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Tlie Royal Thames Club
Cutter Match
Winners of the Prizes in the First and
Second Class.
The Interest in the Regatta Marred
by "Protests."
London, Jane 2, 18T&
The first of the three Important cutter watch** with
wi'.ch the Thame* yachting sea*on la annually inaugu
rated was sailed yesterday, the Royal Thames Club, as
nsual, opening the ball. In the absence ot His Royal
Highness the Prince of Wale*, the Commodore ol the
club, who was unable to be present owing to a slight
Indisposition, Lord Alfred Paget, the Vice Commodore,
hoisted his flag on board the Eagle steamship, which
carried a goodly contingent ol members and friends.
The weather was everything that could be desired,
there being a bright sun and a good sailing brooze?a
happy coubmaticn of circumstances rarely met with
on the Thsmes?though, perhatts, there wss scarcely
sufficient wind to enable the larger craft to do full jus
tice to themselves, more particularly in the upper
reaches. The entry was extremely good and Included
nearly all the crack cutters afloat, with tho exception
of the Kremhilua, which is still In the sale list, and
a special interest was imparted to the match by the
fact that it was the maiden et-say on the Thames of
both the Neptune and the Vol au Vent. The latter
made a very creditable dgbut, and the lona also, which
has been "altered baclc" to her 1874 trim, showed a
greatly improved vessel, and seemed to be more than a
match' for the Neva, while the old Fiona was as good
as c ver.
The entries were divided Into two classes as under:?
First prize, ?100; second prize, ?40. Time allow
ance?40 to 70 tons, '20 seconds per ton; upward of 70
tons, 15 seconds per Jpn. *
Yacht. Tom. Oientr.
Neptune SO Mr. N. B. tie wart.
Cuokoo 03 Mr. II. Hull.
loua tiii Mr. J. Ashbury. M. P.
Vol au Vent 104 Colonel W. F. Mark ham.
Fiona 78 Mr. K. Boucher.
Neva 03 Mr. R. Holmes Ker.
First prize, ?60; second prize, ?30. Tim* allow
ance?30 seconds per ton.<
Yacht Torn. Owner.
Britannia 40 Mr. W. C. Quilter.
Kllida 40 Mr. R. Borwick.
Bloodhound 40 Marquis or Ailsa.
Coralie. 40 Sir F. Gooch.
Myosotis 40 Mr. Hunhar M'Master.
Vanessa 20 Mr. Frederick Cox.
The Vanessa came to her station but did not start.
The course for each class was from Rosherville round
tho Mouse Light and back, the distance being about
fllty-three nautical miles. The wind was about east
southeast, a nice whole Ball breeze, which gave them
pretty nearly a dead boat down to the Mouse and a ran
back. The smaller craft were started a few minutes
alter eleven A. M., and five minutes later the larger
vossels were signalled away. All set plain lower canvas
and ran up gafTtopsails over them, tho Myosotis taking
the lead of the smaller fry and standing into Sea Roach
quite K furlong ahead oi the rest, who were in a cluster.
In the first class the Neptune was smartest away from
ber moorings and showed the way down tiravesond
Reach on the starboard tack, followed by the Neva, the
others having seemingly some difficulty In canting
clear of each other. As they tacked into the Lower Hope
the Neva was dangerously close upon tho Neptune's
weather quarter, but had to bear np in order to clear
her, and the other again came out on the Neva's
weather. At the bottom of Sea Reach the Vol an Vent
slawed out to windward of the Cuckoo and tooK third
place, and Just above the Chapman Light the Nova
gave the Neptnne a weather bower and became the
leading vessel. Off the Scar Beacon the Vol au Vent
crossed the Neptune's bows dta the port tack and Im
mediately went about on ber weather. The wind now
Ireabeaed and raised a slight "top" of sea, which, of
course, just suited Colonel Markam's bis cutter, una
?be gradually forereached on the Neva at every board,
though she bad more than once to give way as they
met on opposite tacks. At length, off tbe Jenktn
Buoy, the Vol au Vent succeeded in getting tbe
weather gauge, and a mile lower down the Neva was
weathered in turn by tbe Cuokoo and Fiona, wbo had
previously put the little Neptune under their lee. In
the meanwhile the lona?which, strange to say, had
been put about by the club's stoamboat?was rapidly
making up ber lost ground and overhauled the Nova
lustaa the latter was standing off the Nore Sand on
tho starboard tack. It being ahoal water tbe lona was
nnable to clear her, and a somewhat awkward collision
occurred, tbe Neva striking Mr. Ashbury's cutler on
the Btarboard qnarter and carrying away her own
bowsprit. Tbe lona waa comparatively uninjured, a
big hole in the foot of ber mainsail being the only re
sult ol the mishap. Tbe Neva was, of coarse, com
pletely crippled and, having duly hoisted a protest flag
in her rigging, put back lor Qravesend: bat the lona,
tfcough technically in the wrong, held on her course
closo under tho Ice of tbe Cuckoo and Fiona. From
the Nore to ncarlv the Mouse Light, a distance ol
aboat eight miles, ull worked the last drain of tbe ebb
without further mishap, bat when aboat two miles from
tho cistern extremity of their coarse, the first
If the yoang Hood began to make, 'and at
ine time it seemed to be a question
whether the Commodore would not be compelled to
ii orten the course. Fortunately, however, tbe wind
'reahened and came out a point more southerly, and
the yschts wcro enabled to complete tho prescribed
disianoe. The stronger breeze and open wator bad, In
the meantime, told a tale In favor of tho big cutter,
which gradually workea ber way from tbe rest and was
now making short miles of it down to the Mouse?tbe
Cuckoo, Fiona and lona being upward or a third ot a
mile astern of her, in close oompany. Bjr this time all
tlio larger vessels, with the exception of tbe Neptane,
bad overhauled the smaller class, among which the
Coralie held a long lead, the Britannia and Myosotis
being next In attendance, each with a protest flag (ly
ing in her rigging. The Bloodhound had been well io
windward ol the lot at the Nore Ligbtahip; bat a little
lower down she had the bad lack to lose one of her
hands overboard, and waste! something I ke ten min
utes in lowering a boat?a mi'hap which there can bo
oo doubt cost her a prise. Oil the East Oaze Buoy the
leaders came about lit turn on tne starboard tack and
were timed as they weathered the Mouse Lightship as
Aame. B. St. S. Kami. II. M S.
Vol-au-Vont 3 10 0 Britannia 3 29 10
Cuckoo... 3 21 35 Myosotis 3 *29 58
Fiona 3 23 10 Bloodhound 3 31 57
lona 3 24 18 Neptane 3 32 43
Coral le 8 25 0
The Elllda, which made ber dlbut as a racer on this
occasion, hud not roanded when tbe club sioamerslelt.
With the wind some two points abaft tho beam, It
was nearly a dead run home, and all as they rouuded
sot over their boom* to port, and rigged out spinna
kers to port, the VoI-au-Vent setting a second spinna
ker, Jib lashion, to ber bowsprit, and supplementing
it with a v uter sail under ber boom. The lona and
* Fiona shifted working topsails lor ballooners, and also
set jib topsails and waicrsails, while the Cuckoo also
got up a Jib topsail over a balloon loresall. Thus can
' vssed. all bowled merrily along for home, reeling off
tho miles at a rare pace until close upon the top ol Sea
Reach, when the wmd suddenly shortened upon thom,
and spinnakers hail to be got in ull rouud with a will
balloon jibs and foresails and jib topsails now became
In general requisition, but there waa no change In tbe
order in which the yarhts had rounded the Mouse. En
tering Oravesend Reach they took the wind once more
nearly abeam, but, beiug so near home, there was no
tnriher shifting of canvas, and the yachts ultimately
passed the flag boat, oil Rosbervllle, and concluded tbe
kiatch as below:?
