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Stocks Firmer?Prospect of an Adjustment of
the Affairs of the Bank of the
State of New York.
GOLD 114 3-8 A 114 1-2. |
Money on Call 5 and 6 Per Cent?Government
Bonds Active?Investments Strong?
Foreign Exchange Steady.
wav. stkbkt, i
Wkokksuat, Man a 15?8 P. M. J
It was meet and 11 time that the veriuil season. with
Ila sunshine and shower, should and its rellex in the I
Stock market of the iaet two days. There prevailed a
"winter ol discontent''yesterday; "glorious Bummer"
hone brightly to-day. This irom the bull jioi.it of
View. I-ot bears snarl dissent If they will.
The better scale of prices established at the close
yesterday prevailed, uud though there were sonic fluctuations
they provod or a fractional character ouly, and
quotations at three o'clock wero the best ot the day.
The theory expressed yesterday that Uoald had possibly
Tor the time being got upon the long side of the
market scorns to be proven by tho fact that he was a
large and general buyer to-day, aiid pricos wero
marked up responsive to his purchases.
Urokcrs bavo no leisuro to cry over spilt milk, but
are sharp to skim the cream that each ucw day oilers;
so the bank disaster of yosterday was dismissed Irom
tbcir minds without further consideration. S oj v j
lenders apparently fell into tbu same notion, for tUey
were nimble enough in dismounting from the very high ;
horses which tbey bestrode yesterday, and were eager i
to hire out tbcir nags of bank balances at as low a rate
is two per cent per annum.
All tue prognostications to-night point to a change
?f wind, and a favorable one for that, to those who are
long of the market. How long these gentle gales will
prevail o< bow soon those who have sown the wind wilt
reap the whirlwind is a matter tbat the stockjobbing
uEolus wilt decide at bis pleasure.
For despite the pressuro of weuitb and talent and
the pressure of all the fiddle-faddle of the centcuuial
year, Jay Gould, as king of the financial bag of imprisoned
winds, elects to blow high or blow low as
suits bis imperial fancy.
There iirevnllod clnrmv nnrLheuHLer vestcrduv:
tberc exists a gentle broeze to-day; how it will blow j
to-morrow nobody knows bat the controller of tho i
winds himself, and yet brokers wonder why outsiders |
lo not embark on the sea of sgcculation (treacherous
enough in the best of weathers) when a sinilo man i
holds In his hands the destiny ol success or disaster.
Still Gould, for bis own purposes, supported tho j
market yesterday, with the result of a decided beuclit {
to vested Interests. It is simply a proof that good can i
come out of evil, aud In this sense it will be uccepted.
Beyond the narrow fluctuations which we have alluded
to aud the record of a firm and active market,
which closed at about the best prices of the day, there
was no lact or rumor prevalent worthy of note. Towird
the close of the duy it was currently reported that
ihe uflairs of tne llank ot tho State of Now York had
jot into such state us would euuble it to speedily renew
business. It was stated that tho corporation could
bo set going again, either on the basis ol reduction of
capital to one-half or on tbo condition of the present
depreciation being made good.
In either regard a new management would be placed
at the head ol affaire, which would be trusted to look
less to personal interests than lo the good of stockholders
at large.
It is hoped that tbo wish may nut be solely father to
the thought, but that this old and respectable Institution
may speedily recover its former prestige.
The aflairs of the Bank of the Stale ot New York, although
still unsettled, are not in so bsd a condition us
to make it certain thai the Institution will pass into the
bands ol a receiver. A new board ol directors was
elected, several of its obligations were promptly paid
to-day, offers of assistance arc under consideration,
sod a disposition Is said to be manifested by several of
Ibe wealthy stockholders to advance whatever tnny be
secessary to uiuko good the credit of the Institution
tnd givo it a tresli start under now influences. The
report was circulated in stock circles that Ibe book
would positively resunio business to-morrow; but this
Is, doubtless, premature. It is enough that the indications
are lavorahlo. The stock w as bid for at 30 today
and offered at 96. The last sale was at 100.
The transactions on the Slock Exchange to-day aggregated
-08,000 shares, which were distributed einoug
active shares, as follows:?New York Central sod Hudsod,
660; Erie, 46,750; Luke Shore, 62,ioo; Northwest*
em, 4,900; do. preferred, 1,200; Rock Island, 1,660; Pa.
clUc Mail, 28,200; St. l'uul, 11,160; da preferred, 2,900;
Ohios, 6,660; Western Union, 39,200; Wabash, 326;
Union Pacillc, 1,810; C., C. and I. 0., 200; Panama, 100;
Michigan Central, 8,1*5.
The following tabic shows the opening, highest and '
lowest prices of tho day:?
Opening. Highest Lou est \
New York Central 115'* 115', 115'* |
Harlem 143)* 143), 143j
Erie 20 M 20*4 19? I
Lake Shore... 03'., 05 03", j
Wabash 3', 3N, 3',
Northwestern 4343/i 4b'4 |
Northwestern prolerred 04?^ 04>4 04'4 I
Rock Island 110,110/t 110?, j
Pittsburg. 00 * W? W-1*
Milwaukee and St. Paul 44?* 44/, 43', !
Milwaukee and St. Paul pref. 82\ 83 81', j
Ohio and Mississippi 31 21 20?, i
New Jersey Central 106'f 100', 100},
Del.. Lack, and Western.... 110 110 110
Union PatiDo bo bo'4 05
C.,U. and I. C 4Jf 4% 4%i
Western Union 07 08 07
Atlantic and PnclUc lei 10 10 19
PaciUc Mall 21Jg 23?j 21','
Panama 138 138 138
larlDc Mail ... 33?; ? 33fc Mil A St r |>I.. Ki'i sa? I
*1HU1|], e7^ a U* O.C,C*r.. ;.6 a &*?!
Atl A Pac tel.. IV a Ui'j I.OA 10... .V a 3
Uakk?llv?r... 17.'4 a 1*!? I'd. 1. AW 118>, a lltfU I
tjutck?ll?er pi. I'JK a 34 trie '.(J*., a Ai?.
Mar Land A M. U>4 a n', llaiii mJo . IS'. a lr*V {
MarLAM. pf. 0>, a lu IIan A MJopf an a ill j
Adaiutkx 1(U'>', a lui^a Lake Shore ... Mil a ii?V !
Auitriiuni kx.. t>:< a ??', Mich Central IViL a C51,
I S kx 73 a 7c>? N V 0 A II It xl 13 a 114
W.'lla Kart'oKx Ml a H! N J I'cu 1141'i a 107
I'hlc A Alton.. 11'4 i in'ii, ObiuAMias. II'. a Jt'i
Clev 4 Pitta... 90*4 a 90?, l'anaina 133 a 13n
UiIcA.nK ... 43'? a -13:X lolAWab 3W a 3'.
Chic a N IV pf 041a a 04?t I'nlon Pacific.. 0&\ a 0m-'
('Lit* 111.. .11"?, a 111 Miaaoiiri Pae... lib a 14
Mil a Ml'aal. 44', a 44*
The following aro the change* in doting price* com. ;
fared with those at yesterday:?
Auvaxcs.?Mew York Central, ; Delaware, Locke- |
annua *Dd Weatcrn, krie, ; Huunibal anil HI. i
Joseph, V'; Lake Shore, 1),; Michigan Central, i
Mlaauurl Pacific, l 'i; Northwest couimon, ; do. pre- j
lerrcd, >4; New Jersey Central, >,; tihio and Missis- I
a'I'Pl, Jt i Pacific Mall, 2*?; Panama, ; Koek I aland,
\; St. Paul, 1; do. preferred, \ Wabash, L'alou
Pacific, X; Western L'lvlou, l1, ; gold,
Dbcumu.? Atlantic and Pacific preleired, }i; Ilauni- ,
bal and St. Joaeph preferred, \ ; Quicksilver, kr.e, j
In Loudon, %.
Sybady ?Atlantic and Peel fie Telegraph; C., C. and
1. V.; &, C., C. and 1. ; Harlem, and Illinois Central.
Money et one period ol the day wae in small demand
M T per cent; bnt the basis of call loans was S and 6, at
hich the close wae made. The lollowing ere the rates
gi exci.ange ou New York at the undermentioned cities
o-Uay:?Charleston, decidedly nominal, par a X ?
Si premium; Cincinnati, exchange flrin, par to 60c,
premium; Now Urlcau*, commercial, bank, ). premium;
Chicago, 26c. premium; St. l>ouls, par; favanaab,
6-10 premium.
Foreign exchange cloicil quiet and Arm. Prime,
asking rstee, 4.S0.'4 and 4.90; selling rales, 4.h'> and
4.90; reichmarka, 96 a 96'? and 95J, a 96?<; cablea,
96,>4 a 90)4; prime Paris, 6.13\ and 6.11
Cold closed at 114,1*, alter selling at 114*4 and 114*4.
The rates paid for carrying were 4>4, 4, 6, 6>4, 0, 7 and
3 per cent, the Anal rate having been 6 per cent
or sua tios* or thk coi.o iiiuuui says.
Cold balauces $1,767,973
Currency balances 2.103,761
Cross clearances 21,966,000
clsamixo noes* STArsaxsr.
Currency exchanges $70,000,714
Current? balances 6,269,672
Cold exchanges 4,201,708
Qold balance# 098,738
the speois shipment engagements for iturope by to
morrow's European stssmsrs amount to $260,000, (old
ootn, and $100,000, silver barn.
Tbo failure of tbe Bank of tbe State of New York has
apparently exerted a hardening elite t on government
bonds as safe Investment securities, and we note an
active demand and firm prlcca Tbo market closed
strong at tho lollowiug figures:?I'nl.ed States currency
nxii, 126Ji s 127; do. do., 1881, registered,
122},' a 122*,; do. do. do., coupou, 122}; a 123; do.
five-twenties, 1865, registered, 118},' s 118*4 ; da da
da, coupon, 118S ? H".1* I do. da da, new, registered,
119*, s 119**; do. do., coupon, Ultj; s 119';; da,
1867, registered, 121 \ a 121 *; ; da do., coupon, 121}, a
121 \ ; da da, 1868, registered, 123?; a 123};; da
da da, coupon, 123'; s 123};; da, ten-forties,
registered, 118*, s 118';; do. do., coupon, 118*; s
1194*; da fives, 1881, registered, 118}; a 113};; da do.
do., coupon, 118}; alls*;.
Railroad bonds were nuiei. Tho principal dealings
were in the 1'aeific Issues, which sold at 193 for I'nion
firsts, 103S, a 103*, for land grants, '.tit; for sinking
funds, ami 106}; lor Centrals. Northwest consolidated ;
Sold coupons fell off to 93#t and later advanced to |
Lehigh and Wtlko^barro consolidated declined I
from 97 \ to 97. Erica we re weak, and declined to !
101 \ for second, 10*1 *a lor third and 103>, lor fourth. '
The following were the latest bid*:?
