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UNCERTAIN llffi. '
The Campaign in Mr. Hendricks' State
and the Probabilities for trie
October Fight
Independents Claiming; IjO.OOO Votes mid the 1
Balance of Power.
The Candidates for Governor "Eiusjeans" Williams, "Kid
Glove" Harrison and "Greenback" Walcott
Both Parties Claim the Majority of the Bis- |
tricts?Odds iu Favor ol' the Beiuocrats.
l.NDUKAPOi.iR, lud., August S3, 187/1. !
Indiana 1* now tb? cynosure oi all political Chustendom.
It is the locus ol' hopo and despair iu this centennial
Presidential race. In ibe estimation of many j
astute political prophets this Hoorier t'oiumouwoaiib I
is, in truiU, tbo pivotal point in tbo grout canvass of !
3870. People do not upply to Indiana tbo sententious
taying, coined Into a truism ol olber .Status?lor ex- J
ample, "As goes Pennsylvania so goes tlie Union '? 1
I'or that Is not tbo arbitrary manner ol stating tba
case. It is tbis: Should both Ohio and Indiana go !
largely ropublicun in October the moral cllect on ibut
potential lores known as tbo "floating vote" would bs
exceedingly Huyory. Discreet Tilden lin n bardiy anticipate
dalcut ol the republican Slate ticket in Ohio in
October. But Indiana is so close uud the presllgo or
triumph is so (rashly favorable to tbe democracy and
snii-Urantism elements, that the Iriends of
tnter this fluid ol contest w ith a heroic delorniiuation
to win a signal victory in October. Tbo reasoning is
at least logical, though it may not be conclusive, that
II Indiana is swept by u good rouud majority in Oc- ;
tober by the 1'ilden-Uendricks forces tbis result will
neutralize any old-limn result favorable to Hate* and
G mutism in lluckeycdoui.
Thai the readers of the Hluald may see the situation
her<^ in a noonday light, 1 will speedily trace I
Ihe results ot ilie several receut campaigns In Indiana. ,
I can hardly liud terms 111 which to characterize the 1
political status ot Indiana. Wo hear it remarked, "Indiana
is naturally a democratic State;" or, "The republican
party la entitled to success In luduua." .Neither
classification is correct. Prior to lb.">4, or, in tact,
prior to 18'jU, with the exception of ilio "Know Koih- 1
Ing" cavalry dash ol 1864. which elected its Slato
lickol, not including Governor, Mid dcloaled sevcru'
democratic candidates tor Congress, anions the in our
then young Thomas A. Hondricks, Indiana was prop- i
rrly classined as it democratic Male. Iler vote lor that
party could bo relied on. I'pon the dissolving ruins of
wh ggcry in 18S4, a mushroom conglomeration. Comprised
ot "Kuuw Nothings,'' uboliuouisu, aotl-Nebraskaltes,
and partisuu whigs, swept the State, to
the consternation ol the friends of President frank
l'iorrp I liru.n H-irhnr nl in ,IiiIa.!?J Th.n,..
A. Hendricks tor Congress, and there was wcapiug iir.d |
wailing in tho Simon Pure democratic camp. In 186ti, |
, however, young Oliver l'erry Morion, having loft j
democracy and turned lils lice in adoring worship !
toward the rising sun, was badly detested lor Governor |
by A.-.hbcll 1', WiHard, and thr state wueeletl again into 1
liao tor the Sage of Wheatland, the dear Old Pub. I
Katie., Jamie Iinchansa, In Ikjs democracy again
wou an easy victory. Not till
Till. M KMOKARLk r.l.1ll'il<III Of lblHI
did the grand break occur, wuich hat been sineo main - ,
taiuea in wbolo or in pari by the opposition to tho
dcmorracy. lu 1S6S there was a (utile effort to
"fuse"' tlu? Irreconcilable opposition by conservatives ,
like Hi ok Thompson, the "old man clogueni,'' ot tiio
Wabash, and the abolitionist-, beaded by George W
Julian. Tbe whirligig ol Time now exhibits Thompson
as a vehement supporter ol <1 mutism and Whayes ntid
Heeler, while Julian is announced us sympathizing
with Tilden and rolorm, una maki g a faithlul effort to
wul ow the caudal appendage ol the ticket, Governor
Hendricks, whom lie had so violently opposed aud do.
Bounced all his political lite. Ill lsi)0 Lincoln swept
ibo Htate by "JO upu Two years later, when the wur
lor I no Union lagged, and charges ot mismanagement
wore hurled against Lincoln's administration, in manv
instances by its friends, llio democracy again won the
btate ticket and the Legislature. That was the Legislature
which chose Uvndrioks to be United Stales
eeuator. Tho record" snows that tho victory '
in 1 S'it was strong for tne war pirty and lor
tho rr-elecilon ol Lincoln. Possibly it was, but
your correspondent well remembers some details of :
thai 1864 ballot which tend strongly to convince tho
most sceptical that the practical workings of n "re- i
I'uvtiuiu iimui i? gurcriiuicai may uu wiuciy ainereni
Ifom ttie suporhtie theory of It. C'olonol Will Holloway,
Morton's brother-in-law, postmaster here, might
bo called, nod tin known Hut a
then stationed here to guard Camp Morton rebel '
prison, and perform other duty, went out on the early i
trains by companion and squads into various parts of
the r<talo and voted, some squads repealing this laset- >
listing utilization of patriotic loyalty in several county
towns aloug the l:no of railway, wh.ch was then
their skirmish lino. Perhaps thousands of
votes wore thus added to llio grand '-Morton
majority" o! that year's Octolmr election.
Tho lollies of Andy Johnson increased tho
republican success in 1n6<>, and In 18dS the raro was
emphatically "nip and tuck." Hendricks barely eecaped
being cho--n Governor over Conrad linker, but
the majority of the state ticket elected were republicans,
auJ tho usual November result lollowc-L Grant
carried h bv lO.oou In 1S70 tho cnuro democratic
ticket wis elected, and all the world and tho balance of
inoutind remembers tho disaster 10 poor DoctAr
Oaoloii In Is" lint .~l. - ? >
nlmostut . Governor Hendricks distanced General
loin I: row no by .? lew liundrcu vol*', aud one or two
> otbc.sot' the Oemoi rats on a l.ill Mute ticket uero
Heeled. The victoiy was a ?iiv. led one. but a subilan- ,
tial gam to the democracy. Under preceding republican
rale the Mate h id l>?cn
c. :tRTJt*xnrtUKD am> i >u.M>
out of all ?li*peitne?.?, to ti\ a legislature with which
to relurti llori'Ui to tue I ait Mates .-inato and to
WB<1 a majority ol r-oiblicam to toccr? >- .<01110 of
the Congressional iii-trul. .mi m 1 el* ol infamy,
being nTer 1(M tones lung and out a dozen wide at their
narrowest isthmus n*wss. In sptoot this (instatesmanlike
elTort at smothering the | -ople aud perpetuIting
a ptrly, the "opposition*' r ,;od in sorted col> :
umn in 1S74, and rouied Cranllsm, "h. is-, loot and
dragoons." lite kan.aroo ami dromedary Con- .
grcssional district* old not avail the manipulators.
Democracy and liberal republicanism combined and
ihe "regulars'' wero delisted by irom la.ooo to o.i.ujo
aiajuntv. The defeat was llio mod complete which
the republican organisation has sustained 111
Indiana since thv birth ul the party a score
of years ago. All the Mate ticket, eight ol
lite thirteen Congressmen and the legislature
wore the trophies ol tbo engagement that lei! to the
detrusor.cy. A low thousand vptes were east lor llio
l'.iiucpcndcni*' or green oa< k ISlulo ticket, aud id two
Congressional districts some y,ww votes were cast or I
third party or greenback candidates lor Congrera.
Thus the reader eatt perceive that Indiana is em.ncuily |
debatable ground, wnh Iter baO.rwu voters prilly
evculv Ulvhled iu their pollt al preferences. ll 1 were
to deduce conclusions ban d oil the arbitrary rs-ulla at j
the pu is ol tireM several campaigns, a lair sutictueui
o! theca-e would hardly be presented. I have sought ,
laithinlly for erodibic tnloruiatiou concerning the j
Strength and numerical ituportanco ol
the oantxnaca float warn
now rolling ov?r niihappy Uooatcrdom. These "iade- j
pendents," responsive to your interrogatories In quest
of light, veil ibeir countenance u itu Platonic wisdom,
wink iho -'oraclo Indicator" of tUeir leti visual organ
and whisper m mysterious cadeuees. ''Somebody 'II be
astonished In October!" Perhaps somebody will. The
bin ill but red hot baud ol currency revolutionists are
as industrious as beavers, aud thev appear to think
thai they, with beuver skill, are building a very big
dam?big enough to "datn" the whole hard money
policy and national bankers included. Kerenlly I !
pasted over tho railway to Louisville, and en the train
wero several leading groeubackers, diverging to differcnt
points ol tho .State to adlrt-s the borny handed |
yeoiuanry In iho I nit re., t? el? the greenback cause and !
Peter Coopur.
"Do you tind any independents 1 asked of Judge ,
, en route to adcress a Johnson county meeting.
' Kind'm. Hi ? Vcs, thousands of *tu. Iu October
they'll pour their voles into iho ballot box so numerously
as 10 produce tho same amazement as lo Ibeir
spontaneity as ike r.Mjig li um iho earth ol' the Sioux
Indians docs boioreour army on the Big lioru." Judge
ll.irriunton. Ii,rm riv u membnr of I'mnirnsj a nrorn
incut lawyer aud leading democrat of this city, now a .
candidate! lor Judgu of the Superior Court on the
grceubaok ticket, was aboard the same train, en
route to address tlio greoubaekslors at New Albany.
James Buchanan is the J.(k'i interconvertible caudidalo
lor Congress in tills district, and be expresses
sarong hopes ol election. i hey are orgunixiug, partly
through Hie "grange." 'Ihoy have a lull Slate ticket
iu the held, una local tickets in many ol the counties.
To iguoro this strong and growing oletneut in Jndianu
politics would bo blind ioily. It is a lactor wb:;b
must he couiditeieil and c nil in crated In casting the
moosikk uokoscoi'e,
this centennial campaign.