A'ame. U. M. 3. -Volar. //. if. A
Tol-au-Vent.... 6 13 07 lona ? 23 26
Cuckoo fl 1? 45 Neptune 0 20 45
Fiona 9 18 30
Alter computing th? time allowance It will be seen
that tne Fiona became entitled to the first prize and the
V'ol-ua-Vent to the second, the latter beating tho Ion*
by a few seconds only.
sKi-osn class.
AVim H m. & Xante. If M. fi
Corslie 0 30 4# Britannia. ? 81 35
Myosotis. 0 31 10 Bloodhound.... 0 31 53
Thla, it will be seen, was another extremely close
finish, there being littlo more than a minute between
tbe lour; but the interest in the malcn waa greatly
marred by a series ot protests, the Corslie, Myosotis
and Britannia each objecting to tbe other lor not
observing the "rale or the road" In the beat down
Sea Reach. Ultimately it was decided to withhold tbe
prises and submit the points la dispute to the Sailing
,'ommittec. ?
[From the London Globe, June 2.]
In the Interests of yachting it is highly desirable
bat mstcbes should be sailed without ?nch frequent
irotests. The Royal Thames Club's races yesterday
fore perfect in every particular but this. A nice,
?hole-sail breese, a fleet comprising tbe Onset ratters
jelocging to the pleasure navy ol England, tbe sun
Jgbt just sufficient to add brlliianey to the seen*
without too high a temperature, and sech a near raoe
?hat It waa impossible to tell which boat would
? win, until tho last moment?this exceptional con
Junutnre of Uvorable nircumaUuioea waa deprived
?I naif Ita pleasure by tho jealous manner In which
some of the yachts were nulled. !a the first duns, the
l?u* won la uot give way to the Neva, with the result
that tbe latter lost bar bowaprit when attempting to
avoid a more serious collision. Of courno her mailer
at once hoisted a protest flag, and took bis crippled
vessel back to Gravesend. In the second class there
was even more of tbe mme objectionable Jetlouky
shown. Out of the live 40-tonuers ttiat started, uo less
than tbree hoisted protest ila.s, and (he prices there
fore remain In ubeyunce pending inquiry into the sev
eral objection* We sincerely trust liuu the owners of
racing yachu> will net their faces against such prac
tices. It entirely lies with them to conviuo* their
skippers that the sharp tricks which tiud favor at
suburban race meetings are altogether out of pbico on
the water. So long as owners practically show that
they consider such jockeyiatu a merit, so long will
captains endeavor to prove their superior smartness by
Inlriuglng the rulos o! jailing. One of the regulations
of the new Yacht Racing Association very properly
punishes any captain guilty of such equivocal strata
gems by disqualifying htm for tho remainder of tho
season. Perhaps it would be better IT the peccant
yacht were also placcd under ban. This might inllu
ence owners to teach their masters to keep within the
limits o! fair sailing. "Win, tie or wraugle" ia not a
good maxim for yachtsmen.
Nawroitr, It. 1., June 10, 1876.
Arrived, new (team yacht Truant, Jacob Lorlllard,
from New York; also sloop yacht Elaire, N.Y.Y.C.,
Henry G. Russell, owner, from Ko*l Greenwich, bouud
to Cuttyhunk. lias on board as guests Messrs. Moses
H. Grlnnell, of New York, and I,awrence Urinnell, of
New Bedford.
The yacht Mystic, B.Y.C., Mr. C. 1L Hall, from New
York lor Greenwich, and tbe Dreaduaugbt, N.Y.Y.C.,
Mr. 0. J. Osborn. Irom New York, cruising eastward, |
passed Whllestono, L. L, yesterday afternoon.
To-day the Harlem boat clubs bold their annual re- j
gatta. There la every prospect of an unusually !
tine display on account of the -number of
the races and the quality of Iho va
rious crews. Tho clubs represented In tho j
various races are the Columbia College, Nassau, Nau- I
tilus, New York Rowing, DauutluBS. Athletic aud Ata- j
lanta. Tho boat lor gentlemen will leave Wall street :
at twelve M., and tbo ladies' boat, foot of Twenty-third '
street, Kast River, at ono P. M. The order of racea j
and names of the crews uro as follows:?
First, trial heat of juniors^ socond, pair oars; third, ?
second trial beat of Juniors; fourth, four-oared race; '
fifth, diamond sculls: sixth, six-oared gig race; seventh,
final heat of tho Juniors.
The following are the names of tho respective crews ;
who will take part In the regatta:?
Palr-oared crews.?Now York Athletic?W. L. Stowe, !
R. I- Nowton. Alalantas?J. ?. Knells, W. H. Downs. I
Nautilus?David Roach. William Walsh.
Ftrir-oarod Race.?Columbia?J. A. Sprague. bow; E. ;
A. Sage, No. 2; C. 8. Boyd, No. 3, und T. Goodwin, J
stroke. New York Athletic Club?R. W. Ratbborn,
bow; L. S Marsh, No 2: H. C. Short, No. 3; C. H. ;
Cone, stroke. Atalantas?Edward Ulake, bow; H. W. I
Rodgers, No. 2; W. H. Downs, No. 3, and John li. Eus- i
tis, stroke.
Slx-oared Race.?Dauntless?J. H. Bates, bow; H. i
W. Peck well, Na 2; Theodore Knapp, Na 3; W. U. I
Morse, No. 4; C. E. Trotter, Na 6; W. H. Demarest,
stroke, and J. J. Duff, coxswain. New York Ath
letic Club?R. W. Rathborne, bow; L. S. Nash, No. 2;
A. T. Shaw No. 3; F. J. Hyno, No. 4: H. C. West,
No. 6; C. H. Cone, stroke, and G. C. Burnett, cox
swain. Now York Rowing Club?J. P. King, bow;
J. A. McKern, Jr., Na 2; R. B. Uartaborue, No. 3;
T. Green, No. 4; G. Sherman, Jr., Na 5; William R.
Stewart, stroke, and C. F. Frothingham. coxswain.
The crews will occupy the following positions, Na 1
representing tho New York shore:?
First Heat of tbe Juniors.?Mr. Foot, Nassau, 1; Mr. |
Sprague. Athletic, 2; Mr. Scanlon, Atalanta, 8; Mr.
Mills, Atalanta, 4.
Sccond Feut of the Juniors.?Mr. Rodger?, Ata
lanta, 1; Mr. Robinson, Nassau, 2; Mr. Herman, Nau
tilus. 3. |
Pair-oared Raceu? New York Atblettc Club, 1; Ata
lanta, 2; Nautilus, 3.
Four-oared Raco.?Columbia, 1; Atalanta, 2; Ath
letic, 3.
Diamond seulla.?Mr. I<osoe, Atalanta, 1; Mr. Mills,
Nassau, 2; Mr. Ackerinan, Atalanta, &
Six-oared Race.?Dauntless, 1: Now York Rowing
Club, 2; Athletic, a
The committee on the Centennial Regatta met yes
terday at Ma 65 Broad street, In Commodore Kings
land's office. The sub-committee's report on the drat
dr.y'a race was received and adopted, but will not bo
given to the public until to-morrow. It haa been or
dered to be printed.
