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A regular northeast storm prevailed Id this city all
<1av yesterday. It commenced the night previous with
light rain, which gradually increased until tioon, when
'tl.e rainfall commenced in earnest, nnd continued un
interruptedly during the afternoon and into the event
ing% There were occasional Intervals ol slacking up.
Put not sufficient to warrant the laving aside of um
brellas auil other attendants of Inclement weather.
Outside transaction* of all kinds were of very Might
character. The curbstone broker* in Mall and llrn.id
streets received a curb to their proud ambition; the
Produce Exchange operators confined themselves to
tudour transactions In Hour, wheat, rye, oats,
barley, sound Southern and stub-tail West
ern corn Tho promenades were oesertod.
The greut marts of trade >>n Broadway, sixth avenue.
Fourteenth street, tho Bowery and elsewhero wero
comparatively deserted by l?dy customers. It was
altogether a gloomy and unproductive day to ull
classes of business. Tho thermometer at three A. J1
was 42; ut six 1'. M.,41. The highest range was at
Dine A M., when It stood at 44. The same day last
year 37 was the lowest and 4J the highest. Thus it :
will hu seen that, while ilia day was com and cheerless, >
the temperature was not extraordinarily low for this
season ol the year. Last evening the rain held up, !
Willi some prospect of cloar and clearing weather.
OrrtCK ok thk tiiiiKf Signal Oppickr, J
Washington, Nov. 10?1 A. M. )
For Thursday, In the South Atlantic States, rising
barometer, stationary or lower temperature, northerly
winds and partly cloudy weather.
Fcr tho Gulf States, northerly winds, shirting to
southerly, with warmer, partly cloudy weather and
falling barometer.
For Tennessee and tho Ohio Valley, south and east
winds, warmer, partly cloudy weather, stationary fol
lowed by falling barometer.
For tho Upper Mississippi nnd I.ower Missouri val
leys fa'.iiug barometer, southerly winds, warmer,
partly cloudy or cleir weather, except ut tho northern
stations, colder, northerly winds and rising barometer.
For tho laku region northeast to southeast winds,
Stationary or higher temperature, rising, followed by
falling barometer und partly cloudy weather.
For the Middle and Eastern Slates, rising baromoter,
north and northwest winds, cooler, followed by
warmer, partly cloudy and clear weather.
The rivers will change but little.
The following record will show the changes In tho
temperature tor the past twenty-four hours, in com*
parison with tho corresponding dato of last year, us
indicated by the thermometer at Hudnul's pharmacy,
Hkrald building :?
1876. 1876. 1875. 1876.
3 A. M 39 42 3:.",Ol'. M 42 42
6 A. M 37 43 0 I*. M 42 41
li A. 11 3U 44 y I'. M 41 40
12 M 40 42 12 M 42 39
Average temperature yesterday 41?,
Average temperature for corresponding date last
your 40}?(
Boston, Nov. 15, 1878.
This was the second day of tho tail meeting a
Mystic Park. Tho unfinished raco of yesterday, for
the 2:29 class, was won by the brown mare Mira Hello
In the tilth beat. Time. 2:30.
Of the 2:25 raco, for a purse of $200, tho following is
tho summary:?
Br. m. Annie Collins 1 1 1
1). m. I.ittle Uypsio 4 2 2
(1. g. Joe Kipley 2 4 4
II. g. Frank Reeves...*, 3 3 3
Tltno, 2:29^?2:28 >,?2:29.'
Tho 2:36 raco was not finished. Tlirco heats woro
Washington, Nov. 15, 1876.
The races announced to come oil' to-day at Bright
wood Park wero postponed until to-morrow on account
of rain. No pools were sold in this city last night.
Pool selling continued In this city last evening on
the events (postponed from yesterday) to take place
to-day at llrightwood Parle. The figures show tho fol
lowing betting:?
>octllty $15 22 30
Mayflower 9 13 17
Maiubrace 4 0 8
Flora 2 3 4
Wrche's Hobkirk $15 15 30
llevin's Italllu F 3 3 5
Lewis Co. 's Pluto 2 2 4
Ulbney's Coupon 2 13
Modlngcr's Libbie L 1 2 3
Bethuno's llurgoo $15 15 80
Ny che's Hatleraw 5 5 9
Wilson's Tom O'Nell 3 2 6
Note?Lady Clipper Is bulletined ut Johnson's as
having been withdrawn.
Lyneh's perhy $15 23 30
Murrav's Captain Hammer 4 6 8
fiatlney's Culpepper 3 4 6
Callahan's Bay Hum 3 4 6
Billiard players seem to "warm up" ns the weather
grows cold, lor after a summer of unusual quiet
among tho fraternity several contests arc in view.
The soasou will be inaugurated this evening ut Tam
many Hall lu a match between Albert Uarnter uud
Joseph Ihon lor the I'elaney Champion Badue Tho
game will be pluycu on u live by leu tabic, wire cush
ions; balls, two itud three-eighths inches; tHju points
op, and under the rules ol the Billiard Congress o'
1874. Both coiucstauts are in good pluy atid a close
game is expected.
It Is said that 12,000 guineas have been refused for
Sir Garnet has bocn sold for 1,200 guinoas to uo
A total of ?50,000 was lost by the supporters of two
promiuont stables ut Ncwmcnt during the last week ol
Preakness Is ndvertlsod as a stud horse at Euston
Park, Wlckham Market, Suffolk. His racing career
has ended.
To the Kdiiou op the Hkiialu:?
1 have suffered, like man* others, from the want of
pressure on our uroton water, which rises rarely
higher than to tho first floor. Ono of our neighbors is
u4 course troubled alike, and hus mado arrangements
to supply a largo tank under the roof, by means of a
hydraulic pump or ram. Now, fearing that this ar
rangement would decrease our supply moro yet, 1 went
to the City Hall, room eleven, lor tho purposa of ob
taining somo light as to how the Croton authorities
look upon such arrangements. 1 was told there that
? law allows the application of rains, provldod tlie
party W wui.ng to pay *40 For particulars 1 was ra.
ferred to the cluof clerk. On repealing to hiin my
complaint 1 was told that tho matter should be put
Into the hands of some officer, w ho would too to It
that these arrangements could ui t be completed.
You see lrom this that 1 left unsuiisded. Ono
claims the existence of n law giving to the department
the uulhorlty to issue permits lor the application of
rains, while the other assures me that the completion
of the rum In question would uo prevented. Ilul I
left uusalulled tue more, as I have net seen thai the
work was interrupted in the least. I'oes such a law
exist* Or is it riyhl that ono man cau waste tho
water to the detriment ol ail his neighbors? Accord
ing to tho statements ol plumbers the wasie under lair
pressure la calculated to bo about four gallons to each
gallon which reaches the reservoir. With the dimin
ished pressure of the Inst tnontli it must haw been at
lea-t twelve gallon*., lor tlie wasto siuiius in an mvtrse
proportion to thviwtwfti pressure.
If tho inlortaattff*, winch 1 received fryin practical
pliiQiberj*, is at all reliable, tlio introduction ol lams
Las increased rapidly during the last live years, ami I
believe, therefoie, tnnt to the use ol the.?e appliances
>ur constantly decreasing pressure is owing?more so
Uiuii to the many other causes cited.
1 do not Hunk that old Croiou boards have laid our
lupply pipes in tho streets with Ihe expectation ol lur
aiAliing more than a liberal supply lor actual use, and
In less the department can serve us through larger
Bams. It shoulu prevent tlie apt Mention ol tlissc water
?rasters. Will you please enlighten me as to tho ex
istence or non-ex istencc of the law mentioned above f
bispoittully yours, A SL'FFKHEU.
New York, Nut. 13, 187ft,
To Ttt* Editor op tiir Hkkai.d:?
Your wnrmng in regard to the water supply and the
Icarlul sequence to lollow us neglect has caused tho
pcoplo to psiisc In th*tr usual walks and decide that It
Is lime to act. Could u reservoir id suillcieni capacity
fee erected on our highest point aud the waicr he
pumped lrom the two riveis it would always meet tliu
euierguucy aud would serve ail mocuauical and street
purposes. Yours, F. S.
Nkw Havk\, Coon., Not. 15, 1876.
At on annual moating of the stockholder* ol tho
Sew England and Derby Railroad, wbicb was held to
day In this city, nu amendment to thu charier ol tho
cmpauy, giving It power to consolidate with the New
Kugiand and Krie ltallroad, was accepted. This favors
the establishment of a through line from thu city to
cross tho iliidkou by thu new roughkeepiiie bridge.
M. F. i yler, u sou ol the laie Morris Tyler, was
e'.ectcd dinctor In tho place of Uib (ailicr.
James Dclmou Grace, uctor, died at bis residence in
Providence, It. I, yesterday morning. He was bbru
In Louisville, Ivy., and was forty-nine years of age.
Ho tlrst played under tho name of Delmon, travelling
with Sol Minih's dramatic company In the South in
1833. On the 10th of August, 1S45, be first appeared In
Cincinnati, al Shier'* Garden, as Claude Melnolte. On I
July 18, 1848, bo appeared as Walter, in "Dombey and j
Son.'' at llurion's Chambers Street Theatre, New |
York. Soon alter thai ho went to Providence, aud ;
was leuitiug actor at Forbes' Theitr], There be re
mained lor scMBO lime, ? hen be returned to New York ,
and accepted an excellent position in Barnum's
old Museum. in IKitf lie went to Kugiand.
where hit remained three years and won I
considerable renown. Paralysis "f tho lower
limbs has incapacitated bitn lroui following his pro- (
Icsmon for several years, n 11 >1 he has niudo u his home !
In Providence. Mr. Lester WidlacK, Maggio Mitchell, i
Lotta and Chunlrau have runJorcd bltn pecuniary as- |
sistnnce during hi- illness, Before he was coullnod to j
the house he was able to rldo about the sircols In a |
small vehicle pushed by a buy, nud his friends In Rhode |
island contributed liberally toward his support.
Captain Harvey Marsh died suddenly in the street ft
Poughkccpsie, last tiigbt, of dvsensu of the heart. He
wns tor forty years n sloop and steamboat captain on
the North River, and wan widely known among the
river men.
The first division of tho course of free Saturday
night lectures for tho people at the Cooper Union will
be as follows:?
November 18.?H. M. Field, D. D., on "Going Round
the World."
November '25.?U. Stnnsbury Norse, C. E., on "The
Operations at Hell Gate."