Never beioro in tlio history ol Intiiana politics bave |
so many exceptional unit sturtliug inculeuu occurred,
iu tun very hcgiuuiug oi u camputcn, which liavo thu
citeol ol di-concerting and disturbing lliu logic ol the
prupliot and tho proliabilitles ol I he slatigliciuu. Both
ol toe old parlies have experienced a revival ol excessive
political virtue. Lloib linvo had u spasm and bave
puigod their respective tickets?a concession of j
luillbtllly UCTOr lvinre known' ol partisan- |
i >iii here. Kifst, democracy beeamo enutuuled '
iu nu expo.-.uro ol irregularities In a small j
way in tho expenditures in tbo Miprcmo Court of tlio |
Male, a body of live judges, lour ol ivlium are Billion
Pure democrats aud lUo tiub a liberal republican. Old
John I'otUi, a "cnarucler" In his roughshod way, and
a c..plial subject lor a hero ol "Bloody UuicU" under
the vivid quill ol Bret I (arte, abandoned hi Intel;, tu a
public way, and public sentiment irowned linu from
the uckcl' and scorned him lino oblivion. Thou a hitler
aud uncalled lor war, all along ino democratic lino,
was an; ed agaitisi Judge Miuiucl 11. Butkirk, and tbo
U ii a 1 result was a series of now conventions and a vivisected
.supreme Court ticket, with Judges Buakirk,
Dovvnev mid Pettil oU. The tricuda of Judge lluskirk
ii ro sore, aud as cx-Conurcssuiun William I v. Nibiack,
of \ inceunos, U substituted for Buskirk It |
is luinored that a very serious bolt Irom i
Nibiack will ' aurelv result tu bis defeut. I
l or a winlo tho partisan liuyas papers rung tbo I
im, uu iuh rmrmc hi iue uc-uiucruiiu idliss uuu
wade, ill put bou.so parlance, some considerable "capital
' oiil ol the event. Hut tlio wailing Boon
issued lrorn tho oilier sido ol mo Hayes organ moulds.
proved a mistake, as u didn't appear on St. fetor's
books thai IIoil loved Drill as much us ho iui|{hl huie
done. But it <li(l appear on the books ol tho Siuto Department
at Washington that Ortli loved Mammuo, uol
wisely but too woil, as Miss \ lnmo /uulu can toll
you to lier sorrow and shamo. It was with an excessive
llourish ol' trumpets that Godlovo s Onb, Euvoy
Extraordinary and Mlutsier l'looipoientiary ot the
I niled duties ol America to the Court ot His
lmp.rtal Mujesy the Euiperor of Austria, was
liouiinuted lor Governor lust February; aud then this
goutiuiuuu, a supporter and routiner ol Grant, waved
oil tint \ eke ol oitictal dignity ami camo home and
opened the campaign in u "keyuote" speech. Immediately
the tangled web of guilt concerning OriU's
lobtii inj; unu jobbery in the Venezuelan claims bustne.
s became "as hot as a lunukilu" (to <|uutu Irom the
ex-caudiuatc), uud Godlovc was uu tne Ueiensive. He
bul ucived lumsell up to the cliarge-bavooet coolness
ot delivering hero in this city, at llic Academy of
Music, a uiicuuisuntial account ol his couuection with
that suspicious jobuery, when u batch ot Ins own
with Coloucd loin .Milweil and rubers, who were the
manipulators ol mat hall million lraud, was exposed to
litin. l'uo 01 igiuu.s wire in ihu huuils of a political
enemy, bin a "oargaiu and sale" cuu.d be made.
"Witiidraw and we will see ibai your loiters, lately m
tho hand* o: .Mrs I'olouel Miiwell buall bo destroyed,"
sa.d t010 lei 1 ricdly, cuairtnau ul (be Kepublteau .State
Louimitioe. und U neral Foster, Luued States Mints* ;
tcr to Mexioo. Ill despair Orlh red voted (hat diecreliuii
is the better pari of valor. He discreetly and
Valorously declined the raco tor Governor. Never aas >
publicum a deader corpse. Many peop.e are pained a
Onb's discomiHur.i. itc is genial aud popular, and hit i
WTuiis dues uui seem in have been great iu these days ;
ul U.'laiiups, Koocsuns, Hancocks, v.rants, lieutx and
(lie rest. And now the democrats arc returning the punt- .
Hunt slabsgiveu tbein l>y thur jubilant opponeut* annul
luu deposed di inocrauc canuiuaies .ur Mipi emo Court.
Tnorclore the Ma e campaign lur the eiecliuu in October I
io nuw lairly ablaze, General Benjamin' Harrison is {
BUbbtitdieU tor Uriu. Ho ns calio.l by the suns utlvtlrs,
tho "kid gloved aristocrat," and bis democratic opponent
is nationally known just now as "old blae
jeaUr. ' Thus tne txooaiuis ecubraiu their centennial
campaign with a;t "<nd clonings" ticket, and
lILl'K Jr A.NS w.luamh AM) till tlLOVK HAP.KISON
will penetrate tbo jungles and byway.-ot this Commonwealth
>n roaring conthcl till tb>' lido ut uatlio ebbs
with tic s. lting i-uu on tbe lOlli day ol October. H.uo
Jesus Williams has -ouiided bis "kcyuote" already at
P i.em, .-ouuiern Indiana, 1:1th tust. on (no ItUU
iv.u Glove Harrison sotiuded his "keynote 'at llan u lie,
in an adjacent couuty. Vou arc uivato that the old <
btatniii morion nnvvorn
lias been bounded, the limping and dilapidated Senator
cum tug ail tho way trom Washington to give the order
oi ui.iit;ii anil w.nu bis cusauguiued unmentionable. i
i'his ne did in ni? usual masterly stylo. Lpou mis oc- j
casion tie oui-Ueroded Herod bimseil, and poured lorih
too ino.ii aggressive and niuil octtnuisir.tiivu speecli of
uis 11iv. i- or mi attack .111 a uu arraignment tunouie to {
Hi'.* uilit way oil your*, whoa it* Inner asseverations
wore pertinent to unt issues involved, it in a heroic,
bravo cavalry dash into Uio enemy's cam p. Bui lie is
m.stakeu in lii> baulo. U i* poor Cusicr grappliug
Willi the mouj over again. Morton is scalped uuu lie*
prone una bleeding. His philippic lull stillborn on
the trout public, only the Bourbon Hotspurs oi tho
w? period tune uuy siotk in it.
tin; Abo's homely philosophy of not swapping horses
White itraggUag to nfW a Itiilm stream tlnd* u
special upplicution here in the gubernatorial coullicL
drill would have curried 6.000 Herman votes which will
not touch Morrison. Orm would liaVu lost heavily in
some localities >u account ol his complicity in the
Yeii.znc.au job, but lie would have received the ballots
ol many hundreds ot itemocral.e in cities and towns j
whose instincts uitd loetes nie ol a higher order than
commonplace ana "lliujaeuz.'' There lea prevalent I
disgust lor Vt iliiaius i n tout score in the democratic '
rank.'-. It Is said t\ i ill .title < Ui*l title to statesmanship
coli. :stS in that suit ol blue Jems. Ills u {acts actu- '
ally, tnat democrat > lit. who insist that theie arc
higher attributes thun ih.it; und ihey ;ot it Biujecuz
Wninmis in a lit .successor to the dignilied and educated '
doveraor Hendricli-I.'ho wuils till October to an- i
svvur. The production oi Beu Harrison will have the
tendency u> ubiitcraie this lecling against Itmioenz, lor !
thu people have learned to rugard Uunjainin, the i
grititisou ot ins grnndlMher, President William
Henry Harrwon, us a bluo-blood aristocrat. The nutoral
tendency oi the democratic nuud prctcre liluo
jeans to blue blood. At ltd event* however tuuen ol
a curiosity in Congressional lite Blujcaua Witiisrn*
proven to ur, ben Harrison n certainly a novel episode
in Indiana >iute po ilic?. He is actually withuul the
pale i l "Muftnniaui" <a disease routined to this Commonwealth),
the nr-1! cvni?;ii'-uuus dare dev I venture of
tnat -oi. since thu gorv garmented Seuutor Became the :
polii.cui -Ncuicsis ol Indiana. Harrison wnl prove :
weak among the horny handed farmers Ho is not a ;
man alter (lion ow ii heart. Especially in these "hard
times'' will the laboring mioses bo likely to vote ac
I "I Oltln t<? I-.UICI . -I, ..UU .1- ? .1 pil.il is CO US' | VNIM O ;
Hi* is industry tiwuiiisli. WlK'.i they contrast dim :
Williams' blue jeans with Hen Ham on a kid gloves
they Wlli ay inpaltll/r with Joanr. Ill that
uspoe'. of the lijus.or centennial campaign
it is rtsolved ton quo. lion simply ui nine jean* or kid
glovce. I; is (onevtled hy every reasonable aim well
in.oruicrt mati that lljrru on i* by all edits the ntical
perron to the two lor llorornor ol Indiana. lie is a
person ol short rr tlure, plump figure, large WolrHtr.au
hen:, .? null; white blonde, with pal* flaxen
loir. - and purple vein*, trutiiig Hie luurso nl ins blue
blo.nl over oi< iciiij lo*. V.illiatua ia tall, ungainly,
an award, angular. Harrison ta edocaled uud llueul ol
speech in ,.'.ud Ihgll-li. Williams Ir Illiterate III h lie. :
a. to. ami price* uimaullon In Co.item pi Tor graminali- I
i il io.i?n n . on el .-ruicn. "t?lor the formalities ol
I rnp'-r apeeeb. Two men rauro unlike in
physique-, hi chnrncdr, m aua.nmetit*, hahus,
Kielhi ..is, i. iiM hardly be build. Ol diametric
| f -on tin-m, utterly dlUareOt mental att.ilr.rni
ii o; , olid grouping* ,1' qualities,
antaaea.-i-e vitas ol poi.ucai ami prit air lile, Ibcro
are ..ui. i low i". ui-o| etvih/jtlvM upon wbicb tliey
would naturally drill to.-.lUvr. Ho.it are lor "re- :
lorin i: i' .>/. i- uo orator, cot even an entertain- i
in eiump [> -nker. I.ei uin.i. n ? very Hemoaibones? j
an t in ue-t, 11. is t?. I.- speaker, bubbling ovei wqiu
Idea-, logo , polio a. ,<l poeirt. li t- whole Sol and - !
hoi -be i in n lo.nd ot pur*. Irt-sh Kii ;n*t>. Hut Will- j
lama is iuoy in the ptilois ol the people All
coii-i tlit.u* coo side ie.1. as oei a.-an W iln.tuia ainl Uairi- il,
Id ijcsn/. would feme in ou the noaie (Spun) 1
-.leleli Jr .( ,|.u flown "kid* With Jd.lHUJ
io . d>. lis.r- .- hat oim r uirtor, so inr nejlef.e
!. Alison Wa.iu.lt :s the gubernatorial
e .iid.o.te of tl.o iuJr| inii|. iit greenbackerr.
