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Wishinutu.n, June 2, 1876.
There is u possibility of an uucouiuiou scene In the
louse ol Representative* in connection with Hie Blaine
ctters. Mr. Blaine took the ground to-day belore the
committee the I they wore his letters and that he had
ihe right to roiuse theui to tho committee. Ho did so
'cfuse, though he added that be would Invite the chair
nan of tho committee, Mr. lluiiton, a democrat, to
tome to his house as a private individual, but
tot as a member of the committee, and read thein.
The committee inclino to the view, however, that
they have a right lo require him to produce them, and
that if ho refuses they may bring him belore the
House lor contempt. The examination has proceeded
betoru a sub-committee ol the Judiciary Committee,
and a meeting ol tile lull counnitlen ig called lor to
morrow morning at half post nine o'clock to daleruune
the question whether they shall, in cuso Mr. Blaine re
luses a lurthcr demand, declare him in contempt and
bring him ;o the bur of the House, if they should de
cide lo do this, it is understood that they will proccod
i t once to-morrow 10 summon Mr. ltlaino, and il he
refuses to produce the letters report tho matter to the
House immediately for its action.
The testimony of Mr. Strouso In the case of Speaker
Kerr to day put a new light on the case, and there is
vol other testimony to corae which will break down tho
whole charge. Mri> Kerr's friends mean lo keep the
defence private, so far as tliry can, until the prosecu
tion havo entirely doce, when they will proceed.
There is sumo excitement among tho democrats
sbout the attitude of Mr. Cox, ciiauinan ol the Hank
ing and Currency Committee toward the Kosump'ion
?cL Ho is understood by many of bis Irionds to be
willing to report a nill lor the unconditional repeal of
the act. The lost democratic caucus required the Com.
iiiiltee on Rules to report a rule allowlug the Hauking
and Currency comniitloe to re|>ort at any time, and tho
avowed object ol tins was to cnablo the committee to
report a repealing bill. So far, the Committee on
Rules has not had a quorum and has
not, therefore, acted, and tho Hanking and Currency
Committee has not yet agreed upon any measure con
cerning the Resumption act. Tho vote of the House to
repeal would have no practical oiled, as the Senate
would not concur, but it would doubtless strengthen the
Inflationist* in the West, and is considered here as a
movement in the interest of Mr, Hendricks, or, as somo
malicious people say, of u ticket composed ol Hendricks
and Cox. II any movement is made toward repeal it
is probable that a demand will bo made to have the
Resumption act read to tho Uouso by the
clerk twice a week for two weeks before
a vote Is tnkeu upon it, ns it is suspecleu that but a
small minority ol the members havo ever taken the
trouble to read or study it. Tho asual argument
against it is that you can't resume in 1879, which Is
not true.
Washington, June 2, 1876.
The Kuusas Pacific bond scandal against Mr. Blaine
will coinv up next week, as a seoarale matter of
Investigation, by the committee now prosecuting the
Little llocK boml scandal, Hercloloro tho subject lias
been cuntiued to newspaper gossip and to a sharp con
troversy in print between Mr. Blame and Mr. Kiddle.
Meantime the committee subpa-aned several witnesses,
who wore reported to be able to enlighten them con
cerning the alleged transactions betweeu Mr. Btaino
and Joseph I). Stewart in counectlon with tho con
struction bonds of the Kansas Pacific road. One of three,
Mr. J. A. Green, a republican lawyer, of St. Joseph,
Mo,, who was Stewart's counsel in the preparation
and management ot his suits against the Kansas Pacific
road In tho United Mates Circuit Court, at Topeka,
Kansas, arrived here last nighi with all the original
records upon which tho case was procured. Another
of these witnesses, Mr. J. I*. Upshur, who was attorney
ol the Kansas 1'acifio road in the suits, and is now con
nected with tho road, will arrive to morrow, having in
his possession the original of the letter which has been
widely printed of late Irom Joseph Stewart to John I>
Perry, tho President ot the Kansas Pacitic road, in
which it was stated that he, Stewart, was still tinder
obligation, to deliver construction bonds to Thomas
King, Jr . James Blame, C. D. Sherman and other par
ties. Mr. I ? reon has in his possession a schedule of all
claims against the road He says that in the original
of the Stewart letter, wuicli he has seen and with
which lie is familiar, the blank lelt bslnre the name
"Blame" in the transcript sent up Irom the Kansas
court to the Supreme Court here was Oiled with the
name of "James" and not "John. " He also says that
it was the understanding before tho Court, aud in the
argument of the case, that it was James Blulnc and
not John lilalne who was the party to these transac
tions. He lurther says that where the record sent up
to the Supreme Court speaks of the "Hon. James
l.me, ol Washington," the original record ol Stew
art's examination contains instead the name of ??Hon.
James Blaine, of Washington," utid that all these
changes of tho naino "Blaine" were mado in the
record alter It w.is produced beloro the Court in
Witnesses will also testify to the fact that there was
? Credit Mobiller connected with the Kansas 1'ucillc
road, lormed ot the officers and a few stockholders,
who divided ten or twelve millions in excess ol the
cost ot the road. This Credit Mobilier got all of the
securities of tho road, aud tho bonds, and the land
granted by t e government. The total cost ol the road
was only about $23,uoo a mile.
Washington, June 2, 1876.
Official Information has reached the Department ot
Pill* that alter the ;iOth of June inst. the coast of
l?'iomey, between latitude 132 dog west and 234 dog.
east, will be bloc Haded.
Washington. June 2, 187A
Rear Admiral C. B. P. Hodgers testiOed before the
House Committee on Naval Adairs to-day that be was
chief of the Bureau of Yards and Ii < ks Irorn Septem
ber, 1871, lo September, ls74, and is now Superintend
ent ol the Naval Academy. While witness was chief of
the Bureau Secretary Robeson never Interfered in any
vay or manucr with itie making of any contract or the
flsiug ol any price, nor did the Secretary c*er interfere
wi:h his action in regard to any existing contract, ex
Copt in one instance. This w.is when he, a* Chief of
tho Bureau, proposed lo annul the contract of 8. P.
Brown, of Washington, to Itimiih granite lor a ?:rjr
dock at the Mare Island Navy Yard, on me
ground that lirown had failed lo comply with its
term.? and had no means of doing so. Brown, how
ever. Ihen brought to the department evidence proving
that he and Ins son hail purchased a quarry, and that
he had built the dry dock at New Y'oik, aud insisted
that ho would lurnish the granite in t.me to tie us'd,
ulid at a price about hall as ureal as the department
would probably have to pny In case new prop.i-a!?
were invited. Secretary Hohoson informed Admiral
Hodgers thai he was averse lo losing the chance ?t get
the granite so cheaply, aud as it was not needed immedi
ately, Browa should be given further opportunity to
turni.-b it. tho Admiral had grave iiouot* as to
Brown's ability to lulftl his pruin.se*, but ha be lie veil
thai, under iho ciicuBuuncen, IheSecretary could noi
well do Otherwise.
The wtines- in response to a question Irom Chsir
man VthiiMior'ne. said ho did not remember seeing a
telegram from Senrlor Sargent uateU San Krancisco.
June 17. 18.a, slating that Brown was not engaged in
Ibc t>ni w?i frying to iwy out f*lD?r
contractor!, lo "gouge" the government, and that one
ttriffin wm the lowest honest bidder. He lelt obl>i,od
to sward the contract to Rrown a* the lowest bidder
under the department advertiaemeni, although tic did
not hclievo lirowa would fulfil it. Subsequent eveuts
Justified hi* judgment, and ttie government bad to par
a price tv? Ice at high a* Brown's bid. At tbo time liu
proponed to auuul the contract, however, Mr. Gritlin
deemed to furnish tbe granite at lo?s thau the price
subsequently paid.
lu reply to a question put by Secretary Robeson
witness suied that Kobeson had never directed him,
suggested or hinted to bun to favor anyone, and had
never interfered in any manner as to prices or the pur
chase of supplies lor the Itureau ot Yards and Hocks
or lor tbe Naval Academy. Witness knew nothing
ah.nit any trausler of $75,000 from bis bureau to pay
the Huuicrlord claim, nor about au order to the pay
master at I'enaacola to draw a draft for $5,000 so as to
prevent an appropriation from lapamg into the Treas
lu reply to the question of tbe Chairman whether ho
had not assumed unauthorized power in hi* manage
ment of bis bureau and violutedthe law wblch re
quires all naval appropriations to be expended under
she direction ol tne Secretary ot tbo Nuvy, Admiral
Rodgcrs saiu ho did not ilnnk' so, ami explained that
except in regard to matters outside of the usual
routine It was uot necessary or customary to receive
special orders from the Secretary.
Admiral Howell, who succeeded him as Chief of this
Bureau, gave testimony to tbe sxuic purport as to his
freedom from any attempted tavoring lulluenco or
lntcrlerepce In contracts, &c., on the part ot Secretary
Surgeon General James C. Palmer, Chief of the
Bureau of Medicine and Surgery, also teslided that
Secretary Robeson lias never interfered in regard to
persons or prices in his bureau.