After an unexceptionally brilliant succession of racing
days the spring meeting of the American Jockey Club
will be brought to a close this afternoon. The greatest
day, however, has been reserved for tho last, aa there
will be aeven races rnn, with a respectable number ot
good horses In each contest The sport will begin with
a dash of a mile by three-year-olds that have not won
a race this year, and Woodland. Leamington 2d,
and Ambush will come to the post. Tho second event
will be the Centennial Stakes, for all ages, a dash of
two mile* and three-quarters, which will have for
starters Tom Ochiltree, Olltipa, Acrobat and Viator.
This will be a grand race. The third contest will be for
tho Consolation Purse, a dash of three-quarters
of a mile, for horses that have rnn and not
won during the meeting. The fourth will bo
a hack race, exclusively tor members of the club, and
there will be eight starters, comprising Messrs. 8. S.
liowland, C. H. Arnold, R. Center, A B. Purdy, W. C.
Pecta, C. N. L. Soott, C. H. Phelps and Lord Mando
vllle. The sixth race will be a handicap steeple chaso
of about two miles and a half, which haa eight entries,
comprising Trouble, Hermione, Kesolute, Risk, Bullet,
Stanford, Colonel Nelligan and Warlike. The seventh
race la a match steeplechnae, between J. G. R Law
rence and Lord Mandeville, the former to ride Resolute
and the hitter a Gladiaieur gelding. The following aro
a lew of the dooIs sold last uigbi on tho regular events
at the rooms ol the American Jockey Club. There were
no pools sold on tho hack race or th? match:?
Woodland, $20; Leamington 2d, *12; Ambush, $12.
Tom Ochiltree. 118 lbs $00 60 50 60
Olltipa, 113 lbs 61 40 40 43
Acrobat, 124 ibs 2(5 26 25 21
Viator, 118 lbs 12 11 10 0
Australind, 113 lbs $8 1'orn. 101 ;b* $20
Waco, 103 lbs' 5 Cyril, 103 lbs 5
Lesnder, 114 lbs $17 35 30
Egypt, 112 lbs 20 43 40
Freebooter, 97 lbs...' 20 60 CO
Huckleberry, 108 lbs 21 M 30
Jumes A., 108 lbs 21 40 35 |
Reed's f Trouble, 105 Iba I ...
s | |lennjonef iaa ibs. j
i I Resolute, 146 lbs. i [
Lawrences jUtok l38,be J 26;
Bullet, 103 lbs 13
ftuuford, 168 lbs. 11
Colonel Nelligan, 150 Iba. >1 |
Warlike, 156 Iba 12
Elkira, Jur.e 10, 1870.
To-day, which was to have olosed the spring meet log
of the Elmira Driving Park Association,,was a most ex- |
citing one to the thousands who assembled to see the
final races. Tbero were three racea In the programme?
a trot in the 2:60 class, ons in the 2:22 and a running
race. The 2:22 trot anil the running race were flnithed,
but the completion of the slow trot had to be pot olT
until to-morrow, six exciting heats being trotted with
out a decision being reachod.
The 2:22 raee was won easily by Huntress, the favor
ite. Her contestants in the start were Bonner, Carrie
and Clifton Boy, but the latter waa drawn after the
first heat. Bonner took the second heat in the race in
2:29. Huntress won three, In 2:27, 2:25** and 2:28J^.
The t'urse was $1,000; $600 to first horse, $250 to sec
ond, $160 to third and $100 to fourth.
The running race was mile and a half heats, best two
In three, for $300. It was won by Uurtland in two
straight heals In 2:46 '4 and 2:40. Violet was tho favor- I
lie, t>ui took second money.
The 2:60 race wits lor $4ou; |-?>00 to the first, $100 to ,
second, $60 to third and $4i> to fourth.
Eight liorte* started -Butcher Boy, lAtlick, Sir '
Henry, Krie, Nellie U.. Coin, Loilaand Charmer. Erie ;
wns too lavorlte. The first neat was won by Sir Henry j
in 2:37.
In the second heat, at the quarter stretch. Sir Henry ;
left his fuel. and, in getting Uim down, his driver Fred
Delann'ter brought him slraost to a siand. Coin was
behind bim. f?nig very fast, and the two sulkies com
mit toiieilier. Sir Henry's was up-et aod the driver
thrown h-'avlly to the ground. The horse ran away,
dashing in among the other Uor<ea, and go'ng around
the track twice beiors he qoald be slopped. The driver
was badly hurt, and was carried from the ground. Mir j
Henry wns considerably cat about the hind legs
und w.is drawn from the race. Jacob Fountain, driver
oi Coin, was throwu out of bis seat., hut drew him
self back by the relus, his horso never making
a break. The driver waa badly lamed. Erie WW the
beat is 2:41. In thin heat tbo driven of Butcher Hov,
Charmer aud Louie K. were changed, they being
charged with pulling to save u record.
The third heal was declared no he.it. nod the driver
of Erie was Hoed 125 lor foul driving, having pulled
the beat to give IxHtie K. a record.
Krio still told heavily Ha favorite, and won the
fourth heat in 2:37l4'.
The Oltli beat was won by Coin In 2Krio dying
at the thri-e quarter pole. In tho tilth beat tt.o
favorite waa dmtanceJ. Butcher Boy winning In 2:48,
Lottie K. second. It was too late to trot thu deciding
beat and tbu race was postponed until teu o'clock
to morrow. Uuder tho ruLs Hutcher Hoy and Caia will
be the only horses starting. In tbo association pools
to-uignt Butcher Boy wua tbo favorite, 10 to fl.
[From the Illustrated Sporting and Dramatic News
(London) Juno a]
During the visit of the Prince ot Wales to Calcutta
every incident, however trivial, lu which be took part
waa duly recorded to tbo newspapers (and most prop
erly, too) cxcept oue event, which by some tnigchuuce
was almost completely overlooked by tho city's jour
nalists, and yet It was one which His Koyul Highness
ut any rato did not look on as the least Interesting item
of the programme, and by rnauy people wiu> regarded
us tbe most attractive disn of the Menu, Irom having
lu It a strong spice of sport. That event was the match
between the Calcutta Polo Club and tbe team ol Muuni
poork-K, who came down under cnarge of Dr Broun to
play before the Prince.
The match arose In this way. When a visit from
tbe Prince of Wales became, to tbe Joy of bis toyaj
Anglo-Indian subjects, a postlivo certainty, tt was de
sired to make up an interesting programme
for his ontertaiument, and it was well thought that
bo would like to see a good game at polo,
as tbe sport, which Immediately on Its in
troduction Into tbe British Isles took such a violent
hold on the public fancy, was throughout honored by
tbe patronage of royalty. Munnlpoor Is the bomo of
the sport In India. Its Inhabitants aro recognized as
tbe most learned exponents of tbe gamo extant; quito
unapproachable in the scieaoo, and, ergo, invincible.
On the afternoon of Saturday. January 1, the match
took place. The fair-skinned amateurs were clothed
In white breeches and top boots aud flannel racing
Jackets of tho club colors?via., white with a broad
scarlet sash crossing over the left and under tho right
shoulder, and, oompared to tbelr antagonists, wero the
personification ot clcgatico and agility, their attire bo
ing natty in tho extreme, and tbuir ponies, ou which
they sut with tho ease and grace peculiar to tbo Eu
ropean seat, beiug sleek and well groomed.