December 2.?Phinohas Barnes, C. E., on "The
Modern Locomotive/'
December If.?Mr. James Douglaif Jr., on "The
Bullet ol the Ancient Egyptians id a Future Lllo."
December Id?Mr. Fredorlc Vors. on "Bronzes and
Enamels applied to Art Decoration."
December 23.?Prolessor William H. Goodyear, on
"Household Art."
December 30.? Mr. W. S. Audrows, on "Dialect
January 0, 13, 20 and 27.?Four lectures on "Evolu
tion," by Prolessor Edward S. Morse, with blackboard
The lectures will bo fully illustrated with stereopti
cou views, models, diagrams, pictures and objects.
Last night as the Hoboken ferryboat Weebavken
was on her passage fiom Barclay street ferry to Ho
bokeu, a fashionably dressed young mail made several
attempts to spring Into the wator, but each time was
kept buck by the deckhund, l'lubn, who is a powerful
'i -.on. "Let ma co, d'yo hear," said the would-be
suicide, "and I'll glvo you $25, which is all the money
I've Rot. Ob, God, my timo has come. I.ot mo go."
i'lahn, however, held on to his man like grim death,
deal to all cotreaties. Just before the boat reached
Hoboken tho prisoner mado a last and desperate at
tempt to jump overboard and very nearly suc<}ceded.
Upon tho arrival of the Woehawkcn at Hoboken
tho man was taken in charge b/fc Polico
Oillccr Hauruliar, and ufter making a good
deal of resistance was flually locked op in
the Hoboken polico station. Here he refused to give
his name or address to Polico Captain Douovuii, but
lrom papers found fu his possession his name is be
lieved to be George W. Ketcbnin, of this city. In his
pockets were louud a seven barrelled revolver, loaded;
a set of false toelli, and a pint of brandy Iti a bottle.
He Is about twenty-two years of age, and is thought
to be an American.
The Wikkly Hkkald for this week contains ? select
story, entltlod, "The Rose of Death," together with
Telegraphic News from all parts ol tho world; the
Election Returns and tho Condition of AQalrs in the
Undecided States; Riot in Charleston, S. C. ; Closing
Ceremonies at the Great Exhibition; tho Monster Can
nons and Half-ton Projectiles at the World's Fair;
Disaster at tho New Jersey Central Railroad Depot;
Hydrophobia; Cotton in the Southwest; an Ohio
Tragedy; Killed by Guosts; How Burglars uro Treated
in Indiana; Stealing Lincoln's Remains, and our Wash
ington Correspondence. It also contains editorial arti
cles on the prominent topics of the day; Bcvlews of
tho Horse, Cattle aud Dry Goods Markets; Financial
aud Commercial Reports; Agricultural and Sporting
Matters; Obituary Notices, and tho most important
events of the week.
Tkkjjs?-Single copies, 5c.; one copy, sent to any ad
dress, postage Iroe, $2 per year; two copies, one year,
>3; tour copies, ouo yeur, $5. Any larger number ?t
(1 26 per copy.
Hauted.?In Brooklyn, November 15, at the resi
dence oi Ins brother-in-law, Bradford Knapp, 104
Greene av., C, Stockto* 'Ialstkd, in his 70th your.
Notice ol iuneral hereafter.
I For Other Oeatht Net Xinlh Page. ]
Strawr. | Nuif*. j Dtitinutivn| (tffin.
Suevia iNot HI. | Hamburg. I'll hroadway
Slate of IVnn'yl'a. jhov l*i. |ijlHNi;nw.,. . | 72 Hroadway
City of Berlin..... j Nov 18. Liverpool.. 11.'? Hroadway
Nov it*.
Nov 18.
Nor I*.
Nov 11.
I'nrtlila .,
State of Nevada.
P ? aland
City of Richmond.
The Queen
State ol Indiana...
Nov 2:1.
.Nov 23
Nov 25.
Nov 25.
D-?i in uric
kizyut ...
Dakota. Nor -Jl
Abyssinia I Nov 22
State of Virginia
City of Cheiter .
ViV -JS.
Nov .11
>ov :m.
Nov 3<i.
Dee 2.
lire 2.
I lee 'J..
Lire 2.
Dec 2
I >ce 2.
lire 5.
D c H
Dee 7.
Hec 7.
Hee 7
!>ec H
tin ??
Dee V.
Hec ?.
Dee 14
ll.-c It.
tier 16.
Dee 16
2.">.j Bremen
Glasgow ..
1 iverpoul.
Glasj.'W .
I Havre....
7 Howling Uroen
7 howling Green
Hit Hroadway
Howling Green
6? Broadway
'?> uroauwa'y
-M Hroadway
4 Howling Green
50 Hroauwav
iii Hroadway
117 Hroadway
7 Bowling iireen
7 Bowling Green
|2 Bowling Green
l>li Hroadway
'J'.i Broadway
4 Howling i-reen
HI Hroadway
72 Hroadway
15 Hroadway
:I7 Hroadway
?J9 Broadway
7 Howling Green
2 Howling Green
53 Hroadwav
.'II liroadtvay
4 Howling Green
172 Broadway
Ml Hriadway
|jii Hroa.lway
1 "> Hroadway
*? Hruailw^y
7 Howiinir I ireen
2 Howling Green
72 Broadway
ill Hroadway
17 ltroaiiwa)
liS Broadway
COASTING AND KOHKIGN 1 RADE.?CaptAlnt or officers
of vessels encaged in the coasting aud foreign trade observ
inn the dispiaeenient or removal of sea buoys are requested
to communicate the lacts to tlie Hkkald, to that it may be
brought publicly tc the attention or the proper authorities.
A letter addressed "To the editor of the Hkkald, New York
rity," givinjr as accurately as possible the numtier and posi
tion of displaced buoys or the cause of their removal will
suffice in all cares observed along tho Atlantic and Pacific
eeasts of the American Continent. When they are observed
on the coast ol l.nropean countries at In the .Mediterranean
it it requested that information be tent either by telegraph
<>r letter to the London office of the N'kw York lit nun, 46
Kieet street, London, or to the Paris office. 01 Avenue de
Poper.t. Paris. Where the telegraph Is used despatches
may be addressed "Bennett, 46 Fleet street. Loudon," or
"HenMil. *11 Avenue de i'Upera, Paris.'' Where easeeof
displacement are ntxerved In tlie waters ol countries beyond
the reach of the telegrapb, as in Asia or Africa, captains
may communicate with nsnpon reaching the first conven
ient port. Tliis information will be cabled free of charge to
tho IIkrai.d and published.
IIkmai.d has adopted a distinguishing Coston night signal
tor use onboard the Hkralo steam yacht, showing while
burning the colors red, green, red, chsnglng from one to the
other In succession, aud cau be seen several miles distant.
Captains of vessels, upon seeing this signal, will oblige us
by preparing any marine news they may nave lor tbe Ship
News Department of the IIi rald.
(If Persons desirous of l ummuuicating with vessels arriv
ing at New Vork can do so by addressing to such vessels
care of Hkrald uews yacht. Pier No. 1 East River, New
Yore. Letters received from all parts of the world and
promptly delivered. Duplicates are rmuiis4
?r* a*ij uoox | mau watch
San rise* It 4s | Gov. Island evo 8 33
Sun vein 4 41 Saudy Hook cvo 7 48
Vioob set* eve 4 48 | Hull Gal* eve 10 lit
PORT OF NKW YORK, NOV. 15, 1876.
Steamer Abvssinia Mr). Murphy, Liverpool Nor 4 am!
OucuKlown .''tli, wlili md.u Hint 11 passengers in C G
Francklyn. Nov I J. lat 41 50, Ion 50 4.'. paised * National
steamer bound K; 13th. ,'?3S miles cast of Sandy Hook, a
While Mar .learner do do; .uinu day, 3U& uillet east of do,
a National steamer do do
Steamer Al.aliu (Hr), Campbell, Glasgow Nov 4 and Mo
ville 5th. with md'e and 47 passenger* to lleuderson uros.
Nov 13,1 at 41 42, lou UJ 48. passed steamer Victoria (Ur), ;
hence for Glasgow.
Meaiuer Leasing (tier), Ludwig, llainkurir Nor 1 and
lluvre 4lli. with ind>e and passengers to Kuuhardt A Co.
Had strong southerly wiuds and tliick, rainy weather moat
of the pa..ace
Steamer Rotterdam (Dutch). Via, Rotterdam Oct US,
Brower.haven Nov I. with mdse and i>7 passengers to
Fnncli, Edye A Co. Had strong westerly ?ale?, with high
seas during several day*.
Steamer City of Santiago (Br), Darku. Vulnaraiio Sept
23. Lota-Jllth. Montevideo <let 12 anil Kiu 27th. Willi mdse
and uaaseugers to Hemenwav A Brown. Passed through
the Strait, of Magellan Oct 3; :?> mile, earn of Saudy I'oint,
Vaeellan Strait.. passed steamer Wilmington, ln-nee tor
Panama: 15th, lat 2ti LU, Ion 47 4<), aliip Top Gallant, do
for San Francisco.
Steamer I oiumhns. Ileed. Harana 4 days, with mdM
ami j>a?se tiger. to W in I* Clyde A Co.
Steamer l.eo. Daniel., Havana Nov 8 via Nauai 7tb,
with hie and |>a?wiw.|i to Murray. Ferris A Co.
Steamer New Orleans. Uearoorn. New Orleans Nov 0.
with md*e and passengers to Clark A Seal nan.
Steamer New York. Uuick. New Orleans Nov 9, with
mil.f and nnssenirera to C A Whitnev A Co.
Steamer sati Jacinto. Iiaiara. Savannau 3 day*, with
mdae and passenger, to Ueo I mice.
Steamer old Dominion. Walker, Norfolk, with mdae to
the Old Dominion Steam.iilp Co
Steamer Albemarle, Glnbs, Lewea, Del, with nid^e to the
Old Dominion Steam.hip Co.
FlBark Nora (Nor), Here, Gloucester 40 days, In ballaat to
Funch , Edye A Co. Ja anchored at Saudv Hook for orders.
Hark Alexander Campbell (of Cherrvtieidl, Buuker,
Newry 25 daya. ill hallaal to Simpson, Ctapp A Co.
Bark Hottlngen (Nor/. Erenaeii, Antwerp ?K)daya. In bal?
laai to C Tohia. ,t Co.,
iiark Advocate lllr), Splcer, Rottordam Oct lit. In ballaat
to J FWhituey A Co. Nov 5, lai 35 45, ion 33 10. apoke
bark Anlioclt, Irom Boston for Kin Janeiro.
