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taothrr Motion to Dismiss the Complaint in
the Taylor-Could Suit.
Suit by Lyon, of Emma Mine
Tlie Government Snit Ajninst General James
Watson Webb.
In the further trial yesterday before Judge Barrett,
In Supreme Court, circuit, of tbo suit of l)o WUt C.
Taylor vs. Jay Gould and others, growing out of the
Black Friday gold couspiraey, the proceedings were
unusually lively and piquant, and were, ot course, cor
respondingly enjoyed by iho usual large throng of
fportalors present.
Mr. Albert Spevers was recalled, nr.d In answer to
Mr. Sullivan said he rouid nod swear whether tho mem
orandum ol plaintiff's sale was signed by him on Friday
or Monday.
Mr. Sullivan suggested that the case bo given to tbo
|ury to decide on the point whether tbe memorandum
was niado on Monday or Friday. The owe, lie siii.l,
was a peculiar one, Inv living large Interests, and It
was quite within Ills Honor's discretion to allow Iho
ruse to go to the jury Just then.
Mr. Bench opposed tins, saying the Court had no
inch discretion, and (but the proposal was an attempt
to ovale I tie statuto ot frauds on tlio point as to signa
Mr. Peckham said tt mattered little, after all,
whether the memorandum was signed on Monday or
Friday. The real point of Interest was the fuel that it
came Irom Spoyers' olllco.
Three memorandums were here handed to Mr. Spoy
ers by Mr. Sullivan, and bo admitted that they were
dated September 24, 180.'. and wore signed by him; but
bo still believed that lie did not sign any of the memo,
randatns of the Bluck Friday gold transaction (ot which
these were a portion) until Monday.
Mr. O'Brien was next recalled, and ho testified that
on Black Friday ho roM Mr. Speyera $170,000 at ISO
and $100,000 at JtiO, and betweou one and two o'clock
on the sumo day received Mr. Speyera' memorandums,
which witness produced. The memorandums were
d ited September 24 (Black Friday), and recorded pur
chases by Speyera lor account of "James Fi?k, Jr., and
bis associates."'
Mr. Shearman thru took thn witness In hand to
cross-examine him, aud tho audionce wore afforded u
rich treat.
'?Have you not brought a suit arising out of thrRO
transactions .' ' asked Mr. shearman.
??Yes." auswercd the witness; "alter I had visited
tbe Twenty-third street bn-nic io see you, and found
tbe pla-o barred an I barricaded; I wanted to Interview
you out couldn't get in.' (Daughter).
?'Against wbom did you bring suit ? '
"Fisk and associates."
' Will you swear that you so Instructed vour law
"1 bod confidence in my lawyer, Mr. Hill; I lett thnt
to til in. "
"What did you say to him?"
' I don't remember what 1 hold. "
"Did you baud the tickets to Mr. Hill and say noth
ing r"
"I don't remember what I said."
(tjuestmn repealed.) "Now, don't bo no savage"?
; Roars of laughter)?"1 tola you betore, t don't reintni
?Your Honor." said Mr. Shearman, addressing Judge
Barrett. "1 submit that this Is the sixth time lie lir.s
evaded my question."
"Thai ti no evasion," said Judge Barrett.
"I told you 1 couldu'i remember what I said," said
the wiluess.
? I didn't ask you that," paid Mr. Shearman. "Do
foa mean to say you don't remember wlteibor you
?aid a word V
"1 tcli you that I don't remember what instructions
t gave htm ; I bava conildcnea in htm."
??1 appeal," spoke up sharply Mr. Shearman again,
"to Your Honor it ibis Is not mo eighth time he has
evaded mo?" (Hours ot laughter).
"Oil, no; thero is uoevasion: hut ho doesn't pre
cisely understand tlta question," answered the Judge.
Atier Ibis tbo witness mid the counsel hid a lively
time over the question whether tho witness passed
Ins tickets through the Oloarwg lios-c on Satardnv or
"But How could von possibly Bond them in on Satur
day, when iho l ank was closed," persisted Mr. Shear
Winiess, stretctnng out his arms toward tho counsel,
tnd lowering bis ron o:?*tSoftly, sottly. ?' (Slionts of
"t?li, you are a brilliant witness. A very smart wit
Be-s; toil you world look better If you weren't quite so
tuinri," run ulnied Mr Shearman rite witness bowed.
Mr. Pecnbiini--A lecture ? it limit charge (Daughter.)
Mi. ehcnrmsn then inovd to dismis* the complaint
on various grounds. At tbeeloonot Mr. Mbcnfnv n's
trgumcnt on tbe motion to dismiss the complaint, ami
? tier replies by Mr. 8 c well and Mr. t'eckliam, Judgo
Barrett ?ald he held tliut iliere was enough hi ihe cu.-o
to goto tbe Jury on the question whether Mould. Smith
k Martin w? re ecting In toncert with Fisk. Tlie Court
then adjourned.
Some Iimm ago Jam** K. I.ynn, of Kmma mine nolo*
riciv, employ od KUtrilgo It Johnson, attorneys of this
City, to commence nn action against (sett Kerr k t o.,
to recover against thent sonic |S0,00lL Kid ridge It
Johoeon agreed to tali? t?r their sctticco ax attorneys
tud counsellors onr- iiih of the amount that might bo
recovered, I.yon agreeing to pay atl cash di?bnrac
nient*. Tho action was eoinmonco l and referred to a
rcicrce, who alter hearing testimony on t>oth sides, ro
ported ta favor of defendants and against I,yon, w ho
In the meantime hid gone to London be lore tho
referee mad* hi* roport. Kldrtdge wrote to Ins part
ner. Johnson, who *u then in Kuropo with l.von, to
ice I.yon and have him send over to Kldratgn .CdUO
ttcrlirg to take up tho report of the referee, which
Eldrldge wrote he bad ho doubt would he In Invar
a! Lyon, and that he wanted to have tlid money <>n
hand to tuke up said report on readm ibis letter
Lyon immediately cabled, through Jay Coo It e, Mctul
loch A i o., jC-TUO sterling in Kldrtdge. which he
rcce'rcd. The money was not used or paid to take up
the report ot tho rcicree, which was against (be plain
tiff. on |,y< n'* rcliirii to New York lie went to -< o
?MrtdgaIn'get his money, which KklrMgedcelliiej to
pay, on the ground that l.von owed him lor service..
This proceeding *?< then commenced i>\ l.von toenm
pcl the attorney (Kldrtdge) to pav over said ?.".0tisler
iina and interest on the ground that it had bevu
received by Kldlfdgo lor u spectBc purpose, nud
had not le en nasi by Kldr.d*o lor thai pur*
pose KMrtige appeared, interposed nn affidavit
denying the allegations of I.yon, and churned that
]\oii was indeb'ed to lum in a large miiii.
A rcierenco Was made by Judge Lawrence to Mr. Ik C.
Calvin, the new ly appoint, d Surrogate, who, alter
baring taken a large amount of testimony on imth
tides, rep Tied to the Court Unit llm X-ldti h id liven
rei eived by LMntgi as an nttoruey lor a pecibe pur
poso and that l.von did not owe lilm anything. I ho
report ? I the reler'-e was confirmed by Ju ice Douohiic,
wlm made an order directing KMrtdge, ?* nn attorney,
lops) over 10 I you or bis attorney within len days
'.be sum ot f.V.aa ^ being the amount ot the train,
Willi Interest and releree'* fee,. HI III delaillt Ot Kal
ridge not so doing that a precept is-ue against liim :n
tl e nana I torni lor r.ot paying over nrnoey s received by
Ihiii ns M attorney and belonging io his client.
Kldrtdge appeded iroai tin- order, without
g "itip any bond or without obtaining
Irani ihe t'o irt an order staving pr lings, lie alter
ward made a motion a-ktli. the Court to -i it proeei d>
tugs nntii h? appeal sbouli'be krsrd at tteneral Term,
fhia motion was argueii jestecitsy br.orc JuJ..e |hm<
sbne, in Supremo Court Chambers, who, liter hearing
Mr Samuel i; Conrthcv, counsel lor Lyon, agatnsi the
notion, and i.lrfTldge in I ts own behall, nui-rd lo Hay
ihe proceedings, out granted the tavnf to KMrtdco to
tepo-it with tho Cork of the Court the sum ot fill,sc. gg
is security to l.von to w.i t the event of his ap|ieni, and
that sueh deposit be in ide to-day Iwlore three o'clock.
