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Stock* Irrreular and Speculation Ucary?
Salts Only 91,000 Share*.
GOLD WEAK AT 114 A 114 1-8.
Money on Call Loaned at 3 and 4 Per Cent?
Investment Securities Purely Steady?
Government Ponds Less Firm.
Juf.sday. March 21?A P. M |
There li an old ada^e that "Enough ia aa good aa a !
least," and, if the Baying be irue, we have been banquoted
on a surtoit of Uulness lor the last two dajra
No opium eater sitico the time of De Quincy can hare I
been more apathetic, somnolent and stnpld than has I
been the stock market ot yesterday and to-day.
The sluggishness which obtained at yesterday's close
of business was quite as marked at tho opening this
morning, and, with the exception of a gleam of activity
at the end, was the characteristic of the whole day's
A certain llrranass was observable in Wostorn Union
at the start and an inclination to advance manifested
Itself, in view of a paucity of stock otfored tor sale; hut
this feeling was speedily checked when the seller
lixty business was ngaia had recourse to by Gould's
brokers. As usual but little of this kind of stock
found buyers, and only then In the coso of parties
who, while they accepted tho short options, sold out
the fcarno equivalent ol casn sioca. ion sunn ui
this transaction amounts virtually to the owners
ot Western Union procuring tholr stock to
he carried sixty days Ireo of Interest, while it
eolleves the short sellors from tho -annoyance
?f a daily borrowing and chango of loans. Of course
Bonsidcrable discussion prevails as to what these
transactions on the part of Jay Gould may properly
mean. While some aro of opinion that our "ne plus
ultra" is simply desirous to get hie short contracts into
t comfortable shape preparatory to an extended boar
eampaign, others beltevo that for every share thus
old on option an equivalent share Is purchased for
cash. In other words, that these sixty day sales are
merely a delusion and a snare, and that while the
market Is to a certain extent cowed by thoir exposition
a favorable opportunity Is created for coverxig
shorts. Whichever bo the fact, tho
mlo list will portray a bold array of
tnchangiug figures?tho reflex of dull and
xiuetlve dealings. As for tho rest of the list, there Is
is little to tell as there would bo of the history of a
periwinkle In its shell. In fact, It was just about as
active as Is this succulent mollusk In its native brine.
Thore was a struggle upward of the whole list at the
very end, which resulted in an advauce of n quarter to
a half per cent above opening prices, and the market
sloscd up, apparently a good deal blown by even this
iligbt ellort, hoping, however (after night's rest), to
ocover Its second wind to-morrow.
There was certainly some snap to tho ovents of the
losing hall hour; but dealers shook their heads as
solemnly as Lord Burleigh, and doubled as did Komoo
beneath the balcony of bis mistress. It might augur
Something or it might not. It might point to a better
late of things, or it was simply a market hoist by a
Patterson petard. "A'otu rerr.mr."
The transactions at the Stock Exchange aggregated
94,100 shares, which were divided among
active stocks as follows:?Erie, 8,500, Luke Shore,
13,500; Cleveland and Pittsburg, 100; Northwestern,
1,250; do. prciorrod, 300; Buck Island, 400; Pacific
Mail, 29,200; St. Paul, t?,500;do. preferred, 7,700;0hios,
1,200; Western Union, 9,700; Union Paciflc, 400; Pan- |
oma, 100; Michigan Central, 65a
The following table shows the opening, highest and
lowest prices ot the day:?
Opening. Highest. Lowest.
New York Central 113 113?{ 113
Partem. 143 148 14S
Eric 20 20
take Shore 64?. 64* 64
Wabash 3* 4 3*
Northwestern 42* 43 42*
Northwestern preferred,.... 64* 64*
Book Island 110* 110* 110)*
Pittsburg 98 i'8 OS
Milwaukee and St. Paul 42* 43 42*
Milwaukee and St. Paul pref. 80* 80* 80
Ohio and Mississippi 20 ', 20* 20 *
Mew Jersey Central 106* 107 106*
Del , Lack, and LeKrn.... 119* 119* 119*
in ion Pacific ox. div 63 63 63
C , C. and I. C 4* 4* 4* I
Western Union 67', 68* 67*
Atlantic and 1'acific Tel IS* 20 IS*
Pacific Mail 19* 21* 19*
Vanania 136 136 136
CLOsmo pricks?3 r. a.
I acifk Mail.... 31* a 21', Mil A St 1' pf.. 80* a SO*
km i Tel ?h<* a UN* C. C. CA I... 60* a 61
/.It a I'ae Tel.. 10 ? 10', C. C A 1 C 4* a 4*
t,aick.ll?er ... 171, a in* liel. LAW ..UB* a 119*
tjuickMlvrr pf. 22', a 24* t rie 21 >* a 20*
6 ar l and a M n* , 0* llan 4 klJo . 18* a IN*
Adami Kx .pW', ION* llan A SI Jo pf 28* a 2tl
Anmenn Kx. <3* ? 04 Ijikr Shore .. 04* a 04*
I S Kx 72* ? 73* Mich Central 04* a Oft
Metis targnKx NO* a N7* > V* liarleiu.Mil a 142*
Chic A Alt . 1K> a PC.. NVill II it 112* a 113*
I Ift 1 I'lio . 07* ? t?N X J Ceo Itm* a lo7
I'bic A K W . 43 a 43* Ohio A Miss . 2n* a 20*
f l ic A K W pf. ?4* a 04', Panama l.'IS a 138
Cbic A K 1... .IIO* a 110* TolAWab ... 3* a 4
Mil A St P 43 a 43* Union Pacific.. 02* a 63*
The followlnx are the changes in closing prices compared
with those of yesterday:?
Abtawcr. ? Delaware and l-aexiiwanna, *; Erie, *;
>11-sourI Pacific., Northwest rommon, * ; do. pre.
lerred, *'; Pacific Mail, l*;Sl. Paul common, *;Wrai.
trn Union Telegraph, *.
Dbclikk?C., 0., C. and I, *; Illinois Central, *.
Erie in London, *.
Htatioxart.?Sow York Central, TTarietn, lake
Fhore, Michigan Central, New Jersey Central, Now
York anil New llavcu, Ohio and Mississippi, Panama,
Quicksilver, Rock Island. 8t Paul preferred, Wabash,
1 nion Pacific, gold, Atlantic and Pacific preferred, Atlantic
and f acitic Telegraph, C., C. and I. C.; Hannibal
and tit. Joseph common and preferred.
Mold declined from 114 to 11?*, and afterward adranced
to 114*, at which II closed. The carrying j
rales were 2*. 8, 8*, 4, 4*, 6 and finally 2 per cent (
Bold balances *1,220,247
Currency Balances 1,407,646
Cross clearances 29,616,000 !
Currency exchanges *67,683,143 j
C urrency balances 3 144,006
fcold exchanges 3, :WJ, AW J
Wolil balaiireg 614,773
'Money was ofTrrcd on call loan* at 6 per rent, bat
tlosed at 3 and 4 per cent.
Tbe following were the rate* of exchange ou Now
fork at the undermentioned cities to-day:?
Savannab, Charleaton unchanged; Cincinnati, offerings
light, very firm, par to 60c. premium; C hicago,
76e. premium ; St. Louis, ftOe. premium, and New Or
leans, commercial par and hank.1, premium.
Koreign cxrhangu was quiet and ateady, with the
rupply of bill* small and In exee?? of tbo demand.
Sterling asking rate*, 4.H7 and 4.90V Soiling rates,
t.fd.S and 4.?{>\ a 4.00. Keichmarka, 96 a 96* and
66\ a W. Cables, 98* a 90 V I'nmc Tarla, 6131, and
raoncet Bx roxT*
The total exports or produce I rum tnia |wrt for the
woek ending to-day were ?4,410,423, again*: $4,104,679
lor the rotrcsponding week In 1873 and $3.113.031 In
l?74. Tbo total e*j>orta of produce from thta port sine*
January 1 this year were $36,603,078, against
*06,031 lor the corresponding period in 1876 and
$?'4,9i4,9:3 in 1*74.
ixvfiarwaxT BucrnirtM.
lnrest'crni tecuritles wore steady. Panama Bold at
136; Cleveland and Httsburg guaranteed at 98; C., C, C.
and I., 60, New York and New Haven, 133; Dubuque
and Sioux city, 77; Chicago and Alton, 104 a 104*;
New Jersey Central, 19i>* a 107, and New York Central,
Tbe Treasury balances at tbo close of business tn
Washington to-day were:-.
Currency $4 7'.0,?00
Coin 73..*>00,000
Less coin ccrtifleaiea 36,300,(00
Tne Assistant Treasurer to-day paid out $90.U00gold
PD ICCWUUt V> ? W anw V*i<vw IU I VUCUI|M MJU Ol
Ive lweniy bonds. lUscniif roceipl* io<Uj, $A)0,uO0,
ftmk notes receired, $;l'W,uOU.
Com roco-yu p.'i'W.nno oo
|'*v 111,170 <7
Sold tt,91<i,4?3 10
Currency receipts. m,06S 97
Carrmcr pa/m?oU - 4uo,oio to
Currency balance 85,893,829 2?
Customs 640,000 00
Government bonds closed at tbe following
quotations:?t'tilted States currency sixes, 128J,' a
127; do. do., 1381, registered, 121.1, a 121V, do. do.,
do., coupon, 122,'i a 1221?; do. Dre-twentles, 1306,
registered, 118% a 118^ ; da do., do., coupoo, 1183a
a 118*.; <io. do., da, new, registered, 119 a 119 Vt;
do., da, do., do., coupon, 119 a 119>? ; do. da, 1887,
regisierea, tzi\ a ; do. do., do., coupon, a
121}^; do. do., 1808, registered, 1231, ?123>?; do.
da, do., coupon, 123}^ a 123S; do. ten forties, registered,
118 a 118V,; do. do., coupon, 115}, a 119; da
fives, 1R81, registered, 118 a 118}ij do. do., do., coupon,
U8* a 118*.
Railroad bonds wero only moderately active, and, In
some instances, slightly lower. We quote salo* of Central
Pari tie gold bonds at 107 ?i a 107 H * 107.H ? 107 ;
Union I'aelflo firsts, 104 H J do. sinking funds atl00>i;
Alton and Terra Haute Incomes at 74X; Great Western
firsts at 91H a 91', ; St. Louts and Iron Mountain at
102; Northwest uonsol. gold bonds at9S}{; Michigan
Central eights at 114; do. sevens at loO*i; St. I'aul first
mortgage (La Crosse division) at 102},; do. 7 3-10 at
08; Chicago and Alton firsts at 110; Albany and Susquehanna
llrsts at 104\; Harlem firsts at 121; Buflaio
and Krie new at 108; Rock Island sevens at 100^
Dank shares sold as follows:?Commercial nt 116 a
115%, Fourth National at 88, Republic at 80; Importers
and Traders' at 191, and North America at
95%. The certificate checks on the Rank of the State
of New York hare all been paid.