The dusky professionals were clothed in a costume
striking to the European eye from its originality ot oe
sign, unique though hardly picturesque. Their heads
wete oiulllod up In dirty puggories; their bodies were
covered with Jackets of divers colors, all of a dingy
hue, and thu Inevitable dhootie; and between
the kuee aud ankle they woro "thiugs" somewhat
retoinoliug cricket pads. The unusual quantity of
clothing we conclude was donned in honor ol tbu liela
tee l:ajah, lor wnen they first appeared in public thty
*or? little except a hockey stick.
wore shaggy, unkempt and ungroomed, and the saddle
gear almost beyond description. Tho saddles were a
kind oi a cross betweeu a pi.'ion and an eluphaul how
ilak. They havo a Iramewuik ol skin and wood which
rests ou the pouy's back, and above is xoit leather tor
the riders. At the back is a sort of hollow to sit in.
In trout of this comes a kind ol mound, goodue**
knows what for, and iu trout ol this is n curved wood
work frame, like a pairot bull's horns, over which
their reius aro hliclicd uow and again. They cling to
their caddies like monkeys, their nakod feet rammed
into rough iron stirrups braced up so short that their
thighs are at right angles to their hips. Ilan^lug irom
each side of the saddle aru articles of the same color
and material, and very much the same sbapo as carriage
splash-boards. Thu stirrups bang inside them, and ihu
two sides ot tbu article are curved round away Irom
tho ponies' sides aud in trout ol the players' logs, the
object ot theui being apparently wo-loid?viz., to pr>
tect the players' legs, and to extract the speed ol ter
ror out ol lliu ponies, lor wl>en they get Into action the
spiasb-boards m.<ke's noise hiceous enough to Irighton
the most stout-hearted. Tho prettiest part of tbe get
up was
; which were made ol scarlet cloth, dotted over with
| while worsted bails, and the ruing w?.re ol a thick plaited
substance and light blue color.
I were a strong, wiry looking lot, but wore an anxious
| exprostiou, ar.siDg, porliups, lrotu excos? ol keeuut-'sa
1 to win, rumor saying that they get "toko" Irom the
Usjab it they do nut distinguish themselves. The Cal
cutta team, In perfect cunlldoiico ol being utterly
beaten, had no auxiuty on this scoro, and commenced
the gaino therolore in a raoro favorable frame ol mind.
was as follows:?Calcutta?Forward, Hills, Mooro,
Wallace; hall' backs, W. L. 1 human and Fox; back. O.
J E. Thomas. The Munnipoories ranged very difleroutly,
! and the order tboy took showed the |? culiarity ol thoir
game. They had one man back and three forward, and
I of the remaining two one posted i-'imsclf between lite
1 Calcutta halt backs aud the other alongside the Calcutta
back. This rather astonished the world in general,
and the players alluded to in particular. Wherever iho
> Vicissitudes of the game took the latter there went ah<o
I these attendant sprites, aud would not be shaken oil'.
It bad one good effect, lor It made the Calcutta backs
keep their eyes open and most careful to seo that their
back territories were never left for an lustant on
as usual, from the centr-' of the grouuJ, aud from the
start to the close may well be described as last and
lurious, high pressure being maintained throughout
without abatement. It was one of the quickest and most
interesting games ever witnessed, and the play was ad
mirable. It was expected tbe sides would be most unequal,
and this being the impression thero was not at the
outset much onthuslasm. the only leeling in the bosoms
of spectators being one of curiosity, but as tbc game
got into lull swing, and it was seou that, Instead ol be
ing overpowered, the Calcutta men wero fully holdiug
their own, It gave way to excitement, which became
Intense when, alter a sharp struggle, tbe Calcutta
team scored "first blood'' by making a goal. Loud
cheering then arose, and tbe other members of tbo
club, who had hitherto been depressed and almost
silent on-lookers, awoko as Irom a trance, aud for the
rest of tbe matcn encouraged and aided their rep
resentatives by cheering advice and enthusiastic
shouts. Tbo Hunnipoonts who were looking on
gruutcd guttural dismay when tbe first goal was made,
and looked as If they did not. altogether like too ap
pearance of things. After a brier respite
was liegun. l.lko the first game it wss obstinately con
tested, but, unlike tbe previous game, the goal was
secured by tbe Muunlpoories, whoso dismay iu con
sequence changed to guttural glee. One goal all. Ex
citement great as the third game bewail.
Tbe Munnipoones came up smiling; the Cal
cutta men serious but determined. A vain a
long exciting struggle; but eventually a resolute lash
of the Calcutta team carried the hall right up to their
adversaries' go:.l, and alter a short, sharp sculilo It waa
smacked through the posts, and Calcutta were victors
of the third goal. Two goals to one.
Aboriginals growling gloomy expletives. Alter a
change of ponies the fourth game began, and It was
soon apparent that tbe second horses of the Calcutta
men wero not equal to the first, tbo result of which
was that tbe ball remained throughout the game In un
pleasant proximity to their goal, through which it was
eventually bit, tbe Munnipoories thus winning tbo
fourth game, and again putting themselves on an
equality with Calcutta, the state of the match on thu
commencement of the Uftb game being two goals all. 1
Time was now short, and both sides buckiod-to In
earnest lor
a slight gleam of tbe savage breaking out on tbe one
srtu, while tbe aspect of the other was one of dugged
determination. Tbe Muuntpoories, who bud a held of
pomes to cbooso from, bad a decided pull alter the i
change of nags, which was aguin evident from the |
plsv, and throughout this last camo tbe ball was more |
ofteu at the end of the Calcutta goal than tbe other. 1
The defence, however, was atsnch, and several vig- 1
orous sorties were made by the Calcutta men Into tho
enemy's country. The Munnipoories, however, would
not be denied, and prursod the siege close, bat the Csl
cutta team successfully repelled all attacks, and at
last, dusk setting In,
and tbe victory was neither to tbo black man nor tho
white man
Thus did this memorable and exciting match end in
a draw, both sides having scored two goals.
Tbe Mutual and Chicago clubs play again this after,
noon on the Union Grounds. Tbe game will begin
promptly at half past three, instead of four o'clock aa
Tbe Nameless and Winona clubs plsv st I'rospect
Park this aiternoon. <?n the Fomtn oi July tbe Name*
leea will play tbe lamous Rhode Islaad Club at Provi
To tub Editor or tint Han aid:?
Knowing your love ot Justice, we take tbe liberty of
aaking a little room la your columns in order to on
dcavor to set a matter right. It la kaown to overybj y
that tbc I>epartment of Public Parks has granted a piece
of ground in the Central Park to the boys to play base
ball an, and for the jrlrls they have opened s croquet
ground Now, wo do not think it more than lair that
they set apart mate spsos for football as well, ss we
have to go away up to Hariem in order to ptsy a g .me,
thus wasting our time as well as our monev. while
others neod but go to tho Park, by which they lose but
little time and h,?ve no expenses. Hoping soon to seo
a loot ball grooad la existence at tbe Park, wo remain,
reeiienlftlllv, A fUOTUAl.i. CUB.
Naw Yosk, June 13, ltTfc
Yesterday wa? another military Jay at Creedmoor.
Detachment* from the Eleventh brtgado went out to
practise witii a view to qualifying to compete tor
marksmen's budges. The regiments representid were
tbe Twenty-third, Thirty-second and Pony-seventh.
Two huudrcd unit flfly-oue mcu shot at thu drat
ranged, 118 belonging: to the Twenty-third, seventy-six
to tho Thirty'second and fifty-seven to the Korty
sereuth. Of thia number thirty-eight from tbe first
named regiment qualified at tbe first ranges, nineteen
of the Thirty-second men and twenty two of the Korty
sevuuth. Tbe following score* show the reault at the
800 and 400 yards rangos:?
1'rivate l'inney
l'rivate lieakin
Private Chapel
Sergeant l)c Koiest....
