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Wno owss Greenwich street??a rioirr de- 1
f ho Elevated Railroad Company Is not regarded in
the light or a public benefit by the slorokee|icr? and
property owners along the lino of Greenwich street,
and the trouble yesterday morning in Trout of the
r? .-t It- If - a ? I --I- - ? -? - * *?- - * ?l?
i dimi iiuivi mi omy ill'' ureas.ug uui ui uu iiusine
teellng which prevails generally. A gang of workmen
mine thcro early In the morning and at once began the
aork of excavating the walk lu front of the hotel. Mr. |
loliu Patten, the proprietor, ordered the men to desist, |
out they continued and ho called on some of his '
employes to drive them away as they were trespassing ;
oti his private property. A slight disturbance occurred, _1
during which an engineer and fireman In iho employ of j
Mr. Patten were injured. Michael O'Brien, a porter
lu the hotel, was arrested for Interfering with
the workmen. Judgo Hlxhy discharged him on the
ground that the case was one that should be carried to j
a civil court. According to the statement of Captain
Saunders the police were nolilled of the light by tlio
patrolman on post, and ho turned oat tho men on reserve
to prosorvo order. Ho took no sldo In the- matter,
merely insisting on the preservation of the peace.
Ilie story does not agree with Mr. Patten's statement,
who says the workmen eaino there accompanied by i
lour or live policemen, as if they uulicipatcu trouble.
Mr I'allen hastened to consult bis counsel, and meantime
the workmen continued digging away, while a j
lew policemen stood by to preserve order. They broke
through the vault under the sidewalk and were laying 1
a brick inundation lor the heavy iron pillars when
word came to quit work. It was soon learned that nu
Iniuuction hail been served on tho company restraining
llieiu iroin lurlhcr action. The cause of tuo trouble is j
a follows:?
The compatiy's charter provides that u board of thrco
Commissioners, two appointed by tho liovernor and
one by the Crolon Aqueduct Hoard of the city, niav determine
where "turn ouls" or switches may be erected.
Cndcr this provision tboy settled upon erecting n "turn
out" that would pass in ironl ol the Pact do Hotel, nnd
M r. Palton resisted their ellorts to do so on the ground
that he owned the property in front of Ins hotel out lo
the middle of the street. In IiIr nlUdavit petitioning
tor the injunction Mr. Pullen sets forth that about 100
fears ago the properly owners along the Hue now
known as Greenwich street opened a road lor their j
own convenience and for public use, which tbey called
Greenwich roud. That road Is now known as Green- j
mi ii street, mn uii'ir rigm in me propcriv lias never
boon reded. Ho pay* taxes on said property, ami tbo
only right eoiloil was one ot easement lor a public
thoroughlaru. He ftiribnr stales that tbo construction
ol such a "turn out" or switch would result iu a serious !
uQury to a valuable properly ami damaging to his business.
Tho . 'oni tiou was cr.niled yesterday afternoon
bctoro Judge Van iicuivL, and the qtiostion of its perpetuity
will be argued at a special term ul the Court on
Monday next.
Yesterday a Hkrai.ii reporter had occasion to talk
with Mr. pi. 11. Shrove, tho civil engineer wlio bus
cliarce ol the plans lor the Gilbert Klcvated or ltapld
Transit Hallway, Tho gentleman was found in his '
Dltlcc, No. ft* itrexoi Iluilding, corner ol Wall and
Uroad streets, and, although bo was necessarily
much engaged, ho courteously anwswi red all questions
in regard to tho great public, improvement about to he <
inaugurated. He said in effect:?
It is a mistake to say that tho company i
engaging my services is tho Gilbert Elevated
road, and vol it might bo mi error to say it Is not that
corporation. Ttio truth is, the company is a combination
ol two organisations, Mr. George M Pullman
being Iho President ol one, and Mr. Foster of the
other; I cannot s|?iak more particularly of ibis at
present us some important details are being arranged
. ...V> .......VO ..I.VI roil U. ..IV ....IS O. I ll.V!
Hkrai.ii arc iii the 111:1111 correct?namely. that 11 eon- |
:raci has born tlgmil between the tiiltierl KlevnU-d
road and ilia Messrs. Sellers, of 1'blludolidna, ropretenting
the Edge moor Iron Company, who Imvc tlieir
works on thu old Harlan estate, near Wilmington,
Del. As already slated, the contruct is specific, In so
lar as the date ol completion el the road?August 1 ?
is concerned, and, doubtless, the llrm aro able to furnish
all tho matorial necessary lor that purpose 011 or
betore that time. There is ample capital to perfect tho
undertaking, and among the corporators arc to bo
found the names ot some ol the most solid capitalists ;
ot New York, tiround will he broken at onco over !
the routo already published?that is, beginning at ,
Howling fireeu, running through tho following j
streets:?Church, Chambers, West Broadway, South
Fifth avenue, West Third street and Sixth avenue to
Central Park.
Mr. Shrevo then showed the writer somo of the
plans ol the work, which, although incomplete, still i
bore sitlllcicui evidence ol Itghtue-s mid beauty to attruct
admiration. The pillars supporting the superstructure
will combine strength with ornament, and
the protecting parapets ot iron render the chances ol
accident Irotn running oil the trnrk very slight indeed.
Tho double track contemplated will be over ttie centre
o! the streets named, the stations to lie constructed at
the distance ol about every twenty blocks apart. Mr.
throve stated, in eonrlnslon, that alter all the details
were arranged, probably this week, that lie would is?
happy to give the Hkhai.o readers all the iniormation
in his possession 111 regard to the great work.
The regular meeting of the Hoard of Aldermen took
place yesterday, President Lewis In the chair.
Alderman Morris offered a resolution, which was
adopted, that in tuturo all petitions presented lor pubhe
improvements involving expenditures ot money or
assessments l>o printed In the City Ittcord, with tho
names of the stgccrs.
The following, odered by Alderman Seerjr, was, on a
ti'rtr Waco vote, adopted unanimously ?
WUerwas it Is shown by the report ol the Commissioners
of Account- made to this Boar I. .Inne 1". l*7.">, that AndrewIt.
lireea, dnrti.a the twelve years ot Ida service as one of
the Commissioner* of t'nbllc Parks, illegnllv and corruptly
received, to Ills owu 11 se, large same ot public moneys?(lie
?>1) authority tor tin- rirrUil ol -dot motifi a 1,0111).- hi moat
I ,o?niHCi, rcaolutiona offered in the Hoard 11! fork Coinmlaaionera
lijr Thomas t'. Klclda, now n tuf-itivc from just ho;
thetelore, ho it
ltcaolvcd. Tlmt the aaid report of tlie Cnnimiaaloncrs of
Arcount* he taken from the iile ami rcterreo to the Committee
ini the l,?* Itepartuicnt, with inatructlona to aniil
Committee to report hmk to th Hoar,I aa a,,011 ,0 pnnailila
alter eonaiiliatloii Willi the proper authorities what outtrao
It la advisable for the city to pnraue In orilrr to recover the
money a *0 Illegally and eorrnpty s-enred. as atoreaaiil. by
Andrew II. Ureen
picTt'RitH rr>n rnr cKxritxxMt.
(in motion of AlUcrtn in I'urroy, ttio Commissioner of
I'nbltc \\ orks van* nuiliorirod to loan to the Commissioners
ol tlicConieunt.il Kxhlbttloit nil pictures now
to the possession of the city, with the understanding
thnt liter should be relumed in the same condition as
they are in when turned over to the said Commissioners.
The following preamble and resolution were offered by
Aldermen Ketlty : ?
W ticreaa It ta reported tlmt the New Vork Klevnted Rttilroad
t'ompanr are about to extend thetr traek from the cornee
of Mattery place and (ire-'iiwich atrcet acroaa tlto Matlerv.
runtime almoat through the centre of the aatne: an I
Whentaa the Mattery I'ark la the only public p?ra itacil by
Ihe rcanlenta ot toe lower part of the city for recreation and
rnjnyment. and the 11 aloe and operating of a railway in the
lame wont)! almoat ileatroy It: he it therefore
KesolrrtT That the t'otinael to the (Corporation he, and he
ta hercbr, direct" I to take all available local meant to prerent
the aaid New Vork Klevnted Kallrunu Company from
pulldinc their track on the Mattery.
A dlscussiou occurred on tins resolution, (he mover
advocating It in strong language. Air. ilnwialiU o|>- i
posed mo resolution. Mr. Ileus denounced the proposed
use ol the |> >rk a 'Muinunlilo on I race." Mr.
rurroy opposed Ihe resolution, but was in lav or ol re
Icrriug it to a comimtlce. Alderman I'niekiiev opposed
the resolution, and Mr. AfcCarty and Air. Seepy larored
It. Tito 'resolution was (inally referred to I lie Comuutleeon
the I jiw Depiirinienl oil a vole ol 16 to 0. I he
Committee was instructed lo report at the next meeting.
mi.sok n.1ttrm*.
