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TUEODonm thomah' bympdony conckbt.
No better proof could bo given of the Immense popularity
of Thorn** in this city and of Iho keen Appreciation
of the metropolitan public of every thing that Is
really good and great In uiuatc, than was furniahed Uat
night at Steinway llall. The weather was horrible, if
such an adjective be sufTlcleut to convey an Idea oi the
ntualion outdoors, and yet currtagea were as numerous
and the doors of the hall at eight o'clock as beset as if
.11., thn slilfiaralk was
.wu... ?
undisturbed by a deluge Iroui the portal* above.
A douse crowd, many of Us component members
with scores beucuth th^lr waterproofs,
struggled Into tbo lia'l, each seemingly
uuwilling to lose one uoto of the splendid bill prepared
lor the occasion. When all were seated It was found
that for late coolers the Fourteenth street uxteusiou of
the hull must be brought into requisition. Both galleries
were crowded The weather does not tilled a
rhmau minrnrl In lkn slightest desrCC. Ills faille Is
too deeply Impressed on tho minds of our music loving
public. The programuie was us follows:?Suite No. 1,
In C (first tinte)?Overture. I'orlano (Danza Ycniziutia),
Jloureo, Passepled?Bach; Aria, "O, T'altma,"Abu
lUasan," Weber, Miss Anna Drusdll; Syinpbouy No.
8 (Kroiea), op. 58?1, Allegro con brio; 2. Marcta Kunebru
(Adagio assai); 3, Scherzo (Allegro Vivace); 4, l'itiale
(Allegro toolto)?Boclhovcu; Concert Aria. "Hocuba"
(Dew). ltuhlusloiu, M isj Anna Drusdll; Kino
1*1?1 Overture. Wagner.
It was u centennial programme tn a suggestive sense
of flic word, liac-h, Beethoven, Weber, Wagner and
ltubiustein. What a quintet, extending in musical
history over l&u years! The suite was presented us un
absolute novelty to its bearers. It was played with that
wouderlul finish and unanimity that only Thomas'
orchestra is callable of coiuinuuicriing to a work of
the lather ol music. As lor the third svuiphouy of
Jteelhoven, opus 55, 'Eroica" (incorrectly meutiouod
us opus 53 ou the programme), it showed the orchestra
Ill Its best light, and It would be vain to look elsewhere
in any musical organization on either side of
the Atlantic lor a better interpretation ol this sublime
work. Wagner's work Is not an agreeable one, and
does not show the composer to lavorable advantage.
The soloist. Miss Drasdil, enjoys au artistic and popular
reputation as u contralto singer second to uouo
since the paluiv days or Album, iicr selections lust
night wore formidable lor uuy one ot a less exalted
standard of sit than (hut winch Miss Drasdil has
a tunned The highly drumutic aria trout Weber's
opera was delivered with a true artistic feeling and
fervor, and the technical difllcultles, not to speuk of
the mtousity of expression required, of Rubinstein's
grand vocal work lound an accomplished interpreter.
-Miss Drasdil has been lor a long time a sullcrer Irom
illness, but her voice is umutpaiied. She is the same
great artist that lent dignity and grauueur to some of
the most prominent musical entertainments two years
itgo. Ou busier Monday evening Theodore Thomas
givesuu extra concert, with S. If. Mills as the gojoibt
Considering the weather last evening the Academy of
Music was well lilted by uu appreciative assotnblage,
and It is grutilytug to add that the perlorinanco of the
comedy, "I.a Closerio des Genets," repaid the visitors
for their attendance. Almost the entire strength of
iiio company was urougnt iniu requisition, ana u tnoro
finished and artistic representation bus nut been presented
hero In many a day. The ensemble Was as perfect
throughout as talent and art could make It, uml while
at times individual merit shone conspicuously the
combination seemed faultless from bcgiuuing to cud
As Louise ifuie. Clarence achieved another histrionic
triumph, the honors of the evening being shared
liy Mine. Lorminui tl.oona do lieauvul), kllie. Tholor
(Lucille), Mile. Uuoytuurd (Corine), ifilo. Uoulcier
;Mulliulie) and others. M. Mezleres gavo a very liuppy
tint truthful impersouaiion of Homliigue, the old
loldlnr of the Imperial Guard, as indeed did all the
ether artists, including M. Kichez (Comte d'Kstevo),
M Venial (le Marquis do Montcalm), M. Dalbcrt
(Keronun). M. Juignet (Itrias). The cast could hardly
tune been improved upon, and the piece, with ail its
attractive situations, familiar to most playgoers as the
' Willow Copse," passed oil with marked success. The
tudieuce gave frequent tokens of their approvul, and
but one opinioti prevailed as to the merits of the company
which has hitherto utlorded so much gratification
fo those who appreciate good acting in one of Its j
kriehinsr forms
The Arlon Society give a coucert to night at their
Mr. Ueorgo Yandenhoff la giving recitation* In Kug
Oilcnbach wields the*baton in New York for the first
time in May.
Mr. Kicbard Morrissoy ha* resumed hi* position in
the box olllcc at tile Olympic Theatre.
Mrs. 1*. 1'. Olivers begins an engagement at tho Walnut
Street Theatre, Philadelphia, this week.
Tony Pastor's new theatre will present a diversified
bill this week, with a number of new attractions.
Mr. Charles Calvert will revisit this city next autumn
to superintoud the production of "Snrdanupalus."
The California Minstrels continue their popular entertainment
at tho Twenty-third Streol Opera House.
Madame l'appcnheltn mot with the sumo disappoint- \
nient in Philadelphia that befell iier in New York. j
Debut postponed.
Tho Olympic Tbeatro offer* a new bill this week in
whieh variety in the performance is only rivalled by
verssti'itv iu tho per formers.
Miss l.oulsu Play fair and Dr. L. A. R a rait will give
Shakespearian reciutiou* iu costume on Tuesday evenlug,
April 4, at Cbickerilig Hall.
The KrcncU company go lo Philadelphia to-day, and
will cotnmencc an engagement at the Eleventh Street
Opera House on Monday evening.
in ingu v uu<|ui a umiiia, -ocuwui.ru ?u isvatu,
Jin.) Miss Jennie Hughes, will bo the principal lealuros
at the Kuglo Theatre to-morrow evening.
Hans Vou Billow was t ick yesterday and could not
play ut the in at I it do. lie will interpret Cliopiu to-morrow
night, health and lingers permuting.
A couccrt lor the beuctlt of the Woman's Guild will
bo given at the Cooper l uion on Monday evening.
Mrs. Sadie Stowoll, soprano, will bo among the singers.
Joseph Draslcr, who has sung tor tbirty-ntuo years
in opera, has retired Ironi tho stage in Vienna. Tho
Kinperor sent htm a diamond ring, with u letter of
"Sentenced to Death" Is tho new play at tho Kagle
Theatre, and other comic pieces will be given by
Messrs. McDcrmoll, 1L G. Richmond, John Wild and
Mr. Barney Williams has been dangerously til for the
past ten days. Yesterday the disease took a tavorablo
turn, uud lipi physicians now pronounce hint out of
Mr. Robert McWade, who has boon quite successful
as Rip Van Winkle at tho Arch Street Theatre, Philadelphia,
will begin au engagement at tho Brooklyn
Park Theatre, to-morrow night.
Theodore Thomas' third symphony concert in Philadelphia
will take place at the Academy of Music on
Tuesday evening. The soloists will be Miss Emma C.
Thursby and 8. K. Jacobsohn, solo violin.
Mrs. Adclina Motte has a complimentary concert at
St. John's Methodist Kpiscopal church to-morrow
evening. She will be assisted by many artists, chief
among whom Is the renowucd pianist, Pattlson.
This la the last week of Mr. Chanlrau at Wood's
Museum. There will bo a sacred convert tfil* evening
at which Mr. Weston, the champion banjoist (there are
fitty champion banjoists in this city alone), will appear
? all. Ik- ll>k._> I .,1.11.,.. ?.? >
"Brass" begins Its seventh weok to-morrow. The
"ring," winch Mr. llowo so musingly displays, has
Inc magical power to move "houses," brings tliem to
the Park and keeps Ibem in laugbtor and delight. Kits
it*isc Wood bus already become one of our most
popular comediennes.
Mr II. J. Montague will appear at the Brooklyn
Theatre, on the Urst three evcninga of the week. In
"false Shame," and on the last three In "Tears, Idle
Tear*," which properly tallows "False Shauic," and
"Partners lor Life," which "tears" very often accompanies.
The company is admirable.
On Friday, April T, a concert will t>? civrn at Chtckerlog
Hall for the benrlll of the Women's Centennial
I'ulon. Miss Kellogg, tb* Mendolasobn Uiec Club and
Mr. Hoffmann will appear. The prograiumo is one of
exceptional brilliancy, and the object one deserving of
the heartiest sympathies of the public.
Tho programme at the Lyceum Is entirely changed,
flic comedy of "Tlio Day After tho Wedding," "Tho
Boose With theOolden Eggs'' and Mr. Burnand's burIonium
of 'Alack Kvcd .Small" ouahl to oive more on
Icriainiuctil and aro more id keeping with the character
of a vaudeville theatre than tbo plays hitherto presented.
