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Erroneous Statements Corrected by
General Forsythe.
Terry and Crook Within Easy
Supporting Distance.
Bishop Whipple, of Minnesota, on Our
Indian Policy.
St. Paul, Minn., August 10. 18T6.
General Forivthe, of General Sheridan's stuff, passed
through lliia city yesterday, huvtng tell Terry's camp,
at the mouth of Itio ih.sebud, a week ago lust 'fuosday.
lu conversation with urmy ollicerri while there
General Forsytlio corrected several erroneous staleinents
recently telegraphed Ironi ilistnarck and lorwarded
from this point.
It was staled that General Terry had lallen back
e'ghty miles, which Is the merest uouseuse, end gives
(also impressions to the public, 'lhrro was no tailing
back at all. The evening belore General Foraytho left
Geucrul Terry a scout (rum General Crook's commaud
had reached General Terry. General Crook was thou
somewhere Dear tho headwater of tlio Uoscbud
Itiver, or between that and Tongue Itiver.
Now, at this time. General Terry wus at tho
mouth of tho Hig Horn ltivor, and tn
order to make communication between himself and
Guneral Crook easier lie dropped down the river to the
uiuuiu 01 uie i.oM'tiuu, uciwceu wuicu puiui aim u?ueral
Crook's command Hie distance was no greati r than
from the luuuih <>1 tho 1>Horn, while trio couutry to
bo traversed was Intluitely more favorable lor the
march or the troops.
Resides, tho scouI alluiieil to furnished the news that
an ludiau trail had boon found loading to Ilia east, between
General Crook and tho Yellowstone; and the
Juiict.ons of Generals Terry and Crook at a point further
east ihail the ft g Horn was likely to j revent the
c?cii| e ef the Indians to the east and north of the present
scene of operations.
Another misstatement found is to the effect that the
troops under Ueucrol Terry are disheartened at the
proe|mct before them. Colonel Smith, who accompanies
General Korsy the. utterly contradicts the baseles
story. <iu the contrary, (Ieneral Terry and his men
lie in the best possible spuds and aro only too anxious
to meet the horde of savages in a lair und square tight,
lhcio are no lours as lo the result.
Another correction, which, in simple Justice, requires
to he made, is ill regard to the scalping and
quartering oi an Indian by Ilavo Campbell, pilot of the
steamer Kar West, und a party from that steamer that
left ill a boat to attack some Indian marauders that
were fouud at a point above Kurt llulord, where a supply
of forage was stored. The telegraphic account of
that affair Is mainly correct, but there was no scalping
Hid mutilation of any Indian. One of tho men of
Campbell's parly who was wounded by the Sioux was
brought back 10 the bout, but ho died shortly ullorward
from his Injuries.
The Indians, as tar as could he learned (although tho
Information was by no means delintie), were aliil supposed
to he mussed somewhere between tho Rosebud
Itlver aud the Dig lloru. The impression prevailed that
ono or two alternatives was left them?either lo scalier
to the eastward ami toward Hriltsli America or retire
southward to the Dig lloru mountain-!. Though tboy
w?re in front of and tu close proximity to (ieneral
Crook's command, It wus not believed that they would
show tight or allow GcnerM Crook or General Terry lo
get a chance at them in a body.
Regarding tho work on the Yellowstone posts the
Information Is corroborated that it would be tmpossl.
ble to get material up the river by boats as tho water
on the Yellowstone is very low. Tlie supply bouts lor
General Terry's command were unable to cross ttio
shoals and bars and hud to bo lightened !n order to
uake the trip with partial loads. The steamers which
were freighted with material lor the netv posts dia
charged their cargoes at fort llulord, where they will
remain till spring, when tlio work on I ho proposed
toils will bo coiunietieed
tiik sirt.iTina fAvoii.tnt.K.
Altogether it liuy be luted, on the authority of those
best iiiiorined and who bring the very latest news trout
lie I era. terry, that the situation n- rcgai eied as highly
Saturable. fully -1, is WW in en are In the held uuder the
u iy bc-l ot ollicors. 'I ho ineu are in excellent eonulltou
and spirits. Thu supplies of all kinds are c<|Ual
to every rtquiremeut. The chances lor an early coalittuu
between the lories ot Generals lerry and Crook
ale extremely tcvorablc. The Indians, though active,
are unl ..i.xious lor a dooslvo engagement, and, iu all
respect*. no danger ot reverses to the national troops
Is to l? appiehctided in any quarter.
M idioms liour, Wv. T . August 10, Ibid.
The Utes arrived this uliernoon. and went into
tamp. Extra arms were issued to theui, and the band
leave lor fort Kettermaii probaidy on Saturday morning
A war dauce is nuiiouuced fcr to-morrow night.
Several additional scouts ro|*>rted to-day.
Their Inforniaiion is that Crook will have an engagement
to-morrow with uneven chances. Communication
with the lioops and fori I'utUriuan lias been reestablished,
uud couriers airived yesterday.
Omaiia, Neb , August 10, 1ST6
A courier, sent to Red Cloud Agency troin fort
Laramie on Monday last. reluruod there during last
uiglit and reported that, when near Rutin tug Water he
Was inei by six Indians, who rliut at him and wounded
Lis horse, nut he hid among laud hills aud escaped.
CebYK**K, Wy. T., August 10. 1876.
Company E, Fourth cavalry, arrived at hurt l.nranno
to-day and will leave tor Camp Uobiusou to-morrow,
bishop Whipple's dlfkrce op the peace
POLICY?tub RESULTS ok our management
OP tue aborigines kob a hundred
TEARS-PLAN kob the solution op tub
rusting difficulties.
WAsmaarox, August 10, 1876.
The following letter liaf been ?onl to tlie President:?
WamiinoTom, July 31. lNTfE
To His Excsllsnct run Pumiuknt or run L'mtid
You ar aware ol my deep interest In the welfare of
the Indian* and I alu *urc will ponder this letter.
We have entered upoo anuihcr Indian war. which, I
tear, will l>e one ol the ntuel memorable in our history.
I do uot lear the lew thousand* el hoiliie Indiana, Cut
i do lear that eternal law ol a righteous God, "Wluliuever
a niau aoweili. that shall he reap." A nation
Wlncli sow* broken laith, inju-lico and wrooc will imp
a harvest ol blood. Thousands cry lor extvi ininatluU
There is One who exterminates. and a people who h >te
more than hall a luiliiou soldiers' grave* w iibiu their
borders ought to know that nod i* not bi nd
1 yield to no man in niv sympathy lor the bravo men
kl (ho border, who are always toe it re t Victim* ol sue
ttc ttalc. t.very geni-roii* leenn,- m mj i.i ju .?<?
out lor the brave soldier* \rlio. without one thought "I
it, |iu iodic; "tid y?t I mi> i??l that lor every
lil? IoaI In audi a war the tuition i? guilty. Which tor
lt? yaura lima i?r?i*ifd in policy w kit It ilway* rrnli
iu maeeacre and war. K.rcry irtend of the Indian
wee you a deep debt of gruliiude lor botically Hying
give u? a batter policy
ma Mt? roLicr.
The *o-ralled peace policy wt? commenced when we
*eru at war The Ind.an tr bo* were cither openly
toalilv or milieu and turhiilcnt. The new puliry wraa a
oiarrellotu auccva*. 1 do honcatly behevo that it baa
done more for the civilization of tb? Indian* tnnn all
winch the government but don? helure. Its only
weakness vtoi llml tlio system was not reiuruied. lite
new policy was loliorod by all the faults ami traditions
ol llie old pulley. The nation leit 300 UUO luen
living within our own borders without a veallge of
government, without personal rights of property, without
the slightest protection of person, property,
or Itlo. We persisted in lolling these neatbeii tribe*
that they were independent nations. We rent out tlio
bravest and be-t ol our officer*, some who had grown
gray in the service of the country; men whose (lighteat
word was as geoj as their bond ; we lent them bp
.J Ilea Ilia I|,.I.?||- Iii.iil.l nni a U Iflliliiir I Imniir
Ihcr marie a treaty and they pledged the nation's
fattli that uo white man should' enter that territory.
1 do nut discuss its wisnuui l ire Kxecutivo and Satiate
raulled it. Hy the constitution of tho toned
Slate* these treaties are the .supremo lave ol the land
and are binding upon the individual* and State* who
compose the ualiuo. The constitution vesta the
power ol makiug treaties In the Senate und Kxecutlve.
This treaty was so made, and it was in ail of Its provision*
the supreme law of the laud, it was a question
lor the Scuale und Kxecutive to decide whether
they should or should not make such u treaty, but
when inteo made It wu* a solemn compact, the (ultllincut
of which the nation, by Its own organic law, was
pledged. A violation of its plain provisions was an
In the word* of General Snerinau (gee report),
"Civilisation made its own compact with the weaker
party ; it was violated, but not by the savage. " it was
done by a civili/ed niiliuu. The treaty was approved
by the whole nalien I ho people and press approved
It beenu.se It ended a shameful Indian war which had
Cost us fd,OUU.OOO aud the lives of ten wlnte men tor
every ludian slum. The wuulo world knew that wo
vlolalod that treniy, aud the reason of the failure of tiro
negotiations of Inst year was iliat our own coniimsaioners
did uol have authority irom Congress to oiler
the Indians inure than lie third ol tho sum llioy wer*
already receiving under the old treaty.
chadactku or run i'sacs koi.k t
The poace policy has never been understood by the
people. They supposed it was some vacuo plan to give
Hum unity to savages w ho commit crimes, when the
tirst thing which tnc friend* ol the Indians ask is lawr
lo punish crime. You did all that you had tho power
to do und that was tu provide lor houual men to U11 the
' agencies. You said to all the religious bodies of the
| country who hail executive committees to muuage
| their uiissionury and charitable work. "If you will
i uumihuto to me a man for Ibis Indian agency and your
I Church wi l bo responsible tor bis tldollly, 1 will appoint
lulu." You provided lor the honest purchase .if
Indian supplies. There have been mistakes. In u tew
Instances dishonest and incapable men have been up'
pointed, but not one where there wus a score under the
j old system. You look in vain lor
Tlltc MII.tMlil.KSM l(>>1111KKIKS
which were common when su Indian agent was api
pointed as a reward lor political survice, aud a lortuno
| wus made in lour years upon $1,600 u year. There uro
' made out 01 shoddy und glue, no list ol broguus witti
paper solos, no stool spudes uudo out or sheet iruu.