Alderman I'lnckncy offered amendment* to ihe Hack
trdinance to provide Tor special rates lor carrying paslonger*
Irom or to tho Ur.-tnd Central depot and 10 or
from the several lerries ertho city, wbtcu were rolcrred
O the Committee en lata*.
A resolution to give Horn 1'edro, Ktnperor of Brazil, ,
a reception was rcicrred to the Committee ou the Centcnulai,
ol which Alderman (Srosa is chairman.
tin motion ol Mr. John lleilly it wm resolved that
when ibo Hoard adjourn It ad.in rn to meet on Monday
loxt at two I'. Al.
tiik hwmiki.t* tut tool onnisa.scr
Alderman I'nrroy called up ihe ordinance authorizing
the Comptroller to issue bond* lor* sum not exceeding
Win,Oct) mi for the Brooklyn Undue. Aldermuu
Uowlsnd reau an opinion Irom Hon. William At Plvarts,
showing that Ihe cilv must issue the bonds, iml ilial
wi?! irtimn tin tumpi iin'iu iu uo f<j t > nan iau u
The or?]iTian? o was adupted by a voir ul lift to 6.
The Otumissloners of Emigration are preparing a
memorial to Governor Tflden on iho subject ol theretrot
decision of llio United Stairs Supremo Court abolishing
ibo lieiirt money. They aro a ;<res? nt engaged
In estimating I lie lowest coat at whirli Caailc Gardeu
can be maintained, and the Commissioners any iliry
are willing 10 leave the matter lo tlic Governor'.* Judgment
Unless some provision M made to keap the institution
running H will have to l<o divont nued from
tlie 1st of May neat, we no money will be leu lo pay
salaries or to provide lor immigrants who havo a claim ,
on the i oniin talouer*.
Mary Krancls Wood, aged eight rears, residing with
brr grandfather at Mr. J. It. I.awson'a, of No. 1 so West
ll'fili street, was allowed out to play Willi some other
children in front ol the liouae on Wednesday arming,
and ran arownd the corner of s mli avenue, after
which she suddenly disappeared and has not ?tiuc
been louinl. She was very richly dressed and wora
SiMMlvf earrings.
Julias Ile*s, ngad four years, left the sehoolhonae in
Vaadowalsr street at twelve o'clock yesterday aud haa
not since bean heard oL
A special meeting of the Chamber of Commerce was
belli yesterday aMcruoou to take action regarding the
proposed deepening of Iho Erie Canal. Mr. Snmuel N.
llnbrock presided. Tho following resolutions were
oflercd by Mr. Samuel B. Haggles, from the Executive
Committee, seconded by Mr. F. A. Conkling, and on
uioiiou were adopted:?
KcHoived, That tho Chamber of Commerce of the
State ol New York continues strongly to entertain tho
opinion, which it has repeatedly ex pressed in lortn'-r ,
communications to too Male begislutlire, lli.it the
highest commercial Intercuts of the Slate, us well us
Its character and Just renown, nntieratively demand 1
nit amendment to the Slate constitution committing
the sole man at; en ire t of the repairs anil narigutlon of
the eannls to a single sii|>erlolcuilent, to be appointed
by the Governor, with the assent ot the Senate. I he
Chamber, therefore, deems the laet, now becomo
historical, as a matter of profound congratulation
Tor all our counneri ial bodies and
classes, lor all our business men ol every description
and lor all the bolder* of real estute throughout the
whole metropolis, that the Slate Legislature, during
the present session, has linally passed lor the second
nine, by a vote nearly uuaulinoiiH in both bouses, 1
the necessary legislative resolution lor submitting the
proposed uuionilmenl aliening iho vital reiorm in
our oanal system and policy to the vole o( lite people
ot the dtalo in their primary and organic capacity,
to whose experience and Intelligence it may well bo
communicated, and by whom, as soon as the Legislature
shall fix the tune for itie election, the Chamber
coulblenlly believe it w ill bo adopted by an overwhelm- |
lOg majority.
Resolved, That the Chamber of Commerce of the
State of New York perceivo and recognize with the
highest satislaction the substantial accord in respect to
the canal policy ol (lie State which uow exists
beiween the two groat% political parties
which lor many years Held opinions so widely differing
us to the propriety and the necessity of enlarging the
capacity ol the Krle Canal and its kindred trunk lines
ut iho expense of the Stute, and nro now so fully agreed
In respect to the vital necessity ol completing without
delay each enlargement by giving to liie canals tboir
lull legal depth ot seven feet water in a channel wholly
Ircc iroin obstruct ions- Tho Chamber, therefore, respectfully
kegs leave to express its lull concurrence
with (be opinions recently cummunieuted by tho Governor
of lie .Stale In Ills Message to tho Legislature on
theiMihof March of the urgent Importance of completing
such enlargement ol the Krle Canal to a depth
of seven foot ol water before the opening
of navigation in the present spring. The
Chamber is particularly gratified with trio portion of
the Message which expressed Iho opinion in which
the Chamber fully concurs?that the depth of seven
foci, now proscribed liy law, may advantageously be
increased irom nine to time, ami as tn? con veiiioiiro
and exigencies of tho Slate may permit, to seven and a
linl! or eight leet; that tins aililltloual depth may
readily he obialneij without ultcriliK the culverts, locks
or other structures of :lie cntinl or lis walls below iho
present bottom; that such increased depth will greatly
lacilltate the movement of boats and quicken their ;
speed and thereby increase the amount ol their service
rendered hi a given time and diminish every element
ol the cost ol transportation; mat the low prico
ol materials at present and the scinty employ meat
of labor, ami the vital interests both of transporters
and consumers in cheapening the cost ol navigating i
the runal, aro all circumstances which now comhiuo to
demand attention to this subject by tho Legislature
without delay and make the present a III and
advantageous time lit which to begin the work.
To all those cogent reasons the Chamber would beg to |
urge in addition the depressed condition of the commerce
and business of the city, nn1 especially the constantly
increasing dangers with which they apt ]
menaced by the sii|)orlor diligence, intelligence and nc- !
tlvily of tiie governments and corporate bodies of iho ;
neighboring Stales and ol the Canadian Dominion,
seeking through the great improvements in their channels
ol Intercourse, now in rapid progress, to divert j
from the Mate even the diminished commerce with tho i
Interior which il yet retains.
i'.esolvod, That in view of the considerations above
presented, the representatives of iho metropolis In the 1
Legislature, in common with its other members, will
spare no ellort and submit to no needless delay in
adopting such measures of legislation us tho cxiguucios
ol lite State now so plainly require.
Ileaolved, That copies ol Ihose resolutions be transmilled
to tho presiding officers and to each member of
iho Senate and Assembly.
Every resident ol the eastern section of the city,
hoi wonii flntivrnn fcfrnnf nnrl Ynrkvilln line nfmn hn<t
Ills olfactories shocked with nauseating smells waited
upon the east wind lrom Loug Island. Willi the pecul,
Inr odor of petroleum they combined all tlio sickening
properties of putrescent fish and decaying llesb, forming
a compound of unequalled otlcnslvencss. They
cause the strongest stomachs to retell, and to dcltcnto
children, the sick ntid convalescent, they arc the ureas
ou of Indescribable suUertng. It has been the popular
belle! that tins nuisance emanates lrom the extrusive
petroleum rotlnerin about Hunter's l'olnt. l'rcsidenl
Chandler, of itoard ot Health, being questioned
on tills point, c.\ ns that the petroleum Itself,
though possessing an acrid and unpleasant scent. Is not
nauseous, but t lint In preparing It lor domestic
use It Is washed with sulphuric acid
and subsequently w.th caustic soda or atnmonla.
These produce, besides the purified oil, a tarry sediment
kr.own as sludge held, au e.xcced'ngly disagreeable
compound This, combined with animal retuse,
at a large establishment on the Kasl River front, In Uio
neighborhood of tlio relluerios, becomes an article of
commerce under the name of phosphate or fertilizer,
and ta need by tarmers ns manure lor their crops. To
this sludge odd at the relluerios and its vile products
at the fertiliser manufactory President Chandler
charges the intolerable smell and its sickening and
deadly consequences. Ho says that chemistry has
ready un nns to remove tho odor. All that is lacked is
power in our auihoritics to compel their use. Kor this
a bill IS now pending in the Legislature empowering
board- of health to prosecute the |iersous wno are responsible
for tho nuisance.
Yesterday ITofessor Cbandlor, l>r. Day un<l tbo
Health Inspector ol the Ilarloui district undo a tonr of
inspection through tho region known us "tho Hats,"
lor the purposo of ascertaining what could bo dune to
Itnprovo tho condition of tho pestilential district. Tbo
Inspection began ut tho corner of Ninety-eighth street
and Third nvouue, and ended at tho satno streot, at tho
Kast River, nil tho newly tilled lots having been
visited in tho meantime.
