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ruiLADiu-niA, Oct. 18, 1878.
Workmen were to-day engaged m erecting the bur
die or lilting arches on the ground*, neur George's
Hill, for the tournament of to-morrow, and aJl three
aero Jn place before dark. They consist of two up
igbts supporting a Gothic frame arch, from the cen
tre of which bangs a strap, supporting a
ring one and one eighth Inch In diameter.
The ring la so balanced ou a small wire
that if caught on the point of a horseman's
Isnce it will there remain, still leaving
the two rings of the other arches to be caught In the
same way. The arches are placed iu a line about ninety
leet apart, and are fifteen feet In width at the base and
sixteen feel high. A specially prepared roadway twen
ty-five feet wide will be kept clear by ropes stretching
irom the starting point opposite the building of the
Department of Protection to a point about fifty foot
beyond the last arch, where the riders will turu. Kaeh ;
horse will have a sufficient distance between the start
ing point aud the first arch to strike a dead run. and
the knight will pass under ono arch after the other,
endeavoring to remove the three rings. If successful,
he will be escorted from the Hold by heralds, but If
unsuccessful will return unattended. The Judges'
?land, a light platform six feet In height, wiU occupy a
position opposite tho central arch.
The entire ground, excepting the portion required
for tilting, will be open to the public, and as the east
?Ide of George's Hill rises directly lrom the course
there will be sbuDdant room for bundrods of thousands
of visitors to enjoy the novel speetaclsi A few hun.
dred seats will be eroded lor ibouo who huve pur
chased cards for the coronation at Judges' llall la the
The knights, fn a full costume of mall with visor.
Will arrive at tho gate at ono o'clock, preceded by two
buglers, also iu costume. Here they will bo mot by
Major butler aud a platoon of sixty Centennial Guards
and escorted to the tournament grounds.
The following is a complete list of the fifteen knights
who will participate in ihu tourney, with the special
designation of eaclit-H. Crozier, New Hampshire,
*?_ A- MeFarlaniL Jr., Massachusetts; L. Z. busby,
Khoue Island ; William P. liryuti, Couucciicai, Oforue
V Bucou, New York;C. D. Chapman, Now Jersey; H
M. Perry, Pennsylvania: K. L. Kaoo, Delaware; K W
Hereford, Maryland; E. F. Gallaher, Virginia; J. M."
Hardy, North Carolina; Z. Nelson Jsrboe, .South Caro
lina; C. A. Fox, Georgia: Charles White, Jr., The Ceu
tennial; A. 11 Sun, Tha Uuion.
Euch subscriber to the evening ceremonies will bo
presented with a ticket of admission to a reserved
?pace during the afternoon The subscription price
for the evening ceremonies Is $6, and insuros admis
sion for a ladv aud gentlomau. The Committee of Re
ception, which has charge of the distribution of tick
ets, is represented in New York by l.ieutennul Meu
cair, I niled Status Engineers; in Washington by J. W
Knight, and in Baltimore by llarry J". Turner.
There will be exhibited to morrow, in the Main
Building, together with other prizes offered to the suc
cessful knights, a sliver cup about twelve iuches in
height, which was presented by Weo YiDg Ding a Chi
nese m audarin. It is part of the collection and per
sonal property ol this gentleman, and formed part of a
large collection, also his properly, which is now on ex
Tho Judges of the tournament have been announced
?s follows:?Ex-Governor Odeu ltowie, Maryland'
Colonel F. G. Skinner, New York: Kovcrdy Danger
field. Virginia; Dr. J. E. Morgan, Washington, D. C. ?
Hon. D. W. Osburn, Florida; General Asa Torblt, Deia-'
ware; Clarsnco N. Uurton, District of Columbia
Horace J. Smith, Philadelphia, aud Edward H. Max
woll, Boston.
Dr. John W. Btyne, of the United States Army, has
been appointed surgeon.
National Hide and Leather Association met In
tho Shoo aud Leather building at eleven otclock this
morning, for fbe purposo of effecting a permanent or
ganization pursuant to the resolution of the Massachu
setts Convention of representatives of the trade held
st the Exhibition grouuds toiuo three months since
Sully 16b representatives or the tunning iuterest wore
present. Mr. D. P. Kay, of Tyrone, l'a., who presided
? temporarily, stated the objeet of tne association to be
the promotion and development of the tanuing Inter
est in the Uuitcd Slates, a constitution for tne new
association was reportod by a committee appointed at
the former meeting, and an election lor ofheors held
with the following result:?
President, Hon. Marshall Jewell, Harltord, Conn. ?
v ice Presidents? D. 1?. Kay, Tyrone, Pa.; l.ouls Bal
lange. Cincinnati; H. C. Tllllnghaat, Chicago; Hiram
Herring Kodiuan, New York; Beujimin McLean
Kansas, Se.rctaries?J. F. Ely, Baltimore; D. P.
Leas, Philadelphia; J. L. Crowl, Detroit: Treasurer
J. B. Hoyt, New York.
The remainder ol the morning session was occupied
In a discussion, participated in by Messrs. Georgo W.
Allen, of Milwaukco; J. 11. Walker, of Worceeter,
Maes.; T. E. Proctor, or Boston; J. E. Mooney ol
Louisville, snd H. C. TlHlnghast, ol Chicago, upun'the
different modes of grading and tanning hides.
At the afternoon session u paper was read by Mr.
Jsckson 8. Scbullz, on "Methods of Selecting and Tan
ning Leather," and a series of rules to be observed by
the trade represented was reported, discussed, snd tn
part, adopted.
The Association then adjourned until to-morrow.
The second day'e session of the Convention of the
American Dairy men's Association to-day was held in
he Judges'hail.
There was a (air attendance of members, though the
Session was of not long duratlou. Professor Harris
1-ewis, of Now York, explained at length the peculiar
ities of the process lolloweu by himself in butler
making, and remarks were made by Mr. Henry F.
Moore, of the Agricultural (iatcllc, of London, upon
the present position of tne dairy mterest in England
and by Prolessor Bell, of Bollvtlle, Ontario, upon Kng'
llsb agriculture. The Association will meet again to
morrow in the same place.
At five o'clock P. M. the members of the National
Batter and Egg Association and Americun Dalrvmcu's
Association were entertainou by the Philadelphia Prod
uce Association at the butter and cheese factory. A
sumptuous collation was spread on the second tloor of
the building, to which tiie company were Invited. Mr.
James D. Ferguson, Presidont ol the local organiza
tion, presided, assisted by Mr. George E. Guocb of
Chicago, and Professor Arnold, of New York, repre
Miiting tho visiting association.
Tho 8tate buildings of Delaware and Maryland were
to-day bondsomely decorated with ttaga la honor of
tha Centennial celebrations of those States to morrow.
? Tb* admissions to-day to the main Exhibition at
fifty cenu were 123,UVJ, at twenly-tlvc eonts, 777 ? to
the live stock yard, V20. '
The annual fair for the benefit of SL Joseph's
ehurch, Baldwin avenue, Jersey City Heights, will
open this evening and will remain open every evonlng
until the 9ib of November. Tbo spacious basement of
the church, In which the lair will be held, nas been
completely transformed into an elegant and eoiufor;a
ble ball, at the upper end of which a stage has been
erected for the musical, dramatical and oratorical en
tertainments with which the usual ninusementa will be
Interspersed. At the suggestion of the pastor, Very
Rev. Mgr. Seton. s prolusion of national colors snd
aentannlal emblems surround tne walls aud gracefully
drape the platform. The refreshment table is presided
over by Mrs. McCarthy, of Newark avenue, under
whose ekl'ful direction It promisee to be one of the
most attractive points of the fair. The live other ta
bles are attended by some ol the moot agreeable ladiea
or the parish, among whom the pastor has distributed
the large number of pre.-onta which have been sent
lo him for this occasion by distinguished friends lu
different parts of the country.
Tho followlog Important basineso matters have been
acted upon by the Exceutivo Committee, National
Rifle Association:?
Whereas the Forty-eighth regiment, of Oswego. N. Y.. has
rireeented certain affidavit. in relation to the protest liere
ofore entered Against their scores in the late lall meeting
of this ateoelatlon, which was not before this committee at
the time such protest was acted upon, and which is of im
portance; It Is. therefore,
Kesolred. That ihectse against the Forty-eighth rerl
ment be referred to the Board or Director, ij the National
Bllle Aseoclation for their consideration
Sharp's Rifle Cempaoy'e Frlxe?$240 In gold?ac
cepted, conditions as followsOpen to all comers'
entrance fee $1; 8oo, WOO and l.two yarns, fifteen
ehote each distance; no sighting shots nor previous
practice on day ol match; no coaching allowed, either
by competitors or outsiders Any competitor giving
or receiving any Information an -ill forleit all prizes
won by blm ou that day, It being the desire to make
the match a strict test of individual shooting. The
winner mast lead all competitors at each of the throe
distances at one competition; one-fourth of enlraueo
money to highest score, unless he wins tho prizs, in
which case to second highest; one-fourth entranoe
money to he added to principal prize until tlnslly won.
pedestrian contests.
Nxw Hants, Conn., Oct. 19, 1870.
George F. Avery, who recently Isiued a general
challenge to pedestrians. ha* rsceived several answors.
He la now completing arrangement* for a match of 152
hour* duration, to be contested with Professor Judd. of
Mew York, and until that match has taken place either
In Boston or New York, be cannot entertain others;
4iut after that event will be willing to arrango with
Harding, of New York, and other*.
A lawyer named William H. Mundy complained yes
terday to the Grand Jury against the Board of Kxclse,
Which body, It* claims, has violated the Kxclse law by
granting lioteaea to saloon keepers to sell strong and
Bptrltuous Ugaort atld wines in quantities less than
Bra gallons at a time to be drank on tho premises.
