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I'losing Argument on the Bleecker Street
Railroad Lease.
H is evident that great interest Is folt In tbe suit of
Do Witt C. Taylor against Jay Gould and others, the
trial of which was resumed yesterday before Judge
Barrett, tn Supreme Court, Circuit, Judging from the
large crowd in attendance. Among the throng were
many notable Wall street operators, to some of whom
the recital of tbe largo operations in gold on the mem
orable Black Friday was, no doubt, like the memory of
a troubled dream. To tbe ordinary listener, unused to
the gigantic operations of our great money mart, the
flippancy wtth which transactions amounting to millions
of dollars are mentioned must bo rather startHug.
llr. Albert Speyers, the broker who had already occupied
the witness chair for two days, was again called
to the stand and his cross-examination resumed. He
b gan by stating that be wanted to make a correction.
He said yesterday that he had not seen Gould privately
since Bluck Friday; he now remombered having
seen him on two separate occasions. His crossexaminaUon
was continued in relation to the rcpudia
Infathoming the Mysteries of the "Mark
Friday" Gold CornerDEATH
Judge Eiatchford's Decision in the
jf Claflin & Co. Suits.
tion or tho contract. Me considered 111.it iney abandoned
ail contracts when Fn-k relused to pay the margin;
bo regarded Flsk as a scamp; be told his clerk
that Fisk gave the orders, and that Gould said nothing;
in 1871 or 1872 Mr. Gouid requested the witness to no
to Germany lor one year, os'represeniailve of the Erie
Railway, tor the purposo of lor warding emigrants
over Jhat railwiiy.
Mr Beach objected to the materiality of this testimony.
Mr. Sullivan said bis object was to provo that
Gould's intention was to send tbie man out of the
country to keep his testimony out of the various suits
for claims pressing on Gould; tbero being also a controversy
between the witness and Gould as to who
should bear the immense load.
In reply to further questions ol Mr. Sullivan, witness
said Mr. Gould offered htm $20,000 lor the year; witness
sp ke of those claims against Gould, and the latter
said ho didn't owe tjiem; he accepted tho ofTer, got
$10,000 and tho rust was remitted to him; the interview
was held at the Erie office, by Invitation of Mr.
Gould; wbejt he was getting his orders Irom Fisk on
Black Friday morning, and Smith k ,Giuld were
present; they were not in Heath's business office, but
in a private room.
Charles C.'Alton, called for tho plaintiff, lifted up his
right hand and "affirmed."
Mr. Beach inquired whether the witness had any
conscientious objection to being sworn on the Bible.
Mr. Allen said he had none.
Mr. Shearman then insisted that the witness must be
worn either on the Bible or with uplifted baud. "In
presence ol the ever living God."
Mr. Allen made no dilllcglty of being sworn on the
He testified that on tlio 23d of November, 1869. being
then a broker belonging to ibe firm ot Heath A Co., lie
was directed by his principal to trnnsier $1,MM),0)0
of the gold they were carrying to Smith, Gould
& Martin; the loilowing morning ho arrived at Inn
o'llce and saw Mr. Fisk and Mr. Gould in tlio privato
office; ho also saw Henry Smuli tncro; others wars
there, but he didn't care to give tbe names.
Mr. Beach?Oh, 1 wouldn't be delicate. (Laughter.)
Hcsunting, witness said that on his arrival he reported
the market to Fisk, Gould Ac Hatch; he told
theiu thai gold was at 150; during the day he saw Mr.
Speyors come into the private oltice and report to Fi-k
that ho had made such and such purchases; Fisk
stepped over to Mr. Gould, who was lying on tue sola,
and alter speaking to him lor a lew mluutcs, returned
to Mr. Speyers and told him to go on buying;
he asked * Mr. Fisk w hoi her be had sent
to the Gold Exchange an order to buy $1,000,000 ; this
order was received hy witness iu the Gold Room; Fisk
said "Yes," and asked witness did be exocute it; witness
said not, and asked Mr. Gould waa It right, aud
ho said it was; M r. t>ould saw the order and heard w hat
witness said; witness executed the order, paying o\er
150 (or the goid; Fisk told bim to "give them up" to
Heath & Co., and Mr, Heath's partner was thore and
made no objection.
Alter recess Mr. Allen was crofs-examinod by Mr.
Beach. He said that in Wall street "bulls" opcruie to
raise prices and "bears" io depress them; these are
quite a numerous clas.-; a "pool" is an association ol
ml Kov ilhnllfi" sir ''h, url " ilk Ihn i-nuo mnt> iwt fur n
common object; he has Irequentiy ben engaged "bulling''
the market at tne same time with others, but
they acted on their own account and not on ouch
other's behalf; be lias hud litigations with fiak, Uould,
Smith, Gould, Martin & Co., aDd William Heath A Co.;
his litigations with those pailiosarose Irom transactions
on Bl..clc Frmajr. and some ate still pending; be bought
$100,000 at lto; next day Mr. Sroub told him to loan
up to $1,000,000 and he would give him the balance;
he loaned the enure; ho loaned out at 140, ami whou
the gold lell to 1115 he called on Smith, Gould it Martin
lor $53,000 to inuko good the dillerence, and they
sent biui their cerliiicd check; on Saturday morning
was served with an injunction at the suit of smith,
Gould It Martin, and signed by Judge Barnard, lorbtdding
him to go to tbo Gold Kootn as their agent or buy
lor them; a lew days alter he gave bacic to Smith
$1,000,000 be was carrying for the drm and got tlicir
chock lor $15,000 to pay the parlies to whom he had
louued, which closed the transactions; on Thursday,
23d, he sold gold to Albert Speyers and on tbo lolluwing
day also; his last transaction was not closed and witness
had a claim; he called upon Mr. Uould in March,
1871, and said bo came to see if he would not settle
about the gold bought by Speyers upon Black Friday;
ho told Mr. Gould be bad sold the gold, and tbat Mr.
.Speyers "gave up" Jam.-a Fisk, Jr., and his associates;
Mr. Gould said he knew Speyers' purchases were for
their account, but tbat witness should go sue
fciwilh, and whatever he did would be alt right; lie
made hie claim to Smith, aud a lew days aiterwurd the
latter took ltlru up to the Erie office aud into
the President's office, saylug, "Mr. (jould, licro
la Mr. Persch come to settle with you about your B ack
Friday traugaclious;" Mr. Gould took him aside and
said, "I' you will sign a release in tiMA including Mr.
Smith, Mr. Bach, Mr. Martin and Mr. Fi k 1 will give
you a check for $'250 and ouy ami or 400 shares of stock
lor you, so lhat you shall make $3.uoo or $4,000; thou
Mr. Gould sent him into Mr. Shearmau's room and ho
taw him there.
Q What Mr. Shear-nan is lhair
Witness (pointing)?That very gentleman there.
I Go on and tell what happened. A. Mr. Shearman
told me to sit down and he would have a release drawn,
and It was drawn and I signed it aud look It out to Mr.
Gould, and he haudod tne a check lor $250 on the
Tenth National Bunk, aud said ho would buy me tho
stock; then Mr. Shearman gave me a letter to lave
down to Mr. Sinali, staling that tho release was now in
tho hand* of Mr. Gould, and 1 look it down. But."
oddod the witness, shaking his head sadly, "Mr.
Gould never did hay that stock. (Roars ol laughter.)
Mr. Sullivan (ss II much surprised)?He never did?
Witness (emphatically)?Never, air; never even
called upon ma (Renewed laughter.)
Tho Court here adjourned.
In October, 1975, two suits were brought in the
United States District Court by the United States
against Messrs. H. 0. Claliln k Co. to recovor $910,000
and $560,000 Tor alleged undervaluations of imported
goods and also for penalties provided for by tho statute
of 1S66. A demurrer was filed by tbe defence to the
flfi/'lirulinna in I.nlh atlitfl aitif tlx* nmnta me.ln warn
e'aborutely argued a lew week* ago before Judge
Blatcbford, who ha* Just reudere?l his decision. The
point* made by the dafeme were four in number, the
most important being that all tbe counts were Insufficient
because It was not charged In any of t?^rn that
defendants bad any actual intent todolrsud tbe United
Male*; that all the counts based on double sales were
bad because section 2 ol the nil ol March l*tU. was
rcpoaled by section 4 ol tho act ol July IK. lKtMi- that
tbe act of 1823 is repealed by the act ol 18M, ami that
tbe Ones ot Irom g.ai to f.'., (too in each rase of undervaluation
claunod under the act of l?6tl caunot be conatdered
s ctvll remedy. It was further claimed that
several counts in the second declaration were bad as
based on the act of 1823 and Including
matter occurring since the Revised Statutes were
+ parsed, that all tho counts lor doable vsluo were bad
because the second section ol tho act ol 1823 was repealed
by tbn lo?rth se tlunoi b set ol July, 18o?;
that tho It no ol not ess than liu and not more than
IVOOt) imposed by the act ol )m? py the Revise! .statute?