Hark >*fleii>lornen (Nor), Aathllug, Si Natairc 26 days,
In ballaat to Bonbain A Bnyeseii.
Bark Alaska, Perry. Marseille" 52 davs. In ballaat to Lau
rence Olios A Co. l'n.aed Olbrallitr net 3: Nov 15, 4<> nitlea
SE ot the Light.liiu. was run into br a 3-ina.ted achrtoner
and carr ed away miiacu aiarboard rifling. muiutoDuallanl
mast and topgallaumiast. stanchions, chain plates and
afterhouse, unshipped wheel and Broke apauker boom gafll
Bark Oraola (I till), Catlero, Lubou 4s daya. In ballast to
Fancli, Kdye A Co.
Bark Arraeati (liar), Bunje, Baltimore Nov 4 with mdae
loonier. Is bound to Antwerp; put into this port lu dla
Britf Kodiak, Peters, London 38 days, in balluat to F
Talhot A Co. Had slronir westerly galea; aprung mainboom
and lost and split sails.
Britf Sally Brown. Small, Great Yarmouth t>5 daya. In bal
last 10 Miller A Houghton. Nor 5, lat 34 .A), lou 0U2i,
spoko bark Keaolutlon, irom Norfolk for Monrovia.
Brig Suaau Bergen, Tulliill, i'alras 38 daya, with fruit to
R Batel A Co; veasel to B J Weuberg. 1'aaaed Gibraltar
Oct 0.
Brig Favorite, Woodward, St Pierre 22 daya, with auger
to H Trowbridge's Sons.
Brig O C Clary, Delano, St Pierre, Mart, 24 days, with su
gar to Dwlght A I'lati.
Brig Mary E Feuiioil. Eaton, Boston 48 hours, with sugar
to Brett, Son A Co.
Sclir Juliet (of Cherrytiel't). Davis (late Small), Ancnllla
25 day., with salt to F 1) Mouilon A Co; vessel to Miller A
Houghton. Oct 27. lat 2ti u3. Ion 07 45, Capl M W Small,
aged 20, of Mitlbrldge. died.
Scnr Race Horse. Miller, liay Island 20 days, with cocoa.
niitetoWm Douglass; vessel lo B J Weuherg. Oct 20, lat
17 211, Ion 82 3d, took oflf the captain and crew (7) Irom tl'o
brig Mary A Chase (before reported) and landed them at
Key West Nov 3.
Schr Feltuti Bent. Brown, Norfolk, with cotton to the Old
Dominion Stea-u.lilp Co; vessel to F 11 Smith A Co. Was
tuned to this port by steamer Old Domiulun.
Sclir Sarah A Lucy, Howker, Virginia,
Sclir Salllo Ctirsey, Hrannin, Virginia.
Schr Carrie Holmes, Klcmmltig, Georgetown. D(*.
Sclir L A Van Brunt, llaughwurt, Georgetowu, DC.
Sclir Twilight, llayes. Georgetown. DC, tor Boston.
Sclir Kocheaao. llaroden, Boston.
Cjr-Sllip Galatea (Ur). which was aachored lu the lower
bay, came up lo the city 15th, PM.
Steamer Olaucus. Bearse. Boston lor New VTorc.
Steamer City ol Hichburg, Sprtnzar, Now Bedford for
New York.
steamer Galatea. Walden. Providence 1w Now Y'ork.
Bark Hoaea Rich. Menties, Bangor for New York.
Brig Florence May (Br). Dexter, Wiudsor, N8, for New
Brig Whlttaker, Oough, Two Rivera, NS, tor New York.
Schr Thetis (Br), Floyd, Cbarloltetown, PK1, tor New
Sclir A B Baxter (Br), Baxter, Coruwallli, NS, for New
Schr Francei Arlhomui, Bingham. Sands River, NS, fur
New York.
Schr Milwaukee, Wallace, Sands Riror for New York.
Schr Pleru, Kelly, Sands itlver lor Now York.
Schr Ca.talia (Bri, Colwell, Si John. NR. lor New Y'ork.
Schr Lillie B French, Nickersou, Bo.tou for New Y'ork.
schr Boston, Nickersou, New licdlord lor New Y'ork.
Schr Raven, Uerrick, New Redlurdfor New Y'ork.
Schr Forest City, Hodges, Fail lliver lor New Y'ork.
Hchr Geo VVhiatler, Jr, New HodlorU lor New York.
Sclir Heury. Hunter, Providence lor Now York.
Schr Iowa. Jordan, Providence lor New Y'ork.
Scur Jennie C Uu?a. Norton, I'rovidcnco lor New York.
schr Mary Thomas, Arnold, New Haren for New York.
Schr Hunter, Boyd, Fall River tor New York.
hclir h h Cabaua, White. Norwaik for New York.
bchr J as 11 Youiik, Barrett, Providence lor New Y'ork.
Schr Richard Uw, Hawkins, Fall lliver lor New * ork.
Schr J H Berry. Kelly. New Bedlord lor New York.
Schr Decatur (lakes, Aikeu, Newport tor New Y'ork.
Sclir John Baleh, Hannah, tVnreham lor New York.
schr 11 L Curtis, Curtis, Bridgeport lor New Y'ork,
Sclir Favorite. McDaid. Provtuence for New Y'ork.
Schr Izetta, liuach. Providence toi New Y'ork.
Schr Black Diamond, Goldsmith, Providenco for New
sctir L S Barnes, Sturgcs. Now Bedlord tor New York.
Schr Iris. Long, Harwich lor fce* York.
Schr I'ulou Fug, Friaby, Portsmouth. Nil, for New Y'ork.
Sclir Tarry Not tlalon, Boston tor .\ew Y'ork,
Schr II T Potter, Auder.on, Kennebec lor New Y'ork.
Scnr Chief, bmlth. Providence lor New ) ork.
S< lir Lainartiue, Brown, l'awlucket tor.New Y'ork.
Schr E II Y'alca, William., New Bedford lor Now York,
ticlir CC Sadler, Smith. v\ arebau. tor New Y'ork.
Schr R M Brooking*. Dow, Providence lor New Y'ork,
S hr Jacob Raymond Browu. Fall lliver tor New YorK.
schr Isaac 11 burden. Bilker, hall lliver lor New Y'tirk.
Schr Red Rover, Strout, New Uci'.lord tjr New York.
sclir S Li strout, Aiues, New B. diord tor New York.
Scnr II L Lovell, New Bedlord tor New fork.
Schr Clias Youug, Y'oung, Providence for New York.
bchr Abel W Parser, Dosn. H stun for New \ orK.
sclir ll-itlie N Cone, I ndent. Boston lor New York.
Schr M h Kockhill, Rockliill. Providtnce for New Y'ork.
Sthr >1 Hbluuey, Fall lliver lor New York.
Sclir K C Rankin, Dow, M ojd'a lime tor New Y'ork.
schr II M Huntley, libd.'ua. New Bcdluru tor Now Y'ork.
Schr Ceres. Alley. New Heillord lor New Y'ork.
Schrt sar, llaiuiu ud. Providence for New Y'ork.
,-i-nr M iiina L >a. Sauboru. Norwich lor >ew > ork.
Schr Copla. Miller, Newport tor New Y'ork.
Sclir Jolin B.onion, Miller Fall River lor New Y'ork.
schr Hattie S Collins, Raj nor, Couuoclicut lliver lor New
scnr Albort Treat, Sawyer, Pr:iv.donee for New Y'ork.
Sclir J ecu ? Raymond, Brown, New London tor New Y'ork.
Scnr Mary Lovell, Leonard, Providimco tor Now Vor>.
Schr J G Huntington. Rutler, New Bedford fur New Y'ork.
? Schr G L, Lovell, Wareham for New I ork.
scur Susan K Nuali, Brown Westerly lor New Y'ork.
Schr New Keaulus, Hailock, Fall River for New Y'orK
Schr lleury, Jonea, Pawiucact lor New York.
Schr Wm F Burden. Adams, Providence lor New Y'ork.
Scnr Jnuiithau Cone, lloyt. New Bedford lor New York.
. chr Helen Mar, Nickarson, Huston tor New I ork.
Schr Adeline Cumiulngs, Cumiulngs. Providenco for New
,-cbr Jas H Voting, Barrett. Providence for New York.
scnr ,*no Pardee, Bishop, Providence for New York.
Sclir Amos Brltfxs, Dunn, Providence lor New York.
Sclil Silas McLoon, Spear. Rockland tor New York.
Sclir Sarah I'uives, Lisle, Providence lor New Y'ork.
Sclir Reading RK No 47. Adaius. Say brook lor New York.
Schr t.arollu? A Cornelia, Hodges, 1'rorideuce lor New
scnr Carrie D Allen. Allen, Wellfleet for New Y'ork.
Sclir Addle Hycrson, Jo.ea, l.ubec lor New York.
Bchr Man.field, Acborn, Newport for New York.
Sclir James Douuhoe, Bangor lor New Yurk.
St hr Julia A Tate, Tate. Bridgeport lor New York.
Schr Sardinian, llolbruok. Rocklaud for New Yurg.
scnr II L Curtis. Baugur lur New York,
bchr Wm D Cargill. rrovidence fur New York.
Schr Tunis Bodlne. Barker. Iloboken lor Providence.
schr Wm r Elmer. Th'aschor, Port Joliuauu lur New Lon
?Schr Success, Plerson, Port Johnson for Providence.
bchr Ancle Felicia, Roubina, iloboken lor Norwich.
Schr A H Howe. Howe. New \ .rk lor Fall lliver.
Sclir J nine. Warren. Drtsco, Port Johnsun lor l.ynn.
Schr Ada llerbtrl. Colllti., A moor lur New Bediora.
Scnr L lldlway, Bryant. W'eehawkou lur Boston.
Sclir AUbie 11 liodiiiuau, l-eighlou, Iloboken lor Boston.
And all aiichorrd opposite Herald leiegfaph statiou.
The Sound steamers all passed through on lima.
Steamer Botliula (Br), Mcnickan, Liverpool via Qaetns
town?C O Francklvt..
Steamer state ut Pennsylvania (Br), Knight, Glasgow?-A
Baldwin A Co.
steamer ( rescent City, Cnrtlt, Aspinwall?Pacide Malt
Steamship Co.
Steamer City of New Y'ork. Tlmmenuau, Havana?F Alex
andre A sous.
