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tliv XJ11I I'll V I U I V ,
Intrigues for the Control of the Coming
State Conventions.
Reisous Assigned fur the Removal of Postmaster
General Jewell.
Retrenchment in the Senate and Dismay
Among the Democrats.
w _____
The Peculiar Political Situation in 1
llifl Pmnir# Sinlo
Washington, July 12, 1S70.
STEW tobk iii THE FOBTHCOMING political
campaign?THE faction fights in both
parties ?IiKTTKU KEELINO between THE
friends ash opponents ok mb. conklino?
tammany hall AND tub democrats?
probability op mu. skymoib's nomination
fou governor.
The peculiar condition of New York attract* more
and more here the ullentlou of both democratic and
republican politicians. The Importance to each party
of carrying tlie Staio In November la so great that It is
?iaoiy iu ihj uiu eivuu ui e\iraoruiuary viiuiu luia uui.
At present neither party is harmonious.
The New York republicans have divided into two
lioslilo camps since tho Cincinnati Convention, each
tuoro bitterly nnd aggressively hostiio to tho other
than before tho Convontion. Tho null-Coiikltng men
are undoubtedly greatly elated at tho defeat of Mr.
Conkllng's aspirations. They recount with a chuckle
of delight tho number and characlor of Senator Conkling's
humiliations. "Ho nover Attained to llK) votes
in tho Convontion," they suy; ho could not prevent
u rupture in his own delegation, iittcen or eighteen
of whom had determined to vote against him if his
nomination should ut any time become possible; he was
openly and bitterly denounced lu tho Convention by Mr.
George William Curtis, as tho "common dispensor" of
patronago iu tho Stato of New York, and, thereioro,
mo eorrupior 01 tin pontics. wnon uo was mniscil
dolcated his friends risked tho nomination of Mr.
Woodford to the Vice Presidency, and this also was
conleui]itously refused, and Mr. Whvelor, Mr. Coukling's
rival in the State, was nominated, and finally,
tlioy say, to clinch tho matter, when Mr. d-'oukllin:
desired his friend Mr. Cornell to ho mado chairman of
tho National Committee this, too, was refused. Ills
even reported here thai at a meeting of tho Natiooal
Commitieo In 1'hiladelphia the other day a letter was
Shown to tho members In which Mr. Curtis declared
that It Mr. Cornell was mado chairman of tho commit,
tec he would boll the ticket.
While Sctiaior Coakliua's opponents thus rccouut
their success and his humiliations he and Ins Iriouds
do not conceal their uecp Irritation nor their deter.
Mln.imii Innmn. il,o,? ln.it -.1 --1 1 .1.-1.
opponents to submit lu sonio conspicuous manner.
Sev.ruI o! Mr. Coukling's most faithful lrieuds and
followers nave been m town during tbe last ten days
ana ibey look to tlio Stnto Convention to rcliova their
losses uud muku tlioir opponents eat liumblc pie. Ihtv
cou it largely upon thu lack o. d sciplinc and coherent)
ol Mr. Coupling's opponents. Mr. Wheeler's frieidi, '
they hold, must keep out ol tho battle us a mailcr o
prudence, (ioveruor Morgan and his allies ol tho
U.noii Leaguo Club they profess not to fear gr< ally
Mr. Itusicd aud Judge Kobertson they hops to ciu?h,
with all thoir allies, aud as for Mr. Curtis, they only
hope that his name may bo mentioned In connuctioo
wah the Governorship, for, if It Is, they will retort
ujhju him tbe humdiatione ol tho Cincinnati Convention.
It la probable that the Conkling wing will put forward
Mr. Cornell as their caudidate for Governor, and will
Insist upon making the Statu ticket regardless of tho
wishes ol the other wing of the party. Thus thoro Is n
prospect, unless the anli-Conkliug men sarronuer withtut
a struggle, of a bitter light. Ilut this will he fought
tut, as far as possible, before tbe Convention In tho
priinary meetings, whore Mr. Conkling's fitends hope to
defeat their opponents so badly that they shall nuke
but a lame itud nnpotent show in the Convention.
All tnis. ol course, does not puss without tb? observation
of the New York democrats. Hut wliite they rejoice
over tbo strife in iho ropublieun camp tboy have
troubles of their own, though less serious Tbo Tammany
democrats sulk. They do not sec what they are
to gum by the election of Mr. Tnden. Tbey have no
hope of federal patronage or support from film. They
ay that his favorites are among liberal republicans
like Messsra. Dorsheimer and lligclow, and that tins
clues ol supporters, though they may be few in hum- j
ber, are quite ready to monopolize all tbo offices and
patrouagc. Tboy have been made to feel that Governor
Tiideu, like General Grant, tolerates no opposition tohia
imperious will, and that ho will never forgive those
who, with Mr. John Kelly, opposed hia {'residential
views Tboy assort that he is really weak In the State,
aud that his zealous followers are numerous only or
mainly in those parts of the Slato which givo rcpub
lit an majorities In the elections; that he secured tbo
State delegation by delegates chosen on the repubheau
part of tbo ?lalc, and that the auli-Tildcu strength lies
In New York and lfrooklyn. where the democrats must
get their majority. 11 anywhere.
Mr. Kelly has been hero several days looking over
tho Held, getting the promise of prominent Senators
and members to apeak ut bis great Tatuuiuny ratification
meeting and quietly trying to discover where ho is
likely to tlauJ in tho Slato Convention. 11 Is probable
that ho would make a clean surrender to Mr. Tilden if
be were a less obstinate inan, and If such a surrender
Could replace him where be was in the last Convention.
But be probably sees that lie can enter tbo coming
Convention wuh oaly half a delegation under
nay circumstances, and that he will havo to
bare with hit rival Mornssey, and nitu rally
this outlook Is not pleasing to him. The democrats
daro not cast oil Tammany entirely, but it u pretty
certain tliat they will even do this rather than allow
Mr. Kolly and Tammany the control they had la?l
spring. They do not forget that Tammany has no place
to go la
1: la conft lontly expected here that Horatio Seymour
Will be renotumated for Governor, and that ho will accept
the aonination. If he does the democrat! count
undoublingly upon carrying New York In November.
And, wben ouo considers the divisions In the republican
party, tbe possibility that Mr. Conkhug may Ioko
Internet in the campaign, and the present coarse of
General tlruul, it does look very much like democratic 1
success in New York.
News comes here that there is a growing diasaiisfactlou
In ludiana over the nomination of Mr. Orth as
Governor. The Foreign Affairs Committee ot tho i
House btve damaged hiui by evidence, mostly bis own,
which showed that while be was a member of Congress :
and of thai committee In tbe Forty first Congress, the ! i
commute* reported favorably upon the Venezuela |
ciainil; that Mr. Orth thereupon appeared before the i
est Congress, of which he wan not a member, I
aa the attorney of Still well, Minuter in Venezuela,
whe had $80,000 of those claims, and Talmadgo, the
American Coiiiniissiouer, who audited tho claims, and,
according to Mr. t?nh'e account, owns a larger amount
then StillccIL Mr. Orth was elected to the Koriythird
Congress In October, 1871, and after his
dealt? cad daring the winter of 1871-3 h?
:arne to Washington, in tho service ot the name parlous,
to lobby uu act through Congress, ratifying the
llnol award* of tba commission, Tor wtilcti be received
17,000 ;Di hi* expenses. This is forbidden by
section 1,781 of the llevisod Statutes, which makes
such services performed by a member of Congress a
penal ufTenre. It Is said here that when the report on
this Venezuela business is made public it will noud
some:hin.' ni ne thuu the appointnieut of Mr. Tynor us I
Costuiasler General to strengthen the party in Indi- I
ana. Orth, in Indiana, and Marshal Packard, in Lou.si- i
anu. tiro heavy loads lor the i>arty to carry.
a proposition to hid iuuheii tuam
Several of tho moat influential democrats Lore are
urging Governor Tildtn to declare iu lis letter of ao
ceptnnce unequivocally for civil scrvico reform, and
|irouii?e that ho will uot niako removals in tho subordinate
of!Ices if he should bo elected, except lor Incapacity
or corruption. This movement startles
inauy members who arc hardly prepared lorsich u
millennial promise, and would rather have it deferred '
until they pel their own people in. Hut the meu who
urge it are the most tntluentiul In their party Lore, and
they are In earnest. They want their candidate to bid
higher than Governor Hayes, and it Is certainly a
promising sign In politics when the wisest and most
influential men In both purtlos see that tho way to success
lies in the most specillc pledges ol good government
and ol reform in the public service.
ml. hewitx's lit rut speech?reitblican
Mr. Hewitt, of New York, has prepared a brief
speech to bo delivered to morrow comioscd almost
entirely of limitations front republican platforms.
pi uuiiscs of civil service relorm ami messages of General
Grant on the same subject. His intention is to
contrast the trc<|iient uud ubumlant promises with tUo
very tneagro performance?.