At tho starting point, on the west side ol Third avenue,
It was louud that all the water from tho shed ol
high ground which extends in u diagonal direct
on to Ninety third street and Fourth avenue
gathers here n a small stream, which works its way
tnrotigh the rock tilling ol Tlnru avenue and llnnlly
Units a lodgement on ibe tluts. The stream runs ail
summer, being led hy Hie springs abounding on the
risks weal of Third avenue. Under ordinary
circumstanced this water Is m inagcnhlc, and
is conducted liy u ilrim Into the hcud
of tho newer?on the lluls which marks the Imi- of
Ninety eighth street, bin when 'he drainage 01 tins
large territory Is muled to the natural volumes of iho
stream the drain is iasulllcieiit mul Ihc wmcr Hoods
the IIuiw and remains there in pools. Hut little iiicoii
vrnifBtL" i?r miniinrc in rxiwnviircv in me n' iRiiiMirhood
lit thin season ol the year Iroin the overflow, but
it i? anticipated tli.tt tn tnc nummcr, win n tin' rain*
urc morv trcqurnt. tbesc pools will in- a frequent source
of disease. I ho tact ol water being exposi-d in a sing
Hum condition to I lie net ton of the sun, U|nm a clean
and solid noil, m an itself a source ol alarm, hut when
stagnant water is fspuwil to ImiiI hi a tia<m, lornieu of
festering animal and vegetable matter the alarm and
danger increase a hundredfold. To ihls. original evil
is added the aggravation of a certain quantity ot salt
w iter thrown upon ibe flats by the tide, winch hacks
up into ibe sewers and overflows ii|niii the llais
through the holo intended 10 carry away ihr Water
of the running brook. The cbentlea'. action of
salt upon thu I ou I matter oil tho llais is
very uniavorable. as It decom|>oses tlie phosphate in tho
son, and thus sulphuretted hydrogen is generalcst hi
great quantities. It is proposod hy iho Board ol lleallh |
if the Hoard ol Apportionment will lurnish llio rrqoi- 1
Site amount of money to construct a ra|iacious drain
which will convey alt tho water Ironi the west of Third
uvenuo into a sower and thus carry It oil. Last year
the Hoard ol Health spent several llioiisund dollars on
carbolic acid to disinlect the flats, which they say they
will be iiuahlc lo do agaiu luis year, as their appro
prlalton is barely Mifllcient to carry tho deparuuenl
through the year.
oi.n n'uow.ts riiRKK.
This old creek which belore the 110th street sewer
i n constructed lormed tne naturul channel lor all the
?utcr sewerage irotu tli# J. Ion brewery on Ninth aveinie,
near 110th street, bus been idled in. In phew,
un<l an nrtllb'tnl rh.iuuel found lor Ihcwaisr in the
great sewer in lluih street The part* ?r the crock
wlilch have not yet been lilted iu are now deep jxwils
front which the Hoard ol Health expert great trouble in
the warm weather. On the line ol lo"ih street, which
has not been raised to the grade of Third avenue. Is a
large pool w hich it is the desire of the Hoard ol Health
to nil up. The panics owning properly on the south
side oi the street have tilled in their lots and thus
forced the water to the street line and lieyond ou the
Townseiul land. I'he Hoard of Health has just been defeated
lit au action brought to compel the trustees of
tbe Townsend estate to bit up the lots adjoining 107th
street on the north sole. This decision makes It ngees
sary for the cltv to illl up tho street to the proposed
level before II ran compel the adjoining property owners
to till their Iota II Ibc Board ol Apportionment
make no allowance to the Health Hoard this nuisnueo
will continue during the coming smninrr. and spread,
as It dbl lust year, malaria throughout flarlcm and
York vl I to.
The cost or both these necessary Improvements will
amount. Professor Chandler says, to about flb.ono. For
that amount all the work alroan/ done on the fists ran
be perferled, and without It ail the thousands spent
will have been wasted.
The colored | wop to of Newark, N J., had a grand
Jubilee yesterday in honor of the Fifteenth amendment, j
During the alternoon they paraded the streets with
bauds and in military and society uniform*.
The real estato sold at tho Kxchungo salesroom yes- j
terdav brought low prices. The attendance during tlio j
sales was moderately large, but the buyers wero fow.
V. K. Stcvcbson, Jr., sold by public auction tho tol- J
lowing unproved cjty real estate:?One four alory Kngllsh
base to en I brown stone Iront house, lSxCO, with
lot 100.5 feet deep, No. 15 East Forty-ninth street,
north side, bctweou Filth and Madison nvenues, lor
$24,050, to R. O. Murphy; ono lour story aud base
inont brick and brown stone front bouse, 26x55, with
lot 70 foot deep, No. 190 West Tenth street, south side,
between llleecker and Fourth streets, for $12,250, to !
Mr. llodie; one three story and basement brick house,
20x40, with lot 98.9 feet docp, No. 440 West Thirtyfourth
street, south side, about 450 foot west of Ninth
avenuo, for $11,100, to Johu C. Quick, and one four
story and basement brown stone Iront house, 18.9xOS,
with leaseoflot 105.5 feet deep, No. 30 West Ktltieth
street, south side, between Filth and Sixth avenues,
loj-e ironi Coluriitua College, bus lourteon years to run,
Willi three renewals oi twenty one years each, present
ground rent $324 per annum, for $20,000, to Jaturs U
K. II. Ludlow & Co. conducted an executor's sale,
to close tlio estate of Richard M. Blatchlortl, deceased, (
and sold the four story and basement brown Mono :
front house. 33x*S8. with louso of lot, 103.8 feet
deep, No. 0 Fast Fourteenth street, gouth stdo, 07 loot
east ol Filth avenue, lease iront thertpiuglerestate, dated
February 1, 1808. term 21 years, with renewal; present
ground rent $1,800, and taxes, for $10,000, to Jesse A.
Marshall. Also administratrix's sale, to close estate
of George Piatt, deceased, tho three story and basement
brick building, 25.9x85. with lease ol lot lbO
foei deep, No. til Seventh avenue, northeast corner of \
Fourteenth street, for $.'1,350, to Henry Slallmoyer.
A. II. MullcrA Son sold, under Supreme Court loroclosiiru
decree, II. C. Cbetwood, referee, the building, ;
witli lease of lot, No. 134 Cbrystie si reel, east side, uetween
liroonio and Do lance i streets; ieuse ualed May
1, 1871; term 10 rim, 16 years, for $1,000, to Francis A. i
K. V. flarnet sold by order of the Supreme Court
foreclosure decree, Kli iioot, refereo, one lot, 26xluO, i
on Fast Ninety-first street, south side, 225 feet ca.^t ot
Fifth avenuo.
V. K. Stevenson, Jr., has sold the threo slory brown ;
stone front dwelling house, 2tl feel front, on Lexington
avenue, southeast Vomer of Fifty eighth street,
for #lb,U00, to Gustavo Oberbeek, of Messrs. Goldiiid it
lirotaer, corner Uroadwuy and Grand street.
7!Uli st., n. *..3R? il.o. of-iili nv.. 211x82.2x40 to Lexington
:iv.n!H2 2x2'l; Jeremiah Hruwn and wile to
Lemuel It. t'lnrK $2..'b ]
6tth St. n. s , 245 It. e. of.'uli av., 311x11*15; ( lias. L.
Cornish to Susan Verier Nom. ,
i'Mlli 81, s. 3.8511 e ol ltd nr., I25xinu.ll; also 2d
in s. e n ner P-tli ?t.. 25.3\ I' ''. also 21 ?v., w. s.,
5n.5 fi. i ol tlx li >t., si i\ nsl; snine and wile to N.
C. Nails Kx. ol'. dntf.il IHI.3) Nom. '
23d nl. ?. !irii) fl. e. of 10th nr., 25xDS.8; Kvuutier
W. Kunney, to Oliver (1. Scott Num.
11 5t li h| .. u. *> , UN) ft. c. of 'Jil uv , 5l)xt0(Ul; Law*
ranee Madden and wife to Patrick Itourke 5,825
Lexington nv., w. 205'j ft n. of 52d ?t.,2 t. I>wx70;
Aaron Alttneyer un<l wile te Sander* II. Altmcver 10,000 !
l'Jflti M . II v/lKTi II. w. ol 2d HV? lH.8xlHt.ll,
part of); Kli/ibcth Hrcttrll to George Brett Hi ... 7,042
1211-1 at., a. lmt it. w. of.'idav., 2MxIOO. 11 (>? pfcrt
of) ; George Brettell and wife to Eli/ahctii Br tioll. 5,503
'JOill sf.. s. a., ?5 It. e. of 2il xv.. 25x7(13; Mary J.
Htirchell to Sophia Woman.. 11.00 ) l
ftPtli hi., ii. a.. 110 It. w. of Broadway, 50x100;
Joshua Hiiriitnn to Peter <' Bin nilm Nom. 1
40t!i at., a a., 225 ft w. of Htli nv., 2 >x 100.5; John
Friederlch to.MaryC. \Vel??ter 25,(AJO !
