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Mrs. Marsh's Explanation of the Conversation
at the Arlington.
The Thirty Thousand Dollar
Story Exploded.
Mysterious Disappearance of a Renowned
Caulry Lender.
Washington, March 24, 1S70.
Ah la UUUCIBIUUU U1UW Air. l>t'lkiup S CUU1J5C1 uuvc
matured the lino or UeloDco which they propose to use
betore the Scuute, uud that, substantially, they believe
themselves able to prove litis:?They will claim that
the arrangement with Marsh was made by the Mrs.
Belknap now dead; that he received for her the lirst
payment from Marsh without uny suspicion ou his
part that it had any relation to the Kort Sill tradership
or to any irregular transaction; that utter Mrs. Belknap's
deuth Mrs. Bowers, tho present Mrs. Belknap, said
to him that money would be sent regularly by Marsh,
which he understood to bo instalments of profits ou
Dioney of hers Invested by or in tho possession ol
Marsh; that under this impression ho actually sent to
Mrs. Bowers at Cincinnati various sums which he thus
received from Marsh, and, dually, that when ho married
Mrs. Bowers ho bud no lurther occasiou to send tho
money away, but supposed it to bo a part of her regular
income from the lortunc lolt her by bcr previous
kusband. It is not understood that tbis Is Mr. Belknap's
own theory, but tbut it is the line of defcnco
proposed by his counsel us likely to be susceptible of
proof on the I rial.
They seem to lorget, however, a letter Irom Genera)
Gnersou to the Adjutant General at Washington, dated
Fort Sill, February 118, 187'd, in which ho reports the
complaints ugalust Evans fc Co. and the reply of the
11 im that they could not sell more cheaply because
they "were obliged to pay $12,000 yearly to a Mr.
Harsh, of New York city, who, they represent, was
first appoiuted post trader by tho Secretary of War, tor
their permit to trade. *' This tetter, which recites the
Complaiuts and the excuses of Evans at considerable
length, hears this indorsement;?
lieceived in tho olllce ot the Adjutant General March
9, 1872.
Indorsement?War Department, Adjutant General's
OOlce, March 11, 1872.
ltespcctlully lorwarded to tho Secretary of War,
with application of C. I*. Marsh for truderi-hip at Fort
Sill. E. 1) TOWNSEND, Adjutant General.
This indorsement shows that Mr. Iielknap must have
seen tho complaints and tho cburgo that Marsh was
extorting money, and that lie paid no attention to
these facts nor made any Inquiry of Marsh, with whom
he was having business relations.
itAaui.iuru.1, MMrwu a*, ioto.
The following is the text or the bill to provont the
Solicitation, contribution or acceptance by auy officer
or employe of the government of money, property or
other thing of value, for political purposes, as panged
by the Uouso aud scut to tho Senate lor concurrence:?
Bo it enacted, kc., That no officer or employ <5 of the
government shall require or request, give to or receive
trout uuy other officer or employd of the same or other
person, directly or iudirecliy, any money,
property or other thing oi value for political
purposes, and any such officer or employe
who shall offend against the provisions of
this act shall at once bo dismissed from the service of
the United States and also be deemed guilty of u high
misdemeanor, aud, on conviction thereof, lined not |
less than ?'-0C nor more than fU.UOU, and be imprisoned
Dot more than oue year, at the discretion oi the Judge
trying the case.
Sac. it?That If any person, with a view to
the election to or obtaining votes lor the office ot
President, Vice President, or the post ol Senator, Rcpicsentative
or Delegate in tho Congress of the United
States or appointment to any offico or post of
honor or cmolumcut under the government of the
United States ol himself, or any other person,
shall use lorce or duress by uieuaco or violcnco
to lilo, limb, properly or liberty, or shall commit
bribery or shall use money, property or other thing
of value to influence any elector, voter, officer or
other person in respect to any election or appointment j
to any such otQce or post, he shall, upon conviction
thereol, be lined not less than $.'>00 nor inoro than
fil.OUO, and be imprisoned not inoro than one year, at
tbc discretion of the Judge trying the case.
Sac. a.?That the district courts ot the t uned States
shall have jurisdiction of the offences created by this
Site. 4?That the Judges of the district and circuit
courts shall give this act in charges to grand juries.
Tho bill was originally introduced by Mr. Dibrcll, of
Tenuessce, but aiucuJcd to the above shape, the first
section being written by Mr. Jobn Young Drown, of
Kentucky, and the second by Mr. John Goode, Jr., of
General Sherman arrived here this morning from St.
I.ouis and held two consultations with the Secretary
of War, who, It appears, had expressly summoned
hlra. Secretary Tail and General Sherman repaired I
together to tlio White House, and had an interview ;
with the President. General Sherman is extremely |
reticent on tho subject of the proponed rotransler of j
Army Headquarters to Washington, which la under- |
stood to be tho object of his visit.
"1 have dodged all correspondents," said he, "as t j
00 not like to talk about things that are undone. All j
1 can > at present is that I am very well pleased to
see Judge Talt as Secretary of War; that porlect har- j
tnony exists between us, and that we shall try to do '
about what is right for the army."
During lurther conversation ho declared that he had '
determined not to transfer his Uinily Iroin St. Louis, |
even It the Army Headquartors should be removed to i
"Ob, 1 can come quickly enough to Washington," he
The whole conversation left the Impression that tho
President and Secretary of War had acquiesced In all of
Geueral Sherman's wishes with regard to the manage,
nieut of the army, aud that his postttou as General of
the Army will no longer be a merely nominal unit
General Sherman will remain hero two or inree days,
and during this time the question or transfer will be
finally settled.
The mystery Attending the dlssppearsnce of Geners) I
Rilpatr.ck, who cauie here last Wediicsdiy to testify |
before the Judiciary Committee on tho subject ol tho t
illoged purchase of the olllce of Sub-Trent*urer
hi New York by General lluttcrOehl lor :
the sum ol 130,000, is secondary only to the excite- i
nteni over the Marshre In the current sensations at the !
national capital. He was soon at tbo Arlington Hotel
on the inurning ol that day at breakfast. latter on ho j
conversed through the cloecd door ol his room with a j
friend who had called to see hun and who was to meet >
him when ho had finished making a change ol toilet, j
tn appointment thai was never kept. A glimpse oft
him was next caught on fonusylvanta avenue, and
some say he flitted once across tbe floor of the House
sf Representatives during the course of the same day.
But hero all trace of him stops. Tbe Mergeanl-altrial,
wbo meantime had gone to Kluabelh,
few Jereey, only to learn that the General had gooe to
9llltaneeport, fa., to deliver a lecture el that place end
/M?rneU empty handed to Wash lag is a, must, at use j
tune the General wag on the Uoor of Itte House, have
boon wilbiu a lew yards of him.
Those who hail their curiosity escited by the promised
speclaclo of the elevation of General Uullcrbeld
to the altitude of Gilderoy'g kilo are deeply concerned
about the mailer of General Kilpairick'a unaccountable
disappearance. The Judiciary Committee room
rings with tho echo, "Where is Kilpatrick ?"
Mrs. C. 1'. Marsh came into tbe room of the Committee
ou Expenditures in the War Department to-day,
accompanied by her ha?baitd, who introduced her to
Mr. Clymer, tho chairman of the committee. In reply
to au inquiry she said she arrived here this morning.
Thn ?')inlrnmn iiilnriiwul h*?r t hut thev wiuhoit Id
examine licr as a witness. Sho was then sworn. The
examination was conducted by Mr. Iianlord.
She testified that she loll Cincinnati in 1805, where
she formerly resided, uud has lived in New York most
of the time since that year; alio had known Mrs.
liower (now Mrs. Belknap) since 1809, and had been a(
the same place with her iu Cincinnati four years; Cincinnati
was her home, and she revisited that city
twice a year, staying there two or tour weeks; she met
Mrs. Bower in Now York, where Mrs. Bovver was her
guest; Mrs. Bower was a widow ut the time; the wit.
ness commenced housekeeping in New York in the
summer ot 1871; she went to Kurope in company with
Mrs. Bower the last ot Juno, 1872, and knew that Mr.
Pendleton's namo was on the list of passengers.
Alter further interrogation she was asked whethe
she had any conversation at any time Willi Mrs. Bower
now Mrs. Uelkuap, relative to tier lutcrest iu the Ken
lucky Central Kailroad claim. The auswor was, "Two
or threo weeks ago, at the Arlington Hotel." At the
tune witness asked Mrs. Uelkuap whether she ever
received any money on account of the claim
the witness told her she heard she received $70,000.
Mrs. Ilelpknap replied, "The claim was for only
$100,000; how could I receive $70,000 V" During that
conversation the witness was in a slate of excitement
aud dislross; Mrs. llclknnp was a friend of hers, and
tho witness felt much interest on heruccount; she hud
simply mentioned to Mrs. Uelkuap an Idle rumor;
she hud always talked to Mrs. Uulknsp as she would
to her sister; she hud heard tho rumor for over a
year; sho related tc General Kiddoo tho conversation
between herself and Mrs. llelkuap; she did not know
ol Mr. l'cudletou paying monoy to Mrs. Uelkuap on account
ol the Kentucky llailroad claim or of making tier
presents; sho never heard llio Secretary of War say
anything about the contract between her husband and
Mr. Evans.