Mr. Mundy contends that the law prohibits the grant
ing ot such licenses to any person, excopt inn, tavern
r hotel keepers.
A telegram from Washington announces ths death
of Francis Preslou Blair, at hi* home at Crystal
Spriugs. Md. Mr. Blatr lud been tU for sometime
und bis death waa not a surprise to his mauy frianda,
whose miuda had bean prepared for ttao aad
news by Intelligence of bia weak physical condition.
Francis Preston Blair was born at Abingtou, in tho
county <>f Washington and But# of Virginia, on the
12th of April, 170L Ills father, tho Hon. Jamos Blair,
was an eminent lawyer, who at one time flllod the
office of Attorney General of the State of Kentucky,
while hia mother wss a lineal descendant
of that Preston family which has so long
been famous in the annals of the country for
tho eloquence of Its sous and the grace of
its daughters, lie enjoyed the beat educational
advantages which were to be obiatned In what
waa then known as the West, and was finally grad
uatod with academic honors In tho University of Tran
sylvania. He subsequently studiod law, but never
eulered upen tho active practice of the profession
because of the delicate health which totally unlHtod
him at that lime lor the confusion of courts aud tho
contentions of elionta He was supposed to be suffer
ing from a pulmonary affection, which would soon
bring his career to a premature cud, and tho longevity
to which ho subsequently attained was a forcible
Illustration of tho Scottish proverb that "threatened
people live the longest." Yet, touble as he was, he
volunteered us a private In one of the flrit military
companies that were formed lu Franklin county, Ky.,
lor service In the war of 1812 against Great Britain, and,
naviug been appointed by Governor George Madison as
one of his aids, ho proceoded with the Kentncky troops
on their lire ol march toward the Canadian
frontier, when, being seized with a sever# hemor
rhage lrom the lungs, he was left behind by his com
rades, In what seemed a hopeless condition. His health
remaiued at this precarious state for several years, re
quiring the exercise of constant prudence on his part,
and exciting the greatest solicitude of his larnily and
Mr. Blair early turned his attention to polities and
took a keen and vivid interest In the dlecnaslon of
all public questions. For such discussions he
was admirably qualified by tho range of his
studies, by the habits of his mind, and
especially by tho facility and force with which he
could wiold what the French call "tho Ignited logic"
of an earnest disputant. Whclhor he argued with the
pen or the living voico, he presented his views, not as
the cold abstractions af the political reason, but fused
them with all the tires of an ardent temperament,
which waa sometimes kindled to a white heal by
the (rictlon of political debate. His talents soou at
tracted the notice of Henry City, and between that
rising young statesman and Mr. Blair a friendship
sprang ud, which was cemented for a time no less by
community ol political opinions than by a mutual ad
loiratiouol the manly trails luhereut in the character
of each. Mr. Blair was a warm supporter of Mr. Clay
lor the Presidency in the year 1824, but their general
Identity of views did not prevent Mr. Blair, even
in the earlier stages of their association, from
sometimes refusing to follow the lead of his
eloquent friend. A ea*e In point tnay be
found In the divergent course thoy respectively
took In the colebtnted "court controverey which
ugitaled the Stale of Kentucky for so many yearn.
This controversy took Its impulse trom an impression
of tho common mind In Koutucky that tne judicial
tribunals of the Slate had become the strongholds of
tho wealthy and aristocratic clasaes, to the disparage
ment H not to the detriment of the laboring population,
ud in the issue thus Joined Mr. Clay took hi.
stand Ou the side or tho courts, while Mr.
It lair espoused what he believed to be the rights
el the peoplo against tbe as.umptlons of the Judiciary.
It was during the pendoncy of this contest that Mr.
Jellersou's doctrine of an "elective Judiciary was for
?ho lirst time in this country seriously Invokud aa a
remedy against Judicial usurpation* And In this
controversy, true to tho democratic lnatlncl ho had so
early evinced and which he was destined so long and
vigorously to maintain in the presence of hie country
men, Mr. Blatr ranged himeell on the side of popular
B?When General Jackson, after bis rupture with Cal
houn, found It necessary U> have an "organ to de
fend his administration, Mr. Blair waa chosen to di
rect it He (Blatr) hesitated long betoro he consented
EWume the onerous responsible, of tne poet thai
W *A t\vr rep e ate [^conferences with Amoe Kendall It
was agreed between him and Mr. Blair that the name
of the new paper should be tbe Olobe, and that H
should nave for It" motto the natxlm
? ?ih? world Is governed too mucin' The first number
of the piper Jptiared ou the 7th of December, 1830.
The Glob* rtmiuued the bulwork of tho administration
ol Jackson down to its triumphal close, when tt| was
able to sing a pa*au of victory over all fta foes. Jack
son bad not ouly maintained his position against the
combined assaults of Adams and Webster at the
North nf (jiay at the West and Calhoun at the
Sol h' but he bad been able to dictate bis
a accessor In the person of Mr. V.u Baren.
Tho Of of* continued to carry the flag of Mr. tan
Huron uotil It went down lu the fog cabin and
hard elder campaign of 1840. The death of General
Harrison, followed aa It waa by the accession of Mr.
Tyler to tho Presidency, and by a fued between Mr,
Tyler aud bis party, might have seemed to offer^lo Mr.
Blair a promising opportunity for striking hands with
. valuable accomplice .n the work of disorganizing the
whlgs. But Mr. Blair steadfastly refueed all complicity
with the Tyler administration. .....
tin retiring lrom tho to ill of political Journalism
Mr Hia* took up his residence at Silver spring, a
conmrv ecat, about seven miles lrom Washington, lu
Montgomery county, Maryland. Without at aU aban
doning the thuuguiful observation of political events
he devoted himself assiduously to the Improvement of
his estate and to the diffusion of knowledge on subjecti
connected with the practice aad sclenee or agriculture.
It need not ho euid ihat Mr. Blelr was active in hia
oobosltion to the admlaietratlon ol Mr. Buchanan and
that he laborod arduously for the election of Mr. Lin
coin in 1800 Tb? course of events si this time had
caused the whole country to face the disunion issue,
which Mr. Blair lud toreaeon from the day when ho
nennea against McDuffle the vlgoroua editorial article
which had lirst brought lu writer to the notlco of Gen
?ml Jack?on In 1830.
During the latu war 111 fortune came In the year
18?4 to disturb tho statesman editor in his quiet re
treat at Silver Spring. A body of the enemy, whtlo
hovering around the national capital In the month of
Inly In that year, sacked his bouse, rilled his papers
and burned 'the' country .est of tils son, the Horn
Montgomery Blair, wno was then holding a place In
Mr Lincoln's Cabinet
It ban rarely boon the fortune or any man to touch
the springs ol so many Important events In the politi
cal history of our country as that which fell to the lot
of the eminent Journalist aud party leader who baa
just ended a career as lull of honor as It was full of
venrs. Wo are woll aware that In the
"hearts or the JsckMinlan era It waa aome
tuncs objected to him that ho brought too much
ferocity laio his political warfare. Ho did Indeed
frequently use great plainness aud directness of speech
He thought that words were given to express foca*. not
to conceal thetn, ..nd if he sometimes used the rapier
and the battle axe In bis contentions. It J*""1.* Just to
add that he never hid a dagger beuoath his shield, like
Harmodine and ArUtogtton when tbey set ujion the
tyrants of Athaus.
A hero of the sea dlod at Liverpool, England, oa
the 4th Inst. Cornelius L. Brady was third officer of
the steamship Atlantic, of tbe White Star line, which
went ashoro on the coaet of Nova Scotia April^l, 18i&
Through his heroic efforts many Uvea were saved by
his swimming to a rock with a line, and later on, in
tho voar 1874, when a passengor on board tho steamer
Pennsylvania, of the American line on her voyage
from Liverpool to Philadelphia, alter the captain and
two t hiol officers were washed overboard and every
prospect of the ship foundering, he took command
? Id brought ner lately into port It was through cx^
posure in the last instance be contracted the
[consumption) of which ho died He waa aged thirty
lour years, and leaves a wile and ene child.
A despatch from Tueson. Arlsona, reports the death
of Hon. John Titus. ox-Chief Justiee of that Territory.
He woe a nalivo of Philadelphia.
Hev lleary Waterman, I?. D., late rector of 8C
Stephcu's church. Providence, R.I., probably the oldest
Episcopal clergyman in the dloeoee, died yesterday
morning at his residence.
alleged official inaction.
Much dissatisfaction Is expressed In Suffolk county
at the action of District Attorney Wickham In the KoL
eey and Goodan cases. In the former Mr. Wickham,
although informed by General Barlow that bo had
turned the matter over to him, elates that he knows
nothing about It and will not try tho imilclraeals
against the Sum mis brothers. The Cotidou Msiers.lt
will be remembered, were lound guilty ol imauticide
by a coroner's jury and wore held to bail to await the
action ol mo Grauu Jury. Tbe Coroner's papers were
llied with the County Clerk, and It was generally ex
pected that tbey would be indicted at the list term of
the court. Tho case, however, waa not mentioned to
tbe Grand Jury, and tho District Attorney says that
he has uorer aeon the paper* and knowa nothing about
the cose.
Conoobd, N. H., Get. 18, 187a
An attempt was made to wreck the up express train
from Boston, near Martin's Ferry, on the Concord
Railroad, this forenoon. A heavy spruce timber waa
thrown under tho cars, bat tbe train fortunately passed
ou wiibout accident. The passengers wers quite badly
shaken up.
