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Excepting the excitement incidental to the muddle
la local politic*. yesterday with the campaign commit
tees proved as uueveulul a day as any Curing the past
week. Local matters occupied the converh?uoual
field not only at the Stale Committee rooms but also
et those of tfio National committees.
Tho "Independent greenback party" has established
tta headquarters on tho corner ol i-ourth aviuuo uud
Fourteenth street. Tho writer louud the gentlemen
representing the party almost as deep in correspond
ence as wore the secretaries ol either of tho other gruut
parties. The Aldermauic aud Senatorial conventions
of the party arc to he held to-irght, and thoy expect
to nominate lor the Assembly on Monday next. Ibey
have no beliol that they can elect their
candidal's, but several ol them yesterday said
that undoubtedly they would elect acme members
ol tbe Hoard of Aldermen and a lew members of tho
Assembly. We propose, raid one, to make the issue
on tbe rights ol workingtuen and good times. W e want
tueu to represcul us :u tho Legislature of our own
choosing?men who will see, when our bills are
ottered, that they are not thrown contemptuously
nucer ibo table. 111 uuswer lo questions mo writer
aacertalned that the party expect lo poll about 2.i.b:n)
Votes in Now York Stole. Mr. M A Car#?y is Secre
tary ol the Slitto Coininlitec.
The Democratic Commute, rooms at the Everett I
House, both national nuu .Mate, were througed yester
day bv friends of the party. Governor I iideit called ih
the lureuoou and occupied liinisell in looking oter the '
numerous despatches aud letters indicative ol the i
growth ol sent uncut in lavor ol tho democratic party.
Lieuiouatit Governor Dorsheimor was also present dur
ing the day. The general sentiment in regard lo the
city nominations oi lommany was, that iht-y
acre excellent. That ul Mr. Siuitn E'X. J"--. |
a as mentioned as being especially commendable, aud
would put aside all aspiralions ol Mr. Green, as ouo
gentleman remarked. Sunt a gentlomau, who looked
!? though lie ini^lit luiolhur wiiU ?:11y politics, "II ,
Mr Green liad not appeared as a cnndldato Mr. Sclicll
would have undoubtedly been bi>iu.tinted lor Mayor
But, us it is uow, Mr. Kly has been nominated and is a lar [
better candidate. A gentleman Irom Oswego predicted a 1
reduced maionlv in lhat city lor the republicans, und j
another, a resident of Ht. I.uwretico county, said that ?
the repubheau majority would he reduced to 4..MKJ. It
was geneiully thought the local dillereuces would in no
way interfere with tho vote on the to-lionul or state I
candidates and a prominent Iking* county tnau said the j
aauiu lor Urooklyu.
Tha Independent Citizens' Committee nave eitab
Itslied a headquarters at No. IB. Fifth avenue. Hioro i
was yosterdav it lurgo attendance of visitors, the uia- |
)urily ot w hom were mechanics and laboring men. A j
meeting was held yesterday alternoon, at which tho |
committee ol anil-Tauunaay and the German t eniral
Organization were repre.-euted. The question of good
Uivu lor the Independent ticket was discussed and ine
?arnc of Mr Green lor Mayor lullv sustained.
At the roouia it was stated that untl Tammany would
unqueslionab y nominate Audrew H. ..reeu lor Mayor,
ami, said one enthusiastic gentleman, "ho will be in
dorsed by all good citizens." It was also thought that
the repuhlicaua would indorse bun. It was ruuiorod
yesterday that Mr. Greeu was about to retire Iroin the
catvasa. He said last nveuiug lno?t emphatically that,
on the contrary, he purposed remaining a candidate.
The rooms ol tho Republican National Committee
were thronged yesterday and the puiieuce ol the cour
teous guiillemcu In charge taxed to its ut
most Letters ol encouragement were reecivcd
lrom all parts or tho country, and the pros
pects were reported as exceedingly bright.
Tho most prominent gentleman who called during the
day was, perhaps, tho Hou. William A. Wheeler, candi
date for Vice President. He was visited by many gen
tlemen, Including Generals Hanks, Sickles, l)ix and
Hon. Kugeue Hale, Governor McCormick, the secre
tary, la absent, but will return to his pott on Monday.
The price Of the Herald to-day and henceforth
tciU be three cent*.
A protracted meeting of conference committees
apposed to tbe ticket placod tn the Held by Tammany
Hall was held yesterday alternoon and evening ut
Irving Hall and the Slants Zeltutig Hulldirg. The atitl
Tainmanv organization was represented by Emanuel li.
Hart. Br'vau Hellly, Judge Murray. M. C. Murpny and
Marcus Ul.vrbourg. The Citizens' Associatiou sent
William V. Smith, John D. Crunmtns aud others. A
general discussion look place as lo tlie necessity ol
presenting first class candidates in op|e>sitiou to Tam
many Hall. No positive action was taken, and tho
Committees aojournod until tiro o'clock this alternoon.
Last night tbe Custom House republicans held pri
mary alections iu the various Assembly districts
throughout the city and chose delegates to tho various
nominating conventions which meet ou the following
dales:?County Convention, Republicau Ilall, October
25; Congressional conventions, October 23; Alder
mauic conventions, October 24; Senatorial convou
tions, October 24; Assembly district conventions, Octo
ber 20. The eleciiou* passed off quietly and nothing |
disturbed tbciv harmony. There wero no splits In any
of the districts, w hich iendud lo make matters puncoa- j
ble; even In the Twenty-first Assembly district, wharo I
the Haw faction raised such rows in lormer years, only .
the oue ticket was cast ul the polls. A tew policemen
were ut each polling placo, hut their services .
vera not called into requisition. Among the I
delegates elected were:?Collector Arthur, 1'o.imaaior
Jaiuea, Benjumin K. Phelps. William A. Darling. Col- i
ouel Charles S. Spencer, John J. O'Bricti, John N. I
Lanthier, Josepn ? PincWuey, Frank K. Howe, Joel li.
Erhard, Eliaa K. D snev, George Starr, Hugh Gardner,
Isaac Dayton. Daniel D. Conover, Joshua T. Owens,
Jlenry G. I .cask, William H Stiuer, lulled Stales Dis
trict Attorney Bins, ex-Police Commissioner Thomas
C. Acton. Charles A. Pcabody. ex-Ahsomblyman Her
nurd Higlln, Henry K. Rowland IDraiu M. Haggles,
D. W. C. W heeler, Thomas H. Udell, O. P C. Hillings,
Joseph P. J aril'lie, Austin Leak", Marshall Jewell.
John D. Lamson, Thomas L Thornell. Owen W. Ilren
Uaii, ThurloW Weed, Joel W. Mason, WiUou llerrv
mau, Corueiius M. Blauvell, Alonzo 11. Cornell, A J.
Diltenhoelcr. Willard Uullnrd. Solon IS. Smith, Kuleiu
H Wales, ltufua a Corning, A P. Kolcbum aud Gen
eral D. F. Burke. _
The j trice or 'he Ukuald to-day and heiux/brth
iciU be three cent*.
The Union Leaguo Club has tendered to Mr. Carl
Echurz a reception, which will take place to-night.
Conventions for the nomination of candidates to tho
Assembly wero held last night in the several Assembly
districts of Brooklyn, and the lollowiug is tho result:? j
Tbe republicans of the First Assembly district uoml- I
Bated WUi.atu Home.
Richard Marvin was nominated by tbe republicans
In tb* Second district.
In ihe Third district the Slocum democrats ad
journed lo Monday evening.
The Nlocuui democrats of the Fourth district met
?ud appointed a committee to i outer w ith the republi
cans, aud then adjourned.
Colonel William W. Nlevenson was nominated by tho
republicans ol tho Filth district. The deuiouruiS ol
this district adjourned to Tuesday eveuiug, and the
Blocum democrats to the same time.
The repebiicans of the Sixth district nominated
Jacob Worth.
In tbe Seventh district no Assembly Convention was
Adrian M. Suydam was nominated by tho repuhli
caua ol the Eighth district. Tho .-locum democrats of
this district adjourned to Monday evening.
The democrats of Hudson county, New Jersey,
have made tbeir nominations lor Assembly in
every district, except i no Third, as fol
low!:?First district, M. M. Doohan; Second
district, Thomas J. lUnuon; frourlh district,
Major A. W. Harris; Fifth district, ox-Mayor G.
I). VSB Relpen; Sixth district, James Stevens: beveatk
district, Kudolpn F. Kabe; Eighth district, Id ward T. |
Fallot). I boar nominations insure a democratic ma
jority in the county.
Tho Democratic Congressional Convention of the
Seventh district met at l ooper Hall at two o'clock.
Mr. Hardenbergb was rvnounuated alter a stormy de- j
bate. Ex-Mayor Cleveland, K. I. McDonald, ex Mayor
Trapbagou aud John A. O'Neill wero tho nominees
Sgsiuat hi in.
The price qJ IK* 11 skald to-day and henceforth will it
three cent*.
Cincinnati, U:k 20, 1876.
3y Ihe official vote of tho Ohio eleciiou, published
1 o-day, Barnes' majority is exactly and precisely 4,boo.
Mis plurality l? 6,"4, or only 2J0 more than Hayes'
plurality last year. Boy Mow, the second numo ou ihe
republican Slate ticket, bar .75. majority.
Mrwhsrs, Oct. 20, 1878.
In consequence of a severe rain stortu the diacuasiou
between Vance and Settle, at lloaulort, was attended
by only 200 or 3uo perwjtis. The apcakiug look placo
is tbe Court House. His Excellency Governor Hrug
den and #x-l'nitcd Stales Sennlor John Pooio secouipa
Med the candidates us lar i>s MoorcSead Citv. Senator
Fool# will speak at faywtevtlie, Wilmington, Ashville
and other promineul points in the .-late. Governor
Bragd' U U diiRentlv canvassing tb# Second district,
IB Vblab he la tbe republican nominee lor Congress.