Chiol Kugineer William H. Shock, who has acted ns
Chief ot Itnreau ol Steam Engineering at intervals dur
ing V- Robeson's adrullilsti auou, next examined.
He lostilied that the secretary uever suggested per
sons or prices to linn or dictated nny contract
made by him except the contract with John Koach k
Sons, ol New York, lor the machinery ot tbe Tennes
see This contract was, however, recommended by
him (Shock) as being for tbe interest ot tno govern*
menu and il had turned out well. Tins witness uad
gone to the Mediterranean 011 tho Tennessee, mid her
machinery was a great success. She was steaming at
last accounts thirteen and one-hall knots |rt hour, and
beating everything in those waters. No adve< ttsomeni
was published ami no proposals invited lor ibis contract.
It was made on a private oiler and Ins favorable report
thereon. Tho witness was examined at considerable
length concerning certain departures from the contract
specifications that were allowed, and especially in re
gard to the diminished space provided lor coal bunkers.
He tcslilied iliut these changes were sauctioued by a
board consisting ot the C'hlel of the Bureau ol Con
struction. the i htet ol the Bureau of Steam Kugineer
tng and tbe Naval Constructor in charge, and that they
were lor the interests ol the service. Ho slated that
the contract was to produce certain results as to speed,
consumption of coal, &c., snd thai theso results were
f-atisiactorlly obtained. Tbo ship bad douo Her work with
less coal consumption than was coitlcmplatod by the
contract. He could not state how much the contractors
had snved by tbe changes ol plan, but he believed it
was not much. They wero paid the mil contract price.
Commodore William M. Jellers, Chief ol the Bureau
of Ordnance, testified that Secretary ltobeson bud
never dictated, suggested or Innied to hitu to favor any
person, nnd had, in (act, murlerred less lu the man
agement of the Bureau than any Secretary he bad
ever known. The Secretary hud been kept mliy posted
as to its general operations,_ but be (Jellers) bad con
trolled all routine matter. 'The Secretary had once
directed him to pay a certain bill. He (Jellers) made
ono contract with Noimuu Wiurd (i very plausible
person who hud captured the Admiral ol the Nuvy
nnd the two naval committees of Congress! lor som'o
ordnance experiments. Ho liiinseli did not believo in
\Vlard's theories, but in view ol Wlard's large follow
ing lie thought It wise to give him this contract in
order to demonstrate tho fallaciousness, believing if
this were not done greater amounts would be
expended thereafter and tho safety of the navy
perhaps endangered.
lu reply to a question by Secretary Hobeson witness
said that*!lie ultimate success was usually the result of
tnuny (allures, and stated that it costs $50,000 to sub
ject a fifteen inch gun to the extreme test ot Iracture.
In response to the Chairman wttm ss explained that
some remarks of bis dorogu^y to Mr. Wlard wero
stricken out by Secretary Hobeson, not from his ofllcial
bureau report, but from a skotch of its operations, c.,
which he furnished to tbo Secretary for use In tho tat
ter's annual report.
George K. Cutler, purchasing paymaster at Now
York, and A. \\. Russell, purchasing paymaster at
l'hiladelphln, testified that Secretary Hobeson has
never attempted in any way whatever to influence tho
respective purchases made by them in open market,
and has never otherwise attempted to favor any person
through them.
Between seven and eight thousand persons, mostly
residents ol the tcnotneuls ol the neighborhood, were
gathered around a bi taker's stand last night in Tomp
kins square to protest against the neglected condition
of that now dreary territory. A brass band played for
and a numher or speakers addressed tho meeting.
Herman Authenried, Justice Otterbourg, Coroner
Elltnuer, ex-Assemblymen James Dayly, I.uko Cozzeus,
D. T. Griffith, K. l'cros, Patrick Hums and others were
the speakers. The following preamble and resolutions
were read and adopted by a unanimous vote:?
Whtrtw th<> iltisens of the I l.uventh and Seventeenth
wards. in mass iiiceiltiit assembled, considering that the
I'ark Commissioners In destroying Tompkins square
Park. for the professed purpose of beautifying the
mine. and with the evident iiiteniijn ot not
c arrying oat their professions: whereas tho park not only
l>t*in>f in a condition ol 11 chaotic wilderness, hut in appear
ance and from the so-called work done a public nuisance,
detrimental to the health ot the whole surrounding pupulii
tion. therefore, lie it
Keselved, That w? earnestly protest airnlnst the condition
of th'> pi rk and demand iinmfiliate n dress. lull well kno*.
inu that tiir e i? a pieiitltul Mippt> ol' onev mid nothing
iiiilie?aynf lOmpWtinir said park, hut a Just regard on
the part of tlie Commissioners for the wanti. rights
and interest* of the po 'pie of this district, who
pay their share of the tuxes levied lor t'>e purpose
ol' constructing and maintaining our public parks,
Keaoived, as citizens, we die -rtull.v submit to any obliga
tion Imposed upon ii* for tho Interests ot the community,
hut we deprecate the Idea which seems to misdirect the ad
ministration of our public service, that men In
official positions consider themselves the master!
and not, as they aie, the servants of the
people, und we will never submit to the abuse of power,
which ha? been shown in the management ot the so-called
Tompkins M|uare improvement, and we will bv our v ice
and vote at the proper time hold those that are responsible
for the disregard ol our rights.
Iteaoh ed. To appoint a committee of ten to investigate
the responsibility lor tii- present condition of Tompkins
Mjusr- and take ?uc!i Heps as the committee see neces
sary to carry tint the law tor the Improvement of Tompkins
square. and, >1 Tied bo. to prefer charites to the Mayor
ai;aln-t the officials who under the law arc to bo held re
Iteaotved. That we pled>." our hearty support to the com
mittee to be appointed and that we w ill respond to any call
made on us I j the same fur the purpose of carrying out the
object of this meeting.
The committee provided for in the resolutions was
compoecd ol Henry Scliaelcr, Dr. J. llalsor. Joseph
Wongler, M P. Dodiu, John Kelly, Loreni K rciiltof,
Andrew Carey, K. Pearls, John Kosler, Henry Prcelciug.
Com pi roller Green says Ibnt he hits been unjustly
charged with the responsibility lor the delay In prose
cuting tho work on Tompkins square. Ho says that tho
11 Is tor the work were opened by tho Department of
Public l'arks on the 17ih of May, and
that the proposals were not roco.vcd by tho Comp
troller lor approval of the sureties uutil
a week afterward, on the 24th of May; Unit since then
the ?"s?ntr??:l<?r has tailed to appear with his sureties to
Jnsi fv, alihough two notices have been already given
lo hilii. Finally, Comptroller Green asserts that what
ever responsibility tor delay there is in this matter re.-ts
with the Depart men t ol Public Parks and not with him.
A small audience of fnsnionnbly dressed ladles, with
a tew attendant cavaliers, assembled last evening in
Plimptou llali lo cciebrato Mothers' Day tinder the
anaptees ol the Woman's Social Education Society.
The President's desk was covered with bouquets, and
a grand piano had been provided In order that tho ex
ercises might bo enlivened with music. Miss S. K.
Puller presided and mado a brief address ap
propriate to tho m-casion. The exercises con
sisted of tne reading ol essays, vocal :nd
llisti umental music and ri citations, the prin
cipul eus) '*ts being Mrs. Jennie June Croljr and
Mrs. H roil son. who spoke on social and peaceful topics.
Protessor Vanderweyde performed on the piano ami
Miss Maggie SJocwm ree.iod very ably the poem, "St.
Michael's " The officer* of the aooieiv are - President,
Mis. Kent; Vice President, M>ss Puller Correspond
log Secretary, Mrs. I.eavitt; Treasurer, Miss t'lidcrhill;
liu.st?es, Mines. Ilrouson and Oeb i n and Miss Austin.
Georga Hopper, th? vonng man who foil, or waa
thrown Irom the lourth story rear window ol the
Fourth regiment armory, in Jersey City, at midnight
11st Tuesday, died at three o'clock yesterday afternoon
at the Charity Hosp Ul. The post-inostem exam lu
ll on showed tbat his brtast had been crushed In
by tho tall. Alter he tell his comrades ran
?way, locked Hie armory door and leu him
lo lis laic. Ilelor.- ne d'ed tie charged
Peter West, a member ol < otupaiiy P, fourth regiment,
witli having punned him out ol the window and said
that two ottier members pushed him with gunstocks
West called ai the hospital on UiursUay Might and Hop
pi i renewed the charge in Iks presence. West denied
It, and said ti. was not in llie armory at the time Hop
per lei. No official act <>n has ,H"?* taken in ibe case
on account el a quarrel between Coui-ty l'instclau
Mout and the cotoi ers.
Saiv.itore Belmonte, a.cd ten years, of No. 6?