The sudden dismissal of Mr. Jewell remains a topic |
of discussion, and It ia reported to day that bis brother,
who is Commissioner of the Court ot Alabama Claims,
will soon lollow hi in.
' Didn't Jewell have rather short notice irons the
President?" some ouo asked u personal Irlend of General
Grant's to-day, and tlio reply was:?
"Well, yes. It was a little rough on tho old tutin.
Ho might very wisely dissemble his love, but ho ought
not to kick him down stairs."
There Is an Impression thai tho President was disappointed
at the voluntary resignation ol Mr. Hrislow
and llluford Wilson, and took it out of poor Mr. Jewell
Meantime, persons of delicate sensibilities will
hardly expose themselves to such treatment, and the
President will huvo to seek Cabinet ministers hereafter,
if ho should need others, among tho toughskinned
sort, who do not mind being shown tho door.
Wabiuxutox, July 12, 1870.
The KIrer ami Harbor bill, as reported to the Senato
yesterday Irotn the Senate Committee on Appropriations,
ik a bombshell In the democratic cutnp. Tho bil
was passed by tho Uouso a good whilo ago?in fact, it]
was among tho very (list of the Important bills paused
by that body, but It was kept back In tho Senate Com.
mltiee room until tho democrats had committed
themselves to the policy ol retrenchment In other and
more important measures. The ltlvcr and Harbor bill
Is one in which every Congressman must get
inserted at tho risk of personal popularity an appropriation
for evory stream and Inlet, little or greut,
within the boundaries of his "deestrick." Failing
Ihla, be may say adieu to big hopes lor luribor uongrossiooal
houoia. What was the dismay of the average
Congressman this morning, therefore, tvben ho
learned that the Seuato had "tired out" all the little
two pcuny appropriations of this kind, enlarged tho
allowances to a few of the more im|iortant rivers and
harbors and at tho same tlmo effected a reduction of
many million* In tho House's own bill A very ugly
dilemma, ma it will he seen, was presented
by ttiis action of the Senate. Tho virtuous
Bilcklors for retrenchment In the Treasury clerks'
salaries and fast mall expenses must eitbor lace tho
wrath of their constituents on tho evo ol nominating
conventions by assenting to this obviously proper
economy or go upon the record ns Inconsistent oud insincere.
The Senate watted until this late day to make
the point against their opponents, and a good deal of
amusement Is afforded by tho predicament the latter
are in. lly an inadvertence the bill, with its alterations,
was reported in this column yeslorday as having been
agreed upon in coniorenco, when Its poaitiou was as
above stated.
Tho following are the Senate amendments to tho
Appropriations for tho lollowing Improvements have
been stricken Irom the bill:?For Ibc harbors of Dunkirk.
Olcott. l'uiiiicyvilic and Ureal Sodus Hay, in New
York; Kraukforl, Pentwuler ami White ltiver, Mich. ;
Menominee, Wis.; New Raven, Millord ana UousutoDlc
Jtivor, t uuu. ; Taunton ltiver. Kail ltiver, Now
Bedford; Merrunue River and Salem Harbor, Maps.;
Hlchiuond Island, Me. ; Ire llnrbor, at Chester, Pu.;
l'assaic ltiver, X. J. ; Klk llivor, Md. ; Occoquan Creek,
Acquis Crouk ami Noniiny Creek, V*a.; French Broad
Kivor and l'uulico River, N. C. ; i Itiich River, llcawassoe
River, l'owell River and Cumberland ltiver, bolo*
Nashville, Tenn.; lor work in Cypress P.ayou, Sabine
Pass, Triuity ltivor, Puss Covellu and Arkansas Pass,
Texas; Toniblgbee River. Alabama; Breakwater at Wilmington
and Monterey llarnor, Cat; 1.title 8odus
Bay, New York; Delaware ltivor, botween Trenton and
White Rill, X. J. ; harbor ol Bridgeport, Conn,; Saugatuck,
Mich, nud Wadduiglnn, N. Y. ; Mickey's Kerry,
N. C.; l'ascngoula l!av, Mississippi; Ocuiulgoo River
and part oi Darieu, Georgia; Mnttaponv and Patnuukey
rivers. VirpBls; dredging Hudson ltiver in tront of 1
Jersey City; improvement ol the channel between
Staten Island and Now Jersey; Osage ltiver, Missouri: I
harbor at Raclno. Wis.; lor e\anmiaiion and survey or '
rivers and harbors, and several small amounts tor int- 1
provemouts in some of the smaller rivers m the Southern
The lollowlng itoros havo been added:?
Repair of Kast pier at Cleveland, Ohio $8,000 j
Removal of Beaver and Nailor Ueud rocks, in
I.ittle Kanawha, West Virginia 7,300
Improvement ol Missouri River above the
mouth of the Yellowstone 35,000
Improvement of llig Sandy River, In Kentucky
and Went Virginia '. 15,000
Repairs ol plors at the mouth ol Black River,
Ohio 6,000
Removal of a bar in Mississippi River, opposito
Dubuque, Iowa 18,000
Total $89,500
The Secretary of War is also authorized to cause examinations
and surveys to bo made of several additional
rivers, and $?0,000 la appropriated therefor.
The I'oilnwiug appropriations have boon increased:?
Harbor ul lluiltlo, N. Y., Irnm $75,000 to $100,000.
For removing obstructions in the Kast River and
Hell Gate. New York, from $->00,000 to $325,000.
The harbor at Green Bay, Wis., Irum $3,000 to
i ,.i <i.. i.ir..i
* "" wi.un,?vii. "???- |
ford, from $20,000 to $.V>.l*K>.
The James K:ver, Virginia, from $110,000 to $75,000,
Oucnitn Klver. Arkausae, from $>1,000 to $1.'1,000. j
Cedar Keys. Kla.. from $10,000 to $20,000
Lower wililamclto and Columbia rlvorit, from Port- 1
land, Oregon to the sea, from $!.' ,000 to $.'(0.00Ji
I p|ier Willianiotlo, from (1.5,000 to $26,000.
Hudson Itiver at Now Vorc, from $'25,000 to (tifl.000. I
Saginaw River and Harbor, ilich., from $11,000 to
Ko* and Wisconsin rlTora, from $100,000 to $050,000. 1
llarlx>r at Krie, I'a , from f-to.ow to (50.000.
lire,ikwater at Block Iilnnd, U. I., $20,000 to $40,000.
Harbor at RondotH, N \.. $80,000 to $50,000.
Hock Inland Rapids, Mississippi Itiver, from $20,000 j
to (50, tOO.
Mouth of tha Mississippi (liver, from $100,000 to
$ l.SO.OOa
There have also been several small reductions of ap- !
another blow at thk commercial supremacy i
of new tore?a proposition to remove
the bhira from our wharves to the ,
coast or lono island.
Another blow was aimed at the commercial supremacy
ol New York in a resolution introduced to-day by Mr. |
A. M. Ulna, ol Brooklyn, providing that the Secretary
Ul nx bubii v.ur\ > ?" ? ?i ?-""B I.I.U.I,
b-twccn Qrmveaend H?y and llorkuway. and report
upon the necc>sity of a breakwater between those
0010U fur the protection ol commerce; also wbal int
prwvemonU can bo inada to tho cliannala of Sheopaboad
and Canaraie bay* and tho cost of tho improvement*
that may bo recommended.
Tlie objact or tb* resolution la to havo tho fudgment
?f the engineer* on the practicability of Improving j
iboae two cflannola ao a* to allow vessel* to |>asa ol
[reater tonnage than is at present poaaiblo and without
ha trouble now experienced In following the rballow, j
ortuoua channels, and to ascertain the legibility of
mproromonla by wuteb tho otherwise natural advaa> j
ugea ot thai part of Klngi county for manufacturing I
purposes may bo utilised and at the same liuio to open
up a new way of supplying Brooklyn and other
localities with all manner of merchandise from that
point. It is urged by tbe residents of Kings county
as not altogether Improbable that auch a breakwater
or other improvement may bo made oil' tho coast ot
Long Islaud by which vessels from ail parts iuhv find
lint null/ Il.,11.. mnlul Inn lull u IIn
It is .understood this evening that still lurtber removals
aro to tulco place in the Treasury Department,
prominent among which are mentioned that or Mr.
Oouaut, Assistant Secretary, and that of Kluier Wushburue,
Chief of tho Secret Service Bureau. It is said
that, under instructions, a list is being prepared lor
the President of tho names of all otllcialsand clerks in
tho Treasury who were iu sympathy with ex-Secretary
Ilrlstow. The list Is to be handed in to him to-morrow
and the President has already slgnitled his intention of
acting promptly on lliotn, through Secretary Morrill,
who will give the necessary order. Thero was manifested
considerable trepidation and upprcheusion
atuoug me several Duroaus 10 uav ana cacti omciai ana
employe wag anxious to kpow if lie was to bo among
. the deprecated. Ill a few days Mr. C. C. Adams is to
be replaced by another appointment.
