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Contributions of Patriotic Waiters >
of Two Cities. j ;
. <i
I i
! t
The following subscnjftions to the ("oner Xatlonal (
donument Fund wero received a( the Hkkai.d oltlce <|
riiiLAPKi rnii, July 19, 1876. 1 y
To to* Editor or tiik Hkkai.d:? 1 v
We, tbu uudersigncu, employes in the main rostau- i t
rant ol Mam Building, iu the grounds ol tbe Centennial j a
Exhibition, desirous ol expressing our appreciation of | s
tourage, fidelity a.td heroism ol lite late General f'u* e
tor, a* displayed in hit> military services for hie < ouu- ]
ry imU the sarrilico ol Ins llle in dcleucoof |,er flag, do ; u
tuhacriDc Hie following amounts toward ihe erection a
?! a monimienl lu comacuioratiou of In. courage, n
rnihusiusm a till |>utr.?li?ui:?James O'Dough- | >'
irty, ji; Wa ter II aging, .*>0 cents; II. W. i i
Biory, 2o cents; Jot.n Moflait. 2o cents; j
George Mil no, $1 of); Eugene Cuslttnan, 60 eon*; j s
George H. Kichardson, od cents; I'aui llenson, on ' t
en is; Howard Morgan, 50 cent*; I sat tireottbaum. 26 | It
tents; John Roonrv, 25 cents; J. Wolf, 26 cents; j fi
iiiurjcs sic.myrc, go CfnU | v?. iv. " neaiou, -o ceni?;
l>. M. Rlazir, 26 n-nis, A Hensman. 'Jo cents; W. II. o
Casey, 25 cents; IV K. Reckon, 'Jo cents; J. ii Welsh,
25 cents; Lady Friend, 50 routs; proprietor of main ^
restaurant. $5; Jnscpn W. llruwo. Jo cents; James F.
M sltell, 50 vents: Daniel T Francis, 'Jd cents; Helvlllo
'lorn kins, 50 cent*. C >1 Tomkins, 50 cuts; lliomus
Carm icb.iel, 25 cents ; Lewis W. Kindlnss, 50 cents; II
Bhori, 'J5 cents; Henry Harris. Jo cents; E. K. Do H
Silvers, 60 cenis: Frank H.uscomh, 25 ceuts; Samuel
Loyd, 25 cents;' Jolio Delsuy, J5 cents; Krtlz Itstt, 25
cents. Total, $18.
Hoping litis will be acceptable and cnrourago otners,
wc remain, respectiully yours,
wrsT nninnTosiTus CONIHIBUTINO. a
rsi- Rriiintov. S. I., July 21, 1878.
To THK EniTOK iii' TIIK ItllKALU'? I (|
PI ase flnJ enclosed is, subscribed lor Hie Custer I ii
Monument, by the following residents ofthistowu:? n
Captain J M .-.levins, $1; I*. J Oouollv, $1; N a. 1 n
Hunger, il; George Newman, 60 cents; Peter ii union, p
25 ceme; Edward Stewart, 50 cents; Tboinas Morns, , p
25 cents, Frank dctpiade, 50cents; Autoin Joseph, Jr., ! T
50 cents; John McQuadu, 'J5 cents; Thomas Hirming' ! ?
ham, 'Jo ceils; Thomas Mealey, "J5 cents; Antotn n
Jnsepb, Sr., 'J5 cents; John Prassa 25 cents; K. A- s
fiuuin, 25 cents; James Sruncn, 'Jo ceuts, F. 1'. Shut- u
tuck, 2.5 cents; Jutau Key oolds, 25cents; Frank Adams, d
25 cenia. P J. COS SOLLY. i
Tu* Oaks. Howard Co., Md., July 20, 1878. p
To rnr En.run or thk IIkkai o ?
Fleam hud eurloscd III for llio Custer monument. t!
1 lliink bit admirers n Maryland, as well as other n
Plates besides New York, might uo something to per- i,
petuate tils memory. Kespectiully. ?
The following contributions were received st the w
Hkrald otltce yesterday:? I j,
A. U. Ilall, Morrisaniu, f >. I p
lloorgc U. McClcnuau. Jr., Cohurg, Canada, $2. . o
Waiters ol Dceau Hotel, Lnug lir.iuch ?L It. Alston, s
C. J). W right, .1. Matthews, \\ LI rooks, David Jackson, "
b. \litcbell and W. Rlanurd, ft tlO. 1 n
IV II. O , Uoboken, N. J., it. j k
George K Kirkbam, llockviile Centre, L. I., $l. o,
E. A. liill, $1 a
"His (tut qui," Ate., h'lmlra, N. Y., fl. ii
Armmi.il, Dutchess county, N. Y.. fl. ! h
M. C a d U. S. IV, inoomsourg, Columbia county, < b
Pa, flitv ce..ts 1 a
P. 11. Truvers, Hrooklyn, tilty cents.
aii admirer, lllly rents. D
>1. N., Philadelphia, lllly cents. u
Lillic. Kitty, Mary K. and Frederick Ellsworth, of ! v
Red Hook, scud each ten ceuts. I s.
Jesse I.eaman Brooklyn, -ends twenty-live cents, as j 11
to also each oi tbo loilowiug rsons:?J. II It., New d
Haven, Conn. ; A. E. W. ; Lew Raker; 8. U., Castile; J. ; "
nenoril inn Ainu r.niuguiii. .uaouu, i.a ! "
11. K. tends liticen cents and ibe following person* I ui
ten coots oat h :?0. K. C., J. It. Thompson, J. K. Ford, J r<
Johnny. Toor Clgarmaker, I.lule Beriue, Henry Kent "
snd U. Conrad, live cents oac.h. '<
, ci
Km ploy de ot main restaurant (Kxhlbitlon) $18 00 ci
t, 11 Ih-nnt* 3 00
A. ?. Hall 6 01 T
U. 11. McCleiiuun. Jr 2 00 t?
Waiters. Ocean llutcl 1 00 n
N. 11 tt 1 0u it
(i. K. Kirk hunt 1 00 ol
V. A. Hill 1 00 tt
"Bis Oat"' 100 It
Armenia I 00 c.
M. C and C 8. D 50 g<
P. 11. Travers !>0 j ?'
An Admirer so ] o1
M. H 60 ?'
I,lllie, AC *0 I P1
Jcaaa Leaman and others, aa above 2 60
Total $.'t? mi ?
Previously acknowledged 3,204 W1 : di
Grand total $5,11X1 MS ?
[From the Raleigh |Jf. C ) News, July 19.) w
Hon. A. M. Wadoeli did a graceiui act in the introducnon
ol a bill iti the House of Representatives tor
the erection ol u statue to Custer in Washington. This
will meet with a hearty re?pou*e throughout the w
fcoatli. Nowhere In the worhi la bravery more aonured It
than in our country. The men of the southern Stales tl
are ever rendv to do honor to the memory ot a gallant w
a..hilar TI.m Smith alll .,1.1111, ll. .? It
a appropriation lor a mouumcul 10 Cuslsr. H
[Kruio the SL l.ouls lllobe Democrat, July 19. J
The late reports ftoin the Sioux country announce '
tbai Sitting Mull, The Hall, and Milburn, aliaa Charles
K. tinmen, a discharged olilier ol the Twenty-second "
L'?ilnl Stales iulaiitry, wer?i among the Willed on the u
I Oil tan Mile in toe iistilo on the Kosebiiil. As we have
>ren reading audi numerous accounts of tliu laie
seneral Milling Hull, I judge It may not be altogether n
tut oi place to speak u word of h.s lellow companion ou ><
ait expedition to the happy huutiug ground. ^
Tbc Man that goes in-lhe-Middle (Clio cob-ea-moms), u
or, as he is known best by ihu whites, I he tiall (Rezec)
is indeed a very Inttcr pill, a war chief ut the I ukpapa' ''
Hand ui &tous, and perhaps tlie moat wondertul char- w
icier in ihuluatiou 11 is deods oi va.or ami horseman- ,
ilitp nre excelled oy untie, and lie lias been particularly
luccesslul in Ills raids against the soldiers, and Ins i 111
ie?p sealed entnity toward them is not vriihont cause.
I'kzzk J1
Is about thirty eight years old, live feet seven inches ^
Ingii, and oi llic moat pcrtcclly developed lorut, siual
handa and leet. short joints, active as a ml and tough tl
and strong at a grizzly. He has a clip Iroin a bavooei
on the bridge of bi? nose, that marr> Ins line looking, !y
brazen l ice. The eto is dark brow n and sparkling, and :
lis hostile, gcorniul ga/.e, says he has iak>-n your mea- r
ure. mat your dam waa a slut and you a Use, and no re
s the big .og. He shakes jour band as III.ugh you
ia(1 a Ol and be wains to bring you out o. it. He "
laima that no wlnte man ever looked him in the lac Wl
elthout wtucing lie it very polite, and ran b? very
.greeable to gain Ins point, acd always leaves the *
uieuuy vvil supplied with aniliiunilion and the best "
Jenry rltle. Hi? general manner s aorupt, blurt and
lurlv. Hceiys lirnrral Harney told bliu if He asked
se should rneive, and i( lie did u?t receive to lake it.