In State bonds District of Columbia throe sixty-fires
ore down to TO; Georgia sevens brought 102%; Missouri
sixes, long, 103%; Virginia sixes, consolidated, second
scries, 42% ; old Tcnnessecs rose to 44; Missouri sixes
of 1878, 102%.
The foreign advices report a gain ol ?38,000 sterling
by the Rank of Rnglnnd on balance to-day. A special
London cable to the Messrs. Seligtnan reports an unsettled
feeling in the Slock Exchange at the cluso of
busiress, with a fall ol % in United Stales bonds and
easier prices for English railways. The cause of the
depression is not staled. The following are the prices
nt Ore P. M.:?Consols, money, 1)4%; do., account,
94%; 1805 bonds, old, 105%; 1807 bonds, 107% a
107%; ten-forty bonds, 105% a 105%; new fives,
105%; Erie, 18. I n Paris rentes are 001. 80c. and
firmer. Kxchango on London lor short slgbt.ls 25f. 20oIn
Frankfort United States bonds, new fives, are 101%.
run.ADKt.rniA stocks.
The following are the Philadelphia stock quotations
at three o'clock this day:?
Bid. Asked.
City sixos, old ?.... 104 ?
City sixos, new 108% 109
United Companies of New Jersey., 138 138%
Pennsylvania Railroad 86% 56%
Philadelphia and Reading Railroad.. 50% 51
Lehigh Valley Railroad 63 63%
Philadelphia and Erie Railroad..... L'0% 21
Northern Central Railroad 38% 38%
I/chlgh Navigation 50% 50%
Lehigh Navigation, gold loan 106 106%
Ex divide nd.
The following are the olosing quotations tn San Francisco:?
Consolidated Virginia 85% Yellow Jacket 20
Calilornia 86% Empire 9%
Segregated Belcher.. 93 Alpha 41%
t'phir 66% Uclcher 34%
Chollar 118 Confidence 27%
Savage 17% Sierra Nevada. 23%
Imperial 16% Exchequer 19%
Mexican 37% Overman 77%
Gould A Curry 20% Justice 26%
Best A Belcher 59% Caledonia. 66
HuloA N'oroross..... 62 Succor 1%
Crown Point 24%
Tvksdat, March 21, 187&
RF.K01IK (ALL?10 A. N.
|2non r?n Pac goldb.. |d7% 100 ?ha Chi A NW pf e 64%
3 8>?hs Pee Mail 08.... 19% U) > Mb t> Ceii HR 6>
400 do 10% 50 do (14%
1700 do 2d 201 Ohio A Miss KR . 20%
5<?i do *3 20% 200 do ?3 2UU
!** do 20% too 2'i%
do ?3 *)% Itn do ...3 *i?!
TOO do 2'>S 200 do s3 20%
100 West Un Tel 07% JiiMUiStP KK.... 42%
lUtl do l.?V? 67% 7?io do 42k!
??> do aOO 07% 19*1 do 42%
4O0 do 67% 100 do b-7 42%
300 do ?3 07% 5m do .3 42%
PO do 67% 2UI do 42%
.%?? do a 4 07% 2(X> do C 42%
200 do ?OU 67% 300 do 42%
400 do 67% 100 MHA St P pf.... e wi'%
100L8A M SKR ... 64% 3m do ...'. 6U'?
2dO do *3 64% 8(41 do m
I.Vio do .3 64% 100 do s.3 60%
1400 do 64% loo do aim 791?
1160 do 1(0) do 80
600 do 64% 100 do >41%
1(8) do 64% 6OO do 80%
SHOO do 64 100 do
4i m Erie It It 20 ?8> dn
360 do 20% 500 do 80*?
300 do *3 20 5n do ROW
100 Cht k X W Kit a:I 42% 100 Union Mln Co 1 %
1?"0 do C 42?t IUU I'dI'mKH .Id 6(
100 Chi A N W pf... *3 t4*? 2i?CbiARlllR .,:i 110>,
10:15 AND 11:30 A. M.
(LV1 4) C K 5-20. e, ?.. 118^ MI00UH5'i,r,H1...
1KUI U H .1-20, e, 't7. 121 S, 10000 I' 8 e. '81... 118 V
10011 I 8 (>-20. e, OSbe 128!j 2.XXX) 5'i, 10-40,r. ..be 118
10000 U 8 4'i, r, "81... 118
**M?Ga7'i, end. ... lirjw Sfluiihi Pie Mail SN.. ;>]i.
200U0 No t>>, i ndi..bc H?3V o hj do 2lC
3<M> V? M'?, con. I'd a. 42\ 7m do ..U 211
5m 7h 100 Erie UK he 3 "
lOUOAlb A BmSd.... 11MV 8m do b3 20 U
SOOoChl A All lit.... 11<> HX) do ?;i 301;
I (I > > St I...I AC 1 ?t. 1"? t*?l do 3111:
lUmMll A8 CN i, lit 115 100 do e 2oC
5"M|M A S P73-10.. l?* 1*11 do 301?
Kill > >IA SI'lat.LaCd 1<U>4 2m do c 20I
3'?XI M A S P ran if. 88 lim W Cn Tel... .be.i.1 67C
2IMI1: A S W e e g b. H8W im do MIO ?7v
(SMi MlrhCen ?' .... 1<?X 1000 do 07(3
45m Mich CobBI.... 114 2?i do 871
Mouurlii. I'i.f. 121 2m do .(X) 87'*?
.'s?J0 Buff A Erie n b. HW am do ?7?2
lom Ceii I*uc I k. .. IWV 14m do b3 <8
HIII t en Cue 1 old b. I'ifjt HO do 81
1000 do. H>71 4 0 do 08W
??>?! do l<>7't 100 do 88C
HO > la lar i:K Int.. H?4S **1 do 03 ipo*
10 1 I a Car Ink I... IDA 4m no 881?
1000 Par of Mo 24.... *4* b N V C A II K...be 113
CM) Alt AT II Inc.. 74? 10 fa l'ar Bit be 1 Sw
IIIIIUI Wert lit,'HM. 011 2m 03*
IIXO do 01S 1"" do l3 03
2<MistLA IMi lit.. 1H2 20OLNAMSKR.be 114
Mil K, W A O III,c. H7 O-O do (V|w
4imi W I' T e, I0UA.. lttl I'll do c 84 v
2om O A MI11 ron if. 2100 do
5O0OC.B A id r 7'i.bc 110), 3m do 1.4C
12k ihi B of Com. .. 11-? Jul do e 04*.
II do be ll"?1 1100 do ?4t"
4.1 do 115 11 a 1 do rtiv
4 Fourth Nal Ilk rR 10 O do ?H..
H 0 Ilk oI Kemihlir.. 811 11 N J Cen KB... .be H 0 !
.11111 A Traders' Ilk. 101 5<> do 1<>7
26 Bk of X Amer S?W HO Panama Kit....be 186
HO Mien < in KR.be.e Wy imCler A Pliti gt.. . ys
HX) do 0I1? lllillil* M| Rll be 42W
'*? do lift SO do *3 43^"
HO do ,.|3 04rk KXI do 4 3 3
2<i) Par Mall is... .b e 2">, HO do 43
:?o do -<>> Hi) do. e 41
600 do .... 20*1 HXi do 421
xxl do 2>>H HXIC C. I'Ai be 00
:?*) do 2<?S 2<?Nil A Hi P KK. be 4jK
2m do 20S? IPX* do 43 V
611 do 21 14m do 4^?*
3<M do a>% HOI do |00 42V
:un do. '.ny 3m do fc< 40
MX) do 801 Jtm d.. 4^3
III do mO 2111 1O0 do 42C
7l? do -Ifs HXI do ,3 422
l*? do 2?? , .XII Mil A 81 P pf.. ,b e hiiv
fKW do b3 Jllji 2UH do sow
2m do Jhy loo do.. e mi
100 do -m 38, 50XY.KII AH ..be IMI
|m do am 2"s 125 Dab AS C Ri 77
2**0 do MM ??., 3*11 Chi A Alt RR beHXi
IMP! n. *' " no HHV
I..> d'> ?2 20?* In I'ae KK of Mo. .he ]:??;
4,. 1 do -1 MAI Ohio 4 MKAbe.aS ;tiV
i.i<l do 21%
?inmr> Buff* Krlo.... 1UK JPP'ahp I'm M .SM,.,b8 2IO
UP*! K?m A h IP* b ? 12U *?> do allj
nimiba Wr.l I id... '*"? 36 II T t' 4 II K KK. I I.I
MP> do t>3 UN* 20 do lit',
1 twiJ *1' L s I X s K.1.... tMS
I.pi do b* |.?chl t N W KK. e ?2>!
jo do ?*% imddlRlRK lint!
jiairoeNdl KM ?k *U0 Mil d Kt P KK .. djV!
lot do 0 21% 7U0 MM 4 Ml I* KK pf.. mm!
:tu ?.* 21% < *' do hi1.
j..I do 21 4ft Alb A Km KK |i\.%
I.O do 21', 800 Ohio 4 M RR. b.f .0!
Jin do *W **> do 0 SnJ
? P. M.
?'jo?0lt 8.v20.c ll*% fo*w us .v20.a,h7... u1v
* ?P?i f M ? A>. r. dft I 1M% 2WPK) li 8 H i. cur 1.0 .
a>Ajn4oj.e>*?ft.n be p3 iik
fjrpiO MoR'a, TK I'U% W?>aha Tee Mbll 8R.a3 21
1 .?u in. H I a r T'p. !?*?% a-*' do ,|w
> 1 do be I Ml i?'i do, 21
|t?p?0 1'.% a?h now.. lun '?' uo......... ad ;id.
OI1I0 4 .din -<t. TK?1 <*') do -Oj?
|ippi \*r?t Mae tooodo. IMI :?Xl do . :< ;oi>(
}<ii nlardhiM.. ?nd% a <) do jpl'.
!< ? fa i'ae ?' . I *.. I"2% API Erlo Kit.... bo :.i>v
2t?*> I n I ?< ?lead. l'l ? ?,icli t on KR be I4>,
Iftnu I*. I'? W 4 C I at. 11" ? K J KK. dip "n b< l?o?,
MDr.hW4i;2d. 14 .Vt'l. o A >1 .v.-bc.b.l <M'?
|OO.h?lM(> be .1% line. do.. a.1 * %
9dWh( uTfi.be.n w . *>4u
111) dO. f ItM > l|f? Ikl H"1!
iy, (to MM I4tf UfL.b# 42v
;.1 > 1 do >* ^ do 4.^
1,11 40 hi "J 0 VllAMI*p!....W*
Ml a dam 1 Km be.bj !'>* j1"" ,d? *'%
imp/tap Mall km... be l?iih?nRU mo jj
<upi do " MU M?l. . A ?T .. b? 12n
... do 21% Hit M J Hoe KM..,.. 1.^
> do ?3 21V -*? til
iV) it, J<\ IUJ l'?? of Nil U4 14S?