AIIimbv and Su so 2d.,...llO Cleve. P'vllle 1 A new.tOftftf I
Huston. Hart A Erie 1st. 23*{ Detroit. Monroe A Tol ..IOOM
Cliea ?U Ohio H's 1st 35 Huff A Eric* new 107
Chicago A Alton 1st.,.. 110 Huff A Slate* Liuu 7 *.... 103 j
Chicago A Alton int*... .107 KaIaiuhkouIWIiI P ht 8ft
St L, Jack A Chic !>t..lUH Lake Shore dividend.... 104 !
Olii. It 1 A Pec 1st 7V . IUW^ Lake Shore con cp 2d... 1UO !
C, H I iV Hi I in ?>'h,'lift. Lake* Shore con rg 2d... 00
Central of N J 1st new. .111 Marietta A Clncin 1st... 108
Central of N J 1st con. .111*4 Mleh Cent con 7'*, 1002.100
t'en of N J 1st, con v. ... 100 Mich t! 1st. H's, '82 8 I..114
Mil A S 1* 1 lit, 8's, 1* !>..] l?i Mich Cc*n equip bunds.. HO
Mil ASP 2d, 7 3-10. Pl> U0 N ,1 Southern 1st. 7 s... 21
.Mil ASP 7% ? aid, HI). loo& N V Central b'l, l?8.t lOGl?
Mil ASP Ut, LaCdlv.ltfii-g N V Central 6'?, 1807...!0>C
Mil A St P 1st. I A M D. Ho N V Ceit 7's. 1070 101*
Mil A S P 1st. C A M ... HNS' X V t ?n 1m m, c 123
M11 A S P lit coil a f.... 8S*t N Y Cen 1st m, r 120
Chi A N \V sink fund?105 Harlem 1st, 7's, coup... 120*
Chic A N \N hit l?ds 103 Harlem 1st, 7's, reg. ...120*
Chi A N W coiiIhIs 103* North Mo 1st 02*
Chi A N W ex bds 0.? Ohio A Miss con, s f...., 08*
Chi A N W 1st 103*' Ohio A Miss 2d. con 78
Chi A N W cp gold bds.. 03* Ccn Pacific gold bonds.. 108
Chic A N VV reir gld bds 02*? Ceil Pacific, San J br... 07,*
Iowa Midland 1st, S's 07 Ceil Pacific laud gt bds. OH
Galena A Chi ox 105* Western Pa ilic i da. ...101*
Peninsula 1st, con 100* Cnion Pacific 1 g, 7's.... 10 v?
Chicago and Mil Int .101 PuUm Pacific sink fund. 01
W in mm it St Peters 1st. K> Pacific lilt of Mo 1st... . 011?
C,o7C* I 1st, 7'?, a f 110 I'uclBc lilt of Mo 3d ... 73 "
C. i:. C A I nil I'itlt, Ki W A Clil lat... 110
Morris A Eaaux 1st ,lli!a I'itta, I't W A Chi ad. .. I 5
Morris A Eaaex 3d Ins Clove A 1'ilta 4lh. I'M
Mur A Eaaex 7'a of'71.. 1 111 C, C A I I at 63J?
Mor A has lat eou.g'd... ION Koine, W A (la. eon lat 1*1
Kilo lid, 7'a, 1?70 1(11'ii St Luilia A 1 M lat Ill I
Krie 3d, 7'a, 1883 Km Alton A T II lat IiT>
Erie 4th, 7'a, 1880 103, Alton A T II Jd pf ttt
LouH Ilook honda lift Alton A T II 3d, Ineouie 73
Mult, >? Y A Krie lat, '77 Wl Tol. I'eo A War, K II ... M7
lluu A St Jo con 70 'Ini, I'oo A W?rcou7's. 4r>
Cedar Kalis A Minn lat. 8.i'4 'Iol A Wuh lat, cxt ... tlKg
Ind, Mloooi'u A W lat.. 30 Tol A Wuh lat, St I< div. 7(1
Miclt South 7u c, 3d.... 1(>4 tlre?t West lat, isss ... 01
Mich So A N I a I 7 pc.. 108 Hull A Con Miaaouri lat. S3
Clove A Tol a ( 107'4 Wcat Cuiou I.da, 1000,0 OOiSi,
Clove A Tol new hda H>.V. West Culou hda, lUUtl, r 'JS'^
Clove, P'vllle A A. old . KH'J
London advices report great anxiety on the Stock |
Kxchuuga. It being settling or "pay" day the market
is much disturbed. Nine (allures occurred during the jday,
and sixteen in connection with this fortnightly
settlement. Tbo changes in eunic prices show a down- |
ward tendency, but consols and I'nited Stutes bonds ;
ure comparatively stcudy. The former were \{ por
cent lower lor the account, but aiterward recovered, j
The lollowlug are live 1'. 11. quotations:?Cousols for 1
money, 04 ?? a 04-?; do. lor account, Hi1, a 04.; |
1865 bonds, old, 105 '4; 1867 bonds, 108 tj a 108 ; '
ten-forty bonds, 106'?; new lives. 106; Erie, 17*47 da j
preferred, 31. Erie declined iroui 18% on rumors ;
lrotn New York.
The Treasury balances were as follows:?Currency, ;
$5,000,000; coin, $71,500,000; less coin certiUcates, j
$35,600,000. The Assistant Treasurer paid out to-day
$30,000 gold on accouut of interest ami $136,000 in redemption
of live twenty bonds. The revenue receipts
to-day wero $300,000; customs receipts aro $500,000; :
- ...nalen.1 ? ".A/1 <UYl
Secretary Brislow was before the Appropriation
Committee this morning ami stated that be was Dow
ready to commence paying out silver, and requested I
prompt action on tbo bill authorizing him to proceed.
Tbo Committee said they would try and get the bill I
belore tho House to-morrow.
STATK Bozng.
In State bonds Sew York registered bounty loan sold '
at 104%, Missouri long sixes at 101, District ol Colutu- j
bla 3.6?'s at 74% a 74% und Tennessoes, old, at 43. In- i
terest on the Distrlot of Columbia bonds is being paid j
to-day at the Sub-Trci<sury in tins city and in Washing- j
ton. The total amount to be disbursed Is about !
Bank shares sold at 114 for American Exchange and
100 a 100/, for Central National.
Investment securities brought tho lollowiag figures:?
New York and New Haven, 137; Delaware, Lackawuunu
and Western, 11V.S US; New Jersey Central, ;
100V ; ltock Island, 110% u 110% u 110%; New York
Central, 115J, a 113% ; Morris and Essex, 106 a 106%; .
Illinois Central, 103% ; American Express, 03% ; WcllaFurgo,
The following are the Philadelphia stock quotations (
at three o'clock Utls day:?
Bid. A iked. I
Cily sixes, new 108 V 10* V !
I'nited Com pan tea ol New Jersey... 141 14'J
Pennsylvania Kail road 6U.V 50 V
Philadelphia and Heading Railroad.. 51V 51', |
I.ehigh Valley Railroad. 651V 00
Catuwisaa Railroad, preferred ? 451, j
Philadelphia and Kne Railroad..... 01 V Ol1, i
Northern Central Railroad 30V 30V '
Hcblgh Navigation 50', 60*, .
I,thigh Navigation, gold loan 106.1, 106*,
The following are the closing otllcial prices of California
mining stocks at San Kranciaco to-day:?
Consolidated Virginia.420 Yellow Jacket 114
California 88 V Empire. 8
Segregated belcher... 0'J Alpha. 41V I
ophir o-lV Belcher 33V i
Chollar 120 Conlideuce 'Jo
Savage 18V Sierra Nevada. -4 V
Imperial 14 Exchequer 18v ;
Mexican 32V Overman 81V I
Could .V Curry 21V Juatlco 26.V [
Rest & Belcher 58 \ Caledonia. 65*4
llalo* Norcross 05 Succor 17-10
Crown 1'oint 25V
The following securities were told at auction to-day:?
$5.uou Delaware and Hudson Canal Company, 100V; !
$4,000 Chicago, Burlington and Quincy Railroad. 114;
$4,000 Buffalo Water Works tirst mortgage. 100; $3,000
Knu Railroad, filth mortgage. 103\; $5,000 Kansas
City and Caiuorou Railroad Cotupauy, w:i; $7,000 ilurliugiou
ami Missouri River Railroad, land mortgage,
11IV,'; $2,000 Burlington and Missouri River, couvvrtibls,
110; $3,000 Kvansville uud Crawlordsvillo :
Railroad, 100.','; $5,0t0 Meniplrts uud Charleston Railroad,
second mortgage, 62}, ; $3,000 Milwaukoo nud
8L 1'aut Railroad second mortgage seven per cent,
OS !*; $1,600 I'ltlsburg, 1'ort Wayuu aud Chicago Roll- \
road first mortgage seven per ceut. 110; $4,000 I'ltlsburg,
Foil Wayne and Chicago Railroad first mortgage seven i
per cent, 116', ; $3,000 1'aciflo Railroad of Missouri |
second uiorlgsgo seven per cent, 70.14 ; $6,000 Louisiana
and Mississippi River Railroad first inortgugo
seven per ceut, 03', ; $6,000 Hannibal and St. Joseph
Railroad eights, convertible, 70; $2,000 lioicna and
Chicago Union Railroad first mortgage, 106?^; $6,000
Morris and Essex Railroad second mortgage, 107Jf;
(1,000 81 Louis, Jacksonville and Chicago Railroad,
103c,; $3,000 Central Railroad ot New Jersey first
mortgage, 114; $4,000 warren Railroad second mort- i
gage, llMtV, 10 shares Louisiana and Missouri Railroad,
flu 30 tor lot; 4 shares laruouana and Missouri Ituilroad,
14 60 lor lot: Id) Chicago and Alton J
Railroad, 10/>%; 115 Delaware, Lackawanna aud
Vlnltru Railroad Company, IIiIl; x\ Quincy
Railroad Bridge Company, 110; . Morris and
K>nx Railroad Company, 10u.%; (17 Delaware and Jludaou
Canal Company, 110'. a 110; 10 National l'ark
Rank. 146; -VI Howard Insurance Company DO; 14
Ninth Nattonal Bank, 70%; 3d Coutiucnial Insurance
Company, 1*47S?; *' Rulgeuood Insuranco ( oinpuny,
113; '& (Jerinaii American Hauk, 78; 30 American lusaranco
Coiopuny, 146; 310 000 Mobile and Ohio Railroad
Coiupuny ti per cent bonds, 30; 15,600 Chesapeake and
Ohio Railroad Company, tirat mortgage, 34 % ; ?3 ,-liurrs
Cedar Rapid* and Missouri River, as ? a k? ; iso liensselacr
and ."-aiatoga Railroad Company, 117% ; 'M Resolute
l ire Insurance Company, Hi\; no Atluutle laaurar.ee
Company ot Brooklyn, 110% ; 1-' Republic Fire Insurance
Company, 91 \ ; IS Safeguard Fire Insurance
Company, 100; t> American Kx> tiange Fire Insurance
Company, 1 I'd %; -0 Lenox Fire InsuruuccCompanv, li>4; !