Ou examination by Mr. Itobblns the witness said she
understood Mrs. Belknap as denying that she received
anything, and meant to convey that impression.
In rcsiHiuso to a qucstiou by Mr. Clymer the witness
said sho saw Mr. Clymer but onco, and that was three
months ago; it was at the breakfast table at thu Arliug.
ion Hotel; her husband presented her to Mr. Clymer,
but their short conversation had no reference to thu
matter before the committee.
Mr. C. P. Marsh was recallod and interrogated by Mr.
Clytuor. Ho testified that ho left Washington for New
York the day tho impeachment report was presented?
namely, tho 2d of March?and did not then design going
to Canada.
y. Ou the evening of Wednesday you came to my
lodging and saw tno a moment; tell what transpired?
A. Prom something said at the dinner table 1 inferred
that Uclknap was not only liable to impeachment but
to criminal prosecution; I said to you 11 tho Secretary
ii in danger I am in danger, when you said, "Ob, you
are not iu danger."
Mr. Clymcr?1 did not attempt to alarm you? A. On
the contrary, you pacified mo; I was alarmed when I
camo to you; I went back to Now York easy when you
said I was in no danger.
Q. When you reached New York what induced you
to conclude to go to Canada ? A. Something in tho
newspapers on Friday morning concerning my testimony,
all of which was published; 1 read tho remarks
In the House that the Secretary of War was not only
liable to imjieachment but to criminal Indictment; I
therefore thought that if the Secretary w?s lu danger
1 was In danger as well; I consulted a lawyer, who
made an exhaustive examination of the case; tho
lawyer did not think I could be indicted, but il 1
should bo I could not be convicted; his counsel said
there seemed, however, to be some danger; this very
much ularmed me, and determined mo not to remain
in New York: I left early iu tho aliernoou of Friday
for Montreal; this was the first time I heard it said
that I bad commitiod an olfence for which I might bo
Mr. Bass?And Mr. Clymcr told you on Wednesday
night thoro was uo danger to you?
Mr. Cly mor?I said that Mr. Marsh could not bo sent
to prison for anything he had said before tho committee.
Mr. Kohbins?That was true.
The witness said that ho left New York for Montreal
at four o'clock on the afternoon of Friday, and reached
there tho next morning at half-post ten o'clock.
Mr. Blackburn?Had you then heard that tno government
authorities bud concluded- to prosecute you as
well as Secretary Belknap? A. 1 am not positive; 1
might have seen such a statement in tho papers.
Q. It was said you hesitated when at l'oekskili as to
whether you would proceed to Montreal? A. 1 did hesitate
; I thought tnal III had o!londed the laws of my country
1 would stand trial; it a train had been going back
to New York 1 should have taken passage iu it, but as
?hn AiiiuiyitA trim wit nnmtr fn Montreal I nrrtr#i??i1<wl
Mr* Marsh being interrogated as to why she went to
Montreal, said that seeing in a morning paper that her
husband bad Jumped oil' the train she followed the
next morning, fearful that lie bad been injured.
Mr. and Mr* Marsh then left the room.
Messrs. Alvin C. heighten, James l.cighton and Soth
Arnold, post traders, wero respectively examined, and
tho facts elicited that General lledrlck received large
sums lor obtaining one of the uppointments; that $300
per month was paid Oreille Grant and $1U0 contributed
for electioneering purposes.
J. if. Hammer tcsltllcd that he obtained the appointment
ol post trader at Kort Gibson at tho request
ol ex Senator McDonald, of Arkansas, who asked lor it
as a personal lavor. Tho witness paid no money what
ever ior tho appointment, but had been assessed and
paid $100 to the Itepubllcun Executive Committee at
Washington. He Imd no partner*.
The Committee on Military Affairs to-day agreed
upon a bill to reorganize the army, it being Representative
llsnuing's bill, with some amine menu, and ordered
it to <>e reported favorably to the House. It docs
not reduce llio present effective force of the orrnv, but
reduces the number of infautry regiments from twontyfive
to twenty und the cavoJry regiments from ten to
eight, thus reducing the number of infantry oiHcers
Ibe ?t/o of Uio compauics and regiments. It does
away with tho regimental organisation of the arllllefy,
reducing tbe Held officers of artillery seventeen. It
conaolidatca tho guxriermasier and Coinmiaaary department*
iulo one, designated us tbe Depart
ment of Supplies, making a large reduction of
officers. It provides for a Board to exauiiue officers
and for tbo dischaigo of all worthless und inefficient
officers, and for an examination of tbo condition of
retired officers. All officers who lose their places
under tbo bill are placed upon a list of iu|H>rnumcrariea
and are permitted to resign wltb one year's pay for
each- eight years of service, or rcumtn In service to
perlorm such duty as they may lie asxigued to.
It provides lor tbe education ol nou commissioned
officers and soldiers by the commissioned officers, and
tor tbe promoviou of nou commissioned officers to
commissioned officers. It abolishes the office ol Judge
Advocate; fixes tbe pay or tlrst sergeants at $40 per
month; makes the bcad<iuarteri ot the general of tbo
Army at Washington iti tune of |ieace, and provides
that be inay act as Secretary of War in the absonce of
tbe Secretary or a temporary vneanev lu the office.
It provides that sutlers and |io*t traders shall Drat
be elected by a council of the ndmtnisirailon, approved
by tbe Dcpartinent Commander and the licneral of tbe
Army and appointed by the Secretary of War. It reduces
tbe stall of all general officers, and requires the
General of tbe Army to report reforms to Congress an.
Dually and to look to economy In all branches of the
army. The bill is approved by the testimony
ol many ol the best officer* of tlie army. It is a reduction
of abeut two hundred officers, and proposes reforms
wblvb. If adopted, will, It la claimed, add greatly
to the tfllcieacy of the army.
Tbe death of Mr. Paul Dalilgren, ion of tho late Rear
Admiral Dahlgren, of the United Slates Navy, wan announced
yesterday as having occurred In Rome.
About two years since be was appointed Untied States
Consul General to Italy, and was at his post of duty at
tbe lime of bis death.
A void has been occasioned In the social and benovolent
circles of Washington Heights by the death of MrsSlieppanl
V. Knapp, who, for many years, has been tlie
originator and chief patrou ot the numerous charities
lor wInch the historic neighborhood is famous. Her
dcalli wax quite unexpected, as she was abroad among
her lriond.x a lew days ago. Mrs. Knapp was a woman
endeared to all who knew her. She was the mother of
a numerous family, ail old enough to keenly appreciate
their bereavomeut.
Ciiakluttb, X. G, March 21, 187(1
To tur Editor or tiir Ukkald:?
In the Hkualo of March 18 the following item of
news occurs:?
Confederate generals paid largely for their part In
the war. The widow ol Stoucwuil Jackson hud her
furniture sold for debt, uud now at a bankrupt sale a
Iriend of Mr*, General Gideon l'lllow ha* hud her hushaud'a
library bought in lor her.
So far as Mrs. Jackson, the widow of the illustrious
Stonewall Jacksou, this is not true. Mrs. Juckson is
now living in the city of Charlotte in comfort, surrounded
by her relatives and a largo circle oi admiring
friends. The good people of Norm Carolina aud of the
whole South remember with lcchngs of deep gratitude
the gallant services of her distinguished hu.-band. and
will vie with each other in roudering aid and conilort
to his accomplished widow uud amiable little daughter.
Mrs. Jackson and little Julia are "household words"
with us. J. II. M.
Strainer. j 5u?/a. | JjtutmaHun. | Office.
Adriatic I M'ch 25.(Liverpool.. i37 Broadway
City ot l'aria M'cli 25. Liverpool.. 15 Broadway
Mokfl M'cJi l!5. Bremen.... 2 Bowling Lrcen
Anchor! a M'ch 25. OUiguw.... 7 Bowling t ?reea
Java M'ch 29. Liverpool.. 4 Howling Creeu
Wicland M'ch 30. Hamburg.. 01 Broadway
liolluud M'ch MO. London.... Hit linmilMuy
M aits M'ch 30. Kottordam, 50 Broadwav
Kitypt April 1. Liverpool.. 00 BroadwaV
llahMbur^ Apill 1. Bremen.... 2 Howling Green
Baltic April 1. Livcr|>ool.. 37 Broadwav
City of Cheater.... April 1. Liverpool.. 15 Broadway
Lebrudor April 1. Havre 55 Broadwav
Kthlopiu April 1. (ilaHgow... 7 Bowling Croen
Wy on line April 4. Liverpool.. 20 Broad war
Algeria April 5. Liverpool.. 4 Bowline Croea
fimbria April U. Hamburg.. *>1 Broadway
Slate of Indiana... April 8. ClasKow... 72 Broadway
l.'opublic April 8. Liverpool.. 37 Broadway
City of New York.. April H. Liverpool.. 15 Broadwav
The tjueeu Vpril 8. Liverpool., tip Broadway
Neclcar April 8. Bremen.... 2 Bowling <freea
Victoria April 8. Claoyow... 7 Bowling (ireon
China Vpril 12. Uvcrpooi.. 4 Bowling Urooa
City of lUchmoud. April 13. Liverpool.. 15 Broadway
Suevin April 13. Hamburg.. til Broadway
Kngland April 15. Liverpool.. 80 Broadway
Cerniuuic April 15. Liverpool.. 57 Broadway
Helvetia April 15 Liverpool 00 Broadway
Ameriuue April 15. Havre 55 Broadwav
X i.i-i I 1A Hroi.it..I ;H,.u-lln.n!riiAn
California i A p ri I I ft. Uiluseow 17 Bowling lireea
Nevada April 1?. Liverpool.. 29 Broadway
State ot Peunayla. April 2l>. (ilanirow.... 72 Broadway
(iollert April 20. Hamburg.. 01 Broadway
Celtic April 22. Liverpool.. 37 Broadway
Bolivia..., April 22. Glasgow... |7 Bowling Green
Si ante April 22. Havre...... lo5 Broadway
lieuaLu has adopted a distinguishing Contort night signal for
pee on board the IIeralo hteam yacht, showing while burn,ng
the color* red, gieen. red. changing (root one to the other
In succession, and can be teen several mile* distant. Captain*
of vetiel*, upon *eciug this signal, will obilga us by
preparing any marine nows they may hare for the Ship
News Department of the 11 krild.