was not s civil remedy, but a punishment lor
crime, which could only oe imp.**! 0q conviction ou
an Indictment lound by a grand Jury; that thureforo
||>I >111; men HUiuwrou luunu were tllllt; that all the
C?unu ID both declarations were insufficient. because
in uone o( litem *u It charged that lh? defendant*
had any actual intention to defraud the United States?
uod intent. Judge Hlalcbford suataiucd the demurrer,
aud below la given an epitome of hie decision:
It was quite clear that the second section o( the act
or March, 1 >>23, roust be retarded aa having been repealed
by the Reviled Statutes. The effect ol such
repeal Is to destroy tbe right of the plaintiff to rcoover
tinder the second section In respect of any actt
done alter the enactment ol the Keriaed
bltiulcs Tbe question ansas, whether the sec uU
section of the act of 1823, on which tho counts
lor doublo the value of tbe Imported goods are founded,
was In lorce at tho time ol the enactment of the Revised
stXntes, or whether it had been superseded and
Utually repealed by the fourth Mellon of the act of
jal- -.S?? A* a portion of the act or 1823 la emoraced
IB,'action 3.0W or the Revised Statutes. and aa the pror'sion*
ot the aaoond acetion ol that aot are not contained
in the Kenned Statutes, and ua those provisions
i were general and permanent m thi-ir nature, it loliowa,
by section 5,AM. that Congress has declared that the
proV:8lons of the second section ol the act of 18*23 were
repealed or superseded hy a subsequent act. Tne force
ol the Legislative declaration contained in section A.AM
of the Revised Statutes in res|>eci to this suhjet t bus
been recognized by the Supri me Court in two cases.
The question prcseuted as to whether causes of action
falling within tbo terms ol the second section ol the
act of 18*23 aud which arose prior to the ena< imeul of
the Kovised Statutes on the '2'2d June, IS .'4, can be
prosecuted on aud alter the latter dute has Uvreloforo
been ruled b.v me in lovor of uoli prosecution, ou the
ground that the supreme Court had held that the act of
1S66 did not rejieal tbo second section ol tha Act of 18*23.
But the views abttve preS'-nied as to the cOcct of section
5,AM of the IteviBed statutes In tho particulars
referred to were not as lully conwtrli.rsari
l?u thflV llttVA I?P*?I1 llAro II fYtllskt*,* that
alt (be odd numbered counts in both of tbo declarations |
must Iks bold bud. As tbo even numbered counts in
suit No. 1, and counts 2, 4 and 0 iu suit No. 2, aro
lonnded on Section 4, Act or lttttt), while counts 8, ID,
12 and 14 in suit No. 2 arc founded on Section 3.082 of
the Itevised Statutes, these are substantially identical.
Moreover, this Is an aclluu lor debt and in each of tho
even numbered counts the plnintifls claim the sum of
$5,000 as a debt. But tne statute does not Impose a
penalty or fine of $5,000, or ol any other definite sura,
or ol any sum which can be reduced to a certainty.
Besides the forleliure ol tho offending merchandise
the only penalty imposed Is, that the otfonder shall bo
fined in a sum not exceeding $5,000, nor less than $50,
or bo imprisoned lor any term not exceeding two years,
or both. This line canuo: be recovered in a civil
action, but only alter a conviction on a trial for a
crime as a punishment lor which the Court may inflict
imprisonment, with or Without a tine. No such imprisonment
can be inflicted as the result of a civil uction.
This Is an action ol debt and In each of the oven uuiuberi'd
counts the plainlitls claim $5,0t.'0 as n debt. There
can be no verdict lor auv detinue sum. Debt
lies only whero a sutn certain is duo to the plalntllT, or,
a sum which can be reduced to a certainty, so as to
form a basis of a verdict iu lavor of the plaintiff lor
u sum certain. It proves that ail tho eveu numbered
counts are hud. The demurrers aro sustained. The
decision is final In the Courts here, and can only be
reviewed by the Supreme Court ol the United Slates.
It appears that- some timo since Mr. E. I* Daven- I
pprt, the Brutus or the hour, became indebted to Fred- ]
crick C. T. Robinson, another actor, in the sum of
$000. On the 6th of January last Mr. Itobinson, as
appears by the papers in proceedings hereafter referred
to, sent a letter, dated trom the Uuion Square Theatre,
to Mr. Davenport, In which ho retniuds the latter that
the money was owing more than two years aud ought
to have been paid long ago. On the 8ih of the samo
month Mr. Davenport repl ed in a Dote whioh smacks
somewhat ot the days ol Fox and Sheridan. It reads
as lollows:?
Mv Dkab R?Your note Is at hand, and, believe me, the I
content- bare surprised alarmed ami vexed me, because I
knew not of any such fact, my trusty treasurer, .Mr. Thompson
ibs in many other cases), having kept rat* in utter Iguorance
of the same. Surptlscd me to think you, who were
ever so prompt to collect, should have allowed such a debt 1
to have accrued without saying one word to the supposed
manager; alarmed uie because I don't know how
many more of like nature may come to me.
In reply to your question, I am free to auswer
"yea." I do think It quite time. 4c.. bat there I am
grounded. Were I to present to you the misery and annoyance
L have (for those same twu years experienced you
would a'.are. Hunted down by landlords, tax gatherers,
actors, Ac., I have been obliged to avail myself of that very
time for protect <>n that tliey have imposed on mo lor collection
and the result has been a disastrous one Fur mouths
all 1 earned want to pay cash I bad borrowed to support my i
family under the pressure (and at a fearful rate or Interest,
too, it was d-uie >. and even here in -Yew Yurie I have been
forced to anticipate no mean amount to ennble ma to get
along. My teturn to Philadelphia after my dire failure as
manager was a signal fur the whole crowd, and Inay caina
like the rats of Egypt, each demanding aud expecting lull
-restitution (not lor one moment being aware that I bad
b--en oliged to get an advanco from my employer) and
threatening all sorts ol pressure if I did nut meet their demands
lty legal advice I invited them to the assault, and
th nk <:od It was either their good feeling at the eleventh
hour, or their consciousness of failure il they prosecuted, ,
that gave mo temporary relief. I can only say at present
it will be impossible for me to do anything whatever.
1 have suggested to my lawyer to call in the accounts
of all my creditors and see if I can make some compromise
with them; but neither by coaxing or threatening
can tlio accounts be obtained trom Mr. Thompson, so that
really I do uot know how I stand, ami to whom or liuw
much i owe. If during this sufsou here 1 can manage to
scrape out something you shall have it but in the meantime
I must say I am one out of sorts with fortuuo and
working for a gleam of light For sour kind indulgence i
1 thank you, and 1 think you think T would du the right
thing il 1 could. With kind regards to your wife and
compliments of the sooson, 1 am yours very truly.
Six dttys later than the dale of the foregoing letter,
Mr. Robinson .sends a rejoinder, in winch ho
aays:?*'1 must beg you will make toino immediate
arrangements lor payment, or I shall be compclleu
to redeem my character tor 'prompt eoilec- |
tion.' " Three days alter the receipt oi this Mr.
Davenport inlorms Mr. Robinson that il his feelings
prompt iiiin to establish his character for "prompt
payment," he hopes he will lose none in his own or
othors' estimation by such a course under the circum- j
On the 7th of the present month it appears Mr. Hobin.-ou
set about e-iublisbmg his character for prompt
payment by commencing a suit in the Marine Court
lor the recovery of tho amount ol his claim. In the
meantime, ami wmle the suit was still pending, lue
Iricuds ol Mr. Duveuport presented him a gorgeous
suit ol armor, to tie worn by nlm in the play ol "Julius
Csesar" at Doom's Theatre. This suit ol armor, alleged
to be worih (oUU, attracted tbu attention ol Mr. Kobluson,
and especially tho announcement that Mr. Davcn- I
port was about to carry it with bim in order to repeat
the scenes ol the lieldol Phihppi in the Centennial City
on the 3d ol April next. The plainlill in the suit, tailing
to secure admission to Booth's Theatre to have an
altachmeul executed aguinst the armor ol Drums, bad
his counsel apply to the Court lor an injuuciioii restraining
Brutus, not from going to Hn'adulpbiu in
person, out Irom canyiug his armor with bun. This
armor. Mr. Robinson and his counsel assert, is all they
hope to Becurs in satisfaction of auy Judgment which
they may obtain, and they leur if it gels to Philadelphia
thai is the last they shall see of It. Yesterday,
in ChaiuUors of the M rine Court, before Judge
McAdain, Mr. Daveuport appeared by counsel to ask
for a dissolution ol this injunction. Tb.s motion was
made on tnc ground that the tacts were insuilicient to
sustain the injunction, there being no evidcuce that
Mr. Duveuport, in being aooul to rcicove the armor to
Philadelphia, intended thereby to delraud the plaintill.