Private Pustley
Private llliss
Private Kellogg
Serjceuut Wilkinson...
Captain Stevens
Captain .storey
Private Cutidec
I 'ards.
400 a,i
Yard?. 7"/ T'l
8 5 8 5 :t
I 4 5 3 :t
4 8 4 5 3
tl 5 5 0 3
5 2 6 10
4 3 4 4 2
o 3 3 4 3
:i 0 2 3
:> nil!
6 5 3 0 0
300 400 Gd
Yard*. VI lards. T'l T'l
Private llackoton [2 4 2 5 4
Private Condon |4 3 4 4 8
Private Valliere !4 2 3 3 6
Private Sp.icicmun |0 4 4 0 8| 11
2 2 4 6 5
1 4 0 3 51
0 0 3 5 4
4 6 2 0 3| 14!
I.ii-ut. Botteuliaufcor.
Private Kirmbach....
400 j ; Gd
Yards. !7"'/| T'l
3 5 2 4 81 Iflli 3 3 3 41 151 34
0 6 3 3 *| lJjo 5 0 6 3| 13! 20
Later In tho day those qualified to do so shot for
murksmeu's budges. Below aro tho name* and scores
of llio successful competitors in tho different rogi
Bergcant Do Forest....
Private l'inney
Sergeant Molioy
Private l'ostley
Lieutenaut Smith
Privute Heakiii
Private llendor
4 6 3 4 4
4 3 4 4 4 lit 5 4 4 2 3
2 3 8 4 4 Jli 5 3 4 3 3
8 3 2 3 41 1513 4 2 5 4
503 Gd
Yards, ft T'l
4 4 3 3 4 IS
:< 3 2 5 "| It;
4 3 3 3 31 iti
4 4 2 4 01
0 4 3 0 3
4 o 0 2 3j
Captuin Stevens. |3 4 3 t 3| 17,0 5 3 0 0] 8; 25
Private liarkoleu |3 4 4 4 3
Private Condon |4 3 4 4 3
Private Valliero ;4 3 4 3 2| 10|0 2 4 6 Oj 11
500 I I OA !
Yard*. \Vl 7"t
1814 4 2 4 4| IS) 30
1M4 4 0 3 5| l'i| 34
Lieut. Bcttvnliauser.
I Gd
J 4 4 4 2| 17 5 4 4 6 6 3231 40
Hotter order was maintained than that observed by
tho detachments representing this brigade last week.
There will bo two matches at Croedmoor to-day, the
third competition for tne Hepburn trophy and tbe sec
ond competition tor the Xpirit of the Times modal. Tbe
lormer commences at olnven A. M., and Is open to ull
members of tho National llille Association excopt those
who shot in the international mutches. Tho latter Is
open only to members of the National Kille Associa
tion, distance 300 yards, off band, commeuciug at a
quarter to lour 1'. M.
At a meeting of tho Joint Comm'.ttoc of tho National
R:Qe Association, held yesterday afternoon, a commu
nication was receivod from Mr. W. Smyth, request
ing to bo allowed to co on and finis* bis score in tbo
competition for a position on tbe team, bo having been
unavoidably absent, from tho second day's shootiug.
The request was referred to tho sub-committee. Mr.
George Crouch, u mom'jor of tbe committee, sent in
bis resignation.
At a meeting of tbo Hxecntlve Committee of thu Na
tional Hide Association, held Just alter tbe adjournment
of the Joint Cotnmiitco, Kulc 1, of Penalties lor the
tuirliigement of tbo *-lteguluiions tor the Government
of Com i?cti tions at Creeomoor" was suspended lor tho
present. Tbe rule Is us follows
?'Any competitor who tires In a namo other tlmn his
own, or tires twice for tho same priso, shall be disquali
fied trom ever agaiu competing at tne prize meeting!
of tho Association, or fur any prise offered to the Na
tional Guard elsewhere."
Mr. J. T. B. Collins bus presented to tho Borg-n
Point Rifle Club a flno badge tor competition. The
condition! aro that tfio motnbur making the highest
(Core shall rota In tlis badge till his record la beaten.
At tho ond of tho season It will become the prop
erty of the member holding it lor tho longest time
during the season. The shooting lor the Winanta
badge resulted ua follows, yesterday, the soore being a
possible 75:?J. T. B. Collins. (14; Schillings, 02; Sim
mauds, 5?; Duane, 69; Vredeuhurg. 47; Mclva. 64.
The temu selected for the targets tn the Suhuetsen Park
will commence practice on \Vedno.suay next.
tain PATTOK.
Loxkw, June 3, 1876.
An Interesting nnd exciting pigeon shooting context
came oil to-day, on tho ground* or the Uun Club,
Xotting mil, bctwoen Captain Aubrey Fulton, the
celebrated Monaco winner, and Mr. Ira D. Paine, for
?00 a aide, thirty shots each, at twenty-aevon yard*
rue. A number of the title or English iporumen were
present The shooting was remarcably good, I'aine's
quick, decisive style being very much admirod. His
charge* consisted ol 3 drachms powder and 1 oy_
shot Nos. 0, 7 or 8, while his antagonist used 3^
powder and 1 \ oi the same shot. The match was
arraug'd to commence at halt-past twelve o'clook, but
Caputin Patton not betn?' quite to time, a short match
?u gotten up between Mr. Jati'rsv, of America, and an
Kngilsb gentleman named Grimble, ten shots each,
lor ?10 a slao, which resulted in a victory for tho
former, the score being as follows:?
Ju?iT-l, 1, 1, 1, 0, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1-0.
Ukimulk?1, 1, U, 0, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1?9.
Mr. l'nine then ilrod a lew sight shots, killing threo
pigeons in succession in a manner that seemed rather
to stagger the spectators, aud his antagonist Arriving
about ono o'clock the American opened the match by
disposing ol the llrst bird, firing both barrel*, and tut
tiug his mark a lew feci from the trap. Captalo Pat- l
ton tnen also scored one by un interior stint, tbe li.rd
having laileu Just within tho boundary, i'lte Captain j
jokingly remarked to his rival thai ho had anyhow '
uegun with a good stroke ot luck. I'nlne Missed his j
second bird, and was thus one behind when ration's
second shot winged his pigeon at a long dUtance, tho
original state ol thing* being restored, however, by
l'aine's third sbat taking etlect beiore tho bird had
down a yarn, ration then ktissod three birds la sde
cession, and Palne's next thron shots piacod hi in ahead
by two, one dropping beyond tho lence.
Both meu seemed now thoroughly on their mettle,
iilbelt the* went about their work quietly and easily.
Tli'.- onlookers evinced a keen Interest; wliilu tho bet
ting iratornlty wore obliged to ic>epa share lookout,
on account of the even nature ol the contest Alter
the nrat ten shots Puine had scored seven and Patton
six, and the American's form was very much admired,
nearly all his birds falling within a few feet of tbe trap.
His twelfth and thirti-enih turds needed but otio barrel ]
each. Up to ibis tlmo the Knglislimai had also kil ed
two bins wiih ? Ingle shots, but did not afterward im- j
prove iii thin respect, whereas I'ftine shot In all fire
pigeons without bringing tbe socoiid barrel Into requi
sition. When the matca was
Putt on was one bird ahead, and tbe betting rose in his
lavor, when, wet of twsniv-live shots esch. Paino had
only scored 17 against his adversary's 10. Palne's
friends now began tn think bo had lost tho match ; but
his characteristic quiet self-possMswn did not desert
him, snd he ki.lcd four birds out ol Ina re
maining live against Captain I'm ion's two. The letter
gentlemen had tbe last shot, and stood to kill and win,
but unaccountably missed tbe bird, although it rose
from tho centre trap, thus bringing ab at ? drawn
battle. The greatest good humor ami cordiality jire
valled, Patton frequently heartily applauding the suc
cess of bin opponent. Tbe shooting of both contest
ants was excellent. Patton sometimes mad* aa good
bits as i'aine, and it wotild be unfair as things stand to
proclaim either a be'.ter marksmau tbsn iho other.