J'AI du dl>? lt*? <lu 14.\
?:?) To 3 }'. *.
f t4< <*> Tf nn n't, old... 44 flOO ?b* [idlMR RR. D4S
yon Hue txh .. 101 ! ' d? 4il *'*4
6sln> |i? II IIWK W?> tf > MS
JOO Am lH?t T?l ?HH I' 00 do 64\
I^I'M Mill ?!> .. bJ iit 600 do Ur Oli?
l'? do 21 ino 111 Con RB V*H
l'*> d 21 !* J(?> do 102
?"?) do 21'J 4<?iChlA N W RB.... 48
?*> do 21', 1O0 Clii A ft W pt H4\
! *? do 21', I'rtiniAlU KR 1IOJJ |
*?? do 2I'J ft" do 1I'?S I
>*?? do . 63 21, 3U0 Mil A tit P KR..... 13
WW do 21 , 7lO Mil A Hi 1'pi ...63 vO ' !
1' 0 M ? ( I'd r?l,. flu'J 2i?> do W'N
4<?> do. . 63 08', Ki? do
K?) Vlch < >n UK. .. i 4\ :*?' do tH
Cfiv Kit 20V, 40 Del, 1. A W BU. 110'-,
?? do b.3 2"Vj a<?) do .... 1 li't*
do ao ., 12 N Y, N H A II BR. 137'*
i" *8 20'* 30 8t L K C A N 7
do b30 20g 1(0 do ?V
J? do 20': 100 Fm RU of Mo 14,V,'
2200 do 20',
Tuesday, March 21?6 P. M.
The general aspect of commercial matters was un- i
changed, although there was loss activity in 60iue
quarters. On 'Change things woro very quiet, especially
Hour ami wheat, the markets for which were
very quiet and nominal. There was no disposition to
press sales, but thorc were free sellers at the top
prices of yesterday. Tliero was no vim, however, aud
nest to nothing was done. Com was Irregular, closing ;
Arm lor prime. Oats quiet Whiskey nominal. Pork
and lard euaier. Freights and charters stronger. Cotton ;
wustlrm. Coffee was llrni. Naval stores were (Irm anil ud
vauclng. Oils were quiet. Petroleum ?H nominally unchanged.
Sugar about steady.
Asms were quoted at .'?Vc a 5%c. for pots, with a fair
jobbing business ut those prices. Pearls were nominal
at 7c.
Antimony remained firm at 15c. a 15%e.
Hkkswax was higher; now held at 311c lor Western, and
34c. a 34%'c. for Southern; 1,000 lbs. North Carolina Sold at i
Broom Conn.?The msrket was quiet but unchanged. We 1
quote:?Hod, 4%e. a 5c.; red tipped, 5c. a (3c.; medium I
greeu, 7k,c. a we ; choice green hurl and brush, be. a lOo.
Ca.npi.ks were steady, with a fair Jobbing demand. Wo j
quoteHpcrtu, 29c.; sperm, patent, Mac/'s 38e.; stearic K. ]
Mitchell A Co.'t (16 os.), 27c. a 2*c ; adamantine (12. 14, |
G oi.), 12Vc. a 17c.; paraffins (4's, O's and 12'e), 20c, a 21c. !
Cornea.?The market for Hrasils wasverr firm, but business
was retarded by the advanced prices at which holders (
are holding their snick. Mild coffee was quiet. We quote-? '
Ordinary cargoes, i5%c. a 16,H'c. ; fair do.. 16%o. | j
a 17c.; good do., 17Vc- a 11%c ; prime do., 16c.
a little.; extreme ranee for lots, 16c. u ll?c.;
Santos, fair to good. IOJ?e. a 17'jc. gold, ninety days; Jura,
government bags. 22c. a 21c.: do., grass mats. 22c. a 25c..; i
Singapore, do.. 1S%C. a 20e.: t'tylon, 17><n a tf?c. : MaracailMS,
16c. a lMKe.; l.agnnyra, 17Vc. a IS%e.: Jamaica, j
10%c. a ISc. ; St. Domingo, 15c. a I''Lfc.; Porto Kico. 17c. a . 1
16c.; Costa Itlca, 17c. a lft%e,; Macassar, lS%c. a lOVc.; I
Mexican. 17c. a 16c.; Manila, 17o. a lrtc.; Angostura, 17c. a !
16c.: Ssvanllla. 16c. a 16c. : ( urscoa. 10c. a 17c
CoorKMACK Stock was dull. We quote Molasses shocks, j i
32-luch, with beads, $1 00 a A.' 25; sugar shocks,
with heads, IPMnch, $2 60 a ?2 65; do,, do., 30-Inch.
i n 50 a f2; box shocks, 75c. a SOe.; rum do., $4; pipe tin.,
fit a $6 50; empty hogsheads. $2 50; hoops, 14 ,'eet, ordi !
nary to prlmo, ?37 a ?40 tier M.; hoops, 1 i feet, do., #33 a
i ?35 iter M.
CorrKK was Arm at 22c. a 22,%c. for ingot. Salts were i
I about lbo.fXX) lbs. at quotations.
| Coudauk was qniet; prices were unchanged. Wo quote :?
| Manila (large and small site), per lb., 14'2c. a 15>-c.; do.
I cordage, bolt rope yarns. 16e. a 17c. : tarred Manila, 14c.;
Sisal rope. 10%c. a ll'.c.; New Zealand, 1 l%c. a 12A,o.;
Knssia hemp, tarred. 14c.; American do.. 14c.: Kussia licit
rope, 17e.
Cotton,?The market for spot was firut. and qnntatiuni
were marked up %c. per lb. 1 uteres closed firm. The closing
pri es to-day compare with Monday's closing prices as
Monday, March 20. Tuesday, March 21.
March... 13% a 13 9 32 March ... 13 11-32 a 1312
April. . 13 9-32 a 13 5-16 April 13". ?
May 13 19-32 a 13?, May 1311-32 a 1323-33
Inrie 13% a 13 29-32 Juno 1331-32 a 14
July 14 3 32 n 14% July 143 16 ? 147-32
August .. 141* a 14 9-32 August... 14 11-32ai4%
| ?Quotations based on American standard of classification
and en cotton in store running in quality not more than half
a grade above or below tlie grade quoted.
Vplant* Ahirmnui. jVrie Orleans. Terns.
| Ordinary 9 9-16 ? 0-16 9 9-ld 9 9-16
Strict ordinary.. 10 7-10 In 7-10 10 7-16 10 7-16
Oood ordinary 11 1-16 11 1-16 11 3-10 11 3 10
Strict good ordinary. 11 13-16 1113-16 111516 11,15-16
low middling 12 5-10 12 7-16 12 9-16 12 9-10
I Strict low middling.. 12 13-16 12 15 10 13 1-16 13 116
: Middling 13V 13V 13 5 16 13 5-16
Genu middling 13% 13*2 13% 13%
Strict good middling. 14 14% 14'7 14 V
Middling lair 14 V 14V 1IV 14%
fair 16% 1 15 ? 15 V
?Stained.?Good ordinary, 011-lHo.; strict good ordinary,
10 13 16c.; low middling, 11 5-lOc.; middling, 12 316c.
?Tho sales were as tollowa :?
to-Day. Last Keening. Total.
Export 629 050 1,479
| Cousumptlsn 172 5(il 673 i
j Speculation 213 '119 332
I Total* 1.214 1,270 2.4*4 '
: ?Delivered on contract, 250 bales, for luture delivery tlie
| salei were as follows:?Yesterday, after two )* M.? I
yvprn, .iiiu ai 1.1 wage., wi in lan-inc.; May, .mi at ,
13 9- 10c. ; 200 at 1:1 l?-32c.; J linn, SOU at 13 V; July, I
i 100 at 14 116c., 100 at 14 3-32c.; August, 600 at 14V., i
3*1 at 14 llU2c. Total. J,HOU bales. To-day up to tiro
o'clock 1". Jt.?March, lun at 13 5-16c., 100 short nntica
! at 13"qc.. 300 at 13 11 32c.; April, 7?*? at 13?c.,
lOO ?l 13 1132c., 30<) at 13\c. 4<?) at 13 11-320., 1,300
I at 13V . 20" at 13 II 32e., 1,100 *t 13V.,200 at 13 13 32c.,
1,500 at 13 V- ; May, 3UO at 13 21-32C., 3.3O0 at 13 1110c.,
' 100 at 13 21-3.c., 1.70O at 13 11-lOc., fXJO at
13 21 32c., ?*) at 13 1116c., 300 at 13 23-32c.,
I 301 at 1.3V-. ?*? at 13 23-32c., 1 ,31*)
at 13 II-10c., 2.(?*> at 13 21-.32c.; June, 300 at 13 15-16c.
I 500 at 13 31-32c., 1,4< W> at 13 15 16<:? HO*I at 13 31 32c., 000
at 14c., 4O0 at 13 15.16c.; July, 2.60" at 14 3-10c., 4U0 at
I 14 7-32c , 11*1 at 14 3-li.c. ; August. 400 at 14 5-16c, 200 at 1
U'lt.VOtl 14 13.32c , 100 at 13V, 1?? ?t 14 1132c.
. Total, 25.WA) bales, (iraurt total, 3*1,6 JO bales. The receipts
' at the ports were as lullows :?tialvestou, 48; New Orleans, i
1 3.325, Mobile. 214; Havannah, 4H0; Charleaion, 132; Wll- ;
minqton, 229; Norfolk, 043; New York, 1,277; Boston,
120; Philadelphia, 370. Total, 7,756 bales. This day last !
week, '11 201 bales. This day last year, H, 101 hales. Total
since September 1, 3.654,368 hales, to last night. Cotton j
freights closed as follows:?To Havre, by steam, J(t., }
compressed; to Hamburg, by steam, \c., compressed;
to Bremen, by steam, %v.. cotnuresacu; to Liverpool,.by |
steam lad.; by sail, 'ad, ' j
Duces, Ac.?Opium was Arm; quoted at ?125, gold,
In bond, and fd 12V currency, for Job lots. Oil vitriol |
was active at $1 75 per cwt. for large lots snd 2c. a 2 He.
lor small lots. Camphor was steady, at 20c. for reflned.
Cream tartar was firm, at 34 V- * 35 V lor American and
I French, and 3h V- a 3Mc. for powdered. Alcoholics?Chlo!
rolorm and ether were steady at t?*c, for the former and 53c.
j a 54c. for the latter. Borax was steady at 12'4c. lor refined
city, and i2V. lor do. California, ilalsain tolu was nominal;
{ quoted at $1 tut a #1 7U. Burgundy pitch was tlrui, at He.