There uru tic mles ut Indians toil upon tbo soup niudo
out ol ttio ontruus unci diseased moat ol dead tattle, do i
stories ot Christian women picking ovor tho dung of
cavalry horAs to got bull digested kernels ol grain to
' save their cuildreu Ironi death. The peace poncy did
not lull; It was a success until our lallli was broken. It
was dillicull lo Innl the uien tilled lor this work who
would go to a distant agency upun a salary or $1,500 a
year; hut mnuy ol tho host men iu the land liavo done |
this woik and been rewaided by leading many ol llio
i Indians to Christian civilization.
1 have loured lo have the ludiau Ituroau changed to
the War Department, because it would be u condemns.
; tlou of the peace policy. It was a inakcshtll; nothing
j was reformed. It was iho old system in another office.
! You cannot make a bud bank note good by changing
< pockets.
what tiik DL'RKAtl ought to uk.
! My own conviction is that the Indian bureau ought
| to la> an iiidepeudeut department ol civilization, with
one ul iho best men in the nation at us bead. It this were
1 done and we then gave me to ludiaus the protection
j ol law, personal rights of properly and place where
i they urn live ny the cultivation ol the soil it requirod
j to labor; II provided with necessary aid In the work of
c.vihzuiiun; ir Christian schools and missions wero
protected tuna plighted laith kept sacred, we should
solve the ludiuu problem and bring down upon ourselves
the blessing ol Cod. 1 sometimes almost despair,
and llicn 1 think it is so plsln the people will sec.
Here are two pictures. On one sldo of tho Hue a nation
has spent $500,000,000 in Indian war; a people
who Iiuyo not loo miles between tlie Atluntic and the
I'acillc wlncli has not been the scene ot uii Indian uias|
same; a government which lias nut passed twuuiy
years without an Indian wur; not one Indian tribe to
whom it lias given Christian civilization, and which
celebrates its centeunial year by unotber bloody Iudutu
i wur.
tin the other side of the linn there Is tbo samo
! greedy, dominant Anglo-Saxon race and the sumo
1 heulbou. Thev have not spent $1 in Indian war; lliuy
I u.ive uau uu iiiuiun uiasgacie. ?> ..y r
In Canada the Indian trouty cutis theso men "the In|
dian subjects ol Her Majesty." When civilization np;
proachu* toeiu they are placed on ample reservations;
! they receive aid in civilization; ihey have personal
riichtt of property; Ihcy are auici'.able to law and lire
protected by law; they have school-, anil Ohrisllan
people delight to give theiu their host men to teach
them lh-i relig>on 01 Christ.
We expend more than (100 to their $1 In caring lor
i Indian wards.
1 Will you pardon me II 1 suggest a plan which may
| obviate some ot Ibe evils until Cougress provide." a
| remedy r I doubt whotber Congress will adopt any
; new system or appoint u commission to devise one.
j The end pii.y be leached by a simple method.
First?C'licenirata the Indian trib-s?via , place all
ol tiiu itioians in Miuucsota on the White Kartli reservation;
the Indians of New Mexico, Colorado and
l Sioux, in the Indian Territory; the Indians ou the Paci
no eoasl, upou two reserves. The Sioux can not be
removed at ouce, but probably twenty bands would
i consent to go at once, and ibcir prosperity in tbcir
, new bullies would diaw others. If the government
i adopt the plan ibu eud can bo reached.
Second?Whenever an Indian iu good faith gives no
his w ild It c and begins (o live by labor, give bun an
: honest title, by patent, ol ItiO acres of land, and tnuke
1 ll inalienable. Su long as the reserve is held by tbo
| tribe it oilers a premium In ihe greed ol whito men.
' The certiUvnlcs ol occupancy tiro not, us titles, worth
i the pa|>er upon which ihey are printed.
I hint?Piovlde government lor every Indian tribo
1 placed upon a reservation. Congress might authorize
1 tiie Pre.?nieot lo appoint any Indian agent ex officio a
I'uiteJ .States Commissioner with lull power to admin- i
| ister law on tbo reservation. The liuiled Mates Mar- j
| slial In whoso district this reservation is might he an
; thorl/.ed to appoint Hie requisite Dumber ol civilized
Indian.-, or men of mixed blood, to net an a consiabu]
lary lorie Tlie Polled Males J mice might be required
, t j hold one session ol his Court on tho reserve each
I your. It itqulres no new inactnuery, no great exj
H ero are lort.v reservations where tho plan could be
: In lUutir.ited ul once. As it Is now, tho civilized and
I Christum Indian I* pitiably helpless. Two yeurs ago a
brine killed an Indian woman on tho White Kurlh reserve
lu open day. The ludtans arrested hiui. He was
taken to Port Itinlcy. Alter two months tho Secretary
ol War ordered hint to tie discharged ticcause there was
! no law to puulsh an Indian. I believe I can count
ONK llttXtlKKO Mt'ltnkKS
j by Indians wblch have taken place in Minnesota in tho
' p.isl soveutocn years. No one asks any quusllons any
, more than II they were swine. They havu almost unlloi
inlv been committed while under the mtluvucc ot
"lire water,'" lurntshed In violation ol law by white
men. When *n Indian has become a perfect Ishmuelttn
wo quietly allow hint to join some hostilo sorer- ]
etgn like Sitting Hull to murder our soldiers.
I'ardon this long loiter. You havu odeti aided us in
tbls work, and if you can aid in this simple remedy I
shall ho deeply grateful. I do believe that n just and
Immune holier, worthy of a great Christian nation,
1 will save our poor Indian wards and bring upon us the
| blessing of Cod.
Assuring you of my kln<l regard, I am, your obedi'
ont servant,
II. H. WHIITI.K, Hishop of Minnesota.
At tho exchange rooms of tho Maritime Association
. yesterday the following memorial waa circulated
for signatures:?
The undors.goed, members of tbo Maritime Association
ol tbe Port <>t New York, respectfully represent
that tho curtailment of the efficiency ol the L'utted
Mates signal strvict, by the discontinuance of important
seaboard stations and by the relinquishment ol
valuable services by ihoso remaining, must result du?
j astruusly to the interests ol commerce.
We respectfully urge that the public good and true
economy demand that the usefulurss and elUcieucy of
the service be enhanced rather than diminished, slid
we protest against any action or policy to the contrary.
I'ne memorial wits signed by A. A. l.ow H Hro , lirowu
tiros A i n, Morton, lilies ,v Co. ; A. Ueitu h. tu, i
i'reaei, Morgan x i u. , Miner ?v iiu??ui??i s*
] t'ibol Wird. William W All's Son*, Williams a (tuion, '
National Maamahlp Company, Charlwa l.uiitif & Cu,
I U W Cutiiorun, Junto* Henry, 1'helpa, Dodgo A; to.; j
J. A \V Seligtuan A co. ; Louis ae Hebiau, i
I> dt. Dearborn. tilyphaut A Co., W. K. draco A Co., I
Hnl?on, lluruito a Cu ; Ueiricha A Co, W 11. Van '
i. Hrunt A; Brother, W. I'. Civile A Co., Pacific Mini !
St. amship Company, \V. It Harrison, Hoyil A Htnckeu, !
C H Marshal. A Co.. Hcissner. Ackorinan A to. ; John I
I ZlllloM'ti, J K. Whitney A to., Nestnith A Son*. J. T. I
i.ilchrm, Amadou V atable. Munu A Jenkins, Lawsou,
liayne a Co. ; llvnry lluwrlng, J. 1* uud ( . C Kohiu- I
hoii, Andrew Hitldwin, Kvnua, llall A Civ ; lttehard A
lloae, K. J. Coma, Henderson Hrother*. Jewell, Harrison
A to ; s. > Snortlaud A Co.. i hark* 1.. Wrignt
A co.. H. I) A J. W. ftrookhiau, lunch, KJyo A Civ ;
It. I'. Curriv A Civ, (ieorge K. Uullcy, Thiitiia* Dunham's
Nephew A Co.. lien ham A Hovesuii, l>e Craw,
! Ay mar A Co. ; W. 11. J. Hughe*. It K. McicaU A Co.,
Marcus Hunter A Co, John Norton, Jr., A Co. ; riiomae
Norton A Co., anil many other*.
A strango accident that will probably prove fatal
occurred ia*i evening at six o'clock ou Weal Uroadway, ,
near the corner of Duano street.
Mr. Antonio tirimtn. of eightieth street and the
Boulevard, was walking in company with bta wile,
when a scream Irom the latter attracted ni* attention,
an i looking around he raw b t dress in tlamea.
Hie frightened woman darted away, and the tire
rapidly gmtied in volume. Several passers by Joiued
wuli the husband lit hii ctlorta to extinguish the
j Haines, but made only little progress uuiu a young
man, uauied ticorgc Kneisel, cum* to the rescue wnb
n blanket, which be wrapned tightly around the burning
She war then taken into the drug store No. 13 West
Broadway, where temporary rel el was given. She
was thou removed to the Now York Hospital. It was
louoJ that both of her leg* war* badly burned and also
aoine ponton* ot the body.
Will.in iwo hour* alter her arrival at the hosplta
her coiiuillou had become so dangerous that it uai
deemed prudent to lake her aute-tnorleai siatemeui
and Coroner KickhoR was summoned lor that purpose.
