet and unchanged. The aaiea ,
amounted to about -ll.ua> buihrit. at tile., cash- lor poor i
Wenern white. 4.tc aSUc. lor poor to cboira white and 45c. ,
a 4oc ior So. U, New Vork inspection.
Fxi.IT.?Forslgu dried?iurersb prunes wtre m good demand.
It.iiaina were quiet but unchanged, currants
were quiet, Citron and tigs were also quiet. Me quote ?New
layer raisins, per box. Hfaj hall do.. (1 Jkj: quarter do..
7>?.:eew loose muscatel. I.' 75 a fUU per box. according
to quality; new teedieaa raisins, g. Go per trail. Valan
cia raisins, lujqe. a lis per lb.; sultana do., lie. for new ; ;
Turkey prunes, 5',e. lor ?er>;? audHosnla; new Krencn
do.. I a. a I.e.. according to aiie and quality. Currants,
biqe. Leghorn citron, die. Ftga. Ili.c lor drama. lq>?c.
lor layers Halts. ii?f. Urban nuts. iJa? Lome.lie dried
was quiet but without e-peclal variation in prices Ma 1
quote:?Apples state, quarters, 9c. a Wtqe. . ao., sliced
lire, a U>y?e. : .-southern, quarters. *c. a sF,c . ao.. sliced,
cyge. e I.e. Feacnes. patted?beurgta. prime, to lancy,
14c. e Ids . annealed do., uuarters. lUKa ; haieee. UHe. a ,
Y, MARCH 15, 1876.-TRIF
IS*.; blackberries. lO^e. * 11a; raspberries, UOc. ? SI*.! '
cherries. "Ai*. * Jlc-i plums, Southern. lbe * iJOc.; do.
Hteiu. JK\ J*couuls were uuiel but nun -<ritiuur>- Virmul*.
SI 25 ?#1 SO; prune <l<>., *1 ilS .? #1 TO; chulie d.i.. el 70
s (1 HO; ordinery Wilmington, $1 US s $1 ? : prims do., I
?1 OS sfl 70; choice do.. *1 75 ? (U. DmussUe green
were in better demand *t lull prices. We quote Apples. ;
selected winter, ner bbL. ? e *5; do., mixed, 91 So*
r- ro, no., common, $3 a $3 Cranbarrtei--* noic?%
$3 7:? a $4 Mi; Uo.. food to prim*. $3 * fi S(?; do.,
basic ru fancy, per bbT.. #15 6u ? $ltt; do., pood to prime,
per bbl. $* &Ua *U 36
Hat and Stuaw were unlet but utichanced. Wo quote
liaiw bay, shipping, at 75c a Nite. ; retail qualities at hoc. a
91 Oi; clover, ut U5c. a 75c. Straw ? Louc nre.il u6 a$l 30.
oat do.. 00c.
ilkac A*n J UTS.?The market was quiet. We quote:?
Americau dressed, #33u a 9336 lor doable. $.00 a $3i*6 lor
?iugit? and 9130 a $130 uouiiual lor undressed. Manila
hemp, 7c. a 7Kv .. fold, the latter toi hue; Kussla clean.$3lO
a $313, fold ; Italiau. $* >) a $3ttn, fold; Jute. li\v. a V4C , 1
cold, Jute butts. 3*gC a djjC., currency, spot, do. to arrive, ?
33*c. a 3jac . fold, according to locution; Sisal hemp, 434c.,
gold; letlv, l:v'. u Hlgc.,*pot.
ItliiKS ? I tie murset was uUiet. The tales were 5 V X)
Mould?hi*o at ?' hi, h 2<)'.jc., gold. f..?ur months and ou private
term*; 1,645 Vera t 'rus, 700 and 000 city slaughter*. j j
260 wet Milted Southern, 000 dry Bailed Tex**, 150
Texas kip*. SMJ Call skin* hiiU Too Kio Cramie We
quote :?Huenoii Ayr**. 20 to 23 io?.. 20c. a 21)tr.; do., 26 to I
28 lbs., 2< c. a 24c.; Montevideo, 20)g to 21 lb*., 21c. ; Corri- I
elite*, 21 to 22 lb*.. I0f,o. * 2??c.; Kto Grande. 20 '
to 22 lb*., 10c.; Orinoco, 21 to 23 lb*.. 10>ic.; Call* |
torui*. 22 to 2b lbs.. _Uc.; Central Aiuericau. IS to 21 .
lb*., 18c.; Matamoros, 22 to 24 lb*., 18c. a 10c.; Vera
Cru*, IS to IV lb*., 10c.; Bogota, into 2<> lb*.. 18c.
a ?* ?>uC., all it old. selected; Texas and Southern, 24 to 30
lb*., 13c. a 14c., currency, a* they ruu; city slaughter,
ox. 00 to 80 lb*., uj^c.; cow 45 "to 00 lb*.. 7L.C.. currvuoy,
iloi**. ? 1 lie market wae le?* active, but firm We quote:?
New York State, 12c. a li?c.; Eastern. lie. a 17c.; Wtscousint,
11c. a 17c.; yearling*. Sc. a lOc. * olds, all growth*.