f j-i'ersoiis desirous of communicating with vessels arrlv
log ut New York cau do to by addressing to such vessels,
care of Herald news yacht, pier No 1 Last Klver, New York.
Letters received from all parts oftho world and promptly de. j
livcrod. Duplicates aro reouired.
Fnn rises & -r>6 | Gov. Island ovo 8 19
Sun sots 6 1/ Sandy Hook eve 7 34
Moon sets. eve | lieUUato........eve 10 04
Steamer Holland (Ur), Simpson, London March 8, with
uidsv and passenger* to F W J Hurst.
fWliaif ('Omvall (Br), 8t*mper, Bristol March 8. with ;
mdsc uii>l 33 passengers to W D Morgan. Had strong head '
winds and high seas the entire passage; March 20, I at 42, j
Ion 58 25, passed a Cuuard steamer uouud east.
Steamer Auchoria (Br), Munro, Glasgow March 11 and
Moville 12th, with uidse and passengers to Henderson Bros.
Mardtt20, lat 42 19. Ion 51 55, passed a Germau steamer, I
bound east ; 22d, lat 4O 40, Ion 07 30. stea mer Wisconsin j
(Hr). hence tor Liverpool, and City of Montreal (Br), do tor j
do; 23d, lat 40 38, Ion 89 10, steamer Abyssinia (Br), do tor j
Steamer Cleopatra. Bulk Icy. Savannah Marcn 23, with I
uidse snd passenger* to Murrnv. Ferris A Co.
Steamer Old Dominion. Walker. Kiclimond, City Point and
Norfolk, with mdse ana paaseugers to the Old Dominion I
Steamship Co.
>hip Mrathearu (of Glasgow), Dawson, Liverpool 59 days, |
with tndae to Henderson Bros. Came the southern passage I
and had verv light winds; March 19, off Ifatteras, passed a
three masted schr, with loss of mainmast and roixxen top- ]
Hark Marco Polo (Dal), Gavaguin, Dublin 48 days, in
ballast to Slocovich A Co.
Brig Klixa Stevens (of Boston). Carter, Matanxas 11 days,
with sugar to order; vessel to Miller A Houghton.
Schr Cook Borden (of Calais), Luiit, Grey town, Nic. 28
days, with rubber and nuts to C Borden; vessel to Strout
Bros. Was 7 days north of llatteras, with strong NK snd !
NW gales.
Schr Theresa (of Boston). McQuinn, Para 24 dava. with
rubber, nuts and hides to U Amslnck; vessel to B J Wen |
berg. Was 5 days North of llatteras. with strong NE and I
SE pales; loot and split nail*, March S, lat IS 46, lou 42, |
bussed schr Marcia Reynolds, hence fur Lapuayra and Porto '
Sclir Hurdett Hart (of Orecnpurt), Brook*. Old Harbor, Ja,
23 da)a, with lopwood tu A II Solomon A Co; vessel to Bt-nllay.
Uildoraleeve.A Co.
Scbr Hesaie Dickinson lof Hath', Diokinaon. Sairna 11 j
?ln>a. with ?u|rar to tlrlunell, Minium A Co, March 20, off
Hatterna. during: a heavy SE gala, shipped a aea, which tic- 1
strnyed 34 libit* molasses, atartad stanchions and strained I
rail badly.
Schr Carrie Bell, Seavrv, Savannah 7 days, with lumber |
to W A Hots: vessel to master
Schr Jamestown, llyer. Kichmond.
Schr Sea Bird, Curlia, Virginia.
Schr A K Crantner, Hragg, Virginia.
M^-liurk Trsveller (Hr), which arrived Slat and anchored
in tlrareaand Hay, came up to the city yosterday PM.
p^-llark Esther, Hush, arrived 23d lrom Cardenas, la consigned
tu iteuauld Francis A Co.
Staniner Cltv of Fitchburcr_ SnrlnMP \a? Ha/lfnrtl f.?? i
Xew York.
Steamer Elcctra. Young. Providence for New York.
Srlir \t ttito Rock, LalTeriy. Bridgeport tor New York.
Schr Rachel J Oollyrr, Kail River for New York.
Schr Ariro, Hr?e. Warcliaiu tor New York.
Schr Jesse Ii Leech, J oil aaon, Naw Haven tor Naw York.
S. Iir lion Downing. Smith, New llnvan tor New York.
Sclir Lalayette, Woodhaveu for Nrw York,
hebr It A romytli. Itohhte. Stamford for Naw York.
Schr J N Ay res, Provost, Stamford for Naw York.
Steamer George Washington, Wbitehead, Naw York for
Halifax. NS.
Steamer Kleaimra, Johleon, New York tor Portland.
Strainer Albatross. Davis. Naw York for Kail River.
Strnincr Bolivar, Ueor, New Yota for Naw London and
Schr Young Tcaarr, Slocntu. Newcaatle, Del, for New Bedford.
Schr John hluamoa, Schull, Georgetown, DP, for New |
Schr Stephen Morgan, Haloes, Baltimore tor Now Haven. |
Schr Addle i* Avery, Ityan, Baltimore Tor New Haven.
Schr Henry Allen, Tataiu, Baltimore for New Itavan.
Schr forest Oak. Parker. Baltimore for Naw Havoti.
Schi Hyua. Oliver, Port Johnson fur Hatli.
schr George It Vrteiaiid, loibDuii, Georgetown lor Bridge- I
Schr Enoa H Plilllipe. Baker. Weehawken for Button.
Soli I Time. Weid, New York for Providence.
Schr T Benedict, Arnold, New York for 1'rovldenee.
Steamer Stato of Virginia iBr , Moodla, Glasgow?Auftin
Baldwin A Co.
steamer King Arthur (Br), 1'rowell, Havana, Matantas
and t'ardeune?Tlatlon, Watson A Cu.
Steamer Geo Cromwall. liacuu, Hamilton (Barmutia)?A
E Uuterbrldge.
Steamer Georga Washington, Whitehead, Halifax, MS?
Clark A Seaman
Steamer A C Slltnara. Warren. l'luladelohla?Ja? Hand.
Steamer kleam.i... Johnxie. I'ntland?J s Aiuee
Ship tluiubolill tUer), Coreeu, Bremen?Hunch, Edge A
Ship Uea McCltllaa, Wheeler, San Francisco?Sutton A
Ilark Carria Delap (Br), MeKaj, LI re r pool?Simpson,
Clapp A Co,
Hark Chebucto (Br), Lawrence, Hriatul, E?W I) Korean, j
Hark Helen Augler. Stapler, Hrietul?W 1) Korean.
Hark Challenge i Hri, Sharp, Cardiff?Geo Y Huliey.
Hark Jennie Cohb, Small. Hordeanx?Miller A Houghton.
Bark Zuluia tHn, Petsr?on. Pouce. I'B?Miller A Houghton
Brig (iaxalle, Oiekeoo, Passage* and CadJa?Brett, Bon A
line Harry Vlrdan, Colllna. Havana?Jamee W Rlwell A
Brie Klltalreth Wlatlow, Locke, Cardeaae? Millar A
Houghton. a
Url* Xauoai (Br). Le Blanc, St Johns, BF ?Uattoa, Wataon
A Co
Selir Mrletllo liryam, Mueklrjr, Uenoe and Leghorn?Bentley.
Uildermleevo I Co.
Selir Nellie due*. Calra. M Pierre, Hut?Mlnpeit, Clepp t
A i ??.
Sclir Liaaie lleyer, 1'olaad. Regan le Grande?II W Loud
A Ou.
Sehr Spring Bird <Br>, McLeee, SI Jehu, KB? P I Merlon 1
A Sen.