Neither the lujuied woioau nor h?r hnahatnl cat
satisfactorily account tor the origin of the tire, al
though both think that her dross muat have caught
hro troin a match with which Mr. C.riinm had hgbioc
his cigar f-onie inlnute* prior to tho discovery or th<
>U timer. j NtllZ* J HnHMlMkl (tpwr.
uk I liivcrsuoi.. w Brotdviv
hthinpi*- | Aiik 12. j <.|4t|fnw,... 17 Howliuir Oroea
J9'11*" ! UJ* Irl* i?r#ID#n- ' Howling Uraea
(ierm?D>c Aujr 12. | Liverpool.. S7 H road war
Llvtla..... Auk 12. London..., f Bowline 'treea
hi Lerinain Auk I fUvro .~).r< KmiuIwhv
Kueeia. Auk lj?. Liverpool.. A HowlingOroaa
r l mIand Au2 17. hotterdaui. V) Hrouuwar
JI ammonia. Auk 17. Hamburg.. Hi Hroadwar
Labrador, lAu* lB.iHavre. .... r?*> Hroadwar
j^hli aok 1ft. Liverpool.. 97iireadwa>
CUv of Cheater.... Auk 19. Liverpool.. l.r> Broadway
peiu .. Auk 19, Bremen.... vHowlinir clreea
Victoria Auir 19. lilanirow... 7 Howlinir tlreea
*"IC Liverpool.. Hp Hroadwar
WyorainK Auk -'2. Liverpool.. 29 Bmadwav
Hcytlnu. .... Aar29. Liverpool.. 4 HowlinirOread
Si me .if Panns'lxAuk 24. Daiirow.. 72* Broad war
Wtelano 4 IIK 24. haiul.ur-r. . Hi Hroadwar
City of liiebiiiond. Aue 2H. Liverpool.. ].*i Hnuulwav
191 or Au-r 2H. nromen.... 2 Howling ? Jroea
Bolivia..... Aiik 2??. (iIumimiw. .. 7 Howl'ug4Jr??ea
An'lie Auk 2*1. l,ottd'*n 7 Bowlintr liroea
Kuirland *uk 2'?. Liverpool.. HP Hroadwar
( iitctda Auk 2?t. Havre fti? Hroadwar
viik -'o. Liverpool.. 4 Howling (ireeo
KrMn Aiik HI Mimhurc.. '?1 Broadway
W A Rcholten.... ai. Rotterdam. r>u liroNiiwar
Al-niia 2. ( laetrow.... 7 Howlinir <>reen
Kirypi h?M t 2. Liverpool.. f<9 Broadway
Main IS -p* 2. lire men.... 2 Kowlinu lireen
I'lonla p?'pi 2 ' oudon .. 7 "win k rcca
Britannic iSept 2. Liverpool.. 97 Hroadwar
Jdatoi I Sept ft.I Liverpool. 129 Hrona w-ir
riinbrU . . I -"Opt 7,1 llnmliurK.. i^l Broadway
State of Vlr-'niH..|S??pt 7. (ilaaeow.... 12 I'readwar
Cllv of Berlin.... tSept 9. i Liverpool.. lift Hroadwar
Gellert ISept 14. i Hamburg.. 101 liroadwar
almanac for new york?this day.
si's a*i> moon. i hih1i watku,
Sun rises 6 00 | Oov. Island ovo 12 18
Sun set* 1 04 I S.indv Hook.. .morn 11 dd
Moon rise* ovo 0 64 | Hull i.ntv ovo 2 03
POUT OF NEW YORK, AUG. 10. 1870.
Steamer Old Dominion, Walker, Kiciimond. Cltr Point and
Norfolk, with mdno and pa.tsenuors to the Old Dominion
StcaiiiMiip Co.
Ship Carnarvon Cattle (of I.ondoii), Robinson, Calcutta
April 14. with ludso to Atkinson, Tilton A Uo; vessel to \Y D
Morgan. Panned Cape of Good Ilopo Juue 15, St Helena
3(>th, and crossed the Equator July 14, in Ion 41; had lifht
Hark Maria (Ital). Ambra*ano, BrUtol 42 days, iu ballast
to Henharn A Boyeseti.
liarK Kate llowel (Br), McNaley. Lynn 58 days, in ballast
to C \V Hertaux. July 19, lat 48 12, lota 47 27, passed a
larvc iceber .
Hark Maipo (Sp>, front, Havana 13 days, in ballatA to
Bookman, Oerllu A Co.
Hritr >iioe (Aus), Stapparich, Gloucester 37 days, in ballast
to Slocovich A* Co.
Brite Priscilla (Ger), Hisehotf, Aberdeen 40 days, in ballast
to C Tobias A Co.
Schr.Ies?e Carll, Underbill. Hanaro* 10 days, witu irult to
Gome/ A Pear.?all: vessel to K .1 Weubertr.
Schr C C Berry, Seavey, Doboy 8 days, with lumber to
Ordor; vessel to 1( W Loud A On.
Schr Gettyshtiric, Corson, Charleston, 80, 10 days, with
mineral rock to K I) Ilurlbnt A Co.
Schr S T Winterdon, Jackson, Powell's Point, NC, with
melons to master.
Schr J L Atkins, Waterfleld. Virginia.
Schr A 0 Bowers. Voreanea, Virginia.
Schr Jennie, Hall. Virginia.
Schr K Dai per. Laird. Vlrtrloia.
Schr Jennie. Osborn, Virginia.
Schr J V Lanprell. friowers, Virginia.
Schr E H Wharton, Hush, Virgin! <.
Schr Vary Price, Campbell. Virginia.
Schr Win NazycK, Nelson, Maryland.
Schr Adeliue Townseud, KohIvd, Philadelphia Tor N w
Schr J C Nash, Crowley, Bath < days, with ice to mister.
ScW Nellie Star, Collins, Kennebec River 5 days, wliu ici
to Knickerbocker Ice Co; vessel to master.
js^rHark Silo (Nor), from Hr?mon. which was anchored In
the lower bay, cuiue up to the city 10th, AM.
Steamer City of New Bedford, Fish, New Bedford for New
Steamer Galatea. Walden. Providence for New York.
Brig fr. aglet, Kelly, Bowtori lor New York.
Schr John Farnuto, Kennebec lor New Y ork.
Schr Kobt Myhan. Joiich. Providence for New York.
Schr Sarah a Falconer. WI.moii, Providence for New York.
Schr Urbana. Allen. Somerset lor New York.
SchrMarv Stowe. Bacon. Pawtucket tor Now v-?rk.
Schr Boat mi, Nickersoti, Bowdoinham for New York.
Schr Allsion. Fitr.yorald, Burlington tor New York
Schr Mary Potter, Potter. Block MhiiiI for New York.
Schr Haxelton, linger*. kennebeu lor New York.
Schr Ida. Deering. Taunton tor New Y'ork.
Schr II Blackiuau. Arnold. Providence for New York.
Schr A S KLhuiii, Y'ouny. Providence for Now Y'ork.
Schr Heading UK No 41, Adam*, New Haven tor New
Schr M (J Carroll. Carroll, Providence for New York.
Schr Aunoii Brown. Libuy. Norwa'.k for New York.
SchrJat Boyle. Smith, New lla\en for Pliiladelphia.
Schr K Waterman, 1J In ok ley. Providence for New Y'ork.
Scbr Lillltf hruosthie. Wells. Bridgeport lor New \urk.
Schr Kunny Fern. Kuinn, Kenuenrc f?*r New York.
Scbr Luna. Wells, Providence l??r New York.
Schr Joseph ? Potts, Howard, Port Jefferson lor New
Schr Hannah K Brows, S?u?kett. Newnort for New York.
Scbr Rlisa Pharo, Watson, Newport lor New York.
Scbr K Brazos, Kayiior, Providence tor Now York.
Scbr Helen M Condon. Stocking. Bat ? for New York.
Scbr Henry Lemuel. Jarris. >ag Harbor for New York.
Schr Belle, Simpson. Bridgeport for Now York.
SchrJas K Polk, Buckley, South port for New York.
Schr Fair Wind. Bowman. Wurehum lor New York.
Steamer Eleanors, JuIiiimiu, New York for Portland.
Steamer Glaucu*. Boarse. New York for Boston.
Steamer Albatross. Davis. New York for Fel' Hirer.
Brig John Bnghtiuan, Hanson, Now York lor Kali Hirer.
Schr Laodamia ihn, Parsons, New York tor Charlotte*
town, PKI ?anchored off Whitentoue).
Schr Delta (Br). Turner. New York for Doichcster. KB*
Scbr Xebec, Shropshire. Port Johnson tor Providence.
Schr G 0 Burrtett, Rogers. Auiboy for Now Haven.
Schr Plymouth Rock Park r. New York for Boston.
Schr t>rro Gorno. Champlulu, Port Johnson tor NoririeA.
schr hencue, Kelly. Port Johnsou for Providou?e.
Schr Sedona, Hart, Port Johnson lor Boston,
senr J B Knovrle*, Waas. Ilohokeu for Boston.
Scbr Freewind, Frinby. New York lor K ttery, Mc.
Schr Alruna, Graves, New York for Bancor.
Scbr Charles L Ijoveriug, Scars, A to boy fur Now Haven.
Schr D Currie. Pease, New York lor Portland, Ct.
Schr Fannie \V JoIiumiu, Houston, Port Johnson tor Boston.
Schr Yeloclnede, Rogers, Now Y'ork for New Loudon.
Scbr VVm M Jones. Duv.a, New York for Port Jetforsor.
0jT*Schr George G Jcwctt, lor St John, NB, went to sea
today. ______
Steamer State of Indiana ?Bn, Sadler, Glasgow?Austin
Baldwin A Co
Steamer Suevia (Gcr), Franzcn, Hamburg via Plymouth
? Kuubardt A 4Jo.
Steamer Isaac Bell, Lawrence, Norfolk, City Point and
| Richmond?< Md Dominion Steamship Co.
Steamer Beverly. Wallace. Philadelphia?Jim Hand.
I Steamer Kleauora. John sop, Portland?J K Aino?
Steamer Chesapeake, Mangurn, Portland?J F Aines.
( Steamer (rlaucus. Boirrs, Boston?H y Diuiock
Bark Johanna iGer), Koepkc. London?0 foidas ?lc Co.
Baik i L Carucy, Jackson. I'lyinoulh. K?K Murray. Jr.
Bark Johauue (Nor), Muller. Cork f>r orders?Fuucli,
Kdye A Co.
lU k PaciAk (Nor), Grung, Cork or Pulmouth for orders ?
| Hockmnuti. Oerlin A Co.
Bark Triton (Aus). Cattarinich, Cork or Falmouth for orders
Slocovicb A Co.
Bark Drouning Sophie (Nor), Lindtner, Stockholm?
Ftiuch, F.dye A Co.
Hark Johu Head (Br), Decker, Arendal for orders?Punch,
Edve A Co.
Brig Peggy (Nor). Mollcr, Madeira-C Tobias A Co.
Prig Fortuna (Port), Me*?juha. Oporto?ltagemeyer A
Ri nun
Hi ig Sea Bird (llr), Liudt. Porto Calodlo-Peuiston Jt Co.
| Schr IIattic V Kelsey, Kuudail, Genoa?Beuiiey, Gildersleeve
A Co.
