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"financial and commercial
The Stock Market Still Depressed?Bear
lnflnenees at Work?A Startling
Break in Rending.
GOLD HO A 109 7-8.
Money on Call 11-2 and 2 Per Cent?Government
Bonds Firm and Railway Bonds Barely
Steady?Foreign Fxc ange Quiet.
Wall )
Wai/WSHDAY, Sept. i!."?6 P. M.J
The built, who in the abtenco or customers lor their
tlot'Ks, find It us difficult to maintain an udvance as the
Israelite!) (lid to u,ake brick* without straw, were
taken bv the boras again this morning in the shape of
s a sharp onset on tiic Western fancies. The Twenty.
third street party, who have been so successful in
leading unlortuuale boviuea to the shambles, were
credited with the work, while the Iiroad street clique,
which is identified with the Northwestern and Kock
Island properties, were to
Meek nud genllo with these bntehera
as for a time to ub.iudon all resistance, as though they
had lost all heart and spirit.
The Northwestern stocks suffered the most, the
common selling down from 34'a to 'MJi and the preferred
from 6U.H to while Hock Island fell oQ
froui 103\ to ll)3 and St. Paul preferred lrom 01 to
6#?4. A belief in a showing of decreased earnings, as
sguiast those of last year, which were exceptionally
good, was an excuse lor the attack, and. In the abscnco
ol uuy very strong support, was sufficient to topple over
the recent steadiness ol the shares. Late in the day,
when the pressure was withdrawn, the Jfrond street
party began to mink the shower might bo over, and
rusbed to the rescue, with tho oUcct of rallying both
the Nortliwesterns over one per cont and of stopping
a further decline in Hock lslaud and St. Paul preferred.
l>ut lUo loll and trouble was not confined to our own
market, lor a sidu,blast Irom Philadelphia bore tho
news that another coal e irrier liad come to grief aud
|oincd the noble army of tuartyra. Tho peculiar position
of the Philadelphia and Reading Railroad Corn
pauy has for a long timo bean the subject of comment
lu stock circles. Although affected by tho same Ills
that havo produced such disastrous results in the
other coal carriers, this stock has been hold by main
force in a condition of steadiness which was duo rather
to what seemed to be the maducss of the strong parly
behind It than to its intrinsic value. For weeks
back tho Bono party, who may or may not bo
Identical with the Messrs. McCulmont, of London,
havo been persistent buyers oI the stock at 83 seller
llxiy days, aud havo taken all that was ollorod at that
rate, up to the amount, it is said, of 80,000 to 100,000
shares. This morning tho bag seemed to have become
full, for the pertinacious broker, with his stereotyped
b u, to tho amazement of the Philadelphia Board, was
missing. A few hundred shares sold at the old price
of 88, and ilren came tho beginning of the end. Tho
? _ T.? /Inn Ul.nr?a l.nlnn I, nllhot
price), and after that a tuoro gradual decline to 04 %,
Willi winch flguro the busluess ol the day wound up.
Tho Reading Company having declined to observe
the rule ol tho New York Stock Kxchangc which requires
an otllce of transfer and registration in this city,
was summarily stricken from its list of stocks somo
years ago, and necessarily dealings in tho property
have been on a limited scalo on tho part of homo operators.
Cousei|ueutly the supporting influence ot short
sellers (who were besides frightened otl by the dilllculty
of procuring shares lor delivery) was found wanting at
the supreiuo crisis, and the natural result ensued.
Tho anthrucito snares wero somewhat affected by
tho disaster to their sldo partner, New Jersey Conlral
' dropping from 2tl.t{ to 25, and Relawaro and Lackawanna
from 74.7% 10 73*^, although, on tho rally ol the
market toward throo o'clock, each picked up about >?
per cent of tlio abovo loss.
1'rices, although considerably hotter at the close than
at tho worst period or the day, did not quite hold, and
the market llnishcd feverish and unsettled.
The transactions at tho Stock Kxchange to-day aggregated
147,300 shares. New York Central and Hudson,
4,000; Krie, 100; I.ako Shore, 10,400; Northwestern,
6,100; do. preferred, 6,750; Rock Island, 5,200;
J'aeilic Mall, 10,0007 St. 1'au), 5,500; do. preferred,
15,800; Obios, 000; Western Union, 2,700; Wabash,
1.100; Union Pacific, 500; C. C. and I. C., 100; Dola.
ware, Lackawanna mid Western, 6,500; Now Jersey
Central, 10,050; Michigan Central, 250; Delaware
and Iludsun Canal Company, 1,000.
The following tablo shows the opening, highest and
lowest prices of the day:?
Opening. Highest. Lowest.
New York Centra! ....... 87 97^ 90
Harlem 131K 131^ 131'i
Kric 10 lu 10
Lake Sboro 62li . 52\' 62
Wabash 4\ 4'4' 43i
Northwestern 34;? 34;,, 31',
Northwestern preierred 59-, ay, 67 1,
Kock Island 103\ lav, 1"3
Milwaukee and St Taut 29)^ 29',' 29
Mil. nnd St. 1'. preierred til 01 b'.i\
Ohio anil Mississippi 12 12 11'.,
New Jersey Central 20 20'4 25
Del., Laek'aud Western 74,',' 74", 73J4
l inen 1'aciiiC 01 01 61
* C, C. and I. C 3',' 3%
Western I'lnon., 09J, 69'4 69 ?
1'uciflc Mail 23', 23,', 22>,
clomho FKK'iro?3 r. a.
NTl lHR.. 07', t>7'4 I'nion Pacific.. 01 a 02
M Y A Harlem. 131', a 132 Mo Par 10. 3 a 4
Erie JU a li", C.I' A 10 a 4
Erie preferred. 15 a ? 11 an A Kt Jo. 12 a 13"4
L s .v 'I So. . 6_J, a 62', Hall A St Jo pf 22 a ".'3
Tol A Wabash. 4', a 4', Ohio A Miaa.. . ll.Tj a 12
< l.i A N W 3. , a ? Panama 12- a 1 T< 1
i tm > W p 581, a 51', \\ r,i L nlon . ?l'.>?4 a 09','
C .' I! l"e, li'iAt..' I'ac >ei 15', n )it>4
Fort Wayne...tin a l. H , i mi ' no... 22J, ? 23
1.1. 2M., a 2t", tjuiekallrer 18 a 15
* ' si l'T>'_ 59'j . ill i ii t.r .vei pi. 17 ? 20
Cist .t PiiM 87 a 87 >j Adliio kx 1"5 a 107
He I, LA IVfil. 74', a 74', t e .-Kargol'. 79'j n 82
N J I . iitrill.. 28> a 2' .', Amei Kx 59 a 5
Mii'h Ci niral 4 a 4i>', i s hxpress .. <ilj? a 0 i)a
Illinois Central 8 ), a 8i'.,
The following are the closing prices compared with
with tlioto of yesterday:?
Juvakce.? Now Yorlc Central. ; Chicago and Alton.
; liarlcin, },; Lake Shore, ,'4; Western
I'ki i.ini .?Gold, >? ; American Express. ; Adams,
3?; Luioli Pacific, I; Wabash, ; HI. Paul, ; do.
preferred, 7a; Kock Island, , ; I'.iClUo Mail, ; Ohio
and Mississippi, ; Now York and New Haven, L,;
Northwest, coniuion. 21, ; do., preferred, ?j ; Jersey
Central, 1'.; Morris and Essex, ; Michigan Central,
', ; Illinois Central, >, ; Hannibal and 8L Joseph
prclorrocl, 1; Delaware and Hudson, \: Delaware,
Lackawanna an I Western, '4 : C., C., C. audi., ,14; Atlantic
and 1'aclllc prelerred, !4.
The rest ol the market was stationarr
Money on call closed cany at 1), and 2 per cent. No
Change is recorded in the discount market, although It
Is noted that the rales are inclined to bardcu In consequence
ol tho greater activity in commercial circles.
The lollowiug are the rnies of exchange on New York
at tno undermentioned cities to daySavannah, >4
discount; Cincinnati tirm, par; Now Orleans, commercial
par, t ank ),; Chicago, 75 discount;
St. Louis, 100 to 125 discount; Charleston
easy, discount to par. Foreign exchange was dull.
I'rune sterling asking rates, 4. .S3 and 4.84)6; selling
rates, 4.S2 and 4.?3'%; Kexhmarks, 94 V a U4>4 and
94 Jg a 06; rallies, 05)g; prime l'arii, 6 21 and 6.18\.
Gold opened at 110, advanced lo 110)6 and declined
at tde close to 109The borrowing rates were 2, 2)6,
I, 3,S, and 4 per cent. Loans wero also made flat and
at one per cent for carrying.
Gold balances $1,802,823
Currency balances 2,109,636
Gross clearance* 16,802,090
Government bonds closed steady at the following
qnotatioBB:?United states currency sixes, 120'4 a
120>61 do. do., 1881, registered, Ill's n 117;',; da do.,
do., coupon, 118a 118)g;do. do., 1805, registered,
113 a 113)6; do. do , do., coupon, 113 a 113 V; do., do.,
1 do., new, registered, USA* a 118)6; do. do., do., do.,
coupon, 113.'a a 113)6; do do., lSd", registered, 116 V a
116)6; do. do., do., coupon, 110V a 11?)6; do. do.,
1(468, registered, 118 V a 118),; do. do., do., coupon,
118V a 118)6 I do. forties, registered, 114)6 H4J?;
do. do., coupon, lla)a " lli\, do. Arcs, 1881, registered,
11416 * 114)6 i do. do., do., coupoa, 114)6
)Xl%\ do. 4*'?, 111* a 111*.
The Assistant Trcuurar paid out to-day $24,000,
gold, onaceoautof Interest, and $5,000 in redemption
of flvc-iwenty bonds. Tno Sub-Treasury released
$15,200 silver coin to-day; $600,000 uevr lives and
$20,000 live-twenties, held to secure ban* circulation,
were withdrawn I mm the Treasury to-day and ftmr
and a bait per cents substituted.
Kevsnue receipts lo-dav ..........1200,000
Customs receipts 800,000
Dank notes received lor redemption 70o,000
There has been ?80,000 in Russian gold received at
tlio Assay OlQco to day, making In all total ?100,000.
The Financier snys ?60,000 worth ol American eagles
were purchased yesterday from the Hank of England
at 76s. S'jd. per ounce for trunsmbslon to New York.