4c. a tic. : Calitorniuu*. 17c. a 20j.
iko.v ?The market lor Aiuerlcaa pig wa* irregular and
un?t tiled. Scotch pig wa* quiet, with bale* o? IOJ tone
Egliutou at $2 , and 7-j ton* Co.lues* on private?eriu?. We
quote:-Aiuericau nig. No. 1, ?23; do., No. 2, $22; j
do., forgo. ?18 a $20. scotch?Coltnc*?, ?32 60; Ulengar
nock, ?3J: Eglinton, $2W a $2U 5o; scrap, wrought, ? ?2
asked. rail* steel. ?6 - per ton. do. iron. |a a ?34 per ton
Lead wiii quiet and uuchangod ; quoted at ?o 50 gold for
Lkaiiixu.?There was a moderate demand Tor hemlock
sole, with price* tolerably well sustained Wo quote Hemlock?Light
Buenos Ayres, 22c. a 23c.; do. California, 22c ;
do. common hide. 22c. a 22) jC.; middle Bueuos Ay re*. 24c.
a 25c.; do. California, 23>ae. a 24>?c.; do. common hide, j
23c. a 2?c.; heavy Bueno* Ayre*, 24c. a 25c.; do. Caiiior* j
nia. 21c. a 25c.; uo. common hide, 23c. a 25c.; good datu- |
aged Bueuos Ayres, 2i)?c. a 2-c.; do. California, 21c. a
21>gc.: do. cominou hide. 20c. a 2ic. ; poor damaged common
hide. 10c. aide.
Molasu)** was steady, with ealet of 257 hbl*. New Orleans.
We quote :?Cub*, centrifugal ana mixed, 22c. a 2tlc.; do,
clayed, 2Pc. a 32c.; do., mu?covado refining, HUc. a 33c. : do.,
grocery. 3Uc. a 4oc. ; Porto Uico, 38c. a 5Ut.; English Island*,
35c. a oUc. : New Orleun*. 40c. a tkXi
Naval storks.?The market wasgouernlly quiet; 20 hbl*.
spirit* turpentine sold on dock at ?-Sc. We quote :?Spirit*
turpentine, MSo. a 38l?c.; rosin, common to good strained,
$1 BO a ?1 66; tur, W ashington. ?2 1 ~a; do. Wilmington,
$2 12^? a ?2 35; pilch. ?2. Advice* l'roiu Wilmington were i
a* toliowHUosiu B und 0, ?1 42>g; C, D, E, $1 46. Spirit*
quiet; 34c.
Oils.?One thousand bbli. aperru told at New Bedford for
export on privutu terms. The home market remained uuiet
but unchanged. We quote :?Cottousecd, crude, 53c. a 65c.:
Southoru yellow, 58c. a tkJc.; yellow ami white winter. SOc.
a 65c.; linseed, cask* and bbls.,?>Bc. aUOo.; lard, winter,
?1 06 a$l OS: sperm, crude, ?1 65 a $1 60: do,, bleuchod winter,
$165: do., natural do , ?1 DO: wiialu, crude Northern.
70c.; do. Southern, 85c.; bleached winter. 75c. ? 78c.; olive,
casks, $1 173V a ?1 22Ma;do., case*. ?4 35 a ?4 40; waiter
bleached li?h, 55c.; crude U?h. 48c. a 5 c.
1'KTKOLKl'M.? lhe market wa* very firm, with sale* of rolined
rumored at 14)gC. for Now York account, but not continued.
sate* were made ut Thtladelphia of 2,.500 bbls. at
14V4c. The closluff prices were u* follow* ?Crude, iu bulk,
HVgc. a 8??c.; do.. In bids., 11,Sc.; ro lined, in bbl*., 14)ao;
do., cases, 18,l3c. a ls3?c. for ordinary bruud*. Ketiuod,
... PWilu.tuhih.u I H- ul.il ut it.. It Iii.iivu lit - A.4.......
from llio Creek were as follows Oil City Una ; immediate
shipment, $2 lit) bid, $11 lib u?ked. Kousevllle quiet uud
steady hi 10. 1'iirkur'a quiet and nominal Culled,
$2 O0V4. Cuioo, $ii 02)4- Conduit, $1! 00)4. Outaido, $1 'J7.
KliipiuenU, $1! 21).
I'liovisiuss?itecelpla?Pork, 1,022 bbls.; lard, 1,205
tierces, 20 kegs and-10 citaua; cut meitta, 720 packages;
bacon, 1,17:1 isnxcs; bout, 402 tierces, do bbla. uml Do cases.
The perk market was quiet. The closing "call" prices
were as tolluwsMarch, $22 70 bid, $l!ll do asked: April,
$_li $5 bid, $2-' do asked; May, $20 Oo bid, $21! 15uaked;
Juue. $22 10 bid, $22 2 J asked; July. $22 15 bid, $22 40
asked. Spot was quoted at $22 WO a $22. Cut meats were
dull ai 12c. a 14c. lor Ireth hums. 12LC. a 12)Ao for pickled
do , 11 htc. a I2),c. for fresh bellies, 12)Ac. it 14c. lor pickled
do. uud 12c. u 12,tgc. tor box tellies.; 6,000 lbs. pickled bel
lies sold at l2j*e. liacou was a shade easier ut 12)Ac. lor
city loug clear, 12>gc. a 12)?e. lor Western uud 12c. fur short
clear, bales were 00 boxes city long clear at Ik^gc. uud 70
boxes Wealeru do. at 12>4v. lieef wm quiet,
with sales of 120 bbls. Diets on private terms,
lfeef bums were dull at $25 a $20 fur
nrliue Western; 20 bbls. sold on private terms.
Smoked uieats were quite active. Sales were 1,200 heavy
liaius, 10)4 lbs. averuge, at 15V4c , and 5UO do. 17 lbs average,
at 14c. Lard was inactive aud dioopiug. The closing
"call" prices wore as followsMarch $12 57). bid,
$12 05 asked: April. $12 02)4 bid, $12 05 asked; May,
$12 00 bid, $12 bJV, asked; Juue. $12 02)4 hid, $13 07),
asked: July, $14 U2)4 hid, $14 12)4 asked. The sales |
were about 4.HUU tierces, at $13 05 lor.Murch, $12 07)2 lor !
