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Tlie Corporation Counsel Attacks the
Street Openings Under Tweed.
Urns and Impotent Conclusion of the
Black Friday Suit.
An Old Litigation Growing Out of the China
A nil far some tint pending in the bum of Charles
0. Cornell, James B. Nicholson and Ellen M. Haanai.y,
administratrix of James 8. Heanessy, deceased, to re
cover from the city tho sum of $105,632 40 for costs
and charges as commissioners In street videntsgs, was
suddenly arrested in its course, yestercay, by an
order of Injunction granted by Judge Barrett in
Supreme Court, Chambers. It will be remembered that
the plaintiffs Cornell and Nicholson and James 8.
Honnessy were commissioner* for the widening of
Broadway, a piece of worn carried on under the rule of
the late Boss Tweed, and tho money sued for is for
their service* in that capacity. The application for
the Injunction, wnich restrains tho further prosecution
tf that suit, was made by Assistant Corporation
Counsel Roquier on behalf of Corporation Counsel
Whitney, based on an elaborately prepared com
plaint, in which the city is n\ude plalrillQ and ibe other
parlies defendants. This cumpiaiut, in addition to
praying lor tho Inunction mraady mentioned, asks
the Court to oxerciso its equity powers in setting
aside a judgment rendered against tno city and in Javor
?! tho deiendants In this action, it charges thai there
were numerous fraudulent and excessive overcharges
'Deluded ru the pretended costs and charges and ex
penses of the Commissioners sued lor, and claims that
ibo allowance tberool be'ore the Unal report of the
Commissioners by Judge Cardoso, "without any oppo
?ition being made thereto" by the then Corporation
Counsel, should not be allowed to bind the city. In
tno seventh paragraph of the complaint there is al
leged, among other startling overcharges, that while
lite improvement was no more than eight raihs in its
go..oral outline or l mits, bv the insertion of super
fluous boundary lines and counting lines over which
run the common boundaries ol contiguous lots, a num
ber of feet is charged lor, which Is equivalent to 16d
miles, and with the copies ot the report to 332 miles.
It is also claimed thst a vast amount of uescriptivo
matter forbidden to bo charged lor, in such proceed
ings, by a statute passed for the prevention of just such
Irauds, is ombruced tu and exorbitantly charged tor in
Ibo report.
The bill docs not seek to disturb the Cnal confirma
tion of mo proceedings by tho Supreme Court; but us
object, as disclosed by its allegations and prayer
lor Judgmcut, is to readjust this enormous taxation
tnd io return the surplus of assessments wnich will be
thereby saved to the city and other parties who may
>?> entitled thereto, through tho machinery ol a re
selver or such other menus as the Court may consider
test lor the purpose ol tho pro rata distribution of ihe
Duds thus economized. The prouortiou at tho city
ilone in this alleged overcharge amounts to 542,185 30.
?bis suit Is understood to be the first advance of a
rigorous attack -by the Corporation Counsel on tho
jreat frauds heretofore perpetrated in this fluid of
tiunicipal malversation. Accompanying tho order ol
injunction an order was made directing the parties cn
loincd to show cause In Supreme Court, Chambers, on
Monday next, why the injunction should not bo uiAJo
permanent. Tho overcharges of which complaint is
made are estimated at $34,370 61.
The long protracted trial of tho suit brought by Do
Witt C. Taylor against Jay Gould and others to recover
losses alleged to have beon sustained through pur
chasing gold for tho defendants on Black Friday
reached yesterday a sudden termination, and one that
was rather a surprise aud disappointment to the crowd
that has throngod tho court room since the commence
ment of the trial, over a month ago. At the conclu
sion of the argument tu opposition to the motion to
dismiss tho complaint, Mr. Beach rose to reply, when
Judge Barrett said there was no necessity to muko any
further argument, as he hud come to the conclusion,
after a night's reflection, that he could not allow the
case to go to the Jury. He dismissed the complaint on
the ground that the contract to buy the gold was not
proved to have been signed or subscribed by Speyers
or his agent, aid also that there was no evidence to
show the existence of the memorandum. Tho
statutes of fraud, he said, so loug as they were
up.in our statute books must be observed, and
this whole transaction was In violation of the
law. It wag not shown by Speyers that it was his cus
tom to observe the statute of frauds at all. Judge
Barrett, In concluding his remarks, said that the
trouble was that the manner of doing business us testi
fied to by Speyers and other brokors was without
regard to iho law. It would porhsps lake ten seconds
for the gentlemen who transact their business lu the
Gold and Stock Exchange, when their contracts are
made in open market, to sign bought and sold notes
and baud them to each other at the tlmo they make
the transaction. - But they never do that. They rely
udou their own law. They make U lor themselves.
They have their own institution, bylaws and ma
chinery, and they pay uo more attention to the statutes
ol frauds or the statutes ot this State generally than it
they wero not in existence. The trouble Is tbat wben
they find tlictr own laws and their own machinery
Inadequate tor tbclr own protection?when they find
themselvea either outw itted, wronged or oppressed and
the full force ol tno tnachiuury of their own laws is in
adequate to protect themselves?they come at last to
the courts of justice to afford loom the protection
which they have not the ability to carry out them
selves, being alt the lime regardless ol the funda
mental law on whlcb alono they can tnvoko that pro
tection. Uo said this now without any ottcnco to auy
one in tbls case. That wui the purport ana effect of
the evidence in this esse. He should be glad to See
bla way clear to aubmil tbe question tairly whether or
nut theso parlies were Joint adventurers In these
transactions. I'nder the circumstances, however, he
foil compelled to dismiss the complaint.
sir Sullivan took an exception and asked that the
disputed points be submitted to tbe Jory. These re
quests were reluscd. Mr. Shearman moved ror an
extra allowance ol Ave per cent. This motion was
opposed by Mr. Sewell and others. ,
After a short reply by Mr. Beach, Judge Barrett said
he should compel the deioated party to pay all the costs.
He thought it would be equitable under tbe circum
stances: s moderate allowance would be sufficient, and
ba would therefore give en extra allowance of two per
A very Interesting suit, the present being Its third
trial, whteh has occupied over two weeks, was
Bnlsbsd yesterday before Judge Larremore, hold
ing 8npremo Court, Circuit. In 1864 Funis
Heinomann k Co., doing bus in ess In this city, en
tered into an arrangement In which Angaatln ilurd.
ol iiong Kong, purchased on tlieir account teas anil
silks In China. Letters of credit were issued and in
?tructions given as to tbe extent ef the purchase and
limit of prices. The orders embodied in such letters
were not carried out, aud the result was a suit bv
Ucluemann k Co. against Hurd k Co. for damages in
consequence. At the first trial the plaintiffs wore non
suited. At the second trial plaintiffs obtained a verdict
for $34.00(1. The Court of Appeal* set aside this wr
dlcl aud ordered s new trial There was a targe array
of counsel at the trial Just concluded, Messrs. Larocque
k McFarland representing the plaintiffs and Messrs.
John K. Ward. K. W. Stoughton and C. A. Davison rep
resenting the defendants. Judge Larremore gave a
very lengthy out clear and compreheusive charge to
tbe Jury. The Jury were out several hours, but being
unable to agree upon n verdict, were discharged.
Tho nowly appointed Surrogate, Mr. D. C Calvin, took
jis seat in court yestsrdsy morning. Alter hearing
aoveral motions and the day's calendar was exhausted,
Mr. Henry L. Clinton aroae and paid a fitting tribute
to tbe late Surrogate Stephen D. Van Schaick. In re
aped of hia legal abilities, bit patience. Industry and
personal integrity. In coaclasios he moved that tbe
Court adjourn to Moudav next, at eleven o'clock, aa a
tribute to bie memory. Messrs. Menxo Diefendorf and
A. oakey Hall followed witb equally eulogistic re
marks upon the high character and irbihttea ol tbe de
ceased, after which Surrogate Calvin fully indorsed tbe
tributes tnat had been paid to his predecessor, and
especially apoko of hlra as a bright example lor public
otucials to emulate. He then declared the. Court ad
journed m accordance with the motion.
The trial of the salt brought by the Dotted Slates
tgalnst Jamas Watson Webb was concluded yesterday
n the United states Circuit Coon, before Judge
B latch ford. Alter a lengthy summing up on the part
. >( counsel on either side the Court charged the Jury,
Instructing tbein that If tney believed tBat Secretary
beward at tbe flue ol the transaction in issue had noti
fied, as alleged, bis approval of tho defendant's acta
either before or alter they were done, they would find
tor the defendant; but It it appeared to (hem thai the
Secretary ot the United Stales n?d not so approved of
the dele dant's acts, or it the defendant had t ot Kept
tbe Secretary fully miormed of the transaction, they
mini tind lor tne government, the jury retired et
three o'clock, and came Into court at live o'clock with
a disagreement, standing six to aim, when they ware
Them will ho no eoeoioaa la tho Stale courts to-day,
It being 0->od Friday. The United States Courts, how
ever, sit as usual.
