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The Stook Market Doll, Feverish
and Irregular.
Money on Call 2 1-2 Per Cent?Government
Bonds Strong?Railway Bonds Firm?
Investment Shares Steady.
Waul 8m?, )
Friday, June 16?<5 P. M. J
The baTtatfn boards in frout of the telegraph oilloe*
attracted mora attention this morning than did the
tape of the atock indicator. Almost every broker has
a trifle bet on th* result of the Convention, and the
shange of venue to the speculative mind was refresh
ing from its novelty. Consequently, the ohances of the
Presidential candidates overshadowed the familiar at
tractions of the stock fancies.
Still there was a fair amount of business doing, the
larger part being confined to Lake Shore aa usual,
though the aggregate of aalea showed n considerable
falling off from yesterday.
The firmness so clearly to bo aeon In Lake Shore at
the cloae yesterday was more fully developod In the
early dealinga this morning, with the result of ad
vancing the quotation from 64K to 64J?. and of holding
it steady between tbeae two pointa until nearly three
o'clock, when tho price receded to the opening figures
of the day
Western Union waa not In sympathy, as It was next
In order of activity, and sold at from S8X to 68, with a
Ml back of h at tho close.
There was almost as much attention paid to the
Weatern stocks as to the Telegraph fanoy, at generally
Improving prices, and with a like recession In final
The only positively weak stock on the list was to be
found In the New Jersey Central, which gave way from
SI to 79J< under aalea of aome 2,600 shares, the result
of a report that the coming dlvldeod was to bo passed
im Mo. How anything difi'orent was to bo expected
under the dismal showing of the lust report is strange
enough, but It would appear as if some pertinacious
holder of the shares had Just awakened to a realization
of the situation. Central and Hudson bad at one time
tho elasticity of the India rubber man, for on sales of
100 shares it bounced down from 108 K to 107, and
bounced np again to 108, at about which quotation It
remained tor the rest of the day.
For a long time no day has been so free from reports,
eood or ill, or so destitute of sny Information bearing
upon the market as the present one. Things were left
to take care of tbemsoives, wnich they did In a manner
that showed the entire list of shores and bonds to
possess a degree of latent strength that Is encouraging
for the luture.
Tho transactions at the Stock Exchange aggregated
88,700 shares?New York Central and Hudson Kiver,
0*26; Erie, 400; Lake Shore, 30,600; Northwestern,
7,200; do. preferred, 10,200; Rock Island, 60b; Pacltto
Hail, 2,000; St. Paul, 3,b00; da preferred, 0,860; Obios,
600; Western Union, 11,300; Wabash, 900; Hichigan
Central, 1,420; Now Jersey Central, 2,666; Union
Pacific, 200; Delaware, tAcaawanna and Western,
The following table shows the opening, highest and
lowest prices ol the day
Opening. Bighett LounL
New York Central 107 108 X 107
Harlem 140 140 140
Brie 13ft l?ft laji
Lake Shore 66 ft 65
Wabash 2 2ft lft
Morthweatern 42 42ft 41ft
North*estern preferred... 62ft 63 82
Hock Island loaft 108X 108?,"
Pittsborg 03 S3 92ft
Milwaukee and St. Paul... 40ft 41 ft 40ft
MIL * St Paul preferred.. 70ft 71ft 70)4
Ohio and Mississippi 16ft loft lflft
Now Jersey Central 81 i 81 70)2
Da)., Luck, and Western.. 108X * 108 >? 107ft
Union Pacific 60 60ft 69
C..C. andLC 4 ? 4),' 4
Western Union 68ft 60 68 ft
Atlantic and Paoifio Tel... 16^ 16 ft 16ft
Pacific Mail 25 ft 26ft 26
Panama 136 140 136
Produoers' Petroleum..... us# 118 a U8X
oioaixo pricks?8 r. m.
PsiiSc Mall.... 25ft ? 20* 0.C.C4I... 4fi a 48
Vest la lei... ? a ? *J? C. C a 1C. .. 4 a 4M
Atl A Pac'lel.. 17 a 10 Del.L A W ...1071< a 10-i
Cuicksilver.... 14 a 15ft brie...... ... l.lft a 14
tiateksilver pt. 18 a i3 Han * Bt Jo... 18 "
Mar L* Mia., 7ft HAStJopt.. 22
kBrLak.pl.. ?a4 a 8 Lake tMiere.... C5:
Aonoi.hx 1(0 a K?ft Mich Central.. 47]
American Ex.. M a M N Y Jt Harlem. 138
IP Express .. 7 J a 74 NYC AUK..10*
Welie-? arn -ii? a ?0 N J Cen TO* a 79ft
Chic a Alt., H?jtf ? 104 Ohio A Mlsa.... 16 a 1- v
CWvtPlfu taj, a >aft Panama ISO a 140
CblANW.... 41 J? a 41ft TolaWab. .. 2 a 2ft
Ult*kW'pl. 02ft a ?2? Colon Pacific.. B9'.i a ?
CliUaitl .1< Hft a H?-ft Missouri Pae.. 8>, a 9 ft
Mil a btPaul. 40^ a 40ft fro 1' Co. I18ft a lib?.
Blla klf pt.. Toft a 71.
The following are the changes in closing prices
torn pared with those of yesterday:?
Anvinck.?-Atlantic and Pacific Telegraph, lft; New
York Central, 1; Illinois Central, ft; Missouri Pacific,
ft ; Northwest proterred.ft; Pacific Mail, ft: Producers'
Petroleum, ft: St. Paul, ft; do. preferred, 1; Wabash,
ft j Western Union, ft.
Hkcurb.?New Jersey Central, IV; Michigan Cen
tral. ft; Hannibal proierred, ft; Delaware and Lack
awanua. ft; C., C., C. and I., ft.
The rest of the stock market waa stationary.
The supply of capital Is still abundant, and bids fair
to be more so, because during the next three weeks
large sums will be disbursed by the government, cor
porations and Institutions throughout the eountry.
Loans on call to-day ware made at 2 a 2ft per cent on
ttock collaterals. Prime paper is quoted at 4 a 6ft per
?ant. Sterling exchange Is quiet but steady. Prime ster*
ling asking rates 488 and A00; selling rates, 4.87ft a
1.80ft. Reich marks, 06ft a PS'4, and 96ft a 96. Cables,
MX a ?0ft; prime Parla, 6.16 and 6.12ft. The follow
ing are tba domestic rates of exchange on New York
Savannah, ft per eent premium; Charleston, selling, ft
a $-10 premium; buying, ft premium; Now Orleans,
commercial, ft, and bank ft per cent; Chicago, 26 dis
sount; Sl Louis, 76 premium, and Cincinnati steady,
Gold opened at 112ft and closed at 112X. all the sales
to-day having been at those figures. Cash gold loaned
tat and at 1 par cant for borrowing and 2 par eent lor
omAWoxs or rn ools rkcharqr bask.
Gold balances (632,801
Currency balances.. 72-1,933
Cross clearances 10,446.000
ciJtARiNO nouss statxvrrt.
Currency exchanges $63,704,856
Corrency balances. 2,900,624
Gold exchanges 0,216.000
Gold balances 608,041
The specie engagementa thus far to-day for to
morrow's steamers amounted to $300,000 gold coin.
ut ooods imports.
The Imports of dry goods at the port of New York
fcr the week ending this date are (718,834, and the
tstotnt marketed $884,246. The total imports sinco
January 1 are $42,630,461, and the total amount
ssarkatad $4S.028,99&
In In veal ma at shares the principal activity waa
Shown by New Jersey Central, which, owing to prevalent
statements that at a recent meeting of the directors lt
Was determined to paas the dividend, declined from
?1ft to 79 V? and toT8. seller sixty days. C., C\, C. and
l> broogM 4dft; Rensselaer and Saratoga, 120; New
York Central, 107 a 108 ft a 108; Kock Island, 108 ft;
Delaware and Hudson, 100; American Express, 68ft a
M; Adams fc sprees, 10014; Producers' Petroleum,
110V, a 110ft; Cleveland and Pittsburg, 02ft; Morris
and Keeex, MB; Chicago, Borllogton and Qslncy, 116;
llllnoui Central, 97ft.
stats sosos.
State bonds were firm. Missouri long sixes sold at
I0S, Tennessee, old, at 44ft, new series at 40ft and
Loalsiaaa consols, sevens, at 00ft.
TSB LMITSO statss tsrascrt.
The Assistant Treasurer paid oat to-day $22,000 gold
sa aecoant of Intereat and $143,000 in redemption of
five-twenty bonds.
The Sub-Treasury released $34,664 silver coin to
Revenue receipts to-day, $000,000; customs receipts,
$100,0110; bank notes received to-day, $000,000. The
announced resignation ol Secretary Unstow produced
no perceptible effect on the market.
?ovsnsnssT noons.
liWHl bonds slsssd strong at the foUowlng
quotations:?Tnited Stem currency Riser, 125|f a
126; 4a da. ISO, registered, 120 Si m 120',; da
da, do., coupon, 124 a 124l,; da da, 1866, regis
tered, 116 a 116 S; d0 do., da, coapoa, 116 a 116 H;
da dae^jda, new, rt|iittnd,in^' a 117 V; da da, da,
coupon, 120V a 121; do. da, 1867, registered, 110V a
190; da da,da,ooupon, 123 Va 123 V ;da da, 1868, ro
filtered, 121 a 121 '4; da do., da, coapoa, 124V a 124%;
da ten-forties, registered, 118 a 118 V, dd da, cou
pon, 118'* a 110; do. fives, 1881, registered, 117V a
117J.; da da, da, coupon, 117 V a 117 V
The London advices report consols flat, with a de
cline of X per cent on the price, on despatches an.
nouncing the aasasalaation or the members of the
Turkish Cabinet. United States are firm and a traction
higher for old 1865's and 1867's; new fives were V per
cent lower. ?192,COO sterling went into the Bsnk of
England to-day. The following are quotations at half
past four o'clock P. It.:?Consols lor money, 04X* a
94 V; da for account, 94 V a 94?,'; 1865 bonds, old,
105V a 105 V; 1867 bonds, 108 Vi ten-forty bonds,
107V; now fives, 106',' a 10?V; Erie, 12* a 12V; do.
preierred, 18 a 10. In Frankfort new fives are 102 V
In Paris rentes are 105f. 85c.; exchange on London,
25C 27c.
Railroad bonds were strong, with the Milwaukee end
St. Paul consolidated sinking funds the feature, they
having advanced to 92%, a rise of IV par cent. The
other changes were an advance of V In Central Paclflcs
(California and Oregon branch), and V *n Toledo and
Wabash firsts (St. Louis division), Milwaukee and St.