Steamer Ueo W Clyde, Ingram, Charleston?J W (Juln
A Co.
steamer Old Dominion, Walker, Norfolk?Old Dominion
Steamship Co.
steamer Martha Stevena, Chance, Baltimore?Wm Dal
Steamer Beverly. W allnce. Philadelphia?Jas Hand.
Miip i auhua turi, tlugoea. Liverpool ?H spring A Co.
iiara K K Watson, Hawkiu., Liverpool?Jonas Smith A
Bark Mlrlo N (Ana). Bonotno, Dublin?Slocovlch A Co.
Hark Victoria Peres. Lindaicy, Porto Cabello? M Peres A
Bar* Idaho, Rlchardaon, Clenfuegoa?Tucker A Light
Brig Venture (Brf, Davison, Brisb.na ?R W Cameron A
Schr Annie Hell, Rlc*, Demerara?Daniel Trowbridge A
Schr B J Willard, Strobridga, Laguatra? Dallelt. Boulton
* schr Harry White, Hopkins, Poiut-a-Pltre?II A Vatablo
A Son.
schr Isaac Oliver. Pannell. Aux I ayes? A Nones A Co.
Schr si Hubert (Hr). White, llaiiiax. NS?IJattou, Wat
son A Co.
Schr llehecea A Harriet. Hawkins, l'awlucket-Cart
wrivht A Doyie.
schr i W spencer, Cun.er, II artford?Ferguson A Wood.
Steamers Bothnia (Br), lor l.lverpool: Cltvof New Y'ork
Havana; Crescent City. Aspluwali; George W Clyde,
Charleston; Benelaclur. Wilmington, NC , O.d Dominion,
Wind at midnight, ME.
Barometer at sunset, 30.10; at midnight, 30.27.
Ftcamkk Pkmii Snow wHg ?old bjr miction ut Ronton on
TiiftUrtj. i.uilt br tliu dny, by MnrrUon L<>ok. Im
1H75, Hodol nb?iiit 7?? u?u*. toother wldi h?:r ?ppurl?n<iii
c**m Tim prleo pHid U>r the ?t?mnor vras ,hui, nnil tit?
punb*??rt were .IcMph t .iurvU A Co, ol Ktiodo i?inn?l
lift* VfkttlAftt C(MU w.am atio.uua.
Ship Frahcis P Bice. A Teller, frmn Bans-or for BlMl- I
cl.aol* (A??re?). wen abandoned ?>? l?i* 5th inet. in Ut ?l i .
I..11 ?>. mid prubablv ?n?ik eooa ?fi?r, ?? ?he ?on d nrtij !
?een. The erew were taken ??|f by *be ?hip TbeinU, *kuji I
Arrived Ml iMltwtri Hrraki-waier 14th (set. fHie V r n
wn* l.' U ton* router, bttill al 4,1 ls>> ? wliouce
?he litilled. 1
Sine Prince Waldebar <Br>. reported wrecked irolnc up
th? river llnoglnrwa* ? fine uew .hip of IHH* w,n"-'?"l',,
fr. m the yard of J K Dunlop, tourtenay Buy. mi the 17th or
April la.t, ami is .tated to be valued at ?l IO.OOJ.
Smr Nobtiibkn PiiriRK (Br). from St John. NB. which
rolliil?d M i' ie Mer?*vNov with .teamerCity ot Berlin.
had >t*m cut off. .pauker Immhu ?ti d traff ca fried * * "V'. ?>?r "
ini: gear dl.ahled, and had to Blip .larboard anchor and
chain. She ? iu. docked .ume day.
Snip Kmeilald Isle, before reported .old, wu purchaaed
for *:?.(*??.
Hakk Fury. or Philadelphia. 300 torn, tall* ??p"rt?;
mouth Nil In 1873, ha. be... p..rch?*d by Me.ars Irutaut
A Davit, of Boat on, for *13,0U0, and is denned lor the Af
rican trade.
Babk Metis. 0J?i tnni, built at Newburyport lit 1?W Jaj
been .old to a Spanl.h liou.e m Manila, her name than^ed
to Teodoro. and at la.t advice* .he waa loading in Manila
lor Liverpool.
Bare Br*v. from Malaga. ?? Philadelphia Not IV "P*
rieuc.d heavy weather, in which .ha carri.d away foremast
and bow.prlt.
IIai:k IiCIUIOI (Br), Roberta. New York for Antwerp,
which put into Plvmouth, E. Oct 23 damaged by collision.
would have to d.ocharue a portion of her cargo, an opera
tion which would dctalu the ves.el two or three week*.
Srnu Willahd IS 1'atton i3-ra??ted>. Connor, from
Sliaaglial. wa? badlv airnmid at Nleolalel.k, prior to Oct JJi.
but win got off by a uteamcr ?ent to her a?.i.t?nce. Ship
and cargo not damaged.
SellR II P Farnhak. which .ailed Irom Rio Orande Sept
in. with hone ??h, lor Falinnuth, returned to port on tb*
2ttih. leaky, and w.. discharging l.?r cargu iu a damaged
ttiito' Kept 3(), In order to be .urveyed.
Sr.ut ManroBii, from Bangor for Bo.ton, ashore near
Ti.at?-her'? I.land. went to piece, night or Nor li \e??el
and cargo a total lo.a,
ScHit Hli.a Ecdora, from Mount Pe?ert. arrived at Boa
ton I.*>tli with lo?. ol lorcn.a.t, bow.prit, and .t.rboanl bow
?tove. bavins been In coill.lon with *cbr Agenora, which
ha. alio arrived at Bo.ton undamaged.
Sour Freddie C Ebrktt (Br), from 81 John. NB, arrived
at Wexlord, I, Nov 3, with partial lo*. ol deekload.
sciir J vi.ia A Mk.tRiTT (Bri. from 8t John. NB. arrived at
Wexlord. 1. Nov 3, with partial )o.? of dockload.
ScilR liOTTi*. ai6 ton., built at Mllford, Dal, in 1871, ha.
been .old to partie. in thl. city at $3,500.
Sciiit Laura A Okbtrcde, who*? *nle was reported a lew
day. ago. brought $0,000.
ScitbTwin Sisters (Bri. from Quebec, arrived at Tralee
Nor 3. will, part of her bulwark, and all dock cargo .wept
Srutt \Iarv E Pares. Langdon. Irom Cherry.tona for New
York wu? run Into l?t l.i.t, about *V, rail*" eaatofSlne
pnxnnt, bv a three ma.ted vjhr. .triking the Park, a.uld
?hip. on the port ?ide. which Immediately tilled, and the
ere* ha.tllr throwiug a lew Decenary article, into the yawl
boat de.jrted her. The .tranger kept on hercour.e. In the
morning the ?chr Kva. from New iork, wa? Keen and
the .hlpwrecked crew boarded her, and wore taken to Balti
more The night of the accident wai quite dark, the wind
hlowlngarre.lt three-full >ail-bree?e. The Captuln .ay.
the accident I. altributahle to the unknown Khimnar tailing
to cl?erve the rul.-. ol tl.o Hght of way. 0?ptaln Lancdon.
whii live, at Babyloc. LI, ha. left f r ni. home^ The M K 1
wax a two makter, 101 ton. burthen and valued at ?1U,0<*>;
in.iired lor <>4.UM). The cargo (.weet poUttoaa and Mrghuin
mola..e.) wa. not in.ured.
Bai.timork, Nov 14-M Owen. riMtor of .chrAnna J
Petty, a 31-ton ve?.el hailing Irom Ori.Bela, report, a eolll
.Inu With w:hr Mount <*live even Inir ot Nov la. off the
mouth ol the Magothy River, bv which the Anna J Petty
.u.tainad dwmage. estimated at $135. Th# cauH or the
rolll.ion was the failure of one or both of tha veweu to ob
.erve the law of the tea. " i
IIartfoko, Nov 13?The .chr Peter Hitter, In paulng
through lie.I (into 3d in.t. .truck a rock north ol the.buoy
un Hallett'. Point, taking off part of her keel, makinir her
lei.K badly. Had to be towed to ha: port of de.tlnatlon.
North Sypsrv, Nov 13?B.rk Minerva, a.hora at .Vlaina"
die... got off to-day and I. at anchor in the harbor there
waiting lor a tug to bring her to thl. purt.
NoBroLE, Nov 14?The .chr Milton, ?unk off heawell'.
Point during the gale of Sept 17, was partially rai.ed on
Saturday and arrived here Sunday morning In tow or tho
.learner Keeolule. Sho li now lying on the Uat? ne?r
OlEiigC, Nov 14?Bark De Salaberry (Br). Leavltt. from
Metis lor London, with deal., was towed to Quebec water
logged; crow refuwd duty.
SHiRBViLPlxii.?Mes.ra Smith St Townrend. Ea.t Bo.ton,
are puiihlng K.rward the work on their new bark, which i.
now ..early celled and partly planked. She 1. or a good
model Tor 'arrylng and .ailing. Another party ha. a con
tract to build in Kast Bo.ton. but tho particular, will not bo
inndo ti?bllc until the arrangement, are completed. Mr
Abiet Uove has a bark op the .tock. which be 1. building
.lowly. ______
Sailed Irom New Bedrord Nor 14, achr Cobannet, Crapo,
AC?earedOCat*0<io 14th, bark Wava. Hammond, Atlantic
?t:iiH|" Wm T IInwes is to tare command of bark Progre..
on tho |)ii?.ago out to Sun FruncUco, and Oapt Ktra B Lap
ham i. to take her there, leaving here In February, and
pioceed to the Arctic. u
Cant Wlnslow. who recently returned In bark Com Horn*
from a.ucceMlul voyage In tho Atlantic" Ocean,!, to .all In
command of the ?ame va?.ul In the .prln,
\ letter from t'apt Manchester, of hark John P Weil, or
N B reports hor at #ea Oct 1. having taken about.?) bbl. .p
oil this ?ea?ou?11WO sp nil told. Uenort., no date. bark.
Sea K?e, llamblln. NB.800 bbl.oil; Abm Barker, Thachar,
do, 150 .p and iO wh. ?
Ship Frank Flint (Br), MeHnde, from Calcntta for Dna>
doc. i>ct 1, lat la N, Ion 20 W.
Bark Annie Lorway (Br). Ollat, Irom Naw York for Po
narth. Oct 31. lat 50 27. Ion Ji 1".
Bark F Maendel (Oer). Sander., from New York for Bre
men. Oct ai, lat 48, Ion II.
Brig Mary M William. (Br). Hanna. from Now York Aug
1? lor Bahla. Oct IS. lat 4 S, Inn 34 W.