]o New York mid Yonkera Fire Insurance company,
00; 10 I'acillc Fire Insurance Company, 448% ; 111 llm- |
hatiau tlasltghi Company, !f08; 38 I'eier Cooper Fire Inaurance
Company, 207%; 70 Relief Fire Insurance Company
, 93MknonaiDca.
ti.a nurnliii'i oI thu HL Loots Iron Mountain anA
t>outhem Railway Company tor tba 8 rat wock of March
lt.T? 198,200 00
1875 7T.2M 52
Id erase $10,0U 48
Wiuxudat. March IS. 1876.
mollK (.'ALL?10 A. M.
SSOUO \1 o.K Jk T f * c 02 & *> nh* I. S i M S KB. *?'{
5> ihi Wetl u 1.1,3 ?>7 2uu do ?>:>?.
181*1 do 67 U do ?3|J
24*10 do 87 1UD0 do ?aj4
1U do u :? I sou do OdjJ
lano do 87 2iioj do ?4
ISO J ? 67 SO**) do **!{
lumi do ?i7'J SOU do 64',
2m l'?c .6*11 86 21N 1 duo do 04'.
41*) do 2I?, ! ?*) do 64
SOU do 21?, 11**1 do ..?3 *7J?i
looo do sa Sou do *3 ?4
2IU1 do 82W .*?* do *3 04'?
*'> do 22 \, I8O0 do ?4*
!**) do 22*C M*1 do C 64*4
iV*>Ohio it Mix KM. '41 HOI do "4 Si
1UU do 2*1? SUUCbl * N W lilt.. 431i
OJU do 2Uj, 2 ?* do 43\
7 ?> MkbCon Kit. 4M?? 6UU do 431,
2> KJ do U3J, 100 do ?3 4314
1**1 do 68V SOOCbiANWpf. 6414
1050 do Ill lOUUKil A 611* UK... 43",
1UJ do U4>, HO do 431,
4UO do lid'j ?*> do 43*4
IUU do *3 *14 , 2UU do 43*
l.V*Cbl A K 1 Kit. lit**, 4*>? do 43',
2**1 do UOlj ?tl do 43',
H<?i trio IIK ill', 3t?i do 43',
31*) do ill', r, it do 43*,
1UUO do 2*)*, 1HO do 43',
5**1 do c 2U', SOU Mil A 811* pt N2I4
58SO do *>'4 D*J do ?>
3>*l do c 2U?J 2*0 do KL'H
SOU do 2U-, 1**1 K!>?
2i*J do C 2i'}, 1**1 L'nr*o lilt 65
2'*> do *3 2*)', 1U ) do 66*4
: 40 ) do 2 SO *lo OS*,
21**1 do 2U) J 4**1 do OS
UX1 l. N A *1 3 KK *>31, lUl IU11 A hi Jo UK . 18*?
111.1', IV'li ll-ll I M
l'8 6-t.r,'tfl.be 122%' #10U00 U II 5-20, r,'OS 123.!<
llAAA) U S 6-20,0. 05, n llt>% loOAl do b c 123%
IWJ do us llus ISmOl'H i-:n,c.'iw.lic 1211%
26w> <U> 110% 1UHAJ U d5'?.e. 'Hl.be
1250 do miiuH 110 4 llU>-)U S6'?,r. '81.... 110%
Id Ul IJ h 'ki., ' 21 % HpiM) L'? ti'K, cur...be 12i
6U) do be 12.%
filial' liOAUD?10:110 A. M.
$3000 Mo 0% louu bd?. 104 l&OO slu Kilo UU 20
7UJ0 N V S 1'?, b I, r.. 104% 7>*i do 20%
-It-O.i uuCuto.o.i'?... ' 4'. lloO do.... .. 2t)% |
-.000 do be 74% 14 A) do 20, I
lOOOJ do 74% 7AJ do 2't%
l4lA?t Teitn 0%, uld.be -Id 4IAI uo 2tl%
It AOL tWU coo 07% JIM/Utch t suit 11... be t.4%
It*A) do... 07% -H*) do 04,%
MHJO do 07 40 1 do 04%
It AO O AO i?t,eou.bc 35% 3tM) do 04 %
.iami >1 A Ml'li.i,Lot: 103 lot) do b:t Oi%
luooo 0 A S W e e u b. 03% HA) do bit 01%
41* A) do ua% 11 Al L S A MO UK.be
100J hrlo 2d tu 10i% -?t.*> do bd t'4%
kimmi Lrlit 3d at 1o2,% 11) do 04%
31**)Krlo 4lb m .be 1U.?% roo do :) 04% .
31A<) 11,011 Ji M 1st be 5ti% 12 1) Uo t'4% I
him) > j c 1,1.u be 114% -Oi do 04% I
5l> At North Mo 1st..., 03 111) do 04% !
llAX) O A >1 con B f... 0-. % Id A) do 04% i
2)1)1. to I'm Uold 0.. It H% 21)) do 04 I
3 U) I I ii I lie . .. 1,1.. 106 11A) id Od% |
2tAA) L"u X'oe 7%, 1 ?.. 103% {*>.? do 04 |
It it MA) do 103% 1100 do 04%
5o i t i. 1 ?e fin* I... tti% dlA) do 01% |
liAMl'aeof Mo l?t... 02 51)1 do 04% I
2I*AI f, C .t 1 U 1,1... 54 1.1 I do |
HAM) 1',1'AW lMt, W D ?d 1111) do 01% I
05' 11 lol A Web 2d.... t>8 UA) do c i>4% j
lOJOl.t Wen itd. oa 02 3 mi do t4% |
2t IMI \? out 0 e. 1VAAI 00% 2100 do 04% I
10 0 Weal I'ue Ld?... 101% 70 N J Ceil Klt . bc 110% ;
4.1X) Mor K'd, cou lol 3 MHJbi.tr It 1 UK be 110% |
.'mi ilis Am Ki Ilk . . 114 10) do e ID% |
18 Centrul Nul lJunk. 1 0 littl On l'uu Kit be OA i
10 do 10U% 22 no 0'.%
2(ii yule A MUi be 18% lot do 05% I
3d A) it t-M i u tel. ..be 07', 50 do 05% I
DO) do e 07% 21 A) do 06% |
dui do Oi % 4t? Chi A Wltlt.be 43% I
iii n .1.. 11.12 ."?! * i li.i 4jh
u?r a;:::::::;::.* ?7? aou uo.rrirmrni ii?i i
3(U ?lu U7'4 100 du >J 43-. I
30 > do t>3 07 , 1(1 ? Uu 43^
lauO Uo U3 o7!? 1(10 du *3 43 " I
3.K1 do O.J. 30( do 43'.
4jO do 07 <4 10 J 43 U
1000 <l" 07(, 300 Chi A S W pf, ..be ?.4?
ooo do 07). 3o (N J 8ou 111; 1 I
300 do 07', 300 do be 1 I
!' ( do ?J 07'4 300MII A 81 1> llrt. be 4-H
5o Amor Ex.......be Oi 1(U do 43'.
3> 0 .> i V A 11 o...be 113Ju 30 do 44
li>iMurl.Jt>l,u?pd . 8(4 7id do 44 (.
3"U do ..be H-4 300 do 44
loo do X(. DO do 43K
100 do 8', 100 do e 43'!
300 I'uc Mull .o... .0 c 33(4 0.41 do b3 43,?
13 X) do 33', 8 m do.. 44
UU do 33.(4 100 Mil J1 8t 1' pf be 83J4
3U0 do 33*, UP do 83*.
4JO do 331, 100 Tol A V\ub IlK .be 3*2
3oo du 3.JJ 35 do 3'.
700 do 33J, loo do . : i.
6OJ do 33', 100 do 3',
000 do 33,*, 10 Mor Jt Km UK..be 103
lldO do 33'., 3' do 105'V
000 do 33JS 33 Del, 1. A \V....bc 118'!
000 do 3.>, IOO do 110
aoo do 13J, 30 Itciio U E, 3d, pf... 10ISU
1 a. Erie Kit .... u r.e 3 3.41 I'uc UK ol Mo..be 14
800 do .be 3(0, 100 8t I. ,t K 0 pf be 20W
fl'JO do ?3 30J, 300 Kun I'uc Kit .be 131?
30 0 do 3'1. 30 .NY.Ml A Il.bc.b3 157
?0U do 3d(, 3"U(Jbio.*M UK be 31
401 do 3"*, 300 d? 30V
Odd do 30'4 lot) 00 ,3 30%
300 do 3(>', 300 d<> 3d'
13O0 30 15oC,C A 11; Kit bc.c 4 -!
4>U do lllJi 30 do ., 43^
BEt'uliK CALL?M:JW P. M.
93300 l! 8 fe'u.c, '81. . 133 13X1 ah 1 Erie Kit 30
U4JO U 8 ltV4o, c 110>u boo do ,3 ]p;/
oOUO N Y *>n ?'?. '83 100 400 fhi A It 1 ItK Ho*!
liuOOK.W A O 1?(. con Wi 30 do liol'
Mo ( ?n i>? old e. 108>u SO 1 L 8 A M 8 R... ,?4 041!
ldi) W I' Tc, IOOO. e 100 10(10 do 04i!
100?li? Con Coal 43 000 do ?,i_
loo M L AM pi, Uka pd. H}? '00 do ,3 04
300 Wnt l n lei...... 6iJ, 7..41 do 04
HA) do Hit, 5.U do b3 04'.'
70O do l>3 til', 3100 do 04
4 0 do ?3 07), 15 14V
4< O Mich Ccn Hit 04<h do i3 04
3UJ do C4', IOO In I'uc *?i( 03
3(1 do ?3 K4?i 1 OdilAXIVRK 4??
30) I'uc Mull 88 33*, 100 Mil A 8? 1' i(K. (3 4:i?7
??' (ML irai An iui'
80J dollllllll..!. !??? 100 Ml AMP kit pit- ?"-S
inn do 22', *1 do ?.) MX
1UU do ..b3 22>4 200 do H|),
limj N Y t' A H R Rn.o I13*4 2iJ Mor A Hi* Kit. .. loft).
lO) brie 11U 2i'S 4U) Ohio A Ml?? Kit . 20a,
7 0 do S< 20 200 lluu Jc St J o pt.?3 2N
100 do b:l 20
2 P. M.
SKOOOU S6'i, r. ?.. 123 910 WO U 8 9-20. c. "07. 12l*t
.UOOU do .be 122)4 M.4J0 V 8 5-20. r. 08.. 1231.
250W l' 8 -V20. r. 05.. I In), 100U0 I! 3 10-40, r .... 11?2
HHklU US 5--0, r, '05, u 11U>; XOJUU b 8 o t, cur 1x7
1OJU0L 8 5-20,1, '05, u 1 10)4
t|iK(V MAO P 7 3-10, e 03 4U)ib. LH1XHHR. Ot
lU MMaSf m.LtCil 102), 200 do 04)4
101*) Erie 2d ui 1 2), 400 do 04l4
lUVKi do llW-4 *> i do ?3 14',
0>*?0 Krte -?tli in I'M 3500 do 01).