Another match will take places on Wednesday next,
similar tn all respects to that of to-day. anil tbe bets
have in the meantime b ou called off. Appended ia
to-day's score
PaiJW?1, 0, 1, 0, 1, 1, 1, 1. 1, 0. 1, 1, I, 1, 0, 0,
1, (? 0. 1, 1, 1, 1, 0. 1. 0, 1. I. 1, I?ill.
Pattos?1, 1, 0, 0, 0, 1, 1, I, J. 0, 1. 1, 1, I, 1, 0,
0, !, 1, 1, 1, 1. 1, 1, 1, 0. 1, 1, 0^ 0-?L
Pain*. Pallm.
Dead shots l'J 0
Killed at a distance 0 l'J
Dropped outside boundary * 1
Hie wuatuer was very flae, but the wind awkwardly
an xxciraa ooxrsnr fob tbibd phiz*?
The concluding (ama o( tbe billiard tournament at
Irving Hull wu played last night between Albert Gar
nit*r ituii George Slosson. Tbe cnniei-t, although not
belonging to tbo tournament proper, was a play-off on
the tie lor Ibird place, lludoiphe having won tbe first
aud Sexton tbe second pruu respectively, liy tbo re
sult of tbe gauie last night tbe third money goes to
Gamier, wtto beat Slossun by fifty ntno poluts.
Tbe guine commencod at 8h. 10m., botn stringing lor
lead, which was won by Garuler, who led oil with tbe
wblte ball. On the first shot bo was lucky enough to
score und bring tbe bulls into position, and rau up a
break of 10, when ho got a freeze In tbe left band bot
tom corner, and the lialU were spotted. Ho tailed to
score further and lot Slosson In for 4. In tbe nest two
tuning* Gamier tnade but 1 and Slosson 3. Garuler on
h:s fourth baud rolled up a pretty break
of 27, and missing nn easy cirrom gave
Slosson a set up, which bo utilised for thirty by stoady
play, when thu balls froze and had to be spotted. He,
however, succeeded in scoring, and after a couple of
shots got tbe ivories into positiou at the bottom
cushion aud nursed thorn along to tbo left baud side
cushion, up which lie travelled them until he brought
thorn to tho top, when he carried thorn ulong that
cushion and down part ol tho lourth cushion
on tho way back to tho original place of starling,
scarcely separating tbe balls until ho had scored 236
points, when by a careless rhot they became ?lightly
scattered, au>l ho hud to muko a succession ol all-round
play to got tbe balls into position, which he dually did
at the centre of the top cushion, whore he held them.
On scoring his 250th point he was given a p?r
lect ovation, tho cheering and uppluuse beiug
long and continued. He, however, .-'till wonted stead
ily ? ?n, and when ho reached 2tf7 points, tho highest
score ever made In a three null game (by >cxtun in the
Philadelphia tournament), the applause wna something
deafening, and when he added yet another poiut llic
same Hung was repeated. Garuler in the mean- {
tune w;ih exhibiting the greatest good tempered and I
although astonished at the great ran 8 loss on was
making, could not but admlro the pluv and smiled good
liumoredly as every leu was added to his opponent's
string. Slosson. however, nothing aflectcd hy the up.
plunge ol tho audience, playod steadily on until be had
rolled up a total ot 311 points,
when he slipped up on a not very dlthcult carrom. The
nudienco by their applause prevented tho game being
continued, tor tliuy literally shook the building. Gar
uler, on Slosson finishing his break, rose Intra his
chair, und shaking bands with him. heartily congratu
lated him on lits brilliant play and good fortune.
As soon as quiet was restored Gurnlcr went to tbo cue,
and by dint of sheer good play captured 22 points and
retired after mi-sing a long shot Slosson off tlio
leave only secured 2 points, lioth players in the next
inning failed to count. 1 it tlio next, or tho sevontli,
lulling Uarnler scored 1 und Slos-on 12. This was fol
lowed by a brilliant exhibition ol billiards by Gnruier,
who played a break lor ICO points, bringing bis Total to
170. against his antagonist's 332. 81om>oii went in and
put together'24 more earronw, and missed a compara
tively easy shot, which left a ISlr sot-up for Garuior,
who s<ored 13 and then got u freeze, and tho balls
had to be spotted. Ho wus fortunate enough
to score, aud alter a eouple of gathering
shots got tho Ivorie; into position and nursed and
played them lor St), bringing his gamo to 250, uuaiust
SIu'sjoii'* 358 In the twuifth inning Gunner scoroii 33,
which was in ate bed by SIorsou, in the next two turn*
Garuler scored 20 and S ossou 20, w hich was followed j
by Gurnivr with 111, putting htm 25 points ahead of
Sloiuou. who tailed to score. Tho game ut this poiut |
stood G armor 42> aud .Slosson 42U. lu the sixteenth i
Inning Garuler only iniuio a brace ol carrums and Slos
son on". In the next, as a set-oil' against oue made by
tho Frenchman, Slosson played a line break for
34, wheu tho usual freeze occurred and tho spheres
l:ud to bo spotted. He counted on the lead oil but
nothing was leit, and he missed lurtlicr counting Gnr
uier abo tailed to udd to his string, but lelt his eppo
nunt au opening, who utilized It lor 0, one of the shots
In tbe break being h long draw of over lour leei, which
brought down thu house. The nineteenth iniiiug re
sulted In 38 points being added by Uarnler to his total
und 20 by Slosson, In the twenty-third inn
ing Garnior by gcnl all-round play scored 28,
but let Slosson In alter missing an ea.?y stroke. Tbo
lattor exhibited some tine play und put 3'J to his total,
which wus brought up to 625 against Gunner's 504.
The Frenchman, however, had the balls left in potl
tiou, which he made good use ol by running 83 jtoints,
leuvingbim only 13 to go to win tbe gSMM. .Slosson lulled
to secure more than 1. In tho twenty-filth inning
Gamier ran 12 and gave BlosSon a set up once more,
but ho only secured two points from It. Gamier hud
along follow shot loft, but tailed to count. He, bow
ever. (IId not givo bis antagonist much of a break; hut
ho, by good all round play, got tbe balls together alter
two o'r tbrco all round shots aud scored 13. Garuler
then ran out.
Tho following Is
tub score:?
Gamier?10. 1, 0, 27. 22. 0. 1. ICO, 80, 3, 2, 33, 21, 2,
111, 2, 1, 0, 38, 0, 0, 10, 2*, 83, 12, 0, 1.
Average, 22 0-27.
Slosson?1, 0. 3, 311, 2. 0. 12, 24. 2, 0, 3, 33, 18, 2. 0,
1, 36, ?. 20. 1. o. o. :;u, 1, 2, 13.
Average, 20 21-20.
Tito following answer bos been aent by tbo Old Guard
of New York to the invitation given ibetn by tho citl- j
zvns ol Charleston to participate In tbo commemorit- j
(ion of the onu hundroth anniversary of the battle of >
Fort Sullivan. '
To Milium Aik-k.v. Gkoruk W. Willi***, Amiukv.* Si
MOMrt. (i. J. Cl NM Mill 1 vl. JakkH M. CjlMfHKl.L AMI Cm- |
KkAl or CKARUiXTOK. ti. C.