Tuzboat K B Ward, Irom Philadelphia for Naw Orlaant,
Nov 15. off Tybee.
Merchant*, .hipping agent, and .hlpmaiter. are Informed
that by telegraphing to the JUralp London Bureau, ad
drclng -Bennott, No. 4fl Fleet .troat, Loudon," or to the
Pari, office, addre..lng "Benuett, 01 Avenue do I'Opera,
Pari.," the arrival, at and departure, from European aud
Ka.tern oort. or Ainorlcan and all foreign vet.el. trading
with the United State*, tbo lame will be cabled to thl*
countrv free of charge.
Captain* arriving at and tailing from Frencl* and Medi
terranean port* will find the Pari, office the mora economi
cal and expedition, for telagrapulng naw*.
Antwerp. Not 15?Arrived, ttoamar Mo (Br), Pott*, Nay
Sailed 14th, bark* Pedro Plandolat (Sp), Bol*e, Naw Or
leans, Traveller (Br), Corert. New York; David Babcock,
Colcord, do.
Sailed from Flu?blng 14th, bark Oeorgle (Br), McBrlde<
New York.
Bkkeex, Not 14-Salled. *hip Freydl. (Nor). Everaen,
North America; bark. Schiller ('ier). Ulol.teln, Savannah ;
Tt ton* (Nor), Marcuanen, New Yore.
Core. Nov 15?Sailed, bark Montreal (Br). Coalfleet,
United State*.
Cadiz. Nov 9?Sailed bark John J Marth. Hubbard,
Portland, Me.
Constantinople?Arrived, bri* Ell*a (Br), Dart, Naw
Dcndale, Not 15-Sailed. bark Laboramn* (Br), Ad*lr,
United States.
Glasoow, Not lV-ArrWed. steamer Ethiopia (Br), Craig,
New York.
Sailed lSth, bark 8n*an A Blalsdell, Sawyer, United
Gibraltar, Nov S-A^ped. bark PorBrlo dl Martin,
(Ital), Galatola, New York; brig Ungllelmo (Ital), Cafiero.
Obnoa Nov ?-8allad, bark Vlttorla M (Ital), De Uartlno,
United State*.
Sailed Sth. hrlg Plod (Au?), Tarabochla. New Orlean*.
Hatre. Not 15?Arrive^ *teamer Labrador (Fr , San
gller. New York; ?hlp Lout*a at Boee (F?>. Dnboaa, Naw
Arrived 14th, (hip John Bertram (Nor), Road. Naw YorE
Sailed 14th, bark Heine dec Anje* (Ft), Le Cuajer, New
LiTBRrooL, Nov 15?Arrived, eteamer* Federlca (3p).
Bldachea, New Orlean*; Oberon (Br), Campbell, do; Porto
Klco (Sp) Ysaqulvlro. Norfolk, Ya.
Sailed 15th. bark* Patent (Nor). Morgen?en. Baltimore;
Cupid (Br), oraat. United State*; Director (Br). Stamper,
Marseilles. Not 14-Arrlred. brig Kate (Br), Fader,
Odes.a; sclir U B Flak. Crewel I, New York.
Salted 13th. bark Euclid (Br), Ander?on, San Francisco.
Vessina. Jiov 13?Arrived, *chr*.Addie R Wagner, Lewis,
Philadelphia, to load for do.
Qi-eixstown. Nov 15?Arrived, bark* Profe*?or Norilan
*k)?.ld (NorI, Berner. New York (before reported arrived
Oct ?-?): Caroline. Premuda (An.l. Wasaall. Philadelphia;
Prlndce..a Lonlw (Nor), Frelde, Baltimore.
Also arrived 15th. steamer Marathon (Br), (Jarrett, Bos
ton for Liverpool (and pro eeded).
Also arrived 15th. bark A M Schwelgaard (Nor). Johnson,
New York; brig Tri Brata (Aos). Stepanovieh, Philadel
Trisste. Not 12?Arrived, bark (juiiepplna R (Ital), Bug
glero. New York.
Tralce, Nov 13-Salled, bark Queen Victoria (Br), Mc
Kemle. United states.
Vlissinoes. Nov 15?Sailed, steamer P Caland (Dutch)
Dedde. (from Rotterduin), New York.
Sailed from Nov 13. Edina. and Ureeorio, for
United States.
Liverpool. Not 15?The cargo In the m.ln hold of tho
American steamer Lord (.'live, which wa? to have sailed
from hero to day for Philadelphia, wa. round to be ou lire
this morning. The fire was extinguished by the *hlp'? ho.e
before any dAmiigo era# done lo the steamer. The damaged
"cargo, which wa. but little, wa? relauded and the .teamer ?
will proceed thl. afternoon.^
Bristol, Not 15, PM?Calm; (Ina.
Plymouth, Not 15. PM?Wind SH, modarata.
Accra. Sept 24?Arrived, bark Rebecoa (loddard, Ooudey,
I "lloi'aAT, Nov 13?Arrived, bark Xenla, Reynold.. Cardiff.
lil'K*uS AvRKS. Sept 27?Sailed, .chr Northern lloluo
(BBAHI**Oct o? Hailed. .Iilp Lanrea., Snow. Tallao.
ctSrucHT. Not 1-Arrlrad. .chr Eveline. Wilder, klng*
'?Cmatma*. NB. N. v 10-aeared bark- Qneenar Heart.
(Br),MivtliiitQivtiNli (Br), b?irr>, i^iv?r
P"?ATB?.B Point. Nov IS^ArrlwI. Jtaamer Monltoban tBr),
Rmii. No* 0?Sailed. brig D C Chapman. Daffy. BalM
mr*rKKPOOI. Not lO?Arrived, eteam.r Australian (Br),
l'etert (Sftlvriton. ... ? K . v.u?
If o>tkvii>ko, Sept ?*>?In port, brt** Woodland. Valen
tiue, lor New Vork; Walter Smith, Hitfley. lor da.
eallad Sept '27, bri|? I'udlne ?<i*r>, Hchmldt. >?* * <**? .
MnNTRKAi., Nov 12?Arrived, bark Reindeer, t amp e .
Cteared 11th. bark Craiirowl, Dnrie. Lelth; 13th, eteemar
Cnriulhian. Mroziot, Liverpool: bar* Jauet rerRttao ,
Ritchie. Olesgow ,m ,.
Pkknabk . o. Oct 14?In port. barks ? lendlne 'PorO.
Correa. for New York, read* to ??il; Pride "I tbe Cbaunel
(Br), fur Sew Vork, Idg: brig. Me-.es Roger* <Br). fordo.
d?: Geo ? Harry. Vork. and Water Wfteb, Ta?ei. for Hanip
tun Ruad>. do: Jennie Morton. Fuoks. front Baltimore , scur
J I* Anirer. D?ilun, tor Sew York, Idg.
Ptrroti, Nor II?^linrrd, bam (.ertrude, for Uverpool.
Qukbkc, No* IH?Arrived, steamer Moravian,
Liverpool; birk Dnnslnane, Cocbran, Jllnralebl for Slon
t 'ieared 13th. (hip llalden, Jecobsen, Loudoc; berk Gold
finder, Keller, Hull. ? . _.
Rosario. Sept 20?Sailed, bri|t J L Bowen, Hall, Rio
Rn> Wrabdr, Sept 24?Sailed, ?cbr Portland (Br), Colfill,
Fulinouth. K.
Itio Jankiro, Oct 1?Arrived, brij There** fSw). Olde
mar, New York; 2d, acbr Southern Home (Hr), Thoma*
Montevideo. ? ,
Sailed Oct 2. bark Mairdal* (Br>. Lowrle. Bull River: 4th.
brig Chrlatlna iGeri. Droit*. Sew Orleans; 7th. barks
Aglala (Br), Jack, San Francisco; Midas (Br). Campbell,
Cleared Oct 7. ahin Susan Gilnmre. Career. CalcntU I
bark Gjalbarhorn (Sort, Kvertsen. New York.
Smyrna. Oct 28?Sailed, achr Theresa A Keene, Keene,
Sew York. _ ..
Santo*. Sept 21?Arrived, brie Alvln Kelly <Br< .Kelly,
New York via Kio Janeiro (and nailed IMHh lor Pernambuco.
In port Oct 4. bark Genevieve M Tucker, Merryman. lor
Liverpool. Idg.
ST Tho*a:?. Oct 23?Arrived, acltr Dread not, Borden, Mar
tinique ( and sailed 25th for New York I : liark lter.J Dicker
man, Tav'lor. Madeira (and aailed 2.1th Tor Turks laland
to load !or Boston I; brig W II Ijatitr.er (Br). Armstrong,
Barbados laud sailed 2-th north of Haltereal:
schrs Stephen Klenagan. Baker. Philadelphia (and aailed
Nov 2 for Laygnayra) ; 2^tli. Carrlo M Richardson, Richard
lon, Boston : 29th, W aide mar. I'arker. Santoa (since at
Salt Cay. loading; Sov 5, brlit Ann Klliabeth, Burgess,
* Sallcd24th. brim Sophia (Br), Long. Tnrka Islands to
load for Sew York ; Nov 2. W A Heney (Br), Taylor, lor do,
Stdicit, OB, Nov 13?Arrived, brig Muriel (Br), Williams.
QsVjohn! NB, Nov 11?Cleared, bark Eblana (hr), 01 ton,
Liverpool; chr Fanny Flint. Warren, Philadelphia.
Trieste. Oct 28?In port, burk? J II Pearson, Harding;, for
Y'alermo; Cruaader. Oorltam. and .f Y Robertson (Br), Mc
Millan. for Bcrdeau* . Frauk, Wallace, and C S Iiuahnell,
Mayo, for New Y'ork, Idit
IP** Stkavki APTM!*lA.l
Airrwnp, R?* 2?sailed. Maitland. P?po, CardlB.
Cleared 2d. Kmma. Olllvier. New urleana.
Sailed from Kluahing Roads Oct J9. T Roinlck. Ro?e, Bo?
A La Kin a. Oct 2S?Sailed, Adolph Engler, Fickett, New
York; Sarah E Kennedy. Wilkinson, do.
ALOBCiKAfi, Oct 1??Arrived in the bay, Nloe*eh, Uilas,
Smyrna for Boston (aud sailed 24th).
A loo a Bat. Oct !??sailed. Nonpareil. Fllnn. Java: ot
Elmo. Caffrey. Mosael Bay (ana put back through stress of
Huston. F, Sot 2?Sailed. Emma, for Baltimore.
Bris-toi, Not 4?Arrived. Mellta, Roblnaon. Sew York.