In the event ol Kldrtdge not depositing tins money, ?
required bv Judge Donolinr. the sheriff, nnder itio
order of the Court, moid commit F.ldndgo tnjalL
A caao Was trieil yesterday, before Judge Van
Hoosen. In the Court ol Common I'lcas, preoentlng
feaiure* of special interest lo those seeking to win ti e
favor* of the tickle goddess through slock s|>eciitationa
In Wall street. Mr. Will lam Shepherd, a stork broker
vag selected by Willlsin l.ystcr as Ida medium tor
operating in sto?i<, Mr. Phcpherd bought on account
of Mr. Lyster loat sliarea of Like Shore and Michigan
Southern Jtaitroad stock. A* usual, the stock spoli
ator put up a certain margin in the I.amis ol his
broker, and as nan d Ihe stork ffuctinted, compelling
the Litter Ma make demands lor inrthcr inarglr. I his
mnuer ncir.-in wo? not put up, and Hie re-uit was
taieoi the.-lock, w Hh the lurtber interesting addenda
at a law suit. Mr Ly.ur. who' hrottihl tho
Kg, ii.med tint he rec-tved not re requiring
further margin between two ami three o'olock
in I be ailcflKHSM. -alter III" ."*tock Rwrd li d
ftlibiirm d, liki lain l<> enable hint, crcu II he
bad in the hank, to make tin' required
mar.ii good. It mm -d otit that in eott?ct|we?e?j of
lading i?, (respond to tlia demau'la ol his broker the
latter disposed <>l the stock at a lower flgorc than thai
stipulated (or by Mr l.rrfer. The defendant rot up a
?pontic agreement iLat when plaintiff's margin w i*
^ on tnnkc It good. i tio
plaintiff dented any such agreement, but claims H it
h.- tt. emitint to forty eight boor.' notV. " rmim
,T, rc-? d f4' "r"V? '?? the i.Uo?
o'aiiv MU^t> JJt ??'"' l"MVOV,'r. ??'?? I he ii'lownuco
*?'* customary I t>< n this
which' fuZ'ZfFu'"*? U''?
4 d lrr ,, h,","l'I"'Mv,nS (be court ro,,:,
2o?. rou nrrr.",Thi" however, U8 villi In
?ii the n<>'hi i.r t'* ?'1,1 ?t?cfc speculators
me po.ut of keeping ib,Mr margins good.
III 'ho case or the I'tiRed dtote* against Ooneral |
..tine- Watson M ebb the defendant was again cnllc.l i
to ibe stand yertonbty. He tost ill, u that be paid the !
money In ill-pule ua dlroetcl by Wells, the clalniant
oi lbin money, with the approval ol the Into Secretary !
of Stale, Seward. District Attorney Bits* contended j
t latevcu t! I bin were ao Webb must rcrund the amount
. labile,1. and which be say* be disbursed in tbc iiinun.-r |
u'.n u '"li bill an re, t on press count
steer I r ?">???? H?. Mill lllUt I I|C ,11 reel I,HIS -,( | be Ibe,, I
ft I , 7 of * 'ate would not ..scire Webb ad"
" lie did even act byrurl, dir-etiou be d.d ", , ks
own wrong, ibe D trt. t Aiioriicv niov-ul tbai ,ho
,....r - ire, t a ycrdlcl for tbc gov erumeot on tbc ground
hat tin i.oleiuliiiit bail n,, approval or aulboritv from
i'i:;;;::^? - nf,bo'Zcy,v), ?
H I gey |,e dopoS?.l of it. Or to relieve bill, froll, ll o I
obbgnlion to account for it to tbc lulled .-Inter. Jnd ,j !
nllh'-.loV *'"uW, ""'""li the rare to ||,e pn'v
Hv ? ?Whether the dele,had I ho autW
III, ran, Hon or opprov.j of the So. retarv of Slnle .,t
11"|- orffil!*i "'?> money in <|iie-t?',n a- lie lu.l
t' (lay ",nt a V,'r'1" 1 be r'*el,c'l 'he i' l<!
?f i .Tilling f.angbcln, ns sdmtnMrntor under tho |
wi" ?>f Adam M,tiler, brought run againat Charles
Strnppminn to recover f<-<M .12, rents collected off
the estate. The plaintiff, as admir.i-liafnr, on Decem
ber I. 1S74, appointed the defendant us Ills agent to
collect tbc rents of bis esiui~. and ngreed to pay Intn n
romrul.-slon of live per cut for collection. The dc- j
fondant colloeted the rciir lis such agent and pat,I tbom '
over to the administrator, and received li ir com mis- '
sumsi until February, 1*7(1. Ho roller led Ibe Febrtiarv 1
*"",u""f?g to #MIS ;|2, rein.-.! to
p ., tbun oicr on tbe ground tbut tbe.v belonged to
linn as oil,, of tbe tenants III cotnnion lie li'ivinir
married one ot ,1,.. daughters ol .be tc'tator and hm :
wile bal ing diril. Icavli g bun eh,I,Iron surviving bv
the c,, ','rte v""ll "'1 V ''*u,e liS l0,,a"1 bv
i... i. , ' . ' ''"'"itOed on those ground-, claimed
Inid a greater right than tno administrator to collect ;
and receive and keep the rents. The plaintiff claimed !
tbii tlio defendant was estopped Iron, denying be b id i
received the money as age,? or collectorol* tife pi/.Vn
t n as that was the fart that lie bad receive,I tbo
iijonrj a# rt^eni ami rou|?| not oow claim bo h id re
t ','"; ,' ,r '! ,''"7,"" 011,1 "'"d i<> an inicrest in the cs- I
fate, and lli.it by the terms ,,t tho will the plalniill b ?l
ne.1' on'n,',:' KIT "'P r, nU ' "?ro ??'" ? hmif " rgu.
m II on til,. Jega! questions Involved, and Hie trial
\lker V.Vi'i.'.V'vi IW? 'l1a., s' v,U!t yesterday closed. JuUgo
tr ,i nr. I ,1 V "url> 1,0,0,0 * horn the case w,s
uil or X- ni ' "! nu'' " v, r<Jiot the plain
* '*> "'"1 "'at the exceptions be beard in tho
. ,"???"?? 'ho (leuvral Term. Mr " , '
Wehi^sn "rrT0'1 lor the pmlntid and Messrs. Henry
n chle anu ( harleo Uoldgler for the delendant.
Hie suit of Mrs. Sarah Drown against linn,eg R
I.yddy for damages lor Illegally dispossessing her from
Hie premises No. ?7 Monroe street, which lias been on
trial lor tbrco days before Judge Shea and n Jury m the
-lariiie Court, Was concluded yesterday. I.vddv
bought Ibe lot and premises No. 07 Monroe Hreet front
I!o,nHon ^,n,? '?? April. Mrs. lirowu held a
twenty one years' lease of the premises, which ex. 1
pi red on .be 1st of May. 1S75, and which provtdod she
should retain possession until she was paid the value !
of 'bo hot re standing on tho lot The deed to I.vddv
was made subject to this lea-e. In June, wtthout'hav- 1
I?g paid the value of the lit,use 1 vddv com
III,MIC,d dispossessing proeeodlngs in oiie of tho
< Mrict cour.s ugauist Mrs. Ilruwi,. and bv dolault
In the absence ol Mrs. Mrou n's cutinsel, Mr.* William I
' '' Nu""'r", be court rooui lor a feiv minutes
he obtained a warrant to remot e her, and she u ,s re!
moved the Fame day by a marshal, and took shelter
dais I,?/ tt " 1,001 Alter being out -,v
i '. , ,. .' "k j oxx'ssiuti ol her bouse agau, when
I.) ,lUy uguln foaglit to eject her under the for,uMo
Ktitry act in a suit in tlio Scvcntb Disirict Court when
bis proceedings were stopped by UI1 .muncitou Trom
I be sttprente Court, from' which lie appealed to th>
(iCi.eriil Term, and was there delvat d |,. n!
illamiltr *!Vli ".t*** , helialf ot tlio
0 r. * i ",al , t',? warrant was without the
1 >r, e el law, and that the summons upon which it w is
ouudcl not having be, signet by the J, ai , ?n,o
ourt never "c,,u,red jurisdiction of the matter, 'The
defendant s counsel contended that the warrant could
but H - "|,0a.e a coUalerul action. The Jud-e
?tt be que- i,on whether Hie summons was *ls,,ed to
the jury, u?d ,n?tru, ted them that tboy r '
da'nages for injury done lo her comfort and lcel ng? m
be.ng 'urued ?ut. The Jury gave her a verdnn of
*l f<? It appeared during the trial that Messrs I ,,d !
s if' ,{row"'B conns,d. had live s,Ills I
pending avatnst byddy to protect Hie widow's rigliis
the suit l?r damages, suit lor tliu value ot t|?, h?ii-e i
anil In cpiii v in make the value a lien on ibe iirooertV
an uijuiiiMion suil to nop him illlerlcring with her
possession, and a c ruer.tn.
In Supreme Court, Chambers, yesterday j?,p-'o
Don,,hue granted ? writ or halm*, cor ,n' the case
or nit,, Album. It appeared Iht.iAlborn bad been ar
rested and von flood in l.udlow Mreet Jail In a civil
suit; that lie took tlio I nf ol vent art and was dl*cb*r-ed
by .Indge .-.pbr, of the Sujwrloi Court; thai then
Album's creditors petitioned Judae Smer to ?.?
the discharge, and mat Judge spf.V imnfod an , ?
to show cause why the petition ahould not bS sel
aside, and in ili? luciiiiiit,,,. ordered Ibe -berill io
arrest All,,, rn ami hold him to nail. \ |t p,,ri.',
apiiear, <1 ,?r A H,or,,, la,,MC? ,,t0 order
in'I'a!.,1!1' / v""' n"'1 w""u,,? authority ot k,w
Mr. l.llio.i f. .-beppnrd, who appeared |,,r the ere,i"
Homo! All,on,. .,ske,| ,,,?l the ease 1,0 udlourne.l lo
give bint time t>> |,re|uire t?r the argument. Mr. I'urilv
opposed Hit-, aud alter a aoinewhiit boated areiinietit
between counsel Judge Don,a,l???i,..,i the i mtt^
lo tile vr"r?,rn 'toa ,w "'".^'lefiH to make a return
A rather e?r,??, S1I? W0J trl0(, VPM).ri|liy ^.|ore
Judge J. F. Daly in tlio Court ol Common liens. .\[r.