April and $13 02), a $12 05 lor May. Spot sales were 200 i
tierces city at 1214c. a I2),c.. and 250 tierces Western at
$12 02!? a $12 05, mostly at $12 02)4- Ketiued was quoted j
at 14),e. for South America, 12JAc. lor Continent and
12)ge. for Cuba; 200 tierces sold for Sooth America at 14),c. 1
flutter was Urm and active. We quote State dairies, lair I
to good, 20c. a SOc.: choice to laticy, 21c. a 20c ; do.,
cnoice to fancy, tresh tubs, 20c. a 40c. ; Western, good to
choice. 20c. a 21c.; do, fair to gouu, lite a 20c. Cheese
was steady, with a fairly active demand for all grades.
We quote State factory, common to good, 7)4c. a ll>,c.;
One to lancy, f2',c. a 14c.: skims, 4c. a Oc.; Ohio factory,
lair to good, 5),c. a 0),c.; do., flat shaped, good to fancy,
S)ac a 12)mc : Cheddar shaned, good to lancy, i)c. a I2).c.
HICK.?I lie market was lairly active, with sales of Mo casks
Carolina at OI4C. a 0)Ac ; 2.V1 bbls. Louisiana at 4c. aOc. and
5<l bags I'atna at 7Le. a 7,,c. from Messrs. Dan. Taluiage's
Sons' Circular of March la:?T ie demand continues active,
end every evidence favors an enlarged spring trade. The I
to 1 umo ol' business during (lie winter, na compared witli the
previous season, shows >u enlargement ol lully Ml pur cant.
Tho demand for the coast crop hat been a tritie laaa than laat
year, wlille that of Louisiana has been largely In exceaa; up
to data uearly ttO.00 i barrels The Increase can only he attributed
to an enlarged consumption, for In no aeaaon past
has there ??r beeu exhibited such distrust in everything,
and Indisposition to speculate on any basis. The rapid inovs)
inent of the crop is partially due to the fact that Kast
i India kinds hare been competed out <of the
| market, but In the main It aitribujable to tbe low
?rices which have stimulated the utiuand into something
ko an old itina site. It may be urgeu, lu comparison with
i other breadstuff*. prices are nut low, yet when It is cousld
ered that rice lit Is a certain sphere of its own: that the production
ie scarcely equal to the demand of the I'nited states;
that it is lower than the foreign, which must be depended
upon to supply any dettc.ency, it would appear that the
domestic is cheap at any price below that at which alio l-.ast
1 mlia kinds can be imported. There can bo no doubt, enter
ing as we now are upon the acasou of its largest coiitiimp- I
tluh, that rice is cheap, aud that liberal operations, based on
legitimate wauts, are sale and sure lor prolii. We quote
Carolina, fair to prime, tic. a iii%c.; Louisiana, fair to
good, Sigc. a &\c.; do. prime, ttiac. a 6.',c.; Itangoon, fair
to good, lie, a b'?c.; I'atna, good, 7)?c. a 7>?c, gold; Rangoon,
in bond, Jfte. n'J^c., gold
m-kltku was steady at <7 75, lest one per cent for do- !
SiKABisx.?Receipts. 155 tiercet and 'JO bblt. The market \
war steady, at 14'?c. for prime and 14c. for ordinary.
Sduab.? The market for raw was a little easier in tone.
The sales were JUO boxes centrifugal at 8b,e.1 hlidi.
Muscovado at 7?|e. a 7\c.; 43 hbds. aba at 7Sc-, aud 731
bbds., 1,401 boxes aua 8j8 bags centrifugal at 3c. a sjgc. I
Tha market lor re lined was quiet but steady. We quote:?
Fair to good refining, 7\c. ? TV^c.; Cuba, grocery, fair to
choice. Sc. a 3,'je.; do., coutrilugal, hiida and boxes, Nos.
3 to 13, 8l,c. a 9c.; do., molasses, hlids and boxes, iJ>sc. '
a 7,'tc. ; I'orto Kieu, reiloing, common to nriuie. 7c. a 7',o.;
do., grocery, fair to choice, 3c. a HJt?.; standard A, (kc. a
0\c.; oil A, l>*c.; crushed, Utfic.; powdered, lu*,e.; ,
granulated, lOigC. : cut loaf, 10?4C. a I lc.
i allow. ?iwcwdii?it i nun,. iuuii. ana ibcnaka. The
market wai a ahade firmer, with aalea of 1UU.0UU iba. prima |
at 9c., quoted at 9c. n USiC. for prime, and 8\,c. lor ordinary.
Tut ?Tut market wa# firm; aalea were l.utJUboxta charcoal
tin at $7 50. We quote i ? itaiira, 22c. a 22k^c., j
Otralta. 17c. a 17'Jc.: Engliab. \l\e. a Ire., all acoicL, !
riatea?Charcoal, iiomiualijr <7 50, coke, <0 50 a $7 74; '
tarue. <*J 12,'i a SO 37>i.
I obacco waa quiet, with pricea, if anything, a little taaier.
The aalea wera 300 hhda Kentucky on private,terma; 100
caaea aevdleaf aundriea at 7c. a Hoc.; 158 caaea New
Kngland, cn.p 1974, on private terina; 10 caaea Ohio,
crop 1074. at fie ; 15 caaea Wlaconklft, crop 1073, ou
private terma; 200 balea Havana at pricea rauwtuK iroin
She to *1 15.
WuiakLT ? Ree Ipta? 586 bbla whiakey and 100 bbla. al
cohol. The market waa dull and lower; 100 bbla told at I
*l 0-> .?