Paul eights (up to 116%) and Milwaukee and St Paul
sevens. Michigan Southern sinking fuids rose to 107,
Western Pacific* to 102V, and Missouri Pacific firsts to
04. CenlrsI Pacific sold at 108% a 108V and Union
Pacific firsts at 105%. The following were the closing
quotations for Pactflo Railroad bonds:?Union Pacific
firsts. 105 V a 105 V; da land grants, J00% a 101; da
sinking funds, 80V * 0?; Central Pacific*, 108V a 100.
Bank shares were dull Central National sold-at 102.
The following are the Philadelphia stock quotations
at three o'clock this day:?
Bid. At U&.
City sixes, old ? 106 V
City sixes, new ? 109
United Companies of New Jersey 141 141 %
Pennsylvania Kallroa<l 52V 58
Philadelphia and Reading Railroad 44 % 44 V
Lebisb Velloy Railroad 69% 50V
Catawlssa Railroad, preferred 44 ?
Philadelphia and Er'e Hail road 13 V
Northern Centrel Railroad 83V 84 V
Lehigh Navigation 60V 67V
Lehigh Navigation gold loan 103V ?
Tho following are the closing quotations of mining
stocks received by telegrsph from San Francisco:?
Consolidated Virginia'J3 V Crown Point 10 V
California. 75 V Yellow Jacket 30 V
Segregated Belcher.. 70 Alpha 51V
Ophlr 52 V Beloher 10 V
Chollar 1, 80% Confidence 19V
Savage IS),' Sierra Nevada 13
Con. Imperial 0% Kxchequer 17
Mexican 27 V Overman 55V
Gould & Curry 15 Justice 23 V
Best k Helchcr 48V Caledonia 8V
Bale & Nor cross, new
stock, 5 for 1 10V
A rumor took shape to-day in consequence of the
publication ef an item In an evening paper, that Mr.
H. J. Jewett. tho former President, and now the re
cetver of tho Erie Railway Company, has been actively
speculating on the ahort side of the market, particular
ly with a view to lower prices of Now York Central. We
arc authorized to publish that there is no trutb what
ever in the statement.
The Franklin Telegraph Company, with wires
through New England, and from Boaton to Washing
ton, has been leasod to the Atlantic and Paetllo Com
pany for ninety-nlw years.
The following are the earnings of the Missouri, Kan
sas and Texas Railway for the first week in June:?
1876 $60,080 82
1875 42,561 88
Increase $7,624 94
A despatch from New Orleans says:?"Work on the
two gap* In tho Texas Pacific road is proceeding rap
Idly, in order to have tho road complete by the middle
of August, and thus prevent forfeiture of charter."
$5000 Ohio & Hill 2d..
50 >(lit ? I'M let
TOO do 6*%
5(X) do b3 t'8%
800 do 68%
Ski Erie It I' 13%
200 Pae Mail SS 25%
3*> do ?S 25%
40l> do b? 2ftft
l'?N T <? k H B RR. 107%
200 do "
100ltieh Can RR
100 do
100 do
l'?> do
20 do
llJOXJ Cen RR e
?JOttO do aS
Ami do bS
?oo do
Mm do |3
700 do
12J0 do >3
Friday, June 10,187&
estW 300aha LS IMS RR... 681
<?<% ?-'lO'l do Ml
??>.; ft o do aft &6
f.8% 5" do s3 &.*>)
P8? 11*10 do !Sf?i
10 ?i Chi RR... 42
200 Chi 4 N W RB pf.. 6'."
lfvi do
14<i0 do *2?
SOI du H2I
2'x)Ohio k Miss RR... l?t
ami do i?j
100 Mil k Kt P RR pf. 70'
si " son
80% 200
3ixi Mil * St 1" RR....
100 du U3
AW 11:3) A
flOO'lCS 5-20. e. Uiftb? 115% $140?n8ft a0.c.'?7 bo 123%
l50J>IU 8 5-20,a, 'o7.. 123% 51o0 i US 5'i. e. '
f10000 La 7'?, Conaol.
ItaxuTenn i'i,n?efiei
5om Tt-nu ?'?. old....
liKK) I I'd*., e
21X1111,tV I eon...
lOOU) M A SP 7'i, Hold 103
71XXI M ,t MP cuu ? L. I' a
5000 do be B-!J4
fttXXtCAS 'C H. HI*
1000 M 1 8| r 8'a. l?t 11 "M
loooMlchCea 7'?... 101%
7000 Cn l'ac lit .be 106%
200) I n Pao 7'a. I n.. !? 0%
2 00 O P lit. CAObr. Hit%
urnoT A W l?t. Stl,d 7o
1000 Tol k Wab -d. 6?;%
fcHXXJ tit W.xt 2d tW
28 nil* Central Sat Bit 102
17 I'el A II Can 0 e-o 108
900 Wait 0n Tel.. b e
?MO do U* <*>%
lOO do "
li Ml 'lo .c
11G Pacific Mail 68.bo
]iki do ?3
10 1 do bS
aio do
MO) do
3 y> do
1<i0 Erie RR.... .b c.iS
ft1) Amer Kx be
200 do
loONY CA HK RK.be 107
1CJO do iUO 107
'81.be 117%
HiiAUl>?10:54* A. M.
1100aba I.H k M S..b3
5 >1
401 I
do ...
do... . ___
1<ki CAN W RR. .b c ?3
100 do
400 du
??? do b3
1<X# do
200 Chi A N'W HRpfbc
.. uJ
loo Ran. k Bar RR.bo 12o'
50 N J I'en Kit .b e ?l
200 do
lixi Mleb * an. .b c.al0
H11) do
100 do
I'm do
200 Cn Pae RR be
SCO Tol A Wat> RK..be
looc,c.c k I "K.bo
4 iO L,.- A M MIR .. .be
1O0 do b3
47 V
4i. S
2 ?)
mcOO C 8 5-2H, e, '?7.. 128','
5i OO leun ?l'i. old.... 44%
1000 liar 1st, llOJfi
We O I" A I <: lit... 45
11)00 C. c A 1 C 2d li
14 .li* Manhattan Cm 235
lm) VV eit I u 1*1... . ' *%
?JDOl'.c ails.- V5%
100 N V f A II K RR.. 10ng
7i do
li*) do
20 t"n PaciUl!....
.'<CM 1. H A M H UK
48 do
'Oi) dv
7 ?) do
311 N J Cen Kit
ltd Chi k kWBIt pf..
I'KI do
MOO on
1IM Mil A St I' pf..b e
100 ao
100 do
5 do
100 Ohio 4i Mlii.bc.S3
SOOihaC k N W RRpI
1"0 do iii
800 do
2<iii 'lo ...3
fx ?i Chi k N W 11K 4J%
?0o do bJ 4^%
20t do 1
5UO Chi k R I RR
loo Ibl a Wai. at....
1(X) >i A St I'pf h3
' 3
10 O
. oo
? b3
. b3
7 .*?!
lUiMU A8tP BB. .. 40f.
?2V, 8?> do 41
a?l4 200 do b3 41
2 P. M.
f4fxO l SO'i.'" "81..bS 121% ?lixmr 8 5'i. 1O-40. f 118%
5. 0>AJ L'B .. .0, c. ?7. 1.3% lUXOfSi i, '81, ?... n;jj
$1000 Bmf. CHAM lit
ln?i i. a W B e ?"
141X1) M A 8tP l.l.I.al' 104%
3KJ0 do
5u<i" xl .v *<t r eoa ? t
601X1 Mtcb Svuth i r
A Kim .i. ?0
|i a i i ? n if old o. 0 8%
IXXX) do 108 >
MiOWhiI'm Mi loUl4
7 I li I o l'ac KK lit.. I"5%
liHIO I'nl'ac i liNtd.b* 00
M.?.) ? I'at ?l Mo lit... tH.
HixiW UTe.10Ui.be w%
11> ?h? I'l'liilToWc 1I8'4
41% H*) ihi LS k MS P.R..
2o i oo e
7oO do t3
2 ' MMh i enRR. be
100 do
l'i> du
too Chi k a VI HR.be
V?| At* Pae Tel..
IK) ito .
a* W Cn Tel
ft ')
4 J
42 Si
42 V.
do ...
!t all
90 I'Wit k P Ktd
? A M h..b C..b3
It>) 4o ....a*
MW do Ml
. iio
..b e
W<V 4 O
?8% M)
UOOChUNW pf..be.(3
|ix) du b3 tTi
3txi do ?i%
do 6
do bit ?>d
ItX) Mil k St I'. b c.b3 41
7lX) do ... 41
100 do bit 411,
|iX) MilA St t Bl.bc.b3 71%
lOoO do.... ... 7M.
1000 do 71
1<X) ?? I>3 71',
KM do iS 71
4iX) do 71
20 Tol, W A W RR.i e 1%
lix) U.I.L A W Ri...be KJ8>,
I'M do lo8
H?i do 107%
150 do 108
70 Chi AAltBBpCb* 107%
1900 do IWU 40 Chi, B * Q It .be 11*
W*> do (8 R5U lomhirf * M KB..u c IB",
>-J00 do 5'i? l<*>StL,JCC BN.bc.i3 ?
1<" do bS 55'? 10Mor*KssBB..b? 1US?
30 do 6i,'?
-:S0 TO 3 P M
$300) M * 8 P cob I f. 9.1 2'*? shs Cbl B N W..b3 42
?KW do ?2K 800 do 4IK
4mo N .1 Cenconv.. . lunv, liaiChiA S Wpf. IK
10" aha P C L A P Co. ll?'. JiW do 82K
1O0 All A Pac Tel 17 10U do s5 B-!?.
?'?' Win I ? Te.. bS -J 0 S J < en KB .... H"S
t**' do a-!)J BOO du BO
U*> do b3 ?HV 1U0 du sUO 78
10 Adam* Ex lOfl'Z I'KI do ... W'?
ttsiPae BauBS 25? SO do 7l?H
too , it KB... Ioh 4(1 do 80
lOOIUCen BR.. U7? 300 Mil B HI P KB. .bS 41
MMotBBm KB.... ln'J a ?> do.... 40\i
lOM... j, a ttH..iB 5'* 2tO Mil ? Bt P pf.. b3 71
100 do 55& 4"0 do ..." 71
H" do ,b3 6*>W ]<?> Ohio Jt Mia*.....s3 10*
10 do 100 55>, 400Tol B Wab MB.... 3
8"0 do. aJ 53 V 1'i) no 2*
100 do b.? 65V 2'KiSt L, KO B N pf . 29
?00 Chi BMW BK.... 4'<<??? lOOPa KB of Mo.... ?