Aa ordar of reference was granted yaaterday by
judge Dodo Bo* IB a rail brought by Jamea Rogers
again*! Henry W. Genet to rccorer 11,210 00.
In tba ault of the United State* Rolling Stock Com
pany against the Krte and Pacific Despatch Company,
brought to recover $4,114 00 (or rent of certain of the
plaintiff** cart. Judge Donohae yeaterday granted an
attachment agalnat tho defendant'* property in this
Jamea McKay wna yeaterday held for examination
by United State* Commissioner Beits una charge of
baTlug fraudulently personated another James McKay,
an ex-scainan or the United 8tatea steamship Niagara,
by which be obtained prise money legally belonging
to tbe other McKay.
In the cum of Menoeml u (lager, on trial for tbe
laat three daye before Judge J. P. Daly In the Coart of
Common Pleas, tbe facia of which have been reported,
the jurv yesterday returned a verdict for the defend
ant. Messrs. Jacobs and Sink were defendant's coun
sel and T. B. Odell tho plaintiff's counsel.
Jamea B. Cummeriord, who, in company wltb John
Mitchell, aliaa Hodgson, passed a check with a certifi
cation lor Ool 87 upon Charles rtiger & Co., of No.
40 Exchange place, on March 15, lh7oT was yesterday
found guilty in the Court of General Sessions and re
manded tor sentence.
The trials of two suits brought by Martin Gager, a
small boy. or rather by his lather and guardian,
against the Brv Dock Railway Company, to recover
respectively $10,000 and $4,000 damages, came to trial
yeaterday beloru Judge Lawrence, uoldiug .'Supreme
Court, Circuit. The hoy undertook to cross First ave
nue and Seventeenth street, when be was knocked
down by a passing car. The deitnoo la tba usual on*
of general denial.
Before Judge Van Vorst, holding Supremo Coart,
Special Term, a (notion lor a now trial was argued yes
terday la tho suit for libel brought by Beujamtu J.
Whiteman agalnat Prank Leslie, the tacts of which
wore published in the Hkkxld at tlmo ol the trial, at
which a verdict !or $4,5uO was given lor the plaintiff
John McKeon appeared tor the motion and Mr. John
Townaond in opimsiuou. The Court took the papers
Judge Vau Vorst yesterday granted tho petition of
Eliza J. Tbomason, asking that Junto* and David
Thouiaaon, executors of her late huahaud'a estate, pay
$111,000 for the maintenance of beraeh and children.
The deceased left an estate valuod at $10,0110, and since
bis death, some three years ago, the executors have
paid for the support of tue children some $2,600, and
nothing to Mrs. fhomason, because she would not sign
receipts iu the form prescribed by them.
A salt has been iricd in the United States Circuit
Court, Equity Branch, before Judge Sblpman,
arising from an alleged iurringoment of the patent of
the Diamond Drill Company agaiust Joseph E. Mallory
and others. A motion was mude and argued to enjoin
the defendants from using the solid conical dull heads
set with diamonds, known aa the Leschotlo patent
After a leugihy argument, the Court took the papers
and reserved decision.
All motions, supplemental proceedings, all order* to
show cause or other matter* returnable on or sot down
for Friday, April 14, shall stand over and bo considered
as set down and givon for the 16th Inst, nt the same
hour as on ths 14th.
By Juilgo Douobae.
Duckworth vs. Thu .Etna Iron Work* ? Denied.
By Judge Lawrence.
The Paoli Belt Company vs. Gordon; end Gordon vs.
The Paoli Belt Company.?Neither of the orders pre
sented conform to the memorandum of tbe decision
filed m this case. Counsel can draw an order without
difficulty In conformity with the decision. The papers
are therefore left with the clerk, to the end that other
and proper order* may bo dratted and presented.
By Judge Vau Vorst
Thomaon vs. Thotnsou et al.? Petition granted. Let
a copy of this order be served on defendant's attorney,
with notice or settlement for Monday, April 17, st hall
past ten A. M.
By Judge McAdom.
Fogg vs. Tobias; Lowe vs. Ely; A heel vs. Marshall.?
Opinions filed.
Jackson vs. Peck.?Clerk's taxation affirmed. (Par
sons vs. Hirtb, page 48, section 18.)
Holftnan vs. Uirth; Huxander vs. Hlrth; Ruben
stein vs. Ltvinlsky; Glustin vn Burk; The Atlantic
Bank va. Herzberg. ? Seo indorsements on papers
Close vs. Bug lies; Sergeunt vs. Hastings Marble
Company.?Motions dculed.
MuCabo vs. Benner.? Order as settled.
Senior vs. Flagg.?Motion granted.
Schuaar vs. Zander.?Deicndant discharged.
Hume vs. Frank.?Motion to dismiss granted.
Bradburry vs. Siurgesa.?Receiver's bond approved.
Bowery National Bank v* Farnbam.?Motion
llain vs. Bergman.?Motion on demurrer granted.
Hasorouck vs. S token.?Judgment vacated.
Barrowscliffvs. Stevenson; Moss va. Jndeon; New
combo vs. Pascaul.?orders entered.
Schwartz vs. McCurrsn. ?Tho prisoner arrested on
Stillwell warrant will bo discharged ou executing the
assignment required by the act of 1631.
Frank J. Carroll, a salesman, was committed at the
Tombs yesterday for attempting to pass a forged
check for $25 purporting to have been signed bv Had*
den H Co., of this city.
Blanch UcAdauis, ot No. 126 Amity street, was held
to answer by Judge llixby, yesterday, at the Tombs
Police Court, on the ehargo of stealing $196 from John
Hangucll, ot Thirty-first street and Second avenue.
Alb AST, April 13, 1171
The following la the business la the Court of Appeals
No. 81 William H. Popbam, appellant, va William
A. Colo ct al, Supervisors, Ac, respondents.?Argued
by S. T. Cowdrey, of counsel .'or appellant, and by
William T. Shepard :or respondents.
No. 105. M. H Welsh, respondent, va Jerome Rowe,
appellant.?Argued by Jerome Kowe, appellant, In per
son ; Marcus Lycn ior respondent.
No. 107. Duncan McCali et aL, appellants, va The
Sun Mulus! Insurance Company, respondent.?Argued
by Albert Matthews lor appellants, and Joseph H.
Choale for respondent*.
Noa 121, lit, 117, 127, 128, 140, 141, 96.
WasnixsTos, April IS, 1876.
In the United States Supreme Court yesterday the
following cases were heard:?
No. 128. Smith A Smith vs. Oenig sad Id#?Error to the
Circuit Court lor the Southern District of Ohio.? This
was an action tor tne infringement or the territorial
rights of the Smiths under aa assignment of the ex
clusive rtgnt to tho use of the "Wilson leed" on the
kind of machinos known as the Singer machines, in
Franklin county, Ohio. On the trial it appeared thai
the assignment did not cover auy interest in the
Singer patent, and the defence was that the machines
used wire the ordinary singer machines, made as
Singer machines had always been made, and tbst the
uelendants were authorized to use them so made, by
an assignment irom ens Lowe. The Court rusta.ueil
the dclence, and it is here insisted that the rights of
the defendants extended, under the assignment, only
to the right oi using the Singer machines as patented,
and did uol authorise thoir u?c oi those machines now
made with the Wilson teed. William J. Lawrence tor
plaintiffs in error; George Gilford lor defendants.
No 209. Butler vs. I humson A Tbcnison?Error to
tbe Circuit Court lor the >outberu District ol New
York.?This was an action by Benjamin Y. Butler to
recover lor Russian iron which, it is alleged, be sold to
the dcleudauta, but ihey refused to accept The Court
below ruled thai as there was neither partial delivery
nor a written contract, the amoout involved being
over $50, tbe case was within tbe statutes ol frauds or
the Stale of New York, whicn controlled tho contract,
and the Judgment was lor the defendants. It is here
insisted that the statement of ealo made in their books
by the seller's brokers, a copy of whicb was sigued
and delivered to tbe delendauts, constituted a written
contract of sale, and that tbe decuiou below that it did
not is contrary to the authorities ou tbe subject.
William M. Everts lor plaintiff in error; Forster A
Thomson and K. H Owen lor dcleudauts.