Crosby street, died I ist Tuesday. The ease was reported
by the physician to be one ot hydrophobia, hut on tn
vcsngal on by Coroner Woitnuu ike' disease was
loulid lo be ,nlrma gUAltt. Uns itisraae is a species
ol inflammation ol the larynx, winch has nearly the
same sy puiloms as liydupaobia, and gate rue to the
doctor's mistake
P. S. Gllmore positively open* at Cilmore's Garden
with his military band on June 10.
Mrae. Christine Nilseun appeared at Her Majesty's
Opera, Drury Kane, on May 20, na Alice, in '-Hubert le
Diablo," ior the first t me in six ycara.
Mnie. Nilsson gave a matin do conccrt at St. James
llali, on May 24, in aid oi the hospital for diseases of
the throat. A thoughtful charity lor a great singer.
In a London musical journal an advertisement Tor a
"North German Protestant lady" to teach throe littlo
g.rls in vocal and instrumental music shows that tbu
divino art is considered in a better condition on the
shores ol the Battle than on tbe baukB of the Rhino.
The operas given at Coveut Garden ltoyal Italian
Opera (or the week ending May 27 wore "Les Hugue
nots," D'AuJeir an t Mariuion; "Tannhflosor," Albani;
"Komeo and Juliet," l'atti; "William Tell," Mile.
Biaiichi; "Marriage ol Figaro," Albani, Thaiberg and
Uianchi; "La Traviata," PattL
Tlio noble Count Joannes recited "Hamlet" last
evening at Chickcring Hall before a cotcrio ol his most
enthusiastic admirers. He prefaced the reading by
desultory remarks on the Bible, ancient history nn I
"Kiug Lear," which >*? re becomingly received by lit* |
hearers. A performance of "Hamlet," with theCount's i
original company, would have been received with a I
Keener relish by those present.
The scenery in the "Mighty Dollar," now playing at
Wallace's Theatre, is remarkably good. The first scene,
with Washington by moonlight in the distance, is won
derfully truo to nature, and the moonbeams seem to
dauco upon tlio waters of tbe river. The boat scene is
a novelty in interiors, being the Chinese room at Grab
moor. The furniture, hangings aud ornaments of this i
room are all Chinese and the largo lamp in the centre
or the room is a real work of art.
Ono of tlio most interesting features of tho Bijou
heron benefit at Booth's Thoalre was the impersona
tion ol Creusa, in "Medea," by Miss Constance Lci^'h,
a young actross of markod ability. It was character
ized by an ease, grace und emotional tenderness well
fitted to such a part, and served as an admirable foil to
tho stormy, passionate nature of the titlo riiU. Miss
Leigh, during the past season at the 1'ark Theatre, has
developed a wealth ol histrionic talent seldom pos
sessed by an artist ol her aue and experience, and has
given frequeut prools of versatility, study and per
scveranco in the profession she has selected. She ap
pears every nichtat the l'ark Theatro in "Uncle Tom's 1
Ernest Cooper, a member of tho British Centennial
Commission, died at tbe residence of the British Com
missioners, In Philadelphia, on the 1st lust., to the
deep regret of his associates and that of all persons
wnh whom ho had beuu biought In contact siuco bis
arrival in America.
The London Standard's Berlin despatch to-day an
nounces tbe death ol the Grand Duchess Caroline of
M eckleubu rg-S trel l tz.
Captain William Hanebright, the oldest conductor of
tho Pennsylvania Hailroad, died yestorday at Lancas
ter, Pa. Ho was widely known and uniformly es
teemed for his courteous mauuer und integrity of char I
ac ter.
At ball-pa3t tbree o'clock yesterday afternoon An
drew Moore, aged thirteen, of No. 00 Yundarn direct,
Blabbed unotlier boy of about tbo sumo age named
Frederick Luwltr on tbo corner of Luigbt and Hudson
streets, killing him almost Instantly.
Moore bad been at school all day and got out at tbree
o'clock, a little earlier tban usual, on account of tbo
day being Friday. Bo spends his afternoons In sell
ing tbo evening papers. Yesterday, Doing out of
school so early, ho thought be would bavo a little tiino
( to llsh during the evening, and went to an oyster stand
, on tbo sidewalk, at the corner of Laight and Hudson
| streets, to buy some clams lor bait. Her) ho met
J Froderick Lawler m company with another boy.
1 Moore bad known Lawler lor some time as a boy who
I bad been always loaning him whenever tbey met
' Lawler attempted to get his companion to fight with
Moore, but, not succeeding In this, struck him over
1 the head With a roll ot tar paper that be carried
In his hand. Mooro became en rated and
told Lawler to look out. Tbo latter,
not heeding bin warning, struck htm again on the
bead, when Mooro drew from bis pocket a large case
knife and stubbed Lawler In ilie breast. Tbo Itoy
droppou lileless on tho sidewalk and Moore tried to run
away. A soldier, who happened to be passing at tbo
time, took bold ol the boy and enlloil u policeman, who
look him lo the Filth precinct station house, w h?re bo
was locked up. Law er'a body was soon after brought
Into the elation house. Although life uppoarcd
to be extinct Captain Caflroy thought best
to telegraph to tho Chamber* Street Hospital. An am
i balance soon arrived uud l>r. Sarrge pronounced the
boy dead lor some time. Mooro was locked up in a
cell, but ho seemed to feel so budly ibat the Captain
bad the door unlocked and an ofllccr stationed in iront
of it lor fear bo would kill himself. The statement ot
the witnesses was immediately taken ami Coroner
Woltimui was sent tor. lie cxamiueu the body and
will bold an Inquest to-day ai twelve o'clock.
Moore is in tho habit ol selling papers lor bis elder
brother, who keeps a news stand. He still had the
bloody kntlo In his band when arrested by the officer.
There was a meeting yesterday of the Executive
Comtiiiitoo of tho l'aciflc Mail Steamship Company, at
the l'anama Railroad office. No. 7 Nassau street, but no
business of especial public, importance, was transacted.
It is understood that Mr. llacoa, tho accountant of tbo
company, resigned bis position, and thatC. C. Niebuhr,
the "expert" arithmetician and lormer ncvountant of
tbo company, will take his place; hut this was uot
! definitely agreed on. To day the committee will re
port their plans lo tho lull Board ol Directors, who
{ meet at the same place.
When tbe charge of maladministration of his minis
terial office was read to Klder (J. M. Lanniog, at tbo
African Methodist Conference in Jersey City yesterday,
begot up, turned up his lip, and walked out wi'hout a
reply. An excitod brother made a speech charging
i tho olleudiug Klder with snubbing the Conference,
by "turning up bis no-te and walking out
as hnugbu as Lucifer when the charge was
made; and," said tho brother,'' "if bo
j turns his hack on us, we should ex
pel Inm at once." Another brother said "Such conduct
Is outrageous," ana ho was in "favor of fitting him out
in hoop skirts worse than Jetf Davis wore, so ho could
not escape through tbe hushes." Iiisliop Clinton cut
tho matter short by putiiug the question, ann Klder
l.anning was expelled without a dissenting vote, be
cause he would not stand an examination, and also
treated ihe Conlerenco with contempt
An action for divorce has been commenced in the
i Brooklyn City Court by Mrs. Fre .crick Gilluiann. she
claiming a separation on tho ground of adultery uud
abandonment. Tbo parties resided on the corner of
Twenty-llrst street and Third avenue, where the de
fendant kept a I?g'-r beer saloon. Hie defendant, it is
alleged, a short time since eloped witit hi- sister-in
law and went lo Philadelphia, leaving bis wile anil two
j cnildrrn.
A post mortem examination made by County I*hya>>
i cian Sioui in the case of Dan.el McGowan, liquor
dealer, of Spring street, West Hoboken, N. J., shows
that the deceased died irom tbmnti of the lungs and
iniunes alleged to have beeii inillcled by his son, tbo
body being Uadlv bruised. By some extraordinary
. freak ot Jersey justice the son has not yet been ar
rested. 1 tie l.timlv did their best lo keep the circuui
i stances ol llio MM a secrct.
On the lSth ult. Coroner Woitmau heid an inqneston
the body of a man supposed to be Patrick O'itrien.
The inlorence that such was bis name wits drawn from
a fact that it w is tbe signature to an agrei mem by
which he bound hiuisell to pay fifty cents a work tor a
? History ol tli* Irish Churches ' a| gearing in part*.
Yesterday afternoon it ?as reported thai Patrick
ti'linen was alive and well. C Toner Woltmtu will
iuvc-ngate mo case.
General HaUtead, foreman <>t ihe late Grand Jury of
Hudson county, New Jersey, has informed County
Clerk Iltann that the important mtmng documents
were deposited with Mr. Munumg, clerk of ihe lirand
Jury. I be latter gentleman states that he gave the
l-ap< r* lo District Attorney Garretsoli and did m>l after
ward see ibeui. Tim County Clerk will br>ng the mat
| wr before tbe Supreiuo Court on Monday.
JMfab I
I* ?i l 1h UUL J J ii tie
Celtic 'Juno
i'oilvia Muiis
.Main ..... | Juno
St. l.aurout........ Juno
Spftui .... .....
i'uy ui Clunier...