This poiut Judge McAdaiu thought well taken,
and said unless prool of the iuteut to defraud was produced
ho wouiu bo compel.ed to dissolve the injunc
lion. Leaving the case in this condition the Court adjourned
lor the day, and unless ite required proof lie
furnished tins morning uo doubt Judge McAdam will
dissolve the injunction, and leave the armor of Brutus
free to sbeil its lustre on the Quaker City side by side
with tlio veiieralne but nowiv burnished Continental
Tho argument as to tlie proposed lease of the
Bleeckcr Street Kailruad to tho Twenty-third Street
Kailroifd Company was resumed yestorday morning at
hall-fast nine o'clock bcloro Judge Donobue In tho
Supremo Court, Chambers, and tben, after somo two
hours intermission, to enable tbo Court to take up
otber matters demanding its attention, resumed and
Mr. O. t. Bright, representing tbo Twcnty-tblrd
Street Railroad, ooucludod bis argument commenced
on the day previous. Sometime ago he stated thut an
oiler was ni.ide by Mr. Slurpe to leuse the road, but
tliut the oiler hud been declined; that bo now made another
otter, which hub apparently approved ot by the
majority of ibo stockholders and nearly all tho bondholders
of the Bleecker sircetroad; that tho Twenty third
street road had ample moans to rarry out the
conditions of the proponed lease; that a least; to this
road would he more advantageous in many respects,
than to any other compuny. Inusmueh as the sumo
depot could bo Used and the same olUcer employed,
vrithout au> aiiditlou.il expen-e to unybo ly. Ho urged ,
further that, Judging by the past history of the
Biecckcr street road. It was la r to presume that the i
roud could Dot independently be run successlully; that
the debts were greater now th in at auy other previous
time; that the proposed lease guarantees the payment
of all the indebtedness, no matter how much, and lurthor
guaranti ed a dividend ol ono and a hull per cent
to tho stockholders. He contended, also, that nolwith
Bit*uuiug mo mnwi in IV> IU n.o CODslIt^poDallty
of the acts uudcr winch Ibey assumed
power to h-aso, It wua no lea* a fact that there wan now
In oxiatencc one general act and three -pedal act- of
the Legielatmc giving uulliority to <l? tbia very thing,
and that it would be V?Ty atrange It iheao three acta of
the l.ugia ature were all unconstitutional.
Kx-Attorney t.eneral I'batUeld, representing varloua
stockholders, roliowed In a lew remarks in oppoaition
to the |iro|Mtaed lease. lie contended that the Ulccckcr
atreet road, if piojierly and honeatly managed. could
gel along by itself, without any ono'a assistance. and
that there was no evidence belore the Court to show
that (be t wenty third atreet coiu|>any was any better
otT ihan the Ul-ccker street road, or that they wero
able to keep their covenant*.
Mr. John Scribner, Jr., counsel for the Bleeckor
Street Railroad Company, next made a lengthy argument
being mainly an enlargement of tbe point* presented
In bis opening argument on Wednesday. He
contended that there could be no possible legal obstacle
to the execution ol the proposed lease, and that the
{lower to make such leaso was amply act forth In the
acts of 1913 and 191ft having rokrence specifically to the
Blcer kcr Street Railroad In the Reneral Railroad act
of 18j0 and In an act of 1930 delegating such power to
railroad corporations. He dwelt upon the advantages
which he claimed would accrue to tbe Bleecker Street
Railroad by the grantiDg of the leaso. In conclusion,
be passed some pretty severe criticisms upon the receiver's
conduct ol the road, and also carefully
analvsod the recent answer submitted by tho receiver
In the Harlowc and distant suits.
Mr. Kowler, counsel lor tho receiver, concluded the
argument. tic deiemled the latter from the attacks or I
opposing counsel, and insisted that his duties ss a receiver
hnd been conscientiously discharged, nnd Insisted
that the proposed lease was intended not idr tho
Interests of the stockholders ol the iileerkcr street
road, hut to serve a clique wh'rb wnt using Its utmost
eudcavor to get possess.on of the road.
At tho conclusion ol the argument the rarions
lawyers handed up their briefs and other papers, the
Court reserving its decision.
suit against judge benedict.
Most of yesterday was occupied la the Supreme
Court, General Term, arguing the point on appeal
raised la the salt brought by Kdward Langa againat .
Judge Benedict, of the United States Cturt. Mr. l.ange
w?? charged with hawing mail bags in his possession, in
violation of a special act of Congress relative to the
Tost Office Department. The case was- triad belore
Judge Honed let, w h tehees u lied tn Mr. Laoge's conviction,
alter which ho wus sentenced to ono year's tin"
prisoiiimnt and to pay a duo of fHiM). This sentence
having been declared illegal iho-same was set aside nud
a second sentence pronounced, under which Mr. l.an>.e
was iigain recommitted to prison. The case was dually
laven to the Supreme Court ol the United Slates, which
Court granted writs of habeas corpus uud certiorari,
and subsequently pronounced tbo action ot Judge
Benedict illegal, ana that Mr. Lango was untitled to his
liberty, ^uit was brought, us already staled, by Mr.
I.ange against Judge iieue.lirt, claiming $.">0,000 damages
for wrongful imprisonment. The rase came up
yoMerduy on an appeal Irom a decision of Judge Van
llrunt. Mr. William Henry Arnoux appoarcd lor Mr.
Lange and General Tracy lor Judge Benedict. The
Court look the pupers.
Thomas Lewis and George W. Looms, the alleged
lu ill connuonce rneu, occouuug tirou ui pr.sun we,
through Mr. William F. Kintziug, their counsel, made
application yesterday to Judgo Douohuo, sitting at
Chambers of the Supreme Court, lor a writ of error, In
order that their ease might be reviewed by the Supreme
Court at lienors! Term. They were convicted
at the last December toriu ot the Court ol licueral Sessions,
before Judge Sutherland, lor larceny by trick
aud device in robbing an emigrant out ol jlPO by inducing
htm to throw dice. Mr. Kiutzing contended
that it wus not larceny, the money hariug been voluntarily
parted with upon a game ot cbauce, uud that it
was not taken ottner against bis will or without theconseut
of the complaining emigrant. The Court thought
otherwise, however, aud so did the jury, and a convio*
lion followed, with a sentence 10 each ol five yoars In
State l'rl.-on. A writ of error was alio vod. It will bo
now for the Supreme Court to pass unon the leuahtlity j
ol tne point ra scd by counsel upon the trial. The
case will be argued at tho May term.
The commission nppolnted by Judge Barrett, of tho
Supreme Court, to examlue into the mental condition
of Itomalne Dillon, who on New Year's U'ghl shot John
K Dtllaber at the Westmoreland Hotel, concluded Its
labors yesterday uud w ill report to the Court ol Oyer
aud Terminer as soon as it convenes. The commission
consisted of I)rs. (jrcy, Flint and Kitchen. Assistant
District Attorney Kollins acted fur tho people ?nd
Henry U Clinton lor Dillon. There is no doubt whatever
that the report will Hectare tho accused insane.
On the 20th day of January, 1874, William EL Oakes
recovered a judgment against Charles O. Clayton. In
July, 1875, tho plaintid instttutod what aro known as
supplementary proceedings, under tne codo of proced
uro 10 examine the deloudanl In regard to Ills property,
and, upon application or defendant's counsel, Judgo
Goepp vacated the ordor lor tho examination of the dalendaut
and all procccd'Dgs thereunder, on tho ground
that no warrant of law existed authorizing the granting
of au order in the Marine Court to examine a Judgment
debtor in supplementary proceedings on a judgment
recovered and entered prior to May 22, 1874.
The case came up yesterday upon appeal from tho order
of Judgo Cioepp, aiid was argued at length in tho General
Term. It was insisted, upon the part ol the appellant,
that under the acts ol 1872 and 1874, raising the
Marino Court to tho dignity of a court of
record, thai the Marino Court, by virtue of the several
acts parsed Increasing (tic powers ol the Marine Court,
had jurisdiction lo issue oiders to uxumiuo judgment
debtors on judgments recorded prior to the passage of
the act of May 22, 1874 authorizing the Court to entertain
these proceedings. It was contended ou the purl of
respondent by Mr. 11. C. Deunison thai tho only law
w hich conferred any Jurisdiction at all upou the .Marino
Court ill cases of this kind was tho act ol May 22,
1874. and that inasmuch as the act only provides and
authorizes llie Court to issuo orders lor the examination
ol judgment debtors wliero judgment shall bo
recovered, there was nothing in the statue which
the Court could cousider as retroactive. It was also
conteudcd that laws arc to be construed us furnishing
a rule lor future cases only, unless they contain- language
unequivocally and certainly embracing past
Judge Shea stated that the question would be taken
under consideration, as it was an important question,
aud the pa]iers wero Dually submitted.
In tho Koilwagen will cose Mr. William A. Seaver
was yesterday appointed receiver by Judge Donoliuo.
The concluding evidence in the suit of Kuncke vs.
The New York Mutual Insurance Company, which has
Knan an trial 1AP Ihfl Inul l.ltrAA U'AitlfR hfltnrA .lllflffn
Sanford, in the Superior Court, was given yesterday.