Friday, June 16?6 P. U.
Commercial reporters continue to bear the same
complAlnt as to the general deprussion in trade circles,
and though the expressions vary somewhat from day
to day, thero Is no mistaking the general meaning o(
them?i a, the merchandise markets continue to be
characterized by the same Quietude that has obtained
so long, and during the past week the situation of
affsirs has been rendered still more unsatisfactory by
the comparative inaction and consequent reaction in
the broadstutls markot. The cessation of demand Is
the signal for a recession of prices, hastened by the
poor condition of the reoeipts, so that at the present
writing the markot Is dull while prices aro materially
lower than they werq some time ago The cable ad
vices have been of a less favorable tenor during tbe
past week than they were during the precodlng week,
and tbe movement bence to Ureat Britain and Continental
Europe ha* accordingly not bein nearly so lively, although
the falling off will hardly be shown by the clearance* from
the Custom Mouse, ai a large proportion of tbe amount
oleared was sold last week. The week, taken as a whole,
has eertalnly tended In favor of bnyira, although, with re
duced limit*, the inducements to ship freely have uot been
as great as they were during the previon* few week* The
"ups and downs" of provision* have been about as roiispieuous
and about a^lrequont as during the last week, yet the dlf.
firence In vaine* of tbe hog product at the prisent writing
as compared with those curreut a week ago Is not great.
Tbe dry goods market ba* remained provoklngly quiet, yet
at all the large auction sales it ban been demonstrated that
there Is a point beyond which the trade will nut permit
price* to fall. Large purchase* of both cotton and woollen
Fabrics have characterised all tbe large auctions of late and
the avidity with which the various offerings have
been taken ba* occasioned no little remark. Active
preparations have been made to provide for the lall season,
and a fair trade 1* hoped for, despite tbe Presidential elec
tion and the unsettling, disturbing elements thereby set In
motion. Seldom, or never before, have politic* formed so
conspicuous a part ol discussion and attracted so large a
share of attention among tbe mercantile community at now.
There is but one siutluient which auimato* the whole, and
that i* an earnest desire that uartlsan politician* be throwu
overboard and turnout reformers bo brought to the front
To day (Friday) buslneaa was everywhere light and the
markets were generally irregular and dull. Tbe
boavy receipt* of wheat, a large proportion of
which wa* out of couditlon. tended to mill further depress
tbe market, and pricos favored tbe buyer. Cousldarablo of
the wheat sold during the past few day*, has been rejected
as utiHnuud. while strictly prime ha* been In limited sup
ply and has conseqently sold relatively higher than other
kimls. Business on 'Change was comparatively small.
Coru wa* dull, but without decided change. Oats were
steady. Whiskey was firmer. 1'ork and lard were tbe
turn better, but quWl. Freights ana charters have uot been
so rampant as they ware lu.-t weok, and rates are rather
lower. Cotton > n the spot was steady ; futures were lower.
Coffee wa* steady. Naval stores were quiet. Oils wore
quiet. Petroleum was quiet and s teady. sugar waa firm.
AaUKS were quiet and steady at 3}4c. a for not*. I'uarls
were nominal at 0?4'c. a 7c. Antimony was still strung at
lf>'ie. a K.fcc.. gold, for foreign.
HtiKKWAt -U'e noto aale of 1.200 lbs. Southern at 34^0,
Quoted at 'M%e. for Southern and 33l?c. a 33??c. for Westei u.
Unmix Cou.n waa dull and uiicettled. We quote:?Ked,
4Wc. a 3a.; red tipped, 6c. a Oc.: medium grain, 7t,c. a Sc.
Canolks wire atcadv. We quote Soerm, 2*c.; ?perm,
patent, ;iMc.; stearic, acid (IB on.). 21c. a 2Mc.; adamautlue
(12, 14, IB os.), 12c. a 10c; paradlne (4's,8's and )2's),lUe.
a 20a.
CorrKE.?The market for Brazil* was quiet and itesdy:
8.50U ba?* Santos, ex Uluckang. sold at IB.. Mild cuffe was
quiet. We quote Ordinary cargoes. HJ^c. a 15c.; lair.do.,
liikJc. a lBJic.i good do., 17c. a 17'4c.; prime da, 17 tic. a
17J,c.; extreme range for lots, 14^c. a ls1.c ; Santos, lair to
Rood, a 17c., gold, ninety days; Java, government
ags, 20c. a 22c.; do., grata mats, 'JOc. a 2Kc.; Singapore, do.,
18c. a 20c.; Ceylon, IBWc. a 18)^0.; Maracalbo, 14?,c. a
18c.; Laguavra, lBUe. a 17J<c.: Jamaica, 13c. a 17e.: St.
Doming", Ukr. a Im.; Porto Kleo, l*c. a 18>ic.; Costs
Kica, 17c. a Ilic.; Mexican, IB.^e. a 18c ; Manila, 17c. a
18c.; Angostura, 17c. a 18c.; Savantlla, 14<^c. a 18c.:
Curaeoa. i4Vc. a 17c.
CooPKBAes nmcs was nuehanged. Yl? quote:?Mo
laases sbooks. 32-luch. with beads, *1 90 a 82 25: sugar
ahooks. with hsads, 38-iach. 82 SO a 82 IB: do., do., 9B-luch,
$1 50 a 8^: box sliooks 75c. a 80c.: rum do., B4: nine do.,
gts a8tt 50: einptv hogsheads. g2 00; hoops, 14 feet, or
dinary to prime, $37 a 840: hoops. 12 int. do.. 833 a 833
per M.
CorFKK.?W? not* mIm at about 100,(XX) lb*, lake at
20c.. ciwh; market closing firm at that.
Cokpac* wa* quiet and unchanged. W* quote:?Manila
(large aud small elie), oer lb.. l a l?%o.; do. cordage,
bolt rope yarn*, lMc. a 17c.; tarred Manila, 14c.; Hlial rope,
lOe. a lie.; New Zealand, ll%e. a UKe.; Kuasl* hemp,
tarred. 14c.: American do., 14a.; Ku**l?bolt rope. 17c.
Corrox.?The market lor spot ?a< ?te*dy, with a fair de
maud. Future* were lomur. The cloelng prloea to-day com
pare with Tnurai.ajr't price* a* follow*:?
TkumUiy, JM*r. l.'j. Fritlny. June IB.
Jane.... 12 ? 1^ June.... 11 15 id a 11 81-82
July UK ?? July..... 11 31-82 ?
August.. 12% ?? Aii^u?t. 12 1-16 ?
Kept 12 3-32 a 12 7-32 Sept. ... 12 a 12 1-32
October. 12 1-32 a? October. 11% ?
Nov 11 15-1H a II 31-82 Not.... ll? all 25-33
l)ee 11 31-32 a 12 Dec 11V *11 25-82
Jan 12 1-16 a 12 3-32 Jan 11% a 11 20-32
Feb 12 3-10 a 12 7-82 Feb 12 1-32 a 12 1-lrt
March... 12 1 32 a l-'Vf March.. 12 3 1? a 12 7-32
April.... 12 15-82 a 12% April.... 12 U 32 a 12%
May 12 10-32 a 12 21-32 May .... 12 15-32 a 12>?
?Quotation! are ba*od ou American itandard of classifica
tion, and on cotton In store running in quality not more
than half a grade above or below the grade quoted :?
Upkuul*. Alabama. .V. Orlratu. Turn*.
Ordinary 8 11-18 h 11-16 8 11-16 H 11-10
Strict ordluary 0W 0.!, 0%
Uood ordinary 10 1-16 10 1-16 lo 3-16 10 3-16
Strict good ordluary. lOjf l<^i MK 10%
l,ow middling 11 3-16 11 5-16 11 7-16 11 7-16
Strict low middling.. 11% 11% 12 12
Middling 12W 12V. u 5 16 12 5-16
Good middling I2? 12% 12% 12%
Strict good middling. 13-, 1 3% 13$Z 13%
Middling fair 13>! 13% 13% 13K
Fair 14% 14% ldjfi 14'!
?stained -Good ordinary, 8%c.; strict good ordinary, ?;{c.;
low middling, 10%a.; mlddliug. ll%c. Spot sale* ware a*
To-Day. lout tuning. Total.
Export ? 1.061 1,001
Consumption.... ........... 1.670 853 2,032
Speculation 17 ?? 71
In traudt......... ? 067 067
Total* t.600 2,381 4,077
?Delivered on contract, 1,200 bale*. *"or future delivery
tlie Kale* were a* follow*:?Yesterday, after two P. M ?
July, 2.01 W bales at 12 1-IOi. l,20Uat 12'?c.; August. 1.500
at 12 3-10c.,200 at 12 7 3.'c.,HUO at 12'4c.; November.
700 at 11 31 -32c,; Decern Iter, 200 at 11 l.'>- Hlc.; February.
1(W at 12 3-10c. Total, 0,700 bales. Today up to two
F. M July, 1,300 at I2%c.. 1.000 at 12 3-32o , 3O0 at 12
1-16&, 100 "it 12 3-320.. 1,400 at 12 1 -32c., 1.100 at 12c.:
August. 800 at 12 7-320., 2<?i at 12 3 16c., l,4f?s at 12 5-32c ,
3<?>al 12i,c..20i> at 12 5-32c . 2.a*) at IJ^e.. 5<*> at 12
3 32c.. 2' Ml at I ; September, 400 at 12 5-32c,
2iiO at 12\e.. 10) at 12 3-32c.. 900 Ht 12 1 If-'o ;
October, 70J at 12c. *OJ at 11%*. November,
000 at U 15-16c., 500 at 11 2032c., Mm at
II 27-320., 300 at II 13-Hic.; December, ftOOat 11 20 3.'c?
100 at II 27 32c.. 100 at II 13-lrtc.; April, 900 nt 12 J3-32C.
Total. 17,l?> bale*. Grand total, 2o.5ts> bales. Therocelpte
at the port* were a* follows Oatveaton, 40; New Orleans,
HHO; Mobile, 110; Savannah, 05; Charleston. 02; Wiluiing
toa.fi; Norfolk, 110; B?*ton, 03; Philadelphia, 526. Total,
1,704 bsle? This day last week. 1,010. This day last year,
1.032. Total .sine - September 1, 1,038.058 bales. Cotton
freights cIomju as follows:?To Havre, iiy steam. %c , com
preneod. To Hamburg, by steam, Jsc . compressed. To lire
men. oy steam. %c..comoreaaed. To Liveroool. bv (team,
5 I?*?.; ?v sail. MM.
Dauct. Ati.?opium was brm and fairtv active -.quoted
at (I .l7)j II ?4 7 >. gold, iu bond, and <0 25. currency for
job lots, and 98 37 v.. currency, lor Dwdersil. Oil vitriol wit*
quiet at $1 75 per cwt. for large lots and 2c. a *-,c. per Hi.
for small lota. Camphor whs steady at 27c. for refined.