; uueranawas Orm at ?4. Manna, new crop, was quoted at
j 4.0. a 45c. lor small, 11 (lit ft 1" for large and 35c. lor
| sorts. Kuasian enntharides were quiet at 11 25 a *1 5*1. I
I Castor oil was steady at 13e. for eases and 13e. for bbls. j
Shellac was quiet at 45c.. gold, for 1). 0.. and 36c.. told,
I for Knglish. lltri dirt was quiet at $55 a *00
| per ton. Ctileh was active at 7V- g?'<l t'rnasiale
potash was quiet at 28c. a 26c. Aictiromate poiasu was
in fair demand at 16c. Sal ammoniac was senrce and
steady at lie,, gold. Irish moss wssquiet at 6'jC. a 7o. <?embier
was quiet at 5}4c., gold. Kpsotn salts wore
In lair demand at 2e. Humso was artlve at Si 30 ill m 1
par ton, according to brand. Arguts wrrr steady at 28a.
j a 32Hc., gold, according to quality, lientlau root wss steady
i at ntgC- * '?- Cassia hnds were in lair demand at
| 57,V. Colombo root was quoted at 9c. fur whole, aud
I 14c. for powdered. Hum gedda was tlrm at ! '
I 7We. a 7tle. as to oualltv. jutiwr berries wara
; firmly lipid at 3S?c. lor ordlnry Italian and 5c. a
Jic,e. lor new. Orango peel rateu qmet at lHSe. ? 11c. ?eniee
turpentine was quiet id 10c. Custlleeoap?Cot.lt white waa
I quoted at lllc. a l'>'4c.. and Marseilles pure mottled i
i at lose, nnd common do. at ?%c. a He., Bold; !
Kochelle aalta ware steadr at 20t?c. tor bbla.
ana 3<>Se. lor boxes. Quinine was in pood da- j
mand at #2 lu Kino HUM waa steady at H.So. <
Morphine waa active at $4 10. Iodide poiaah waa in lair ue- 1
mand and atead.r at #2 27, hnla. and #2 35 h. i., |
| and $2 35 incluaire Alum?Lump waa in fair doj
mand at 2s,c. a 2jsc. Chlorate potash waa In lair dc- |
, mand: quoted at 31c. a 21 V,c., fold, and 22c. for Krcniiuark.
Tartaric acid waa quiet at 43 Sc.. fold, lor crystal, ami 4'.a
I 5<ic. for nowdrred. Citric acid was llrrn .it 7bc. ? 7t>c.. aold. '
' ljtcoriee root waa quiat at former prices; quoted at 4c.
pold. and from Me. to 1*. currency lor aelected. Licorica
paate waa also quiet, nn<i prices wero unchanged;
the qnotationa were 33c. a JHo., boiu. lor Soemeh,
and forCelabria-l'lguntelll2tlc. a 27c.. small Guaaliuo. Jt*c.
a H V.: larire do.lfec.; P. and S. small, JtlVte.; CorlBliano, i
3t>Sc. Cuttlchah bones ruled quiet at 24c. a 25c.
Halaam copaiba waa ttrmer, now held .a 72.Sc a 7 r. Malt
run was nrm .tl 2.?c. Tor American and #0 a $21 lor ' I
Ish. (ialancal root waa In moderate demaud at
4c a 4Se. Cod liter oil waa In lair demand at $1 .VJ
a f 1 Dutor Newlouadland and #2 10 a $2 2u lor Norwegian,
j Khuharb waa In moderate demand at piivee ranquip Irom
55c. to #1K>. Hinder Waa nrm at 21 Sc. 3i bins, aold at
j 2('?c. h.rgot w*? tinu at ea a?2 2.1. Wuictailrer waa ouoted
at H7e. a i jse. Lease a were quiet hot stonift : quoted at 2ue.
for heiladount, lie. lor coiunin ano aeonite, 2"v. a 22c. lor
henbane and $1 25 lor ri.se Ar.canic waa in lair demand
at 3Sc. a 3Sc.. rold, tor while powdered, and 13c. a ldij'c.
Inr red do. need* were quiet. Me quote i?Mustard? Yellow
t alttornia, 7-,c. a t-e.; uruwn %.o., be. a 0),c.; browu
Trieste. 7v.: *eliow hnalisn. iaSc~ Canary?
; Crime Untclt watauutod at $7 75 nuu Kiniras was Itrui at
#7 25. llemo was weaa at #I si.Hi. Caraway was liriu at ;
! #1 25. llenip waa ?eaa at #1 bit, Caraway was rtrni at
; 12c. a 12,Sc. Coriander wax quoted at ??SC Camomile i
flowers rnted qqiet at ldc. a 22c. for Koman. Uiy- I r
refine waa a fair demand and tlrm at I7e. a In^c. Sweet I
marjoram wae quiet at iftc. a 22c. orris root waa 1
steady at 12So a J5c.. according to quality. lonca Dean* i (
i airady at $1 itO lor Angostura AllhOa root wae C
ornily held at 3>v. for white cut and 25c.
for fair do. Cum arable wae quoted at |5c. for !
I prime aorta and lie. lor second do. Anicoatura bark 1
waa soarco and tlrmly held at SQs. Sassafras bark waa ! 1
quiee at>c. Squills were onlet at 14c Lart-ndrr (lowers were
qmctaibSt Valerian root was quoted at fc lor hugiisb
i and 15c. for Herman. Albumen wae steady at dSc. *7ac lor I hio.ai
and #1 a #1 15 Inr etc*. >ar**pariila waa quiet i
hut steady at .the. a 57c. for Meaican. .i+v. a 37c. for .mmmon f
Hnndnraa* and 1w. a ?" <*. I"' ? ". e?. lor etport. Jalap
aanaa iuaai lite, a I.to., xnld. tram oam.ir a,i? .peiot at Itto.
a I nr. Oamboee waaijuoted at M7e. Aeoanntida wae eteadr
a? ISe. a 17a Carl..male am m m I a wax <iaiet at Mfcc.. I
(tola. Ewentiai .'llaercrr I|uli-l. < Ml ueri:*nioi, oil lemon and
nil aniae *tr? lower. Oilier ritaiWIptiona wore 'iiirtiong"d. |
Ma qama -oil bergamo. *:>; nil into.id, daiideraon'ii. f'J r.i;
llitiiacn's lineal oil roae. W .17 jn aniae, #1 7.">,
all guld ; oil caraway, !l 40 a f- .O: oil rrolon, ( - IS;
oilciironalla. 7oc. a ?6e.: ail lavender. 74c a fj. do. do.
, (Milrhann. f I. ollctuvea, fd J->; ell wiiiiergrrcn, fd J"; ,
oil aaoaalraa IncluetTe, ..Sc. . ml pennyroyal. f i a A? J", all
cuireno , oil ol l?aj. >. Kiqr.iaU cbeiuicaia ware uulat.
bill Dun. Sale* were Iwna .ml* aali .ii fl IAi; J I tuna aal
a.nl* ai #1 4 '. ii w?ia blenching powder a4 ly^e.; tone
eauatic aoda at 4Mc , anil jo aega bicarb>>unte aoua at
4y'., all fold *o quote:. Soil* a?h. ordinary Pi y-niol
hianrta. 3r a 3'fg. ; aal - ?la. Iqc.; CMtlla ?mla, l,o.i
4>*r ; biearbonaia aoda. 4'fr , all (old. bleaching pow.ler,
Jr .3Sr rnrrencv ; eur>er. arbonaie a. da, John Dwghl k I
I < v. * iin legal 4c . MTMMft
FkaTHkA.* war* nnclianged. aala.i wore I.OU Iba prime
MMir and J.SOU Iba do. at SHd.; uu"'e<i at Sic. a &Wc. lor
prima. Hit lor choice and toe a 46c, lor maacd.
I IIP -The market for r odd ah aal quiet hut .toady; aalea
ware I.OUu qutnlala at ft So a ft 7 ft lor Uraaa Han*. $ ? lor
Old lieorge a and f> 7.'?f.iraaw u Mackerel ware unlet
but Arm. atoca liglil iralrd herring w. re araiee, Ho. I
be r ring ware ilutl, batrellad herring were m tight
tuck md iirnt l\ a neole -Ueorge cod. f. J.'i a rti,
ilr and Hank do, (d so a (IS; new llaorge'a, AS 74 a (?l.
Snore mackerel. Ho. I, CP a W4, do., large No. 3, fib a
$17. Rut herring. Si. 1, I"'. aJHto., iraTad do., 3~d. a
J.-r k>*>r?IU? 4>.. i'ortlnad.M Tl LMn.it>. * xi a
|j IX I
ki-f.-a asi? omiw ? Itaraipit-Hoar, ft.Til bbl*.; wh??t.
, au.OW bujiicu, cora aicat, ivM bUla *uU ISKi hcu, ?al?.
r, MARCIl 22, 1878.?TEH
M,*ft2 bushels; com, 27.030 do.; barley, 520 do.; barley
malt, 10.S54 do. The Hour market was quiet and easy,
but prires were not quotably lower The aaiea. Including
State, Western mid Southern, were about 17,000 bbln, at
the annexed prices. Kye Hour sold to ti?# extent of about
300 bbls., at $1 50 a J-> Oft fur fine to superfine. Corn meal :
was fairly actire. the sales beiujr OOU bbls. at the annexed
nuotationa. We quote
So. J State a $21 2a a $4 00
Superfine State 4 X> a 4 60
Kxtra Mate .. 5 00 a ft 2ft
?;hoice Mate 5 2ft a tl un
Superfine Western 4 2ft a 4 60
hxira Western ft UU a 5 2ft j
Minnesota 5 40a 6 ftO
Hound hoop Ohio, shipping brands ft OU a 5 2ft
Hound hoop Ohio, trade brands. 5 ftO a 0 50
Family 7 00 a H UU |
St. Louis, low extra 5 00 a 6 2ft
St. Louis, straight extra H 2ft a 6 50
St. Louis, choice double extra 7 0 a H 00
St. Louis, choice laiuily 8 00 a 0 ftO
Kye Hour, fine to superfine 4 50 a ft 25
Southern, No. 2 3 2ft a 4 OU
Southern, superfine 4 IV) a 4 50
Southern, extra ft 00 a 6 50
Southern, lurnily 0 7ft a 0 OJ
Lorn meal, Western.....* 2 00a 3 25
Corn meal. Jersey 2 7ft a 3 1ft
Lorn me Ml ttnt.iHt win.. A 2ft a 3 4U
Coru meal. puncheons .*0 00 a IX) M)
?The wheat market was at a complete stand, buyers and
sellers being about 2c. apart in their views, the former bidding
ic. a 2c. below yesterday's closing price*. Tire market
was entirely nominal nt about $1 26 u $ 1 29 for No. 2 Chicago
spring $129 n $1 31 lor .Milwaukee. The sales in
small lots comprised about i!3,OOU bushels at $1 U6 a fI 14
for rejected and common Chicago, $1 2*"> for mixed, $1 30 for
one load of No. 2 Milwaukee sold last evening*, and $1 39
for No. 1, !M afl 34^ for Canada Club in bond, and $1
tor uo grade rod wiuter. Corn was easier for some kinds,
but hrmcr lor others,*cloning at BHc. a t*iV|C. for mixed and
07c. a tJOo. for old. The sales a ere 14,8**1 bushel* at tiOj^c. I
a Wlc. tor no grade, 03c. n H3*ic. for graded mixed. 03>?c. lor j
April, 04c. for May,d2c. a h2^ac for steamer and t>oc..for '
Southern white. live w as uominal; sates were 1,UU0 bush- |
ols at 4*?c. lor State, in store. llnrley was steady, with sales
ol about 110,00o Dushels, part last evening, mostly on private
terms. Outs were quiet, sales being only about 44,UU0 i
bushels at 48Sc. for choice Milwaukee mixed. 43*%c. a 4 ?^c.
lor No. 3, 47c. for mixed, 43>tc. a 43Lc. fur No. 3, 4t>c. a 1
4dfjC. for No. 2 ami 47c. for State mixed, on track.