Further remittances aro expected, because the shipments
ot wheal and cotton from America are large, and
the absorption of the new United States funded loan in
Europe is steadily Increasing. Closing prices in London
arc as follows:?Consols for money, 964; consols
tor account, 96,4 ; live-twenty bonds of 18C5 (old), 106;
five-twenty bonds of 1867, 109; ten-forty bonds, 1084;
new fives. 107.4 n 108; Erie common shares, Bur
silver is firm at 62',,d. a 62 4d. r"pecle In the Imperial
Dank ot Germany has decreased 0,827,000 marks during
the past week. Twenty thousand pounds bullion
were withdrawn from the Dank of England on balance
to-day. In Frankfort new fives are 1034. In Parts
rentes are 10CL 75a Exchange on London 25L 22a
Railroad bonds were generally lower, with the largest
decline In New Jersey Central convertibles, 1 4 per
cent. Milwaukee and St. Paul Consolidated sinking
funds, Hannibal and St. Joseph eighths and Western
Pacific bonds declined 4 each, and Oblo and Mississippi
and C., C. and I. C. firsts 4 each. The Chicago
and Northwestern consolidated gold sevens sold at
94 a 944, against 9*4 last sola There was an advance
ot *? in Western Union Telegraph coupons of 1960, and
4 In Pittsburg, Fort Wayno and Chicago firsts. Tlio
alternoon speculation was irregular. Mllwaukoe and
St. Paul, La Crosse Division, advanced to 1034.
Michigan Contra! sevens to 102)4, and Western PaciQca
to 102,4'. Chicago and Northwestorn consolidated gold
coupons sold at 91,4. New Jorsey Central firsts declined
to 108, convertible to 82, St. Paul Consolidated
sinking funds to 87, and Harlem ooupon firsts to 11R.4.
The following were the clos ng quotations for Pacific
Railroad bonds:?Union firsts, 106,4 to 107; Union
land grants, 1044 to 105; Union sinking funds, 914
to 914; Centrals, 1104 to 11048TATK
State bonds at the hoard were % lower for If tssourl
long sixes, and steady for Georgia seven* and Tonnesgoes.
District of Columbia 3.65's sold at 71)*, a decline
or % per cent.
The sales of city bank shares were 10 Continental
at 68, '25 Kepublic at 72, 20 North America at 01, and 30
Bank of New York at 117 J*.
rttir.ADKI.I'lltA STOCKS.
The following are the closing prices of Philadelphia
Bid. Atktd.
City sixes, now 110% 111
United ltailroad of New Jersey 135 136
Pennsylvania Rnllrond 47% 47%
Heading Railroad 32% 82%
I.ehigli Valley Railroad 4N % 40
Catawissa Railroad, prelerrod 40 42
Philadelphia and Krle Railroad 15
Schuylkill Navigation. preferred 12 12%
Northern Central Kailrnud 2 % . So
l.ehij^i Navigation 31 31%
till Creek and Allegheny Railroad... 9% 0%
Hestonvlllo Railway 25% 26
Contral Transportation 41 44
The following are tlio closing ofllcial prices of mining
stocks to-day:?
CoiiBolldatod Virginia 54% Crown Tolnt 11%
luiiiorma a; x 1 enow juckci Z4%
Segregated Belcher,. 75 Alpha 43%
Ouhir 55Belcher ill %
('hollar 83% Confidence lti
Savage 18 Sierra Nevada 13%
Consolidal'd Imperial 4% Kxcbcquer..... 13%
Mexican 29% Overman 81%
Gould It Curry 14 Justice 18%
Best k Belctier 45% Caledonia 8%
Halo k Norcruss 11
The sale of 100,000 tons of Scrnnton coal by the Delaware
and Lackawanna Railroad Company to-day was
largely attended. The details will be found elsewhere.
The prices realized aro higher than tboso
which prevailed immediately after the breaking up of
the coal combination. Another snle occurs to-morrow.
Messrs. Wells, Fargo k Co. caution tho publio against
purchasing bonds of the Wnsntch and Jordan Valley
Railroad Company, $500 each, numbered 441 to 4('0
inclusive, the same having been stolen from their express
car, botweon Ogden and Salt Lake, September 14.
The stockholders of the Northern Pacific Railroad
held their annual mooting to-day and elected the following
Directors for the ensuing year:?Major Charles
Wright, Frederick R. Hillings, John Mono Livingston
Chalsmaque Tower, Benjamin 1*. Cheney, George
Stark, Joseph Dillworth, J. Fralley Smith, G. W.
Cass, Richard Gashursl, Alexander Mitchell, J. M.
Ponnifon and A. E. Tilton. The Hoard of Directors
wero instructed to consider the expediency of authori
izlug the exchange ol tho lands of tho company on
tho Pacific coast for the preferred stock of tho company.
Tho Treasurer's report showed tho receipts for
the year to be $210,013 53; disbursements, >208,300 03;
balance, $10,653 62; gross earnings for the year,
$730,745; operating expenses, $449,710, and net earnings,
$290,020. Tho net earnings for September, 1876,
wore $29,0*8); car hire to July 31, 1870, $501,088. Total
uet earnings, $524,037 12.
Wkdxksdat, Sept. 27, 1878.
80100 U8 3.ro.o '?R.n 113% to >?h? ( hi A N W..b3 34%
VKJ'ToI A \Val> l?t 02 1(1' do 34-.
yixHii AN i ccb.,0 '4'i 2'fl ilo
1IMM> < .? St I' con HS III" Chi A N W RR pi.. 5sO
lIMnhs Del A H 0..?3 8i>?{ I'M <ln fit)'.
Himtiait I Til ?.l ' ! ?? 200 do 5!"';
1<> do b.i 8'*, IOiToIA l\ audit. .. tv
301) NT* A H H KK. 07 3J0 t!o 4&
800 do 07>4 2H0NJCio RH 0 2d*,
30<) do 07*. I'M do 0 2R*r
5 do ops 07'^ 3 M do 2?V
100 do 87'., ."MM do ?13 2fili
|(H do 8"*f 2<M do 1(1',
.00 do t)7-i 3O0 do i'lu:
I M I'ac V ml SS ... 23? 1<KI do _.?:! 2 ;*
jfl o do -.3j4 ioo do e un<-?
II *i do 33') 13*) do 28
3 M do 23*,' 1 00 do 2."'T4'
3 loO un 23 70() Dot. I A W BR.. 74-.
3 *) do 22.rja 8UO do e 74K
300 do 2-^4 13 0 do . 74'.
)KO do 2. 3 ?i do 7**?
lift do ?3 22', 301) do 74',
JUlLSO * ? KK. . 32 100) do 741'
S do 32'4 1100 do 74j"
l('t) ?u .V-'l, 102 do 74'1:
100 d> 521', 8 M do 74.
3*) I do v, 3. v; 20) Mil A M 1' UK 20'2
300 " 2', 4 ) 1 do *.i)?j
4O0 do 3.'*, .'IOO Mil AMI' UK pf.. 81
4<Xi do 2 S, 3'( do . On is
30) do . ... ?3 . 2 , HID do t.l
lo 1 do.,.. ,.o3 32',' 2(.*> Ohio A Miss KK.. 12
300 Mich Cod KB .. . 41
10:15 AND 11:30 A. M.
S211000 C Sfl'n r.'Sl,. 117'., fl.VMOJ I'M 3.20.0 'tl7 118'1,41
cs .i..f.'t>.'.iibc 113", lo mm u s .% ?,'81, e.... 114':
1 14' ?*) I S 3-.0, r.'d,.o Un;, lOUOO do 114
430*.*) do 11'.',
FIRST DOARI)?10:30 A. M.
(8000 UtO '?. 1 b. .. "8', KM,lit Chi A NWRIt. 32
2***1 M?O**, St .1. '80. lo-1, 10 ' do 32.U
2IM0 Mo ?>'?, Si J, 't)7. is1, 1 ?} do 32.
2 (0 do TK-O4 100 do 3_'i
1UO > Oft 7'a, cold 10* 30 ) C A N W pf...l>e.?3 Ml
.*><* o'l'vun "'i.u *4", I'*1 do 3 1 ?
7'0*i 1 cnn o'*,new. . 41 200 do
2l*)il))?t> ol 3.1. 71'j 201 do 38',
s i (i S J Con rrnir... S3 HO do 3- ,
]i?vi M .' SI'coin h. S7^ IOO do 38'
do 871. 200 do 3x
4 ? O t) at N He C | b. 01 I" > do fV< 'a
41**) <fn ? 1"0 do 57'.,
11?ki do .... .. be 9-1 , 12".' do
|(n? o M A S .1 *>. con 77- j II*) do n>V>
.'Hull' I1 A Ash, old.. 1"7 3 ") do t'7'a
|KdWv4 I'.'iC lidi. . 103 I"' no... c 68),
|I??M , I All ?. I!" 110 do
3uih> do :i7J4 5 Alb# Su. RR. bo M>
M.1I 1'. H W A 11 1st 12" 200 Kan IVllK.liC.id 5
IJl-UoWrnt I r.l'.S" H3)^ llkl A J On KK.b t.tJ 25\
ii.) |)r i A 11 r, s4... I"l 10' do 25;*
11..141iiin .t \ii.s n i liJi ftOO do 2.>'4
li (.J North Mo Int.... ' '? 1") do... .*10 l!.i\
5 I00.M A I. l?t.C..bo Id" 1") do -JJJ4
1" ?haContinental Bk "8 21H> do loji
25 Ilk of Kewtblle.. 72 000 do 25 ,
II) \lrtn tiol n Hk... . 110 40" do 2S?J
2" Ilk of N Anier HI OOJ do 2.V4
bit Ilk of N V 117)# .00 do a?}5
7 Lei a "Can i<7 13n0 do 2.*.
100 no.. be OO1, 300 no 2.|'L
I 0 do 07 2 O Chi A III SR be In ,
Ill 1 do .30 05 HI" do 10 1',
5O0 Maryland Coal.... 1" MO do .3 H'3
1 <1 ??i "I... be 11'## 50' do l"3*t
15 American Kk 21a) do . .... ... |i>3'4
20 Adafi" l.x 1071j do 10",
lm) 00 be 1"/ ?"" do I :?
III'Well* Ktrico Kk... 7il 2 u Mo, k.inA fea.ie 7.',
2 11 I >1 alio ....be '.-1i 11 " .Mil A Si 1' Kit. ,l>c 2 '.
2'Hi do 22 *, 1' h ) do 21",
3") do 22 h'JU On 21"4
1'HO 1:0 ?3 22\ 3 11 do 28 .
l.H) NT ( A RR RK.be ?iO do *3 24
liO do 87 , "HI do 21",
101 do \>~'4 . <?> .8',
411 do 87>, in MUAeil'KRpf.b* o .J,
I.VJ do 8." 1KJ" do Ik",
list hi lid*, 21 Hi tkii,
;ii m do 87 1 DO do t'i'i.1,
Dai Mleli Cen KK...b c 4 \ -'ihi do *3 00 ,
0 0 do * \ "J" do inn,
7") I, It A V 11 Kit...be b2'j Ink) do 00-,
41HI do t>UU 2i?J eo 0 *,
,'HIO do tl.1, 2(X) do 00 k
^ 200 do *3 62*4 311.0 do 00),'^
40? do S * 19 *> da no
1-00 do |3 32'. 10 0 do ..