Hern.an K. Hacger keeps a Storage house on Kiglith
avenue In 1M7H a man, giving Ins name as .V
Monoeal, negotiated w ith him to stoto tho furuiture of
the h.xisc No. ::i: Fast Fifty first sirect, rmting that
II,c turn,lure belonged to b m, taking a receipt front
Mr llaeger lor the furniture. Subsequently this Mmo
man to ok uw:,v I lie good*. Alterward tt turned out
tinit. me man giving bis miino as Monoeal ??- an agent
ol being Henry Mart," Mr
WoniK il to whom Matiit, had given the rccpt ?,mi
aft, r In- Ittrnilure, when to Iks surpr,-e be found Hiat
goods lout |?.,.|i remove,I |u the manlier
vu,""?' ??"? I'irnuuro
' *' ?'**' ll;'' brought suit against Mr. llncer to re
cover tins ante,int. Mi. Il.,cgei was sick and nnaMe to
where " i,"' "n" h" ?'so cn-aged else
Where. Ah liiqurst was t?.,ug lake, m lho case, when
ti e service.-O, Me-,a Jacob, and S?.k were obtained
on In ball or 11,n dciemlani, Mr. T. 11 ttjell u-is-.r,...
h.r,"e pt d,.;Md.",y <11 tier' ill i-oiii <
plexion on the cr.se, and the elm,led ou ho
< ro,a cxainlnatton ?l tbc plaintiff's witnesses vv.? both
sptcy ami Pl|?. ,vn< ? ?? ' |
a. ba'fone o i lock, and ll.ey Iinving .gree ^ j
t" is momVtr? ?r::rrt"' """K 1,1 " verdic
Hsnrjr CMrml. summoned as a Juror In tins fatted
States Court, w?# yesterday flncd f!50 by Judge Wal
lire lor non-attendance.
Driiro<1 1'ilrii was ves'erday sworn in as Surro
(ill bv County Clerk Walsh, after which h<f received
bis ccrtideate ani Bled his band with tho Cleric. Au
gust: * Xclirtl and J."nr< A. Thayer are Mr. Calvin's
sure; c< lollie wntei.t of $'>0,001. Ho will open tho
Court to-day.
.v verdict lor for the plaintiff was rendered
jrest rilay in fit?? mil brought by II irrivt li. Cr< <sirad
n/amst ti.-orge Reii, tr? ? t boiorc Judge npkiUR,
holding Mupretno < urt, Ciremt. Tt??- nm gr-?r <>ui of
an alleged f rattan tan i trasritt <>f real Mite.
An order of Jldjte Iiniinhiii- yesterday was flleil In tho
County Clerk's nrtier antheming tin rrretver wt ths
Security fav ng? llank to otter ? reward terihenp
tnre ui* John II. ^"'t, the absconding li wikkeeper anil
ronndmi.at clerk o the ii.mk. ami to pay experts to
ax*hititi11.!? acrounts and dotetdiv' a to limit linn op.
I it> ?i|it brought liy llettry tVertlieinier immnst
Henry Strains ami Abraham Wolle was trieit yesteri.ny
beloro .imlgo iasfttte* end resulted in a verdict tor
tin iitatnt'n tor #'>su 01 the Milt was similar III llm
tried on the previous d ay. In which Nathan and Charles
Mi* ami mi nm m Mueller were tlie respective plain
In the mii! brought by Anthony J. Rlcecker against
thee iy to r> iomt $ IB,uoo compensation ltd appraising
rm property un-tei dirertiuii ot the Slnkin.; Ktiml
i I'tnnnssioorrs. .1 motion ** m mode yesterday betore
t'bml Jtriiee Italy, it Special Term of the ifnwct of
1 "iiimon I' ran, toamend the answer by setting up an
acr?cmetii hy 'lie plaintiff with tlie t'oniptroller,
wherein he consented :?* allow the latter to tlx the
t-omp mall n. ami that the 1 omjdroller had baud it at.
f.T,<etl. Judge Itslj tool* the papi-rs.
In a -mi fur divorce on t ie ground of adtt'tery
hnmclit by Helen I'litllips against her Mshotiil. Kit-hard
Phillip-, . unit ion wra- nia>i>? yesterday hvtorc Chuff
Jil-tic* Daly for il nionv nd counsel lev. Alt> r hear
ing I he opposing sfft isvlts, -citing forih tb.i' ihe bus
Iwmi ti?>l tit* 11 ntr tmife cruelly treated m bta witethan
lie bud erer treated her Judge li.iljr deniej the
tu> lion.
In'.lie Court of fl> acrat Sessions r?*terdiy, before
Judge Hibler-h-ove, the esse a1 James r Cummertord,
lor forgery. **?- oon'intterl Mr Charles Cngc leal I ?
fed to tin.- pr.toner routing to bis oiflec In tcmpany
with Mitchell when the eherk with tho forged certifica
tion was pwsaed. Charles K. Thntna*. paying teller of
the Ninth National Hunk, testified that the indorse
men i ui hi* name upon tin- check was a lor aery. Sev
eral witnmni swore they had known the prUancr lor
Miy jrrirt, anil that 'hi* character wn* good. The
?ccu?e<l teslilied that Uo b id no knowledge that the
check wa* not correct, ami that he had not taken
any part in negotiating it. hut had limply accompanied
hi- partner, Mitchell. The cane is cot yet concluded.
Hy Judge Donohne.
Matter of Clark. ? Correct order and It will he light J.
Matter of Hollmun; matter of Zlurowxkl; matter i
of Walsh; matter of Scrrell; matter of Rhinelander; :
Nevini r?. Judson; Wiotertnix ve. Mudge; Kelly vs. i
Scripture; MuKenoa ve. Scripture; Young vs. i.sug- ;
bein?Motions denied.
Matter ol opening Lexington avenue ?Money docs
not belong to administrator; report incorrect.
Schstlier v*. Smillu?Ordor granted continuing re- {
port ot relorec or sale and grunting extra allowanco.
Levy vs. tiillett. ? 1 n this ease no copy of thn steno* I
grapher'a ininliter lurnishod; when that is, case cau be '
ecttl. d.
Waiting vs. Whiting. - Decree or divorce granted to ?
I.ittaner vs. Goldman.- I wish to see ronnsel.
Taylor vs. Maine; Do I'.mtill vs. Knunrcx; Bloody
vs. Lltdiy?Orders grunted.
Blatter ot stwllnian; Allen vs. Gnucli; Hayes vs.
Dickinson; 1'inckney vs. Houghwant; Nichols Vs. Jos- j
sup; tn ittcr or l'egram; matter of % wink; Morgan vs. |
Will s, Lynch vs. crump etak; mutter ol ilaur; Duck
worth v*. Tullmarige?Granted.
Harnett vs. Caldwell?Motions granted. Memor
Wallace ,V Sons (a corporation) vs. Castle.?Denied.
I'hilhp* vs. Lewis.?Memorandum.
Matter ol LedyartL?VTact proof of responsibility of
guardian under rule.
lioyle v*. Doyle.?Dcrrre of divorce granted to !
Society lor the Deformation of Juvenile Delinquents '
vs. lluuckauff ? Mrmeraudutn.
in 11 vs. Tallmadge.?Granted, with stay.
By Judge llnrrotl.
Johnson vs. Maning.?I think that it would be hard i
to deprive the defendant ol n Jury trial, where alio had '
stipulated to the extent embodied in tho paper. The |
stipulation is tiled, and on D the motion is denied,
without cons.
By Jadgo Isirremore.
Bnlley, Ac., vs. Bpoltord, Ac.?Motion for extra al
lowance dented.
By Judge lairromnre.
Lesscrmao vs. Bernhe.nter nt ul?Motion granted.
Hy Judge B an Vorst.
Taylor vs. Tbo Mayor. Ac.?Judcinent for plaintiff.
The ullidavtt ot Mr! Whitehead, which is not ques
tioned, shows to ho u proporcase lor costs.
SUPERIOR couirr?special term.
lly Judge Curtis.
8i.huck vs. Altkcn."? Order settled.
ilv Judge Spelr.
Swasey vs. Ruger et al.?Order for a commission. j
Srhmalor et at. v.*. Grlswolil.?Order denying mo- I
tion, with #lo <nsts.
Delinonl v.*. rotnort et al.?Order cancelling decree ;
of Judgment ol record,
kutiimun vs Kaufman.?Precept grunted.
Ilorst vs. Aitkon; Uenner et nl. vs. Durlos et at. ; J
Roc ot nl. vs. The oceanic 8 team Navigation t'oinpani ;
Audi-soli vs. Priest ot ul.; Ingor?olt vs. The Teuth
National Hank.?Orders granted.
Hy Judge McAdnm.
Reed vs. Tho Transatlantic Company.?Opinion.
Moss vs Judson.?I'tion payment ol $10 costs
within live days the defendant may servo an amended '
answer, properly tiled, and numbering Ills separate do- i
, lotices.
Schwartz, vs. McCurran.? Application granted.
Harrowcllffvs. Stevenson; llulo vs. Rohr.?Motions J
i grained.
Greo vs Johnson, Jr.; Rothschild vs. Su-sman;
Downs vs. Ncwburger; Beineut vs. Ahern; Taylor vs. j
Rogers.?Motions to advance causes granted.