Knurr,?The market for foreign dried was generally quiet,
Turkish prunes being abont the only description which w as
active. ['rices were unchanged. We quoteNew
layer raisins, per box, f.' iS; hairdo.. $1 .V); quarter do..
7(*c.; uew loose muscatel. ?2 IS a $2 sniper box. according
to quality; new seodleas raisins,?"> 50 per iraii; Valen
cia raisins. lO^c. a lie. per )b.: sultana do., 15c. for new;
Turkey prunes, ?ttc. lor >ervia and Hosnia: new Krenca
do., /c. a 12c,, according to sir.e and quality. Currants,
6^4c. Leghorn citron, 21c. Kigs, 1IV. lor drums. li>?c.
for layers. Dates. o}^e. iirasii nuts, 7'4c. Ttie market for
domestic dried wras quiet and unchanged. Some small snle*
were made ol iancy North ? atolliia sliced apples at l-JV-ft
}318c. and fancy Southern pealed peaches at ISc. We
quoteApples, State, quarters, De. a bV*.; do., sliced. j
lUc. a io>se. : hoiithern. quarters. Sc.: do., sliced.
S>ac. a I.e. Peaches, peeled?tienrgi a. prime, to litne.v, i
lie, ft lrtc.; uupeelod do., quarters, 10',c- ; naives, I2'..e. a
13c. lllaokberries. i(>Sc. a 11c. raspberries, 2bc. a 27c. ;
themes. 11c. a 2< >c. ITnms. southern. 18e a ic.; do. j
Stste.2lc. the market lor peanut* wa? tirmer in touc. W e
quote :?Ordinary Virginia, #1 2"> u #1 50; prime tin.. #1 05 '
a $1 70; choice do., #1 7'a #1 80; ordinary Wilmington, '
?1 25 a #1 40; prime do., #1 05 a #1 70; cltoioe do., I
(1 75 a $2. tioiiieatic green were lirm mud fairly active.
Wo quoteApples. selected winter. per bbl.. $s !
a #5; tin., mii'il, #2 SO a #2 75: do., common. $2 a $2 50.
Jranberries?Choice. $0 7n a #4 50: do., quod to prime. $3
a #.s 50; do., Kastcru fancy, per bbl., #15 50 u #10; do.,
good topriine. per bbl.. $8 50a ell 25.
liar and Straw.-Ihere was a lair demand for shipping j
grades, but lue call lor retail qualities was moderate. |
Prices ruled steady. We quote:?Halo bay, shipping, at I
75c. a Hoc. ; retail qualities at 85e. a $1 05; clover, at boo. a |
75c. Straw?Long rye. #1 U5a#l20; oat do.. I*)c
IIk.sc and lira were quiet W < quoteAmerican |
drossed, #lts)a$2>>< lor tingle, #220 a#225 lor double aud
f 120 a# 125 lor rough; Manila hemp. 7)ac. a 7Vc., gold: Kussla
clean, #200 a #210, gold; Italian, #2 75 a ?2rto, gold; Jute, i
4)qc. a bj^d., curreucy; Jute butts. .'lJ,e. a If^c., currency, |
spot; do. to arrive, 2?te. a 2'tc., gold, accorrtitig to location ; i
Sisal licmp, i\c. a 4??o., gold; telle, 5J*c. at?c., gold.
Ill Das ? I he marart was quiet aud totsy, with prices ruling
in buyers' favor. I he sales ivcre 700 California at IOJjC.,
gold, sixty days; 1,500city slaughters at 8('tc. and, on private
terms, 2,BIS) Montevideo (from Havre), J.'!'* lbs. average;
His) dry Texas, 2O0 do. do., 1,200 wet salted Havre
and 1H5 Hogota. Krora Mr. Allred Hoffman's circular:?
The receipts lor tbe pa?t week have been 4,<SX> from Hnvana
(Hlver l'late), per Leasing; 1,71(1 from Havana, per City of
Vera Orui; .'f,lHi4 from Aspinwall and 4,(127 from Hau Krancisco,
per Acapulco; l,ti7o from (Inlveston, per George W. j
Clyde; 12,078 Irom .New Orleans, per .Nov lurk; 500 from I
Xuw Orleans, per New Orleans; IS).' from other coastwise I
ports, and 4,01)1 by railroads. Total, 24,172 hides. Stock on
band;?22,400 dry llucuos Ayrrs, h litre Uios. Ac.; 11..'??i
dry Montevideo, 0,700 dry liio Grande, 2,500 dry ( alllornia,
11,000 dry Central American aud Kcuador,
10.000 dry ltogota and savanilla, 10,1**1 dry African, Oik)
dry Truxiflo, O.JUU dry Tampion, I7.2UO dry Mexican, H2.II00
dry Texas. Western and Southern; 5,5(J0 wet salted Texas,
W estern nnd Southern. Total, 150,500 bides, and 42(1 bales
Calcutta buffalo. Same time, 1075, 100,100 hides, aud 745
bales halt India; do., 1874, 104,000 do., and 42t rio. xto.;
do., 1872. 150,450 do., and 1,040 do. do.; do., 1872. 44,<)00
do., and 40 do. do.; do., 1871. 15t,5(?ldo., and 1.250 do. do.
We quote llocuos Avres. 20 to 21 lb?., IPe. a 20c. ; do.. 24
In 2s lbs., 211c. (22c.; Montevideo, 20 to 221, lbs., 2 >c. ; Cor
rientos, 21 to 2 (lbs.. 1-c. a lie.; Ria Grande. 20 to 22 lbs..
iMaC.; Orinoco. 2<) lo 22 h *., 10c.; Canlornia, 21 to 25
lbs.. 1044c.; Central American. 18 to 21 lbs., 18c.;
Mutamoros, 22 to 24 lbs., 11 1*0. a 18c.; Vara C'rus,
18 to 11) lbs., lie a Inc. ; llogota, 18 to 20 lb*., 18c.
Tallow.? Bern pit, Ji?U bbla.; the market vna itemly, I
pritti a*le? of 14 blnie. at 9 l-IHc., ' <? ticrcra at V^e., ami I
It?a. at ! ?.; quoted at **?< a Hffp- f?r prime and *\e.
Tor ordinary.
Ti* w -a ualat but unchanged W? quote t?Banea. 2Je. a
Id1!*.; Mralt-.. I7e. a I7}fc.: Kncltah. 17',e. a l-e., all gold.
Plntea?t'harcnal. nominally |fW; coka. M Mi n 97 7S.
larue. **> MS. a<0 J7)?.
l oBti . i> a ?a aiea.lt but Inactive. Snlea were 10U eaaea I
teed leal aundne. at a.-. a doe.: VU"> caaea Ilino rrop |h74,
a l a ii. . .oM en--a do, do. Is7d, ui 7c .? II. , 121
raaea Connecticut. -rop b7l, at 7c. a ??c . and JkXi balea
Havana at pi icea ranging from Hoe. to f I u.
Winaaar. ? Kecelpia, 4.1" bbla. whiskey and AO bbla. I
nle..ho|. tfhtakejr wsa scarce and the market wat entirely
I. initial. ;>" bbU. aoM at PI lit,. but there ware eriiera to j
arrive at 2*. below that figure.
Wool.?rna maraet eat vary qnlet, with prlcee rating In
favor of lite buyer, is has been the eaae lor anise lime past.
VRgiuiiT*.?K'?.m pei atear.i wa? qnlte firm and In fair d?
DiaLd. lomiagq lot nliarinr waa la uudaiata dauiend Irout
lb*., ide. a lie., currency, ai they ran; city slaughter.
iz. <>0 to 75 lbs., 8),e.; mi 45 to 60 11m., 70a., currency,
ilors.?Tliere wan leas demand from both thu shipping
mil home trade*, but prices were firm. We quote:?Kew
fork State, 13e. a lne.: hnetern, lie. a 17c.: Wisconsin!,
lie. a 17e.| yearlings. Sc. a 10c.; olds, all growths. 4c. a
ic.: Oaliforuians. 17c. a 2Uo.
iKo.t.? The market lor American pig waa unchanged,
furnaces are blow nig out uoU coitaunipiion la very light;
eporta current ot sales of 4,000 toiia lurgo at full prices.
Scotch pig aold to the extent of 11X1 tona Ulengarnock on
jrivate tertna, and 125 tons Kglinton at $2H; price* were un hangsd
ncrap waa also unchanged. We quote American
tig, No. 1. $23; do.. No. 2, $22; do., forge, 81s a $20.
Scotch?Uoltnesa, 834 30: Ulengsrnock, 83": Kglinton, 838
t 30; scrap, wrought, $o2 aaked; rails, steel. Stio per
ion: do. Iron. 832 a 834 per tou.
Lkap was steady at $?5 oil lor domestic.
iacathv.*.?There w as a lair movement in hemlock sole and
the aalea made Indicated a steady range of prices. We
juote Hemlock?Light Buenos Ayrea, 22c. a 23c,; do. Cnl- ,
ifornla, 22c.; do. common hide. 22c. a 22>,c.; middle Buenos
Ayres, 24c. a 26c.; do. California. 23),c. a 24).c,; do. common
hide, 23c. a 21c.; heavy Buenos Ayres, 24c. a 26c.; do.
I'allternla. 24c. a26c.; do. common hide, 23c. a 26c.; good
laiusged Buenos Ayres, 21c. a 22c.; do. California, 2u>,c. a I
11c.: dig commuu hide. 20c. a 21c.; poor damaged cum- J
uon hide. 16c. aloe.
Aiui.As.sha wa- steady; sales were 100 bbls. New Orleans at s
18c. a 68c. for good to choice. We quote :?Cuba, ceulrilugal .
tnd mixed 22c. a 2tic.; do. clayed, 20c. a 32c.; do., musco- I
(ado refining, 30c a 33c.: do., grocery, .Hie. a 40c.; i'orto
dirn, 38c. a hoc.; Knglish Islands. 36c. a 6llc.: New Orleans,
rood, 48c. a Idle.; prime, 63c. a Joe.; choice. 66c. a 68c.:
ancy. about liOc.
Naval Stork*.?The market lor spirits turpentine was
liglier, eloeing at 4(i.'tc. bid lor Southern and liy bid lor
S'ew York. 8ales were lou Southern bbls. at 4 i>,c. and 20
tbls. on dock ai 41c. Kosln was tirraer. We quote :?.spirits
iirpentiuo, ili^c. a 41),c.; rosin, common lo good strained,
II 72 kj a 81 75; tar, Washington, 82 12),c.; do. Wilmlngon,
82 12), a 82 26; pitch, 82.