No 212. Mieriock et at vs. oiling, administrator
Error to tbe flupietue Court of Indiana.? This was an
actiou by tbe administrator ol one Bafflngutn to re
cover ol tbe plaintiff in error, for causing bis death
by tbe negligence ol their employes, Wellington was
so Roosted while on board the steamer United flutes
as a passenger on tbe Obio River, the neamer
having collided with tbe Ami-rca(bolh boat* belonging
to the plaintlfls in error), In consequence of wbicb both
tbe tic.-irners were burned. Tbe question in tbo case
Is whether under the statute el Indiana, giving dam
ages in such coses, under wnicb It is brought, there
c.n be a recovery. Tho Court below susumed the
law, and it here insisted that it impoees a new l.ability
unknown to the laws of the L'ulied flutes resulsting
navigation, and that it is an unauthorized burden on
commerce. It is also contended that tbe licenses of
the veesel* frees the plaintiffs In error from the lia
bility sought to be imposed by tbe Indiana statute, and
that It makes no difference that the occurrence w is
below low water murk, within the jurisdiction etaimed
for the state, if the river was navigable at that point.
Lincoln, smith a on Stephens lor pUinliffli in error:
Harrington k Korbly for defendant.
Tbe Bar Association baa appointed Mmrt Elliott P.
Shepard, Albert Mathews, CJiflord A. Hand, Hamilton
odell and Roi>ert W. Deforest, aa a committee to Invite
the lawyer* throughout the Mate to meet togetner in
their several Juuioal districts and appoint trout each
district twent) delegates, with an eqeal number of
alternates, to a general convention to meet add uke
tbe necessary steps to organise a state Bar Association.
Andreas Pacha was visited on last Wednesday even
ing bv D strict Attorney Hriitou, who held a brief con
versation with lum. end the condemned man baa since
been qu.te o'.ecrtul. Mr. lir.tton is reticent a-to the
naiuie of his communication with F'uiba. It is re
ported that a petiiiua will o? seat to Governor Tildea
in a lew days asking lor the commutation of the sen
tence ol death lo impri-onuient for fife. To day the
counsel for Kncbs wnl make application before Judge
Pratt for a writ nl error and a lay et proceedings.
exprxsr or kino kalakaoa's RECEPTION.
A regular meeting of the Board of Aldermen was
bold yesterday afternoon, with Mr. Samuel A. Lewis
in the chair.
As application was recelvod'from the Twenty-second
regiment for an armory, which was laid oeer.
Alderman Parroy introduced another resolution re
lative to the issuing of bonds by tbo Comptroller lor
completion of the Brooklyn Bridget It Is understood
that some too finical informality exists in the wording
of the resolution passed two weeks since, which neces
sitates the passage of a new ordinance. There also ap
pears to be wome doubt as to tbo number of votes re
quired, only sixteen being cast for the first resolution.
The matter was laid over for future consideration.
The report of the Bridge Commissioners for the month
of March was received, which set down the expendi
tures at 94,103 80 and the receipts at $138 8L
A resolution was passed directing the lease of the
third story of the StaaU-Zeilung Building for the use
of the Corporation Counsel and assistants, at an annual
rent of $7,500, lor five yeara
Some discussion aro-e as to tbo renting of the first
floor ol the premises h'oa 116 and 117 Nassau street,
belonging to Mr. Fernando Wood, for use of the Cor
poration Attorney and Public Administrator. The
committee to whom the matter was relerred have re
ported in favor of executing a lease for five years at an
aunual rent of $8,000. When the resolution was called
up yesterday a motion was maas to reduce the amount
to $0,000, Alderman Purroy remarking that a bad odor
surrounded a former leaae of theeo unices, which gave
$18,000 per annum for ten yeara The amendment end
original resolution were both lost
The bill ol tbo Windsor Hotel for entertaining King
Kalakaua came before the Board for about the fiftieth
time. The original bill was sent In lor some (8,000,
ami the proprietors Unally consented to take $5,000.
Eighteen votes ot the Aldermon are required to give
the necessary authority lor pay moot. Sixteen could
only be secured In the affirmative yesterday, so the bills
were again laid over, notwithstanding earnest protests
by Messrs. Tuotnoy and Shells, Utsi year a minority
report was made in lavor of paying $4,;i0U. When the
proposition to pay $5,000 was silled at yesterday's
meeting Alderman Morris moved the minority report
bo placoa upon the general orders In order itai it
might be called up at any time. This motion ereated
considerable debate. Alderman Morris aald that soma
sttscbds of the hotel hud come around the City Hall
and Inquired how much it would cost to put the bill
Thie assertion brought Alderman Plnckney to bis
feet, wno seemed to take the Imputation as to fraudu
lent movements to himself, lie denied excitedly that
say such approaches bad been mado to bis knowledge.
He asked tne proprietors of the hotel lu relation to
tbo rumor, and tbcv denied any responsibility what
ever. Mr. Ptnckncy was Clerk of the Common Coun
cil when the city tendered this reception to King
Alderman Morris asked for an opportunity to answer
the remarks of his colloegue, Aldenuau Pinckney. A
motion to that etTsct was lost. Several members here
arose and talked at the same time to tho Chair. The
Board at this moment might be compared le a men
agerie. Alderman Tuomey contended that the uon
puymont of tbo bill was a disgrace to tho city. Alder
man Ptnckncy followed in the same strain. The whole
matter was then laid over.
A resolution was passed directing the paymont of
$140 41 to the (fraud Uniou Hotel lor refreshments
furnished the escort at Viee President Wilson's funeral,
A resolution was adopiod directing the Corporation
Counsel to prepare s memorial to the Legislature pray
ing lor the pus-age of on set authorizing the construc
tion of an additional squeduot or other appliances for
counseling the Crolon Kivcr and storage reservoirs in
Putnam county with the receiving reservoir in Central
Alter the transaction of some considerable routine
business of an unimportant character the Board ad
A. H. Muller & Son yesterday sold by order of ex
ecutor, to close tbe estate of Emine Berubard, de
ceased, the following property:?Two story brick
house, with store and lot, 25x66,0, No. 225 Grand
street, south side, east of Elizabeth street, for $8,000,
to J, D. Wendell; the flvo story brick tenement build
ing (covering the entire lot), with lot 26x100, No. 08
Forsyth street, east side, north of Qrand street, for
$17,250, to U. Stern; tbe three story English basement
brick house, wlih lot, 16.8x08.0, No. 330 West Thirtieth
street, south side, west of Eighth avcuuo, lor $6,800,
to A. Schlntzler; a similar bouse, with lot, 18x08.0, No.
314 East Twenty-third street, south side. 108 leel east
of Second avenue* lor $7,500 to M. fJ. Caflrey.
A. H. Ntcolay k Co. sold under Supreino Court fore
closure decree, John H. l'ost, referee, tbe idol of lund,
67.8x104x72.7x1011.5, on Hague street, northeast corner
of Cltfl street, with one tlvo story and two lour-story
brick factories, covering the same thereon, known as
Hull's soap factory, lor $66,OOU. to James S. Gibbons
and Richard 11. llrownc, the plaintiffs.
1'. E. Meyer sold, by foreclosure decree of Court of
Common Pleas, E. S. Dakm, reloree. a bouse with lot,
26x98.1), on West Thirty-ninth strout, north ride, 325
feet west of Ninth aveouo, tor $9,2UU, over a mortgage
of $2,000, to Max Uanr.tgcr.
George H. Scott sold, by foreclosure decree of Court
of Common Pleas, K. Jarrts, roieree, a bouse with lot,
lasx'.tX). 11, on East 122d strool, north side, 171.3 leot
oast or First avenue.
William Kenncliy sold, by public auction, the three
story and basement brown stone front boose and lot,
17x100, No. 524 East 1191b street, south side, 373 feet
cast or avenue A, lor $6,250, to A. B. Skillmau; also
similar bouse and lot, No. 626 same a treat, adjoining
abovo, for $7,000, to same purchaser.
privath *ai.b.
Messrs. I.espinasse k Friedman sold at private sale
the plot of land bounded on the south by 164th street,
on me eaet by Tenth avenue, on tbe weal bv Sk
Nicholas avenue, In sue 42x240x256)^x39, for $12,26a
via serges.
207th St., a. a. 326 ft. r. of lO.h *v .75x99.11; Joseph
J. Poller and wife to Cberles A. Poller. Noes.
9th sr., w. a, 75.5 ft. a. of 63d lb, 25alU0: same to
seme...... ..... Noca.
10th av., *. a, 9U.il fk a of 307th eh, 250x09.11;
same to same ?
Pest av.. a a, 325 ft. s. of Uawthorne sk, 75xl5U;
same to eame Nob.
207lh sk, a o., 100 ft. w. of 9th ov., 150x199 10 to
2tsith sk x irregular, alto 10th ov , a a. 50 fk s. of
207tb sk, bOxlOo; saiut-io soma Nosa
2d st w. a, 25 ft. a. of WiUsrd av , 175x100. alto
Willsrd av.. a. a, 100 ft. w. of 2d St.. 325xllO. also
Opdyks av.. o. 400 ft. w. of 2d sk. 150xl(JO i24lh
ward); same to J ana Potter Noes.