Schr Mtdlle, Atherton, Georgetown. Dom?Jed Frye A Co,
Schr A P Merrill. Kauetrup. :v Thomas? Penistou A Co.
scbr Nellie Clark. Clark, Si John, NB-A T tleiiey.
Schr Admiral, stnallwood, Charleston ? Bunt ley, Gilder
sleeve A Co.
Scbr Laura Kobineon, Kellv, Washington, DO?W Chal*
Schr Matoaka. Smoot, Baltimore?A Abbott.
i nut. I'Bwiv*. iMnuua Haven?lanwright
A Do/le,
Sttffcmeri Sucv ^ (Utr). (or ilernbur:/. State of Indinua
(Br, iJlatirow , Isaac Bell. Uicltninnd, Ac bark* LUbou,
Du> kirk Pnp<i Ltiui C Itah. Gibraltar. Cru?ader, Irieate;
>kuIuit (Nor . Hull; lirrlii* (Nori, do; brig Alphonte (Br),
Kin Janeiro; Kxceitior fBr>, Berinuda.
Wind at iuiim'I >. midnight. >\V
Karoiuoler at tnnaei. gti; midnight, 3
*#-K or 1o?? of ?ltii> N W Blethen (Br), from Baltimore
for l*on?!ou. to* new* Column*.
Siiir NoaTHRR* Light, from Liverpool for San KruncUco,
put Into Km J aiteiro prior to Aur ti. with Capt kenoey aick.
I ha vetaol proceeded
lt?RK Knakk, nov at Montreal baa been libelled in the
Vice \dmiraliy Court lor damage* at auit of I'm
owner* of the American tithing *chr Joe Johuaion. ' cforo
reported ran into and ruuk oil the Bank* of Newfoundland
by the Prank.
Brig CaftftKlf (So\ wi? totally wr eked on the Mexican
coaat during a g ?le of wind night rtf JnW -J Crew saved.
Si*IIk VV J Mi >4H.HTu.\ at Philadelphia Bill inn from
Cliickahotniny. I.nd her foretnpmast bead carrnut away
during a heavy blow, while Pealing around Deacon'* Point.
The wreck of a ve?.*cl of about 4 <? ton*, cut in two. waa
parsed July 3D, in Ut 37 47 N, lou o7 NV, by b.rk C h
Jm>ne. at Philadelphia Auy 10.
NoKrt>LK. Aug H?Ye*terday a ?tirver was hel-i on *chr
Msry i nuly. Moore, from New York tor St Aun'e rtnv. Ja,
vs .tti an aiMirtftl cargo, wtilcii arnvrd here Saturday alter*
no n, leaking, end the Board ordered her cargo to be di*ehar.
ed in order Diet an examination could be hold, .alio it
discharging at Campbell1 wharf
mx KhaM( I*co, An/ MV?The aclir Banner, which left thit
pori la*i Mart!) on a ft* hill If and trading voyage, bat been
wrecked among the Japanete Island* Captain McClellan
oted front exposure The crew were ell s.ivod.
I.Aim uro?Ai Knightville, Htn m*t, bar* Edith Davi*.
front the > ard <?t J r Kandall A Co. >ho i? H3U ton* now
measurement and t? own **4 by J K Kandall A Co, li Lewi* A
Co. Capt H V Met;arty, who will command her, aud other*
A letter from Capt Taylor dai *d July 2%), ef eehr Hiving
Sua. ot Provinc *t?>wn. rops>rts hftr on il altera* Uroand with
h;? tibi? ?p an i .U? ft oil. be porta tchr ?dut?k*tep, Jiiggiu*,
ol do, J ill/ JO, with 4b Phi* *p.
UGH ST 11, 1876-WITH SU]
I A teller from Cap! Rid red. of tcbr Thos Hunt, of Stoning- I
ton, report* tier at Flore* July 4, having hod au 18'lavs'
passage out, and sailed same day for ftleuth heua. All well, j
1 | ,?
1 Hln|> Kheuir (Br). Hlurk, from Glasgow for San Francisco,
July J\ Ut 47 HG S. luu 10 W.
t Ship i, X IIasaltine, Gilkey, from Reval for Baltimore
I Aug N. off SMuaocock.
, Ha^k Windward (Br), Baker, from Dublin, via Sydney.
CB, for Haiti more. Aug *. oir bhinnecoi-k.
An American bark, Meeting W, showing signal tetter*
' JUKG, Aug no iat. Ac.
llrig ilMiiU'ika (Ger), tram St Domingo for Havre. July
28. Iat :?7 :.???. l?n V. 40
I Hiig Mary K i<add, PoMer, from St John, NB. for Wo*,
ford, no date, Ac (by stennn'r Scotia, at St John, NB, Aug
1 Merchants, shipping agents and shipmasters are Inforioad
that by telegraphing to the Hkuai.d Ixindoo Bureau, addrcr>*tug
"Heutietl, No. 46 Fleet street, i?oudon," or to the
Pans ofttee, addresMug "Bennett, 01 Avenue do 1* Ope re
Paris." the arrivals at and departures troiu Luropean and
l&asteru porta of American and all foreign vessels trading
with the l ulled States, the saute will he cabled to this
country free of charge.
1 Captains arriving at and sailing from French and Mediterranean
ports will find the Paris office the more economical
aud expeditions lor telegraphing now*.
Ascension ? Arrived, Rxploratore. from ?.
A.vrwKiir, Aur 10?Arrived. barks Kill* Avollna (Br),
Muuro. l'hiladelphia; Iron Ago, Ovurlou Tome via Queen*,
Hiiistol. Aug 9?Sailed, barks Jobu Hamoutt (lt?l). C?duiH,
Lulled States; 10(h, l'etl liubruvackl Uutl, ClierteI
uax. Near York.
! Bauhow, Auk 0?Sailed, bark Chimoea (Nor), llaave.
Culled Male*.
Bkutast. Aug?? Sailed, berk Addle 11 Caon (Br). Jenkiin.
('ailed State*
hukmkn. Aug n?Sailed, ehip Krledrleh (Oer), Bruggemaa,
UlliU'd Slates.
hniiukx. auk 3? Arrived, brie Ca?tillan (Nor). Dolled
('ataxia. Ab, i?Sailed, brie Amy A Lane. Coetlgan,
{ Culled .Stale*.
Caiii/.. Aue ?Sailed, *chr Joseph Wilde, Bead, (Jloueeelur
or Boston.
Daatzic. AurO? Arrived, bark L<alla (Br), Cunningham,
New York.
I'.lmxouk, Aug 6?Ait!red, brig Eva farker (Br), Sloeum,
lli.oui'kSTBa, Aug 10?Arrived, bark Uaau (Au?), Maressl,
New York.
Ok.noa, Aug 5?Arrived, bark Siuiieto (Ital), Vlvano.
New Orleans; Uili, *Uit> Vigillate, Fultou, New York via
Quite nslown.
iiI'll. Aug 9? Arrived, bark Marts (Aue). Domino, l'hlls
Suited loth, bark .1 A Brown, Greenish, Button.
Uamrukg, Aug S?Sailed, ship Tramiuebur, Waterbome,
Uiiitod Siatea
IIavuk, Aug 8?Sailed, ships John Banyan (Br), Scovllle,
1?lilted Stales; Josephine (Nor), Smith, do.
Hose Kokii, Aug 3-Arrived, ship Importer, Sherburne,
Kings Lynx, Aug 9?Arrived, bark W \V lltrvey (Uer),
I I*CIf 11, ritllHUOipUIH.
i I.ivk pool, Aug IU?Arrived, stonmer Oberon (Br). Han"
: ih'.v. Now Urluam; bark Priueo Cmberto (Br), Scott, A?lo!
rlu, O.
Sailed loth, (hip Importer (Br), Sutherland, Mobile; berk
Meud Scainmel (Br), Thompson, United Stele*.
Log POM. Auir lo?Cleared, berk* Nine Sheldon, Sheldon,
I Philadelphia; Kale Akiic* (Br), Ferguson, United Stetea:
Alfredo (Itel), Gaxxola. do.
Sailed loth. ?hlp City of Montreal. Mndgett, New York.
Arrived in the English Channel Otli, atilp Onkel Felix
(Frl. Lopere. N"ew Orleau* for Havre; bark Carrie E Lone,
Park, Now York for Dunkirk.
I.ONtxjdtiKiittV, A112 0? Sailed, bark Mary S Gib*on (Br),
Sloan, United State*.
Limkbick, Aug 10?Sailed, ahlp Ilcbus (Nor), Pedersnu,
United State*.
Madriua, to Auk0?Arrived, ichr Annie Murcliie, Gibbs,
Calais, Mo.
. l'hnaktii, Aug 9?Arrived, brig Moment* (Br), I.orkliart.
Now York; 10th, bark Angelica (Ital), Marti no, llaltiiuore,
Qi'mnstow.v, Auir 10?Arrived, bark Antonio Ferraro
(Ital). Ferraro. Sew York.
lioL'KN, Aug 0?Arrived, bark Carlton. Coggins, New York.
Bottkkdam, Aug8-Sailed, bark* Collector (Nor), Olaon*
United State*; Gruco (Bri, Wade, do,
SotrTllAHPTtix, Aug 0?Sailed, bark* Glacomo (Ital), flearpati.
United State*; lOtb, lioblnsou Cruaoe, ftubius m. do.
HuRbkRLAXP, Aug 10?Sailed, bark Nlobe (Nor),01*en>
United States.
Sailed from a port in tlie United Kingdom Aug 10. steamer
Menxalch, for Philadelphia; ship Eight Brigade tBr),
Aeke, United statet.
Aauhi'I'k, Aug 10?The American bark Ellen Dyer. Capt
Clapp, which lelt New York June 1 and arrived at FredI
orlrkaliarou Aug ">, has beeu totally destroyed bv Are In
Aarliuu* Bay. The crow were ?aved. |The Ellen Dyer was
I built ut Brunswick, Me, lu IS04, registered -i'-J ton*, and
I was owned in Portland.J
| Bristol, Aug 10, PM?Wind NE.
It atabamo. Jnlv 2H-Arrived, brig Erie, Sparks, Iriona;
3'Hh, Hchr Maud Harbour, Pahnke. Truxilio.