Cream tartar wa* quoted at 31c. a 32c., gold, lor American
and trench, and 3.\'tc. lor powdered la bbls. and sac.
lor do. in box**. Alcoholics?Chloroform and ether weru
steady at inc. for the former and 54c. a 04c. for the latter.
Borax was steady at U'.c. a 11 J?r. lor refined elty and
11 Uc. lor do. California. Balsam tolu was unchanged; quoted
at #1 06 a #2. currency. Burgundy pitch wa* qiioUd at 7-.e
a8c. Gnarana was entlrelv nominal at 92 So a 93. Maun*
was strong; new crop wa* quoted at 65c. a 7oc. for
small, fl 20 lor larg* ani S"c. tor sorts. Kussian can
tbaridas were auiot nt 91 25 a 91 50, bliellac wa*
quiet at 45c.. gold, for D. 0.. and 36c.. (old, lor fcngllah.
Itivi divl was very scare* and firm at per ton. Catch
wa* qniet at r>%c.. gold. 1'russiate potash wa* i|ulet at 20c.
aSOc., aa to quality. Bichromate potaah wa* dull at 15^c.
Hal ammoniac wa* doll at IOVjC , gold. Iriah moss was quiet
at 6>?c. a 7c. Gambler wa* quiet at 5%e., gold, hpsom salt*
were In fair demand at 2c. sumac wa* firm at 91 35. Ar
got* were steady at 2Me. a 32'ac.. gold, according to quality.
Gentian root wa* firm at 6%c. a 7c. Camla buds war* quoted
at 37c. a 4< tc. Colombo root wa* quoted at 0c. for whole and
14c. lor powdered. Gum godda waa firm at 8c. a *!jC.
Juniper bcrrle* w*ro dnli at *0. a 8>*e. for orui
uary Italian. Orango peei rated quiet at 9c a
l'i'.c. Venice turpentine wa* doll at 17)ie. a 10c. Caatlle
soap?Conn wnlte wa*quoted at 16c. a 16'.!*.. and Marseille*
pure mottled at 10a, gold ttoobtli* laiu were steady
a* 3i'SC. tor bnla. aud 3Ike. for bose*. Quinine wa*
*etiv? at 92 20. Blue vitriol fan *te*dv at H^c. Morphine
wa* active and firm at 94 25. lodldo pota*h wa* active and
firm at 92 45 a *2 5o, aa to quality. Alum?Lump wa* In i
fair demand at 2Se- a 2)?a. Chlorato potash wa* in lair d*^
in and at 210. a21>?c., gold, and 22c. <or greenbacks. Tar
taric acid wa* i|Ui*t*t4Sl^t, gold, for cry*t*l, and 48c. a
40c. for powdered. Citric acid wa* quoted at 72c. a Tie.
Licorice root wa* qaiat at former price*; quoted at from sc.
to 15c.. currency, for (elected. jUeorlee paste, rnlaoria,
at 31c.; Spanish solid at 25c. a 28c.. gold; Pfgnaclli at 34c.;
small Ooialiaa at 32c.; larg* Gutalina at 4Ur.; F. M 8. small
at 30c. a 86Wc. ; Cerigllano waa very sea roe; last lot waa sold
at 4>'>c Cuttlefish bones ruled steady at 20c. Baliam
copaiba waa easy %t 05c. a 70c. Halfron wa* firm at
22c. a25e for American and 90* 912 for Hpanlsh. Galauirai
rout wa* qatet t 4c. a 4&e. Cod liver oil waa lu tnlr demand
at 91 00 for N->wfoondlend and 92 a 92 0> fur Jforwe
irtaa. Khunarb was esi ltcl and tending upward, with nrice*
ranging from 91 50 t* 92 to. Aloes ware quotod at 12c.
Ginger wa* firm at 10Hc. for Jamaica bleached.
Krgot waa easy at 91 25. Quicksilver was quotod at Ul*. a
62c. Leave* ware qulot, bat (toady at uuciiitnged prleea;
?uot*d at 2< i?. for belladoona. He lor con I am and aoonli*.
He. * 2lic. lor henbane and 91 25 tor roM. Arsenic wa* in
lair demand at 3,Uc. tl^c., gold, for whltd powdered, and
13c a i.Hj*. tor red do. Hood* were qalet. We oome
Mustard? Veilow Callfuiaia, 7>^c. a He.; brown do., 7*.;
hrowa Trieste. 7>,e.; yellow Kngflsn, He. Canary ?
Frimu Dutoh wa* quoted 97 75 and Mmyma wa* firm at
97 25. Hemp was quiet at $1 82%. Caraway wa* firm ft
12* a 12Kc. Coriander was uaoMd at 5%c. tihamomlle
flowers were qaiet at l ?c. a 25a. U;yeenne wo* In lair
demand and firm at 10a. a I8%e. Sw.et mar lor am waa quiet
t2oe Unto root wa* Meoav at 12Ue. * 25c., accordi
ik*m *taadv at 93 SO lor
eerdlng to
? StM
root wis nantad at 35a tor white rat. Gam erahie was I
quoted at 15c. lur prima sort* and lie. tor second J >. Au I
Cuur? bark w..? quiet at bUc. naksafras bark ^met ?t |
Squill* vara nulft a* lie. Lavender dowers vara ,
quiet at ?>',e. Valerian r >ot wai quoted at -V. lor Konlleh .
aad t ie. lur German. Albumen *u ?te*dy at r?-H- a7i)c.
t-.r blood and 91 a ?1 15 tor egg. Sarsapariila waa quiet
but steady. We <|uutu :?Honduras common at Mr, a 57 c.;
do. do. lor export. :Vw. a-17c., gold; .Mexican, 18c. a 14c.
J also vai 4nolo j at lJc a Me., cold Onto tiaiuar wa* qiiiei
at I tic. a Inc. Gamboge w?? auoted at 07c. Aseafatldawaa
steady at 15c. a 17c. Carbonate ammonia wasuuiet at 14?,c.
Kaaentlal oil* were -tealv Mr* uuota:?Oil bergatuot,
M 2d; oillamon. Sanderson's. 93 at?: Ibiusen'sfinesi oil roaa.
W a"l?. nl auine. CI 7.>. all gold; oil caraway, #1 ?"
a 92 50; oil eroton. 93 10; oil cltronella. 75c. a 'J-ie- ; oil
lavaadar. 75c. a 93; do. da. (Miicliauii. *13 50; oil clove*
93 '85; oil wlntargreeii. #3 ; oil *a*aatras. inclusive. Vie.:
oil pennyroyal. 94 a 94 5,1, all currency: oil af bav, M6 SO
aud 935. hugllsti chemical* ware llriu. bat quiet. I ha sale*
ware 50 tooh sal soda at 91 -|9. -5 tons soda tuft at 3c-1 JO ?
tons blearbonate wtettiVc.; 100 drum* caudle soda at
4.\c., al< void! and 50 cask* bles.-lilug powder at 91 0" cur
rency. We quota -ada aah. ordinary to irood brand*. 91 U?
a <3; sal aoda. #1 ?<; caustic aoda. 94 87S; oicarbouate
auda. 94 30, all gold; bleaching uowder, 91 HO, currency;
?uperrarbouata aoda. John Dwiglil M Co.'* (In kegai. 4c.,
Kkatukiis were quiet and unchanged. Prime ware quoted
at 57c. a68<j. and tnixed at 85c. a 40c.
Kun.-Tlio in iff k i-1 continue i very quiet for all kind* and
tbaru were no sal. s Irom Iril hand*. business being coufln> d
to Job lot*. Wa quotaNew Ueorgp's cod. 95 a 95 35; Orand
Haukdo.. H Shore mackerel. No. 1. 935 a 937; do., large.
Mo. 3, 914 a 9l<>. Hu? herring, No. 1. 15c.; scaled do..
33c. a 35c.: barrelled do. new, No. .1, medium, 911; do.
large. 913; Labrador 95 50 a95 71
i- Loi'tt urn (iu.ux -Receipt* -Klour. lH.HtN bbi*.; wneat,
837.045 bushels; corn uioat 53 < bid*. and 334 sacks; oat*.
50.IIB4 bushel*; corn, IU7,.?HJ do.; rye. ti.77.1 do.; barley
malt, 4,374 do. The Hour market was quiet aud uncliauged.
A moderate deiuaud prevailed lor shipping extra* at uu
changed Uitnres The aale* were about 13,0 41 bbl*., in
cluding State, We*tern aud Soutliaru. at the annexed quo
tations. Kje Hour wa* quiot, with sale? of iUMJ bbla. at
9 ' 75 ? 95 3<>. Corn local wa* steady. with sales of 3 <AAi
bbl*. at 9-1 30 a 98 55 lor Braudywiue, and 93 80 it
98 30 tor Western, Jersey aud l'euukyivauia yellow. Wa
No. 3 state 92 75 a 93 40
superfine State 4 00 a 4 40
Kktru state 5 00 a 5 35
Choice Mate . 5 35 a 8 00
Superliue Weitern 4 no a 4 40
h.\tie Western 5 00 a 5 35
Minnesota... 5 35 a 7 0(1
Uound hoop Ohio, shipping branda 5 00 a 5 35
Hound hoop Ohio, trade brands 5 St) a <1 SO
Family 7 <?>a s 50
St. Louii, low extra 5 00 a H OO
St. Loin*, straight extra 0 .-"a 7 00
St. Louis, choice double extra 7 00* S 35
St. l.ouik, choice family 8 35 a 0 50
Bye Hour, line to supcrhuu 1 8 70 a 4 30
southern, No. 3 8 00 ? 8 75
Hjutherii. superline 4 Ola 4 50
Southern,extra 4 Una 0 75
Southern, family 7 00 a W 00
Corn meal, Western 8 IXia 8 35
Corn meal, Jersey 8 0>>a 8 35
Corn meal, Hrnmly wine 8 <0 it 8 50
Corn meal, ouncheoc* 3iA*> a 3<i 50
?Wheal was dull ami heavy, except for strictly prime, which
wa* scurcx aud held pretty lirju. The ?ales aeru abtut
140,000 i.ushcls at 91 ? 91 10 for No. 8 Spring; 91 18 a 91 18
for No. 3 t'hicauo and Northwest; 91 31 a 91 33 for prima
No. 3 .Milwaukee; 91 35 for Minnesota; 91 35 u $1 31 lor
No. 1 do., the iuaida price for soil: 91 85 lor part of a load
of No. IShoboygau; 91 05 a 91 35 for uiiKrudeil surinif .