Catnbrclllag av., a. a. 23xl26.6xlrregular ; Jsrass J.
Smith to James smith $800
61st st . a a, 395.10 ft. w. of Dib av.. 2u. Ill*HO.5;
Uaorga Widmayer to John C. Sponeer 30,000
lot ov.,o. a, 2" 3)6 ft. a of 25th sk.I7.9kx6:.4??xir
regular; Jacob M. Iftrts to Louis J. Stick No Ok
82d sk. k a. 263 ft. w. of 3<1 ov., 22x102.2; J am 00
Moehtu tnd wilt to Alfred Russell 4,600
4tli sv.. s. w. corner 56th sk. 100x210, to 55th ok;
Henry L. Voikoaing and wife to Rebecca Joats... Hook
Madison av.. o. a, 5o.5 ft. n. oi 64th it 25xtX); Ado
Iclue B. Styles and hairs to Saraatl W Treslow.,.. Norn.
Water it. (No- 339), o. a, 19x66; Tammtsin llarpor
to John Pyue 6,000
44th St.. a a. 425 ft. w. of lOtli av., 26x100.5: Can
stantino GriDas ana wlfa tot>awrenco Hugh** ... 8,000
Walnut St.. n. ?.. 5Oxl0u (24th ward); Edward H.
Wallace eud wile to Mary U Ranger 690
12IU sk. a a. 295.6 1k e of av. A. 25x103.3; Chris
tian Moriu aud wile to John M. D??ch 14.000
135th (k.B. a, 306.0 ft. w. of Willis av.. 50x100
<23d ward); Shepherd K. Matllaoa to Emma V ar
id sues 1,200
$9ib sk, a. a,364.4)$ ft. w. of 2d ov.. 19,i;14xoa.?;
She.don W. Bailey aad wile to Jules P. Vteaot.... 15JS00
Attorney sk (No. 68), 10 years. Adam Lahr to Mi
chael Conlln $500
4th St., East, (No. 353), 10 yoars, John Paar to Joha
Bsrdes A Co 1.200
Olmstead, Samnel K and wtio. to Maria Olmstoad. n.
a ui i;iUth sk. balweon Willis and Alsx. ava, Ac.
(23d ward) ; ou demand $4,500
Pyne, John, to Tammlsin Harper, No. 33d Water st.;
3 j ears 4,600
Sml'.n, James, to Jamos J. Smith, Cambrolllng av.
?Jlth ward) ; 3 years 650
PIcjiia. Margiroi M . to Bowery Fire Insurance
Company, t >. of 49th sk, w. oi id av.; I year 800
Lewis, vantuol A. and wife, to Tenth National Bank,
e. s. of Boulevard, n. of UUtb st. .instalments) 6,577
Brennan, Margaret and hatband, to Anna K. spring,
n. s. of 59lb St.. t. oi 3d av. . 5 years 4.5U0
David. Jacob and wtte, to Max Lixnstger and other*.
a or. corner of 12th and Ureanwich st*.; 2 yoars ... 8,500
Robinii.n, Mary J. and husband, aud others, to Joe.
N. Piatt aad others, w. a of 9th av.. s. of 83d sk : 5
years 1.500
E..older, Theresa, and husband, to New York Lift In
?erase* - nd Trust Company, a a 27th sk, w. Lex
ington ov.; 5 years . 16,000
Mainodis. Book i oucera to b'uion Tnut Company,
n. w. corner Broadway and 1 Ilk st.; I year 100,000
Smith, Edmund T. and wit*. to Mutual Lite Insur
ance Company, Pearl lo Stone at*.,*, ol Broad;
I year 2,000
Jans, Elisabeth, aad huabaad, to same, w. a Attorney
st. end Grand ; 1 year 6,000
Eetrhum, Alexander P. aad wifa. to I'nlou Reformed
church, a. I. l.mth sk, w. 4th av.; 3 year* 1,000
O'Connor. Patrick, to George M. Seymour and others,
s. t. 72d st.. #. 3d ?? ; I year 1.500
8am* to samt. s. t. 72d sk. a. 3d av.; 1 year 1.5UU
Gregory, <). U. aud wllo, to H. W. Sag* and others,
n. k 49th St.. * 1st sv., 3,300
Uoidrmsan. Anna C., to Jama* Wstaoa, a. a., corner
II til av. and 43d st. ; I year 3,000
Ahrens. Herman F . lo Herman F. Ahrans. Jr.. n. a
40th st. aad 41at St., bltesos 10th and 11th av*.... 3,000
Yesterday afternoon an officer found n man dressed
in a soldier's garb sitting upon tbe curbstone at tbe
corner of Twenty-third street and First evenue. He
apiwared to be eufTeriug greatly, and when questioned
by tbe officer explained that be was bleeding internally
from an old wound iu tbe lunge received at the battle
ol Gettysburg. Ho was convo) ed toBellevue Hospital
where be gave b;a nam* as that of Hubert Irwin, a
soldier on luriougb irom Dayton, Obio. An examina
tion a surgeon sbowed no wound nor hemorrhage,
it soon became evident that the man was insane, and
be was consigned to the ocila
Officer Gillespie, of the Eighteenth precinct, came I
grief yesterday while trying to pnes inspection with
borrowed coal As Captain Cope land turned up tb
cuff of his sleeve to mark It with mnriatic acid fa
noticed a mark previously made thcrai Gillespie pre
tested that he burrowed tbe coal only because bis ow
was with ib* tailor. He w*e taken before the Suprne
undent, who lectured bun on the pernicious result ?
trying in tool tb* Commissioners, alter sbicb be we
eeHhed to appear for trial aest week.
The Maundy Thursday services m lb* Catholic
churches yesterday were very tote res tlog, mad were all
atteudod by Urge oumber* of worshippers. At the
masses to the moruiag the bust was consecrated, which
was borne In procession around the churches to the
liltlo re|iosliorlee prepared for It on the temporary
altars. These processions were formed by the cele
brant ol the mass, his assistant priests and a number
of altar boys dressed In cassock and surplice. While
the processions moved around the churches the hymn
'Tango Lingua" was sung.
The office of the Teuebrse was chanted at the Cathe
dral, in Mulberry street; St. Ann's, East Twelfth streot;
St. Nicholas', hast Second street; the Kodemplortsts'
church, hast Third street; the Jesuits'church, West
Sixteenth street; the Franciscan church, la Sullivan
street; St. Stephen's cburcn, East Twenty-eighth
street; the Dominican church, Sixty-fifth street and
Lexington avenue, and at the Pauiists' church. Fifty
ninth street and Niuih sveuue.
At the Cathedral the Cardinal Archbishop was unable
to assist at any ol the services, and tb? episcopal lunc
t.otf of blessing the oils to be used in the archdiocese
during the year In administering the rite ol extreme
unction to the dying was performed by Bishop Lough
liu at iho Brooklyn Cathedral. In the afternoon iho
largo vases containing the oils were conveyed from
Brooklyn to the Cathedral on Mulberry street, where
the priests ot the archdioceso continued to cull during
the duy for the usual auunal supply, which is pre
served by each priest In a small sliver case that cau be
couvemently curried In the pocket on the wuy to or
Irom a sick bed. Owing to the illness of the Cardinal
the con*rcguiiua at the Cathedral unused scelug the
very Interesting ceremony of the blessing of the oils,
at which a large number uf priests generally assist, and
which is very soletuu.
To-day the mass will be said at which the host conse
crated ou Holy Thursday, and which during that day
was reposing in the repository, is cousumod, no conse
cration ol the bread and wtho being permitted by the
Church on Uood Friday, the ouly day in the year that
auch a restriction is placed upou the clergy. At the
masses this morning the ceremony of
c.nvkiuxq tus caoss
will take place, and the purple covering having been
removed the crucifix will then be exposed to the faith
ful, who will approach the altar rails aud kiss iho leet
of the Saviour's image. A cruclUx will remain in trout
of the sanctuary in each church during the day, for tits
purpose ol having this commemorative reverence per
lormed by those who may havo been unable to attend
at the morning service. This will be the third and last
day when the office of the Tenebrie will be sung and
sermons on tbo death of Christ, or on tubjocis inti
mately connected witn the Qnal scene ou Calvary, will
bo preached, either at the luornihg or evening service*,
in all the-principal churches. At the Cathedral the
sermon will bo prouched by the Kov. Father Henning,
ol the Church ol St. Alphousus, lu South Filth avenue,
a gontleuian who has a widespread reputsiioa lor elo
To-morrow morning the blessing of the Ore and the
Incense will take place, and alter this ceremony is over
the Church may bo said to rest lor the low remain!ug
hours ol Lout boioro entering ou the gorgoous celebra
tion of the greatest loslival ol the year, the resurrec
As ovcry church in the city puts forth Its best efforts
to surpass its neighbor in the beauty ol Its temporary
altar lor Maundy Thursday it muy be easily coujec
lured how lavishly beauiilul were all these repositories
yesterday. Flowers and lights, gold aud sliver cloth,
laces, gauzes, costly articles of vertu appropriate to an
aliur, oil commingle iu the formation ol out o! theso
tittle sanctuaries. At night time, when iho darkness
hud set lu, the sight was especially inviting, aud thou
sands ol pursous iu the city were traversing the struets
Irom ouo church to another In carrying out the old
custom of malting short visits to the churches ou Holy
Thursday. The repository at the Cathedral was very
elegantly gotten up, iho design being chaste and tho
ornamentation rich, but very simple. At St. Stephen's
church, in East Tweiuy eighth street, the altar was
exquisitely arranged, the dowers and lights aud costly
ornaments being displayed to the greatest advantage.