Neck nr
Nevada ......
hey thin
State or Virginia..
City ol Richmond.
W ) scon si u
A I 'IT ?i
Htate of Xt\ada...
i' Calami
11 Hill IIKHliH
St ?3erin Bill
J uno
Juno H
June M
June 10
Juno 10
June lo
June 10
June l'>.
?I line 10,
June l'i.
June 14.
June 15.
JtM 15.
June 17.
June 17.
Iuno 17.
hi ne 17.
June 2;'.
I uno -1.
J uno 'J'J,
lune 2-\
In tie 21!.
Iune Ul.
June 24.
Juno 24.
lune 24.
Jun?* '4.
hi ne 24.
June 21).
1.1 JLiverpool.,
I. Liverpool..
I. Ulaajrow...
>.| foremen....
. i Havre .....
h anil. arc..
ftliainnr .
I ? avr.'
Hamburg. ?
11 uniliiiri;..
Liv? rjioo;.
lis* Broadway
37 Broadway
7 liowlinjc ilreen
'2 iiowlinjr iiraea
A Howling (<I6M
"??? Broadway
HO Kroadwav
?11 Broadway
l.*? Broadway
7 H.-wl -i - ilrm
7 BowHnir <*reen
i! Bow!;uir Green
?rU> Broadway
2V Broadwav
4 Bowling Green
7'J Broadway
01 Broadway
'J Bovvliuir Oreea
15 Broadway
56 Hroadurav
17 Bowlinir (ireen
20 Broadway
4 Bowlinir Green
7J Broadway
"O Bronaway
01 Broadway
09 Broadway
"* Bowluilt iireen
ft ^roadway
Bowling Green
2 Bowl ill': I ireen
01 Broadway
tOABTINO AND FOREIGN TRADE-Captalns ?r officers of
vessel* ciiifHjrcd in tho coasting or foreign trade, observing tb.
displacement <<r removal of sea buoys, are requested to com
municato tlio tact to tlie IIkralu. bo that it may b? brought
publicly to the attention of tho proper authorities. A lettor
addressed "to the editor of Die IIuuald, New York city,"
giving as accurately as possible the number mid position of
displaced buoys or the cause of thoir removal, will suffico in
all cases observed along tho Atlantic and Pacific coast, of
the American Continent. Wlion they are observed on the
coast of European countiies or in the Medltorrunoiin it is
rei|iiested that information be *>>nt either by telegraph or
letter to tho London otUce of the Niw Yuuk IIkrald. 4>l
Fleet street, London, or to tho Paris office. 01 Avenue do
l'Opera. Paris. Where the telegraph is used despatches
may be addressed "Bennett, 40 Fleet street, London." or
"Kennctt, 01 Avenue de l'Opera, Paris." Where cases of
displacement are observed 111 the waters of countries beyond
the reach of the telegraph, as In Asia or Africa, captains may
communicate with ua upon reaching tho first convenient
port. This information will be cabled tree of charge to the
IIkiialp and published.
IU iiai.u has adopted ? distinguishing Coston night algnai for
use on board the Hkuald steam yacht, showing while burn
ing the color* red. green, red, changing from one to the other
in succession, and can bo seen several miles distant. Cap
tions of vessels, upon cecing this signal, will obllgs us by
preparing any marine news they may have tor tbe Ship
News Department of the ltKRALn.
W-l'e.i soii* desirous of communicating with vessels arriv
Ing at New York can do so by addressing to sncn vessel!,
cure ( I Ukuaui uews yacht.pier No. 1 East River, Now York.
Letters received frou all parti oftbo world wad promptly de
livered. Duplicates ure required.
Sun rises 4 31 | Gov. Island....morn 5 27
Sun sets 7 20 i Sandy Iloolc. ..morn 4 42
Moon Bel*. ....tuorn 2 IS | Uoil Gale. morn 7 12
Steamer CUy ^ Austin . EUrldge. fiUve.toii Mht 24,
vii* Kev We-.l _'8tli. with mdse and passengers to C It Mul
lorv * Co. May 31. lai 34 ion 75 25. pawed schr K E
Y?t?s. from M?t?n?M lor se\v York.
Steamer Cleopatra. Bulkley. (savannah i?ay 31. with
mil ft o nod DAUtfDtfCni to Murray, herriH?V\/0.
Meanier Hatter**, Mallett, Norfolk, with uulso aud passen
ger* to tlic Old Dominion Steamship Co.
Ship Paulina (of Liverpool). 1 atten Liverpool
with mas? to K Sprinif A Co. May 28. lat Jj ?K', Ion 64 50,
spoke hark Nowlfght. from Baltimore lor Rio J.ii|ciro.
.?shiu Ladoga, Trowbridge. Liverpool 3o days, with mdse
to |-?.u llowes A t'o. Had head wind* and fog Irom the
llnnks- Mar 31. Ut4<> 80. Ion US 34. passed baric Chria
tophi/Columbus (tier), from Limerick for Philadelphia.
ship Great Western. Simmon*. Liverpool1 27 davs with
ntdso to C H Marshall A Co. May 27 off hahle Islaud,
spoko bark Auwmietta 0 (Ita'.j, from Bordoaux for New
V Ship New World Hammond, London and I*le of Wight 31
(Imvs with to tirinn^ll, Minturn & Co. ljad Jijjht
easterly winds to l?>n 42 30; thence light westerly'winds;
May 17, lat 43, Ion 4^ spoke ship Liverpool, hence for Lon
U"itark Bremen (Ger). Hellers. Idveij?ool3S day*. ^1"
i_ t i? k l'uvoisti'dt A Co. May ?*, lat !???? 'on ?4 0?,
sm.ko steamer Ontario. from Liverpool for Quchcc, with loas
o?rudder: offered assistance. which was refaaad (since re
mated returned to Liverpool) : loth, lat 4- vlH i $? j
changed signal* with a ship showing HHI.l , bi?nd
east t'ml.er laden; tilth, lat 41 ID, Ion 43 20. Spanish hark
showing letters .1DLG. bound oast. 1 ho Bremen is anchored
'b^O at tea <fA?"Uc?ullch. Liverpool 3T. day.. In bal
'*Bark I>ukinur'|Nor). DanloUcti. Plymouth 32 days, in bal
'"lla-li iCmon'a'(Nor), Jonaanon. Fleetwood 39 day*. In bal
ls t to lidckmnnn, Oerlein A Co. Mav 10. lat 30. lou 30.
?mike bark Leasing (Nor), from London for Quebec.
Bark Spernnsa (Nor). Olsen. Milelds .>0 days, with coal,
Ac to II A F W Meyer: vessel to order.
Bark Britnig:i of Windsor, NS). Porter, Belfast 3)'days,
in ballast to master. Is anchored at Sandy Hook lor or
d<Hark Castelar (Nor). Loud. Londonderry 38 day*. In bal
UBaVk? ouise (Nor). Delly, Waterlord 31 days. In ballast to
Boekinann. Oerlein A Co. ,
Bark Klid (Nor). Ilausen. Arendal. Nor. .>0 day*. In b?l
last to C Tobias A Co. Is anchored at Sandy Hook for
"'paTk Kong Carl (Nor), llendrlcksen, Havre 80 davs, In
halUat to C Tobias A Co. May 31. lav 4? 50. Ion tr. 25.
?poke ship l'almertrat (Nor), from Grlmstadt lor Phlladel
PlBark Saga ?Nor). Olsen, Havre 37 days, with mdse to C
^"I'lr'i'" Augusta (Sw). Domerr, Tralee 4.r> days. In ballast to
master Is anchored at Sand* Hook for orders.
Brig Start! lit. Tucker. Barbados lit days, with sugar, Ac,
H Trowbridge's Son*; vessel to S W U>ud A Co.
Schrli Indeer. Howard. Absco 7 days, with pines to Go
?.?> ivarsall A Co: vessel to B J Wenberg.
5*.' r Burlett Hart. Brooks. Kernandina 8 days, with rail
road ties to Epi inger A Russell; vessel to Bentley. Gilder
sleeve A Co. No .late, lat 33 25. Ion 77. ?Pi'ke schr I) B
Everett, from Si J ago for Boston with loss foresail, flying
Jib. fi.m aud rae.ln topsails; supplied her with sail needles
"schr'Msrv II Hand. Hand. Kernandina 8 dart, with yellow
pine to John K?*s. Jr; vessel to Squire Bros.
mf Shin Suecess. f>om Havre, which arrived the 1st ln?t.
remwts Mav HI. lat 3? 41. Ion 4<l 56. passed a vessel of about
W) tons bottom up. fresh painted holtoin. with copper paint.
inppoMd to h? achooner, aud but a short time in
that condition.
Steamer City of Kltchburg, Springer, New Bedford for
NSteamer Mectra. Young. Providence for New York.
Schr Charles K Morrison, Smith. Cow Bay. CB. for New
* >olir Catharine. Young. Boston for New York.