The New York Philharmonic Society begm their
season vesleraay under lar more favorable circum
stances than have been tnelr fortune for many ycara
past. Eir-l, ilicro was an inlusioti of now blood Into
the orchestra, that tingled even at tbe elbows of tomo
of the antiquated member* of the organization, and
?went lar toward removing tho torpor or stagnation
that .-o long kept the society In the unenviable condi
tion, musically speaking, ot a collection of Egyptian
inuuui.ua. llieu there was an oncrgclic conductor,
l>r. Leopold liaturotch, who ullowed no Kip
Van Winkle is tu to be Indulged In while be
wiolded the baton. Inspiration seemed to Hash
Irotn his electric wand and to bind together
the members of the orchestra as obedient servants to
his reading of tho composer's thoughts. At one tiruo
the Philharmonic Society was like ihe earth ul a cer
tain period of us existonce, "without tortu and void;"
It drilled troin had to worse, and even salaried soloists
turned up their uoaus at it. Hut Duiuroscb, like a *ee
"Uu Sieground, atoms destined to save the musical
?t alhal.u, lor a tune, at least. He has plucked out
Irou the conductor's desk pour Hergmann's baton, has
dared W otau-Tbomas unit Humuug.Neuendorf) to the
cuniest, but HrunnhiiUe naa not vet'put in an appear
ance. I'uppeuUeim-Sieglioile did her tusi lor him yes
terday, and llmcliotf, the tenor, sang lustily. Tbe au
dieuce was small, hut ncverthi less attentive. It is no
easy task 10 10 low with rapt aitenlion the first net of
"Hie U alkurc," given in concert lorin without the
acinic cfleets?the home ol Hundiltg, the bleak moun
tain lops wnere tho Valkyr und her father hold
converse, the lire, the steam, the lullaby ol Odin. The
instrumentation, uruiidest of nil W ugucr's efforts, with
reuiiuisceucus, nuny and vivid, of "Lohengrin,"
"I annhamer." "Meistsrsiuger" and "Tristan and
Isolt, ' is something to be remembered. It storms, it
pieuds, It declaims; It is like the ocoan In its kaleido
scopic phases; it serves as an urgumeul to the music
drama poem. Hut the poor human voice. Pupponbeim
maiiseed to make herself heard, and occasionally there
was a noble phrase interpreted by her?the cry of Siog
luido against the tyranny o! ucruel tin,bund, the yearn
mg ol a sister's hcari toward a hrotner. The tenor was
pretty much in the condition of the ma;; who would
attempt to deliver an oration to his guide in the t'avo
of the Winds at Niagara Lulls, or the speaker at s
democratic rautlculion meoung when "tho haud begins
to pluy." Whenever Niegmund opens lint mouth in
the first set of "Hie Walkure" Wagner gags him with
brass and reeds. 'I ho beautiful aria, "Winter Bturmo,"
was tho only part of Biegtuund's music where any
voice, unless wo can speak of a Supposititious liumau
foghorn, could have u lair chance. The conductor will
have hard work before ho brings down to u practicable
shape the apparently incoherent vocal utterances of
the great Zukunll prophet.
The price of the Uskald to-day and henceforth will
be three cents.
1 he mustaiof Norselaud Is rather monotonous to oc
cupy the attention of an audienco for an entire even
ing. Yet It has a certain charm of Ita own, especially
when It Is givou by such nu organization as Thomas'
orehosiru. Tho programme of Scandinavian music
last night was woll diversified as lar as the composers
and interpreters were concerned; but nothing euuid
remove tho feeling of woariness that such tuuslc
most naturally produces when It alls tho ontlro bilL
fhe quartet of Swedish ladies who sang with such
success a fortnight ago at the concert of Marelzek and
Fryer achieved a genuine triumph last night in so mo
ol tlio Iicdrr of their native land. Expression and
delicacy wero tho most cuuractorlsllc feature* of their
s.hgliig, Mr. Sherwood, the plsuisi, played the Grieg
concerto?tho one In which lloscovitz gained laurels
In Philadelphia a lew weeks since. Mr. Sherwood
gained a genuine success by his admirable technique
emotional touch and intelligent reading in a work that
la, to say tho least or it. iragmentary. lneuhcrency
In the expression ot musical tueas ' mav be charged
against tirieg in this coucerio. Tho one motive ot
Scandinavian origin which the composer introduces In
the Ural movement is tortured Into lantauiic shapes
mat would rend tho heart or one of the old school of
composers. Ills as if tho poor melody was in tho
hands td n musical Torquemeda or un instrumental
llashl-Uazouk. Mr. George Werrenrath, tho tenor
who sung for tbe first timo with Thomas on
Wednesday, and woo appeared again fast night
in two Danish songs, is not likely to become
u favorite with the metropolitan public. Gade'a sym
phony in C minor, Homcmun's "Fairy Overture " Lum
bye'? "Visions in a Dream" and Svcndscn's "Coronation
March" were the orchestral selections. There was a
good deal of sameness in the style of the compositions.
There will be a matinee concert given by Thomas to
day and on Monday Beethoven wul occupy iho entire
The price of the Hkrald to-day and henceforth will
be three cents.
Sheridan Kuowles' plsy of "The Hunchback" was
performed at this house last evening to a brilliant and
appreciative audience. Tbe cast was a noted one lor
Brooklyn, und though tbero had evidently been much
hasto in rehearsal, the performance was not only eu
Joyabie but possessed many points for praise. Mr
John Gilbert was not at bis bost as Muster Walter
hut so good an actor ceuld not fall to
seize the salient leaturos ot tho hunch
back's character. Mis* Katharine Kogsrs
as Julia achieved a success which it Is a pleasure to
record, and she was warm y applauded at Alio close of
tho scene where Clifford comes as the secretary. Miss
Koso Wood was a bewitching Helen and gave fresh
evidence of her excellence as an actress. Mr. Mur
doch. as Sir Thomas Clillord, was painstaking and
manly. Mr. Polk was a lair Modus, sud Mr. Wllkos
deserves credit for his rendition of the small part of
To-night "Tbo Rivals" is the play, "Tba Hunch
back" being given at tho matinee.
A concert will be givon by Mr. J. C. Fryer on Sunday
evening at Booth's Theatre, in which Downlng's Ninth
Koglmenl Band. Mile. Keloccn, lime. Maretzek, Sauret
Fuhst and Salter will upnear. The programme will
consist Ol selections from Koastni. Thomas, Beothoven
Waguer, Gounod and Meyerbeer. '
The price of the Uikald to-day and henceforth will
be three cents.
Dr. Julius 8. Thebaud, who was fatally woundod
on the llth of the present month, by tbe explosion of
a cartridge for a breoob-loadlng HfJe that lie wits pre
paring, died at h.s residence. No. V East Thirteenth
street, yesterday. For tho last nino days ho suffered
feariul agony on account of tho nature of his wound.
A portion ol the brass from the cartridge had etnheddod
Itself in the lung, while a projecting point lacerated the
heart, causing t new wouud at each pulsatlou. Ihe
cavity uround the lieurl was found at the post inorlom
examination, held yesterday afternoon, to be tilled
with billon. Anodynes wore administered to him bv
Ins attendant physicians, Bands, Reynolds and Sump,
son, hut never to any great extent, ut his own desire.
Tho deceased was Ifvqucntly visited In his illness by
Cardinal McCloskey. the Vicar General Father Quinn 1
and the venciutile Thurlow Weed, all warm friends of
the uow departed Doctor. Mr. I hurlow Weed remarked 1
yesterday that it will ho no easy task to All the plans
so ub;y occupied by Dr. Tnobaud In the medical world.
For years a warm ulfection had existed between tho
The deceased was born at Morrlstown, X. J., on tho
2Hth of October, 1827, und was consequently iu tho
foriv-nlutli year of his age at the time ol Ins ueath.
Ho came of old Knickerbocker stock. Ins father being
a member of the old lirin, lu tills citv, ol ltouchaud Jc
Thebaud. Tho subject ol this sketch giaduaied in
the Crosby .Street College, and, while still young,
gsve promise of being an houor to Ins profession.'
Leaving New York ho walked tho London, Paris and
\ tcuna hospitals lor several years, working with Inde
fatigable euergv to master thoroughly Die science of
lieu ling. Ill lSol lie returned to New York and estab
lished himself in Leroy place Since thai time his
success fins been wnndcrtul. and among the medical
world his delicate and succ.-sslul manipulation or com
plicated surgical i asi'S, notably iu lithotomy, gained
for htm a national renown. Mid all his successes lie
never torgui the poor, and all being sick and in need
were Cared for by linn or sent lo hospital*, whero their
w nit- were attended to. lie w*s connected at dilfer
ent tunes with nearly all the hospitals In the city,
lie was also attached to the Caihulic Orphan Asylum,
the FuiiQJiing Asylum, St. Vincent's Hospllul, in
Eleventh street, the Colored Horn" und others too
numerous to mention. A lew years ago ho paid a visit
to France nnd presented tliu Parisian surgeons with
several original instruments o| Ms own device, and
which were much admired, lie also wrote Consider
ably on surgical mutters. He leaves s widow and eight
children He desired shortly belore death came to lus
relief that ht? funeral might he of lbs most unosien
tatious character possible, and that tbero should be no
pallbearers or pomp ol any kind, lor be wanted to ho
burled simply, as he liml lived simply I lie funeral
services will he held at St. Francis Xavmr's churcll, to
which he belonged for many years, and the Cardinal,
It is reported, will be pretcul on me sad occasion.
The interment will take place nl Cnlvarv Cemetery.
Among his mourners will be a Urge number ol poor
r rerich residents in this city, I he Coroner wilt hold
ail luquusi as tu lbs cause ol his deuth.
Samuel Lenox, one of ihe oldest Freemasons in New
Jersey, died in Trenton on Thursday evening, aged
ninety-four. He was a native of Ireland, and was held
In high esteem. I mil a low day* beloro his death ho
was apparently halo and hearty.
Uev. Dr. Kichard Fuller, aged sevcnty-two-yeara
pastor of Eulaw place Baptist church, in Baltimore'
died in that city yo.-ierdav. He was boru in UoaulorL
8. t'., and ordained a minister in XtWA. Ho wont lo
Baltimore m 1847.
Germanic ...Oct
The Queen i?v-l
frame ^.. Oct
Auction a
St Laurent.......
K 11**1 a
State of Nevada..
VV A Scholtan ....
4'itv ot Clienter...
? St Lau'euu
j Nevada
: Scythia
I Getlert
i Mate of Indiana. .
City of Richmond.
Ethiopia ...... .
St Germain
IS ri tiati nie
Den iu ark
\V r coning
Sue via
City of Berlin.
Anir in.
Leasing I Nov 23
| Dent mat ion
Liverpool. .
37 Broadway
tit* Broadway
2 Bowling Green
Glasgow ..