I on i do ft_>*4 1'? Dal, LAW Rlt.ba 74?2
|.l O II,. f>2?, 50" do 7IH
:u'i do a."* ;.vjo ?o 7<v;
100 do 3U> do 74a?
600 do 32 , 1400 do 74V
1- <1 IInrlem Kit 121', I')) do *3 74>
:m Ulor A I'itta Kt.be *7', 3 <' do 74',
200 l u i'ac itK. HI 14i<0 do 7i";
3 do .. ie tft 10') do 7i'?
300 l\K W AC RR -ibc HO 4 ?> do >3
3, do... .b c.opjr 10i) 200 do 71 '.4
HOChlA.NWKK.be 341% 3" > da >3 74
UK' do ,.?5 8 \ 2700 do 74S'
1(11) do 34 UUO do 74'.
3H0 3<W 2d do 74\1
(W do 33', 100 do 74**
200 do ?& 11*10 do 74',
101 do ... .*60 a1, 1UU0 do 74'.
Kit do 33'J 6m? do 744*
4(?i do *?ll 32 1300 do 74
K*t do. H3? l.VU u? 74V.
loO do 33% 12?0 no .... >3 74
2"' do 3:i SCO do 74
I'M do 32% 7iiO no 73%
I'M do 32% K?) do 73*,
10 do 32% 24 ' Mor A t- ii KK 80
Ilk) do 32% I'*) OhioAM KK.bc |3 II.7,
I"' do 32 200 do ,3 11*,
100 do 317, 2 0 do 11%
82' 00 C A N W CC( b. 041, aililuKJ Clu KK.. 25%
100 all, I) A H Con.. lit.1, 230 do 3.s
100 do *3 two; 300 do -..I1,
I'M do ??% 600 do 25%
WM 1'oc MollS(? '.3', lOOCht A K I RR .llO Kl.%
:>00 1 r 4 II It KK.. 1W, 2'M do 103%
I'M do IM7, l'O do 101%
I'M do ,3 07 30 1 do 103%
2 M Mich Con ItR .. . 41'% DM tlo ltd ,
100 do ,3 4 % I'M do 11)314
loo llarlem Kit. 1311, 10 do 1'3%
110 1. -M-Ki... 62% 1'KiC. C A I 0 ItR .,3 3%
100 do |3 62', 20 ' D,l. LAW KK .. 7.1%
2"0 do *3 62), IO M do 74
5o 1 Mil A M t KK of.. ?0 I") do ,3 71%
100 Chi A K W KK..?3 32',' 160 I do 74%
2'M do 3*% 1300 do 71',
10) do 32', 11"0 do 71),
loo Chi 4 iS Vt KRpt. 67', I'lfl do 74
4 0 do !'7% 6 M do 71%
100 do 67', 500 db (3 74',
I'M do 57), -'00 do 74',
20O do (3 671,' loo do 74!,
I'M Tol A VV Ah K K.. .0 4), l'O do 0 74',
105 Mor A El RR. ?' 101 do 74%
500 ft 3 Coo KB. . *5% I'd) do ,3 74%
4 " d" 25% 4"o AU A i'ltc pf |3 2%
loo do oo do 2
100 do o
2 P. M.
$10000 OS S'a. T. Ml.. 114V VIS )0 U S S'l, 0, Ml... IM'*
110UI U S ? 0, '81- . 114), 1(X*W I Hti'i, cur... 12t?X
$9000 NJ C lit. n 1' 8 3l<> a hi Chi A N W RK 32V
100O0 N .1 i en con*. . H2 10 do 3 L
lOOOMARPlat.l A M. 02 H?1 Ilo saw
11*10 > .v Spoon at, H7 100 do 33 C
OiKKJ M 4 St Plat. l,C 1031^ SIOlI ('-hi .1 3 W pf.bc.a3 .,7'.
1000 Mlcli Con 7'a. .. 1031, 3 O N J Can Hit... bo 2.V.
nam I'bu'tubr n4?, 800 do 20>4
40< *1 Wait l'ac bda. . 10-), 300 do .5),
1000 I l ie UK lit... 107 K O do 2.1'i
10?Ki IIor 1st Ta.c. .. 1181, . HM Chi 4 It 1 RK bo luoW
5000 Mlet! South a f 111 3(11 do 10.it,
2< o alia U A il C ..bc.a3 < 0 2o0 d? 10"),
:00 do .. 00 10 > do c 103',
200 Weet Cn Tel...b o 00), 300 do Iu3'
(.00 do HO , 100 Tol A Uni-HR bc 4),
2'"' do . ,.a3 60), 5'*i do ... 41,
200 Wclla-Ear Ex.bca3 SO 200 Mil 4 St P RK. .bo 2Ui!
2 O 1'ao Mail has....bo V2tjJ 2iX) do 2WJ.
10 1 do b3 22.', 300 do.... 101..
100 N Y < i ll K KK..bc 07},' 200 do 20',
1IKJ do 07 , 400 Vll .1 M 1'pl...b o 0 i
300 do 07), 10(1 do onv
loo do Oi't, 20 P,FWACirt.bc.?pg 100
laiErleKR bo lo 22 do 10(1)4
1(10 Harlem RR.. .be 131), lHnOD, Ljt W Kit.bo 74)2
20 Clov 4 Pitta ERnt 87), 12(10 do 74)!
3 O iiub ' on 1.1 ..b o 41 HKl do e 74 '.
400 do 40J, 200 do 74V
7 ' TiS ,1 i b BR.bc.a3 ; 2? 100 do a3 74 V
1000 do ?30 52), 25 * do 7ft
ISO oo.... 52UOi no 74),
8iH? do aS 52), 50 Chi, B A Q RR.b o 115
100 do 14 52), 200 Ohio A M KK...be IV
200 do ?3 510J Ilan 4 St Jo pf.bo 22
1.0 Chi A A \l RK.o o 32}, <
2:30 TO 3 P. M.
$3"00 C P lat, C40 br 04), 100 aha N J Cen RR.... 25 V
3000 Tol A W lat UJ 8.K1 do 2ft),
1<<i aha 1) A U ( an.... 66), 4u ' Mil A St P RB.... 2UV
01 do tO , 100 do 2b3,'
4UO do (?), 1000Mil A St P RK pf Ho',
ft Mar L A Min pR.. 3 000 do.. . 00
20 vt eat ( n lei. .. hp), so > do ftOV
ftol) do b3 OH}, 4(jO do 0,,'vi
600 do HO', 4Kl do 60
a, 0 Par Mall SR .. 22V, HO Chi A R I RR... ]U3U
1 o NY C A 11 R KB.. 97-4 100 do 103',
100 Mich Cen RB... . 4ofi ft(0 do H 3)4
30 > Hake Shore |3 52V 200 Del. 1. 4 IV KK... 74s
2 0 do b3 52*, 200 do 743,
200 do at 52), 800 do 74 V
3 iO do t>3 52), 10O1 do 74 V
ft(*l do r3 ft2'? ? *! do as 74 V
200 Nortbweat RR.. .a3 32), 500 do a3 74 '*
i .> n niv pi o i 4 .?* > uu . 4 ,
800 do... . etlO 571? li 0 dp 741.
5UD do ?e<) -'to do b30 74V
00 1 do... ?3 r?? 21M do 74V
150 do 58 100 do id 7a.*
201) do eS 58J* 500 do 74'
2 11 111 Con KK 06.) 80 ?? do 74V
100 do 84 200 do 74'a
40ti N J On OK . 25V 500 do 74V
3 0 do 2.>'i KOMor A Ks KR t) 1
2iK) do 25? 100 do 80V
400 do it Slifc
cotton: spot quiet but steady; futures
closed babely steady?flour dull
wheat dull?corn steady?oats dull?
whiskey nominal?fork dull and east?
lard dull but firm?petroleum firm?
spirits turpentine firmer?rosin firmer ?
oils sieady?coffee firm?sugar nominal?
freights fairly active.
Wkp.vksdat, Sept. 27?B P. M.
There was but little chango in tbo merchandise markets,
which wero generally steady. On 'Change business
was moderate. Flour was dull Wheat was dull
and old spring was Irooly oflored, without buyers, except
at lower prices. Corn was steady, with a fair demand.
Oats were dull and In some cases lower. Pork
was dull aud easy. Lard was du.l but Qrm. Whiskey
was nominal. Cotton on tbo spot was quiol but
steady; futures closed barely steady. ColTeo was firm.
Sugar was nominal. Oils were steady. Petroleum was
firm. Rosin an<l spirits turpentine wcru firmer.
Corras ?Tha market for Rio waa r?ry firm. The stock
here to-night is only 34') bags ltio and 1,1(15 bags Santos.
The sales were 3,640 hags ltio, ex Rrotliers; 752 baps do.,
ex Camoes, and 013 bans do., ex Viola, ail on privato
terms. We uote sales yesterday at ltuliimoro of l.OflO Imps
Kio. ex Jiruiuinniid, and 7.0bag* do., ox Templcr, botli mi
private terms. Mild coffee was firm. Wc quote Ordtuary
carpoes, 15?4e.; lair, do., 17?..c.; pood, do., Italic.: prime,
1h\c. ; extreme range for lots, l.'i'je. a 20c.: Mantua, fair to
good, J7r. a lT'te, gold, ninety (lays; Java, government
bags, 20c. a 22c ; do., grass mats, 21c. a 23c.; Singapore,
17c. a IHc.; Ceylon, ltio. a 17c.; Maracaibo, 15c a 17c.;
Laguayra. Hie. a 17'., .; Jamaica, 15c. a 10c.; St. Domingo,
H^c. n I l'\i'.; l'orto Itico, ltO-jje. a I7l;r.; Costo Kirn, l(ic,
a Itfc.; Mexican, I6>,C. a 17'aC. ; Manilla. 15\c. a lO'.c. ;
Aiipstura, 15c, a 17v.; Savamlla, 15c. a 17?,u ; Curucon,
15?,c. a 16>se.
C.iTtON. I'he market for spot rotton was qnlet but steady.
Kuturcs opened easy but strengthened during the day,
closing barely steady with an. advance of about I d.e. on
nost months. 1 be closing prices to-day compare with Tuetday's
as follows:?
TmmiI'ip. .Vyifember 28, II'nlnanlay, Srptanlur 27.