It itinuKWATXH, NS, Aug 4?Arrived, bark Angler, Uadolph, 1
Cixsrv'Kcns. July US?Arrived, bark MB Chapman (Br), 1
Eve. New York
>itj)t>(l 2 'III. Hctir R W Denham, Carter. Philadelphia;
Hint, brigs U s Soule, Soule, New Y'urk; Ana t8p). Beltron. ]
Cardura*. A hit it? Arrived, brig Isidore Uiunda (Br), j
Nichols, Havana
Sailed Ju y gl). Uark* J3?*ie Coolwin iBr), Kelly, north of j
llattoras: lliil. Isabel toy). Mercenonn, New York
Cow Bay, CB, Aug 8?Arrived, brig Nellie (Br), Hood, |
Sailed 8th, brig Kelna i Br). New York.
DkmekaRA, Aug H-Arnved. rctir Kale Wenlworth, Mead.
New York?will loud and leave lu a lew da) > on her return
to New Y ork.
ci.asuow. Aug A?Arrived, steamer Canadian (Br), Mc1,0'in.
Montreal; 7lli. ship St I'atrlrk. Stirrau, tiu.
Cotmkrhiku, Aug 3?Arrived, bark Nef (Nor), Christian'
aen. New Y'ork.
IIavaRa. July Ml?Arrived brig Sparkling Water. Illeh
' born. Utile illace Hay; i-chr flco Sealy, Kicker, tialvestou- j
<ai il sailed Amr 4 lor .'harleamn) . Aug J. sieaiuer C W
: Lord, Cotton. Sew lirleana ami sailed Aug 4 lor New Or,
leans) ; Tappahuntiock, ( ooksev, do (and sailed Ud Tor do;
1 Md. bark T I Jttuea till ', lteiry. Caledonia, Cli ; 4tli brig '
i Mania Hri. Koch", llalltix. t
j sailed .lulv S:I. barks Maino <Sp), Font. New York; Pedro
, Plandulit Spi, Uoiee, Haul uoro. brig Torrent, Neill, Philadelphia.
Mist, steninwie I'lir of Norfolk, staples, Ind auola; J
Aug 1, t'lijr of Havana, Phillips. Vera Cruz, Ac ; bark I sea *
! (Itrl. Mathews. New York. _M. sehr Woienah Ituylev,
i llanesitil. bark Seguudo f r ion To dp), Isaei, Baltimore: I
schrileo K llalch. Murplir, Boston. '
I'learod Aug 4. bark Cahieres .Sp). Harreno. Baltimore.
In port AIIg f>. barks Crestiua (Hr . Soreda. lor New York ;
Olintpin Hit). Nodal. Savan isli, to load for Barcelona' .1 It ]
Lopez, White, for north of IIaltera* ; brigs Havana. Mever.
lor New York: Kdwin Kowe, sholti, for Lewes; WtuBeld.
Blhlier. for Boston: I' II Jennings, Mahoney, for north ol
llaiteras; srbrs Theresa II. (lulierres. for New Orleans;
ltiver (Jneeii. Hibb*. tor lit.
Halivai. Aug 8?Arrived, bug Alpha (Br). Baltimore.
Arrived 7th. brig Kllie H Hotter iBr), Willleiua. Havana; I
j eclir Setli M Todd, Norwood, lnagua.
Matanzis. July Ml - Arrived, ichrs O K <Br). Thompson, i
I Si John. KB: Ann Hole. Ituiire, Jacksonville; Aug 1, brig
' lieu vlllebrist. Oreutt. Koriiaudlna.
In port Aug 4. brigs F J Morryiran. lieeraw. noc: Manlius
t Mr i. I odd. for north ot Hat,eras: sehrs Ralph Carlton,
Hatkne**. for do; Mo.lie Knnna. Sleeper, unc : and otliors.
VosTKKAL, Aug 7-sailed. steamers Mauhew Cay, Taylor,
London; 8th. Ssrdluiaii, Ilutiou. l.isurpool
Pout >1' Pui.Rvr., July 28?Arrived, brig Wai Mason.
Adums. Boston.
PHTor. NS. Aug 1?Cloared. hrlg Katie. Le Blauc. New
Bedford; 4lh. sehr <1 rare llarls. Davis. Prnvideuce.
kJcv.Rvc, Aug 7 ?Arrived, ship Nora. Moulin. Qtieonstown ;
8th. steamer Waldensisn. Stephen, lilasgow ; b irk* Lebanon.
Hatfield. Dunkirk ; Thul -. Wartsland. Liverpool; brig
I Hebling. J or .-? nken, llreenock for Montrral.
1 t'leaiel sth. ilsiimrr Avomlale. Could. Igindon: barks I
j Mary Ann dohnaon, Ulaister, Cresnock ; Kliaabeth Ahrvn*, ;
, * Aine, sharpness.
Km Jiskiko. Aug K?Arrived previously, ship Northern |
I Lluiit. Kennnv Liveroool lot Kan Krsnenen n*s lti*,-?l. I
I l?nv.
S voi A, July 'J'J? Arrived, brig Sagut, kluuday, l'hiiadvl,
Sullvd U!Hb. bark Ikli, Hunkor. New York.
! St .1 ii.ii. July 'J7?Ariimd. brtgv ZnloUu (Br). Walsh,
Cardiff; Fmrviicu (Hr>. Halloo, Driaerar*.
ST John. Nil. Auk??I'learvd, *ehr l.ubellu J watt, Kogg,
Cluarcd Hili. bark Lothair, Hollywood. Belfast; brig
Adrla. Evrrltl, Traleo.
Clrareil I >tI<. bark T J Southard. Woodwartb. Liverpool.
Arrived lilih. ?ehr AlUttro, Kaiiey, New York.
Vit'ToRia, July HI ?Arrived, ?hl|? <>rpii?u> ((?er). Michael,
I San FViinrl.ro: Iiark Colombo liri, lleuer, Honolulu,
i Sailed ;tl?(. alvanicr Lily of I'anama, Sembury, Sau SranI
Vtivmou, NH, Am 1? (,'lear-d. achr ff R Harry. New
Yurk: I'd. bark .iulin A llarria iuc?), Delaware Breakwater.
Y'aumoutii, NS. Aug I?Arrived, iclir krneat, Bagaa, New
Cleared July lit), brig Sarah L. Hall, Morrill, Queeoatowa.
ALKXANDKIA. Aw/ 0?Arrleed, tchr Carrie Holmea.
lor Herf^gvtown.
Hftlkwl >tiir? lenrj FlielLJtrMf City: Mary II Stockhain,
V Morrii Perot, Daniel Brown and Jaraeelown itrom
: Georgetown), .
HUSTON. Aw* ID?Arrived, uteaiuem John* Hopkins.
Ilalleit. Baltimore . tYutipede. Miller. Philadelphia.
Cleared?Steamer Achillea. Macon. Philadelphia (an*1
I tailed*.
Sailed? Barks Masonic. I lay tin Brown, und H W Wood.
HALTlkOKK, Vt; M?Cleared, ?rhr* Nellie. Culliaon,
Charleston; Klla M Watt*, Watts. Boston.
HHh - Arrived, -tenia r F W ISrunv Foster. New York ;
I barV Naltomic iHri. t'tknidj, Londonderry; schrs Mary J
I Ward. Warn, Mayaffm/.. IMC
I Cleared?Steamer Martha Stevens. Chance, New York;
all11* Kiitv'leader, t oflin. Salt Francisco ; bark Flora (Span).
| Ailcqin a. Mwe?'ii?towo ; brig C s Packard, AmeaOurv. Hot
I toil. soliraTnoiuae N stone, Pitcher, do; tiovernor, Katon,
| Bangor
Also cleared. eieftnere Falcon, Kirbyt Charleston; William
Uwrrn e. Kennedy. Boston; Biih-Uh, Oliver. Wilmington,
NT. shin Mag* alette titer), ilincko, Bremen,
sailed? Brig Filing scud.
B aNooK, Aug H ?Arrived, brig Iteporter, Kjrdtr, Ballot*;
rhr s F Seahury. Irint. Baltimore,
t leafed?Schr Charles Heath, nandiett. New York.
HA I ii. Aug *?trrived. ?chr* ? ?? W Jewctt, Jewett.
New York, Kate M Hilton, Adams, do.
Sailed?Scltrs t'haa K Page, ol and for Philadelphia; Alaska.
I hitrndlae, New \ or*. A
.Hit -sailed. %chr? Tarty Not. Cnnrib, New Yorn; Cohaei
set. Maker. do.
H A \ V KHS. AogH?Arrived, schrs Jamea II Deputy Mc
j Mulioii. Pertit Antony; J P Uobiiiton. Harding. New Writ,
i Diuil fuN, Aug 3-Airivad, aubra iluattr. Fly, Pluiadel
Bhiu: Tillfe E, Haskltis. Puncbkoepele: A Ho Panle?,
labon, Newark; Phuhe Kllxabefo, Mnpes. Now York.
KKY WKMT. An?rt?Arrived. steamer Oily of Houston,
Deerhir. (inlvrii u and nailed U*t ^ow York).
llAi!lllAS, .lug J?"vailed. brig Alice Tarlton, Nickeraoti,
Nh\V OKLKANB. Aug 6?Arrived, schr Sunt > Oiori. Pissalt.
NORKOLK, Aug 7?Arrival, aciir Mechanic, MeOrlnic,
New J e rare.
NRWHURYPOKT, Auf H?Arrived, brir Nasariue. Nieol,
Ponce, Pit
Pth Arrived, whr Fr'inconia. Ballathy, Rondotit.
N KW HKDPORD. Aug 8?Arrived, achrs liar lie Perry,
Cha**. Philadelphia.
Sailed ?Hchr* Ifenry A Tuber, HcKwrn. Philadelphia; K
Applcifate, Matthews. New York ; Joseph Manh. Hrown,
9th?Arrived, sehr? J ease NY Star. Frink, Philadelphia;
Allen (i roe lie, Nicker hod. Haltiiiinru.
Mailed?Bchr^ Hastings. Cliaae. New York; Annie E Martin,
Handy, do; NV \V Braincrd. Fitch, do; Henry (iihbs.
Coffin. do; Wm .M.Cobb, Cleveland, do; T NY ?>poucer.
Courser. Ilaventraw
NKWPOUT. Aiie M. PNf?Arrived, schrs Bloonitield. Knjtley.