OKjirLKMKN?We tiku (treat plaimuro in nrkiioirli'dirinir
I ho receipt at tha invitation of tho citir-im of Charleston to
tliu 'Old (>u irtf" tu be pronent on the 2*th of Juno to parti- j
clpete with the military ana <Hic otglintxntion* of Charles- |
ton in tin' eoiebrat on i>l the one Hundredth unnivcrb.uy of 1
th" bntlie ol Kurt tiinllvau.
it will allord tbe 'Old tlaard," in belntlfol the cltt/en* ot |
Mew Vork, urant pleasure to Join .YOU 111 the ilutlei mid |
fe?tivitle? of tlii?t ?<cu>ion. ami to lend tlioir aid la rota- !
lueuiurM<nir and eelei.ritiUK tha deeds ot Duma illu.trlmu I
patriot* who aaliirv?4 mt us the liberties and gloric* we i
now eujoy. lours, with great remnict,
Ol-.oKOl; W. Mi l.KAN, Major < mumaiidlutf Old (iuard. |
ALKXANIJhlt I! KN Iliyl'hS, 1'ra.ldeua UUIcinird. I
A detachment of the "Old fSuurd" will rail Sunday, |
Jane 25, in the steamer Cbarleaton, accompanied by
tliu ciiiuo number of tbo "Boston Tigers," with the !
Mcdforil Hand und Drum corps, and, al'ler the conteti- ,
nial eeromontos ut CliarlcHtou, will embark lor New ,
Vork with tho Washington Light infantry ol Churl, a
ton and Clinch iui!e-ol (icorgiti, urriving hero July ii.
All will leave lor Philadelphia the aauiod?y.
Tbe commercial associations of tho dty of New York
have invited tbe members of tho National Hoard of {
Trade to a complimentary banquet, to be gtvon at Del
luontco's on Thursday evutung, June 29.
Tbo examination of Daniel Drew's attorney in bank- j
ruptcy, which was vet down for yesterday before Ko>(
Irter Williams, of N'o. 4 Warren s.reet, was adjourned j
until to-day nt two 1*. M.
Tbe Orst meeting ol the crcdltori of John J. John- j
mon was held yeaterday, belorc Register Allen, ol So.
162 Uroadway. Mr. John I'. Koberts was elected as- j
signee, alter debt* aggregating ahont $30,000 were
proven. Ainuiii; the claim* proven wore those of Car- j
den At Ctt, $0,47'* 00; .Saiuuei -hutliur it Co., $4,208 1W; |
Isidor .v Heuu, 87; Hall & HitMwIa, $?'.7dd 45; 1
John U. McOeer^c, t'S,4W 04; Orrm llruedict A: Co., I
$2,ft2t*iS; Yale-., Wharton It Co., $2.2Ud 6d; Char;** !
H. Collin, $2.04$ 11: I weedy Manufacturing Company, j
$2,022 .'iii; William H. Huritout k Co.. J1.SJ4 <>4; S. !
Winteruit/ .V Co., fl 71s 7t!; Humhery h Hart, j
$1,631 4;i; HoR'inan ft Co., $1,62J 13; Ueury II. Silver- I
man, (1,104 48.
At a niectitiK of the creditors of Oeorgo Floyd, hold
yesterday before Kegtster Allen, to aliow Mute why I
the bankrupt sliouiii not be discharged, no op|Misit;on j
to tho dischar^o was ibown und thu order will bo !
To TtiK Enrro* o? th* Hirald:?
Will you not kindly oce tho influence of tbo IIkk.ild
In endeavoring to bring about a movement for a general
kuapensioo of busine** on tbe 3d as welt at ibe Fourth
of July? This would enable tbonsaoda to avail them
selves of three days' rest In tho country ai.d would be
heartily appreciated, f bellevo there Is t>omo >ucb
movemeni decrdod ou already among the bankx and
wbolennle bualneea house* down town; but why not
make it more creneral among retailer'* and all k nds of
bUMutsr ? We don't have a Centennial celebration
every year; let no make the moat or tins.
Thorn** Wlntrfel *. Curate By Ueorge MucdonalA. New
Yor'. : lleorife RoUtledg* k itfrn.
Ili-hruw iteaiier ? id Orammar. Ry 8. Mannhelmer. >t.
I.om, Kreilerick Ko -?liii.
Botany, njr J. JJ. Booker. New York: D. Apple ton A
l'rayer: 11? t'tiIlly. Br F. II. MelL New York: 8liel
don A Co
uoo??. or.a.lonrney Tlirongli the Lower Beslons In
the Year IsriA. My w. W. Kink, fliiladtlphie: J. B I,lp
plneott A t'o
riie Aloaemeni of l/OM Daatfat. Rr Bra. K. Lrna Lin
ton. Philadelphia: J. H. LlMtncott A t'o.
Prlot-lpiea and Act* ef the Kevointiun. By Ileseklah
Niiua. Now i ork : A. >. Bariien A Co. ?
Co on i.inn; and <' >minentari?e. By O. H. Raurceon.
N?w Yoti,; itheidoa A t'o
A ini'riv* bieoovered by the Waleh la 1110. Rjr Ben
JamiH K. H??en, Philadelphia : J. M. Mpplucott A t.o.
Ilonn lleok lor Krall t.rower* By K. It. Klliott. K..ch??
ter: D. M Uewey,
A Review of tbe Political Conflict In Ametl**. By Alea
ander ilarrii Nnrlnrk r. II Pidleek.
Annual Heport of I'olici Judire* t'ltv of Xew York. IH7.1.
Tbe Xatian.il Cookery Book. Compiled from original re -
eeipt*. PbilmlflphU,
At* Vou ?nj Wife ' By author ef "Paris Bolero the War.1'
New t?ki AsterieM New* Cempeny.
Firnt Annual Mretin? of the Ir.tfrcollrgiatc
Athletic Association in Saratoga.
A Large Number of Entries Expected?Rise
and Growth of College Athletics.
CamU'UIXJK, Musf., JUDO 11, 18T8.
On the day following tbe lruivorslty bunt raco at
Saratoga lUp Qrst anuuul meet in,' of tho Intercollegiate
Athletic Association will Uo hold. From the nuinb.-r o'
colleges already belonging to tho association, and tho
rapid advuuee* which have marked tbo various
branches ot athletics during tho past year, it is rcason
?bio to avpect Uiut tbo Saratoga meeting will call out a
far larger Hold or entries and b? marked by moro
brilliant records than any other meeting of tbo Icind
which but over been hold In America.
answered the call of tho president of tbe Ya!e and
Harvard associations lust tall, and since the first meet
ing ol delegates at Springllold four others have been
added to tbe list, and there la every probability thai
tbo number will be greatly increased before the end ot
another year. It Is much easier lor a college to belong
to tbo Athletic Association than to tho Rowing Aaa>
elation. Tbo expenses are tar leas, and na the
question is ono of mdiviaual representation, and tlx
events at oach meeting are many In number and varied
in character, it la a comparatively easy mutter ior l
collcgo to tlnd men ready and ab!o to take part in th?
contests. Tbo
has boon rapid ever since It was given a start by tbo in*
auguratlon of au annual intercollegiate toot race by tbe
glti of a cup lor u two-milo event in 1873. Mr. J. G.
lleunott, the tlouor of tbia prize?to which was given
tbo name ot tho "Dennett Cup"?in tbo following year
presented a set of prizes to the Saratoga Association, 10
bo contested fur by unuergraduates, uud tlio races
which look pluco lor theao cups and medal* may bo
looked upon us the inauguration ol a sorios of college
athletic meetings.