Ill-' I ' " in St.- thai they liaie a proapeel ol carrying
loirit ;ivi p r tout ol the total vote. that, of i
com i, in air an tr luni w litre the reinaioloe -dxtv- i
Bve per ceiil t' - - aou.it equally divnle.l, would .nsuro a i
VI. IOt> I'lill alllt Wins ,'iet r. Wulooit Is a gOIHieniail I
ol portly prtqoii . ... ailier imtr, a down K.vst \atikco i
(or Nn-,v \ wrKt i l.y h.rtn. \ man ol !?o ability. otio- I
ndc. able ;i di i .perion. , and won d be no tlis- i
cruiit in * lie K\o. ..live cii.nr. Ho w..uid cut a better
hgnre in.in either "a d glove' or lllojeen.? I
Jsiii s liu'nsinn is the principal grevni>tck figure in i
I'leMa.e. i cal.eil upon dim to-uay iu DM law oilicc.
"Mr. Hucbaiiuu. what do you co.-Mnor tho i
eg. <-g.no greoiibata tlrcugtli in luutner" I i
I anted. "Weil. in." be responded, in
bis c 'iilKtriite manner, a he ..busted Ins I ;
?ptoin? i , "ui least l.'iU.uuu llu' we do not louut on I i
loeciving lor 11 # ihd. pcuc.-nt lica. l i;.o lull etrc-ugib l
Hi s yeai t.f Hie iroi'h..uk voio. toe hope lor thirty- | i
lite |e .' rem ol the total vo;> equal io au aggriga.eof - i
a >ut 130,IM-. ' A re il, genuihu .d-cl.vl [nrlillciau ol
eitbs-l old pail/ would laugh b> -U-rical.y at an eh a
siisiiesti ui?ol l.ai.udvl ihdepehils-dt voters id Ottolier <
iu ind ana. i
Judge i-ugtu la aa independent gieeiihnckor who ia i
now canvassing tho Stat*. Heating him yesterday I 1
"In what relative pre portion do you conclude that 1
your independents come trom the two old parties r"
"Judgiug lroiu ooceivat on." he uuswerrd, "and 1
have taken pains to investigate that point, 1 would
give It as my. opinion that our (orue is composed of
the old parties in aoout equal proportions. For instance.
I ni.d thai ia a strong democratic locality much
the lurser proportion in lite independents wero lor nerly
democrats, while the reverse is true in loculit.es i
heretofore largely rupohllew. ' i. Legu'i rww is !
correct tlie relative status of the democratic and re
puhlican parties would remain unchanged at the Octol>er
elect,pu, Iho practical ettocl of the greenback or independent
voto being simply lo reduce lliu totals. unless
they controlled it plurality, and that does not npj>e?r
to ino at all probah.e. tin ilie hypothesis that tlie
proportion ol desert oua Iroru tie great conflicting
democratic and republican parties to mo independents
J * (" "> la lum UIII' ... a. a
Williams will oo elected Coventor of Indiana m October.
John 11. NuU, present Secretary of State, atiil democrutio
candidate lor re-election, makes the following
nainerie.il prophecy ol tborusu.ton llovernor by Congressional
districts, viz.:?For William*?First, by
1,-OU; Second, by 6,600; Third, by 4,800; Fourth, by
I,00b; Tenth, by 400, nud Twelitb, by o,0oo. Totiti iiik- i
joritie?, IS.IXO. For Harrison?Filth, by .'<00; Sixth, i
by ouo; Ninth, by boo, and Eleventh, by 1.600. Total j
majorities, i.',800 Me puts the Sevei.ih, Kiglith and |
ThirtceuiU down an a tie. That wouitl elect lilujeenz j
by lS.bOa . |
hare sustained acoiupoiiud iriicture ol the vertebra) (if
Sawbones admits Much a breakage) by tho uesertion
to l'llueu, Hendricks aud rclortn ol Colonel
(leorgu W. Kurd, tho chairman til mo Independent
.vatc Central Connnitiee. Colonel Muss Is a young
and eloquent cnlliusia-t. Ho beta lurth ln:> reasons lor
dosertiu, the independent organization in an ab.c letter.
Hricliy, tie Onds the parly which ho abandons I
.already putrefying ironi the leprosy ol ottlco-seek:ng, ]
the gangrene ol corrupt politicians Then be thinks !
the silver advocacy by leading greenhuckers is a still- i
tilicatioa and au ubaudoauteiit ui the principles ol the i
organizution. Therefore be drops the Uoutico question I
lor llio present and lakes up that of rolorm. On iho ,
currency problem ho llnds the republicans and the item- ;
ucrats standing on precisely similar grounds; but ho I
seos ltw| third lernt ol Crautisin in the election ol |
Hayes, and a lair certainty ol reiornt mid eltnunatiun
oi impending, consuming, destructive evils in the olec
tiou ot Tildeu. Thcrolorc ho turns liopotuliy to Tildcn j
and Heudrickb. Colonel Uuss is u power on tho hluinp
and a popular gentleman.
tloing to tho louutuiu bead of Hayes and Ilarri.-on !
luioriiiaiiou 1 lound Colonel l'riedly, chairniau ot t!>o
II..1.,.1,1,Slum I 11..., It., w ivmll I. n silliti* !
dark-visaged muii, iu nio's prune. In response in inquiries,
Colonel Kriedly assured mo lint', tho republicans
would sweep tho state iu Ociubor; and iiiui on
Congressmen tbey wou.d carry thu Kirst, fourth,
ruth. Sixth, Seventh, Bighth, Ninth, lonth, Klovoutii
aua Thirteenth districts. lie gracelully yielded the
Second. Third uud Tweillh lo the dcntocrai v. In ilio i
CongrcbS just adjourned tho democrats hare the First, |
Second, Third. fourth, Filth, Seventh, Tenth and i
Tweiith?eight ol the ihiricen. Colo el Kriedly ex- | 1
pressed hin unbounded exultation ul the brighter prospeels
under thu leadership ot lieu Harrison. whoso : 1
great-grunulaitior, Benjainn Harrison, reported thu
Declaration ol luaepcudeuco, and his grand.uilier, ;
lTesidcal Harrison, was the lirst Coveruor ot Indiana ,
Tern lory.
He says his nomination relights the camp Arcs of
1840, and that all tho enthusiasm of that
Auil iy lor too,
hard cider and coon bkm campaign ia being reproduced.
Mr. Dick Slater, tbu Socrelury of the Democratic
Statu Committee, gives a "report" ol probabilities
somewhat at variance with Colonel Frieuly's. Ho |
says the democracy will surely carry all tho Congrcs- ,
siooiil districts carried by tUe opposdlou loCruutisia ,
in 1874, and will gain tho Sixth, Ixlevoiilh and 1'hir- l
teeuili. Ho only concodes two lo the Hayes pojple. |
Mr. Buchanan, head aud front ol the "rag baby" evolution,
philosophises thai:?"The independent |
vole In UcIoLmt will bu so large that iho j
democracy ol Indiana and iho Northwest will I
liud themselves utterly prostrate una helpless, ! !
and will ceo tholr only hope in casting (heir I
ballots bulid in November lor i'oier (Jooikt. 1 Ins will i i
disturb i lie equilibrium una throw the Presidential j
election Into tho House of Hupretentaiivi s. And there j
1 do not seo why 1'oter Cooper's chances .tro not hotter .
than any struightout hard money democrats."
of the respective Suuc in k.-is indicates wi.-doin at !
their conventions. Capacity, miegi ny and huh char- i
acter predominate. Major tiordou, cauiiid.de lor Attorney
General on the republican tlcki t, is a well known
lawyer, po-sesstng exceptional oratorical powers. He '
is an original genius and u poet, as well as a man of '
Wide leaning. His opponent, on the detnocrulic 1
ticket, C. A. Huskirk, is younger, with less pretensions
to literary attornment, hut a strong ud vigorous public J
speaker, and it sure loo.hoid on success and fame. ^
lie won the prize two yours ago ami has tilled the ollico
creditably. 1'rolessur J. H. Smart, candidate on the
democratic ticket .or re-election la the olttce of Superintendent
ot Public instruction, nag injected new hie
and activity into the educational dep irimeut ol the [
State. 1'niH dojiai liuent ol the State government has
been under democratic auspices more than any other
of lalo years, l>v the accident ot election; and lis advancement
uaid efficiency arc the praise ol all. Proles- "
or Smart is a native oi New Hampshire, and is young i
and devoted to his great culling. \
is uulinaled in most ol the districts, lor most of thcin ' ;
are close and uucerluiu. In tnc First district tue ecu- j
lest is trinugulsr, with acurioui family tow entangle- ' ]
ment. Tho incumbent is an innocent granger j j
democrat, Benoui Fuller, who carried his district ' '
by but 337 two years ago, v.hiie on the Slate ticket the j '
democracy carried the aistr.ci by over IgUUOL lie bos ! 1
been a mere cipher in Congress, earning his principal | |
notoriety us a relormer" oi it.c civil service at W'usn- inplon
by begging lor and securing tne appointment
thuiu of leinale clerks ol ambiguous reputation.
Against him m this campaign are uucio and nephew,
the youug nephew, C. A. He iiruler, having been put
lorth as the ri-public.tu siamlard bearer. His uncle,
Kev. Oe Bruicr, is out as ibe independent, seek- s
iu? the scalps ol both b'uiler and bis no. row. <
Tho Socoiij district Is u U inouiatic (.ibrahur, like _A
the I'lnrd (Mr. .Speaker Kerr's) nuu ilio Tweilih or T
1'ort Wayne. Tins district is bow represented by ?!