7 Bowling Gruso
>5 Broadway
2l> Broadway
i Bo fling (.r. ?u
72 Broadway
hi Brood way
5G Broadwuy
37 Broadway
15 Broadway
till Broadway
BB i roadway
55 Broadway
7 Bowling Green
7 Bowling Green
J Bowling Greeu
55 Broadway
21) Broadway
4 Bowline Green
? ?1 Briadway
< i lasgow .. .
72 Broadway
15 Broadway
7 Bowtiug Green
7 Bowling Greeu
08 Broadway
(19 Broadway
2 Bowling Green
II avrc
55 Broadway
J) Broadway
1 Rowling ^reen
lain burg.
31 Broadway
Roller lain.
50 Broadway
I. \ 1 pool
57 Broadway
Liverpool. .
?)*? Broadway
(/'.? Broadway
7 Bow-liug tireen
1 1
2 Rowling Green
29 Broadway
?il Broadway
15 Broadway
London ..
7 Bowling tareen
01 Broadway
The price of the UkkaI.d to-day and henceforth will
be three cente.
?cs asd nook I men watrb
Son rUos 0 18 | Gov. Island ov. 11 10 !
Son sets..... 6 1J i Sandy Hook evo Id "6 i
Moon sets evo 7 -lb 1 Hell Gate morn 1- M '
PORT OK SEW YORK, OCT. 20. 1876.
Steamer Russia (Br), Cook, Liverpool Oct 7 and Queeus
town *th. with iud*e and 152 passengers to C O Srsnoklyn.
14th 1st 48 21, Ion 4UO ?. panned a British hark, hound K.
showing signal letters KOBN: 10th, 1U milea R of Nan
tucket livhlsnip. passed a hark, painted black, with two i
boats leaving, one with a rail luwinc the oil er and heading |
tor the lightship. The Russia arrived at Sandy Hook at ?
5 :26 A M
Steamer Tho Queen (Br), Bragg. Liverpool Oct 4 and
Suecnstown 5th. with indft** uiid 13j passengers to F W J
ur-t. Ilad strong westerly gales
Steamer Somerset (Bi). Western. Brialot Oct 5. with
mdto and pu?.*t*npers to \> D Morgan. Arrived at Sandy
Hook 10:4o AM ; had westerly gules tho entire psssage;
Oct 15, I at 44 5 i, Ian 52 40, passed a steamer bound K, show
ing pre en. red and white light; MUli, iut 43 40. Ion 50 10,
a steamer bound K, showing a blue, red and whito light:
17th. lat 42 45, Ion BO 4o, hark Bessie Parker (Hr). from
Cardiff for Norfolk : 18th, lot 41, ion 63 40, brig R W Metter,
from Iiiverkeitlog for New York.
Steamer St Laurent (Fr . Laehesnes, Havre Oct 7, via
Plymouth Oct Htfi. with nidso and 121 passengers to Louis
L)e Beiunn. Oct 14. lat 44 51, ion 41 lO. pnssed a British
bark, showing signal letters K 14 II Q, bound east; 15th,
lat 44 33. Ion 40 05, passed bark Brother?, of Yarmouth,
showing sigual letters K V L II. bound west: 2<>th lat 40 35,
ion 73 04. passed steamer State of Virginia, bouud east.
Steamer Olmhria Geri, Brandt. Havre Oct 7, with mdso
and 387 passengers to Kuuhurdt A <>o. Arrived at >andy
llook at 5 AM. Had strong westerlv gale* and high seas
during the passage: Oct 18, lat 40 52 Ion 02 42- passed schr
Rosebud iBri. from Brid-jewater for New York.
Steamer Regulator, Doaue, Wilmington, NO, 3 days, with
mdse to W P Clyde A Co.
Steamer Ashland, lu.raham, Wilmington. NC, 3 days,
with nidao and passenger* to \* m P Civile A Co.
SteamerWyanoke, Coucn. Norfolk, with mdse aud passen
gers to tlie Old Dominiou Steam shin Co.
steamer Agues, iiuruicK. PnuaiieipUia, with mdse to O A
Whltner A Co.
Barn Unico (Ital), SchiaQiuo, Gloucester60 days, in ballast
to Fundi, Edye A Co.
Brig Halle of Dev.ui (Br). Tregortha. Lisbon Sept 6, with
coffee to Fubbri A CUauucoy Sept 13, lut 37 4U, Ion t?d 17,
spoke bark Agnes (Nor), heuce tor Bristol, and was supplied
with provisions from her.
Brig Alice inf Bclitc, Hon), Montgomery, Truxlllo 23
day*, with hides. Ac, to Etrgers A Heinleiit.
schr Lark <of Calais), Hutchinson. Windsor, NS, 23 days,
with plaster to master. Is bouud to Baltimore; put iu for a
Schr W L Burroughs. Smith, Wilmington, No, 5 * ays,
with uaval stores to Win P Clyde A Co.
Schr Altbca, Darby, Virginia.
Schr Sarah Lavinia. Anderson, Virginia.
Schr Win Allen Lewis. Baltimore.
Schr Joseph J Pharo, Super, Georgetown, DC.
Schr Wiu Wharton. Bucaalew, Georgetown. DC.
Schr H S Mariow. Pine. Kennebec 4 days, with lee to
tuasteg. Is hound to Washington, DC.
Schr Governor, Eaton, Portsmouth, Nil, 12 days, in bal
last to U W Loud A Co.
Steamer City of Pitehbnrg, Springer. New Bedford for
New York.
Steamer Klectra. Young. Providence for New York.
Brig Lewis Clark (or Bangor), Smith, Bangor for New
Schr Acara, Windsor. XS, for New York.
Schr VVm K Barr (Br), Douglass, 81 John, KB, for New
Schr Sophia Uehrmann, Smith, New Haven for New
Schr M J Laughton, il olio well, Whiting, Me, for New
Schr Marv Ella, Staples. Portsmouth, MI. for New York,
sclir Minnie Lawroy, Spear, Rockland for New York.
Schr Mary Brewer, Saunders, Rockland for Now York.
Schr Whistler, Keefe. Tauntou for New York.
Schr Neiiio Brown, Kelly, Boston for New York.
Schr shamrock. Troy. Providence for Uaverstr*w.
Schr Sparkle. Shropshire, Providence for New York.
Sch" Win Worrell, Now London lor Now York.
Schr Helen Mar, Ward, Providence for New York.
Schr Starlftffht, Bobbins, Now Haven for New York.
Schr Win Whitehead, Titus, Boston lor New Y'ork.
Schr Hostvn Nickerson, Boston for New York.
Schr R S Dean, McCorabor, Taunton lor New York
Schr Emma L Gregory, Thorudikc, Rockland for New
Schr Julia Ncwe'l. ShopharU. lloekport for New York.
Schr Wiu Connors, Breslin, New Bedford for New York.
Schr 11 Blackmail, Arnold, Providenco tor Now York.
Schr M J Russell, Russell, New Docilord for New York.
Schr Katie Grant, BJuehill, Me. for New York.
Schr l'euccdao), Caswell, Narragausett Pier for New
Schr J H Barilett, llnrt is. Providence tor New York.
Sclir Wm i Elmer. Tribhiu, New Loudon tor New York.
| Schr Peerless, Smith, Port Jefferson for New York.
Schr Fred Tyler, Tirrell, Norwich foi New York.
Schr F Merwin, Bunco, Providence lot New York.
1 Schr G L. Loveil. New Bedford for New York,
nehr A Heath, t'hiuuey, Bo.*toii for New York.
Schr llnsletou, Rogers, New Uuveu tor Now York.
Schr D Ellis. Terry, Rockland for New York.
Schr M h Mills, Smith, Proviaence for New York.
Schr K Pharo, Sherman. Newport fur Hoboken.
schr Tuni* Depew, Baker, Boston lor New York.
Schr Ann hlir.abeih, Cousins, Providence for New York.
Schr J McNichoU, Robiuaon, Bo?top for New York.
Schr D Ka n, Em:uerson. Portiaud. Ct, for New York.
Schr Old t:iiad, Wyley. Boo tub ay lor New York.
Schr Reading KK No 34, Adams, saybrook for Philadel
Schr Liberty, Merrill, Bridgeport for New York,
schr sahwe, Mitchell, Lynn tor Now York;
Schr Robin Hood, Baker, Providenco for New York.
Schr Mary K Homo, Kathburn, Nantucket for New York.
Schr A I irrel!. Fisher. Woou's Hole lor New York.
Schr Oliver Dyer. Falconer, Saco, Me, for Now York.
Sciir Emma. Booth. Taunton lor Albany.
Schr llaiinic Westbrook, McDuffic, Bangor for New York.
Schr Ooustitutiuu. Young, Providence tor New York.
Schr Robert S Stocktou, Stockton, Bath lor New York.
Schr Olive hlixabeih. Lindstey. Bangor lor New Yirk.
Sclir Mediator, Davis, Fail River for New York.
Schr Ca G lieitnisKii. Allen. Norwich for New York,
sciir sarah Elizabeth. Davis. New llaveu tor New York.
Schr iV H Rowe. VYliitteuiore ipswicn for New York.
Sciir M M Braiiiurd, Buell, Portland for New Yum.
Sclir Goddesn. Kelly, Hyannis lur New York.
Schr J G Huntington, itosiou tor New Yura.
Schr Mary siowe. Bacon, Pronueiiee f?*r New York,
sciir Surprise. So am an, Fall River for .Now York.
Sclir A K Webb. Hawkins. N?*w Hedturd lor Now York.
Sciir F Pierce, Highland, Port JelTorMui lor New York.
Sclir Geiiney Dorloii, smith. New Bedford for .Now York.
Sclir Maria K llern. Hern, Boston for New York
Schr ShihU I'urvea, Lisle, I'rovidencu tor New York.
Schr Belle Seaman. Steeltnau, Hartford for New York.
Schr K II Clark. Vurrs, Stoniuatou lor New York.
Schr S T Gordon, Gordon. Boston tor New York.
Schr C P Sliultis, Young, Bridgeport for New York.
Schr O P Wright, Roper, New Bedford lor New York,
schr F Edwards, Wu?t. Boston lor New York.
* Schr C F Raymond. Kelly, Boatoti tor New York.
Sclir Win F !*t*pie*. Cole, Richmond. Me, for New York.
Sciir Ada Allies. Adauis. Hellust. Me. lor New York.
Sclir Wiu M Everett. Adam*. .Norwich lor Now York.
