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mag strong or explicit od the ouireacy, thj cotutry
?UK judge by the candidates, una they bold that Mr.
rtlden'e twvi are more docided tbau tboee of Uor
smor Haves. The nomination of Mr. Hendricks m
generally acknowledged to very greatly strengthen the
iemocratio ticket and give Uiat aide a chance 01 carry
lag Indiana.
It cauuot be aald that Mr. Tilden'* nomination haa
?TOi.Oi groat enthusiasm. Many democrat* were m
sliund to make the Ught lor Wei-tern Stales, aud those
oow say ttiat 'the ticket substantially surreuders the
ITest aud stakes the issue oa New York, which had long
bocu regarded oy politicians as a very uncertain State.
"To loae it now would be latitl to us," said a
Southern dem<?rat. "and it was hardly wiao to set so
much upon a single -late; but, H is, alter all, a strong
ticket, and fur my part, if we can elect Mr. Tilden, 1
would rather have him li.an any other man."
One thing gives general aatislactlon to the re >1 dem
ocrats. "Tilden is a democrat Ilo uevcr was 'iiiytbiag
else. He was raised In th.il camp, ami 11 we can wiu
with hla wo shall have a democratic party on democratic
principles once more. Our party has been cursed oy
the ruio ol old whigs. Now there is a chance oi getting
away iron thero."
So spoke a genuito democrat to-day. In this aspect
the nomination ol Mr. Tit<>en gives real s;>t<siuctlon to
that Urge number ol men who would have accepted
Jaage Davis or General Hancock. II either ol these had
been nominated, with a sort of despair at not, alter all,
being allowed to make the fight under their own ban.
ner. These now feel and say that even il they are
beaten tbey will have a real democratic party and not
a mixture.
It is a Uttlo carious that among Southern republi
cans the tan* thins Is said, bui with a d ff. rem view.
Theae men are in the main whigs, and tbey know tho
strength of the old whig leellng and tradition* in the
Booth. They are glad that the St. Louis Convention
nominated an oat and out democrat, for they believe that
in such Stales as Virginia, North Carolina, Louisiana
and, perhaps, Arkansas, it will now be easier than be
fore to draw away the whig vote Irom tne democratic
ranks, and to divide the white vote of those aud olhor
States. This matter is not yet openly discussed, but it Is
tfe*suh)<JCtof a good deal 01 private coaversatioo, and II
tha republican leaders know how to take advautagH of
tha old whig prejudice in the Southern States against
the name, principles and traditiona or the democratic
party, they mar bo able to effect a split down there,
abieh, even if it did not materially help iheru in this
election, would be of great service to tho eouulry
Colonel Mosby U ui.dcrstood to say that in Virginia
(he old whigs can be brought into the support of Hayes
and Wheeler, and ho means himsoll to stump ihe
Stale for that ticket. North Caro.inu Is awhigSiato,
and it is already said here that it will be carried by the
whigs Tor Hayes. In l/Oulslana, Warmouth, it Is as
lorted will be able, If he is nominated, tooarry at least
10.000 white voters to the republican side. At the last
election less tbau 5,000 votod that ticket. It would be
!in odd, but also a happy c>rcuinstance, If the nomina
tions now made, Tilden a very decided democrat, and
Hayes Just as decided a whig, should result in a re
irrangemcnt of parties upon the old and true basis,
the one struggling for non-lutcrfereuoe by the govern
ment, the other holding, as whigs, to internal Improvo
3i tits and a g nerally parental system.
there bavo been tugus In the House all winter thai
Ibe democratic leaders who bavo the courago of their
opinion-. and who stand by their principles, were once
uo o jiru.-piug the rein*, and if Speaker Kerr bad not
x-o.i an invalid tbo^e who bold with biui would have
:o D even more forward in assarting their leadership
than thev have been. In such a rolmsion, II it ,
jhould come about, certaiu of the Southern Stales
trould naturally turn to the whig or republ-can side,
Ml Louisiana, which desires protection tor her sugar
srop, and the States which domand large appropriations
from the general government lor their levees. At the
Cincinnati Convention it warf commonly said by dele
gates and others irom the Lower Mississippi Stales,
"We must nomtnate a man we can elect, because
the democrats, if they get in, will never
give us any lovee appropriations."
A law words spokt-n by Governor Hayes at the
Itheus Univer.-l'y Commencement, the other day, are
pleasantly appreciated here, and especially by Southern
democrats. He urged that the canvass should be car
ried on in a kind and candid spirit and without bluer
Best or excitement. Such words, coming from the
bead of tho party, lead to the hope that there will be
ao bloody shirt raised this time, and though the hope
la probably valB, there being a large number oi old war
horses in the party who would be oonuemoed to silence
If they could not bowl about the bloody snlrt. I be
teneral beiiot that Governor Hayes is averse to such a
course has cicsed an expectation among Southern
sen that they will uot be held up to execra
(Ma Is this campaign, as la previous ones,
is rebels and monsters. The wiser republicans are in
stioed to discourage such a policy ol abuse in the com
lux campaign. Tbey are no more certain about New
To. k than their opponents, and they know that they may
lose some ol the Western State*- Indiana aud Wiscou
tin, lor instanoo. It would mako them very coralorta
?le ir they could carry two or' three Southern Stales,
sod experience has taught them ttiat the bloody shirt,
while It has lost most ol its i tllcacy in the North, is
?are to driTo tf.e whois white population of the South
ibio ih? ?.autocratic rink*, and to make thot-e States,
ixcept South (Jarollra, hopelessly democratic. There
is a general doiirv among the republicans bore that
Svveruor Hayes shall write a strong and decided letter
?t acceptance, empha?ising those parts of the Cincin
nati piailorm which tbey ail feel to be woa*. Such a
letter would be useful, It is thought, both as giving the
couutry some more deQnllo conception ol Governor
Hives'own ideas ana policy than It now has, and of
sireagthening by his utterances the position of the
party bolore tho country.
To* nomination m Governor Tilden was spoken of !
to day by leading democrats as a most astonishingly
soooesslul piec- of p<>lli>cal engineer ug. "Tho old
is >b had bis agents all ti rough our cmutry," sa:d a
Southern democrat *-I came u, on their tracks overy
where, aad they just captured our people lie had Or.
Gwyn, the old Duke ol Sonora, to help bim, and did
not tail anywhere. He w< certainly a great manager.'?
"He had gool helpers at St. Louis, as John Kelly
and Tammany Hull,'' said another. "It was very
abrawd of the old man to quarrel with Tamir.any as he
did. The opposition of Kelly Just made linn shoals of
friends; f?r ibe Souilierb and Western men don't like
Tammuny Hall, aud when it caino to St. Louis to beat
Tllu<'B we jsat unew he was the right man. It made
him lots of friends, sir, tbat opposition of Tammany."
"Ttldea was uot really popular," said another.
"We would Just as >o\,n have bad Hendricks,
in J we would ever so much rather
bavd had .Seymour or Tom Bayard or
rhurmaa. intact, almost all ol u< lelt that wo would
prefer a man wbo had seen moro public srrv.ro than
!\ dvn and had more ol the kind of experience in tcd
ersu alf.urs that Tuurman and ltayard have; but the old
man workrd his ruse tip so completely tbat when the
Urns catue there was nobody but be that had a chance."
This is not a very bigh kind ol prune from one's
tri?:>us; t ut tbo conviction is general and op-nly
spoken of among the democrats here tbat Mr. Tilden
g v the nomination, not bocause bo was want-d, but be
ca iby the most adroit aud skilful generalship, he
captured it.