The Banking and Currency Committee will moot
to-morrow, but may not lake up the resumption repeal
question. 11 they should It will probably fuiL Should
a vote bo forced, however, Mr. Gibson, of Ixiulsianu,
will insist upou coupling the ropeal bill with his bill
requiring the Treasury to reserve $1S,000,000 of specie
yearly aud to resume specie payments when the speclo
accumulation has reached thirty per cent of the outstanding
New York, July 12, 1870.
To tub Editor or The Herald:?
The statement published as a Washington special in
tho Evening J 'oil of to-duy, to tbo clloct that 1 was concerned
in or had knowledge oi tho removal of Tostmaster
Uoneral 'Jewell, is absolutely faiso.
Mr. Jewell und myself were warm personal friends
long before ho becamo Postmastor General and nothing
has occurred that I am nwaro ol during his official
term to disturb our relations in tho slichtost degree.
it ts made by law tho duty of the Postmaster General
once a year to fix tho rates which the government
shall pay upon Its telegraphic business. This is
usually done at the end ol June in each your, and Binco
Mr. Jewell lias been Postmaster General ho has given
mo notice of the tune when he would consider tho sub-.
Jeet, lu ordor that 1 might be heard it 1 should so desire.
Some three wueks ago he called my utteuiion to the
mutter, as ho had done the year before about the same
lime, und in a communication to me on the subject
spoke of a reduction ol rales. Wo liad somo correspondence
about tlio mutter, during which he stated
that he proposed to bring up the subject in a Cabinet i
meeting. Thereupon I sent the President a coiumucation
by telegraph to bo considered at the saino lime,
giviug brieily the reasons why I thought the government
rates, which are considerably below ibe uvoruge
rates nald bv the liublic. should "not lie luiLhor re.
duccd' This messuge was Lot scut 11 true to lie con- i
sldered at tho meeting. A lew days later 1 went to
Washington lor the purpose ut comcrring with the 1
Postmaster General on this subject, and the rosull of
tlio cotiierenee was ati arrangement of the rules substantially
on the basis of last year, which was eutiroly
satisfactory to me.
I liuve not only not been a party, directly or Indirectly,
to uny movement looking to the removal of Mr.
Jewell, but 1 have hud no knowledge whatever that
any such movement was on tool.
oi courso I am not a competent witness concerning
what is douo at Cabinet meeting*, but us the telegrapu
rules lor the current used year were lixed by the Postmaster
Gcuernl voluntarily there was no occasiou lor
an uopoal to the Cabinet to overrulo him, anil no such
an seal was iniiilo to uiy knowledge, and it may he assumed,
therefore, that ho was nut overruled.
Kalkiuh, July 12, 1878.
The Republican Slate Convention was culled lo order
at 00011 by Colouol Thomas li. Keogh. Chairman of tho '
St.iic Executive Committee, who api>oiuied for temporary
President Right Itev. J. W. lie id, a bishop of the
African Methodist Episcopal Zion Church.
A turbulent sceoo followed. A motion authnrizthg
the President to appoint a Committee on Permanent 1
Organization, was violently opposed by Mr, Pool's adherents,
but ultimately passed, whereupon the President
read a cul-and-dried list of committeemen. A
Committee on c redentials was appointed, also, during
the retirement ot these committees. Various inetloctual
motions were made and great conluslon prevailed.
Speeches were uiaUo by Judgo Tourgoe, * Hon.
Jotiu Pool, Judges 1). 1- Russell and Samuel
\V. Watts. Uou. Samuel T. Phillips, Solicitor General
of tbo I'uiteii Status, who bad been selected for permanent
President, th?n ipoks at considerable isigtk.
lion. Richard C. iladgor tlirn put in nomination lor
Governor lion. Tbainas Settle, one ol the Supremo
Court Judges of North Carolina, characterizing him
as one of the truest, most manly and
chlvalrtc republicans In the State Hon. Owen II.
Dockerv uained lor the candidacy by Judgo Russell.
lion. John Pool advocated Mockery as en old line
whip. Alter remarks from several persons in support
tiuii, tli? roll wan vailed. Settle received 173 voir* to
fii lor Mockery, wber upon Mockery apixuiod upon tho
platfoiin, proponed lliroo cheers tor North Carolina and
moved to make tho nomination unanimous.
V'or l.ioutouHiit Governor, ox-Congressman William
A. Smith nod A11rot Mow, negro, were named.
I'tudinff a vote thereon. Judge Settle wax conducted
to the ptaMurm .'.ml Hiinounreil In* acceptance of tlio
nomination, with itt re-pousiblhiicit; ho hrielly aUlml
Hint he would forthwith resign In* judicial oltico and
cotnniroro a canvus* ol tho Stale, jointly with Governor
Vance, I rum the mountains to the soaltoard.
lion, William A. South wa* thvn nominated lor
Lieutenant Governor, receiving all but twenty-sawn
voles. ttie Secretary o| State being next in order,
Alien Rutherford, J. Kdward West, W. H. Howarton,
Judge Satnuul \V. Walla and Colonel William A. Albright
were aevernlly named. Without taking a Tola
the Convention, al ten minutes past aoven I*. M., adjourned
lo ten A. U. to morrow.
land ami unload their cargoes at or near it, instead of
being compelled to go alongside the crowded wharves
ol the metropolis, under tbo disadvantages that In
many cases cow exist
Ten days heuce?namely, on the 224 of Jul)?the
Courtot Alabama Claims will go out of existence unless
Congress In tbo meautime does something to prolong
its life. Tbo chances ot a prolonged existence are
not, it must be confessed, very promising. In the first
place, somo of the democrats are mean ouough to
say that 11 thoy elect Tildcn for President
they can revive the Court next year and let him
nominate democratic Commissioners. Then, again,
the Insurance com names, who are left out In tho cold
in the new Award bill passed by the Uouso tho other
day, are opposing the bill tooth and uatl, because It
prolongs the present Court one year, alter which timo
they know they will never havo a chance ol having
their claims ad muted. Hence It is to their interest to
hare the present court die and a new one created next
winter by n new hill. In which they can mako a
fresh end, thev hojie, succosslui ellort to havo their
claims recognized. The hill as passed admits only the
suderers by the exculpated robtl cruisers and tho socullcd
"war premium men." Tho bill Is In tho -Senate,
wlnro It Is likely to slumber, as Mr.
Edmunds Is In charge ol it, and Iho policy of thut gentleman
is regarded as fatal lu all closio.x of claimnnts
except those recognized under existing lawa Tho
most ho will do is to consont to prolong tho present
Alabama Court uutil the 1st of November next, and his
committee has a bill to do this.
There are now about 350 cases ot tbe old kind upon
tho docket still uuheard, and us tho Judges must hear
each case very deliberately, probably 300 of these cases
will not be rouched if tho Court goog out of existenco
ou the "2d iusL This matter Is among tho many
pieces ot snarled legislation which Congress will fail to
disentangle bcloro its adjournment
Thames mentioned for the succession.
Among tho candidates spoken of to-night for tbe
succession to Commissioner Pratt are the present
deputy commissioner, K. H. Whiting, of Illinois;
Colonol Tom lirudy, of Indiana, a friond of Senator
Morton, and Colonel Sewoll, who commandod one of
tho New York engineer regiments In tho war, and is
now in chargo of the bureau lately In charge of liomor
T. Yuryan.
more removals to take place in the
treasury department?a list op biu8
ULY 13, 1876?WITH STJ]
datm or mrABTUKBa rnu? ?i* tobk worn m Monrua
Summer. Ila4i*atiim. j
Plata ul I'euutyl'a July IX. Illastrow... i 72 Broailway
Kruuu Jul* 13 liiiuiburr..|lll Broadway
City ol Chaster July la. i.iverpooi.. 115 Broadway
Oiler July l.r>. Bremen.... IllKowllntr Groea
Bolivia ...... July 15. Glastrow ... 7 Bowline llraou
Ainariuua July 15. Ilurra. li>5 Hroa.twar
Gbltto .. July 15. Liverpool.. |37 Broadway
Spain - July 15. Liverpool.. |i I) Broadway
IdaLo July IH Liverpool.. VP llrnuvn>
Seythiu Julr 10. Liverpool.. J Bowlineilrpea
Maae .Inly JO. Rotterdam. i Broadwa ?