91 41 tor while W ustorn; 91 OH a 91 10 fur No. 8 New York
?priutf aud 91 lu for No. 3 do. Coru wa* dull but unchanged.
1 lie sale* were abuut Ki.tsW bushels at 5Sc, for (team m>xed,
5Uc. lor mixed, ttJc. a tm.^a. lor graded do.. 54c. a Ole. lor
uugradecl do., 5>Jc. a for heated and damaged, tl3c. lor
graded Western yellow ; IKV. lor ungraded yellow, on track,
aMMe. lor ateatu ungraded mixed to arrive, (lata were
?toady, with sale* ot S),UW bushel* at 85c. for rejected, 40c.
tor No. 3 t'hioau'o mixed, 40c. h 4;ic. lor intxud State. 43c. a
44c. lor while Western. 43c. a 17c. for white State. 88c. lor
Nus 3 white Naw York inspection, 84o a 45c. tor the ran.'o
ol mixed and 8sc. it 47c. tor the raifga of white. Kye?0
note sales of SOI) bushels Western, on spot, at tt ic., aud
4.000 buibel* to arrive at 84c. liarioy ana barley malt weia
CRUIT.?The luatket lor Inreiun drlen wa? still qnlel.
I'rlces were unchanged. Wo quotaLayer raiains. per box.
93 70; hall do.. 91 50; quarter do., 70s.; naw
loose ronacatel, $3 70 a 93 tki per box, accord
ing to quality; new ?eedle*? ralsius. 95 3,i per frail;
Valencia raisin*, inc. per lb.; luitaua do., lie. tor new;
Turkey prunes,5c. lor Servta and liosnia; new t'luuebdu.,
tk. a lib, according to aiie and quality. Currants, 7'.4c.,
according to qua.ity. Leghorn cilrou, 30c. i-'igs. lie. tor
layer*, liatei. 5^c. Uraxiluula. UWc. t'reservud ginger. 97 50
per case Domestic dried was lairly active aud steady. Wa
quoteApplo*, State, quarter*, Dc. a Uf^O.; do., sliced, B.tjc.
a lUi. iboutheru, quarters. 8t,e. ,i i?),c.; do.,sliced. Uc. a liu.:
do., fancy. 13^0. a 18c. I'eacties. peeled? Georgia, priuia
to fancy, 14c. a lse.; unpeeled do., quarters, lOV^e.; halves,
lJ^c. a 18c. Blackberrle*. 7%c. a '."c. Uaapberrie*. 3Uc. a
37c. Cherries, 3(!c. l'lums. Southern, 18c. a JOc.; do..
State, 31c. I'oanuta were stn idy. We quoteOrdinary Vir
ginia. 91 25 a91 50; pritna do.. 91 t<5 a 91 70.choice do.,
91 75 a 91 80; ordinary W ilmlngton. 91 4o a 91 50; prime
to laney do., 91 75 a 9- Domestic green old apples aero
about out of the market. A few hall barrel crates of new
were recoleed and were held at Irom 93 to 93 50.
llif isi) straw.?>na market was quiet, but with
light arrival*; 350 bales sold fur the I* est Indies
at 85c. We quota;?Hale hay, shipping, at 7. a.; retail
qualities at 80u. a 91; clover at 55?s. a 75c. Straw?Louir
rve. 91 15.
ilKMr xxv .iDtK.?We noto aale In Boston or 1,700 bales
Manila on private terius. We quoteAmerican dro sed,
9lUOa 93 0 for single; 931<>a9335 for Double, aud9l*'0a
*135 tor rough. Matiila hemp, > %C, gold ; Russia, clean. 9300
a 931 .gold; Italian, 9375 a 93>-0, gold; Into. 4X|i\ a i'4c.,
currency; Jute butt*. 3'4a, cash, Sisal hemp, 4),c.. gold:
Istle. >,c. a 5\c., gold.
iliout ?The market was quiet, but stocks being light
prloes.were tlrin. I lie sales were 8 *J wot salted cow,
U50 city slaughter*. 8.x i net salted Texas, and
1.WI0 Atakapas on private ternm. We quote: ?
Buenos Ayres. 30 to 34 lbs., IV'.jC. a 31 w.; do., 'J*
to 37 Ilia, 10c. a 31 >jc.; Montevideo, 30a33l, lb*. llt',c. a
30c.: Coirientes. 3i to 13 llts. 18c; Bio Orande. 311 to 32
lbs., 18>,c. a lite.; Orinoco. 30 to 33 lb*., 18\,c.; California,
31 to 35 lbs., 10c.; Central American, 18 lu 31 lbs., 15c.;
Malanioro* and Mexican, 33 to 35 lbs., 15c.; Vera
Crux, 18 to 10 lbs., 18c.; Bogota. 18 to 'jo
lbs.. 18c. a 14c., all gola. (elected: Texas, 38 to 84 lbs., 11c.
a 13c.; dry Texas, 17c. alUc.; Southern. 34 to 80 lbs.. Hie.
a 11c., currency, aslhe/ruu: city slaughter, ox. 80 to au
lb*.. 8c.: COST. 45 lo UU lbs.. ?>. currency, sulacied.
HOPS.?1'hc market wis mora active, but * remain
the same a* last reported. Miipn.cnl* lor the week were
about 000 bales. mo:u Mr. hiiimal Well*' Weekly lh.p
circularReceipts and Kxports? Iteceipts tor the w eok, 3o7
bales; total recelpia alace September 1, 1875, TU.OSJ; iqial
receipts lor sar:ia period In 1874. 43.481; export clearances
lor the week, 578; total export* since September 1, 1875,
41.410; total exports for same period In 1 "74,
15.888. We auota:?New York State, 10c. a 17c.;
Eastern. 8c. a 15c.; Wisconsin, sc. a I k.-.; yoarlings,Sc.
? 10c.: old*, all growths. 4c. a dc.; Calitornla. 15c. a 18c.
iMM.?The niar.et lor American piir was inactive and
uiicoangod; scotch pig was unchanged: 1.00 'tons
Coltnes* sold ou private term*. Kcrap?100 tons wrought
sold Irom ship at 938 35. We quote '?American nig. No. 1,
?32 a 938: do.. Mo. 3. $30 a 931; do., forge, 918 a f3U
Scotch -Coltneaa, 980 a 981; Uartaherrle. 98"; Ulongar
nock, 930 a 92V 50; Kglinton.92s a 938 50; scrap wrought,
938 a 980; rail*, ateel, 900 uer ton; do., irou. 983 a984
ixtr lull.
1.KAH VM quiet st 6)ic. a O'.c,, curreucy, for domestic,
and >!*<?.. noli, lor fore i mi.
Lkatukil?Uir? wasa lalrly active demand for hetulook
Hole, and pricu* wure steady Crop was In light Mock und
with a g>od ilt'iuiii'i price. warn no?l). The receipt* lor
the wuck were 58,770 aido ui.ii I,5"'7 bales The experts
[or the skill* period wore 4,5"* J aide* .,011) of which
went to Kn -Uitd ?ml 2,3' 0 to UltiCoiulncnt. Wa
qtiotoHemlock?Light Buanoa A7r** SlOe.; ? 21c.;
do. California, 2<m.; do. cuuitngb hide. 2<>c.; middle
Buenos Ayrea. Xto. a 28c.; do. California. 21 y?c. a
22c.: do. common hide, 21c. ? 22c.; beery Hue no J
Ayrei, 22},c. a23)??.: do. California. 21>,c. a 22c. : do. com
mon nide. 21 e. ? 2Jc.; good damaged Hue una Ay ran, lHc.
a 2Uc.; do. California, IHc. a Ida.: do. common hide,
18c. a Itta-'pour. damaged common bide. lie. a 17c.
Monaak* wai quiot. We quota;?Caba, centriluital ana
mixed. 22c. a 2nv.: clayed. 2.1c. it 1.1c. ; do. muscovado re
fining. Hoc. a 34r.; do. nraoery, U.e. a 40c.. I'orio Kico,
i'ftc. a 5(>e.; Ktifliah Inlands. 32c. a ?(>c.; Now Orlemu,
fair to guod, fc. a 520 i nriuio to rlioice. .'*c. a 5sc.
Naval STonix. ?The marker for apirita lurpentine wa*
firmer. We note sale* ol 1.200 libfa. at;*>c. Koeln waa
qmat. We quota : -8pirlta turpentine, 30c. a HOlic. Koaln?
common to good atruincd, $1 05 a *1 73. Tar?Washington.
0.' 15 a (J 25. Advices Irom Wilmington wure ae lol
inwa: -Strained, 01 2D bid; good (trained, il 25 bid. Tar
firm. $1 110. Turpentine steady; suit, 91 *>; virgin, 102;
apirita steady. 2i <^c.
Oil* were quiet. Wa quota:?Linseed, caak*. 5ttc.; cot
tonseed cntda, 4Ufc a 42cl ; Montbam, yellow, 48r. a 50c.;
yellow winter, 5tie. a 5Mc.; wblto w inter, tt.'?c. lard, preaent
ini?ke, Ule. a95c.; aperin, crude. 37; do., bleached winter,
01 7il; do., aatural do.. #1 <15; whale, crude. Northern, O-Hj.;
do.. Southern. 55c : Wenched winter, 7<Hj a 72c.; olive,
cask* 91 17H a 01 22 do., easen, 04 35 a 04 40; winter,
bleached Hah, 4*c.; crude flab, 35c. a :?7c.
1*ktholku?. ? Ine market waa <|uiot and ateady. The
etuaiug prices were as follows;?Craae, in bulk, rtj^c.; do , In
bbla., I Ic.; tellned. In bbia.. 14i?o.; do., canes, l*c. Helmed
at i'lilladclplila, HJ?c . and at italtimore, 11^c. Advices
Irom tlie Creek were ax lolkxrs;?Oil City, L'lined, 01 1)7'.. ;
shipmenla. 02 22|j. I'arker a dull but firm ; United, 01 0i>j
Union,01 Uft; aliipmouts, 02 20.
Faovinio.ia.?Kecelpta?Pork. UObbls.; lard. it) tlercoa;
cut meata, 143 paekagaa; bacon, 33 tierce* and 577 boxea;
beef, 115 tieroea and tfibblih The purk market wait quiet
but a ahade Rimer, cloalug at the a.-cond "call" ua lol
lowaJune, 011* 25 bid, 910 5u aakatf; July, #11} 3."> bid,
10 55 a?ked: Augttat, 0ID tl> bid, 010 75 itakud . September,
IO 7<> bid. 011) i'.'i a<ked ; October. $IO 0<) naked. no bid.