"He I* evidently a determined manager sf men, and
If he isolectcd he will manage Conj:rr-s.said one, "I
should not le ir if be louud himself confronted by n soft {
money majority bo would make b;msell their masur ,
and make them do his b.ddlng. And as his idoa* are
sound I am g ad tbat he was nominated. He will rule
ths country, tor be evidently likes to hsvo bis owa
This Is a lair picture of the gssslp of tbe day here la
Washington. Neither party ts enthusiastic. Both are
hopeful, and both own that tbo struggle will be ardu
his. Pot one conelupioa t? universal, and afford* per
laps tbo most general sain-taction to all. Both tickets
irs good, aad the couBtry is safe, whichever side wins.
The Haaain's leader to day, which gave expression te
this ireling, was generally praised as having bit tbe
most important sad satlslactory point in the political
he is waitoho to consult tu Indiana
l5Di*KArous, June ?, 1878,
ibe fol.awlag latervlew wsa bad with Governor Hen
-Jnoks to-night
r.reokr**?I usderstasd you receive a lane numbor
of telegrams stfaagiy urging yon is allow your name
to Im prspi ssd far Vloo Pres.dent. Will you permit ,
?us to MMlle the tel.-grams for selection of name* of '
the scatters as an Item of news ?
Govsraar Bssoaiciu?l received about a hundred |
telegrams strongly and moat persistently begum? me
to allow aiy name to be place<l in nomination. Oi all
tbe Mleframa received during lUe laat few laya and
last night uuly four d*| recuie i my entering the race
lor tbe -econd place on tbe ticket. I would, us lur aa I
am personally concerned, wllliugly allow you to pe_
ruse the telegrams rece ved, but I do cot know if that
would bo agreeable to tbe aendora.
Kkioktkr?1 would like to boar from yon if ynu
have altered your former decision aud agrevd to accept
the nomination f
Governor Hkmpkicks?I have not yet determined
whether 1 ahull accept or do<:ltne the nomination. 1
cannot iorm ? decision until alter 1 ha.e seeu tbe In
diana delegation, wilh whom 1 kball hold conicrente.
Then, alter I have consulted with theiu, 1 shall counsel
id my own iniqil what is duo to my own honor and
that of the party to which I belong I tha'l
aUo consider it its best interonts w 11 be subserved by
my acceptance. In i'a< t, 1 eiia.l be guided in my de
c.hion by wuat is neciecary to bu done to secure ibe
success ot the ticket and {.lattorm.
During the interview a growing number of the
Governor's personal litends caino in to oiler tbeir con.
gratulutions. The unpresaiou made by the Governor's
manner aud replies to qiesiious aildrei>sod to him is
that h? ?U1 unuoubudly accept the honor coulerrcd
upou hi in,
8t. Loiis, 'June 29, 1878.
Tho following despatch has been sent to Governor
The Convention hat nominated yon hy a unanimous Tote
fur the uB:ee ul Vice l'raiideut of tne United stales. We
urge your acc ptHii-e. e ho|ie lobe ?t j our city ul halt
u?ni nvs to-morrow eveniUk'. A CO U B rL i? aCilJiLL,
Uric a, N. Y., June 29, 187&
The representative of tbe Hkkald callcd upon Gov
ernor Seymour to-day at his rusideuco in the country
toa-klus views on Uie St. Louis nominations. Mr.
Seymour wan lound (uttering Iroiu a low lover which
baj conllued him iohi<> place lor the last ten day a. His
physicians prescribe rest and object to his rending or
writing or any physical exertion. In answer to in
quiries about tho action of the -St. Louis Convention
he said he knew less than most men, for during its
sessions and lor some days beioro he bad been cut off
from intercourse with others uu I the usuul sources or
intelligence. Of coarse lie knew less about other
Stales than those who had met their de.egates at
Si. Louis. A? regard* tbe State of New York, irom his
futiiil arny with its poil.leal attairs, be could repeat
w.mt be bad said at all times that it is
and ready to support tho ucuuus oi tho flt. Louli Con
?ventiou; that it wouiu give its electoral vote to any
one presented by that houy. He said that previous to
eucb oi tbo two late Conventions the Iriends ol cundi
datas in their exoiiemenl liad mauo claims lor their
favorit"s or had raised olijucilous to those to whom they
were oppos'd w hich were somewhat exuberated. It
was uuiust to all ol the eminent men umiej at Su
Louis or tlie office ol President to say that certain in
dividual^ only could carry the State oi New York, as
that rai.-ed an umouuded dnuot a- to the ability ul any
democrat to coaimand its vote. A* to tbe excitements
which now exist it must be homo iu mind thut tney
die away a- all the State and local candidutrs are
brvugut into the tield. lu this State, w.th its 6,000.000
ol people and its great cities,
does not cxcitu aK much murest witu we mass ol the
voters as the local ticket. tins interest be lory the
olo?e of Hie uauvass aiwavs brings the voter* 10 act in
accord wuli tho political organ./.ution lo which tliey
belong, eveu il they are discontented with a particul ?r
candidate. Their anxiety lor the success ot the peat
number of other candidates leads tbetn to act in bur
inony with the party. Ttie interest tor State and
county, city and town nominations wilt, alter a little
time, ab-orb tbe reeltugs wilh regard to tbo Prostdeu
tial candidate, and both parties wilt he brought to tho
test ol the relative strength ot their organizations.
Mr. 8eymour concluded by adding, emphatically:?
"You nmy bay 1 ili uk we are going to carry the
State of New York, because it is naturally a demo
cratic 8 late."
Mr. Seymour says that by and by. wben ho has re
covered iiis iicaltii. bo will give his views at length on
tho political situation.
Freehold, N J., June 29, 1876.
In the cosy library ot his comfortable residence at
Freehold, N. J., ex-Governor Parker sat yesterdny lor
half an hour and chatted with a Hkkai.o representa
tive on the result ol iho St. Louis Convention and the
; prospects Of tbe now lalrly opened campaign Form
man who stood nearly, it not quite as (air, a chance of
securing the nomination of bis party lor tbo Presidency
as did Governor Hayes atone time, but had seen his
hopes melt into lb in air, he presented an sppearunce
of composed resignation, il not of ga.vety. It was
'plain to be seeu, owever, that a tingo ol disappoint
ment coursed bouoath the smiling surface ol the Gov
ernor's good naturoa lace
He was entirely eatislled with tho ro alt, he said.
For hiiuseli h bad no regret*, though he must confers
lor his trends' sake?those who huii now and always
ktood by hira so warmiy and handsome y?bo would
liko to buve hU<:ce> dcd. Ho believed, however, that
Providenoe controlled these tilings, unit therefore he
was entirely resigned. As regards tbo nouiiuution of
(Governor Tilden. noihing, it seemed to him. conld be
fairer or more strictly in accordance with time-honored
democratic practice- It was quite c.e r thai thu great
ib-uu upon which Mr. Tildeu was nominated was
It was not to be denied thnt on that point Governor
Tilden had a splendid ciiauce to show his mettle.
Neither was it to tie denied that ne hud used hi- u, por
tui.lt>' in ? manntr that tave assurance to tho people
ol his sincerity and his loarlcsffiiess in tbe Murk of
"1 know Governor Tilden," continued Mr. Parker,
?'to be a mau ol gre. t ability, und to bo possessed ot all
tlio n?i e.< ary executive experience and llrmuess to
! luily qualify him tor tbe rOte ot a real reloruier. I
believe the desire ol the people lor a chunge is
so great that auy lair man nominal- d a St.