The repository at St. Ann's, lu KastTwellth street, was
uo less buauuiu! In all its decorations, sad at tho Jesuits'
church lu West Sixteenth street a mostretluod selection
in material and the display of dowers and lights was
apparent. In luct in all ihe churches there was some
thing presented that was especially worthy of uduilra
tiou. lu very many of them iho tabernacles or coutro
pieces wheru the cibortums containing the host reposed
were r ch In tho extreme, and the most beautiful in de
sign and material.
The protracted session of the Now York East Confer
ence cauie to an end yesterday at noon, and by this
tlmo tha brethren who are to change are making due
preparations tbcretor, and beforo the 1st of May each
will be safely housed In his now quarters. There
aro a good many more changos than was at Qrst antici
pated, bat they are conilued chiofly to tbo second or
third class appointments. Nearly all the drat class
appointments in the cities remain as they were last
year. Supernumerary relations were granted to C. B.
Sing. J. A. Kocho and A. S. Francis, and resolutions of
thanks to the oOlcers and the hosts of the Conference,
to pastors and others, were adopted; also a resolution
of sympathy with Bishop Jones in his domestie afflic
Brother Fanning presented a resolution which set
forth that the Conference know that many church
members keep their stores open on the Sabbath, and
that many ministers ride and encourage riding In rail
road cars on the Sabbath, and he wanted the Confer
ence to protest against all such desecration o; the
Lord's Day. But wio brethren were not willing to look
at this mutter in the same light They did not know
of any such violations of
yhs sanctity or tub sabbath.
and If Brother Fanning did it was his duty to bring
proper charges against such persons and bavs them
expelled trom the Church. If by rsllroade be meant to
include city horse cars the Conference favored rather
than opposed those conveyances.
The resolution won laid oa the table.
An additional collection was taken up for Mrs.
Cowpcr, which nude the aggregate sum for her $201 26.
A collection of (97 62 was taken up lor the sexton of
the church where the Conference met. The Committee
on Domestic Missions, with the concurrence of the
Bishop, reported the following appropriations:?To the
New York district, $960; Long lalsud South district,
$2tiS; Long Island North, $2ss; Bridgeport, $220, and
New Haven, $24h Toul. $2,000. The Scandinavian
missions tn Brooklyn received an additional $2,1001
Itev. George E. Heed wae appointed to preach the Con
ference sermon next year, and Kevs, W. H. Boole, A
H. Plait, O. L Taylor, W. C. Steele and 0. K. Glover
wore appointed delegates to the International Centen
nial temperance Convention which meets in Phila
delphia during the summer. After the approval of the
Conference journal the Utshop made a few remarks in
regard to the appointment*, which be tueu announced.
Those iu this city, Brooklyn and vicinity are as (ol
io ws:?
N'sw Youk District C. Fletcher, presiding elder.
John street, M. L. Seuddcr; Forsyth street, A. Graham;
.aSanson church, W. P. Kates, Allen street, C. E. Harris;
Willelt street, lo be supplied, Jocund street, Fred.
Brown; Seventh street, J A Willis; Wesley chapel,
A. C. Morehouse; Attorney street, T. A Davis;
Eleventh street, A. C. Morehouse; Seventeenth street.
J. H. I.ightbourn; Twenty-seventh street, W. W.
Clark; Thirty-seventh streot, W. H. Bus-ell; Keek
man BUI, W. U. Thomas; Sixty-first street, Hubert
Crook; Seventy-sixth street, u. H. Uoodseil; South
liar.cut, to be supplied; Second avenue, T. H. Burch;
North New York, C. B. Ford; Westchester, West
Farms, he., F M. HaUock; Oimville, 0. Kelaey; East
Chester, A A. Seaman; City Island, G T. Msliorr; New
Rochelle and Upper New Kochelle, 0. L. Taylor;
Matusroneck, to be supplied; Rye, W. H. Warden;
Portcbester, & M. Hammond, Mount Vernon, A. C
Lo.vo Island, Soctr District.?a. S. Graves, Pre
siding Elder Brooklyn?Bauds street, George Tavlor;
York street. J. L. Gilder; Washington street, I). A.
Goodsell; Johnson street, J. L Hall; Pacific street, A. A
Hunt; Eirst place, U. M. Biffin: Carroll Park, W. W.
Bowdi.h; Warren street, John Parker (second); Will
lam street, E. K. Fanning: Eighteenth street, It 0.
Putney; Seventh avenue, K J. Hayncs; Hanson place,
U. ? Heed: Fleet street, W. C. Steele; New Vork ave
nue, Thomas R. Sheer; Embury church, Charles E.
Miller; Nostrond avenue, Josepn Pullman, Greene ave
nue. F. W. Ware; Janes' church, J. H. Stansbury;
Swedish church, Albert Ericesoon; Norwegian Mission,
U. P. Petersen, East New York, C. W. Powell Cypress
Hills, 1. W. Holme*, Flaibush, T. M Terry; rlsilands,
A A. bands; Parkvit.e, Henry Aston: Bheepibead Bay
(to be supplied); Bay Kidge sad Union villa, a
i/emrai, o. m. Aaams; souin second street, John
Jrj South Thud street, J. Simmons; Gothic
b. W. J. Robinson; Cook street, J. F. Robertson;
i F'iltb street, C P. Conner: I wonsrd street, A C.
cAi later.
l-o*o IsLA.xo, North District.?J L Peck, Pre
itdmg Elder. Brooklyn?Summerfield rhuroh, U.
F. Ketteil; Nimpsoii church, C. N. dims; Park avenue
Mission, tobe supplied; Do Kalb avenue church, A
H. Plait; Tompkins avenue, John Dickinson Broad
way Mission, A. B. Sanford; St, John's. H. W. War
ren; Central, B. M. Adams. South Second street, John
Pegg, J - ^ " " ?
North, _
Keaeler; Ureenpolnt Finn church, J W. Baraharti
(,re?n|K)ini Tabernacle, J. S Breckenrldge; Hunter'*
Point and Dutch Kills, H. C. Glover, Astoria, J. 5'ilk
ington. Newtown, Whltesione and Little Neck. G. K.
True, Middle Village, R K. Diossy; Mtspeih, to be
supplied; Flushing. George dtillniKn, Great Neck.
Charle' Hsckmsa; Jamaica, J. V. Saunders; Spring
field, George Hoills, Hempstead. c. E. Glover;
Hocttaway, Ac., R. A Putney; Pearaalls,
Will.am PIsUs; Rookville Centre, F. C Hill;
Ualdw as, A Husbmore: Freeport. K. 8. Hlbbcrd;
Glen Cove, K. Wsrrlaer; .sea Cliff, to be .applied; Hoe
lyu, S. F. Johnson, Port Washington. W. U. McAllis
ter; Norwich, J. C. Thomas, oyster Bay, to be sup
plied. s
A few of the city brethren go to country sppotnt
menle this yoar. Ksv George A Huubvil. of Greea
point, becomes Pree-diug Elder of tbo Bridgeport
district, and W. T. Hill, of Jtmaioo, takes tbo Presid
ing Fldortiiip of the New Haven district. Robert
Koden, ot Wesley chapel, la tbie city, is eeat to High
Ridge end two other charges contiguous in Connecticut,
and Dr. J. U. Mt-rwin, of Foreytb ttroet church, and
W. McAllister, ot Second street, go also to Connecti
cut. Then have boss, however, very few city ci-ange*
The following are the appo.ontmeU of Methodist toln
'?lore by the Sow Jersey Conference for Richmond
county :?St. Paul's, Touenville, J. P. Oatlav; Bethel,
Toiicnville. U. u. Opdlke; St. Mark's, Pleasant Plains,
W. C. Nelson; Woodruw, Koxuvillc, F. Himtnii; An
bury, Now ^orlugville, W. U. McCormie; Grace, Port
Richmond, W T. Gete; SuuiincrUcld, Mariner*' Har
bor, A. M. Palmar; Trinity, WV?i Brighton, 4 Par
noon; Kiugsioy. Stapletoo, J. r Mitchell; Marinarn'
llarbor and Kosavlllo Muslim, G. M. Under.