fimbria July JO. Hamburg.. Ill Hroadway
Utopia JulyJJ. Uiudou i Bowling 'ireoa
City of Riehraoud. .lulr JJ. Mverpool.. 15 Broadway
Alautia .... July VJ. Illukirow ... 7 Howling lirwaa
Mum Julv 3V. Bremen.... 2K"wllnu urenn
Kugland. July 22. Uverpool.. W>Broadway
Ht. I.aureul. July 22. Havre...., 55 Bromlwav
Nevada Julv 25. Liverpool.. 21-Hruadwur
Algeria July 20. Liverpool.. 4 Howling (Iraaa
Htateol Virginia... Julv 27. illaacow.. Broadway
Uellert.. July 27. Hamburg.. <11 Broadway
Britannia Julv 21). Liverpool.. 37Uroadwav
Marker July 20. Ilreioen 2 It< w)iul; iiraaa
Egypt Julv 20. Liverpool.. HO Broadway
Aiifluirla July 20 Looiiou... 7 H. ? lm? lireen
franco July 20. Havre 55 Hrnadwny
Bothnia. lur 2. Liverpool. 4 Howling (irenn
State til Nevada.. Aug 3. Glaayow.... 7vhreadvay
Pommeraaia...... Aug 3. Hamburg HI Broadway
Rotterdam Aug 3. Uoiterdum. '*) Kromlway
City ol Berlin Aug 5 Liverpool. |5 Broadway
Italy Aug 5. Liverpool.. HO Broadway
M ae Aug 5. Bremen .. ?H?wllnir (IrOWU
California Aug 5. Llaagow,.. 7BowlingOraau
Auriralia Aug 5. Lodoi 7 llewllugdrawn
1A laeonaia. Vug H. Liverpool. 2o hroadway
Carmaate 'Aug 12. Liverpool.. b7Broadway
San rises 4 40 | Oor. Inland evo 12 51
Btin bets 7 39 j Sandy Rook evo 12 06
Moon rises eve 10 68 | Roll Gate. ore 2 36
Kteuiuer Aiaxtia (Br), Camphell. (ilaagow Jnly 1 and
Moviile 2d. with mdae and 13!) paaaengeri to llendoraou
Hroa. July 7. lal HI 50. Ion 41 30, rand sluamer Ktlilopla
(Br), hence lor (Jliisgoiv; loth l>tl4120. Ion 05 20, bark
u- r..,,,, D^.n, r,? York.
Steamer fimbria ,Uerj, Brandt, lluinbtirir June 2* nnd
11 uvro July I, with nulae and 270 paaaenr'-ra to Knnliardt .t
I'd. bail wcatorly wiuila, with a high head awoll nail dump,
futrgy weather to the Hunk* Iroin tliouce flue weather.
July let 4ft 28. Ion 27 59, pu?uod i'unurd ateuiner bound
rant; Hth. Int 44 lo. lou 47 37, u Union ateninor bound eMt;
lUh. Ut 43 t.'l. Ion 55 14, tlirnalled ?hlp Itinjclrad.r from
Liverpool for Ilnllltnore : 11th, let 40 85, lou fht 45, berk
Kranela liilrerd llri. from Dublin for Lewea. Del.
Steamer Olympie ilir , Vuunc, Alinerlu May 3D. tlenoe
Juno 7. Meraellle* 10th. Ijephoru 13th. Nnplea 14th. Meaatna
lltth, 1'iilerino 2'Uli, Mentone 24th nnd Olbrelter.'.'ftth, with
mdae and paaaengert to lienderaon liroa; had at roup, wcrterlv
Steamer Ktna (Br). Sanaom, Port au Prinee June 20.
Saraullla 30th, Aepinwall luly 2 and Xava-aa Oth, with
indxe and passengers 10 run, rorwnou ? ?/<>. nrst tour
day* had strong hoad winds and heavy head seas; duty 7.
(iff Castle Island, passed steamer Alps <Hr>. hence for Port
r.u Prince: off Great Egg Harbor, echr Chas A Kemp,
bonnd north.
Steamer Colnmhni, Reed. Havana July H. with mdse
and passengers to We P Clvde A Co.
Steamer State of Texas, Bulger, Oalvestnn J ulr 5 and
Key West Hth. with mdse and passengers to C H Mnllory A
Co. July 11. lat Itr. 4'. Ion 74 40, spoke bark Deri lit;, from
Matansaa for New York.
Steamer New Orleans. liearBorn. New Orleans July U,
with mdse and passengers to Clark A Seaman.
Steamer Aioeraarle.UlbDa. Lewes. Del. wltn mdse to the
Old Dominion Steamship Co.
chip John Mann (of Windsor. NSi, Gibson, Liverpool 41
dav*. with mdse to J K Whimsy A Co.
llark Kstolla lot Yarmouth. NS), Poole, Trieste. 80 days,
with empty barrels to Hrett, Hon A Co., passed Gibraltar
May 27.
Rars Jan Ktcrdln (Bwe), BJoberg. Santos May 12. via
Hampton Roads, with cofl'eo to B G Arnolds: vessel to Denham
A Koyesen. Crossed the Equator May 81. In |?p 83 50.
Schr Light of the Kaat llarpcr. Port Spain (Trinidudl 13
days, via Delaware Breakwater, with molasses to Maury
Bros: vessel to Jed, Krye A Co.
Schr Millie Trim (of Bangor), Drinkwater. Barbados 18
days, with stiKar dint molassus to 11 'Stowbridge's Sons; vessel'
to H W Loud A Co.
Schr Francis French, Candy. Virginia. Jnly 11. 10 PJ(.
while laying at anchor off Coney Island point.was struck hv
liirhtnintr. which shattered the mainmast liadly: a small
sloo)>, which lay at anchor close by, was sunk at the same
Schr W P Davis. Fleming, Virginia.
Sclir Three Brothers, Bsvles, Virginia.
Srhr Sea Bird. Curlis. Virginia.
Schr Ennua, Rastinan. Virginia.
Schr J A Curtis, Qaillan. Virginia.
Schr Two Marys, Crowley, Vlrvlnla.
Schr Annie Craamer. Brsrir, Virginia.
Schr Kliodella Blew, Scull, Virginia.
Schr W P Phillips, liawkius, Georgetown, DC, for Norwalk.
Schr J C Craft. Oreely. Rockland, Me, 5 days, with paving
stones loEM May In; vessel to master.
tiy Hark Saga (Nor), from Westport,which was anchored
in the lower hay. passod up to the city 12th PM.
Steamer Eleaiiora, Johnson, Portland tor New York.
Steamer City ol Fitchburg, Springer, New Bedford for
New York.
Steamer Klectra. Young. Providence for New York.
Schr American Kagle_ Brown, Deer Ddatidjor Now York.
Kclir Hanrnu. neeki, rroriiienre lor Mew lurk.
Schr Henry May. Hatch. Providence for Mew York.
Sclir Frank Herbert. Allen. Ronton lor hew York.
Schr Emily lleutin. Klntr. Kennebec for New York.
Schr N ' l?ay, Kowe. Hauk?r Tor New Yore.
Schr W Freeman. Wriitht. Kockpnrt far New York.
Schr Maud Webeter. Manliall, Providence for New York.
Schr C .1 Errikvnti. Javne. Nrw Bedford lor New York.
Prhr Harriett Fuller. Lewi*. Ilaniror lor New York.
Schr Ilaie, McNaiucc. Greenwich Tor New York.
Steamer Tlllte. Ewiur, hew York for Now Lendea and
llark Jamea McCarthy, Gould, New York for Buenoi
Schr J B Baker (Br), Owene. hew York for Windsor. N8.
Schr Newport (Br), Miller. New York lor St John. NB.
Schr John Boyuton. Hill. New York far Calala
Schr A II Hurlburt, Griffing, Georgetown. DC, for New
Sclir o F llawlty. Barrett, Port Johnson for Bn?tnn.
Schr Blarkstone. Wickaon. New York for Providence.
Sclir D C Bnrdrtt. Rogers, New York for New Haven.
Scht J Hurley, h'orthnp, Baltimore for Rockport.
SchrIsabel Albert". Tooker, New York tor Port Jefferson.
Schr Planter, Hamlin. New York for Derby.
Schr F Merwin. Unnce, Port Johnson for tall River.
Sclir John Stockhaiu, Hart, New York for Providence.
Schr Hannah K Brown, Sackelt, New York tor Providence.
Schr O F Hawlev, Rayles. Port Johnaon for Providence.
Steamer Dorian (Br), Smlthwirk, Glasgow?Henderson
Steamer Nellie Martin (Br), Grnen, St J ohm, PR. Bahla,
Pernaiiibueo nnd Klo J unelro?.1 S Tucker A Co.
Steamer tlen Barnea, Cheeemau. Savannah?Murray. Per.
rl? A Co.
Steamer GulfStream, Crow oil, Charleston?J W Qulntard
A Co.
Steamer Annie. Steen. Wilmington. Del?A Ablaut.
Steamer Anthrarlte. Grumlev. Phlladelnhia?Jas liana.
Ship Klwell. Hantow. San Francltco?Sutton ft Co.
U..W Ul...aiii. I? I In.I Perovlel, T-ooiton ?Sl.,.-..vtek A
Hark Viol* (Nor), Olll, Birkenhead, K?Punch, Edye A
Hark Akyab (Ital). Dodero, (jneenatown or Palmonth for
order*?llenhain A Beveeen.
Bark Elinor (Nor). Thor?*n, Arendal?O Tobias A Co.
Berk Duqiieaclin tPrj. Cerette, Elainoro for ordora?Ed
Hark Carrie E Lour. Park, Dunkirk?.1as K Ward A Co.
Bark Washington iltul), t alloro, LUbon?Lauro, Storey
k Co.