Blujeenz Williams. Ol course he will bo chosen Our- j<
ernor, and ol course a Congressman must be elected t
to till his vacancy id this Cougrc a. Tins no.essiiy
gave rise to a "singular coiuculcucc. ' Andy Humph- ^
revs ha* laton nomiuutod by the oeanxrrais l ar Will- J
lain.-' so.it, Tho deuiocrats huvo nouiinalod Colonel
William K. At Leau lor Congress in the Kigliili disirick I
Humpur?ys was arrested as ouo ot tue laiuous In- j
diaua 1 f
cotkrie or CO.NSrtKATORS, I o
Bowles, Milligau Co., and Co ouei McLean wan ' li
a mem bar of the military commission which sen- (l
teuced Andy Humphreys and ilio otners to death or to (i
lite impr.Houmeiit. subsequent events indicated that '
Andy a wu* not a serious caxe ol conspiracy, lor 1 hohere
he was, shortly alter conviction, turned louse to ; ?
graze wilhiu the prescribed limits ol the township tl
where hu lived. But it is a bit odd and characteristic ; tl
ol our Yankca mode ol partisanauip to -re "persecu- ' c
lor" and "victim" battling in the same causu so ,-oou I
alter thu furling ol the Hag. TUuiuax K Cobb, wbop e- "
slued over the lleuiucianc rftaie Convention :n April, is 1 ''
thu independent candidate. Ihetoim ol republican ' o
opposition is lo bo giihu through by a Rev. Lovelace, j ITne
Ihird district will e.ect Judge Hickucl!, ol Near ! p
Albany, in Speaker Kerr's place. Tho democratic.uia- |
only in about u,U0b, and lUe liunor- 01 dclval will lie I "
shared by Jo.-.-o 1L Ncwaou fur liincs, ami ticorgu W. ,
Cair, PrwIdMii ui lite luuiana t oiisuuuioual Conven- ! "
lion twenty-Ovo vcais ago, lor I'oter Cooper. | t
1'bo Fourth district may be set bow u as very close I ?
aim doabllul, with ibaiicrs m lavor ul Dr. Woollen, ' 1(
the demoeratie curniure. Judge Now, democrat, s the
incumbent, bill (Inclines a se\ imJ race. It uo.leu s up- |
poneul is a niroiv inau?Leonidaa bcxtou, proseul re- j
publican I.leuicuaui Coveiuui. ; 1
Tint Filth aUorua. perhaps, the most Interesting con- j
lest in (tiu .State. H.ilman now repi agents it. J f
The repoullcan gerrymander intended to absorb
llolmaus stroug democratic comities ul Dear- ,
born (nacre lie resides) and Frauknu; but to tbe ' "
utter uinaaement ui tlio gerri unuulora, iioiiuna j C
swept'' it l>y a majority U,oOO in 1??<I. 1 wo years be- | p
lore (jieueral Tom Browne, tbou tin- repbblic.iu cuiiUi- 1 j
date tor Uoveruor against Hendricks, earrie.i tbo tlis- |
tricv by over l,4no ms.iorty. Now, ibis same wilv and '
wonderluIly recuperative Wilbsiu c. not man anu ibis ''
Bafnu able and eloquent orguui/.- r, '1 Iiuuims M. Browne, i c
are pittod against e.itb oilier in tbe race lor Congress. . 1
From all the iniorruaiion 1 can gather, it will l>e an in- j ,,
leuso contest. vruli probabilities >u luvorul Dolmans ile
leal mid Browne's eloctiou. lloiinau is unexcelled j j
as a'Irctioneorer umourlhtf peasantry . lie uistrct is 1
Dearly all rural. Itrnuno la tnc abler debater. '-Wlicn 1
Turk meets 1 urk thou conies tbe tug ot war. ' ! j
The aixtti district u now represented by .M. ' i
S. itobinsou, republic m raudioaic or re-election, j
Two years llgo tbe tight Was t,,angular, with nearly
D.uOO voles dlssipnted on *b independent. Colonel !
Douiuson. under these tavorulile c.r. uiu-'anchs, only ] I
won by nuO or JOtX Now n.s opponent, P. W. Cliam- ;
b us, combine* tne opfiosilion eleiucul* ol democracy i
and independence, lie having been Or-, uomm.ilcJ ny 1
the ladcpdiidrula and nui>iei)uetitl.v indor-oU by the ,
deinocra y. ( naiiiiicr-' el lion wmid seem assured.
ilie Serentb itiiis capital distrn i> is iii.iuiinuicil at '
Washington P) the yrsenoackoi ol the gieoubactisters? 1
llou F rank 1-aader.v l.iie is too abort and tbe Hkkjii.d
too minute a paper lor im-to undertake the liu.cuieun | J
task of g.viup your readers n description ol too po- I |
1.11 ".?I (Inundent ir' a id jostiin^a ol I'rauk. '
Hp has been renominated by the democracy i t
Pure. His Have- opponent is John It anna, i
h latsvir ot | roiiiiuooi a am vocal voonits. '*
In u *'M|Usr ' li-oi (as I rank Mould siy ill hvuvren *
Manna kiio l.aiiu'r.-. Mr. t runk Lander* would send "
Mr. John Hanuu sailing up Salt Hirer. Dot hero's Ibis )
inevitable alio pnuritiruu* laciui again i: otocl i
uipiiii t'lio InuepnndeuM, who nave p.n ori.j ihe vary ' I
l.u.ornsi atituor til II aosier indepeiidPiiusni, .lames *
Huctiuuan. livlter known i? '1 ho I in Ho is uu in *
lerconvorlililo gentlommi. who wei,lis si j pounds ; .
*ro rdupai.s (Uo would ?< orn troy wpin, ;<? n h.is the !
uioiuiiio jingle auoul it) ihts city and district lairiy
warm Willi independent grei'miukcn Not ail of
L teui aro lolluwiii,: the ctoikc ol "iliol'uu" liut I
there us deep lev ling aguiuit )tlr. I Hitlers, Pee?u?a (|
tio declined to Mica as Wio ui ltd. date lor (.oviruoi'
on I lie independent ticket. i'll i ^ lecl- i
lug ol antipathy la ibleusiQed and emphasized i
by Mr, Landers Iimviuk r?i eivtd the n< a.Insiiou iwr re- j '
(lection by the straight deuiocrut-. lie is in '?e homo 1
Irom Warning.on to day u.d lo lie erected wulli a tin/- i (
salt suit cannon and a crowd and lurches and music
end banners and speeches. Mr. I'an Buchanan t
-. )? frank will decline lo mskc tho w inder u.c race.
Mr. 1'li.n is mistaken. Landers will r in ior Conyre-s, 1
tod. tnouali cpposcti liy two iuen ol lirmiis iiuii ability,
tioih lawyers and wielding \olc<s lieu the thunders
?l Jot e. iue prooahiiitiee are Iu.m lie will vaip|uisb Ins :
opponents add pn Pack iuCt?Witr??< ! '
I he I. _hth iisir ct is now represented by tJcneral
H. t. Hniilcr. That >? ide lorr llaulo district. '
Prernb.ick sin i* mere dcii'oosirslive there lliali in j
my other district in toe State. ihu contest
tbero is as triangular and as inttrsstingiy douutlul | I
GUST 28, 1876.?WITH S t
as here. The only republican daily paper la
the diiirlct, the Torre Haute A'-c/ireas, lias abandoned
llavea and the old party una aupporta Cooper and toe
whole independent movement. The probabtlltiea are
that toe independent candidate, O. 1'. Davia. stands a
fair chaucc of defeating bnth Hunter and bis democratic
opponent, Colonel William K. ilcCean. At nl!
events lluuler is destined to deleat, lor Davis will
draw a much laraer relative vole from tho republican
strength man I rem the democrats.
Tim Ninth district is that in wliiih Mr. Onti resides,
and was badly Ui.'.tl two years ugo. The independent
candidate lor Congress then received betweeu 6. 00 and
0,000 voles in a poll ol <11,000? one-si\ih ol tho wbule?
aud tbo republican candidate (Casou) crept into Congress
by out .TOO or 400. it is a duuhtlul d,strict, with
chuno's democratic. The new republican candidate is
a bi-.iliaut young man?Hike White: the democrat is
Ceo ran .McWi.lutns, and the tude{ieudent is l.u Hoy
Temple ton.
The Tenth district was carried by Dr. Haytnonrt,
democrat, in 1874, Liy nearly TOO majority. Major Calkin-,
tin; doctor'* ro|>iibliouo opponent then, is his opponent
now, und the gallant Major thinks that he can
do belter this centennial campaign than in an "oil"
year and thai Mars can easily o'crraaatcr a disciple of
iesculapius next October.
The Eleventh is republican, and the incumbent. James
Evans, will be re.elected. 'Una is the district wlioru Postmaster
(ieneral Jawo? N. 'J'yuer tried sc iiard recently to
iJeieat Mr. Evana Ix-lore tlio republican Convention and
get the nominaiton hiiuself. Mr. Tvuer is a clover und
genial gentleman, hut people -ay that bis vaulting amliiiion
has o'erleapl llsoll, aud that tue .-alt ol a Cabinet
place at the tail euu ol (iranlistn will not save his
u.turned lame, Mr. Evans' democratic opponent is
Ad. i\ Armstrong.
The Twelfth district (Tort Wavno) *s u democratic
stronghold, now honored by Iloiman Hamilton, who
will be overwhelmingly ro elected II ho desires it.
The Tniriecnin und last elected J. IE lluker, republican,
in 1874, bv about fifty majority. 11 is close. It
Mr. Baker ro pouts tho race he Iihs an antagonist
worthy of his steel in a granger named Ereemau
Kelly, w!:o.-o exterior is uncouth, but who is pronounced
a democratic diamond in tho rough.
Blujecnz Williams und ihu entire democratic and
liberal i publican Htato ticket will he elected by 10,uoo
to 10.ix.tlj majority. Tue Second. Third, r-ixth, ievonth
and Twelfth districts aro coucedod to the democrats;
iim* r mu ami r.iuvcuku iu uiu re|>uu.leans; inn firm,
Fourth, Eighth, Ninth, Tenth unit 1 hiricunih, doubtful,
with probabilities as lol.ows:?First, Fourth and
Ninth, democratic; tenth and Thirteenth, republican,
and Eighth, tuuepondent.
At half-past nine o'clock last night Xicolo Court, of
No. 04 Greene street, was lilting on the sloop of his
residence, slightly intoxicated, with several l'eutaU
relations. Armand Bans, aged nineteen, a brush
maker, married and living at room 10 of the Anson
House, No. nil Greene street, canto acruss
the street, and alter calling Courl a loul Dame,
Bald, '-Why did you striko me?" referring to u
former quarrel. Court got otr the stoop in
npilo id thu women's elforts to retain him and clinched
with Haus. The latter pulled out a small revolver and
fired it at C?uri, ludicttug a lata! wound in bis lelt side,
causing internal hemorrhage of the left long, (rotu
w Inch he will probably die. Haas then run iuto the
Alison House and secreted himself In his
room with his wife. Captain McDonnell, of
the Eighth precinct, who was walking along
Greone street at the time, heard the disturbance
and searched the house to lind haus. Mary A. I'an que,
ol No. 1)4 Greene streot, and some other women tdetiilbed
Hans, whuu Captain McDonnell had captured bine
l'bo Captain also searched the room lor the pistol ami
lound it on a shell over the bed. Dr. Cook attended
the dying man unci lound hint unable to speak, slowly
choking to death Irotn internal bleeding. Tno exact
cause of tno lormcr quarrel between Haus and Courl is
uot known.
Some three weeks ago John F. Knock, residing on
llaplo avenue. Fast Orange, swallowed a large dose of
jclladouns. He lingered in great agony till yesterday,
alien ho died, l'bo cause is not known.