Norfolk; Win O Irish, 'iirrcll, Providence for Philadel
Oth. AM?Sailed. wbr? Hannah K Brown. Rackett. and
Potter A llooper. Hradhtiry. ?of Ilaverstraw; J*me* ?
Boyle, Cuboerlv. Providence for Powell's Point. NO; Tlio#
J Owen, m* I leek. Somerset for New York.
I'M? Arrived, schr Mar/ U Mifliin. Ferris, Woitjo lor
Uobokou. I
Sailed?Rchrt W'm O Irish, Watchful, and Harriet.
NKW LONDON, Auir 8?Arrived. schr Ida Birdsall, from
Alexandria tor Allyns Point.
Sailed?Schr Buckeye. Now York.
9th ? Arrived achr Fauny Kern. Bangor for New York; B
Washburn, IJuvet straw for Norwich. i
Sailed >chr* Marit Fleming, and Bela P*ck, New York.
NKW HaVKN. Auir 8?Arrived, brig Minn liaba (Br),
Mitchell, Barbados; achrs John B Ourriujrton. Parker.
Georgetown; Jacob Hirdsull. Uirdtall. Savauuah via New
York ; Forest Oak. Parker. Baltimore; Mary C Arnold, Arnold,
do; iJarry Landel. Taylor. Georgetown; \V S Leverin
sr. Smith, do: Julia A lieikl. y, .-.uudeison. Philadelphia ;
Lucv Jones, Way land do.
Cleared ?Schr Loretto Fish, 11 a Ion a. St Mary River, to
load for New York.
9th?Arrived, achr Stepheu J Fooks, Cranmer, Georgo- j
PORT MADISON. July 31?Arrived, hark Tidal Wave.
Reynold*. San Francisco.
PORT TOWNSRNI). An* I?Arrived, ship Dashing Wave, I
Nickels; harks Cambridge, Avlla; Fremont, San Diego;
Revere. Mclntvre. San Francisco.
PORT GAMBLE, Ant: 1?Arrived, barn* Victor, from San
Pedro; Powliattun Swaiiton. San Francisco.
2d?Arrived, hark Uiicnu Vina. Hardies. -*an Francisco.
PHILADKLI'HIA. Auk lo?Arrived. steamers Vindicator.
Rogers. Providence; Norfolk, F-rd. Fall llivor; Anthracite,
Gmmley New York; schr* Campbell, Marshall,
Rockport: W H Hopkins, Mystic, Conn; J D McCarthy,
Totnliu. Dohoy.
Also arrived, steamers Pcrkiomeu. Pierce, Boston; Rattlesnake,
Snow. do: Pottsville. Winnett. do; Leopard. Albertson,
do: Kllie lvnight, Kaycold, Sasaafrass River ; F Franklin.
McGlaugliliii, do; li L iluw, Piorsou. Baltimore: "hip
Forest Belle <Br>, Scott. Belfast; hurk C K Jayne, Osborne,
Rio Marina; schrs Nellie 11 Benedict, Thompson. Now
Haven : Etiwan, Priuce. Georgetown, SC: Mary L Van
Kirk. Walker. North Carolina.
.arrived ??t Quarantine?Kchrs Lillian May. from Havana;
Abraham Richardson. from West Indies.
Cleared?Steamers Hercules. Suisse/. New bury port; Pan- !
th r. Mills, ; A C St liners, Warren. New York: wbri
Mart a A iBr>. OUi?, St John. NB; Oliver Dyar. Falker.
Hnco; E A Kndicett, Carroll, Boston; Almira Woolcy. King.
Danvcrtport; II II Mullock, Matlock, Itinghaui; S L Simnionds.
Candy. Fall River.
Also cleared, steamer Lancaster. Mills, Wiliiamaburg;
bark John II Poarion. Harding, Trieste; schrs Speculator,
Wiltbauk. Old Providence; Bennington, Edwards, Boston;
E J Meraty. Borers. Murblehead.
Sailed?Steamers Ohio. LancaHter. Hercules, and Pauther.
^ JjKWKS, Del, Aug 9?Passed in. brig John Welsh, Jr, Now
York lor Philadelphia.
Arrived 9tb, bark Jennie Swoony, Hudson, from Cette
for orders.
Mdh?Arrived, slilpa Nouantum. Foster, llarro; Annie
Binguy (Br). Bremen : bark Elena (Itnl), Molledo. Liverpool;
brig lleloi.H iOer), Borirwordt, Bristol; schr Ida A
Jay no. Arecibo.
PORTLANL>. Mo. Aug 8?Cleared, schr* Sally Oodfrey,
Yates. Baltimore; Flora M Crowley, Crowley, Kennebec, to
load tor Philadelphia.
Uth?Arrived, schrs Eri, South Air.boy; Lacotiia, Rondout.
Clearod?Schrs BJ Willard, Philadelphia; Mary Susan,
Newark, NJ.
Huh ?Arrived. US steamer Swataru. Halifax; schr Alice
Barnhatu, Philadelphia.
Cleared?Ship Southern Rights, Bath; bark Kloreuce
Peters. Cardenas.
PORTSMOUTH, Aug 9?Arrived, #chr Sophia, IIaiuiiton.
Gardiner tor Philadelphia. fk
Sailed?Schr Ceres, Moult>11, Philadelphia.
PROVIDENCE, Auk B?Arrived, schrs Ellas Moore,
Lewis, Georgotown, DC; Nnncv M Rose. Smith, do; Louisa
Frailer. Crawford. Philadelphia: Sarah A Buice. Sotnors,
do; J Rlcordo J ova. Little, do; Fred Tyler, Tyrrell, Rondout
for Pawtuckot.
Sailed?Steamers Totawanda, Slierman. Philadelphia;
Vindicator, Rogers, do: schrs John S Beucham. Woodland.
Haltituoro; American Ragle. Bennett. Vi-rpl ink's Point;
Amos Britrgs, Dunn, linvcrstraw; Bertha, Conover; Liltie
O Wells. Wells: Cynthia June, Gardner; Adelaide, Riyoor;
Elian Ross. Lewis; J H Burnett. Uasmu-scn; Tunis Bodine,
Silvio, and Connecticut, Allen. New York.
PAWTUCKHT, Aug 9?Acrivod, schr Smian E Nash,
Nasi., Westerly.
Sailed ? Schrs Major Henry Wordell. Goldsmith, Haverstr'w;
B H Warford Sprxgue, New York.
RICHMOND. Aug 8?Sailed, nteuruo Old Domiuion,
Walker, New York: schrs K A L Cordery, Hi-.* bee, oo; Lit
xie C llicKmai:, Vent, do; Edward Stanley, Dyer. do.
SAN FKANcLCO. Aug 1 Sailed, ships Lathley Rich,
Lewis, Antwerp: Shirley, Mathews, Tacoina; bark D C Murray,
Fuller, Honolulu.
2d? Arrived, bark Emerald. Lofcren, Port Gamble; brigs
Sea Waif. Smith, Columbia River; orient. Swan, do.
Cleared?Bark Dawn. Nielson Portland.
Pth?Cleared, steamer Constitution, Nolan. Panama; ships
Cast!? Roy (Br), Butchcrt, Liverpool; Silverhow (Br),
Dougal, do: Nightingale, Palmer, New York : burk Great
Broughton (Br), Kdkln, Liverpool
Itnis? Sailed, steamer Constitution, for Panama.
SEATTLE, Aug i ?Arrived. bark. J B Hell, Pox. S?a
Francisco: Diacovery. Ontinnr, do.
SAVANNAH, Auit x?Arrived, brig I'rofete (Sp), Aiaiue,
lOtb?Sailed, brig Pepe (Sp>, Haynoa. Bnrvelnna.
SALEM. Auk "I?Arrived, achr Mary E Auiedru, Baker,
I'ort Jolinron.
8tb?Arrived, ?chr? Jennie F Wllley, Trefethen. Baltimore;
Wealey Abbott, Mllliken. IVrti Atuboy: J <' Crafts,
lir. cley, I'ort Inhn.mi: i!e? A Pierce. Kelly. New York,
litli ?Arrived, ?ebr tlio Nutter. South A III buy
SOMERSET, Aug 7?Arrivnd, ecbr* Blast, Martin, Trenton:
Urhunna, Allen, II ken: Helen .Mar. Xickereun; W
II Brown, Jack Hon. and Harvest, t'orwiu, d<>.
STONINHION, Aug X?Arrived, eehr tie.trco II Mllle,
TlllcUon. Alexandria: Sea Flower. Lincoln, l'Uiladclphia;
Artlat. Forrester, south ambor lor Somomet.
TaOOMA. Aug 1?Arrived, abip Dashing Wave, Niekela.
Snn Franvlsoo; bark t.'arollne Ueed. Seymour, do.
WILMINt!TON, NO. Aug 7?Arrived, aleanier D J Foley.
Price. Baltimore: brig Lilli n illrt, Campbell. Hoatuu;
clirs Susan, tiiflnrd. Philadel|diia; E S Powell, Williams,
Cleared ScUr Andie M Cliadwick, Bird. Itoaton.
Sib?Arrived, ?chr Dick William*. Campbell, Phlladolpliia.
WISCASSET, A a if 8?Sailed,'aclir Klleu M (I olden. Mejutblin,
Now York.
Sth- Arrived, acbr Rhoda llolmeA Bnrr. New York.
7th?Sailed achr Sle'?i>n. Lewia, New York.
WARhllAM. Anir 7?Arrived, eclire Artist. Clement*;
Rlackntnne, Nlrkerson: Rote, .--tiekucy, and 0 Kill*. Torry.
Sew York ; Fair Wind, Howmaii, do ilalter nailed Sth to ro.ii
WIOKKORD, Aug R-Arrivod, achr Ply. SDellinan, lloloken.
W\RIIKX, AugS?Arrived, ecbr Licaie I) Small, Tice,
It'i?Sailed, ecbr Mary II Mifflin. Kerrla, Hohokcn.
A, Spoon Our*. iktS >outh at., nour Oouveriicur slip.
Water ft . nour Catherine Market, metallic uud wooden
iio.it* ot Mil kind*. JOHN T. SMITH.
bp ok sale?v Fust class sloop yacht, pr r1
feet order And completely found. 5'Jx 17, two Quarter
ulid two large glaterooina. Inquire on board, Uatii
mdgc. Hobokon.
three new Steam Yachts, throe Dredging Machines,
rapacity Irotu "?(> to *J-P>0 cubic yard* per hour, and one lar e
Slotting Machine, with itii the latest Improvements. For
)?nicui?n NDpi/ iu jA.nc,o iiuruuuvowo.
s. J.