Louis would be elected. Tho poptiiat demand
Is 'or a lew set of hooks at Washington,
and a new set ol officers. Governor Haves is doublje-s
a very exec.lent man, but he lucks that firmness which
the emergency d< man ic. Ho is not strong enough In
character to carry the odium or Granuetn through the
lirnsent contest The loui record ol his p.rty is more
than tie can carry Therefore I feel the utmost contl
dence that Governor Tildes, known and tried as ho is
as a man who can lay the unite to ttie caucer ot cor
ruption, wherev- r ionnd, can ? arry the ciiuntrv on tbo
retorin ssuo. I can say lor myself, and lor my friends
also, that we will give him
as KTtmsuimc strrroaT.
"The e'eitoral vole ot New Jer-iy may bo surely
counted for bun. This \ ear u will ho dnlerent Iroin
former years with the opposition. They w.II hot have
the lavish snppoM lormi rly assured to thorn by tho
whiskey ar.d other rings. We shall have a lairerflgbt
In New Jersey! As regards New York, I see no reason
whv Mr. Tilden should not carry It this year us be d.d
two years ago. I 'amy ilmt now tho nominations are
made the local tronde* will disappear ami harinmv set
in. I be nomination of H* ndrick* lor Vice President
greatly strengthens the ticket, lam confident It will
Yesterday Governor Parker telegraphed tbe follow,
ing to Gi veroor Tilden .?
Kiikmiolo, X. Jane 20. 1870.
T<> Governor S J. Tii.be i. Albany, X. Y.: -
I coimratulai. jou. N w Jrr?e> will give you an enthusi
astic support and her electoral vote.
_____ JOKL pahkkr.
Cott uses. June 29. 1S7<1
The nominitlon ol Hendricks lor second place on the
St. Louiii ticket had done much to rcmova the had
feeling that existed last night among tho democrats
here, and it Is now likely that the ticket will receive
about the usual vote, unless, perhaps, in some of the
mining districts, where the ultra Inflation Idea pre
vails. While the republican* concede that tho ticket
has been somewhat strengthened hy the addition of
Hendricks. ye> tha Hepnblican State Committee to*
night say Hayes' majority in Ohio will lie very large.
I> S. Hob iison. candidate on the republican ticket
for Lieutenant Governor af Indiana, is here calling on
Governor Ha\e* to.n;ln. He Mates that Hendricks'
nomination will not strengthen the democratic ticket
?o much in Indiaua us wan expected by the Conven
tion. Ho nays llendri< Its' < ourse on the temperance
question bns displeased both ultra tetnperauce and the
saloon element, flnbiheoh estimates ihe republicans
will carrv Indiana tn October anywhere from fi.ono tip
ward. The Indiana campaign will commeti<:>? Jiilv M I
with meetings in all or the pr nelpal cities of the State.
The Boston l"o l thns comm ntJ en the eomina- i
Hon: ?
Mow wo can catch a glimpse of batter limes. Tbe
morning l? brosking. Wo tee tbe way opening to
pure and etmpie government, economy in expenditure,
reduced taxes, a sound currency and the revival ol in
dustry Tilden pod reform is tbo phrase thst clears
up all this log and makes an opeu sky for
the country. Business men feel a singular cer
tainty now that something has been done for them.
They knew that tbe koell haa aounded for this
long night of waste and extravagance, Jou
bery, abuses and corruption. With a government
squandering tho people's money at an unparalleled
rale, they would be kept perpetually poor by taxation.
With ring*, and monopolies, and syndicates, und subsi
dies o carry, they i ould go on only in the direction of
bankruptcy. Tilden s nomination at St. I.ouin pnU a ,
new face upon everything. 'I hern i- asinllo this morn
Ibg oo the face of nature ittelf. Kverylwly tMtine ,
' lively look* happy except those who prefer 10 be mis- j
erui>i<" uk ihu *ure;y defeated mil-portc;* ol an uurepub
lie.in syefem.
The Bucion Herat4 says:?
lu toiue n;p? is Governor haves might Iw a more
promising oanuidute lb in Goveraor I'lldeu; but Haye.-,
i il electeo. would lie more likely to be bsMptrotf aud
eouireilod by Ike iraiments ol the old nu;s nod iho
! barnacle* of Grant - ilminislrutini; wh?reas rilueii
j would enter up >u the work of retersi. nuviog uo attlu- ?
atluns ili tL would warp hi-. judgmutii or load lii:u lo
; withhold iiis relorir.m/ and chosMNMr li mil. A* mit- j
: tars now stand, we tlunk the nomination of Tilden j
1 will pretty evenly divi .e tbe independent vote.
I The Huston fraily Oiotr has tbe lollow lug:?
The democrats have surprised thct coimtrv by select
ing their siroiuo-t ra n in le-ad (he tickct. This uu- ?
1 exi oeu-d action will materially a fleet political <? ileum
| tiioisaud make the campaign more exciting uml the ?
Otleat closer than H would have boon II a
i compromise ticket, wlih nejotlve rather than ;
1 positive qu-tlttiM, had been put for It. The lact can
not he questioned thai Governor Tiulen i- the
most con-picuous in in iu tbe democratic parly to-day,
I and ti.e ouly one ? hose Name curr es with it ih? pre*,
tijje oi re orm. No matter how brief may be Ins
record a." a relormer, how sandy may he the Inundation
on wb ch bis reputation as a reformer rest.-, he st?n s
conspicuously i elore tbe couoiry to day ii\ tbut char
The Journal, of Boston, siys:?
"Speaking from the republican point of viow, we
can t uly <^y ol ihia action ol the St. Lout* Conven
tion. so lar so pood. We ure pleased lo recognize that
Mr. Tildeii h a man ol (air persoual charactt . ot uood
habits, deoro'is in language and respectable in
all bis social relations. This lact ought to
unite with the character ol the Cincinnati
nominations to Impirt a somewhat bigker
tone to the campaign tb <n has alwaya been observed.
Again, we catidwly tliinK that a stronger cipponeui ol
tbe republican party mignt have been selected. Gen
eral H inco k would h ive proved such, and so would
Gove nor fnrker, of New Jersey, and so. it he could
have secured the support of his owu party, would
Senator Tburnian. ol Oh'o.
The Louisville Courier-Journal lays:?
Trie nomination ol Governor TiIU<-ti inark?i a new era
in American politics. It Is tho effect ol tho exertion
oi posttivo forces, not merely tho resit t of con
co*--ious ? of poworiul rivals who wonld not
yieid to each other, and ?o let tno uouiiuatiou
drop to the lower plane ot ability and prominence in
order to mutual.y spare each others toelinus Tho
nominee is the representative of position, not negative
merits, and ihccimpatgn tnus tnounurateo will be one
of organized ideas, not one ol heterogi neons elements
combined lor the selCsn purpose ot securing to them
selves the public spoils.
Tho Nashville (Tcnti.) American says:?
While wo shall not atiempt to disguise or deny our
regrc at the deleut of lleudrlcks. yet, regarding the
plauorm ay a protest against further contraction, wo
shall cordially support Tilden in opposition to tbe
ticket of the cotilrari.onists and corruption's.
The Chicago livening Telegraph say*: ?
The Con vent tou at St. l.ouis might iiavo done better
and worse. As it is. It has dune well. Its nom
i luce is tbe embodiment of practical retorm,
at.d, without such a candidate reform planks
are so many broken timber*. Ho is a man
ol proved administrative ability, of great
Intellectual force and of txceliom surroundings. If
called lo iho a tmlmstration oi the government ho will
bo the same cool, tireleiK, disinterested officer; the
same earnest aud aggres.-lvo lorco that he Is in tho
.chicl magistracy oi the foremost oi tbe States.
It accepts Mr. Tilden irrespectve ot the agency which
presented bis uaine. and will give htm Its earnest sun
port a.s, in every w?y, the better of the two candidates
ir..ni which tb? choice of a President for the next four
years must be made.