Greensward vs. Milliard.? Motiou granted.
Rehire Judge Btxby.
George Sarstleld, proprietor of a grocery and liquor
sloro nt No. 87 Wnsli!ngton street, was yestorday ar
raigned on a charge ol robbing Thomas Jeflcrs and
Bernard Rums, sailors, after having dosed them with
drugged ale. Tho complufnnuts stated that while
standing on the r-.rnorof Rector and Washington streets
tho accused came over and accosted them, invited
them into tho store across tho way and asked them to
take a drink. They drank ale. one or two glasses, and
immediately tell drowsy and wrut to sleep. When
tlicy awoke tbey missed their money, amounting in
all to about $'2X Ofllcer McMnhou, of the Twenty
seventh precinct, was called in at the time and arrested
Sarslield. The latt"r yesterday dented hts guilt, and
protested that the complainants were rnbbcu outside
of hi* promises, if nt all. Narsiteld was held In f'J.ono
to answer.
Scprkur Cocrt?CiiA*Rr.us?Held by Judge Dono
liuc.?N'os. 28, los. l.'U ti> 154 inclusive, 197, 211, 21K,
273, 274, 275, 276. 277, 278, 207, 227, :il4, .147,
;ws, 351, 363. 301, 862. 863.
ttiruKXR Court?ttenrut. Tira*?IT?i(l bv dodge Van
Vorat.?Demurrers?Aos. 4, ii. 7, 21.?l.aw mid lad?
No*. 145, 66, US'. 120, in, 414, 133'., 230, <17, ;us,
33s, :mo, .us, 349, 362, 365. :r>7, nim, aci, 302, smi
:ui7, 300, 371, 372, 373, 374,175, 873, 370, 880, 381, 382,
as;i. 384.
MTui.mr CorRT?circuit?Cart 1?Held by JttdgO
laiw retire. ?No*. 1318, 1310, I'299, 2847, 1407 'a, 2020
1050, 1855, 2S57, 1373, 140, 1440, 1451, 1453, 14,44, 1457,
1450, 1401. 14011,1407. March lerni continued, held III
(.?eiicr.il ruom. by Judge Itirretk?Case on?No. 1227.
No Out eith-tidar. fart 2?Held by Jndp DvUdiiii.?
N'os. h5fi, 81.0, 893. 380, 1.1811, 1824, 1258, 1020',. 1125
730, 2401, 1422. 1318. 872,2110, 1442. 2808,2858, 1448,
1.108, 2848, 1320. 008, 1437. Part 3?Held by .1 u.?v;o
I. irreinore.?No*, 633, 2539, 1127, 8R3, 718, ii7.1. 11 1
040, 1733, 1131. 2180, 1237, 2637. 1007, 325?? 171 U,
175'.. 021, 1133. 1721, 301. 02.1',, 1185',. 091, 603.
81'raunK (Joust?Si-ki'iai. Thru?Held by Judge
UpciT.?Nos. 24. 27.
SCTKMiiK Court?Triai. Trrm?Part 1- Adlourned.
Pail 2?Held by Judge Sedgwick. ?No* ' 0, 7lo. 1020,
1875. 650, 008, 081, 1847, 1005, 074, 1534, 207, 741, 1028,
040 869, 9'.4, 8:0. 1074. 1020.
Common rt.KAR?Kot'lTT Trrx? Held by Judge C. P
Halt.?-No. 15.?Demurrer?Pike vs. Knglclinroi.
Common Pitas?Triai- Tkrr?Part 1?Held bv Judge
Van Hoeaeti.? No* 1111'., 080, li'08. 254. 1018, 1892,
15,14, 1539, 1540, 2071. 1093, 070'J, 2122. 1784, 1528,
175.5, 1013, 177 . 2228, 2074. 2075, 2o77, 2078, 2079, 2080.
Part 2?Held by Judge Van llrunt?Nns. 14.54, 72S,
2450, 2010, 2031, 20 .1, 1407, 2061. 2052, 2053, 205.5, 2050,
2057, 2058, 2059. 2000, 2011, 2002, 2<">3. 21811, 2088, 20-17,
21*18, 20011, 2070, 2071. l'art 8?Adjourned until Hon
day, April 17. 1870
AlAtiiNR <nrKT-Triai. Trkm?Parti?Uetd bv Judge
Alker. ?No*. 3827. 7007. 5WI, 3P91, 3992. c.l?3. 4(106,
7443, 7366, 082U, 0706, 3941, 392-5, 330-1, 3110. Part 2?
Held i?v .1 mice Hherldan.- Nos. 7082, 5040. 4427. 0341,
6354, 3802, 8900. 7079, 8400, ?98-?, 2324, 4045, 4040, 4047,
4018. Part ?"?held by Chief J native Shea.?No*. 4710,
3|30, 0882, 6792. 3784, 8495, 7193, 2180, 7298, 7149, 5808,
6224. 0931, 528.', 4958
CofRT OK tiKNKRAt. SK8S1HN8 ?Held by Judge
Olblerslceve.?The People v* Thomas Alleu, r-dt
berv; Same vs. Michael Kelly, felonious assault and
battery; Sumo m> KraMta I'ruliv, felonious assault
and battery, .-amc vs. Sarah Moses, grand larceny;
Same vs I.ouis .V. PrlJe, grand larceny; Same.vs.
Lnltl t'utnbel. grand larceny; Same vs. Kannle I>es;r.', I
lelonlutis assault Mud battery; Same vs. William Mar
tin, felonious assault and battery.
Tito case of Irtnc Bn-leau, ex-Tax Collector, wan
called for tr al In the City Court of ISrookiyu, before
Judge Neilson, yesterday. The prosecution intimated
that ibey were not iptitc ready, and Judge Neilson laid
that as he had tried the ease oure and it was not usual
forjudges to hear the saute case twice, he would prefer
that this trial should t.ike place before sunte other
Judge. Counsel for Mr. Balloon laid they hint no ob
jection to Ills Honor (lying the ca-e nga.n, and II was
net down lur Tuesday next. April in.
It h claimed now that mnce tne last trtnl some start*
ling Atria bare been disewi-yed, which will show hn
yond all question where some of the moneys alleged to
have l?een taken from the tax office havo gone to, and
that these transactions have taken place without the
knowledgn of consent oi Mr. liudesn, Tim ilgures of
the expert nrciuutanta bare also been eorructud since
Unit tune and tlm amount of Ibe alleged deficiency
gr-'ntly reduced Mr. Unrnaixl gave notice yesterday
that be would, uudcr the Inte decision in the Tweed
rase, reported in the "Kh N. Y.. move to ronflno
counsel lor the people to one count in the indictment.
Aluart, April 12. 1574
In the Conrt of Appeals to day the following huainenu
tv.is tran?ncted : ?
No. Ittt. J'atrlck King, respondent, vs. Tne New
York Cciitro and Hudson Hirer Hailronl Companr, ap
pellants ?Argued by M. Hale lor appellant and by A. J.
Parker for respondent.
No J--. Norman c-ix an.I another, administrators,
Ac., appellants, vs. Warren P. Wight man, executor,
be,i, andotbcri, respondents.?Argued bj K H. Prin
die lor appellant and William 1". Jeuka far respondent.
No. 324. rim Washoe tool Manntacturing Company,
respondents, vs. The Illtiernla Insurance Company,
appellants.? Argued by N. C. Moak lor appellant and
R. A. Noves for respondent.
No. 12'.. Marv J me Turner, adminlsirairlx, Jkn.,
respondent?. vs. llcnrv Itogv* and an t her, appellants,?
Argued by tt. Hand lor npiieltanta and by u. Close lor
Not 80, 103, 107. 121, U\ 117, 127 and 140.
Wasimxotox, April 12.1874
In the Court of Commissioner* of Alabamt claim*
to day the opinion of Ibc Court In rclatlcn to the tasen
known m "war risks" wki delivered by Judge JcwelL
Tbo following to a syllabus or tbc opinion;?
Insurune* ti.uipanisn and insurer* ranuot recover In thia i
court unlet* tlie? ?liow two tliluirs?Brat. that ihey ????tad j
dauiave or prose lui*e? by rrflein of dentrurtluji ut properly !
by I lie i 'iiuledorntQ erulaur* AUIntti i. Florida *na the
bcienandnaii alter she left Melbourne; and, nee- I
oad, tlrHt their tm-inew In insuring against wiir
risk- during the rebellion mused thetn a net loss, both .
o! which l.einu proved they may recover a aunt e'inal to the
niiiiHint III such net io?? in their bu-ine-i. il their tours by
?aid mlrtti amounted to the aggregate ol ??eh Ihm. bin in
tie greater lhaii the aiuoant of the net toes on each war
risk business. In determining snrh net hiss the atnounli
paid and received lor reinsurance art to be taken Into con- j
side ration.
Awards In three following rases were luade under
this derisionCase 1,0*9. Commercial Mutual Ma
rine Insurance Company, of Now Bedford, Mass., (
$-1 ft, 247 1 2. with Interest at tour percent. Case 1,003.
Ocean Mutual Insuratn-e Compuny, ol New Beilford,
Mass., $17,42A ltd, with Interest at lour per rent.