Tho case will be summed up tins morning aud the
charge gireu on Monday.
In the suit brought by Jeremiah Crowley against tho
Dry Dock, East Itroadway and Buttery Railroad Company,
before Judge Van Vorst, in Supremo Court, Circuit,
to recover $'^,000 damages for being knocked over,
as atloged, by one of aeicndaut s cars, a verdict w.ts
yesterday rendered for the defendant.
The case of William J. Hue, convicted in the Court
of General Sessions of forgery In the third degree, for !
utteriug a forged promissory note of L. M. Hates k j
Co. for $10,(J0U, and senteuced to State Prison for five
years, was yesterday argued on peal In the Supremo
Court, General Term. The Court took tho |iapers.
The legal contest iu the dramatic world, in which
Isaac Csrvillo aud Charles Kibeilu sue in the United
States Circuit Court for an Injunction to restrain
Sheridan .-hook and A. H. Palm, r I rum continuing the
repreeenlaliou of tho play ol ' ferreol'1 at tho Union
Square 1 hcutre, and which tho former claim to bo an
Intrmgemeul of their copyright as authors of the play
of "Indiscretion," will have a rehearsal baton Judge
Sblpmun on Monday next. The plainlids will be represented
by tyr. Algernon 3. Sullivan; mo defendants by
ex-Judge DitlenboeUer.
There was a leimtliv aruumenl vesturduv befora
Judge Curt in, holding Special fcrm of the Superior
Court, on a motion to Tar ale the order of arrest In the
suit for alleged libel brought by Mr Augustiu Daly, of
the Fifth Avenue Theatre, against C. A. Ityruo, ol the
New York. Uramutic Time*, iu which flu 000 arc claimed.
The alleged libel consists ol strictures passed upon Mr.
Daly's claim us the author of "Pique." Mr. O'Gormun
appeared tor the motion and Mr. Olin on behalt of Mr.
Duty. Judge Curtis took the papers.
The New York Bar la to be reinforced with another
Instalment of young lawyers. Seven young gentlemen,
Mes-ra. William It. Smith. Frank Sperry, Charles U.
Jennings, Frederick G. Haerter, Thomas Cositgan,
John J. Brady and Patrick J. Cbcovcrs, have passed a
satisfactory examination at the hands ol the KxaminIng
Commuted, Messrs. Lewis, L. Doiafleld, J. K. Dog
Passos anil Algernon S. Mull,van. Kight others, consisting
of Reujumln S. Clark, Allred J. Cameron, K.
Leonard Kugg, Edwin A. Johnson, Henry Grai-sc, Isa- !
dore Groyhood, Merrit M. Van Wert and Frank M.
Brown, graduates ol Columbia Luw School, obtained
required certiorates us to character Ironi the Commilleo
on Character, Messrs. William G. Choale, ft Tlilolson
and George I. Ingraham. All these young men will be
sworn in to-day by the Supreme Court, General Term,
Augustus Itice has brought suit against Edward Livermorc
and Jonathan Luther, the trial of which begun
yesterday before Judge Vun Vorst, holding Supreme
Court Circuit, in which ho seeks to recover
$5,000, balance due on a contract lor the purchase of
the right and title to a submarine apparatus for raising
sunlten vessels, recovering torpedoes and general murine
explorations. The dctcnce Is that the contiart
was made under the representation that It was a valuable
invention a d that It bud been approved by General
Gllunore, who Imd recommended Its use by the
government, and (ti.Ouo damages Is claimed by the
defendants. The case is not yet concluded.
By Judge Donahue.
Miller vs. Uulscy; NalsmUi vs. Nicol et al.; The
National Dank ol Scotland vs. Nicol et ai.; Hecker vs.
Hockor; Turner vs. Clarke.?G.anted.
I eaaeis vs. r , nifiiwH^vu ta. iieruiuuu; nan
vk HalL?Orders granted.
Wottstcin vs. Oehnlngerand another.?Order to show
cause granted.
Matter of Kirsam.?I desire to sec counsel.
Connolly vs. Connolly.?Is not this the case In which
(armor application lor divorce was denied f
Matter ol I.aikin. ? Memorandum.
Whitney vs. Whitney. ?Want proof of notice of ronflrmallon.
Bessiugerva Bellinger.? Motion granted. Memorandum.
The National Bank of Scotland v?. Nicol.?Motion
granied, without stay.
Brown va Torruv el aL?Bond approved.
N'aisnilth va Nlcol ?Mutton granted, without stay,
laches such aa to deprive defendant ol deiay.
I.yddy vs. McVean.?Sureties not sultlcient.
Devlin va Seaman.?Motion domed. Memorandum.
. By Judge Daniela
The Sixth Avenue Raliroad Company va Kerr.?
Order granied.
By Judge Sedgwick.
Woinfcld vs Johnston.? Decree signed.
ScBnfur va The Qepmania Hank, Ac.?Order Settled.
By Judge Curtla
Tt ng vs. Marsh et al. ? Order settled.
C'iurlt vs. Murphy et al.; Black va Pooling et at.;
Oodlrey et aL va Thompson el aL ; Forest va Forest;
Fond vs. Cohn et al,? Orders granied.
Kmilh vl (!row it fcl. ? Ri-fpri?iir? nriiirirl
Before Judge Gildcrsleeve.
Solomon Urlsback, an artlat, has a studio on the
second floor of No. 113 Third avenue. On the njglit of
January 15 the place was broken Into and a number of
valuable articles, Including a revolver, were stolen, together
with a lis bos containing $Joo In money. A
vrk later a youth o1 eighteen, named Kdward H?y|e.
who gave the naino ol Kdward Hart, was arrested and
the atolen revolver w. ? found on his person, lie was
indicted, and, being tried yesterday, slated that be
bought the pistol for $1 from a strante man, who acnnatad
ia a??ih avenue. The lurv tound the pru
MARCH 31, 1S10. -TRirLH
ot guilty of receiving stolon goods and the Court
ordered him to spend one year in stato Prison.
On (be nigbl of January 10 (he liquor store o( John
Killerlean, Ni. 424 Weil H uston streot, was burglariously
entered and the money drawer, which contained
about $d, was e rned olf. It was subsequently found,
eiuptiod of its contents, lying upon a heap ol sand
near the store. On the same initio three youths,
named Edward Carroll, of No. 431 West Twenty-seventh
streot; Michael Kerrigan and James McQuudo, of No.
4e0 West Tweuty sixth street, wore arrested ou suspicion
while lurking in the vicinity. The prisoners
were arraigned yesterduy. Carroll and Kerrigan
were delcuded by Edgar P. Chipman, tho well
known Philadelphia lawyer, who has begun to practice
tu our courts, while the other prisoner was delcuded
oy ?ir. i-.uinunu u. rriee. Alter several wuoenw nau
been examined Mr. Cblpmun asked lor tho discharge
of tho prisoners on llio ground Ihut there wus no evidence
to conuecl them wnli the robbery. The motion
was granted.
A youth named Abraham Twoddle, who lived tn
Eighty-third street, near Third avenue, wa? arraigned
on two indictment* for grand larceny. One charged
him wim stealing a silk waist and underskirt from
Mary J. Martin, of No. 207 East Eighty-Ofth street.
The other charge was that on tho 22d inst. ho stole
three lup robes, worth $30, from (I. W. Vnnderivater,
of No. 1M ot ihcsamo street. The prisoner pleaded
guilty to the latter indictment and was sent to Slate
Prison lor lour and a hall years.
About two o'clock ou tbo morning of the 17th iuaU
two officers walking tip Seventh street saw a man
emerge Irom tbo basement area of No. 253, occupied
by Mr. W. 11. Drako. Ono of them ga?o chase to tho
man, who ran down to avenuo 11, where he was arrested
In a hallway, and proved to bo Leonard Steltzle,
of Seventh avenuo, uear Second streot. It was discovered,
on returning to the bouso ol Mr. Drake, that one
ol the windows had been pried open. Steltzle, being
yesterday placed on trial, explained his conduct by
saying tbat on tho night ol tho arrest he bad been
drinking pretty Ireely, bad quarrelled with a<>me men
on the street and hail gone into the area to tnko a nap,
when, seeing the officers, he thought they wore friends
ot the party with whom lie bud lougbl and rati oil. Ho
brought also a number or witnesses to testily to his
good character, and the Jury acquitted hitn. Judgo
GOderslecve gave him some" good advice, which lie
promised to loilow, and ho left the court room the happiest
young man in Now York.
Before Judge Kilbreth.
Upon complaint of Captain Van I)usen, of the Fifteenth
precinct, Delia Bemis, of No. 107 Grocne stroet,
was ^old in $1,000 to answer for keeping a disorderly
house. Julia Harris und Julia Hines, two of the inmates
of tne house, also arrested, wero sent to the
House of Detention us witnesses.