10UOO Oen 1'n gld bd* Ion 1**) do., 04-,
imai do 11 11 35 Micti t'en UK..,b c 05
.moo Went Pec bond* lOIJj 2 ? do I.4J2
13 <?> I li l ui- I4K Isl.. 105 200 do b;t 05 '
.51**1 4,n lie Huud. 01)4 ,w' do 04*2 |
24XJU I'icot Nil III.... # 2 ?) do bOO 05
34 nil* D A It CH..b C 1 U'K 1'0 do o4', I
23 do 13 lib.'. do 05
^O do 110)4 11*1 do.. (IV, !
1<*| Ouiek Min be IN 4oO do bl tfcV, |
NO ) Uiiil L u 111 be. *3 07), 300 do b3 05',
jijj do b.? 07'4 23 do 05
Hi o do 07', H?) Pmimi UK... .be 13N |
500 do 07), 40U Cm Pie UK be o. U
74X? do Oc, 100 do 95), |
1100 do 07)4 OOOChl A .% W..be.?3 43).
14X1 do i3 ?<H MW *;bl A MVuf.. be I 4*4
2 00 do OiJ, 100 CUi 4 It 1 Kit bcllO',
?rjO do 07), HOMII13tPltU.be 43)?
2 i At A P Tel bo I'\ 200 do 43>,
00 Aiuer t* 03,'i 3 41 do 444,
10' fcelU-Purgo Us... Oi 2"41 do 44),
300 Pie .' All in be 21)4 30 > do 4?4,
Tki ao.'"!!!!!!!!.' 32iu>MII a" sii'pr. to 5i?I |
100 do 331# 1 10 do 63 H2
:?H, 00. 100 do ??%
do 32", 4MI do hi,1, i
**}? wsdcl.1,4 * ltd. .. lit) !
Hi.l do -JZ\ l.? do ... be 110 I
IOJ S V < 1 ll H .lie 1 5 CUi A Ail UK lUili |
IOJ do Illi?4 5 1 do .be l(Xlia
1UK) erie Hit be 10U 10 Ohio 4 M 11H. .be SRi/,
hi HI do.. ill 10?4 !WI do 211', I
0. m Iin Hi' do .c *Oi|
HO 1 do 30lf i*' do 20',
Mil) do ^''4 do yijg
OKI do -<? . ??? . do b;? 21 ,
13UD do 111*. IOJ n J Son KR....... I
15HJ do *"S 100 All A I'hc pi... be 41.'
IOJ J L B A M s. be (3 83.*, IOJ Ho, K 1 Tax.. .b c lb*, 1
I ro l V, M j
f?X?DI?iC*ia.66'?.. 74',' 100 >lu Alteb Un BR.. ?J5?;
vih.i 1 u !' ? .1Mb 1... in uw do ubl,
tl> ab. \VeH?-H?riro... 87 1i?i do. UJ U51,
li o M l a m (if, ? l? . *')e I'b do 05',
5 i> V V * 0 it..ex d 113'. IKlClii A X W IIH.... 43l| |
1100 W??l I n T?l...b3 07,300 do CI'. ;
I2KI do 87-a IOJ do 437, !
1.yXI do.. 07(. BOO uo 43?,
>Miri do b3 ?m 140J L S A M .s RK . 01/2
Tu?) do *W -400 do >3 4H\ !
22 X J ten ICR ll*!); bOO do Oil, |
Ml i In A Hi IlK HO), lo 1 do #5 04), |
150 do 111''. SKI do ?4I, |
OKI i'm Mall 38 2i?i IOO do ||3 t!4?,
7iXl do 33*., 1'iOJ do ?3 04/,
IKK) d 3-.'i !*" do bit ll'i
2100 do 31 l?X> do blJx
50U do U3 23 bO 1 do 14/,
;,i) do a..... 33i; 4KiChi A SW pf .... HI1,
15 0 do.. 33, 100 Mil a Si Y RR 44',
HI HI do 331, 3KI do 44',
17KJ Jo 3.J, ?> do 44/,
7K> 33S Ati do 44',
1KJ Erlo ItH 3<i/, 31X1 do 44i;
31x1 do 30*, lOU do #7.0 r 44',
5UO do bO >? <00 do 4.).
2.HJ0 do 30)? J1*' do 44%
7., no '-0, 1U0 0?l. L A W RK. Ill) |
1500 do 3oH Hi OUbio A Ml## KR.. 21
5ull Ceu KK 1'AR# 300 do 31*1 !
AUjMlchCou KB..? 0"# l<b Pm Kit el Bo 1^1 14
cotton ox tbi HVOT ixchaxoed?iuiu11xh
WietiSKSOAT, March 15?0 P. If.
There was but llltlo alteration In the general nt|>o:t
of commercial matter* today. Tho latlurn of one of
the old end generally regarded eubetnntial bnnks caused
the exercise of still more caution among the mercantile
community, and will not, thcre'ora, be without
some bencilt. Business was almost everywhere moderate,
and the markets generally quiet, but steady.
The course of the breadstulTs market Is watched carefully
nowadays, hence it Is mattsr of oongralulatios
thst the bulk el supplies Is controlled by strong hands
On 'Chants today business was small. Flour was
steady. Wheat wasste-dy, with a moderate demand.
Corn was quiet, oata etcAdy. Whiskey unchanged
Provisions were eelet wad generally easy, freights were
, MABCB 16, 187C.?TR1PI
quiet, but steady. rotten was quid! but itaadv. Coffo*
was quiet. Xuvul stores wera generally quiet. Oils rulad
Sulai. rutrukuui was quiet aud nominally uucUaocsd.
u*ar m|i quirt.
t'Ot'pfch. The market for Bretlla wm ateady. but nut very
active. Late last eve nifty H,.\uu bay* if io sold, ex Brother*,
reported at liiV4c. for low fair, and at Philadelphia (lo-dav),
4.500 bays Itio, ex hllidn, on private term*. Mild eoneft
ruled quiet. We quote:?Ordinary cargoe*, l.r?e. u lA.'^c.; 1
fair d^. UMfe. ft lbjfe.; good do . I7?. a IT^c : prime do.,
I'\r. a IHc.; extreme rait ye for lota, 15*. a lUe. ; Santos, ;
fair to yood. 16^c. a I7^.?c. yold. ninety days: Java, govern- I
Uienl bays.'22c. a^lc.: do., yra** ton In, if'Jc. a 250. I Silica
pore, do . lH'-c. a 2?>c.; I'uylou, HLe. ? 16c.; Marucalbo,
16c. e l*Vc.; L?aguayra, IT*?*:. u 1H? c.: Jamaica. *
IHc. ; St. UvmlitKo, |.r>c. a ; Porto Itlco. 17c. u 1S?\ ;
C.nit Kicu, l??. iKkl,; Mints jar, IH^c. a lUfir,; Mfxl*
cen, 17c a 18c.; Manila, 17c. a IHc.; Angostura, 1 <c. a 18c.; ,
Ha vault to, 16c. a IHc. ; Curacoa, ltic. a 17c.
Corrnji on the spot was a shade easier in tone but prlctt
were unchanged. Future* closed quiet but steady. The
closing pri e* to day compare with Tuesday'* closing prices ,
as follow*
rsfmiiiv, Marrh 14. IIV?b?e*J?iy, IM^Jk 15.
Maieh... 13 3 32 a ? March... Id lid aid 8-32
April 13 7 32 ? 13 V April. 13 3 Ida 13 732
May 13 17 32 a - May 13^ a 13 17 33
Juno 13 25 33 a? June 13*, a 1325-32
July 14 a? Joly 13 31 32 a M
August. 14 5-33 a 14 3-III August . 1-1 5 32 a ?
?limitations fumed on Atitericuu staudaid of classification j
and on eotton in store running in quality not more titan half
a grade above or below the grade quoted.
I'pittniU. AhilhtmcL avk Orb ing. Trjug.
Ordinary 05-10 0 5 16 U.Vltl U ft-10 ;
Strict ordinary.. 1(1 3-16 1O3-I0 10816 lo 3-10
Urxtd ordinary.. 10 1116 10 13 10 Ml.) 10 10 15 IB
Strict good ord'y 11 616 II 6-ltl 11 1 I 16 11 11 16 ,
Low middling 12 116 123-16 12 5-16 12 5-IB
Strict low ttild'g. 1211-16 12 1116 12 13-10 12 13 16
Middling 12L 13 13 I 16 13 I 16 j
Good middling 133{ I t'.; 13*4 13*,
Strict good mid. 13*4 |.V? 14 1-1
Middling lair.... 14? 14'., \4K 14V I
Pair 15 l'>1 ? 151., l.V4
? Stained.?Good ordinary, 6 7 16c.; lifirt good ordinary,
101) Ilk'.; low multiline, 11 l-10e.; middling, 11 15-16c. i
The sales weia a* follows
Tt? /)tiv. Lutt FccuLtj.. To' il. j
Kaport 200 ? 2O0
Coiisuiuptl ?u 171 75 246
Total 371 75 446
?Delivered on contract, 100 bales. I'or future delivery the
suler were a* follows:?Tosterdav alter two P. M.?May, 6$MJ
at 13 15 32c : June. 200 at 13 23.32c : July, 100 at 14c.;
August, 3H0 at 14Vc. Total. 1.2UJ bales. To-day up to two
P. M. ?March, 301 at 13Wc., HiiOat 13 3-32e.. 800 at 13 t 16c ;
April, Nm hi 13'4c., PO at 136-32c . 700 at 13 5 16c., 2. 00
at 13 6-32c.. QUI at I3*4c.. l.OOJ 13 7 32c. ; May, 2.200 at I
13 9-16c., It MA at 13 16 32c.,2??U at 13 6 16c.. HO at 13 16 32c., I
loo at 13 17 32e . 1U> at 13* .? , l.om at 13 17 32c.. 5oo *t |
13Vc. : June. 2UJ ut 13 25 32c., 100 at 18 13 16c., Hoo at
13 a-7 32c.. 8 m at 13 13 16c . tW*> at 13 27 32c , 2O0 at !
13 1316c., 2UO ut 13 25 32c.; July, BtIO at 14 1 10c., 100 at i
14 332c., 2O0 at 14 116c., 3tf? ut 14 l-32c., 300 \
at 14c.; August, 6**) at 14 3-loc., 500 at '
14 7 32c.. 2O0 at Uht'., 300 at 14 7-32c.. 3GU at !
14 5-32. Total, 1M,400 hales. Gran I total, 20,:tut) hales.
Gal vast on. 3 IO; Now Orleans. 6,326; Mobile. 1.052; Havaunull,
424; Charleston, 53'?; VViliuinqton, 62; Norfolk. H53 ;
Baltimore. 173; Now York, tt.ft); Boston, 02, Philadelphia,
104. Total, 10,HO: > halo*. This day lust week, 15,453. This
dav last year, 7,667. Total since September 1, 3,603,7-16
baler. Cotton freight* closed a* follows:?To tllivro, by
teutn, ?4c. com pressed: to llainhiirg, hy steam, >?c. compressed;
to Bremen. l?y steam. J.|C. compressed; to Liver- :
pool, *4d. by steam: bv sail. (4d.