Tba original Fifth Avenue Theatre In Twenty-fourth
streot, below Rroailway, adjoining tba hotel, is about
boiug rebuilt as a public nail A number of workmen
are now engaged In excavating and blasting for tba pur
pose of deepening tba baseuiout, and the masons aro at
work laying a substantial foundation of brick aud stone;
the old aids and party walls are being torn down, and
It will not bo long, doubtless, before amusement seek
era can enjoy lectures and mualc In the reconstructed
tyou tbeatra. Tba murble (aoado on twenty-fourth
street will be left standing. It will be remembered
that It is of very graceiul design, although charred and
blaoktsed with fire and emoke. For eome lime It w as
in contemplation to build ou the lot an addition to the
Filth Avenue Hotel, but tbis design was abandoned.
A Iter ward, a was understood, a tbostre was to be built,
which Mr. 0. H. llarkins, of Mr. Daly's dramatic nun
psny, wss to manage; but Ibe definite and latest plan,
now in 'process of execution, is lo construct on the
ruins of ths old theatre an elogant and oommodlous
public ball.
ur ~Rxuiarno>rI
at tba Art 1 looms, 817 Broadway, this (Friday) afternoon,
at S o'clock; also la the eveuluk and antll date el tale, 18th
and 19th.
Tho^rlvsts collection of fine modern Paintings belonging
Mensies. Esq , of thU city; alao a line private
collection by order of John U. Towusrud, Esq., attorney,
comprising examples bjr the following artistes?
J. Q. Brown?Cropsay?Guy?d. K. Gilford?Hubbard-O.
II. Hall ? Kensett Sbattuck? J. D. Sruille?Mouut?Cole?
ltauney Castlsar ?J Jf liar?'William llari?Constant
Mayer?Pnrtoo?H. P. Gray?Hick*?E Moran?T. Morao?
Vaa Ellen?Innass?Boagbton? Weir, Ae., An
Eseoeora?Do Huel?Aufray? Glrardet?J. B. Thorn?
Soyer?D? Block?Zuher Bunlrr?Lobrlchon?U. L. Kolfe?
bpobler?Burger?Coratau?I'eern?U uy soman?Bacon
and inure than 100 olliurs,
to be sold by auction, without reserve. Tuesday and Wodnee
day evenings, April 18 and 1U. at8 o'clock.
Tba Messrs. LEAV'ITT. Auctlooaers.
Auction sale, auction koticb.
Elegant Imported Furniture, made to order lor tin) present
owner iu Paris; magniAceut Btelnwwv A bona rosewood 7JJ
octave 4 round Pianoforte, cost $1.0 0: a Go superb 7.L oc
tave Windsor upright rosewood Pinuolorte, cost flKjU; Pier
and Mantel Mirrors, Bronxos, Ac., Ac., in line order, told In
conscqucnoe of the owner going abroad to reside, as fol
lows:?Parlore?Elegant Moqiiette Carpets, double and
single Parlor Suits, in (Inest quality < rluitun satin brocatel,
bicaranda wood Secretary llookcnse, 50 ? volumes Hooka.
Etagero and Tables lu match, crimson brocatel anil lace
Curtains, rich Hronr.es. Clocks and Mantel Ornaments, fine
porcelain aud chiua Vases, Ac., Ac. Library?Moquette
Carpets, elaborately carved French walnut Suiia, In reps.
with Bookcase; Cabinet Table. Mantel .Mirrors. Library
Table, Oil Paintings. Curtains, Hronres. Clocks, ornaments
Hide Pieces, Ac. Reception Room?Velvet Carpets. Jneitr
anda wood Lounge and Chairs, Jardinieres, embroidered
broadcloth Lady's Escritoire, ebony mounted Card Table
and Lndy's Workbox, en suite. Dining Room?1-.iil-II.Ii Hrus
sels Carpet, Huffet, Extension Table, and Chairs to match,
solid French walnut; Wilder'a Ore and burglar proof Safe;
Sofa: snperb Dinner Service, from the royal factory of Ber
lin. about 250 places, cost $4<1>; French cut Glassware, Ac.,
Ac. Bedrooms?English Brussels Carpets, carved French
black walnut Salts, Dressing Cases, Bedsteads, Humana,
Turkish t.hairs. Lounges, rep Hutu, Chairs, 211 curled hair
slid spring Mattresses, l'illows. Bolsters. Ac. ;alao basement,
Mrvants1 Furniture. Over too lots by catalogue.
N. B.?Goods packed and shipped, city or country, by com
petent men at sain.
Auction s ale or fink carriage*.?Saturday,
May U, 1H"H. at HMf o'clock A. M., the assignee will
oiler for sale at publle auction the romainiug stock ot Car
riages belonging to the estate, of Bradley, Pray A Co., 25
Union square S. K. MEKWiN, Jr.. Assignee.
VAN TAS.SKLL A KEARNEY, Auctioneers; oibca, 110
and 112 hast Lllh St. Catalogues ready Monday, May 1.
J\. Auctioneers. On Saturday, April 15, 187B, at 12 M.,
will be olferod at public tale at the Exchange Salesroom. No.
Ill Hroadway. [n the city el'New York, a Publication
known as "Smith's Illustrated Pattern Hwaaar," and a Pub
lication known as "A. Hurdette Smith's Monthly World of
Fashion," heretofore published st til Park place; also
Pigeon Holes, Paper Putterns. Cloth Models, Office Store
Kurulturo, Fixtures, Tools, Appointments, Ac., now at 48
Park place. Also ITgoou Holes, Paper Patterns, Type
Writers, Furtiaco, Office Store Furniture, Fixtures, Ap
pointments, Ac., now at 014 Broadway. Alio Printing
Presses, wooden anil mrlal Tvpn, Material. Furniture. Ap
poiutmeuts. Ae., now ul 81. 83 and 85 Centre vt., together
with Leases of Premises where suld property Is situated.
Said pro|?rty, formerly belonging to A. Hurdette Smith,
may be seen by catling st above sddrovses. Terms cash
, Will sell tlili day. At II .('clock,
164 Chatham at., a lot of Watches. Jewelry. Fancy Goods,
Furniture, Carpets, one Marvin's Safe. Billiard Table, Wines,
Liquors, Champagne*. 1'lg.sra, Holts* Furnishing Good*. Ac.,
to be sold without reseree.
old stand 37 Naaaatt ?t.
and vrlvet Carpet', any quantity of Mheeta,
Table Cloll.a, Nepaina. flne curled hair
Mattresses. Bedding. Ac.,
roiewood Pianoforte. Refrigerator*,
3 Buc Parlor and Bedroom Suits,
all removed from the country for couveuianee of sale.
1'aiticulara to-morrow.
THIS DAY (Frldarl. April 14.
eomnttuclng at lO)$ o'clock,
the entire handsome and exquialt*
made to order;
Stelneray 711 octave Piaonforta,
Decker A Bros. upright Piano.
Br.e oil Paintings,
medora and antique Ktench Hroniea, Ae^
of bva story brown stone mansion
Nth and oth ava,
ever 4.'(0 lota, by catalogue,
* all in excellent condition.
parlors contain
rosewood and walnut frame*. covered In eriuison, tan and
Eld brocada satin ana rotelaiue; Turkish and Spanish
ungos. Easy Chairs, inlaid marquatris and flit Centre
aud Console Tables, rosewood Ktsgeroa. Cabluuts. KrancU
otata Mirrors, lace Curtein*. Preiicb Mantel Sets, 6U day
Clocks, Musical Boxes, Jardinieres, velvet Xugs, Orna
ments, handsome iuleid Library and S??wetaire Bookcases,
choice Hooka, Library Tables, elegant Turkish Suit .7
pieces), Lady's Writing Desk. Statuary, Works of Ark
ef elaborate and plain Uodruom pets. Inlaid aud gild Bed
steads, Drtsslug Case?. Bureau*. Washstands. sin iris and
double Brdstuads. 33 live hair aad sprlnir Mattresses, lessher
Pillows. Blankets, Toilet Seta, rap and plueh Suits, marble
top Tsblee, .'hairs. Rocker*.
_ . via.Two Extonslon Tables. In
laid Trench welout Sideboard, Chairs In leather. Silverware.
Dinner and Tea seta. Cutlery, Ac., two Hall Standi, valval,
Brussels and ingrain Carpets, kitchen Kurnltnre, Ac.