Tbc I'e/.ee made h :iu-ell very nunozious about furl *'r
Union in lMWt and il a soidier would goto the woods
ai liuut or chop Want, I'e/ee would br on hand, take Cl'
lis gall an J go oil and havo
a aoAi.r uasea
Ual the long lane has a turn sum* lime, and 1 will
a,I you ab ut lU.? one. Mr. I'e/ee and narly were in
die woods below the toil waiting b> gel a victim I lie ,
light was dark and cold, deep snow on the ground,
.si IVsan in. real less There was renin ol Inatiulv
1-giUlboiue.-. outaidc tho lorl, ami I tic I'ezee tin i?J to uni
'ellows lli.it lit' had a In. ml in IUi- camp and would go
11> and swap items with bun. an I und out the prosper I
ur ?ca11 ? oil Ilia morrow Dare uevll 1'er.cv ?.. ..a
;oo<1 a* tiia word, ami proceeded to tha lodge ol lua "5
Aseiuibuiuc Irirn . Ilia Iron.I waa ver> glad lour
tun, and gave lb* w in it to hia but to |.> to t tic tort and ,r
.alt lua Interpreter. Ilia commanding olllccr ??nt a
iq.iad Willi Ihe interpreter in liul haatv to surround
,be tepee and rapiuie or lull I'eaee. The tepee ?.?a
uirmtiuded, and the hoy* in blue were ready, al a _.
diarge bayoiie , in c*l?h hint on tbn fly. The inter,
ircier entered, and Hie 1'raaa out jtitli hi* kutie, rut
hrough tbo tepee and waa received on Ilia haponcia y,
pijijrrn to rii* ?ROtmt>.
p'crcrd through the hraaat, and leil fllll and bleeding zr
Mark niisnd, in Ilia .?nu\r. f. uic wanted to hammer ,,
Iti* brain* <>ul, lu make ,?ure, but the sergeant .-aid nor,
u bo w aa rla.ol
l'o/eo lolrl me tliat during the whole trial he did not n<
In* seusea, bu feigned unatb, and wra? di'tenninoit ?
to eiah ilie ttr?l man that would atrik* inm on the bead.
After the vohliera left him In' ||ol up aud went o flnil lua 11
Companion* n the wood, but tiny bad zon*. ami ho , ri
waa weak and pc I Inn, lor water. Ho item to the 1
rittr aud cliupped a li'de in tha ice, ami lav their and
drank till he la Mid, and during the ourht hi* coin. 10
(union- found Inm, and removed him to a camp about i vi
im. : iv m.lea .1 -i .ni. where he -ri-iiu-li re. overed. ?ti
nd became as strong. hearty and more desperate than b
?ver ol
Katber l?e timet on hie vlalt to the hostile ramp in
lid*. io bring ihe Indian* to fori Htoo lor treaty, met ai
.be Gad, ami they mi great friend*. Pezer ??w r?
ibal it waa a good cuancd lo mpoaa on the old black ei
Iuard and < oiiimi a.oaer at Kurt Kiev and raise a good In
riake by being iriend.y. ai
raviKR ok awiT tt
made him the 't.t. il ird bearer ol tlie returning party, .|<
and srosented b.m with a beautiful large blue eilk liar, iu
rlth a figure of the Virgin Mary on It, and n.ade l>y i
be Young Ladles' Modality ot St Lotna, and preetiled
to Rav. father K J. Oc Smet, *? a token of
heir esteem lor biw and interest in lua mt-s;ou of
Peato Oo'nj well supplied with present* and well
quipped ?tilt a gun ami plenty of aininumtton, with
ho lit titty bucks, proceeded up Hie river about til ern
IIilea iu the Painted Wood*, a largo body ot limber on
Or Missouri Hirer. A party ot twelve \outig :uen irotn
It. I.oui? ii id landed ott the nU-uiucr Pcntnah. intendeuding
to start a wood yard there to supply the llcuoii
It at*; also to trap and poi-ou wrolvrn. kill bears,
leer, eagles, Ac., and haye a lug time generally. They
iad u splendid oulhl ot guns, traps, ammunition and
ill uccessaries to secure all the fur, feathers
md scalps in tbo Territory. I hey ha<l built
i luce log bouse ot three rooms, s t their
raps; game wag plenty, and they seemed do
ntbied wiin ibeir new occupatiou. Tney riiouuced
uy life and heuan to leal masters <<( ail they surveyed,
tm. jounce, they bad not becu tried yet, and nobody
lispuled their claims; but now tho ot pori unity or Mr.
low .all ii Co. to distinguish themselves was at hand,
ilr I'ezee nod huc?s appear upon the scene and say in
. voice ol terror 10 Mr. Dowdall .V Co., "What tr be do
ou belong to? How oauic you here? All ibis land,
later, wood and sky belong to mo Depart your souis
o i ell, and your P"dics and scalps must sulfer th<' pen
lty They cued mercy, hut i'czee says:? "Yen
bowed me no mercy at I'uiou and il you aro bravo
tioueli to hunt foxes wiiv on vnn crv V"
Tn<- llall h ays ihey u :<1 nut ft re .1 shot, but died kueel- j
in. at their prayers. Tlio Indian- burned the bouse
nb possessed themselves 01 the line outfit, which
dited to the boutitilui supply receieeil at Kurt Kico
Vree cut a notcti on his tlagpote as victory No 1 ttuder
he pco'e policy.
As per agreement Captain Manly, ol tlie Pemnalt, '
topped on m.s return Irom Benton to wood up with tlio
ms lie whistled, but no appearance on shore; so ho
tinted and went to (he huruing cabin, and louitu lus ,
Mints passengers where they lay, scalped and torn.
He beard the Urendlut war whoop, tno Sioux shout
f scorn?Ox shii a 1
[From the St. Louis Clone Democrat July 19.]
Tito following is au ox wart irom a long interview
lib Colonel Sturgis published in lbs VloOc-Lxmorat:
Oii uciug asked why be was not with his regiment at '
lie time ol the disaster the (ionorui staled ihal when .
lie regiment was first ordered to Dnkotn provision '
a t not beeu made lur all (ha companies, and lie was
duceu to hsvo his headquurers at St. Paul. As time
lugresaud, however, he lelt the irksouieness ol that
omiioii, and urged upon Ucoeral Sheridan and Ueneral
erry both the propriety ol allowing him to take peronal
coinuiaud ol uis owu rogimtut But as he lulled
11 ibis, he then applied to be placed on the rocruiltng
ervice 111 St. Louis, which is a dctuil givou to colonels
I cavalry "uly m their turu. What ho especially
eprccuted was tlio manner iu which such papers as
he Nkw York Hiikai.p sought lo make a demigod out
I Custer, and lo erect a monument to Custer only, I
ol to his soldiers, and cited the lacl that on tno 1
KiKi.ii ok si.si nil rr.it
he bodies of .'too or more soldiers were found piled up
II a little ravlue, while bemud were lound those ol Cus '
r nud 111s little baud ol chosen ulllcers. When the {
lib ers ol these men tell,'" said ttic lieneral, "w ho was
hero to rally ihein 1 Why were not some ol the oilier
Mirers sent lor ward with litem? 11 relief had come
11 the puriy between these two points, what a sight it 1
quid have becu lo litul JiHJ suhtn rs collected on the ;
no side, and in the rear tne commander ol the little '
tree surrounded by his ulllcers. Mind, I do not imago
their bravery. I know each und every one
1 Uiein, and 1 would not, lor any consideration, say
it)thing thai would laruisn their lair lame. Kach i
t them 1 knew to he bravo and gallant. I hero were j
one lienor in the service. All of them wcio well !
now 11 to mound my lumily. 1 had slept with them, ]
at with them and fought with them, and it would bo
most extraordinary circumstance lur me to question j
Heir soldierly qualities. Custer was a brave man, but !
e was also a very selfish mail lie was insanely ant- 1
ilmus of glory, and the phrase, 'Custer's luck,' afiords |
good clow lo Ins ruling idea. The public
1, to a great extent, loriued Irom his writings and
cwspaper reports, ami peoplo having read these are j
er.v apt 10 rclusu a hearing lo the contrary Maiciuent. !
tying, in ellect, 'Oh, we know heller than that;' and j
. is on account ot this 1 emu re m public opinion that 1
0 not desire to put myself 111 a lal.-o 1 out ion. People I
ty. Oh, yes, Ueneral Sturgis has liad his sou killed; j
e leels il, au I wmlo Iho Icoliug lasts is liable to ox- j
ggeraliuu. then, too, bo was at the head 01 th.s
rgimrut and unxious to be seut out Willi it, hut was 1
01 sent. Custer was sent 111 his stead, and now lie !
els hurt.' But that isn't it altogether;'whul 1 would
riuctse is the want ol judgment which led these men
tlo a irap.
' I!.?fitt.? tlw? tttr l1.#?rA WMi? soma nf fit* *rmi'
* - - J VUlsrs
who bud made reputations
he record will show the more successful of these I nil- '
in lighters, aud, without toy undue conceit, 1 think I 1
ley claim a place on that I ml. 1 never went alter i
icm that 1 didn't culch them. The report
I the Secretary of War in i sriu will allow
tat 1 followed the lowas end Comanche* bo 1
tat their camps wore entirely brokeu *!?, aud they '
I'lsed no inrther trouble. Oaken and llazcu were also
jod Indian lighters. Hot ibu war is over. The old |
jihorilies that knew us are all cone; a new sot of j
Ulcer* has arisen, and a young America Las grown up !
i the same time. Indian warfare is no picnic, a* some j
eoplc regard it
in raise d.000 or 7,0"0 men at any lime and are quite
formidable toe. castor, you see, talked tvilh Shcri- j
nu iroiu day to day and begged lum to guo him a
lance to go on au expedition. Hie lact la, the origin ,
I the present diOlcullies may be ouni in tuo lirst ex- I
edition to the lliack Hilih, which was brought about I
j the persistent eitorts oi (ioutral Cu-tcr, who craved
ir an opportunity to bring himself beioru Lhe public. |
"A* an illustration ol tbo icctiug with which Custer |
as regarded let me tell you a abort story. Two years
go 1 was at St. Paul, and Mr. Robinson, ol the Ttmrt,
tine in me at the time Custer was making his cxpedion
to tbo Black Hills.