Srhr Luolee Ireeier, Cretrferd, I'ernnndlnn--K D llurlbul
A Ce,
Kclir Myraeer. Brown, Chnrleetne?Krone. Bell A Co.
sehr Pere, Cbeee, lUrkmond. Ve-ll W Load A Co
Sebr Mary Brewer, Lee, Nortel* and JUdMooed, Ve?II P
Brewa A Co.
VfARCH 25, 1876.?WITH 8
Sclir Heurv J May, Alien, Philadelphia?Oeerton A new- >
Schr Clio Chilcott, Fullerton, Boollibay, Me?Cartwrldht 1
A Doyle.
scur Chattanooga, Snare, Portsmouth, Nil?H W Loud A
Sclir John \V Bray, Whitman, Gloucester, Mass?B J Godwin
ft Son.
Sclir I*atbtinder, Jones, Gloucester, Muss?R J Godwin ft
Scbr Dart, Campbell, Stamford?8tamtord Manufacturing
Steamers Shlonlan (Br), for UImcow; George Cromwell.
Bermuda; barks Northern Chief (Br), Antwerp; Carolina
(tier). Bremen: Henry A Litchfield, Callao; Cliebuctn (Br),
Bristol; brig Dr Luskar (Ger), Bremen; ?chr Maggie Dulling,
Winu at midnight. SSli.
Barometer at sunset, JO.28.
Stkamkii Oukstfa, of ilolt'a line, ol and from Liverpool
Feb 4 for Shunghui, struck a rook oil' Feint de Galle ami
sunk Iu 15 (allium* of water, becoming a total lose. Crew
Stkabkr Epcab Stcaut went aahore at Barrington, Na.
21sl iuat. In the gale.
Sinr Hknator Ikkx (Ger). Irom Now York, at Bremen
Murch H carried awav both anchors while briugiug up near
the lighthouse below Bremen March 7.
II?uk A.NTULorjt, Siuipaon, from New York for St Croix,
which was reportod iu our laat a* overdue, arrived aafely ut
her destination l-'eb lti.
ilAiia Noud.stjxk.xkn (Nor), from I'ensocole, at (liaison
l)oek March U, hail to alip an anchor and UU tathoma chain
that morning on account of a heavy aea at the mouth of the
Dakk Ilora (Br), Irviu Wilmington, NO, at Liverpool
March 10, hnd cabin skylight smashed and suitaiuod other
damage when otf the Western Islands March 2.
Hakk Kxcslls.nckn Sihhkuk (Swe). from Galveston, at
.Liverpool March 10, ahlpped a sea March 2 damaging skyight,
tilled the cabin, Ac.
liana Gladston K (Ur), Hurcli. from Bull River, SC. March
13, lor Newcastle. Eng. put buck to Churleatou C id iuat,
with her pumps disabled.
Back Alvkkin (Nor), trom Fillau, which was taken into
Copenhagen alter being ashore ou Dragor Bauds, is bouud
to rhlladelphia with rags.
Bask Nh.stmiijuv (Nor), from Stevenger for New York,
was supplied from Deal March 10 with an unchor lu lieu of
ooe lost iu tho Downs.
Bauk Joha.nnh, at fortress Monroe for St Thoines, reports
seeing a vessel on lire H J miles east of Cape Henry on
the 21st lust, and a vessel lying by her which hud probably
saved the crew. There war a heavy gale ut the time, uud
the JohitDue hove to and remained four hours, when the
burning vessel sunk. Her class could not lie distinguished.
Hmc Taws (Br), from Bull River, SC. at Barmure March
10, lost boats, Ac, in heavy weather during the voyage.
Hmc Valkbo (Br). Morria, from Londonderry tor New
York (before reported), put iuto (jueenstowii March l() with
loss of sails, maiubooin and gall, and short ol provisions.
lime Vabnux H Hill, ashore at Vineyard Haven. remains
tight. Silas Daggett, of that port, lias contracted t.i llout
her and deliver her at the hallway wharf lor about $4iMI.
Hum Maytik H IUsxki.l remains ashore at Vineyard
HavFu. with eight feet of water iii her. Several pieces of
her main keel drifted ashore during the gale in which she
wont aahoro. No arruugcuicnts have yet been madu to get
her off.
SCHR 8 A V Simmons, in leaving Vineyard Haven, 23dcuuie
In collision with the schr Starlight, at anchor. Tho
Simmons split her mainsail hadiy, broke her stern rail and
injured her planking considerably. The Revenue steamer
Dexter towed the Simmons to the nead of tho harbor, where
he will repair.
SciiR Maituitt, McKaddeti, at Muyagtiei Feb 28 from Portland
(before reported), on Feb 15, lat -'MS 40 N, Ion Oil 30 W,
took u hurricane from 8, veering to N'W, lasting 12 hours,
during which lost deck load, boat, and sustained other
Sot it Okx Taylor, which went ashore In Portsmouth
harbor, will prove a total wreck.
Sen a L Stl'RURTant, from Parker's Head, Me. for North
Carolina, bulore reported ashore on Long Island, gotoff'yesterday
and was towed to lioston. She is slightly damaged.
Sena Iua 11 Silsbkk, before reported ashore at Fire
Island, will prove a total wreck. Tko life saving crews of
stations 23 and 24 succeeded In taking off the crow at 8 I'M
alter swamping one lifeboat.
Scum 1,kgal Tkndkii went ashore on Five Pound Island,
Gloucester, In the storm of Tuesday.
Scui: Ida dkli.a Tpiikk. before reported ashore at Uyannis,
is from New Bedford for Bath, In ballast.
Scur Allston, at Prospect Harbor for New Vork, was
on veil iuuui? auu uamy u>m?Ki'a in it guie, Atarcn 21.
Roll UiKOumi Kxights, driven ashore at Kocklitnd in
tlie recent gale, wax trot off tlie rock* Thursday forenoon tiy
the revenue cutter I.cvi Woodbury, Cspt Kvam. The
steamer has gone in rrenchnlan's tf?y to assist it vessel
ashore there.
St'iiiKibKit Itlo.NK wits loading brick at Hclfast, Maine. Tor
Jacksonville, alien the lat gulo occurred, and us the this
rose site parted her lines and thumped the bottom heavily.
At high water sail was made and she wont Into the stream.
In tlie allcrnuon it was discovered liiut she was leaking
badly, and there wits ahoul three feet of water in the hold,
the crew being unable to keep liar free. A signal of distross
was made, which was seen by the rovenue cutter Dobbin,
lying below, and a boat's crew sent to her relief. The pumps
were kept going until the gale titrated, when she was takeu
to liver's dock for repairs It is thought possible that site
struck on the point of her anchor, making a liolc in the bottom.
There wore one or two other casualties, but of no great
(iLOl'CKlTKR. Mass, March 24?Ihe lishiag schooner Kdwin j
I'llolliver arrived Irom Grand llanks this morning, lost three '
of her erew. James liurtiui uud Thomas Kennedy, while in
a dory on the Hanks attending trawls Marcli 4.'they were i
capsised and drowned, und Nelson .Mitchell was w ashed overboard
and drowned during a heavy sea March 11.
KkMkkBC.sgpouT, March 22?Schr Revenue, Wright from I
Haiti, loaded witli ice, went ashore yesterday on llass Island I
at t'ape Porpoise, and is stranded. Schr Hero, w.tli hay,
and also a fishing vclmoncr. went ashure at the same place.
The crow wore all saved. The llero boa been gotten off today.
Nkwbeun, NC, March 23?A schooner is ashore at Ocracoke
; nauie unknown.
Portland, March 23?Schr Octavia A I)nw, Capt sterling,
dragged nshure at Kalinoulh Korcside Tuesday afternoon.
Her crew succeeded in getting her off yesterday afternuou,
with loss of forefoot.
Schr Kairy (Jueen win lying well up on the rooks in 81monton's
Hove yesterday afternoon, and her owner, ('.apt
L'aleii Willard. and a crew of workmen were cutting away
licr keel In order that she can go on the ways in Hie dry 1
duck. Capt Willard thiuks it will take $l,ik*i to make the
schooner as good as site was before this mishap. The Kairy {
t^iiecn was built iu 1S57, and is about 40 tons burden. She
was not insured.
24th?Work has been commenced on bark Harriet 3
Jackson, from New York for Wiscasset. ashore on Spring
Point Ledge. The frame of the vess.d is still solid, but very
little, if any, strained.
St Thomas. March 11?A bottomry bond has been taken at
25 per cent ou brig Mary H Gardner (Br), Irotu New York for
St Jehus, NK
St John, NB, March 23?It Is reported that the crew of
wrecked bark Live Oak, and a woman, supposed to he the
captain's wife, have landed ut Seal Island. NS.
Sit I PBUtLDUtG?The ceutrobotird schooner which is being :
built by Joseph Oakes A Son. iu Brewer is 15<j tons measurement,
and will be launched as soon as the ice goes out
of tno river. 'Hie harkcnllr.e of O.'SJ tons measurement,
which is now in jiroress of coiistructiuu, will he ready to be
launched next September.
Launch?The new schr Marv 3 Iloutvet. now building at
Fernald's shipyard, Portsmouth. \ U was to be launched about
tiro '.'3d. She is to be employed iu ilshing. and comtmiuded
hv Capt John llontvet. Mio is built entirely of New Hampshire
materials. Sho Is 75 leet ou the keel, and measures
lid tous. She is owned by Portsmouth parlies.