Wool.?The market waa quiet and the general poaitlon
wai about the aumo. Among the aalea rep. rted were l.UJO '
lb*. apribg clip California wool at 24c., 7.UOU Iba. burry lall
do. at 10c., l.i*JO iba low a.oured at 45c., 0,000 Iba. coarae |
tub waalied at 47c. and I0.UXJ Iba. tteecea on private terma.
t- AKioiira ? Tonnage for charter waa in a little better demand
and the general market waa held lu preciacly the aaino 1
poaition aa reported in our laet. Room per ateam waa in fair
rcqueat from grain and provieion trader. The engagementa
embraced To Liverpool, per atcam, 300 bbla. Hour, 3a.;
1.250 boaea bacon, 30a.; 2,00 t ho tea checae, 35a.; 100 tlercea
beef, Oa.; ft kin, iiomiually, 7>Jd , 6u Iba. To London, per j
ateam, 30.UUO bualiela grain, t\V! ; ISO bbla. pork, 5t. To
tiiaagow, per ateam, 10 tona leather, liOa.; the laat rate ob- i
tain, d for bacon waa 32a. tid. To Hull, per ateam, 32,000 i
bualiela grain. f.'jd., tt.) lbs. To Hamburg, per Meant, 9,Uli i
bualiela gralu, LlO marka. To Uenoa, by aail, tki bhda. Vir- i
ginia tobacco on pnvato terma. The cliurtera coniprlaed i
Au American brig, 450 toua, laid on the berth for Liabon,
with u general cargo. Including Hour, gralu, atavea, tobacco,
Ac., at current ratca; an American brig, 473 tona, hence 1
to bordeaux, with Kentucky tobacco, at 3?>. Ud.;
an American brig hence to Alicante with 1.0U0 bbla. uuti
4,000 caaea refined petroleum, at 5c. for the former and 25c. '
for tlaa letter; a liermati bark, trom llaltlmore to Uremen
with S.UUO bbla. relliied petroleum, tut private terma; an
American brig, now at Ho,ton, from Portland. Me., to Cork ;
lor ordera, with 3,5U) quartera grain, tla. 9d.; a Britlah | .
balk Ito arrive) trom Philadelphia to Kelfaat or Dublin
Willi ti.UUO quartera grain, da.; an Americau bark, 411 toua, i
hence to Alicante or Valcntia with Keutucky tobacco ou !
private terma; two American achoonera uf about 4UU tona
each, hence to north aide Cuba and back, at <4 per hbd..
Cooper age out; a Hriti.h bark, from Baltimore to eaat roaat
Ireland with 5,'JUO quarter* grain, Oe.; one reported thence !
to Lon louderry with 6,(Aid quartera da., da. tin., and a Brit- 1
lali a>*ip, thence to Cork for ordera with 5.3UIJ quarter* I
do, le.
Galvkitox, March 14. 1870. ;
rotton quiet and Arm ; middling, 12)fc.; low middling, i
11 >ac- i Ku<'d ordinary, lCBge. Net receipt,. 850 balea, groat, 1
372. Lxporta?Coaatwlae. 73U halea, 857. .Mock. 49.295.
N*w OkLkaxt, March 14, 1370.
Cotton firm: middling, lvjgc.; low middling, IM.e-; good
Otdinary, HHgc. Net receiptr. 5.201 balea, groaa. 3. |H2. : ,
Lxporta?Coaatwlae, 1,102. balea, 7.51*1. Block. 3I)9,2UM.
Mouilk, March 14, 1070.
Cotton ateady; middling, 12',c ; low middling, ll}gc.; |
good ordinary, 10l,c. Net receipta, 73 i balea, Lxporta? '
Coaatwlae, 515. aalea, 1.5UU block, 51,903.
fiaraxxan, March 14. 187*1 I
Cotton firm; middling, 12','c., low middling, Il.t^c.; good
ordinary, W},c. Net receipta, 532 balea; groaa t?07 Lxporta?To
ureal Britain, 0,502. Saiea. 5UU Otock 35.079. j
Cuaai.rarox. March 14. lM7tt.
Cotton firm ; middling, 12*ic. . low middling lJtge.; good !
ordinary, ?u;?c. ,vui receipta, our oaiee. aaiea. ruu, stock.
BcrrtlO, March 14, 1870.
Receipt!?Plour, 8.400 bbla. ; wheat, Iwwi buabela. euro,
44.I.4JU do.. out*. 4W,tk?J do. . barley, J.aUU do. shipment!?
Flour, 8.400 bbla. ; wheat, IK.iJUO buabela , corn. Su.UUU do.;
oata. 4U.<?JUU<>.; barley, 8,2l*> do. Flonr quiet and unchanged.
U lieat?Spline neglected: white quiet, aalea l.XHt buabela
Michigan at *1 4U Corn Brin; uew acarce and quiet, ealea
tlx cara, on track, at S8c. , IO.uijO buabela old No 2 Waiter.i, |
In atore. at we Oata dull: aalea one car Wetiern, on track,
at 37c. Rye inactive Barley quiet; a ilea 2,<M) bualiele i
Canada, on track, at WBe. Pork quiet at fgd lor heavy meat,
l.ard qulai at IkJ^o, a 14c. Ilighwinta nominal; nothing
fOLKDO. March 14, 1878. |
Flour atendy, unchanged. Wheat dull, e abade lower;
No 2 while VI abaeh, (I No. 8 do , 41 2b, No. 1 while I
Michigan, 41 -U>(; May, 41 34; auiber Michigan, 41 gi;
March, 41 2*%-, >i?y, 81 *4, No I red winter. 41 40; No.
2 do.. 41 8b>e. Nu 8 do., 41 Ckl>4. Corn in lulr demand,
higher ; bign miked. 48c. ; Apill. 48^0 ; May, AoJbe.; June,
NIc.; low uo. heid at 44t?o. ; no grade. 44tqc. oata quirt
but needy ; No. 2 nominally J4C . white, one ; Michigan,
Me.. Clover teed steady, fair demand at 4~ &N; mam an th.
St*. Keceititt?S.tXJU buabela wbeat. UN IJUU do, corn. 2.U0U
do o?ti Shipment.?tOO bbl?. flour, 9,000 boihels wheat,
ld.UUU do. cum. l.UUO du. oate.