50th at., a. a.. 75 It. w. of 10th nv., 75*100.5; Edward
4'uiittitigliuni and wile to Caroline <?. Young, 60,(NX)
124th at.. 8. a.,'-'HO ft. c. ol Mndlnot) nv., ISxl?">.ll;
Henry J. Arui>trong and wife to Corolla 0. Ad
ama 12,25 )
117th si., n. ?., 130.0 ft. w. of :id nv.. 0\8' ,xl4x
irregular; Frederick W. hucw tref.) l<> Ad iiieid
Hiiliniiik 2,550 j
117th at., n. ?., 187.0 ft. w. ol 3d xv., 10x100.11;
ftxine to xanio 2,*50
Broome it, u. s., 25 ft. w. of Pitt, 25x00; Cluirlea 15
I,new ami other* to Jumcs K. Breen and other*... 23,000 i
3oth at , a a., 325 ft. w. of lot It nv,. 25x1*8.0; Ferdinand
Knxrnan and wile to Kudolph I'ehletnnti 14.O00
7tli at., II. <., No. 1II), 222 It. w. of XV. A, 21x07.6;
Susanna Mermen to John M. Mayer and wile .... 15,50-')
Pearl at., n. 27x11 Ox irregular; John Ward and
witc to Patrick Uoiilv Nom.
Grand at., a. 24 ft. c. of Molt st., 23 1x80, No. 207;
Peter Warren and wife to Samuel Cohen ... 28,500
Frmiklort st *. s.. No. 21. 18.10x*>7.Hx irregular:
Theodnro tfrainc itud other* to KlUabetb A. Prairie J .
and others 10,OCX) 1
Unrein} ft., n. a.. church farm leasehold, lot
17*), 2*1x1 til); Jatnes Ilrudy and other to Joteph
tiuldmark , .. 1*2,000
17th at., a. a.. 151 ft. w. of Ktitherford place. llhHO;
(>enr|p) T. Plume and others to Ann C. Morton IB,0u0
40th at., a. a.. *225 It. w offHh nv., 2>xHX>.5; Stephen
Webster and wile to John Kriedenrh 25,000
loth iv., n. e. corner of .VIh at., 24.0x1*41; Henry
Sennett to Adam Scliaab 18,600
48th "t.. n. 175 It. w. of 1st nv., 25x10 >.5; John M.
Mayer and wile to Su-?nttn* Hermee... 18,000
10th >t., n. a., I70 ft. w. of 7th av., 02x02; Zwihert
Zimmerman ami wife to (ieoryc Kunchurd; dated
1 St >7 0,500
85th st., a. a.. 187. loft. w. of 3d, ov., 70.7xja hlocx;
Isabel II. tioodhart to George W. Martin 21,000
111th st., n. a.. 142 ft. w. of iv. A, 80x100 11; ..Nathaniel
Jarvi* treferee) to Thomua Mackellar 8,000
ICth at., n. i:M tt w. of av. II, 10.3x02; John Ward
and wife to Patrick Itetlly NotS.
124th at., i*. ?., 280 ft. e. ot Madhmn nv., 18x100.11;
I hoinaa li??"se < referee) to Henry .1. Armstrong... 8,500 i
112th at., n. a , *228.4 ft w. of av A., 20.10x1*011 ;
John N liowia treter o to Ihoinio Markellar ... 0,850 i
05th st., n. a.. 225 ft. e. of 5th av.. .VKlOO.ft; Caroline
(?. Voting and haira to Thomas Koran 55,000
Walnut at . a. a., 5MxKiO (2.'M ward): Thomas O.
\\ ooll and wife and others to Joseph /anger; dat?*d
1850 155
8t!i nv. 'No. (150); 5 years; Susan St urges to Charles
i>. Price 1,100
61st st., K, (No. 110'; 2 >6ir?; John C. Sweeny to
.l.ilit.M himr.. 1 tiki
Nercrr (t. (No. IH.*?); 3 years; li. I'. Qlenson to
lieorgo Nolto 1,500
Doming Egbert (receiver) to Union Dime Saving!
llook. >. o. corner of 'Lexington ov. ami 47th at.;
I year 2,000
Same to Sa.no, s. s. o( 47th St., c. of Lexington av.;
I year 2,500
Same to Same, a. ?. of 47th *t., e ot Lexington av.;
I vear 2.2">0
Same to Same, a. a. of 47th at., e. of Lexington av.:
1 year 2.CM)
S me to Saino, a. a of 47t!t at., e. of Iiexington av.;
I year 2,2-X)
Same to Same, a. s. of 47th at., e. of Lexington av.;
I year I.ICI I
Same to Same, a. a of 47tli at., 0. ot Lexington nv.;
1 year 1,000
Same to Same, a. a. of 47th at., o. of Lexington av.;
1 > o tr 2,000
Same to Same. a. a. of 47tli at", o. of Lexington av.;
I year 2,000
Sanders, Jacob it., ami wile, to Irvin McDowell
.mister j, n. ? oft'tth at., e. of 34 ;iv.; 3 ye.ira 5,(100
Same to a.ime, n. a. of tilth St., e. of 3d av.; 3 years. 5,<lOD
Same to aanie, a. a. of <(4lh at., w. ol 3d av : 2 years 7,.'sat
Same to iame,.n. s. corner of 4tlt av. and (Kid >t.; 3
years 7,.V O
llohning, Adelheld ana husband, to Ferdinand Ktirgman.
n a of 117th at., w. ol 3.1 nv.; Instalments. 3,000 j
Same to .lette Isaacs, n. a. of 117th at., w. of 3<t nr.;
instalments 3,200
Mct'ool. John, and wife, to Mayer Senchtwstiger, n.
s ot 4"tli st . e. of Hth av.: I year 2.Sit)
Same to same, n s. of 4oth si . e. of sth nr.; 1 year 2.."diO
Dreier, org", ami wile, to t'? nrad fiurstung, s. ?. of
54th St , e. ?f I lilt OV.; 2 years 1,000
Hra.ier. laroh, to Meleblor Klsaesser, e. s. ot 1'itt st.
(No. tat": 5years B.OW !
Voorhis. Itaelirl T.. and bnahand, to tieorgc W. hltld,
II. s. of 30th St. e. of 2d av ; 1 year 4,000 !
Loaghran. Charles, and wife, to llenryS. Fearing
Iiinl ethi rs n e. corner 7th nv ntul M.t
si.; A yean* 12,or> \
Same tor-Huie, e a. of 7th a v., n. of 51m ti.; ayesrs. 10,0 O
Same t" a ime, c. a. c?f Till nr.. n. t?f r?l?t at. ft years. I'mmi
Same to same, e. a. of 7lh nv., 11. of filar at ; f? years. 10.1KJO
W hami, liohrrt, to Dariut 14. i'roibjf, a. a. ot *?:td at..
w. of Madison nr.; I year.... ... 10.*12
Sullivan, Susan aim liiiilmnil, to Tlieo. Hose, a. a of
7*tli at., w of 24 av ; II yonra 9.000
Cohen. Samuel, to Pflar Warrao, ?. a. of Grand at.,
v. Of Mutt at. : H rcan
Whitman, Jane. ami husband, to Mary Carty. Jr.,
* a. ot i.Vith at., of Hbhat.; ftjeara, . 5,0 '
Monteith. .1 ante a. to John Willnrd, a a. ot Ifioth at.,
r. of 10th .IV fi re:?r? 3,000
nnrnuni, l'? ter(\, ?nd wife. to Globe Mutual Life Insurance
Company, n. a. otolith at., w ot ItrondwAv;
1 i ear 10,000
Klyuti, Kaiim. and husband, to Francis KHvanu^li,
w i of 7th av., n. of fttfth at. ; 1 year 1,200
i'rlce. J Ames, to Sarah Htirr, Beelituau at. (No. 2t)j;
olan Spruce at. (No. IS) ; 4 years 6,0 0
Adam*. Cecelia?'. K . to llenrv J. Armstrong, a. s.
124th *t . e. of Mmliauti av.; lo yenrs 0,000
Hrettell. Kllrnhetll, to (Sen. Itrettell, a. a. ot 1234 at.,
a . of rt?l nv. . .1 tears . ftfV't
Gerhard . Charles, nod alio, to Katharine Srhaefer,
e. a. nffcM nv., n. of f?Hd < ! ;dyear* 2,2-*?0
Volkenifie, llenry I*. t?? Kit ward HeunJnjrer, s. a. of
44th at., l*ii ft e. of 94 nv.; U years ft,.MY)
Aria ins, Cecelia t\ K.and husband, to Henry J. Arrant
mtiii. a. a. of 124th st.. e of Ma tiion av , I year.... 1.(00
1TOU' ATI) \t'I 1 w'/ W Of iD fiTTotr-n
nv?n .u iv. ? mnvm 11.10 i Auum.