Caan 1,09*. Mutual Marine lusuranco Company, of New
Bedford, Mass., (44,191) 72, wlllt Intercut at lour per
.lodgments were also announced in the following
cases:?Case 1,1 tart. I., liiukenspiel ct n!., of!*ati Fran
ciaru, lor loss of merchandise on the Crown Point, de
stroyed hv the Ktorida, May 111. ISBd. $2.1170. Case oil.
George Mctiibbon .V Co., ol Now Orleans, for loss of
merchandise on tho Klertrlc Spark, destroyed by the
Florida, July 10, |s.i4, (iXJb titi; Judge Baldwin dissent
ing. Ca.se 1,141. Ira Moniro-s, ol New Bedford, Mass..
for loss of persounl effects and wage- by destruction of
the Kdwerd Carey hy the Shenandoah, April 1, IMS,
(1,7110. Case 1,37*. John \V. I'lerro, of New Bedford.
Mass., for loss of wages by destruction (ba Milo by I
the Shenandoah, June 22, lftCft, ( J.'di.
mil tee.
The local politicians are considerably exercised as to
the fate of the bill which proposes to extend Comp
troller Green's terui until tho 1st of Jantiury. Tho ro
port of Its pas.sago by tho Senate yesterday waa can
vassed with considerable Interost by the Alderm n.
Tammany members express themselves as much ehn
grtned at this state of affairs. They are bitterly op
posed to tho present head ol the Finance Department.
surrogate Calvin was yesterday sworn Into ofBc.e dc
torc the County Olerk. Tbo bond ol tho now oiticlal
was also llled.
The lasw-Committee of the board of Aldermen havo
now before them the allegations as to the making of a
fraudulent contract by tho Department of Public Works
Willi Mr. B. G. Clarke for furnishing Iron water pipes
to the city. No action has yet been taken. A meeting
Of the Board will bo hold tins afternoon.
Comptroller Green lias not yet determined as to
whether he will issue Ihe necessary bonds for tho com
pletion of the Brooklyn Bridge under tho resolution
recently passed by the Aldermen.
I he anil-Custom Hou-o republicans will hold a
meeting this evening for the purpose of orgnnixlng a
general committee. It to understood that Mr. K. E.
Thorno will bo elected ^chairman of tbc new com
At the regular weekly meeting or the Dock Com
missioners yesterday several unimportant communi
cations Irom various persons asking for repairs ol
docks tn which they wero Interested were read by
Secretary I.ynob, as was the following quarterly finan
cial reiKirt
Dec. Ht. 187V Halance $70,003 58
March .it, 1878?Accrued to ac
, count of dock ami slip rents 173,545 08
Accrued to account ot sale of old
uinii-rlal 453 07
Accrued to account ol repairs, Ac.,
for private owners 014 64
Accrued to account of sales of
in u|is 5 00
I'euuisitions drnwu upon Comp
troller 105 (188 46
$350,812 73
rusut ItSCMKilTS.
Deposited with fthnmherlatn : ?
Vis. account of docs and slip
r-ni $181,682 PI
VI*. account of rules of old ma
terial 483 rss
Vis. account ot dork fund 010 "?*
Allowance to Krlc Itnllrond Com
pany on account pier 8 hiut
River 300 00
Claim* to Kinanco Department fur
Account of nnnunl expenses.... 0.480 38
Account of construction OO.MItl (W
Ualance Mniclt 31, 1876 1.7,038 UJ
$350,813 73
afessrs. Rciwald & Kramer lmve made nn assignment
to Herman Zwelg for the benefit of their creditors.
The loilure of Messrs. H. W. Isickwood At Co., deal
ers In hides and leather, corner of First avenue and
Forty-sixth street, was anuouueed yesterday. Tbo
liabilities are suppose 1 to be about $60,000, but the as
sets could not bo ascertained yesterday.
Daniel Drew's creditors held their adjourned first
meeting bclore Register 1. T. Wlll.ams, No. 4 Warren
street, yeslordnv. Tho following debts, In addition to
ihose already published In the H KB At D. were proven:?
John D. l'rince, $14,907 05; I? D. Hatch, $13.210 66;
David B. Van Kinburgli, $0,861 71; Vernon H. Brown,
$5,000; Hannah Kundle, $1,900; Franklin 11. Carter,
$1,125 63. When the subject of electing an assignee
was brought up there was considerable disagreement
among the creditors. Mr. Isaac 11. Ilailcy was finally
chosen, alter which ihe meeting adjourned.
The first mooting ot il.e creditors of the estate of
Samuel and Charles 8. Perry was held yesterday at
the otliee of Register K.dgur Ketchum. llenuotl Build
ing. The following elalnis were provenFreder'ck
S. Wells. $40,111; Adeline Perry. $10,760, and National
Hank ot Now|iori, $1,503. Mr. L. 8. Wells, ol No. 316
Broadway, was elected assignee.
The lirst composition meeting of tho creditors of .1.
R. A. Power, ol Newburg, who absconded several
years ago and bus not been seen silica, was held yes
terday before Register John W. Utile, ol No. 4 Warren
street The creditors insisted upon putting Power
through an examination regarding his accounts tioioro
they took any steps toward accepting a composition.
11. i'ox, counsel tor Ihe bankrupt, promised to produce
lnr client at the next meeting.
At the first composition meeting of the creditors ot
the Nouotuck Silk Company, held yesterday at the
office of Register Fitch, No. 345 Broadway, the compo
sition of thirty-five cents cash and thirty cents In in
dorsed note-- was accepted.
William W. I.room tut, of the Lecombc Manufactur
ing Company, No. 3S Vcscy street, has been adjudged
bankrupt by Register Kotchum on tils own pctn ton
His liabilities are *30.(100. His assets consist ol 900
shares of the l.ceomhe Mamilaot tiring Company and
5isi shares Columbia Paper Company, w htcli are worth
less, and wearing apparel and ornaments valued at
The firm of Todc Brothers, groerrs. Now 713 and 039
Third avenue, 210 Bowery and 77 Delanoey street, who
lulled a short lltno ago, are negotiating lor a com
promise at twenty-live cents on the dollar in Indors <d
notes at three, six and nine months. Kruesi Todo
oilers illtcrn cents, secured at three, six and nine
An application was yesterday made before Judge
Donohue, In tbo Supreme Court, by William M.
Banks, receiver of tbo security Savings Dank, for an
order authorizing him to employ expert accountants
and detectives. He wlsli>s to arrest John H. Soil,
teller and confidential clerk Of the bank, Who, It in
alleged, has decamped with some $70.i.0n. The alft
davit sets fortli tho mrts In the ease, winch have al
ready appeared. An order to mis cflect was granted.
Mr. J. B. Ellam, a son of B. Rtlam, saddle, harness
and whip tnannlaciurer, ol No. 213 Piccadilly, Bondou,
arrived in this city l?jr tho steam-hip (let-manic on
Saturday last, accompanied by two of hts brothers,
wit'i the view: of exhibiting at the Centennial articles
manufactured by their firm. To a representative of
the IlmtAUi yesterday he complained fhat ho had been,
as he believed, imposed upon by nnr customs authori
ties In being forced to pav about $36, in gold, as duttca
upon ?26 worth of ramp las intended for exhlbi
tiou In the British department of the ('tiitecntal
Exhibition. Mr. Rllam states that the samples
were packed In a large case with some ol h's wearing
apparel; that i<U the steamer lie inado Hie ustinl
declaration In writing showing the (acta (in landing
at pier No. 57 North River ho reports the Custom
House aftlrer demanded $il5 in gold as duties; that
when he ollored to hond them the officer refused, and
tliat he finally paid tlie demanded amohBt. Mr. Kiln in
believed mat lie huil been swindled, especially as flic
samples of other exhibitor* passed tree ol duty.
The reporter called ii|miii Mr. Phillips, private sec
retary to the < ollretor ol tin* Port, who stated that the
ofikcr on the dock had merely done Ins duty. Colonel
(iste.rn, Deputy Collector, tdiiled the reporter's aiien
tloh to section 4 of the Rrqnlnttons Issued November 1,
1875, which provides that:?
Ins.dres shewing ttia marks, lumbers, rhiracter, quantity
and foreign market a a lot of irllrle. Intended tor set-It exhi
bition slmll be anthem tested h> the band and nflleta -???! nf
the romnilssleiiar lor llie Iniern itionsl KxtilMtioa np|ndiiied
by tltr goi vrnmwnl id the ruaairj Irom which snch articlr a are
t in port d, snd -lis II lie made tn in|iti -ate and lore nrded - utio
copy to the i'olio-tor of I 'niloui, lor llie port .it which It I- in
tended ml eh article* shall enter Ihe I lined stales, one copy
to the t'ollector id I'na-.oms |?r the port of PalladelpMa wutt
one copy to the con si glint or agent ?it tho -himwr*. in ease It
slinll he iniprsclirnhlo t? ol.tnlN the sail ehtieation of a rotu
mbaioner under nllletat -eat, verification lit a eon.n'sr nfti-or
of ti e t lilted States may he nrs-epied in-ti-ad.
rolonel Osborn state* that wheu the owner ot gooda
has paid the duties there can be no rebnte; yet it any
large amount were imported under a misconception of
the regulations the ? ii'toms niithnrllies ol tin* port
would urge up m Secretary Briatow tho propriety of
allowing them to l>? entered here in bond tor Ir.tn*
portatlou without payment of duty and aetit to tho
Cnstom House on the Kxhihlltoti grounds.