Schr Henrietta. Aim. Sico lor ??w I oik.
Sclir U F llawky, -Tyler, Wood a Hole lor New York.
Sclir Palladium, ityder, Welllleet tor New York.
Scl?r LS Hatch, I itch. Providence lor New York.
Schr N H Benedict. Thompson. New llaveu tor New York.
Scht Eui.ua i. C Wiuaor. Huntley, Boston lor New York.
Sclir Wiu McLoon. lto^er* Km-k I ami for New York.
Scbi Llias Roa>. Campbell, Pitrvideiice lor New York.
Sclir Rival. Duntou. alms tor .\ew York.
Sclir >urali Shurbert. Donnelly, Lynn for New Y'ork.
Scnr liedabedac. Knowlton ! roviuence for New York.
Schr Ella Brown, Brown, Boston for New Y'ork.
Sciir A Uurnev, tturne). Norwich for New York.
SehrG V 11 aide it Green, Portland. Ct. lor New York.
Mlir Francoiii Bellatiy, Boston lor New York.
Schr Geo W Whistler, t rcshy. Bo*ton for New York.
Sciir senator ??rime*. Kennedy. Boston f??r Now Y'ork.
Schr Aiialer, Be?*e, A areliaui tor New York.
Schr Decora, "Ierr*. Boaton for New York.
Schr M N Heaih. Nichols, Norwich lor .m w Y'ork.
Sclir Lucy Baker, Allen. ? a*t Greenwich for New Y'ork.
Schr 1> David?ou, Freeman, Boston for New York.
Sclir If Hammond, New HediorO t.ir New Y'or
Schr Decatur nafct*#. Baker, Newport for New York.
Sclir B M M .ifford, Sprague. Pawiuckot lor New ( rk,
schr sam llaynes. Booth, New l.oudou for New Y'ork.
Schr Nettie W aiker, lugall , Boston for New York.
Schr Porto Rico. Armstrong, Bangor lor New \ork.
Schr \d-Jie M Bird. Buckingham. Boston lor New Y'ork.
Schr Ida delta Torre, chase, Boston lor New Y'ork.
Sclir II K Kliey, Colttn, tfosiou f??r New Y'ork.
Schr Charlio A Willie, llockport h?r New York.
Schr Traveller, lloducs, ??ostc?ti f??r New York.^
Scnr Peuuaylvatiia, Jonvt, Somerset lor New York.
Schr Gora Ivtta, Pendleton. Richmond, Me, for Now York.
Schr More 11 gilt. Grant, falaN for Now York
Schr <'Id Guild, Wiley. Hootlihey tor New York.
Schr Fleet wing, KennRloii, Providence for New Y'ork.
schr Maria 8 Kuowlton. Providence for New York.
Sehrt;ero Barm. Chaniplaiu. Now London for New York.
Schr J as IJoimes. Kyder, Ellsworth lor New Y'ork.
Schr Richard Law, iiuwkin*. New Bedford lor New York.
Sclir B Fnrily Marshall. Bangor lor New York
Schr J S Lamprey, Soulc. oos.on lor New York.
Set*r Harvest, t'orwin. Somerset for New Y ork,
sekr M H Band. Kotiney, Boston for New York.
Schr Vtlllle Martin, Mo*taer, Portland for Ptnludsiuhla.
Schr Klh n M Penned, Thoinpeoii Boston for New York.
Sebr R II Huntley, Huntley. Providence tor New Y'ork.
Senr Kochoko, Farritigton. Beaton for New York.
Schr .loiiathaii Gone. VI bite, Kockport for New York.
Schr J J Harris. Hudson, Boaton fi?r New York.
Schr Barbara, June-, New Bedford for New Y'ork,
Schr II S Bridges. Gaudy. Palais for New York.
Schr Wellington, Leek. Bangor tor Now Y'ork.
Scnr L S Barne*, Dean, t'oliaxsetf Narrows lor New York,
bchr Pornclia. Black, Providence fjr New York.
Islir Ada Herbert. Allen, Provldeuce for New York.
HcImt Sarah Jan?. Slacpcr. Newport for New Tors.
Scnr Alida. Banuin. Huston tor New York.
Ikhr A Haitian. Smith, Button fur New York
Schr M?r?i?ali O 1'erriu Beck with. Ho?iou for Naw York.
Sciur Uoean Wave, Uuiaeil, Bin^oi-tor New York.
Schr KU TowjiwbO. (Mark. Newport for New York.
Schr Kverjnw**n, Tanirr. 1'rovidence tor New York.
Schr Mary G Farr, Crowetl, Ho*ton for Phjladalphia.
Schr J Paine, Smith. Kennebec tor #iew Yore.
Sciu B VY iiai>ituk)ii, it ail, BoMtou for Phiiado.phia,
hclir lloriron. Leel Pawiuckei for New Yore.
Schr PocaateU. Racket, Providence for New York.
Schr Black Diamond, >mith, Pawtucket for New York.
Schr R II WiUoii, Clark, Providence lor New York.
Schr Allele Fclecia. Elliott, Norwich for New Yora.
Schr Spring Bird <Hr?, Bray, Providence for New York.
Schr J H CouninKhaiu. New Loudon tor New York.
Schr A Scran too, Wright. Portland. C t. tor New York.
Schr i* C Smith, Atwood, Taunton for New York.
Sciir Matthew Yatear, Jr. Kellcy. New Bedford tor New
Steamer Tailapoo?a, Mcltiu-hie. Wathiugton, DC, for Bue*
Steamer Bolivar, iJeer. New York for New London and
IIkkald Tki.kGRArif Static)*, i
W'tllTUSTOXK. LI. Oct 10, 1S70. \
The above lift comprises a part of the fleet which has
been kept back through stress of weather during the past
ten days. The remainder (some 200 sail) will probably got
here to-morrow if wind favors. Lorn; Island Sound being lit
erally choked up with vessels from nands Point to the
The price of the Ukkalo to day and henceforth will
he three cenU.
Steamer Germanic (Bo, Kennedy, Liverpool via Queens
town ? ft J Oorii?.
Steamer Caledonia (Ur), Allison, GIaegow?Henderson
Mearner AncUoria (Br), Muuro, Glaairow?Henderson
Steamer Ktna (Br), Sanaom, Port an Prince, Savauilla,
Ac?Pirn. For wood A Cc.
Steamer City of Dallas, Hines, Kernandina via Port
Royal. SO?1? ii Mallory A Co.
Steamer Nereus. Bearse, Savannah?Geo Y'ongo.
Steamer Ashland, ingraham, Wilmington, NC?Win P
Clyde A Co
Steamer Anthracite. Gruinlev. Philadelphia?J as liuua.
Steamer (Jctarora. Reynold*. Baltimore? Wm DaLell.
Ship Cyclone, Field, Sydney, NaW-K VY* Came ron A
Ship Red Gauntlet (Br), Bowie. Liverpool?Charles L
Wright A Co.
Bark Progress (Nor), Nielsen, Gloucester, E? Louis Te
t ens.
Bark Lutra (Nor), Loreuiten, Southampton?Louis To
Bark Gioririna (Ital). Bertoletto. Cork or Falmouth for
oroers?John (1 Seagor.
liark Louise Gehm (Ger), Stuwe, Antwerp?C Tobias A
Bark Brar.il, Purdy. Bordeaux?Boyd A Hincken.
Bark Caro. (iay, Progreao?fcvans. Bail A Co
Bark Amaranth (Ger), Brauor, savannah?Chas Luliug A
schr Theresa. McQninn. Para?G Ainstuck A Co.
Schr D H Bisbee, Libby, Montcgo Bay, Ja? G Wessels.
Schr O M Marrett, Kced Maya* net, PR ? B J Weuberg A
Schr Win I. Burroughs, Smith, VVyluilngton, NC ? Wm P
Clyde A Co.
schrLvuisa Birdaall, Warren, Alexandria, Va?Slaght A
Sloop Kd C roll us, Jams, Perth A in boy, NJ?J L J arris.
Steamer* City of Dallas, lor KernundinA, Ac: Isaac Bell,
Norlulk; bark Jano Adoltue, Luguayra aud Porto Cabcllo ;
IiiIk ulivor Cults (Hri. Port au Princo; acbi Addle Weasela,
Point a Pit r?.
Wind at sunset. ENE; at midnight. EXE.
Barometer at luuut, ;i0.08; at iniduighl, 29.08.
The price of (Ac Hiuald to-day and henceforth will
be three cent*.
Snir Alick Venxaud, Gould, front MoJIUones Tor Europe.
Inn into Montevideo previous to Oct 14, leaky. She ii fully
u.ursd iu Huston auu other offices.
dSnii- Tkowsuikck (Bri. from Melbourne, at San Francisco
el 12, report*:?Blow away lower loretopiall during the
Bark Ellkx Stkvexj, Stern, for Philadelphia, which put
back to Leghorn leaky baa been thoroughly overhauled aud
on the lib iuat waa uearly ready to reload about 200 tuna of
marble and about IU0 toua rags.
Line Faustina, from Cardiff lor Havana (before reported),
we* abaodouad Sept 18 in lat 42, leu 14.
Simik Gkouuk Kiliiorx, of ltangor, before reported aban
doned, wan bound to Boatoii aud encountered beavy weather,
with a strung uorlhweat wind, ?n Mimiay night last, oil Cope
Kliiabeth Lights. I he vessel leaked b d.y. and at tl o'clock
all .land, were at the pumps wit dro feet ut water In the
hold. The deck load or lumber wa* thrown overboard, hut
deapito all etforta. at 2 AM on Monday the veaaol wa* luli,
end the aea breaking over her lu a clear breach. At It)
o'clock th* eahiu waalied off ueck, aud all provision* and
water were lo*t. i'r m that hour till taken off what re
mained of the vessel, 2H hours, the crew were without food
or water. They left the reeeel when ahe wa* roiling heavily
mid rapidlv breaking up. Alllo.t everything they had ex -
cepl the clothing they wore. I'tie men .offered acutely front
cold, being obliged to itand knee dce,r in water which cov
ered the <
Burnt Niaxtio, Morris, of and from Tannton. with a cargo
rails. lor New Yin k, waa dismasted on the 14tl> inst. W as
of uails.
taken tu tow by schr Harriet Uardner, of Taunton, and en
deavored to reach New London, but wa* compelled to aban
don her the aunte night, whon huiween Fltlier'a Island anil
Mnntaua Point. The crew took t > their bout and landed
.ately near Fort Pond Bay, LI, and arrived at New London
19th, on their way home to Tannton. Capt Morris taluks
the vessel sunk soon after leaving her.