Sailed ?d. John (?ib?nn. ?? \ J J Stro?aineyei\ ?.
Harrow. Nov 3?Sailed. Marryatt, Cbristolferson, Hamp
ton Roads. _ , _ ,
IlKt.rA5T. Nov 3?Arrived. Belle Star, Mklesen. Deer la
land; Kva. Matter, Mlramiehi.
Sailed 2d, Anstruther, Pitt, Penaacola; Savannah, O Nell,
Tybee: 3d. Sanh M Smith. Sprague. Baltimore.
HKiiUKN. Mov I -nallod, Nurnberg (s). Jaeger, Baltimore
(and arrived at Southampton 3d).
Korpkadx. Nov 2?Sailed. Amasone, Rattier. Wilming
ton, NC: Tremtlden. Tor^erseo. Baltimore.
Hii.koa. Oct 3(i? Sallod. Peri, Stevensun, New \ork.
Crookliarkm. Not 2?ArrlTed, Lotus, Curry, Phlladel
P'cA(ioirr. Not 2?Arrived, Sailor Prince. Jelftevs. C. rk.
Sailed I'd. Svrinira Pavaon, Havana; Aasyrfa (si. Donald
ion. Bordeaux; 3d. Vermont, Richardson, Singapore.
Denied 1st. Josle. Pcttlgrew. Havana.
CorxxaAUKX, Oct 3l?? Arrived, Floka, Michaelten, New
Cadi*. Oct 29?Sailed. Ibla. Sawyer. Galveston.
Constaktinoplk. Oct 24?Arrived. Kate. Fader, Tatfan
rop (anil sailed for Marseilles' ; about Nov 4. John Brain
hall (s). Newlngton. New llaven. . -
Dovku. Not 1-Off. (ieorg Supplclch. Dade, Newcastle for
New York. , _ _
Sailed 3d. Arctnnis. Brendhoff, Dantilc
Dkai.. Sot 4-Passed. Redbreast. W nlsh. Montreal for
Wlsbeach: Waaja. llogman, London for Bull River.
Pas?ed 3d. Ilarri' tt II MeOilvery, ltlake, London foi Ty
bee; 4th, Corolus Mannue (ship), do for New York: Tropic,
Willmar. do lor Hull River; Jodanestl DubroTackl, Mateo
Tich, do for New Yor*. _ _
Anchored 3d, Isaac Hall. Ryder, Stettin for Now York
(and sailed 4th). t _ ,,,
Sailed 4th, Peerless, Walker (from London), Halifax.
GLOCCxaTlR Nov 4?Arrived. Marlon P Champlln, Free
man. MieillKc: Oellstad. Florones. Miramlclil.
Sailed :td. Nerea, Luck, Sew Orleans; Hoslna. Tonnen
sen. Baltimore; 4th, Maria Mailre.Verdlna. New ^oru; Iflge
ii I it, Kaccich, do; Bertha. Collberg, Hampton hoads; Wm
W Thomas, BoTd. Portland. .. ^
Urkat Yarmouth, Nov 2?ArriTed, Lydla, Aker, Sague
11 Vltjtsnow, Not 2?Sailed, Gordon, Hrown, Philadelphia
(end sailed from Greenock same d y fer New *rle'Us). j
(?Haxvoi;K Sot 3?Arrived. Olenberrle. ( ampbell, Mon
treal- Princess Royal, Watt. Quebec; Index, Meun. Mlra
miehi ; Ocean Phantom. Mclntvre. Gaspe.
Sailed 2d, Ardmore. Mc( onnell, Wilmington, NC; 3d, Bo
nanza. We)i?ter. Southwest Pass.
(Jtri.K, Oct 27?Sailed". Stella Lodge. Klhby, England.
Gknoa. Oct 31 ? Arrived. Mulpo, Font. New York.
Sailed 30tb.Tvrlan (?). Murray Leghorn.
Holviirad, Nov 3?Arrived, Joseph Clark, OIbd, Llrer
pool for Pensaeola. ? .
Haxbi-ri;. Oct 31?ArrlTod, Frlila (s), Meyer. New York;
Not 1, Peerless. Jones. Lobos.
Sailed Oct 31. South Amerlra. ^ oung. Zew York: Not 1.
St Andresse. Lerov. Now Orleans; 2d, B H Duval, Trefry,
Philadelphia. _ w
Arrived at CnxhaTen Oct 81, Aiow, Osmundsen, New
llKLTorr, Not 1?ArrWed,Typhoon, Thomassen, Wilmlng
t0HATttit, Not 2?Cleared. GeorgUtta, Small, New York;
Harry Morse. Patten. Cardlfl to., t
IrswirH, Not 3? Arrlvod, Brother* k Slsteri, Aubrey,
* Livkrpool, Nov 2?Arrived, Germanic (s), Kennedy, New
York: 3d. Llbble Hi Peters. St Man's. NS; Staubo. Gund-r
son Philadelphia: Montana (s). ltediloe. New \erk; Sea
Witch Lunt. Iqulque; Constauce. SmlleT. Quebec; RW
Merrlara H ingers. Montreal: Osml Du'rovdckl, Marlno
Ticli. Sew York; 4th, Margaret. Parker. Oiebec; Blrmlng
ham Glerg. Ouebec: Ueland. Tallacwiu. Montreal: Mode
la Plata. McLeod. Hhedlac; Athole Cran. Roberts, Rlchl
b^Ued 2d. Princo Edward <s). rraser. Chailottetown,
pKl? Spartan. Jackson, New Y'nrk; ReTolTlng Light,
('ooman, Sonthwest Paas; Wenona. Forbes. Hampton
Koada- Jas Duncan Klckham. Charlottetown: Condor.
Mockler. Savannah ; Delia O Yates. Yates, Cardenas: Stort
ford. Seloon, l'ennsaeola vlaGardiff ? , ?
Cleared 2d. David O Flemtnr, Eassen, Mobile: Tlakon
Jarl Mosfeld. SandT Hook; Vasco de Cam a, Andreason,
do - 3d. Norma. Boman, Baltimore; Perth. Anderson, Wli
mlnEton. NO; Gosteuiund (late Tim Whllller) l.amcke,
Philadelphia- Honor, Marefflla. New Orleans; Edith Car
michael MeEachern, Halifax; Prince Frederick, Claque.
Bombay: Martha DaTis. Benson. Calrntta
? Loxpon, Not 2?Arrived, Kreden, Halvorien. New Tork;
Finland HJovnutad. Baeuenay: Solon, Olsen, Three KlTora;
4th. De?*ngano. Tana, Bull KlTer.
Cleared 2d Lilian. Roberta (not Campbell), Port >atal;
3d Mevs'l, Aslaksen. Sandy Hook: George, Graut, Tybee;
joieph Kl?h. Staekpole. Sonthwe.t Pass
Lancastxr. Not ??Arrived, Josef, Ivaneleh, Phlladel
p?Li*arp Oct 31?Off, Engeule. Perovlch, Baltimore for
Ijondon.' Jennie Armstrong. Thompsq|i, Baltimore for
9"londom>krRT, Not 1?Cleared. Violet, Harding. Baltl
""iTlsao!*. Oct 28?Sailed. Mnrtha Lange. Wilmington. NC.
Lvghorn Oct 31?Arrived. Huttle F Reiser. Randaae.
Genoa: lta;i* 's>. Groat. Naples. Ac. for New York.
Mkmiha. >ov 1?Arrlvod, Acadia (?), Craig, Alexandria
for New Vork. _ _ , .
Fasted Oct 26, Little II Kimball, Storer, from Richmond
'"nxwcasm.*. Not S?Cleared, Quaker City (Ital), for Phil
a<NArtRH. Oct 2H?ArriT?d, Albert W Smith. Knight, New
Vork: 31st. Syra, Corning, do. .
Natal (Africa), Sept 22?Sailed, Sportsman, Blanchard,
MPLTtJo*TH. Not 3?ArriTed, Milton. Dean. Quebec; Maud.
Portland. Not 2?Sailed, Clementine S, Bagolan (from
Baltimore', I^lth.
Pai.krho. Oct 23? \rri*ed. Zeal (s), Priest. Messina (and
sailed ".'Sih for S?w York).
Qt'XRN*Tow*f. Nov 2?Arrived. Colla. Robinson, St John,
Ntt, for Cork: 3d, Matchless, Dawes, uanillo*; Fldo,
Parodi Vontre 1. ?
Sailed 2d. Gronsvar. Nielsen, Marypert; JolkTaug,
Hauve. Barrow.
HnTTKRR\*. Not 1?Cleared, Osmo. Soderholm, America.
St'NPRRLANP. Not 2?Arrived. Mitdge Wildfire, Hoffmaa,
Onebec 3d. Crnoeure. Ilelios. do.
Swahjta. Sot 3?ArriTed. Colllngwood. Wilson. Bettt
Core; i-ailsfaetlon. Quebec; Clarlbel, Graham. Prince Ed- I
W8r'i.*T*nNnT 3?Sailed. Northern Queen. Dollar (from
Richmond). Bremen ? ? .
St S ahaikx. Get 3?bailed. Brodrene Blr. New t nrk.
Stkttix. Not 1?Sailed. James E Brjtt, Olbson. New
T St' crm, Oct 26?Sailed, Nordllsset, Psderten, Phlladel
P,Trai.xr. Not 3?ArriTed. Twin Sisters. Quebec.
Tri??tk Oct 31?\rrlved. Anapo. Anaira. New York.
WATKRrORP. Not 1-Arrlved, Maria C. Romano. New
^ wVxroRB. Not 3?Arrived. Freddie C Ebbett. Veal, aid
Julia A Merrill, Bnckhard, St John, SB. I
ALEXANDRIA,'Sot 14?ArriTed, schre Sunlight, New
Haven ; Isaac Oberton. Wlnd?or.
Sailed?ScV.rs Warreu Sawyer. Portsmouth. SH; George
Taulanc. Stephen Morgan, und liavid Clarkton (from
Georgetown I, for .
BOSTON. Nov 14-lrrived, schrs lleberca M Smith,
Gract; Ainoe Walker, Poland; J S llrogdon. Snow; John
D Paige, llalev; llebecca H Queen. Cain, and Horace Moo
dlo. llnud, I'hllad -lphiii.
Cleared?Sclir Jas II Moo?e. Dor.ne. New York.
l.r?lh?Arrived, briirs Samuel I.IndsaT. Gibson. Tnrkf Isl
and ; Lliabel. Watson, l'ascagoula; shrs Carrie S Webb,
Hog ri, and Almeda. Smith, Hobtiken: M P Kawley.