A collection of immense mirrora intended for exbl
hilt m at the CVntcnnlal Exposition have been Imported
on tbo nteamera Rotterdam and August Aiidro, ot tho
Antwerp line. They vary In (ixn trout 10x25 Icetto 16x
32 tect, aud arc the largest ever received in th.? conn
try. There was alao brought out on the Audrc ? large
quantity of Spetllerirtin, w b'en la bartlar (ban atcal,
and it* uacd in the luauu atiuro o sates.
The advertisement of the Kile of the property of the |
insolvent Third Avenuo Bank by It. V. Harnell, sue- j
tioneor, by order ol the receiver, drew a large nttend
once it the Exchange Salesroom yesterday afternoon. j
The lilddiug was not so brisk us was anticipated, and
the prices brought lor the properly, r.s mentioned bo- j
tow, were email aud fair sample* ol the price* given j
In the present market. The sales comprised the fol
lowing pieces ol property:?
The bank on the northwest corner of Third avenuo |
ami Twenty sixth street, 109x20xS4uUx9tl.il, for
$55,000; No. Dd'J Fifth avenue, a four story Nova Sroita t
stone house, between Ktghty.filth aud Eighty-sixth
streets, $34,090; No. 30 Forty ninth street, 21.6 feet
east of Madison avenue, a (our story brown stone
house, 21.6x5.5x75, tor $21,000; No. 7 East Forty-sixth
street, a four story trown stonu house, with lease of lot
20x100.5, for $11,230 (ground ront. $1,200 a year); No. 1
19, same street, house same a* ft bo to, with lease of
lot. 20x100.5, lor $10,100 (rent $1,075 a year); No. 21,
same street, same lease, lor $10,090 (rent $1,000); Nos. :
23 and 25, nduunitic same, will) same ground rent, re
spectively $10,075 atnl $10,100; also No. 2s F.ast Forty
seventh street, corner of Madison avenue, ground !
rent $1,025 per year, for $13,< 0 I; No. 150 Fust Twenty
sixth street, a two story brick stable, was sold lor i
$0,550; a I wo story tranie house, with lot 25x92.11. on
199th street, between Tenth avenue and Boulevard,
$3,850; same si/nd lot. adjoining, $1,130; a triune j
house, 30x 0. with hull an acre ol lanl. at West Mount i
Vernon, $2,250. Ttio sate of SO 70-100 acres ol land ut I
Tarrylown was adloiirned to April 26.
K. V. Harnett alao sold iu (oreclosnre a house and
lot on 115lh street, east of Fourth avenue, for $.1,200; j
a house on Forty liftli street, oast ol Lexingmn ave
nue. with leaso ol lot 9S.f'xl05, ground rent $490. for
The other loreclosuro sales resulted ss follows:?
A. J. llleo' kor. Son tc Co. sold in foreclosure, hy
order of tho Court of Common Pleas, F. W. Loow. ref
eree, a house with lease of lot 24x96 on Fourth street, j
north side, 203 loot east of avenuo A, lor $6,100, to
Krncst ohi, ono of the plnlutifT*.
Mr. Bleeckor also sold In foreclosure, by order of the j
Supntno Court, Pbllo T. Buggies, referee, No. f-0 I,'al
low sirort, between Broome and IHdancey streets, a j
tlireo story brick bouse, with lot 25x87.6, to Henry ,
Ilreslin, for $7,850.
V. K. Stevenson, Jr., sold, In a Supremo Court fore- j
closure sale, A. Thomas, referee, one lot, 25.6x90, on '
Tenth avenue, 2.56 feel south of Seventy-seventh i
street, and one lot on Sevcutysovctdh street, 25x102, |
115 leet west of Tenth avenue, together, to 11. P. lair
child, for $3,900.
35th ?t.. n. P., 267.10'.- h. el Hit, nv.. 17. lOVxflS.Oft.:
Clara W. Clark to Marv M. Dodge no'm. I
Orchard ??.,n. e. ?.. 66x1 oil ft. {24 th ward) : Frederic*
Siedrrolh and wlte to Henry A. LandgrafT $60(1
fit 'I av., w. ?., 45.5 0. n. of 46th St.. 18.4x76 tt. ; Marv
M. Iluldwin to Mary Donee Nam. j
?r>lli nv.. w. tame property : .Mary Huryce aud hut
mind t? Win. Keldeil 61,500
Kith nv., w. t.,49.0 ft. p. ol':c.uli at.,24.6x75ft.; tltcnr
ltleyert to Amelia K. Illpneanieyrr 2,2fX)
Washington plnee, a. e. en.-nor of W nrhington pijunre,
e. aoxltai o ft.: iluteh ruurcli
3d nr.. e. p., 60.3 (t. n. of 50th at., 2o. | x lo I tt.; l.llKr
Dolnn to Samuel Phllipa 16,250 I
51st ?t.. a. ? , 7il ft. e. or 2d av., IS.6xl(XI.5 ft. ; Mary
A. Hendrlckaon mid wife to Solomon tloet? 12.0'X)
Lexington nv., a. w. corner lOltli ?t.. 5xIts? ft.; t'.
Lnmouroaux to Willlnm 11. Oebbard 1,200
rjotli St.. ?. P.. 356.3 It. e. or 7lh nv , IN.OxIKI. II ft ;
Charles F. Crook Mid wife to Dnvid Warwick 12,500 ,
Sedgwick nv.. w. p., 279xl4*.0 ft.: also Sedgwick nv.,
w. p.. 8B3xiW.7x irregular; nlao Sedgwick nv , w. a.,
2t 19x38.5x irregular: nlso meadow Intel (24tli
ward); Willlnm Hnrnnrd nnd wife to Gulinn Lud
low 31.700
Grand at., n. e. corner Christie. 25x75 ft.; Ann 1*.
faiuntbury i4 John Wilkli num.
69th pi., n. a., fOO ft. e of lltli av., M).,1\10 1.5 ft.;
nlpniiali pt.. n. P.. 175.1',' ft. o. ofllth nv., 4W.lt>;',
xHP 1.5 ft.; John I.lvingstnn nnd wll'o to t'nthnrine
Kenney 01,000
Av. A, w. p., 70.7V; ft. n. of 75tn kt., -5.0l,xlt?l It.;
Fllcnbelh Orr nnd othcrp (exeeutora) to Louglilln
Coyne nom.
115th ?t.. n.p . 73 f|. w. of 1 Pt nv., 23x1 CXI. 11 x irregu
lar: Snmtiol Plilllpp nnd wife to l.nke Union 12,000
Gr.oeat. (No. 42), p. a., 104 ft. w. of Mleerker, 21x I
lia>: Elizabeth Sheridnu mid hnsbnnd to lieorge
Roll 10,250
41st at., li. p., 113.4 It. o. of Hrondwny, 10.8x03.3;
Mntlldn II. Wnlbrldjre to Mntlldn Stevens 0,000
Prince St., s. p., 47.0 ft. e. of Mott, 23.1 xl 15.2; iiIpo
llivipion. n. w. rorner Suffolk. 4ii.3x52.7x irrecti
lnr; ulso Lewis n., e. P., 5S.il ft. n. of Brand. 40. fx
211.4; hIpo MSth st , n. p.. 44.8 ft. w. of 7th nv.. 32.4
x!*l; uIpo LIIpI s'.. p. p , tit) ft. a. of 5th uv., 2l*lx
Wlt.lt; lamls Scllg ami wife to Samuel l.elrner 135,000
Bioilevard. n. e. eomerieuii p?.. lttixldO: G. Tlllot
non, referee, to Benjamin C. Wet morn 34,900 |
I. a asp a.
Bowery, No. 31, 4 yean; Jotui S. Oatman (o William
Job op in 5,000 !
West 3d st., No. 121, 5 vears; Kdwnrd Vanderpoel to
Philip Sold ,.. 1,000
Yes 'jr Pt., No. 5(1, 2 yearn; St. Michael'* Protestant
Lpiprnpal church to Van Derveer .V Holme* i.fpcult
Com pony 2,500 1
Greenwich pt.. No. 1711, 4 yearp; 51. L. t'obi> to George
Wolf 1,700
3d nv.. p. e. corner 4oin St., 5 yenrs; Bernard Stern
to Chnrlup Foster mid other* 2,000
HHli st.. Wept, No. 311, 2 years; J. J. Freelmid to Ku
geno Pottler 1,1100
I.nvelle, flennis end wlfe'to Martha Corann, s. p. of
4Wtli at., e. of llth av.; I year K.... $1,000
Rirhards, Snrnlt M? to Woman'p lloaplfal, n. p. of
West HHli at., w. of Bleeeker: 3 years 5,000
Coekrroft. Samuel, to Klirnbeth Covert nnd otliera,
Vnndewater <t. (No. 271; I year 2,150 1
llrowu. Franklin (Kx.l.to Charlen F. Knbell, a w.
rorner of 4tli nv. and 128th at.: 3 yeara 1,54 O
Selimold. John P. mid wife, to llurriette 11. Green
Hriisteei, Tliompnou tt (No. 27); 5 year a 10,000
Some to ("Imp. Seits, Tliomp-on st. (No. 27l ; Instill
nients 5,2-50
Gntlituan, Frederiek nnd wife, to Clinrlotto Krnmer
nnd otliera, *. s. of :t(t(!i ,.t.. e. ?>rt>?li nv.: 3 yeara. 4,0T10
Cohen, Phiinli and husband, to hegiua SelinfTiier, P.
p. of .34th at., e. of lotli nr. ; 3 yeara 3.0*1
Wetmore, BenJ. G., to Win. Austin, n. w. corner of
Boulevard andOrUli Pt.: 8 veins 21,009
Cooper, Tho.hps K . and wife, to Jneoli W. Cooper,
Albany Post load i24in ward): 3 veara 1,000
Merger, John, nud wife, to John (I. Wlilteliiuisn,
Fordlimn nv . vv. s. (2'ld ward'; Inatnlmenip 400
Howl -nd. Meredith, and wife, to Wm. II, A?plnwnll
(trusts-*). South at. (Sop. 54 and 5ft); 3 years .... 13,500
Goetx. Solomon, tn Mary A. Ilendrtckpon, a. a. otftlst
at., e. ft 2*1 nv.: 1 year 1,750
Brown, hlfxnhi'tli, t ? .lolin A. UruWor, 1'eiirl at. (No.