ClHCiOO. Much 14, 1870.
Flour iluil. but unchanged. Wbcat active and luwcr; very
uoactiled; No. J Chicago .prlng. I?.>e bid. .pot; Aprils
tale. at *1 IBV * *1 Ot V May ; clo.ed .1 #1 lUt|. May ; No.
3 do., 85 .; rejected, 7tc Com dull and price. a .bade
lower: No. 2 mixed. 42',i at 43o., .pot; 43S,C., bid April;
4 j,c. bid May. OaU neglected; No. t, MWc., .put; 33c ,
May. llarley quiet, bui itrady, al 57c , .pot; 55c., April.
K.vo?Demand fair and market Arm. at tide. Clover eeed?
cil .liaised leb. Ill, 1870, 1 hereby notify tlio owners or
holnors of any or nil ol tlio above issue of bonds that the city
of Cincinnati will redeem tlie said bonds ul the American
Exchange National Hank, iu New York city, on April 1,
1076, and that the interest thereon will cense on that day
S. \V. llOT'PMAN, City Auditor.
) paving or iu delault, of Witcouelu. Iowa and Minnesota,
bought by C. SCHLEY, Milwaukee, Wis.
I "always have money to loan om mokttiaue,
New York city Property. Principal* desiring to BORROW ;
OR INVEST apply to II. L. liKAN'T, 1 lo Broadway
City vacant Lots, iu uuioiints from fl.UUU to fJO.IHJ, can
liear of soiuo good applications by addrosstug LOANS, box
U.yio Post otlice.
loan on New Y'ork city improved Real Estate.
funds of ffi.OCiO to filft.OUU. on New York aud Hrooklyu
improved Property. STAKE Jc STILLWKLL, lot) liroadway,
room '2.
Money to loan-five years' time, "upon
city property. Different amounts without bonus.
HYATT. 14f? liroadway.
or Brooklyn. HENRY M. tatb, U4 Pine st.
roan* vl at ion op new companies a sp?
chihy.?Every detail attended to, trom the dialling of i
the certificate of incorporation to the onenln# of the books
of account. For terms, Ac., apply at otlice, GO Drexel Build
iitf. corner orowi ua vtmi hi>
r\uiu > having SolSf to Loan At six "tkr '
cent can hour ut tome tlrst rl?? applications on New
York city Improved 1'roperty by addressing HON L) A.N l> I
MORTGAGE. Herald office.
east side Tenement Mortit<st,'e? wanted.
BOW EN A CO, 23 Pine at. |
per cent, uu improved Jursey property : Urst mortgage ;
no bonus. Address II P, bo* jjt) Herald oltice,
M erty worth more then double I lie inortKMire. Address
JAMES VOL MANS, si Y'oukvrs.
II new Houses. Address M. MOllL, corner Monitor and
Herbert stt., Brooklyn, h. U. j
\lr ANTED -# _ .(??) Kol{ "oNE~TVTaR. SECURED BY I
M personal property worth flO.uO.); liberal liouus. Address
OVIUK Ul'PKE, L'HO Broadway, New Y'urk.
VOUv" three times the amount: first class bouse this
city; A1 reterences. Address W. L.,.Herald office.
iPOsUUU rail. Ill New Jersey, near depot; wortu triple
the amount; principals only; no brokers. Address PIKS'f
MORTGAGE, Herald office.
erty. west side, renliuf; lor $10,000; no
commission; title complete. Owner, 1114 Jane tt.
il partucrnhip has been toriued between the undersigned,
under the name of S. A. Cohen A Co., lor the purpose of
Canal St. 8. A. CIJHh.N.
N?w York. March 1, 1870.
. chauli, manufacturers actl others; Keal Estate exchanged
tor Business: Mining Interests. Ac. Decollated; ,
Persons with capital seeking buaiuaaa advised, without
cliarca. of approved opportunities References ?J. U.
Crane, Esq.. \ Ice President Manhattan Hraas Company;
Latell, Marsti A (iardioer, Drugs, 10 Oold si.. Ac. UKlOuS
A CAKLETON, Financial and Business brokers, 08 Broadway.
manufacturing honsa and enpervlsioa of lliclr agents
In New England, wants good, sober man as assistant; duty.
In charge ot goods, collectluua, Ac. ; will pay f|r> and ex.
peiiaes; must have B&llO cash. Address fc'AlTHl- L'L. Herald
with $4.01X1 to $0,UU0 cash, in manufacturing business;
established mouopoly: large turelgu Centennial business
(space secured! ; thorough Investigation solicited by ap.
proved party. SHAY, la Veaey at.
entirely new.?A tiscasaity In avary family, and acknowledged
to be tbe best selling thing out, at Its great
value and low price Is appreciated at tight ; retails st #1;
profit 0U0 par cent; territory is selling rapidly . speculators
and business m?u should not fail to investigate, as a big
show is offered In New York aud Now England .states Those
meaning business inquire tur LAM it. Part Hotel, room 0
a partner, with some meant, to join me in taklug a
tore near dtth st. and Oth av. Call on or address HEWLETT,
did West autb st.
iV sales ol any really good article; firit elate referenced
Address EL KOI'E. box j,:il'? Post nttiee.
lug Business; S3o weekly tocured to Investor. 1
LLoYD'H, aw Broadway.
respectable, pleasant, profitable conirotsslun olhce business,
wants an active partner with a few hundred dollars; '
no risk, lal-reinuneratiou If industrious. Address lN'IisO- >
RITY. Hertld office.
J portuulty ever presented in the East to Join a coin- '
pant already organised, to settle ou some of the rlt best
lutiil of Vww \fr urn whi>ri th# elmutti auh nalurBl ro?niiriH? i
of the country urn unexceptionable. For full particular! >
end for pamphlet to agent of New Mexico Stock nod Agri- ,
cultural Attocialion, Park Hotel. New York.