Yesterday morning George Murray, of No. 108 King
street, and unotnor man called at Henry Kaber's
grocery store. No. 123 Clinton place, and asked the
clerk, Charles Miller, lor a pall of coal. While tbo
clerk went outside to get the coal Murray Jumped over
the counter und look $17 OS Ironi the till. The clerk
suw the act, und as Murray rushed out of the store ho
called out, "Stop thief i" Officer Kennoy, of the Fifteenth
precinct, heard tne cry and pursued Murray.
The latter run across the park to Amity and Wooster
streets, when he entered it saloon and Jumped ovor a
fenco. The officer followod closely, and succeeded in
arresting the prisoner. Upon examination tho money
was found uti his person. He was hold in $500 to
Scprkmk Court?Ciiamrkrs?Held by Judge Dononuc.?
Nob. 30, 01, 122, 120, 101, 220. 246, 260, 277, 291,
292, 319, 347, 360, 351, 352, 353, 354, 357, 358, 358 )? 300,
.Suprrxi Court?Gsmkral Tkrm?Held by Judges
Davis. Brady and Daniels.?Nos. 38, 62, 73, 14, 19, 174)4,
75, 177, 178, 179, 181, 182, 184, 186, 187, 188, 189,190.
Supreme Court?Circuit?Part 1?Held by Judge Bar
reiv.?twi on?1^.1. nu u?j c.nuiiw.tr. mo &u<>rv
causes set down lor this Part will be called by Judge Vun
Vorst In Part 3. Part 2?Held by Judge Lawrence.?
Short causes?Nos. 1240, 2340, 2638, 2054, 2502, 1780,
2630, 1708, 1504>i, 177214, 1404, 2514, 2470. Part 3?
Held by Judge Van Vorst.?Short causes?Nos. 2609,
2691, 2283, 2603, 973, 1904, 2703, 2031, 2091, 2395,
2791, 2629, 2647, 2049, 2061, 2653, 2696, 2273, 2427,
2429, 2093, 1849.
Superior Court?Trial Term?Part 1?Hold by
Judge Sanlord.?Case on?No. 1217. No da/ calendar.
Spkcial Thru?Held by Judge Curtis.?No day calendar.
Common Pi.sas?Kquitt Term -Held by Judge Van
Brunt No. 35. Trial Trrm?Part 1?Held by Judge
Kubinsoo.?Case on?No. 1978. No Uuy calendar.
. All othor courts have adjourned lor the term.
Court or GinekaL Sessions?Held by Judge Glhleraleeve.?The
People Vs. Jeremiah .Sullivan, felonious
assault and battery; Same vs. Matthew Konvln, James
KerwIn and Prank Burke, felonious a-sault and battery;
Same vs. John Clair, burglary; Same va. Ernest
Picot, grand larceny ; Same va. James Wright and Jacob
Colin, grand larceny ; Same va Thomas Lynch, assault
with Intent to steal; Same va Michael UcKonna, es|
capcd prisoner.
Albany. March 30, 1876.
In the Court of Appeals to-day tho following business
was transacted:?
No. 14. Kisher vs. Banta.?Argument resumed and
No. 10. Henry W. Wlnthrop, executor, Ac., respondent,
vs. Harriet K. McKim and others, appellants.?Argued
by E. S. Vau Winkle for appellants and
8. P. Nash lor respondent.
No. 101. Anson U. Becker, appellant, vs. George
Howard and another, respondents.?Argued by Gcorgo
W. Catbran, ol counsel for appellants, aud by S. 8.
Rogers lor respondent.
No. 103. Hugh Mctlee, respondent, vs. Benjamin
Wood, appellant.?Cpon motion of E. I- Sanderson for
respondent judgment ulllrtued by detault.
No. 104. The Evangelical Lutheran St. John's
Orphans' Home, respondent, va Tho Buffalo Hydraulic
Association and others, appellants.?Argued by E.
l'huyer lor appellants and by George W. Catbran for respondents.
No. 43. Charles Sbultz, respondent, vs. Clarisa L.
Cranc, executrix, Ac., and others, appellants.? Argued
by T. H. Baldwin, of counsel lor appellants, and by
George VV. Carpenter lor respondents.
No. 302. Bahr Jacobowsly, plaintiff in error, va The
People, Ac., defendants in error.?Submitted.
No. 108. Tne Agricultural National Bank ts. Hiram
G. Sheffield. ?Passed.
No. 109. Thomas Foster et al., executor, Ac., respondents,
vs. Melancthon fleet ol al., appellunis.?Argued
by William H. Onderdouk for appellants and D. McMahon
for respondents.
Proclamation mado and Court adjourned.
Nob. 110, 113, 116, 122, 123, 124, 120, 129.
Washing tow, March 29, 1876.
Tbo following cose was heard In the United Slatea
Supreme Court to-day:?
No. 190. Chamberlain vs- 8t. Paul and 8ioux City
Kailroad Company, .Southern Minnesota Kallroad Company
and others?Appeal Iroin the Circuit Court (or
the District ot Minnesota.?This was a bill (lied by the
appellant tor himself and all other holders ol State
railroad bonds issued by Minnesota to tbo Southern
Minnesota Corporation, to establish an equitable trust
upon certain lands orginatly grunted to the Territory
of Minnesota by Congress, and by the Slate ot Minnesota
to ibal corporation, and upon its roadbed and
; franchise to secure the holders ol audi lands, the allegation
being that the Slate haa since come into possession
ot the road and tbo lands, and has transferred
them to tliu defendant compauics, one of which,
although of tho same name, Is a new company. Ills
alleged that thcac companies tooK title, with knowledge
ol the rights of the complainant aud thoso for whom be
acts, and that tbo transler Is a violation by tbo State
of the trust reposed in it
I he prayer is thai the companies tarn over ail their
property, lands, evidences of debt. Ac. The decision
below sustained the deleiidant companies, and that decision
is assigned as error here. G. E. Cole and William
M. Evans for appellant; Palmer A Horn for appellees.
In this Court to-day, on moMon ol Mr. James
I.owndes, Samuel Lord, Jr., and Cbarloa Richardson
Miles, of Charleston, 8. C.. were admitted to practise
as attorneys and counsellors ol ibis Court.
Case No. 190. Svlsli Chamberlain, appellant, vs. the
Si. Paul and Sioux City Rftilruad Company.?The argument
ol this cause was continued by Mr. Gordon K.
Cole, of counsel for the ap;>ellant, and by Mr. E. C.
Palmer aud Mr. James Geiulian, for tbo appellees, and
concluded by Mr. W'lllam M. Kvarts, for the appellant.
Adjourned until to morrow.
The "reform movement," so called, now going on
In the Custom flouse, by which sixty unhappy officeholders
are about to lose tboir ofliclal heads, ts no
relorm movement at all and was never Intended as
such by the Secretary of the Treasury, from whom llio
order to reduce the lorce emanated. This bit of Information,
however, will not render the operation of
decapitation lesa severe to those who are to feel Its
efTects this aitertioon. That the reduction must and
will bo made la aM-snlTlelcnt for them; the cauap of the
slaughter is of secondary Importance.
Home days ago the Collector of the Tort, Ceneral
Arthur, received a communtratiiA Irntn Mr. Hristow
to the cftcct that, as a great number or customs
officials, such as Inspectors and examiners,
will bare to be appointed at Philadelphia
to suiK-rintcnd tho arrival of foreign goods
Intended for tl>e Centennial Kxhitdtion, and as Congress
haa failed to make an appropriation for this purpose
a roi'uciIon ol the forco at every Custom House
other than Philadelphia must he inudo to enablo the
department to keep within the regu'ar appropriation,
and to this end ibo Sew York Collector must discharge
sixty men on the 1st ol the month.
Coneta'T^ton was painfully apparent In the Pur eyora'
Department ol the Custom House yesterday,
i It Is from tma deoartment that the discharge! are te
j be made. The list or unfortunates will not be made so*
j until to-day, tbe Collector and Surveyor preferring to
delay Mm mutter M 1-ng an poflsfMa lit order te save
I themselves tbe annoyance of beiug Importuned by
politicians auU other ''backer*" of those who are to
I go out
Mr. l-ydecknr tie* not been at hie office inceTueeday
last. 1 be clerk* ubmu hie department assert that
he la at home sick, but tbe general belief seems to lie
tint tbe Doputy Collector us In Washington eudoavorug
to tlx matters.
During the month of March 7,000 pensioners have
j been paid their quarterly pensions at the Custom
i House. Of the distinguished veterans ol 1813 Thurlow
| i\ec?l drew III* pension or J'-*- r. xUoVeruor Dix and
Daniel Drew have not demanded theirs a* yet Thero
is about $100 duo Mr. Drew, but he wants to be paid
In sold.
SALES AT .11 (Tlt>\.
Art notice!
The Mauri. LKAVITT take pleasure in aivnouncinq
t>> the public that tliejr will reeperi their Art Rooms (Ids
(Friday) morning, with the collection of Painting* belonging
comprising Hue examples by the following celebrated
artists Corel, Verboeckhoven, Toeaebl, Alvarei, Verbss,
(iebler, Debrct, Caniphuusen, Vaarberg, Coinpte Calix,
I (lesser. Hue. Whittredce, Innesi, Tait, Hcaui eric, Lasalle,
! Jerome Thompson, Carl and. Ac.. Ac., to bo sold Wednesday
aurl Thursday oveninc-, April 5 and (I, at the Art Rooms.