I' LOCK AMI UUAIN ? llfCtfipiS ? T lOUT, I I. till UDIS. *, WIIB11,
10,tX?? bushels; corn tuoal. 1st sacks; oata, 28.17o bushels; >
corn. 4U.054 do.; baric v, ."?4m?du.; barley limit. tl.UftO do. The j
Hour market wan steady under u moderate Uomaitd tor. ship- i
nieut. 'I he sales were about lb.UA> bbls., Including State, 1
Western and Southern at the annexed quotations. llye Hour
sold to the extent ot BftU bbls., at $4 oU h $ ? Oft tor tine to j
surxnHue. Corn meal Hold to the extent ot about 1,500 bbls. I
and sacks at $3 2& for Brandy wine. \N c quoto :?
No. 2 State *3 25 n $4 00
Superfine State 4 25 a 4 tiu
Kxtra State ft UU a ft 2ft |
t.holee state ft 2ft a 0 OO j
Superfine Western 4 2ft it 4 j
Kxtra Western 5 UU a ft 25 j
Mlnnc*?ta .... ft in a 0 ftO
Hound tinup Ohio, shipping brands ft U > it ft 25 |
Itoiuid hoop Ohio, trade brands... ft 50 a 0 ftO ,
Family 7 00 a H oo
St. Louis, low extra. ft on u ti 2ft j
St. Louis, straight extra H 2ft a U AO
St. Louis, choice double extra 7 f) > a S (U j
St. Louis, choice family 8 OO a U ftO
Kro Hour, Hue to supcrHno 4 ftO a 5 2ft |
Southern. No. 2 3 2ft it 4 (HJ
Southern, superfine ... 4 -'in a 4 ftO |
Southern, extra 5 (Ma ii ftO
Southern, family 0 7ft a 0 00 j
Corn meal. Western 2 00 a 3 25 I
Corn meal. Jersoy 2 75 a 3 15
Com uteal. Brandy wiue 3 25 a 3 50
Ofcrn meal, puncheons 20 OO a 20 50
? The market lor wheat was quiet but llrui lor prime sain
pies. The sales (purl last evening) were about lUO.OUU
bushels at $1 12 for No. 3 Milwaukee, fresh receipts; $1 13 a
$1 14 lor prime No. 3 Chicago, $1 20 lor loiiue N ?.
2 Chicago, in store; $1 24 tor No. 2 Milwaukee afloat,
$1 27 for prime old do., iu store; $1 23 tor do. No. j
1, and $1 47 a $1 4* for amber Pennsylvania, ('urn
was In moderate request at about previous prices. Sales
were lll.UOU bushels at ftSc. a 58^c. for no grade. 03c. for
uuirruded. 02**0. it U24sc. for inixtni, Ol^i'e. tor low mixed.
03c. lor white Western and 81 l4c. for steamer mixed. ft>o |
was quiet at 85c. for Statu and Pennsylvania and 70c. a HOc.
lor W estern. Barley was steady, with sales of 3.0 M bushels !
at $1 03 tor No. 2 Canada and 7*k\ for State. Barley malt !
wa<? unlet. Outs were quiet, with sales of about 3ft.(1) I
41c. *41*j|'?\ for Iowa white.
11 km p axi?Jutk were unlet, but steady. We quote Amor* I
lean dressed. $230 a fi!w tor double, $2'Ki u $205 tor single
and$120 a 913C nominal lor undressed; Manila hump, 7c. a
7*4c., co d, the latter tor tine; Russia, clean, $210 a $215, !
COM; Italian, 9230 ii |8l)if pnld". I nt f. :< j.- a A We., geld; ;
JutO butts, 3jhc. a 2'.4c., currency, spot; tio. to arrive, 2\c. j
a 2**0., gold, according to location; Sinai In run, 43y#c.. gold ;
Ihtlc. tic. a ?>>?e.. snot
Moi.assls.?The market was steady, w ith sales of about 1
W) bbls. New Orleans at pi ices within the range. We
quote; ?Cuba, ceutrilugal and mixed. 22c. a 2?'?c.; do.,
clayed, 2iHj. a .Tie.; do., muscovado refining 30c. a .'the.; do.
grocei v, 30c a 4i?c. ; Poito Rico, B8c. h5oc.; Knglish Islands,
36c. ifiOt Xew OrktAiiiM 40c* t tfk.
Naval Storks. ?The market tor spirits turpentine was
dull and easier. KonIii was quiet but unchanged Sales
were made of 23 bbls. spirits turpentine at 38c. a 38>tc , and j
10 bbls. ut 37!4C. We quote Spirits turpentine, jJSc. a
; rosin, common to good strained, $1 Do a$l 05; tar,
Wanhiuctoii, $i 12)g; do.. Wilmington, $2 12*? a $2 26;
pitch, 92. Advices irom Wilmington were as follows: ?
Koslu firm: strained, <1 42la; good. $1 45. Tar steadv:
Wilmington. $ 1 05. Turpentine steady : hard, $1 40; yellow
dip. $2 3?>. spirits dull, 34c.
Oils.?The market was steady and unchanged. Wo
quote Cottonseed, crude, 53c. a .Vk\ : Southern yellow,
58c. a ?&>c.; yellow and white winter, 0*>c. a 05c.; .linseed,
casks and bbls., 50c. k die.; lard, winter, $1 (JO a $1 1H; I
sperm, crude, 91 65 a #1 li'i; do., bleached winter. $1 95; do.,
natural do., 91 00; whale, crude Northern, 7t>c.; do.. South- I
erti. 05c. ; bleached winter, 7f>c. a 7Hc.; olive, casks, 91 171 a
a $1 221,; do., cases, $4 36 a $4 40; winter Douched fish,
55c.: ciruds fish, 4Sc. ii &h?.
pBTMOLKt!l.~riis market was quiet and nominally unchanged.
The closing prices were us follows .?Crude, in
bulk, H*-c. a **?c.; do., in bbls., I1'?c. a UJtfc.: refined, in 1
bbls . l4\ti : do , cases, 18*tc. a 18*4c. for ordinary brumls. !
Refined, at I'hiladclphia, 14lAc , aud at Baltimore, 12 ^c.
Advices from the Creek were as follow s:?Oil City quiet |
aud weak ; luimediiito shipments. $2 17 V Rouseville quiet
and him at 92 15 a $2 17C. Parker*! Colled, 92 t'? ?
$2 06?%. Conduit, 92 0I\ a 92 05%. 1'nlon, 91 ol a !
it 02 k. Outside lines. 91 92 k a 91 97^. Shipments
$2 17S ? 92 21).
raovisioxa.?Kecsiptv?I'ork, 23 tierces and 1 432 bbia.;
lard. BIO tierces ; cut meats, 0H'? package* ; bacon,'33 tiencs
und 1,049 boxes; ncef, 34H tierces and .'km bbls.; beef hams, >
47 bhls. The pork market was very qulot. The closing i
call" prices were as followsMarch, 922 50 bid, 922 nil
asked: April, 922 O') bid, 922 75 asked. May, !
922 80 bid. 922 95 asked; June. 923 bid. 923 15
asked; July, 923 10 bid, $23 25 aeked. The sales
were about KKJ tierces at 922 75 lor April and
823 for W r.y. Spot sales wore 500 bids. ut
922 85. 20o bbls. of which were for export. |
Cut meats were steady, with sales of 15,000 lbs pickled be I .
lies, II1.. lbs. average, at 13c.; 52)00 lbs. do., 9k lbs. aver- |
aire, at 14c., and 2 ? boxes clear bellies at 13lac Bacon was j
fairly active at !2Vc. a 13c. lorcitv buig dear. I.'tc. for short ;
clear and 12c. for Western long clear: sales were ItlO boxes j
Western long clear at 12\,c. a 12?4c . 7o boxes city do. at j
13c. and 175 boxes short clear on pri\ate terms. Beef w as I
quiet at $15 TO a 9IB tor packet, 9! 1 On 913 50 fur extra I
mc*?and9IOa II 50 h r plain mess. Beef hams uereqnlet '
but steady at $25 a $2o for in lute Western. Lard was quiet
lows;?March, *12 .r>7'4 bid, $11 *> asked; April, 913 A7?f |
bid, *!3tlO nskon; Mny, fl:i 16 bid, <13 77,^ nskf'i; June,
|UK) bid. *13 05 linked: July, *14 UJl? bid,
*14 10 asked; v??r, *12 50 bid. *12 70 asked. The
muKs were ah >ut ISfJCD tl.rco at flil 57,'j n
*i:i tl2xi for April, *1H *) for May and *|.f 05
for June. Hpot sab were 7.r? tierce* city at *U AO, 17.*?do.
Western otT grade at *12 W), /undo. do. at *12 tki arid 100 1
do du., early, at *13 Hi. lielined a as ?|tiot< <1 at 14'tc. for
South America, 13*4c. for Continent and ld'4c. for f'uba.
Butler?The market was firm and act ire. We i|?nte ? I
State darivs, fair to good. 22c. a 30c. ; cludcc to fancy. 21c. !
a 2*kv ; do., choice to fancy, fresh tubs. 20c. a 40c. ; \\ estern, I
good to choice. 28c. a 21c.; do., fair to food, 10c. a 266.
Cheese?The market was firm, with a vary g.?od do.
maud, especially for shipping grade*. Wo quote State
factory, common to (nod, 7',c a I l)?c.: fine to finey, I3l,c.
1 Me.; skims, 4c. a l*c.: Ohio factory, fair to good, 6)ic. a
Hl^c. : do., flat shaped, tend to lancy, H'^c. a l2jac.; Cheddar ,
shaped. good to fancy, 2c a 1 J V
Kick was steady, with a falny act I re movement. Kales i
were 11*4 casks Carolina, at <k\ a Hfac. and li^c. for choice, i
and lODlbli. Louisiana at rK\ a .Vac. We quoteCarolina,
lair to prime, 6c a l?\'c.: I.ouf*.ana, fair to good, .V^c. a
5tife.: do. prime, UV a i?,li<\ ; Rangoon, fair to good, ?k:. a
?t* ?v ; I'atna. food, 7'ac. a 7'?c , fold, Rangoon, ii. bond,
2Jgc. a 2*?c.. fold.
.st'OAK.-llifl market for raw was a trifle easier. Sales
srsrc 4K>hkdi. New Orleans at 7'/., Ilk) include at 5|gC.,
4du hhJa. muscovado at 7'4c. u 7J,4c., und 400 Mid* do. on '
private terms. Heftned whs steady. We uuotePair to i
good refining. 7>,c. a 7?4C.; Cuba, grocery, lair t.? choice. He.
a H*ac.; do., centrifugal, Iilids. and boxes, No* M 10 12, *'0c.
a Ik*. ; do.. molasaes, hhds. and boxes, hV it 7\, ; Porto
Itlco, refining, common to prime, 7c u 7/n<t ; do., grocery,
fair to choice. He. a h?jc. ; standard A, 0*gc. it iljgc. ; off A,
Of-c ; crushed. I< '*?c. ; powdered, lh*?c.; granulated. lOhc.; '
?*ii't I..at in? , a lie
hrKAKiNK.?'The niAiket dull at 1 l?Bc. fur prime and
Hi- for ordinary.