Tenlentsjr forenoon a well dressed man ol good address,
. 1 l*otit fifty year* of ago, wn.irtng a neatly
trimmed black heard mixed with gray, who gave Ms
name a* John Wilson, called at the rlothiug store of
Messra. Kirk, on Broadway, near Grand street, and selected
a suit of chi. I:"?, tor which ho was lo pay fTtt.
lie told the ?u ea*nan lo send the clothing over as soon
as possible to his office, which, lie said, was with Mr.
Hurtiw, lawyer, on Montague street, Hronklyn. Now It
appeared that Messrs. Kirk had been deceived several
tunes, Tl?r?v messengers were despatched to Mronklv
11 one ol whom learned that tin clothing had livcu
ordered lor anybody in Ilr. Hnrtis' office; tho other
not 1 bed ihe i?iire ot tlio Kirst precinct, and a third
carried the parcel. Tliu purchaser, who waa lound
siandiug en the stoop in Iron! of Mr. Iturila' office,
blamllr received the parrel from the boy, and thru
handed Mm what pnn<orted lo ho acerutied check on
Hunts k Company. Detectives Curraii and Stcadmnti
now stepped forward and took Mr. Wilson into custody.
He waa brought btloro Superintendent Camp
bell nt the Central olllco. In hta vest waa a "aoide"
chain, secured to the pockot with a pin, but there was
nu ? Hiiii.
On Wednesday night Inst party of Brooklyn oniclnla, |
among whom * a* Sheriff Albert l>aggcU, Cotigreatnan
Archibald IUi?h, with whom wm Assembly man Killmn,
of "No rent no lare" notoriety, and Colonel Landing,
Chief Clerk 01 the Brooklyn Police Board, wculto lha
I nion Square Theatre in toia city, where they enjoyed
themaolvrn, or cupyitig a privaie Ihix. Alt' r a sapper
the if be rill and the Aaaemblytnan repaired 10 the depot
and look the rara lor AH'.nr. l'hyy lelt fatigued, and
accordingly sought rcpo-o in a keeping mr Whod
tliey awoko ill the morning thay diacvtrtiod that they
bid l>ewn roi'lwd ol their walrhea and n large a in otl P. t
ol money. The Irivnda ol tho Shenfl m Brooklyn
were enjoying the rircnmauiiee yesterday aa ? huge
jnfce, " UMjr any ha waaioiog to tbe Man end tat to .
urge the pn*-n;o ot the ttgden charter, which is an- I
tagonlalic to the democratic A>arU*. .
Tlio Investigation into tho cause of tho destruction of
tlio residence of O. A. Fudicker. Superintendent of the
Jl uttiol I.ilo In-orunco Company, at llav Ridge, I* I.,
was resumed yesterday before Kirn Marshal Heady.
It will bo borno in mind thut Mr. Fudlcker gave over
to tlio custody of tho police one Charles Wendl, who
bad lieeu employed by biin as coachman, alleging that
bo believed the man had sot tho hnuso on Are. Wolidt.,
testified that tho house had boon on flro
previously, on Tuesday, March 21. On that
day ho drovo Mr. Kudlckor down to tho
Day Ridge boat at nine o'clock A. M. ; lie alterward
went to the otlice of Mr. Fudlcker, in New Vork, as
Instructed, and on his return home he learned that ilio
house had been on llro in the wine cellar, and It had
been put out; there wits burned straw and hoses on the
cellar floor; Mr. Schoclllng '"'d the witness about tbo
lire, and said he asked Mrs. Fndiekerfor thekov to the
cellar, and she told him thai her husband had ibokey;
ho then broke open the door mid extinguished tlie
flames; witness said the lire, which occurred a few
minutes alter tlio departure ol Ills employer for New I
York, could not linvo caught from the luruure. On tho
lay tho house was destroyed. Monday last, Wcndt said
uv hih IK.ui w iiiu WMm ???" ?' iipiia uii'iur
uaeo iind to lull 111 n large lire; ho did us he was directed,
and when he left iho cellar Mr. Kudicker was thero;
he got out the horse and drove lux employer to the
boat, where ho was not gone more than leu minutes;
on Iiim return the house was on lire. In his hurry to
depart lor New York to nottly Mr. Ktidieker ol the
lire Wendl says ho put on by mistake a cost belong- |
ing to I;is employer, and In tbo coat pocket be round
a piece ot cnuitlo and box resembling a match box.
When lie wus riding with Kudicker back to Hay !
Kid go that gentleman put his hand into the pocket
ot the eoat W'endt had on, and taking out the candle i
and llio box, kept thorn.
Mary Ann Downey, a servant girl, testified that sho
saw Wcndt about nine o'clock on Monday morning
building a llro in the furnace and Mr. Kudicker was
not with him at the time. She subs .vpiently saw
smoke coming out six or eight feet from the furnace,
and alio told Mr. Kudicker about it. who tbld
her to throw water on It. Soon nfier that Wendl entered
the kitchen and began to swear and poko at tho
-Mr. Kudicker testified that he moved into tho bouse
in August last, on a live years' lease; he was to pay j
nothing the lir.-t year. #:ttKi the second year, $400 tho
third, $o<k) the tourtb, $00<i the tilth: be furnished tho j
house at a cost ot #6,000 or over and was iuanred for
$3,-">00 in the llrewers and Maltsters' Insurance Com- ]
mini? Of Vow York mill i.'t fili'l in Ihc Merrhnntfi' of
Newark, N. J.; on the morning ol the last lire the girl !
tolil Into Wendt bud insulted her and lie upbraided the
inn 11 lor doing ho, notifying, hint at the wnnr lime that
lie niUHt leave lilts employ ou April 1; the girl, Mary, i
(lid eull hot attention to the lire, before he went away,
in an old barrel tilled with hay. hut he knew 11 was put
out betorc ho lull. Mr. Kudicker dented the story told
by Wemlt about finding a candle and matchbox in his |
Anna Wallace, ol Provldouro, K. I., was sworn, but
her testimony was not material. Mr. Ktidicker slated
that alter the Ore Wendt was intoxicated and I10 demanded
$-0 for clothing, which Mr. f'udickcr refused
to give htm, hut offered to buy him clothing to rcplaco !
that which was burned. Wendt then said In Gorman, :
"You lake care. 1 know what 1 know." Ho asked
Wendt what lie meant, but the man replied that ho
would not tell.
Tho investigation will be resumed at ten o'clock this j
Tho Emma ralno scandal has givon rise to many surprises,
and not tho least among tho recent developments
is tho current ruinor that "ltaron" Graul, the
celebrated Londou linancior and bubblo operator, is
now In New York watching ovents, and probably preparing
to make his appearance as n witness before tho I
Congressional committee. That tho Damn is in this
City incognito there seems to be very httlo doubt in the ;
minds of those familiar with tho inner history of tho
Emma mine business, and several well known Wall
streof moil Have declared that they liavo soen him on '
liioadway and in hotel corridors. Tiio movements
oi* yo Baron are both mysterious and perplex- [
Ing. Ho sees no one and reluses to con verso, though
1... i |. ?na nni.l. ,1,.,..
lie II'HI IU. "I...
with liii< agents uml legal advisors. I'lio advent of
Huron Grant was uot unexpected, because it will bo remembered
that just niter ex-Mlnisier Srhenck started i
irotn Knglaild to uppoar before the Investigating Committee
he publicly slated that he would soon "follow his
old irlood, the Director, and give testimony, If needed
or reqttosted to do so.
The arrival ol Baron Gruut has made no end of
gossip hi Uitancial circles, lor It is not knowu what !
may be tlio result ol his visit. But a few days will j
sulilcc to set all conjectures nt rest.
The rumor, current In town yesterday, that tho
Baron was at tho Buckingham Hoiql, corner ol Kiftteth
street mid Fifth avenue, proved to be untrue, lor a
HkraLD reporter was iu:ormert by Mr. Shepherd, ono
ot the proprietors, that no such person as tho
Baron had obtained or applied lor apartments.
It was stated that he was travelling :
incogni'o, and would not register in his real name If I
lie registered at all. Mr. Snephcrd Informed the
ilKR.si.ri reporter that no one. not. even such an august
guest as Albert Grant, could obtain rooms at tho
Buckingham without registering his name.
The Baron is undoubtedly stopping at tho house of
some friend, and will probably remain ill retirement
until he learns through the papers the result ol General
'cbenck's examination heloro tho Congressional
committee. There are those who state that in the
event ol the General's cross-examtnatioti developing
certain facts tho Barou will leave as quietly as ho |
A co-operatlvo company is now being organized in
this city which will start for tho Black Hills about tho
middle of next month. Tho l'residont, Mr. C. K. Hur- \
vey, has his headquarters at Gilbert's, at the corner
of Bowery and Spring street. The company will ho j
VOO strong and the estimated cost to each member will
lie $-i00. This largo eo-opcrativo party will have nd- '
vantages In tiie new country tliut no rtn ill party can
iibinin. They will carry a saw mill with tlicni so an to
l>e able to put up sluico boxes at a trilling expense.