The Messrs. LEAVITT, Auctioneers.
Art Gallery, 53 Liberty st., corner Nasaau.
Ry order of 0. Oieannonni, Esq., of Florence. Italy, are
shall offer at public auction lo-day (Friday), Marcb 31,
at*12 o'clock noon, at our salesroom, his large and luagutllcent
collection of
A?TUNIS J Oils BON? Xucfi'oNKKR.
Old stand,
37 Nassau st.,
Tins DAY, AT Kit, O'CLOCK, AT 199
ot ladles' and gentlemen's furnishing Uoods, comprising nil
the line Millinery Goods, Silver plated Showcases, rosewood
Counters. Uas Fixtures, Ac.
lit 10k o*clock,
at 37 Nassau st.
Flni Household Furniture. from MorrelPs storage wnrohoase,
comprising ebony Parlor Suit, crifnuoa silk, rep
mounted, iu Ormolu; Ormolu Clock, Loul* XIV.; roe e wood
Suit, blue velvet; rosewood Piano. Vose, of Boston; walnut
Bedroom Hults, leather Beds. Mattresses. Bedding, pier
Mirrors, trttbTwll and cornices ; KXteBltoit TXblw. old line
Engravings, Lounge, satin striped; Bowing Machine, rosewood
four round cornered, Hoardnian >\ Hart, with Cover
and Stool, Music Hack ; Centre Tables, Easy Chair*, Invalid
Chair, OA wheels; Wardrobes, Brussels and velvet Carpets,
Oilcloth-, a111i.jti< Crockery t.nd Glassware, Cornices, Stair
Carpati, Library Table, window Curtains, Shades, Parlor
Suit, figured satin ; Dining Room and Library Chairs, iu
leather aud enne seat. Kitchen Furniture, Office Furniture,
uction sale" this day!
commencing at 10 o'clock,
at tlie five story brown stone mansion
Stein way t our roun 7'., octave Pianoforte,
Decker A Bros, upright 7*i octave Pianoforte,
real imported Bronzes and Bisque Figures,
Painting* bv eminent artists,
Statuary, Works of Art,
PARLOR SUITS, richly carved rosewood and walnut frames,
, covered in crimson, tan and gold brocade satin and coteInitio:
Turkish and Spapish Lounge*. Kasv Chairs. Inlaid
! marqueterie and gilt Centre and Console Table*, rosewood
I Ktugeres. Cabinets, French plate Mirrors, lace Curtains,
| French Mantel Set*, fiO-day Clocks, Musical Boxes, JardhiI
icre*, velvet Ruga, Ornaments, handaome inlaid Library and
Secretaire Bookcases, choice Books. Library Tables, elegant
Turkish Suit 7 pieces). Lady's Writing Desk.
of elaborate and plain Bedroom Set*, Inlaid and gild Red1
stead*, Dressing Case*, Bureaus, Washstands, sing e and
double Bedsteads, 33Hno hair and spring Mattresses, feather
Pillows. Blankets, Toilet Set*, rep and plush Suits, tu irble
top Tables, Chairs, Rockers, Billiard Table.
DINING FURNITURE, via.:?Two Extension Tables, inlaid
French walnut Sidcbo ?rd. Chairs in leather. Silverware,
Dinner and Tea Set*, Cutlery. Ac. ; two Hull Stands, velvet,
Brussels and ingrain Carpet*, kitchen Furniture. Ac.
N. B.?Hale punitive. Parties about purchasing will po*l]
lively And this a rare chance. Take Sixth avenue or UniIversity
place cars or 5th av. stnge to lHth st.
ROBERT C CASillN, Auctioneer.
Competent men to pack or ship goods, city or country.
Auction sale. auction notice.
Large sale TUTS DAY (Friday m Ttiixitr)?
commencing at 10 o'clock,
at private residence of E. Gay. Esq.,
12U West i! id St., lietwtM n 6th and 7th avs.
Elegant imported Furniture, made to order for the present
ownor in Paris; magnificent Stelnway x Sons' rosewood
octave 4 round Pianoforte. cost $1,000; also superb 71.. octavo
Windsor upright rosewood Pianoforte, cost $000; Pier
and Mantel Mirrors, Hronxes. Ac.. Ac., in tine ord?r, sold in
consequence of tho owner going abroad to reside, as follows,
vix.Parlors?Elegant Moquette Carpeis, double and
single Parlor Suits. In finest quality crimson satin b roc at el;
ja aranda wood Secretary Bookcase, 500 volumes* Hooks,
Etagere nnddTables to match, crimson hrocatel and lace Curtains.
rich Bronxes, Clocks and Mantel Ornaments, fine
porcelain and china Vases, Ac.. Ac. Library?Moquette
Carpets, elaborately carved French walnut Kuits. in reps,
with Bookc sa; Cabinet Table; Mantel Mirrors, Library Table,
Oil Paintings. Curtains. Brons Cocks, ornamontal
Bide Piecos, Ac. Reception Room?Velvet Carpets, jacarauda
wood Lourg* and Chairs. Jardinieres, embroidered
broadcloth Lady'H Escritoire, ebony mounted Card Table
and Lady's Workbox, en suite. Dining Room?English Bruast-ls
Carpet, BuiTet, Extension Table and Chairs to mulch,
solid Kreueli walnut; Wilder's fire und burglar proof Safe;
Bota; superb Dinner Service, from the royal fuetory of Berlin,
about 250 pieces, cost French cut Glu-sware. Ac.,
Ac. Bedrooms?English Brussels Carpets, carved French
blacic walnut Suits. Dressing Cases. Hedste ids. Bureaus,
Turkish Chairs, Lounges, rep 6ults, Chairs. 23 curled hair
l and spring Mattresses, Pi lows. Bolsters. Ac.; also basement
and servants' Furniture. Over 4<X> lots by cataloguo.
luke FITZGERALD. Auctioneer.
N. B.?Goods packed und shipped, city or country, by competent
man at sale.
TUNIB JOHNSON. Auctioneer, 37 Nassau St. Ele1
gant Piano, by Vo*e, of Boston; do., by Bourdman A Grey,
New York; do., by Lighte A Co., New York.
at IO^ o'clock.
Over $15,000 worth and over 500 lots
Iuni ciui iiousenoiu ruruiiure. iv\ arpcis,
at tho large private residence 105 East 1 :ith St., near 4th av.
Eight beautiful satin, brocade, reps and haircloth l'arlor
\ Suits; rosewood I'lanforte, Tables, hltgeri'S, Curtains, MirI
rurm, lain tines. Chamber Suits, style ot Louis XIV.; pressing
j Cases, Bedsteads, Bureaus, Washstanda hair and sprlnv Mat
I tresses, Bedding. Lounges, two Extension Tables, Sideboard,
I 200 lots Glass, China, Silver Ware; Cutlery, Stair Carpets,
' Oilcloths, servants' Furniture. N. B ?By order of W. A.
I Richards, Esq. Goods packed and delivered for purchasers.
J. KRAEMKK, Auctioneer.
St.?This day Dry Goods, Tea CofT e. fish. Wooden
Ware, Cutlery, I'lale, Prunes. Matches, Office Desks, Chairs,
Cigars, Clothing, Hardware, Toys, Ac.
or magnificent Household Kurnlture,
1 commencing at lutj o'clock, at lour story private residence
21 East'.Oth st., near Broadway, consisting ol Stelnway A
. Son's 7*4 o tave Pianoforte, worth $1,000; Parlor
\ Suits in satin, coteline and brocatel; Turkish Chairs, l'aiut;
lng?, Bronses, Mirrors, Centre Table. BonkcaVee, Desks,
Clocks. Curtains, Bedroom Suits, with Dressing Cases,
Wardrobes, Bedsteads, Bureaus, Washstanda, spring and
1 hair Mattresses. -Lounges, Chairs. In leather; Silver and
Plated Ware, Buffet, Extension Table, Crockery. Cutlpry,
Carpets. Ac.; also Kitchen and scrvsnte' Kurnlture.
IIENRY /.INS, Auctioneer.
* Til IS D\Y (Kriday). March 31. at 10,', A. M.,
at No. 15 Murray st.,
large sale of nearly 700 lots oL
II IrHeus Cutler. 11 n , ... Kii rn i.hin v llue,l. Fr.nrh
Tinned War*, Wooden Ware, Broom , Ar
| AUo* Drawing Knives, Chisels, solid cast *toel Hatchet*.
: Ac.; alto Hue line Tabl* Cutlery, Cur vert, Fj.onns, Clocks.
llowe's Sewing Machine, Needles, Fire Crackers, Cannon
' Torpedoes, Ao.
Aleo Student Lamp, Chimneys, Smoke Hellt, Ac , Ac.