Oils.?The market was steady. We quote :?Cottonseed,
rude, 53e. a 66e.: Southern yellow, 5SC.; yellow and white
sinter, HUc.; linseed, casks and bbls., 5Hr. a Hoc.; lard,
sinter, 81 (Hi a 81 '*?; sperm, crude, 8160; do., bleached
viuter, 81 86; do., natural do., 8l 80; whole, crude Northern,
'He.; do.. Southern. 66c.: hleacbvd winter, 76c. a 78c.; olive,
asks, 81 17 ', a $122),; do., cases, 84 36 a 84 40; winter
.leached fish 56c. : crude fish. 48c. a 50c.
l'KTROLrru.?The market was quiet and nominally unhanged.
The closing prices were as follows:?< rnde,
n bulk, 8?,c.: do.. In bills , I li^c.; refined, in bbls, M^e a I
4*e ; do., cases. 18),r for ordinary brands Kcllned,
it rhilndelpbia. 14',c. hid, and at Baltimore, 14',c. a j
4\e. bid. Advices from the Creek were as billows:? I
til City quiet and steady; 82 05?* hid. United Wells, !
in mediate shipments, 82 2U bid 1'arker's quiet ami
tcady; $2 "6 hid. United and Conduit, $2 W. asked.
' iiion, (j 01)4 a 52 112)4. Outside lines, 81 HO a 81 06; '
biumenta. 82 20 a 82 25.
I'aovisioss. ?Kccclpis?I'ork, 813 bbls.; lard, 487 tierces.
mils. anil ?' cam-s; cut inrnis. ta't oaraagcs; tiarnn. 1
terec" and l*U boxes; beef 147 tierces and 711 bbla. Tha
ork market waa quiet and a shade easier. The cloaing
call'' prices were aa follows :?M crcli. ? bid. $23 .'at
aked: April, #23 20 bid, $23 25 asked; May, #23 30 bid,
till 45 naked; June, #23 35 bid. #2.1 50 naked;
uly, #23 45 bid, #23 70 aaked. The aalea
re re 500 bbla. at #23 26 for April; apot waa
noted at $23 26; AO bbla. fancy prime mesa aold
t #23 .X). I'm lueata wera ateady, Willi aalea of 3ui frrab
houldera at TiVgc. and 5,(XIU Iba. pickled belliea, light
rcight, at 1314c. We quota:?Fraah batna, 13c. a 14c.;
ickled do, 12,'tc. a Ho.; ireali belliea, ll',c. a 12'4e.;
irk led do., I2/4C. a lie.; box belliea, 12'tc, a l.\c.
ae >n waa aleady, wllhanlea of 5o boxes long clear at l'I'qC.,
00 boxes Weatcru do at 12 ll-ldc., 12 boxes do. do. on prime
lerma and 10 boxea abort clear at IHljc. Iter 1 waa
loiet and uuclianged: 50 bbla. tneaa and extra nieaa aold at
notations. 44 c quotebe* barrel* extra mew. #13 50;
lain me>n, f 11 .V); packet. #15 .XI a #1H; new tlercca city :
xtra India inena, $S0 a #33; ludia nieaa, #.'5; prime mean, '
23. Heel hauia were quiet at #25 n #211. Smoked lueata ,
rere lower; quoted at 14jgc. a!5c. for ham* and
le for ahonldera. Lard waa liriuer at the opening hut left
>tf alunipy. 1 be cloaing ' cull' prices were aa tollowra:? 1
tpril. #lo B7S? bid. #14 naked; May, $ 14 13 bid. #14 1744
-ked; June, #14 274, bid, #14 3d naked; July, #14 43 bid,
114 45 aaked. The aalea were about 7,IU> tlercea,
it #14 a #14 02}? for April, nioatly nt #14 024-;
114 17^ a #14 2H for May, #11 27', a #14 32>4
or June, and #14 44) a #14 424, lor July. Spot aalea were
(00 tlercca Weaiern nt 14c., and 50 tlercea off grade at
2?%c. Katined waa quoted at 14},c. lor South
4nierica. 13*,c. a 14c. for t ontihrnt, and 1342c.
or Cuba. 100 tlercea city No. 1 aold at IS', e.
fuller?The atoek ia light, ami, with an nctive demand,
irices were higher. iVe quote: ?Slate dairica, fair
0 good. 27e. a 3.1c. ; choice to raticr. 35c. a 37c.; I
lo., choice to fancy, Iresh tuba, 44)c. a 42c.; Wastern, good
n choice. 2Sc. a 33e.; do., fair to good, 2<tr. a 27#. Cheese?
be market waa siaady and timhonged. We quote:?
Into fnctnry, common to good, 7',c. n 11 ',c.; line to fancy,
,342c. a 14c . akinia, 4c. at?c.: Ohio Inciorv, lair to good. 5>,c.
1 sv- ; do , Unl aiiaped, guod lo lancy, s',c. a 12},c.; Cliedlar
aoattcd. good to i'uicv i*e. a 12,'ic
Kick waa 'airly active; aalea were 125 ra?ka Carolina at
k\ it SJaC., and 3t?> bbla Louisiana at ii.Vc, a d'4c. Kraut
4sssrs. Han 1'nliiiage'a Snna clrcnlar, of .March 21 :?Advicea |
rom our Charleston and New Orleans bouaea note continued
ictirlty at those points, with prices trille firmer. We preeut
eoiuparatise statements of the sales of Coast and tlnlf
rodactioa, by which it will be sern that the crop la pasaing 1
nto consumers hands with more than usual rapidity.
Carolina, tlercea, 1W75 < 2?,3<I5
Carolina, tlercca, 1S70 24,451
I>?crea?e, tlercea, 1S7U 1,154
,outaiaua, barrels, 1S7I1 lli>.3lu
Louisiana, barrels, 1175 55,!?i5
Increase, barrels, 1170.. On,414
_Wr quote:?Carolina, fhlr to prime, fle a l,onl?jss,
lair to good, 4\e. a 54,c.; do. prima, 64s c. a tie.;
langoon, fair to good, Sc. a <l\,e.; f*atna, good, 7!nC. a
'.fe.. gold: Rangoon, in bond. 2}?e. a 24,e., goiu
Srs.l.tUk was qntct at #7 75, Iras our per cent, for donestle.
StxaMSk.?Ilocelpta, lltitierces and 30casks. The nartel
w is Arm, with aales ot 40 tierces choice Western at 15e.
?r thdftabouta.
St un*.?The market lor raw waa aliout stoady at former
trices. Sales were ltuhhda. Cuba at 7\,c.. and 1,300 hlida.
air refining at 7',e. Hefined w.i* aleady. We quote:?
K?ir to good rehuing, 7}tc. a 7Vc.; Cuba, grocery, lair to
dioice. 7J,e. a I4te, ; do., centrlntgnl. hhds. and boxes. Jfos.
< to 13. ec. a e ,c.; do., inoiaaaea, lilula. and boxes. Utgc. a
r',c. ; I'orto Uleo, refining, common to prime 7c a 7}qc. ;do., >
jTiewrr, lair lo elioiee, 7v,c. a iJse.; standard A, lls#c.: off A.
?' ?. a >''(c.: crushed, 1> \,e.; powdered, lt>4ac.; granulated,
liiUc. a lo'.c.; cut loat, in'.c. a lld.c
II (oar?M I* general; bat. with limited niabtr of aaltable
vessel* available, ratea were well held. Tlia engage
mrnu embraced 'To Liverpool per strain. 16.<*IU ou?lials
graiu en private term*: Ml I alee hope. )||?l: 3,0U0 bo*ee bacon
(including part reported la oar laat at rale ufahipi. 33a.
VI.. L'.(XM) bun rhraee. 37s. lid.; 100 tone oilcake. 37?. ?d ;
a *io all lot of cotton at >*d? and be sail U3.UU0 bu.hele grain i
at "Vid. a Hd, To London by anil, bbla. flour at 3*. 1*1. (
ki,UJO bushels grain at ltd. To tila*gew per eteem, IOO
tone oil cake ai 27*. 6d.g eoine lote of provisions on privalo
terme. The cbarlort eoraprieod a Norwegian bark, hence to
Cork for ordere ut Cnited Kingdom, with 3.71k) bbla refined
petroleum at .V. Oat . a Hrllieli berk from Haltimore to Contluent,
ex Itiitch. with 6,i?.?l bbla do. at 4k. I t^d.; an Amcriran
aehooiier, .'tltf> tona, hence to Rio .Tanelro with general \
cargo ai n"?c. per bbl.; a UritUli brig. 31*1 tona. hence to
Newfoundland with general cargo at a lump auni of fl.ikkl;
the American hark reported in our loat with refined and
lHbriuating oil waa at no. to Imndon; the Itelgiau abip raKrted
(in Sunday's iaaue I relet wue to day confirmed aa I
ing chartered irom I'hiUdelpnia in Antwerp, with o.Ok)
Ubla. crude petroleum at 4a ; a Hrlli?b alnp from Beltlniore,
with 7.t> "i bbl*. refilled petroleum to Continent,
ex Dutch. III 4a. ltd., privilege of grain to Dnhlln or Heltiiet,
Ha.; an Italian bark, with 3.HOO r| carters grain, liencn to
British Channel, lb. ltd., option of Cork or Belfast, tt?. td^.;
a Jlrltiah bark, reported from Baltimore to Cork for oronlera,
with .3,300 quarters grain, 0d.: a Norwegian
hark from Itiiladelpbia lor same voyage, with 1,1 O nnartera,
lie. IM.; an American brig. .3<J7 tone, from Trapitnl to
Olouceater, Meat., with sail, at (V. per bushel; an American
brig. 4<l tona. hence to Montevideo or Huetto* Ay re*. with
rreneritl eartro Ml current rates - uli American shin, S)7.*?
tuns, from Wfhnmpoe to Now York, with peueral cargo, at i
32s. per ton measurement.
Oaltimtoji. Mnrcli 21, 1870.
Cotton firm; middling. 12*,r ; low middling, 11 *?c.;
pood ordinary, llHfe. Net receipts, 48 Wales: proas, S3.
Kxports?To tlie Continent, l.tsot; coastwise, l,7t>4. rales,
1.087 Stock, 43,342.
Nrw Ormmnk, March 21, 1870.
Cotton active and strong; middling, 12',c ; low middling,
lljjc.; pood ordinary, lOltfc, Net receipt a, 3,923 bales;
proas, 4.191. Fx ports?To tireat Britain, 3,8ti7; to Franco,
3,74a Sales, 10,700. Stock, 281,178.
.MoBll.lt. March 21, 1870.
Cotton firm; middling, 12*4r.; low middling, ll'sc.;
pood ordinary, lo'/e. Net reccipta, 214 bales. Sales,
2,1 XXI. Stock, .">2,392.
SaraxKAK, March 21. 1870.
Cotton firm; mld llinp, 12'(c.; low middling, ll.'je.;
pood ordinary, ltf.'c. Net receipts, 480 haica; gross, 088.
Sales, S3 i. Stoch, 33.49o.
CiiAUi.irsTOX. March 21, 1870.
Cotton strong, npwaid tendency; middling, lie.; low
middling, 12',c.; pood ordinary. 11c. Net receipts, 132
balea. Salea, l.oUU Slock, 20,107.