Schr E M Wells, Kel??y, Providence for New York..
c??ir Orion Wilson, Bfl.tnut tor New ^ork.
Schr Thomas I'aine. Pa'iie. New H aven lor Philadelphia.
8c??r Baltimore. Fraud*. Norwdlk for New York.
Schr Zof, Adam*, New Haven for New Y ori.
Schr K B Darling. Darllnir Kali Klver for New York.
Schr Tcx??, Smith, Providence for New York.
?steamer Delaware. Smith. New York for Fall River.
Steamer Tillte. Ewlng. New York for New Loudon and
NSchrCKvergrecn (Br). Mlchener, New Yor* for Londoo
d"chr Uwight Davidson. Freeman, New York Tor East Cam
b *'hr Mall. Wakefield Port Johnson for Bath.
Schr Amelia, Carlisle. Amboy lor Providence.
Schr K Watson. Nee, New \ ork lor Boston.
c.-hr Wm Cunningham. Port Johnson for Boston.
Schr Josephine, Wfkelv, New York lor Mystic.
Schr K C Smith. Smith. Port Johnson tor Providence.
Schr J Burnett, Harris. Port Johnson lor Boston.
Schr 1-ouisa A Orr. Orr. New York for Gloucester.
Schr Marv II Miftlln, Kerrls. New York for Warren.
C,,|,r Kate McLean. Ssnimls. New York for lluiifngton.
>i hr Edward 11 Clark. Barr, lloboken tor Bristol.
Schr Fairwlnd. Hi wman, lloboken lor W ooil " Hole.
Schr Freestone, Fri-hla, lloboken for I ortland. Ct.
Schr rii? Cltlleot, Metterton, Ainl.ov fur Bo.tou
Schr Golden Bule, Wilson, lloboken lor Norw ilk.
Schr Lncian. H<m. lloboken lor New Haven.
Scnr F Merwln. Biiuee. Port Johnson for Kail illver,
Schr M lirev. Grey, lloboken lor Mystic.
Schr F. <i Hates. Hobby. Holioken lor Boston.
schr t'lara Saw rer, Kanecoui, lloboken lor Boston.
S,hr Palladium. Byoer. lloboken lor Providence
Schr Potter A Hooper. Bradbury. New York for Provl
d?Sehr S A Fnleoner. Wilson, lloboken lor Providence.
Sclir Ida Palmer, Palmer. New York lor Stanihuru.
Ih,-' r K \ Forsvtli. Hobble. New \ors Msrnlord
scbr Joseph Wild, Reed, New York for Malaga.
Steamer City or New York, Tlmmerman, Havana-F Ale*
"steainM Concord. Sheerin. PhiladelDhla-Ja?e, |Un?L
L.; ;.r Anibra ?lle (irnmlev. I'hlladelohla?Jas liana.
Ship St Petersburg (Nor), Hansen, Loiidon-C Tobias A
Hark Knropa (<ieri. Hrinckmann, IiOndoB-ll Koop A Co.
Bark George P Lawrence (Hal). Pollio. Penarth Uoads
f?Ba^'AqTi!iaTv"r^ UerrVrd, t ork or Kslmouth for orders?
? lUrk Ca'.Vt'ta (Ital), Lauro. Cork or Falmouth for orders
Bark Peppino Mlgnano (Hal-, He Martlno, Cork or > al
mo'itli lor orders?Kundi. I'.dye A J ?>. .
Bark Venture d?r . Florian, Cork for orders-Miller A
"'llark'Wm Crosseup <Bi), Owen, Havre?J?* W Blwell A
' Bark Papn Clacomo (llal), Lauro, Calais (Franoe) ?
1 Bark Aid - *Kader. Sparrow. Marseilles?Jss Henry.
liark Yoluutoer (Aus), Meiiatu frioste?Benhaiu A itoye
"llark lie .me (Br), Champlln, Arroyo and Ponce, PR?J M
" llaV: W 'I'lt.eun. Collins llavana-J K ward * ^0.
Brig Hyperion. Clark, Passages (Spain)?Brett, -on A
^ Brig I^iwis L Squire*. Blatchford, IIlo Jsnelro-Themas
I *HriTll*'ry Vlrden. Collins. Havana-Jas W Elwell A Co.
Mrig lioiiisa Price, Brown. Jaemel?A Nones A < "?
Hi J Laura Gertrude Risk. Brunswick. ?i?-\Y arren Ray.
Schr i'dd'e I iVrce, IIawes, Ns?au.NP-BJ Wenberg A
' /.cbr Tarn O Shauter. Zeluff. Stan Salvador-B J Wenberg
| 1 U
Scbr Charlie Cobb. Kennedy. Cat Island. Bah?B J Wen
berg A Co
^ Schr K Htiai.ltoa, Mills, Cat Island. Bah?B J Wenberg k
>ehr Southern Cross (Br). Patterson, Shulee, NS?Wilton
Scbr Florence WackrilL Doane, Boston?B J Wenberg *
Schr I> Loihrop. McAllep, Boston-Jed l-'rye k Co.
!-chr M rletta Smith, Preston, 1'roviucetuwu, Mass? A
Ilavton k ?;n.
Scbr Ju.n Nuwrll, Shepherd, Provlncetown, Mass?Havt
ltr!il ?t Prsiiftv.
t>chr Victoria, Chevalier, New Haven?Uockutt k Co.
RIiip> Repent, for Melbourne: Carl (fier), Bremen: barks
Kspelaua (Nor> do; 11 L>eou? dial). Hull; Imperial (Porti,
Oporto; Emmanuel Accame (Ital). Cork: Cambrian (Br).
Liverpool: Inca (Cor*. Rotterdam. Matthew Baird. Kings
ton; Ldstie Uobley (llr), (Jueeustown or Kalinoatb; Agoa,
; brig* Alatka (Br), Rotterdam ; Karen. Havana.
Wind at mimrt. SK ; midnight. SKK. light.
Barometer at sunset. i'9.8M; 10 .30 PM, 2U.87.
Ship Nimbus, Leonard, from Now York, at San Francisco
May 25. no ibe fourth day out carried away fort-yard. upper
topsailyard and foretopgallant yard: moderate weather
thence to Kiver La I'latte, when we bail a pampero, lasting
in hour*, with throe violent squalls of 2') minute* duration,
eae.h carrying away tiyingjib mid jlbtopsail: "IT Cape Horn
lied moderate westerly Kale* mid days deail calm ; the SE
and NK trs<1es were passable; after which had westerly
winds, excepting on the '2'id, when we had a strong NE gale
lasting irj hours, during which carried away mizsun tup^ai
lant and royal yards.
Hakk Costav Mktzlkr (Ger). from Newcastle. E. while
towing up New York Hay on Thursday, and when uear Bed
loe's Island, was run into by steamer Bermuda, the steamer
passing between the tugboat and the bark, striking her nn
the starboard how, forcing the ancli r through the side,
breaking anchor, anchor stock and cathead, and carrying
away upper and lower luaintopsnilyards and fore studdtng
*?il boom ; the steamer left cu the bark's dee'e an iron da
vit and part oi Ion* boat.
Babk Ixrxtin (Port), for Oporto, Is reportod aground
near Atlantic Dock.
Hen; Julia IIukk (Br), Knowlton, from Kio Janeiro
April 1, with a cargo of rosewood, foi New York, has put
into St Thomas leaky.
Scm: Maria, ol Westerly, has been bought hy Oeorge 8
lirecmusn, of Norwich, for $:i,">00 and is now receiv
ing repairs. The original cost of the vessel was over
Schk Caiuiik Mkltik. which was ashore recently at Cape
Kcnisin. arrived at Chiuleston May :I0 in tow lie' hull
doe* not show auy special signs ol damage, hut she w.ll re
qu ro au eulire outfit, her m .sis beitiir cut away, her ru.lder
hrukeu at the stock, and nearly everything movable being
taken away when she was Hrst abandoned.
Sour M M Mkhkimak, Irom North Carolina lor Kail Itlver,
before reported at Norfolk leaky, sailed from May Kiver on
the 25th nit, anil during the voyage encountered strong NK
winds: en the 30th, Cape lleury bearing W, miles dis
tant. at PM. site heeled over on the port *iue, when, on
sounding the pumps, found that khi hvl sprung a leak at
the rate ol IMJU strokes per hour, which required constant
pumping by all hands, when for the genorul beuctit bore
away lor Norfolk for repairs.
The red buoy off Fox HlU, which has b -en of great service
^ as a guide iutu Dutch Island Harbor, Is missing.
A loiter from Capt Francis, of Imrk K l< Phillips, of Boa
ton. reports her nt Dominica Mny 4. with 260 bbis ap oil.
A letter Iroin Cant Timelier, of bark Ainu Marker, of SB,
reports her at sea April 2rt. having taken 1UU bbis sp oil
since last report all well,
bpokou? No dato, It*) tulles S of Southwest Pus, brig P
11 Moore, Super, Boston, 250 bills sp.
Bark Sarah K Kingsbury, of %nd for Boston from Sarua.