Albust, June 20, 1876.
The s ronade to Uo\ernor Tilden to-night of the
Jackson,an* was a great success. Not leas than ft.000
cillssens surrounded tho Executive Man-ion. Many
privute dwellings were tlltinrnatctl and decorated with
(lavs and Chinese lanterns. Every window In the
Argut building whs illutninaUd and decorated
with ll.ig*. presenting a brilliant and edoctivo appear
ance. Long before the band which preceded the Jnck
soniuns and thu long procession following them had
reuched the Mansion people gathered about the
grounds, and when tre procession readied the tcvue
nearly every available spot was occupied. Large num
bers entered tUo Mansion to congratulate ?!ie Governor.
As soon as lie conld release himself fr..m theso Ue
stepped out on the porch and addressed tne concourse,
as follows
GtC.NTl.KUkN ?>K TUK JaCKSO.X CuMIH:? I (OrdlSlly
thank you for tb s manilesUi ion 01 your kindness. I
do uot lot tet tliiit l.ist year you enrolled me among you
as an honorary member. 1 regard with sattslacti^n and
prior your excellent uiscipliue au?i traiung a* a inMttary
body. I recognize among yoa many Hiprcaqunttirvsof
the workingmen ol A Ilia y;tM?lvu I any Uorktngmcn
1 do uoi forget that iu our c"Vinwy the number who
live upon the income nl what thev have accumulated
or inherited is extremely small, aud that nearly every
citi7.it> of our vast Kepuhlic nves on llio produce ol Ill's
dally toil. In America we are Hourly ull working men,
therefore the tinniest and prosperity ol thai das* may
almost be said to tie thu interest alio prosperity of all.
(Applause.) No country that the pud over shone upon
has had so many bleeaing* as our own. Stretching
from ihe Atlantic to the I'.icillc and from the iire.it
lakes of tho North to the Gulf ol Mexico, with a
genial climate, with Ion lie soils, with excry nat
ural ami artillciul laciluy for travel and transportation,
with all tho arts and industries ol old civilization
planted aud flourishing amid lhe boundloss uaturul
wealth 01 a virgin comment, we ought to bo to-day tne
most prosperous, the most happy and contented peo
ple in the world. Hut what Is our actual condition ?
VII business depressed, every Industry lan
guishing, labor without employment aud tho
woli at tho door ol nearly every homo
in the laud, gsunt and hungry. (Applause.)
What is the matter ? Wo know that lor the last elevi n
years, since ihc peace, the earnings ol labor and the
income ol capital have ueen consumed or wusted in
governmental expenditure.'. The taxes drawn from
tne people of tho tinned States have been larger than
the entire net savings ol the whole M.uoo.oi.o. These
taxes have increased within a short period
four old, and the inlluence is felt upon every business
aud every industry and in every hotno throughout our
bro..d land. What next do wo find in the ,.utii e ad
ministration everywhere? Abuses, peculations, frauds
and corruption, until we are almost li 'com ng ashamed .
Of thn institutions of our country, and ins ead <d hold
ing them up as examples lor thu oppressed people of
other countries wo are conlcsslng Ihcin ns a scandal !
in tho eyes of manklrd. What elso do wo Unit?
We hud tho oftlce-bolding class have become Fo
numerous, power, uI and unscrupulous thai ttiey
nssuuio to control ihe elections; and, If the people aro
indifferent, or at an equally divided, are able to exert
a corrupt influence sufficient to perpetuate their own
power. At laat we are reaching the worst condition or
tbecountri'S of tlio did World The govvrumcut no
longer exists tor thu people; tho people exist
only lor the government. Our centennial product Is
tho wrougs, license and evils to escape which our an
cestors abatixontd thoir hutnes in the Old World and
planted thrrnxo vos in a wilderness. Now, I a-k what
is the renieuy for t be-e public evils, for this private
distress, for this disorder in business, winch carries
suffering inio every household? (A voice in the
crowu??' I he election ol Tildcn. " Applause.) It Is
comprised in ono word.
reform of ihe public administration. (Cheers.) Upon
this subject there is a uifloreuco ol "pinion, one class
say elect Ihe nominees ot the party un4cr which these
evils have gr'>?n up, by means ol tb?< ofllce-holding
class, which is interested in perpetuating these abuses
and wrongs. Adopt negatives on whom nil the con
lending faction* could agree without danger of
harm to any or to the system by which
they fatten on the sufferings of thu
people. That is one opinion. Thore Is another
opinion, and that opinion demands a change, a rhango
o| men for the sake ol reform in administration.
heliow citi/. ns, I do not intend to argue tne ques
tion. I isteud to siniplv stain it and leave it to your
.ludgnvnl and 10 the judgment ol the people.
1 am heartily with yon in sympathy
and action. 1 am happy to meet yon-to-night. 1 trust
I shall have an opportunity ot seeing you nerna;ter.
(A Voice?-"Next November." Cheers.) Again thank
ing you lor your kind attention, I bid you good
Alter leaving the Governor's tho corps, with a largo
concourse ol citlzrn*, proceeded to the Argu* offlco,
where they were ndiirosaed by !>. Cad> Herrtck.
A serenade was also given to Mayor Banks, Eli Perry
and General Franklin Townscnd.
A i s *.sr, N. Y., June 20,1879.
Governor Tilden baa received the following:?
OiisrrsQFA. X. Y.. June 39, IH7<1.
The Greeley household and It* lrlsnd? are all tnr yon.
Nrw Britain. Conn.. June 2?, 187H
His Kxeellency ft.tntki .1. Tn.Oks:?
t'ordiul con<ratnlailon?. tVe, liertnan* of the Slate of
Connecticut, are ?ure for I.Y'kkt r?te? for you and reform.
JACOH HECKEK. Councilman, fourth ward.
Rmi rs, L ?., Jnne 21*. IHjii,
Hon. S. J. Tit.***:?
Ihe man is llie platform, and the Ring breaker nf New
Turk will pr??e the Ring breaker of the n?lins. All who
realljr de?tre V>ne?t money, dimiiiiahod taxe?, pure admin
Ulrstioa. unlettered trade and the restoration nf a true
national feeling III the plaea nl a ?r*lihe<l neriitinalinni
will rait) toM> ?npp??ri. I'AIIKK OOP WIN.
WASBITUTOS, P. C., Jnne *."!?, IH??s
Hon Kitrci. <1 Tlt.wsi
I tender my renzratalatioas. Von win hear Imui my di?
trltl in November fur democracy and reform
Indianapolis. Ind., J .ne -f??l^:S0 A. M.
Govmor Tit.nr*:?
I congratulate you and earnestly d??!re your election.
New Tom, Jane 2U, 1M78.
Tlla Kstelfeney Oevarnnr Tltnuw:?
Ae ept the insrascs of the French support.
Secretary Kreneh Democratle Clab.
Alkxan dbia, Va.. Jane an, IS7M.
His Excelieaey Aawvsi. J. Tit on*:?
The Bfst illden an-i llendrleki flag in thla State was
flung to the breese at two o'clock. Virginia in goo-t tor
?j:..UUO Majority. K KM I'KIL
Ataios, If. V . Jane ?0, 1670.
Qavsmor Tttnrjt:?
We congratulate yea en your nomination. Orleans
e?p?ty s did a? in '74. We ratfty to-nlehi
J. I.hK.
GEOBtiB M. TAT LOB M<?< en.
Whitk Puam, N. v., Juue Sv, 1878.
Guns were flred on tt.e old VltW Plain* battle ground i
in lionor ot TiJden'j nomination.