One hundred Uulled States troops loft this city last
iventng, via the Pennsylvania Kailroad, to Join tbo
lombiued lorccs of Generals Terry and Crook, now
ipcratir.p ugainsl the Indians on ilia frontier. These
ruops will be incorporated into tho Ninth regiment.
Pliey were under the command ol Lieutenant Kirk
tUejtiiter. j Nit/*. | Dmti*Hitivn\ (tjhce.
U^criu 'Aug 3o. (Liverpool ll lio\> ling Cirteii
*'rinia An : 111 Hamburg, Si I?rood way
V A Scholten.... Vug HI Lot: oniuti.. V) Brondwny
VNuti* vept 'J iiHH.'OW.,.. Bowling Green
-.jrypt t - i. verpool it* Broadway
dam. ' ept - Irem. u .. _ Bowling Ureen
i topia. ?*pt -. t.ondmi.... 7 How.iuc (Jreea
tiritaonic **ept - 7 Broadway
tmeiiqua ** pi lavro V> Broadway
daho " pt -r? Liverpool.. -P Broad* iv
HothniH <ept (? Liverpool.. I Howling Green
fimbria. Sept 7 Hamburg.- *1 Broidway
Slate o! \ iruiuia. . >ept 7 .lusg.?* . _! Broadway
'ity ??t Berlin 'eol K. Liverpool.. i.*? Broadway
Laurent ept lavre V> Broadway
Vuchoria ?*pt B ria%gow.. 7 Howling Green I
luly opt -iverpooi.. ii9 BrvudwNjr
vcvuda Sept 1'J Liverpool.. .! Hrnftilwny
L??v *?iilia pt l.'l i.iverpool.. I'.owliiuf liioou
JolDrt Sept I S Intn!?ur>r. ?1 HrondwAy
tatc of Nevada. . Sept 14 'iI a Ago w.... ~J Broadway
'aliform* Sent 1 .lasgow..,, 7 Rowling (<roen
iU*tralia ept 1 Loudon... i Howling Lroen
he Queen ?-j>t M?. .iverpool. '. Broadway
lermamc 'Opt Hi 'iverpool.. 7 Kr?iudwny
losel -?ept H'? Bremen.... Howling ?ireen
oniuternntii -*?pt 21 1 uu ur;.. 1 Broadway
' ty of Cheiiter.... -fjn Liverpool.. 1 ? Broadway
eltic Sept 23. Liverpool.. *7 Broadw ty
.ly-in I opt H . Lojumu.... ;7 Howling Green
lollUOA i S- pt '- ? verpool.., JW Broadway
iievia Sept 28.1 Hamburg.. | ?l Broadway
*r3"n0tick to caftuns of vessels in the
lOASTING AND foreign TRADE.?Captains or officers
f vessels engaged in the coasting or foreign trado. obaervng
the displacement or removal of sen buoys are requestod |
r> communicate the tact to tbe I1kkam>. so tbut it may be j
roii^Ut publicly to the attention of the proper authorities.
i letter addressed "To the editor ol the il vrald. New York |
ItjV' giving as accurately as post!b e the number and posi- '
ion o! displaced buoys? r the cause of thair removal, will stif- i
co in all coses observed along the Atlantic and Pacific j
oasts of the American Continent. When they are observod :
ii the coast of European countries or <u the Mediterranean j
l i* requested that information bo sent either by telegraph i
r letter to tHo London office of the Saw Yor.n 1!kuai n. 46
leet street. London, or to the Paris office, 61 Avenue tie i
'Opera, Paris. Where the telegraph is used despatches
inv be addressed * Bennett, 4*1 Fleet street. London," of
'Bennett, B1 Avenue de POpera, Paris." Where cases of
isplaceinen; are observed in tho waters of countries hevonl
lie roach vf the telegraph, as in Asia or Africa, captains
jay communicate with us upou reaching the first convem
ent port. This information will be cabled tree of charge to
lie ID.kai n and published.
IkrALP ban adapted a distinguishing Cotton night signal
?r use on board tho Hkkai.i* steam yacht, showing while i
uruing tho colors red, green, red, changing from one to the j
ther In succession, and can to recti several miles distant, j
'aptalns of ve <sel$. upon seeing tliln signal. will oblige us
y pvepi4Tinir m.y marine news* they naay have for the Ship (
iew? Department of the Hklii.!).
pjylV ;" >i.s desirous of communiratin? with veasols arriving
?t New York can do so by addressing to such vessels,
are of IIkhald n.-ws yacht, pier No. 1 Kait Hirer, New
'oris. Leurrs received from all parts of the world and
romptly delivered. Duplicates are required.
lun rue* 0 23 j Gov. Isi,.nil.... morn 2 50
no M?l* ?i I Sinily Hook..,uioro 2 05 ]
iouti sots evo II o.t [ Hell Gate morn 4 35
PORT OF NKVV YORK, AUG. 27, 1870. i
Stemuer Idaho -Br), Htnldue, Liverpool Aug Id nnd
|?i-4ii?iown lVtsi. with indsc and lot passengers to Wtilannt
A iluion. Aug J3, fa; Li. Ion 44 4?t, saw a small icef
r and p.i-s?d two ? nil p oces 8\V of it.
Steamer l.gvp; (Br , Grngan, Liverpool Aug 10 via ,
Jueeiu ?wn 17iu. with . i.d gwt passenger* to ?v W .1
lni>*. >poKen An r '.'1, 1st 4S .*.4 N. ion ?;B 17. punisil bark
U. Putiirk Br<. liom lVnartu f ?r Lydiiey. ? k! ; Int 48 it
L lo.i -.7 'J i W * i -1 - I > wo tilth brig showing code; !
lg:.ul? II LID, from Urisiot for Richmond, Ut 48 Jl h u
17 21. pa*-co Hritnd bur* .) II Newcomh, from Liverpool
r?r New \ oi *. . aU > passmi Wilson line steamer hound cast;
J?! let Inn ! ? ! I. pt?- -d hark .lames Kitrnen iHr),
roni Antwerp for >unu> Hot a ; also, British bark Berkeley, >
asiie, l?.>uil.t We-1; S'a\. Ut 44 4'f. Ion 47 S3, passed a i
tearner t onn i e.ist; lat 44 Id, foil 41) '>7. passed Ituliuu I
?ars Cornhunw u;i American bark showing code signals
tsLK. 1* 'in hound west
Mourner It- in Hi , Craig, Genoa .Inly 10. Marseilles i
'' i!. L g orn j th. Naple-. dSHh. Mes-ina 31st. Palermo I
lit. . Mi.?,r 1 th, ini#r?4ltar filth, with fruit and '-'4
iasvc:ige: * to.Henderson Bro*. Ila?l moderate weather;
lug L*?. in lat 37 r7, ton 1J &0, pa-sci ship Romano', of L?mi- i
Ion. bouth - nih.
Meatner Camiua (Br), Liddienat. Bermuda Aug *34, with
n?U.? liinl Itn-v ng? i h to Ah Oi, tor bridge.
8teame. Wyanoke,Couch. Richmond. City Point and Noroik.
wtthrtid.se aud passengers to the Did Dominion Stcum'hin
Meuiucr M -meiie. (iinhs. Lewes, Del, with mdao to the j
Jul I'ninitiHMi Meiiiti'lup Co.
Mcmucr t .? i?.ier Mill.*, Philadelphia, with coal to i
h?' Kt* no in 'z Kaifroad Co.
I'urs > ??iii?r??N.u-kj (A#*), Hogg, Ipswich 37 days, in j
>?L.isi u? order.
it is i k M-in v v"r), i'lirfstlenstin. Leiili hO days, in ballast i
u It HrViu.ft.iu Oerfin \ Cj. 1? auchoied tn Uravesend Bay
ur ordetB
irk hdwar-t IIvisit iN'or , Sorensen, LoHb 47? duys. in
>all v-t to t i obi.I- X Co.
csark Honor mis. Cosnllch. Antwerp f.o days and Flush. ,
ng 40days, iti o.ii.a-t loJ C Se.iger. Aug 17, Ut 13, Ion
|g sp" * .*<!. iiapiotriu i A us , iroui C. r . 'o. De.aware
fticakwi?:or. ?.!. .1 s :tr.ch<*rwii at Sandv II ?ok f*?r ?rdera I
Jt.?ra Mario lleyn i.Nu, ,, Itcca, Bordeaux U?rs. in hnl.xst
te Dill * iUidmanu. July k-i, lot 4b, Ion ad, lull in
I with an abandoned American Unlit schooner with mainmast
gone : had been en ft e. ,
Briv Virtoria >aundara. M Pierre 10 days, with sugar and
molasses to II Trow bridge'ft Son*.
Hric < >*keuburfr < Mr . GotMijetr. Arecibo, PR, 17 days,
| with molasses to VI Michelane: ve?ael to (> K Buliey.
Brig Clytie. How. Trinidad Cuba. 20 days, with sugar to S
I A W s wish; vessel to J fc Ward A Co.
Scbr M A Coombs, ilatch, Barbados 1H days, with mo!as'
se* to order; vessel to H \V Loud A Co.
Scbr Ceorgietta, Curtis. Cedar Keys lodays, with lumbar
to fc Kpoiugrr; veasel to K K MetcaJ A Co.
Sclir Howard Macotub'-r. Wdlianti, Jacksonville 10 duys,
with luintmr to Alaon A Clara. *
Sehr 11 ttl- Boss, Morton, flirhmnnd.
Selir.l U Clements. Price, Virginia,
bcltr Marietta. Meeluiun, Virginia.
8chr Tbos K VWoiley, shorn. Virginia* ,
SchrJ A 1) Cramer. Matthew. V ir. u*a.
Schr Jes.HM Llizaoetb. Weaver, Virginia.
HchrJ iiall, Ofthoau. Vlr^inli.
Srhr J O Bowers. Vircauser, Virginia,
Sehr Mary Klleu, Young, Virginia.
Bcbr ii H Pitts, Fran di, Virginia.
Scbr M K Turn or. Camp, Yirgtni.-.
Bcbr Moderator, Bughec. Virginia.
Scbr Sarah J Vaugbuu. Vaugbun, Virgini*
fechr J H Wain wrighi, Lloyd. Virginia,
hcbr it T iiubbard, i.oveland. Virginia.
Selir ? P Hinipaou. Borce. Baltimore.
Sehr W P Davis. Fletuiug, Milton, Del.
f >?-?Bark Brothers A Sisteri (Br), which was anchored in
the lower bsy. came up to the city 27th AM.
rAoc&u rnuuLun HELL CAIA.
Steauier City of Fitch burg, Springer, Sow Bedford for
New York.
| Brig Kiting Sun, ("Irifting, New Haven for New York.
Schr C K. Vlund -il, Racked. Nantucket for New \ ork.