Tbe Saratoga committee have nearly completed a
truck to be used In tho races at this July meeting. It
Is modelled on one of tbo tattest trucks lor podestriana
In tbe world?that ol the Cambridge University A'.Untie
Club. In length It will be a littln ovor on'-Uflh of a
mile, and will be laid in tho following mannerTwo of
tho sides 110 yards long a- d two 64 yards long, with
very gradual curves. Tbe ashes, which have not yet
been laid, will bo put on so as to rantu tho track
slightly In tbo centre, with an imperceptible slopo
toward the pole, s-> that tbo washing ol rain may he
avoided. In tho oentro of tho oval will ran a carefully
preparod turl "oraase" ior tbu use ol the hurdlers.
This cro '?o will be 120 yards long and 50 loet wido,
with ten hurdles, at ' a distance ol ten yur Js
apart, and u take-off ol tl.tcen yards at
each end. (iood hurdle time has never boon
mad.' in this country, owing to the poorness of tho
hurdles used, i h's year a good deal ot care will bo
given to their construction,' and tbe ground will tm
put into the best possible condition, In order to make
the take-otl as springy as possible. Tbe whole held
will be ouclosod, and a grand stand, with dressiug
rooms underneatb It, will be oreciod on a bit ol rising
ground overlook ng tho whole course, while at oue cud
ol the truck and tnsuto the oval it is proposed to put a
tent, decorated with tbe colors ol the aillerent colleges,
tor the use ol the competitors. Judging Irom tho prep
arations which are going on It Is prolMtble that the
Held uill present a very picturesque sight, with its
greensward, neat turf, well ashed track und trimly
urrangod hurdles, set oil' by the white canvas and
bright bitntiug at oue end uud opposed by the dark
green plues wuioh cluster thickly in tho adjoining lot,
Tly following Is a list of the illllerint events to coma
olf in the murntng and atiernoon sessions:?
1. Mile run.
it Tbreo-tnile run.
2. Mull-mile run.
4 Vuart)-r-mlli' run.
0. 120 yards hurdle race over ten hordles, 10 yurda
apart, nnd 3 Icet t! inches high, with u take-off audruu
in of 15 yards each.
ti. 1(H) yard* dash.
T. Mile walk.
8. Three-mile walk.
V. Kuuuiug high jump,
It). Uunuing broad Jump.
11. Throe-legged race (JoO yards).
12 1'utttng the shot.
13. Throwing the Imso balL
14. Mile run (graduates).
15. Mile wulk (graduates).
For each ol these coutcau a Orst and a second prim
will be awarded, with the exception of the two oven is
lor graduates, lor which one prixo only in oack race
will no given. The prize* will bo cups and medals, as
in tUo races ufUet Juiy, although none of the eu|ii
will be us cosily us those presented tlio Last two soit
sunn, uud the prizes will, moreover, bo ofequtl valat
111 ouch coutest
Tbe collogui which now belong to the u.m>clution ars
Amherst, ItowUo.n. Brown, Columbia, Cornell, Dart
mouth, Harvard, 1'rincetou. Trinity, Colon, Wesley an,
Williams, Yale, Hamilton, t'tiivOffcmr ol Pennsylvania
uud CoiIoro of the City ol Xew York. At the tool
races ol iust July tho
in this country was made in three events?the mil*
run, which was won by Itaron, of Amherst, in 4in.
441. k. , against 4m. 58a, oy Cojielaiid, ol Cornwall, the
year before; In the bulf-rr.ile, when Trumbull, of Y<i'.e,
llulshed In 2iu. OJfcs., aii>l lu the tlirej-ralle, which
Morrelt. ol Amber?i, landed in l?ra. winning
with apparent easu. With tbeso sixteen colleges on
hand this year it will be surprisinic >1 past records ar<
not outdone. Indeed, with Uie exception ol tbe throo
mllo walk, there aio few college associations which
have not better records thuii wore made ut the meeting
ol tho New York Athletie ClGb on Ha regular altsletic
track, at the moetini; two weeks s#o; and if the crack
men lr mi tbe different college ciubs are set against
e ich other wo may look lor some clipping races next
As to thn representative* iu the different events
Yale will prolmbly liuve a good man ia lor the half mile,
as Trumbull's time has not iieen beaten yet, and Wake
man, of tho same <ollege, bnt sliown himscll able to
clear lh? hurdles eu.-liy In 10 seconds. Barber and
Copelutid, if tbe latter would train a little more care
fully, wou'd make n Hue race lor the mile, aud no one
doubts Uiuir ability to put) the tinio down below
4m. 4os. If both were well practiced. Union boosts a
runner nble to bent Culver, who won tho quarter so
handily last year In '<5'.,seconds, and (ieyann, ol the
Cnltersity ol Pennsylvania, who ran in the 10U yarda
dash. Is sccredltcd with better time than bis victor,
Hotter, of Corn till, maue last July. Tho ibree-mtle Is
anybody's race who has given long onough time to his
preparation (17m. 0714*. )? though tho best time on rec
ord lor an Americau amateur would make the winner ol*
the ssmo race In the last ox lord-Cantab sports laugh,
when It was done III 16m. llin, slid throo yearn ago It
was made, in tho midst of u know storm, by two uni
versity men, who ran a dead heat, lu 16m. 44s. So thai
there Is plenty of room lor improvement In tlmt qusr
tor before we can attempt a rivalry with our English
As to the wslkiBg. Taylor, of Harvard, has probably
tbe best chance lor both events. Ills record ot
Tin. 33'.>? lur the mile, at his college sp< rislast tail, baa
not been approached by nuy undergraduate, aud Ins
style improves with practice, ol which bo haa nevef
taken haif enough.
The otber events are mere open questions, though la
all of them p.ist records are sucli tickle tbinga to biua
one's calculations on that U la baxardous to attempt a
Supplementary to the list of commencementa pub
lished In yoiterday's Hkuai.d may be mentioned tha
Manhattan College has issued Ita commencement ln?
vitat ioaa lor Tuasdajr, June 27, at half-patt tbrea
o'clock 1*. M.
Setou Collage haa sat down lu exercises for the 21st
Bowdoln College, Brunswick, Me., spend* Ave dsya
la Its exerciK-s, beginning with Sunday, July 9, snd
ending ou the following Thursday.
Dartmouth College calls its frlenda together tor tha
26ih lusv The exercises extend ovet live nays, ending
with the commencement proper on Thursday, June 2U
lAfayntto Col.age, Beaton, Pa., announces the ora
tion bete re the college alumni for Tuesday, the 27ib
Msdlton University holds its exorcises on four da/at
beginning an Miaday, June 18.
WilhstonMatotuary, Ksathampten, Mass., baa Issued
its Invitation* lor Xoiiday, Jane 19.
Washington an I l.eo l nivarsity, Lexington, Va, de
votee lour days to its oommeneomont sad college exer>
ctsoa, beginning with Jane IK
Kev. Joseph T. Duryea, D. IV. will doliver the baacA
laureate sermon of the Packer Institute la the ahapal
not Monday evening.
niedrtrh Braualeben, who cut his throat a few daji
ago, died yesterday at Bollevee Hospital. Braaahbaa
was dee pond eat, and wanted bis wife to aoanaipany
him to ihagr.w ol her predecessor sad there have
her tbruat cut, proposing afterward to kill htmaaif.
ihis arrangement did not meet tlie second WHe'a
views, so the aalortaaata maa took the graal Jearaey

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