Tn.wow.?Kecelpts? 18 hhdn.. 41 tlcrcei nnd 21 bb!s. Tho !
nurkft wm stoudy ; sales wero I5,(JIJJ lb*. At 'J 1-IHc. eud
lUJ.MX) lbs. ?t Mr.
wiuigfcr.?Receipts?471 bids. *hl?kcjr nnd .V) bbi*. '
Alcohol. The market * a* steady, with sales of Ilk) bble. At
it ue.
Kit Mil lira?A fair distributive demand ruled f??r berth
room And toniiAKe tor chatter excepting tor octroi*tint
vessels, which, owing to a rrlntlvily lumber price tor oil
here then In foreign markets, were exceedingly alow. Hate*
were steady. fin* engagements comprised?To Liverpool,
per team, HJO? htiahel* grain, 7'gd. tt ? lb*. ; IUII bales
cotton, V4d-; MM) tierces lard. Kb. . some smali lots bacon, .'<Us.
To 1-onJon, per "team. 5,0 m l?oxe* c!iee?c (of recent
engagement) At 4<Js. ; :*M tier cos poik, 7?, and by sail,
|tf,<Mi bushels ^ rain. > <1. ; I .MM bbls. Hour. 2*. d. ; 2<M tons
siAte. 23a. tkl. ; 1,1*1? bhls. oil cake en private terms. To
Bristol, iter steaio, H.MM bushels wheat, M'4d. ; 32,f M i do.
grain. W'4d. tM !b*., and by ?sll, .VMMjU, tlour, 2s 10* ,i|.;
Tm tons oil cake reported <<u pitvate terms. In Kettrrdam,
per steam, 2-S> tierces lard, 37s ltd ; stiiaII 1 t beef, "??. 3d.
To Hamburg, per steArn. provUiont, 1.7ft marks; grain, 1 .to
marks. The charters embraced ?Alt American bark irolet),
from 1'bllailelpliia to t-ontineni, wlili ">,H0U bbls. re
lined pc tioleum, ou private term#l the first p :ee was 4?. to |
Antwerp; a Hrithfi bark, iam tons, from i biladelpbia to j
I nited Ringdoin direct, with about 6.IMI quarters grain, 1
6s ; an American stkuuutr, I3t? tons, Irom Baltimore to Itlo
Uraode, with Hour (out and home) at #2. gold, and port
charges; a Belgian ship i rumored, but not c
firmed), from I'll I lade I phi a to Continent, with ft,0 J0 bola.
refined petroleum on private terms; three ships, with cotton.
reported irovi New Orleans to IIwere at Ift-lttf. ; one
thence to Llverpiod at 7 lod ; one thence to t'roiutadt, with
do., at 'gtL. and one to Bremen at 1c.; a Bntidi bark. 3*1)
ton#, ni ne# to i?otin<iti ?rvtn oil to Km mi TJn. ?m ix*r ton;
mii It> Iimm Ark. better to Cork lor nrtkrt, with -,<> > qimrt- 1
rrn *rAHi Ml ?' Hil.; ? (ierniwii whip. H >4 tons, better to Abtr*
dr? n. witli 4,?>*? <|unrtrr? train mi *i? | buluiice or iftiyo
flour Mt ?4h. mhU Ave per rent prim*#*. ft m Im om. r to a port
north of llottomr, with itiolotno* mi IJ .*? , out In lotllimt;
om of l.fkMhblt. hence to |\?n mii PlMtm ut 9730, Mlver; m
MhiHinrr from rented*)* to .New York or Philadelphia reported.
with JOO M lumber ut $7 SO p<r M.
W kUNKADAT. March 10, I#;tt,
ittU* Mm*
flwi rtmi
VarJj. Br'r" Covt. Oi'tft. L>nn't?. Uooi.
Suit.ill Mr?et O'j 17 xiiO ?
?l*lilb .tree! ? ? ? Itftf ?
Kuril.Hi xret-t ? ? ? ? 4,5:16
Jtm-y Clly B8S ? ? J,?SJ I.349
Tot.l. 1 057 17 a?S S.OM . 5 hm.5
Bn*r 0|i?u?d ua UU loiubwuu ?iu> .iigiiUj
lmprooaa laalmtr, and ttala Ion* prerailad wbao tha atikiM
at uuon. Tb harda to haud ranged fruua wmmon to
good, and wara?eariir all aold oil KrUaa ranged ftuia
!" *? . Wfi^ui, J'^cwv n> n-? uwi, rr?m .? i?i. iu
>8 It.* ha* been allowed uat. Al Sixtieth street yards T. C.
ha?ttuau sold tor self ISO Illinois stcere at 0\c. per lb., with
.4 trucliun on per head, weight 7 ewt., strong; M Illlnuil
steer* at IO*4e. per lb.. weight Va cwt.; 4b .Illinois
steer* at lO^fr. a 11c. per lb. weight 7% cwt.
Hnrcbard A Merrill sold lor konkiu A Thouipom
4 I Illinois stetrs at ?1V?. a 12c. per lb., weight H . a I. ; II.
Moyer w?ld lor self ;?0 Illinois ilreri at lUr par lb., with $1
off per head, a tight *1 cwt ; lllluoit steers at 10'4c. p?r
lb., weight cwt. a 7 cwt.; AO Illinois steers at lOCc. par
lb., weight U/4 cwt. a 7 cwt ; 2J Illinois sit eis at tO?*c. per
lb., wclcht 7*4 ca t.; held ou sale 15 choice quality Illinois
steers and 2*? ordiuary quality Illinois turn, t'lary k l ary
acid for Coon k Hamburg JH Illinois steers at
a Uit. per lb. At Jertey City Yard* M Cold
schuiidt Hold lor Ilelrsch. Me) or L Co. I lllitt.da atatrs
at u}+e. a 10 V bcr lb weight bL cat. ; Ho Illinois steers at
lUc. |.ef lb., weight tH? cwt.: 50 Illinois stears at lO^fe. per
lb., weight 0>4 ,cwt.: 17 Illinois steers at ll*4c. per lb.,
weight iJi cat.; HO llliiaoiM steers at lOj^c, a Lc per lb., :
weight 7 a 8 cwi ; Martin Fuller k Co told tor A. L. 'I hum
20 Virginia steer* at H?gc. per lb . weight 0*4 *.wc ; 15 Mr I
trinia staer* at lUc. per lb., weight 7Va cat.; H A II
Westiieluter sold for Carter k Brother 4*1 Illinois
steers at i>V. Iu'r ^h., weight 6J4 cwt.; 1*1 Illinois '
steers at 10c. per lb , weight 7 cwt.; W. E. Dudley ;
sold lor MorrU A Wuixels 81* Illinois atcers at lOfil. a ll*\c. j
per lb., weight 7 cwt. Toffey A Sutu Hold for Morris A
Walxels 70 llllnoia steer* at Hie. a lie. per lb., weight
7 cwt. F. hamuuU sold tor A. Vogle 01 Missouri steers at
ID^c. per lb., weight 7 cwt.
Sukki* an 11 Lambs ?Trade slow, with few sales. The
quality of the (locks uu sale was from fair to choice. Sheen
sold at 0^c. a He. per ih Lambs not quoted Kasa A
1'idcock sold 2*12 Illinois sheep, weight 24.810 lbs., at
ft I 85 per cwt.; 221 Illinois sheep. weight
22.1KKI lbs., at 7c. per lb ; 154 Ohio sheen, weight
17,200 lbs. at 8c. per ll?. J kirby sold 180 Ohio sheep,
weight 14,700 lbs., at <UAc. per lb.; 127 Ohio sheep, weight
12.110 lbs . at per lb.; 178 State sheep, weight 18.000
lbs., at $7 IO per cwt.; 207 State sliecp, weight M4.80U
lbs., st 8*7 10 per cwt.; held on sale one carload of cliolca
quality sheep. Hume A Elliott sold 1**2 Michigan sheep,
weight 8,0 <) IIih.. at ****0. p.'i* lb.: 227 Michigui. sheet*.
weight 'Jl.l'Hl lb*., at C1 p?r lb.; 144 Ohio iheep, weight
3,7-jO lb? . Mt 7a-c. per lb.; 3') Ohio ?heep. weight 14,1410 lbs.,
at 7>gV. per ib.
Ml Mil Cons.?Trade fttlU hIow and quality Inferior. A
few tales were effected lr??ui $144 a pi* per head, cat von included.
VjK.vls aki> Calves.?Trade small, but fair in smooth quality
reals at Iks. u lOc. per Ib. Meal fed calves alow ut 6c. per
lb. (trass calvea ludd on Halo.
llou*.? I no car loadt of Ohio hogs sold on llva weight at
H^4?. per lb.
domestic markets.
(Jalvkstii.v, March 15, 187".
Cotton firm : middling. ltMjC.; low middling. !!*,?.; good
ordinary, 10',c. Nut receipts, 340 bale*. r.xports cuust
mini, 2,(?W. .-<ulea, 1,171. Stock, 47,382.
Nkw Ohi.kans, March 15, 18711.
(lotion firm; (rood demand; middling, 125.c.; tow middling.
11 V?c.; |?ood ordinary, lO'.c. .Met receipt*. 8,820
bales: gross, 11,870. Kxporls?To Ureal Uritain. 4.22H; to
Franco, 300. Salot, II,thai, dlodt, SlO.tW.
Mouii.k, March IS, 1876.
Cotton firm ; middling, 121.C. ; low middling. 11 'jC. ; good ,
ordinal v. lut^c. Not receipts. l.O'ri bales; gro*?. 1,061. Kx- i
porta coastwise, 152. Sales, 1,30.1. Stock, .V..',802.
savannah, March 13. 1876.
Cotton quiet; middling, l'-.'jc.; low middling. ll\.c ; good
ordinary. loVc. Nat receipts, 1-1 bale*; gross, 430. l*x- j
ports, coastwise, 107. .Sulci, 1,086. Stock, 26,141.
CIIAIILKATOM. Starch 13. 1876.
Cotton steady; middling. 121.'-. a 127<c. ; low middling,
12S,c. a l->'4c. ; Rood ordinary, lo't?c. Not receipts, jJj
bales. Sales, l.UUO. Stock, 27,.'iOO.
WlLMIXtiTOX. N. C.. March IS. 1876.
Spirits of tiirpi'iiine nomiuul at tide.. bid. Itosiu steady at >
<S I I'll ..CI J.I... I I'.... ....I _ I ?r.
v ' * -1 % ^ t
Oswkoii, March 15, 187b.
Hour unchanged; demand moderate; sales 1.7(A) bhls.