The aalea were about l.io ? bbla. st 0r.i <K) lor Amuat; apot
aaiaa were ahmt 25<> bbls. tnca. at 010 4<> a 010 50. Cut
moata were quiet, wltli aalcn ul 500 freah hainaat 11c. and
2u,<*K) Ilia, pickled heiilea heavy average, on private ternm.
Kreah ham? were quoted at loUc. s lie.: pickled do. at
II '4c a ll'iC ; fre?h bellica at u>,,c a 10c.; pickiad do. at
Kite, a 10'.c. and boxed do. at l)),c. a lie. Bacon waa
ateady st IO>tc. a lie. lor city loiu clear and 10"-4c. a lO^c,
llecf?We note aales of about I'Mtiercca I'hilaili-lphia on
private terms. We iinute :?liarrrla?Ext ra lutav 012; plain
du.. 011. packet, 014. Tierces?t.'lty extra India meaa,023
a *2?; India Ul ess, 022. scd iirinnt mess. 0JO.
Meef liama were dull: 35 bbla aotd at 021. smoked moats
ware Jobbing at 14c. lor hHiua an J l?'4o. a 0|au. lor ahoul
dera. Lard waa firmer, cloamg at the Second 'csl'"aalnl
lo*?:-June. ^11 bid. 012 aaked ; July, 011 tt7S bid,
011 ?5 aaked; Auxuat. 0i 1 M2)< bid, 011 Wi S naked; Sep
teiulier, 011 MO bid. 012 i <5 a?keU; October, 011 05 bid, 012 15
aaked : seller year. 0l<i 4o bid, 4IOtt> aaked. l'bc sslea were
about tl.OOO tiereea at 011 70for July xud0ll 75 a 011 HI) a
011 H5 lor Auauat. Hpot aalea ?ere about 1,0)0 tierces
Western at VII >0 a 01175. Kclincd waa quoted at 12>,c.
for outh America, 12c for Coutineni and H^?c. a lie.
lor Cuba. Hales were 500 tierces lor the Continent at 12c.
and 125 tierces ror Cubs un private terms. Butter wss
atili quiet bat steady at 20c. a 25c. for Htate and 15c, a 20c.
for Weitorn. Clieeae waa alao quiet and atesdy at l'i)ac. a
1<)*4C. lor fancy Htata, and 10c. a 1' >,V?c. for good to One do.
kiot ? Market waa steady. We quute t arolina. lair to
prime, itc. a B'^e.; Louisiana, lair to good. 5^e. ? -">He. : do ,
prime, j'4C. a Oc,: Kangoon, I ??r to good, ttc. a ; I'atna,
gt?'d. 7?,a a7?,c., gold; Kangoon, in bond, 2%c. a 2Jtc-,
Si'kltkp waa q^ilet at 7Jjc , currency. for'domeatlc.
HtKAKOta. ? Keceipts, 20 tierces snd <>0 t> I-1 a. Ilia market
was dull and nominal. Prima was quoted at I3)?c. a 13'^c.
ttcuAlL?Tba market fur raw was firm, bat quiet, nalea
ware 50 hhds. centrifugal at , 110 boxca clayed at fe. a
?',c. and 1U0 bags muacovado at ?V'- Keflned was quiet and
?teady. We quote;- fair to t:ood refining, '?*!<:. arte.; i ubs,
grocery, lair to choice. a ~',i\ ; do.,CBiitrifugal, libds. and
boxes, >os. M to i;i, 8'4c a do., molaasa-a, hbda. and
boxes, O^c. a 7%c.; I orto Kico. relluine, eomnion to priiue,
7c. a H',c.; do., giocery, lair to choice. *',c. a H<.,c.; rollned.
stsndsrd A, O'.c. a 10c.; oil A. !?*,?. a Vf^a.; crushed, 10>&e.;
powdered, lli\c.; granulsteil, 10'4c.; cut lost, I' ?1 ?c
Tallow?K ceipts. 50i) libds., 111 bbla. and locaaka Tba
market wae ateaiiy. Sales were ?i?.<") i Iba. at S>,c foi prime,
and 15.0IJ0 lbs. off grade at N^ac. a K
Il* waa quiet. We quote Banca. 22c. ; Stralta. IHg.;
lingliah, I7V-, all guid. I'l?te? -Charcoal, nominally
07 dOs coke. 0H Mi a0? 00; terge, 00 12 a 00 ?7>t.
Tobacco was quiet, but llrm. naies of Kentaciy leaf
were 2.'>U hbda at unchanged Dricra. Sale* of need leaf
were lOOeasas aoodries at 7c a 25a.; 3H ease* New Kngiand,
eruii 1074, a. lie.; IMO canes Ohio, crop IH76, at ??>?<!. ; 17
cases Aew York, cr><p IHI.v in piivatu t?rm% and INU baits
Havana at pricesranring Irom "ft. to 01 lo.
Wtftsgar.?Receipts. 22t bbis. wbiakey and US) bbla sl
eobol. Tba market was firmer. 2>S) bbla. aold at 01 12.
Wool.?The market waa fairly active, but prtuea were not
materially cliauged. The salea weni lo.lluil I Its. New York
Mate fleeces M 34c. alMe.; >,00 Iba uiadium Miaaourl at
2Hc.; 2,OUO lbs. medium Mlasouri hurry at IMc.; 10,dUi lbs.
fine medium Missouri at 2<e. ; 2.000 Ins. unwaahed at 2&c.;
12.0 ?' Ins. Ohio washed delaine at 30c.; I.">0,000 Iba. spring
clip <-aliiornla wool at itte. a 24c. ; H,(*W li>a. do. at llta.;
80.1 Mi iba. do at I5>.r a lsc ; !.'??> ilia tail do. at 13c. ;
iy.aa?> lbs. heavy do at l?c. ; 2,000 lbs. lexaa at 21c ;
l.i,i|JUItii, do ai 2De.; 5,(Kki|l>a. Weatarn do. at I Ho.; 2">,l??)
Iba. fine Teas* at IHe. s 21c.; 2,i?U Iba do do at lite.;
2.1 M> do. do. at 21 e ; l.i.'JOO I ??. do. do. at 22c ; 2,l>?) Ilia,
palled at 40e.: *,??*> iba. abort extra paliad at IHc , sad oa
private tarms 5tl,0iSi Iba. X mi I XX tieecoa; l.i.OUU Iba tall
clip Calilbrala wool; Hkino Iba. I'npa ; lo. ?*.) Iba. Colorado!
5,000 lbs. Oreno pulled; and 20,(Mi Iba. t'biaeae wool.
yuMnib?na ataiu aaU waa far patreteaa toaaam.
though ?v?B Id this description there was oiilr a mod-rat.
W b ilaf rVe' "ut. ?etBrialljr cliund,
maud Honh r ,*k#r tur Kr?l" vesasls under a liailledde
T.nt JEISSl7Jlu?mur*iLul ????? *b.
KralB at 7? d ..'fri U,,rP???r JKT steaia. 10,0m) bu.liols
at tM. .Und.r'd bulb I *?m' **l "J""' t?i'H. trralu
bark J rharteri ?^re;-An American
ad.Tw, "r.iniu h.,2rrde"' WiI^r-7W,J1ll?r,*"*r?la ??IW.
3.^m> a^. do on i.jiv!,?,* l? KI,?ifdoin direct, wiiu
lo (??,? (or urJerl jj? *u,,r""1 b?rk. bence
d.. d.,. .t' a" 'or ?<*>"? ?lth 3,300
with ?'>.<??> Cu, '...a-_AmerliBu ship, lieuce to Java,
b?k?t,or M,une *\V*?'aV\i?
toiSi> <e*
5ii," -.a
Keinerara wit *!to* ??V'7uff" If** t?"*l u,,t ?nd !o
roa rwoTM:Juuu "?187*
VeoU SUf co
Yurila ? ? a,t'i ? <*nd
Sixtieth street T wi',
Vurtv-BiKhlhaiNoL - 1
*ortiu|h ?ir?vt ? _. f_ n '/??
Je,MyCU'- _2f - jmTs &?
Jr::m1 i.iw 3.110 4. mm
cattle, tilu quality ofwhSTr^-i l?'"J"r'ao ruu ?? hurn??l
KBiicrallv cu?r.? ?n,i ?... ranged from poor to lair, train*
a>? Is c*o? ed wrak wr" ,M,tl,B d<""and. Ihe mar
steer* unsold. Prices ware" a"?oiUf iul,'r,l1"r 'iu?lity
slU"i";v?i'Sft ?v.v 1
7Si cwt ?.r w im",M U *?- * "V per lb., weltfiit
wJiht-i.' ~ IUlBuU Mvors at . a , uer lb
kc*"1 K Murohard s?ld lor n^iiA.u
per rfi
ill uiih J|., 'J*' , I Hi noil tttoofri at U1 ,(? t.#sr
JSSSilW."nf?"-"" !?;?? ??'?>""' ??;' ".ViiJii
?tuers at ?>"" auVt i ir lb Cwl' ; ,llinu'?
?lour. Kt ti,\c pi r lo With 81 off nX I4 1'Uuois
llsld on sala 107 TexHn .in. r' ji i l,ul4j> .w,l''?hl- 7 ?*t.
Uoidaehutldt cold lor Hlr.cli 5yer ?"!*J>*-jJ i !' 7 'r<l* M
?tOV. I?er lb wltl it! ',?* , Co;-<- Ill.nols Me.-rs
ofttfffl t7r.n"Wi^w '"ii TUb uB
r''f ?-ia - "i.* -
S- iiiJ JSjrttTUi VlUr h? 4kaTor
b"! '! M'"""ur' "?"P. wi'fijl.t M5 lbs! per head at oc t'?
e:i"r3r 39.;????
head! ",3 JoVsov Umi,.P ?t "*"? P?r
ar-k^-ws-iS V-iF
Ji JJaii iw'wVe'p ?UVufk.lbwi,Vbt,ik'v-Po'|rb.U
?I4>i0.pe,lb.; fj State laitbs,
wi"!aTrtis.^Tar ^" o>??- "?r ,b
j^ssiscisr-sfc. "sr-i-sr &
jaas v ar\si
Weekly?,Not reculpts, 3.2-lli: uroaa I liiat ?
iLitsi'Mr'U'n; a,W": to ^r"uc'B- 11; to the CuutlueiiV
4UJ0; euastwlM. 1,U?3. Bales, 15.1 U) *-?utiueut.