"lie asked me about the propriety ol setidlag his son
ith l'rolessor Wiuchel, Slate Geologist, wno was ?oig
to ancumiiany ih% expedition. I toid him freukly
nut tbo world wa> mistaken m Gen. nil Custer, lie 1
as no Indian lighter; he bad no cxpenencc, and lligl
the Indians deter mined to repel any tuvasion of the
deck Huls that they would treat Ctt.-ter just us tney
lould aeluld, and that, in rnv opinion, st, no other ;
ian uuu d grt back to tell ot it; that under no nrcum 1
ian> e would I trust my son to Cutter's care under the 1
ii \ u iii.itmwt.vn. i |f l v7 *i in*- wuru ji i . ((i||||||>uu icaut
jia stateuieul, should 11 ik; p>ibiistio>i. lie will rcmetnr
the circumstance thankfully. 1 told Imn Irankly
ml what I Tell, tn.it Cutter, in organizing ami conuoting
iU.it expedition, was rosily
iiuxtim; a rititiT
ith the Indians lor bin owu glorihcat on; that I did't
eiiave Ccsier knew suiDcieiu ol itie Indian character
> light the trims to advantage), hut wita liahlo, iu con>i|uence
of hi* uudrrr-tiniatiun v' Indian resources
id hit overeat i mat ion ?| his nun skill, 10 lie led into
irap, in which case I told tlie gentleman lliere would
[ uo one lell alive to loll the tale. As a result ol that
ilervicw the party cuiiloiiiplatlng the excursion did
id not leave St. I'aul. It is Iruo ilicro tvas tin attack
i that campaign, but now, at the tirsl important altck,
the prophecy >eemol tiillllled.
When I knew mat my hoy had cone out, and that
eneral lerry w is in command. I constdcre I iliat we
ere lolerah.y lortdnato lerry ha* a matured iudg- j
ienl, and I looked lor the campaign to he conducted
ii good nil itary principles, Instead ot which Custer
?de his
attack kiccklksslv,
irlier by thirty-six to lony-eight hours than lie should i
ive done, aud with men ured out by lorced marc lies. j
hy, II they had caused the Indians to retreat they j
nut not possibly hate lollowad lbeta.
I leel, loo, that when Hie news is received Irorn In- |
tiduals ol mo rcgitneul it will fully sustain the posi>n
I lake. Custer was not u popular in u among ilie
oops hy any mean*. He was urann cai aud had no
gard h>r toe suid*ra under him. "
"iieiirral, do you ihink it will he necessary for lhe
vcrntuent lo call out volunteers to quell the Indian
Ihey have not enough regulars, not enough cave,
to light the Italians, end so would require tlic
J ol
moixtku volistikh
to are familiar w to the tactics ol Indian warfare '
"How uiauy troops do you think i. would impure to
OM-cuie this w.<r to a successful termination ?"
W eil. 4.1KSI or i.uuo men at least, wall mounted and
uippcd. My conviction la that it will ho necessary to
ounl ihat number ol moil, pm them oc the trail nnd I
>ep Ihein there, 'I'lio troops w ill have lo lie kept to- ,
liter ll will he impossible to cope with the wily e oux J
ith small cumhiiialionaol tro.-p* coming together Iroiu
(Terentdirections Ihey would be beaten .n detail. I no
iitaa should i* incessanlly followed. I hey should
i allowed uo tints lo iiuol I am sura a perniaueul
iace can be assured id uo other way "
llo you think the war. iu its inception. Is justified
r the smi* ill aflatrs ..I the litu* '
"Tnat is a i|nr?iiou which ii m not proper !or me to |
i into. Iv would laKo ? luuj; trno lo tally explain 1
.??, I do not think the Intiuns have been lairly I
X?.w York, July no, 1ST0,
I TDK KniTOR OV Till HrilALI): ?
The letter of Wendell I'Diillpa, an ''American ctti?
'ti," addressed lo tlcneral Sherman, can be an. wcred |
xl il? aaauntplioua reluied II the General, look.tig
iwn (mm Uia exalted position, should condescend lo
Mice it. l'crhai* a lew word* from an olncuro I
mrce, if in point, may nm be out ?>l plate, especially
they eotn* iron* one who speak* iron* actual export,
ice. Mr. I'b.llipN speaks from a theoretical aland- {
tint, without warrant of I acta, He n*>uiue* to be j
aater ol a subject whereof he Is totally ignorant, and
iciouely, in a tribunal ol hi* own cri-atenn, trie*, eontin
us and punlihe*, ex parte, those who wilier from
int an I whose duties give tin ut practical knowledge |
f i he question.
He onguiatlrally assigns a* a euro 'or the evils
lildcd lo a policy tested and found watu nig n every ;
qinsite of success. Either he is not capable of ills- I
i-sing the matter borause ignorant ol It or, pos-e-sig
aeowiedgo. lie wiliuhy m arepreaeala iho aituatiou
id Uiatorta the circuit)staDi-ea to cotu< mo ? nh hi* pet
irory. Hi* sole shout end echo i* oar cruel ai d tini?t
neage of Hie Indian, whom ho represent* aa an
inocent lamb uc >erei by a voracious woii?via, hit ,
white hrotber: that every attribute of virtue, peace
nil itmral.tr was unusually voted in the savag-; [
ererv concomitant of barbarism now hit wan imparted |
tu bint by our civili/ed people, wlio hare schooled liitn |
! tu hta art* of blood.
What at it the facte f That the Indian? have been lib ;
I treated is a im.tied, hut that I hot r to called retaliation .
in a lust or necessary sequence is emphatically ?h ntt-o.
They wou.d act precisely as thev do, no matter what ;
nnghl ho the nature of lhmr treatment, 'the natural
instinct nnd |>r?|H n*ity ol too red man is lur blood. |
The great st en t entirely ov rlooked by the setl-st) leu i
pi:Haiithropist- ii. that the iudian considers torture,
killing <nd mill latiou ol the human body a deed roorit- j
tug reward nil promotion.
The Indians now belon- our troops will eventually be
cornered and conquered. Will they be destroyed 1
No, the government will repeat the eame old story? j
ri&. order their capture, (alien them up duriug the
wittier to gtiod fighting trun, supply them with the |
Very latest and bos firearms uLd make a paper treaty
wilh them. Next summer, well equipped, they will
lake the warpath, butcher the families ol the settlers
sud nxtermuintn our soldiers, who may be sent to the
slaughter pen with short-range arms, to meekly drive
these wnd heas s on their reservations. 1 he Indians
laugh, the peace |x>licv people smile, and the public 1
are shocked. Next season lh' tragedy is repeated. i
The subscriber charges Mr. rhillips:?
I. With unchristian sympathy tor the butchers of
our soldiers aud tbe wives and babes of our frontier 1
sillier* |
'? With .in unpatriotic attack on oar heroic dead
and mutilated living victim! of lux adrocrted policy. I
i. Wuh being hu acceaaorr, baloru and after the I
fact, to ibe massacre, the natural consequence of the ;
doctrines inculcated hv hitu and bis follow enthusiasts.
He and they sPould be delutlcd to settle tho Indian I
question by personal contact witb thoir allies, the I
Moux, and when thoir si alps shall tiraco the bells I
ol their dusky friends, the community may feel as- !
>ured ol a tirm military supervision mid protectorate ;
over the savages, und a consequent era of peace.
late Thirty-first United Slates infantry and of the |
garrison of Port Bulord, Dakota Territory.
To thb Editor op thk Hrkald:?
Will you allow mo spaco In your columns to protest,
in tho nam* of honor, manliness and every other sol.
dierly quality, against tho letter, published In your
paper of to-day, Irora Wendell Phillips to the Boston
Transcript f 'I he other ono to General Sbermau is bad
enough, but tho "Old War Horse" is abundantly able
to answer any quertea put to hire on tbo Indian question,
or any other where wars or rumors of wars are i
concerned. But in tho letter to the Transcript, Mr. '
Phillips exceeds, und not for the flrsl time, either, the 1
limits ol public toleration. Mr. Phillips says he knows 1
tho "privilege of foul words always granted to the ,
weak and whipped," but ho has not even the poor |
apology of belonging to that class when he speaks?with |
uo provocation, save that his btlo is stirred by what, in '
hts judgment, is a wrongly used word?ol a dead soldier, |
dead liko iho "First Grenadier of Prance," on the field >
ol bailie, us a "disgrace to his uniform and to the tlag !
he bore."
Mr. Editor, during the earlier part of the rebellion, j
when President Lincoln in ihe Whito House was biding
his tune and helping his country on to her salvation,
when young Custer was curving a name for himself
and sinking tho upholders of rebellion wherever lie
I on u d them, and winning golden encomiums Irom such >
gallant soldiers mid gentlemen as Terry, Meade and i
Sedgwick, Mr. Phillips was abusing Lincoln lor not at
once proclaiming emancipation, and the army lor not
violating Its oatns and forcing him to It. Do.'g it behoove
hnn now to inulit'D our dead hero? >
In tho names ol the English troops who (ought
against the tanners ol Coucord and Lexington in 1775,
und ol those lartn-rs; in the names of those who fought
on both sides at Bull Hun, Ball's HIu 11, Gettysburg and
Alilielnin, which Mr. Phillips dies, 1 protest against
their soldierly battles being compared to tho butchery
ol the Little iiorn. against their conduct being likened
to thut 01 Iho incarnate (lends who cut the heart Irom
the body ol one of ll o Ousters to dance arouud it und
toro tho" beard Irom tho lace of tho gallant fallen
Lot Mr. Phillips add to his library two hooka. Sitting
Bull's history written by himself and Custer's
" l.llo on t lie Plains," snd ponder well over them and
tho old quotations which Uo wrote in his copy book at
school. Pt morlutit nil nisi bonum" and "/dure rt
iWcnrum est pro palria mori," A MOtJRXEK.