Wlio.il steady hut quiet; No. 1 Mi) w auke* club. $1 39 ; white
State,$1 45 u$l 47; .No. 1 white Michigan. $1 45; extra dn?
$1 55; choice while Canada, $ I 37>g Corn dull at 03c.
a (He. liarley uuict; No. 2 Canada. fee. ; No 2 bay, $1 (Hi;
choice Hay t^uiute, if 1 17. Corn meal higher; bolted. #27;
unbolted, $20. Milliard -Shorts, $17 a $1*; Mhipaiull*, 1
$IH a$2(); middlings, $20 a $22. Railroad 'r eights?Flour
to Boslcu, 5'Jc.; to Sew York, 40e., and to Albany, Hoc.
Bihalo, March 15. 1870. I
Receipts?Flotir, S,900bbls.; wheat, 12,(JO) bushel*: Corn, I
2O.000 Jo.: oaf s, l),() A) do ; barley, I,2UO do.; rye, 2.4'*0 do. j
Shipments?Flour, 3,2t O hbls.; wheat, 1,2U> bushels; corn, !
lS.ooo do.; oats, O.UOU do.; rye, 2.4UU. Four dull, un- ,
changed. Wheat neglected; entirely uominal; nothing do.
ing Corn dull ; no%v scarce; sales 1 ear naw cu track at i
52c. Oats inactive. Rye neglected. Hurley linn but quiet; j
sales 2,50 ) bushels Canada ou truck at $1 Seeds firm, with ]
an upward tendency; medium clover quoted at $S 25 a $0,
large clover at $0 a $9 50; timothy, $2 25 a $2 75. Fork j
firm; shading $21 for heavy mess. Lard Arm at 13'4c. a 1
14c. llighwiucs uoininally ; $1 UU fur city made.
foLKtH), March 15, 1870.
Flour 6teady. w It it a moderutc duiiiuud. Wheat steady, !
with a moderate domain!; No. 2 white Wabash, $1 40; extra I
white Michigan. $1 31); aiuber Michigan. $1 25Ji; April, I
$1 '-7^; May, $1 2Dl4; No. 2 do., $1 04 lg; rejected red,
80c., Jo. lJaylou and Michigan, 84c, Corn steady, with a
lair deuianu; high mixed, 47?.kc.: May, 50)Hc.: Ju'uv, 51c.;
low do., 47fj|C ; do. Davtoii ami Michigan, 4??lj; no grade,
45c.; do. Dayton and Michigan. 44lgc.; damaged. 4.'c. Oats ?
dull and nominal. Clover seed, $9 10; uiamruoth, $'.) 15. Receipts?41,000
bushels wheat, 22.DOJ do. corn, 1,'KHJ do oats.
Shipments ?2?.0 bhls. Hour, U,(JL*J bushel* wheat, 4,000 dtii
corn, 8,UU0 do. oats.
Chicago, March 15, 1870. ,
Flour dull. Wheat active and higher; No. 1 Chicago
spring, $1 10; No. 2 tie., $1 00.S, bid spot; 90yg'c.. Maich;
$1 0u%. April: $1 047g. May; No. H uo., 85*gc., spot; re- i
jtcteJ. ?4c. a 74'ge. torn?Demand fair and prices have
advanced; 425SjC. a spot; strictly fresh, 43T?c., upot; i
43*Hc. bid April; 4t>)4?.. May; rejected, 30**c. a 117c. Dais? !
1 icin tud fair and market llrm ; No. 2, spot; 343ac.?
May. Barley neglected; 37t5e.. spot. Rye steady and unchanged.
Fork ?Demand lair and market firm, at $21 1)5 a
$22, spot; $22 ()">, April; $22 H2*g. May. Lard fillet, but
steady, at $IH JO, apui; JIB 27^, April; $13 45 a|i8 47Vs,
May. Hulk meats steady, with a fair demand;
shoulders, H$gc.; short rib middles, ll.Se.;clear sides. l2Lc.
W hiskey, $1 o4,Vg. Heeelpt*?Flour, ti,'4XJ bhls.; wheat,
19,4) si bushels; corn, 47,000 do. ; oats, 1 l.OXl d>.; barley,
3.UOO do. Shipments? Flour? ,(* ) bull; w heat, 13.0(i0
bushels, corn, 48,000 do. ; oats, 8,(KJ0 do.; barley, 5,00 ) do.
At tho afieruoou call of the Board wheat higher, at
$1 Ol)? April; $1 06*b, May. Cor 11 hgc. higher. Oats noni
I inaL Fork higher, at $22 12lv, April; $J2 27lga May. Lard
1 firmer, at $13 20 a $13 25, cash; $13 50, May.
I'HOVWKMCK, R. I , Murch 13, 18TI.
J Printing cloth* firiu at 8>,c. h 4c. fur hot with
bolter Iniuiry.
IIavixa. March IS, 1H70.
Spunloh gold, -'1111,'. Kxchnuco dull. Ou the United
Htatra IK I dftya currency, I'd a 11', dUcmint; shurt night,
W)i a l<> dWcount; dudujr*, gold, 1 * IV. premium; ahurl
xlgiit. 21, ? S preiniutii. Ou London, 13 a 13,'^ premium.
On Fail*, i|?l (Trillium.
Sugar tinner, lut uut quntably blither.
Rio J axki ug, March 14, 1870.
Oultro quiet. * illi ? downward tcndonc) ; good ttreta O.IXJO
e ft,750 iro per ten kilue.
kxchauge uu l.omlon, 1M7?
Saxiom. March 14. 1870.
Colter unchanged: fulcra of aupcrior are maintained at
6,.',00 O.UOu rels pri ten klloe.
Loxun.x l'MDl'C? Markkt ? l.oxnox, March 13?fcreo
lag ? Limned oil, 33a 3d. 33a tkl. pur cwi. Spirit* of turpentine,
30a. per cut.
August hklmont a oo..
Hanker*, lit hiul 21 Nan<uiii li,
issue Traveller*' Credit*. available in all pnrlfl ol ilia world,
through the i
M?i?n L?K liOTII.Nf HILD
Mini their correspondent*.
AUo Commercial t reditu and I cle^rapMc Trantlcrt of
Money nn Caiiluriila ami Kurope
Kudo write lit luraraiieo Pollclet, Mon^'ftpe* and oilier |
?ccuritic*; insurance in an sinus rnacieu wnu brat companies
J. J. II A Hltlf il Jk f()? 117 Broadway I
airbUi of speculating lnitocki; Investments of iuiui from ,
StUO upward may be safely m ado and a large percentage dorlvud.
For lull particular! address TL'M HltlDUE k CO., .
Hunkers and Brokers, So. 2 Wall it.. New Vork.
iV -Mortgage, city or lliooklvn ; legal cxpt uses only.
X.KAV1TT A WOLUU'll, 10 I'ine at. j
A?FKIl SAI.K at I.I HE It A L DFsOOUN'T A $3.-'?l
pnicliasc money tlr>t Mortgage on Improve d property i
w.irih $1 1.0 JO. ?ituaic<l at I'aterson. N.J. (At bo.idsiiiuui.
Apply tu JAMK8 A. MUlllllSSE, U7H Main it. Peterson,
/ IS7ll.?Kcdloptloli of city Cincinnati bull !?. ? The city !
ul f fuel linen liaui'd uu October I. 1*00, hetenty i7.n city I
Honda of tln> denomination ot one <I > tlmuaaiid dollar!
eaeii, lor workhouse purposes (lettered Yflp, bearing Inlerral I
in too rate oftevctt ill percent per nullum, ami redeemable
any tluie alter six All venr* irons date ot Issue at optiou ol :
city. In accordance with a rraolutlnn ol the Common Connnil.
passed Feb. HI, 1*70, I hereby notify the owner* or
holder, of any or all ul the above Issue of bund* that the city
of Cincinnati * III redeem the naid hond? at the Ainorican
Kxchauite National Hanka in New Y'ork city, on April I,
1870, and that the luture?l thereon alii ccaae on that day.
S. W. HUFFMAN, City Auditor. J
' J pat inn or III default, of Wlacomin, Iowa and Minneaota,
bought by C. St'lll.KY, .Milwaukee, H iI
.Wilt S VI,I.-$l.?> >.'? > Fill T MollTiiAUK IKIED
. i??Nrni|c Hallway Botult, wh rli will l-?j4r the cl??i.?*| In- )
v?*tlgHliou, NrUci or ctin><>r;?lio.i? h iving ttionvy to Invent
will iTml llii'tt* an ?*fa ?in?l 'it'll, r waving lit* it go*?ruiiit>lit
tot urine* \tJ ir.'R* Ik?x 2,7??7 I'lmt ft!?
I AI-WAVH III VI- McM'.t fit l.ow on UligTdADR.
i New York city Property I'rli?c?|?*rI* desiring to HOKIIOW
till IMVKHf apply to II. L. ilKA.Ir, ! * ? Mmadw??y.
1x riik errr-nvh ykarh i-uaxs made ox
good 1'ioperty ; any amount without holms.
lit ATT, li.i llrowlwty. I
J" 'ohx s. rikkck. n<>. /. pink si ii \s to
loan on New York oily improved Meal Estate
Okiia.mjta riox OK NEW COMI'amkm a sPK
cialiy.?Every <1 < In11 attended in, Iruiu the <li ailing of
th? certificate nl incorporation %o tho opening of the ho*>k?
of account. Kor terms, Ac , apply St oltlos, .XI Drssel Balld I
liiB. corner Hrowl anil iVall to
gTO~ck kl'KCliI.ATIOX |
conducted In mff legitimate form.
Contracts made during the past 3U daps,
costing fMi and upward,
have realised Irom 5 to go timee the amount Invested.
Sicca purchased auu cairiid at long as deeired on a deposit
el J to per cant.
Address, for explanatory circular and weekly report#.
ALKX. r".Ml III Mill AM A I'll..
Mausers and Broker-. I i Wall st.
rr'kl -1 KI NDS Hill MllltlilAi.E LOAXa.?EAST I
X side lenement Mortgages wanted.
HOtVi-.X A CO.. 22 I larjt^_
\ii ax rku iu uiaX-av^'i *?x second Sourrr
c*-c. Apply in i i.x n kit. n' > -1 > k.??i rdth ?t
< 1 ' >1 k I W W k ft> I/O AX OX riff I'KOt'KUVY AT
Vl^t/rvUU sis ami seven per cent.
c. Dr.kYII'f, Ill Broadway, hasemoni.
k m kiuc an AIIKM v ix eon don kvile i'l'sh
A *? ?( nur rrally < <1 artlclt . Util (Uu rifenncji
Audrei* Kt ROl'K Ik>* *" * ufflc? _______
JY pariy I* in-tnufacliirliig prulrctctl articl* llim la
u>. (I on natrjr liarnrr* ilna* will pajr llAJ pat ctuk Addtou
Ik.N 1 k.VNlAL, Uarald oiiira.
able collection of cnrloaltlea In aclnnee awl art, Ac.,
viatica* partner with Si.lfaito join lilm In opening mii e*.
biliition In Philadelphia. Addreio. Nt.'lLNCfc, but 13 l'oel
office. New Dupe, llucka comity. Pa.
xx. iu increase worsiutr capital or au established im
growtii|f luauufacturlu;.' business; concern own ri al estate,
building* Mu*^ machinery. mid oiler an absolutely secure -I
well an profitable itivssttueul. Apply to OHIO OS A CAttLKTON,
US Hrnauway.