! 13Y J. vv CAMVHKLL. JR.. *
J3 Aactlonetr?Sells tlii? day, without reserve. by catalogue,
nil ..ar first cl*?? Fixtures. Furniture, other contents,
Ac , contained In tlrst class re.entrant ami dining renins. HI
Nuiihu street, new Fulton. Catalogue* contain I."at Int.,
Restaurant men and rlra'er* in general are respectfully Invited.
CA.MPBKLL k CO., 8d Oth it., opposite Mtewsrt's.
) /1APITAUHT8 till; - 'HO.V-MORTiiAtik MAI.h \j
Sale positive on Saturday, April I, at Simon's Hotel,
Flushing, I<. 1., at 1 o'clock IV M . the valuable Kami of
H. Mott of l?4 uteres, at Sands i'olnt, L. I,, on l.nng
Island Sound; has fine vl,ws. ahoro front, good buildings,
plenty of frnil of all kinds, never ratling stream tUruu.'li it,
on wlilcb Is a trout pond: Is one mile from steamboat lnndIng;
has the places of John W. Harper, ftlchard O'Unrman,
C, S. stone, W. J. Kane and John Turton on one side, and D.
II. Hnrdett, It. H. I'a'ker and James M. Illcks on the other;
Is well situated for dividing Into building lots. This prop
ertv was appraised by the Mutual I.Ife Insurance Com;.any
a sfiort (Into tgn for WOJXJO, and property In this locality Is
fast Increasing In valus. This property will nndonbiodly be
sacrificed, and the attention of capitalists is called to it as i
a safe and sure investment
. Mortgage sale.
Hlch household Furniture, trench Plate. Mirrors, Ac.,
this day (FRIDAY), March 31. at II o'clock,
at the private residence JO Fast 32d St.,
near 5th sr. the entire rich parlor, bedrnom arrl dining room
Furniture, elegant rosewood It age res. Jardinieres, lurkleh
Parlor Bulls, Easy t'halra, Centre Tablet; stlk runs and
brocatelle Curtains, l.ambreunins, rich Itulfets, Hecrelaries,
Extension Tables. Chairs, iamnges; rich rosewood and
black walnut Chamber Suits, best hair Mattras ca. Holsters
and Pillows; Avmlnster, Brussels and three plv Carpets,
flue ( hr.linns, Ac. Catalogues at the house early; also at
tbe salesroom, 53 East 13th st, near Broadway.
/VEOR.iK J. hMiril. Al t*IO.NP.I Il, II i ll lMIII KH
VjT St.?I will sell, on S .turday, the lit day of April, at 11
o'clock A M.. at No. 20 tireenwlch *v , near Jefferson Mar
ket, the Fixtures of a first class Hntcher Sh p. consisting of
: large, heantiflil patent Icebox, Benches, Racks, Side Strips,
| Desk and Inn Hare. Ac.
Centre St. ?tell this day, st 2 o'clock, the Stock and
Fixtures of the excellent end neatly Sited up Dining and
Oyster Saloon 2!*< Orand st.; patent Range, Cooking Utensils,
Counters, Tables, Chairs, lint Fixtures, Ac.
\J A KOLMhtt *>11 thin day, ?t 2 o'clock. at (lie old
land, did and dVt Canal it., a general mfortment i?( Nonehold
Uoodt, Parlor and Chamber furniture, Wardrobe*,
Bookcatea, Pier and Mantel Mirror*, K.mention Tablet,
Lounge*, Chairt, Carpet*, Oilcloth*. M*ttr.>*?e?. Bed# Itedlintr,
Crockery, Cutlery. <)la*t aud Plated Ware, Kitrhen
Clendl*. Ac.; dealer* invited
J. will tell thlt day, at 1l>)2 o'clock, the Content* of Saloon
2?> West 23d at . known a* Murphy t Cottage, conal*llnir of
elegant four-pull Ale Pump. Bar, Hark Har. eery large Ice
Box. black walnut Table*, Chatra, (Ilea* Ware, numerout
i other article*. No reaerve. Oflc* 7tl Varlck at.
day (Friday), March 81, and Hatnrday. April I, at HjU
o clock each day. the entire Content* of Salearooru <3
. apodal attention la aaie* ol Purolture at private
honaea ; alto telle at ttore every week.
thia day. at 10 ::?) o'clock, at .Mttireat Jonea at., Per
lor, Chamber, Dining Room and other Furniture, ofllce Furniture,
Carpets, Mattreaaea, 23 Sewing Machine#, Ac , Ac.
By order ol Aatlgnce
a day. March 31, I17B, at 12 o'clock noon, by virtue ol a
| chattel mortgage, at 37A We at .lid at, Carpet*, B-ddlng,
Mirror*. Korean*. K*trnalon. Centm and other Tablet, Ao.
I order of attorney lor raorwatreo. ,
Mollhl-i WII.KIN.S. U 'OTI OS ! : Kit
llmn-ehnld Euriifttuc At auction. K. If. LUDLOW it
. to will tell at auctJcD. cm k'rlday, March if I. at II o'clock,
at Ma. 7 Kaet ilifci *?., black walnut Library Bookcase* and
Secretaries, black walnut K*tcn?t?ii Table ami buffet. Dinin-;
i'lialn, Solas: Mack walitnl aiui twecw um! Bedsteads and
Dressing Bureau*, Brussels i n<i Wilton Carpets, .Mattresavs,
Ac. K. H. LitJIow A Co. will, as herefo^yre fire special
attentlun to sale* of Hmisrhold Furniture, Jra,. at residence*
, of owner* K. fl LUDLOW A CO., 3 Phi* at.
JJI tlonter. |.'?H I h At hum at., corner .Mulberry ill soli
I t hi* 10 o'clock, ona D.*ak. Partition. *%c. Bv V'Wr.
1 'I'llos MoOKATif. Attornev tor M"rt//Wt <?.
will sell this Jay. at 11 o'clock, at So. tf>iJ Last 13)h
at., thn Stork mid Fixtures of a (Irocery Store. consist lug ?f
Flour, Coffee, Teaa, Spices, Birkles Ac ; alto a llor c,
Wagon and llari.eas, Lot IS 1,1-.VV. Marshal.
to-day, at it o'clock. No HH Ludlow at., Sloos und FixI
turra of Confectionery, Candies, Showcasoa, Counters, 4c.;
in lota.
MNl'MiDl, AUCTIONEER^ 2 1 "SoWsktT
arils this day, at 1' o'clock, at No J-'d Monro* at.,
Stork and Fixtures of Candy Store ; ulto Household Furniture,
Ac ; dealers Invited.
ill sella this day. at 10 o'clock, at 264 I'th av., near 2Hlh
at., laritc Stock and Fixtures of Uroeary Store (over $2 <M>
worth), consisting of Flour, Teas. Sugar, Coffee, Soaps,
Spices, rauued Krulta, Ac.: also Household Furniture, do a
Fountain, marble top Table", Scales, Counters, fixtures.
Showcases, Ac.; p >aitively in lots ; dealers and speculators
Auctioneer, will sell, at Sit New Bowery, 000 lots Silk
Dresses, Shawls, Kemnnuls. 1'iiderrlothicg, Table ldnon.
Sheets. Spreads, Blankets. Quilts, Feather Beds, Billows,
Boots, (Jailers, Coals, Bantaloons and Vests, at 11 o'clock.
Hy order of S. Uood-tein, Brooklyn.
Richard w\ltk7:s' sons!" ai utionkers?ma?
lhal't sale?Will sell this day (Friday ), at 11 o'tnock,
at sslcsruotn, 27 East Broadway, the Stock of a House Furnishing
and Hardware Store?vis , Tinware, Ironware,
Plated Ware, Cutlery, Toilet Sets Wooden Ware, Lamp*,
Tea Cans, Chimneys, Bath Tub. Mowing Machine. Scythes,
Ac. DKNIS OALVIN. Marshal.
icharf WALTERS' Sons, a I t "I'D >n kh BH?FCRnitura?Will
sell this day (Friday). at 10o'clock, at No.
M7()ak st the Stock ol a second hand Furniture Store?vlr...
Humana, Tallies, Chairs, Bedstoads, Bedding, Ac. Mala
tioueer.?Wines, Liquors, Brandies. Champagne,
Cigars. (iroeeries, Preserved Fruits, Office Furniture. safes,
Ac.?Tills day (Friday). March HI, at 10t? o'clock, at N'o. IS
Bowery, by order of an importer and wholesale liquor dealer,
the entire Stock of flneLlqnore; barrels choice old Bourbon
mid rye Whiskey ;casks ol imported Brandiea.iiin, Bum; cas.s
of port and sherry Wince; a larife assortment of htgti class '
German and French Wines, in cases ; and also cases of imported
Brandies. (Jin, Bitters Kimniel, Cordials, port,
sherry and claret Wines; cases and baskets ot Champagne, a
large lot nl Havana and domestic Cigars; Ollice Furniture,
Sales. Desks. Chairs, Tables. Ac.; also a larue assortment
of Uroceries, I'resene l Fruits, Sweet Oil, Coin, Peaches,
1'eas, Catsup, Chow Chow, Tickles, Teas, Coffees. Cheese.