Tnoir dcsiinatiun Is between the North fork ol the j
Cheyonne mid LIUlo Powder Hirer, and as tlicy go well
armeil they w ill be able to take care of themselves
and keep Indians at a respoctiul distance.
Custom House Inspector I'lllswrorth seized yesterday,
from the bark Starlight, from the West Indies via
New Haven, and now lying In the Kast Kivcr, 600 cases
ot bitters. The captain told I'lllswortli that >10 meant
to discharge the cases ot hitters without a Custom
House permit, and set his men to work pniiiug them
on 1 ho wharf There tho Inspector seized them. !
Twenty-eight bags ot cocoa were also seized and taken
with the bitters to tlio ttoizuro ltoom iu the Custom
By the arrival ot tho steamer City of Mcrlda on
Tuesday there was received here another consignment
of Mrxicah products for tho Centennial (Exhibition.
It embraced a painting of the valley of Mexico, by J. M.
Vnlasco; a piece of silver quartz weighing 1,800
pounds, specimens ol oolfeo, wheat and inxtxo; a largo
collection "I onyx, specimens of rocks thrown by tho
Volrano Ceboruco. fibres of tho different sorts ol c.iclus,
tissues of silk ami cotton, specimens ot paper, cigars
nnd tolmccoes, llllgreo work of silver, for winch Mexican
Indians are renowned, and surpn-stng In beauty of
design and workmanship lh? beat manufactures of
either China or Jupsn; a ranrhero suit winch would
sell in Mexico lor $l,fi00. and many other nrlicles of
great interest, which will be forwarded to Philadelphia
til a lew days.
Ksrly yesterday tnorning a fire broke out lo a two
and a half story frame bouse on Itoyd street, Stapleton,
caused by the explosion of n kerosene lamp in a
bedroom. The bnlldmg, which Is owned by Mr.
Snmnel I.odlow, an I occupied ly Mr. James Allen, is
damaged to the nm-iunl of about f.Vl, covered by In
gorancc: bhu tin- "ltdiBi.e o> un onre in Hiiioit
ni?urod In ilio Continental Insurance Companr
lor f SCO.
An Incendiary Are was discovered about the wmt
lime in a Inuir house mi Surali Ann street, Tompkinsvnlc,
owned by Mr. Kirror.burgh. It was j nt out by
the police with but alight damage.
Thieves took from the cigar store of Trior Stem
cigars valued at filial.
Burglars alolo from the cutlery store of A. M. BergDcr.
ut No. 3cl Broadway, goo is to the vallto of flSn.
I be apartments of Mrs. Wolf, at No. A3 Sullivan
street, were entered by rncalt thieves, wlto earned
uwny $ leu worth of clothing
[From tlio Rochester I'nion, llnrrli 27.]
A special meeting ot the Monroe county Sportsmen's
Club was held Saturday evening The subject nndel
discussion was the propriety ol petitioning the Legislature
lor an appropriation lor the preservation or
gain". It was thought by some that while the State
gave liberally lor the propagation of game, especially
hoi, something should be done lor the preservation of
the game. To bo suru there are laws eusclod to that
end, but lliey aro inoperative, simply tor the reason
Ibni there is no lond Irom which 10 draw eompen??tlon
to |uiy those ivho make it a business to to in tho enpireemenl
ol the laws. Seth Urcen and older memIbts
<>i the club were itppo-isi to the |>ro|ecf, Iraring
Ibst it might Injure thn propagation project. It is a
subject ibst is exciting unusual interest iiiiiuuk tho
sporimuuu, and will be apt to draw forth much controVc
The schooner yacht KamM r, N.Y.Y.C., I* now on
! Burgess' way*, at Ited Hook Point, undergoing some
extensive alterations. She m I eiug leuglheued Ullocu
feet forward, an addition that will make her 140 lect in
length. The work is iu an advanced stage, and sbo
will probably be luucrhod next week.
The schooner yacht idler, N. Y.Y.C., wus launchod
last S inirdav Irotn Steers' yard, at Oreeupotnt. <sho
will appear tills season ucarly a Dew- bo it, as she lias
ju.il been lengthened eight feet forward and given
two leet more keel. Her mainmast bus bccu shifted
two feet and her loremuil flvo leet lorward.
The schooner yacht Peerless, A Y.Y.C., is on tho
ways at Muuim's yard, at llio li.ot of Court street,
HrooKlyn, and will soon be launched She has been
lengthened seven loot all uud h-r keel dropped eighteen
inches. Her cabiu trunk has been lengthened six
leet, aud all her planking is now. Sew masts havo
becu rigged about three feet longer thin the old, ones.
1 he schooner yacht Mohawk, .V. Y Y.U., will proloilily
go on Purges*' ways, at Ked Hook Point, .-omo
tune next week, Sho is to be coppered aud thoroughly
ovi mauled.
The schooner yacht Dreadnanghl, N.Y.Y.C., is in
tho banos 01 .Steers, at Gruenpoiul, undergoing cxtetiStve
ullerulioiis. She Is to be lengthened lilteou leet
forward uud hure her cabin entirely remodelled. Tho
old bow bus been cut off and tho keol laid and stem set
up ol tho new one. The enure work will probably be
completed about the 1st cf May.
Tho well kno-.vu cat-rigged yarnt Playful is to he
iPtigtheucd fourtceu leet midships and will be schooner
Hairy Smedley, of South B.ooklyn, has Just completed
a handsome new sloop yucht lor Mr. John Treadwell,
of this city. Her dimensions arc:?46 loot over
all, 15 loci d Inches beam uud 6 leet 6 inches draught.
She is now ready for launching.
William Force, ol Keypurt, X. J., Is building a newsloop
yaont lor a menii er of the New York Yacht (Hub.
Her dimensions arc:?51 feet over all, 17 feet neuni and
11 fool ilr:iiiL*ht Slie will be eniiinleLcil about tlin IsL of
JII110. .
Alonzo Smith Is at work on a largo sloop yacht for
Air. It. Humify, Her dimensions arc:?ii? loot overall,
21 loot beam ami <> loci draught. She will bo lauuclicil
in the middle ol May.
The sloop yaeln uroclo is bolng put in trim lor tho
season, stlio will probably appear among the racers,
as she Is having a set of spars rigged thai look like
carrvlng racing canvass.
The sloop yacht Active will carry 10 feet more topmast
this scasou, an addition that gives her 'M icet
in all.
(leneral Townsend, of Albany, Is having a sloop yacht
tinlll by Alonzo Smith, of Long Maud. iiho will l>" 57
feet over all, and will ho completed about the 1st of
I he sloop yacht Arrow is now being overhauled, and
will go into commission this season.
I ho schooner yacht Meta is having nor masts reduced
3 leet. Tho ioremnst is to ho sbiltod forward 2
loot 0 iiiutics and a lug lorosail figged.
The sloop yucht Vision Is being entirely re-rlgged.
A huudsomo 23 loot racing boat Is being built at
Groenpomt. rilio is intended to appear In llio Centennial
James Lennox, of South Brooklyn, has just completed
a handsome new steam vaunt for Mr. J. Lurillard.
She is about 85 feet long and is now ready lor
A neat looking propeller is now being bu'lt at
Mnmin's yard lor tho Now Vork Power Company. Sho
will be 05 leet in length.
Richard Wnllon Is at work on a 30 loot sailboat that
is being built lor speed.
The sloop yucht Undine Is lying at the loot of Court
street and is rigging a now mast a few leet longer than
the one she carried away Inst season.
A now sloop yacht is being built by James Lennox
for Mr. Wright, ol New Jersey. Her dimensions are 40
lee! over all, 10 leet beam and 0 leet draught. f>ho
will be ready about the middle of May.
A steam launch 30 loet iu length is being built at
Mumm's yard as a tender to the schooner yacht Mohawk.
A 24 foot race boat is being built by Kichard Wallon
lor Mr. Tole, of MonuironccK.
Tho schooner yacht Comet has been on the ways at
1*,,rl 111. 11 mnri 11 St a leu Island nnd hml a tiaiv rnnlrA.
board trunk put In.
A steam launch is now being completed at tho Continental
Iron Works, (ireoiip.ml. that it is expected
will steam twenty-two miles nil hour. Slio Is oh toot
in length and Is so lightly constructed that when tittod
with all her machinery she will only weigh lour tons.
She is cedar planked und ribbed and Hooted with cor- !
rugaicd iron.
the sloop yacht Kthol is now being resparred and i
rigged under ibe superintendence o( Klcbard W'allcn.
.Mr. Winaus. ot Haiti more, is having a new sloop?
60 leot ?>ver all?built at Newport.