New York, July 10, ISitl.
[From the Spirit o( tbo Timer, July 22.]
We are In receipt of the following letter lroin a gentlcinau
of St. I'aul, Minn. :?
St. Paul, Minn.. July 14, 1874
Plak Srsr.iT:?I am to day in receipt of a letter trom
Mrs. Custer, widow of General Custer, asking me tf I
could provide homes for a puck of stag hounds and a
park of fox hounds. Our State laws torbid the runniog
ol deer with dogs; besides, the Indians shoot them, so
that Bounds are uo use here; but 1 hare written Mrs.
Custer to ship thein all to me at once, as she wishes to
leuvo the fort us soon as possible. Can yon, to oblige
Mrs. Custer, send inc tbo names of some gentlemen
who would like the dogs, and pay the expre-s charges
on them to New York, and provide thein with a good
homer 1 will ship the dogs, on your recommend, to
any gentleman yon may suggest, provided they are Hot
disposed ot before 1 hear trom you. Yours respeotfullv, |
We trust that we will at onee receive a response to !
this letter from some party who cau conveniently take j
cure of such packs ol hounds. The animals could bo I
used in New Jersey when the lox-hunting season i
opens, and any person who takes the dogs can feol that |
he is doing a genuine service to the widow ot the dead i
The attendance at Fleetwood Park yesterday wan 1
very good. The programme lor tbo day Included a
sweepstakes ot $!i0 encb, with six entries, of which
only three started, and two matoh race*.
The following is a summary:?
Klkbtwood Pahs. Nkw York. Jrtrtl, 1874?Sweepstakes
each, mile heat*, best d in S, in harneas.
Ai. C, Whitson's e. ro. Madge 1 1 2 1
8. Van Brunt's blk. g Doctor 2 2 12
J. Ja)'s b. g Blind Hoy dis.*
M. McNamara's b. m. Rote dr.
J. Minsinger's blk m. Bess dr.
J. Murphy's r. g. Gideon dr.
Qnarttr, Half. Milt.
Firstheut 40', 1:211,- :.'>o
Sccuud boat 41 ', 1;24>, 2:60
Third hnjt J.t 1 >-. >
Fourib beat 43', 1 :U7 2:54
Distanced lor foul Urincx*t.
Day ?Mutch i loo, mile heats, best 3 in 3.
J. Drcrv's p. g Wnlv (In harness) 12 11
Dan lire's b. m. Kitty Alien ,io wagon)... 2 12 2
Quarter. Half Mile.
first heat 41 1:21 2:52
Second lieut 43>?' 1:24if. 2:64
Third lie.n 411, 1:23 2:51'?
Fourth bent 4R1, 1:27 2:54
Same 1>*y. ? Mutch J100, mile heats, host 3 In 6, in
T. Inrable'sg. g. Culver Boy Ill
1>. SpuuldiligH In it. g. Black 11 u wit 2 2 2
Quarter. Half. MiU.
First heat 41 1.24 254H
tMrcotid he.it 42 1:23 2:67S
Third boat 42 1:23', 3:03S?*
(From the Turf, Field and Furin, July 21 ]
Noih.ng in the ?hole history ot ihe trotting turl
could excite ?o much luteresl uinong breeders una .una
teurs us u lair trial ot speed betwecu tie famous Rut-'
slan Orloll trotters ami our own. Solicitous to bring
ibis about, we have opened a correspondence with Mr.
Mornder, the s cretary of the liencral Directory ol the
Imper al Studs ol Itussia. Without making any ponll.va
pledge, that gentleman holds out tne hope that a
match between a given number of Russian and Amencan
trotters may be arranged. The Kussiau - tall tuna
have uot shown as last time as some ol our American
aiallious have done, bill they have labored under certain
disadvantage*. The tracks ot Kna<ia are not as perleel
a- ours, and our light harness rig would nstouish
the breeders ol that country. Bring the nrioils to
America and harness them in the same manner
that we harness our horses, and they will trot lower
down in the seconds than they have ever done at
home, l itis is not only our opinion, but the opinion
ol intelligent Busman gentlemen now in this couutry.
I he people ? ho recoguixe the aulhurny of the i zar are
the only people outside of America wno have made the
trolling pruidem a national study und who have j
ore tied a breed of trotters. It is. therelore. hioblv an. I
preprints- that the horses ol tbo two count*ic? should |
he brought together iu fr endly rivalry. IJy a tr al of |
a prod v\a Will be able to conlraat in* |iolntl of tho anlinali-and
decide who hna made the moat progress,
i nert* has b. cn no little talk to this end, winch ha#
awakened interest n the matier, hut which would not
he productive ol grand rcaulia il decided action weie
not taken. We prupose vo do something more than
taU We have received assurance# which enable us to
oiler the following puree:?
ttntvn intkMationaIi rrtLUos tkot.
The Tar/ n+l farm ufsrs fiti.O U In gold, for a race
at Philadelphia, in October. le*i> (?tay t? he named herealt*
r lulh- heats, three (n live; rules rf the National Autot
laiinn t? aesein; 9ft.t*sl to tha rrst. tJ.'rsd in tha second,
SI,i *t to the third A 1.1 SSI to i he loiirih . to nam* and close
at the Bice of the Tir/, ftrl I ami farm. No 37 Park row.
New Vork, September l&. IM7H; tear entries re (uireu to till,
not le?t than two ol wbleil shall he Iroin Itu-rU. and which
shall start
Tins is the rentecnml year, and u Ihe International
K.shtbit'on la held in rhiladelphia, the loterbational
aiatl.ou ra'e rbnuld also he bcld there. Were we to
name a later day than October lor the race, the weather
might interrero. November i# a treacherous month
* ih us inr outdoor sport. We tall thsspeci.il aitenfoil
?d VIr. Moerdrr u> ib.a proposition If he will go
earnest y and i r tnplly to w <rk. he will have plenty ol
time to select and send to America a number of iho
reprr.-entapve stallions ol Itn-si# bcloro the Sep eml>or
days are gone. Wc will protoi-o hint and whoever !
may i onir with him a warm welcome; and ihoitln an j
orlod wiu nrsi in .nvy, he will hear the victory loudly
cheered. oi:r ?o.o aim in offering the above on ran Is '
to tin I out v h ih of the two trotter-breeding countries
ha* ma te the most progress
nntplT .TTTT.Y 22. 1876,
Pabatooa Sramc;*, N. T., July 20. 1870.
The "seaann" at Saratoga boa opened slowly tbli
year, ao,l until tbe laat week the profile of tbe largi
hotel* were not at all in proportion to their iplendu
accommodation*. Tb<i arrival* have oeeu vory no
meruit*, however, duriug tbo week, slid ibe hotel pro
prietors ran now, with good grace, Loa.-t ol large nuru
be is o( guests. Tlie college regatta ha*, of course, con
iribuled to swell the number* of visitors, anil tbe ract
meetings over the Saratoga course are already drawinj
large numbers to tint locality, tbe tirst uieetiug being
advertis'd to commence on luesday. 2&tli in si.
the number ol race horses to participate in tin
meetings tviil be very large. Including aliout .evenly
five which were not at the Long nruiicb meeting. Al
the "good ones" from all sections ol the country nievl
at Saratoga, and superior racing la one o
.1.. .......... U.K.. Ik. I. ......i .
always extended by (be public to tbo Sara
toga courae, about the only one in the country whirr
ti. i been able to sustain itsell without the ant of a club
Its attractions have been much increased ibis ?ea.-ot
by tlic addition ol another rxco to each day'$ pro
g(atiime. There are already at the course the stable!
ol Messrs. Belmont, Dos well k Cam muck. P I.orlllard,
G. L. Lorillard, McDiniel. Clabaugb, Heed, Longsiall,
Burton, Davis, Ay res, Donahue, McCarty, McGratti,
Puryesr k Co., lirnsn, Bowre, G. B. Morris and others,
an i the stables ol Messrs Pryor, Oarr k Co., Astor,
Ciiambcrliu, Green and oiburs are hourly expected tc
arrive. The sport will bo rich ou the tlrst day. Th<
opening race will be an "Introductory scramble," loi
all ages, live lurlongs, and the speedy class will doubt
less oh numerously represented in it.