Jobxhowk, N. Y., Jane 28, 1876
Tilden'? nomination w >s received with iMknilMiu,
Tb*ru was general democratic rejoicing and musifi by a
THE NEWS AT bing sing.
Sihu ciaa, June 29. lSTri.
A s.Mute of 100 guns was flrod hero last night ou the
receipt ol the news of Tllden's nomination. There ,
was great enthusiasm among our eUllcns, and thu iire
w<<rks ami music were continued until three o'clock
thin morning.
Pov'iHKKErsiK, N. V., June 29. 1878.
Fpon the reception of the news last night of the nom
ination ef Tilden. the old lino democratic*, repre
sented I'jr lion. Juki Murkin. tired 100 guns. i';a,;s
were dismayed Irum the ollice of the Oaily Prest.
Ki.mika. N, V., June 29, 1870.
Tbe nomination of Tildeu was received here with con
siderable enibttsa-m. A number of houses wore
illuminated last m.bt, a street meeting was held and I
100 gut!* wore bred.
Omtkoo Depot, N. Y., June 29, 187A.
BonOres were lighted on every bill on tbe reception
of the news o! Ttlden's nomination. One hundred guns
were tired ut Owego.
Whitehall, N. V., June 29, 18T6.
A grand demonsiration is ttkmi place bere to-night,
cannons bein: tired, i<ands (paying, Ua.. in honor ol j
tbe nomluaiion ol Tildun and Hendricks.
Hi nuiiam rov, N. Y., June 29, 1S78.
Tbe democrats are celebrating tbe news from St.
. Louis. Two brass bands are parading tbo streets and
the city Is brilliant with red lights, rockets ami Roman :
candles, while cannon tiring adds to tbe cxsiiuuieuL
Bats, N. Y., Juue 29, 1876.
The nomination* of Tilden and Hendricks were re
ceived here with great enthusiasm. One hundred
guns were llred and bands of music paraded the
streets, followed by hundred.'* cheering and shouting
fur tbo St. t.ouis nominees 'i'o-aight bonfires aud
apeooh-raaklug are the Icuturcs.
BrFFAt.0, N. Y., June 29. 1876.
The news of the nomination of Samuel J. Tilden was
received here with great enthusiasm. One hundred
guiiB were flrod at tbe Arson*! and 111 ty on the Court
House lull. A band of music, ioilowed by a number ol
citizens, paraded the streets, and in frontot tbe Demo
cratic Central Club rooms the assemblage was ad
dressed by Hon. W. !?. G. Smith and K C. Bobbin* In
terms of congratulation. Alier a brilliant display of
fireworks tbe procession mo robed to the Courier nffloe.
where, in response to enthusiastic culls, Unvid limy
and Tliomrv- Kesn. ot that paper, addressed the nsseni
lilugo. The demonstration was an animated on., in
dicating that ilie democracy liere are delighted with
the result of tbo St Louis Convention.
OoDKNVitrno, N. Y., June 29, 187(1.
The democracy of Ogdensburg bad an enthusinstic
celebration of the nomination ol Tilden last night,
with cannon, music aa speeches by leading demo
Whitsiiau., N. Y., June 20, 1870.
During the firing o! s salute ibis afternoon at l'laits
burg, N. V., In honor ot Tidon and Hendricks, a
cannon exploded on l dangerously Injured Joseph St
Dennis and Jo cpli tiovreli.
Bckliwoto!*, June 29, 1876.
The St. Louie nominations were received with rnibu.
si asm br the democracy hero. A salute ol one hundred
guns wis fired, fljg* are living and 'there will be a
rousing ratification medm,! to-uTght.
Boston, June 20, 1376.
The democrats generally throughout Mntnc and New
Hampshire demonstrated to-day their approval of tho
St. Louts nominations. On- hundred guns were flrod
in Portsmouth. Nashua, Manchester, l'ortmnd, Augusta
and other cities.
Washington, June 29, 1878.
The democrats of the District of Columbia have fixed
upon the evening ot Thursday, July 6. (or a grand rati
fication ni etlng, and will occupy the snmo platform at
tho City ILiIi used at the Haven' and. Wheeler raiiUca
ttou meeting.
Dktboit. Mich., June 29. 1870.
The enthusiasm here over Tlldun's nomination Is un
bonnded. Immndl iteiy npou the reception of tho news
ol the secono ballot George V. N. Lathrop af-cended tho
steps in Irontof tho telegraph otllce and mudo a congratu
latory aIdress to the assembled ornwd. warmly euloy U
tnc Tilden. The crowd, headed by prominent demo
crats, nlierwurd assembled on tbo l-nnou* Martins,
wliero addresses warmly iudors ng Tildeu's nnmiiu
tlon were delivered.
CutcixsATi, Ohio, Jane 29, 1878.
The news of the nomination of Tiiden was received
here with quiet satisfaction by the lisrd money demo
crats, and with evident disgust by tho greenback wing
of the party.
CixcmxATT, Jnne 29,1878.
Tilden's nomination is reccivod here with Intense
enthusiasm by bis supporters, while tbo friends of tho
other candidates genorally accept the situation and
will support htm.
Indianapolis, Ind., Juno 20, 1876.
There Is among the democrats a universil feelins of
disappointment at the result of the St. Louis Conven
tion, not only on account of the defeat of Mr. Heud
ricks, but more especially upon the apparent abandon
ment of tho West in the adoption of n distinctively
bard money platform. Tho Srntirt'l awaits I be final
r> sult of the Convention heforo it deiluet its position
on the platform and candidate.
RtcnwntD, June 29,1876.
The newt of Tilden's nomination has been received
here with the wildest demonstrations of delight The
{Conservative Kampaign Klub fired a saluto ol 100 guns
In honor ol I bo event lsst evening. A congratulatory
tclesram was sent to Tilden hv the rlnb. I.arge and
entnusiastic crowd* were assembled around the news
paper ofttccs last night, and universal *atistartinn was
expressed. A Tilden clubol young men was Imme
diately organised.
JitKnuaicKsni so, Va, June 29, 1178.
The St Louis nominations were received here with
great enthusiasm. National colors are flying on which '
are inscribed
kVo h h,"ke f'( jum" "ujits' a'nd'h knd u Ic k -t f
Steps are now being taken for a grand ratification
Mnnr.it, Ala., Jane 90, 1876.
The news of Governor T.lden'n nomination was re
cclved wlik the greatest entbnalasm here. A national '
salute was it red and congratulations exchanged on all
Nsw Orlbaxs, Jane 29, 1876.
The democratic citizens are enttaustnstlo over the
nomln itionf. One hundred guns were Ored.
ftantraroar, June 29, 1876.
Thirty-seven guns were fired here to-day tor Tilden
and Hendricks and great enthusiasm was manifested.
Sa* P^Axmoo, June tt, 1876. |
The nomlnatloa ol Tilden Is well re eived here,
mainly on account ol bis bard money proclivities. One ?
hundred guns were fired and a rut I.1 ration meeting will
toe held ta ? few dajk The ?uti Chinese plank la toe j
? ? ; \
f'Uuortn gives aailataction, and prou.iucnt ?.? mocrata j
asean that iie can carry tb<? State on thai iasue.
Sr. i.f.ii-, June liiTtf
Vv".wittiataa(Vng a slight but aieady rt u Ue iire?M
to-nlgUt ire perfectly throned with people ud everv
b is nearly wild with enthusiasm ami ?x< temeut.