J tun* I. 5<t ini es east of sandy llook (by pilot boat W 11
AspinwAll No 21.)
>ark Clyde (Br). Suiter, from Liverpool fur (juoboe. 24
days out, no ilatu, Hi miles K of Scatturie,
Schr B A Warner, of and from Baltimore for Nassau, May
?t:, 10 miles east of Body Island.
Merchants, shipping ugeuts and shipmasters are Informed
that by telegraphing to the IIkr.au> London Bureau, ad
dressing "Bennett, No. 46 Fleet street, London," or to the
Paris office, addressing "Bennett, 61 Avenue de l'Opera,
Paris." the arrivals at and departures Iri.m European and
Eastern ports of American and all forci n vessels trading
with the United Status. the aamo will be cabled tothia coun
try I'roe of charge.
Captains arriving at and sailing from Prench and Medi
terranean porta will ilnd the Paris office the more economi
cal and expeditions for telegraphing news.
Bristol. June 2?Arrived, steamer Cornwall (Br), Stam
per, New York.
Sailed 2d, Three Sisters, for Philadelphia.
Bkkhkn, June 1? Arrived, brig Ma le (tier), Sandt, Mo
Bordkacx, May 29?Arrived, bark It A Parr (Br), Rob
bins, Indepcndencla Bay.
Oopk.niiagk.x, May 23?Passed, bark Mississippi (Nor),
Uein, New Orleans for Koval.
Deal, June 2?Off, bark Arlstoa (Nor), Kildahl, New York
for Hamburg.
Klivtrahax, May 27?Arrived, ship Australia (Swe), Paul
sen, Galveston for Cronstadt.
Glouckstkr, June 1?Sailed, bark Francesco Avegno
(Itali, Gassola, United States.
Qrixsvt, June 1?Arrived, bark Helios (Hue), Snellman,
Glasgow, May 31?Arrived, steamer* Phonloian (Br),
Scott. Quebec; June 2, Acadia (Br), Craig, New York; Al
exandria iBr), McKay, da
Hamburg, June 1?Arrived, ship Osceola, Niekerton,
Sailed 1st, ship Lady Biessington. Brown, Quehoc.
LivKitroOL, June 2?Arrived, bark Lilla (Ital). I'lcassx
Sailed 2d, brig Kossoek, Smith, Cow Bay (not as before).
Lisbon?Sailed, schr J B Atkinsou, Yonng, Philadelphia
(after putting back).
Madkira?Arrived, schr M C Moaeley, Higglns, Wilming
ton. NO.
Sailed, Glvnwood, for Naasan; "Press" (probably Br brig
Prioress), Bull Klver.
Mauritius?Arrived, bark Nellie M Slade, Atwood, Bom
Post Elizabktii, Cull, May 2?Arrived, ahip Memnon,
Baker. Boston. .
IJukrn.stowr. June 2?Arrived, steamer Bothnia (Br),
McMickan, New York tor Liverpool (and proceeded).
Sailed 2d, menmer City of Richmond (Br), Brooks (from
Llrerpool), New Vork.
Ukval, Jnno 1?Arrived, steamer Berlin (Get), Ilelm
bruck, Savannah.
SLtfio, May 2d?Arrived, bark Hibernian (Br), Kerr,
Sailed June 1, brig Vela (Aus), Melato. Delaware Break
Stttom Bripcb. Jnne 1 ?Arrived, bsrks Theodore (Nor),
Danielsen. St Marys. 41a; Mexican (Br>, Baxter, I'ensaco'a.
South Shiruhs, June 1?Arrived, bark Adventnre (Br),
Jamie. Pansacoia.
StK.BKA Lnomt?Arrived, brig Shasta, Brown, Boston;
schr N Hand, Dougherty, New Vork.
Sailed, bark Liberia, Richardson. New York.
Sailed from a port in the United Kingdom June 1, Hohen
tollorn, lor United States.
St Catharisb's Point (IW), June 2?Steamer Presnits
(Br), Armstrong, from New York May 6 for Loudon, has
passed up the Channel with her shaft broken.
Fauioutu. June 2. 7 I'M?Wind N.
UoLTttKAD, June 2, S;3U I'M?Wind NR.
Bata?a*<i, May 2tl?Arrived, brig Erie, Spark, Honduras;
sehr .Msuil Itarhuur. I'ahnke. do.
Oai'K Town. April -K?Arrived, brig Knavmion (Br), Ash,
New YorX.
Cow It a v. May 31?Arrived. senr Grace Bradloy, Turner,
Liverpool; Jnne I. brig Johanna, Lennox, Dunkirk,
Sailed June I. harks Ecuador Br. Duplies (from Llver
pool . I .ewes. Del: Minnie Br), for Maya^u.'s.
Ok.noA. May 2tl?Arrived, brig Sau Pietro (Ital), Laura,
New Yore.
iiiRKAi.TAR. Mav 20?Sailed, hark Schamyl. Snow (from
Paiormo), Philadelphia.
iIataM i. Jnne 1 Arrived, steamer King Arthur (Br),
Cow ell. New York.
Nni.eil 1st, barksNneva Sabina iSp), Hoidos, New Orleans;
F I, Carney Jackson, New York; brig Kinina L I lull. Perry,
-ailel May 31, bark Robert Murray, Jr. I'nrliigton, Sagua,
?n lo HI lor a port north of Mattel as last as before stated).
I i a 1.1 > a . June 2?Arrived, steamer Oeo Cromwell, Ba
con. New York.
mailed 2d steamer Geo Washington, Whitehead, New
MaOI'aUca Hat. May 14?Arrived, ship Freedom, Law
rence Pau I-ranclsctk
Motxkxno, May It?Arrivert. ship Gardner Colby, Street
er ?.avannah fort'allao and Pacasiiiayo.
M aTamas. Jnne I Nailed, bark Norena, Nichols, north of
llatieras; brig Joeef*. True, do.
MusTUk a I.. May 3"-i'leared, steamers Democrat, Smith,
Loudon; 31st. IHiminion. Itoi.e ts, Liverpool.
North >tonkt. K, June I \rrlved. steamer Annie
| Ainslre tBr>. Heard, Montreal iand sailed lor Lomlon) ; ship
MAK<>ardi:er Mr, Homer, Lavre; bark Kale Crosby
(Bn. Illhbert, Amsterdam.
i n rot NS. May ::i ? M rived, ship County of I'lclou (llr),
Mnnroe, Liverpool; J?ns I, bark Fanny M I'arrill iBr),
John.on. do; brig Toronto ?lies., Carroll, ??.
A>. >? l May :?i, bar* Margaret > M ier (llr). McPhail,
Belfast, I.
snia i! list, ?l?lp lloseneath 'Hri, McVicsr, Montreal; bark
Xi nia. ilo , iirlg Scot,a iltri do
tji-KBKi', May mi? Armed, ships Clyde, Suiter. Liverpool;
Donna Maria, Boat, Greenock, Napoleon, Chri.tophersou.
Genoa; hark Aitliur Wuiie. Murphy, (jneenstwai.
Arrived 31st. ships Cairngorm, Lowe, Liverpool; Herbert
Bee it, Crosby, do. Bean M onde, II aw kills. < ? reel lock ; harks
lleinrlen Von Schroder. Hiilett, Dundee; Daguiar, Inkster,
Plymouth; Emily Lowthor, Cain, Liverpool; hhareiia
Cook lariha ena: t >*pre.v, Fox. Hull; Oliver Cromwell,
Thompson, Ferrol; Scheldo, Baarsrud, London. Townl,
I Hermans*!., Havre; Goiothea. Olsen, Arendul; Yarmouth,
; lta\loond, Liverpool; M aryborongh, Irvine. Newcastle.
I Cleared 3l*t, l.arks Failli, Genimeil, Troon , Kim a l>u *1.
1 Liverpool; .Nina Mckeniie, Montrose; Kong Oscar 111,
Wisness. Tliree liiver..
>HTltNA, May '.^-(sailed, bark Thos A Goddard, Smith,
.-vi'Nir. CB. May 31?Arrived, steamer AvonJale, trom
Montreal an'l sailed for Newcastle, K).
sr John. NH. June I Arrived, hark Annie Troop (Hri,
Frits, New \ ork ; s-hr Nellie, Portland.
Cleared 1st, bark llarrj Bailey diri, Wimers, Dublin;
eclirs Kmma, It-'ston ; 2d, Linlr K, New York.
Sailed 1st. ship /ephir, r>weet?er, Liverpool; bark K Sot
ton iHr'. MfLeaii, t'orB; brijis Willie <Hr>. Holmes,
Newry; Msnd i'otter (Br), Port Medway, sehr Ocean Belle,
Boston ?
TriniPaP, May 27?failed, brig Orbit. Nash. Philadelphia;
20tli, brlg? i.miua iiuckiuau. Now YurK; Uaua Ulscu (.Nor),
Medboe, Boston.