WlK Ukmbtmknt, ) I
Officii <>r tbk Caur Siumai. Officii, >
Wahhisutoh, Oci. 13?1 A. M. )
? I'robaAHiHu.
Forth* South Atlantic States, rising followed by fall
ing barometer, northeast to southeast winds, station
ary or rising temperature and clear or partly eloudy
For the lake region, falling barometer, easterly or
southerly winds, rising temperature, increasing cloud
iness and rain areas In the upper lake region and ex
tending to the lower lakes
For the Upper Mississippi and Lower Missouri vel
leys, falling and low barometer, increasing south
erly to easterly winds, warmer, cloudy weather, and
rain areas accompanying, a storm eentr* advancing
eastward toward the upper lakes.
For the Middle and Eastern tales, rising, followed
by falling barometer, warmer and generally clear
weather, with easterly or southerly winds In the
former, and northwesterly winds, shifting to south
erly, In the latter.
The rivers continue slowly falling or nearly statlon
Cautionary signals are ordered for Duluth.
The follow-tng record will show the changes In the
temperature for the past twenly-foor hours, In com
parison with tbo corresponding date of last year, as in
dicated by the thorinoincter at Hudnut's pharmacy,
Herald Building:?
ists. 1876- 1876. 1876.
8 A. M 47 39 3:30 P. M... . 01 67
6 A. M 48 87 0 P. M 68 69
9 A. M 61 42 V P. M 65 49
12 M. 03 60 12 P. M 53 47
Average temperature yesterday 47 a
Average temperature for corresponding date last
year 64.S
Sam Framcisco, Oct. 18,1876.
Tbo rainy season began yesterday, with a considera
ble fall of rain, lasting throughout the day and night,
and threatens continuance this morning. Despatches
lrom various points in the Interior report the storm
geoeral. Considerable damage la feared to large quan
tities of wheat piled in the vicinity of railway statiens
and river landings.
Steamer. | Sails, j Oesti nation^ Office.
Friti*.... |Oct 19. | Hamburg.. |61 Broadway
Stair of Virginia. . Oct 19. Glasgow.... 72 Broadway
Germanic Oct 21. Liverpool . 37 Broadway
The ^tieeti Oct 21. Liverpool.. 69 Broadway
France Oct 21. London.. . 69 Broadway
Neckar Oct 21. Bremeu.... 2 Howling Green
Auchori* Oct 21. GUngow.... 7 Howling Green
St Laurent Oct 21. Havre >5 Broadway
Montana. Oct 24. Liverpool.. 29 Broadway
Kusaia.e. Oct 25. Liverpool.. 4 Bow ling Green
State of Nevada... Oct 26. Glasgow.... 72 Broadway
Cimbria Oct 2d. Hamburg.. 01 Broadway
W A Scholtcn Oct 2n. Rotterdam, 50 Broadway
Adriatic Oct 2H. Liverpool.. 37 Broudway
Oilvol'Chester.... Oct IB. Liverpool.. 15 Broudway
Italy Oct 28. Liverpool.. 09 Broadway
Canada Oct 28 London.... 09 Broadway
Frunce Joet 28. i Havre ;55 Broadway
Australia.......... Oct 2*. London.... 7 Bowling Green
Calttoruia Oct 28. Glasgow..., 7 Bowling Green
Moeel Oct 28. Bremen.... 2 Howling Green
St Laurent. Oct 28. Havre 55 Broadway
Nevada Oct 31. Liverpool.. 29firoadwav
Scythia Nov 1. Liverpool.. I Bowline Green
Go lert Nov 2.1 Hamburg . 01 Broadway
Siatoof Indian*... Nov 2. Glasgow... 72 Broadway
City of Richmond. Nov 4 Liverpool. 15 Broadway
Ethiopia........... Nov 4. Glasgow... 7 Howling Green
K1 v hi a. Nov 4. Lnuduu... 7 Bowling ureon
Greece Nov 4 London.... <19 Broadway
Spain Nov 4. Liverpool.. 69 Broadway
Weser, Nov 4. Bremen.... 2 Bowling Green
Ht <vcrmaiu Nov 4. Havre 55 Broadway
Wisconsin. Nov 7. Liverpool.. 29 Broadway
Algeria Nov *. Liverpool., i Howling Croon
Pomtnerania.. Nov 9. Hamburg.. 61 Broadway
Maas Nov 9. Rotterdam. 50 Broudway
Britannic Nov 11. Liverpool.. 57 Broadwa>
F.ngland Nov 11. Liverpool.. 69 Broadway
Denmark Nov 11. London.... 69 Broadway
Victoria..... Nov 11. Olasgow.... 7 BowHug Green
Rhein Nov 11. Bremen.... 2 Bowliug Green
Wyoming Nov 14. Liverpool.. 129 Broadway
City of Berlin Nov 18. Liverpool.. 115 Broadway
Angiia. |Nov 18. iLondou.... |7 Bowling Greon
Bun flees 6 16 | Got. Island eve 9 42
Sun sou 5 14 | Sandy Hook.....eve 8 67
Hooa sets eve 6 IS | Hell Gate........eve 11 27
PORT OF NEW YORK, OCT. 18, 1876.
Steamer Montana (Mr), Beddoo, Liverpool Oct 5 and
yueeuatown 6lh, with oil?o nud -'-'4 paasougera to William*
A Ouion. Had heavy bead viud* and **a all the pas
Stoainor Prance (Brt, A11 tree. London Oet 1, with mdae
and 55 paaaengere to r W J liurat. Oct 11, lat 45 3U, ion
to 10, paaaed snip Lake Erie (Mr), froui Glasgow for Mon
Steamer Steinmann (Belg), Leohere, Antwerp Sept 37.
with nnlae una passenger* to Punch, Bdye A Co. Had
stroug N W title*.
Steaiui r Anna (Br), Watte, Naaaau, NP. Tin Norfolk 11
day*, in ballaat, to J M Hernandez. Had NW galea all the
Steamer City ot Dallaa, Ilinea, Fernaadlna Oct 13
and i'ort Koyal, BC, 14th, with mdae and paaaengara to C H
Mallorr A Co.
Steamer San Jacinto Hataro. Savannah Oct 14, with
mdae and paaaengara to Geo long* Oct lb. It) mile* N of
B-trnegat. oasaed a Trowbridge brig, hound K.
Steamer Serena, Bearae, Savannah Oct 15, with mdae to
U?-" Yon p*.
Steamer Albemarle, Gibba, Lewea, Del, with mdae to the
Old Dominion Sieiuuahip Co.
Ship Kuitouio L.'onie (Fr), Corenwiador, Dunkirk 59
day*, in ballast to Snow A Burg***.
ship Soutli American (new.of Koeton, 1850 ton a), Knowloa,
BohIo i J day*, in hallaat, to Sutton A On.
Hark homo (of Londonderry. NS), Campi>ell, Liverpool
Sent 2 via Halllax Oct 9, iu ballast to J K Whitney A Co.
Bark Nu.-vo Dovero (Ital). Campodonico, London 00
day*, in ballaat, to J 0 Seager.
Mark Morah Plag (Nor), Nellaen, London SO daya, with
sugar to ordar.
Hark Lillian M Viirua (Br), Vigua, Londou 50 day*. In
ballast, to J F Whitney a Co. Sept 24, lat 47, lau 39, Chas
Borden, teaman, a native of Sweden. 23 years of age, tell
overboard trom the mainyard and was drowned daring a
heavy gale.
Bark Revello (ot Annapolis, NS), Bogart, Gloucester, E,
45 caye. in hallaat to master.
Mark Gr-tcoiuo (Ital). Scarpati, Suathamptoa 05 daya. In
ballaat to Lawru. Storey A Co,
Bark Collector (Nor), Oistn, Rotterdam 08 daya, in ballaat
to 0 Totatae A Co.
llnrk Sokratsa (Nor), Aaro, Bordaanx 02 daya, in ballaat,
to Punch, fcdye A (!k
Bark Sandy Hook, Nichols, Almeria 45 days, with Iron
orn to or'ler: veoaal to J at Borland A Co.
Bark Victoria, Jeret, Lindaley, Porto Cabello, 19 dais,
with coffee. Ac., to E Pern A I "barrio. Oct 13, let 37 30.
Ion 74 53. spoke bark Eliaa Evelina (Br), from Antwerp for
Brig Emily, Hansen, of and from Beliae, Hon, 26 days,
witb logwood, Ac, to Win Jtx A Co.
Hrig Robert Mowo. Dearborn, Point s Pitre 2D daya. with
sugar and raolasaea to H Trowbridge'a Sobs. Was 10 days
north of Katteraa, with strong NK and N W galea
Hrig Harry, Krhinaon, Salt Cay, TI, 12 daya, with salt to
J P A () C Robinson: veaael to Simpson. Clapp A Co.
Srhr Joshua Grin die (of Ellsworth), Freothy, Cam peachy.
30 days, with sugar to J W Wileon; vaaaal to D M Dear
Sr.hr 1) II Dlverty, William*. Richmond.
Schr Kieliard llill, Smith. Richmond.
Hchr Chingerora, J acksou. Richmond,
Schr A Godfrey, Pierce, Richmond.
Srhr Sallie Comey, Brennan Rieliraond.
kirhr Laura Rebluson, Lolly, Ricbnioud for Albany)
Schr S J Pook., Crauiuer, Alexandria, Va.
Schr Henry II Pitta, French. Virginia.
Sebr Joseph Franklin, Ilankin, Virginia.
Schr Napoleon, Predniore, Virginia.
Schr 8 J Vaughn, Vaughn, Virginia,
Schr H T Wood. Curies, Virginia
Schr W II Rntan, Woolev, V irginia
Schr Sarah A Lucy. Booker, Virginia.