Applause durlag the |>ertornanco ol great musical
works Is Condemned by Concordia aa interrupting the
(Merest nnd dl?cnuccrtlng the performer. It advocates
"inaudible sympathy" as the truest homage to tbo
work and the worker, and herein it Is right, though
'.here are, of course, occasions when applause Is a
proper ruoouragi tueui.
I ndrr the auspices of Mr. T. B. Pugh. the PhllaIrlphia
manager, n week's perfortaaneea eof "Julius
Jawar" are advertised to take place at the Philadelphia
xleaav of Malic. besiualae hlaadar. Aartl ft ail mt
Jarrett k Palmer's company (Including the nix foot
''auxiliaries'') and tlio magnificent scenery and so.
cussorles will be tukeu over.
Mr. K. C. Hangs, whose brilliant Mark Antony baa
been the theme of universal commendation, will receive
u benefit on Wednesday afternoon, when the em
tire company have o lie red their services. Mr. lianas I
playeil this character sixty-Qvc time* with Kdwlu
Booth, lour years ago, and Urutus twenty times. Tbia
is the last week of "Julius Cwsar" at Booth's.
Mr llorgh lias written a loiter about a little pieco
recoully produced, ausweriug certain charge* against
Us originality. Ills explanation Is satislactory. Ho
never claimed the entire paternity, But what astou- I
ishes us Is that Mr. ltergh declares that he never saw
"Box and Cox'* in hia life aud never heard of it until
a few days ago. If any one but Mr. ltergh had said
this we anould have been Incredulous, hut wc believe
him. Ills iguoranco of tliut play will udil to tho nolorlety
of w hich, he says, he has already tar too large a
The astonishing popularity of "l'lque" Is shown by
the announcement that it will be played till April 28, i
at least, when it will have reached Its 150th pcrlurm- j
acce. This lact is not at all irreconcilable with lb) |
early criticism el its construction aud character, form
tho tli'sl place it lius been changed as that criticism
suggested, aud In tho second It I* well known tliut las- ,
tidious objections to a play as a work of art often liavo
no ell'ocl upon its popularity. The broad merits of a
drama will eurry olf Its faults on their shoulders, us
Anas oorc Anchlscs out of burning Troy.
air. n m-cicr a ui'W uumuuy ui -iiiu i wins, ?u mu \
glad to hear, ? 11 ho the next production at Wallack's 1
Tlieatrc. The rehearsals have begun, and besides Iho |
regular artisu, Mr. Mull Morgan lias been engaged to (
paiui some of the important scenery. We have already
mentioned the central Ideu of Mr. Wheeler's play?that
of two brothers almost identical in appearance, but '
very different In character. The subject is one diHlcult
lor both the author und actor to trout, but a lino play j
Is expected lrom Mr. Wheoier, and as Mr. Walluck will
assume both parts, there is no doubt, ol eourse, of tbo
ability with which they will be distinguished and con"
"Ferreol" has proved a genuine success at the Union
Square Theatre. Yesterday, at the matinee, notwithstanding
the eclipse of the sun, anil the eclipse of tho
ocllpso by tho deluge, the house was tilled, and all tho
Indications uro of another long run. The scenery Is not
excelled by any that Messrs. Shook k I'aimor have
presented, and anything more would oc to "gild rcj
lined gold and paint the Illy." All tho acting is excelI
lent: but we arc clad to nous tho decleed improvement
I of the two young ddbutantos. Miss Maude Hurritoa
has strengthened unii brightened her rCIc smco the llrst
performance, und Miss Ida Jcflreyg has made a very laj
voiable laipresslou on tho public.
Two j.lays on one evening aie an unusual attraction i
I at our theatres, most of which are now devoted to i
single pieces, elaborately prepared, which keep tho ;
stage lor months ut a time. This woek wo shall havo
the ugiueable variety of u double bill at Walluck's?
"Tho Captain oi tho Watch," one of Blanche's best '
comedies, and tho bnlliant little larcu of "Woodcock's j
Little Game," by Morton, will be produced. Mr. Wul- i
lack will pluy the Yiscouul do Ligny In tho comody .
and Mr. Woodcock in the larco, haviug tho support of
Messrs. John Gilbert, Hurry Beckett, Stcveuson und
Holland, and Misses Ioiio Burke, Goruldine Muye, Elllo i
German and Kuto Holland, and Madame t'onisi.
Concordia, in an article on tho international Jury
which decided tho merits of tho plays upon American
Independence, lor tho best of which Mr. Mlchaoiis
ollercd a prise of 12,000)., has tho following:?"In our
opinion, dramatic autliors were Insufficiently represented
on tho committee. A critic may write a bettor
article than a dramatist?it is bis business to wrilo
articles. But us absolute judge of the morits of a
drama, with or without aptitude lor settlug forth bis
views iu the most appropriate manner, the dramatist
lias certainly no equal. The utmost that the best
dramatic critic eau pretend to is ability
to wrilo an excellent dramatic criticism. Tbo
dramatist, howevor, can construct dramas; and his
opinion on dramatic construction possesses, for that
reason, peculiar value." We do not agree altogether
Willi tlicso statements. It ts true that low good dramatic
Titles have written coed niuvs?as. lor instance. l.imli.
llazlitl, Lelgli Hunt, Coleridge and Schley el?but tliut
did not prevent them from judging of the construction
of a play lu manuscript quit.; as well us uu the stage.
Mr. Wheeler may perhaps make a brilliant exception to ,
this general rule. At all events, a critic who cuunol Judge
au unacted play Is nut likely lobe a coin|ivloul judge of
an acted one. Between the ^wo functions there Is no
important division. Neither dues unulofy|iudicata that
dramatists are the best critics ol dramas. !l is wel'
knowu that painters can no I give impartial opinions of
palutlugs, nor actors of acting, nor musicians of music, j
Iu evorv art the dual court must be a disinterested I
To tiik Editor or thk Ukkald:?
There Is no truth whatever In the report that tho
management of the Union Square Theatre object to
Mr. GooJwin Imitating Stuart ltohsuu lu the burlesque
of "Black Eyed Susan." On the contrary, I under- 1
stand that Mr. Stuart ltobsou has kindly consented to
instruct Mr. Goodwin en various points relative to the
"business" and "make-up" ol ilie latter gentleman's .
tiniLuiiuic ll is due lo the relations eXI-llne between I
Messrs. Shook 4 Palmer mid myself tnai these lucls !
should be kuuun lo the public. Kespeellully,
Lvcii'M Theatre, New York, Mui.Ti 26, 1676.
To the tniTou of tiik Herald:?
It does not scorn to mo the proper thing for managers \
of theatres to sell all their tickets to speculators In the |
manner tlicy do. I called at Booth's three days ago j
and asked lor seats lor Thursday, the 90th of March, [
and was intoriued 1 could procure them six days in ud- 1
vanco. 1 called again the lirst thing this morning and
watted for llio ticket seller to come, and when showu .
the plan ot the theatre found that with the o.xcep
tion in the last three seats In the orchestra stalls all
other places were engaged, und the person in the bug
otUcu said that the other seats had been taken a mocth ,
ago. 1 think it a great Imposition that the tlioalregoing
public should be so swindled, and with the CO lilt
I van CO ol tin; managers, and be made to pay more
than the usual rate, helping lo support a lot ot scamps
who are loo lu/v lo work. Mich a thing would not bo
{ tolerated Iu any other country.
Your paper always desires lo tnalntalu what is right,
and would cooler a boon on thousands by brouking
these rings. My means arc limited, and when I want
te lake my wile in the theatre, these hard times, I do
not think 1 ought to be made pay a hall dol.ar extra
for each ticket or else get a seat in a part ol the houso
where you ean but tmperiectly see acd hear. Yours,
.Nuir York, Maren 24, lilti. A. MARSHALL.
Mr. Thomas I. D. Hull, son of tho lato Alderman
Ball, committed suicide in his mother's house, on
South Seventh street, Newark, N. J., yesterday, owing
to business reverses and tho extravaganco ol' his wife
i as he himself intimated In a letter written just bcluro
his death. It neotns Mr Ball, who was a man of about
thirty two, having a daughter thirteen years old,
; tailed in business some tuns ago, aud was recently employed
us a clerk with Henry Aschenhaeb. Yesterday
lie visited ins mother and retired lo a chamber, raving
he was tired, lie was toiilid dead, aud a phial near by
winch contained dregs of prussic acid. A letter, ad
dressed "To whom It may concern," was lound on his
111 which In* wile goaded In in lor money to supply her
extravagant ilHlm. She I* charged with having
butted linn, keeping hi in atvake at night harusiug
him almut dres*. Coroner Osborne viewed the body
Tue cause of death being apparent, no Inquest will bo
. About eight o'clock last evening a firo broke out tn
1 iliahop's mule yard, in tlraul street, near Summit
avenue, Jersev City. About 150 nuilea were on the
' preui.set at the time, but they were lortuuaicly removed
before the Die had made much headway,
owing to the heavy downpour of rain
ronsidorsme army occurrea iu tuxiuy mo inns
sary measure* to extinguish the Humes ami much
cxrilomvnl prevailed in confluence ol ilio Junyer to
which some i>l the tieiyhlH>riliy hutldibys Were exposed.
Kor some time it was learnt that the tire woulu ss^umo
alaimtny proportions, hut yrudually 'l wa<* K(,l under
control and the damage dor.o was mainly to staldes
and outhouses of coin|iarulively small value. It was
lound very dillltull to make an exact or approximate
estimate of the damaye dona, but It must liavu covered
several thousand dollar*.