1 vicinity of Well ft., doing * good bnelnett. of eeveral ,
year*' tland.ng. Drtt cletv appointment!. excelled by no
ether place ol the kind lu the city; owuer'a latere*! being
In Sao Francttcu, uuil cither tell or hod a perfectly re- '
ipi niible partner. Addrctt Wf. 8. P., Herald office.
T A flrat tl?i. well eitabluhed Furnace, Range. Stove.
Tiuware and Kitchen Furuithmg Butlnete lu ICIitabeth, N.
J . (peclal agency of Klcuerdtou, Boynion A tot goods: i
(tore In bevt location: thowy and coinmodlutit and irood
cellar: large dwelling above: propetty can be bought or ;
leaved advantageuutly: full manufactured Hock on hand;
proprietor retiring to a farm only rea?on lor telling. Apply
to J OH N HILTON corner ol Hroad and Washington tie..
Elliabeth. or to A. P. IlItitJINS, .Vi Wall tt.
Tracking. Bakcriev Coof. ctlonerle?. Houtefurulahiug,
Urticarial, Liquor, Millinery anil Kancyr Htorci.
JOK Al.K.MllM, Slora Broker. I.3U7 Broadway.
form ad deelre a law mora to join on tbe eu opereuea
p.?? vs ill take a tawtiilll, (arming Implement*, toolt, ma- j
chlnary, and iluica lor mining on a large icala. Con, including
armi aiurounilion, panage, wagoni, leami. and ilz
1.1 on tin proeliloni. not to exceed tU'ti. Kvery ruau to .
handle hit own ca?h Apply to. or addreu C. K. HAUVKY.
Military Hall, IW3 Mewery.
*' party willing to advance a imat. amount of money
in a new Ineentton of iterllng merit jail patented In L nitad
Mate* and Canada. Appoint Interview, K., box 130 llerald
potieieing great itieciai meril. wanted t'n quantum
throughout country, atiolule monopoly; Urge, profitable
builnea* ccrtatu ; want io.WJU edditlune. capital. aplendld
oppurtunit) Addreee CAPITAL, Herald office
Kattauraat in full operation, eligibly located ea Kreadwar.
Apply at 393 Broddway, room IX
nrniwKgg oppoRTt'irmKe. ^
?nil cxwuiled u> Philadelphia lor Cauteuniat
trade; |2u,0(Xi can be made the coming year.
UEOEUK HA.N'KiNH. 2U Weal'JtKb at. ltora.
lug 34 bottUa at one time; a boy can work it ; Lot
in nroosivn into in escnang*. Apply at KruKHil inua,
><4 Division at.
elty til At will pay S75,<JO i piutit annually. 50 Broad
>t , ruom 7.
corner SOth at anil (Itli ??. : books shown and fullest
Investigation courted, fall between II and J.
I in an entirely new I'atent; aur man can are at
light Ita great value and unlimited demand: one familiar
with marine business preferred, fall no or addreaa, t?r two
it > a. K. ll. HTURURH, United Btatea Hotel, New York.
Wine Room fur aale cheap ; I<??? r leaaa; no rant; ureal
bargain; no ageula. JAMES i>A VIS. tM Warren at.
Turk if k m a k i ks - w anted.' a" part y " To work
one id the beat brick yards uu the North River; ail
machines, covered yard, large dock, deep water; in fact,
perfect In all Ita appointments, fall on or address J. W.
HO ETC 11 US, 73 West 30th St.. New York.
1 a suitable building for any factory employing 1UU men
or unite nmt give a lease for ten tears free of any rant, to
any party who are willing to locate iu a thriving town, about
Id miles from New York ; three dlllerent railroads rurtain|
to tlia place. With over 5U trains iter day. Addrasa ENTERi'HISE.
boa 1V41 Herald ottiee.
' ' a partner with not less than #10,f?O. Tor the refilling
ol a moat tavoraldy situated brewery witblu eight miles ol
this city, contiguous to railroad and water communication ;
una having been In the ttado preferred. Apply to CllAS.
Is M ANN or A It I'll. .1 Af Est IN, 51 HsSrl et., room 3.
means, who understands keeping a hoarding house
as partner with another. Address INWOOD, Herald office.
valuables In pawn; [tiaiuouds, Watches, Ac can
make $iH?) to f-'OO; will divide proflta. Address f. DK
VERE, Herald office
w'M' ness paying f'-'.lkXl per annum. 47 Dey at., see*
ond Hour, back.
vl.v''" ' lie paid In an active aud competent buaineaa
man. to travel tor a manufacturing company. Address U.
U.. Herald office.
?]pX?v'Vrvl cut and bcioK cut. Tl'ItNKIt. 74 Naaaau at.
v" I mill CASH "rAin.NK.lt IN A FIRST CLAH&
Ol.UUU grocery itoro. UAFFNEY A SMITH, 17
Centre at.
Call at 333 Bowery, between 13 aud I
V ?anioiiut aa aecretary of a aowlutt macliiiie
mmpatiy; belt machine ever invented: boat chance Ap?
ply to K. (>, LOCKE (financial Broker), 130 tttb it., neat
The monthly meeting of tho Board of Directors of
Ihn Vow Vnrlf rhi>nn TriinMnnrttlinn A?uru?iutinn vuA
hold yesterday, ut No. 110 Pearl street, Mr. Benjamin
1*. Baker presiding.
On motion of Mr. Charles Watrnus, chairman of Com*
tnilteeou Legislation, resolutions were unanimously
adopted, requesting the representatives of this city in
the Senate and Assembly to uso their influence In tsvor
ol the passage of the bill now pending lu the Senate to
create s railroad commission.
Mr. I.cos road the report of the Committee on Claim*
and Grievances, it sot' forth that, during the past
month, the subject of discriminations In freight rate*
had again occupied a large stiuro of public attention.