Oawado, March 21, 1870. |
Flour steady; tales, 1,700 bbla, at 87 lor No. 1 spring, :
87 26 lor amber winter, #7 .Mi for while winter and 8-8 for
double extra. Wheat firm; sales. No. 1 Milwaukee club at
81 39; extra white Michigan liebt at $1 ,V> Cornsteadr;
sale, of estcrn mixed at 04c. Harlot unlet; No. 2 Canada
held at 90c.; No. 2 Bay at $1 01. Corn meal, $20 lor
bolted and $2-"> for itnlxilted. Mill Iced?Shorts, $18; shipatulfa,
$19 and middlings $22.
Utirrai.o, March 21, 1870.
Keeelnta?Flour, 4,2'k) bbls.; wheat, 23.000 bushels; corn,
22.0tai do.; oats, M.oiSl do.; barley, I2.3ISI do. Shipments?
Fiour. t.oi si libls. ; wheat, 23,'k 0 bushel-; corn, IU,l.iU0 do.;
oats, 8,01 X) do.; barley, 7,300 do. Flour firm ; sales 000 bids,
at unchanged i|uoiations. Wlicat in fair spvculnlire aud
niillinp demand; sales Id,ISO bushels Nr. 1 Wisconsin spring
at $1 28, 2.t>isi do. drwe liar at $1 29. and three curs No. 1
Milwaukee at $1 31. Corn ocarce ; no sales of importance.
Hurley inucviro. fork dull at $23 for heavy mess, laird
dull at 13\c. a 14c. llighwines nominal.
Toledo, March 21, 1870.
Flour stoady, with a moderate demand. Wheat dull
and lower; No. 2 white Wabash, $1 391.,; No. 3 do . $1 28;
No. 1 white Michipun,#! 301a; extra, $1 397.'; amber Michigan,
$1 2 *4; April, $! 27?*, May. $1 3n'4; No. 2 do., $1 07;
No. 2 red winter, $1 _8; rejected rrd, 89. t orn null, a
shade lower: liitrlt mixed. 49f*c.: Anril. 4l?Vc.: Mar. held at
?'ilc.; 30\c. bid;' Juno, bold hi 51)fc.; ftlc. bid; old hi??h |
mixed, ft'Jc.; low mixed held nt 4l>^c.; 4f>c. bid; 110
Srnde, 47,L4r.; do. Dnytun mid Miehiprnn. 47o. Oats Inactive;
o. - und Michiunu HUc.; white, 4Uc.; rejected, 32J*c. Ciover.
seed. V\ Mammoth, $0 4 ?. Receipti?1.'*) bbls. Hour,
11,(M) bushels wheat, (WJXiodo. corn, 1,000 do. oats. Shipments?do
bbls. Hour, 3,(AO bushels wheat, 6,000 do. quru,
4.000 do. oats.
CniCAUO. March 21. 1876.
Flour?Demand light but holders Arm. Wheat active and i
lower, unsettled; No. 2 Chicago spring, $1 02^. spot; j
al OCIV, April; sales at $i 07)? a $1 00, Mar; closed at
$1 07*4, Msr; No. 3 Chicago spring, 90c.; rejected, 77)#e.
$ 7H?4c. Corn steady, with a moderate demand; No. 2 ;
mixed, fresh, 4.V. bid, spot; 44*ac., April; 47?*c. hid. May.
Oats?Full prices asked, but no demand; No. 2, .Tic.. spot; |
34**cl, Mny. iiarley dull and prices have doclined; .r>7c. a
60c., spot; 58c., April. Hye steady and unchanged. I'ork? j
Fair demand, but lit lower rates; $22 30 a $22 40, spot;* i
$22 30 a $22 35, April ; $22 H2^, Mar. Lard?Fair demand, |
but nt lower rates; $13 62). a $13 8ft, spot; $13 67,Aa ;
a $13 70, April ; $13 87}* a $13 1 0, May. Hulks meats dull, i
Whiskey?Demand fair, and prices have advanced; $1 (At !
asked; $1 05 bid. Receipts?Flour, 4,000 bbls.; wheat,
81.000 husliels; corn, 31,O(J0 do.; oats, lH.OOO do.; barley,
do.; 170 400 Shipments?Flour, H.000 bbls.; wheat,
2I.ODO bushels; corn, 3(1;000 do ; oats, 0,(.XX) do.; barley,
H.otW) do.; rye, 400. At the afternoon call of the HoardWheat
}%c. higher. Corn higher, at 47>ac., May. Oats unchanged.
I'ork 5c. higher. Lard unchanged.
Loxdojs Pnonucr Markict.?Londox. March 21?Evening.?Spirits
turpentine, 25a. 3d. perewt.
August belmont a co., "n
Bankers, IB and 21 Nassau at.,
issue Travellers' Credits. available in all purta of the world,
through the
and their correspondents.
Also Commercial Credits and Telegraphlo Transfers of
Money on California and Europe.
Endowment Insurance Policies, Mortgages and other
securities; insurance of all kinds effected with best com.
putties. J. .1. HAHK1CH a CO., 117 Broadway.
due April 1. 1870, of the Bonds of Arapahoe county,
Colorado 'territory, will be paid on presentation, when due,
at the Fourth National Bank, New York.
mailed free to any address, explaining how large profits are i
made on privilege contract*. Puts, calls, spreads or straddies,
for 15, 30 or 60 days, bought at best market rates by ,
L. W. HAMILTON A CO.. 10 Wall St.. New York. j
Mortgage, city or Brooklyn ; legal expenses only.
lkavl Tr A wolcutt, 10 Pine it.
gage ; city or Brooklyn. LKAVITT A WOLCOTT, 10 '
Pine st.
a good paying business by eantng at 963 Bowery, room 1
I, 10 till 2. j
A chants, manufacturer* and other*. Parties seeking
business investments advised of desirable opportunities.
fc. (1. LOCKE, 139 8th St., near Broadway.
J 1878 ? Redemption of city Cincinnati bond".?The city
ot Cincinnati iaaned on October 1. 1BBH, Seventy (7h) city
Bonda of the denomination of one (1) thousand dollars
each, for workhouse purpose* (lettered Y3>, bearing interest
at the rate of seven (7) per cent per annmn, and redeemable
any time after six lib rear* irom date of issue at option of
city. In accordance with a resolution of the Common Counpi
I passed Keh. 10, 1870, i hereby notify the owners or
hoidors of any or all of the above issue of bonds that the city
>f Cincinnati will redeem the anld bonds at the American
Exchango National Hank, in New York city, on April 1, '
1870, and that the interest thereon wlH cease on that day.
S. W. HOFFMAN. City Auditor
New York city l'roperty. Principals desiring to BORROW
lilt IN VEST apply !o II. U liliANf, I t > Broadway.
liable Itnaiicial party. Insuring absolute secrecy of pri
vate Stock Telegrams large profits can be realised. Addresa
STOCKS, Herald offloe. .I
J OH N 8. JMKKCK, NO. H PINK BT., HAS (15.0(10,
flO.OUl), (12.0UU and larger amounts to loan iu New
or Brooklyn.
Loans on new yohk. Brooklyn or wbst i
Chester property; Mortgages bought.
L M HAV KNPORT. 181 Broadway. ,
ONN* TO LOAN?ON citv property; o I'lTTl '
rent interest on llr.*t rtass applications.
P. UK. WIl'T. 11-! Broadway (baaement).
ONKY to loan is~ sums to TtrTfToN NEW
York and Brooklyn improved Property.
A. BELLAMY. No. 3 Pine at. t
funds of ffi.nUO to 935,()(X). on New York and Brooklyn ' i
Unproved 1 roperty. STAKE A sTILLWELL, 150 Broadway,
room X
J.1 Bank.?On and after Thursday. March'23. 1878. tlie
undersigned will pay 30per cent to the creditors of the
above bank, at tlie office of llntchrr A Hntier. Stij 31 av.. In i '
the city of New York. WM, A. BUTLER, Receiver. i I
M * licit lit 1878. | |
<&1 IUIII "ASH BONUS FOR A" 81 r"V A T i O N ~IN~A 1 1
L.V/t 1\J first cla?? bank, banking or commercial house,
by a youni gentleman educated in Europe; highest refer |
en es Address A Mil ITION, Herald l'|itown Branch odice .
ipO.UvU bered real estate in New York or Hrooklvn.
_ S BUHLKB.-2I3 West iltlist.
itfjin w'a.vi"eT>?-Eoit iivk years, on first
mortgage Jersey property; security titirx
reptional Address, with terms, lock box IS Post office,
ihirer, S. J.
*tj9'r/ vM / V/ at ti per cent; also money for buildings in
conrse ol construction. J. K. POWELL. .M), Pine st.
iLiOiilt flllil fOLOA* ON HONi) oTo MOKT
tP^Uv/iUV/U L-xuc on improvfil Ynrk nnd Brook'
lyn 1'rwrtj ; n<? coin ml** ion charged Apply to J. CAMl'"
111 LI., I'.t. itir I', h.k. 47o ro ohvar
<?1 iOIHIMM 10 i-oAN. ox moki(,a.,k. at !
my lowest, present extremely low
rates, on prime property.
V. K. STEVENSON, Jr., Xo. 4 I'lne >t.
The special partnership betwkkx a~vv
Berxwlth and Peter Mead, formed on the 23(1 Peliruery
lrt7M, Is this day dtseolred by miitaal consent
P. MKAl).
The debts and liabilities will be assumed by
Apart* with $3,too can control a bcmness
monn|Ktly |t.i itrooltlyn worth Kl.V?*>per annnm !
_____ JBKKEKn A llhl.Clli.lt, 2d Broad st. j
flower garden. Apply to \T. KIXH, Ill Burling slip.
A mm i,Ai'v or talent, "with hood burin Kim
records, needs small additional capital In paying enter*
prtse; would share profits lor aid. Address KKKLKI.M IsS.
|. v II' 1 11 ?r *M "(In '
est for sale ; it (nod rlianre to make money. Address
t KNTENNl Al, Hernia ofliee.
to engage In a legitimate btisliiess; mi agents need
answer. Address CAKI,, llerald f'plown Branch nWce.
and retail, thoroughly e.tsbl.shed. nnblemished record,
mating m ine}, good prospects, first class New York reference*.
wants fj.'i.isst to T4n,<M'capital; a rare chanc for a
young uian to join party of undouuted integrity. Address
CAPITA l>, box IP.i llereid odire j
JVs ehaats, manufacturers and others; Ileal Estate ex.
changed lor Husiness; Mining Interests, An , negotiated;
person* with capital seeking business adTlsed. without
enaruo, ol approved opportunities. Reference*;?d). K.