A laryo summer boarding house, in Hastings, on the
Hudson, known the "Brookstdo House." owned by
Mrs. W. K. Grow, was completely destroyed by fire at
two o'clock yesterday morn in*. It is believed that
the lire was the result of Incendiarism, as
two tramps demanded money a short time
belore it broke out, and on being roluscd niado use of
| )?u*un*e that was understood as a threat. The house
was a large irame building, and was consumed lu a very
short sp.,co of time. Tho horse ol Mr. Nichols, which
ts only alow yards distant, was saved with groat dilUr.ulur.
The heavy and continued rain storm which continued
in this city yesterday from the earliest hour In
the morning until late in the evening was the cause of
serious inconvenience to all classes of people. Ureal
obstruction to all Kinds of business was experienced,
w h i jo at the same timo considerable damage
to property resulted. Along the water front
basements and cellars were Hooded, rendering
pumping and bailing of tho water
Which bud accumulated a neressilv almost without el*
cepiion iu every houso ulong tbe lino of West aud
fc-oulh streets. Iu lireeiiw'ch aiul Washington streois,
too, tbe tlooding of cellars was no uncommon sight.
Iu very many liistauces tbu streets it ere almost liupassable
Irotu tbe quantity of water which became
dammed up through the want ol capacity or tbe blockIn^
up of the culverts leading into the setvors. Walk
ing was almost an Impossibility except by suffer
lug a completo wetting as perfect us though
a shower bath had been indulged in, such
was tho force of wind and rain. Umbrellas were
cuiircly useless, und so far Iroin being, us tbey ure said
tq, u protection ugalnat the rain, they were found to bo
but uu aggravation ol the evil, for, although serving to
shield the head, tho drippings which ruu off In heavy
streams but more cilcctuully served to saturate j
the lower portions of the body aud Increase the general
discomfort. Only those people ventured out who
had pressing business to attend to, aud even j
then recourse was had to curs and stages whenever
practicable. The streets consequently presented a
most forlorn appcarunco. Not so, however, tho horso
curs, lor they were crowded to tholr utmost cupuclty.
Tho disagrecablo odor und vapors urtsing from the wet
clothing of tho passengers, w ho wero huddled together j
like sardines in a box, is easier imuginod than described.
Tho disagreeablenoss of the present system
of horso car travel were never belter Illustrated or
more lorcibly Impressed on the people who are com
polled to uso them ttiuu yesterday, and frequent
and long continued were the expressions of opiuiou in
lavor ol the passage ol a law requiring tho companies
to luruixh a seat lor ouch passenger and tho limitation
of the uuuiher to Imi earned. Loud, too, wore tho
pruyers lor a spooky inauguration of tho rapid transit
steam railroads.
Storm signals worn displayed on tho signal station,
tho hquilablu lluildllig, as a caution to smaller erall
not to proceed souwHt'd, hut tho ocean steamships proceeded
on tlioir way regardless ol tho weather, and
mostly at the appointed hour. Toward the afternoon
a general belief was expressed that the slortu
was about to break oil, as the heavens appeared somewhat
more light; but this was hut a delusion, lor
shortly alter throo o'clock both wind and ruin iu- |
creased iu tury. 11 y that hour 1.60 inches of ruin had
laucii, una tue w imi nas reucncu a velocity 01 luriytwo
inlics an hour. The amount of damage done ill
this city cannot yet bo even estimated, but the total
will loot up 10 a very considerable sum.
Ou the rivers navigation whs almost entirely confined
to tho terry bouts, lor the crult uupropelled by sleam
were alraid to venture Irom their moorings in luce of
the blinding ram, which shrouded the waters as though
enveloped in log, making it u dangerous risk lor sailing
vessels to llud their way. All In all, yesterday was
without doubt one ol the most wretchedly dlsagreeublo
days suffering Immunity could well experience, but
Irom tbe prognostications of the Weather liurcau It
would seem that a continuance ot u similar condition j
ol things can bo looked lorward to lor two or three
days more.
Pouuukkki-sik, N. Y., March 25, 1870.
A heavy northeast storm of ruin and snow has pro- !
vailed all day and the water In the Hudson is uuu.sually j
high. Reports lroui the south to-night show that thero ,
are iivo or six land slides on tho Hudson River Rail j
road, and all up trains are several hours behind. Ouo i
slide at Spuyten Duyvil is '.'OU leet long, aud covers !
three tracks. Reports irom Huston Corners state that
several llarleui trams are blocked in there, and also
traius ou the l'ouglikoepsie, Hiirllord aud Huston
road, the snow drills in some places being tlfiecii or
twenty ieet deep. The trains on the Rhine beck and
Connecticut roud are all behind, owing to snow drills
tllloeu leet deep between Cupake aud Ho^lou Corners.
Ttimslorm has abated some, with prospects of clear
Emzaustu, N. J., March 25, 1S76.
Tbo storm to-day caused a greater Hood in the city j
than boa been known tor over twenty years. The
Elizabeth Kivcr is swollen immensoly; several streets I
are flooded for hundreds of (eel, and residents in souio
of the rear bouses near the river wero Ukeu out in
bouts. In the lower wards, which are thinly settled, j
whole blocks are submerged, and the people uie slay- j
log in the second stories ot their dwellings. The Water
Coinpuuy's reservoir uhove the city bus been thrown j
open to prevent the duin Iroin breaking, but is yet lull, |
and considerable unxiety is lelL .Men are engaged in
watching it closely. Outhouses and loose timber have j
been curried uwav, and hundreds ol cltizeus are watcbilg
the river In expectation ot a greater rise and duuiage
at high tide it the storm continues.
Newport, H I., March 25, 1S70.
A vory severe storm visited this vicinity this after- j
noon. a large neei ui vessels nave put in tno nuibor.
The steauier Newport, or the Kail Kivor line, will not
leave her dock at Kull Uiver until the storm abate*
Min'ottn, March 25, 1870.
From Ave to seven Inches ol snow and bail loll here |
last night, and a severe rata storm set in this morning,
which still continues. A llood o!' the Delawaro is uppruheuded.
Uostox, Mass., March 25, 1876.
The storm to-day has been unite severe throughout j
New Hampshire and Maine. At Plymouth, N. 11., over
a toot ot snow hud fallen and It Is still snowing. The :
snow is live lect deep on a level. AU trams are blockailed.
Waterbcrv, Conn., March 25, 1876.
The snow storm, which commenced this morning 1
changed to rain during tho lorenoon, and up to this
hour (ten P. M.) It has poured down Incessantly, j
which, comblued with the rupld dissolving of the
snow, Is raising the Naugatuck River, causing a big
llood tho enure length of the valley and greatly
impeding railroad travel. Tlie three o'clock
P. M. train from New York, duo here at liulf-pusi six,
is at Derby, Its passage being obstructed by several
land and rock slides and washouts. The milk tram, |
which left here at six o'clock, has only sol to Ausumu.
liclow 1 lorliy there in u washout ioily loot in length
una rtitoon loot deep It looks now an il the damage to
the railroad aud to other property would he groat.
The following It the condition of the weather reported
at Tour o'clock P. M. :?St. Louis, cloudy, west,
warm; Chicago, cloudy, warm; Pittsburg, foggy,
north; lludalo, raining; Albany, snowing all day;
Philadelphia, raiuing; Washington, rained all day,
souio prospect of clearing.
times or Tin Ciiikv Sional Orricaa, J
W asuixotux, March 24? 7:30 P. U. )
For New England, ram or snow will continue, with
dangerous winds on tho coast, tailing huroiuotor aud
stationary or a slight rise lu temperature.
For tho Middle Slates, rain, followed hy partly cloudy |
weather and decidedly low barometer, rising during
Sunday, with southwiil to northwest wiuds aud u
ah" lit fall in to time return
Kor the .soiiUi Atlantic States, clear or clearing
weather, rising barometer, northerly to westerly winds
a tut a alight rail tn temperature.
lu the Gull Slates, Tennessee and the Ohio Valley,
partly cloudy or clear weather during Sunday, with
stationary or a slight lall in temperature, rising harnm- {
etcr and northerly to westerly winds east of the Missis- |
aippi, and uoilberly to easterly winds in the Southwest.
Kor the upper lake region, the Upper Mississippi
aiiU|Lower Missouri valleys, areas ol snow, followed
by partly cloudy and cooler weather, northerly to
westerly winds and rising barometer.
Kor the lower lako region, raiu and snow, variable ;
wirnU nniftiug lo nuriliwrst and noiiibwc*l, risiug
barometer and a slight lull In temperature.
The Cumberland end Lower Ohio rivers will rise
rapidly. Tba Mis*u-i|)|ii will couiinuo to rise from ;
Memphis to Cairo and the danger will increase.
Cautionary signals will continue at stations on the
Atlantic coast
The display of cautionary signals at all lake statlous
will be resumed on April 1. -|
- __
The following rocord will show the changes In the j
tomiwraiure lor tho past twenty-lour hours, In torn- j
Mfieva with the eorreinondlas date of last year, as 1
men 26, 1876.?QTTADirm
indicated by the 'thermometer at Hudnui's pharmacy,
Hhiiai.u Uuildiug:?