Schr Frank Beat tie. Mill*. Stony Brook for New York.
Schr Paugusett, Weeks. Bridgeport for Now York.
schrJeunie Rogers, Rogers, Millstone Point for Now
! Schr A O Hazard, HnbTsrd. Essex, Ct, for Now York.
Sclir Came (.'ork, Howard. Northport for New York.
Schr B H Warlord. Sprague. l'aw tuck t for New York.
Schr iiattie A liutlor, Carroll, Cortland, Ct, for New
Schr Harriet A Sarah. Coleman, Hartford for New York.
Schr Moutiionth, Allen. Norwich for Ne York.
Schr Active, aoward, Richmond, Me. lor Now York,
Schr J S Terry, Orison, Providence lor Now York.
Schr J B Hleecker, Stouinjctou for New York.
Schr Liberty, Smith. Norw.dk for New York.
Schr samuul P Oodwin, Williams. St itniorti tor New York.
Schr Wru J* Peck. Bun^e. llnncngton lor New York.
Schr Hester, Davis. Portrbester lor New York.
Schr Evergreen (Br). New York lor St Johns. XF.
Schr W A 11 Wotbarspo 01 (Br), Petti*, Now York for
Windsor, NS.
Scnr keystone. Wilder. New York for Sackville, N"B.
Schr Bode K Hull. Brush. Port Johnson for Providence.
Schr Lizzie Ccrhrau. Cochran, New Yo?k for Boston.
Schr Saxon. Hatch, New York lor Providence,
schr J E Earl.*, Forsyth. Kotidoul fhr Hartford.
Srhr.lohn E Hurht, Cook. Port Johnson lor Providonee.
Schr Adrian, Merrill. New York lor Portsmouth.
Schr Doretta Rutin, Rmot, Aruhoy for New London.
Schr T P Abel. Carr, H on do ut for Bo-ton.
Schr Rescue, Kelly, Alexandria lor Boston.
Schr John arron, McUarr, Port Johnson for Provldonco,
Schr J li Borden, Bak ir, .now York lor Fall River,
schr Silas Wright. Hart. Hoboktn for Providence.
Schr Curtis (Joodwiu. Adams, Trenton for Hartford.
Schr Jessie Williamson. LlmUluy. Hohokeu for Boston.
Schr Commodore Keurnej*, Mason, liobnken lor Boston.
Schr W i> M ugan, Chase. New York for New lit-dlord.
Schr Clara Post, IerrU, Port Johnson for Portcnestor.
Bark Krediaul (Nor), from Nswry.
Wimi ut luutct. W; ut rriilulglit, N'ff.
Barjuieter ut tua.et, 00.1X]: ut lu I'.ii, 30.09.
| ouir VMr, ! O.UJ i ?t i. t? i ^ ?.?.aa uniti
' more, had moderate weather in Atlantic to Capo lloru;
then had a strong nale troin N to sVV. lasting 24 hours;
I alter the wind moderated snipped a heavy sea over the bow,
! stove the forehatch, split both catheads, stove bulwarks,
both sides, lore and sit; shortly alter shipped another sea,
wnicli smashed three boats to pieces, cariied away the yallows,
broke wheel ot pumps and did other slight damage.
Bark Bridgeport, irom Sew Orleans for Corunna, which
has been reported as overdue, arrived at her port of do?tij
nation July 2.
New Bkdpord, auy 25?MaJ Bourne sold at auction today
to Edward F I'ottcr, of South Dartmouth 1-ltith of bark
Capo Horn Figeou, of Dartmouth, as discoursed Iroin her
last voyage, at the rate ot $9 O James LeBaron, of iiattapoiseti.
lias sold to Capt Luther S Chase, of tiiis city. }? ot
t)i<_ schr Benjamin English, of this port, lor $ AHJ, Capt
Chase to assume all bills against the vessel. j
Schr White Winu, Phelan, frr.m Savannah for Malaga,
with pitch pine lumber, urrlved at Bermuda 20th Inst, with
steering p *nr broken and crew sic*. Sue was in quarantine. 1
Kortkfhs Monroe, Anic27?1The schr Electric, 159 tons, i
Captain Sheldon, of Philadelphia, Irom Wiluiington, with { 1
hiuibrr. for I'ouce, I'll, on the night ol the 29th inst, ion j ,
n:i N, lat 75 W. wan struck by a cyclone, whicn split and
carried away her sails. I he vessel spran. a leak and tilled,
t he crew being takeu off on Aedncsdav b; the stiip Siring, ,
bound for Ballast. und transferred on the 20th inst. to the
schr "Brule," from Sew Vork tor (.ieorgetowu, and brought
whaiiemen. | '
SDoken?Bark A R Tucker, Baker, from Naw Bedford, j ulj [
24, lat 3J 07 K, Ioq 40 W. j
Ship Geo Thompson (Br), from New York for Melbourne,
July 17, hit 21 N. ion 40 VV.^
snip Oragon (Br), troiu New York for Londou, Aug 7, lat
47 N, Ion 21 W.
Ship M Thiers (Fr), fioin San Fruuclsco July 3, lat 6 X, I
lou 22 W.
Ship Saruh from Calcutta for New York July 20, f
lat 25 S. lou 8K. " j
fblp I*. un ice (of Newcastle), from for Quebec. Aug 8, c
off th?? Fastnet.
Ship ?VKiMi (?). from Liverpool for San Francisco, June
24. lat <1 10 N, Ion 23 21) \V. *
Ship Advance, trum Calcutta for New York July 15, lat 28 | *
S. Ion 11 K. i P
Hark Chignecto (Br), from Antwerp for Philadelphia, Aug
20. Ui lO 4.5, lou OH 15. J n
Hark Jupiter Bust#). from London for Delaware Break- i >
water. Aug 2d. 80 times SK of Sandy Hm?k. f<
Hark Carrlckt. from Philippine Islands lor New York, Jul7 ' a
11. iat 25 S, lou LB 30 K.
Bark Markland (of St John, NB), from Callao for Fal- ' i
nu uih, June 15, lut 2S s. Ion 29 >V,
Dark Navet ink. H.ir^totif, Iroin Belfast for Newcastle. Me,
Aug 25, 1*1 41 <>:>, lou OB.
Bark St Cloud, from Cronstadt lor New York Aug 10, lat ' c
52, Ion 3.x fi
Bark HNPS (Am), Aug 2. lat 45 10 N, Ion 46 09 YY, steer- ' H
Idc k. , v
Bil r Ororaocto (of St John, NB), Aug 2, lat 40 X, Ion 28 j a
W, bouud W. 8
Merchants, .hipping aren't ami shipmasters are info rued
thai by t It-graphing to the 11 main London Bureau, ad- !
dressing "Bennett, No. 40 Fleet stiect, London,'' or to the !
Paris office, addressing "Bennett, til Aseuuo de I'Opera, ?
Paris," the arrisals at end departures from European and t
c.??ivru puns ui .hiiiticbu mu km foreign vvj.<eii iramn^ 1
witli the United Mute*, thu same will be cabled to tliii ! i
country free of charge. )
Caplaim arriving at and sailing from French and Modi- i
terruneau ports ?ill tlnd the Puria ollice t e mora ecouoini
cal and expeditious for telegraphing news.
Axtwerp, Auk -G?Arrived, barks Paramount, Holt, Baltimore;
Aroigoa(Sp). Kehevurria, do; Johaoit Lad-i (tier),
liolljes, do; 27th, ship l-isr.ie Muses. Cox. Pbilade.paia.
ltKXHKN, Au; 2t>? Sailed, ship Stella (<len, horn. Mew
York. j (
II ill, Aug 27?Arrired. steamer Hindoo (Br), Mills, New 1 .
York. ? I
ll tXBtKU, Aug 20-Arrlvod, bark Klise (Oer), Dunker !
New York. I
Sailed 25th. bark Lina Scliwoon (Her), Hum, Now York. j
ilavuK. Aug23?Arrived, bark Weuertiorn, Wyman, New J
Orleans; 27lb, ship Casilda, Pike New York. j
LirkltrouL, Aug 20?Arrived, bark Transit (Br), Pratt, ,
St John, Nit.
l.CBKCK, Aug 25?Arrived, bark Bertha Rued (Nor), Pe- j 1
dcrten. Baltimore. 'I
kitusala?Arrived, brig Julia E Haskell, Haskell, Nor I
folk. *
PLTUOCTil, Aug 27?Arrived, steamer Hsmraonia (Oer), I
Vots, New Vork for Hamburg (aud proceeded).
Kottkrdau, Auc 2 i? Arrived, barks Albertlne (Nor), j
Uluckstadt, Baltimore; Tltnnia (Nor), Albrethsen, Boston; <
Chasca, tt'asUbiirnc, Iquigue via (Juoenstowu. N
Holtbiad, Aug 27?Wind, N W. j
Arfciro. PR, Autf P??In port, brig Kli/.a Thompson, McDon
.Id, from New York, arrived l*cIt. dif?ir. 1
BkaiiCDA. Aug I I ?Arrived, barks Jo eoh Raker. Ryder.
Liverpool; 17tli. Klira Har?\ (Hn, Veeey, .New Vork tand s
was awaitiug 23d cbaoce of wind to get t<> sea> ; 18th, c#r.?r*
I li A Pitt itr). I.ooke, llo<?tou; 19th. hrctHlor (Hr?, Ma
Jor. New York; lUtli, ?;:hr White Wing, I'bo.au. Savannah j
tor Malaga .*ee Miscellany)
sailed Au; 1-i. achr John Weatworth, Brown, Jacksnn- '
? r
rPKR Stkamkk Rkitakmc.1 ^
Ahfkdma, Aug 12- Arrived, Asnw, Knse, Philadelphia. i
AXTWKiir, A u? 10?Arrived, Onyx, Hatch, Montreal, Mil*
tou. Kroner, do.
A ARuui'S, Aun 11 ?Sailed, Herman.-a, Jaooosen, Bull >
Akkxdal, July 29? Arrived, Irian a, Danielien, Hull
River. f
Archakgxl, Au; I?Sailed, John Shtppard. Burgess, Boa- I /
Axjkk, duly 3? Passed. Ooeea licnrf, New York tor Samnr..i?n;
sth, t r?tnon>t, Orovo, do for Yokohama; Hermann,
llamiMch. Matma tor sew York; 10th, Charter Oak. Smith, (
14? 11u Kong or do
HuisTmi . Aug 13?Arrived in the Channel, (Mara Katon, t
Davi?, Htidik?w*id tor Bristol.
Mkmiiv llMAh. Au? 14?Off, Mount Washington, from ?