Sciik 1'aktiiea. McDade,from Cobassett Narrows for New
Haven, put Into Newport, Hi. Oct JO with loss of mainsail
and toretopsaiI. having lout them coming out of Buisard's
Bay in the blow of the 14th.
Sciir Ulalumk, Lockoport, NS. wa* aahore at Barrington
Oct 12 and bilged.
Schr Kovai. Oar. from Calais, got ashore Oet 12 at Win
ter Harbor and sprung a loak; will repair.
Schb Harbixgek. trum Bangor for Newport, at Vineyard
Haven Oet IK reports that on the morning of 17th, dnrlug
a heavy N W gale, when between^ Cap* Coil and Capo Elisa
beth, shipped a sea which washed overboard J >bn Smith,
of I'lyniou.b, Mass, who was drowned; also lost Jib.
OvvXDl'R? Bark Susan A Blalsdell, Sawyer, Irom Quebec
for Glasgow, is out 5 - days, and noma anxiety Is being felt
for h*r safety. Iweut.v per cent premium was paid on hor
Insurance in Boston, Oet IS.
Quick PAaaaur?The bark Harriet P Ilussey, Capt Dar
rah. arrived at Charleston. SC, Oct 17, trout Boston, after a
short passage of ttv* days.
Gloucester, Oet 20?Fiahing schr Minnie Bell, which was
reported lo.t, hat turned up aliasfe.
Qt-oxxc, Oet lt?? Bark Irene (Br). Pnrrjr. Irom Quebec
for Carnarvon, which pel buck to Quebec alter boing ashore,
hat been surveyed aud found to lie leaky; ahe is ordered to
discharge cargo and dock lor repairs.
20th?The steamer Lady Head baa been ordered to pro
ceed to Mataue and tow in quarantine the schr Marie Louise
with about 2U persona on board, the captain Iiaviug died of
I'h* low on the North Shore of C Ashing scliooner* la re
ported. In one Inatanee the crew. 7 iu nmnber, perished.
WtLRixoTrtX, NC, Oct 20?All uuknoa-n brig ia ashore at
New Inlet bar.
Orrica or Liquthoosr Iksprctor. Third District, i
ToHPBtXSVTLUt. NY. I let 211. 1S7.V <
A epar bnoy (hurixunial stripes! ha. been placed on the
south side of a sunken aehooner, southward of Peufield
Hearing*?Stratford Point, NU brEUE; Pine Point,
N\Y >4 W; Ptn&eid iUef. N by E.
The masthead* show at low water
A c 1U1IND, Com UMN.
Llghthuus* Inspector Third dUtrleh
Ship Monte Rota, t'arter.lr nu Boa Francisco for Queens
town. Sept 2d. lat 10 N, ion IIS.
Ship Mouut Wa.hiugtou, Perkins, from Hamburg lor
Hong Kong, Sept 2, lav 13 2X N. Ion 2A W.
sbiu Jacob A sunnier. Crystal!, from Liverpool for New
Yo-k. Oet 2, lat -PJ ,'G. Inn 11 2U.
Hark Lalla (Br:, Vance, from Newcastle, E (June 19) for
Bombay. Aug 19, lat ill S. Ion 22 2t> IV.
Hark Jolianu Ludwlg (fieri, Lolljes, Irom Antwerp fur
Baltimore, net 14. lat 4f 4?t, Ion 11 60,
Hark Johanue Mario (Gcri, Gustavus, from Hamburg for
New York. Sept 24. lat 4111), Ion 27 57.
Hark H I) Stover. Pierce. Irom New York for Cleoluegot,
Get M. lat 24 2U, Ion ?.
ltark Hookwo.ni Hr). Jewell, from Ilollo for New York
or Hoston, Get 14, lat :tft 10 N, Ion ? (all well).
A bark, showing Lit NT. (rem Liverpool fur New Orloans.
waa aoeu Sept 27. lat 34 40, Ion 11 22.
Hrlg A' N II Clements (Hr), Lewis, from New York lor
London, no date, lat 42 IU, Ion ti2 2D (by arrival at Port
Medwar Oct Itb.
Hrig Priteilla Mar (lirt, (low, Irom Bligofor Sydney, OB,
?hunt Oi l 4. lat 44 44. Ion 4!> 4H.
hrlg A J I'eiliurlll. H all. from Cardiff for Bermuda, Sept
27. lat 44 38, Ion 25 15.
scbr Grace Andrews, Andrew*, from I'snsacola for Rio Ja
neiro Soot 8, lat Id 47 N, Ion 26 ,r4 W.
The price of th* Herald to-day and henceforth will
be three cent*.
Ahtwxup Oct 20?Arrived, ship Island Home (Br), Smith,
Ballliu ore.
Sailed from Flashing 2Uth, (hip B D Metealf (Nor), Knnd
sen. New York.
ALHkitONi?Arrived, bark Carri* L Tyler, Tyler, N*w York
via Gibraltar.
Bristol. Oct 20? Arrived, .stammer Arragon (Br), Symons,
New Yurk.
Ualvast, Oct 19-Balled. ship Annie M Law (Br), Hilton.
United State*.
Bordeaux, Oct 19? Arrived, schr Charl** Piatt, tiha-p,
Hnnaitx. Oct it)?Arrived, ship British Qu**u (Br),
Brooks, Pltlladelphia.
Arrived ltttn, steamer Nurnbsrg (Ger), Jaeger, Balti
Balled LHb, ship Premier, MeUllvery, North America;
Rosendale, for do.
CARinrr, Oct 20?Arrived, achr Grace Bradlev. Vesper.
Dublin, Oet 19?Bailed, bark Mistletoe (Br), Delap ,
North America: brig Snap (Nor), Knuutsn, United States.
Klsimonr, about Oct 1:5?hailed, bark Amelia, Burgess
(trom Crouatadt), New Y'ork.
Goolk, Oct IB?Arrived, bark Eyr (Nor), Lammsrs, Phil
UxkxxoUK, Oct 20?Balled, (hip Otago (Br), Unllisou
(I,'ont lis!fast), Philadelphia.
Girraltah, Oct 15 -Arrived, brig Clytle, Dow, New York ;
kilt Ii, bark Pekln, Kllno. do lor Trioato.
GtthOA, Oct 15?Arrived bark* Bletpner (Nor), Andsrson,
Ralllinore; 18th, Eva 11 Flak, Brown, New urlean*.
Sailed 17th, achr II V Kel*ey, Randall. United States.
Hull, Oct IB-Arrived, bark Willie McLarreu (Br), Me
Lerren, Baltimore.
Hailed )9ih, bark Gentile (1U-), Boccatagllata, United
IIavrv, Oct 18?Arrived, bark* J II Dnffat (Br), Rbaw,
New York ; 20th, UoorgUita, Small, Ballioiore.
llosc Koxo, Oct;I3?in port ship Bonthern Cross, Hughes
for Manila and Boston.
Liverpool, Oct 20?Bailed, hark Felix (Be*), Xhuevlnen,
United Btatee.
LokDok-Arrived M Crevssand Oct 20, 10 AM, twtmtr
Holland Br). Urdjr, New York.
Liaxxick. Oct IB?Sailed. bark* Francesco (Ital). t'nttl
lano. United Steles; Yaaren (Nor). Pedersen. do.
Lokhu.Mikhbv, Oct 2U?Arrived, Mil Audie Q Cm
(Br), Jenkins. Baltimore.
Lxciioax. Oct 14? Arrived, bark Carrara (Ital). Pontre
moli, Philadelphia.
N'kwxr, Oct 17?Sailed, barks Alexander Campbell*
I Hunker, United States; Francesco Avcgno (Hall. Gauolo,
Pout CiiALMtns. Oct 18?Sailed, steamer Australia (Br),
Careill, San Kranrlaeo.
QI'kbxstowx, Oct 18?Arrived, barks Tio y Kubrino (Sp),
Kcnterla, aud Jennie Arn-trunp (Br), Thompson, Balti
more; Bugeuio (Ana). Perovicb, do; TJorno iN'or), Larscu,
aud Georgia (AMI, Medanich. New York , Dio Kill (Ana),
I rouiuda. do: lliaidet (Nor), IurcOrelhaen, do; Brodroue
(Nor), Eveuaen, do; Ceutaur (lier), Offoraen. Astoria, O;
IDtb. Artiere Giovanni (Anal, Ivaaeieb. Philadelphia; brigs
II oxford (Bri, Foster, Charleston; Ollnka (Ana), Fran gull,
Baltimore for Dublin; schrs Julia A Brown, Xiekeraon,
Boston ; IV L Bradley. Chase, do.
Alto arrived 20th, noou, steamer Bothnia (Br), McMickan,
New York lor Liverpool (ar.d proceeded).
Sailed 20th. steamer City of Richmond (Br). Brooks
(from Llferpool), New York.
KorrgUDAM, Oct ID?Arrived, bark Jason (Gar). Grimm,
Sri.NUT. NS1V. Oct 11?Arrived, sieamer City ef New
Y'ork, Caverly, San Francisco via Honolulu.
Stzttiw. Oct 1S-.Sailed, bark Hhea (Uer). Budig. New
Tauanmoc, Oct 9?Bailed, bark Rosa (Ital), Cacacc New
Y'ork, ,
TklkL. Oct ID?Sailed, Sneoklokke, for Savannah.
LivKKroOL, Oct SO. PM?Wind E light; barometer,
30 143. |
Plymouth, Oct 20. PM?Wind N'E ; gentle breeae; cloudy, j
The price o) the Hikald to-day and henceforth will
be three cads.
Ratatia, Aug 28?In port bark Alice Reed, Kelleran, for
EmglirU Chauuel.
Calcutta. Sept 12?In port, ships Aniinta (Bri. Myler,
for Now York; konroii Hri.lordu; Aatracaua (Uri.Jamea,
tor Boston; Coiuptu Br . Hart, lor Ban Francisco; Kan
iioe, iierrinian, for Bombay; bark R P Buck, Curtis, for
Sailed Irom Saogor Sept D, ship J anet Cowan (Br), Camp
bell. New York.
Chartered, hark Haidee <Br. for San Francitco.
i?s jikuaua. Oct D? Arrived, hark St I.awreuco (Br), Doe.