1 S7??. 1570. 1871. 1870.
3 A. M 20 37 3:30 P. If.... 35 44
6 A. M 28 34 6 P. M 34 40
OA. M 30 30 0 I*. M 32 40
12 M 32 42 12 P. M 30 45
Average temperature yesterday 42
Average teiu|**rature lor corresponding date last
year. . 31
1875. 1870.
Weekly average 25 5-7 30 3-7
Those anvioua to winters the cclitt.se ol the sun
yesterday must liuvo beeu seriously disappointed at
tbe pitiless persistency with which the ralu catue down
all day. The meteorological reports ot the eaatward
advance of tbe sloriu had prepared people lor u downpour;
but still hopes were entertained that, at one
penod or other ot tho phenomenon, a glimpse of the
Miu'* disk might be caught. By three o'clock these
hopes hat completely taded away. The ram was in
a thoroughly business-like humor, and, haling forestalled
the moou in the' matter of tho oeltpee, was
determined to shear Luna ot any importance which
might otherwise hate accrued to her. Although the
sun's disk was ut no time visible during the period of
the eclipse, still there was u sensible diminution of
light when the eclipse had reached its maximum.
Tho Florida people arc to be congratulated at not
having been disappointed like ourselves, that Stulo
home about the only ono whore it was not vlsihlo
under any conditions.
Sltamer. j sSut/a. | Destination. J Office.
javu | M 'cm 'JU. i Liverpool., j 4 Howling Groou
Wielftmi M'ch.'lO. Hamburg.. HI Hroiuiwuy
Holland M'rli :<( . London.... i i> liroadvva.r
.Mmi* M'cli 30. Koltcrtlam. AO Hmuilwuy
Kgypl April I. Liverpool.. UU Broadway
llui^tiurg Apiil 1. Mrcuien.... J Howling Green
Hultic April 1 Liverpool.. 37 Hrimdwiv
City ol Oliestor.... April 1 Liverpool lf? HrouUway
Labrador April 1. Havre...... 56 limadwuv
Ethiopia April I. lilitNfrtw ... 7 Howl in fr Green
W7Gluing April 4. Liverpool.. 1!H Broadway
Algeria April 5. Liverpool. 4 Howling Green
fimbria April H. Ilaiuourg.. Hi Broadway
Mute ot Indiana... April U. Glat,?ow... 7:? Broadway
Hrpublic April x. Liv.-rpoot.. 37 H road war
Pity ot New York.. April 8. Liverpool. 15Hrnn?lwar
'I In- tjucoii Vpril H. |.iverpooi.. HP hroadway
Nvckar Vpril x. Bremen.... 2 Howling Green
Virioriu j April H. ulus^ow.. , Howling <>roen
China I \f?ri 11-. Liverpool.. 4 Bowling tiraen
Oily of Richmond.i April LI. Liverpool.. 1?i Broadway
Sueviu April Id. Hamburg.. ul KroHilway
Ivnirluii<l Kpril Lr?. Liverpool.. 69 Broadway
(icrmunic April l.r>. Liverpool.. b7 Broadway
Helvetia Vpri 1 lf? Liverpool.. Pi# bpmduHV
Amerique April 13. Havre 33 Hroadwav
ouer Apt ill.}. Bremen... i! Bowllnjr <*reen
Calhernia ; April 1 "?. i(jlu?irow.... 17 Howling Creea
Nevada Anrll |m. Liverpool.. 20 Broadway
Slnle ol I'onnsyU. April VO. GUfeirow.... 72 Broadway
(Seller! April'JO. Hamburg.. Ill Broadway
Celtic April 22. Liverpool.. M7 llroadwuv
Bolivia April 22. }Ola?Kow... |7 Howling Hroeu
France April 22.1 Havre... l;>5 Broadway
Sun rises 5 54 | (?ov. Island eve 9 12
Sun sets 0 18 I Sandy Hook eve 8 27
Moon eels eve 7 85 | Hell Gate eve 19 57
Steamer Wilmington, lloluios, Charleston March 22, with
tml*e to J W Quintan! .t Co.
Steamer Albemarle. CibSa, Lowes, Del, with mdse to the
Old Dominion Steamship Co.
Ship Orient, Allen, Loudon, and the Down* Jan 28, wttn
? I- <-...1 '!'? > < ?.. Vailo .? sontKarn
fussagc *??d had variable weather. Been 6 days north of
latter**; Feb -I. lut 46 ?IU. lou 1004. Win Wilkersou, teaman,
iel) from aloft overboard, and was lo*t
Shin VigUlatc (ol Howdoinliam>, Fulton, Havre via South*
west Pass 70 days, ill ballsst to .las W El well A Co. .Ian 16.
hi a heavy NK gale. Tr.'d Peterson, seaman, aged 22 years,
was ainhod overboard and drowned.
Hark lluaken iiaakcusuu (Nor), linage, Hereon 4*2 days,
in ballast to order. Fe > -5, lut 46. Ion 52. panned a larro
<Iii*?ntity of ice, and steerod south to Bermuda to avoid it.
The 11 II is anchored at Staten Inland for orders.
Bark A tn all a (Sw). Aspgrcn, Bordeaux (hi days, with
wines, Ac. to i) St Amain A Souk.
Mark tiudieti (Fr), Uuloii, Suntandcr 60 days, with empty
barrel* to Boyd A 11 hick Ml.
Kaik Koiuolo (Ital). Crovaro, Leghorn 68 days, with m arble,
fx**. Ac, to Alplieu* Hardy A Co.
Bark Reindeer (of New. Hftvem, Decker. Demorara 20
davit, with Nuurur to If Trow bridge's Sous
Bark Alexander CuuipbcU (of Cherr>field), Bunker, CienfuegoN
16 nays, with sugar and molasses to Moses Taylor;
vessel to Siiuu*ou, Clapii A Co March 18, ofTCupe Rouiain.
had a heavy ESK gale, c sfrviup awa.v iibhooin Ae.
Bark Oc an IVftrl (of Poi tiund), Henley, Curdcnus 13
days, with sugar to Brett, Son A Co. March 21. lat SW. Ion
74 30, encountered a furious hurricane from SSK, with a
very heavy sea; whippet) several seas, which swept sleeks
lore una aft, stove windows of cuhiu house, broke stanchions
and filled the cabin with water: 21tb, OO miles SE of Barnegat.
picked tip a part of a vessel w mast, apparently but a
short tunc in the w iter
Brig Elisabeth. Stubbs, Montevideo vis Portiambuco 86
days, with bides, Ac, to II D A J I' Brookm in. Was 11 davs
nor'lift! Ilfttteran. with strong SW gates; . March 2, lat
28 Id. iou 64. Clallin Benton. seaman, of Dunkirk, toll froui
the foretopsail yard overboard and was drowned; a str-unr
train was blowing at the time Feb 10, lat .?JI5 S, Ion 34 Of
W, spoke hurk Eixsie if JaclUBu, Iroiu Antofogasla tor Bostou.
67 days out. V
Brit; Thetis, Npalckhauer, Cumroa 16 days, with salt, fustic.
Ac. to Povale A Co. March 21, oil ('ape liattorus, bud
a heavy S.SE gale, lasting lo hours, in which lost and split
some sails.
Briir Fidelia (Br), Young, Havana 15 days, with sugar to
order; vessel to Jus W El well A Co.
Schr Sunbeuna (of PeiiHUCola>. Bunker. Port Antonio. Ja.
16 davs, with fruit to Robert StUtou. Was 6 day* north of
llatieras. with heavy W and N W irates; snlit aud lost sails.
Sclir T W Holder.(of Huckspirtj. Saunders, fietifuegos 16
days, with molasses to R p Buck A Co. otf ilattcras had a
violent 8SK pale for 12 hours, during which split aud lost
several Kails and had boat stove.
Schr Carrie C Miles (of Boston). Graham, Baracoa 10
davs, with fruit to Gomes A Poarsull; vessel to B J Vveuberg
A C ..
Schr Cumberland (of Portland), Webber. Cardoitas 12
days, with sugar, Ac, to ltubiru A Co ; vo*-?el to Brett, Son A
Schr Gamma (of Mnrhiat), Guptil, Mataur.a* 17 days, with
molasses to s A W Welsh; vcssoi to F Talbot A Co.
Steamer Krunconiu, Hracir, Portland for Now York
Steamer city ol Now Bedford. Fish, New Bod ford for
New York.
*w:iir t?saeo (Br), Gorhaui. M John. NB for Nsw York (see
Schr Capitol, Beach, Providence for New York.
sciir II E Curtis, June*. Providence for New York.
Schr A llavlord. Kane. Round Food for New Y'ork.
Schr Liinnal Lewis, Lrwis,?Boatuti for New York.
Schr John lAitier, Lincoln, I'aiirflon lor New York.
Sclir Mniqiui, Phillips, Providence tor New York.
Schr Twilight, Uouiiraon. Hath lor Now York,
schr Clara. Wescott, Bridgeport tor Now York.
Schr Hannah Blackmail, Arnold, Newport lor New York.
Sclir II H Pitts. V% illtawsou, lireenport lor Now York.
Schr K A Haves. Hayes, rrovidetiee lor New York.
Schr II L Tay. Brown. Itockport tor Norfolk.
Schr J Wcidin, How, Providence tor New York.
Schr Ann J Kutaell, Ohattleld, Korkport tor New York.
Schr Fanny Fern. Katort Providence for New York.
Schr Wm flic , Pressor. lackland for New York.