Bark Reindeer. Decker, Georgetown, Dem?II Trowbrirtge'e
Son a.
Bark Sanauol Welah, Spear, Richmond, Ta?Iohn S Ingraham
k Co.
Hark Rlalto (Br), Linden. Baltimore?Ja* K Ward k Co.
Brig Tula. Morgan. Heliae, lion?Wm Jex k Co.
Brig Harry k Aubrey (Br), Brigga. Barliadoa?Dwight k
Brig Ollrer (Br). Week*. Cape Haytl?It Murrav.Jr.
Brig Sophia (Br), Long, Newark, NJ?Boyd k flincken.
HchrE A Sanchea, Benaou, Port Spain (Trinidad)?Jamee
W Klwell A Co
Schr Annie Bell, Rice, St Pierre, Mart?Danl Trowbridge
k Co
Schr Tarn O' Shanter, Buleff, Anx Cayea?B J Wenberg k
Schr O M Pennington. Harding. Gonalree?Wtlaon k
Schr Roaalle (Br), Jobnaon, Harbor I aland?J aa Douglaaa
A Co.
Schr Milwaukee. Wallace. Sand River, N-, via CherryHeld,
Me?Miller A Houghton.
Schr Charlie Cobb, Keunedy, Rockland, Me?B J Wenberg
A Co.
Schr Sarah Hrrnice, Proctor. Maehiaa?C L Snow.
Schr Mott Haven. Collin*. Calaic? .led Krye A Co.
Hrhr Ocean Ware, Ruaaell, Portland, Mo?Havlland k
Sclir Jordan L Mott, Brown, Newburyport?B J Wenberg
A Co.
Sehr Hiawatha, Toblaa, Newburyport?Ablel Abbott.
Schr Onward. Wheeler. Hartford?Prank I'idgeon. Jr.
Schr S I" Godwin, tV illlama, Stamford?Stamferd Manufacturing
Hchr Idn Palmer, Palmer, Stamford?Stamford Mannfaetnring
Steamer* Rimla (Hrl. for Liverpool; Erin (Br). London;
Nellie Martin, Kin Janeiro, Ac; Gen Harnea, Savannah;
unu PirpRm, Lii?rtp?iun; snip noxriie ion, i.iverpooi,
hsrks Eureka. Anjar. Mary Agnes (Br). 'jneenatawn;
Nevcrmlnk ,'Danulc; brig A it Jewett, Marseilles.
Wind at onusut. S<E : al midnight. NNW, light.
Barometer at sunset. 3<MM; at 10 PM, 3li.tM.
Rtkamkr Bkrks, from Philadelphia (or Boston, want
ashore yesterday on tha flatsiu the bight at -Now Caatla,
Dal. but got off and proceeded.
Shit Sr*R. Vlanello, from Lohos, with gnano for Europe
(before reportadi. w*? ahaudoneil on or about May 1 off
Chlloe Island. The rraw took to tha boat*. one, cointuunded
by the captain, with eervti man. and the other by tha
mate, with eleven men. The mntr's boat, ou the third datr,
came tu sight of tho Island of t'hiloa, when tha woather
came ou thick and rainy, and in attempting to land tha
boat wa. swamped ami knocked to placet by a targe roller,
and all hau l, extent a < olorod tailor were loat. Tha tailor
wat thrown upon tiie beach Insensible
Smr t'ltT or Bostow. Crosby, from Hoaton April 29 for
Bombay, put into Babia Jane 11 iu distress, of what uatara
not alated.
Hnir Prarcix P Sagr. 12X4 torn, built at New York in
KtVI, metalled In 1S74. now at tliie port, hat been aold to go
under tha Portuguese Hag. al a private price.
Haux ST I'LtCU, 28J tone, built at Baltimore In 19-Vt.
metalled la IH74, now at Ihie port, haa burn told for Norwegian
account al ffMUfm.
Hum Ktitru iBri, I.ewia. from Boston via Barbados,
for Lagusyra, was totally wrecked ou the 2ltt of Juua on
the Spanish Main. No paniculate. The K was 1*3 tons
register, owned ill Pictou, where she was built in IHtgi.
8<*hr Rill thu llrrrnxu. at San Francisco. July 4. from
Boweu's Landing, reports!?At midnight. Juna 3U, was run
Into by steamer City of Panama, striking us ou the port side;
ha cut tha ecbr well dowa, whieh shortly after ililed with
water, and she wet obliged to throw overboard her deck
)oa?t of lumber; the wait ?>ub*e<jueut)jr picked Uy up schr
Three Sliitri, who towed her saffly into port.
Hncu Lot*ima. from New London for New York. In ballaat,
was run into yesterday morning, near Mark Point, by Hie
I nit*d States steamer Cactus and badlv damaged. she
was towed back to New Lond m by the Cactus, and lies on
the (lata, near Crocker A Davison's railway, full of water.
A dense fog prevailed at tho time of the collision.
Seine Lkma <t Kdwaiiiin. which was ashore on Illack
on May U. and was afterward taken to New London
fr.r rwimin ad.K.lil l.v lh? Mrr.l.al :.l tl.ut
liluve rtiterdty fur li.ttttt YV 11 Wheat on, o( Capo Mu.\,
N.J, m m the purchaser.
S<"iiK M A IfvKR. wlilch -lit into Charleston some we'ks
sine in a leaky condition while on her ps?M^e from I'ort
Antonia, Jamaica. to N>w York, and * as repNirni there,
afterward took in a freight of tbl.fMk) feet of lumber at that
point and sailed for Bridgeport, Conn, since which site ?nriinx
aleak Nt s a and ran into Ocraeoc*e Inlet, Ni , where she
tilled vrnh water and sunk.
Sritu S S HrifKiXtitui, from Galveston for Tnxpan, was j
at Brains Santiago July 5, having put into that port lu con
sequence of the foremast being sprung; expected to resume
her vo> age in sbout a week.
SriiK Isabkl Ai.uv.kto, was the schr in Citllisioii off Boothbay,
wtth srhr (Jem.
Bass IJakbok. July 11?Schr Sunbeam. of Calais, reported
ashore at Cranberry Isles, has bocu condemned, and is
uow in the hands of the wreckers.
Norfolk, July 11?The schr S K Lewis sailed for Florida
yesterday to recover timber from the ship Western Kiupurn,
sunk some time ago on that coast.
Nkwiu wrpORT, July 1*2?Schr lien a J Collins, of New
York, coal laden, rati ou the rocks at Duck Hole, near Merrltn
ic I'ort. and sank to-day. She now lies on her beam
ends. The cargo will he saved.
Wiscasikt, July 1)?Schr Challenge. Cspt Davis, went
ashore on Damans Cove Island Bill inst, where she remains.
K1m? has been stripped and will probably go to
pieces. All hands saved.
Shiphuilimm;.?Messrs C B Wyman X Co. of Brewer, aro
now building a small vessel of llfld tons. The frame Is of
hard wood and juniper, the deck frame of hard pine. I h i
length of keel U lUl feet, width of beam 28 leot, and depth
of hold 9 feet.
Capt J C Nichols, of Searsport, Is building a vessel of I MX)
tons. The frame is up aud the lower hold partly celled. The
tramo is of white oak.
Arrived at Panama June 24. hark Sea Fox, Hamlin, of
KB, with Ik? bhls so oil.
Sailed from Talcahuano April 10, barks Nautilus. Lake,
NB; John Carver. Deans, do: 2">th, Mary X Susan. Handy,
do; Falon, Heuendeen, do; Morning Star. Lewis do; Napoleon.
Turner, do. May 21. Vigilant, Gilford, do; June 3,
Mars. Alton, do (all to cruise).
A letter from Mr. DoiiaDon. first officer of brig Herman
Smith. Cook, of Boston, reports her off tne west coast of
Florida, with 50 bhls sp oil.
Simken?July S, lat 40 30, bark Sea Hanger. Flanders, NB,
2 days out.
Bark Wm Owen (Br). Brown. North Svdnev for Lewos.
.1 ii I v 11 M 3<) I'M Ahkecomh lit* Mri it if WNW lo miles.
Sloou Hittie (uIjout 1U feet long). Monilan, from Now
York lor Europe, July 8, r?j miles hSE of Sandy Hook.
Berwick, July 11?Arrived, brig Watch (Br), Robin,
New Orleans.
Belfast, July 11?Arrived, bnrk Carmella (Aus), Vecearina,
Buemkm. July 11?Arrived, barks Aukathor (Nor), lleudrickson,
New York; Jenny (Ger), (Jrote Philadelphia;
Joliann Kepler (Ger), Spille, New York.
Beruen, July 5?Sailed, bark Floka (Nor), Nickelten,
United Statei.
Cardiff. July 13?Arrived, bark Frank Marlon, Eldridgo.
Bangor, Me; sshr M P Champlin, Freeman. Calais, Me.
Calais, July 10?Arrived, bark Armonia (Ital), Caemo,
New York.
Co.N.HTAMTtNOFLB, June 39?Arrived, bark Rosa (Ital), Cacace.