Sailcii Oct 7. brig Chesapeake (Br), Willson. Baltimore.
Gishiltau. Oct I? Arrived, steamer Acton (Bri, llubaon,
Malaga mud tailed tame day lor New Yorkl.
Sailed orpl 2D, bark Maipo (Spy, Font (Irom New Ybrk),
In port Oct 2, bark Ada P Gould, Merrill. from Now York,
I'usaed 1st, American bark 8HTB, from west to cast.
Cleared Sept .0, brig K A Barnard (Ur), Willeby, An
Fatal, Oct 0?Sailed, bark Kate Willlitiue. liule. New
Oalui, Aug 28?Arrived, brig Susan E Voorhls, Fuiford,
Calcutta -and sailed Sept 13 tor Faise I'oiut mid Cochin).
Chartered Sept 13. bark Ktbau Alien. Hardy, to loud ar
nica lor Madras at 24s. und oil and eopprah lor Cliettaguug,
the latter on shin's account.
IIaivax, Oot 19?Arrived, ateauicr Caspian (Br), Trocka,
Liverpoi I iaud sailed 20th lor Ualtimore.
In port 2(Kh. cable steamer FarraUay (Ur), preparing to
leave lor London.
iiivuui'uiiL, K. Oct 17?Arrived, ship Lord Lytton (Br),
Dukiu. St John. NU.
UaoaIaaa Aug 7?In port hark Francis Lambreth, Da
vidson. irom Hptavla, arrived Aug l.~>, to load fur Amster
Mostkvidko, Sept4?Arrived, bark Arietta, Nichols, New
Arrived previous to Oct 14. ship Alice Vennard, Gould,
MeJIIlones for Europe (tee Miscellany).
Arrived Sept 11. bark 'I'aiuora iBri, Starrpf. Shields.
Sailed Sept 2. ship Ceferina (Bri. Campbell. MeJIIlones
Iu port Sept 7. barks Undine (lieri. lor New York; Justl
tla (Ger), Niejahr, for do; brig Walter Smith, lilirley. una.
Mo.niklal, Oct IS?Arrived, steaiuar Austrian, Wylle,
Cleared 17tli, bark Kslllxto, Stray, Quoenatown.
Poht Mkowav, Oct IS?Arrived, brig Blanco (Br), Foster,
Dublin for sbelburne, lor orders.
PlCTOV. Oct 17?Arriveu, ship County of Plctou (Br),
from Liverpool; tclir Nellie J Dinsmore, Parker, Glouces
ter, K.
Ob'KBUC. Oct 18?Arrived, ttoamer Enmore, llolinan, Ant
werp for Montreal.
Arrived 2Uth, ship Glenlffer (Br), Camming, Ulaaguw for
Cleared 18th. steamor Dominion, Roberts. Liverpool;
?Inns Zealaudla. Alien. Groenock; Iuineriai, Morrison,
Clyde: liarka Auna Delius, lverseu. London; Alma, Jobau
uesen, do.
Kanuiion, Kept 4?Arrived, ship Inspector (l)r>, Krskine,
Bombav. to load for Knropo.
Kio Ja.xuiho, Sept 7?Arrived, brig II P Dewey, Smith,
Rosario; 12th, bark U M Tucker, Merryman, iiueuos Ayres.
sailed Sept 7, brig Samuel Liudsay, Giosoii. st Thomaa:
8th. ship Olencoe (Br), Oliphant, Orogen; barks iluth Top
ping iBr), Rricaeeu, and Mord (Nor), New York (both be
fore reported cleared for New Orleauai; brig Tyrut (Sw),
Hallgreu. Hampton Koads: schr Mary Anno- (Sri, Ernest,
Baltimore; lUtli. schr 0 II Foalor, Coombs, Kuraauah;
1 Itb, bark Union (Br), Veble, do; schr Clara (Hr). slubers.
New Orleans; loth, barks Maggie >' llugg. Steed, Balti
more; Fairy Belie iHn, West, New Y'ork: 13th, sciis Newa
(Dutch), Nagel, Bxltimoru; Lamoiue. Luuch, Hampton
In port Sept IB, ships Yoaemite, Muck, from Boiton fur
Kun Francisco, rcng; Carrie Clark, Stowell: C F Sargent,
Sweet; Prussia, Stensou; Geo Skollioid, Forsaitb; Susan
Uilmoro. Carver, Alekauder, Murpby, and Bertha. Hill,
unc; barks O M flume, llunie, and Cricket, Keen, for Bal
timore; brigs J aa M Wlawell. Glover: llobl Dillon, Davis;
llogoia. Johnson: Wator Witch, 'i'unuer: Amelia Emma,
Field; Sullivan, Murphy, and Kremlin. Wytnaa, unc; ernra
llebo (Dan), anavn, lor ltaltluioru (cleared) ; Xobil (Uer),
Kylpert, Inr United Slates; Rath Robinson, Rogers,and
Nancy Smith, Boyd. unc.
Also in port Sept ill, harks General Faircblid and Fanny
Kkoltteid. ehietds, uuc.
Silaxuuai, Sopt 12?Arrived, ship Washington Llbbcy,
Harmon, san Francisco via V Icier I a.
In port Sept 13, bsrk Lady Elisabeth (Br), Cobbett, for
New York. ldg.
SiftUATOBK, Sept 2?In port, ship Don Quixote, King, for
London; bark Varona (Br), Grouadwator. lor Now York.
Smoky, N'SW?The date of the vessels in port In yester
day's edition should have been Sept 22 (Dot as misprinted).
M JoilN, KB, Get 18?Arrived, brig Laura B (Mr). Dun
ham, Cork.
Cleared l*th, schr Carrie Saunders, Sanndera. Barbados
TRtexTK, Kepi so?In port, barks U K Buannell. Mayo lor
New Y'o a. ldg: Midas, for Catania aud Handy Hook; Veau
vio I ml:, Curare for New Y'ork, ids; brig Dauntless. Wil
liams tor rernamhuco and 8aiiloa
VirToKlA, Oct II?Sailed, bark 1-oots, Melbourue.
Y'oVOIIama, Sept 2d?tn port, stupe imperial, Crosby, unc;
Lothelr (Hr), Orchard, fur Now York, ldg; baric Cromuaa,
Goto, for do, do.
H'bk Stk imxs Russia. 1
AkpaoaaxH. Oct 4?dulled. .Kthoibort, Bourne, Saa Fran
AukitntkN, Oct 5?Sailed, Ella Mourn. Shaw. New Y'ork.
AbkXAXPBlA, Sept 28?Arrived, krtnidia, Petroloiatl, Now
Asi'Rxsiox. Sept 4?Passed, MAE Cox, Barnaley, from
Binilipltaiu for Lauidou.
BuurtiL, Oct ti?Arrived, Syringe, St John, NB; Salem,
New Hruuawick.
Boston, E, Oct 0? Arrived, Alfario, Touder, Philadel
Hiikukriiatsx, Oct 3?Sailed, John Mann, Gibaon, Now
IlKAkk. Oct 3?Arrived, Miurrva, Brown, New Y'ork.
Hohukaix. Oct 4?Siuled. Maja. Ksitaseu. New York,
Sailed troui P aniline 3d. Muiato, Hagaii, Bull River; Emi
lia. Uinlcroorg, iialtimnre.
Hu.noA. Sopt 3 i-Arrlved, Gm-heo, Ronton. New York.
Sailed Oct I, Jes e B Smith. Tyler. Cardiff, 2d, Ron. far
Now Y ork; Caasle Jameson, Jam -sou, do,
Batayia, Aug 28--Sui!ed, Moses B Tower, Ualiett, Aus
Conk, Oct 3?Arrived. Dlaco, Allen, Montreal; 4th, Lot
tie. J nines. St John, N B.
Cataoola, Sepi 24?Arrived, American liagle, McMslion,
Ceuhaloniu is?-- belowi
CALCUTTA. Sopt 0?Sailed, Fortune. Taylor, Singapore.
Dual, Oct U?S.tllel, Liuo, New Orloaus; Akbar. Now
Y'ork: Gemuia, Tybee. 1
Passed 7th. J P Wheeler. Thomson, London for Now Y'ork;
| C F Kltrell, Crosby, do lor Lewes, Del,
Anchored till-, Kalstaut, John-on, London for N'aw Or
j leans; 7th. tincenin i'erotto, Corvaja. Hull for New York
Also aiichoruil (lib, JoliAnna, Koepke, London lor New
Y'ork; 7th, Kodiuk. Peters, do for do; II L Kouih, Y'oung,
I do for Tvbee; .-aainu. l.uudborg, do for Baltimore.
' Down. t<> Oct S?oil'. Kvvlvn, Pliaro, Hull, lor Savannah.
Sailed 4th, Ainor, I'remuda, Baltimore.
Dcni is. Oct .">?Arrived. New Era. Sawyer, San Francisco;
C E Kwblnaon, Hreen, St John, NB; Hartford, from do.
Fnkiikhicia, Oct 3? Arrived. . Capl F Pudersan. New
GLncrkATkx, Oct II -Sailed, llaaelhiirst. Gaudy. Hampton
Koads; Bessie Crosby, Trvfry, do; 7tb, Michael, Router, Da
Gkimnut. Oct 4?Pnssed. Klvtv.t |*|, for New Y'ork.
Glasuow. Oct 4?Arrived, Ethiopia (a), Craig, New York;
Gordou. Brown, Tupilco.
Sailed 3d. Ernie. N'leholi h. New Y'ork.
GitkuXocK. Get tt? Arrived. Eva. Mutier, Miramicbi; 7th,
Ariadue. Dyer. Portland; B M Width, Holier, Richmond;
Itavoiiscralg. liygau, Montreal.
Uomcxkirxa, Oct 2?Arrived, Hetaey Gude, Duo, Now
i JkXrti. Oct 3?Sailed, Pu, Krlilaftino Philadelphia.
lliuuKNti?Sailed from Porto Kmpcdorle Sept 28, Fran
cesco. Eodara. Ball I more; 2Uth, Siris, BaUaino (from Cas
tro savlal. Provldenco.
H i ll, Oct d ssiled. Otus. Falck, New Orleans; Vaaco do
Gama, Mortenaen, Savannah
II amsi ku, Oct 4?Arrived. Pouioioranla (a), Kchwenaon.
New York.
Sailed (til. Mary Wiggins, Dexter, Cardiff; 4tb. Audraaa,
Kill. Salveson. New Y'ork.