Schr Hiram Tuthfll, Tulhill, Port Jefferson for New York.
Schr Sarah II Thoina*. Arnold. Middletown for New York.
Schr Win F Burden. Adams, Providence for New York.
Schr Winnie Lowcry. Sjwa , Rockland l*?r New York.
Schr Cxar. Wheeler, Pioviucetown lor New York.
Schr llaxiotou. Kufom, Hath t??r New York
Schr Ann S Brown, t'rowell Boston for New York.
Sclir Mary N'att, Barker. Mottinglon lor New York.
Schr Klioile Maud, Andrews, Saj? Hartmrfor New Y'ork.
Schrf W Dexter, Duncan, WDcaeset for New York,
Sclit Ft! Russell, Uanklii, Say; Hurbtt tor New York.
Scbr Dwi^hl Davidson. Kldridiift, New ilaven lor New
Schr S M Tyler, llart, Pruvidenoe for New York
Schr Lucy A Orcutt. llart. Si George, Me. for New York.
Schr Laura Robinson, Kelly. Tlsburjr H?r Petersburg, Va.
Sc'tr t' J Yan Name, Hardy. N.'w Haven for Virginia.
Schr Julia A Martha. Ilopus, Providence tor New York.
Schr Kuipres*. Kennedy, Hock I and for New York,
Kchr Percy. Mitchell. Kastport tor New York
Schr Suliic Burton, Burlcv Smralura to- Now York.
Steamer General WMliicv. IIillicit. New York lor Boston.
Steamer I tilled Slates. Dull. S?* York I.? Full River.
Mtinier Gulden. \V widen. New York lor ''ruvldenee.
Sluauinr Tillie. Ktvlutt. No* Yum lur New Loudon and
Nor a loli
BiIr J V Ilors.v (Br). Colli I. ?? York lur Rio Janeiro.
Seltr Alien 11, Huberts Iloloken for llu*ton.
IIik.lo rumiirn station. )
Wmitkston*. i.l, March 2b, 1S7H. t
The Sound nnd coastwise steamers. with the exception of
the Tillie eod the l.anra. which nnchursd oil IInminond'n
Fist*. passed this point on tlino Tue F.a-loro liound Heul,
Including bri* .1 A llnrsry for Rio Janei o, nod u bri*. tlio
DIM Of lliirb ?M net ascertained prubtnlv the /annul,
lur St Johns, N F), iii o In FlushiiiK liny, awaiting abatement
of the northeast storm.
Stenmer City of t'arli (tin. kouneUy, Liverpool via
Qucenstowu John (i Dale.
Steamer Adriatic (Br), Oloiidail, Liverpool via gueenatown?tl
.1 Curtit.
Steamer Italy lir . Webster, Liverpool?F W J llurst.
Steamer Navarino (Uri, Rubers, Hull, fc? Chits L Wright A
Steamer Mosul (Her), Ncynaher, Bremen Tia Southampton
-Oelrtclis A t o.
Steamer Hemline. t'olhurn. Ilavann?J K Ward A Co.
Sloaioor City ot San Antonio, ronnni.ton. Hal veatou via
Key West ?C II Mnllory ill Co.
Slcuiuer llndenn. (lager, XewOrleaua?Clark A Seaman.
!>! tmor Al|liri, lla? lliorn, .New ttrlcntii?Chat A Wnltney
A 0<l.
Steamer Son Jacinto, Hazard, Savannah ?W H Oarriann
Manor City uf Atlanta; WimmIUuII, Cbarleitou?Ja? W
yniniardA Co.
Steamer Benefactor, Jonea. Morehead City aud Wilmington,
Ni' -Win I' Clyde A Co.
steamer Old Dominion, Walker, Norfolk, City Point and
Richmond?Old Dominion steamihipOo.
Steamer I. C Km,lit, C'hlchetter, Aleaandria and taeorgetown?I
lr Ketone. Jr.
Mtearnrr Autliraelie, Crumley. Philadelphia?lai IImid
Sir inter l?ea Whitney, liallett, Ito-ton?II K III mock.
Ship KarorKa, rlerrlth, Meloiiarne? Malllar A ijnerean.
B irk Ckarlee K klwell iUn, O'Brien, Cork or I'almouth
for orders Jame* K Klaell A Co.
llark Wanderer iHr,,liove, lilbraltar lor ordare?Ono K
B nllee
ll.trk Oenevlcve M Tucker, Merryman. Montevideo?J 11
Winchester A Son.
Itaia Carlh, Tu?neend, Frederick nladt, DW1?P Stanford
ItrItr liock (llr), Wright, Larne? llenay A Parker.
Brig Kobt Mono, Dearborn, Point aPltre? It Trowbrldgc'a
Sehr Ceeila. Mlekerzon, Clodad Bollver?Oee Olllett.
Scbr Ads J Sbortland, Donue. Cape Haytl?B J nhortland.
Srdir W la Itemimr lludnina. Naatitae?Jan I'm k Co.
Schr A D Henderson, ilnderson, Cerdenae?Parsons A
Hchr Olivl 4 a O'Mulleu (Ur), Holmes, Halifax, NS?P I
Neviua A S??n.
SchrMary The all, Tbeall, Si John, KB?P I Ne?lu? A
nteamers Adriatic (Br). for Liverpool ( I IIT ot r aria mri,
do; Italy iBri.do: Navarlno (llr). Hull; Mosul (Oar). Braluan;
Stale of Virginia illr). UIihid*; King Arthur (Br)
Havana; Heading, do; City of San Anlonlo. Galveston and
Kev Wfit; Hudsou, New Orleans; Alrirrn, tin; Sail .larintii,
avanaah: City of Atlanta. Charleston; Beuefootnr. W'llmington,
SC; Old Ooialniou. Klciiniond. Ac; E I' EiilfU,
Georgetown. DO.
Wind at niidniirht. SS\Y. with toj.
Barometer at sunset, *t).72
Stxamkr Cakomdilmt. McCreery. from New York,
ftrouudrd while going Into Key West 2"ll^ She will probably
got off without Resistance or damage.
stbamkk KkiCkkubocmku, Keinble. fr.on New Orleans
March C.I lor New York, put back 20th to New Orleans, with
nachiuory disabled slightly.
Snip Lams Surnaiou (Br), Uoyuolds, which was badly
damaged on tbo 5lh Inst iu a collision with the steamer Luke
: .Megauiie, in the <'tiesapcuke, proceeded uu bur voyago to
Liverpool 24th inst.
Ship Uichird iii: st hmd, before reported, was sold at Uio
Janeiro for grot 1UJIU1,300 rs.
Hakk Monthkal (Br>. from Genoa for Darlen, which went
ashore nt Wolf Island, Ua, 14th lust, wont to ptuces on the
17th. Notion* saved.
Bark II a it n i vt X Jackson, before reported ashoro at
i Spring I'olnt. Cane Elisabeth, got off morning of 25tb and
put iuto 1'ortland Harbor.
I Bark Macuik Ml'Nkil (of New Orleans), Otteson, from
' Ruenos Ayros for Kio Janeiro, with hay. before reported,
; was totally lost Ktb IB on tbo Istus of .Marica. Some of the
| stores and cargo Wore saved.
Hark Atlantic. Laufure. hence for Bark a^lot. was seen
?4tli inst. .Vi miles SK of the Highlands, picking up a ship's
long boat, painled green top and white but torn; all her oars
was laelied to her; tbo boat witi bottom up.
Brio Katk L'piiam <Br>, W'oodworth. London for Boston,
put Into Halifax i-Sth lust for rcpuira, bavin* hud heavy
weather and lost sails uud main boom and sustained otbur
| damage.
Bbio Kliirkni'k, Wall, was sold at Havana previous to
| March IS. on private terms.
Bun: Km* t Stpvwi.h (not Ellen Stewart), was the vessel
sold a few days ago for $0230.
Sciik Olivk Clark. Davis, of and from East port for Bosi
ton, before reported asboro on linker's Island liar. Mount
I Desert, went to nioces on the 2ttli lust She had a cargo of
irou. wool, Ac, In her, valued at Sl.SOfl, on which there was j
uu Insurance of $1.-'(JO. No insurance on the schooner !
I smoked herring and other merchandise made up the cargo.
SoiiR Kknkst T I.kk. Hideout, at Norfolk March '2'A from
BvWIIVICK, UA, II (III IbH ft he.ivy gftflfc,
during which it was found necessary to throw overboard a
portion of the dock load.
Sell it SuiLOH, wreck? I at lluttoras, bai iron? to pieces, and
not tiiiiir of tho ear*: was saved. A small portion ot the
sails aud r gging were saved.
sou it Addif. WiUKiR, at Philadelphia from Ha<*aeoa. ex .
perionccd continuous heavy NW gales and had irioiuhooia
Scuu Ossieo (Br), Oorham from St John for Now York,
with Hniber, wliile rounding Thrower s Neck, pot her wheel
rope foul ami drifted ashore on the sandbar inside the buoy,
opposite Purl Schuyler. She lies easy and would probably
float at high water.
Pilot Boat Cms II Marshall lost two men March J">
with tkio ) awl, while in the act ot boarding a vessel oil Saudy
Boston, March 25?Steamer Norens, from Now York, col|
hded with ferryboat Jotl'crsou last evening, damaging the
latter to the extent of $1 ,000.