N. H.? Sale positive. Parties about piucliaslnc will posi
tively lind Ihle * rare thane*. Take Sixth avenue or Uni
versity place car* House opens SAM.
Competent men to minute, peek er ship food*, city or
country. ROBERT C. CaSHIN, Auctioneer.
ti.inter, adie* end salesroom JIT Bowery, will sell so
Monday next. April 17. 1670. at 10 A M . at Not d3u. 033
and U3? East 1'Jth St.. the Stock in the manufactory of lha
lata John Hurkert. consisting of Library Houkeaaca Seere
tarv, Cylindar Ollce and Bauk Desks. Library Cables and
Wa'rdrobes, Office safe. Lumber. Veneer. Desk'Legs. Mould
ings Patterns. Varnisb, Oil. Clue. Ac. . also Hire ? Honrs.
Trueks, IIernes*. Express Wagon, Light Wagou and Kocke
way The above stock It Brst ctaaa, in good order and wtU
worthy tba atteniiuu of the trade By order ol
ALGERNON s. KULLIVaN, Public Administrator.
A ?
Extraordinary attractlva sal*.
thie (Friday) evening, at 7 o'clock, at the gallery 513
Broadway (St. Nicholas Ilolcl'. will o* sold to the highest
bidder, one ol the largest aeaoriiuents of due Oil Painting*
offered at taction this spring. H. MAYERS, Auctioneer.
Auction "notice. ?______
Household Furniture tales
ROBERT HOMEUVIi.LK, Auctioneer. 74 Unlverilty
place, corner 13ih it., will, an herwlolor*. ulve special atten
tion to tales ol Household Knroiture, Ac . at reeldeuces of
parties doclining liuusckeeplug, er at hit tpanioos sale*
room, aa above.
A" "ucflOX SALE.?M a. J. LYNCH* A SON, NO. 103
Broadway, corner of Pin* tt ? M. A. J. I.YNCII. auc
tiunaer. will ael. at (be Kxchan.-e nltir urn. No. Ill
Broadway, on April 30, IS7(I. al IJ o'clock noon, the band
soinv three story high stoop brown stone iluuao. No. 190
East 4dth si., near Lexington av. . sixty per cent may re
main on bond aud mortgage for e term of >ear*. Permit*
and particulars at the uflict of the auctioneer.
MIUMh'S pa k
BISSr.LL. vti LLKM A MILLET, A net linear*
THIS DAY I rloayi, dp it 14, et lot, a. M.,
balance of Mos-rs. Z. > au lluyson A Son e
eio k of Wood and W ill,.wwarn,
aorner Fulton end w?i#r at*,
commencing al lot 473.
??In. tble Friday) moruing at ICS o'clock.
over ll&.uuu worth aud ovar Su>> Iota
hnndeome Household Furniture, ill Carpet*,
M the large private resilience t?eft :-,*,t 13m ,t? near 4tb
ae., all the Furniture of IP rooms and parlor*. 4 satin bro
eado latest stylo Parlor hulls, S rep and haircloth Suit*. 3
rose wood Pianofortes. Certain*. Mirror*. Patuiliiga, rabies,
Etagere*. Beokcase,. Turaish Furunare, 15 Chamber auit*
with dressing case.. Bedetoad*. Bureaus. Waeh,tends, Cons
modee. Wardrobes, TJ hair and spring Mattresses. Bedding,
3 Sideboard*. J Extension lnb.es. Lounges. Chairs, JiA> lot!
Glass. China. Mlverwar*. Cutlery, velvet. Hru,srl*. ingrain
Carpets, servants Fnniitur*. Ac J. Kutl.MKR, Auc
tioneer. V B.? clouds packed and shipped, city or country
by re-ponaibt* men al eala.
Auction"halk This Day.-largk and posl
tl resale of raagtiiBcent llontehuld Kurulturn.
Bteinway A Sou's Pianoforte.
Oil Paintings, Hrons-'s, Ac.
eca nanring at 10)4 o'clock at four story mansion. 31 Kest
*Hu si., near Hroauway, eousistiug magnificent Parlor Suits,
enveroa In eotallno, rep and haircloth. 1 outre Table. Broute*.
Paintings, Ktagnros, kartiet*. S.. ore tar v Honkeoset. Desks,
S s) volumes of Books. Chamber -tilts, omtpet# alth Dr
lag Cnana; Parlor Bedstead. solid woinus and roeowuod Red
Steeds, Bureaus. Washstands. 35 hair and spring Mattret-**,
Turxteh Chain. Lounges, Library nulls and Tables. Dining
rooiu Buffet, Extension Tables, Chair*, solid and Slieer
piatod Ware, Dinner and lea Service Crocsarv. Cutlery,
Ac . elan Masemaut and -orvanta' Furmiura. V B. - Sale
remo>*<1 II require
A1 i'TIhN KVERV AFlERNiii.N Fllo'g T(T?C tfWTlj
entire stock sold, lUl May 1. To a. Dessert and Dinner
?uervlcea l?aa I'urtatloi, bWk walnut am! i.u.cv i iooda,
341 Pulton at.. opposite Clark, Brooklyn. M A ItnllALL.
y w. h. m noli ku^?a uotio.vekk. *
Special and Important catalogue tale.
On account uf removal and declining iue retail bnalnaa^
will 'tier ut auction,
every day through tlio weak,
at hal: past 10 A. M . at his ?iore,
(?37 Broadway, corner of Spring It,
his entire Stock ot
Watches, Oiaiuunds,
?liver fluted Ware. I'naaten,
Showcases. Are proof Sales
and all the fixture* of the stores
Ooods on exhibition
Bee catalogues.
J tirand street, Xe* York, to Grand street, Brooklyn.
lu pursuance of the provisions of chapter 73 of tlie Laws
of ls'tl tbero will be sold at pn'ilic auction, to the highest
bidder, at the office of Ine Comptroller "1 tha city of New
York, on Tueeday, the IHth day ol April. 1S7U, at 13 o'clock,
at uoon, the Louse for the period of ten years ol the full
and absolute franchise and right to run, maintain, operate
and use. with the franchises. the fcrrv Irom Grand street,
in the city of New York. 10 Grand street, in the city ol
Brooklyn, together with the docks, slips and facilities now ue
heretofore used tor the purpose of a tarry.
The fortn of the tense required to bo executed by tlka higbl
est bidder run be sect, at ttie Comptroller's office.
By order of the Commieeionors of the Sinking Fnnd.
AMIKKW H. UHKKN. Uompirwlte.
Nkw York, ComTuoLi.rn's O erica. April lO, 13AL
Third extraordinary aalo of high elaia WlnaA
Rhine and Moselle Wlnea? Ho.-hhelmer, Rudetheim^r,
Beliarlacliherger, Lienblraumileh. Ilofiihetmcr-Borg. Mar
eohrnuner-Cabtnet. I.iebfrautniieh Auslesn, Steiuborg-<'ah.
luet. Castle Johaunesiierg. N u rnbrrg Courtwiiie, Rudoes
helm Berg, Kuiienthal ITalbaberg, lloehlielmor Doui,
liechuuey, (Iraacher, Zettluger, Braunaborgoc, Bcliarahofr
herger, Ac.
Clarets. ? SV Jnllcn, tfargaux. a targe quantity of ttad
rarest Chatoau-Wiues, as Citrau, l'ea, Kourcaa, Coa-Dew
tournel, M Klerre, Calon, GI scours, Leovillu, Larnso,
riehou, Latour. Ac.
Ssnterues. ? Harsac. Hunt Sauteme, Chateau Wluea, as
Rleiiseee, Latour Blanclie. Yonem, Ac.
Burgundies.?t'liamhertlii, ltichchourg, Volnay. Potntnerd,
Detune, Cbahlls.
Hraodie*.? Very old Brandies of varioos vlutages, among
the lot Hue Champagne ot ts.lt.
(litis.?Prise no dulled Holland (lln, lu various parking*.
-Madeira?Very old Reserve Madeira, Uo.sart, Gordon M
All ot tha finest gradea
To be sold at auction,
at No. 00 Liberty st.,
on SATURDAY, April 13,
at 13 o'clock.
All (be abov e are guaranteed genuine and exactly at rep
resented by the Importer, who simply desires to closo out
his eutiro stock helore Mar 1. Tha sale will ho peremptory,
and any goods not found aa represented tuat bu returned
within live day* after purchase Catalogues can he obtained
on Friday, at tha salesroom, where tlio goods can be ex
Also a lot of eboieo brands of #>tgans, Klor del Furaaa,
Gulden Kaglo, La Rosas, Figaros, EapannlaX, l'unlets, Ac.
s of Household Furuliura. at the salesroom M Lust Hub
St.. near Broadway, on Haturday. April Hi, at 11 o'clock.