The Colonial government of New Zealand lias givon notice
that a lighthouse ia in tlie course of erection on Cape
Koulwind, west coast of Mi.title lalaud.
The light (wlilch is expected to be-cxhibited in June or
July, 187tb, will be a revolving light, attaining lis greatest
brilliancy every ball niiuute.
Also that a harbor light is now exhibited at New Plymouth
(Taianakl). from the llagstalTon Mount Elliot.
Tbe light Is a Uxed white light, elevated 73 feet above the j
level of tlie sea.
Information has been received that on the opening of navl- i
gallon the follow ing alteration will be made in tlielogtigual
ol Revelatone light vessel:?
A tog whistle will he established, which in thick or foggy ;
weather will be souuded for thirty seconds at iutervala of one 1
With the wind the whistle will be heard from a distance of !
about six miles, and against the wiud from a distance of
about oue mile.
Wall refereuce to a previous notice on the establishment I
of a light vessel near Cuxliasen. the Herman government i
lias given the following additional particulars, vis. ?
The fixed white light is olevuteu 125 feel above tho sea,
and in clear weather should be seen Irom a distauco of six
Tbe illuminating apparatus is catroptrlc or by reflectors.
no vchmi 11a* ueen named r.ibu light voiicl >o 4, and li
nmured in mid channel, in 7), fathom*, on tbo following
Tlio lighthouse at Cuxhevon bear* S K.
The Ncuwerk high lighthouse W br N '4 N".
In tiiick or rnggy woatbvr the ship's boll is rung Tor one
niinuto, at interval* nl fifteen minute*, and if a vessel It
noticed *teeriug a wrong course, guns aro fired In the day j
time, and a hi re light i* burned at night.
When the Itghtveesol Is not in no-itton by re a ton of the ;
Ire the light Is not exhibited ana the wicker cage on the
niainina*! is removed.
Nor*?It I* not yet derided whether the lifhtveeiel will j
be permanently e*lubli?bed.
ItAKBOU LlliMT AT lltUll'KU.
Also, that a fixed light of the tixth order, with red and ;
green tectore, l> now exhibited at the watt corner of the ,
bandthor tjuuy, Hamburg.
1 Ire light slues red In the direction of Oner-gatt, and
green toward Sandlhor llarbor.
1 All beariuirt aro uiagneUc. Variation 13 deg wctterly in
1H7U. |
By 0'iainiand of their Lordships,
KKKUKUICK J. EVAN'S, llydrographer,
Hydrogrephlc oSice, Admiralty, London, Feb JJ, L?76.
Arrived at Talcahuan Feb 7, bark Capo Horn Pigeon, Baker,
Dartmouth, with 900 bblt >|> nil since leaving faiisuii.
Wai fitting tar home, Capt Keier reports speaking on Off !
Shore Ground, about the middle of February, bark ileriln. j
Allen, Ml. I ."am bt?i? uli tuld. Heard from, no date, bark |
Vigilant. Gilford, Nil, 45*) all told.
Touched til Juan Fernandas about Feb 1, barks Throe
Brothers. Owen. Ml. clean ; Sim Hreote. Barnes, no report.
A letter dated Johanna. Jan 27. reports that bar* l/iuda
Stewart. Wilson, of New H**df<ord, sailed on the J4th lor i
Mali** Hanks ami Sandy Maud. She had 34k) bbts sp oil. A
broken hoatstoerer named Tillman deserted the ship at
A letter frciu Capt kelley, of Chlliati barn Mary, report!
her at Juan Fernandez Jaa 2*), with 7U bbls sp and l*#> do
wh oil. Capt Kelley reports that the hark Morning star, :
l*e wis. Nil. touched there the day.previous, with 2UU bbls sp
since Panama.
A letter from tl>? third ofltser ot ship Kmma C Junes. tiitT
or<J. of Now Bedford, reports her si sen Keb ltl, 120 uiiles
from Palta with 4'' bolt sp oil since leaving Fayal.
Spoken ?Off Htslen Lend. Jsn JO, berk Norman, Campbell,
NB, clean, bound to Sari Carlos.
Ship Victoria, Atwood, from Morton (or Calcutta, Fab I,
lat I'J 47 .4, Ion 33 OW \V
Htilp t'oioradu, Install am, (rum Nam York for Cailao, Fab
I. lat lu 8, Ion 13 XV
Mark lloppat (Dutch), from Jamaica for Falmouth, K,
Jlarch Hi. off Key Wart.
Hark hxlla (Mr), Pearca, from Dublin via Kay Wait for
riol.tlalpli. March 33.3-> mil.? 1S8K ot Harnafat.
Hark Uuillopt . Hr , XValker, Iroia Man Fraociaoo Nor 4 for
Lirarpoui, Fab J, lat it 44 A, i?u 34 13 W. ,
B*'? Muntrt lU?r), Joli?ti#r, from London for thmtf
" j". Unroll J, us?r the blurt.
H*ik l.llu tlinli. PU-ktto. troiu Lellb for fbiladalirhla or
lirrliiiitore. K?l> 34. )m .13 14. lou 28 3?.
Ail Auri'ricnu Irxrk from L'liincn I?li?nJ? for totland. J?u
81. l?? 17 53 8. Ion 31 3U W.
ri.o "IUvrn't (Am), tttenai 8K, ??i wru t ab 21, 111 25
N, lou 37 W.
Merchant!, (hipping agents and shipmasters are Informed
that by telegraphing to the IIekald London Bureau, addressing
"Bennett, No 40 Fleet street, London." or to the
I'aris office, addressing "Bennett, 01 Avenue del'Opera
I'urla," the arrivals nt and departures from European ana
Eastern ports of American uni all loruign vessel! trading
with the United States, the same will be cabled u this
country free of chaege.
Captaius arriving at and sailing Irom French au.l Mediterranean
ports will llnd the Paris office tuj moreecouooileal
end expeditious Tor telegraphing uses
Antwerp, March 24?Sailed, bark Jeanie (Br), Qary,
New York: aliolirand Gustavo, lor Philadelphia.
Alexandria, March 14?Arrived, sclir Mercury (Br), Thomas,
New York (before reported without date).
Bristol, March 23?Sailed, brig Economy (Br), Grlhatn,
United States.
Barcelona, March 17?Arrived, bark Kathleen (Nor),
IJoyer, Sevaunah; echr J S Bragdon, Fletcher, New York
(both before reported without date).
Falmouth, March 23?Arrived, ship Cape 8able (Br)
Page, Sua Francisco.
Gloucester. March 23?Sailed, brig Johanna Margarelba
(Nor), Kuamussen, United State*.
Grimsby, March 23?Arrived, bark Carl George (Ger),
Stoeber, Charleston.
Greenock, March 23?Sailed, bark Industrie (I till), Bcliiaffino.
United States.
Glasgow, March 24, 8 AM?Arrived, steamer Acadia (Br),
Craig, New York.
QiuiOi, March 'JO?Sailed, barks Kbenezer (Nor), Neilsen,
New York; 22d, Saga (Nor), Bier, do (wai reported failed
Gibraltar? Arrived, brig Roberto (Itai), Aetraetl, New
York. *
Hull, March 23?Arrived, bark A W Slnjletoa (Nor), Jaeobeen,
IIrltokt. March 24?Sailed, steamer Rotterdam (Dutch),
VI*. New York.
" 11 avkk, March 24?Sailed, ehlp Meroni. Lowell, Boulliwest
rats; barks Niobe (Nor), Olsen. do; I" C Merryraun, Meiryman,
do; Aurora (Nor), Andorseu, do; Susun L Campbell
(Hr), Brooks, Delaware Breakwaier; Autocrat (Br), llll*bert,
do: also Cato (probably bark Castor (Nor), Daulelsen),
for Charleston.
Also sailed 24th, bark Vasa (Nor), Neilsen, Delaware
Sailed 22d, brie Ella (Br). Lockhart, United Status.
I.iTRKrooL, March 24?Arrived, steamers Massachusetts
(Br), Waltors, Boston; Cordova (Br), Lane, New Orloans.
Sailed 24tl>, ships Ulehlaud Light, Collyer. United States;
Kinburn (Br), Perry, do; barks Beltiste (Bri, Williams, do;
Collector (Nor), Olsen, do; Eliza S Milllgan (Br), Mitchell.
New York.
London, March 24?Arrived, steamer Cro(t (Br), Hodgson
New Y'ork.
Cleared 24th, bark Vtator (Nor), Olsen, Uuitod States.
Sailed irom Graresend 24th, ship lauierlane (Uer), SIdauburg.
New York; bark Patent (Nor), Morgeuson, United
Malaga, March 17?Arrived, bark Botvic (Nor), Hendrickseu.
New Orloaus.
OroRTo. March 14?Sailed, bark Morning Star (Br), Lucas,
New York.
Arrived Feb 25. brig Boa Pe (Port), Campos, Darieo;
March 14, barks Zeus (Nor), Christoirersen, New York; Mathiide
(Nor), Torblornsen, Philadelphia; brigs Anna (Nor),
Nickelsen, Baltimore; Kronprius von Preussen (Ger), Kloiu,
New York.