Aa illummaii'o on the hue of Kocrih ami
l.t.li ?ir?ctl ?xteuda for Marly a i-.i ic, an J
ail ol llie arc j-iylynnd yr&(as<!>ly dceorawd
wan U igK, |ihiib- rs, mottoes anil dev;<- cl virion 4
km da. Moaaier ni< ettngH are I* iig h-ild hi the ea?t
and weal (routs of ihe Court Hou>e and another at
tbo Republican otu :e. Hubert U. Marr ot New Or
leau?, apo.e at oae o< tho meetings, iuj -all: ?
MKKi'ii ilf Jill. JUKK.
Why la it thut *U'li a ?ca ol pfoplo are here to-nIbt?
Why is 11 that nearly i very c:iv :n the I'uloa is anl'ize
with ll.hta and the air Ulled w,th mu.-.e and t!i
?ImUi of a |U peop.? v it i- b-o?aee tbafn ?* a j?rv.?
pect now, a bri,hi nope en*.lulled ia the hear 14of ihu
eutire people, tuat the admiin-tr tun or tho federal gov
eminent, which has br.>uj{liI d!egrai ? upon tlio Ame~icau
name, 1- about 10 beabollshe , and th?i we .-li.'li see it j
tfo Mown iu -arkticca au night lurever; that miaeraiilo, '
wicked parly, which has wro.ight (.ecuiiiirv ruin,
|ml 1 Ufai ram, moral ruin airi 1 egradatiun
throughout tlio land. The evils Uiat
result Irani such a miserable misgoverned government
aa we have liad lor the lasl eight years. ire not c(vn
flncd 10 tbo mere pecuniary Uaaters wnn h afflict the
ikhuiIv; and in iu moral aspects it in lor more dta
aairotia, ruinous. i'urutnary d Waaler, loss of
lortune, tic., may be redeemed i>v pafletii
toil, Industry and economy, hut what
can redeem a people from thai inoril degradation ;
whi li crop* out in ihu sliap*- ol whiaitey ring-, rail
road rings and all those corrupt combinations 01 in. n 1
by which the public treasury haa been pluudered and
tne people tinnuvcmhed t Hy what process are
we to regain thai good narao and character
which wo have borno heretofore when we
Quit at tlie head ot the government ol Hie I'niit-d Htatea ,
u man who una acquired, very Justly, the sobriquet ol \
".ill laker," and who, probably, lit possessed 01 tliiu.s !
winch, though not gilts, h. ve .been aiiaiood
through a apeetes of speculation. of sioek jobbery, i
Wbictt u a di-gra e to Hub great nnliou, when we And
a Jlabcocfc who rescued iroin the penitentiary by a I
too-partial Jury through the Indirect influence of (
the ioder.1 government, when we Dud al the
head o! the War Department one Uelknap,
who makes bis fortune in poat tvader
ahiita, and when we aeo the late Speaker ol tbo Honae
ol Kepreaemai vea degrading hia poaitlon aa the dead
or dy .ug Hinine bus doue 1 There la another evil tbat
thla miserable administration has wrought in
this land, tgainm which I doairS 10 aol
etttfdy proteat, and I aak thai you will tako it
111 and deal wnil 11 summarily. The great curse ol this
land has hceu *c. iiona.i.sin. He then re'errcd
to the elfect of this evil in hia own
State?l/oulai.itia--ant the disa-iter and ruin
it had wrought t:iere. He Imu seen aectionai
feeliniia cropp ng out here. He had heard men f<ay
that the Weat is not to be dictated to by the East. 8e<i
tioua or territorial lines abuuld noi be c usliicred, in
placing men 111 high positions, but integr ty and ability
should he thn atundarii to mviuoire men uy.
Mr. Murr eotitinuod at <onaidernhle length and held
the attention of hio audience ch^ely, and frequently
Aliened hearty applaUfe
Gcorge I?. Smiib, of Wisconsin, and others followed
Mr. Marr. all speaking most hopclully 01' the ovont of
the coming political struggle. Kvery alluRioti to tho
work of the Convention was met by prolonged anJ 1
hearty cheering, uud the best of leclixig prevailed
throughout tbo meeting.
The newa of the nomination 01 Governor Hetidricka,
ol Indiana, for Vice I'resideni by the St. Louts Con
volition was received with great satisfaction hy the
democr.ita In tha city. At the hotels, the cluba
anil other placos of public resort tho opinion was
very generally expressed that the ticket wag a very
airong one. uud oven the atuncbciit Tammany men
professed tneir determination to give li a hearty suj>
pori. Tne ati11- Tammany men wore naturally very
Jubilant over tbo defeat of John Kelly, and will work
lor the nomtneea with redoubled zeal on account of
their leaders having bad aome lutluaoue in determining
tbo choice ot the Convention. Most ol ibo
meetings held yesterday were merely local
ones preparatory to a mure general exprcaMon of pub
lic feeling alter the parly leaders return to the city; but
independent of the prolei-anmal politicians ana their
banger- on the feeling among the democratic masses
Is, undoubtedly, one ol genuino suusiactlon. Tho
bunting on tbo City Hall waa displayed during ihe day,
and there was great rejoicing among tho.-e who paaa a
good deal of tli?V time around that building.
Comptroller Groen, la conversation with a repre
tentative of the Hkrald last night expressed his un
alloyed sitl?lnotion with tho St. Louis nominations.
Governor Tililen he had known long and well and ha
believed bun to bo a thoroughly honest nnd capable
man. "Mr. Tlken," said he, "has had a long and ollk
clent training In publlo afT.iirii. From his youth he
has been a studont or financial and politico economic
questions, and I believe ho stands to-day on* of the
loremoKt statesmen of the lima. No one I think will
question his litucss lor tho position of Chief Magistrate,
anil thoro is not ino slightest doubt tn my mind thut
?i?- will he triumphantly elected to it. If he were to be
del>'atod it would be a blow struck nt r form In our
politics No stronger m?u could have been placed on
the ticket Irom Maine to Callfocnia."
[it rop'y to a question us to whether Mr. Tilden's
tieint' a bachelor'would alloct his ntianceii,while wouien
cannot vote, the Comptroller laughed and replied. "1
don't leol at liberty to nuswer that, cor am I compo- I
toni to do so, being In the snrao bo.it tnyseli. Perhaps
It will scare lor him the support or tn.iny eligible sin
gle Inoies wbo would in ease ol his ole tion have a
chance to marry a President of the United Stales."
said there was no occasion for lengthened remarks
concerning tho nomination ol Samuel J. Tilden for tho
l'rosidencv. lor it was enough to say. positively, tnat
he was unfitted for the position, anJ that lor far mora
than one exceedingly definite reason.
Mr. James O'Brien said:?"I think there Is so
choice could be made which would more strongly ap>
peal to the svmpathies of tne peoplo than that of the
St. Louts Convention."
A meeting of the Executive Committee of the New
York county anil-ruin many democracy was held last
evening at Irving Bail. A number of tho leading
lights arc still tn St. Louis, or en rasfe humo, hut tho
meeting was woll attended. Mr. Charles W. Brooke
olferrdthe following preamble nnd resolutions, which
wcro unanimously ndopteu:?
Whereat tin deiuoci ?.y of the country, assembled la na
tional enunrll, appreciating the sentiment* of the Ameri
can people in the intereM* of good iroveriinieui anil political
r terra, have nonumied lor fie Presidency ot the United
Stair* iliut aterlniK champion of national Iniecrltynnd pion
eer hi ihi itic.it warfare against e?rmption In place* ol
pnhllc tru?t. ami in tho dlancruce aad pualalitnnntof tlomn
? ho abneed the confidence ot tho people und iiis.im publid
oltt. e hot amentia el private plunder, tiainucl J. Tilden ; and
whereat. In further accord wltn national sentiment,
they have I en presmted lor the -uflVa.e of the psopie an
the candidate Inr tne Vice Presidency that puro, couicien
tlaaie and able italetimnn. Thomaa A. eudrloaa,
Heaolved, Tn at witti the c a/nutate* and enthnilairn
which spontaneously spring from the appreciation thai in
Mich action tlie way to a return ol national prosperity mid a
pur? administration of the conntrv la opened. t? heartily
plfd|te th? democracy ?f this county to inch a support of
|tionominee! a. shall remit in a majority In Novomber
without parallel in onr political Mil ry.