ElOR KALK-TIIK Klltsr CI.ASS sLooP yacht
r Addio v outbid, in perfect order *nd completely tumid.
\d.lr...s COUNKLlL'S KOOSKFKI.T. No. 4U Writ 18th ?t.
ent Milci for mimeriiu* ciuon. advice free.
FREDERICK KINlS, Lawyer. Na H St. Mark'* place.
diaeaaea of men apredily ami permanently cured lijr
WINCll I.SrKK's SP-KCIKIO pill, texted tor 3D yeara
a itli uafailiti^ auceer*; two to aix b?xea are uiuhIIt autlicleut;
price #1 per box: aix bnxna, $. . by mail, aocuruly
seated, with full direcliuni. Prepared by WINCHESTER A
CO., Clietuiala, 3fi Jottn at. . New York.
j^oyal havana lottery.
PLACE AKliCST I, 1876.
.Va Prit* LYo. Prtae. I Xn. Pritt. IN*. Prir*.
47 *. ??) rd2 ... iool7 ae iiil'tO Jtvo
tc.l iw.Hl .TOO I'.nH-i li?ai 39346 500
313 of*' 9071 MM 18113 MXI 39440 ..l<JoC
Sis .a?> ioi37 .Mai 1931) sob 395m4 .mx)
4"3 MO lul.53 .500 193.53 .. ...*HXP 39018 Han
471 .'A* 1UU"3 M"i 19448 .'Of 3ta.3.5 3tt)
.",33 "HO UrVki MO,I9.H7.. ,'xo 3!<C44 .'a*>
f>Mj MO lliM4 VO 19511 40 .90.3 TMo
180 .'nil lu'.ls .'HO 19545 fHju 38654 MX)
743 MX' 11 ?i3 I MO 19*45 5UII 38719 MX)
817 oio liiT.'di .'?) 188.8.1 mo .9888 ,'mii
868 HA) 1077.1 MX I iwd.'i ,'H*i 38873 .'HO
911 ."HO, I' '7*4 .500 3t>|78 Map 3981li Mo 1
977 MAI lu-o 1 Itao 311-8I ,-haj 39934 Mxl
991 ."HAP i08io ,'HXJ 31 i-'f > i .'HO AXJl.'l MO
1<133 aa? |i?4l? .'HJ 39347 .'HA XXimi MO
lial-4 MX' Iliaki .'. IP 3fPf*HI 10(0 .?o8d Mo
IDVi HOI 11334 HOP 3841,1 ."hx)|.hx03 S4X)
1075 .'HAi 11330 Mx 3'a a 19 MX' :Xi34J ."HO
113.1 .'HO 113 .3 .... MAP 3-PHll .... MA) 30307 MX)
1144 MX) II ill) MX I .'ii8.Pi.. ..MX) ? 4D318.... Mao
117)1 MH> 114 al MX' 3>'H7lS..,. ."HO XXI3.5 ...3.5)DO
1319 )" ll'X'. ... Ito . 30943 MX) .Juft|8 Mo
1378 map 11'.14 in 3liaX) 5txi .**l3 mat
13.8 MO| llO.'J Ma i3ll.ll .... 1IXO 3fxi8tl MX)
137.1 .Ma 1; 117.a 1 MO 31143 500 Ml>7?R) lOlO
14.54 Mo 1177.4 Mi ,J1317 MO :XI931 1(*X)
1543 MXIl 1183.5 .".10:31309 Mai 3I1H3 MX)
1>74 v>* 21313 :I11U VX)
it.17 .'xxvinxw . ijJiiHi vjo 31229 vx>
17IH V)H 11945 VI>i2l.Y)0 X.*' 31473 VII
1792 ?> 12159 Vxi|_!944 HVH vx>
!? ? VI '21*1 .V?|.'|t(K( Vll 31527 .XI)
I*'*' V? 123)19 xivjl'IHS XI) 31.542 Vxx
1912 xxi 12395 v>i|217<x' .11 ix vx>
|!'3) .?? I211D Vi)| JI772 Mil :?1 H.*?7 VXI
11)32 50Oi 12*15 .... M?I.21H 7 Vxi 31999 v?|
2MI) Vul 12117 ." 211*14 "XXI 32?79. .'"Xi
22 "4 XXI 12.V*I .XX) 219-9 500 32117 fx*)
2218 X") 12 ' .I 5* 22DI9 IXI 32129 .'.Ill
2318 .VX) 12i?i7 22137 MX* 32139 .'XX)
2377 Vll 2 IX) VI) 22119 500 32175 ....1i??i
2379 51X1 129IX x X) 122229 .'XX) 132249 .'XX)
2H9 .VII 12ft45 Xxi 22239 VII 32310 .'XX)
2415 ."XXI 131)31 5)?i 222149 5tx) 32325 .'XX)
2 V .7 VX 13211 VX) 22324 .'XXI 3211 HI VX)
J.r.xi '?! 13229. V"> 22379 XXI132V14 VX)
2991) 1 I. 12 .?xxi|2J45> "?r?l3J|i?4 ixxi
:u>)7 VX'j 1.3819 .'<Xi|2253! VX>!324xU .'XXI
32^7 .'x?)|l 1.15 5"':22 X-9 .'X?i 8214>2 .'ill
3-124 .xx 1.1149 ...1WXXI 2JMM VII 32117 Mil
38H VI. I317U .Mil 22751 .XXI 32719 VX)
34*19 VXi 13723.......500 22784 MX' 32729 .'xx>
3*71 .'XI. 13775 ... 11 xij 2992... . .'XX .2752 .'Ml
3>)I2 .'XXI 13791 .2"! 229 .1 .'X*| -12 *79 VXI
Slillt ."XXI 139.53 V*ij23li|H VXI 329-1 ..,....'1X1
8742.... VXI 119)13 .XXI 2*121 Vll 3314)1 .'IXI
3713 .'.Ill 13-119 ....11X11 2-3020 rxxi 331)14 .'XXI
392.5 Vll 13-97 VXI 23 *49 lull .13 47 Vx?
3:? J . .. Iixxi il .. .."xx11J3133 .VXi 33299 .'XX)
3 19.1 ."XI M|4 ill) 5l?i,23l3l ."Hi.3 '414 VXI
3I-5 xxi MI9I) V0.23IV; Vjn 33". 19 xx)
3 1-7 ... VXI 14244. . Iixxi 2319.5 .lixxx.,33 luxi
3 "i."? "I 142 )1 VXi|2:l2i?) xXi.33.Xxl VX)
4 14 i VI 14 911 VII 23:9X1 :XX)j339 ! Vxx
4121 VI 1451)1 VX) 2 1401 MX)! 3-txx V) i
401H Xii Ui .7 VI) 2 ! xr2 #,?' ".1929 .Mil
424)1 1 1474 xxi 23-M 5011.139)15 .'XXI
4277 .ID) 114-1 Vx>|23iJO Si' 3492)1 Vxi
4?Ol VX)il4v>? 5t0i28701 50C'|34MOU MJ
Xu. Prit. I Wa \lic. Prlxt. |J0?