Oukkkstowx. March 24?Arrived, ship Isle of Bute (Br),
Carvill, San Francisco.
Also arrived 21th, barks Loch Fergus (Br), Cann, San
Francisco; Cralgowl (Br), Durle, Baltimore.
Also arrived 24th. steamer City of New York (Br),
Lochcud (from Liverpool), New Yotk.
Sailed 24th. 2 :UO PM, steamer Republic (Br), Porter (from
Liverpool), New York.
Sailed 23d. ship Staghonnd (Br), Moflat (from Ardrossau),
San Francisco.
Rio jankiko, prior to March 20?Arrlred, brig R C
Wright, Clark, Baltimore.
Si-nukkland. March 23?Arrlred, bark Dr Von Tbnnen
Fellows (Ger), Klonow. Darien.
Tuai.kk, Mureii 23?Arrived, bark Antwerp (Br), Atkinson,
Tkxkl, March 23?Arrived, brig Cbilllanwallab (Br), Colcord,
Key West via Falmouth.
London, March 24?Steamer Cordova (Br), from New Orleans,
at Liverpool, reportsMareli 6, lat 35, Ion 73, passed
a brig or bark on Are afi; her stern was burned to the water's
Falmouth, March 24, 6 PM?Wind S, strong.
AavRPCCN. March 23?Arrived, bark Prlsctlla, Fraeer, Pabe!Ion
do Pica.
I'KsrcHM, March 10?Arrived, brig Atalava, Ode,
Kingston. Ja; schr* John Rose, Allen, Philadelphia; K C
Koinmell, Adaius. l'ensacola.
Sailed ISth. schrs Altona, Plumuier, New York; Hertford
(Br). Carroll, Boston; 2<)tl>. brig Northern Stur (Br), do;
schra Helen .1 ll"lway, Thompson, do; llarver (Br). Bishop, ,
North of Itatterns.
Sailed 11th, schr Ben, Boverldge, New York.
Caudknas. March 22?Arrived, schr Edna Harwood, Turner,
New York.
Sailed 22d, hrlire Rahboula, Coombs, North of Hatteras; i
Ellen II (Br). Sullivan, do
IIavana, March 23?Arrived, steamer Maria (Sp), Molins, 1
New Orleans.
Sailed 23d. steamer Colon, OriAin (from Aspinwall). (or ]
New York; bark Kamiliene Muurie (Nor). Johnsou. New |
York: brig* VV N II t lenient* (Brl, Lewis. ?|o: Cheviot ;
(Br), Lenry, North of Uniterm; 24th. Florence f llendcr- j
son. Henderson, Philadelphia; scbr Win Sinter, Klllen,
North ol Matters*.
IIai.IVAx. NS. March 23?Arrived, brig Woodcock (Br)' j
Muthsoti, Clenfucgo*.
Sailed 24th, steamer Lady Heed (Br), for Philadelphia, \
with good# for the Centennial.
Loc'KrottT, NS, March 23?Arrived, echr Warrior (Br), St !
Sailed 23d. brig t'aroiii (Br). British West Indies.
Manila, March 7?Sailed, ship Liberator (Br), Vender- I
voord, San Francisco.
Mosti.vidko, Feb 5?Arrived, bark Archer, Hatch, Port- !
Milk Kivnn, .la. March 10? In port, echr Gen Putnam I
(ill), Webster, for Kuatan.
Matanxas. March 23?Arrived, brig* John Brlghttnaii,
Hanson. Kail Hiv-r: Adclla McLoou, Monroe, Philadelphia;
ac'irs Albtrt II Waite, Drisko, do; Brigadier. Norton, Portland.
Cleared 23d. bark lleinrick Bjorn (Nor), Eileusen. North
of llatteras; briir? II M Cleaves. Camming*, do; Aceuora.
lluckinan, do: Yole lAnst), Kidoslorieh, l'ensacola; echr j
John, Hughes, North of Hatteras.
Nassac, NP, March W?Arrived, scbr Ebenexer (Br), !
Bethel. New Orleans; 13th. Kiinator, Banger. Key West;
loth. Sarah E Douglas*, Bethel, Jacksonville; l?th, Mohawk,
Sweeting, Key West; Julia (yacht), Lloyd, Porto
Kin Janeiro, Feb 12?Sailed, bark Serene. Segctuan. Baltimore.
St Ann's Bat, Ja, March 10? In port, tcbr B P Puriiham, i
Glmiti. lor United States, Idg.
Saiil'A. March 21?Soiled, scbr Virginia, Bangs, North of .
Sr John. NB, Match 23?Cloared. schr Ella Clifton,
Tkikstk, March 4?In port, bark* Aaeunta (Ital), Cilento;
Yiltoria iltal) Ds Marline, and tluis-ppe d'Abundo (Itali,
Cannisutes. lor New York, Idg; brigs Sat; Prlsco (Ital), Caffiero.
for dodo; Alma (tier), Blanken, from New York, ar- '
rived 1st, ding, aud others.
Yakmoi th, NS, March 23?Arrived, berk Ephreim Will,
leuis, Keene, New Orleans.
IPir Striker Java.!
Amstkrdar, March S? Arrived, Attila, Jehnaon. Naw
Bkixiiak. March 10?Put in, Harold (Fr), Pontic, Havre
for New Orleans.
Biikmkn. March "?Sailed, Lelpslg (e), Hoffman, Balti- j
more (and passed Dover lDth).
Kokiieavx, March s?Sailed, Dorlna, Cetlalinieh, New
Proceeding down Nth. Pliare. David, for New Orleens.
CuxtlAVXN, March ft?Put bock, Columbia, Hansen, for
Do hoy.
Catania, March 1?Arrived, Sam Weller (s), Murray, Port
Said (end sailed 5th for Mesaina and New York).
Cadk, March 4?Sailed, Sarah L Davis, Cottrell, Gloucester.
Cleared 4th, Uedwig Slebe. Knaack, Dobov.
Deal. March ll>?Off, Bachelors, Poster, from Baltimore
for Antwerp.
Anchored I Ilk, Henrietta, from Shields for San Francisco; '
Lily, Lawrence, Leitli for New Vork.
liloucmiK. March Hi?Arrived, Edmund Kaye, Bigelow,
I'oiiaacola; Artemus. .1 oil an netoti, do.
til.Asuotv, .March ??Arrived, Rtheopla (I), Oral*. Near
Sailed ?th. Isaac llall, Ryder. Havana; 10th, Canoina.
Rosser, lionolniu.
Ukekxock. March lo?Arrived, Maggie. Davis, BullRivar; |
Tawe, lieorge, do
Sailed 11tii. la-rinda Rorstel, llorstel, Lisbon
Uk.toA. March U?Sailed. Mariua Iloduro. Villa, Phlladelobla.
Cleared IJth, Caruiolo. Castellauo, New Vor*; 7th, Madre, I
Carre, do; Britannia, Ward, I'ensaoola.
i.ibmiliah, .March 1? Arrived, Yellow Pine, French, New
Cleared lid, Kelton Rent. Hrowo. Cadis and Malaga.
Sailed lith, t'aatalia (a), Ituller, Almeria, Ac.
liavKK, .March Mk-Arrived. Klisabeth, Diecke, Saa FraaCisco.
Ipswich, March 9? Arrived. Ivos, Olson. Philadelphia.
Kohspjmhii, Keb dd? Sailed. Argo. Hrau. America.
Livkkcooi Marcii m-Arrived. Uuiuare. McDonald. Phlla
dclplna riH IJueenatown; Aula lope, Cheney, Seu rruucuco
via Knlninntli
flit liitck !Uh. Klo ile 1# data. Vel-cod. for Charleston.
Sailed lmii, liouilnlon in, Huberts Huston (ami put
bark) ; Texas (a), Laureiiaoti, New Orleans.
Cleared Mtli, I Ireicon, Cusliinir, Cardiff and Hong Ron/;
IKIi. Zephyr. sweetser, Lewes, De'; kiui; Coglrle. Mai villa,
Cardiff ted Tahle Itar ; loth, Astoria, Kelley, St John, N f:
Cnna, Theobald, San Kraiictsco; Mystic He, ferry, Yarmouth,
Arrived at Holyhead 10th. Neptune, Spencer, Liverpool
for Sew York.
loisiMiN, March ?? Arrived. AiigUa (a), Murray, New York
(and entered out 11tta to return) ; Tri Sine, feuer. fhlladel- ,
pill a
hniered out !<Hh, Tamerlane, Hledenburg. for New York.
Lsvlastkh, March tt? Arrived, Xoruageruaa, fauat, feutaenia.
Lot:IIIVDonl? Pot iu prior to March 10, Bonlto, Howard,
I.bith, Murch lo? Arrived, I'remtiden, TtrJtHi, New
I.(i.n>mnKKkv, MnrcUvt? Cleared, Harmonic. J cuten, B?l
tiiuora; (ilviuilu, Horn, do.