Armed at Cuxh'aveii otli, Donald Ferguson, Koas, Pabel
Lon do Pica,
nailed 4ih. Dagmar, Bolt. New Y'ork.
Hav ilk, Oct 4?Arrived, Edward holder, Pstaraon Bom
Sailed 4th. A S Davis Ford, Sandy Hook.
IssKauowaa IIsail, Oct 4 -Arrived, Jerpucn, Sorenaeu,
New York.
nail- i itb, I'ounteisof DulTeiiu, Tegan, Baltimore.
Off do 7th. Mil on. Pepper, from St .loiiu, NB.
I.IVKItriMiL, Oct -?.Arrived. Vicks -urg, Clark, Quebec;
Cha< Cox, (fox, Chatham. NB; nth, Clrcasiian. Clark.
Bombay: Tiger. Kmger, Quebec; Elplilualone. Wat boo. do;
Oliver Knierj, Swatbndge, Siiediae; Stratford, Neiison,
Quebec: 7th Kinde. Ilaro-en. do. Ulive Mount, Jordan. Uu ;
Lebanon. Hatfield, do; Heurietta, svensaen. Three Itlvers;
Kate, Stewart. Pugwash; Wi.cooi.u (a), Forsyth, New
Also arrived Rth. Edith Ciirmlchael. MeEuchreii. llay
Varte; Edward O'Hrleu. Smalley. Mejilloues; i-ieiigarrr,
Michoil, Quoboo. Gallliean, Cork bill, Oo; Mary Jane, Arcbl
liald. Chat ham, NM, Harriet, shekel, Beth Cove, Texua (s),
Laurensou, Quebec.
Saile I 4th. Lake Nepigon ill, Scott. Quebec : l.ako Mogon
tlc (?). Scull, do; Isaac Webb. Uruiiharl. New Y'ork; Emma
Frances. Burns, Bauds Hook; lleim O I'hlnury, iluyd.
I'liiladelphia; Maria W Norwood, Andrews, Key West;
Garibalii, Zacharlasou, New Urle in*; Bill, J as I'eake. Ber
nard, ryiiee; Isiaud Quern. Cnunlngliam, dot Agalhe,
Govrrt-en. Duboy: silo, Teliep.B, Hamptou Koads; 1-itdy
Diilferin. Sleeves. Tybee
Cleared-itli. Mary P Kitchen. Kitchen. I.ewes, Del; Knto
Prince. Hamilton, Hampton Koarta: tith. Itonuy Doon, Colo,
New Y'ork: Lon/dale, Jeiikinson, San Francisco; Mardell,
N'acrup, llainptou Roads; l'rmco Charlie. Irviue, Kur
I.ONnok. (let 4?Arrived. Augur, Anderson. Quebeo;
llnoding. /ernii-how, do: Fiiadrenslandet, Nielsen, do; Htli.
Purtiaiiil. smith, Montreal; Hudson, Knight, New York
(aud ciitnred out lor New Yorkl ; Harriet II McUilvery,
Blake, Rangoon; Torso Ahrabanison, Quebec.
Cleared nib, Gailrit Emily. Jobusou, Tyhce: Ittli, Liver
pool. Lambert, New York; Australia (s). Side), do; Vladi
mir. I ails--|i. New York. Till. Canada (?), Kiimuer, do ; As
soma. Pellerano, Hatilmore.
Arrived at Graveseiid 7th, John Caiupliell, Ilankinson,
New York; Ely-la s , da; Thames (si. Quebec.
Saila I 5ih, saama. Biililmore; Bill, J P yY'heolor, New
York; C F Klwell, Delaware; Kodiak, Now York; llaiator,
do; Prlaalylo, do; 7th, Marietta YV, New York.
I ?Laxcatv=. Oct =>?Arrlvad, AofttU Qaiata. laidu,
i Now York
Sailed 5th. Riberta. burns. Barrow aad St Johpa.
LosDONnxaiir. Oct O-Arrtved. Violet. Harding. BeltL
more <aud *1 lunishowrn ltead 7th).
Lmtii. Oct H?Arrived. Cambria. Newman, Montreal.
Lemma*. Oct 3?Sailed, Yigiliate. Fultou. Now York.
>!azsSLtts, Oct 3? Sailed. Chaa ? Gibson. Kaary. Phile
. dtlpbia.
| MaasaiLLKs, Oct 3?Sailed. Christiana, Clrickaen, Note
Orleans; tin, MlnuieG Loud, Hull. Sagua.
MzP.iaa, Sept ^4?Arrived, Peggy, MlUar. Now Turk;
| 2f>tn. Anno Heal, i'ynian. Swansea; 2t)th, H A Kulsout,
I Rose. Hoai.iu.
Sailed Sept 23, Ren) Diekarmau. Taylor. Turks Islands.
NkwroaT. Oct 6?Arrived, Kusiniaiuen, llarma, UaltL
Ofikssa. Kept '26?Arrlrod. Teresa Carmela, Srartna, New
I'ltvi i'tii, Oct tt?Sailed, Adolia Carlton, Newball, Ham
pton lloads.
Pnrr-aoirrH, Oct 4?i'ut In Success, Stibbart, Antwerp
Tor .Mobile ?
1'oRTi.axn. Oct 4? Sailed J F Mann, Deulsch (from Phila
delphia). Stettin
Oi'kk.isToers, Oct 0?Arrived, Ocean Quean, Finnic, Man
troal. ,
KortikfTLit, Oct ?? Arrived Mazeppa, Pettersen. Baltl
KurTKRtiAK. Oct 4?Cleared, Flora, Svanoe* Baltimore;
Gen H 1 inane, Corning. Sandy Hook.
KoCiiixLk. Oct 4?Sailed. Anna. Wahl. Sandy llook.
Sai.tni.v, Oct i?Arrived I'sttlo. North America.
i-tockton. Oct S?Sailed, Ilawkhuue, lor llelawara.
SwANSkA. Oct 5?Arrived, luxe, llaruhlsen, Quabeot
Alula A Smith, Smith, Till Corer; Sib, Arainlnta, Stana
burv. Pensacoia.
SctLLT. Oct tl?Sailed, Cheshire, Batchelder, Greenock.
SoUKAHaVA. Anc 'JO? Arrived. Samar. Miller. Halavia.
Sailed Aug 22. N C 81 le>. Colson, ProhRlngo.
Sthaits or Suxha. Aus '23? Arrived, Klsbou, McDonald
(ui Hewitt'. New York (or shanghai.
Ttmov Oct 5?Arrived. Chieftain. Sonder. Quebec.
Wrier i 1 AKii.ki'oOi., Oct tl?Arrived, Trenton, McGregor,
Quebec. _ .
Yakuoctii. IW, Oct 0?Anchored, Stefano P (Hnl bark),
Antwerp lor Haiti more; Carmela, Castellauo, do tor Nea
York ; Rovlcliami, tiruaro. London fordo.
Passed Sandown Ctb. Angelo (ltal bark), Rotterdam for
Bal tniiore.
Oil VeutnorUtli. Maitland, Pope. Bombay Tor Antwerp.
) okiiHAUA, <>ct 3 ?Arrived, G-eat Republic (a), Cobb,
San Francisco for Hong Kong; 4th tuol as before), Mary
Fruiter, Dexter, Cardiff.
Dkal, Oct B?The berk Constitution, Young, from Shields
for St John (NBt. has put back and anchored with bowsprit
and loretuastlieail sprung end forerigging carried away|
awaiting instructions from owners.
Lirkitroot.. Oct tl?The Mary Jane, arrlred here from
Chatham i N Hi, reports On September 27, during a gale,
part ot deckloud waa washed overboard and part throwa
overboard to lighten vessel, she having been ou beam ends.
'Plymouth Oct 3-Tlte Corlsaude. MacMahou, from Char
iot tetowu ideals), has arrived here with loss of deckload.
Padamu, Aug 23?The bark Alice. Shearer lor Dyer), from
Cardiff ic alt, lias arrived here. Front her log It appeare
that sue ha< experienced sevhre weather aud sustained
considerable damage. The master states that he can maka
everything good here.
2a?t?, Oct <t?Bark American Kegle, loading currants at
Caiacola tor New York is reported leaky.
ASTORIA, O. Oct 12?Arrlred, bark Whistler. Clements
San Fruuctsco.
?ailed?Hark Webfoot. Wheelwright, San Francisco.
illlne, Waldeti, Perth Amboy; O l)
; E T Little/Crawford; Mary, A
r A Mat bis, C bee soman; Ramon dl
Newbury; I'rescott llszeltlne,
Lauo, Lane, Haltltnoro;
Hood. Steehu .u; Taylor.
AJuria, MrHride; M A Coombs, Coombs; liimutC Itabcock,
H rower; Adele Trued ell. t irate: Caroline Young, Jackaway;
Maggie 1* Smith, Grace; L V Rose. Allen; Sarah A Hoff
men. Hoffman; Charloa E Pnlse. Uraee : Rebecca Florence,
Richards ; L W Wheeler, Bowman; K Van Dusen, Godfrey,
aud William Jones, Robinson. Philadelphia.
Also arrived, steamer C M Wlnck, McDonald, New York;
brig Melrose, Griggs, Trinidad, Cuba; schre Win A Crocker,
Kelly, lloboken; Sardinian. 11 olbrook. Hondout; Moses
Eddy, Warren, do; II H Mctcnlf. Handy, Port Johnson;
Allegro, Davis, do; Rebecca 11 Queen. Cain, Philadelphia;
Mary Weaver, Weaver, do: Jennie Mlddleton. Whlttaker,
do; Three Sisters, linker, do; John Joliuson, Mestock. dot
S H Wheel or, Davis, do; J A Parsons, Hoall, do; Jennie B
Simmons, Young, do; Joseph Buy-more, Burge, do; N Hick
man, Robinson, do; M II llnnd, Kinney, do; Sarah Wood,
Hickman, do; Charlotte Fish, Williams, do; Lookout,
Nichols, do; Clara Leuvitto, Lomnbard, Baltimore; Hattlt
M Crowell. Crotvell, do; Addle Biaiadell, Crowall. do;
Ktnma F Hart, Crowell, do; Lottie Taylor, do; Samuel
Costner. Pierce, Georgetown.
Cleared?Steamers l'arthia (Br), McKay. Liverpool; Min
nesota (Br), Glelg. do; schrs Charles A Htggint, Mcintosh,
llavti; Sea Linn, Patrick. Mayagues, PR; Lottie Ames,
Nash. New York; W S Jordan, Mugathlln, Philadelphia.