Resolved, Dial a call ho limed to the County Committee
ot thl* organisation to lAeeinhl* in ma? niaeiini: with all
other* wlio may doilre to unite with them at tnli# lloll,
on natarday evening next, at eight o'clock, to rainy tiio ?e
tton of the National Oonvnntl n not only In the selection
ol Its ranoidalcs, bnt la the lull htor>?ni?l of Hie also
and Judicious plaitorin of democracy presented in the reso
lutlon il tti adoption.
Another resolution was olTere'1 tondiog the thanks ol
the Kxecutive Committee to the Hon. John Morriaeey
lor bis hourly cflorts toward securing the nominal on
of Samuel J I tl u n. An auiondinent was oftorcd
naming several others who took part with httn. Both
gave way to a now resolution, extondiug the thanks to
nil members of tho organization Who were present
without mentioning nntneu. A committee nt live was
appointed by the Chair to complete arrangements for
a proper celebration ol the ono httndreth anniversary
ol our nation il independence. It is announced that
,1 odgc OtMwilosvo will preside on the occasion, and j
iho oration ol tbo day will be by the Hon. Kichard j
Tho meeting adjourned after transacting some minor |
A meeting of th? N oho.as Meller Association of tbo '
first Assctiitily outtrlci was held yesterday afkraoon 1
at No. IKO tirecnwich street, with Mr. II. McKocarney I
m tho cli.iir and Mr. Kdsard Dougherty actings* sccre
tary. Speeches were made tustalning the nominations
for the Presidency made at the fit. lamis Convention,
after which the members of the association, beaded by I
i band of mestc, marched down to the Battery, wnero !
a saldte of 100 guns was fired io honor of Tlloea and i
Hendricksi A large cro.Ml was assembled, and Ire
quentiy choered tbo nominees la the Interval* between
the firing of the gnne.
At the Headquarters ot the Aotl-Tsauasay Associa- '
tion of the filth Assembly District, Na ill 11 ml.on |
street, several politicians of tho district were gathered,
and all were Jubilant over the nominations, but were !
moro enthusiastic, over the defest of "Boss" Kelly st
HL Louis. Manv of tb< m predicted that upoa
his returs here he would be deputed |
fr?. u the k-adereuip of Tuatnny Hail, aud tint
organisation ??>ul! I ? thorc iably W'<'*4?nuod :<n4
perilled. ft 9 ni Ti?ber< of tUua -oci ,i, j vull hold a
ratiflestiou tue> 1111; 10 morrow nij>f, and l.ar? made
arrsBgefueots for a /rand XUd- n and !? judrlc?s Jo'.ti.
! lie SantielTildeti Association ut the Filth V1- ??in
My tt. lrn t ruel tl N , ^^.1. lludsou .-trcet, aud pu.-.-o.l
tli<' following i.' ution;
I: - ivotllbat *??, (ti# i I<IUI<PIT< o(:llie Sou... I I Tilda
Huliof t'?: Kiltii Auea.My di-?-i i. r. l!!v tli* intiin.t
lliiu ii'.imW ut ?f. ti .M. . .rune .>! lium.. .1. ItM n tui i'!;r
ue\i Pr>-iUoiH.
A tu< 'in ; ..rcitizens <?' tills <t;;r ?? ". in ;??-.? beiJ at
Nil. ;????! lino ; i:j (r.et and Ttlden campaign
Olub was or ram ? d.
Tho dfinouats of the ?<r'.euth \ >cwijly district
liuv. or. ifii.'.c I .i < ? I.:: an : ii.-t.dr ?!?? ? i ib !;i toe K:f
Ul'iiiU <;.nl HUli a; No. 41 \t>. t I'onriu
-tree'. It. < r.-timer i'l? - 'li nt, I'h.; club i* owupo>ed
to a largi < \ rot?u? : ?.a?. a!: ? ar< di -appointed
wit# the < iii.mhh:ii iionitnaiiwi-. ami who i i cier, a*
tli y ? !i?'i . .-h ? ? o\| rc J I'. "Ti :< ii utvl r> lonii ' io
Haves a ad Whiter. A ix'* aiut (o-tiy banner has
lin r. urUurcl uitJ '.I mi \j.. clod (u b ruij) early next
wee k, Wtien a g< nor; I rattiie.it on mwWiijr w II t"1 held.
A now banner in honor ot the notinuaiion ot 1'ildon
and Hendricks wasiiuued i .si evening. iu tins district,
at So. 61 Howry, uireuily opposite the Bowery The
atre. with appioprtate ceremntias. f he banner is iu
wrHml wi b tbo nain< .4 ofTiMen ami Hendricks. nn<l is
u runIIy goo 1 pmc > 01 wurl> The democrats ot this
district e.\pi thoni? .-lvos as high .v pleased with the
retail 1 t ' Louts ('o'.vaii'.uin.
TltC democrat', ol the Kightci nth Assembly district
(?lioui'.i then fealty to the sit. l.oui- candidates iu?t
evening o> raising a large Intuitin-ur.bcd with tbo
names ?.r 1'iideti aud Ht'ndnoka st tUcir bouilquiirters,
"I'hB Niitiouil," No. Third avetiua. Tin? .itteud
anee was write ana tliu pmcucdiugs passed oil amid
the utni >s| etilhngi isni. There was h large displ iy ol
Artworks and sMMbes wore AMI by prominent cMi>
/?'tis ol the district indorsini,' the nominations of Tildea
ami Houdrtcka
A very l*r}:e number of the democrats of this district
assembled hut evenm? to r.itily the nominations aud
to participate in tin* te-? 11 v111: s stiemlant to the ruihing
ol tbo new l il'!en and ileiuirickx baunar The place of
tueetinn w"s Orient Halt, No Third avetme, and
lo'ip before the nioettug was culled to oruer or the tian
n T raised over 5nO portions had assembled, the lar*;o
m .joriiy of ? hoin wore by no moans backward in <-x
l>r>s~it>K their decidcd prulrrunee for the 8U
l/ttita ticket. A noticeable feature of the 00.
cu-ion was the fact thai u larse number
Ot the Kelly Tammany faction were preeent aud vied
with the alauoebesi of DIdea's old friends in tho:r en
thusisnm. Speeches were tnndo by ex-Judge Hponoer
aud others, and were loudly upplanded. The allusions
to tin'stand 111 ido on the pl.aiorm with rciereuce to
tho Dnaticlal qtio-tion were loudly cheered. Thohtuuer
which hears tl.o names of Sam uol J. Tlldeu and fbomas
A llondrtcks Is a very elegant ouo and a crcdit to tho
The headquarters of the Yoang Men's I'emocrstio
Cltt?> on L'niun Kqiiure was thronged lasi evenlug aud
the genora: fecttiig was one or pleasure tbuiXr. Hen
drcas had received the nomination !or Vice President.