Llluill, March -?Sailed. B M Wldlh, ttrakkar. Wllmionlon,
Uuhum. March 0? Nailed, Bo hart Dillon, Blatehford,
Xn.rumi, March II? Arrived, Ober Uarfarmaiatar Von
Winier. Schmidt, Do boy lor Pembroke Itoek.
Mii.iobd llrrui, March N? Arrived, BtliUb America, ,
Loekbart, fdverpoel tor Mow York.
*'wroii, Wtrcu iw?vicaieu, aiu?a ouaita, LttkA^
Nk tvctsTLK, March a?Cleared, CS C Trufaut. Thoiuat, San
r raiu-iacu.
, fuiriajintTM. March a? Put in, lieflon, Audereau, Arendai
for New York.
I'lLLau, March il?Sailed, Sunshlna, Clark, Dautalc.
I ai.kua.1, Marrh 5?Nailed. Ml Anua Maria, Mareaoa, Boaton
; Miueto, Vivian,,, Mew Orleana.
UiilKXitowx, March a-Sallcd, Edwin Raed, liiKfina.
*'"II: ll*li"?. for Philadelphia,
R*nr. IV. March 10?I'm in, VinuidCampbell, Itaacaoa,
rrotn London for New York.
lcan"Ck*' *'4rc'1 "~-*rr'ved, llaaaell. Samuolaan, Naw Oa
?;icarea run, Ari?on?, Sonant, St Tttoma*.
Soi TiuarroN. J4arch 9?Arrived, Vesta (yacht). New
Si'\iJkKi.AND, March 9~Arrived, Athlete, Hutchinson, Baltimore.
WaTKKroKD. March 10 -Sailed, Ahte, Wirpi, and Carnal
SaiuucUcu, Halt tutor*.
BOSTON, March -4?Arrived, ktrnmrri Iberian fBr),
Orne, Liverpool; Ncreus, Niekeis.ui, Now Yore; Ariea.
Baker. Philadelphia: bark Ktlxct* Crowrll, Orowoll, Rosa
rlo; sell r? Mary linker, Tliompson^llondura*: N W Mageo.
Svitiii.il, South A ill boy; J U Curtis, Virginia.
Below?Burks N liih.oli, from Simrapure: Treniont, Hoaario;
tiriira t'luru J Adams. Matan/.as; Gaorjiiaua (Brl,
Iiiiiii Trinidad.
The roported arrival on "-'-<1 of brljr Consul roll I'laten
from Antwerp, su erroneous.
Cleared?Steamer* Atlas illri, lloaeason, I.iverpool:
J.dins Hopkins. Ilull- tt. Baltimore: briir Id. C (llrl, Coffin,
llayti; actus Belle Crowell. Meaallilin, J ack.nuvill. ; Idaho,
Jameson. Kleliiuoud. V.; Cabot. Obase, New York.
BALTIMORE, March '.'4?Arrived, ate a iii era Josephine
Tlioilisou. Monro, Now Vork; Tuekaboe, Brown, Newberu,
NC; harks Orion (Ku>>. Mcelherjr. Grimsby; Auto (Bus),
OHu, Havre; Kaolin (Nor), Nielsen, Ilull, K; L'ako (Rual,
Liuidirrisl. Liverpool; Albion (Nor), Rohoo, do; brig Kgd.n
(Nor), Nielsen, Guitdnhoipe.
Below?Ship Forest Hello (now, 1U98 toua), Scott, from
Cleared?Steamers Faleou. Klrby, Cliarlealou; Louis,
Walker, Kdentun, NC; Elisabeth. Clark, New York; ship
Arlington iBr). Vlekory, Dunlin: barks Kmprvss iGorl,
Vablow, Elaiuure; Koiiiiiiu Aueusta iGerl, llensol. Cork)
Mary U Reed, lleyer, do; sehrs Klias Moora. Lewis, Poutfhkeepais;
(i P Pomeroy, Bryant, Boston ; C S Sampson, Gape,
Balli, Me.
sailed?Britr Georgia.
BELFAST, .Mareli 10?Arrived, acbr D Kills, Torrey, Nets
castle. Del.
1 Milt?Sailed, achr Wm (3 Moselev, Urann, Jacksonville.
CHARLESTON, March 23?Arrived. bark Alice Rov (Br),
McKensie, Havre; britr Nelsou iltrl, from Falmouth, E.
Put In?Bark Gladstone (Br). Huscti. from Bull Biver, SC.
for Newcastle, K, with pumps choked.
CAPE COD, Mareli iM, AM?Passed, steamer Fruucoola,
Brusca, Now York lor Portland.
KDUARTOWN, Mareli 2"?Arrived, schrs William Rice,
PrciMjr, from Rockland for Now York; Ella T Crawford,
Crocker, Philadelphia lor Ronton; several coal loaded sctird
anchored I'M in lower harbor.
22,Arrived. sehrs Annio T I.ittlo (3 masted), hound
east; Win Wilder (II mastedi. Wharton. Now York for Salem
; Sophia WiUou. Melt in. Philadelphia for Kostoti; Harriet
Fuller, McDouitnld, New York for do; J N Huddeli
(3.inoxted), Sharp, do ftir do.
23d?Fleet nettin .' under wnv.
FORTItliSS MONROK. March 24-Arrivcd. barks Johanna
(for). St Thomas; I'lnlon (Nor), do: Anna < Nor), Hansen,
Liverpool, iceking: C Columbus (Nor), Ktiudren. Havre,
do: Kong Carl (Nor). Knudaen, Belfast, do; scbr Postboy,
Robinson, Havana for ordcra.
Hares Skjerkholt (Nor), from Liverpool, and Evvlva
(Norl. from navro, arc orderoil to Raltiiuore.
GALVESTON. March 23?Arrived, hark Herbert (Br),
Smith. Liverpool.
GLOUCESTER, March 22?Arrived, ?chr Martha 0 Mar
till. New York.
KEY WKST. March IR? Arrived, schrs Sencull, Watklna
Riiutan; Henry A Taber, Benaju. Fulton (Texas) fur Ned
MOBILE, March 24?Arrived, ship A McCallnm, Maltera,
Cleared?Ship Eiully Auirustn (Br), Day, Liverpool.
MILLHKII'GK. March 20?Arrived, aclir K G A W Hinds,
llil'. Calais lor New York.
NEW ORLEANS, March 24?Arrived, ship Her Majesty
(Br), laiahy, Liverpool: bark Kate Burrill 'Br), Robertson.
Havre; sclir Lainuiuc, Leach, Rio Jauelroto load for Yap
mouth. N S.
NORFOLK, March22?Arrived, aehr Eddie Pierce, llowst
New York.
Cl....,.l_ll,rk '/(nr?n.?n lll-ll H??n.lll v.?..
NKWBUBTPORT. March 23?Arrived, schr A J Vabiot
Reed. Mayaeues, I'K. via Gloucester.
NKW BEDFORD, March 23?Sidled, sclira Lottie Beard,
Perry. Beth, to load tor Mobile; Minnesota, Coombs, Boothbay,
do )or New York: Maggie P Smith. Grace, Philudel?hia;
Kstelle l>?y, Tracejr, do; Prank A Maria, Wood, Now
24lh?Arrived, sclira llattie Perry. Pciladelphia; Franklin
Pierce, Port Johnson.
NEWPORT, March 22, PM.?Arrived, sehrs C'onmn,
Wlllard, Port Johnson, for Roaton ; Robert Pettsi. Rabbins;
Richard S Xewcomb. Dill, and Nellie M Snow, Snow, from
Providence for Virginia (and all sailed 23d.)
Sailed, schr David G Kloyd Clifford, for Boothbay.
23d?Sailed, sehrs Win D Msnguin. Chase, New Bedford
for New York; Empress, Kennedy, Rockland for do; Wm
Rice, Preiser, do for do.
5 PM?Arrived, achr Ida, Peering. Taunton for New York.
Sallod, sehrs Fawn. Kelley, from Parkor'i Head for Newark,
NJ; Ann S Brown, Crowell, Boston for Philadelphia;
K C Rankin, Hall, Portland for Richmond, Va;
Hannah Westbrook. Mc Puttie, from do for New
York; Philanthropist, Coombs. Fall River fot
do; Defiance, Thorndlke, Rockland for dor
Frod C Unldeu, McKay, Calais for New York; Flora A
Newconib. Eaton. Salem for Tangier; Mary E Pearson,
Thomas. Fall River for New York ; Jane L Newton, Stover,
Irom Boston to Washington, DC : Rebecca Florence. Jones,
Rockport for Georgetown, DC; liazeltoii, Rogers, Bath tol
Now York ; Wiunie Lawrey. Spear, Roeklgnd tor Baltimore;
Rose Sialolith. Krlleban. Gloucester for New York; W?|
Rice, Prcssey, Rockland for do; Ida R Freeman. Freeman,
WollHeet for Tangier; R L Tey, Brown. Rockport for Nois
folk; James Martin. Brown. Boston for Philadelphia.
In port, achra Mary Miller, Dayton, Somerset for Net
York; Thomas B Smith, Winchester, from New Bedford lo|
do; Sparta], Crossman, Calais for do: Wm Batler. repg)
Mansfield. Acliorn for New York; Martha May, Vraoman.
for Orient, LI; Alice Scrantoo, wtg; Juitlco, repg;
Digliton Rock, from Tiverton.