I ho second race w ill bo for the great Travers Slakes,
for winch ihero are .orly-eight nominations, anil it li
expected a g.oJ held will start. Among the probable
starters tor this rich prize arc Mr. Uelmoiit's Piddle
sticks (a derided lavorne), w ith the am of either hu
big colt Bertram or. possibly. Clematis, who has not
ret earned bis oals, but is here evidently lor business
Sir. P HortHard's Barricade, winner of the Kobbim
Stakes, and bis tine coll Fugitive; Colonel McDauiel's
Brother to Ba.-sell, Mr. G. I? loirlllard's Siliihurst and
Ambush; Mr. Doswoll'a Kappahanuock; Mr. Haruev'i
Lilliu Belle (a very dangerous liily) ami Frederlckslown,
a reliable everyday horse, and perhaps others. 1 be
larortte. Fiddlestick.!, is In line health, and will doubtless
come to ibu post folly - Hi." though some think
him a little loo lull iu the body. I hu third race will b<
the Sweepslngos, lor a.l ages, one inilo and a quarter,
wlih twenty-one nominations, including, as probable
starters, such cracks as lout Ochiltree, Olittpa,
Parole, Shirley, Madge, Virgin us, Khudatnanlhus,
Kingbolt, Viator, Meku, Aaron Pennington,
Weaibcrby, Ascension, Qrinstrad. Ac. The sam<
race last year produced one id tlia most brilliant contests
ever witnessed, and itie list above given will ccr
taiuly lurnish euough actual sinners to secure a rous
Ing race.
The lourth race will bo a selling race of n mile and i
h:>If, and, as usual for sehing racer, a good field may
he expected to start. Peop c ol tho crowded cities
should esteem It a great privilege to eocapc Iroin business
and hot vv lis to the cool shades ol Saralog.t, aud
not only avail themselves ol the unequalled mineral
waters but enjoy tDu sports ol the turl, now hero more
agreeably presented. Saratoga is, indeed, a most enjoyable
summer resort, and strangers who visit the
place for the Ural time are always surprised by lit
many attraction* And especially its grind hotel accommodation-.
Tho enterprise of its citizens has gone far
beyond their means in splendid improvements, but
there is a recuperative Ina in the origin little city
which will secure good returns lor the mouey and
credit Invested. Of this me lastuouablo crowds uow
at the hotels present conclusive evidence. r?o long as
health is desirablo and people have the good sense la
promolo it by relaxation Irotn business and pleasurable
enioyments Saratoga must contiuuo emp haticaily the
watering place ol America.
The following are tho weights assigned by the handlcappcr
to the horses entered lor the Summer Handicap.
Ursi day of the second meeting, 1876:?
Tun Si'MMkh Handicap?For all ages, fad each or S20
it declared out. with $si)0 added. The sccouu horso is
to receive out ol the stakes; weights to be an
nounced J uly *0 mid declarations to be made by 1st ol
August; closed 1st ol .March, nud tho race lo be run at
the second meeting, 1876; oue mile and tUrce-quariors.
1. G. L lyorlllard's b. c. Tom Ochiltree, 4 yearn.
K.. I -l..m f.lAwo 1.>c
2. G. j? Loriiioru's ch. c. Warlock, 3 years, by
War Dance. aaui Uudine 94
3. A. Belmont s U ti. M?tu<lor, 4 y tars, by Glailiatcur,
d?m Nonpareil 110
4. A. Bclinoul's imp. b. L Dauntless, 3 years, by
Macaroni, dam Artless 88
6. P. Lorillard's br. h. James A., 4 years, by
Leamington, nam Maiden 112
0 P. Lorillard's ur. U. Sanger*, 4 years, by Ucadsroan,
dam Glrasol 110
7. P. Lorillard s br. c. fugitive (late Berirain), 3
years, by LcatningtOD, oam Ulrica 92
8. K. B. Chew's cu. e. Odd Socks, 3 years, by King
Lear, dsni Solitaire, by Commodore 90
9. D. McDaniel's b. c. Vigil, 3 years, by Virgil,
daui Kegau 91
10. D. Me Daniel's bik. c. Virginius, 3 years, by
Virgil, nam l.ute 96
11. 1). McDaniei's cb. c. Willie Burke, 4 years, by
Baywood, dam Katinka 112
12. D. McDauiel s cb. f. Maine A., 4 years, by Australian.
darn Mlunto Manclleld 107
13. J. O'Donuell's cb. c. Kildare (lormerly Milner),
4 years, by Leamington, dam by Lexington, out
of Kate Auderson 112
14. U. Longslall's bik. & Ubadamuntbus, 4 years,
by Leamington, dam MSIMMS Ill)
16. G. Longslall's b. in. Countess, 6 years, by
Kentucky, out ol Lffdy Blessingtou 116
1J. Doswell k Cammuck's b. b. King Boll, 4 years,
by Lexington, Jam imp Klibam Lass 110
17. 'Doswell k Catnm.tcx's b. L Invoice, 4 years, by
Lexinglou. dum Volga 104
15. B. A. ClabaugU's oh. b. Dublin, ft years, by
Keotucky, dam laidee 114
19. Denms McCariy's cb. g. Weatherby, 4 years, by
Planet, dam imp. Weatherwitcb 107
20. K. J. Baldwiu's U II Griublead, 6 years, by
Gtlroy's dum, smlcr to Kuric 122
sakatoua ukttino books.
The following aro the changes in the odds on the
Travsrs aud Kcnuer stakes at the Saratoga Kaciug
Association rooms, 1,239 Broadway; ?
Traveks Starrs.? Olio miio and three-quarters.
Taktn and
Offered. Off'rrd.
Bertram 2 to 1 Rappahinnock.... 12 to 1
Brother to Hassetl. 3 to 1 l'auie colt 16 to 1
Barricade tt to 1 Osaeo 2u to 1
A jerue 6 to 1 Bed Coat 20 to 1
Suuburst 8 to 1 Plash ol Ligtumg
Berlin 10 to 1 ceit 26 to 1
Aiarlc 10 to 1 Dundreary 30 to 1
Frederick town 10 lo 1 Crab Orchard 3d to 1
Dadgastaa 10 to 1 Donougn 30 to 1
Skylight 12 to 1
Kkxssr Stakes.?t wo miles.
Fiddlestick Kveu. Compliment 16 to 1
Brother lo Bussctu 4 lo I Dinlguaian 16 to 1
Aigerine ft to 1 Gaih 2u to 1
Barricade 0 to 1 Coal 20 to 1
Ambush > lu 1 Panville 26 la 1
Herl u h to 1 Oseoo a') lo 1
L!ll!? Hello 12 io I Victory coll 26 to 1
Skylight 16 lo 1 Douough DO lo 1
Alaric 15 to 1 Crab orchard DO lo 1
Dundreary 40 to 1
???? ?
Tor o*to, Ont, July 21.1S7&
Archie Fisher haa left tor Saratoga with his horses
Keiso and K.iiy 1'., am Charles Boyle Ins leit with l>r.
.Smith's Inspiration. Several other animals owned in
Canada will be present at the meeting next week.
iTliACA, N. Y.. July lt>. 1STO.
A large and very enthusiastic meeting of citizens
and friends of Cornell University was held io night at
Journal hall. Mr. B O. Jay no was chosen President
and sevcutccn oilier proiuiuvnt citizens vice presidents
of the meeting. Music was gratuitously furnished by
Grant s Brans Band. The officers of the . veniug
were constituted a committee ol arrangements lor an
ovaiion on the reiurn ol the crews. The following
despatch trom l'rcsulcut White was then read:?
Mraaccia, July IB?4:26 P. M.
To Professor Wii laro Kisrk
Fifty tuns were tired here lu honor of our victory. I oun
graiulale.ihe citiaens and students of llhac t upon it and recret
mat I Canno; he present at their inretiu.; this eve nine.
Vigorous rslls being made lor I>r. Potter, be look Im
place upon the ptailerm and made a speech which w is
very wartniy received. Cornell s victory in iasi year's
regatta, tier success in the intercollegiate literary contest
last winter, and her present sweeping victory were
........ II n r mr ll... >,.u l.lsrn.t- ......
I ' - -1 - - - ................. .....
lesis are moil llattcriug. mud the Poctor humorously
suggested dial a nan ilng committee un ovations u
nredeJ. The great auiprise is. said lie. that no iti-ntu
lion ao young as Cornell, having existed l<nt tight
years, should gam so many and .so gre.it v,clones over
colleges which aro 100. sonio of them rroro th in 2iK>.
years old. Yet. he thought, th< study of the princ.plci
imd metnods adopted by young Cornell would explain
the secret. Captain Ostroin, in the care ol the crews, had
brought scicno* <o bear <n thoir training. The proper
lion which should exist between the mu.-culsi
development and the size ol ilia body,
and Malty similar problems, had been care
fully studied by Mr. ii?trurn. as the Poctoi
knew from personal consultations made The fact thai
Cornell is now entitled 10 row against the college crew
Irom England and that trom Ir land at the Ccntennia
was spoken ol, and much hope lor Cornell's succesr
exprei ed.
M< ney wsa liberally subteribad to meet the expensr
ol the ovanon ou the return ol the crews. The crcwi
are expected to return Kriday eeeniug next Tlio lowi
will he completely illuminate.I, A large torchlight pro
ceanion will march up the bill to the university, can
non will De fired, and a pyrotechnic display on a largi
scale will be made. Nothing thst can be devised ti
make the ovation commensurate wnh the vic'ory wil
l>c lell un one, the sympainy between tne town am
the university being now. as always, entire.
SvBAcrsa. July 21, H7&
The victor.oris Cornell crew* arrived in this ciiy thl
ojernoon, en route for Ithaca, and wen received al
the depot witb come demonstration. Several public
buildiuas in view of the car* were decorated. The
1 wwnta wtll be tendered a reception at Ithaca to-night.
> I
^ The sales of real estate under foreclosure mado It
the ICaehange Salesroom yesterday were as follows:?
William Kounelly sold by order ol Daniel W. Clarice,
reieree, the lot, 25x100, ou the i-ouih aide of Kaal
j Ninety-second street, 200 feci east ot Fifth avenue,
; for $i,300, to the Kmigranl Industrial Savings lienk.