Schr Hen Bird. Cnrlee, Virginia.
Schr RCA Ward Crano. Virginia
Schr M (1 Leonard, Lowery, Virginia
Schr Angle I'redinora, Parker, Virginia.
Heltr.I M Harlan, Sopor, Virginia
Schr M C Terry, Cranmor. Virginia.
Schr Kurotas, lumen, Virginia.
Hch'J A D Crauiner. Mat new a. Virginia
Schrltosallr Blew, Seull. Virginia. t> t 15, In a heavy N'W
blow loat malntopaall, flying jib and about ISO cords ol pin*
wood front off dock.
Schr Sarali Collin*. Anderson, Georgetown, DO,
schr P T Willetta. Wlllatt*. Baltimore.
Srhr Kllen Tobln, Harnett. Baltimore.
Schr A A P Cranmor, Itard. lialtimora
hchr Ellen Perrv, Brown, Baltimore.
Schr Jane Kinaon, Ptarce, Baltimore.
Sehr H K Giles, Hrcmrusr, Baitiuiore for Bridgeport.
Sehr James Young, Young. Gardiner, Me. 10 uaya With
Ice to P P Smith A Co, veaael to Parsons A Loud.
Steamer City af Fltehborg. Springer. New Bedford for
New York.
steamer Klectra. Young. Providence for New York.
Steamer Aibatroa*. Davia. Fall River lor New York.
Steamer Delaware. Smith. Norwicu for New York.
Ship Parragut (new), Wllber, Newhiiryport lor New York.
ft* I p I ?? '"pwe "'I " ? *?***?, ?' c n I '14 f V (llirk ICI .tPW 1 Of
schr Jennie Kogers, Roger*. Capo S.ble lor New York.
Hchr Alexandria (of Machiaai. Kaalklughaui, Windsor, J
or New York.
_ ? N8,
for New York.
ScbrSeotls. Rogers. Nantucket for New York.
Schr Francis Brooks, Brooks. Nantucket lor New York,
srhr Emm* A Ellen. Caswell, Hridgepmt tor Now York.
Schr J I. Potter, Potter, Nauiueket lor Now York.
Schr L II Sargent. Sturgaa, New llaveu lor Now York.
Schr Delinout Locke, Green. New llaveu for Near York.
Sehr Aclmrn. Boston lor New York.
Schr Jehu Brooks. Fox. Bridgeport for Now York.
Sclir Mary Potter, Potter. Nantucket lor New York.
Schr l/oon. Hobhie. Bridgeport lor New York,
Sclir J L ilea*. Essex for New York.
Srhr W S Thompson. Thompson. Now Ilaran for New
Schr Pochasset, Vonng. Providenro for New York,
sclir Sarah Hancock, Sackett. New Haven for New York.
Srhr I) W Yataghan, Drlecoll, Providence for New Turk.
Srhr J MaxQeld. Steelman, hew Haven for .Now York.
Sclir llattie Lou, Wright. Hartford for New York.
Hvhr Margaret Kennedy. Ford, Prorideaee for New York.
Schr A F Kindberg, Beckett, Port Johnson for New Ha
Bohr II ? Uilea, OGea, Port Johnson.for Boston.
Behr L 11 CMUufliia, Hmibtra, Georgetown for Mow
SehrT II Aboil. Uarr, Hobokea for Fiwluckrl.
KtlirJtmn Phelps. Arnold, lloboken for Providence.
Bchr -pray. Martin. Am boy lor Now Haven.
Schr Scud. Allen. Trenton for Hartford.
Kchr Modesty. Weaver. Hohoken for Providence.
Krhr A H Hurlburt, Grilling, Baltimore for New Haven.
Schr H K Qilee. Hrenner, Baltimore for Bridireport.
Schr J H Young, hteelman. fort Johnson for 1'rovidence.
Steamer Abyssinia (Br), Murphy, Liverpool viaQneona
town?0 0 Kraucklvn
Si earner Slate of Virginia (Br), Moodle, Glasgow?Aastin
Baldwin A Co.
Steamer Colon, Griffin, Asplnwail?Pacific Mail Steam
shin Co.
Steamer Magnolia, Daggett, Savannah?Geo Yonge.
Steamer Cortes, Freeman, Savannah?Geo Yonge.
Steamer Gen Barnes, cueesinan. Savannah?Murray, far
rls A Co.
Steamer Pioneer, Wakeley, Wilmington and Moreheed
City. NO?Win P Clyde A Co.
? Steamer Vlneland, Bowen, Haltimore?Wm Daliell.
Steamer Josephine Thompson, Moore, Baltimore?Wm
Steamer Beverly. Wallace. Philadelphia?J as Hand.
Ship Joseph b spinney, Jordan, Liverpool? Snow A Bur
ship Helios (Oer), Asnui. Hamburg?Funeh. Edye A Co.
Bark Bsatriee (Br), Bowlsby, Cork for order*?P I Nevios
A Sou.
Bark Wetar (Gar). Weybauaan, Bremen?John Zlttlo
Kark Chin Yang (Br), Has kins, La* Sables de'Olonne
(Franco)? R8C Latvia.
Bark Francesco Cilento (Ital). Porxio, Valencia for orders
?John C Seager.
Brig W D Andrews, \Vi|aon, Caps Haytian?B Murray,
lirig Tropic Bird. Kor(? Clanfuegos?Jas K Ward A Co.
Brig Johu Welsh. Jr, Armstrong, Key West?Bonner A
Scbr Add'e Weasels, Johnson, Point-a-Pltre, Gued?J H
Winchester A Co.
Schr I.surs Pride (Br), Stevens, St Martina?Brett, Son
A Co.
Schr J D Robinson, Glover, Galveston?Tupper A Beat
Scbr Harriet Brawater, Sanfard, New Orleana?N 11 Brig
Schr Julia It Floyd, Geakin, Georgetown and Pot Bluff,
SO?K I> llurlhut A Co.
Schr Crusade. Mullin, Now Haven?Rackett A Bro.
Sloop Lotus, Jarvla, Perth Am boy?J E Jarvia.
Steamera Abyaainla (Br), for Liverpool; Colon, Aeptn
well; Magnolia, Savannah; Gen Barues, do: Pioneer, Wil
miugtoo, NC: Wyeuoke. Norfolk; ships Strathearu (Br),
Liverpool; Staaiboul (Br), Philadelphia; barks Veritas
(Br), Cork; Trinidad (Sp), TeueritJe; Brisbane (Br), Lon
don; Madone (Pr), Les Sables d'Olonne; Zellro (ltali,
Bordeaux; brigs Merena. Seville; Vlrgiuiu, Ponce, PR;
Bride, Barcelona; Tangier (Nor), Ooote.
Wind at snnset. SW ; at midnight, W.
Barometer at sansat, M 15; at miduight, 30.31.
NgwrORT, Rl, Oct IS, 1878.
Scbr J Gilmore, from Bangor for New York, in going ont
of the harbor this morning collided with achr J u'la A New
all, and lost mainsail. The Newoll received no damage.
Schr Julia A Decker, Irom Wellfleet for Philadelphia, In
going ont ofthe harbor collided with schr Emma, of Taun
ton, and lost host. Procnrod new one and proceeded. Tne
Emma received no damage.
Schr Vesta, of Bangor, from Boston for New York, baa
gone Into dock hare to overhaul loreruaatliead, which la
rotten; will probably need a new mast.
Schr Grace Webster arrived to-day In 17 days from Car*
denaa. Sho is bouiid to New York. Ilad experienced heavy
weather, lost sella, and la short of provisions.
jfc^Kor lost of ship Kydal Hall (Br), with loss of several
lives, bound from Cardiff for Ban Francisco, tea general
newt columns. The R H was 1771 tous register and was
owned in Liverpool, where she was built in 1874.
HtkaMkk Sylvia ((Jen. before reported lost, left Phila
delphia Sept U, with u cargo of 73.UOO bushels of oats In
hulk, and passed Cape Henry on the afternoon of the 10th.
Kino weather was experienced till the 10th, when on the
Banks. On that date a strong breeze waa encounterad from
the SW, which Increased to a hurricane on tho 17tli, with a
tremendously heavy sea. Between the 17th and ISth tha
cargo shifted to starboard, giving the vessel a heavy list and
almost putting her on her henni ends. Heavy seas were
shipped which nearly extinguished the dree In the engine
room. The gale taged with unabated violence until the
30th. when it moderated somewhat. Tl o vessel labored very
heavily and shipped heavy aeai continually. On the evening
of the 3U(b the gale sprang up with renewed violence and
continued until the 33d. On tho 18th tho vessel llrst
sprang aleak. Ths pumps were kept constantly going, and
men were employed balling the water out of the onglne
to keep the vessel alloat. On the morning of tho 33d,
alter the gale moderated, a t.ark was sighted, which proved
to he N K Clements, ot Yarmouth, Capt Corning, from Lc
donderry fur Shelburne for orders. Signals of distress were
hoisted on the steamer, and the bark wore ronnd and came
up. The Sylvia being in a sinking condition the Captain
and crew (twenty men) were takou on board the N K
Clements. Shortly alter the crew got on hoard the N K
Clements the bark Mersey, of Liverpool, OH hove In sight,
and seven of the Sylvia's crew were transferred to her.
The X K Clements reached Shelburne on the afternoon of
the 13th.
Htkauru Florida, which met with a disaster in Hampton
Roads on Saturday last, arrived at Baltimore Tuesday morn
ing about 3 o'clock. She was towed to the city by the
freight boats Shirley and Seaboard, and also the passenger
boat Adelaide, which went to her assistance on Monday af
ternoon, meeting her about 50 miles down the bay.