Now York.
Cadiz. July 5?Sailed, bark Emma J Partridge, Partridge.
United States.
I)kal, July 11?Arrived, barks Johanno (Ger), Guttavus.
New York Tor Hamburg; Euro (Aus), Ilreglicb, do for Rotterdam;
Marie Antoinette (Dutch), lleiiumens, Pensacola
fot Kmdon; Burgermelster KcistelnfGer), bhrenreich, Wilmington,
NC, for Rotterdam.
IH'BLIX, July 11?Arrived, barks San Domcnico (Ital),
Pescio, Baltimore; Athlete (Br>, llutchinson, Philadelphia:
Litsy Pox (Br), Pox, New York.
Palmoutu, July 13?Brig Usstpee, llaake, from Bataria
has been ordered to Amsterdam.
Glaxuow, July 10?Arrived, steamer Phoenician (Br),
Scott, Montreal; ship Chippewa (Br), Milne, do.
Udv.Horu Jnlv lO?Arrived hark Mnnthluneaa AfOtia.nl.
bury (lir). Henderson, Savannah.
Ubxoa?Arrived, bark Funny l<*1> (Br), Edward*. New
Hamburg, July lO?Arrived, barki Brage (Nor), Christen en,
Wilmington, NC; 11th, Jupiter (Ger), Lutke, New
Uilvoit, Jnly 11?Arrived, barke Hurra (Nor), Hansen,
New York; Hermann Uelmrich (Ger), Oostereicb, Wilmington,
liavitK, July lO?Arrived, ship Wellington (Br). O'Brien,
Philadelphia; barks Unldfaxe (Nor), Jaeobten. Phlla.
delpltia; JolinOetidlo (Br), JaeKaon, Charleston; 11th, Prociosa
(tier), Baltimore; l'.'th, steamer Labrador (Kr), Sanglier.
New York via Plymouth.
Livkrpool, July 12?Arrived, barks Edwin (Nor), Christopherson,
Hlchmond, Va; George Henry (Br), Ntckerson,
Darlen ; brig Ellen Mitch :11, Eaten, Shales, Nb, via litoniasport.
Sailed 12th, 2 FN, steamer Lord Ciive (Br), Urquhart,
London, July 12?Cleared, ship Hudson, Knight. New
Lami, July 12?Arrived, brig Kir as (Nor), Pedersen, New
Lahlash, July 12?Arrived, scbr Seth W Smith, Marshall,
Calais. Me.
Londonderry, July 10?Sailed, bark BJergvln (Nor),
Olson, United States.
Loitcrswillbt, Jnly 10?Sailed, bark Gaselfe (Nor), B-nn,
United States.
Malaga, July 5?Arrived, scbr Joseph Wilde, Reed, New
Psxartb, July 12?Arrived in the roads, bark Elsinore,
Losberg. New York.
IAAAAIIKx?ArriTou, oris Hyperion, <iara, new ion.
Piluo. July 7?.Sailed, bark Farewell (fur). New York.
Qi-keimtowm. July 11?Arrived, barke Carina (Ital). Itennatl,
Baltimore; Nuovo Monde (Ital), Savareae. Philadelphia
fer dllloth; Principe dl Kapoll (Ital), Magna, Ndw
York; Bona (Ital). Poggl, Baltimore; 12th, Byfoyet Chrietenaen
(Nur), Thoraen, New York; alao the Puraeverauee.
from Chicago.
Arrived uff Faatnet 12th, J AM, ateamer Italy (Br).Webater,
trom New Y'ork for I-lverpool.
Rottkbdam, July lO?Sailed, bark Hilda (Nor). Oamendaen.
Now York.
Rochevobt, July 7?Arrived, bark Kebo (Nor), Hern,
Tbai.ee. July 7?Sailed, bark Llbnma (Nor), Gunnlfaeu,
United Statea.
1 irvvihini .Tnlv 12?TKa Atnatru'in kKin Uanhtal l!ant
Sborman, from St John, NH, (or this port, before reported
ashore 111 tho Mersey at Birkenhead, wae floated to-day apparently
without aeriou* damage.
I.ordor, July 12?Bark Deinarchl (ItaO, Bertolotto, from
Baltimore, via (jneenstowu for Hilloth, la atraaded at the
latter port and la making water.
Gibraltar, July 12?Brig Alice (Br), VIret. from Ideate
(or New York, which put Into Uoquetaa Bay leaky, haa been
aurreyed and muat discharge cargo to repair.
3Holtb?ap, July 12, PM?Wind SW. moderate.
Qffixx* owe, July 12, PM?Wind 8, very light; dull.
Bcrraro Irlrt, Jane 29?Sailed, bark Wellington (Nic),
Bur so* Atrks. Mat 24?Arrived, achr Lncerne, Bogera,
River Channel; Slat, bark Sarmiento. Moody. Montevideo.
Baiiia, June 12?In port ship City of Koatuu. Croaby, Hoaton
for liombav arrived 11 tli. in distress; bark fclfin (Hr),
Mathews, (or Sew York; aehra Ida A Javno, Mills from
Richmond, Va, arrived Sth; llauaa (tier), Uordla, from Richmond,
Barai-oa, July 1?In port, achr Caloh Eaton, Savage, for
Boston alt Is
Cali. ao. J one IB?Sailed, ship Gardner Colby, Stroeter,
CARUKisaa. July B? Arrived, brig Goodwin, Craig, Marseilles
CiasrrKCoa, July 9?Arrived, brig Atalaya, Cole, Kingston.
J a.
Sailed Hth. brig* Melauia (Sp), Arenia, Baltimore; Panchito
iSp), St John, NX.
Caibakirr, July 7?Arrived, brig Purees Hinckley, Small,
New York.
Sailed 7lh. bark Adelia Carleton, Packard. New York.
I lav asa, July 6?Arrived, brig Torrent, Neill, Philadelphia.
llALiraX. July 11?Sailed, steamer Nova Scotian (Br),
luriliiniwn ' i ruui u?uui<m?>, m #phu, nr,
LtsloM, Juno -5?Arrived, brig Express (tier), Fretwurst,
I.oi'kpokt, NS, July 10?Sailed, sehr Ranger (Br). Weit
Mort?tid?o. May 28?Arrived. tchr Anne 8 Conant, Stafford.
Pnrsnn for Falmouth land proceeded).
Sailed 28tta, brig America*. Baa*. Marseille*.
In port J una I. bark hrama Fraud* (Ur>. Uurnt, for Maw
MosTRCAL. July 10?Cleared. Humeri Amelia, Pottlnger,
London; Corinthian. Meurle*. Hlasgow ; Lake Champlain,
llernson, Liverpool; bria tieorgle. King. Cork.
Mirakkiii. July 4?Arrived, bark Albion (Nor), Lane a.
Syrl >er. CB
Sailed July 1, bark Kate Crosby (Br, Liverpool,
In port June .10, bark Carrie Delap ihri, McKae, for Liverpool.
SUxaimo. Junb 25?Railed, brig Deux Ami* (Fr), Roberta,
Ran rrancisco.
I'lrroi-, Julv 7?Cleared, bark Laura. Foster. Olascow.
tjCKeac. July B? Arrived, -.eame sielvlo. Itredley. h'ewcaalle;
hark Tamar. Thompson, Sydney; loth, steamer*
'I IIsou s. Campbell. Iiondon Moravian, tiraliain, Liverpool;
ship St Bernard, Uorton, Liverpool; bark Agatha, Hansen.
Cleared 10th. barks Norwoginn. Rogers, London ; Equity.
Kordsirom. Dublin; Ida, Morris. Cardiff; Axel, Tollessen.
laimlnn; Louise, March. Liverpool; Alezina, Mernler, Caernarvon;
Madura, for Amsterdam.
Kio Haazna. May ikb-lu port, brig Neptune's Car (Brl,
Hike, for New York, completing cargo; tjlpsey lDan>.
Jayne, une; schr Ella Mitchell, for Boston, ready.
Kio J ASKtno. June S-ln port, ships tialatea. Harder, lor
.Newman llallillr). Slater, ; baiks May tjneen,
Hprlngster, Imm Baltimore, arrived 1st; Serene, segemun.
from do. arrived-tth; David A Preston. Hail. nnc. Talisman
(Brl, Blackford, do; Cochin iKrl. Dorvell. Ircm tireenoek,
arrived May 5. lor Portland, O, ready lor aea: brigs Mary r.
Lrlghton, one; "A'aler Lily. Teuksbury. from Monte video,
arrived May ill. for Parenagua to load lor Biver Plate; Dido
(Sw), Anuereson. for tlalveston, loading; Krowp von
Preussen (Her), Klein, for do do; schrs Curtis Ackerlv, Norton.
use; Willlainlne. Scott, troni t ampana, arrived May 2U;
S C Kvans, Brewster, fVom New Y'ork, arrived June rt.