43'.1,); instnliocati 0,500
Tlie Aden Hay Poms
nnpnnv to Gen. L. Ingraham (inn
tee), llth nv.. Iietwe n 38ih and 3Wlh pts., Jkc.; 5
yenis 3U.000
An article in the IIkkald yesterday stating that the
Sheriff of San Francisco refused to seise any mora
Pacific Mull Steamship property unless the Panama
Kailronil would enter into additional Ponds of ffino.oon,
drew from an cx-ollleerot the latter company the in
formation that Panama had already oltered to furnish
the additional amount of bonds required, and that,
therefore, nil I he processes or law against the steam
ship company would be duly served according to law,
A committee of thrco members of the Bar Associa
tion has been appointed to inquire into the manner In
which the Sheriff's ofnee Is conducted, with a view of
bringing It to a greater state of efficiency than It is at
present, as a great loss of time and money to those
doing business there Is caused by the tnanucr In which
It is at present conducted.
A (ree school for Hebrew children?a branch of the
one now being carried on at No. IMS West Fllty-fonrth
street?will be opened by tho Kev. Maurice Cohen at
No. 34,1 West Forty-fourth street next Monday. There
? la accommodation lor seventy-flvo or eighty scholars,
Ueiween the hours of four and six P. M. girls will do
taueht plain and fancy sewing and in tho evening hoys
i will be Instructed In Hebrew, Herman nnd French.
A maned Kuppe, son-in-law ol Mr Isanc Butler, of
Totnpkinswllio, 8. I., has mysteriously disappeared.
He left homo about ten days ago, since when
nothing has been heard of him. He was steward on a
government supply ship, and, it is said, borrowed
from the cook belorc tearing. When he left he said bo
was going to New York to liny some lurnitnre, and Is
known 10 have baa $l-ih witii him. He is n Herman
ami a man ol steady habits. It was at first thought that
he might have gone fo Kurope, but this is now con
sidered improbable, from the lact that bo did cot draw
out a deposit in the City Burnt.
M All!! I AGES }$\) DEATHS.
Cooi-Kit?.Trxxivs.? At the Presbyterian rhnrrh in
Bouillon, Morris county, N. J., ou Tuesday evening, tho
11th Hist., bv Kuv. rhoroaa Carter, Ct'Miii.rs (?. Coorca
to JrAXXIS T., youngest daughlor of (he late tieorge
Jenkins, all ol llootib.n.
Fiuro?Nm.tiihwt ?<>n the loth March, in the
I.nilier.in rlmrrb m Cristlansiedt, Island of St. Crn|\
by the Her, Wlllemoes, u Axroxto Futro. of Now
Vork. to Ai.ick Arorsr* JCki.rttKoer, of the aboro
place. No rard?.
lUwSHsriibAO?Maok*.?Mr*. Faxnt Xaorx, nelco of
Mr. and Mrs. K. F., to i;istav HAXKaaciif.AO. No
Watfiikax?Kisassks.?At Standard Ball, Wednes
day. April Pi, by the Kev. l)r. Ootlbeil. Max Wat**
? ax lo Makik kt.sAs.-oK, both ol tins city.
Hail Frsnctsco paper* please copy.
Ba> hk.?In Pblladvlph a. on Tuesday, April 11,187(1,
M ?uv Cankoi.i., eldest daughter of Charles M. and llen
rietia K. Bache, in her .1th war.
It,XV,SO.?la Newbnrg; N. Y, April 9, 1*78, of
consumption, Wauta KRUht Baxvaro, age>l 3V
Dasrktt?At West New Brighton, Staten Island, April
S, 1*70, Ah.arki.i.a. daughter of Nathan F. and I. Mil
dred Barrett, aged S months.
Savannah, l?.i. papers please copy,
BaniiXAXX.?At West Mount Ycrnoa, N. Y., on Tues
day, April 11. Hfttv Bxhskaxx, wife ol Herman Behr
maun, in the 4'Jd year oi her a;e.
HoUttrcs and Irlendsaro respeetfully Invited to at
tend tbcfnoeral, irotn her late residence, on Thursday,
April 1-s at ooe o'clock P. M. Trains leave Brand Cen
tral dtpot at 9:1 A and II 4d A. M.
Bkowvi:.? (in Tuesday, April 11, Mart Joha.vxa,
daughter of Thomas and Ellen Browne, aged 2 years,
11 months and 11 dava.
Keiattvea and friend* are melted to attend the
funeral, from the residence or her parents. 73* 10tn sr.,
0B Thur,d,r> Aprtl la. ?' hair.pMt twelve
ne^Vi"?" morninB, alter a abort HI
aeaa, Ml** Kkna A. Bixmv.
f<IMV in v O-'a?* ""t "1rn',t ?f ,h" ramil-v ara re?*?et
of hor ? ? r? V atVV1 Ihe flll,,,ral- ,r??n the rc?<denru
7,,1 "? ** ** West 22d Nt, on Friday, the 14U
Si*o? A ' !? interment at Wood v ill*, Mass.
Hoe.on papers please copy.
.BdTn^r"18, JoU"
ris!dpJir!"nfT ** "moved for totcrracnt from (be
? i. pareu,s- :w5 3d on Friday, the 14th
, at buf! |msi one l? M '
Londonderry (Ireland, paper, please copr.
m.J!?p,'laJ'. April II, of 'pneumonia,
<me o . lock, trom his lato residence, 197 av. B* thence
In Calvary t emelory lor lutermoni. wence
"j tr,?Suddenly, at Memphis, Tenn., April 10 of
iseiL-e, Isaac A. Craws, of tbia city, aged' 67
lie.irt discus
Interment at Evansvllle, Ind.
i)K?WAX.?On Xuosday, April 11, u;* BAaoAarr
wile oi Patrick Dogiian, agoi 14 years. ?
The Inneral will take place from her late maid..*.
815 West 4'.Mh St., ou Thursday, April la, at two
0 clock P. M.
lis How.?on Tuesday, April 11, Ltzxic, beloved wife*
of William l)n Bow, aged a" years.
The relatives una iriends ol the family are respect
fully invited to atieud the funeral, from her late rest
tler.ee, 32 Kitat 4<)th St., on Friduv, 14th Inat at on<
o'flock R II. '
Hwvkk ?On Tuesday, April 11, DanirlUwtir, aftoi
a short illness, aged #5 years.
The relatives ami friends ol the family are requester
to attend his funeral, on Thursday, 1.1th, at one o'clock
sharp, Irom his late residence, 876 3d av. Interment
lit Flat hush.
Ftrxx.?In Jersey City, on Wodncsdar, April 12.
Mary a. Ft.v.x.v, relict ol the Into Martin Ffynn, oi
Tbomaslnwn, county Kilkenny, Ireland, agod 74 yoara.
The relattvea and Iriends ol (he family are respect
fully Invited to attend her funeral, from hor late resi
dence, 242 Orove st.(new number), on Friday aftcruooi
at ouo oVJock.
Fox.?Ou Monday, April 10, Frank M. Fox, bob of
the late John S. Fox, in the 27ih year ot his age.
Relatives and Iriends arc respectfully Invited to at
tend iho funeral, Irom his hue residence, 62 East 48th
si., on Thursday, lath Inst., at ono F. M.
Fiianka.v?In this city, at his residence, Xo. 110 p'Tl
68th st, Nathan Fkaxkax, aged 58 rears.
.>once nl luueral herealter.
Connecticut papers please ropy.
(ikkrv.?At Orange, N. J., on Wodnesday morning.
April 12, Mak ru t U. Fry. wile or I. H. Oorry ant
daughter ol William C. and Mary C. Fry, ol Plain fleld.
Conn., aged 3? years.
Funoral Saturday, at half-pasttwo, from Trinity (Con,
gregational) church, Harrison St., Brick Church st?
OiLU?Of scarlet rover, on Tuesday, 11th Inst.
Charlks Wii.i.iam, only child of Charlas H. and Maria
if ill.
Funeral from residence of parrnta, 183 12th sk.
Bouth Brooklyn, Thursday, 13lh inst, at ono o'clock.
Okkiu?At Isidi, X. J., ou Wednesday, 12th lost.
" H-MAM (Jhkio, aged 66 years, 7 months and 16 days.
1 uncrnl from Congregational church, laidi, on Fri
day, at two o'clock P. M. Train leaves foot or Cham
bers st. at 1 1'. M.
Havicax.?On Tuesday, April 11, Brimst, beloved
wile of John Havican, in the With voar of her age.