[ Baltixork. March 25?Tug VirgBiia Khrinan yesterday
| morning proportion down me nay to inn a.ssiiuanco oi ine
Austrian hark .Tcdune-?ti Dubrovuchi. ashore ut Windmill
Point, near the month of the Kuppahuniiock Itivcr. The
Htilir John K Shaw went along in order to lighter the hark
of hor cargo, consisting of grain, after which the will be
towed back to Baltimore.
Schr Active, Phillips, from Seatbrd, Dol, with a load of
lumber, stuck fast on the Three Slaters' oyster ground night
before last, ami remained several hours. She was assisted
off by a tug alter liaviug thrown over toard a portion of the
lumber, ller entire loss Is about $30. She came iuto port
Yesterday afternoon a barge heavily loaded with coal,
while being hauled nroiiml the stern of the British steamer
Sardinian, at Locust Point, struck against one of the Made*
of the vteameiN nropellttr, knocking a large hole in her bottom.
She rapidly filled with water, careened and sank.
Efforts will be uiude to raise iter to-day.
Oitoiitirrowy. Me, Murch 22?Schr Cutlass. (Jardner to
St Coorget parted from her moorings in Eire Island hurborf j
during the gale of 21 ?t, carrying awav masts, tore out stern '
post and filled and ?unk in 3 fathoms water; nupposod to bo I
a total loss; no insurance.
Kknnkiipxkpokt, March 22?Schr Oem of the Ocean (of
Portland), went ashore ou Baas Is laud, and lost rudder and
is otherwise damaged.
Nkw Orleans, March 25? Steamer Mississippi (Br), Lindell,
lor Liverpool, la aground on tlie bar.
Portsmouth, March 24?The wreck of brig lJattio Eaton
has been sold for $300.
Steamer Herman Ldvlnoton, from New York for Savannah.
March 24. lat 3N 10, tun 74 hti.
Steamer ? lly of Havana, frum Now York for Havana,
Man I. 28. J.'i liliU'H SW of Cape Lookout.
ltark Xcnia. Heyuold*, from Delaware Breakwater tor
Witcnaeetl, March 24, 0 milea SW of Wood Island
ltark Atluutic. Luufarr. from New York for Barbadna,
March 24 SOuillea SK of the Highland* iaee Miscellany).
Ilri'r S V Nichols (Br), from Mataiua- for I'ortlaud, March
25, 10 AM. 40 miles S ofCapeKlh^bcth.
AsrwRur, March 23?Sailed, bark Chlgnecto (Br), Shaw,
United States.
Sailed from Flushing 24th, oark Sagalum (Nor), Fredrik.
sen. Boston.
Haukow, March 25? Arrived, brig Hula (Itsl), Bonglej
%nnnl, Baltimore.
Cadiz. March JO?Sailed, brig P II Odlorne (Br). Renanit,
j Gloucester, Mass. <
Falmouth. March 24?Arrived, >lii|> Ida of Bute (Br),
j Cart'iil. San Francisco (not arrived at (Juecnstown).
iilBKALTAK. March 17?Arrived, brig Roberto (Itol), As|
ttacti, New York (before reported without date).
H avbk, March 25, 0 AM?Sailed, steamer Ameriqne (Fr),
Ponzols, New York.
{ Cleared 2Sd, ship Josephine (Nor), 8mith, United States;
brig Alice (Nor). Ibergcnseti. do.
Livkkpool. March 24?Arrived, ship British Commerce
(Br). Ken-iall, San Francisco.
Sailed 25th. ships Xereus(Ur), Kemp, San Francisco; Guitav
k Oscar (Br?late Carrie ltced), Kimnie, New York.
Also sailod 25th, steamer Istrian (Br), llorne, Boston.
London, March 25?Sailed, barks Hermanns (Nor), Jacobsen.
United States; Peabody (Nor). Nielsen, do.
Londondkhkt. March 25?Sailed, bark Aalto (Uus), Jan.
sen. United States.
Palkkmo. March 24?Sailed, steamer Pal ma (Br), New
York direct.
QckkxsTiiwn, March 24?Arrived, ship Killochan (Br), I
McFadyn, San Francisco; barks Uoralio Sprague, Atkins.
Somalia)a via St Helena; St Nicholas (Url, Saunders, L|ul-, 1
quo; Nercn O (Aua). Oasolnack, New York; 25th, ship Mount
Washington, Perkins, Jarvis Island; bark Homano C (Aus),
Scopinich, Bailimurs.
Si'NPKKLASD, March 2S?Arrived, bark Sarah A Starlet,
Nickcrson, I'eusacula, with boats and bulwarks damaged.
Siso.seoKK. March 25? In port, bark Klmiranda, Staples,
ior New York,
j Lo.xnow, March 25?Bare Sscaium (Nor), from Antwerp
for Boston, which was in collision at Flushing, with Spanish
1 bark Kauion, repaired and proceeded 24th last.
Bklizk, Hon, March 7? Arrived, schr f.ily of the Valley, j
i Laitch. New Orleans; 15th, brig Tula, Millar, New York tie I
! tail 2?:th on Iter return .
j Sailed .March It. brig Emily (Br), Morgan, New York.
Bakkoa March I t?In port, schrs Annie Freeman. Harris;
Mary i> Leach, Paine; Victor Puig, Pinkhutu; Chas H
Hodgdou, Foster; Klla Preseey, Preaaoy; Fred Walton, j
Klch ; O L Trend wet I. Taylor; flattie Weston," Payeon, and
11,,be It ilyroii. J imiaidson. Idg for New York.
! OikskimJOs. March 22?Sailed, tiriga llnisborough (Br),
Hansen, New tork: Edith llall, Oliver, do; Kenuett (Br),
; iteegan, Boston; Happy Return (Br), Dodge. Halifax.
CAttPKCfAS, Mnrcli 22?Arrived, schr Mary Nowell. Nowell,
J Philudelphin; 24th, hrig Maulius (Br), Todd. New York.
Sailed 2:td. schr Baltic Y Kelscy, Itandall, north of Hat'
| East IIakbob. TI, March 10?Sailed, schrs J P Bleke(Hr),
Moale). New York; Uecnvl (Br), Crowley. Vineyard Haven. |
Havana. March 24?Arrived, schr Clytie (Br;, Laugtou,
1 St John Nil.
Sailed 24th, steamer City of Merida, Reynolds (from Vera
i Crut). New York ; schr Oastalla (Br), Lippi-tt, do.
li.ri.inx, March 24 ?Arrived, brigs M II Morris (Br), Patterson,
I'leuluegos; 25th, Lena (Br), Havldson, do; Kutu
I I'puaiii (Hri, Woodworih. London (see Miacellanvi.
: sailed 24tlr, steamer lien Shuttuck ,Br). (Inlltord, St
i Pierre: brig:. Champion (Br), Fanning, Porlo Rico; Kllle E
Butler (Itr), Jamaica. _
| KI NiistoN, J a, March lo?Arrived, schrs Santa Rosa. Iler- I
rick. New York; Lltlr, B Young, rlall. Pen.acoia viaJacnrel,
where she was liound but was forbidden to enter
Sailed 15th. schr Theresa A kcene. Keene. Falmouth, J a.
In port 17th, schr K Hewitt, Man son, lor New York.
Montkviiiko, r eb >? Arrived, ship Kntus K Wood, Davis,
Boston lor Stiii Francisco; 1 1th. haik Axel iSwi. Bougsten,
New York Riilto, Gould, Liverpool; Acadia (llr-,
UiMiion, New York; schra Ho lie Hooper, Gilkey, Brunswick,
! GM
helled Keb H, berk Woodside. Montiroroere. Cope Goml
Hope; 11th. oehr Ann S Conant, H afford (from Portland), I
Mucin - tyres
In port Feb 15, barks Sarah A I hidui an (Br), Hodman
and \rteita, How, for New York; Archer, Hatch, tor Portland
. Bessie Simpson (Br), Bradford, for Antwerp: Geo
kingmau, Howe* unc; hrigt Minnie Abbie, ll*rdit>?. tor
Button . Ann lia Kniuia, Field. ami Walter Smith, Sruith, tor
, New York ; American. Baas, one; Bismarck (Br), Vance, do;
?chr? Nellie F sawyer, Gatcliidl. for HavAnatk; llattio N
Goro. Mercbatil. wtg
M iyaul it, Fob 23?Arrived, telir D V Keeling. 11obi i son,
|'tK> mtrro. Feb 11 ? Arrived, brigs Water Witch, Duffy,
Baltimore; 17th, Anna (Dan). SveinLcn, New Yore ; -1st,
sidir John Hose, Howell. Kio Grande; 2Sth, bri;: Lllen
' Maria. Huberts. Baltimore
Sailed Feb 13. hark* II armbtirg, How,*, Liverpool; 21th,
Mav iyufCti. Spriniraton. Baltimore (2,tKH ways sugar).
In port Feb 7, scar Mary Helen, Sanborn, from Sow York,
l*\ua, Msrrh.l--Sailed previously, achr Maggie Abbott,
I Abbott, New York.
In port March t, sclir Jacob ? Kid*cu ay. Tow iisend, from
' New York.