Mailed May MO, brigs .I A Horsey i Br), Cofllll, Santos (with
Inward cargo). June it; ship India (Port). I<essar. New
Y'ark ; 4tli, brig Mentor II (Port), Verrlnlio, New Y?rk;Mb,
bara Christina (Br), Andrews, Barbados; Bth, brig CM
| Paaaard, Anaibury, Baltimore.
SiViiriLLA Ji.ne 30?In port, achr F.tunie Pike. Robklu
for PeusAColtt. *hh |o have leit June I. but wu detained
coMM*?|iif nc# of the removal of the Custom House to Her*
ramtuilla. <
Smear. CB. July 3? Arrived, bark Capri (Br). Me Loan,
Londonderry. Id jr. (or Montreal, with coal.
St SrartiKX, NB, June 27?Cleared, schr Latnoine, Leach,
Uio J aueiro.
8? J oh*. XB. oatjr II?Arrived, alii p Ellen (Joodsnead,
Morse. Liverpool: brier Victor, Voltjrhal; 12tli, schr Bright
IM?r ?*>?', .IlIU'ltT. W.?.
Cleared IItil. bark Brigadier. Havre.
Sailed 11th. *hip J - hn Brvce. Mor*e, Liverpool; bark fH
Nicholas lUr). HaU'idjr*. I't iinrih Road*.
Victoria, Jiiiio JO?Arrived, brig Poiuare (Haw), from
Sailed .lime .'IO, hark Johan Irgvn*. San Francisco.
Valparaiso. May 28?Arrived, ship Ingnmar (Hn. Long,
Hin Janeiro; June 1. bark Louisa Malcolm (Br), Robertsou.
in nort Nth, ship* Alnor J Ban von. Watts, from Pabellom
a.' Pic*) for (Jtieen?tow n, reloaded, ready avid to tall 6th5
Kdwurd O'Brien. Smaller, from Mcjilionet* for Liverpool,
finished rep air* nd reloading; Belvedere Kirby. from IDdependeucia
Bay for Hampton Roads, diacbargibK for farther
Yamrocth, NS, July 12? Arrived, steamer Dominion (Br)9
Clciuouts, Boston,
ALEXANDRIA. July 11?Arrived, schrs Frederick Half
New York and nailed same day for Middle town - ; TTTasker.
for Washington; Calvin P IIarils, Henry Parker and Kaehel
Seaman, fo tie* raetoau.
Hailed?Steamer K C Knight. New York; schrs Joanna
Doughty. Hiistni; Ellen Tobin. Jersey City; Louisa Hi idwall.
U rot on; Pohas-?.t, Htonlngtou; L (J C Wlshart and
Lemuel IInil 'from Georgetown) .
BOSTON, July 12-Arrived, atpaine Neptune, Berry, Few
York; brig Varuum II Hill, Patrick, Kayal; schrs Harab B
Joues. Handy, Hoboken; Mary Louisa, Sauuders, KI Isabel
Cleared?Steamers Somerset, Broun, Savannah; Romrn,
Crowell, Philadelphia; General Whitney, llallett. New
Y rk; brig John Kendall (Br), James, London; srhri
Sarah W Perrv, Smith. Haytl; Marv E Smith, Green,
Philadelphia; Klla T Little, Crawford, do; Maggie P Smith*
Grace, no.
Sailed?Steamer Unman and bark I tunas.
BALTIMORE. July 11?Cleared, steamer Octorars, Reynolds.
New York.
12th?Arrived, steamer Saragassa, Hooper. Savannah;
*Mr. V IV* ,U? P?. I) a 11 <11V . K.-fcr U>r? I* / 1?.\
(iliflianovlch, Dublin ; britf Sahra, Charlton, Belfast; Ma*
dina, Verde. Sayua la Grande lOohai.
Also arrlvad, steamers Sail Marcos (Br), Burrows, Llrerpool:
Vlneland, Hnwrn, Sow York: schrs Readeen, Howard,
Troy: Louisa I) Uitthhiirn, Crowell, Sew York; Alfred
W Fisk Keller, Pittston, Me: Louisa, Fish, Bath, Mai
Cora S Viin Gilder. Cherry, Ainrusta, Me.
Cleared?Steamer Win Woodward. Young. New York)
barka Anniti Garibaldi (Ital), Koxsiti, Queenstnwn or Kal*
month: Halthasar (Aus), Nivollch. England: brigs Margie
Vail Brl. Ford. Bordeaux; Potomae (Br). Wllaou, Detnerura;
schrs Cha> F Sampaon, Gage, Boaton; Hattle M
Crowell, C owell. do.
Sailed? Harks Duo Pratolll, Sator; hrlga Romanca, Maggie
Vail, and Potomae.
BRAZOS SANTIAGO. Julr 5?In port, achr 8 8 Buck*
iuirliuto fioni Galveston for Tuxpau (aoe Miscellany).
BRUNSWICK, Oa. July 12? arrived,barkGrenada, Hod*
don, Boaton.
IS AS - IIA RROR, dulv ti?Arrived, achra J K (Sartor, Pray,
Sew Yo k; 7th, Ocean Wave, (lalley, Calais for Newark
(and sailed Wth); V K Gates, Holmes, do for Philadelphia
(and soiled WHO.
BANGOR, July 11?Sailed, achr Laura II Jones, Now
York. a
IIATII July ID-Arrived, sclira A P Newell, trom for
Philadelphia: Marv 11 Stockhaiu. Reed. Alexandria.
Sailed?Scltr Sallle Muir, Powell. Philadelphia.
Cleared?Ship Thrasher, Uosworth, Baltimore to load for
8nn Krancikeo.
1 ltli?Sailed, bark Helle of Oregon. Mctrlraan, Wlscaaaet
to load deals tor Knvl ind; sclirs Cohasaett, Bowdotnbain
lor New York: Clio Chlleott, Kullerton. for do; Telnniah,
Bennett, lor Philadelphia.
BRISTOL. July 11?Arrived, achr Amos Falkettbtirg,
Early, I'hlladelpliln.
CROAK KliYS, July 7?Arrived, acltr Joseph W Wilson,
Soniers, Note York.
CHARLESTON. July 12?Arrived, steamer Equator,
Hinckley, Philadelphia; brig Pathfinder (Br), Odell, New
Sailed?Steamer Ashland. Crowell. Now York.
EOOARTOWN. July B?Arrived, schr Adrisnna, Morrill,
llRb?Arrived, schr James Holmes, Ryder, Sew York.for
Boston; Clam Sawyer Itranseomb, do for do; Llule K,
Waters, do lor St John NB.
FORTRESS MONROE. Julv 12?Passed in. barka Gipsy
Queen (Br), Montgomery, from Dnndalk; Andreas nils
(Nor). Salvoson. Iroui Newry; schr Wtllle, from ??, all
tor Baltimore; also passed in. an Italian bark.
Passed out?Bark A O VIntro (Nor), from Baltimore for
lixiraut. T.
Sailed?Brig Alexander (Br), Spray (from Rio Janeiro),
New York.
FALL RIVER. July 11? Sadod, steamer Norfolk, Fordt
riiiladelphla; scbr Daniel Brown, Emerson, Georgetown.
DC. .
Arrived Htli. schrs Mediator. Davia, New York; I II Borden.
Baker, Hoboken: Fair Wind.
HALVE TON. J nlv 7?Arrived, steamer San Antonla (Br),
Kea. Liverpool via Mexican ports.
Sailed?Steamer San Jacinto (Br). Rtcter. Liverpool.
JACKSONYlL< E. July tt?Cleared, acliri Annie L MoKeen.
McKoen, New York.
KEY WEST. July S?Arrived, sehra Arietla, Low, New
York; Rebecca Shepherd, Robinson, Bangor, Me; Llllie,
IaitfB. New York.
LL'BhC, July 9?Arrived, acbr Paragon, Moraag, from
Eaatport to load for New York.
NEW ORLEANS July 11?Arrived, steamer Vanguard
(Br), Gill. Liverpool; C W Lord. Cultou, Havana; bark St
Genevieve (Fr), Demeuarrant. Bordeaux.
I'.'tli?Arrived, atsamer Clinton, Staples, Havana; scbr
Mary A Power, from Portland.
Cleared, steamer Knickerbocker. Kemblo. New York.
Pskmks, July 12-Arrived, stearanr Ariel (Br), Liverpool.
Sailed, steamers Brsahesr, New York; Frederieo (Sp),
NORFOLK, July 10?Arrived, aehrs Alexsnaer Wiley,
Berclier. New York; Mary R Hickman. Kobinsou, do; John
Brill. Kod /era. do.
NEW BEDFORD, July 10?Arrived, acbr Hase, Eldridge,
Trenton, NJ.
12th?Arrived, schrs WS Baker, New York; Jaa Hay,
Sailed Sclira E C Baker, Philadelphia; Electa
Ballov. do; Amos Brigga, Heverstraw; Mad Anthony, do;
lloriaon. do.
NEWPORT. July Id, P M?Arrived, achra Henry Glbbs,
Coffln. New Bedford for New York via Htonlngton, with
lor New Bedford
11th, sailed?Sclira Millie Frank. .1arris, from Fort Jefferson
fur Oak Klufls.