Sept.... II'. all 5-32 Sept ... 11 7-32
October. II 3-32 all1! October. 11 kjf all 5-32
Nor.... UK all 5-32 Nov 11 .532 a 11 3-1#
liec 11 7-32 a- Dec..... 11 7-32 ally
January 11 1132alljg' Jauuary 11?,
Kel> 11 17-82 a II 0-16 Kob 11 IMtl
March.. II 23-32 a ? March.. 11 23-32 a 11W
Anrll.... 117, all 20-32 April.... 11,% all 20-32
May.... 12 1-16 a 12 3-32 May.... 12 1 16 a 12 3-3J
June ... l-'W a? June.... 121, a 12 0-32
Jul v .... 12?, a 12 7-16 July ... lg 7-16 a 12 l.VIM
August.. 12 17-32a 12 lit ! August. 12 17-32al2 10-32
?limitations ore based on American standard of classification.
and on cotton iu store running in quality not more
titan half a grade above or below tile grade quoted.
.Vrir Co/ton. Ilytamln. Ahtlmina. A Vie Oil-<tnj>. Tr.ru*.
Ordinary M 5-lrt 0 5-IM ? Mo 0 5.1U
Strict ordinary.... 0 tl-16 0 11-16 0 11-16 Bll-lf.
Oood ordinary.... 10 316 10 316 10 3-16 10 3-10
Strict good ord.... 10 7-10 1st 7-10 luy I0W
Low middling I') 11-10 10 13-10 Hi 15-16 101.5-10
Strict low dllddl'B. 10 15-16 11 1-16 11 3-10 11 316
Middling 1 l)s II'a II 5 16 11 5 16
tiood middling ... 11 5-16 11 7-16 11 0 16 II tl |0
Strict good mid... U 3-16 1111-16 1113-16 1113-16
Middling lair II 15-16 12 1-16 12 3-16 12 8-16
Kali 12 11-10 12 13 16 12 15-16 12 15-10
?Stalne.i?(lood ordinary, 0 l-10c.: strict good ordinary,
9 1 l-10c. j low mi'-dllng, 10 110c.; middling, 10 716c. Spot
sales wore as follows:?
lWo(, hut Firning. Total,
F.xport ISO 13! 322
Consumption 53-1 710 1,2S1
Speculation 1-0 ? 120
Totals SMI 87! 1,723
?Included in tlie above are 2<iO bales to airivo. Delivered
on contract, 300 bales. l''or iulure delivery tlie sales wi re
as lollows:?Yesterday, alter 2 I'. M.?October. 2,20o at
11 3-..2C.; December, lUO at II 7-3_c. Total, 2.300 bales.
To-day up to 2 f. M.? September. 600 at 11 316c.. 1..VKI st
11 7-32c.. Hal at ) I',0.. ski at 11 7-32c. J October, 20u at
I I 3-32e., 200 at 1 l},c , 3,000 at 11 3-32c., 1,30(1 at 11 3-l?c.,
700 ut 11 5-33C. ; .>"*eini'i r, i.ieei at 11nuu n 11 ,
2'Matll -SJc.; December. 2n i at 11 7 32c , tKM at 111 ,e ,
bin at II 7 32c., 7lM at 11'4C- ; Januiry. 1<M> at IIV.,
1,4011 ai 1332c.. .KM at ll'gc.; February. 4i?i at
11 IMtlo, KM at II 17-32c.; March. 7hO at 1 r5c.;
April, 20O ai 11 *(?.. OOli at 11 29-32e.; Mar.lomt 12332c.;
Juno, .dM at 1 ? ?-l*4c. Total, Itl.SOo bales. Uraml total,
20,'.1(0 halo. I lia receipts at the porta closed an follows: Halt
int..a, :i,.Vi7 hales: New Orleans, f.7lHi; Mobile, S7S;
Savannah, 3.44H; Charleston, 2,374, Wilmington, 3ol;
Norfolk, 2.2it); New York, 36H; lloston, 115; J'hilitdelphin,
41 Intel. I I.U-Vt h?le?. Tliia dat last week, 10.206 halos.
Till* day last year. tl.686 bales. Total smcit September 1,
172,03'i bales to laat nlirlit. Cotton freights closed a* fo|.
lows:?To Havre, by steam, **?.. compressed. To Hamburg,
by steam. 7-lod. compies-ed. To itroinen, by steam, ?,< .,
coin pressed. To l.lverpool, by steam, 11-32,1.; by sail.
It 32c a 5-160.
Kt.ot n aan tliiaiw.?Receipts?Flour, 17,S2tl bbla : wheat,
45,375 bushel*; com meal. 3<M bills, ami 205 sacks; corn,
1211,714 bushels, oats, 50.OAU do.; ryo, lu,ltt> do.; barley,
15,727 do.; barley malt. 14,2fk)ilo. The Hour market was
lull, but prices were unchanged. The sales wero shout
13.500 bhls.. includinic State, Western anil Southern at the
annexed ouotetlona. lire Mour wa- steady, with sales of
4!M I,lila Corn meal was steadv at 9-3 25 a S3 311 for tlrandvwiiie
anil $2 ?5 a $2 It. I for Western, Jersev and Pennsylranla
veilow. Thu talcs were nb.uit CM bbls. aud l.tksi
sacks within the range. We i|iiote
No. 2 State 9-1 00 a $1 25
Sup'rhne Stale.... - 4 75 a 5(JO
Kxtra 5 25 a 5 75
Choice State. 5 75 a 6 25
Supertino Western 4 75 a ft HI
Kxtra Western 5 25 a B ill
Minnesota " 25 a 7 75
It Hind hoop iihlo. shipping brands. 3 15 a ft 60
llmi'iii u,ui|i Ohio, trails brands fi.'aia n (ai
F.tmll) ? 50 a 7 ftO
Si l.ouis, low extra 5 35 a 5 75
St lemls straight extra 5 75 a 1125
St. Louis, choice double extra tl 25 a 7 25
bt. l.ouis.'choice liumly 7 SO a S 75
Rye Hour, tine to suprrAne 3 70 a 4 25
Southern, No. 2 3 4<) a 4 mi
Southern, superfine t 4 60 a 4 60
Southern, estra 5 (M a 0 60
SontIn- rn. Uintly 6.50a H HO
Corn meal. Western 2 05 a 2 03
Corn meal, Jers y 2 63 a 2 03
Corn meal, Hrandy wine.. S 26 a 8 HO
Corn meal, puncheons IS AO* ?
?Wheat waa dull, but prlca* were nominally unchanged.
SEPTEMBER 28. 1876.-TR:
a ?
old wheat offering prettv freely at previous prices. The
ales were only about 5O.0U0 bushel*. at $1 2d a #1 28 for
white >tate and Michigan. ? 1 31 tor fancy amber, $1 U7 for
old red winter in store. ?? 1 for interior spring. $ 1 2? for new
white Geuessee and $1 2S lor uew white Michigan. Corn
wan in fair request und strong. The sales were about
1404>O bushel*, at 57e. a 57'^e. for steamer, 57^r. a 58c
lor'tail. 59c. fo? Kansas, a tVte. lor yellow, id*, tor
Houtliern yellow atid 59c. for No 1 graded New York. Rye
w^s steady. Hurley was quiet. Barley malt?W'a note
sales of about 1 U00 bushels two-rowed Mate ut HJc., cash.
Oats were dull, heavy and easier (or "poor. The sales were
about fatjjuo bushels, at JBc. a 40c. for No. 2 graded white,
S.V. a'itic. for No. 2 graded mixed, 52c. for white Michi
kmii, 38c a 52c. for white Western. 46c. a 51o. lor white
ktAti, I.rt *t.\- . ji, t.i* i \i..
Hear and Jet*.?The market for Manila and Sisal liemp
w?) leryllrm Out Jute butt* vera ?m very Arm.
Wo note halo of .,0u hales at caelt. Wo quoteAnierlorn
dre-sed, fill!) h $J00 for single, 8-1 o a $2.5 for doulile
and $120 a 8125 fur roiiuh: Russia. clean, StfJO a 8210,
L"dd; Italian. 8-'75 a $-"0, gold; Jute, 3*,c. a .V4C., currency
; Juto liutta. 'J\e. a 2'<c.,euah nd time : Manila hemp,
7I?a a He., gold; Sltnl hemp, 5Juc. a o^a, gold; I t e,
SJaC. a 5*sc , tt"M.
Mnuaeiu.?Tho market for New Orleans waa almost bare
of stock and steady. Korelgu was quiet and more or lest
nominal. We qnota:?Cubs,centrifugal and mlaed. 24c. a
b4i.; clayed. Joe. a 8h*. ; do. ranscovado refining, 3He. a
It'Jc.; do. grocery, 3Tmj. a 4-0.; 1'urto Htco, 4 >c. a oHc. ; Kugllali
Islands. 85r. a- 4He ; New Orleans, fair to good,
40c. a iOc. ; prima to elioice, 53c. a5Uc.
Natal Stokks.?TIi? market lor spirits turpentine was
firmer and fairlv active. The tales were about MSI hois,
at 35e.. Kohiu was also firm and active. The sales were
nbnnt 2,01)0 bbls. good strained at 82. Tar was steady, with
sales in a.lobbing way. I'ltcli was tirtn. We quote Spirits
ol turpentine. 3 >c.: ro-in. strained. SI 85; good strained,
8-': tar, Wilininutin and Wasbiuirton. 82 50; pitch. 82 12
A Wires from Wilmington were as follows: ? Koaln, lirm;
strained, $1 60; good do., 81 OS. Tar steady. 81 43. Turpentine
firm ; bard, $1 25; soil, 82 15 jVirgin, $2 15; spirits,
31c. bid.
Oils.?The market for oils was quiet, but generally steady.
W? quote;?t/fusesd. casks. 52c. a 53c.; cotton-eed, crude,
3Hc. a d.'Sc.: Southern yellow, 4Sc. a 5"c ; yellow winter,
f>0e. a 5Ho.; white winter, B5c.: lard, pr sent make.HAe. a
H7c.; sperm, erode. $1 3i); do . bleached winter. $1 HO; do.,
natural do , 81 60: whale, crude. Northern, t.Oc.; do.. Southern,
55c.; blenchod wlmer. 88e. a 70a; winter bloaclied
llsb, 45c a 47c.; cruda llali, 33c, a 35c.