Rawley. mid Bennlnirton, Edwards. Kond"U(;
Flora Kin^, Itowe South Ambov; S * E Corson,
Corson; K A S i'orson. Corson: Albert L.
Butler. Kaion; Jennie N lluddell, Cranmer; C K Paige,
Orsce; Thrri*sa IVulf, Champion: John Cadwallader,
Thompson: George Nrvenger Smith: II S Brooks. Lane;
Si K F-'merlck. Ruhards; J K Vanning, (ianuv ; S^ Hud
son. Vanglinn; Artie Garwood, Ste- hens; Willi im Mar
shsil.Cslle; II Hickmsn. Harrison : Msrv II Rand, Kinnry,
and .i "s?!ih Bsymnre, Burge. Philadelphia: Ada I Simon
ton. Hall. Rsliiinore; Mary B Dyer, Ollrer, and Lucv J
Kooler, Ci le. Virginia.
Al?o arrived, steamer Neptune, Berry. New York : brig J
A Deverenx. Hi .gins, Philadelphia: schrs M K fhompaon.
H nskell ami I ertha J Fellows, Smith, II obnken: Williams
.'or Ian. VsgsthliD, and Nellie Crnwell, Sannders W'ec
h iwktn : Adol* K Snow. Wln>low; Morse. Oliver, sod Clara
K Rog?r?, Ko/ers, Kondont; Mail* Foss. Taplev; Pavilion.
Linscoit: Sarah K Bird, 'Ihorndlke, and T W Allen, Carter,
I ort Johnson; S B Wheeler, Undfrev; I.oltle, Taylor; (.ti
tle Carr, Te?l; J C Ciittlngliiim, Ayres; t: K Elmer. Carsoti.
t^arolino Yoiinir. JacKaaay; W L Al'bitl, Lnd;
lam: Amos Walker, Poland; Amos II Edwards
Barilett: llattle (I King. Wood*: Kmma It Span, Springer ;
C II Wood, Gondii* ; Jennie K Mmmons, Hewitt: P. B
Wheaton. Wood; Alloona. Klttgerald; and ? air A Cranmer,
Coombs, Philadolphla: Hill stowe. Mancn; Wm B Her
rick. Stone; and George II Young. Marshall, Baltimore;
>Vm A West, l.anc:,and I. D llaker. Raker. Virginia
Cleared?Steamers .lolin* Hopkins, Ifallctt, Xorfolx;
General Whitney llaliett. Sew York ; Saxon, Snow. Phila
delphia; brig Tally Ho, Dow. St Mary's, Ua, to load lor
Purto Rle?.
Sailed?Steamers Allcntown and Panther.
BALTIMORE, Sov 1.%-Arrived, sieamen Ocl'rara.
Reynolds, Sew York; Calvert, Kolev, Port Royal; sthrs
llsitle Mc G Buck, Woodbury, iJeoreetown. Ma>sa
chuietis. Kinron, Belfast, Me; Morning i.lght, Bowen.
North Carolina.
Cleareo?Steamer Ylneland, Bowen, New t ork: ship
Oakland. Raid. Liverpool: nark ?lillam Owen. Brown,
Qneensiowu; brig Sabre (Br(, Charlton. Lame; schrs L t
Hickman, Vent, Boston . K R Kirk. Huiil.??, New Haven.
Sailnd ?Itarx Mar? MrKee.
KANGOK, Sov 11?Cl -ared. brl? Caroline. Eddy. Dodje,
Messina. ? . ? M . ,
BATH. Nov 13-Arrived, eclire Orli.m, Oils. Sew York via
Boston: C W Morie Marr. Sace. to load for Philadelphia.
Railed?Schr* Mary ? Ami-tJtg, Biktr, Nt? Y?k|Wil
tar. Wulibiirn. do ; McLoon. do.
BRISTOL, Nov K-dtlliJ ichr Florence. Baekal, New
? 'II ARLESTON, Nor II?Cleared. *chr W H Pliaro, Ed
ward*. New York via J aek?nnville. Pla.
Hailed ?Steaming Uercules, Melville, Philadelphia, wltt
?team dredge in tow. ,
lJtli?Arrived, bark Rafaal del Pulsar (?p), Velral, Ha
Hailed?Schr Fr*aklia. Gilderdale. New York,
loth?Arrived, iteamer Champion. Lock wood. New York:
bark Giant a 'Nor), Jacobscn. Rochefort; achr Carleton
(Hrl, VP.
Alan arrived, ship Ida Llljr, Curtli, Havrs; brig Sorpreia
(Su). Fahregaa. Havana.
Cleared ?Bark Navesmk. Barstow, Hamburg.
Alao cleared, brig Rosalia Muitb (Br). McCulloch. fTarre.
Sailed?Bark* >un!i.-ht (Nor), ttoreniun, Amsterdam;
J oil ii Black (Br'.Doane. Liverpool.
Al'o (tilled, steamer Cleopatra, Itulkley, New York.
DK1.W7ARE CITY, No* IR?Bailed, schrsEllaaJ Ray
nor, Mitchell. Button; Gettysburg, Corson, do.
KIH1AKTUWX, Nov 13?Arrived, n:hr< Harriet Puller,
MeDnug*!. New York for Roothbav; lone. Coomb*. Port
Johnson fur Salem: revenue cutter U B Grant, Fencer, New
York, to crulae.
Bailed?All vea*ela before reported, with the exception of
tbe Roma. Teletrrsph. ind Oracle
FORTRESS MGNKOR. Not 15-Pa?*ed In. bark Condor,
from Savannah for Richmond ; brl-r* Tyrus (Sw).frotn New
Y<>rk for do. Magenta (Br>, Lockhart, from Madeira for
Arrived?Bark F.mma, from Dublin. seeking.
Sailed Bark neinrlch win Hcbr"eder (Car), from Madeira
for Baltimore
KALI, RIVER, Not 11?Arrived, achra J V Leonard
Crowley, and I> M Anthony, Mcf.ane, Georgetown. DC;
Harah I< Siinmnni. Oansiv. Philadelphia ; L N Lovell,
Borden, do; James l'onder, Hudson, do; Weat Wind,
Homer, Perth Amboy: .1 II Rnrnett, RMitiuuen, Pon
.lulinaon; Copr, Wilton, and Sea Dug. Btroni. do.; Pre4
Mcrwin, P. Clonaon. Sarah. Jimet* ilrCluikry, Frank Maria
Mary Ellsa, and other*, where from not stated.
GALVESTON, Not 11-Arrived. Viio Jane Pl?h, drown
Llrorpoal via Southwest Pan; sciir J L Merrill, Fournler,
New i ork.
J ACK SON VILLE. Not B-Cleared, ?chr llattla Card
Moore. New York.
LUBEC, Not 10?Sailed, achr Addle Ryerioa, CouilM,
New York.
MOBILE. Not 15-Cleared. *hlp Rowantree (Br), Cua
ningham. Liverpool; achr C M Newln*. Roland, Havre.
MAKBLRHKaD, Nov Jl?Sailed, ichr JamoiS Shludler,
Lee. Philadelphia.
MYSTIC. Conn, Nor 14?Anived. aloop Richard II John
?on CitlT New York.
NEW ORLEANS. Not 11?Arrlred. uteamer* Hanorei
(Oer). Erhmann. Bremen Wa Harre and Havana; Algiers,
Hawthorn. New York; bark* Bengal, Lor In/, Liverpool i
Yalkvrlen, Ander*on, Cork.
Cleared?Steamer Morgan Oltr, Read. New York.
ISth?Cleared, steamer* Knickerbocker, Kemble. Ned
York; Vanguard iBrJ, Gall, Liverpool; *l?lp Owego, An
derson. do
Soctiiwicst Pas*, Not 11?Sailed, *htp* J C Robertaor
(Bri.Soeley (from Valencia), Galveston: A'lercarne (Brf,
Evan*. Liverpool; bark Llztle Wright (Br). Wright. Harre.
15th?Sailed, ships Adorna. lor Llrorpool: Screamer, Nury
qam Dormlo. for llaTra; bark Ebenezer (Sor), do.
NOKFOLIC. Nov 13?Arrived, s-hr* Peerle**, Oray. Bath;
John A Lord. Thome*, do; Belle Hooper, Beut. New York.
NEWRURYPoRT, Not 14?Sailed, iteamer Achilles,
Been. Philadelphia.
NEW BEDFORD. Not 14?Sailed, achr* Jonathan Cone,
White, New York; Sue W Towusend, Townsend, Philadel
NEWPORT. Nor 14, AM?Arrived. sclir Thomaa P
Cooper, Ilngen. Port .1 ohnnon for Warren land lalled).
Sailed, IT S steamer Verbena, Olbb*. with Liehtshln Vine
yard Sound No 41 In tow. to be placed on her Matlon.
AI?o. schr* Saunder* Mott, tor Port Johnson ; H T Potter,
Anderson. Gardiner, Me, for Albany; Decatur Oskes, Baker,
and Copla, We?t, New York; John Bslch, Hannah, Sutuer
aet for do.
PM?Arrlred. *chr Qulckatep, IIutchln*on, Bristol Perry
for Port J' lfer?on.
Sailed. *chr Mlat, Muncy. Fall RlTer for Trenton.
NEW LONDON, Not 14?Arrived, aloop Agent, New
NEW IIAVKN. Not 14?Arrived, achr* A BCreamer. Iaord,
and Harriet Thomas. Vancleaf. Baltlmorn; John Campbell,
Van Name. New York; LncyJonei, Matthew, PhlladelDhla;
Fashion, Carburr. Hohoken
tlso arrlred schr (Jem. New York, to load for Newark.
Cleared?Schr Mabel Thomaa. McKenynn, Baltimore.
PASCAOOI'La. to Not 10?Arrived, hark Anagar (Nof),
Griiiidersen. Liverpool via Southwest Pas*.
PKNSACOLA, Not 10-Arrired,' schr This W Holder,
Oray, Havana.
Cleared?Bark Fannie Atkinson (Br). Mann. Belfast;
ichr* San Juan, Noble, Porto Rico; Sadie Wilcott, Ullchrlat,
11th?Arrived, brig Ambrose Light, Schwara, Morgan
14th?Arrlred, brig John Welsh, Jr. Armstrong, Key
PORT ROYAL, HC, Not 15?Sailed, steamer Unntavllle,
Palmer (from Fernandlna). New York.