CottoB &rin; middling l.?c.fT^m.ddllJ? \8JL
gsssat^ aa srfFar
Cotton Brm; middllne< Uc.; towwWdllAc^"lo'l'i?^18^ ^
70J, ?ro??% l.UUO. Kxporti co??iwiie, l,H51. ^IcoSt?
Cotton qnlet ; mlddlln,, ft
10*,e ; Ifood ordinary, loc. Nai lectlnt. n' I.Ji... !? ? ' .
Klour onchanged; sales l.SCn bbl?* "wb/at"tea'-ir'^v!", I
Milwaukee club. ?l M, In rouuU lot.; iu car l^f'?i n
? stra white MlohlK.n, #1 50. Corn du"l ? old Uv.t^
'bt?,:0Wfhea."1sl"Ch*,,K#'1 i-'" 'B'U,i
u-^r -i"Z rv>: ?ur?
celpts?Wheat, 34.01X1 buabels: Imnbt-r ? J-iil ii .11
ssarsfsar-'w" ^ tarsa.%
?0<| do. bhlpiaeuts by canal to tidewater-Wheat ,V Kj
buslieU; corn, J-l.OOO do.; oats. ? 5ui do T? .I.!! ?..'.!?'
UJuis^'f*'h"i*b ? jJJyraHiMads?Kloar. 2.100 bblt ? wheat
IfvJfii l'u"',uU:, ,c0"'l ,a-w" ; oats, M,oo i do. ?' bark v'
o.ooodu. laual lrel|{ht>?Wheal lie. to v?i? v ,i! '. ,
eluded. Klour quiet, uuuhaiigad:'sales of 7;X) bids' VVhrit
Inactive; No. -.' Ullwaakee offered at"I 13; B?Tsd?U on
f?..?PTr* Oorii itaailf; niore Inquiry; aales or 7 ism
bushels sample Tole.kj at ."iOo. : MUSI i,o,i,..l.
Wastem, In lots, at 5l>,c a ai. ,0.?q11'l?"
IfUhlitfU MU:higi&u ?( :Kic. live in.itiv.. Kui.u! . * .
l-ork dul. at $10 ..o lor hu'asy^' uj^i'"'^^
llighwiues uouilaaljy $1 11 for cltv made.
Tolkdm, Juno 10, 1*7(1.
Flour quiet. Wheat dull; No. 2 white Wabash, f 1 ;
No 1 white Michigan, SI So. '2 do., $1 14; extra do.,
<?t Ui .No. 1 nil wintor, $1 -<J>,. rejected red, Hifc. Corn
liim. Iilkh mixed. spot and Juiy, jJc. ; Juno do., 51>.c;
low do., 4Uc.. no grade, 4<?i.; damaged. 37},c. (>hi? ilMllr;
>o. i and M icbigau. 33c.; white, 3tij^c., rejected,
Keceipta ? Wheat, j.'i,UUU bushels; corn, 30.UOJ do.; oats,
11, uu do. shipments?Flour, l,ot>> bula ; wheat, iw.ouu
bushels, corn, -tO.Ouu do.: oau, ll.UUUdo.
CHICAGO, Jiind 1H, 1S7B.
Flour quiet and unchanged. Wliaat quiet but Hnn. mid
a shade lusher; AO. - Chicago spring. ?l 04 *, a rl U&4,
?pot; <1 l>4?, a $1 04J, Juue. If I <1ojjj a $i U&J, Jul/;
SI m', a Si <X> Auguat; .No. :i Chicago spring, ; re
jected, Nki. Corn lairtjr active and a itbadu higher; No. J at
?40,! je. a aunt, 4 j.'.c. a 40J?c. June; wWe til-i,
Jul/; 41!^.-. Auguat. (lata moderately active and
higher; No. 'J ai 2&HC. bid, apoi, .1 une ami J uly.
Kye Inactive and lower at 7i ",c. a 71c. i>arley inactive and
nominal. Fori I a i r I y active and a alia.lt) Dither ;. SlU a
?lli 10, *pol, #1'J. Juiy. Lard lairly active and a alitide
higher; *11 :uafll 26, apot anil July. Hulk tuaala atendy;
shoulders, 7c. a 7J^e.; clear rib aide*. 10',c.; clear al<l. a,
loK?. a loUc. Wluakey atrung and blicber at (1 iitf. Ru
celpta?Klour, ll.UO) bbls.; wueet, I IO.OUO bualiela; corn,
23-?.iiU0 do.; oata, *4,(*? >do. ; rye, ?i,<>IUdo.; barley. 7.1 KSJdo.
(Shipments ? Klour, S.UUK bbla.; wheat. 103.IJUU t.uanea;
corn, 846.UU0 do.; oati, Uti,<KXI do.; rye, l.lmj do.
Wheat brni; <1 U6>? July; $1 o.V{ August. Com firm ;
4!>;4c. Ii'i,v July; 4ti>,u. a 4<i .,c, Augual. Oat*. 2U?,c.
Juiy. No provisions In tbe market. The Call board baa
been diecoutinned.
The following are toe total net reoaipta of cotton at all
tbe porta atnoo .>uptwmucr I, 1*75
1'orU. Ham. I'orU. tain,
Galveston 4'*i ,().) Baltimore let,234
New Orleans 1,37702.'. NewVork ai4.UU
Mobllo 3>.7,2ieJ Hostou ...... b8,6U6
Savannah OIO.UIO 1'rovldenco 1 ti.iat t'a
Charleston UmA.iIIIH Phuauelpllln 61,n77
Wilmington 77,546 I'ort Koval......... 30,4*0
Norfolk. 467,215 Iudianola 17,487
ToMl 4,040,203
IUvaxa. June 16, lt*7il.
Spanish gold, 3119 a 218^. Exchange Uriu, ou the
United rite tea, 00 daya, currency. t*>, a il diacount; ??>
da)a, gold, 2), a ilj.i piemiuin; abort sight, ? 4 pre
raiuin; ou London, lo a 16>, premium Migar firm; .No.
12. Hutch standard, 6V a 7 reala per arrobe. Corpus Curisti
waa observed a* a holiday bare yeatorday.
LircnrooL 1'nonrcx M ixxkt ? Liv an pool, Juno Irt?
Evening.?Linseed oil, 24s. 3d. per cwt.
Lommim Ftuiimck M*KkKT.? Liiminih, June IS?Bv-n
Ing. -Calcutta linaaed, 47s. (id.; liuseed cake, Oi 16a. a ilU
per ton; linaoed oil. 23s. per cwt.
KIN ANf'lAla.
A"~TkKasonablk"haK^HuilKr ul) ?tflj,1ANb
Endowment Inaurauce I'olicics. Mort(f?(raa and other
aeoorltiee; insurance or all kin U elTectad with best com*
paries. J J. IIAHKli II X CO.. 117 Kroailway
mortgage, CUjr or Urooklt n.
Li A v I li1 \ WOLt'OTT, 10 Cine St.
3 to loan on Westeliester cunnty I'roperty; MortKngea
bought L. M. UAVK.Nl'Oltr, 146 Uroadway.
(>| -/? -ett ANT TO HOHROW Tllltt AMOUNT IM.VB
Vl'JVi dlately; will pay a bonua m ten per cent and
aiv - real estate seotrlty. Addrose JKKShV ell V, box 144
Uoraid o(Boe. *
I -jinn wantku-on~ kihst-clash im
IJ)ii;,l!Wu proved Keal Kstate la this elty at six per
cent: willii.it to pay soar?lie?; no bonne. Addreae K., llerald
Uptown Hrauch office. '
tfi; Ml* KMM OHPOKTl NITl k*.
VkKV i-K..KrfAHt?n> VK?iMKN I.-K.IK *"ha'|,K,
a well eatabllshed Hales. I.lv'e y and Hoarding Mablo,
paying average or ?t?si per month clear, and ran be in
creased . ownar has oilier bueiueee. Inquire of K. O. l.Oi KK.
i;ni Nth st . near Hroadwa).
city horse railway eompanies can hear ot an opportu
nity ol securing a laoratlve, permanent busineaa; little or
no capital wanted If the man Is right. Interview or addrese
?I West Htr at Hotel, on inquiry.
Hotel. -Frankfort llouao office, JllJ William at.
laiitixoii Sit'iuHi'fNu.?a wkll known manu
1 ractnrar ol ladies >p<iage blacking or snporior quality
wishes to make some arrangement with a Arm lor the pur
pose of manufacturing tho same; also other articles in de
mand In tbe shoo and loatkor Uads. Kdrim FJUtNCM
LOUUM1NU. Marald ofllaa.
ClOOD BUMNUs <'M A.\V (?..
Willi anuie capital; bualaaas principally " -1,1 machinery
and tit.-n.ll* Hi iriiii. wbicb aro staple. Addrest box J,nil
Po?l oHIoe, New York.
Iiuuh ; niiif t lm a dnirjrUt liava Kood reference ?n<t
Mini* memi". Address DULGGIST, Hudaon River, box 111
Hsrald office.
IHitrlel of Columbia. Call aud Me, from 11 to 1 o'clock,
?I 133 Water ?t.. room 3.
Ur A NTED?PA RTN'RR" WITH 110.000 *0 TQ
'Invest In valuable patent; muni udvauc* $J, HJU. FoS
term* adiireas INVENTOR, Herald office.
TT Sew York, with tumu capital; can doable ills SH>uey
In two or tbree work*. HANCOCK PUHLISUINU COM
PANY, 30 NortL Sib it,, Philadelphia.
'P'"'. any man in a profitable butlncaa at wbl< h ha
can m*ke rS> weekly, ceriain. H iRDISli, I Broadway.
?p I an intereot in aii cany cash bu?ln<-a* out or town,
|.a> inirHntl per month net profit*: principal! prepared M
talk bualne** call for WaDE, Am West 26th at.
capital can have an opportunity of pan
cliaainir a first claaa Weekly Patter netting $li?i weukij^
require* no experience Addre** W. J., Philadelphia.
In the Court of Quarter Sessions at jersey Clt>
yesterday fcentence was postponed on ex-Frecbolda*
O'Grady, convicted of an aaaault on Patrick Condon,
Chairman of tbo Democratic Convention ot the Second
district. 1'etKions were submitted to tbo Court aottlnf
torth tbat o'Grudy wag betug made a scapegoat U
cover tbu guilt ot otber parlies. Jobn Campbell. whs
was oailed lor trial in connection with tbo alTair, iXii
not appear, and bia bonds were lorfelted. _
AvriRBO.v?Mi i.iiakk. ?On Thursday, June 15, 1876^
at tbe Collegia^ church, 6lb av. aud 29tb st., by Rev.