NORWICH, Marcli 23?Sailed, sclira J B Cunningham, fot
New York; Connecticut, fordo.
NKW IIA VEX. March 23?Arrived, sloop Unity, Pavoula.
PHILADELPHIA March 24? Arrived, steamers Donatl,
Lake, Rio Janeiro; Labrador (Fr), Sangllor. Havre; Vindicator.
Rogers, Providence; Saxon, Snow, Boston; Achilles,
Bacon, do; Rattlesuake, snow, do; bark Bergenaeren
(Nor). Wisenberg. Dublin; brig Giorgio Washington (Ital),
Purodi, Genoa; schr E S Newman, Newmau, Cardenas.
Aim arrived, steamers Hercules, Swasey, Salem : George
H Stout, Pierce. New York; barka F Reck (Ger), Waltjen,
Bremeu; Bartolorao Mercian! (Ital), Maguaseo, Bristol;
achrs Until-- Ross. Durgin, Saeua
Cleared?Steamera Philadelphia, Davis, New York; Concord,
do; hark Francesco Avegno (Ital), Oassolo. Gloucester,
Kng: schra Helen, Robertson, Boston; lAr.iie Wilson,
Wilson, do; S C ltart, Kelly, Somerset; Joseph Eaton,
Jr. Peterson, ProvincelWn.
Also cleared, hark Lino (Anal, Basaunlch, Queenatown fot
orders: schrt II Uickmau, Robinson, Matansas: Carrie Bou ell.
Harris, Karacoa: Lliuie Young, Young, Providence |
Edith B Everman, Coiuu, ltoxhury; Sallle h Ludlain, Ludlain.
Lkwks. Del. March 24. AM?Arrived st*amer Albermarle,
from New York; bark Sunbeam (Br), Whitney, Glasgow;
sehrs W D Hilton. Lottie Wells, Archer A Reovcs and Martha
J Granger.
Sailed, sehrs Gamma, for New York; Bagaduce, for St
John. X H 'latter recovered an anchor on 20th) ; Sarah A
Reed, tor Calais, Me; II Curtis, for Portland (the U C out
back 20th).
PM?Arrived, ship Superior (Nor), Helgesen, Antwerp;
harx Sunbeam iBr). Whitney, Glasgow, both for orders;
ichr* S B Franklin. Mary A Tiainor, M G Leonard and Anui"
Hilton, from .
Sehrs I.ulisilm IV.r Isnioy l-'umw I.-ai.l, I..
And others are detained hero by head winds.
Shi|i Iris (Br), for i^ondon, went to sua last night.
Nearly all the vessels that sailed this morning are potting
Hark* (trad SenJ (Ann) and Trojoduica (Aus) remain for
Philadelphia. They will leave next tide.
POIII'IjAND. Me. March 24?Arrived, hark John Mutinies
(Mr), Adams. Boston; schr* Nellie llrown, Norfolk via Boston:
Cuus Coiuery, Bath lor New York; Adrian, Rockland
tor do.
Also arrived, schr Freeman. Newcastle, Del.
Cleared? Schr* New Zealand, New York; Ruth II Bakor,
Alexandria. Va.
PORTSMOUTH, Mareli 22?Sailed, steamer Pcrkiomen,
Pierce. Philadelphia.
PIIOVIPKNCK, March 24? Arrived, steamer (loo Appold.
I.ovoluud, llo?ton for Baltimore via Norfolk; schrs Calvin
P Harris. Benton. New Orleans; M W Drew, French. Jacksonville;
Ann EUsa. Kelly. Virginia; John B Clayton, (JifTord.
Philadelphia; Kli 'Townseud. Arnold. Port Johnson;
Die of Pines, Lege. South A in hoy; Fashion, Carbcrry,
Klixahethport; Hlackitone. Wlcksnu, and Minny Shower,
Super. New York.
Sailed?Steamer Geo Appold, Lovelaml. Baltimore via
Norfolk; brig Kva (Hri Cuddeil, Baltimore; aclirs Sea
Nymph, Dow. Norfolk; K r Cabnda, Swain; Ann S Cannon,
Norberry. and Palestine, Howe. Philadelphia; Isabella
Thompson, Howes, Wilmington, Del; A G Luurson, Mehr*
hot. Proton; Win Voorhii. Goldsmith. Verplsnck's Pointt
S M Tyler. Hart; Win V Burden, Adains, and S S Smith,
Snow New York.
In Dutch Island Harbor 22d. schrs Percy, Mitchell, Eastport
tor New York; C J Wlllard. Waltis, Portland tor Philadelphia;
Ellsa Ann Ma>o, Boston for Jacksonville: K 0
Gates. Freeman. Calais tor New York; Ruth Shaw. Shaw,
Bath for Philadelphia(Jim K Gihsou Emery. Bucksport
i t d<?; itene nrowu, nnowiton. Koekport for Camden, NJ :
Helen M UnnduD, McCarthy, Helfaat for Brunswick, Oai
aim tlio?e reported 3 Int.
SAN March 32?Cleared. ships VUllhr,
Swap, Manila: Winced llunter, Pan no, Nananuo (and return)
; Thetaior Koeriicr (tier), Scherouberg, do; bark 2?
phtruit (t oll, lloiibiiis, I'barinarico.
22td?Cleared, ships Blue .1 u< kel, Pereival, Naoairnu aut
return, Orpheus (tier). Michael, do.
SAVANNAH, March 34?Arrived. bark Andromnda (fur),
Ncilsen. St Vinci-tit.
Cleared?Hark Aurora (ear), Eldvedt, Uddevalla (Swade
Sailed?llurk Antonlotta (So), Salicha, Barcelona.
VINKYARH IIAVli.N, March 33?Arrlvcd, schra A H
Perry, E'ixabethport for Huston ; Cuu|fre?s, South Am boy
for Portland; Teresa f) llakcr, Huston for Viririnia; Frederick
Fi?ti, Itoekpori lor Norfolk; A Tlrroll, Wixcaseetfor New
York; Willie Martin. Portland for do.
Sailed?All before reported, oxocptin/ ubore arrival*, and
bark Jooepli Baker: brijfs Maine it Itusaell. V II Hill
Ia.hore1 ; aclira s V W Mminoo* (repjo, t) M Morale* irepiD, '
sonisa Hlrdiull. Natliau Cleavea, Jesse Hart The Second,
Furrugut. Adtlle F Cole, Ionia. Mary Blandish. Belle Hardy,
Mamrle J Chadwick, Addle Hlal-dcll. dame* Ponder, Marj
i: Whorl, Freddie W Alton. Clara W Elwell. Chat lotto Flih,
M K Kawley, John Faruiim, Mary C (Br), Forest Citj
WILMINGTON, NO, March 33-Cleared, lirigi Hclont
(Nor), Heuderaen. Rotterdam; Taritla (Nor), Koadeen
llamhurir; ?clir .lame* llli??. Hatch, Keiniebunk.
Sailed? Sellr Carrie Meleln, Andrews, Bucksrille.
'.Mth-Sailed, ataanier Pioneer. Wakely, New York.
WOOD'S Hill.IS. Marob 23?Sailed, eclir Laura Robinson,
Kelley. Poters'iurir, Va.
WICK FORD, March 23?Arrived, *cbr Belle R Hull,
Bru?h. Ilnbokcn
Wa RKKN, March 33?Sailed, achr Alfred A Howe, Elli?.
New York.
Y AC HTM, VI K V MilOATs. ,v< .
. Including ships' aud metallic Lifeboats WIS Noutn
?t.. near (iouvemeur slip. STEPHEN ROBERTS.
Mlsl I.I.I, I M .IK
cut Stales, lor numerous cause*, without uuuUoIl*.
legal everywhere ; no cliarce ill advance ; advice Iree.
M. HOC HE, Attornvv, 1st llroadway.
competent court*,' without publicity. Advice Iree.
Notary, Cuinniiailmiar. Ifoeiimentaprenarrd.
KRfcDKKICK I KINO. Counsellor at l.aw.
No ii St. Mark'* place.
. Hraln Diaeoloration* ua? Pamir's Moth ash Khkckli
Lotto*. It la tellable. And for Pimple*. HlackhaaJ*,
Klcahworm*, a.lt your druggiat for I'khby CobaDon* asp
Pin et a Kausnr, the Infallible akin medicine, or conaiilt
Dr. H C. 1'k.KKY. Derinatolugiat. 4H Bond at., New Turk.
\J ami lung* radically cured by WINCHESTER'S IIV.
PoPllosPlll I K OK LINK AND SODA. *1 and -! I?ej
buttle. Sold by all druggiata and at iki J olm ?t.. New tori
radically and iierinaneully cured by EflJiOIIESThK S
sPKCIKit: PILL ?t par bog, ai* bone* ?" Prepared .
only by WINCHESTER A Co Uhemleta, at . H. T,
1 Orocer, Taa, Coffee ami flour Dealer. New \orkera and
ererybody cell end set bargain*. KM Veeey rt.

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