In port, brigs John Pieroe, Townsend, to lay up; tcbre
Ilenry Cole, t'hedwick, for Pbiladolpbia; Sarah (Mark,
GrilUn, do; James M llayles. Arnold, for New York;
Thomas P Cooper. Hogau. and J S Terry, Kaynor, for do;
Forest City, tloilgklus. for Philadelphia: Nellie Crowell,
Phelps, New York lor Philadelphia, repairing; Sarah Jane,
Sleeper, for New York; Watchful, Gill, Dresden, Me. fordo;
lirerte, Uartlett. Fall River tor Newara, NJ.
NEW CONDON. July 11?Arrived, sehr Ellen X Baxter,
Bath for New York.
Hailed?Sclira Louisa, New York ; Corneline. do; Zoe, do.
NEW HAVEN, Julv 11?Arrived. sebrs Harriet, Overton,
E'.lsabetbDort; Jaa E RaTles, Dickinson. Baltimore; Marin
Louisa, Poughkeepsie; Ann Amelia Elisabethport.
PORT BLAKELY, July 2?Sailed,bark Brontes, San Fran*
PORT GAMBLE, July 1?Arrived, bark David Hoadlny,
Habler, Kan Francisco.
2d?Sailed, bark Atalanta Han Francisco.
PORT TOWNSENI). July 2-Soiled, ship Dashing Wave.
Nickels, Sau Francisco; bark Sanioset. Martins, do.
PENSACOLA. Jnly 7?Cleared, sehrs Morton L Smith
Smith. Baltimore; Traveller. Hodge*, Ptulaueiph-a.
PHILADELPHIA. Julv 12?Arrived, steamer Mayflower,
Davidson, New York : barks Monto Tabor (Ital), Repetto.
Hllgo; Tordenskjold (Nori, Pedersen, Ivigtut; sehrs J 0
l^ittlnirhnni Avrssu IkPlitlnliiT Hivnr Itfl iufpr k I 'nrtsir
TomliII. do; hinma lleiither, Hudson, do; W I, Abbott,
Ludlaic, do; Agile* I Grace. Stnalley. do; K F Cebada,
Swain, Boston; Fanny llanmer, Hrouki. Nautuckst; HA
Tabor, Ronton, Near port.
Also arrived. steamer* Rattlesnake, Snow. Boston; Alibi
(I)nu). Ivigtut; schr*.|Kben Kl?lier, Reynolds, Uoaton; I*
and M Knowles. liari iugtuu, do; Thomas Clyde. Fisher,
f ardena*. M 11 Kand. Kinney, do; .led Frye. Langley, Pawtucket;
l'rovldenee, Rico. Providence; K <1 Irwin, Johnson,
Newport; J H "larlon, Gilford. Norwich: Young Teaser,
Faciiuire, New Bedford; Addie Walton. Arey, h'enuvbee
Klver; Isaac Orbeton, Gardiner; l.oidy. Habcnck, do.
Cleared?Steamers City of Limerick (Br), Jamison,
Liverpool; Neriuan. Nlokerson, lioston; Catharine Wbitinv.
Ilardirg. Providence; Florida, Crocker, do; Philadelphia.
Davis. New Yora: barks Concord (Nor), Anderson,
Sunderland; Sues (Nor), Pcdersen. Westport; Francisco U
(Ital). lie Bonis. Dublin; Scud. Wilson, Naples; brig
Koniola (Br), P.dgett. Ireland: schrs Charles Carroll. Kelly,
Denispnrt; Ileiirv Allen, Tatent, Dlgbton ; L A M Reed,
Cavalier, Brunswick.
Also cleared, steamers Berks. Pendleton, Boston;
Panther, Mills, do; Leopard, Albertson, Providence; brig
sagua. .Muodny, sagua; schrs Annie Freeman, Harris,
Booth Bay; Fannie llanmer. Brooks, Nantucket; M A
Mc iattn, Call. Newport; A A K liooner. Church, Charleston;
Jennie Middlelon, Wblttaksr, do.
sailed? Steamers Berks, Leopard, Panther, Norman and
C Whiting
I.kwh, Del, July 11?Arrived, bark Bnrniide, Smith. Belfain.
12th ?Arrived, bark Exile (Br), I'earce, Belfast, Ireland,
for orders.
Sailed?Brig Vela (Aust), from Sligo, for Philadelphia!
schr F J Collins. New York.
Bark Buruside is nrdseed to Philadelphia.
PORTLAND, Mo, July 10? Arrived, schrs Mary () Farr,
Con well, and Win K Thomas. Winsmore. Kennebec for New
York; Nettie Walker, lngalla, Bath for do.
Cleared?Schr Henry Adalbert, Heady, Kennebec to load
for New York.
12th?Sailed, brig Addle Ilale, Matansas.
PORTSMOUTH. July II?Sailed, schrs Proe Wind, Fritblo.
Kennebec to load for New York; Mabel Rose, Allen, do
to load fur Philadelphia ; J B Anderson, lliggs, Philadelphia.
PROVIDENCE. Jnly 11?Arrived, schrs Joseph P Rose.
Green, Rondout tor Pawtucket: John K ilorst. Cook, Port
Johnson: K II lirasoe. Kaynor. Wcehawken ; Veranda. Pond,
New York
Sailed?Schrs J J Moore, Raekctt, Georgetown, DC; A (A
Lawson, Mehrhof. Hacken?ack. NJ. It II Wilso i, Clark;
Flight, Wilson: Sarah L Tliompson. Hull, and U P Shuitis,
Young. New York: sloop Fred llr wn. Hall, d .
At the head of Long Island Sound loth PM, hound east,
schrs Wm O Irish, Wa Whitehead. Amelia and others.
PaWTI'CKKT, July II?Sailed, echrs Monmouth, Anderson,
Philadelphia; Anthony Burton. Joiinson, New York
RICHMOND. July IH?Arrived, steamer Old Dominion,
Walker, New York; schr Jessie Wilson. Ilartlett. Huston.
hailed? Bclir llnratlo Ichola. linnet New York.
sAN FHaNCISCO. July 12? Arrived, ahlpa Sapphire,
Contrdon. Celiac: Commonwealth, C oper, Newcastle,
NS\V ; bark Delta rBr*. Kvana. do.
8RA1TLK, July 2?Hailed, bark W H Daiti. Kndlcott. 8am
F nineteen.
SAVANNAH, .Inly 12?Arrived, ataaraar Sao Salvador,
Nlckerann. New York.
Sailed?Sahr Ward J I'arka, Hogart. Naw Tork.
TACOMA. July 1?Arrived, alilp Shirley, Mathawi, Saa
VINKYARD HAVEN, Jaly II?Arrived, aehra W B Steal*
man, tleorye'owu. In'. Tor Button . Daylight. Waehawkem
tor llaverhl.l; Ada Amoa.dofur Hurricane I aland; A Hammond,
I'erth Ainboy lor Saco ; I'onrreaa. do for Hardiner;
Helen Mar. Ilobokrn tor Koolli Bay; Rabacca II Uwea,
Haiti for Philadelphia; HenJ Whiting. fnr Sew York.
Sailed?Scnra ittianipion illri, for Norwich; Col 8 if
Rar.ee. Ada Amea and Congrua*.
12th? Amvad. echra Mail. I|ab >kan for I'ortamouth : Mary
Klla, tjenrgotown, DC, tor .lo; Mary Ktlay. New York Tor
Hath ; H S VYooUer, Holdout for Nantucket; William Todd,
I'tniaOalphla for Hrlttal, Me
Sailed?Schra William Todd. B P Wooleev, M irr Riley,
Mary Ella, Mail, Helen Mar, A Haninmud and IV H steel.
"'ivil-MINOTON. NC, July II?Arrived, ateamarDJ Foley,
Prl'f. Baltimore.
12th?Arrived, ateamer Regulator. Doane, New York.
Plnaliam. New Tori.
7th ?Arrived, aclir Vletor Pol*. Plnkliatn, New Vnrk.
WAKKKN, Joly ll-o*ll?a, Mhr hvcryraen Turner, Hi*
VAfiirs. imiMOAW, Ac.
ff niK <>I.I? K - I \ It 1,1 > 11 HI i PLvi K. hit VVaTK#
Jx el., near Catharine Market, metallic and woodea
bualB. all kintln. JilHNT. SMITH.
F l?nr; epeed. 17 mllea. Inquire of NKAK1K A LBVT,
Foil sai7k-iiik 5k7\ past sHoop taoht
h*eria. Sntl5.il. complete and read; fur Immediate aNv
Apply to II W. M. .">TI Kiifcs, 2<i lieadtf >t
Full saI.K i WilN SLOOP V ICHT, J. Bf hi. to*,
plot# in every raapect 4'i Hro idway. room 41.
aeronimodatioti tor III on a croiae of a weak to *
day a. Addreaa 11., lex Ul lleraid oSlca.

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