Turks Island. May IS?Is port sehr Minnehaha, MA, t?
liii I salt for New York.
VirroBii. Mar 25-Arrived, steamer City of Pan am a, K?r
len, San franc laoo.
ALEXANDRIA, Juno 1?Arrived, ?cbr? N II BMoies
Jolin M Hall. and Annie M Allen, Trow fur Georg*
sailed?Schra J C Sweeov, Annie H ilaikill. Jan* L New
ton. M\ry E Long, and VV II Thomas. from Georgetown foi
BOSTON. .1 uue 2?Arrived, strainer William Lawrence,
Howes. Baltimore and Norfolk;baric Peter (0?r), Rielielsen,
Siim tpore i tclurs Sua Liiou (Br), Dean. St Domingo city : 0
It Wood, Gaudy. W S Scull, 8arret, and A D Henderson,
Henderson Philadelphia. _
Also arrived, steamer Aries, Whildom, Philadelphia; bark
Nineveh. Wyman, Smyrna; sehrs New Zealand. Simmons,
Perth Am boy : Alice Borda. Taylor, Philadelphia; Montana,
Besrw, do.
Cleared?Steamer Parthla (Br}, MeKay. Liverpool; bark
Essex. Peterson. Zanzibar: brigs Josephine (Hrj. Uanlon.
Waterford. 1; Wiutield, Bibber, Havana; scbr Hattie (J
Dow, Nickerson, London.
Sallid?Steaiuer Rattlesnake,
BALTIMORE. June 2?Arrived, steamers Hibernian (Br),
Archer, Liverpool; MeClellan. March. Providence: Johns
Hopkins, llallett, Boston: ship Crusader (Br), Brewer,
Havre; harks Matilda llilyard (Bri, Brooks, Amsterdam;
Mario (Ger), Weiilierisoc, Bremen: Rosetta Padre It*l),
Cliersa, Antwerp : W II Jenkins (Br , Sproul, Bremen\ia
New York : schrs U Prescott, Merrlman, Bahama Islands;
B 1. Young, Gross do.
Abo arrived steamers Ol:l ? (tier). Meyer. Bremen;
Martha Stevens. Chance. New York; briirs Mississippi (Br),
Marehant. Dewerara; Boj'ata, Johnson, Orchilla; John
Boyd (Hr). North. Xew York; Concord. Doyle, do; Prentiss
Houhs, Ilodvre, Portland . sehnJ W Drlsko. lluskell, Gard
ner. Maine; Mangle A Plak, fisk, Bath.
Below Ship i?rev Kagle, Lucas. from Rio Janeiro.
Cleared?Steamers Bolivnr (Br). D herty. Liverpool; Oe
tori.ru. Reynold'*, New York: Falcon, Kirby. Charleston;
Mct'leilnn. March. Providence; shins Frank X Thayer. Har
rett. San Franelseo; Maryland (Oer), Kulmun, Bremen;
bri^s Prospco dial), Kupetto, Droghede; Anna (Nor).
Miebelsen. Bristol; selirs C C Lane. Lane. Boston; Hattie
Baker, Baxter, do; John 8 Beaehara, Woodland, Provi
de Tire : Elisabeth Dellart. Lowe, Batb.
Sailed?Ship Dnlsberg (Ger),
HIM'NSW'ICK. ()a. Juno 1?Cleared, schr Ada W Gould,
Lansll. New York.
BI LL ItlVKK, May 31?Arrived, brig Prioress (Br), from
Sailed :#Uh, ship Alexandre (Kits), Ahberg, Dublin; June
1, l>riK Iilsa (Br),Uregp. Bristol Channel.
IIANOOR, .M ay 31 ?Arrived, schr Leonora, Austin, Xsw
UATil, May :tl?Arrived, schrs Nellie Lumper, Gould,
Bo ton. to load lor New York; Wluslow Morse, Oliver, New
Yort. via Portland; llenry II Grant, Harrison, Boston, to
lo<d for New York; Carrie Walker. Chadwick, Thouiaston,
tu load for do.
Sailed?Sebr Philadelphia, Bowman, Philadelphia.
BRISTOL. Juno 1?balled, schr Win Collyer, Taylor, New
CHARLESTON, May 30-ftalled, bark Cato (Br), Klttle
sen. London; schrs Lilly, Cole, New York; Anne P Chase,
Poole. Satilla River, Ga": Bessiu K Dickinson, Dickinson, do;
Hattie Turner, liupper, Port Roval.
June2?Arriveu hrlir Nellie Crosby (Br), Bremen; aclir
R II Mitchell, Mitchell. Baltimore.
AI mi arrived, sehr llnttie Paige, Philadelphia.
Cleared?Schr Marv Clark, Hall. New York.
Sailed?Steamers Seagull, Loekwood, Baltimore'.Ashland,
Crnwell, Philadelphia.
Also sullnd. bark Beltisto (Br), Rotterdam; schrs Sarah
Wood. Philadelphia; J L Morrill. Orient.
CAST! vfc, May :tO? Sailed, schrs llonry Whitney, Shep
heril, Klchinond: Union. Stovens, New York.
DELAWARE CITY, June Sailed, sehrs P M Wlieuton,
Barrott. Boston; John II Perry. Kelly. Bangor.
ELLSWORTH, May 26?Arrived, schrs Castilian, Means,
New York,
HI?t?Cleared, schr Otronto. Hammond, New York.
EDGARTOWN, May 30?Arrived, schs Ida L Howard,
Rich, New York lor Boston; sloop Pennsylvania, Ellis, Now
York for PIvmouth.
Arrived Hist, sehr* W F Phelps, Berry, Philtdelphla for
Koxbury; John Sirottp, Smith, do for Boston; S Kolee,
Soiuers. do tor do; LAM Reed, Caviller, do for Salem;
L S Levering, Corson, do lor Boston: K C Smith, Hanson,
do for do: Jos ph Porter, Burroughs, do lor Salem: It W
Welden, Heath, Port Johnson for Rockport; <ien Banks,
McFarlin. Perth Amboy for Boston; Francis Ellen, Gnl
laper. New York for do; Pennsylvania, Savage, do for
The above have sailed.
EAST GREENWICH, June 1?Sailed, schr H M Sargent,
Pirrker. New York.
FeRXANDINa, May 27?Cleared, schr JW Vanaman,
Sharp, New York
GALVESTON, June 1?Sailed, steamer State of Texaa,
Bulger. New York.
GLOUCESTER. Jnne 1?Arrived, sehr Lcontiue, Titus.
Rockland for New York.
lid?Arrived, schr Martha N Hatl, Burgess, Cadiz.
JACKSONVILLE, May 29? Arrived, schr Carrie Alice,
Fhi'lipa. Edgartown, Muss.
Cleared?Schr Vldor. Snow, New Smyrna.
NEW ORLEANS, June -?Arrived, brig Tiger (Gar),
Brandt, llio Janeiro.
Also arrived, steamer Hudson, Gager, New York.
Cleared?Ships Savauak. Wood. Liverpool; Queen of Na
tions (Br), Small, do; bark Phar (Pr), Davi I, Bordeaux.
I'assrs?Sailed, steamer Knickerbocker; barks Onkel(Br).
Freihandel iGor).
NORFOLK. May 31?Arrived, schr Jane Fiih, Thull.
NEWBURYPORT, June I?Sailed, schra S O Purves,
Lisle, Philadelphia: Herbert Manton. Crowell, do; Abby
Gale, Darby, do; Zacbarr Taylor, Squires, New York.
NEWPORT. May 31, PM?Arrived, schra Edward Woot
ton. Yonug, Kail River lor New York; Hunter, Fly, Dighton
for PoughkeepsiA.
June 1?Sailed, sehrs Alice Nnyes, Baker, NewYork; Hun
ter. Mid Edward Wootton. Icr do.
In port?llHrk National Eagle. Sears, Boston for Rio Ja
neiro. repairing; sehrs John N Colby. Wilcox, for J'hila
delpbia. i oenn Arabella. Harding, fordo; Sarah Jane, Gard
ner, for New York; Decatur Oakes, Baker, l'or Virginia;
sloop Pearl, CoMeigh, for Haverxlraw.
NEW LONDON, Juno 1?Arrived, schr Kate A Mary.
Sailed?Schr Xlber, for New \orlc.
NEW HAVEN. June I?Arrived, steamer D Valentine,
Elizabetliport: brigJosepti Clsrk. Clark, Calais; schrs C
Lynch, Kingston ; Raymond, New York.
Arrived Mav 31, hark Zulma. Peterson, Ponce. PR
PORT TOWN'S HND. May 24-Arrived, ship Blue Jacket,
Percival, San Francisco.
PORT DISCOVERY, May 25?Sailed, ship War llawk,
Doyle, San Frauclsco.
PORTLAND, O. May 25?Arrived, brig Sea Wall, Smith,
PASCAGOCLA, May 36?Cleared, bark Alms (Nor). El
leTs'iu. Liverpool. ?