Hamburg for Hong
Hki.fa??t. Aug 12- Sailed, .Joseph Y Spinney, Jordan, New ' j
York; Kleaoor, Ihinu. (Quebec. r
B?km *, Aug il -sailed. hrbo, Outtormsen, New York. j ,
Kokukai x, Aug 10-Arrived, Napoli is), spital, lilasgow, J
to load l.?r ,\- w Yora.
Sailed l.tb; Soerate*, Darn. New York; 14th, Figlia 1
.Vlagti'ire, S|.? vicn. Vuramichi. j J
\\ cut go *ea 1 **t li. (Judlota, (ladle, San Francisco. /
Sailed from Pauilla<- 1 ru, Kong < >acar, Routing, Sandy
Ho r.: litU. UNoluto, Lipari. New Or eanr. I
H?m Kj ?i.N?. Aug I'd?Arrived, Elliott L Dotv, Dovall, Mo- J
bi o via Port Mahon.
sailed Dtu ?? aroiioa, H'.oute New York.
Ha Mia. .inly .1 Ar-i\ed. tiope, Morris, New York; 23th,
J H Walker (?., William*, do.
sailed 2iRb. Triton. Moiatider, llamplon Roads.
Hatavu. June *<>?Arrived, F T Wtilton, Carver. Now ;
York > ind AaiJvd July l lor Souraftaya); July lu, il?l McMmih;-.
R'-ttlh. .New York,
sailed July IJ?S 11 l.yman. Pinkham, Ramarang.
C iiintri, a.u 7?sailed, tlcdcwaiei ts), Richards, Philadeiphia.
t u.\AKVot, Aug 12?sailed, Julia Fisber, Barlow, j
Co.# sii*?.rA, Auv 8?Paa-o'd. Ra der, Wnlff. from Now
York l.?r stottiu; Fama, Matht*'?en, do lor Stockiud r.
i nki*ii\S%AKj, Aug y Arrived, Constunuu, I .?'.luk?eu , '
Ba..iav | y
?'i tiiat is. Aug 111?Sailed, Ouiseppina Acc une, Cra- '
viatto, 1 iwarv; I4lh, Jupiter, l.ietke, New York. ,
? a but. Aug li?Arrived, May Ma* ar.aud, Met arland, Bar t
| el ana. # | (
Sailed 11th. Silver Spray, Pearce, 81 Jobe, MB; CkataB I
Kruu. Maddiek. iio. ^
DliU Ave IB Hailed, Alfredo, Uaxsule, Philadelphia;
Kreilen. Kcknteln. Saguensy.
Paced Hull ?la. Pu.cliicU. Sew York for London; Lydla, ?aAB
Hotelier. Wiliuio ton I..r do; 17th, Beatrice, Bowlby, Irons WB
1.. n Um lor New York. \H
Dcanui, Aug 1J?Arrived, Challenge, Murray, 8k _!
John. N It. ; I
dommul Auk 1-?Sailed. Heaver. Wallace, Boxtou. y
I>('Hi.iN.Aiiir IS?Sailed. Jauiea Putter, Jr. .New York;
Quern Victoria. Philadelphia.
!*i lhtwoou, Aug 14? Sailed, Herbert C Kail, Dart*. Miramicbi.
Kbaxkuhi Ufi, Aug 14?Arrived. P U Wilcoclc. Wilcock.
lit.orii nt?k. Aug 17?Sailed, Martin W Brett. New York;
Calcutta. Lauro. do.
i kiMaiir, Aug 14?Passed down, II LeonL, fur New York;
Coustame, fur du.
limsui xoutu. Aug 13?Sailed, Carolina, Frelgbt,
liRAsro.i. Aug 12?Sailed. Adriatic, Watson. Quebec.
(lLAMiow, Aug 14?Arrived. State of Nevada is), New
York; l.'-th. tilebliervle. Campbell. Montreal; 16tb, CalV
lornia Yew York; Mats of Nevada ia),do.
Sailed loth. Odd, lor W11 Qliacloli.
Hut knock, Aug 17?Arrived, Charlotta, Bulone, New
111 lilt acta It. Aug .7?Cleared, f.ucv T Slade. New Orleans. 1
Hull. Auk IS -Saile . C?n*t*nte. Vanrirh. New Yurk ; 8- 1
Leooa. Clriouardl. do; 14th. Marina Ilndero. Vella, Phil* .]
delpltla; loth. II S >unlord, Jackson. San Francisco. I
\rrlred Huh, Holeonda, Lord. Philadelphia. v
ILivkk Auk l'l?Arrived. Onrle Felix Lepere, New Of* f
learn; 14th. liricidu. Morten sen, St .Libit. Nil. I
Iifiii.o. June ( ?Sailed. (I ni. Major. New Yerk: lfith, W !
ruvntiui, Blanchard. Sandy lluuk: 20th, Hop*. Hancock.
In port June 24. Mlsti. Ropean, New Yorlc. m
Livntroui.. Auk 14?Arrived, Record, Dalaiel. Qaabeo; ^
Irti. Armstrong. M iratnichl: l.'illi, W II Jordan. lilt-hard* m
ion. Knitun ; Tupsr. from St John; Olenville Halle. Purdy, V
M iraraichi; China a>, (1111, Hnatnn: Iberian (a), llora. do: I
Mathjldv. ilrcdruburj. Philadelphia: Queen of lluarta. ana
Carrie Dclnp. Mtrainichl: Prince Kuircne Smith. Quebec;
UliwH Outton. Keele. Newfoundland: lloma, McKensle,
gal #d 1 I'll. Pacific. Petersen. Sandv nook; lfith, Plain- J
dei. I'linlaen. Charleston ; Saranak. Wood. New Orlaana; (I
Sarah DoiikI*?*. K-dfnond Galveston; Kith, llorlau 111, J
Smlihwick. St John NHiKpypt Gropan. New York; (
(let) K Corbott, llimhea. Illiivjr. NS; 17th, Arlca, Hubert, )
Sited lac: Dlvu-o Jorpenren, Baltimore: Flavin. Cafflero, ]
do; Snni-earn. llrown. Doboy; Muakota, Cutten, Saw York)
J AY Welt. Welt, .lumalca.
Cleared 15th Jntne* Iitincan. Kickham. Charlottelown;
Cnbdnnin, Potter V>* Orlaana: .Lie MIlharrT, AAeeton,
Southwest Pa.?: lttth. SJmanden, Tanaon, Baltimore; Chea
Fobei, Low, Bombay; Emuianuele Accame, Lavaena.
Lowe*. Del.
(HT Bar Lichtshlp lLth. Almo. from Liverpool for Philadelphia:
i nmib-'lln, Irotn do for Dalhonaie: 12th. Nydla,
l>mn do tor Charleston : 14th. Arendol. from do for Phlladal- ,
pliia: Pacific, trnm do lor >nndv llonk. i
nil Point Ltnatt 12tli, Queen of Beauty, from Liverpool i
for Vow Orleana. J
Off Northwest Livlitshlp 1 th. Dnienhy. from Liverpool |
For Portland, 0: 14tli, Kate Uurrtll, Kulicrtaon, Liverpool I
lor Onub. e.
Off Salteea 12th. Aatorln. Kelly, Liverpool for Bombay. I
OTGrout Orrarhoad lltb, Irouu. Liverpool for QneotOi I
12th. Ilerniione, Lovers. do for Hrunawick; Greyhound, do I
lor Quebec.
Los no s. Anp 14?Arrived. Paollna 8. Tnmanovlch, Sew
York ; l.'th. Slory Apnea. Rclfoutane. do; 17'h. Fa. Posehich,
do: Itufu*. chriateiisen. t\ ilminptnn: Ly lla Pescliao, do. 1
Cleared 14tli, Norok Flap Nielsen, Now York land left
Cravpsend lfflh): Nnovn Duunre. Oampodnnlco, do: Ellta 8
Millienn. Mitchell, do: Omen, Hart. Quebec: Hklen.Jorpenaen.
do; Yensrnra. Johnson. do; 111th, Teletnack, Mailer, k
New York: Arcadia. Andersen. do. ^
Sal'ed from (1 ranee nil 14th, Alphelm. New York; I
Fred n. Sapuenay: Kato Apnea, Ferpunon, Philadelphia; J
l.'ith, Annie K Boyd. Baltimore; Johu Bertram, Rod, Now 1
York iand left Deal ISth), m
Lfitii. Aiic 14?Arrived. Anna T. Rapunln. Baltimore. M
galled 14tli, Arpo, tiranur. Now York; 15th, T'ucn, Phil** H
Lavi.ash. Aup 12?Sailed. Cltyof Calcutta, Malcolm (front
Ardroman), San Franclaco.
Li-suck, Ang 14?Arrived, Landblomaten, Olaen, New
Manila, June ft?Sailed. Alma, New Ynrk; 20th, Fanny
Hare. San Frataclacn; Ned White. Hw York.
Nkwuamtlk. Auc 11?Cleared. Am alia (Aua), Now Tork;
Cotnpadre <Liverpool), San Francisco.
Ocnirrn Am* :l? Arrived Ho.is .,. liM.k*.
Plymouth, auit 7?Off the Kddystone, Pedro, from Wert
Flnrtlcp iul for I'll lndelphia.
Pim.au. An'-' HI?Sailed, Westfold, Lanen, New York;
13*.ti, Laura Marin Srliorskl, do
Port Ki.izaduth. .Inly 12?Sailed. Annie S Hall, Nelson,
Pad inc. .Tune 22?Soiled, Nanny. Graff. Vow York.
IIottkkpam, auif 15?Cleared, Ivodr Carl, Uendrlckien,
Now Orleans
SntKLpa. Ans 14?Arrived. Msrtliine, Olien, New York]
Ifith. Amelia, do.
Sailed loth, Compalre, San Francisco; Batavia, NeW
Suco. Anir 4?Sailed. Mjolner, Cornollnien, Delaware]
12th. \Vlf?t iw rf, IIultmar. Philadelphia: Sansone, Cap|>oni.
Now Or leans; Ami) osla. Borrcson. Baltimore.
SiLl.OTit.Aur l.">?Sailed Mnrtraretbe. Wilson. New York.
Stkttin, Auk 11?Arrived, arl August, Dohrn, Neir
rnrk. /
Sailed from Swinemuuda 12tb, Emma C LltchSeld, Hop*
Ion. Now York.
Swiakmukhk. Anr IS?Arrived, J P Her*. Nleleen, New
York: Victoria. lirlo-er, Uo.
St kiz.tiue, All): in?Saiipd. Albatross, Jnell. New York.
Samtakiikr, Auk 11?Sailed. Benuett, Douglass, N?*
St Vincbnt, CV, Aug 2?Sailed. Competitor, Knhn, Nit
Shanghai. Jiiue 28?Arrived. W O ration, Connor, Phil*
ppiuo Islnndr.