4411 MX) ] 1574 ....1*11)12371)3 MX) 34110 MXJ j
4?5a floulunau aoulasatti suoiMiAft sul d
4 1 800 147 4 >00 23 n6 MDSdW MX)
4*177 MJU 14779... . MAi 2J920 500 34375 MM
4i-?i siw ii7?a luun .5022 sou 34300......mm
4787 lt?>' 147:114 MX) 2.0)41 MA) 344" MX)
4*8H 4AI Unm Ml) 30.4) MA) 34480 50(1
SOU MA) HUM Ml 24-'28 MX) 34)93 MX]
8184 ... I'll) 14K0> .... 80O 24)ft4 lUO'i 34*124 MIO
81.17 Ml) 141)74 Ml) 24 1 77 MA) 34*129 MX]
8172 Ml) 14091 1000 24.77 800 34*131 MA]
818 ' ... Mi) IV *1 llXD 24281 MA) 3487V MX]
8317 Ml) IM>73 MA) 24338 TAX) 3t7<?> 1*AA)
8249 MA) IMlK) ?*>|2433V .... 1(H) 347)11 MA)
,V*47 MAI 13150 MA) 243H2 Ml) 3(790 .*11
8*77 -Ml) 181(18 Ml) 21*82 ....mil t.tlll .MA)
8882 MA) 1VIMO .Ml) 2441 AW Ml) I!!!lit) MAJ
5817 .I'm 152)1) MA) 24M1V .MA) 34O03 5<XJ
8T2D MA. 18218 500 24*113 MA) 38()4o MA)
88 11 AA)* 15220 "AA> 2471)8 MX) 38 HI f.00
8hi I> VV>| I.V24<) MA) 24784 KAA) 85UOO MA)
.j< 12*) 5'A'. 18253 MX) 24-4)9 5*A) 3">2li) Sol)
010) MX) 1.53*1 MA. 2181*1 MA) 382 0 MX)
02 19 NX*I15447 "(X) 24924 MA) .38*18 800
rt-i'iH 1(XH)||M3I |UU) 2.5'13 .... 1' A A i 3i*491 ?800
*430 i 5)I>| 1.5*1*1 ..ill 250 II MX) 35.57 1 800
tU 3 10*All 1.5870...., MM4|2.5138 MX) 35 .83 MO
it*. 8 Mai 1 i!i25..^^^^b.5294 MAI 35544 MM
,1122 Mn lV!A59a^^^^B[>324 MH 35*159 800
05) AI MA) !..tn^^^^^K(57 MA) 35782 MX)
*>825 MAI MA) 3 A-U.1 MA)
8*All ' Ml) 3*1188
tXVIO 5) ti MK) 3t.'2i) &)0
?wi ixni ....5<*> 311903 :>uu
.Mit) . .jiii 36055 500
.,789 MX) 37007 50U0
oho. ao>, 07045 mjo
i.'isi r?4> "'?*) 37065 uno
711)7 Mxl 500 372 I 600
70I4 ....sum Mm 37209 600
71x11 6mi 5'm 37321 rmi
7192 .'00 5m I 373H5 51)0
71-.V4 500 IOiU^^^^^HT'HOO 1000 37392 1000
....1001) liiT^^^^^B'iOOi lorn 37411 .VOu
731)1 .Mai 167^^^^^V~>076 500137138... 500
7470 500 '24 500 T7484 500
7534 MX) '-'? ) li**i 37525 11**)
7677 7(0 loo^^^^Bi 20108 -MXi 37532 MO
70 il 5mI 17> 20213 M*l 17501 50O
7005 51*1 17 20247 .5)*) 37)1)0 500
7719 5mi I7I^^^BM> 26010 .Mm 370.57 700
7721 fiOO 2)17)4 .... 5"'37767 5U>
7K 0 .')* 172)^^B.M 10 2)I7K5 .51*1 37788 500
7863 Mm 171-J^^K.V*) '26<15 ....DXX) 37887 500
7)11 5 500 l73l^Mr*?*i 20005 5'*) 3913V 7**)
8131 . .Mm 174.5^^I..VOf) 20910 .500 38187 .M*J
W2.V3 ....ID O 17 iii^llioi 27i*)S 5(M 39 122.... 500
8255 ..'?)*> 1702:^H. ..Mm 271)18 5)*) 3141*) 72)0
8340 501) 177.53M..5J0 27133 S0O38431 500
83.8 5m 1 I77i'.t?..5<*i 27171 500 38508 78*)
812) 50O 177)12 H...500 27178 50? 38008 V00
8)37 .MX 1 17712 ..)*) 27334 7**11380It) D**)
8511 Mm 17850 50)I 27352 72*138)147 5)*)
8027 >'?) 18'*)7 VII 274))I SOU IH708 500
8719 . ...50O 18037 .Mm 27401 5(?) 31843 74*1
8724 ....500)1 18018 MX) 27600... .1000 38863 IOIX)
8737 Mm 18220 MX) 27622 .Mm 38061 500
8K57 .Mm 18310 .Mm 27ti!*4 If**) 3.8988 5)*)
8025 MX*)! 186*) MX) 27S43 5)*> 39))<0 500
1X127 Mm 18420 Mm 27858 501) 30164 MJ0
0132 .Mm 18 128 .Mm 270.5 .MXI 30235 500
9150 .Ml) 18020 MX) 28013 Mxi 30272 7 00
0167 .VOL) 180*13 500 281)45 .Mm 30358 low)
0181 Mm|l80O8 ,M*l 28157 M) i 30415 MO
92 9 .MX) 1SWS9. ...25mm 28258 5mi|3O407 500
03 0 500 18073 500 28447 M*l :??L50 74X>
1)373 Mm 18)102 .Mm 2847H 600 30713 500
03H2 .MX 1 18755 .Mm 28525 MX) 30730 M*)
057!) 5 ? 1881)1 MX) 28 .70 .MXI 197.58 501)
11.181 lux 18<2.v ,M*i 28702.. .. 50li|:t0789 10)*)
071 I) 54 * 1118839 M * 1128842 51XI 30912 500
0723 74*1 18008 7.0 ) 28081 MDIt3<J02]^....500
0813 500! 10 05 500129307 MX)|
approximation prize&
yn. Prise. | Xc. Prtzr.iXo. /'? #y..\Xo. Prfn\
fwvHvm 1 iw. 1 a*.. j_ k rwvt
* ---< Al "lUUUU
1*1141 *9*> 208 ill $500 Idaiu. 87-*. $00
IB 14*/ ?J0 20821 500 KI32* $'*0O 87/5 i> O
1 < H 4 -S 500 :?3-6 500 1081 500
1(1143 5(JU 1(134 300
1(114(1 50 1 21(113 :V0
1(1147 ."0? $10,0CXX 21*14.1 500
1(148 rnw $23.00a 37000 "01
1*1140 JlXj 18(4.8 *500123180 5U 371108.O >
1(3150 50O 18B70 5(J0| 17343 300
17:4(5 . ..'411
I Al scffundo 30317 5(>0
I idum. 30310 500
113448....$500 7013 .. .500
|l3450 5001 7o45 500
Next drawine August 18, 1870. l-'or particular* H<*<lrsas
10 WkII at. New York.
Ax ^rtae.lJVa Prist. | So. Prim.\S<k Prim.
47 tSOUn W/442... .?6uu 19017 29450 83*10
00 500 8808 300 1W4KU 1H0T. 28248 508
312 500 0074 5U> 19115 JXP J(*440 .. ..10lC
818 5U> 10127.?...WIO 19212 SOU 29584 5M0
4(3 509 10153 ioo 10253 .. ..500 2U81S 1U>J
471 500 10208 iOO I9M8 900 29825 900
532 500 1U388 iOo 19 2/7 500*29844 .500
582 ;?J0 1(614 MO 19511 54IO 29853 500
48(1 500 10513 .*<? 19M5 J*tU *29864 6(10
742 .500 lt?2( .500 19845 50O 29719 500
817 5(*> Ki7i? i?*l 198*6 ."*? ? -988S 500
808 50O 1(1778 500 19945 500 29872 .'2J0
911 500,11/784 500*20178 5(?l?2?ine 500
077 lO?J HOi 20.*1 SUO 20024 500
hhi sou loHtM 300 uuiJtw ....m/j toiH3 sui
1032 SOU) 10018 SO 2<tH7 5(X>3t*SU soo
1138 -**.. 111**/ > O 2)K*i8 11MJ 31VJH6 J>00
1035 .54X1 11*24 . It*X> 2IMK.1 500 :*X)03. 500
1075 ISOU U2i"0 JOC 2O4M0 54*' 311048 500
1130 50H U312 501) 2i?ll 500 30307 500
1144 500 llilll SOQ 20H.O....S00" *H1H 5UJO
1178 51*1 114>6 5U> J?w70 50 * 3UM35. ,_SBOOO
12/9 ..00 110! 15 101 to 20O43 SOU .*1518 500
1278 .100 111114 Oi 2KW0 500 JOH23 .LOO
1358 5011 11062 SOC 21128 ....11**1 3tW**l 500
1S7i? 500 11750 5(*> 21142 500 3WW8 10UU
14-54 50fl 11778 SO 21217 U*> 31*1:1 10UO
1542 500 llh2S 500 21MW .600 31102 500
1574 5* ll>? 5(1. 21313 4*131114 Ml
11*17 5lO 11000 :??. 21483 500 31229 50U
1718 SOU 11045 50(1 215*1 500 3)4.3 30*1
1782 5.10 12158 50O 21844 **k 1154)4 4<?)
10K7 504 12180 .Vii 21883 Son 31527 5UO
18211 600 12.*18 5OO2180M 500 31542 SOU
1012 500 12385 Mi 121700 500 3H/J4 500
11-60 5ffc 12410 5U0J217TJ K**i 3I*?7 50O
1032 500 12415 ....11JOO 31827 5UO 348H8......50?
2140 50O 1 5M7 50 21014 500 321/78 5O0
22 H ?00 12530 500 210-8 2810 32117 .500
22 W. 5(K> IJ551 S.i 23.?10 OO ,32120 'OU
2348 600 1JH1J7 6 23137 5t*i 3213M ?W
2377 50(1 12*4)0 5<m 22180 SOU 32175 1IIUU
237 8 .500112848 18J0 22*28 SOU 33248 500
2300 SOU 12*45 500 23238 500 323)0 SAO
2415 MX) 13168 500 ?1286 500 33:120 U?
251/7 500 13311 6uO 223M SOO 32340 3UU
2506 50O 1322D 500 22T70... ?U) 32384 500
2*W' 50O 13282 .'4*>|22*S i 64)0(32 104 3UO
3107 SIXi 15310 05 22531 500)33420 300
3287 ....500 13.15 SOD YSiNB 5?>)3S*tt 500
3324 .**/ 13440....1UUU) 22.156 500 32317 500
8**ll 500 13478 D*? 32751 34*1 33770 500
3480 50>i 13723 M?) 22784 1001. 327211 J*M
8171 500 13775 ll??? 2H94 51k 22-/32 500
8?12 **i 13701 5(*) 2?r>l .**. W97H 500
s?u; son i:?s:i fioti 2?n? sixi 328*1 ux>
3712... 54*113863 50)334121 SOU 33)441 MB
8743 500 I1-0K ....10011 230.41 5U> .33184 50O
3825 .Mm 13-107 601) 23/#41) ....KIOO 33 47 51X?
80.2! 11**) i r.Ml MX) 23133 MI! 812HH 54)0
31*** 1 50*>11 8)40 51*/ 23)34 50013 414 51*1
30-5 500I141H0 500 2313C 500 Wil* 500
80 .7 51*114241 l(tf*i 23I.-S MO. * . !33 188 MX*)
?oor? .?* i4a-n. .vki 23200 ano xtKW ....jam
i'MS soo 14.au Mil 23,?m mm 3 3*11 si)
4134 500 14316 500 2)491. 00 -il-m* jjti
41ho ioo 1 4357 5oot2::v?i mm
4240 am; 14474 mm -isoM 500 :muo% sou
4277 1<> ?) 144*4 500 23730 M*> 34ttW MM
44ol 500 i4">84 MX) 23761 500 34 mo mm
4hi 54x> 14.74 .... kxx) *002 sim 341io .'4*1
4473 5(lo 14033 500 234*1 MxiRMISS NO
4 411 SOI) 147 4 50O j3vx>5... 503t34llxl) SOU
4677 mx) 147714... . .'4)0 11j0uu jmuu 31275 sod
4"-*1 5im 147*5 1000 23022 w?> 31j0u 1mo
47?7 ioo 147311 .501) 21.041 mm li?4<? 500
4-t? 30o 14*1x1 sou 238mi 5)00 31460 r.00
M>ll MM 14*55. MX. 24o2*.... MM 341311 MM
5154 .... 1(x<) 14365 500 341r4 kx?>?3:?24 mm
5l?.7 .V? 14*7* MX. 1 24177 MX) 34615) MM
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5>)hi ... 500 1.vx41 1(xxj 342*1 mx) 31675 .'mo
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81:50 WO I88.J8 6U> 381114 WW .1M772 600
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0748 w?i 1UII M?1 38081 ;.|I 43037. MM
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>0 Prim. 1 Kc. "/? A5, " ?*. 1.V0.
fKW.uw 1 550.1 UU | A1 iieando 1 $6,000.
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