I'runes, Ac. Sale positive, without reserve. Dealers Invited.
SBuurri caul?ubrwu* hktts, ai citone'ek."
Store and sal 'srooni No. 7 Old slip and 104 Tear! at.
THIS DAV (Friday), .March 3i,
Cutlery?One Urge case Cutlery
A. Aakomi, Deputy. w. C. CONNER, RberiK
t< 11 kiuff'|t"balet^oerAki) BKTTS, Aic flONKKB.
O By virtue of a certain writ of execution, to u a directed
and delivered, 1 will expose to sale at public vendue, on
.Monday, tho d day of April. IHTtl, at 11 o'clock in the forenoon,
at the toot of East 71st St., l.'-iisi barj^jls " ~
Boer; also, linme ilatoly tne'eatier, me k .mt rmurn
nl the Manhattan Brewery, on the corner of Oth at. and !>t i
?v., consisting nt hnglne, Boilers, Steam Pumps, Malt, lions,
Horses, U agous, Harness, Mash Tubs, Ac., Ac.
Jakk.h Pay. Deputy Sheriff.
Niw Volt, Muri li -i>, I87S.
ffftlOMA.8 J. NcORaTH, acciionebr WILL br Lis
1 tills day, at It o'clocs, st No. 4Si? Pearl *t , near Cltf
Hall plane, the untile contents ol' a Hoar liug and Lodging
House, consisting ol' Hnr and Fixtures, Ale Pump. Glass#*,
('hairs, Tables, Crockery, Ac.. also Buds, Building, Furniture,
Ac , throughout the house.
i Pianos of our own make; also for sale and rent, *
ntimbet ol line oecond hand t'ian >s In perfect order. W1LU1AM
KNAI1K A CO., No. lid 5th av.. above llithst.
assortment of first class Pianos, all newt only uced to
be seen to be appreciated.
The largest Inducement ever offered in this city to those
desiring to get an excellent piano at mauulauturer'a pi Ices.
Terms very reasonable. E\ery piano fully warranted. Far
further Information call lit It A INKS BROS.' manufactory.
:to0, 338, 300, 383, 3t!4, ?#l, :?ts, 370, 373 3d ?v.. corner
31st St.
i\ elegant rosowoad PI iiuil'orte, with all Improvem nts;
cost $1,300, lor $300; n Decker A Bros fonr round, richly
carved, 7) , octavo Piano; overstrung; lull aur.iffo. Ac.; coat
$1,000, lor $330; stool, cover, box lor shipping; must lie
sold; cash wanted. N. K.?Will littd pianos as represented.
Call private residence 17 West 10.h st,
order, at moderate prices; also Pianos lur sale on instalmrnls,
by CIJ1 (' KEIUN'tl A SONS, 130 3th av., corner
of 1st h st.
new and second hand, licst makers, extremely low for
cash, or to let until rent money pays for thetn, as por contract;
small monthly insialmciits received.
HOBACh W tl'I.Rs k BOM. 4*1 Bioadway.
overstrung hass Pianoforte, round corners, serpentine
moulding; lull Iron treme; Stool, Cover. 3H Kasl 3d st.
J.\. Pianoforte, .f ! ? . J * i Km! 80thSt.,mtr 3d it.
Hradhurv A Co. grand scale Piano. cost $1,000, for
$175; has all improvement* ; also a four round Wind-or rosewood
Pianolorte, with guarantee mid bill of Hale; cut
$1,200, for $275; Stool. Cover; linn Box tor ahipping; aHo
Parlor, Library, Cham or and Dining Furniture at a sacriflee.
Call privato residence 120 West 23d at., near Oth ar.
all improvement* ; instalments; rem $ ?. CABLE'S,
1U7 West -3d st.
akmore pianofortes km* blbkcekr ht.. e
tablifdiod 3 year* ; closing out large elegant stock, half
price; $100, $l5o, $200.
carved legs; Parlor organ, $5o. I t Wuverluy place,
near Broadway.
Bakoainst?upritiirrs~ $7.?r st1;i nway^
square, full round, $175; 0 octave Piano, $10; rent, $0
quarterly. GORDON A SON. 13 Kant 14th at.
Hi price."-WM. HCHAKFFKR, Pianoforte Manufactory,
475 West 43d at., between Wtli and loth avs.; tive
years guaranteed.
Xli Piano, carved leg*, euual to new; party breaking up.
Address OWNER, box 1(H) liorald Uptown Branch office.
/3 rkat baRiTaIn5C--S"kW and second YlA~ND
VT Pianos of the bent quality low for cash. FISCHER'S
WarirooBi had Manafactery. 42.i and 435 Wi it 28th -t
way t'ianofurle, h*v ng carved In,-*; rare bar#* n.
Moving. UOBDOS'S, 157 Hleecker it.
d>] ,-n ros A MAQXiriCBHT FULL foNCKKT
vl'M' Grand 1'lann, In perfect condition. U. H. I'lAX1)
l.'O., H|i> Broadway.
American standard bkvki. Mil.i.i wuj taiii.ks,
wilti Delancy'a wire cushion*. solely n?e.| In *11 Cham*
nloiishlp and n.ut-'li canine ; tei-ond hand Tallies at icreal
bargain*. SV. II. OKlKKIlit A CO., -to Vesev at.
BiUiIakd table wanted.?any one having
mis to let or aull cheap apply early at 1JU Bleecker at.,
I basement.
\J Milliard Table*, with the celebrated l'helan A Collender
combination cushion*, lor **le In thia city only at 7&4 Broad|
IK Vol' WANT TO IT iti' 11 ASK III I. MKsT III I.I.I A 1(1)
J. Table, Willi the best cushion*, for the least money go to
J\- advanced on Diamond*. Watche*. Jewelry, Ac.; alio
Pawnbroker*' .Ticket* bougot o( Diamond*, Watches, Ac,
77 lliMkn at.
Walrhe*, Jewelry, silverware, Valuable*. Ac,, bod {hi
Bold and exchanged. Loan* nexroti ited. I) clJe t bargain*
in Diamond*. Watch#*, Ac batabluned In it
J. y HAItltlNDKK. Dealer. 7.1 Broad war.
J) Some been worn. Iiall'prica; warranted inevery respect.
liKO. C. AI.I.KN. 1,1HO Broadway, near 2Dtb at.
J / Krooche*. Htnda and King*, at low price*; alto two Very
lotnrl?oine Imported Opera or I'arty Cloak*.
UNDO Bit OS.. 1,207 Broadway.
VY clan workmen. UKO. C. ALLEN,
1,19(1 Broadway, near 3Bth *1.
g'TOK DiK.
.' 42 11 **ds< * at.
Storage iu aeparate room* al lo?e*t ratea. Being alio la
tba Furniture Business, wr thoroughly undef-t >nd tlie
ban Hill* of furniture I'llAKI.ES It. BOll DK. Proprietor.
honeea, ."MM Hudson tt., tbrough to 779 Creenwlch *t.,
also 10 Abingdon * in ire, for rurntiure, piano*, baggage,
merchandise, Ac.. In separate room*; the old m. loae.i in
rule, most extensive and re?pnn?ible e*telili*hm ".i li tbe
bnsine**. It. TAifOART, owner and manager. office
Hudson *t. (Abingdon *<|tiare).
I t piano*, baggage, Ac., I'l l to lo7 West :ctd *(., one dour
, WC.t Ol Hill ?*. I '
chandlse. SMITH A lilLUs, l"ropriator\
730 and 7 >J Sth a*. nnd ?47 West I*It ti -t.
Ac.; ??par*l* rnom?; lowest rate; f?c ry mninwa;
| elevator; watchman MICIIAliM A HON,
IJH. 40 and 4 J Commerce <4., near lll.-eeker.
trurii #li upward; wImi Monumental Work <1
greatly reduced price*; Mar lite Turning for i lie trade.
| A KlaAKKR. 134 Ka-t Isih at.
|J New and elegant design*. Irom 41" up Tue trade
i iberally dealt with, gdo and 111 Weal d:td *4.
J\. ?t*. ? Hrpadway price* paid for I'a.i off Clothing, Jewelry.
Ac . by calling on or eddre-.ing H II t Kills, l i t.
! a at , Mr. and Mr*. ROHK.MBKHO ?ill par Hi- lilg ,t
I prlee* in ra?h for Ce*t off limiting. Carpel* Ac., by veiling
{ or addressing. Takt particular nonce id ahor minimi.
A' T B MI.HT7.rt. 4*1 HTII AV.. AltOVK J<tII
and i:4H :M ae , above ^oth at . ladle, and g lib- tea
1 can receive 34) per rent more In ca.li titan -Ucw i-f >r
, Caal off Clothing. Carpet*. Jewclr*. Order, nun ;u? y itI
leaded by Mr. or Mra Ml via

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