>nlled 3Uth, Kree Trade. Merrym.n. I'uget Sound.
SofKAB.trA, Juno G?Arrived. Edith Koto. Harding, Na?
fork via lintavia; Jnlr 2, Eveniug star. Alburn, Batavia.
Travkxcicdk, Aug 15?Arrived, Libra, Natvig, BaltL
T, mucosa, Aug 9?Sailed, Cuuvo. Caitellsno, New
I'KXFt.. Aug lit?Sal'.od. florrltl & Willem, Ylnar, New
fork: l.'>th. Atlas, Larsen. do.
Tkii'stk, An? 1"?Sailed; K?cbol. Day. New York.
Valencia. Ang 1?Sailed, Acceum, l*errlnu. New York,
Wvbouo. July 3 '?Cleared. 1ms. Larwond, Boston.
Yaknoi rn, Aug 15?Sailed, bagatuu (*). Kredorlckeen,
Dovek. Aug 15?Tho Norwegian bark Ida, from Havre for
inndiwall. I:a< put in bore, having be ll iu colllilon olP
^olkoatoun with another bark, huppoaed American : two ol r
ia? left on hoard unknown ship: ilamago not extensive.
Krepuikshavn, Aug 10?The Orion. Bank, from Panea* i
rtla lor Kiel (timber), stranded y aterdav afternoon on the f
enw Iteef, but got off without assistance after jettison oi (j
tart of cargo and proceeded.
Liverpool, Aug 1 5?The Povenhy. hence for Honolnlo.
ml the Universe. hence lor Sandy llook, were in collision on
uindsy night 21 miles sK ol Wicklow Head during a dense
jg and hutli vesseis li re nut. hack with considerable dain,ge
and will dock lor repairs. ?
The Universe. lor New York, docked lost night at Waterloo
ock, is damaged from iter 13 feet line to her tipper dock,
nd lias bulwarks ami rail carried away and other damage.
St IIxlkna. July 27?Tho maeter (Spence) of the Araeri*
an stii|i Kit Carson, front Monlui.dn for Europe, reports,
roni June in to July tl, between I at 35 29 S, Ion 50 IB E.
nd bit SUM) 8. Ion 15 2B pi, encountered a succession of
err heavy gales, with fearful seas breaking over the ressel
nd constantly filling the decks and cabin with water,
prnn r foremast alio bowsprit, lost and split several saile, and
ashed away a quantity of movable articles from the deeke.
'he chief officer was badly injured.
BOSTON". Aug 27?Arrived. nteamcr Ratavia, Mouland,
dvorpool: telira Kate Grant, Canary, Fort Jo tin ton; Lugai?,
McKoweu, i'btladelpnla; John T M ana on, Manaon, b?U
iinore; F Wymun. Crann, Charleston.
Below?US >l?ip Supplv. 4
BALTI.MORh, Auk -7?Arrived, steamer* Graclm (Sp)?
'.ve*umn, Havana. 1> J Foley, Price, Wilmington, NO;
lohn W Garrett, liix. Mew York; Win Wbilden, Kiggan,
CM vULKSTOX, Aug 24?Arrived, bark 8ylph (Br). 81
Cleared?Scbrs Mary Collins, Collins, Darien, Ga; Chatta*
looira, Sware, Brunswick. Ga,
Sailed?llark Northern (Jneen (Br), Sullock, United King*
lou?. ncIit Henrietta lli:.. Hill. Baltimore.
27tli?Arrived, steamer Falcon, Baltimore.
' Sailed?Schr Neillc. Klchniond. Vh.
FOBTKE.ss MONKOh. Aug 27?Arrived, bark Allda. Htt?
nacoa lor order*; brlir Castalia, Bremen, seeking.
Below?Bark Rnth r aimer. from Belfast.
27th?Arrived, l.ark Frier, Gloucester, seeking.
Below ? Bark Orient, crew sick, one man dead,
1'urt-fU in lor Baltimore-Steamer Gracia. from TTavaaat
>ark<?'lirisiol, irom Bremen; Kxeelslor, from Belfast: Tisy
uibrino, from Havana; Kanulia. do; Clementina 8, from
p?wi h; Charleston, from Galway; brig Annie Inrratn,
rom St Johns.
i'assed out?.Ship Semi ram is, Bremen; barks Savanna,
Belfast; Fiducia, do; Amelia, do; Juniata. Barcelona:
"?ko, tire?r oce; SL ipner. Genoa; Ann i.lisabetii. Legtorn:
Violet. Londonderry; Minnehaha, do; Sunbeam, aof
.'hampion, Havre; Frigate Bird. Brcnieu; Alice Hoy, Lynn|
V U Stoneman, Puiilin; ship Gnlatea, Rotterdam.
> K A oRgF. vNS. tu,r ::t?Arrived, ship Fifteenth of
llarch ?Sp), \rt"n% Havana.
,\(iKlOi.k Aug 24?Arrived, sclir Lydia ii Roper. Cram*
nt r. dockland. ,
NKVV KKhKORD, Aojr 2."> Arrived. sclirs Win Coilyer,
Paj'lor, Ge? ruetown. IK': K I* Kitiir. Bllven, Port John ton ; 1
4la?-k Dtamoud, smith, no ; Mau Anthony. Ku*soli, Iltver- K
tra /.
?Arriveil. sciirs Annie Yir.Jen, from Georgetown,
>4'; L 'ttio Heard, Perry, New York.
Simtf'i?M'lirn J F Baker, A>>\|s, Georgetown, DC; Jess*
if unlock. slocum. Baltimore; VywrnUH, Webber, I't.iUdjl liiu
(I F ilavtley, y er. New York ; ll T Hedges, Smith,
|o; James Parker, sr. Kelley, do; Horizon, Leet, do; Co pi a,
iVr-t. do; t'liase, Ingraham, ilo.
Nt.Wroltf tug Ji?Arrived. schrs Acbom, Magnlre,
lootiKi'!! f*?r Waichain;G W Glover, Norton, .St George,
Ho, for New Yum; Hunting*. Chase. New Bedford fordo;
So\ . Cliate. nn A Llx/ie, luylot. Kail River lor do; Tlllie H,
Lignum for Poii<hkeep*te: Wm Voorhis, Gold*
mini, Providence tor Haverstraw; Winnie Lanry, Spear,
? *jui .n*! for Philadelphia; .lames H Deputy, McMnhia,
inth tor New York.
NhVV HON HON, Aug 28? Arrived, schrs Potter k Hooper,
Ceu Yora tor Providence; Maria Fleming, Kondout; Mary /
Chilton, i "tk, to load for Chinch! Islands.
Salted?Hehr Wm Gray, for New York.
PUKll-AND. O, Aiik IB?Arrived, bark Dawn, Neils#a,
>au l raociscoPl!
I LA Hill-PlIlA, Aug 27?Arrived, steamers 8/1 rig
Gen, Alliance. Loudon via Or niton; Reuzaleh (Br)t
vlifxiC, London; Perkmmen, Pierce, Chelsea; Achilles,
tanm, Newhurvpnrt; Illinois, shac k ford, Liverpool; barkt
'intra. Nova. Alio Janeiro; Adolf (Ger), Hrocketn-ann, Br*
neii. Frisk Nor , Alutho, Rotterdam.
POUT..\M>. V?c. A i : 27?Arrived, schrs Kenny Butler,
few Y ?rk; Abner I'aylor, and Nautilus, do; Grace, Dow,
'rov.d ncr.
Cleared?Schr Margie McFadien, Philadelphia.
Kit) 11MON D, .Aug 2.V?Arrived, scbrs George P Hal lock,
diartett. New York; Harry Lnudell. Tavteredo.
SAN !'itAN< i-t'O, AO.- If - ArriVfil. iiorks forest Queen,
!iirn?, i'ort i urti.iv* . hi* k Tujlor. Hi*. Kmiu i malt; K?Ttra,
iohii. . i'ol.in. * Cii-r.
Cleire.i? i.:|? i!..?rirn llrt, Ilitrlilinrn. Llrerpool. f
Sini">hl). itiver Indus Hr\ U?*iu, Queen .town.
SaVAS'nait. an <?Arrived, itearaer General lliniM,
!beefccmmi, .New V Tk.
r<j?Meniner* :-un Salvador. New York; Wra Kennedy,
laliiniore; m tir Aiimn Minion, Momen, Sew York.
.I.u.l-.M. An* 25 Arrived, >c.ir? i'*thie K Berry, Se?rey,
n ! .! i.rv -*n.|*. Ko* *, . on JoUnnnn.
\V \ id. 11 V ii. Aiu -Arrive ... wlirs *ar?li L Thorapeoa,
lull. New York; in-rlraa i lilef. .-now. and L> iillU. Torev,
do; .Ins AMerdlce, Koenhill, i'nilmlelplii*
t ACiiie. i * .'i i i *. ibt. ^
no It *- v i ,i. ? i ill-, r i i" i '.Ta-is ' '.-ZTXTTir Tjcnrr
L" V Idie Voorlii .11 ri : ! ret order a.id completely ton ad.
LUdre?? CG.v.Niil.l I A It-1.1 - VKI-I", No, 4U Wxtlikllit. /
[AtlK -vi.:. i i. m IIUOM-.h yacht aones. U AD
I'iAH, Id HutkB A
lisoi.I ir. inviiiti i s iiiiia(seu 'Vkoil DlEfKtttV
cut i.u uoroui ; a>ivict* free.
I'KKDLlUlK KiV*. jMtfycr. So. H St. Mirii't pUet.
Di\ o..cks g: i mi/v any w7ikitst ~paV~\Vm e5
?hv r.rl. s.ml lor circular. AMEKICAN LaWT
iirI-.M'Y , Tl A<tor Houac.
MO.?gtTni 111 TK> i l KKU. PIMPLES. HLoTCHbS
mi. I r r?ck;. % enkilieairu l?y Dr. TuIIIA'.H VEMKTlAM j
i.i >l.MhNT. .No Ik?1j one? iimIm# it ia ??er without tW /
?o I i?y tiic Price .V*: und (1.
Np..Kvors i?-.rt?i*i i v.~\>4 vk s t*;ssTNi> kI\L> K K o t
liscii-f* men *nd perc\.4iiuntlf cur$?l bf
iViNril si i;i: > 1KU; PILL, for SJ 1***%
* till utiiiti11vi_ muccmm; iw<? to nix l? are mauaII? utt.ll*
ifut. price .-1 p?jr box; mix box**. 5?. Uv HtaU* securely
h'Uim wan .ml Uirts.'Moa*. Prepared **/ \X iSCkUui^liA 4
L;VA, CheiBMte, JJ J oua ?L . New 1'orB.

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