Hunter, Esq., President People's llank; Vau Volkenburgh A
Iieavltl, woolen* commission. R4 Worth at, Ac OKIIK.s A
CAilLLTON k iiisucisl aud Uusinaas Brokers. M Jiruaderav. ,
Achanck seldom okkekkd?two ubstlktnen
wanted. that can o.ooinand IfcJ'.O >' each,1? take
hold ?r ia enlo priae. tliat will insure to tlieni ?n in*et<ment
? profit of at least nrr . nt. on the capital tuve-tc t,
wilh (rood J .ruv in pro ertv valued at No
and a good rare hurlnaaa. rrferen ? required ror parttrn.
lara apply to K. I). A.SDKItSoX. If*I *' l<r 'P1*1"1ANV
T??t can secure liall Interest in a letrttlmate buair.eat
tliat will clear from flo.UOD to #l5.<s?> annually. Addresa
CAPITAL, bo* d.lMJl New York l'o?t office.
HOTELS, livery STviilks hakkkieri, LIUUOKA,
Olgara. Urncary, Hottaeftirniahinir. Dm*. t/Onfeetl' nrry,
Kancy. Millinery Store, and <>tb?r hostile. JuKAl.E.
,MOX More Broker, 1,267 Broadway.
IS E K K v 1-1 l(t ilASKK Will) Has Klluil pattd TO
<o,0ut) for an intereat In a li irititnate. permanent and
honorable bu?ine?? : best of retereiicee given and required}
no brokertwneed answer Addroaa AtJI.'A. Herald office.
Ijaki'nek vi vmmt-nilll iii ?1 ,ainri ix a
spriiip inuiiutftclnriUK business. Address Si okteu
'j'c! i'.h-i j'.'tll st.
Ukal. estate business.-bake ()f?0KTUNttT
to pel an intalilisln.il office at low rent. Sl'KNCER
HOTY. ill Union square.
I AT mritAOi sK TODAY.
sl'el'iae dkst.ATOlii.S,
with VVhh particulars.
in tiii; evening tklkgium to night.
ll'AMKD a M f Ki'A.N I I I.I. HI'SlNKfsA OK MBB>
TT chandlse In cxohanpe liir unencumbered Keal Estate
MiuKiintliitf to $H?,UUll or !<>?*. with one-third rush."
A. MLUMyVlKT, l. o Nwan it.
can Invention which will make $ii ,(?) itlm first year;
il dninp It in Knpiand. Address TRENCH TA1KNT, lleruld
\\rantk d-a i'aktks \vith ??.50>t0 b-'.u? in a
vr go >d parinp business, which can bo larprly increased;
references ' xchnnped. Address t.'ANAOA, llerald nrtice.
ijjl I W I ? UAiiTNKK WAN IKIHN a Itfc.i t'i-CTABLE
P-L.tJUU. cash business down town, when a Kood income
can bo realised. Apply to UATTNKY A SMITH, 17
t'enlre >1. ,
pAsCM f */ . class factory, clear of debt; loaner can find
employment at good salnrv or as partner with $t,50ll. Address
HAPITAL, box Hit Herald office.
(t[i) (HW1 WILL ltF7 Half i.MniiKei in A
P-dsv'Y/v/ pond. flourishing business, established several
years; extensive arrangements having been made to
prrntly increase the same, responsible assistance ia Imperatively
necessary; can make f.N>,(>n the commit year ; references.
GEO. HANKINS i store I, JS West ffiKh at.
P ?<st/'?W, amount can have permanent position at
manager in publication ollice, near New fork, at lair salary;
no brokers need answer. Address N. C.. Herald ollice.
p?7,\"VM/ or special. In an old establtslied business; location
the I est In itio city. Address Y. H., Herald Uptown
Jlranch ollice.
rC I'm w 7 TO ?10,ui0 WANTKD-in an kstatl
'7,ty\/t7 lished uiniiiifacluriuit business not requiring
modi machinery ; article viry staple and pnying a pood pro.
lit; clear of debts. I- nil particulars piven by addreaainp, in
real name. arcadian, ilernld office.
cji; l\tU\ -PABTNEB WANTED IN A ?lQ0,<a>)
p"*?"?v/lf. prollt enterprise; perfectly aafe; Investment
fully secured. .lOltALr.MoN, l.-'i<7 Broadway.
<1 || (Hill in $I.?.UU0 EQUITY IN RENTED
piV.'/lM ' stores paying l<> per cent to exchange for
aiiv jromi Jhisinobn or rprndmki I'roperijr. AiiurctiA, in couti
douce, HthSioN, Hernia ortico.
Cornelius L. Busbnell has boon adjudged a bankrupt
by Kcgistrr Allen, of So. 52 Broadway, who has appointed
April 26, at noon, as the tiruo w hen Mr. Hush,
noil's creditors shall hold thoir tlrst meeting to provs
thoir debts and olect an assignee.
The flrst meeting of the creditors of Messrs. Drake A
Colby was held yesterday, at the ofllco of Keglslei
Dayton, So. 322 Broadway, Debts to the amount ol
about $40,000 wore proved, and John P. Roberts, ol
No. 101 West Twnniy-second street, Treasurer of tht
Central Safe Deposit Company, was elected assignee.
The largost claims proved are as follows:?T. N. Harper
A Goodb.v, $13,212; M. .Morgan A Sons. $4,245; Brown
Brothers A Co., $5,516; Dutilh A Co., $1,730, and Richard
Hell Ik Charles N. dumber*, $11,323.
At the tlrst meeting of the creditors of Isaac Cohen,
held yesterday, at the ofllco of Rogtstcr Fitch, No. 344
Broadway, Mr. IsaccD. Klelment, of No. 497 Broadway,
was appointed assignee. Mr. Cohen's liabilities were
slated to be about $6,U0a
The examination in the matter of D. Wilson is being
continued before RogiMer Fitch.
Messrs. Jose M. Mayorga A Co., tobacco dealers, of
No. 4 Cedar street, havo tiled their insolvent schedule,
showing liabilities, $11,002; notniuul assets, $11,562;
actual assets, $5,189.
A meeting of the creditors of the Seamless Clothing
Manufacturing Company, the liabilities of which nre
estimated to be over $500,000, the larger portion of
which was to houses and corporations In mis city, has
been called for April 1, at two o'clock 1'. M., to be held
in the offlco of Charles L. Beale, Kogisicr in Bank*
ruptcy, in Hudson, Columbia county, to euable then
creditors to prove their debts and choose one or mort
assignees. The schcdulo of liabilities presents a lou|
list of creditors.
Gardner A Kemson, Pierce, Fuller A Co., Cowing A
Hatch, Smith A Co., J. R. Bloom. Samuel Wilson and
other creditors of Godfrey Pike, dealer in shoe Undings
at No. 34 Warren street, have thrown hltn into bankruptcy
and Register Iiwiglit bus called a meeting of his
creditors ror April u, ai.no. i ucenmiin street. in#
claims ol tlie petitioning creditors amount to $7,650.
Mr. l'iko railed iu October, 1874, but resumed business
shortly after bavipg made a satisfactory arrangement
with Ills creditors
Horatio Keed, assignee of A. S. Spauldlng k Co.,
provision dealers at No*. 252 to 268 W est Twenty-ninth
street, who tailed sevoral months ago, has ordered tb?
sale at auctiou to-day of the entire edocts of then
pork packing establishment, *witb the machinery,
wagons, engines, lie. Trie liabilities of the llrm
amounted to about (83,000, and their actual
assets were placed at (36,000. A dividend of
twonly per cent bos already baen paid to the creditors.
Isaac V. French, the receiver ot the delunct Central
l'nrk Savings Hank, has called a general mooting ot the
creditors, to be held at the bank, corner ol Third
avenue and Kgrty eighth street, on Wednesday, March
1H?, when the debts and accounts of the bank will bo
ascertained and adjusted and the amount of moueys la
the hands of the receiver declared.
The committee are still at work Investigating a<v
counts, and will probably conclude their labors at ai
carlv dato. All depositors who choose to wilbdrae
their funds aro being paid on deuinud. A number hav?
expressed their wllllngne-s to allow their deoosits t#
remain. The hank's affairs aro being placod In shape
for presentation to a meeting of tho stockholders,
which will oe called at an early dato.
Charlos Meyor and Albert Klnmrnth acted as advertising
agents for tho German Uptown Savings Bank,
and to-day Judge Donohuo issued an order, which has
boon tiled In tho County Clerk's offlco, directing tho
receiver, Herman Ulil, to pay tnetu (446 20, thcumouut
of their advertising bill.
It was reported at tlie Custom House yesterday thai
the Appraiser of tho i'ort, Mr. W. A. Darling, had ro,
signed. His succossor in office, It was rumored, will
be Special Deputy Collector J. L. Benedict.
Yesterday no less than 182 oil puiniings of th?
Spanish school, recently seized by order of Deputy
Collector l'help* Irom Mr. Francis Tomes, of Maiden
lane, and exposed lor snlo at l.eavltt's store, wore
turned into the seizure room. These pictures havo been
spprawca oy experts hi ur worm *>ou ram. i uey nau
previously been appraised by Mr. Lee, son-iu law of
Appraiser Darling, as only worth $5 each. They form
part of the linerero rollccilon, on which Mr. Tome*
bint made advances, and were Imported from Axpinwall
on the steamship Colon on the 18th of February,
iH75. Yestegday afternoon Deputy Collector I'helpj
rejiorted the following smuggled goods to 1'nitcd State*
District Attorney Bits* lor rtmtlrmnMoc?Nino piece*
at Ik, otto piece velvet, one piece cloth, one cold watch,
smuggled into this city by Jerome Jovunetle, on board
the steamship City ol Montreal. The good* were distributod
atnotic ten passengers, bnt the fraud was dolectod
by Custom House Inspector* Myron and Waldo.
The capturo la worth several hundred dollars'.
At a mooting of the Board of Manngcra of the Cottoa
Kxebnngen committee wa* appointed to prevent tradtngln-pui*"
and* "ealli" around the ring. The following
nnmes will he balloted tor momtierahip next
Monday;?Messrs. J. H- Karley, B. it. Clarke and J. IL
The rent 1 street property owners are endeavoring U
raise a fnnd for the purpose of defeating the proposal
to build an elevated rapid transit railroad through thai
Street. How they propose to use the fOnd la not
Ft at I. In tbo meantime the uoceasary proliminariet
for establishing an extonslon of the present facility*
are in active progress.
In reierenco to the stoppage of the work on tho
foundations for Hie tiilhort Klcvatcd rond, excavations
for which were commenced some tline since In Sixth
avenue, above Thirty ninth struct. It was stated at tho
vffloo or the company y. eierday that It was found the
cold weather would prevent the proper solidifying ol
thu hydraulic cement used In laying tho masonry
Therefore the holes were covered with boards to await
a higher temperature. At the same time some modifications
of the building plans have been adopted, which
woo hi induce changes iu lbs location ot the loundaturns
Dor the Iron work-the con tract has been awarded
tho Kdgemorn Iron Company, of Wilmington. Del, and
papers will soon be signed. A number of englneeri
were at work on a minute survey of the route.
The steamship Wisconsin, hones for Europo vli
Bout bum pton, yeatordnjr look out 26,315 letters u<
lorty-IWc lings of newspapers, and the Oily of Havana,
for the Weal Indies, took out 0.46O letter" and six bags
ol newspapers; total, 31,700 Isllura and Uflv seven kag?
vl ucasoanera.

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