Bark Geo W Kobevblt. 399 tons, built at Rnokapcrt, Me,
in 1RU3. metaled in 1873. hat been sold for tor foreign ac
count at a price understood to be In the neighborhood of
*9.< >00.
Hark Agil (Br), Hill, from Bormuda for Chrlottetown,
PEI. In halleel. was totally wrecked, 17th Inst, outside the
latter harbor daring a severe gale. There has been great
damage to small vessels.
Bark Chari.ks Brewer, 333 tons,built at Thomaston. Ma,
in 1851, has baen sold and put under the Uuatemalan Hag.
Brig (Ikorgk Latimer, Capt Norrls, before reported lost at
Yabucoa. Porto Rice, in the hurricane of Sept IS, had 109
bhtls. 73 b Is sugar and 37 casks molasses. Early on tbo
morning of the lit h she left the harbor for safety At 9:30
AM the hurricane struck the vessel, blew the staysail to rib
bons. carried away the boats and threw the vessel over, fill
ing the decks with water. The foreniaat was cut away to
right tho vessel, and the llbbooin and maintoptuast wera
curried away at the same time. At 10:30 s.M she struck on
a reef above Yabucoa, and at .1:31) PM the crew ware taken
ashore. The next day. at low tide, the brig was Icunil to be
lying on a long and sharp coral reef, with 3 loot ol water un
der the bow mail 3tj feei under the stern. The eea broke
over her, the hold wss full ol water, she was listed over to
the port side, and, as lighters could not reach her. no cargo
could be taken out. The crew saved baggage and small
?tores, and the vessel and cargo ware aold as thay lay for
$800, gold.
Brio Edith (Br), Sclafe, from Lagnayra for Porto Cabel
lo, run ashore and became a total wreck, ou tha night of
September 34. on what is known is Queacas Point, or Chl
cblrivtoiil. The information was brought by Captain Linda
ley, of hark V IVras. who arrived yesterday trora Porto
Cabello, but could not got particulars as Captain Sclate only
arrived from the wreck as the Victoria Peres sailed.
Brig Harry, which arrived yesterday from Turks Island,
was run into by sn unknown tag boat. The tug hn I Iter
?moka stack carried away, ami passed quarantine at 10:3O,
bonud up totha city.
Brio T Towxkr. l'orkins. from Tnrks Island for Now
Ilsvcn with salt, put into Newport, KI, AM, Oct 18, after a
stormy passage of 1U days.
Scull LAM Krowi.e.h, Harrington, ftora Machine for
H avana, which put Into Charleston a abort time since in
distress, cleared Oct 1* to resume her voyage, having re
Hoan Morrino Star. Lynch, from Rlebmond for Phlladel
rhla. encountered a gale on Sunday morning last off New
'olnt Comfort. Chesapeake Bay. during which she lust her
mainsail aud wheel. Being thus disabled she came to an
chor,but tho gale continuing she sprang a leak and was
obliged to slip chain and anchor, alter which she bore np for
Norfolk, arriving there Sunday evening at it o'clock, She
will be repaired nefor* proceeding on her voyage.
ScnR J M Kichabm, from Philadelphia for Laguayra.
which pat into Norfolk sept 32 In distress, had been repaired
and rami off the ways Oct 13, but on reloading part of her
cargo she was found to be still leaking badly and would have
again to be haulod out.
Siibr Mart A Holt, from Brunswick, Ga, with ship
timber, tor Calais, before reported taken Into Norfolk after
having be> n ashore at Bark Hirer, was reloading Iter cargo
Oct l7 and would sail for destination about the 33d.
Si-un Grack Vanhi-sen. hefo e reported ashore at Ocre
coke Inlet, was hauled off tha hooch last Friday, She is In
good condition, not even leaking, ami will be towed to
Sciik Cariux (Br), Bonnell. hence for Bt John, NR, with
a general cargo, arrived on Sunday and anchored at Cart
ridge Island, aud the cnptaln went aehoro. tho veseel being
left in charge of the mate. When the gale ca ne the an
chors draggod, and she had to slip her cables and maxe sail.
She was even by tlie crew ot the wrecked s:hr Hopewell to
weather Black Point, and 1s supposed to have ntaule for
Sciir Hopkwkll (Hrl, wracked in Cnurtenay Hay, NB,
was bound trom HilLboro to St John, she was driven (root
her anchorage during the gain ol the Kith, and gradually
went to pieces until there was nothing but bor Door timber*
left. Both the cargo and the vessel wore unlnsurud.
Sciir Lilv, from Mnrgaretsrihe, X'S, lor Boston, with pro
duce, has been totally wrecked at Cape Cove, near far
?tooth, XS. Part ol crew saved.
Scan S G King, from Havana for Mobile, was totallv lost
on Choudeleur Island, Oct 14. Captain Newton is at Mobile.
8chr Carrie Ai.icr. front Boston f ir Charleston, SC. It
reported at Newhern to have been burned ami sunk at
Ocrscoke. The (I A It I 'D tons regi-ter and owned iu Itich
uioiui. Me, where alio was built in 1873.
Sciir Kugrhk Houpa. with wood, fr-'m Rappahaunock for
New York, pnt into Norfolk Oct 17, dlsm isteJ.
The new ship Josenhus. which was launched front trie
yard of E Daggett A Co, JiRmarlscotta, Oct registers 1.470
ions, and is owned by the builders end Capt William A
Rogers, of Senraport (who is to command bar) aod others.
She is intended for the California trade.
KXT West, Oct 18?The steamtug Godfrey Koebler, Capt
Shourds, from Philadelphia for Galveston, via Kern undine.
struck on a reel at lo o'clock last night and will be a total
lives were lost. The crew will probably he taken
oil by a pilot boat. I Another account says ene got off badly
damaged j
XRWBt-RTPOHT, Oct 17?The tteamer Edgar herri, which
was to have sailed fur Huston, was found on Monday morn
ing sunk at tha wharf, with only a foot ol her smokestack
showing above the water. At low tide a double purchase
was made fast to lior hawse hole, and liri men. who were ou
tbo wharf, orought her into does In a lively manner.
QuMKG, Oct 18?A telegram Ironi the bark Charles (Nor),
wrecked at Matane, Itaios that nil hands nro sate. The
vessels stands In four feet of water at low tide. Her rartata
are cut away and rodder is gone.
Reports ol the effects of the late gal* are roming in.
Small craft suffered considerably A schooner is reported
ashore at Crow Island, on* at Grosse Isle, ou* at Ks
tnonrnska. one at Trois Pistole*.
Hchr Progress, ashore at Hie. has been abandoned. The
crew were saved.
Bark Ocean Gem (llr), from Port llawkesbury lor Mon
treal, before reported towed to tjnobec alter being Ashore,
has been newly coppered aud got a new keel amidships.
St Tuonan, Oct 7?About half the cargo (tallow) of the
brig Veteran (Brl, from Paysnnda lor Rot is id am, wrecked
at this port, has baen saved. Tha wreck ol the vessel told
for tome $1 7.
The hull, n( found, boat, Ac , of the hark Idelle Berry,
before reported wrecked, was sold by auction at the latter
piace for some $3".
Virktard HaVER, Oct 18?Schrs Kebecca Florence and
Babel II Irons made the run trom Philadelphia in 43 hours,
the letter coming in about half a mils In advance.
Yarmoctii, X'8, Get 10?Bclir Beverley, wood laden, from
OMbe.t" Cove, N'S, for Boston, la reported ashore at Cran
berry Head, about six miles trom here. The gale trom th
west that has been blowing lino* midnight, le the heaviest
known tier# lor a long ttma.
Shipbuilding?At East Hearing George Russell will toon
continence work on A ship ol 1,4U) tobs, fur J 8 VVinslow, of
k Portland.
Wa*iiixutom, Oct IS?Tha Secretary of the Treaanry hat
dir.'cted the creCi of ttte saving stations ud the coast of
Maine and the adjacent Newfoundland coaets to ester upon
duty from tha let of November.
Cleared at New Bedford Oct IS. bark Andrew Ilicke (of
We>tnort), Hicka. for Atlantic and Indian Oceana.
Sailed from St Helena AM2. bark Ueu Scott, Bobbins, ot
NB to cruise.
At Bravo, CT, Aug 21, aebr Florence, Miner, of KL, all
At do Sept 2, aebr Golden West, WUIIame, of NL, all
wall?to aall next day for the Sooth Shetland*.
Spoken?Sept 22. no I at, Ac (by brig John C Novas. at
Gloucester from Trapanl), brig Varnutn H Hill, of NO, 14
daya out from Now Bedford.
. Bark Cito (Nor), from Mllford for Wilmington. NO, Oct
14. off Cape Rom sin, with aella split.
Brie Myrtle (Bri. from Labrador for Naw York, no data,
10 m (lea N B of St J ohna. N K.
Sehr Madiaon Ifolmea, Barles, from New York for Tam
plco, 11 daya out, Oct 6, off Key Wort.
Amtwbrp, Oct 17?Arrived, ablpo Emma (fr), tionolla,
Pascngonla; 18th, C B naaeltlhe, Gllkey, Philadelphia
(cleared at Pfor Bremen); Nautiloe (Br), Buree. do; barka
Traveller (Br), Covert, do; Prlak (Nor), Mutho, do; Chaa
Bsl (Nor), Land. do.
Sallod 17th, ablp B D Metcalf (Nor). Knudaon, Now Tork;
bark Home (Br), Moreen. New York; 18th, ateamer Vanar
land (Bole), Handle, Philadelphia.