The entire Furniture of a Madison av. house, removed trout
storage?F.logant Carpets, best hair Mattresses, two flno
rosewood Pianos; Fteiteh plate, plor and uiuutol Mirrors;
rich Parlor Suits. luiunges. Turkish Chairs, so it Beds, ele
gant Plimpton Bedstead, carved black walnut Dressing Caso
Hulls, Ki age res. Wardrobes, Cottage Bulla, shout 30 Oil
l'aiutlngs. Hewing Maehinu, Ac., makiug a large and attrac
tive assortmentt about 50 good Carpets: China, glass and
plated Ware.
Gkorue iTolbRookT"'auorioiiii
sell this day, at 3 o clock, at the old stand, Aid and 456
t'anal st., the conteuta of a three story house, removed lor
convenience of talc :?Carpets, Parlor and Chauilier Suits,
Mirrors, Lounges, Chairs, Paintings and Kngrsviuiri, Mat
tresses, Beds, Bedding, Crockery, Glass, Plated Ware, Out*
lery. Kitchen Itensil-. to.
X Art Gallery. 53 Lihertv. corner of Nassau st.
Saturday, April 15, at 13 o'clock. FIilK AND B IRQ LAI
Kurt 14th st., a large assortment ot Carpotk, Furniture,
Ac. Particulars In Satnrday's Uerald.
? Saturday, April 15, allot.' o'clock, at salesroom No,
73 Ilowary. 33.0U0 Cigars ami *UO bales Smoking Tobacco,
and the entire contents of salesroom; also 3 largo Prouck
plate Mirrors. Dealers invited.
e office and sulesroom,
SB and 41 East IStli it,
gives special attention
to sales at private rosldencea
? Sells tliin day. at 11 o'clock, at No. 153 Kaat 3d at.,
near ar. A, large Stock and 1'Utgrea of Hiove, Tin anil
Hardware Store. Cutlery, 40 Stoves, Cooking Utensils,
Hellers. Pots, Knives, Porks, Spn.n*, Wooden and Ulaaf
Ware, Ac.; positively In Iota; dsialere Invited.
Mortgage sa lkT^-Veter bowk, auctioneer"
will aell at public auction, this day. April 14, at 11 A
M., at No. 31 Bookman si the Kffeota of an Envelope Mais
uiuctory. consisting of Desks, Tablet. Chairs. Letter I'reaa
Embossing I'resa. Stamping Prim, Envelope Machluta
Paper Pretl. Shafting, Pulleys. Melting, Knives, Iron Safe,
lot Note and Polio l'aper. Scales, lias Plxturet. Ac.
JOHN II. II1LLIEll. Attorney for ^Mortgagee.
ry.?A FIELD. Gruernl Aiivinnicer, ssl.'-r.Kiiti No ftf
ltuwcry, sa ill sell this dar. ai II o'clock. iws) Una gold no
silver Waiil.e., Il .un n I and cold Jewelry. Puis, i'.nga
Earrings; irold Uaard. fob and Vest chains. As . Ac. alt*
Cuns, Pietola, Musical IniVMrais: a large tot of Tooia
Ac., Ac, By order IDel.utg. East Broadway. N. B. -lhS
tale i f tools will commence et lnj, o'clock.
aell this day. Priday, at 10 o'clock sharp at No. o.'id
Pearl at., corner Klin at., the Lease, Slock and Fixtures of ?
tint data Liquor More. Bar aud Back liar. Tables, Chairs,
Sale.loom 27 Last Broadway. Mortgage sale.?Will
tell tills day iPriday), at I o'clock, at Oeiiruot House. 2d
East J4th st.. Bar and Plxturet, Tables, Chairs. Picture*.
Ac. LOUIS UvotfiCSMR. Attorney for Mortgagee.
Tina day (Pridayi April 14, at II o'clock, at 53.) Urcem
wich sc. Stock and PBttiirci of a tlrocery Store.
Craklba McNcltt. Deputy.
Os ?er.~Assignee tale of Ithine Wines. Liquors, Cigars,
two Sales. DSlce rurnlture, Ac., this day ip'riday). April 14s
at II o'clock, et No. Id Bowery, the entire atock of an lin.
porter, nonaletlnt of about 300 cases and 4 ? casks hick
class Wines, aa Laubenhetiner, Hooklieimer, Riesling. Hall.
Partner. Kudetlieimar, Ac.; also casks line Broodies, Din,
ort and Sherry Winn; also 95 barrelscli dee old lluurlioa
and Rre Whiskey; also about 300,cases Brands. Gin. Bit
ters. Chanipsirua : also Havana and domestic Clears. Safes,
Odice furniture, A a. Sale positive, without reserve. De st
ars Invited.
dav, aplrudid Horses. W aeon a. Ganeralora. with Kuun.
tania. Filling Tablet. .h?) Boxes. Buttles, Ac., from auda
water factory. Particnlart to morrow.
The eyrnino telegram "
Auctioneers and Ileal Estate Broker!,
ott ?>. 170 Broadway
Extraordinary eale of high cost
a rat class Purnlture. made to order,
by the beat city makers,
at auction,
M THURSDAY. April 20, 187*.
at the private residence.
No. I* West 52d St..
nt If'tj o'clock A M.
Catalocnea and full particulars of aala ready on M. ndaf,
Apni 17. si Bt00ec ot uo anctlaneaW, 170 Broadway
Tv Chambers atrvet, will a-II on Saturday, at l"*?
o'clock, the Pi at ii ret. Ac., ef Bar. Restaurant." Ac., Oyster
?alcna No. d Atlmull at , Bfeuklyn, near the lorry line
walnut Counters. 1 era's Lager Beer ieeboa. Usage, Table*.
Crockery, Ac.
mannfacturera of Rubber Hand Stamps,
have moved from
3d Vssey st to
241 Bresdaay. '
"i OiNfCRNAX. voUng and" op coob "pamILT
it aud poeitiuo. desires to make acuuslntauc* with an am
romplUbed lady, between IB and 23 years o( aga, with ?
view to matrimony. Address A. V.. Ilerald ofllee.
T* really a lielp. and not, a* la loo often the case, n
hindrance to walkout This popular style of English Shoo
for ladles and gentlemen.
CAN fltBLL. Noa 239 and 341 4th av.
TJi^'baV ft tfi3*"axiTTASAlorRtil."
road. -Proposals for 22,1 UO selected chestnut er white
oak Ties si Bay Bulge d" k roceived until April 22. AS
drsss saMUEL McKLKOY, Chief Engineer. #4d Pulton *t_
,1 roi
ndvanced on Dtuniouds, Watcliea, Jewelry. Ad; else
Pawnbroker a* Tickets bongot ef Diamonds, Watches. Ac.
77 Bleacher st.
American " office - frs.ooo. - diamond*!
Wetehes. Jewelry, silverware. Valuables, Ac., bought,
sold end exchanged. Ixam negotiated Iv.Hued bargain!
la Diamonds, Waub >. dr. Established |s.>t
J. II BAKRINllr.R, Dealer. 736 Broadway
Monet "on diamonds, wait.men. "ac-diaL
mends. Watches. Jewelry. Bllverwere, Seal Sar ,-ies
camel's hair shawls. Ac., bought and sold turk, when dm
sired, at a very small advanoe. UKt). C. ALLIM. Jewellen
I.IUO Broadway, near 39th at
tvi) Liberal advances made on Diamonds. Matches
Jsaelry. diUa. Leer* and Shawls same liougbt at mk
vaiue. U BERNARD.^
Marble and marbleiked mantels?'nkW dS
signs, from 312 upward, also Monumental Worft al
greatly reduced prices. Marble Turning for the trade.
A. KLaBKiI. 134 East ISth at. ^
rrRuLeKJEff- PRO PKSmi ULISTK R lIS ?T ll" AVn
send for esrcnlar. Address box t,s.w Post offlee. New
t ork. ,
her pmfbssioii; the lo. aivi til di-eases; makes wondsr
tui cures, on loss, a, lawsuits, abteut irivnds ev buslnee*
matter- she usser f.fl*. all whe ar* sick .r in trouble shonid
visit this wondertully giiied ladv. N. B.?No Itkeneesc* at
love p. wusra. OBice. No 27b West 25th el.. tkilM deor east
ef ?!h **.
IiU'ROPEAX. MP.DICAL vnd buhinebh clairvuy
J cot telle namee, show* Ukene****. Mn and 41. IA4
Watt JAth sc. _______
Mrs oiiannino. uipted with bpirit sight,
tell* everything wltbasi guesttontng; loaatse disease*
and guarantees cure* la every case she nndertdEee. Rest
deuce, I37jta?t IHthjUL
worthy Clairvoyant, HIM *v? tear 17th bA

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