27th?Arrived, bark Nnjaden (Sw), Datiodssor, St Thomas.
PENSACOLA, May 30?Arrived, brig K I Merrluian, Le
er**. Falmouth, J a.
Cleared?ll'ira Kmbla (Nor), Sorensen,Havre.
POKT ROVAL. June 1'?Arrived, steamer Carondelut,
MeCreory. Kernandlna, Ac. for New York <and proceeded).
PHILAOKLPIIIA, Juno 1 ?Arrived, scbrs "loraM Crow
Icy, Crowley, from Kennebec River; Geo Walker, Wilcox,
?Jd?Arrived, steamer* Saxon, Snow, Roitnn *, Tonnwandit,
Sherman, Providence; Fanitu. Howe, do; Mayflower, Da
vldeon, New York; ship Maria Ston email Ulr). Ulauvelt,
Dublin: schrs Crisaie Wright. Clark, Trinidad; Charlie
Miller, Thomas, Abaco; Skylark. Small. Boston; Little
Yiiusi.', Young, Cliariestown; K J IiIraly, Cannon, 11 inr
ham; Murium Bliiabeth, Tole, Uoudout.
Alio arrived, steamers Centime le. Miller, Boston ; Perkio
men, l'ierce, Providence; Lancaster, Mill*. Boston; bark
Addle II Cann (llr). Jenkins. London lerry; tehr John Mid
dleton, Jr. Townseud, Gardiner,
Cleared?Steamer* Norfolk. Kord. Kail River; Beverly,
Wallace, New York: Su^an, Croomley, llartlord: baric*
Caroline Premudn iAus), VVe--e . Cork or Faimouth; Har
monic (Nor). Jensen, do; Champion (Bri, All n. do; Ye*t?
(Nor), Oleen. Aalnius: schrs S irali Eaton, Dix. Kastport;
Addle Walton, Nickerson, Boston; Theresa Wolfe, Cham
pi. >u, do: Llr.xie Florence. Llppencott. Ilyannls; Sallie T
t barter. Traiton, Nwicriet; iudex. Garrison, Weymouth;
J J Little, (landy. l.vnn.
Also cleared, stean.o.'s Leopard, Albertson, Fall River;
Berks, Pendleton, and Achillea, Bacon, Newburyport: barks
lluro (Nor), Tounesen. Couoi.lingen; Trl Slna (Au?). P.iuor,
Cork or Falmouth: CiovnnuiD. Dulelch.do. selirs Llttie O,
Purdy. St John, NB; 11 Yoim?. Hall. Boothbay; J K Bid
well.'Wnlluce, Portsmouth; Ivlla Powell. Hickman, do; Jo
seph Hall, HnrrlsMI. Kali River; (!?? K Present}, Gnphlll,
(iloucesier: Mair A Crnnmer, Coombs. Boston; Florence A
Lillian, Smith. Savannah.
Sailed?Steamers Leopard, Berks, and Achilles.
Lkwks, Del, Juno 1?Sailed, b?rk Kong Carl (Nor),
Soance (from lleriren), Baltimore.
2d?Arrived, steamer Edward C ark. Passed np, a steam
corvette, supposed liandolo (Ausi. Went to sea. steamer
City of Limerick (Bri. for Liverpool. In port, ship Kate,
I'rlnee; harks Atlas, Stralsund and Minerva; also tcbooner
James W. Hitlg Harks Anno T and Falcon have been
ordered to Bal'imore; also bark Ambrosia.
PORTLAND, Me, June 2?Cleared, sclir Daybreak, Blake,
Arrived?ScV.r Minnie, Philadelphia.
PORTSMOUTH, May 31?-Arrived, bark Ephralm Will,
lams. Keen, Philadelphia.
June 1?Sailed, brlg Martha J Brady, Ilradv, Windsor,
Ns; schrs Win L Abbott, Ludlam, Philadelphia; Nellie a
Jer.ell, Jerrell, do.
PROVinKNCK, Juno 1?Arrived, schr Ann Ellsa, Cous
lns. Port Johnson.
Sailed? Scbrs Ann L Lonkwood, St John, Georgetown,
IX'; Abbie P Cratimar, Itard. Phil idnlnlila : Oliver Ames,
Babbitt, do^ Wra M hvarett. McDaalel; Minquas, Phillips;
Emily, Alley| Helen Mar, Ward, and Oregon, Whltaker,
New York
PAWTUCKF.T, May :<1?Sailed, schrs M V Cook, Kalken
hnrit, Philadelphia; Ripple. Johnson, Trenton; Robert
Blair, Etonian i, Haverstraw; Ouhir. Gott, New York.
' June 1?Nailed, tehr* Anna BSufford, Ketrhum, Philadel
, pliia: K A 1 Oakley, Newman. Kor.dout; J U Young. Bar
i rett. Port Johnson.
1 RICHMOND, May 31 ?Arrived, schri Henrv Parker, Has
elton; -l B Johnson, Rose ami John N Parker, Cutten, New
York; (Charles Moore, Russell, Au.utta, Me.
S \N PBANClsOO, May 2">?Arrived, bark Selah (Br),
llonghton. Tahiti via llo.io it In
Cleured?Bark 11 W Almy, Freeman, Honolulu via Trlnl
Suited?Hark Joiian Irg.-us ? Nor). Vortonsen, Nanaimo.
June 1?Cleared,barks Martha Davit, Benson, Liverpool;
Sonoma. Xewberry, Nina'me.
Sailed?Milp BI.U k llnws, llowland. New York,
2d Arrived. (Up St Nicholas, Tobey. New York.
sK Hi)M K, May ?Arrived, bark Amethyst, Bates, Saa
r-AYANN \ 11, June2?Arrived, steamer II Livingston,
Mai lory. New York.
Cleared?Dark dross llurtogln Anna (Oer), Schmidt,
Ala* cleared. burk Jac ib Uauers (Swi, Asberg, Liverpool,
sailed?M-tir May MeFarlaud. Barcelona.
sr IIKLKNA SQUND.SC. May -'J-Clearod. ship Alex
audre (Bus). Abltier -, Loadun.
27th ?Cleared, bark Ida (Br , Gricsr. Stro.id Junction, K.
SOLI'BWKSI IIAKBOK. Mar 2"i? Arrived, Sea Bird,
Stanley. Calais for S.-w Yi rk.
YINKYARO llAYJ-.Nt Iune t?Arrived, sclir City of Cliel
?i>a (of Ellsworth' Beimud t 4 davs for Boston; Jeddle,
Providence lortoilals; sloop *' 1- Truinbnll, llocKport, Mas*,
for Ve* Bedford.
Sailed?Brlir llattle.
W11.M! Nit 1 o.N, i id. May 25?Sailed, bark Rainler.White,
port Gambia.
WlbMlMGTON, NC. Jane 2?Arrived, hrh: llildine (Nor).
I Vt .1 i iil'KA nnOA'l'a, iVC.
f_,OR SALK?sTE Aft^KK li li Y BO A f n HOHTll
mu4 or ler, now runolnu; I "4 I over all; M-lnrh
r\limler. U leet stroae Address WILLIAM M. K.vKU, 1121
< hestnul st.. Pullvlelph.a.
f'Olt SALE?A Nl-.W BAIIOKDIM li.NSli i.NS, 11 OX
1-3x1'. snflabi" f.>r a schooner; las Centreboarii, well
I una mastpartners. Addre-- II. It., New rk. N. J
Bitoa WUMMNir YACHT Ayi' ATI A; A HI,8
and liist; lenirth, 2<! feet; price, with new Jib and
; mainsail,$<?*? Owner J. M DAGNaLI., 11 Clinton SV,
: Brooklyn. Yacht foot of Court st.
Bmir Sali: ciii.ai'-om: ki.k<;Tnr passknueM
saloon side wheel Steamboat, PJlt feet l.mjt, S3 l<et
over all;dr uu-lit of water,three feet, with new boiler; in
! complete runniiiic oider lor excursions or passenger route.
Itninire of III KO. SMIIII A ilRo.,lootol Ktsex St., Jer
sey City.
| anikd ii~purcTiask?a ?jo;)D two deck
vf >argi. cheap ;.?i- cn-li: o' to charter one for three
! months. V , lre?s \Vr, v. JOHNSON, 827 Washington st.,
Brooklyn, i itli all particular*.
"TWbCufiHii^okcccil"obTaTn'kO ?? kom i?iHHC
il em Sutm, tor nunurom with mii pabllcilf;
I legal everywhere; no char.; in ttWunce; a>ivlc? fret*.
M, tiOL'SK, Attorney. t:H >troii4wir.
2Y oi|t pubikity; a4vlce (r.<e. KBKDKKICk I. KINO,
l.awyei. >otaiy, Commlseloner, H >tt Broadway
rPlloMAS K. \GNKW. Tilh GltK vl NKW YOKk ORO
X eer,,1 ?a. Coilee and Klour Dealer. New Yorkers aad
I evsrybody, call and K?t oargaius. J'J Vesey sk

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