Buafa, Oct 17?Arrived, oarka B Hilton (Br), Hilton,
Baltimore; Nictaux (Br), Matter a. New York.
Sailed 17th, ablp Bremerlobe (tier) 'Gerdee. New Tork;
bark Hugh Caun (Mr), Eldridse, North America.
Hakukloxa, Oct 11?Arrived, bark Feio (Sp), Meatre,
New Orleans.
Bomui'i, Oct 15?Arrived, barka Frementlden (Nor),
Turgesen New York; Catbarina (Swo). Keumauaaen, do;
17tb, abip Scotia. Baker, New Orleana; bark Jannia Swee
ney, Hudson, New York.
Carthagena. Oct 0? Sailed, aebr Fred J Collins, Milton,
Uaitad Stataa.
Drouk'eda, Oot 16?Arrived, hark Begnndo Trianfo (Sp),
Do Veeti, Baltimore,
Klsixokjc, Oct 15?Arrived, brig Proaperito (Nor), Olaen,
Grxknoce, Oct 18?Sailed, ibift Koomar (Br), Morrii,
United States.
Glouckstrr. Oct 18?Sallod. bark Catlmlro C (Ana), XI
eolich. United Stotoa.
Gi.assox Docr, Oct 17?Arrived, brig La Plata (Br),
Bray, New York
Sailed 17th, bark Lorenso Cogoleto (Ital), Poggl, United
Galwat, Oct IS?Arrived, bark Navigator (Br), Cox,
Naw York.
Hklvokt, Oct 17?Arrived, bark Emma Oook (Br) , Sully,
Wilmington, NC.
Hamburg, Oct 10?Smiled, bark Ulrlka (But), Lovko,
Pensacola (not aa before).
II avitx, Oct IS?Arrived, ateamer Canada (Fr), Franguel,
New York.
Hull, Oct 17?Sailed, bark Giorgio Waahlngtoa (Ital),
Pnrodi, United Statea.
Liverpool. Oct 17?Arrived, steamer Warrior (Br),
Hughes, New Orleana
Sailed 18th, ahipa Golden Gata (Br). Kempe, Son Fran
dace: Hoke by Hall (Br), Clark, do; bark Aroiduea Rodollo
(Axe), Cattarlnicli, New York (waa reported aalled 14th)
brlR Oaphno, Copeland, Philadelphia.
London, Oct IS?Arrived, ahip Geo H Warren ( Br), Tim
othy, Calcutta; brig C B Burgoo* (Br), MeBrida, Philadel
Larxr, Oct 16?Arrived, bark Zla Cattarlna (Ana), Thtan,
Baltimore; 18th, ateamer State of Pennsylvania (Br),
Knight, New York for Glaagow.
Londondrrrt, Oct 18?Arrived, barka Wave King (Br)'
Corbett, Baltimore; BJorgvin (Nor). Olaen. do.
Mrssina, Oct 16?Sailed, ateamer King Arthur (Br).
Cowell, New York via Denla and Malaga, to leave the latter
port about the 27th, ?
Nkwcaaxlr, Oct IB?Arrived. brigTeml (Ana), Tomaaaich,
Naw York.
Oporto?Arrived, achr Prod A Carl], Condon. New
oaatle. E.
Pltwoctb, Oct 18?Sailed, barko Chaoea, Washburn
(from Botterdam), New York; F L Carney, Jackson, f?Pdo
(waa reported called 10th).
Qukknntown, Oct 17?Arrived, berk* Oaatl Dnbrovackt
(Aua), Gogga, Now Tork; Falkvang (Nor), Hauvs do; Joe
quinna (Br), Oordnor, Boston; 18th, brig Winflald, Bibber,
Rotterdam, Oct 17?Arrived, bark Chriotcl (Gar), Zlnko,
Sillotb, Oct 18?Arrived, bark Prvi Dnbroncki (Abb),
Bradiclch, New York.
Texrl. Oct 17?Sailed, bark Fratalll Aroooo (Ital), Phila
Arrived at a port in tha United Kingdom Oot IS. hark
Paralos (Fr), Pasco. Boil River, SC.
London, Oct 18?The British brig Mathilda, Oapt Knight,
New York Sept 7 for Wisbeach. arrived at that port Oct 16 in
a much damagad condition, having experienced bad
weather. Her cargo to also badly damaged. Tha voaool
was almoat constantly under water, and tha pumps were
continually kept going.
Bark Bianea Casanova (Ital). Gaggtnla, from Baa Fran
cisco, has put into Belfast with careo damagad. [Tha Bi
anea Casanova arrived at Queenstowu Oct 4.]
HoiraiAD, Oet IB, PM?Wind N, light; barometer,
Plymouth. Oot 18. PM?Wind N, moderate, with rain.
Ascinw all, Oct IS?Hailed, ?learner Andes (Br). Haghes,
New York direct.
Antigua, Sept 30?Arrived, ichr Altoona, Fitxgarald.
Mew York (and latled 23d for Moutserrat).
Cauuknak. Oct tt?Sailed,.sehr Kate Carletoc (Br), Orant,
north of Hattnraa.
(Jixntukuos, Oet 8? Arrived, brig Perees Hlnekley,
Stna l, New Yerk.
Cow Bat, CB. Oet 14?Arrived, brig Tally He, Oatea,
Dxmkiiara, Sept H?Arrived, brigs Ita Chandler, Green -
ock (ami (ailed 33d for Ben Agur): Anglo (Br), Ackers,
Bridgewater, NS (and sailed 33d for Barbados and Boston!:
11 tli, achr KB Yates, Clark. New York via Barbados (and
Bailed lbth Ibr Campcncliy).
Sailed September IS. scbr Abraham Richardson, Pray,
in port Sept 25, barks Fearless (Br), Slater, from Shields,
arrived 18th; /.uphyrlne (Br), Johnson, Irom Boston,ar
rived 31st; brigs Elisabeth Wlnsiow, Locke, from Troon,
arrived 33d: Chesapeake (Br), Wilson, unc; schrs Karl If
I'ottor.lSheerer. lroui Glasgow. arrived 11th; W 11 Keeney,
Beers, from Liverpool, arrived 13th; A M Cloatman, Joues,
trom Surinam, arrived 22d.
Glaus Bay. CB, Oct 14?Cleared, brig Alios M Bradshaw
(Br), Senturd, New York.
UoSoluli'. -opt 1(1?Arrived, barks. Wlllard Mndirett,
Dickey, UougKung; 17tli, Nellie M Blade, Atwood, 8yd
ney. NSW : 21st, steamer City of New York, Caverlr, San
Francisco for Sydney, NSW.
Havana. Oct s?Arrived, bark EHxe White, Wolton,
Philadelphia; schrs Oen Psabody, White, Boston; (Kb,
Sarah II, Upton, Low Palmes.
Arrived 17tli AM.xteamer Columbus, Reed, New York.
Sailed Hth. brig Memphis (Br), Royuolda, I'aecagoule;
10th. Raven, Willoy, Baltimore; 11th. Obaervaut (Nor),
Mnilor, Baltimore.
Cleared nth. bark IX da Junto (Bp), Kibora, Charleston ;
brig Robert Morrison (Br), Frttsinger, Psscagoula; 11th,
bsrk America (Bp). Moutell, New Orleans.
llALirax, oet IS?Arrived, bark Scotland (Br), Wetmore,
Livkiipool, Oet 14?Arrived, ship Empress ol India (Br),
Karosworth, St John. NB.
Malaga, Oct 14-Sailed, steamer Karo (Br), for Now York
direct (nut as before).
M AYAGPKZ. Sopt 211?In port, brig Toxada (Br), dlsg; scbr
J It Steckney, Fooks. do.
Arrived 32a. brig Evangeline (Br), from Halifax.
MmanxA.i, Oct 6?Arrived, aclir Fanny K Williams, Shear
or. I'hiladclpbin.
Sailed >Hh. schrs Nellie Bowers. Spear, south of Hattoras;
B J Wlllard. Noye, north of Hatteras.
Montrkal, Oct 15?Arrived, ship Hook City, Lethbrldga,
Clourod 14th, steamors Dominion. Roberts, Liverpool;
Peruviitn, Smith, do: Karl of Lonsdale, McKenns, Loudon
via Sydney; ship Dumbartonshire, Anderson, Leltb; bark
J S Austin, Williams, Cork.
Port Spain, Sept II?Arrived, brig Florence May (Or),
Geitsler, Philadelphia (and sailed IHth for St Thomas);
111th. achr Mary D Haskell, Caiter, Boston; 21st. brig Long
Beach. Anderson. New York; 33d, schrs Robert Mvban,
1 Wbittemore, New York; 23d, Maggie M Rivers, Rivers,
In port Sept 26?Brig Maggie (Br). Stream, for New York.
Point-a l'trnx, .sept 35?lu port brigs Robs Mows, Dear
born. from and tor New York, arrived 16tli; John Mason,
Porter, Irom New York, arrive I l'Sth.
Poncr, l'K, Sept 23?In port, bark Prlndeesse Alexandra
(Danish), Davis, lor Yabaco and Hampton Roads; scbr
Potosi, Curtis, New York.
QprkniTOWX. Oct B? Arrlvwl, ship Rossignol (Br), Met
ier, lluanillos (andmrde-ed to Hainburgl.
Qi kukc, Oct IB? Arrived, ships Lotus, Martin, Greenock;
Nordeut Dronoiiig, Toblasoti, Norway; bark Wlnsiow,
Krlcksen, Liverpool; Pallas, ssansland, Swansea.
Also arrived Idtli, steamers Polynesian, Brown, Live r
po d; Austrian. Wvlie, tilasgow.
Cleared Ititli, ships Alcona, Orossart, Glasgow; Osnli,
Purvis, Bristol.