Frank Hates Is gulling a lit loot race boat built by
Harry iSmedley. Hio will appear at the Centennial
The schooner-yacht Josephmo Is being tilted with a
new suit ol sails.
Professor William Clark will giro a grand athletic j
tournament at Tammany llall on Monday, April 3,
when several famous boxers will appear. The "wlndnp"
is to be a (Jrieoo-Roman wrestling contest between
two unknown rrencli exports.
Mr. Hren/.inger, the champion of Brooklyn, entered i
tho tournament "t the Cafe International yesterday.
The list ol players lar surpasses lor strength of play
any similar gathering over held In America or in the
world, with Hie possible exception ot the l.otidou tour- j
burnetii ol 1851. Mr. McKonsie won a game irom Mr.
l'arnell yesterday, and Mr. Knsor was successtul iu
two contests with Mr. Smith.
Four interesting matches occur to-day. Bird plays
against Delniur; Alberoni against Bill; Burnett against
Becker and Pcrrin against Kosor.
raped wrr-'not shot at, as ibtv r|i|irterrd lust above
tjie heit?l* ol the crowd who were tailed out beyond
the lino ol the Mlioolrr ami the latter, preferring to
lake toe chance* of performing the lout without them
to ttie "peppering" ol fomo innocent Jerscynion, let
III cm f> i.
A sweepstake or two of no importunco ended tho
sport ol the day.
An oxchaneo any* that Mr. William Towuloy, tvho
tun a stage I no between Klixabeth oml Newark, N. J.,
lor many years, propose* driving a roach and lour
Irom KlixnlNith to him Kxpouion ( roiimt* at 1'iiiladelpbia
during the coming summer, commencing with
tin opening ol the Centennial, t he joiiruey will !>- a
pleasant one. tlirutiiglt the town* ol Itahwny, Now
limns wo k. Princeton, Truman, llrtsiol an t iho numerous
pleaannt little villages that lino tho way.
A prlre debt between James Trovlltlan and John
Sullivan took place near Knroka Mill, nr?inby rotimy,
Calilorma, oil tna'Jlat iliak, tor .*Aodi Sevan round*
weru regisierod, but there wa* lighting only in tbo
liral, when Treelllian gavo Sullivan "a learftll blow
under the left ear, which turn-d Bolllvan round, nnd
he fell flat on hi* hack In tho centre of the ring."
From tin* blow Sullivan never recovered; but he wu*
brought to tho acralcli six time* atterward* to lie
knocked over by an open onndcrt blow o# tlio check.
Yrevillian wa* then proclaimed Iho victor. The latter
was seconded t?jr liing Williams and Torr King, Sullivan
l>r lluaaey and .Ink Michard*. Itiieaey and William*
Will tight iii a few weeks. Sullivan I* a stale old lei low,
4* year* ol age, weighing HU pounds: whl.e Trortlllnn
is in i ear* old, and weigh* M? |H>niida The hackers
| ol Sullivan nro fearlully di*gu*t<-iL lie claiina to have
. i.ui.ut While, an Auatia'.iau bruiser of renown, wuivti
A lox chase took place near Hackcnsack, N. J., yesterday
morning. Two men on horseback, about u
dozen In wagons, nine hounds and a red lox not much
larger llian a rabbit, mudo up the list or actors In tho
scene introductory to me chnsc. Four miles away from
the village tho lox was given his liberty, In due timethe
houuds were let looso and then the lun commem-cd
Kcynxrd made good use ol tho brier sturt his pursuers
allowed him, and down the roads and across the ItcldB
ho led them a morry dance. It is reported the mounted
gentlemen made several creditable Jumps or obstructions'tnai
were on 'he rouie or the trail, and did well
In their efforts to follow the dogs, but tli latler aero
soon out of sight ana only when tno fox doubled upon
the party did they get a glimpse of htm. An hour
was thus passed, ami about lour inilus
gone over, when poor Hey nard cauie to sudden grief
and tho chase to on end. ( In his hurried wandering*
he ran panting Into tho barnyard ol a laimor, and tho
latter, sunlling the scent ol danger, secured his shotgun,
killed the tox and at once cut off his tall. A lew
minutes inorc and the 1,omuls appeared, and alter a
short tune cauie along the men on horseback nud in
wagons. The larmer wus soundly berated lor his interierebce
lu l be sport, but ha defended hlrnscli with
reminding them Hint too laws ol New Jersey gave him
permission to kill such animals, and rather exullingly
bald up tho tailor Keynnrd and assured I hem it "is
worth $'J to me." The merry men or tho chaso did
what was heat under the circumstances. They threw
thc body of ltcvna'd into a wagon and started lor
hotne, and this ended the sport o( the morning.
Alter dinner there wan another crowd about a noted
place ol meeting in the centre ol the village of Ilackcusa.k.
Thm time It was to tollovr, to the Bold selected.
Captain BogardtW. the champion wing shot, who had
been engaged to give an exhibition 01 his skill with the
giui. The Captain had been invited lo perform two of
hi* wcnderiul leats, the tlrst being the killing of twentyfive
buds in four minutes, he m load bis own gun and
stand at twenty yards rise; I lie second, to kill thirty,
eight birds out of twenty-llvo pairs from two plunge
traps, placed forty yard* apart, while standing
on u hue between tbetu. lheacse of the srarrliy \
of birds, the latter exhibition was abandoned, :
but the Captain accomplished the former in his
well known . it le. Tho word being given, the first
pair went into tho air and lit three minuie- uud ten
seconds after llogardus bad out down gl nut of iii birds
lb.it had taken w iiik. I liree of the six birds that < *
[log 183 pound* rind d feet tall, for two boor* before giving ?
lb. Ho also lough t Kolly In Australia. and wa-. defeat,
od after a hard iiaitlo Truviihau's only tight previous
| to Una was with llogan, Jual iwo years ago. llogan
won by a foul. No bets could bo obfaiued on Trevilliuu
before ilio light, Sullivar- was so much of a lavorite.
The defeated inpiou n il probably challenge frevilliau
to another tight.
j Oaki.axii Tkottimo I'ark, March 22.?Purse and
stake $400; miln heats; three in lire, to harness.
J C. Moiilthorp'a g in. Aiucrirun Maid Ill
R Hdhhltis' U g. .tbdallali Joe 3 2 1
j O. A II irk ok'* a. in Alameda Maid 2 3 3
I>. .1. iip-i-n 8 u. noaumasier. 044
C. Cock's br. >{ P',n 4 <11*
Tunc, 2 :3o?2:32*4?2:33.
The following stable* nro iiow at tho LouIstiIU
Jockey Club course, undergoing preparation for lbs
approaching meeting:?
Uoncrul K. and J. Kowctt, Carlttivillo, III.?Cousin
Vic, 6 years old, by Uoolc Vie; Jennie Kowotl, 4 rears
! old, liv U'ticlo Vic; Charlie Howctt. 3 year* old, by
1 Uncle V.c; Harry Edward.*, 3 years old, by Uncle \ ic.
Job 11 11. Darts, St. l.ouls, Mo.?General Harney, 4
year* old, by l'at Malloy; Athletic, 8 yrara old, by
Pat Malloy; Frederlcktown, 3years old, by Fat Malluy;
I.1III0 Helie, 3 year* old. by l'at Malloy: Dr. liuwett, 2
: years old, by" I'at Malloy; lUttkor, 2 years old, by
\ (iovt rnor Howie.
Michael Welch, St. l.ouls. Mo.?Captain Hutchinson,
[ lined, by Voucher; I'ort Leonard, aged, by Voucher;
: Vordmns, 4 voars old, by Versailles; Mainsail, 4 years
I old, by Jack Malon"; colt, 3 years old, by I'liucton.
j S. Van Liesrs?I'oinpcy Stnasn, 5 ycurs old, by Unci*
I Vic; Pompey's 1'lllar, 4 years old, by Uncle Vic; Ully,
I 2 years old, by CrosslaliU.
C. I'oino, Vlcksbcrg, Miss.?Kilburn, S years old, by
: ltlngmiuior; Volcano, 4 years old, by Vandal; Uloudel,j
2 \e?rs old, b/ Uoiiule Scotland.
P. O. Minor?Falmouth, aged, by Planet; Sweet Hay,
6 years old, by liuvwuod; Nannie F., 4 years old, by
Iliiit.nl Itaann tn.l in- , nthura
Groan Morris, Missouri.?Knlistor, 4 years old, by En1
quircr; Alton, 4 yours old, by Pal Malloy. Will b?jp!
In'orcod by Milliouna're.
A. M. Jlurtoii, Nashville, Tenn.?.Survivor, aged, by
! Vandal; coll, 3 yearn old, by Star Unvts.
J. K, Wilson A: Co.?.Iuck Trigg, 4 years old, by
j Lightning; Tom O'N'oil, 5 years old, by Lightning.
William Brady, Illinois.?Goorge Bice, 5years old, by
| West Koxbury; Molliu II., 4 years old, by Judge Leon1
Tom McGlnuis, Georgia.?Vandal, Jr., 4 years old, by
I Vandal.