I'KTKULRuy.?T'he market was tlrm but unchanged. We
note resales of 2 re 1) l>b|s. refined at 3ft$(c. and repnrted
sales ol about IO.OOO iibls. at 2 >\c. a Jbjjc., and l.Otsj bbls.
early at 25,itc. The closing prices were as followsCrude
in bulk. 14a ; do , in blila.. l"c. a 13 hie.; refined, in bids.,
26c.; do., in cases. 30c.; naphtha, 14c : refined; at Philndelphla.'2t)c.:
dn. at llaltimore. 20a Advices from the Creek
were as follows: I'ararr s ("iitreil, 83 65 l id; shipment,
83 75. nominal; 1'iiion, 83 5HV bid. Oil City quiot; nociinsll,
*1 i; V 1,1,1 I Til it...l - .hi.?-l 7ft
i'Bovisiu.s*.?Kecelpts?Pork. 1 951 bbla.; lord, 5430 tierces,
50 boxes and 1 keg; cut moats, 733 packa.:es;
bacou. 497 boxes: b< of, 70 tierces, 144 bbK
unit 435 rail's. The pork market an dull and
easy, r! tin; at tbe second call at $10 35 bid
and #10 75 naked Tor October, and #15 25 hid and $15 75
asked lor artier, year; ' 50 bbla. spot, #10 75 a $17. Out
meats wore quiet, but generally steady. We note sales of
lii.ixmibs. plckledbollIes.il lbs. avorage. at 1 lc.; 5t? loose
treali haui*. 13 lbs. average, at 11c. Fresh haiua wore
quoted at lo.tyo. a 11c.. trash bellies at 9,4c. a lU>co , Irtish
shoulders at ii)dc. a 7c., pirklod hems t 12'4c. a 13)3c.,
pickled bellies at lO^e. a l-'^c., pickled shoulders nt 7)4c.
and box bellies nt lot4e. a 13c. Itacou was quiet at 9?4c. tor
city and lilac, tor Western Ionic clear, llecf was quiet, with
sales of 75 bbls. tness and extra mess within the range. Wo
quote Barrels, extra ranas, $M a $11; plain mess. $K a
$ID; packet, $13 a $14; tlereed, cit<, oxtrujlndlu. $11) a $20;
India mess, $18; prime moss, $17. Hcef hams were
easier, but Inirly nrtive; about 100 bids, told
wltbin tbe range; prime Western quoted at $22.
Smoked meats were steady and talrly active; 700 hams, 10
lbs. average. sold at 15c. Smoked shoulders were quoted at
9,4c. Lard was dull hut steady. The closing call prices
were as follows:?Noremher, $0 SO bid, $0 05 asked; seller
year. $'t 72)% bid. $3 75 asken; January, $0 72). bid, $0 *0
naked; February, $!) 05 asked ; March. $9 874 hid. $0 0214
asked. The sale's were about 5,000 tierces at $0 70; $0 72)%
a $0 75 for seller yoar: $0 72.1.4 for December, and $0 75 tor
January. Spot sales were 50 tlercos city steam at 10){e..
and abont l,o(IO tierces Western at $10 45 a $10 55, closing
at $10 55. lieflned?We note sales of ICO tierces for tbe
Continent at 104c.; 10 i tlercea for South America, 114c.;
20.1 tierces for Ouba, extra, at 1 lc? and 100 tierces city No.
1 at loo.
Kick.-The market continued firm. About 300 bbla.
Louisiana sold at 5','c- a 6c. for lair to prlmo. Carolina was
(till scarce. Wo quote i?Curollua, fair Pi prime, 5,4c. a
0>4c.: Louisiana, lair to prime, .V4c. a 6e.. and do. common,
4c. a 5c.; Kangoon, fair to good, nominally 0,4c. a U)jc.;
I'utna. good, 7,4c. a 74c.. currency; itnngoou, iu bond,
24 e a 2)4c.. gold.
St'CAH.?Tbo market for raw sntrar was nominally unchanged.
We note sale* of 300 bhds. Martinique at 8t%e.;
12()boxos odd lots at S)4c.; IS,665 bags Manila, yesterday,
at 84c., and 36.400 bags (old sales) Manila on private terms
KeEn >d was quiet. We quote Fair retlnimr, S1 ,c. ; good
do . 9c.: prime do.. 9luo.: Cuba, grocery, fair to clinico,
l))4e. a B?sC.; do., cenirtfagal. hhds. und boxes, hot. 8 to 13.
tl'4e. a H?jC.; do., molasses. Iihds, and boxes. 7)%c. a 84c.;
1'orto Hico, ro lining, common to prime. s)4c. a Sk'c.; iio.,
grocery, fair to choice, 94c- a B),c ; refined, standard A.,
10)sC.; off A., lOWe.: crushed , 11,4c.; powdered, 10)4c. a
KI'jc.; granulated. 10'4c. a Idt.,,'c. ; cut loaf, ll4'o.
Btkabixx.-'The market was quiet; 25 tierces sold nt 12c.
Tai.miw.?Kcceints?26 blids. and <>5 hbls. The market
was 'lull; snlea were l.l'i.ti (i IDs. at -?.|C. ft ri'8c.
WuiSKicr. ?Kecelpts?OOf bbla. Tlie market was nominal;
71 1- asked; l'Xl blilt. wild ?t $1 llJiFukiuiits.
?On tlie whole ? fair business was reported,
mainly iu Konernl cargo vessels; grain, pruvialnn and Hour
room on the berth nnil petroleum and grain vessels lor
charter at unaltered figure* lor the day. Tlio engagement!
ceinpriaedTo Liverpool, by tail, 8,00Db'.ndiela grain, 7,1100
bbla. roain and 100 hlidx. tallow on private term*, und per
ateant 48.000 liushelx graiti at 7d. a 71 J d., (10 Ilia., equally
divided between both ttgurcs; 5,0 0 boxer choose ami 2.000
packages butter on private termx, numinal rale
-tax. a SO*.; 1,000 bbla Hour at 3s., 30 Ion* llah
oil on private term*, 500 Isoxea bacon at 3C*.
To London, by sail, 1,000 bbla. floor at la. IM.; III 000 bn?hela
grain at 7d., and por steam 4(1,1 00 bnahela grain at 7d.,
80 lb?. : 3 I bushels do. at 71 i'd.. 00 lb*.; 500 hales hop* at
Jjd.. To Glasgow, per steam, 10.0 (I bushels grain at Y.'ad.,
(xi lbs.: 3,1X10 boxes cliecsu on private terms. To Antwerp,*
per steam, 25,000 bnahela grain at 9d. To Bremen, liv sail,
2O0 lihd* tobacco on private terms. The charters included a
llritiah steamer, 1,4.-2 tons, hence to Liverpool, with O.llOO
quarters grain at 5a. 3d; a British bark (relet)
lience to Cork fur orders, with 3,000 quarters
grain at 5s. I'd : an Amortcan brig from
Boston to Belfast, with 2.WM quarters at 5s. Wd ;
a bark thence with 3,i Od quarters for same port and at
same rate : two vessels from Boston to Cork lor orders, with
about 3 CSX) quartets each, at (la.; a Norwegian bark, Irora
riiiladelphla to Bristol with 3,000 quarters grain at 0*., and
some oil cake at 25a. (Id.; an American harkentinc, 5(15 tens
(out and home), hence (o the Mediterranean witn Kentucky
tohacro on private terms; an American hark, (I5(i lens,
hence with general cargo to New Zealand at a lump stun;
nu American barkentiee, 401 tons, from J'eiisncola
to Kh> Janeiro -w.th lumber at $21 and primage;
a British bark, from Philadelphia to London, Bellas! or
Lublin, with 3,2 *' bbls. rctinod petr oleum at 4s. 10,l,il.; a
llritisli bark, pence to Mniscllles, with 2,"?tlo bbls. crude petroleum
at 4->. lnjvd. ; au American brig, hence to same port
with 2,'SKI bids, do at same rate: German bark, flora
rhilndelplila to Bremen, w:th 3,*x*i bbla. reflned at 4s. 3d.
Tlio vessel reported in our last to Billion is to take 1.000
bbla. and 2,000 eaaes rcflnod petroleum out at 5s. and 27>?c.
WinvitsoAT, Sept. 27, 187*1
I ??U Shrtp
ami nit'f
Tartft. Btrret. One,. Culm, fsim'a. Hogi.
Sixtieth street 2,019 11 433 I.5W ?
FortT-clphth street. ? ? ? ? ?
Fortieth stroet ? ? ? ? 4,.ri!t6
Jersey City 1,850 ? ? 1,409 2,430
Total* 3,869 II 430 3.019 7,016
ltKKVK.x.?Trade opened alow tliia forenoon on a reduction
of >40. itroUK per lb. on nil decrees of uuitlily. l'ricea
ranireil Irom tA.,e. a lie. pur lb., weights 5 cwt. a 9% car.
From 55 Iba. n 38 loa. Iiaa been allowed net. At Sixtieth
etreot yards T. 0. Kastmnn sold for self 31 curs of horned
cattle: aalea as fullowst-tM Illinois ateera at 8)vt;. per lb.,
with $1 on per huud; OS Illittola ateera at 8\.c. per lb.,
weieht cwt.; Sit Illiuota steers at He. per lb,,
weight 7 cwt. ; 57 Illinois ateera at UVc. per lb.,
weUbt 7\ cat.: 113 Illinois steers at loe. per lb..
welKlit 8 cwt.: 87 Illinois steers at 10c. per lb., weitrhtsljf
cwt.; 52 Illinois steer* at 0),r. per lb., weight 7). cwt. it.
\Ynlxel%old lor J. Waixol Od Illinois steers at ??,c. per lb.,
weichl 0 cwt.; 3d Illinois steers at He. per lb., with f I on
per "tend, neiphl 6)4 cwt.; 33 Illinois steers at Hl.c. per lb.,
welisnt tl\ cwt. ; 31 Illinois steers at '.i%c per lb., weight 7
cwt. f. Wheeler sold lor Bedford A Kennedy 1 >7 Kentucky
steers tit HjjC a loc pur lb? weieht 8 cwt. sleecl A Meyer
sold lor N. Morris 83 Colorado steers nt Itc. a Hi?c. per lb.,
weiebts tls? cwt. a 7 cwt.: 35 Illinois steers at 8>,r. per lb.,
weights .V, cat. a 5V cwt.; JO Illinois steers at 8)4. per lb ,
weieht 6)4 cwt ; 37 Illinois steers at H)t,e. per lb., weieht
7), cwt., strone: >7 Illinois slecrs nt l')t'c. per in.,
weieht 7 cwt.; 5U Illinois steers nt i 'c. per Ih.
with fiOr. on per lirad on 26 head, weiehts 8 cwt.
a 8)4 cwt.; 28 Illinois stco'S ut h'^c. per Ih.
weieht ewt.. strone. C. Kabn sold for ii. Hecker 17
Kentucky steers nt He. per Ih , weieht 6)4 cwt.; for J.