HALTIMOKK, Oct 20?Arrived, steamers Wm Crane,
Howes. Hoston: Viuelund, Howes, New York; hark Saga
tun (Nor . Krederlrksen, Great Yarmouth; brig Kuillio
(ltal). Valie, Harwich; schrs J II Htlekuoy, Fooks, Turka
Islunda; 1) F Keeling, Bennett, Arecibo; h R Kirk, Bug
bee. Rondout.
Below?Brig supposed to be S A Snow (Br), from D*m*>
Cleared?Steamers America. Blllttps, Savannah: Lucille,
Bennett. Wilmington, NC, and Charleston; Wm Kennedy,
Poster, Providence; ship Australia (tier). Wuidenuauu.
Liverpool; barks Otac Miho (Aus), Zlbllich, Lynn; Kong
Curl (Nor), Hansen. Gueeiistown; Ktta Stewart (Br),
Fraser, Londonderry; urigs Romance. Craig, Navassa;
Huge (Sw), Moron, Richmond; schr Mary C Arnold, Arnold,
New Haven; David Ames, Flanders, Boston.
Sailed?Hark Maniton; brig Seiiorita.
CHARLESTON, Oct 17?Arrived, bark Lord Clarendon
(llr). Nichols. Liverpool.
19ih?Cleared, steamer Champion (not Charleston), Look
wood. New York (and was detained 20th by heavy wea
20th? Arrived, steamer Charleston, Berry, New York.
NEW ORLEANS, Oct id?Arrived up. steamers Minerm
(Br), Bakor. Leith; Muriel (Kr), Thompson Liverpool via
Mexican ports; Now York. Quick. New York; shins Re
viewer. Brown. Warren Point; Morning Star, McMillan,
Dundee; Scluto (Br). Mitchell, Havre; Gen Shepley, Hutch
inson, Liverpool; brig B N S teen ken (Gar), Hash agon. Rig.
Cleared?Bark Oxford (Br), Wutaon, Havre.
20th?Cleared, steamer Alice (Br), Ellis, Liverpool.
SoiTTUwasr Pssa. Oct 20? Arrived, barks Natioual Eagle,
Sears. Rio Janeiro ; Bridgeport, Morgan, Cornnue; Choice
(Hri. Buhiu; schr Anita. llonduraA
NORFOLK, Oct IS?Cleared, steamer Marina (Br), Elk
wood. Liverpool; brig Mississippi (Br), Merchant, Deaa
NEW HAVKN. Oct IB?Arrived, brie Morning Llgli^
Griffiog, Ponce; schrs Rodney Parker, Parker, and O Sou
field, Dlssosway, Baltimore.
Oct 12?Sailed, bark Jamea Cheaton,
Swenton, San Francisco.
PORT BLAKELY, Oct 12?Arrived, bark Martha Rldeont,
San Francesco.
PASCAGOULA. Oct 12 to 13-Arrlved, brig L M Merritt,
Harriman, Galveston; schr Gon Grant, Hatroa, Havana lol
Pensacoia (put in lor water and stores).
PORT ROY AL. SC. Oct 20?Arrived, steamer Montgome
ry. Chaster. New York.
PUILADELPUIA, Oct 20?Arrived, steamer* Aries.
Wbtldon. Boston; Tonawanda. Sherman, Ptovidenre; Vin
dicator, Rogers, do; Ann Klizn, Richards, New York ; bark
Ouiteppe Bosze lltal), Fasiorinu, Cork; schrs MM Pole,
Gorgins. Brnuswlck. Gu; William Wilson, Packard, Gardi
ner, via Wilmington. Del,
Also arrived, steamers Harrtsbiirg, Worth, Salem; Nor
ma n, Nlckeraon. Boston (net the Aries as reported this
AM' : Raleigh, Kldridgo, Baltimore: J S Shriver, Wood,
Baltimore; barks Tigho ;ltal) Ferraro, Lisbon; Nlpot*
<ltal), Accawe, Genoa; schrs Minnie W Urtflln. Stbeatng,
Portland, Ot.
Cteurod?Steamers Defiance. Shropshire, Fail River; May*
llower. Davidson, New York; hark Andreas (Greet) Cotkl
nsss. Antwerp: schr* J W Halg. Dole, Fortress Monroe; la
J> Small. Tlce, Dauvurepnrt; K R Phllt p*, Baker, Boston)
Florence and Lillian. Smith. Chelsea; J S Dctwiler. Powell,
Oatubridgeport; .lessee Wilson, Bartlett, New Bedford;
Arciior X Reeves. Smith. Somerset.
Also cleared, steamers Allsutown. Tutlle, Portland; Read
ing, Colburn, Williamsburg: Rnttloauake. Wiley, Boston;
barks Lois (Br), Kaytooad, Dublin; Scotland. Rogers, Bos
ton; schrs Genrge K I'rescott. Guptill. Portland: lobntJ
Rabcock, Smith, Boston; Howard A Macnmber, Williams,
W are ham ; K A Anderson, Stobbins. Pawluckat; Cordova,
Wilson, Bristol.
Bailed, steamers Allentown. Rattlesnake, and Reading.
Lsvis, Del, Oct IB?Went to soa 7 I'M. steamer Illinois.
Arrived 2<Rb, barks Neliie J Gne>t (Br), Messengei, Hal
fast; Kmonn-I Accaine 'Itali, Laragna, IJverpool; steamar
Albemarle, Glbbs, New York
Also arrived 20th. barks EuDlea (Ans), Llater. la 1th for
ariert: Cardenas, llarriinan, Trinidad for orders; Ecuador
(Br), Hughes. Dublin; schr Santa Rosa, derrick, Progres?
and ordered to New York.
sailed?Harks hllso Qnerolo (It), for Philadelphia; Ar
tomli i.Nor) tor do; Francosca liellagamba (It), for Naw
In port-Ship Aneroid, barks Gernauia and Onnl waiting
orders. Wind east; very llglit.
PORTLAND, Me, Oct 18?Cleared, brig Ernest, Lant (net
Sionott), Matunsas.
lUth ?Arrived, schrs W D Marvel, and John Bird, George
town; II E Sampson, and N W Magee. Philadelphia; T
Beui'dict, Koritno River.
20th?Arrived, schrs L T Whltomore. Georgetown; Hat
tie Ross. Philadelphia; G \V Jewltt, Ellxabethport: Con
gress, Philadelphia. M A Willey, Alexandria; 1 Buuv,
Philadelphia; Ruth Carlisle, do.
llleared?Barks Entire, Bowling (Scotland); W H Loring,
do; schr Nellie Chase. New York.
SAN FRANCISCO. Oct I2-Arrlved, bark King Philip,
Keller, Port Gamble.
Sailed?Bark Monitor, Emerson, Humboldt.
IHtb?Arrived, ship Horsa (Br), Wadlev, Wellington, NX;
Arundel Castle (Br>, Steer. Newcastle. NSW ; Belfast (Br),
Brown, do; North Wales (Br), Owen. Newcastle, K; Cltyol
Benares (Br), McDonald, Adelaide; bark Osseo (Br), Lee,
Newcastle, NSW.
Cleared?Slilos Cltv of Perth (Br), Torrance. Liverpool;
Oberon iKr). Dunn, Queeustowti (and both sailed IHlh.)
19th?Arrived, ships Rosle Welt. Welt, Newcastle, K; Sena
irainis iNori. Ilellieson, do; Tabor, Taylor, Liverpool; Capt
Sable (Br). Page, Ardrossan ; Duke ol Atliol (Itr). Peeblea
Sykney, NSW; John O'Gaunt (Bri, Lyall, do; Buckltighare
?hire (Br), llnrl.tnd, Astoria: Bayard (Hr), Heard. Now
castle, NSW.
Cleared?Ship Young America. Baker, New York; Blong
tell (Hr), McCulleeli. Queenstown; Bresdalltane (Br),
Cowell, do; Alaska. Anderson, Liverpool; bark Montmor
enoy IKr), Connier. Falmouth. K.
Sailed?Ship saveuas (Swi, Mvlln, Queenstown: bark
Ltirenz Hansen (tier), Dillwitz, Cork.
2Uth?Arrived, ship Medea (Br). Lotta, Sydney, NSW)
Condorru (Swi. Neigllck, Klo Janeiro; Oregon, Curtis
Sailed?ship Young America, New Y'ork.
WILMINGTON, NC, Oct 18?Cleared, bark Odd (Nor),
Morten-en. Newcastle. E.
WARKIIAM, Oct 18-Arrlved, sclir Deraory Gray, Brew
ster. Philadelphia.
WESTERLY. Oct 1H?Arrived, schr K W Babcock, Sisson,
W eehaw ken.
19th?Sailed, schr Harry A Ned, Chambers, New Y'ork.
The priii' of the Herald ha.i been reduced to thru
cent* )x*r <?<(/?(/.
Mast makers
Read the EVENING TF.LKGRAM. All the news for 1
cents. Advertising, 'go cents per Hue. Circulation, 4ti,UUfi
Ooy-ter ilredglsr, payable with lour gold w alehes leash
value, WiHO). Arhlress 131 Crown St., New Huveii, Conn.
I. will be sold at anetluti at ColumblH Stores, South lerry,
Tuesday, October 24. at 2 P. M. Send for catalogue io
LINDSAY', 10.t Atlantic st.
tons capacity ; mutt lie cheap. Apply to SAMPSON A
GOODWIN, No. 73 Rutgers st.
The price Of the Herald ha* been tvduced to three
cent* per vopn.
Absolute ihy oisces ohtai \ed; LEGAL ever?
where. Advice JYue. FRKDi KICK I KIN.), Lawyer
and Notary Public. No. d St. Mark's place. New York city.
J\.BALSAM, in >23 jrars' public test, and with over
Wt.m-laiu.t r v.n ark able cures of rbeuinattNi. neuralgia,
gout srrolula, old ulcers, as well as diseases arising Irom
Inipurity "I the irlouM, gained the uniue of "a tueilical won
der." Price il 2i, or ihi oil per hall dozen. sent every
where hv r voce. Depot, 2til Grsud St.. New York. Bold
by all dritcgis;*.
Divorces-qC'il tly i it an if st at e for incom
patlblllty; )>ay when dlyurccd. AMERICAN LAW
AGENCY, 7i Astor House.

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