St I'lgRRK, Mart. Sept 10?Arrived, schrs Eatilly (Fr),
Francois, New York; 1Mb. Ki> ardo llarros, Newton, do;
3Btb, brig Rising Sun, Griffin, Barbados to load for New
ST Tiioban, Sept 24?Arrived, brigs Florence May (Br),
Gelttler, Trinidad laud sailed 25th tor Turk's Island to load
for i ortsmouth. Nil); 2Mb, Outer (Brt, Perkins, Martin
bine i and sailed 27tli for Naguabo to load for New York I:
2i>tb, bark l.inda Abbott iBri.Scobey. Demerara land sailed
2Htli for Turk's Islanil to load lor Portland); 2tHh. bark Vic
toria (Sw >, Plusssution, Klu Janeiro, with coffee (and sklled
ihitli tor New Orleans) ; brig Nellie (Br), Rood, New York;
Oct 2, brig Rocky Olcu, Hi tglns, Demernra land-ailed 3d
for Turk's Island to load for New York); 3th, achr Ahbie,
Adams, do (and sailed same day for Turk's Island to load tor
Providaucel; Ban Juan, Nobis, Trinidad; Oth, bark M L
(Br), Vaugnuti, .Martinique.
Sailed Sept 20, brigs Shasta, Bray. Turk's Island; 21tt,
(Banco < Br . Hill, St .tubus. PR, to load Irr Baltimore; 2 Kb,
sebr llonry A Paul, Strauge. Turk's island to load for Phila
sr Johns, PK, Sept 20?Arrived, bark Paladin (Arg).
Jones. Baltimore; 2?'d, brig Glance (lir). Hill St Thomas.
St J AGO. Cuba, Sept 27?Sailed, brig M 11 Morris (Br),
Patterson, Mnur.anlllo.
Salt Cat, Oct 4?In port, schr Anna Whiting. Fox, load
ing logwood for Boston, to sail 12th.
St Johns, MF, Oct 3?Arrived, schrs J L Crossley (Br),
Crossley, New York (snd cleared 5th lor Windsor, Ns) ; 7H?,
Newport (Bri, Millar, do.
Stonkt. t'B,Oct 13?Arrived, brig Wanderer (Rr), Mysh
rail. Guernsey.
muuttsi, NS, Oct 13?Arrived, bark N K Clements
(Bri, Corning, Londonderry, I, for orders.
St John, NB. Oct 14? Cleared, seurs Km ma, 11 at tie Id,
Philadelphia; Timothy Field, Leland, do; Kate Newman,
Newman, do.
Thisstk, Oct It?Arrived, bark Crusader, Uorkam, New
Turks Island*, Oct 1?la pert scbr Addle Barnes, for
L Philadelphia, about rsady.
ASTORIA. O. Oct 9?Silbd (Dot arrived), bark Ktrat,
Ad.in. Kan Francisco.
ALEXANDRIA, Oct 16? Arrived, schrs Brivadier. Wind
>r. X8; lleleu llaabronck, Jersey City (and tailed to rn?
Alto arrived, echr J V Wellington, Botton.
Hailed?Kteamei E C Knlvht. New York; tchrt Lydtn
Middleton, Jersey City; Daniel Brown, nod Lillie Fallen
burir (frnai Georgetown), for .
BOSTON, Oct IH?Arrived, ateamera Panther, Mills, and
Perktomeu, Pierce. Philadelphia; Neptune, Berry. New
York; ship Portland Lloyds. Chase. Portland, to load for
Han Francisco; aelira Ada bimonton, Hart, Baltimore; A 11
Wails. Driven. Hoboken.
Cleared?Steamer, General Whitney. Ilallett, Naw York;
Nortuan. Nlekeraon, Philadelphia: I ark Zingar.lla, Mother
Goree and a market: tchrt N ,I Miller. Kevne, St Marc;0
D Witherell, OarHeld, Philadelphia; W P Cuthing, Cran
mar. do; H Curtit, Ourtit. do.
Hailed?Steamer Norman; bark Zlngarella.
BaLTI MORE, Oct 18?Arrived, tteamert Falcon, Klrby,
Cbarletton; Lucille. Bennett. Wilmington and Charletion;
Louisa, Walker, Koanokn River, NO; tchrt Ward J l'arka,
Rognrt. Kennebec; Emily A Jenny, Bernard, Portimoutb.
Nil; T S MrLellan, Parr. Portl nd: Welaka, Burkina, Bel
faat. Me; Ahbie Coreon. Slmpton. Botton.
Cleared?Steamer Tnckahoe. Brown, Newborn. NC; barkt
By lowed Chrlatenten (Nor). Tboraen. Philadelphia; Divine
(Nor), Jorgen.cn, Qneanttown or Falmouth; brig Alarie
(Br), Haundera, Richmond. Va.
Sailed?Barkt J C Williamt and Dirico.
BAN(dOK. Oct 18?Cleared, tchr Trade Wind, Grny, Now
BOOTHBAY, Oct 16?Sailed, tchra Annie Preemnn, Har
rls. Charletion : Starlight. Read, New York.
CHARLESTON, Oct 14?Soiled, bark Plorrl M Hurlbert,
llendy, Havre.
Cleared?Schr LAM Knowles, Harrington (from Ma
chlatl. Havana, bevlnir repaired.
15tb?Sailed. tchrt Mary Lymborner, Coombs, Baltimore:
Lilly Cole. New York.
lHth?Arrived, barkt Aaron Oondey (Br). Cronttadt;
Bremen (Uer>. Kapp. Bremen vin Tybee; Harriet K Hnttey,
Dnrrali, Huston; brig Nellie Croeby (Br), Bnin, Cork.
Cleared?Hark Kong Otcar (Nor). Uothlng. Liverpool.
CALAIS, Oet 12?Arrived,, schr Julia A Martha, Hoppa,
New York.
KASTPORT, Oct 13?Arrived, aehr Traveller, Yonng, Nen
13tb?Sailed, brie Afton, Perklnt, Calait, to load dealt foi
Brintol Channel at 73..
PORTRESS MONKOB, Oct IS?Paated In' for Baltimore
bark Anna T (Aut). Kaguain, from Leith.
Patted out?Ship Storkort (Nor), lor Antwerp; barkiCbai
F Ward, lor United Kingdom ; Tlior (Nori, for (Jneenstown;
brig Lulu (Br), fur Drogneda: Italia (Hr) St Lucia, Ac.
PALL RIVER, Oct 17?Sailed, sclir Wm D Hilton, New
Ion, Georgetown. DC.
GALVESTON. Oct 12?Arrived, bark Atlilate (Br), Hatch
|nton, Dublin via Lewae, Del.
Sailed?Steamers I'ottarille. Shaw, Providence; Lone
Star, Forbes, Naw York; acbr F F McDonald. Kane, Pcntn
13tb?Arrived, tteamer San Antonio (Br). Rea. Liverpool,
Bordeaux, Vera Crui, Tamplco and Kraiot Santiago; bark
Nellia May (Br), Blair, Bremen; acbr W 8 Scull, Barrett,
Cleared?Steamer Hellespont (Br), Perriam, Queenstown;
bark Yarmouth (Bo. Raymond, Liverpool.
Sailed?Schr Jnteph Rudd, Providence.
GEORGETOWN, SC. Oct 15?Arrived, achr Henrietta
Hill, Hill. Baltimore.
IHtn?Cleared, acbr Btoanor, Squire., Naw York.
KEY WEST, Oct 4?Arrived, tcbr Clara G Loud, Thomp
son. Baltimore.
MOBILE, Oct 18?Arrived, chip Endymlon (Br), Farr,
Cleared?Bark Fides (Nor), Thoraen, Barcelona.
MILLBRIDUE, Oct 14?Sailed, tcbrt Josephine, Flckett,
and Eliza J Staples, Strout. New York.
NEW ORLEANS, Oct 14?Arrived, thin Union, Green
leaf, Philadelphia; hark Llazie Wright (Br), Wright, Bar
Cleared?Schr Monarch. Bavley. Havana.
18th?Cleared, steamer City of New York, Tlmmermao.
New York; chip Evangeline (llr), Hanson. Havre.
P.ihsks, Oct IS?Arrived, ship Wyoming, Buker Reval;
barks Livingston, frotn Norway; Dammar (Nor), Huava,
Stavangert achr Agnes I Grace, Hmallev, Boater.
NORFOLK, Oct 16?Arrived, achr Lydia H Roper, Cran
tuer; Botton.
Alto arrived, tteamer San Antonio (Br), Rea, Brazos for
N E\V BURYPORT, Oct 16?Sailed, tchrt Nadab, Cheney,
New York; Lucy K Coggswell, Sweet, and Florence No
well, Phillips. Philadelphia.
17th?Arrived, ateamer Leopard, Albertton, Philadelphia;
achr John C lteed, Farrell, Hohoken.
NEW BEDFORD. Oct 17?Arrived, brig Rescue. Silvia,
Bravo, CVI; achrs Nightingale, Youug, Hoboken; Angie A
Emma, Baker, Newark; Liar.ie Raymond, Lord. Warekam
, for New York; J N Manning, Gaudy, Philadelphia.
Hailed?Schr Alexander Young, Blake. New York.
NEWPORT, Oct 16, PM?Arrived, tchrt Amos Brlgga,
Dunn, llaveratraw (lost foresail) ; 8 J Smith, Spauhllng
and Eunice R Smith, Rogers. Windior, NS, for New York.