Ilrowii, 17 Kentucky oxen at 9c. prlh.. weieht 8 cwt.; for
Kshu A Kurst. 17 Kotitu l-jr steers at He. per Ih., weieht
6). cwt.; for It. Kalin, 06 huutucky steers nt H)tc. a Inc.
per Ih., weieht 7 cwt. J. 11. \Mlllains sold lor self 15
Slissoiul steers at 9>4o. per lb., weieht 7 ewt.;
15 Missouri steers at H'.'c. per ib.. weieht 8 ewt.;
15 Missouri steers at lO'^e. per lb., weieht 8)4 cwt, fl. W.
Vail Id lor self 3 Illinois steers nt 8)?c. per lb., with 1)1
en |>er head, weieht > cwi. sir one. Coon A Thmnp.on -old
for I'oon A Hasi urit 62 Illinois steers at HYjc. per 16.. weight
7S.C.WI- i 2<> Illinois tcoif Ml lO.StC. per It*.? weigh; 7)4 cwt.
Held on sale 27 Illitints term. 11. Y. Bnrclmrd j?o!d f??r A.
Von Attn H4 Indiana >leer* al 9c. a 9ls?*. per lb., with
50c. on par boail, weight 7 cwt.; HI) Indiana ateera nt
9^'c. per ib., weight 7l.f ewt.. Meant. t'lery A dntjr bold for
(iolV tk Clary 7W Kentucky ulcers at a 10\c. per lb.,
wcivht 8 cwt.; 99 Kentucky steers at a inc. per lb.,
weight 8 cwt.; for M. Kerch way 49 Illinois neers at a
loc. per lb., weight 7>? ewt. 8. .Vio?.i*h told for
...If .4.1 111 i it <tt St.nei i*t irw r,u ? lis .
SV, cwt. T. (lilies aold lor nolf 60 Illinois
steers nt 10c. a 10S.C. per lb., weight S;, cwt. At Jersey
City yards, Coney A Mcl'berson anlil lor l? Mcl'hcrson 10
Illinois air. rs itt 9c. a IO)|,c. nor lb., weight 0'4 cwt.; on
eoininlstioii. tiro car Ionia oi State cattle at 7l?c. per lb.,
weifrbt >}j cwt. K. Vogel aolil for N. Morria 16 bruiasd I It Inola
rivers at "**e. per lli.. weight 6*., cwt. Hond II.
Weatlioliner sold on coinntitaioti f>5 Ouerokeo ateors at
he. per lit., with f 1 off per licad on 114 bead, weight 5 cwt.
M. Unldaelimldt aold for kloptcr A llo. S5 Missouri ate era at
HL.,c. per lb., weight US cwt.; 116 llllnola ateera at 10c. per
lb., weight 7 r*t.; 61 llllnola ateera at 10>4c. nor lb., weight
7 cwt.; s Illinois ateera at 10*?c. per U., weight dl4 cwt.; for
Kotliacbilda Alio., 106 Cherokee ateera at 6*4c per lb., weight
5 cwt ; for llirai'b A Joseph, 66 llllnola ateera at 9c. per
lb., weight tl\ cwt.; 66 Illinois ate. ra at H'4c.. per lb., weight
7cwt., strong; 67 Illinois ateors at 0,',c. pt-r ,b., weight.7
cwt.; 6ii llllnola steers at 9?{o. per lb., weight 7Jf cwt. M.
Laulcrba.-h sold torN. Morria, 31 illinola ateera at J'4o. per
lb., weight tl'4 cwt.; lor Klopfcr k Co., 7U Cherokee ateera
at 7o. per lb., weight cwt.
Sntiicr and Lakhs.?irads slow, but firm. Sheep sold at
4c. a(l',c. peril).; lambs at 5c. a 7c. per lb. A. Van Wert
aold 36 .state sheep, weight 67 lbs. per bead, at <14 70 per
cwt.; KM State aliocp, weight 06 lbs. per head, at nt4c. per
lli.; till State sheep and lambs, weight HO lbs. per bead, nt
5'4r. por lb. C. Ilauaer aold 166 Statu lambs, weight 67 lbs.
per head, at 6c. per lb. 6. W. Rase A I'idcock ?so*d
15 Jersey ewoa, weight 100 Iba per bead, nt l\c. peril).;
611 leraoyewea. weight 100 Iba. |ier bead, at 4^c, per lb.;
576 Pennsylvania lambs, weigh* 65 Iba. per head, nt tic. per
lb. W. Klliott aold one car load of coarse quality sheep at
IJ,'e. per lb. Zillcffo A Co. sold 40 Slate lambs, weight
6,.'55 lbs., at UV^c. per lb. Hnmo A Klliott sold 16
alteep, weight 1,6**' Iba. at Or. por lb.; Ill sheep
weight l.CVi Iba., at o',c. per lb.; 16*1 aheap, weight 16,660
lbs., at u\c prrlb.; 1 la* aheup, weight 14,4.i01bs. at 0>?c.
per lb.; H'l Stnia Ininba. ? eight 2.2UO Iba., at 6c. per lb.; 45
Mate lambs, weight 6 740 lbs., at ?t,'c. per lb.; 60 State
lamba, weight 6.070 Ilia., at lljjfe. per lb.; 60 State lambs,
weight 1,760 lbs., at 6!3e. per lb.; 61 State lnmba,
weight 4,410 Iba., at 7c. per lb.; 14 Canada lambs, weight
1*5*1 Iba., at 5c per lb.; 177 Canada lambs, weight 1,6**1 lbs.,
at 6Wc. per Ih.; 06 Canndit lambs, weight 6,400 lbs., at 6?g'e.
per lb.; 7.1 Canada lnmba, w. Iglti 5,600 lbs., at 6J<o. per lb.
The terms of the a ilea of thcop and lambs effected nt I'nrljrelght
Street Sheep Market on thla forenoon were not obtained.
I'he Irosli orrlrnlii nt same yards per Hndaon Klver
and Central .New York, sis > per Krlo Hallway, nro included
lu the arrivals at Sixtieth direct yarns and nt Jeraey City
yards. Local slock anil that per boat not reported.
Mtt.cn Cows.?-Trade alow; quality generally Inferior;
prlcoa, $32 a $05 per l ead, calves included.
Vkals ASH < ai.vkb. ? I mile slow; smcotli quality Teats
aold at 7,Sc. a OVc per II*.; grass led calves at 4)fe. par lb.;
also at $ > 5*1 a fM 50 per head.
linos.?A lew bead of state hogs were held on sale oa lira
(IAI.TBSTON. Sept. 27, 1R76.
Cotton weak; middling, lO'.o.; low middling. 10c.;
food ordinary. W'4e. Net receipts, 3.607 bales; gross, 6,607,
Ixporte?Coastwise, 1,570. Hales. 13,001. Stock, 2ft,7H6.
Haw UakHAHS, Sept. 37,187#.
[ Cotton easy; middling, 10\e. j low middling, lUXc. ^
rood ordinary, a^e. Net receipt*, 1,709 bete*; put, 2.9CC.
Salee,2,."0U Stock. 52,417.
Momia. Sept. 27. INTO.
Cotton in good demand; middling. Hie. a lo'.c.; low middling,
WVe a ; good ordinary. 9e. a 0',,'e. Net receipt!.
?7 lialee. Bxporta coactwiae, 428. Mala*. I,SOU.
Stock. 11.292.
SerA.eiitn. Sept 27. 1876.
Cotton quiet: middling, |o\c.: low middling, ltie.; good
ordinary. 9c. Net receipt!, 3,411 bmea; gruaa. 3,400. Sale*,
OoS. Stock, 30, ?7tt
Chaklkstok. Sept. 27, 187(5.
Cotton quirt and ateady; middling, 1052c. a 10?,c.; low
middling. Iftlte. a 10?fc ; good ordinary, l)%c. a BJic. Net
roceipta, 2.324 balea. Export! ooeetwiae, 1.584. Salaa, <XXX
Stock, 10.2J55.
Oiwaoo. Sep! 27. 187ft
Flour ateady: quotation!?No. 1 ipring. 86 75 a $7; amber
winter. 87 a $7 25; wlilte winter, 87 25 a 87 50; double
extra, 87 5<> a *7 75; cunceeaiuua made on roand Iota; aalea,
1.45)51 bbis. Wheat tlrni: aalea of No. I while Michigan at
81 27. Corn unchanged: aalea, M. 000 buahela roiled Weatern
at 554:. a 5ttc. Harlay in moderate deiuaud ; aalea, 21.05X1
huah-la No. 2 Canada at 81 07>?. Corn meal quotation!?
Hulled, 826; nnbclted, 825 per ton. Millteed quotationa?
Short", 815, tlup.mlT,, $! >; middling!, 8.o per ton. Canal
freight!?New York?55 beat, 5c.; corn and rre. 4)*c.; barloy.
4>?e.; lumber. 82 5"; to the iindaun? Lumber, 82.
1,11,0 recclpta?liarley, 10,0(10 buahela; lumber. I 731,(XX>
shipments?Hour, 1,BU0 bbla
Burrxu). Bept. 27,187ft
I.ake receipts?Hour, S7S bbla.; corn, 1J2.HVJ bushels;
wheat. 46.571 Uo. Railroad receipts?Kloar, 4,700 bbla;
corn, I3.(X)> bushels; wheat, IS.fWido.; oata, IS.400 do.;
barley, 'i.liO do.; rye, I.VOO do. Canal thlpmrnte?To tida
water -Corn, 00,310 buthcU: wheat. 13".rtl9 da; rye,
24.3tK) do.; to the interior ?Wheat, U.hSfl bushels. Railroad
hipmenti?Hour. 4.OH i bb's : corn, 02.HO" bushels; wheat,
15,200 do.; oat*. 14.7<XI <lo.; barley, 2,1*10 do.: ire. i.200 do.
Klour ie in fair demand and Brm : sales. 1,275 bbli. at unelianited
line rest ho*. 1 and 2 spring wheat U held at
25c. per bid. ndvanco. Wfhoat? Very light demand; sale*.
5.1/00 bushel* flreen Hav and one car of new white on prlrata
term*. Cum dill mid weaker; ilea, 5,200
bushels, sample. at 51'ic. a S.'c.; 7 cars, in
lot* No. 2, at A2*$c. a 53c. Oats dell; sales,
one ear of Wostern, on track, on private terms; quotations.
M7c. a 40c, Kyo?No demand; quoteo at 70e. a 7'.'c. Barley?
Light inquiry ; no sates, Malt?Light; fair dnmaud; price* nochanged.
.Seeds?Timothy is only In fair demand at $1 75 a
aSJ; no Inquiry lor clov er. 1'j>tk and lard?Demand fair;
prices liuchauged. H.ghwinos?Kalr trado inquiry *1 91 10
a #1 11 lor city made. Canal freights firm and unchanged;
boatmen demand an advance of J^c. per bushel.
ToiJtlio, Kept. 27, 1870.