PHILADELPHIA. Nov 15? Arrived, iteamer* Hercules,
Swaser, Gloucester; Memory (Br).OIaen. Rotterdam; Ro
manoff (Br). Haley, Barrow; Hornet. Hopkins. Malaga;
Buav. Knndrlck. do; Ida (ltal>. Cataniaro. Glasgow; Fru
Sone e Devote (ltal). Consigliere, Liverpool; achr* Mary
uwel), Nowell.'New Bedford .(Samuel Fish, Teel, Kennebea
Cleared?Steamers CltT of New York (Br). Tlhbatts. Llv;
erj?ool; Aries, Whelden, Boston ?, t;atharlne Whltlnr Har1
Inc. Providence; bark Tilde (Ans), Perclch. Ouearaiown;
aclirs Tillle Vanderkerchen, Bat-man, Boston; K T (!.?ttlng
ham. Smith, Charleatowu; Flarllla, Paine, Prorli?<?town
F B Colton, Prambcs, Fall Rlror; Oliver Ames, Bahbett,
Somerset; S R Thomas, Arnold, New London; 0 E Moody,
Arey. do; Sarab A Bolee, Homer*. Norwich.
Alto cleared, ateainer Pottarllle. Snow, Boston; schrt
Suaan Beranton. Farrell, St Thomaa; Jamos K Lawrence,
Dollver, Bermndi; T J Trafton, Hoyt. Portland; Jame* I
Hewitt, Fo*ter, Charleatown ; L A Remmnll, Jeflrle*, Port
Sailed?Steamer* Pottarllle, Ariel and Catherine Whit
Lcwer. Del, Not 14?Paiiea In PM hark Madre M (ItaV),
from L-lth.
Arrlred?Bark Abigail (Br), Raymond. Brlatol, E; Au
rora (Br), Churchill Cromtadt (and were both ordered
to Charleaton)
1.1th?Arrlred, bark* Morlanapnll (ltal), Hartlepool|
Exile (Br). Berryman. Boston, E, for or<ierr.
Sailed?Bark* S M Dudman. for Philadelphia; Mar
garetha, do; ateamnr Albemarle, f^r New York.
!'aa*"d In?Bark Gluaepplna C iltall, from Hull.
PORTLAND. Me, Nor IS?Arrived, brig Abble C Tltcorab,
Kennev. Yarmouth.
Cleared?Bark Nicola, Sml;b, Wlieasset.
Bulled?Bark* Mary Rldeont, G*n Eden ; hrlgi Han Carlo*,
Carrie Bertha; schr* Orrie V Drlnko Ahble Dunn. Maif'/le
DalUng Mary Helen, Alma. Nettie Walker, Exnrest, Clt*
of Ellsworth, and a fleet of 300 roafter* wblcb pnt In for a
l.Mh?Arrived, *ehr Morning Star, New York.
Cleared?Brig Marena, lor Havana; achr Helen Thomp
son. *ew Y?rk.
PROVIDENCE. Nor 14?Arrived, *ehr* E E BlrdialV
Cranmer. Uoorgetown DC: Irenn B Meserrey, Meaerrflr,
and Emerson Roke*, Maston, Philadelphia; Kl!(
Matthew*. Wlswall, da lor Pawtneket; Francis
nla. Blake. Rondont: J I Wurthlnirton, Fltr',
Rondout for Pawtneket: Hampton, Fletcher. ai{
Saratoga. Nlekenon. Port Johnson for do; Revenue, Kellyt
L A Boardman, Norwood; All*lon, Fltsgerald; Mary n
fiersnn. Thomaa. and J C Naah. Crowley, Port Johnson;
B II Warford Spragne. do for Pawtneket; Henrietta.
Bprague ; J G Fell. Shropshire, and K M Baxter. Latnphear,
Perth Amboy: John Price, Nlckerson, Weehawken;
Iaola, Mayo; Clara Sawver. Branscom. and Mexican, Has
kell. Hohoken; Barbara, Jonas, do for Pawtneket; Lady
Antrim. Carter. New York,
Below?Schra Rio. Avon, and other*.
Cleared?Br bark Dominique, LeBlanc. New York.
Sailed?Schr* Aitra (Br), Hnnt. St John NB. via V*?
York: Ida E L-itham. T*-'r, Philadelphia; M E Rockhlll,
Rockhlll do; Wm VoorhiS. Goldsmith, Hararstraw; Amot
Rriicgs, Dunn, do; Nicholas Mehrhof, Mehrhof. ll?cken-ack;
Ellas Boss. Iitwli. Per'.h Amboy; H B Dirertr, Nlckerson,
do: Lodnskla. Treeworgv; tleorTe B Suiues. Norwood;
Wm F Burden, Adams, and Frank A Magee, Young, New
PAWTUCKRT. Nov. 13.? Arrived schr* Maria, Leet, nav
er it ruw: F.lm City, Keller, New York. 14th?Arrived schrs
.las M Bayles. Arnold; Eva Dlverty, Gandv and Salmon
Waslihurn. Hathaway, Port Johnson; George 8 Page,
Yon"ff, Oreenport.
RICHMOND. Nor |:l?Arrived, steamer I?aac Bell. Law
rence. New York: schr* W A I<everln!?. Smith. Boston;
Anthea Godfrey, Price. Albany; James Jone*, ? New
8AN FRANCISCO. Nor 14-Arrlved. ship Norther*
Light, Dlckmsn. Llrerpoo' via Rio Janeiro.
Cleared?Ship Vancourer (llr), Johnson, Llrerpool; hark
Zoe (Br), Peterson, do.
Sailed?Ship Cllurnum (Br), Shrewsbury, Queenstnwn.
15th?Arrived, steamer Australia (Br), Cargill. Sydney,
NSW. via Honolulu.
SAVANNAH. Nor 15?Arrived, steamers San Salvador,
Nlckerson, New York: Norer.a. Bearae. do; Cortes, Pree
man, do; Wyoming. Teal. Philadelphia: ship Afrieana,
. for orders; bark Brage (Nor), Srensea, Liverpool;
schr George Washington, from Nassau. NP.
Cleared?Steamer Yasoo, Barrett, No v Y'ork; bark Olym
pla (4^1, Marssl, Bare?lona.
Sailed"-Ship Preston (Br), Havre; bark Maria Carolina
(Snl. Alcadla (Spain).
SCLLIVAN Me, Not 12-Sailed, schr Cashier, Williams,
from a eoaatwlse |? rt.
SALF.M, Nov 14?Arrived, iteamer Wl'.llamaport, Wll
letts. Philadelphia.
Sailed 1.1th, <-chrs Milwaukee (from Sand|Rlver, NS). New
York; Bengal (trom Easiport), Kl.hniond, Va; Jaines G
Donahue (from Bangor), Philadelphia; Hannle Westbroek
(from South Amboy), Portland.
SOMERSET, Nov II?Arrived ichr Wild Plgeop, Staple*,
13th?Ar'lred. schr* Centennial, Rlrdsill. Georgetown,
DC; Ella T f Ittle. Crawtord. Philadelphia; Theodore Dean,
Evans, and Jame* A Par*on*. Hcnll do; W FUreen. Cnm
ciings, Baltimore: Jaa S Pike, Roblnaon. Weehawken; En
tire. Klnm-ar. Perth Amboy: Rachel Jane. Bordlek, Ho
bnken ; Challenge Norwood, do.
14tn?Sailed, schr Wm Arthur. Ilaekett, New York.
VINBYARl) HAVEN. Nov 14?Arrlrod, brigs Wm R">h
ertaon. Turka laland. via Norfolk, for Boalon; Mfry E Pen
neli, Boston for New York: sehr* C II Foster. East Harbor,
Turks Island for Boatoii; James Blls-. Bruntw|ek, (ia, foi
do; Alexander Hardin - and Thomaa N Stone, Philadelphia
fordo; Mail and Mary Sanda. Weehawken lor do; Adr aire.
Port Johnson lor do; Howard Wllliama. Al-xindrla for do;
Luella A Snow and Eltie J Simmons. Baltimore tor do:
Mai v Lymehtirnrr, do for Rockland: Campbell, Philadelphia
for Portsmouth: S P Adam*. Sonth Amboy for dot Alrtama,
Roke*. Georgetown, DC. for Portland: Searivllle. Perth
Atnhiiyfordo: I-nhel Jewett, do for Ban-or: Commerce,
Port Johnson for do; Fannie Butler. New York for Belfast:
Klval* llotioken for Bath; Frank Queen, do lor Hallowell j
CJar* Dlnsmore. l.uhec for New Yorn; Claris** Allen. Bo*,
ton forOrlcnt: Wm A Morrell. Hallowell lor Al'>at:y; Hone,
Salem for Baltlmorn; Mabel Hall. Banror for New Haren.
Pss?ed liv-Bchr Milwaukee. Sand* River for New York.
Sailed?Brig Mary E Pennell; ichr* Clara Dlnsmore and
W> Plillllpa.
The entire fleet of more than 10(1 vessels gut nnder waj
till* morning, but had nearlv all returned at dark.
WILMIN.iTO.V, NC. Nov 13?Arrived, steamer* Onll
Stream. Crowell. New York; Pioneer, Wakely. do (and both
cleared same dav to return).
Below?Bark Frey iNor). from Llrerpool for nrder*
Cleared?Schra Annie Lewis, Aldrich, Denarara; Joseph
Soutln-r, Watts, Tliomaston. Me, via Boston.
WESTRRLV. Nor 13?Arrlred,<b*rge Schnyler Colfax,
DeTeraaiix. Alb*nr.
14th?Arrived, achoonera Ha.-ry A Ned, Chambers, Perth
Amboy; Sarah P Westc-itt. from New York.
Hailed, achoonera E N'aab, Brown, and E. H Clark Vara,
New York.
WICKKORD. Nor IS?Arrived, achr Jes*e Williamson,
Preshr. Port Johnson,
WARREN. Nov. 14.?Sailed achr Mary H Mifflin, Ferrla,
divorced; advice tree. AMERICAN LAW AGENCY, 71
Astor lluu-e.
FREDERlt'ls I. KISii. Lawyer and N'otarv Public.
No ii Mt. Mafk aplace. New S'ork city.
without publicity, legal everywhere; advice tree: pay
when divorce granted. New York Law Ageucy, 170 liroad
auveriising, ao cents per line.
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Tlinr-il?y, November t), wa* I12,7i>) copies, all of wlilel
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Sworu to bclore me tIi 1? I th unr ot November. 1S7II.
JOHN TOW <fiHEND, Notary Publio.

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