To 11 i ll! the club will he brilliantly illuminated and a
sp ?? lal meeting he d to celebrate both tne St. I.ouis
nominations and the twcnty-lourtb anniversary of the
There w?' great rejoicing upon every sldo among
democrats iu Hroulclyn yesterday over the nominatioa
of Tlldeu a Hen ItIcks lor l'resident and Vice fr ai
dant, ami banner aud transpaioncy was ?'xnibtlcd from
the Democratic (leiteral Committee headqtiMrters, and
a salute ol lutl t uua was fired fruit i'ori lirceuo in
honor ol tin* oveiit It was claimed 1 >y ex-Beuistrar
Mul.ii Mel.nashlln that if Tiidcn curries tbo statu of
New York be is tin uext President. He Maid it Ttlden
cstinoi carry this stale, then the people don't want
to fcav? -~?orm. The repubitcsns, on the other haud,
pretend to U- deligbtrii because they say tlmy can Uuat
rttdeii 111 re readily than auy other mnu thai could bo
To suy th it tbo democracy of Jersey Ulty received
Uie news from St. l?uie yesterday with Inlenso sat
isfaction would be a poor expression of the fcel.Dfl
that pervaded every qu .rter of tho city. There was 1
genuine enthusiasm, bom ol a conviction that th?.
ticket waa so strong It could not bo beaten. Covcrnor
Brdle's shrewd foresight a week a -o, when ho pre*
dieted tho nomtn.ttou of Tildou and Hendricks, stamps
him as n keen politician. His views on the uc^et, as
published In yesterday's Hekalu, were so gonorally
accepted that the nomination of Renurlelc^ was re?
eardei as a certainty Irom an early hour in the foro
noon. Tho llrBi sUitifiuaiii leamro ol 1.0 camp iga
was iho raising ol a large banner lor TTlden and ten
drtcks by William l>. UurreUon, at N'o. 2t51 Warren
street, ut eleven o'cloilc in tho forenoon. T'tis was
the first democratic Providential banner rulsed in any
part ot thnHtute.
The second movement was made by the Gorman
Dcmouratio Club of the Kuurtb d sirict ol whtati
M.uor A. H. Harris is president. An immense meeting
wns hela at Turner Hull, on Palis <de avenn-, uud a
largo banner hung across the avouue bearing the in
scription, '?I'be Spirit of '7? St?ll Lives. <io<l Bless
tho Ola Thirioeu States Kor President, Kamnel J.
Tiiden, of Now York. Kor Vice Pro Went, Thomas A.
Hendricks, ol Indiana" Stirring speeches wero de
livered, aud a campaign committee was appointed to
confer with other oiubs tbrouyhoui the country.
A lodite mcuiitiK of iho <>. A. U. organization was
held t<< consider tho grave charge ilmt Hayes is of Irish
(vtreutagn. Ureal disappointment wu manifested that
Tbooaoro F. Kandolph <tnt noi recoive a single vote In
the Convention. Tim lo.lge adjourned to meet again
next Tuesday eveniug and rsoori on ttio must advisable
course to bo pursued during the campaign.
Salutes were tired during tho evening in every
quarter of the city, and fireworks were displayed on
Newurk, Palisade, Conimunipaw and Central uveuue?.
Tue Herman Democratic Club of the Third dtatrict Hold
a meeting at <>ertnanla Hall and resolved to organize a
campaign club immediately^
I he P iteraon democrats are jubilant over the nom
ination of Tildcn and ileudrickii. A aalute ol thirty*
seven nuns was tired tbig evening in honor ol the ton*
The s'ewark Young Men's H- publican Club dedicated
? handsome transparcn ?>' at tbolr headquarters, ta
Hr.i?d street last n^ht. General Joseph C. Jackson, el
New York, delivered Uu address
I bn rrcoipt ol tbi> news that Hendricks had been
nominated lor Vice President on the ticket with Tildon
eroked increased enthusiasm among tho Newark
democracy yesterday. While there, as ttiruughont the
State, tho desire to nee Parker nominated was genuine.
It is now conceded that on the vlial Issue boloro the
country, administrative reform, Tlhien is undoubtedly
the man demanded by the popular voice of tho
In Morristown tho tickot was approved by tho flrinirof
100 g mix.
An immense meeting was held in Trenton last owning
to ratily tho nomination of Governor Tiiden. Speeches
were made byG"vernorJ. I). Hedio, Attorney General
Jacob Vaunatta, Henry H. Little, Clerk In CltMtvonr.
and others. Tho meeting wasentnsaiasiia. Tt>eiw?vn:i
? prolusion ol flreworks.
Malum, Juno 39, 1876.
Hon. W. A. Wheeler returned to Maione thia mom?
ing. He was welcomed at tho depot by cheers of ban*
dreds of his toinsmen, by musio and firing oleannon.
A procession was lormed, headed by a band, and fee
was escorted to his home.
He spoke briefly, under great excitement, with M
much of pathos as to claim the attention of tho vaal
crowd present, and to bring tears to many eyes.
Ho said lite honor of tho nomination belonged not to
bim, but to tho people ol Maione. Ho was eftosen
Town Clerk by them white yet ta bis mtuoriijr, and
when the emolument* of tho place, thirty dollars a
year, were of more value to him than tho thousands
tie has possessed.
He bun t ela.ned the confidence of tho people steadily
since, and has been the recipient of r-Deateit honor*
from them. He owes to their ateadUst adherence,
their warm support and tholr efforts what
ever ol success he has aobicvad. Personally
he would have preferred to remain where he Ie, lor
what is the honor to him, standing in tho thtttow of
lilt desolate home t I'o the young meu, so w?ny of
whom were present before him that be had the right
to spook to them, be would say he knew
every phase of i lie struggle of the young
man Mteklng to mnke his way and to make his mark
in Hie. lor, years ago, bo bad trampled through the
storm* and snow* ol winter to his tirst district school
in an adjoining town, in the log house* of
the neighborhood, through the shrunken roofs
ol the hum''ie fsrmers' houses. he had
at in-lit, literally been a star gazer:
but in bis wildest dreams and highest building of castles
in the oir, so complete a eSSeese in life, so great an
achievement hud never occurred to bim. Thla result
Shows that in this beneficent country every man of
character wne the equal of every ether msn. Ho ehould
inane no political speech that morning; the addrem
w?s hut a family talk, but whatever may be tho result
in November it should bo accepted as htueaN good
and loyal citizens. Political feeling would aeeert itself
delta* tho campaign, out lie ho|>?>i the personal rela
tion* existing between them would remain nnobaaged,
as his .'roatc.-l desire was to retain ibe eateem and re.
spe. i of Ijtf. immediate fr enda and neighbors.
Mr. Whewler retired amid hearty applause. Re wag
deeply a itemed as be referred to the desolation which
had come noon hi* home and in the sympathy shewn
l?y the audience might he reed the ostiout and love in
which bo was held.
Nkw Oulmans, June W, ffTd
The Convention to-day degenerated into ? p r ect
beer garden, aaJ about hail-past lour t>rok<j up in a
row. To-night the wire-workers are hard <?t it, oan n
it probable a ballot will be resetted to-morrow, i t*
wsr of factious lias grown m> bitier that a compromise
candidate is Kiiggosted by the more -eaioole as i?e oui*
solution. With this view It is n?t unlikely that <>eneriji
McMillan or Ueneral ituesy will i>e b veeu inrwarJ.
The delay has certainly ii.jurcd Warm /ill's pn>-p?cU
sad somewhat improved Ludolisg'a, t'aeu?rd an i vru
deraon ind iiu their own fcxtr ordin.ry eiio. u v* ill
be lua ? to-liight by I oth la< lions to *e*li,ce vacl*
oiher'? delegate-, in whh U all the usqal menu w.ll < a
Used ircety, Kel oft s d P*< ward openly declare ll?*ff
Inientlon to reptj late the nominaltoa is ones of Wat

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