Uio Jatiicbibo, Feb U? SuiloJ. barks Winifred (Br), Dell,
Now York; Tale?uian (Br), Hlackio'd, Baltimore; Am*
ion, No pick, do; Marganda d'ort* siiva, Philadelphia; brig
Wesley and Seymour. (Port), Knowlton. Barbados; lutli,
* *st o .. ./...-i 1 \ ... L I ,t?. .In.. I..,,,, -
(Fort), Soar?#, New York; S CHiancbnrd, Meutiy, Celluw;
loth t.ark Zurich tHr>. for FeniMtfla; Irriic Iterator <lir\
Colli#, New York; 17th, Star. Cook. mi?1 J.onir lt.-iuh. A inlet
eon, Vi cut Indie1*; hth, Charles (Sw), HvrtliMD, Hampton j
Koadr: IlKh, bark* .*potle*s Chaptnnn. Iiniiini. ro, &ld,
Clamliiia < Tort), Correa, New Ifrjrk; riiry Belie < Hrj, Wnt,
do, '-.'4 th, achr Martha N Heath. Ktrby, IVruatntmcn.
In poit Feb Jit? Ship* Alice Vrnntrii, Could. for ??;
Peru. I.arra???<*. from Cardiff. arrived iHiit: svra (Mr),
, 1 horn at, trow do. arrived Ithh; hark-' Mnrv M Bird. Niel*? ti,
uiic; l*?rd Baltimore. (Hr), lluvtord, troin Klchniond. arrived
! Hull for New York; K W Mtrnaru (Bri, Merriatn, iinu; -la#
' I, t'endrricaat tHr?, Bates, do; Hetieva. I i or li arn, mi?; ??ri>f*
Dante (Port], Santos, for New York; llnrlMNtf <Her), dasthlnr,
forHalvcsion; Senorita. ft Wtnomi. from and for Ha III,
more; David Owen. Cltadhoiirnc, Iroui Pennactdn, arrived j
i Bth, unc; Sarah CI I mo re, Clifford, from Fornandlna. arrived
, 9th; Aquidiieck, Johnson, from New York, .folia Blake
i tHr , Know lion, unc; *chir? A llemton. Mdiahou, lor New
I York. Dawn (Hr). Colin* for Umooion Honda.
At John*. PR. March 14?Sailed, harlt Paladin (Ar*>.
June*. IJjiiiiMioro.
Sagim. March vS?Arrived, brij? (J K Q#ary% Conklin. New P
*?*,ll<4 'I llordmi. It eland. AapinwaJI; Carrie K
Woodbury, Woodbury, Ouedalouito.
Sailed 23d, hark* Retina Tolck, Ray. Boston; Acacia,
Shaw, north of liaiteras; achr John O Noyes, Ooker, do;
23d. britf Mary Hurt lett. Smith, New York.
St J ago, March HI?Arrived, aehr lillen Perkins, Mitchell,
Port Spain via Ponce, PK.
St John. NB. March AV-Arrired, bri* CitUea (Br), Tburl>er,
4 ientiiev:"*.
Cleared 24th, bark Frances Ililyard (Br). Abbott, Dublin;
achr Graiitnire. New York.
, iii?naneu, fcuri i-eceura.
Crosby. Vineyard Haven: J I' Blake Blake New York. A
schooner haillnv from Ellsworth sailed two devs urevloniiy.
VlCTOlfU. March IS?Hailed. bar : Otaeo, Ihorndiku. Valparaiso;
HHIi. Miontlnir Star. Ml. Han Francisco. '
VAimorTH, .VS. March 2-"i?Arrived, brl- M E Oorpcl (Br),
Jlers-y, Wort Indie*
Sailed 2oth, hrltf l'onto (Br), Allen. Wtn Indies.
BOSTON, March 85?Arrived, steamer Dominion (Br),
BuberU, Llberpool; harks Tremnnt. Small. Itosario; Nurena
Nichols. Matanxaa: V Gibson, Bradford. Slnirnnore; T i
Jones. Berry, Leghorn; brhfs Valencia. Richardson,'Trinidad;
* .race Lathrop. .W?o"d, Cai.o lla> lieu . Genreins
(Hr). Hartllnir. Trinidad; Clara J Adams, McFnrland
Mat ansae: schrs Mark I'cndletnn. Scott. Si Do
minuo; K It Collin, Cole, flentuecos; J U Stover
Clay, Georgetown, SI', via Norfolk; B S. Young
Young, Virginia; 1, A D Elsk. Fuller, Baltimore El wood
Doren. Jar vis, do; Sarah Bruen, I'oltcr, Philadelphia: Paul
1* Keller, Henderson. I'ort Johnson: E II King. Bunker,
Elisubcthport; A II Dy?r. Dowling. New York; Plymouth
ICock. Bnriress, do; I> GilTnrd. Cobb. Weuhuwken: Jamea
Satterthu alto, Long. Philadelphia: Cherub. Kloteher. Now
York; llaltle M Crow-alt, Crowell, Wechawken, Roger
Dmi v. Wood, do: J S Lamprey. Gould, I'ort Johnson.
Also arrived bark Joseph Baker. Hyder, Cieufueeos;
brlir I) K Brown (Br), Churehlll. Trinidad; schr*-Samuel
\Vnckrlll, Downinc, Turk's Island; Marlon 1* Champion,
Freeman. Green Island. Ja: Skylark, Small, Baltimore: C
C Dane. Lane, do; Twenty one Friend*. Jcffera. PhiladelI.hia:
A Corson. Godlrer. do; A II Hickman. Shaw, do;
lat Id V Streaker. Van Gilder,do: Luria B Ives, Irelln, 1'erth
Amboy: J C Naali. Crowley, do: Andrew II Edwards. Bartlett.
Delaware Cilr; Annie M Allen. Condlln. Wcahawken;
C S Edwards. Bsker. do; J J l'liaro, Andersen, Iloboken;
Jacob Kleuxle, Stcclmun, I'ort Jobuson; Douglass Haynes,
Aduins. do.
Cleared?Steamers Xormsn, Nlckerson, Phllsdelphls;
Neptune, Berry, New York*
BAi;flM61%E?M?r'h 25?Arrived, ship* Kore?t Bella (Br),
Scott, Havana : Annie Bingay < Br), Weston, Antwerp; bark*
John I.orwiiv (Br>, Lorwav. TAverjM)ol; Xortliwontl. Hncptnan,
San Bias: Spotlit**, Cliapnian. lliu Janeiro; Joaophiue,
Most, I.ivcrt'ool; Pacific (Nor), Smith, WatorfuM; scbr*
Adelaide. Kt John, jilt; SO Morris, Xcw York; S it Pooka,
do; Carrie. Walker, Belfast, Mo
' luareil, Imrka Johann J.mlwig 'Gar), llolljrt. Bremen;
Aftder (Mori, Johenaen. Newcastle, Knp; Scotia (Br),
llineg, Belfast; Oanillla (Nor), Christiansen, Netvry; La
Salette iltal', Ladansa, Cora.
BRUNSWICK, (la. March 2-r>-Cleared, tchr* Mary A
Howl Philudclnhla: Snbao. Samson, Harrington. Mo.
ltd,I, KIVKR, SC. March 19?Arrived, hark Vesta 'Ger),
Goltlebm. Loudon ; brtc Aeera (Br), Wood. St Tlioma*.
Sailed 2-d, hrlg Raven (Rr), United Kingdom.
Oil ABLKsTON, March 24? At rived, bark l*atrIot Queen
(Bri, Harrow.
Cleared?Brig Her Pommer (Ger), Bohn, Gottenhurg.
2.r?th?Sailed. steamor Raleigh. Oliver. Baltimoro. with
ateamer Seagull in tow, before reported put back with loi*
of propeller.
DARIEN. Ga, March 1H?Olenrod, bark* Boa* (Nor). Jacolneti
Queen-down; St Lawrenoa 'Nor), Xorgaard, Liverpool;
Dtieppell (Her). Krutnreirh. Swansea.
KKRNASDIXA. March "JO?Cleared, aehr John Bird,
Smith Philadelphia.
PORTRESS MONROE, March 24?Arrived, bark Orpbeu*
(Nor), Jennen, Liverpool, peeking; ?chrs Addle Chase and
John V Pinko. iroro James River tor Providence.
Sailed?Barks Kvvlva (Nor). I'haro ifrora Havre), Balliraoie;
Skjerliolt (Nor), Torjuson (from Liverpool), do;
Bom a (Nor). Hansen ihroni Londonderry), do; Kong Carl
(Nor), Knndsen itrom Belfast), do.
mi?I'usscu in lur uaiumnre, nans /.uinu* ( ut), Irom
Passed out. baric Lvno (Nor'*, (or Lisnnn.
JACKSONVILLE, March IS?Cleared, schr Lexington, .
I.oi:rbti>ii. New York
MOBILE, March 24?Arrived, echr Wm C lira. Cheater,
New York.
NKW ORLEANS, March 21?Arrived up. steamer Allen
(Br>, Ellis. Liverpool; ship Nonantum, Foster, do; schr May
Evelvn, Mci.oarn, Jamaica.
24ili?Arrived, steamer New Orleans, Dearborn, Now
Cleared?Ship Revolving Lierht (Br). Coon an, Tdverpnnl;
barks Lincoln (Aus), (leorllnicli. do: France ?t l'latte (Fr),
Lei|iiex. Havre; brisr Aurora 'Itnl. Ad-rua, Cette.
Also cleared, schr Eagle, Livingstone, tlnutemala and
Central America.