Business, ou a priacipd avenue, stock about $I2.UU0,
lor sale. at K<i par eeut leas than present wholesale cash
price* uwnvrloav lug city.
A. ULOMQVIST, 1A0 Sum it.
t \ i;\im;i:ik\i i.|) i in nut. WITH CAPITAL. CO?
aV nected alauy* villi tint class journal* would buy
shares or whole of an eatubllslicil publication. Possesses exceptional
facilities ami iutluenlial aoiusiulanua. Adores*
MO KXPKItlWhNT. box laii li.raid oilier.
lit "(1*0110 HOOKKEI.I'KIt, AC. KLKNISIlFxa
i jll i.iasI loan oil lirst mortgage well liiipruveii Keal estate.
pon?l positiuu with a lair salary ode red. Addreaa bos
3.tlJ5 Post ulliir.
Trucking. Hakerie >. t'ouf ctionerles. Iluuseturuislilng,
I liroceries, Lbpior, Slllluery and Kaucy Stores.
Jon AI.KMti.N, Store Hroker, I,2?7 Broadway.
; 1 lies* ; want souie one to back uie with $U,l? 0 in cash, u)
i such securitira us can be made available as the baais 01
credit; *1 ,l?> i p r iinnuni will be given. Address KNICKKU,
IKJt'KKH, llerald Uptown Brunch office.
1) mti'XKlt wanted. -si,.'aai ? hi siness iTsf.lff
L Hailed and extended to Philadelphia lor Ceuteuutal
j trade; $'J0,ikat eati he made the eotiii fix .voir.
(IhOltr.E IlANKINS. :>H \Vr?t -jtitli at., atore.
1) Alt I'M.It W ANTED?WITII * r.,i??i, TO TAKB
the place of retiring partner; hosiery and notions; busb
nca* established eight yeai*. Addion'j. A. W., box 173
llerald office.
llth av. and .iUlti at ; books alinwu uud fullest lnvesligatlon
courted. Call between P and 2.
man chunilal to a man with Ji.Wl io $Kl,O'J0, as still
or as active partner, to increase an established lactorv of a
chemical of universal use. patented fur the I'tiited States,
the most of which imported with 113 per cent duty; net
i profit* Hi) p?r cent; undoubted reference* m t,? real basis,
| sale*. Ac., furnished. Ouly thoee having cash and meaning
j business cam licur of purlieu lain by addressing, with their
real it utile*, residences and references (no others answered).
victor, iioiuid onice.
1 the best Oyster Ground in the Kutt Itlver. some of
wiiich is already plautcd, and wants a silent or active parttier
with $10,0 JO, to bo invested in planting the balance.
Address OYsTKItH, Herald office.
ago a foundry, aim can furnish $5,U0J, to take an iu*
tarest in the business. which is well secured aud very profitable;
also pay a good salary. W. .1. HNYDKR, >14 Barclay it
Business.? I Have Letters Patent worth $5,000)
assignment given, with agreement to pay flu monthly at
long us the money Is invested; particulars at interview.
Add etw SHOWN, box 187 Hernia usictt
?P? )\ 'Ui in startling sensation, now playing; $500 taken
in nightly; security given, can see performance Saturday
night and judge by results. Address CLN rh.NMAL, Herald
Jpl.UUU cut will secure a fortune. Tl'HNHH, 74
Nasaau it. . ^
sjhi ki\i\ Wanted, a partner with this
PI ,mWu atnouut to take tliu place of one retiring;
business well established; reference* exchanged.
W M. III'NT, ill! Fulton st,
$ ) ji (| I \ -W AN 1KD. I'AlUY W IT H THIS AMt>l N1
u.Wwu, to take half Interest in a novel business enterprise
which has cleared f 1,000 a day. Address MKNTUH,
Herald I'ptown Brauch office.
d>|.T 1\|W| WILL I'tUOtlASH T Ills IMKKKrti
PL').' ''''' of retiring partner In a manufacturing
I business d dng good trade ; ill health cause of seFiiig; easj
term* to a responsible party. Addioss WEBSTER. Herald
$o& (wwt -sa paStv with THTH ASOIFS?
-i'f.'M M I, wanted iu a company for the manufacture
and sale of u first class Sewing Machine. Apply to E. U.
LUCRE, LIU Hih st., near Broadway.
* #
Messrs. llcraghty A Yuu Aruam, importers sod
1 wholesale dculcrs iu wines and liquors, No. 6J Front
street, made an assignment yoslcrduy to Peter T. Hurrlugtou
Tor the bcliclU ol their creditors. This liousa
is the successor of Francis Hlgglns Si Co., and has always
beeu well regarded troiu a Uuancial point of view.
Their assets are all tied up in the retailers, principally
in this city. What their liabilities w ill amount to could
not he ascertained yesterday, as no member of the Arm
was able to lonn ?u estimate. The house is very populur
among its creditors, arid, no doubt, will he enabled
to make a satisfactory settlement.
Krnst Todu has made an assignment to Julius Wold
for the benefit ol his creditors.
In the matter of Ko-e Si Soli the examination of tho
bankrupt* la being continued before Register John
Fitch at No. :t4& Broadway.
| The lirst meeting ol the creditors of Charles I). I'ratt,
i dealer in luncy goods, So. 461 Broadway, was held
yesterday at the olltce ol Register N. W. Allen, No. 132
Broadway, w hen six creditors proved their claims and
elected iticbard kslerbrook, Jr., assignee.
, The uxiicrt wlio has been examining the books of
. Messrs. fc. 11. Tulu A Co., dry goods commission morj
chums, of Boston and No. & > Worth street, tins city,
: has reported that the liabilities of the linn amount to
1 $28t),U00, and the ussets, which are poor, to $'J60.UUU
I Augustus J. tiroes, of (iros.- A Co., Ring A cross and
; H. 11. Hadiey A Co., Insurance, No. i!Oti liroudwuy, has
J gone mto bankruptcy. His liabilities amount to about
' $20,000, which is distributed among seventy-eight
| creditors. Register Fitch has been assigned to take
i charge of the proceedings. Mr. Cross claims to have
! DO USSetg.
A nicotine of the creditor* ot Henry A. I'hilp k Co.,
paper. No. 107 Hondo street, will bo hold on Krlday, be:
lore Register Williams, ul No. 4 Warren street, to
choose nn assignee and prove tlioir claims. The liabilities
amount to |1*U,000. The usots Incline real
estate pstlmutod ut $00,000 nnd slock, $26,0u0, whl.lt
Is subject to a mortgage ol $12,000.
The regular weekly meeting of the Commissioners al
Docks was held yesterday uitoinoon in the b.-ard
room. Commissioners Wales, Imnock and Woalcrvell
! were present. After reading the minutes of the previous
meeting the Hocrotury, Mr. Kelly, rend a communication
froin William Young suggesting that III*
pier al tho loot ol Third street he provided with spring
pile. The matter writs referred to the lessees. The
account of sales of leases, pior* and bulkheads, showing
n total rental of f'J.1,020, was then read. The
weekly statement of the treasurer exhibited a balance
ol $2!i4.71* l.'i to tho credit of tho Commissioners The
Kngltiecr reported on a new pier now being built ut the
loot ol lluiik street, and also stated that ho had been
taking souudmgs on the England North rive>? and la
the Vicinity ol Ulackwoll'g Island.
The system ol police espionage gains favor at the
Central OlUce, and Irom present appearance# tho lime
is not far distant when the acts of every captain and
sergeant, and even suspected patrolmen, will be laid
bare before the ejos ol the Commissioner* The first
step toward t.io inauguration of this system was made
yesterday ny uio promulgation ot a peuirui oruor to
Ilia lores slating Unit Commissioner Krhardt, chalruiaa
of Ibe Committee on Hules and Discipline, bad bcea
empowered to detail at Ins pleasuro any member ot tbo
department (o special service. To the initiates this
nicaiiK rnoro limn appears on Its lace. It enables tbo
Commissioners to make one captaiu a spy upon another
captain auJ insures tbc faithful recordlug of every oil),
cial act ol all members of the I urea above tbo rank ol
patrolmen. Tho general order announcing tbo lact concludes
aa follows:?
Captains ?ill. therefore, upon receiving an order tn writing
from Ilia Chairman ol tlia Coiumitlva uu ltulr> and Uinctpllne,
detailing any invioher of their command, direct such
hinnlHT to report at aueh time and place aa may ha required.
In addition to the above, it Is given on excellent authority
thul each captain h is been luruisbed wltb U
little book murked "Conllticiitial," in wlncb he II
to note Irom time to tune any delinquencies be may
detect In any member ol the lores, whatever bis rank.
Those books will be sent direct to Commissioner
Krliardt. who will tako whatever course neems best te
b in in tho matter.
A further raiuiUcatlou of the espionage consists ot
tho so-called "shoe llya," whoso numbers aro daily increasing.
I'bcy loiter around tbo Central OIBee ib
Citizens' clothes, and wou no to the captain who does
aught beyond the rules aud regulations within their
observation. Kveu inspectors, It Is said, tear their Influence.
Whether the svstem wnl be |>rod?cllve of
buncQl or demoralization turio alone can lulL
Postmaster Jainet report* that the atoamshlp Par*
Mint, tearing till* port fwltfiWjr, took out M.&U6 loiters
and acvonty llvo buga of iiO??|ei|>cr*; and tbe (team*
alnp Klua look out 1.2M letter* au<l two bags of papers
total, ii.iSS letter* abd aeveutjr-vuvon bag* of uews*
A pack aire of Cnyeune popper In powder, tent from
Doaion to tli>? city through Hie mail, bunted on ibe
goiicial aaaorlinetii deak in the Poll office ycaterdajr.
Tbo movement* of the clerk* in that department immediately
tberualior war* simultaneous and lu various
A woman named Lue.rotla Seymour reported to
Captain la-ary, at tli* City Hall preeiucl, veaterdajr
that alio bad lu?l bur ?*tclicl, containing i.40 III KuglMb
gold and a quantity ol clollting. wbiiu riding tu a back
to Uor rtmidenea at Xa JO Vanck atroek Mr*. 8ejr?
mour arrirnd Irom Liverpool in ike aieoinnbip c*lno,
on Monday laat. I lie luuutr ol the coach 10 wlncfc
be had riddan waa louud by Officer llodga. It waa
owned by Mr. Alfred M. Manny, ol No. 'JUti Chatnbcis
street. In cleenmg tbo coacb the satchel wna loui.d of
tbo (tableman, who baudvd it lu hi* employer and tbo
latter gave It to the officer. 1'ba lad) 'a property am*
returned lo tcr by Captain Lcury,

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