The luvorable rates allowed by the trunk lines to other
seaboard cities on east and west bound freight, as well
as the irregularities In transportation charges In lb*
West, had agitated both Kasteru and Western coirnnu*
nines. A committee of the Chicago Board of Trade
hud brought to light many pertinent facta In this connection.
The clilel tiouhle seemed to be lu east bound
shipments ol gram. I he discriminations were mads
by special eouiracts, rebates, "underbllling,"
tie. From some Western points to Haulmore
the rule on gralu wus trotn tw?lv<
to lourteeu cents less than to New York. A rebaU
of three cents was allowed on grain exported from
Baltimore and Philadelphia, an?i of live cents on that
exported from Boston Much "underbllling" at ths
rate of ten per rent was done. The most remarkablo
mothe d of discrimination is for the director of a railroad
to pay a rebate trom Ins own private account, and
receive a voucher Irom the company on an eutireljr
different account. The cotnmitteo had been advised
not to lake public action uutll tlx* results of the
Freight Agents' Convention bo known. The parpose
of the Convention is to uo uwav with these discriminations.
The mipresKtuu given to the public ol the last
arrangement t.y the trunk lines ts a larttf on grain
Irotn Chicago to Now York at 40 cents per 100 pounds]
to Boston, 40.12 cents; to Philadelphia, 30 ceuts; and
to Baltimore, at) cents, with au agreement that If auy *
reduction Is made the ratio shall remain the same,
l'ho committee docs not. however, place any groat reliance
on tbo arrangement, on account of the secrecy
throwo round It, and anticipate a contiuuauce of the
grievances. It urges, as the only absolute cure for the
evils complained ol, the Congressional action recently
recommended by the association.
Tho .*ecrclarv. Mr. Thurber, read a communication
from the New York City Council of Political Kelorm,
In reference to a report on the Department of Docks
auit its system of management.
The Secretary read a communication from the Boston
Board of Trade, soiling forth resolutions adopted by
that body in reference to tho reciprocity treaty with
Canada, expressing the hope that three commissioners
would bo appointed by the President, to confer with
other commissioners lo he appointed by Ureal Britain,
and to ascertain on what basis a treaty ol reciprocal
tr iiln rmilsl Iia nprntiiAit>il and ronrluilnil for thn hunotli
mutually of the people or the Culled slates and iho
Dominion of Canada.
Mr. TUurber read a communication from the President
of ihe New York Produce KxcUango In relerenoe
to the iuvitution extended hy the several oommercial
associations ol tho city to the National Hoard of Trade
to hold their next annual session In New York. The
date tixed for the annual aceaion of the Hoard wae the
27th of June next.
liewrx J. y. Henry. Charle* Watrone and T. A,
Conkllng were appointed to act ax a committee to act
with the other cumtullleux In making the neceeaary are
rauge stents.
Mr. f. A. Conkllng moved two resolutions to thn
eirecl that in the opiulou of the axxociallon the pro*
pueod incruaxe of tolla upon the oauala of thtx Stat?
wax in the highext degree Inexpedient and that xuch n
meaxure would tend to null lurtner augment
tho difficulties under which trans*
portatlon on tho canal* wax uow laboring; that
the true policy of the Statu wax to diamine at once of
the non-paying lateral canalx, to concentrate the management
of the remaining canalx under a ample head,
ue proposed by tho amendment to the Stale couxtitullon
now ;>endlng, and tliux to ecoaomixe In their management
au that the existing ratox of toll will still lurnub
xuUlcieul revenue to keep the canals in repair.
The resolutionx were unanimously adopted.
The Secretary submitted resolutions protesting
against the building ol bridges across fietrolt Hirer in
xuch manner as to obstruct tho Iree navigation of the
chain ol lakes. They were adopted and ordered to be
tr/m*nutted to Congro?s.
The Chairman read the following statement, as Indicating
the movements In Hour, wheal and corn, and
the receipt* lor the ten week* ending March 11, 1878
At Philadelphia, Baltimore and Boston there wore received,
of flour. 636,419 barrels; at New York, same
time, 698,617 barrels; ol wheal, at Pbiladelpnta, Baltimore
and Boston, 976,033 bushels; at New York, tame
lime, 1,693,7*26 bushels; of corn, at Philadelphia, Baltimore
and Boston, 1,014,078 bushels; at New York,
same time, 2,839.290 bushels.
Arter the transaction ol some routine buslaeM tb?
meeting adjourned.
There wes quite e numerous attendance et the Exchange
yesterday end considerable spirit manifested IB
the bidding. Tho ealee were et follows:?
By William Kennedy, public auction tale to close an
estate of three Ave story and bassiuent brown stonn
Iront buildings, with lots, each 19 6 by about M, Mo*.
213, 216 and 217 Canal street, north side, between Bag*
icr aim uuioerry streets. r?o. iid ia now rented at the
rale ol $3,200 per year and Na 216 at f 2.600. No. IIS,
wilt) a mortgage ol $16,000, told tor $26,0U0. to Pour
Bchnrider, No. 216. with a mortgage of 113.100, told
for $20,300, lo J. D. Tracy, aud No. 217. with a mortgage
of $11,000, told for $16.100 to Newman Cohen.
Mr. Cohen, ihe purchaser ol Na 217, then desired that
No. 219, the corner property, should be put up, bni no
bid for it was made.
By Adrian H. Mullcr A Son, Superior Court fore?
closure sale, C. C. Higctns, retoree, a house with lot,
18x100.10, on Kast 11 fib street, north side, IMtteet
east of avenue A; sold lor $4,600 to M. M. Behwarts, ,
the plalntlfl.
Uv H. M.Coates. Supreme Court foreclosure sale, H.