Relatives and irieuds arc Invltca to attend the
funeral, Irom hor late residence, Xa 1,028 1st av. on
Friday, April 14, nt ono o'clock.
HiMCH.--On Wednesday, April 12, Math Uirsch, in
the 47th >car ol his ago.
Relatives and Iriends or the family, also tho racmbera
of Monassa Lodge, No. 17, F. 3. of I., and Cong Rodoll
bholem, are respectfully inv.tcd to attond the funeral
from his Into residence, No. 328 East 4th St. betweea
a vs. c and l>. 1
Oregon papers please copy.
Kki.i.y. on tho 12th inst., nt Jorscy City, Jorawta.
wile ol George K. Kelly, daughter or C. F. and Johanna
I Lludeiiiunn.
I1 rieuds ol tho family are rcspoctfuily invited to at
????. . *7 ,rorn Ilor lnlc fosldcnco, 188 (old Xo.)
6th St.. Jersey City, Thursday, April 13, nt throo P. M
Kick wick. Ou fuosdny, April 11, Axdkkw Kkk
wicK anutlve of.Newpark, pir.sh of Dualla, county
Tipperary, Ireland, aged 86 yeurs.
o.71V.ri'0,VJg 01 ,h0 lan,"T ari' respectfully Invited to
or-n.h .."T'-L'' lrom l?e Sist?"' Hospital, corner
ono o'clock RM V'' onTharad^. the 13th tnat, at
Knyskr.?On the 8th Inst.; Roxcellaxah. widow of
the late Ernest Kcyser. nged 55 years.
r.tiu!8>n^,iBHV?K "Dd 'rlcnd? the family are respect
full) invited to attend tho Inneral, Iroin her Into resi
dence, 14 East 67ih st., on Thursday, tho 13th Inst at
one o clock, without further notice. Her remains will
be taken to \\ ooiJlawn I or interment.
K'>Kyn ~u\Tl*rryi;<Jwn, y. v.. at tho house of his
son-in law, Robert Ornhum, Frkiikrick Kokniu, of
Arnsiadt, uermany, In tho 71st year ol his ago.
?. 'l"pruon *fi6ay nlternoou, at half-past thret
o UocK. l rai 11 from t?rand Central depot at two 1' u
Newburg IX. V.) papers ploase copv.
>>i,r"n- ",o- j-"?
W?M .7- Aprl1 or scarlet fever,
' tirnil v u ..? K,"r??i?, twin son of Jaincs H. and
' nPd " yo,M' 7 wo""'" and 19 days,
r uneral from residonco of his pareuts. 235 6ih si.
near 2d av.. on Thursday, April 13, at two P. Jl. '
M ATiiKHox.? In ilolmkan, on tl'edncMlay, April 12L
vearsLLA' Wl'? 01 Jolln Mathoson, uged V,
The relatives and frlonds of the family are rosport
fully Invited to attond the funeral, on Friday, the I4ih.
street ? ? c ' from ',<,r 'al? rcaldonoe, Xo. 7 Third
MvCokvack -Ou April 12. Mart C. M. McCorhack
the beloved daughter ol Pal rick C. and ifarv Mel.W.
iiiacic, of diphtheria, aged 2 years, 6 months' and 12
Tho rolallvcs and friends are respectfully Invited to
attend the funeral, on Thursday, ApVil 15? ?om ho7pJ
rents' residence. ?I6 West 43d st, 'at ono' o'clock
ci.sely; thenco to Calvary Cemetery.
?i i on.xiir.?<On A|irll 11, Hsxim, only son of Catherine
and ihe Into HernnrJ O'Connor.
RiHUU.01*.1 Ir,"m therosldence of his mother, 205 East
841 li sc, lo-riav. nt hali-pnst one o'clock P M
86 v(Mrs. ^ud',Pnly' Apr" 10- *?.Kr H.' Potts, aged
Relatives and Iriends are rcspectlnllr invited tn
aliend the iBneral. from his laio residence, Xo 481
two P II "V-' 00lcl-vn' Thu"(l*.v, 13th Inst.', at
Qiaikkniicsh.?On tho 12th or April, Mart, widow
ot ilie laic Abraham Quiickcnbu*b, aged 80 yearn.
Relatives and friends ul the laintly are respectfully
Invited to attend t:io Mineral services, nt tho residence
ol her son, .Mdin K. Quackciibusb, So. 412 West 43d St.,
Thursday evening, at seven o'clock. The remains will be
taken to Rockland county.
RsNDoi.ru.?On Monday, April 10, Mrs. Hamas
BANDot.ru, in the lonth year ol her ago.
fhe relatives and Inends of Iter nephews, William
Randolph and Seaman l.owerrc, are respectfully Invited
to attend her funeral, on Thursday, April 13, at threo
I'. M . from the house of John Atwlll, No. 1 Charlton
st. The remains will be deposited In the family vault
at St. I.tike's church.
Rahimc*.?Ou Monday morning, April 10, of watei
od the brain, Kukris, only son of Antonio and Ada
Ranucs, aged 21 months.
funeral from the resldonce of his grandfather, Jo
slab .lex. Mo. 13 Kast 40th st., on Thursday morning,
April 13. at ten o'clock
Kathho.nk.?Suddenly, on Tuesday evening, April 11,
Mainiix latent, wile of Aaron H. Rathbouo.
Notice of tutieral herenlter.
Rs AitiNi;.? Wednesday morning, of diphtheria.
Floy, son ol .laines A. and Euima Reading, aged
4 years and T months.
Funeral from the family residence at Allendale,
N. J.. Friday, at ouo P. M. ' Train will leave by Erie
Railway, toot Chambers street, at 10:43 A. M.
lltrt.KY.?<>n Tuesday, April 11, 1876, of diphtnerla.
Hknky Johnston, youngest child of Dr. John H. and
Isabella M. Ripley, aged 1 year and 7 months.
Funeral services at tho residence of his parents, 213
Ka-t .">:td st., on Thursday, April 13, 1870, at halt-past
eleven A. M.; thence by Central Railroad of New Jer
sey, 2:43 1'. M., for interment in Fair new Cemetery,
West Held, V J. Relatives and frlouds of the family
are Invited to attend.
ftunss.?on Tuesday, Aprtl 11, of pneumonia,
Catharine sihkns, in t'ho84th yearofber ago.
Relatives and Inends are rc*i>eclfully invited to at*
tend the funeral, Irom her late reridoneo, Ma 460 East
Mill sc. on Thursduy, the 13th mat., at twelve o'elook.
Interment at Cypress liills Cemetery.
Stewart.?ton Monday afternoon, April 10, Alsx
aniikr T. St*wart, of this city.
The Mineral services will lake place at St. Mark'a
church, corner ol 2d av. and 10?h St., on Thurauay
morning, the l.'.th Inst., at eleven o'clock, to which rain
lives and friends are invited.
Stkwart?Suddenly, on Wednesday morning, Aprl
12, Amanda M., widow of Joseph I). Stewart.
Relatives and frlemia of deceased, aud also of bet
sons in luw. E/ra (Olderslcevo and J. Gashcrie De Wilt,
also members of Aescta I.odge, Ma 221, F and A. M.,
are invitod to attend her funeral, on Friday, 14th tnsk,
at two 1*. M.. at the Presbyterian church, Spring sk,
near Varlek.
stock.?on Monday, April 10, ?/>uis A. Stock, aged
37 years and tt mouths.
111. relatives, friends and members of Benevolent,
No. 28. and Advance I.odge, Mo. 036. F. and A. M., also
Nas<au Chapter, Na IW. and Manner Chapter. N'a 214,
K A. M., are respectlully Invited to attend the fu
neral, ou Friday, at one o'clock, from hia late real
deuce, 1st av., near Jamaica av.. Astoria, I. I. C.
HI VIIAV. April II, Xarah Ai oi sta, wile ot Rev. J.
Howard Suydntii. ol Jersey City.
Funeral services at the Park Reformed ehurrh. at
one o'clock P. M., tlilsiluv (Thursday). Therlergy and
relatives are invited to meet at liar late residence. 22P
Mil ct., at hall-past twelve o'clock.
Vasi'Skvoort.?On March 23, is78, at the residency
of her daughter. Mrs. Margaret Henry, Peokeklll, M.
V., Maroarkt Vasdskyoort, aged 02 rears, lato oi
Brooklyn. E. I>.
Waunsr.?on Tuesday, 11th Inst, at Cranford, N. J.
Frkdkriok W. Waoxkr, aged 33 years.
Friends ol the deceased are respectfully Invited t?
attend the luner il, at half past eleven o'clock A. M. on
, TbursJatr, l.'tth inat., at the Prcisbyterlun church
I Cranford. Train leaves loot of I.llierty st. New York'
nt 10 13 A.M.
Waiiacx,? On Wednesday, April 12, Emha Powat.t
Wai.i.aik, I?cloved daughter ot John and Sarah Idi
Wallace, aged J years, 3 months and 1? days.
Funeral from the residence of her parents, 292 Weal
17th st., on tridav, at ono o'clock.
WMrt.it.? At West llrighton, 8. t, on Wednesday
April 12, Mart Emsabhtr, witoof Wm. R. Wemple
Funeral on Saturday, 16tii laat, at eleven o'clock
A. M., from tho Church ot the Aseonston, West Brigh
ton. Relatives and inends of the lamily era Invited te
I*11Lpm 19 Norlh to?? * Off

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