Klour steady. Wheat stoady; demand fair; No. U whits
Wabash, $1 14,4$; No. 1 while Michigan, $1 17; Wo. 2 do.,
SI 111', extra do., #1 21); era bur Michigan, scot. $1 1H; October,
fl 17'i; No. :i rod winter. $1 144$; Nureniber. 91 IB;
No. H do., 91 0!)X; Dayton and Michigan. 91 09; rcjacted
rod. 00}$c.; No. 2 amber lllinoia. 91 10. Corn quiet; high
mixed, spot, 5<)c.; October. -iUjgc.; low do.. 48);c.: No. 2
[ white, 4b'io.: no grade, 48c.; damaged, dfllqc. Oats dull;
No. 2 held at 3l\c.: Michigan offered at So^'c. bid;
white, 40c..; rejected. 20c Receipts?MO bbla. floor, 61.IKK)
bushels wheat, 2d,000 do. corn, 12,000 do. oata. Ship
merits?l,.iai lima. Hour, iJUU dusuuis wucai, -,IUU uo.
corn, 8,000 do. oeta.
Cuioauo. s?pL 27. 1878.
Flour steady and unchanged. M heat fairly active: No 2
spring, $1 U8'?. cash; $1 OG>? a $1 05\\ Octol>or; $1 05?j.
hovnuiber; So. S, do., o.'i?.; rejected. 7hc. Corn steady,
demand lair; No. 2. 40;Sje. caah; 44Uc.. October ; 4.')>fc.,
November; rejected, 44)<c. Oata dull at 34'ac. caah;
, oetobor. l.ye caaier at 01c Barley easier at
8-','tc. caah. Pork unsettled, $10 40, cash; (10 20, October;
$14 7b a$1480 all the rear. Lard unsettled at $10 05
caah; $10 25 a $10 27Jd October; $9 27all the year.
Hulk meata nominally unclianirod. Whiskey firmer at
$1 0. Receipts?'7.000 bids. Hour. 75.000 bushels wheat,
31C.O O do. corn, 08,000 do. oate, 17,000 do. rye, 34,0110
do. barley, shipments?6,500 bbla llour, 50,000 bathe's
wheat, 70,000 do. corn, 22,000 do. oats, 785 do. rye, 8,000
do. barley.
Pbovidrnck, It. I? Sept. 27,1870.
Printing cloths are firm at prerlous quotations, with a
quiet market.
Havana. Sept. 27. 1870.
Spanish gold. 228tf a 220. Exchange weak i on the
United States, 00 days' curroncy 1 a discount; short sight
do. par; 00 days gold, 8?^ a 0 premium ; short sight do. 0,1+ a
0>a premium; on London. 20^ a 21 premium; on Paris 0\ *
ti>a premium. Sugar quiet and weuK.
London Pbodpcb Mabkbt.?London. Sept. 27?Evenlng.?
Calcutta linseed, 52s. Linseed cake, ?10 5s. per ewt.
A Endowment lusurancs l'ultclei. Mortgages and other
securities- insurance of ail kinrls effected with best companies.
J.J. HABRICH A CO.. 119 Broadway.
class Mock Exchange Privileges; quotations of straddles.
single privileges: also explanatory pamplets mailed to
any address; correspondents in principal cities in United
_i\_Hy a gentleman of Integrity, position and property, who
is teuinorarily embarrassed. Address MEMlNiSSh J UYABIT,
Herald office.
wlslies a partner. Address Y.. box 101 Herald office.
Adam b." reTd, 1
Expert and Aocountant,
372 Pearl St.. Post office box 3.643.
few extremely valuable c.old and silver
Mines, fully developed, but not yet organised into
cenipanles, arc offered to investors in proportions to suit.
Apply for particulars to WILLIAM WARD, Drcxel Buildlug.
C11ty of boston
J 5 per cent Gold Water Loan Bonds,
due 1900.
8 .'.000,1 *>0.
Interest April and October.
Bonds coupon or registered.
It Is a well settled point of law that the private estates of
the cltlscns oi Boston i^re liable for debts lawfully contracted
by the city.
A resrui piles Ul iu? minus, |ISI CUBS buu iuisisis
,')4 Wall (., New York.
lis Stato it., Boston.
property; live years. Apply F. P. HYATT, 145 Broadw
r on productive Real Estate. Security threefold on present
cash valuation. For aale hy
J. B U ATKIM A OOa Tl Cedar St., New York.
Brooklyn lteul Estate; six per cuut money tor first clou
Larue amounts of money to loan, at bow
expenses, on New York, Brooklyn and Westchester hirst
liiurlKuuet; Seconds and Leasehold at uaay terms,
UKOItUE W. STAKE, l.Vl Broadway.
wanted; oxpenees very low.
J. D. OONDIOT, 25 Pine it.
Policies: saiuu purchiised; lermt favorable. LIFE AND
.L life Insurance policies l>y absolute sale can borrow their
cash surrender value. SHELDRAKE, S Pine st.
years on approved property can be procured at chargss
not exceeding olio or iwo per rent, .iccurUiug to nature of
title, hy addressing box 2.4S4 Post olhce.
rpRL'sf FUNDS "ro LOAN "on MOKTOAUE?city,
X Brooklyn or Queens county.
LKAV1TT A WOLCOTT, 1 O Plue ?t._
rimi:. a.ii nitii/AK sijijii ihhuii n nib itoi.u
.1 ill t!rsi session Inr tbo ratline of stocks on Monday. October
J, at 11 o'clock. The hat will embrace the more
prominent Son Krancisru shares as well it* the securities of
itll duly approved Miulnr;, 1'etroleuin, Manufacturing end
Quarrying companies. Applications Tor membership, or for
placing sccuritic* on the regular list mar he made at ilip
tempornrr oflicri in the Urexel Building. Candidates lor
membership. wbusP nominations shall be made prior to Oc
tidier I, will, when duly elected, conio in an Proprietary
Member*. Nominations re-Dived after that dale will he tor
Operating Membership i nly. W1I.LIA.SI WARD, President,
Address K. I .. box 1 IS Herald ollice.
\\r a XTKi?-$ . <v <>V a r" '? it ft I'Ksr, for pive
IT years, on Itrat mortgage on property in the centre ol the
city . present value ,*>.~>U,UKJ; rented for tti.OUO. Address P.,
box liiO Herald ollice.
Jh?> (Win WAXIKH ON UK A1. K SIATK 8>.0 lrRtTT,
dpO.UWUlor which situation, with good salary, will be
given. Address S. 11.. lleralu ollice.
Jh 1 .? / Wl(\ \\'s.N I i.Ii ON (fry PROPKttTY NOW
dP L sU?"UV.r rented for $T, 100; princioals only dealt with.
Adcresa. appointing Interview, M. J. M., till linnk at. No
broker will bo notice L
(J? 1(1(1 / l(1(l?iT hit CKNT TO LOAN ON IMtplUl/.UUU
proved city property! will divide in sums
of $ >.UdO and over; inodorato charges.
77 Caiiar at.
?J>ll/U.\7UV7Ncw York. Brooklyn or Jersey City I'roucrty.
K. II. SGHULZK, 6.1 wall si.
dh rFl V |l|)|i AT (1 IT.lt CKNT POK FIVK YEARS.?
' sJU We have this nm.oint for immediate investment
ia sums of ? lupin upwards on Rood city Improved
ltd Bltsti. CALLKNHKIt A LAI' KK.NCK. 3o I'lnc St.
ffil nom (win t,) l?>vn at very lowest
?IiUUUiy< 'U market rata* on mortgage.
V. K. STKVl-.NsoN, Jr., 4 Pine or 33 hast 17th It.
i?i con o/jn f<> loan on new yoiik real
Jpl.OUtr.U" MjEstate; no bonni. Address MOKT(JaUK,
National Life Insurance Company, 40U Broadway.
t) O HAKT.Mfcll ?H I P?.
TiiiTWPABT.N Kits fill' OK Mel NT Y~KK "i""HOVKlf,
prnpriatora o Manaion House, Lone Branch, Is hereby
dissolved by mutual consent. WM. L MrlNTYRK,
LOM BUICI, N. September 27, 1H78.
1 PARTY 11 A V1 >' i \ I tltsr PI.Ass IMS I TKAUKItAsliip
wants a Partner with capital to stock the post*
Koli particulars given. Address TRADER. Herald oOlce,
three days.
"rot: no, "active ~m an, witTi i$nv>, wanted.?
Splendid opening; must bo well recommended. Add'ess
MONROE. Herald olllce.
P A KI NIK W anted? w l r0 $l.5t?, in bplendid
cash business- can make #li?i weekly ; chance seldom
offered; come nud satisfy yourself. WAltUbN, 215 East
loth nt. _
Active or silent partner" wanted?with
some mousy, to purchaso au established Journal, having
tine prospects, no similar uaner In United States. Address,
with peiticulars, BONA FIDE, box 5,540 Post office.
lions'), with a popular trado, would like an lntelli.
Rent, active partner with $25,(101) to ineet the demand of
their growing business. Apply GKIUOri A CARLhTON.lW
upon easy tsrma, to suit purchaser : worth SJt.INO; will
ta# sold for $15,i.(A); a raro opportunity for any one bnylnuiuff
business. JUII.N TAILOR. Herald office.
v^model exhibited and subscriptions to company roceircd
at 721 Arch St., Philadelphia.
1710It SALE (II! Al' Oil w IiX'taKE A PARTNER,
JT rout only $55 per month. Wine, Lienor Basement, 512
Broadway, opposite St Nicholas Hotel, ne?t to Thoatre
Connque . a splendid chance for the right party. Call Friday,
Saturday. License paid to May.
charge ol s well established snctioit house. Address H.
J , litreld Uptown lirauclt odlco.
opportunity fur a gentleman with $1(11100 to SI5.UU0
to Invest in an establisbad wholesale and yredtaele business.
Address FORM Ob A, Usrald office.
fsrsnnssi oppohtu h iti k*.
TffxsrKrrgrj^n^fv *xn
TT buaineaa experience. a aitxetl'C. In a manufacturing. *
commercial or mercantile huuae ; can loau about *1,'**J; heat r f ,
city reference given autl required. Addreea INTtUKlTi,
boa ?I Herald ofliee.
Wanteu-a ureouL ok aotivr ipartnkk.
with to $i;>.0?)l, in a thoroughly Atabliahed
produce commiMion buaineaa. The proper peraoo may hare
dctalla In full by addreaalng V., box loXHerald office.
facturr a ataple article ueed In every bouae; State and
reunty Right* for eala. Inquire, between I- and 1, at ltd*
ul, by a party woo ha* bean buyer for elarge importing
hoaae in tliit city. now retiring from a business which
bos been very profitable up to thia date, and in whh-h ibt ,
ailrertiaer baa >?n Interest; the connect ion in thia country il
widely apread and the riakiamall. Particular! can be eiveu
by addressing H. O., M. K. Jeaaup, Potun A On., .New York.
to Join ma in a legitimate p.tying caab business a
quare man preferred. Addraaa P. A. II.. boa lib Herald
<PA.v/lf-cook, will giro $100 lor au interest in a good oof-*
fee and lunch room. Addreaa Q. Z.. Herald office.
fpLa* M/" "half Interest in three things which differ from
all olheri; a universal demand; thousands of dollara easily
realised; particulars at iuterriew. Addreaa VAUGHN,
llarald ollle*.