W. Kennedy, rereree, of the property on tireeowich
street, noriiisa?i corner of Kullou street, embraetng a
plot ol land, 33.3x91.11x32x103.3, with tbe buildings
thereon, subject to previous mortgages, amounting,
with Interest, to $34,662 0$; also subject to taxes of
1671, 1672. 1873 and 1874, amounting lo $6,606 03, sold
lor $13,260, to Mablon Apgar. Total amount of sale,
$63, $08 16.
By Kichard V. Harnett, Supreme Court foreclosure
sale. R. M Henry, reteruo, e bouse with lot, 20x99 11,
on Knit 1.13d street, south side. 9a feel weal at t'nurih
venue, (old lor $7,240. to Henry Goldsmith.
TDe mI? by Hugh N. Camp, .Supreme Court for#*
c'osure sale, John Linillcy, referee, of one ecre
ol laud, with buildings, on Uigb Bridge road, near
avenue A, l ord bam, Twenty-fourth ward, was adjourned
till the 28th inn.
The sale by UlackwelL Biker A Wllklns. Suprem*
Court foreclosure sale, f. W l.oew, referee, of a
four story brick bouse, with lot *4.81118, oo Third
vi-ouo, northwest corner of Twenty sitth street, was
adjourned until the 281b mat.; and a similar salo, J. A.
IU-all, Ksq., refeiee, by tbo same Arm. of two lots, each
26xluo.ll. on West lotlh street, north side, 1M.S feet
east of avenue A, was adjourned until March 21.
The sale by E. A. Lawrence k Co., Supreme Court
foreclosure sale, E. I). Gale, referee, of a plot of
land, 137 6*200 on High Bridge road, north side, MO
feel west ol Union tireet, lor a ham, Twtuty-fburtfc
ward, was adjourned until 28th Inst.
i/viiiKiiu inn ?iiu |irutn iihvo ttuvMUceu; kKie* ui |?ruu?
m oil mm to mammoth. *t jfi? ui?f.i in Purk ttii<?eiile<1 hixJ
lower, at jay . ? #33 or.,, . faa 15 a #33 30, April; i
#33 3o it #33 37%. .?by. Lard .lull, but holder* are lint willing
tu iniike c?nce?aion?; talea at *13 u (u ?pol; #13 37%
Jill 30, April ; #13 4 . a #13 47%, Muy. Hulk uieiitu ilull; :
ahi.ulili.rt, 8%c. . ahort rib middle*. 13c. ; aliurt clear iniddiet,
13'4c. ?hitltey ilul I and price, have declined ; naive
at #1 0 %c. Receipt*? Hour, O.ntAi libit.; wheat, 31,000 ;
l.utlirlt; cum, Oi.UOO do. ; nnta, lti.lkm d . . barley 7.000 do.; ,
ryedOOdo. ShlpiiienU?Hour?O.i Ml bbla.; wheat. II. ub
but lie It. corn, 41,0 11 do. ; oat a, 13.' Ml du. , barley, ti.'M i do ; ,
rye HOU du. At the afternoon call t.f the Hoard wheat
higher, at #1 l>4. April. #1 04. May. Coru Hrm, at 43%r ,
April; 40%e.. June, iiuta unchanged. I'ura lower at
#33 03%, 'April; $33 27%, May. Lard weak, at #13 37V., i
April; 13 47%. May. _
I'uorioaNCa. K. I., March 14. 1874.
Printline cloth* quiet and unchanged in price or in the
general tone ol the market.
Havana. March 13, 1870.
Spanltli gold, 313. Exchange quiet. On the United
Statue 00 dayt currency, 13c. ditcouut.
Rio Janeiro, March 13, 1876.
Coffee quiet and unchanged at 3,700 a S.H50 reit per ten
kilo* lor good lirtt*.
Exchange on Loudon, 34%.
Santos. March 13. 1870
Cotlco quiet and teuding down; tupvrior, 6,500a 5,030
reit per ten kilot.
Liverpool Produce Market.? Liverpool, March 14?
Evening ? Linteed oil, 34a perewt.
London Produce Mahkkt.?London. March 14?Evening.?Spirit!
of turpentine, 3ia. Od. per cat.
\ i>i o.i.i >1 v...... .<
issue Traveller*' Credit*, mailable in ail parte o! the world,
tlirmiirli tho
uud their correspondents.
Also Commercial ( reilile aud Telegraphic Transfer* of
Money on California uud Kurupe.
Endowment Insurance f'oliciet, Mortcaites and oilier
securities; insurance of all kind* effected with beat coinpan
lea. .1. J IIAHItlCIl A Cl>? 117 Broadway.
~^UVici~AKo""information Foil Fkiisons Jh.
kiroua of speculating In stocks; investments of sums from
SIOO upward may be salely made and a lar?? percentage derived.
For full particulars uddreas TUMBKIDUE A CO.,
Bankers and Brokers, No. 2 Wall ?t.. New York.
Mortgage, city or Brooklyn; legal expenses only.
KKAUIT * VVOL.COTT, 10 I'iue at.
improved property in the city of New York, lor
live years, at six per cent per annum. Address, with particulars,
tl. 11 K., Ilerald ottlce.
Y a loan of Ud.OOJ on good business paper, with collateral
11 necessary. Address MAN CKACTUKKIt, Ilerald
Ciirv Ai'unoK.s office, Cincinnati, fku. w,
) 1S76.?Kcdemptlou of city Cincinnati bouds.?The city
ol Cincinnati issued on October I, IHtJU. Seventy (7o> city
Bond* of the denomination of one tli lliousaud dollars
each, for workhouse purpose* (lettered Yd), bearing interest
at the rate of seven (7) percent per annum, and redeeiuablu
any time alter six itii years I rout date ol issue at option ol
,11. I.. ..I....... ..ill, . ...... I. ..I'll,.. II'

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