Hitchcock's stablo, in charge ol Wallace Weldon,
| will arrive the 26th, with leu horses.
Cottrill, llacon, Cuuutbam and llio Texas horses sro
j nt Mouilr.
The following is a list of too foals already dropped at
the Belle Meade Farm this spring. This is the horns
I ol General Harding, near Nnshvlllo, Tenn.:?
1. Chestnut coll, by Bonnie Scotland?lllondin, by
Commodore (son ol Old Boston); loalod January 30.
2. Hay Blly, oy John Morgan?Suo Walton, by Jack
I Mnlono; loaled February 1.
A Hay Blly, by John Morgan?Fannie Cheatham, by
! Lexington; loaled February 14.
4. Bay colt, by Bounlo Scotland?Iluotta, by
Highlander, and she the dam of Voltlgeur, who won
the Clark Stakes at Louisville Inst soring; foaled Febj
runry l.V
5. Brown colt, by Bonnio Scotland?Nubia, by Al!
blon ; touted February 25.
6. Bay Ully, by Bonnie Scotland?Fannie Barron, by
| Albion; loaled February 17.
7. Hay tllly, by Bonnio Scotlaud?Ivy Loaf, by Aus;
Indian; loalod February 24.
8. Buy Blly, by John Morgan?Queen of the West, by
IL.i.i.Ia elortllo.wl . Lto In <4 VI..*..h J
!?. Chestnut Qliy, by Bonuio Scotland?Tallulab, by
Planet; fouled .March 8.
10. Itay colt, by Ilounio Scotland?Illnda, by Soverj
clgn; fouled .March 10.
11. Chestnut colt, by ilounio Scotland?Melrose, by
' Cbiido Harold; fouled March 10.
12. Chestnut illly, by John Morgan?Salllo Cross, by
Albion; foaled March 10.
James W. Guest, ol Danville, Ky., lost last week a
very lino large Oily foal, the first of the get of Imported
The stakes are now opon and will eloao on tho 15tb
of April tor tho spring meeting at Lexington, Ky.
Woldon E. Hunt, of Bowling Green, Ky., has just
sold to Mr. Shropshire, of Bourbon county, the stallion
Waxoy, tho giro of Grafton, for J'J.ToO.
At tho insianco of the Harlem Gun Club a bill passed
the Board of Aldermen and was signed by tho Muyor
-last week repealing the ordinance prohibiting shooting
at Xlnotwood and Jeromo I'arks. The sportsmen
of this city and vicinity are indebted to Aldorman Purroy
for ibis emancipation from the Puritanical blua
Tbo Earl has reached St. Petersburg In safety. He
has been leased for two seasons at tho pneo of ?1,000.
The Empress of Austria, who has been honoring
Bayon Ferdinand <le Rothschild with a visit to Loigliton
House, inspected tho Meutmoro stud on tho 13th .
iD?t., and on tho following day tho Empress and snito
had a day's huntiug with Mr Selby Lowndes' fox
J. Goodwin purchased Bugle March ft Kngby on the
13th inst. for 400 guineas, nnd subsequently parted
with her for 500 guineas to Lord Anglesey.
Tho horse Fonlarabluu having broken away and
' savaged" a Mr. Walker the latter recovered ?120 for
the injuries received.
What promised to bo a four-oared raco of somo importiinro,
between Taylor, Lumsden, Sadler aud Winship,
tho Tyno crew, on tho ouo part, and Green,
Thomas, Spencer and Iliggius, tho Thames crow, on
i the other, has, after all the negotiations carried on,
i collapsed,
A rutnor was current In London on tho loth Inst,
that Skylark had fallen while out at excrciso, and aj
much as 10 to 1 was betted against him for the Derby.
The SjHtrlaman ol iholSth inst. says:?"Jem Mace and
Joe (loss wlli leave England lor America by lliestcamor
' sailing from England March "J.V Their Iricnds inii>nili>it
.ovine thetn a testimonial two (lavs before their
While Palm and Emerald were raring home together
111 the finish lor the City Hurdle race at Bristol a blufl
greyhound julucd in and rnu beiw-ceu Hie two up ilia
Mr. Ornwshnw weighed for Victolro In the big steeple,
chase ul Itristol: hut a sportsman Ironi Piccadilly having
put Ilia hand upon l.er she was prevented (rum
Tho French "Socidtd d'Encouragement" for the
"improvement of the breed ol horses"?in othor
words, the French Joe soy Club?hns drawn up tho programme
of the race* to be held at Paris ami Chant illy
this year. Tho total amount of money given in prizes
ut these meetings will ho ?.12.000. ul which sum .?27,400
is given by the society itself, ?2,000 hy the city ul
Paris, ?2,00t> by the live great railway companies, ?400
by the Dcauvllie Kaoo Committee, ?240 hy tho municipal
council of Paris, ?2no hy an individual membur
of tho society. ?100 by ihu Censed tidneral of (lis
Seine, and ?100 by (he Northern ol Franco Railway.
The society also grams lour first class prizes of ?20(1
each lo I ho provincial nueiings of Uordonux, Marseilles,
I.tons and Caen; eighteen second class prizes ol
?12u each to other provincial Haiti res, such as Amiens,
liicppc, Rouen, Kheims, Turbos, Toulouse, Ac.; uuti
third clnss prizes ol ?80 each to twentysix
other depart mental meetings. Adding to
these sums special prizes to tho vaiuo of ?2,640 at
Dieppe, lleuuvais, Cam, Dcuuville and Konlainobleau, il
will lie seen ilint the Soeietd U'Kncnuragenieiil
endows the provincial fixtures with ?T,0o?.
wtnoh, wilh the ?32,a00 given at Paris and
Cliaiililly, makes a total of X40.10U. The
wnolo of this money Is added to prize* reserved for
horses bred m Franeu, excepting the X4,(iU0 given in
the (irand Prix do Paris, which, together with a few
smaller races. Is open to horses of all nationalities.
The Grand I'rix will Im run forlhla year on the 11th of
June, tho Prix du Jockey Club, or French Derby, having
been previously decided at Chantllly M tbo 21th ol
.May.?J'all Mall (rus ltr, March 14.
wektos'b hix days' walk.
As was stated in tho Sftorfrman of Saturday last,
Weston bad comploted siiflylM miles at the end ol
the mill day, and although ndvliod by his medical mas
to retire then, ho could not be persuaded to pull u|
until 390 inlloa had been comploted. tho last mile oo
copying over nineteen minutes. For the first time
sltico the start Weston here showed symptoms of distress,
snd although unwilling to admit It, ho was convinced
that It was impossible for him to accomplish the
great ta-k he had undertaken. During a rest of nearly
lour hour* and a quarter lie had a sound ?lc?>p, and on
awaking took u mutton chop, some nnneud chicken,
' a custard and a cup of coffee, after which he vrnlnod
lour unlea at n very alow puce, it one minute after
eight A. M. he hu<l covered 4UI> mile*, and at twentynine
minute* past eight he halteil lor juat one hour,
during which he ww ha rod, shampooed and bad lilt
hair cut while lying on Ina hod, ami when hie toilet
liad lieen completed he partook o' another chop,
cliieken, cuatarrt, roll and hotter and a cup of tea; hut
with all till* nourishment only 410', mi lea had been
covered at midday, or twelve hours (rout the tlnlah.
Weston continued at about four mile* an hour
until lb. 14tn. eOtt, when lie Mopped for dinner,
which emulated of a bnilod chicken, potatoes, custard
and tea. and on resuming at 3th. 26m. 1 he signified
1 lita Inteotion not to stop until the tlnlah. lie cama
out quite a "*well," In a spotless tnntc, white glove*
and bat and a pale blua aa-n. and aa the alternoon ad
n mm i.-Kimniniiio rompnny onsen.Died,
among whom vro noticed ihn Margin* of I,orne, I/>rd
Ivtdlcy. Hirers, Lord Hoseoery, l<ordO. Hcntlnek,
Sir J. Aatloy, M. IMf K. Johnstone, M. P.; 8lr S.
llnino, M. r\ ; Sir K. Peel, M. P. ; Hon. H. Vtlllers, Hon.
W. (ierard, Colonel N. stoke nnd Captain Shaw.
Throughout the evening the enthusiasm was something
wntiderlttl, and IT Weaion had actually accomplished
bis ia*k tin? excitement could not hove boon greater.
Ho llmahid at llh. iHm. AJh., having walktd * '>?? mil#*,
Ni Am.in, who had Mcutnpanled Wi aton during tin
latter portion of thn Journey, atop|M'tl shortly liefnrt
; night o'clock on Saturday evening, having walked 1W1
hides. Sir John Itrnnett, of Chenpatdv, kindly lent i
marine chronometer lor Uklng the ttmu.?Z'As Spvri*
| man, March 14.

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