25th?Arrived, stenmcr Strossburir (fieri. Barre, Bremen;
ships Western Empire, Orosior. Liverpool; Northampton,
Trash, do; bark Finn (Nor), Arronaen, Bristol, E; schr
Anita. ?.
Put back?Steamer Knickerbocker, Keuible.for Now York,
with machinery slightly disabled
Sot'THWKaT Pass. March 21?Sailed, bark Ecuador (Br),
Hnghos. Liverpool.
24tb?Arrived, ship Preston 'Br). Liverpool; bark Kate
Burrell (Br). Havre; achr Sainoin. St John.
25th?Sailed, shins Kdilh (Br), llomer, Havre; Princo Eugene
(Br). Smith, Liverpool: Adept (Br). Mitchell, do.
NORFOLK. March 22?Arrived, schrs Krneat T Lee, Rideout,
Brunswick, Ga (sou Miscellany); Cora Morrison, Free,
man. Wellflect.
Sailed? Bark Zie Lorenxo (Ital), Nowr.v.
25th?Arrived, steamer llaytien (Br), from West Indies?
will take on board oargu of disabled steamer Australian,
from Mobile lor Liverpool,
PORTLAND, O. March 23?Arrived, ship Aun Millieent
(Br). Pack. San Francisco; barks Zcphyrus iBr), Williams,
do. W II Tliorndiko. Kelly, Sitka.
POUT LUDLOW. March Id?Sailed, bark Adelaide Coop?
er. 11 awes, San Frauciaco.
PKNSAOOLA, March 21?Cleared (not arrived), bark
Jessie Bovle (Br), Tom, Bristol, E.
POUT ROYAL. SC. March 24?Arrived, steamer Asl
land. Crowell. Fcrnandlna (and sailed for New York).
Also arrived, ship Faun. Clcaveluud, Havre, aud receive/
orders lor New York.
PHILADELPHIA, March 25?Anlved. steamers Pes
kioruen. Pierce. Portsmouth: Hamburg. Worth. New York
(and cleared on return) ; A 0 Stimers, Warren, New York;
schr Alice I' Warner. Lewis. Baracoa.
K,"low?Steadier liammonia itrer). Voas. from Hamburr.
Cleared ? Simmer* Virginia. Livingston. Charleston; Vi??
dicatnr. Koiters, Providence; Hunter. Sherman, do; Roman.
Crowd). Boston; Mayflower, Davidson. New York; slug
British Queen (Br), Masters, London; bark Timoleaut (Ital).
Measo, Waterford; briir (leo 8 Berry, York, Cardenas; acbrf
W B Stedman, Chamberlain, HHVitna; Gettysburg, Col?
eon, Barbados; Sophia. Bunker, Portland; Laura E Mesaer,
Gregory. Boston; Addle Puller, Bradford, do.
Sailed?Si earners Umuun, and Hunter.
RICHMOND, March 23?Arrived, steamer Wyanoka,
Coueli. New York.
Sailed?Schr Imoccne DIvcrty, Gaudy, Hartford.
SAN FRANCISCO, March 111?Cleared, barks Johaa las
yens (Nor), Mortens, Departure Bay; Eureka, Wallace, Pen
town send.
sailed?Bark W H Oawley. McGuire, Port Madison.
ITtli?Sailed, bark Bohemia (Col), Otte, Trinidad and Id
Par: sebr Bonanra. Sands. Honolulu and Petropaulskl.
25th?Arrived, bark W H Dicta, Endtcott, Philadelphia.
SAVANNAH, March 24?Arrived, schrs S P llall, Norlolll
J B Drew, from .
Cleared?Schrs Etta A Ktlmpson. Hart, New York, Danld
Hrotton, Soiners, Brunswick; T II Dewolf, That chef
Cnarleston. ,
2f>th?Cleared, schrs G L Bradley, Chipman. Boston: Maq?
A Power. Pensaeola.
WILMINGTON, NC. March 2">?Arrived, steamor D 4
Faley, Dohnell, Baltimore; bark Frank (Nor), Peterson
includiug ships' and metallic Lifeboats 3t(S Sontl
St., uear Gouverueur slip. STEPHEN ROBERTS.
r beam; lar;;e Boiler. 12 Iron Tanks, Anchor. Chains
Lifeboat, Ac. Apply to WM. II. IIAZABD, Jr., 02 llarrisol
St.. corner West.
water, in good oracr: prico, $1,5 )0. Apply to K.
STEVENS, 2ii South St.
F long, 3>, teet draught; Tugboat, 20x20, at bargain;
also Steam Yachts, Launches, Ac. Apply to WM. H.
11 AZAKlt, Jr., 112 Harrison st , corner West.
F loot beam, draught 4 foot; very lust engine, HxSboiler,
passe* inspection l.'ai lbs. to -ipiaro inch; boiler and cumins
new; all complete unci roudv for immediate use; state room,
with two berths. For lurtbor particulars address J. li.
HANUKttS, 1 '? Statu at., Albany, .V Y.
r lert long, llplit drauirbt; also one 120 feet long. 2.1$
feet drauuht Apply to WM. II. HAZAltlr, Jr., 02 llarriaou
st., corner West.
"Lion s.vi.K-sri?i.win;i:i7 i'asskmikk " stkaMJ?
boats, 210, 2<sr. ISO and 130 toot lonjr ; lirfbt draught
anil in perfect order. Apply to YYM. II. ilAZAAD, Jr., ttl
Harrison St.. rorner West. ,
1 ers. now in port, 00, 1<X> and llOtons register, newli
rebuilt, in flrst claas order. Call oil or addresa OWNKIL
:Hii Mivtnirtoa St.
' nearly new and in perfect order; Oil tons; Xeafle a
Levy laacbinery. inquiry ol GILLKSl'IK A ALLUX, til
Iteaver at., room 8.
"Libit SALK"oli C!IAKTKK-1I{7?n" aXII WOODRM
JL Steamships, wooden and Iron Steamboats, with and
without staterooms,for day or night routes; also light draught
saloon I'rope lets, I irp-e steam Yacht,. Launches. Tugboats
Ac., by FKKIM ItlCKC SCUM IDT, Wo. I South William at"
boat, 170 lent long: engine 44x IO leot; will sell eliea|
for cash or exehango for good Itoal Kstuto Apply to WX.
II KAZAKH. Jr., 62 Harrison at., coiner West.
F Yaclit, almost new ; vert faat; cabin, staterooms, pan.
try: good sea boat; titled and furnisbed completely lor crnia
inr aad comfort; might charter. Addresa. lor narticulara
WM il HA/Alll>. Jr.. 02 Harrison ?t.. comer Wast.
I bay, river and .Sound navigation; annie of very liifln
Iran til; atcam and nail i acbtx, l.aitncbea, Tuirn, freight
Propeller* liKoRGK K. PLYMhlt, 3d South at.
JiVlR SALE PROI'KI.I.KR J. HINKX; l."Kx7;fi|,"flO
fact; engine ltixIS ; dniw? aix lent of ureter; In Perfect I
order and ready Tor ininin.llate loialiieaa. Inquire of TIIKO.
SMITH A ItllO . loot ..I hio?<x ?t . Jer?ey City
\| \NM\i. s YACHT AliKNt'V, Ills HKOAIlV'AY.ivL
Schooner. Sloop and Steam Yarlita for axle. atnona
other*. Sloop I aeltt I ndlne ilenvth 50, beam Is. draught oj
and Steam I uclit (length m. beam ml. drauirht d.Si.
I ' water, carrying I HO ton*. Annly to E. luLltYH, boai
builder. .No. tllbi South at.. New York.
in llnoonler, rebuilt In IH73. Add real r l.El'll HE Lift
box I'll Herald olHee.
rpo t II A??TK l|7 riFRKK H11 K WI iTrsTsri'.AMHOATS
I with atateroom aeenmmodatlona; also two aldewbeei
Iraniboats. Halt drau-rlit; accommod ite ?,l*a> to i.:kR
day paaeenger* ll'Hf 1? U M. II. IIAZAKU, Jr.. t>;f liar
rtaon at., corner IVml.
.lUKLl'.lilcl *
. I " mimenaaa caitmo. without publicity;
lauul eyerywuere; n? cttar.'e In adtatce; advice free.
M ll"i si., \;.uriifi, in Broadway.
i isxjli n. in\ i'hi i> i.e.; \u,v ohtamtb prox
cawit'l'nt Court*. mtluiai publico. Atltice free.
Notary. Conninitalonei. ItnenniviiO g>r.-1>:tri-<L
Kit.-. In. KICK I. KINO, "<miiia?llor at Law,
No. > Si. Mark'e place.
/aToTsi'M ri i.>> \mi diseases tip riii riiiioAi
\< ant luucs radically cured l.y WINCHESTER* M*
POPIlOSI'll IT K OP LIME AND SOIIA, #1 and *: |.?m
bottle Sold by all drilKjrlat* and at :*i .lolin ?.. Nay Yorl
j.1 radically anil permanently eared l?y WINilHKSThll'i
M'KPIPIl' I'll.0. fl par boa, it* butt* Kt. Prepared
uulv bv * I sellhsl Ml x CO Clioiiiiata. i i John ?c, N. *,
The very heat. at* lor '171 Broadway. j
rpilotl AS II. AtiNKW. Tit It UKEAT NEW yoK*
X Oroeatr, Tea, C'nltee and Plonr Dealer. Near Yurkera tat
! everybody call and net bargains, au Voaey ak

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