Sailed?Schr Albert II Waitn, Driseo, Now York for Bos
17th?Arrived, bark B F Watson (new), Hawklna, Bath
for New York; brig T Towner, Perkins. Turks Island for
,.w HSven : aohra Marion, Meiggs, from Clinton; Urbanna,
Allan, Poughkeep.le for Providence (after discharging p.rt
of cargo); D M branch, Child,, New York for Boston ; Lncy
Baker, Allan, East Greenwich for New York ; A G Lawaon
Mehrhof, Providence for Hnveratrnw; Virginia, Benrae.
Bottou for New York; Tunlt Depew, Baker, Bristol for do;
Annon Brown. Mills, Providenco for do: Henry Hem sen
Allen, do for do.
York? *rrlred' Mhr A c Buckley, Danvertport for New
Sailed?Schr. Senator Grimes, Cuts adv. New Bedford for
New York; A Heaton. Phtnney, Boston lor do; E N Tower,
Adams. Hock port for Wilmington, NC: Guatie Wilton.
Hoyd, Quincy Point for Philadelphia; Webster, Barnard
Turner, Hoboken lor Botton.
18th?Arrived, bark B F Watson, Hawkins, Bath for Nnw
York; tcbr Grace Webster, Young, Cardenas lor do (tan
NKVV LONDON, Oct 17?Arrived, achr Lid a Babcock,
Hoboken for Norwich.
Sailed?Schr Maria Fleming, for New York.
NEW HAVEN. Oct 17?Arrived, schra Nellie H Benedict.
T,l?^l?lJ:/.l?"*dalPhU: J?lin A Berkelo. Sand -rton. do.
PORT ROYAL, HC, Oct 18?Arrived, tteamer Carondo
'e5; Faircloth, New York for Fernandiua (and proceeded).!
PHILADELPHIA, Oct 18-Arrlved, steamer. Hercules,
b all Kivar; Allentown. Tuttle, Botton; Kattletnaka,
Wiley, do; Agnet. Burdick, New York; thip Alameda. Otis.
?itth: ,uar.k* Angloletta. Bozzo (Ital), Chieza, Hull:
Z ba (Br), Morln., Leghorn; tcrs Jessie Murdock,
Slocutztb New Bedford; H A Pan;, Strange Salt Oayl
LOU With art. Meson. Richmond. Me; AW Flak Kelly.
Portland; Thomas U Seward. Patterson. James River.
Cleared?Steamers Achilles, Bacon, Newhnryport; Saxon.
Snow Boston; Catharine Whiting, Harding, Provldsncat
K C Middle. Deris. New York; achr. Addle H Bacon, Bacon,
Boston; II L Wbitton, Rich, do; FSt Clair Edwards Ira
land, do; Jessie Murdock, Slocumb, New Bedford - John B
Clayton. Gilford, do; E A Anderson. Stebbins, Pawtucket:
Annie Sheppard, Gray, Warren, K[.
Alao elaarsd?Steamer Illinois, Shaekford, Liverpool
barks Albi.eola (Itnl), Peacetti. Hull; Autocrat (Br)I
Kanealy, Dublin; Sigurd Jarl (Nor), Torlenaen, Ktavauger:
brig Grautos (Nor), Sooty, Gibraltar (for orders) : sebrs Eliza
J Kaynor, Mitchell, Newport; James F Baker, Davis Provl
I dene.
Sailod?Steamers Nederland, Achilles, Saxon, and 0
whiting. '
, kkwna. Bel, Oct 18?Sailed, barks Champion, for Phila
delphia; Lucille, for Norlolk; ElizaJEvellua, for a Southern
PORTLAND, Me, Oct IB?Arrived, brig Agenorn, Walla,
Boaton. '
17th?Sailed, bark Elllda; schra Mahaska, Cxow Alma, and
Margie. ""
Cleared?Schr Idaho. New York.
K u Jonnlngt, Troon (Scotland) f
sinBoti; **tanfa?: schr* Nellie Chase, New York!
Klla trancea, Baltimore; Lucy, Bristol, to load lor Phil*!
ShM.'Hob'okFm11, 041 17-ArrlT#d- Ichr Fhllacthroplat,
pt5!w7nBwnIi,ITLf *?F-Blackman. Philadelphia.
PROVIDENCE Oct 17?Arrived, Hteamer. McCleilan,
March. Baltimore via Norfolk; Vindicator, Kngerz. l'hlla
dslphia; tchrt Chta Lawrence, Lake, do; Onrust, Winters,
NewYork*0"' ndo' ^"ung, Hoboktn; Veranda, Pond,
Below?Schr Sarah S Harding, Smith, from Philadelphia:
and three others unknown
Salled-Schrs Spring Bird (Br). McLean, St John, NB.
Zln pi!Ii j? L.Puc5?!,"*S Md Paugnaaet. fngcr!
soil, I hlludejnhia; Atlantic. Uouiba; Sarali Purves, Li.le;
sXpVudCo?irii<c"rg' N^wTo-rk A11U" ; ,,BnrieUa'
N.PwTvIKM?7-Arr,'"d- "thr An'erlCan E,ele
Hori,<m- Laet and Major Henry Wardell,
KylwOIVlxon,*New'york. J 8 ^ *"?"'? "d Ha""i
ren?.N?w Y^rk001 ,tt-Arr,ved< I"" Bell. Law
SAN hKAKtlSCO. Oct 17?Arrived, ships Ambrose (Br)
Rhoud, Sydney. NSV^; Rutlandshire (br), Whit, do- Van
<??;>. Johnson Manila; Northern Monarch' (Br).
' . "y.^w (Rr), Dunlop, Ulaagow.
^"^.d^n'Qu^:,^ Alr"y- L,"rpw?l: S,"'h
(B^ir (Br)- Kitch". LlTarPool; Aung.
8FIhmMK,*^?2!aC}?!^0,'L{BrV Par~n- Honf Kong. I
Frenciico 10?Belled, ship Lookout, Wiggins, Sea
NkaarlnN\il; virk.1WkrriiT,d' S?" Salvador,
' BrifaVT l 'for oraer. ' Emm" P'J"ant <Br). Dexter,
Merrl?L*S mrih' *U ."vre^*Yo'k'
.ndlJohiVBAovi,o" Ve7rilT|1NdwCYorr*.hM 8
SOMERSET, Oct 16?Arrived, schrs E M Baxter. Lam
phore. New \ork, Louis Welsh, do.
8 8 SJ!
In port I6th, 0 PM, schrs Winslow Morse, Oliver from
Nnw?York ny; An0"!*?''*. Donnell. from Bont'on las
KTONINOTON. Oct 17?Arrived, steamer Francis Wal
telh,,KL?f.,1T.,?n!,^W Lock Bunce, Boston for do,
Whistler, Koale, Taunton for do; President. Newport loi
i":n ^ Morrimnn, Crann, Pawtucket fordo; s K Lane'
Fuller, Newport for do. ' ^>?no
VINEYARD HAVEN, Oct 17-Arrlved. achrs Tavlor A
Matthis, Philadelphia for Boston; Jonnia Mld.lleton, Jcnpia
E Simmons Kilenora Van Dusen. Caroline Young, Enoa B
Fhl'Ups, Rebecca Florence, Charlotte Fish and Wm Jonoa.
do fordo; Sarah A llolfman, do lor Eari Cambridge; JM
Flanlgan. do for Portsmouth; Cornsliui Stokam do r?
Huiefll; Kebeccu II Queen, do for Quincy Point- Babel II
Irons, do for Gloucester; Ruth T Caril.Te" do lor'PortUnd
hett a Lushing. Nsw York for Bo.ton; Deliauee, do lor do]
Gertla E Merrow, Newcastle. Del, do for do- Kuiiua K
Hraalley. Kllsabethport lor do; llasperiiis. Port Johnson
ft.r Grovel and :Magge P Smith, Delaware City lor Medford,
Mass; John Bird .Georgetown. I> C, for Portland- John
Price, Kennabec River lor New York.
Pas-ieil br?Schr Mary, Dennysvllle, for Bristol R f
Sailed?Brig Auna Blisabeth ; .chrs W H Chester P.n.
turion, llolan, A Hammond, Mary 11 Uand Rebecca H
(Juoen and DeSanca.
WILMINUTON, NC, Oct 16?Arrived, tteamer Regulator
Doane, New \ork; acbr Lydla A Wills, banlel ?
Cleared?Steamer Ashlaud. Ingram. Naw York tchr W r.
Biirron.ht, Smith, New York. '
^WESTERLY. Oct lrt-Salled. echr Susan B Naah. Brown,
17th-Arrived aehr Harry A Ned, Chamber., Btonulng
ton, to loud^runito for Newark. ?
t'eTeiVh A clrculJ"lo'> raached by the EVEN
ING Tr.LEUKAM tor the wt-ek ending October 14. 1876 .nd
advert!.lug only 2(1 oents par line:- V "
Monday, October ?
Tuesday. October lo. iv> ina
Wednesder, October It ' vi (*?
Thursday. October 12 '
Friday, October 13 joivsi
Saturday. October 14 KK LlIiK m7oa
Total. -ik (.ti
Dally avurage 47 B50
tl^ii (Jni i 2 '; !,K( 1 connn.rur of Khenma
' rtcr,'fu|a- *? - ?? tab I lulled 28 yo.ra;
' w O where by ..xproi. Depot, 240 Graud ?l . S. Y.
A I-VcI'gL fR wtt'Juifu f,i8L.t,PhhI" 1 V "HTAI.N ED ; aS
p7hOr n ? h w V '? KING, Lawyer and Notary
I ubiic, No. 6 St. Mars', place. New York.
n"0*J?-yriKri,v in any statu;for it
id&cTYl1 Asto' iloiue. 4i'"Wd- AMERICAN
LA 4

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