Bernard Stnvih sold by order ot Kay H imilion, ret;
I eree, a building, with lot 17.2x71, 00 the oast side ol
avenue B. 7S.10 north of Klevoutb street, for (6.000,
' ! and the lot adjoining ll on the north for $8,000 to WillI
| lam Milisr; also a building, with plot 30.4x70, on avel
| nue 0, southwest coruer of Tbirteeuth streot, tor
( ; (ii.SOO, to T. 11. Young; also a building, with lot
i | 20.3x96, on the north side of Fast Fourth street, 256
| icet west of avenue D, to A. F. Stern for $7,700.
i Tai.\?rKHS.
5eth nt 270 ft. e of Hth it*., 30xli*>,5; A. M.
Davie* and a lie and others to A. Downner 926.000
10th at., ? 442.1 It. w of Oth *r.. 43.4x73-Bx |rreenter;
Charles C. Voict to J. C. Hasan and
others Nom.
10th ?i , a. a., atioc property J C. Hawaii and oiliera
to I* Hawaii .... 22.5O0
20tb at., a. a . 235 tt. a. of 3d *v.5>)x98.9; S. Van
Nostrum: and others, oxeculn-s. to P. H. t'nrllng 12,000
Kate* at., w a. (No. 37). 25*87.ti; E. L. Hao* and
wile to C'nthariur (serber IP,.1!**)
Hudson St. w. a (No "13). 30.5x17* Irregular;
.lessie Clark and hnaband to S. t rycler ?
Greenwich si., a w. corner Luight. 2U7'jx.?8; K.
0 Huardm.ra to J. o'Hair Nom.
47th at . a. a., 275 ft. w. of 1st it . 25x34, J. Holier
and wile to Henry A. Cladderinann S.OTW
Greenwich at., a. w." corner Hal.-ht. 2'i.7V,*.Vt; J.
t> Hair and wile to K C liollrdinnn Nora.
. 5lh av . a. a . SO 5 ft. a. of OAili at., .'8)*10); A. Cottier
I to W. t>. Killmer . Nom.
i 31st at., a. a.. 122.Hft. a. of 2d a?? 43x98.9 alao IBth
I at, a. a., 145.0 ft., r. of or. A, i'dHUJ; Juliii B.
; Forrest and witc to Thome* L. Forrest Nom.
| 31ai at., a. a.. 107.6 It. o. ol 20 av.. 45x98.9; alao Idth
at., a. a., 170.6 a. of av. A.. 25x103.3; same to Sarah
C Correal Nam.
! 31 at at., a a , 237 0 ft. r. of 2 I av . 45x118 9; also l.'ttli
at. Enet (No. 622), 25xl< >3.3; a me to P. 11. ">rreii Nom.
| 31st . KaatlNoa. 318 and .120), (5x98.9, alao Hit It at.,
| hast (No 622), 25x103.3; Thomas L. Correal nod
i wife and other* to aaina Nom.
| Slat at . East (Sua 31o and 312). 45x03.9; alao 13th
at., bast (No 5IO), 25x103 3; aam to 9. C. i-orr-et. Nora.
Front at . n. a. i.No. 276i, 26 4x72 5; A. Walker and
wi.a to New York and llro kIjii Bridge Corn prut .. 9,&f>0
11th av., a. a., 49.5 ft. a. of 36th at.. 22xl(M>; John T.
aesman and wlla to Tliomaa Scully 1,300
31?tsl. a. a., 28(i 14. a of 2d av., 22.6x98.9; J. T.
M ciiowan (rrfrree> to Ft II. Correal 8,0t)0
3let st . a. a., 257.6 ft. e. of 2d av., 22.6x98.9; same
to aaina 8,000
Slat at., a a. 190 ft. a. of 2d av., 22.6*9.1.9; same to
Sarah P. Correal 8,000
31st at . a. a , 167.6 ft. a. of 2d av . 22.6x99.9, aaina
to same 8,000
Slat at., a a , 122.6 ft. a. of 2d av.. 22.6x98.9; tame
to Thomas L. orri-it 8,(00
31st St., s. a, 145 ft. a. ol 2d av., 22.0x98.9; tiinig to
same 8,0(0
llltli at . a. a. 300ft. a. of 2d av., 25x100.10; W.
Sinclair ireferee, to J. J. Lading 6,000
31 at at., a. a. 3O0 ft o. or 9th av.. 16.8x98.9; II. D.
Purroy (referee) to K. Samuels .... 2,700
,African Union church to Jacob 1>. Odall, a. ?. of 3d
av., a of 84th st. ; 5 years 600
Houckcr, Crank W.. to Clara Decker, n.s. of Cliff at .
a. nf Concord av. (23d wurd) ; ihstalinsnt* 300
Carllng. l'hilip II.. to Stephen Yau Nostraud, a s. of
2t*tn st.. betwaen 2d and 3d ava.: 3 years 6,000
Crygier, Sarah, to Jnssio Clark, No. 613 Hudson *1.;
4 years .. 3,325
i Forrest. Thomas Is., to Genre* G. Da Witt a.ul others
(trustees;, a *. ?f31?t st.. c. of 3d av.; 3 yoars.. . 6,000
Same HI same. a. s of 31st su, a. of 2d av.; 3 years. 6,000
Forr^^ -larah P. and husband, tu same, s. a of 31st
si.. . J' 2d av. ; 3 years O.fKIO
Same to same. a. a of 31st at.. a of 3d sr.; 3 years.. 6.OM0
Forrest. Philip It., to E. II. Owen (executor. Ac.), a.
a. of 3lat at., n. of 2d av. ; 3 rears. 6,500
Same to C. V. S. Knoaevalt, a. a ol 3lat at., a. of 2d
av.; 3 years 6,500
liardinan, Hugh. to George W. Hughes, a a. corner
loth av. and 57th st.; I year 11,000
Same to tame, a. e. corner 10th av. aud57lhst.;
2 year* 10,211
I.avy, Adoiphy. in r. liattarman. w. a ol 7tb av., between
23d and 24th att; 6 vo ire 6,000
Letting. Jahn J.. to C. 8. .Miller, n. a. of 11 lib at. a.
01 2d av.; 3 year* 7,000
1 MeKeruan. Tlx mas, to Mutual Ufa Insurance Company.
a. t. ol 3d av., n. of 105th st.; 1 veer 12,000
Nue . Augusta, to ndmluiat raters of do la daces et
Pruden.a. Ac., n. a. of Wuverley place, w. of Mac
O'It air, J amen and wife, to Patrick Dickie. w. corner
(troon-rich and [.sight sta ; 3 year* P.OUO
kpilnn, Bridget M. and husband. to William B. jacitckt,
a. of 140th at., a. of 3d ar.: 3 year* 2,500
Rivelt, Kllr.a, to E. K. Floyd, n. a. of 37th at. between
7th and 8th an.; I jeur 1,000
Gchaeler, Charlca ami wile, to llanry Schneider, a. s.
of 7th at. a., of a*. A.; 4 1,000
MARRUUm Afll) burns.
Eiilir?Bcffet?On July 20, 1878, by the Rev. H.
Hacgmcr, G. A. Edlf.k to Miss Kuuema c. BcrrET,
both of New Vorlc. No card.*
tM HoLiioRu? Berugvist.?In Bayonne, N. J., on July
17, by tlia Kcv. W.J. Gallaway, .iksrk ScnoLBoHU, of
Snvaiiuali, Ga., to Eveline, daughter of G. Berggvist,
Esq., of New York. No cards,
savannah paper* pleaso copy.
.Sparks?Gai.liek* ?On Tuesday evening, Juiy 18,
; 1876, by thn Kev. George S. Chambers, of Murray Hill
I'rrHbyterinn church, at the residence ol the bride's
mother, Wili.iam Sparks, Esq., of Brooklyn, to Eugenie
Elizabeth Galliers, ot New York city.
London (England) papers please copy.
Beach.?On Friday, July 21, Edward I,., Infant son
ol William W. and Sarah Ucucb, ased I year und 1
Funeral services on Sunday, at four P. M., at the
residence ol his parents, 144 Java at, Ureenpoint,
Brooklyn, E. It. Relatives and trieuds are respectfully
Bkdkll.?Friday morning. July 21, 1876, Jessie,
daughter ot Daniel S. und Jennie E. Bedell, aged 15
luouibs and 11 day*
Funeral ironi ihe residence of her parents, Huguenot
st, New Koctielle, Monday, July 24, at a quarterpnst
three P. M. Carriages will be in waiting at the
dopot on the arrival ol tbe 2:20 P. M. tram from Grand'
Central depot
Bkaut. ?On Friday, July 21, Charles, son of William
11. and Emma Brady, aged 17 years and 24 day*
Relatives and friends of the family ?ro tuvlted to attend
the tuaeral, Iruin the First Baptist church at
Kackensack, N. J.,Suudny. at two I'. M Train leaves
New York, loot of Chambers st, at 8 -4ft A. M.
Brady.?Suddenly, on Thursday, July 20, Patrick
Brady, aged 3s years.
Tne relatives and trisnds of the lamily are invited to
| Ailed the Mineral, frum ino residence of bis brother,
i 133 East l.iib SL, ou Sunday, 2dd insl., at two P. M.
| tlRoouriBLD.?On Thursday, July 2(1, 1870, William
I Hihiomviklj, in ilia doth year n( bis age.
I Kuneral nu Sunday, July 23, al oua o'clock, from bll
; late rosnlenco, 231 fast 341 b si. friends aud relatives
I arc lorued to alluud.
Dkrnopt ? In Brooklyn, on Thursday, July 20.