<5>1 r/V/V-with b mi vices. will hbcukb IN- )
vi.L/Uutera?t in bnslnaas paying <tt,OOOper rear.
1IA.N KINS, 2? West 2Mth at.
d?0 nrviv -GOOD MAN WITH Til 18 AMOUNT
Vi.'lUU. wanted : established cash basine.s; eplendld
opportunity. Addreaa M1LP0KD, Herald office.
Vio.'JUU aecured by patent: no limit: I hara too neck f .
business on hand. NEWBKOUOM, U>* West 34tb at.
pAO-rJv 'v/.factoring buainee* that will pay ate land
flu.ivsi yearly. Addrv-s AMES, Herald Uptown office.
SiTTwVlV OB 10,000.-A OENTI.EXAJTOK" "oooj
fP?J,' '"f'-/character and credit will Invest $5,1 K)0 ns
f|U,i?KI cash, with bis aerrlcea, in a business approved aui
well eatnbllshed. manufacturing or merchantable. Parties
in good standing MH|| additioaal capital, with the eep
vicea of a man of business experience, ran send full particulars
of business, location, Ac. (if found satisfactory immediate
attention will be given) to W. HOWARD, Herald
office, .
(51 r <v7m --financial partner wanted, ,
fPi.deUUU.wlth $15,1**1 as additional capital, to tall eg.
isilng contracts for dessicated egus. Prortts 50 percent r
sales cash Call or addreaa DEhalCAi'RU EGGS, Lit
West Broadway,
fP-^deUV/d-porting buainesa wlro cau furnish thit
amount. Fa II particulars by addressing IMPOKTKB, box
200 Herald office.
The Congressional Commission held another meeting
yesterday morning. They have dually dsisrminet |
upon two ol tho experts to bo addod to the Commi* j
sion, who are Mr. F. B. Nourse, of Boston, and Mn '
Uroeabeok, of Cincinnati. Those gentlemon hare beoa
addressed letters of invitation and appointment, bat
no answers bavo yet been received. Tbe third member
is yolto bo selected, and the Commission will not ('
make a choico until a willingness to serve is assured.
Tho namo of General Dix hag been mentioned prominently,
but no communication with bim has yet boon
made. When the replies of tho appointees are received,
tho date of beginning the practical labors ol
tho Commission will be determined.
At the Real Estate Exchange yesterday A. J. Bleeckei
A Son sold by order of the Supremo Court In for*
closure, Hamilton Odell, referoo, two lots, each 26.1
on Fifth avenue, east side, 100 feet north of Slxiy-Uflh
street, to plainlifT for $30,750.
William Kennolly sold hy order of tho Supremo
Court In foieolosnro, J. M. Levy, referee, one lot, 25
by 100, bn Fifth avonue, oast side, 100 feet south of
Ninety-fourth street, to Mrs. Coddlngton for $13,000,
132<1 st, n 175 ft w of 4th sr., 20x99.11; J. R.
Urabams and wife ta T. Wencel $13,001 <
Retreat av.. n. w. a, 200 ft. s. of Henry st., 80.5x120
(23d ward) ; N. Ruhr and wile to 3. Buhr 1,450
Elisabeth at, w. a. (No. 245), 25x92.0; C. A. Cragin
and wile totienrge F. Martens 14,000
21al at., n. a., 400 it. w. or4th av., 25x98.9: Thomas
Cochran and others (executors) toC. C. Drained.. 28,000
Opdyke av., s. s.,3MO tt. e. or 3d st. 25x100 (24th
ward); F. W. CremlntoJ. D. Cremin 250
63d St., a a.. 125 It. w. of 1st av., 25x100.5; Robert
B. l.ynd to T. Cnnkltn 16,000
16th st.. n. a, 200 It. a. of 9th av., 25x80; Mary
McKiernan to H. M. Tostcviu 10,000
13th at., n. a, 220 tt. w. ot av. B, 25x103.8; K. Mahler
and husband to 11. Mnller 17,000
29th St., 11. s.. 190.9 ft e. or Madls >n av., 21.4x1)8.9;
W.- Nelson to H. A. Nelson 14,600
Detiman st, s. s., 200 ft. e. ol' Cortland av, 25x100
(.3d ward); F. l'anser anil wife to F. F. itrincraan. 4,0011
10th av., w. a, 49.9 ft. s of 39th St. 24.6x75; M. Ran
and husband to M. Stark. Nom,
Av. St Nicholas, e. s.. 008.0)4 " ?f 14'>th st, lrregalar;
J. F. Buggies and wile to John Yard Nom,
52d St.. a a. 165 ft 5. of 4th nr., 100 5x90; Stein way '
A Sons to 8. Belltnann 32,000
132dst,n. s.. 175 It. w. ol 4th ar., 20x99.11; T.
Wenzel and wife to A. L. Rrahams 13,00(1 .
1st av., n. e. corner 116th St., 26x74; J. U. Sinclair,
retemM to K I'evser 11.500
29th ill., n. 196.9 It. e. of Madison av., 21.4x98.9;
t>. M. Morehouse, referee, to William Melton 14,600
8th er. (Mo. 170), 5 yearn; A. McUowan to J. Walter 1,50Q
Buhr, Nicholas and wife, to T. cichad, n. a. of Retreat
av. (23d ward); 3 Tears 890
Bellman, Solomon, to Steinway A Sons, a. a. 9id at.,
o. nt 4th av.; 1 year 82,000
Ballard, Jackson and wile, to J. E. Hoyd. e. a. of lat
av.. a. of 12.">th st. ; 0 years 1,000
Conuolly, James. to James Kutherlord, w. a. of 4th
av.. a. ol 29th st.: 9 veart 20.000
Conk tin. Thomas, to It. B. L/ud, a. a. of 03d St.. w.
ol 1st av.; 1 year 6,000
DiiKKin, Chailes and wile, to Mutual Life Insurance
Company, e. a. ol' Madison av., w. of 4 Itli st.; 1 year 18,000
Same to name. e. a. Madison av., n. of 44tli st.; 1 year 18,. UQ
Prank Held, A. A. and wife, to same. n. a. of 01st at..
v . of 8th av.; 1 year S.CXXL
Flnnigun, 1 hninas and wife, to Thoinaa O'Brien, a. a. *
of Sih st. ande. at av. H; .t years 1,900
Gnllsgher. James, to John Marrett, e. a. of South 9th
av., a. of Kleeckcr; 1 year 2,01X1
Lamb, A. C.. to I. Hunt, w. a, of 10th av., a. of 43d
st.; 3 years 1,900
Mathews. William and wife, to (J. (J. lie Witt, w. a.
ot Greenwich St.. a of Jane at.; 3 years 6,900
Same to same, a. w. coruer of Jane and Greenwich
sts.; 3 years.. , 10,000
Woerner, William and wife, to I. Winter, s. s. ol 33d
at., e oT SHU av.; 1 year 1,000
Wiener, Joseph, to L. A. Freund, n. e. corner of lat
av. and tkith at.; 3 years 10.000 ,
The Board of Education held a special mooting yesterday
afternoon at tlio ball, corner of Elm and Grand
streets, President Wood In tne cbair. The business of
the mooting was to take action on tbo financial budget
for the year 1877, which was presented by tbo Finance
Committee at tho last regular meeting of the Board,
and which was published in full in yostorday's Hbralu.
' The order of tbo meeting was suspended in order to
take action on a report front the Committee on Even- '
Ing Schools, as these schools will open on Monday ]
evening next. The trustees of the Twenty-second |'
ward had requested that the action of the Board at Its
last meeting, transferring tho malo evening school In
thoir ward to grammar school building No. 68, be reconsidered,
and tbai evening school No. 17 (male) be .
imnslerrod to grammar school building No. 28, and
that evening school No. 28 (female) be transferred to t
grammar school building No. U. The request or lbs trustees
was granted and the transfer of the schools
Tbo financial budget was tben taken up, and was
adopted in full, without a change in a single Item, as*
published In yesterday's IIkkald.
A vory neat and compact form of tho new course of
study lately adopted by tbe Hoard or Education was
exhibited yesterday to tho Commissioners. The form
Is a sheet twenty-lour by thirty-two Inches, divided * .
Into eight columns, and admirably classified. Tho
work was compiled by Mr. Amos M. Kellogg, editor of
tbe School Journal, of tbta city, and received Irom
tbe Commissioner* the highest encomiums. It has
been orderod lor the use of tbe teachers and officers
of the Department of Education.
COt.l.SttK OK Til* CITY or NBW YORK,
The Trustee* ol the College ol the City ot New York
met yesterday afternoon, Mr. Wood presiding. The
only business transacted was the adoption of a resolution
requesting the Comptroller to transfer 146,000 to
the Treasurer, this boing the balance of the annual ap.
proprlation lor the College fuud. 1
Yesterday morning Inspectors Judd and Norrymore
scIr.oil at pier No. 3 North Itivor 1,600 cigars, which
wore attempted to bo smuggled ashore from tbs
steamer City of Yorit Crux, lying at tho above pier.
At No. 281,4 Elizabeth streot there resides Mr. Heary
Gray, aged seventy-threo years, whose only Immediate
relatives are two granddaughters, who are unable to
render htm any aid. Mr. Gray Is well preserved, but
leeble, and, balng an Episcopalian, efforts have been
made to gst WD admitted Into lomo home tor agod
peraont. Owing to shorter restrictions tbo only brnns
open to blm is the Old Gentlemen's L'nsoctariuu Home,
No. 521 Ka?i 120ih street, whose President, Mr. W, U.
Katoscar, touches for the fact that this is a deserving
case. Tho charter of this Jiomn, bowovor, requires a
guarantee ol S3 per week, and Mr. Kamscar says that
if subscriptions juslily it he will at once rsi-sive Mr.
Gray. Subscriptions may bn sunt to Mr. Itamscar. at
the Homo, by whom tbey will be duly acknowledged.
A large swordflsh canto ashore at Capo Hay on Moo- u
day and was capture^ ta a golly by Mr. N. B. Bennett A
aud others. Tho fish was olovcn feet lu length, twenty-two
inches In diameter and Ave and n half feet la
drouth(orence. The sword was llltecn Inches long J
irom lbs mouth and twenty-six from ths blngs of the J
Jaw a The tail was thr?s (set slsvoa inches la lsngtlt M
and rery muscular, M

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