William Andursun and Iter. Dr. Oruiiston, Aukaham A.
Anosbsox to Euzabktu, daughter of Joromlah au4
Elizabeth L. Mill.unk.
Drmaiikst?Mii.i.kii. ?On Thursday, Juno 15, at tb?
Second 1'rcsbyiorian church. Railway, N. J., by tb?
Rev. J. A. Liggett, assisted by tbo Kov. Charles Stearns,
of Contreport, L. I., Chaiilkm S. Drmakkxt, of Wood
hridne, X. J., to Ida C., daughter of U. U. Millor, of
tbu lormor placc. No cards.
liutlnlo papers please copy. s
Liitukiklu?Ci.-MMiNfl ? AtSL Ann's, on the Holghta,
on Thursday, June 14, 18711. by tbe Rev. N. 11. Schunck,
D. P., Mr. HrxryC. LiToaptiLDand Miss Julia Dacu,
daughter or tbo late Hon. Tbomaa W. Cummlng, all of
I.usk'? ruoRx. ?On Wednesday, Juno 14, at tha
Fourth l'resbyterlau church, by tbo Rov. William K.
Hull, ot N'ewburg, assiste! by the Rev. Dr. Crosby.
Wii.i.iam T. Lcsk to Mathilda Utku Tuok*, both oi
this city.
PakkIcu?Flkmmino.?In Jorsey City, N. J., June 14,
1KT6, by tbe Rev. Dr. Abercrombie, of .St. Matthew's
church, Clakkvck Ouav Pakkkh, of ParlH, France, to
M. I-uriy* Flkmminu. youu|tei.i daughter of tho lale
Jaiues Flamming, of Jersey Cltv.
1'e< k?Caiu-kntku ?Ou 'Tuesday, Jane fl, at tha
First Congruuaiional church, Norwalk, Conn., by tha
Rov J. A. Hamilton, .lotiv E. I'kck to Hanmah SI,
daughter of tbe lale Abraham C Carpenter, of New
York cltv.
Watsox?Gi'rmkk. ?On Thursday, Juno 15, at St.
Harnaluu' church. IrvinnUm. on Hudson, by tha
Rev. Mr. IttMiiarnin. J. May Watson to Franokm M.,
daughter of Walters, Gurnco. Esq.. all of this city.
Whki?in?Thoni'son. ?On Jnne 8, 187ti, ?t tho roal
donce oftho brlac's rather, by Rev D. D. Whodon. D.
D., assisted by Rev. J. si. Whedon, Daniri. D. Wiik
liox. Jr., to Must A\ms M. TltoMl'ti jM. daughtor ol R.
U ThompsoM, Esq., fell of Elisabeth, N. J. No cards.
. You.hu?Uapbrs. ? On Wcilnraday, June 7, at Church
or Holy Comtnanion, New York, by the Rov. Dr. F. R.
Lnwroncc, Aiimi V. Yot'SO to .Ioski'iiixc W. Capers,
daughter of the late Hon. LoOrand Q. Capers, nil of
Portland (Me.) papers please copy.
Allbs.? At Stamford, Conn., Jane 16, jMAlUt W.
Allbx, or Now York city.
Relatives and friends are Invited to attend tbo to
neral, from bis lale resideacc. Stamford, on Monday,
lutli Inst., at twelve o'clock. Carriaues will be In wait*
lug on arrival of ilie 10:10 A. M. train from Grand Con
tr?l dopot; returning train at 1:43 P. M. Interment at
Wood lawn.
Akxoli>.? Ou Wednesday, June 14, William E. An*
nolo, son of the late E. W. Arnold, iu tbo 3Uth yoar of
bis ago
The funeral wilt take place on Sunday next, at ona
P. M.. from the realdunco of bis mother, (Sruuvillo, N.
J. Friend^ and rulativea are rospcctrully invued.
Kevport boat leaves loot or Uarrisou si. at 0 A. M.
hVkiiick.?At Fiirrosttiurg. Sullivan county, on Jaa?
14, 14Ttt. Mary C IIl'rdick. widow of tbe late William
C. PiurdiRk aud daughter of tho lato Andrew Ga.'stior.
Tbo funeral will take place at Si. Paul's Episcopal
church, New York city, un Saturday, June 17, at two
P. M. Friends ure luvited to attend.
Currox.?On Friday, Juno Id, Catkarixb Currov,
who or Charles Clifton, agml 33 years.
Funeral rrum ber late residence, 71 West 35th st, oa
Sunday, at ball past twelve P. M. Friends of tho fam
ily aro requested to attend.
Cork.?Ou Friday. Juno 16, altera lingering illness,
Nicholas Cook, .n the GVth year of bis ago.
Relatives und friend* of the family are respectfully
Invited to attend the faceral, Irnin his lato resilience,
357 Dean st., lirooklyn, ou Sunday afternoon, at tiro
Newitorg (N. Y.) and San Franciaeo (CaL) pipers
pleaso copy.
coxdk. ?At West Troy, June 8, Kitty Howaro, wlft
of J. G Condo and youngest daughter of N. Howafl,
Jr., of New York. aged 3>i years.
Dowiijki.?On Tuesday, Juno 13, after a llngermf
sickness, Haxnau Dowxixu, beloved wifo of Morttmel
Rvliitives and friends aro respectfully invited to alt
tend tbe funeral, from 1M) Franklin si., on Saturday,
June li, at one o'clock 1'. M.
Hit a k b.?On Thursday, the loth Inst, at Rye, West
chester county, N. Y., Mary E., wife of John J.
Drake and daughter.of the lata James Raymond, oi
Cariuei, Putnam county. N. Y.
Notice of funuiai hereafter.
Fakkki.l ?At New lirlsbton, S. !., on Thursday
evening. June 15, Miha Kiixahkih Fakukll, aged 18
years, 10 months anil 18 (lava.
funeral will take place at two P. M., Saturday. 1
Hutcnmox.?On Thursday morning, Juno 16, Sah*
Ckl HcftuiMon, id the 71st > car of lua ago.
Relatives ami friends aro invited to attend the funo
ral, from his late rosideuce, 10*1 Monluaun at., II rook
lyii. on Slaurdsy, l'tli IBM,, at tbreo o clock P. M.
Ki.vo?On Thursday, Juno li, ISTfl, Frank M., aon of
Frank and Alico King, ugod 4 years, 3 months and 4
day a.
Funeral will take place from 305 Hudson at, at two
o'rkx k !'. M.. on the 17tt> Inst.
Kkli.y.? In Hoitokon, on June 14, Florrkcr Ha*
kiktta. youngest child ol laaline and ibe lata Thomu
M. Kelly, a^-cd 7 months.
Notic ? of Mineral hereafter.
/Kkhrioa*. ?On Friday, at six A. M., Cathkrutr Kin.
ri>.am. a native of the pariah of Inver, county uono
?al, Ireland, in the 40tb year or her age.
The relatives and friends of the lamlly aro respeot*
folly Invited to attend the funeral, at two P. M. on Sun
day, Juno 18, from the residence of her mother, US
K.i*t 121b at
l.Kix.KV.? On Thursday, Juno IS, Jamks T. Lkdlrt,
In the 60th year of hia age.
The relatives and i.-icnus of the family, and those of
hia brother, Francis W. Ledloy, are respectfully in
vited to attend the funeral, from the restdeuco of hi*
mother. No. 9 Sheriff at., on Monday, June It, at on*
1*. M.
Lkiiortt.?On Thursday, June 15. 1876, Fra*cr?V.*
widow of tho lato Thomas H. Leggett, off lushing, L
L, in her 80th year.
Relatives Ud iriends aro Invited to her funeral, o*
Suuday, the lsth Inst., at lour o'clock P. It, Iron hoi
lata residence, near Main street depot. Cars leave
Hunicr'a Point al3;30 P. M.
Lksaiikm.?Suddenly, on Juno 10, Bkrrab* C.
uk.v at hii late residence, 18(1 Hester St.
Notice or bis luneral boreal lor.
McCarthy.?June 16, Joiix McCarthy, s native of
Rarreron, county Cork, Ireland, In tho 64th year of hta
Kelatlves and Iriends ol the family aro respectfully
Invited to attend tho luneral, from his late residency
634 Water St., on Sunday, Juno 18, at two o'clock*
Mr Lain.?on Wednesday. June 14, Jamrs MoUt^
aged 37 years, 6 months aud 11 daya.
Funeral Irom hta late residence, No. 27 King at., m
Saturday, June 17. at one P. M.
I'akwv.?On Friday, June 16, Gairrsra P. Paui
aged 33k
No ice of funeral in to morrow's paper.
1'kikst.?-On Thursday, Juno 15, ftumm Prirst,
ageil ti'J.
The relatives anu friends of the family are respect,
fully tnvitod to attend the faneral, Irotn bis Into resit
donee, *J08 Kast lOBUiei, on .Saturday, 17th, at one P. li,
I'kiTiiuRD. ? On Thursday, Juuo 15, Mart I
Phitchakii, aged 'JO years.
Funeral sitvicua at lato residence, 19S Lewis sW, ol
Sunday, June 18, ut hall-past two o'clock
Kichabimox.?At Pougnkcopale, N. Y., oo Tunflsj
evening, 13th insL, Huv. Makvir Hinatsosfr*, O. O.,
In the 8Hih year of hut ago.
The iriends of the lamily are respootlally Invited U
attend hia funeral, froui tho Wsshiugton street Motho
dial Episcopal church, I'oughkespsis, on Saturday, tbo
17th Intl., at three o'clock I*. M.
arsscRR. ?At Oermantown, Pa., Jon* 10, Piiwiui,
wile of Charles spencer
Funeral services at Christ chureh, Oermantown, on
liouday, 19th, at hair-past sloven o'cloc*. Carriage#
will meet train at Oermantown depot, leaving Uth and
Orten sis., Philadelphia, at eleven o'clock.
Wmitsos.?On Thnrsday morning. Juno M, Pwp*
B. Wattsox, son of WiUott P. Whttsoa, sgod H
Relatives sad frisods are respoetftslty Invited to aU
tend the funeral services, on Sunday. June 11* at loar
P. M., at tbo resxtooos ol his father, No. 177 ran (MM
place, Brooklya, L. L Remains will bo teka?4#
rarmtngdalo, U I., Iter interment on Monday, J?a Ml
Yvrlir.? on the lOtn lorn., at his late rsaMiw^ Ml
Stnav., in?tbi* city, altera HMTt Uinsas^ OammI
Ounuur Yvrlir.
Nottoa of fuaerai hsrsaflsa

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