I Thomas UkkuodV, a n.ilve ol Itailynonty, parish of
Killeiianll, comity Tlpjierary, Ireland, a?od 40 ycara
I tic Iriends ol the laiuily are respectfully invited la
attend llic lunural, f om bis lain residence, 15 Kapelyea
al., Brooklyn, on Sunday, al two I* M.
IIICRKRMa.v? Al East Windham, on July 20, Grobok
Howard, only s n ol Kllnrd and Nellie A. Dickerman
and grandaoti ol George Krigga, aged 6 years, 4 months
! aud 20 days.
Relatives and Iriends are invited lo attend the
1 funeral, from No. 162 Kast 127lb sk, on Saturday, 22d
iusi.. at tan Ire o'clock.
HonwoKTH.?On Thursday morning, Mrs. Ki iaanaTii
Postkk, widow of Iho tale Thomas Dodwurih, In thu
SMb yaar of ber age.
funeral ?n Saturday morning, July 22, al ten
1 ! o'clock, from bar late residence at Morrisania.
' Pooi.RY.?On Juiy 21, at ber resuleuc.e. IOC East 11 th
i St., Katk K. Hooi.iiv, in the gsth year ol her ace.
I The relatives and Iriauds of the lannly arc invited to
; attend tbo funeral, oil Sunday, at two o'clock.
Down,?On Wednesday, Ju y in 1S70, Thomas Dowd,
native of County l.ongionl, Ireland.
The funeral will lake place I ruin his realdanee. 44 v,
i ] Brojinc su. this (Saturday) allernoon, at one o'clock
| sharp. The Iriends and relatives of the family and
] Ann and Maiy l.nddy and Thomas Sheridan and wife
I arc invited to a i tend,
i Pt'KuaM.?At lTuckomin. N. J., ftiikraaii K., youngest
son ol Thomas K. and E. Mary K. Durham, ol Jersey
r'ARSRO.? Suddenly, at Kaston, Ta., on tlie2oth Intl.,
i KnTAKO, son ol Jaiues 1*. Karreg, In (uc 3'Jd year of
bis age.
funeral servlcea will lako place on Sunday, the 231
. mat., at two o'clock 1*. M., at the residence ol his
, , parents, No. 3d Kusn sl, Brooklyn. E. I), behalves
1 j and Irien is respect)tllly invited to attend.
f*isiikb.?On Thursday, July 2o. at Bergen Point,
Chaauiitr. eldest dauglilor ol John Kueler and Wile of
Marcus & fisher, aged 22 years, 3 months and 14 days.
The Iriends ol the lamtly are respectfully Invited lo
attend the luurral, Irom her Into residence. He gen
Point, ou Minday, July 23, at eleven o clock, or moat
i at South ferry oti arrival at had past twelve; thence lo
i l Greenwood.
i Gaknch.?on Thursday, 20th Inst, William T. Gab
>kk, net<1 :?n ycari.
Funeral on Monday, '.'4th, at one P. M.. from bu fate
residence, New Brighton, S. I. Special steamer will
Inrc foot M liltehill *1. at twelve o'clock.
i | (iar.xkr on lliur-day. anth jnit., M arcklmtb M.,
wile ol William 1 tiaroer, aged 32 year*.
\ l-'uncral on Monday, 24th, Irom her lata residence.
New Brighton, si. I. Special steamer will leare foot
Whitehall ?l at twelve o'clock,
i t?AMULu ?III Jersey City, on Thnrada.r morning.
, July I'd, Bbisih, daughter ui Willlant ana Olivia (.amI
j bl<. aged 1 year and S tumults.
Relatives and tnrnds are respectfully Invited lo at|
tend the itinera), irom the residence of bar parents.
Palisade av , near Newark (old Harrison estate), Jersey
Cut lle-ghts, on Sunday, July 2d, at three o'clock
r P. W.
I i.hat ?On Thursday, July 20, Joax (Irat, In the
r 37tli year ol his ago.
I The rolatiTes nnd Irtends of the lamtly. also Amerti
cut Idxlge. No 636, K. and A. M . are respectfully in
ailed to attend the funeral, from his late residence, JOfl
i Mast Broadway, m Sunday, July 2U, at half-paat ouc
, P. M.
! Uavward. ?In Brooklyn, on Tboradav. 20th Inst.,
I.lTHRR Johx, son of l.utberC. and Klizabeth Haytvard,
agen 1 year t>nd 7 davs.
? Keleuve* and fr.ends are Invited to attend thn fune
> ral, Irom the rosideuco of bis parents, ?'.?' > Atlantic av.,
I ou Suuday alternoon.at lour o'clock,
j Hi i.sr.-- At Keyporl, July 19, CoRXKMCB lit uvr, In
his 43d year.
Funeral at the Hutch lteiornioJ churcti at Koyport,
N. J , ou Friday, ju.y 21, at throe o'clock P. M lh?
r?i.itues aud Ir oi.d-ar-Incited to attend. Interment
in Cypress IMN OHMMrf, IttlNtf, ill] tS, ?l
s l eleven o'clock A. M.
IHctchiitoa? Ob Thursday, July 20, mm Catnmmtww
H. ill tc.bi?g?, relict of Charles S. Hatchings, Sr., I*
the 7?lh year ol her agei
| Relatives and friends are respectfully requested to
attend tier funeral, on Saturdiy, 22d insL, atone
i o clock P. M , Irotn the residence ol tier son-in-law,
i Hcnrr L. Browning, No. 120 Sipp ar., Jersey City
| Hewitts
Jaucith.?<iu the 2<>th mat, at Colchester, Conn., a.
i j H wai.i.is. infant tun of Horace J. and Mary a.
Jnquilh. aged 5 month* and IT day* *
Funeral this afternoon, .'id m.-t, at one o'clock,
; from No 83 (old No. 57) Grand St., Jersey City, N. J.
i .Icimh.? On Friday, July 21, S. II. uslbkrt J u n a h.
Notice ol funeral hereafter.
Kavaxauii.?Kulkn Kavaxagh, the beloved wife ol
John K. Kavanagh, u native of tialllnaaloe, county Galway,
Ireland, aged 30 ye.ua,
, Tnc relatives and friends of the family are respert
lolly invited to aliend the funeral, from her late residence.
No. 181 8th sl, Williamsburg, on Sunday, at
three P. M.
Kidpkk.? In Brooalyn, July 21, Sarah A., only child
?( Luther H. and Julia A Kidder, aged 18 mouths
The relatives and friends ol tne fsmily are respectfully
invited lo attend the luneral, Irum tho residence
ot her parents, No. 100 Spencer St., on Sunday, July 23,
at one o'clock.
Kixtr.?On Thursday, July 20, Jon.x J. Kixo, In the
20th year of his age.
The Irleudn ol tho family ara requested to attend
the luneral. Irom Uh late rcsuleuce, No. 226 Kast 29lh
St., on Sunday, Juiy 23, at one o'clock.
Knapi-.? Suddenly, at South Norwelk, Conn., on I
1 Wcdnesuay. July II), Catiihrink R., wife of John H. '
Kuapp and daughter of the late Andrew M. Whitlock.
Funeral from her laic resider.ee, on Saturday, July
22. at two o'clock. Train leaves Grand Central doj>ol
| at twelve o'clock.
Kvnr At Ui.ilfurd Westchester connlv. N. Y.. on
' July 20, 1876, Ja.sk Hkwsux, Wile of Peter H. Knox.
The relatives and friends ot Ibe faintly are invited to
attend the luneral, at her late residence, on Saturday,
July 22. at hall-past ten A. M. Carrlagos will l>o in
watting at depot to meet tho 8:30 A. M. train cars of
Harlem Railroad.
Kkilukr.?(lu Friday, July 21, MaROArkt Jaxi
Krikokk. tho beloved wile o! Norton J. Kneger.
The rolativea and friends ol the family are respectfully
Invllt-d to ullend the luneral. from her lato realdeuce,
69 Washington St., on Sunday, July 23, at lw?
K hooks.?Jomkpu J. Kkooks, on July 20, at Corona,
L. 1., aged 21 years aud 6 months.
I.aii%?Ou Thursday, July 20, William Skxtox,
tnlnnl aon of William J. and Kugenla >1. I.add.
Funeral from West New Brighton, Stat, n Island, on
I Saturday, July 22, at two o'c ock. Boat leaves loot of
Day at. at 12:30, Whitehall el. at 1:16.
Lkks.? In Brooklyn, on Thursday evening, July 20,
i Mary K., eldest daughter ol Thoin.a K. aud Sarah K.
: Lees, aged 28 years.
Funeral from tha residence of her parents, 67 Pineapple
el., Brooklyn, on Saturday, July 22, at halfpast
three P. M
boc'Kwoon. ?on Friday, the 21st Inst., of cholera Infantum.
Hkssir Fokshay Lockwood. infant daughter
ol Frederick and Jnscnhinc Lockwood, aged 6 months.
Relative* aud friends are rospcclfuliy invited to attend
tho funeral, from tho residence of her parents,
No. 418 Fa t 68lb sU, on Saturday, the 22d mat,, at
ball past one o'clock P M. Interment ui Oreenwoed.
MAi.nnY.?Ou Friday, 21at inst.. at Tarrytown, T.
Baciik MalLary, intant sou or Theodora and l.ydia doIVitt
Mallaby, aged 13 months.
Maiirx.?On 1'hursaay, July 20, Mary A. MantR.
the beluvcd wife ol Edward Mailer, in the 33th year of
her age.
The funoral will take place on Saturday, July 22,
Ironi her late residence, 614 West 3.1th at., atone
o'clock. The relatives and frieuds of the lamlly are
respccllully Invited to tho luneral.
Mkadr.? On Friday. July 21. Mrs. Kt.ns Mxadk.
Relatives and friends are respectfully invited to attend
her funeral on Sunday, at three o'clock, (root the
residence ol ber sou, James M. Meade, 187 St. James
place, Brooklyn.
Mhhss.xukii ?At Walton, Delaware county, X. Y., on
Thursday inormug, William S., youngest sou of ibe
late Rev. John F. Messenger and nephew of Thomas
ami Harry Messenger, aged 34 years.
The Irirndsol the family nre" respectfully Invited to
attend his luneral on Monday alternoon, the 24th, at
halt-past four o'clock, from HI. Ann's church, on the
Heights, Brooklyn.
Mills?tin Thursdtr, July 20. 1876, A note E.
Mills, daughter of ibo lato Joseph T. Mills, aged 22
years aud 5 month*.
Relatives aud Iricnds are respectfully invited to at.
tend the luneral. Irora No. 663 Lexington av., on Satiir- *
day, at two o'clock P. M.
Moorb.?At Hartford, Conn., on Friday, tho 21at
inst., Jong T. Moorr, o) Long Island, agon 63.
The remains will arrive at tne 42il *l depot on Sunday,
at six A. M , and will be taken to Greenwood lot
interment. Further notice in even ng papers.
Morris?In Corona, I. I., on Tnursiay, July 20,
William Husky, ton of William and Bella Morris.*aged
10 months and 14 days.
Fuucral takes place Sunday, 23d inst., at half-past
eleven o'clock. Train leaves' Hunter's l'oint at 10:33
a m.
Mkrsk. ?Suddenly, in New Orleans, La, on July 17,
S. Arthck ri. Morsk, hi the 27th year of his age, son
01 the l*te Protestor S. F. B. Morse.
mrrrat.? At his residence, iu Goshen, n. V., on
Friday, July 21, Wisxbr Mierxy. son ol Ambroso d.
Murray, In the 33d year of his ago.
Funeral services at Si. Jamas church, Goshen. Sunday.
J u ly 23, at half-past three P. M. Sunday spi-ctal
tram via Erie Kaiiway leaves foot of Chambers si al
8:30 A. M. j returuing trains leavo Goshen al 4:21 sntf
6 :45 P M.
Muki'Hy.?On July 20, Klizarbth, youngest child ol
Jaine. and Jeunie Murphy, aged 0 mouths and 20 days
The funeral will take place Irom mo residence of hci
parents, 309 Fast 23d st.. on Saturday, at two o'clock.
Met: a be? On Thursday, July 20, Peter. the vouagesi
son ot Patrick and Mary McCabe, ot ti e parish at
Street, county Wcslracnlb, Ireland, aged 23 years.
The relatives and lriends ol the deceased ?ro respectlully
invited to attend the funeral, Irom his late residence,
680 8th a v., al one o'clock P. M., on Sunday,
July 23.
.McEvot ?Thursday, July 20, Mary A. McEvot, ii
the 22d year ol her age.
ltelativcs and lrluue of the families are invited to attend
the funeral, Irom her late residence, 400 West 334
St., on Saturday, the 22d lust., at halt past one o'clock.
McKcussv.?On Friday night, 21st inn, Cu a.milks
Mrhkl*ky, aged 62 to.trs.
Funeral services at his retidence, Jersey City Heights,
on Saturday. 22d iusL, at eight o'clock A. M
McLauuulu*.?In Jersey City, ou Friday morning,
1 July 21, Catiikiiisr McLxrtiiii.i.v, relict ol tho late
Michael Mcl.ntighlir, inllieiOiti .carol her age.
Kolattves sud friends are invited to attend the
funeral, Irom her late residence. No. 104 York sL, on
Monday, tho 24tli lust., -it half-pasi nine o'tlock; from
thcucu to St. Peter's church, corucr of Graud and Van
Vorsl sts., where a solemn inas< of requiem will l>?
o[Tored up for ilio repose ol her soul; Irom tjieoce to
the cemetery at Weal Mdo tor lulcnuont.
Nbstmab. ? On Friday, July 21, at Iter residence, 304
J F.ast 12th sk. Mrs. Sakaii Amnk Xkwmax.
Fuueral on Sunday, at two P. M. Friends respect
fully Invited.
O'Nbii.l.?On the 23th of July, 1S70, after a long an4
painful UluesK, David, youngest an J only surviving sol
of tho laie David O'Neill, late ol Btitieranl, County
Cork, Ireland, aged 2d years, 8 mouths and 21 days.
The relatives nud lriends ! the lamily aro most respectfully
invited to attend his funeral Iroin the residence
of his sister, Mrs. Annie l.ynoh, 6fl Henry St.. ou
baturday, the 224, at nine A. M., without further notice.
Cork and Ltinerirk (Ireland) papers please copy.
O'Toulk.?Ou Thursday, July 20 at his residence.
417 East lutb *u, Jour O'Tools, lu the 60ih year of his
The relatives nnd friends of his family, also bis
brothers-in-law, Thomas, John and FranciirHonoey,
are respectfully Invited to ititoud his Mineral, from lbs
above residence, on Saturday, 22d lust., at one o'clock
| snnrp.
At n meeting of the (lener.il Committee of the SlxI
t'-entli Assembly district (Now York county dorooc1
racy I, hold at Irr>ny Hull, on Thorsday evening, July
'Jit. It wits unanimously resolved that this committee
attend In ahndy llio luueral of our Into associate, friend
and lei low member, .lonn O'Toole.
(tKOKUK Y. WHITSOX, Chairman. .
!;KTKRI o" ""V* ! Secretaries.
Taos. M. I iiiLroT, )
I'akk. -On Tburaday, July 20, at bis late residence,
Mean-rialc, Wcslcboster county, N. Y., Johs I'ark, iu
; the 87th year ol his age.
Kn,alive* and IrienUs are invited to attend his
! luueral, Irom the Kvlorrned cbureti ofUrecnsburg, Suu?
day uiornlng, at ball-past ten o'elock.
1'i.auk.? On Thursday, July "JO. after a short Ulnes#,
! Ukorus <>. Flauk, in the 32U year ol Ins aye.
Relatives and Irieuda, also the ineniliers of the New
I York MchnUeu Corps, sre respectfully invited lo atlond
i tho lunersl. on MSnday, July 23, Irom his lata residence,
No 22V Kast I Hi 1 at., at ball-past ono o'clock. Inter*
' nioni at Greenwood.
Kobitscukk-?on Thursday, July 20, at No. 30 Magnoli
?t..Jersey City llclylits, altera short illness,
1 Martha. youuue-l datiyliicr ol Joseph and Bianca
Hohu*ctur, aged months and 3 day*.
Kvaasos. ?At llarleui. ou i bursday, O'iiari.kt HkeI
iikrt, mlaat son ol (ivortpt V. and Annie K. Kyerson.
| Kuncral service will take place on Saturday, July 22.
1 at lour o'clock 1*. M . irom the residence of hta grand,
lather, No. 29 Weal 12'Mh St.
| Srovs ?At Kahway, N. J., on the 20th Inst., l.tr/.tu
A , wile ol J. Henry Stone and daughter ol Henry
1 Spear, ayod 3i year*.
The iricn-ts of the family are Invited lo attend the
luneral services at tier laic residence, rtt. Ocorge's av ,
Kaiiwav, on .Saturday, July 22, at lour I*. M. Carriages
on the arrival ol the 3:10 train.
Strata?on Friday, July 21. Mara Steals, wife of
Lazarus Straus, in her o4tti year.
The luneral will take place on Sunday, July 23, at
nice o'clock A. M., Iroin her laic residence, 220 Wo?t
j n h . f a ? - . -
, ..... ... .......... ... ..... ui .lit- laimiv arc inviicu
lo attend.
STSAr*.?Members of Tempi* Heiliel arc requested
l to attend the Itinera! of ,<lrs. 1. gtrutis, troiu lo r late
! residence, No. '22u Weat 4'Jlb *l, on .Sunday, I bo ??M,
at nine A. II., without further notice. By order,
C. N. JOdKPHSON, >eireiary.
Tatloiu?On Friday morning, duly ill. ol cholera infantum.
J a to.-, only rou of Alexander, Jr., and F.tnny
Tavlor. .
Funeral Saturday afternoon, at lour o'clock, Irom the
residence ol hie parent*.
Walsh.?On Thursday, July 'JO, 1.H71, I.orrtta CammuiWtlAH,
be ot ed daughter ol Maurice J. and Mary
C. Walsh, aged 1 year, mom Its and 11 day *.
A bud on earlli to bloom in heaven.
The relatives and irienda ol the (amity are re?pecttullv
invited to attend the funeral, on Saturday, July
:M, at one o'clock P. )(., from ilia residence ol licr
parents, bbu l.cxinflon av.
Wai.tos. -On Friday, July 21, Jons rsaw.r.a, onlv
child of Charles and M try Walton, asud 'J years, J
mouths and ti days. f
i Funeral on Sunday, 2:id itist., at one o'clock, from
the resuio' c ol his parents, 4<) lla 1 >2d at., > ea York.
West.? In Brooklyn. July 21, Kb*x?*eh WnaT, la
I the 71st year of his age.
t Kelatlves nnd Irlends nre invited to attend the Ptt
nerai, 'rum h < lite r< deuce. No 1.12 lTili st.. hoaill
Brooklyn, st hall-past ouo o'clock P. M.

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